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Mufon ufo journal   2005 9. september
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Mufon ufo journal   2005 9. september Mufon ufo journal 2005 9. september Document Transcript

  • InthisIssueA new book. Hair of theAlien, by Bill Chalker isreviewed, p. 12.MUFON Forum, p. 5.Secrecy, UFOs, anddeath of the American re-public, by RichardDolan,part two, p. 6.2005 MUFONSympo-sium presentations sum-marized, p. 9.Calendar, p. 21.UFO Marketplace, p.23.ColumnsDirectors Message 2Filers Files 15Ted Phillips 18Stan Friedman 20McLeods Night Sky 24September 2005No. 449$4.00Mutual UFO NetworkJOURNALThis drawing by MUFON Field Investigtor Steve Reichwuth de-picts the object sighted by a California woman. The object washovering over a car dealership in Dublin, CA. The report begins onpage 3.
  • September 2005 Number 449MUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)Mutual UFO NetworkPost Office Box 369Morrison, CO 80465-0369Tel: 303-932-7709Fax: 303-932-9279International DirectorJohn F. Schuessler, M.S.Tel: 303-932-7709schuessler® mho.netEditor:Dwight .Connelly, M.S.14026 Ridgelawn RoadMartinsville, IL 62442Tel: (217) 382-4502mufonufojournal@ hotmail.comAdvertising Director:John F. Schuessler, M.S.Columnists:George Filer, M.B.A.Stanton Friedman, M.S.Gavin A. J. McLeodTed PhillipsMUFON on the Internet:http://www.mufon.comMUFON e-mail address:mufonhq@aol.comMUFON Amateur Radio Net:40 meters - 7.237 MHzSaturdays, 8 AM CST or COSTDirectors MessageBy John F. Schuessler2005 Symposium Wrap-upThe 2005 MUFON InternationalUFO Symposium in Denver was a verysuccessful event thanks to the leader-ship of symposium chair Lin Simpson.A hearty thank you goes out to all ofthe attendeesfor supportingM U F O Nthrough theirattendance andparticipation inJoin, Si luiexslerthis event.M i c h e l l ePoolet did a su-per job of de-veloping somenew softwarefor the on-siteregistration of attendees, and led thateffort all weekend.We thank Kathy Schuessler forhandling all of the pre-registrations andthe operation of the MUFON store andmembership sign-ups at the sympo-sium.We also want to thank theexcellentslate of speakers for sharing the resultsof their vital work in this field, andTracy Austin-Peters for handling theMC task for the weekend. Many thanksgo to Ken Storch for organizing andhosting the Friday night panel discus-sion. For their audio/visualsupport, wethank Bob and Teri Brown and theirInternational UFO Congress team.A big thank you goes to LeslieVarnicle and the Colorado MUFONteam that hosted the event and madethings run so smoothly. Thanks to TomDeuley andLeslee Alexander we hada new and very successful event-a si-lent auction to raise funds for MUFON.Journal Editor Dwight Connellyand his wife Carolyn staffed aMUFON UFO Journal table so theycould meet and solicit UFO reports andarticles from MUFON members fromall over the globe.Gail Barton did a super job inset-ting up and runningthe art display andevidence rooms. Right after the sym-posium Gail was hospitalized for acouple of weeks, so we hope you willall wish her well on her recovery.Mark Stahl and his team did a fine(Continued on page 22)Change of address and subscription/extra copies inquiries should besent to MUFON,P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369.Copyright 2005 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of this document may be reproduced m any form without the written permission of the CopyrightOwners. Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one article, provided the author is credited,and the statement. "Copyright 2005 by the Mutual UFO Network. P.O. Box 369. Morrison. CO 80465-0369" isincluded.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editor, and do not necessary reflect theofficial position of the Mutual UFO Network Opinions expressed are solely those of the individual authors andcolumnists, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editor or staff of MUFON.The Mutual UFO Network. Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the InternalRevenue Code MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the type described in Section 509 (a) (2) Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal Income Tax Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers,or gifts ate alsodeductible for estate and gift purposes, provided they meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055. 2106. and2522 of the Internal Revenue Code MUFON is a Texas nonprofit corporationThe MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network. Inc . Morrison, CO. SecondClass postage paid at Versailles. MOIndividual Membership S45/year U.S . S55outside the U.SFamily members- $10 per person additionalStudent (18 years and under)S35U S and $45 outside the U SDonor: $100/year Professional $250/year Patron. $500/yearBenefactor (Lifetime Member). Si.000First class Journal delivery (m envelopes) U.S and Canada only: Sl2/year additionalAir Mail Journal delivery to all other countries outside the United States $35/year additionalPostmaster Send form 3579 to advise change of address to MUFON UFO Journal, P O. Box 369. Morrison,CO 80465-0369MUFONs mission is the scientific study of UFOs for the benefitof humanity through investigation, research, &education.
  • Woman says saucer-shaped objecthovered over California businessDate of sighting: 11/5/2004 6:45PMReported: 11/7/2004Location: Dublin,CAShape: DiscDuration: 3 rtiins.Source of initial report: Peter Dav-enport, NationalUFO Reporting Cen-ter (NUFORP)Investigated by:Steven Reichmuth,MUFON Field Investigator & StateSection Director Alameda County,CAEvaluation: significant;CE-1.The witness report""While traveling on 1-680 South, Itook the Dublin Blvd. exit to stop at agas station. As I was taking the exit,there is a car dealership located right atthe curve. I was talking to my daughteron the cell phone and noticed a goldobject, shaped like a saucer, which hada lighted dome andmuted colored lightsat the bottom.It was huge and situated behind thebright lights of the car lot. At first Ithought it was a gimmick to attract cus-tomers to the dealership. Then itmovedvery slowly, coasting back and forthfrom left to right. I screamed as I real-ized it was the real thing ... a UFO."I parked my car and had a betterview. I described it to my daughterandsaid I wish I had acamera so I can showher how it looks. Ive had a cameraphone but never used it, soI completelyforgot I had a camera until my daugh-ter mentioned it."I drove out of the parking lot andtold my daughter I was going to take asnapshot of it. As I moved closer to theobject, in a matter of 3-4 seconds itfaded and disappeared in the night sky."Impressions/evaluationsWitness(s): The witness, 44, is acollege graduate and works as an ex-ecutive assistant to the CEO of a localfirm. She does not want her name pub-licized at this time. Sheis a mature pro-September 2005Composite illustration by investigator Steve Reichmuth.fessional womanof good character, de-termined, persistent, polite, calm, intel-ligent, and curious.The witness is interested in UFOs,but is not versed in their details. Forthe initial interview with me she wentto considerable time and trouble todrive the distance with her three chil-dren along, unable to find a sitter. Shefelt it was that important to her.Both Ruben Uriarte, State Director,for Northern California, and I havemetwith her, and neither of us has any rea-son to feel she is untruthful or has cre-ated a hoax.The witness reported that no one elseapparently saw the object. She gaveclear specific descriptions, and has notwavered in any details of the case.The witness was alone at the timeof the sighting. She was, however, invoice communication with her daugh-ter, 16, who was at home (the familywas then living in Tracy, CA) via cellphone during the entire experience. Herdaughter, like her mother, is of goodcharacter.The witness said viewingthe objectfrightened her, and upon being askedby me, she admitted it was also "beau-tiful" to look at. She had never seenMUFON UFO Journalsuch an object before, and states shehas changed her opinion about the pos-sibility of the existence of such objects.She has not confided her experienceto others except a few trusted closefriends, and says the sighting has attimes made her feel isolated, not beingable to share her experience with verymany others.Weather: The witness reported thatthe weather that night consisted of ahigh ceiling overcast. The sky appearedclear at low to medium altitudes. Therewas some lightpollution. No stars werevisible. I havetaken images of the areaunder the same lighting conditions(6:45 PM PDT), and attached imagesto this report.Size of object: The object was aboutthe size of a softball at arms length.Since it was low to the ground, possi-bly over the car dealership, and wasviewed from two different positions(see triangulation map), a size of 56 feetin diameter could be estimated, al-though the witnesswas not completelysure of distance.Description of object: The objecthad a radiant white dome, and the discitself seemed a gold or copper colorwith a smooth definite outer structure
  • with panel lines. The body of the craftdid not emit any light or plasma field,but just below the object the witnessobserved what appeared to her as aglowing auraall along the objects bot-tom.This aura was glowing red, orange,and yellow-or shades intermixed. Thepresence of orange and red plasmaswith hoveringUFOs is consistent withother such reports of craft seen close.I consider this case a Close Encoun-ter of the 1st kind (CE-1) according tothe Hynek-Vallee classification system.The Stone Ridge Chrysler-Ply-mouth-Jeep car dealership salespeoplereported nothing unusual seen, heard,or felt. There were no other reports,despite the objects close proximity toa busyfreeway intersection (Hwy 580& HWY 680 in Dublin). A few com-mercial stores in the area were checked,but nothing unusual was seen.Many at the dealership suggesteditwas the Saturn blimp aircraft whichfrequented the area during this timeI determined that the Saturn adver-tising blimp was in the Livermore/Pleasanton area,flying there in the eve-nings (in between sports telecasts fly-ing over the Oakland Coliseum) be-tween late October and December2004).The Saturn blimp was based at thattime at Livermore Municipal airport. Icontacted via the Livermore airportmanagers office the two pilots who flythis blimp, chief pilot CharlesHalbrooke andpilot Doug McFadden.Both were very polite and friendly, andremarked that they frequently receivesuch UFO inquiries.The chief pilot checked his flight logbook and reported he was indeed fly-ing the Saturn blimp thatevening. It wasairborne at the time of the dealershipsighting (18:45 hours). He reportedseeing nothing unusual.The minimumoperating altitude re-quired by FAAfor suchblimps is 1,000ft. The pilot reported they were havingtrouble with their on-board electricalgenerator, which provided electricalpower for night-time illuminationof theblimp interior for visualadvertising.The APU (auxiliary power unit) isgravity fed with fuel, and will some-times stall out (causing the blimp inte-Original sketch by witness.Sketch of object by retired policeforensic artist TomMacris, based onthe witness description.rior lights for the exterior translucentillumination of the blimp "bag" to"wink out" temporarily as the blimppitches up or down at an extreme angle,according to the pilot.Thisa good note for future MUFONcases involvingblimp aircraft as well.The witness is very adamant that theobject seen was not a blimp.I telephoned my contact at the Oak-land Air Traffic Control Center, andwas referred to the "Nor Cal" air traf-fic control center near Sacramento (ra-dar situated on formerNather Air Forcebase).The Oakland Center, though geo-graphically closer tothe event (Dublin),is blind on their radars at the low alti-tudes, due to hills between OaklandCenter (located near Hayward, CA)and Dublin. My contact at OaklandCenter, Peter "Pete"Marcuso, chief airtraffic controller, said to contact hisfriend personally at "Nor Cal."This traffic controller contact, whoMUFON UFO Journalwishes to remain anonymous, reportedthe radar data at Nor Cal and other con-trol centers are kept for a only alimitedtime in their computers, but Nor Calwas able to report they had some sortof computer record of a Saturn Blimpradar transponderwhich pinpointed theblimp at 18:45 hours (6:45 PM) nearLivermore-some 7 to 10miles east ofDublin-at the time of the sighting. Noother anomalous radar returns were re-ported.This seemed to provide some veryimportant independent confirmationthat, whatever my witness had seen, itwas not a blimp.Her daughter had urged her to try tophotograph the object with her cellphone. The witness was inexperiencedwith the cell phone camera device.During the sighting the witness wasable to drive to a nearby store parkinglot facing the autodealership andwatchthe object hoveringwithoutdistractionor interruption for some 3 to 4 minutes(a long time).She started the car with no difficulty,and she pulled into the intersection toget closer for a photograph. The objectseemed (she thought)to sense her pres-ence, and whenshe tried to take a photothe object silently darted away at veryrapid speed-gone in 3 to4 seconds inasteep climb away from witness towardthe south-southeast (toward eastPleasanton).The Dublin Police Dept. was con-tacted by telephone on Dec. 7, 2004.They were courteous and prompt (andnaturally curious). The Watch Sergeantthe next day contacted all officers onduty that night (Nov. 5,2004).The police computer log was alsochecked, and nothing unusual was re-ported ortelephoned into the police sta-tion from anywhere in Dublin thatnight.Sergeant Peccaro left a message on mypersonal home answering machine 24hours later.On June 10,2005,1was introducedby Ruben Uriarte to a notable policeforensic artist now retired from the SanJose Police Department, Tom Macris.Using remarkable communicationtechniques as well as artistic ability, hewas able to create an additional draw-ing for added perspective and possibleinsight on the case. Macris remarkedSeptember 2005
