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Mufon ufo journal 2005 4. april

  1. 1. History of UFO sight-ings in Turkey, Part 2, byEsen Sekerkarar, p. 9.Engineers plan invis-ibility shields, p. 6.Whats new with alienimplants, by Dr. RogerLeir, p. 7.MUFON Forum fea-turing the Peter Jenningsprogram on ABC-BuddHopkins, Bruce Mac-cabee; also angel hair-Mark Isganitis, PhyllisBudinger, p. 13.UFO Press, p. 14.An update from WaltAndrus, p. 19.Calendar, p. 22.UFO Marketplace, p.23.ColumnsDirectors Message 2Filers Files 17Stan Friedman 20McLeods Night Sky 24April 2005No. 444$4.00Mutual UFO NetworkJOURVeteran researcherPreston Dennett presents the first nine of his 20 best casesfrom California, beginning on Page 3. "%i
  2. 2. April 2005 Number 444MUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)Mutual UFO NetworkPost Office Box 369Morrison, CO 80465-0369Tel: 303-932-7709Fax: 303-932-9279International DirectorJohn F. Schuessler, M.S.Editor:Dwight Connelly, M.S.14026 Ridgelawn RoadMartinsville, IL 62442Tel: (217) 382-4502mufonufojournal@ hotmail.comAdvertising Director:John F. Schuessler, M.S.Columnists:Gavin A. J. McLeodGeorge Filer, M.B.A.Jenny RandiesStanton Friedman, M.S.MUFON on the Internet:http://www.mufon.comMUFON e-mail address:mufonhq@aol.comMUFON Amateur Radio Net:40 meters - 7.237 MHzSaturdays, 7 a.m. CST or COSTDirectors MessageBy John F. SchuesslerMUFON UFO Journalsnow on CD ROMAll issues of the MUFON UFOJour-Wand Skylook from 1967 through2004are now available on CD ROM. EachCD contains one full year of the jour-nals, and is keyword searchable.They areavailable fromM LI F O NHeadquartersfor $19.95 plus$2.50 p&h each.John SchuesslerThe full set (37years) of Jour-nals is availableon CD for$249. Also, pa-per copies ofmany of theback issues are still available.MUFON SymposiumProceedings now on CD ROMAll MUFON International UFOSymposium Proceedings books from1971 through 2004 are now available onCD ROM.Each book is available on a separatekeyword searchable CD. Each CD from1971 through 2003 is available fromMUFON Headquartersfor $12.95plus$2.50 p&h. The price for the most re-cent year, 2004, is $25 plus $2.50 p&h,the same as the book version. A com-plete set of the proceedings books isalso available on CD for $199. Papercopies of many of the back issues arestill available forpurchase.UFO Awareness MonthMUFON has designated the monthof July as "UFO Awareness Month."In preparation for awareness activi-ties, MUFON membersand groups areurged to purchase UFO AwarenessT--shirts from MUFON Headquarters.The shirts have the MUFON logo and"UFO Awareness"on the left front andthe words "Others talk, we investi-gate..." on the back. White shirtswithblack letters are available for $15.00 inthe U.S. and $19.00 outside the U.S.Black shirts with white letters are avail-able for $18.00 in the U.S. and $22.00outside the U.S. Reduced prices areavailable for large quantity orders.MUFON Mission and GoalsA member recently inquired aboutMUFONs mission and goals. He saidhe missed it the last time it was pub-lished in the Journal. The MUFONBusiness Board has worked diligendy to(Continued on page 22)Change of address and subscription/extra copies inquiries should besent to MUFON, P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369.Copyright 2005 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the CopyrightOwners, Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one article, provided the author is credited,and the statement, "Copyright 2005 by the Mutual UFO Network, P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369" isincluded.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editor, and do not necessarily reflecttheofficial position of the Mutual UFO Network. Opinions expressed are solely those of the individual authors andcolumnists, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editor or staff of MUFON.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the InternalRevenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the type described in Section 509 (a) (2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal Income Tax.Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are alsodeductible for estate and gift purposes, provided they meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106, and2522 of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a Texas nonprofit corporation.The MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., Morrison, CO. SecondClass postage paid at Versailles,MO.Individual Membership: $45/year U.S., $55 outside the U.S.Family members: $10 per person additionalStudent (18 years and under): $35 U.S. and $45 outside the U.S.Donor. $100/year. Professional. $250/year. Patron. $500/yearBenefactor (Lifetime Member): $1,000First class Journal delivery (in envelopes) U.S. and Canada only: $12/year additionalAir Mail Journal delivery to all other countries outside the United States: $35/year additionalPostmaster: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to- MUFON UFO Journal, P O Box 369, Morrison,CO 80465-0369MUFONs mission is the scientificstudy of UFOs for the benefitof humanity through investigation, research, & education.
  3. 3. The twentyall-time bestcases fromCaliforniaBy Preston DennettIn 1995, veteran newspaper re-porter Bob Teets published hisexcellent book, West I irginiaUFOs. This was the first book ever topresent a states UFO history. Tects, Irealized, had uncovered an unfilled nichein the UFO literature.I have been a California-based UFOinvestigator for almost seventeen years.After investigating hundreds of UFOcases across the state, and writing fourUFO books, I decided that I was finallyready.I am now pleased to announce thatUFOs Over California: A True History ofExtraterrestrial Encounters in the Go/denState has just been released by SchifferPublishing. [See review in this issue.]California has several unique featuresthat make it stand out from other states.First, it is the most crowded state, withan estimated population of 40 million.It is also the nations wealthiest state,and is a leader in aerospace and defense,computer technology, oil production,lumber, agriculture, entertainment, andtourism.California is the leading producer ofUFO reports in the United States. In1977 J. Allen Hynek conducted a studyof all the unidentified Blue Book cases.California headed the list with fifty-onecases, or 9.9% of the total number ofU.S. reports.More recently, in 2003, the NationalUFO Reporting Center (NUFORC)listed more than 2800 California UFOreports, nearlytwice the number of thesecond leading state of Washington, andnearly three times the third leading stateof Texas. For whatever reason, UFOsfind California very attractive.With its rich UFO history, it is notsurprising that California has had astrong influence in the evolution ofufology.After having studied several thousandGolden State encounters, I have comeAPRIL 2005Number 14: The Camarillo sighting.up with a top twenty list of what are inmy opinion among Californias most sig-nificant and influential UFO events.Some of the cases are well known, oth-ers are probably obscure except to UFOresearchers.Each one, however, represents animportant chapter in not onlyCalifornias UFO history, but in that ofthe world. Each has added to ourknowledge or understanding of UFOs,has changed the waywe view UFOs, orhas contributed to the popularization ofthe subject.Here are Californias top twenty UFOcases. Each of the cases has been sum-marized because of space consider-ations.MUFON UFO JOURNALNumber twenty: The Cisco Groverobot encounterOn Labor Day weekend in 1965,three hunters in Cisco Grove had aunique encounter with a UFO and itsoccupants. It may be the earliest au-thenticated California case involving arobotic UFO occupant.The main witness, Donald Smythe,became separated from his two com-panions after a long day of hunting andbecame lost. When he saw a light dart-ing back and forth above him, he as-sumed a helicopter had been sent torescue him.Instead, the object swooped downand hovered silently overhead. Smytherealized it was a UFO and took refuge
  4. 4. in a nearby tree. At this point, three fig-ures exited the craft.Two figures were five feet tall anddressed in silvery-gray material. Thethird figure appeared to be robotic.Then followed an all-night-long or-deal in which the UFO occupants re-mained at the bottom of the tree, send-ing up clouds of noxious fumes. Smythelost consciousness several times, and imthe morning the figures and craft weregone.Smythes story was not without cor-roboration. Upon re-uniting with hisfriends, one of the hunters revealed thathe also sawa "bright, large light" swoopdown at low altitude and dart across thesky.All three also remarked on the coin-cidence that the government wasalreadyin the area looking for an alleged "me-teorite." Finally, Smythes wife saw himimmediately after the incident and con-firmed that Smythe was badly trauma-tized and covered with scratches.Smythe reported his case to the AirForce, which suggested that he was thevictim of a prank.The case electrified the UFO com-munity. Coral Lorenzen calls it, "Themost spectacular report I have ever ex-amined."Ted Bloecher and Paul Cerny alsoconducted an onsite investigation.Writes Cerny, "There is absolutely nodoubt in my mind that this incident isfactual and authentic."Number nineteen: RonaldReagan sees UFOCalifornia is home to many celebri-ties, and it was only a matter of timebefore some of them came forwardwith their accounts of seeing a UFO.Today, many have come forth, includ-ing Sammy Davis Jr., Chad Everett, JillIreland, Cliff Robertson, and others.Among the most prominent of theseis President Ronald Reagan. The sight-ing occurred when he was governor ofCalifornia.Says Reagans pilot, Bill Paynter, "Wewere near Bakersfield when GovernorReagan and the others called my atten-tion to a big light flying a bit behind myplane. It appeared to be several hun-dred yards away."As they watched, the mysterious ob-ject quicklyaccelerated and disappearedin the distance. Reagan later confirmedthe details to Wa// StreetJournal reporterNorman Miller.While Reagan never publicly dis-cussed his sighting, it may have been thespark that ignited his interest in the sub-ject. On several occasions, he madeenigmatic statements that seemed toreveal his strong interest in UFOs-quotes that are now famous in UFOhistory.Said Reagan in 1985, "If suddenlythere were a threat to this world fromsome other species from another planet,wed forget all the litde local differencesthat we have between our two countries,and we would find out once and for allthat we really are all human beings onthe Earth together."Number eighteen: The BluffCreek encounterSome of the many odd patterns ofUFO behavior are typified in the fol-lowing extensive encounter which be-gan in early April, 1953.The two main witnesses,John Blackand John Van Allen, were working attheir titanium mine outside of BluffCreek when they both separately ob-served a "metallic saucer" hovering overthe area of the mine.Over the next few weeks, the objectreturned on four occasions. Then, onApril 20, Black observed the craft froma distance of only a quarter mile. It wasnow obvious to the men that the UFOwas very interested in their mine.Exactly one month later, on May 20,Black returned to the mine and saw thenow familiar saucer hovering only a fewhundred feet high. It quickly took offand disappeared.Black approached the area where ithad hovered and found several