InthisissueMinnesota manreportsclose encounter, p. 11.Dr. Oppenheimer andUFOs: Part two, p. 7.Brazilian military be-gins w...
July 2005 Number 447MUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)Mutual UFO NetworkPost Office Box 369Morrison, CO 80465-...
Gan science find the key?DNA evidence and the future of ufologyWIChalkerBy Bill ChalkerIn the July, 2001, issue of theMUFO...
DNA analyses undertaken on the hairsample recovered from Khourysbizarreexperience provide a striking array ofgeneric findi...
* " Z * - 2-16,108-Tldt!62-G * - ? - * « r» ; 16129-A16,129-A T * ~ . * ~ ~ £ - 16,162-G* ~ * «~ * - I  m 16-172-c16,108-T...
to the UFO subject were encapsulatedin his classic book The UFO Experience—A. Scientific Inquiry (1972), which pro-vided h...
Part twoOppenheimer and UFOsBy Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D.The key to the refusal of Oppen-heimers securityclearance (asdiscu...
at the AEC hearings, Dr.Vannevar Bush, anotherMJ-12 member, remarkedthat at the time of the LosAlamos program he had hadco...
Friedman interviewed Dr. Sarbacher in1983 (Sarbacherdied in 1986), and whenFriedman remarked to Sarbacher, "Imvery interes...
Brazilian ufologists pausefolloning a two-hour visit nith the military, jeft to right, A.]. Gevaerd, MUFON Representative ...
access to the civilian UFO researchersto examine three different folders withclassified UFO information-cases from1954, 19...
looked directly at it as it came towardsme.I still could not seebeyond the lights,and there was no sound. However, atthis ...
trees behind their house bending downto the ground, although there was nowind. I had heard a drumming noiseabove the house...
•T<1 . * . g I"-" y~x »-v fv r" <""? f~! •• ••• ,>The UFO PRESS*WSacred Encounters: Spiritual Awaken-ings During Close Enc...
Director, MUFON Eastern RegionNote: These reports are presented in or-der to keep readers informed of some of thevast numb...
just north of Orlando where three Or-ange County fishermen had just ob-served at 20 yards a glowing orb typeof UFO."The or...
Guadalajara, Mexico, Franco and UFO Casebook.Illinois black sphere seenEDWARDSVILLE - Dave Marler,State Director...
Physical TracesBy Ted PhillipsLTed PhillipsVehicle effects, Part 2There are a number of reports inwhich an unidentified fl...
tennas had spring-loaded bases.The electric dash clock was 14 min-utes slow, as was Johnsons mechanicalwristwatch. The dep...
Mufon ufo journal   2005 7. july
Mufon ufo journal   2005 7. july
Mufon ufo journal   2005 7. july
Mufon ufo journal   2005 7. july
Mufon ufo journal   2005 7. july
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Mufon ufo journal 2005 7. july


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  1. 1. InthisissueMinnesota manreportsclose encounter, p. 11.Dr. Oppenheimer andUFOs: Part two, p. 7.Brazilian military be-gins work with Brazilianufologists, p. 10.MUFON Forum, p. 13.UFO Press, Sacred En-counters: Spiritual Awak-enings During Close En-counters, reviewed by Dr.Leo Sprinkle,p. 14.MUFON sponsoring"best technological evi-dence" contest, p. 17.Calendar, p. 22.UFO Marketplace, p.23.ColumnsDirectors Message 2Filers Files 15Ted Phillips 18Stan Friedman 20McLeods Night Sky 24July 2005No. 447$4.00Mutual UFO NetworkJOURNAL>f * ^^A strand of hair, apparendy from the blonde entity above (artistsconception), has provided tantalizingresults after DNA testing. Thearticle begins on page 3. (Thanks to Peter Khoury, Bill Chalker, and APEG forproviding thissketch.)
  2. 2. July 2005 Number 447MUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)Mutual UFO NetworkPost Office Box 369Morrison, CO 80465-0369Tel: 303-932-7709Fax: 303-932-9279International DirectorJohn F. Schuessler, M.S.Tel: 303-932-7709schuessler@mho.netEditor:Dwight Connelly, M.S.14026 Ridgelawn RoadMartinsville, IL 62442Tel: (217) 382-4502mufonufojournal@hotmail.comAdvertising Director:John F. Schuessler, M.S.Columnists:George Filer, M.B.A.Stanton Friedman, M.S.Gavin A. J. McLeodTed PhillipsMUFON on the Internet:http://www.mufon.comMUFON e-mail address:mufonhq@aol.comMUFON Amateur Radio Net:40 meters - 7.237 MHzSaturdays, 7 a.m. CST or COSTDirectors MessageBy John F. SchuesslerMUFON Case ManagementSystem (CMS) debutsAfter much hard work and prepara-tion, the new MUFON Case Manage-ment System is ready tor use.We applaud and extend our thanksto the volun-teers who madethis possibleTomas Karls-son, BobR a w l i n s o n ,and Jan Har-zan are the ar-chitects and im-plementers ofthe new CMS.We are verypleased with JolmSchuesslertheir outstanding product. It can beused to integrate sightings from allsources, so we view that as a way ofunifying the work that is being done inthis field.We also thank Don Weatherby andWendy Ban for all the work they didon WIJFOD, the predecessor to theCMS, and to James Carrion for thework he isdoing on the Pandora Project,which convertspast MUFON UFO re-ports from paper to electronic fileswhich will interface with the CMS.The new CMS Members User Guidehas been sent to all state directors andassistant state directorsand is availablefor download.Animal reactions to UFOsA new MUFON special publicationentitled Animal Reactions to UFOs: APreliminary Ini-estigatinn from the AnimalsPerspt-ctire will be available fromMUFON in late July. The author isJoan Woodward of Fairfax, VA.Joan is a field investigator forMUFON and for the Fund"for UFOResearch (FUFOR).She worked with Richard Hall todevelop an index of James E.McDonalds correspondence con-tained in the Donald E. Keyhoe Ar-chives, and then worked on data com-pilation for Richard Halls Alien Inra-sioti or Human fantasy?At FUFORs request,she undertookan investigation of the July, 2002,sightings over Southern Maryland whereunknowns were pursuedby F-16s fromAndrews Air Force Base, a report now(Continued on page 22)Change of address and subscription/extra copies inquiries should besent to MUFON, P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369.Copyright 2005 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part ol this document may be reproduced m any form without the written permission of the CopyrightOwners. Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one article, provided the author is credited,and the statement. "Copyright 2005 by the Mutual UFO Network. PO. Box 369. Morrison. CO 80465-0369" isincluded.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal ate determined by the editor, and do not necessarily reflect theofficial position of the Mutual UFO Network Opinions expressed are solely those of the individual authors andcolumnists, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editor or staff of MUFONThe Mutual UFO Network.Inc. is exempt from Federal income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the InternalRevenue Code MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the type described m Section 509 (a) (2) Donorsmay deduct contnbutions from their Federal income Tax. Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are alsodeductible for estate and gift purposes, provided they meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055. 2106. and2522 of the Internal Revenue Code MUFON is a Texas nonprofit corporationThe MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network, inc . Morrison. CO SecondClass postage paid at Versailles. MO.individual Membership- $45/year u S . S55outside the U SFamily members: $10 per person additionalSludeni (18 years and under) $35 U.S. and S45outside the U S.Donor SiOO/year Professional S250/year Patron $500/yearBenefactor (Lifetime Member) $1.000First class Journal delivery (m envelopes) U.S and Canada only. $!2/year additionalAir Mail Journal delivery to another countries outside the United States $35/year additionalPostmaster Send form 3579 to advise change of address to MUFON UFO Journal P O Box 369. Morrison.CO 80465-0369MUFONs missionis the scientific study of LFOs for the benefitof humanity through investigation, research, & education.
  3. 3. Gan science find the key?DNA evidence and the future of ufologyWIChalkerBy Bill ChalkerIn the July, 2001, issue of theMUFON UFO Journal I described insome detail the strange case of PeterKhoury of Sydney, Australia, and his1992 experience with what appears tobe two femaleentities-onewith blue eyesand wispy,blonde hair,and the otherone with darkskin and anAsian appear-ance.As a resultof this en-counter, he dis-covered twostrands of blonde hair wrapped aroundhis penis, and immediately linked thishairto the blonde entity.Khoury, who had experienced otherencounters with entities, realized theimportance of this evidence and placedthe strands of hair in a plastic sachetbag with a seal.It was not until 1996 that I heardfrom him about the hair sample.By 19981was able to begin an inves-tigation into the sample when biologi-cal colleagues agreed to undertake theworlds first PCR (Polymerase Chain Re-action) DNA profiling of ufologicalmaterial implicated in an alien encoun-ter.My forthcoming book, Hair of theAlien:DNA and otherForensicEvidenceforAlien Abductions, to be published byParaview Pocket Books this month (July,2005) uses the Khoury case as a potenttouchstone, and examines evidence incases from diverse locations, includingthe United States, South America, Af-rica, China, and my home country ofAustralia.The UFO subject and, more particu-larly, the alien abduction controversy areat a crossroads. Where we go from herewill be critical for the credibility andfuture of UFO research.As a scientist myself, I have often la-mented the rarity of high-qualitysciencein UFO study. Too often there is aJULY 2005knee-jerk rejection of even the possi-bility that there might be something toUFOs.Over the years I have been fortunateto work with other scientists on theUFO problem in a sort of invisible col-lege, like the one the late Dr. J. AllenHynek helped develop-an informalnet-work of scientists who view the UFOphenomenon as worthy of serious at-tention.Many of my colleagues in this invis-ible college prefer to contribute anony-mously because "the UFO problem" isseen as a "forbidden science."The bizarre events that centered onKhoury provided an extraordinary op-portunity to assessthe realityof abduc-tion experiences. It was time that foren-sic science confronted the alien abduc-tion controversy.By early 1998 my circle of colleagueshad expanded to include some scientistsfrom the biochemical field. They werecautiously interested in UFOs, but in-sisted that their involvement would needto be conducted strictly on an anony-mous basis.The biochemists were established intheir field, with well-regarded,peer-reviewed publications and re-search. Because I had an existing andreasonable publicprofile,and strong andestablished connections with key re-searchers worldwide, our group, whichcalled itself the Anomaly Physical Evi-dence Group (APEG), decided that Iwould be its public face.DNA analysis beginsAnd so it was that in 1998,"as my newbiochemical associates were lamentingthe general absence of credible UFOevidence pertinent to their field (specifi-cally biological samples), I pointed to acredible sample, noting that in theKhoury case a hair sample had beenrecovered.Not surprisingly,my scientific asso-ciates were immediately interested.Our discussions then focused on thefact that techniques like polymerasechain reaction (PCR) amplificationandsequencing of mitochondrial DNA onthe hair sample might provide a strongtest for the credibility of abduction sto-MUFON UFO JOURNALAbout the AuthorBill Chalker is a chemist and anInternational UFO Reporter (7UR) con-tributing editor. He has written ex-tensively on the UFO phenomenonin his native Australia and elsewhere,including a well-received book, TheO% Files: The Australian UFO StoryPuffy and Snellgrove, 1996).ries and an opportunity to do some realscience in an area heretofore dominatedby wild claims and theories.Could a DNA-mediated forensic ap-proach help determine the reality of theabduction experience? If these bizarreepisodes occur at a physicallevel, at leastas we understand it, then a DNA analy-sis of the hair sample-the "alien hair"-would provide us with a unique oppor-tunity to apply some real scienceto thiscontroversial area.This would be a rigorous test of thecredibility of Peters extraordinaryclaim.I pointed this out to Khoury, who toldme that he was eager to have the evi-dence tested, and looked forward tohearing the results.He said this even knowing that, sincethis was a sexual encounter, he wouldhave some explaining to do .to his wifeif the hair turned out to be of prosaichuman origin.The focused DNA profiling tech-nique we used in the Khoury case goesto the very heart of one of the keyclaims behind the theorized abductionprogram: alien/human hybridization.It provides an opportunity for test-ing the credibility of the claim that aliensare creating hybrids composed of bothalien and human genetic material.If such claims are true, there shouldbe some compatibility in.the DNA ofalleged alien specimens, but someanomalies not readily reconciled withknown human DNA variability shouldalso be in evidence. Indeed, our origi-nal analysisconfirmed that the alienhaircame from someone who was biologi-cally close to normal human genetics,but of a highly unusual racial type.Together, two distinct phases of
  4. 4. DNA analyses undertaken on the hairsample recovered from Khourysbizarreexperience provide a striking array ofgeneric findings.They appear to evince advancedDNA techniquesand anomaliesof diesort we are only now discovering—orstarting to make senseof-in mainstreambiotechnology.WhiJe the phase-one results initiallydiscussed in the 2001Journal article werenot in themselves proof of die hairsalien nature, they werecertainly puzzlingand provocative.How is it that rare Asian MongoloidDNAwas foundin ablonde hair samplewhich-if related to the blonde womanKhoury encountered—would have beenexpected to have most likely yielded aCaucasian DNA profile?The originalDNA work wasdone onthe shaft of the hair. More fascinatinganomalies were found in-the root of thehair when the soft-root hair-tissue mi-tochondria! DNA was extracted.Additional analysisThe very strange evidence in the newphase-two results on the blonde alienhair revealed an extraordinaryanomaly.Depending on whether we analyzeddiehard hair shaft or die soft root, its mi-tochondria!DNA appeared to be of twodifferent kinds.From the lower hair shaft we againobtained die same rare Chinese mito-chondria!DNA substitution. But fromsoft-root tissue, we obtained a novelBasque/Gaelic type mitochondrialDNA, which had a rare substitution fordiat racial grouping along widi severalother characteristic substitutions.This in itself was a stunning result.The testing methodology meant diatprosaic explanations, such as contami-nation or laboratory error, were ruledout.In any normal human DNA, weshould obtain consistent DNA, irre-spective of where the sample comesfrom-be it hair, blood, or other tissue.But incredibly, here within the onepiece of hair we were getting two typesof strikinglydifferent DNA, dependingon where the mitochondrial DNA test-ing occurred.The rare Chinese-type DNA in thehair shaft was confirmed, and a rare pos-sible Basque/Gaelic type DNA wasfound in the root section.The biochemists could not explainPeter Khourythis strange anomaly.There was no evi-dence of a somewhat rare DNA phe-nomenon called heteroplasmy (wheretwo different mitochondrial DNAsrarely appear within the same sample,usually a result of coexistence of mu-tant mitochondrial and "wild-type"DNA molecules within a cell or tissue).Heteroplasmy, which is more readilyfound in human hair than other partsof the body, refers to single-base tran-sitions in the mitochondrial DNA. Forexample, G to A, or C to T. They arenot big changes. Environmental expo-sure and aging can be factors.A research article in Nature Biotech-nology in 2000 that describedcutting-edge hybrid cloning techniquesto treat hair loss provided a clue. Wemay have encountered evidence of anextraordinary alien analogue of thesetechniques in Khourys encounter.Perhaps even more controversially,we also have findings of nuclear DNAsuggestive of possible viral resistance.The hair sample seems to show twodeleted genes diat control productionof the CCR5 protein.This protein makes it possible for theHIV virus to enter cells; its absence canthus confer immunity to HIV-AIDS,and mayalso provide resistance to otherviruses such as smallpox.The implications are startlingbecauseless than 1% of the population has thedeleted CCR5 form, which makes thealready unusual hair sample even moreprovocative. And the CCR5 mutationoccurred only about 5,000 years ago,further adding to die intrigue.Still, I must note that the limitednuclear DNA results were insufficientto achieve a completely clear result ondiis matter.The DNA forensic work has givenus an extraordinary level of certaintythat the July, 1992, encounter actuallyoccurred. Ail the evidence argues thatthe experienceand the anomaloushairare not consistent with a hoax, a delu-sion, or other fantasy.- The hair sample PCR DNA studywas conducted -by. Ph.D. biochemists,.well-established in their field, withwell-regarded peer-reviewed publica-tions and research in mainstream bio-chemistry. Their study was conductedin .a professional private biochemistrylaboratory.Other DNA studies conducted bythesame team on other evidence, such assamples from encounter cases on themidnorth coast of New South Walesand Queensland, an alleged alien clawfrom California, and the dress worn byBetty Hill during her 1961 abduction inNew Hampshire, have not uncoveredevidence as interesting as that found inthe Khoury_study.[The additional testing on Betty Hillsdress will be discussed in -the Augustissue of the Journal^Independent scientists associatedwith tiiejresearch on some of diis otherevidence were confident and impressedwith the quality of the biochemistswork in those studies, as well as dieoriginal Khoury research.Physical evidence the keyWithout this physical evidence, itwould be tempting to attribute Khourys1992 encounter to the doctor-prescribed medication Peter was taking fora head injury.However, the hair evidence, whichultimately yieldedunusualDNAresults,supporting rather than conflicting withthe reality of the encounter, cannot beascribed to hallucination. During hisextended period of medication Peterhad this strange experience only once.Another similar encounter with ap-parendy the same strange women, somenine months earlier, only recendy clari-fied, occurred without the benefit ofmedication, injury, or stress as possiblefactors. In this case no physical evidence,MUFON UFO Journal JULY 2005
  5. 5. * " Z * - 2-16,108-Tldt!62-G * - ? - * « r» ; 16129-A16,129-A T * ~ . * ~ ~ £ - 16,162-G* ~ * «~ * - I m 16-172-c16,108-T * " * * " ~ §Mitochondria! DNA sequencefrom hairsample.such as hak, was left behind.One cannot help noting remarkablesimilarities between the strangeblonde-haired womanwho coupledwithVillas-Boas and Khourys blonde inter-loper, though differences are also ap-parent.While Khoury didnt recall seeingpubic and underarm hak on the woman,DNA profiles that emerged from theshaft and root of the hair yielded therare Asian Mongoloid DNA (usuallyassociated with dark hair, but found inthis blonde hair) and the rare Basque orGaelic DNA (usually associated withorange or dark hak color, but again re-vealed in the blonde hak).Hak color, in biochemical terms, isdetermined by varying levels of typesof melanin-eumelanin and pheomel-anins.The formerdictatesdark hak, andthe latter controls brown hak.Natural blonde hak has a murkierori-gin, some arguing it is dominated byeumelanin levels or at agenetic levelviaMC I R (melanocortin I receptor) genediversity.Given that the Villas-Boas blondewas said to have freckled skin andblood-red pubic and underarm hak, itshould be noted this is usually associ-ated with high levels of pheomelaninand low levels of eumelanin, linked at agenetic level by nonfunctioning allelesin the MCI R gene.Though hak and skin color are be-coming increasinglybetter documentedin terms of thek biochemical and ge-netic origins, these issues have still notbeen fully resolved.Some success has occurred with theelaboration of the genetic nature of redhak, but the rest of the story is moredifficult.New Scientist reported in July, 2002,that "Hak color is usually determinedby the cumulative effect of severalgenes, so theresno such thing asasinglegene for blonde hair that could beturned into a simple test, for example."The field of geneticsmayoffer UFOresearch importantgenetic signpostsbyproviding possible genetic markers ofsignificance to help unravel the realitybehind abduction claims.The question of hybridsPerhaps Khourys two females are the"hybrids" thought by some to be thegoal of an aliengenetic project.But theconcept of hybrids in abduction ac-counts was until recentlydifficult to rec-oncile with our understanding of thelimitations of interspecies breeding.Indeed, if we are dealing with avastlytechnologically superior species thatcould be biologically different from us,hybrids of aliens and humans wouldseem both scientifically improbable andlogically implausible.On the other hand, if the alienshavemastered space or interdimensionaltravel, arguablytheywould have akeadyconquered the biochemical barriers thatnormally bar interspecies breeding.But the pace of our own develop-ment in genetics and biochemistry inthe past decade has extended the hori-zon of this debatesubstantially.Indeed, transgenics, the transfer offoreign genetic material into other ge-nomes, perhaps addresses the logicalinterspecies barrier argument againsthuman-alien hybrid claims.Budd Hopkins and Carol Raineyhighlight transgenics, or rather an alienvariation on it, as the breakthrough-"the breakdown of the barrier betweenspecies"-which may legitimize the no-tion that alien abduction may really beabout genetic experimentation by alienbeings.Thek book Sight Unseen (Atria, 2003)[reviewed in September, 2004, Journalalso focuses on strange accounts ofhuman or human-like entities they la-bel as "transgenic beings" who seem tohave stunted emotional ranges and carryout unusual social activities, sometimeswith a sexual element to them.I certainly would be more comfort-able if dozens of sampleslike that fromKhourys experience existed, andif thektesting revealed some consistency ofresults. But for now we have only thisanomalous sample,which has providedus with a strange DNA profile.Meanwhile, our findings will continueto be subjected to review and debate.While the Khoury case confirms theutility of the DNA forensic approach,the real challenge ahead for researchersis to determine if these anomalies areboth valid and significant.To do this, abduction researchersshould cooperate in a testing programfocused on DNA profiling. Testing ofa significant number of legitimatesamples would allow us to validate orinvalidate the apparent anomalies so fardocumented.Such a strategy could help us deter-mine whether the aliens are a biologicalreality, and if indeed any of them arevisiting our planet and abducting hu-mans.The course I have argued for here issomethingof apotentially potent DNAparadigm, one with a strange alien per-spective. It has its roots firmly in sci-ence.The crossroads I alluded to earlierwere demonstrated in the recent PeterJennings ABC TV documentary"UFOs - Seeing is believing." Whilerather predictable and somewhatunderwhelming in its treatment of thesubject, it had for me at least two en-during moments.The past and the futureOne was firmly anchored in the past,and the other in the future. The his-torical signpost wasthe coverage of Dr.J. Allen Hynek, particularly the vintage1960s footage of him undertaking afield investigation, complete with hisubiquitous notebook, and the profilingof his cautious transition as a scientificskeptic and USAF Project Bluebookconsultant into a firm advocate of aUFO reality.The futuristic signpost wasquantumphysicist Michio Kakus statementshighlighting that there were cases wor-thy of scientific investigation. "Let theinvestigation begin," Kaku argued. Acommon thread was that both signpostswere anchored in science.Allen Hyneks scientific contributionsJULY 2005 MUFON UFO JOURNAL
