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InthisissueMarch 2007No. 467$4.00U F O JOUrnalPilots and UFOs, p. 9Orb Sighting Near LakeLinden, Michigan, p. 10Calendar, ...
Copyright 2007 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of this document may be reproduced in any form withou...
3MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007UFHs –Mexico’s Flying Humanoidsby Ruben Uriarte and Steven ReichmuthFlying Humanoid Sightings:...
March 20074 MUFON UFO JournalUFHs –Mexico’s Flying HumanoidsContinued from page 3GO Fast Jet Pack Facts:* Horsepower: 800*...
5MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007Man wearing Go Fast Jet PackFrom video by Armando Marquez inCuernavaca, Morelos, MX. Feb. 2000...
March 20076 MUFON UFO JournalPercePtiOnsPercePtiOnsPercePtiOnsPercePtiOnsPercePtiOnsBy Stanton T. FriedmanNational Geograp...
7MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007Mack Brazel after Mack had beenbrought back to town and given a newstory.Duke and Shermer were...
March 20078 MUFON UFO Journalweather balloons and radar reflectorssuch as were used in the Mogulprogram. No mention was ma...
9MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007By Don AllisHas it been standard practice formajor airlines to discourage their pilotsfrom rep...
March 200710 MUFON UFO JournalType of report: General SightingDate: December 6, 2006Time: 9:45 AM, ESTLocation: 12 miles S...
11MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007implants create white lights, notorange.Our dogs either did not notice theorb, or did not rea...
March 200712 MUFON UFO Journal“The one thing we can offer peoplein this field, that nobody else isoffering, is hope. Hope ...
13MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007Compete in three categories: one forState Directors and Assistant StateDirectors, one for cur...
March 200714 MUFON UFO JournalFiler’s FilesFiler’s FilesFiler’s FilesFiler’s FilesFiler’s FilesBy George FilerDirector, MU...
15MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007of it. Thanks to Brian Vike, DirectorHBCC UFO Research. http://www.hbccufo.comRound Lake—I wa...
March 200716 MUFON UFO Journalthe underside of the craft. I could thensee the craft’s chevron shape and evenlyspaced soft ...
17MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007Field Investigator’s CornerMUFONField Investigators ManualThe official Mutual UFO Networkguid...
March 200718 MUFON UFO JournalA UFO experience evokes manyemotions that are hard to explain.Those who have never had a UFO...
19MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007Other Strange ExperiencesSince the encounter with thetriangle I have had many other strangeex...
March 200720 MUFON UFO JournalPhPhPhPhPhyyyyysicalsicalsicalsicalsicalTTTTTrrrrracesacesacesacesacesBy Ted PhillipsStructu...
21MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007The Tatras border Poland andSlovakiaand Zakopane, on what is now theborder between Poland and...
March 200722 MUFON UFO JournalDirector’s Message...(Continued from page 2)New Episodes of The Black VaultRadio every TUESD...
23MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007Advertising rates1x 3x 6xBack cover $450 $425 $400Inside back cover$425 $400 $375Full page $3...
March 200724 MUFON UFO JournalMoon Phases:Full Moon: April 2ndLast Quarter: April 10thNew Moon: April 17thFirst Quarter: A...
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Transcript of "Mufon ufo journal 2007 3. march"

  1. 1. InthisissueMarch 2007No. 467$4.00U F O JOUrnalPilots and UFOs, p. 9Orb Sighting Near LakeLinden, Michigan, p. 10Calendar, p. 12MUFON MembershipContests, p. 13State Director CMSRankings, p. 17UFO Marketplace, p. 23Night Sky, p. 24ColumnsDirector’s Message 2StanFriedman 6Filer’s Files 14Sam Willey 18Ted Phillips 20Unidentified Flying Humanoids in Mexico or Rocket Belts? page 3
  2. 2. Copyright 2007 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the CopyrightOwners. Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one article, provided the author iscredited, and the statement, “Copyright 2007 by the Mutual UFO Network, P.O. Box 279, Bellvue, CO 80512-0279” is included.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editor, and do not necessarily reflectthe official position of the Mutual UFO Network. Opinions expressed are solely those of the individual authorsand columnists, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editor or staff of MUFON.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the InternalRevenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal Income Tax. Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts arealso deductible for estate and gift purposes, provided they meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055,2106, and 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a Texas nonprofit corporation.The MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., Bellvue, CO.Periodical postage paid at Versailles, MO.Individual Membership: $45/year U.S., $55 outside the U.S.Family members: $10 per person additionalStudent (18 years and under): $35 U.S. and $45 outside the U.S.Donor: $100/year. Professional: $250/year. Patron: $500/yearBenefactor (Lifetime Member): $1,000First class Journal delivery (in envelopes) U.S. and Canada only: $12/year additionalAir Mail Journal delivery to all other countries outside the United States: $35/year additionalPostmaster: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to: MUFON UFO Journal, P.O. Box 279,Bellvue, CO 80512-0279.Change of address and subscription/extra copies inquiries should besent to MUFON, P.O. Box 279, Bellvue, CO 80512-0279.MUFON’s mission is the scientific study of UFOs for the benefitof humanity through investigation, research, & education.March 2007 Number 467(Continued on page 22)Director’s MessageBy James CarrionJames CarrionMUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002970)(ISSN 02706822)Mutual UFO NetworkPost Office Box 279Bellvue, CO 80512-0279Tel: 970-221-1836Fax: 866-466-9173mufonhq@aol.comInternational DirectorJames Carrion, M.A.P.O. Box 279Bellvue, CO 80512-0279Tel: 970-221-1836 (221-1UFO)Fax: 866-466-9173jcarrion@mufon.comExecutive Editor:James Carrion, M.A.P.O. Box 279Bellvue, CO 80512-0279jcarrion@mufon.commufonufojournal@hotmail.comManaging Editor:Sally Petersen, M.A.salpetersen@comcast.netColumnists:George Filer, M.B.A.Stanton Friedman, M.S.Gavin A. J. McLeodTed PhillipsSam WilleyStaff artistsJohn EgertonWes CrumMark MarrenMUFON staff photographerNick RoeslerMUFON on the Internet:http://www.mufon.comMUFON Amateur Radio Net:40 meters - 7.240 MHzSundays noon EST or EDSTUFOs and the MediaUFOs are back in the news thanksto first the sighting over O’HareAirport in Chicago and then reportedsightings in Hawaii and North Carolina.You would thinkwe were in amajor flap, butsadly we arenot. Insteadwhat we arewitnessing iswhat happenswhen one UFOstory (O’Hare)is in the interna-tional mediaspotlight, and the media decides tojump on the story (or a facsimilethereof) in a feeding frenzy. I receivedcalls from CNN and ABC about beinginterviewed in primetime, but whenother non-UFO newsworthy storiesstole the spotlight, suddenly newscast-ers lost their interest in doing theinterview. So goes the delicate dancebetween serious UFO researchers andthe sensationalist news providers.Dealing with the media canoftentimes be an exercise in frustra-tion. Media producers, in the name ofbalanced journalism, will seek out“experts” to counter the views of UFOinvestigators and researchers. Theseself proclaimed experts like MichaelShermer, James Oberg and a numberof others lend their time and credentialson behalf of “science and reason” tocounter what they consider“pseudoscientific” Ufological views.They call themselves skeptics, but arefar from it. Instead they act the role ofdebunker—the difference between askeptic and a debunker being thatskeptics are willing to examine thedata and debunkers are not.I find it interesting that CSICOP(Committee for the Scientific Investiga-tion of Claims of the Paranormal), with
  3. 3. 3MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007UFHs –Mexico’s Flying Humanoidsby Ruben Uriarte and Steven ReichmuthFlying Humanoid Sightings:March 2000. Witness/Video -Salvador Guerrero. Location -Colonia Agricola OrientalDecember 2000. Witness/Video -Salvador Guerrero. Location -Colonia Agricola OrientalJuly 2000. Witness/Video - GerardoValenzuela. Location -CuernavacaFebruary 2000. Witness/Video -Amado Marquez. Location -CuernavacaOctober 1, 2000. Witness - Commer-cial Airline pilot - AeroCalifornia,Mexico City Airport approachSteve Reichmuth Ruben UriarteEl sol salió a noche y me canto (“Thesun came out last night; it sang to me.”)—elderly gentleman commenting on whathe witnessed from his Senora, Mexico,junkyard, from the opening scene of thefilm classic Close Encounters of the ThirdKind (1977).The great Mayan culture of 1,200years ago prophesied there would be afuture era of cosmic awareness and“earth changes.” Today, residents ofMexico City and its surroundingcommunities have witnessed remark-able events in the skies above thisgreat city (the world’s largest), oftencapturing these events on personalvideo cameras. Perhaps we are seeingthe future the Mayans spoke of.UFHs: Unidentified FlyingHumanoidsThe term “flying saucer” wascoined by the media in 1947 to de-scribe the unidentified objects seenzipping about the atmosphere. Thereports of primarily disc or cigarshaped objects soon evolved intoreports of enormous triangle-shapedcraft. Now, a new perplexing phenom-enon has been observed inthe sky further adding tothe UFO mystery: UFHs -Unidentified Flying Hu-manoids.Mexican citizensequipped with home videocameras have recordedflying silent humanoids,often wearing an apparatuson their backs or aroundtheir waists. Sometimes they appear tobe in a sitting or reclining position.They hover or move silently, regardlessof wind direction, displaying definiteflight control characteristics. They havebeen reported predominately aroundMexico City, notably over Cuernavaca,Mexico, just southeast of the capitalcity. Sometimes they are reported toaccelerate to speeds of 100 miles perhour or more, but more often they arefilmed hovering. They often fly intothe distance and appear to land.Some UFHs have been sighted inArizona and Texas, but the vastmajority are reported south of theborder.Mexican videos capture UFHsA number of UFH sightings havebeen reported over the skies of Mexicosince the year 2000. Mexico is knownfor its superb UFO (called OVNIs inMexico) videos, taken by privatecitizens who often will sit on their roofsfor hours, scanning the sky, andSteve Reichmuth was experimenting with a new computer plotting program for hisUFO Weather Map service ( The new map program is so precisethat it can plot down to an individual street. Steve plotted the Mexican FlyingHumanoids on this test map, which displays Mexico City, south to Cuernavaca.
