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Mufon ufo journal 2002 8. august

  1. 1. $3.00M U T U A L U F O N E T W O R KUFO JOURNALAugust 2002 Number 412AnotherexcitingMUFONSymposium!Thanks, New York
  2. 2. MUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)Post Office Box 369Morrison, CO 80465-0369Tel: 303-932-7709Fax: 303-932-9279International DirectorJohn F. Schuessler, M.S.Editor:Dwight Connelly, M.S.14026 Ridgelawn RoadMartinsville, IL 62442Tel: (217) 382-4502e-mail:mufonufojoumal@hotmail.comColumnists:Walter N. Webb, B.S.George Filer, M.B.A.Jenny RandiesStanton Friedman, M.S.MUFON on CompuServe"Go MUFON"to access the ForumMUFON on the Internet:http://www.mufon.comMUFON e-mail address:mufonhq@aol.comMUFON Amateur Radio Net:40 meters - 7.237 MHzSaturdays, 7 a.m.CST or COSTTable of contentsAugust 2002 Number 412In this issueSymposium speakers cover wide range of topics 3Did a UFO crash at Aurora? by Chris Aubeck 13"Taken" mini-series to begin Dec. 1 15Filers Files by George A. Filer 16UFO Press:Delphos reviewedby Dwight Connelly 18MUFON Forum 19View from Britain by Jenny Randies 20The Night Sky by Walter N. Webb 21Perceptions by Stanton T. Friedman 22Calendar 23Directors Message by John Schuessler 24Change of address and subscription inquiries should be sentto MUFON, P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369.Copyright 2002 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of theCopyright Owners, Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one article,provided the author is credited, and the statement, "Copyright 2002 by the Mutual UFO Network,P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369" is includedThe contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editor, and do notnecessarily reflect the official position of the Mutual UFO Network. Opinions expressed are solelythose of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editor or staff ofMUFON.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) ofthe Internal Revenue Code MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the type described inSection 509 (a) (2). Donors may deduct contributions from their Federal Income Tax. Bequests,legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are also deductible for estate and gift purposes, provided theymeet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code.MUFON is a Texas nonprofit corporation.The MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., Morrison,CO. Membership/Subscription rates are $35 per year in the U.S.A., and $40 per year foreign in U.S.funds. Second class postage paid at Versailles, MO.Postmaster: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to: MUFON UFO Journal. P.O.Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369MUFONs mission is the systematic collection and analysisof UFO data, with the ultimate goal oflearning the origin andnature of the UFO phenomenon.
  3. 3. MUFON 2002 International UFO SymposiumSpeakers cover wide range of topicsThe 33rdannualMUFON International UFO Sym-posium, held this year in Rochester, NY, onceagain provided a variety of excellent speakers.Betty Hill, now past 80 years of age, seemed as fiesty asever as she recounted her experiences, showed slides,and answered questions. Representing internationalufologists were Timothy Good of the UK, EsenSekerkaraof Turkey, Don Ledger of Canada, and Chris Styles ofCanada. Hosting the symposium were New York StateDirector James Bouck, Jr., New York Assistant StateDirector Robert Long, and theirNew York MUFON team.This years theme is "Unity in Ufology/Connccting withthe Scientific Community."Chris Styles: UFOs and Reality TransformationChris Styles, a Canadian UFO researcher, is perhapsbest known for his work on the 1967Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, inci-dent. He is the co-author with DonLedger of a book about the case,Dark Object. A grant from theFund for UFO Research (FUFOR),assisted hisresearch. •••ajp.. ,..Styles presentationlooked atthe BKC^tSJBff ,|way events, such as being part of amultiple-witness UFO sighting, cantransform a persons reality in someway. He said there are two types Chris Stylesof Reality Transformation (RT): consistent (RT1) or in-consistent (RT2). Styles demonstrated how Reality Trans-formation works by looking at witnesses to two UFOcases: The Smith Encounterof Nov. 25, 1970 (RT1),andThe Webster Sighting of Oct. 16-27, 1976 (RT2).William Birnes: The Day After CorsoWilliam Birnes, who assisted Col. Philip Corso withThe Day After Roswell, is also an author of true-crimebooks, publisher of UFO Maga-zine, and editor-in-chief of UFOEncyclopedia.Birnes provided background in-formation on Col. Corso,includinghis militaryexperiences, his state-ments regarding theinvestigationof the JFK assassination, and thetechnology which Col. Corsoclaimed he developed from acrashed UFO at Roswell, NM.Birnes indicated that there weresome errors in Col. Corsos book,caused by the rush to get it written and printed in time forthe 50thanniversary of the reported crash at Roswell.August 2002William BirnesHe said that Col. Corso wanted to correct those errorsfor later printings of the book, but-that his deterioratinghealth prevented this.Birnes discussed the disagreements between Col.Corso and the motion picture company which had licensedhis life story rights, and noted other aspects of the contro-versies surroundingCol. Corso, includinga statementthatUFOs are time machines, that Col. Corso saw a strangealien in a New Mexico cave, and that in the 1950s he hadtouched a metallicUFO in the desert.Col. Corso wanted to write another book, according toBirnes, entitled The Day After Dallas, which would re-count his experiences as Sen. Richard Russells chief in-vestigator. This book, said Birnes, "drew a straight lineconnecting the murders of JFK, Bobby Kennedy, the Rev-erend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Iran/Contra."Birnes concluded that "Critics and detractors