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Mufon ufo journal 2006 3. march

  1. 1. thisissueThe real fourth photo inthe Rex Heflin series, p..11.Strange animals re-ported in the Ozarks, p. 5.Man films object withcamcorder, p. 6.Nick Redfern replies toBody Snatchers review, p.7.UFO Press: CapitolEncounter by Gary Dill-man, Hunt for the Skin-walker by Kelleher &Knapp, and It1 Alien Heatby Dewey & Ries, p. 12.Calendar, p. 19.UFO Marketplace, p.23.ColumnsDirectors Message 2Filers Files 14Ted Phillips 17Stan Friedman 20McLeods Night Sky 24March 2006No. 455$4.00Mutual UFO Networ . ,.,:,: P9_ _ T .I : :- , ,. v -. ?-.: ;, - -a I .-.e . - . . .I . - * . d .r 3 ... .1 - . i. -?*.?.1 .,1. , ,., , 1I- .. 1; < .,*I_ rf.:.,-I. I (I . _ . - - - - . - -&-AHave you seen this face during an experience you wouldjust assoon forget? Dont be too sure. Budd Hopkins explains, beginningon page 3.
  2. 2. March 2006 , ~urnber455MUFONUFOJournal.. , ..(USPS 002-970)(ISSN,0270-6822)- -Mutual UFO Network .Post Office Box 369Morrison, CO 80465-0369Tel: 303-9932-7709~,Fax: 303-932-9279International DirectorJohn F. Schuessler, M.S.Tel: 303-932-7709schuessler8rnho.netEditor:Dwight Connelly, M.S.14026 Ridgelawn Road% C .- Martinsville, IL 62442Tel: (217)382-4502mufonufojournal@hotmail.comAdvertising Director: _ ,John F. Schuessler, M.S. .Columnists:George Filer, M.B.A..stanton Friedman, M.S.Gavin A. J. McLeod- .Ted Phillips. - . . .. , . -MUFON onthe Internet:http://www.mufon~com,. . .MUFONe-mail address:. . .. ..MUFON Amateur Radio Net:40 meters - 7.237MHzSaturdays, 8AM- CST- or CDSTMUFON Symposium in JulyIt is time to start planning to attendthe MUFON International UFO Sym-posium. to be held at the Maniott TechCenter Hotel in Denver. CO. July 14-16. 2006.The Mamott has given MUFON a-very specialroom rate forthe event. Allrooms will be$69 per nightplus tax for onethrough 4occu-pants. Theregular ratewould be $159- $199 for theseJohn Sdr~resslersame rooms.Room reservationsmust be made di-rectly with the Marriott Tech Center.citing the MUFON symposium for thespecial rates. Reservations may bemade by telephone at 1-800-228-9290or 1-303-779-1100,or via the Internet.If you ever wanted to attend a sym-posium aimed at giving you evidenceyou can quote to the science cornmu-nity. your government representatives.and your friends, this is the one to at-tend. All presentations will be aimedat giving you information you can use.and many of the speakers will be pre-senting new and unpublished data. IThe speakers list includes: BrianBoldman, Carl Feindt, LindaMoulton Howe, David Marler, TedPhillips, Ron Regehr, SteveReichmuth,Kenneth Storch, RubenUriarte, and Ryan Wood.In addition to the Saturday and Sun-day presentations, we will again havea very special Friday evening socialhour. sit-downdinner.and a uniquepro-gram. State meetings will also be heldall day Friday. and the movie room willbe active all weekend.Additional AirlineTravel OpportunitiesThe good news about travel to Den-ver to attend the symposium is that allof the airlines are now competing foryour business.In the past. Denver had only onelarge low-fare airline-Frontier. Nowin 2006, Southwest Airlines has re-turned to Denver to increase the com-(Continued on page 22)Change of address and subscription/extracopies inquiries should besent to MUFON, P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369.Copyright 2006 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of this document may be reproduced In any form without the wr~ltenpermlsslonof the Copyr~ghtOwners. PermlsslonIS hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one artlcle, prov~dedthe author IS cred~ted.and the statement."Copyright 2006 by the Mutual UFO Network. P.O. Box 369. Mornson. CO 80465-0369"ISIncludedThe contents of the MUFON UFO Journalare determmedby the ed~tor,and do not necessarily reflecttheofflc~alposmon of the Mutual UFO Network Opln~onsexpressed are solely those of the ~ndlv~dualauthors andcolumnists. and do not necessarily reflect the opmion of the ed~toror stan of MUFON.The Mutual UFO Network. Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Sect~on501 (c) (3) of the InternalRevenueCode MUFON IS a publicly supponed organ~zatlonof the type described In Sectlon 509 (a) (2) Donorsmay deduct contribut~onsfrom thelr Federal Income Tax. Bequests,, or g~ftsare alsodeduct~blefor estate and g ~ hpurposes. provided they meet the applicable prove.lons of Sect~ons2055. 2106. and2522 of the Internal RevenueCode. MUFON IS a Texas nonprot~tcorporationThe MUFON UFO Journal~spublished monthly by the Mutual UFO Network. Inc.. Morr~son.CO Second .rClass postage pa~dat Versadles. MOInd~v~dualMembersh~p:$45/year U.S .$55 outsldethe U SFamdy members: $10 per person add~t~onalStudent (18years and under): 535 U S. and $45 outs~dethe U.SDonor.$100/year Profess~onal.$250/year Patron $500/yearBenefactor(L~fetmeMember) $1.000Flrst class Journal dellvery (Inenvelopes) U S. and Canada only $12/year addlt~onalAir Mad Journal dellvery to all other countr~esouts~dethe Un~tedStates. $35/year addmonalPostmaster Send form 3579 to adVlSe change of address to MUFON UFO Journal. P 0 . Box 369. Morrison.CO 80465-0369MUFONs mission is the scientific study of UFOs for the benefitiof humanity through investigation, research, & education.
  3. 3. Communion cover error createsa type of scientific controlBy Budd Hopkins-The dust-jacket illustration ofan alien face on WhitleyStriebers Comtnurliotl(1987)is arguablythe most famousandmost memorablebook cover in publish-ing history. In fact, I can think of fewrivals.Though readers may have theirownsuggestions,theclosestcompetitorthatcomes to mind is the dust jacket ofWilliam L. Shirers 1959classic, TheRise and Fall of the Third Reich. anunforgettable design that helped makehis book a best-seller for decades.Essentially,theShirercoveris starklysimple: ajet-black field surrounding awhite circle, on which floats a large,ominousNazi swastika.Thereasonforthe successof Shirers book cover,likeStriebers, was simple recognition.Every reader knew the meaning ofthatterribleblack symbol,just as manypurchasers of Striebers book recog-nized that staringalienface,and hereinlies the importance of the Commzmiondustjacket for UFO history.The cover illustration of an alien,seen over and over again in bookstoresand in newspaper ads, led tens of thou-sands of people to re-examine theirAboutthe authorBudd Hopkins, noted abductionresearcher, author,andpresenter atsymposiums, is executive directorof The Intruders Foundation (IF),anonprofitorganizationthatcarriesoutresearchintotheabductionphe-nomenon andprovidessympathetichelpto thosereportingUFO abduc-tion experiences.Annual membership is US $30;outside the United States, US$35.Membership includes four free is-sues of a newsletter, occasionalspecialreports,anddiscountsto allIFevents.Mailingaddress:POBox30233, New York, NY 10011-0112.E-mail:,however,amajordifferenceof accuracybetween the illustrationonShirers book and that on Communion.TheRise and Fall of the ThirdReichdisplays a correct version of the Naziswastika-facing right and turned45 de-grees from the vertical-while the alienface on Communion contains a majorerror.It is this glaring mistake, which Ishall describe shortly, that acted as acontrol,in the senseof acontrolledsci-entific experiment. Ironically, by con-taining thisonefalseelement,the Com-munion book cover helped to establishthe validity of the UFO abductionphe-nomenon.In 1986, while I was investigatingStriebers abductionaccounts,we werein almostdailycontact.As he describesin his book, I had referredhim to apsy-chiatrist for hypnosis and therapy ses-sionsbecauseIfeltthedegreeof traumahe was suffering required professionalintervention.Nevertheless, at some point it wasnecessary to ask him to make a draw-ing of the alien faces he was recalling.Though Whitley Strieber is by all ac-counts a talentedwriter,draftsmanshipMUFON UFO Journalis not one of his gifts, a fact he cheer-fully admitted.Therathercrudesketchesheeventu-ally produced show a head with a long.narrow neck. a human-like cranium.and huge, slanted eyes that are placedin roughly the sameposition they wouldappear in a human face.There is no nose, ears or hair. andonly a straight,lipless line fora mouth.His quick, simple drawing was madewith only sevenseparate lines,andcon-tains no shading or modeling.Whitley had begun writing Cotn-muniotz afteronly a few months of myinvestigation, and at somepoint askedif I could recommend an illustrator tomake apainting,under his close super-vision, of the alien face he recalled, sothathe could use it in thefinishedbook.I immediately thought of Ted SethJacobs, an artist acquaintance of minewho had produced a powerful imagefor my firstbook,Missing 7ime(1981).It was because Strieber had readMissing Time and recognized in it par-allels with his own experiences that hehad initially contacted me, so when Imentioned Ted Jacobs illustration,heconsulted his copy of the book and de-cided to telephone him.Eventually Ted began to work withWhitley,carefullyfollowinghis specificinstructions as tohow the alienlooked,slantedeyesto theshapeof thecraniumto the color of the skin.I am not sure how long the projecttook, but I vividly recall Whitleysphone call to me when the small oil oncanvas was completed.He had it near him as we spoke, andthe gist of his intense excitement wasthis: The painting was uncanny. It wasexactly like the faces hed seen.He could close his eyes and see theface hed recalled, and then, when heopened his eyes, there was the verysame facebeforehim, futedforalltimeon canvas. It was frightening-real-ex-citing,thrilling.Though by now I was quite used toWhitleys intermittent gusts of hyper-3
