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Mufon ufo journal   2003 11. november
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Mufon ufo journal 2003 11. november


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  • 1. $4.00MUPMutual UFO Network^•^^^^••i^^^™^^—^UFO JournalNovember 2003 Number 427The famous Delphos. KS. "ting" was still obvious three years after the 1971 sighting by Ronnie Johnson.Note that vegetation is still not growing in the "ring " area. This photo was taken by Mrs. Erma Johnson, withthe same Polaroid camera she used to record a mysterious glow from the site on the evening of the sighting.The latest and most complete soil analysis of the site is reported in this issue, beginning on page 3.
  • 2. MUFONUFOJournali .•• (USPS 002-970)1f (ISSN 0270^6822)••" Post Office Box 369 • "•Morrison, CO 80465-0369Tel: 303-932-7709Fax:303-932-9279: International DirectorK-1John F. Schuessler, M.S.Editor:Dwight Connelly, M.S.14026 Ridgelawn RoadMartinsville, IL 62442, Tel: (217) 382-4502; • • e-mail:..l&i-* . •; ;• • . <- / . n., -Advertising Director:John F.Schuessler, M.S.Columnists:;Walter N. Webb, B.S.: .George Filer,MB.A.•(..;, Jenny Randies vStanton Friedman, M.S.MUFON on CompuServe"Go MUFON"j to access theForum) , - • - . • ; • , • • • . ;" • v: MUFON on thejinterrtet:;h^tp://www.rnufon.cpm ;• rMUFON e-mail address:• • ; mufonhq^aol.comMUFON Amateur Radio Net:j;4p meters-7:237 MHzSaturdays, 7 a!m:CST or COSTNovember 2003 Number 427In this issueDelphos soil analysed by Phyllis Budinger 3"Wolf Girl" of Delphos 4Washington State investigation by William Puckett 6UFO Press: UFOs Are With Us-Take My Word. 9Filers Files by George A. Filer. 12Bullard tops in abduction studiesby Dwight Connelly..15View from Britain by Jenny Randies 16Scientists think 25 % of Sun-like stars have planets..17Perceptions by Stanton T. Friedman 18My ten favorite cases by Dennis Balthaser. 20The Night Sky by Walter N. Webb 21Calendar 21UFO Marketplace 23Directors Message by John Schuessler. 24Change of addressand subscription/extra copiesinquiries shouldbe sent to MUFON, P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369.Copyright 2003 bythe Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of meCopyright Owners. Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one article,provided the author is credited, and the statement. "Copyright 2003 by the Mutual UFO Network.PO Box 369. Morrison. CO 80465-0369" is includedThe contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editor, and do notnecessarily reflect the official position of the Mutual UFO Network Opinions expressed are solelythose of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editor or staff ofMUFONThe Mutual UFO Network, inc is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) ofthe Internal Revenue Code MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the type described inSection 509 (a) (2) Donors may deduct contributions from their Federal Income Tax Bequests,legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are also deductible for estate and gift purposes, provided theymeet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055. 2106. and 2522 of the Internal Revenue CodeMUFON is a Texas nonprofit corporationThe MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network. Inc . Morrison.CO Second Class postage paid at Versailles. MOIndividual Membership. $45/year U S . $55 outside the U SFamily members $10 per person additionalStudent (18 years and under). $35 U S. and $45 outside the U SDonor $100/year Professional. $250/year. Patron $500/yearBenefactor (Lifetime Member) $1.000First class Journal delivery (m envelopes) U.S and Canada only $12/year additionalAir Mail Journal delivery to all other countries outside the United States $35/year additionalPostmaster. Send form 3579 to advise change of address to- MUFON UFO Journal. POBox 369. Morrison. CO 80465-0369MUFONs mission is the scientific study of UFOs for thebenefit of mankind through investigation, research, & education.,
  • 3. Most recent soil analysis in Delphos casecontinues to back accounts by witnessesMrs. BudingerBy Phyllis A. BudingerAnalyticalChemistFrontier Analysis, Ltd.It was dark in Delphos,KS, at 7 PMon Nov. 2, 1971. There was a fullmoon domi-nating the clearsky. The air wascool with a gentlewesterly breeze.Sixteen-year-oldRon Johnson, ac-companied by hisdog, Snowball,wasabout 250 feet fromthe house tendingto the sheep. Ronsparents (Durel andErma) were in the house, and his motherhad just called him in todinner.. Such was the stage for the one of themost extraordinary events in thehistoryof ufology.Immediately after the dinner call,Ronheard a sound like "an old washingma-chine whichvibrates." He emerged froma shed and observed amushroom-shapedobject approximately eight feet in diam-eter with a mass of multicolored (blue,red, orange) light coveringits entire sur-face. The glow bothered Rons eyeswhenhe looked directly at it.The object, about 25 yardsaway, washovering two to five feet off the ground,and seemed to be depositing a shimmer-ing material. It remained for several min-utes, then the glow at the base of theobject brightened and enlarged, and theobject departed, accompaniedby a high-pitched sound similarto ajet aircraft.At thispoint Ron was blinded for sev-eral minutes. On regaining his sight hesaw the object departing to the south.Frightened, he went to get his parents,and when they came outside, all threewitnessed the departing object in the sky.At thistime it was half the apparentdiam-eter of the full moon and the color of anarc-welder. The light was brighter thanan auto headlight at 100 feet.The witnesses returned to the sitewhere the UFO hovered and saw "a glow-ing ring on the ground" and lumines-cence on nearby trees. Rons parents,Erma andDurel Johnson, touched the ringand noted the soil was not warm, and feltas if it had been crystallized.They also experienced a numbingef-fect to their hands. Erma rubbedherhandagainst her leg, and italso became numb.The numb area in her leg has persisteduntil recent times (as of 1998). She alsonoted an unfamiliar odor.She returned to the house for aPolaroid camera. Shehad one picture left,and took a photo of the ring, reportedlywith no flash, using film with an ASArating of 75 [avery slow film].Other witnesses arriving a day laterreported a light-colored and doughnut/horseshoe-shaped ring area about eightfeet across. The ring itself was about onefoot wide, and it was dry. The soil out-side the ring and inthe middle, however,was muddy,due to recent rains.A high concentration of a white sub-stance was observed in all of the ring soil,but was not present in the surroundingsoil. A foul odor was also reported bysome investigators^The investigationThe first UFO investigator, TedPhillips, arrived at the scene 32 dayslateron Dec. 4,1971. Hereported the ringwasstill there, "perfectly outlined in theunmelted snow." The soil underneathwas dry to a depth of at least one foot,and was light brown incolor;furthermore,it would not permit water to pass thoughthe surface.However, the snow from thesurround-ing area was melting, and that soil wasblack and moist. Additionally, a highconcentration of white substance wasobserved in all of the ring soil, but notpresent in the surrounding soil.Phillipstook numerous samples, insideof the ring, within the ring, along the re-ported exit path of the object, and out-side these areas as controls. He also tookseveral photos and made numerous mea-surements.Phillips next visit to the site was Jan.11,1972, and this was followedby anum-ber of other visits over the years. On avisit 31/2 years later, Phillips noted thatnothing grew on the ring.During each of his visits he sought tolocate anything which would indicate ahoax, and found nothing, and the reputa-tion of the Johnson family indicated nolikelihood of a hoax..In addition to the reports by the wit-nesses and the physical aspects of thering itself, there were also indicationsofanimal rections to the sighting and thesite.Previous soil analysesMost of the past analyses done onthe ring soil focused on physical proper-ties, applied physical forces, and elemen-tal analysis.Unusual hydrophobic effectswere noted. Compared to control soils itwas noted that the ring soils contained ahigher acid content, more soluble salts,and higher calcium content.They also produced less seed growthand were coated with an organic material.A second unusual material with white,crystal-like fiberswas noted to be embed-ded in the ring soils.Very limitedprogress had been madeinto the molecularcharacterization of thewhite fibers and the other release materi-als.23Tomy knowledge, none of the ana-lytical data were examinedby ananalyti-cal chemist with specialization inthe iden-tifications of unknowns and an in-depthknowledge and experience in correlatingdata .from numerous, different tests todefine the substance.It would appear that as each differenttest was done, the investigator arrived ata different opinion. A few conclusionswere erroneous. It is reminiscent of theproverbial six blind men from Indostanwho each attempted to describe an el-ephant based on the area of the animalhetouched.Some effort had been made to eluci-date the molecularcomposition of the re-lease material. But, as noted above, adetailed compositional identificationhadnot been achieved. In my viewpoint,both skilland experience were needed indata acquisition and interpretation of el-emental analysis, and especially molecu-lar spectroscopy, to put the puzzle to-gether.The specific key was a spectroscopistexperienced in infrared and nuclear mag-netic resonance techniques. I hoped toapply the skills and experience of analyti-cal problem solving gathered over threedecades to the solution of this problem.I did not have to start entirely from thebeginning. Erol Faruk had done somevery revealing initialanalyses inthe 1970s.Faruk developed his.analyticalapproachbased on his experience as an organicchemist. He analyzed these materials us-ing 1970s technology, which has ad-vanced dramatically inthe past 25 years.November 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 3
  • 4. Although computerization, newtech-niques, and instrumentation have ad-vanced the field of analytical sciences topreviously unachievableheights, Farukswork was outstanding and provided pre-liminary observations and conjectures re-garding unknown residues extracted fromthe ring soils.45This was a definiteasset in determin-ing the analytical approach to use in thisanalysis. Although my approach to theanalysis, as an analyticalchemist, is dif-ferent, there is nothing to contradictFaruks initial observations.SamplesI began communicating with TedPhillips in 1998regarding additional analy-sis on the Delphos ring soils. The prob-lem was to find existing samples. At alocal Ohio MUFON meeting I related thequest to John Timmerman of CUFOS.After a search, he did manage to locatering and control soil samples on Thanks-giving Day, 1998, and Ireceived these onDec. 7.Documentation and sample labelingexisted, attesting to their authenticity,andthey were encased intheir original tightlyclosed Kodak film containerswith blacktops and showing no signs of tampering.The labeling on the soil samples leftno doubt that they were sampled by TedPhillips, the principal investigator, on Jan.11,1972, whichwas two months after theevent. Furthermore, they were in a box inwhich torn up pieces of a 1971 edition ofa Missouri road map,Phillips home state,was used for packing. Additionally,Phillips remembered samplingthem.6Six Delphos soil samples were re-ceived. Their identifications follow:•Ring Sample A-2, Surface to A inch(15.1 g)•Ring Sample C-3, Surface to Vi inch(15.9g)•Ring Sample D-3 Surface to A inch(14.0g)•Control Sample Center Surface to 1/2inch (23.1 g)•Control Sample A-9, Surfaceto /2 inch(21.4g)•Control Sample C-8, Surfaceto /2 inch(23.7 g)Analytical procedureThe ring soils and control soils wereanalyzed using a battery of tests whichincluded most of the analytical "alpha-bet." The tests were used to examine thesamples "as received," as well as aque-ous and organic solvent extracts.These includethe following: EDX (En-ergy Dispersive X-ray) elemental analy-sis; %C, %H,%N;XPS(X-ray Photoelec-tron Spectroscopy); XRD (X-ray Diffrac-tion); FT-IR (Fourier Transform - Infra-Verification of Ron Johnsons reportThe "Wolf Girl" of DelphosOne of the incidentswhichdebunkershave used to discredit the main witnessin the Delphos case, Ron Johnson, is hisstatement thathe had later seen a strange"wolf-girl" with wild blond hair, wearinga torn cloth coat, who escaped him byrunning away on all fours when he gotclose.But not reported by the debunkers isthe fact that two and a half years after theDelphos UFO incident at least fourpeople had observed what they also de-scribed asa"wolf girl."In July, 1974, witnesses reported see-ing what appeared to be a femalechild ofabout ten or twelve years old, with mat-ted blonde hair running through awooded area on the northwest edge ofDelphos. She was dressed in tattered redclothing.One witness who encountered the girlduring a search for her reported that thegirl did not speak, but growled at him be-fore running off. Children had reportedseeing the girl eating out of cat and dogdishes.Another witness reported that thestrange "wolf-girl," again described ashaving wild blond hair and wearing a torncloth coat, escaped him by runningawayon all fours when he got close.About 7:30 AM on July 22, Mrs. JoeStout saw the childon a vacant and over-grown lot sitting on a picnic table onlyfive or six feet away. Mrs. Stout said shecould not be sure if it was a boy or a girl,but assumed itwas a girl because thechildwas wearing a red dress.The girl reportedly made an odd gur-gling sound when Mrs. Stout tried to getcloser, and then jumped down from thepicnic table and disappeared through asmall hole ina nearbywall.Mrs. Stoutsaid the childwas definitelyhuman and not deformed, although it ranon all fours. She estimated thatthe child,who had a curved scar from her right eyeto her mouth, was only the size of a six-year-old. Mrs. Stout said she saw thechild again around 4 PM and about 8:30PM the same day.During a later night search of the area,Mrs. Stout was reportedly scratched onthe shoulder, and a teenage neighbor,Kevin Marsh, was reportedly scratchedon the throat from behind.Both saidtheygot only a glimpse of what appeared tobe a smallassailant.Other residents of the area had re-ported chasing the girl through milofields, but a posse organized by OttawaCounty Sheriff Leonard Simpson foundno trace of the girl,nor any evidencethatshe had been in the area.The girl was later reported by a resi-dent to be inside a shed, but officers andabout 35 residents surrounding the shedfound no trace of her.Although Sheriff Simpson acknowl-edged that people had seen something,he suggested that the reports could havebeen caused by cats and dogs runningloose in the area. He pointed out that nochildren had been reported missing any-where in Kansas, and closed the case.Even so, parents of young childrentold The Wichita Eagle that they werekeeping their children indoors or withinsight.Sheriff Simpson saidthat most peoplewho thought they saw something hadchanged their story by the next daywhenasked to give statements, but the Stouts,Marsh, and teenager Doug Kaiser con-tinued to insist that they had seen a littlegirl.Mrs. Stout said objects in a shed, in-cluding dolls from a collection that hadbeen stored in barrels along with someclothing, had been moved during thenight, although she didnt see or hearanyone near the shed.And when she had first seen the childshe had noticed that someone had linedthe dolls up on the picnic table and cov-ered them with pieces of cloth.There were no additional reports ofthewolfgirl("Search For Wolf Girl Unsuccess-ful," Kansas City Times, 29 July, 1974."Delphos Folks divided By Reports ofWild Girl," Wichita Eagle, 3} July, 1974.)red) analysis;SEM/EDX (Scanning Elec-tron Mocroscopy/Energy Dispersive X-ray); headspace GC/MS (Gas Chromatog-raphy/Mass Spectroscopy); H NMR(Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance);1C (Ion Chromatography); UV (Ultravio-let Spectroscopy). A few of the abovetests had been done by other laborato-ries in the past. They were repeated inorder to:1.) obtain the data from state-of-the-art instrumentation;2.) to compare to the previous data. Afew instruments used in this study werenot available when past analyses weredone. In-depth details regarding the ana-Page 4 MUFON UFO Journal November 2003
