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Mufon ufo journal 2007 2. february

  1. 1. InthisissueFebruary 2007No. 466$4.00U F O JOUrnalBlimp or UFO?, p. 6.Update on the OzarkDevil, p. 9.Pikes Peak GhostLights, p. 11.Calendar, p. 12.MUFON MembershipContests, p. 13.State Director CMSRankings p. 17.UFO Marketplace, p. 23.ColumnsDirector’s Message 2Filer’s Files 14Stan Friedman 18Ted Phillips 20United Airlines Pilots and Ground Crew observed a UFO over GateC17 at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. MUFON investigates. Page 3. (draw-ing by Mark Marren)
  2. 2. MUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)Mutual UFO NetworkPost Office Box 279Bellvue, CO 80512-0279Tel: 970-221-1836Fax: 866-466-9173mufonhq@aol.comInternational DirectorJames Carrion, M.A.P.O. Box 279Bellvue, CO 80512-0279Tel: 970-221-1836 (221-1UFO)Fax: 866-466-9173jcarrion@mufon.comInterim Editor:James Carrion, MA..P.O. Box 279Bellvue, CO 80512jcarrion@mufon.commufonufojournal@hotmail.comColumnists:George Filer, M.B.A.Stanton Friedman, M.S.Gavin A. J. McLeodTed PhillipsStaff artistsJohn EgertonWes CrumMark MarrenMUFON staff photographerNick RoeslerMUFON on the Internet:http://www.mufon.comMUFON Amateur Radio Net:40 meters - 7.240 MHzSundays noon EST or EDSTCopyright 2007 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the CopyrightOwners, Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one article, provided the author is credited,and the statement, “Copyright 2007 by the Mutual UFO Network, P.O. Box279, Bellvue, CO 80512-0279” isincluded.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editor, and do not necessarily reflect theofficial position of the Mutual UFO Network. Opinions expressed are solely those of the individual authors andcolumnists, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editor or staff of MUFON.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the InternalRevenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the type described in Section 509 (a) (2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal Income Tax. Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are alsodeductible for estate and gift purposes, provided they meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106, and2522 of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a Texas nonprofit corporation.The MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., Bellvue, CO. Periodicalpostage paid at Versailles, MO.Individual Membership: $45/year U.S., $55 outside the U.S.Family members: $10 per person additionalStudent (18 years and under): $35 U.S. and $45 outside the U.S.Donor: $100/year. Professional: $250/year. Patron: $500/yearBenefactor (Lifetime Member): $1,000First class Journal delivery (in envelopes) U.S. and Canada only: $12/year additionalAir Mail Journal delivery to all other countries outside the United States: $35/year additionalPostmaster: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to: MUFON UFO Journal, P.O. Box 279, Bellvue,CO 80512-0279.Change of address and subscription/extra copies inquiries should besent to MUFON,P.O. Box 279, Bellvue, CO 80512-0279.MUFON’s mission is the scientific study of UFOs for the benefitof humanity through investigation, research, & education.February 2007 Number 466(Continued on page 22)Directors’ MessageBy James CarrionJames CarrionUFOs and Homeland SecurityThe November 2006 sighting of aUFO over Chicagos OHare Airportwhich recently made headlines acrossthe world reinforces the importance ofMUFON’s role in educating the publicon the UFO phe-nomenon. Justwhen we leastexpectit,thephe-nomenon reap-pears, oftentimes causingwitnesses tochange theirworld view andthe public towarm up to theradicalideathattheremaybesomethingafter all to UFOs. Who does the publicturn to when they seek reassuring an-swers? Not the government, but an or-ganization like MUFON which is readyto lend a sympathetic ear.The reaction of officialdom on theother hand was predictable - "we seeno need to investigate" - "probably aweather phenomenon" - "it is not ofconcern", dismissing the reports ofcompetent airline pilots and groundcrew alike. I find it appalling to thinkthat the FAA and the Department ofHomeland Security, (entrusted with ournationsaviationsafetyandsecurity),candismiss a violation of airspace over oneof our nations busiest airports as “notworthyofinvestigation”.Youdonthaveto believe in the UFO phenomenon toknowthatthisconstitutesamajorbreachof the publics trust.MUFON along with NUFORC andNARCAParestillactivelyinvestigatingthis important case. I want to person-allythankPeterDavenportofNUFORCand Dick Haines of NARCAP for theirearly involvement; and Sam Maranto,MUFON Illinois State Director and hisdedicated team of field investigators forthe many hours they have put into thisinvestigation. As they uncover more in-formation, we will keep you updated aswell.
  3. 3. 3MUFON UFO JournalFebruary 2007A Preliminary Overview of the No-vember 7th, 2006 Sighting of a UFOat O’Hare International AirportIf this past January 1stis any indica-tion as to what to expect in 2007 as faras UFO sightings go, well… hold on toyour hat!Well before Jon Hilkevitch, ChicagoTribune’s Transportation Reporterpoppedthecork tocelebrateNewYears,he was putting together a new investi-gative piece for his regular column.What made this piece different was thatit was about to make the internationalnews in a very big way.“In The Sky ! A bird? A planeA…UFO?” was the title of the storythat was being read across ChicagoLand. Whether at kitchen tables, ubiq-uitous diners, board rooms or restrooms, million dollar Gold Coast con-dos or bungalows in Gage Park, it wasthe buzz about town. Commuters for achange had something intellectuallyweighted on their laps to read. Thoughit may not have eased the thought ofworking a holiday, it was none the lessa welcomed break from the usual brainrot in print that is pawned off as news.Whatanexcitingstory-UnitedAirlines(UAL) employees observed a diskshapedobjecthoveringoverO’HareIn-ternational Airport on November 7th,2006 at about 4:30 PM and which thendeparted at a high rate of speed, leav-ing a gaping hole in the overcast, re-vealing the blue sky above.On January 1st the news wires be-gan to carry this story abroad. Internet,Radio, Television, Cable and nearly ev-ery conceivable form of communica-tion service eagerly propagated thisevent around the entire globe. In a fewdays, if not a few hours, what was oncea local story had now gained worldwide attention and that Chicago Col-umnist was becoming somewhat of acelebrity.Initial ReportThe story began as a sighting reportreceived by Peter Davenport atNUFORC. It was Peter who asked Mr.Hilkevich to look into this case in hopethat Jon would further the investigationand write a serious article on the event.Ahighlyrespectedinvestigative jour-nalist in the area of Transportation, Jondid just that and the rest is history.Anyobjectflyingwithinrestrictedairspace at an International Airport with-out radio contact, transponders, or per-mission is potentially an aviation safetyissue.Itshouldcomeasnosurprisethenthat UAL employ-ees and others tookthe sighting so seri-ously. I personallyfeel this speaks vol-umes as to their in-tegrity. In the faceof ridicule they puttheir concerns forthe safety of othersbefore themselves.Now that’s heroic!Incident at GateC17On November13th, 2006 PeterDavenportwhowasstill settling into the new headquartersfor the National UFO Reporting Centerand received an urgent report from aUnited Airlines manager. The managerclaimed that he was sitting in his officeon November 7that 4:30 PM when aradio call came in concerning an ob-ject hovering over gate C17. The man-ager immediately left the office to get alook for himself. There was significantovercast at about 1900 feet but he wasable to see the object hovering in place.Aftermakingacalltohisoperationcen-ter to confirm the sighting then contact-ing the FAA, the manager then drove tothe concourse to talk to witnesses.One ground crewmember told howhe felt compelled for some reason tolook straight up and was startled to seethe craft hovering silently. This witnessthen radioed the pilots in the plane(flight 446 from Chicago to Charlotte)that was being pushed back from gateC17. They too observed the object. Theobject was reported to be metallic anddisk shaped and looked like a rotatingFrisbee.The next witness to come forwardwas a UAL pilot who was responsiblefor taxiing aircraft around the airport.The pilot was maneuvering a 777 fromthe International Terminal to the UALHanger, some 25 minutes away. Look-ing in the direction of the C concourse the saw the pronounced object just be-low the cloud cover. He described it asa clearly discernible grey disk with at-mospheric distortion around the bottomsimilar to “heat rising off a desert road”.After parking the aircraft in the hangerhe noticed the craft was no longer therebut an almost perfect circle in the cloudlayer was visible where the craft oncewas.On December 12th, 2006 this pilotwitness, along with Peter Davenportwere interviewed on the Jeff RenseShow, and subsequently the pilot wasalso interviewed on CNN.Contrary tocirculating rumors, the witness statedthat UAL had not pressured him in anyway to stay quiet, nor had he receivedIncident at O’HareBy Sam Maranto,MUFON Illinois State Director
  4. 4. February 20074 MUFON UFO Journalany negative treatment except an occa-sional ribbing from his coworkers.Oneclarifying statement the pilot made wasthat “it wasn’t an object, it was a craft”.He also stated that the “inbound groundcontroller had to have seen it”, althoughhe was quick to point out that the con-trollers may have very strict rules aboutreportingsuchthings.Thesearejusttwoof the dozens or more witnesses thatwitnessed this spectacle.FAA Weather TheoryAtfirsttheFAAdeniedreceivinganyreports of the incident but after beingmade aware that a Freedom of Infor-mation Act request was filed, they sud-denly remembered. Elizabeth IshamCory, spokesperson for the FAA,claimed that nothing was observed onradar. “The FAA is not conducting afurther investigation”, Cory said.“Ourtheory on this is that it was a weatherphenomenon,”shesaid.“Thatnightwasa perfect atmospheric condition interms of low ceiling and a lot of airportlights. When the lights shine up into theclouds, sometimes you can see funnythings. That’s our take on it”This raises the following questions:How does weather account for a solidobject of distinguishable color andshapeexhibitingerratichoveringmotionwhich can then bolt though the cloudcover leaving a cookie cutter type hole?How does it account for an object seenfrommultiplevantagepointsbymultiplewitnesses who by virtue of their avia-tionjobsknowwhatshouldbeinthatairspace and what should not be there?The answer to these questions is thatweather conditions can not account forthis sighting and the weather explana-tion is just complete and utter nonsense.Media CoverageCLTV in Oakbrook, Illinois was thefirst to broadcast an interview with JonHilkevitchonFridayDecember29th.Thefollow-up interview was even more re-vealing. It is this nine minutes of livecandid footage from the second enlightening footage discusses thequality of the witness reports, the pos-sibility of digital photographs, and thegenuine and serious interest in this caseon the part of the media.In stark contrast, the National PublicRadio’s Melissa Block’s interview withJon Hilkevitch on All Things Consid-ered was both presumptuous about theconduct of UFO organizations and alsodownplayed Jon’s roll in bringing thiscase to public awareness.On The Web/In the BlogUse what ever Internet search engineyou prefer and type in “ O’Hare UFO”.You will get no less than 400,000 hits.The Chicago Tribune noted that onJanuary 1stalone this story had morehits than any other in its online history(over one million hits).Another Internet news sites, CosmicLog at MSNBC.COM by Science Re-porter Alan Boyle had an article featur-inganinterviewwithbothPeterDaven-port and NBC Consultant and UFOSkeptic James Oberg. Mr. Boyle posedthe idea that the disk shaped objectwas a lenticular cloud. However on thatday the winds were not strong enoughto create these large saucer shapedclouds that are usually seen in the West-ern part of the country on the leewardside of large mountains. In fact, thesetypeofcloudsarerarelyseenintheChi-cago area.The very notion of a lenticu-lar cloud below an overcast sky soundsimprobable, but even more astoundingis how a lenticular cloud could boltthrough the cloud layer as witnessesclearly observed. Boyle also puts forththe notion that some sort of weatherrelated vortex may have punctured theclouds creating the circular, near per-fect hole that was seen. However, onthat date, the weather conditions werevery stable with maximum wind gustsrecorded at O’Hare a mere five milesan hour.The other theory proposed was thatthe hole may have been caused by a Jetgoing through the cloud cover. Thistheory also doesn’t make much sense.Jets are aerodynamic and they are de-signed to minimize resistance and drag.They will cause a temporary distur-bance but not one significant enoughto leave any such lasting pattern in theclouds. The time of the event was 4:30PM central time and although there wasan overcast, it was still daylight.Skeptical NoiseJames Oberg also made a statementregardingthereliabilityof AirlinePilotsas witnesses. “NTSB investigators saythat the worst observers of an aviationaccident are aviation personnel” Obergsaid.“Itsbecausepilotswillusuallywantto understand what’s happened, and intheir initial perceptions and latterretellings will stress the facts that sup-porttheirinterpretation.”Thisstatementsounds more like the the tactics usedby Skeptics rather than pilots. If pilotsare not able to make valid real time vi-sual observations of shapes, color andmotion in the sky, then they cannot betrusted with the safety of airline pas-sengers. Real time observations andanalysis are constant critical functionsperformed routinely by pilots. No onedoes this better… period! We’re nottalkingaboutrecallanalysisbut realtimeanalysis. Mr. Oberg’s statement can beconsidered questionable at best.Calling all UfologistsIn no time at all, UFO experts, skep-tics, and witnesses alike were in highmedia demand. Interviews and pressconferences now dotted the calendarsof anyone willing to answer the call. OnJanuary 3rd, Richard Dolan, author of“UFOs and the National SecurityState” was interviewed along with JonHilkevitch on CNN. Peter Davenportwas also interviewed numerous times.Yours truly also had his share of inter-views and will soon be in ChicagoMagazine.Where are the Photos?With the hundreds of security cam-eras, numerous Transportation SafetyAgency (TSA) employees, Air TrafficControllers and others in the airporttowers, not to mention the hundreds ofairport visitors and passengers, youwould think someone would have pho-tographed or video taped the object.Will we see them? Hopefully.