mayquibble over the details,but the PhilipCorso vision ofwhathappened at Roswell and the impact that alien culturesmight have had on our own, even from the dawn of hu-man history, might some day be as substantiated with factas the colonels statement that President Lyndon Johnsonknew for a fact that the assassination of his predecessorin office was not the act of a crazed lone gunman, but anout-and-out conspiracy that his own Warren commissionwas established to cover up." .Jeff Sainio: Scientific Connectionsin Photo/Video UfologyJeff Sainio, MUFON Staff Photoanalyst for still pho-tos and videotapes, is recognized throughoutthe world forhis work with UFO photographs and videos.Sainio covered the principles of scientific analysis ofphotos and videotapes, showing nu-merous illustrations of apparently le-gitimate UFO photos and videos, aswell as examples of fakes. Henoted some of the difficulties he of-ten faces in trying to determine ifthe photos or videos are legitimate,such as no reference points,poor im-age quality, lack of information con-cerning the camera and setting, andsingle-witness events.He discussed in detail what char-acteristics of the photos could be tested, as well as whattheories could be tested. He noted that"pseudoscientists...abuse science" by (1) failing to per-form control measurements, (2) failure to perform anymeasurements or experiments at all,(3) leapingtallbuild-ings to conclusions, (4) using science that they are insuf-ficiently trainedin, combined with a failure to verify theirconclusions with somebody who is, (5) misusing of the. .aimoMUFON UFO Journal Page 3
  4. 4. reducto ad absurdum method of logic, (6) lumping inde-pendent cases together, (7) uttering nonlogic, such as useof emotion rather than logic, and (8) in the field of video/photoanalysis, using inappropriate."enhancements" orblowups, as often done on TV shows.In analyzing photos scientifically, where there is enoughinformation to do so, Sainio says the following steps areinvolved: (1) Observe the UFO video/photo in a measur-able, usually numeric, way; (2) Observe conventional ob-jects in the same manner, if possible; (3) Compare theUFO measurements with the conventional measurements;(4) If the UFOs characteristics are conventional or im-possible, there is probably a conventional explanation; (5)If the characteristics are unconventional, are they betterexplained by a "fact" or a "faked" explanation? (6) If any-thing interesting is learned, make the results public (sub-ject to witness privacy)and with months or years for othercases to corroborate or contradict.Sainio noted that "some non-optical, not-precisely-sci-entific guidelinesare useful: (1) The higher the number ofwitnesses, the lower the chance the case is a fraud; (2)Humans are imperfect witnesses, but the camera orcamcorder has its own imperfections; (3) Photos are easyto fake, but videos are hard to fake.Richard Dolan: The Limitsof Sciencein UFOResearchRichard Dolan is the author of UFOs and the NationalSecurity* State,which covers the period from 1941to 1973,and provides a thoroughhistorical analysis of thenationalsecurity dimensions of the UFO phenomenon. Dolan, whofirst got involved with theUFO phe-nomenon in 1994, assembled morethan 300 documented military en-counters with UFOs, as well as theactivities ofmore thanfiftyAir Force,Navy, and Army bases involvingUFOs.In his talk, Dolan questionedboththe meaning and value of unity inUFO research, as well as the desirefor ufology to be more scientific. Hereviewed the national security as-pects of UFOs, which he sees as "aproblem of intelligence, or counter-intelligence." He notedthat "beyond any question" the military takes UFOs veryseriously. Dolan suggested that there isprobably a greatdeal of scientific research being done, but "its probablyclassified." He said he does not think current disclosureefforts will succeed, and points to the lack of success ofDr. Steven Greer, who launched a disclosure project ayear ago.Dolan said, "I do have a certain fear about calls forunity, and calls for connecting with the scientific commu-nity. I fear that moving in such a direction could wellmake our field excessively conservative. There is alreadya tendency among some UFO researchers to overcom-pensate because of the far out nature of our topic." HeRichard Dolanadded, "When we deal with UFOs, I have become con-vinced that the reality is far more radical than we-are."He notes that "most well established fields lack unity ofsome sort. Would you want the field of modern historyto have unity, with everyone interpreting events the sameway?"In looking at the scientific study ofUFOs, Dolan notedthat "this isnt something that you canreplicate in a labo-ratory under controlled conditions. We have a real phe-nomenon that evades study." He says, however, that"this is not to disparage the importance of being scien-tific in analyzing UFOs. Quite the contrary, we must beas scientific and objective as we can be."But looking to universities for answers is fruitless, hesaid. "For all intents and purposes, UFO research isforbidden in academia.. ..It is well known how academiaworks:its an intellectual bureaucracy, and an establishedhierarchy....No one isqualified-orwilling-to sponsornewresearch in the field. Therefore nothinggets done in thatworld. As a result, theprofessional academic world breedsa cycle of ignorance about UFOs."Dolan also questioned the value of "peer review,"which he says has had "more to do with enforcing socialcontrol than with maintaining intellectual standards....Inmy field of history, I am all too familiar with examples ofconservative-dominated elites stifling discourse withintheranks." •In discussing the limits of science, Dolan noted thatthe famous Condon Committee Report was supposed tobe a scientific analysis of UFOs—a detached, objective,analytic study. "There are some good individual analy-ses, quite a few conclusions that do not match the data, alot of good cases that should have