  • 5. lytical procedure and results from ,311 theindividual tests can be found in otherpublications.78Results summaryThe analysis of the Delphos soils andtheir isolates show there has been a defi-nite release of one or more substances. Iconcur with Faruk in that the substanceswere deposited in an aqueous solution.A humic substance coats the soilssurface, imparting the hydrophobic "ef-fect" which was noted 30 years ago. Thewhite fibrous-appearing material that haseluded identification by investigators inthe past is definitelyidentified ascalciumoxalate. Non-volatile ring soil compo-nents calculateto approximately2-3 wt.%.The following table lists these compo-nents and provides a rough estimate oftheir amounts.Found Ring Soil Substances(Non-Volatiles)Wt. %•Humic Substance 85 ±10(Probably low molecular weightFulvic Acid)•Calcium Oxalate 5 ±2•Calcium Carbonate —1•Phosphate <0.1•Sulfate <0.1•Sulfide and/or Mercaptan <0.01Conclusions1.) The soils analyzed were sampledtwo months after the event, and 27 yearshave passed since the samples were col-lected, so it is unknown if any changeshave occurred to the samples over thisperiod of time.However, I believe that there is no evi-dence for extensive degradation, becausepast analytical test results from the ringsoils compare closely to those tests thatwere repeated in this current analysis.The ring soils also retain the same hydro-phobicity as reported in the past.2.) The humic substance specificallyappears to be fulvic acid. It has proper-ties resemblinga mull-type humuswhichoccurs under conditions of high biologi-cal activities, such as under grass veg-etation and soils under cultivation.This material coats the soil surface,initially imparting a hydrophobic effect.Upon water addition to the ring soil, fol-lowed by agitation,it solubulizes, and thesoil readily loses its apparent hydropho-bic effect.3.)Both calcium oxalate and oxalicacidare known skin and eye irritants andwould account for the physical effectssuffered by the witnesses. It is suspectedthat the calcium oxalate found in the ringJjly ORIGINAL POSITIONV | OF FALLENFLIGHT PATH^rhiSHEDThe object and apparent flight path, as reconstructed by Phillips.soil was deposited as free oxalicacid andcombined with calcium in the ground.4.) The source of the chemilumines-cence (glow) still remains speculative.Faruk reports thathe isolated a compoundwhich he deduced was the source of thiseffect. The present study, did not detectthis material. It may well have deterio-rated over time.If indeed present, it probably was invery minor amounts, i.e. not a major com-ponent ofthe release. My experience withcompounds which impart color to materi-als, and materials that causechemilumi-nescence, is that they usually need onlyto be present at a few ppm to be visuallyapparent.I can also offer this speculation. Hu-mic substances inthe presence of oxalatederivatives and a suitable catalyst, e.g.hydrogen peroxide, may possibly causethe chemiluminescence effect. Hydrogenperoxide would have decomposed withinhours of the event.5.) The presence of sulfide/mercaptancould explain any obnoxious odor whichpurportedly emanated from the ring soils.6.) The analysis shows the ring soilwas not exposed to a physical effect, suchas high temperature, which substantiatesthe statement of the principal witness.7.) The analysis neither proves norrules out a UFO source of the release.The above natural products have manyuseful properties. Specifically, humatesare known for their chelation/bonding tometals and organics. They are used infertilizer and for removal of toxic metalsand organic pollutants.It is natural to assume "other" intelli-gent life forms would alsouse them. Onespeculation is they are perhaps wasteproducts of a biological process.8.) A speculation is offered by a col-league, Dr. J. Robert Mooney. This isbased on the presence of the high con-centration (5%) of oxalic acid, which isanatural product in the soil, but such a highconcentration would not be expectedfrom the usual plant source.Exhaust from a low-temperature ion-ization or combustion engine (whose fuelsource was elemental carbon) could leavea high concentration of the acid alongwith other lower molecular weight acids.Of course the major components fromsuch an engine would be expected to becarbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.These would be lost as gases.The acids would concentrate in thesoil beneath the exhaust. Use of elemen-tal carbon, as a fuel, seems very reason-able, as it is safely transportable and con-tains a high energy density.9.) Finally, others have countered thatthe release represents the products of"well seasoned barnyard soil." If thiswere the case, there should be muchhigher concentrations of such elementsas nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.Also, there shouldbe evidence of sig-nificant amounts of other components,such as urea, uric acid, and ammoniumcomponents, which are typical of animalwaste and its decomposition products,and these are not detected. Only thefulvic acid predominates.[Editors Note: Debunker Phil Klasshad suggested that the ring was from acircular stock feeder. Mrs. Johnson andthe previous owner of the farm state thatthere has never been a feeder in that area.]RecommendationsThis analysis should serve as a basefor analysis of similar events that mayNovember 2003 MUFON UFO Journal PageS
  • 6. occur in the future, or perhaps have al-ready occurred. Most notably, spectro-scopic analysis is needed.I am aware of two past events whichwould be worthy of a similar analyticalapproach. One such event occurred inTrans-en-Provence, France, on Jan. 8,1981. Some of the analytical data fromthe soils suggest molecular compoundssimilar toDelphos could bepresent there.The other event occurred in Oregonin an area noted for high UFO activity.Beginning in the mid-1990s recurringwhite rings have been appearing in aplowed field. The whitematerial has beenidentified as calcium oxalate.9It isrecommended that future ring sitesbe carefully assayed for oxalic acid andother low molecular weight acetic typecomponents.The following procedure is suggested.Perform an acid extraction, followed byion chromatography. Quantitatively, thiswould yield very accurate amounts of theacids. Acids should then be examinedby isotope mass spectrometry to deter-mine the carbon-14 level.Natural product sources of these ac-ids will give the expected values of 15.3disintegrations/min/gm. A higher levelof carbon-14 indicates the source wasnonterrestrial. Lower levels indicate thesource is not of recent biological originor is not terrestrial.ReferencesFor a detailed account of the eventsee: Ted Phillips, "Delphos A Close En-counter of the Second Kind," publishedby the UFO Research Coalition, Fairfax,Virginia,2002.2Swords, Micheal D. (1991). Researchnote: Delphos, Kansas, soil analysis.Journal of UFO Studies, n.s. 3,116-113.3Clark, Jerome. (1998). The UFO Ency-clopedia: The Phenomenon from theBeginning. Detroit, Mich.: Onmigraphics.Vol. 1, pp. 324-326."Faruk, Erol A. (1989). The DelphosCase: Soil Analysis and Appraisal of aCE-2 Report. Journal of UFO Studies, n.s.1,41-65.5Faruk, Erol A. (1998-1999) Privatecommunications.6Phillips, Ted (1998)Private communi-cation.Reference8Budinger, Phyllis A. (2003). NewAnalysis of Soil Samples for the DelphosUFO Case. Journal of UFO Studies, n.s.8,1-25.The Oregon sample was analyzed byPhyllis Budinger. The event was reportedby W. C. Levengood, MUFON 2003 In-ternational UFO Symposium Proceed-ings, 195-197.Washington State sighting requiresextensive work by investigatorBy William PuckettMUFON Field InvestigatorEditors Note: While this case ishardly outstanding in itself, the investi-gation by Mr.Puckett is of top quality,and shows the many aspects of a sight-ing which aserious investigator covers.EventLocation:Puyallup, WADate Occurred: June 8,2003DatesInvestigated:June 17,2003WUFODCase: I..2-600-WABackgroundOn Sunday, June 8, 2003 in the lateafternoon (5 PM) a married couple wasenjoying a pleasant sunny afternoon intheir back yard at their home inPuyallup,WA (about 40 miles south of downtownSeattle). Thehusband was paintingtheirhot tub, and his wife was bird watchingusing binoculars.She was watching ahawk through herbinoculars whenshe noticed a silvery ob-ject that appeared to be hovering. Theobject appeared to have a shiny metalliccenter with a white haze around it. Thewife told her husband about the sightingand he looked through the binoculars toview the object.It took the husband about 30 secondsto find the object with binoculars, andthe object was too small to see with thenaked eye. The husband ran upstairs tograb another set of binoculars, and hiswife was unable to again find the objectwith her binoculars.Once the husband returned, ittook himabout 30 seconds to find the object. Hesaid that it continued to hover and thenbegan moving northward. He said that itthen sped off rapidly and disappearedfrom his field of view inabout 4 or 5 sec-onds. The total time of the sighting wasestimated at about 10 minutes.He also stated that it was difficult tosteady the binoculars enough to keep theobject in view. The witnesses thoughtthat this object was unusual because ithovered, began moving, and then movedrapidly.Initially they thought that it could bea balloon, but ruled that out when it be-gan moving rapidly. They also thoughtthat it could bea very bright star, but knewthat stars were not visible during the day.(The only celestial object visible duringthe day besides the moon is the planetVenus. However, I have eliminatedVe-nus as a cause of the sighting. See de-tails in the results section below.)For these reasons the witnessesthought this object to be quite unusualand reported the sighting to the MUFONreport database.I obtained permission from the West-ern Washington MUFON director(Kathleen Anderson) to investigate thereport.Radar dataThe first task was to collect data. Iimmediately put in a request forradar datato the local Federal AviationAdministra-tion (FAA) office. I requested all radardata from 4:45 pm to 5:15 pm within 30miles of the witnesss home in Puyallup,WA. (The FAA recycles radar tapes ev-ery two weeks, so requests have to bemade immediately.) Ionlyrequested "pri-mary" and not transponder returns.Meteorological dataI next collected all pertinent meteoro-logical data for the time period of thesighting, including surface reports, up-per air reports, and reports from a windprofiler which is located at the NationalWeather Service Office in Sandpoint, WA.The profiler islocated a few milesnorthof downtown Seattle. Wind profilers mea-sure winds in the lower part of the atmo-sphere at various levels. This profiler usesDoppler and acoustical technology tomeasure temperatures and winds.I also checked into the times of allweather balloon launches.Other sightingsI checked other UFO reporting data-bases to see if there were other UFOsightings in the area. This investigationshowed that no other sightings were re-ported in the immediate area.According to the National UFO Re-porting Center (NUFORC) web site, avideo camera picked up some anomalousobjects at 7:30 AM on June 9,2003, nearVancouver, B.C. Canada. NUFORCthought that this sighting was due to birdsin a distance.Also on the next day several rapidlymoving disk-shaped objects were sightedin the Kansas City area. (One sightingwas in Lenexa, KS, at 12:35 PM and theother atLees Summit, MO, at 11:30 AM.)Another daytime sighting was madein Avondale, AZ, on June 9,2003, at 19:30local time. The characteristics of thissighting are very similar to the sightinginPage 6 MUFON UFO Journal November 2003
  • 7. Puyallup. The object moved towards thenortheast, was silver in color, and wasvery distant.Celestial objects checkedTo ascertain the position and bright-ness of the planets on the date of thesighting, I checked the night sky sectionof the May MUFONJournal. (The posi-tions and brightness of celestial objectsfor June were listed in the May issue ofthe Journal.)I contacted the witnesses and madean appointmentfor Sunday,June 15. Thiswas exactly one week after the sighting. Iinterviewed both witnesses, took somephotos, and made some angular measure-ments with a pocket transit.GPS readingA global positioning system (GPS)reading was taken to determine the lati-tude and longitude of the location wherethe sighting was made. I also verified thetime period of the sightingand elevationand azimuth readings of the initial andfinal points of observation. I used apocket transit mounted on a tripod toobtain these readings.The witness was confident in the an-gular measurements because he had apoint of reference for each reading (e.g.edge of roof of neighbors house).Both witnesses were very cooperativeand reliable. The initial report entered inthe MUFON database provided most ofthe details. I only had to have each wit-ness clarify a few details.Maps compiledMaps were compiled based upon thedata collected above. Plots of the radarechoes were made for the time period ofthe sighting. A mapshowing the onlyknown balloon launch in the area wasmade.Balloon launchings checkedThe National Weather Service per-formed a routine balloon launch at 5 PMP.D.T. Balloonsare launched twice a dayat 5 AM P.D.T and 5 PM P.D.T. Balloonsare launched at fixed locations through-out the world at 0000 and 1200GreenwichMeridian Time. This isthe same timethatthe witnesses saw the object.However, that balloon was launchedat Quillayute, WA, 117 milesto the west-northwest of where the witnesses ob-served the object. Therefore we can ruleout this weather balloon as a cause of thesighting.A check was made with the local airpollution agency to see if any balloonswere launchedinthe Seattle area on June8, 2003. I learned that the agency nolonger launches balloons and relies in-stead on the wind profiler to obtain tem-perature and wind readings in the loweratmosphere. -Could other types of balloons causethis type of sighting? Hot air balloonsare quite doubtful because one would see"flashing" when bursts of hot air are pe-riodically made to keep the balloon buoy-ant.On the basis of the wind direction aloftone could eliminate balloons from thissighting. Both the local wind profilerandupper air sounding show that winds aloftshifted from the southwest at the surfaceto the west or northwest at about 3000feet.The witness initially saw the object atan elevation of 57 degrees (based on thetransit reading). Even if the object wereonly one mile away the altitude wouldhave been nearly 4,500 feet, whichwouldmean that the object should be travelingtowards the southeast if it was a balloon.(The distance of the object was likelymuch farther than one mile.)However, the witnesses stated that theobject hovered for atime and then movedtowards the north. For this reason thesighting could not have been a balloon.Blimps would be another possibility,but the shape and aerialmovements notedby the witnesses would rule this out.The planet Venusis sometimesvisibleduring the day. (It could possibly besighted through binoculars if it wasbright.) However, a check of the "NightSky" section of the MUFON Journalshows that Venus rose at 4 AM in June,2003.Therefore the planet would have ei-ther been setting atthat time or would benear the western horizon. The planetwould have not been in the field of viewof the witnesses. The movement of theobject would also rule out Venus.Autokinesis?Sometimes a process called "autoki-nesis" can make anobject appear to havemovement when stared at over time. Thisis described in the MUFON FieldInvestigators Manual. However, thewit-nesses saw the object as stationary, andthen noted movement after several min-utes. This is likely not autokinesis be-cause an object will appear to "jump"andmove aroundintermittently.A conventional aircraft?Could the object have been a conven-tional aircraft seen at a large distance(thus the appearance of hovering)? Thewitnesses both stated that no aircraftwere inthe area during the 10-minutetimeperiod when they saw the object.The object underthe 7Xmagnificationof binoculars was still only the size of asmall star. The fact that the object wasnot visible to the human eye probablyexplains why no one else saw the objectin the area.A look at the radar data shows severalechoes in the area where-and when thewitnesses saw the object. However, theonly radar echo in the field of view of thesighting, at the time of the sighting, andin the direction of the sighting was 23miles from the witnesses (horizontal).When you consider the large angle ofelevation (57 degrees), the object wouldhave been 42 miles away from the wit-nesses. (Of course this would be assum-ing that the radar echo was the object.)Whatever caused this radar return onlyproduced one echo. Therefore no esti-mate of velocity could be made.However, if the object was actuallyhovering, as described by the witnesses,radar may not pick it up, depending uponhow the moving target indicator (MTI)was adjusted on the radar. The MTI isused to eliminate "radar clutter" andthere-fore results in the radar only picking upmoving targets.Also radar will not pick up all objects.The radar beam is set from ground to in-finity. However, this does not mean thatradar willpick up all movingtargets fromthe ground through the upper atmo-sphere. My experience has shown thatFAA radar picks up aircraft flying at cer-tain altitudes (probably altitudes close tothe center of the beam).The altitude of the center of the beamwill vary depending upon how close thetarget is to the radar. At farther targets,radar will pick up higher-flying aircraft,whileat closer targets lower-flying aircraftwill be picked up. The witness locationwas about 50 miles to the southeast oftheFort Lawton radar antenna. (Data fromthe FAA Fort Lawton radar were used inthis analysis.)When reviewing the radar data, I didnotice one anomaly. The anomaly in-volved radar possibly indicating a rap-idly moving target. The radar showedthat an object was moving towards thesouth at 2,100 mph. Radar can be a reli-able tool for estimating speeds of objects,but in the absence of eyewitnesses thereliability decreases.The cause of this "runner echo" islikely due to the fact that an object wasout of the field of view of the radar andwas a more distant object. The radarwould have painted the object at an erro-neous position (too close) on the nextturn of the antenna. This anomaly is dis-cussed in the MUFON FieldInvestigator s Manual.This object would have been out ofthe field of view of the witnesses. TheNovember 2003 MUFON UFO Journal