  4. 4. bolic enthusiasm-an attribute that is,perhaps, one of the secrets of his vividwriting-I was nevertheless extremelycurious to seeTeds painting.Whitley couldnot stoptalkingabouttheway the artisthad accuratelycaughtthe silhouette of the aliens face, thetannish warmthof its skin,thehypnoticpower of its eyes, the shape of its long,narrow nose, and so forth.He asked me to come to his apart-ment as soon as possible,tosee the ee-rie little work.At this time-1986-1 had workedwith scores of abductees and was veryfamiliar with the commonly reportedfeatures of alienphysiognomy.I was almostfinished writingIntrud-ers. and in Debbie Tomey ("KathieDavis" in the book) I had an abduction-experiencerwho was herself an accom-plished amateur artist. She had pro-duced some fine drawings of alienfaces, which I published along with anextensive account of her abductions.But now, when Whitley ushered meinto his office and proudly showed meTeds painting, I was shocked and pro-foundlydisappointed.The image staring grimly out fromthe small canvas contained a stagger-ing error: its cranium was tiny, virtu-ally a pinhead, and it reminded me ofphotographs I had seen of severely re-tarded people whose brains and skullswere pitifullyatrophied.The hypnotically staring eyes in thepaintingWhitley was showingme werelocated so close to the top of the-headthattheresult was grotesque.It was thevery image of a pinheadedalien, a car-nival freak!I told Whitley of my shock. "Thehead is all wrong," I said. "The aliensare universally described as havinghuge craniums, not littlepinheads likethis."He looked nonplussed for a fewmoments, and then suddenly shiftedground. "Now that I think about it," hesaid, "I remember that, yes, they didhave big heads."Apparentlyby this time the publica-tion of Communion was well along,andthepainting was tobe used on thecoverand in all the advertising. I assumed itwould be difficult, now, forWhitley toadmit his error and ask for a revision.4To compensate for my criticism ofthe bizarre skull, I pointed out that theeyes did eerily capture the effect somany abduction-experiencers had de-scribed to me over the years.Beyond any doubt it was this fea-ture that eventually drew tens of thou-sands of readers to-Striebersbook.So, despite the glaring error in theimage on its cover, Commmion ap-peared and was enormously success-ful.At a small reception in their apart-ment thatWhitley andhis wife gaveshortly be-fore thebooks publi-cation, aposter of thefinishedbookjacket wasprominentlydisplayed.-, One ofWhitlevsBudd Hopkins e d i t o - r sp o i n t e dproudly to the staring face, and said tome, "Now that is a million-dollarbookcover."He was right, of course. Thejacketillustration, Ted Seth Jacobs littlepainting, sold thousands upon thou-sands of copies for Whitley and hispublishers,despitethefactthat thebookitself received mixedreviews and was,fromtheoutset,a sourceof controversy.But, as the Chinese say, "one pic-ture is worth...."Now I wish to explain why the rnis-take in the image on the dust jacketturned out to be extremely helpful tosubsequent UFO abduction research.My book, Intruders (sans alien im-ageon thecover),appeared only weeksafter Communion, and I began to re-ceive a blizzard of letters from peoplewho were beginning to suspect thatsome of their very bizarre life experi-encesmightbe poorly recalled alienab-ductions.In oneletter,a man wrotethathe hadseen the cover of Commlrnion in thewindow of abookshop and was imrne-diately transfixed. "I know that face,"he wrote. "Ive seen those black eyes.MUFON UFO JournalBut where have I seen them? I knowthat face, but the head is wrong. Thehead should be very big."Then, as he explained in his lettertome, he added this: "If Ive never reallyseen that face before, how do I knowthe head is wrong? I must have reallyseen it somewhere." He was shockedto realize that the image of the blackstaring eyes, even in a "wrong" head,was stirring up a mass of somewhatinchoatebut very disturbingmemories.Had the face been rendered with100%accuracy, the writer might haverationalized it more easily,but the factthat he knew the head was wrong,though he could not recall where he hadseen it before, cemented his certaintythat somewhere,somehow. he had en-countered an entity with those staringblack eyes, but with a huge cranium.His letter was only the first. Moreand more people wrote to me to de-scribe their shock when they first sawthe book cover. and then their dismaythat, somehow. they knew the headdidnt lookright.Many of these people alsoconfessedthat they had never been able to finishreadingthebook,thatitfrightenedthemtoo much,orthat they were unableevento start reading it.It was always the cover that rivetedtheir attention,the gnawing realizationthat they had seenthoseeyessomeplaceand that they were disturbingly farnil-iar, yet somehow the head was wrong.It was almost as if Whitley Strieberhad unintentionallysetup apsychologi-cal test: If a reader accepted the accu-racy of the alienfaceon thecoverwith-out question, it was possible that he orshe was eithera fantasistor a wannabe.If another reader was disturbed bythe cover illustration and sensed itsmysterious familiarity,but at the sametime noticed the incorrectly renderedcranium, he or she was more likely tohave had genuine abduction experi-ences.Many people wroteto ask me if theywere recalling a different type of alienthan the one on Communion,because"the ones I remember had big heads."Others said that either therewas some-thing wrong with them, or with the il-lustration.When Intruders appeared, it in-March2006
  5. 5. eluded some of Debbie Tomeys moreaccurate aliendrawings, but if a readerwrote to me-as thousands did-claim-ing to recall having seen such a face,Debbies drawingsofferedno "control"factorto help me evaluatethatpersonscredibility,acontrolthat ~triebersmis-take nicely provided.Sowherearewe now, some 18years .later? Whitley Strieber has publishedquite a few UFO books since 1987,though none were nearly as successfulas Commmion.And none, it should be pointed out,were issued with a dustjacket asbeau-tifullyprovocative asTedJacobs origi-nal work, black eyes, long nose, pin-head, and all.In the intervening years since Corn-munion and Intruders, images of alienfaceshaveappearedon everythmgfromT-shirts, soap, and neckties tochildrens toys and kitsch of everystripe.There are, believe it or not, alienChristmas tree ornaments. It is virtu-ally impossible for anyone with a TVset or a schlock shop nearby to missthis now ubiquitous icon.Still,onehistoricallyimportanteventisclear:theoriginalimageon thecoverof Commmion helped to free a massof previously hiddefiUFO abductionmemories within the minds of thou-sands of troubled people who were notaware of the source of their unease.They saw the face Ted Jacobs pro-duced,shivered,andreflected. "I knowthat face," they said to themselves. "Ishould look into where Ive seen it be-fore. But somehow,I dont know why,I know the head is wrong."Strange animals reported in the OzarksBy Tal H. BrancoDuring the past four years the RFPResearch Project has received numer-ous reports from residents of westernArkansasconcerningwild animalstheyhave seen that did not resemble anyknown native or exotic species.One such report was received froma life-long resident of Franklin Countyin early August of 2005. On Aug. 17the writer drove to Ozark to meet thewitness.It was a coincidence that Lucille El-ders Barnes column in the Spectatorthat day mentioned another sightingofan enigmaticanimal by a Cravens resi-dent. Ms. Elders herself had seen oneof the animals about a year ago, andwrote about the encounter in her col-umn dated Sept. 15,2004.The witness the writer had arrangedto meet in Ozark is Harley Edgin, wholives northeast of Ozark on the northside of Highway 352. The propertyconsists of about 200 acres used forcattleranching.In thefallof 1991Edgin and a friendweredrivingacrosstheproperty check-ing on the cattle when they observedtwoanimalsstandingin thefieldwatch-ing thevehicle. Edgin stoppedthetruck,and looked closely at the animals.He and his passenger had initiallythought they were seeing two coyotes,but they soon realized they could notidentify the animals. The animals satdown on their haunches andnonchalantlywatched the vehicle for afew minutes.Duringthat timeEdginpicked uphisMarch 2006binoculars and looked intently at bothanimalsfora shorttime.Hethenpassedthebinocularstohispassenger.Theani-mals then ran to a barbed wire fencealong the north side of the pasture andstopped beside it.At that time the animals were about100 yards from the vehicle. The ani-mals stood for a few minutes as thewitnesses alternately continued towatch them through the binoculars.After a few minutes the animalsturned and ran under thefence and intothe woods. Edgin stated the animalswere unlike any he had ever seen. Hesaidthat one animalwasabout5 inchesshorter than the other, the larger beingabout 3 feet tall at the top of its shoul-der.Both were about the color of a bob-cat, with heads that seemed oversizedfor thebodies. Thehead and nose werenoticeably more like a canines than afelines. According to Edgin the mostnoticeable feature on the head was theanimals ears.He stated the ears were unusuallylarge for the size of the head. The earswere reportedly mule-like, about 6inches long, with tufts of hair growingfrom their tips. He noted that the neckwas also thick and muscular.He stated the animals had tails thatwerecatlike,but longerthan a bobcatsand shorterthan acougars. He particu-larly noted the tails were rounded onthe ends, and not pointed like a dogs.He said the animals possessed mas-sive chests and very muscular frontlegs. Their back legs were noticeablyMUFON UFO Journalshorter, causing the back to be slopedlike that of a hyena.When theanimalsran,he statedthey"pushed off using their front legs,landed on all four feet, and continuedtheirtravel in that springingfashion.Edgin stated that on three other oc-casions from 1995to 1997he saw oneof these same mysterious animals. Hesaidthat twoof thosesightingoccurredon a tract of land southof theroad fromWatalua to the junction of Highway219.On each occasion Edgin was driv-ing across the open field on that prop-erty and had a differentpassengereachtime. Each time the occupants of thevehiclehad an unobstructedview of theanimal, and it appeared to match in allrespectsthe animalspreviously seenbyEdgin.During one of those encounters, thepassenger sawthe animalfirst,and ini-tially thoughtit was adeer,thendecidedit was a coyote, and finally decided hecould not identify the animal. Edginthen attempted to run the animal downin the open field with his truck.He stated his truck came within 20feet of the animal,but he wasunable tohit it. After the animal ran away, thepassenger was still in awe of what hehad seen,andquietlytold Edgin,"Thereaint nothing right about that thing."DuringEdgins third encounterwithone of the unknown animals on thesame property, it was standing in theedge of the woods beside the pasture.He and apassenger watched it forabout(Continued on page 10)5