  • Aerial view of sighting area, showing the two points at which the objectwas observed.he was very impressed with the wit-ness.If the object in question was in facta UFO (alien craft), I feel this witnesshas been somehow permitted to see it(their "blinders" opened for her). Thewitness suspects this too. She reportsno other unusual occurrences, and nomissing time.Miscellaneous checksNatural PhenomenaPlanet NoComet NoMeteor/Bolide NoSun Dog No (nightsighting)Moon Dog NoMan-Made ObjectConventional Aircraft: NoMilitary Air Refueling NoJet Fighter NoJet Fighter w/After Burner NoHelicopter NoBlimp Possibility, butwitnessand radar seem to rule this out.Other PossibilitiesSatellite Re-entry NoOut of Focus Not likely-Wit-ness wore contact lenses (nearsighted)during event (driving).Ring or Diffraction Disc NoSeptember 2005Gas Balloons/w/Match NoBalloon NoModel Aircraft/toy NoFlare Fireworks NoLight Reflection NoChildrens Pranks NoHoax NoDelusion NoPhilip J. Klassdead at 86Philip J. Klass, senior editor atAvia-tion Week and Space Technology for35 years, fellow of CSICOP, and archdebunker of UFO phenomena, has diedat the age of 86.Dr. Bruce Maccabee comments:"Phils UFO legacy is simple: he almostsingle-handedly managed to set ufologyback perhaps 30 years by making him-self available to the press as a credibleUFO skeptic who was sufficientlyknowledgeable about the subject towrite books about UFOs-books thatwere generally endorsed by the scien-tific community...."Yet, I thank him for my educationin UFO investigation.Without his con-tinual proddingwhen I was investigat-ing Trent and New Zealand Iwouldnthave become as effective in acting likea lawyer for the defense."MUFON UFO JournalVal Johnson caseTed Philips recounted in his columnthe ValJohnson UFO-police car colli-sion case in Minnesota. Few peopleprobably know that there may havebeen a witness to the same object thatnight.A longtime acquaintance of mine,having seen me on TV, told me of hissighting after being silent for about adecade.He had becomean archaeologist, butwas a musician returning from a Sun-day "gig" in the Minneapolis area (notethis is the opposite side of the state) toMilwaukee when he saw an object inthe sky "as bright as a welderstorch."He described its motion as the tradi-tional "falling-leaf flutter, although heused hand motion to describe it, anddidnt immediately recognize the term.He noted whereit dropped below thetreeline, estimated adistance, pulledoffthe freeway to investigate, but came toa 5-way intersection and recognizedhed only get lost. He did not notethe time, although it was well past mid-night.Returning toMilwaukee, he watchedthe newspapers & read of the Johnsoncase at about the same time being in-vestigated by "some group in Chicago"(presumably CUFOS). Feeling hissighting wouldbe taken as seriously asfrom a "pot-smoking musician," henever came forward until hisreport to me.-Jeff SainioMUFON Staff PhotoanalystFriedman criticStanton Friedman is beginning tosound like a "jealous ninny." His at-tack on Dr. Steven Greer was way overthe top. There are men of science inDr. Greers book Disclosure who havegiven him information on back engi-neered freeenergy.You cant blame Dr. Greer for fundshe needs to carry on his work. I haveatape of Stanton Friedmans and it wasnot free. He should spend more of histime investigating the U.S. Patent Of-fice.-J.M. Aldridge
  • Secrecy, UFOs, and the deathof the American Republic, Part 2By Richard M. Dolan[Editors Note: Last month, in PartOne, Dolan discussed the reality of theUFO phenomenon, how the govern-ment is mishandlingit, and the specu-lation that UFOsmight be theproducts of for-eign develop-ments, our ownadvanced re-search, or evenarogue humangroup with ad-vanced technol-ogy.]Then there isthe more radical Richard Dolaninterpretation,which is that this technology wasnthuman in origin at all.Either way, this was clearly a seri-ous matter to serious people. H.Marshall Chadwell,for instance, whowas the CIAs Deputy Director of Sci-entific Intelligence.By 1952, when UFO sightings weregetting rather out of hand, and notjustthe public but military personnel wereencountering these things with incred-ible frequency, we can imagine thecon-cern that was generated at high levels.Only a handful of documents havecome down to us from that period:some books, afew reports, and memos.One of them, however, speaks vol-umes. Its a brief document, preparedby Chadwell for his boss, CIA Direc-tor Walter Bedell Smith. It was datedDec. 2, 1952. Chadwell was careful.He didnt come out and say, "Boss,were being invaded." Here is the rel-evant paragraph:"At this time, the reports of incidentsconvince us that there is somethinggo-ing on that must have immediateattention....Sightings of unexplainedobjects at great altitudesand travellingat high speeds in the vicinity of majorU.S. defense installations are of suchnature that they are not attributable tonatural phenomena or known types ofaerial vehicles."Not naturalphenomena, not knowntypes of vehicles, and not (apparently)U.S. manufactured.It didnt appear tobe Soviet. So whatdoes thatleave youwith? No matter what the answer, thiswas clearly a matter of grave concernto the decision-makers of U.S. defenseand intelligencepolicy.With that in mind, we can assumethat the public statements, repeatedover and over (flying saucers exist onlyin the imagination,nothing to them, allhoaxes or misidentifications, etc.) wereintentional acts of deception. You candefend this lying if you choose. Maybethe government was trying to preventmass panic, or hide their knowledge ofthis from the Soviets.But beforeyou draw thatconclusion,letus continue. And while wecontinue,I suggest you try to retain the image inyour mind of an enormous reality thathas continuously been denied byAmericas responsible leaders. Like abig sleeping bear in the corner of yourdining room that no one is allowed toacknowledge. Just sit quietly and eatyour dinner.Documents not whole storyFOIA documents, important thoughthey are, are not the whole story. Un-fortunately, researchers in this fieldhave the odds stacked against them.Weve obtained some documents toreview, it is true. But in reality, this isclearly a sprinkling-the spray of theocean. The ocean itself remains ropedoff.So we mustbe resourceful.Wemustbejournalists as well as historians. Weseek out people who have somethingto say on this matter. We judge theircredentials. We check their facts. Wecontinue trying to piece this story to-gether.The process is not infallible, we allknow this. But it is necessary, and wemust rely on our best judgement andsense of caution throughout.And thus we come to the strong rea-MUFON UFO JournalAbout the AuthorRichard Dolan is the author ofUFOs and the National SecurityState (2000), which covers the pe-riod from 1941 to 1973. He is cur-rently completing the second vol-ume, 1974 to the present.Dolan did undergraduateworkatAlfred University in history, En-glish, and philosophy, earned ascholarship to Oxford, and didgraduate work at the University ofRochester in political science.He has spoken at several UFOconferences, includingMUFONs2002 and 2005 symposiums, andhas written for the Journal andother UFOpublications.son to believe that UFOs are more thanjust objects flying around in the sky,butare in fact retrieved technology that isbeing stored and studied, and perhapsduplicated, at secret bases. We alsocome to the likelihood that there arebodies-alien bodies-that have beenstudied by human scientists.We come to this amazing conclusionbecause more than fifty years of his-tory pointinexorably toward it.There isRoswell, of course. Becausethe Roswell case has been so rich, sofull of witness testimony, so portentousfor its implications, debunking it hasbeen a priority since the case arose.Roswell will not go away, despiteABCs recent best effort to do so. But,frankly, Roswell is not of critical im-portance to establish the likelihood ofUFO crash retrievals by the U.S. mili-tary. UFOs were recovered many timesby U.S. military personnel.UFO recoveriesKingman, AZ, in 1953, Las Vegasin 1962, and Kecksburg, PA, in 1965are only among some of the betterknown cases in which U.S. militaryteams recovered what appear to havebeen genuine UFOs. There appear tobe others.Once again, a remarkable statementSeptember 2005
  • by Canadian government official andscientist Wilbert Smith sheds light onthis matter.Not long before his death in the early1960s, Smith said that during the greatUFO wave of 1952, the U.S. militaryhad shot off a piece of a flying saucernear Washington, D.C. He said that theU.S. Air Force had loanedhim a smallpiece for "a very shorttime."He showed it to his friend. U.S. NavyRear Admiral H. B. Knowles. Whenasked if he returned the pieceto the AirForce, he replied."Not the Air Force.Much higher than that."Was it the CIA?Smith chuckled andsaid. "Im sorry, gentlemen,but Idontcare to go beyond that point. I can sayto you that it went into the hands of ahighly classified group.You will haveto solve thatproblem, their identity,foryourselves."Claims and statements have beenaround for years regarding the storageof alien bodies at secure facilities,mostnotably Wright-Patterson Air ForceBase in Dayton, OH.During the late 1970s, UFO re-searcher and World War Two veteranLeonard Stringfield began to lookclosely into whathe began calling "thecrash retrieval syndrome." People con-tacted him anonymously, he followedleads and uncovered other individuals.By the early 1980s, he had spokento 20 first-handmilitary informants whohad either worked on a UFO crash re-trieval or seen alien bodies in storage,and another 30 or so who were inter-mediaries.By all accounts, Stringfield was agentleman and a careful researcher. Hehonored his promise to protect the iden-tities of the people who came to him,and neverjumped to conclusions aboutwhat they told him.He also considered the possibilitythat he was being "played." Still,Stringfield ultimately believed thatthesources were too disparate, and did notappear to be coordinated. They ap-peared to be genuine, and the informa-tion legitimate.Collectively, they told a story of sev-eral crash retrievals of alien vehicles byU.S. military personnel, as well as thehousing of bodies and study of tech-nology at deeply classified levels.Len StringfieldStringfields research into this mat-ter preceded the resurgence of theRoswell case. Indeed, we can trace ru-mors of crashed discs and alien bodieswithin the military to at least as earlyas 1949.There is an FBI document fromMarch 22,1950, addressed to J. EdgarHoover, that is so suggestive that onewonders if researchers even know whatto do withit. But the document-anothergift from FOIA-appears to be authen-tic. It states:"An investigator for the air forcesstated that three so-called flying sau-cers had been recovered in NewMexico. They were described as beingcircular in shape with raised centers,approximately fifty feet in diameter.Each one was occupied by three bod-ies of human shape but only three feettall, dressed in metallic cloth of veryfinetexture..."Many UFO researchers who stay inthis field longenoughdeveloptheir owncontacts with the classified world. Ihave, and I haveonly been publicly in-volved in this field for five years.For some of the people who haveconfided in me, I have not been able toconfirm their identities fully; for othersthere is no question that they are whothey say they are. A few of these peopleare quite prominent.They have told me the same thingStringfields contacts toldhim:there aredeep black programs to study alientechnology and bodies.But there is one person, very promi-nent indeed, who has been talking aboutthis publicly for some years. He is Dr.Edgar Mitchell of Apollo 14 fame, andthe sixth man to walk on the moon.On several occasions, Mitchell hasspoken in public about hisknowledgeof such programs-knowledge thatcame to him. he said, throughmorethanone elite-level connection.The manner in which themainstreammedia has handled his statementswould be an embarrassment if onedidnt sense an ulterior motivebehindsuch treatment, namely to defuse hisstatements as much aspossible.The secrecy on this matter is unbe-lievable. It appears to be part and par-cel of an apparatus that is absolutelymammoth, and which does not existofficially.Dr. Richard Sauder has documentedthe existence of an enormous systemof undergroundbases and even tunnelsthat stretches throughout the UnitedStates. Some of his research has un-covered a massive "shadow" govern-ment, so important and powerfulthat itappears to have authority over the"real" government.It would seem to me a logical guessthat this system is related at least in partto the study of such bodies and tech-nology. [10]Along these lines, Ihaveafriend whois a military attache living in Washingrton, D.C. Some time ago, this persontold me of some quiet discussions hehas had with his own colleagues. Onefriend of his was a senior Congressionalaide with significantbudgetary reviewresponsibilities.After a long period of numbercrunching, this aide came to the con-clusion that there existed an enormousblack arm of the U.S. government.Thatis, a substantial, powerful, expensive,and secret executive branch of the U.S.government. This individual believedit was connected to UFOs. I was un-able to getfurther information aboutthisperson.What it looks likeEven this is only apartial picture, butthe story looks clear enough. CuttingSeptember 2005 MUFON UFO Journal
