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Mufon ufo journal 2005 6. june

  1. 1. Marine pilot reportsUFO over South ChinaSea, p. 17.Bovine hemoglobin thesmoking gun? p. 3.Dr. Oppenheimer andUFOs: connecting thedots, p. 5.Strange objects re-ported in the UK, p. 8.Ufology Profile: TedPhillips, p. 9.MUFON Forum, p. 10.UFO Press, Aztecvideo, p. 17Ohio encounter? p. 19.Calendar, p. 22.UFO Marketplace, p.23.ColumnsDirectors Message 2Filers Files 12Ted Phillips 15Stan Friedman 20McLeods Night Sky 24June 2005No. 446$4.00Mutual UFO NetworkJOURNAL2005 Symposium speakersClockwise, beginning lower left,Scott Ramsey, Stan Friedman, Dr.Roger Leir, Richard Dolan, Dr.Edgar Mitchell, Alan C. Holt, EsenSekerkarar, Paola Harris, Dr. ClaudeSwanson, Phyllis Budinger, Dr. R.Leo Sprinkle, and Elaine Douglass.The 36th annual MUFON UFOSymposium is )uly 22-24 in Den-ver, Colorado, at the Mariott TechCenter Hotel.
  2. 2. June 2005 Number 446MUFONUFO Journal(DSPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)Mutual UFO NetworkPost Office Box 369Morrison, CO 80465-0369Tel: 303-932-7709Fax:303-932-9279International DirectorJohn F. Schuessler, M.S.Tel: 303-932-7709schuessler@mho.netEditor:Dwight Connelly, M.S.14026 Ridgelawn RoadMartinsville, IL 62442Tel: (217) 382-4502mufonufojoumal@hotmail.comAdvertising Director:John F. Schuessler, M.S.Columnists: °George Filer, M.B.A.Stanton Friedman, M.S.Gavin A. J. McLeodTed PhillipsMUFON on the Internet:http://www.mufon.comMUFON e-mail address:mufonhq@aol.comMUFON Amateur Radio Net:40 meters - 7.237 MHzSaturdays, 7 a.m. CST or COSTDirectors MessageBy John F. SchuesslerThe ET Presence: Cons and ProsDr. R. Leo Sprinkle will present hisexciting new paper "The ET Presence:Cons and Pros" at the 2005 MUFONInternational UFO Symposium in Den-ver, CO, July 22-24, 2005 (see insert forregistration in-formation).Leo firstspoke at aMUFON sym-posium in 1975,and we are ex-tremely pleasedto have himback in 2005.Leo describesthe "Cons" as"confidence"people who tryto con us into discounting or denying theET Presence.On the other hand, the "Pros" arethe "professional" people who professthe reality of the ET Presence.Part of his conclusion states that "wecan anticipate further UFO reportswhich confound our views of scienceand reality. Further, we can predict thatUFO games will continue along theJohn Schuesslerlines of military and physical games,sexual and biological games, politicaland psychosocial games, and healing andspiritual games." You wont want tomiss Leos presentation and his descrip-tion of the purpose of these games.Newest information on implantsDr. Roger Leir will present a hard-hitting new paper at the 2005 MUFONInternational UFO Symposium describ-ing physical evidence found in his im-plant research.He will describe the properties ofthree types of implants-metallic, non-metallic, and totally biological. You willalso hear about two new pending surgi-cal cases.Roger says, "The subject of UFOsand their occupants has turned the cor-ner in that those who once questionedeven the existence of these vehicles arenow looking at the occupants and theirreasons for visitation."He is a leader in bringing the evidencetogether with the theories in a labora-tory environment and putting the sci-entific method to work on the problem.(Continued on page 22)Change of address and subscription/extra copies inquiries should besent to MUFON, P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369.Copyright 2005 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of this document may be reproduced m any form without the written permission of the CopyrightOwners. Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 wordsof any one article, provided the author is credited,and the statement. "Copyright2005 by the Mutual UFO NetworK, P.O Box 369. Mornson. CO 80465-0369" isincluded.The contentsof the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editor, and do not necessarily reflect theofficial position of the Mutual UFO Network Opinions expressed are solely those of the individual authors andcolumnists, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editor or staff of MUFON.The Mutual UFO Network. Inc is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the InternalRevenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the type described in Section 509 (a) (2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal income Tax. Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are alsodeductible for estate and gift purposes, provided they meet the applicable provisionsof Sections 2055.2106. and2522 of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a Texas nonprofit corporationThe MUFON UFO Journals published monthly bythe Mutual UFO Network. Inc . Morrison. CO SecondClass postage paid at Versailles. MOIndividual Membership: $45/year U S . $55 outside the U SFamily members $10 per person additionalStudent (18 years and under) $35 U.S and $45 outside the U SDonor. $IOO/year Professional. $250/year Patron $500/yearBenefactor (Lifetime Member): $1.000First class Journal delivery (in envelopes) U S and Canada only $i2/year additionalAir Mail Journal delivery to all other countries outside the United States. $35/year additionalPostmaster: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to MUFON UFO Journal. P O. Box 369. Morrison,CO 80465-0369MUFONs mission is the scientific study of UFOs for the benefitof humanity through investigation, research, & education.
  3. 3. Is bovine hemoglobin the smokinggun in cattle mutilation cases?David TwichellBy David E. Twichell©2005Of all the impossible and im-probable anomalies discov-ered in scores of catde mu-tilations around the world each yearsince the 1950s, the presence of purebovine hemoglobin may be the most im-portant.Yet the only known modern bio-chemical processto produce purehemoglobin fromhuman or animalblood requires alaboratory, acen-trifuge, and stricttemperaturecon-trol.For those un-familiar with thecattle mutilationphenomenon,ranchers haveawakened to findone or more of their cattle dead on theirproperty. Not just deceased, but, at firstglance, brutally mutilated.The ranchers know that the particu-lar animal was alive and well asrecentlyas 12 hours prior to the find. But dieskeptics unwavering and illogical con-clusion is either predator or satanic cult.Upon closer observation, it is discov-ered that the animal was notmutilated,as would be true in the case of a preda-tor, but "operated" upon. Specific or-gans were removed with laser-like pre-cision.In the typicalmutilation, a similar pat-tern of hide and tissue are removedfrom the head. Usually an ear, eye,jawflesh, the tongue, and sexualorgans areremoved.In almost all cases, the rectum and/or vaginal tract in females have beencored out. The excision sites appear tobe "cauterized" around the edges, indi-cating some form of heat was employedin the process.To add to the mystery,there is no signof a struggle, nor are there tire tracksor footprints around the carcass-notJUNE 2005jP?$a^ff$feven of the animal itself. Occasionallybones are broken at the point where thecarcass has impacted the ground, sug-gesting it had been dropped from someheight.As eerily precise as the unusual ani-mal deaths are, typically there is abso-lutely no blood to be found around ornear the carcass. Further, the animalitself is completely devoid of blood.Other natural predators, such as coy-otes and wolves, typically refuse to gonear the area of the carcass.In October of 2,000, biophysicistW.C. Levengood of The Pinelandia Bio-physical Laboratory in Grass Lake, MI,called Linda Moulton Howe to discusshis amazing findings concerning a bo-vine excision case that had occurred in1997 in Red Bluff, CA.Levengood is aworld-renowned bio-physicist who has worked extensivelyinthe field of "subtle" or "implicate" en-ergies. He iswell known for his work instudying crop formationsand bovine ex-cisions.Ms. Howe is an Emmy Award-win-ning TV and documentary producer, in-vestigative reporter, and editor of thescience and environment newswebsite, The full report, may befound at Ms. Howes web site,MUFON UFO JOURNALAtypicalmutilation.About the AuthorDavid E. Twichell is a MUFONField Investigator and editor of theMichigan MUFON Newsletier. He isthe author of The UFO-Jesus Connec-tion and Global Implications of theUFO Reality. He has his own cableTV show,"We Are Not Alone," andhas written numerous UFO (October 16, 2000- Part 2)A 2,000-pound BlackAngus bull hadbeen discovered at the ranch of Jean andBill Barton that displayed all the signsof a classic bovine excision. The bullwas found in a hillside pasture aboutone-half mile from the only dirt roadthat led into the area and could only bereached on foot or horseback.Besides the typical earmarks of agenuinely anomalous excision site,smallblack, hardened specks were discoveredon the chest and testicles at the pointof the excision.Samples of these were gathered byfield investigators Jean Bilodeaux andRoyce Myers and delivered toLevengood for analysis. To Levengoods
  4. 4. amazement, he found them to be purehemoglobin!To confirm his findings, he sent thesamples to analytical chemist PhyllisBudinger in Ohio. Ms. Budinger usedthe latest state-of-the-art infrared spec-tral photometer to analyze the samples.Her research confirmed Levengoodsfindings that these were indeed samplesof raw bovine hemoglobin.Levengood states in his report, "Thefact that erythrocytes, leukocytes andother components such as enzymes andhormones are missing-somehow theyhad to be extracted from the blood ofthe animal in order to obtain the veryhomogeneous hemoglobin.To do this, youneed to break downme cell membranes to die erythrocytesand leukocytes to remove die hemoglo-bin molecules. To do this, requires alaboratory procedure with very precisebiochemical steps."Its totally incomprehensible howthe hemoglobin could be removed in themiddle of the night out in the middleof a pasture and separated from all theother cellular components."He adds, "Here you have two basicenigmas: how was it removed in thefresh state and remained biochemicallyactive in a very pure form? And sec-ond, how was this formed into a solidthat looks like a piece of old, blackBakelite-a very black, hard substance?"So what this does, in my estimation,it takes it out of the realm of the preda-tors, takes it out of the realm of. devil worshipers. This has to be anextremelysophisticated process. I have no ideahow it is done."Identical evidence has been uncov-ered in bovine excision casesin Califor-nia, Oregon, and Alabama.Levengood had sent the particles toseveral laboratories for peer review,andthey refused to even look at them."They took one look at this and said,This sure isnt hemoglobin, becausewhoever heard of hemoglobin in a solid,black form?" he said.In this writers opinion, their igno-rance (and desire to maintain so) is thereason mainstream science has stag-nated in this and many other areas.In his Research Report datedJune 22,2002, entitled "BiophysicalStudy ofTwo Bovine Excision Sites at ChristmasValley, Oregon, 2002," Levengood dis-covered the same pure hemoglobin intwo instances that occurred only daysWilliam Levengoodbefore, and within six miles of eachother.In excision cases, the vegetation sur-rounding the carcasses has been af-fected, as in crop formations, althoughhe believes that two different-but simi-lar-types of microwave energies arebeing applied.Levengood says these could not pos-sibly be random energies within Earthsatmosphere, especiallyin the caseof thebovine excisions, but rather purposelydirected by someone or something.In the 2002 report, it is the first timethat biophysicist