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Mufon ufo journal 2008 11. november

  1. 1. In thisissueNovember 2008No. 487$4.00UFO JournalSome Thoughts onthe Socorro Object 3Incident at Minot AFB,with radar evidence 6UFOs over WesternPennsylvania 9Test Prep Seminar forField Investigators 12Book reviewThe Other Roswell 13Regular FeaturesDirector’s Message 2Calendar 14Stan Friedman:SETI Surprise 16Filer’s Files 18CMS Rankings 21Night Sky 24Photographic and physical evidencesuggest unusually short radioactivehalf-life at Socorro, New Mexico siteThe 24 April 1964 UFO landing site near Socorro, New Mexico, as seen from the exactspot at which policeman Lonnie Zamora was standing after he exited his patrol carsome 50 feet from the UFO in the arroyo. Photo by New Mexico SD Don Burleson.
  2. 2. No part of this document may be reproduced in anyform without the written permission of the CopyrightOwners. Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200words of any one article, provided the author is credited,and the statement, “Copyright 2007 by the Mutual UFONetwork, 155 E. Boardwalk Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525”is included.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are deter-mined by the editor, and do not necessarily reflect theofficial position of the Mutual UFO Network. Opinionsexpressed are solely those of the individual authors andcolumnists, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion ofthe editor or staff of MUFON.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Fed-eral Income Tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the InternalRevenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organi-zation of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal IncomeTax. Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts arealso deductible for estate and gift purposes, providedthey meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055,2106, and 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFONMUFON’S MISSION IS THE .SCIENTIFIC STUDY OFUFOS FOR THE BENEFIT OF HUMANITY THROUGHINVESTIGATION, RESEARCH, & EDUCATION.November 2008 Number 487Director’s MessageBy James CarrionJames CarrionMUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002970)(ISSN 02706822)Mutual UFO Network155 E. Boardwalk DriveSuite 300Fort Collins, CO 80525Tel: 970-232-3110Fax: 866-466-9173hq@mufon.comInternational DirectorJames Carrion, M.A.155 E. Boardwalk Drive, Suite 300Fort Collins, CO 80525Tel: 888-817-2220Fax: 866-466-9173jcarrion@mufon.comEditorSally Petersen, M.A.Tel: 888-817-2220Editor@mufon.comColumnistsGeorge Filer, M.B.A.Stanton Friedman, M.S.Gavin A. J. McLeodMUFON staff photographerNick RoeslerMUFON on the Internethttp://www.mufon.comMUFON Amateur Radio Net40 meters - 7.240 MHzSundays noon EST or EDSTis a Texas nonprofit corporation.The MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly bythe Mutual UFO Network, Inc., Fort Collins, CO. Periodi-cal postage paid at Versailles, MO.Individual Membership: $45/year U.S., $55 outsidethe U.S.Family members: $10 per person additionalStudent (18 years and under): $35 U.S. and $45outside the U.S.Donor: $100/year. Professional: $250/year. Pa-tron: $500/yearBenefactor (Lifetime Member): $1,500First class Journal delivery (in envelopes) U.S. andCanada only: $12/year additionalAir Mail Journal delivery to all other countries outsidethe United States: $35/year additionalChange of address and subscription or extracopies inquiries should be sent to MUFON, 155 E.Boardwalk Drive, Suite 300, Fort Collins, CO 80525.Postmaster: Send form 3579 to advise change ofaddress to: MUFON UFO Journal, 155 E. BoardwalkCopyright 2008 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights Reserved.Continued on page 22Hopefully you caught MUFON’sshow “UFOs Over Earth” in Octoberon the Discovery Channel. TheMUFON team of Steve McGee, thecase’s original investigator; NormGagnon, STAR Team member; andRichard Lang, North Carolina ChiefInvestigator, are all to be congratulatedboth for their work on the case and theshow.Two additional episodes will beairing November 24 back to back at9PM and 10PM EST. One of theepisodes covers investigations inMexico conducted by Ruben Uriarteand me with the expert help of MUFONmembers Tim McHugh and MacD’antonio, and the second episodeportrays the investigation of the 2008Pennsylvania flap conducted byMUFON Pennsylvania under theleadership of State Director JohnVentre. MUFON PAinvestigators BobGardner and Elisa Simon worked veryhard on the numerous cases and alongwith John and other Pennsylvaniainvestigators havedone an excellentjob in represent-ing MUFON inthe episode.Phyllis Budingerand Nic Reiter, aswell as Dr. FrankSalisbury, alsocontributed theirtime and expertiseto the Pennsylva-nia show and Ithank them for their support anddedication.Although the first show highlightedhow MUFON conducts investigations,some MUFON members as well asmembers of the public may have drawnthe wrong conclusions from the show’sfinale centering around the use of a“UFOs Over Earth” on Discovery Channel
  3. 3. 3MUFON UFO JournalOctober 2008Continued on page 4Panel discussion participants at the 18 October 2008 state-wide New Mexico MUFON meeting included [left] SocorroCity Councilman Gordy Hicks, who described seeing all fourlanding gear imprints at the Lonnie Zamora site when he wasa child, and who reaffirmed that the city of Socorro isplacing a historical marker to acknowledge the historicalreality of the 1964 UFO landing. At right is artist and UFOinvestigator Patrick Richard, who has thoroughly mappedthe Socorro landing site environs, and whose painting ofLonnie Zamora is being contributed to the Socorro VisitorsCenter. Photo by Mollie Burleson.Some Thoughts on the Socorro ObjectCalculations on radioactive half-life supports extraterrestrial hypothesisBy Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D.At 5:50 p.m. on Friday, 24 April 1964, when a strangeegg-shaped object landed in an arroyo just south of Socorro,New Mexico, policeman Lonnie Zamora was first on thescene. But others soon followed, and from the point of viewof UFO research some interesting and useful thingstranspired.This case has always impressed me as being one of thebest-attested UFO events in history for a number of reasons,not the least of which is that the primary witnesses weresolid, reliable, insightful people. Their accounts strongly tendto refute skeptical explanations of the landing event as, forexample, a highly secret lunar landing module made on PlanetEarth, misconstrued as something more bizarre. I propose topresent here my own reasons, based on sound scientificconsiderations, for believing that the Socorro object wasextraterrestrial.Officer Zamora’s close encounterAt the time of this UFO landing event, Zamora was in hispatrol car pursuing a speeder on the highway, but turned offonto a side road to investigate the cause of a bright blue flashand a roaring sound. Making his way westward on Rayches-ter Road (a very narrow and rocky path difficult to drive oneven today), he observed, in the distance, what he at firsttook to be possibly a car overturned in the gully near thepath, with two diminutive figures in what looked like whitecoveralls standing nearby.Officer Zamora drove closer, stopping only fifty feetaway from the object, the two beings having apparentlydisappeared inside. After a few moments the craft loftedsome twenty feet with a roaring sound and a blue flashunderneath as before. Then the light and the noise ceased,and the object moved silently away to the southwest, finallyangling sharply upward and disappearing in the distance. (Thereader interested in a second-by-second account of this eventmay find the details in Ray Stanford’s excellently researchedbook Socorro Saucer in a Pentagon Pantry.)Zamora, though badly shaken by a fear that the objectwas going to explode before moving away, had put in somepolice radio calls, and State Police Sergeant Sam Chavezarrived only a minute or so after the object’s departure, intime to see that the greasewood bushes at the landing sitewere still smoldering. A very few minutes later, State PoliceSenior Patrolman Ted Jordan arrived, and unlike SergeantChavez he had a camera in his patrol car, an Argus C-3 with alight meter and Kodak 35 mm color slide film. He proceededto take photos of the landing gear imprints at the spot in thearroyo where the object had touched down only minutesbefore. Sam Chavez would take some Polaroid shots himself,but not till the following morning.The Air Force confiscates the filmWhen the military authorities came to town to check allthis out, they “borrowed” Ted Jordan’s undeveloped film,and when they still had not returned the photos or negativesto him four months later, Allen Hynek (then with Project BlueBook, and on the scene in Socorro a few days after thelanding) told Lonnie Zamora that the reason the Air Forcehadn’t returned Jordan’s pictures was that the film wasfogged, evidently by radiation. Had the film been returned toJordan, he would have known that the landing site had beenirradiated. No doubt military authorities didn’t want people toknow this, as it would have been awkward to account for.(This fogging phenomenon is commonly used in “film badgedosimetry,” where workers around irradiated materials usestrips of film to measure exposure.)When Sam Chavez took his own photos the morning(Saturday, 25 April) after the landing, his own picturesturned out fine; this time the film hadn’t been fogged.My contention here is that this may well implysomething exceedingly important about which little has beensaid heretofore.
