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Mufon ufo journal   2008 12. december
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Mufon ufo journal 2008 12. december Document Transcript

  • 1. In thisissueGovernment Under-ground Secrecy 3A Hard Look at UFOs 5Mars Phoenix Lander 8New Admin. forProfessional Standards 12Book reviewsUFO Secrecy and... 13Lupo 15Regular FeaturesDirector’s Message 2Letters to Editor 9Volunteers of the MonthSteve McGee 10Norm Gagnon 11Calendar 12Stan Friedman:SETI Surprise 16Filer’s Files 18CMS Rankings 21Night Sky 24Happy Holidays and Happy New Year !UFO JournalDecember 2008No. 488$4.00
  • 2. No part of this document may be reproduced in anyform without the written permission of the CopyrightOwners. Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200words of any one article, provided the author is credited,and the statement, “Copyright 2007 by the Mutual UFONetwork, 155 E. Boardwalk Drive,Fort Collins, CO 80525”is included.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are deter-mined by the editor, and do not necessarily reflect theofficial position of the Mutual UFO Network. Opinionsexpressed are solely those of the individual authors andcolumnists, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion ofthe editor or staff of MUFON.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Fed-eral Income Tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the InternalRevenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organi-zation of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal IncomeTax. Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts arealso deductible for estate and gift purposes, providedthey meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055,2106, and 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFONMUFON’S MISSION IS THE .SCIENTIFIC STUDY OFUFOS FOR THE BENEFIT OF HUMANITY THROUGHINVESTIGATION, RESEARCH, & EDUCATION.December 2008 Number 488Director’s MessageBy James CarrionJames CarrionMUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002970)(ISSN 02706822)Mutual UFO Network155 E. Boardwalk DriveSuite 300Fort Collins, CO 80525Tel: 970-232-3110Fax: 866-466-9173hq@mufon.comInternational DirectorJames Carrion, M.A.155 E. Boardwalk Drive, Suite 300Fort Collins, CO 80525Tel: 888-817-2220Fax: 866-466-9173jcarrion@mufon.comEditorSally Petersen, M.A.Tel: 888-817-2220Editor@mufon.comColumnistsGeorge Filer, M.B.A.Stanton Friedman, M.S.Gavin A. J. McLeodMUFON staff photographerNick RoeslerMUFON on the Internethttp://www.mufon.comMUFON Amateur Radio Net40 meters - 7.240 MHzSundays noon EST or EDSTis a Texas nonprofit corporation.The MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly bythe Mutual UFO Network, Inc., Fort Collins, CO. Periodi-cal postage paid at Versailles, MO.Individual Membership: $45/year U.S., $55 outsidethe U.S.Family members: $10 per person additionalStudent (18 years and under): $35 U.S. and $45outside the U.S.Donor: $100/year. Professional: $250/year. Pa-tron: $500/yearBenefactor (Lifetime Member): $1,500First class Journal delivery (in envelopes) U.S. andCanada only: $12/year additionalAir Mail Journal delivery to all other countries outsidethe United States: $35/year additionalChange of address and subscription or extracopies inquiries should be sent to MUFON, 155 E.Boardwalk Drive, Suite 300, Fort Collins, CO 80525.Postmaster: Send form 3579 to advise change ofaddress to: MUFON UFO Journal, 155 E. BoardwalkCopyright 2008 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights Reserved.Continued on page 22As 2008 draws to a close, let’sreflect on the important milestones thatMUFON has achieved this year. Theyear started out with a bang with theStephenville, Texas, sightings thatbrought international attention to bothUFOs as well as MUFON. That atten-tion led to a three-hour miniseriesagreement with the Discovery Channel– UFOs Over Earth – that highlightshow MUFON conducts UFO investiga-tions. The number of reportedsightings to MUFON jumped from anaverage of 300 – 400 a month to 400 –600 a month.The History Channel’s UFOHunters started their second seasonwith many of the episodes featuringMUFON investigators and personnel.MUFON also was granted the regis-tered trademark for “UFO Hunters”beating out both the History Channel aswell as the SciFi Channel.MUFON’s History and AbductionExperience team also continued to makeprogress and I expect to be announcingsome major newinitiatives andaccomplishmentsfor both teamsgoing into theNew Year.MUFON hasalso made anumber ofimportantchanges to theCase ManagementSystem (CMS)under the leadership of Jan Harzan andwith the hard work of Tomas Karlsson.In addition, the new Google mappingfeature implemented by Douglas Bellhas added a much needed managementand pleasant visual element to oursightings database. There are manymore improvements planned.Important Milestones in 2008
  • 3. 3MUFON UFO JournalDecember 2008Continued on page 4By Dennis BalthasarSecrecy by our government is not anything new, and inthe case of developing new technology for our military, Iagree with the need for secrecy, since we don’t want ouradversaries knowing what is being developed. It’s mypersonal feeling that UFO information is well known by ourgovernment and military, however for more than 60 yearsthey have both been emphatic that they either know nothingabout it, or it doesn’t exist. Those of us that have done thisresearch of course believe differently. To put it simply, we’rebeing lied to. Such secrecy is not only limited to informationthe government has or knows about UFOs, but on manyother fronts as well.While doing research, I always return to two questions:Who has given a few the authority to keep certain secretsfrom the public? And secondly, what has happened to thefirst three words in the preamble to our Constitution — “Wethe people”? Secrecy, lies and cover-ups have perpetuatedthemselves to the point that the general public no longer hasany confidence in our elected officials, as shown recently inthe public’s low approval ratings of those officials.In my opinion, young people in this country need to startasking questions and demanding answers of our leaders.Accepting secrecy and cover-ups is no longer acceptable.Although secrecy can be justified in some cases, it can getout of hand and become extremely dangerous if abused.Much of this secrecy is cloaked from the public andmost of our elected officials with catch phrases such as:“National Security,” “Research and Development,” “SpecialProjects” and others, some of which are probably “BlackProjects,” The financial budgets for some of these programsare staggering figures, and in the case of the Central Intelli-gence Agency, by law, the National Security Act of 1947made it illegal to ever disclose how much money is spent bythe CIA. Guess who is paying for all of this? You and I are.Activities at Area 51 (also known asGroom Lake), have properly beendetermined to be classified.Several of the secret military bases, such as Area 51 havehighly visible signs posted stating, “the use of deadly force isauthorized,” which is a good indication that something verysecretive is taking place there either above or below ground.Since the 1990s, each President has issued a yearly Presiden-tial Determination, “exempting the base from complying withenvironmental laws.” The reason given is that, “activities atArea 51 (also known as Groom Lake) have properly beendetermined to be classified, and its disclosure would beharmful to National Security.”While doing research for my “Underground Bases andTunnels” lecture, I discovered another federal agency that isheavily involved in secrecy, which very few Americans,including very few Congressmen are probably aware of.FEMA’s underground locationsare referred to as “Continuity ofGovernment” facilities.FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, isnot only available to help in times of disaster, but has a muchmore complex role in protecting our leaders in case of anational emergency, and in obtaining information on you andme. Many of FEMA’s underground locations are referred toas “Continuity of Government” facilities. One of thoseunderground locations is Mount Weather, 46 miles fromWashington, D.C. near Bluemont, Virginia. This is theoperational hub of approximately 100 other Federal Reloca-tion Centers. In the event of a nuclear war, declaration ofmartial law, or other national emergency, the President, hiscabinet and the rest of the Executive branch would berelocated here. Officially Mount Weather and its budget donot exist, and FEMA refuses to answer questions about thefacility. As far back as 1975, a Senate subcommittee learnedthat the facility has information on at least 100,000 Ameri-cans, and their computers can access millions of pieces ofadditional information on the personal lives of other Americancitizens. Mount Weather was prepared for use at the time ofthe 1961 Cuban missile crisis, the assassination of PresidentKennedy in 1963, and was on standby during the 1967 and1968 urban riots.Just across the Pennsylvania-Maryland state line is theRaven Rock Underground Command Center, sometimesreferred to as Site-R. This site has 700,000 square feet ofGovernment Underground SecrecySearching for the TruthWarning sign at Area 51.
