June 2003MUF®NMutual UFO NetworkUFO JournalNumber 422MUFON 2003INTERNATIONAL UFOSYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGSlEEEr^: _ jt==~==-~s=...
MUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)Post Office Box 369Morrison, CO 80465-0369Tel: 303-932-7709Fax: 303-932-9279...
Study by Dr. James DoerterFire lookouts see anomaliesForest Service fire lookouts are somewhat uniqueamong UFO witnesses, ...
was bathed in flashing red-orange and white light. Get-ting out of bed, she observed a large orange cigar-shapedobject in ...
Drawing HS-5In addition to the object, she thinksshe saw figures likesmall human beings beneath the object and inthe air a...
Drawing SC-15had an extended tripod, according to a report providedbyRichard Seifried. Additional detailswere notincluded....
Drawing SC-8Indian Reservation in Washingtonwas reported by Dor-othy Sturm, an experienced lookout, who has reportedother ...
The Billy Meier caseIn an interesting turn of events, a trio of famous pro-fessional skepticsand debunkers haveturned tail...
we could stillbe dealing withbrute-force, action-reactionrockets to cross interstellar space has to be passe.We have known...
Ufblogy ProfileLt. Col. Wendelle StevensBy Dwight Connelly" Tt. Col. WendelleStevens, UFO author, photo col-lector, invest...
worked closely with the Tucson-based Aerial Phenom-enon Research Organization (APRO), headed by Jim andCoral Lorenzen, fol...
FILERS FILESBy George A. FilerDirector, MUFON Eastern RegionGeorge FilerUnless otherwise noted, these reports have not bee...
suits. In their opinion, the observation was reliable, andthey believe that the depression on the floor of the lake,which ...
in aviation for over 30years and Ive never seen anythinglike this!" Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORCCalifornia Highway Pa...
Followed by Nebojsa Borkovich, XJibris Corp.,c. 2002, trade paperback: $17.84; Hardback: $27.89.(1-888-795-1274)(www.xlibr...
By Jenny RandiesJenny RandiesBringing UFOlogy to the worldAn exciting new development has just taken place inthe UK with t...
rude), their story was worryingly very different from thatreflected by the Condon report-although sufficiently aliketo sug...
PERCEPTIONSBy Stanton T. FriedmanStanton T.FriedmanYoung blood neededWhile writing last months column on Dr. James E.McDon...
However, eveningpapers from Chicagowest on July8 had the original story before the cover-up. To date Ihave found only one ...
Sleep paralysis or abduction?A visual encounter with an entitySighting date: November, 1988Place: Minneapolis, MNTime: 6:1...
could be itself ahallucination. This investigator, however,is not certain how well the alleged phenomenon of "sleepparalys...
July 2003Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Mars, in Aquarius, more than doubles its brightnessthis month, from -1.4 to -2.3 mag...
Mufon ufo journal   2003 6. june
Mufon ufo journal   2003 6. june
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Mufon ufo journal 2003 6. june


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  1. 1. June 2003MUF®NMutual UFO NetworkUFO JournalNumber 422MUFON 2003INTERNATIONAL UFOSYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGSlEEEr^: _ jt==~==-~s=^==JUFO Continuum:Past, Present, FutureDearborn, MichiganJuly 4-6, 2003Hyatt Regency Hotel
  2. 2. MUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)Post Office Box 369Morrison, CO 80465-0369Tel: 303-932-7709Fax: 303-932-9279International DirectorJohn F. Schuessler, M.S.Editor:Dwight Connelly, M.S.14026 Ridgelawn RoadMartinsville, IL 62442Tel: (217) 382-4502e-mail:mufonufojoumal@hotmail.comColumnists:Walter N. Webb,B.S.George Filer, M.B.A.Jenny RandiesStanton Friedman, M.S.MUFON on CompuServe"Go MUFON"to access the ForumMUFON on the Internet:http://www.mufon.comMUFON e-mail address:mufonhq@aol.comMUFON Amateur Radio Net:40 meters - 7.237 MHzSaturdays, 7 a.m. CSTor GDSTTable of ContentsJune 2003 Number 422In this issueFire lookouts see anomalies 3MUFON Forum by Horn, Kreit, Themaras 8Ufology Profile: Wendelle Stevens by Dwight Connelly..10Filers Files by George A Filer. 12UFO Press 15Majesticdocuments.com provides MJ 12 info 15View from Britain by Jenny Randies 16Perceptions by Stanton T. Friedman 18Visual encounterwith an entityby William McNeff. 20The Night Sky by Walter N. Webb 22Calendar 22UFO Marketplace 23Directors Message by John Schuessler 24Change of address and subscription inquiries should be sent toMUFON, P.O.Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369.Copyright 2003 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of theCopyright Owners, Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one article,provided the author is credited, and the statement. "Copyright 2003 by the Mutual UFO Network.PO Box 369. Morrison. CO 80465-0369" is includedThe contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editor, and do notnecessarily reflect the official position of the Mutual UFO Network. Opinions expressed are solelythose of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editor or staff ofMUFONThe Mutual UFO Network. Inc is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) ofthe internal Revenue Code MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the type described mSection 509 (a) (2). Donors may deduct contributions from their Federal income Tax Bequests,legacies, devises, transfers or gifts are also deductible for estate and gift purposes, provided theymeet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055. 2106. and 2522 of the Internal Revenue CodeMUFON is a Texas nonprofit corporationThe MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc . Morrison.CO Membership/Subscription rates are $35 per year in the U.S A . and $40 per year foreign m U S.funds Second class postage paid at Versailles. MOPostmaster Send form 3579 to advise change of address to MUFON UFO Journal. POBox 369, Morrison. CO 80465-0369MUFONs mission is the systematic collection and analysisof UFO data, with the ultimate goal of learning the origin andnature of the UFO phenomenon. ,
  3. 3. Study by Dr. James DoerterFire lookouts see anomaliesForest Service fire lookouts are somewhat uniqueamong UFO witnesses, according to Dr. JamesDoerter, who has completed a study of suchsightings.First, lookouts are in an excellent position to spotanomalous objects, since theirjob is to scan thesurround-ing countryside from.towers whichprovide commandingviews. Doerter explains, "Fire towers exist in remotesections of the country; and by planoffer almostunlimitedvisibility. The construction of the cabin is such that al-most anytime the lookoutis on his feet, he or she isworking."Secondly, there is a spe- :cial psychological factorwhich may affect thesewitnesses. Because oftheir isolated locales, look-outs have no immediatebackup or support systemto deal with an often up-setting sighting experi-ence, especially if there isa close encounter. Forthisreason, Doerter has ap-pealed to the Forest Ser-vice to set up a reportingsystem, to treat reportswith respect, and to provide support as needed."Most contemporary readers may not be able to relatetothe isolation involved inthiswork,"saysDoerter. "Look-outs adjust to the conditions of being in remote locations,but problems can occasionally arise when unforseenevents occur. Lookouts do see anomalous objects fromtime to time, and there isno, or very little, backup or sup-port for them when these experiences occur."The movements of these anomalous objects can bestartling, stimulating, and frightening," he notes. "Thisstudy shows that when these objects show unexpectedand sudden movement directly to the lookout tower theycaii cause great fear and anxiety."In this study I have found five instances where thelookouts have fled the area or hidden themselves in thetower in an attempt to shut out such experiences. In twosuch events the lookouts suspect that they may have beenabducted."One such case involved a female lookout with morethan 20 years of experience who was awakened by avibrating soundwhich seemed to be coming from the grav-ity-feed water tank on the towers roof.She also heard a hummingsound, and the entire area(Continued on page 4)Dr. Jim DoerterThe authorDr. James Doerter was a Forest Service lookoutfor five summers (1951-52-57-58-59) in the Mt. Hood,OR, and Mt. Adams, WA, districts.His academic background includes the B.S. fromIndiana State College, the M.A. from Reed College,and theD.Ed, from PennsylvaniaState University. Heis a retired universityprofessor of art.The studyA Study of UFO Experiences and Anomalies asReported by Forest Fire Lookouts and Forest Work-ers by Dr. JimDoerter, 80 scenicDrive, Ashland, OR97520. 8 1/2 X 11spiral bound, 78pages, PPd from theauthor for $12.00.This studywas com-piled for submission tothe U.S. Forest Ser-vice, witha goal of get-ting the Forest Serviceto encourage employ-ees to report anaomalies, and to support those em-ployees making such reports. The letters to and fromthe Forest Service contained in the back of this studyindicate the frustration which the authorhad intrying,and failing, to work with the Forest Service on thisproject.The study includes 84 reports, divided into threecategories: High Strangeness (HS), 16; Structured Craft(SC), 39; and Balls of Light (BOA), 29. One or twoof the reports are well known, but most are not.The author notes that the study does not representa complete compilationof the sightingsof lookouts orother forestry workers, since his efforts to get coop-eration from the Forest Service were rebuffed.Not only was it difficult for him to locatelookouts,but many of those contacted were reluctant to sharetheir sightings, since the Forest Service was not coop-erating, and lookoutjobs are not easy to obtain. Sev-eral of those interviewed told their stories orally, butrefused to write them down. About 70 percent of thewitnesses did not want their names used.Dr. Doerter observes, "It is clear that this subjectintimidates both lookouts, workers, and supervisors."A welcome addition to this report are the manydrawings of the objects by Dr.Doerter, some of whichare reproduced in thisarticle/review.June 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page3