  • 8. witnesses field of view was restricted tothe right of the 60-degree arrow due to aneighbors house. In other words thewitnesses could only see from about east-northeast to north from their location.Calculating speedWe can make some deductions aboutthe speed of the object at various dis-tances because we know that the objecttraversed 32 degrees of arc in about 10minutes. (The movement wasnt con-stant, but we can still use an averagemovement.)Distance (Miles)151015202342Averagespeed (MPH)31734506777141Speeds at distances of 23 and 42 mileswere used respectively because 23 mileswas the horizontal distance to the radarecho, and 42 miles was the distance tothe echo considering the elevation angleof 57degrees.Based on the above table, if this ob-ject was an aircraft, it would have likelybeen at least 25 miles from the witnessesper speed estimate. (Of course thiswouldonly applyto lightaircraft or helicopters.)Based on the silvery appearance, it isquite unlikelythatthe aircraft was a heli-copter or light aircraft. Most helicoptersand light aircraft are color painted.Many militaryand commercialjets aresilver in appearance, especially at largedistances. (This could be due to the sunreflecting off of the wings.) However, inthis case, due to the average slow speed,it is highly unlikely that this craft was acommercial ormilitaryjet.Conventional aircraft can also be ruledout based on the appearance, shape, ini-tial hovering, eventual slow speeds, andthe ultimate rapid acceleration reportedby the witnesses.Calculating altitudeWe can also make some deductionsabout the altitude of the object based onthe elevation angle.Distance (Miles) Altitude (Feet)(at 57Degree Elevation)1 4,4285 22,14010 44,28215 66,42220 88,56323 101,84842 185,984If we look at both tables above, wecan almost eliminate light aircraft and he-licopters as the cause of this sighting.We established that the craft would haveto be at least25 miles from the witnessesto have been flying at the speed of alightaircraft.However, at 25 miles the craft wouldhave been at an altitude of over 100,000feet. I doubt seriously if Cessna orBeechcraft airplanes can fly over 100,000feet.Determining distanceCan we make any deductions abouthow far thecraft was from the observers?Obviously if we had more witnesses atother locations we could do location es-timations through triangulation. Wedont have that data in this case.We know that the object was not vis-ible to the naked eye. So it was eithervery small, very far away, or a combina-tion of both.The effects of weatherWe can look at weather observationsfor the day. Most weather stations in thearea were reporting horizontalvisibilitiesof 10 statute miles with no obstructionsto visibility(e.g. haze, smoke, etc). Theregion had been under a hot spell for afew days before the sighting and somesmog had resulted.However, on the day of the sightingthe winds had shifted onshore, and at-mospheric mixing was adequate to dis-perse the smog.Also, these weather stations are auto-mated, and therefore visibility is takenwith an instrument and not the humaneye. Ten milescould mean 10+miles. Ona clear day Mount Rainier is frequentlyvisible from downtown Seattle. MountRainier is located close to 50 miles fromdowntown Seattle.The question then arises as towhetherthe observers could see an object morethan 10 miles away, even with 7-powerbinoculars? I believe that the answer isyes, because they were looking up at 57degrees initially, and 22 degrees abovethe horizon when the object was lastsighted.Visibility is generally better whenyoulook up at a steeper angle of the atmo-sphere because you are looking throughless of the lower atmosphere.To ascertain whether the object was aconventional aircraft I asked the wit-nesses if they saw any contrails, heardany noise, or noticed any conventionalaircraft in the area. The answer was no toall questions.A check of the humidityand tempera-ture profile from the atmospheric sound-ing showed thatthe humidity was too lowat levelswhere contrails could form (be-low temperatures of -40 degrees Centi-grade). This can be interpreted such thatcontrails could have formed, but wouldhave quickly evaporated in the dry air.Therefore, on this day the witnesseswould have noticed at most a small con-trail behind the object if itwere a conven-tional aircraft flyingat high altitude(at orabove 30,000 feet). The contrail wouldhave rapidlydisappeared due tounfavor-able conditions.ConclusionsAfter considering all of the possibili-ties for this sighting, such as balloons,blimps, bright celestial bodies, atmo-spheric phenomena, and conventionalaircraft, we can methodically eliminateeachpossibility.The weakest aspects of this sightingare that only two witnesses were in-volved, the witnesses were at the samelocation, the object was distant, and theobject was very small.The reason other witnesses did notsee the object is because it was not vis-ible tothe human eye, and wouldnot havebeen spotted at all had not one of thewitnesses been bird watching throughbinoculars.Based on the above I classify thissighting as unidentified. If more data wereavailable, the object was closer, or theobject was larger, then a conventionalexplanation would be possible.ReferencesNational UFO Reporting Center website: http://www.ufocenter.comNational Weather Service - Seattle,Washington web site: Field Investigators ManualMUFON UFO Journal, May, 2003Aircraft Contrails Fact-Sheet, USEPAhttp://www.epa.eovMUFON black capMUFON has a great blackcap with white MUFON logoto match the field investigatorblack t-shirts (the caps alsolook great with the white t-shirts).Screen printed is $8 + $3S&H. Embroidered is $15 +$3 S&H.MUFON, P.O. Box369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369. (Check, MO, or cash,U.S. dollars.)Page 8 MUFON UFO Journal November 2003
  • 9. Illinois objectsremain unidentifiedThis UFO sighting occurred between6 PM and 7 PM CST on July 5 ,2003, atRend Lake State Park near Mt. Vernon,IL, and involved three adult witnessesand one child.According to the principal witness, heand his wife and daughter, along withtheir friend, were attending July 4 festivi-ties at the park, at the southern end of theNorth Marcum Recreation Area.The witnesses were looking up in thedirection of the lake dam to the south,along with an about 200 other people, an-ticipating the final skydive jump of theday.As their attention was focused on theapproaching plane used by the skydivers,they noticed two luminous white objectsin the same general portion of the skywhich seemed to be traveling together.They were round to elliptical in shape,and their apparent size was estimated tobe similar to a golf ball at arms length.Actual size was estimated to be 11-30 feet.The objects reportedly moved in astraight line from the south/southwest tothe north/northwest (and directly over-head) at a constant rate of speed that wasestimated to be 500 mph The altitude ofthe objects was estimated to be 10,000feet.No sound was heard, and the objectsleft no trails. The witnesses agreed thatthe objects were radiating an intensewhite light, rather than simply reflectingsunlight. The objects disappeared behindthe trees on the northern horizon. Sight-ing duration was estimated to be 2-3 min-utes.Despite all the other people that werepresent, the witnesses stated that no oneelse seemed to have seen the objects,since the witnesses said they receivedstrange looks from those immediatelyaround them when they asked.Weather conditions included clear,sunny skies and wind speed averaging9.5 mph out of the southwest. Thisroughly corresponds with the directionof the mystery objects.Area sheriffs offices stated that nocalls were received. A later effort to findpark rangers«wasalso unproductive. Af-ter circling the entire lake, including ev-ery campsite, for more than two hours, asingle park ranger was never found.An unsuccessful attempt was alsomade to contact the skydiving group thatmade the jump that day. Therefore, thereport must stand on the sole testimonyof the witness and his family.-•<£Two North Dakota youthsencounter landed UFOUFOs Are With Us—Take My Wordby Leo Dworshak, 2003, Dorrance Pub-lishing, 701 Smithfield St., Third Floor,Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (1-800-788-7654),6x9 soft cover, 71 pages, $8.00 + $3.99S&H. Signed copy available from theauthor for $8.00 + $2.95 S&H, 3000Villard Dr.#204, Helena, MT 59601.Reviewed by Dwight ConnellyAs the title suggests, this is an ac-count which relies on taking the word ofthe authorthat the events occurred, sinceno other evidence is presented. Giventhe topic of the book-contact with extra-terrestrials-this hardly meets thecriteriafor soliddocumentation.The onlyother witness to thecontactswas Dworshaks younger brother,Mike,who died in the Korean War. As the au-thor points out, "It is quite a thing that aperson faces, being certain inside,yet un-able to prove it." Despite the lack of cor-roborating witnesses, this account some-how has the ring of truth.The author, now retired and 83 yearsold, reports that his first encounter withthe entities occurred as a 12-year-old in1932, not far from his farm homenear Kill-deer, ND, whilewith his brother,who wasonly seven years old.This first sighting was of a strangeobject which was "a huge, round thing,as big as our barn at least," in a valleyabout half a mile away. It was flattenedsomewhat, and "rotating in a complicatedway" with "flashing colored lights" onan outer shell, "like a band or belt thatwent completely around it at the widestpoint, and was turning one way."The inner shell, however, "seemed tobe standing still, or perhaps turning theother way. The colored lightscame onlyfrom the rotatingshell or belt." The ob-ject appeared to be totallysilent,and therewas no sign of smoke orexhaust.The two youngsters decided to movecloser, but encountered what seemed tobe an invisible force field which stoppedthem. As they observed the object, aseamless door opened, and individualsexited the object, looked at the sky, andreentered the object. The two youngsterswere afraid of problems with their parentsif they stayed longer, so they reluctantlyleft.They returned several times during thenext few days, but did not see the object,and there was no sign that it had beenthere.However, two weeks after the firstsighting, the youngsters saw the objectmove into the valleyand land in the samearea as before. Once again Leo andMikewere stopped by the invisible force fieldas they attempted to move closer.Six "men" emerged from the object,dressed in a different type of uniform thanbefore. They seemed to be reachingdown and taking something from theground. Once again, the boys had toleave for home, despite their eagernessto stay and watch.The two brothers told their parentswhat they had seen, but received onlyindifferent responses. They also told aman who ran a grain elevator, since theyconsidered him "a man of the world" whowas alwayspatientwith them. He said hebelieved them, and that he had seen somesort of object flying through the air onerime.The boys were encouraged that atleast someone believed them. Their ef-forts to interestplaymates,however, wererebuffed. They felt that one reason forthis was that they were CatholicGerman-Americans, which was not popular afterthe war with Germany.Determined to not only see the objectagain, but to also meet the crew and lookinside, the boys again made almost dailytrips to the site.Their persistence was rewarded whenthey again saw the object come in for alanding, this time only about 800 feetaway. They waved and yelled, but wereignored by the "men."The force field was still there, and theboys observed that it also worked againstajackrabbit, which bounced off of it.The object began to shake the ground,there was a slight hum, the outer shellbegan to rotate, and the object took off,retracting "four prongs, which weremaybe 4 feet by 8 feet." Colored lightsflashed out, and when the object wasabout 10 or 15 feet above the ground, itsimply vanished.Toward the end of August the boysagain witnessed the object landing, butthis time they were withina couple of hun-dred feet of it, and this time they couldfeel the force field surrounding them.They could not move their bodies, exceptNovember 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 9
  • 10. to talk and breathe, andwere "scared andnot scared."The authorexplains: "Strangely, we feltwe had somehow made them our friends,though we had never gotten closer thanthe length of a football field, and werestill shook up and a bit nervous aboutthem."After awhile, Leo told Mike that theyneeded to go home or they would be introuble. Suddenly theforce field disappeared,as though the "men"had heard the conver-sation.Three days later thebrothers returned, get-ting within 30 or 40 feetof the object and the"men" before encoun-tering the force field."Discounting theirclothing," says the au-thor, "they looked verymuch like someone youmight see walking inBismarck,"but all sixofthe occupants "wereallabout the same buildand the same size, between five and sixfeet tall, and all wore a similar lightcover-all or jumpsuit," with no buttons, andshoes that were not separate from theirtrousers. The author notes that "none ofthem looked very burly."Mike started jumping up and down toget the attention of the "men," who thenlooked over at the two youngsters. Sud-denly the force field was again surround-ing Leo and Mike, but eventually the ob-ject took off, and the force field disap-peared.On theirnext trip to the site,thebroth-ers again encountered the force field, butthe "men" did raise their hands to ac-knowledge the youngsters. "We felt theywere definitely interested in us in afriendly way," says the author. But the"men" seemed very busy, "coming andgoing from the ship withsmall parcelsandodd gadgets we couldnt quite see.There could have been dozens of theminside, but we never saw more thansix ofthem outside at one time."After the work seemed to die down,one of the "men" came over to within 10-12 feet of the youngsters. "He lookeddirectly at us," says the author, "andsmiled inapeacefuland friendly way,rais-ing his hand with the open palm towardus." He then turned and entered theobject.At home that evening, the author sayshe felt that "the men from the spaceshipwere affecting me and Mike in some wayI could not quite put my finger on."When the boys again told their motherabout their experiences, she was muchmore open, saying, "Youve got me prettywell convinced that you are notjust com-ing home with wild stories anymore. Ithas gone way beyond that point, becauseyou have learned too many things. Youtalk about too many different things."On theirnext encounter they were ableto walk up to the objectwithout encounteringthe force field. The"men" were outside,apparently doing exer-cises, and "made us feelwelcome."The author says the"men" "were so ordi-nary lookingin oneway,and so exotic inanother....Their com-plexion was very lightbeige, resembling agood tan. Their eyeswere blue with a dark.pupil....Their handsand feet were shapedlike ours."Their uniforms "were neatly pressed,but did not have badges or other insigniathat might show rank, like our soldiersdid....Their smile was likeours,probablymore gentle and relaxed than ours, maybea more gentlesmile than Ihaveever seen."Up close, the boys could see that theobject was light blue "that blendedsmoothly into the color of the sky."Mike, very excited, started talking tothe men in a mixtureof German and En-glish. A "man" came out of the objectand said in German, "I can speak yourlanguage." Then he said inEnglish,"Wespeak all the languages of all people onyour planet."The "man" explainedthat"we arefromanother galaxy. Wehave traveled toyourplanet for over 5,000 years. Weare from aplace far beyond your world by millionsof years in time. We continuetravelingto your planet because it is part of ourresponsbility."He said the boys should return homeand rest "because