  4. 4. October 20084 MUFON UFO JournalCalculation of half-life yields surprising resultsIf the blue flash that Zamora observed was due to somephenomenon involving radioactive emanations, producing aradiation field intense enough to fog Ted Jordan’s film at 6:00p.m. on Friday, 24 April, and if that radioactivity hadsufficiently dissipated by early Saturday morning, 25 April togo “undetected” by Chavez’s film, there are intriguingimplications about the half-life of the radioactive materialsinvolved.Half-life is the standard measure of such materials’staying power. By ejecting particles of one kind or another, aradioactive substance decays into another substance, and thehalf-life is the amount of time required for half of the originalsubstance to decay. Different isotopes have different half-lives. For example, the half-life of radium-226 is roughly1,600 years. Thus after 1,600 years, half of the radium willremain; after 3,200 years one-fourth of the radium willremain; and so on. (Radium-226 by this process passes alonga “decay chain” that ultimately, via a number of intermediatesubstances, produces lead.)There is an exponential equation describing how suchdecay occurs, based on the idea that the rate of decay isproportional to the amount remaining undecayed at anyparticular time. If a time t has elapsed, and if we let p denotethe proportion of original radioactive material remainingundecayed at time t, with Z denoting the original amount ofsuch material at “time zero” so that at elapsed time t anamount pZ remains undecayed, then the remainingradioactive material at any given time ispZ = Z exp [– (ln 2/H)t ]where “exp” is the natural (base e) exponential function, “ln”is the natural logarithm function, and H is the material’s half-life. We may divide out the Z (since the half-life is indepen-dent of what amount one starts with) and solve algebraicallyfor the half-life asH = – (t ln 2)/ln p.Thus the half-life H can be computed if we know the timeand the proportion.Here I must do some estimation. I have not been able todiscover exactly what time Sam Chavez (now deceased) tookhis “morning after” photos, but judging from the rather longshadows in the photo appearing in Ray Stanford’s book, Iwould say that a fairly early hour like 8:00 a.m. is areasonable supposition. (For present purposes, as we willsee, a rough idea will do.) Since Ted Jordan took his“fogged” photos at around 6:00 p.m. the previous evening,this gives elapsed time t = 14 hours as a feasible workingvalue.As for the proportion p (of original radiation remaining atthe time when Chavez took his photos), this would dependon such unknown factors as the intensity of the original fieldand the comparative distances of the two cameras from theirradiated materials. If, for a ballpark figure, we hypothesizethat about 10% of the original radioactivity remained whenChavez took his (clear) photos, the half-life becomesH = – (14 ln 2) / ln 0.1 = 4.2 hours.This result, for purposes of the argument I wish to makehere, doesn’t change much if one estimates t and psomewhat differently. For example, if we assume thatChavez didn’t return to the arroyo till 10:00 a.m. and that theproportion of remaining radiation was 0.05, the half-lifebecomes 3.7 hours. By varying these parameters in otherfeasible ways, one obtains half-life estimates ranging fromabout two to about six hours.The point here is that all these half-life estimates areremarkably short. If the Socorro object’s “blue cone offlame” irradiated the site by the effects of a waste effluviumassociated with some sort of nuclear propulsion process, itwas a nuclear waste phenomenon of much shorter half-lifethan any terrestrial nuclear power generation scenario.Half-life at site not within terrestrial normsConventional nuclear power plants generate wasteproducts with a mix of half-lives, some short and some long,but generally these include isotopes whose half-life charac-teristics are such that the materials remain dangerouslyirradiated for many centuries and have to be sealed and heav-ily shielded for disposal. Strontium 90, for example, has ahalf-life of about 29 years but is not generally considered“safe” until ten half-lives have elapsed, or about three cen-turies. It beta-decays to produce yttrium-90 with its ownrelatively short half-life of 64 hours. Even a half-life like 8days for iodine-131 is considered very short as such things go.But a half-life on the order of four hours, even for theslowest-decaying isotopes in the mix, is unlike anything seenin the way terrestrial systems generate nuclear power and itsassociated waste products. It seems unlikely, then, that theSocorro object used an earth-based propulsion system, if theobserved effluvium effects were nuclear propulsion related.Humankind would be home free, with regard to energy, if wecould generate atomic power by processes producing onlynuclear waste that would decay to a harmless isotopic statein a day or two! Even if we hold the Socorro radiation to the“ten half-lives before safe” criterion, it would decay to safelevels in under two days. But apparently this had alreadyoccurred within about 14 hours, since there were no longerany ill effects on Chavez’s film. (Isn’t it conceivable that thecraft had touched down momentarily to eject some shorthalf-life nuclear waste?)When one thinks of it, the Jordan-Chavez photo sessionsfunction almost as a well-considered scientific experiment; allone could have wished is that intermediate radiation measure-ments had been made, perhaps at one-hour intervals all night.Since this was not the case, it remains possible, of course,that the initial Socorro radiation may have decayed to a safeThe Socorro ObjectContinued from page 3
  5. 5. 5MUFON UFO JournalOctober 2008level by (say) midnight, in which case the half-life wouldcome out even shorter (about 1.8 hours). We do know thatafter 14 hours the radiational film-fogging effects had abated,so a rough half-life interval estimate of about two to sixhours provides an upper bound.We took our own readingsI should mention here that on 18 October 2008 on theway to a statewide MUFON meeting I had scheduled inSocorro, my wife Mollie and I stopped at the Zamora sitewith our artist and investigator friend Patrick Richard, andjust for curiosity I took new radiation readings, which weresomewhat above normal background levels; but localresidents have given me to understand that the arroyo isdotted with trace pockets of uranium that would account forthis, and indeed I have found similar readings elsewhere inthe arroyo.I will also mention that one participant in the paneldiscussion I moderated at the MUFON meeting thatafternoon was Socorro city councilman Gordy Hicks, whoas a child had actually seen the four landing gear imprints inthe arroyo. His mother (now deceased), a professionalphotographer in 1964, had taken photos too (the day after,like Chavez) at the site, but these photos had vanished andmay well have been appropriated by the military at somepoint.In any case it is my contention that the short half-lifeconsiderations I have described will go a long way towardarguing that the Socorro craft was not of this world.Donald R. Burleson, PhD, is a mathematician andretired educator who lives in Roswell, New Mexico. He is theState Director of MUFON New Mexico. His email .The Socorro ObjectContinued from page 412345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234561234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345612345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234561234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345612345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234561234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345612345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456Letters to the Editor . . .On the subject of physically monitoring abductees [July2008 MUFON Journal], it seems to me with minimal costwe can do a better job with these experiments. Somethoughts on attempting to beat the “alien” system:1. If the “aliens” supposedly know whatever theirabductee knows—why not have the abductees simply sign awaiver allowing a third party to setup cameras in placesunknown to the abductee?2. Let’s have live streaming video from the abductee’splace of residence to a monitored website—webcams arecheap these days—and this prevents any deleting/erasing ofthe files/videotape, if it is recorded remotely, deskshare.comhas some good cheap products with built-in motion detec-tion, etc.3. How about some cameras across the street from theabductee’s house to monitor the situation from afar? Againstreaming would be recommended—wirelessly if possible, soas to prevent someone getting a hold of the equipment anddeleting/erasing the files/videotape.I am sure we can come up with even more ideas, buthearing about these experiments that seem to be thwarted soeasily, we should get a little more clever where we can andsee what happens!Andrew BeckerBoston, MARegarding Monitoring of AliensMUFON investigations are subjectof Discovery Channel ShowWatchyourlocalDiscoveryChannelschedulesfortheUFOs Over EarthTV shows, starring MUFON andits investigators. Shows can often be seen in reruns.Nov. 24 and 25UFOs Over Earth:Mass Sightings in MexicoMUFON struggles to separate fact from fiction astheytraveltothreecitiesinMexico.AnalysisofUFO photos and videos brings them face-to-facewithpotentialfraud,half-truthsandcover-ups.Nov. 24 and 25UFOs Over Earth:The Bucks County FlapWhenthenumberofUFOsightingsincreasesby700%, MUFON investigators converge on thePhiladelphiasuburbofBucksCounty.Theteamworks their way through nearly 60 witnesses tofocus on two, in hopes their stories can be verifiedbyphysicalevidence.
  6. 6. October 20086 MUFON UFO JournalBy William I. McNeffAssistant State Director, MUFON MinnesotaNational Archives yields 100 pages on Minot sightingIn the 1960s, after some highly publicized sightings inMichigan, pressure began to build on the U.S. government todo something about UFOs. Congress held hearings on thesubject, and the Air Force tasked the University of Coloradoto carry out a comprehensive study of UFOs. Well-knownphysicist Edward U. Condon was placed in charge. Notsurprisingly, controversy dogged the study early in theprogram.When the study was concluded, the scientists who tookpart had been unable to identify about a third of the unknownobjects studied. Nevertheless, Dr. Condon wrote in hisconclusion that further study of UFOs could not be expectedto advance science. The Air Force shut down its ownprogram for investigating UFOs, known as Project BlueBook, in 1969 and sent microfilms of its files to the NationalArchives at Washington, DC, after expunging names ofcivilians to protect their privacy.In the 1980s, I visited the National Archives twice andconducted research into the UFO subject. I was especiallyUFO Incident at Minot, ND, October 24, 1968Famous UFO Cases...interested in the Minot, North Dakota, case of which I hadprevious information, as will be explained later. There wereabout 100 pages of information on this case in the Blue Bookfiles. Below is a small portion of it:PROJECT BLUE BOOK FILESMINOT, NORTH DAKOTA, OCTOBER 24, 1968NATIONAL ARCHIVES ROLL #82 FILE 12546-12628[10-26-68 to 2-10-69]MEMO FOR THE RECORD: At about 1730 hours [5:30PM] the FTD Duty Officer called Lt. Marano [at Wright –Patterson AFB, Project Blue Book] and said they had apretty important sighting from Minot AFB….[the] crew ofa B-52 had sighted and photographed a UFO…I calledCol. Quintanilla and told him of the sighting, then calledMinot and talked to Lt. Col. Werlich, the UFOinvestigator….He gave details: “At about 0300 hours localtime, a B-52 that was about 39 miles NW of Minot AFB…making practice penetrations sighted an unidentifiedblip on their radar. Initially the target traveled 2-1/2 milesin 3 seconds or about 3000 mph. After passing from theright to the left of the plane it assumed a position off theRadar photo ofunknown blip, takenby radar navigatorCapt. PatrickMcCaslin after B-52copliot Capt. BradfordRunyan told him toswitch on the radarscope camera. “Theradar showed theobject flying information with us,”Runyan said.
