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Mufon ufo journal 2005 8. august

  1. 1. Wright discusses classicmismatch, p. 6.UFO odors suggest hy-drocarbons fuel, p. 8.Texas womansays UFOstalled car, p. 10.Secrecy, UFOs, anddeath of the Americanre-public, by Dolan, p. 11.MUFON Forum, p. 13.UFO Press, Cracks inthe Great Wall, p. 14.Calendar, p. 22.UFO Marketplace, p.23.ColumnsDirectors Message 2Filers Files 15Ted Phillips 18Stan Friedman 20McLeods Night Sky 24August 2005No. 448$4.00Mutual UFO NetworkJOUAt her New Hampshire home, the late Betty Hill shows the dressshe was wearing when abducted in 1961. Results ofDNA testing onthe dress begin on page 3. (Photo byDwight Connelly.)
  2. 2. August 2005 Number 448MUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)Mutual UFONetworkPost Office Box 369Morrison, CO 80465-0369Tel: 303-932-7709Fax: 303-932-9279International DirectorJohn F. Schuessler,M.S.Tel: 303-932-7709schuessler@mho.netEditor:Dwight Connelly,M.S.14026 Ridgelawn RoadMartinsville, IL 62442Tel: (217) 382-4502mufonufojournal@hotmail.comAdvertisingDirector:John F. Schuessler,M.S.Columnists:George Filer, M.B.A.Stanton Friedman,M.S.Gavin A. J. McLeodTed PhillipsMUFON on the Internet:http://www.mufon.comMUFON e-mail address:mufonhq@aol.comMUFON Amateur Radio Net:40 meters - 7.237 MHzSaturdays, 8 AM CST or COSTDirectors MessageBy John F. SchuesslerMUFON Research TeamsOne of MUFONsgoals is "to pro-mote research on UFOs todeterminethe true nature of the phenomenon, withan eye toward scientific breakthroughsand improvinglife on ourplanet."The MU-FON StrategicPlan ActionNo. 2a calls forthe creation offive researchteams to focuson this goal.The teamsare tentativelydefined as follows:•History Team: Where are UFOsfrom, why are they here and who arethey?•Travel Team:How do they get herefrom there?•Energy Team: Where and how dothey get their energy?•Abduction Team:Why and how arethey abductingpeople?John Schuessler•Communications Team: How dothey communicate?The teams will establish hypothesesaimed at exposing the true nature of thephenomenon.Their reports will then be used tocreate public awareness, guide futureUFO investigations, and focus scien-tific inquiry on the critical issues thatresult from the team studies.The principalscientist directing thework of the teams is Dr. Robert M.Wood, Physicist, Research Scientist,and MUFON Business Board Mem-ber. We will provide more informationas the teams are formed and begin theirwork.Silent Auction DonationsA big "thank you"goesout to all thepeople who donated items for thefundraising silent auction held at theMUFON 2005 International UFOSymposium in Denver, and to TomDeuley for organizing the event. Wecould not have done it without yourgenerous donations andsupport.(Continued on page 22)Change of address and subscription/extra copies inquiries should besent to MUFON,P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369.Copyright 2005 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the CopyrightOwners, Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one article, provided the author is credited,and the statement, "Copyright 2005 by the Mutual UFO Network, P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369" isincluded.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editor, and do not necessarily reflect theofficial position of the Mutual UFO Network. Opinions expressed are solely those of the individual authors andcolumnists, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editor or staff of MUFON.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the InternalRevenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the type described in Section 509 (a) (2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal Income Tax. Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are alsodeductible for estate and gift purposes, provided they meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106, and2522 of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a Texas nonprofit corporation.The MUFON UFO Journals published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., Morrison, CO. SecondClass postage paid at Versailles, MO.Individual Membership: IMS/year U.S., $55 outside the U.S.Family members: $10 per person additionalStudent (18 years and under): $35 U.S. and $45 outside the U.S.Donor: $100/year. Professional: $250/year. Patron: $500/yearBenefactor (Lifetime Member): $1,000First class Journal delivery (in envelopes) U.S. and Canada only: $12/year additionalAir Mail Journal delivery to all other countries outside the United States: $35/year additionalPostmaster: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to: MUFON UFO Journal, P.O. Box 369, Morrison,CO 80465-0369MUFONs mission is the scientific study of UFOs for the benefitof humanity through investigation, research, & education.
  3. 3. DNA analysis of Betty Hills dressproductive, but inconclusiveBy Phyllis BudingerChemical AnalystFrontier Analysis Ltd.The January 2004 issue of theMUFON UFO Journal pre-sented the results of an exten-sive analysis which I did on five sam-plings of material from the new dressBetty Hill wore during her 1961abduc-tion.This dress had suffered discolorationalong the top half of the dress, especiallyin the underarms, and on the bottomofthe dress. Four swaths from theoutsideof the dress were examined.These includedthreeswathsfrom dis-colored areas and a control swath froman area that was not discolored. Alsoanalyzed was a swathof the interiorlin-ing, which had a stain.It was reported that the three outerdiscolored dress swaths had sufferedchemical attack on both the dye and thefiber. These swaths are coated with abiologically derived material which ismostly protein and a small amount ofnatural ester type oil.In part, some of these materials hadsuffered degradation over time (40years). It was found that these sub-stances are concentrated on the exte-rior surface of the dress, showing theirorigin was from an external source.The lining stain contains a differentprotein material and some natural ester,which did not chemically attack the dyeor material. It also originated from anexternal source.All naturalbodily sources,whichmayhave originated from Betty, such asurine, perspiration, and vomit, wereclearly ruled out.The results led to some speculations.Bettys description of a "most unpleas-ant" odor on the craft, along with pres-ence of the protein substance andnatu-ral oil, led to the conjecturethatthe craftoccupants naturalbody elimination ofoils/respiratory agents may have trans-AUGUST 2005Chemical analyst Phyllis Budinger, standing,and the late Betty Hill examine the dress that Hillwore during the 1961 abduction.ferred to the dress on contact.Also, Ididnotthinkthedeposited sub-stances on the dress directly caused thediscoloration. Itwasprobably from natu-ral biological growth that grew on thearea of contact after the abduction.I felt that there was a remote possi-bility that some of the captors DNAmight be on the dress.However,judging from the dress his-tory, I did not know if any intact DNAwould remain after this amountof time,especially with the indication of somedegraded protein, whichsuggested thatit mighthave suffered biological attack.But it was worth a shot.DNA analysis was done in the latterhalf of 2004, andIreceived areport wason Feb. 22, 2005. This analysis wasdone on the three discolored, outsideswaths and the stained lining.MUFON UFO JOURNALThe biochemists whodid this work went the"extra mile," incorporat-ing the most moderntechniques to enhanceany DNA fragments.They made aproject outof it.[This is the samegroup of scientists whodid the DNA analysis ofthe "alien hair" recoveredin the Peter Khoury casein Australia, as describedin the July issue of theJournal.]I also enlisted the aidof a DNA specialist, Dr.M., to review the report.She does not know thebiochemists whodid it.Her comments: "Ifound the analysis to bepretty good and quite in-formative. They ap-peared to be very care-ful with the DNA extrac-tion process to get all they could fromthe samples they had to work with."I did not tell Dr. M. that the reportdealt with a UFO abduction case. Iffact, I dont even know if shes inter-ested in the UFO phenomenon, or evenknows about the Hill case.On the left sleeve alphaproteobacterium DNA was found. Dr.M. relates: "These are bacteria thatarefound in soils and water. The bacteriacouldbepicked up anywhere.Ifthe dresswas on the ground, some of the bacteriacould have gotten there veryeasily."I found herobservation quiteinterest-ing because, from the location of thebacteria (the left sleeve), if Betty waswearing the dress she would have to bein aprone position-flat on the groundatsome point. This ishighlyunlikely.There is only one time we know thedress was "on the ground." This was
  4. 4. when the dress wasremoved from Bettyinside the craft and thrown crumbled onthe craft floor.Clearly, some of these bacteria couldeasily have been from soil/dirt on thefloor, brought in on footwear worn byBetty or theescorts. The abductiontookplace down adirt road. Following istheDNA sequenceprofile:Uncultured Alpha Proteobacterium(swathe left sleeve).On the skirt front only a small DNAfragment was isolated, which was notvery definitive. The best we can say isthe DNA is mammal origin. The frag-ments suggest human, mouse, or bovine.I suspect the fragment is human.TheDNA sequence profile follows:Human ribosomal DNA/ Mousegene for 18S/ Bos taurus externaltranscribed spacer, partial sequence:18S (mid-section).On the right sleeve underarm we seehuman DNA. This is notBettys. Igavethe biochemists a sample of Bettysblood for DNA comparison.However, what was found was DNAfrom someone of African extract. Sowe speculate that this is from Barney.Barney may havebeen escorting Bettyat some time duringthatweekend,leav-ing some of his DNA deposited on thedress.If so, it is most interesting that theDNA was still intact after all of theseyears. Following is the sequence pro-file.Unknown Humanmitochondria!se-quence (rightsleeve) Homo sapiens iso-late YYM22 D-loop. partial sequence:mitochondria!TITLE: Genetic Structureof Hmong-Mien SpeakingPopulationsinEast Asia as Revealed by mtDNA Lin-eages1The DNA analysis of the lining stainidentified it as spider blood of the genuscoelotes terrestris, which is common tothe New Hampshire area, and I suspectsouthern Canada.There are three such spots on the lin-ing on the back of the dress. So it ap-pears Betty could have sat on a nestofspiders. Its difficult to say whenithap-pened.Kathy Marden, Bettys niece, relatesthat hours earlier Betty had a hotdog inSwath #1Swath #3Canada and sat at a picnic table to eatit. It is a good probability the contactcould have occurred there. Otherwise,it could havehappened sometime duringthe event. The DNA sequence profilefollows.Coelotes terrestris 18S rRNA geneDNA Analysis SummaryThe outerdiscolored areas ofthedresshave an assortment of DNA fragments.These includebacteria, probably human,which could be from manypeople han-dling the dress over the years, and prob-ably Barneys DNA.2The lining stain iscomposed of spider blood.SpeculationsMy original speculations regardingthesubstances coating the discolored areasof the dress remain. I suspect respira-tory agents from the captors. Time hadtaken its toll on the deposited materialsand prevented positveconfirmation.It would appear trace remnants ofsomeofthe originalmaterialsdidremain,such as the soil bacteria. This wouldsupport Bettys account of the dressbeing thrown on the craft floor. Theevent occurred in a rural area on a dirtroad. Dirt could have been tracked inbyfootwear worn by Betty and the craftoccupants.And finally we know at some pointduring the weekend Betty sat on at leastthree spiders (a nest perhaps). She satat apicnictable several hoursbefore theMUFON UFO Journalevent to eat a hot dog. So it possiblycould have happened there.If not, the probability increases thatitoccurred in an unremembered incidentduring the event. Clearly the chemicalanalysis, the DNA analysis, alongwiththe ripped lining andzipper showssome-thing bizarre happened to Bettys newdress on the night of Sept 19,1961. Thisdress was reduced to a rag as a result!Acknowledgementslam grateful for the help of BillChalker forputtingme in touchwiththebiochemists whodid theDNA analyses.And of course, I thank the microbiolo-gists who made the "extra effort" andprovided in-depth DNA information.They know who they are. I also thankDr.M., a DNA expert, who I consultedfor a second opinion.The biochemist notes: "In the mito-chondrial sequence UnknownHumanmitochondria! sequence (right sleeve)there is a sequence polymorphism atposition 139(position 16188in the mito-chondrial region). References to thissequenceincludetheonebelow,suggest-ing that this DNA belonged to Barney."Bandelt, H. J., Alves-Silva, J.,Guimaraes, P.E., Santos, M. S., Brehm,A., Pereira, L., Coppa, A., Larruga, J.M., Rengo, C., Scozzari, R.,Torroni, A.,Prata, M. J., Amorim, A., Prado, V. F.,August 2005