  6. 6. Witness filmsbright objectwith camcorderMUFON Investigator: A1Schuette,Field InvestigatorQpe of sighting: moving lightedobjectDate & time of sighting: Feb. 27,2005. about noonLocation: SanAntonio, TXWitness:Mario VallejoCamcorder: VHS Panasonic PV-L 452 DStatement by witness"On Feb. 27, 05, a Sunday, I waschecking the motor oil and water. So Iwent back to the laundry room to get ajug of water. As 1was walking back tomy carInoticeda bright whitish objectin the sky."At firstI thought it was an airplane.I was glued looking at it for a minute.Then I realized it was not moving,justhovering by theclouds. It lookedlike astar, but in daylight. SoI grabbed mycamcorder and started filming."At first it was hovering or comingin my direction. I noticed the cloudswere moving in one direction; thesphere-like object was moving in theother direction. It seemed to pick upspeed."Then I realized it was soclose thatit passed right over or behind the tree-top. Right in front of me. Thats whenI started to zoom in. All I could seewas abright objectwith an orangeglowunderneath it."The brightness is what made megrabmy camcordersothat Icouldhavesome kind of evidence of what I saw.It then started to move away until Icould not see it anymore. Dont knowwhat I have filmed."Initial AnalysisAfter watching thisparticular videomany timesin slow motion,stopframe,and regular speed;and checking onlinewith the National Weather Service(NWS) and NASAs National Scien-tific Balloon Facility (NSBF) I have,for now, concluded that the object isprobably not a weather balloon or highaltitude scientificresearch balloon.(I realize that detailed video analy-sis may indicateotherwise).I believe the object is not a NWSballoon because it traveled against theprevailing wind, did not appear togainaltitude, and does not resemble aweatherballoon.The object might be an Ultra LongDurationBalloon (ULDB), but 1donotthink so, for the same reasons, exceptappearance.I have also concluded the object isnot any of the following: aircraft (un-less secret); bird: star or planet; satel-lite;or blimp (advertising).One possible identification may bea mylar balloon, but I doubt this, as itseems from my perspective that itwould have tobe a very large one, and,again, it went againstthe wind.So my current conclusion (pendingfurther investigation and analysis) isthat the filmed object is unidentified(UFO).Drawing above based on sketchbywitness. Drawing at left isby the wit-ness.Harvey Cooke dead at 87It is with deep regret that I havelearnedof therecent passing of HarveyCooke,chairman of theTaurangaUFOInvestigationGroup.He was one of New Zealands pio-neeringufologists, and oneof "NaturesTrueGentlemen." Harvey wasaged 87years,andhad been studyingUFOs for52 years.-Murray Bott, New Zealand Direc-tor, ~utual-UFONetworkUFONewsclippingSeniceMonthlycollectionof news sto-riesand features aboutUFOs andrelated phenomena from theworlds press, including transla-tions.For a sample copy and addi-tional information, contactUFONS, 2 Caney Valley Drive.Plumerville, AR 72127-8725,orufons@webtv.netMUFON UFO Journal March 2006
  7. 7. Body Snatchers in the Desert: a replyJBy Nick RedfernIn his article in the November 2005issue of the MUFON UFOJournal onmy bookBody Snatchers in the Desert:The Horrible Truth At The Heclrt OfThe Roswell Story, Gildas Bourdaismade a number of comments and ob-servations that I will address here.He also made a number of hugelycritical errors that I will also address.As readers of both Body Snatchersand the Bourdais article will be aware,the book provides a theory forRoswellthat does not include Mogul Balloons,crash-test dummies, or aliens.Rather, the data presented suggeststhat the Roswell legend was borne outof a series of highly controversial ex-periments undertaken in the NewMexico desert in the summer of 1947that involvedcapturedJapanese POWsand individuals tied to Japans notori-ous Unit 731group.Bourdaisquestionsthe scenariothata massive amount of Unit 731 docu-mentation was brought to the UnitedStatesaftertheendof theSecondWorldWar. He also stresses that no survivingvictims of Unit 731 were found, andthat no handicapped individuals wereutilized in Unit 731experimentation.However,history demonstrateswith100 per cent certainty that only oneweek afterthefallof Japan,Col.MurraySanders of Fort Detrick (at the timeCamp Detrick) was personally speak-ing withYoshijiroUmezu, the chief ofthe Japanese Armys General Staff, inan effort to determine what 731 hadbeen doing.Thats only sevendays afterJapanssurrender and two years beforeRoswell. Plenty of time to get 731ma-terials transferred to the United States.It should be noted too that data hassincesurfacedshowingthat certainUnit731 activities were undertaken in theclosing states of the War on severalPacific islands and not on the Japanesemainland, where a lot of material evi-dence citedby Bourdaiswas destroyedat the end of the War.The issue of what was taking placeon thoseislandsisbeginningto surfaceMarch 2006Editors NoteWhile not endorsing RedfernsconclusionsregardingRoswell,it isfelt that he should have the oppor-tunity to respond to the review ofhis book by Gildas Bourdais.Roswell remains one of thedominant cases, and Journal read-ers should have the opportunity tohear thevarious theories,especiallyof those researchers, such asRedfern, who have spent consider-able time in the field.Redferns latest book, On theTrail of the Saucer Spies-UFOsand GovernmentSwveillance, willbe reviewed in an upcoming issueof the Journal.and is a highly sensational one, as willbecome apparent before the end of2006.And also on the issue of Unit 731,Japanese POWs, war crimes, etc., Irefer the reader to the link below thatconcerns ahigh-levelmeetingthatwasheld at the National Archives on 21June 2005(intriguingly,theexactsameday that Body Snatchers was pub-lished).This meeting was attended by rep-resentatives of the CIA and the FBI,amongothers,andfocused itsattentionon Unit 731, Japanese POWs, humanexperimentation, etc., in the post-Warera,and thatreferencednew CIAdocu-ments due to surface in 2006, alongwith an officialreporton theabovetop-ics.For thoseinterested,hereisthe link: also addresses the claimsin the book that some of the Roswellcrash UFO stories surfaced as a resultof failed experimentation concerningearlyresearchintoatomicpoweredair-craft.He takes issue with the fact thatnuclear-powered aircraft certainly didnot exist in 1947. This is correct, andall of my sources werecareful to stressthis too, although, this is certainly notthe impressionthat one gets fromread-MUFON UFO Journaling the Bourdais review.In fact, what Bourdais failed to tellthe reader was that all of my sourceswere always (and repeatedly) carefulto stress that no nuclear aircraft, andno fully functioning nuclear engine,existed in 1947.But-and here isthecritically irnpor-tant factor-the interviewees claimedthatradiation experimentswere under-taken on peoplein an attemptto try andunderstand how people might be af-fected by radiation in a nuclear aircraftenvironment, even if such an environ-ment was decades away, as all thesources state clearly in the book.For thosewho doubtthat sucha hor-rific scenario could have any basis inreality, I should.also point out that Ifound officially-declassifiedfiles from1948 that described how very high-levelpeople within theNuclear Energyfor Propulsion of Aircraft (NEPA)project were actually trying to get per-mission (only 12monthsafterRoswell)to use American "life prisoners" innuclear aircraft experiments.For those who still doubt this, hereis a quote from the document above:"Tests.. .should be carried out at somefederal,stateor Armed Servicesprison,where life prisoners are incarceratedand where arrangements can be madewith the prison authorities to cooper-ate in the experiment. The selection ofthe prison is a matter for top militaryconsideration. Continued cooperationof the prison staff and prisoners for amatter of many yearswillberequired."I might add too (as Bourdais knowsfrom my book)that,in 1949,Col.ClydeD. Gasser (described in an officiallydeclassified FBI document titled Fly-ing Disc as the "principal army techni-cian" at NEPA) confirmed to the FBIthat he had an awareness that "scien-tists have, for many years, been at-tempting to develop this type of air-craft," and added that: "Some experi-mentation has been done even in theUnited States, but...there has neverbeen any practical developments."Gassers statement accords exactlywith what my sources told me: that a
  8. 8. lotof experimentationwasundertaken,but with very few groundbreaking re-sults. And how intriguing that Gasser,linkeddirectly with nuclear aucraft re-search,had apersonalawarenessof thisFlyingDisc "experimentation."Bourdais also addresses the allega-tion made to me that someof thepeopleutilizedintheallegedexperimentswerehandicapped, and includedpeople suf-fering from various forms of dwarfismand also Progeria.Bourdais does not believe that any-one could mistake a Progeria suffererfor an extraterrestrial. Well. first of allI would say that nobody is in a positionto definitivelysay what alienslook like.And second, I ask the reader to takea look again at photographs of Prog-eria sufferers.Then imagine if a person with thatconditionwas utilizedin ahigh-altitudeballoon experimentinwhich they weredressed in some form of flight suit.Imagine then that the experimentfailed, the vehicle crashed to earth, thebody was exposed to theblistering heatof the New Mexico desert for a periodof time, andit was seenby a smallnum-ber of civilians and even military per-sonnelwhohad no ideawhat it was thatthey had stumbled upon.This is the scenario suggestedto meby the interviewees.Bourdaisisentitled to his opinion onthe above issue, but he really shouldhave informed theJournalreaders thatIfound offkially-declassifiedfiles(thatI located deep within the human radia-tion experiment files of the 1940sthatsurfaced in the 1990s)showing that inthe summerof 1947,staff atOakRidge(home to the nuclear aircraft projectwhich had begun in 1946) were veryinterested in radiation experiments un-dertaken on a number of people suffer-ing from dwarfism and...Progeria (acondition, it should be noted, that re-sults in an enlarged bald head, a shortbody, and no hair).These radiation experiments wereundertaken on 54 individuals (de-scribed as "test-subjects" in the docu-mentation) to try and betterunderstandconditions of the thyroid gland. How-ever, it is intriguing that the documen-tation on this matter was sent to OakRidges "Biology Library," to its "Bi-ologyDivision," and to thenuclear air-craft project: NEPA.Bourdais also criticizes me for re-ferring to the distasteful story of thegovernments Project Sunshine (of theearly-to-mid-1950s)and its self-admit-ted "BodvsnatchingLactivitiesthatincluded se-curing fullc o r p s e s ,bones. andbody partsfor use in ra-diation ex-periments.Well. oneof the primereasons I in-Redfern cluded thestorywasbe-causetheofficially-declassifiedfilesonProject Sunshine describe how theArmedForcesSpecialWeaponsProjecthad statedto theProject Sunshineteamthat they had provisionsin place as lateas 1955to snatch certain "specimens"from a "native hospital" in Formosa.No, this is not connected with theRoswell events. However, I cited thisdata because it firmly documents thatthe U.S. military-in the post-Warera-wasin aprime positionto secretlybringbodies and specimensfromtheFarEastto the United Statesforuse in radiationexperiments, as all of my sourcesclaimed.Bourdais also states,"If theseWhiteSandsexperimentshad been made withJapanese-r rather Chinese-prisoners,they wouldhavebeenidentifiedas suchwhenfound in theareasof WhiteSandsor Roswell."As Bourdais knows very well, iden-tificationsof thespecificallynon-handi-cappedbodies as lookingChineseweremade and were discussed only monthsago on "UFO Updatesw-the Internetdiscussion sitewhereBourdaisdebatedme about my book and in exactly thesame time frame.As a prime example of this, on 23June, 2005, Jean Pierre Pharabod sub-mitted the following post to "UFOUpdates" in responseto theallegationscontained within my book:"I already suspected such an expla-MUFON UFO Journalnation when Iread, inTimothyGoods,Alien Liaison, (1991),the testimonyofSergeant Melvin E. Brown, who wasat Roswell inJuly 1947,as reported byoneof his daughters(pages86-87): Hetold us they were nothing to be scaredof.They were friendly-lookingand hadnicefaces. They lookedAsian,he said,but had larger heads and no hair. Theylooked a yellowy color.He was fright-ened a bit. because he knew heshouldnt be doing it, so he only had aquick glimpse. But he said they couldhave passed for Chinese-they hadslanted eyes."I submit that a statement to the ef-fectthat the Roswellbodies"could havepassed for Chinese" is highly signifi-cant. I am truly baffled, however,as towhy Bourdais cited in his article thevarious debates that he and I had on"UFO Updates," but that he then de-cided not to inform the readers of theMUFON UFO Journal of the above"Chinese" point also raised on "UFOUpdates."Bourdais also states: "According toRedferns mysterious informers, theAlien Autopsy Footage, released inAugust, 1995, was actually showingone of the handicapped victims of theWhite Sandscrash!"Nonsense.WhatIactuallysaidin thebook was that the people Iinterviewedtold me that the body in the Alien Au-topsy film was possibly linked withhighlycontroversialatomicflash-blind-ness experiments undertaken atRandolph Air Force Base, TX.Thats a very big differencefrombe-ing found in the desert at Roswell (seepages 202-203 of the book).Bourdais error comes from notcloselyreadingwhat one of the sourcestold me regardinganothersimilarpieceof filmfootage (but definitely a differ-entfilm)that was linked with theWhiteSands crashes (see pages 80-81 of thebook).This similarfilmallegedlydisplayeda graphic dissection of the genitalia ofthe body, and it may very well havebeen thesamelittle-knownand seldom-discussed piece of film-footage thatPhilip Mantle had the opportunity toview in Ray Santilllis officeyears ago,and that has never surfaced. (This ex-tra, unseen footageis not the so-calledMarch 2006