your minds are not bigenough to learn everything as quickly asyou wouldlike.Remember, you mustbe-lieve whatyou have seen and understandwhat you have learned, and try to under-stand that we are not here to hurt any-one."The author says, "I was now certainthat they were far older than anyone wehad ever met before....I also knew theydeeply respected our Earth....I was nowfairly convinced that these travelers fromthe spaceship could definitely read ourminds."On their next visit the boys notedthatthe object did not reflect light, but"seemed to absorb the light around itand produce its own subtle light of anycolor or pattern of shades they wished,like the chameleon....One moment itwould blend into the sunset, matchingevery color and pattern. Then it wouldgo likeoily water and abruptlychange toa polished mirror or a dark, non-reflectivesurface like a hillside."Upon the arrival of the youngsters,one of the "men" said, "These boyswould like to touch our ship. Make sureit is well grounded, for we probablyhavedeveloped some electricity in our trav-els."The author says the object was "sosmooth, and exchanged no heat with myhand. It was neither warm nor cold, andwas definitely smoother than glass orpolished metal, which will stick to yourhand. It was like tryingto press onemag-net against the same pole of another,likeI was not really touching anything atall....The ship was madein suchaway,orof such a material, that once it rose sev-eral hundred feet in the air, it lookedjustlike the sky....1remembered the times wewatched the ship departing from the val-ley, how it rose in the air and then disap-peared. Had it flown off so quicklythatwe couldnt follow its movements, orhadthey just floated there and watched ourbehavior?"Once again apparently reading thethoughts of the two boys, one of the"men" said they could enter the object,but would first have to "go through apro-cess"to kill germs upon entering and leav-ing the object, which would involve theboys removing their clothing.By thistimethe boysfelt veryrelaxedaround the men. "I am certain that hatredand violence are not a part of their be-havior," says the author. "It does notseem to exist with them....They seemedto realize that our world was introuble.. ..and gave us the impressionthatthe people of our planet had somehowbrought these troubles on themselves,and would have to solve these problemsthrough their own efforts. They gave usthe indication that man wouldsoon bringterrible wars and suffering upon himself."He adds, "It was mighty grim stuff for acouple of farm kids hoping for a look in-side a spaceship. As the years sincehavegone by, everything they told us has hap-pened, though sometimes with strangeand .unexpected twists."Once inside the object, the boys dis-covered what appeared to be the mainPage 10 MUFON UFO Journal November 2003
  • 11. compartment, a food preparation area,fully automatic toilet facilities,sleepingcompartments with unusual beds, and alab or workshop area."Their meals and cooking are impos-sible to explain, although they were verynice abouttrying to explain itto us," saysthe author. In the maincompartment werechairswhich were individuallyadjustable,which puzzled the boys, since all the"men" seemed to be the same size andshape.More interestingto Mike was the abil-ity of the chairs to move under a person,no matter where that person chose to sitdown. "Mike had a great time trying tooutwit thechairs,"says the author,"muchto the great amusement of our friendlyhosts."There was also what appeared to be amovie screen, about four feet by five feet,which "was showing pictures of a placeor process we could not fathom."Opposite the screen, along the wall,was a machine which was continuouslyoperating. "I would assume, at thepresent time, we would describe them ascomputers, althoughthey explainedthatthese machineswere a magnetic sensor,"says the author. "Remember, this tookplace back in the year 1932."The boys were shown a magnetic la-ser beamwhich could stop a bird in mid-air or a rabbit jumping, holding theani-mals motionless for as long as they de-sired, without harming the animals."One of the reasons for their great in-telligence is their ability to use twelvesenses," explains the author. "I do notknow why the numbertwelve figured intoso many things they explained to us. AllI can do is relate knowledge I sometimesdo not fully understand."He explainsthat he "learned that oursis one of 12galaxiesthat are, in some way,tied together,...and they told us thattwelve people from their galaxy live fulltime on our planet Earth. These peoplelive amongus, but we cannot tell that theyare different from us. We were also in-formed that these twelve people have of-,ten offered to help pur world, and wererejected every time."Dworshak adds, "It is important for usto understand that they said the Earth istheir responsibility, rather than mankind.We only occupy a place they are tryingto take care of....They are connected withan advanced civilization or supreme be-ing that somehow exists beyond thetwelve galaxies."The youngsters did not see the objector the visitors the rest of 1932, but theauthor says he saw it off and on later,"and even saw it land several times....Idid not make any more personalcontactwith the visitors. They never appearedduring the winterwhen there were no in-sects or live plants."In August, 1936, however, he saw theobject land near Dunn Center, ND, andwas allowed to enter and talk withthem.In 1938 he again saw the object land, thistime near Watford City, ND, and againtalked with the occupants. "Each visitwith them was likegoing hometo a familythat loved me," says the author.It was about 9:30PM onSept. 15,1939,when he saw them again, this time be-tween Sidney, MT,and WatfordCity, ND.The occupants were the same "men" asbefore, and one of them said, "You havechanged quite a bit since 1932."The author says he replied that theyhad not changed at all in the past sevenyears. "We are several thousand yearsahead of your time," answered one oftheoccupants. "We are germ free, and ourlife expectancy is quite different fromyours. At this time it would be impos-sible forus to explain to youhow we have,accomplished all this in our lives."When the author left the object, about11:30 PM, the occupants providedshadowless light all the way back to hisauto.The author entered the Navy in 1941,and brother Mike, five years younger,enlisted in the Army for the last two yearsof the war. After the authors dischargefrom the Navy, he moved back to Kill-deer, occasionally spotting the object, butmaking no contact with the occupants.In 1946he moved to Bozeman, MN,work-ing as a salesman.It was not until 1950 thathe again sawthe object land, this time between Norrisand Sappington Junction, MN. This wasthe same year that Mike, who had madethe military his career, was killed in Ko-rea. However, the object had landed farfromthe road, and the authordid not makecontact.In 1962, accompanied by his threedaughters and two of their friends, he sawthe object land. "I was convinced thiswas the same spaceship I had seen backin 1932," says the author. "I thought thismight be the opportunity I, had longedfor over the years-a chance to show theship to the girls, sothat others could con-firm my sighting."But it was not to be. "It was very hardto contain my disappointment when Isawthey were all frightened bythe ship," saysthe author, "there was no way to con-vince them no one would hurt us. Wewatched the ship for only about half anhour....The girlshad never seen anythinglike this before, and I hope they willneverforget the experience. I am sure they havetalked about it many times since."On Oct. 21,1963, the author again sawthe object, and was welcomed by two ofthe occupants as he approached it. Theyentered the object and talked. One of theoccupants said, "Your science and tech-nology have advanced enough to pose athreat to our ships, as well as to the entireplanet."Dworshak explains that "man on Earth,in the last three years, had tried to learnhow to detect and capture one of theirships."Oneofthe "men" said, "Althoughwe have been seriously provoked, we willnot treat man as he treats us, making un-provoked attacks which threaten ourlives. If your military leaders continuetheir efforts to damage our ships,we willbe forced to defend ourselves."The "man" explained, "Our actions toprotect and defend ourselves are .gov-erned bya simple principle: Anything thatis thrown at us will be thrown back to itssource. We are telling you this because,if it should ever happen, and I believethat one day it will, we want you to knowwe will do no more than protect our-selves."After more "talking like old friends,"the author left for a long walk to his car,with light again provided by the occu-pants. It was chilly, yet he felt a warmthas he walked. When he reached his car,he was surprised to find it running andthe heater operating.Looking back on his experience withthe entities over the years, Dworshaksays, "Think what an individualsacrificethese men make by leaving behind thebenefits and conveniences of their worldto spend years of their lives analyzinggrasshoppers on our world. These greatmen willingly took the time to speak totwo grubby little farm kids in North Da-kota, and changed our lives forever."There is, of course, much additionalmaterial in this book, including back-ground details and thought-provokinginsights and discussions by the author.This is a very interesting book at a veryreasonable price.New UFO Awareness T-shirtMUFON hasjust received a ship-ment of a new UFO Awareness T-shirt.It is white with black letters. TheMUFON logo is on the left front, anda slogan saying "you only thoughtyou knew..." is on the back.It comes in S, M, L, and XL. $12+$3 S&H. Please add $4 additionalfor shipping outside the U.SNovember 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 11
  • 12. FILERS FILESBy George A. FilerDirector, MUFON Eastern RegionGeorge FilerUnless noted, these reports have notbeen verified by official investigations.Black void in MassachusettsMARSTONS MILLS - The witnessreports, "This is the second time in thepast year that this incidenthashappened.On Sept. 25,2003,at 10:20PM, Iwas walk-ing my dogs, and they started to paceand hide behind me, much like they dowhen there is a stormwith lightning andthunder. Then almost exactly as it hap-pened before, thearea above me turnedpitch black."I mean it was asif the sky had beenpainted over. Thearea was huge frommy vantage point,and there were nostars, no clouds, andno light of any kind.I could see a definededge, but the shapechanged from oblong to kidney shapeand then to a distorted sphere of somekind."There was no noise of any kind, andthe black shape moved at a pretty slowpace. It covered very little area in the fiveor so minutes that I could see it. I wasdetermined to get a picture of it and Iwalked over to my car and grabbed thebinocular/digital camera I bought myselfa few weeks ago to snap pictures of thebirds around my yard."I started snapping like mad and tookat least 50 exposures. None ofthemendedup looking like anything except a shot ofBLACK and nothing else."But tonight I saw it again, and thistime it hung there in the sky for a goodwhile. The creepy part of the whole thingwas that last time I only saw it for a fewmoments, maybe half a minute, but thistime not only did I see it on approach towhere it stopped, but I saw it leave aswell."It just picked up speed and within afew seconds it had risen into the nightsky and I could see stars taking the placeof the object as it rose, and then it wasgone out of sight. It was awesome, and Iwish I knew what the heck it was andwho the heck they were." Thanks to Pe-ter Davenport, UFOCenter.comPersonal look at Ohio videosFOSTORIA- George Rittertakes vid-eos of UFOs on an almost daily basis, soI decided to take a trip to meet this ex-traordinary man. I found that George andI had many things in common. We hadboth fought in Vietnam, love antique cars,live near water, and have a passion forUFOs.When my wife and I arrived athis homeI was impressed by his well kept home,two Corvettes, and an El Dorado Cadillac.He hasa million gallon pond stocked witha wonderful assortment of huge fish.HisVHS camera was filmingUFOs fly-ing above a farm beyond his pond some265 yards away. The UFOs are generallyflying above the trees, and there were nowires to hang models from, eliminatingmost kinds of deceptions.He essentially was getting UFO move-mentwhilewe werethere. TheRCA videocamera was operating by itself withauto-matic focus and F settings.Additionally, the UFOs appeared tomove so quickly that they would need tobe shotout of a cannon. They werebarelyvisible at 1/16of a second, indicating theywere probably moving at least a thousandmiles an hour. My digital video cameradid not record the UFOs.My wife and I did not see the UFOs,but when I drove to an open field behindthe farm I had the feeling that the fieldhad some type of activity, and UFOs wereseen on the video.Reviewing some of the videos, it isapparent these craft have mastered a newform of propulsion that seems to havemagnetic power properties. They makeno noise and do not seem to disturb thetrees or landscape. The craft appear tocreate a wave formation.Some of his video shots indicate thatthe UFOs are entering and leaving thefield. Frankly they appear to go into theground without slowing down. The vid-eos also appear to show the UFOs leav-ing the area at high speed.There could be some kind of artifactswithin the cameras, but this seems verydoubtful since four different camcordershave recorded the UFOs. Birds, planes,and insects are generally easy to identifyin the videos. So what is going on?George speculated, "The objects arethere moving at very high speeds. Theyhave the ability to penetrate a dirt field orbarns. They almost seem to be operatingin a different dimension, they seem out ofphase or frequency with our reality."In the video you can hear us talkingas a UFO flies over the silo. Wedid notsee it. The large number of the UFOsfilmed would indicate that it is unlikelythese objects are coming from other starsystems. They seem to coexist with us ina different dimension.As you read this column, radio, televi-sion, telephone, and radar, signals arepassing through your home. Unless youhave the proper equipment you cannotsee, measure, or feel them.It is possible that a dimension,otherworld, frequency orother reality ex-ists that so far we are unable to measureand occasionally, we seeevidnce that thisis the case.We have hundreds of reports eachmonth of UFOs, strange beings who canwalk through walls, cattle mutilations,crop circles, and other astonishing hap-penings.George has agreed to share his amaz-ing data withus. I wouldappeal to scien-tists from nearby Ohio State Universityor Bowling Green Universityto studythisphenomenon, getting the facts beforethey form biases.Here is a situationwheremankind canactually observe UFOs on a reoccurringand repeatable basis, so often considerednecessary for research by scientists. Thehuge fish George is raising in his pondare worth the trip, and it appears there isan amazing new otherworld in GeorgeRitters backyard.He suggests, "Please dont forget toask your readers to get involved and usethose camcorders that are gathering dust.If just one person in each state couldspend a few hours a week, there wouldbe no question on what is flying aroundin our air space."Thanks to George Ritter.Canada missing time injuriesKELOWNA - Investigator BrianVikereceived three photosfromthe ladies whohad the missing time inKelowna, BritishColumbia (see last months Journal).Linda was the passenger in the car thatnight, and had injuries on her body aftera possible abduction.Page 12 MUFON UFO Journal November 2003