  6. 6. to the UFO subject were encapsulatedin his classic book The UFO Experience—A. Scientific Inquiry (1972), which pro-vided his telling case for the potentialof the UFO controversy as a legitimatearea for scientific study. Even in whatturned out to be his twilight yearsHynek was steadfastly promoting a sci-entific approach anchored in solid un-explained cases.I was pleased to have the opportu-nity to interview him about these aspectsduring a stay at his Chicago home inSeptember, 1984. In a more personalAntipodean focus, I was also able to gethim to run through his 1973 Australianvisit notebooks. These confirmed hiscontinuing focus on using science as ananchor point in the investigation ofUFOs.Michio Kaku is simply restating theobvious. Anyphenomenon that revealsa consistent core of seemingly anoma-lous events should be the subject ofscientific enquiry in the true spirit ofopen scientific study.Kakus own field of quantum phys-ics perhaps offers an appropriate meta-phor for the UFO phenomenon. Bothare laden with controversial attributesand ultimately each may have more todo with each other than mere metaphor.The paradoxical realities inherent inboth maygo beyond hints and uncannyechoes.Maybe Michio Kaku might encour-agea focusingon whether the UFO phe-nomenon represents.a macrocosmicmanifestation of hyperspatial realitiesbest elaborated in the burgeoning com-plexities of the cutting edges of quan-tum physics.Such complexities might be mirroredin the more bizarre aspects of the UFOcontroversy, particularlyin UFO abduc-tion experiences.A DNA approachIn my book "Hair of theAlien-DNAand other Forensic Eiidence of Alien Ab-duction, "I focus on a DNA forensic ap-proach to alien abduction evidence.While prominence is given to the PeterKhoury "alien hair" case from Sydney,Australia, other cases arid experiencesfrom around the world are also exam-ined.While the validity of this evidencewill be debated, my primary focus is topromote a forensic scientific approachto examining the alien abduction con-troversy, concentrating on the DNA ap-proach where compelling biological evi-dence is available.Part of this approach involves exam-ining DNA for evidence of "non-Dar-winian patterns," which might reflect ex-traterrestrial or intelligent influence—asign of artificial evolution or interven-tion.Clues in our "junk" DNA?The Anomaly Physical EvidenceGroup (APEG) hasbeen examining thisintriguing area, focusing in part on un-usual mutations, polymorphisms, hu-man "junk" DNA (orperhaps more ap-propriately "regulatory" DNA), andother aspects. Some intriguing areasarebeing looked at.Professor Paul Davies of theMacquarie University-based AustralianCentre for Astrobiology has speculatedthat some sort of pattern along themathematical type of code described inCarl Sagans novel (and the film) Contactmight be encoded in our "junk DNA."While this sounds like science fiction,particularly if mathematicalor symboliccodes are being sought, the idea is notas wild as it sounds.I briefly discussed this speculationwith Davies during a Macquarie Uni-versity post-graduate open day on cam-pus on April 12,2005. He indicated his"junk DNA-ET evidence" speculationswere meant to be serious.Davies feels the idea is no less seri-ous than the idea of seeking out ET"radio signals" (i.e. SETI which heagreed had not delivered any credibleevidence so far).So why not try something that is fareasier to do-and is potentially wellwithin our current technological reach-search for coded clues within our ownDNA.I mentioned to him that this inter-sected with some work I had been fo-cusing on, and he expressed interest inseeing my book. Whether this developsbeyond mere tokenism remains to beseen.I reflected on Davies well knownskepticism re UFOs in recent times,bringing up with him his friendship withthe late Dr. Hynek, originator of theterm "close encounters of the thirdkind." •-Davies acknowledged that Hynekwas a nice guy and that he had oncestayed at his Chicago home. He felt that• MUFON UFO Journalthere is no one of Hyneks stature inthe field of UFO research today.I said there were some interested re-searchers of note. Knowing he had en-dorsed Michio Kakus new book Paral-lel Worlds, I mentioned Kakus interestin the UFO subject. He seemed unawareof this, or skeptical of my statement,so I suggested he inform himself bywatching the Peter Jennings documen-tary which was airing on Australiantele-vision the following weekend.I alerted Davies to Kakus open en-dorsement and advocacy of serious in-vestigation of UFOs, and said this wasnot the first time that Michio Kaku,"one of the worlds finest science writ-ers" (Davies own endorsement) and aworld-renowned physicist, had madepositive comments about the subject.I indicated that Jennings documen-tary would also show a positive presen-tation of part of the contribution hisold friend Hynek had made to ufology.Science can help us navigate thebumpy crossroads the UFO subject isnow navigating through. Sagan, in oneof last books, argued that science couldbe a candle in the dark "of a demon-haunted world"-Sagans take on a worldtoo enamoured with dubious beliefs.However, I firmly believe, and thepreliminary results certainly supportthis, that science, particularly with aDNA forensic focus, can certainly helplight the way through this complex andengnimatic subject.Ultimately it will reveal more aboutourselves—and perhaps a lot about theUFO reality that seems to be intrudinginto our world.[Bill Chalker and the Anomaly Physi-cal Evidence Group (APEG), a bio-chemical variant .of "the invisible col-lege, "can be contacted at P.O. Box 42,West Pennant Hills, NSW, AUSTRA-LIA, 2125 or at can also visit: Photo of Chalkerwas from Starshots/Robb Sinaito.]Silent Auction reminderA reminder that items are still beingsolicited forthe SilentAuction to be heldat the MUFON Symposium inJuly (seeJune issue).Contact Tom Deuley to donate, help, orget information.JULY 2005
  7. 7. Part twoOppenheimer and UFOsBy Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D.The key to the refusal of Oppen-heimers securityclearance (asdiscussedin Part One last month), I would sug-gest, is the fact that Gordon Gray wasrunning the day-to-dayoperation at theAEC clearance hearings.There had tobe more to thematter thanOppenheimerslong-renouncedprewar politicalleanings or hisrunning argu-ment with Ed-ward Tellerabout the desir-ability of build-ing the H-bomb. ,--. T, ,STH , . Don DurlesonThose thingsthemselves fall flat, without some darkerreason in the background—some reasonthat had not been there in 1942, but wasthere by 1954.Here we recall the SSS (Smith-Sarbacher-Steinman) correspondenceindicating Oppenheimers early involve-ment in UFO crash retrieval operations.And we must note that as a memberof MJ-12,Gordon Gray,officiating overthe so-called Gray Board at the AEChearings, would have known thatOppenheimer knew things classified"higher than the H-bomb," things thathe had not known in 1942 or even in1945.Gray would have known thatOppenheimer was continuing to learngovernment secrets of unprecedentedand unparalleled sensitivity.And in alllikelihood, given the grow-ing independence of spirit Oppen-heimer was exhibiting over the Tellercontroversy, which would look alto-gether different when seen in the lightof what Gordon Gray knew,Gray mightwell have found it prudent to recom-mend taking Oppenheimer out of theloop before his newfound waywardnesstook the form, possibly,of deciding thatthe public had a right to know aboutwhat had occurred at crash sites in NewMexico.JULY 2005This is not to say that Oppenheimerever really would have disclosed thosethings, which I doubt, but a conserva-tive-thinkingMJ-12 member might havefeared that he would.It has always been standard proce-dure, of course, to admonish anyoneleaving the privileged ranks of securityclearance holders not to talk about any-thing they know.Oppenheimer knew-and those offi-ciating over his situation knew-that hisbecoming an outsiderwould in no wayalter his responsibility to maintain si-lence about classified information hehad already learned.But those in power would also havewanted to preventhis learninganymorethan he already knewabout so sensitivea matter as UFO crashes and retrievals,given that he was regarded in the end asa distinct security risk, whether justly ornot.It is interesting, too, that whenOppenheimer was finally denied hisclearance, and when, leaving govern-ment service forever to resume his po-sition as director of the Princeton In-stitute for Advanced Studies, AEC chiefLewis Strauss followed him there andattempted (unsuccessfully) to block hisreappointment.This has all the flavor of a personalvendetta, quite possibly colored bywhatever exchanges Strauss had withGray over Oppenheimers clearance, butone wonders why Strauss consideredOppenheimer so dangerous that heshould not be allowed to function evenin private life.When Strauss summed up his deci-sion against Oppenheimer at the end ofthe AEC hearings, he said, "AGovern-ment official having access to the mostsensitive areas of restricted data and tothe innermost details of national warplans and weapons must measure up toexemplary standards of reliability, self-discipline, and trustworthiness"(Polenberg, 380).When we read these comments in thelight of the Sarbacher correspondence(which no one in 1954 knewwould evercome to light), Strauss choice ofMUFON UFO JOURNALAbout the authorDr. Burleson is New Mexico StateDirector for MUFON, a MUFONResearch Specialist, and a Field In-vestigator.He holds masters degrees in mathand English, and the Ph.D. in En-glish Literature. His Ph.D. disserta-tion led to a book, HP. Lorecraft, ACritical Study.Burlesons UFO books includeThe Golden Age of UFOs and UFOsand the Death of Marilyn Monroe.He has written articles for the In-ternational UFO Reporter (CUFOS)and the MUFON UFO journal.Burleson has done extensive re-search on the famous Ramey letter,utilizing sophisticated computer en-hancement.At one time he held a Top Secretsecurity clearance in U.S. Air ForceIntelligence as a Chinese languagespecialist. He is also fluent in Span-ish.words-"the most sensitive areas of re-stricted data"—tends to take on newmeaning.One must assume that Strauss knewperfectly well that the subject of nucleararms was not the "most sensitive,"though he maynot have known the spe-cifics that Gray must have known. Inany event, Strauss, Grays boss, wouldin the end have been followingup Graysrecommendations, however much orlittle Strauss himself knew of the UFOphenomenon.There are other indications thatOppenheimers knowledge of highlysecret matters ran far beyond those usu-ally cited.In his own initial response to thecharges brought against him,Oppenheimer, referring to the postwaryears circa 1947 at the old ManhattanProject facility in New Mexico, said,"Los Alamos also had wide interests inscientific matters only indirectly relatedto the weapons program" (Polenberg,25).Testifying in Oppenheimers defense