  9. 9. TentFootage, but a completely differ-ent film and, according to Mantle, dis-played a body practically identical tothat in the Alien Autopsy film.)On theissue of the body in the AlienAutopsy film, Bourdais also states: "Ifitwere ahuman body,therewould havebeen no need for a completeprotectionsuit such as is seen in the film. So, the,idea of a real human body from the al-leged White Sands experiments doesnot seem to make any sense."IBut as I have said in the book andabove, the sources I interviewed saidthat the body was linked with atomicexperimentsconcerningflash-blindnessat Randolph AFB, TX, and had noth-ing to do with the New Mexico eventsof 1947.If true-and there was a radiation-based angle-it would make completesense for those seen in the film to bewearing protection suits. Therefore,Bourdais argument is a pointless andirrelevantone.Bourdais also states with regard tothe key event that my sources said ledtotheRoswelllegend-namely thecrashof a hybrid-styledevicecomprisedof ahugeballoon array that had a fixed pay-load below that was a detachable,crewed glider:"There is a more radical objectionto this story, which is how clumsy anddangerous such an experiment wouldhave been, from the mere aeronauticalpoint of view."Bourdais fails to tell the reader thatmy sourcesdid not disputethe fact thatthe attempt to fly the prototype devicewas ultimately seenas a failure.In fact,one of the interviewees described thewhole test as being "dip-sh--" in na-ture; and it was made clear to me thatthe project was hastily canceled-pre-cisely because it was not viable. Andwe know it was not seen as viable be-1 cause the device crashed!And for the record, despite whatBourdais says, at no time anywherein, the book doIclaim (nordo my sourcesclaim) that the device that crashed atRoswell was built by the aviation ge-niuses,theHorten brothers.All of themmerely said it was Horten-like orHorten-inspired.And links between UFOs and thework of the Hortens are not limited tomy sources. I included in the book anofficial document of 3 January 1952from Brig. Gen.W.M. Garland to Gen.John A. Samford, AirForce directorofintelligence, suggesting that someUFOs might be Soviet vehicles basedin part on "certain developmentsby theGermans, particularly the Hortenwing.. ."Thepossibilitythat Samfords com-ment was prompted by the fact thatsimilarexperimentationmay havebeenundertaken withHorten-style de-vices in the U.S.several yearspreviously can-not be ruled out.Bourdais alsofails to note thatnone other thanPopular Me-chanics maga-zine had beengiven a practi-cally identical story almost a decadeago, and that also focused upon Japa-neseballoons andHorten-styleaircraft.Moreover, since the publication ofthe book, almost two-dozen peoplehave come forward with similar data,whichIam incorporating intoanew re-port. None of these sources are anony-mous.In addition, various similar sourceshave surfaced on the Internet. Andhighly intriguing data of a very similarnature surfaced from Australia on theProject 1947 discussion-list in late2005.Bourdais makes an additional state-ment on the matter of the hybrid bal-loon-aircraftdevice too:"According to Redfernand his mys-teriousinformers,the craftand balloon(which were supposed to go to a veryhigh altitude, for tests of mutation)were caught in a storm and struck bylightning. But physicist BruceMaccabee arguedthat,faced with sucha dangerous situation, any pilot wouldhave avoidedit by separatinghis planefrom the balloon, which was not thecase in the Redferns story."First of all, I am not sure whyBourdaiskeepsreferringto my sourcesas being "mysterious." There is noth-ing "mysterious" aboutmy sources,andseveral of them spoke on-the-record.They are simply a bunch of old peoplefromthe official world that want to setthe record straight.Second, Bourdais fails to note thatan attempt was made to detach the air-craft; but that it only became "partlydetached" and was lefthanging precari-ously and spinning wildly below theballoon array before the two devicesfinally broke apart and crashed.And contrary to what Bourdais tellsthe readers of theMUFONUFOJour-nal, according to my interviewees, theRoswell crash itself had nothing to dowith "tests of mutation," at high-alti-tude,asBourdais wrongly describesthescenario.Again, he massively confusesissues-and, unfortunately, the readers of theJollrnol. too.My sourcessaid that various experi-ments had been undertaken in 1947todetermine the effects of high-altitudeexposure on human subjects. Somesuchtests are indeed a matterof recordand were focused in part on concernsabout cosmic ray exposure and muta-tions athigh altitude.(Page 225 of the book includes anofficially-declassifieddocumentonthissubject that is dated 28 May 1947.)However, the event at Roswell, ac-cording to the interviewees, was anexperimentdesignedto determineonlyif the launchingof a glider vehicleby alargeballoon arraycouldbe consideredfeasible (see paragraph two of page109through to page 111).As it transpired, it was not feasiblebecause it crashed. And it had no di-rect connection with a high-altitude"mutation" experiment aside from thefact that both involved Japanese indi-viduals, and both were undertaken inNew Mexico in the same time frame.In fact,accordingto the sourceiden-tified in the book as "The Colonel," hespecifically states on page 112of BodySnatchersthat: ". ..this is planned to bea relativelylow-levelsituation:just getthe balloon and the aircraft in the air,have the pilot release the vehicle, get iton the ground and then we can recoverthe balloon later.. ."The Colonel also stressed that thevehicle was flown by a trained crew ofJapanese POW pilots, and that thereMarch 2006 MUFON UFO Journal
  10. 10. was nothing handicapped about thesepeople at all.This is the important factor that hasbeen missed by many: some of the ex-periments involvedhandicapped Japa-nese individuals, and some of them in-volved capturedJapanese militaryper-sonnel.Bourdais also states: "Three sepa-rate informers approached Redfern,separately, in less than two months atthe end of 2003, and told him the samestory! This does suggest a concertedplan to inform, or rather to disinformhim."I have never said that the "inform-ers" approached me separately.In fact, although 1have not spokenin-depth about how and where the in-terviews were conducted and underwhat specific circumstances, I haveconsistently saidthat all of them (asidefrom one source I interviewed in theUK in 1996) know each other, and Ihad contactwith twoof themmorethana year before conducting the final in-terviews that appear within the pagesof the book.Granted, I was not initially awarethat the sourceidentifiedin thebook as"The Colonel" was iwtouch with theother sources, but that was soon madeclear to me, and I have never deniedthis.In fact, three of the interviewees,Albert Barker, William Salter, and asource described as the "BlackWidow," have known each other sincethe early 1950s.But with regard to whether or nottheircollectivestoryisdisinformation,I stand by what I have always said: ifthe government wants to hide the factthat aliens crashed at Roswell, doingsoby pretending that it undertook dia-bolical experiments on handicappedindividuals is a ludicrous approachWhy? Because it is such a contro-versial story that,itmakes people takenotice. And if Roswell really did in-volve aliens, why would the govern-ment want the UFO community (or,worse still,themedia) stickingits noseinto Roswell again after it had laid thematter to rest (from its perspective atleast) with the crash-test-dummiesandMogulballoon explanations?The answer is simple: it wouldnt.10Strange animals in the Ozarks...(Continued from page 5)three or four minutes before it walkedinto the woods.Edgin left and came back with a an-other friend, who brought along a gun.They reportedly found the animalstracks in loose soil and leaves inside acedar glade.The three men noted that the ani-mals front paws left tracks that weregenerally round like a cats, and wereabout three inches in diameter. Theback feetleft similarbut smallertracks.Edgin statedthetrackswere unusualin thefactthat thefrontpaw trackswereabout 12to 14inches apart in the side-to-side direction, while the rear pawtrackswereonlyabouthalf thatdistanceapart in that direction.Edgins last sighting of the animaloccurred in 1996or 1997when one ofthe animals crossed Highway 219 infront of his truckjust north of 1-40.He had previously arranged for thewriterto meet with other arearesidentswho have also seen animalsthey couldnot identify.The writer spent two daysinterviewing those witnesses.The close-up encounter thatGeraldine Wyers describes was omi-nous and frightening. Her detailed ob-servationsportrayedan aggressiveani-mal that has been similarly describedin reports from Montgomery County,AR, and from LeFlore and McCurtaincounties in Oklahoma.Ms. Wyers stated that in mid-sum-mer of 1994 or 1995 she drove aloneto a small branch below a stock ponddam on the parcel of land on whichEdgin had previously seen two of theanimals.She went to the property to destroya beaver dam on the branch, and to at-tempt to kill the beavers that had builtit. Shesaid sheparked her pickuptruckin the edge of a field within abouttwenty yards of the beaver dam.When she exited the truck, she leftthe drivers side door open. She statedshedestroyedthebeaverdam and wentback to the truck to get a .22 calibersemiautomaticrifle, which she loaded.As she walked upstream away fromthe truck to find a place to conceal her-self and wait for the beavers to returnMUFON UFO Journaltothedam site,sheheard a strangebird-like sound coming from across thebranch.As she slowly walked toward thesound,shebegan to hear loud moaningsounds. She