  • 4. December 20084 MUFON UFO Journalinterior space underneath the surface. The facility containssix levels of underground offices, massive steel doors, asubterranean water reservoir, and up on the surface there arebanks of antennas and satellite dishes. It went online in 1954,and in the event it is needed, representatives of all militarydepartments and the Joint Chiefs of Staff would be locatedhere.“There was a television studio with abackdrop of the United States capitalon the wall where lawmakers couldhave addressed their constituents, hadany of those constituents survived”A third site in the “Continuity of Government” facilitiesknown as the Greenbrier Resort, 250 miles southwest ofWashington, had to be deactivated in 1992, when the Wash-ington Post published an article about this undergroundbunker, exposing it to the public. Again, in the event of anuclear war, about 1000 people including all 535 members ofthe U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, along withtheir top aides would have been evacuated to this facility. Itcontained 18 dormitories with bunk beds, a 12 bed medicalclinic, a self-contained power plant, a water purificationplant, and a crematorium. There was a television studio witha backdrop of the United States capital on the wall wherelawmakers could have addressed their constituents, had anyof those constituents survived above ground to watchtelevision. In 1995 the Greenbrier facility was opened topublic tours, and I have not yet located a new facility for ourlawmakers, but I’m sure there is one.Many of the facilities constructed in the 1950s wereprimarily for the protection of our leaders in the event of anuclear war. Today many of the secret military facilities—notonly in the United States, but in other countries as well—havebeen required to go underground because of the manyforeign satellites circling the earth that are so technicallyadvanced that they can read a newspaper from 200 milesabove the earth. Very little can remain secretive on thesurface anymore. Military facilities are no longer limitedexclusively to underground locations either, as the Navy hasbeen evolving underwater locations with huge manned basesoffshore for several years, about which not as much infor-mation has been forthcoming.Musko Naval BaseDuring WWII, Sweden had an elaborate Naval facilitybuilt into the side of a mountain, with water access. Knownas the Musko Naval Base, it had not only dry docks for shipsand submarines, but an entire base built into the side andunder the mountain, containing repair factories, a hospitalwith a thousand beds, dining rooms and barracks.My civil engineering background was aroused when Istarted researchingunderground facili-ties, and I quicklylearned that theequipment andpersonnel required tobuild some of theseelaborate undergroundcomplexes is readilyavailable. Severaltypes of tunnel boringequipment (some-times referred to asTBMs) have beenmanufactured by companies like Bechtel, the RobbinsCompany, and Dawn Engineering, as well as several foreignequipment manufacturers. They vary greatly in size and canbe of the “gouging”type, flame cuttersand nuclear, the latterbeing developed atLosAlamos NationalLaboratory in NewMexico with a UnitedStates Patent Officedate of September 26,1972.Many otherfacilities are known toexist, and you havethe assurance of ourgovernment that with the use of our tax dollars, our govern-ment and military leaders are at least protected even if we arenot, and in most cases their purpose, cost and location willbe denied, or attempted to remain in secrecy.Dennis G. Balthaserwww.truthseekeratroswell.com ; truthseeker@dfn.comDennis Balthasar moved to Roswell, NM in 1996, to pursuehis 25-year interst in ufology and particularly the RoswellIncident. He is an independent researcher, investigator andlecturer and serves on the advisory board of the Great Pyramid ofGiza Research Association.About this article, the author states: This is all publicinformation I’ve obtained for my research of Underground Basesand Tunnels lecture. Some from sources on the internet, somefrom Dr. Sauder’s book “Underground Bases and Tunnels,” somefrom Presidential Determinations under Clinton and Bush, somefrom my 15 years of researchingArea 51 where I was (at thegates) a few years ago, etc. The lecture on this topic contains 47pages of information and a 50-slide PowerPoint presentation.Underground SecrecyContinued from page 3Musko Naval BaseA Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)
  • 5. 5MUFON UFO JournalDecember 2008By Robert L. MasonThe modern era of UFOs is nowover sixty years old. If we step back asfar as we can and view the entiresubject with the best possible perspec-tive, one disconcerting fact is ratherapparent. We have no hard physicalevidence for an extraterrestrial origin.We have some physical trace evidence,but nothing so extraordinary that noother explanation can be offered. Wehave a vast amount of anecdotalevidence, and some of it is impressive.Jessie Marcel Jr. M.D. springs to mind.He is, by all accounts, a credibleperson, and he claims to have handledalien-looking materials that his fatherbrought home from the Roswell crashsite (2). Then there is Jim Penniston, anAir Force Sergeant with top-secretclearance, who says he touched whatappeared to be an alien UFO in theRendlesham Forest incident (4). Butdespite being credible, these reports arestill anecdotal in nature.If the materials that are rumored tohave been collected by the military fromvarious crash retrievals actually doexist, and if they were made availablefor free and open scientific investiga-tion, and if that investigation concludedthat there was no possible explanationfor them other than they were theproduct of an extraterrestrial civiliza-tion, then we would have hard physicalevidence. Just one piece of suchevidence would be worth more than allthe anecdotal evidence in existence. Butthat has not happened, and the result istantamount to the same thing—no hardphysical evidence.So, does that mean we are notbeing monitored in some manner by analien civilization? Not necessarily. Whatit could mean is the monitoring processis beyond our technical comprehension.Given current estimates of 13.7 billionyears for the age of the Universe and4.6 billion years for the age of the solarsystem it is obvious that there has beenplenty of time for other civilizations toprecede us and, consequently, be great-ly advanced technically when comparedto us. Can we make any guesses at allabout how such an advanced civiliza-tion might operate? We can try. Onetrap we may be falling into is thinkingof alien spacecraft as highly advancedversions of what we are capable ofbuilding; whereas they may be some-thing entirely different altogether.What can we imagine that could,among other things:• make right angle turns at ex-tremely high velocities?• appear luminous or lighted in lowlight and solid in daylight?Proposing an explanation for why hard physical evidence of UFOs with anextraterrestrial origin is so hard to findA Hard Look at UFOsContinued on page 6
  • 6. December 20086 MUFON UFO Journal• have a radar signature?• be usually described as completelysilent?• kill the engine of an automobile?,and• leave physical traces such asburns on vegetation, etc.?In my recent book The UFOExperience Reconsidered: Science andSpeculation (3), I argue that a chargedparticle beam aimed into our atmo-sphere from somewhere off the planetcould, in fact, have all of these charac-teristics. In addition, if used in conjunc-tion with an advanced capability in thequantum mechanical phenomenonknown as “entanglement,” it mightenable remote sensing from consider-able distances.Exactly how this would work isanybody’s guess. My best guess isillustrated in Figures 1 & 2, and isbased on a superficial knowledge ofparticle accelerators. I have extrapo-lated on today’s knowledge to a highdegree and it may be beyond ourcurrent ability to judge the efficacy ofsuch a system or something akin to it,but I can think of “no logical or scien-tific reason” (1) why it would beimpossible. A device like this couldgenerate an apparent object in ouratmosphere—a virtual spaceship, if youwill. There would be very little sub-stance to a craft of this nature. It wouldmainly consist of a stream of high-energy particles. Its low mass wouldallow extreme maneuvers. It couldleave physical trace evidence and killthe engine of automobiles by inducing acurrent opposite to that of normaloperation. Interaction with atmosphericgasses could cause a visible plasmadisplay that could also appear on radar.It would be completely silent, and itwould leave no hard physical evidence.References(1) Burleson, Donald, R. PhD. MUFONJournal No. 485 p. 10.A Hard Look at UFOsContinued from page 5(2) Marcel, JesseA. Jr. M.D. et. al. TheRosewll Legacy. Helena, Montana: BigSky Press.(3) Mason, Robert L. The UFO ExperienceReconsidered. Mendocino, CA:Schooner Moon Books, 2008.(4) Stewart, Eric. Rendsham File. BestUFO Resources: 2002. http://www.hyper.net/ufo/vs/m18-020.html .© Robert L. MasonNovember 30, 2008Robert L. Mason is a retired profes-sional engineer formerly registered withthe State of California. He is also an artistand the author of the recent book TheUFO Experience Reconsidered: Scienceand Speculation.
  • 7. 7MUFON UFO JournalDecember 2008MUFON San Antonio—in addition to having formerMUFON I:nternational Director Walter Andrus Jr. as anactive member—is one of the oldest consistently meetingMUFON groups in the MUFON International Network.Recently, MUFON San Antonio began its “LectureSeries” as a method to bring awareness to the group andorganization. Its first guest speaker, in November, was NickRedfern, author, investigator and researcher. Nick did awonderful job discussing UFOs and Chupacabras. In addi-tion, Mr. Redfern brought as a special guest Mr. KenGerhard, cryptozoologist and author.Submitted by John Schwab, Assistant Section DirectorWalt Andrus, former MUFON International Director, andNick Redfern. Andrus and John Schwab have done a greatjob of rebuilding the San Antonio chapter, according to KenCherry, State Director Texas MUFON.MUFON San Antonio hosts Nick RedfernCurrent Georgia CMS Investigationsand ReportsPlease note that some of these reports are raw in nature andinvestigations are ongoing.24 Nov 08, 8:35PM – An adult male resident of Kingsland(Georgia coast), along with a companion, observed what ap-peared to be a fireball-type of meteor coming down from the NEto SW. It appeared to be breaking up and finally ‘burned-out’ at anearby treeline. Within a few minutes the witnesses observed aglowing object that seemed to be dimmer than the fireball, but ofthe same shape. This second observation seemed to be leavingthe ground from the same vicinity and flying UPWARD at a highrate of speed to vanish after traveling about 40 degrees. Thewitness said he had identified the first object as a fireball meteorfrom observing them during many past star gazing ventures, butwas surprised by the second event.Note: The ‘fireball’ phenomenon received its first recentfocus in the late 1940’s when a more-frequent-than-ordinaryseries of these events occurred in the SW USA. These drew theattention of the scientific community, as well as several observa-tions by scientists themselves. Since that time, there have beennumerous reports where such large meteors do not act in anatural way, i.e., only burning and breaking up in descent.Nowadays, most of us have seen many such clips of fireballs onthe various Internet sources and TV news or else during ourSkywatches. What has been described herein is certainly bizarreif it is NOT some mistaken observation. Coastal ASD DaveMarchant is investigating.23 Nov 08, 1:32AM – An adult male resident of Leesburg(south Georgia, above Albany) was out looking at the sky andobserved what he described as a “bar” (of light) approximatelypinkie width flying between the constellations of Orion andTaurus, moving silently and quickly SW to W, duration about 5seconds. He indicated the apparent size as that of an aspirin, andhaving a misty/shrouded-like appearance. Witness provided avery good sketch. Tom Sheets, SD, investigator.20 Nov 08-Evening – Two adult males residents of theBrunswick area were camping on theAltamaha River (SE Georgia,flows generally SE into the Atlanta Ocean near Darien, Georgia,which is above Brunswick). In the early evening they observed aseries of tiny star-like lights passing in different directions andthen vanishing (satellites moving into the earth’s shadow?).About 9:00PM, across the river, they observed a disc or cigarshaped object that was “too distant to tell for sure”, but ap-peared to be glowing orange to red. Stated it was travelinghorizontally just above the distant trees and would dip down,then come back up, vanishing after about 6 minutes. FI BrionTrainor of Brunswick is investigating.30 Oct 08, 8:20PM – An adult female resident of Swains-boro (east central Georgia) was taking her children out on AllHallows Eve using their golf cart. Mother and niece were alsoalong. While on a residential street adjacent the golf course,witness observed a silent object just as it flew eastward and highover nearby treetops and quickly vanished. Witness struggled todescribe the event due to the object’s strange shape, but stated itwas shaped like a ‘Pringle Potato Chip’ edge-on, or the brim of acowboy hat. White lights were observed that seemed to “tricklelike water” (flash sequentially). SSD/FI Joe McElveen is investi-gating.31 Oct 08, 8:30PM- An adult male resident of Cataula (northof Columbus, west central Georgia) stated that he was on anerrand to a nearby store. From the lot, he observed what he firstthought might have been an aerial flare in the SW sky, perhapsfrom nearby Fort Benning. Upon looking more closely, he foundthat it was in the completely wrong direction to be connected tothe base. He continued to watch as he drove home, and said itwas up about 45 degrees off of the horizon just stationary. Upongetting closer to home, it dropped down in altitude and beganmoving among the distant trees, until it vanished. At home, hecontinued to watch the area and there was no reappearance.Witness provided a sketch and area diagram. This writer spokewith him in a long, extensive phone conversation; the witnessseemed to be well spoken, and firmly established in his commu-nity. Investigation continues.Submitted by Tom Sheets, SD MUFONGA