Levengood publiclyalludes to extraterrestrialintervention asa possible solution. As to the energiesemployed, he states:"The results from these two sources,combined with data from past investi-gations, demonstrate quite clearly thatthe energy producing the changes in theplants is not of the same design or in-tensity as those producing the excisionsor purifying the blood hemoglobin. "The energy affecting the plants isof a more subtienature, giving the im-pression that it may be an artifact ofthe propulsion or internal energy com-ponents emitted by the TJFO craft."Elsewhere in the same report: "Thislocal injury effect was not observed inplants at the bull excision site; however,in this case the energy source (UFO)was at a sufficient height above the soilsurface to cause the induced magneticfield from the ion-electron avalanchesto pick up magnetic particles—thus ac-counting for the reduction in the levelof magnetic particles near the animalas well as the log-log type of distribu-tion."MUFON UFO JournalIn a phone interview with Leven-good, he told me, "There is no wayallof the blood can be drained from sucha large animal, to include the capillar-ies-especiallyin apasture environment."In light of the hemoglobin discoveryand the missing erythrocytes and leu-kocytes from the carcass, he hypoth-esizes that the blood has been "disinte-grated" via some form of microwavetechnology that isyet unknown to mod-ern science.Both Levengood and Howe were in-terviewed for an installment of "UFOFiles," pertaining to cattle mutilations,which recently aired on the HistoryChannel.Ms. Howe was the investigative re-porter working to collect samples forLevengood at the site of a mutilation inFarnam, NE, and the production crewfollowed her around.Levengood indicated that he was in-terviewed all day, and spoke at lengthof the hemoglobin find and its impor-tance to the bovine excision phenom-enon.Alas, not a word on the matter wasaired.After more than 45 years of catde,horses, and wild animals being foundbearing the same distinctive character-istics of intelligent intervention usingadvanced technologies, no one has everbeen arrested in connection with thesehideous acts.After coundess man-hours devotedto careful scrutiny of the evidence, bio-physicist Levengood, among many oth-ers, believes that the bovine hemoglo-bin discovery is the "smoking gun" evi-dence.References:Hardened Bovine HemoglobinFound On California Mutilated Bull.(Parts 1, 2 & 3)© 2000 by Linda Moulton Howe.Biophysical Study of Two BovineExcision Sites at Christmas Valley, Or-egon, 2002. © 2002 byW.C. Levengood.All Rights Reserved.All excerpts from reports reprintedwith permission.Estate planningPlanned giving can be beneficialboth to MUFON and to your owntax and estate situation.Please contact MUFON head-quarters for details.June 2005
  5. 5. Connecting the dotsOppenheimer and UFOsBy Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D.Imagine, if you will, that it is thelate 1940s, and that you are President Harry Truman.It is two years or more now since thepresidency dropped on you like a baleof hay. Youhave seenWorldWar II throughto a victoriousend, and youhave become apopular presi-dent during thepostwar years.But youcould do with-out the sort ofmessage youhave just re- DonBurlesonceived, onewhose implications are chilling.The voice still reverberates in yourmemory after youve hung up the phone.The gist of it is that an anomalous ob-ject has crashed to earth somewhere inthe desertlands of New Mexico, and thebest intelligence suggests that this ob-ject did not originate on the planet.Remembering the Kenneth Arnoldflying saucer sighting, as well as numer-ous other such reports, you are quickto understand that this news from NewMexico may well herald aspectacularlysignificant event.You are also acutely aware that youhave very littletime—amatter of min-utes—to decide upon the best mode ofresponse.The military is already involved, butyou must coordinate things by seeing toit that both the right militarypeople andthe right civilian scientists are on hand.You know that a great deal is going tobe at stake.The decisionswith regard to the mili-tary people, at least,are pretty clear-cut,and after a moments reflection, thechoice of civilians is too.You need people with Top Secret orhigher security clearances and first-ratescientific knowledge. Among others,one name hovers around the top of thelist—Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer.JUNE 2005Although there have been, all along,questions about his political leanings, hehas brilliantly spearheaded the effort atLos Alamos to build the worlds firstatomic bomb, ushering the UnitedStatesboth out of global conflict and into anew technological age.General Leslie Groves, director ofthe Manhattan Project, has defendedDr. Oppenheimer from the outset,ar-guing that scientists of Oppenheimerscaliber (and there were very few ofthose) have to be freethinking individu-als who cannot always be expected totoe the political party line.Oppenheimer was desperatelyneeded at Los Alamos,and he is goingto be desperately needednow.Such is the scenario you would havelikely found yourself immersed in, hadyou been Harry Truman at that fatefultime. It seems likely that PresidentTruman would have thought of RobertOppenheimer right away, along withcertain other people."Oppie," as manywere fond of call-ing him, was after all a kind of nationalhero, a thinker of virtually unparalleledreputation, and for good reasons-hisacumen as a scientist was such that eventhe other physicistswho had worked on"the gadget" at Los Alamos (a hand-picked crewbristlingwith genius, peoplelike Hans Bette and Enrico Fermi, someof them Nobel laureates then or later)held Oppenheimer in awe.Already clearedHe was already cleared, and it wouldbe a relativelyuncomplicated matter tosend him in. Of course, the fact that itwould have been imminently logical forTruman to send him to a UFO crashretrieval operation in New Mexico doesnot mean, without more substantialevi-dence, that it was so.But we do have more tangible evi-dence, at least for the early involvementof Oppenheimer with UFO-related ac-tivities,and this evidence takes the formof what I will call the SSS (Smith-Sarbacher-Steinman) correspondence.Two of the three parties to this com-plex of exchanges were governmentofficials: Smith with the Canadian gov-MUFON UFO JOURNALAbout the authorDr. Burleson is New Mexico StateDirector for MUFON, a MUFONResearch Specialist, and a Field In-vestigator.He holds mastersdegrees in mathand English, and the Ph.D. in En-glish Literature. His Ph.D. disserta-tion led to a book, H.P. Lotvcraft, ACritical Study.Burlesons UFO books includeThe Golden Age of UFOs and UFOsand the Death of Marilyn Monroe.He has written articles for the In-ternational UFO Reporter (CUFOS)and the MUFON UFO journal.Burleson has done extensive re-search on the famous Ramey letter,utilizing sophisticated computer en-hancement.At one time he held a Top Secretsecurity clearance in U.S. Air ForceIntelligence as a Chinese languagespecialist. He is also fluent in Span-ish.ernment, Sarbacher with the U.S.William Steinman was an indepen-dent writer living in California who waslater to write (with contributions fromWendelle Stevens) the book UFO Crashat A^tec: A Well Kept Secret (Tucson:UFO Photo Archives, 1986).Discussions of the SSS correspon-dence, in more detail than we shallneedfor present purposes, can be found invarious places in the literature, e.g. inSteinmans book, and in Hesemann andMantle, BeyondRosu>e//: TheAlien AutopsyFilm, Area 51, & the U.S. GovernmentCoverup of UFOs, NY: Marlowe & Com-pany, 1997, pp. 79-85.The SSS interplay began with WilbertSmith, an engineer who had taken hismasters degree at the Universityof Brit-ish Columbia and served as the seniorradio engineer for Canadas Departmentof Transport, later the Department ofCommunications.A new energy sourceSmiths special area of interest wasgeomagnetism, which he thought couldbe used as a source of energy and pro-
  6. 6. pulsion. When Frank Scullys bookBe-hind theFlying Saucers came out in 1950,Smith wasintrigued, beginning to theo-rize that saucer propulsion might haveto do with magnetism.Since Scullys book discussed flyingsaucer crash-and-retrieval activities, andsince Smith realized that there could betechnological revelations in such circum-stances, he wantedto get in contact withscientists who had investigated crasheddiscs.Through apparently well-connectedcontacts at the Canadian Embassy inWashington, Smith obtained an appoint-ment widi Dr. Robert Sarbacher, scien-tific adviser to the Research and Devel-opment Commission of the US. De-fense Department, a distinguished sci-entist with an office at the Pentagon.Smith was treated to a substantialconversation with Sarbacher, taking de-tailed notes of what they talked about.Sarbacher told him, among other things,that flying saucers indeed existed andwere highly classified, "higher than dieH-bomb."Top Secret memorandumSmith later composed a Top Secretmemorandum, dated 21 November1950, to the Canadian Secretary ofTransportation urging the initiation ofa "Project Magnet" to study magneticpropulsion; in this memo he specifiedthat flying saucers operating principleswere unknown, but were under studyin the United States by "a small groupheaded by Doctor Vannevar Bush"(Hesemann, 81).Bush was of course one of the menlater said to belong to the group MJ-12.It is important to note, however, that atthe time of all this correspondencenothing was known, to the public any-way, about MJ-12.Had the Smith memo been com-posed and filed in the United States, itwould most likely have remained classi-fied forever, but in fact the Canadianauthorities declassified it in 1978.The memo, along with Smiths notes(Smith had died in 1962) on his conver-sation widi Sarbacher, came to the at-tention (through Leonard Stringfield) ofwriter William Steinman.Steinman, desiring moreinformationabout die "small group" and their in-vestigations into flying saucers, wroteto Sarbacher, specifically focusing hisquestions with regard to what he hadDr. Robert Oppenheimerlearned at that point of the Aztec re-trieval story from Scully,but also refer-encing crash retrievals generally.Responding to Steinman in a letterdated 29 November 1983 (on a letter-head reading "Washington Institute ofTechnology, Oceanography, and Physi-cal Sciences, Dr. Robert I. Sarbacher,President and Chairman of Board"),Sarbacher said that in the late 1940s andearly 1950s many prominent scientistswere actively involved in die study ofcrashed UFOs.He said that gatherings of such par-ticipants had occurred at Wright Field(later Wright-Patterson Air Force Base),though Sarbacher himself had not (hesaid) attended.Of those who did participate incrash-retrieval-related activities,Sarbacher elaborated, "I can only saythis: John von Neumann and Dr.Vannevar Bushwere definitely involved,and I think Dr. Robert Oppenheimeralso" (Hesemann, 83-84).A need to know basisI would add that while Sarbacher herespeaks only of official meetings havingto do with retrieval of crashed UFOs,die normal condition for deciding whowould be invited to attend such gadier-ings would be, aside from the appropri-ate clearances, the need to know.One could scarcely imagine officialsat Wright Field judging that a civilianscientist had the need to know unlesshe was, or was shortly going to be, in-volved in the crash retrievalsthemselvesor the analysis in their aftermadi.Thus the SSS correspondence indi-cates, as much by implication as bywhatit literally says, an Oppenheimer involve-ment in UFO crash retrieval investiga-tions.But there is