been analyzed andwerent; many cases that were poor bets to begin with,as far as obtaining useful scientific data, and of courseyou find a director ofthe project who knew nothingaboutthe topic, didnt want to know anything about it, couldnever take it seriously, and who was bent from the be-ginning on a negative conclusion. And yet the CondonCommittee Report was reviewed bythe American Acad-emy of Sciences and approved."In looking at what the UFOs and entities might repre-sent, Dolan says he has reached the tentative conclusionthat they may represent artificial intelligence—advancedmachine intelligence, vastly outstripping our own biologi-cal intelligence. He concludes, "There seem to be twofutures available to us. Either a modification of humanbiology, which would then be merged with advancedmachine intelligence, or more simply,machineintelligencebecomes so dominant as to be incomprehensible tous....Could it be that such a progression is a normal one,notjust here on Earth, but elsewhere inthe universe whereintelligent life may have evolved?"Bill Hamilton: In Search of EBEs- ^;3 • :;:-Astrobiology, SETI, andUfologyWilliam F. Hamilton III, the author of numerous ar-ticles and several books, is Executive Director ofPage 4 MUFON UFO Journal August 2002
  5. 5. Bill HamiltonSkywatch International. He has served MUFON in sev-eral positions, and presented a paper at the 1980 MUFONInternational UFO Symposium in Houston on theelectrogravity theory of spacecraft propulsion.Hamilton explained how new findings inplanetary sci-ence, as well as new findings andtheories inbiology, havea bearing onUFO studies, and suggested that aconvergence of knowledge is indi-cated by all of these studies.He discussed the approach ofSET! (Search for Extra-TerrestrialIntelligence) and described some oftheir activities, notingthat SETI doesnot collaborate with scientists and re-searchers engaged in UFO studies.Hamilton pointed outhow astrobi-ology-the study of the origin, evolu-tion, and distribution of life in the universe-is becomingmore and more important in UFO studies, and describedintriguing information provided by recent NASA probes,as well as discoveries made possible by more powerfultelescopes. He also noted that laboratory experimentshave resulted in the creation of "some of the chemicalsessential for life in an environment similarto that found indeep space."Hamilton also dealt with the question of whether spacetravel ispossible, and the role thattime dilationmight play,as wellas other theories of non-conventional space travel,such as reactionless drives, reduced gravitation, directgravitational gradientSj indirectgravitationalgradients, andwormholes.He concludes, "The supporting evidence for extrater-restrial life is growing stronger with each new scientificdiscovery and each unexplained UFO incursion. The in-tertwining of information should be taken advantage of,and some group formed with the task of liaison for analy-sis of evidence."Timothy Good: Conflicting Interests in the Con-trolof Extraterrestrial IntelligenceTimothy Good,who livesintheUK,is the author of several books onUFOs, the latest being UnearthlyDisclosure (2000). A professionalviolinist, he played for 14 years withthe London Symphony Orchestra. Hefirst became interested in ufology in1955, and has made numerous keycontacts throughout the world overthe past four decades.Good noted that Earth has at-tracted "several alien species," andthat "some are here for purposes ofexploitation, suchas hybridization,leading to a conflict ofinterests at both a terrestrial and extraterrestrial level."He discussed the COMETA report (UFOs and Defense:Timothy GoodWhat Must We Be Prepared For?), compiled by formerhigh-ranking auditors at the French Institute of HigherStudies for National Defence (IHEDN), "which con-cluded that the physical reality of UFOs, under the con-trol of intelligent beings, is almost certain," and that theU.S. Government has denied access to technological in-formation "of incalculable importance."Good also touched on the Roswell incident,notingthatBrig. Gen. Thomas DuBose, chief of staff to Maj. Gen.Roger Ramey at the time,had admitted to a reporter thata "containment strategy" had been ordered by Gen.Clements McMullen, deputy commander of the Strate:gic Air Command. , .Good recounted theclaims of a "Dr. Cris," describedas a Polish biophysicist "who in 1974, on contract toNASA with an internationalteam of scientists, was givensome extraordinary fragments of odd metallic and plas-tic-like materials to analyze. The melting point of themetal was above 2000C."Good adds, "In 1977, at NASAs Jet Propulsion Labo-ratory in Pasadena, CA, the team met agaih,;-ahd Dr.Cris and four other scientists were taken to a restrictedfacility three floors below ground level where they wereshown two plexiglass containers. In one could be seenwhat looked like the hip bone of a child; in the other,about one-third of a skull: The head was about as big asthat of an elderly child, reported Dr. Cris. It lookedhuman-like, but derived neither from a child nor anape...part of the skull protecting the brain was muchthinner than a humans skull. There was even a short,small explanation:From the first and second incidents inNew Mexico."Good continued, "Dr. Cris later learned that at leasttwo spaceships, with at least three crew members, hadcrashed in 1947, and that one member of the secondcrew had survived. As I learned from biologists, theirblood is similarto ours, but...shows an entirely differentreaction toward oxygen; so inside the spaceship they mustbreathe a mixture of helium and oxygen, reallynot good for them."Good discussed several othercases whichareincludedin one or more of hisbooks, includingunderwater UFOs,contactees, aerial displacement, the controversial photosof a "creature" taken by Italian painter and ceramicsartisan Filiberto Caponi, and the reported capture of aliencreatures in Varginha, Brazil, in 1996. He concluded histalk with an account which he received indirectly from"a senior Air Force officer who worked in the USAF AirStaff and Joint Staff at the Pentagon."This account said that "the aliens posed a threat to theenvirpnmenrbecause they were messing around withtectonic plates, and the presence of their craft was con-tributing to a warming of the waters."It was also contended that "bases in the continentalU.S.-supposedly constructed by the aliens using theircraft as boring machines and with some assistance fromthe military-were said to have been located in Alaska,New Mexico, and West Virginia, and were periodicallyvacated then reactivated." In addition, "The craft use aform of electromagnetic propulsion and are capable ofAugust 2002 MUFON UFO Journal PageS