  4. 4. was bathed in flashing red-orange and white light. Get-ting out of bed, she observed a large orange cigar-shapedobject in the distance. Her cat wedged itself under acabinet and refused to move. Although she never sawthe object projecting the light, she felt it was larger thanthe tower because of the large area covered by the light.She was too frightened to go outside and look. (See draw-ing HS 4, right upper)The witness says that after about 15 minutes observ-ing the phenomenon, she got the strong feeling that sheshould go back to bed and pretend to be asleep, whichshe did. She then fell asleep and did not awaken until 7a.m. with the sun shining in her eyes, shocked that shehad slept so late. Worse, she had dreamed that she hadbeen taken somewhere, and feels it was aboard sometype of craft.Doerters studysuggests the following conclusions:4 Most experienced lookouts contacted have notseen a UFO, but a significant number have.4 The paths and directionsof the objects seen indi-cate they are controlled movements.* Most oftheobjects aresilent, whether moving orhovering.* About half the objects seen at great distance areballs of light or spheres. If the object approaches moreclosely, a definite shape is observed, or the object is sobright that the witness ismomentarily blinded.* Some objects disappear while being viewed, butin one case an object appears to block an area of the sky,thus revealing its shape.* Most objects havecircularoroval"running lights,"some in various colors, and some very bright.* Some objects appear to eject smaller objectswhich maneuver independently, then sometimes mergewith the larger object.+ Close approaches are very frightening.One such close approach, contributed to the study byresearcher Greg Long, was near the South Fork of theTrinity River in northern Californiain 1981 or 1982. Thewitness, a lookout with 25 years of experience, was sit-ting on his bed when he observed two bright lights like theheadlights on an auto, but even brighterthan an airplaneslanding lights.He turned off the lights in the tower and went outsideto observe the object, which apparently was emitting nosound. The object, which initially seemed to be five to sixmiles away, was joined at the Trinity River by a similarobject which came from the South Fork drainage area.Both objects moved toward thetower, coming withinamile at their closest approach. At this point the closestUFO was about the size of a 12-inch ruler held at armslength, according to the witness. While both objects hadthe two white "headlights," one of them also had a redlight. The witness described the shapes of the objects as"curious." Both objects flew north over Highway 3 anddisappeared. The sighting had lasted about 15 minutes,and the lookout reported that the experience was fright-ening.Sometimes it is a member of a lookouts family who isinvolved with a sighting. In 1996 in northern CaliforniaDrawing HS 4Drawing HS-2"on a major mountain highway west of a city," the wifewas returning home to the lookout tower after teachingaclass at acommunitycollege whenshe saw lights up ahead.(See drawing HS-2 above.)Her first thought was that there had been an accident,and bright halogen lights must be in use. As she ap-proached the scene she had to partially block out the lightwith her hand in order to see the road. Driving evencloser, she observed an object about40 feet in length hov-ering about 20 feet from the ground,just off the highway.Now very frightened, she slowly drove past the clearlyoutlined object, getting as close as 50 to 100feet of it, stillpartially blinded by the light.Page 4 MUFON UFO Journal June 2003
  5. 5. Drawing HS-5In addition to the object, she thinksshe saw figures likesmall human beings beneath the object and inthe air aroundthe object. Strangely, shadows seemed to cast onto theobject, even though the light seemed to be coming from it.She quickly left the area, but brought her husband backthe next day to see if the object or figures had left anyevidence, but they found nothing. She reports that she"made a mistake" and told someone about the sighting,and that she wants anonymity.Sometimes several members of a lookouts family seethe anomaly. Lookout Lloyd Oliver, his wife, and theirchild were eating lunch on a clear day when the wifenoticed an object of undetermined size which resembleda stove pipe. (See drawing HS-5 above.) It was bronzein color. The object approached the Olivers, hurtlingendover end. then suddenly stopped, as if observing them.Oliver turned to get his binoculars, and at that point theobject resumed its travel.Another unusual sightingoccurred duringthe summerof 1991 at about 10:30 p.m. A Forest Service employeewas invited to a home on the shore of a lake on theMongollon Rim in Arizona in the area around Woods Can-yon for dinner. Dinner was nearly ready when the housegenerator quit. While his friend went out to restart thegenerator, the witness looked out toward the lake to see ifhe could spot any night fishermen.Suddenly the lake lit up all the way to the rock dam.The blinding bright light seemed to be swinging back andforth from shore to shore. There was no sound from thelight, which was about 150 feet above the lake and about400 yards away. (See drawing HS-6, right.)As the light moved toward the witness, his friend rushedin and pushed him into the bathroom and into a shower,telling the witness not to talk. As the light shined throughthe bathroom window,the friend seemed terrified, but thewitness says he was "only scared." After about fiveminutes the light seemed to go away.The friend said that the light had appeared before, butthat he had always been able to reach the safety of hiscabin. However, he had a flu-like illness, possibly con-nected with the light, and still has some sort of "lungdisease."Drawing SC-11Drawing HS-6Another encounter which occurred away from a look-out tower took place on a river. A law officer workingwith the Forest Service was running the Salmon River inIdaho with two other employees when the motor of thejet boat in which they were riding suddenly stopped.As they attempted to repair the motor they noticed astrange object hovering over the bank. (See drawing SC-11 above.) Their boat floated past the blue disk, whichJune 2003 MUFON UFO Journal PageS
  6. 6. Drawing SC-15had an extended tripod, according to a report providedbyRichard Seifried. Additional detailswere notincluded.When the officer reported the sighting to his superiorhe was told to "shut up about it."A lookout and his girlfriend had a sighting of an objectat the Delilah Lookout in the Sequoia NationalForest inFresno, CA. The source of this report was Loren Grossand the National UFO ReportingCenter.The witness, Brian Allison of Visalia, CA, said that heand his girlfriend "spotted somethingover a mountainrange20 miles away. It looked huge, like a flaming star."Through binoculars he couldsee metallic, electrical-look-ing flames shootingfrom the core of the object.Suddenly the flames "collapsed in on themselves andsucked intothe center, leaving a flashing light thatjumpedround in the sky, seeminglyat random," said Allison. Theobject then moved almostdirectly over the witnesses, fly-ing in a mostly straight path, "but jumped around fromtime to time."Keeping his binoculars on the object, Allison notedthatit was circularin shape, with multi-colored lightsmovingaround the edge. There was a smaller red light on top,and a large whitelight on the bottom.The girlfriend reportedly became frightened and raninto the house. The object moved "at a sort of 45-degreeangle," apparentlystoppingover Woodlake orLindsay.Then from the directionof Lemoore NavalAir Stationcame five or six lights that behaved like helicopters. Asthese lights approached the original light,it suddenly shotstraight up "in a blink of an eye."A report provided by Jan Aldrich described a sightingby 31-year-old Art Hatch. The primary witnesswas eat-ing lunch which he saw two objects "shaped like two soupbowls turned upside down." They were a dull "white-Drawing SC-3silvery" color, and were about 5,000 feet high when spot-ted. (See drawing SC-15, above left.)A lookoutinthe upperwest toweron FlattopMountainin the Mt. AdamsDistrict, Trout Lake, WA, in thePinchotForest, spotted a point of lightrapidly become larger. Hecalled for his wife, ran downstairs,and met his wife at awindow.The point of light seemed to come from the Mt. Hoodarea, moving at high speed and becoming a giant shape.The bottom of the object seemed to block out the sky, andappeared to be 300-400 feet across, although this had tobe judged by the apparent size of the ring of flashing redand white lightsaround the object. The craft itself couldnot be seen, but appeared to be like a pie pan slightlytilted. (See drawing SC-2, above.)The object came directly toward the tower, about 1,000feet high, then at the last moment veered towards Mt.Adams, disappearing behind tall trees. Throughout thesighting, no sound was heard.A daylight sighting at Sopelia Lookout on the YakimaPage 6 MUFON UFO Journal June 2003
  7. 7. Drawing SC-8Indian Reservation in Washingtonwas reported by Dor-othy Sturm, an experienced lookout, who has reportedother sightings.The Yakima Reservation was a hotbed ofsightings inthe 1970s, with about 200 incidents reported.Sturm was looking out a window on a Sunday after-noon in 1964 when she spotted a shining object down aridge about a half mile away. It looked like a pie panhanging at an angle. (See drawingSC-3, previouspage.)She turned to get her binoculars,but when she looked forthe object it was gone.At that pointshe heard a noise above the lookout towerwhich sounded like "a deep whirlpool or the last watergoing down the drain." She went to the door to go out-side to look, but "had a strange feeling," and could notopen the door. "I knew if I did," she said, "Id nevercome back in. I cant explain it."In September, 1984, at about 8:45 p.m.. a lookout wasputting her son to bed when she observed a cluster of redand blue lights to the northeast. About ten minuteslater asmaller cluster of lights, red and blue witha white lightatthe center, quickly dropped from the middle of the bigcraft, stopping before hitting the ground. (See drawingSC-8, above.)The smallercluster slowly moved below the horizon,and the largerobject drifted southeast. However,a smallpod had stayed with the large object.About twenty minutes later shewatched two small podsand another cluser of white lights which seemed to rise attimes and hover at other times. She observed theseanomalies until about midnight, slept a couple of hours,and awakened around 2 a.m. and the large object wasstill visible.Drawing SC-4Throughout the sightingshe noticedno sound. All ofthe objects were gone by morning. Another lookout alsosaw the objects.A sighting reminiscent of the Travis Waltonencounteroccurred in 1950 on Highway 26 near Maupin Junction,OR. A forester and fellow worker were on a straightstretch of road when an object suddenly appeared justabove the treetops about 60 yards ahead of them.The object was round, and about 80 feet in diameter.The perimeter of the object was lighted, and there was aglow under the object. (See drawingSC-4, above.) Thewitnesses could see the details of tree limbsand even theneedles of the fir trees in front of the object.There appeared to be no windows on the object, noexhaust emissions, or other notable details. The objectremained motionlessfor a time, then quickly swerved tothe right of the witnesses and vanished.Doerter notes that naturalphenomena have been con-sidered in lookingat these cases, and his report includesbrief descriptions of the characteristics of comets, mete-ors, St. Elmos fire, ball lightning, earth lights, weatherballoons, and sun dogs or false suns.He points out that many lookouts simply will not dis-cuss their sightings, and this can be frustrating for theresearcher. There was, for example, a second-hand re-port by a lookoutconcerninganother lookout and his wifeexperiencing a sighting"so dramatic that it caused theirdogs to run off for three days." The primary witness isnow a law enforcement officer, and will not talk about theevent.June 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page?