  8. 8. at the AEC hearings, Dr.Vannevar Bush, anotherMJ-12 member, remarkedthat at the time of the LosAlamos program he had hadcomplete trust inOppenheimer, and "I havecertainly no reason tochange that opinion in themeantime. I have hadplentyof reason to confirm it, forI worked with him on manyoccasions on very difficultmatters." (Polenberg, 203)Given that Bush was"MJ-2," and that he wastherefore up to his eyeballsin UFO-related missions, one has towonder what those "very difficult mat-ters" were.It is worth noting that while two MJ- •12 members were involved in the AEChearings, one (Bush) supportedOppenheimer while one (Gray) did not.The difference, perhaps, is thatOppenheimer and Bush were fellowscientists; Gray was just a bureaucrat,though a very accomplished one, andcould scarcely have had any profoundunderstanding of Oppenheimersmindset.Where scientists operate from a loveof reason, politiciansoften operate fromless felicitous impulses.It isobvious that Bush did everythinghe could, although to no availin the end,to try to keep Oppenheimer cleared forTop Secret or higher, and this just mighthave been because his sense ofOppenheimers value for future crash-retrieval activities would have out-weighed any sense of political doubtabout Oppenheimer.On the other hand, it is natural tosuppose that with Gray,who also musthave known of Oppenheimers involve-ment in UFO retrievals, it was the otherway around. Gray, unlike Bush, waswilling to see Oppenheimer go.How, specifically, was Oppenheimerinvolved in crash retrieval operations?The most detailed information appearsto be in Steinmans book UFO Crash atA^tec.As Leonard Stringfield points out,writing the introduction to that book, itis unfortunate that Steinman has cho-sen in many cases for one reason oranother not to name hissources, thoughStringfield, needless to say a highly re-spected UFO investigator, wouldOppenheimerscarcely have agreed to endorse thebook had he not felt that Steinmanssources were legitimate.Indeed, Stringfield implies in the in-troduction that he himself knew whomany of these sources were, eventhough the reader would not.Soon after the Aztec crash, Steinmanwrites, Gen. George C. Marshall (thensecretary of state) assembled amilitaryrecovery team and also contacted MJ-12 member Vannevar Bush, instructinghim to organize acivilian scientific teamas well.In addition to mathematician Dr.John von Neumann, Dr. Detlev Bronk(another MJ-12 member), Dr. LloydBerkner (another),Dr.Jerome Hunsaker(another), Dr. Carl Heiland, Dr. HoraceBuele VanValkenburgh, and others, Dr.Bush appointed Dr. J. RobertOppenheimer to the team.According to Steinman, Bush toldthem all to assemble as quickly as pos-sible at Durango (Colorado) Airfield,which is about 35 miles northeast ofAztec, NM, and thus about 24 milesfrom the impact site, telling them alsothat the mission was "of the utmost se-crecy" (Steinman, 31).The militaryrecovery team, Steinmansays, was from Camp Hale, CO, whichwas located west of Denver.My researches on Camp Hale showthat the installation, which was deacti-vated in 1966, was used for secret CIAtraining operations from 1959 to 1965,and was in a remote location wellsuitedto highly secret activities.In the unclassified literature on theplace, no mention is ever made of theInterplanetary Phenomenon Unit thatSteinman says operated out of CampHale-a unit whose existence the ArmyMUFON UFO JournalStringfieldadmitted in a document he provides—but then that would hardly be surpris-ing for so secret a group.Steinman says that Oppenheimer andthe rest of the scientific team "arrivedon scene shortly after the IPU team gotthere. They went into immediate ac-tion, first checking for any possible ra-dioactivity. The ground and the disc-shaped machine were both gone oververy carefully with Geiger counters."(Steinman, 35)He goes on to describe the scientificexamination of the crafts interior, in-cluding "control levels labeled in a hi-eroglyphic type symbol form unknownto any of the scientists in the team."He adds, "Oppenheimer, who knewSanskrit [this is firmly established as his-torical fact, by the way],made a remarkthat the symbols did resemble Sanskritto some degree" (Steinman, 38; he ac-tually uses the spelling "Sanscrit"), andmentions that cryptanalyst WilliamFriedman would laterbe consulted, andthat Dr. Bronk examined the alien bod-ies on site.Thus if Steinmans sources were au-thentic, as Stringfield seems to have feltthey were, we have a firm connectionof Oppenheimer with the UFO crashretrieval at Aztec.And while I have not seen similardocumentation linking him with the re-trieval at Roswell, one would supposethat if the powers-that-be found it de-sirable to call him in for Aztec, they maywell also have done so for Roswell.Indeed, it maybe that Oppenheimerand some of the others were pulled inat Aztec precisely because they had ex-perience with the same sort of scenariodating from July 1947 in Roswell.I should mention here that StantonJULY 2005
  9. 9. Friedman interviewed Dr. Sarbacher in1983 (Sarbacherdied in 1986), and whenFriedman remarked to Sarbacher, "Imvery interested in the crash that hap-pened in 1947," and followed up bysay-ing, "and being New Mexico in 1947one has to presume that probablyOppenheimer and Groves and thoseguys were involved," Sarbacher replied,"Very likely."(See document that tends to linkOppenheimer with an interest in UFOsis the so-called "Oppenheimer-Einsteindraft" of June 1947, a sort of essay inwhich the authors explore the psychol-ogy, sociology, and politics of possibleinteractions between humankind andalien cultures.(Robert and Ryan Wood list thisdocument on their website and give it ahigh authenticity rating.)The document is designated for sig-nature by Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimerand Professor Albert Einstein.On the final page there is an adden-dum typed in that reads: "Myself andMarshall have read this and I must ad-mit there is some logic. But I hardlythink the President will consider it forthe obvious reasons. I understandOppenheimer approached Marshallwhile they attended ceremony at [por-tion redacted]. As I understand itMarshall rebuffed the idea ofOppenheimer discussing this with thePresident. I talked to Gordon, and heagreed. VB" Presumably "VB" is Vannevar Bushand "Gordon" is Gordon Gray. It isnot clear whether President Trumanindeed ever received this draft from itsauthors, but it appears that Gray knewof it in any case, so that we have yetanother Oppenheimer-Gray-UFO con-nection.I have been at some pains here toindicate both the likelihood thatOppenheimer was involved in UFO in-vestigations, and that the reasons gen-erally given for the ultimate denial ofhis securityclearance are awashin flimsylogic, precisely because I feel that it isimportant to get at what could well bethe real reasons.My hypothesis is simple, but of far-reaching implications: Dr. Oppen-heimers clearance was denied not somuch because of his left-leaning politi-cal views or his reservations about theJULY 2005development of the H-bomb asbecauseof what AEC Personnel SecurityBoardChairman Gordon Gray, as a memberof MJ-12, must have known aboutOppenheimers involvement in UFOmatters far more sensitive than nuclearweaponry-an involvement that Graymust have thought it best to see discon-tinued.I believe that this hypothesis verytightlyaccounts for the known facts, andshould be seriously considered until itis either disproven or replaced by somehypothesis that accounts for everythingbetter.The simple fact is that the old logicdoes not work. If Oppenheimers po-litical views and the like were going tobe viewed as that detrimental, then hewould never have been cleared to headup the Los Alamos project to build theatomic bomb to start with—so the AECpanels excuses for denying his clearancemake no sense.Unless, that is, one realizes that thepanel was looking not just atOppenheimers knowledge of atomicweaponry in light of his doubtful po-litical views, but at his knowledge ofthings much more important—thingsthat he had no knowledge of during theLos Alamos years, but did have knowl-edge of by 1954.Certainly, the UFO crash-retrievalactivities of the late 1940s fit that de-scription.In any.event, one has to wonder whythe still-secret portions of the Oppen7heimer AEC hearing transcripts havenever been released, even half a cen-tury after the fact. Theoretically, thereshould be little or nothing in those tran-scripts still deserving to be classified.Sowhy areportions of them stillclas-sified? Could it be because there arereferences, in the testimony before thepanel, to "that flying saucer business inNew Mexico" or something of the sort?I hardly need point out how impor-tant even one such referencewould be,if disclosed to the public and to thecommunity of UFO researchers.I have submitted a Freedom of In-formation Act request for the releaseof the heretofore unseen portions ofthe transcripts, though I have little hopethat theywill be released any time soon.If my hypothesis is true, those tran-scripts could well contain references ofimmense importance to the field ofUFO studies.So the point here is not just thatOppenheimer was royally "shafted,"though in my view he indeed was, ornot just that he was involved in UFOinvestigation.The point here is that the real rea-sons for the governments treatment ofhim may, if spelled out in the hiddentranscripts and if ever disclosed, bringus that much closer to the end of thegrand UFO cover-up.Earth microbes might survive on MarsNASA reports that terrestrial mi-crobes that hitch a ride to Mars onspacecraft maybe able to survive underspecial circumstances, according to anew laboratory study.The research suggests scientistsshould take extra care when analyzingpotential signs of life during future mis-sions to the Red Planet.Most spacecraft that touch down onMars have not been thoroughly steril-ized by heat or radioactivity, so theycarry living microbes from Earth.But Marss thin atmosphere allowssuch intense ultraviolet radiation toreach the planets surface—triple thatfound on Earth—that any life inadvert-ently carried on the spacecraft is thoughtto be wiped out quickly.But now an international team hastested the endurance of a particularlyhardy type of blue-green alga—orMUFON UFO JOURNALcyanobacterium—that thrives in drydeserts from Antarctica to Israel.The resilient bacterium, calledChroococcidiopsis sp. 029, was chosenas a "worst-case scenario" for contami-nation of the planet.The team found that dormant sporesof the bacterium had mostly died afterfive minutes of Martian UV exposure.However, the bacteria were able to stayalive if theywere shielded by just 1mil-limeter of soil during the tests.Under such a protective coating, thebacteria could survive and potentiallygrow if water and nutrient requirementsfor growth were met. •"We think there are places on Marswhere Earth life could make a living,"says John Rummel, NASAs planetaryprotection officer in DC, who is chargedwith preventing microbes from contami-nating worlds beyond Earth.