  • 13. Vike reports, "In the first photo, thewound had healed up somewhat, but ittook a turn for the worse. I was told thatthe doctor is stumped, not knowing whythe wound will not heal. Also, the doctorreports that he still does not know whatcaused it."Let us hope the wounds completelyheal. Many thanks to the ladies for pro-viding these pictures in a veryimportantevent." Photos can be viewed alongwiththe full report at: to: Brian Vike, DirectorCANADA HBCC ResearchChina sends man into spaceGOBI DESERT -Arocket carrying as-tronaut Lt. Col. YangLiwei,a 38-year-oldfighter pilot,was launchedintospace fromChinas northwest launch pad aboard theShenzhou V or "Divine Vessel." Therocket carrying Yanglifted off on Oct. 14,2003, making China the third nation tolaunch an astronaut, after the USSR andthe US. He touched down 21 hours later.The Shenzhou is based on the three-seat Russian Soyuz, with extensivemodi-fications. The state-run China CentralTelevision (CCTV) canceled plans toshowthe launch live, suggesting that Chineseleaders might be worried about the pos-sible political impact if anything wentwrong.China used to broadcast satellitelaunches, but stopped after a rocket ex-ploded following liftoff in 1995, killingsixpeople on the ground. The astronautlaunch annoucement was made after itwas determined the lift off was success-ful.Massachusetts boomerangNANTUCKET-On Sept. 30,2003, at9 PM, a boomerang-shaped craft flew eastabove the buildings at around 500 feetaltitude, according to two witnesses whodescribed it as "slow moving" and mak-ing no noise.One witness reports, "I could see theoutline and small lightsaround it, not verybright and dark in color. I saw this thingmoving along." Thanks to Peter Daven-port, UFOCenterActive light in New YorkMOOERS - Abright illuminated cir-cular object was observed moving atrapidspeed on Sept. 30, 2003, at 7:50 PM. Itwas flashing off and on, hovering abovea big open field. When a light was shinedon it, itfollowed the lightand itmaderapid360-degree turns.When the police were called, they hadalready observed it. When the personobserving it went into call someone else,it disappeared. Thanks to Peter Daven-port.New Jersey windowed objectCAPE MAY - On Sept. 25, 2003, at12:15 PM, three people saw a hoveringsphere with windows or holes in a sym-metrical pattern all over the sphere. Therewere 37 holes thatwere larger in the cen-ter of the object.The windows got smalleras they went away from the center, andthe outline of a sphere was visible.Both the center vertical and centerhorizontal rows each contained sevenholes or windows that emanated whitelight. The window hole in the center ofthe intersection had the brightest light.Emanating from each endof the rowswere bright rays that gradually dimmedas they departed away from the craft. Theother holes had light, but were dimmerthan the two center rows. The verticalthree center rows of seven windowswerebrightlylit.There was one row of five windowholes on each side of these, and one rowof three holes on each side of those. Thehorizontal rows were of identical descrip-tion. Thanks to Peter Davenport,UFOCenterArrowhead object in FloridaMIAMI - Thewitness was on hisbalcony smoking a cigarette on Sept. 26,2003, at 4 PM, looking up at a clear skywith a storm coming when a massive In-dian arrowhead-like object flew by at arapid pace.He states, "The front part of the tri-angle had four rod-shaped glowing fluo-rescent lights in a wedge shape with twoon the backcorners, and thecenter lookedtransparent as it passed in 15 secondswithout a sound."I held my hand up at arms lengthand the object was slightly larger thanmy hand and was massive in size. It wasflying at low altitude,and whenit reachedthe storm to my right, it flew above thestorm out of my view." Thanks to PeterDavenport, UFOCenterSplitting lights in FloridaWAPAKONETA - It was aclear nighton Oct. 5, 2003, with the moon shiningbrightly, and a couple was driving at 6:30PM in the hometown of Neil Armstrong,the first man to walk on the moon!They noticed a bright light travelingeast in a downward slope that wasstrobing white, red, and slightly bluelights. Suddenly it slowed way down andsplit into two small strobing lights.The two lights moved in an oppositedirection and then split again into fourstrobing lights, again moving oppositeof each other. They almost seemed todance in the night sky, according to thewitnesses, while some planes flew in fromthe north. Thanks to Peter Davenport,UFOcenterPyramid object above ChicagoCARPENTERSVILLE -The watch-ers witnessed a pyramid-shaped objectjust above the tree line on Oct. 5, 2003,flying at only 500 feet high, and movingWSW at arapid rate around 8PM. Therewere three slightly orange distinct lightsat the corners, and the others were softyellow."It took about ten seconds to crossthe middletwo thirds of the sky we couldsee," says the witness."There were no loud droning noisesdetected, as you would expect from achopper or fighter jet. OHare airport isonly 15 miles away." Thanks to Peter Dav-enport, UFOcenterCircular object above ChicagoCHICAGO - Jorge writes, "My motherand her friend were at a Tony Bennettconcert in late August, 2003, up at Al-pine Theater. They said that after theshow whilewaiting in line they happenedto look up in the air and noticed an objecthovering between 500-1000 feet."It was circular, witha flat bottom andwhat appeared to be lighting all around.This event all took place within the spanof a couple of minutes, and then pro-ceeded to fly away and at fast speed; allthe while no audible sound from the ob-ject." Thanks to Jorge S.Wisconsin display amazesFOX LAKE- Jeff S. reports, "OnOct.10,2003, there were three lights in a tri-angle formation that flashed every twoseconds heading west at 7:06 PM. At7:19 PM, I witnessed a cluster of lights(red, white, and yellow) heading west. Iwatched this plane for about 30 secondsbefore I noticed there was a strange, dimorange dot coming off this plane."The dot headed east, but then frozeand darted west. I watched this object forabout 45 seconds. At 7:22,1watched anairplane with another pale orange dot thatwas larger than the first, that was head-ing south, but turned and headed west."Two minutes later, I watched anotheridentical plane come and go in the samedirection. I found this very strange. At7:52,1 saw the strangest thing Ive seenNovember 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 13
  • 14. in my life when 8 lights in a circle ran-domly flashed red and gold. It came fromthe north and headed east."One minute later, the same exact ob-ject, flashing gold colors, came back fromthe same direction. It raced at a remark-able speed, faster than the first time. Then,what I saw made a chill go through mybody. Four disc-shaped objects, all mov-ing toward one another, headed north forabout 50 seconds at 7:57 PM." Thanks toUFO Wisconsin.Louisiana beam and ballsLAFAYETTE - The witness reports,"At 4:30 PM on Oct. 4,2003, while driv-ing west on 1-10 about 25 miles fromLafayette my roommate noticed an un-usual white beam of light coming fromthe clear sky. This beam of light was verydistinctive like an upside downV."The beam faded in and out for aboutfive minutes. We joked about it being aUFO, then a very beautiful bright ball oflight suddenly appeared that moved leftto right, up and down, that was sort ofdancing for 15 to 20 minutes. Atthispoint,we knew that it was not a plane, helicop-ter, or weather balloon.Then itjust disappeared behinda smallcloud. I wasjumping up and downtellingmy friend I needed my camera. We gotthe camera, and two balls of light ap-peared bouncing and dancing."I am a 35-year-old courier driver andhave two years of college inCriminal Jus-tice. My roommate is36 and isa dispatcherfor a local trucking company." Thanks toPeter Davenport, UFOcenter.Arizona triangleSAN CARLOS APACHERESERVA-TION-On Sept. 29,2003, at 12:17AM,hospital security was sent to check theairport runway for debris. The securityofficer noticed three lights over the mid-section of the runway about 100 feet offthe ground in a triangle shape, and as bigas a football field.The witness states, "While approach-ing the runway, the lights started to fadeout. I then called over the radio and otherResidential Securities who were in thearea confirmed the lights. The incidentlasted 45 seconds." Thanks to Peter Dav-enport; UFOcenterFlying triangle in RomaniaBUCHAREST - Thewitness saw abright star, which became a very biggolden triangle, at 11:30 PM, on Sept. 29,2003. The triangle didnt move at all, butwhen he went to get the video camera, itdisappeared.Asimovs generation arksIsaac Asimov advocated the idea of"generation arks,"which are enclosed ar-tificial planets that travel through spaceon long interstellar voyages. Equippedwith homeostatic ecologies, Asimovsarks could carry passengers from star tostar over hundreds of years.The original colonists who set off onjourneys aboard the arks would likelynotsee the voyage through to the end. How-ever, future generations, born within thearks delicate enclosed biospheres, couldeventually finish thejourney initiatedbytheir ancestors.In fact, the story of Noahs Ark maybe based on one of these arks travelingfrom one planet to another. NASA de-signed an enclosed ark that has neverbeen built.New York flying triangleCATSKJLL&COXSACKIEEXITS -Ed Tou writes, "I was driving on the NewYork State Thruway and observed a tri-angular-shaped craft with red lights onSaturday, Sept. 27, at 8:30 PM. It hoveredover the northbound side of the thruway."All cars immediately speeded up to80-85 mph to get a better view, so I knowothers witnessed the craft. The object ap-proached from the north and was trian-gular in shape withthree red lightsat eachpoint."It approached the lane I was in andhovered overhead about 40 feet up. Thebody of the object was gray/metallic, andI had a clear sense this craft wasotherworldly."This is a second sighting for me,"says the witness. "Five of uspreviouslywitnessed a UFO in 1995, and reported itto the local police, who shrugged it off.The UFO was the size of two large air-planes but ina shape like a stealth bomber."The body was gray with many lights.It hovered over us and made absolutelyno sound. We stood in awe and the ob-ject darted to the right and then a sharpleft. Within seconds it was just a dot oflight in the sky and then it vanished."Thanks to Ed Tou.Florida object zooms awayWEST PALM BEACH - "While driv-ing north on A1A towards Palm Beachon Sept. 18, 2003, at 1:30 PM," says thewitness, "I noticed a craft that at first re:sembled a commercial airliner. I saw itmove slowly westward towards PBIA,andassumed it must be a plane."Then all of a sudden it droppedaround 500 feet straight down. I reachedover to get my digital camera on the seatand kept my eyes on it at all times. Just asI was getting ready to take a pictureof it,the craft shot off towards the west at in-credible speed."Two hours later, we headed south toLake Worth Pier to see the waves fromhurricane Isabelle and noticed the samecraft in the southeastern sky at around3,000 feet that gradually faded away. Thestrangest thing about both encounterswas the fact that it seemed to know it hadbeen noticed and sped away both timesbefore I could get my camera ready."The craft was roughly the size of acommercial airliner in length, and wasobviously metallic. It had no wings andhad a smooth cigar shape." Thanks toPeter Davenport, UFOCenter.Twin sighting in AustraliaQUEENSLAND - OnSept. 9,2003, at8:40 p.m., awoman named Louise said shehad seen a UFO on her way home fromshopping while driving on the BrisbaneValley highwayinBorallon, near Lowood,Queensland.Louise said the object was enormous.It had a black base and covered the entireroad. It was a box-shaped UFO with asearchlight in front and red lights downthe sides."A week later, Louises twin sister,Tracy, rang her to say, Sis, youre notgoing to believe this, but I saw a UFO onmy way homefromwork." Tracyssight-ing on Sept 16, 2003, also took place atabout the same time of day, 8:30 p.m., andalso over the Borallon area near Lowood.Thanks toJohn Hayes and Diane Harrisonof the AustralianUFO Research Network.Low light in KentuckyCORBIN - Theobserver wasout onthe deck stargazing around 9 PM on Sept.17,2003, "when a beautiful brightvanillastar about the same size and color as Marsappeared very close overhead and startedto smoothly descend."It was a steady light, moving at acontrolled, deliberate speed, coming soclose to the yard itwaslevel with the hightreetops."Although at first I was mesmerizedby its beauty, the closer it got to me, Ibecame terrified, and ran inside.It looked like a bright star with a hard,almost diamond-likebrilliantcenter sur-rounded by a softer glow of the samecolor."In addition, at the risk of soundingabsolutely bonkers, the reason why I gotso frightened was I felt like it would havecome right down to me, if I hadnt gottenout of the way." Thanks to UFOCenter.Page 14 MUFON UFO Journal November 2003
  • 15. Ufology ProfileBullard tops in abduction studiesBy Dwight ConnellyDr. Thomas (Eddie) Bullard,while not a hands-on invest!gator of specific abductions,is perhaps the best-knownstatistical analyst of the ab-duction phenomenon., andhis 1987 two-volume study,UFO Abductions: The Mea-sure of a Mystery, is consid-ered the best objectiveanaly-sis of the subject.This study, financed bythe Fund for UFO Research,looked at nearly 300 cases,103 of which wereconsideredthe most valuable becausethey provided both "extensiveinformation and reliableinvestigation,"Bullard explains. "They got more thanthey expected, but it was pretty well re-ceived."A second study, in 1995, The Sympa-thetic Ear: Investigators as Variables inUFO Abduction Reports, involved a sur-vey of 13 abduction investigators aboutthe content of their personal collectionof reports, with responses based on anoverall sample of some 1,700 cases.Both studies, which Bullarddiscussedat the 1999 MUFON Symposium, indi-cated that "abduction reports bear exten-sive similaritiesto one another, nomatterwho investigates, how abductees recallthe encounter, in what year the encoun-ter takes place, or in what country theencounter originates," says Bullard.He adds, "Enough differences creepin to suggest that nationality,media, orcultural concerns shape the storyto someextent, but most of these apparent influ-ences seem to nibble around the edgesand leave the core story untouched."He cautions, however, that the twostudies "need to be extended and re-peated if they are to have more than asuperficial significance,and even if valid,this sort of evidence is not even in thesame ballparkwith genuineartifacts or avideotape of alienscaught in the act-twotypes of evidence that should not be atall out of the question ifthephenomenonis in fact physical."A staff memberatthe IndianaUniver-sity library, Bullardreceived the B.A. atthe Universityof North Carolina, and themasters and Ph.D. degrees from IndianaUniversity. His doctoral dissertation wasBullardtitled Mysteries in the Eyes of the Be-holder (1982), and dealt with the UFOphenomenon from the point of view offolklore.He has also compiled TheAirship File (1982, 1990), anextensive collection of news-paper clippingswhichdealwiththe "airship" sightings re-ported around the turn of thecentury.Bullard does notfind the air-ship sightingscompelling, not-ing, "One conclusionI feel cer-tain about is the absence ofanything unknown during theairship waves. Here is a cau-tionary taleto show that peoplecan believe they saw something out ofthe ordinary, when in fact they saw onlyVenus or fire balloons."Abductions, however, are a differentmatter, and he has taken issue with de-bunkers of the abduction phenomenon"whose approaches are seldom empiri-cally based, and which suffer from a hostof factual, logical, and methodologicalproblems."He notes that "critics aredisappointedby reports that change little over a periodof 30 years, since they expect to see re-flections of cultural influence at everyturn."Bullard, speaking as an expert on folk-lore and myths, says, "A first step in un-derstanding UFOs must be disentangle-ment of the mythfromthe evidence,"not-ing that the word myth is misused by de-bunkers and skeptics when applied toUFOs.He elaborates on this in his chapter on"UFOs: Lost in the Myths/ in the bookUFOs and Abductions: Challenging theBorders of Knowledge (edited by DavidM. Jacobs, University of Kansas Press,2000).His own view is that "the evidence Ihave seen—the consistencies, physicalevidence, multiple-witness cases-leaveme withno choice but an objective eventfor the answer. Like J. Allen Hynek, Ican-not dismissthe residuumofdetailed,well-observed, well-investigatedreports thatcontinue to stand despite all efforts toexplain them."He adds, "The explanationof extrater-restrial activity serves the evidence wellenough in most cases, so I have to givethis explanation serious consideration."But Bullard emphasizes that "ques-tions of the ultimatenature and purposeof these visitations hold only secondaryinterest to me as long as the answers relyon speculation, rather thanevidence, fortheir substance. Piling one mystery ontop of anotherjust doesnt appeal to me,and I prefer the less imaginativecourseof following the evidence where it leads,with only short excursions beyond it."This cautious, conservative approachhas served Bullard well as a member ofthe board of directors of the J. AllenHynek Centerfor UFO Studies, as wellasbolstering his reputation as a respectedresearcher, author, academic, and speaker.He continues to work on abductions,and is especially interested in the 1983case ofNobel Prize winnerDr.Kary Mullis,who reportedly encountered a talkingraccoon and experienced missing timeand teleportation (see the April, 2003, is-sue of the Journal)."This has to be more than sleep pa-ralysis," saysBullard.Constance Clear diesfollowing accidentConstance Clear, 53, abductionthera-pist, radio host, and author, died Oct. 21in a Phoenix, AZ, hospital from injuriesreceived ina motorcycle accident a monthearlier.Ms. Clear, who held the Masters inSocial Work degree, was not only atrusted and knowledgeable therapist forexperiencers, but also a dedicated re-searcher and speaker.Newsletters appreciatedThe MUFON UFO Journalstaff appreciates receivingnewsletters from local MUFONgroups.ABDUCTEDMUFON has a few copies of thisbook by Debbie Jordan and KathyMitchell about one familys experi-ences with alien visitationand geneticmanipulation.Hard cover, 6x9,268 pages, $10 +$2.50p& h(U.S.) Please add$4.00p&houtside the U.S. Order from MUFON,P.O.Box369, Morrison,CO 80465-0369November 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 15
