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Mufon ufo journal   2006 12. december
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Mufon ufo journal   2006 12. december Mufon ufo journal 2006 12. december Document Transcript

  • InthisissueUpdate on Lloyd PyesStarchildproject, p. 7.Device makes objectsinvisible, p. 8.Rotating object in N.California,p. 8.Claim of Utah crashlacks evidence, p. 9.UFO Press: Adam theMissingLink, p. 14.Dr. RogerLeir removesanother implant, p. 14.Calendar, p. 14.UFO Marketplace, p.23.ColumnsDirectors Message 2Filers Files 15Stan Friedman 18Ted Phillips 20Gavin McLeod 24December 2006No. 464$4.00_.- Mutual UFO NetworkWheredo reptilians and insectoidsfir into rhe alien entiry pic firre? DLJoeLewells explores this qrrestion, beginning onpage 3. (Drawing by Wes Cmm)
  • December 2006 Number 464- - MUFONUFO Journal *(USPS002-970) (ISSN 0270-6822). MutualUFO NetworkPost Office Box 279.Bellvue, CO 80512-0279Tel: 970-221-1836Fax: 866-466-9173mufonhq @aol.comInternational DirectorJames Carrion, M.A.P.O. Box 279Bellvue, CO 80512-0279 .Tel: 970-221-1836 (221-1UFO)Fax: 866-466-9173- jcarrion 8mufon.comEditor:wight Connelly, M.S..14026 Ridgelawn Road . - - Martinsville, IL 62442mufonufojournalQhotmail.com~olumniits:George Filer,M.B.A;. . -Stanton Friedman, M.S.-Gavin A. J. McLeodTed r hill ips. . .Staff artists -John Egerton .. -.. . . Wes Crum ,M-UFONstaff- - . Nick RoeslerMUWNon the lnter&:http://www.mufon.comMUF0N:AmateurRadioNet:40meters - 7.240MHzSundays noon EST or EDSTDirectors Messag~-Bv JamesCarrionMaking a differenceI had the opportunity to attend the4"Annual Crash RetrievalConferencein Las Vegas Nov. 10-12,and learneda great deal from the first class lineupof speakers.help MUFON [ become an even tbetter organiza- ,- -tion. Their posi- Ja,jres Cnrrjowtive can-do atti-tude is what keeps W O N at the fore-front of UFO investigation and re-search.An example of how one individualcan make a differenceis that of NevadaState Director Mark Easter. Mark hascreated a high-quality videopublic ser-vice announcement (PSA) forMUFONs public education use.This PSA asks the public to reportsightings to the MUFON web site andCase Management System (CMS).Mark has spent a large amount of histime and money tocreatethis high qual-ity PSA.Now you can help put it to good useto generate much-neededpublicity forMUFON. Heres what you should do:First, download the PSA file fromthe MUFON web site atwww.mufon.com. You will need a highspeed Internetconnection to downloadthe 16 megabyte file and burn it to aCD or DVD.If you dont know how to do this,please email me atjcarrion@mufon.com, or call me at970-221-1836. and 1 will send you aCD in the mail. While you are at theMUFON web site. also print outMUFONs Articles of Incorporation atwww.mufon.corn/articles.htm.Then call up the local TV stations inyour area and introduce yourself as aMUFON member and tell them that(Continued on page 22)Change of address and subscription/extra copies inquiries should besent to MUFON,P.O. Box 279,Bellvue, CO 80512-0279.Copyright 2006 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of thls document may be reproducedIn any form w~thoutthe written permlsslon of the CopyrlghtOwners. Permlss~on1s hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one anlcle. provided the author is credited.and the statement.Copyrlght 2006 by the Mutual UFO Network. PO 00x279, Bellv~e.CO 80512-0279" ISmcludedThe contents of the MUfON UFOJournalare determined by the edltor. and do not necessar~lyreflecttheofilc~al posit~onof the Mutual UFO Network. Opin~onsexpressed are solely those of the individual authors andcolumnists. and do not necessarily reflectthe oplnlon of the ed~toror stan of MUFON.The Mutual UFO Network. Inc 1s exempt from Federal Income Tax under Sect~on501 (c) (3) of the InternalRevenueCode MUFON 1s a publ~clysupportedorganlzat~onof the type described In Sect~on509 (a) (2). Donorsmay deduct contrlbut~onsfrom the~rFederal Income Tax. Bequests, legac~es.devises. transfers. or gltls are alsodeductible for estate and glh purposes. prov~dedthey meet the applicable provlslonsof Sectlons2055. 2106. and2522 of the Internal RevenueCode. MUFON IS a Texas nonprofit COrpOratlOn.The MUfON UFOJournal~spublished monthly by the Mutual UFO Network. Inc.. Bellvue.CO. Per~od~calpostage pa~dat Versa~lles.MOlndwdual Membersh~p$45/year U S.. $55 ours~dethe U S.Fam~lymembers: $10 per person addmonalStudent (18years and under) $35 U S and $45 outslde the U.S.Donor.$100/year Professional $250/year. Patron $500/yearBenefactor(Llfetlme Member).$1.000F~rstclass Journalde~~ven/(Inenvelopes) U.S and Canada only. $layear add~tionalAir Mad Journaldel~veryto all other countr~esouts~dethe Unlted States: $35/year addmonalPostmaster Send lorm 3579 to adv~sechange of address to: MUFON UFOJournal. P0 Box 279. Bellvue.CO 80512-0279.. . M U F ~ ~ s m i & o nistbe scientific study of UFOs for the benefit.of humanity through investigation, research, & education.-
  • John Mack and the Reptilian ProjectBy Joe Lewels, Ph.D.n my book The God HypothesisI attempted to share with theLeadersmy findingsthat theUFOmystery is much more ancient thanmany UFO researchers are willing toadmit.It is far more complex than a merealien invasion or a visitation by peoplefiom otherplanetswhoarehereto studyour behavior-the Extraterrestrial Hy-pothesis.TheGodHypothesis isa termcoinedby the Rev. Barry Downing, Ph.D., aPresbyterian minister who wrote TheBible and Flying Saucers.This theory states that UFOs are tobe found in the Bible, in the Sumerianwritings, in the Hindu Vedicliterature,in shamanic cave art, and in the leg-endsand writingsof people all overtheearth-even in the cave art of Austra-lian aborigines.If this is true, then we must seek adeeperunderstandingof the truenatureof this phenomenon.One researcher who agreed thatthere was much more to the UFO mys-tery than what was being proposed by"mainstream" ufology was John E.Mack, M.D., author of Abduction:Human Encounters with Aliens, andPassport to the Cosmos.As the reader surely knows, Dr.Mack, who was a professorof psychia-try at Harvard University for nearly 40years, was killed in September, 2004,in London-run down by adrunkdriveras he walked across a street.His brilliance and stature as a cou-rageous scientist who risked his repu-tation to tell the truth about the alienabduction phenomenon will be sorelymissedby ufology.Butin hisyearsof travelingtheworldto seek answers to this mystery, Dr.Mack discovered the interdimensionalquality of the UFO experience and thespiritual awakening that abductees of-ten had when they confronted theirex-periences.December 2006It was shockinganddismayingto methat some UFO researchers attackedDr.Mack when they foundthat his con-clusions did not match the commonlyheld ET hypothesis described above. .It was bad enough that his own uni-versity would attemptto have himfired(a fight which he eventually won), butto have other UFO researchers attack-ing his competence seemed incredibleto me.After all; he was the best qualifiedto deal with the psychological aspectsof the phenomenon. He had the aca-demic credentials, and those attackinghim had none.Althoughthey regularlyused hypno-sis on their research subjects, some ofthebest knownresearchersarenot evencertifiedashypnotherapists,nordotheyhave degrees in psychology.Yet it is these few researchers whowill .notaccept .the ancient aspects ofthe UFO mystery, and who still clingto thetheorythatEarth isbeing invadedby nefarious aliens.In the months before his untimelydeath, Dr. Mack and I spoke on thephone and by email frequently regard-ing the dichotomy between the twocamps in UFO research.It was in early 2004 that we began adialogue regarding the issue of reptil-ian beings in UFO cases.Even though he had enthusiasticallysupported my efforts to deal with rep-tilians in my book and in my lectures,John had not been willing to cross thatline previously,and for good reason.It is hard enough to be a UFO re-searcher, without dealing with reptil-ians.God only knows, I did not want todeal with them either, but since theywere popping up in my research fre-quently, I felt I had no choice.What most people didnt know atthat time was that Dr. Mack also hadreptilians creeping into his case stud-ies, andjust as with other researchers,he wasnt quite sure what to do withMUFON UFO JournalAbout the authorDr. Francisco J. (Joe) Lewellsholds the B.A. in journalism fromTexas Wesiern College, the M.S. ineducation from Troy State Univer-sity,and the Ph.D. injournalism andmasscommunicationsfrom theUni-versity of Missouri.He is vicepresident of a financialinstitution in El Paso, TX, and pre-viously served as chairman of theDepartment of Journalism at theUniversity of Texas at El Paso.He attained the rank of captain inthe Army, served as a reconnais-sance pilot in Vietnam, and earnedthe Bronze Star and Air Medal.Lewells is a popular speaker atUFOconventions,and has servedasMUFONs assistant state directorfor Texas, as well as a cornrnunica-tions consultant for MUFON.In 1993he organized the El Pasochapter of MUFON. He was a pre-senter at the 1995 MUFON Inter-national Symposium, discussing"Quantum Physics Discovers theHolographic Universe."Lewells is cetified as a licensedhypnotherapist, and has written nu-merous articles related to UFOs.He is the author of The God Hy-pothesis (Wildflower Press, 1997,second edition, 2005). Dr. Lewelsnew book, Rulers of the Earth: TheSecrets of the Sons of God, will bepublished by Galde Press in 2007.them. Afterall,reptiliansarescary,big,muscular, and sexually assertive, un-likethecomparativelytimid Greysandother types reported by UFOexperiencers.They are also Biblical and Satanic-like. It isjust too easy to draw the con-clusion that the presence of reptiliansautomatically means a person is pos-sessedby demons-a conclusionthat weboth had excluded as a possibility.His idea was to pull together all of
  • ourresearch,alongwith BarbaraLamb,a California researcher who had manyreptilian case studiesfromher years ofresearch and as a certifiedhypnotherapist. Thethree of us woulddivide up the material and present ourown portion at the International UFOConference in Laughlin, NV, in March2005.Dr. Mack said, "Its time we dealtwith the subjectin arational and scien-tific way." He was ready to take on thesubject and the inevitable controversythat would follow. But we were all upto the challenge.However, as fate would have it, Dr.Mack died before we could make ourpresentation. Barbaraand I went aheadand gave our portions of the presenta-tion, but Dr. Macks part was nevercompleted. We were to share our ef-forts with each other when he returnedfrom London.To this day, Dr. Macks case studiesarenot available,sothenumberof casesandthe substanceof thosecasesarenotknown.The most systematic effort thus farto answer questions raised by the ab-duction phenomenon was MUFONs1992Abduction Transcription Projectconducted by Dan Wright.Sponsored in part by the Fund forUFO Research, the project collectedtranscripts of audio-taped interviewsand hypnosis sessions withexperiencers provided by well knownandrespectedresearchersfrom variousparts of the country.ThroughFebruary. 