  8. 8. The Billy Meier caseIn an interesting turn of events, a trio of famous pro-fessional skepticsand debunkers haveturned tail and runaway after being challenged to prove their accusationsthat the Billy Meier UFO case is fraudulent. The partiesinclude well-known magician and debunker the "Amaz-ing" Randi; Vaughn Rees, projects coordinator for CFIWest in Los Angeles;and Michael Shermer, science writerand skeptic.It all began in Februaryof 2001, when I met with Mr.Rees and showed him severalof Mr. Meiers 35mm pho-tos of UFOs as well as several 8mm movie segments ofthese objects. Mr. Rees promptly declared that the mate-rial was simply an "easily duplicated hoax."He accused Mr. Meierof faking the remarkable lighteffects displayedby one UFO on the film by "scratchingit with a pin." I then challenged Mr. Rees to duplicate oneof Mr. Meiers photosand one of his film segments. Mr.Rees accepted and stated that he would do it with thesame kind of equipment, a 35mm camera and an 8mmmovie camera. ,Several months later, havingreceived no items fromMr. Rees. I invited him to forgo the cameras and usecomputers, digital effects, Photo Shop any technologythathe had access to in order to produce the items. (1 alsosuggested that, if he wantedto be sporting about it, Mr.Rees should use one hand, since Mr. Meier only has onehimself.)In February of 2003, at an expo in Los Angeles, Mr.Rees told me that he was waitingfor a new photographiclab to be finished at CFI West so as to finally produce thephotos. I reminded him that Mr. Meier never had anysuch lab and that, in a two-year period, Mr. Meier hadtaken literally hundreds of photos, some with up to fourUFOs in them.A few months prior to that I had written to MichaelShermer, who is also a contributor to Skeptic magazine,and presented information to him on the Meier case. With-out any examination of the evidence, Mr. Shermer of-fered a sweeping dismissal,claimingthat he knew "littlechildren" who could create great faked UFO photos.Just recently, I wrote to Mr. "Amazing" himself, inhopes that there was something of substance to theseskeptics instead of mere blusteringand braggadocio.I challengedhim to look at the Meier material, includ-ing the wide range of prophetically accurate information(such as Mr. Meiers warning, in 1995, of the recent at-tack on Iraq), and debunk it if he could. (It should benoted that Randi is a famous debunker known for his sup-posed $1,000,000 offer to anyone who can actually provea paranormal claim.)All Randi could offer was a comment about how a"child"could "see through the farce" and his own claimsthat Mr. Meier never published any propheticallyaccurate information! Not only was Randi, like Mr.Page 8Shermer, seeming to rely on children for expertise in thismatter, he was, without knowing it, making Mr. Reesefforts look pathetically inept, coming up as less compe-tent than a child.Additionally, it was obvious that Randi, like Mr.Shermer, had absolutely no knowledge of Mr. Meiersmaterial and was dismissingit out of hand.When I challengedhim further, by emphasizing CFIWests failureto duplicate Mr.Meiers evidence, Randisfinal response was even more "amazing." He said, "Sowhat value is duplication? CAN MR. MEIER PROVEHIS CASE? NO. Case closed."I wondered if this was the kind of science Randi hadin mind when he once stated, "Science is best defined asa careful,disciplined, logical search for knowledge aboutany and all aspects of the universe, obtained byexamina-tion of the best available evidence and always subject tocorrection and improvementupon discoveryof better evi-dence. Whats left is magic. And it doesnt work."Skeptics have suggested Meier used elaborate minia-ture trees to achieve such shots. The controversy of hisimages continues to this day. But, just when I thought itcouldnt get any more bizarre, I received an emailfrom a Mr. Andrew Harter, also an associate of Randis.And just what did Mr. Harter have to add to the mix?"A back issue of Skeptic magazine has photosmade by 10-year-olds that are just as good as anythingMr. Meier ever made. Theres your proof." Oh no, itwas the children-as-special-effects-experts defense again(and further humiliation for Mr. Rees and CFI West!)Plus, while Mr. Harters confidencewas almost admi-rable, he hadnt sent even one photo from these anony-mous, precocious, prepubescent prodigies to back it up.I felt like I had just pulled the curtain away from thewizard(s). Suddenly,Iwas the skeptical debunker dealingwith fringe type wackos who make wild claims and thenrefuse to provide any evidence to substantiate them!It appears that the effect of the Billy Meier UFO caseon the professional skeptics has been similar to pouringdrain cleaner down a clogged pipe. At first you may getstrange stuff boiling up, and then some messy, smellythings get flushed away.Maybe, withthese clowns and illusionistsbeing shownfor theposturing charlatansthey are, the BillyMeier UFOcase will finally bejudged on its own significant merits,and not by prejudiced, non-scientific,sectarian cults suchas the "professional" skeptics.-Michael HornFriedmans thinking outdated?Stanton Friedmans "Perceptions" article in the Aprilissue, while criticizing those who question UFO realitybecause of their limited understanding of physics, stillseems wedded to outdated thinking about what must bethe nature of UFO propulsion systems.Countless eye-witness accounts of non-ballistic mo-tion of UFOs, as well as the testimony of Bob Lazar andothers, seems convincing evidence that we are witness-ing inertial-less, field propulsion systems. The idea thatMUFON UFO Journal June 2003
  9. 9. we could stillbe dealing withbrute-force, action-reactionrockets to cross interstellar space has to be passe.We have known since the early years of the last cen-tury that space is not absolute: its shape is changed in apowerful gravitational field. The star-faring races mustbe changing the shape of the road itself,not firing up evermore foot pounds of thrust to blast down it faster andfaster before they collide with Dr. Einstein.Let us not be like the SETI people, who waitpatientlyfor that ET radio message, which is as unlikelyas a tele-graph transmission on our own modem world.Mr.Friedmans oft-mentioned "noisy negativists" can-not be dissuaded from clutchingtheir old ideas tootightly.We of MUFON, and our esteemed leaders in the fieldlike Mr. Friedman,must be prepared to let them go.-Ted Kreit, Willoughby, OHAliens are not so niceI spend muchtimereading about alien abductions,andthe more I read about them the more 1worry about all ofus. It just appears that the aliens break into certainindividualshomes, sometimes literallydragging people outof their beds at night to perform intrusive and invasive,sometimes painful, experiments ontheirsubjects, allwithouthuman consent.Often people are scarred for life, both physically andmentally. Womenare repeatedly impregnated like labora-tory rats, raped, or forced into sexual situations. The ex-periments sometimes make them physically sick, whiletheir captors stand by anddo nothing to relieve their sick-ness.This isdone to the poor victimsand to theirfamiliesforyears, and no one wants to believe their stories or evenwant to believe that they are victims. To the "Positive"thinkers, the aliensare thought to be doing some spiritualfavors inthe big picture for these individualsand the planetif wejust look deeper.The aliens are breeding a hybrid race just to comearound to say "hello" to us one day while the space shipsare targeting all of our militarydefensesites? (Surely theyhave no intentionsof takingthem allout one day; all friendstarget your defense sites).The aliens tell the abductees to be concerned aboutthe planet and the environment (looks like they have aninvestment in it), but they seem to play down attention tohuman problems like our elderly, our dying, cancer vic-tims, AIDS victims, poverty, and crime. (No, I guess thatPhotos neededThe MUFON UFO Journal welcomes photosfrom MUFON meetings and other events.Please clearlylist, left to right, who is inthe photoand what is taking place.These may be sent snail mail or electronically(mufonufojournal@hotmail.com).This view of Earth and its moon was taken by NASAsGlobal Surveyer spacecraft orbiting Mars. This isthe first image which shows clouds and continentalfeatures. The camera was 86 million miles from Earthwhen this photo was taken on May 8.would mean they would have to care about humans in-stead of their own agenda and the planet.)They often match up an abductee with a hybrid whowill repeatedly rape her or force her into sexual situationsduring her life, and if hes a woman abuser, too bad, noalien in high command to complain to. But yes the "Posi-tives," the well wishers who think the aliens are here tohelp us, will overlook this.Breaking into someones home to experiment onthem-surely an advanced race couldnt figure out this would beunethical and uncivilizedin our culture and society? Theycouldnt havejust asked for our help? No. And do youknow why they did not? Because they know we wouldnever have agreed to what they are doing to our people.Despite the "Positives"belief, they have an agenda allright, only it isnt ours, its theirs. Do you ever wonderwhy the aliensnever tell us what their agenda is if it werefor our benefit?Some abductees say that they feel somehow that theyhave benefitedspirituallyfromtheir abductions. Given thealiens abilityto use mind control, which I have read aboutover and over again, I even found a case where a womanwas even used to abduct another fellow human being.We have no concept as to what they are capable of,and therefore a woman could even be raped and be leftthinking she benefited from the experience.Of course nothing I say here can be proven, as alienabduction itself cant beproven without a doubt, but I feelthere is a whole lot of evidence to support what I havejust said.-Mrs. Patricia ThemarasJune 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 9
  10. 10. Ufblogy ProfileLt. Col. Wendelle StevensBy Dwight Connelly" Tt. Col. WendelleStevens, UFO author, photo col-lector, investigator, and lecturer, is probably bestiown for his work on the controversial Eduard(Billy) Meier contact case in Switzerland-a saga whichbegan for Stevens in 1976, and which continues today. Abook on this case, UFOCon-tact from the Pleiades, Vol-ume I, waspublished byStevens in 19.79.In 1982 an editionlimitedto 2,000 copies, subtitled APreliminary InvestigationReport, was published. Origi-nally selling for $17.95, the542-page hard bound reportnow sells for up to $100 ormore in the used book mar-ket.Stevens was born in LittleSauk, MN, population 200,and attended a one-roomschool, graduating from LongPrairie. MN, High School.He had joined the ArmyNational Guard during hislastyear in high school, thenwent intothe military full timeafter graduation. His goalwas to become a pilot (the separate Air Force had hot yetbeen formed), but he was made a tank mechanic.Refusing to give up his goal of flying, Stevenswas ableto get transferred from tank repair to aircraft repair. Hisnext step was to apply for sergeant-pilottraining in 1940,just a year prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harborand Americas entry into World War II."I was the last one to get this," he explains, "then Iwas transferred to the flying warrant officer program."He was one of the 10 percent in the program to get acommission as a secondlieutenant.This led to Stevens becoming a pilot at San Antonio,where he learned to fly "all the Army planes, plus someNavy planes," finally realizinghis original dream of be-coming a fighter pilot. He was still intraining when PearlHarbor was attacked, and was shipped to the Pacific areaof operations and put in charge of an aircraft servicingarea.Near the end of the war, he was ordered to replace asick pilot who was part of a VIP flight to a Japaneseairfield-prior to the dropping of the atomic bombs onHiroshima and Nagasaki-to work out surrender termsfor ending the war. Stevens and other members of thegroup assisted Japanese pilots in removing propellers tomake their planes inoperative, although there were stillWendelle Stevens, left, talks with a member of theaudience following a presentation at the Ozark UFOConference.flights of Kamakazi pilots during thissame period.