  • 8. December 20088 MUFON UFO JournalHELP WANTED !Need volunteers with the following skillswilling to work on the CMS II Project.Database knowledge of mySQL. Solid Perlexperience both for shell and CGIscripting, preferably on UNIX platform.Good skills in modern Web programming usingjavascript, HTML, and CSS. In addition,experience in using AJAX and JSONis desired.Please contact Jan Harzan atjanharzan@hotmail.comif you are both willing and able to workas part of the CMS II development team.Source: NASA - Washington, DC, USANov. 10, 2008WASHINGTON—NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander hasceased communications after operating for more than fivemonths. As anticipated, seasonal decline in sunshine at therobot’s arctic landing site is not providing enough sunlightfor the solar arrays to collect the power necessary to chargebatteries that operate the lander’s instruments.Mission engineers last received a signal from the landeron Nov. 2. Phoenix, in addition to shorter daylight, hasencountered a dustier sky, more clouds and colder tempera-tures as the northern Mars summer approaches autumn. Themission exceeded its planned operational life of three monthsto conduct and return science data.The project team will be listening carefully during thenext few weeks to hear if Phoenix revives and phones home.However, engineers now believe that is unlikely because ofthe worsening weather conditions on Mars. While thespacecraft’s work has ended, the analysis of data from theinstruments is in its earliest stages.“Phoenix has given us some surprises, and I’m confidentwe will be pulling more gems from this trove of data foryears to come,” said Phoenix Principal Investigator PeterSmith of the University of Arizona in Tucson.Launched Aug. 4, 2007, Phoenix landed May 25, 2008,farther north than any previous spacecraft to land on theMartian surface. The lander dug, scooped, baked, sniffed andtasted the Red Planet’s soil. Among early results, it verifiedthe presence of water-ice in the Martian subsurface, whichNASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter first detected remotely in2002. Phoenix’s cameras also returned more than 25,000pictures from sweeping vistas to near the atomic level usingthe first atomic force microscope ever used outside Earth.“Phoenix not only met the tremendous challenge oflanding safely, it accomplished scientific investigations on149 of its 152 Martian days as a result of dedicated work bya talented team,” said Phoenix Project Manager BarryGoldstein at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena,Calif.Phoenix’s preliminary science accomplishments advancethe goal of studying whether the Martian arctic environmenthas ever been favorable for microbes. Additional findingsinclude documenting a mildly alkaline soil environment unlikeany found by earlier Mars missions; finding small concentra-tions of salts that could be nutrients for life; discoveringperchlorate salt, which has implications for ice and soilproperties; and finding calcium carbonate, a marker ofeffects of liquid water.Phoenix findings also support the goal of learning thehistory of water on Mars. These findings include excavatingsoil above the ice table, revealing at least two distinct typesof ice deposits; observing snow descending from clouds;providing a mission-long weather record, with data ontemperature, pressure, humidity and wind; observations ofhaze, clouds, frost and whirlwinds; and coordinating withNASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to perform simulta-neous ground and orbital observations of Martian weather.“Phoenix provided an important step to spur the hopethat we can show Mars was once habitable and possiblysupported life,” said Doug McCuistion, director of the MarsExploration Program at NASA Headquarters in Washington.“Phoenix was supported by orbiting NASA spacecraftproviding communications relay while producing their ownfascinating science. With the upcoming launch of the MarsScience Laboratory, the Mars Program never sleeps.”The University of Arizona leads the Phoenix mission withproject management at JPL and development partnership atLockheed Martin Corporation in Denver. Internationalcontributions came from the Canadian Space Agency; theUniversity of Neuchatel, Switzerland; the universities ofCopenhagen and Aarhus in Denmark; the Max PlanckInstitute in Germany; the Finnish Meteorological Institute;and Imperial College of London.For additional information about Phoenix missionfindings, visit: http://www.nasa.gov/phoenix .Nominate a Volunteer of the MonthMUFON is blessed with great volunteers—StateDirectors, Field Investigators and more. Do youknow someone in the MUFONorganization who deserves to be recognizedas the Volunteer of the Month?Tell us why. Email Editor@mufon.com. Use“Volunteer Nomination” in Subject line.Mars Phoenix Lander Finishes Work on Red Planet
  • 9. 9MUFON UFO JournalDecember 2008Good JobI have recently watched three of your “UFOs overEarth” programs [on the Discovery Channel]. I believe thereis greater intelligent life within our universe. It is far tooarrogant to think we are the only intelligent life in existence.As I have noticed communication between species of ape andhuman as well as simple commands of pets by owners,intelligent communication is a broad term.Your programs are a great service to the general public.It is a true credit to you and your organization to debunk thefantasies propagated by the team who produce “UFOHunters.” Keep up the good work and hopefully one daysoon there will be that one conclusive case that proves theexistence of visitors from another world and you will bethere to witness it.Rick Gauthierrpgflyemj@swbell.netDelivery by UFO investigatedGood morning all;Earlier this morning [Thanksgiving], I happened to lookoutside and watched as a massive black triangular UFOpassed over my home. It had white lights at its corners and alarge red light in the center of the bottom surface. I took apicture of it as it passed overhead. A few seconds later, Inoticed something ejected or falling from the object whichlanded in my front yard. I put my jacket on and went outsideto check it out. What I discovered was a large frozen turkeylaying near my driveway. I brought it into the house. Iexamined the photograph I took and there seemed to be awhite square area on the rear of the craft and a smaller whitesomething next to it. Using an image enhancing tool (a largemagnifying glass) I could see the large white area clearly. Ithad writing on it which said, “Jerome Turkey Farms, Barron,Wisconsin.” The smaller thing (about the size of a bumpersticker) said, “I Brake For Turkeys.”The UFO disappeared into the distance, and the turkey isabout to disappear into my oven. My investigation into thisearly morning sighting has been concluded.Happy Holidays to all, and accept my wishes for health,happiness and prosperity for all. Now, where did that can ofcranberry sauce go?Dave WatsonJudy OrsattiFormer MUFON Board member Judy Orsatti passedaway on November 17thin Colorado, following a motor-cycle accident on November 15th.Judy served on the Boardof Directors from 2004-2006and was Director of MediaRelations, a functional director,from 2003-2004. She helpedColorado MUFON and was ontheir board from 2002-2003.Judy was instrumental ingetting MUFON a lot of mediaattention and discounted radioand print advertising, whichshe oftentimes paid for herself,for the first two years that thesymposium was held here inDenver, working closely withCO MUFON’s media person, Barry Roth. Judy was also alifetime international MUFON member (benefactor) as wellas lifetime CO MUFON member.Judy Orsatti was international MUFON’s Director ofMedia Relations prior to being on MUFON’s Board ofDirectors, prior to having a 10-hour long surgery to removethree aneurisms in her head in August of 2006. She neverfully recovered from the surgery suffering with short-termmemory issues and problems with medications. She finallyjust recently got her memory and life back, was feelinggreat and ready to get back to her car brokering businessand probably MUFON as well as she was looking forwardto the symposium in August.Judy is the daughter of Dwight and Jayne Covington ofWheat Ridge, CO. Judy is survived by her husband, RobertOrsatti, of Wheat Ridge, CO, daughter Sheana Green andtwo grandchildren of Santa Barbara, CA, and two brothers.For over 20 years Judy was an Independent AutomotiveConsultant and worked most recently with her businesspartner, Rachel Webb, at Centennial Sales and Leasing inEnglewood, CO.Judy had an extraordinary way of touching the soul ofeveryone she met. She was a true, strong, elegant womanwith a heart of gold and she chose to share it with theworld. Judy, your passion for life will be remembered andmissed every day by all you have touched.Donations in her name can be made to the FraternalOrder of Police at www.fopdonate.com .Contributed by Lin SimpsonBest Wishes for aHappy Holiday Season !Judy OrsattiLetters to the Editor . . . In Memory of . . .
  • 10. December 200810 MUFON UFO JournalSteve McGee, FIField Investigator, North CarolinaBy Jim DeMancheDeputy Director of InvestigationsSince February of 2007, when Steve McGee joinedMUFON and quickly became a Field Investigator, he hascompleted an amazing (22) investigations! Early on, Stevewould systematically check the CMS database for localinvestigations. Because of his own initiative and resourceful-ness, Steve discovered and brought to light the now famous“Fayetteville Incident.” This was the first case documentedon the Discovery Channel’s “UFOs Over Earth” series inOctober. As the originally assigned Field Investigator, Steve’sefforts and skill uncovered a very complex and involved‘Close Encounter’ case.You can read about Steve’s investigation in the Februaryand June 2008 issues of the MUFON UFO Journal.At the direction of James Carrion, MUFON InternationalDirector, Norm Gagnon was assigned to assist Steve withthis investigation. Norm is also a Field Investigator and STARTEAM member from Virginia. Later; Steve had to leave theinvestigation for a brief time, and was replaced by RichardLang, Chief Investigator for North Carolina & Virginia.Steve was born on March 27th1963, and is a native ofNorth Carolina. He currently lives in the city of Clayton,approximately 15 miles north of Raleigh. He has one youngerbrother.Steve graduated from East Forsythe High School in1981. He received two years’ Vocational training as an‘Extrusion Technician’ after high school. Steve beganworking for a local pharmaceutical company in 1997. At thepresent time he is a Production Supervisor.Steve is a very quiet and peaceful man. He speaks with asincerity that is rare and refreshing. Every Sunday he and hiswife Paula along with their two daughters, Kristina (14) andKatie (10), attend church in their community, where Steveteaches Sunday school.When he’s not out doing MUFON field investigations,Steve enjoys golfing, fishing, and spending quality time withhis wife and children.MUFON holds a very special interest for Steve, asexpressed best in his own words:“In high school I read J. Allen Hynek’s book The UFOExperience: A Scientific Inquiry, and really have remainedfascinated by the subject ever since. I think the more re-search and data we gainfrom the UFO phenom-ena; it becomes apparentthat we are dealing withsomething far morereaching that just nutsand bolts visitors fromOuter Space. Theseobjects can materializeand dematerialize at will,perform impossible rightangle turns and maneu-vers, the likes of whichwould turn any humanbeing into subatomicparticles. These objectsare often seen morphinginto several objects or reconstituting back again into onelarger one. The best cases do not follow any known ‘Lawsof Physics’ we can rationalize.“I am open minded to any and all theories regardingUFOs, but I believe as do many others, that we are dealingwith an interdimensional phenomena regarding these objectsand their occupants. I am very proud to be a Field Investiga-tor, and I have completed some (22) cases so far.“MUFON folks are always well represented on televisionwhen they appear on either the History Channel or DiscoveryChannel. I believe that all future revelations concerning UFOswill have a MUFON influence. That is a big responsibility forall of us in MUFON.” – Steve McGeeSteve McGee2009 will beMUFON’s40th Anniversary Year!Plan your Rocky Mountainvacation around August 6–9 inDENVER, COLORADOVolunteer of the Month . . .