anotherconsiderationaltogether that suggests the same, ineven stronger terms.Increasingly, in the late 1940s andearly 1950s, Dr. Oppenheimers politi-cal views came into question. In partdiis was because he very vocally op-posed the development of die H-bomb,whereas his erstwhile Los Alamos col-league Edward Teller just as vocallychampioned the building of such aweapon.But the growing official uneasinessover Oppenheimers politics alsostemmed in large part from the fact,long known in government circles, thatboth his brodier (the physicist FrankOppenheimer) and his wife Kitty hadbeen members of the Communist Party,a cause that Robert Oppenheimer him-self had favored back in the 1930s.In the early 1950s Oppenheimer wasworking closelywith die Atomic EnergyCommission, but that organization wasabout to be taken over byLewisStrauss,who made no secret of the fact that hedetested Dr. Oppenheimer.Basically Strauss told PresidentEisenhower in 1953 diat he would ac-cept the position of chairman of theAEC, but only if Eisenhower got rid ofOppenheimer. The President capitu-lated; Strausswasin, and Oppenheimer,whose Top Secret security clearanceEisenhower ordered suspended, wasout.This was in late December of 1953.Oppenheimer was given to understanddiat he had the option of having hear-ings with the AEC to determine whetherhis clearance would be reinstated, andwithout hesitation he opted to undergothat procedure.It iswith these hearings, I claim, thatdie real intrigue begins. I will argue diatthe outcome of die hearings—and weallknow Oppenheimers clearance wasdenied in the end—does not flow logi-cally from either the nature of die com-plaints against him or the nature of dietestimony at die hearings themselves, in-sofar as we are privy to what went on.Faulty processSomething was gravely wrong widithe whole process even before the hear-ings of 12 April 1954 to 6 May 1954began.MUFON UFO Journal June 2005
  7. 7. Dr. Robert Sarbacher©Geoff Olson 1996 Vancouver CourierBetween the suspension of his clear-ance and the start of the hearings,Oppenheimer had four months to de-cide, with his attorneys, how to proceedwith his defense,so to speak. (The hear-ings were not a trial, strictly speaking,but they might as well have been.)During this interim, Oppenheimersprivate telephone line came under fed-eral wiretap surveillance, which in itselfis scarcely surprising.What is not only surprising butshocking, though, is that transcripts ofhis strategy-planning telephone sessionswith his attorneys were routinely turnedover to the other side, i.e. to the AEClegal team that would be opposing him.Thus Oppenheimer would go intothe hearings with his whole defensestrategy already long since revealed tohis opponents. (This, of course, underany decent standards, would be groundsfor impeachment of those responsible.)Clearly, from early on, some peoplein government very desperatelywantedOppenheimers clearance to be denied,no matter what had to be done. Thereasons for this deserve a great deal ofstudy.In any event, the hearings began on12 April 1954, and over the course ofthe next three and a half weeks, fortywitnesses would testify at length, includ-ing Dr. Oppenheimer himself.Closed-door hearingsThe hearings were closed-door, thepress was not allowed in, andOppenheimers attorneys themselves,not being cleared, had to leave the roomwhenever classified information waspresented, which it repeatedly was.But for the purposes ofmy inquiry,the most strik-ing feature of these hear-ings was the matter of whoheaded up die three-man^, board that officiated. Hisj name was Gordon Gray,f^ I To anyone well-read inP / I the field of UFO studies,that name should ring abell. Gordon Gray, accord-ing to documents familiarto UFO investigators, wasa member of MJ-12, diegroup purportedly as-sembled by PresidentTruman in 1947 to overseematters relating to flyingsaucers and crash-retrievaloperations.I am quite aware that the reality ofMJ-12 has been hotly debated in UFOcircles, with some researchers accept-ing its existence and some not.For the purposes of the current ar-gument, I will take the stance that MJ-12 did indeed exist and did functionpretty much as described in the docu-ments usually put forward. (One canhave access to all these documents is, in fact, my own view of thematter. With all respect to those whohave argued otherwise, I find the pro-MJ-12 work of such outstanding re-searchers as Stanton Friedman, Dr. Rob-ert Wood, and Ryan Wood to be per-suasive.The mysterious Gordon GrayGordon Gray, or "MJ-9" in terms ofdie usuallist of members, was an attor-ney, a publisher, a broadcaster, a formerstate senator, and at one time the presi-dent of the University of North Caro-lina.He served as assistant secretary(eventually secretary) of the Army dur-ing the Truman years,and had held vari-ous government-related posts, includ-ing chairmanship in 1954 of the AECsPersonnel SecurityBoard, the group thatdeliberated over the Oppenheimer case.(Grays membership on MJ-12 doesnot generally appear in published ac-counts of his credentials and experience,needless to say.)The Gordon Gray papers, some7,800 pages of them, reside in a specialcollection at the Dwight D. EisenhowerLibrary at Abilene, KS.According to library stipulations (byagreement with Gray himself as donor),certain kinds of papers are "withheldfrom research use," including, signifi-cantly, "papers relating to investigationsof individuals or to appointments andpersonnel matters."The Gray papers, overall, occupysome four feet of shelf space and aredivided into five series, of which SeriesIV isTheJ. Robert Oppenheimer Case,1954-75."Series IV is then divided intoSubseries A, B, and C, where SubseriesB, according to library records, "con-sists of the PSB [Atomic EnergyCommissions Personnel SecurityBoard] hearing transcripts and has beenwithdrawn in its entirety. These tran-scripts contain unpublished portionswhich may relate to national security."The catalog goes on to list, for thewithdrawn Subseries B, 19 volumes of"Oppenheimer Hearing Transcript"material running to some 3,314 pagesaltogether.It is interesting that this whole bodyof material, published and unpublishedportions alike, has been made unavail-able.As the withdrawn material certainlysatisfies the description of "papers re-lating to investigations of individuals"specified in the librarys list of stipula-tions, one can only gather that GordonGray himself,when donating the papersto the Eisenhower Library for their pres-ervation, wasnot eager to encourage toomuch public familiarity with these tran-scripts.Gray died in 1982, and the library isapparendy committed to respecting hiswishes in perpetuity.The Government Printing Office,after a complex series of maneuvers in1954 soon-after the hearings were con-cluded, did publish a version of theOppenheimer hearing transcripts, typo-graphically condensing them from overthree thousand pages down to just un-der a thousand.Asterisks instead of detailsAs a form of redaction, strings ofasterisks were substituted for classifiedportions, sometimes with the effect ofconcealing whole paragraphs or evenwhole pages.An excellent selection from the un-classified, published portions may befound in the book In theMatter of J. Rob-JUNE 2005 MUFON UFO JOURNAL
  8. 8. ert Oppenheimer: The Security ClearanceHearings (Ithaca: Cornell UniversityPress, 2002), edited and with commen-tary by Richard Polenberg.A careful reading of even the unclas-sified transcripts will make it clear thatthe reasons ultimatelygiven for the de-nial of Oppenheimers clearance wereless than convincing.The question of CommunismWith regard to the question of mem-bership (which Oppenheimer himselfapparently never held) in the Commu-nist Party on the part of relatives andassociates of Oppenheimers, anumberof witnesses argued quite cogently thatthe view of Communism had changed.Although in the 1930s it had beenfashionable in some intellectual circlesto be a Communist, this had been notso much a political as a philosophicalstance having more to do with empathyfor the poor and downtrodden-and withsuspicion of corporate excesses-thanwith any connection to internationalpower conspiracies.Mrs. (Kitty) Oppenheimer remarkedto the AEC panel, "In the days that Iwas a member of the Communist Party,I thought they [philosophical commu-nism and Soviet Communism] weredefinitely two things."The Soviet Union had its Commu-nist Party and our countryhad its Com-munist Party. I thought that the Com-munist Party of the United States wasconcerned with problems internal. Inow no longer believe this" (Polenberg,215).As Oppenheimers one-time col-league, Charles Lauritsen, put it to theAEC panel, "I think there is agreat dealof difference between being a Commu-nist in 1935 and being a Communist in1954" (Polenberg, 220).It becameveryclear during the weeksof testimony that Oppenheimer and hisfamily and most of his earlier commu-nism-inclined friends had become dis-enchanted with the Communist Partybecause of its evolution from a domes-tic to an international cause, and hadmoved away from the Party well beforethe Los Alamos period.Kitty had left the Party by the timeshe and Robert were married in 1940,and Frank Oppenheimer had left theParty by 1941.It is important to note that, even so,Robert Oppenheimers political leaningswere under official scrutiny during theearly 1940s when he was being consid-ered for leadership of the ManhattanProject, so that it is difficult to under-stand why the same government that didnot censure him in 1942 thought it rea-sonable to do so in 1954, even after hehad proven his dedication and loyalty.The key,I would suggest, is the factthat Gordon Gray was running theday-to-day operation at the ARC clearancehearings.There had to be more to the matterthan Oppenheimers long-renouncedprewar political leanings, or his runningargument with Edward Teller about thedesirability of building the H-bomb.Those things themselves fall flatwithout some darker reason in theback-ground—some reason that had not beenthere in 1942 but was there by 1954.Here we recall the SSS correspon-dence indicating Oppenheimers earlyinvolvement in UFO crash retrieval op-erations, and we must note that as amember of MJ-12, Gordon Gray, offi-ciating over the so-called Gray Board atthe AEC hearings, would have knownthat Oppenheimer knew things classi-fied "higher than the H-bomb"—thingsthat he had not known in 1942 or evenin 1945.Gray would have known thatOppenheimer was continuing to learngovernment secrets of unprecedentedand unparalleled sensitivity.Next month: Part 2UK man reports sightings ofstrange objects in 1998, 2000Andrew Bell, Ashburton, Devon,UK, has sent the following sighting re-ports to MUFON:First sighting, Dec. 13,1998:This was a crystal clear night and acraft passed over our window twice,along with a satellite travelling in a dif-ferent trajectory but at the samespeed.The craft had an illuminated outerrim with four large round whitelights in a straight line underside.Second sighting September 2000This was a close encounter about 8PM. The craft passed across avalleyanddirectly over our heads, with clear skyand little wind. This craft was illumi-nated on all edges, and very large. Thisobject was cubic and L-shaped, as largeas a jumbo jet.It had a slight protrusion at the rear,with three balconies above. Within theprotrusion at the rear were mesh disheswhich were emitting a blue/purplelight-this seemed to be propelling thecraft at around 40 MPH.The underside of the objecthad threelarge white lights, two at its tall end andone at the other. These were joined byhuge pipes. The craft was so close wecould see the bolts on the pipework.The craft emitted an electrical hum-ming noise which was not loud, al-though it sounded very powerful.My pictures are made with my com-puter so do not do justice to the UFOswe have seen with our own eyes.1998 object sighting.2000 object sighting.8 MUFON UFO Journal June 2005