  5. 5. 5MUFON UFO JournalFebruary 2007The Investigation BeginsAt the request of Peter Davenport,Dr. Richard Haines, Director ofNARCAP started the investigation. Dr.Haines has many years of experience indealing with pilots and the aviation in-dustry on the subject of UFOs. Dr.Haines reputation for honoring witnessanonymity (especially for pilots whoselivelihood depends on it) is truly com-mendable. Illinois MUFON and theCenter for UFO Studies (CUFOS) willbe assisting Dr. Haines in the field asneeded.Freedomofinformationrequesthave been filed by Dr. Haines and JonHilkevitch. They have not yet receivedany responses to these FOIA requests.At this time it is premature to make anymore statements as to the progress ofthis investigation other than to say it isongoing and there is much to do. A fi-nal report will be published on comple-tion.To provide some historical back-ground, a UFO was also reported bytower personnel at O’Hare Airport onJune29th,1951andmadeitintoProjectBlue Book’s case reports. There havealso been other reports of UFO activ-ity around Chicago airports and onesuch case at O’Hare in 2001 was re-ported to CUFOS and passed on tome for investigation. The event tookplaceatabout2:30AMcentraltimeandwas observed by four UAL employeeswho were on lunch break. The craft wasso close and large that the main witnesssaid “It was maybe only fifty feet awayand about seventy five feet in the air.Making no sound whatsoever. It had tobe over a hundred feet long and I wasso close to it I could see it entirely.”The witness said that he viewed it for28 seconds as it slowly floated in frontof him and then it banked up over arunway into the mist/fog that was per-sistent that night and took off at a fastrate of speed.“Ithadverybrightyellowlightscom-ing out of elongated windows or slotsequally spaced along the bottom “ saidthe witness. This witness is in the pro-cess of locating fellow witnesses to gettheir perspective on the event. I will bewriting a follow up on this case andother related cases in Illinois.Editor’s Notes:After being notified of the sightingDick HainesofNARCAPimmediately:1) Filed an FOIA with the FAA forrelevant tower communications, radartapes, etc. 2) Completed a full meteo-rological review.3) Spoke with a num-ber of witnessed 4) Obtained detailedairportfacilitymeasurementswithwhichto calculate distances and visual angles.5) Contacted personnel at the AviationSafety Reporting (ASRS) office. 6)Identified the aircraft at gate C-17 (buthas not yet been able to identify itscrewmembersthatallegedlyalsosawtheUFO hovering overhead).Jon Nowinski, Director of the Smok-ing Gun Research Agency (SGRA)spoke on January 8, 2007 with the Pub-lic Affairs Officer at Scott AFB in Illi-nois as well as the Media Relations Of-ficer at NORAD, located at PetersonAFBinColorado.The PAO at Scott AFB stated thatwhile they were aware of the sighting,thebasewasnevercontactedbyO’HareAirTrafficControl.Hefurtherstatedthatthere were no aircraft from Scott in theair at the time of the reported sighting,nor did Scott ATC report any contactsby radar in the airspace around the baseorthecityofChicago.Hewasnotawareof any instances where aircraft fromScott were scrambled to intercept or in-vestigate any unidentified objects in thearea, but could not say for certain it hadnever happened.The MRO at NORAD said that theytoo were aware of the sighting but em-phasized that they only knew what theyheardthroughthemediaorbyotherout-side sources.Witness drawing - UFO at O’Hare in 2001Additional sources of
  6. 6. February 20076 MUFON UFO JournalAbout the authorBy David E. TwichellMichiganMUFON’sChiefInvestiga-tor, Lisa Shiel was assigned the case ofaUFOsightingthatoccurredonAugust16, 2006 at 9:43 PM. She then passed itontoStateSectionDirector,GaryGolemand then I for further investigation. S.W.,thewitness,observedatypicaldisk-shaped object in the night sky for abouteightminutesbeforeitdepartedandwasable to take at least one excellent pic-ture of it. Below is the picture (un-touched) and her report to MUFON.S.W.: “I was driving home after hav-ing been to a circus in the town of Ply-mouth, Michigan. I was crossing a railroad track near my home while lookingto be sure the tracks were clear, I no-ticed it to my right hovering above thetracks in the distance. I decided to seewhat it was, so I drove towards it hop-ing to get a better look at it while callingmy sister to tell her what I was seeing. Ihad taken my camera with me to the cir-cus, so I grabbed it and started takingpictures, the sky was very dark and I atfirstcouldn’tgetittoshow up(althoughthe object itself was illuminated).Istopped in a parking lot where I had aclear view, there were no sounds com-ing from it at all. I continued to takepictures while talking to my sister. IBlimp or UFO? looked at my camera to try and changethe settings and when I looked back itwas moving away from where I hadbeen watching it. I got in my truck andstarted following it. As I was drivingdown Plymouth Rd., I keep wonderingwhy no one else was stopping to see it.I was very alarmed yet curious andsomewhat scared at what I was seeing.As I came around a bend in the road Isaw airplanes, approximately 4-5, andalso a helicopter. I noticed that it hadstopped again and was hovering justabove the treetops. I couldn’t get overthe enormous size of it. It appeared tobe at least the size of a house. All thewhile I was taking pictures, hoping toget at least one good picture while talk-ing to my sister, who I had put onspeakerphone.ThenIheardthehelicop-ter and I looked to my right to see it.When I looked back to my left wherethe object had been hovering, it was nolonger there. I was very nervous andexcited the entire time. I gave my sistera play-by-play as the events unfolded.She kept asking me exactly where I wasjust in case something was to happen.The object appeared to be translucentand very, very bright. The entire thinglasted about ten minutes, although itseemed a lot longer. I watched the localnews that night and checked the news-papers and was very shocked to seeno mention of it. I can’t believe that IMr. Twichellis a field investi-gator, newslettereditorandPublicRelationsOfficerfor MichiganMUFON. Hehas authoredthree books as well as numerous ar-ticles on the UFO phenomenon. Hehas been a guest on numerous mediashows as well as hosting his own lo-cal TV show, entitled “We Are NotAlone”, which is presently in its sev-enth year. Most recently, he beganbroadcasting the radio version of hisTVshowonWHFR89.3FM. Itmaybe heard the first Saturday of eachmonth on the World Wide Web at10:00 AM (EST) by going to He presently re-sideswithhiswifeinTrenton,Michi-gan. Most of his time is devoted towriting about and lecturing on UFOsand related phenomena.was the only who saw this.”Gary Golem asked the witness in atelephone interview how high the ob-ject was. She stated that the object wasapproximately 6-8 poles in height overthe tracks. She also stated that she be-lieved the object to have headed in aSoutheasterly direction.The event aroused the interest of thewitness’ sister, L.W., who a couple dayslater, scoured the Internet for similarsightings in that area around the sametime that evening. She found three andimmediatelyalertedhersister.Atwenty-four year old man, traveling with twoother witnesses observed a similar ob-ject while traveling from downtownDetroittoSouthgate,MichiganalongtheDetroit River.Witness2:“Approximately10:35PM(August16,2006)mymother,sisterandI left the Joe Louis Arena parking ga-rage in downtown Detroit and headedsouth on Fort Street towards the‘downriver’ area. We spotted an objectover the Detroit River that resembled ablimp but it was glowing with a bright
  7. 7. 7MUFON UFO JournalFebruary 2007light and was keeping the same pace asus (about 45 MPH). We continueddown Fort Street keeping sight of theobject for about 20 minutes. We lostsight of the object for about 10 minuteswhile stopped at my parent’s house.WhenIgotbackontheroadandheadedtowards my house, I spotted the objectabove me in the area of Dix andNorthline. The object was glowing witha bright almost white light and a smallblinkingredlightwasinthebottomcen-ter of the object. It was rounded on topand flat on the bottom. It was moving ata pretty fast speed. It continued to movearound in this area for another half hourbefore I lost sight of it. There was a manin the car next to me who was lookingup at it also, so I am certain other peoplesaw it. I tried to take a picture with mydigitalcamerabutbecauseitwassodarktheydidn’tcomeoutverywell.Icheckedaroundwithpeoplethenextcoupledaysbut no one else saw anything but theroads were pretty light with traffic be-ing 11 at night on a Wednesday. How-ever, a few days later a co-worker saidshe saw a report on channel 4 news thata man reported strange activity in thesky on Wednesday the 16th. (Thiswould have been the Thursday the 17th11 P.M. news) I could not find any re-ports on their website and came acrossthis website by searching Google forUFO sightings in Detroit. It was defi-nitelynotanaturalobject.Ihighlydoubtit was a blimp due to the bright lightand speed of the object. I would thinka satellite would have been higher but Ihave never seen a weather balloon so Ihave no explanation for the strange ob-ject. I really never thought much aboutUFO sightings until now. I wish I couldfind an explanation for this but I’m gladI came across this website and foundother proof that someone else saw theobject.”At 10:30 PM, two witnesses inWindsor, Ontario, Canada reported asimilar object for less than five minutes.Witness 3: “My friend and I had de-cided to drive towards the Detroit Riverwhen we noticed a huge bright saucer-likeobjectinthesky.Atfirstwethoughtit was a blimp but at 10:30 on Tuesdayin the suburb, rich part of Windsor thatseemed very unlikely. It was shaped toocircular to be a blimp and was veryflourescent with blinking lights. Wedrove up an overpass and could stillsee the figure. We continued to drive tothe river (about 2 minutes) and turnedback around to find it again but it haddisappeared. We drove around for an-other 15 minutes or so and still couldn’tfind it in the sky. Very scary.”The wit-ness also reported his sighting to localTV and newspapers.In a separate report from Windsor,fourpeoplewitnessedthe same or similar object.Witness 4: “It was around 10.30 PMwhen my husband went to the windowstoclosetheblindsforthenight.Hespot-ted a well-lit flying object and woke meup to show it. It was not an airplaneshaped object, but something of a dif-ferent shape, sometimes looked octago-nal, sometimes