  10. 10. Brazilian ufologists pausefolloning a two-hour visit nith the military, jeft to right, A.]. Gevaerd, MUFON Representative forBrazil; FernandoRama/ho; a military representative; Roberto Beck; Marco Petit; Rafael Cury; and Claudeir Covo at main entrance ofthe Integrated Center of Air Defense and Air Traffic Control (Centra Integrado de Defesa Aerea e Controle de Trafego Aereo,Cindacta).Brazilian military begins workwith Brazilian ufology groupBy A. J. GevaerdMUFON Representative, BrazilEditor, Brazilian UFO MagazineHead of the Brazilian Committeeof UFO Researchers (CBU), May 20, was an historic dayfor ufology in Brazil and the world asthe Brazilian Air Force (FAB) for thefirst time officially received a commit-tee of top UFO researchers to openlydiscuss sightings and fully examineclas-sified UFO documents in several mili-tary facilities in Brasilia, the capital.By doing this veryimportant step, theBrazilian Air Force has placed Brazil ina veryshort list of countries whose mili-taries acknowledge ufology as a seriousactivityBrigadier Telles Ribeiro, chief of theBrazilian Air Force CommunicationCenter, stated, "We want to have all in-formation on the subject which has beenwithheld by us for some decades to befully released to the public through theUFO community."The BrazilianGovernment, throughthe Brazilian Air Force, has thus finallydecided to come forward and recognizeUFO research as a genuine activity.This is adirect resultof intense pres-sure made by the campaign called"UFOs: Freedom of InformationNow," a movement started by the Bra-%ilian UFO Magazine in April, 2004.10The campaign was launched by theBrazilian Committee of UFO Research-ers (CBU),composed of sixUFO civil-ian researchers: Claudeir Covo, MarcoPetit, Rafael Cury, Reginaldo deAthayde, Fernando Ramalho, and A.J.Gevaerd (Athayde was sick and replacedby new interim member veteran UFOresearcher Roberto Affonso Beck dur-ing our visit).Details of the campaign, both in Por-tuguese and in English can be consultedat: approach of the Brazilian mili-tary to the CBU committee started lastFebruary, ten months after the campaignbegan, with a phone call from aBrazil-ian Air Force spokesman, Maj. Anto-nio Lorenzo, and a formalinvitation tovisit the Air Force headquarters inBrasilia.Maj. Lorenzo fully recognized theUFO researchers efforts in this fieldand provided a few details of the re-served files and procedures that theBra-zilian Air Force has about die UFOphenomenon.Two meeting between the civilianUFO researchers and the military tookplace on May 20, the first at the head-quarters of the Integrated Center of AirDefense and Air Traffic Control, averysensitive facility.During a two-hour visit the research-ers were given lectures of the proce-MUFON UFO Journaldures conducted at Cindacta, and hadthe opportunity to visit air traffic con-trol rooms and understand how UFOscould be detected by Air Force person-nel.The second and most importantmeeting took place just after this one atthe very reserved facilities of BrazilianAir Defense Command, an even moresensitive installation that controls theentire airdefensenetwork, including thesurrounding areas of the Atlantic Oceanand South America.In this facility the UFO researcherswere given a full briefing of the top as-pects of aerial defense of the country.It wasin this facility that its own com-mander, Brigadier Atheneu Azambuja,admitted to the UFO researchers howconcerned the Brazilianmilitaryis aboutthe UFO phenomenon.Azambuja also gave details of AirDefense procedures, and openly admit-ted that the country has systematicallydetected and registered UFOs in thecountry-labeled as "H Traffic"-since1954.That wasnt a surprise for the UFOresearchers, but how this registeringprocess took place was.After this point of the visit, nothingcould be filmed,taped, videoed, or evencopied and transcripted.After detailed explanations of AirDefense activities,Brigadier Azambuja,for the first time in history, gave fullJULY 2005
  11. 11. access to the civilian UFO researchersto examine three different folders withclassified UFO information-cases from1954, 1977, and 1986.The first case was an airplane pur-suit of a UFO in the ocean shores ofParana State. The second file was muchmore important. In the folder contain-ing the 1977 documents that could beexamined by the UFO researchers weredozens of cases of UFOs in theAma-zon—with an amazing amount of moredian 100 pictures made during the so-called Operation Saucer.This was an official program of UFOinvestigation by the military that tookplace from September to December,1977, and has been fully covered by spe-cialized UFO press over the world.The third case was the "The OfficialNight of UFOs in Brazil," a very sig-nificant group of events that happenedin May,1986, when 21 objects of over100 m in diameter jammed Brazilian airtraffic control systems over mainly Riode Janeiro, Sao Jose dos Campos, andSao Paulo.Several jets were sent to intercept theintruders—without any success. TheBrazilian Air Force representatives atthose meetings then fully admitted thatufology is serious business, and broadlyrecognized the activityof UFO researchby the civilian UFO community.They also guaranteed diat furthersteps are about to be taken to let theresearchers examine the entire militaryUFO files in a more comprehensive way.In addition, a committee of militaryand civilianUFO researchers was prom-ised to start operating very soon, coor-dinated by the Brazilian Committee ofUFO Researchers (CBU).This certainlymeans diat wewill starta new era in ufology in Brazil and inSouth America.Very good things are about to hap-pen as the Brazilian Air Force com-mand, the Brazilian Ministry of De-fense, and Brazilian President LuisInacio Lula da Silva receive the lettersand formal requests for opening forgood these documents and starting themilitary-civilian committee.Case reportsInvestigators and State Dkectors.Please send a copy of your case re-ports directly to the MUFON UFOJournal.^i^%^^i:^^^WMinnesota man reports closeencounter and continuing phenomenaLocation: Akeley, MNDate: July 31, 2000Time of sighting: 12:02 AMWitness: Jason NajarakInvestigator: Dr. Stephen HeroWitness narrative:The time was 12 midnight. The skywas overcast with low ceiling, and itwasjust after a rain. The road was freshlywashed and clear of tire tracks. I hadjust left my neighbors house and wasdriving my pet car,which only has park-ing lights.As I came to die end of their drive-way I noticed a blue cast on the roadand on the trees opposite me acrossCrystal Lake road. I then looked up dieroad to myright and saw in the distancewhat I took to be a large RV or SUVwith a light rack.The lights were of unusualcolor, andI assumed diis was a new vehicle widisome new kind of lights.It is not unusual for hunters to beout spotting deer in this area,especiallyat this time of night. So I thought Iwould sit at the end of my neighborsdriveway and let diem come past—asdiey were probably drinking and widiloaded guns.I waited for over 10 minutes as thelights slowly came down die road,whichwas a downhill slant. I assumed theywere coasting as I couldnt hear die en-gine running.It wasat this time diat I began to feelsomething was very odd about diewhole thing. For one, although the lightswere extremely intense, there was nodiscernable reflection of the lightsbeam on the road or on the trees-just apale blue cast, much like moonlight.Another diing diat I noticed wasdiatdie large vehicle covered die entirewiddiof die road. Lasdy, die object cruiseddown die road smoodily, and this wasaterribly bad washboard gravel road.It was at this point I thought UFO!!!But I also thought, "No, thats too goodto be true. It must be a truck of somesort."I still could not see die vehicle be-hind the lights. It wasat this point diat Idecided to pull out on the road facingdiem and cruise slowlyup to my drive-way, which was next door some 500 feetup the road in the approaching direc-tion of the lights.I drove slowly up to my own drive-way and pulled in past die large trees,blocking me from their sight.I noticed too that when I wasbehinddie tree I could not even tell diere wereany lights on die road, even diough dieywere now only some 300 feet distant andthe lights were the most intense I haveever seen on a vehicle, except possiblylanding lights on a major airlinerSoI stepped out from behind die treeand saw diat die lights were still com-ing down die road slowly towards me.It was now some 100 feet from me. IJULY 2005 MUFON UFO JOURNAL 11
  12. 12. looked directly at it as it came towardsme.I still could not seebeyond the lights,and there was no sound. However, atthis point I could see that there was noundercarriage to the thing!! It had, in-stead, a blue circle of light which pro-jected on the road beneath it.I had said mywhole life that if I eversaw aUFO I would approach itdirectly.Now here it was, and yet I stood therefor over 10 minutes before I decided tomove at all. It had stopped about 100feet from me and waited.My thoughts were racing...This wasmy moment...! would never forgivemyself if I ran, or backed away, or didnothing. I thought, Im a Christian;surely God would stand with me.I thought they are observing me, analien creature from Earth, and what Iam going to do. They just sat there, andamazingly no cars came along as theyusually do this time of night.(All our neighbors were at the Ca-sino, and they usually come driftinghome this time of night)Call It melodrama or not, but it tookeverything I had just to step out intothe middle of the road and face thelights. I held my arms up and slowlyturned around to show that I had noweapons.Then, arms up, I slowly walked to-wards the lights straight up the middleof the road. I had gotten to within 50feet or so,and now I could begin to seesome of the structure behind the lights.I could seethe ends protruding over theedge of the road about three feet on ei-ther side.I walked like someone in a weddingmarch, slow and verydeliberate.I nevertook,my eyes off those lights.The objectthen began to move back-wards up the road in pacewith mywalk.It did this until it became opposite myneighbors driveway, and then it stopped.I continued slowly walking, and hadgotten within 25 feet of the objectwhenit suddenly shot sideways through thegap in the trees made by my neighborsdriveway on the right. It was about 30 feet wide and over10 feet to the top of the thing, and itjust left, in an instant with aphhhhhhffffffttttt!!! Sound. That is theonly sound it ever made.I want to describe the incrediblemethod in which it departed. I was 20or so feet from it, and it departed side-12ways so fast that I could notvisibly follow its motion,other than to see that it tookoff to the right and instantlydisappeared before my eyes.Other than the sound Ide-scribed, it was totally silent,and there was no force in theair to tell me that it had left.Nothing. Absolute silence,and the air was motionless.When it left, I marked thegravel where I stood to beable to measure the distancebetween the UFO (asI nowknew thats what it was) andmyself where I last stood.I then went back to mycar and racedup the driveway where it had disap-peared. This is a dead end drive, and Istopped to ask the neighbor childrenthere if anyone had come in there, andthey said no one had.I then went back to my neighborswhere I had been originally and tried towake them. The wife came to the doorand saw that I was very excited. I toldher that I had seen a UFO, and she justlooked at me quizzicallyand said comeover in the morning.I then went back to my house, got aflashlight and a tape measure, andwalked back out to the road. I checkedfor tracks in the gravel road, where ithad been, had left, and had come fromup the road.It was just after a rain, and the onlytracks in the road were mine from thecar, and my footprints in the gravel.However, on the road, rocks up to thesize of my fist were slid sidewaysfor upto four or more feet to either side.ofthe road.There, at the spot in the road whereit departed were only my tracks,and thesame rocks slid outwards in every di-rection.I then measured the mark in the roadwhere I last stood facing the UFO upto the place where the UFO had been.It measured 22 feet. I went into my stu-dio and stayed up all might creating adetailed drawing on scratchboard whileeverything was fresh in my mind.I should like to add that I had lookedat my watch when I left my friendshouse that night because I normally donot visit that late. It was two minutes to12, and when the sighting was over Ialso checked mywatch, and it was 12:38.1 didthis to consciously record thetime.MUFON UFO JournalTherewasa sunburn that developedon my face, arms, and legs (I had onshorts at the time). Therewas neveranyredness or swelling, but there was theburning sensation like a sunburn, and itlasted about three weeks.The other unusual thing that I no-ticed was a dead skunk that I had rundown the day before this encounter. Itlay at the side of the road near my mailbox.The next morning after the sighting,I walked out to the road and noticedthat there was something unusual aboutthe skunk. The smell was gone, and af-ter a minute, I noticed what waswrong.Where the skunk had lain was a wetspot, and the hair follicles layin perfectorder, even outlining the white mark-ings, but there was absolutely no fleshor bone!!!Subsequent events were:1. The sighting of a small red dotabout the size of a dime moving aboutthe kitchen in the dark. I chased it, andit dove towards the floor and up to thetop of the outside door and went seem-ingly through it. This was four nightslater, and occurred at about 3 AM,Aug.4.2. On Aug. 14 at 3 AM I awoke tosee a round disc with a swirling b l u eand pink center. There was a ring ofdiamond-like lights around the rim ofthe thing. It disappeared as I sat up. Inoticed an acid type burning sensationon my arm, but went back to bed.The next morning I brought up thesubject with my neighbor, and hepointed out that the acid burn on myarm was a perfect triangle. It lasted forthree months, burning with the samein-tensity. Now, over two yearslater, it stillcan be clearly seen.3. On Aug. 21 my neighbor saw theJULY 2005