  • with Occams razor, the simplest ex-planation as I see it is something likethis:During and immediately after WorldWar Two, U.S. military personnel be-gan encountering exotic, unconven-tional, and extraordinary craft. Itquickly became apparentto thebest andbrightest minds thatthese did not origi-nate with the Soviets, nor with theAmericans.They almost certainly concludedthatthe "true UFOs" did not originate fromour civilization. Hardly willing to sharethis information with others, secrecybecame the rule.At some point very early on, alientechnology and bodies were recovered.It would be of paramount importanceto determine several things asquicklyas possible: the intentionsof these "oth-ers," how to exploit their technology,and how tokeep information away fromundesirable groups, which would bejust abouteverybody.More considerations than panicThe reason for secrecy would bemuch more than preventing mass panicor some other form of public protec-tion.That sounds noble, and it may havebeen a factor early on in determiningpolicy. But secrecy grows its own ten-tacles, and developsits reasons for self-preservation. I think that by the 1950s,at the latest, the office of the Presidencylost control over UFO secrecy.Imagine being one of the memberscharged with managing the UFO prob-lem. You have to keep it so secret thatyou almost have to hide it from your-self. Layer uponlayerof deception fol-lows, false cover story upon false coverstory.We can assume that the technologyitself would have been amazingly ad-vanced, perhaps hopelessly so com-pared with what we had circa 1950.But perhaps, after a numberof years,one clever scientist hit upon an ideabased on one aspect of the recoveredtechnology. Not only an incalculabletechnology advantage, but a niceground floor investmentopportunity.Over the years, much of the UFOinformation wouldhavegone toprivatechannels. This has been happening withall aspects of the military, why not8UFOs? Its especially useful in main-taining secrecy.Unlike a federal office, contractorssuch as Lockheed, Wackenhut, Kodak,General Motors, or any number oflesser known corporations are not sub-ject to the Freedom of Information Actlaws.A senior military or intelligence ex-ecutive could hand off any number ofsensitive papers to a trusted colleaguein the private sector, knowing full wellthat the "working group" would main-tain access to all material anyway.The value of this technology is po-tentially-and certainly in reality-im-mense. I spoke to one man, notanony-mous but areal person withreal black-world credentials, who said to me, "Youknow whattheyre guarding out at Area51?Theyre guarding money! An enor-mous amount of money!"Money, he said, in the form of im-mensely valuable alien technology.Something else seems to have oc-curred along the way. According to aformer head of Lockheed Skunkworks,the late Ben Rich, direct control overthe UFO problem was removed fromthe U.S. Presidency around 1969.Since thattime ithas been controlledby private,international, channels. Thisis impossible to confirm at the presenttime. But it would be consistent withthe ascendancy of international corpo-rations and elites over most other as-pects of global power.What it looks like is that UFO se-crecy has led to the establishment of asecret network which controls accessto ET technology. While the networkisinternational, it uses the substantial re-sources of the U.S. black budget andother secret military groups as a pri-mary tool to engineer exotic technolo-gies that enable it to maintain scientific,military, and economic superiority.Yes,thats what it looks like.We need to re-examine the majorevents of our history and try to under-stand them in light of this. UFO realitymakes our actual history vastly differ-ent from whatwe are taughtin the stan-dard books.With the existence of a secret andextremely powerful group controllingthis subject and all that concerns it, amassive disinformation network hasMUFON UFO Journalbecome necessary. Who knowshow farthe disinformation has gone?This is in itself a critical part of thereason UFO secrecy has helped to killoff the American Republic. Such lev-els of deception go beyond mere se-crecy, and make it necessary to toss outthe old system in all but name.Recall my references in the first partof this article to important non-ufological threats to human freedom.What is now apparent is that UFO se-crecy has changed our system of gov-ernment so much over the years thatvarious "corrections" havehad to takeplace so that the externals can to someextent conform with the profoundchanges at the deeper levels.This has resulted in what I am cur-rently calling invisible fascism.Invis-ible because the official powers are notacknowledging it as such, but it is thereall the same. One wonders what thenext "correction" could bring.Next month: Part Three, A mat-ter of practical interest.Rocket blasts off fordetailed study of MarsA 188-foot Atlas 5 booster, built byLockheed Martin, blasted off at CapeCanaveral Air Force Station Aug. 13,sending a sophisticated orbiter to Mars.The spacecrafts primary goal is tocontinue the search for evidenceshow-ing how long Mars had water.When the satellite arrives at Mars itwilljoin two other U.S. orbiters, MarsGlobal Surveyor and Mars Odyssey,Europes Mars Express spacecraft andthe twin robot rovers, Spirit and Op-portunity.The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter isequipped with three high-resolutioncameras and a radar sounder that candetect water and ice below Mars sur-face.The most trying moment will comein March when the orbiter must slowdown and allow itself to be capturedby Mars gravity.It is to spend four years in orbitaround Mars looking for spots to landfuture rovers, leading to eventual hu-man expeditions. Other instrumentswill be able to map surface mineralsand monitor Mars atmosphere.September 2005
  • 2005 MUFON Symposium featuresbusiness, presentations, interactionThe 2005 MUFON InternationalSymposium got underwaywith a meet-ing on Friday of the MUFON BusinessBoard and State Directors.Discussed were MUFONs missionand goals, the MUFON Case Manage-ment System, the Pandora Project,MUFON finances, and inputfrom StateDirectors.It was noted that 2,520 MUFONUFO cases,totaling 28,000pages,havebeen entered into the Pandora Projectthus far. With 12 boxes completed, theProject still has 20 boxes to go.When completed, it is anticipatedthat this will be one of the largest re-sources in the world for researchers.Also on Friday was the MUFONBusiness Board meeting; the receptionfor benefactors; and the reception, din-ner, and a panel discussion featuringRichard Dolan, John Schuessler, andStan Friedman,hosted by Ken Storch.Presentations began early Saturdaymorning, with Tracy Austin-Peters asemcee. Tracy wasalso the luncheonspeaker on Satur-day.Detailed papersby each speakeron each topic areincluded in the2005 MUFONSymposium Pro-ceedings, avail-able fromMUFON. TheAustin-PetersProceedings also includes a short pieceby Dr. Edgar Mitchell, as well as a re-search paper on animal behaviors andUFOs by Joan Woodward.Scott Ramsey—The AztecUFO CrashRamsey discussed his efforts overthe past 18 years to follow up on the1948 crash at Aztec, NM, involvingbodies and a recovered craft, whichwasfirst reported by writer Frank Skully in1950.RamseyRamseys ac-count of his re-search was fea-tured in the Au-gust, 2004, is-sue of theMUFON UFOJournal.He and wifeSuzanne havediscovered keywitnesses, radarsites, physicalevidence, and other informationwhichstrongly suggest that Skullys story istrue.Phyllis Budinger—Search forPhysical Evidence of AbductionsBudinger, achemical ana-lyst, discussedtwo of severalufological re-search projectsthat she hasbeen involvedwith sinceretir-ing from privatework and set-ting up FrontierAnalysis,Ltd.The first partof her talk dealt the analysisof the dressBetty Hill wore during her famous ab-duction, while the second part ex-plained tests done on soil recoveredfrom one of Stan Romaneks apparentabductions.The analysis of swatchs from Bettysdress was covered in both theJanuary,2004, Journal and the August, 2005,Journal. Basically the tests indicatedthat the substances found on Bettysdress were from external sources thatcould not be positively identified.The Stan Romanek case continuesto yield extraordinarily interestingevi-dence whichthusfar is standing upwellto scientific testing, and whichinvolvesmany separate episodes.BudingerA summary of information releasedon the case up to that point was pre-sented in the April,2004, Journal, andan initial look at the case was high-lighted in the October, 2002, Journal.The soil sample in question comesfrom a Nov. 17,2002, episodeinwhichRomanek found himself locked out ofhis Nebraska house in the middle of thenight, wearing only his underclothing.Reportedly dazed and disoriented, hewas clutching ahandful of dirt. Inviewof several prior episodes, Romanek felthe should preserve the dirt in case itwould be helpful to those investigatinghis encounters.Budingers analysis of the dirt indi-cated that the majorportion of the het-erogeneous mixture was made up ofdark gray particulates which aremostlybeta bismuthtrioxide.Also present was a small amountofbismuth, moderate amounts of lightgray particulates which are mostlyvit-reous (i.e. glass-like) silica, and traceamounts of otherparticulates whicharemost likely contaminants composed ofnatural oil,pet hair, plastic fragments,dirt, and plant-derived materials.Budinger notes that "consultationwith material scientists revealsthat thematerial is definitely not a naturally oc-curring material. It is synthetic."She explains, "Both dark and lightgray particulates have beenexposed tohigh temperature. For the silica to beglass-like, it had to have experiencedhigh heat in formation. Also, I havebeen told that beta bismuth trioxide re-quires high heat in its formation."She concludes, "This is an uncom-mon material for Stan to have in hishand. It is highly improbable that hepicked it up in the backyard of hishouse. No matter what the composi-tion represents, it indicateshe was else-where that night."Esen Sekerkarar—Best UFOSightings in TurkeyMs. Sekerkarar is MUFON Repre-September 2005 MUFON UFO Journal
  • Sekerkararsentative forTur-key, and has con-tributed severalarticles to theJournal, the lat-est in the April,2005,issue.Some ofthesereports camefrom police,government offi-cials, and pilots.Dr. Roger Leir—NewestScientific Information inNon-terrestrial ImplantandPhysical Evidence ResearchDr. Leir, the leading researcher inanomalous implants and the author offour books on die subject,reported thathisteamhas"hy-pothetically di-videdthesurgicalspecimens intoseveral catego-ries."He lists theseas metallic (cov-ered with a bio-logical coating),non-metallic(little BB-sizedgrayish-whiteballs), and totally biological.An update on Dr.Leirs research ap-peared in the April, 2005, Journal, abook review is in the currentissue, andadditional reviews are scheduled.Richard M Dolan—How UFOSecrecy Has Damaged ModernScience and TechnologyDolan has written on this topic in theAugust, 2005, issue of the Journal(Part One), as well as in the current is-sue (Part Two).His presenta-tion was so wellreceived at theSymposium thathe was noisilyencouraged toextend his speak-ing time-andDolan was theDr. LeirFriedmanonly speaker toreceive a stand-ingovation.DolanStantonT.Friedman-Government UFO LiesFriedman, of course, is a regular col-umnist for the Journal, and has dis-cussed in hiscol-umns the prob-lems related togovernment se-crecy and lying.In his presen-tation he notedspecific incidentsgoing back sev-eral decades inwhich some armof the govern-ment lied aboutUFO cases or UFOs in general.He notes that agencies such as theFBI, CIA, NSA, Air Force, and othershave told documented lies-such asabout Roswell and Project BlueBook-and that "the press and certain otheracademic and supposedly scientificgroups, such as SETI, have oftenblindly acceptedand promulgatednon-sense without any effort to get at thetruth."Dr. Claude Swanson—TheRediscovery of MagicDr. Swanson, who was educated asa physicist at MIT and Princeton Uni-versity,has beeninvestigating theunified fieldtheory, whichhas beencalledthe theory of ev-erything," andwhich could ex-plain the uni-verse at thedeepest levels. Dr. SwansonHe pointedout in his talk that some phenomenareported in UFO or contact experi-ences, such as levitationby a craft orits occupants, out-of-body experiences,and psychokinesis (PK) would seem tobe unexplainable-or magic-but thatsome of these phenomena have nowbeen replicated in scientific laborato-ries.Likewise he suggested that somearchaeological megalithic monuments,such as the Giza Pyramid, the Baalbektemple in Lebanon, and Stonehenge,may be evidence of atechnology whichonce existed on Earth, but is now lost."In fact,"he said,"it may be our leg-ends of magic,whichdescend from thetime of the Druids and Egyptians andthe Old Testament,which may be theclosest thing to a historicalmemory ofthosecultures."He adds, "This suspicion is rein-forced when we study some of the tra-ditional and ancient cultures whichsur-vive today. Researchers are startled todiscover mat the Australian aboriginesroutinely usepsychic ability to commu-nicate and coordinate with other mem-bers of their tribe, when separated bymany miles."Dr. Swanson noted that the yogis ofIndia possess written records and on-going traditions going back more than6,000 years."Their world is much larger thanours," says Dr.Swanson, "and includesmany higher dimensions as well as par-allel universes. The puzzling abilitiesof ETs to teleport and levitate are notmysterious to them, for they are re-ported to possess these sameabilities."He notes, "There are manyparallelsbetween the phenomena observed inUFO/ET cases and the phenomenastudied byparanormal investigators andparapsycholgists."Dr. Swanson says this includes levi-tation, out-of-body experiences, orbs,and "the tunnel."These topicsandmoreare detailedin his book. The Synchro-nized Universe-New Science of theParanormal.In looking at ET, he concludes that"there are clearly manydifferent groupsof ETsvisitingthe Earth, and many pos-sible levels of developmentas well asworld views," but he believes that ifthey were here to conquer us, theywould have done it years ago."Certainly they haveobserved usandconducted experiments upon us." headds. "However, many abductees alsodescribe a form of education and train-ing over many years. It often involvesdeveloping a deeper understanding ofthe astralenergies, greaterpsychicabil-ity, and in many cases anunderstand-ing of a world view quite different fromours, but quite compatible with theworld view suggested by paranormalstudies."10 MUFON UFO Journal September 2005