  4. 4. March 20074 MUFON UFO JournalUFHs –Mexico’s Flying HumanoidsContinued from page 3GO Fast Jet Pack Facts:* Horsepower: 800* Decibels: 150* Highest flight: 300 feet* Longest flight time: 33 seconds* Can travel a quarter mile horizon-tally*Jet Pack weight (with fuel):135 lbsSalvador Guerrero video, Mexico City.occasionally documenting somethingextraordinary. It is a different culture inMexico with respect to the UFOphenomenon.Steve Reichmuth learned of theCuernavaca, Mexico “Flying Human-oids” from an article sent to him byRuben Uriarte (article by SantiagoYturria posted on Jeff Rense’swebsite). Uriarte subsequently re-ceived from Jaime Maussan, a wellknown Mexican journalist and UFOinvestigator, a copy of a video showingthese UFHs .History of Rocket BeltsFirst we have to ask: Do thesevideos show humans using Earthtechnology? The possibility that rocketbelts technology could explain the UHFsightings had to be checked out. Wedid some research and found a numberof small businesses conducting re-search and development on rocket belttype technology.The rocket belt was developedoriginally for the U.S. Army. Theprototype belts were powered byhydrogen peroxide with a maximumflight time of only 27 seconds. Sincethe 1960s, rocket belts have been seenin the media performing amazingdemonstration flights at professionalfootball half time shows—and havealso appeared in motion pictures,notably in the beginning sequence ofThunder-ball (1966).A rocket belt convention was heldSept. 23-24, 2006, in Niagara Falls,New York. Sponsored by Jet PackInternational, LLC. Homemade rocketbelts from all over the country weredisplayed alongside the original 1960’sBell Aerosystems model. Current andformer rocket men, rocket belt build-ers, engineers and high tech inventorsmet for the two-day convention, but 50years after the first Bell rocket belt wasbuilt, only one commercialversion is currently avail-able (at a cost of US$250,000).Only a handful ofpeople have even flown arocket belt - more astro-nauts have walked on themoon than pilots who haveflown rocket belts.The modern-day “GoFast Jet Pack” created by US based JetPI, LLC, is the first privately designedand funded rocket belt and holds therecord for longest time flown.South of the border, rocket belts arealso manufactured by the TecnologiaAeroespacial Mexicana (TAM) com-pany ( Stevecontacted Mr. Juan Manuel Lozano,CEO of TAM to find out more infor-mation about his company and whethertheir experiments were related to theUHFs. TAM is located in Cuernavaca,Mexico, where two of the humanoidsighting reports occurred in 2000.According to TAM’s website, thecompany “the world leading developerand provider of hydrogen peroxiderockets and related technologies.” Thewebsite also states that “TAM is theonly company in the world thatproduces a complete turnkey packageof a flying rocket belt, custom-made tothe pilot’s weight and body size.”Mr. Lozano said that he had beencontacted by members of the publicwho had reported seeing a “person”flying very high in Cuernavaca, andwanted to know if Mr. Lozano wastesting his rocket backpacks.Eyewitnesses reported to Mr.Lozano that this “flying person” cannot only hover in place but also can flyat incredible speeds.Mr. Lozano denied that TAM wasthe source of the sightings and said thathe was not aware of any other com-pany in Mexico that makes rocket beltsand he did not have an explanation forthe sightings.So what are they?Mr. Lozano told Steve that theregion of Cuernavaca—and specifi-cally the nearby Town of Tepoztlan—is a very well known area for UFOsightings. He said that some years agohe had personally witnessed a hugecigar-shaped object over Tepoztlan,along with many other people who hadstopped along the highway to watchthe object. The object appearedmetallic and iridescent, and it did notmake any kind of noise.Mr. Lozano also indicated that hewould be interested in reviewing anyvideo footage taken of the humanoidsightings.Steve informed Ruben of Mr.Lozano’s interest and Ruben arrangedto send the video footage to Mr.Lozano for his evaluation. Ruben is nostranger to Mexico, having been born
  5. 5. 5MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007Man wearing Go Fast Jet PackFrom video by Armando Marquez inCuernavaca, Morelos, MX. Feb. 2000in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexicoand raised in the United States. He hasvisited Tepoztlan on several occasionsand has spoken to a number of peoplewho have had UFO sightings in thearea. Ruben also currently serves asthe liaison between MUFON andOMIFO (Organizacion Mexicana deInvestigadores del Fenomeno also emailed Mr. Lozano anarticle on “The Jet Man” - Yves Rossy,a former Swiss military pilot whodesigned and built a 3-meter wing thatattached to his back and was poweredby four small jet engines fixed to theunderside of the wing. Rossy launchedhimself from an airplane and flew for 4minutes, steering himself laterally withhis body, flying horizontally, climbing,turning, descending at over 100 mph,and then landing by parachute.Mr. Lozano told Ruben that no onein Mexico manufactured a Rossy-typewing, noting that the wing’s jet enginenoise did not fit the description of theCuernavaca UFHs which were re-ported to make no sound.Lozano, a pilot and parachutisthimself opined that the Rossy flyingwing or the TAM rocket backpack isnot what people have seen in Mexico.Regarding the UFH video, Mr.Lozano responded: “Ruben, I don’thave an explanation for the ‘thing’ thatis seen in the video. It is clear that issome kind of human form, but this isnot a parachutist, this is not a rocketbelt or jet pack and this is not a craftthat is known around here.“Many people that know that I flyhave asked me if I am the ‘man’ flyingover Cuernavaca or Tepoztlan, and myanswer is no. I have never taken offmore than a few inches off the groundin my rocket belt and it only flies for30 seconds. No other rocket belt in theworld can fly for more than 30 sec-onds. Also, this is not a parachutistbecause I know all the parachutists inthis part of Mexico, plus it is impos-sible to hover in free fall.”So what is it?What is the difference between whatis known about how man-made rocketbelts perform and what was observedin the videos of UFHs filmed inMexico?The UFH objects were recorded onvideo flying for much longer than anyknown human-designed rocket belt.UFHs have been observed and video-taped flying effortlessly at well over300 feet high. The UFHs flew totallysilent as opposed to the 150 decibelsproduced by rocket belts. The possibleTAM company connection with the‘Flying Humanoid’ reports may simplybe a remarkable coincidence.Based on Mr. Lozano’s expertopinion the UHFs near Cuernavaca areneither parachutists nor rocket beltpacks.The ‘Flying Humanoid’ videosdemonstrate (if these mysteriousobjects are technological) an elegant,silent form of controlled flight. Theydo not appear to be hoaxes or stylizedtethered balloons of any kind.If alien in origin, are these somesort of flexible kind of individualtransport? Why the flexibility? To peekinto windows? Alien scouts? Whatcould these objects do that good oldfashioned flying disks can not do aswell? They seem to demonstrate a sortof antigravity ‘inner tube’ like what weused as kids floating in a swimmingpool or a lazy river. For now, we havemore questions than answers and mustcollect more data on this new phenom-enon before drawing any conclusions.We thank Mr. Lozano for his greatassistance in reviewing the UFH video.The mystery continues.About the Authors:Steven Reichmuth is the NorthernCalifornia MUFON State Section Directorfor Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.He is the creator of the UFO WeatherMap, a monthly report of North AmericanUFO activity using data from MUFON,CMS and the National UFO ReportingCenter (NUFORC) database. You can seethe lates UFO weather map graduate of Cal. State University atHayward with a degree in Psychology andLatin American Studies, Ruben Uriartehas been a member of MUFON for over20 years and is currently the MUFONstate director for Northern California.
  6. 6. March 20076 MUFON UFO JournalPercePtiOnsPercePtiOnsPercePtiOnsPercePtiOnsPercePtiOnsBy Stanton T. FriedmanNational Geographic Channel:Another MockumentaryOn February 24, 2005, the ABCTV Network carried a really bad so-called “documentary” about UFOshosted by the late ABC News Anchor,Peter Jennings. I wrote a column(availableonmy website)spelling outthe many falseclaims, falsereasoning,personalattacks, etc.Duringtheweek ofJanuary 23,2007, Americans were treated to yetanother mockumentary, this time bythe supposedly high class NationalGeographic (NG) Channel.It was supposed to be The RealStory about Roswell. They didinterview some people who knew a lotabout Roswell such as DennisBalthaser, who actually lives inRoswell (though one wouldn’t knowit from the program), Colonel Dr.Jesse Marcel Jr., a first hand witnesswho handled wreckage, Don Schmitt,an active Roswell researcher for manyyears, and myself. I began the civilianinvestigation of the Roswell incidentback in the 1970s.Unfortunately the documentaryproducers seemed to have no knowl-edge of the event or the peopleinvolved in it and seemed determinedto produce a textbook example ofdebunking propaganda. They abidedby the four basic rules of debunkdom:1. Don’t bother me with the facts, mymind is made up.2. What the public doesn’t know, Iwon’t tell them.3. If you can’t attack the data, attackthe people.4. Do your research by proclamation,no investigation is required.Dr. Michael Shermer is editor ofSkeptic Magazine and has beenwritingadebunkingcolumnaboutmany things in Scientific American.As far as can be determined, he hasnever investigated an UFO case,much less Roswell.Some idea of the level ofShermer’s UFO knowledge can bedetermined by his very strong supportfor Dr. Susan Clancy’s grosslyinaccurate book about UFO Abduc-tions. She had been featured in theJennings show touting sleep paralysis,despite its failure to explain the greatmajority of abduction cases.Dr. Seth Shostak, one of theleaders of the SETI religious move-ment, was another of the featureddebunkers. He has often commentedabout a lack of evidence for anyUFOs being alien spacecraft, butsomehow never references any of thelarge scale scientific studies and hasalso apparently never done a detailedinvestigation of any case.Dr. Shostak didn’t raise his handin response to my question about whohad read any of the five large scaleUFO scientific studies I covered inmy lecture which he attended on theQueen Elizabeth 2. He totally forgotthem in a debate on Coast-to-CoastRadio as well.In the National Geographic showShostak complained that a vehicleable to get here from another solarsystem would have to have enormousengines and be huge, hardly what wasobserved at Roswell. Obviously hehas trouble understanding the conceptthat the huge mother ships, so oftenobserved, could do the heavy liftingbetween the stars while the small EarthExcursion Modules (so often ob-served in the 5,000 physical tracecases collected and investigated byTed Phillips) scurried around in theatmosphere.Think of the high performancesmall airplanes carried by huge aircraftcarriers. Past history would certainlylead me to believe that astronomersknow nothing about advanced propul-sion systems.The third of the noisy negativistswas B.D. “Duke” Gildenberg, aretired air force officer who spentmany years working on advanced andsometimesclassifiedballoonstudyprojects.Don Berliner and I had met withDuke in NM in the early 1990s whileworking on our book Crash atCorona, a few hours after meetingwith another Balloon expert Dr. C.B.Moore. Both had responded to arequest in the Socorro newspaper.The meetings were cordial, butDon and I agreed that neitherGildenberg nor Moore knew anythingabout the Roswell case beyond whatwas in the July 9, 1947, RoswellDaily Record article quoting rancher