smallfive-inch footprints.Then exactly one month later, againon June 20, Black was outside the minewhen he saw what he thought was asmall child with a bucket.Upon approach, however, he saw thatthe large saucer had landed on a nearbysandbar.He examined the figure and realizedit wasnt a child, but instead appearedto be an unusual-looking small manwearing unusual clothes and carryingacone-shaped bucket. The small manheard Black approach and quickly raninto the saucer, which promptly tookoff.And so began one of the strangestchapters in UFO history. Black alertedthe local sheriff, and the story was some-how leaked to the press. Because thesaucer had appeared on schedule threemonths in a row, everyone was predict-ing a July 20 landing.More than 200 people arrived on thescene, including local residents, news-paper reporters, cameramen, and sau-cer enthusiasts. Snack bars and chairswere set up as if the event were a circusperformance.Unfortunately, the UFO nevershowed up, and the Brush Creek ordealcame to a sudden end.The case was investigated by severalmajor researchers, including GrayBarker and Paul Spade, both of whomwere actually jailed by the Brush CreekSheriffs station when they tried to con-duct a stakeout for the saucer. Todaythe case is considered a classic in UFOhistory.Number seventeen: pilotsnear-miss with UFOOn April 14, 1954, United AirlinesFlight 193 was forced to make an emer-gency landing after a near-miss with aUFO over the city of Long Beach.Says Capt. Schidel, "It appeared sosuddenly, it was as if it was flying darkand had just turned its navigation lightson.. .it wasin sight just two seconds andmade no movement to avoid me."To avoid the object, Capt. Schidelwasforced to maneuver the jet into a sud-den steep climbing turn. The emer-gency turn caused havoc in the passen-ger cabin.One passenger was thrown from hisseat and broke his left leg. A steward-ess lost her balance and fractured herankle.According to researcher DonaldKeyhoe, "Air force intelligence movedquickly to keep the story quiet." Nev-ertheless, the press found out, and thecase became a media sensation.The captains sterling reputation, thefact that people were injured as a resultof the encounter, and the fact that themysterious aircraft was not in touch withany airport control towers all combinedto give the case a high level of credibil-ity-Today the case is considered a clas-sic in the annals of airplane-UFO en-counters.lMUFON UFO Journal APRIL 2005
  5. 5. Sixteen: The case ofMelinda LeslieThere are an estimated thousand ormore recorded UFO abducdons com-ing from California. Office manager,Melinda Leslie is like most abductees.She experienced early childhood visi-tations, and has been abducted regularlythroughout her life. However, at firstshe was unaware that she was anabductee.She became suddenly interested inUFOs in 1987 after visidng Area 51.Then, examining her past, she slowlyrealized that she had been having expe-riences her whole life.A missing time encounter in 1989erased any denials that she was anabductee.Since then, she has experienced theentire range of UFO phenomenon, in-cluding medical examinations, emo-tional testing, baby presentations, warn-ings of future disasters, and harassmentfrom what appears to be the U.S. mili-tary.In July, 1991, Leslie and two friendsexperienced an abduction while drivingalong the remote Angeles Crest High-way outside Los Angeles. All three wit-nesses had full or partial recall of theonboard segment and were able to cor-roborate each others accounts, makingit one of the few multiple witness ab-ductions on record.She has also had many other con-scious encounters, and has exploredmany of her memories with hypnoticregression.While Leslies case is among the mostextensive and complicated of all re-corded California abductees, it is other-wise pretty typical.Melinda Leslie, however, is differentfrom most other abductees in one par-ticular way: she has gone public withher experiences.In fact, she is one of Californias bestknown abductees, and has remained apermanent fixture on the lecture andmedia circuit.In talking about her experiences andpublicizing the abduction phenomenon,she has contributed greatiy to publiceducation of the subject.Her willingness and ability to inter-act with all aspects of the public mediahas helped many people gain a betterunderstanding of what it means to be aUFO abductee.Fifteen: The case ofMorgana Van KlausenThe Morgana Van Klausen (pseud-onym) case is well known among south-ern California investigators. In mostrespects, the case is typical.Starting in December, 1986, themother and son began experiencingregular visitations by gray-type ETs intheir southern California home. Thehusband was skeptical at first, until hetoo received a visitation.In the next two decades, the VanKlausens experienced numerous close-up sightings and missing-time encoun-ters. What makes the case so compel-ling, however, is the physical evidence.Besides multiple witness testimonyand landing trace evidence, on one oc-casion Morgana Van Klausen washealed as the result of a UFO encoun-ter. It is this that makes the case unique.As revealed by investigator BillHamilton, Van Klausen was diagnosedwith a "non-cystic mass" in her leftbreast. The evening before she was tohave the tumor removed, Van Klausenexperienced a visitation.She went to the hospital the nextdayand was shocked to find that all tracesof the tumor had disappeared. WritesHamilton, "Both the radiologist and thesurgeon confirmed that the previousdiagnosis had revealed a solid mass, andthat solid masses just dont disappear."Hamilton has obtained the beforeand after X-rays. This kind of medicalevidence is very rare, and makes thiscase outstanding in terms of proof ofUFO reality.Fourteen: The Camarillo sightingsIn late November and early Decem-ber of 1996, a UFO appeared over thecity of Camarillo for six consecutivedays. The first sightings took place onNov. 28 and 29.Local Ventura MUFON investigatorsheard about the initial sightings, andknowing that UFOs often appear onconsecutive days,they quickly organizedan on-site investigation.On Dec. 2, MUFON field investiga-tor Alice Leavy arrived on site with sev-eral other investigators. To their amaze-ment, the UFO showed up right on.schedule. The researchers clearly ob-served a "small spherical object" hov-ering in place.As they observed with binoculars andfilmed with video camera and still cam-eras, the object turned red and ejecteda smaller object. The larger object thenbroke up into several smaller objectswhich prompdy disappeared.Throughout the entire ordeal, thewitnesses continued to maintain detailedphotographic records. While the videocamera didnt have the resolution to cap-ture the object, the telephoto still pho-tos did.Whitiey Strieber calls the case "oneof the best documented sightings in re-cent United States history.. .1have seensome of the still photos and can verifytheir remarkable combination of clar-ity and impossibility. Being that theobjects actions were witnessed by a half-dozen witnesses, both through binocu-lars and the naked eye,it is hard to main-tain a case that they are anything butunexplained."What makes this case unique andimportant is the fact that severalMUFON investigators converged onthe scene and not only had sightingsthemselves, but obtained comprehen-sive photographic evidence. This maybe the only case of its kind in Califor-nia history.Number thirteen: TheLAX sightingsThe Los Angeles Airport is one ofthe largest and busiest airports in theentire world, shuttling millions ofpeople across the globe. Unknown tomany people, it is also the location ofan on-going series of UFO encounters.While UFO-airport encounters arenot uncommon in the literature, theLAX sightings are particularly dramaticand consistent. They began in the early1950s and continue to the present day.The first recorded sighting was onJuly 15,1952. For four days, dozens ofwitnesses observed UFOs approach towithin a quarter mile of the control tow-ers.Other dramatic sightings continuedon a regular basis, including 1966,1973,1992,1995,1997, 2002, and 2003. Thesightings involve dozens of witnesses,including MUFON investigator MarkHunziker, videotape footage, and pos-sible radar evidence.The 1992 sighting was printed in theusually skeptical magazineAviation Weekand Space Technology, which part,"The pilot and co-pilot.. .said they sawAPRIL 2005 MUFON UFO JOURNAL
  6. 6. an unusual aircraft coming directly atthem and pass under the 747 by an esti-mated 500-1000 feet...the several sec-ond sighting gave the crew the impres-sion that the other aircraft was a lifting-body configuration, and they describedit as looking like the forward fuselageof a Lockheed SR-17....Defense De-partment and Air Force officials said lastweek that it was not one of their secretprojects."The LAX encounters show thatUFOs display a strong interest in ouraviation technology, can easilyevade ourfastest aircraft, and sometimes have littlefear of being observed.The conclusion is undeniable:Californias largest airport is under ex-traterrestrial surveillance. This factalone should give rise to serious con-cerns in regards to airport security.Number twelve: An underwaterUFO base?While the majority of UFOs are seeneither flying in the sky or landed on theground, a small portion of accounts in-volve ocean-going UFOs. Sometimesthese craft are seen to actually enter oremerge from the ocean itself.Underwater UFOs are relatively rare,except for one location-a small stretchof coastline off southern Californiaknown as the Santa Catalina Channel.North from Santa Barbara down southto Long Beach, the waters seem to bethick with UFOs.•In fact, this section of coastline hasproduced dozens of cases. Thesightings reach back to the 1940s andcontinue to the present day.The first reported California under-water UFO was on July 7, 1947, whentwo San Raphael teenagers saw a "flatglistening object" emerge from the wa-ter, fly around, and then dive back intothe water 400 yards from shore.Throughout this same year, numer-ous steamers reported a mysterious "un-dersea mountain" or a "large mass un-derwater" which kept appearing and dis-appearing in various locations in the SanFrancisco Bay and down the coast.Following this, the sightings cameregularly, in 1951, 1954, 1955, 1957,1962, 1964, 1970, 1980, 1990, 1991,1993,2004.. .the list goes on, most fromthe Santa Catalina channel.The sightings involve many highlycredible witnesses, including lifeguards,security guards, law enforcement offi-cials, military officers, and countless citi-zens. Numerous southern California-based investigators have uncoveredsightings from this area, including BillHamilton, Yvonne Smith, Ann Druffel,myself, and others.Writes Ann Druffel, "The area hasfor at least thirty years been the sceneof UFO reports of all kinds-surfacesightings of hazy craft which cruiselei-surely in full view of military installa-tions, aerial spheres bobbing in oscillat-ing flight, gigantic cloud-cigars, and atleast one report of an underwater UFOwith uniformed occupants."While several theories have beenraised to account for this high concen-tration of reports, the most popular isthat there is some type of underwaterUFO base off the California coast. Inany case, the area is one of Californiasmost active UFO hotspots.