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Mufon ufo journal   2006 4. april Mufon ufo journal 2006 4. april Document Transcript

  • t h i sUfology prolile: Dr. LeoSprinkle, p. 8.1 OMIFO becomesMexicos unifying UFOorganization, p. 7.Strange Ozarkanimals,part 2, p. 10.UFO Press: MAJICEyes Only by Ryan Wood;The Lure of the Edge byBrenda Denzler; UFO-The Arizona Cortrtectiotiby Nancy White, p. 11.Pennsylvania cases, p.18.MUFON Forum, p. 19.Calendar, p. 19.UFO Marketplace, p.23.ColumnsDirectors Message 2Filers Files 13Ted Phillips 16StanFriedman 20McLeods Night Sky 24I Mutual UFO NetworkA Minlitenrarl I missile is test lcr~irlcl~edat VatdenbergAFB in Californiain August, 1973. Tlte role of UFOs in "slu~tdon~ns"of Intercontinet~tdBallistic Missiles is explored by Robert Hctstings, beginning on page 3.
  • April 2006 Number 456MUFON *UFOJournal(USPS 002-970)(ISSN0270-6822)MutualUFO NetworkPost Office Box 369Morrison, CO 80465-0369Tel: 303-932-7709Fax: 303-932-9279InternationalDirector.John F. Schuessler, M.S.- Tel: 303-932-7709schuessler8rnho.net -Editor:Dwight Connelly, M.S.14026 Ridgelawn RoadMartinsville, IL 62442Tel: (217)382-4502mufonufojournal@hotmail.com- -Advertising Director:John F. Schuessler, M.S.- .Columnists:George Filer, M.B.A.Stanton Friedman, M.S.Gavin A. J. McLeodTed Phillips -- . . .: MUFONon the Internet:.:http://www.mufon.comMUFONe-mail address:mufonhq @aol.comMUFONAmateur Radiohet:40 meters - 7.237MHzSaturdays, 8AM CST or CDSTMembership Contest ReminderThe two MUFON membership con-tests will end on May 30. 2006. andthe winners will be honored guests atthe 2006 MUFON International UFOSymposium in Denver.one contestis for State Di-rectors. Assis-tant State Di-rectors. andState SectionDirectors only,and the othercontest is forthe generalmembership.receive air fare within the ContinentalUnited States. plus symposium fee andhotel room paid. All of the contest de-tails may be found on the MUFONwebsite at www.mufon.coni and werealso published in the February Jorrt-rrcrl.July Evidence-based SymposiumLinda Moulton Howe will returnto Denver to speak at the July 14-16MUFON UFO syniposium. Linda isan award winning author.TV producer,speaker. investigativereporter. and sci-ence. environment and earth mysteriesnews website (www.earthtiles.com)di-rector. Lindas fearless. hard-hittingstyle of investigative reporting willbring strong new UFO evidence thatwill keep symposium attendees on theedge of their seats.By populardemand. award-winningauthor Marshall Vian Summers willjoin the list of symposium speakers tobring his extensivebody of work on the"Alien Agenda" to our audience. Hesays: "Despite over 50years of heroicresearch and the extensiveevidencethatit has produced to show that we arebeing visited, we still know little ornothing about the nature. intentionsandoverall purpose of the visitors." Hisbook Allies of Hirrtrcttrirv isa best-seller.Ted Phillips.the best-known inves-tigator of UFO trace effects in theworld. will present a mixture of old andnew trace evidence cases. His recentinvestigative work on the Slovakian(Continued o n page 22)Change of address and subscription/extra copies inquiries should besent to MUFON, P.O. Box 369,Morrison, CO 80465-0369.Copyright 2006 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo pan of lh~sdocument may be reproduced In any form wlthout the wrlnen permiss~onof the CopyrightOwners. Permlss~onIS hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one ancle, prov~dedthe author IS credited.and the statement."Copyr~ght2006 by the Mutual UFO Network. P.O. Box 369. Momson. CO 80465-0369"IS~ncluded.The contents of the MUFON UFOJournalare determined by the editor. and do not necessar~lyreflect theofflclal posltlon of the Mutual UFO Network. Opin~onsexpressed are solely those of the Individualauthors andcolumnists, and do not necessarily reflect the oplnlon of the editor or staff of MUFONThe Mutual UFO Network. Inc IS exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the InternalRevenueCode MUFON IS a publ~clysupported organ~zat~onof the type descr~bedIn Sectlon 509 (a) (2). Donorsmay deduct contr~but~onslrom the~rFederal Income Tax Bequests, legacies, dev~ses.transfers. or g~hsare alsodeductible for estate and g ~ hpurposes, prov~dedthey meet the apphcable provlslons of Sect~ons2055.2106. and2522 of the Internal RevenueCode MUFON IS a Texas nonprofit corporat~onThe MUFON UFOJournal~spubl~shedmonthly by the Mutual UFO Network. Inc.. Morrison. CO SecondClass postage pad at Versadles.MOlndlv~dualMembersh~p$45/year U S.. $55 outslde the U SFamlly members $10 per person addlt~onalStudent (18 years and under) $35 U.S and 545 outsde the U S.Donor. BlOOlyear Professional: 9250lyear. Patron:$500lyearBenefactor (Llfetlme Member).$1.000F~rstclass Journal dellvery ( ~ nenvelopes) U S and Canada only. S12lyearadd~t~onalAir Mall Journal dellvery to all other countr~esouts~dethe Un~tedStates $35/year addlt~onalPostmaster Send form 3579 to adv~sechange of address to MUFON UFOJournal. P 0 Box 369. Morr~son.CO 80465.0369MUFONs mission is the scientific study of UFOs for the benefitof humanity through investigation, research, & education.
  • UFOs observed at ICBM sitesand nuclear weapons storage areasBy Robert L. Hastings@Copyright 2006 Robert L. Hastings. All RightsReserved. This material may not be published, posted,rewritten orredistributed.Although the vast majority ofAmericans are completelyunaware of its existence. theUFO/Nukesconnection is now remark-ably well-documented.AirForce,FBI,and CIA filesdeclas-sified via the Freedom of InformationAct establish a convincing. ongoingpattern of UFO activity atU.S. nuclearweapons sites extending back to De-cember. 1948.For more than 30 years 1have beeninterviewing former and retired U.S.Air Forcepersonnel regarding their di-rect or indirect involvement in nuclearweapons-related UFO sighting inci-dents.Theseindividuals-from retiredcolo-nels to former airmen-report extraor-dinary encounters whichhave obviousnationalsecurityimplications.In fact. taken to theirlogicalconclu-sion,the reported incidents haveplan-etary implications. given the horrificconsequences that would result from afull-scale, global nuclear war.At the time of theirexperiences. myformerlretired USAF sources held po-sitions ranging from nuclear missilelaunch and targeting officers, to mis-sile maintenance personnel, to missilesecuritypolice.The incidents described occurred atMalmstrom, Minot, F.E. Warren,Ellsworth, Vandenberg, and WalkerAFBs between 1963 and 1996. Othersources were stationed at Wurtsrnithand Loring AFBs,whereB-52nuclearbombers were based during the ColdWar era.To date, I have interviewed morethan 50individualswho wereinvolvedin various UFO-related incidents atStrategic Air Command bases or re-mote sites. I have selected the state-ments of 20 of those persons for pre-sentationhere.April 2006boutthe authorHastings interest in UFOs andICBMsbegan early. In 1967,his fa-ther. USAF SMSgt. Robert E.Hastings, was stationed at Malm-stromAFB. MT, during a period ofhigh UFO activity at the basesICBM sites. "A series of eventssparked my life-long interest in theUFO/Nukes Connection," says theauthor.Hastings received a BFAin Pho-tography from Ohio University in1972.and laterre-trained in thefieldof Electron Microscopy.He workedas a laboratory analyst for PhilipsSemiconductors, in Albuquerque.NM. from 1988-2002.He has been researching military-related UFO sightings since 1973,and has been invited to present hisfrndingsatover500collegesand uni-versities since 1981. His program,UFOs:The Hidden Histov. prima-rily concerns the UFO/Nukes Con-nection.Hastings is now semi-retired andlives in Surfside Beach. SC.An expanded discussion of this ma-terial will appear in my forthcomingbook. The UFOLVitkesConnection.The testimony which follows is ad-mittedlyanecdotalevidence.Neverthe-less. it is offered-ften reluctantly-bypersonswho were entrusted by theU.S.government with the operation or se-curity of weapons of mass destruction.As such, each source was subjectedto-and passed-rigorous backgroundchecks and personality tests designedto ascertain, with a reasonable degreeof certainty,theirpsychological stabil-ity andreliability.For the moment, the internationaltensions of the Cold War era have re-ceded.Consequently,theU.S. andRus-sia are currently downsizing theirnuclear arsenals.Nevertheless,vastnumbersof nukesMUFON UFO Journalstill exist and may be unleashed at amoments notice. Therefore, theseweaponsremain apotentialthreatto thefuture of the human race.The events described in this articleleavelittledoubtthat ournuclear weap-ons program is an ongoing source ofinterest to someone possessing vastlysuperiortechnology.Significantly, the reported UFO ac-tivityoccasionallytranscendsmere sur-veillance and appears to involve direct3 View slide
  • and unambiguousinterferencewith ourstrategic weapons systems.Considering these and similar ac-counts-too numerous and credible todismiss-I would argue, as others havebeforeme. that theheightened presenceof the UFO phenomenon since the endof WorldWarI1is a directconsequenceof the advent of the Nuclear Age.To suggest that this is the onlv ex-planation for widespread UFOsightings during our own era would bepresumptuous.simplistic.and undoubt-edly inaccurate.Nevertheless. I believe that thenuclear weapons-related incidents areintegraltoan understandingof themys-tery at hand.Anyone wishing to contact me maydo soat hastings444@att.net.My Sources:Malmstrom AFB, Montana(1966-67):1"Lt. Robert C. Jamison-FormerUSAFMinutemanICBM targetingof-ficer (Combat Targeting Team Com-mander), 341st Missile MaintenanceSquadron,Malmstrom AFB, MT:Jamison statesthat he assisted in there-start of anentire "flight" of ten Min-uteman ICBMs which had simulta-neously and inexplicably shut downimmediately after a UFO was sightedin their vicinity by Air Force SecurityPolice.Jamison is certain that the incidentoccurred at one of the missile flightslocated near Lewistown, MT, perhapsOscar Flight. This event probably oc-curred on the night of March 24/25,1967,based on Jamisons portrayal ofrelated events.Jamisonsaidthat whilehis and otherteams werepreparing torespond to thestricken flight,they were ordered-as aprecaution-to remain at Malmstromuntil all UFOreports fromthe fieldhadceased.He further states that his team re-ceived a special briefing prior to beingdispatched, during which it was di-rected to immediately report any UFOsighted while traveling to or from themissile field.In the event that a UFO appeared atone of the missile silos during the re-start procedure, the team was directedto enter the silos personnel hatch, and4Aerial view ofan ICBM site.remain undergrounduntil theUFO hadleft the vicinity.According to Jamison, the Air Po-lice guard accompanyingthe team wastoremain outsideandrelayinformationabout the UFO to the base CommandPost. Jamisons own team re-startedthree or four missiles, but did not ob-serveany unusual aerial activity.Jamisonsaidthat while he was atthemissilemaintenancehangar, waitingtobe dispatchedto the field,he overheardtwo-way radio communications at thetemporary Command Post relating toanother UFO having been sighted onthe ground in a canyon near the townof Belt.He states that he recalls hearing thata top commander-either Malmstromsbase commander or the 341st Strate-gic Missile Wingcommander-was on-site with other personnel.Based on these recollections, it ap-pears that Jamison is describing thewell-documentedBelt,MT,UFO sight-ing of March 24/25,1967.Jarnison said that immediately afterthe missile shutdown incident, for aperiod of approximately twoweeks,histeam received a special UFO briefingidentical to the one described abovebefore being dispatched to the field.Jamisonsaidthat approximately twoweeks afterthe full-flight missile shut-MUFON UFO Journaldown his team responded to another,partial shutdown involvingfouror fiveICBMs.Prior to beingdispatched,Jamisonsteam received a report that the missilefailures had occurred immediately af-ter a UFO was sighted over the flightsLaunch Control Facility.Jamisonrecalls that this incidenttookplace at a flight located southor south-west of Great Falls, possibly IndiaFlight, and duringdaylight hours.Jamison said that he had subse-quently spoken with several individu-als,mostlymissilesecurityguards,whohad witnessed various UFO-relatedincidents. He reports that they were"visibly shaken" by their experiences.Comment:At leastfiveotherformeror retired USAFpersonnel-all Minute-man missile launch officers stationedat Malmstrom AFB in 1967-have pre-viously divulged their knowledge ofUFO involvement in two separate,large-scalemissileshutdownincidents.One of these individuals, formerDeputy Missile Combat Crew Com-mander Robert Salas, has extensivelyinvestigatedtheseevents,togetherwithresearcher Jim Klotz.Their revealing summary of theMarch 1967incidents may be found athttp://www.cufon.org/cufon/~malmstrom/malml .htm. See also theApril 2006 View slide