1996.Wrighthadaccumulated 750transcripts involving215 separate cases, going back to the1940s. It is clear that this study needsto be updated and expanded, but eventhis limited project was quite reveal-ing.Wright summarized 142cases from15 researchers at the 1995 MUFONSymposium. Among the entity typesdescribed by abductees were the whit-ish, grayish,orbluish beingswhich wehave come to call "grays," the tallblondes, an occasional "heavilywrinkled old one," the "praying man-. tis" type, and the reptilian.Wright indicated that beings withreptilian features arereported in some-thing less than 20 percent of abductioncases. He noted, however, that "whena so-called reptilian is repeatedly de-scribed as having the same scaly skintone, claws for fingers, and an extremeinterest in sexuality, one must pay at-tention."Of specialinterest is thefact that thepraying mantis and reptilian entitieswere often perceived by experiencersas being the leaders.Thereptilian is described as havingpowerful muscled bodies, greenish orbrownishscalyskin,penetratingyellow"cat eyes" with vertically-slit pupils,andfour-fingeredclawhands with web-bing between the fingers. Abducteesalmostalwaysdescribethereptiliansas"ugly."Wright discussed one casein whicha woman awokein bed amid the throesof sexual passion to discover scalyclawsat her privateparts-indicative ofa reptilian.Back in 1993, at the Ozark confer-ence (which was my first UFO confer-ence), I met a woman from Coloradowho, fighting back tears and visiblyshaken, described to me an encountershe had experienced which involvedwhat appeared to be a reptilian:"I remember seeing a greenish,brown hand with scaly skin and long,sharpclawsreachingfor me," she said,sobbing."It had four fingers with web-bing in between and had an extrajointin its fingers that allowed it toflex in apeculiar way." At this paidshe wasunable to continue. >I also sat in on a hypnosis sessionconducted in El Paso, TX, by JohnCarpenter, MUFONs former directorof abduction research, which involveda woman, Rita, with a history of en-counterssincechildhood. Amongotherthings which came out of this sessionwas the following:Rita: "I ask them why they look sodifferent....Theyaskmy why Ilooklike[Ido]....They taught me things.. ..Nottobe afraid.They taught me that theresother life, that theres otherplaces....They were just too ugly, toougly, too ugly."Carpenter: "What one thing makesMUFON UFO Journalthem reallyugly?"Rita:"Their skin is funny....Idontthink Ive ever touched a frog, but Ithink that is what it would feellike....There are other thingsthere.. ..There arethe ones we know asthe Greys.. ..and then theres otherthings, the ones Idont want to look at;they alllooklikebugs orthings; theyrejust so ugly."Carpenter: "Does it look like abugyouve seen on Earth?"Rita: "Yeah, those praying mantisthings.. .This is tall and big and, andhes moving around."Carpenter: "The praying mantisones, are they different from the scaryones?"Rita: "Easier to look at. The otherones are just too ugly.. ..Theyre theones.. .that were doingthe stuff [medi-cal procedures]. ...They have bigheads.. ..Funny skin...they look blackor dark.. .there isnt a nose. Its all bighead, big eyes, and theres somethingabout the eyes.. .they just eat you upwith their eyes.. ..Its as if our wholemind goes into their eyes."The praying mantis type is also re-ported to participate in the "staring"procedurewhichhas been describedbyvarious researchers, particularly Dr.David Jacobs of Temple University inhis book Secret Life.This procedure involves a beingplacing its face "nose to nose" with theexperiencerand engagingin prolongedstaringdirectlyintotheabductees eyes.The effect, as described by thosewho have experiencedit,istotally shat-tering to the human ego. Abducteesoften comment that it is as if "my mindand my soul were completely swal-lowed up by those eyes."In somecases,theabducteefeelsthatinformation is also transmitted into hisor her brain during the procedure.In the April, 1993, issue of theMUFON UFO Journal, Carpenternoted that researchers had held backtheir knowledge of the "lizard crea-tures" from the general public for fearof being laughed at. But when they be-gan sharingsomeof theirfindings,theydiscovered"amazing matchesand simi-larities."December 2006
  • Carpenter has had about a dozencases in which the creatures are de-scribed as "hideous. rude. and aggres-sive."A composite of the descriptions re-veals an entity six to eight Get tall. fin-gered hands with claws and webbingbetween the fingers. a face that lookslike a cross between a human and asnake. a central ridge coming downfrom the top of the head to the snout.cat-like eyes with vertically slit pupilsand gold irises.Often they leave claw-like bruisesand scratches on the abductees.There is a general feeling expressedamongresearchersthatthese enigmaticbeings are an extremely old species.endowed with wisdom gained overthousands. or perhaps millions, ofyears.It is probably safe to say that nomember of the human race would betoo thrilled to learn that there is a raceof insects or reptilians superior to thehuman race.However,alookatancientliterature,as well as our own anatomy, suggeststhat humans may have closelinks withthe reptilians.Some researchers, such as Dr.Jacobs and Budd Hopkins, have con-cluded that human and entity hybridsare currently being produced. If true,then perhaps these entities have beeninvolvedoverthecenturieswithhumanevolution.Human anatomy arguesstronglyforthe conclusion that we do indeed havea reptilian heritage.Carl Sagan pointed out that the hu-man brain clearly shows signs of hav-ing evolved from reptiles. The centerand most ancient portion of the humanbrain is commonlyknown among neu-rophysiologists as the reptilian com-plex, or "r" complex, and is believedto be a primitive vestige of our reptil-ian past.It is this portion that is believed tobe in somesensecontinuingtoperformthedinosaur functions, suchasterrito-riality, aggressivebehavior,and the es-tablishment of social hierarchies.(Sagan. 1977.p 62-63).CouldtheBookof Genesishave ref-December 2006 /erences to genetic engineering per-formed by extraterrestrials?If so. it would behoove us to ask whoit was that gave this awesome powerto the first humans. for whoever did itwas bestowing on humanity god-likepowers-the ability to make abstract.moral judgments and to think in waysbeyond theabilitiesof theotheranimals.Of course we know that it was theserpent who tempted Eve to eat thefruit. and after it was eaten; God said:"Behold. the man has become as oneof us [plural], to know good and evil:and now. lest he put forth his hand andtake also of the Tree of Life. and eatand live forever(Genesis322)he mustbe driven from the Garden of Eden."And what of the serpent who vio-lated Gods will? According to theBible. God pronounced hisjudgment:"Upon thy belly shalt thou go." idply-ing that this reptilian being was not asnake-at least as we know snakes-butrather a creature that walked upright.Is this another clue thatpoints to theauthenticityof what someabducteesarebeing told about the ETs involvementin human evolution? Perhaps, but theBibletells very littleabout the creationof humanity. To findout moreit is nec-essary to be familiar with other ancientdocuments, contemporary to or evenpreceding the Old Testament.Two such documents are the NagHammadi texts, discovered in 1945inEgypt, buried in an earthenware box,and a volume of ancientJew~shlegendsknown astheHaggadah. Theseancienttexts contain many little-known refer-ences to the story of humankinds cre-ation that imply that we had a reptilianheritage.Forexample. theHaggadahincludesthisinterestingdescriptionof AdamandEve afterthey ateof theforbiddenfruit:"The first result was that Adam andEve became naked. Before, their bod-ieshad been overlaidwith ahorny skin,and enveloped with the cloud of glory.No soonerhad they violatedthecom-mandgiventhemthan thecloudof gloryand the horny skindropped from them,and they stood there in their nakedness,andashamed." (Barnstone. 1984.p. 34)The Nag Hammadi Texts offer theMUFON UFO ~ournalfollowing version of the storyof Adamand Eve:"She lookedatthetree.And she sawthat it was beautiful and magnificent,and she desired it. She took some ofits fruit and ate, and she gave to herhusband also,andhe atetoo.Then theirminds were opened.For when they ate,the light of knowledge shone forthem....They knew that they were na-ked with regard to knowledge.. ..Theysaw that they were naked and becameenamored of one another. When theysaw their makers [plural] they loathedthem, since they were of beastly forms.They understood very much."(Barnstone, 1984,p. 71.)Not many of us want to be told that,rather than being created by God witha capital "G," we were created by hid-eous creatures known in ancient timesas gods with a small "g."The Haggadah describes the reptil-ians quite specifically:"Among the animals, the serpentwas notable. Of all of them, he had themost excellent of qualities, in someofwhichhe resembledman. Likeman, hestooduprighton twofeet,and in height
  • he was equal to the camel....His supe-rior mentalgifts caused him to becomean infidel.It likewiseexplainshis envyof man, especially his conjugal visits."(Barnsone, 1984, p. 33)This description. written more than2.000 years ago. is a remarkably accu-rate description of todays reptilian be-ings as described by abductees, andshould givepause.The history and mythology of thehuman race is full of references to ser-pent gods who at times are depicted asbenevolent, and at other times as crueland barbaric.In India. one of the oldest booksknown. the Book of Dzyan. speaks ofa serpent race which descended fromthe skies to teach humankind. Thesewere the Nagas (this, curiously, isSagan spelled backwards), a semi-di-vine race of beings with human facesand the tails of dragons.An ancient Indian epic tale, theMahabharata,includes thispassage re-,,garding the Nagas:/"The gods came in cloud-bornechariots,Came to view the scene so fair.Winged Supamas, scaly Nagas,Bright,celestial cars in concoursesailed upon the cloudless sky."(Boulay, 1990,p. 108)Note that the gods came in "cloud-borne" chariots,indicatingtheirappear-ancewas somethinglikeabright cloud,yet the last line makes it clear that thesky was cloudless.Thisistypicalof ancienttexts,whichoften describe the chariots of the godsas clouds-perhaps because they sim-ply had no other frame of reference.In Egypt the snake is depicted as apowerful creature, capable of carryingthe soul of the Pharaoh to the land ofimmortality. Paintings depicting thePharaoh riding to heaven on the backof a flying snake have been found inroyal burial chambers.The snake was adopted by them asthe symbolof kingshipand divineheri-tage, and can be seen on the headdresses of their kings, protruding fromthe center of the forehead, home of themysterious "third eye" in Eastern cul-tures.6In addition, the Egyptians believedin gods who had come down from theheavens in ancient times and matedwith them, creating a line of semi-di-vinekings.In Mexico and South America theAztecs and the builders of othermagalithic structures worshipped thefeathered serpentgods, Kulkulkan andQuetzalcoatl, who were said to haveimparted the wisdom of the sciences,particularly astronomy, to their civili-zations.The Sumerian tablets, popularizedby Zecharia Sitchin, tell of a race ofgods who came to Earth more than240,000 years ago, led by the god An(thus they were called the Annunaki)and his sons,Enkiand Enlil.It fell on Enki,who was often de-picted in the Sumeriandrawingsashalfsnake and half man, to create a hybridworkerrace. Thesefirsthybridhumanscould not reproduce, as is thecase withmost hybrid species, and this was amethod of control.But Enki, against the wishes of hisbrother, gave the hybrids the ability toprocreate. In the Sumerian version, asin the Bible, first humans were givento eat from the fruit of the Tree ofKnowledge. The ancientdrawings useapictureof a snakecoiledaround atree,bearing the fruit of knowledge, alongwith a half moon for Ea and the planetsymbol of Anu, as a glyph represent-MUFON UFO Journaling the creator gods. (fig 17p 227). Insome cases the tablets depict twosnakes coiled around the tree. coinci-dentally reminiscent of the double he-lix of the DNA molecule.Even now. nearly 6.000 years later.this symbol (known as the caduceus)is used to represent wisdom and heal-ing. and is used by theAmericanMedi-cal Association as its logo.We might surmise that the hybridsbegan to mate (probably with ape-likebeings thatexistedatthetime). and theygradually lost their reptilian appear-ance. furtherenraging Enlil.Perhaps the Bible does not tell thewhole stoiy of creation. Perhaps thereare many layers of god-like beings be-tween us and the Creator. Perhaps sci-entists know less than they think theyknow about evolution.A similar objectDear Mr. Connelly,I was astounded to see a drawing onpage6 of the SeptemberMUFON UFOJournal of the sameobject I sawin Sep-tember, 1961, when 1,livedin Stock-ton, CA.But unlikethepictured craft, theoneI saw had a sound, as if a thousand-ormore-vacuum cleaners had beenswitched on all at once.I have been seeing "objects" since Iwasayoungchild,andhavekept ajour-nal, soif you would like a full report, Iwould be glad to send it.I have recently been named a FieldInvestigator for MUFON.-Shirley M. Wheeler~ditorsResponse: The Journalwould be happy to have your report.Delphos, A Close Encoun-ter of the Third KindWritten by Ted Phillips and pub-lished by the UFO Research Coali-tion. 8 112 x 11 format, soft cover,177 pages. $20 + $2.50 S&H.Pleaseadd $4additionalforshippingoutside the U.S. Order fromMUFON, P.O. Box 279, Bellvue,CO 80512-0279December 2006