like a huge saucer, well-lit, luminous object, moving not too fastbut occasionally lost from view as theywere passing tall trees. We could fol-low it for at least 15 minutes from ourliving room. It was a huge object, veryexciting and scary at the same time. Ihave heard and read about UFOs. Butnever seen one or believed in one. Butyesterday I sure believed what I saw. Iwas convinced it was something un-usual, extraordinary and unnatural.”Iasked ufoevidence.comforthecon-tact information of the Canadian wit-nesses or to have my email address for-warded to them. There has been no re-sponse, therefore further investigationof the Downriver and Canadian wit-nesses has stalled at this time.Longtime MUFON photographicanalyst, Dr. Bruce Maccabee was senta copy of the photograph taken by S.W. to which he replied, “Since I knownothing about this sighting, except thatthe photo looks real from previous ex-perience and the shape, I would sug-gest checking on the possibility of aninternallylightedblimp...unlessthereissomething about the sighting that posi-tively rules out such a blimp.”Erring on the side of caution, Dr.Maccabee did not rule out the possibil-ity of a blimp while verifying that theobject appeared to be an authentic ‘un-known’ based on the shape and his pre-vious extensive experience.Mr.GolemcheckedwiththeMettetalAirport in Canton (the closest small air-port near Plymouth MI) and spoke withthe airport manager regarding the nightof August 16. He was told that nothingwas reported or anything special hap-pened that night. Nor were there anyflights that he was aware of out of thatfacility. Golem also called the Helicop-ter service at Mettetal airport. The heli-copter service had no flights that nighteither.I personally called a Caryn Johnsonat the Gross Isle Airport where adver-tising blimps are normally moored forspecial events in the Detroit metropoli-tan area. Ms. Johnson referred me toAmyCaulderoftheLightshipGroupthatdispatches the blimps to the area fromMadison, Wisconsin. I sent the photo-graph of the Plymouth object for her in-spectionviaemail.Amy replied: “Hello there David, Tome it clearly looks like the SANYOblimp.Iamattachingadaytimephotoofthe ship so you can compare the letter-ingonthesidesofeachpicture.Wehavean internal light system so the ship ap-pears toglowfromwithinwhileflyingatnight. Hope this helps. Thanks, Amy”I sat for some time trying to “see thelettering on the sides of each picture”without success. I sent Ms. Caulder’semail along with both pictures to Ms.Johnson at the Grosse Isle Airport tosee if she could see something that Iwas missing. She replied: “Thanks forsending the pictures from the womanin Plymouth and from Sanyo. I can seehow you don’t see the resemblance thatshe says is there — it is a stretch! WasAmy able to confirm if they were in thisarea on August 16, 2006?”Daytime picture of the Sanyoblimp
  8. 8. February 20078 MUFON UFO JournalOnce again, I wrote to Amy Caulderand asked:1. Does the SANYO blimp have alarge red light on the tail section?2. Are they allowed to (or do theyever) fly with the internal light systemoff and the advertisement not dis-played?the object but no gondola on the bot-tom. Nor does this picture emphasizeany lettering on the side of the objectthat would be blatantly apparent if theyexisted.portedthattheobjectwasdirectlyabovehim at one point and it was “roundedon top and flat on the bottom”, and“moving at a pretty fast speed”, bothof which are inconsistent with a blimp.The Windsor witnesses considered thepossibilityofablimpbutconcludedthat“It was shaped too circular to be ablimp”.The Plymouth sighting is anothermatter. According to Amy Caulder ofthe North America Group that dis-patched the blimp, “unless it divertedfrom its known course, it moved east-ward along I-94, which would havetaken it over the Romulus area”. Ply-mouth is sixteen miles due north ofRomulus (as the blimp flies) from theI-94 and I-275 intersection.S.W.,thewitnessinPlymouth,statedthat the object headed off in a South-easterly direction. The Detroit/Windsorarea is indeed southeast of Plymouthwhere witnesses reported their sightinga half hour to forty-five minutes later.Advertisingblimpsgenerallyflyoverevents where throngs of people congre-gate.WouldacircusinPlymouth,Michi-gan qualify? Would airplanes and heli-coptersbepartoftheshow?Whywouldthehelicoptersapproachtheblimp?Andwhy would the blimp depart the scenewhen approached by them?Why couldn’t S. W. finally concludethat it was a blimp when she had sev-eral minutes to observe it? The mostbafflingquestionisthephotographicevi-dencecapturedbythePlymouthwitness.Untilsomeone with computer softwareand an expertise better than mine canconfirm otherwise, the Plymouth objectremains an unknown.Nighttime picture of Sanyo blimp3. Was the SANYO blimp mooredat the Grosse Isle Airport or flying inthat area on the evening of Aug. 16,2006?Amyreplied:“HelloDavid,Let’sseewhat I can help you with here. Yes wedo have a red light on the tail. Yes wedo fly with the lights off, however theSANYO lettering is a decal that can notbe taken on and off quickly so no, wenever fly without that. However thereareplainwhiteblimpswithnoadvertise-ments on them at all. Lastly we do useGrosse Isle quite often. On the eveningin question, we were in Grosse Isle, Ihave the days activities from our logbook listed here: Transit to Detroit fromMadison along I-94E into MilwaukeeWI then direct to Benton Harbor MI,then continuing along I-94E throughKalamazoo, Brooks, Albion, Jackson,continuing into Night Aerial DisplaywhilearrivingintoAnnArbor, Ypsilanti,Northern Detroit Communities, Down-town Detroit/Windsor Canada, thenalong the river to Grosse Isle Naval Air-field. That should be able to answer allquestionsfromyourinvestigationletmeknow if not. Thanks, Amy”I attempted my own computer analy-sis of the Plymouth photograph in PaintShop Pro, adding ‘glowing edges’. Un-like the Sanyo blimp, the glowing edgelines clearly depict a copula on top ofComputer enhanced photoAnother experiment using ‘emboss’,which emphasizes the lines in a photo-graph, did not reveal lettering. It did,however, emphasize the existence of acopula on top and lack of a gondola onthe bottom. Furthermore, the overallshape, lighting configuration, and lackof bright internal lighting does not sug-gest to me that the Plymouth object andthe Sanyo blimp are one and the same.Computer enhanced photoThe fact that the Sanyo blimp was inthe area of downtown Detroit and tra-versed along the Detroit River on theevening of August 16, 2006 could eas-ily account for the sighting reports fromthe Downriver/Windsor area. It is re-grettable that those witnesses could notbe contacted for further testimony.The fact that these witnesses are un-able to tell the difference between anadvertising blimp and an unknown ob-jectistroubling.Itmaybethattheblimpwas too far away and moving towardor away from them, disallowing themto view the lettering on its side.Allofthewitnessesinvolvedreportedthat the object was very bright. I haveseen the Sanyo blimp personally andcan verify that it is indeed very bright.However, the downriver witness re-
  9. 9. 9MUFON UFO JournalFebruary 2007Update on the “Ozark Devil”Journal readers may recall the Jour-nal story on a strange animal seen inArkansas. Although this may seem likea Cryptozoology case, sightings ofstrange animals are also often reportedduring UFO encounters.Recently two strange animals werekilled in Arkansas. MUFON Arkansasis investigating and Arkansas State Di-rector Norm Walker filed the followingreport with MUFON HQ:The first animal shot in October2006.The second animal shot in Decem-ber 2006.Norm Walker (left) and KenBergeron (right)down to the field where he shot theanimal and Casper and Matt followedus to the site. On the way, Mr. Mullinstold me that he would normally shoot4-5 coyotes every year to protect hisherd of cattle. This animal had behavedsomewhat differently. As we reachedthe site of the carcass, he mentionedthat the buzzards had worked the car-cass over, but it was still there in thefield.Aswewereshootingpictures,Mr.Mullins mentioned that the teeth weredifferent than that of a coyote and thetail was more bushy at the end. Afterseveralpicturesweretaken,Mattagreedto take the carcass and refrigerate it, incase we needed it for DNA testing. Weleft just as it was getting dark.MUFON Consultant in VeterinaryScience, Lawrence Lacey was asked tolook at the pictures of the two dead ani-On Jan 3, 2007, Assistant State Di-rector and lead investigator Ken(Casper) Bergeron and I traveled toClarksville,ArkansastomeetwithMattMcCormick at his One Stop store. We(along with Randy Collins, Field Inves-tigatorTrainee)hadinterviewedMatt onNovember21,2006afteralocalTVsta-tion(5News)reportedthatastrangeani-mal had been shot by a hunter on Oc-tober 3, 2006. Matt was given picturesof the first animal to display in his storeand it was Matt who initially contacted5News.Thebodyofthefirstanimalwasburied in an undisclosed location by thehunter who shot it. This time a farmer,Herla Mullins had shot another animalDecember 7, 2006 in his field after itcontinued to stalk his cattle. We trav-elled 10 miles back in the hills to reachMr. Mullin’s farm. Casper and I fol-lowed Matt in his truck along somewinding country roads to the farm. Wereached the farm at 4:00 P.M. and Irode with Mr. Mullins in his farm truckmals. Lacey concluded: “After study-ing the pictures, I conclude that what-ever this cryptozoological specimen is,it is not a dog. I see some similaritiesto the wallaby, such as the size, largeerect ears, short wooly fur, long tail,smallforequarters,andbetterdevelopedrear quarters. Are any of the specimensfemale and do they have the kangaroobelly pouch? The hopping gait alsoleads one to compare itwith the familyof small kangaroos. A definite dissimi-laritytothe wallabyisthedog-likeden-tition. Wallabies are vegetarians.“In order to conclude anything fromthe bones, one would have to have ac-curate measurements to compare frontand rear of this thing with front and rearof a similar sized dog. I sent the twopictures to a friend of mine, Ken Roach,a retired long time leading small animalpractitioner here in Sioux City. Kenagrees with my conclusions.”Aunique,importantstudyAnimal Reactions toUFOsBy Joan Woodward$14.00 in the U.S.$16.00 elsewhereMUFON, P.O. Box 279,Bellvue, CO 80512-0279World’s Best UFO CasesBy Dwight ConnellyOrder from MUFON Headquar-ters, the website, orfrom the author at 14026 RidgelawnRoad, Martinsville, IL 62442. $9.95plus$2.00shipping(singleormultiplecopies).