  • 11. 11MUFON UFO JournalDecember 2008Leave a Legacy to MUFONAllow your work to live on. . .Please remember MUFON in your will. Besidesmonetary bequests, you can also donate your UFOcase files, books, periodicals, etc. Don’t let yourvaluable research end up at a flea market or estate sale.Please contact MUFON HQ at 970-232-3110for more information.S.T.A.R. member to be activated, and was the on siteforensic investigator of the “Fayetteville Incident” case.Norm was instru-mental in collecting soilsamples, plant samples,and photographicimages, and alsocreated spectacularcomputer imagery ofthe reported UFOvehicles and Entities inthis case. You can seehis work in theFebruary and June2008 issues of theMUFON UFO Jour-nal. Along with SteveMcGee, Norm alsoappeared in the firstepisode of the Discov-ery Channel’s “UFOsover Earth,” whichtold the story of theinvestigation of this case. Unfortunately, the majority of hisefforts were not presented in the aired program.When not involved in MUFON or related investigationsof various sorts, Norm enjoys hobbies, pursuits, and hisChristian faith. His interests are graphic illustration anddesign, photography, cryptozoology, forensic science,archaeology and of course exploring the unknown! He isvery aware of how IFOs, aliens and hairy anthropoids arefabricated, and how CGI effects and camera tricks arecreated. He has a keen eye for detecting a hoax.Norm offered the following comments:“Aerial phenomena have been witnessed by Earth’sinhabitants since the beginning of our planet’s history. Thesecelestial events have also been recorded on stone petroglyphsand ancient literature. I do believe in the existence of Uniden-tified Flying Objects, but theories abound as to what they are,and why they are here. As a Field Investigator my approachis to observe, report, collect, preserve, and evaluate allevidence impartially. I also believe that a Field Investigatormust not forget the Human Factor. We must provide comfortand help to those who have experienced these preternaturalincidents, especially in ‘Close Encounters’ and ‘Abduction’cases.” – Norm GagnonNorm GagnonNorm Gagnon, FIField Investigator & STAR team memberBy Jim DeMancheDeputy Director of InvestigationsNorm Gagnon was born on March 30, 1960, inJackman, Maine. He currently lives in Springfield, Virginia,which is in the D.C. Metropolitan area. He and his wifeIsabelle (a native of Venezuela) have one daughter, Isabella.With over 20 years of extensive security experience,Norm has held positions as a Security and Accident Investi-gator for top Defense Contractors in the D.C. area. He hasalso served as a Private Investigator in the State of Virginia.Currently Norm is working as a Project Manager for an‘Exhibit and Display’ company in Virginia.His motivation to do investigations also reaches into theworld of the Paranormal. For more than 10 years Norm hasconducted Paranormal Investigations in and around Virginia.He is the founder of S.E.A.R.C.H. – “Supernatural EntityAnomaly Research & Cryptid Hunters.” Norm shared that,“My expeditions have taken me coast to coast and beyondthe US borders. From Canadian Quebec to Nova Scotia, andas far south as Central America. I’ve also traveled across theAtlantic Ocean to the Republic of Ireland.” He is also amember of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society.Norm joined MUFON in March of 2004, and soonbecame a Field Investigator. As a young boy he was greatlyinterested in ufology. He has collected newspaper andmagazine clippings on UFOs from his youth on into adult-hood.When MUFON created the S.T.A.R. TEAM (Strike Teamfor Area Research), Norm was one of four original FieldInvestigators appointed.Shortly after Steve McGee, Field Investigator fromNorth Carolina, discovered the “Fayetteville Incident” case,Norm was deployed to assist him at the command of JamesCarrion, MUFON International Director. He was the firstVolunteer of the Month . . .
  • 12. December 200812 MUFON UFO JournalJanuary 24, 2009. Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Networkpresents UFO Conference. JohnVentre, Bill Birnes, DavidJacobs. Bucks County, PA. Call JohnVentre, 724-836-1266,or www.pamufon.com.January 25, 2009. MUFONGAAtlantaArea UFO StudyGroup Meeting. Chamblee Library,Atlanta GA. Specialguest speaker, Kathleen Marden, co-author of Captured!The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience.February 22–28, 2009. 2009 International UFO Congress.7 days and 8 nights of events. 30 speakers from around theworld.Laughlin, NV. www.ufocongress.comApril 17-19, 2009. X-Conference 2009. Gaithersburg, MD.www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/X-Conference2009/X-Conference2009.htmAugust 6–9, 2009. MUFON 2009 International Symposium.Denver, CO. MUFON’s 40th Anniversary. Watch this spacefor more information as it becomes available.Tom Sheets, the State Director for Georgia MUFON, hasaccepted the new position of MUFON Administrator forProfessional Standards. Tom is a retired Georgia CriminalInvestigator and Chief of Police.During the 2008 MUFON Symposium in San Jose,International Director James Carrion and Director of Investi-gations Chuck Reever implemented planning to appoint aMUFON Administrator for Professional Standards. BecauseMUFON is oriented toward field investigation, it was decidedto seek out an Administrator with past experience in suchmatters from the law enforcement community.The MUFON Administrator for Professional Standardswill be responsible to the International Director for theinvestigation of any complaints involving MUFON personnelwhether originating from within or without MUFON Interna-tional or its various chapters and divisions. This agenda willalso include inquiries regarding any violations or suspectedviolations of MUFON policy as adopted and published in theMUFON Field Investigator’s Manual, the MUFON Interna-tional State and Provincial Director’s Handbook, and otherpolicies and procedures as established by the InternationalDirector.As needed, the Administrator for Professional Standardswill conduct special investigations into matters which couldpotentially negatively impact MUFON or its chapters andpersonnel. Final reports regarding all investigated matters willbe submitted to the International Director.Tom Sheets is a native of City of College Park, Georgia,the home of Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport. Heserved in the U.S. MarineCorps in the late 1960s, andwhile in the 1st Marine Divi-sion, was awarded the PurpleHeart Medal for woundsreceived in Vietnam in 1968.Tom joined the College ParkPolice Department after hismilitary service and wasassigned to the Patrol Division.He served for fourteen years asa homicide and major crimesdetective, firearms instructor,explosives specialist, andInternal Affairs investigator.The last six years in CID hewas the unit commander andco-founder of a joint Atlanta-area State/Federal intelligenceunit that focused on issues of both domestic and foreignterrorism. Tom served the last nine years of his career asChief of Police, retiring in 1996. His various advancedcriminology and tactical training was received through theGeorgia Police Academy, FBI, BATF, Secret Service, U.S.Army, and the University System of Georgia, Texas andFlorida.Two of his memorable career highlights included serviceon the Homicide Task Force investigating the Atlanta ChildMurders in the early 1980s and later during 1993-95, hostingand participating in pre-1996 Olympic Games tactical trainingexercises with the U.S. Army’s premier anti-terrorism unit.After a lifetime of UFO studies, Tom joined MUFON in1996, serving as Georgia’s Chief Investigator in 1997, thenState Director from 1998 through 2004 and from 2006through the present.We thank Tom for his years of dedication and hiswillingness to accept this position of responsibility. MUFONasks all volunteers to work closely with Tom whenever askedwith a spirit of cooperation and support.Tom Sheets appointed to new positionMUFON Administrator for Professional StandardsTom SheetsCalendar. . .
  • 13. 13MUFON UFO JournalDecember 2008www.alliesofhumanity.org(Book 1 FREE online)MUFON2006 DVD: MVSummersonThe Alien Agenda and the Ethics of ContactAvailable fromNKL,1-800-938-3891The Allies Of HumanityBooks 1 & 2By Marshall Vian Summers“It is a very difficult situation to bethe race that is discovered to bethe natives of a new world.”Call MUFON headquarters 970-232-3110Now accepting VISA & MasterCard formerchandise and membership.Also order online at http://store.mufon.comMembership questions?Change of address?By Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D. Illustrated by Mollie L.Burleson. (2008) Black Mesa Press, Roswell, NM.| ISBN 978-0964958067. Paperback, 95 pages. $9.95 onAmazon.com.Reviewed by Robert B. LeLieuvre, Ph.D.In the nine years between 1945 and 1954, J. RobertOppenheimer went from hero to pariah. Set aside any ideasyou may have about the legitimacy of the Manhattan Project.Set aside any reservations you may have about the moralityof the decision to drop two atomic bombs on a seeminglyalready defeated Japan. Set aside any preconceptions youmight have about J. Robert Oppenheimer. This short,concise book offers up an interesting, albeit controversial,hypothesis about the government’s role not only in bringingabout the destruction of a man, his reputation, and hisimmense contributions to the nation and national security, butalso in the widely known but contentious history of UFOcrashes and retrievals.How is it that a brilliant theoretical physicist—whosuccessfully managed thousands of scientists, engineers,military personnel and their families, who worked against theclock to develop and produce the world’s first atomic bomb,who held Q-clearance for top-secret nuclear work—couldfall from grace in less than a decade?The official storyThe official story focuses on his interests in and leaningstoward leftist ideology and concern for social justice in1930s Berkeley, California, his marriage to a former memberof the American Communist Party, her previous marriage toan active communist, his brother‘s political interests andrenounced membership in the Communist Party, his failure toreport a contact by another UC Berkeley faculty member onbehalf of a third party seeking to find a way to share scien-tific information with Russian scientists, an offer Oppen-heimer flatly rejected but did not immediately report. All ofthese were known through legal means and by illegal FBIsurveillance and wiretaps before Oppenheimer actually tookcharge at Los Alamos. The official story also has as a subplotOppenheimer’s supposed opposition to the development ofthe hydrogen bomb.The story behind the storyBut there is another story,the one told in this book. Dr.Burleson offers other rea-sons, some of which are onthe record, while others aremore speculative, but notfarfetched. It is widelyknown that Oppenheimer wasarrogant to a fault and, attimes, gave no thought topointing out another’s flawedthinking, ignorance, orincompetence. He also had notruck with narrow-mindedness in his colleagues. Thesequalities led him to appoint Hans Bethe to head the theoreticalphysics division at Los Alamos (effectively isolating andfrustrating Edward Teller, the “father” of the hydrogenbomb), to mock and humiliate Lewis Strauss in front of aCongressional committee, and to fire Edward Condon.Strauss was later offered the chairmanship of the AtomicEnergy Commission by President Eisenhower, but hisacceptance was contingent on one condition—thatOppenheimer not have any role to play in the U.S. nuclearweapons program. Condon later chaired the suspect Univer-sity of Colorado commission, which concluded—despite realUFO Secrecy and the Fall of J. Robert OppenheimerContinued on page 14Book Reviews . . .