  7. 7. 7MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007Mack Brazel after Mack had beenbrought back to town and given a newstory.Duke and Shermer were alsofeatured on an equally bad Roswelldebunking program on the HistoryChannel in 1999. I have a letter to theHistory Channel, pointing out themany problems with that program, onmy website.Shermer also published an anti-Roswell article by Duke inSKEPTICin 2003. He just couldn’t seem to gethis facts straight as I noted in anarticle that I wrote inUFO Magazinecritiquing Duke’s article and a JimWilson piece inPopular Mechanics.I noted that it was really silly thatJennings hadn’t mentioned that Col.Dr. Marcel Jr. was a Colonel servingin Iraq as a medical doctor, flightsurgeon, and helicopter pilot (havingbeen called back in at age 67) at thetime he was interviewed, whichcertainly attests to his credibility.The NG show misrepresentedhow the Roswell story came out,mentioning that Jesse Marcel Sr. hadspoken out in 1978 but making itsound (following Colonel RichardWeaver’s false information inTheRoswell Report: Fact vs. Fiction inthe NM Desert) that Jesse had justcome forth to tell the world.The fact is, of course, that I hadbeen referred to Jesse by an old hamradio buddy of his while I was waitingto be interviewed at a TV station inBaton Rouge managed by his buddy.I called Jesse, got his story andshared it with Bill Moore.I also heard a second story abouta New Mexico saucer crash inBemidji, Minnesota and Bill heard athird story from an English actor,Hughie Green. Hugie heard the storyabout a crashed saucer in NewMexico on the radio while drivingacross the USA and he recalled it waslate June or early July, 1947.Bill went to the University ofMinnesota Library, found the storieswhich mentioned more witnesses andverified what Jesse had told me. Thefirst book on Roswell, published in1980 (not 1978), reflected the fact thatwe had found 62 witnesses as well asother news articles on the incident.The article from the RoswellDaily Record on July 8, 1947, wasshown, but none of the other frontpage stories from major newspaperssuch as the Chicago Daily News, theLos Angeles Herald Express, theSpokane Chronicle, etc. were shown.The NG show did not mentionthat these news stories spoke aboutthe wreckage having been found “lastweek.” That way, they could try toclaim that it was just a Mogul Balloon.The balloon launch they mentionedwould have been made in early June.The July 9, 1947 news story about abundle of sticks was repeated on theair.It has been shown by Dr. DavidRudiak that the balloon could notpossibly have landed on the Brazelranch, because of careful calculationsbased on the weather on launch date,and because the weather would haveexposed the neoprene balloons tohigh enough temperatures to haveturned them to dust by early July.The supposed reenacted site ofthe wreckage was grossly misrepre-sented as quite small and just with foillike material. This was based on theSheridan Cavitt’s false claims toColonel Weaver that he suddenlyremembered the wreckage of aballoon - wreckage which wouldeasily fit into one vehicle.No mention is made in the pro-gram that Marcel and Cavitt hadfollowed Brazel out to the site onColonel Blanchard’s orders becausethe small amount of wreckage broughtin by Brazel to the sheriff’s office onJuly 6 was very strange indeed (withnothing conventional) and he hadnoted that there was a great deal ofwreckage still on the crash site.If there had been only the balloonand radar reflector, Marcel and Cavittwould not have made the difficult tripto the site.In our first conversation Jessetold me the wreckage covered an areaabout ¾ mile long and hundreds ofyards wide. He had noted that therewas nothing conventional like wires,rivets, vacuum tubes, etc.There was no crater, so the objectwould had to have exploded in the airin order to cover such a wide area.The debunking, false commentsby Cavitt in the July 9 Roswell DailyRecord still noted that the wreckagecovered an area 200 yards in diam-eter—or much larger than Cavitt’ssudden recall, almost 50 years later, ofan area 20’ square.No mention was made of the factthat Jesse had earlier taken a courseon radar and measurements ofweather parameters with balloons andradar reflectors and would haverecognized a weather balloon when hesaw one.No mention of Colonel Blanchardwas made at all, nor was it mentionedthat the 509thwas the most elitemilitary group in the world, or thatBlanchard and Marcel had flownmissions in the Pacific and certainlywould have recognized standard issueAnother Mockumentary about RoswellContinued from page 6
  8. 8. March 20078 MUFON UFO Journalweather balloons and radar reflectorssuch as were used in the Mogulprogram. No mention was made ofthe fact that Marcel and Blanchardhad been very well thought of profes-sionally as noted in their ratings andthat Blanchard went on to become aFour Star General and was vice chief-of-staff of the USAF when he died ofa massive heart attack at the Pentagonin 1966.The NG show said that Jesse wasthe only person alive who claims tohave handled the “strange wreckage”and that he was totally influenced inhis recent comments by his father’sstrange belief that the material was notfrom Earth. No basis was providedfor either proclamation.As a matter of fact, Brazel’sneighbor, Loretta Proctor, is still aliveand she also handled some wreckage.There is a video called Recollec-tions of Roswell which has firsthandtestimony from 27 witnesses includingthe sheriff’s daughters, other neigh-bors, Judd Roberts from the radiostation in town and others. The videoincludes direct testimony from JesseSr. which was shot at his home in1978. Even though the producers hada copy of the video, they optedinstead , for reasons unknown, toshow a round-faced actor playingJesse Sr.Not only was there the falseproclamation that somehow Jesse Sr.had warped Jesse Jr’s recall, but alsothat the Roswell story was just atakeoff on the Aztec, NM, crashedsaucer story described in FrankScully’s book Behind the FlyingSaucers. No link of any kind wasprovided.No mention was made of ScottRamsey’s very extensive researchwhich has conclusively shown therewas far more to the Aztec story thanthe two con men, Irving Newton andMr. Gebauer.Considering how I had heardindependently of Roswell from LydiaSleppy years before I spoke withJesse and how I had gone to him, nothim to me, and that Jesse Jr. hadserved on military aircraft accidentinvestigative teams and has over a 40-year connection with the military,these claims are absurd.Of course no mention was madeof the testimony of Mack Brazel’sson, Bill. The real investigators hadindeed spoken to these other wit-nesses. Jesse Sr. had early on told methat one of his people had taken apiece of wreckage and put one end onthe ground and the other on a rockand couldn’t dent it with a hammer.Only flimsy foil was shown as well asa pseudo I-beam.The explanation of the strangelavender symbols on the I-Beam,which could not be cut, burned orbroken, as just sticks from the radarreflector with pieces of toy companytape with flower symbols was ludi-crous.Balsa wood was used because ofits light weight. Nobody would eversay that it could not be broken, cut orburned. All young boys in the WW2era were familiar with balsa woodused in making airplane models.With the very high resolutionpictures taken in General Ramey’soffice, nobody has yet to find suchtape. What was shown was narrowChristmas tape. The foil on the radarreflectors was easily torn by a childand was not memory metal. The foilon the balloons was backed by whitepaper—no such paper was evernoted.Another Mockumentary about RoswellContinued from page 7Amazingly there was no mentionof retired General Thomas JeffersonDubose, Ramey’s chief of staff, whowas in two of the pictures taken inGeneral Ramey’s office. His firsthandtestimony is on the Recollections tape.He took the call from Ramey’s boss,General McMullen, instructing him toget the press off their back, to sendwreckage to DC with a Colonelcourier, and never to talk about itagain.For some reason the famouspicture with Dubose and Rameyholding a memo was not shown. Dr.David Rudiak’s deciphering of thatmemo clearly establishes Roswell as asaucer crash.The program, though hardly anaccurate documentary, was a splendidexample of propaganda with positiveand negative name calling, selectivechoice of data and false reasoning.The producers made a big dealout of the War of the Worlds radioprogram of 1938 and showed othersegments of a variety of sciencefiction movies suggesting that worriedpeople were making up storiesstimulated by the science fictionmovies. I think a more accurateportrayal would have noted that themovies followed the UFO stories, notthe other way around. Wheneverpossible such terms as “Roswelldefenders” or “Roswell campaigners”and the like were used.Too bad they couldn’t have said“UFO debunkers,” “UFO scoffers,”“masters of misrepresentation” or“noisy negativists” to refer to Shermer,Shostak,
  9. 9. 9MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007By Don AllisHas it been standard practice formajor airlines to discourage their pilotsfrom reporting a UFO sighting and/orgoing public by hinting that their jobsand pensions could be in jeopardy ifthey do so?This is probably not something thatthe airlines would admit to, but wehave all heard of such intimidation. Iwonder whether they are fearful ofscaring away prospective customers.Or do they fear being perceived by thepublic or their competition as a com-pany which employs mentally unstablepilots who are prone to seeing littlegreen men?Here’s what some pilots have hadto say:Pilot Commentaries: from NARCAP–National Aviation Reporting Center onAnomalous Phenomena“We didn’t say anything. Wefigured nobody would believe us.”– Charter Pilot“Upon return to my domicile,JFK, I reported our sighting to theproper authorities. I was shortlyvisited by two federal investigatorswho evidently thought I was halluci-nating for one of them stated hehad seen spaceships while fishingin Great South Bay and was quiteobviously trying to prove that I wasa loony.” – Captain, Pan Am (retired)“It must have been Huge! We wereall due back at JFK about the sametime two days later so I waited in thecrew ready room to talk to them. Noneof them wanted to talk! They wereafraid management would take themoff flying status and have them testedfor booze and drugs. The story nevercame out!”– Flight Engineer, TWA(retired)“A group of lights in the airappeared at our 12 o’clock position. Icalled departure control and askedthem if they had any traffic in thatarea. When they came back and saidNO, what do you see, I said no, justchecking. For at that time when apilot reported seeing a UFO he was ina lot of trouble.” – Captain, OzarkAirlines (retired)“I, and the flight crew, saw some-thing (in broad daylight) that didthings that no known aircraft could dowithout killing any living thinginside. I will only give sketchy detailsto protect the privacy of the rest of thecrew. If you are interested, and allinformation (is) kept anonymous,contact me. I will not present myselffor public ridicule.”– Captain, NW(retired)“Reports to NARCAP of UAPobservations and incidents areriddled with this type of commen-tary. Over and over again conser-vative, responsible airmen are heardto say that they fear that theircompetency will be questioned, thattheir careers will suffer, that theywill be humiliated for reportingtheir observations. A serious resultof these fears is inaccurate orincomplete data regarding potentialhazards.”– Ted Roe, ExecutiveDirector of NARCAPRead Ted Roe’s complete reporthere: believe we can start changingthe media’s views by educating thepress with the overwhelming data thatis available and through pressure frompublic opinion. I would like to believethat balanced media reporting could bethe catalyst leading to worldwideacceptance of the reality of UFOs.The November 2006 O’Hareairport story is an example of the pressproviding primetime coverage of theUFO phenomenon. Newspaper colum-nist Jon Hilkevitch of the ChicagoTribune broke the O’Hare story, whichthen spread internationally.Seriously written stories are morelikely to be taken seriously by thepublic.National Aviation Reporting Center onAnomalous Phenomena (NARCAP)Pilots, UFOs, and Job Discrimination?Go to for moreinformation about the National AviationReporting Center on Anomalous Phenom-ena.NARCAP was established in2000, and is dedicated to the advance-ment of aviation safety issues as theyapply to Unidentified Aerial Phenom-ena (UAP).NARCAP is collecting dataregarding aviation community reportsof aerial encounters with lights orobjects that seem inconsistent withknown categories of aircraft andcommon natural phenomena.Pilots and other aviationspecialists often report that theselights or objects closely approachaircraft. Encounters with these UAPhave a demonstrated variety of safetyrelated effects on pilots, crew, cockpitdiscipline and on-board instrumenta-tion. Until these effects are under-stood, and reasonable operatingprocedures are developed, there existsa tangible threat to aviation safety.Comparable issues in the aviationarena include wind shear and othertypes of events with a low frequency ofoccurrence.Though aerial encounters withUAP have been documented at leastsince the 1930s, the aviation industryhas been hesitant about addressing thismatter. Cold War security issues,cultural mythology as well as concernsabout image have prohibited manyaviation executives from pursuing thismatter with more curiosity. Certainlymany cases have gone unreported byaviation professionals for the samereason.