  • Dr. Leo Sprinkle—The ETPresence: Cons and ProsDr. Sprinkle, professor emeritus ofCounseling Services at theUniversityof Wyoming,has been associ-ated withufology formany years.Although in-volved in sev-eral excellentcases, such asthe 1976 abduc-tion of three _. r . . .women inKen- Dr SPnnkletucky, Dr. Sprinkleinsteadfocused onmodels of science, reality, and humanconsciousness, as well as some mod-els of human/ET interactions and mod-els of UFO entities."In my opinion," he said, "UFO ac-tivity is one aspect of ahuge educationprogram. The program can be calledcosmic consciousness conditioning.This educational programapparently isconducted by representatives of extra-terrestrial and/or ultra terrestrialciviliations." He adds, "We UFOcontactees are being tested and culti-vated."Elaine Douglass—InvisibleUFOs? Case Reports, VideoSuggest the RealityMs. Douglass said that several casereports goingback to WorldWar II, plus avideo of a 1989sighting inDurea, PA, sug-gest that UFOsdo have the abil-ity to makethemselves in-„, , visible.Douglass She notedthat this is not the same as the ability tosimply speed away faster than the eyecan see, and thatinvisibility can involveboth optics and radar.Also discussed were chemtrails.cattle mutilations,and abductee" reportsas they relate to invisibilityof craft.Ms. Douglass concluded her presen-tation with an examination of a pro-posed technical mechanism to accountfor UFO invisibility, the bending of lightin a gravitational field.Paola Leopizzi Harris—Connecting the Dots: AnInternational PerspectiveMs. Harrisis an Italo Americanjour-n a l i s t / r e -searcher and ateacher at theA m e r i c a nO v e r s e a sSchool ofRome.She dis-cussed how theItalian mediahandle UFOstories; the tes-Harristimony of Former U.S. Air Force ob-server Charles Hall about his experi-ences with the "tall whites" at IndianSprings, NV; and the need for world-wide networking "to prepare humanityfor disclosure."Dr. Lynne Kitei-MysteriousLights in the Sky Over PhoenixDr. Kitei, a Phoenix physician, dis-cussedwitness-ing the 1997V-shaped forma-tion over Phoe-nix, as well asother phenom-ena.She has in-tensively stud-ied the sight-Dr. Kitei ings, and hasgathered exten-sive photographic evidence.A lucky bid-der in MUFONs first silent auctionreceives the ob-ject whichcaught his eye.Setting upand running theauction wereTom Deuley,center, andLesLee Alex-ander, right.MUFONs first silent auctiona success for bidders, MUFONPhoto creditThanks to Nick Roesler for pro-viding photos of speakers from the2005 MUFON symposium.By Tom DeuleyAbout six months ago LesLeeAlexander, later my partner in the Si-lent Auction operation, showed me asmall green rubber alien in abox. It wasa game named Alien Autopsy.Well, anywaywe played withit, hadsome fun and laughed a lot, thenLesLee bet me that the game could beauctioned off at the MUFON sympo-sium for a fairly good price, suggest-ing some twentydollars or so.We laughed at that too, and I told herthat MUFON had considered a silentauction some years back, and had evenasked Stanton Friedman if he would bewilling to be auctioned off for a lunchdate with a lucky bidder. He agreed,but itjust never jelled.This idea of a Silent Auction keptcoming up as the Alien Autopsy gamefloated around from one catch-all to thenext. Finally we sat down and dis-cussed it with some seriousness andSeptember 2005 MUFON UFO Journal 11
  • started a list of ideas of things wethought we could come up with.We closed thatlist out with 21items,thinking 30 or so items would be plentyfor this first experiment.Many letters and E-mails went outlooking for itemsand setting up the ideawith Colorado MUFON, the 2005Symposium sponsor, and our Interna-tional Director, John Schuessler.John agreed with great enthusiasmand eventually donated 75 items fromhis collection of UFO and space-relatedmemorabilia.Colorado MUFON also camethrough like champions and arrangedfor us to set up tables at the back of themain speakers room.We had a great response and heardfrom nearly everyone we contacted. Inthe end we had lined up more than 100items to deal with,most of which werenot cataloged when we arrived in Den-ver-and which kept us up until two inthe morning (Friday night)cataloginganddisplaying.But as the Friday night receptionprogressed, the bids quicklystarted go-ing up on items already displayed.The biddingwas open all day Satur-day and until the noon lunch break onSunday when we announced the win-ner of lunch with Stanton Friedman.Stan proved to be the greatfundraiser we expected, as the top bidfor an "on your own" lunch with himwas $250.Though we only anticipated raisingabout $1,000, the bids had gone flying,and we collected just over $3,300 forthe MUFON General Fund.Though wecant call it breaking the bank, we hada wonderful time sharing in the excite-ment that people were having watch-ing their bids.There were manyitems that excitedpeople, and several good deals. Oneofthe best was the Loren Gross UFOPapers collection, which wentfor $350.In terms of the itemsbid up the most,it had to be the UFO crystal paper-weight at $75 or the sculptured alienhead $135, donated by the RoswellUFO Museum. The Alien Autopsygame? It went for $43.We must thank all who donated, allwho bid, and the MUFON structure forletting it all happen.Hair of the Alien-DNA and OtherForensic Evidence of Alien Abduc-tion by Bill Chalker, Paraview PocketBooks, www.SimonSays.com, 5x8,softcover, 342 pages, $14.00.Reviewed by Dwight ConnellyJournal EditorThis is averyimportant bookby a respectedA u s t r a l i a nufologist who,for the firsttime, docu-ments DNAtesting in whatappears to be anabduction case.Readers ofthe Journal arefamiliar withthe general outlinesof thePeter Khoury case, thanks to articlesby Chalker in the July 2001 andJuly,2005, issues.Basically, this 1992 case involvesKhoury waking up in his Sydney,Aus-tralia, home and finding two nakedwomen on his bed, one blonde and onewith dark hair who appeared to beAsian. Both appeared to be human--like, but not reallyhuman.The blonde moved to Khoury anddrew him to her breast, and Khourytried to push her away, but discoveredthat she was stronger than he was.Finding it difficult to breathe, he bit offa piece of her nipple, whichcaused theblonde to release him.However, he had swallowedthe bit-ten off piece, and was getting chokedon it, coughing violently. Initiallyre-covering from the coughing, he lookedup and the two entities were gone.Khoury went to the kitchen to getsome bread to swallow to force theobject the rest of the way down. Healso drank a quantityof water.He then went to the bathroom, butfound it painful to urinate,discoveringtwo blondish, whitish hairs wrappeddeeply around his penis. He carefullyremoved these and, because of previ-ous encounters, decided to save themin a zip-lock plastic bag.There they remained until Chalkerbecame aware of them in 1996, but itwas not until 1998 that Chalker wasable to set up the first DNA tests.Two distinct phases of DNA analy-ses were done.Phase one testing, discussed in the2001 Journal article, showed a rareAsian Mongoloid DNA in the shaft ofthe blonde hair sample, which, if re-lated to the blonde which Khoury en-countered, wouldbe expectedto yielda Caucasian profile. Hair dying andalbinism were ruled out as possibleexplanations for the color of the hair.This individual was biologicallyclose to normal humangenetics, but ofone of the rarest human lineagesknown-one that lies farther from thehuman mainstram than any other ex-cept for African pygmies andaboriginals.This led Chalker to investigate thepossible Chinese connection, includingwell preserved mummies from theshifting sands of the Taklimakandesert-which had also been DNAtested.Phase two testing involving mito-chondrial DNA was done of the blondehair, and the shaft again showed thesame rare Chinese DNA, but testingofthe soft root tissue showed a novelBasque/Gaelic type of DNA.This was a shocker to the scientistsconducting the tests. Normally, theDNA should be consistent, regardlessof which part of the hair was beingtested. This anomaly suggests the pos-sibility of cloning.Nearly as shocking was the discov-ery thatthe hair sample seemed toshowa viral resistance-an immunityto HIV-AIDS and possibly other viruses. Lessthan 1percent of the populationhas thisimmunity, primarilypeople of northeastEuropean or Jewish descent, and thisimmunity apparently goes back only5,000 years inhumans.There is, of course, much, much12 MUFON UFO Journal September 2005
  • more in this cutting edge book, includ-ing a discussion by Khoury of an ap-parent prior encounter with the twowomen, as well as his other encoun-ters.Also of interest is the story of CredoMutwa, a shaman who was abductedin Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), "solid light"cases, and a discussion of hidden evi-dence.Hair of the Alien has a helpful in-dex, color photos and drawings,exten-sive "footnotes," an appendix describ-ing the specific testing procedures andresults, and a comprehensive bibliog-raphy.If you can purchase only one UFObook this year, this is the one to buy.UFO Crash in Brazil by Dr. RogerK. Leir, The Book Tree, P.O. Box16476, San Diego, CA 92176, 800-700-8733, soft cover, 6x9,150 pages,$14.95.Reviewed by Dwight ConnellyAlthough the title of the book sug-gests it is about the crash of a UFO,practically all of it is actually about thesighting, possiblecapture, andmedical examina-tion of creaturesin the Varginha,Brazil, area in1996.In fact, al-though a man andhis wife report-edly saw an ap-parently damagedobject flying low and seemingly com-ing toward the ground,neither of theseindividuals saw a crash-nor has therebeen wreckage located. Dr. Leir didnot interview this couple.The authorincludes an excerpt froman article by Bob Pratt and CynthiaLuce which appeared in the Septem-ber, 1998, MUFON UFO Journalwhich tells of another potential witnessto a crash, including a description ofthe crash area itself.But the credibility of this witness hasbeen questioned, especially when heinitially reported that it had occurredon Jan. 13, then later changed the dateto Jan. 20, the day when the creatureswere first spotted by three witnesses.Thus no new material regarding acrash is included in the six-page "crash"chapter of the book. The crash, if therewas one, could of course be directly re-lated to the famous sightings of thestrange creatures. By implication, then,the creatures sighted could be consid-ered extraterrestrial.Despite the misleading title-perhapstraceable to the publisher-and the lackof material on a crash, this is still aninteresting and important book.Dr. Leir conductedhis investigationof the Varginha case during a visit tothe area in 2002 with the intention oflocating physical evidence, and his de-tailed description of thisjourney makesup the bulk of the book.As he does not speak Portuguese, hehad to rely upon translators for the in-terviews he conducted.His primary contact and escort wasUbirajara "Bira" Rodrigues, an attor-ney and respected Brazilian ufologist.Rodrigues has been one of the princi-pal Brazilian investigators of theVarginha case, along with VictorioPacaccini and A.J. Gevaerd, MUFONdirector for Brazil.Rodrigues son Rudolfo served astranslator between Dr. Leir and theBrazilians.Through Rodrigues, Dr. Leir inter-viewed two of the three young ladieswho had initially reported seeing oneof the creatures. The whereabouts ofthe third young lady was unknown.Also interviewed was the mother ofthese two witnesses. These girls,Liliane and Valquiria, have been inter-viewed many times, including by Dr.John Mack, so Dr. Leir says he tried tofind new questions for them.One interesting element was thestatement