  9. 9. Ufology ProfileTed the king of tracesBy Dwight ConnellyTed Phillips, considered theworlds foremost authority onphysical tracesassociated withUFOs, has been involved in ufologysince 1964, and was a research associ-ate with Dr. J. Allen Hynek from 1968until Hyneks death in 1986.It was Hynek, a close friend, who sug-gested in 1968 that Ted specialize inphysical traces, noting the need forufologists to become skilled in certainkey areas.Since that time, Phillips has been di-rectly involved with some 600 UFOcases.In addition to spending thousands ofhours investigating, he has also beenactive in sharing his research—participat-ing in numerous meetings and presen-tations, including the AmericanInstituteof Aeronautics and Astronautics Aero-space Sciences Meetings, along withHynek, Dr. Jacques Vallee, and DavidSaunders.Ted was a member of an elite teaminvited to meetwith the United NationsSecretary-General at the UN in NewYork, along with Hynek, Vallee, and as-tronaut Gordon Cooper.Phillips gave two presentations at theFirst International UFO Congress, andhas appeared on national television on"In Search Of," NBC News White Pa-pers, CBS News Special Reports, and apublic education documentary movie,"UFOs Are Real."Ted has taken part in countless radioand television talk shows, including theLarry King Radio Show, and been apopular speaker at MUFON sympo-siums. His most recent presentation wasat the Ozark UFO Conference in Eu-reka Springs, AR, in April.Ted, who lives in Missouri, hasworked as a civil engineer,professionalphotographer, professional race cardriver, professional musician, and spe-leologist. He participated in the Van-guard Satellite Tracking Program, andwas a field engineer on the MinutemanMissile Project.In 1998, Phillips set up the Centerfor Physical Trace Research (http://Ted, withfiles containing 3,091 physicaltrace re-ports from 91 countries.In discussing the mission of the Cen-ter, Ted points out that "it has been saidthat little, if any, real evidence exitswhich could prove the existence ofUnidentified Flying Objects. While it istrue there is no known.absolute proof,there is tangible evidence available forstudy."Without question, if solid evidenceexists, it should be found in the physi-cal trace events—reports in which cred-ible witnesses claim to have observedthe landing or near landing of an un-known object, and then to have foundtraces of that landing."Ted notes that "over the past 36years, specialized research into CloseEncounters of the Second Kind hasresulted in a wealth of such events inevery major country of the world.Physi-cal traces present us with the most di1rect approach to resolving the mysteryof UFOs."He points out that "traces remain asvisible evidence long after the reportedobject has gone. If UFOs are not avail-able for study in the laboratory,the resi-due is. Alleged UFO landing sites maybe photographed, measured, sampled,and subjected to laboratoryanalysis, andhave the potential to reveal data relat-ing to the size, configurations and per-haps method of propulsion of UFOs."He emphasizes that "this is not al-lowed by any other type of UFO event.The traces are UFO fingerprints, and itbecomes obvious that various types ofobjects leaveindividual signatures. Somesites have remained visible for manymonths and in some cases, years afterthe UFO event."Ted explains that "physical traceland-ing events push us to the edge of whatwe can or should believe. They are in-credible, but the witnesses have re-mained credible, and the residueunex-plained. They seem to represent a visit,however brief, by something unknown."His hope for the Center is that it canprovide a central repository for the col-lection, study,and distribution of data."The Center will take advantage ofcurrent technology," he explains. "Un-like thel960s, we now have the abilityto communicate at incredible speed.Weare in a position to receive new casesalmost as they happen."He explains, "In these cases, time iscritical, and full on-site investigationshould be done. With email and digitalimages it is now possible to take any-one seriously interested to a landing sitein near real time."He says the Center "has no interestin taking cases away from localresearch-ers, but in working with them. The onlyinterest is in obtaining data and residueusing the proper methods of researchand analysis.I have no interest in grouppolitics; it is awaste of important time."He says the Center can work at a dis-tance or on site, depending on thewishes of the local investigators.Of the more than 600 cases that Tedhas worked on, he says the most impor-tant project is one he is currently inves-tigating. It involves what appears to bean ancient structure deep in a cavern inthe Tatra Mountains in Slovakia.The case had its beginning more than30 years ago. "In 1970," says Ted, "Dr.Hynek and I interviewed the Czecharmy captain who found the artifactduring WWII in 1944."He and two of his 168-man groupsurvived a fierce fight with the Ger-JUNE 2005 MUFON UFO JOURNAL
  10. 10. mans. They were left for dead and wereaided by a Slovakian farmer, taken tothe cave, and hidden from the Germanforces."In a search for food (bats), theCzech, after going nearly two miles intothe cave, found a structure which isshaped like a fat crescent moon withwalls seven feet thick. He was able toenter the front wall, which was framedby cave formations which had devel-oped over most of the outer wallthrough a thin crack."Inside," Ted continues, "he foundhimself in this very large vertical struc-ture, between two curved walls whichwere like a black mirror. It is a fascinat-ing series of events, the history of whichI have explored during two trips to thearea."On the last trip I did find what Ibelieve is the cavein question.CurrentlyIm trying to obtain funding for a thirdtrip to reach the artifact and finish thejob."In addition to the primary investiga-tion, Phillips says that "each trip toSlovakia/Ukraine has presented newphysical trace casesinvolving UFO land-ings. On the last trip in 2002 a brightcircular object descended on a longflight path over a nuclear facility. Thefacility, had been in operation for twoweeks when the event took place.The object, seen by many residentsof Levice, stopped over one of the ac-tive stacks and hovered for 10 minutes,10 to 20 feet above it. It then ascendedat high speed vertically."The securityvideo cameras wereac-tivated and footage was obtained bycameras located all around the facility.One clip was carried by Slovakian Na-tional Television before it was pulled."I went immediately to Levice, andfound many witnesses, but they wereafraid to give any detailed information.I tried to obtain copies of the footagewithout success."After almost 37 years of specializingin UFO trace events, what does one ofthe more conservative mainstreamufologists think about UFOs?"I believe the data indicates con-structed, physical machines which areunder some kind of intelligent control,"says Phillips. "The devices can, and do,interact with their immediate surround-ings in a very physicalway.What theseobjects represent or where they mightoriginate are open questions."10MUFON ForumCalifornia caseThat is an interesting compilation byPreston Dennett about the best UFOcases from California,though as of thiswriting, the series has not finished yet.I have a correction about case num-ber 20 (April 2005 issue, p. 3). Dennettcalled the witness of the famous CiscoGrove case "Donald Smythe."This tookme totally aback.Most sources give him the semi-anonymous name of Donald S., but acouple of places I have seen "DonaldSchrum," the first one being LouParishs column "In Others Words," inMUFONs old Skylook No. 102, of May1976, p. 18.The book that wasthe subject of thereview included the case, but did notgive even the witness first name. Louwrote me Feb. 6,2003: "I honestlydontremember where I first saw the name,but it wasa reliable source or I wouldnot have given it in Skylook"Dennett has written me that he didsee the name Schrum in Richard HallsUninvited Guests (Aurora Press,!988, pp.248-249).However, he opted instead to useSmythe, as given in Timothy GoodsAlien Ease (Avon, 1988, pp. 262-265).If Good just invented a surnamestarting with "S," shame on him! Un-less Dennett had good reasons to trustGood rather than Hall, at least he shouldhave noted the two versions of thename.-Richard W.HeidenDennet responds:Thank you for forwarding die letterfrom Mr. Heiden and giving me achanceto respond.As far as the Donald Smythe/DonaldSchrum case, Mr. Heiden may be cor-rect. Most sources I have say onlyDonald S or Mr. S.Only a few mentionhis full name.Richard Halls book Uninvited Guests(Aurora Press, 1988, pp248-249) usesthe name Schrum; however, TimothyGoods Book, Alien Ease (Avon, 1988,MUFON UFO Journalpp262-265) uses the name Smythe,which is what I decided upon.Of course I dont favor Good overHall. Both areprominent, respected re-searchers.-Preston DennettGood respondsIm surprised that Heiden didntcheck my source for the Cisco Grovestory, which I list in Alien Ease as "TheCisco Grove Bow and Arrow Case of1964," byTed Bloecher and PaulCerny,International UFO Reporter, vol. 20. No.5, Winter 1995, pp. 16-22, 32. DonaldSmythe is the pseudonym used by thoseThe Jennings UFO specialWhen you consider such one-sidedpast programs as NOVAs two UFOpresentations, I diought ABCs treat-ment generally was fair and balanced.And instead of poking fun at thetopic, the Jennings special offered a so-ber and serious discussion for die mostpart.Even the ratio of "experts" trottedout before the cameras was aboutequally divided between believers andnonbelievers. In the vast majority ofUFO cases cited, both sides of the ar-gument were given their due.Almost all aspects of this multifac-eted phenomenon were touched upon,from unidentified nocturnal lights toclose-range structured objects and ab-duction episodes.On the odier hand, die program fo-cused too much on recreating the less-convincing night light sightings to theexclusion of the more important,harder-to-explain reports of landed ornear-earth craftlike objects.The capsule modern history ofUFOs was well done. Indeed, die two-hour program must havebeen a realeye-opener to anyone unacquainted with theentire spectrum of what is known sim-ply as "unidentified flying objects."Another positive was honoring die(Continued on next page, column 2)June 2005