  5. 5. Pena, S. D. (2001) "Phylogeographyofthehumanmitochondria!haplogroupL3e:a snapshot of African prehistoryand At-lantic slave trade" Annals of HumanGenetics 65 (Pt 6): 549-563.2This analysis was a long shot be-cause any DNA introduced at the timeof the event was highly subjectto deg-radation. Some factors that help thisalong includetime,temperature,humid-ity (whichleads tomicroorganisms)lightand variouschemical substances.See: Norah Rudinand Keith Inman,An Introduction to Forensic DNAAnalysis, 2nd Ed, CRC Press, NewYork, 2002, pg. 13. Wedefinitelyknowthe time and microorganism factor areareality.Australian motoriststartled by strangefigure on side of roadOn June 10, 2005, at 10 AM,Catherine R was driving on a countryroad on the outskirts of Bundaberg, aport city on Hervey Bay in Australiasstate of Queensland, when she saw astrange figure standing in a meadowbeside the road.She says, "While driving in a one-and-a-half-hour drive on acountryroadthrough mostly bush-land, I sawthrough my window a large dark fig-ure about 7 or 8 feet tall."It had the appearance of a man, butwas far more muscular, with wideshoulders and a torso like a god. It waslike nothing Id ever seen."It was dark and scaley-looking. Itscolor was like ash. Its head was insect-like. Iwas a scared 22-year-oldfemale.It was just staring at me. I was ex-tremelyuncomfortable."I was shocked and floored the ac-celerator. It stood still. I was drivingat100 kilometers per hour (60 miles perhour) when I saw it. I sped away fromit at 120 kilometers per hour (72 milesper hour).Ihad never seen anything sostrange."Bundaberg, Qlnd. is located (180miles) north of Brisbane.-UFO ROUNDUP, Vol. 10,No. 26,Joseph Trainor.AUGUST 2005Awards to be presentedBest technical papers soughtPurpose: MUFON is seeking pa-pers on the subjectof UFO Technologi-cal Evidence. The papers must be in anarrative format and backed with ap-propriate references, photos, charts,and examples.The purpose of the contest is topushfor a paradigm shift from entertainingstories about UFOs to the presentationof papers documenting evidence in astyle that can meet the criteria of proofbased on evidence.Content: The papers must presentevidence based on actual UFO inci-dents, people, places, and events. Weare not seeking opinions, theories, sto-ries or ad hominum arguments.The papers must be between 1,500and 3,000 words, not including sup-porting information. They mustbe ac-companied by a short (approximtely150-200 words)biographical sketchofthe submitter.Evidence Defined: All papers mustaddress the hypothesis that "UFOs arereal, they are technological, and theyare not ours."McCormicks Handbook of the Lawof Evidence may be used as a guide toassist submitters in understanding thedescription of physical evidence, first-hand knowledge, expert testimony,competency of witnesses, demonstra-tive evidence, official written state-ments and records, best evidence, andauthentication. Future contests mayaddress other hypotheses.Format: Page size must be 8/i x11. Papers shall consist of title, briefabstract, introduction describing thetechnological evidence, body of paperdescribing details that make this thebest evidence, and a conclusion. Allpapers mustbe written in English.Media Used: Each paper must besubmitted on CD in Microsoft Word orequivalent along witha printedcopyofthe paper. Supporting informationmaybe on the CD or in hard copy.Submittal: Papers and backup ma-terials shall be mailed to MUFON, PostOffice Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369. All submittals shouldbe clearlyMUFON UFO JOURNALmarked to "MUFON Best EvidenceContest." You need not be a MUFONmember to participate in the contest.MUFON Use of Submittals:MUFON reserves the right to publishall submittals in the MUFON UFOJournal, on the MUFON Website, in books, or in spe-cial newsletters or reports. Papers willbe retained on file by MUFON.Authors of works that fit the themeof upcoming MUFON UFO Sympo-siums or conferences may be invited topresent a longer version of their workat those events. MUFON is not obli-gated topublish any paper, and reservesthe right to reject papers that do notmeet the intentor spirit of this contest.Judges: The papers will be re-viewed by a panel of judges selectedby the MUFON Business Board of Di-rectors, and contest winners will beselected based on the content that isjudged to be the "best evidence."Judges decisions arefinal.Prizes: First Place: $250 plus freeadmission to all sessions of the 2006MUFON International UFO Sympo-sium.Second Place: $150plus free admis-sion to all sessions of the 2006MUFON International UFO Sympo-sium.Third Place: $100 plus free admis-sion to all sessions of the 2006MUFON International UFO Sympo-sium.All other submitters meeting the re-quirements defined for this contest willreceive a CD copy of a vintageMUFON UFO Symposium Proceed-ings book.Only one prize will beawarded to an individualsubmitter.Schedule: All submittals must bereceived by MUFON Headquarters byOct. 1, 2005. Prizes will be awardedin January, 2006.Symposium summaryA summary of the July, 2005,MUFON Symposiumwill beincludedin the September issue of the Journal.
  6. 6. Meteor watchers and UFOsA classic mismatchDan WrightBy Dan Wright"Its a bird; its a plane; its ... aschool offish? Lake degassing? Ajet-tisoned airplane tank?These of-ferings werethe mostprominentlydiscussedpossibilitiesduring a two-week periodin April andMay when av o l u n t e e rgroup of me-teor watchersp o s t e dthoughts ontheir internetforum ( in response toan intriguing inquiry about a half-cen-turyrold event.Weve all grown weary of thehaughty Big Science attitudetowardtheUFO subject. But those principals ofacademia and industryhavereputationsto protect, and so are expected to showskepticism.Does that same snootyposturing ex-tend to segments of the citizenry whomerely dabble in one aspect or anotherof the sciences?A 60-year-old woman named Lindahad harbored suspicions all her lifeabout the true nature of something shewitnessed as a youngchild.Finally, shedecided to writea letterto the American Meteor Society(AMS)-an organization devoted to (1)measuring the intensity of the annualmajor and minor meteor showers alike,and (2) describing to one anotherin ex-quisite detail the occasional fireballstreaking throughthe heavens.Lindas email to the AMS wasquiteout of the ordinary, so it offered outsid-ers a chance to assess how the meteorwatchers think on their feet. The textof her message:"In 1952, when I was 8 years old,my family lived in a house on a hilloverlooking Townline Lake inLakeview, MI. I was sitting on thescreened porch when I heard a loudsplash."When I looked up, I saw a largeround area of the lake boiling. I wasfrozen with fascination. The boilingarea looked tobe perfectly round.Itwasapproximately 50-75 yards from shore(its hard to judge distance across thewater), and the roundboiling area wasapproximately 30-40 feet wide."The boiling circle drifted to the leftabout 20-30 feet from where it had be-gun as if something was driftingdownto the bottom of the lake at an angle.After watching it for several minutes,the boiling slowly stopped."Would a meteorite cause water toboil like that if it fell into a lake?Wouldit have cooled off enough to stop thewater from boiling in only a few min-utes? Would a meteorite cause the wa-ter to boil in aperfectly round pattern?"Could a meteorite hitting earth bethat large and not cause any destruc-tion if it fell into a lake? Ihave alwayswondered what itmight havebeen, andnow, 52 years later, I remember the in-cident like it was only yesterday andam still perplexed by the incident."Importantly, Linda had not actuallyseen the object that entered the water,and when she wentinside to inform hermother after the boiling stopped, shemight have missed any concluding se-quence.But she was clear that a loud splashhad first attracted her attention,plus shehad offered details on the size and slowmovement of the boiling circle overseveral minutes.Meteor watchers who posted com-ments were in agreement that, what-ever caused the incident, it was not ameteor.Given its likely entry speed in thethousands of miles per hour, a chunkof rock or metal sufficient in size to ef-fect a continuous 30-40 circle ofbubbles on the waters surface wouldundoubtedly havefirst caused an enor-About the authorDan Wright has been active for anumber of years with both Michi-gan MUFON and MUFON interna-tional.He conducted a five-year studyofabductions, indexing more than 250verbatim accounts submitted by 20researchers.Wright was a 15-year Boardmember for MUFON, and served asdeputy director for investigations forMUFON for seven years, gradingmore than 1,000 reports, establish-ing review procedures, and assist-ing in creating the WorldwideUFODatabse.He authored three chapters of theMUFON Field InvestigatorsManual, has written numerous ar-ticles, and has spoken at severalMUFON symposiums.mous sonic boom, followed by wide-spread destruction from the impact.As one member put it, "If such abolide came in, a huge end-of-the-world, thundering-smashing soundwould definitely have been morememorable than the bubbling lake,caused by the more distant massentering withcosmic velocity."Ignorant of the reported characteris-tics of discoid crafts entering bodiesofwater over the years-or that 1952 washuge in terms of UFO activity acrossAmerica-no one in thegroup even con-sidered the possibility of a structuredcraft from beyond Earth as the culprit.Instead, what theydid come up withas possibilities ranged from the plau-sible to the amusing. A sampling oftheir remarks:"My highlyuneducated guesswouldbe that what (the woman) witnessedwas an instance of lake degassing,wherein buildup of methane (abyproduct of the decomposition of or-ganic matter) and/or CO2 reaches acertain pressure point, allowing thegas(es) to be spontaneously released enMUFON UFO Journal August 2005