  10. 10. February 200710 MUFON UFO JournalBy James CarrionMUFON International DirectorPresident Gerald Ford, the 38thPresident of the United States who re-cently died at the age of 93, was inter-ested in finding the truth behind theUFO mystery.When Dr. J. Allen Hynek issued hisinfamous ‘swamp gas’ explanation forthe 1966 mass sightings in Michigan,then Congressman Ford came to the aidof the American Public by stating in aletter to the House Armed Servicescommittee and the House Science andAstronauticsCommittee: Inthefirmbe-lief that the American public deserves abetter explanation than that thus fargiven by the Air Force, I strongly rec-ommend that there be a committee in-vestigation of the UFO phenomena. Ithink we owe it to the people to estab-lish credibility regarding UFOs and toproduce the greatest possible enlight-enment of the subject.I have taken spe-cial interest in these (UFO) accountsbecause many of the latest reportedsightings have been made in my homestateofMichigan...BecauseIthinktheremay be substance to some of these re-ports and because I believe The Ameri-can people are entitled to a more thor-ough explanation than has been giventhem by the Air force to date, I am pro-posing either the Science and Astronau-tics Committee or the Armed servicesCommitteeoftheHouse,schedulehear-ings on the subject of UFOs and invitetestimony from both the executivebranch of the Government and someof the persons who claim to have seenUFOs...InthefirmbeliefthattheAmeri-can public deserves a better explana-tion than that thus far given by the AirForce, I strongly recommend that therebeacommitteeinvestigationoftheUFOphenomena. I think we owe it to thepeople to establish credibility regard-ing UFOs and to produce the greatestpossibleenlightenmentonthissubject.”Neither committee took action onCongressman Ford’s recommendationsalthough Congressional hearings onUFOs were held in 1968. Ufology owesa debt of gratitude to President Fordfor taking a public stance on behalf ofthe American public in the face of AirForce debunking and ridicule.In Memoriam: President Gerald FordIn Memoriam: President Gerald FordIn Memoriam: President Gerald FordIn Memoriam: President Gerald FordIn Memoriam: President Gerald FordPARIS (Reuters) - The French spaceagency is to publish its archive of UFOsightings and other phenomena online,but will keep the names of those whoreported them off the site to protectthem from pestering by space fanatics.Jacques Arnould, an official at the Na-tional Space Studies Center (CNES),said the French database of around1,600 incidents would go live in lateJanuary or mid-February.He said the CNES had been collect-ing statements and documents for al-most 30 years to archive and studythem. “Often they are made to theGendarmerie, which provides an offi-cialwitnessstatement...andsomecomefrom airline pilots,” he said by tele-phone.Given the success of films aboutvisitations from outer space like “E.T.”,“Close Encounters of The Third Kind”and “Independence Day”, the CNESarchive is likely to prove a hit. It con-sists of around 6,000 reports, many re-lating to the same incident, filed by thepublic and airline professionals. Theirnames would not be published to pro-tect their privacy, Arnould said.Advancesintechnologyoverthepastthree decades had prompted the deci-A meteorite fell in New Jersey onJanuary 2, 2007 and crashed into ahome. The object which measuredjust3 1/2 inches long and more than three-quarters of a pound fell through theroof of a home in Freehold, New Jer-sey and embedded itself in a wall.“It pierced the shingles, the roofsheathing, the roof insulation, and thesheet rock of the bathroom. It damagedthe tile floor and embedded itself intothe sheet rock of the side wall of thebathroom,” said lieutenant RobertBrightman of the Freehold TownshipPoliceDepartment. “There’ssomegreatinterest in what we have here, It’s ratherunusual. I haven’t seen anything like itin my career,” he added.Approximately 20 to 50 rock-likeobjects fall every day over the entireplanet, said Carlton Pryor, a professorof astronomy at Rutgers University.“Its new owners (a married couplewith a son) expressed some interest inputting the meteorite on a small-scaletour so local schoolchildren could seeit”,saidJeremyDelaney,aRutgersUni-versity meteoriticist who was amongfour scientists who identified the ob-jectforpolice.Eventuallythefamilywillhave to decide whether to keep the me-teorite, give it to an academic institu-tion such as a museum, or sell it to acollector. New Jersey’s only otherknown meteorite, weighing an ounce,fellinDealin1829.The Freehold meteorite might be ofsome interest to researchers because itisrichinmetals,asignthatitcamefromthe deep interior of an asteroid.French to Publish UFO FilesIdentified Falling Object (IFO)sion to put the archive online, he said,adding it would likely be available viathe CNES website
  11. 11. 11MUFON UFO JournalFebruary 2007The Pikes Peak Ghost LightsOf 1929; Mount Evans, 2005By Woody SmithAlthough strange aerial phe-nomena have been reported for decadesin Colorado’s Front Range newspapers,the Pikes Peak “Ghost Lights” of 1929are notable for the number of witnessesand explanations generated.As reported in the ColoradoSprings Gazette, a Mrs. C. O. Seleen,first saw the mysterious light on Sun-day, February 17, 1929. Mrs. Seleen“stated that the light appeared to be onthe right of the summit house and lastedfrom 9 until 9:30 Sunday night. Shedeclared the illumination was similar tothe fireworks display at the AdamanClub on New Years Eve.”A Manitou Springs dairyman,S.R. Francisco, first thought the lightto be from workers on the Cog Rail-way. After watching it on successivenights, he decided it was “an unusuallybright star.” The lights were also wit-nessed at about 8:45 PM on Wednes-day, February 20thby a Mrs. T.K.Finseth, who “declared that they re-semble a bonfire.” This was also theconclusion of a Colorado College nightwatchman who had been studying themystery light. Several other witnessesagreed.The Gazette all but discountedthe idea of a signal fire from someonein distress, since “no hiker is known tohave attempted to scale the mountain.”On Friday the 22nd, theGazettelater reported, a search plane “carryingblankets, chocolate and matches, “crossed over the wind-blown summit…withoutsightinganysignsoflifeor“fireand… returned confident that whatevertheir source, the mysterious lights werenotofhumanorigin.Theflightdidhavea thrilling end, however, when the en-gine developed altitude sickness the pi-lot was forced to make a ‘dead-sticklanding’attheAlexanderAirport,someten-thousand feet lower and 15 milesdistant.That same day, Nat Walker, astudent at Colorado College, climbedPikes Peak but saw no evidence of fire.He also noted, after crawling through asummit house window, that theregister’s last entry was made by theAdaman Club on New Year’s Eve.However, it defies logic that someonewishing to remain unknownwould signin.Despite the various search mis-sions, the ghost light reappeared nearthesummitat9:05thatevening. Itshonefor five minutes then disappeared forfive minutes, only to reappear not morethan 50 feet north of its former spot.Since previous explanationscouldn’t account for the light’s eccen-tricities, it was only natural that less-grounded theories took flight. Amongthese: The ghost of a miner – carryinga lantern; the Moon’s reflection off thesummit house windows; and ultimatelynature’s proof of Einstein’s theory ofrelativity.According to the Gazette,Einstein’s theory came into play whenthe light was observed in differentplaces by different people: Does lighttravel in a straight line? Is Pikes Peakshowing that it does not? Good luckarguing that one with some early 20thcentury Physics devotee.Even the Adaman Club’s FredMorathapparentlyfeelingtheheat,con-cededthepossibilitythattheirfireworksmay be the cause. By coincidence,stormy weather had forced cancellationof that year’s display, so the boxes hadbeen cached on the summit. In fact, aDenver Post article from January 1,1925 describes the prelude to the pre-vious evening’s display as blazing “sig-nallights,”followedlaterby“occasionalspecks of light.”But the Gazette dashed wateronthistheoryoffering“Ifthisweretrue,then some maniac has been defying ter-rific cold and much suffering to fire offat fitful intervals, one at a time, some ofthe Adaman flares”. Nonetheless, thenews writer was probably closer to de-scribingtheaveragemountainclimber’smental state than he realized. Perhapsthe final ingredient of the Pikes Peakghost Lights, or UFOs, is an officialexplanation from Washington.In March 1929, CharlesFitzhugh Talman, the United StatesWeather Bureau Librarian “and well-known authority on meteorology, pub-lished an article in Science Service,claiming the Pikes Peak lights were anaturally-occurring electrical discharge“known as ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’.”Talman cites an 1876 journalkeptbythepeak’sSignalCorpsweatherobservers, who “were often treated tospectacular displays.” On at least oneoccasion, electrical discharges outlinedalmost 700 feet of telegraph wire “inbrilliant light which was thrown out inbeautifulscintillations.Notonlywasthewire outlined in this manner, but everyexposed metallic point and surface wassimilarly tipped or covered. The an-emometer cups appeared as four ballsof fire revolving slowly around a com-mon center. There was no heat in thelight, and when the wire was touchedonly the slightest tingling sensation wasfelt.”Thus explained, the Pikes PeakGhost Lights did not rematerialize. Ormaybe they just moved north.On November 21, 1941, the af-ternoon edition of the Denver Post re-ported that “light signals, apparently an‘SOS’ flashed by means of a mirror,were seen coming from Mount EvansFriday morning.” Since snow hadclosed the road above Echo Lake sev-eral weeks before, speculation beganthat a skier had become stranded.Denver’s Manager of Parks GeorgeCranmer said, “the peak is too ruggedto attract ski enthusiasts.” He alsopointed out that, “the big glass bay win-dow of the summit house looks to theeast and possibly had reflected thesun.”To aid in searching for the lightsource, the Chamberlin Observatory atDenver University trained its telescopeon the peak, some 30 miles distant. Notto be excluded, several state and fed-eral officials with office windows pro-vidinganunobstructedviewofthepeaktried without success to see anything.”Lowry Field also stationed a man in thefire lookout tower to scan the mountainwith powerful field glasses. Officialssaid an observation plane would fly tothe peak if the lookout reported any-thing to justify making a special mis-sion flight.The next morning, the Rocky