  10. 10. March 200710 MUFON UFO JournalType of report: General SightingDate: December 6, 2006Time: 9:45 AM, ESTLocation: 12 miles SE of LakeLinden, MI (Houghton County)Orb Sighting Near Lake Linden, MichiganBy Lisa A. Shiel, Chief Investigator, Michigan MUFONSighting BackgroundThe sighting was reported to meimmediately after it occurred by thewitness, my mother Kerrie Shiel. I waswith her at the time of sighting, but Idid not see the object. I submitted thesighting report, culled from her hand-written description, via the onlinereporting form on AccountKerrie Shiel had gone out for awalk with her five dogs, husband Walt,and me. We normally take the dogs outfor a walk in the woods each morning.All but one of the dogs were restrainedon retractable leashes. My father ledthe group, handling two of the dogs.My mother followed him, also handlingtwo dogs. I trailed behind her as wetraveled the trail we normally follow onour walks.The sky was overcast, with lightsnow falling. Though a strong windwhipped across the Keweenaw thatday, the woods shielded us from thebrunt of the wind. Only a light breezecould be felt in the woods where wewalked. About four inches of snowblanketed the ground, and the tem-perature hovered around 19° F.At approximately 9:45 AM, mymother spotted an orange ball of lightup ahead of her, hovering over somesmall spruce trees to the northwest ofher position. She stated that she couldtell it was a sphere. She estimates theorb’s apparent size as comparable tothe nail of her little finger when held atarm’s length. Its actual size she esti-mates as equal to that of a tennis ball.The object sparkled “like a disco ball”as she observed it, and she noted thatits light seemed brightest around therim. The orb hovered 5–6 feet off theground, about 100 feet from Kerrie.Upon seeing the orb, she blinkedto make certain she hadn’t caught areflection in her sunglasses, but the orbremained in view. At this point, shewatched the orb dart behind some treesto the right of its original position. Shelost sight of the object when it movedbehind the trees. She estimates thesighting lasted 5 seconds.Immediately after losing sight ofthe object, she turned around to tell mewhat she had seen. I did not see theobject and my father had pulled aheadof us on the trail, out of earshot.When I asked him later, he statedhe neither saw the object nor heardwhen my mother mentioned it.Sighting InvestigationI was present at the time of thesighting. However, by the time myattention was drawn to the vicinitywhere the orb had been, the object hadvanished. I had been looking down atthe ground at the time. My motherstated that she waited a few secondsbefore saying anything because shethought it might have been a reflectionin her sunglasses or a flash in hereyes.However, the sun was behindclouds. No other direct source of lightcould have caused a reflection, andreflections do not move unless thesource of light or the viewer moves.My mother remained stationary duringthe sighting. I also ruled out flashes oflight in her eyes. Several years ago,she underwent cataract surgery inwhich her lenses were replaced withartificial implants. The implants areheld in place by springs. These springscan sometimes reflect light, causing aflash of light inside the eye. She hasexperienced this phenomenon before.When she first saw the orange orb,she blinked to see if the light wouldremain visible with her eyes closed. Itdid not. Also, the flashes from lensAn orb captured by our game camera on November 8, 2006.
  11. 11. 11MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007implants create white lights, notorange.Our dogs either did not notice theorb, or did not react to it. Because wehad the dogs with us, we weren’t ableto investigate the area right away.Later, we returned to the area wherethe sighting had occurred. I took aphotograph of the area. We bothexplored the spot where the orb hadhovered, but saw no physical traces ofany sort.Kerrie Shiel is a 58-year-oldprofessional artist, trained to observeand note details. She is always willingto accept a mundane explanation for aseemingly strange event, if the expla-nation fits with the facts. She has hadnumerous unexplained sightings overher lifetime.I’ve included with this report aphoto of an orange orb, which ourgame camera captured on November8, 2006. My mother stated that this orbis nearly identical to the one she saw.The orb she witnessed sparkled,whereas the orb in the photo is notobviously sparkling. However, it issimilar in color and shape to the oneshe saw. My father—a photographer,electrical engineer, and former AirForce instructor pilot—has examinedthe photos. He could find no mundaneexplanation for the orbs.No weather phenomena couldaccount for the sighting. I also ruledout a hoax or a man-made object asexplanations. I consider this caseunexplainable at this time.Lisa A. Shiel is the Chief Investiga-tor of Michigan MUFON, and Founder/Director of the Michigan Upper PeninsulaBigfoot Organization. Their website is She is theauthor of Backyard Bigfoot: The TrueStory of Stick Signs, UFOs, & theSasquatch and The Human OriginsSeries novels, Books I & II, The Hunt forBigfoot & Lord of the Dead Arizona State UniversityMuseumofAnthropologyispresentingan exhibit, Alien Images: UFOs,Photography and Belief, from March8 through August 15, 2007.Through a series of large photo-graphicprints,projections,moviesandbooks, the exhibit explores the 137-year history of photographic imagespurportedtoshowUnidentifiedFlyingObjects (UFOs) and the rich variety ofinterpretations used to explain them.Since its invention in the mid 19thcentury, photography has been used tocapture evidence of mysteriousphenomena, from spirit entities andunusual creatures to strange things inthe sky. The images are extraordinary,but have to ask is: What are theseimages evidence of? Over the years,all manner of opaque, glowing, spheri-cal, saucerial, and tubular UFOs havebeen caught on film.The idea that photographs can existas documentary evidence of the worldhas made capturing UFOs an impor-tant part of proving their existence.Yet, photographs are not always whatthey seem. A wide variety of interpre-tations have arisen to explain UFOimages.Skeptical explanations include:fraud, misidentification of natural andman-made phenomena or camera/film/print problems. Other explanationsfind evidence for otherworldly reali-ties, including: extraterrestrial craft,secret government technology, angels,inter-dimensionalbeings,time-travelers and deities.See Calendar, page 12, for moreinformation.Alien Images: UFOs,Photography and BeliefActing Curator Scott K. Murphyholds an MA in Cultural Anthropology.Over the past ten years, his researchhas focused on beliefs surroundingotherworldly or sacred photographicimagery as well as non-mainstreamreligious belief systems.The Society for ScientificExploration (SSE, websitewww. a multidisciplinaryprofessional organization ofscientists and other scholarscommitted to studying phenom-ena that cross or are outside ofthe traditional boundaries oftheir disciplines and, for theseor other reasons, are ignoredor studied inadequately. Moregenerally, SSE seeks topromote an improvedunderstanding of the centralrole that anomalies haveplayed in advancing scholarlyknowledge throughout history,and of factors thatunnecessarily limit the scope ofintellectual inquiry such asrestrictive world-views, unrec-ognized theoretical assump-tions, dogmatic approaches tothe interpretationof empirical evidence, andsociological constraints.TheSocietyforScientificExploration
  12. 12. March 200712 MUFON UFO Journal“The one thing we can offer peoplein this field, that nobody else isoffering, is hope. Hope that they canstop this experience.”Alien Abduction Crisis Centers of AmericaThe Alien Abduction Termination Teamwww.aaccoa.orgEstate Planning:Please remember MUFON inyour will. In addition to monetarybequests, you can also donate yourUFO case files, books, periodicals,etc. Don’t let your valuable researchend up at a flea market or estate sale.Please contact MUFON HQ at 970-221-1836formoreinformation.March 8–Aug. 15—Alien Images:UFOs, Photography and Belief.Photographic Exhibit at Arizona StateUniversity, Tempe, AZ.; (See articleon page 11.)April 13–15—19thAnnual OzarkUFO Conference. Inn of the Ozarks,Eureka Spring, AR. Featuring LindaMoulton Howe, Timothy Good,Wendelle Stevens, Dr. ClaudeSwanson, Grant Cameron, NancyTalbott, and others to be added.501-354-2558;; 21—Remote Viewing Confer-ence. Mystic Lake Casino, Shakopee,MN. Focused on the 1953 KinrossIncident. For information, contact TimWhiteagle, .May 18–19—McMenamins UFOFestival. McMenimins Hotel,McMinnville, OR. 503-472-8427; 9–10—ParaCon Conference.Milford, CT. Contact Jon at 203-2247-0310 or at; 6–8—10thAnnual Roswell UFOFestival. Roswell Museum & ArtCenter, Roswell, NM. Featuring NickRedfern, Peter Robbins, Guy Malone,Richard Dolan, John Greenewald Jr,Steven Bassett, Dr. Michael S. Heiser,John Lear, John Rhodes, 10–12—MUFON InternationalUFO Symposium. Marriott DenverTech Center, Denver, CO. Theme:“An Estimate of the Situation: TheExtraterrestrial Hypothesis.” Speak-ers: Stanton Friedman, Richard Dolan,Kathleen Marden, John Greenewald,Sam Maranto, Timothy Good, MichaelNelson, Robert Salas, unique, important studyAnimal Reactions toUFOsBy Joan Woodward$14.00 in the U.S.$16.00 elsewhereMUFON, P.O. Box 279,Bellvue, CO 80512-0279World’s Best UFO CasesBy Dwight ConnellyOrder from MUFON Headquarters,the website, or from theauthor at 14026 Ridgelawn Road,Martinsville, IL 62442. $9.95 plus $2.00shipping (single or multiple copies).Books...BookReviewersNeeded!Do you like toread UFObooks?Can you write an objectivebook review?Please email ifyou would like to review UFOrelated books for the MUFONJournal.Visit the MUFONStore online