>. Following the surrender, Stevens was scheduled to bedischarged, but he wantedto stay in the military,and wassent to Wright Field, OH, as a pilot in a B-19 project. Hewas temporarily assigned to Randolf Field, Texas, "wherethere were Blue Berets, who were assigned to UFO re-covery." Then he was sentback to WrightFieldin 1947,where he worked in AirTechnical Intelligence.Stevens was rotated toAlaska as an Operationsstaff officer for the"Ptarmigeon" Project, aweather reconnaissanceprogram, "plus supervising ahighly-classified staff fromWright,"The Alaska operation in-cluded a specially-equippedB-29 which surveyed thearea in grid patterns, "look-ing for UFOs, among otherthings," says Stevens. "Itwas loaded with still andmovie cameras, surge de-tectors, magnetic and ther-mal detectors, and geother-mal and magnetic cam-eras.One of Stevensjobs was to brief the departing crews,but he was not cleared to see the results of the flights.He did hear reports, however, of UFOs being sightedand filmed by the crews."One report was of a very large object sitting on an icepack, whichjumped up and disappeared," he says. "Therewere three to four reports monthly of unidentified ob-jects. One even submerged into the water. These re-ports were all forwarded to Washington."After thisexperience, Stevens was hooked on the UFOphenomenon, and began collectingmagazine articles, newsclips, books, and especially photos. FollowingAlaska, hewas sent to Homestead Air Force Base in Florida.He began to informallycheck out UFO sightings on hisown time, interviewing witnesses as his Air Force dutiestook him from place to place. In 1964, now a lieutenantcolonel with 24 years of service, he retired, moving toTucson, AZ, where he still lives.He continued to be involved with aircraft as a retiree,selling multi-engine formermilitaryaircraft, gettingthemin shape for flying, and deliveringthem to buyers. How-ever, he now considers himself a private full-time UFOinvestigator.Although he never joined any UFO organization, hePage 10 MUFON UFO Journal June 2003
  11. 11. worked closely with the Tucson-based Aerial Phenom-enon Research Organization (APRO), headed by Jim andCoral Lorenzen, following his retirement from the AirForce. Since he owned a small plane, Stevens flew theLorenzens to interviewvarious witnesses.One of the cases he worked on with APRO was theTravis Walton case in Arizona in 1975, as well as thesomewhat similarcase of Air Force Sgt. Charles Moodyin New Mexico about the same time."Sgt. Moody was physically affected when we tookhim to revisit the quarry site," says Stevens. "The AirForce suddenly sent him to Spain, but the contacts contin-ued there."Relations with APRO soured, however, whenCoral Lorenzen accused Stevens of stealing the Meiercase from them.Stevens says, however, that he became involved withthe Meier case as a result of wanting to add to his nowextensive photo collection. "Ms. Lou Zinsstag, a UFOresearcher in Switzerland, had investigated the Meiercase," he explains, "and had some of the manyphotos hehad taken. She thought the case was genuine, and know-ing of my interest in UFO photos, we arranged to meetwhen she visited in Tucson in September of 1976. It wasthen that I saw the Meier photos for the first time."Ms. Zinsstag, accompanied by Tim Good, was in theU.S. doing research on a biography of alleged contacteeGeorge Adamski.Stevens says his initial reaction to the photos was thatthey were fakes. "They werejust too clear andtoo sharp,especially since they were supposedly taken by a one-armed man with a damaged camera. I had seen a lot ofUFOphotos by this time, andthese didnot look at all likethe others. They looked like the UFOs had stopped andposed. I later learned that this was exactly what they haddone, but at the time Iwas quite skeptical."However, after talking extensively with Ms. Zinsstag,who had published the first UFO journal in central Eu-rope, and who had written several articles and a book onUFOs, Stevens decided to follow up on the case.On Oct. 21,1977, Stevens went to Switzerland to be-gin his personal investigation of the Meier case. He re-turned to Switzerland again on April 1, 1978, spendinganother weekwithMeier, his family,and other witnesses.He examined additional photos, as well as a piece ofmetal from what was being referred to as "the Pleiadianspacecraft." He also listened to recordings of the soundsofthe spacecraft, made inthepresence of other witnesses.He was back in Switzerland again in July of 1978,spending another two weeks with the Meiers, checkingout photo sites and taking measurements. "After viewingthe photos and the sites," says Stevens, "I was struck bythe singularimpossibilityofusingmodelsfromany ofthesepositions."Through the years Stevens has continued to study thecase. There have been scientific analyses of Meiers nu-merous photos, as well as the pieces of metal, sound re-cordings, and even a hair from an alleged entity (incon-clusive).From the beginning, he has emphasized the need tothoroughly investigatethe tangible evidence, and, thoughMutual UFO NetworkColorado MUFON was the winner of the firstphase of the MUFON membership drive. ColoradoState Director Leslie Varnicle displays the night vi-sion scope which the group won.convinced of the validity of the case, he still is not throughinvestigating it. In fact, he plans still another trip to Swit-zerland this comingsummer.Stevens is a regular presenter each spring at LouParishs Ozark UFO Conference,specializing in contactand photo cases, and this year returned to again updatethe Meier case.He also continues to collect, exchange, and sell UFOphotos. Over the past half century he has amassed morethan 4,500 photos, carefully filed in 40 binders. "At least90 percent of my photos are legitimate unknowns," hesays. "Good hoaxes are difficult, but if Im convinced aphoto is a fake, I throw it out. I dont like science fictionat all. Truth is more exciting."Jupiters Europa appears to becovered with layer of waterFrom various observations, both from Earth and pass-ing spacecraft, scientists have concluded that JupitersEuropa is covered with a layer of water probably 50 to100 milesthick, surroundinga rocky core."What we find in these pictures," says Michael Carrof the US Geological Survey inMenlo Park, California "ispretty good evidence there is water at fairly shallowdepths on Europa." The surface is undeniably solid ice,though fractured and blistered into a ball-of-string appear-ance. The question: is there, beneath the ice, any liquidwater?Another tantalizing observation:Europas surface, un-like the other moons of Jupiter, is relatively clean of cra-ters. Perhaps eruptions of water from below had filledthem in. And that environment would resemble the vol-canic rifts that lie at the bottom of the Earths ocean, anenvironment now known to teem with exotic organisms.June 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 11
  12. 12. FILERS FILESBy George A. FilerDirector, MUFON Eastern RegionGeorge FilerUnless otherwise noted, these reports have not been verifiedby official investigations.Object heads for pickup in ChileSANTIAGO — Electrical engineer Roberto Caceres,36, lived through a terrifying experience last February in.Chiles 9th Region. For 15 minutes he was followedbyalight that caused him to lose control of his vehicle mo-mentarily.Once a year hedrivesto the countrys southern reachesto make contacts for his electricalappliance store. Last February, hewas driving to the small town ofFreire. He states, "I was drivingalong verycalmly. Some 15minutesfrom Temuco, I saw a strange whitelight on my right that wasmatchingmy speed."I thoughtit was the train, but itwasnt, and in a matter of secondsthat light crossed right in front ofmy pickuptruck.The UFOheadedfor my truck. I swervedto avoid itseveral times. It nearly hit me. Itmust have been the shape of a football.But I dont thinkit had a defined body-it was pure light. But it moved atincredible speeds. It wasnt anythingknown." ThankstoScott Corrales, IHU. translation (C) 2003 andChristianRiffo and GuillermoGimenezoLarge flying cross shape reported in CanadaTERRACE, BC — At 10:55 PM, two witnesses, justabout a 1/2 kilometer west of Terrace, watched an ex-tremely large object fly very low in overcast skies overthe Skeena River on April 3,2003. They reported seeinga huge dark colored object in the shape of a flying cross.The reportingwitnesssays the body of the object wascertainly longerthan the wingspan. It moved veryslowlywithout sound. The bottom of the object had six panelsof colored lights.They were unable to see the heightor the thicknessofthe fuselage. It wasjust too dark, and the bright coloredlights on the bottom of it obscured the view. Thissightinglasted almost ten seconds before they lost sight of it dueto the tree line blocking their view. The object was thesize of a 737jet airliner, but ithad no flashing lights. BrianVike says, "I receiveda very similar sightingreport lastyear."Strange creature reported in MichiganCAPAC — The witness reports, "I woke up to take apain reliever at midnight,turned on the TV and sat on theliving room couch facing the window, when a creatureran across myporch onMarch 28,2003. I quicklyjumpedup and looked out the door to see it run around the cornerof my house on the porch."It was ofaverageheight,buthadabnormally long arms.Its arms and legs were somewhat spiny, and it had a largerthan normal bald head. I did not get a good look at theface but I could tell that it was not human."Within a few seconds ofthis, the lights went out andIcould see two large blue spotlights in the sky movingasifit was searching for something. The spotlights were inthe field across from me about 800 feet. As they movedaway, the power came back on."This morning Icalled my friend, and she said her elec-tricity and lights had gone off, and she also saw the bluelights in the sky. She then told me that people aroundhere dont talk about these things." Thanks to Peter Dav-enport www.UFOCENTER.comAir Force says UFOs are realMany people ask me, why do you believe in UFOs?While I was in the Air Force I chased them and sawreliable messages indicatingtheir reality. Thefollowingmessage isbased onthe testimonyof ahigh-ranking Swed-ish Air Force Officer.There are thousands of documents at the NationalArchives that prove the US militaryalso believed intheirexistence. For example: ThisNational Archives declassi-fied Top Secret memo dated 4 Nov 1948 clearly showsthe USAF was concerned about UFOs. The United AirForces in Europe Office of Intelligence sent a messageto Headquarters stating:"For some time we have been concerned by the recur-ring reports on flyingsaucers. They periodically continueto crop up; one was observed hovering over NeubibergAir Base for about thirty minutes. They have been re-ported by so many sources and from such a variety ofplaces, we are convinced that they cannot be disregardedand must be explained on some basis, which is perhapsslightly beyond the scope of our present intelligencethink-ing."One of these objectswas observed by a Swedish tech-nical expert near his home on the edge of a lake. Theobject crashed or landedinthe lake, and he carefully notedits azimuth from his point of observation. Swedishintelli-gence was sufficiently confidentin his observation that anaval salvage team was sent to the lake."Operations were underwayduring the visitofUSAFEofficers. Divers had discovered a previously unchartedcrater on the floor of the lake. No further information isavailable, but we are promised knowledge of their re-Page 12 MUFON UFO Journal June 2003