  7. 7. masse from lake-bottom sediment.Such an event occurred on a muchlarger scale in 1986 on CameroonsLake Nyos, killing over 1700 people.".This hypothesis (a lake version ofswampgas) ignores the loud splash thatfirst drew the girls attention.A second meteorobs posting agreedwith the notion of carbon dioxidebuildup: "I believe the CO2 is in solu-tion much like the CO2 within a sodabottle before opening. After the pres-sure is released, the CO2 gas bubblesrush to the surface. Whatever hap-pened, it surely doesnt sound like ameteorite is at the root."The degassing idea, however, didhave onedetractor: "Just wantedto signin for a moment to say I agree that it isextremely unlikely to be a meteor.However, I dont think its CO2 gas,either. There wouldhaveto be a sourceof CO2 gas (usually volcanic), and thelake would have to be deep enough tocork the bottle with hydrostaticweight."Enter the fish, compliments of afourth meteor enthusiast: "Anothertheory is that she saw a fish fingerlingschool escaping from apredator. Ihaveseen it and it looks and moves like shedescribed. It is also transient in thatmany fish dont school whenlarger andreally small fish stay in the shallows."This hypothesis requires thatthe girlmisidentified the waters roiling actionfrom flapping fins for the bubbles sheinsists were seen.And finally the inconsiderate pilotnotion: "For whatit is worth, in the 50sthe Air Force pilots undercertain flightsituationsjettisoned belly tanks-emptyor otherwise-on what seemed to be aregular basis. When possible they wereto be dropped over water. Sometimesaccidentally."At this point the intrepid UFO re-searcher entered the fray.In pertinent part, my posting read:"There is another possibility, which inthis case might be more plausiblethananything derived from the annals ofweird science. The year 1952 happenedto includedramatic and persistent ap-pearances of UFOs."Numerous military documents,since acquired via the Freedom of In-formation Act, reported pilot chases,uncorrelated radartargets, and repeatedintrusions of airspace around thenations Capitol...."FYI, scores of eyewitnesses overthe years are on record as having ob-served metallic disc-type vehicles en-tering lakes and ocean water, manyofwhom further described a bubblingonthe surface presumably related to heatgenerated by the saucers exterior.Many of those persons further wit-nessed the reappearance of the disc asit emerged from underwater and flewout of sight."The next day brought some inevi-table derision, borrowed from the 18thcentury British philosopher DavidHume: "That no testimony is sufficientto establish a miracle, unless the testi-mony be of such a kind that its false-hood would be more miraculous thanthe fact which it endeavors to estab-lish."Gosh, I felt really put inmy place.Fortunately,the witnessherself cameto. my rescue. In a follow-up letter,Linda wrote:"I wantto thankeveryone verymuchfor their speculations as to whatI mayhave witnessed on Townline Lake in1952. While the lake was stocked withbluegill andbass, I dont think it wasaschool of fish, as it would have beentoo far awayfrom shore for the smallerfish to school together."I have done a great deal of fishingin my life, and have seen many schoolsof fish being chased by predators, andit did not look the same. And eventhough fish cause some splashing whenthey arebeing chased, thesplash Iheardin 1952 was very loud. Much louderthan a school of small fish makewhen fleeing a predator."The methane gas or even the UFOtheories seem more plausible to me, al-though Idoubtif the methane gaswouldhave caused a loud splashing noise.Perhaps a loudbubbling noise."I am glad to know that everyoneruled out the meteorite theory,however,since that is what I always thought itwas, and this informationrules out thatpossibility."I was unawareof the largenumberof sightings of UFOs in 1952, and donot positively rule out thattheory, sincemy husband and I saw a UFO in Indi-ana in 1981."She went on to say that, as volun-teer firefighters, they were monitoringthe Indianapolis air traffic controltowerwhen they heard pilots describing anunknown 35 miles south of the city-near the couples home.They drove to a hill outside theirtown wherethey spotted the objecthov-ering at 3,000 feet.Linda reports: "It was round, silver,and had red and green lights scrollingaround its middle. The lights movedfrom right to left. It moved veryslowlyacross the sky from east to west. Muchslower than an airplane could move andstill remain airborne."We watched it for at least 30 min-utes while other airline pilots headingtoward Indianapolis reported the sameunidentified object to thecontroltower.Finally, the object flew straight up andout of sight within a matter of sec-onds."Unfortunately from an investigativestandpoint, Lindaoffered no date in hersummaries for either the 1952 or 1981event, and her email address has beenprotected by the meteorobs.orgwebmaster. Still, that second install-ment offered a measure of vindication.As important, perhaps a few morewidemeteor watchers now believe inmiracles.Ozark Conference tapesTapes from the 2005 Ozark UFOConference are still available, accord-ing to Lou Parish, conference director.Also, previous Conference tapes/DVDs are available from Jack Fletcher,who used to tape the conferences, asare some tapes from other conferences.The complete lists and prices are onthe website: NewsclippingServiceMonthly collection of newsstories and features about UFOsand related phenomena from theworlds press, including transla-tions.For a sample copy and addi-tional information, contactUFONS, 2 Caney Valley Drive,Plumerville, AR 72127-8725, orufons@webtv.netAUGUST 2005 MUFON UFO JOURNAL
  8. 8. Not petroleum derivativesUFO odors suggest hydrocarbons fuelThomas M. Olsen, M.S.Retired Nuclear Engineer (UK)Abstract: Odor descriptions in 16close-encounter reports are summa-rized and attributedto low-temperatureoxidation products of three hydrocar-bon fuels.NO^ 04 from atmospheric nitrogenfixation is discussed as another odor-ant.Odors are usually not experiencedin UFO sightings, since the object mustbe nearby, and the witness must bewithin thedownwinddispersion plume.Even in close encounters with discUFOs, onlyaboutone out of three casesincludes perception of odors.Witnesses generally report an unfa-miliar, nauseating, pervasive and op-pressive smell, pungentlyirritating tothe mucosal tissues of eyes, nose, andthroat.Depending on the magnitude of in-tegrated exposure, immediate effectsmay include dizziness, upset stomach,andvomiting.The odor may still be noticeablehours later, from the lungs and on theskin, whichmaypeel. Severe exposuresmay be followed by temporary loss ofappetite and low blood lymphocytecount, and may necessitate hospitaliza-tion.1In a representative selection of 52close encounters with disc UFOs, in-cluding the 16 with odor which arenoted explicitly here, and 36 otherswithout odor,2thereis no significant sta-tistical correlation between occurrenceof odor and most other common fea-tures-including sounds,smoke, haze ormist, colored glow,electromagnetic ef-fects, or sightingduration.Duration is evidentlystatistically in-significant, as witnessesin severalbriefencounters noted immediatevisibilityof copious vapor emissions, to whichthey attributed the reported odor.3Witnesses close to the UFO are sta-tistically somewhat more likely to senseany odors emitted by the UFO.48In some of the CEII cases, odor atthe landing site is not detected untiltheground traces are inspected immedi-ately after the sighting.The relative wind direction isunfor-tunately not stated in mostUFO reports,and may be responsible for the appar-ent absence of odors in the majorityofclose encounters.In four of the 16sightings withodor,the witnesses did note a distinct hiss-ing sound.This was not heard in any ofthe 36 typical close encounters with-out odor.A provisional explanation for theodor evolves from literal interpretationof the specific odor descriptions, assummarized in Table 1, and from con-sideration of reported electromagneticeffects of UFOs.15Thus, with the exception of ozone,. which sometimes is misinterpreted asburning sulphur,the specific odors re-ported appear to be from oxidationproducts of hydrocarbons: methyl al-cohol, methylbenzene, and benzene.Evidently these are somehow avail-able in the UFOs vicinity, perhapsthrough ventingorincompletecombus-tion.It is significant that they are not pe-troleum derivatives; methyl alcohol ismade from wood, while the two ben-zenes are obtained from coal.On this planet,at least, these sourcesare more likely to be available in laterstages of technological developmentthan petroleum.The reported electromagnetic phe-nomena from UFOs are sufficient toproduce the necessary oxidizing agentsin the immediate vicinity.Thus, ozoneis expected in aregion ionized by staticelectric and magnetic fields, and bymicrowave and optically visible elec-tromagneticenergy.Moreover, the characteristic yellowafterglow of active nitrogen,16visibleinspite of the quenchingeffect of oxygenin the air,17is described by some wit-nesses.18The active nitrogen fixes oxygen toMUFON UFO Journalproduce N O (unstable), NO (oxidizestoNO2), N203 (also unstable),NO2 andN205.The latter oxide is a white, crystal-line solid below 30 degrees C (86 de-grees F). Thus, only NO2 is consideredhere, in addition to ozone, as an effec-tive oxidizing agent.The fact that N204 is used as a fueloxidizer in contemporary rocket tech-nology is ignored in the UFO contextsince, as discussed above, the oxidiz-ing agent appears to be produced out-side ofthe UFO asan unavoidable con-sequence of the electromagnetic field.In summary, considering the re-ported characteristics, UFO odors areattributed to externally produced oxi-dizing agents, ozone and NO^^, andtheir reaction withmethylalcohol, me-thyl benzene, and benzene: While itmay be difficult to accept the implica-tion that hydrocarbons are used as anenergy source in disc UFOs, and waste-fully too, the reported descriptions ofoccasional black smoke emission fromdisc UFOs must be recognized as fur-ther evidence.22Propulsion usingthe implied hydro-carbon fuels presumablyrequires atmo-spheric oxygen for primary combus-tion. This assumption tends to support"mother ship" reports, suggesting themore common, disc-type UFOs cannotoperate outside Earths atmosphere.Notes and References1. Coral and Jim Lorenzen:Encoun-ters with UFO Occupants (NewYork:Berkley Publishing Corp. 1976)p!2.2. Thomas M. Olsen (Ed.): The Ref-erencefor Outstanding UFOSightingReports (Riderwood, Maryland21139,USA: UFOIRC 1966).3. See e.g., Strange Effects fromUFOs (NICAP 1969), p53.4. Biserial correlation coefficient =-0.3 with estimated distance in meterson a common logarithm scale.5. See Grey Barker: They KnewTooSuch aboutFlying Saucers (NewYork:University Books, Inc. 7956), p23;FSRJanuary/February 1966,p24, and FSRAugust 2005