  12. 12. February 200712 MUFON UFO JournalFeb. 25-March 2, 2007–Interna-tional UFO Congress Conference &Film Festival, Laughlin, NV, 303-651-7136, 13-15–19th Annual OzarkUFO Conference, Inn of the Ozarks,Eureka Springs, AR, featuring LindaMoulton Howe, Timothy Good,Wendelle Stevens, Dr. ClaudeSwanson, Grant Cameron, NancyTalbott, and others to be added.w w w . o z a r k u f o . c o m ,, 501-354-2558.May 18-19–McMenamins UFOFestival, McMinnville, OR, 503-472-8427.June 9 -10 - ParaCon conference,Milford, CT. Contact Jon at 203-247-0310 or at or atwww.sgra-media.orgJuly 6-8–10th Annual Roswell UFOFestival, Roswell Museum & Art Cen-ter, Roswell, NM, featuring NickRedfern, Peter Robbins, Guy Malone,Richard Dolan, John Greenewald Jr,Steven Bassett, Dr. Michael S. Heiser,John Lear, John Rhodes, AdamGoRightly, 10-12–MUFON InternationalUFOSymposium,Denver,CO.Theme:“An Estimate of the Situation: The Ex-traterrestrial Hypothesis”Speakers: Stanton Friedman, Rich-ard Dolan, Kathleen Marden, NancyTalbot, John Greenewald, SamMaranto, Michael Nelson, more.Mountain News reported that thewatchers “were unable to detect any-thing unusual,” and that “nothing wasseen to indicate the source of theflashes.” City officials expressed beliefthat a window or some shiny object onthe ground may have reflected the sun.”This is not the only occasionof mysterious lights on Mount Evans.Inthesummerof2005,unusuallybrightlights were witnessed, and videotapedon the mountain’s upper reaches.Theseindividual lights most often appeared atdusk on the northern and southernshoulders of Mount Evans above tim-berline, but also on the summit. Theywouldshinebrightlyforseveralsecondsto a minute, and then disappear. Onseveral occasions movement was ob-served. Since they often appeared nearthe toll road, it could be argued thatthese were merely car headlights, how-ever, these ghost lights performed somedecidedly spooky maneuvers.On August 8, 2005 at 8:30 PM,a single yellow-white light appeared onthe southern flank of Mount Evans nearits 13,000-foot saddle with EpauletMountain. After a few flickering sec-onds, the light split. The first light re-mainedstationary,whilethesecondlightmoved slowly northward. Within sec-onds the first light disappeared, fol-lowedquicklybythesecondlight. Eightminuteslater,anotherlightwasobservedon the northern flanks of Mount Evans,just below Rogers Peak (13,391). Thislight turned variously yellow, red, or-ange and white before it also split, as ifgiving birth to a second ball of lightwhichquicklyvanished. Momentslaterthe first light also dimmed from view.On other occasions, a previ-ously unseen light on the summit wasseen to blink once, followed immedi-ately by a single blink from its northshoulder counterpart. Then nothing. Isthis a signal of some kind? Or the planetVenus with a friend? Or is it swamp gasreflected by Elvis? What could be theexplanation behind these mysteriousmountain lights? Are the sightings of1929, 1941 and 2005 somehow con-nected? We await the official govern-ment cover story. Until then… the truthis up there.About the Author:WoodySmithresidesinDenver,Colo-rado. He has been an Archivist with theColorado Mountain Club since January2003,andaUFOInvestigatorsinceFeb-ruary 2004.“The one thing we can offer peoplein this field, that nobody else isoffering, is hope. Hope that theycan stop this experience.”Alien Abduction Crisis Centers of AmericaThe Alien Abduction Termination Teamwww.aaccoa.orgEstate Planning:Please remember MUFON inyour will. In addition to monetarybequests, you can also donate yourUFO case files, books, periodicals,etc. Don’t let your valuable researchend up at a flea market or estate sale.Please contact MUFON HQ at 970-221-1836formoreinformation.
  13. 13. 13MUFON UFO JournalFebruary 20072007 MUFONMembership ContestsThere are two categories to competein, one for State Directors and Assis-tant State Directors and a category forcurrent MUFON Members. You canalso participate in the ‘everyone wins’lifetime member recruitment category.Thewinnerofeachcategorywillreceivetheir 2007 MUFON Symposium regis-tration fee paid and a room for threenightsattheDenverMarriottTechCen-ter. The MUFON 2007 Symposium isbeing held in Denver, Colorado fromAugust 10th- 12th, 2007. All contestsrun from January 1, 2007 through May30, 2007.MUFON is membership driven andby recruiting new members MUFONcan continue to provide leadership insolving the UFO mystery.Contest for MUFON State andAssistant State DirectorsTo qualify, you must increase exist-ing membership in your state or statearea (CA, NC, TN, WA) by at least 7new members over that of 2006. StateDirectors were mailed a listing of theircurrent members in December. Forexample, if your state has 10 MUFONInternational members as of December31, 2006 you will have to increase yourmembership during the contest periodby at least 7 new members to a total of17. The MOST new members abovethe minimum, as noted above, will bethe winner of the contest. (If there is atie, the first one to reach the winningnumber will be the Contest winner.)NOTE:Theaccountingofnewmem-bers is critical. All new members yourecruit must be identified as yours ontheir application for membership (pa-per or Internet) by including your namein the ‘Recommended By’ field. Mem-bership fees must be included. RenewalofexistingMUFONInternationalmem-bers does not apply toward the con-test.Contest for all MUFON Membersexcluding State/Assistant StateDirectorsTo qualify, you must be a MUFONmember in good standing (membershipcurrent).Theindividualwhorecruitsthemost new members greater than (5) fivefrom January 1, 2007 to May 30, 2007will be declared the winner. (If there isa tie, the first one to reach the winningnumber will be the Contest winner.)NOTE:Theaccountingofnewmem-bers is critical. All new members yourecruit must be identified as yours ontheir application for membership (pa-per or Internet) by including your namein the ‘Recommended By’ field. Mem-bership fees must be included. RenewalofexistingMUFONInternationalmem-bers does not apply toward the con-test.Lifetime Member Contest (opento all MUFON members)Any MUFON member who recruitsthree (3) new ‘Life Time’ Members for$1000 each will receive paid Sympo-sium fees and a room for two at theDenver Marriott for three nights. Allnew lifetime members you recruit mustbe identified as yours on their applica-tion for membership (paper or Internet)by including your name in the ‘Recom-mended By’ field. Membership feesmust be included.MonthlycontesttallywillbeincludedinMUFONJOURNALwithnamesandnumber of new members recruited byState Directors, Assistant State Direc-tors and MUFON members. Winnerswill be announced in the July MUFONJournal. Awards will be presented atthe 2007 MUFON Symposium.MUFON is very excited about this op-portunity for all MUFON members toparticipate in this exciting NEW Mem-bership Contest. Membership is vitalto our organization.Good luck and we will see some ofyou at the 2007 Symposium in Denver.MUFON 2007SymposiumAn Estimate of the Situation:The Extraterrestrial HypothesisAugust 10 - 12, 2007Denver ColoradoSpeaker Lineup as of FebruaryStanton FriedmanRichard DolanKathleen MardenJohn GreenewaldMichael NelsonSam MarantoRobert Salas
  14. 14. February 200714 MUFON UFO JournalGeorge FilerFiler’s FilesFiler’s FilesFiler’s FilesFiler’s FilesFiler’s FilesBy George FilerDirector, MUFON Eastern RegionNote: These reports are presented in or-der to keep readers informed of some of thevast number of sightings being reported.However, these cases have not been officiallyinvestigated, unless noted.UFO Crashes in IranTEHRAN(FarsNewsAgency)--AnUnidentified Flying Object crashed inBarez Mounts in the central provinceof Kerman on Wednesday morningJanuary 10, 2007. Deputy GovernorGeneral of Kerman provinceAbulghassem Nasrollahi told FNA thatthe crash which was followed by anexplosion and a thick spiral of smokehas caused no casualties or damage toproperties. He further denied earlier re-ports that the explosion has been theresult of a plane or chopper crash, re-mindingthatallthepassingaircrafthavebeen reported as sound and safe. Thecrash site is several hundred miles fromeven the closest nuclear developmentsite and is not likely to be a foreigndrone. The official further stated thatinvestigations are underway by policeand other relevant authorities in this re-gard.Eye-witnesses assure that the explo-sion has been caused as a result of thecrash of a radiant unidentified flyingobject onto the ground. Meantime, aninformed source told FNA that the ob-ject has been on fire and there has beenthick smoke coming out of it prior tothe crash, concluding that the objectcouldnt have been a meteor as mete-ors do not smoke. The source also saidthat the crash has been witnessed bypeople in several cities and the crashsite is located 100 kilometers from theprovincial capital city of Kerman.Similar crash incidents have beenwitnessedfrequentlyduringthelastyearall across Iran, and officials believe thatthe objects could be spy planes or ahigh-tech espionage device. The city ofRafsanjan reported a similar incidentseveral days ago. Thanks to FNA.Filer Comments: There is somequestion if the reported UFOs are infact US surveillance drones. Iranian AirForce General Karim Hawami stated,"We drew up plans to protect ournuclear facilitiesfrom any threat.The Iranian AirForce is on itsguard and readyto do its duty."Ground to airmissiles havebeen moved intoto protect thenuclear develop-ment sites. Theyhave been given the order to shootdown any unidentified or suspiciousobject that enters Iranian air space.The US has been fly-ing surveillance dronesover Iran to seek evi-dence of their nuclearweapons program and todetect weaknesses in Ira-nian air defenses. Thesmall, pilotless planes,penetrating Iranian air-space from U.S. militaryfacilities in Iraq, use radar, video, stillphotography and air filters designed topick up traces of nuclear activity togather information that is not accessiblebysatellites.Theaerialespionageisstan-dard in military preparations for aneventual air attack and is also employedas a tool for intimidation. U.S. officialsconfirmed that the drones were de-ployed along Irans northern and west-ern borders, starting in April 2003, andperiodically since then. The U.S. intel-ligence community began using Iraq asa base to spy on Iran shortly after tak-ing Baghdad in early April 2003. Ira-nian special forces entered Iraq andconducting intelligence and terroristoperations.The UFOs were first spotted by doz-ens of Iranian civilians and set off a na-tional newspaper frenzy over whetherthe country was being visited by UFOsor surveillance drones. In one sense theUS and Iran are already at war. Iranianintelligence units are operating insideIraq and have been supplying high ex-plosives for terrorist operations insidethe country.SeveraldifferenttypesofdroneswithvaryingcapabilitieshavebeendeployedoverIran.Someflyseveralhundredfeetabove the earth, getting a closer viewof ground activities than satellites, andare equipped with air filter technologythatcapturesparticlesanddeliversthemback to base for analysis. Any presenceof plutonium, uranium or tritium couldindicate nuclear work in the area wherethe samples were collected. Irans Na-tional Security Council indicated "It isclear to the Iranian Air Force manywhom were trained in the US, that theintention was to get Iran to turn on ourradars," the official said. This is a tac-tic, designed to determine the locations,frequencies they are operating on,ranges, and capability of Iranian AirDefense System. Irans national secu-rity officials ordered their forces not toturn on the radar or come into contactwith the drones in any way.