  7. 7. 7MUFON UFO JournalOctober 2008left wing. The blip stayed off the left wing for about 20miles at which point it broke off. Scope photos weretaken. When the target was close to the B-52 neither ofthe transmitters in the B-52 would operate properly, butwhen it broke off both returned to normal function.At 0308 hours the initial report was received from aMaintenance team between [missile sites] Nov 8 & 7. Allobserved the object. They stated it was reddish orange incolor, a very large object with flashing green & whitelights. After they entered Nov. 7 IF, the object camedirectly overhead with the sound of jet engines. Sgt. Bondstated the object looked to him as the sun and camenear the Handred antenna at Nov. 1. It then moved to theright and he sent the SAT to check. The object thenmoved about 1 mi. away with the SAT following. Theycame within ½ mi. from where it appeared to be landing.When it reached [the] surface, the lights became dimmerand finally went out. S. Sgt. Smith at Oscar 1 saw theobject separate in two parts and go in opposite directionsand return and pass under each other. At this time Julietteam and Mike Flt. team observed the samethings…Observation period 45 minutes.” [End of BlueBook notes.]During event, missile alarms went offThe above are notes I took during my research in theNational Archives in Washington, DC. This case was origi-nally called to my attention, I believe in 1969, by my brother-in-law, Richard Clark, who was a security officer at MinotAFB at the time of the incident. He knew that I was inter-ested in UFOs and gave me a set of prints of the radar scopephotos, which were not classified. He also told me thatduring this incident, two of the three alarms on one of theMinuteman missile silos went off: the external perimeteralarm (which was apparently triggered by interference with agate in the chain link fence), and the inner alarm which isonly supposed to go off if the concrete lid on top of the silois disturbed.Let’s examine in more detail the events that started earlyon that October morning of 1968.Airman 1stClass Mike O’Connor and another airman hadbeen dispatched to make routine repairs to a missile silo inthe area. O’Connor said, “We made our turn and approachedthe missile site. Out of the corner of my eye, I observedwhat I thought was a farmyard light, but it looked awfullybright. As we proceeded down the road, it sort of paralleledus to the missile site and seemed to lift off the ground andhover [some distance away]. At this point we got out of thetruck and it just kind of hovered there.”UFO reports were received that morning by S. Sgt. BillSmith, who was in charge of security for ten nuclearmissiles. Said Smith, “These objects would rise, they wouldhover and dart quickly one way or another, speed up, slowdown and hover….”Two airmen found unconciousApparently part of this incident was suppressed, that is,not documented, in the Project Blue Book report. UFOhistorian Thomas Tulien in his research learned that after theUFO had landed near a missile silo, Air Force personnel laterfound two airmen unconscious near their vehicle. At firstthey thought the men were dead, but they revived andreported on their experience: “The UFO came down low, wethought it was going to hit the vehicle. We ran, it got hot, wefainted.” The concrete lid for the silo was off to the side onthe grass. This had triggered the alarm. Under normaloperation of the missile silo, the concrete lid would only bepushed aside shortly before the missile was to be launched.This removal of the concrete lid was a highly unusual event.The Air Force investigated the disturbance of the silo andcould not provide a good explanation.Back on the B-52, Capt. Brad Runyon was the copilot:“The Air Traffic Controller asked us if we would mind goingout to this one area and looking for something. I said, ‘Whatdo you want us to look for?’ They said, ‘You’ll know it ifyou find it.’”The navigator, Capt. Patrick McCaslin, suddenly identi-fied an object on his radar screen. McCaslin stated, “I saw a[radar] return, faint one sweep, bright on the next. Theobject on radar was about 3 miles away.” Capt. Runyon said,“I told the radar navigator to switch on the radar scopecamera, which would take pictures of the radar screen. Theradar showed the object flying in formation with us. Thisthing was climbing out with us and maintaining the sameheading we were. That was unusual. But what really wateredmy eyes was when the object backed away and allowed us toturn inside of it!”Unknown object clearly seen on radarAfter the radar navigator discovered the unknown blip,which at times appeared larger than an Air Force tanker onhis radar screen (see scope photo, page 5), he turned on thescope camera which automatically took a photo of the radarscreen every three seconds. (A dozen of these photos werelater made a part of the incident documentation in the BlueBook files.)A few seconds later the UFO took up a position 1.4miles off the right wing. (The object itself could not be seenfrom the B-52 at that time due to a thick cloud cover at itsaltitude.) Then three seconds later, the UFO had suddenlyzipped over and taken a position 1.4 miles off the left wing.To do this, it had to move 2.8 miles in three seconds or less,which means it accelerated from the speed of the B-52 to atleast 3000 mph, then again decelerated quickly to the B-52’sspeed. This was a maneuver that, to the best of my knowl-edge, no aircraft of earthly manufacture could carry out atthat time or today. This implies that the UFO was an un-earthly craft.Continued on page 8
  8. 8. October 20088 MUFON UFO JournalAfter about 30 seconds, the unknown blip “broke off”(moved away) from the B-52. In the meantime, the controltower at Minot AFB had picked up the unknown on theirradar. When the object suddenly disappeared from the radarscreen, the B-52 was asked to go back and look for it. TheB-52 made a left turn and headed back to the northwest.Capt. Runyon was the first to see the glowing craft hoveringnear the ground. “When things like that are happening itseems like time just stands still. My estimate was that it wasat least 200 feet in diameter and it was hundreds of feetlong.” The massive object had a metallic cylinder attached toone end, with a crescent moon-shaped section glowingyellow-green connected to the cylinder. (See illustration, page6.) Runyon stated, “I was fairly sure I was looking at an alienspaceship…something that came here from another planet.”Copilot Runyon and others of the crew reported on theobject after they landed. As they came off the flight line, asecurity officer asked them if they had any UFOs to report.The crew responded emphatically in the positive. The officerinterviewed each of the men separately and had them fill outreports, and he locked the undeveloped radar film from theB-52 in the security room.The next morning, a team of investigators arrived,headed by a colonel (probably Col. Hector Quintanilla). Uponlearning that the radar film was in the security room, heordered that it be handed over to him. But his name was noton the access list posted on the security room door, and theofficer in charge refused to hand it over. The colonelpromptly “hit the ceiling,” but the officer was adamant. Onlywhen the Base Commander arrived was the colonel given thefilm. He ordered the security officer to take it, get it devel-oped and have prints made. The officer complied, and in ashort time a set of prints were in the hands of the colonel.They confirmed what he had been told verbally, that theunknown craft had moved at a speed of at least 3000 mph.There had been a total of 18 Air Force personnel and somecivilians who reported seeing a UFO or UFOs that Octobermorning.“Plasma” explanation unlikelyIn the Blue Book files, the Air Force issued the explana-tion that the UFO was possibly a “plasma”. But the appar-ently intelligent maneuvers of the object would rule out aplasma phenomenon, which would be similar to ball lightning.Furthermore, the “plasma” explanation violates the knownlaws of electricity, according to my electrical engineeringeducation.A ball of plasma would either be charged positivelyor negatively, or else would have zero charge. The B-52would probably have a static charge on it due to the frictionof its passage through the atmosphere, and if the plasma hada charge, it would either be attracted or repelled to the Bl-52.If the plasma were neutrally charged, it would drift aimlesslywith respect to the aircraft. Under no conditions would itpace the aircraft. Finally, a plasma would be in the form of around ball, not an oblong structured object as reported. Sothe plasma explanation simply does not hold water.There is a possibility that the Air Force was, in a sense,partly right after all: plasma may be part of the propulsion orsupport systems of these unknown objects, according toscientists who have studied UFO reports. In any case, theOctober 24, 1968, event stands out as one of the mostimportant UFO cases on record, with the testimony of highlyreliable Air Force officers in charge of an aircraft capable ofdelivering nuclear weapons, and physical evidence in theform of radar scope photos and physical changes in a missilesite and Air Force personnel.A few years ago, I made historian Tulien aware of theradar scope prints that I had. After investigating, he advisedme that they were better than the prints one could get fromthe National Archives.At the request of ABC-TV, I loaned theprints to Tulien, and he loaned them to ABC. ABC used themin their TV special, “UFOs: Seeing is Believing,” which airedFebruary 24, 2005. ABC subsequently returned the prints toTulien and he has loaned them to a couple of scientists forfurther study. Tulien has videotaped interviews with severalof the officers who were involved in the incident.Credits: Richard Clark, Thomas Tulien, and ABC-TV.Copyright © 2008 by William I. McNeff. All rights reserved.Used by permission.Bill McNeff, the Assistant State Director for MUFONMinnesota, is a 22-year member and leader in MUFON. Heorganized monthly meetings in Minnesota which havecontinued for 21 years. Bill is a retired electrical engineer.Minot Sightingcontinued from page 7HELP WANTED !Need volunteers with the following skillswilling to work on the CMS II Project.Database knowledge of mySQL. Solid Perlexperience both for shell and CGIscripting, preferably on UNIX platform.Good skills in modern Web programming usingjavascript, HTML, and CSS. In addition,experience in using AJAX and JSONis desired.Please contact Jan Harzan atjanharzan@hotmail.comif you are both willing and able to workas part of the CMS II development team.