  • 14. December 200814 MUFON UFO JournalDonations Neededfor Silent Auction forMUFON’s 2009 Symposium!August6–9 in Denver, ColoradoDo you have any UFO memorabilia that you coulddonate for the Silent Auction fundraiser at the 2009Symposium? If so, please mail your items to:MUFON Headquarters155 E. Boardwalk Dr., Suite 300Fort Collins, CO 80525Thank you!and reasonable evidence for UFOs—that they were not alegitimate topic for serious scientific study. Two of thesethree men, along with others whom we will meet later in thisreview, played significant roles in the process that led toOppenheimer’s loss of security clearance that was requiredas a member of the AEC’s General Advisory Committee, andhis failure to win it back during a sham quasi-legal proceed-ing.What is not widely known, and open to debate, isOppenheimer’s involvement in at least two UFO crashretrievals in New Mexico—Roswell in 1947 and Aztec in1948. This is Dr. Burleson’s key argument forOppenheimer’s fall. And, he makes a compelling if indirectcase for it. Giving credit to the many researchers who haveinvestigated the Roswell incident and the few who haveinvestigated the Aztec incident, Dr. Burleson focuses onPresident Truman’s dilemma upon hearing of the crashes.Who, beyond the military, needed to be involved? A scientificteam seemed the most likely choice.AssumptionsHere one has to accept several assumptions and supposi-tions:– that Majestic-12 did in fact exist;– that Oppenheimer, along with Vannevar Bush and John vonNeumann, was at Roswell, a claim mentioned in passing;– that four members of Majic-12—Drs. Vannevar Bush,Lloyd Berkner, Detlev Bronk, and Jerome Hunsaker—accompanied Oppenheimer to Aztec;– that Gordon Gray, also a member of MJ-12, was selectedto chair the AEC’s Personnel Security Board for more thanthe obvious reasons related to his work in covert operationsfor the NSC and the CIA (it should be noted that Gray’spapers on the Oppenheimer hearing, housed in theEisenhower Library, are permanently withheld from privateresearch and public scrutiny ostensibly for reasons ofnational security);– that Strauss had personal and possibly nefarious reasonsfor deepening William Borden’s antipathy towardOppenheimer, which led to the latter’s scurrilous letter to theFBI (Borden was executive director of the Joint Committeeon Atomic Energy in Congress);– that Teller’s animosity toward Oppenheimer influencedNational Security Advisor Sidney Sours (also a member ofMJ-12) to recommend that President Eisenhower notreappoint Oppenheimer to the AEC’s General AdvisoryCommittee.Even with the above qualifying assumptions and supposi-tions, Dr. Burleson provides a cogent and plausible summaryof the events between 1947 and 1954. He presents in somedetail the correspondence and discussions among WilbertSmith, the Senior Radio Engineer for Canada’s Department ofTransportation, Dr. Robert Sarbacher, scientific advisor tothe Research and Development Commission in the U. S.Department of Defense, and William Steinman, author ofUFO Crash at Aztec, which first offered the tantalizingpossibility of Oppenheimer’s involvement in the retrievals oftwo crashed UFOs and several alien bodies.Proceedings slanted, even maliciousBurleson also makes a strong case for the proceedingsagainst Oppenheimer being at best trumpery, at worst akangaroo court. The government’s representatives hadaccess to all documents, public, private, and top-secret; therewas a clearance officer present who could rule that docu-ments might be unclassified or had to remain classified, withsuch discussions held without Oppenheimer’s counselpresent. Clearly Oppenheimer and his attorneys were at adistinct, and quite likely planned, disadvantage. There were anumber of witnesses, some for Oppenheimer (e.g., VannevarBush, John von Neumann) and some against him (e.g.,Edward Teller, William Borden).But in the end, by letter, the Personnel Security Boardrecommended by a two to one margin, to AEC GeneralManager Kenneth Nichols, that Oppenheimer’s clearance notWant to review a book for the Journal ?Email a sample of your writing along with abrief description of your pertinent credentialsand experience to Editor@mufon.com.Use “Book Reviewer” in Subject line.Book Review: OppenheimerContinued from page 13
  • 15. 15MUFON UFO JournalDecember 2008Interested in theUFO Phenomenon?Chat with Others Live!www.ufoforum.orgbe reinstated. Nichols’ report to the AEC board was slanted atbest, malicious at worst. The board voted, four to one,against Oppenheimer. As Dr. Burleson states, “J. RobertOppenheimer was out of the loop. His government servicewas a thing of the past.” (p.75)Oppenheimer said little in public after the decision. Oncehe said that the hearing was a “train wreck” (p. 83), and hetold a reporter that, “there was a story behind the story” (p.83). And, it is the story behind the story that Dr. Burlesonargues is the real reason for the fall from grace.Not perfect, but worth the readNo book is without difficulties or faults, this one in-cluded. Dr. Burleson’s emotional colloquialisms might beliehis passion for the subject, but they detract in some ways.The sequencing of chapters 1 and 2 might have been re-versed, allowing the argument proffered to build and to havea stronger impact on the reader. The reliance on secondarysources—documents that can be lost or altered, books thatcan have a slant, eyewitness testimony and commentaryabout decades-old events—is problematic. But then, there arealways such issues when one is looking back in time and oncontroversial events and claims. This book is no more or noless subject to these problems. Basing most, if not all, of theargument on the much-debated existence of Majestic-12 isperhaps the book’s biggest problem. Yet, all in all, thehypothesis is fascinating if not wholly supported; the argu-ment is compelling though incomplete; and the illustrationsare evocative. The book is well worth the read, so much sothat I plan to add it to the reading list for my UFO Encoun-ters and Alien Abductions distance-learning seminar at theUniversity of Great Falls, Montana.Robert B. LeLieuvre, Ph.D.Roswell, NMNovember 2008Book Review: Oppenheimercontinued from page 14LUPO, Conversations with an E.T., written by Louise RoseAveni, 2007, in paperback, ISBN 978-1-934246-28-3, $14.95U.S., is the first installment of a trilogy with HYBRID andKRYSTAL to follow.Reviewed by Diane Johnson“We are the ones we’ve beenwaiting for” – Hopi IndianProphecy. In printing this quote onthe front cover of her book, authorLouse Aveni hints as to why shewrote this book and her feelings onthe subject.Ms. Aveni states in her “Aboutthe Author” page that Lupo—Conversations with an E.T. is atapestry of fact and artisticcreativity, compiled from a blend of personalities and actualevents. Now I’m intrigued! The cover art is just that, art.Lupo—Conversations with an E.T., is the story ofStephan. We first meet Stephan when he was a mere toddlerof 3. He is an orphan living on a farm in Italy with lovingfoster parents. We first follow him through his life into hismid-30s when he first embarks on his life’s mission. We thenfollow him from Italy to his adoptive family in America andwatch him grow and learn, hide his “specialness” sometimes,and at other times confront it fearlessly.Pick up this book—meet Stephan, you’ll enjoy hisexploits and wonder, just who did Ms. Aveni model thischaracter after? And, like myself you will anxiously wait forthe next installment in this trilogy.Lupo—Conversationswith an E.T.Commander Sanni CetoGray/Human Hybrid * Roswell Crash SurvivorRead what really happened in 1947in her two autobiographies…Stranded on Earth & Zeta ChildEarth Star Publishinghttp://sanniceto.tripod.com/index.htmlMUFON Members Message Boardmufonmembers.proboards55.comPassword: Hynek1947(case sensitive)
  • 16. December 200816 MUFON UFO JournalStanton FriedmanMisrepresentations about Barney and Betty HillI am sure that everybody who hasbeen following the U.S. election campaignis well aware that much of what hasshown up on the internet simply wasn’ttrue. Clearly some was intentionallyposted to deceive. It has also been truethat much that has been written aboutUFOs has been false. A fine example ofignorance or intentional deception ap-peared in a “skeptical” piece by BrianDunning which appeared as “SkeptoidNo. 124” on October 21, 2008. It wassent to me by a guy who occasionallysends nasty comments after I appear onCoast to Coast. The title is “Betty andBarney Hill: The Original UFO Abduc-tion.” It can be found on Skeptoid.com .It is truly a splendid textbook exampleof propaganda and misrepresentation.Dunning does get the date right, Sept. 19,1961, but very little else. “Near the resortof Indian Head they stopped their car inthe middle of Rte. 3 to observe a strangelight moving through in the night sky.Thenext thing they knew, they were about35 miles further along on their trip andseveral hours had elapsed,” Dunningwrites. Talk about omissions. There wasmore than one stop. The large object(hardly a light) was within a few hun-dred feet. Barney observed it through bin-oculars from outside the car. He observeda double row of windows through whichhe could see about 10 individuals, redlights on fins on the outside, etc. Thisdescription was conscious recall and wasdescribed to NICAP Investigator WalterWebb during a six hour interview on Oc-tober 21, 1961. No hypnosis was in-volved.“ThenBetty beganhaving nightmarestwo weeks later. In her nightmares shedescribed being taken aboard an alienspacecraft and having medical experi-ments performed. As a result of thesenightmares, Betty and Barney decided toundergo hypnosis.” This is absurd. Barneyhad developed hypertension, bleeding ul-cers, was unable to sleep. He was intherapy. The original thought—that thesesymptoms were related to his havingmoved to New Hampshire, leaving hissons—was dispelled by the therapist. Atone session he noted that he and Bettyhad been searching for the location wherethey had seen the UFO. Then he was re-ferred to Psychiatrist Dr. BenjaminSimon, an early expert in treatment of PostTraumatic Stress Disorder using medicalhypnotic regression with amnesia inducedafter each session.Dunning states, “Innumerable booksand movies were made about the Bettyand Barney Hill abduction… you almostnever hear a critical treatment of theirstory.” He mentions none of the booksby name. I know of three (Ref. 1, 2, 3)and one movie, NBC’s 1975 The UFOIncident starring James Earl Jones andEstelle Parsons. There have been loadsof very critical treatments, for example,by Carl Sagan in the bestselling Cosmos(Ref.4) and in an article in Parade maga-zine (Ref.5).Dunning goes on, “Much of the Hillstory is said to be based on these sepa-rate hypnosis sessions. In fact that turnsout not to be case at all. It is important tonote that that it as more than two yearsafter the incident that the Hills underwenthypnosis. During those two years Bettywas writing and rewriting her accountsof her dreams. All of the significant de-tails you may have heard about the Hills’medical experiments came from her twoyears of writing.” This is a total lie. Therewas no writing and rewriting as can beseen by reading what she wrote, for ex-ample, in “Captured!” and the compara-tive analysis