  15. 15. 15MUFON UFO JournalFebruary 2007Tennessee White LightI was letting my cat out January 15,2007, and since its still unseasonablywarm 54 degrees, I decided to step out-side with my cup of coffee. It was about5:30 AM, and I was looking north atthe relative fast moving clouds. I saw avery bright object not blinking, brighterthan a plane but it did not illuminate thesky. It was a white light one. It wasmoving much faster than any jet I haveever seen. Although it was the size of aplane traveling at a normal altitude itmoved faster than anything I have everseen. It moved west to east and if I ex-tended my arm the object could be cov-eredwithmythumbbuttraveledthedis-tance of a yardstick if held in my hand.I noticed that it traveled in betweenclouds. Maybe it was a shooting starbut I dont know. The brightness andthe speed made this unlike anything Ihave ever seen. Thanks to MUFONCMS www.mufon.comVirginiaLightToms Brook -- While traveling in avan on I-81 South near Toms Brook,Virginia, at 6:57 PM, on December 11,2006,myattentionwasdivertedupwardand to the left while glancing out thedrivers window as I passed Mile Post288.5. A bright yellow-white light satmotionless in the very clear night skyamong the fixed stars for about a half-minute or more. I detected no changein its position relative to the stars de-spite my highway speed of approxi-mately 65-70 mph. This indicated tome that the light was probably hoveringat an altitude well above 50,000 feet---far away from me. Perhaps 100 to 200thousand feet altitude. The object wasdue south toward Charlottesville (ap-proximately 60 miles away).The object appeared ahead of meabout 50 degrees to my left and 30 de-grees above the horizon (90 degreesbeing directly overhead). It was almostas bright as Venus but with a distinctyellow tint. After about 15 to 20 sec-onds of observing, I saw it dim downdramaticallytoapproximatelyone-thirdof its original brightness, hold for sev-eral seconds, dim down to a mere ‘cin-der’, hold for a few more seconds, thendimsteadilyuntilitwentcompletelyout.I had the distinct impression the dim-ming was controlled manually. I no-ticed two aircraft in formation at ap-proximately 30,000 feet flying rightthrough that part of the sky only threeminuteslater. Istoppedatthenextrampand exited my vehicle. An unusuallyhigh number of aircraft flew across thearea 10 minutes after the sighting andcontinued to crowd the sky for at leasthalf an hour. At a random moment, Icounted15aircraftinvariousdirections.The light appeared very bright to be sofar away. I estimate that if it was hov-ering only a few thousand feet high, itcould have lit an entire city. Thanks toAlan Caviness Independent UFO In-vestigator/Carolina Group ResearchWashington UFO SightingsVancouver --There is an object in thesky on January 14, 2007, that is makingno sound, moving extremely slow in aright to left and back again motion lowin the sky. We observed this for overtwo hours and also observed severalplanes flying by the object. We noticedaround five other object with only redandwhitelightsmovingjustasslowbutthey were at a much higher altitude. Wewatched planes fly around them andcalledsomeneighborstogooutsideandobserve them also. We didnt have atelescope to look through so we usedour binoculars, and could definitelyPennsylvania UFO PhotographedYoungwood - Researcher Stan Gor-don reports: On the evening of January3, 2007, something unusual was ob-served in the sky by three people trav-eling in a vehicle in WestmorelandCounty. The witnesses never officiallyreportedtheirexperience.Soonafterthesighting,thewitnesseswerehavingdin-ner with a local businessman. Duringtheirconversation,theymentionedtheirsighting. They also showed the man thephoto of the object which had beentaken on their cell phone camera. Thebusinessman suggested that they talkwith me about what they had observed.I was put in touch with the family andconducted a detailed interview.The observation had taken place at8:58 PM, as indicated on the cell phonecamera near Youngwood, when theyobserved a brilliant luminous object inthe sky which appeared to be hoveringor moving very slowly. One witness de-scribed the object as a diamond shaped,or "oval shaped with a hump at the topand bottom." The area around the ob-ject glowed, also. The object was manytimes brighter and larger than any starsthatwerealsovisibleonthatclearnight.The wife said, "What the hell is thatlight? Why is it so low?" The wife no-ticed the moon off to her left, whichlooked much different than the object.At one point they stopped their car totake a better look at the object, where itthen appeared to be stationary. Theydrove on to a new location with a clearview where they again stopped theirvehicle, lowered the drivers side win-dow, and took a picture with their newcell phone camera which they switchedinto a ‘night mode’ setting.The wife checked the camera phoneto see if the image had been captured.When she looked back seconds laterto see the object, it was no longer vis-ible. The object had suddenly disap-peared from sight after 3-4 minutes to-tal.ResearcherJimBrownexaminedthephoto using a method called pixelweight scan. Using this process, he wasnot able to detect any red or green lightscommonly associated with aircraft.Another UFO incident involving asimilar shaped object, and still underinvestigation, occurred in IndianaCounty on December 12, 2006. Thatincidentinvolvedalargesilentdiamondshaped object flying low and was fol-lowingthepowerlines Theobjecteven-tually passed directly over a car.
  16. 16. February 200716 MUFON UFO JournalArgentina LightsLA PAMPA -- A report from RaulOscar Chaves that sightings of strangelightsasbecomeadailyevent.OnJanu-ary 12, 2007, between 22:00 and 23:00hours, four lights were seen over SantaRosa. After increasing their size sud-denly and reaching dimensions roughlyfour times the size of Venus, they wouldgradually disappear.Three of them were detected some45 degrees to the East on radial 090 fly-ing north being seen at their greatestsplendor in some 15 seconds, with a15-20minuteintervalbetweensightings.The fourth luminosity was detected onradial 035, some 45 degrees over thehorizon, with a SSE - NNW direction,remaining visible for some 10 secondsbefore gradually disappearing.Five witnesses agreed that the col-ors of these lights fluctuated betweenyellow, blue, flourescent green and am-ber. Moreover, residents of the "El Gua-naco" ranch 35 km north of Santa Rosasawat23:00thatsameeveningthetransitof a green, blue and white light fromeast to west. This light had a "sort oftail..." from which "...four lesser lights,white in color..." broke off slowly andprogressively. The witnesses stressedthat they looked like "the windows of abus." While it is possible to see lightsin this area, they have never had the sizeand intensity detected in this case.(translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU.)make out the different colored lights oneach craft, and see the flashing patternof the lights. We quit watching after awhilebecauseoftheextremecold.Eachtime we went out to look again, thecrafts or objects were still there, theyhad just changed the place they werehovering. Thanks to MUFON CMSwww.mufon.comstrange object was noticed only whenthe photo was downloaded into thecomputer. The camera used was aSony Cybershot W30 6.0 megapixels.Images are still under analysis.Thanks to Brazilian Center for Fly-ing Saucer Research (CBPDV) A. J.Gevaerd, Editor, Brazilian UFO Maga-zine Airliner Crew Ob-serves UFOPopocatepetl Volcano — Flight en-gineer Loe Gonzalez informed re-searcher Alfonso Salazar said he saw aUFO during a domestic flight betweenthe city of Villahermosa (Tabasco) andMexico City. The probable UFO irra-diated a very powerful white light. Heindicated that the pilot, the first officerand himself were witnesses to the sight-ing from the cockpit of their Boeing737-200, registration XA-MAF. TheUFO flew alongside the aircraft, plac-ing itself some 1500 meters to the leftof the airliner. The crew lost the UFOfrom sight when it flew at high speedalong the vicinity of the PopocatepetlVolcano, entering a dense cloud bank.Similar photo taken: The witnessdoes not remember the exact date ofthesighting,estimatingthatittookplacearound October 1, 2006. He specifiedthat it occurred shortly after taking offfromVillahermosa,roughlyaround6:50p.m. “It wasn’t picked up on the Ticasradar, aside from the impressive speedat which it peeled away from the air-Brazil UFOPhoto taken by Carlos AlbertoSouza, businessman. He was travelingby car with his wife Anna Almeida andbrother-in-law at the Brazilian federalroad BR-267 near Bataguassu, state ofMato Grosso do Sul. Souza asked thewife to take photos of the road and thebeautiful scenery, which she did. No-body saw anything unusual and theColorado SpringsWitness report: “On January 9, 2007,I hiked with a friend in the Ute ValleyPark. At 5:40 PM, we were coming outof the park, after a two hour hike nearMuleDeerDrive.Weweregoingdown-hill, facing Pikes Peak and admiring thesunset and noticed a strange light ap-pearing as a horizontal segment of lightjust above the saddle to the South inthe skyline of Pikes Peak. The head-light-likewhitelightwassignificantlytothe left of the peak and was shaped likeahorizontalsegment.Itwasfartoolargeto be landing lights, given the apparentdistance to them. Initially, the light waslinear and oriented horizontally. It waslarger than the cog train station and wasnot a twinkling star. We rushed hometo grab binoculars and rushed back toUte Valley Park. By 6 PM, the sky wasdark and I saw no light in that particularregion of the sky. This sighting remainsunexplainedtome.”ThankstoMUFONCMS.Eglin Air Force Base, FloridaWitness report: “On January 10,2006, on Highway 90 and Gult CityRoad going south I viewed a triangularvehicle with three lights white in color.The vehicle’s frame at night appearedblack and it flew southeast about aquarter of arm’s length. The vehiclemoved in the general direction of EglinAir Force Base in Fort Walton Beach,Florida. The objects movement wassmooth as though it was gliding. At thelast viewing the object was 1/2 dimesize, and low in the horizon and lost tothetrees.Withrenewedbaseactivitythismay be worth an extra look. When theobject was last seen all three lights onthe bottom and in its corners could stillbe made out. I hope this report can beforwarded to a person southeast of metonight as it appeared to be fixed in itspath.” Thanks to Mr. Cannon MUFONCMSliner,” explains Alfonso Salazar, addingsome pilots are currently traveling withtheir own cameras or camcorders inordertopickuptheseunexplainedaerialphenomena. Thanks Journal of His-panic Ufology to Ana Luisa Cid andAlfonso Salazar.