  11. 11. The Aztec Crashnan ot>sammv.UFO Crash-Hoax or Hid-den Truth?, produced by UFO TV, 2321Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA90291 ,800-350-4639,, DVDor VHS, running time 60 minutes,$24.95.Reviewed by Dwight ConnellyFor those with an interest in the re-ported crash of a UFO at Aztec, NM,but who have yetto make it to thearea or to the an-nual symposium,this video is thenext best thing.The reports ofthe March 25,1948, crash havesuggested.that upto 1 6 alien bodieswere discoveredinside die object,and that the alien bodies and allevidenceof the spacecraft were soon transportedby government officials to a secret lo-cation, where alltraces of this event dis-appeared.The video includes interviews withUFO researchers, awalking tour of thealleged crash site, and a look at the nowabandoned secret US radar station thatmay have tracked—and perhaps caused—the UFO crash.The key investigator of the crash—atleast in recent years—is Scott Ramsey(see August, 2004, MUFON UFO Jour-nal), and he is the featured ufologist inthis video. He and wife Suzanne haveuncovered several key witnesses in diecase, at least two of whom have diedsince being interviewed.Thus, as in the case of Roswell andother older cases,it is crucial to find andinterview additional witnesses beforetoo much time passes, and dieRamseysare working hard to do this.Also interviewed are Nick Redfern,Richard Dolan, and Stan Friedman, allof whom seem to regard the case in apositive light.But Karl Pflock, one of the debunk-JUNE 2005ers of Roswell, states that he is not con-vinced that the crash story is anydiingmore than a tale by two shady charac-ters who conned the well-knownand re-spected journalistFrank Skully,who wasthe first to bring the case the case to thepublic. Skully told the story of Aztecback in 1950 in his book Behind the Fly-ing Saucers.Pflock does acknowledge, however,the March, 1950, "Farmington ArmadaCase" in which hundreds of objects,ledby a red object, were seen overFarmington, NM, only 14 miles fromAztec. The "armada," still led by a redUFO, was later spotted by Las Vegaspostal workers.In addition to new;witriesses,;whoreport actuallyseeing the downed craft—and even climbing onto or in it-thereispossible physical evidence at the site inthe form of cement castings with rein-forcement rods.These were reportedly used to pro-vide support for one or more cranes thatmoved the object. The reinforcementMUFON Forum(Continued from Page 10)legacy of Allen Hynek. Flis courageouspublic switch from scientific skeptic tobeliever in the face of mounting criti-cism by fellow scientists deserves aplaceof remembrance in ufological history.Some day, after the dust has settled,I feel certain that Hynek will be cred-ited for his foresight and courage towardsolving the UFO mystery.On the other hand, it was a bit trou-bling that John Macks ABC interviewwas left out. His view was needed in theabduction segment to counter two otherpsychologists who sought to explain allabductees as victims of false memoryor sleepparalysis.While I happen to believe SP is im-plicated more than many abduction in-vestigators realize, nevertheless SP im-agery cannot account for most outdoor;multiple-witness, and physical-traceUFO abduction reports.MUFON UFO JOURNALrods are being studied in an effort topositively date them.A rather large book about the case,UFO Crash at A^tec, A Well Kept Secret,by William S. Steinman (with contribu-tions by Wendelle C. Stevens), was pub-lished in a limited edition in 1986.This was well before the latest rev-elations by the Ramseysconcerning newwitnesses and possible physical evi-dence, although this book does suggestthat the UFO was accidentallydisabledby powerful radar in the area.This video is a very interesting andwell-done update of a case which isturning out to be more and more cred-ible.The latest information on Aztec willbe provided byRamseyat this summersMUFON International Symposium inDenver, set for July 22-24.Ramsey may also have copies of thisvideo for sale in Denver, since he hasbeen selling them for the Aztec publiclibrary aspart of the librarys fundraisingactivities.Finally, one of the highlights of theentire two hours turned out to be in theconcluding segment with theoreticalphysicist Michio Kaku.He beautifully countered theby-now,hackneyed attitude of most astronomersthat "they (alien spacecraft) cant gethere from there"-that interstellar travelis impractical if not impossible due tothe great distances between stars.Kaku accused such individuals ofhaving narrow thinking—that theyshould rather be looking a million yearsahead when other civilizationsmayhavefound ways to breach die distance gap(wormholes, etc.).Not only did the physicist say thatsome UFOs might indeed be space ve-hicles, but also the topic certainly wasworthy of scientific study."Let the investigation begin," Kakuremarked. I couldnt agree more!-Walter N. Webb11
  12. 12. FILERS FILESDirector, MUFON Eastern RegionNote: These reports are presented in or-der to keep readers informed of some of thevast number of sightings being reported.However, these cases have not been officiallyinvestigated.California flying triangleLOS ANGELES - A silent objectreportedly glided between skyscrapersin downtown LA, parallel to the 4thfloor of buildings, on April 20,2005, at1 PMThe witness states, "I am a collegeeducated vice-president of a corpora-tion, and the most normal and skepti-cal person I know. I was by the down-town courthouse in my car when whatappeared to be a stealth bomber flew infront of me and flew off through thebuildings.."It was triangular shaped, silvercol-ored, and flew silently and very low. Iwould have completely missed it if Iwerent looking in its exact direction.Helicopters dont even fly this lowwithin the city. It was parallel to the 4-5th floor of the sky rise buildings."Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director, Carolina flying triangleMOREHEAD CITY - The witnessspotted a flying triangle with six largerectangular lights at 9:50 PM on April4, 2005. Three lights were on the leftand three on the right. They ran downthe sides and looked equal in size.There was also one round light at thebottom in the back center of the craft.The light was so dim it was barely vis-ible, heading north. Thanks to PeterDavenport.Disc in North Carolina treeGREENSBORO - The witness re-ports, "On April 8, 2005, my dad, mybrother, and I were watching our littlethree-year-old brother get on his schoolbus at 6:38 AM, when my dad told usto look into the tree. There was a large12disc in the tree that just shot away intothe sky."We spotted several perfectly cutbranches in the tree. Manycut brancheswere lying on die ground. It had beenhovering in the tree, and manybrancheswere bent as though it was sitting therewatching us the whole time."Earlier that morning we were in bedand our dooralarm went off.We thought mylittle brother leftthe house again,but he was in bed."My Mothersaid she heardsome sort ofdrone noise, sawsomething goGeorge Filer around the house,and couldnt seeany of the street lights through thetrees." Thanks to Peter Davenport.Cyprus UFO spottedNICOSIA-LARNACA HIGHWAY- A British resident reported seeing aUFO on April 27, 2005, when severalother motorists all slowed down theirvehicles to watch the UFO spectacle ataround 8:45 PM.The witness says, "It was in front ofme, and as soon as I saw it I startedslowing down, and so did the people infront of me. Then, it speeded up at anincredible speed, hundreds of miles anhour in seconds, and literally disap-peared in front of our eyes.. "It was amazing. It looked like thekind of height of a low-flyingplane ora helicopter. Thats why I didnt imme-diately think it was odd,and then as itstarted to move and speed up I thought,This is weird. It was a bright, whitesphere of light hovering slowly." .The man said he checked online andfound that UFO sightings were not allthat uncommon in Cyprus.One Civil Aviation official said, "Theradar does regularly register what seemMUFON UFO Journalto be aircraft, but which disappear afterthree revolutions of the radar. We callthem Angels, and generally put thesephantoms down to weather interfer-ence."UFOs have been spotted overCypruson many occasions in the past. InMarch, 2002, a Swiss playwright whohad just retired to Paphos said he spot-ted a silver, saucer-shaped object"emerging from the clouds" as hewalked along .the beach.The UFO apparendy hovered before"floating down" and disappearing be-hind some rocks. Thanks to Cyprus Mail2005© and Skywatch-InternationalLarge ColoradoORANGE - The witness reportsobserving an oblong/oval craft largerthan a blimp at 10:30PM on April 9,2005, flying extremelylow with a streakof colored lights about the length of afootball field."The object flew directly over ourhouse and my parents house down theroad at tree line level making a hugerumbling noise," says the witness."It was a massive craft, oblong andoval in shape, bigger than a blimp. Itmade a huge constant loud rumblingnoise as it passed by slowly."The lights were amazing, with awhite and green dot on top with a longstreak of lights alongwhat looked to bethe bottom or side. The long streak hadto be close to 100 yards in length, anddie streaks changed color periodicallyfrom white to red and to blue."I did capture the craft on video, withthe noise over our house, but the videodoes not do it justice.As the craft movedoverhead, every sensor light we havearound our house went off and contin-ued to for about 1 /2 hour afterwards."Thanks to Peter Davenport.Arizona cigar .PHOENIX - A former deputy sher-iff reports that on April 17, 2005, at1.1:30 PM, he saw three large cigar-June 2005
  13. 13. shaped craft flying over head. They hadblue-yellow illuminators on each side,with a dimmer light at the center.They moved slowly, then increasedspeed with an up and down and side toside motion. Despite the movementtheystayed in full formation."At first," says the witness, "I thoughtmaybe I wasseeing three helicopters, butthis was in no waypossible. After com-ing to a complete stop and hovering ata distance of about one quarter mile tomy north theydeparted at agreat speed."I had a very bad headache for about5-10 minutes after their departure to thenorthwest, and I also almost felt some-what disoriented. I also suffered severevomiting a couple of hours later at myresidence with a blood-colored vomit."My wife also discovered several dryskin red circular markings on my back.A similar occurrence took placewith mewhile working in southern New Mexicoas a deputy sheriff for the HidalgoCounty, NM, Sheriffs Department in1999." Thanks to Peter Davenport.Luminous object in AlaskaNENANA - As 37-year-old JohnKempen traveled the Parks Highway atabout 2 AM on April 23, 2005, hewatched the sky, hoping to point out thenorthern lights to hisgirlfriend.Kempen sawablur of emerald green,then a bright flash of bluish white lightwith sparks for a tail and fiery chunksbreaking off. He figured the objectwasa meteor.According to Neal.Brown, directorof the space grant program at the Uni-versity of AlaskasFairbanks Geophysi-cal Institute, Kempen probably saw apiece of space junk."An estimated 5,000 to 10,000 piecesof .useless debris orbit the Earth,"Brown said. "Meteors dont have anyblue or green or anycolors. Most of themeteors are just rocks."Secondly, the sighting was in thewrong part of the sky to be a Lyridmeteor, which would likely travel fromnortheast to southwest."Thanks to the Fairbanks, Alaska,Neivs-Miner New, and UFO Roundup.Vol. 10,# 17 4/27/05, Editor: JosephTrainor .Louisiana flying trianglephotograph analyzedWESTWEGO - Dr. Don BurlesonCrop of original. Increased gamma value. Edgefind.writes, "I haveanalyzeddie 13-year-oldboys photo that was taken at sunset onMarch 4, 2005 (See above.)