  9. 9. 9MUFON UFO JournalOctober 2008More UFOs over Western PennsylvaniaSummer of many sightings in the stateBy John VentreState Director, MUFON Pennsylvania“UFOs, Seeing is Believing”—that was the title of theABC Primetime special earlier this year. Anyone who hasconducted an investigation of a UFO sighting knows thatwhen a witness has seen a UFO, they firmly believe that theyhave seen something that cannot be explained.Judging by reports filed with MUFON, residents of thestate of Pennsylvania have observed a large number of UFOsthis past summer. MUFON investigators in Pennsylvania haveconducted 136 investigations from June through Sept 2008.That represents 102 more cases than last year over the sametime period. We have been getting clusters of UFO sightingsin the same town a few days apart. Normally we get onereport at a time. We’ve had 25 reports in the Pittsburgh area,5 in Altoona, 4 in Shamokin, 5 in York, 8 in Harrisburg andover 50 in the Philly-Bucks County areas. We’ve receivedreports of bright shiny objects coming in from Lake Erie inOhio and across Wheeling, West Virginia, into the Pittsburgharea. Over 90% of the reports have been across the southernpart of the state.In the September MUFON Journal, we reviewed thecases from the Five-County Philadelphia area in EasternPennsylvania. This month, we will review the WesternPennsylvania cases.Case Report SummariesJune 19, 2008. 3:30 AM. Export, PAAlison’s 12-year-old daughter is on the phone with afriend when she sees from her bedroom window a redpulsing craft approaching. It had a row of white lightsaround the edge that “raced from one side to the other andback again.” It hovered silently above the tree tops and thenmoved off quickly to the East. The girl’s friend also saw theobject from his bedroom window a few miles away. Alisonhas also twice observed a bright green neon object that lit upthe sky in green light as it plunged towards the ground.Alison listened to the police scanner with no luck. Sheattached a similar-looking picture of the object (Photo 1).CMS Report # 11235. Disposition of case: Unknown.(Field Investigator John Ventre)June 23, 2008. 11 PM. Altoona, PACandi, 41, takes pictures of weird cloud formationsformed from a craft in the sky. She sees and photographsvortexes and black helicopters. Field Investigator BobGardner visits Candi twice and sees a fast moving craft in thesky and numerous helicopters. The attached photo is featuredin a Bucks County newspaper article and TV news programencouraging numerous witnesses to feel comfortable enoughto come forward and report their sighting. See Photo 2.CMS Report # 11304. Case disposition: Unknown. (F.I.Bob Gardner)July 18, 2008. 9:52 PM. Pittsburgh, PAJim and his wife live near the Pittsburgh InternationalAirport. They both see a bright solid white-gold coloredobject heading east. It does not look like a jet. The objectflew 2–3 times faster than a jet and was silent and did nothave strobe lights. It was about twice the size and brightnessof a star. Jim and his wife are both well versed in identifyingplanes, satellites and the IST. Jim, 47, is an engineer. Hiswife, also 47, is a Manager.CMS Report # 11670. Case disposition: Unknown. (F.I.Fred Saluga)July 18, 2008. 11 PM. Pittsburgh, PAJames and his wife observe a bright star-like objectheading east in the sky. The object stops and then startsagain. “It was moving at a good speed,” James said. Jamessnapped three photos of the object with a 108mm lens. Thephotos show an object with structure. James, 63, is retiredfrom a 26-year military career. He is a trained observer.James has a PhD in math. See Photo 4 on page 8.CMS Report # 11628. Disposition of case: Unknown.(F.I. Fred Saluga)Photo 1. June 19 sighting at Export, PA. The witness tookthis photo of yardlights to compare to the photo of theunidentified object.The lights in this photo are multicoloredin shades of red, blue, green and purple. Case # 11235Continued on page 10
  10. 10. October 200810 MUFON UFO JournalJuly 18 and 23, 2008. 10 PM. Moundsville, WVChristopher and his wife call me on two consecutiveweekends to tell me they see a silent low flying bright objecttraveling east from Ohio over West Virginia and into Pennsyl-vania. The object flew much faster than a jet and the bright-ness grew dimmer as it passed overhead. Christopher and hisneighbor Mary observed his second sighting. The objectseemed to slow down and veer 35 degrees to the right. Theobject seemed to have trouble with its lights as they flickeredon and off and then turned off. The object proceeded to headEast over Wheeling, West Virginia, towards Pennsylvania.Christopher is a student of Ufologist William Lynne.CMS Reports # 11637 and 11694. Disposition of cases:Unknown. (F.I. Judy McKnight)July 25, 2008. 10 PM. York, PADavid, 48, an environmental geologist and amateurastronomer, notices four lights in a “V” formation. The lightsalternate and turn on and off. When the object turned, it wassaucer shaped with bumps or markings and lights on thesides. A smaller fast moving object emerged from the largercraft. David’s wife and son also witness the object and Davidtakes numerous pictures with his SONY Cyber Shot 10Xzoom. They observe these objects until 1:00 AM. David triesto debunk the sighting but he can’t. As an astronomer, Davidis familiar with the appearance of satellites and the Interna-tional Space Station. His story appeared in the Evening Sunon Aug. 27, 2008. See Photo 3.CMS Report # 11811. Disposition: Unknown. (F.I.Tracey Roy)July 30, 2008. 10:20 PM. Pittsburgh, PATammy takes three photos of a bright star-like objectheading East. Photo included with report.CMS Report # 11832. Case Disposition: Open. (F.I. FredSaluga)Sept 3-6, 2008. 10 PM. North Umberland, PAJake reports that his friend Sam in Ohio has been seeinga UFO coming off Lake Erie headed East towards Pennsylva-nia. The object has red, blue and green lights. Jake also seesa bright star-like UFO. CMS Report # 12478 and 11826. Webelieve these two reports to be hoaxes. (F.I. ButchWilkowski)October, 2008. Uniontown, PAThis most recent report (in early October) was receivedfrom a 65-year-old, wheelchair-bound womanfrom Uniontown. Normally, I would write thisreport off as a hoax but she never changed herstory and was completely convinced that shesaw an extraterrestrial being. Barbara and herhusband went to the Century 3 Mall around theend of June. Her husband sat on the benchwhile she went into the men’s department at JCPenney. Upon entering the clothing area, shenoticed a woman gathering her two children ina hurried manner. The son said, “I want tosee,” and the mother grabbed his arm and said,“we need to leave now!”When Barbara rounded the corner, she sawa small male with a plaid shirt and blue pantsstanding near the clothes rack. He had grayskin, no hair, lumps all over his head, deepwrinkles and dark almond eyes. Barbara lookedaway and then back again. Now the man wasfacing her. He gave a reassuring smile andPhoto 2. June 23 sighting. Altoona, Pennsylvania. Case #11304Photo 3. July 25 sighting. York, Pennsylvania. Case #11811Western Pennsylvania Sightingscontinued from page 10
  11. 11. 11MUFON UFO JournalOctober 2008Barbara was not afraid. She turned away since it is not politeto stare. When she looked back, he was gone. She went tothe cash register to ask if security could view its tapes but noone was there so she left. Her husband was in a hurry to getto the movies and told her to tell him about it later.While in the theater, Barbara kept looking around for thestranger and started to become frightened. Barbara thencompletely forgot about the encounter and didn’t tell herhusband until three months later when she read the UFOarticle in the Tribune Review. She said she never forgetsanything and believes that when this creature faced her, hemust have repressed the memory. When it all came back toher, she told family members and called me. I questionedBarbara on details and she never hesitated or wavered. Therewas also a UFO sighting the same night near the Century 3Mall. Barbara is absolutely convinced that she saw an ET andthat “Seeing is Believing!” Case still open. (F.I. John Ventre)Local News CoverageOn Labor Day, Sept. 1, 2008, the Pittsburgh TribuneReview published an article regarding the surge of reports ofUFO sightings in the area. The article went on to discuss therecent trends and statistics along with interviewing Jamesand Alison whom I’ve mentioned in this article. The articlequoted astronaut Edgar Mitchell and also discussed the 1965Kecksburg coverup. The Tribune Review has always been afavorable supporter of ufology.The following week, I was a guest on PCNC TV withMike Pintac (who broke the 3 Mile Island story years ago).Again it was a very favorable interview. After the TV inter-view, Mike and I sat for 20 minutes and discussed the UFOphenomenon. I was especially impressed with Mike’sknowledge. Mike said he had interviewed Edgar Mitchellyears ago.Overall, eleven of the fourteen news and TV stories onthe Pennsylvania UFO Wave this summer were done in afavorable light. It is always encouraging when the main-stream media covers UFO stories in a fair and balancedmanner.I was also a guest on 105.9 DVE, the largest radiostation in Pittsburgh. Val, one of the hosts, said that shePhoto 4. July 18 sighting. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Theenlarged photo shows hundrads of stars in the background,not visible here. Case # 11628recently had a sighting. Jim, the other host, tried to makelight of UFOs and abductions but each time I turned theconversation around with the facts. Representatives fromDVE and the EDGE radio shows will be at our UFO confer-ence at the end of October.While appearing on the “X” radio show in Kentucky, Iwas again surprised that the host never joked around andeven claimed, on-air, to personally be a 100% believer.John Ventre is the Security Director for Pennsylvania andWest Virginia for a large company. He sits on the Board ofDirectors for Juvenile Diabetes in Pittsburgh and the Eco-nomic Growth Connection of Westmoreland County. He is hiscompany’s liaison to Congressman Tim Murphy. A MUFONmember since 1997, John has been the Pennsylvania andWest Virginia State Director since April 2007. He is theauthor of the sc-fi book 12/21/2012 A Prophecy. John residesin Greensburg, Pennsylvania.Leave a Legacy to MUFONAllow your work to live on. . .Please remember MUFON in your will. In addition tomonetary bequests, you can also donate your UFO casefiles, books, periodicals, etc. Don’t let your valuable re-search end up at a flea market or estate sale.Please contact MUFON HQ at 970-232-3110 formore information.2009 will be2009 will be2009 will be2009 will be2009 will beMUFON’sMUFON’sMUFON’sMUFON’sMUFON’s40th Anniversary Year!40th Anniversary Year!40th Anniversary Year!40th Anniversary Year!40th Anniversary Year!Plan your Rocky Mountainvacation around August 6–9 inDENVER, COLORADODENVER, COLORADODENVER, COLORADODENVER, COLORADODENVER, COLORADO