  13. 13. suits. In their opinion, the observation was reliable, andthey believe that the depression on the floor of the lake,which didnt appear on current hydrographic charts, wasin fact caused by a flying saucer."Although accepting this theory of the origin of theseobjects poses a whole new group of questions and putsmuch of thinkingin a changed light, we are inclined not todiscredit entirely thissomewhat spectacular theory, mean-time keeping an open mind on the subject. What are yourreactions?"Thanks to Ryan A. Wood and Nick Redfernhttp://www.majesticdocuments.com/authentication/archives/nationalarchives.htmlAncient pyramids discovered in ItalyMONTEVECCHIA PYRAMIDS — Three ancientpyramids were discovered by satellite and aerial imageryin Northern Italy, in the town of Montevecchia (40 kmfrom Milan). They are the first pyramids ever discov-ered inItaly, and the dimensions are quite impressive; thehighest pyramid is 150 meters tall.They are stone buildings, as recent excavations haveproved. They are now completely covered by ground andvegetation, so that they now look like hills. The inclina-tion degree of all the three pyramids is42/43° and there isa perfect alignmentwiththe Orion constellation andmanysimilarities to the Egyptian pyramids.Their age is still unknown, but they are surely olderthan 3000 years. Nothing was found nearby which mayhelp to date the structures. The people who lived therewere mainly gatherers and hunters. Pictures at:http://www.lombardiainrete.it/turismo/Storico/articolo.asp?Id=127 Thanks to Marco V. (Varese, andFarshores-Worldwide Anomalous Phenomena ResourceObject appears to enter another object in FranceMARSEILLES — Paul Harmans writes from theNetherlands, "In 1974,1was a seaman aboard the 70,000ton oil tanker Diloma owned by Shell-tankers. Weweredry-docking inMarseilles, France."About October 17, 1974, eight crew members wereon the aft deck waiting for water to fill the dry-dock. Itwas about 1:30 PM with a clear blue sky and a bright lightwas hovering above the city. It was flying at 150 metersin altitude and one or two kilometers from the dry-dock.The light was as bright as a star and had a diameter 1/4 ofthe full moon."We didnt hear any sound coming from that strangelight, so it was unlikelyto be a helicopter that can easilybe heard at that distance. Our nautical officer was quitesure this lightwas neither a star nor a planet. After thirtyminutes the light was still in the same position and wesaw a smaller light that moved slowly out of the city to-wards the big light."On approaching the big light, the small light reducedspeed and very slowly it entered into the big light. Wewere all stunned. Five minutes later, the light flew atincredible speed straight up and disappeared in space. Iwas a 17-year-old boy and I knew nothing about UFOs.After my sighting I started reading a lot about UFOs, andI became a real and strong believer. I saw, so I believe!Read more about my sighting and UFOs on http://www.ufowijzer.nl" Thanks to Paul Harmans, the Neth-erlandsFlying triangles in FloridaBOCA RATON - There were triangle-shaped objectsin the sky spaced evenly apart on May 7, 2003, at 9:35PM, according to the witness. Each flying triangle craftlooked like there were three balls attached together toform a single craft in the shape of a triangle.The eyewitness said, "Each craft was luminous, likeyou could seethrough them,but you couldnt. Both passeddirectly under the moon, making it easy to see that theywere not weather balloons."Therewasno sound asthey passed.No flashing lightscould be seen, and they both had a very soft silver/blueglow as they glided along. There were also aircraft withflashing lights that could be seen off to the right of theflying triangles. They veered off to the right. I ranthrough the house, grabbing my husband and son so theycould also see them, but the only thing left in the sky tosee was the plane."Rolling object reported in KentuckyLOUISVILLE - The witness reports a strange objectmoved slowly over his head and then rolled over severaltimes and moved off in a different direction on May 11,2003. At 8:55 PM it was twilight outside and the craftappeared to be a dark color. The observer states, "It wasshaped like a yellow jacket (bee), and looked like it hadsomething like wingson both sides in the front and back.I did not see any lights on the craft, and it moved slowright over my head."It was very cloudy out, and the craft seemed to bejust under the cloud cover. It flew right over my head,rolled over several times, and changed direction. I wasyelling formy wife to come look at it, but by the time shegot out on the deck all she saw was a black dot on thehorizon."I have never seen anything like this before. It mayhave been a large balloon like the size used in a paradecaught in the wind but I dont know." Thanks to PeterDavenport NUFORCDiamond-shaped object in ArkansasOn May 7, 2003, at 2 AM, the observer spotted adiamond-shaped fuselage with multiple red andwhite lights.A thunderstorm had just passed the area, and the skywas relatively clear. The eyewitness stated, "Just abovethe clouds I saw a diamond-shaped fuselage with sweptback wings."The lower fuselage was covered with fifty red lightsin a grid pattern, while the wingswere covered withfortywhite/silvery lights in a grid pattern, between the wingsand fuselage. The object was black, which is why I couldsee the definite shape. "It flew south in about thirty sec-onds, and then went out of view in the clouds. Ive workedJune 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 13
  14. 14. in aviation for over 30years and Ive never seen anythinglike this!" Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORCCalifornia Highway Patrol officer has sightingGOLETA - Peter Davenport, director of NUFORC,was contacted by an employee of the Federal AviationAdministration, inquiring whether he had received anyreports from sources in California describing a peculiarmetallic-looking, disc-shaped object inthe morning skiesin the vicinity of Santa Barbara.The employee provided Davenport with thename andtelephone number of the individual with whom the FAAhad spoken, a California Highway Patrol officer who haddescribed to themhis alleged sighting earlier inthe morn-ing.NUFORC spoke with the officer for 25 minutes, andhe described havingwitnessed avery bizarre-looking, disc-shaped object in the skies above "the freeway" in thevicinity of Goleta, CA.The officer had witnessed the object for an estimated30 minutes, and several of his family members had alsowitnessed the same object from a different location inSanta Barbara.The officer stated that he first thought the object mightbe some type of kite, but then abandoned that notion, ashe continued to watch it.The objectwas circular inappearance, and itwas "tum-bling, end over end." He was facing north, andthe objectwas moving to the north, away from his location, prob-ably passing over the Santa Barbara Beach.He assumed that other reports might have been sub-mitted to the Santa Barbara police or sheriff, althoughthose two offices reported that, to the best of their knowl-edge, no reports had been submitted to them. It flew to-wards Vandenberg AFB. Thanks to Peter Davenport.Large triangular object in Washington StateLAKE WASHINGTON — The witness reports, "AsI was entering the 1-90 runnel leading into Seattle I sawalarge craft very low to the ground on April 30, 2003, at11:41 PM."As I came out of the tunnel into the city, I turnedaround to see if it had crashed, and saw instead a largetriangular craft with manylights on the bottom flying veryslowly and low over homes. It was flying slowly for acraft of its size."I couldnt stop to get a better look, since I was onthefreeway. When I turned my head again I couldnt find itanymore from the night sky."NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness at con-siderable length, and she seemed quite serious-minded,and quite credible. She described the incident quite lu-cidly and eloquently.She reported that when she first sighted the triangularobject, it was moving from her left to right (north), andthen it suddenly dipped its nose down, and reversed thedirection it was moving, in less than one-second (esti-mate). Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC.We seem to be related to DolphinsFor years, marine biologists have told us that dolphinsshare many traitswith humans, including intelligenceandfriendliness. Now, a comparison of dolphin and humanchromosomes shows that the genetic make-up of dolphinsis amazingly similarto humans. In fact, researchers havefound that dolphins have more incommon with us geneti-cally than cows, horses, or pigs."The extent of the genetic similarity came as a realsurprise to us," says David Busbee of Texas A&M Uni-versity, who published his results in last weeks Cytoge-netics and Cell Genetics.Researchers at Texas A&M University applied"paints," or fluorescently labeled human chromosomes,to dolphin chromosomes, and found that 13 of 22 dolphinchromosomes were exactly the same as human chromo-somes. Ofthe remaining nine dolphin chromosomes, manywere combinations or rearrangements of their humancounterparts.Researchers also identified three dolphin genes thatwere similarto human genes. "Dolphins are marine mam-mals that swim in the ocean, and it was astonishing tolearn that we had more in common with the dolphin thanwith land mammals," says Horst Hameister, professor ofmedical genetics at the University of Ulm in Germany.In the past 15 years, the worlds dolphin populationshave declined considerably,exacerbated by high levels ofPCBs which impairthe immunesystems of dolphins, leav-ing them vulnerable to disease. Anything that endangersdolphins is of an equal concern for humans. We need topersuade governments to become serious about combat-ing industrial pollution and keeping oceans clean. Thanksto Seema Kumar, Discovery Channel Online News.Ukraine witness reports strange observationSIMFEROPOL — A local resident reported that inthe evening, when he went on to his balcony of themultistoried building, he dazedly noticed the strangestscene he ever saw in his life. A ray of light descendedfrom the sky, pointing at a nearby balcony.Suddenly, a totally naked man appeared in the centerof this light right on the balcony. The UFO itself wasobviously hovering above, but itwas not visible. Only theray of light shinningdown could be seen. The man wasapparently half-conscious.Being frightened, the witness left his balcony and hur-ried back into his flat in fear that he might be abductedtoo.Correction: California, not New MexicoThe sighting reported last month of two F-16s appar-entlypursuing a cigar-shaped object on April 5,2003, tookplace over Los Alamos, CA, not Los Alamos, NM.An alert reader, Kenneth Ewing, of Los Alamos, NM,spotted the error, and checked with the National UFOReporting Center web site to verify the correct location.The fact that Vandenberg AFB was mentioned in thereport should have tipped us off, but we at the Journalwere not as alert as Mr. Ewing.Page 14 MUFON UFO Journal June 2003
  15. 15. Followed by Nebojsa Borkovich, XJibris Corp.,c. 2002, trade paperback: $17.84; Hardback: $27.89.(1-888-795-1274)(www.xlibris.com).Reviewed by Virgil StaffThose who have some awe of the sea and itswonderswill be fascinated by this tale of two men facing the nor-mal rigors of the boundlessdeep, plus somenot-so-nor-malencounters.In the year 2000, Neb andhis Navajo friend, Don Began,sailed Nebs 29-foot yachtfrom Baca, CA, to Hawaii. Af-ter spendinga few days in Ha-waii, they returned by sailingthe 3200-mile voyage to SanFrancisco.Shortly after departing LaPaz, the excitement beganwitha not-so-distant light showabove them, changingcolors,making 360-degree loops,buzzing them,and performingother antics not common to conventional aerial objects.Initially Neb and Don were excited by the show, but asthis continuedmost every day and night, the excitementturned to concern as they increasingly came to fear fortheir safety.As the days passed, it was clear that they were beingfollowed. A log was kept of these events,and alongwithbinoculars and camcorder,they wereable to developfairlyaccurate sketches.Turning their searchlight towards thenearby space contrivancesbrought a reaction from theaerialvehicles.It was concluded, in time, that these must be underintelligent control,but what puzzled them most was whythey were being watched.The book is full of all kinds ofsurprises, and the last half isa careful evaluation of events.This is bothrelaxing and exciting reading.When does mymembership/subscription expire?The answer to this question appears on themailing label on each Journal (see example be-low)2003/06John DoeStreet AddressCity, State and ZipThis meansthe last issue of the current sub-.scription would be June 2003Majesticdocuments.comfeatures largest collectionof MJ 12/UFO documentsBROOMFIELD, CO-May 4, 2003-New Moon Dustdeclassified documents are posted towww.majesticdocuments.com, which has the largest andmost comprehensive outlet for documentation on the su-per-secret Majestic 12 group.Since the early 1980s, numerous files and documentson Majestic 12, crashed UFOs, alien autopsies, and theUS Governments secret UFO