  17. 17. 17MUFON UFO JournalFebruary 2007Field Investigator’s CornerMonthly CMS Ranking ReportChuck Reever, MUFON Director ofInvestigationsEach month starting in this issue ofthe Journal, we will report the CMSRanking Report for all State Directors.Congratulations to Bland Pugh(Florida), Kenneth E. Cherry(Texas), and Donald R. Burleson(New Mexico) for being 1st, 2nd and3rd respectively in the month of Janu-ary.The report is based on our two mea-sures of UFO Investigation effective-ness. Assigning reports within 48 hoursof receipt, and completing all investiga-tions within 60 days of being assigned.The ‘Assigned’ column is a six monthrunning average of the number of casesassigned within 48 hours divided by thetotal number of cases received in thatsix month period. The ‘Completed’column is the number of cases com-pleted beginning sixty two (62) daysback and going back six months fromthere (for a total of eight months back)divided by the total number of casesreported in the same period. The‘Weighted Rank’ is just the averageof the two columns expressed as a per-cent.To improve your score be sure toassign all cases within 48 hours, andfollow-up with your Field Investigatorsto ensure all reports are completedwithin 60 days. To be considered com-plete a report, must have been investi-gated and placed in one of the threecompleted status codes (Unknown,Hoax or IFO) by you the State Direc-tor.If you have any questions or needhelp with your investigations pleasecontact Chuck Reever at 530-414-4341or 530-582-8339 or via e-mail atwizard@telis.orgMUFONField Investigators ManualThe official Mutual UFO Networkguidelines for in-depth UFOinvestigationPrice includes shipping/handling:Member U.S. or Canada: $28.50Non-MemberU.S.orCanada$38.50Member Foreign: $49.50Non-Member Foreign: $59.50Order online
  18. 18. February 200718 MUFON UFO JournalPercePtiOnsPercePtiOnsPercePtiOnsPercePtiOnsPercePtiOnsBy Stanton T. FriedmanStan FriedmanThe OHare Morality PlayThestoryhadeverything;heroes,vil-lains, deception, courage, and intrigue.Amurdermystery? Spynovel?No,justthe observation of an unidentified fly-ing object over OHare Airport outsideChicago on November 7, 2006, byroughly adozen em-ployees ofUnited Air-lines. Therewere likelyother wit-nesses, sincein my experi-ence, 90% ofpeople whohave UFOsightings dontreport them. The time was about 4:30PM. The object was described as ovaland gray with no protuberances and nolights . It was hovering soundlessly be-low the cloud cover at 1900. It waswell before sunset. As UFO sightingsgo, it wasnt all that special. No crashedsaucer, no observations of aliens, noapparent radar observation, and no dog-fights with interceptors.There were some special features.First of all, the observers are accus-tomed to seeing all manner of aircraftat OHare, the worlds second busiestairport, after Atlanta. Second, the ob-ject departed by going straight up andeffectively boring a circular hole in theclouds. So there was an unusual physi-cal trace, though not one observable ormeasurable well after the craft had left.Peter Davenport is one of the heroesof the saga. He operates the NationalUFO Reporting Center in Seattle andtalks to thousands of UFO witnessesevery year. He was called soon after ithappened and talked to some witnesseshoping to hear from many more.The real hero is Joe Hilkevitch, thetransportation reporter for the ChicagoTribune.Petercontactedhimandsoughtother witnesses and tried to get moredata from the Federal Aviation Admin-istrationandfromUnitedAirlines.Bothtried to deny knowing anything at all.Joe filed a Freedom Of Information Actrequest with the FAA which suddenlydid some looking and found that therehad been a conversation about the case.Theyclaimedtheycouldnotinvestigatethe case and that their conclusion wasthat it was some sort of weather phe-nomenawithlightsfromthegroundshin-ing off clouds. How that could providea round solid image below cloud levelbeforesunsetwasnotexplained.Unitedfinally admitted they had heard aboutthe case, but they were not investigat-ing it either. A reasonable person mightwonder why the FAA and a major air-line were not concerned about an un-known vehicle hovering below 1900over such a busy airport. Would it notbeathreattoairsafety?Therehavebeenother cases such as the JAL 1628 casein 1986 after which the FAA gatheredthe package of radio and radar data andswore people to silence. Joe also didsomething else. He interviewed Dr. Ri-chard Haines a retired NASA Scientist.Dick is in my 1979 video "UFOs AREReal", has worked with a number ofastronauts, has written several UFObooks, has worked with a number ofabductees, and collected loads (wellover 1000) of sightings by commercialand military pilots. He has also donework on Soviet UFO investigations.Dick is very active with the NationalAviation Reporting Center for Anoma-lous Phenomenon (NARCAP) whichprovides an opportunity for pilots toreport sightings without worry abouttheir names being bruited about andbringing on problems with their com-panies and associates.I am often asked what it would taketo get the truth about UFOs out to theworld. My answer is that aside from ahuge sighting during the World Cup, orthe Super Bowl, or World series, itwould take a reporter making as mucheffort to blow the lid off the CosmicWatergate as Woodward and Bernsteindid more than 30 years ago at the Wash-ington Post blowing the lid off the po-litical Watergate. There was substantialbacking by the paper. Starting off onJanuary 1, 2007, with a well researchedarticle on the front page of the Tribune,above the fold, would seem like a verygoodwaytostart.Commentswithintwoweeksindicatedthatthearticlegotmorehits on the Trib website than any otherarticle, ever (more than a million).For 4 days it was the most soughtarticle, which also never happens. Therequests for more information camefrom media people and the general pub-lic from all over the world.There were of course some villains.The Associated Press butchered thearticle leaving out comments fromHaines, but emphasizing this stupidcomment by OHare controller andunion official Craig Burzych who said"To fly 7 million light years to OHareand then have to turn around and gohome because your gate was occupiedis simply unacceptable".Whyanybodyin hisrightmindwouldtalk of 7 million light years is not obvi-ous. Latest data indicates that there areroughly 2000 stars within only 54 lightsyearsofEarthofwhich46arequitesimi-lar to the sun and with some at least abillionyearsolderthanthesun.TheAn-dromeda galaxy is over 2 million lightyears away . The Milky Way is onlyabout100,000lightyearsindiameterandhas a few hundred Billion stars. 7 mil-lionlightyearsindeed.But as might be expected, he was outdone by a supposed comedian, Dennis
  19. 19. 19MUFON UFO JournalFebruary 2007Miller quoted, "Only man is a narcis-sistic enough species to think that ahighly evolved alien life source wouldtravel billions and billions of light yearsjust to snatch a few unfortunates for anintrusive medical exam." Billions andbillions of light years? No exam notedeither. What was he smoking? Howabout 39 light years to Zeta Reticuli ora few light seconds to a nearby base ormother ship?As might be expected other villainsinclude Dr. Joseph Nickell chief de-bunker of the newly renamed Commit-tee for Skeptical Inquiry (formerlyCSICOP). He appeared on CNN as theusual rent-a-skeptic as might be ex-pected based on his many past top ofthe head comments, knowing nothingof the facts. Another is James Oberg,who unlike Nickell, with his 3 degreesin English did work for a long time inthe space program and is often calledupon for debunking, stated, "It is justsad that we keep getting these reportswhich are of zero evidential value. Itssad because theres a lot of strange stuffin the air that we do need to know". Asusual with the debunkers we have thetotally hypocritical thought that if asighting can be explained as a relativelyconventional phenomenon, the witnesswas obviously a good observer. If itcant (as in this case) be explained as aconventional phenomenon (unless oneconsidersalienspacecraftconventional)then the witness must be a poor ob-server. I cannot stress too strongly thatthe reason most sightings can be iden-tified is that people are good observ-ers. The problem is the interpretation.One nasty response came from NeilSteinberg a columnist for the ChicagoSun Times (the Tribunes main compe-tition) though having a third less circu-lation, on January 7. The headline was"UFOs Frighten Me”. No not becauseof their death rays, or their giant cock-roach crew waving the anal probes theyseem to be always inflicting upon cow-ering Kansas Housefraus. He is con-cerned not with UFOs themselves, butwith our reaction to them.With the unspoken assumption wegreet UFOs with the unjustifiable seri-ousness and respect. We really thinktheyre flying saucers from outer space.The tacit implication is that despite of-ficial explanations, despite all that un-certainty, such sightings are a sly winkby our friends from the Crab Nebula.We used to get our meaning from thesky angels once, now UFOs. We havethis veneer of modern knowledge, sci-ence,andcivilization.Yetwecringeandflutter our hands at every odd cloud andimaginethewildeststoriestojustifyourducking. UFOs remind us how far wehavent come. “What a silly rant. Iemailed with quotes from Dr. HerbertStrentzs 1970 Northwestern Univer-sity PhD Thesis "Press Coverage ofUFOs 1947-1966". Steinberg re-sponded that he had indeed done hisresearch for a book The Alphabet ofModern Annoyance. Turns out it waspublished in 1996 and I could not finda copy here so I have ordered it. Iwould gather his sources were WeeklyWorld News and an enormous ego.Some have questioned where are thepictures? The object was metallic grayseen against a gray cloud cover androughly 25 in diameter. A 747 has awingspan of 195 feet and typically atlow altitude is moving only at 100-150miles per hour. Perhaps of greater im-portance is the fact that judging by theresponses to my questions aboutsightings after my lectures, only about10% of people who believe they havehad a sighting reported what they hadseen. Since there was little publicity ifanyinearlyNovember,whywouldany-body have reported anything and towhom? Once the Trib article and therest of the media jumped in, then morepeople supposedly have come forth.Airport radar may or may not havepicked up the UFO. The FAA certainlyisntgivingoutinformation.Thoughsta-tionary small objects, presumably with-out transponders reporting their iden-tity and position on the radar would notbe of much concern with all the land-ings and take offs competing for atten-tion. The radar would be very unlikelyto take note of the vertical hole in theclouds.My first response to the Tribune ar-ticle was and still is very enthusiastic.My posting on UFO Updates noted thecontrastbetweenthewellwritten,quite-fair article and comments from Dr.Strentzs PhD Thesis.The high degree of ridicule presentin the UFO phenomenon was reflectedin the press coverage. The coverage hasbeen marked by superficiality, redun-dancy, silliness, careless reporting, andlack of relevant information. The lackof relevant information was also attrib-utable to the reluctance of the press toferretoutinformationaboutthephenom-enon and those involved in it.One of the common claims by be-lievers and non-believers is that mostpeople dont believe in UFOs. Really?Years ago I took a survey in a class ofabout 100 college students. I askedthemtovotewiththeireyesclosed.80%thought most people didnt believe inUFOs. But 80% of the group them-selves did believe. Within a week of theTrib article and the coverage on CNNand Fox, etc.; a Florida TV stationpolled its listeners two choices, aweather phenomenon as claimed by theFAA or a UFO? 4477 people voted:.83% said UFO.I think the rout of nasty noisy nega-tivists has begun.Stan Friedman fsphys@rogers.comwww.stantonfriedman.comBookReviewersNeeded!Do you like to readUFO books?Can you write anobjective book review?Please email ifyou would like to review UFOrelated books for the MUFONJournal.