  • Pye: Starchild anomalies continueOn Nov. 27. the National Geo-graphic cable TV channel aired a newepisode of their "Is It Real? series,"Ancient Astronauts." which featured,among other topics. the Starchild skullwhich author/researcherLloyd Pye hasbeen havingtested asa possiblehumadalienhybrid.According to Pye, author of Every-thing You K ~ O Wis Wrong,two majbrbreakthroughs have occurred in theStarchilds situation,"and those devel-opments made it extremely likely thatthe Starchild skull would finally beproven beyond doubt as not entirelyhuman."Pye explains, "Weve known for along time that the 900-year-old skull(verified by Carbon-14 testing) hasbonethat isuniformly muchthinnerandmuch lighter than it shouldbe, and thatit was inexplicably much harder thannormal."Now we think we know why.Thereare unprecedented fibers, for lack ofa better term, embedded in the matrixof the bone itself! Nothing like it hasever been seen before, but there it is."A secondbreakthrough,he says,wasthe discovery that inside many of theskulls cancellons holes (the placeswhere marrow exists) was a reddish"residue" of some kind, "every bit asunprecedented as the fibers embeddedin the matrix. Absolutely nothing at allshouldbein cancellousholes 900yearsafter death."These discoveries, he reports, comeon top of "the most siginficant revela-tion yet-the DNA testing."In 2003 when the Starchilds DNAwas tested at Trace Genetics in Cali-fornia,theyfoundthatitsmitochondrialDNA (inheritedfromitsmother)pulledup easily and showed its mtDNA wasindeed human, according to Pye."This was expected," he says, "be-cause if it was indeed a human-alienhybrid-the working hypothesis-an eggcould be genetically manipulated tomake it so that a hybridization couldtake place,while a spermisentirelytoosmall."So that part of the testing went ex-actly as anticipated. but then came theattempts to sequence its nuclear DNA,which comes from both parents."The Starchilds nuclear DNA wasrun through the cycle seven times. heexplains. "and in nocasewas the slight-est whiff of its nuclear DNA found bythegeneticprimers used to dothis deli-cate work."Why not? Two possible reasons."saysPye. "Either thenuclearDNA wasdegraded in some highly unusual, oreven improbable, manner,or the prim-ers were not seeing its DNA."The problem is that such primersare designed to recover only humanDNA, nothing else. Soif they easilyre-coveredits mitochondrialDNA, whichthey did, but could find not a trace ofits nuclear DNA, it seems obvious thatthe primers were simply ineffective.They couldnt dotheirjob," he says,"because the DNA they were seekingisnot entirelyhuman.Itcontains some-thing else. What might that be? Yet -another breakthrough will soontell us."Recently there has been great sci-entific jubilation at a technical break-through that will allow the entire ge-netic package (thegenome) of aNean-derthal to be sequenced."This truly is worthy of somuch at-tention," Pye says, "because of all theamazing data that might be gleaned.However, lost in the propwash of thisannouncement is the fact that theStarchild skull will definitely benefitfromitbecausethenew techniquedoesnot use primers!"The problem thathas been hangingup the whole Starchild Project since2003-the lack of workable primers forit-is no longeran issue. There is now abright light atthe end of the Starchildsseven-yeartunnel.""This testing will not be availableto us until after the Neanderthal is se-quenced, which will end some time in2008," he says.Then the Starchildcanget in line ad should have its DNAavailable within a year, two at most."lloydolloydpye.comwww.lloydpye.comwww.starchildproject.comPye andfriend.StarchildbackgroundAn American girl of Mexican heri-tage in her late teens was taken by herparentsto visitrelativeslivingin asmallrural village 100 miles southwest ofChihuahua,Mexico, 60to70yearsago.The girl was forbidden to enter anyof the areas numerous caves and minetunnels, but, like most teenagers, shewent exploring.At the back of a mine tunnel shefound a complete human skeleton ly-ing on the grounds surface. Beside it,sticking up out of the ground, was amalformed skeletal hand entwined inone of the human skeletons upperarms.The girl proceeded to scrapethe dirtoff a shallow grave to reveal a buriedskeleton smaller than the human one,andalsomalformed.Shedidnot speclfythe type or degree of any of the "mal-formations."The girl recovered both skulls andkept them for the remainder of her life.Upon her death they were passed to anAmerican man, who maintained pos-session for five years before passingthem to the Americancouple who nowcontrol them.Well-known legends with rootsspreadingthroughoutCentralandSouthAmerica over two centuries ormore ingeneral state that on a regular basis"Star Beings" come down from theheavens and impregnate females in re-mote, isolated villages.The women carry their"starchildren" to term, then raise themto age six or so. At that point the StarBeings return to collect their progenyand remove them to places, and forpurposes,not clearlyoutlinedintheleg-ends.December 2006 MUFON UFO Journal 7
  • Prototypeshows proof of principleDevice makes objects invisibleProvidingabit of scientificcredibil-ity to claims that UFOs sometimes be-come invisible. researchers at DukeUniversity have developed what theycall an "invisibility cloak."This is a rudimentary device thathides objects by bending electromag-netic waves so that they flow aroundthe object like water around a rock.Because none of the waves are re-flected back at the observer, the objectseemsbasicallyinvisible,but itdoesnotyetprovide completeinvisibility,sinceit produces a small shadow that can bedetected.Also, thedeviceworksonlywithmi-crowave radiation-not the visiblelightwaves-and only in two dimensions.However, it represents a proof ofprinciple for a theory first publishedonly fivemonths ago.Scientists created a cylinder, or"cloak," about5inchesacross,consist-ing of 10 fiberglass plates preciselyetched with U-shaped copper divots tocancel reflections and shadows frommicrowaves.Theprototype,describedin thejour-nal Science,createsan electromagnetic"mirage" around objects, bending mi-crowavesjust enough to cancel out re-flections, shadows and distortion, sayslead author David Schurig of Duke.Thetechnologydiffersfrom"stealthapplications, which tamp down radarreflections but dont eliminate them.A cloak, in theory, would allow ra-dar waves to flow past an object with-out any interference whatsoever.To test the cloak, researchers firstfired microwaves at a copper cylinderand recorded the electronic shadow itcast. They next showedin contrastthatmicrowaves largely pass around thecloak as if it werent there."There is some reflection, so thisisnt perfect,but it isonly aprototype,"Schurig says.The work is very preliminary, but itcouldherald anera of effectivelyinvis-ible "cloaked devices, says study se-nior author David Smithof Duke Uni-8versity in Durham, N.C.Aprototype so farhides objectsonlyfrom microwaves. not from visiblelight,sothe human eye can still see theobjects."Its a very good achievement."physicist Ulf Leonhardtof the Univer-sity of St. Andrews in Britain told Sci-ettce."Its surprising that its as simple asit is, and that it works so well."-Thomas H. Maugh 11,LosAnge-les Times; Dan Vergano, USA Today-Thanks to Kenneth LarsonRotating objectInvestigated by Chuck Reever,MUFON Director of InvestigationsThe primary witness, Chris Bassett,has been employedby the Stateof Cali-fornia for 12years as an office techni-cian for theLegislativeBureau of Cali-fornia.He appears to be a person of goodcharacter, and states that he has goodhearing and 20120 vision.Sighting account narrativeBassett was in his back yard in Sac-ramento, CA, on July 18,2005,at 6:30PM watering his lawn. He happenedto look up and saw an object to thenorth, stationary, but moving or rotat-ing and seeming to change shape.It was reflecting the Sun, whichmadeitdifficultto see.It wouldtwinklelike a star, but was much lower than astar.It appeared to be giving off somekind of heat-the kind of wavyhaze thatcomes from the pavement when youlook down the road on a hot day.At that point he knew it was not anairplane, and phoned his roommate,who told him to get his video camera.When Bassett came outside, the objecthad moved to the southeast.It was his first time using the cam-era, and he spent most of the time try-ing to obtain as much video footage aspossible. The video is not steady, butMUFON UFO JournalThis cylindel; or "cloak" is madeup of fiberglass plates, etched withU-shaped copper divots.in N. Californiathe image is good enough to determineit is not a known aircraft.At one point a commercial airplaneflew past the object, but that was notcapturedon tape.Bassettstatesthatthepilot had to see the object.Bassetts roommate, James, who isa network manager for an architecturalcompany, came home at 7:30 PM, andBassett pointed out the object to him,although it was now farther away.James agrees that it was no airplane,and neither could explain the sighting.The object continued to move to thesoutheast.The object was first seen for aboutthefrrstten minutesovera bio-gas con-version plant landfill where they col-lect methane gas and other gases fromdecomposing waste and convert it topower.SightingconclusionThe video DVD is very shaky, butcertain scenes are quite clear. and aresimilar to objects in other parts of theworld.Thisobjectis,infact,most simi-lar to an event I observed in July of. Estate planningPlanned giving can beboth to MUFON andtoand estate situation.MUFON headquarters for details.December 2006
  • MUFON Utah.co-directorsaysClaim of two UFO crashes/retrievalslacks evidenceBy Ronald S. RegehrCo-State Director, MUFON UtahLindaMoulton-Howe,awell-knownUFO researcher, has, for over a year,reported on two alleged crashlretrievaleventsin the stateof Utah, where I amMUFON co-state director.In the first. Linda believes a UFOcrashed and was buried at a remotedesert site near Garrison, UT, in 1953.In the second, Linda believes that inmore recent times a disc crashed andwas recovered at a radar site at CedarBreaks, UT.Linda posted her findings on thesetwo cases on her website[www.earth€iles.com] and presentedthe findings of the Garrison case at the2005 CrashRetrieval Conference inLas Vegas, NV, and at the 2006 OzarkUFO Conferencein Arkansas.I am constrained to report that myown inquiry into these two Utah casessuggestthey neverhappened. Whatfol-lows are the results of my investiga-tion.Garrison, UT, caseThis 1953 UFO event is supposedtohavetaken place atan 87-squaremilefacility known as the Desert Experi-mental Range (DER), established in1933by then-President Hoover.DER isecologicallyunique,andhasbeen setaside as aUnited NationsEdu-cational, Scientific and Cultural Orga-nization (UNESCO)biosphere reserve(nointernationaltreatieswereinvolvedin the designation). The DER is man-aged by the US Forest Service, RockyMountain Research Station.This area exemplifies "Great Basinecology," and current USDA studiesare examining the relationship of hu-mans and the land. Particular focus ison shrub restoration and balancingrangeland vegetation.The DER allows livestock grazingthrough cooperative agreements witharea ranchers, and monitors the short-and long-term effects of that grazing.December 2006DER headquarters is in Provo, UT,and the 87-square-mile DER complexitself lies in a remote high-desert areaNW of Milford, UT, on Highway 21(coordinates -113" 40 29.83" by 38"37).There is no mail delivery (in spiteofthe large, decrepit mailbox), radio, ortelephone. Stan Kitchen, USDA For-est Servicebotanist is the facility man-ager, with his primary office in Provo.According to Kitchen, he works atthe site when guests are scheduled, orseveraltimes a month, dependinguponthe workload.Les Valez, who is researching thiscase, told me that SteveJones, anotherresearcher,visitedthesitesix timesdur-ing the past 10years.In July 2005, Linda herself visitedthe site with Jones, yet neither ever in-terviewed the site manager to see ifthere was at least a plausible explana-tion for someof the anomaliescited byLinda. I did.On Friday,Oct.20,2006, Utah UFOinvestigator Ryan Layton, DarleneSlade (MUFON). and I made an unan-nounced, impromptu visit to the site.There we met Stan Kitchen, facilitymanager.After an approximate 1-hourinter-view, Kitchen took us on a completetour of the DER facility. We enteredevery building, every room, and everybasement; opened every door, andpeeked into every closet.We thumped-on the walls, mademeasurements, photographed and vid-eotaped, and were granted total, unre-stricted access to anywhere and every-where we wished.We searchedtheentirecomplex,andfound nothing except some old build-ings. Someof thesecontainedremnantsof furnitureand bedding,showingtherewas occasional use; one was a genera-tor building housing a diesel-electricgenerator; there was an outhouse, adecrepit tennis court, housing units,and, roughly 114-mile away, the infa-MUFON UFO JournalAbout the authorRon Regehr, MUFONs Co-StateDirector for Utah, was a presenterat the 2006 MUFON InternationalSymposium with new informationon the classic 1976battle betweenIranian F-4 jets and a UFO (seeissue of the Joirmnl).Thisand otherpresentationsgrewout of more than 25 years of workwith ateam thatdevelopedthespeci-fications for one of our nations topspy satellites.During this time he was fre-quently called on to assist govern-ment specialistsin their evaluationsof various highly classified pro-grams.In the mid 1980s Regehrs in-volvement in these classified pro-grams convinced him that the gov-ernment was withholding the truthabout UFOs.He has dedicated the past 20years to lifting this veil of secrecy,compiling hundreds of Freedom ofInformationAct (FOIA)documents,interviewswithkey individuals,andextensiveinformationonone highlysensitive spy satellite.Regehr has been the subject of-and author of-numerous articlessince he first became interested inthe UFOphenomenonin the 1950s.mous solar arrays.Our visit suggests a prosaic expla-nation for most, if not all, of the DERfeatures Howe found suspicious.What follows in bold italics is eachof thepointsHowemadeonher websitein supportof her conclusionthat aUFOcrashed at the site in 1953.Howe: "...a lurge triungulurfea-ture in the dry lakebed near a gov-ernmentfacility known as the DesertResearch Experimental Station, orD.R.E.S. [sic]"There is, indeed, a large triangularfeatureaboutthreemiles east-northeast