."Under image processing, what firstgives the impression of being a darkobject with diree lights comes to re-semble something else altogether."The first image here is just a cropof the original, the second is a treatmentby increasing the gamma value, and thethird is an edge find."As you can see, there is room fordoubt as to whether there is reallyany-thing solid in the middle of this con-figuration of lights."In some images it appears to be atrio of small, bright objects with noth-ing substantial connecting them—or aconnection, possibly, by some sort offorce-field?"Thanks to Dr. Don Burleson, NewMexico MUFON.South Africa sphere under waterPORT ELIZABETH - The witnessreports seeing on April 9, 2005, a bluesphere rise up from under water andhang two or three feet above the sur-face. He watched for 13 minutes as itslowly moved towards the dam up theriver at 11 AM. He states, "My auntsgrandmother saw it back in 1936,1sawit 22 years ago, and now I know wheredieyre hiding. Actually, this is the thirdtime Ive seen it."California flying triangleHAYWARD - The witness reports,"It was 10 PM on April 14, 2005, andmywife was outside smoking a cigarette.I was looking atJupiter when I saw fiveglowing circles that were underneath atriangle-shaped object fly across Jupi-ter, traveling north."The glows were not lights like onan airplane,but circle shapesthatglowedreal dim. Two were in front, and twoon either side.The glowing circles werein a chevron shape, but the whole craftwas a triangle."It had no sound and flew across thesky in about 20 seconds, at least threetimes faster than an airplane. My wife isa computer programmer, and I an ani-mator;we are both intelligent, well-edu-cated people." Thanks to Peter Daven-port.Minnesota boomerang shapeEAGAN - On April 15,2005, at 1:20AM, a silent boomerang-shaped or pos-sibly triangular-shaped object appearedfrom the southeast traveling northwest.Because of surrounding trees, about120degrees of skywas visibleoverhead.The witness reports, "It wasa cloud-less night. The object was a series ofdull lights that reminded me of amberbicycle reflectors. There were five toseven lights in a triangle along the frontin a chevron pattern, but the trailingedge was not clearly visible."The motion of the object caught myattention, since it was black, but a bitmore matte and light than die back-ground sky, like a silhouette. It wasabout the same size as a Bald Eagle fly-ing about 50 feet overhead.The object made no sound. It tra-versed the arc of the sky visible to me(about 120 degrees) in about eight sec-onds." Thanks to Peter Davenport.New Hampshire black triangleHOPKINTON - "Driving north onInterstate 89 just before Exit 4, onMarch 31, 2005 at 9:30 PM," says thewitness, "my son and I noticed threewhite lights hovering above thehighway."When we came under die lights myson told me this diing was a big blacktriangle, so I pulled over and got out ofthe car.It was cloudythere, with no starsvisible, and the light from the craft wasclearly illuminating the bottoms of thecloud cover."It was at 1,000 to 1,500 feet in alti-tude, and a few hundred feet from tipJUNE 2005 MUFON UFO JOURNAL 13
  14. 14. to dp. The objectwas dark and feature-less, and in the shape of a perfect tri-angle except for three white lights."They were located at the corners ofthe craft, with a single non-flashing redlight on the bottom directly in the cen-ter of the triangle. The object was hov-ering motionless above us, and no noisewas evident."It remained there for two minutesand began slowly moving and turningnorth following the highway. We fol-lowed it for three minutes more untilthe objectdisappeared into the clouds."Thanks to Peter Davenport.New Jersey couple spot UFOWEST MILFORD - An executivephoned to tell me he was in his bed-room watchingTV with hiswife onMay7,2005, at 11:30 PM, and she noticed apulsating star with changing colorsthrough the skylight above them.She insisted this was not an ordinarystar, so theydecided to look at it througha modified telescope. Looking throughthe eyepiece, the objectconsisted of twosquares off center, with bright chang-ing lights in each point of each cornerof the object.The eight brighter lights had linesconnecting the two squares. Somesmaller lights were inside the squares.The object seemed to consist of twosquare objects tethered together.. The wife is from Russia and phonedher father, who is former general inSoviet Air Defense. He stated matter offactually that they had seen a UFO. Hewas instructed in school about disap-pearance of ships and the UFO phe-nomenon. They were frequently chasedby Soviet fighters.Alien encounter in Australia?BANORA POINT NSW - The wit-ness reports, "I have something thathasshocked our family and their beliefs ofextraterrestrials. About four weeks agoI noticed a cut on my back that was un-explained.The cut was about three inches inlength, and was deep. There was noblood, however. The cut has formedinto a scar, which looks similar to thatof a surgery-related operation. Mymother woke me this morning and com-plained of back pain. After checking, Irealized that her cut was identical to mycut and I showed her mine."After takingphotos, weboth noticedthat our scars were exactly the samelength. Hers, however, was on the leftside of her back, and mine was on themore upper right side of myback. Bothof us do not know how we acquiredthese straight line cuts, exactly the samelength."My mother never used to believe inextraterrestrials or conspiracies, but nowthis incident has encouraged her to learnmore. My mothers friend, who is apsy-chic medium, is ready to do an evalua-tion of this."When I was a child, I saw three tallshapes around mybed, and another timeI awakened to find myfoot broken andnose bleeding. Also, I have seen a flam-ing red object in the sky, and just re-cently I discovered that a number ofyears ago my father saw a green objectin the sky."We have also experienced a strangeoccurrence in our town, when a brightwhite light flashed in the sky over ourtown, causing a blackout. All of ourtowns power is underground."Canada unknown white objectSCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO -"Hi, again, George. As promised, Iwould like to share two more sightingreports that occurred on April 21,2005,at 10:20 AM."I was sky watching on a very clearday on break at work when I spotted adefined brilliant white orb or probe atabout 4,000 feet, flying southwest to-wards Toronto."The object was moving quite fast,200-300 MPH or more. Every 30 sec-onds to a minute another similar objectwould fly by.I grabbed my camera andsnapped five pictures. As luck wouldhave it, I havein fact caught one on film."Later at lunch another larger roundwhite object was sighted at 12:30 PM,facing west, hovering about 2,500 feetin the sky a half mile away. There wasalso a slight light field around this singlewhite object."Argentina mutilations continueLA PAMPA - Francisco Fazio writes,"Here in La Pampa Province we havetwo cattle mutilations. There have beenseveral thousand mutilations reportedin recent years, often with UFOs in thearea." Thanks to Francisco Fazio fromArgentina.China and extraterrestrialsWUCHANG CITY - MengZhaoguo, a rural worker from north-east Chinas Wuchang city, says he was29 years old when he broke his maritalvows for the first and only time-with afemale extraterrestrial of unusually ro-bust build."She was three meters tall and hadsix fingers, but otherwise she lookedcompletely like a human. I told my wifeall about it afterwards. She wasnt tooangry."While few Chinese claim to havemanaged to get quite as intimate withan extraterrestrial as Meng, a growingnumber of people in the worlds mostpopulous nation believe inunidentifiedflying objects, or UFOs.Officially registered UFO associa-tions in China have about 50,000 mem-bers, but some estimate the actualnum-ber of Chinese interested in the subjectis probably in the millions.Sun Shili is one of the most seriousenthusiasts, and he knows exactly wherehe will be the day the extraterrestrialsfinally makecontact with mankind. The67-year-old retired Beijingprofessor willbe in the 21-member delegation pickedby international UFO associations torepresent Earth asthe first negotiationsget underway.Once a Spanish translator for MaoZedong during high-level state visits,Sun says language will not be a prob-,lem. "We expect to communicate usingtelepathy," he says.Colorado mutilations reportedSAN LUISVALLEY - After a seven-year hiatus from San Luis Valley, appar-ently the mysterious cattle surgeons areback. Although rumors of other caseshave circulated over the past few years,no official reports had been filed untila rancher reported a mutilated cowfound south of Monte Vista.Another case mayhave occurred lastmonth near Jaroso, when a motoristchased an "orange light" and returnedto the site two days later and foundwhathe described as "a mutilated cow."The Sheriff of Conejos County re-ported a case in December, 2001, butthe witness refused to officially reportthe mutilated cow found in the fieldwhere a landed object and bright "blueand red lights"lights were seen the nightprior. , .14 MUFON UFO Journal June.2005
  15. 15. Physical TracesBy Ted PhillipsiVehicle effectsPhysical traces associated with UFOsare not always effects on soil and plantsin the immediate area of the observedobject. UFOs have generated effects onvehicles resulting in substantial damageduring close approaches.Eighty-eight events from twenty-onecountries have been reported to date.Vehicle damage reports are significant,as the effects areavailable forstudy for a muchlonger period oftime than soil/plant damage.It should benoted that manyadditional casesof vehicle EMeffects exist withno physicaltraces reported.The earliestvehicle effects report took place in 1953.Such events continue to this date. Thefiles indicate the top producing coun-tries to be the U.S., Australia, England,Argentina, and Brazil/Norway in de-scending order.In the US,the states with the highestnumber of such events areTexas, Ohio,North Carolina, Minnesota, and Michi-gan.The reported cases indicate the peaksighting period to be between 1800 and2300 (local time), with a large spike at2300.35% of the reported observationstook place during the daylight hours.52% involved multiple witnesses,with a maximum of eight witnesses toa single event. Five cases involved mul-tiple objects, 10 cases multiple vehicles.Twenty-four of the vehicles werelevitated from the road surface,and EMeffects were reported in 30 cases. Hu-man effects are found in 16, and hu-manoids were seen in eight cases.Extreme heat was present in sevenof the reports, and radiation was de-tected in four.Following are three significant re-JUNE 2005ports involving automobile paint chang-ing color and secondary effects:Paint color changedIn November, 1953, while drivingnear Gjersjoen Bridge, Norway, threewitnesses—Mr. Trygve, Mrs. Buflot anda neighbor-observed an object as it as-cended from behind a hill. It oscillatedover the lake for more than one minute,moved rapidly toward the witnesses andfollowed their car.The object passed over the vehicleand hovered ahead of them very low tothe ground. Mr. Trygve stopped theautomobile, and they watched the sta-tionary object. During the sighting allthree experienced mild electrical shocksuntil the object ascended vertically.A watch stopped working, and nu-merous people vouched for the fact thatthe paint on the car changed from darkbeige to a bright green.Eight months later,onJuly 20,1954,two men driving near Oslo, Norway,were chased by an object for severalminutes. They stopped their car to ob-serve it hovering a short distance away.A watch stopped-working, and thepaint on the car changed color.On Nov. 4, 1974, a single witnessdriving near Scottsdale, Tasmania, at2300 observed a soundless object ofgreat size. His car engine and radio cutout, and his watch dial lit up brightly.The object moved away, and suddenlyascended vertically.The watch stoppedshortly after the event. The left-handmudguard of the car changed colorfrom red to orange, and the color changewas permanent.Liquids dropped or sprayedThere are numerous reports of oddliquids found after UFO landings ornear landings. The following are ex-amples of such traces found in vehicleevents.OnJune 29,1964, near Lavonia, GA,businessman Beaufort E. Parham wasdriving home at 2300. "I spotted averybright light in the sky coming towardmy car," he explained. "The nextinstantit was directly in front of my headlights,MUFON UFO JOURNALAbout the authorTed Phillips is considered the fore-most expert on physicaltrace reportsin the world. /For additional back-ground seethe UfologyProfilein thisissue.Ted will be doing this column forthe Journal each month.spinning like a giant top. It was shapedlike a top and made a hissing sound."The top part of the objectwas mov-ingin aclockwisedirection, and the bot-tom part in a counterclockwise direc-tion. A tower-like projection was at thetop with a dark band."Vane-like configurations were alsoobserved. Small portholes dotted thebottom, through which flames could bedetected. Disappearing in a flash, it re-appeared a second time."It stayed directly in front of my carfor at least a mile, about five feet ahead.It was one or two feet above the road.It suddenly went up over the car. It re-appeared a third time, heading for thecar."The motor began to miss, and Istopped the car. It took off and disap-peared in a split second."Parhams arms began to burn. FAAofficials who interviewed the witnesscalled him intelligent, sincere, and so-ber.The oily marks on the car and theburning effect on his arms remainedeven after they were washed. The carhood was warped, and paint wasbubbled up.On Aug. 1,1971, a couple from Fin-land, Ben and Helen K, had leftGladstone, Australia, at 2350 forRockhampton, a driving distance of79.5 miles.The trip took only 40 minutes, andwould have normallytakenmuch longer.They could not recall driving throughany of die towns along the way. Bothwitnesses did remember seeing an un-usual green light at some point alongdieway.Their 1971 Valiantwas covered with15