history have surfaced froma variety of insider sources: military, government and in-telligence whistleblowers, and UFO researchers.Now running into thousands of pages, all of the cur-rently available Majestic 12 documentation can be down-loaded easily and freely in PDF format at the website.In addition to providingdocumentation on Majestic 12,however, www.majesticdocuments.com also provides amassive amount of officially declassified and publicly re-leased documentation in support of what is certainly thestory of the millennium. Included among the dozens offiles declassified via the terms of the Freedom of Infor-mation Act and that have been posted to the website are:FBI file on Majestic 12 member Bronk(A) The complete FBI file on Majestic 12group mem-ber Dr. Detlev Bronk. According to the InterplanetaryPhenomenon Unit Summary,Intelligence Assessment: Asto the bodies, it appears that none of the five crew mem-bers survived entry intopur atmosphere, dueto unknowncauses. Dr. Detlev Bronk has been asked to assist in theautopsy of one well preserved cadaver to be done byMajor Charles E. Rea. The so-called Eisenhower Brief-ing Document identifies Bronk as a member of the Ma-jestic 12 Group and involvedwith conducting alien autop-sies. See: http://www.majesticdocuments.com/personnel/bronk.htmlComplete Project Grudge Report(B) The complete, and seldom seen, Project GrudgeReport on UFOs prepared by the US Air Force in August1949. Declassified on July23,1997, Project Grudge wasoriginally a SECRET Technical Report (NO 102-AC 49/15-100) prepared by the headquarters of the Air MaterielCommand, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton Ohio.It was approved by Lt. Col. Hemstreet and Col.Watson, is 406 pages long, and covers a large number ofUFO sightings, alongwith investigation analysis, conclu-sions, and supplementary reports. Overall, it is just thebasic background work on pedestrian UFO sightings re-ported by numerous crediblemilitary witnesses.There is no discussion ofUFO crashes or alien bodies;however, the fact that Majestic 12 documentation wasclassified at Top Secret level means that it isunlikely thatthis data would have been contained in a document clas-sified at Secret level.The document is notable, since it is the earliest docu-(Continued on page 17)June 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 15
  16. 16. By Jenny RandiesJenny RandiesBringing UFOlogy to the worldAn exciting new development has just taken place inthe UK with the creation of what I hope is the prototypefor a new kind of UFO web site. It is one that literallyseeks to break new ground and bring UFOlogy to thewhole world at the touch of a button.What this site does is totake one of Britains most fa-mous cases and present virtu-ally everything that is knownabout it in a way that will al-low all who access thisvirtualcase file to have the opportu-nityto form theirownopinions.It is, I believe, an excitingpointer to the way inwhichthepower of the internet can beharnessed to the benefit of all.UFOsonthenetUntil now most UFO websites are designed to be pro-motional or conversational.There are chat lists, such as Updates (North America)and Ufologyinuk (which does what it says on the label-discusses UFOlogy in the UK!). Then there are sites thattell the world about a group or book or conference orwhatever.There is no doubting the efficacy of all these things,but I have long felt that UFOlogy has never really foundways to use the internet in the form that it might haveitsmost important advantages.There havebeen some innovativeideas. Forinstance,there is a site (hauntedvalley.com)which has a web cam-era pointed at the LongendaleValley of the PennineHills,scene of countless light-in-the-sky type UFOencountersin the past (see my recent book Supernatural Pennines-Robert Hale, London 2003).This allows the viewer to skywatch from his or herown home, watching one of the worlds major hotspots.Although I am not awareof any successful sightings madein virtual space, this surely hasto be a concept that couldbe more broadly exploited.Now thisnew Britishsite, largely designed by MartinShough (but with input from several UFOlogists in theUK who have been working on the case for some years),sets another new direction that I hope will beemulated.The case that this mammoth new site is exclusivelydevoted to is the famed radar-visual in August 1956 inand around Bentwaters and Lakenheath Air Force basesin England. This is one event that the infamousCondonReport failed to explain, and pronounced as highlylikelyto involve a real UFO.The Lakenheath-Bentwaters siteVery briefly, the event involves some ofthe mostseem-ingly impressive evidence in UFO history. Multipleradartrackings over a several-hour period described rapidlymoving targets that crossed the skies above the easternpart of the country, then liberally covered by major airbases and at the frontline of a perceived attack from theUSSR.During the various incidents that followed,therewerereports of lights seen from the ground, an airborne sight-ing from aUSAF transport plane, and, mostsignificant ofall, a mid-air encounter during which two RAF Venomswere scrambled to intercept and (according to the testi-mony in the Condon report) had an aerial encounter witha strange light seen visually and on radar.This obiect then played "tag" with the onejet that stuckthe course, streaking in a moment from in front of to be-hind the fighter to the shock of its crew. Together thisevidence seems to reflect almost the perfect UFO closeencounter.However, there were huge problems. The case barelyexists on official British government records of the day-only tantalising references on the public record, mostlysignifying the defence ministrys satisfaction that the af-fair was covered up! Nothing madethe mediaat thetime,or, indeed, had done so after that day until a decade laterthe Condon team got data from a USAF serviceman in-volved.Unfortunately, this sole pointof informationmade muchof the story (especially the part about the RAF involve-ment) second hand. As it turned out, this was a majorproblem.The new investigationOnly in 1995 did things change significantly,when, bygood fortune, I was able to speak to the two navigatorswho were aboard two Venoms that were scrambled thatnight. In making a documentary for the BBC (that I hadscripted and presented), I took them both back toLakenheath to film the now elderly men relivingtheeventfrom what was then 40 years earlier.What was of most interest was that the two wereadamant that they saw nothing visually, that the radar tar-get was stationary, that the "cat and mouse" chase re-ported was a misnomer, as they merely flew at speedpast the invisible object, thus causing it to move from infront to behind them by perfectly ordinary means, andthat they thought the UFO was a weather balloon.Although they admitted no hard evidence for this, andsome reasons for possible suspicion (such as the low alti-Page 16 MUFON UFO Journal June 2003
  17. 17. rude), their story was worryingly very different from thatreflected by the Condon report-although sufficiently aliketo suggest that they were describing the same case. In-deed, their log books, which I filmed, clearly defined thecorrect date-although with timings that were a little outof kilter with the Condon report.Since the transmission of my program in April 1996, thequest to get to the bottom of the case has gone on inearnest. I spent some time in contact with SquadronLeader Freddie Wimbledon,who scrambled the Venomsthat night and had accrued various documents about thematter.My colleagues, Dr David Clarke and Andy Roberts,tracked down the two pilots of the Venoms. Their storiesmirrored the ones of the navigators very closely. Thedebate ensued as to whetheranother Venomwas involvedthat had experienced the more dramatic intercept as de-scribed by Condon, and Dave and Andy garnered moredata and interviews from other sources at the Ministrywho recalled the date.I also filmed an interview (thankfully just before hedied) with a senior MoD (Ministry of Defence) man whorecalled the incident and believed he had seen gun cam-era footage taken of the "blob" witnessed by the crew ofthe Venom, although no such footage has been traced,and it remainsunclear ifthis incident did truly relate to theLakenheath-Bentwaters incident or some other eventaround the same time period.Dave, Andy, Martin Shough, and myself, with severalothers, engaged in an internet-based investigation, and theoutcome of all this work is the web site that has nowappeared. You can access it at:www.parcellular.fsnet.co.uk/Lakenheath.htmWhat it does is put down all the gathered data-inter-view transcripts, copies of documents, some of our dis-cussions on the events-and provides the person who ac-cesses the sitejust about everything that could currentlybe on the table about this case.It attempts to prove nothing (although some of thoseinvolved express their personal opinions). In essence it isa work inprogress, and an attempt to do internetUFOlogyin a different way by revealing-almost raw-the investi-gation into a major case.It would be terrific if other big UFO incidents couldeach gain their own site that is set up purely to documentall the evidence and allow the armchair UFO detectivewonderful scope for investigation.It might kill off all hardcopy UFO books, mind you. But that may well be a priceworth paying.Check your label for expiration datePlease check your mailing label periodically for theexpiration date of your MUFON membership andMUFON UFOJournal subscription. Renewing prior toexpiration saves MUFON needed funds, and assures thatyou will not miss an issue of the Journal.Newsletters appreciatedThe MUFON UFO Journal staff appreciates re-ceiving newsletters from local MUFON groups.Majestic 12 web site...(Continued from page 15)mented example where the US Air Force recommendedusing the UFO mystery as a tool of psychological war-fare. See: http://www.majesticdocuments.com/authenti-cation/archives/nationalarchives.html-grudgeMaury Island files(C) The US Governments official files on the UFOincident at Maury Island, Tacoma, Washington State, inthe summer of 1947. According to the story, in June 1947a number of UFOs were seen flying over the harbor atPuget Sound, Maury Island, by several people(includinga man named Harold Dahl).One of the UFOs seemed to malfunction and droppeda sizeable amount of unidentified debris into the waterbelow. The two key players in the case were Dahl and aman named Fred Crisman, who subsequently recoveredthe debris and passed iton to the military for examination.Intriguingly the militarypersonnel transporting the.ma-terial for study were killed when their aircraft exploded.The debris was reportedly never recovered.The Majestic 12 1st Annual Report makes an illumi-nating reference to this incident: The death of two AirForce counterintelligence officers in the crash of their B-25 aircraft enroute to HamiltonAFB, California, after in-terviewing two auxiliaryCG men who reported six UFOsover Maury Island, Washington,in June 1947.CIC agent Crisman had spoken to Kenneth Arnold,who on 26 June 1947, had reported a flight of UFOs overMt. Rainier, Washington,and filed his report after he hadspoken to Captain Davidson and Lieutenant Brown. Thematerial given to Davidson and Brown was believed tocome from Maury Island, and may be celestial fragmentscontaining metal from a nuclear reactor from a UFO.Fragments were turned over to CIA agent Shaw, andCrisman was ordered to the Alaskan ADC for assign-ment in Project IVY.For the Air Force and FBI files on the Maury Islandcase and on Fred Crisman, see: http://www.majesticdocuments.com/personnel/crisman.htmland http://www.majesticdocuments.com/documents/prel948.htmlOfficial papers onJune Grain(D) Official papers on June Grain, who worked atWright-Paterson Air Force Base in the 1940s and 1950s,and who was made aware of crashed UFO hardwareand alien bodies secretly held at the base. The highlightsof this document collection are breathtaking. Grainhandled unusual metal parts reportedly from a crashedflying saucer, took dictation from Werner VonBraun, wasmade aware of the details of three UFO crashes, andpossessed a Top Secret Q clearance.At one point, she and a number of colleagues wereasked to sign a TOO HOT memo because of a carelessMaster Sergeant announcing he had just flown in fromNew Mexico with alien bodies and wreckage. Includedin this document collection is June Grains conveyance of(Continued on page 21)June 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 17