  20. 20. February 200720 MUFON UFO JournalPhysicalPhysicalPhysicalPhysicalPhysicalTracesTracesTracesTracesTracesBy Ted PhillipsThe Project BeginsPart ThreeAt the end of the war Tony was or-dered by the Russians to direct a seriesof mines in the Czech Republic andSlovakia. He wanted no part of the Rus-sians and refused. He and Anna wethreatened with immediate arrest andthey fled to France.They lived in Paris until it was pos-sible to travel to the United States in1951. During their time in Paris they as-sisted other refuges with food and shel-ter.After they arrived in the U.S., theyestablished themselves by building arestaurant and Tony taught languagesand music.In 1970 I was put in contact withTony and Anna and asked to go to theTatra Mountains to find the Moonshaftas named by Tony. Allen Hynek and Iapproached an interested group forfunding. In just two weeks, actor JackieGleason had agreed to fund my trip.Tony immediately began contacting oldfriends in Prague by letter asking forassistance that would provide equip-ment and transportation for me when Iarrived. Tony contacted Jurek (a nick-name)inBratislavatogivemeadetailedmap to the cave or to go with me. TheRussians had invaded Czechoslovakiain 1968 and were in total control. Be-fore we received confirmation of thenecessary assistance, four of our con-tacts were arrested by the Russians andexecuted. The project was canceled.Over the next 28 years I gathered anyinformation I could find still hoping forfunding to complete the project. Tonydied in 1976, Anna in 1978, and therewas one surviving relative and she hasprovided much information to the cur-renttime.In late 1998 I was contacted about aUFO research project by an individualwilling to fund such projects. In lateMarch 1999 I presented the Moonshaftproject to my funding source and twoweeks later I was off to Slovakia with aheavy load of maps, sketches andequipment.After a very long trip from Missourito Slovakia which in-volved many flightchanges and the drag-ging of equipmentthrough several airportsI found myself about tolandinKosice.,whichislocated in easternSlovakia.Ifoundmyselfon the landing approachlooking at a large num-ber of Mig 29 fighterplanes on the airfield. Iwas not aware of the yetheavyRussianinfluencein that small country.AfterlandingIbegana200miledriveto Stary Smokovec which is located atthe base of the High Tatra mountainrange. Of course I couldn’t read theroad signs and directions were difficultas I couldn’t speak the language. Afteradjusting to the driving habits of the lo-cals it was an interesting and not toodifficult drive. It was a good thing I ama professional race car driver, it ap-peared the local drivers had that back-ground also.After unloading at my new home forthe next six weeks I was visited by theowners of a local travel agency that hadarranged my travel and hotel needs.They owned a family business. Themother and father spoke little Englishbut their teenage son and daughterspoke fluent enough. We becamefriends immediately and they providedmuch needed assistance and informa-tion.I began my search for a very tinycave entrance in some extremely rug-ged terrain.Tony Horak had given me longitudeand latitude coordinates based on lowaccuracy maps available in the late1960’s. I had also been given sketchesmade in 1944 of the cave entrance, themountains in which the cave was lo-cated, the terrain at the cave area, andpointedoutthepathtothecaveentranceand a detailed map of the cave itself.As he noted in his 1944 diary he cov-eredtheentrancetothreesmall passagesdeep in the cavern as he left the cave
  21. 21. 21MUFON UFO JournalFebruary 2007for the last time. The idea was to makeit impossible for ‘treasure hunters’ whomight find the entrance to the main cav-ern from reaching the artifact area. Hemarked those for me on the map. Anyone of the three would appear to be theend of this huge and complex cavern.As I began the search with GPS inhand, I was certain I could locate theartifact if I could find this low crannywhich would allow access to the grotto.The cave map indicates a distance fromthe entrance to the artifact to be nearlytwo miles.Overthatlengththemainpas-sage drops 200 to 300 meters in eleva-tion as estimated by Tony. There aremany side passages to the left and rightwhich he explored only for short dis-tances.birth. The priest suggested checkingwith the village ‘Major’ which I did. Hetold me that he had received orders tosend all the records to Kosice in theearly1980or1981which hedid.Iaskedif the records sent were for the entirevillageandherepliedthatonlytheHorakrecords were asked for and sent.I talked with a high ranking militaryofficer who had access to WWII mili-tary records and he placed a call to anold military friend. This man told himthat he remembered a Captain AntoninHorak and knew were to check. Hecalled back and stated that thoserecords were not available even to him.Why these records were taken is a bitof a puzzle. It is interesting that the Rus-sians initiated a project to find the cavein 1981.I again explored additional cavesworkingmywayintothegeneralknownlocation but there was not time to com-plete the job. I was very close and re-ceived new information after I returnedhome that confirmed it.In the past five years I have receivedinformation from contacts in Polandand Slovakia of the crash of an un-knownobjectin1663verynearthecavelocation.AlsotheinvolvementofHitlerand the SS in a search for a cave called‘The Cave of the Half Moon’ whichbegan in 1939. Also the landing of asimilar device in Russia centuries ago.InPart4Iwillpresentdetailsonsimi-lar artifacts in Russia, Yugoslavia andthe United States.The terrain is extremely difficult andsteep with many huge rock formationsto navigate. With his sketch of themountainareainwhichtheentranceex-ists, I was able to match sketches bymodern day climbers of that area. Thereare outstanding features on the 1944sketch matching more recent sketchesand photographs. There was no doubtI was in the right area and exploredmany caves having small entrances butfailed to find the cave in question in justsix weeks.In 2001 I obtained funding for a sec-ond trip of four weeks, this time land-ing in Prague. I traced the history of theHorak family from their vast propertiesin the Czech Republic to other areas hehad gone to during WWII. I found thatall records of the family had disap-peared. Even in the small village wherehewasbornI talkedwiththelocalpriestand he could find no records of Tony’sTed Phillips in theTatrasThe Tatras border Poland andSlovakiaSpectacular Space DebrisLights up Western SkiesOnJanuary4,2007at6:15AMMoun-tain time, early morning risers in Colo-rado and Wyoming were witnesses toan impressive aerial display, when aRussian SL4 rocket booster reenteredtheatmosphereafterlaunchingaFrenchspace telescope , leaving a burning trailof debris that was visible for hundredsofmiles.The French satellite was launchedDecember 27, 2006 from the Baikonurcosmodrome in Russia to monitor starsand help locate new planetsThere were unconfirmed reports ofrocket space debris crashing inRiverton, WY that burned an area onthe ground 30-40 feet wide. RichardBeckwith,MUFONWyomingStateDi-rector contacted the Sheriff’s depart-ment in Fremont County and was toldthat some portion of the debris camedown near the 45 mile marker of High-way 28 near the top of South Pass. Ri-chard visited the site on January 11th,but found nothing. It appeared to havesnowed, and there had been a tractor intheareawhichwasnotunusualasSouthPass had been closed on the fourth duetosnowandtherewouldhavebeensnowplows in the area.NORADspokesman,Lt.Cmdr. SeanKelly said that the reentry was expectedand was being monitored and also com-mented that “objects falling from spaceare almost an everyday occurrence.”MUFON MembersMessage Boardmufonmembers.proboards55.comPassword: Hynek1947(case sensitive)
  22. 22. February 200722 MUFON UFO JournalDirectors’ Message...(Continued from page 2)MUFON Journal Editor RetiresDwight Connelly has retired as theMUFON Journal editor and I am act-ing as the interim editor in his place asof this issue of the Journal. I want tothank Dwight for his many years of ser-vice to MUFON ( all the way back towhen the Journal was Skylook) and forthe excellent job he did editing the Jour-nal each month. All of us at MUFONHQ wish him the best in his new en-deavors.IamcurrentlylookingforaMUFONmember to take over editorial duties. Ifyou have the time and the talent, pleasecontact me at MUFON Journal Editor job is apaid position.MUFON LibraryThe MUFON library is growingthanks to the contributions of MUFONmemberslikeShirleyGraywhorecentlydonated over 100 books to MUFONHQ. Thank you Shirley for your dedi-cation and support! The MUFON li-brary will be a great reference resourcefor the participants of MUFONs up-comingMeetingoftheMindsworkshopthat will be held March 10 - 12, 2007 inFort Collins, Colorado.MUFON 2007 SymposiumWe have a great line up of speakersfortheAugust10-12,2007Symposiumand early registration will begin inMarch.ThisisoneSymposiumyouwillnot want to miss.Position AnnouncementsNew State Section Directors, Rob-ert Thomas, North Central Arkansas,Mr. Lindy Cotner, West Central Arkan-sas, F. Paul Haag, Northwest Arkansas.Timothy Bender, Eastern Montana.New State Directors, David WatsonreplacingBillOlingerinWisconsin.KimShaffer replacing Kevin Green in East-ern Tennessee, Walter T. Sheets replac-ingMarkAusmusinGeorgiawhomovesto the position of Consulting AssistantState Director.New Assistant State DirectorsRalph Howard David Marchant, as-sistant state director for Georgia for theGeorgia Coastal Region.New Field InvestigatorsJohnny Rentas of Brooklyn, NY,RobertC.DiehmofDanville,Ohio,KariM. Buntin of Cary, NC. Dr. ScottPhillips and Grace Vasquez Phillips ofAuburn,WAarenewfieldinvestigators.Kathleen Marden reports that Scott andGrace are the first Field Investigatortrainees to receive a perfect score onthe exam in her entire tenure as Direc-torofFieldInvestigatorTraining.Kathleen who recently retired fromher position recently wrote: “I want tothank MUFON for the opportunity toserve in a volunteer capacity over thepast ten or so years. It was a pleasureto do so and I look forward to my con-tinued association with MUFON. Bestof luck with the new Field InvestigatorsManual and the new online exam.”The new address to send com-pleted field investigator exams to is:Attn: Chuck ReeverMUFON Director of InvestigationP.O. Box 10798Truckee, CA 96162New Episodes of The Black VaultRadio every TUESDAY andTHURSDAYnight!www.blackvault.comAnnouncementfromBudHopkin’sIntrudersFoundation:After a lengthy hiatus, the Intrud-ersFoundation(IF)resumeditsregu-lar program of seminars on January27,2007withapresentationbyAnnaJamerson (one of the authors of Con-nections) in which she discussed herextraordinary UFO abduction expe-riences. Anna and her friend BethCollingsmetinthelate1980s,andsub-sequently discovered that they wereboth undergoing UFO abductionsand that amazingly, they had beenbrought together as children in a se-ries of ongoing encounters evidentlyengineered by the UFO occupants.Foradditionalinformation,calltheIntrudersFoundationat212-645-5278.2006 Symposium Proceedingsand DVDsEvery year since 1971, MUFONhaspublishedtheproceedingsoftheannual MUFON International UFOSymposium.The 2006 proceedings are avail-able from MUFON Headquarters,P.O. Box 279, Bellvue, CO 80512-0279, for $33 postpaid in the U.S.and $42 outside of the U.S.DVDs, videos, and audio CDs ofeach symposium speaker are avail-ablefrom:The International UFO Confer-ence, 6160 Firestone Blvd., Suite#104-373, Firestone, CO 80505-6427. Telephone: 303-651-7136.Web store:Heads UP
  23. 23. 23MUFON UFO JournalFebruary 2007Advertising rates1x 3x 6xBack cover $450 $425 $400Inside back cover$425 $400 $375Full page $350 $325 $3001/2 page $250 $225 $2001/4 page $150 $125 $100“Calling card” $55 $50 $45For advertising, contact James Carrion,970-221-1836.UFO MarketPlaceThe Allies of HumanityBook Two:Human Unity, Freedom & theHidden Reality of Contactby Marshall Vian SummersWe are all the native peoples of thisworld. The Intervention is here. Take astand for humanity. 206 pages, $14.95,New Knowledge Library, (Book One free online)Read the amazing true story of a man whohas been abducted since the age of 5 years old.Later in life his entire family was abducted by alienswhile living in ruralAlabama.As the yearswent by, he had anincredible six spon-taneous miraclehealingsthatwerelifethreatening.Read the trueaccount of this andmany other eventsthat have changedhis life forever.Hardcover is429 pages and has13 pictures. $29.95($21.95 softcover)plus $3.95 postage. Enclose $8.95 for shippingoutside the U.S.Bill McCowan, Dept. M, P. O. Box 402,Springville, AL 35146Abductions, healings