  9. 9. Table One: Odor description and interpretationSpecific ChemicalDescription Interpretation Formula RemarksBurning sulphur Sulphur SO2DioxidePepper in the air,6Ozone (witness O3burned out elec- alsosuggestedtrical motor7or hot Bakelite).trnsformerFat burning9Fatty acids e.g.,appear in vapor formicor with com- acidbustion. HCOOHEmbalming fluid10Formaldehyde H COHot Bakelite Formaldehyde C H5OHand phenol (phenol)Nitrobenzene11 Nitrobenzene C6H5NO2Ozone is morelikely,but un-familiar to manywitnesses.Expected in vicinity of electri-cal discharge and ionizedair.Besides irritatingupper respir-atory tract, can (but usuallydoesnt) produce headaches.Under low-temperture oxida-tion by moderately activeagents, formic acid isproducedfrom formaldehyde ordirectlyfrom methylbenzene.Colorless, watersoluable,highly poisonous, irritating gas.Occurs in low-temperatureox-idation of methyl alcohol bymoderately active oxidizingagents.Phenol (carbolic acid) is apungent solid at roomtemper-ature.From oxidationofmethylbenzene;13or UV radiationofbenezene;14bothneedsuitablecatalyst. Produces skinburns.Oily, yellowishliquid,poison-ous, with strong,slightlysweetish odor like oil ofbitteralmonds. Made inoxidationwith benzeneby nitric acid.September/October 1968, p7; andStrange Effects from UFOs, op. cit., pi.6. Charles A. Maney and Richard H.Hall: The Challenge of UnidentifiedFlying Objects (NICAP 1961), p29.I. FSRNovember/December 7967,p6; Lorenzen, op. cit., p!2.8. The APRO Bulletin April 7977,P2.9. NICAP: UFO Investigator July/August 1961, p5. Formic acid can betanked and used in fuel cells to chemi-cally produce electricity. It burns simi-larly to petrol and compares with moreusual fuel-cell materials, includingmethyl alcohol: Electronic EngineeringTimes November 13, 1978, p28.10. Strange Effects from UFOs, op.cit.,p5, and Vallees Challenge to Sci-ence, the UFO Enigma, p40.I1. Vallee, op. cit.,p53. The relatedAUGUST 2005benzene derivative, aniline, CfiH5NH?is a colorless, poisonous liquid whichrums dark red on standing and destroysred blood cells.12. D. R. Cloyd and W. J. Murphy:Handling Hazardous Materials (U.S.Government Printing Office: NASASP-5032 7965),p66.13. George S. Brady and Henry R.Clauser: Materials Handbook, llthEdition (New York: McGraw-HillBook Co. 7977), p577.14. William Albert Noyes, Jr. andPhilip Albert Leighton: The Photo-chemistry of Gases (New York: DoverPublications, Inc. 7966), App.B-n andc-i,n.15. James M. McCampbell:UFOlogy-New Insights from Scienceand Common Sense (12 Bryce Court,Belmont, California 94002, USA:MUFON UFO JOURNALJaymac Company 7973 [hardcover]and Millbrae, California,, USA: Celes-tial Arts 7976 [paperback of higherquality]), pps 23-41 [hardcover], withthree paragraphs on odors.See also McCampbellssubsequentpapers in various AIAA and MUFONsymposia proceedings and MUFONUFO Journal.16. A. Nelson Wright and Carl A.Winkler: Active Nitrogen (New York:Academic Press, Inc. 7965), pps 1,19.17. Wrightand Winkler, op. cit., pps264-267.18. E.g., StrangeEffects from UFOs,op. cit., p42: a "yellow tail" appearedwhen the hovering object moved hori-zontally.19. Cloyd and Murphy,op. cit., pps73-79.20. Cf. color and specific gravitywith description in StrangeEffects fromUFOs, op. cit., p42.21. Cf. descriptions in C.R.I.F.O.Newsletter (Cincinnati, Ohio: CivilianResearch, Interplanetary Flying Ob-jects) November 1956, p4 ("an over-powering, noxious, nauseating odor")and Olsen, op. cit., p3-13 ("worse thanburning flesh-an awful smell").22. E.g., Olsen, op. cit., pps 3-24 and3-49.Ohio UFO collectionlarge and growingThe Ohio State Universitys mainlibrarys rare books and manuscriptsdivision has more than 1,000 items inits William E. Jones Unidentified Ob-ject Collection.The collection is one of the largestin the country, according to ElvaGriffith, a library associate.The assortment of material, rangingfrombooks toreports to periodicals, hasbeen donated over the past 15 years byJones, a Columbus lawyer, OhioMUFON State Director, and memberof the Board of Directors of the J. AllenHynek Center for UFO Studies.Jones is also a member of theRoundtown UFO Society of Circleville,OH, headed by Pete Hartinger.Although every piece in the collec-tion is not rare, the collection is not cir-culated, thus keeping the materials ingood condition for researchers.9
  10. 10. Woman says UFO stalledJcar on lonely Texas roadOn Tuesday, July 5, 2005, at 8:50PM, eyewitness M.R. reports, "I wascoming home from a fishing trip inSargent, TX. I had just turned offFM587 on to FM2611 when, all of asudden, the lights in my car blinkedtwice, and then the car went dead."I coasted to a stop at the top of asmall hill that was on a curve. I wasfrightened. For one, I am female andwas traveling alone, and I was in themiddle of nowhere."I thought that the reason for thepower giving out inmy car was becausemy brother had been using my car bat-tery earlier in the day and may not havetightened thebattery cables properly."I didnt have a flashlight on meand I grabbed my cell phone to letsomeone know what had happened.Then I decided to get out of the car,knowing that mycell phone had abrightlight on it,andI wasgoing to check thebattery cables."Before I could open my cell phoneto turn it on, abright bluishglow startedto light up a wooded area across thehighway from me."At first I thoughtit was another ve-hicle coming up behind me, and I pan-icked for a momentbecause my carhadstopped on top of the hill on a curve,and, if the vehicle was coming up thecurve too fast, it would hit me."But I realized quickly that it wasnot another vehicle. I couldnt quiteidentify the light, but the woods gotsuddenly brighter.The light wentbrightlike a blue-white light bulb."It was more like the light from agiant blue flashlight or helicopter(search) light. I sat in complete silencewhile I watchedit slowly move up outof the trees until it was above the treesand clearly in the sky with the stars fora background."It was ahuge bluishtranslucent ballof light, with the center of the ball muchdarker than the outer edges.The outeredges of the ball seemed to vibrate ortremble slightly.10"It continuouslyrose upinto the sky,at first slowly,but,the higher it got, thefaster it went. Which was straight upinto the sky until it disappeared."I sat in the silent darkness for a fewseconds and then turned my car keys,which I had never taken out ofthe ignition switch, and the car startedright up."She says the UFO "was about 30 to40 feet (9 to 12meters) up. It was huge,maybe 30 to 40 feet across, but I couldbe mistaken. It was much larger thanmy car-a VolvoDL wagon. I resumedmy drive to Sweeny, TX."Sargent is in Matagorda County,onTexas Gulf of Mexico shore about 40miles (64 kilometers) southwest ofGalveston. (Email Form Report)-Thanks to UFO ROUNDUP, Vol.10,No. 28, Joseph Trainor.Large glowing objectreported in TennesseeOn March 17, 2004, a 42-year-oldman (name on file) says he was walk-ing on the bank of South Holson Lakein Sullivan County,TN, looking for oldfishing plugs,when he glanced up about6:20 PM and saw a stationary glowingobject which was perfectly circular.It was about the size of a basketballat arms length, and he estimates theobject was 100 to 500 feet away.Other than a bright yellow glow,there were no distinguishing features,and it was not translucent. He observedthe object for about two minutes be-fore it shot straight up intothe sky andwas gone.The witness is a retired veteran ofmilitary special forces. He reported thesighting to the county sheriff, who re-ferred the sighting to Kim Shaffer, Ten-nessee MUFON ASD/FI.State & local newslettersIf your group is not currently send-ing your newsletter to the Journal, wewould appreciate receiving it.MUFON UFO Journalcomputerhacker looking for ETand 9-11 coverup nowfacing extraditionA 39-year-old unemployed UFOen-thusiast has been accused of commit-ting the biggest military computer hackof all time by the US government, whileauthorities in Britain chose to releasethe North Londoner without charge.His interest in the systems wassparked, as it was for many others, byan interest in science, science fiction,and the unknown.It was the search for proof of extra-terrestrial life and a potential cover-uparound the events of 11 September,2001, that ledhim to the restricted gov-ernment sites.He was, metaphorically speaking,able to walk right in, look around, andmake himself at home in what are sup-posedly some of the most secure sys-tems in the world.Although breaking into the Depart-ment of Defense (DoD) required acombination of ingenuity and hours ofmindless drudgery,ultimately it was the"dangerously lax IT systems"thatmadeit possible, he claims.And as for the "minor" damage tothe systems concerned, it was not de-liberate, he says,buthappened acciden-tally while he was trying to cover histracks.Gary McKinnon has a lot to worryabout. Hisjob prospects are bleak. Hewill shortly have to leave his home inNorth London, and could be facing upto 70 years in a US federal prison-aprospect that terrifies him.His actions havebeen well recorded.Over a period of years he managed tobypass the security of what should bethe most sophisticated IT systems onthe planet, many of which belong to theUS DoD and NASA.That was back in 2002, and he hasalready been investigated thoroughlybythe legal authorities in the UK and re-leased without charge.But the slow-working cogs of the USlegal system have finally clicked intoaction, leaving him hanging in limboawaiting an extradition hearing.August 2005
  11. 11. Secrecy, UFOs, and the deathof the American RepublicRichard DolanBy Richard M. DolanOne certainly hears a lot these daysabout "American fascism." Certaincommentators like topoint outthat fas-cism was a distinct historical develop-ment thatevolved from theE u r o p e a nwreckage afterWorld War One.Some main-tain that to callwhat is happen-ing in America"fascism" is adisservice tothose who livedunder Hitler,Mussolini, orother dictators.Its true that there are major differ-ences here today with certain featuresof those regimes. There has been noopenly acknowledged coup detat towhich one can refer. But the changesto America have yet been profound.Ibelieve thattheJacobin-styled revo-lutionaries whorun America these dayshave learned an important lesson fromthe past: that the best revolutions aresilent.Manage the media, manage the othermajor institutions of power, and you canhave your way about almost anything.You can change the structure of soci-ety at the most profound levels, as longas you keep the old appearances. I callthis invisiblefascism.But my main quarry for this paper isnot empire, not the covert influence ofbig money,not globalization, notthe co-option of what was once an indepen-dent media, nor even fascism per se inAmerica.There is another disease eatingawayat America. It is something which re-ceives nearly no attention, even fromthose people who think and care aboutsuch quaint issues as republican virtueand freedom.That is that matter commonly re-ferred to as UFOs and the cancerousAUGUST 2005Editors NoteThe initial portion of this articleoriginally discussed in some detailDolansconcerns with whathe feelsis a move toward "American fas-cism" and various activities of thegovernment, such as the Patriot Actand the activities of the governmentrelated to 9-11.As this was not directlyrelatedto UFOs, mostof this material was,with the authorspermission,not in-cluded in the current edited article.This additional material is avail-able on the authors website of UFO secrecy on the Ameri-can Republic.Of science and politicsThe development of invisible fas-cism in America is of such historicalsignificance, you might ask, "why talkabout UFOs?" There is no shortage ofculprits, so why bring in the