  12. 12. October 200812 MUFON UFO JournalBy David McDonaldThe Kentucky chapter of MUFON is offering their FirstRegional Test Prep Seminar designed to offer Field Investiga-tor Candidates a platform to prepare for their FI exam.The one and a half day seminar will be held at FlamingoAir Academy located at Cincinnati Lunken Airport on Decem-ber 6th& 7th2008.According to David MacDonald, Assistant State Director,“This is not designed to be a training program, rather it isdesigned to help FI candidates understand the material in thenew FI Manual and prepare them for the exam.”Of course, each candidate must be a MUFON member ingood standing and have purchased the new MUFON FieldInvestigators Manual. There is also a plan for non-members,which would include MUFON membership, the Manual, theseminar and test administration and submission.Saturday will be spent reviewing and explaining thematerial in the manual. This should last from 10:00am untilabout 5:00pm.Sunday we will answer questions and offer final clarifi-cation. The exam will then be administered while the materialis fresh in their minds. Two hours will be allowed for takingthe exam. The tests will be collected, graded and, assuming apassing grade is achieved, submitted to MUFON.For further information, visit the Kentucky MUFONwebsite or email DavidMacDonald at or Earle Benezet atebenezet@insightbb.comRegional F.I. Test Preparation SeminarAs you all know, or should know, the MUFON CMSprogram is the backbone of the investigative process and it isreally important that we, as Certified Field Investigators,understand its impact on MUFON as well as our StateChapters. According to the newest version of the MUFONField Investigator’s Manual, CMS sighting reports areassigned to one of three categories, as follows.Category 1 (lowest priority) reports:Contact the witness within 3 days via telephone (pre-ferred) or via email to ascertain the credibility of the report.An in-person interview is not necessary for a Category 1report. Follow all remaining steps in the investigative processand write and conclude your report.Category 2 (medium priority) reports:Contact the witness within 48 hours via telephone(preferred) or via email to ascertain the credibility of thereport. Since category 2 reports may involve physicalevidence, an on-site visit is warranted. Arrange a time andplace to meet with and interview the witness in person.Follow all remaining steps in the investigative process andwrite and conclude your report.Category 3 (highest priority) reports:Contact the witness within 24 hours via telephone(preferred) or via email to ascertain the credibility of thereport. Arrange a time and place to meet with and interviewthe witness in person. Follow all remaining steps in theinvestigative process and write and conclude your report.Furthermore, the manual states: The final step in theinvestigative process is to update the CMS with all collectedcase data and give the case a final disposition. The caseField Investigators: complete cases in timely mannercan be reopened at a later time if relevant activity reoccurs ormore information comes to light.Please note the importance placed on contacting thewitness in a timely manner, writing and completing thereport and updating the CMS. That is because the entirecredibility of the MUFON investigative process lies within theCMS.If you need help navigating the CMS, just ask. Perhapssome FIs are unaware or just don’t get around to it. I hearexcuses like, “Oh, I like to keep working on it,” or “It’simportant to stay in touch [with the witness].” Well, that isnot the purpose of the CMS.If you log into the CMS and search the database for anygiven state you will see that there are scores of casesassigned and never completed. Many cases go back monthsif not years. Some Field Investigators have never completed asingle case.These cases need to be completed. They will still beaccessible. They can be reopened, edited, modified andupdated as much as necessary. But please, wrap them up in atimely manner. The completion of these cases is extremelyimportant to the organization, the Field Investigators and allserious UFO researchers.So, what do you say, FIs? Get on your computers andcheck your cases. If you have any cases not completed, let’sget them done. If you are not sure how to operate or navigatethe CMS, just ask for some help. We are all in this together,and I have not yet met anyone in MUFON who is not sincereand has the best of intentions.David MacDonald, MUFON KentuckyAssistant StateDirector & Certified Field Investigator
  13. 13. 13MUFON UFO JournalOctober 1 FREE online)MUFON2006DVD:MVSummersonThe Alien Agenda and the Ethics of ContactAvailablefromNKL,1-800-938-3891The Allies Of HumanityBooks 1 & 2By Marshall Vian Summers“It is a very difficult situation to bethe race that is discovered to bethe natives of a new world.”Call MUFON headquarters 970-232-3110Now accepting VISA & MasterCard formerchandise and membership.Also order online at http://store.mufon.comMembership questions?Change of address?123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212Book Review . . .By Noe Torres & Ruben Uriate, 2008, 978-0-9817597-0-8. In English. Paperback: 200 pages.$15.95 on Amazon.comReview by Joseph R. CalamiaThe Other Roswell; UFO Crash on the Texas-MexicoBorder by authors Noe Torres and Ruben Uriarte was anexciting story of a 1955 UFO crash that could have easilybeen published as a sequel to their prior publication, Mexico’sRoswell.Although similar in story line to the first book, this booktells of a UFO that was initially picked up by Air Force baseradar systems while flying from the West Coast into theCentral United States. The UFO was, however, also followedwith radar by several bombers as they were being escortedover the Southwest by fighter escort. In the process, one ofthe fighter escorts (a F-86 Saber jet), flown by ColonelRobert Willingham, requests permission to pursue theobject’s flight path in an attempt to see what it is, and toreport any findings back to the lead bomber and Air ForceHeadquarters.Colonel Robert Willingham peels out of the flyingformation and begins a “hot pursuit” approach on radarcontact. Colonel Willingham finally makes visual contact ofthe “bogie” just as it suddenly descends into a crash landingacross the Texas border line and into the Republic ofMexico! Colonel Willingham makes several fly-overs andthen returns to an airbase in Texas due to lack of fuel. Hesubsequently lands the F-86, changes clothes, and then goesout to a private airfield and rents a small plane in order toreturn to the crash-site! Upon arriving at the location,Colonel Willingham lands the plane in Mexico and surveysthe wreckage, even though some Mexican military troopshave already arrived at the downed disc. If, any of thisscenario intrigues your imagination, then perhaps you shouldconsider ordering this fascinating book for more details.I was somewhatdisappointed by some of theredundancy of the informa-tion that seemed to bewoven in and out of thebook. The authors also usedan abundance of ancillaryinformation or vignettes thatseemed to have little to dowith the actual story line.Perhaps some of this wasdone to help balance out thelack of corroboratingwitness testimony. Nonethe-less, Noe Torres and RubenUriarte are (in my opinion) excellent investigators and havedone a superb job in bringing out this very unusual story. Isalute their hard work and passion for ferreting out the onlyevidence at hand.Chapter 20 reflects the authors’ deep respect and infatua-tion for Colonel Robert B. Willingham, a great Americanpatriot, who obviously voiced his opinions regardless of theheavy penalties it cost him and his career.Despite the fact that this tremendous case has had littleor no prior publication it does coincide quite well with similarincidents that were portrayed in Frank Feschino’s bookentitled Shoot Them Down: The Flying Saucer Wars of 1952.Apparently, the Air Force and U.S. Government were willingto take great risks in attempting to gain as much informationon UFOs as they possibly could regardless of who or whatgot in the way.This book is definitely worth the price and a necessarycompanion to the authors’ first publication, Mexico’s Roswell.The Other Roswell:UFO Crash on the Texas-Mexico Border
  14. 14. October 200814 MUFON UFO Journal123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234561234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345612345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234561234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345612345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234561234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345612345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456November 7–9. 6th Annual Crash Retrieval Conference:TheTruth. LasVegas, NV. (720) 887-8171.November21–24. Secrets 2008 Conference. Dr. Chet Snow,Linda Moulton Howe, Nancy Talbott, Michael Horn, andmore. Phoenix,AZ. 22–28. 2009 International UFO Congress. 7 daysand 8 nights of events. Laughlin, NV. www.ufocongress.comApril 17-19, 2009. X-Conference 2009. Gaithersburg, 6–9, 2009. MUFON 2009 International Symposium.Denver, CO. MUFON’s 40th Anniversary. Watch this spacefor more information as it becomes available.Calendar. . .123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212Volunteer of the Month . . .Donations NeededDonations NeededDonations NeededDonations NeededDonations Neededfor Silent Auctionfor Silent Auctionfor Silent Auctionfor Silent Auctionfor Silent Auctionfor MUFON’sfor MUFON’sfor MUFON’sfor MUFON’sfor MUFON’s2009 Symposium!2009 Symposium!2009 Symposium!2009 Symposium!2009 Symposium!August 6–9 in Denver, ColoradoDo you have any UFO memorabilia that you coulddonate for the Silent Auction fundraiserat the 2009 Symposium?If so, please mail your items to:MUFON Headquarters155 E. Boardwalk Dr., Suite 300Fort Collins, CO 80525Thank you!About three years ago, Lorna Hunter, whose day job iswith the US Postal Service, became active in MUFON inMinnesota. Really active, that is.One of the first things she did was look into establishingour state organization as a non-profit corporation. We hadlooked at this possibility at least a couple of times before andhad never gotten the deed accomplished. But Lorna deter-mined that forming a non-profit corporation under the Stateof Minnesota was a good way to go, and she filled out thepaperwork, got the required number of us to agree to bemembers of the Board of Directors and to sign the paper-work, and in good time we held an organizing meeting,agreed on a set of Bylaws, and we became “MUFONMinnesota,” a non-profit under the state. This brings moreorder to our operation and gives us protection in case ofcertain legal issues.Lorna took our training class, passed the test and becamea MUFON Field Investigator. Then she volunteered to helpwith tracking UFO reports on the CMS system, MUFON’scomputerized recording system. She shortly discovered thatshe was limited in what she could do because she wasneither a State Director nor an Assistant State Director. In themeantime, I (McNeff) had suggested to our State Director,Richard Moss, that he appoint her as an Assistant StateDirector, which he did.Then, with full authority to manage CMS, at Dick Moss’request she began to keep careful tabs on new reports inCMS and facilitate their assignment to the Field Investigators.She has continued this work and has been the prime movingforce behind bringing MUFON Minnesota into the top ten ofState organizations for completions of investigations andreports.In order to bring more expertise into her own investiga-tions, Lorna took a course on police investigative forensics.This course, which consisted of perhaps a dozen sessions,teaches how to stake out a crime scene, take photographsand gather evidence. During the course, Lorna’s puckishsense of humor came to the fore. Part of the class trainingwas in how to handle evidence pertaining to firearms. Shehad made it known that she was a postal worker, and sheasked when were the class members going to get to “playwith the guns?” Her fellow classmates, all law officers,looked askance to this question, but she defused theirconcerns by promising not to “go postal!” While she waslearning about forensics, she educated her classmates aboutUFOs and left them with increased understanding of andrespect for the subject.This training really paid off when Lorna and Dick Mosswere called to investigate several high strangeness cases.These included a report of a close encounter of the fourthkind in North Dakota, in which aliens were reportedly seenand two farm animals were found to be missing (refer to pastLorna Hunter, FIAssistant Director, MUFON Minnesota