between the dreams and thehypnosis material.She did dream of a star-map, but itwas on a roller like maps at school andwas not 3D. Dunning has the gall to claim“Betty probably told the story to Barneyover and over again until his ears fell offover a period of two years before theyever had any hypnosis.” I have no ideawhat the source is for this nonsense. Norfor this ridicu-lous comment“When they firstsaw the light,Betty said shethought it was as p a c e c r a f t .Barney alwayssaid he thought itwasan airplane.”Without hypno-sis they de-scribed seeing it close-up near their carwith a double row of windows and barelymoving and without any noise. This is anairplane?Dunning then notes that Betty’s writ-ten description of the beings in her night-mare was different from Barney’s underhypnosis, but when reliving the momentstogether their descriptions of eventsmatched. “After Betty Hill heard thesesessions suddenly her hypnosis accountsbegan to describe the same kind of char-acter.” The simple fact of the matter isthat Betty and Barney were each hypno-tized separately and amnesia was inducedafter each separate session so they couldnot talk with each other about what cameout under hypnosis. Betty could not haveheard any of these sessions until Dr.Simon finally played the tapes for them.Dunning then tries to relate the char-acters described in the hypnosis sessionto aliens who appeared 12 days prior toBarney’s first hypnosis session in Febru-ary 1964 to an experience on the OuterLimits TV program called “The BelleroShield.” As a matter of fact, they do notmatch. Dunning admits that “The Hillsstated they did not watch it.”As with mostof Dunning’s claims, no basis is given forclaiming they did.PerceptionsBy StantonT. Friedman
  • 17. 17MUFON UFO JournalDecember 2008It should be noted that nowhere doesDunning bother to note the credentials ofthe parties involved. Betty was a socialworker and a supervisor in the WelfareDepartment of the State of New Hamp-shire. Of course he doesn’t mention thatBarney was on the governor’s Civil RightsCommission. Nor does he give Dr.Simon’s name or background such as thathe ran a 3000 bed hospital for shellshocked war veterans and that he wasfeaturedin an armyfilmLet There be Lightabout his successful treatment of theseveterans, using hypnosis in the same fash-ion he used with Betty and Barney to re-cover missing memories.Dunning claims that “Betty had com-monly spoken of UFOs even before 1961,including one story she often told of hersister’s own close encounter in 1957.”Again no source is given. The fact is thather sister’s daughter, Kathleen Marden,co-author of Captured!, has stated this isfalse. Betty had mentioned it once toBarney and he didn’t believe in UFOs andthat was the end of that.Dunning then gives this strange sum-mary, “So here’s what we have so far: Awoman who clearly had an obsessionwith UFOs [no evidence whatsoever] sawa light in the sky that her husband de-scribed as an airplane [when it was far-ther away]. She then spent two yearswriting an elaborate story [totally false]and no doubt telling it and retelling it toher husband [totally false]. Later underhypnosis Barney was asked about theevents described in Betty’s story, andsurprise, surprise he retold the story shealready told him a hundred times [totallyfalse] and added a dash from the OuterLimits.”Dunning mentions radar sightingsincluded in the Blue Book file and dis-misses them, naturally excluding someimportant data such as the supposedweather balloons having a very low radarprofile. He tries to throw out measure-ments made on Betty’s dress by unnamed“crop circle enthusiasts” but ignores theimportant work done by analytical chem-ist Phyllis Budinger, employed by a majorcompany for 35 years. He claims thatanything found on the dress was the re-sult of its being in the closet for 40 years.Phyllis actually had a very similar dress(her wedding dress) kept for that longwhich did not have any of the same stuffon it.Dunning is equally cavalier in tryingto toss out the star map work done byMarjorie Fish. Surprisingly he mentionsher by name, then totally misrepresentswhat she did. He says she read a book.[Of course he doesn’t mention that it wasJohn Fuller’s Interrupted Journey andthatshe then visited Betty to get more data.]“It’s seven or eight random dots con-nected by lines.” More nonsense, thereare 15 dots. The lines make sense: near-est star to nearest star.“She then took beads and string andconverted her living room into a 3-dimen-sional version of the galaxy based on the1969 Gliese star catalog.” The fact of thematter is she built 26 different 3D mod-els of the local galactic neighborhood,going out 55 light years at most, fromthe sun. The biggest model was a 3-footcube, hardly living room size, and wasused as a teaching tool by Dr. WalterMitchell, Chairman of the AstronomyDepartment at the Ohio State University.He and Marjorie and Betty are all in themovie UFOs Are Real (Ref. 6). The gal-axy is about 100,000 light years across.Most of the work was done before theGliese catalog was published. Nobodydoing what she did before the Gliese waspublished could have identified the starsbecause the correct distance data had notbeen available.Of course Dunning says “ZetaReticuli” when there are actually twostars, Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 Reticuli. (Theconstellation is Reticulum). He makes nonote of the facts that they are the closestto each other pair of sun-like stars in theneighborhood (1/8thof a light year apart),and a billion years older than the sun and39.3 light years from Earth and that allthe pattern stars are sun-like though only5% of those in the neighborhood are, andthat all the sun-like stars in the 3D vol-ume represented by her models are partof the pattern and that they are all in aplane. He claims that anybody could havemade a crude drawing using the Gliesedata, although it was not published until8 years after the event!! He makes claimsabout Carl Sagan and other astronomers’comments, but neglecting to say theydon’t stand up to careful review such asprovided by Astronomy writer TerenceDickinson (Ref. 7 and 8).He concludes this mockery of jour-nalismandscience: “The BettyandBarneyHill aDunninguction story has every indi-cation of being merely an inventive talefrom the mind of a lifelong UFO Fanatic.It is unsupported by any useful evidenceand is perfectly consistent with the purelynatural explanation.”I have been unable to find any bio-graphical data aboutDunningthough thereis a well known flautist with the samename. His piece (containing many otherfalse claims besides those noted above)stands as a monument to laziness, mis-representation, bias and ignorance. It isalmostpurebaloney,an inventive tale fromthe mind of an anti-UFO fanatic. No, Ihave no idea why he and other debunk-ers are so determined to ignore the UFOevidence.Stan Friedman fsphys@rogers.comwww.stantonfriedman.comReferences1. Fuller, John (1966). The Interrupted Jour-ney, Dial Press, NewYork.2. Pflock, Karl and Brookesmith, Peter (Edi-tors) (2007). Encounters at Indian Head:The Betty and Barney Hill UFOADunninguction Revisited, AnomalistBooks3. Friedman, Stanton T. and Marden,Kathleen. Captured! The Betty andBarney Hill UFO Experience, NewPageBooks, FranklinLakes, NewJersey, 2007,320 pages. Available, autographed byboth authors from UFORI, POB 958,Houlton, ME04730-0958 $18.99 includesP&H.4. Sagan, Carl (1980). Cosmos TV Series andBook.5. Sagan, Carl (1993, March 7). UFOADunninguctions, PARADE.6. UFOs Are Real DVD(1979). 93 minutes.UFORI,$20.007. Dickinson, Terence (1974). The ZetaReticuli Incident, Astromedia.8. Dickinson, Terence (1980). Update ontheZeta Reticuli Incident, UFORI. $1.00
  • 18. December 200818 MUFON UFO JournalGeorge FilerIllinois - Bright Light Looping andDarting AroundGALENA – On October 18, six of uswere at a friend’s home and went out onthe second-floor deck to look at the starsfrom 9 to10 PM, and saw a bright light inthe eastern sky that had unusualmovements. It was darting back and forthand looping around. This was no airplaneor star. All six sober adults at the homesaw it over the course of about an hour.We just couldn’t believe what we wereseeing and didn’t know who to report itto. I was just wondering if anyone elsereported anything. Thanks to Brian VikeDirector of HBCC UFO Research http://www.hbccufo.org/Iowa – Flying TriangleDESMOINES – OnOctober 7, 2008,at 10 PM, I was driving down Interstate35 near Merle Hay Road and saw threetriangle UFOs. They were red lighted withyellow dots on the corners. They wereflying over my car and drifted along thearea. The ghost ships all drifted to theeast over the Holiday Inn and flew undera cloud. One changed its yellow lights tored on the corners and disappeared. Therewas no sound and the other two alsodisappeared. Thanks to Peter DavenportDirector http://www.ufocenter.com/Missouri - SaucerBRANSON – The object appearedsuddenly traveling southwest and parallelwith the ground on October 23, 2008 at2:12 PM. The object reflected the sunbrightly for several seconds anddiminished in size and then disappeared.The observer experienced a slowing oftime for three weeks afterward.Comments: The witness was drivingwestward when he saw the object. It isnot clear if the other two witnesses werein the car with him. The object wasdescribed as “reflective silver” in color,but was only the size of a grain of riceheld at arm’s length. Therefore it wouldbe difficult for the witness to determine adefinitive shape at that size. Theobservation of “time slowing” isinteresting, but obviously cannot beverified.ThankstoWilliam PuckettUFOSNorthwest http://ufosnw.comST. LOUIS – On the night of October26, 2008, my three buddies and I wereon Hall Street, just north of St. Louis.While watching street races I noticed thisobject just hovering near LambertAirportbut my friends said, “It was just ahelicopter.” I watched for 45 minutesuntil the cops came, and all cars scattered.As we were driving down the road, mybuddy said that thing is still there and it’smoving towards us.As it got closer it wasabout a football field high (300 feet). Thecraft was like a square/triangle and big,about the height of a one level house. Thelength of about 50 yards. It had threeblinking red lights on the side, a blinkingred light at the top, and a big spot light inthe front. It wasn’t an aircraft.The craft was swaying back and forthand you could see the reflection of themetallic looking bottom looked square. Ihave a video of it. I had three people inmy car that were going crazy. The craftmade no noise. We jumped on thehighway to follow the craft and weredriving parallel with the craft. It startedto veer off Highway 70 toward Illinois.We got off at the Bellfontaine exit andmade a right turn and followed it for about3 miles, then the object disappeared. Theobject had no propeller, no wings, madeno noise, and had a square shape to it.Thanks to Peter Davenport Director http://www.ufocenter.com/Nevada – BlackEgg DiskOn October8, 2008 I wasflyingtoOakland,CA fromChicago, IL.About halfwayinto the flight,flying over themountain states, Isaw a black eggflying around thesame height as the plane. It had a ghostlyblack tail (my first thought was that itwas a plane on fire!) and was smoothlyflying near the plane, as if it was supposedto be there. Curious, I started takingpictures of it, so I could later zoom inand see it clearer. I remember lookingaround and not seeing anyone else noticeit... and I didn’t say anything to anyone.I remember thinking “If this is a dangerousobject... the pilot would know, right?”Then I took a video of the Egg as itchanged directions to be perpendicular tothe plane. Any suspicions of fallingasteroids were immediately dismissed...Filer’s FilesByGeorge FilerDirector, MUFONEastern Region