thought the sounds werecoming from some kind of animal ingreatpain. As she slowly and carefullywalkedtoward the sounds,they dimin-ished in volume.When she reached a point about 20yards from the truck, she saw an ani-mal crouched and watching her fromthe other side of the branch. She wasless than 10 yards from the animal atthat time.Thebizarreandintimidatingappear-ance of the animal reportedly causedher to freeze in fear. She said theanimals descriptiongenerally matchedthose given by Edgin.She stated the animals head was infact massive, but it had canine upperteeth that extended two orthree inchesoutside its mouth, and she saw bloodon those teeth.She stated she could clearly see theanimal was intently watching her andit was poised as if ready to spring inher direction. She had the distinct im-pression the animal was in no wayafraid of her or the rifle.She was carrying the rifle at her hipin bothhands and pointingforward.Shemomentarily considered drawing thegun to her shoulder and emptying the19 shot magazine of long rifle bulletsintotheanimal,but shequicklydecidedthe animal was too large and too closefor her to ensure she could get offenough shots to kill it before itreachedher in a full charge.She began to carefully, and veryslowly, walk backwards toward thetruck without taking her eyes off theanimal. Shewas movingher feet a fewinches at a time, and it seemed to hershe would never reach the safetyof thetruck.When shefinallydidreachthetruck,shesteppedbesidetheopeneddoorandslowlyplaced her right footon thefloorboard. Only then did she briefly takeher eyes off the animal to reach for thedoor handle. Sheimmediatelygrabbed(Continued on page 22)March 2006
  11. 11. Photo one.Photo three.CorrectionIn the first two parts of the articleby Ann Druffel concerning the seriesof photos taken On Aug. 23,1965, byRex Heflin,Photo four was incorrectlylabeled (January&FebruaryJournals).What was labeled "Photo four" wasactually an enlargementof Photo three.Above is the correct sequence and la-beling of the photos.Although Photo four appears to bean enhancement, it is not; it shows thetfull smoke ring, which wasjust begin-ning to show in Photo three.In Photo four there is a utility linerunning from left to right above theobject, as discussed in the article.Ms. Druffel now has a website, Her email isanndruffel@aol.comMarch 2006Photo two.Photo four.Greek farmer reports landingIts Greece, after all, so it should which is in central Greece near Trikalacome as no surprise that even the UFO in what was ancientThessaly, long be-sightingare "classical" in every sense lieved by the Greeks to be the home ofof the word. various supernaturalbeings, spell cast-A Greek farmer, Athanassios ers, and other unusual folk.Tsioukas.claimsthata largesilvervdisc I ilanded inhis fieldoutsidhevillageofPrini, crushingplants and leavingland-ing gear indentations in the earth.Its not a case of too much ouzo, ei-ther. Another farmer confirmed thesighting, and children in the next vil-lage claimed they saw flashing lightsheaded toward Athanassios TsioukasGoIA1IblU.But its nothing new for the area.Unidentifiedobjectsand flashinglightsare commonly reported in the region,Silent auctionThis years MUFON Symposiumwill again have a "Silent Auction" asa fundraiser for MUFONs generalfund,accordingtoTomDeuley,whoheaded the effort last year."Please let me know yourthoughts, andjoin the fun in Denverthis July. Call me at (915)-276 1314after 5:00 PM MST or send an E-mail anytime,"MUFON UFO Journal 11
  12. 12. UFO over DCReviewed by Dwight ConnellyJournal editorA Capitol UFO by Gary Dillman,, 2005, 52pages (reviewcopyhad 38 pages),printon demand,$8.95 (alsoavailableasless -expensive downloads).This is a brief account of a sightingby the author, aMUFON FieldInvestigatorISec-tion Director forSouthern Mary-land, which oc-curred on thenight of July 25-26,2002, onlytenmonths after 9-11. An essentialpart of thestoryisthe apparent cover-up of the incidentby authorities.Dillman includes material concern-ing his own background, speculationsregardingtheincident,and informationgathered by MUFON Field Investiga-tor Joan Woodward.The sightingtook placenear,but notin, the no-fly zone of Washington,DC.Dillman, a former DC policeman,was working an overnight shift as asecurity guard on a 469-acre propertyowned by a sand and gravel companyat Brandywine, MD.Brandywine is located in the south-east corner of Maryland, about tenmiles southeast of Andrews AFB inCamp Springs, MD.At about 1 AM he was sitting in atruck,facingeast, with thedrivers win-dow partially down. The nearly fullmoon was mostly hidden by an bver-cast sky of thin, broken clouds.Suddenlythesoundofjets was heardfrom the direction of Andrews. Theyappeared to be moving quickly on asoutheast course at 2,000 to 5,000feetaltitude. Three or fourjets would dis-appear in the east, reappear, circle thearea, then fly southeast again. Someaircraft were making very tight turnsand small circles. One banked right,then hard left,then back to the right, asif followingsomething.The jets would fly back towardAndrews, then southeast again.Dillrnan had worked at thislocationforseveralyears,and was familiarwithjetsat Andrews, so this activity was defi-nitely out of the ordinary,especially atnight and over residential areas. Healerted a local radio station that some-thing unusual was taking place.Standing outside the truck, he sud-denly saw a medium orange-coloredball coming on a fast downward slanttoward the earth in the southwest.He initially thought it was a meteoras it became brighter and larger,but asajet bankedtowardittheobject seemedto stop and quickly reverse its coursein a curved bank to the east, turning ablue color and becoming elongated.Both the object and thejet disappearedinto the clouds.About ten minutes later the orangeobjectappeared inthe southwest,about10-15miles from the authors vantagepoint, again being followedby an F-16as both disappeared in the clouds.Dillman describes theround or pos-sibly disc-shaped object as being, atclosest viewing distance, the size of agolf ball held at arms length. It ap-peared to be noiseless,but thejet noisecould have masked noise from the ob-ject. A portion of Ms. Woodwards re-port follows:"On Nov. 5, 2002, I received a re-sponse from the FAAthat included thetower logs for DCA [Reagan NationalAxport] and ADW [AndrewsAirForceBase] for July 26. The tower log fromDCA reported a scramble at 1AM (asreported by Waldorf and Brandywinewitnesses), and reported that the fight-ersreturnedto base at 1:51(asreportedby Brandywine witness)."The ADW tower log, however,showed no scrambles, no takeoffs, noairplanes for the entire day with theexception of an in-flight emergencylanding late afternoon after a scramble(a scramblereported on DCA log, butnot on ADW log)..."Dillrnan concludes, "I thinkitisclearthat the military expunged the log ofthe scrambleby thejets. DCA reporteda scrambleduringthetinieperiod I sawthe UFO and fighters, and ADWshowednothing at all for that samepe-riod."SciencenotenoughHunt for the Skinwnlker by Dr.Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp,2005,PocketBooks,Simon&Schurster,Inc., Paraview, 191 7h Ave., NY, NY10011,softcover,5~8,304pages,$14.00.Reviewedby DwightComelly.Journal editorIn addition to being an interestingbook, this may be one of the more im-portantcontribu-tions to the studyof UFOs andotherparanormaleventstobe pub-lished. I say thisbecause of theimplicationssug-gestedfor apply-ing scienceto thestudyof thepara-normal.Mostufologistsare familiarwith thework of the National Institute for Dis-coveryScience(NIDS),anorganizationstarted by Las Vegas real estate tycoonBobBigelowtobringtechnologyandsci-entificexpertiseto thestudy of thepara-normal.NIDS has financed the scientificstudyofanimalmutilations,implants,andseveral other areas possibly related totheparanormal,oftenwithoutpublicity.12 MUFON UFO Journal March 2006
  13. 13. For years ufologistshavedecriedthelack of sufficient funding for the studyof UFOs and relatedtopics,contendingthattheissuescouldberesolvedifquali-fied scientistsget involved and thereisadequatefinancing.Theeight-yearsurveillancedescribedin this book suggests that science and fundingmay notbesufficientwhen deal-ing with theparanormal.Theauthorsof thisbook areDr.ColrnKelleher,aheavilycredentialedscientist,and GeorgeKnapp,arespectedjoumal-ist.Kelleher,along with otherPh.D.sci-entists, spent years on this project.Knapp, who has worked withNIDS in-formallyfromtimeto time,participatedas atiobserverduringpart of theproject.The localeof theinvestigationwas aranch and surroundingarea in a remotecomerof Utah, 150milesfromSaltLakeCity and borderingaUteNativeArneri-can reservation. Other than the NativeAmericans. theareaispopulated mostlyby Mormons.Theranch was selectedforthe studybecause of its history of paranormalevents.NIDS purchased the ranch in 1996fromtheTomGorman(nothisrealname)family, who had lived on the ranch for18temfyingmonthsastheyencountereda variety of paranormal events. Therewere indicationsthatthosewhohad pre-ceded the Gormanshad alsobeen tem-fied.For NIDS it seemed the perfect op-portunityto setupafieldlaboratory. TheGormans moved to another ranch 25miles away,andTomGormanwashiredby NIDS to assistwith theinvestigation,which included caring for cattle andhorses on the ranch.Oneof theeventswhich had terrifiedthe Gormans had been an experiencewith what appeared to be an unusuallylargegraywolf. The200-pound animalwalked up toTom,Ellen (Toms wife).Ed (Toms father),and thetwoGormanchildren,Tad and Kate,and allowedit-self to be petted.But suddenly it bounded to the calfpen, grabbed a calf whose head pro-truded from the pen, and attempted topull the calf out. Tom ran to the wolf,kicked ithard intheribs,and Ed beat onthe wolf with a baseball bat. The wolfseemedunconcerned.Tad retrieved a .357Magnum hand-gun and gave it to Tom, who shot thewolf at close range. The wolf seemedunaffected. Tom shot two more timesintothe wolfs upper abdomen,and thewolf slowlyreleased thecalf.Thehuge animalstood aboutten feetaway,lookingatTomwithchilling,hyp-notic blue eyes,showingno discomfortfrom the shotsfromthepowerful hand-gun.Tom,an excellent shot, pumped an-other slug into the animal in the heartregion. The wolf backed off about 30feet, but still showed no effects from ahandgun that would easilykill adeer.Tomtold Tad to get the 30-06rifle,afirearmthat would easilykill anelk. Tadquicklyretrieved therifle,andTomtookcareful aim at the wolf, now about 40feetaway. Hemomentarily feltpity forthebeast, but asthe slugfrom thepow-erfulriflestruckfleshandbonethebeastonlyrecoiled slightly.Completelyshocked,Tomagainshottheanimal,andapieceof fleshdetachedfromtheexitwound,but thewolf madeno sound. It turned and trotted off to-ward a group of densecottonwoods.Tom and Tad decided to follow thebeast. The animal was easy to track.but there was no sign of blood. How-ever, nearthecreek the trackssuddenlystoppedfornoapparentreason,sincetheground was still soft and there was noplace thatthe wolf couldhave leaped.It was the wolf incident. as much asany,whichprovidedthetitleforthisbook.Askinwalker,inthereligion andculturallore