  13. 13. 13MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007Compete in three categories: one forState Directors and Assistant StateDirectors, one for current MUFONMembers, and the ‘everyone wins’Lifetime Member recruitment category. Thewinner of each category will receive their2007 MUFON Symposium registration feepaid and a room for three nights at theDenver Marriott Tech Center. TheSymposium is being held in Denver,Colorado from August 10–12, 2007. Allcontests run from Jan. 1, 2007 throughMay 30, 2007.MUFONismembershipdriven.Byrecruit-ing new members we can continue to pro-vide leadership in solving the UFO mystery.NOTE for all three contests: The ac-counting of new members is critical. All newmembers you recruit must be identified asyours on their application for membership(paper or internet) by including your namein the “Recommended By” field. Member-ship fees must be included. Renewal of ex-isting MUFON International membershipsdoes not apply toward the contest.Speaker Lineup as of MarchStanton FriedmanRichard DolanKathleen MardenJohn GreenewaldMichael NelsonSam MarantoRobert SalasTimothy Friedman38th Annual International MUFON SymposiumAn Estimate of the Situation: The Extraterrestrial HypothesisAugust 10–12, 2007Denver, ColoradoRichard Dolan John GreenewaldTimothy GoodContest for MUFON State and AssistantState DirectorsTo qualify, you must increase existingmembership in your state or state area (CA,NC, TN, WA) by at least 7 new membersoverthatof2006.StateDirectorsweremaileda listing of their current members in Decem-ber. Forexample,ifyourstatehas10MUFONInternational members as of December 31,2006, you will have to increase your mem-bership during the contest period by at least7 new members to a total of 17. The MOSTnew members above the minimum, as notedabove, will be the winner of the contest. (Ifthere is a tie, the first one to reach the win-ning number will be the Contest winner.)ContestforallMUFONMembersexcluding State/Assistant State DirectorsTo qualify, you must be a MUFON mem-ber in good standing (membership current).The individual who recruits the most newmembers greater than five (5) from January1, 2007 to May 30, 2007 will be declared thewinner. (If there is a tie, the first one to reachthe winning number will be the Contestwinner.)LifetimeMemberContest(opentoallMUFONmembers)Any MUFON member who recruits three(3) new ‘Life Time’ Members for $1000 eachwill receive paid Symposium fees and a roomfor two at the Denver Marriott for threenights.Monthly contest tallies will be includedin MUFON UFO Journal with names andnumber of new members recruited by StateDirectors, Assistant State Directors andMUFON members. Winners will be an-nounced in the July MUFON UFO Journal.Awards will be presented at the 2007MUFON Symposium. MUFON is very ex-cited about this opportunity for all MUFONmembers to participate in this exciting NEWMembership Contest. Membership is vitalto our organization.Good luck! We will see some of you atthe 2007 Symposium in Denver.2007 MUFON Membership ContestsRobert Salas
  14. 14. March 200714 MUFON UFO JournalFiler’s FilesFiler’s FilesFiler’s FilesFiler’s FilesFiler’s FilesBy George FilerDirector, MUFON Eastern RegionNote: These reports are presented in or-der to keep readers informed of some of thevast number of sightings being reported.However, these cases have not been officiallyinvestigated, unless noted.Arkansas Colonel Reports Lights“Not of this World”VAN BUREN—A retired Air Force colo-nel photographed mysterious colorfullights hovering over western Arkansaslast week. “I believe these lights werenot of this world, and I feel a duty andresponsibility to come forward,” saidCol. Brian Fields, who spent nearly 32years in the military piloting F-16 fighterjets. “I have no idea what they were.”Fields, 61, was cooking on January 9when just before 7 PM, he observed twointensely bright lights as he looked to thesoutheast close to the horizon. Theyhung in the sky for ten minutes or more.Officials now claim the lights were mili-tary flares.Filer’s Note: They may have beenflares, but as a member of the 188thFighter Wing, Col. Fields must have seenmany during his career. “I’m certain itwasn’t an aircraft from earth,” saidFields, who also ruled out the possibilityof flares, but it seems an F-16 pilotwould know what they look like.California UFO Sightings ContinueAlisoViejo—Thisisthethirdsightingof this orb I’ve seen in the last twomonths. This last one was on February6, 2007, at 11:37 PM. The object lookslike an orb that glows an amber color. Itvaries in brightness from strongsustained light to low flashes. It traveledfrom the east at a steady heading withoutvariance from the horizon west towardsAliso Viejo. All the while it changedintensity of glow. It flew overSaddleback Mountain and hovered forabout a minute as the orb flashedrandomly with greater intensity. Then itheaded due north very rapidly and wasout of view in seconds. It had no flashinglights and no noise. This is not a typicalflight pattern for Long Beach or LosAngles. Thanks to Brian Vike,Director HBCC UFO Research. http://www.hbccufo.comHawaii Cylinder UFO SeenOver South ShoreHONOLULU—Andrew Pereiraswrites, “It’s hard to draw a surfer’s at-tention away from the next wave, butwhatever was in the southwest sky Fri-day evening, January 26, 2007, around6:20 PM, drew a crowd along KewaloBasin and Ala Moana Beach Park. Ho-nolulu resident Peter Hollingworth de-scribed what he and many others sawas two lights circling in the sky, about 45degrees above the horizon. Video of oneof the lights was recorded from theKHON 2 SkyCam. “These two littlefireballs with a stream behind it,” saidHollingworth. “Looked kind of like ashooting star but it just kept going. Theychanged directions a few times, at firstit was coming in then it turned, then itwent out then it came back in again.”Hollingworth was surfing with his 12-year-old son when the unexpected showbegan.“I was a little concerned. I told him comeover and sit with me. This might be thelast surf session we ever have togetherbecause this thing’s coming straight forHonolulu. It looked deadly to me.” TheNational Weather Service says nothingshowed up on their radar at the time of thesighting and the FAA didn’t reportanything unusual. The U.S. militaryconducted a missile defense test offKauai Friday evening but the test didn’tbegin until 7:20 PM. “This in a sense is anunidentified flying object,” said Univer-sity of Hawaii astronomy professorGareth Wynn-Williams. “It’s something inthe sky that’s moving that we haven’tidentified.” Thanks to KHON Unusual Pattern ofLights MergeBloomingdale—I saw somethingunusual on my drive home from workon Lake Street on January 29, 2007, at4:00 PM. I work near O’Hare Airportand I’m an aviation enthusiast. Just pastBloomingdale Avenue, I noticed what atfirst I thought to be a plane headingnortheast on final approach to O’Hare.Its lights were flashing in an alternatingpattern—unlike any commercialairliner—with a smaller flashing red lighton top of the object.Then four to five more white lightsilluminated sequentially from right to leftalong the same horizontal plane betweenwhat I considered the “wing tip” lightsand they began to flash intermittently aswell! That is something that I have neverseen a commercial airplane do! I decidedto pull off and turn around and lost sightGeorge Filer
  15. 15. 15MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007of it. Thanks to Brian Vike, DirectorHBCC UFO Research. http://www.hbccufo.comRound Lake—I was driving homefrom work and saw a big round disc-shaped object just hovering for about 15minutes on January 30, 2007, at 6:42 PM.I pulled into my garage, grabbed mycameras and drove around the area andtook video and pictures. There were twocraft to the southwest of me, one largeand one small, about 5–7 miles fromwhere I was and a mile high. I caughton video one large, bright, round/discshaped object with a smaller disc-shapedobject flashing different colored lightsthat slowly moved toward the largerobject, then merged into one and shotoff into space in about one second. Inmy video I caught both objects as thesmaller one was moving toward thelarger one. Then I was trying to focusand move closer when it disappeared.So I did not capture them leaving theearth. Thanks to Brian Vike, DirectorHBCC UFO Research. http://www.hbccufo.comLouisiana Large Group of ObjectsWest Central Louisiana—OnFebruary 2, 2007, at about 11 AM, aswe left the post office I noticed a largegroup of objects in the sky. They wereunder the high clouds but between thehigher ones and the thin ones floating ata lower level. For the most part theydidn’t appear to be moving forward butrather setting in one spot, maybe movingup a little. In the middle of these possiblytwenty or more objects were ones adifferent color, the outer ones appearedblack and the inside ones orangish red.They were too large to be birds, and myhusband thought they were parachutes,but they were climbing in altitude andwithin a few seconds were out of sightabove the clouds. There was no soundof engines and what I could see of theirshape they were not airplanes orparachutes. The red ones looked likesquares connected with yellow tubes.Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCCUFO Research. http://www.hbccufo.comMaine Silver Oval-Shaped CraftANSON—Brian Vike, HBCC UFOreports, “I telephoned the gentlemanover his sighting on January 21, 2007 andhad a wonderful conversation with theman. He also told me he has had somemissing time experiences and his storywas really amazing to say the least.”Three witnesses spotted an oval-shaped object over a small pond at theintersection of Rt. 234 and the Horse-back Road in a rural area of Maine aboutsix miles from the nearest town. Thewitness reports, “My former fianceOlivia, who was driving, her motherHelen, and I were headed to the townof Anson, as we took a right turn ontothe horseback road, Helen, who rarelycurses, said loudly, “What the hell isthat!” She was sitting in the rear driver’sside seat. I was in the passenger seat.Olivia stopped the vehicle, and I lookedout the driver’s window.“Sitting perfectly still in the sky wasa huge—about 300 feet long—silveroval-shaped something! It looked to beless than 1000 feet away and was about50 feet thick. The top of this thing had areddish glow, and the whole thing hadmarkings or corrugations on it and re-minded me of the old Jiffypop popcorndome. This thing made no noise and didnot move while we were watching.There were no control surfaces or anykind of cabin or gondola visible, and Icould see the entire length of it, no ropesor wires either. The vehicle remainedrunning and no electrical disturbancewas noticed. After about three minutesOlivia’s vehicle started rolling, a smallstand of evergreens blocked our viewfor about ten seconds and when wecould see the sky again the thing wasgone.“The next day, I drove past the littlepond and noticed a round hole in the ice,where the thing had been hovering. I alsonoticed a rash on the side of my bodythat burned and itched for several days;it also hurt, like I had been kicked. Italked to people in the area about thissighting and one friend said that he andhis sister saw something just like it atthe same location three years before.Others have seen different things also.I have also had multiple sightings at dif-ferent times as well as two incidentswith missing time.” Thanks to BrianVike, HBCC UFO Research. .Virginia Orange LightFranklin—On Tuesday, January 23,2007, at 7:40 PM, I spotted a brightorange light in the eastern sky, andpointed it out to my son. We drovetoward the object and I stopped in theroad to have a safer look. The light wasmoving and had three lights underneaththe same distance apart that were verybig. All were the same color, no pulsing,or color changing, and they were set ina triangle pattern that was flyingbackwards—the two side-by-side lightswere leading, with the “tip” bringing upthe rear. It flew slowly without sound.It would take a nickel held out at arm’slength to cover just one of the 3 lights.So, just when the object was about topass overtop of me, a car came upbehind me so I had to move and turnedaround, stopped and found it easily as itmade its way in the same diagonal trek.I sat there maybe 30 more seconds as itgrew smaller in the distance. I contactedthe papers and WAVY TV-10, whichturned out to be a dead end.Washington Chevron Turns toIntercept a JetBallard—It was midnight on January28, 2007, and standing on my porch Ilooked up to notice a large hang gliderwith soft lights on each wing. The craftwas flying gracefully and tilted to showFiler’s FilesContinued from page 14