[Continued next month.]Invisibility shields planned by engineersBy James Owenfor National Geographic NewsIn popular science fiction, the powerof invisibility is readily apparent. StarTrek fans, for example, know that thedevious Romulans could make theirspaceships suddenly disappear.But is the idea really soimplausible?Not according to new findings by sci-entists who say they have come up witha way to create a cloaking device.Electronic engineers at the Univer-sity of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia areresearching a device they say could makeobjects "nearly invisible to an observer."The contrivance works by prevent-ing light from bouncing off the surfaceof an object, causing the object to ap-pear so small it all but disappears.The concept was reported by the sci-ence news website says the proposed cloaking devicewould not require any peripheral attach-ments (such as antennas or computernetworks) and would reduce visibilitynomatter what angle at which an object isviewed.The concept is based on a "plasmoniccover,"which is a means to prevent lightfrom scattering. (It is light bouncing offan object that makes it visible to an ob-server).The cover would stop light from scat-tering by resonating at the same fre-quency as the light strikmg it. If such adevice could cope with different wave-lengths of electromagnetic radiation (in-cluding visible light), in theory, the ob-ject would vanish into thin air.Alu and Engheta investigated experi-mental plasmonic covers that incorpo-rated metals, such as gold and silver, tohide visible light.When light strikes a metallic mate-rial,waves of electrons, called plasmons,MUFON UFO Journalare generated. The engineers found thatwhen the frequency of the light strikingthe material matched the frequency ofthe plasmons, the two frequencies actto cancel each other out.Under such conditions, the metallicobject scattered only negligible amountsof light.The researchers studies show thatspherical and cylindrical objects coatedwith plasmonic shielding material pro-duce very little light scattering.These objects, when hit by the rightwavelength of light, were seen to be-come so small that they were almostinvisible.The study is supported by the U.S.Defense Advanced Research ProjectsAgency, which researches and developscutting edge military technology.Some experts note, however, thatcloaking devices that could enable mili-tary vehicles and aircraft, let alone space-ships, to become completely invisible tothe enemy are likely to remain elusivefor the foreseeable future.John Pendry, the Imperial Collegephysicist, said that light-shielding cov-ers would have to be customized tomatch the properties of each and everyobject they hide.It would be still more difficult to de-vise shields that could cope with allwavelengths of the visible spectrum—from red to violet light-and not just asingle color.Types of invisibility shielding previ-ously proposed by scientists depend onadvanced camouflage systems, ratherthan objects being made to lookundetectably tiny.Such systems involve light sensorsthat create a mirror image of the back-ground scene on the viewed side of theconcealed object.APRIL 2005
  7. 7. Whats new with alien implants?By Dr. Roger LeirWhats new? This is the ques-tion I have been asked morethan any other. The answeris more complex than one might imag-ine.Since my first venture into perform-ing surgery for the removal of strangeobjects from those individuals who al-lege alien abduction in 1995, my life haschanged dramatically.I have found there is not enough timein the day to continue a full-time medi-cal practice, tend to problems of myaging body, raise a 14-year-old daugh-ter, have some sort of a personal life,and manage to do research in the fieldof alien implants.Despite this, I have continued as apodiatric surgeon and to collect physi-cal evidence in the alien abduction phe-nomena.To date we have performed 11 sur-geries for the removal of objects fromalleged abductees. These 11 surgerieshave netted 12 objects, one of whichhad no scientific merit.The others have all undergone analy-sis by a myriad of well-known labora-tories, and the results have been quitemind-blowing. It should be understoodthat at this point the laboratoryresearchis incomplete. There is much more thatcan be learned from these objects iffurther tests were performed.Why has this work not been done?The answer is simple. There are notenough funds to approach the labora-tories directly and have them do thework. I have refused to do so-called"backdoor research."I am grateful for what has been doneso far on our shoestring budget. I haveformed a legal entity, A&S Research,which is a 501(C 3) non-profit entity, inhopes that grants and donations wouldbe forthcoming. Sadly to say,so far thishas not been the case.Most of my research has been paidfrom my own pocket and -from a fewdonations, coupled with the money Ihave earned from the entertainment in-dustry by licensing and appearing in tele-vision productions. Also the sale of mybooks and DVDs has helped.Whats new? In addition to the surgi-APRIL 2005Dr. Roger Leircal samples we have removed for scien-tific study, we have now accepted someadditional samples from outsidesources, which are reliable and have,adetailed chain of evidence.One specimen is from our own or-ganization, MUFON. These samplesare now also out for analyses, and I waitwith great patience as the wheels oflaboratory re-search grind away,with expectationsthe results will bef o r t h c o m i n gshortly.How does allthis stand with theUFO communityin general? Inter-estingly enough,most seem over-joyed when I can produce data showingscientific anomalies.However there are certain percent-ages who are extremelyupset when theyread mundane findings. I really doubtif there is a scientific researcher in anyfield who comes up with a record of allanomalous data.Looking at the past findings on themetallic samples, one of the most im-portant anomalies involves magneticproperties of iron metals, which on x-ray diffraction show the iron to be amor-phous.It has been shown to me by a smallnumber of scientists working in the so-called "secret military science field" thatwe do not have the knowledge to re-produce these magnetic amorphousmetals.In addition, when we find non-ter-restrial isotopic ratios in objects com-ing from people who allege alien abduc-tion suggests these individuals are tell-ing the truth about their experiences. Icould go on and on illustrating the un-usual physical and chemical anomalieswe have found so far.Still there are those who sit in theircomfortable chairs at home and hop onthe Internet to criticizeme for not hav-ing my articles peer reviewed. This is avalid criticism, but if those who rendersuch criticism do not offer a methodol-ogy for getting this done, then perhapsMUFON UFO JOURNALthey should refrain from their discour-aging, non-productive remarks.It is certainly not due to lack of ef-fort, as I have diligently worked towardthat very end. A sterling example mightbe the research performed on the GaryLowery "claw" sample.Working with one of the worldslead-ing geneticists and the National Insti-tute for Discovery Science, we movedto within a few short days of getting apeer-reviewed article printed in a geneticjournal.Fortunately for us, a last-minutenewly-designed genetic replication pro-cedure produced data that proved the"claw" was not a claw at all, but rather aslug. The story does not end there, butthe point is that the article never ap-peared in any peer-reviewed journal.Does that mean the research en-deavor was futile? I think not, since outof the fires of this project a new proce-dure was developed, leading to furtherrevelations in the DNA research arena.Does that mean there is no data prov-ing the specimen occurred as a resultof alien abduction? Again, the answeris an emphatic NO. What we eventuallyfound, because of this (non-peer-re-viewed) research study,which by the waywas the most extensive study done sofar for DNA related to the abductionphenomena, were more questions, suchas:How did a Sea Slug get into Garyscloset?How did a slug from the NewZealand area get to Bakersfield, CA?How did this particular animal trans-form into such a petrified state that itcould only be cut with a sharp scalpelblade?Whats new? A small portion of thisanimal is now in the hands of a Cana-dian scientific laboratory. We are tryingto determine the age of the animal bycarbon dating. What a surprise it wouldbe if this animal were a thousand ormore years old.Would this answer any of the posedquestions? Again, the answer would beNO. Others and myself have come tothe conclusion that this is the way re-search in ufology goes. Try and solveone problem and youwind up with three
  8. 8. more things to question. This seems tobe the nature of the beast.What else is new? One of the fewways we have had to collect funds tocontinue this research is to use the en-tertainment industry, or, better yet, Imight say,having the entertainment in-dustry use me.Nevertheless, it does generate sometangible income through licensing andon-camera appearances. There is a pricethat one must pay to be able to do this.Two examples of this are as follows:Within the past few months a localHollywood production company de-cided to do a story on the alien abduc-tion subject called the "Gray Agenda,"which aired a few months ago on theHistory Channel. .One of the producers of this piecewas none other than one of our own,upcoming young UFO researcherJohnGreenewald, who also served as themaster of ceremonies at the MUFONSymposium 2004.I was initially asked to participate inthe show, but because of their "budgetconstraints" they withdrew their inter-est in my work.After the show aired I was relieved Ihad not done the program, as it turnedout to be one of the most insulting anddestructive television pieces on this sub-ject I have ever witnessed. There wasnot the slightest mention of ourMUFON organization in the entireshow.Instead, there was a tribute to "TheHouston UFO Network." I was ap-palled, and contacted John. His onlycomment was that he had litde to .dowith the program content, and was try-Implant a new career in television produc-tion. I wished him a lot of luck in hisnew endeavor.Same subject—another TV programcalled "Proof.Positive" produced byanother Southern California productioncompany by the name of Cosgrove-Muir Productions.I was approached and asked to par-ticipate in this program because of apiece of material in my possession,which was suspected of having comefrom a New Mexico UFO crash site in1947.Several individuals and myself helda press conference in Roswell in 1997,the 50thanniversary of the Roswellcrash. During this press conclave weshowed the material and the related sci-entific data. I agreed to do the show,and was impressed with the quality ofthe endeavor.They even flew Jesse Marcel,Jr. intoLos Angeles to film him saying the ma-terial looked like something he had seenon his kitchen floor in 1947. Neither Inor any of the other participants weretold during the shooting of this programthere would be any conclusions drawnat the end of the program.As it turned out, they decided to havethree episodes, each a different story,ina one-hour segment, and at the endwould deem each story Proof Positive,Proof Negative or Proof Undeter-mined. Naturally, they determined mymaterial to be Proof Negative.Prior to shooting the program I wasinstructed to take the sample to a lapi-dary and have a small rectangular piececut away from the specimen. I followedtheir instructions and presented thisMUFON UFO Journalsample to the producer who in turn tookit to a laboratory at UCLA.There, alearned professor performeda