  • 19. 19MUFON UFO JournalDecember 2008Continued on page 20as they can’t change directions... or fly.It seemedlike the tail got bigger and biggeras the Egg flew away from us. I tried toconvince myself that it was somemilitaristic plane. I really think that whatI saw was unexplainable. Thanks toMUFON CMSOregon - Bright Sphere with DebrisOn November 23, 2009, my husbandand I spotted a bright sphere about 75degrees up in the sky just to the south ofus. It first appeared to be moving to thenorthwest then south. I went inside tograb my video camera and call the kidsout to see it also; it took a few minutes toget it in sight on the video camera. Wehad the telescope out and my son got itsighted in and it had the same smallersphere circling it like the last one we saw.I could not see it in the video camera andnever got a chance to see it in the telescopethis time. I had my oldest daughter takephotos. About 25–30 minutes into thesighting it got bright and in the camerayou could see debris or spheres comingout the back of it. My son lost sight ofthe object and couldn’t find it again afterit “exploded”. Thanks to MUFON CMSTexas - Flying Triangle and CylinderALEDO – My 10-year-old daughtertook this picture near Bearcat Stadium onNovember 11, 2008. She said that shewatched this bright object slowly movingaround for about 10 minutes or so. Thenit slowly faded away. Thanks to MUFONCMSGRANBURY – My friend and I werewalking about 10:45 PM, on October 22,2008, outside of his home, and near theend of our walk we looked up and vieweda UFO in the sky. We both asked if theother had seen what we thought we’dseen, agreed, and headed home. The craftitself was in the shape of a disk, it hadeight lights on the bottom part of it. Thecrafts upper part was a gray color, andthe bottom part with the lights appearedto be black. (It was late at night so itmight be another color, but I was unableto see what it was). The experiencewasn’t very long; the craft moved to theright from its original position, made asmall circle, moved left, and then seemedto disappear. Thanks to Peter DavenportDirector http://www.ufocenter.com/Wisconsin - UFO and JetsThe witness is a retired policedetective. He took his dog out at 9 PM,on Monday, November 17, 2008 whenhe noticed 4 or 5 bright yellow-orangelights in the sky arranged in a straight row.He estimates the altitude at 5,000 feet andthe lights were silent. He also observed anumber of military jets also flying in thearea (making lots of noise) but at higheraltitude.The same time thefollowing nighthe observed 3 to 4 more orange lights inthe sky for a few seconds before theydisappeared. There were military jets inthe air on the second night as well. Thanksto MUFON CMSArgentina – UFO VideoBUENOS AIRES – I observed andrecorded a dark object overAlmagro Pale,Belgrano Brazil on October 26, 2008, forfour minutes. The metallic UFO flewnorth over Argentina. Its altitude wasbetween 2000 and 3000 meters. As isseen in the video the size of this is alenticular UFO, it can oscillate between 3and 5 meters of diameter, not much morethan this. What was impressive is that itwas seen with binoculars, and the surfacewas a dark brown. The video can be seenat: http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=NedkXYluwUYBahrain - Strange Green and RedLightsWEST RIFFA – On October 29,2008, I was standing on top of a hill andsaw a weird object moving slowly to westwith strange green and red lights wereflashing towards Saudi Arabia, and thendisappeared in nano-second. Around 6:30pm, it disappeared from the scene and Isuddenly realized I witnessed a UFO. Iam not saying that exactly it is a UFO,but it might be. The place I witnessedthis strange object was deadly silent areawhere no one reside. I am not sure whathappened to me but only I can see at thatpoint was a really weird object flying overmy head and moving towards west.Thanks to Peter Davenport Director http://www.ufocenter.com/Canada - Strange Figure LightsNORTH BAY ANTARIO – OnNovember 15, 2008, I was working thegraveyard shift from my home office andlooked out my north window at 2:20 AM,and saw this big red light. The light wasabout the size of a saucer/sandwich plate,therefore too big to be a light from anairplane or helicopter. There wasabsolutely no sound associated with thislight and it did not blink. Thanks to BrianVike Director of HBCC UFO Researchhttp://www.hbccufo.org /Ladner, B.C. — I was biking onNovember 15, 2008, when I saw somestrange moving lights in the sky between5:26 PM to 6:09 PM. A group of aboutsix lights were moving smoothly yeterratically in the eastern sky below 30°above the horizon. These lights were anorange street lamp color but I couldn’tdetect their size or any other definition.Their movement was fascinating as theywould group together in pairs and soarthrough the sky before dispersing orfading out. Then they would reappear ingroups of four at times and do the samething. All the while, other lights movedaround them in different directions andspeeds.The lights continuously changedspeed and direction, and always slowly
  • 20. December 200820 MUFON UFO JournalFiler’s FilesContinued from page 19Note: These Filer’s Files reports arepresented in order to keep readers informedof some of the vast number of sightings be-ing reported. However, these cases havenot been officially investigated, unlessnoted.This month’s Filer’s Files include ex-cerpts from File #48, November26, 2008.Filer’s Files is copyrighted 2008 byGeorge A. Filer, all rights reserved. Sendyour letters to majorstar@aol.comdisappeared after a while only to reappearagain in a different spot. Their generalmotion was in circles parallel to theground. They were near the BoundaryBayAirport, but I can’timaginethesewereany kind of aircraft. They could have beenmodel airplanes but it would be odd to flyafter sunset. I had my HD camcorder withme and was able to take a few minutes ofvideo of the lights.Comments: I concur with the witnessthat the lights were probably not modelairplanes.However, one of the lights couldhave been a regular aircraft. The identityof the other lights is unknown althoughthere is a possibility that the lights couldbe birds illuminated by bright groundlights. Given the mostly cloudy weatherconditions means that the lights wereflying fairly low. Several clips were sentby the witness. A portion of one of theseclips is posted. Several airfields are in thearea. Thanks to William Puckett UFOSNorthwest http://ufosnw.comMexico - Boeing -737 Crew ReportUFO SightingMEXICO CITY – Information isfiltering through regarding a possibleencounter with a UFO that occurred onthe October 27, 2008, by the crew of aBoeing 737-200 airplane performing adescent on a flight from Los Cabos, BajaPeninsula. The crew saw a slow moving‘elongated teardrop’ shape with a frontaldiameter of eight meters. It was bluish incolor and slightly glowing. The skies wereclear. Some crew members weresomewhat frightened by the encounterand described the craft as having ‘other-worldly’ qualities. A few passengers weresaid to have complained of headachesshortly after landing. Mexico is regardedby some as the first nation to publiclyacknowledge UFO’s as a reality. Thanksto Scott CorrlesPeru - Mothership VideoPiura –Professor Josué Gonzáleswrites, “The Amazing ExtraterrestrialMothership is back in Northern Peru thathas been seen for thousands of years. TheProyecto UFO Piura ExtraterrestrialContact Team sends greetings and thisvideo footage shows some images fromNovember 1, 2008. While we werewalking on our way to our usual campingspot in the desert between Piura and Paita- we suddenly noticed two strange lightobjects in the sunset. When the UFOs gotcloser to the camera, we captured thelarger one. This is an enhanced photofrom the video. (Next column)Note that the images taken in Japanin 1995 are very similar to the Peru video.h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m /watch?v=ofBq5b_BVSIUK /EnglandWARSOP,NOTTINGHAMSHIRE –My father recently told me of an oddsighting he made. He was taking the dogfor a walk around October 24, 2008, at 7PM, when he saw in the sky a ‘ball thatflickered like a flame’. He was near thejunction of Southgate Road and MedenAvenue, Warsop, looking roughly south,when he said he saw he an object movingin the direction of Edwinstowe. It wasonly a couple of hundred feet up yetmoved silently and left no smoke trail, butconversely it travelled too quickly to be aballoon or any similar object.Anhour laterwhen he was back at home, the powerwas suddenly cut to all the appliances inthe house, yet every light remainedworking. Thanks to Brian Vike Directorof HBCC UFO Research http://www.hbccufo.org/HIGHAMS PARK, WALTHAMFOREST, LONDON—I was sittingdown with my girlfriend having dinneron October 26, 2008 at 9:45 PM, when Ilooked outside of the window and sawwhat looked like something on fire out ofthe window flying past about half a mileaway. I jumped up with amazement andcalled my girlfriend to get up off the sofaand look. She was also amazed. At first Ithought it was a plane on fire and it wascoming down to earth, but there was noflashing lights as such, just this brightorange glow. It was going across the skyquite fast and was heading for the forestnearby.It eventually disappeared in the forestand I thought that was it, but a fewseconds later it emerged again and floatedoff in a different direction and eventuallydisappeared. It was amazing I have neverseen something like this in my life. I alsofilmed it with a small digital camera butwith a small memory card and a shortzoom its only about 40 seconds long, butyou can make it out. I am still amazed.Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCCUFO Research http://www.hbccufo.org/