  16. 16. March 200716 MUFON UFO Journalthe underside of the craft. I could thensee the craft’s chevron shape and evenlyspaced soft lights on the bottom of thewings. It moved off toward the west andgained altitude and into a heavier cloud.There was more than a half-moon out,just above the UFO. I could see thebrightest stars in the sky as well as adimly-lit group of stars formed in anirregular-shaped diamond pattern justbelow the moon. I noticed a jet flyingnorth five miles west. It appeared thecraft was attempting to intercept the jet.The craft was completely silent. I livenorth of Sea-Tac Airport and the soundsof the planes are easily identifiable.Compared to a modern fighter aircraft, Iwould guess it was similar in size. Oncethe craft tilted I could see its thickness,the rear of the craft, the height and widthappeared to be the same. The sightinglasted around 7 seconds. There werethree soft lights per “wing” on the UFO.The jet in the background had muchbrighter and white lights. I could onlydescribe it as a chevron-shaped flyingcraft. Thanks to Peter Davenport,Director. www.ufocenter.comArgentina: Luminous ObjectSANTA ISABEL—Chaves LuisAlberto Lopez, 41, lives in Santa Isabel,located some 300 km west of SantaRosa and carries out rural duties at theLa Loma Alta ranch near that town, ina region known as La Puntilla. In midDecember 2006, due to the intense sum-mer heat, he decided to sleep outdoors,in the backyard of his house. At 0200hrs. he heard the whining of his dog,sleeping nearby, and other animals,prompting him to wake up and see theflight of a luminous UFO over the ani-mal pens located near his house. Theobject had three lights around it—onewhite, one yellow and another blue.The luminous object flooded hishouse with light, projected an intensewhite light over an area of approximately50 meters, issuing almost imper-ceptible whistling sound, like that of awire in the wind. The light moved overthe animal pens, lighting them from analtitude calculated at some 50/80 meters,moving at a given time to some 200meters from the house, where hoveredfor three minutes before vanishing.Lopez believes that the light he saw wasindeed a UFO. Report from Raul OscarCIUFOS-LAPAMPA, Journal of His-panic Ufology (Translation (c) S.Corrales, IHU.)Chile Mothership UFOVideo Stirs NationAngol—Raul Gajardo Leopold’slatest video recording on February 8,2007, in which he claims that his sonpicked up an UFO in the first few daysof February, was seen throughout theentire country after the video was airedduring a newscast on the Megavisionnetwork. The UFO was witnessed byfour other people besides himself after11 PM. The Ufologist added that theUFO was a large, orange, cylinder-shaped object, similar to a pencil, thatlay horizontally in the sky, having awhitish light at its core with reddish dotson either end, and that two smallerspherical objects were launched upwardand downward at a given moment.Several UFOs can be seen on a dailybasis over Chile. Thanks to translation(c) 2007. S. Corrales, IHU. The Journalof Hispanic Ufology, Raul Nunez,IIEE.England: Archway UFO Video—You DecideLondon—The Islington Gazettereports, “We have extraordinary videofootage giving firsthand evidence of theArchway UFO phenomenon whichbrought the area to a standstillFebruary 7, 2007. Here’s YOURchance to decide whether aliens wereactually hovering over Archway—orwhether there was a more innocentexplanation. Amateur cameraman JohnZimmerman, of Bredgar Road,Archway, filmed the spectacle ofaround 15 orange lights that spreadpanic among passersby who witnessedit at around 5:30 PM on January 31.Now YOU can judge for the film clip at for “Archway UFO video.”Poland: Dozens of Triangular UFOsWarsaw—On January 20, 2007,between 1–2 AM, about 17 unidentifiedtriangular objects appeared in the skyabove Polish capital city district ofSluzec. Mrs. Jolanta Z. saw triangularobjects scattered in the sky for over anhour, slowly rising up and finallydisappearing. At about 1:15 AM thewoman, living near the airport Okecie,woke up to smoke a cigarette. Shenoticed the strange behavior of 17 or 18identical objects in shape of isoscelestriangles scattered in the sky with their“beaks” pointing east. One triangle wasthree times bigger than the smallerobjects. Each triangle possessed 3 redlights located in the corners, with a lineof bluish point lights connecting the redones. She called the NPN organizationhotline, leaving two voice messagescontaining the story of the sighting. Thewoman also mentioned strange behaviorof her cats and dog. When she went onthe balcony along with her animals theybecame scared; her dog began barking.She wasn’t able to get a photo of thephenomenon. Thanks to NPN - and P.Cielebia?:NOL - Eastern European UFOJournal.’s FilesContinued from page 15MUFON MembersMessage Boardmufonmembers.proboards55.comPassword: Hynek1947(case sensitive)
  17. 17. 17MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007Field Investigator’s CornerMUFONField Investigators ManualThe official Mutual UFO Networkguidelines for in-depth UFOinvestigationPrice includes shipping/handling:Member U.S. or Canada: $28.50Non-MemberU.S.orCanada$38.50Member Foreign: $49.50Non-Member Foreign: $59.50Order online CMS Ranking ReportChuck ReeverMUFON Director of InvestigationsHere is February’s CMS Rank-ing Report for all State Directors.Congratulations to Bland Pugh(Florida), Donald R. Burleson(New Mexico), Kenneth E. Cherry(Texas) for being 1st, 2nd and 3rdrespectively in the month of Febru-ary. The top 10 State Directors arehighlightedinyellow.The report is based on our twomeasures of UFO Investigationeffectiveness: 1) Assigning reportswithin 48 hours of receipt, and 2)Completingallinvestigationswithin60 days of being assigned. TheAssigned column is a six-monthrunning average of the number ofcases assigned within 48 hoursdivided by the total number of casesreceived in that six month period.The Completedcolumn is thenumber of cases completed beginningsixty-two (62) days back and goingback six months from there (for atotal of eight months back) divided bythe total number of cases reported inthe same period. The WeightedRank is just the average of the twocolumns expressed as a percent.State Directors can improvetheir scores by being sure to assignall cases within 48 hours, and follow-up with their Field Investigators toensure all reports are completedwithin 60 days. To be consideredcomplete a report must have beeninvestigated and placed in one of thethree completed status codes (Un-known, Hoax or IFO) by the StateDirector.If anyone has any questions orneeds help with their investigationsplease contact me at 530-414-4341or 530-582-8339 or via email State Director Weighted Assigned CompletedRank (50/50)1 Florida Bland Pugh 87 % 55/74 76/762 New Mexico Donald R. Burleson 85 % 15/21 12/123 Texas Kenneth E. Cherry 80 % 19/30 35/364 Kansas Thomas H. Nicholl 77 % 5/9 5/55 Oklahoma Charles L. Pine 75 % 6/12 15/156 Washington Laurence Childs 70 % 6/15 12/127 South Carolina Cheryl Ann Gilmore 70 % 2/5 4/48 Tennessee Kim Shaffer 61 % 2/9 4/49 Nevada Mark Easter 53 % 6/30 21/2410 Illinois Samuel Maranto 51 % 8/32 15/1911 Iowa Jim King 50 % 0/2 4/412 Colorado Leslie H. Varnicle 49 % 41/49 8/5113 Oregon Thomas Bowden 48 % 10/23 7/1314 California Georgeanne Cifarelli 46 % 37/63 16/4815 North Carolina James (Jim) Sutton, Sr. 44 % 3/14 35/5216 Georgia Walter Sheets 41 % 12/23 4/1317 Hawaii Puuloa M. Teves 37 % 1/4 2/418 Nebraska John C. Kasher 37 % 0/4 3/419 Utah Elaine Douglass/Ronald S. Regehr 31 % 2/8 3/820 New Jersey George A. Filer, III 28 % 4/15 4/1321 Indiana Jerry L. Sievers 25 % 2/23 9/2122 Massachusetts Greg S. Berghorn 23 % 0/13 6/1323 Maryland Bruce S. Maccabee 21 % 0/12 3/724 Vermont Dan Lavilette 21 % 3/7 0/525 Michigan William J. Konkolesky 20 % 8/59 13/4726 Washington Gerald E. Rolwes 20 % 1/4 1/627 Wisconsin David J. Watson 18 % 2/7 1/1228 California Ruben J. Uriarte 16 % 10/49 5/4229 New York James G. Bouck, Jr. 12 % 7/28 0/2630 Minnesota Richard D. Moss 11 % 1/11 2/1531 Rhode Island Janet L. Bucci 0 % 0/4 0/332 Ohio William Edward Jones 0 % 0/28 0/2233 Kentucky Earle T. Benezet 0 % 0/10 0/534 Virginia Susan L. Swiatek 0 % 0/12 0/935 Delaware Ralph P. Flegal 0 % 0/1 0/136 Tennessee Mark D. Gilley 0 % 0/5 0/337 Wyoming Richard Beckwith 0 % 0/4 0/638 Arkansas Norman D. Walker 0 % 0/4 0/639 Missouri Bruce A. Widaman 0 % 0/16 0/1640 New Hampshire Peter R. Geremia 0 % 0/8 0/1041 Alaska J. Glen Harper 0 % 0/1 0/142 Idaho Robert Gates 0 % 0/4 0/343 Pennsylvania Wayne G. Gracey 0 % 0/22 0/2044 Alabama William H. Weeks 0 % 0/6 0/745 Connecticut Anastasia Wietrzychowska 0 % 0/7 0/446 Arizona George C. Parks 0 % 0/25 0/2347 North Dakota Jeffrey L. Wachter 0 % 0/2 0/2
  18. 18. March 200718 MUFON UFO JournalA UFO experience evokes manyemotions that are hard to explain.Those who have never had a UFOexperience cannot understand theexhilarating, exciting, powerful,frightening, incredible feelings fromactually encountering or viewing aUFO. My first UFO encounter in2003—at the age of eleven—changedthe very way I look at our planet andlife in general.My First SightingIt was a normal, cold and unevent-ful night November 7, 2003. I wasonly eleven years old, but I could tellthe difference between a regularevent and an irregular event and I wasabout to experience the most irregularevent of my life. Two friends werevisiting me at my house that night. Wewere inside escaping the cold winterweather, and did not step outside untilaround five minutes to eight. As wewaited for my friend’s mum to pickhim up at 8 PM, we talked casually.Standing at the top of my steepdriveway, I looked over toward ahouse at the bottom of the street,situated only a few meters away fromme. The house was completely normalbut what was hovering above it wasnot. There was one bright orange lightin a stationary position above thehouse. At that point I did not alert myfriends; instead I simply dismissed it asa star because I could think of nothingelse it could be.I ignored it until I noticed it movingtowards us at quite a slow rate ofspeed. The time was now approxi-mately 8 P.M.. The orange light camecloser and closer until it was rightabove us. As I looked up I noticed thatthis was not a single light—it was alarge triangular-shaped craft withthree orange lights at each corner ofthe triangle and one large single lightthat was bigger than the other three inthe dead centre of the black body ofthe craft. I knew that I was looking atsomething very irregular indeed.None of us spoke much while wewere observing the craft; we had noidea what we were seeing. Afterobserving the craft for a few seconds Idecided I should get a camera and takea photograph of the unknown object.Quickly I ran into my house, fixated ongetting a photograph of the incrediblephenomenon that was literally rightoutside the front door. I ran directly tomy bedroom and grabbed the camera.As I approached the front door, one ofmy friends was shouting to hurry up,the craft was nearly gone.I scanned for the triangle, noticingthe orange lights near a heavilywooded area next to my house. By thetime I hit the button to take whatwould have been a truly mind-blowingphotograph, the view of the object wasobscured by the trees. At the time Ithought I had got the triangle but laterwhen I inspected the photograph,absolutely nothing was visible. I wasjust not prepared for something soincredible to fly directly over me.A few moments after the crafthad disappeared my friend’s mumarrived. All three of us told her aboutthe triangle and asked if she hadperhaps seen it but she said she hadnot seen anything unusual. I don’tthink any of our parents took usseriously, but to this day I know that Isaw something that I can say withcertainty I cannot begin to explain.The Young InvestigatorBy Sam WilleyMy name is Sam Willey. I am a15-year-old boy living in northeasternEngland. I have been experiencing andresearching UFO phenomena sincemy first sighting, and have become anactively involved member of the UFOcommunity. I write articles anddocument my own sightings on theinternet via some of the largest UFOwebsites, including and Dirk VanderPloeg’s I alsowrite monthly articles for UFOMagazine in the United States,published by Bill and Nancy Birnes.My own UFO website,, has beenrunning for over a year and has gaineda lot of support over that period oftime. I have gradually expanded thesite to include a database of UFOreports, my own sightings, an archiveof the latest UFO news, research onhistoric UFO cases and much moreUFO-related content and media. Whyis this subject so important to me?Read the article for my story.Only 15, already a seasoned UFO observer