  • from the DER building complex. Thistrianglemeasuresapproximately4.400on each of its major sides. and 2.700 atitsbase. Theapex of the trianglepointsat 202", or 22" west of due south.It is this large triangle that initiallypiqued the interest of a group of Cali-fornia UFO researchers led by SteveJones, who brought it to Howes atten-tion.Jones and Howe present three dis-parate theories as to what formed thetriangle: (1) the impact of an extrater-restrialcraft,(2)US governmenteffortsto disguisehury the alleged craft, (3)apermanent marker in the lake bed forunknown purposes.Howe: "...a strangejuxtapositionto all the peeling paint and boardedup windows are new padlocks andmany new doors withbrand new solidlocks."According to Kitchen,he wasforcedto put on new doors and locks whenvandals broke into the facility.Ourpersonal inspectionof thefacil-ity bears out the validity of the "juxta-position of peeling paint" and variousnew fixtures.I spentroughly an hour with Kitchenin the "north house," which serves asKitchens "home away from home,"and is the structure Howe pointed outas having new paint, a new door,weather stripping, and a new lock.However, many of the other build-ings still need new paint, and severalhave broken doors and windows thatKitchen had boarded up in an effort todiscourage thieves or partygoers.Kitchen says he repairs what he canwhen he can, yet his primaryjob is as abotanist-not maintenance and repair.This is at least a plausible explanationfor the "juxtaposition to all the peelingpaint" that Howe found suspicious.Howe: "...a new mono-directionalantenna is powered by a new solarenergy array..."Although Jones speculates thesimple Yagi antenna is part of a satel-lite uplink,Kitchenpointed out that theantenna was an attempt to providereli-abletelephonecommunicationbetweenthe DER facility and another USDAfacility in Cedar City and was installed10View of the Desert E.rperimenta1Rangefacilities from solar plrmp station.in 1994.I took a close look at the discon-nected andcorrodedantennawiring andconnectionsand wasconvincedthe an-tenna was disconnected and hadntbeen used for many years, and Kitchenacknowledged that his attempts to re-pair the device had proven futile.There is no signof any "satellite up-link" equipment anywhere at the facil-ity. Thus, the antenna is not "new;" itis not even in service. And it certainlyis not powered by the solar array.Howe: "What were looking athere is a brand new solar panel ar-ray ...Just togive you an idea of cost...a little over$I00,000ofsolarpanelarray that is set up in the middle ofthisfacility in the middle of nowhere.Why?"Kitchen told me the solar array wasinstalledin 2001 to replace theoriginal1935 diesel-powered, shaft-drivenpump. The pump is needed to providewater for livestock, Kitchen said.Solar power at this facility makessense to me. My brother owns someoff-the-grid isolated property, and af-ter struggling with erratic fuel deliver-ies, road closures, and other frustra-tions, he, too, concluded photo-voltaicpower filled his needs.Inext checkedwith ColinGates,rep-resentative for the manufacturerlin-staller of the system, Southwest PVSystems, Inc. Gates told me the solar-powered pumping system was installedin October 2001, at a total cost of$60,000, and provides power to thepump only.The systemwas designed to produceMUFON UFO Journalbetween 5,600 and 6,500 gallons perday (gpd) at a maximum flow rate of17.6gallons per minute (gpm).Water is delivered into an on-siteconcrete storage tank, from where thewater is gravity fed to the water distri-bution points for animal consumption.The storage tank is also equipped withafloat level switchthat will disable thepump when the tank is filled to capac-ity and enable it again when the waterlevel is low.Howe thought the power generatedby the solar array was used for power-ing lights or devices in the structures,but 3-phase power is not compatiblewith householduse; itisperfectlysuitedfor this (pumping) application.Howe: "One particular buildinghas newfuel tQnksnextto itshalfbur-ied [sic] structure."No mystery here. We found a die-sel-poweredgeneratorin the "half-bur-ied" building. It provides single-phaseor common household power to thebuildingsin theDER complex viaover-head wires.The generator is interconnected tothe structures in such a manner as toallow it to be turned on and off fromseveral of the buildings, as needed. Ididnt ask Kitchen, but I believe thebuilding is "half-buried" todampenthenoise of the diesel engine.Howe: "Behind one of the DRES[sic] buildings are two large air ven-tilation shafts above what seems to bean underground room covered by acement roof. Junk wall boards arepiled against the cement structure."Howe believes that the air ventila-December 2006
  • tion shafts lead to an underground tun-nel thatconnects thebqldings with thealleged UFO burial site (the geologictriangle).But our inspection did not bear thisout. Behind one of the buildings wefound the two ventilator shafts Howementioned. They did lookout of place,and a set of cellar-type doors blockedby severallayersof oldplywood atfirstheightenedmy suspicions.The "junk wallboards were agedplywood, and Kitchen said he usedthem to block the former outside en-trances, keeping animals from ventur-ing into the basement.KitchenandLaytonpulledtheseply-wood panels aside, revealing a set ofconcrete stairs and a patched-up olddoor. Finally,I thought,we might havesomething!Kitchen then walked to the side ofthe building and unlocked the backdoor,which opened to a smalllanding.Straight ahead was a hallway that ledto the kitchen, and to the left a set ofstairs led down to the basement.At the bottom right of the stairs wasa green door. Kitchen opened the doorand steppedintotheundergroundroom.There,plainly visiblein theceilingweretwo squareholes-the other sideof thesuspicious ventilators.Kitchen explained they were to pro-vide fresh air to the sub-basementroom, formerlyused asa root cellar forstorageof perishable food. Clearly itsfunction changed over time as otheritems were stored there. Summer ishot, and there is no air conditioning.These ventilation shafts made sense tome.Was this theroom from which "sev-eral curious UFO investigators" ille-gally entered and stole aerial photo-graphs and-the 1980 to 1983"RecordBook of Visitors" several years ago?It was these photographs and theguest register that helped convinceJones and Howe that this desert loca-tion had hidden secrets. Kitchen saidhe didnt know, as the maps and guestregister were stolen before he becamesitemanager.We closely inspected the walls,searching for a hidden door or any in-December 2006 --dicationof an outlet,but foundnothingother than the green door. This previ-ouslymysteriousunderground structuredidnt lead to a hidden tunnel, but hada more prosaic purpose: respite fromthe scorching summer heat.Howe: "[military]People that youwould not expect to be traveling allthe way to the remote Desert,Experi-mental Range included ..!i(Why did militarypersonnel visit thesite? Howe wanted to know. I think Iknow the answer.In 2005, along with most of the au-dience at the CrashRetrieval Confer-ence,I was stunnedthat aremoterangeinUtah,dedicatedto thescientificstudyof livestock grazing would include,amongothervisitors,US Army person-nel, personnel from the USAF R&DHeadquarters, Naval Research Labo-ratory, US Army Special Forces,EG&G from Nellis AFB, and MortonThiokol.These visitors didnt make sense-until it hit me. Was this site everjcon-sidered for an MX missile base duringtheColdWar? Thetimingseemeddor-Irect, so I "Googled" "MX."Pay dirt! It seems that in January,1980, the Milford, UT, City Councilvoted to encourage the Air Force toconsider the area as a place to locatetheMXmissile. Thecouncilurgedthatone of the major bases serving MX bebuilt as close to Milford as possible.Then I rechecked the entries Howeprovided from the pilfered guest log. Iwasnt surprised to find that just twomonths after this city council meetingthese "unexpected" guests arrived atthe DER facility, 41 miles west ofMilford.Now each and every one of thesemilitary and government contractorguestsmade sense. Without interview-ing each of the visitors, we may neverknow with certainty the intent of theirvisit;however,we canreasonably con-cludethey weretheretoassesstheDERas a potential MX site.Howe: "...there had been a UFOcrash out in the Utahdry lakebed inthe late spring of 1953and that it wasrelated to the Kingman, Arizona,crash which allegedly occurred onMUFON UFOJournalMay 20,1953."Howe believes there is at least achronological connection between theDER triangle and the Kingman, AZ,crash on May 20,1953.Lets pause for a moment and ex-aminetheplausibilityof aneventof thismagnitude. A UFO crashing into thedesert floor would have set into mo-tion an immense government effort,intended to:1.Determine if there was a crash.2. Secure the site.3. Assess the site and determine ifthe UFO could be moved.4. Transport people and equipmentto bury the craft.5. Prepare the now-buried craft forscientificexamination.A large convoy would have off-loadedequipmentandpersonnel(prob-ably at an Air Forcebase, and the near-est one is Hill AFB, near Salt LakeCity),traveled over 200 miles on pub-lic highways to the site, establishedtemporary quarters and communica-tions links, and moved more than1,000,000 cubic yards of material.Somehow, security forces wouldhave shielded this effort from the twoarea ranchers that work the valley, lo-cal law enforcement, and from every-one traveling Highway 21.This would challenge the most in-trepid security force,asvisibility in thisflat, desert terrain is about 25 miles.If completelyburyinga largecrashedUFO wasnt challenge enough, werethen expected to believe, so the storygoes,thattroops alsohand dug a 3-milelong tunnel fromthe now-buried UFOto one of the DER buildings to enablevisitors secret access.Wheredid the%-millioncubicyardsof excavatedmaterialgo afterthey dugthe tunnel? Where did the hundreds ofyards of concrete needed to shore upthe tunnel come from? Where are thetruck tracks and other signs of thismassiveundertaking?Remember,all of this activityhad tobe completed and all signs of any ac-tivity removed in a scant 22 days for aKingman, AZ, connection to be valid!If therewould havebeen thistremen-dous amount of activity, surely the