  18. 18. PERCEPTIONSBy Stanton T. FriedmanStanton T.FriedmanYoung blood neededWhile writing last months column on Dr. James E.McDonald, in my opinion the most outstanding ufologistever, I couldnt help but think of how many leaders in thefield are getting older and older, but without many new-comers to take their place.Ann Druffel, author of Firestorm: Dr. James E.McDonalds Fightfor UFO Sci-ence, the excellent new bookabout Jim, was born in 1926. Dr.Jacques Vallee, who wrote theforeword to the book, was bornin 1939. Dr. Richard Raines, whois still active in ufology and hascollected several thousand pilotsightings and published severalUFO books, was born in 1937.Dr. Bruce Maccabee, who hascontributed so much to ufologyover the years with regard to thegovernment cover-up and con-cerning photo analysis of casesranging from Gulf Breeze toMcMinnville was born in 1942, as was Timothy Good ofthe UK.Dick Halll author of The UFO Evidence and a muchupdated version, was born in 1930. John Schuessler, In-ternational Director of MUFON, is still very active, but.was bom in 1933. Dr. Robert M. Wood, on the board ofMUFON, FUFOR, and CUFOS, was born in 1925. Threetop abduction researchers, Budd Hopkins, Dr.John Mack,and Dr.David Jacobs, wereborn in 1931,1929, and 1942respectively.A few exceptionsThere are fortunately some exceptions. The most out-standing is John Greenewald Jr., author of Beyond UFOSecrecy and host of the outstanding Black Vault website(www.blackvault.com), whoturns 22this year. John gavea fine paper at the MUFON Conference in St. Louis in2000 and at the Aztec Annual Conference in March of2003. His site reflects an enormous amount of effort toobtain government UFO-related documents from manydifferent sources .Another relatively young UFO researcher in the USAis Nick Redfern, now of Texas, who has written severalbooks and also gave a fine paper in Aztec. He was bornin the UK in 1964.Clearly, there is a need to attract young people to re-place those of us getting well past our prime. I was bornin 1934. I used to chide Allen Hynek that he was thesame age as my father (born in 1910). Now I am cer-tainly old enough to be John Greenewalds grandfather,as are many of the leading lights of American ufology. Idont even get too upset when I am called the grandfa-ther of Roswell, although it used to be the Father ofRoswell. It has been more than 25 years.What can be done?Each ofus can make an effort to attract younger peopleby speaking at high schools, communitycolleges, in class-rooms, as well as to wider audiences. When I speak at acollege campus, I always offer to speak in classes. Fewerand fewer hosts make the effort to arrange such visits,even though there is no extra charge. I have been wellreceived in the Honors Physics class at the local highschool when I have spoken there.Make a habit of at least leaving free book lists andMUFON subscription blanks. Wecould each make up abibliography of the best materials, some no longer gener-ally available, and offer to loan them to interested parties.Many students have to write essays and/or do termpapers and other projects. I get frequent requests via theinternet, but am sure I could do more to make people atschools aware of my availability. I am sure many of youcould as well.I try to aim my campus presentations at general audi-ences, rather than at ufologists, even at MUFON Con-ferences.We could charge lower admission fees for youngerpeople for our group meetings and try to attract the gen-eral public, especially younger people, without program-ming lectures or eventsthat are too specialized for begin-ners. Some science fiction Star Trek type groups shouldbe approached as well.We could point more interested young people towardsthe UFO Investigators Handbook and try to get inter-ested young people to do investigationswith us. We canshow people how to get more data from newspapers andmagazines byusing Readers Guideandtheperiodical filesat the city and university libraries near us. Some need tobe convinced that not everything is on the internet, yet.One recommendation I have made that seems to helpis to get people to check local newspapers (usually onmicrofilm) for the period June 25 to July 15,1947. Therewere loads of front page headline stories about flying sau-cers, flying discs, even flying platters. Many people dontrealize that even newswire stories are played differentlyin different papers, often with local relevant sightingsadded .The time period involved obviously includes KennethArnolds June 24, 1947, case and the Roswell story. Al-though most libraries have the New York Times on micro-film, it didnt mentionRoswell, because it was a morningpaper, until July 9-after General Rameys cover story hadbeen issued.Page 18 MUFON UFO Journal June 2003
  19. 19. However, eveningpapers from Chicagowest on July8 had the original story before the cover-up. To date Ihave found only one July 8 newspaper, the Los AngelesHerald Express, which featured both the original storyand the cover-upon the same front page. I bet there areothers out there, such as on the west coast and inHawaii.Digging into press reportsIt would be interesting to haveyoung people,withguid-ance from older investigators,dig into how the presstreated the USAF totally misleading press release of Oc-tober 25,1955, aboutthe completion of Project BlueBookSpecial Report 14, which nevermentioned the title of thereport or where the work was done or who did it-andapparently without the presseven asking these questions.Thepresstreatment of the closingof Project Blue Bookon Dec. 19,1969, is another eventto be researched.In allthese cases one finds some editorialsas well as thenewsstories.The issuanceof the CondonReport in January, 1969,brought forth loadsofnegativity, often seemingto be frompeople who hadnt read it. The issuance of the USAF"Roswell Report: Truth Vs. Fiction in the New MexicoDesert" (theUSAF suppliedthe fiction) in 1995, and theequally misleading sequel "The Roswell Report: CaseClosed" onJune24,1997, and the Roswell50th anniver-sary celebrationa week later, would be excellent topicsfor careful investigation by young ufologists.The front-page, grosslyinadequate,article by a PulitzerPrize winningjournalistfor the New York Times, WilliamBroad, on Sunday, Sept. 18,1994,typifies the generalbias,ignorance, and failure to do critical analysisof the falseproclamations of the noisynegativists thataretypical ratherthan unusual.Many high schools have clubs, some of which mightbe interestedin having a free talk by a MUFONmemberabout local sightings,about the big picture, about StarTravel, or government cover-up.There are campus sections of the AmericanInstituteof Aeronautics and Astronautics, of the InstituteforElec-trical and ElectronicEngineers, the American PhysicalSociety, andthe American NuclearSociety, all of whomneed exciting programs.I, for one,wouldprovidefreecopies ofmyvideos "Fly-ing Saucers Are Real"(Vols. 1and 2), "UFOs ARE Real,"and "Recollectionsof Roswell" forviewing by localclubsand groupsto anybody who willshow them publicly.Believe it or not, the Audio Visual Departmentof theProvince of New Brunswick distributed copies of my"UFOs AREReal" videoto high schools,someof whomused it for their Maritime Studiescourse. Two differentteachers told me it was the one class in which it wasguaranteed thattheir studentswould pay attention!(NewBrunswick is one of 3 Maritime Provinces).Get acquainted with local broadcastersOne could get to know local broadcasters, especiallyat stations catering to young audiences, to offer to do alocal talkshow, or give them my number and that of otherelder statesmen of Ufology who would be willing to dotelephone interviews.I think animportantway tolureyoung members wouldbe to take a much more proactive approach, seekingsightings rather than waiting for them to come to you.Having a widelypublicized toll free number is one ap-proach whichcan bring in reports.Another, once asightingreport has been received, istosend a letter to the local newspapers and radio stations,seeking reports, promising notto usenames without per-mission. I havedone this on several occasions and beengiven manymorereports. Be sure to listphone, email andsnail mailaddresses. A toll free number helps (mineis 1-877^57-0232).Displays in shopping malls offering special reducedsubscription ormembershiprates anddistributing afreeinformation list, and good UFOpictures on display panelswith appropriate captions would be doable.MUFON will observeNational UFO AwarenessWeekfrom Aug. 16,through Aug.23,2003, sothiswouldbe anespecially good time to setup displays and programs, asStan Gordon does each year in Pennsylvania.Donate subscriptions to librariesMUFON members could donate subscriptions for theMUFON UFO Journal to local public and campus li-braries. Jerome Clarks outstanding two-volume UFOEncyclopedia could also be donated to provide a factualdata base forthose young people with a serious interest.Many schools have science fairs. Offer to help stu-dents by providingsource materials.Anybody who wantsto distribute the 10-page bibliography in my "TOP SE-CRET/MAJIC" is welcometo do so. It includes 10 PhDtheses and abunch ofnegative books, as well as the ac-curate and comprehensive data sources that are avail-ablebut littleknown.I think animportantpart of attracting younger peopletoufology ingeneral,and MUFON inparticular,would befor many ofusto stop being apologist ufologists or closetufologists. Weneed to take on the debunkers head on.That certainly means doing oneshomework. In 36 yearsof lecturing ("Flying Saucers ARE Real!") I have hadonly 11 hecklers, of which two were drunk, even thoughmany of myaudiences were professional groups, asop-posed tojust campus groups.The polls show amajority accept UFO reality, andthegreater the education, the more likelyto say some UFOsare alien spacecraft. I have yet to have an egg or tomatothrown atme.There wasa two-hour TV debate onthe ITV networkin the UK inJune, 1997, between Tim Good, Nick Pope,and myself vs. the con team of professors of physics,psychology, andastronomy. "Have aliens visited Earth?"100,000peoplecalledin to sayyea ornay. 92% said YES!If we dont stand up for facts and data and truth, whowill?Perhaps we could collectively produce a FAQ aboutUFOs so that younger people would recognize that weare with it?Stan Friedmancan be reached at fsphys@rogers.com.His website is www.v-j-enterprises.com/sfbage.htmJune 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 19