of Southwestern tribes, is an evilwitch who can alter its appearance toassume the characteristics of certainanimals,suchas a wolf,bear, orbird.There were numerous other paran-ormalevents,bothbeforeandafterNIDSset up shop.Theseincludedtheapparentdestruc-tion of three dogs by some sort of va-porizing heat, cattle transported into asmall enclosure, poltergeist activities,orbs,strangeanimals,mutilationof acalfinbroaddaylight,UFOscomingfromanapparent opening in the sky, and somesortof creatureemergingfrom an open-ing in theEarth onenight.Especiallyfrustratingwastheepisodein whichthree of six surveillancecam-eras suddenly lost power at 8:30 PM.Something or someone had ripped thewiringfromthecamerajunction boxeswhilecarefullyremovingeveryshredofduct tapefrom the wiring.Evenmorepuzzlingandshockingwasthe fact that one of the three remainingoperating surveillance cameras waspointingdirectlyatthedamaged pole,butpicked upnothing-and at 8:30PMtherewas stillsufficientlightforrecording.Thusdespitenight vision equipment,an array of cameras, significantparan-ormalactivities,andpersonalsightingsby qualified NIDS observers,aftereightyears the organization was unable tocomeupwithevidencethatwould standup to scientific scrutiny-the main goalof theexpensiveproject.How incidents are magnified.In Alien Heat by Steve Dewey andJohn Ries, 2006, ISBN 1933665025,Anomalist Books, P.O. Box 577,JeffersonValley,NY 10535,softcover,6 ~ 9 , 3 2 2pages, $17.95.Reviewed by Dwight C o ~ e l l yJournal editorThis book attempts to shed an unbi-ased lighton the re-portedphenomenonknown as "TheThing" which oc-curred in the Britishsmall town ofW a r m i n s t e r ,Wiltshire, in the -1960s.The authors,both of whom grew up in Warminster,review the available evidence in whatappears to be a careful manner.They suggestthat much of the"flap"which attractedconsiderable media at-tention owes its notoriety more to anenterprising local journalist, ArthurShuttlewood,and aculturereceptivetothe paranormal than to UFOs or otheraspects of the paranormal itself.As such, this is an important studyof how isolatedeventscan be rnisinter-preted, misrepresented,magnified,per-petuated, and poorly investigated.March 2006 MUFON UFO Journal
  14. 14. FUERS FILESDirector, MUFON Eastern RegionNote: These reports are presented in or-der to keep readers informed of some of thevast number of sightings being reported.However, thesecaseshave not been officiallyinvestigated, unless noted.Trout Lake, Washington,UFOsTROUT LAKE - During intermit-tent clear skies at 6:30 PM on Feb. 1,2006. two UFOscamein from thesouth. One wasdim, and theother becamemuch brighter asitpassed. slippingside-to-side, andheading east.They stayed illu-minated far intothe Earths sha- George Filerdow.At 6 5 0PM a very largegoldenlightwith no running lights or strobes camein again from the south. It was muchlower than the first two objects, andflew north across the entire sky until itwent behind some clouds over MountAdams.Therearenoknown satellitesforthistime according to Heavens-Abovewebsite. Thanks to James,james@eceti.orgUK police reportsDetective Constable Gary Heseltineof the Heseltine British Transport Po-lice has compiled details of 163cases between 1901-2005involvingover400British police officers. Following aretwo of the cases:19. Evening. 21110167. Location:SouthShields,Qneside.Following areport by a member of the public, auniformed police officer visited thefamily and witnessed with them thesighting of three triangular-shapedUFOs in the sky above Tyne.Dock,SouthShields.14The objects appeared to fly in for-mation before stopping and coming toa brief hover. They departed in the di-rection of Newcastle. Theobjectswereextremely bright, and were seen for aduration of 30 minutes.23.0530hours.Late October.Lo-cation: Bacup, Lancashire. An on-dutyuniformedpoliceofficer,PCBrianEarnshaw, heard a crackling soundcoming over the stations short waveradio.Curious,he went outsideto seewhatmight be causing the interference.When he did so he looked up to see acigar-shaped UFO hovering 250 feetabove the station.He said, "It was approximately 50feet in length. There were portholes onthe side,but therewereno visible signsof propulsion. The ship appeared to bemetallic and gave off a bright glow.There was a low whirring sound corn-ing fromit."Two other uniformed officers, PCColin Donahoe and MalcolmReader,also sawthe sameobjectfroma different location in Lancashire,watching for severalminutes before itrose vertically and disappeared.Later a statement was issued byLancashire Police that read, "We havehad UFO reports before, but nothinglike this.There has been no reasonableexplanation,but it was somethingdefi-nitely seen."Strange light in El SalvadorSan Salvador - A strange event isunder investigation by the police. Thedeputy chief of the San Salvador po-lice force and 17of his men on Jan. 24,2006, were witnesses to a powerful si-lent radiation that enveloped them forseveral minutes.Policecruisers werelit up by a pow-erful silent object that vanished afterseveral minutes without a trace.The deputy chief of the San Salva-MUFON UFO Journaldor police, Amir Methey Doret, said,"We experienced the curious eventwhen we were returning from a policeoperation, and all 18of us witnessed alight in the sky that glowed with greatintensity.That powerful light wasnt afloodlight, nor was it any other deviceor aerial optics like a helicopter or air-plane."After a few minutes of exposure,"the silent light began to rise to a con-siderable height and velocity until itsuddenlyvanished. leavinga sigmficantglow that began to dissipatelikesmoke."The light, which wecould seefroma considerable distance, was movingsideways, then was suddenly gone,leaving a cloud behind. It did notinterupt communications between theunits."Otherresidentsof San Salvadoralsosawthe strangelightheaded towardtheVillaguay region. Thanks to PlanetaUFO and S. Corrales,Institute ofHis-panic Ufology,(Translation(c)2006)A near miss in ChinaBohaiSea-Chinas CCTVreportedthat six Chinese AirForce pilots of theFlight Performance Teams witnesseda large unidentified aircraft formationflying toward them, resulting in a nearmid-aircollision.Air traffic control radar systemswere unable to observe andlor recordthe unidentified formation. On theCCTV program "Approaching Sci-ence," Feng Yi, deputy team leader ofthe Chinese Air Force Flight Perfor-mance Team, a top level pilot with3,000hoursof flyingexperience,takedabout this unusual experience.Flying ChineseJ-11Air SuperiorityFighters, Feng and his team were con-ducting the performance training overtheBohai Sea. At 9AM the flightteamreached an altitude of 21,000feet.Suddenlyalargeunidentifiedforma-tion of planes appeared just about 30March 2006
  15. 15. miles left of them, flying from south-east to northwest. Feng reported thisobservation immediately to the AirTraffic Control Center and requestedthem to conduct a search. but no otherairplanes were reported on radar.Fengs teammates also saw the sameaircraft formations.This is not the first time that Fengand his teammates have seen strangeformations. The airplanes both he andhis team have seen all represented dif-ferent countries from different periodsof history.Propeller types as well as jets hadbeen included in the formations. It ishighly unlikely thatall of thepilots hadthe same illusion at the same time.Some experts believe perhaps it was ascenefrom another dimension or evenanother time.UFOs stay for six hours in ItalyMilan-PaolaHams, anotedItalianUFO photo-journalist,reportsthat fiveUFOs were parked in the sky overMilan for six hours on Feb. 4, 2006,and reported by hundreds of spectatorsover the period 11PM to 5AM, whenthey finally went away.Milan is only 65 miles east of Turin(Torino), where the Winter OlympicGames began. Thanks to RichardBoylan.Many objects in South AfricaWestern Cape.- On Jan. 27, 2006,many witnessed at least 150 whitespheres at 5 PM, and a large rush hourtrafficjam was treated to a slow fly-byfor about ten minutes.Aerial movements were subtle, butclearly not a result of prevailing windpatterns. This is important becausemany people could easily mistake thewhite craft for weather balloons. Cityfire brigades were kept busy on themountain forthe third day running.The timing of the visit was almost ayear afterlastyears Feb. 5,2005, sight-ing above CapeTown.TableMountainwas ablaze for a few days last year onthe 5th. Cape Town was the scene of60tbrilliantwhite spheresfloatingoverthe harbor.It seemsthat the sameUFO "model"again visited the city where TableMountain is the dominant feature. So,March 2006OregoncylinderMolalla-Thewitnessreports,"I liveabout 5 miles southof Molalla, and onNov. 15,2005,atabout4:45 PM, I tooka dozen or so pictures of Mt. Hood. Itook thepicturesfrommy deck, facingnortheast with my Nikon Coolpix3100set to standard "scenery" mode. ."There is one picture that has a curi-ous object, and I dont know what it is.It appears as a long cylinder withoutwings. I took three pictures within oneminute, and the object only shows upin themiddlepicture.Theobjectis onlyon image 009." Thanks to MUFONhttp://mufon.comalso, Im wondering if the sightingsexperienced in South America andSpain were coupled with large infer-nos?Georgia objectOakfield-GUFOG Associates wascontacted by Peter Davenport, theNUFORC Director. A retired militaryveteran currentlyholding a substantialposition with a large internationally-known organization witnessed a.UFOat about 4:30 AM on Jan. 17, 2006,while drivingonHighway 300inWorthCounty,GA.The witness observed an object al-most overhead, and it appeared sostrange that he stopped to get a betterview. The object moved away, and hedescribesan upsidedownteardropwithred and blue lights on the sides nearthe top.The object moved toward an adja-centstandof trees,being about250feetin altitude. It disappeared behind thetrees after three minutes.GUFOG associate John Bodin innearby Wray, GA, was given the pre-liminarydata.ThiswriterhascontactedtheWorthCounty sheriff,the two localairports, and the Albany USMC Baseprovost marshal,allhavinghad no simi-MUFON UFO Journallar reports to come into their offices.Thanks to Tom ~ h e e t d ~ U F 0 ~ ATennessee strange objectSEVER COUNTY -The witnessreports, "I live near a small coinmu-nity called Chestnut Hill, and on Jan.4, 2006, about 8:18 AM, I glanced atEnglish Mountain and noticed a verylargeovaldisc-likesilvery-whiteobject."It wasdarkeraroundthebottomandbottom edges. Immediately it lookedstrange, since you could tell that itwasnt a cloud because of its perfectoval disc-like shape."From the couple of minutes that Iwas able to observe it, there seemed tobe some distinct geometrical patternsassociated with it, such as squaresrun-ningfromthefaredgesreachinginwardtowardsthetopof theobject-somethingsimilar to the latitude and longitudelines youd see on a map."The object wasnt moving at first,and then after two minutes or so,it be-gan rising upward very slow and sud-denly shot straight up and out of sightas if it winked out."When it shot straightup it punchedthroughathin layerof cloudcover,leav-ing aholeinthecloudsexactlythesameshape as the object itself.