  • aerial photo of the anomalous triangleHowe provides, taken on June 11,1953, (a scant 22 days following thealleged crash) would show some evi-denceof anyearth-movingactivity! Butit doesnt.Not only that, but what appear to bedesert shrubs are growing on whatwould have been recently shoveledandbulldozed "soft sand."There is no sign of any bulldozertracks-even though we know that simi-lar tracks laid down in the Californiadesert in 1942 as a result of GeneralPattons desertwarfaretrainingmaneu-vers are still plainly visible.Assumingtherereally was acrashedflying saucer buried under the triangle(whichIdont), wouldnt itmake muchmore sense to build a structuredirectlyover the now-buried UFO, build an el-evator down to the craft, and install aperimeter security fence?Those trying to hide a crashed discwouldhaveaperfectexplanations:"Wefenced in the area to provide an undis-turbed control site for native vegeta-tion."During our Oct. 20 visit, we person-ally entered every building and struc-ture in the DER complex. We closelyexamined each room as a potentialentryway for the allegedtunnel (or anyothersuspiciousanomalies). Wefoundno evidenceof any such entryway.Howe: "I think its a safe house.And Ill tell you it has every sign ofbeing that."In theintelligencetrade,a safehouseis a secret refuge for spies engaging incovert operations. A safe house is aseemingly innocent house or premiseestablished by an intelligence organi-zationforconductingclandestineactivi-ties in relative security.TheDER isroughly 200 miles fromthenearestmetropolitanarea(SaltLakeCity, UT, or Las Vegas, NV).Linda thoughtthe DER would makea good safe house, but it would makeno sense to use it as a secret refuge inintelligenceoperations-especiallywhenone considers the almost limitless pos-sibilities in and around the metropoli-tan areas of probable operation.Unlike the cities, at the DER thereis nowhere to run, should the clandes-tine activities be discovered. Unwel-come "eyes." using simple optics. cansurveil the premises from afar with nofear of discovery.Reasonableness leads one to con-clude this would be a very poor "safehouse." The use of the facility as anenvironmentalresearchfacilityis plau-sible; its use as a safe house is not.Howe: [Jones, after one of his vis-its,apparentlytold Howe] "Thisplucecame alive after 9/11."I asked Kitchen about this. He toldme he had been at the DER from Sept.10to Sept. 14to meet with SouthwestPV Systems personnel to discuss thesolar array and pump installation be-fore he returned to his Provo, UT, of-fice.Besides, even if a UFO were buriedat the DER, what would that have todo with 9/11?Howe: [referring to the photo-graphs stolen from the DER] "Theaerial photographs were taken withthe impact site over on this luke bedbeing the center.... I thought therehas to be some connection betweenthis place (DRES)[sic]and that im-pact (triangle)... Thesephotos were24 inches x 24 inches, single shotaerial photographs on old photo-graphic style paper .... And thesewere intelligence photographs, obvi-ously ..."Thephotographsdidnt looklike"in-telligencephotographs" to me. Intelli-gence types quit using singular, old-style paper in the early 1950s and be-gan using aircraft equipped with cam-eras using high-speed "strip" filmwhich results in a continuous strip ofexposed film, not a series of single-frame images.Jones told me the photographs onHowes website have a 1140,000nota-tion, and he suspects they were takenby an aircraft flying at very high alti-tude.Even though I spentmuch of my 35-yearcareerasan aeronauticaVastronau-tical engineer working on surveillancesystems, that doesnt make me an ex-pert in aerial photography.But I know someone who is:Dr.MUFON UFO JournalBruce Maccabee, a Dept. of the Navyphysicist and MUFON photo analyst.Maccabeesaidthe 1140,000notationindicates the photographs were takenfrom a 2500 to 2800 feet altitude usinga 6" lens. This does not fit with Jonessuspicions they were taken fromhigh-altitude by an intelligence agency.Thislenslaltitudecombinationyieldsa photographic image where 1 inchequals 3,333 feet. Aerial photographsusefine-grainedfilm,enablingupwardsof 20X enlargement. Thus, one couldyield effectivedetailsof a fewfeetwithreasonable resolution.According to Kitchen, aerial photo-graphs such as these are one tool usedfor assessing plant growth, pathJgraz-ing patterns, and water drainage, etc.At one time, these photographs werevaluable for research efforts at theDER.Howe: "Why is it triangular? Myfeeling is that it was the shape of thecraft that dictated the way and angleof impact, the way it hit the lukebedis whatcreated that V-shapedpattern....the trianglepattern was not madeby Nature."The triangle is indeed a mystery.Equally mysterious are the many (15or thereabouts) triangular features lo-catedthroughoutthe world thatI foundas a result of a short Internet search.These triangular phenomena occuroneverycontinent. There areeventwolarge triangular shapes on the bottomof the Great Salt Lake in Utah.Based on this commonality andworld-widedistribution,we musteitherconclude there are natural forces atwork forming these patterns or thesepesky UFOs just crash and are buriedall over the place.An undersea triangle off theBermudan coast is strikingly similar,even to the details of an apparent"mounded" perimeter, to the DER tri-angle (seephotos on following page).In 1999,Jonesandhis colleague,LesValez,hired a SaltLake City geologist(Lamont Sorenson. now deceased) tostudy two ends of the triangular fea-ture near the DER facility. Sorenson,usingboth ultrasound and amagnetom-eter did not detect any strange featuresDecember 2006
  • An undersea triangle off the-Bermrtriangle.or artifacts indicating a crashed UFOin the triangular pattern.He did, however, claim the patterndid not result from natural forces suchas flooding or meteor impact. Themysteryremains.The fact is that there is no evidenceof whatcausedtheDER t.iangle+x anyof the other triangles at other locationsaroundtheworld. Thetrianglemay notbe a natural feature, but this doesntmean its a crashed UFO.Lets forget all about the fact thattriangular shapes appear all over theworld. Lets examinewhetherthis par-ticular triangle in Utah might indeedhave been formed by the crash of aUFO.Howe asserts the triangle wasformed by the impact of a high-speedUFOcrashingintothedesertfloor. SheI claims the initial impact point was1Iroughly on the south (based on her1 Kingman, AZ,premise?), withthesandbeing thrown northward and to bothsides of the lakebed, forming the tri-angle.Theproblem with this theory is thatthe triangle is backwards! To under-stand why its backwards, rememberthat Howe insists this UFO was "re-lated to the Kingman, AZ, crash andthus, came from the south.When somethinghits theground,theenergy is greatest at the initial impactpoint, diminishingtozerowhen itstops.December 2006vdan coast, lefr, is similar to the DERThis displaces the most sand at the ini:tial impact point, spreading it roughlyuniformly on both sides.As the craft slowed and energy dis-sipated, the sand would not be thrownas far,finallycoming to rest, formingatriangle or "V" with the point or apexin the north.But.the evidence shows us just theopposite of what we would expect-atriangle with its apex pointing north-unless, of course, the damaged UFOsomehowmade a "U"turn!Nor is there any seismic record ofthe event Howe claims. To displacetheamountof softsandrequiredtoformthe triangle.would require an.energyoutput of over 10kilotons-roughly theyieldof theatomicbombdetonatedoverHiroshima in 1945.An energy output of this magnitudewould most certainly result in seismicactivity, yet there,isno seismic eventrecorded for this area.Near Milford, some 40 miles away,there were two smalltrembles, and an-other small quake was recorded about60 miles north of the DER near KingsCanyon, but nothing at the DER.CONCLUSION: For many of herstatements,Howe relied on a man whoclaimedto havebeen a C-141 pilot andpart of theUFOrecoveryteam. He said .he had personal knowledge of a UFOburied in or under the triangle in thedesert near the DER.MUFON UFO JournalFurther, he claimed he personallyvisited the siteand sawtheburied UFOsometime in 1993. None of this madesense to me.How could he have flown a C-141to recover a UFO that crashed in 1953when the C-141 didnt become opera-tional until 1964?Why would security forces allow aretired officer access to what would bea still classified location? He said hefeared "they will shoot me" for talkingabout the incident. then proceeded totell all.This sounded very suspiciousto me,and my suspicions proved to be cor-rect.. On Oct. 27, Jones told me in anemail,"the ex-USAFperson that Lindacontacted was completelyblowingsmokeather. unfortunately, shedidntrealize it. That part of her report iscompletely bogus."In this paper I do not address thoseportions of her report based on this bo-gus source. All of the statements I ad-dress here are those of either Lindaherself or of Steve Jones,.her originalsource.Next month: The Cedar Breaks,UT, alleged crashlretrieval.Richard Dolanto host Sci Fi showRichard Dolan, who has done doz-ens of interviews and narrations onUFOs, including the 2005 MUFONsymposium,.willhost a Sci Fi Channelshow called Sci Fi Investigates. , ,Dolan is one of fourhosts. The oth-ers include an archaeologist, a crimesceneinvestigator, and "Boston Rob."Dolan, a trained historian, attendedOxford University and the Universityof Rochester, where he, earned amasters degree.His book, UFOs and the NationalSecurity State, is the fxst of two vol-umes that provides a-chronology ofwhat he calls the national security di-mensions of the UFO phenomenonfrom 1941to 1973.A second volume,due out in early 2007, will describeevents from 1973 to the present.
  • Dr. Leir reports14thimplant removalDr. RogerLeir and his surgicalteamWhere we came from?Adam the Missing Link (The NewHistory of Mankinds Creation) byMarshallKlarfeld, Library of CongressAprSu 1-115-248, 8 112 x 11, spiralbound, 66 pages.Reviewed by Dwight ConnellyThis colorful book, printed on highquality paper, is a combination ofZechariaSitchinandEricVon Danikan,as interpreted by the author.Sitchin and Neil Freer are creditedin theReferencessectionastheprimarysources of information..Whilethispublication plowsno newground, it is noteworthy in the wealthofillustrations-ranging fromthecunei-form tablets of Sumer to the NazcaLines of Peru.Klartield seeksto answerfourques-tions: "How was our solar systemshaped?" and "How did humanityevolveon our planet?"He seeks to answer these questionsby dividing his research into four cat-egories:+Stored information text (Cunei-formtablets);+Stored information device (cylin-der seals); .+Stored information sculpture(Ishtar statue, etc.); and+Stored information structure(pyramids, etc.).He notes that "it has been observedthat when an advancedcivilization en-counters a primitive culture, threethings tend to occur:+The advanced civilization domi-nates the primitive culture;+Theadvancedcivilizationimposesits form of governing; and+Theadvancedcivilizationtransfersitstechnology.Theauthor,likeSitchin,suggeststhatthe cuneiform tabletsdescribe how theadvanced Anunnaki civilization fromthe planet Nibiru created humansthrough DNA manipulation,combiningthe Anunnaki with the ape-like crea-tures which were already present to14form workers for the Anunnaki goldmines.This was done, according to the au-thor, 250,000 years ago in what is noweast central Africa, adjacent to theAnunnaki goldmining operations-"theprecise point where archeologists sayour species originated."The first human was called Adam,which means "one who is like Earthsclay." The Sumerian account is com-pared with the Hebrew Bible story, aswell as with stories from other ancientcivilizations.These new humans proved to be at-tractive to some of the Anunnaki, andchildrenwereborn of theseunions.ThiswasunacceptabletotheAnunnaki highcouncil, who decided to wipe out thesehumans with a flood, but some weresaved.The Anunnaki ("those who came-down from the heavens") then trans-ferredsomeof theirtechnologyandcul-tureto the new Earthlings-all thewhilemaintainingcontrol.By about 1250B.C. thevisitorsfromthe planet Nibiru had left Earth, andhumans had to begin fending for them-selves. The Anunnaki had left behindtheir technology-and perhaps the be-ginning of religion, focused on the godor gods who had left.Klarfeldcoversmanyculturesin thisshort book, pointing out examples of"stored information"whichsuggestthatstories similar to that of the Anunnakican be found in other ancient sources.Feb. 25-March 2, 2007-Interna-tional UFO Congress Conference &Film Festival, Laughlin, NV, 303-651-7136,www.ufocongress.com.May 18-19-McMenamins UFOFestival, McMinnville, OR, 503-472-8427.Aug. 10-1ZMUFONInternationalUFO Symposium, Denver, CO.MUFON UFO Journalhave perfirmed Leirs 12thsurgeryforthe removal of an object suspected ofbeing an alien implant.The patient in this case was female,and the object was located in the thirdtoe of her right foot.The object removed was anothermetallicrod about6 rnm in lengthcov-ered with a biological coating. Therodwas located on the bottom side of the3rd toe, and deep in the tendon struc-ture.Prior to removal it was found thatthe object wasemitting an electromag-netic field of 4 milligauss, as well as aradiofrequency signal,accordingtoDr.Leir.As with the other 11 cases, the pa-tient fulfilledall thecriteriamakingheracandidatefor surgicalextraction.She,along with her family, reportedly had"a full and rich history involving thealien abductionphenomena."As with the other surgicalcases, Dr.Leir did not permit the patient to un-dergo hypnotic regression prior to thesurgery,as it was his feeling this couldbringaboutundocriticismregardingthepatients memories of her experiences.In 2004, the patient contacted Dr.Leir requestingassistancewith her ab-duction experiences. At that time shesubmittedan x-ray showingthe object.Dr. Leir and his team of radiologistsreviewed the film and determined theobject was metallic. They also pin-pointed its exact location.Another film was taken on the dayof the surgery, and it was reportedlyfound that the metallic object had notonly moved from its original location,but had also fractured into three sepa-rate pieces.This made the surgical extractionmore difficult, but fortunately the en-tirepiece wasremoved in one segmentof biological tissue.The metallic portion was then sepa-rated from its soft tissue envelope andplaced in a blood serum preservativederived from the patient.December 2006