  19. 19. 19MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007Other Strange ExperiencesSince the encounter with thetriangle I have had many other strangeexperiences with flying craft and havecaught some of these events on video.The encounter with the triangle leftme quite upset but at the same timecurious about what I had seen. Look-ing for answers, I did a Google searchfor “flying triangles” and discoveredreports of triangular-shaped UFOs,some matching my report almostperfectly.The most intriguing image was thephotograph of the Belgium Triangle.Unlike reports almost were identicalto what I had seen, the BelgiumTriangle UFO perfectly matched whatI had seen that night in November2003. When I discovered that thou-sands of people had been seeing theseblack triangles, I felt shocked and yetreassured. Shocked because I had noidea these sorts of things were evenbeing sighted, and reassured because Inow knew that I was not alone, thatmy friends and I had witnessed aglobal phenomenon.As the months passed I graduallybecame more and more aware of theUFO subject, learning that there werethousands upon thousands of reportsof strange activity from all around theworld. It was amazing how manypeople had actually witnessed a UFO.I began to go outside regularly and skywatch, waiting for the next UFO tocome along. I observed other strangeoccurrences, including an encounterwith a light ball UFO and two strangeevents involving fighter jets andUFOs. For all who are interestedthose cases are documented in fulldetail on my website.For two full years I read UFOdocuments and had sightings of myown and then began to write and voicemy own views and also to documentsome of my very own encounters. In2005 I began my website, The site wasfree and very small to begin with, butin 2006, I expanded it into a fully-paid-for database of UFO information thatincluded Sighting Reports, Video Files,UFO News and loads more content.To date I have videotaped a totalof nine UFO events that I cannotlogically explain, some right here in theUnited Kingdom and others in interna-tional locations. Some of the events Ihave witnessed can probably beexplained—after all 95% of allsightings have a logical explanation—however, I am positive that most ofthe UFOs I have seen cannot beexplained as something conventionalor as some kind of weather phenom-ena.Another Triangular UFOAnother bizarre event involving atriangular UFOs occurred on Hallow-een Night of 2006 at 9:30 P.M.. Thedate was quite fitting considering thestrange appearance and motion of theUFO. The setting was the same as theNovember 2003 encounter, cold andvery frosty. I was in my back yardsky-watching, as I often do. I waslooking up at the crystal clear skywhen I looked over towards my nextdoor neighbor’s house. There seemedto be a red flashing light in the dis-tance. I dismissed this light straightaway as an aeroplane light because Iam aware that planes have a flashingred beacon turned on during night timeflight. I listened to music with my iPod,totally oblivious at this point as to whatthe flying craft was.A few seconds later I scanned thesky where I had seen the flashing lightand noticed the light had now turnedand was coming towards my location.As the craft came rapidly closer, Inoticed that it was not a red flashinglight but a amber pulsating light. Thestrange pulsating motion of the amber-colored light set off the UFO alarmbells in my head. I am not aware ofany known aircraft which has pulsatingorange lights and neither is the RAF(who I later contacted).I picked up my Sony Handycamvideo camera and pressed the recordbutton straight away. I was quiteoverwhelmed with the emotions I wasfeeling at this point, feeling extremelyexcited about the pulsating light. Asthe craft came even closer, mysuspicions were confirmed that thisthing was definitely not “normal.” As ittook a position nearly right over myhead, I noticed that there was not onlyone pulsating amber light but threeseparate lights. These three lightswere positioned in a perfect triangularformation, confirming that this was ablack triangle like I had seen inNovember 2003. It felt like time wasrepeating itself. Although I was aimingmy camera at the craft, absolutelynothing was appearing in theviewfinder. I was getting quite worriedas my view of the triangle would soonbe obscured by the trees, just likebefore.There were two other strangedetails about this incident, the firstbeing the motion in which the craftwas moving. You would expect atriangular-shaped plane to move withthe point of the triangle in the directionof travel, however the triangle I sawwas going in a more sideways direc-tion.The triangle was also emitting astrange sound, unlike anything I haveever heard before—sort of a mixturebetween the sound of an aeroplaneand a hover craft. It was a very lightsound, barely but surely discernible.The craft was moving away and Istill did not have the triangle in theviewfinder of the camera.. It was thenonly a matter of seconds until the viewof the craft was obscured by the trees.At this point I realized what was wrongwith the camera: the camera’s lens capContinued on page 21
  20. 20. March 200720 MUFON UFO JournalPhPhPhPhPhyyyyysicalsicalsicalsicalsicalTTTTTrrrrracesacesacesacesacesBy Ted PhillipsStructures and ArtifactsSimilar to the MoonshaftPart FourOver the past few years I havefound reports that might indicate theMoonshaft is not a singular artifact.The following text presents possibili-ties of similar structures/artifacts inthe geographic area. Investigationis underway at present to obtainadditional information.Ancient UFO Legends of RussiaDr. Valery Uvarov of the NationalSecurity Academy located in St.Petersburg, Russia, has presentedpapers related to events in his country,suchasthefollowing:“As the legends passed on byword of mouth testify, in the remoteperiod when everything began, thearea was inhabited by a small numberof Tungus nomads. Once upon a time,their distant neighbors saw that theirland was suddenly wrapped in impen-etrable darkness and the surroundingswere shaken by a deafening roar. Ahurricane of unseen force arose andthe land was riven by mighty blows.Lightning crossed the sky in all direc-tions. When everything calmeddownandthedarknessdispersed,anunprec-edentedsightmetthenomads’eyes.Inthemidstofthescorchedland,glowinginthesun,stoodatallverticalstructurethatwas visible at a distance of manydays’ journey.“For a long time, the structuregave out unpleasant, ear-splittingnoisesandgraduallydiminishedinheightuntilitdisappearedunderthegroundaltogether.In placeofthetallstructuretherewasanimmense,yawning,vertical“orifice.”Inthestrange words of the legends, itconsisted of three tiers of “laughingchasms.” Its depths supposedlycontained an underground countrywith its own sun that was, however,“waning.” A choking stench rose fromthe orifice, and so no one settled nearit. From a distance, people couldsometimes see a “rotating island”appear above the opening, and thisthenprovidedits“banginglid.”“Centuries went by. Life wenton as before. One day a smallearthquake occurred and the skywas pierced by a thin “fiery whirl-wind.” At the top of it, a dazzlingfireball appeared. Accompanied by“a succession of four thunderclaps”and leaving behind a trail of fire, thissphere shot off along a shallowdownwardtrajectoryand,aftervanishingbeyondthehorizon,ex-ploded.Decadeslater,these eventsrepeatedthemselveswiththefireballsdisappearinginthesamedirection.”I have contacted Dr. Uvarov formore details. His description was verysimilar to the Moonshaft as describedby Antonin Horak many years later.Tatra Mountains Event in 1662After my second trip to Slovakia Ihappened across an article written byPolish author and researcher RobertLesniakiewicz about the Jordanow testsite built by the Germans in 1939. Asthe site was quite close to the locationof the Moonshaft cavern I contactedRobert and we have been in closecontact since. Roberttoldmeofhistoricaldocumentsrelatingtoanunusualeventthattookplace in theTatra Mountains in 1662.On August 6, 1662, a large objectcame from the north, over Poland, andcrashed into pieces near the peak ofMt. Slavkosky. The impact, which tookplace at noon, made a strong ‘earth-quake’ which destroyed houses 15miles away in Poprad, Spisska Bela,Kezmarok and other localities on thesouthern slopes of the Tatra Moun-tains. Villagers reached the site andcarried remains from the site to a smallvillagenearthebaseoftheTatrasandburiedthemthere.Obviouslythiswillbeinvestigated on my next trip to theregion. After the recovery of pieces ofthe object a large number of thoseliving in the area died from physicaleffects quite like radiation exposure.NaziActivityintheAreaRoberthaspassedalonginformationontheJordanowtestsiteandtheactivities of the SS in that area. I quotefromthatinformation:“Jordanow,theBeskidyMountainsand the entire region between Krakow