SIMS Isotopic Ratio Study on thesample. His conclusion was that thesample was nothing more than a pieceof ordinary silicon, used widely in thecomputer chip industry.This really mys-tified me because at least four other pre-vious laboratories had results showingnon-terrestrial isotopic ratios.After the program aired I was ableto find the name of the UCLA profes-sor who did the test and contacted him.He was a bit defensive, and I told him Idid not question his integrity or his abili-ties. He told me he hoped I was notupset because he had taken only a smalltip from the sample to do the analysis.I found this confusingand asked himwhat he meant by,"the tip." His answerwas that he removed the tip of the tri-angular piece I had sent him. I was flab-bergasted because the specimen I hadcut and given to the producer was a pre-cise rectangle.This solved the mystery of the pre-sented result.The pieces were switchedby the production team. I notified myagent about this, and he in-turn con-tacted one of the producers of-the show.Her comment was, "I couldnt care less."Now, was this all bad? No, becausethe funds derived from the programwent to pay for analysis of several otherspecimens. So goes the battle for knowl-edge and truth in ufology.What else is new? One more item hotoff the presses. I am currently enter-taining the idea of starting a world classalien abduction institute here on theWest Coast.This would be a facility where thesephenomena could be studied with all thescientific minds and "material necessaryto do the job. I have discussed this withseveral individuals, including BuddHopkins, and they were enthused.In order to raise money to fund thisproject, others and myself have formedour own Film Production Company. Weintend to produce a major motion pic-ture on the subject of ufology with allits strange ramifications.Initially we are in the process of pro-ducing a 15-minute teaser for the pur-poses of selling the entire project. If anyof our readers know investors whowould be interested in contributing tothis project, please contact me throughthe .journal.APRIL 2005
  9. 9. Part 2History of UFO sightings in TurkeyEsen SekerkararBy Esen SekerkararMUFON Representative, TurkeyIn July, 2001, we were mostamazed to receive an official re-port of a UFO sighting signedby Halil .Isik,/goyerner ofAdiyaman.This was thefirst rime inTurk-ish history. In the •report were thedetails of thesighting, as wellas testimonies ofthe witnesses,who are three ru-ral guards andseven gendarmepatrols.At 10 PM the three rural guards(Fevzi Cebe, Ybrahim Yilmaz, YusufYilmaz) on duty near Dandirmaz vil-lage of the town Tut in the city ofAdiyaman, saw a round object takingoff from the ground.They immediately called their supe-riors on the radio. Seven gendarme pa-trols (Murat Bilgin, Hakan Unal, MuratBaltaci, Tamer Aydin, Serkan Ozmen,Adem Suleymanoglu, Murat Karan) alsoviewed the object with night binoculars.As they later described in their testi-monies, the object that resembled alargetray was glowing in the sky, and was asbig as a house. The bottommost partof the subject resembled a saucer.The upper part was stationary,yet thebottom was spinning. It was emitting redand yellow lights through its windowopenings. After a while, it flew towardsUlubat Mountain and disappeared.Next morning, the incident was re-ported to the governor of the town HalilIsik. He immediately called the ten wit-nesses and put them into ten separaterooms and asked them to write a reportof what they saw, with a sketch of thesighted object.The testimonies show that they allsaw the same thing and their drawingsare identical as well. •Here is the translation of the origi-nal testimony of ruralguard Fevzi Cebe,son of Mustafa, born in 1958.APRIL 2005"QUESTION: What have you ob-served and:what information do youhave about the Unidentified Aerial Ob-ject sighted on the night of June 7,2001?. ANSWER: "I have been at serviceas a Temporary Rural Guard for TutTown Gendarme Headquarters foreight years. I often go on [patrolling]missions."In daytime, we-went on the MasufPeak, which is in the east of Tut Town,between Dagyalangoz Village andDandirmaz Village. We were on watchand ambush duty."On June 7, 2001, at about 21:30-22:00, (9:30-10:00 PM) we were againon watch duty along with 10 peoplefrom Tut Town Gendarme Headquar-ters. It was dark, the full moon wasyoung, providing some illumination; was cloudless and moistless.There were no winds. Wewere at a quitehigh elevation."Right at that moment GendarmeCorporal Hakan Unal approached from30 meters east to Senior Gendarme Ser-geant Murat Bilgin, whom we were to-gether with, and said, Commander, lookthere to the north. A light is ascendingfrom there."So I looked at the same directionand there was a dome-shaped objectwith a halo around it in the north, 50-100 m. above Komurtepe, which stands3 km. opposite us."This object was sometimes station-ary and sometimes moving towards theeast by pausing [hovering] in every 50-100 meters. Senior Gendarme SergeantMurat Bilgin saw the same thing."He was looking through his nightbinoculars, and he couldnt hide his as-tonishment."He was both watching and remark-ing that he had never seen anything likethat. I was very curious too, so he gaveme the binoculars to observe."When I looked through the binocu-lars, I saw anobject as big as a one-floored village house as described above.The bottom part of the object was likea ball, and there were aligned windowsaround the sphere similar to plane win-dows."A stronger light was emanating fromMUFON UFO JOURNALthem. I couldnt count how many win-dows there were as it was far.While thedome part of the object wasstationary,the bottom part was revolving arounditself."It went about 5 km. to the east andlanded on Ulu Baba summit, which isclose to Adyyaman; I am sure that wasthe place, as I know the area very well.When it was about to land, its lights wentoff completely."We kept watching that area. About15 minutes later, the object started togive off light at where it had landed. AsI looked through the night binocularsagain, I saw the same object I had seenbefore, but [this time] on 300 m. left ofthe object and on the three sides of itsback part there were flashing lights indifferent colors like the turn indicatorsof a car."We could not determine what theselights were. This luminous object stayedfor about 45-50 minutes on Ulu Babastomb. 15 minutes after the landing, itturned its lights on and waited for 30minutes in the same position, then firstascended towards Adiyaman directionand later went away fast."The flashing lights vanished after theobject took off. We waited until themorning, but did not see anything simi-lar to what we had seen."After realizingthe seriousness of thesighting, Governor Halil Isik decided toreport this incident to the Ministry ofInterior Affairs. The same report wasalso sent to the Turkish Scientific andTechnical Research Committee(TUBITAK)onJuly3, 2001.Police footageUFOs were seen again for two nightsonJan. 26-27,2002, over the same town.At around 11 PM on Jan. 26 the policeheadquarters in Adiyaman received aphone call reporting a brilliant objectover the eastern part of the city.The police contacted the patrolmenwho were on duty in that area, and theyconfirmed that there was a brilliant ob-ject in the sky.The chief of police wasimmediatelynotified of the extraordinary incident,and a police team was sent to the area.
  10. 10. Police officers, equipped with nightcameras, spotted the object spreadingout colorful lights and rotating aroundits axis,and managed to film it for aboutfive hours!The following night, at about 2:15AM, twoflyingobjects similar to the onesighted the night before were observedin the skies of Adiyaman,this time overthe western part of the city.The objects were also detected andfilmed uninterruptedly by the watchguard of the SecurityHeadquarters be-tween 2:29-3:00 AM from the roof ofdie police station.According to the information givenby Governor Isik, a total of five uni-dentified objects were observed overAdiyaman: two over Kahta and Samsatdistricts and three over Besni andGolbasi.Isik stated that more than 20 policeofficers witnessed these incidents, andthe images of the objects shot by policecameras were sent to the authorities.This news was all over the nationalpapers for days. However, the Ministryof Interior Affairs never made any pub-lic releases about theseincidents.Side by side flight for 15 minutesIt is not very common to see the sto-ries of pilots UFO observations inTurkish papers. So it was a big surpriseto see a picture of a Turkish Airlines(THY) pilot, Selahattin Sivri, telling thefull story of the encounter he had alongwith two other members of the crewon Oct. 27, 1989.Pilot Sivri, who had an experience of24 yearsin his career at the time, stated,"We were flying at the altitude of 11,000feet. All of a sudden, along with twocolleagues, I saw a giant egg-shapedobject as high as a building on our left."It was emitting red, blue, green, andsharp white lights. Co-pilot HuseyinKargi and Flight Engineer PertevArikan saw it too. We all three were ingreat astonishment that what we wereseeing took our breath away."The giant object was about 2,000meters from their craft, and was rotat-ing around its axis. According to PilotSivri, the object flew in front of themfor 15 minutes. Then it disappeared witha fantastic speed.He reported his sighting to THY of-ficialsand to Kandilli Observatory, andthe object was determined as "uniden-tified." . . 10Turkish Airlines (THY)pilot Se/abattin Siiris encounter.Turkish jet pilots dogfightOn Aug. 7, 2001, two military pilotsof the Turkish Air Force werewitnessesto a very unusual incident.At about 12:30 PM, instructor pilotFirst Lt. Ilker Dincer and his student,Lt. Arda Gunyel, took off with a T-37training aircraft from Squadron 122 inthe city of Izmir, Turkeys third largestcity on the west coast, for a trainingflight..As they were flying over CandarliGulf at an altitude of 15,000 feet andmaking maneuvers of adjustment andengine stopping, they encountered aUFO.After recovering from the shock, Lt.Dincer reported the situation to theground control and the Regional Mili-tary Centre near Kutahya.Lt. Dincer reported to the operationcenter that "we encounter an unusualsituation. There is an extremely brightobject resembling- a funnel or a pyra-mid with a leg flying at a very highspeed.".But the Centres answer was, "We de-tected your aircraft. But no other ob-MUFON UFO Journalject around can be detected."Thereupon, Lt. Dincer directed theaircraft towards the mysterious object.According to his statement, the objectdid the same. The.UFO approached theT-37s wings and they started to fly to-gether.Dincer reported, "Object is ap-proaching our wings. Now its at the rear.Ill take it in the front by a maneuver.Object is now over us. This is literallydogfighting with us."The UFO made maneuvers aroundthe aircraft for about 1.5 minutes asDincer responded to the actions of themysterious craft. The dangerous dog-fight ended with the disappearance ofthe UFO at a fantastic speed.Here is the full radio talk of Lt.Dincer and the base:T-37: Position Candarli. skies, we arefacing an unusual situation.Base: What is the problem?T-37: There is a.very bright objectresembling a funnel and a disk flying ata very high speed in 12.oclock position.Base: Continue; whats its position?T-37: It is approaching me at a veryAPRIL-2005