by Liliane that, though ini-tially terrified, she had looked into thecreatures eyes, felt sorry for it, and "Ijust know it was intelligent."Apparently brought out for the firsttime by Dr.Leir was the mothers state-ment that at age eight or nine she hadencountered a small figure on a nearbyhill wearing strange clothing, includinga hood over its head, and later in lifeperiodically "saw these same figuresmany times."When asked about dreams, themother said, "I never told anybodyabout this, butjust after what happenedto my daughtersI had a dream that mydaughters and I were sucked up out ofthe roof of our house into an airplane.I was terrified and dont remembermuch else about it."When asked by Dr. Leir about see-ing any strange marks on her body, shesaid she had not seen any. She did claimthat lights and the TV seem to be af-fected by her presence at times. Dr.Leir, who is of course best known forhis studies of implants, was attemptingto determine if the daughters or themother exhibited characteristics asso-ciated with abductions.It isdifficult to determine at this pointwhether the witnesses have been con-taminated by the passage of time, thepublicity, and numerous interviews.An interview was also conductedwith the previously unavailable wife ofa policeman, Marco Eli Cherese, 23,who may have died from contact withone of the creatures (see March, 2005,MUFON UFO Journal for other de-tails).She offered little new evidence, in-dicating that she did not remembermuch about his illness or the work hewas doing as a member of the military,but did confirm that she was unable toget his medicalrecords, talk to his doc-tors, get a copy of the death certificate,or even attend his funeral.An even more interesting interviewwas conducted by Dr. Leir atHumanitas Hospital, where one of thecreatures had reportedly been taken,and where witnesses reported a coffinhad been loaded onto an army vehicle.Rodrigues had set up the interviewof three individuals, supposedly doc-tors, who reportedly had been told thatthey and their families wouldbe in dan-ger if they talked about the creature. Dr.Leir had topromise that their testimonywould not be publicized in Brazil, andthat their names would not be used.This was apparently the first timethat Rodrigues had heard this testimonyas well.The doctors stated that what theywere going to reveal had nothing to dowith them personally, but was based onthings they had heard. In quoting theindividuals, Dr.Leir presents the testi-mony of the three as being from oneSeptember 2005 MUFON UFO Journal 13
  • person, althoughthe statements appearto be direct quotes.This is somewhat confusing, espe-cially whenthis "individual" states thathis specialty is orthopedic surgery.Were all three in the same specialty?These individualsstated that mili-tary personnel took over the surgeryarea, and that there was mass confu-sion. "I was asked to begin a surgicalscrub and to prepare for a fracture re-duction," said the three (or was it oneof the three?).The individual(s)described beingshocked at the sightof his patient,whichmatched the description given by theother witnesses to the creaturesightings. The injury, "a compoundfracture of the femur" in the upperthigh, was repaired as the patient re-mained awake.At times a heartbeat and pulsecouldbe determined, but at times it could not.A local anesthesia was given. Bloodaround the injury was described as"dark red," very similar to humanblood, except for ahigherplatelet count.The bone of the creature was de-scribed as similar to humanbone, "withthe exception that it was pinker in colorand contained numerous lacunae orholes, giving it the appearance of os-teoporotic humanbone.. ..It wasmuchstronger than human bone....Once thebone ends were approximated, the frac-ture defect seemed to stabilize andcould not be moved apart."The doctors reported that when thesurgery had been completed, the roomfilled with a greenish mist whichseemed to be coming from the creature."In deep fear," said the doctor(s), "Iwalked slowly closer to it and ap-proached the head of the table. With-out consciously realizing it, my gazecaught the eyes of the being. His eyeswere glowing red, and appeared as twoswirling pools of liquid. They werepulling, pulling me in, deeper anddeeper."All at once giant portions of infor-mation came pounding into my head.These were like thought grams, largeblocks of information. Over and overand over, like someone hitting me in thehead with a hammer. I was also be-coming dizzy and slightly nauseated."Asked what the information was14MUFON International Director John Schuessler is presented a plaqueby Tom Deuley at the 2005 MUFON symposium in recognition of Schuesslers40 years in ufology.about, the doctor(s) replied, "All that Iam willing to tell you atthis time iswhatthe creature told me about humanbeings....Essentially, he told me hisrace felt very sorry for the human be-ings for basically two reasons."The first is that all humanshavethesame potential and abilities to performthe very same things his race could do.Those things we find so marvelous andmagical, but humans do not know howto do them...."The second reason they felt sorryfor us was we did not seem to realizewe were spiritual beings only living ina temporary shell, and we were totallydisconnected from our spiritual self."The doctor(s) said the creature washealing and in satisfactory conditionwhen the military took it from the hos-pital, and that the military took all ofthe medical records.Stanton Friedman discusses thesimilarities and differences betweenVarginha and Roswell as Chapter 13of the book, after Dr.Leir had done thesame thing in Chapter 12. These dis-cussions add little to either case.Also utilized as "fill" is Chapter 2,"The Great Brazilian Hoax," which isa discussion of the infamous UrandirFernandes de Oliveira case involvingasupposed abduction with burn marksleft on bed clothing and a ceiling (seethe August,2003, MUFON UFO Jour-nal).In spite of the apparent need for fillmaterial, there is no index in the book,no maps, and few illustrations.Although there is little that is new inMUFON UFO Journalthis book, other than the medical testi-mony, Dr. Leir makes his journey toBrazil quiteinteresting. And, very im-portant, this is an honest report thathighlights the evidence, as Dr. Leirfound it, in an exceptional case.While the honesty of all participantsin the Varginha case cannot be guaran-teed, Dr. Leir is a credible investigatorwho does not falsify or misrepresentwhat he finds, but goes out of his wayto question and analyze the evidence.Australian governmentreleases UFO filesDocuments released by the North-ern Territory Government NationalArchives in Darwin reveal a mass ofUFO sightings across the Top End,many of them unexplained.The documents,declassified after 30years under lock and key, detail a his-tory of UFO activity across the Terri-tory by a wide range of "sighters," in-cluding RAAF crews.One sighting, by the crew of anRAAF Hercules in Darwin in 1968 alsoappeared on radar, althoughno knownaircraft was identifiedin the area.RAAF command in Sydney said thecontact may have been a foreign air-craft. "The fact the sighting was madeby an RAAF aircrew and detected bythe aircrafts radar leaves very littledoubt that something was in the area,"RAAF command said. "As the aircrafthas not been identified, a violation ofour national airspace cannot be dis-counted."September 2005
  • Director, MUFON Eastern RegionNote: These reports are presented in or-der to keep readers informed of some of thevast number of sightings being reported.However, these cases have not been officiallyinvestigated.Massachusetts teardrop UFOBOSTON - The passenger and hisdaughter were flying in an AA 757 toEurope on June 19, 2005.The witnessstates, "Twenty minutesafter takeoff a horseshoe crab-shapedsilver object was quickly overtakenbyour aircraft at 8:14 PM."The crab-shaped UFO was flyingat our altitudeand not recognized as anaircraft. We estimated the object wasat a 1/4mile distance from our AA 757,but it was definitely not a plane, andseemed to be hangingalmost verticallynorth of us."On landingat Manchester, England,they asked the pilot and co-pilot aboutthe UFO. They did not see it or pickanything up on radar.Thanks to Peter Davenport, Direc-tor,www.ufocenter.com.UK cigarCOVENTRY - On June 17, 2005,at 2:10 AM, a train engineer and an-other railwayworker witnessedamulti-colored cigar-shaped object low in thesky. The engineer at Coventry Stationwas drivinglocomotive 66537 (4006).The engineer reports, "About half amile before Cov station I noticed atabout a 35-degree anglefrom eyesighta large green light above CoventryCityCentre. It appeared to be stationaryandwas a steadylight."Getting closer to the station, thelight turned to a steady red or slightlyorange glow. I couldnt remain in per-manent focus with the object because Iwas runningon to a red signal."I observed thatthe light had atube-like shape and a red light at the rear. Iwould guess that it was only about aSeptember 2005couple of hundred feet in the sky, andwas moving northeastover Coventry."There was no noise I could hear,but then again I was in a 66 locomo-tive. Also there was a rail grinding ma-chine on the down slow platform, andthe driver of that was on the platformwatching the UFO."Maybe it was a barrage balloon orZeppelin typecraft? But whythe steady lightnot flashing, plusI have never seenthese at night, andalso it appearedto be thin andGeorge FilerThanks to Pe-terDavenport.Disc attacks Stealth bomber?INDIANAPOLIS - Two witnessesdecided to walk around the outside ofthe Indy 500 Race Track. They werewalking southon Georgetown Road onthe left side of the street on May 29,2005, at 11:30 PM, and overheardpeople saythe Stealth was almost there,pointing it out.The witnessreports, "Soon, we sawthe Stealth bomber coming straightoverGeorgetown Road, and nearby therewas a disc movinglike a chrome ring-ing bell, then hovering in one spot,blinding similar to the sun shining onchrome."The thing was high, higher then theStealth, and the disc seemed to bewait-ing for the Stealth. As the Stealth flewunder the hovering disc, the discseemed to attack the Stealth bomber."The disc stopped glistening, andsmoked a little as it hit the right wingof the Stealth plane, then started shin-ing again. The plane circled the trackone lap and went west in the directionof the IndianapolisAirport."The right wing had some smokeMUFON UFO Journalcoming from it. Maybe thats normal,but the first 12 seconds were somethingto see. After I saw the smoke from thewing of the Stealth, I couldnt spot thedisc."There were a couple of witnessesleaving for the race. The female lookedat the disc or bell and said, Cool."Thanks to Peter Davenport.Possible new RoswellinfoDave writes: "I wanted to relate astory to you about my father, Joe, whowas on the civil engineering faculty atthe University of Texas."In mid-July of 1947, my parentswere driving late at night, westboundfrom Clovis, MM, tryingto make SantaFe. My Mother said that west of Clovisabout 15miles the road was open withno traffic. It was a clear starry night"She said the road was moundedup, built up higher than the surround-ing terrain. There was (and is) a rail-road track that parallels the road, butlocated down below, and that its tele-graph poles reached only slightlyhigherthan the road surface."This stretch of road is about 40miles northeast of Roswell, NM. To-day, as then, the road is still built upand, while there are more utility poles,there are still long sections where theroad is about the height of the tops ofthe poles."If you are westbound, to the left isa long, descending plain that runs al-most to Roswell, devoid of trees, powerline, and any other obstructions. Asmany places in the West, you can liter-ally see 25 to 30 miles."Suddenly Dad slammed on thebrakes, a very hard setdown withsmoke and boiling, screaming tires. Asthey sat there, in front of them about150 feet, was a huge craft which hadcome up from the plainson the left, outof the darkness, and was skimmingsouth to north across the road surface,15