  • 16. By Jenny RandiesJennv RandiesTransitionsThe recent passing of well-known Brit-ish UFO researcher Graham Birdsall at atragically young age has certainly hit thecommunity hard.Although wewere not closefriends, as ourviews on UFOswere poles apart, Ihad knownGrahamand his brotherMark for 25 years,and had great admi-ration for what hehad achieved. Iknow that his losswill be keenly felt bymany.Graham and Mark first cameto my at-tention when they set up the YorkshireUFO Society in the heady days of themid-1970s when UFO enthusiasm was atitspeak in Britain. Their patch wason theopposite side of the Pennine Hills frommy own (Lancashire, my home,andYork-shire, that of the Birdsalls, wereenemiesin the war of the roses, and that friendlyrivalry persists centuries later).During those days they researchedmany fascinating cases, and I havecitedsome in my books, well aware of the debtowed for the great effort put in by Gra-ham whilst investigating these mattersswiftly and on the spot.Grahams approach to UFOswas verytraditional, but equally dynamic. Hesensed that they were alien in origin andchampioned with great skill the fightagainst what was perceived to be gov-.ernment cover-up of their existence.As you probably know, I take a rathermore restrained lineon these issues, see-ing UFOs as mostly misperceptions, butwith some fascinating unsolved cases notso explained. Whilst I wouldneverelimi-nate the ETH as an option, I have notbeen powerfully persuaded that it is nec-essarily the most likely to be true.As for the government attitude,whilstI am certain that the powers-that-be re-main intrigued by this phenomenon andhave studied it in some detail, I suspectthe cover-up to be born more out of bu-reaucratic ineptitudeand ignorance of thetruth than from certainty about the na-ture of UFOs or secreted hard evidence.This fundamental differenceof opin-ion meant that Graham and I were neverlikely to work closely together, but I waswell aware from the start that hebelievedwhat he thought with great sincerity andI had no problem whatsoever with that.I am not so foolishas to thinkhis opin-ions must be nonsense and mine obvi-ous truth. Nobody can be sure what isgoing on in the UFO world, and I:wasmore than happy to agree to disagree, al-lowing us to get on reasonably well, andcertainly in an amicable manner.Which is no mean feat, given thatmany UFOlogists seem able to fall outwith me at some stage with relative ease!The fact that Graham remained civil iscertainly a testament to his character.When he started the now annual con-ferences in his home city of Leeds, thenow widely distributed UFO Magazinewas not yet around. YUFOS produced itsown low budget journal known as Quest,which in the late 70s and early 80s stilldisplayed many of the features you willfind today-just with no glossy pages,photos, or sales in all major newsagents.That Quest turned into UFO Maga-zine is at least inpart because of Grahamsextraordinary determination, marketingskills, and belief in what he was doing(plus, of course, the hard work of brotherMark and others in his group).Whatever personal reservations I havehad about the content of some issues ofUFO Magazine, I have always had hugeadmiration for the way it has been puttogether and the remarkable success ithas been.This has sent the message ofUFOlogyfar and wide in ways few researchers canever claim to have achieved. For yearsnow Graham has been a spokespersonfor UFOlogy, representing the UK withpride at conferences the world over, andconsulted by the media on a daily basis.I lectured at several of those early con-ferences in Leeds until around 1983, be-ing very happy to support the fledglinggroup and magazine, quiteoften becauseGraham or Mark were hard to turn downwhen they asked sopolitely.Eventually they stopped asking, asthey were able to attract much biggernames in UFOlogy from overseas-and Iguess our differing views became moreobvious. I doubt the audiences that wereby now swarming to Leeds in hugenum-bers wanted to hear my more downbeatthinking on UFOs! The Birdsalls knewexactly what they had come to hear, andwere very adept at providing it.Nobodyknew how to market UFOlogy better.Another factor in our distancing wasthe infamous Cracoe Fell case (see TheUFOs that Never Were, London House,2000). Lightswere photographed besidea Yorkshirecliff face and givenwideme-dia exposure.YUFOS adopted the case and turnedit into a major investigation.Theproblemwas that there existed conflicting evi-dence that suggested to someUFOlogists, notably at the British UFOResearch Association, where I was thenDirector of Investigations, that this wasnot a UFO. In fact it was a complex opti-cal reflection off the cliff face.BUFORA (and myself personally)adopted that position,and for a timeGra-ham was, shall we say, peeved at me.However, some time laterYUFOS cametoaccept that this was probably the answer,and I think he forgave my transgression.We never had a serious row over whatwas, after all,just a difference of opinionover the interpretation of evidence.I wish that this could be true of morepeople in UFOlogy when they fall outover how to resolve a case.I still recall those early Leeds confer-ences with a happy smile, and have the"award certificate"thatGraham pleasantlyembarrassed me by presenting. It hangson my office wall as ajoyful reminder ofthose days and of his largerthan life smile.UFOlogy in Britain has lost a greatcharacter in Graham Birdsall, and hisfam-ily, withwhomI know he was close, havebeen in my thoughts. AlthoughI am surethat, thanks to those around him, UFOMagazine will go on, since it has alwaysbeen very much a team effort, the trag-edy at the helm of this publication, sosoon after Gordon Creighton, as.editorofthe timeless Flying Saucer Review, alsopassed away, was a "double whammy"as they say in the UK.Whilst Gordon Creightonwas of aripeold age, Grahams passing inevitablyhits(Continued on Page 17)Page 16 MUFON UFO Journal November 2003
  • 17. Scientists think that 25 percentof Sun-like stars have planetsAbout 5 percent of relatively nearbySun-like stars are known to harbor plan-ets. But researchers typically find moreextrasolar worlds the longer and harderthey examine a star. Somost astronomersassume the number is higher.A new set of calculations estimatesthat at least 25percent of all Sun-like starsin our galaxy have planets around them."We are not saying that 25 percent ofstars have planets; we are saying that atleast 25 percent of Sun-like stars haveplanets," says Charles Lineweaverof theUniversity of New South Wales inSydney."It could be the case that close to 100percent of stars have planets. Thismeans that there are at least 100 billionstars with planets in our galaxy." Andwith roughly400 billion stars thought topopulate the Milky Way, the number ofplanets could be higher, he said.Lineweaver and colleague DanielGrether took into account how lengthymonitoring and improved techniqueshave found planets around the handfulof stars that are monitored.They also considered that stars withhighly active surfaces can make planetdetection more difficult, and the fact thatany smaller planets, akin to the rockyworlds in our solar system, are not yetdetectable at all."If the Sun were one of the stars be-View from Britain...(Continued from Page 16)harder. I found myself thinking aboutthose otheryoung UFOlogists who havedied at the height of their passion forthis subject.The UK has had a number ofthem oflate, including Ken Phillips (my mentorat BUFORA and a highly underrated in-fluence on the UK scene) and StuartSmith, who collapsed and diedwhilstat-tending a conference along with manyof us in Vienna. I know that the Ameri-can UFO scene has had similar losses.Perhaps UFOlogy requires such dedi-cation andcommittment of its proponentsthat it saps the strength if you have theguts and determination to stay the pacefor long enough.Graham Birdsall had these qualitiesinabundance, but has also left a legacythatBritish UFOlogy willnot soon monitored, we still would not havedetected any planets around it,"Lineweaver points out.Previous similarestimates have put thefigure as high as 15 percent. A paper onthe new calculations will be published inDecember in the Astrophysical Journal.In previous work, Lineweaver estimatedthere might be 30billion Earth-sized plan-ets in the galaxy, sightingbeing investigatedBy Tom SheetsMUFON Georgia State DirectorMrs. Linda C., MUFON Georgia(MUFONGA) member in Jefferson, GA,reports that at 6 PM on 26 Aug 03 shewas on her back porch and heard a smallaircraft overhead.Upon looking as it flew over, she no-ticed another aircraft gliding across thesky at what appeared to be a lower alti-tude and slower speed than the normalcommercial traffic.She described this craft asbeinghighlyunusual, appearing as if two cylinderswere side by side, but connected withsome sort of middle structure that she haddifficulty seeing clearly from her vantagepoint. The cylinders were described asbeing longer thanthe center section, aboutl"tol 1/4" at arms length.She watched for about 20 seconds,when a burst of light emanated from thecraft, appearing to her like somethinghuge floodlights would cause, butbrighter (reflectionof sunlight?). Thebril-liance of this flash seemed to be about thesize of a quarter at arms length.The unusual craft continued on until itleft the area. Please note that this mem-ber/observer has provided reliable datato our Georgia Hqs.over thepast few yearsand IS NOT prone to hasty observationor excitement.More plainly stated, she has a reliableeagle eye and a calm focus that wouldhave made her an excellent aircraft ob-server back when that technique was avital part of our national defense.We are currentlymaking arrangementsfor FI John Pander of Suwanee, GA, towork withMs. Linda in anattempt to iden-tify what she observed.The first laser-powered aircraft.NASA tests firstlaser-powered planeEver since the dawnof powered flight,it has been necessary for all aircraft tocarry onboard fuel-whether in the formof batteries, fuel, solar cells, or even ahuman "engine"-in order to stay aloft.But ateam of researchers from NASAsMarshall Space Flight Center in Hunts-ville,AL;NASAs Dryden Flight ResearchCenter at Edwards,CA; and the Univer-sity of Alabama in Huntsville istrying to change that.They have now chalked up a majoraccomplishment and a "first." The teamhas developed and demonstrated a small-scale aircraft that flies solely by means ofpropulsive power delivered by an invis-ible, ground-based laser.The laser tracks the aircraft in flight,directing its energy beam at specially de-signed photovoltaic cells carried onboardto power the planes propeller."The craft could keep flying as longas the energy source, in this case the la-ser beam, is uninterrupted," said RobertBurdine, Marshalls laser project managerfor the test. "This isthe first time that weknow of that a plane has been poweredonly by the energy of laser light. It reallyis a groundbreaking development for avia-tion."The plane, with its five-foot wingspan,weighs only 11 ounces, and is con-structed from balsa wood and carbon fi-bertubing,and iscovered withMylar film,a cellophane-like material.A special panelof photovoltaic cells,selected and tested by team participantsat the University of Alabama in Hunts-ville, is designed to efficiently convert theenergy from the laser wavelength intoelectricity to powera smallelectric motorthat spins thepropeller.The lightweight,low-speed plane wasflown indoors at Marshall to preventwind and weather from affecting the tests.November 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 17
  • 18. PERCEPTIONSBy Stanton T.FriedmanAttacks on Barney BarnettI seem to be spendingan awful lot oftime this year rebutting baseless ahti-Roswell and anti-MJ-12 attacks: Istartedthe year with a 9000-word reviewof KevinRandles book Case MJ-12. concludingthat none of his objections to the MJ-1 2 d o c u m e n t sstand up. It is onmy website: finished myMUFON 2003Symposium paper,"Critiquing theRoswell Critics,"inearly April, andshortly thereafter,two more base- StantonFriedmanless attacks onRoswell were made in cover stories inPopular Mechanics and Skeptic Maga-zine. I responded to these in an article inUFO Magazine in the August/Septem-ber issue.Now the Spring, 2003, issue of Inter-national UFO Reporter (p. 15 et seq) haspublished yet anothersplendidexampleof UFO debunkery. Surprisingly, the co-authors are Kevin Randle and Karl Pflock.Both havewritten science fiction, bothhave been stronglyanti-MJ-12 in the past,and both have also been strongly antithe Plains of San Augustin crash as de-scribed by Barney Barnett and others in,for example, Don Berlinersand my Crashat Corona: The Definitive Stua of theRoswell Incident.Both presented opposition statementsin the Canadian TV Documentary (2002)"Stanton T. FriedmanIS Real."But Randle has been convincedthatthere was a crash on the Brazel ranch,judging by his manybooks, while Pflockinsists in his 2001 book, Roswell: Incon-venient Facts and the Will to Believe, thatno UFO ever crashed in NewMexico.Strangely the article almost impliesthat Randle is movingaway from the no-tion of an alien spacecraft near Corona."It was just a field littered with odd, noteasily identified debris, much of itmetal-lic... nothing to suggest a craft from an-other world."Clearly, manufactured material not yetduplicated here on earth, but it is not fromanother world??Their joint effort is entitled "BarneyBarnetts Crashed Saucer: Where did itcome from?"They seemed to have started from aconclusion that there was no crash in thePlains, and worked backwards, stressingthe absence of evidence that they wouldaccept (such as an alien body, a piece ofthe saucer, footage of the vehicle withidentifiable militarypeople, etc).They seem to want to make a report ofa crashed UFOa criminal matter, inwhichcase it cannot be accepted without evi-dence beyond a reasonable doubt. Butthere is no crime involved, and the stan-dard by any reasonable person shouldbe "a preponderance of the evidence."They admit that a smallnumber of thepeople had heard from Barney about thecrash long before the 1980publicationofThe Roswell Incident.Then they say that since there was asmall scattering of articles about crashedsaucers in various mensmagazines, Time,and Frank Scullys book, Behind the Fly-ing Saucers, in the early 1950s, thatBarney must have used one or more ofthese as models for his made up story.He probably read them at the local bar-bershop! Barney was essentially bald formost of his life, but why mention that?They dont directly call Barneya hoaxeror a liar, but surely imply these insults.One section is headed "A Shaggy Sau-cer Story"!!Basis provided for Barneys characterto be so assaulted? NONE. They sayBarney "leaked" the story to Vern andJean Maltais, his wife Ruths niece, AliceKnight, his boss James Fleck Danley, and,much later, hisneighbor, Mr.Harold Baca.They, of course, dont mention thatAlice Knight signed a sworn statementsaying she had heard the story in late1947, well beforeall the supposed sourceshad been published.Leaked isa totally inappropriate word.One thing missing from this article is aclear context of Barneys relationship tothese people. Barney and Ruth Barnetthad no children of their own. They wereespecially close to Alice, who had ababyin the summer of 1947.The Maltais were also sort of substi-tute children. Ruth even notes in her di-ary,which they significantly misrepresent,how much she was looking forward to avisit from Alice andhearing about thenewbaby. The Maltais are mentioned as well.These were personal at-home or office dis-closures with people who were totallytrusted. They werent just casual ac-quaintances, and there were no commentsin newspapers, books, etc.Randle and Pflock seem disturbed bythe fact that Barneys boss (FleckDanley), in Bill Moores first conversa-tion withhim, did notrecall the exact dateand location (he said "I will haveto thinkon that" ) until a second and third visit.... More than 30 years later. And theyexpect instant recall??Barney had been dead since 1969.Fleck Danley, with whom Ihad also spo-ken (as well as with his wife Beth, Alice,the Maltais, Mr. Baca , and military of-ficer William Leed-other recipients ofcomments from Barney), made clear thatBarney had told the experience of com-ing across a crashed craft and strangebodies very shortly (same day) after ithappened, long before any of the articleshad appeared.Flecks initial response was disbeliefuntil he realized that he (unlike Randleand Pflock) had never had any reason todisbelieve anything Barney said/Theyboth worked for theUS Governments SoilConservation Service.Barney, a civil engineer, was a WWIarmy veteran. His work required the con-fidence of the ranchers with whom hedealt on a daily basis. A reputation as apractical joker or teller of tall taleswouldhave destroyed that trust.I had located Mr.Baca, who owned astore in Socorro, by placing a letter seek-ing contact with those who had knownBarney, in the Socorro Defensor Chief-tain newspaper.Barney had been suffering from can-cer and was very weak. He had fallen inthe bathroom late one night in the 1960s,and Ruth had called Harold to ask for helpin getting Barney up from the floor.Harold asked Barney where hethought he got his cancer. Barney saidpossibly from exposure to the strangebodies next to the saucer thathe had seenout in the Plains.Without any reference to Barneysmedical records, Randle and Pflock sug-gest that it was probably from exposureto mustard gas in World W W 1,30 yearsPage 18 MUFON UFO Journal November 2003