  • review of their book, Faded Giant, inthe May, 2005, issue of the Journal.Salas and Klotz discuss the AirForces formaldenialof UFO-involve-ment in the one officially-acknowl-edged, full-flight missile shutdown in-cident at Malmstrom AFB-at EchoFlight-despite the missile launchoffic-ers testimony to the contrary.Theofficialdisavowalisfoundin the341" Strategic Missile Wings "unithistory."Significantly, the unit historian,David Gamble, told Klotz that whilecompiling material for the official his-tory he had learned of reports of UFOactivity within Malmstroms missilefields. When he made inquiries,Gamble received "no cooperation"from those in-the-know.He further said that written changesregarding "the UFO aspect of the mis-sileshutdownincident" had been madeby superiors. The final version of theunit history states,"Rumors of Uniden-tified FlyingObjects(UFO)aroundthearea of Echo Flight during the time ofthe fault were disproven."If Jamisons recollections are cor-rect, and he did indeed respond to alarge-scale missile shutdown at OscarFlight on the same date as the well-documented Belt UFO sighting, thenthe date proposed for the Oscar eventby Salas and Klotz-March 16, 1967-would seem to be in error.Salas has now acknowledged thispossibility; however, Klotz remainsskeptical about the alternate date.Prior to my posting the Jamison-re-lated material on the NICAP and NCPwebsites, I sent it to Klotz for his re-view.He responded, "I think that whilewitnesses memories of events tendto be pretty clear, memories of datestend to be less accurate. I am a docu-ment-driven guy, and Id like to seesome documentary evidence of mul-tiple events."Lacking this, I only wish to keepopen the idea that memories may be ofa single UFO-related missile shut-down event at Malmstrom. Certainlytheindicationsfrom witnesstestimonyare that multiple events may well haveoccurred."For the record: I too would like tosee unaltereddocumentsrelatingto theshutdown events.In the early 1980s, I attempted toaccess,via theFreedomof InformationAct, Office of Special Investigations(OSI)filesrelatingto UFO sightingsatMalmstroms ICBM sites, only to betold that all suchdocumentshad alreadybeen declassified.However,multiplesourcetestimonystrongly suggests otherwise. I thinkDavid Gambles comments above aretelling.In my opinion, the documents thatmight shed light on the true facts relat-ing to the missile shutdowns will re-mainhiddenindefinitely,whereasthosesupportingtheofficial versionof events,includingunit histories, will sometimesbe declassified.I also sent my Jamison-related ma-terial to Bob Salas. He responded,"What is interesting to me is the brief-ing Jamison received about how to re-spond if they sighted a UFO whileworking in the field. This would be afurther indication that there had beenexperiences with UFOs at [launch fa-cilities] prior to Jamison going out tothe sites. We have also received sirni-lar information from a source we areprotecting at this time."Salascontinued, "I [now]think it ismore likely that Oscar Flight wentdown on some date after the EchoFlight [shutdown]and thatitcould verywell have been on the same day as theBelt sighting."One of the factors that lead me tothat opinion is the lack of commentabout two flights going down in the[now-declassified]telex that went out,and in the unit history. If the two hadgonedown on the sameday, that wouldhave been mentioned."The reason, I think, Oscar wasntmentioned later is because by then theAir Force wanted to keep a secrecy lidon it and avoid the possibility of a leakby the indicationof agrowingand con-tinuingproblem.Thatwould have madequite some headlines in the press."Salas concluded, "Remember, fromallwe haveheard fromthemaintenancepeoplewe haveinterviewed,therumorsand comments [about UFO activity]were rampant. I personally received acall froman NCO afterthe Oscar shut-downs practicallybegging me to cometalk to him and others about the inci-dent. Believe me, it was all over thebase, and some of the troops were flatscared."In conclusion,Jamisons statementsareimportantbecausethey indicatethatthe Air Force was fully aware of UFOinvolvementin atleasttwomissileflightshutdown incidents prior to dispatch-ing the missile maintenance teams torestart the ICBMs.Specifically, according to Jamison,the 341" Missile Maintenance Squad-ron undertook certain precautions andformally implemented various proce-duresto protect theteams safetywhileinthefield.In thisrespect,his testimonyis unprecedented.Staff Sgt. Louis D. Kenneweg-Former Minuteman ICBM mainte-nanceclerk, 341" MissileMaintenanceSquadron,Malmstrom AFB, MT:At thetime of the 1967missile shut-down incidents, Staff Sgt. Louis D.Kenneweg was assigned to the 34lStMissile Maintenance Squadron(MIMS) at Malmstrom AFB.His duties at the MIMS hangar in-cluded issuing Technical Order (T.O.)kits to other members of his squadron.As Kenneweg explained, "Each ofthe repair teams would be required totake T.0.s in the truck with them. Thekit included books or manuals thatwould contain technical informationthat thetechnicianscould lookupratherthan rely on memory."There was also a check list in plas-tic sleeves, kind of like a pre-flightchecklistforapilot, thatthey wouldusebefore removing the warhead fromthemissile. Of course there was an awfullot of supervisionwhen thatoccurred."Although the date is uncertain, onenight, around 11:45 PM, Kennewegwas driving to work when he noticedsomething unusual in the sky. "As Itraveled down one of theroads parallelto the flightline," he said, "I saw some-thing that I first thought was a privateplanes lights,blinking."As I watched it get closer, I real-ized that it wasnt blinking at all, butzig-zagging.Firsthere, then there,trav-eling too fast for a plane. Then loom-ing overthe flightline."I got up late, and I knew that I hadApril 2006 MUFON UFO Journal
  • littletime,butIstoppedanyway.Iopenedthecardoor,got out. andfocusedon thelights. I watched it as long as I could,withoutbeinglatetowork."1 remember saying to myself thatthis pilot was going to be in a lot oftrouble, coming across the runway. oratleast acrossthe AirForce Base prop-erty."1 dont remember it traveling thatclose to me. but I do remember theimageof itdisappearingin a low south-erly trajectory over the [MIMS] han-gar. Of course, it was much fartheraway than it appeared."At that point it wasnt blinkinganymore, but had more of a glow. Itappeared as a bright light the size ofthe moon on a cloudy night, although Idont remember it being cloudy."Upon arriving at the MIMS hangar,Kenneweg was confronted by a sceneof high activity. "As I entered the han-gar I noticed that there were numeroustrucks being loaded," he said, "manymorethanIhad everseenallatthesametime."Still puzzled about the strange, zig-zagging light, Kenneweg walked to-ward theAir Police office, where APswere routinely assigned to accompanythe maintenance teams into the missilefields-guarding their trucks and the si-los once they opened the gates.When he arrived he noticed an un-usual level of activity there as well.Kenneweg asked the Air Police ser-geanton duty whetherthebase had anyhelicoptersup.Thesergeantrepliedthatthe helicopters didnt have radar anddidnt fly atnight.Kenneweg continued, "Back at theoffice, I issued almost all of the [T.O.]kits on the shelf. I remember saying tomyself, Im running out of kits, this isa busy night."Now, I didnt check the sign-outsheet to see how many kits had beenchecked out before my shift, but whileIwas on duty I didrecall that they werealmostallcheckedout. As I countthemoff in my head today,andtry to seethemon the shelf, we had a wall with 3shelvesthat would hold 25 or so."Clearly,a lot of missiles were eitherundergoingroutinemaintenance andlorhad gone off StrategicAlert for anotherreason-all at the same time.Ellsworth AFB: Delta Flight, hunch Control Facility.When the maintenance teams re-turned totheMlMS hangar-Kennewegfirstthought thatit had been somethreehours later, but on reflection now be-lieves that it was more than 24 hourslater, during his next shift-one of thetechnicians hinted that something outof the ordinary had taken place in themissile field."One of the guys mentioned to methat some very weird things were go-ing on that night," said Kenneweg. "Ittakes two guys to carry the T.O. kit, sothere wereotherguysbehind him, wait-ing in line to get checked in, and theywere all nodding their heads in agree-ment."But this guy said that he couldnttalk about it right then. He said hewould tell me all about it back at thebarracks. Well, likeIhave said before,I was busy working [a second job] atthe Red Lion Supper Club and didntreally have that serious sit-down con-versation with that particular airman."But the barracks was buzzing. Sto-ries about how when they got to the[missile silos] and found no damage,and how all the batteries were dead. Ialso heard a story that [UFOs] wereseen on radar, then they were gone."He continued, "Our missile siteseach had a tertiary power system. Themain power source was delivered byMontanaPower: telephonepoles, trans-formers, and wire."The second system was the dieselgenerators, and the third was the bat-tery back-upwithin thesiloitself."Numerous reports came back say-ing that they had found no damage tothe fences, wires, transformers, rnicro-wave intrusion system, locks on thethree-foot-thickconcreteblast doors,orto the batteries."So, noevidenceof damagefrom in-truders or animals, lightning, or fire.Just three sources of power vanished,and the batteries were dead."Kennewegbelievesthat the incidentwas not isolated. "As I recall," he said,"there wereothernights wheretheguyswould come back and look a littleshaken, all within that same time-pe-riod."Comment: Based on Kennewegsdescription of his own UFO sighting,during which the object appeared to benear or overMalmstroms flightlineatone point, I have speculated that theUFO may have briefly maneuverednear the bases nuclear Weapons Stor-age Area (WSA), which is locatedjusteast of the main runway.TheWSA containsMinutemanmis-sile nuclear warheads, known as Re-entryVehicles (RVs).Areview of aerialphotographs of Malmstrom, whichshowtheWSA,coupled with an analy-sis of Kennewegs probable positionnear theMIMS hangar,leadtothiscon-jecture.Regardless,anotherUFO sightingatthe WSA some years later has beenconfirmed by two other sources.(Continued in May Journal.)MUFON UFO Journal April 2006
  • Oldmilitarymagazinerecounts UFO chasesBy Diane HarrisonThe Australian UFO Research NetworkWhiledoingtherun of ourlocal sec-ondhand book shops looking for UFOresearch material, Vivian, one of ouryounger researchers, came across amagazine called Military Enthusiast,Vol-5No. 25 (1983edition).An article writtenby SalvadorMafeHuertas called "Ala 12The Phantomsfrom Torrejon" on pages 21 to 25 is amilitary article which tells about theplanes placement in MACOM (AIRCOMBATCOMMAND) of the Span-ish Air force unit based at Torrejon.Spanish researchers might like tospeak to the two officers (below) whocontributed information to the article-if they are still alive.The article states:"Meanwhile the men of Ala 12con-tinue their rigorous training duties inordertobe intop operationalcondition."And while the majority of alertscramble is actually performed by theF-1CEs of Ala 14,they have had theirshare of real and practice scrambles,including attempted intercepts ofUFOs."Article acknowledgments: SpanishAF Office of Information in Torrejon& Lt. Col. Carrasquilla and Lt. Frutos,Executive Officer and PA0 of Ala 12.Pratts website papersnow on MUFON.comAllof theUFOpapersonthewebsiteof researcherlauthor Bob Pratt, whodied Nov. 21,have been moved to theMUFON website, according toMUFONs director, John Schuessler:"Just look at the home page and clickon Bobs picture area."Bob was agoodfriend, andhis wifeFaith knew that. When I offeredto hosthis paperson the MUFON siteas a me-morial to Bob, she was pleased andgave her permission."We are now trying to get his URLtransferred over so we can keep it ac-tive. Then when anyone does a searchon his name they will get redirected totheMUFON site," explainsSchuessler.April 2006OMIFObecomesMexicos unifyingorganizationfor UFO investigationOMIFO(Organization MexicanadeInvestigadores del Fenomeno Ovni)was formally announced in Chihuahua,Mexico, as a viable organization afterits first anniversary on Feb. 18,2006.OMIFO is designed to be the newunifiednationalorganizationof Mexicofor the