  • not touching the road, but about twofeet above it."The wind draft of this object waspulling some dustand straw alongwithit. Mom said they could not see the topof the object until it passed, but that itfilled the windshield view and rose outof sight vertically."She said that it looked like an ex-press passenger train, racing across agrade level crossing right in front ofthem. However, it was no train, it washuge with lighted windowsand somedarkened windows,racingby,givingapassenger traineffect of trainwindowsgoing by."However, think of trains stacked ontop of each other so high thatit fills thewindshield until out of sight. It wasmoving somewhat faster than any ex-press train she had ever seen, maybe130 MPH, yet was so big it took sometime to pass."Obviously, Dad had seen it comingat the last minute up out of the darkplains on the left. They both said thatithad come from below on the left tojust skim the road top. Dad said itwould have hit them had he not seenmovement in the dark off to the left."Both parents stressed that this wasnot a train, no head lights. After itpassed they looked for a track in theroad, crossing signs, or any other evi-dence of rail. There wasnothing."They did say the asphalt was hot,almost steaming, but there were nomarks or anything. And definitely norailroad tracks."They also said it certainly wasnt atrain, as it was huge-the size andheightof the University of Texas MemorialStadium."Both my parents were college edu-cated and intelligent. They both werereligious and very skeptical of newthings, of technology. So I am con-vinced that something was seen there.It was after the Roswell incidentbyonlydays when my parents got buzzed."Thanks to Dave.North Carolina UFOBELMONT - A Navy veteran andproject manager with a mechanical en-gineering firm was driving home onSouthpoint Road on May 28, 2005, at11:15 PM, parallel to Lake Wylie,when16his wife observed an object flying in astrange manner.He reports, "My wife snatched myarm and pointed to the object. I was intotal awe, as the object was only a halfmile from us and flying over LakeWylie at 1,000 feet or less."We slowed down and were mov-ing at a snails pace on the road to ob-serve this phenomenon. The objectstopped, appeared to hover, and thenperformed a swift 90-degree turn andwas heading in our direction towardsthe steam plant."The Charlotte International Airportis very close by, but we were nowhereclose to its flight paths. We kept driv-ing, but the object turned west. Wethenturned our vehicle around and wentback to the original spot where we hadviewed the object."When we arrived, the object wasback in its original position. The crafttook a southerly course and flew overGaither Road towards the other side ofLake Wylie. The craft made no soundand had a dull yellow glow on the bot-tom. The three lights were dull, also,but a tad brighter."When the craft pulled away,it keptat a very slow pace and was very closeto us.The other witnesseswere our kids(seven, five and two). The childrenobserved this craft and were visibly/emotionally disturbed by it. This wastruly amazing!!"Colorado sighting by MackayDENVER - "Greetings fromGlennys Mackay, National DirectorMUFON Brisbane, Australia.Ithoughtit is fitting to report a first-hand sight-ing on June 8, 2005, while visitingfriends living up on Blue Mountainoverlooking Golden, CO."At 7:15 PM, I was standingon thebalcony admiring the view when wewere attracted to what we thought atfirst to be a very large bird flying fromwest to east."I commented to my friend JohnTracey (also visiting from Brisbane,Australia), What a huge bird. Whenit passed the tallPonderosa pines, it wasin clear vision."This object was flashing a bluelight, and on turning towards us wassilver and round, and appeared to beMUFON UFO Journallanding on a clear grass area betweenthe trees across the valley. It thenclimbed up to eye level and started tofly towards us."By this time there were three otherpeople who witnessed this UFO:Averill Boylan from Tauranga, NewZealand; and our hosts, Ainsley andDarlene Bell."As we watched, it seemed to turnalong the contour of the hills beforechanging direction and flying across thevalley towards the rocky outcrop on ourside of the valley before it took off atgreat speed towards Denver, then dis-appearing up into the clouds."We were able to take two photos asit began to gather speed. The report wasgiven to John Schuessler at MUFONthe following morning."I think,George, this really made ourtrip to the USA a pretty exciting one,as our host and hostess had never seena UFO or believed up until this time."North Dakota saucer sightedTUTTLE -The observer reports, "Iam a 16-year-old girl, and my 17-year-old male friend and I were drivingaround our small town at 2 AM on May28, 2005, when we saw a straight lineof red lights."We were curious, so we followedthe lights that were southwestof us. Aswe got closer we saw a circular objectwith red lights with little bars acrossthem. At this point you could see it wasvery big."I lost it as it crossed the road, butmy friend pointed to the other side ofthe road towardsthe east. So, we turnedon the next gravel road towards theobject and watched it go right over myfriends farm."It was hovering for at least aminutewhen there appeared a smaller saucerright below the big one."We followed it for at least five min-utes before it disappeared, and itseemed like it was running away fromus." Thanks to Peter Davenport.New York loss of satellite radioGLENS FALLS - The witness waslistening to Sirius SatelliteRadiowhenthe signal started to break up for noapparent reason on May 28, 2005, at5:55 PM.September 2005
  • Satellite radio is designed toprovideperfect radio reception, since there isnothing blocking the receivers path.The witness reports, "Suddenly,there was no signal/sound. When Ichecked around,Ijokingly stated tomyfamily that the satellite must have ex-ploded, which prompted me to look up."To my surprise, I noticed a blackdot (craft) in the sky.The objectnevermoved. On this day there were somepassing clouds at different altitudes.Clouds wouldpass over the object andit would remain in view."A series of cloudspassed below theobject, and visual was lost. Momentslater the radio began to regain the sig-nal of the satellite. When the cloudspassed, the object was gone"One witness was able to retrievebinoculars and make a visual, but allthat could be established was that theobject was reflectingthe sunlight.Thesatellite radio was lost for about 10-15minutes. Visualof craft was about 3-5minutes." Thanks to Peter Davenport.Washington sighting by expertsMT. ADAMS -One of the witnessesreports, "There were four Boeingman-agers present on Saturday, June 4,2005, to a UFO sighting.The four pro-fessional aerospace witnesses, includ-ing myself, know better than armchairnaysayers whatcelestial objects are ob-served."I have seen dozens of missilelaunches, myriad aircraft underall con-ditions, and I am intimately familiarwith the US radar, space, and missiletechnology and advanced capabilities."At 10:15 PM, I tried to power upmy digital camera for the really awe-some one of the four UFOs I saw, but Iwas too late. Wewere looking towardsthe mountainuntilmidnight."We were guests of James Gillilandat his ranch, 13 miles south of Mt.Adams, when we saw a star-sizedwhite light crossing the sky directlyabove us heading south at a fairly fastclip, snaking back and forth by sev-eral nearby stars."It moved across the sky for about20 to 30 degrees of arc, and stopped,parked there, and dimmed. With thehundreds of stars visible and the factthat it stopped moving, I soon lost trackSeptember 2005of the UFOs exact position."Our host had a telephoto lens, andsaw ared light attached to its tail whileit was moving. I spotted the UFO first,as I haveexceptional long range vision."The second sighting was abrighterstar-sized UFO which came into viewmoving west and traveling 10 to 15 de-grees of arc across the sky at about a60-degree anglefrom the ground."It took a smooth 35-degree arcingturn to the NNW, traveled a short dis-tance, and stopped high above MtAdams. No dimming."The third and best sighting was amedium bright, star-sized UFOwhichcame in from the WSW and meanderedsomewhat randomly in an easterly di-rection. It stopped right next to a dim-mer star."Suddenly it lit up hundredsof timesbrighter than it was for four seconds,moved off into space, and dimmed tonothing in a snaking trajectory.Whenthat puppy lit up, everyone gasped,cheered, hooted, hollered, and wentwild."The fourth sightingwas a star-sizedUFO traveling south whenit flashedlike a strobe pulse, then returned to avery dim object. A few seconds later,it flashed again, and dimmed."This scenario was repeated 12times while crossing directly overheadand traveling 35 degrees of the sky,changing directions multipletimes.Theflashes wererandomly timed. The UFOthen stopped aboveus, and parked therefor the rest of the night." Thanks to R.A.Illinois teardropFRANKLIN PARK - The witnesswas in his yardhavinga smoke and sawa brightflash of light like acamera flash,but pinpoint in size, to the west at 11PM on May 22, 2005.He says, "My view was obstructedfor about 15 seconds by trees, but itwas heading towards me. As it ap-proached, I began to see color andshape. It passed directly overhead andcontinued east until I could no longersee it."It was glowing an orange-yellowcolor, and the lights on the bottom of itappeared to be segmented into threerectangular shapes, nearly the same inshape and size. There was ahalooflightMUFON UFO Journalsurrounding it that was more yellow incolor and appeared misty.That is howthe teardrop type shape was seen."The object was rotating counter-clockwise on what appeared to be anasymmetrical axis at one revolutionevery 3 or 4 seconds. The revolutionsand lateral speed were constant."Though die defining lines of the ob-ject could not be seen clearly, I got adistinct view of the underside.I calledmy step-daughter out,but she only sawit briefly rotate in the distance."Thanks to Peter Davenport.Minnesota triangleFERGUS FALLS -Witnesses at dif-ferent locations apparentlymade obser-vations of the same flying triangle.Two witnesses in the town were ob-serving the Northern Lights in the dis-tance when they saw a bright orangetriangle that appeared from the east attreetop level and moved slowly north,disappearing at 3AM on May 20,2005.The object madeno sound.Thenightwas clear and still. The object wouldfit inside the full moon if the full moonwas about half its normal size.Another witness in Fergus Falls in-dicated thatthe object was in thenorth-ern sky, from her vantage point. Thesecond witness, who lived three blocksto the north of the first witnesses,indi-cates that she had seen the object to thesouth, from her vantage point at herhome.If that second report is true, the ob-ject may havebeen located between thewitnesses.Canada flashing saucer lightsTORONTO - Agnes Sroczynskiwrites, "On June 22,2005, at about 10PM, in the Remington Park area of thecity, my friend and I witnessed a disc-shaped metallic object from the elev-enth floor windowof my friends apart-ment."The objecthad large, white, spheri-cal lights on the sides, flashingquicklyand erratically.It was close to the build-ing, and not far above us. Only one ortwo lights were visibleat any one time."The object danced a dizzying pat-tern in the sky while it continued trav-eling west, extremely fast. This is agood spot for sightingsin Toronto."17
  • t/vkOr*. « j UPhysical Trace§By Ted PhillipsOccupants and physical tracesLast month I noted a number ofphysical traces cases, in which occu-pants were present. This month is parttwo.09/10/54 2230 France, Quarouble:Animal reaction-area heated to hightemperature-dark mass on railroadtracks less than 6 yards away-two 3ftbeings.The witnessapproached towithin 6 ft whenhe was blindedand paralyzed bya brilliant lightfrom the darkmass.. The be-ings returned tothe object, and itascended with a ~ , D. ....low whistling Ted Phillipssound, emitting a"thick dark steam," becoming red lu-minous, and flying away. On the rail-road ties were 5 imprints. It was calcu-lated that a 30-ton weight would havebeen necessary to produce them.09/24/54 France, Becar: Twowomen made independent reports of adark gray disc, 21 feet in diameter, 4feet high, seen resting on the groundina clearing.A man of normal height was stand-ing near it. He wore dark clothes. Onewitness within 100 feet of the objectstated that the man was repairing it.Traces were found in the grass.09/26/54 1430 France, Chabeuil:Madame Leboeuf had gone to gathermushrooms in the woods not far fromthe cemetery at Chabeuil. Her dog be-gan to bark, and then began howling asif in misery.Madame Leboeuf looked aroundandsaw that the dog was standing in frontof something which she thought was ascarecrow. Upon approaching the dog,she saw it was some kind of a creaturein a diving suit.18The creature was about 1 m tall. Itmoved toward her with a sort of quick,waddling walk. The witness ran into anearby thicket. By this time the dog washowling again, accompanied by thehowls of the other dogs in the village.A large, circular, and somewhat flat-tened metallic-appearing object as-cended from behind nearby trees andmoved away at low altitude,making awhistling sound as it flew.At the place where the object hadrisen, a circular area was found. About11 feet in diameter, the shrubs andbushes were crushed. For a few yardsat the beginning of the wheat field, overwhich the object had flown, the wheatwas flattened out in a radiating line.From one of the acacia trees at theedge of this circular imprint hungdowna branch more than three inchesthick,broken by pressure from above. Thebranch of another acacia, whichhungover the circular mark eight and a halffeet above the ground, was entirelystripped of its leaves. -Aime Michel.09/27/54 2050 France, Premanon:The four Romand children heard theirdog barking and saw,outside their barn,a "tin ghost" like a "lump of sugarstanding on end."One of the children threw rocks at itand attempted to touch it; he wasthrown to the ground"as if by an invis-ible force." The thing moved off to alarge brightred luminousball, oscillat-ing slightly 400 to 500 feet away in themeadow.They told their teacher, and policeinvestigated, finding that the grass wasflattened counter-clockwise over a 12ft diameter area, sharply defined.Within the circle there were four im-prints-triangular holes, 4 inches in di-ameter, inclined at an angle of 45 de-grees toward the center, arranged in asquare.Outside the circle, a flagpole wasscratched and the bark was torn off at aheight of 5 inches above the ground.At the foot of the pole were two marksMUFON UFO Journalsimilar to the other four, but more elon-gated.10/04/54 0810 France, St.Pardoux: M Lacambre, a forester, re-ported seeing a small being 3 ft tallwhich rose into the air by virtue of 2pear-shaped boxes beneath his arms.Footprints were found.10/05/54 0715 France, Mertrud:Road mender Andre Narcy was mo-torcycling to work when he saw an or-ange object in a field-a 10m disc witha large dome He walked to within 100yards and saw a 4 ft being who enteredthe object, whichtook off causing acon-siderable disturbance.At the spot the grass was foundcrushed within a 3m square, and had amilky color. Twelve parallel tracks,spherical in shape, were also found. .10/07/54 France, Mendionde:Manes Cuesurtia saw two red objects,mushroom-shaped, in a field. Theywere 6 ft in diameter.Standing near the objects he saw twosmall beings 2.5 ft tall which soon en-tered one of the objects and flew awayvertically without sound. Grass wascrushed down in a circular pattern andyellowed.10/08/54 2300 France, St. Cloud:Mr. Puygelier, 24, was driving whenhe saw an egg-shaped object landingbehind a hedge a few yards from theroad. He and another witness saw abeing standing in the field.A strip of burnt grass 10 ft long wasfound at the landing area, and aroundthe burnt strip the grass was pusheddown.10/09/54 2030 France, Briatexte:Jean Pierre Mitto was driving with twocousins when they saw two small be-ings the size of 11 or 12- year-old chil-dren crossing the road 25 ft ahead ofthe car.The witnessstopped the car andtheysaw a red glowing disc ascend verti-cally from a field. The object was about22 ft in diameter. A brown, oily resi-due was found at the site.September 2005