  • 19. earlier than the crash! Incredible medicaldiagnostics. NOT.A dying man continues with a madeup story whichhe tellsto a much youngerneighbor for no gain, no benefit??William Leed heard BillMoore and meon a Torontoradio program. He called in,we gothis number,Ifollowedup, and havemet with him twice since, besides severalphone conversations.Bill, now retired, told me that he hadan interest in many strange phenomena,and that his boss in the military, a colo-nel, was talking with him in the 1960sabout UFOs and said, "Here is a guy whoactually touched one, and here is his ad-dress (in Socorro)."When Bill was in Arizona on militarybusiness, he made a special side trip toSocorro, MM. Barney wouldnt say any-thing about the crash until Bill showedhim his military credentials. He told hisstory and noted that he had been interro-gated by military people at least threetimes. Thiswas inthe early 1960s.Barnetts name hadnt come up in theradio program. How did the colonel knowdetails about somebody who had such alow profile unless he had heard themwithin official channels?Any reason to think he would lie to asubordinate? Leed is now retired, and wasa very successful businessman operat-ing a steel company. Would Barney haveasked for credentials if he had made upthe story?Randle and Pflock mention that Iheard from Vern and Jean Maltais inBemidji, MN, but not that it was at theend of my lecture at Bemidji State College(now University), and that they had leftand then came back in to talk to me pri-vately at my table of papers.It wasnt at a meeting of a local wildeyed group. Vem worked for the US gov-ernment at the Veterans Administration.Again a very unlikely liar.Randle and Pflock also do not notethat the testimony of 27 different Roswellwitnesses, including Vern, is on a video,"Recollections of Roswell"(105 Minutes,$15 including Sand H, from UFORI,FOB958,Houlton, ME 04730-0958).Of course Randle and Pflock dontmention that the local postmistress ofDatil had told of a crash in the Plains,with a flat bed truck carrying it throughtown late at night.They dont mention rancher MarvinAke noting that he had heard of a UFOcrash in the Plains.They make no mention of the out-standing research by Victor Golubic andretired teacher Art Campbell, who bothhave spent loads of time interviewingpeople in the Plains, and conclude thatthere was probably a saucer crash outthere.They dont mention archeologistRobert Drakes noting that a PhD friend,Roscoe Wilmuth, told him that he hadread of a crash in the Plains while work-ing at the Los Alamos documents libraryin the 1940s.They also dont mention that othersin Socorro who knew Barney thought hewas very much a straight arrow.Randle and Pflock belittle Ruths di-ary, almost implying thatAlicemight havefaked it, since Alice supposedly had ear-lier insisted she knewof no diary. But theysay the diary places Barney in the SCSoffice in Socorro on July 3: "He couldnthave been out in the Plains to view theremains of an alien ship and its crew."What the diary says is, "Barney wasin office most of the day." It isclear fromthe more than 40 diary entries mention-ing Barneys trips to the high country,the plains, near Datil, etc, that he couldeasily have gone out to the plains andthen returned to the office after beingchased away by the military.It is not thatlong a trip.On July 2 it says, "Barney went to thehigh country near Datil." On July 4"Barney wasnt feeling very well"....guess the mustard gas got to him.I was certainly not surprised byRandles attacks, since he has been at-tacking the Plains case (I cant find a rea-son) from the start.In one of his many creative notions,he first claimed that Barney must havebeen near Corona, because it was in hisSCS district, and then lied to Ruth be-cause he couldnt tell her the truth.The fact is that theCorona site is NOTin Barneys district, and there is no evi-dence whatsoever of his lying to Ruth. Itis of course much farther to the Coronasite than to the Plains.In the absence of any reason for re-jecting the firsthand testimony of AliceKnight, Vern and Jean Maltais, HaroldBaca, Robert Drake, WilliamLeed ,etc, andthe secondhand testimony of Barney, itlogically follows that on the balance ofprobability, Barney was telling the truth.It is a logical andrational and sensibleconclusion. I will leave the question ofthe motivation forthe attacks made in thearticle open.Perhaps one reason might be thatFrank Kaufrnann had claimedthe Barnettstory was just a diversion, and Randlehad believed him. To his credit, he andPflock now note that Kaufrnannhas beenthoroughly discredited.Stan Friedman fsphys@rogers.comThe lights emanating from the UFOas it split into two, as recorded byAl Hajer. The blur at the lower leftis the Batelco tower light.Strange lightsvideotaped in BahrainVarious individuals in the PersianGulfisland nation of Bahrain, home base fornumerous U.S. military units, havereported seeing an unidentifiedflying object emitting strange lights forabout a minute at around 11pm on Oct.17.Bahraini Mohammed Jaffer Al Hajerwas sitting with six of his friendsoutside his home in Qurrayah villagenear Budaiya when they noticed theUFO in the distant skies. Al Hajer"caught" the strange object on hisdigital video camera as the lightsappeared twice—once when the UFOemitted a bright yellow light, and thesecond time when it split into twobefore disappearing."We first noticed the strange lightappear to the left of the Batelcotower inthe village," he said. "We saw it againjust above the tower when I reached formy camera and began to video tape it."Al Hajer videotaped the object forabout 40 seconds before it disappeared.The pictures were not clear because ofthe high speed of the object and the lowcamera resolution, according to Al Hajer.People in Manama also reported see-ingthe UFO at the same time,and placedit between Manama and Muharraq, in thesame vicinity as Al Hajer claimed.Sources at Bahrain International Airporttower said the radars there did not regis-ter any abnormal activity during that time.A reminderState and local MUFON organiza-tions which have address changes,email changes, or web site changesneed to immediately contact MUFONHeadquarters so that this informationis included in our files and website.November 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 19
  • 20. From Arnold to Phoenix lightsResearcher selects ten favorite casesBy Dennis BalthaserI suppose most researchers havetheirfavorite UFO cases which they are inter-ested in, so when-1 was asked to list myten favorite UFO cases, I thought thatdoing so would certainly createsome dis-cussion, as there will be those who dis-agree for one reason or another with myfavorites.I prefer not to call them "My top 10UFO cases" forthat very reason.Over the years myresearch has beenprimarily devotedto the 1947Roswell incident,u n d e r g r o u n dbases, Area 51, andthe Great PyramidsofGiza.In reality there Balthaserare probably hun-dreds of cases that could be listed,and Idiscovered early on in my research thatits impossible for me to investigate orresearch all phases of this subject, but Ican still have an interest in them, eventhough I might not personally be re-searching them.The list of my ten favorite UFO casesis not in any order as far as importancetome, but rather ten of the cases that I per-sonally feel are worth further investiga-tion or research, based on the informa-tion already known.I cannot tell you that all cases are fac-tual either, and until validated informa-tion is brought forward to prove or dis-prove them satisfactorily, I willcontinueto have an interest in these and others.The ten cases1947 Roswell Incident:Reports ofa crashed extraterrestrial craft with bod-ies on aranch northwestof Roswell, NM,in July, 1947. The UnitedStates Air Forcehas unsuccessfully given four excusesover the past 55 years to explain whatactually happened.Most major afternoon newspaperswest of Chicago reported the crash onJuly 8,1947, stating, "RAAFCapturesFly-ing Saucer On Ranch inRoswellRegion."The next day, July 9, 1947, Gen.Rameys weather balloon cover story wasin major newspapers east of Chicago.Hundreds of firsthand witnesses havebeen interviewed since 1978 when theEditors Note: Mr.Balthasers favor-ite cases, and his descriptions of them,do not necessarily reflect the choices oropinionsofthe editor or MUFON staff.investigation again started. New MexicoCongressman Steven Schiff had the GAO(General Accounting Office) investigatethe Roswell Incident, only to have theUnited States Air Force issue a 1995 re-port stating it was a Mogul balloon.In 1997 the Air Force issued theirfourth excuse, stating the bodies foundwere anthropomorphic crash test dum-mies. The dummies, however, were notused until 1953, six years after theRoswell Incident happened.The debunkers, skeptics, and non-be-lievers havefailed miserably in satisfac-torily explaining what actually happenednear Roswell, NM, in 1947.1964 Socorro NM: Known as theLonnie Zamora case. Zamora was a po-liceman for the city of Socorro who onApril 24, 1964, during a high-speed ve-hicle chase, was deviated from the chaseby the sight of a blue flame under an ob-ject in the distance.His first thought when approachingwas that itwas an overturned vehiclewithtwo people nearby. Within several hun-dred feet of where Zamora stopped hispolice car, he saw a white, egg-shapedobject standing on four legs with a brightpolished metal surface.Within moments of being spotted byone of the beings outside the craft, heheard the slamming of a thickmetallicdoor and a low frequency roar whicheventually rose to a higherpitch.The craftbegan rising with a bright blue andorange flame visible underneath the craft.Later inspection of the site revealedimpressions in the ground where the crafthad landed. Project Blue Book classifiedthe case as an "unknown."Debunkers have theorized that it wasa hot air balloon, but the flame on hot airballoons must go upwards, not down-ward, to heat the balloon envelope forlift.Area 51:Known by manyother names,such as Dreamland,the box, the darksideof the moon, and the ranch, Area 51 is asecret military base located 85miles north-west of Las Vegas, NV. It has been inexistence since the 1950s, but only re-cently has the government and militaryAbout the authorDennis Balthaser, aMUFON Field In-vestigator, served.for three years (1959-62) with the Army.After some 33years incivil engineering, Dennisretired from theTexas Department of Transportation in1996 and moved toRoswell, NM, to pur-sue his avocation: ufology.Nine months laterhe assumed the du-ties of International UFO Museum andResearch Center (IUFOMRC) OperationsManager, served on the Board of Direc-tors, and became the UFO Investigatorfor the Museum as a full timevolunteer.Balthaser is no longer affiliated withthe Museum, and is now a full time inde-pendent researcher/investigator of theRoswell Incident, Area 51, and under-ground bases. He frequently lectures onthese and other topics related to.ufology.He can be reached at 505-625-8402 or that the base exists at all. Whattranspires there is some of the highestsecurity work in the United States, someof which includes testing of new typeair-craft, radioactive research, etc.It has been reported that extraterres-trial craft and possibly alien bodies arehoused at this installation in an areaknown as S-4. Reports of 22 levels belowground have also been noted.Security is some of the highest in thecountry withsigns at the perimeter of thebase that warn trespassers that, "the useof deadly force is authorized." I dontwant our militarydevelopment secrets re-vealed to our adversaries, but if alien craftor bodies are kept there, I am interestedin that for the future of our children andgrandchildren.Fire in the Sky:Travis Waltons Nov.5, 1975, abduction experience has beenrecorded both in bookform and big screenmovie. Riding with other loggers in themountains of northeastern Arizona, anunusually bright light was observed justoff the road.Walton got out of the truck to view itcloser and as he walked toward the light,he was blasted with a bolt of unknownenergy. The other loggers fled the scenein fear, but eventually returned to the site.Walton was not to be found. A massivemanhunt was mounted for five days to(Continued on next page, column three)Page 20 MUFON UFO Journal November 2003
  • 21. DecemberBright Planets (Evening Sky):Venus (magnitude -4.0) is visible lowin the SW at dusk and sets about 6:30 inmid-December. Our nearestplanetneigh-bor lies near the lunar crescent on the25th and is also to the upper left of tinyMercury for the first half of themonth.Mars, movinginto Pisces, fades from-0.4 to 0.2 magnitude during December.The red planet appearsin the SSE attwi-light, advances westward,and sets in theW about midnight. It is near the quarterMoon on the 1st, 29th, and 30th.Late in the month EuropesMarsEx-press spacecraft arrivesat its destinationfollowing its launch last June.It issched-uled to land a little surface lab calledBeagle 2 on Mars.Jupiter (-2.1), in Leo, rises in the Eabout 11 PM in midmonth and then moveswestward in the southern sky.Saturn, still retrograding inGemini,rises in the NE about 6:30 on Dec. 1andabout 4:15 on the 31st when it is exactlyopposite the Sun.At opposition the ringed giant planetshines at -0.5 magnitude, is visible allnight, and is closerto Earth than it will befor more than the next quarter century.Saturn lies near the gibbous Moon onthe 10th.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Jupiter stands in the SSW sky atdawn. The gas giant can be seen nearthequarter Moon on December 16.Saturn sets in the NW nearsunrise(toward the end of the month at opposi-tion).Meteor Shower:Unfortunately, this year a bright gib-bous Moon washes out many of theGeminid meteors when they reach theirpeak on the night of Dec. 13-14. Underbetter circumstances up to 100meteorsper hour wouldhave been observablefora time betweenmidnight and dawn.Moon Phases:Full moon—Dec. 8Last quarter—Dec. 16New moon—Dec. 23First quarter—Dec. 30November 2003The Stars:The brilliant constellations of wintergradually take the place of the inconspicu-ous autumn patterns during the middleof the evening. Look forthe Great HunterOrion in the SE, his shoulders marked byreddish Betelgeuse and bluish-whiteBellatrix, his belt by threestars in a row,and his legs by Saiph and bright Rigel.Astride the celestial meridian high inthe N can be found oneof the most popu-lar deep sky objects in the heavens, theDouble Cluster of Perseus.Look for two patches of light closetogether between the "M" shape ofQueen Cassiopeia and the fishhookshape of Perseus the Champion.Thenfocus on the twin spots with binocularsor a telescope. The spots resolve intohundreds of stars, many of them a fewthousand times the diameter of our Sun.Another outstanding star cluster is thePleiades or "Seven Sisters" located in theS in the shoulder of the Bull Taurus(whose right eye is marked by the orangestar Aldebaran). In a dark sky,youshouldsee at least six of the stars arranged in adipper shape.Opticalaid will revealmanymore stars in this little cluster.Nov. 8, 2003-Maj. Edward Dames willpresent "The Untold Story of the U.S. Mili-tary Remote Viewing Unit and UFOs" at theImperial Palace in Las Vegas, NV.Nov. 14-16-Majestic Documents/UFOCrash RetrievalConference. Las Vegas, NV.featuring Dr. Robert Wood, Ryan Wood, GregBishop, Grant Cameron, Art Campbell,Jonathon Downs, Stan Friedman, Stan Gor-don. Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Miller,Nick Redfern, Kenn Thomas, Mathew Will-iams. or 720-887-8171Dec. 5-MUFON Kentucky-Indiana-Ohioprogram, Covington, KY. Contact DonnieBlessing, 513-681-4077 or Rdonolin@cs.comApril 16-18, 04-lst Annual ExopoliticsExpo, Hilton, Washington, DC. featuringStephen Bassett, Dr. William Birnes, PhilipCorso Jr., Paul Davids, Richard Dolan, StantonFriedman, Timothy Good, Dr. Steven Greer,Terry Hansen, Paola Harris. Richard Hoagland,Dr. C.B. Scon Jones, Jim Marrs, Dr. BruceMaccabee, Nick Pope, and Dr. Michael Salla.Paradigm Research Group, www.x-conference.comMUFON UFO JournalTen favorite cases...(Continued from Page 20)find Walton (or his body), since his co-workers were suspected of murder afterhis disappearance. Walton finally reap-peared, disoriented, to a world of disbe-lievers and interrogations that wouldchange his life forever.Great Pyramids of Giza: I was askedto join the Advisory Board of the GreatPyramids of Giza Research Association.Many of us believe that the pyramids ofGiza are mucholder thanweve been told,primarily due to the fact that the deterio-ration of the Sphinx was probably doneby water rather than wind and sand ero-sion.Since there hasnt been a large quan-tity of water in thatregion for over 15,000years, it wouldmean that the pyramids ofGiza are pre-Egyptian. If thats the case,and the Pyramidswere not builtby Egyp-tians, who built them?Some theorize that perhaps there was"ET" involvement, due to the technologyrequired to construct the only remainingstructures of the Seven Wonders of theWorld.BarneyandBettyHillAbduction: Oneof the best-documented abduction caseson record. While traveling from Canadato their home inPortsmouth, NH, at about10:15 PM on Sept. 19, 1961, the couplenoticed a light in the sky below the moonthat kept getting closer to them.As it got closer, Barney was able tosee occupants standing inside the craft.Because of the time required to makethe trip (two hours longer than normal),both Barney and Betty believed that theyhad been abducted and given medical ex-aminations.Betty claimed to have been shown astar map with informationthat mainstreamscience didnt know about until yearslater.1952Washington, D.C. Incident: Overa ten-day period, Washington, D.C., was"invaded" by UFOs witnessed by radarcontrollers, pilots, and crews of both com-mercial and military aircraft, as well asground observers.The craft detected on radar screenswould hover in one position at times andalso dart up and down.F-94 interceptors were called in, butby that time the targets were gone. Maj.Gen. John A. Samford, Air Force directorof intelligence, announced at the Penta-gon on July 29, 1952, that the radar andvisual sightings over the Washington,D.C., area "were dueto mirage effects cre-ated by adoubletemperature inversion."(Continued on Page 22)Page 21