  • FILE,rS FILESBy George FilerDirector, MUFON Eastern RegionNote: These reports are presented in or-der to keep readers informed of some of thevast number of sightings being reported.However,thesecaseshave not been ofiiciallyinvestigated, unless noted.Rhode Island egg-shapedUFOProvidence - A 35-year-old malegoingby thenameof Vaughn witnesseda UFO on Oct. 20, 2006. There wasone other witness by the name ofKananga who also saw the object inflight.The time was 6:30 PM, and a stormhad just left the area. The object wasdescribed as being either egg-shapedor spherical in nature. It had a graytop, and its bottom was fire-white.When theeyewitnesseshad initiallyspotted the UFO, it was flying south;passing an airliner that was heading inanortherlydirection. It was aroundthattimethat theydeterminedthat this UFOwas smaller than an-airliner.It made its closest pass as it flewoverhead at an altitudeof one mile andat a distance of one mile away, anddidnt make any noise. It was aroundthat time thatthey were ableto film theobject in flight.It then flew northbound and disap-peared from view. Vaughn reported4 that hehad previous UFO experienceswhen he was 8or9 yearsold,and againat the age of 16.+ Thanks to investigator ChristopherMontgomery, executive directorUFORCInternationalGlobalNetwork.Virginia UFO visits ROTCBlacksburg -This happened dur-ing an Army ROTC weekend trainingOct. 7, 2006, in a large wooded areaon base.The witness reports, "While on aland navigation exercise in the woodsat about 2:30 AM, two other people inDecember 2006my firetearnandI witnessed a largeballof light traveling slowly over the tree-tops. There was a very high pitchedhumming noise."Our compasses were not working,but using terrain association we figuredthatit washeadingroughlynorth/north-east, at maybe 10-20mph."It was mov-ing much tooslowly to be amissile or otherprojectile thatIve ever seen.and was far tooclose to havebeen mistaken fora helicopter or anahlane. - -GeorgeFiler "We have notreported this incident to anyone, al-though I have heard from other cadetsin theNR Battalion besides thosein mysquad/fireteam that saw the same ob-ject early that morning. It passed al-most over us, and I could not discernits shape;it was only a blob of light."Thanksto ChristopherMontgomery.CommanderBethunes sightingDuring the Disclosure Project,Commander Graham Bethune (USNavy Ret.) revealed that his Flight 124from Keflavik, Iceland, was involvedwith a near miss of a UFO in 1951,about 300 miles outside of Argentia,Newfoundland,at49-50 North and 50-03 West.He states, "I saw a glow on the wa-ter, and as we approached this glow, itturned intohundredsof circlesof whitelights on the water."We watched it for a while; whenthe lights went out, there was nothingon the water. The next thing that wesaw was a yellow halo that was verysmall, about 15miles away.MUFON UFO Journal"It came up to 10,000feet in a frac-tion of a second.I disengagedthe auto-pilot and pushed the noseover,becauseI was going to go under it at the anglethat it was coming toward me."The minute that I did that, it wasup at our altitude and I could see noth-ing outsideof thecockpitbut this craft.I didnt know which way to go."Then all of a sudden I heard aracket. 1didnt know what it was. AndI said: What the hell wasthat? One ofthe crewmen looked around and said.Everyone was ducking and they col-lided with each other, and fell on thefloor of the plane."Then the UFO appearedoverto theright, moved out slowly,and flew withus. It was not at our altitude, butwecouldsee theshapeof it.It was a dome,and I could see the coronal discharge."I went back aft, let the other pilot,A1Jones, take my seat, and went to seeif the passengers were OK. They hadsomebumps and bruises. One passen-ger was a doctor,so I went to him first."I said, Doc, did you see what wesaw? He looked me straightin the eyeand said, Yeah, it was a flying saucer.He said: I didnt look at it because Idont believe in such things."It took me a couple of seconds torealize-what he was saying. Being apsychiatrist,he couldnt believe in thatkind of thing."So I went back to the cockpit andsaid, Al, whatever you do, dont tellanybody we saw anything. They willlock us up as soon as we get on theground."He says, Its too late. Ijust calledGanderControlinNewfoundlandtoseeif they could track this by radar. Sothats how the story got out."George Wolkind writes, "Paula andI are saddened by the news about Gra-ham Bethunes death. We both really
  • hood. At 27,26, and 34 years of age, itwas the most amazing thing we haveever witnessed."Thanks to Peter Davenport, direc-tor, ufocenter.UFO hdeotaped by young girl in Yucatan, MexicoSusula, Yucatan -Ana Luisa Cid, managed to record it, although at thata young girl, managed to record on point it was in plain sight.video a possible luminous UFO on "A few seconds elapsed and the ob-Sept. 1, 2006, according to Gustavo ject went away.We didnt see it again.Aleman, director of the Ovni Merida We immediately brokecampand triedgroup. to locate it elsewhere along the high-Alemans report: "I saw a flash in way, but it wasnt possible...it was ei-the sky and summoned my colleagues ther a mere chance or it was our luckytoconfirmwhat I was seeing.When we day."tried to videotape it, the object came Thanks to The Journal of Hispaniccloser to the .site, and thats .how we Ufology.agd Ana Luisa Cid.thoughtthat he was special,and he willbe missed. He always treatedeveryonewith love and respect."Thanks to George Wolkind (Dela-wareExtra TerrestrialContact SupportGroup).CaliforniadiscsLancaster -"I was taking picturesof the clouds from my yard," says thewitness,"when I sawa disc-shapedob-ject hovering in front of the clouds onOct. 3,2006, at 7:30 PM."I was trying to figure out what itwas when it shot to the left a short dis-tance, then straight up at a 90-degreeangle. Then it moved back to the right,and I took a picture."Before I could take another, itmoved straight up and out of sight. Itwas gray in color, and the sightinglasted about 3 to 5 minutes. The daywas bright with high clouds, and littlewind. Thisis thesecondsightingwithina week."Thanks to PeterDavenport,director,www.ufocenter.com.Illinois diamond-shapedobjectJoliet -The witness reports: "Mybrother, his girlfriend, and I witnesseda diamond-shaped craft that was hov-ering about a half mile away from uson Sept. 30,2006, around 10PM."At thatdistanceit appearedasared-whitish light. After 3 to 4 minutes ofhovering, the craft began to moveslowly in our direction. It came towithin 1,000feet of us, about 100feethigh."At this time the distinct lights onthe craft were clearly visible. Therewerered rectanglelightsin a crosspat-tern on the bottom, along with manywhite lights."The craft was small, and I wouldthink only one or two people couldtravel in it. The thing I was mostamazed with bastheabsenceof sound."After it passed us, my brother andItried to run with itto get alongerlook.The craft was traveling 30-40mph, soneedlessto say,we did not keepup withit very long."We lost track of it in the neighbor-MUFON UFO JournalMichigan cigar-shaped objectGrand Rapids -"Standing in thefront yard." says the witness, "four ofus watched a silver cigar-shaped craftmove slowly across the sky on Oct. 6.2006, at 5:30 PM, and suddenly pickup speed and vanish."Two of my children,myself,andmyneighbor were looking north at the skyand noticed a cigar-shaped, shiny ob-ject that appeared to be very high u pabout where an airplane would fly."It seemed to move very slowly andleft no smoke trail behind it. It alsoseemed to be moving sideways. Thenit suddenlypicked up speed and disap-peared in a flash."I have never seenanythinglikethisbefore, and I have no background hav-ing anything to do with UFOs."Nevada diamond-likeobjectFallon -The witness reports: "Mybrother and I were outside on a bikeride on Meadow Glen Drive on Oct.27, 2006, on our way to our uncleshouse when my brother noticed some-thingflying really slow."We had thought it was just an air-plane until Inoticed itlooked likea dia-mond and had no wings. It was a gray-ish blue color, and flying real slow. Itgotreal closeto us andflew to ourright."It was fast with these movementsuntil it was away from us. Thats when +it went slow again. My brotherscreamed, and we pedaled really fastto get to our uncles house. We were Iscared and we wanted to get away asfast as possible."We lost sightof the objectwhen wegot to our uncles. He had come out-side to see what was going on, and wewent to show him, and it was gone."Utah sightingElaine Douglass writes that she re-quests a correction on her Aug. 29,2006, sighting. Following is the cor-December 2006
  • California photosModesto-R. David Andersonreports, "This past weekend, I wasin theback yard relaxingon achaiselounge."I had my eyes closed and wasaboutto nod off to sleepwhen I sud-denly snapped back to conscious-ness and immediately saw a brightorangeobjectin the skytowardsthesouth."I stared atit foraboutthreemin-utes, and it moved north until it wasalmostdirectly above me.I ran intothe garage and got out the binocu-lars. I watched the object throughthe binoculars for at least five min-rected version: "I was lyingonmy backon a lawn in downtown Moab, UT, at3:45 PM (MDT). Whats that? I saidto my companion, Dennis B. We bothobserved a bright white trapazoid-shapedobject movingacross the sky ata walking pace and in a meanderingmanner overhead."The object periodically stopped. Italso appeared to be rotating or tum-bling. It was high, but not that high.Apparentsize 114thumbs width.It wasmoving slowly now, and then at onepoint turned north."The object had distinct edges. TheSun was high-about 45 degrees in thewest-and southwest of the object, andwould have been illuminating it."However, I noticed thereseemedtobe no shadowing of the object on theside away from the sun. How can youtell it is rotating? I asked myself, be-cause the object was uniformly illumi-nated.!d"The way Icould tell it was rotatingwas because the edges and angles ofthe object moved as I watched. Theobjectwasquitewhite and shiny,seem-ing to have a surface like highly pol-ished white metal. I watched it formaybe two minutes, and it was ob-scured by trees directly in front of me."That did not concern me, as I as-sumedIcould simply walk 15feet andseetheobjectagain.IbelieveI didcatchsightof it againin a clearingof the treeDecember 2006utes as itjust hovered above."It seemed to change shape from asphere to a diamond shape, then to acylinder. I ran into the house and gotmy camera,andcameout and tookfourpictures of the object."The UFO now began to move backtowards the south, after having com-pleted a full 180-degreeturn.branches, at which point I observed itchange direction and move, stillmeanderingly, north. What do youthink that is? I asked my companion."He thought it was a balloon. Actu-ally,themovementwas consistentwitha wind-driven object,but the shapewasnot consistentwith a balloon. My com-panion was not particularly interestedin the object, and he seemed to be try-ing to find a conventionalexplanation."I quicklywentintothestreetbeyondthe trees to find the object, and it wasnot there. I searchedthe whole sky andnothingcouldbe seen.At the speedtheobjecthad been moving,thereisnowayit would have moved across the sky,since I began looking for it almost im-mediately."As for wind, I felt no wind on theground, and I observed the clouds tosee if there was drift. The only cloudsvisible were high cirrus clouds. wellabovetheobject,andIobservednodriftof thoseclouds." ThankstoElaineDou-glas,MUFON Utah StateCo-Director.Canada sightingsFort McMurray, Alberta - "OnSept.23,2006, at4:45 AM,Isawabouteight objects flying east in a "V" for-mation very fast," says the witness.Then I noticed a second group flyingfromthewest,followingthefirstgroup."I thought that the first sighting wasjust one triangular ship flying low be-MUFON UFO Journal"Altogether, the object was vis-ible for over 15minutes, and it tookthis longforittocompletethiscoursetrajectory.>The object appeared around 6and was goneby 6:15PM.TheUFOtraveled contrary to the wind direc-tion." Report and photos by R.David Anderson.cause of the way thelights weretotallyin sync,but when I noticed the secondgroup, the lights moved as if eachlightwas an individualcraft, and that meantthey were flying at a much higher alti-tude."The height and speed was over10,000feetwith speedsof 500to 1,000kmh."Thanks to www.ufoinfo.com.Alleged repaircase in GreeceMega Platanos - K. B.Moschovosdearreports,"This photo isfrom September 1992 of the villageMega Platanos wherea small UFOfellto the ground with damage near ashepherds home."Three or four little men made therepairsanddisappearedagain.Thecaseis called Karatrangios from the nameof the shepherds fainily.""Case two. A giant light sphere wasseen three days ago at the same place,going enormous speed toward the is-land of Corfu." Thanks to K. B.Moschovos.NUFORC is movingAfter32yearsin the Seattlearea,theNational UFO Reporting Center ismoving toanew localein easternWash-ington, a decommissioned U. S. AirForce ICBM missile base, located be-tween the towns of Davenport andHarrington,WA, in Lincoln County.