  13. 13. trees behind their house bending downto the ground, although there was nowind. I had heard a drumming noiseabove the house, and heard noises onthe roof, but saw nothing.The next morning diere was a roundspot behind my house about 500 feetfrom my neighbors back yard. It was adepression in the new growth of youngtrees that was 30 feet in diameter, andthe trees were twisted into a spiral.4. On Sept 4myneighbor and I weredriving home when he noticed some-thing pacing us to myright. I didnt seeanything atfirst,but then he pointed upabove the trees and I saw six goldendiscs turn their flat surfaces to us re-flecting the sun. They moved in an un-dulating motion up and down as theypaced along with us for over ten miles.They moved as If theywere tied to-gether. Then they flipped to the hori-zontal and sped up into the clouds. Thetime was about 6 PM-sunset.5. On Nov. 6 in the night about 11PM my neighbor and I were walking apath in the woods some 600 feet dis-tant behind my house when we saw ared ball of light circle my house about15 feet off the ground. We both saw itdearly. It went behind myhouse andwasnot seen again. Therewasnothingat thehouse.6. On Dec. 15 or so, I was away, vis-iting relatives, when my neighbors sawbright lights come on inside my house.One neighbor converged on the housefrom one side, and the other neighbordrove in from the other side to catchthe vandals.It had just snowed recently, and mydriveway had no tracks in the snow.When they pulled up to the house thelights suddenly went out. Therewere notracks in the snow, and no one inside. Ihad my main fuse box shut off at thepole, so there was no electricity.7. Lastly, on Dec. 26 at about mid-night, my neighbors called to say they(several in the group) saw a huge redglowing ball of light slowly go acrossthe tree tops and glide over my house,then shoot up into the sky at a 45-de-gree angle. I was in the house, but no-ticed nothing unusual.So thats it. I believe thats everything.I have the dates because after the firstexperience I kept a book on anythingunusual that happened. I moved out toWashington thatJanuary, just to get backon an even keel, as it were.JULY 2005MUFON ForumScientists and UFOsWe thank Paul Von Ward for his in-terest in ourJBIS article reprinted in theMUFON Journals of January and Feb-ruary, and also the editor, DwightConnelly, for having reprinted it ("Fourexperts explain why scientists shouldstudy the UFO phenomenon" by Dr.James Deardorff, Dr. Bernard Haisch,Dr. Bruce Maccabee, and Dr. H.E.Puthoff).Von Ward took issue with two state-ments. One was that ET behavior isconsistent with... "the fact that not inthe past 56 years, nor in past millennia,have we been colonized, conquered orexterminated, nor has society beentraumetized by any ETs."He pointed out that beings more ad-vanced than humanshave intervened inhuman society far into the distant past.In speaking for myself and BruceMaccabee, we tend to agree with himon this, and so our words did not ex-clude such intervention.Instead, our intent was to mentionthe obvious fact that any such interven-tion never reached a stage where thehuman race itself was colonized or ex-terminated.The other statement was "it appearsall too evident that ETs have not inter-vened in world affairs in any benevo-lent manner that would have forestalledhuman warfare, famine and disease."To this, Von Ward objected with twoexamples, one being that reports ofcredible witnesses conflict with this.However, our statement here referredto world affairs and not to individuals.We agree with him that many indi-viduals have been cured of various in-firmities through alien intervention, aswe made explicit reference to the bookby Dennett & Dennett on this.His second examplewas to the strong(warning supplied to Noah about theflood to come and how to build the ark.Von Wardsimplication is that thiswarn-ing came from an ET, not "God."We admit not having thought of theFlood in this context, and only point outhere that supposedly only a tiny frac-tion of the population of the region in-. MUFON UFO JOURNALvolved was saved, the rest being non-benevolently doomed, and that after thisevent human warfare, famine and dis-ease continued to occur.It should be clear,however, that in ajournal paper of limited length, directedtowards why scientists should studyUFOs, the scope of our argumentationhad to be severely curtailed, and so wedared not raise the topic of religions noreven that of the abduction phenom-enon.-Jim DeardorffKentucky call to actionI noticed that in the April issue oftheJournal that MUFONs Missions andGoals were listed. Having not read themmyself in quite awhile, I decided tobrush up on them.After reading them, however, I de-cided that in my state a call to action issorely needed.Of the three goals, investigate UFOsightings, promote research, and edu-cate the public, I realized that KentuckyMUFON only gets about one third ofthe equation right.Our state has alwayshad more focuson educating the public;we arenot com-pleting the rest of the equation verywell.People of Kentucky, this your call toaction.We need more investigators. As ofright now,we haveonly one—yours truly.We have a need for researchers. Edu-cators, please step forward. We needyour help as well. Help us get the wordout to the public.Also to those of youwho maybe onthe fence about membership, why notjoin us? I know that there are some ofyou out there who areinterested in help-ing with investigations and taking theMUFON field investigator test.I am asking allof the wonderful andtalented people of Kentucky to not beafraid to share your unique abilities andtalents with this organization. Letswork together to help our localMUFON chapter be a success.-April Tipton, Field Investigator,MUFON of Kentucky13
  14. 14. •T<1 . * . g I"-" y~x »-v fv r" <""? f~! •• ••• ,>The UFO PRESS*WSacred Encounters: Spiritual Awaken-ings During Close Encounters, 2004, byJanet Elizabeth Colli, Ph.D. Xlibris Cor-poration, 367 pages, 16 photographs,notes, index. ISBN: 1-4134-3675-7 PB;1-4134-3676-5 HB.Reviewed by Dr. Leo SprinkleThe author, Dr. Janet Colli, and herpartner, Dr. Thomas Beck,transformedthemselves from Students of Philoso-phy to Doctorsof Philosophy(with PhDs inclinical andtranspersonalpsychology).As transper-sonal psycholo-gists, Drs. Colliand Beck studyconsciousness.Their transfor-mation continuesto be helpful tothem as they assist UFOErs (UFOexperiences) to negotiate their ownspiritual transformations.Dr. Colli gives her readers not onlyascholarly presentation, but also a livelyaccount of her interactions with twounusual women, Hayley andJoy.Dr. Colli assisted Hayley in dealingwith PTSD (posttraumatic stress disor-der). She recounts Joys process ofmerging meditation and mental healthinterventions in her spiritual awakening.Like manyexperiences, both Hayleyand Joy felt much anxiety and manydoubts about their encounters.For manyUFO experiences and in-vestigators, the emotional trauma canvacillate between suppression andawareness, between acceptance and ac-knowledgment of these experiences.Fear of insanity, or loss of personalidentity, can lead to denial and/or ad-dictive behaviors to easetheuncertainty.As a competent and caring clinician,Dr. Colli is able to sail her ship of psy-chotherapeutic alliance between ScyLlaand Charybdis: the dangerous "rock"ofdenying debunkers on the one hand and14the dangerous "whirlpool" of psycho-pathology on the other hand.She describes with clarity and com-passion her interactions with Hayley andJoy. Both women were able to appre-hend and release their fears, and alsomove into higher realms of intellectualunderstanding, emotional acceptance,and spiritualawareness.In addition to these detailed investi-gations, Dr. Colli provides her readerswith references to many authors andmany studies, not only of other UFOinvestigations, but also of psychologi-cal studies of memory and stress.She refers to the DSM-FV (Diagnos-tic and Statistical Manual of MentalDisorders), as well as the meditativepractices of Asian spiritual masters.The author is able to use her trainingin philosophy as a "shield" to defendagainst the caustic complaints of crit-ics; she is able to use her training inpsy-chology as a "sword" to seek and findthe truth of close encounters.Eventually, Dr. Colli, as well asHayley, lay down the sword and shieldas Joy surrenders to Unity Conscious-ness: in essence, the easing and endingof duality/polarity as Joy experiencesOneness with All.In 1901, a Canadian psychiatrist,Maurice Buck, M.D, wrote of hisinves-tigations of persons who experiencedCosmic Consciousness.More recently,an Americanpsychia-trist, David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.,has calibrated levels of consciousnessin his 1995 book, Power vs. Force. Dr.Hawkins has shown that consciousnesscan be measured.Dr. Colli assists her readers not onlyto explore Higher Consciousness, butshe also responds well to the perennialquestion about the motives of "aliens":"good" or "evil"? She states, "Ulti-mately, the answer lies in fostering ourown expansion of consciousness" (p.289).Whether the reader is concernedabout Earth and Humanity, or con-cerned about ET (extraterrestrial) en-MUFON UFO Journalcounters, the reading of Sacred Encoun-ters can be an opportunity for enlight-enment.The reader can learn from the phi-losophy, the psychology, and the trans-formation of individuals and societythrough these interactions with aliens/demons/angels/ETs,who are interven-ing in our human history.Dr. Colli provides this opportunitywith her scholarship, her expertise, andher inner light of spiritual development.Illinois women reportclose sighting of objectBy Phil BloomerChampaign, IL, News-GazetteA curious news item from aJanuary1967 editionof the Villa GroveNews haspopped up in the newsroom concern-ing a UFO sighting near Camargo.It was approximately 7:45 PM onJan. 7, 1967. Mrs. Dwight McCumberand her friend Cathy (Shearer) Bundywere on the wayhome from the Villa Grove. Mrs. McCumbers18-year-old daughter also was in the car.They were a quarter-mile from theShearer house, east of Camargo, whenthey noticed a strange light above theback door. The light washovering, withno discernible shape, just lights.They stopped the car, and what hadbeen a bright light moved closer andchanged to a fuzzy light, then two flash-ingred lights. It stopped across the roadfrom them and changed to awhite light,still hovering at about the height of atelephone pole.Mrs. McCumber turned off the ra-dio and rolled down the window.DaughterJeanette got out and yelled up,Take me to yourleader?" It then movedoff to the west.Mrs. McCumber said she was moreawestruck than scared—until her daugh-ter did that. "Then I was scared. Ithought theymight takeher away."Theydidnt. The McCumbers have lived nor-mal lives, and she just turned 80.JULY 2005