  • 11/00/54 2400 France, MaubeugeNord: Mr & Mrs Mozin, travelingbycar, saw a light on the road ahead. Asthey neared, they saw it was from theinterior of an object like a fat shellwhichwas 6 ft in diameter and 8 ft high on 3legs.It was a whitish-metallic, with anopening on the side facing the road.Inside were thick cables and a 4 ft be-ing. The witnesses passed within 15feet of the object. The cars headlightswent out and came back on as theypassed it.They found an 8-inch carbonizedspot givingoff an odor like benzeneandsurrounded by3imprints4 inchesdeepon a circle of 4.5 ft in diameter.11/01/54 Italy, Cennina: multiplewitnesses, separate locations, 1within10 ft from cylinder on ground. Twooccupants. Independent witnesses seeboth descent and ascent. Circular trace-imprints.This high strangeness event will bepresented in more detail in a later col-umn dealing with the top 20 physicaltrace events in the database.11/05/54France, LaRoche-Brenil:multiple witnesses observe an orangeobject landing. The witnesses movedto within 130 feet, of the device. Theobject was 30 ft in diameter, 16 ft high,with a 10 ft dome with ports.A humming sound could be heard.Humanoids were seen near the object.The grass wasburnt,the soil blackenedand covered with cinder-like materialin a circle 3m in diameter.The witnesses found a part of awhiteball, which was acottony substance butheavy as lead, and a yellow powderwhich was also very heavy.Soon after collecting the material thewitness noticed his fingers burning;thenext day they were blistered and black-ened. The powder was analyzed andfound to be mostly silver nitrate08/21/55 2030 KY, Hopkinsville-multiple witnesses. Circular objectlands near farm house, and numerousglowing occupants approach house.Witnesses shoot, occupants float toground from roof and trees.Glowing puddle on ground seen bypolice. The case will be detailed in thetwenty best trace cases in a later col-umn.September 200505/10/57 2250 France, Beaucourt:A 29-year-old railroad worker and fourother witnesses saw a blindinglight onthe road and four humanoids.Object was 150 feet away, pulsat-ing dull red and white. Witnesseswatched for 20 minutes. A 15 ft circlewas found.11/06/57 VA, Jonesville: BufordSeabolt was hunting when he saw alanded object and two small beings.Hishunting dogs reacted. A concave de-pression 4 feet wide and 24 feet longwas found.09/29/591900 Sweden, Marianne-lund: The electrical power in the threewitnesses house failed; when they ranoutside they saw a blinding white lightwhich stopped and hovered. The ob-ject started to move, slowly descend-ing and turning to the right, hitting andsmashing a portion of a mapletree (topsection).It then descended towards theground. One witness was 10 feet fromit. Through a large window he couldsee two occupants, with large eyes; theheads were highcrowned. The occu-pants were small in size.The object was oval, about 12 feetlong and 8 feet high. It was found thata gray-whitesubstance covered powerlines. The witness was GideonJohansson, his wife and his son.Next month I will cover reports ontraces and occupants in the 1960s. Inthe meantime check out my website atwww.angelfire.com.Similar to Roswell reports?Metal Rubber takes a beatingTerrible, horrible things can be doneto this millimeters-thick patch of shim-mering material crafted by chemists atNanoSonic in Blacksburg,VA.Twist it, stretch it double, fry it to200°C, douse it withjet fuel-the stuffsurvives. After the torment,it snapslikerubber back to its original shape, all thewhile conducting electricity like solidmetal.The abused substance is called MetalRubber, and, according to NanoSonic,its particular properties make ituniquein the world of material chemistry.As a result, the companys small of-fice has been flooded with calls fromFortune 500 companies and govern-ment agencies eager to test MetalRubbers use in everythingfrom artifi-cial musclesto smart clothes to shape-shifting airplanewings.At this stage, however, NanoSonicis busy meeting the demand for its 12-inch-by-12-inch samples, which takecustom-built robots up to three days tocreate.Thats speedy, if you consider thatMetal Rubber, a product ofnanotechnology, must be fabricatedmolecule by molecule.The manufacturingprocess, calledelectrostatic self-assembly,starts withtwo buckets of water-based solutions-one filled withpositively charged me-MUFON UFO Journaltallic ions, the other with oppositelycharged elastic polymers. The robotdips a charged substrate (glass, for ex-ample) alternately from one bucket tothe next.The dipping slowly builds up tight,organized layers of molecules, bondedfirmly by opposing charges. Afterwardthe substrate is removed, leaving a free-standing sheet of Metal Rubber.Directors Message(Continued from page 22)available. The title of the booklet is"UFOs, Serious Business? Abso-lutely!". Bill will make copies of the bookletavailable to other state and local groupsfor the cost of printing pluspostage. Hesays that if you order more than thirtycopies at once he can have your groupsname and address added to the front ofthe booklet.This is an excellent teaching tool,briefing document,reference source forpresentations, and for delivery to sci-ence organizations and the press. Weapplaud Bill for his excellent work andgenerosity.For more information contact BillJones at The MutualUFO NetworkofOhio, Inc., 715 Drummond Court, Co-lumbus, OH 43214.19
  • CEPT10NBy Stanton T. FriedmanUFO SitesWhenever I am in Roswell, NM,such as in early July, 2005,1am askedabout the exact location of the FosterRanch site where the debris field wasfound by rancher Mac Brazel.People ask about getting to the site,what its GPS coordinates are, andwhatis special about it. I have to tell themthat, while I have been out there morethan once. I discourage people fromgoing.There are several reasons: The siteis in the middle of nowhere,many milesfrom a road, on private land, withoutany services of any kind in case oftrouble. There are rattlesnakes andscorpions.It is very hot in the summerwith veryhigh UV levels because of the altitudeand clear skies. The fire danger is usu-ally very high.Incidentally, I dont know the GPScoordinates, and probably in most in-stances wouldnt have given them outeven if I had. The land is fragile, as sev-eral landowners out there have told me,including the rancher at the Plains ofSan Augustin site.Four-wheel-drive and off-the-roadvehicles can create ruts which can iso-late areas when thunderstorms come.I also stress that there arethousandsof square miles identical in surfacecharacteristics that are muchcloser toRoswell and very mucheasier to reach.I stress this to TV crews.I spent a total of seven hours in twosessions at one such site this last tripresponding to questions from a TorontoTV crew working on a documentaryforthe Discovery Channel.We weremiles awayfrom aprimaryor even secondary road, so that wewouldnt be bothered by highwaynoises.I was seated in a comfortable chair,wearing a not so comfortable suit andtie, with the air temperature being 107.Fortunately, the humidity,according tothe TV, was only 7%.One assistant kept offering me abottle of water.Gorgeous viewof atypi-cal desert landscape valley-not a treeto be seen.The film crew believed me when Itold them thaton a trip to thereal site withseveral Japa-nese journal-ists, we didntsee anotherperson or ve-hicle for 54miles, almostan impossibil-ity inJapan.One benefitof beingat theactual site,Stan Friedman aside from theobvious fact that in 1947 there werecertainly notourists anywhere near, wasrecognition of why, according to theEisenhower Briefing Document, p.3,(see my TOP SECRET/MAJIC, 2ndedi-tion,just published)the crew was foundtwo miles east of the wreckage as a re-sult of aerial reconnaissance, but wasapparently not observed by the rancheror Jesse Marcel and Sheridan Cavittwhen they went out on Sunday,July 6,1947.It is gently rolling country. From apoint on the ground one could not haveseen the crew compartment. On theother hand with aerial reconnaissance,which would certainly have been un-dertaken with one of the bases spotterplanes, any metallic wreckage wouldhavebeen immediately spotted from theair, because there are only low scrubbushes and lots of sand.Believe it or not, I have been shownRoswell city maps and been asked onwhat corner the crash occurred! Iusu-ally say about 80 milesthat-a-way.People sometimestell me they werehoping to go to both the actual site andArea Slat the same time. Many seemto think Area 51is very nearby, ratherthan more than 600 miles away in Ne-vada.It would have been very easy formilitary guards to protect the site whiledetailed analysis of the location of vari-ous pieces of wreckage and in-situ pic-tures could have been taken withoutanybody in the outside worldknowingwhat was going on.I previouslyhad noted on my website(www.stantonfriedman.com) abouttheFlatwoods, WV, UFO landing on Feb.12, 1952. how important it was for meto be at the actual location of the treefrom behind which the "Monster" cameout, and to see, as investigator FrankFeschino Jr. and I walked up the hillbehind the tree, the only flat clear areain the neighborhood.Any pilot, alien or domestic, wouldhave chosen to put down a damagedaircraft on such a spot.I should stress that another advan-tage of going to the exact location of anevent is that it makes it much easier tore-enact the sighting-the object movedfrom over that telephone pole to overthat steeple in so many seconds. It wasat this angle above the horizon. Theseare muchbetterjudged on location thanin an office.Debunker Joe Nickel didnt go to theFlatwoods location and didnt talk tothe main witnesses. So hefoolishly con-cluded that whatwas seen was a 6 owland a meteor landing!!There was no crater, no shock wave,no meteorites found. As a general rule,meteors dont move slowly and makea turn around a town before crashingeither.Franks book, on my website orderblank, is The Braxton CountyMonster:Coverup of the Flatwoods MonsterRevealed.Just before going to Roswell I hadtraveled tonear Lincoln, NH, to see theactual location of the abductionof Betty20 MUFON UFO Journal September 2005