investigation, research, andstudyof what are referredto in Mexicoas OVNIs (Objetos-No identificadosDel Vuelo), Spanish for UFOs.There are more ha:a dozen UFOinvestigative o~anizationsoperatingwithin the 32 states that form the Re-public of Mexico. OMIFOs creationisinresponseto thecontinuingincreasein UFO phenomena in this very activearea of the world.Dramatic video footage, new gov-ernmentopennessandcooperationwithMexican UFO scientific investigativegroups,increasesin abductionsreports(and the willingness to report them),crop circles,chupacabra sightings,andcrashed saucer reports have all greatlyinfluencedMexican UFO investigatorsin consolidatingtheirdedicatedefforts.Greater communication, swift re-sponse, and the more efficient poolingof investigativeand scientificresourcesare OMIFOs goals in solving one ofthe modem worlds most elusive sci-entific mysteries.The new OMIFO, using MUFONas a general organizational pattern, islargely the result of the hard work andefforts of MUFON Northern Califor-nia State Director Ruben Uriarte.Originally a native of Mexico,Uriarte,along with CarlosA. Guzman,MUFON Mexico Federal StateDirec-tor, have established an importantbridgebetweeninvestigativegroups inboth Mexico & MUFON.First goals for OMLFO include theappointmentof officers,thecreationofan Investigative Code of Ethics, a for-mal Investigators Manual, the accep-tance of an OMIFO logo, and the cre-ation of a new OMIFO Internetwebsite.MUFON UFO JournalOMIFOs pace is rapid and ambi-tious, and its first formal UFO confer-ence for the establishment of these ini-tial goals has already been set for Oc-tober, 2006, in Chihuahua, Mexico.Appointed to the national positionsare: Jeronimo Flores, director; VictorCamacho, assistant director; MartinMedina, treasurer; Gilberto Rivera,Northern regional director; LeopoldoLazcano,SouthemlCentralregionaldi-rector;and Ruben Uriarte,U.S. liaison-Northern California MUFON statedi-rectorThe UFO researchers own "UFOweather maps" was also presented byUriarte to OMIFO, and was warmlyreceived.The creation of a single MexicanUFO sighting Internet data base, per-haps patterned aftertheNUFORC (Na-tional UFO Reporting Center, createdby Peter Davenport) andlor theMUFON CMS (Case ManagementSystem) will also, it is hoped, incorpo-ratemoreMexican sightingreports intoa unified North American & CentralAmerican UFO monthly situationalmap to be shared and used by theOMIFO/MUFON/NUFORC organi-zations.Next it is hoped CanadianUFO databases will alsobe incorporatedintotheUFO Weather Map.MUFONInternationalDirectorJohnSchuessler praised the formation ofOMIFO, and pledged MUFONs co-operation.Mexicohas greatpotentialfor beingin the forefront of UFO scientific re-search. Mexican culture and social at-titudes are open to the UFO phenom-enon, as well as to scientific methodsof research.The now famousMexican AirForceUFO video overtheYucatan peninsulain early 2005 has demonstrated theopennessof both the Mexican govern-ment & military in cooperation withUFO groups in attempting to under-stand the UFO problem.7
  • Ufologv ProfileDr. Leo Sprinkle a pioneerBy Dwight ConnellyDr. Leo Sprinkle is one of the truepioneers of modern ufology, havingworked on some of the classic caseswhich provide the basis for currenttheories. But, like many researchersworking in a university setting, he haspaid a price for his involvement.Sprinkle earned his bachelors andmasters degrees from the Universityof Colorado, and in 1961the Ph.D. incounseling psychology from the Uni-versity of Missouri.After workingthree years at the Uni-versity of North Dakota, he moved tothe University of Wyoming in 1964asassistant professor of psychology.Sprinkle says he began as a scoffer,but in 1949a sightingof adaylightdiscmoved him to a position of "skeptical,but willing to consider the possibilitythat such things exist."Then in 1956 he and his wife,Marilyn, had another sighting nearBoulder,CO,andhebecameconvincedthat UFOs are real.Hejoined theNational InvestigatingCommittee on Aerial Phenomena(NICAP) and became a consultant forthe Aerial Phenomena ResearchOrganizaton (APRO).Not oneto siton the sidelines,he be-came involved in studies of abducteesand contacteesbetween 1964and 1968at a time when this element of ufologywas still somewhat out of the main-stream, despitethe general acceptanceof the Betty and Barney Hill encoun-ter.In 1968 Sprinkle served as a psy-chological consultant to the infamousUniversity of Colorado UFO Project,headed by Dr. Edward Condon.Since this study was sponsored bythe AirForce, and took place under theauspices of a university, it was not es-pecially controversial, except for thefact that one of Sprinkles assignmentsforthe projectinvolvedthehypnosisofpolice officer Herbert Schirmer, whoDr. Leo Sprinklereported a classic abduction.Predictably, the project officers re-jected the sighting. However, key ele-ments from this very early abductionreport would surface in futurereports.The next year, 1969, Sprinkleauthored a paper based on a survey ofmembers of theNational InvestigationsCommittee on Aerial Phenomena(NICAP).Between 1972 and 1979 he servedon a "blue ribbon" panel set up by theNational Enquirer to recommend thebest UFO cases for an award whicheventuallycouldreach ashigh as a mil-liondollars."Some UFO researchers were ap-palled at what they perceived to be anunholy marriage between pure UFOinvestigationand impure tabloidjour-nalism," recalls Sprinkle."However, panel members hadhopes that Bill Dick, editor, and BobPratt, reporter(cou1d make good use ofthe panelf~ickand Pratt were honestahd reliable persons."Other panel members included Dr.Jim Harder, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr.Frank Salisbury, and Dr. RobertCreegan."After a few years," says Sprinkle,"the editors expressed disillusionmentwith the panel, and vice versa. WhenDr. Hynekleft the panel, itenjoyednei-ther the leadership nor the status withwhich it began."Sprinkles work on the NICAP sur-vey. his experience with the ColoradoUFO Project, and his participation onthe Etlquirer panel provided the basisfor a chapter. "Psychological Implica-tions in the Investigation of UFO Re-ports," in a 1976 book, EncountersWith UFO Occupants, by Jim andCoral Lorenzen of APRO.While most of this chapterdealtwithtechniques for handling UFO investi-gations,Sprinklechallengedinvestiga-tors to broaden their thinking. He sug-gested, for example, that investigatorsconsider the following:"1.If the legendsof angelsor heav-enly hosts who visited the earth weretrue, what couldbe hypothesizedaboutthe historical characteristics of thesevisitors?"2.If the claims of mental commu-nication with UFO occupants weretrue, what couldbe hypothesizedaboutthe intellectualcharacteristics of thesevisitors?3.If there were a similarity-r iden-tity-of angels and UFO occupants,what could be hypothesized about thepossible purposes of these beings?"He added, "If it were assumed thatevidencecouldbe foundto supportfur-ther investigations along these lines,then more specific questions could beconsidered, such as:"Is there archaeologicalevidence ofotherplanets which might indicatepre-viousexpeditionsfrom extra-planetarysources?"Did Adam and Eve symbolize-rrepresent-the establishmentof acolonyfromanother planet?"Is therea Kingdomof Heaven, i.e.an organization(s) of extraterrestrialcivilizations?"Was the Star of the East overBethlehem a UFO phenomenon?"Was there a long-rangepurposeforMUFON UFO Journal April 2006
  • variouscovenantsbetween ancientmenandangels,e.g., theconvenantbetweenAbraham and the Angel of the Lord inregard to the practice of circumcision?"Does the psychotic condition stemfrom repression and/or confusion ofpsychic and spiritual processes?"Is there a similarity-r identity-ftheinspirationteachingsfromangelstoancientmen and the creativeprocessesof modem man?"Sprinkleconcluded, "The writerbe-lieves it to be useful to speculateon thepossibility that Biblical legends of an-gels are true, and that the claims ofmental communication with UFO oc-cupants are true."Assuming theseconditions,hypoth-eses could be developed to test morespecific questions about the historicaland contemporary characteristics ofUFO occupants."This type of thinking was not wide-spreadin 1967when thebook was pub-lished, and many ufologists were stillreluctant to deal with the question ofUFO occupant sightings, much lesspossible communications with thoseoccupants."NICAP didnt want to deal withabduction cases until the Hill case,"says Sprinkle. "APRO did, and sodidsome of the foreign organizations."Sprinkles activitiesheated up in the1970s. In 1974he worked on the CarlHigdon case in Wyoming, conductinghypnosis sessions which brought outnumerous details in this strange en-counter which occurred duringHigdons hunting trip for elk.Thefollowingyearhe workedon theLarson abduction-from-a-car case,which involvedhypnosis sessionswithSandy Larson and her daughterJackie.A third individual involved in the en-counter, Terry OLeary, declined toundergohypnosis.Another well-known case in 1976involved four women who had a har-rowing abduction experience as theydrove down a Kentucky highway.This was a challenging case," re-calls Sprinkle, "for several reasons.There was friction between the inves-tigators from APRO and MUFON,whichLen Stringfieldmanaged to coolApril 2006down. I was trying to be therapeuticfor these women, who were so upset,and the investigators kept wanting meto find out how many fingers the enti-ties had."As Sprinklebecame more involvedwith ufology, some academic col-leaguesbegan to questionhis fitnessasa faculty member in theDepartment ofPsychology.This wasparticularly true when, be-ginning in 1980,he and the InstituteforUFO ContacteeStudieshosted theRocky MountainConference onUFO Investiga-tion, bringing al-leged contacteesto the UniversityofWyomingcam-pus in Laramie.Sprinkle hadmoved from the Department of Psy-chology to a position as director ofcounselingand testing,but by 1984feltso much pressure from the universitythat he relinquished this position, heldfor 13years, staying on as a psycholo-gist and counselor."I think I was considered a prettygood teacher and a fair administrator,"says Sprinkle, "but as I got more in-volved with ufologyI foundincreasingpressure to lower my profile."At one point, following a talk atColorado StateUniversity and a news-paper article, some colleague-he doesnot know who itwas-complainedtotheethics committeeof theAmericanPsy-chological Association that Sprinklewas not being scientific inhis approachto psychology."This was very upsetting to me, andespeciallyto my wife," recalls Sprinkle,who still laughs easily and appears tobe unflappable. "It took a year for thecharge to be unanimously dismissed."By 1989Sprinkle says the pressurehad become too great, and he resignedfromtheuniversity and set up a privatepractice.Ten years later his book, SoulSamples, was published. He explainsthatthe titlecomesfroma comment byinterviewerKeithThompson:"Leo," heMUFON UFO Journalsaid, "when other investigators werechasing lights in the sky and gatheringsoil samples, you were helping UFOexperiencers and gathering soulsamples."Sprinkles ufological interests had,infact,graduallyevolved,movingfromemphasizing physical evidence, thenlooking at biological evidence, and fi-nally to exploring the psycho-socialaspect of abductions and contact."Now the psychic or spiritual grabsme," he says, "including past lives andreincarnation.Ibecameinterestedin thepossibility of past lives through mywork with abductions. Could some ofthe experiencesof abducteesbe relatedto past lives?"He relates the example of a Colo-rado woman whose abduction experi-encesapparentlyincludedbeing "jerkedaround" by an entity on board a UFO."In another hypnotic session," saysSprinkle, "she was regressed to a pastlife in which she was a surgeon whojerked people around."He saysthe experiences that peoplehave withentities-good or bad-dependon the viewpoint of the abductees."Some experiencers have great ex-periences," says Sprinkle, himself anexperiencer, "and some have horridexperiences. People with bad experi-ences are not bad people, but bad stu-dents. People who ask how they canserve humanity have a good experi-ence."He quotes Morris Jessup, an as-tronomer and early UFO researcher1writer, who described humans as thesheep, the angelslgods as the shep-herds,and theentitiesasthe sheepdogswhich "come after us and nip at ourheels."Sprinklebelieves that "the ultimatepurpose of ETs is to wake people upand guide them. Humanity is about toengagein extensivetravel in space,andwe are not quiteready for membershipin the galactic club."MUFON reportsField Investigators: Please send acopyof your sightingreportsdirectlyto the Journal.