  16. 16. like thetower light,and I believe it wastryingtocommunicate."Thanksto KimShaffer.AUFORC has toll freereport-ing hotlineoperational.1.888.338.1478Art work by Mainefourth grade student."Smoke trailed the object asit brokethrough the clouds. I would estimatethat the object was 1 to 2 miles awayand higher than English Mountain,which is 3600 feet."That would make the object verylarge in diameter. I got my camera andtook photos, which were taken withinthe first 3 to 5 minutes after the holewas made. The photos are still in mydigital camera and have not beenerased."Thanks to MUFON. tumbling metalBoca Raton - The witness reports,"My roommate and I were working onhis car,and he was underthedashwhenI sawwhat I firstthoughtwasa big birdflapping its wings one or two times asecond,whichis unusualfor a big bird."As it passed overhead, it becameclear it was not organic in nature. Theimpressionof wing-flappingseemedtobe caused by parts coming intoand outof sunlight."The object was moving directlywest to east, and as it passed by I hadthe impression that it could be a small-ishjet that was tumbling end overend,although it neither gained nor lost alti-tude, nor changed speed."I calledmy roommateat somepointto take a look, and he first said bird,then kite, then ruledboth of thoseout.I watched until it passed out of sight acouple of miles away. The object wasvery hard to focus on, even though Ihave pretty good vision, and I found itdifficult.towatch more than a few sec-onds at a time."Thanks to MUFONKansas objectGreat Bend - The witness reports,"When welivedin Kansasinearly 1965as small children, I looked out of thekitchen window and saw a white cubethat glowed like a light bulb. It had ared light glowing on the inside of it.The cube-shapedthing flew aroundthatradiotowerlikeamoth fliesarounda light bulb, but slower than a moth,and it never hit the tower. I ran to getmy dad, but he said not to brother him."So I yelled for my two brothers tocome. Just before my brothers got tothe window,it came acrossthefieldto-wards me in the blink of an eye, and itwas hovering around 75feet above theground.That is when my twobrothersmadeittothewindow andstartedsayingwhatis that, what is that?The thing hoveredand slowly turned for 20 seconds, thenit spun so fast that it turned into a balland was gonein astreakalmoststraightUP."The red light wasfading off and onMaine childrens UFO artBar Harbor -Gordon J. Gianninotowrites, "In March I was on MountDesertIsland at the Sonagee NursingHometo photograph UFOdrawingsby4th grade MDI art students (exampleat left)."There were about one dozen draw-ings. and I found it interesting that onequarter of them had UFOs in the sky.It is interestingthat the studentswantedto put alien ships into their drawings."Isnt this a good sign, that youngchildrenhaveUFOinterestssufficientlystrong to express in artwork to be ex-hibited to the public?" Thanks to Gor-donJ. Gianninoto,UFOContactNews.Argentina circularobjectNECOCHEA - Planeta UFO re-ports, "On the evening of Dec. 26,2005, several witnesses, MarceloPintacudaamongthem, noticeda largestrangecircularobject,yellow in color,that he managed to capture on hisMotorola C650cell phone camera.Theobjectvanished toward thewestof thecity afterhaving been visibleforseveral minutes. A family saw a simi-lar round object as they returned homealong the coastal route.Translation(c) 2005. Scott CorralesSpherical objects in MexicoMexico City - Ana Luisa Cid re-ports, "On Jan. 4, 2006, at 4:45 PM Irecorded some spherical objects usinga SonyTRV 340camcorder with a 25xoptical zoom."For the time being I canfind no ex-planation to the event, and strangest ofall is that while one sphere ascended,anotherdescended,and athird onetrav-eledhorizontally-all of thisagainstclearskies and the Moon about to enter itswaxing phase."The spherical objects appeared tobe self-motivated, following definedtrajectories and keeping a constantspeed."Thanksto ScottCorralesand Profra.Ana Luisa Cid www.analuisacid.comMUFON UFOJournal March2006
  17. 17. IDhmical TracesBy Ted PhillipsThe Cato landingLast month I presented part 1of myinvestigation of a significant event onOct. 8, 1978, at the Marlett Sturgellfarm, located in eastern Barry County,MO, in a remote area 1.6 miles fromthe small town of Cato.Several witnesses reported thesighting of an object resting on theground whichthen rose off theground and de-parted.Witnesses in-cluded MarlettSturgell, 71:Dora Sturgell,wife, 69:N o r m a nSturgell, son ofMarlett & Dora,24; Jean!.L M ~ .I - L .Ted Phillips(~brmansfiancee), 23; RaymondMorgan, son-in-law, 37; FrancisSturgell Morgan, daughter of Marlett& Dora, 36;and Bruce Morgan, son ofRaymond & Francis, 16.Continuation of tapeddescription of initial observationPhillips: Have you ever seen aweatherballoon?Francis:"Yes."Phillips: If this had been a balloon,four or fivefeet in diameter, resting inthefield,orif ithad been aballoon corn-ing off the ground and then in the air180feet away,do you think you couldhave identified it as a balloon?Francis: "I think I could have, yes."RaymondMorgan amves home andhe confirms what has already beenstated. He looked at the photographstaken about thirty minutes after the as-cent by Raymond Lassiter of the site,and confmed that the discolorationshown in the photographs it how it ap-peared visually.He also statedthat the small swirledarea shown in the photographs wasmost distinct. He was the first to arriveat the site. The ground was normal intemperature, not warm or cool to thetouch. The plants, he said, appeared tobe scorched and had an odd color.Marlett: "I was over at the barn(125feet SEof thehouse) when it firststarted up. It was up almost tree tophigh. I ran over there, tried to get overhere [infrontof thehouse]quick.It wasgoing up right through there. Oh, yousee that cloud above that tree? It wasup level with that." [20degrees abovethe surface.]Phillips: Did it appear to changespeed at any point?Dora: "Well, I would say it...thehigher it got the faster it moved."Phillips:As it was moving upward,how far away was it?Marlett: "It raised up over there[site] and kind of floated in this direc-tion [toward theclearing], and as it gotover those trees it seemedlike it turnedtotheright,thenitturned [left]and wentstraight away."Marlett: "It was an aluminumcolor...."Dora: "Ill tell you, it would justsparklewhen the Sunwould hit it up inthe air.One sidealways seemed a littledarker than the other...."Marlett: "The left side...."Dora: "Yes, it was a little darkerthan the other, so my son-in-law said.We talked aboutthat. But this side,overthis way, an oval-likeoutfit,it sparkledwhen the Sunwould hit it.Itlookedlikesilverup there,just flashing,real bright.When it slanted or tilted away from usI could see a dark streak on the lowerside, Im sure of it."Phillips:Couldyou seeanythmgun-derneath it? Anything extending fromit?Dora: Ijust wouldnt know. I was alittle slower getting out [of the house]than the rest of them."Phillips: Did the shape look differ-ent when it was in the air?Marlett: "Well, we couldnt see itvery well down there. I took it now...tobe about this big around [fourfeet]. Itwas about this high [three feet] in theair. It wasnt thatbig downthere. Itkindof sloped to the side and stood up likethis.Iwas watchingyou [Phillips]workdown there, and it wouldnt have comeup to your shoulders. One side lookedhigher than the other. When it raisedup, when it got intothe air, it was taller.When a person is all excitedhe doesntlook for all those things."Phillips: Now. how long did it takethe object to leavethe ground, fly overhere [west of the witnesses] and thendisappear?Marlett: "I would say it took be-tween five and ten minutes."Dora: "I didnt think to time any-thing,onlylook."A second objectDora: "When we were watching it,I said, There goesan airplaneor some-thing. The rest of them finally saw it.It looked like a long white streak. Iwouldnt know if it would be an air-plane or not, it was so far.The way wesaw it, after it appeared there, it wouldjust stand still."Marlett: "It looked like they werein a line."Dora: "It looked like a white stripe[objecthoveringhigherin thesky]float-ing up there, that airplaneor whateverit was. It seemed like it came out of awhite cloud into the clearer blue. Thatbiggerthing was likea longgray-whiteboard or somethinglaying up there."Phillips: It seemed like it came outof a cloud?Dora: "Well, it seemed like thecloudmoved off of it."Marlett:"Theybothgot inlinethere[small object and second object]. Icouldnt tell if that thing got to it orwhat."Dora: "You know, they were justMarch 2006 MUFON UFO Journal
  18. 18. straight with one another.Phillips: This second object, did itjust disappear?Dora: "Theyboth disappeared.theyjust went..."Marlett:"That looked big, that wasa long outfit in the air."Phillips: How many of you werewatching theobject flying away?Dora: "All of us.Afterit left. Francisgrabbed the phone and called the sher-iff."Marlett:"I wouldnt have said any-thing to anybody, but Francis had al-ready called.Bruce:"It went right to an airplane."Phillips:Was the plane moving?Francis:"No, itjust sortof satthere.When they got up there together theywere real close, and the small thingwent right to the side of the large ob-ject. It seemed like it was pretty high,this other thing was."Phillips: From the ground until itdisappeared in the distance, how longwas it visible?Francis:"Eight or ten minutes...."Bruce: "I dont believe it was thatlong, maybe five to seven minutes."Francis:"Well that airplanecan tellwhat it is; it was close to it."Phillips: If you held an object atarms length,what wouldjust coverthelength of the larger object?Francis:"My thumbatarms lengthwould just cover it."Phillips:When did you see the air-plane?Francis:"The small object seemedlike it went to the right, then turnedcloser to the larger object. Mom wasyelling about another thing up therewhen the small thing got high. It camein line with the secondobject.Thebig-ger thing was silver,but it wasnt shinylike the little one."Phillips: Could you see the largerobjectmoving?Francis: "If it was, it wasnt doingmuch moving."Phillips: Could you see any wingsor vapor trail?Francis: "No, and there was nosound at any time. It wasjust there."Phillips: When the smaller objectreached a point near the larger, whathappened?Francis:"Both of them went to the18: Deputy Breeden arrivedwith Paul McNabb and tookr c t s t hmeasurements,photographs,, and ~ l a n tand soil sam~les.when Breeden rekhedt o g m d the farm, Raymond,Francis,and Bruce Morgan had al-ready left for their home inKansas City. The Deputytook astatementfrom Marlettright. Pretty soon theyjust got smallerand disappeared. They left together asone object."Phillips:Theareahereis very quiet.Could you have heard sound from anairplaneatthesamedistancefromyou?Francis: "Yes, there was none."Raymond Morgan and Bruce con-f m e d the flight and the description ofthe second object, and that it hovereduntil the smaller object went to its sideand they moved away.It should be noted that NormanSturgellwas atthebarn and viewedtheobject from the same vantage point ashis father. Jean, his soon-to-be wife,also witnessed the event. They wouldnot discuss the event, but did confirmit took place as statedby theother fam-ily members.The landing siteRaymond Morgan was thefirstto goto the site, running directly to it whenthe two objects had disappeared in thedistance."I felttheground," he said.It seemednormal, not warm or cool to the touch.The plants at the site and around theedge were scorched and discolored."Francis Morgan called the sheriffwhen shereturned to thehouse.DeputySheriffSteveBreedenreceived thecall.As he was on duty at the office, hecouldnt leave until 1530.Breeden contacted Lassiter, wholives near the Sturgell farm, and he(Lassiter) arrived at the farm beforenoon and took Polaroidphotographsofthe site.Sturgell forhis official report.Breeden: "It looked like aI mpod had been resting insidethe area of scorched grass.There were three 6 to 8 inchdiameter circular spots in anearly equilateral triangle.Thetwo closestto each otherwere separated by about 2 feet, edgeto edge. Both were 2.5 to 3 feet fromthe third (north)mark.The outer edgesof eachtripod markhad thefescuegrassremoved exposing the bare and verylightcoloredsoil.Theinnerareaof eachcircle had the burnt grass twisted as ifit was caught in some kind of an augeror looked like someone had set aneggbeater down there andjust twistedthe grass in a clockwise rotation."Phillips: This is very important, asyou saw it while the area was quitefresh.Pleasetry andrememberasmanydetails as possible.Breeden: "Well, the fescue grasswas entirely removed in a doughnut .shapeabout3inchesindiameteron theouter edge of each tripod mark. Thegrass in the remainder of the disturbedarea had turned a dark purple-blackcolor. It was not burned, but rather itwas very dried out.Thepasturearoundthe area was a lush green, as this wasbefore the first frost in the area."The Polaroid photographs taken byDeputy Breeden clearly show the barevegetation and the purple color of thegrass in the site area.Breeden:"I have known Marlett allmy life. He seemsto be an honest man,raised in an honest family, and he surehas better things to do on his farm thanto make up something like this if itwasnt true. The evidence Ive com-piled at the Sturgell farm leads me tobelieve that there has definitely got tobe something. I dont know what."Deputy Breeden made a detaileddrawing while at the site and was ex-MUFON UFO Journal March 2006