  • 7PERCEPTIONSBy Stanton T. FriedmanAstrobiologyI had been somewhat wary of buy-ingDr. David Grinspoons bookLonelyPlanets: The Natural Philosophy ofAlien Life, (Harper and Collins, 2003,459 pages), but after two people I re-spected said good things about it, I bitthe bullet.My wari-n e s ss t e m m e dfrom thefactthat David isthesonof Dr.L e s t e rGrinspoon,ar e t i r e d(emeritus)Harvard pro-fessor ofpsy.chiatry Stan Friedmanwho had pro;ided one of the sillier ex-planations for UFOs.His paper "Psychiatry and UFOReports," with Dr. Alan Persky (also aHarvardpsychiatrist)is included in thebook UFOs:A Scientijk Debate, ed-ited by Carl Sagan andThornton Page.The book includespapers presentedat a symposium on Unidentified Fly-ing Objects sponsored by the Arneri-can Association for the Advancementof Science in Boston on Dec. 26 and27, 1969.It was published by Cornell Univer-sity Press, 1972, and includes 341pages with 15 separate papers.There is a lot of good reading, in-cluding Jim McDonalds paper, "Sci-ence in Default: Twenty-two Years ofInadequateUFO Investigations," espe-ciallyincontrastwithDonaldMenzelspaper, "UFOS- he Modern Myth,which demonstrates the truth ofMcDonalds title.Anyway, Grinspoon and Persky se-riously suggested a Freudian explana-tion: UFO sightings might well repre-sent symbols in the witnesses mindsfor the female breast (round discshapes) and phallic symbols (cigar-shaped craft).Not a bit of evidence was provided,and no case investigations were citedwhich would lead anybodyto this sillyconclusion. The only UFO book refer-enced by them was Carl Jungs UFOs:A Modem Myth of Things Seen in thesky"In the text, reference is made indi-rectly to theBetty and BarneyHill casewith a very strangecomment that theirexplanation "is offered as an alterna-tivehypothesisto thegiven understand-ing of oneof the most popularized UFOreports. which ethical and legal consid-erations prevent us from citing."Considering that John G. Fullersbook about the case, The InterruptedJoumey, had already been a best sellerand available for years, makes onewonder why.Grinspoon and Persky suggest thatthe case was an example of a psycho-sisknown as folie a deux, a communi-cated form of mental disorder."This is a psychosis in which one oftwointimately associatedpeopledevel-ops certain mental symptoms,particu-larly delusions, which are communi-cated to and accepted by the secondperson."Kathy Marden, Bettys niece,prettymuch demolishes this armchair expla-nation by noting the many differencesbetween Bettys and Barneys detailedaccounts in a new book "Captured,"which hopefully will be published in2007.In acolumn I did a while back, I hadnotedtheneedfornewbloodinufologywith a lot of us "leaders" in the fieldgetting older. John Schuessler, BobWood, Dick Hall, and myself are allover 70.The same holds true for SET1 andexobiology and the newer version as-trobiology. Sagan, born in 1934, isMUFON UFO Journalgone. Frank Drake was born in 1930.Seth Shostak is over 60.David is definitely one of the lead-ers of the new generation of scientistsconcerned with planetary surfaces andthe development of life, having beenborn in 1960 and been heavily influ-enced by rock music, science fiction,StarTrek, and a close association withhis fathers friends, "Uncles" CarlSagan and Isaac Asimov.He notes that another close friend ofhis father was the late John Mack. alsoa Harvard professorof psychiatry,whohad graduated from Harvard the sameyear as Lester.They received their advanced de-grees at the same time and were closecolleagues, attendedeach others wed-dings, etc...and eventually disagreedabout UFO abductions.David even relates that he was up-stairs when Sagan, Lester Grinspoon,and McDonald listened to tapes thatLester had borrowed from BenjaminSimon of the Hills hypnosis sessions.What is somewhat surprising to meis that Lester Grinspoon is no strangertocontroversy,havingbeen a strongandpublic advocate of the medical uses ofmarijuana for many years. He has pro-vided testimonyto congressionalhear-ings on the topic and written severalbooks.He was also one of the first physi-cians to use Lithium compounds in thetreatment of mental disease.It is obvi-ously harder to gather laboratory dataon UFOs than on reactions to, and sideeffectsof, various drugs.David takes note in a footnote thatCarl Sagan, a very good friend ofLester, had used marijuana. This hasbeen noted before. Too bad a psychia-trist with Lesters smarts and couragehasnt lookedatthe subjectof the"Willnot to believe" so common amongstprominentastronomers,and apparentlysome psychiatrists.December 2006
  • David Grinspoonhas abreezy style,and doesnt seem to try to impress thereader with dense prose. I enjoyed thebook and itsmuch broaderperspectivethan usually found in the SETI litera-ture.He has been steeped in planetologyc since workingas a collegefreshmanasan assistant to the Voyager Imagingteam at the Jet Propulsion Laboratoryin Pasadena for the Voyager 2 JupiterEncounter in 1979.He describes the complete surpriseof the group watching as the images ofJupiters moon Europa were firststripped on to the screen. The theorieshad predicted an ancient dead crateredlandscapeon the small ice planet.Instead they saw a smooth brightsurface criss-crossed by strange darklanes.Throughout the book he cites in-stancesof reality conflictingwith theo-ries, and the need for a certain amountof humility about predictions."As you might expect, many com-fortablepreconceptionshavebeen com--pletely overturned. Much of what wethought we knew about comparativeplanetology turns out tobe wrong."The SETI cultists could learn a lotabout humility.He makes the interesting point thatthe arrival of the Galileo spacecraft,launchedin 1989towardsJupiter,madeclear thattheJovian familyof satelliteswas really a planetary system of itsown. Different factors influenced thedevelopment of each satellite.By thattime he had his PhD and was.. a comparative planetologist funded byNASAGrinspoon suggests replacing thewell known, and over hyped, DrakeEquation with a version thatmoreprop-erly deals with the rate at which plan-etary surfaces changefrombeing suit-able for lifeto being uninhabitable.He notes that users of the Drake"equation" compute a value for thenumber of civilizations in the galaxythat varies from 10,000 to 1 billion;hardly a scientific result indicative ofunderstanding the situation.Not surprisingly,consideringhis ex-tensive academic and NASA-relatedDecember 2006background,Grinspoonsays very littleabout the feasibility of interstellartravel.Obviously, if an advanced civiliza-tion has developed relatively straight-forward interstellar travel, one mightexpectcolonizationand migrationtobethe rule rather than the exception.Sucha civilizationwould be able tonot only spread their influence in theirlocal neighborhood, but to shift fromplanets or solar systemswhere, for anyof a number of reasons, life becomesmuch more difficult.Surelyhe is aware of nuclear fusionbeing theprimary source of energy formost stars. It would not be surprisingif he, like most academics, was un-aware of the substantial effort that hasbeen made in the development ofnuclear aircraft,. nuclear rockets,nuclearramjets, aswell asfusion rock-ets.It is also not surprising thatGrinspoon nowhere discusses the se-curityimplicationsof advancedvehicletechnologydemonstratedby flyingsau-cers-normal stuff like weapons deliv-ery anddefensesystemsandreconnais-sancemissions.Grinspoon isnt strongly anti-UFOala Carl Sagan in Demon HauntedWorld, as discussed in my TOP SE-CRET/MAJIC or Drake in his Is Any-one Out There?However,hisknowledgeseemsverylimited. For example, he doesnt men-tion the Congressional Hearings of1968 with Jim McDonalds outstand-ing paper covering 41 good cases.Sagan and 10 other PhDs and myself(Theonlynon PhDpresenter)alsocon-tributed.He never mentions Dr. J. AllenHynek,an astronomerinvolvedwiththeUFO subject for almost 40 years andauthor of such books as The UFO Ex-perience. Of course there is no men-tion of Richard Halls two volumes ofThe UFO Evidence.Hementions theCondonReport,butmakes this totally false statement: "In1966the House Armed ServicesCom-mittee decided that Project Blue Bookhadnt gottenanywhere,sotheyhandedthe filesover to theUniversityof Colo-MUFON UFO Journalrado under the direction of physicistEdward Condon."The Condon Report published in1969 did not satisfy anyone on eitherside of the UFO controversy. It con-cludedthat nothingcouldbe concluded,andthat furtherstudywas notjustified."ThefactisthattheCondonstudywasalmost completely independent ofProject Blue Book.It had been recommended by theOBrien Committee in a "Special Re-port of the USAF Scientific AdvisoryBoard Ad Hoc Committee to ReviewProject Blue Book," one of whosemembers was Carl Sagan.- Furthermore I think a great deal ofemphasis shouldbe placed on the find-ings of the Special UFO Subcornmit-tee established by the American Insti-tute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.Its findingsabout the Condon study,published in 1970, "Astronautics andAeronautics," included this statement:"We find that the opposite conclusioncould have been drawn from the con-tent of the report-namely that a phe-nomenon with a high ratio of unex-plained cases (about 30 %) shouldarouse suff~cientscientific curiosity tocontinue its study."For reasons unknown, Grinspoonspeaks of there having been only threeofficialUFO governmentstudiesin the50s and 60s.He names "The Scientific AdvisoryPanel on UFOs," but not its chair&,H.P. Robertson, though noting thatpanel member Luis Alvarez, a notedscientist, was co-discoverer of the gi-ant comet impact that doomed the di-nosaurs.He gives it equal weight with BlueBook and the.Condon studies, eventhough the panel met foronly fivedaysand included mostly people who hadknown nothingabout UFOs and did nofield investigations.Thereis no mentionatallof "ProjectBlue Book SpecialReportNo. 14,"thehuge 1955studyby Battelle MemorialInstitute which includesmore than 200tables, charts, graphs, and maps relat-ing to 3,201 sightings...25 times asmany as studied by Condon.(Continuedon page 21)
  • 1I1IPh~sicalTracesIIBy Ted PhillipsThe Tatra ProjectThis isa report dealingwiththemostsignificant event in my 42 years of re-search. Somedetails will be left out ofthisreportfor reasonsthat will becomeobvious.1have been able to collect a wealthof information,both historicaland cur-rent, relating to this 36-year quest.The - ~ a t r aProject began in1970 when aclose friend con-tacted me withan. incrediblestory from hisneighbor.Knowing ofmy interest incaveexplorationand unusual oc- ~~dPhillipscurrences,hefeltIshouldhear the story.Twoweeks latermy wife and I traveled 800 miles tomeetthis Czechoslovakian engineer athis home. .We were immediately impressedwith -Tonyand Anna Horak, both intheirearly70s, asaquietandextremelyintelligent couple. After a casual con-versation I brought up the cave and ar-tifact.He began by showing us a very oldand worn diary he had carried with himduring World War 11.The diary was 5by 7 inches in size and filled with verydetailed daily accountsof his involve-ment in the fighting.The fust entry was dated Sept. 5,1944, and described the conflict nearLevoca. Tony had a number of similardiaries written from 1941to 1944.We viewed and photographed thediary pages related to the artifact cave,which included a number of detailedsketches of the cave, artifact, and theterrain around the cave location.Tony had one goal: to have a scien-tific team reach the cavern and studythe artifact. After spending a day andevening with Tony and Anna, I calledJ. Allen Hynek and told him the story.At his request my wife and I drove tomeet him in New Mexico to discussthe informationin detail.After a day of discussion we agreedan expedition should be initiated. Twoweeks later,funding was agreed upon.It would come from a well-known ac-tor. It was a sure thing, we thought.The beginning of the beginningAntonin (Tony)T. Horak was born109 years ago in the village ofHermannstadt, located near the borderthat now exists between the CzechRepublic and Slovakia.The family was on vacation at oneof theirhomesin Hermannstadt,locateda greatdistance(atthat time) fromtheirproperty in Bohemia.For many generationsthe family en-terprise was called Domain Keilberg,and included agriculture, forests, andmines. This property is located in thedistrict of Jachymov,Bohemia.Thefollowingis asummaryof TonyHoraks personal history. background.work, and education:Attendedvarious schools(namedindocument) in Prague, London, andParis 1903-1915. !915-1919:Joined Czech Army, fought inAustro/Hungary conflict, lieutenantin1916with division decorations.1921:Married Anna Krisch, gradu-ated University of Banska Stiavniva(geology).1924: Graduated University ofPrague (engineering).1927 Graduated University ofPrague (business management & phi-losophy).1928-1930 director-adjoint at minenear Pribramy, Bohemia, 1932-1935Director of mining complex SalineVizakna.MUFON UFOJournalBetween 1925 & 1931 Tony andAnna traveled to the United States,Canada, Mexico, and Argentina onmining business.1935-1939:Tony & Anna moved toBanskaBystrica,Slovakia(minedirec-tor)1939:Arrested by the Germans andplaced in Theimwald concentrationcamp.1941: Escaped from concentrationcamp and fled to Slovakia. In hidinguntil 1943.1943-1944: Became a member ofarmy insurgents(rankof captain)fight-ing in sector Podkar-Patska Russ.1945-1948: Fugitive in Prague, toParis-fugitive from Russians.1952: Arrived United States withAnna.1952- 1974:Built and owned a res-taurantandtaughtmusicandlanguages.Antonin Horak died in 1976, Annain 1978.Military actionAs noted above, in October, 1944,Tony was a captain in the SlovakianArmy,fighting in the north of Slovakianear the Polish border. I am quotingdirectly from the 1944 diary of TonyHorak:"Saturday, October 21, 1944. Theremnantsof ourbattalion (184men andofficers, a quarter wounded, 16stretchercases)wereretreating throughthe snow of the north slope."My company was the rear guard.At dawn Sunday, two 70mm gunsopened up at us fromcloserange-about300 meters. Having held our positionfor 12 hours, I ordered a gradualbreakup of the skirmish and a:lip-off.. "But in our left trench someone be-came careless, and that drew two di-rect hits-shells, two wounded. Arriv-ing there I bumped into the enemy,caught a bayonet and bullet with myleft palm and ablow onmy head, whichDecember2006