  • Part twoStrange animals reported in the OzarksEditors Note:Thisis the conclu-sionof the articlein the Marchissueon strange animals in the Ozarks,which originally appeared in theOzark Spectator.Unusual animals,includingthoseshowing aggression, have been re-ported in conjunction with UFOcasesthroughoutthe world,buttheirsignificance is still a mystery.(See review of Hunt for theSkinwalker in the March issue.)The characteristics of the animaltype reportedin the Ozarksincludecoloring similar to a bobcat, over-sized canine-like head and nose,mule-likeears, thick and muscularneck, cat-like tail rounded on theend, massive chest, muscular frontlegs, and noticeably shorter backlegs causing sloped back.When theanimalsrun,they "pushoff," using their front legs, land onall four feet, and continue to travelin this manner.By Tal H. BrancoOn a spring day about 1991,an ani-mal similarto theonesdescribedby thewitnesses was also seen near the BeltCemetery north of Ozark by two localwomen.RubyToltonand arelative had goneto the cemetery to do clean-up workwhen they saw a deer run from thewoods into an open field behind thecemetery. When the deer reached thecenter of the field they saw an animalburst from the woods in hot pursuit.The women were very puzzled be-cause they could not identify the obvi-ous predator. They could plainly seethat it was not adogorcoyote,althoughit appeared to be some type of canine,rather than a bobcat or mountain lion.A similaranimalwas seenby anem-ployee of a local utilitycompany whenit crossed Highway 219 about threemiles north of 1-40.The witness stated that the animalran across the road toward the creekon the west side. The man stopped hisvehicleand got out of thetruckto try toget a better look at the animal.He sawit standingand watchinghim10from about 100 yards away, but theman could not identify the animal. Ashe watched, the animal spedacross thecreek, and with apparent ease and ob-vious agility, scaled the steep bluff onthe other side and disappeared into thewoods above it.One of the witnesses vividly recallsdriving to a local farm with her smallchildrenin the 1980stopickpurple hullpeas, andbeing told by thefarmer(nowdeceased)to park closeto thepeapatchand to watch her children closely.When she asked why, he told her hehad recently seen a large, aggressiveanimalnear the pea patch thathe couldnot identify. He saidthe animal was in-timidating and showed no fear of him.In the Cravens area northwest ofOzark, local residents have also re-ported seeing an enigmatic quadrupe-dal animals. Although the descriptionsof the animals seen in that area are ba-sically the same, the descriptions aresignificantlydifferentin somerespectsfrom those previously recorded.The most pronounceddifferencebe-tween the descriptions from the twoareas is in the length and size of theneck, and the angleof the neck in rela-tion to the body when the animal isstanding alert.Ms. Lucille Elders, her son, and an-otherrelative whohave seen thestrangeanimals in that area at close range re-port that the animals necks aredisproportionallylongforthesizeof theanimals bodies.Ms. Elders son,who sawone of theanimalsat nighton two occasions,par-ticularly noted that the animals longneck was held in a very upright, andsomewhat awkward looking positionwhen the animal stood watching him.He stated the neck was very thick, andthe head was "fat." ,He estimated thetop oftheanimals head was aboutthreefeet from the ground when it waswatchinghim.Oneresident of the Cravens areare-ported that the animal he saw had longears.Theanimal seenby Ms. Elderwasreported to have "small like ears."Anecdotal reports from this area in-MUFON UFO JournalAboutthe authorTal H. Branco is a life-long resi-dent of Arkansas and an avidoutdoorsman. Early in his careerhewas trained and employed as a lawenforcementofficer.He was later employed for 23years as a chemical analyst for aninternationalcorporation,andin thatcapacityestablishedand supervisedthe operation of five laboratories inBrazil, two of which were locatedseveral hundred miles up the Ama-zon River.He has investigated reports ofenigmatic animals for nearly 30years, and founded the ReclusiveForest Primate (RFP) ResearchProject about 15 years ago to gainhelp in pursuing those investiga-tions.Theprimary focusof his researchhas been on the large, hairy bipedalprimate that is commonly called"Bigfoot" or Sasquatch."dicate the strange animals have beenrecently seen by other residents. Onerancher reportedly saw such an animalresting on a hay bale in his pasture.Accordingto someresidents,these ani-malshaveb5en&en iriihe areaforgen-erations. /Based on the variations in the de-ssriptions of the animals seen inFranklin County, it seems there are ei-ther two separate types of enigmaticanimals in the area, or there is one spe-cies that manifests very unusualchangesin its appearance while grow-ing to maturity.The animals will probably never beaccurately identified-or properly clas-sified if they are in fact an unknownspecies-until their DNA profile hasbeen examined by professionalsin thatfield.While DNA can sometimes be ob-tained from a wild animal without itbeing killed, the odds are in this casethat one of the animals will be shot bya farmer or rancher;or will berun overand killed whilk crossing 1-40.April 2006
  • DocumentedcrashesMAJIC Eyes Only, Earth SEncoun-ters with Extraterrestrial Technologyby Ryan S. Wood, 2005, foreward byJim Marrs, Wood Enterprises, 14004Quail Ridge Drive, Broomfield, CO80020.www.majesticdocuments.com.hardback, 6 ~ 9 , 3 0 3pages, $29.95.Reviewed by Dwight ConnellyJournal editorThis is one of the more importantbooks to be offered in recent years, asit puts into one volume specific infor-mation regarding 74 reported UFOcrashes, beginning with the now-fa-mous Aurora, TX, incident of 1897.As background to these incidents,Wood includes a 23-page Introductiondescribing some of the work which heand his father, Dr. Robert Wood, havedonewith what arethoughtto beleakedgovernment documents regarding theUFO phenomenon, as well as withdocumentsobtainedundertheFreedomof Information Act (FOIA).The term MAJIC is associated withMJ-12, MJ, MAJIC, MAJESTIC,MAJCOM, MAJSEC, MAJESTIC-12/33, and MAJIC EYES ONLY-allof which have been utilized as refer-ences and markings in the leaked UFOdocuments.Wood notes that a special unit, theInterplanetaryPhenomenonUnit(IPU),was set up by the government in 1942to studytheUFOphenomenon,andthata leaked IPU intelligence assessment,later stamped MAJIC, noted the crashin 1947 of two UFOs near the WhiteSandsProvingGroundinNew Mexico.One crashed near Corona, about 75miles northwest of Roswell, and theotheronesoutheastof Socorro,near theTrinity test siteof thefirstatomicbomb.Additional documents, as well asextensive research by the late LeonardStringfield and other researchers, in-cluding Wood, are also utilized.April 2006Theauthorpoints out that "the casespresented in this book span the spec-trumof quality,credibility,sources,andevidence-that is the harsh reality atpresent."He adds, "It would be ideal if theywere all highly credible, with unim-peachable sources and physical evi-dence, but theyare not."He notes,how-ever, that "somecases are authen-tic almostby defi-nition; they camefrom essentiallyunim~eachablesources like theNational - Ar-chives or frommilitaryrecords."Wood has attempted to rate each ofthecasesonafive-pointscale,fromlowto high authenticity, utilizing the fac-tors of witness(es), 3.0; sources, 5.0;zingers (obscure facts, etc), 4.0; con-tent(keydata),2.0; believablechronol-ogy, 2.0; no anachronisms, 4.0; andforensics(physicaltraces,paper and inktesting of documents,etc.), 5.0.While not perfect, this is a valuableservice for the reader, especially sinceit is doneby an individualwho special-izes in researching this type of cases.Naturally,somereaders will quarrelwith the ratings assigned. Cases ratedat a "high level" of authenticityincludeAurora, TX (-1897);Roswell (1947);Braxton County, WV (1952);Kecksburg. PA (1965); and Shag Har-bor, Nova Scotia, Canada (1967).Aztec, NM (1948), received a rat-ing of only "medium-high," apparentlydue to the reputations of some of theearly sources.However, the recent work of ScottRarnseyin locating new witnesses andother evidence is impressive. WoodMUFON UFO Journalmentions Rarnseys work, but only in-directly through an interview ofRamsey by Linda Moulton Howe,which is considerably less thanRarnseys research deserves.Somewhat surprisingly, the CapeGirardeau,MO (1941),incident is alsorated only "medium high," despite thefact that Wood has personally re-searched this case and presents somegood secondary witness testimony.However, he is still working on thiscase, with hopes of finding physicalevidence andlor additional witnesses.UFO crash reports are, of course, ofgreat interest to ufologists, and thisbook will not disappoint.It is reader friendly with a good in-dex, good organization, and appropri-atedrawingsandphotos.Theapproachis objective, and, when the fun of read-ing is over, this is a great reference.Science, religion, & UFOsThe Lure of the Edge: ScientificPassions, Religious Beliefs, and thePursuit of UFOs by Brenda Denzler,2001, University of California Press,Berkeley, ISBN 0-520-23905-9,6 x 9paperback, 295 pages.Reviewed by Barry H. DowningMUFON Consultant,ReligionPltblishers WeeklydescribesBrendaDenzlers book as "a deeplyresearchedhistory of ufology." This is no over-statement.I counted approximately 1,000 en-tries in her bibliography. This is workthat compares with that of JacquesVallee in academic quality.For comparison, consider thatJeromeClarks encyclopedia,The UFOBook,lists fewer than 200 books in itsbibliography. Someof the endnotestoher chapters are in excess of 200.She has worked directly with per-sons much respected by MUFON. Her
  • Acknowledgments include thanks to"Walt Andrus andWayneLaPorte (andall the NC MUFON gang) of the Mu-tual UFO Network."This is a work that is both sympa-thetic to and yet examinescriticallytheeffort by UFO groups like MUFON tostudy the UFO phenomenon scientifi-cally, and the frustration of having thiswork largelyrejected by scientists.At the same time, Denzler sees thereligious di-mension in the"UFO Myth,"and reflects onthis dimensionin her work.Denzler hasa Ph.D. in Reli-gious Studiesfrom DukeUniversity. andthis well suitsher to do the work she has done.She has been trained in academicexcellence, and a Ph.D. in religiousstudies is different from, for instance,my own, which trained me to "be theo-logical the way Presbyterians are sup-posed to be theological."My scientific background has alsotrained me tobe "objective" apartfrommy own religious beliefs, but all hu-mans are by nature subjective, and canonly aim atobjectivity.Denzlpr does not begin from a reli-gious point of view,either Christian ornon-Christian. If she has religious be-liefs,they arenot revealed in her work.Rather, she is an observer of whathas happened in America in regard toUFOs, and the purpose of her book isto show how the scientific dimensionand religious dimension of the UFOphenomenon have interacted. She hasdone this very well.Most writers of UFOs and religiontry to arguethatUFO aliens areangelicor demonic4rneither (just ancient as-tronauts).Denzler does not try to make a caseforany of these,but illustratesthechal-lengewefaceingatheringevidence,be-lieving theevidence,and then interpret-ing the evzence.She says, "There is a UFO phenom-12enon, and there is a UFO movement.Itis the latter with which I am con-cerned." (p. xvii)At the same time,themovementhasbeen createdby thephenomenon,soherfirst two chapters deal with "A ShortHistory of the UFO Myth," and a"Short History of Alien Encounters."Her first exposure to the abductionexperience was Whitley StriebersCommunion, and this had a seminalimpactonher. Sheunderstandsthe his-torical and culturalcontextin whichwestudy UFOs."Since the Reformationdepopulatedthe saint-filled cosmos of the MiddleAges. followed by the gradual abstrac-tion and then elimination of God fromthe cosmos by rationally enlightened.scientificminds. a newly orphaned hu-manity has been asking, Are we, then.alone?The UFO experiences reportedby thousandsof peopleareonehint thatthe answerto thatforlornquestionmaybe, No. We are not alone." (p. xviii)OnceDenzlerhas exploredthemod-em history of the UFO experience, shedeals with human reaction to UFOs inthe final three chapters, "Ufology: Onthe Cutting .Edgeor the Fringe of Sci-ence?," "Ufology and the Imaginal,"and "Ufology, God-Talk, and Theol-ogy."Denzler does not give us new UFOrevelations, but rather helps us under-standthecontextin which wehavecar-ried out our UFO quest.A basic issue is that UFOs are toophysical and too technological to suitthose who study them from areligiouspoint of view, and they are too kookyand full of the paranormal from a sci-entific point of view.Scientists are happy when a UFOlandsand leaveslandingtraces;they arenot happy when a UFO abducts BettyAndreasson Luca and she seems tohave a divine encounter during the ab-duction.The main lesson from Denzlersbook is that there is no way to separatethe scientific and religious dimensionsin the UFO phenomenon.This is an excellent book. I hate tocomplain of anything, but I am sur-prised thereis not a sectiondealingwithMUFON UFO Journalthe biblical implications of UFOs forour culture.It is the"pillar of cloud andof fire" of the Exodus that got me intoserious UFO study.Denzlers detailedindexdoesnot listeither Moses or Jesus. Ithink her "reli-giousobjectivity"is important,but thatdoes not mean she should ignore theelephant in the UFO living room.Unusual incidentsUFO-The Arizona ConnectionbyNancyWhite. 2006. softcover. 6~9,128pages, $20.00 ($25.00Canada)includ-ingshipping,availablefromGeorgeParks,630 W. Paseo Norteno, Tucson, -A85704-4641.Reviewedby Dwight ConnellyJournal editorThis is the personal account of nu-merous unusual incidents which Mrs.White and her hus-band, both retirees,have experiencedsince Feb. 2, 2000,beginning with thesighting of strangelarge lights nearSalome,AZ.While other un-usual events,suchasthe strange malfunctioning ofher cellphone,persistenthelicopters,and whatmay havebeen an attempton theirlivesare dealt with, it is the strange death ofMrs. Whites brother which receivesspecialemphasis.Althoughthereis thesuggestionthathe must have seen something whichcaused someone connected with thegovernmentto killhim, there is no spe-cific tie with UFOs.He simplytellstheauthorthat "they"aregoingtokill him,withoutexplainingwho"they" are,orwhyhemay bekilled.A week later he is found dead, with nocause of death determined.There is, however, a wound on hishead which his sisterfeelscould havebeen caused by apowerful taser gun.The author also discusses ateleportationincidentand severalUFOsightings. HerunderstandingoftheUFOphenomenonisinterweavedthroughoutthe book in an effort to put her experi-encesin perspective.1,1 .April2006