  15. 15. 15MUFON UFO JournalOctober 2008Want to review a book for the Journal ?Email a sample of your writing along with abrief description of your pertinent credentialsand experience to “Book Reviewer” in Subject line.Nominate a Volunteer of the MonthMUFON is blessed with great volunteers—State Directors, Field Investigators and more.Do you know someone in the MUFONorganization who deserves to be recognizedas the Volunteer of the Month?Tell us why. Email “Volunteer Nomination” in Subject line.Interested in the UFO Phenomenon?Chat with Others Live!www.ufoforum.orgMUFON Members Message Boardmufonmembers.proboards55.comPassword: Hynek1947(case sensitive)issues of the Journal). Another was apossible animal dissection case, whichmust be kept totally confidential at thistime. For each of these cases, Ms.Hunter staked out a perimeter aroundthe scene, took extensive photo-graphs, and looked for and recordedphysical evidence in accordance withpolice forensic protocol.In addition to this, Hunter hasbeen active in devising and implement-ing various means of boostingMUFON membership, includingraffles as part of some of the statemeetings, with the bigger prizes forMUFON members. (MUFON Minne-sota holds monthly meetings at theNew Brighton Family Service Center.At present, our meetings are open tothe public as well as MUFON mem-bers. The confidential details of FieldInvestigations are discussed inseparate closed meetings.). She hasbeen active in assisting State Director Moss in holdingmeetings in other parts of the state, and monthly meetings arenow also held in St. Cloud and Fergus Falls. Hunter has alsohelped with MUFON outreach by making herself available ininformational booths at county fairs.When Director of Investigations Chuck Reever asked forsomeone to volunteer to be Director of Field InvestigatorTraining, Lorna Hunter stepped forward and was dulyappointed to that position. Her own excellent training andskills as a Field Investigator make her an ideal person for thatposition.Finally, after several cases in South Dakota neededinvestigation and there was no state organization there tohandle them, Lorna Hunter volunteered to act as StateDirector for that state.In short, we know of no one else in the history ofMUFON in Minnesota who has been so active and givensuch a boost to our effectiveness as an organization as LornaHunter!Richard Moss, SD and William McNeff, ASDMUFON MinnesotaDick Moss, Lorna Hunter, and Bill McNeff, taken at Bill’s 75th birthday party.JUMP
  16. 16. October 200816 MUFON UFO JournalPercePtionsPercePtionsPercePtionsPercePtionsPercePtionsBy Stanton T. FriedmanStanton FriedmanSETI SurpriseAs regular readers of this columnand of my book Flying Saucers andScience (Ref. 1) are aware, I amdefinitely not a fan of the SETI move-ment. I honestly believe a more accu-rate meaning for SETI than Search forExtra-Terrestrial Intelligence is SillyEffort to Investigate. I spell out thereasons in detail in the book chapter“The Cult of SETI.”But I must admit I was shocked toread in a blog “Estimate of the Situa-tion” by Wisconsin attorney AdamKorbitz, that the subject of UFOs waspresented in a sensible way as part ofsome lectures at the First InternationalAcademy of Astronautics Symposiumon “Searching For Life Signatures” atthe UNESCO Building in Paris duringthe week of September 22-26, 2008. Atotal of 60 papers were presented. I willnot have copies of the Power Pointpresentations for a while.So where is everybody?There were several indications ofufological respectability.Adam dealt especially about thepaper by Alain Labeque of France. Alaintalked about the Fermi Paradox, whichI discuss in the book and has beendiscussed in many other books. EnricoFermi was one of the top nuclearphysicists of the 20thcentury. He was,amazingly, equally at home with theo-retical and experimental work. He wonthe Nobel Prize in Physics in 1938,directed the first operation of a chainreacting nuclear pile in 1942 at theUniversity of Chicago, and did muchmore to help in the development of thefirst nuclear weapons among otherthings. Frankly, he was one of thereasons I had switched to the Univer-sity in 1953, though sadly he died in1954.The well known paradox story isthat after a 1950 luncheon discussion atLosAlamos Scientific Laboratory inNew Mexico about the probability that atruly advanced society could colonizethe entire Milky Way Galaxy in a fewmillion years, Fermi suddenly asked “Sowhere is everybody?” He did not saynobody was visiting, and was wellknown for using questions as a teach-ing tool. There have been loads ofanswers to the question. Normally allthe usual SETI suspects agree there areno aliens here, though none review theoverwhelming evidence that indeedearth is being visited by aliens. Onegroup of answers comes under thegeneral heading of the Zoo hypothesis.In other words: They are out there butare not openly visiting because theydon’t want to interfere, or they want toobserve us untainted by their presence,or they think we are too savage, or…For example, Stephen Webb, authorof the book, Where Is Everybody: 50Solutions to the Fermi Paradox (Ref.2), does barely mention UFOs, but onlynotes the negative statements ofdebunker Robert Schaeffer. There is nomention of the large scale scientificstudies, the multiple witness radarvisual cases. He talks about lights in thesky as if that was all there was. Thereis no mention of Ted Phillips’ 3000-plusphysical trace cases. He dismissesabductions out of hand (for exampleignoring the Betty and Barney Hill case)and is apparently equally ignorant of theRoswell Incident. He lists a total of 218references. But none are to the scien-tific publications such as Blue BookSpecial Report 14 (Ref. 3) or Dr. J.Allen Hynek’s The UFO Experience(Ref. 4), or the Congressional Hearingsof 1968 (Ref. 5).My general impression is that thosewho are saying nobody is coming herenaively assume aliens would be makingthemselves known, might have foundus accidentally, would hold a pressconference, go out for a beer, etc.These guys are serious! I take anentirely different view, namely thatadvanced civilizations in the neighbor-hood would listEarth as aplanet currentlyinhabited by aprimitivesociety whosemajor activity istribal warfare. Iassume, ofcourse, thatevery advancedcivilizationwould be concerned about its ownsecurity and survival and wouldcertainly have to keep track of otherblossoming younger societies thatwithin a hundred years or so would becapable of interstellar travel. Of specialconcern would be those (like Earth-lings) which have clearly not developedtheir sociological skills to match theirtechnological ones. So we would bechecked out infrequently until newadvanced technologies came into view.Visits in 1900 would show little evi-dence of advanced technology—noflying, almost no radio, no radar, nospace travel, etc.From tribal warfare to technologicalBy 1917 there was some flight andmajor warfare in the trenches ofEurope. By 1944 there were major airbattles in the Pacific and in Europe.Millions were being killed; radar wasbeing used. Massive bombing raidsinvolving literally hundreds of bombersper raid were raining destruction oncivilian and military targets in Germanyand Japan. There were loads of air-planes by 1940. By the end of August,1945, three incredibly destructive atombombs had been exploded including two
  17. 17. 17MUFON UFO JournalOctober 2008on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, destroyinghuge numbers of civilians and militarypeople. By the end of 1946, two more Abombs had been exploded in thePacific.The point of tapping the energy ofthe nucleus is that it should lead tointerstellar travel. And the noisy negativ-ists think aliens would just drop by forchats? The Cold War was in earnest; itwas obvious that there were manydifferent languages being spoken, manydifferent and rapidly improving militaryflight systems being developed, and,very clearly, no one individual whospeaks for the planet. High speed jetswere being developed, and earthlinggovernments were surely not sharinginformation, determined by examinationof crashed alien vehicles. By 1949 theRussians had tested their first nuclearweapon and a few more within the next3 years.In October 1952, the USA haddetonated the first nuclear fusionweapon (H-Bomb) finally tapping thesame source of energy as produces theenergy of the stars (and which couldget us out in the local neighborhood).MIKE was quite a show releasing theenergy of 10 million tons of TNT witha fireball 3 miles wide. Many morenuclear weapons were detonated notonly by the Soviet Union and the USA,but by France and England and China.One Soviet fusion device had theenergy release of 50 million tons ofTNT. Surely these bomb blasts told alot about what kind of beings Earthlingsare.By 1960 the first space systemshad been launched. By 1970 Man hadgone to the moon several times. Surelyit would not be unreasonable to expectthat soon interstellar missions would beplanned, but by a primitive societywhose major activity, as noted, is tribalwarfare. Major wars had also takenplace such as the “police action” inKorea and the Vietnamese war. The USalone lost 54,000 killed in action inKorea and 58,000 in Vietnam. Casualtiesfrom Korea and Vietnam were muchgreater.The naysayers about alien visitsessentially ignore the fact that govern-ments would all have a great interest inthe technology of the visitors for itspossible use in military systems. Alsothey ignore the fact that governmentshave been very successful at keepingsecrets including the existence ofmultibillion dollar research and develop-ment programs. Obviously the militaryin various countries control the bestsky-visitor monitoring systems fromthe ground and from space.Listening for signals in returnDr. Labeque in his paper, “ActiveSETI and the Zoo Hypothesis,” talks ofthe Zoo Hypothesis, but stronglysuggests that the UFO evidence shouldalso be reviewed. He also noted thecatalog of more than 1400 pilotsightings compiled by DominqueWeinstein (Ref. 6). Active SETIinvolves our sending signals out andseeing if there is a response. In particu-lar he focuses on one of the mostimportant cases (ignored by debunkers,of course), namely the RB-47 case ofJuly 1957. This event lasted for overone hour, and involved two differentground-based radar systems plus thesophisticated electronic detectionsystems on board the reconnaissanceairplane with its highly trained crew ofsix. The RB-47 flew from Mississippi,through Louisiana and Texas, and on into Oklahoma. Of great significance isthe fact that the crew noted that notonly had they watched the nearby UFOwith its sometimes strange maneuvers,but they had monitored a 3 Megahertzelectromagnetic signal from it. Was itthe equivalent of alien radar? Were theycommunicating with another alien spacecraft or a mother ship?Labeque recommended that wesend out a 3MH signal in all directionsfor a finite period of time and then stoptransmitting and see if we get ananswer on the same frequency. Otherstalked about Active SETI at the confer-ence especiallyAlexander Zaitsev of theSoviet Union, and some believe thereshould be a prohibition of such signalsbecause it would inform aliens that weare here. (This assumes, of course, thatthey don’t already know we are.) Mostof these same people would argue thatnobody is coming here because onecan’t get here from there. Seth Shostakof the SETI Institute, to his credit, didnot wish there to be any such prohibi-tion.Another French scientist, Jean-Pierre Rospars, in his paper “SETI inthe Light of Terrestrial BiologicalEvolution” stated that “ET presence inour neighborhood should not beneglected. It may be partly accessible toour limited means of investigation.”That, too, is a big step forward.There was also another paper listedon the program: “When SETI meets anAlien Form of Intelligence: understand-ing the troubled relationships betweenSETI and ufology” by Pierre Lagrange.As of yet I do not have any informationabout the contents of this provocativelysounding presentation. Finally, and quiteextraordinarily, there was the paper byBjorn Gitle Hauge of Norway: “Investi-gation and Analysis of Transient Lumi-nous Phenomena in the low atmosphereof Hessdalen Valley, Norway.” A greatmany scientific measurements havebeen made by a Hesdalen study group.These were presented (not really in aUFO context) with a request forevaluation by the attending scientists.I am hoping to see Korbitz at aconference in Burlington, Wisconsin, toget as much more information aspossible. He did note that the US SETIcontingent didn’t react to these UFOprovocations. I am certain from mycontacts with them and their negativeignorant approaches to ufology on suchprograms as the Peter Jenningsmockumentaries (Volumes 1 and 2) thatthey were not happy about UFOs beingbrought up at a SETI conference.Obviously if aliens are visiting, whoneeds to listen for signals??Stanton Friedman fsphys@rogers.comwww.stantonfriedman.comReferences Continued on page 20