  15. 15. Director, MUFON Eastern RegionNote: These reports are presented in or-der to keep readers informed of some of thevast number of sightings being reported.However, these cases have not been officiallyinvestigated.Alabama trianglesMONTGOMERY - A security of-ficer on patrol near the downtown areaat 2:45 AM on May 25, 2005, noticedtwo strange objects flying above him.They had strobe lights that emanatedalong the entire length of allthree sidesof each object, as well as three largepulsing lights under the bottom of eachobject.He states, "I noticed a low hummingnoise coming from the triangles thatwere flying at about 10,000 feet altitude.The objects moved slowly at first, al-most seeming to hover, and after about20 seconds they exited to the west in aburst of speed that I can only describeas almost instantaneous.The objectsthen stopped againandwere only visible as two pulsing lightsat that point. The objects again movedto the west and disappeared completely."The objects maintained exact dis-tance from each other during this entiretime, and the altitudeof the objects didnot seem to change during this sight-ing. The eventlasted about 30 seconds."Thanks to Peter Davenport, director, black triangleKIRKLAND - On May 13, 2005, at12:19 AM a black triangle with nine or-ange to yellowishlights on two sides ofthe triangle was seen by the witness.There was a center tight at the fronttip of the craft, with four lights follow-ing each leading edge for a total of ninelights. No lights were observed on thestern or rear of the triangle.The color of the lights was a verylight salmon/orange yellow. The lightsglowed withbarelydetectible movementsimilar to airheating phenomena whichyou see on heated roadways,but in thisJULY 2005case the area was confined to the lights.The witness says, "I discovered thecraft due east in my field of view, andthe craft was traveling north. I estimatethe craft was 3A to 1mile from my posi-tion. I estimate altitude at 200-350 feet,traveling at 70-110 knots, and banking-more like floating—towards the left.The craft leveled off, traveling to-wards the NE,and became un-detectable as itbecame level, inperfect stealth."Unlike satel-lites, which floatin an arc acrossthe sky,this craftfloated in astraight line closethe earth. Thesize of the craftwas as big as a 747, or at least 3/4 of afootball field." Thanks to RussHamerly.George FilerKentucky stationary discINDEPENDENCE -While drivingto work near 1-75 on May 1, 2005, at6:20 AM the witness noticed a metallicobject hovering in the sky about half amile away. It was somewhat disc-shapedwith a tall dome or arch on top.It was silent and totally still. The wit-ness explains, "I drove towards it to seeif it was a helicopter; it wasnt. It wastotally silent, no lights of any kind, andI was close enough to confirm that itwas nothing familiar."It flew smoothly like glass.Iwatchedit from a parking lot and tried to getpictures on mycellphone, but the reso-lution was too poor. It got smaller, so Idrove after it and pulled into anotherparking lot about 1/4 mile away andwatched it until it got real small."It washeading to the southeast,andmust have been going pretty fast. It hadat least two bent poles or "arms" com-ing off the sides, like the probes on aspace shuttle." Thanks to Peter Daven-port.MUFON UFO JOURNALMaine cigar-shaped objectCUMBERLAND - "I was at apartyat 1 AM on May 9, 2005, with four ofmy friends from college," says the wit-ness. Therewere tons of stars becausethere were no clouds, and we were hav-ing a barbecue and relaxing."I kept noticing this particular starthat seemed to stand out from the restthat looked like it was moving. I turnedaround to point it out to my friends, andit moved much closer to us in just fiveseconds. Its speed was incredible."After itgot to usat such mind-blow-ing speeds, it slowed to about 10 milesan hour, hovering right above the treesthat were about 20 feet away from us.These trees are about 50 feet tall, so wehad an amazing view of this cigar-shaped ship."It had fiveintensely bright lights onthe bottom that were all white, exceptthe one in the middle which was a lessbright yellow color. When the objectcompletely stopped above the trees themiddle yellowlightbecame more intensethan thewhite ones and flickeredon andoff twice."It was a solid object, because thelights on the bottom reflected off itssilver metallic surface. It covered upmost of the stars and was at least 65feet long and about 25 feet wide. It lit •up the trees as it hovered.The white lights on the bottom ofthe craft were intense. The center yel-lowlight turned light blue, and the craftsped off at an amazing speed."We were actually kind of spooked,and off in the distance we sawtwootherships on the left and right sides of thecigar-shaped craft. They rose up fromthe thick woods, and then all five spedaway in formation." Thanks to PeterDavenport.Florida glowing orbsORANGE COUNTY - RobertaPuhalski writes, "On April 22, 2005,about 11 PM, the Georgia UFO GroupHotline received a cell phone call from15
  16. 16. just north of Orlando where three Or-ange County fishermen had just ob-served at 20 yards a glowing orb typeof UFO."The orb performed incredible ma-neuvers at a fantastic speed. They wereso shocked; theyphoned 411 and askedfor the operator to get them in touchwith any UFO investigator that couldbe found."They reached Tom Sheets ofGUFOG in Fayetteville, GA, whoturned the case over to RobertaPuhalski, the founder of the CentralFlorida UFO Group in Lakeland.Roberta Puhalski met with the threewitnesses at the event site two dayslaterand conducted a complete investigation.She determined that the witnesses,whilenight fishing and shining a flashlight, hadobserved what was initially thought tobe an alligators eyereflectingtheir flash-light beam about 20 yardsaway in somebushes.Suddenly the light rose up from thebushes into full sight at an alarminglyfast speed and was observed to be adimly glowing orangish-red orb aboutthe si2e of a basketball.The orb continued to rise at thisveryfast rate until it reached an altitude ofabout 150 feet, then it hovered, movedto the side about 100 feet, and cameback down, tracing something like a tri-angle in its flight path.The object moved so fast it was dif-ficult for the eye to follow. There ap-peared to be an object of unknown sizeand shape behind or attached to the orb,but it was difficult to see exactlywhat itwas (due to the rapid speed and briefperiod of flight).This object flew off and vanished af-ter returning closer to the ground.Puhalski found these witnesses credible,forthright, and cooperative. Thanks toRoberta Puhalski, founder of the Cen-tral Florida UFO Group.Illinois object shows portholesROCKFORD - On the morning ofMay 15,2005, witness Nancy was pho-tographing what looked like the North-ern Lights, only "white," at 3 AM. Shebelieves the object clearly shows port-holes running along its length.There is a blue cast to the object, anda blurred trail to the left of the objectthat indicates the object was movingfrom left to right at some speed. ThanksRockford, IL, phototo Dirk at the andSkywatch International, York shiny domesBROOKVILLE - On May27,2005,at 2 PM, on a sunny day, five silver ex-tremely shinydome-shaped objectswereseen flying across a clear bluesky.The first three were flying in a trian-gular formation,with two others follow-ing behind, perfectly aligned. They allflewat the same speed, andwere headedeast."It took about 3-5 seconds for theobjects to leave," says the witness. "Mywife was with me and saw everything Iam describing." Thanks to Peter Dav-enport.Oklahoma triangle chasedNOBLE - This report was sent by acompetent, educated scientist of soundmind and character, who never reportedanything like this before:"At 11:30 PM on May27,2005, whiletaking my nightlywalk, I observed a tri-angular craft traversing the sky fromnorth to south at about 20,000 feet ona clear night.The crafts speed was about 500knots, and several miles behind was afighter jet moving very rapidly, 600 to700knots. Both craft were flying towardmy position. I could begin to hear theengines of the jet at that time."It appeared the triangular craft wastoying with the fighter, and when thefighter got close, the craft would speedup. As the two got nearly directly overmy location, the triangular craft made asharp right hand turn toward the west,but die jetwasunable to makethe sharpturn and made a much wider loop."After a few seconds, the triangle ac-celerated dramaticallyand left the jet be-hind. One thing diat wasodd about thetriangular craft was that the three lightsmaking up the triangular pattern werenot equal in distance."Referencing the wingspan of die jet,two of the lights on the craft were about50 to 75 feet apart, and the third lightwas 100 to 150 feet from die odier twolights. Additionally,the two lights closertogether were at the front, and die otherfurdier away light was at the rear facingdie pursuingjet."This made die craft appear to bemoving in reverse. The color of die tri-angular craft lights was an unusual milkywhite color, nothing like die very brightred, green, and white lights observed ondie jet."Thanks to Peter Davenport.Alabama pilots see UFOMONTGOMERY - An aircrew en-route from Houston to Columbia, SC,on May 19, 2005, at 10 PM, flying at35,000 feet in a jet airliner, saw another"aircraft."The captain noticed die unknownaircraft at his 10 oclock position high,but when he looked at his TCAS, therewas no aircraft in the vicinity. The cap-tain says, "I then looked back at thecraft, noticing it was passing us like wewere sitting still while we were at Mach.78.1 also noticed it was at least 40,000feet higher than us."I pointed the target out to the firstofficer, and she saw it as well. It mayhave been a satellite, but it seemed tochange directions as it got directly offour nose and dien disappeared.The object seemed to have strobes.We both know itwas not a shooting star,so it was eidier satellite or unexplained."Thanks to Peter Davenport.Mexican object photographedGUADALAJARA - UFO Casebookreceived a sighting report from OscarFranco on June 2, 2005.He reports, "On Sept. 11, 2004, myfamily and I were visiting Ajijc, Jalisco,Guadalajara, and at exactiy 4:58 PM oneof the family members yelled that therewas something unusual above ChapalaLake."We began to watch the object thatlooked similar to the planet Saturn andhad a hazy area around the craft, like anenergy field. The object dipped down,and skimmed across the waters of thelake, and I took five photographs of itbefore it disappeared." Thanks to Os-16 MUFON UFO Journal JULY 2005
  17. 17. Guadalajara, Mexico, Franco and UFO Casebook.Illinois black sphere seenEDWARDSVILLE - Dave Marler,State Director of Illinois MUFON, re-ports that at about 1:20 PM on May19,2005, he observed what appeared to bea black sphere sildently fly from the SWto the NE, below the 25,000-feet clouds.It appeared to maintain level flightand constant speed during the 8-10-sec-ond sighting before disappearing behinda tree line. There was no noise and novapor trail.Texas rectangle seen by coupleEMORY- A man who iswellknownto the UFO community, together withhis wife, witnessed a bizarre, three-tiered, lighted object hovering in thenight sky on May 13, 2005.He states, "Mywife and I were driv-ing south on FM779 and saw lights onwhat looked likea cell phone radio towerat 9:15 PM, and I remarked to my wifethat I wasnt aware they were buildinganother tower."She said that it looked like it waslighted different from the one near us.It looked like the top of the tower hadthree horizontal rows of white lights onit."There were two red flashing lightsjust below the white lights, and a whitestrobe light above the horizontal rowsof white lights."It appeared to be taller than thetower near us so I remarked that possi-bly there were different lighting require-ments for taller towers. We were look-ing across a pasture at the lights a quar-ter mile away."We were not alarmed, and thoughtno more about ituntil the next daywhenwe drove down the same road and therewas no tower there or anything of anyheight anywherenear that area. Wehaveno explanation for a disappearing cellphone radio tower.".Thanks to Peter Davenport.JULY 2005MUFON sponsoring contestto find best technologicalevidence for UFOsPurpose: MUFON is seekingpaperson the subject of UFO TechnologicalEvidence. The papers must be in a nar-rative format and backed with appro-priate references, photos, charts, andexamples.The purpose of the contestisto pushfor a paradigm shift from entertainingstories about UFOs to the presentationof papers documenting evidence in astyle that can meet the criteria of proofbased on evidence.Content: The papers must presentevidence based on actual UFO inci-dents, people, places, and events. Weare not seeking opinions, theories, sto-ries or ad hominum arguments.The papers must be between 1,500and 3,000words, not including support-ing information. They