  16. 16. a thin film of odorless oil, and unusualmarks were found on the vehicle top.On Nov. 14, 1973, a single witnesswas driving on State Road 1470, twomiles east of Poteet, TX, at 1850 whenhe observed an objecthovering low overthe road.Humanoid figures were seen througha window on the object. The witnessdidnot stop, and as he went by the objectsome liquid dropped from the UFOonto his car.The paint on the hood peeled off andwas ruined. HighwayPatrol officers sawthe damage and took samples of theresidue.In November, 1975, multiple wit-nesses near Aar, Rhodesia, observed anobject that passed low over their car.The object sprayed liquid onto the sur-face of the automobile.On the night of July 8, 2000, OzlemSeydali and his family were driving fromEzen to Vakifkoy in northern Turkey.As they reached a point 15 km outsidethe town of Ezen they noticed a brightcircular light hovering over farm land.At first Mr.Seydalithought it was thefull moon (the moon was in first quar-ter phase). There were seven people inthe car, ranging in age from 22 to 52,and all witnessed the object.As they approached, it appeared tobe stationary, and was enveloped by itsown light from the bottom up. Thereappeared a bright blue flash of light atthe basewhich then extended to the top.At this point the object disappeared.Shortly after, a residue of some kindcompletely covered the car. The win-dows were rolled down and there wasno odor. The windshield was so com-pletely covered with this residue that thedriver had to execute an emergency stop.In seconds the residue evaporatedwithout a trace. After reaching theirdestination, they askeda neighbor if shehad seen anything odd in the .sky. Shesaid she had seen it along with manyothers.There was much confusion in theneighborhood as to what had transpired.The area was experiencing extreme dryheat, and it seemed that there was mois-ture on the dry grass and dirt.I contacted Mr. Seydali and asked ifany samples of the residue had beentaken. He replied, "Unfortunately, asmuch as I would have liked to get asample of this residue, it was virtuallyimpossible at the time, as there was16nothing to contain a viable sample in.Also it was a residue which when leftexposed to air it evaporated."On July 23, 2000, in the Ashtabula,OH, area, three witnesses, ages 60 to70, were driving a new Cadillac at 0100.The vehicle was suddenly surroundedby numerous small lights. "The lights followed the car down thehighway at high speed for 40 miles.During the encounter the cars alarmsystem went off and on, the car radiowas reset, the clock lost time, and asticky residue formed on thewindshield.No samples were taken.Vehicles set afireIf one were looking for physical evi-dence providing a long term investiga-tion, the following events might be ofconsiderable interest.On Nov. 11, 1957, Bill H. was driv-ing home just outside of Provencal, LA.It was raining lightly when he saw alarge, lighted object on the road ahead,which he thought was a truck.Suddenly the object flashed a beamof light directly at the vehicle, appar-ently exerting a strong pressure andslowing the car to a stop only 15 feetfrom the object.The witness described the object asoval in shape, 15 feet long, 9 feet high,and a dull green color. He could see let-tering beginning with the letters UN,followed by several numbers.A wave of heat filled the car, and thewitness jumped out in panic as the carcaught fire. The object ascended withthe sound of a diesel engine. The manran into town and reported the event.The car, a 1956 Ford, was completelydestroyed.On Aug. 28,1962, near Salta, Argen-tina, at 1900, three witnesses in a truckobserved a huge object over the high-way. They estimated the circular objectto be 150 meters in diameter and verylow over the road surface.The event was also seen by two ad-ditional witnesses in a car behind thetruck. The object suddenly ascended afew feet vertically and moved toward thetruck. The objecthovered directly abovethe truck for about one minute.The huge massthen moved away, andas it did so, the truck engine ignited inflames and the entire front of the ve-hicle was destroyed.On May 22, 1973, Miguel Gonzaleswas driving his truck near Vera Cruz,MUFON UFO JournalMexico, when his engine failed. He re-ported to police that he saw beings likedwarfs on the road. He observed alanded circular object just off die road.A flash of light was projected on hisvehicle, the truck burst into flames, andwas "burnt to a mass of molten metal."Oh March 22,1976, a couple drivingnear Nemingha, Australia, at 0545stopped dieir automobile after seeing abright greenish-yellow light descendfrom the sky. A car approaching fromthe opposite direction was enveloped inthe light from the object.The light then disappeared as theapproaching car moved to the wrongside of the road, became enveloped ina thick ball of white haze, and stopped.After about two minutes the white hazedisappeared.A woman got out of the car and useda cloth to wipe the windshield. The carlights were out, but after a few minutesthe woman was about to get back intothe car when the lights came on. Thecloth that had been used burst intoflames. Vehicle levitationsVehicle levitations are one of themost intriguing and potentially evi-dence-rich effects generated by UFOclose approaches. Center for PhysicalTrace Research (CPTR) files contain 22cases in which a vehicle was levitatedand physical evidence found.One of the classic vehicle levitationcases took place in Australia on Jan. 20,1988. Four members of the Knowlesfamily-Mrs. Knowles, 43, and her sonsSean, 21, Patrick, 24, and Wayne, 18-were driving from Perth to Melbournein a late model Ford Telstar.It was about 0300. when they ob-served lights approaching them. The carradio started to fade in and out. As theobject neared the family it appeared asa white light, "an egg in an egg cup; inthe center of the eggwasa yellowlight."At this point another vehicle, a whitestation wagon, was seen coming fromthe opposite direction. Sean swerved toavoid hitting the light and nearly hit thestation wagon.The light then disappeared, reappear-ing behind them. Sean made a U turnand pursued the object. Again the ob-ject disappeared, and in seconds madecontact with the roof of the car andlifted the vehicle off the road.Mrs. Knowles rolled down her win-June 2005
  17. 17. dow and placed her right hand on theroof. She felt a "spongy" substance at-tached to the car roof. She quickly re-tracted her hand and the back of herhand felt warm, the sensation disap-peared in a few seconds.After an indeterminate length of timethe object dropped the car to the road.As the car contacted the road a tireburst, and they were forced to brake toa stop.After the car dropped to the road,Mrs. Knowles rolled the window downand "smoke stuff" came into the car.This smoke was a "greyish-black mist."During the observation a number ofevents occurred:•The sound of their voices changedin pitch and seemed to slow down.•A humming sound was heard.•All the witnesses becamehysterical,shouting and crying. Mrs. Knowles saidshe believed they were going to die.•The two family dogs reacted vio-lendy.•A smell like "dead bodies" was inthe air.•The car started shaking.After stopping the car, the family ranfrom the car to hide in the nearbyscrub.The object remained near the car forseveral minutes before leaving. Theyreturned to the car after about fifteenminutes.Investigators found an indentation onthe roof of the car. The tire that failedwas in good condition and should nothave blown, but in fact was ripped allthe way around its edge.Laboratory analysis of the "dust" onand inside the car revealed "oxygen,carbon, calcium, silicon, potassium, andastatine. Astatine is a radioactive chemi-cal that can only be produced syntheti-cally.It should be noted that two othervehicles were involved in the incident:Vehicle one was the station wagonthat was nearly hit by the Knowles car.Vehicle two was a truck driven byGraham Henley, 57. Henley saw a lightin his mirror which looked like a " a big egg, like a fried egghung upside a very highpowered spotlight."There are a number of reports inwhich an unidentified flying object ac-tually collided with a vehicle, leavingbehind considerable physical traces.Ill talk about some of these casesnext month.Marine pilot reports UFOover South China SeaMy friend in Taos, NM, served twotours of duty in Vietnam. A MarineCorps pilot, Carl was shot down twice.The second time he served 2 1 / 2months in a Vietnam prison before re-patriation. I have waited almost eightyears to relate this pilots UFO story,andnow may do so, but only by using apseudonym.Carl and three other pilots were or-dered to pick up four F8 aircraft in Ha-waii in November, 1965. Carls aircraftwas an F8U (Crusader),a single-seat jetfighter.The four aircraft flew in formationto Guam, refueling twice in mid air.From Guam, they flew together towardthe South China Sea to rejoin their car-rier, the USS Coral Sea. Carl, a brandnew second lieutenant, flew in the No.2 position.The flight flew west from Guam at30,000 feet at 400 MPH. All of a sud-den on the intercom, "Jesus, whatsthis?" Carl looks to his right and sees abell-shaped flying machine 600-800 feetaway, just off the wingtip of the pilot inNo. 4 position. (See Carls drawingabove.)"Jesus Christ," from another pilot.Carl looks again over his right shoulderand sees the craft clearly. It wasbell-shaped, and about the diameter ofthe wingspan, tip to tip, a distance ofabout 60 feet, Carl explained.A line of glowing clear lights couldbe seen along its lower rim. The colorof the strange ship was metallicsilver-gray, and there were portholesaround its sides.The pilots learned by radio thatGuam had the intruder on their radar.After a few minutes the strange craftraced ahead of the flight, rose, becamea speck, and disappeared. No photo-graphs of the strange craft were takenby the pilots.After landing on the Coral Sea, thefour pilots were told by flight command-ers not to talk about their sighting. Soonthey were debriefed by two officers fromNaval Intelligence, and a second timeby two Air Force Intelligence Officerswho landed on the carrier by helicop-ter. A report was collected from eachpilot.Two of the pilots in this account didnot return from Vietnam. The lead pi-lot, a 1 st lieutenant at the time, is re-tired and living in Corpus Christi. Carlis trying to contact him for his input.There is a footnote to this story. Carlsaid in his lifetime he has experiencedfour or five moments which were trulyspiritual. This sighting wasone of them.It caused him to think about how smalla part of the whole we really are, howvast the universe must be, and it causedhim to keep an open mind about strangethings in the air."I know for a fact," Carl said, "thatthe ship we sawwas not of this world."—James Parsons, El Prado, NM, anAir Force navigator in the 1950s.Case reportsInvestigators. Please send a copyof your case reports directly to theMUFON UFO Journal.JUNE 2005 MUFON UFO JOURNAL 17