lunaticfringe?Conversely, there are also UFO re-searchers who wantno part of politicalanalysis interfering with their field ofstudy. This is a scientific issue, theymaintain. Introducing political perspec-tivesjust muddies the waters. Analyzethe evidence, know your facts, and stayobjective.But the UFO topic has importantpolitical implications. Wecannot affordto ignore them. One of these is the dam-aging effect UFO secrecy has had onour society. It is an issue that intimatelyaffects public policy, national security,and our very freedom.Indeed, as I will argue, the topic ofUFOs and the extreme secrecy con-cerning them will determine a signifi-cant course of our civilizations future.Reality of UFO phenomenonUFOs are not fun and games, theyare not delusions. They are real. Thephenomenon has involvedreal technol-ogy, doing real things that are not sup-posed to be possible.MUFON UFO JOURNALAbout the AuthorRichard Dolan is the authorof UFOsand theNational Security State (2000),which covers the period from 1941 to1973. He is currently completing thesecond volume, 1974 to the present.Dolan did undergraduate work atAlfred University in history, English,and philosophy,earned a scholarshiptoOxford, and did graduate work at theUniversity of Rochesterin political sci-ence. He has spoken at several UFOconferences, including MUFONs2002 and 2005symposiums.This technology, since at leastWorldWar Two, has engaged in a confronta-tional and provocative manner withU.S. military forces on many occasions.It has involved both air space viola-tions and alarmed responses, and haselicited the concern of some of the high-est ranking military and intelligence of-ficers in the country.We know this because, for a rela-tively brief period in Americas history(primarily the late 1970s and into someof the 1980s), the Freedom of Infor-mation Act enabled researchers to ob-tain official documents from govern-ment agencies which clearly demon-strated this.Not that FOIA is officially dead to-day, but it has had its ups and downsover the years. As far as obtainingUFO-related information, FOIAs mo-ment of glory was long ago, in the post-Watergate and post-Vietnam era.Thus, agencies such as the CIA,DIA, FBI, andpickyour alphabet-soupagency, which for years had steadfastlydenied having anything to do withUFOs, suddenly released thousandsofpages of documentation provingthe op-posite.It is true that, among these officiallyreleased documents, there is no abso-lute smoking gun-e.g. amemofrom thePresident stating "Okay, whatdo we doabout these pesky aliens, anyhoo?"There are, however, quite a fewdocuments that are one cut below this.11
  12. 12. That is, documentsthatdescribe utterlyawesome militaryencounters with theunexplainable.Taken individually,suchFOIAdocu-ments do not prove the existence ofUFOs as something "not us." After all,even military witnesses can make mis-takes. Radar can be faulty or misinter-preted.But, taken as a whole,the releasedFOIA documentsprovidea largebodyof evidence relating to seriousmilitaryencounters with UFOs. After you readthe first fifty of these, you start towon-der. Lets review a couple of thesedocuments.The 1949 Kirtland documentWe have, for instance, a documentfrom Kirtland Air Force Base in NewMexico from Jan. 31, 1949, directedto the USAF Chief of Staff.There was a flurry of UFO activitygoing on in New Mexico at this time.The document inquestiondescribed yetanother of these sightings from the pre-vious day, seen by about 30people. Thedocument states:"Estimate atleast 100total sightings.AEC, AFSWP, 4th Army, local com-manders perturbed by implications ofphenomena.... All appear to be sameobject at different points in trajectory.Unless instructed to contrary this of-fice willmake all out investigationwithview to location of impact pointif any."All those agencies were "perturbedby implications of phenomena." Yes,indeed. I would be perturbed, too.On the same day that the Kirtlanddocument was issued, Strategic AirCommand sent a memo to FBI Direc-tor J. Edgar Hoover.It stated thatthe matter of UFOs was"considered top secret by IntelligenceOfficers of both the Army and the AirForces."A 1950 Confidential Memorandumwith the heading, "Flying Disks." Thismemo is remarkable, and I want toseparate each sentence from one para-graph, so that you read itcarefully:The 1950 Hanford document."Since 30 July objects, round inform, have been sighted over theHanford AEC Plant."These objects reportedly wereabove 15,000 feet in altitude."Air Forcejets attempted intercep-tion with negative results."All unitsincluding the anti-aircraftbattalion, radar units,Air Force fightersquadrons, and the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation havebeen alerted for fur-ther observation."The Atomic Energy Commissionstates that the investigation iscontinu-ing and complete details will be for-warded later."Where oh where are the academichistorians regarding this memo?Failedintercepts? Anti-aircraft battalions?Good lord.And whatever happened tothe AEC investigation and report?The answer to that last questionmight be contained in the wording ofthe 1949 memosent to Hoover. It statedthat the matter of UFOs was "consid-ered top secret."Yet, of the thousandsof UFO-relateddocuments that were released throughthe Freedom of Information Act, onlythe smallest handful of (highly cen-sored) documents were actually TopSecret.The rest weretypicallyclassified Re-stricted or Confidential,or at most Se-cret. Lower levels of secrecy, in otherwords. So where are the Top Secretdocuments?Despite the best efforts of FOIA re-searchers, the best reports and intelli-gence remain far removed from thepublic domain. Despite what somepeople had hoped, the FOIA has notturned out to be a magic bullet.It is also fairly obvious that UFOsecrecy involvesclassifications higherthan TopSecret. Higher classificationsare themselves classified, so whoknows how far they really go.James Bamford in Body of Secrets,a study of the NSA, writes, "like anendless spiral, there are secret classifi-cation systems within secret classifica-tion systems."What we do know is thatCanadiangovernment official Wilbert Smithwrote in 1950 that he had made "dis-creet enquiries through the Canadianembassy staff in Washington" andlearned that the subject of UFOs was"the most highly classified subject inthe United States government."Robins Air Force BaseThe last of the early memos I wantto show you is from Robins Air ForceWilbert SmithBase inMacon, GA, dated July9,1951.It describes a ten-minute aerial UFOencounter that took place in the earlyafternoon.The pilot, a first lieutenant, was fly-ing an F-51 on a routine flight fromLawson AFB in Columbus, GA. Notfar from Augusta, he encountered anobject that was "flat on top and bottomand appearing from afront viewtohaverounded edges and slightly beveled."At one point the object dived whilein front of the pilots view.When it didso, it appeared "completely roundandspinning in a clockwise direction."The amount of detail on this reportis remarkable. It continues: "Fromfrontview as object dived observer notedsmall spots on the object ...Object didnot appear tobe aluminum.Only 1ob-ject observed. Solar white. No vaportrails or exhaust or visible system ofpropulsion. Described as traveling attremendous speed."The object eventually "disappearedunder his plane."Not only was this for an extendedduration, but the pilot got to within300to 400 feet of the object. He estimatedits size at about 10 to 15 feet in diam-eter. This object was moving very fast.According to the report, the pilotthought the object was moving at thespeed of ajet. He felt a "disturbance inthe air described as a bump when ob-ject passed underplane.... Pilot flew incombat in Europe for 12 months 1944-1945. Pilot considered by associates tobe highly reliable, of maturejudgementand a creditable observer."There are other documents like this.12 MUFON UFO Journal August 2005
  13. 13. i-Taken as a group, they establish that,during this early period at least, therewere quite a few events that were re-corded and classified by U.S. militaryand intelligence personnel thatthey tookseriously. It is easy to understand why.Soviet? American? Other?Were these objects of Soviet origin,developed perhaps withthe aid of cap-tured German scientists-some ofwhomwere indeed experimenting with disk-shaped platforms?This possibility wasinvestigated, and rejected.Today, yearslater, thereis still no evi-dence thatthe Soviets invented "flyingsaucers" after World War Two.What about the Americans? Theycaptured their own cache of Germanscientists, after all. One can speculateon the possibility that some break-through was made in the immediatepost-World War Two years, in deepsecrecy, as a result of purely terrestrialscience.But there are several problems withthis theory, aswell. First, the documen-tation that we have indicates seriousefforts on anti-gravity commencing inthe mid-1950s.If anythingstarted sooner within theUnited States, we have no documen-tary evidence. That is not to sayit didnthappen, but there are no documents toshow it.Nor would it seem logical that thiswas a deep black American program,at least when viewing the confronta-tional nature of some of these encoun-ters.The 1951 pilot encounter citedabove, for instance, or the manyintru-sions over military bases and researchcenters, dont make sense as a secretAmerican project, at least not on theface of it.Unless, of course, you speculatethata roguehumangroup obtained radicallyadvanced technology; a group beyondthe control of official militaries andgovernments. I cant prove this, but isit possible? Of course.That, frankly, seems to be the con-servative interpretation, and its notexactly conservative. Then there is themore radical interpretation, which isthat this technology wasnt human inorigin at all.(Continued next month.)AUGUST 2005MUFON ForumWitness revealedEditors Note: The "Cisco GroveBow & Arrow case" was summarizedin the April MUFON UFO Journal inan article by Preston Dennett.from hisbook UFOs Over California.There was discussion in the Forumin the June issueof the nameof themainwitness. Dennetts full report of the in-cident, as it appears in his book, fol-lows this letter tothe Forum by thewit-ness wife:Dear Mr. Connelly,I have the answer to the name dis-cussion by Mr. Dennett, Mr. Heiden,and Mr. Good printed in the MUFONForum, page 10, of the MUFON UFOJournal of June, 2005.The witnessin the Cisco GroveBowand Arrow case of 1964 is my husbandof 42 years, Donald R. Shrum. Hefought themoff all night and gotaway.Don is 67 years old now,and is in goodhealth andretired.Paul Cerny was Dons MUFONinvestigator in 1964. KathylynBunyardtold of of Pauls passing. We have thegreatest respect for Paul. He treatedDon very well, and always kept us in-formed about Dons case.Paul and Don agreed to keep Donslast name confidential because of theprevailing attitudes in the early 60s.Paul used Mr. S and Donald S. Donwas introduced to Stanton Friedman,though, as Mr. X by Paul in the 70s inSacramento, CA. Later on, Paul usedDonald Smythe.Richard Hall never had our permis-sion to use Dons last name. Mr. Hallwas so very close: he added the letter cto Dons last name. Wehave never metMr. Hall.Dons name was leaked by whomwe will never know. Paul; Dr. AnitaBrothers of Berkeley, CA; ProfessorKillick; James Harder; and U.S. AirForce Capt. McCloud and a sergeantwho were with Intelligence Command(who grilled Don off base for serveralhours; I waspresent then) were theonlyones we knew who had Dons fullname, address, and possibly phoneMUFON UFO JOURNALnumber. Nevertheless,his leaked name,etc. did cause some problems, not toobad.