  • and Barney Hill in September, 1961,as described in John Fullersbook TheInterrupted Journey and on the NBC-TV program " TheUFOIncident" star-ring James Earl Jones and Estelle Par-sons.An English TV Company was do-ing a program about many "unusualstories" and wanteda 7-8 minute pieceon the Hill case. They asked me if Iknew any family member who mightstill be alive, and I put them in touchwith Kathleen Marden, who handlesgetting MUFON people accredited asinvestigators.Kathy is Bettys niece, and was veryclose to her the last several years of herlife. She has been both a teacher and asocial worker.Ihad met Betty andBarneywaybackin November,1968, a few months be-fore Barneys death, and had appearedwith Betty on various TV shows, in-cluding the Tom Snyder "Tomorrow"show, as well as interviewingBetty ather home for my video "UFOs AREReal."I was also the first to publish an ar-ticle (SAGA Magazine) about MarjorieFishsoutstanding work onthe star mapdrawn by Betty under a posthypnoticsuggestion by psychiatrist/hypnotistDr.Benjamin Simon.Betty, John Fuller, and I appeared ona TV show hosted by David Susskindas well. In addition I had instigatedTerence Dickinsons outstanding articleabout the star map in ASTRONOMY.I flew down to Boston, rented a carand drove up to Lincoln. I met the crewwhich shot various scenes while driv-ing around the very heavily woodedarea.In the afternoon we met withKathyand viewedboththeroad locations fromwhich Betty and Barney had observedthe UFO, and then the very isolatedlocation where they were abducted.It was a large very sandyclearingoffan old logging road that is paved now,but wasjust a dirt road then. The roadlocations havebeen builtup quite a bit,but the clearing is still very much iso-lated, though a house has been builtright in the middle of it.Being at the location for the firsttime, I immediately realized, asshouldhave been obvious, that the aliens hadmentally directed Barney, who wasdriving the car, to the abduction loca-tion.From the air it was one of the fewpossibilities for both landingagood sizevehicle from above and being closeenough to a road for the abductees todrive in to be taken on board.They were mentallycoerced to showup. It was far enoughfrom civilizationto be sure of not being interrupted dur-ing the aliens examination of the Hills.The family that lived in the house hadnot been aware that it had been the ab-duction site 44 years earlier.To me one of the most fascinatingaspects of the whole abduction syn-drome has been thatthe aliens seem tobe able to control our minds to get usto do whatthey want without puttingagun or knife to a specimen to get themto cooperate.I will admit that the notion of mindcontrol from a distance is scary. Ihaveno idea how it is done. I am also veryintrigued by the manyreports of peoplebeing taken through walls andwindowsby the alien abductors. I have no ideahow to do that either.But my study of the developmentoftechnology indicates that technologicalprogress almost always comes fromdoing things differently in anunpredict-able way.The future is not an extrapo-lation of the past. Surely all govern-ments would very much like to be ableto duplicate these capabilities.Dont forget that the base stars forthese aliens, as indicated by MarjorieFishs exciting work, Zeta 1 and Zeta2 Reticuli, are about one billion yearsolder than the sun One would expectsome capabilities more advanced thanours.Admittedly, some people get upsetwith me when I suggest such "paran-ormal" capabilities. Physicists are sup-posed to stick to the "real world."So what would Christopher Colum-bus have thoughtof the Queen Mary 2or lasers, the space shuttle, DNA, orthe internet??Yesterdays paranormal is tomor-rows normal.Weneed torecognize ourignorance, rather than saying somethingis impossible.Stan Friedman fsphys@rogers.comSept. 17-18-Mothman Festival,Point Pleasant, WV. 740-286-4772.Sept. 25-East Coast Bigfoot Con-ference, Jeannette, PA. 724-374-5555,www.pabigfootsociety.com.Sept 25-World UFO& ParanormalExpo, Denver, CO. 303-347-8252,www.wupe.net.Oct. 14-16-Texas Bigfoot Confer-ence, Jefferson, TX. 877-529-5550,www.texasbigfoot.com.Oct. 14-16-European UFO Con-gress, Chalons-en-champagne, France,featuring Vicente-Juan BallesterOlmos, Michel Bougard, GildasBourdais, Marie-Therese de Brosses,Budd Hopkins, Didier Gomez, Jean-Gabriel Gresle, Jiri Kult, Yves Lignon,Bertrand Meheust, Joel Mesnard,Claude Poher, Jean-Luc Rivera,Edoardo Russo, Jean-Pierre Troadec.alain.blanchard34@wanadoo.fr.www.les-repas-ufologiques.com,Oct. 15-16-Bay Area UFO Confer-ence, Santa Clara, CA. 209-836-4281,www.thebayareaufoexpo.com, featur-ing Dannion Brinkley, Colin Andrews,Ann & Jason Andrews, StephenBassett, Greg Bishop, Ian Christopher,Ann Druffel, A.J. Gevaerd, DeanHaglund, Michael Horn, Dr. LeonardHorowitz, Dr. Lynne Kitei, Dr. RogerLeir, Jason Martel, Jordan Maxwell,Sean David Morton, George Noory,John Rhodes, Marshall Summers, Dr.Thomas VanFlandern, David Wilcock.Oct. 29-Mysteries of Space &SkyII ("sequel" to last years conference),Annapolis, MD. featuring Dr. DavidJacobs, Rob & Sue Swiatek, AnnaJamerson, Robert Galganski, and Dr.S. Peter Resta. sprlOO@aol.com, 410-360-1168 Ext. 8.Nov. 4-6-Third annual UFO CrashConference, Las Vegas, NV,featuringJim Marrs, Linda Moulton Howe, Dr.Roger Leir, Richard Dolan, PhilipMantle, Dr. Tom Valone, PeterRobbins, Chuch Zukowski, DebbieZiegelmeyer, Reme Baca, Ken Storch,Nick Redfern, Dr. William Hamilton,Dr. Robert Wood, and Ryan Wood,w w w . u f o c o n f e r e n c e . c o m ,rswood@majesticdocuments.com,720-887-8171.September 2005 MUFON UFO Journal 21
  • Directors Message(Continued from page 2)job of providingUFO movies all week-end. Clifford Clift and JackSawatzki led a smooth running ven-dor operation, garnering nice commentsfrom the attendees and the vendor op-erators as well.Judy Orsatti and Barry Roth dida super job with the advertising andpublic relations effort. Our thanks goto Virgil Staff for chairing the StateDirectors Meeting and to all the statedirectors who participated. Weare hop-ing to double the number of state di-rectors at that meetingnext year.Featured speaker Astronaut EdgarMitchell became ill and was hospital-ized about a week before the sympo-sium and was unable to attend. It isour pleasure to announce that he is re-covering well from his operation andshould be back to 100% active in thevery near future. We missed Edgar atthe event and wished him "go for re-covery!"The 2006 MUFON InternationalUFO Symposium will be held in Den-ver at the Marriott Tech Center Hotelon July 14-16. The theme of the eventwill be "The Best UFO Evidence." Wehope you all will start planning todayto attend the 2006 event.Best Evidence ContestAs noted in the June, July and Au-gust issues of the MUFON UFO Jour-nal, MUFON is seeking papers on thesubject of "UFO Technological Evi-dence." Cash awards will be given tothe winners, and some of the papers willbe selected to run as articles in the Jour-nal and as special presentations at the2006 MUFON International UFOSymposium.The deadline for submittals is Oct.1,2005, with awards made in January,2006. All submittals must be sent toMUFON, P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO80465-0369 and marked to "MUFONBest Evidence Contest."Membership Drive InitiativeRecognizing the need for theMUFON organization to have a strong,vibrant, and growing membership,Elaine Douglass, co-state director forUtah and a speaker at the 2005MUFON symposium, came up withthe idea of giving a bonus gift to allpeople signing up during the sympo-sium.She financed, prepared, and deliv-ered a beautifully packaged version ofthe Samuel M. Sherman audio tape pre-sentation of "The Edwards Air ForceBase Encounter." The recording is anactual de-classified Air Force record-ing of ajet fighter intercepting a UFOon Oct. 7, 1965, over Edwards AirForce Base in California.Everyone joining MUFON or re-newing their membership at the sym-posium received a free copy of the re-cording as a bonus for becoming aMUFON member.We thank Elaine for all of her workand creativity in making this bonus giftavailable as a part of our new memberinitiative. We plan to periodically re-peat this offer for new members on theMUFON website at www.mufon.com.Outstanding History ChannelTV ProgramOn Aug. 8,2005, the History Chan-nel presented a new UFO documentaryentitled "UFO Files-The UFO Hunt-ers." This is one of the first TV pro-grams dedicated to UFO facts withouta hint of debunking.The audience reaction was fantasti-cally positive. MUFON headquarterswas swamped with telephone calls,emails, and membership applications.Many of the watchers becameMUFON members immediately. Hun-dreds more requested informationabout MUFON and the UFO subject.Wehave neverever seen such apow-erful response to a UFO program as"The UFO Hunters" evoked. This is atestament to the TV documentary pro-ductions skills of John Greenewald,Jr., host of the Black Vault Chroniclesand MUFON member.New Lifetime MembersIt isapleasure to announcethat GregParks of Lakewood, CO; MichellePoolet of Golden, CO; Woodrow W.Richards, Jr. of Old Town, ME; andJudy Varns of Phoenix, AZ, are nowMUFON Lifetime Members. In fact,this is the second time Judy has becomea lifetime member.These talented people bring excel-lent skills to the organization, and weare extremely thankful for their vote ofconfidence and outstanding level ofsupport. All lifetime members receivethe specially designed MUFONBenefactors jacket with the MUFONlogo.Generous Grantfrom a Lifetime MemberMUFON has received a grant toapply to our document conversionproject from Bob and ZohHieronimus of 21stCentury Radio inOwings Mills, MD.In addition they gaveradio interviewtime to me and several of the MUFONsymposium speakers on the July 4thweekend. Bob and Zoh are bothMUFON Lifetime Members, and weappreciate their continued strong sup-port for MUFON initiatives.New Field InvestigatorsKathleen Marden, Director ofField Investigator Training, has an-nounced that Alex Broskey ofLeesville, SC; Frank Dominczak ofHilbert, WI; Raymond Dzik ofNorthridge, CA; Donald Helbig ofLouisville, KY;David Marchant, Sr.of Savannah, GA; and Richard M.Williams of St. Louis, MO, havepassed the MUFON FieldInvestigators Exam and are howMUFON Field Investigators.All Field Investigator Trainees areurged to self-study the MUFON FieldInvestigators Manual and take theexam. State Directors, Assistant StateDirectors, State Section Directors andState Chief Investigators are goodsources of help and training.The manual is available fromMUFON Headquarters for $25 plus$3.50 p&h in the U.S. Total price fordelivery outside of the U.S. is $32.50.It may also be purchased via theInternet at www.mufon.com usingPayPal.New Educational UFO BookletAvailableBill Jones, State Director for Ohio,has developed a 44-page booklet de-scribing some of the best UFO cases(Continued on page 19)22 MUFON UFO Journal September 2005
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  • The .(SlightBy Gavin A. J. McLeodOctober 2005Moon Phases:New Moon: Oct. 3 (annular solareclipse)First Quarter: Oct. 10Full Moon: Oct. 17(Hunters Moonand partial lunar eclipse)Last Quarter: Oct. 25Bright Planets (Evening Sky)Mercury: Moving from Virgothrough Libra into Scorpius. For north-ern hemisphere observers Mercury willnot be visible this month.For more favored southern hemi-sphere observers Mercury will emergein the..west-southwest eveningtwilightin the first half of the month.By monthsend Mercury will set nearly 2 hoursafter the Sun and will have risen com-pletely out of the evening twilightin thewest-southwest.Venus: Moving from Libra throughScorpius into Ophiuchus. For northernhemisphere observers Venus will im-proye.in visibilityas it will set nearly 2hours after the Sun and willbe observedlow in the southwest during eveningtwilight.For more favored southern hemi-sphere observers Venus will set morethan-3.5 hours after the Sun and willstand nearly 30 degrees high in thewest-southwest at the end of eveningtwilight.-Jupiter: In Virgo. For northernhemisphere observers Jupiter will notbe visible this month. For southernhemisphere observers Jupiter will onlybe,visible early in the month and verylow in the-west after sunset.Bright Planets (Morning Sky)Mars: Moving from Taurus intoAries. Mars will reach its closest ap-proach to the Earth on Oct. 30.For northern hemisphere observersMars will.rise during evening twilightin the east-northeast and will standabout 60 degrees high by 2 AM. At thebeginning of morning twilight Mars willbe standing about 45 degrees high inthe west-southwest.24For southern hemisphere observersMars will rise in the east-northeastabout 2 hours after sunset and willstandabout 30 degrees high in the northwestafter the beginning of morning twilight.Saturn: In Cancer. For northernhemisphere observers Saturn will risein the east-northeast before midnightand will stand about 50 degrees high inthe east-southeast at the beginningofmorning twilight.For southern hemisphere observersSaturn will rise near 2 AM in the east-northeast and will stand about 25 de-grees high in the northeast at the be-ginning of morningtwilight.Other Celestial PhenomenaEclipses:Annular Solar Eclipse: Oct. 3. Theeclipse will be visible from extremeeastern Newfoundland, south-easternGreenland and Europe, most of Africa,the Middle East, and Australia.Partial Lunar Eclipse: Oct. 17. Partor all of the umbralphases will be vis-ible in central and western NorthAmerica, parts of Central America,most of Asia and Australia.Zodiacal Light:Zodiacal light will be visible innorthern latitudes in the East before thestart of morning twilightfrom Oct. 2 toOct. 16 and from Oct. 31 to Nov. 13.The phenomenon is visible only fromvery dark locations. Zodiacal light issunlight bouncing off dust grains in oursolar system. These grains lie mostlyin the plane of the solar system.Look for a pyramid of light in themorning sky somewhat similar in ap-pearance to the light from acity ortownjust over the horizon.Meteor Showers:Orionids:This shower produces fastmeteors (40miles/sec). About20% willleave trails. While the rate is stated tobe 25/hour, it can vary between 10 and70 per hour.The duration of this meteor showerextends from Oct. 15to 29, with maxi-mum occurring on Oct. 21 The pointMUFON UFO Journalfrom where the Orionid meteors appearto radiate is located within the constel-lation Orion and is referred to as theradiant. The radiant is located in thenortheastern part of that constellation.The radiant rises around 10:30 PMlocal time. At about 3 AM the radiantis about 50 degrees above the horizon.To best observe the Orionids lie out-side in a reclining lawn chair. The twobest ways to observe the Orionids iseither by pointing your feet southward(the general direction of the radiant)andlooking in the region straight up, orpointing your feet south-westward andhave your center of gaze around 60°above the horizon.Do not look directly at the radiant,because meteors directly in front of youwill not move much and fainter onesmight be missed. Other minor meteorshowers will be going on at the time,and stray meteors, more commonlycalled sporadics, willfrequently be seenthat do not belong to a meteor shower.When you see a meteor, mentallytrace it backwards, and if you arrive atthe region just northeast of the mainbody of Orion, it is probably an Orionid.Unfortunately the moon will bejustpast its full phase and will interfere withobservation of the meteor shower.September 2005