  6. 6. faster-than-light travel. The aliens were sharing some oftheir technology with us."Don Ledger: Air Traffic Control Zones, Pilots,Aircraft, and UFOs-Some Myths & TruthsDon Ledger is the author of three books, the latestbeing Dark Object, co-authored with Chris Styles, whichdeals with the alleged crash of an object at Shag Harbour,Nova Scotia, in 1967. Ledger, who lives in Nova Scotia,is a TV producer and pilot. He re-cently became the Canadian Tech-nical Affiliate for the NationalAvia-tion Reporting Center for Anoma-lous Phenomenon (NARCAP),based in the U.S. • - • . . .Ledger provided background in-formation regarding flight regula-tions, radar coverage, air traffic con-trol, and other aspects touching onaviation and UFO reports. He dis-Don Ledger cussed some of the "ludicrous"and"irresponsible" solutions to UFO encounters put out bydebunkers arid others who do not understand aviation.He pointed out, for example, the limitations ofultra-lightaircraft, which have been blamed by some debunkers forsome night sightings, as well as the limitationson flying incontrolled air space by any pilot. Speaking specifically ofLa Guardia, Kennedy, Teterboro, and Newark air spaces,Ledger said, "This is not airspace to be entered by thefaint hearted, not during the day, and especially not atnight." Also discussed in some detail were Military Op-erations Areas (MOA), the characteristics of flares, andthe maneuverabilty and vulnerability of the modern air-liner.Budd Hopkins: The Abduction Phenomenon-Where We Are NowBudd Hopkins, perhaps the worlds best-known ab-duction researcher, is of several books, aswell as numerous articles and pa-pers. One of his best known booksis Witnessed-The True Story of theBrooklyn Bridge UFO Abduction,which tells the story of "LindaCortile." He notes that two additionalwitnesses have recently come for-ward in that case.His latest book is Sight Unseen,which is co-authored with his wife,Carol Rainey. An artist by trade,Hopkins founded The IntrudersFoundation (IF), a not-for-profit organization devoted toresearch and public education concerning the abductionphenomenon, in 1989.Although not part of his formal presentation, Hopkinsprovided an interesting account of an ongoing investiga-tion involvinga team of physicians. The case involves aBudd Hopkinsman who holds two doctorates who has been plagued formany years by incomplete memories of what seemed tobe abductions. He refused hypnotic,regression becausehe did not want to relive the experiences, as he was al-ready frightened enough. His fear resulted in, amongother things, almost compulsive concerns about havingsufficient security devices around his home. :, •"•<:The situation came to a head in March of.this yearwhen he was on his way to visit a friend.feHebacked out,of his garage, but then seemed to be coming back into hisgarage, as though he had forgotten something. He feltvery strange, and went back into his home.After entering the kitchen, he collapsed. His wife,noticing blood on his.face and clothing, called 911. Afterregaining consciousness in the hospital emergency room,he discovered that he had lost several hours that he couldnot account for. The blood on his face had come from hisnostrils, and there was scar tissue in the nostrils.The blood on his clothingwas from bleeding from thebladder. In addition,therewas semen in the bladder, whichpuzzled the doctors treating him. The man could not re-call what had happened. His personal physician, whomhe had known for 38 years, had previously been informedof some of the mans experiences, including waking upone morning as a youngster with three raised circularredspots on an arm and a leg.The physician compared notes with some other physi-cians, who also had patients claiming or indicating thepossibility of abductions. The man mentioned that Hopkinshad been working with him, so the physicians met withHopkins to see if he could assist. Hopkins told the doc-tors that he had four cases in his files of bleeding from thebladder after apparent abductions, includingan individualin Israel, a policeman, and even a physician. He noted,however, that there may be more such cases, since he didnot routinelyinquire about bleeding bladders. Some of the doctors were working on a drug foralzheimer patients which was designed to help restorememory, and they wondered if it would help the man re-call what had happened. He agreed to try the experi-ment, and was able to provide an abduction account.As a result of this case the doctors formed a panel forthe purpose of conducting a serious investigation of theirpatients who may have had abduction experiences. Thedoctors plan to document the in-depth study, based pri-marily on physical evidence, in a paper.Hopkins concluded that "this case could be a turningpoint when doctors see that there are specific patterns inabductions." Specificdetails regarding the individual and.the doctors involved are not beingreleased, since Hopkinsdoes not want to interfere with the independentnature ofthe study. » -Turning to his main topic, he reviewed the history ofabductions, includingthe Betty and Barney Hill case, not-ing that modern science has now caught up with one ofthe key descriptions of the medical exam which BettyHill provided. In 1966, when Betty told of havinga needleinserted in her navel as a pregnancy test, this procedureseemed to have nothing to do withpregnancy tests. "Butthen" said Hopkins, "some years later along came awidelyPage 6. MUFON UFO Journal August 2002