  • 21. 21MUFON UFO JournalDecember 2008Field Investigator’s Corner: CMS RankingsMUFON Field Investigators ManualNEW!! Version 5.0The official Mutual UFO Networkguidelines for in-depthUFO investigationMember:$45.00Non-Member:$55.00Shipping and handling is additional.Order online at: www.mufon.com/invmanual.htmRank State Director Weighted Assigned CompletedRank (50/50)By Chuck ReeverMUFON Director of InvestigationsHere is November’s CMS RankingReport for all State Directors. Con-gratulations to John Ventre (WestVirginia), Cheryl Ann Gilmore(South Carolina), Lorna Hunter(South Dakota), Jim King (Iowa),and Tracey C. Smith (Kansas), andDonald R. Burleson (New Mexico)for being at 100%! The top ten StateDirectors are highlighted.The report is based on our twomeasures of UFO Investigationeffectiveness: assigning reports within72 hours of receipt, and completing allinvestigations within 90 days of beingassigned.The “Assigned” column is a six-month running average of the numberof cases assigned within 72 hoursdivided by the total number of casesreceived in that six month period.The “Completed” column is thenumber of cases completed beginningsixty-two (62) days back and goingback six months from there (for a totalof eight months back) divided by thetotal number of cases reported in thesame period.The “Weighted Rank” is just theaverage of the two columns expressedas a percent.State Directors can improve theirscores by assigning all cases within 72hours, and following up with their FieldInvestigators to ensure all reports arecompleted within 90 days. To beconsidered complete, a report musthave been investigated and placed inone of the three completed statuscodes (Unknown, Hoax or IFO) bythe State Director.If you have any questions or needhelp with your investigations pleasecontact me, Chuck Reever, at 530-414-4341 or 530-582-8339 or via e-mail at wizard@telis.org .1 West Virginia John Ventre 100 % 18/18 22/222 South Carolina Cheryl Ann Gilmore 100 % 29/29 29/293 South Dakota Lorna Hunter 100 % 3/3 2/24 Iowa Jim King 100 % 18/18 17/175 Kansas Tracey C. Smith 100 % 20/20 17/176 New Mexico Donald R. Burleson 100 % 29/29 40/407 Florida Bland Pugh 99 % 134/136 136/1368 California Ruben J. Uriarte 99 % 107/108 111/1129 Minnesota Richard D. Moss 98 % 32/32 33/3410 Pennsylvania John Ventre 98 % 177/177 146/15011 Texas Kenneth E. Cherry 97 % 270/273 258/27112 Georgia Walter Sheets 95 % 32/33 33/3513 Indiana Jerry L. Sievers 94 % 114/116 128/14014 Kentucky Earle T. Benezet 94 % 35/36 23/2515 Colorado Leslie H. Varnicle 89 % 93/94 74/9216 California Georgeanne Cifarelli 89 % 152/157 166/20117 Michigan William J. Konkolesky 86 % 79/97 88/9618 Utah Elaine Douglass 81 % 13/14 12/1719 New Jersey George A. Filer, III 80 % 19/31 37/3720 Washington Marilyn Childs 78 % 35/54 54/5921 Tennessee Eddie Middleton 76 % 19/33 26/2722 Idaho Janet L. Bunke 75 % 6/12 13/1323 Illinois Samuel Maranto 73 % 81/117 80/10224 Massachusetts Greg S. Berghorn 71 % 30/50 45/5425 Ohio William Jones 68 % 55/77 44/6826 Louisiana Michael D. Sandras 67 % 24/28 9/1827 Nebraska John C. Kasher 62 % 7/12 8/1228 Oklahoma Charles L. Pine 60 % 5/25 20/2029 Arizona George C. Parks 56 % 36/86 62/8730 Alabama Roy E. Patterson, Jr. 53 % 3/20 13/1431 Oregon Thomas Bowden 50 % 23/55 40/6832 New York James G. Bouck, Jr. 47 % 72/92 14/8733 Wisconsin Timothy G. Whiteagle 46 % 21/31 9/3634 Wyoming Richard Beckwith 46 % 4/7 4/1135 New Hampshire Peter R. Geremia 36 % 4/12 4/1036 North Carolina George E. Lund, III 35 % 8/42 24/4637 Maryland Sheila Smith 22 % 3/31 13/3638 Virginia Susan L. Swiatek 19 % 3/31 9/3139 Connecticut Erik Kubik 17 % 7/20 0/2540 Arkansas Norman D. Walker 16 % 5/20 1/1441 Missouri Bruce A. Widaman 15 % 7/35 4/4042 Nevada Mark Easter 13 % 2/46 13/5543 Maine John Selman 3 % 1/13 0/1544 Rhode Island Richard Lynch 0 % 0/11 0/645 North Dakota Kurt Pfleger 0 % 0/7 0/446 Delaware Ralph P. Flegal 0 % 0/1 0/1
  • 22. December 200822 MUFON UFO JournalDirector’s Messagecontinued from page 2January Night SkyContinued from page 24eastern horizon approximately 3 1/2hours after sunset, and will stand highabove the northern sky at the beginningof morning twilight.Meteor showersQuadrantids: The Quadrantids arean above average shower, with up to 40meteors per hours at their peak. Theshower will peak this year on Jan. 3,but some meteors will be visible fromDec. 28 – Jan.7.Predicted Rate: 45 to 200 faintmeteors per hour. Where to look: eastof Polaris (the North Star) and belowUrsa Major (the Big Dipper). The firstquarter Moon will be below the horizonduring peak viewing time around 2 a.m.Bright Stars and PlanetsA Planetary Grouping of Jupiter,Mercury and Venus with the firstquarter MoonConjunctions and OccultationsJan. 1: Mercury 1.3 degrees southof Jupiter.Jan. 15: Saturn 6 degrees north ofthe Moon.Jan. 21: Antares 0.2 degrees southof the Moon.Jan. 26: Mercury 4 degrees northof Mars.Jan. 30: Venus 3 degrees south ofthe Moon.We also released an updated versionof the MUFON Field InvestigatorsManual and exam that not only incor-porates the use of Internet resources,but also takes a process-based ap-proach instead of the antiquated forms-based approach to investigations.2009 will also be a banner year forMUFON with many new projects towork on, not to mention that it will beour 40thanniversary, culminating in thecelebration at the MUFON annualSymposium, August 6 – 9 in Denver.It is an exciting time to be involvedin UFO investigation and research. Allof the accomplishments of 2008 and allthe future accomplishments of 2009 aredue to your dedication to MUFON andits mission. Thank you for being on theMUFON team. It is a privilege andhonor for me to serve you andMUFON.Position AnnouncementsBobby Walker has been appointedthe new State Director for Mississippi.David Allaire has been appointed thenew State Director for Rhode Island.Gavin A.J. McLeod has beenpromoted to the position of AssistantState Director for British Columbia,Canada.John Fegel has been appointed tothe position of State Section Directorfor Grant County, New MexicoTom Sheets has been appointed tothe position of MUFON ProfessionalStandards Administrator.Field InvestigatorsGwenda Farrell of Phoenix,Arizona; Steve McGath of CasaGrande, Arizona; R. Craig Culver ofFayetteville, Arkansas; LawrenceRimbert of Denver, Colorado; KarlFabian of Hickory Hills, Illinois;Margaret Padgitt of Independence,Missouri; Matt Wilson of Millville,New Jersey; Cathy Richards ofHillard, Ohio; James Baird ofAnacortes, Washington.ResignationGeorge E. Lund, III has resignedhis position as State Director of NorthCarolina after many years of excellentservice to MUFON. Richard Lang hasbeen appointed as the new StateDirector for North Carolina.Reminder: Send in FieldInvestigator ExamsJust a note that all Mufon FieldInvestigator exams should be sent to:David MacDonald262 Wilmer Ave.Cincinnati, OH. 45226.The old version 4 exam grading andField Investigator Certification willexpire March 31, 2009.Chuck Reever,Director of InvestigationsCorrectionIn last week’s Director’s Message,Gene “Doc Lipson was identified asliving in Maryland. It should have read:Gene ‘Doc’ Lipson, M.D., ofBrentwood, California, has beenpromoted to the position of MUFONMedical Administrator of Investigations.Letters to the Editor...Socorro IncidentThere is no doubt that the Socorroincident [November Journal] occurredand it is one of the best documentedsightings and close encounters withreputable witnesses and physical traces,however, I would suspect that it wasnot radiation that fogged the film takenby Patrolman Jordan, but rather justanother excuse by military authoritiesnot to return the film.Peter TysonVero Beach, FL
  • 23. 23MUFON UFO JournalDecember 2008UFOMarketplaceAunique,important studyAnimal Reactions to UFOsByJoan Woodward$14.00in U.S.A.,$16.00 elsewhere. Plus shipping.MUFON, 155 E. Boardwalk Drive,Suite 300, Fort Collins, CO 80525Visit the MUFON Storeonline at www.mufon.comYour source for Books, Videos,CDs, DVDs, Past MUFON Journals,MUFON Symposium Proceedings,Logo Clothing, Cups, and Pins.New Episodes of The Black Vault Radio every TUES-DAY and THURSDAY night! www.blackvault.com2008 Symposium Proceedings and DVDsSince 1971, MUFON has published the proceedingsof the annual MUFON International UFO Symposium.The 2008 proceedings are available from MUFONHeadquarters, 155 E. Boardwalk Drive, Suite 300, FortCollins, CO 80525, for $33 postpaid in the U.S. and$42 outside of the U.S.DVDs, videos, and audio CDs of each symposiumspeaker are available from: The International UFOConference, 6160 Firestone Blvd., Suite #104-373,Firestone, CO 80505-6427. 303-651-7136.Web store: www.ufocongressstore.com.Heads UPMUFON UFO Journal Ad RatesFrequency 1x 3x 6xBack cover $450 $425 $400Inside back cover $425 $400 $375Full page inside $350 $325 $3001/2 page $250 $225 $2001/4 page $150 $125 $100“Calling card” $55 $50 $45For advertising, contact James Carrion atjcarrion@mufon.comor888-817-2220.A few of the books and reports available:The UFO Crash/Retrievals, Status Reports II and II,by Leonard H. StringfieldUFOs, MJ-12 and the Governmentby Grant Cameron and T. Scott Crain, Jr.The Secret (MJ-12): Evidence That We Are Not Aloneby Dr. Robert M. Wood and Ryan S. WoodDelphos, A Close Encounter of the Second Kindby Ted Phillipsand so much more!Log on Today! www.mufon.comor http://store/mufon/com12/21/2012 A PROPHECYBy Pennsylvania / West Virginia StateDirector John Ventre“One Possible Future, One Alien Past”Please mail $20.00 (incl. shipping) to:John Ventre, PO Box 247,New Stanton, PA 15672Or visit: www.12-21-2012-a-prophecy.com/
  • 24. The Night SkyBy Gavin A. J. McLeodJanuary 2009After sunset on January 1st, 2009.Continued on page 22Moon Phases:First Quarter: Jan. 4Full Moon: Jan. 11Last Quarter: Jan. 18New Moon: Jan. 26Bright planets (evening sky)Mercury (magnitude -0.7 to 5.1):Moving from Capricornus into Sagit-tarius. For northern hemisphere observ-ers, Mercury will begin the monthabove the southwest sky at sunset andfollow the Sun below the horizon about2 ½ hours later. As the month ad-vances, Mercury will move into theglare of the Sun by the end of the thirdweek. For Southern hemisphereobservers, Mercury will begin themonth above the west-southwest sky atsunset and follow the Sun below thehorizon about 1 hour later. As themonth advances, Mercury will moveinto the glare of the Sun before the endof the third weekVenus (magnitude -4.2 to -4.3):Moving from Aquarius into Pisces. Fornorthern hemisphere observers, Venuswill begin the month high above thesouth-southwest horizon and follow theSun about 3 1/2 hours later; as themonth advances, Venus will ascendhigh above the southwest horizon untilthe 20that which time it will set about 4hours after the Sun; after the 20thVenus will slowly descend towards thehorizon. For southern hemisphereobservers, Venus will begin the monthhigh above the western horizon andfollow the Sun about 2 1/2 hours later;as the month advances Venus willdescend toward the west-southwesthorizon until the end of the month atwhich time it will set about 1 1/2 hoursafter the Sun.Jupiter (magnitude -1.9): InSagittarius into Capricornus. Fornorthern hemisphere observers, Jupiterwill stand low over the southwesthorizon and will set about 1 hour afterthe Sun; by the end of the monthJupiter will be lost in the glare of theSun. For southern hemisphere observ-ers, Jupiter will begin the month lowover the west-southwest horizon andwill set about 2 hours after the Sun; bythe end of the month Jupiter will be lostin the glare of the Sun.Bright planets (morning sky)Mars (magnitude 1.3): In Sagit-tarius. For northern hemisphere observ-ers, Mars will be difficult to observe asit will rise above the southeast horizonabout 1/2 hour before the Sun. Forsouthern hemisphere observers, Marswill begin the month rising above thesoutheast horizon about 1/2 hour beforesunrise; as the month passes Mars willrise higher above the south-southeasthorizon until it rises about 1 1/2 hoursbefore the Sun.Saturn (magnitude 0.9 to 0.8): InLeo. For northern hemisphere observ-ers, Saturn will rise in the east-north-east approximately 6 hours after sunset,and will stand high above the southwesthorizon at the beginning of morningtwilight. For southern hemisphereobservers, Saturn will rise above the