  20. 20. Sleep paralysis or abduction?A visual encounter with an entitySighting date: November, 1988Place: Minneapolis, MNTime: 6:15 a.m.Witness name: Sheila AndradeMUFON Investigator: William I. McNeffNumber of entities: 1Distance from witness: 8-10 ft.Description of encounter by witness[From notes taken during telephone interviews on9-18-00 and 10-19-02, and written testimony from thewitness in October, 2002-William I. McNeff]My experiences go back to July of 1988. It was atnight. I heard a sound like thousands of blow torches. Icouldnt move. [She was sleeping onthe sofa on the porchat home.] I dont know how long it lasted; it seemed likeforever; Then it cut off, and I ran to my parents room.I called the police, and they informedme that they hadjust received a call from someone just a couple of blocksfrom me regarding an unusualsound.Another person I know who lives in the Camden areaabout a mile from the NSP generator plant, says theymay have been letting off steam, but no way should Ihave heard it, since I live over 6 miles from the plant. Icalled NSP and they informed me that they only let offsteam about every ten years, and they said no way couldI have heard it from where I live.Three weeks later my parents were on the porch,around midnight.They apparently heard the same soundI had heard. My Dad wanted to go out, but the sound cutoff suddenly.Entity experienceIn November [1988], my Dad was at a convention,and I slept with my Mom. The alarm clock went off, Ipopped up, sprung forward,then fell backwards. I couldntmove, couldnt do anythingbutthink.I finallymanaged tomove my foot, then my leg, then satup on the edge of thebed. Things felt like they were out of sync, like a wavemoving.[I got up], put my hand onthe door, walked toward thebathroom, put my hand onthewall, looked to the right intothe dining room, and saw this black figure [it was if itreflected no light at all]. Then I wentinto the bathroom. Igot the toothpaste, started tobrush myteeth,then thoughtabout the figure. I peeked out of the bathroom, didnt seeanything [inthe dining room anymore].The figure had been so black that I saw no features.There is lots of light in our house from street lights etc.The head was rounder than ours. It also seemed bigger,but not grossly. It was not my nephew [who was livingwith us at the time]; [he is]too tall. The black figure wasabout 4 feet 8 inches to 5 feet tall; it was a little shorterthan my Mom, who is 5 feet 1-1/2 inches tall.A month later,[approx. December1988], Dad washome, I had thesame out-of-syncexperience, withthewave thing. [I wasstarting into thebathroom]. Dadsaid to me, "Whatare you doing?Youjust went into thebathroom half anhour ago!"He said I waswearing a whitenightgown. I didnthave a white nightgown! Years later,my nephewtold meofhearing aboutab-ductions. [I hadntheard of them.]UpdateMy most recentexperience was atthe end of Marchthis year (2000). Has anyone ever had the experience ofcoming back into their body? It felt like something beingthrown at me; it bounced off my bed, into me. Our dogwas still alive and jumped up, becauseshe heard it. It feltlike it hit my chest area, but it hit on the left [side of mybed] first. It was about early morning, I have it in myjournal.Evaluation by investigator McNeffThe experiencethat is the main subject of this report,the sightingof the entity, would fit thedescription of "sleepparalysis" to some degree. Certainlyparalysis isvividlydescribed by the witness. But initially, according to thewitness, therewas no paralysis; rathershe brieflypoppedinto a sitting position.In the typical description of sleepparalysis,hallucina-tions may be present. However, the sighting of the blackentity, which might besupposed to beahallucination, tookplace after the witness had gotten out of bed and walkedsome distance down a hallwayto the doorway of the liv-ing room. The alarm had gone off at 6 AM, and this wasthe witness normal time for arising on a work day, so itwould be normal to be fairly awake in a minute or so.It could be assumed that she was fairly well awake atthat point. It could be doubted that hallucinations wouldbe experienced after a person is fairly awake. Contrari-wise, the account of havingpopped into a sittingpositionPage 20 MUFON UFO Journal June 2003
  21. 21. could be itself ahallucination. This investigator, however,is not certain how well the alleged phenomenon of "sleepparalysis" has been studied.It seems to be fairly well established that during sleepa chemical is generated in the human body which para-lyzes the large motor muscles, but not the heart or lungmuscles. This paralysis lessens from time to time duringthe periods of lighter sleep to the degree that the sleeperis able to change his or her position in bed.In "sleepparalysis" anexcess ofthe paralyzingchemicalis supposed to have been produced. But this investigatorwonders if many, or perhaps all, of the incidents of "sleepparalysis" are actually abduction incidents, in which thehallucinations" are actually screen memories.It is suspected that this entity experience may havebeen part of an abduction experience. The best way toattempt to confirm or disprove this would probably be toconduct a regression.But this investigator is reluctant to urge this course ona person who seems to be generally unconcerned aboutthe experience, and appears to be leading a happy, pro-ductive life, as is the witness. Only if the witness ex-presses a suspicion that more went on than is in con-scious memory, and states an urgent desire to find out,will I suggest, but not recommend, regression.Without regression, the uncertainties about this casemust remain. But the other experiences recounted by thewitness suggest that some strange thingsassociated withher house, family, or neighborhood had been happening.The "sound like thousands of blow torches" was appar-ently heard by more than one witness on one or both oc-casions.The incidents of the "white night gown" and the "com-ing back into the body," as well as the paralysis associ-ated with the roaring sound on one occasion and the en-tity sighting on another, are all strongly suggestive thatabductions of this witness may have been occurring. Thefact that she did not investigate the black figure initiallymay have been part of a "control" mechanism by an en-tity which had remained in the house just long enough toverify that she, or some other family member, was notadversely affected by an abduction.It is this investigators conclusion that there is signifi-cant evidence, but no certainty, that a strange entity wasseen, and that abductions of the witness may have beenoccurring.March Italian reports same as averageThe number of reports of sightings of UFO phenom-ena occurring in Italy during the month of March andcollected by the Internet working group for the caselog ofthe Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) has totaled27.This is a drop of fifty percent from February,bringingin the month of March at its usual average and the firstquarter at the same levels of preceding years (with theexception of 2002, which was "richer" by 50%): with 177cases. The quarters reports were concentrated morethan usual in the northern regions, which alone accountfor two-thirds of the total.Majestic 12 web site...(Continued from page 17)rights to life story to Sergeant Jim Clarkson, along withhis notarized affidavit of authenticity.The historical documents about June include WarDe-partment Notifications of Personnel Action for WrightFieldOhio; Efficiency Ratings; and detailed Position Descrip-tions. These documentsare on original paper in the cor-rect format. The documents clearly show that Juneworked at Headquarters Air Materiel Command (AMC),Area A, Supply Division Equipment Section, MaterialsBranch, photographic unit in 1948. See: document on detecting ET life(E) ANASA document written in 1965 and titled Con-cepts for Detection of Extraterrestrial Life. (NASA SP-56). This copy was released from the U.K. via NickRedfern. Note that the stamps on the cover indicate thatthe document was forwarded to the University ofWarwick, England, and the Weapons Research Divisionof A. V.Roe & Co. Ltd., Woodford, England.The subject of utilizing and back-engineering UFOmaterials for weapons research is a central theme of Lt.Col. Philip J. Corsos book, The Day After Roswell. See: Moondust(F) Newly-posted files on Project Moon Dust. Osten-sibly Moon Dust was designed to recover Soviet satelliteand rocket debris; however, the files now available revealthat Moon Dust personnel were heavilyinvolved withtheUFO subject and UFO crash-retrieval cases, too. As anexample, this 3-page document, titled Somaliland Presi-dent Egal Speaks on Mysterious Bomb Blast, dates fromJanuary 1996 and concerns a series of mysterious explo-sions that had occurred in the same month and year in theeastern part of Somaliland.The report (that originated with the CIA and that wasforwarded to the State Department, Defense IntelligenceAgency and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base among oth-ers) states that in some quarters the explosions had beenattributed to UFOs. Interestingly, the document also statesthat the physical and mental health of both animals andpeople inthe region had been adversely affected by what-ever it was that had exploded.The document states that the object that crashed orexploded was moving at supersonic speed but due to thesize and remoteness of the area, a search for debris hadbeen unsuccessful..The reference to people having physical reactions isnot unlike the references in the Majestic 12 1st AnnualReport and The Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit docu-ment about individualshaving adverse (and fatal) reac-tions to an alien virus at the scene of a UFO crash site in1947. See: be continued in the July issue)June 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 21
  22. 22. July 2003Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Mars, in Aquarius, more than doubles its brightnessthis month, from -1.4 to -2.3 magnitude. Earth continuesto close in on our neighbor in space. Beginning July 19,the diameter of Mars exceeds 20 arc-seconds for a pe-riod of 11 weeks, a span of prime observation unequaledsince the Mars opposition of 1924!The red planet now rises in the ESE about 10:45 inmid-month, and thenproceeds westwardduringthenight.(It appears to reverse its orbital motion, starting on the30th, an illusioncaused by a faster-movingEarth catch-ing up to a slower-movingouterplanet.) On July 16 Marsrises only 2 degrees to the left of the gibbous Moon. See"Morning Sky."Jupiter (magnitude-1.8), inCancer, is very low in theWNW at dusk, setting about 1 1/2 hours after sunset.The big world lies below the lunar crescent on the 2nd.From about July 24 to 26, Jupiter appears within 1 1/2degrees of tiny Mercury. The crescent Moon joins bothplanets on the 30th.Bright Planets (Morning):Venus (-3.9) rises about 4 AM and stays very low inthe ENE before sunrise. The brilliant object, however, isvisible only duringearlyJuly.Mars advances to a point due S at mid-twilight. OnJuly 17 the gibbous Moon passes very close to the bright-ening planet,even hidingitfromSouthFlorida after 4 AMfor about half an hour.Saturn (0.1), in Gemini, emerges in the ENE about 4AM during the latter half of the month. It lies near thelunar crescent on the 26th and 27th.Meteor Shower:The South Delta Aquarid meteors, emanating fromAquarius in the southern sky,peakon the morningof July29 in a moonless sky.Though onlyup to about 20meteorsper hour may appear in the sky, they often have spec-tacularly long paths and are relatively slow-moving. Theyellowish Aquaridscan be seen in lesser numbers frommid-July to mid-August.Moon Phases:First quarter-July 6Full moon-July 13Last quarter-July 21New moon-July 29The Stars:One of the SummerTrianglestars isbrilliantwhite Vegain Lyra the Harp. It now gleams near the zenith afterdark, the 3rd brightest star in the Northern Hemisphereheavens. To the W of it lies the 2nd brightest luminaryinour hemisphere, orange-tinted Arcturus in Bootes theHerdsman.In the N, the Big Dipper stands with its handle ex-tended upward from the bowl. Use the two Pointer Starson the bottom side of the bowl to locatePolaristhe NorthStar. Extend a line between the Pointer Stars (Dubhe andMerak) about 5 times to the right or E. Polaris is a ratherfaint, but vital,navigationalstar.July 3-International UFO Museum at Roswell, JulyFestival, dwsims@neosoft.comJuly 4-6-MUFON International UFOSymposium,Hyatt Regency Hotel,Dearborn,MI. www.mimufon.orgJuly 5-Intemational UFO Museum at Roswell, JulyFestival, The "Roswell Dig" panel discussion.schmittdon47@aol.comAug. 2-3-Intemational Scientifie&MetaphysicalSym-posium 2003, Brisbane, Australia.Glennys Mackay atglenmack@pacific.net.au or Diane Harrison atauforn@hypermax.net.auSept. 6-7-National UFO Conference (NUFOC), NorthHollywood, CA,. anndruffel@aol.com 323-256-8655Sept. 13-RoswelI International UFOMuseum,Gloria Hawker, damom 15165@aol.comOct. 11-12-Halifax, Nova Scotia, InternationalUFO Symposium. info@ufohalifax 902-463-4728.Oct. 12-13-Pat Marcatillios UFO Conference,Bordentown, NJ www.drufo.orgReminderState and local MUFONorganizations whichhave ad-dress changes, email changes, or web site changes needto immediately contact MUFON Headquarters so thatthis information is includedinour files andon our website.WUFOD login & passwordfor MUFON membersWUFOD is MUFONs Worldwide UFO data-base, linked to the MUFON home page. URL forWUFOD is: http://ohiomufon.services4all.comlogin (where it says Name) is: memberpassword is: Imember!Remember, the login isthe word"member," NOTyour name! Both login and passwordmust be typedin lower case to enter WUFOD.Print out the user guideonceyou log in and read itfor best use of the database.Logins and passwords for investigatorswill begiventhem by their State Directors. All Field Investigatorsshould be getting email from WUFOD when a caseis entered in your state. If you arent, please contactgeekology@worldnet.att.netPage 22 MUFON UFO Journal June 2003