  11. 11. high speed from straight ahead. Imme-diately detect this object on the radars.I have never encountered such a thing.I suspect it is a UFO.Base: We detect your aircraft. But noother object can be detected on radar.T-37: We are turning the cursor tothe object.Base: We cannot detect a secondobject other than you.T-37: The object is coming towardsus.Base: Radar detect negative.T-37: Object is approaching ourwings. Now its at the rear. Ill take it inthe front by a maneuver.Base: I repeat, radar detect negative.T-37: Object is now over us. This isliterally dogfighting with us.Base: ContinueT-37: Object suddenly disappeared.After returning to their base in Cigli(a district in the city of Izmir), the pi-lots reported the incident to their supe-riors. It was stated that there was muchastonishment in the Air Force, and thatthe investigation continued.As this news was all over the frontpages of the newspapers and on TV asbreaking news, the Turkish Air Forcehad to make a press release where it wasstated that the encountered object wasa meteorology balloon!This statement was not taken seri-ously by the media, either. Also the Me-teorology Centre had stated that therewere no balloons over that route on thatdate. One other thing is that beforetraining flights the route is alwayschecked for air traffic.No need to say it is a law of naturethat no meteorology balloon can dog-fight with a jet at such high altitude andmake such unconventional maneuvers.Lets not also forget that witnesses hereare top pilots who are regularly checked-up. If we cant count on their words,then it means Turkey is in deep trouble!However the Air Force did not makeany further statements after the objec-tions. The two pilots were not allowedto speak about the encounter, so theycould not be reached at their base forany further details. The case was closed.25 minutes with a UFOAs the sighting above kept the mediabusy for days, another Turkish Airlines(THY) pilot had the courage to comeforward and talk about the experiencehe had in 1975.Mehmet Oksum was working as aAPRIL 2005senior captain in the military at that time,and was flying in a military aircraft. Oneday in September, 1975, at around 9 PM,he took off from Kayseri Erciyes Air-port for Diyarbakir. Here is the story inhis own words:"We were flying at an altitude of13,000 feet. My other colleagues wereout in the cabin. That night, there was afull moon. Soon, as we were flying overNovak Mountain, I saw another objectin the sky, which was as big and as brightas the moon. They were almost identi-cal.."I started to watch it very carefully.In the next five minutes, I was com-pletely shocked, so I called my friendsto the cockpit. We were now eightpeople inside."The object started to grow bigger.With a rough comparison, I can saythatthe object became 1,000 times largerthan the size of the moon [from theirperspective]."It was in the size of a 6-7 storybuilding. Then it started to come righttowards us.It slightly changed shape andbecame oval. Then it started to openup in the middle. It opened up and up."It finally took the shape of abicyclewheel with a diameter of 2-3 km. Whenwe looked at its inside, we didnt recog-nize anything. It was very dark. Wedidnt notice anything inside. It was abeam of light in the shape of a bicyclewheel."We passed by each other from a dis-tance of about 2 miles. [The wholescene] lasted for about 20-25 minutes.Meanwhile, I called Sarykysla Towerwith radio and asked them if they ob-served any object on radar screens, buttheir reply was negative."Then I checked with the meteorol-ogy; the wind was blowing from behind.In bewilderment, I noticed that the ob-ject was flying against the wind."Soon, we entered MalatyaAirfield.Normally, we speak with Ground Con-trol when entering an airfield.When wecontacted the Tower, a voice asked inexcitement: Sir, have you seen an un-usual object in the air? Phone lines arelocked by calls from head officials andMayors of Erzurum, Elazig, Mardin.Public is in panic!"He said citizens had sighted anaerialobject traveling in the sky spreadingaround colorful lights, and asked if wehad seen it. I said I had seen an object,but added that it was not emitting col-MUFON UFO JOURNALorful lights. I told him about the objectI saw."We then passed to the city ofDiyarbakyr. Inhabitants of Diyarbakyrwere in panic too. Officials and mayorswere calling the tower, asking if we hadseen an unusual aerial object. I wantedto write a report about this incident, butour colonel told me not to do so."I have been flying for about 39years.I have flight experienceof above 20,000hours, and I have never encountered thiskind of an object before. I think [whatwe saw] was a UFO; it cannot be any-thing else."It was real. No one can say the op-posite; allmy friends witnessed it. I can-not think of a pilot .who sees hallucina-tions. This is impossible in this occupa-tion. Otherwise, no plane would man-age to land. We pass through medicaltests every 3-6 months."Bug-shaped UFO over IstanbulIt was a rainy Sunday evening about18:30 on May 26,2002. Saffet Sapwanted to record the lightning on hisvideo camera. As he started shooting,he saw a strange object in the sky.Firsthe thought it was a kite or a plane.The object was stationary, but thenit started to rise up in the air. Mr. Saplater said that it had about 7-8 legs. Itlooked like a giant bug. His sister sawthis unusual object, too.The upper part of the object wasflashing yellow, red, and green lights.There was green smoke coming out ofthe rear part.I was one of the speakers at the 2002MUFON Conference in Rochester, NY.Jeff Sainio was a guest speaker, too, andduring his lecture he showed some UFOfootage looking exactly the same as the"giant bug" Mr. Sap had shot on hiscamera.More official sightings in 2004Interestingly, officials have started totalk about their UFO sightings publiclyover the past few years. One of the lat-est observations took place on March30, 2004.Caner Yildiz, governor deputy of thecity of Adana, filmed "strange images"he saw in the evening.He reports, "It was about 21:04. Mywife and I were watching TV. Then Isaw a luminous object in the sky.First Ithought it was a bright star that I hadnever seen before, then I recorded it onmy camera for about 20 minutes. It was11
  12. 12. moving very fast, sometimes zigzagging;becoming bigger and smaller."The bottom part, about one thirdof the object, was dark in color, yet theupper part was white. On its top weresharp projecting points like honey-combs. It was something we had neverseen before; [something] we couldntidentify."It would disappear when observedwith the naked eye,then would appearagain. On the camera, it would look assmall as a pin top,then in 2-3 seconds itwould grow as big as an orange. Itlooked Gkea flying saucer."I am not sure was a cover-up ornot, but the footage was studied byTUBITAK National Observatory, andthe object was concluded to be Venus.Whenever the national observatoryscientists conduct such studies on simi-lar incidents, their conclusion about thenature of the object claimed to be aUFO-even with the most convincingcases—is alwaysthe planet Venus! There-fore, one cant help but wonder if it isthe same old cover-up story.UFOs over refineryOn July 20, 2004, Deputy PoliceChief Mehmet Baydogan reported thatpolice officers captured a UFO on videocamera.The police had received calls about asighting near the Free Zone, and offi-cers from the Bureau of Investigationand Identification arrived at the sceneand filmed the luminous unidentifiedflying object at 4 AM.The officers reported the UFO wasmostly crimson colored, with tones ofyellow and green. It was round, and itwas constantly moving and radiatinglight. After daybreak, the object as-cended and vanished.Ten days after this incident, MersinDeputy Chief of Police SuleymanEkizer announced that police officersrecorded another luminous UFO overATAS Refinery.Ekizer explainedin the press confer-ence he held at the Security Departmentthat an unidentified object in the skyover ATAS Refinery was reported to theinformation centre at about 3:30AM.He also stated that investigation andidentification teams went to the placein question and recorded the unidenti-fied flying object on video camera. Thefootage of the luminous object wasshown to the press during the meeting.12CIA-MIT collaboration?It is encouraging that more and moreofficials have begun to talk about theirUFO observations, and give informa-tion about them to the public in Tur-key. As there has been an obvious in-crease in such sightings since 1999, thismust have caught the CIAs attentiontoo!According to the news published onFeb. 6, 2003, in Vatan and Sabah news-papers, the CIA sent an official requestto MIT (Turkish Intelligence Agency)asking for information on the UFOsightings and related incidents takingplace in Turkey.Therefore, MIT commissioned acolonel to lead a research in coopera-tion with the Turkish Air Force. MITalso asked for pilots observation reportsfrom the Turkish Airlines.To my great surprise, this news wasonly in those two newspapers in smallprint, and not a word was mentionedabout it on TV channels or anywhereelse. You could find absolutelynothingin the papers the next day.Larry Bryant, in the US, made aFOIA request in June 27, 2003, for allCIA records pertaining to the Agencysalleged solicitation of, and receipt of,certain UFO data from the Turkish in-telligence agency, MIT. And another onein Aug. 5,2003. Here is the response hereceived on Jan.20, 2004:Dear Mr. Bryant:Reference: F-2003-01199This is in response to your letterdated 5 August 2003 in which you ap-pealed the 24 July 2003 determinationof this Agency in response to your 27June 2003 Freedom of Information Actrequest for the following: "a copy of allCIA-generated and CIA-receivedrecords pertaining to the transmittal ofUFO-related MIT information, alongwith any and all other records revealingCIA UFO-related solicitations directedto, coordinated with, and fulfilled byother intelligence services/operationsconducted by foreign governments...."Specifically, you appealed our deter-mination to neither confirm nor denythe existence or nonexistence of recordspertaining to these records.The Agency Release Panel has con-sidered your appeal and has determinedthat the Agency can neither confirm nordeny the existence or nonexistence ofrecords responsive to your request onMUFON UFO Journalthe basis of Freedom of InformationAct exemptions (b)(l) and (b)(3).Therefore, in accordance with Agencyregulations, the Agency Release Panelhas denied your appeal. For your infor-mation, Agency regulations are set forthin part 1900of tide 32 of the Code ofFederal Regulations.In accordance with the provisions ofthe Freedom of Information Act, youhave the right to seek judicial review ofthis determination in a United Statesdistrict court.We appreciate your patience whileyour appeal was being considered.Sincerely,Herbert O. Briick —Vice Chairman, Agency Release PanelAs FOIA law had not been in forceat the time here in Turkey, there wasnta chance to make a similar request fromthe MIT.I am happy to sayTurkey haspassed the law recendy, and I shall in-form you about the response to my re-quest as soon as I receive it.Last wordsAs can be seen, UFO activities aretaking place in this part of the globe too,just like it is in every other part of- theworld.However, it is amazing to see thatUFO sightings and alien encounters arecommon everywhere, but other UFO-related phenomena like animal mutila-tions and crop circles take place mostiyin certain areas of the world.For example, there have never beenany animal mutilations or crop circlesreported in Turkey.Abductions do happen, but not solarge in number. The other reason forthat, apart from the fear of ridicule,might be that the whole phenomenonhas started to be discussed publiclyonlywithin the last few years, so it is a newsubject for the country.Thats why there arent many re-searchers. And among those few, therearent many serious ones, unfortunately.Scientists are mosdy conservative, orthey are afraid to lose their jobs in thecase they disclose the truth.In 1999, when Turkeys first Inter-national UFO Conference was orga-nized, there were about 4,500 attend-ees in two days! But in the followingyears conferences, we could not evencome near that number. So,we realizedthat people attended the first conferenceout of curiosity, not out of interest! ItAPRIL 2005