-Warmest regards,Mrs. Judith ShrumFollowing is the case as describedin UFOs Over California:On Labor Day weekend in 1964, anow classic UFO case took place in thewilderness outside Cisco Grove, nearTruckee, California. Three hunterswere using the long weekend to dosome bow-and-arrow hunting.On Sep-tember 4, the three men separated fromeach other and began thehunt.One of the hunters, Donald Smythe,had no idea that he was about to be-come the hunted. After a long day ofhunting, Smythe had become lost andwashaving troublefindinghis waybackto camp. When he saw a light dartingback and forth above him, he assumeda helicopter had been sent to rescuehim.Instead, the object came overheadand hovered silently above him. Whenthe object suddenly landed, Smytherealized that it was something outsideof his experience. He became fright-ened andclimbed up a nearby tree.Smythe then saw three figures exitthe craft and come towards him. Twoof the figures were about five feet talland dressed from head to toe insilvery-gray material. The third figure appearedto be robotic, withtwo reddish-orange"eyes" and arectangular opening for amouth.The three figuresapproached the treeand appeared to try and climb it. Therobotic figure opened its rectangular:mouth and belched out clouds of foul-smelling gaswhich made Smythe chokeand lose consciousness.He climbed further up into the treeas the three figures continued to taunthim. The three figures stayed for hours,despite Smythes attempts to dissuadethem by dropping burning bits of pa-per and clothing. He then shot at therobot with his arrows. Although therobot was knocked down, the arrowsbounced off the metallic surface.This went on all night. When dawn13
  14. 14. broke, the figures were still there. Sud-denly, a fourth figure exited the craftand Smythe saw that it was anotherrobotic figure, identical to the fust. Thetwo robots emitted a huge cloud ofsmoke whichenveloped Smythe,caus-ing him to lose consciousness. Whenhe awoke, the figures and "dome-shaped" craft were gone.Smythehurriedlyreturnedtocamp,where he found his friends looking forhim. Upon hearing his account, one ofthe huntersreported that he also saw a"bright, glowing, large light" swoopdown and travel at low altitude acrossthe sky. Both companions also re-marked that the incidentundoubtedlyhad something to do with the fact thatthe government was already hi the arealooking for a "meteorite."Smythes wife saw him after theincident andprovided additional details:"I knewsomething was wrongwith himwhen I saw him. He was as white as asheet, and his eyes were dazed look-ing. He spoke to me in a very shakyvoice.He had dark circles underhis eyes.He looked terrible...he had scratches allover his arms. He came in and didnteven sayhi, hello or anything... .hethenproceeded to tell me about his CiscoGroveexperience. His handsshook andhis voice was subdued....he wason theverge of crying [and] was so badlyshaken that he took a week off fromwork."Smythe was badly traumatized bythe incident and reported it to the AirForce. While the Air Force suggestedhe was perhaps the victim of a prank,pioneering UFO investigator CoralLorenzen calls the case "the most spec-tacular report I have ever examined,"and believes "it is an authenticincidentand important to the documentation ofoccupant incidents."UFO investigators Ted Bloecher andPaul Cerny also conducted anin-depth,onsite investigation and came away to-tally convinced.Writes Cerny, "Havingjustreviewedthe case files on this fascinating andunusual encounter, there is absolutelyno doubt in my mind that this incidentis factual and authentic. I have spentconsiderable time and manyvisitswiththe main witness, and along with thetestimony of the other witnesses, I canrule out the possibility of any hoax."Cracks in the Great Wall-UFOs andTraditional Metaphysics by CharlesUpton, 2005, Sophia Perennis, Light-ning Source, LaVergne, TN, ISBN 1-59731-024-7,88pages, soft cover, 6x9,No index. $18.95.Reviewed by Dwight ConnellyThe authorpurports to explain whatUFOs are by using a combination ofscience andmetaphysics, utilizing pri-marily the views of ufologist JacquesVallee and metaphysicist ReneGuenon.Vallee is, in fact, the onlyufologistin which the author seems to placemuch faith, and it is clear that Uptonhas only limited knowledgeof ufology.Still, the writing is clear and intelli-gent for the most part as he presentsmaterial to convince the reader thatUFOs are manifestations of the anti-Christ."I consider," says the author, "thecontemporary UFO experience, andparticularly the occurrence of alien ab-duction, to be the most direct mani-festation conceivable of these powersof darkness-a manifestation which hasbecome possible on sucha widespreadbasis only because the present world-age is rapidly drawing to a close: it istruly an end time phenomenon."Although Uptonseems unabletodif-ferentiate between New Age groups,such as Heavens Gate, and groupssuch as MUFON, he does spend sev-eral pages critiquing the late JohnMacks approach to boththe abducteesand the abductors.The author concludes that the UFOentities are members of the Jinn of theKoran-beings inhabiting a plane sub-tler than the Material, but grosser thanthe Imaginal and Angelic: the seventhplane in the Great Chain of Being."He says that not allJinn are evil, "butthe Jinn who are staging the presentUFO manifestations almost certainlyare demons," and "are here to prepareus for the religion of the antichrist."He adds, "If todays alien showsmany similarities to the traditionalvampire, it is because both of themsteal our blood, ourlife-energy, whichin the most fundamental sense is noth-ing other than the spiritual attention weowe to God as the source of our life."He adds, "Just as an adultrous affairdestroys marriage by diverting eroticenergy, so the alien and the entitydestroy our relationship to God by di-verting spiritual energy."The author says he will accept,"without apology, the existence of in-visible worlds, and the ability of suchworlds to impinge upon and alter thephysical one."Overlooking few issues, Upton alsospends some time explaining why hebelieves reincarnation and time travelare impossible.He says that the UFOs cannot beinterplanetary spaceships because,based on Vallees conclusions, "thereare simply too many of them; it is notlikely, for example, that the possiblytwo million Americans who have beenabducted by aliens were kidnapped byastronauts."The author quotes Orthodoxy andthe Religion of the Future that "themanifestations of todays flying saucersare quite within the technology of de-mons; indeed, nothing else can explainthem as well. The multifarious demonicdeceptionsof Orthodox literature havebeen adapted to the mythology of outerspace, nothingmore..[their] purpose isto awe the beholders with a sense ofthe mysterious, and to produceproof of the higher intelligences(angels, if thevictim believes inthem,or space visitors for modern men),and thereby gain trust for the messagethey wishto communicate."This book probably wont changemany minds, but Upton does a reason-ably goodjob of presenting his viewofufology: "a truepostmodern demonol-ogy-though all too manyof those whobelieve thatUnidentifiedFlying Objectsare extraterrestrial visitors treat it moreas a post-modern religion."14 MUFON UFO Journal August 2005
  15. 15. 1II T"HJUjyDirector, MUFON Eastern RegionNote: These reports are presented in or-der to keep readers informed of some of thevast number of sightings being reported.However, thesecases have not been officiallyinvestigated.Massachusetts teardropUFOBOSTON - The passenger and hisdaughter were flying in an AA 757 toEurope on June 19,2005.The witness states, Twenty minutesafter takeoff a horseshoe crab-shapedsilver object was quickly overtaken byour aircraft at 8:14 PM."The crab-shaped UFO was flying atour altitudeand notrecognized as an air-craft. Weestimated the object was at a1/4mile distance from our AA 757, butit was definitely not a plane, and seemedto be hanging almost vertically northofus."On landing at Manchester, England,they asked the pilot and co-pilot aboutthe UFO. They did not see it or pickanything up on radar.Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director, cigarCOVENTRY - On June 17,2005, at2:10 AM, a train engineer and anotherrailway worker witnessed a multi-col-ored cigar-shaped object low in the sky.The engineer at Coventry Station wasdriving locomotive 66537 (4006).The engineer reports, "About half amile beforeCov stationInoticed atabouta 35-degree angle from eyesight a largegreen light above CoventryCity Centre.It appeared to be stationary and was asteady light."Getting closer tothe station,thelightturned to a steady red or slightly orangeglow. I couldnt remain in permanentfocus with the objectbecause I wasrun-ning on to a red signal."I observed that the light had a tube-like shape and a red light at the rear. IAUGUST 2005would guess that it was only about acouple of hundred feet in the sky, andwas moving northeast over Coventry."There wasnonoise I could hear,butthen again Iwasina66locomotive. Alsothere was a rail grinding machine on thedown slow platform, and the driver ofthat was on the platform watching theUFO."Maybe it wasa barrage balloonor Zeppelin typecraft? But whythe steadylightnotflashing, plus Ihave never seenthese at night,andalsoit appeared tobe thin and tubeGeorge Filer like." Thanks toPeter Davenport.Disc attacks Stealth bomber?INDIANAPOLIS - Two witnessesdecided to walk around the outside ofthe Indy 500 Race Track. They werewalking southon Georgetown Road onthe left sideofthe streeton May 29,2005,at 11:30 PM, and overheard people saythe Stealth was almost there and pointedit out.The witness reports, "Soon, we sawthe Stealthbomber coming straight overGeorgetown Road, and nearbytherewasa disc movinglike achrome ringing bell,then hovering inone spot,bunding simi-lar to the sun shining on chrome."The thing was high, higher thentheStealth, and thedisc seemed to be wait-ing for the Stealth. As the Stealth flewunder thehoveringdisc, the disc seemedto attack the Stealth bomber."The disc stopped glistening, andsmoked a little as it hit the right wingofthe Stealth plane, then started shiningagain. The plane circled the track onelap and went west in the direction of theMUFON UFO JOURNALIndianapolis Airport."Therightwinghad some smokecom-ingfrom it.Maybe thats normal, but thefirst 12seconds were something to see.After I sawthe smoke from the wingofthe Stealth, I couldnt spot the disc."There were a couple of witnessesleaving for the race. The female lookedat the disc or bell and said, Cool."Thanks to Peter Davenport.Possible new Roswell infoDave writes: "I wanted to relate astory to you about my father, Joe, whowas on the Civil Engineering faculty atthe University of Texas."In mid-Julyof 1947, myparentsweredriving late at night, westbound fromClovis, NM, trying to make Santa Fe.My Mother said that west of Clovisabout 15 miles the road was open withno traffic. It was a clear starry night"She said theroad was mounded up,built uphigher than the surrounding ter-rain. There was (and is) arailroad trackthat parallels the road, but located downbelow, and that its telegraph polesreached only slightlyhigher than theroadsurface."This stretchof road is about40 milesnortheast of Roswell, N.M. Today, asthen, the road is still built up and, whilethere are moreutilitypoles, mere are stilllong sections wherethe road is about theheight of the tops of the poles."If you are westbound,to the left is along, descending plain that runs almostto Roswell, devoid of trees, power line,and any other obstructions. As manyplaces in the West, you can literally see25 to 30 miles."Suddenly Dad slammed on thebrakes, a very hard setdown with smokeand boiling, screaming tires. As they satthere, in front of them about 150 feet,was a huge craft which had come upfrom the plainson the left, out ofthedark-15