  7. 7. used real-world procedure called amniocentesisin whicha needle is inserted through the navel of a pregnant womanto extract amniotic fluid for analysis of the state of thepregnancy."He adds, "And, of course, since then thousands of fe-male abductees throughout the world have reported thesame needle-in-the-navel procedure, just as maleabductees have reported humiliating and often painfulsperm-sampling procedures such as the one Barney suf-fered." Hopkins noted that later male abductees couldnot have copied from Barneys account, since this wasomitted from The Interrupted Journey for reasons oftaste.Hopkins said that "virtually all of the scientific discov-eries of the past forty years which in any way bear on theUFO and abduction phenomena help support the plausi-bility ofthese phenomena, rather thancontradictingthem."He backed up this statement with examples from as-tronomy and space research, as well as discoveries re-garding genetics.Hopkins wrote about the hybridization phenomenon inhis second book, Intruders (1987), as a theoryexplainingthe sexual aspects of abductions, as well as multiple ab-ductions of the same individual. "Many scientists had afit," he explained, "even some scientists within the UFOresearch community who otherwise accepted the realityof abductions. Hybridization,in the sense of mixing analien sperm cell witha humanovum and successfully pro-ducing viableoffspring, was impossible, they said. Impos-sible!"However, observes Hopkins, "The supposedlyunbreachable wall between species now seems as po-rous as our defenses against suicidal terrorists. A genefrom a salmon has been successfully folded into the ge-netic makeup of a tomato in order to make that fruit moreimpervious to cold weather. A gene from ajellyfish hasbeen inserted into a rabbit, whichnow, we are told, some-times glows in the dark. I shudder to think of the uproarI would have caused had I described the possibility ofgenetic manipulations such as these in my 1987 book."Hopkins adds, "Just because my data have stood thetest of time, and many of the genetic theories have not, Iam not claimingany special wisdom or prescience. WhatI am claiming is that careful, conservative investigationandjudicious weighingofpersonal testimonyhave alwaysgiven UFO investigators the edge in our long-term battleswith the fixed theoreticalpositions of fundamentalist sci-ence. Even such an article of faith as the speed of lightas an absolute-the highest speed anything can reach-isnow under critical fire by some theoretical physicists."In his new book, Sight Unseen, he and co-author (andwife) Carol Rainey discuss "the present state oftransgenics in contextwithcase material dealing with newaspects of the alien reproductive program that I have un-covered. Such a complex topic naturally requires moretime and space than I have at my disposal here, so I willnot be able to carry it any farther."While looking at some of the theories that seem to belegitimate, Hopkins also noted some theories which havenot been borne out by abduction research. He says that(1) The aliens presence on Earth is not going to warn usto take better care of our planet; (2) the abduction phe-nomenon is not a quasi-military operation being carriedout by soldiers of the 82ndAirborne Division or by ColinPowell or by squads of CIA agents in scary black cars;and (3) A third false beliefabout the abduction phenom-enon promulgated by the late Lt. Col. Philip Corso in TheDay After Roswell is that it essentially ceased decadesago....It should not be a surprise to learn that the lastthree abductioncases Ive begun to investigate happenedwithin the last six months."Peter Robbins:An Americanin Suffolk-Reflections, Observations, and Updates on aDecades Research Into BritainsRendlesham Forest UFO IncidentPeter Robbins, Editor-in-Chief of the, also writes a column for UFO Magazinecalled "Webwatch." He has been involved in ufology formany years, has created and produced TV programs deal-ing with UFOs, and serves as Ex-ecutive Assistant for the IntrudersFoundation. He was a contributingartist to Alien Encounters in the Mys-teries of the Unknown series ofTime-Life Books.Robbins presented backgroundinformation on his ten-year (1987-1997) investigation of the 1980(RAF) Bentwaters-WoodbridgeUFO incident, also known as theRendlesham Forest Incident, whicheventually ledto co-authoring a bookon the case with Larry Warren called Left at East Gate(1997). Robbins gives a great deal of credit for the suc-cess of the investigation leadingto the writing of the bookto co-author Warren, noting his respect for the sometimescontroversial ufologist."The Bentwaters incidentstraddles almost every knownarea of specialty study known to ufology," said Robbins:"multiple eyewitness testimony (both military and civil-ian) confirming the realityof the incidentsand their cover-up; fully authentic military reports and memoirs under-scoring how seriously officials took the incident and itsimplications; historic evidence in the form of previouslydocumented UFO incidents in the same locations; confir-mations of ongoing, pre-December 1980 UFO incidentsin the same locations;ground-to-air confirmations of thehistoric and primary events; RAF radar reports and pho-tographic evidence of the areas in question; physical evi-dence in the form of affected vs. unaffected soil samples,unusual/unexplained impression in the soil with an unusu-ally high background radiation count in the impressionsthemselves, and unusualor unexplainedhealth complica-tions for at least several of the eyewitnesses and an origi-nal Air Force paperwork confirmingthis in Larrys case.I do not know of any other event in UFO history that canmake the same claims."/MPeter RobbinsAugust 2002 MUFON UFO Journal Page?