  13. 13. is also very sad that there are no longerUFO conferences organized. But itmust not be forgotten that Turkey is adeveloping country.So it is struggling with economic andpolitical problems, and that meanspeople are engaged with making theirliving and surviving. This certainlydoesnt make the UFO and ET subjecta priority for them!Behind this dark portrait, there is stilllight. Weknow that the Turkish NationalIntelligence Service (MIT) is collectingUFO reports. It was also very promis-ing to receive an official report of aUFO observation made by ten officials(Gendarmerie Headquarters staff andtemporary rural guards) in the city ofAdiyaman.The report was sent and signed bythe governor of the city. Some of theofficials have begun to talk about theirUFO sightings openly. So things arechanging gradually, and I believe morepositive things will happen as we solveour economic and political problems.Jesse Marcel Jr. reportsexperiences in IraqBy George FilerArmy Col. Jesse Marcel, Jr., 69, ofRoswell fame, and an M.D who wascalled back to active duty in Iraq, writes,"I am doing OK and happy with myassignment, although the extreme heathas not arrived yet. I flyat least once ortwice a week in a Blackhawk, and hadseven hours flying time yesterday goingfrom Baghdad to Mosel, to Tikrit, Urbiland Kirkut."I have to say it is gratifying to seethe folks in the countryside (shepherds)wave a greeting to us as we fly low level.We also do candy bombs where pack-ages of candy are dropped out whenkids are seen. We had to orbit overKirkut for 15 minutes yesterday, and hadsome rocks thrown at us, but we gotthe hell out before bullets werelaunched, but that is an exception."Locally the daily mortar barrages onthe camp have declined to only three orfour attacks a week, a decided improve-ment since the elections,...although it isa very dangerous place yet."My old Humvee was replaced withan armored Humvee with bullet proofwindows to drive."—Thanks to Jesse Marcel and BondJohnson.APRIL 2005MUFON ForumJennings TV show on ABCBy Budd HopkinsDuring the past year, Peter Jenningsproducers interviewed me a number oftimes, and because I sensed what theyhad in mind, I made, as a preemptivestrike, a number of careful, highly spe-cific observations about the UFO ab-duction phenomenon.All of these crucial points-recordedby ABC on videotape-were designed tounderline the physical reality of UFOabductions, and to demonstrate the im-plausibility of current skeptical expla-nations.To its shame, ABC suppressed ALLof these observations. I knew,of course,that the skeptics favorite explanation dujour is impossibly simple: abduction re-ports, they believe, are all due tomisperceived "sleep paralysis."Ranking as a distant second is an-other erroneous belief: abduction re-ports, they say, "ONLY emerge underhypnosis," and, since hypnosis is "to-tally unreliable," all abduction reportsmust be discarded.In the light of these tediously famil-iar errors and misstatements, I madecertain in my taped interviews to explainthe following:In the first two decades of our re-search, ALL of the central abductioncases involved people who were outsidetheir houses when they were taken.NONE were lying paralyzed in theirbedrooms. They were driving cars,walking, fishing, hunting, and even, inone famous case, driving a tractor on afarm."Sleep paralysis" as a blanket expla-nation of UFO abductions is therefore,ipso facto, a ludicrous non-starter. Nev-ertheless, ALL of my insistent state-ments on this point were systematicallyeliminated by the producers.Second, I indicated that there aremany abduction reports involving two,three, six, or more people who weretaken simultaneously,and whose highly-detailed recollections are virtually iden-tical.This fact alone eliminates not only"sleep paralysis," but "fantasy-prone-MUFON UFO JOURNALness" or anyother idiosyncratic psycho-logical aberrations as triggering causes.My descriptions of these many cases ofmultiple abductions were likewise com-pletely suppressed by the producers.Third, I showed the interviewersmany photos of, again, virtually identi-cal scoop marks,consistent straight-linescars, ground landing traces at abduc-tion sites, and other physical sequelae.ALL of these vivid photographic ex-amples of physical evidence were sup-pressed by the producers.Fourth, I was not alone in makingthese points. My colleague, Dr. DavidJacobs, was asked by ABC to carry outa hypnotic regression for the camera, butsince-the woman he chose had been ab-ducted in the daytime while driving acar, the case did not fit ABCs "sleepparalysis" agenda and was thus not onlysuppressed, but Dr.Jacobs many hoursof taped interviews were also scrapped.Fifth, I made it very clear that per-haps 30% of all the abduction reportscollected by researchers are recalledWITHOUT THE AID OF HYPNO-SIS, a fact which renders the issue ofhypnosis moot. This point was also sup-pressed by the producers, whose onlygoal, it appeared, was to eliminate anydata that contradicted their transpar-ently false debunking hypotheses.Despite my having presented-andreiterated-the points above, the produc-ers chose to trot out on camera twodebunking scientists (whose experi-ments with a mere handful of subjectshave yet to be taken seriouslyby the psy-chological community) to buttress theuntenable "sleep paralysis" theory, thefalse "no physical evidence" claim, andthe demonstrably untrue "its all hypno-sis" assertion.The smug presentations of these twowould-be experts were accompanied bythe producers lurid "reenactments" of"sleep paralysis" phenomena, completewith flashing lights and spooky music.The taped testimony of a seriousmental health professional like Dr. JohnMack was likewise suppressed, alongwith my statement that over the yearseight psychiatristsand numerous other(Continued on Page 15)13
  14. 14. UFOsOver CaliforniaCalifornia UFOsUFOs Over California by PrestonDennett, 2005, Schiffer Publishing Ltd,4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA19310,, 6x9,soft cover, 224 pgs, $14.95 .plus $3.95shipping.Reviewed by Dwight ConnellyAs the author points out, California,with at least 5,000 UFO reports, leads thenation in cases,and thus certainlydeservesits own book.Dennett is an es-tablished, re-spected ufologist,having personallydealt with morethan a hundredcases in Californiaas a MUFON in-vestigator over thepast twentyyears.He is perhapsbest known for hisbook UFOs OverTopanga Canyon: Eyeudt-nessAccounts of theCalifornia Sightings,pub-lished in 1999, but is also the author ofExtraterrestrial Visitations: TrueAccounts ofContact (20Q), OneinForty-The UFO Epi-demic: TrueAccounts of CloseEncounters nnthUFOs (1997), and UFO Healings: True Ac-counts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials(1996).UFOs OverCalifornials a comprehen-sive look at ufology in California fromthe 1890s to the present,divided intotimeperiods, specific areas of the state, andtypes of sightings.The footnoting is extensive, there isa32-page full-color section featuring pho-tos and drawings, there is an appendixlisting unexplained BlueBook cases fromCalifornia, and there is an alphabeticallist-ing of the numerous sources used in com-piling the reports. Unfortunately, there isno index.The fact that this book covers somanyreports is both its strong point and itsweak point-strong because it is so com-plete, but weak because most readers willnot be able to sift the more reliable re-ports from the less reliable reports, as14most cases seem to be presented asthough theyare of equalcredibility.Uninvestigated reports from FilersFiles in thejournal are just not on a parwith caseswhich the author has person-ally investigated in Topanga Canyon, tocite only one example.Those knowledgeable in the field can,of course, evaluate particular reportsbased on the source of the report (as ref-erenced by the extensive endnotes for thecases), the number of witnesses, and soforth.But those without this experienceandbackground will find it impossible toseparate the reliableresearchers and casesfrom the questionable.On the other hand, perhaps providinga complete picture of cases without tak-ing the space to evaluatequality isthe onlylogical way to approach a book of thistype.Although this book isnot perfect (whatbook is?), it is an important contributionto the field by an experienced researcher.Because of the sheer number of re-ports from California, as well as the sig-nificant types of cases from this state(more underwaterreports than any otherstate, the enigma of Edwards Air ForceBase, etc.), this book should be of inter-est not only to Californians, but to read-ers everywhere.nitely recommended.Yes, ET is hereIs ETHere? No Politically, But Yes Sci-entifically and Theologically By RobertTrundle, Ph.D., May 1,2005, EcceNovaEditions, P.O. Box 50001, 15-1594Fairfield Road, Victoria, BC, Canada,250-595-8401,, 6x9soft cover, 313 pages, Available fromAmazon, Borders, etc. $22.95 (U.S.).Reviewed by Dwight ConnellyThe author, Dr. Robert Trundle, un-like many individuals in ufology, holdsa legitimate Ph.D in philosophy fromthe University of Colorado, and is amember of the New York Academy ofSciences, the American PhilosophicalMUFON UFO JournalAssociation, and numerous other re-spected groups.He is the author of six other books,including UFOs: Politics, God & Science(2001), and FromPhysics to Politics(1999).In Is ETHere?Dr. Trundle cov-ers a wide rangeof topics, such asScience on An-gels and Aliens,Alien Anatomyand Technology,Singular Peopleand StrangePlaces, Official Reports and Odd En-counters, Outlandish Organizations andIntriguing Issues, Military Projects andMoon Missions, and Controversy OverReligion and Science.The five appendices, including thealways impressive Bernard HaischsOpen Letter to His Colleagues, provideadditional information and insights.Sprinkled throughout this detailedand at times challenging book are 186illustrations-some related to the text,and some apparently included to breakup the type or to provide additionalitems of interest to the reader.Although there is an index, it is toosmall for a book with this much infor-mation (at least in the advanced galleycopy which I received for review).An interesting feature is a series ofbiographies of the members of the al-leged MJ-12 group which clearly dem-onstrates that the backgrounds and as-sociations of these individuals are ap-propriate for MJ-12 membership.In a sort of introduction to the bookspurpose is the following, which alsosuggests its reading level:"Human pride and an imposition ofpolitics on science are the best explana-tions for impeded scientificprogress anda close-mindedness to one of the mostastonishing possibilities in history: thatET is here. While this case is made bythe philosophy of science, there isAPRIL 2005