  18. 18. Cassini spacecraft findsatmosphere on Saturn moonThe Cassini spacecraft has revealedthat Saturns icy moon Enceladus has asignificant atmosphere.The spacecraft identified the moonssecret during recent flybys, according toNASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory inPasadena, CA.Scientists are using Cassinis magne-Nebraska couplereport two bright lightsBy Doug CoreyThis sighting took place at approxi-mately 9:30 PM Central Time on Fri-day, April 29, in Beatrice NE. The ob-ject was first sighted by my wife, Crys-tal, as we left our house at 1014 CourtSt., walking outside to our van.She pointed up in a direction aboveour van and exclaimed, "Doug! lookup!" She guided my attention up to theobject, which appeared similar to twobright stars that moved in perfect uni-son, as though they were joined some-how by an invisible structure of somekind.They moved together through theskylengthwise, not side by side:N. East <— * * <— S.WestWhatever this flying craft was, it ap-peared to be very large, and seemed tomove very quickly. At one point a pri-vate plane (much smaller in compari-son) could be seen intersecting aboveor below its flight path. This object appeared out of oursouthwestern sky and moved silentlyabove and over us, heading in a north-eastern direction.It did not exhibit erratic flight char-acteristics, as is the case in some UFOreports, but I did witness what seemedto be a course adjustment in the flightpath as it appeared to turn slightlyeast-ward before traveling out of our sight.I easily ruled out a satellite becauseof the distance between the two lightsources, which moved in unison. Thesecond reason to rule out the satellitetheory is the course change.We called our children to come outto see this flying object. Crystal unsuc-cessfully attempted to videotape it.18tometer instrument for their studies,andthe process may be volcanism, geysers,or gasses escaping from the surface orthe interior of Enceladus.Enceladus is a small, ice-coveredmoon orbiting 147,948 miles (238,100kilometers) away from Saturn. Themoon takes 1.37 Earth days to performa complete rotation.When Cassini did its first encounterwith Enceladus on Feb. 17 at an alti-tude of 725 miles, its magnetometerdetected a striking signature in themoons magnetic field.On March 9, Cassini approached towithin 310 miles of Enceladuss surfaceand obtained additional evidence.The observation showed a bendingof the magnetic field, with the magneto-spheric plasma being slowed anddeflected by the moon. In addition,magnetic field oscillations were ob-served. The observations from theEnceladus flyby are believed to be ion-ized water vapor.In 1981, NASAs Voyagerspacecraftflew by Enceladus at a distance of56,000 miles without detecting an at-mosphere. It is possible that such de-tection was beyond Voyagers capabili-ties—or something may have changedsince the 1981 flyby.Minotaur micro-satellitesuccessfully launchedThe Minotaur, a self-maneuvering,micro-satellite, has been launched intopolar orbit. The 220-pound satellite isdesigned to further explore, demon-strate, and flight-qualify micro-satellitetechnologies.The Minotaur is a comparativelylow-cost launch vehicle with a 100-percentsuccess rate.When the XSS-11 reachesorbit, it willrendezvous with a resident space objectand perform extended proximity opera-tions, including standoff inspection andcircumnavigation, which help Air ForceResearch Laboratory officials test thelimits of todays technology.Field investigators should be awarethat some UFO reports may be obser-vations of this new satellite.MUFON UFO JournalPlanet outside solarsystem photographedEuropean and American scientistssay they have photographed a planetoutside the Solar System for the firsttime. The European Southern Obser-vatory group said the red image is thefirst direct shot of a planet around an-other star.The planet, known as 2M1207b, isabout five times the size of Jupiter, andis orbiting at a distance nearly twice asfar as Neptune is from our Sun.The parent star and planet are morethan 200light-yearsaway near the south-ern constellation of Hydra.There has been a lot of competitionamong astronomers to secure the firstdirect picture of an exoplanet. When theESO group first released the picture lastSeptember there was doubt overwhether the star and planet were gravi-tationally bound.But follow-up images taken at theVery Large Telescope facility in Chileshow the two objects are moving to-gether.It is extremely difficult for currenttechnology to even detect exoplanets.All of the 130 or so exoplanets discov-ered thus far have been found using in-direct methods—looking for changes inthe properties of stars (their brightnessor the way they move) that can be ex-plained only by the presence of a planet.UFO Newsclipping ServiceMonthly collection of news sto-ries and featuresabout UFOs and re-lated phenomena from the worldspress, including translations.For a sample copy and additionalinformation, contact UFONS, 2Caney ValleyDrive, Plumerville, AR72127-8725, or ufons@webtv.netJune 2005
  19. 19. A strange encounter in Ohio?By Rick HilbergSomehow it seems as if stories aboutalleged crashed UFOs pop up con-standy lately, told by people from allsorts of backgrounds, and in many in-stances seemingly reliable.I have to run die above disclaimer tothe story that follows, because I hon-esdy dont know what to makeof it.Likesome or all of the crashed UFO sto-ries, it may be true-and then again itmay not.I received a call in late August of1981 from John [full name on file], aseemingly sincere man who doesnt wanthis last name used in this account, whowas puzzled by a sighting that he hadsometime in July.Since he could not remember thespecific date, his report of a typicalday-light disc that made a number of acutemaneuvers, including a 90-degree turn,wouldnt be of much use to us in ourstatistical catalog of UFO reports, so Ipolitely listened to his account and in-formed him that we had many like it inour files.After asking me about UAPAs localchapter in the Cleveland area and ouractivities, he asked whether we had everheard about people who claimed to haveseen crashed UFOs, and whether wecould place any stock in these reports.After I replied in the affirmative, andtold him that we were interested in anysuch reports we might stumble onto, hetold me that something happened to himwhen he was a young man that haspuzzled him a great deal, and that hehasnt even told his family for fear theywouldnt believe him.As best as John can remember, theincident took place in August of 1952.He was looking around in a downtownCleveland stamp shop when he struckup a conversation with another cus-tomer.John said that diey discussed stampsfor a while, and generally seemed toenjoy each others conversation. Johndescribed this new friend as aheavy-setman of about 32, with a sort of darkcomplexion and a crew cut.During the next several weeks theywould meet to discuss stamps andsometimes to play a fewgames of chessJUNE 2005About the AuthorRick Hilberg, aveteran researcher,is editor of publications for UnitedAerial Phenomena Agency (UAPA)and the author of several publica-tions. He was one of the organizersof die first National UFO Confer-ence back in 1964.over at Johns house.John reported diat his friend wouldwin everyone of their chess games, eventhough John was dien apretty fair chessplayer, and had won many games in achess club when he was at school. Johnsaid at the time he felt as if this personcould read his mind, because he seemedto know his next several moves.John related that his friend (he neverwould give me his first name, and ad-mitted that he had forgotten his lastname) claimed that he was a chemicalengineer for the state of Ohio, andworked with testing paint, or some simi-lar line of work.He also seemed to know a great dealabout technical subjects. John relatedthat they would be walking down thestreet and his friend would suddenlystart rattling off all kinds of detailedinformation regarding a passing car, orhow some complicated piece of machin-ery worked.John said that it seemed that this manknew far more about any technical sub-ject that even an engineer would know.He also noticed that the man alwaysspoke textbook perfect English, and al-though he claimed to be from Ohio hehad a slight accent that John couldntplace.After knowing him about threeweeks, John was invited over to themans house for dinner and an eveningof chess. It was sometime after dinnerwhen John said his friend got a photo-graph out of a drawer and handed itover, askingwhether he had ever heardabout flying objects.John replied that he didnt know toomuch, but had read reports of them inthe paper from time to time.John said he looked at the photo-graph and was amazed to see what ap-peared to be some sort of large machineMUFON UFO JOURNALthat had crashed into the side of a hill.He said whatever it was, it was reallybadly damaged by the crash, becauseparts of its outer skin were shreddedand lying around all over the crash site,and that only a badly twisted frame re-mained that reminded him of an um-brella shape.He was sure, however, that whateverit was,it certainly wasnt any sort of air-craft that he was familiarwith.John saidthere were two bodies lying on theground near the craft, and theyappearedto be human shapes charred horribly asif by a great fire.He stated that he estimated them tobe between four and five feet tall, butwhen asked how he could be sure oftheir height he replied that it was justaguess on his part.He asked his friend just what thephotograph showed, but got no reply,and the photograph was put back in itsplace and the two went on to a game ofchess.After not hearing from the man for aweek, John decided to go over to hishouse to see if anything was wrong, ashe usuallyheard from him every day ortwo. When he knocked on the door hewas startled to be confronted by an olderwoman who eyed him suspiciously.The really strange part was when hewas told that it was impossible that hisfriend lived there, because the womanwas the onlyone living in the house, andshe had lived there most of her adultlife! No, she had never seen or heardabout anybody like him living in theneighborhood, and asked John to goaway, as evidently she thought he waseither crazy or out to do her harm.John said that he never again heardfrom the man, except several days afterthe incident with the woman he receiveda birthday card from his friend. But Johnwas certain he had never mentioned thathe had a birthday coming up.Thats the end of the story,and I haveto admit that it sounds a lot like themysterious emptyhouse story that Ken-neth Arnold wrote about during his in-vestigation of the Maury Island "hoax"in The Coming of the Saucers.All I can say is John appears to bepuzzled by the whole affair of long ago.19