  • By George FilerDirector, MUFON Eastern RegionNote: These reports are presented in or-der to keep readers informed of some of thevast number of sightings being reported.However,thesecases have not been officiallyinvestigated, unless noted.North Carolina UFO over roadGreys Creek - The witness re-ports, "I saw a UFO on Highway 87on or about Dec.12, 2005. as Idrove north en-tering Cumber-land County andspotted a red andbluishgreenlighthoverhg 180feetoff the groundjust over a powerline. GeorgeFiler"I drove justabout underneath it and drove to thenext exit to make a U-turn. I saw it flyacross the road, and I started drivingsouth again. I looked to my left, and itwas hovering 80feet above the lines."I drove past it to make a left turn totry to get a closer look, as I couldntsee it through the trees. I went back tothe highway and made a right to see ifit was still there, but it was gone."It was an orb shape. The way thisthing moved across the highway froma standstill, this was no helicopter."Thanks to Peter Davenport, director,NUFOC.New Mexico disc at rocket launchWhite Sands Missile Range -Ed-ward P Bedy writes, "I was an engi-neer working on theNASA rocket pro-gram for 26 years. I didnt work thisparticular rocket because I had beenback at Goddard Space Flight Centernear DC. But I have over 850launchesunder my belt.On this morning in June of 1967weApril 2006were having a rocket launch at 8:20AM. Since I had been traveling, I wasexcused from the actual launch. I wasstandingin frontof Navy Headquarterswith nine otherpeople, looking east tothe launch site ten miles across therange."We were listening to the range ra-dio net that was giving the countdownwhen someonesaid,"Look atthat!" Hewas pointing to some object that wasflying a circular pattern directly abovethe launch area."At times the object just appearedas a small black dot, except at the rightand left edges of the orbit it would re-flect the sun and appear as a shiningobject."This is astounding because thewhole valley is covered by numerousradars, including those at HollomanAFB. The skies over WSMR are re-strictedairspace,andif a planeorotherobject flies over the range, the rangegoestored statusandnoonecan launcha n w g ."The object evidently had not beendetected by any of the radars, and thecountdown continued. We saw therocket rising from the launch pad, andthe 114inch disc waspacing alongsidethe rocket, going straight up."All of us saw this, and I know wedid not possess an aircraft at that timethat could fly straight up and pace thatrocket. I cant explain it." Thanks toChrisAugustin,alienAJFO/paranormalinvestigator.Argentina abduction?General Pico (Agencies) - Cpl.SergioPuchetta,visiblyrecoveredfromthe odyssey he underwent for over 18hoursinwhichheclaimedto havecomein contactwith aliens,has ratifiedall ofhis statements.Through closefriends he asked thatMUFON UFO Journalhe "not be taken for a nut." Puchetta,who remains hospitalized in a ward oftheMedicalClinicof thecitys CentenoHospital, indicates he may possiblyagreeto newspaper requests for an in-terview.UFO researcher Oscar "Quique"Mario of La Pampa reached the sitewhere Puchetta vanished on Thursdaymorning, and did not concealhis satis-faction at having secured the officerstestimony shortly afterhe was found.Thanks to (translation (c)2006,Scott Corrales, lrlsriture of HispanicUfology. Special thanks to ChristiartQuintero,Planeta UFO)Brazil flying star-shapedobjectParana -The witness says, "I wasleavingmy girlfriendshome in March,.2005, at 9 PM when we both saw astrange brown object flying near thestreet lights. Then it passed over ourheads, and we could see it was not aballoon."There was no sound coming fromthe object on this very warm and clearnight, and no wind blowing.The shapewas like a star drawn by little children,with many edges in numbers of four."It seemed to berotating, anditstex-ture wasdark metal likebronze,but notreflective. The object was flying abouteleven meters off the ground, and wasabout 2x 2 meters (the size of a mansarms opened)."It was flying near theelectric lines.I couldthrow arock andhit it.We wereamazed and a little frightened of a sin-ister thing flyingjust over ourheads. Itwasflyingstraight,anditsbehaviorwaslike a recognizing machine, or our sat-ellites with nobody inside, unless thepilots were really small."Ohio three-foothumanoidFairborn -"Around 1 AM," says13
  • the witness, "I awokeand was very dis-oriented and sickto my stomach,andittook me an hour to go back.to sleep.Over the rest of the day, I have hadmultiple unexplained bizarre sightingsand apparitions."At 7 AM it is still very dark, and Iwake up for my morning shower be-fore work, and I spot a small figuremove across my back porch. The fig-ure is threefeettall, andI was sofright-ened I locked myself in my basementroom because there are no windows orways to peek in."Around 7:30 AM I hear unex-plained banging and boom noises.There is a loudringingnoisein oneear.By 2 PM I was not so fazed by the fig-ure anymore, soI decided to drive to afriends house on the outskirts of thecity."As I am driving, I see a large dia-mond-shaped light come from a patchof woods off New Trebien Road. Thelightproceededto fade,andIcould spotmovementtowardsthecar.Ithad adarkgraphite type texture and color andmoved away from my car and disap-peared into the woods."At 2:30 PM I arrive at my friends,and we talk about the strange appear-ances. My friend agreed to stay over-night, and at 7 AM the little figure ap-pears again as my TV goes haywire."We decided to leave, and drove outof town, stopping,puking,andproceed-ing to the nearestchurch. I spoke to thepastor and he tells me bad things arehappening with that house. I pray Inever see a little 3-foot pygmy on myback porch ever again." Thanks to Pe-ter Davenport.Californialanded cigarAmboy -The witness reports, "Atabout 7 PM on Jan. 29,2006, we weredriving in the desert when we saw acigar-shaped craft on the ground withrapidly moving lights.Wepassed within20 feet of it. The craft was about 15feet high, 20 feet long, and had sixwings and six legs."There were neon colors movingaround on the craft rapidly, going inevery direction and changing colors.The body was longer than it was wide,14and it was flat on the bottom. Therewere threewingsgoinghorizontally onone side and three on the other side."In themiddleof thewingsthere wasa half circle of the color pink that wasnot moving. The craft was on theground and the legs were extended."There was another car in front ofus. After driving about two miles weboth stopped and.decided to turnaround and go back, but the craft wasno longerthere." Thanks to Peter Dav-enport.Pennsylvaniagiant objectSchwenksville-"I liveright acrossfromthe Perkiom Valley Library," saysthe witness, "and I was returning abook on Jan. 14, 2006, at 9:35 PM. Inoticed a huge moving light in the skyabout 30 yards away from me."It must havebeen atleastthreefoot-ball fields long; huge. I can only imag-ine how big it is up close. There werethree rows of lights, top, bottom, andmiddle.The topandbottom rows wereplainyellow lights, and the middle row wasan intense red shining light. The veryintense light nearly blinded me. Andstrangelya big gust of wind was blow-ing. It had a weird shape to it, like astar-liketriangle, cylinder shape."I didnt get a chance to get a pic-ture, but by the time I went back out-side it was still moving behind sometrees. I believe some other people sawit, too. Two or three cars pulled over. Ihave seen others in the past, but not ashuge as this one."West Virginia triangleBranchland -The witness reports,"I amcurrently trying to build my ownhouse on a remote piece of property,and have been camping out on thehouse site. On Jan. 11, 2006, at 115 2PM, I went outside to seewhy my dogwas whining,and noticed abrightshim-mering light above the next ridge."There has never been anything onthe ridge, and the light began growinglarger and pulsating. Between pulsa-tions a red light would appear, and af-ter a couple minutes it started to risestraightupwards and flew towards me.MUFON UFO Journal"As it got closer, I could tell it wastriangularin shape,withone extremelybright white light on the front and apulsatingred lightunderneath.Itgainedspeedasit gotcloserandpassed aregu-larjet in a couple of seconds."As it passed overheadIcould tell itwas huge, dwarfing any regular jet. Itpassed by without makinga sound,and .Jwithin a few more secondsit was gone.The hairs on my neck would not godown, and I had to have several more >Ismokes before I could calm down andgoto bed." Thanks to PeterDavenport,director, www.ufocenter.comTennessee UFOs illuminate areaKingsport -A witness reports heawoke late in the night on Feb. 10,2006,seeingagolden shimmeringlightoutsidewhich wasilluminatinghisbed-room slightly.Unconcerned,hedecidedtogoto thebathroom, and he did not have to turnon the bathroom lightdue to the inten-sity of the light from outside. He sawwhat he described as a golden shim-mering oval-shaped object hoveringoverahill, severalhundred yards away.The object was illuminating every-thing outside-trees, grass, and houses.He watched for a few minutes, and theobject remained unchanged."He also remembers havingno feel-ings of excitement toward this eventand went back to bed. Twenty minuteslaterhe realized somethingbizarrehadhappenedand lookedagain,but theovalhad left.Tennessee careffectsCarter County -On Feb. 27,2006,we received a call from a female wit-ness who saw a large arrowhead-shaped object which was illuminatedwith a soft white glow. 4The objectlanded on a ridge top andremainedthereforfiveminutes.Asshewatched from her stopped car, the ob- f,ject slowly ascendedand flew over herposition,causingher carto sputterasitcrossed overhead.It was the size of a golf ball at armslength.The object was strangely silentand had a white glow. Thanks to KimShaffer,AUFORC Network.April 2006
  • New YorklGeorgiaimagesTiconderoga - Frank Sorianowrites: "On July 1,2003. I took photosof what looked like a shiny polishedsubmarine flying over my home. I feltcompelled to go outside and took 12photos of the object moving north tosouth.The UFOapparentlyreversed di-c, rection in the last photo."Frank was contacted by former Po-liceChief GarySheppardof La Grange,*, GA. who sent a photo his wife hadtaken in their backyard in March of1997of a similarcylinder-shapedcraft.In the images to the right. Franksphoto is matched with the photoof GarySheppard. The image near the Colum-bia Space Shuttle also seems similar.Another person sent me a sketch ofa craft of a similar cylinder that theyhad seenoverLakeGeorge,NY,in July,1997.Dr. Bruce Maccabee analyzed thesephotos and indicated this to be a singleunidentified flying object with twomajor whitish sections connected by anarrow structure or of two ellipticalunidentified flying objects traveling ina close formation. Thanks to FrankSoriano and Bruce MaccabeeArizona black triangle and discMesa-The witness says, "On Jan.14, 2006, at about 7:30 PM, my girl-friend and I were driving home when Inoticed a largebright yellow orb mov-ing fast about four miles away.This orb wasfollowing our vehicleoff to the left of us, but was movingcloser.When we got home the orb wasgone, but I decided to look for it about8PM, and saw that theorb was nearby.It moved very slow,without sound,andhad drasticallydimmedto an eeriedarkglow with the shapeof a black triangle.L "There was a red light on the fronttip, and two red stationarylights on thetwoback tips. The lightsweredim, andI!litup the imageof the triangle. It woulddrift away, turn, and return as if it wasrotatingin a long,slowcircularpattern."It went on like this for about twohours. At one point, the triangles redtip shot out a faded yellow light beam.Then at 11PM it shot out a smallwhiteorb sideways that changed its courseApril 2006L - - - - - - 2New Yorkand Georgia images comparedandflewback insidethetriangle.Even-tually the triangle drifted off." Thanksto Peter Davenport.Huge Arizona discELOY -"At about 11PM on Jan.29,2006," the witness reports, "whiledriving home on 1-84,I looked up andnoticed a large disc-shaped objectslowly moving, almost floating, in asoutheast direction about 1,000 feethigh two miles away."It was .huge, some 500 to a 1,000feetin diameterand severalstorieshighwith numerous lights of different col-ors flickeringon and off.I pulled off tothe side of the road to watch the discslowly glide through the air."As it passed over the travelcenter Igot back in my truck and sped upSunland Gin Road to get a closer look.I chased it as far as Arizona City andwatched it slowly cruise southeasterlythrough the desert." Thanks to PeterDavenport.Florida object chased by fightersPanamaCity-The witnessreports,"On Feb. 8,2006, a crystal clear night,I stepped outside to have a cigarette at7:22 PM, and looked up when I heardjets from Tyndall Air Force Base. Atfirst I saw three fighters and a strangeMUFON UFO Journalcraft that was lit up all over with yel-lowishlights."One of the fighterswas within fivehundred feet of it, and the other twowere about two miles behind in hotpursuit. Thelarge yellow craft peeledoff and was out of sight in a matter ofseconds.Thefightersdidnot follow,butthey did kick on theirafterburnersuntilI couldnt seethem anymore,evenwithbinoculars."I calledmy girlfriendoutsideto see,and she saw something move veryquickly across the skyin a second thatdefinitely freaked her out. As I contin-ued to watch thejets and afterburners,I caught something by pure chancemoving at a high rate of speed."I thought it was a dim star, but itwas moving extremely fast comingfrom the direction the jets were head-ing. At this point, the base came aliveand morejets were launched." Thanksto Peter DavenportMinnesota silverobjectLino Lakes -"It was a very clearday on Feb. 6,2006," says the witness,"when Ilooked up at 2:30PM to seeasilverround ovalob~ectatabout40,000to 50,000 feet. It hovered for about aminute, thenjust darted straightup andinto space." ThankstoPeterDavenport.-15