  16. 16. ness, and was skimming south to northacross the road surface,not touchingtheroad, but about two feet above it."The wind draft of this object waspulling some dust and straw alongwithit. Mom said they could not see the topof the object until it passed, but that itfilled the windshield view and rose outof sightvertically."She said that itlooked like an expresspassenger train, racing across a gradelevel crossing right in front of them.However, it was no train, it was hugewith lighted windows and some dark-ened windows,racing by,giving a pas-senger train effect of train windows go-ing by."However, think of trains stacked ontop of each other so high that it fills thewindshield untilout of sight.It was mov-ing somewhat faster than any expresstrain she had ever seen, maybe 130MPH, yet was so big it took some timeto pass."Obviously, Dad had seen it comingat the lastminuteup out ofthe darkplainson the left, They both said that it hadcome from below on the left to justskim theroad top. Dad said it wouldhavehit them had he not seen movement inthe dark off to the left."Both parents stressed that this wasnot atrain, nohead lights.After it passedthey looked for atrack in theroad, cross-ing signs, or any other evidence of rail.There was nothing."They did say the asphalt was hot, al-most steaming, but there were no marksor anything. And definitely no railroadtracks."They also said it certainly wasnt atrain, asit washuge-the size and heightofthe Universityof TexasMemorialSta-dium."Both my parents were college edu-cated and intelligent. They both werereligiousand very skepticalofnewthings,of technology. So I am convinced thatsomething was seen there. It was af-ter the Roswell incident by only dayswhen my parents got buzzed." Thanksto Dave.North Carolina UFOBELMONT - A Navy veteran andproject manager with a mechanical en-gineering firm was driving home onSouthpoint Road on May 28, 2005, at11:15 PM, parallel to Lake Wylie,whenhis wife observed an object flying in astrange manner.He reports, "My wife snatched myarm and pointed to the object. I was intotal awe, as the object was only a halfmilefrom us and flying over LakeWylieat 1,000 feet or less."We slowed downand were movingat a snails pace on the road to observethis phenomenon. The object stopped,appeared to hover, and then performeda swift 90-degree turn and was headingin our direction towards the steam plant."The Charlotte International Airportis very close by, but we were nowhereclose to its flight paths. Wekept driving,but the object turned west. We thenturned our vehicle around and wentbackto theoriginal spot wherewehad viewedthe object."When we arrived, the object wasback in its original position. The crafttook a southerly course and flew overGaither Road towards the other side ofLake Wylie. The craft made no soundand had a dull yellow glow on the bot-tom. The three lights weredull, also, buta tad brighter."When the craft pulled away, it keptat a very slow pace and was very closeto us.The other witnesses were our kids(seven, five and two). The children ob-served this craft and were visibly/emo-tionally disturbed by it. This was trulyamazing!!"Colorado sighting byMackayDENVER -"Greetings from GlennysMackay, National Director MUFONBrisbane, Australia. Ithoughtitisfittingto report a first-hand sighting on June8,2005, while visitingfriends living uponBlueMountainoverlooking Golden,CO."At 7:15 PM, I was standing on thebalcony admiring the view when wewere attracted to what we thought atfirst to be a very large bird flying fromwest to east."I commented to my friend JohnTracey (alsovisitingfrom Brisbane, Aus-tralia), What ahugebird, whenitpassedthe tall Ponderosa pines, it was in clearvision."This object wasflashingabluelight,and on turningtowards us was silver andround, and appeared to be landing on aclear grass area between the treesacross the valley. It then climbed up toeye level and started to fly towards us."By this time there were three otherpeople who witnessed thisUFO: AverillBoylan from Tauranga, New Zealand;and our hosts, Ainsley and Darlene Bell."As we watched, it seemed to turnalong the contour of the hills beforechanging direction and flying across thevalley towards the rocky outcrop on ourside of the valley before it took off atgreat speed towards Denver, then, dis-appearing up into the clouds."We were able to take two photos asit began to gather speed. The report wasgiven toJohn Schuessler atMUFON thefollowing morning."I think, George, this really made ourtrip to the USA apretty exciting one; asour host and hostess had never seen aUFO or believed up until this time."North Dakota saucer sightedTUTTLE - The observer reports, "Iam a 16-year-old girl, and my 17-year-oldmalefriendand I weredrivingaroundour smalltown at 2AM onMay28,2005,when we saw a straight line ofred lights."We werecurious, sowe followed thelights that were southwest of us. As wegot closer we saw a circular objectwithred lights with little bars across them. Atthis point you could see it was very big."I lost it asit crossed the road, but myfriend pointed to the other side of theroad towards the east. So, we turned onthe next gravel road towards the objectand watched it go right over my friendsfarm."It was hovering for atleast aminutewhen there appeared a smaller saucerright below the big one."We followed it for at least five min-utes before it disappeared, and it seemedlike it was running away from us."Thanks to Peter Davenport.New York loss of satellite radioGLENS FALLS - The witness waslistening to Sirius Satellite Radio whenthe signal started to break up for no ap-parent reason on May 28,2005, at 5:5516 MUFON UFO Journal August 2005
  17. 17. PM.Satellite radio is designed toprovideperfect radio reception, since there isnothing blockingthereceivers path.The witnessreports, "Suddenly,therewas no signal/sound. When I checkedaround, Ijokingly statedtomyfamily thatthe satellite must haveexploded, whichprompted me to look up."To my surprise, I noticed a blackdot (craft) in the sky.The objectnevermoved. On this day there were somepassing clouds at different altitudes.Clouds wouldpass over the objectand itwould remain in view."A series of clouds passed below theobject, and visual was lost. Momentslater theradio began toregain the signalof the satellite. When theclouds passed,the object was gone"One witnesswasabletoretrievebin-oculars and make a visual, but all thatcould be established was thatthe objectwas reflecting the sunlight. The satelliteradio was lost for about 10-15 minutes.Visual of craft was about 3-5 minutes."Thanks to Peter Davenport.Washington sighting byexpertsMT. ADAMS -One ofthe witnessesreports, "There were four Boeingman-agers presenton Saturday,June4,2005,to aUFO sighting. Thefour professionalaerospace witnesses, including myself,know better than armchair naysayerswhat celestial objects are observed."I have seen dozens of missilelaunches, myriad aircraftunderall con-ditions, andIamintimatelyfamiliarwiththe US radar, space, and missile tech-nology and advanced capabilities., "AtlO:15PM,Itriedtopowerupmydigital camera for the really awesomeone of the four UFOs I saw, but Iwastoo late. We were looking towards themountainuntilmidnight"We were guests of James Gillilandat his ranch, 13 miles south of Mt.Adams, whenwe saw a star-sized whitelight crossing the sky directly above usheading southatafairly fast clip, snak-ing back and forth by several nearbystars."It moved across the sky for about20 to 30 degrees of arc, and stopped,parkedthere,anddimmed.With thehun-AUGUST 2005dreds of stars visible and the fact that itstopped moving,I soon lost track of theUFOsexact position."Our host had a telephoto lens, andsaw a red light attached to its tail whileit was moving.I spotted the UFO first,asIhave exceptional long rangevision."The second sightingwas a brighterstar-sized UFO which came into viewmoving west and traveling 10to 15 de-grees of arc across the sky at about a60-degree angle from the ground."It took a smooth 35-degree arcingturn to the NNW, traveled a short dis-tance, and stopped high above MtAdams. No dimming."Thethird and best sightingwasame-diumbright star-sized UFOwhichcamein from theWSWand meandered some-what randomly in an easterly direction.It stopped right next to a dimmer star."Suddenly it lit up hundreds of timesbrighter than it was for four seconds,moved off into space, and dimmed tonothing in a snaking trajectory. Whenthat puppy lit up, everyone gasped,cheered,hooted,hollered, andwentwild."The fourth sighting was a star-sizedUFO traveling south whenit flashedlike a strobe pulse, then returned to avery dim object. A few seconds later, itflashed again, and dimmed."This scenario was repeated 12timeswhile crossing directly overhead andtraveling 35 degrees of the sky, chang-ingdirections multipletimes.Theflasheswere randomly timed. The UFO thenstopped above us, and parked there forthe rest of the night." Thanks to R.AIllinois teardropFRANKLIN PARK - The witnesswas inhis yardhavinga smoke andsawa brightflash oflight like acamera flash,but pinpoint in size to the west at 11 PMon May 22,2005.He says, "My view was obstructedfor about 15 seconds by trees, but it washeading towards me. As it approached,I began to seecolor and shape. It passeddirectlyoverheadandcontinuedeastuntilI could no longer seeit."It was glowing an orange-yellowcolor, and the lights on the bottom of itappeared to be segmented into threerectangular shapes, nearly the same inMUFON UFO JOURNALshape and size.There wasahaloof lightsurrounding it that was more yellow incolor and appeared misty. That is howme teardrop type shape was seen."The object was rotating counter-clockwise on what appeared to be anasymmetrical axis at one revolution ev-ery 3or4 seconds. The revolutionsandlateral speed were constant."Though the defining lines of the ob-ject could not be seen clearly, I got adistinct view of the underside.I calledmy step-daughter out,but she only sawit briefly rotate in the distance."Thanks to Peter Davenport.Minnesota triangleFERGUS FALLS -Three witnessesatdifferent locations made observationsof a flying triangle.Witnesses in the town were observ-ing the Northern Lights in the distancewhen they observed abright orange tri-anglethatappeared from the east at tree-top levelandmoved slowlynorth,disap-pearing at 3AM on May 20,2005.The object madeno sound.Thenightwas clear and still. The objectwould fitinside thefull moon,ifthefull moon wasabout half its normal size.Another witness inFergus Falls indi-cated that the object wasin thenorthernsky, from his vantagepoint. The secondwitness, who lived three blocks to thenorth of the first witness, indicates thatshehad seen theobject tothe south, fromher vantage point at her home.If that second report is true, the ob-ject mayhavebeen located between thetwo witnesses.Canada flashing saucer lightsTORONTO - Agnes Sroczynskiwrites, "On June 22,2005, at about 10PM, in the Flemington Park area of thecity, my friend and I witnessed a disc-shaped metallic objectfromtheeleventhfloor window of my friends apartment."The object had large, white, spheri-cal lights on the sides, flashingquicklyand erratically. It wasclose to the build-ing, and not far above us. Only one ortwo lights were visibleat any one time."Theobjectdanced adizzyingpatternin the sky while it continued travelingwest, extremely fast. This is agood spotfor sightingsin Toronto."17