  15. 15. enough science to exclude glib scientificrejoinders, and enough philosophy toshow that UFOs can violate our scien-tific theories when their truth is re-stricted to certain domains. Until thereis this defense of ETs possible pres-ence, as evidenced by the very observa-tion that corroborates theories, preva-lent confusion will persist on the partof both scientists and the public: on theone hand, the public will think its beliefis bad science, and many scientists willreinforce that false thought by compar-ing UFO belief to an irrational beliefin religion. On the other, religion andscience will be muddled by those whointerpret either angels as aliens or aliensas angels. The former interpretationreduces the supernatural to natural phe-nomena, and the latter elevates thatphenomena to the supernatural."The author employs a number ofwell-known individuals to"add credibil-ity to this book, including Peter Gersten,who writes the first Forward, and Dr.Peter Redpath, who writes the secondForeward.He also utilizes quotes from individu-als such as Professor MichaelZimmerman of Tulane University, Dr.John Mack, and Dr. Richard Haines inassociating his presentation with re-spected individuals. Credible research-ers such as Dr. David Jacobs, BuddHopkins, Stan Friedman, Dr. J. AllenHynek are utilized in presenting specificcases.On the other hand, he finds the workof George Adamski, Robert Lazar, Ri-chard Doty, and Col. Philip Corso worthdiscussing in an apparently positive light.And while there are numerous refer-ences in the endnotes, there are also toomany statements regarding cases andevents that arenot credibly documented,such as the alleged "Project Sigma" andhis description of the Cash-Landrum in-cident. •Not only is there unjustified relianceon individuals like Doty and Corso, butalso on popular UFO books whichthemselves utilize unreliable or incom-plete sources. Thus this book, like somany others, is a mixed bag of reliable,significant, interesting information andquestionable information.One is forced to ask: What is thereabout the field of ufology that preventsso many authors from separating the re-liable from the unreliable, the crediblefrom the questionable? Why do theAPRIL 2005good and the bad have to be intermixedso that the average individual attempt-ing to learn about ufology cannot tellthe difference?For some authors this failing can beattributed to lack of research, lack ofexperience, lack of ability, or simplylackof caring, but for an author with theintelligence and background of Dr.Trundle, it is troubling.There is much in this book which isexcellent; it is too bad the poor materialwas not eliminated or at least put in per-spective.MUFON Forum...(Continued from Page 13)mental health professionals had cometo me about their own UFO abductions.The producers obvious goal wasto con-ceal the fact that within the mentalhealth community there are many pro-fessionals who look with amusement onthe "sleep paralysis" theory, and whoaccept the physical reality of UFO ab-ductions.So what can one say about such adeliberately dishonest presentation asPeter Jennings take on abductions?Perhaps one can only shrug and warn,yet again, that the incurious membersof the press and the many blinkered,conservative scientists had better col-lectively pull their heads up out of thesand and join us in our work.Whatever ones personal attitude to-ward the UFO abduction phenomenon,science insists that an extraordinaryphenomenon demands an extraordinaryinvestigation.What ABC served up was, instead,an extraordinary whitewash of the ab-duction phenomenon, and a brutal sup-pression of the evidence for what maywell be the most portentous event inhuman history.Peter Jennings and his staff shouldbe ashamed.Bill ORiley show not awfulBy Bruce MaccabeeWild Bill OReilly has had his say onUFOs and, indirectly,onJennings show.He devoted 61/2 minutes of his March11 show to the subject. Bill isnt im-pressed.• Guest Mark Rodeghier wasstraightfaced, but Bill had a continual"Mona Lisa Smile," some might say asmirk,when asking whether or not MarkMUFON UFOJOURNALreally, believed what he was saying.Unexplained sightings are not unex-pected. But what bothers him is thatwith all the scientific stuff (satellites,telescopes, etc.)there is no clearevi-dence.OReilly is not impressed with theconspiracy theory-government cover-up. Bill doesnt buy abductions, eventhough he apparently talked to somelady who made a claim of a sighting (andabduction?).Guest Jed Turnbull of the IntrudersFoundation said he believes because thepeople come to him with consistent sto-ries.Bill pointed out that all one has todo is read the Internet to find out whatis "supposed" to happen during an ab-duction. People could be making up sto-ries for attention.He asked Mark, do you believe thatthere are hundreds of people who havebeen abducted? Mark indirectly saidyes.But Bill went back to "gaining attention"as the reason for reporting such stories.Jed commented that there were ab-ductions even in NYC, and Bill re-sponded in a jocular manner that hecould walk outside and find 18 aliens inNew York.He ended on a skeptical note with-out being debunking about it. He didnot have a "noted skeptic" on the show.The show ended with OReilly challeng-ing the aliens to pick on someone theirown size... him. (Obvously, he doesntknow of the dimimutive size of mostaliens.) I gather that it was all an amus-ing laugh for him.However, he did not mount a strongcounter-argument that there is nothingto it. He basically left it that he wasntconvinced, so there!Perhaps the important positive factis that he allowed the exposure of thesubject without trying to tear Mark orJed apart, so perhaps some of his twomillion(?) viewers will be given the in-centive to contact theCenter or the In-truders Foundation.Angel hair questionsBy Mark IsganitisI found the article on angel hair inthe Feb 2005 MUFON UFO Journalvery interesting, especially the scientificanalysis. It seems to me, by the chemi-cal analysis presented, this stuff shouldbe extremely flammable.Could angel hair emitting craft be the15
  16. 16. source of some of these fireballsightings we.have had over the years?Another question I did not seeasked:Since this stuff is organic in origin, arethere any known organisms that pro-duce a similar substance (including allthe hydrocarbon compounds)?Is it possible to reproduce this sub-stance in a laboratory, and,-if so,howdifficult would it be?I know you probably dont have theanswers to these questions, but it maybe interesting to bring them up the nexttime this is discussed in a public forum.Editors Note: Marks inquiry wasforwarded to Phyllis Budinger, analyti-cal chemist with Frontier Analysis,Ltd.,whose research with angel hair was fea-tured in a sidebar article in the Febru-ary issue. Her response follows:Question 1. Angel hair is not flam-mable, for example, like gasoline etc.When exposed to a match it almost in-stantly fizzles to a trace amount of blackchar similar to the burning of hair. I donot relate angel hair to UFO fireballs.Question 2.There are known organ-isms that produce a similar substance.However,-! cant saythat I know of anythat also producehydrocarbons.About four years ago I consulted withan entomologist (Cleveland Museum ofNatural History). I wanted to know,what other insects besides ballooningspiders produced massive amounts ofsilk-like material.He sent the message around to anumber of his colleagues. His answerwas: "There are numerous lep larvaethat balloon as well, usually as neo-nates."Also attached was a message- fromanother colleague. The italics are myadditions. "Larvae of many Lepi-doptera, particularly those with wing-less adult females (e.g. someLymantriidae (Gypsy Moth) andGeomedtridae.(Inchworms), disperse byballooning as first instars."I would like to add a further com-ment about the light hydrocarbons. Theywere clearly present in small amountsin a sample from California (Nov 22,1999). This is the only angel hair eventwhere hydrocarbons have been detected. However, I worry that the witnesstruck exhaust may have contaminatedthe sample. The truck was close by,andI dont know if the engine was runningor not when he collected the sample.16Even if it was not running there mayhave been enough residual hydrocar-bons to contaminate the sample. So thejury is still out whether this came fromthe angel hair.Eventually we may be lucky enoughfor another observant witness to grab asample and seal it tightly in a Zip Lockor a clean jar.Question 3. Why reproduce it in alaboratory when you can use caterpil-lars, etc. to produce it?More about angel hair. So far, Ihave examined 7 or 8 samples, whichwere all from the United States and col-lected between September and Novem-ber when most people tend to noticethem, though spider ballooning may takeplace any time of the year for some spe-cies, depending on the climes. (I havewritten formal reports on five events.)I would like to examine samples fromother countries and from other timesof the year. Some of the samples I.havelooked at are spider web. I.see stickydroplets and eggs under the microscope..A few appeared .different. Thesesamples did not have the droplets andeggs. And a single fiber was of a smallerdenier than a reference of spider silk.The infrared spectrum, while very simi-lar to spider silk, was closer to caterpil-lar silk.As you can see, a lot more analysishas to be done on good reliablesamples,and hopefully with witnesses who alsoreported UFO activity in the area.Maybe we will get lucky?Teleportation works againBy Stefan Lovgrenfor National Geographic NewsAustrian researchers have teleportedphotons (particles of light) under theDanube River in Vienna, using technol-ogy that calls to mind Scotty beamingup Captain Kirk in the Star Trek sci-ence fiction series."We were able to perform a quan-tum teleportation experiment for thefirst time ever outside a universitylabo-ratory," said Rupert Ursin, a researcherat the Institute for Experimental Phys-ics at the University of Vienna in Aus-tria.The researchers read the "blueprints"of the photons theywanted to teleport.They then broke up the photons intosmaller particles called quantum bits,and sent these bits, along with the blue-prints, through a fiber-optic cable in asewage pipe under the river.At the other end, replicas of the origi-nal photons were created. The originalphotons ceased to exist once the repli-cas were created.Quantum teleportation may haveprogressed from science fiction to real-ity, but dont look for a Star Trek trans-porter anytime soon. This science haslittle to do with beaming people fromone place to another.Instead, scientists hope the technol-ogy could become crucial for quantumcomputing and quantum cryptology,areas that promise to make computingmuch faster and 100 percent secure.Teleportation involves dematenabz-MUFON UFO Journaling an object at one point and transfer-ring the precise details of its configura-tion to another location, where the ob-ject is then reconstructed.Teleportation was long consideredimpossible because it violates the so-called uncertainty principle of quantummechanics. As the principle goes, the actof measuring a tiny particle destroys it.So theoretically, an exact replica of aparticle can never be made.But in 1993 scientists showed a wayaround the problem by using a complexconcept known as entanglement, an areaof physics that Albert Einstein referredto as "spooky action at a distance."Since then, numerous experimentsusing photons have proved that quan-tum teleportation is possible. Scientistshave teleported quantum bits alongmore than a mile (1.6 kilometers) of fi-ber-optic wire inside laboratories.The problem, for now, is that thequantum technology only works overlimited distances. Physicistsare nowlay-ing the groundwork for so-called quan-tum repeaters.Used in regular communications,these devices would allow messages tobe transmitted around the world.So what are the chances of develop-ing a transporter that can beam peoplefrom one location to.another, Star Trek-style? "Nothing we do will help us buildScottys apparatus," Ursin said."The reason is very simple: A humanbody contains too much information toscan and build all replicas." .APRIL 2005