  • IIII1Physical TracesI By Ted PhillipsThe Catolanding:conclusionIn previouscolumns I discussedtes-timony from the several witnesses in-volved in this important landingltake-off case in Missouri, as well as someof the aspects of my investigation.Following are additional details ofthe investigation:The lowest temperatures of the pe-riod would nothave produced akilling frost ac-counting for theeffectsonthesiteplants.I was told thatthe lowest read-ing (29 degrees)was a brief one,and would nothave damagedthe plants. ATSO, Ted Phillipsthe surroundingplants were lush and green withno vis-ible effects of a frost.I shipped the soil and plant samplesto the Center for UFO Studies(CUFOS) on Oct.24,1978. No resultshave been received as of this date.I sent additional samples to Dr. Ed-ward Zeller at the Space TechnologyLaboratory, and there was no indica-tion of radiation.OnJune 26,1979, I shippedsamplesto UP10 in St. Louis. No analysis re-sults have been received.In attemptingto determine if the ob-ject could have been a balloon, severalfactors were investigated.Based on information from the twoweather service sites, the conditionswere determined for the period of ob-servation:Surfacewind: 150to 160degrees at8knots.Winds at 3,000 ft: 180degrees at 11knots.Air Temperature: 0700: 50degrees,0900: 56 degrees.Visibility: 15 miles, ceiling 10,00016ft scattered thin clouds, additional thinscattered clouds at 25,000 ft.Balloon Launches: The NationalWeather Service (NWS) Station inMonett, MO, was the only launch sitefor weather balloons in the region.They had a launch at 0600, andLonnieNine statedthat theballoons arenormally in the air for 90 minutes to110 minutes maximum. They ascendat a rate of 1.000 feet per minute, andare normally visible up to 10,000feet.The NWS balloon is made of Deer-Rex, an artificial rubber product thatexpands to the size of four averageroomsbefore burstingand dropping thered paperparachutewith the instrumentpackage.The Monett Stationdoes launch twoweather balloons a day, at 0600 and1800. On the morning in question,winds were from the SEat launch.Theballoon ascended to theNW away fromthe Sturgell farm, located 17miles SEof the launch site.The Cato object left the ground on atrajectory of 320degrees, according tothe witnesses, as noted by landmarksitwas passing over, crossing the surfacewinds.It made a turn to the right and as-cended along a flight path bearing 325degrees, again crossing the wind, fol-lowed by a sweepingleft turn to abear-ing of 305 degrees, which put it in linewith the second object which was hov-ering in the distance.WhatevertheCatoobject was,it wasa powered device with the ability tocross the wind and correct its directionof ascent.I asked Mr. Nine if a balloon couldhave re-inflated, and he said it couldnot. He stated, "Once a balloon is onthe ground,it remainson the ground.Itwill not take off again,as in this case, itwould have to."Dr. Hynek checked numeroussources and eliminated other balloonlaunches by the military or other gov-MUFON UFO Journalernment agencies, finding none that t Icould have reached the Cato site.SimilareventsThefollowingeventsfromtheCPTR .,files indicate similar objectsltraces asthe Catoevent:06/03/20,1030, IA, Mt. Pleasant.Jesse Clark Linch states, "We had alarge pond, and on my 22nd birthdaymy mother suggested I takethe day offand catch some fish for dinner. I wentto a maple grove on the west side ofthe pond."There was no wind, no clouds, andthe sun shone on my back as I facedwest fishing. At about 10:30 I saw atabout tree top level out of the west astrangeobject coming."It came in across the pond andsettled gently on thegrass about 15feetsouth of me. It was the size of a 5 gal-lon creamcanthathadbeen splitlength-wise, rather flat on the bottom. Sideview was a sky blue color, completelynoiseless."It did not alarm me, but I was curi-ous. After 15minutes or so I laid downmy pole and thought to investigate theobject. When I got up to pick it up, itleft, slowly lifting over the trees in thewest and disappearing-still no noise."The witness stated the object cameand left on a trajectory of about 45 de-grees, and it did not turn when it left.He estimatedthe sizeto be 32incheslong, 18 inches wide, and 10 incheshigh. It was curved at the top and ends,and flat on the bottom. It appeared tobe solid, but it had a semitransparenteffect. The grass was depressed. i08/11/48, MN, Hamel.Two youngboys were playing outside when around dull gray object 70 cm in diarn-1eter and 30 cm thick landed near themlikeaballoon, but witha metallic noise.It spun, went up, hovered, maneu-vered to avoidtelephonelinesand treesand flew awayto the northeast.An FBIagent from St. Paul found an area 70cm in diameter where the groundApril 2006
  • showedsignsof extremepressure. Oneof the boys told the FBI that the object"hit the ground, spun around once,made a whistling sound, and then shotstraightupabout20feet,stoppedagain,and made more whistling noises."It then shot up again 10feet more,maneuvered round tree branches andtelephonewires,and suddenlyspedoff*Lto the northwest. It was dull gray incolor, and about 2 feet wide."It was 12feet off the ground before!. descending between the children.Blue Book Report: "CIC SpecialAgent Capt. Charles L. Victor, 113thCICDet., found an area 2feet in diam-eter where the ground showed signs ofI extreme pressure."04/04/50, TX,Amarillo. Two menwere fishing near Amarillo when theysaw a disc land behind a hill. The ob-ject was small, less than 1m in diam-eterwitharounded top thatrotated,anda pivot between the base and top.Theytouched it, and itreleased a gasor spray which caused the witnessesfaces and arms to redden. It ascendedat very high speed.There were crushedtraces.11/08/54,1600,France, Chaunay.1m object, traces. Reliable witnessesreportedseeinga luminous spherelandattheedgeof a forestandbecome dark.Next morning an area 18feet in diam-eterhad noleaves,and theearthseemedto have been dug up.04/14/57, 1500, France, Caramy.Male witness, 1 m object seen 5 min-utes, traces.06/14/64, 2100, IN, Dale. CharlesEnglebechtwent outsidewhenhis tele-vision and all house lights suddenlyfailed.He sawaglowingblue-whiteob-ject, about 2 feet in diameter, land in afield 60 feet away.He felt a mild electric shock whenhe tried to approach it, and couldnt4-move forward. There was a smallburned area with three indentationsforming a triangle and measuring aninch in depth and diameter. All thecherry trees and garden plants aroundthe landingarea died afterthe sighting.00/00/72, 1650, MO, Brunswick.1 m object, near landing, burnt area, 3imprints.05/28/74,2220, France, Epineau.1m object lands, 3 imprints.06/13/74 1650Spain,LasLaderas.1 m object, smaller object emerges,both bum ground.08/04/74, 2230, France, Puellos.small sphere, tree damage.08/02/76, ?, TX, El Paso. 1m ob-ject, near ground, 1 m circular dehy-drated area.12/13/76,0030,Italy,Liscate.Nearlandingof 1mobject,whistlingsound,4m circular bum.07/17/78, 0530, Portugal, Victor.1m sphere, bum traces.08/19/79, 0030, Bolivia, Ina. 1 msphere, radiation.10/06/79, 2130, MN, Barnum.Male witness, 1m object, EM traces.10/21/82, 1240, France, Nancy. 1m+ object, 1 m away, 1 m aboveground, dehydrated traces.00/00/842130CA,Glacer.Law en-forcement ranger, red object less than1m indiameterascendingfrom ground40 yards away,circulardehydratedareawith a tar-like substance atpoint of as-cent.08/13/89, 1030, LA, Mansura.Male witness, 1m object,30feetaway,traces.04/00/91, 1900, Brazil, SitoAracas. Two girls chased by brilliantlight, very close, intense heat, sphere 1m diameter, human effects, bums.08/28/92, ?, Brazil, Campo. Man,wife, three daughters walking home,brilliantlightlessthan ameterin diam-eterapproached,and they werealllevi-tated briefly.They hid under a cashewtree until object finally left. Tree diedwithin days.04/01/99,1955, Salem, MO. I hadplaced a video unit on theeast sideof awooden shelterbuilding to monitorthearea from sunset to sunrise, as the sitehad been a center of unusual activityfor a long period of time.The camera was linked to a VCRunit to lengthen the recording time. Ithad been in operation since March 15,1999. On April 1 three people wit-nessedthefollowingeventasdescribedby the property owner:"Tonight, from 1900to 1955fiveofus were sitting at the farm. The nightwas warm and the sky was partlycloudy.At 1955two of our friends be-gan to turn their car around and leavethe farm while my wife and I camedchairs back to the cabin porch and to E(caretaker of the farm), who was in theback room of the cabin."As E stood on the back porch fat-ing easthe suddenlyyelled and pointedbehind us. My wife andIquicklyturnedaround, and all three of us observed anextremely fast moving oval of whitelight 3 or 4 feet long moving from thesouth to the north."The object was not much higherthan my windmill (30 ft high & 40 ftaway) and passed between the wind-mill and our location. When the objectgot to the front of the cabin near thebell,itmadean instantleft turn to avoidtrees in front of it."It followed the drive around thecabin, and was following the car as itleft. We couldnt see it then, as it wason the other sideof thecabin and mov-ing south again."There was absolutely no sound orwind created by the object. It passeddirectlyover and in front of Teds cam-era that was operating."We ran to the camera to find it wasshut down, and the tape ejected. Thecamerawould not work. TheVCR alsofailed to function."I recovered the camera, VCR, andseventeen extra tapes stored four feetfrom the camera and found the equip-ment,includingthe extratapes,ruined.An audiolvideo expert in Bransonexamined the tapes and equipment andsaid the damage appeared to be the re-sult of exposureto very high tempera-tures.05/08/04, 1000, Boyeros, Cuba.Multiple witnesses, 1 m oval-shapedobject landed in a field. It was silverwith a metallic tail in its lower surface,Witnesses were very close.Theobjectascendedvertically, hov-ered,andflew awaythroughpalm trees.No sound was heard. Grass and plantswere scorched overa small area wherethe object landed.Estate PlanningPlanned givingcanbe beneficialto both MUFON and to your owntax and estatesituation.If you wish to have more infor-mation on various optionsandben-efits, pleasecontact MUFONHeadquarters.April 2006 MUFON UFO Journal