  21. 21. 21MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007The Tatras border Poland andSlovakiaand Zakopane, on what is now theborder between Poland and Slovakia,fell to the Nazis in the early days ofthe war. On September 6, 1939, theGermanFourteenthArmy,underFieldMarshallWilhelmvonList,capturedZakopaneandJordanow. Within aweek, for reasons never explained, thearea was placed under the directcontrol of the SS.“ThearearemainedunderNaziruleuntilthearrivalofSovietRussianforcesin January 1945.“Robert Lesniakiewicz inter-viewedformersoldiersoftheArmiaKrajowa who had fought the Ger-mans. They saw the SS mining foruraniumoxideintheBeskidyMoun-tains near Jordanow.“The Zarnowka and Grzechyniabuildings and bunkers were built bylocalpeasantsandRussian,UkrainianandItalianP.O.W.s.Robert’smother-in-lawwasa prisoner in Grzechniya in1943.“The SS and, in particular theirleader, Reichsfuhrer-SS HeinrichHimmler,tookakeeninterestinJordanowanditsenvirons.Numerousuraniumoxidemineswere opened andworked between April 1940 andNovember 1944. Himmler also testedseveral Nazi “wonder weapons” inthe region.“HimmlervisitedZakopanetwice, once in the winter of 1939–1940 andagainin1943.Apparently,HimmlerhadsenttheSStoJordanowona“magical mission.”“Accordingtolocallegend,thereisanentrancetoAgharta,orInterterra(alsoknown as the UndergroundWorld) located on the southwesternslope of Mount Babia Gora, justacross the border in Slovakia.“Himmler sent several dozenspeleological expeditions to the TatraMountains and the Beskidy Mountains,as well as to the Slovakian, Czech andHungarian mountains. He was espe-cially interested in the Domica-BaradiaCave in theSlovakian-Hungarianborderland.Hehopedtofindtheen-trancetoShamballah,but did not find it.“The SS searched for the entrancetoAghartaonMountBabiaGoraandatthe Half Moon Cave in ByelanskyeTatra.”The question is: how would theSS have known about the HalfMoon Cave several years beforeAntonin Horak was hidden in it?My trips to Slovakia havegiven me many interesting storiesof strange observations by thoseliving in and around the TatraMountains: Stories of odd blue-white flames rising from themountains, small white globesflying slowly near the ground andapproaching locals in tiny villages.These people are farmers andsheep herders who have little newsfrom the outside world. I havereceived numerous reports ofdevices very much like those frommore populated areas around theworld.I contacted Michael Cremo, theauthor of Forbidden Archeology,giving him a brief summary of myMoonshaft project. He gave me leadsto reports he had received and two ofspecial interest will be presented inPart Five of this report in next month’sissue.was on! By then it was too late; thecraft was gone.I only viewed the craft for around50 seconds—a very quick sighting—but I will probably remember that 50seconds on October 31, 2006, forever.I was happy to have seen anothertriangular-shaped UFO but angry withmyself for not being prepared for theevent. Since then I have removed thelens cap from my camera so that nexttime I will be ready. I just hope thatthere is a next time.The next day, November 1, 2006, Icontacted the nearest Royal Air Forcebase (RAF Leeming) and told theoperator about my experience. Shelistened to what I had to say and Ithought she handled my report verywell indeed. When I mentioned thatthe lights on the UFO were amber, shesaid, “RAF Leeming has no aircraftthat have any kind of amber light.”She told me there was no way to tell ifany aircraft were in my vicinity at thetime. My report was then passed on tothe Ministry of Defence. About amonth later I received a letter fromthe MOD stating that nobody elsereported the craft and that they couldnot give me an explanation as to whatI saw that night.Searching for the TruthI am very much dedicated to theresearch about UFOs and am verypassionate about finding out theanswers and the truth. I feel alone inmy age group at times because othersof my age are not as accepting of thereality of UFOs as I am. At school Ihave tried to bring up the subject of thepossibility of life on other planets andUnidentified Flying Objects but nodiscussion has ever come of it. Theonly response I have ever received isSam Willey:The Young InvestigatorContinued from page 19Continued on page 22
  22. 22. March 200722 MUFON UFO JournalDirector’s Message...(Continued from page 2)New Episodes of The Black VaultRadio every TUESDAY and THURS-DAY night! www.blackvault.com2006 Symposium Proceedingsand DVDsEvery year since 1971, MUFONhas published the proceedings ofthe annual MUFON InternationalUFO Symposium.Heads UPwhich many debunkers are affiliated,has officially changed its name to CSIwhich now stands for the Committeefor Skeptical Inquiry. It is ironic thattheir new name is the same as that ofthe well known TV forensic sciencedetective series, because their methodsare neither scientific nor forensic.If CSI members would pull up tothe scene of a UFO sighting withnotepad, pen and camera in hand,ready to investigate, I would probablybe a little more willing to listen to theirarguments. But when they play the roleof armchair skeptic, dismissing evi-dence that they themselves haveneither gathered nor analyzed, I canonly shake my head in disbelief at howthe media buys into their expert claims.The media does play a crucial rolein getting MUFON’s message out tothe public and some journalists andreporters do a better job than others. Itis up to us to educate producers,journalists and reporters as much aspossible on how seriously we take theUFO phenomenon. We need to make itvery clear to them that it is not okay tofinish a media segment on UFOs withsnide, humorous or disparaging re-marks, which only reflects on howuncomfortable they are with thesubject they are reporting on.If you have the opportunity to beinterviewed by the media, as a memberof MUFON it is important that youproject a professional image and thatyou stress MUFON’s mission ofscientifically studying UFOs for thebenefit of humanity through investiga-tion, research and education.Position AnnouncementsAlejandro Rojas has beenappointed as the new MUFON Direc-tor of Youth Recruitment and willlead the effort in increasing MUFON’smembership ranks with young mem-bers.New State Director: The State ofTennessee is no longer divided up intoeastern and western areas but has beenreconsolidated under the leadership ofState Director Kim Shaffer.New Assistant State Directors:Sherrye Rushing, Tennessee; EddieMiddleton, Tennessee; James Hodge,Tennessee; Walt Andrus, SouthTexas.New State Section Directors: JimGrubb, West Central Wisconsin; JohnDunai, Cayuga, Tompkins and Tiogacounties, New York; Johnny Rentas,New York City; Dave Weaver, BexarCounty, Texas.New Field InvestigatorsChuck Reever, MUFON’s Directorof Investigations, is pleased to an-nounce that the following MUFONmembers have passed their fieldinvestigator exam and are nowMUFON Certified Field Investigators:Jessie Hernandez of Del Rio, TX;Erich Junger of Manassas, VA;Kimberley Seitz of Newport, NC;Patricia Themaras of North Miami,FL; Scott Tiede of Littleton, CO;Scott Warren of Esopus, NY, CarmanWiese of Del Rio, TX; and CharlesZukowskiof Colorado Springs, CO.The 2006 proceedings are avail-able from MUFON Headquarters,P.O. Box 279, Bellvue, CO 80512-0279, for $33 postpaid in the U.S.and $42 outside of the U.S.DVDs, videos, and audio CDs ofeach symposium speaker are avail-able from:The International UFO Confer-ence, 6160 Firestone Blvd., Suite#104-373, Firestone, CO 80505-6427. 303-651-7136. Web Willey:The Young InvestigatorContinued from page 21being laughed at and ridiculed. It is areal shame to see that there is a sucha closed-minded view of the possibilityof life other than ours and I am unsurewhether it is ignorance, fear orsomething else. This kind of view isnot just isolated to a school environ-ment. Within my own family somebelieve that this subject is not to betaken seriously, but when you look atthe eyewitness testimonies it is prettyclear that this is very serious indeed.Keep seeking the truth and keepyour eyes to the skies!You can read more articles aboutUFOs written by Sam Willey bysubscribing to UFO Magazine or byvisiting,’s websites Sam Feedback,sighting reports and comments arewelcome.
  23. 23. 23MUFON UFO JournalMarch 2007Advertising rates1x 3x 6xBack cover $450 $425 $400Inside back cover$425 $400 $375Full page $350 $325 $3001/2 page $250 $225 $2001/4 page $150 $125 $100“Calling card” $55 $50 $45For advertising, contact James Carrion,970-221-1836.UFO MarketPlaceThe Allies of HumanityBook Two:Human Unity, Freedom & theHidden Reality of Contactby Marshall Vian SummersWe are all the native peoples of thisworld. The Intervention is here. Take astand for humanity. 206 pages, $14.95,New Knowledge Library, (Book One free online)Read the amazing true story of a man whohas been abducted since the age of 5 years old.Later in life his entire family was abducted by alienswhile living in ruralAlabama.As the yearswent by, he had anincredible six spon-taneous miraclehealingsthatwerelifethreatening.Read the trueaccount of this andmany other eventsthat have changedhis life forever.Hardcover is429 pages and has13 pictures. $29.95($21.95 softcover)plus $3.95 postage. Enclose $8.95 for shippingoutside the U.S.Bill McCowan, Dept. M, P. O. Box 402,Springville, AL 35146Abductions, healings
  24. 24. March 200724 MUFON UFO JournalMoon Phases:Full Moon: April 2ndLast Quarter: April 10thNew Moon: April 17thFirst Quarter: April 24thBright Planets (Evening Sky):Venus: (magnitude -3.9). Movingfrom Aries into Taurus. For northernand southern hemisphere observersVenus will stand high above thewestern horizon as the Sun sets andwill remain visible for about 2 ½ hours.Jupiter: (magnitude -2.3 to - 2.4).In Ophiuchus. For northern hemi-sphere observers Jupiter will riseabove the south-southeast horizonabout 6 ½ hours before the Sun andwill be standing well above the south-southwest horizon as the Sun rises.For southern hemisphere observersJupiter will rise above the south-southeast horizon about 9 hours beforethe Sun and will be standing very highabove the southwestern horizon as theSun rises.Saturn: (magnitude 0.2 to 0.3). InLeo. For northern and southernhemisphere observers sunset will findSaturn standing high above the south-southeast horizon. Saturn will set inthe west-northwest about 2.5 hoursbefore sunrise.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Mercury: (magnitude 0.0 to -0.8).Moving from Aquarius through Cetusinto Aries. Mercury will rise above theeastern horizon 45 minutes before theSun and will stand very low above theeast-southeast horizon as the Sunrises. Before month’s end Mercurywill become lost in the glare of theSun. For observers in the southernhemisphere Mercury will begin themonth rising about 2 hours before theSun. and will stand well above thehorizon at sunrise. As the monthprogresses Mercury will be foundcloser to the horizon as the Sun risesuntil it becomes lost in the glare of therising Sun.Mars: (magnitude 1.1 to 1.0).Moving from Capricornus intoAquarius. For Northern hemisphereobservers Mars will begin the monthrising above the east-southeast horizonabout 1.75 hours before the Sun andwill stand low over the eastern horizonas the Sun rises. By the end of themonth Mars will be rising about 2hours before the Sun and will standwell above the east-southeast horizonas the Sun rises. For southern hemi-sphere observers Mars will begin themonth rising above the eastern horizonover 3 hours before the Sun and willstand high above the eastern horizonas the Sun rises. By the end of themonth Mars will be rising about 3.5hours before the Sun and will standvery high above the eastern horizon asthe Sun rises.April 2007 SkyPlanetary ConjunctionsA Conjunction of The Moon,Saturn and VenusConjunctions and Occultations:April 14th: Mars 0.5 degrees southof the Moon.April 20th: Venus 3 degrees southof the Moon.April 25th: Saturn 1.1 degreessouth of the Moon.The Night SkyThe Night SkyThe Night SkyThe Night SkyThe Night SkyBy Gavin A. J. McLeod