must be accom-panied by a short (approximtely 150-200 words) biographical sketch of thesubmitter.Evidence Defined: Allpapers mustaddress the hypothesis that "UFOs arereal, they are technological, and they arenot ours."McCormicks Handbook of the i^aw ofEvidence may be used as a guide to assistsubmitters in understanding the descrip-tion of physical evidence, firsthandknowledge, expert testimony, compe-tency of witnesses, demonstrative evi-dence, official written statements andrecords, best evidence, and authentica-tion. Future contests mayaddress otherhypotheses.Format: Page size must be 8/2 x11. Papers shall consist of title, briefabstract, introduction describing thetechnological evidence, body of paperdescribing detailsthat make this the bestevidence, and a conclusion. All papersmust be written in English.Media Used: Each paper must besubmitted on CD in Microsoft Word orequivalent along with a printed copy ofthe paper. Supporting informationmaybe on the CD or in hard copy.Submittal: Papers and backup ma-terials shall be mailed to MUFON, PostMUFON UFO JOURNALOffice Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369. All submittals should be clearlymarked to "MUFON Best EvidenceContest." You need not be a MUFONmember to participate in the contest.MUFON Use of Submittals:MUFON reserves the right to publishall submittals in the MUFON UFO Jour-nal, on the MUFON Website, in books, or in spe-cial newsletters or reports. Papers willbe retained on file by MUFON.Authors of works that fit the themeof upcoming MUFON UFO Sympo-siums or conferences maybe invited topresent a longer version of their workat those events.MUFON is not obligated to publishany paper, and reserves the right to re-ject papers that do not meet the intentor spirit of this contest.Judges: The papers will be reviewedby a panel of judges selected by theMUFON Business Board of Directors,and contest winners will be selectedbased on the content that is judged tobe the "best evidence." Judges deci-sions are final.Prizes: First Place: $250 plus freeadmission to all sessions of the 2006MUFON International UFO Sympo-sium.Second Place: $150 plus free admis-sion to all sessions of the 2006MUFON International UFO Sympo-sium.Third Place: $100 plus free admis-sion to all sessions of the 2006MUFON International UFO Sympo-sium.All other submitters meeting the re-quirements defined for this contest willreceive a CD copy of a vintageMUFON UFO Symposium Proceed-ings book.Only one prize will be awarded to anindividual submitter.Schedule: All submittals must bereceived by MUFON Headquarters byOct. 1, 2005. Prizes will be awarded inJanuary, 2006.17
  18. 18. Physical TracesBy Ted PhillipsLTed PhillipsVehicle effects, Part 2There are a number of reports inwhich an unidentified flying object ac-tually collided with a vehicle, leavingbehind considerable physical traces.In 1954, near March Field, CA, threewitnesses driving a late model car ob-served a shiny circular object on theground. They stopped the car and ap-proached the object.They saw a"being" whoraised his armand projectedwhat appeared tobe afireballat thevehicle. The fire-ball passed by themen and strucktheir vehicle.The witnessesfled, the objectascended, andwhen they re-turned to the car they found the paintburnt and a large dent.On March 9,1966, Donnela Banningwas driving toward Baytown, TX, withher mother, Mrs. Doyle Havard, andDebbie Carrico. At 7:45 PM Debbieyelled, "Look."Ms. Banning reports: "As I lookedthere it was. It looked like it was com-ingthrough the windshield. It hitwith athump and an explosion."The object was dark and the size ofa bowling ball. The explosion was loudenough to bring people out of theirhouses some distance from the car.Harris County Sheriffs Departmentaccident investigator Roland Kingsleysaid that whateverhit the car did $50 to$100 damage to the roof of the vehicle.The roof was dented and the paintwas knocked off the metal, although themetal was not cut. Kinsley searched thearea, but could find no fragments. Itshould be noted that the car was on anoverpass, and no one was standing alongthe highway.In Kent, OH, on March 28, 1967,David Morris was driving home at 2:2018AM when he saw a reddish-orangecone-shaped object 25 feet off the leftside of the road.The object was 12 feet wide at thebase, which was slightlyoff the ground.The object tapered to a point 25 feethigh, where there was a ball.Several small beings were on the road,and Morris claimed he hit one of them.He fled the area, and when he stoppeddown the road, found three dents in thefront bumper and right headlight ring.On July 13, 1967, in Maumee, OH,Robert Richardson andJerry Quay weredriving around a bend in the road whenthey sawalarge brilliantblue-whitelightcompletely blocking the road.Richardson, the driver, braked andswerved to avoid hitting the light. Bothmen closed their eyes as they felt theimpact of a collision.They reported the incident to theOhio State Police, who wentback to thesite to investigate. The hood of the carand the bumper had been damaged.On July 17,1967, in Millerton, NY,a13 cm object approached an automo-bile from the opposite direction. The carexperienced EM effects, and the wind-shield was shattered.On Nov. 27, 1998, in Mt. Clemens,MI, a young woman was driving homewhen a sphere the si2e of a basketballwas seen flying just above the road sur-face from the opposite direction. Thesphere was spinning and emittingspraysof light.The object impacted the car roof onthe passenger side over the front door,then flew on, leaving a two-foot longarea of a creamy-graycolored residue.On Dec. 29, 2002, in Benson, NC,Linda Moore was driving her newToyota when an object hit the passen-ger side of her car.Mrs. Moores cousin, Vicki Wright,was in the front passenger seat, and Mrs.Moores two nieceswerein the backseat.Vicki said she saw a black objecttravel-ingat high speed which approached thecar from above a tall pine tree.The object impacted the vehiclejustin front of the side mirror. The 14-year-MUFON UFO Journalold niece also saw the object approach-ing. The object gouged a large dent inthe car and scratched off paint. No frag-ments were found at the site.A classic case of vehicle impact oc-curred on Aug. 27,1979, near Stephen,MN, involving a police car.Deputy Sheriff ValJohnson wasdriv-ing his patrol car near the North Da-kota border when at 1:40 AM he ob-served a bright white light through hisside window.He contacted dispatch and proceededto move closer. He estimated the dis-tance to the light at about 1.5 miles.Suddenly the light moved toward him,reaching the patrol car in one or twoseconds.The light wasso intensethatJohnsonwas blinded. He heard glass breakingand lost consciousness. When he re-gained consciousness,he found the carstalled, and saw that it had skiddedacross the highway with the front wheelsoff the pavement.He was able to call dispatch 39 min-utes after the first observation of thelight source. Another deputy arrived inminutes and called for an ambulance.The doctor foundJohnson in a mildstate of shock. His eyes were irritatedas if he had suffered "mild weldersburns." Johnson couldnt stand expo-sure to any bright lights.Police found that the car had trav-eled 950 feet after the first impact, asindicated by the location of glass fromthe headlight. The inside headlight onthe left sidewas heavilydamaged, whilethe headlight 2 inches to the left wasnot.There was a flat-bottomed circulardent on the left side of the hood. Thedent was 12.5 mm in diameter,and closeto the windshield.The windshield directly in front ofthe driverwas heavily damaged from topto bottom.The roof antenna was bent at a 60-degree angle at a point 6 inches aboveits spring-loaded base. The trunk an-tenna was bent at a 90-degree angle at apoint 6 inches below the top. Both an-JULY 2005
  19. 19. tennas had spring-loaded bases.The electric dash clock was 14 min-utes slow, as was Johnsons mechanicalwristwatch. The deputy had set bothclocks before starting his shift.A report released by Sheriff DennisBrekke after a lengthy investigationfound the following:Intense light: "First, it occurred in theshape of a beam, then became over-whelmingly bright. The beam-likeshapeof the light suggests an unnaturalsource."Glass breakage: There are definitesigns of impact. The direction of theimpacting media is evident from the lo-cation of breakage and imprint in thehood. The relative angle of attack onthe car is near horizontal."Engine stoppage: "The stoppagewasnot due to mechanical failure, as evi-denced by the fact that the car func-tioned normally following the incident.The engine stoppage points heavily totemporary disruption of the electricalsystem."Driver unconscious for a period upto 40 minutes: "It is not clear whetherthe bump on the head could havecausedthis or if other phenomena might bethe source."In order to function, the bodys ner-vous system relies on electro-chemicalsignals. Could there have been disrup-tion of this by electrical means?"Malfunction of the automobile clockand wristwatch: "This was of a tempo-rary nature, much as the engine failure.Disruption of the electrical clock couldverywell coincide with the failure of theengine electrical system.The failure of the mechanical wrist-watch would, of necessity, be of a dif-ferent form; but again, the temporarynature suggests a malfunction that dis-sipates."Bent antennas: "Considerable effortwas made to solve the problem of thebent antennas. The metal hardness tellsus that they were not exposed to a gen-eral high temperature that caused bend-ing."Normally, an antenna subjected toa uniform force would bend at the base.However, on a car traveling 60-65 MPHthe antennas are flexed toward the rear.A force from above, superimposed onthe flexed antennas, could bend theparts in the manner exhibited."As no impact marks are evident, theforce must have been of a relativelyJULY 2005MUFON International Director JohnSchuessler, left, and MUFON BusinessBoard Member Clifford Clift, right, recentlybriefed Senator Wayne AHard onMUFONs activities in Colorado and na-tiomtide.uniform kind—that is, not from a seriesof particle impacts. The kinds of phe-nomena capable of performing thisbending includes electrical, fluid (air)."Discussion: "The best fit describes ahighly charged electrical thing withenough mass and momentum to createthe effects."The question arises whether natu-ral phenomena such as lightning (ballor otherwise) could likely causeallthesehappenings. Two factors discount this."One, the sustained horizontal beam-like appearance of the light (unlike light-ning) and the need for mass to accom-plish the events."The disruption of the electrical sys-tems points heavily to something elec-trical in nature, and certainly enoughforce must be generated to bend theantennas. Super strong electrical fieldscan produce these effects."My advisor on electrostatic forcesindicates that an electrical field capableof producing the forces involved wouldbe of an intensity to cause arcing to thecar. The round ball on the one antennais cleaned as if this may have happened."The source of these effects is, ofcourse, speculative. Welivein an age thattells us there likelyare civilizations moreadvanced than us. We, as a civilization,are accomplishingextensivespace travel.We know how to utilize intense electri-cal fields for accelerating particles orproducing forces. Of course, there ismuch we dont understand."These are but a few of the UFO-re-lated vehicle events resultingin measur-able physical evidence.I would greatly appreciate any addi-tional reports of this nature, as well asadditional information on any of thecases related here.MUFON UFO JOURNALMark fasterMUFON Nevada State Director•Mark EastersRoswell documentarywins at WorldFestFilm director/producer Mark Easterand have walked awaywith one of the top three awards at thisyears 38th Annual WorldFest-HoustonInternational Independent Film andVideo Festival.The 52-minute pro-duction of "ROSWELL: The NakedTruth Revealed!" had already, garneredpositive reviews from both believers andskeptics of the ET phenomenon.Now the documentary has won a"Special Gold Jury Award" atWorldFest-Houston, and has enteredEaster into a WorldFest-Houstonalumni club of some of the worldsgreatest filmmakers, including such A-list directors as Steven Spielberg, SpikeLee, George Lucas, and .Oliver Stone.To find out more about "ROSWELL:The Naked Truth Revealed!" and theWorldFest-Houston "Special GoldJuryAward," go can find WorldFest-Houston onthe web at www.worldfest.orgTo contact Mark Easter, call 775-358-9205 oremail Mark at:thenakedtruth@easterfilms.comEaster is MUFON Nevada StateDirector...MUFON Nevada is