  • Stan Gordon reports wide rangeof Pennsylvania sightingsBy Stan GordonResidents of Pennsylvaniacontinuetoreport encountersof theunusualkindon a yearly basis, with strangeincidentsbeing reported from40 counties in thecommonwealth during 2005.During the past 46 years I have in-vestigated thousands of strange andunusual happenings from across theKeystone state. Ihave never had a per-sonal UFO or Bigfoot encounter, butamconvincedthatnot aLlUFOsightingsor other anomalies can be easily dis-missed.I have been taking sighting reportsfrom the public since 1969. Back in1970, I founded the WestmorelandCounty UFO Study Group, the first ofthree volunteer research groups I di-rected. Besides keeping track of cur-rent incidents, I am continuing to in-vestigate the 1965 Kecksburg UFOcrash incident.Some of the interesting events re-ported during 2005 include:Jan. 2, 2005, WestmorelandCounty. During the early evening, aman visitingin arural locationnear theChestnut Ridge heard the sound ofbrush snapping in a field about 40 feetaway. The witness crossed the road tolookaround,thinkingthatit was a largedeer. Instead,a huge man-like creaturewith dark hair and huge arms was soonobserved.The creature was very broad shoul-dered, and was estimated to be wellover 7 feet tall and around 500pounds.The creature was observed asit moveduphill, and it quickly covered a largedistance with its huge stride.February 2, 2005, WashingtonCounty. Around 4:40 PM the driverof a car traveling in the vicinity of thetoll booth entrance had her attentiondrawn to something huge and black inthe sky.The witness watched as the objectmade a left turn swoop, and realizedthat she wasnt observing an aircraft,but instead a huge bird.18The creature was all black, and thewings were estimated to be the lengthof a small aircraft. The witness pulledoff the road and watched the strangesight for a few minutes.March (or early April) 2005,Fayette County.This case was inves-tigated by researcher Jim Brown.A man walking near Smithfield ob-served two strange objects that wereabout the size and shape of a football,glowing very brightly, and movingswiftly through the air at close range.At one point, both objects hoveredlow over the road, then flew off veryfast and passed under a railroad bridgewhich was only about 14feet high.August 24, 2005, Vandergrift. Aman was packing his car at 5:20 AMwhen he observed an object in the skymoving fromthenorthwesttowardstheeast that looked like a flattened foot-ball with a bump on top and was brightsilver in color. The object made nosound as it passed across the sky andwas observed for a long distance.Thensuddenly,a secondobjectcamefrom the direction of Pittsburgh thatlooked triangular in shape with apointed front section, and with severallights on it.This object appeared to slow downto adjust to the speed of the first objectwhich was still crossing the sky. Thetriangular-shapedobjecttook on aburstof speed, and began to chase the firstobjectacrossthesky.Both objectsweresoon lost from sight.I also received reports from WestVirginiaand Ohio as well.Contact.Toreport a UFO sighting,Bigfoot, or other strange encounters,call my 24-hour PA UFO Hotline at:724-838-7768, or e-mail me at:paufo@westol.com. Write to me at:P.O. Box 936, Greensburg, PA 15601.For information on PennsylvaniasUFO sighting and other strange en-counters, as well as the KecksburgUFO crash, visit my web-site at:www.stangordon.comMUFON UFO JournalStars most likelyto have livingplanets rankedMargaret Turnbull of the Carnegie aInstitutionhasreleasedher "top 1 0listof potential stars with planets having ,potential for life. ,This includes nearby stars of theright size,ageandcompositionto haveEarth-like planets circling them.They will be the first targets of Ter-restrial Planet Finder, a systemof twoorbiting observatories scheduled forlaunch by 2020."There are 400 billion stars in thegalaxy,and obviously were not goingto point the Terrestrial Planet Finderat every one of them," said Turnbull.So, on behalf of NASA and the SET1Institute, she narrowed down the listto stars with planets with liquid waterorbiting them.Variable stars, which grow hotterand cooler,probably would not becon-duciveto life,sothey were thrown out,as were stars that are too young or tooold.Somearetoo gassytohave spawnedplanetslikeEarth, whichcontainsa lotof metal. Others have massive com-panions whose gravity could interferewith the steady conditions needed forlife to evolve.Turnbulls Top 10List includes 51Pegasus,wherein 1995Swissastrono-mers spottedthefirstplanetoutsideoursolar system, a Jupiter-like giant.Others include 18 Sco in the Scor-pio constellation,which isvery similartoouiown Sun;epsilonIndi,a starone-tenth as bright as the Sun; and alpha ,Centauri B, part of the closest solarsystem to our own."Ihe truth is," Turnbullsaid,"whenlooking at these so-called habstars,habitable solarsystems,itisreally hardto rank them."I dont know enough about everystar to say which one is the absolutebest one."-Thanks to NASA.April 2006
  • Brandon Scott, George Knappwin film awards at UFO CongressThe EBE winner for the Best Fea-tureFilm attheInternationalUFOCon-gress and Film Festival in Laughlin.NV, was the film "Alien Secrets."LIt is directed by J.J. Barmettler andproduced by Barmettler, BrandonL Scott,and Richard Smith.Hundredsof attendeesshowedup toexperience this film. After presentingthe award, Bob Brown, founder of theInternational UFO Congress, com-mented to the attendees, "I really en-joyed the film.I got it, and I thinkmostof you out here will. It has humor sowe can laugh at ourselves. Very nicelydone."Filmmaker Barmettler and UFOinvestigator Scott worked with 43 art-ists, 23 abductees, 30experts, and 200eye witnesses who have had experi-ences in the alien phenomenon.Their discovery suggeststhat thereis a hidden generation of alienhumanhybridslivingamongus. In theprocessof the investigation a female hybridspeaksoutforthefirsttimeeveronfilm."With more than 20 original songs,real UFO footage, and a daring subjectmatter, this provocative film is sure tobe a cult sensation."TheBest Historical UFODocumen-tary and Best UFODocumentaryLongSubjectwent to "UFOS: TheBest Evi-dence-The Government Cover-up,"by George Knapp.Thisprogramexamineshow govern-ments (especially our own) have beenhidingthetruth aboutsecretUFO stud-ies, astronaut encounters, and militarybattles with alien craft.Viewers arealsotaken on anunprec-edented trip to Russia, where UFO se-crets from behind the former Iron Cur-tain areinvestigated.Dear Dwight;Thankyou forthereviewof Georgesand my book [FilerSFilesin the Feb-ruary issue] in the MUFONJournal.Your observation that reports sup-plied by Peter Davenport of NUFORCbeing conspicuouslyabsentrequiresanexplanation:When the book project began, I re-alized that Davenport had been ac-knowledged in Filers Files for a greatnumber of sighting reports.- Even though thesereportswerecon-sidered to be in the public domain (asthey werefreelypublishedontheWorldWideWeb and repeated on many othersites),asaprofessionalcourtesyIcalledPeter to advise him of the project andask his permission to publish some ofthese accounts in the book.He refused to give me his permis-sion, citing that it was not the web, butabook forprofit.He alsoindicatedthatApril 2006he had planned to write a similarbook.After consulting with George aboutPeters decision, we decided that therewereplenty of goodreports within pastFilers Files newsletters to fill a bookwith plenty to spare without using anysupplied by NWORC.Imadeacopyof allFilers Filesfromthe past three years. Then I found anddeletedallreportsthat weretaken fromNUFORCs web site.From the list of reports that re-mained,I picked and chosereports thatwere more convincing than that of the"lights in the sky" variety.Afterreadingthe finaldraft, Georgecalled me and said that he would liketo mention Peters name in the Ac-knowledgmentsbecauseof dthe sight-ing reports he had shared with him inthe past. That is why that is the onlyplacein thebookthathis name appears.-David TwichellMUFON UFO JournalApril 8,2006-0hio MUFON andTheClevelandUfology Project(CUP),Oberlin College ScienceCenter, WestLecture Hall, N174 119Woodland St.,Oberlin,OH, featuringRichard Dolan,"UFOs, National Security, and You:Whats GoingOn andWhy It Matters,"4-6 PM with book signing to follow.Contact Richard Lee, 330-928-1355,rlee@neo.rr.comorCUPwebsitehttp:l/www.clevelandufo.com/home.htrnlApril 14,15, and 1618th AnnualOzark UFO Conference, Inn of theOzarks,Eureka Springs,AR, featuringTimothy Good, Linda Moulton Howe,Wendelle Stevens, Joe Lewells, PaulVon Ward, Dr. Rudy Schild, NormanOliver, and additional speakers, plusSunday morning mini-sessions.weblfl23@webtv.net ozarkufo.comMay 13-14CPRIParanormalCon-ference, Richmond-Koger South ConfCTR, Richmond, VA, featuring JasonHawes, Dr. Sally Rhine Feather, JohnZaffis, and Mark Nesbitt. http:/lv i r g i n i a g h o s t s . c o m /paranormal-conference-06.phpMay 19-20-McMenamins UFOFestival. McMinnville, OR. 503-223-0109, www.ufofest.com..June 16-18-SGRA conference,Howard Johnson Motel, Milford, CT,featuring Jeff Belanger, John Zaffis,Stacey Jones, Stephen Wagner, NickRoesler, Diane Bajorinas, JonNowinski, Todd Bates, Dr. JimmyLowerey, and Mark Mihalko.wwwsgra-media.org.July 14-16,2006-The 37" AnnualMUFON International UFO Sympo-sium, Marriott Denver Tech CenterHotel, Denver, CO. "UnconventionalFlying Objects: The Best Evidence."Featured speakers include BrianBoldman, Carl Feindt, LindaMoultonHowe,DavidMarler,Ted Phillips,RonRegehr, Steve Reichmuth, KennethStorch, Marshall Vian Summers,Ruben Uriarte, and Ryan Wood.State & local newslettersIf your group is not currentlysendingyour newsletterto theJour-nal,we would appreciate receivingit.
  • . .By Stanton T. FriedmanThe questionof SerpoFor a variety of reasons I am oftenasked my opinion on recent topics inufology. If I know enough to have anopinion, not being a shrinking violet, Igiveit.Thisincludestopics suchasBobLazar, Philip Corso, SETI, etc.On other occasions I have to say,"Itis in my "gray" basket." I dont knowenoughtohave ascientificopinion.Theworld is often not black or white. but"gray."This covers such areas as stringtheory. dark matter, dark energy, andother far out physics. I know I donthave the math background to followthese argumentsclosely.Based on my professional work inindustry, I am much more impressedwith observations than with theory.Gray Basket is sort of an extensionof the category "Insufficient Informa-tion" for someof the 3,201 sightingsinProject Blue Book Special Report 14.Whether it is ufology, physics, orastronomy,I havetoremind people thattheoretical proclamations have veryoften been wrong.Think of claims thatMars was never wet, that Venus was atropical paradise, that the speed ofsound cannot be exceeded by an air-plane, or that spacetravelis utterbilge.Recently.1have been asked aboutSerpo, a supposed planet in the ZetaReticulumdouble star systemto whicha dozen Americans were supposedlysecretly taken back in 1965 and re-turned 13 years later-those who sur-vived and wanted to come back.I had read bits and pieces, butcouldnt resist readingmore when I gotthe February-March edition of UFOMagazine with the word Serpoin four-inch high letters on the cover.I had been sent the issue because ofmy article about the late Walter Hautof Roswell, NM, who had done thepress release on July 8, 1947, saying20that the 509th Bomb Group had ob-tained the wreckage of a flying saucerthat had crashed north of Roswell.The magazine carries separatestreamsof articles,includingclaimsbyMr. Anonymous about the journey;background by Rick Doty, who washeavily involved with UFOs when hewas an of-Stan Friedrnan of topics, nitjust UFOs andother related matter.Victor is now a school teacher inSouthern California, and has carriedmany entriesaboutSerpoonhis internetlist.The basic idea of an exchange pro-gram (one ET supposedly stayed here)doesnt particularly bother me.It ties together reportsof a supposedmeeting at Holloman Air Force Basein April, 1964,between visiting aliensandAirForceofficers.It alsoreinforcesthe notion that Zeta 1 and Zeta 2Reticuli are stars likely to be inhabitedby advanced aliens.Since I was the first to publish anarticle about Marjorie Fishs outstand-ingresearch on theBetty Hill StarMap,which focusedonZR 1andZR-2 (SagaMagazine, July 1973)and also stimu-lated thepublication by outstandingas-tronomy writer Terence Dickinson(theneditorofAstronomy)of "The ZetaReticuli Incident," I was particularlyintrigued, having almost run out of the18,000copies of the 32-page bookletMUFON UFO Journalwith Dickinsons original article and abunch of responses published in As-tronomy.There are obviously a lot of possi-bilities. Perhaps it is all a science fic-tion story. There have been far wilderplots published.It could be repetition of secondhandstoriesby people who believethem buthave no real verification that they aretrue. It could be that the whole busi-nessis a fairlyelaboratedisinformationscheme to set ufologists off followingfalse trails. Maybe it is a mix of misin-formationand disinfonnation.Thereare internalinconsistencies.Inone place it isclaimed that 12men wereselected and trained and shipped off.In another it was 10 men and twowomen.One place says 7 men and onewoman returned, 2 died on Serpo and4 chose to remain.That adds up to 14.In one place it is claimed that theRoswell crash happened southeast ofCorona. In another it says southwest.Some people get upset when I talkof disinformation and claim that gov-ernments can both keep large secretsand lie to thepublic.I should point out that the firstnuclear explosion took place atTrinitySiteon theWhite SandsMissile Rangein southeastern NM on July 16, 1947,at about 5:30 AM.Because the explosion was verypowerful, it was seen from over 100miles away.Apress release was issuedsaying that an ammunition dump hadblown up and, fortunately,nobody wasinjured.. .a flat out he.Cant keep secrets? In late 2005 theNational Reconnaissance office notedfor the first time that it had launchedseven "Poppy" spy satellites between1962 and 1971. These were very so-phisticatedand expensive.No previouspublic discussion.April 2006