  17. 17. Director, MUFON Eastern RegionNote: These reports are presented in or-der to keep readers informed of some of thevast number of sightings being reported.However, these reports have not been offi-cially investigated.Life on MarsA Space News staff reporter writes,"A pair of NASA scientists told a groupof space officials at a private meetinghere Sunday that they have found strongevidence that life may exist today onMars, hidden away in caves and sus-tained by pockets of water."The scientists, Carol Stoker andLarry Lemke of NASAs Ames ResearchCenter in Silicon Valley, told the groupthat they have submitted their findingsto the journal Nature for publication inMay, and their paper currently is beingpeer reviewed."What Stoker and Lemke have found,according to several attendees of theprivate meeting, is not direct proof.oflife on Mars, but methane signatures andother signs of possible biological activ-ity remarkably similar to those recendydiscovered in caves here on Earth."Indiana UFO melts frozen pondCOLUMBIA CITY - Thewitnessreports, "This was an evening of icefishing I will never forget! Coming overthe trees was an elongated triangularshaped thing. It was hovering over theeast end of the small farm pond whereI was fishing onJan. 31,2005, at 10PM."It moved over the frozen water andlowered slowly. It sat motionless with-out a sound for a minute or two. As itrose silendy, steam rose from the lake.The object slipped quietly past the treesand floated out of sight (myline of sightwas obscured .by trees)."We used our cell phone to call thelocal sheriff, but there was no answer,as our cell phones had both gone dead.This was strange. Also, our battery op-erated fish locator (Vexilar) was affected,we believe. . •"The area of the pond where the ob-APRIL 2005ject hovered was melted in about twoinches." Thanks to Peter Davenport,Director, Almost every year a report isreceived of UFOs melting ice or break-ing through the ice.Minnesota object maneuversHASTINGS - "I am aField Investi-gator Traineewith MUFON re-porting here asighting my sisterhad on theevening of Jan.28, 2005, at 9:45PM. My sisterwas driving southon Highway 61 inHastings, enGeorge Filer route to Winonawhen she spotteda bright, oval-shaped white light south-east of her position," says the witness."There were scattered clouds, and themoon was fully visible. This object ap-peared at the 3-4 oclock position rela-tiveto the moon, and my sister assumedthat it was the light of an oncomingplane that she was seeing until it beganto perform some very remarkablemove-ments."From its stationary position it rap-idly descended vertically to near thehorizon level and hovered. It seemedeither to be wobbling or to be flashinglights. The object then reversed direc-tion to head directly upwards 1/3 thedistance it had initially descended, thenstopped again."After a second or two the object shotoff with incredible speed to the north-east before disappearing." Thanks to Pe-ter Davenport:California donutLOS ANGELES - Thewitnessre-ports, 1 was driving with my son, whois 12 years old, in North Hollywoodabout 5 PM on Jan. 29, 2005, when hesaid, Mom, look up, UFO! When IMUFON UFOJOURNALlooked up, I saw an object moving inthe sky straight above us that was thesize of a helicopter and the same height,but it was a strange shape."It was round with a hole in themiddle like a donut, or a disc with a hole.It was black, and you could see skythrough the hole. It looked like nothingelse I have ever seen before."I parked my car so we could seebetter. It was flying from North Holly-wood towards West Hollywood. Themovement was unusual, just like it wasspinning or wobbling."The edges were going slightly up anddown, like it was maneuveringin the airwith its own body, and you could see itclearly. We watched for four minutesuntil it became a black dot."California orange ovalBERKELEY - The witness reports,"I was in the shower and I looked outthe window on Feb. 2,2005, at 7:30 AM,and saw an orange oval fairly high inthe sky. Once I saw it, it just hoveredover a park, and a few seconds later .itstarted to fly off extremely fast."Georgia massive lightsELLERSLI - Carolyn Linn/Cabre-ports, "My family and I drove home onFeb. 12, 2002, when we noticed a beamof light through the trees. I pulled mytruck down the road and was amazedwhen the beam disappeared."Still watching, it came back, but tiristime with flashing lights of blue, white,and red. I turned the truck lights offand stopped."It was moving toward us, so wedrove south onto Highway 85 to followit, then onto County Line Road and aback road. Driving north we came tothe power lines and saw a large whitelight just above the treetops."The white light transformed intoblinking lights of red, blue, and whitearound this MASSIVE piece of equip-ment. This object made absolutely nosound, and slowly moved right in front17
  18. 18. of us.I quickly turned the truck to keepup with it and suddenly it was gone."We notified the sheriff and local TVstation, but there were no other reports.It was truly amazing; there is no rea-sonable explanation for this sighting. Itwas much too large, too low, and nosound. We saw this thing up close, veryclose.Illinois U-shaped objectNAPERVILLE - Thewitness stated,"Im a 22-year-old male active skywatcher, and I was admiring the strange,glittery, really fine powder snow that wasfalling at a steady rate on Jan! 27, 2005,at 4:15 AM."Looking up, I saw a UFO, literallyin the shape of a U, that was 90% invis-ible, but with a distinct outline of thecraft. It had three opaque whitish spotsat the rear lights. It traveled fairly slowand approached the moon."The light of the moon revealed theenure craft. The clouds were a darkpurple hue above the craft. It was big-ger than the full moon. The glow of themoon amplified the image of the craft,and actually revealed its outline furtherto about 80% visible."It was about three inches from themoon, and it took about 10 seconds forit to pass the moon, at which point Icould no longer see it." Thanks to Pe-ter Davenport.Illinois fireballsNEWTON - Thewitness reports,"My children and I were on our wayhome when we saw two large fireballsthat moved crisscross from each other,then disappeared on Feb. 4, 2005, at7:30 AM. We pulled over at the restarea and watched the lights in the skythat seemed to dance."Another fireball appeared, and wegot in the car and followed it towardsOlney." Thanks to Peter Davenport.Washington disc and triangleYELM - Thewitness reports, "Myboyfriend, Nathan, and I were drivingon Yelm Highway about 7 PM on Jan.30, 2005.The road is surrounded by forest, andone side of the road is part of FortLewis."All of sudden we saw this aircrafthovering above the trees right beside thehighway. The aircraft was triangular and18had two square lights at the bottom, andthere was no cockpit in sight. It was thickand it had a light at every corner."We were driving by it slowly, but an-other car was following too close andwe almost got in an accident. We man-age to recover and just drive away. Theoddest thing was that it hovered andthere was no sound." Thanks to PeterDavenport.Nebraska object lifts somethingWOOD RIVER - The witnessre-ports, "While getting ready to leave myparents house, around midnight, five ofmy friends and I were sitting on theporch of an old Victorian house on 11 thStreet on Jan. 31, 2005, and an objectwas hovering above a cornfield severalmiles to the west. . ;"The object stayed in the sky,. mov:ing from side to side for about ten min-utes, then it appeared to be gone. In thisten-minute time period the oval-shapedobject let out a few bursts of light like itwas glowing, and shined a blindingbright light down to the ground andstarted lifting up objects."We arent sure what the object was,but it most likely was the size and shapeof an Angus cow." Thanks to PeterDavenport.Louisiana object leaves traces. IBERIA-The witnesses report thaton Feb. 4, 2005, at 9:45 PM, they saw"a big, round, colorful UFO that juststopped in one spot a few feet in theair, and then it took off, and it was no-where in sight."It was about 40-50 feet wide, withwhite, green, and red big bright lightsall around it. It was about 10-15 feetfrom the ground, and hovering in oneplace."Finally, it started to move forward,and we got scared, so we took off, butturned right back around to see if it wasstill there, which didnt take us morethan 30 seconds to get back to where itwas. It was nowhere in sight!"We looked allaround, and we lookedin the sky and it was really nowherearound."The next day we looked in the samespot where we saw it, and we found whatlooked like eyeballs and reddish fingerlooking things. We have pictures of thethings we have found." Thanks to Pe-ter Davenport.MUFON UFO JournalPennsylvania triangleCLARKS SUMMIT - Thewitnesssays, "On Feb. 1, 2005, at 7 PM, mydaughter and I looked through the treesin our backyard and saw bright whitelights that looked like a triangle, withthree distinct points."The object hovered Over the treesfor a second, and then the three pointsseemed to break off and fly close to-gether, extremely fast. We were gettingin the car anyway and decided to followthem as best as we could."We noticed them only for a coupleof minutes, and then lost sight of them.This was the strangest thing I have everseen! A craft that split up into threespeeding crafts with white lights andlittle or no sound." Thanks to PeterDavenport.California rainbow sphereSAN JOSE - The witness reports,"I was leaving work when I heard a roarof an airplane on Feb. 4, 2005, at 9:45PM. The company I work for is locatednear SanJose Minneta International Air-port."I looked up and noticed a sphere-shaped object glistening in the sunlight.It was probably at 2,000-3,000 feet, hov-ering motionless. It began emitting arainbow of colors, very intense andbright, and it definitely had a pattern toit."I waved my arms, convinced thatwhatever was occupying this unknownobject had intelligent life forms aboard.It then began to move westward, andthen took off at amazing speed."Thanks to Peter Davenport.New Jersey saucerPENNSAUKEN - A huge saucerwas reported hovering over the Dela-ware River near Philadelphia at sunseton or about Feb. 23, 2005. A womanwho emigrated from the DominicanRepublic stated that she and her familyof eight saw the huge craft hoveringover the river for at least 15 minutes.It was described as "at least as big asa football field." She said the saucer,without lights or very, dim lights, washovering about 500 feet above the wa-ter. She felt it may have taking on freshwater from the river. Her family hadseen similar craft over the DominicanRepublic on a regular basis but peoplewere afraid to report the sightings.APRIL 2005