  • Tony Horak, lep, and J. Allen Hynek in 1970.put me out.Withoutmy furcapit mighthave been fractured. ."Sunday, October 22,1944.1 cameto when someone was pulling me fromthe trench, a tall peasant. He packedsnow on my hand and head, andgrimed."Then this rough and ready Samari-tan grabbed Jurek, stripped off hispants, yanked a long slivver of steelfrom his thigh, and planted himbare-bottomed and gasping into a heapof snow.Martin, with a slashacrossandinto his belly, was tenderly bandaged."Building a stretcher,thepeasantin-troduced himself as Slavek, asheepman, owner of the pastures here-abouts. With Slavek hauling and guid-ing, it took us four hours to reach thiscranny.The cave"Slavek moved rocks in the crannyand opened a low cleft,the entrance tothis roomy grotto."Placing Martin in a niche, we wereastonished to see Slavek become cer-emonious: he crossed himself. each ofus, the grotto. and. with a deep bow. itsback wall, where a hole came to myattention."About to leave us, Slavek wentthroughthemsameholy rites,andbeggedme not to go further into his cave. I ac-compaked him-to fetch pine boughs-and he told me that only once, with hisfather and grandfather, he had been inthis cave: that it is a huge maze, full ofpits which they neverwanted tofathom,pocketsof poisonous air, and certainlyhaunted."I was back in the grotto with mymen ataboutmidnight,exhausted,headvery painful, soothed it with snow.Martin was unconscious, Jurek fever-ish."For breakfast-lunch-dinner he andI had hot water, and, thank God, I hadmy pipe. Iplaced warm stones aroundMartin, and ~urekgot the first watch."October 23,1944. Miserable night.Martin at times conscious; I gave himthree aspirins and hot water to sip withdrops of Slivovitz."Jurek hobbled hungrily around thetwoGermanhelmetsin whichhe boiledwater, to which I added .lo drops ofSlivovitz, our breakfast. With this del-uge of snow,avalanchesimminent,andenemy skiersroaming,Slavekmay notbe able to get through to us with foodfor days to come."And neither shouldItry huntingandtrack up thelandscapewhile I have twoimmobilized men on my hands."But here we have this cave whichSlavek knows only partially; it mayhave more than this known entrance,anditmay containhibernatinganimals."These possibilities I mulled overwhile Jurek was chewing pine bark,and, as expected,he imploredme to gopoachinginto Slaveks cave and prom-ised to keep mum."And I was not only starved, butequally eager to find out what makesself assured Slavek scared enough toinvoke the Deities. I started my cavetour with rifle, lantern. torches, pick."After a not too devious nor danger-ous walk and some squeezing, alwaystakingtheeasiest and markingsidepas-sages. I came, after about I 112hours.intoa long,level passage, and at itsendupon a barrel-sized hole.Next month: The Discovery.Friedman...Continued from page 19)Grinspoon makes only one dispar-aging comment about Roswell. But inhis notes on sources for his Beliefschapter he states "Two good books onthe "Roswell Incident" are TheRoswellReport: CaseClosed by CaptainJamesMcAndrew and Roswell: InconvenientFacts and the Will to Believe by KarlPflock, a veteran ufologist."A highlight of the former is the no-tion that crash test dummies droppedall over New Mexico wereresponsiblefor stories about small alien bodies re-lated to Roswell.Of course, more careful investiga-tion indicates the dummies were 6 talland weighed 175 pounds, and nonewere dropped before 1953(6 years af-ter Roswell) or near either the Coronaor Plains of San Agustin crash sites.Ihave discussed the many problemswith Karls characterassassinationsandother aspects of his Roswell investiga-tion in my 2003 paper "Critiquing theRoswell Critics."The book is an excellent overviewof planetology, but certainly has littlescientific work on UFOs. spacetravel,the cosmic Watergate.I am sure we will hear more fromDr. Grinspoon. I might even buy hisbook VenztsRevealed.fsphys@rogers.comwww.stantonfriedman.comCase reportsInvestigatorsand StateDirectors.Please senda copyvia email (Word)or snailmail of your case reportsdi-rectlyto the Journal,includingcop-ies of any photos and drawings(.jpg).Thanks.- December 2006 MUFON UFO Journal
  • Directors Message...(Continued from page 2)you have a public service announce-ment that you would please like themto air. The FCC requires that TV stations.in order to maintain their broadcast li-cense, periodically air PSAs as a ser-vice to the public.Keep in mind that the TV stationdoes not have to air your PSA. and cangive the time slot to another organiza-tion. so please be courteous and thankthe station.Explain the mission and goals ofMUFON and that it is a 5013C non-profit organization. Mention that thePSA is not solicitingdonations.andthatit is only to let the stations viewersknow that there is somewherethat theycan report a possible UFO sighting.If the T-Vstation agrees to run it,inform them that the PSA is on CD orDVD in a MPEG-2 format and takeboth the CDIDVD and the printed Ar-ticles to the TV station.If the station cannot accept .mpeg2files, a Betacam SPbroadcast tape canbeproducedandmade availableforthatparticular station.Easter points out that "if there is aUFO flap in a State Directors juris-diction, this PSA will be a handy toolto insert into the television viewing topossibly gain witness information thatmight not otherwise be gathered."For every UFO sighting that is re-ported, there are nine that are not, pri-marily because the witness does notknow who to report it to.Help us in this concerted effort tomake MUFON a household name andincreasethe numberof sightingreportsMUFON can investigate. Many ofthese same witnesses are also potentialMUFON members.When thewitnessfillsout theonlinereport form, it will automatically berouted to the appropriate State Direc-tor for assignmentto a Field Investiga-tor.Pleasefollowuppromptly andcom-pletethe investigation.If you are not currently a Field In-vestigator,now is thetimetogettrainedand take the Field Investigator Exam.You can purchase the Field Investiga-tor Manual at http://www.mufon.comfinvmanual.htm for the MUFON mem-ber price of $28.50.Projects and fundraisingYou should have already receivedMUFONs fallfundraiserletterthat wasmailed in November.Pleaseread aboutthe important projects MUFON hasplanned, and help us get these projectsoff the ground through your generousdonation.These projects include our PublicEducation Fund, First Responder Edu-cation Fund, Preserve UFO HistoryFund, ResearchTeamsFund, and UFOCumculum Fund. Together, we cansolve the UFO mystery.Position AnnouncementsSam Maranto of Orland Park, IL,has been appointed as the State Direc-torforIllinois,replacingDavidMarler.Tracey Smith of Great Bend, KS,has been appointed as the AssistantState Director for Kansas.RobinVanOlszewskiof Greenvillehas been appointed as the State Sec-tion Director for the northwest sectionof South Carolina.Charles May has accepted the po-sition of Foreign Representative inSaudi Arabia.MUFON UFO JournalSherryBasketof Stephenville,TX,has accepted the position of Research-Specialistin Educational Counseling.MalcolmBurnettof Bellevue,WA,has.acceptedthe position of ResearchSpecialistin ElectricalEngineering.New Field InvestigatorsIn the October 2006Journal QronCole Thompson of Muncie, IN wasmistakenly listed as Tyron ColeThornton.Kathleen Marden, Director ofField Investigator Training, has an-nouncedthatPattyDonahue,of Eagle,MI, Mary Jo Bossone of PompanoBeach, FL, Theresa Merklinger ofWinter Springs, FL, Gary Huffmanof Golden,CO, CharlesMay of SaudiArabia. Todd Hitch of Houston, TX,Frank Lang, of Seymour, CT, Rich-ard Blalack of Wayside, NJ, and Jo-seph McElveen of Rincon, GA, havepassed the MUFON FieldInvestigators Exam and are nowMUFONField Investigators.Estate PlanningPlanned giving can be beneficial toboth MUFON and to your own tax andestate situation.If you wish to have more informa-tion on various options and benefits,please contact MUFON Headquarters.December 2006
  • LEARN THE TRUTH2000:UFO FLAP IN REMOTE AZ AREA;GOVJMILITARY & MURDER &COVER-UP; ALTERNATE "AREA Sl"?2000-2005: COPTER HARASSMENTS;ATTEMPTEDMURDER;PHONES CONTROLLEDAND BUGGED;NUMEROUS SIGHTINGS;SHOCKING PHOTOS; MUCH MORE.Send check or M.O. for $20 (includesS&H)to:George Parks, AZ MUFON State Dir..630 W. Paseo NortenoTucson. AZ 85704-4641 12-06WorldsBest UFO CasesThis is a collection of the very best cases of the past 50years, investigated by the very best researchers. Essentially,itis "the best of the MUFON UFO Journal."Included are contributions by Stanton Friedman (Hill starmap),John Schuessler(Cash-Landrumencounter),Ray Fowler(Allagash abductions), John Carpenter7, (video-taped abduction). Bill ChalkerK I J . . (alien DNA case). Don Burleson (deci-0 phering Ramey message). David Rudiak(evaluating Ramey message), NancyTalbott (science of crop circles). TedBloecher (New Berlin repair case). Dr.Roger Leir (implants). Stan Gordon(Bigfoot), Phyllis Budinger (analysis ofDelphos sod; analysis of Betty Hill dress); Walter Webb (BuffLedge abductions), Kathleen Marden (Betty & Bamey Hill),and Len Stringfield (three Kentucky women abducted).Othercasescovered include the Hickson-Parkerabductionsat Pascagoula, Betty & Bamey Hill. Travis Walton. AustraliasKelly Cahill multiple witness encounter. McMinnville pho-tos, Father Gills close sighting. animal abductions/rnutila-tions. historic UFO art. and the ongoing Romanek case.The compiling. writing, and editing of this 240-page softcover book is by Dwight Connelly. MUFON Jorrnrcrl editor.Order from MUFON Headquarters. the MUFON.comwebsite. or from the author at 14026 Ridgelawn Road.Martinsville. IL 62442. $9.95 plus $3.00 shipping (single ormultiplc copies). Signedlinscribed copies on request.The Allies of HumanityBook Two:Human Unity. Freedom & theHidden Reality of Contactby Marshall Vian SummersWe are all the native peoples of thisworld. The Intervention is here. Take astand for humanity. 206 pages, $14.95,New Knowledge Library, 1-800-938-5891www.alliesofhumanity.org (Book One free online)Abductions, healingsBill McCowan, Dept. M, P. 0. Box 402,Springville, AL 351461-07Read the amazingtrue storyof a man whohas been abducted since the age of 5 years- I old.Laterinlifehisentire family was abducted by alienswhile living in ru-Advertising ratesIn 3x 6xBack cover $450 $125 $400Inside back cover$425 $400 $375Full page $350 $325 $300112page $250 $225 $200IM page $150 $125 $100"Galling card" $55 $50 $45For advertising. contact James Carrion at.jcanion @mntview.com.970-221-1836.- ral Alabama.I As the yearsIwent by, he had an< I, incredible sixI s p o n t a n e o u sImiracle healingsk- that were lifethreatening.Read the trueaccount of this and many other events thathave changed his life forever.Hardcover is 429 pages and has 13 pic-tures. $29.95 ($21.95 softcover) plus $3.95postage. Please enclose $8.95 for shippingoutside the U.S.
  • January 2007 SkyMoon Phases:Full Moon: Jan. 3Last Quarter: Jan. 11New Moon: Jan. 19First Quarter: Jan. 25Bright planets (evening sky)Mercury (magnitude -1.0 to -0.9):Moving from Sagittarius toCapricornus.ForNorthern Hemisphereobservers,Mercury will be visible with difficultyand only later in themonth after sunsetvery low in the southwest.For more favored Southern Hemi-sphere observers, Mercury will moveout of the glare of the Sun near Jan. 16.and will stand about 6 degrees abovethe western horizon by the end of themonth.Venus (magnitude -3.9 to -0.9):Moving from Sagittarius throughCapricornus into Aquarius. ForNorth-ern Hemisphere observers, Venus willbe visible very low in the southwestafter sunset at the beginning of themonth;by months end Venuswill standabout 11degrees above the southwesthorizon as evening twilight fades.ForSouthernHemisphereobservers,Venuswill stand about6degreesabovethe west-southwest horizon at the be-ginning of the month, rising to ll de-grees above the horizon by the end ofthe month.Saturn (magnitude 0.2 to 0.0): InLeo.ForNorthern Hemisphereobserv-ers, Saturn will rise in the east-north-east approximately 3 hours after sun-set, and will stand about 27 degreeshigh in the west at the beginning ofmorning twilight.SouthernHemisphereobserverswillfind Saturn rising in the east-northeastapproximately 2.5 hours after sunset,and will standabout44degreeshigh inthenorthwest atthe beginning of mom-ing twilight.AM.UnfortunatelythefullMoon will prevent op-timal viewing. .-. Before Dawn on Jan. 15..Bright planets (morning sky)Mars (magnitude 1.4): In Sagit-tarius. For Northern Hemisphere ob-servers, Mars stands more than 60 de-grees high in the south-southeastat thebeginning of morningtwilight,and setsnear 2:30 AM in the west-northwest.For/ less favored Southern Hemi-sphere observers, Mars will rise ap-proximately one hour before dawn inthe east-southeast at the beginning ofthe month, standing 13degrees abovethehorizonas morningtwilightbegins.By months end, Mars will standabout 17degrees above the horizon atthebeginning of morning twilight.Jupiter (magnitude -1.8to -1.9): InOphiuchus. For Northern Hemisphereobservers,Jupiterwillrise inthe south-east near 5:30 AM. and will standnearly 14degrees high in the southeastat the beginning of morning twilight.For SouthernHemisphereobservers,Jupiter rises approximately 1.5 hoursbefore the Sun in the east-southeast,standing about 19 degrees above theeast-southeasthorizonatthebeginningof morning twilight.By .months end, Jupiter will standabout44degreeshigh in theeast-south-east at the beginning of AM twilight.Meteor showers: Quadrantids:The Quadrantids are an above aver-age shower, with up to 40 meteors perhours at their peak. The shower willpeak this year on Jan. 3, but some me-teors will be visible from Dec. 28-Jan.7.MUFON UFO JournalPredictedRate: 45 to200 faint meteors per hour.Where to look: east of Polaris (the .. ,North Star) and below Ursa Major (theBig Dipper). 4I )Conjunctions and occultations: . ..Jan. 5:Jupiter5degreesnorth of An:taresJan. 6: Saturn 0.2 degrees south of.the Moon.Jan. 15: Antares 0.1 degrees northof the Moon.Jan. 15:Jupiter 6.0degrees north ofthe Moon.Jan. 17: Mars 5.0 degrees north ofthe Moon.Jan. 20: Venus 0.1 degrees north of-the Moon.December 2006