  8. 8. Robbins says that despite the features outlined above,as well as the involvement of the U.S. military, the onlyAmerican book dealingwiththe case isLeft at East Gate.He blames this on "a kind of innately American chauvin-ism, i.e., if itdidnt happen here, how important can it be?After all, weve got Roswell."His work on the case took its toll, he explains: "As themonths of work melted into years, my obsession with thecase became more entrenched. My generally above-av-erage social skills began to wane,as did my normally out-standing sense of humor. I had bouts of what I wouldnow characterize as paranoia, and my personal and pro-fessional life both suffered. For several of these years Iheld all but my family and closest friends at arms lengthand became quite reclusive."Ironically, the one area of my life that continued tofunction in a relatively normal way was to continueworking as a writer. The mechanism thatkept driving meto complete my part of the book and get it into print was acombination of stubbornness, idealism, fascination,andanger; pretty much the same factors that were so effec-tively drivingmy co-author."In looking at whether their book made a difference,Robbins pointedout that GeorginaBruni was givena copy,and she later did her own book on the case, You CantTell the People, which "has helped to keep public andofficial attention focused on the events of December1980....There is no question that Georginas many offi-cial and unofficial connections and investigative experi-ence allowed her to make contact with numerous princi-pal and supporting players in this drama that I wasnteven able to get close to."But he adds, "I am as sure as I can be that there wouldnot have been a You Cant Tell the People without a Leftat East Gate preceding it."Betty Hill: MiraclesBetty Hill, of course, is the female participant in themost famous-and one of the earliest-abduction cases,along with husband Barney. She isthe author of A Common Sense Ap-proach to UFOs. John Fullers book,The Interrupted Journey, and thetelevision movie,"The UFO Incident"described the Hill encounter.Betty opened her talk by lookingat "miracles" she has experienced,including electricity,airplanes, satel-lites, and "meeting astronauts fromanother planet." She then describedthe encounter which she and Barneyexperienced in September of 1961.Betty mentioned a point concerning their dog, Delseythat is not generallyincluded in the Betty and BarneyHillstory. Although Delseys fear during the encounter hasbeen described many times, Betty explained that the dogalso developed a severe skin rash. "The vet did not rec-ognize it," said Betty, "but it was the beginning of ap-Betty Hillproximately two years of bouts with multiple kinds ofrashes. When Delsey developed these rashes we recog-nized that we had taken long showers, but we had notbathed the dog." Barney, of course, had developed acircle of warts around his groin area four months aftertheincident.The Hills second sighting of a UFO came in 1965 asshe and Barney were leaving her parents home inKingston, NH. "As we were leaving their street to goonto the main highway, we saw our second UFO," sheexplained. "It was directly in front of us, just above treetop level, and rocking back and forth. Then it went to ourleft, came back, and to the left again. Then it went down."She said, "We had the feeling it wanted us to followthem. Instead, we went back to my parents home wheremy mother and my sister, Janet, decided to come with usas we followed it, because they knew the area. We drovedown a narrow back road, but could not go to the areawhere we saw this craft go down, whichwas inthe middleof a swamp. From that night on, whenever we went outat night we were paced by two or more UFOs. Both thehomes of my parents and of Janet became centers ofUFO activity."Betty said that she and Barney "became a focal pointof sightings by others" after The Interrupted Journeywas released. She said there had been daylight sightingsin Exeter and Hillsboro in 1932, 1934, 1936, and 1938,with even more sightingsafter World War II began.Betty noted that after "The UFO Incident" was shownon TV in 1975, "I became a focal point of those whothought they mighthavebeen abducted. I used Dr. Simonsformula in working with them. After we ruled out hallu-cinations, delusions,dreams, fantasies, and recall of some-thing seen, heard, or read, we considered that it mightbea real experience." She says that "the real abductionsusually occurred in a rural, isolated area between duskand 4 AM. Most involved two persons, some with threepeople, and occasionally one."Betty found that most people involved in abductions"went to the police, the military,or both almost immedi-ately afterward to report a sighting. They rememberedthe events before they went on board and when they left.From my sample, approximately 50 percent were seen inthe emergency room at the local hospital for breathingdifficulties, loss of sense of balance, eyes that failed tofocus, upset stomachs, eye infections, feelings of shaki-ness, and strange discolorations of their skin."She observed that "each abduction was unique, asthough the aliens were seeking some kind of specific in-formation. They showed no sexual interestin the abductee.No one had a second abduction, although they may seeUFOs frequently. All considered their experience as posi-tive, with no need for therapy."Richard Thieme: Are There UFOs on Mars?Or The Evidence for the Evidence of UFOsRichard Thieme, a former Episcopal priest, is a con-tributing editor for Information Security Magazine. HePageS MUFON UFO Journal August 2002