  18. 18. October 200818 MUFON UFO JournalFiler’s FilesFiler’s FilesFiler’s FilesFiler’s FilesFiler’s FilesBy George FilerDirector, MUFON Eastern RegionGeorge FilerU.S. Pilot Ordered to Shoot Down UFOOver EnglandA former US fighter pilot was orderedto shoot down a massive UFO overNorwich, England, 50 years ago. RAFcontrollers told U.S. pilot Milton Torresto “lock on” and launch all 24 of hisrockets over the city. But as he camewithin seconds of firing at the alienintruder—“the size of an aircraft carrier”on his radar—it vanished at 10,000 mph.The amazing close encounter isrevealed in secret Ministry of Defense X-Files which were declassified Monday(October 20): “It was some kind of aliensnooping over England. I guess we’llnever know what it was.” The incidenthappened in 1957 when Milton was a 26-year-old U.S. Air Force lieutenant basedat RAF Manston in Kent, England.At 11 PM one night he was orderedto scramble in his F-86D Sabre fighter toattack a “bogey” hovering above Norfolk.Speaking about it publicly for the firsttime, he said: “I was told I would be firinga complete salvo, all 24 rockets. I waspumped up—this was the sort of thingthat happened before a war.” He got theUFO on his radar and, ordered to fly atfull throttle in cloudy weather, closed forthe attack at the Sabre’s top speed ofalmost 700 mph—then it disappeared offhis screen in a flash. This was a flyingobject with very unusual flight patterns,”the pilot said. “In the initial briefing it wassuggested to us that the bogey actuallywas motionless for long intervals.” Thepilot said he was given the order to fire avolley of 24 rockets at the mysteriousobject. “To be quite candid I almost(expletive) my pants!” the pilot said,saying he asked for confirmation—whichhe received.Retired U.S. Lieutenant Milton Torrestold Britain’s Sky News on Monday thathe was the pilot and has spent 50frustrating years attempting to uncoverthe truth of his mid-air encounter. Milton,now 77, said: “I was smoking, as fast asI could go. This thing had a differentpropulsion system. It was not anairplane.” The flyer said he was visitedafterwards by a sinister security officialand warned not to tell anyone—so he keptsilent until now. The close encounter isin 19 files made available online yesterdayby the National Archives.’s Note [Filer]: I was asked byLondon Control to intercept a UFO overEngland, but we were unarmed. My storyis very similar to the F-86 intercept butwe had no missiles, but it was a hugeUFO that showed up on radar as large asthe Firth of Forth Bridge in Scotland.California – SightingsCLEMENTE – On October 12, 2008?My brother first saw the round “bright”glowing shape at 1:10 PM. My motherand I looked in the direction and followedit for 5 minutes. We were golfing atShorecliff’s Golf Course in San Clementewhen the sighting happened. It took offto the left in a quick dash (to the north).My mom and brother did not see that, Iwas the only one that saw it at that time.But, as I was hoping to see it again, abouttwo holes later, there it was crossing thesky from North to South. That is whenALL of us saw it fly very fast across thesky to the south. So yes, all three of ussaw it in motion. Did anyone else see it?Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCCUFO Research http://www.hbccUFO.orgFlorida - Airborne Metallic ObjectDriftingMELBOURNEBEACH–OnOctober17, 2008, we hadjust finishedwalking our dogon the beach at5:50 PM, when Isaw a glint ofmetal and in thatinstant I thoughtit was a star. Itwas a bright daywith no cloudsand as I watchedit I pointed it outto my husband. My second thought wasthat it was a skydiver, but knew it wastoo high for that. It was almost straightup. It appeared to be coming down anddrifting west. I always have my Sonycamera, but when I zoomed in I couldn’tcatch it in the lens. We watched it until itwent behind or west of a huge 3 storyhome. My husband said it looked like itwas drifting slowly and surmised it waslightweight, but far heavier than a balloon.It must’ve been metal because my firstsight of it seemed to be that a star hadjust popped out of the sky so that musthave been the sun’s reflection on it. Itwas not a skydiver, but was about 1/2that size. It never got low enough to reallysee it in detail, but it drifted west. It headedwest to the Indian River Lagoon.Comments: This is the fifth reportthat I have received from the Georgia/Florida area in the past two days. Thissighting was not a weather balloon nor acelestial object. The sighting could havepossibly been another type of balloon, butthat is speculation. Thanks to WilliamPuckett UFOS Northwest
  19. 19. 19MUFON UFO JournalOctober 2008Continued on page 20Georgia - Lights in TriangularFormation Trail Leading RedWARNER ROBINS – On October 16,2008, at 11 PM, the witness and his girlfriend were star gazing and saw a red lightfollowed by a formation of 3 lights in atriangular formation for almost thirtyminutes.Aloud rumbling sound was heardand the object slowly moved over thewitness’s house. The object executed aturn and returned three more times flyingin a circle. Stars were visible in the middleof the light formation, but the witnessthought that the lights belonged to oneobject. The witness lost sight of the objectin the trees after the fourth pass.Comments: I really don’t have anexplanation for this sighting. Given thelate hour (11 PM) on a weekday additionalwitnesses to the sighting are moreunlikely. The area is home to Robins AirForce Base.Anyone seeing these lights isurged to file a report. Thanks to WilliamPuckett UFOS Northwest http://ufosnw.comIllinois Man Sees Bright StrangeShaped LightCHICAGO RIDGE –A few minutesafter 9 PM on October 9, 2008, I wasplaying with my dog in my yard. The dogsuddenly looked up in as if followingsomething moving quickly. I was alreadyfacing southwest and I saw this light(completely white) as bright as a starrapidly and silently traveling northwest tosoutheast. The forward part was shapedlike a half sphere and the trailing endalmost cone shaped. It was not like ameteor where the trailing end is like a tail.This seemed like a complete shape. I liveby Midway Airport and any aircraftlanding is so close you can read themarkings on it. This was not an aircraftin any sense, it made no sound and wastraveling more at the speed of a missile.It was not in any flight pattern aircraft inthe region would make. It disappearedinto a cloud which was actually far belowa commercial plane traveling east to west.It never emerged from the other side ofthe cloud.Comments: The light was not theInternational Space Station (ISS)according to satellite position charts. (TheISS had been visible earlier.) Perhaps theobject could have been another satellite,but the shape description sounds unusualand doesn’t fit the description of asatellite. Thanks toWilliam Puckett UFOSNorthwest http://ufosnw.comMaryland - Burst Into Orange FireOCEAN CITY – On October 14,2008, my husband and I were walkingon the Boardwalk near 10th Street, andlooking out over theAtlantic Ocean at thebright full moon. We saw what looked tobe a plane burst into orange fire around 7PM. It only illuminated for a few secondsin slow motion and faded back into thenight sky. Then, a few minutes later inanother area I saw it happen again, onlyfurther away. I kept pointing to the skyand saying to my husband, “did you justsee that?” and he did. And a couple thatpassed by came up to us and said, “I sawyou pointing to the sky, tell me you justsaw that and we aren’t crazy. I thought itwas a plane on fire.” And we both toldthem that we had seen it.We all watched the strange orangeglowing light pop up a half-dozen moretimes within ten minutes. The othercouple called the Ocean City Police rightaway, but said it was probably NavyManeuvers. Then, that faint orangeburning glowing light shined again, butthis time it was accompanied by fouradditional lights in a row. It really kind oflooked like the Phoenix lights, like the fiveorange lights were part of the outside ringof a disk and it didn’t last long nor movetoo much, rotated and then faded away.We were scared. We would have beenable to track headlights from a plane orhelicopter.These just faded away. Thanksto MUFON CMSNorth Dakota -TriangleMid. ND – My father, 5-year-oldniece, two golden-retriever dogs and I hadjust made ourselves comfortable in ourtent to sleep on July 29, 2008, at ourfamily farm-site near the middle of NorthDakota. My Dad had glanced up and said,“Oh, look, the North Star!” I realized thatwhat he thought was the North Star wasactually much larger, brighter and comingquickly towards us. I said, “Dad, it’scoming AT us!” and was very alarmed.Dad then grabbed his glasses and sat upto look. When he said “Oh, wow!” Myniece looked too. Dad and I sat quietlywatching the object contemplatingWHATit could possibly be. I ruled out anyaircraft.I decided it must be a large meteor,and became very afraid because it seemedon its trajectory it would hit nearbythinking, “Great—I’m gonna die in a tent.”Then I realized it was actually slowingdown and wasn’t a meteor. My Dad askedif I had my camera. I lamented it was inthe truck so I decided to get the camerafifty feet away and kept sight of the UFO.I could see the object was anenormous size like a football stadium,round, bright white glowing “ball” with asilver/grey metallic-looking ring around.It was between 10–15,000 feet in altitude,and between 5–20 miles to the northeastwith no sound. It nearly stopped, and thenstarted going straight east away from us.It sped up making it difficult to find inthe viewfinder, but I was able to take twophotos. The entire sky was dark-black,though there was a hint of dusk whenwe first noticed the object. This event isone of the few times in my life where Ifelt certain that my life was in danger.Thanks to MUFON CMS