  • 22. Ten favorite cases...(Continued from Page 21)Radar equipment was checked andfoundto be working correctly.Phoenix" Lights: Seen by thousandsof witnesses on the ground, many withcameras and video equipment,ohMarch13,1997. Described as very large(the sizeof a Boeing 747), reported to have hadthe sound of rushing wind, V-shapedwith large lights on the leading edge.The lights were seen in the states ofNevada and Arizona over a three-hourperiod as they crossed those states.The LukeAFBPublicAffairs office an-nounced two months later that their in-vestigation had revealed that the lightswere flares dropped from A-10 aircraftover the Gila BendFiring Range. The na-tional news media didnt report anythinguntil June 18,1997, when USA Today hadan article ten weeks after the event.Kenneth ArnoldSighting:OnJune24,1947, two weeks before the Roswell Inci-dent, pilot KennethArnold reported see-ing nine shiny objects traveling at an es-timated speed of 1,300-1,600 mph whileflying his aircraftbetween Mt.Rainer andMt. Adams in the state of Washington.Coining the term "flying saucer" iscredited to reporter WilliamC. Bequette,who at the time worked inthe newsroomof the Pendleton East Oregonian.Arnold had described the movement ofthe craft as similar to a saucer beingskipped across water.Aztec, NM,Crash, March 1948:A99-foot diameter craft containing "16 littlemen" crashed outside of Aztec, NM, inHart Canyon. A high security recoveryoperation took place over the next twoweeks.Some researchers believe the dateshould be changedto later (March, 1950),when the Farmington, NM, Daily Timesnewspaper had a front page headlinede-scribing an armada of flying saucersthatwere witnessed by Farmington residentsover a three-day period, describing esti-mated speeds at 1000 mph.Many other cases such as the Dulceunderground base, the Maury Island In-cident, Shag Harbor, the White SandsLanding inthe 50s, and my own 1997 In-terception experience would qualify aspersonal favorites for a larger list.Email:truthskr@roswell.netDirectors Message...MUFON MUGS, , Official MUFON ceramic mugswith blue logo, $8.00,plus $3.50 S&H(in U.S.) MUFON, P.O. Box 369,Morrison, CO 80465-0369. (Check,MO, or cash, U.S. dollars.)(Continued from page 24)Position AnnouncementsIt isapleasure to announce that JamesP. Carrion, Bellevue, CO, andRobert P.Swiatek, Fairfax, VA, have joined theMUFON Business Board.James is a MUFON Field Investigatorand State Section Director. He is Presi-dent of Mountain View Systems, LLC andthe chiefarchitect of MUFONs PandoraProject. .Rob isalso a MUFON Field Investiga-tor and State Section Director. He is Trea-surer for the UFO Research Coalitioncomprised of CUFOS, FUFOR andMUFON; Treasurer for the Fund for UFOResearch; and works for a governmententity inthe Washington, D.C., area.Both of these individualsbring freshbusiness practices and ideas to the board.Michigan State Director RichardMcVannelhasappointed Wanda(Wendy)A. Smith to the position of AssistantState Director - Treasury, replacing JerryKulka, whojust completed his four-yearterm as Assistant State Director. Wendyis also aField Investigator and State Sec-tion Director.Rich also appointed John W. Castleas State Section Director for Clinton,Eaton, Ionia,Montcalm, and Gratiot coun-ties intheheart of Lower Michigan. Johnis a MUFON Field Investigator, privateinvestigator, and amateur radio operator-KC80DM.Canadian National Director EugenePrison hasappointed Linda Chernabrowas ProvincialDirector for Quebec.Texas State Director Kenneth Cherryhas appointed long-timeMUFON mem-ber and Field Investigator Michael R.DeGroff as State Section Director forTravis and Williamson counties in theAustin, TX, area.Jack W. Sliwa, Los Altos, CA, hasaccepted the position of Research Spe-cialist in Materials Science; David A.Marchant, Sr., has accepted the positionof Research Specialist in Counseling;andMatthew A. Bentley has volunteered toserve as Translator for Russian, Swed-ish, German,and Icelandic.New Field InvestigatorsKathleen Marden, Director forFieldInvestigator Training, has announcedthat the following Field InvestigatorTrain-ees have successfully completed theField Investigators Exam and are nowMUFON Field Investigators: Frank E.Burchardt, Carlsbad, NM; William H.Casey, Tarzana, CA; Jason Donmoyer,Horsham, PA; Jesse F. Knight,Vancouver, WA;K. DavidMcCormick,Charleston, WV; K. Anthony Shaffer,Bristol, TN; and William Simmons,Reno.NV.New Lifetime MemberIt is a pleasure to announce thatDonald G. Garlits isMUFONs latest life-time member. We are extremely gratefulfor this vote of confidence and outstand-ing level of support.Membership Fee IncreaseMeeting in Dearborn, MI, in July, theMUFON Business Board of Directorsconsidered the continual increase incosts for postage, printing, purchase ofwares, supplies, new initiatives, a forth-coming new and upgraded web site, andfor general operations, and opted to in-crease the annualmembership fee,ratherthan cutting services or quality.Therefore, effective Dec. 1,2003, thecost.of membership in the United Stateswill be $45 per year and $55 per yearout-side of the United States.Members will be allowed to renewearly, before the Dec. 1 deadline, at thecurrent rate for one, two or three years.Estate planningSome members and friends ofMUFONhave already included MUFON in theirestate plans. We hope you will considerthis opportunity to make a major gift.Planned giving can be beneficialbothto MUFON and to your own tax and es-tate situation. If you wish to have moreinformation on various options and ben-efits, please contact MUFON headquar-ters.Field investigator t-shirtThe field investigator t-shirt hasthe MUFON logo over the leftchest pocket and "MUFON FieldInvestigator" on the back.It comes in S, M, L and XL inwhite with a blue logo ($12 + $3S&H) or black with a white logo($15+ $3S&H). MUFON, P.O.Box369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369.(Check, MO, orcash, U.S. dollars.)Page 22 MUFON UFO Journal November 2003
  • 23. For advertising, contact John Schuessler,, 303-948-6224.The Alien JigsawBy Katharina Wilson"If the aliens can learn from any ofus, what they can learn from Katharinais of the highest importance"-from theIntroduction by Budd Hopkins.Soft cover, 6 x9,315 pages, index, $10+ $2.50 p&h (U.S.)Please add $4for ship-ping outside U.S. Order from MUFON,P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369MUFON 2003International UFOSymposium ProceedingsIncludes all ofthe papers publishedfor the MUFON Symposium inDearborn, MI,July4-6,2003. 81/2x11format, soft cover, 245 pages. $25 +, $2.50 S&H. Please add $4 additionalfor shipping outside U.S. Order fromMUFON, P.O.Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369Final Report on the America WestAirline Case, May 25-26, 1995MUFON has a limitedsupply of this classic 1996 pub-lication by Walter N. Webb, published by the UFO Re-search Coalition. 81/2x11 format,27pages. $5+ $2 S&H.Please add $4 additional for shipping outside the U.S.Project 1947: A Preliminary Reporton the UFO Sighting WaveMUFON has a limitedsupply of this classic 1997 bookwritten by Jan L. Aldrich and published by the UFO Re-search Coalition. 81/2x11 format,200+pages. $25+ $2.50S&H. lease add $4 additional for shipping outside theU.S.Delphos, A CloseEncounterof the Second KindMUFON has this recent bookavailable for immediate delivery. Itwas written by Ted Phillips andpublished by the UFO ResearchCoalition. 81/2x11 format, soft cover,177 pages. $20 •+- $2.50 S&H. Please add $4 additional forshipping outside the U.S. Order from MUFON, P.O. Box369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369THICAIH-LANDIU*" UKHMCiMNr The Cash-LandrumUFO IncidentBy John. Schuessler (forward byBob Pratt), 323 pages, soft cover, 5 1/2X 8 1/2, $20.00 plus $2.50post. Pleaseadd $4 additional for shipping outsidethe U.S. Available from MUFON, Box369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369.UFO Newsclipping ServiceMonthly collection of news stories and features aboutUFOs and related phenomena from the worlds press, in-cluding translations. For a sample copy and additionalinformation, contact orUFONS, 2 CaneyValley Drive,Plumerville,AR 72127-8725.Did you know?You can advertise in this spacefor only$45.00 to $55.00per issue. Doesitwork?It alreadyhas.Advertising ratesBack coverIx$450Inside back cover $425Full page1/2 page1/4 page"Calling card"$350$250$150$55The MUFON3x$425$400$325$225$125$506x$400$375$300$200$100$45UFO Journal reservesAdvertising deadlinesIssueOctober 2003Nov. 2003Dec 2003Jan. 2004Feb. 2004March 2004Ads due9-1-0310-1-0311-1-0312-1-031-1-032-1-03the right to refuse advertising for any reason.November 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 23
  • 24. By John F. SchuesslerMUFON International DirectorWhat is MUFON?MUFON is many things to manypeople. Some people see MUFON as apublisher of a monthly UFO magazine.Some see it as a place to report UFOs.Some see it as a place to get answers.Some see it as a place to complain.Some believe ithas a headquarterswith a large staffavailable to do al-most anything re-quested. Andthere are manymore beliefs aboutMUFON than I canlist here. Some ofthose beliefs arebased on fact, but John Schuesslerothers arenot.The bottom line is that MUFON is a35-year-old volunteerorganization dedi-cated to workingon the various facets ofthe UFO mystery. Our membership is asdiverse and varied as is the United Na-tionsorganization.We do not require people to have aspecific "belief inorder tojoin MUFON,but we do expect them to be honest, sin-cere, and a bit tolerant of the beliefs andfeelings of others. We do not condonepersonal attacks on individuals for anyreason.MUFON continues to receive a ro-bust flow of UFO reports, pointing outthat the mystery is far from solved. UFOsare still a hot topic. Fifty-plus years ofattempts to explain UFOs away or to limitthe inquiry about them has failed miser-ably.Other organizations have come andgone without bringing closure to thismystery, but MUFON is still working ashard as ever, thanksto its membership.The MUFON headquarters office nowoperates rent free out of the home of John& Kathy Schuessler. We maintain themembership database and the MUFONUFO Journal monthly mailing database;receive and answer all snail mail, e-mail,FAXes. and telephone calls; pay all bills;order, maintain,and ship all MUFON mer-chandise; receive and process all snailmail and PayPal membership requests andrenewals; edit all special publications,such as the annual symposium proceed-ings and the investigators manual; an-swer all press, radio and TV inquiries;work in cooperation with a number ofother UFO groups and organizations; andlots more. There is no other staff avail-able to do any of this.The MUFON archives now operaterent free out of the home of Lin & BobSimpson. It is at this location that theMUFON Pandora Project has been de-veloped. It is now operational and in needof volunteers and funding to keep it go-ing. This project is aimed at making all ofthe paper files available to researchers inelectronic form.Lin is also the MUFON MembershipDirector. She works tirelessly on newmembership initiativesand the recruitingof new talents to this field. She cannotdo it alone, so I hope you will find waysto help her in this endeavor. A member-ship representative in every state wouldbe a good starting place.Since UFO field investigations are keyto the work we are doing, it isimportantto continually develop and expand thefield investigator team. Much of this isdone through self-study, but trainingclasses are held when there are a suffi-cient number of members available totrain. Kathleen Marden handles the fieldinvestigator examination process to as-sure a high level of proficiency for ourinvestigators.The MUFON Business Board of Di-rectors members all volunteertheir timeand expenses to develop and enforcepolicies, plan for the future, provide fis-cal guidance, make all the hard decisionsfor the organization,and much more.For the past several years, DwightConnelly has tirelessly edited theMUFON UFO Journal. Dwight dependson state directors, researchers, investi-gators, authors, and others to submit aflow of material for the Journal.He recognizes that not everyone willlike every article, so he provides a widevariety of material in every issue. He de-livers a print ready version of the Journalto the publisher on time every month soit can be mailed to subscribers by the 15thof the month.The excellent cadre of MUFON StateDirectors in the U.S., along with Nationaland Provincial Directors elsewhere, re-cruit new members; provide field investi-gator training; hold general membershipmeetings; assure that local group mem-bers are MUFON members; create inter-face relationships with police, airports.and news media; assign cases; monitortheir progress and submit reports toMUFON Headquarters; handle theWUFOD (World UFO Database) reportsfor their state; develop public awareness;attend the annual MUFON UFO Sympo-sium; and submit an annual report of theiractivities.The State Directors are supported inthe field by State Section Directors, FieldInvestigators, membership and publicre-lations people, trainers, meeting organiz-ers, and specialists of all kinds. This isabig job, and vital to the success ofMUFON.Credibility of MUFON research andinvestigations is greatly enhanced by ourseveral hundred volunteerResearch Spe-cialists and Consultants. In a field ascomplex as thisone,this highly qualifiedcadre of experts is a treasured asset.I am also pleased to recognize the rolesof the many hundreds of individuals whowork in their own ways to keep this fieldviable, and this includes the folks thatjust want to be subscribers to the maga-zine to support the MUFON work. Weappreciate everyonescontributions.If you ever wonder why we do all ofthis, it is because we recognize how im-portant this work is and how vital theoutcome may be to society as a whole.Most of us have seen what we believe isa critical mass of evidence amassed fromthe thousands of UFO reports fromaround the world. We take it all very se-riously.This is all summed up in MUFONsMission Statement,as follows: "The Sci-entific Study of UFOs for the Benefit ofMankind."We support this mission with the fol-lowing goals: 1) Investigate UFOSightings and collect the data in theMUFON Database for use by research-ers worldwide; 2) Promote Research onUFOs to discover the true nature of thephenomenon, with an eye towards scien-tific breakthroughs, and improvinglife onour planet;and 3) Educate the Publiconthe UFO phenomenon and its potentialimpact on society.In the coming months we will be an-nouncing the specific strategies we willbe using to accomplish our goals. Thekey to success, however, is you, theMUFON members. Please consider whatyou can do to help us make this huge joba success.(Continued on Page 22)Page 24 MUFON UFO Journal November 2003