  9. 9. Richard Thiemeis a consultant on the human dimensions of technologyand work, including information security, organizationalculture, and the dynamics of leadership and communica-tion. His article, "Stalking the UFO Meme on theInternet," is taught in universities in Europe, Canada,Australia, and the U.S. His online column, "Island in theClickstream," is read around the world.Thieme, likemanyufologists, saidhe became convinced that UFOs arenot only real, but known well by ourgovernment, when he had the per-sonal experience of talking with anAir Force pilot about UFOs in 1978.Thieme said tothe fighter pilot, whowas the senior lay officer ofThiemes parish in Clearfield, UT,near Hill Air Force Base, "You guysin your fastest fighters chase thesethings and cant catch them."Thieme says the pilot frowned and said, "Youre right.We chase the damned things and we cant catch them.""Prior to 1978," said Thieme, "I had been immersed intextual and other media accounts of UFOs, but it tookthat face-to-face conversation with someone I knew tocause a contextual shift. It made the subject real in adifferent way." He noted that "it is often suggested thatpeople who have had UFO experiences want publicityornotoriety, but my experience is the opposite."Thieme quoted an analyst with an intelligence organi-zation, who does not want his name used, as saying,"Something thats funny in America is not funny every-where. Something thats funny for one year is not funnyfor fifty. And when over those fifty years, reports fromall over the world agree in the small suggeststhat its real." That analysts criteria for determining ifsomething is genuine includes (1) It is international, (2) itis long term, and (3) the small details must be congruent.Among the accounts he has received from people wasthe experience of two teens who were fishing in a smallWisconsin lake just before dawn. One star caught theirattention when it seemed to grow larger and brighter, be-coming a disk-shaped luminous object which descendedtoward the lake. It slowed as it approached the water,tilted up, and very slowly entered the water. There was adiffused glow in the otherwise dark water. After awhileit slowly came up out of the lake, and the water came offof it as if there was something on the surface instead ofthe surface itself. The object then accelerated rapidly,climbing highuntil it again looked likea star.Thieme also discussed the SETI (Search for Extrater-restrial Intelligence)project, and the fact thatDr.Jill Tarter,director for SETI, rejects all UFO reports as unworthy ofscientific attention, sayingthatshe fears theirproject,whichis currently seeking to establish an endowment of $200million so the work can continue in perpetuity,would betarnished by association with a discredited field. Sheevenstated thatdebunker Phillip Klass "knows the foibles, lackof rigor, and downright lies that the majority of people inthis field perpetrate..Thiemes appraisal of Klass wassomewhat different: "The sheer intensity of the negativ-ity of a committed debunker like Klass...corroboratedmy priestly observation that atheists are often just as pas-sionately and blindly committee to NO as true believersare to YES. They believe in not believing with a fervorbordering on fanaticism, which undermines an objectiveappraisal of the data."Thieme concluded, "When I reflect on ...conversa-tions with Edgar Mitchell, Richard Haines, JohnSchuessler, Peter Sturrock, Russ Estes, Mark Rodigher,friends, colleagues, and many others, it is difficult not toagree with Rodigher, who said, Its difficult to avoid theconclusion thatsomeUFOs are non-terrestrial intelligentlypiloted vehicles. Whether they are interdimensional, alien,or something more bizarre than that, we cant tell."Dr. David Jacobs: Buildinga Professional CommunityDr. David M. Jacobs, an Associate Professor of His-tory at Temple University, is one of the best-known ab-duction researchers in the world. He is the author offour books, including The Threat. His latest book-andhis first edited volume-is UFOs and Abductions: Chal-lenging the Borders of Knowledge, published by theUniversity Press of Kansas.Although Dr.Jacobs normallydiscusses abduction casesand theories in his talks,.this year he dealt with the prob-lems and possibilities of bringing to-gether a community of scholars in-terested in ufology. ...,:Looking back, Jacobs noted thatat a MUFON conference in 1975 hehad discussed the issue of why sci-entists have not paid attention to theUFO phenomenon. "Obviously, it isa complicated issue, and there aremany reasons why scientists havenot engaged with UFOs," he said."And, as StuartAppelle has so rightlypointed out,without the validation inherent in academicsupport, it is doomed to exist outside of established sci-ence in the realm of pseudoscience and popular culture."Jacobs notes that "without university support, fundingfor the phenomenon is virtually nonexistent through nor-mal channels. Apart from the enormous difficulties in-herent in the UFO phenomenon itself, the lack of fundingcauses scientists to ignore and dismiss it. For many uni-versity-based scientists, the ability to receive grants dic-tates their salary,national reputation, and advancement intheir field." . .Because of the unusual, almost unbelievable nature ofufology, most scientistsand academics neither understandit nor want to understand it, he said, noting that his ownspecialty^-abductions-represents "another level of disbe-lief that academics are asked to overcome. They are notonly a difficult pill to swallow for scientists and academ-ics, but they are just as difficult for UFO researchers.The idea that space aliens are kidnapping people in se-cret, taking them through wallsand windows, running re-David JacobsAugust 2002 MUFON UFO Journal Page 9