  • Along the same lines, the Naval Re-search Laboratory first admitted it hadlaunched a number of Corona Elec-tronic Intelligence satellitesbeginningin 1960.Thefirst successfullaunchfollowed12failures, all covered up as scientificsatellites. It obtained more data aboutt Sovietradar andotherelectronicinstal-lationsthan all theU-2 spyplane flightsthat preceded it... all in secret and in-Ivolving hundreds if not thousands ofpeople and big budgets..A good example of false informa-tion being presented unintentionally bysomebody who almost certainly be-lieved it turned up on the DiscoveryChannel documentary "ConspiracyFiles: Roswell" on March 2,2006.KentJeffrey,an airlinepilot whohadoriginally been very strongly proRoswell, even circulating a petition toget government data released, etc,turned 180degrees.He made four arguments on theshow,allof whichIhad longagoshownto be false. He admitted he had neverhad a security clearance, which helpsexplain his naive views.1. He had spoken to 16B-29 pilotswho had been based at Roswell, andthey all dismissed the flying saucerstory. Sounds impressive.However,one has to ask why wouldB-29 pilots training to drop nuclearweapons have had a need-to-know forclassifiedinformationaboutthe recov-ery of an alien spacecraft?If by chancethey had been informed, why in theworld would they reveal classified in-formationto somebodywithouta clear-ance and without a need to know?2. Kent talked to people who, wellafter 1947, had served at WrightPatterson Air Force Base. He had ex-+ pressed the strange belief that theywould necessarily have known aboutclassified wreckage being brought inyears earlier!There had been more than 20,000people working atWAF.Gen. Exxonhad told me in person that when he wasbase commander in the mid 1960s,hedid NOT have a need to know for ev-erything going on at the base.Even if thepeopleKenttalked to hadApril 2006known anything, they would not havepassed the classifiedinformation on tosomebody without aclearanceor need-to-know.3. Kent referredto a statementmadeby an intelligenceOfficer(Col.McCoy)at the base to a largegroup of scientistsindicating how much he would like tohave a crashed saucer in hand.Kent never mentions that the docu-mentcontainingtheseremarkswas onlyclassifiedSECRET,not TOPSECRETCodeWord as arethe "released highlyclassified NSA and CIA blacked-outand whited-out UFO documents, andthat most of the group would certainlynot have had a need-to-know.Finally hypnotic regression of Dr.(Colonel) Jesse Marcel Jr. didnt bringout a new analysis of the I beam ob-servedwhenhe was 11!Whatwas Kentexpecting? The hypnosis did refineJesses memory of the exact shapes ofthe symbols..In short,Kentmay havebelieved ev-erything he said was the gospel truthand shows there was no Roswell. It issimply not true.Thepeople talkingabout Serpomaybelieve what they are saying. But whyis the distance given in one place as 37light years (the old estimate)when thefine measurements by the EuropeanSpaceAgencys Hipparcos Space sat-ellite show it is 39.2 ly?Why is it claimed that the planet isone Astronomical Unit (92 Millionmiles) from each of the two stars? Itwould be impossible to have a stableorbit with two stars that close.The Hipparcos measurements indi-cate the separation is about 9,000 AUor about 118thlightyearquite suitablefor stable orbits. Serpo supposedlyhasonly600,000people,mostlivingin verysimple structures. Why (and how)come to Earth in a huge mother ship?It is claimed that the beings theredont like cool weather and have nomeans of refrigeration. Betty andBarney Hill had both noted it was coldon board the spacecraft.It supposedlytook aboutninemonths(crew time) to reach Serpo, whichwould mean travelingat about 99.95%of the speedof light.This shouldmeanMUFON UFO Journalthat when the travelers cameback theywere much younger than those whostayed on Earth. They werent.Supposedly,Serpans(hardto acceptEBEns as the name for them) have noweapons. So why have there been anumber of cases in which militaryjetswere apparently disintegrated whenmaking threatening movements to-wards the alien craft?There is mention of communicationback and forth in less than a year, butno indication of how that was done orof nearby support bases within the so-lar system.Supposedly there was a tembly de-structivewar a few thousand years agowith another civilization, and Dr. CarlSagan signed off on the final report,maybe 3,000 pages in a Red Book?Evidence? NONE.Rick Doty noted that he had heardrumors of such a project, and got sur-prised reactions when he mentioned itto other intelligence officers. Was itbecause they too had heard similarru-mors, or were they aware that this wasa disinformationschemedevised yearsago in case public pressure, perhapsbecause of Roswell, got too strong?I am not happy to say so, but theSerpostoryis stillverymuchin my graybasket. Certainly absence of evidenceis NOT evidence of absence, but muchmore is needed to put me in the Serpanbeliever camp.Silent AuctionDonationsneededThis years Symposium, like lastyear, willhave the additionalattractionof.aSilent Auction as a fundraiser forMUFON.But in order to have another inter-esting and profitable auction, we needsome interesting items, such as signedUFO books, signed photos, vintagemagazines,&artifacts. We hope to alsooffer lunch with one of the speakers.If you can donate something-themore rare or unusual the better-con-tact Tom Deuley, P.O. Box 29,Canutillo, TX 79835; email him attpdeuley@aol.com,orcall him at 915-276-1314. Your help is appreciated.21
  • Directors Message(Continued from page 2)Project has resultedin artifacts that arecategorized as real UFO physical evi-dence. Symposium attendees will gettomeetTed andexaminetheseartifacts.Radio and television star andMUFON State Director for NorthernCalifornia RubenUriarteis an expertin Hispanic UFO cases. He recentlyrepresented MUFON at the MexicanUFO organization unification meetingthat will greatly enhance the reportingof UFOs below the border.He will presentevidence from someof the thousands of UFO incidents inMexico that never see the light of dayin the U.S. news media.Police officer and TV documentarystar Kenneth Storch will present thelatestreport on the ever-growinglist ofUFO cases reported by police officersworldwide. Policeofficersareregardedas some of the best observers, investi-gators, and reporters of crime scenes,andthey bring these sameskillstoUFOreports.Many of you are familiar with the"UFO Weather Map" posted monthlyon .the MUFON website atwww.mufon.com. It is the brainchildof Steve Reichmuth of MUFONNorthern California. Steve will use theextensivedatabase that supports thoseweather maps to bring you a startlingview of alltheUFOsightingsintheyear2005 that will shock those who feeltherearefewreports thesedays. UFOsare real and they are here now.MUFON Utah Co-State DirectorRonald Regehr will re-visit the 1976Iranian UFO intercept incident wherea general, airline pilots, other militarypeople, and citizens watched in awe astwo F-4H Phantomjets chased a UFOnearTehran. Theplanes sufferednear-fatal systemfailuresasthey approachedthe object.Ron has new informationinthe form of U.S. satellitedata verifyingthe incident. You wont want to missthis presentation.Author,archiveresearcherandchair-man of theannualCrash-RetrievalCon-ference in Las Vegas Ryan S. Wood22willpresenta spine-chillingview of theUFO crash evidence. Some peoplehave said that if UFOs actually crash,then there should be more crash evi-dence than just Roswell and Aztec.Well, there is. Ryan has documenteddata on more than 75 crashes world-wide in his new book MAJIC EyesOnly: Earths Encounters with Extra-terrestrial Technology.MUFON Illinois State DirectorDavid Marler has devoted his UFOresearch to the ever-growing numberof large triangular UFO reports.Stimulated by the huge triangularUFO over southern Illinois in 2000,Davidhas founda shockingcorrelationof triangular UFO cases worldwide.Theevidenceindicatesthat they arenotof earth-boundtechnology.MUFON Assistant State Directorfor Delaware CarlPeindt has focusedhis research on water-related UFOcases. He now has morethan 900caseswhere UFOs enter, are submerged in,or leave the water. He says "airplanescannot fly like this; therefore we hadbetter examine what is goingon."By showing the well-documentedeffectsthese objectshave on the water,his presentation will clearly demon-strate that these are real high-tech ob-jects, and they are not ours.MUFON Field Investigator BrianBoldmantired of the huge number oflights-in-the-sky UFO reports and de-cided to focus on physical evidencecases. It was clear to Brian that one ofthe most outstanding artifact in UFOcases is a fine white filament left in thewakeof unconventionalflyingobjects.It has become known as "angel hair."He has examined 215 cases docu-menting angel hair evidence,andfor thefirst time he will share that data at aMUFON symposium.Position AnnouncementsNorman Walker, of Tontitown,AR, has accepted the position of StateDirector for AR. Ken Bergeron, ofFayetteville, AR, has accepted the po-sition of Assistant StateDirector.MUFON UFO JournalWesternWashington StateDirectorLarry Childs has appointed DavidMcManus of Ocean Shores, WA, tothe position of State Section Directorfor Jefferson, Grays Harbor, Mason,Kitsap,Pacific, and Wahkiakum coun-ties.New Lifetime MembersIt is a pleasure to recognize DianneHamann, of Lincoln, CA; ShirleyFox,of FortMyers,FL;andJohnVen-tre, of Greensburg, PA; as newMUFON Lifetime Members.We are extremely grateful for thisvoteof confidenceandoutstandinglevelof support for MUFON.New Field InvestigatorsKathleen Marden, Director ofField Investigator Training, has an-nouncedthatStephenJ. AlexanderofPort Orange, FL; PatrickN. Jones ofWest Jordan, UT; Dennis Myers ofRedwood Falls, MN; Robert Powellof Austin, TX; and Ted RobertsonofEllettsville, IN; have passed theMUFON Field Investigators Examand arenow MUFON Field Investiga-tors.All Field Investigator Trainees areurged to self-study the MUFON FieldInvestigators M a n d and take theexam.The manual is available fromMUFON Headquarters for $25 plus$3.50 p&h in the U.S. Total price fordelivery outside the U.S. is $32.50. Itmay also be purchased via the Internetat www.mufon.com using PayPal.MUFON E-NewsMUFON publishes a free E-News-letteronthe Internet. Anyone mayjointhe newsletter distribution list on theMUFON websiteat www.mufon.com.All that is requiredis listing your nameand email address.The address list is handled byListBot, and is not used for any otherpurpose. You may withdraw from thelist at anytime by clicking on"unsubscribe" at the end of the news-letter.April 2006
  • A new, unique, important studyAnimal Reactions to UFOsBy Joan Woodward$14.00 in the U.S.; $16.00 elsewhereMUFON, P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369bostonhdw@alltel.netTHEBOSTONHARDWARE& LUMBERCOMPANYSUPPORTS THEMUTUAL UFO NETWORKPO. Box 10 109 W. Jefferson St Boston. Georgia 31626Office: 229-498-6371 Fax: 229-498-48075.1-I -*>$- Send for ourREE UFOloducts. ~. CatalogHundredsof UFOdocumentariesonDVDandVHS ." I )Vintage UFO radioshowsGifts 8 ~ccessories4--_,%. 24 hour Order IFAX line at-,+ E* ;% 541523.2630theUFOstore1930 Ash Street, Su~te9151email: sales@theUFOstore.com Baker City. Oregon 97814, USAAdvertising rateslx 3x .6xBack cover $450 $425 $300Inside back cover$425 $400 $275Full page $350 $325 $300112 page $250 $235 $200114 page $150 $125 $100"Calling card" $ 5 5 $50 $45 &:,For advenising, contact John Schuessler atschuessler@rnho.net, 303-948-6224Landmark synthesis andreview of every credibleUFO Crash RetrievalCovers 74 UFO crash events, starting in1897 with Aurora TexasA dozen UFO Crashes before the 1947RoswelleventsNever before seen pictures of UFO crashdebris and Top Secret documentsAuthenticity ratings for each crash eventApril 2006 MUFON UFO Journal 23
  • The NightSkyBy Gavin A. J. McLeodMay SkyMoon Phases:First Quarter May 5Full Moon May 13Last Quarter May 20New Moon May 27Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Mars (magnitude 1.5to 1.6):Mov-ing fromGeminito Cancer.For north-ern hemisphere observers Mars willstand about 20 degrees high in the W-NW at the end of evening twilight, andwill set near 11:30 PM. in the NW.For southern hemisphere observersMars will stand nearly 25 degrees highin the NW at the end of evening twi-light and will set near 9 PM in the W-NW.Jupiter (magnitude -2.5): In Libra.For northern hemisphere observers Ju-piter will stand nearly 30 degreeshighin the SEat theend of eveningtwilight,transit about 30 degrees high near 11PM, and will be low in the SW at thebeginning of morningtwilight.For southern hemisphere observersJupiterwill standabout25degreeshighin the E at the end of evening twilight,transit about 75 degrees high near 11PM, and will be very low in the W-SWas morning twilight begins.Saturn (magnitude 0.3): In Cancer.For northern hemisphere observersSaturn will be low in the W at the endof evening twilight, and set less than 4hours after the Sun in the W-NW bymonths end.Theplanets visibilitywillbe diminished compared to April.Southernhemisphere observers willfind Saturn 30 degrees high in the NWat theend of eveningtwilight atmonthsend and setting in the W-NW after 9PM.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Mercury (magnitude -0.5 to -2.1):_. Moving from Pisces through Aries toTaunis. For northern hemisphere ob-serversMercury will emergein evening24The Moon, Saturn, Mars, and Mercury together after dusk on May 30twilight in the W during the last fewdays of the month.For southern hemisphere observersMercury will become lost in the east-ern morning twilight very low in the E.During the last few days of the monthMercury will emerge in the eveningtwilight in the W.hour. Viewing will be more favorablein the Southern hemisphere. -Conjunctionsand Occultations:May 2: Mars 4 degrees south of theMoon.May 1 1 : Spica 0.3 degrees south ofthe Moon.May 14: Antares 0.1 degrees north-enuus (magnitude -4.0 to -3.9): In of the h.loon.Pisces. For northern hemisphere ob-serversVenus will riselessthan 2 hoursbefore the Sun and will be visible onlyduringmorning twilight very low in theE.For southern hemisphere observersVenus will rise more than 3 hours be-fore the Sun and will be about 20 de-grees high in the E-NE at the begin-ning of morning twilight.Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower:The moon should not interfere withthe viewingof the Eta Aquarids.Thesemeteorsthat originatefrom the famousHalleys comet can be seen from theend of April until the middle part ofMay.They peakon the 5thof May and canproduce around 30meteorsormoreperMUFON UFO Journal April 2006