  20. 20. October 200820 MUFON UFO JournalFiler’s FilesContinued from page 19Friedman: SETI SurpriseContinued from page 17References1. Friedman, Stanton T. Flying Saucersand Science, 2008, New Page Books,NJ, 320 pages. ($19 from UFORI*)2. Webb, Stephen. Where is Everybody:Fifty Solutions to the Fermi Paradoxand the Problem of ExtraterrestrialLife,2002, Copernicus Books, 288pages.3. Project Blue Book Special Report 14.October 1955, Data on 3201 UFOSightings. 250 pages, 240 charts, tablesetc. ($25 from UFORI*)4. Hynek, JosephAllen. The UFOExperience: A Scientific Enquiry, 1972,Henry Regnery, Chicago5. House of Representatives Committeeon Science and Astronautics. Sympo-sium on UFOs, July 29, 19686. Weinstein, Dominque F. UnidentifiedAerial Phenomena: EightyYears ofPilot Sightings, 2001, Catalog ofMilitary,Airliner, Private PilotsSightings from 1916-2000. 6thEdition* Item available for purchase from UFORI,POB958,Houlton,ME04730-0958. Carolina - Football Field SizedUFOCOLUMBIA – I was driving homefrom work on October 15, 2008, at 6:31PM, when I started to drive across theLake Murray Dam, I saw a really brightlight in the sky. Then I realized that noaircrafts have been allowed to fly overthe dam since 9/11. Anyway, it wasn’tmoving and it was very low and had fivevery bright lights with a red light in themiddle of the craft. As I was looking atit, I noticed the moon was shining on itand it did not have any wings. It was verybig,about the size of a football field or so.I have never seen any type of aircraft thatbig flying that low. I got to the other sideof the dam about a mile away and turnedaround, as I started driving back towardsit, it suddenly just jolted forward anddisappeared behind a tree-line. Thanks toBrian Vike Director of HBCC UFOResearch http://www.hbccUFO.orgTexas - Silver Metallic Cigar ShapedMCKINNEY – My spouse wasdriving taking the kids to soccer onOctober 18, 2008, at 11:45 AM, while Iwas looking at the sky and saw a silvermetallic cigar shaped object. I continuedto watch it for awhile, but it didn’t moveand it was hovering high in the sky. Itwas not an airplane or a helicopter or aballoon. We are on the flight path intoDallas airport, and I am very familiar withairplanes and the shining or glinting theycan get from the Texas sun. It seemed togo high up and we lost sight of it. Oneminute it was there and the next it wasgone. Thanks to Brian Vike Director ofHBCC UFO Research http://www.hbccUFO.orgVirginia - Red Objects over QuanticoQUANTICO MARINE BASE – OnTuesday, October 14, 2008, I wascelebrating the soldiers who just arrivedback from Iraq and photographed thesetwo objects while taking a random shotwalking back to the car. Neither redobject was spotted by my eyes. Later, Ihad a visible sighting when I arrived homewith two other witnesses. I saw the whitesphere shaped object slowly start to move,and alerted my friends. Sure enough, abouta minute later two more white spheresappeared that slowly flew in a lineformation, then switched to a deltaformation. They then flew back in lineand disappeared one by one. My friendsfelt weird as we watched for about fourminutes. Thanks to Brandon McCainTurkey - UFO VideoISTANBUL – A 42-year-old and anumber of residents claim UFOs werespotted over a four month period betweenMay and September. He said: “I don’tknow what these things are; we filmedthem several times and they are totallyunknown to us. I was very excited whenI saw them and I want the world to knowthat UFOs do exist.” Almost two-and-a-half hours of footage was filmed featuringa variety of objects ranging fromincredible flying saucer-type ‘craft’ onJune 8, 2008, to clustering orb-like lightshovering in the night sky.The clips were handed to the SiriusUFO Space Science Research Centre inTurkey who interviewed witnesses andpainstakingly combed through the footageframe by frame. International UFOresearcher Haktan Akdogan said: “In thisamazing video footage, physical forms ofUFOs and their metallic structures areclearly noticeable.“What is more important is that inthe close-up of some footage of theobjects, entities in them can be distinctlymade out. We have spoken with all of thewitnesses and had detailed analysisconducted on all two-and-a-half hours offootage. The objects filmed are structuredobjects and are not the result ofmisidentification or natural phenomena,aircraft or astronomical objects. Afterconducting all of the analysis we came tothe conclusion that this video footage is100 per cent genuine.” Thanks to the UKSun News. These Filer’s Files reports arepresented in order to keep readers informedof some of the vast number of sightings be-ing reported. However, these cases havenot been officially investigated, unlessnoted.This month’s Filer’s Files include ex-cerpts from File #43, October22, 2008.Filer’s Files is copyrighted 2008 byGeorge A. Filer, all rights reserved. Sendyour letters to
  21. 21. 21MUFON UFO JournalOctober 2008Field Investigator’s Corner: CMS RankingsMUFON Field Investigators ManualNEW!! Version 5.0The official Mutual UFO Networkguidelines for in-depthUFO investigationMember:$45.00Non-Member:$55.00Shipping and handling is additional.Order online at: State Director Weighted Assigned CompletedRank (50/50)By Chuck ReeverMUFON Director of InvestigationsHere is October’s CMS RankingReport for all State Directors. Con-gratulations to John Ventre (WestVirginia), Lorna Hunter (SouthDakota), and Tracey C. Smith(Kansas) for being at 100%! The topten State Directors are highlighted.The report is based on our twomeasures of UFO Investigationeffectiveness: assigning reports within72 hours of receipt, and completing allinvestigations within 90 days of beingassigned.The “Assigned” column is a six-month running average of the numberof cases assigned within 72 hoursdivided by the total number of casesreceived in that six month period. The“Completed” column is the number ofcases completed beginning sixty-two(62) days back and going back sixmonths from there (for a total of eightmonths back) divided by the totalnumber of cases reported in the sameperiod. The “Weighted Rank” is justthe average of the two columnsexpressed as a percent.State Directors can improve theirscores by being sure to assign allcases within 72 hours, and to follow upwith their Field Investigators to ensureall reports are completed within 90days. To be considered complete, areport must have been investigatedand placed in one of the three com-pleted status codes (Unknown, Hoaxor IFO) by the State Director.If you have any questions or needhelp with your investigations pleasecontact me, Chuck Reever, at 530-414-4341 or 530-582-8339 or via e-mail at .1 West Virginia John Ventre 100 % 15/15 22/222 South Dakota Lorna Hunter 100 % 2/2 3/33 Kansas Tracey C. Smith 100 % 16/16 21/214 California Ruben J. Uriarte 99 % 94/95 118/1185 Pennsylvania John Ventre 98 % 161/161 132/1376 South Carolina Cheryl Ann Gilmore 98 % 30/30 29/307 Florida Bland Pugh 98 % 113/116 163/1638 New Mexico Donald R. Burleson 98 % 33/34 47/479 Texas Kenneth E. Cherry 97 % 212/219 396/40310 Minnesota Richard D. Moss 96 % 30/30 31/3311 Georgia Walter Sheets 94 % 33/34 38/4112 Iowa Jim King 92 % 12/14 25/2513 Colorado Leslie H. Varnicle 91 % 97/98 86/10314 California Georgeanne Cifarelli 91 % 151/158 199/23015 Indiana Jerry L. Sievers 90 % 127/129 109/13216 Kentucky Earle T. Benezet 84 % 35/37 23/3117 Michigan William J. Konkolesky 80 % 66/92 82/9218 Utah Elaine Douglass 80 % 14/15 13/1919 Illinois Samuel Maranto 78 % 81/104 68/8620 Washington Marilyn Childs 78 % 36/54 61/6721 Massachusetts Greg S. Berghorn 73 % 29/53 55/6022 Louisiana Michael D. Sandras 72 % 22/25 12/2123 New Jersey George A. Filer, III 71 % 19/32 37/4424 Ohio William Jones 69 % 51/66 45/7325 Arizona George C. Parks 68 % 53/92 65/8226 Idaho Janet L. Bunke 66 % 7/13 11/1427 Nebraska John C. Kasher 59 % 8/16 9/1328 Tennessee Eddie Middleton 56 % 11/32 30/3829 Oklahoma Charles L. Pine 55 % 6/22 25/3030 New York James G. Bouck, Jr. 50 % 76/90 16/9531 Oregon Thomas Bowden 47 % 31/61 32/7132 Wisconsin Timothy G. Whiteagle 46 % 21/31 9/3633 Wyoming Richard Beckwith 46 % 4/6 3/1134 North Carolina George E. Lund, III 45 % 11/29 28/5335 Alabama Roy E. Patterson, Jr. 38 % 0/15 14/1836 New Hampshire Peter R. Geremia 35 % 3/11 4/937 Arkansas Norman D. Walker 26 % 6/14 2/1838 Maryland Sheila Smith 26 % 3/34 16/3739 Nevada Mark Easter 25 % 3/52 23/5140 Connecticut Erik Kubik 23 % 10/21 0/2441 Missouri Bruce A. Widaman 19 % 11/38 5/4742 Maine John Selman 11 % 1/15 3/1943 Hawaii Puuloa M. Teves 10 % 1/5 0/944 Virginia Susan L. Swiatek 1 % 0/28 1/3845 Rhode Island Richard Lynch 0 % 0/8 0/746 North Dakota Kurt Pfleger 0 % 0/5 0/547 Delaware Ralph P. Flegal 0 % 0/1 0/1
  22. 22. October 200822 MUFON UFO JournalDirector’s Messagecontinued from page 2December Night SkyContinued from page 24the eastern horizon about 5 hours beforethe Sun and will be standing high abovethe north-northeast horizon as the Sunrises.Other Celestial PhenomenaDecember 21st: Winter Solstice. Thismarks the first day of winter for earth’snorthern hemisphere and the first day ofsummer for the Southern hemisphere.Meteor ShowersGeminids: The annual Geminid me-teor shower will peak on the night ofDecember 13th/14th. This shower is oneof the better showers since as many as100 meteors per hour may be seen. Whilethis certainly doesn’t rival the Leonids inrecent years, this is still a very high ratefor a regular meteor shower. This is anunusual shower in that the source of theshower is not believed to be a comet, butrather from an object known as 3200Phaethon. This object is currently classi-fied as an asteroid, but some scientistsbelieve that it might be an extinct cometwith a thick crust of interplanetary dust.Another thing that makes theGeminids unusual is that one doesn’t haveto wait until after midnight to catch thisshower. The radiant rises early and me-teors can be seen around 10:00 PM localtime, but the best view will still be aftermidnight local time. This shower alsoboasts a broad maximum, lasting nearlyone whole day, so no matter where youlive, you stand a decent chance of catch-ing sight of some Geminids. The actualpeak will occur around 04:00 UTC on the14th (6:40 PM EST, 5:40 CST, 4:40 MST,and 3:40 PM PST on the 13th). Unfortu-nately the Full Moon will be shiningbrightly during the peak times of theshower.Ursids: The Ursids peak on Decem-ber 22/23 and have a peak hourly rate of10 or so, but in some years the hourlypeak has risen as high as 50. The Moonwill not diminish the enjoyment of thisyear’s display.Bright Stars and PlanetsA Close Conjunction of the MoonJupiter and Venus, after Sunset on De-cember 1st, 2008.Conjunctions and OccultationsDecember 1st: Venus 2 degrees southof Jupiter.December 1st: Jupiter 1.3 degreesnorth of the Moon.December 1st: Venus 0.8 degreessouth of the Moon.December 19th: Saturn 6 degrees northof the Moon.December 25th: Antares 0.1 degreessouth of the Moon.December 29th: Mercury 0.7 degreessouth of the Moon.December 29th: Jupiter 0.6 degreesnorth of the Moon.December 31st: Mercury 1.3 degreessouth of Jupiter.polygraph exam. Unfortunately, only somuch of an investigation can fit intoone hour of TV, and the show could notpossibly portray all the intricacies of thecase. We received a number of emailsfrom concerned members who won-dered why we used a polygraph in theinvestigation. The polygraph is just onetool that investigators can use in aninvestigation, but will never stand aloneas the deciding factor for drawing aconclusion on a case. The polygraph isused to draw attention to certainaspects of a case that require muchmore in-depth examination usingstandard investigative techniques.Unfortunately it was used for dramaticeffect in the first episode instead ofbeing portrayed as a red flag raising toolfor concentrating our investigativeefforts.Despite these misperceptions, theshow accurately reflects the hard workthat MUFON puts into case investiga-tion and I hope you enjoy the next twoepisodes about cases from Mexico andPennsylvania.Position AnnouncementsGene “Doc” Lipson, Maryland,has been promoted to the position ofMUFON MedicalAdministrator ofInvestigations. Barbara Delozier fromWewahitchka, Florida, has beenpromoted to the position of StateSection Director for Fort Walton,Florida.Field InvestigatorsCharles Fetterman of Brentwood,California; Paula Schurle ofGarberville, California; James Schurleof Garberville, California; KatherineSterling of Laytonville, California;Pattie Wolff of Windsor, Colorado;Sandialo Gonzalez of Doral, Florida;Mike Tambini of Horseshoe Bend,Idaho; Leonard Lasko of Galena,Illinois; Rick Bonner of Marion,Indiana; Paul Hicks of Spirit Lake,Iowa; Diane Arnold of Columbia,Maryland; Angela Felland of Brainerd,Minnesota; Lillian Waters of NewYork, New York; Sharon McGee ofCincinnati, Ohio; Mark Zmigrodski ofLong Pond, Pennsylvania; RosarioRositini of Saint Albans, Vermont.