  19. 19. tremely helpfulduringmy investigationa few days later.After leaving the site.he filed his report and contacted theCenter for UFO Studies (CUFOS) inChicago. reaching Allen Hendry. whoasked him to place a tarp over the siteto protect it from animals and weather.I received a call from CUFOS at2230 on Oct. 9,1978. I placed a call tothe Barry County Sheriff and to theSturgellresidenceon Oct. 10,advising, them that I would arrive at the site onOct. 14.I arrived atthe Sturgellfarm at 0900and talked with Marlett and Dora andwent to the site. I took a series of pho-tographsand measurementsof the site,and photographs from the site towardthe positions of the witnesses.I setup a transitjust southof the site,which was stillquitevisibleasa slightlyoval area of dead grass and plants.Thesite was very much in contrast to thesurrounding thick dark green grassaround it. I checked the field for anyadditional areas, but there were noneto be found.Two circular areas within the sitedisplayedno grassor plants. Thesetwospots were extremely dehydrated andlightincolor.Theseareas are visibleinthe photographs taken by Breeden andLassiter. The outer edges of the sitewere clearly defined.Site dimensions: N - S 45", E - W42",NW-SE50n,NE-SW43",alongflight path bearing 49.5".I photographed the site with 35mmcolor print and color slide film fromsouthtonorth, westtoeast,eastto west,and north to south. Close-up photo-graphs of the site edge and plants lo-catedjust outside the site were taken.Photos were taken across the sitetoward the house and along the flightpath. All photos and measurementswere taken before disturbing the site.Bearings were taken with the transitalong thelinefromthesiteto thehouse,along the flight path, and along the di-rection in which the objects disap-peared. Relativeelevations weretakenfromthe siteto thehouse and alongtheflightpath.A north-south line wasprojected bytransit just west of the site and a gridwas constructed overthesite.Measure-ments were taken within the grid, andMarch 2006soilsampleswere then taken and docu-mented by locationanddepth within thesite.Radiation measurements were takenwith a DetectronModel DG-2 with themeter setting of 0.2 multiplier for fullscale.An extensiveset of readingswasmade and tabulated within the landingsite and extending 44 ft in each direc-tion beyond thesite.Readingswerealsotaken alongtheflightpath. All measure-ments were made in MRHR.Statistical average of the readings,sigma, and three sigma values werecomputed, and upper and lower con-trol limits established. Based on theindividual readings and computationsmade, no significant radiation was de-tected.Moisture samples were taken SW114, grid 23: 19.2%; SE 114, grid 14:19.0%;Control moisture sample 10ftnorth of siteedge: 20.8%.The sampleswere processed for moisture deterrni-nation using an MC-320 in the field,and later at a laboratory at the Univer-sity of Missouri.Compression tests indicated noweight greater than 300 lbs on the sitesurfaceusing aCL-700fieldpenetrom-eter. Area scan with a metal detectorwas negative.I contacted Raymond Lassiter afterconducting a taped interview withMarlett, Dora, and Raymond. Hebrought his Polaroids to the farm andallowed me to take them to copy. Italked at length with Deputy Breedenand Paul McNabb, and copied theBreeden photographs.I contacted Dean Woodin, F.A.A.Flight Servicefor Southwest Missouriat the Joplin Airport and Lonnie Nineof the National Weather Service inMonett, MO. I checked for weatherconditionsand balloon dataatthesetwosites.AJlen Hynek, at my request, did awider check for any possible balloonflights over the area.There were none.It should be noted that 0.31" of pre-cipitation had fallen on the site in theperiod between the 3rd and the 8th.With cool temperatures during thatperiod the soil would have been fairlydamp and certainly not dehydrated asthe areas within the site were.Next month: Conclusion.MUFON UFO JournalApril 8,2006-0hio MUFON andTheClevelandUfology Project(CUP),Oberlin College Science Center, WestLecture Hall, N174 119Woodland St.,Oberlin,OH, featuringRichard Dolan,"UFOs, National Security, and You:Whats GoingOn andWhy ItMatters,"4-6 PM with book signing to follow.Contact Richard Lee, 330-928-1355,rlee@neo.rr.comor CUPwebsitehttp:llwww.clevelandufo.corn/home.htmlApril 14,15, and 1618th AnnualOzark UFO Conference, Inn of theOzarks,Eureka Springs,AR,featuringTimothy Good, Linda Moulton Howe,Wendelle Stevens, Nancy Talbott, JoeLewells, Paul Von Ward, Dr. RudySchild,Norman Oliver, and additionalspeakers, plus Sunday morning rnini-sessions. weblfl23@webtv.netozarkufo.comMay 13-14-CPRIParanormalCon-ference, Richmond-Koger South ConfCTR, Richmond, VA, featuring JasonHawes, Dr. Sally Rhine Feather, JohnZaffis, and Mark Nesbitt. http:l/v i r g i n i a g h o s t s . c o m /paranormal-conference-06.phpMay 19-20-McMenamins UFOFestival, McMinnville, OR, 503-223-0109, 16-18-SGRA conference,Howard Johnson Motel, Milford, CT,featuring Jeff Belanger, John Zaffk,Stacey Jones, Stephen Wagner, NickRoesler, Diane Bajorinas, JonNowinski, Todd Bates, Dr. JimmyLowerey, and Mark 14-16,2006-The 37" AnnualMUFON International UFO Sympo-sium, Marriott Denver Tech CenterHotel, Denver, CO. "UnconventionalFlying Objects: The Best Evidence."Featured speakers include BrianBoldman, Carl Feindt, Linda MoultonHowe,DavidMarler,Ted Phillips,RonRegehr, Steve Reichmuth, KennethStorch,Ruben Uriarte,andRyanWood.State & local newslettersIf your group is not currentlysendingyour newsletterto theJour-nal, we would appreciate receiving
  20. 20. . ..By Stanton T. FriedmanIExtraordinaryClaimsFrankly,I amsickand tiredofpeoplemaking the extraordinary claim thatextraordinaryclaimsrequireextraordi-nary evidence.Rarelyaredefinitionsgiven.Usuallythecontextindicatesthat thenotion thataliens are visiting Earth is an extraor-dinary claim followed by claims thatthere is no evidence, extraordinary orotherwise. Often Carl Sagans name isinvoked with regard to the phrase.Why extraordinary?Why shouldthe notion of ET Intelli-gent life coming here be consideredextraordinary? Surely there is noques-tion that there are billions and billionsof galaxies. each with billions of stars,and the universe is about 13 billionyears old.It isinterestingthat lessthan onecen-tury ago many astronomers thoughtthere was only one galaxy and that theSun was less than 50millionyears old,rather than the more accurate figureof4.5 or so billion years.There is no question that we havefoundno reason to say thereisanythmgspecial aboutour solarsystemor aboutplanet Earth, though less than a cen-tury ago there were astronomers tell-ing us the process that produced plan-ets was related to two stars comingclose enough to each other to tear outpieces of one.Since stars are very far apart, thatwould be a very rare event, indeed.Now we know that there are loads ofplanets,even though no earth-sizeoneshave yet been found around nearbystars because our search techniquesfrom the surface of the earth are notyet good.enough.Are we foolishlyto assumethatsinceastronomershave no pieces of a space-ship made somewhere else that suchpieces dont exist?Or because they havent been askedto attend conferences of local galacticneighborhoodastronomers,thatno suchconferences take place and no suchneighborhood astronomersexist?Absence of evidence is NOT evi-dence for absence. It can mean wehavent looked yet or our observingtechniques arent yet good enough.It takes very little studying of thetechnology in almost all areas of hu-man inquiry to note the incredible im-provement in techniquesfor observingalmost any-thing eitherin very deepspace or in-sidethe atomor molecule.Anothertruly extraor-dinary claim.again usuallymade by as-tronomers,Stan Friedman UFO debunk-ers, and psy-chologists like Susan Clancy, is thatthere is no compelling evidence aboutUFOs.When I lecturedon theQueenEliza-beth 2, Dr. Seth Shostak was present.After I discussed each of five large-scale scientific UFO studies, I askedhow many herehave read this volume?He never raised his hand once.Dr. Jill Tartar has claimed there isno compelling evidence. Based onwhat? Neither she nor Seth nor FrankDrakeever mention the largescale sci-entific UFO studies.. .as though theydidnt exist. At least they could say, "Ihave studied these studies and findthem lacking". . Nope. Ignorance isbliss.Cant get there?Another extraordinary claim madeby debunkers in general and astrono-mers in particular is that the laws ofphysics prohibit man from ever reach-ing another star. and therefore nobodycan possibly get here.Einsteins speedof light limit isusu-ally mentioned, though often there ischarismatic hand waving associatedwith acleversoundingfact-such asthatthe Voyager spacecraft is our fastestspacecraft, and it would take 70,000years to get to the nearest star.How ridiculous! That spacecrafthasnt had a propulsion system on itsinceit left theEarth.It iscoasting,andhas had somecosmic freeloadingfromthe gravitational field of Jupiter.There is every reasonto believe thatall astronomers are well aware thatnuclear fusion is the process that pow-ers the stars and hydrogen bombs. Ofcourse. they were not involved in ex-amining the possibility of using fusionto propel a rocket.That was done in industrymorethan40 years ago. It is doable. if one wantsto spend the money-lots of it. Onecanemit charged particles having10,000,000 times as much energy perparticle as can be managed in a primi-tive chemical rocket.Outmodedscience?Are these guys still using sliderulesas opposed to modem computers to dotheir astrophysical modeling? I reallydont think so.Surely they are also well aware thatEinstein also said, and it has beenproven, thattimeslowsdownforthingsmoving closeto thespeedof light,com-pared to thepilots brotherleft athome.Funny they dont mention that.Another extraordinary claim is thatthere would be noreason fordataaboutalienstobewithheld! Afterall, theSET1people have saidthey will make publicthe data they obtain from listening forsignalsfromother civilizations.It iskind of hilarious to seehow theyhave slowlyincreasedthedistancefromwhich the signal must come, as theirsearches prove fruitless-undoubtedlybecause their techniques are primitivecompared to those used by any civili-zation even only a fewhundred,no lessa millionyears,moreadvancedthan weare.It shouldnt take much imaginationMUFON UFO Journal March 2006