  18. 18. Physical TracesBy TedPhillipsTed PhillipsOccupants and physical tracesIn looking through my files I notethat 731events, or 23.9% of all reportedphysical trace events, involved the ob-servation of occupants, and 41% of thereported occupant events involvedmultiple witnesses.These occupants are usually de-scribed as quite small, 1meter tall, withvery thin bodiesand little hair.The majorityof trace landingcases with sight-,ings of beingsfollow the samestory line: theobject lands inthe most remotesection of a farmand generally outof sight of thefarmers home.Very often its that pesky farm dogbarking that alerts the witness to theevent. It appears that the last thing"they" wantis contact of any kind.Many cases involve the witnessstanding in the middle of adense woodsin the dark of night-the perfect chance,to snatch him away and do a little prob-ing, but this rarely occurs.There are events which seem to in-dicate a problem with the object, theneed to download something which ismany times described as a luminousspray which can have quite an effecton the soil and plants. It doesnt seemlikely they arejust flying around spray-ing plants to help farmers with theircrops.In one case in Kansas, I believe thatthe object was forced to land near asheep pen,crashing its way intothe areabecause it had to. It just happened tobe the very best spot to conceal such adevice in some really flat country.When the device finally took off, itcrossed a road and bumped across afarm field with the irate farmer watch-18ing. Unless "they"have an odd conceptof flying, they were having problems.Perhaps the high tech we seem to as-sume is there, is not.The following cases from theTRACAT/CPTR files represent signifi-cant humanoid observations andthe re-sulting physical traces found at the siteof the reported events.Pre-1950 Events06/12/1790 0500. France,Alencon: Several fanners caught sightof a large globe which was surroundedby flames. A whistling sound washeard. The spherical object slowed,made some oscillations, and moved to-ward the top of ahill, unearthing plantsalong the slope.The heat was so intense that grassand small trees started burning.In theevening the sphere was still warm.Witnesses: two mayors, a doctor,three other authorities, in addition to thedozens of peasants who were present.A kind of door opened, and a personcame out of it. The person was dressedin a strange way,wore a tightfitting suit,saw all the people, said some wordsthatwere not understood, and ran into thewoods.The sphere exploded silently, throw-ing pieces everywhere, and these piecesburned until they were powder. (Froma report ofJune 17,1790, by Police In-spector Liabeuf)-1893 Australia, Central NSW: Afanner observed acircular object on theground, the witness approached, amanin odd clothing exited the object, andpointed some kind of "torch" at thewitness, hitting his hand, andthrowingthe farmer to the ground.The witness was stunned, andwhenhe regained consciousness the objectand occupant were gone. The hand,where the torch beam had struck wasreportedly paralyzed for life.05/18/09 2300 Wales, Caerphilly:The witness was walking along a roadnear the mountainswhenhe saw on theMUFON UFO Journalgrass a large tube-like object. He sawtwo men wearing fur coats and talkingin a language he couldnt understand.The grass was found depressed wherethe object rested after it ascended02/22/22 0500 NB, Hubbell: Will-iam Lamb wasfollowing strange trackswhen he heard ahigh pitched sound andsaw a circular object. It became verybright and landed in a hollow. A being2.4 m tall was seen. It left tracks in thesnow.02/05/34 Norway, Malselv: Peopleon both sides of Fager Mountain sawan aerial object crash land on the moun-tain. The next day, a kind of machinewas seen on the mountain. Rescuersfound no machine, but a circular traceand footprints. .07/00/39 1200 Spain, Zahara DeLos Atunes: Several young childrenwere resting in the shade under somelarge trees when nearby goats becameagitated and stampeded down a nearbyhill.The children saw a huge metallicdisc-shaped object which flew lowabove them,emitting a strong heat. Theobject descended and landed in a greatcloud of dust in a nearby clearing. Itemitted a loud whistling sound as ittouched the ground.The object had a band of red, yel-low, and green lights around its edge.A door opened, and a tall figure clad ina silvery suit, withheadgear and a widebelt, emerged, quickly followed by ashorter similarly dressed figure.They both walked with very stiffmovements. Their silvery suits coveredtheir faces, and both had two blackholes wherethe eyes shouldhave been.Both figures took out an object resem-bling a flashlight and walked 50 yardsfrom the object.They eventually returned into theobject, which ascended at tremendousspeed. Ground traces were found andwere still visible 41 years later.11/29/391700Finland, Saarijarvi:August 2005
  19. 19. 14-year-old Arvowas in the forest withhis father collecting firewood. Theyheaded home at twilight, and the boynoticed on the right side of the pathona small rocky hill some 2-3m high astrange device 3 to 4 m in diameter.Hisfather wouldnt lethimgonearer.He observed the object from 70 m. Itwas about 2.5 m high, supported bythree landing legs made of three rodsending in triangular plates.Thebottomsection wasroundedlikea kettle. From the bottom of theobjectcame a "dull" flame like that of an up-side down candle, 1.5 mlong, emittinga loud noise resembling that of escap-ing gas.Standing outside the object was a160 cm tall human-like figure whichwas clad in a suit with a round helmetwhich had an oval opening.The beingwascarryingabox,whichhe was using to direct two or three ro-bot-like creatures, whichhad box^-likeheads. Atleast one oftheserobots liftedits legs veryhigh whenwalking.Arvocould seethatthelegs wereliketwo rods below the knees, ending in aplate. The nextday the WinterWarbe-gan, but Arvo went to the site, despitehisfathers objections,who also refusedto go collect firewoodwithhim.At the place where the object wasseen there was a triangular mark of asupport leg. There was also a strong,unpleasant smell in the area.06/00/44 1100 TX, Minden: IdaBlant, a 65-year-old woman whoowned a boarding house eight milesfrom Minden, observed the landingofan object with a blinding light, 200 ftaway. A 5.9 m circular area wasburnt.05/00/46 Sweden, Angelholm:Gosta Carlsson had been looking forpollen for his bees when he saw a lightin an open space in the forest nearby.When he reached the spothe sawadiscwith a dome.Thedome had oval windows. Aboveit therewasamast like aperiscope. Be-neath the disc there was a large oblongfin which stretched from the center tothe edge. There were two metal land-ing legs, and a small ladder reached tothe ground from a door beside the fin.The object was 56 feet in diameterand 15 feet thick. There were holesaround the edge. Lightbeams extendedfrom these and burned the grass as theobject ascended. Three antennas wereseen near the mast, which was 18 feetlong.Where the light hit the ground hecould see a sparkling effect. A man inwhite close-fitting coveralls wasseen,who raised his hand and the witnessstopped, less than 35 feet away. Theman was normal in size.The witness saw a number of otherpeople whoappeared to be repairing awindow. The object ascended with awhistling sound. Acirculararea40 feethi diameter was found.00/00/49 MO, Lamonte: AnnaFulton saw an object land in a nearbyfield. Brilliant light beams were pro-jected from openings around the baseof the object. After several minutesthecircular object made a vertical ascent.While on the ground a small beingwas seen near the object. At the site acircular burned area 20 feet in diam-eter with a strong odor was found.1950s1950 through 1953 produced an av-erage of six humanoid/trace casesyearly; the following examples are themost significant.04/24/50Italy,Abbiate Guazzone:Bruno Facchini saw a dark mass hov-ering 200 yards from his home. Amandressed in tight-fitting clothes andwearing ahelmet appeared to be mak-ing repairs.There werethreeotherfigureswork-ing around the object. A trap throughwhich light had been shining wasclosed, and the object took off. Theoccupants were of normal size.They made sounds and pointed acamera-like device at the witness, abeam of light was projected towardhim, and he was knockedaway.At the site, metal fragments werefound, also four circular imprints andpatches of scorched grass. Theincidenthad other witnesses.06/22/52 2300 TN, Little SpringCreek: A man hears odd sounds andsees a shiny thing on the ground,withbright light coming through an opendoor. Through the door he can see fouror five beings, 4 ft tall.The object is aluminum colored,glowing orangeandbluein spots, someof which are too bright to look at di-rectly. Rotating lights on atranslucentball on top are seen. Object is on fourlegs, each with a ball at the end, and acenter spike.It stands 3-4 feet off the ground, 7 -8 feet thick at the center, disc-shaped.Beings enter the device, which ascendsvertically in a twisting, cork-screwmotion, glowingbrighter as it rises.Traces include imprints and a cen-ter spike mark, along with small heel-less footprints.07/15/52 Germany, Gleimer-shausen: Mayor Oskar Linke and his12-year-old stepdaughter sawa landedcircular object and occupants. Theymoved to within 30 feet.The object was 50 feet across withtwo rows of holes along the side, eachabout one foot in diameter. A blackcylindrical tower was seen at the topcenter; it was about 10feet high,wentthrough the disc, and the object wasresting on it.The object slowly ascended, and awhistling sound was heard. Severalpeople in anearbyvillage sawitflyingoverhead. A circular depression wherethe tower had rested wasfound.08/06/52 NC, Lumberton: JamesAllen, 51, sawaround object 8ftlong,6 ft high land within 10feet of him. Asmall occupant was seen, and smallfootprints were found.1954 produced the first "wave" ofhumanoid reports involving physicalevidence.09/02/54 2000 KS, Coldwater:John Jacob Swaim sawa50ftdisc hov-ering five ft above the ground. Onebe-ing the size of a five-year-old child wasseen 20 feet from him.The being wore shiny clothing andcarried 2-foot long cylinders on hisback. The being floated to the object,which ascended. Lighted windowscould be seen on the object.At the site, numerous pear-shapedfootprints 2 inches x 4.5 inches werefound.Next monthI will look at additionalcases in whichbothphysical traces andoccupants were present.In the meantime, check out mywebsite for the Center for PhysicalTrace Research at for more than 3,000 physicaltrace cases from all over the world.AUGUST 2005 MUFON UFO JOURNAL 19