  10. 10. productively-oriented procedures on them, and then re-turning the abductees complete with amnesia isnot a con-cept that one can agree with because it.sounds right."Another barrier, said Jacobs, is "the old contactee ideaof benevolent, loving, human-centered aliens [which] hasre-entered UFO and abduction lore."Jacobs also decried the activities of "self-promoters,self-aggrandizers, con-men, mentallydisturbed individu-als, publicity seekers, and other disreputableindividuals,all of whom have garnered faithful believers willing tofollow them anywherewhileaggressively challenginganycriticism of their opinions. Some are adept at gainingpress attention, and much to serious UFO researcherssorrow, they have, to a degree, succeeded in placing them-selves at the center of the UFO world-at least as far asthe media is concerned."Because of this somewhat dismal situation with main-stream scientists and academics, said Jacobs, "the UFOcommunity early on tried to build its own research com-munity." APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organi-zation), NICAP (National Investigations Committee onAerial Phenomena), and MUFON recruited a number ofprofessional scientistsand academics as members oftheirboards and as consultants."I decided to attempt a rough approximation of thenumber of scholars, academics, scientists,and profession-als actually interested enough in the phenomenon to lendtheir name as a consultant to an organization, to give apaper at a UFO conference, or to contribute a chapter toa book,"explainedJacobs. "I was interested only in thosepeople who were sympathetic to the subject and not de-bunkers."After combingthrough the various publicationsof themajor organizations, he said, "Tomy surprise, I foundthatespecially sincethe early 1970s, over 750 academics, sci-entists, scholars, physicians, attorneys, arid other profes-sionals have lent their names to the UFO cause. This isan astonishinglyhigh numberconsidering the barriers tointerest under which the UFO phenomenon has sufferedover the years." All of these held doctorate degrees ortheequivalent.He noted that "the largest concentrations are in law,medicine, and psychotherapy. But, in fact, the profes-sionals cover virtually all the major fields withina tradi-tional university. These includethe physical sciences, thebiological sciences, earth sciences, social sciences, hu-manities, education, engineering,communication,and soon. These fields can be further compartmentalized intochemistry,physics, history,astronomy,English, linguistics,anthropology, etc. The extent of the interest accuratelymirrors the interdisciplinarynature of the UFO and ab-duction phenomenon, and it isexactly the kind of commu-nity that is so necessary for our field. Each discipline hasa role in UFO research. Doctors of veterinary medicine,dentists, engineers, and others can play an important rolein studying this subject."Jacobs observed that "if each professional who cameforward publicly to lend their names to studying the UFOphenomenon represents the opinion of just ten, or evenonly five, others who remain private, then it is obviousPage 10 MUFON UFO Journalthat there is a large reservoir of untapped professionalswho have been interested in the subject over the years-and who still are."Hepointed out that "the lists areriotthe onlyindicationthat professional interest is widespread. When BuddHopkins, John Carpenter, John Mack, and I gave a seriesof free workshops about the abduction phenomenon tomembers of the mental health community in Los Ange-les, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, New York,and AnnArbor, over 500 therapists attended the conference, andover 100 left their names as people who wanted to be ona mailinglist to help abductees. Another 100 or so havewritten us with the same request."Jacobs added, "Although I have paid the most atten-tion to the doctorates, the numberof people with mastersdegrees who have lent their name to the subject is an-other large pool of potentially talented individuals.MUFONs research specialists list numbered over 520names. Familiar names dot the list, and it goes withoutsaying that a doctorate is not a prerequisite for solid re-search and contribution to the field."He observed that "like those of the doctorates, the dis-ciplines and professions that these individualsrepresentare varied and extensive. Of critical importance are theCertified Social Workers, Licensed ClinicalSocial Work-ers, and other members of the mental healthcommunitywho do thebulk of mental health work in the United States.We must make every effort to enlist their aid."In concluding his presentation, Dr. Jacobs pointed outthat "publishing lists of names is not enough. A strategyof usage must be worked out to employ the intellectualpower that these lists represent. It should be a two-waystreet: researchers must have access to them, and theymust have access to the researchers and the data. I havea fewpreliminary suggestions:"1. Members of all UFO organizationsandprivateUFOresearchers should identify the qualified professionalsintheir states...."2. The email and state residences of every qualifiedscholar and professional should be published so that in-vestigators can have access to them...."3. Conferences of scholars, professionals, and othersshould take place in order to exchange data and to assigninvestigative and analyticalresponsibilities...."4. At least one new scholar or professional shouldbeurged to give a paper at every MUFON symposium-na-tional or regional-and/or publish a paper in the MUFONUFO Journal or other publications."[Note: the details of Dr. Jacobs presentation,includ-ing the namesof professionalswho have lenttheir namesto ufological research, are included in this years Sympo-sium Proceedings, available from MUFON, as are thepapers of all of the other speakers described above.]Dan Wright: Five Themes on UFO AbductionsDan Wright, who joined MUFON in 1978 as a StateSection Director, has served as State Director for Michi-gan, as well as MUFON Deputy Director in charge ofNorth American investigations. He holds the M.A. de-August 2002
  11. 11. gree inpolitical science from the University ofIllinois.Out of a meeting at the Massachusetts Institute of Tech-nology a decade ago came the Abduction TranscriptionProject, which Wright devised and managed. Financedby MUFON, it began in 1992 and ended in 1997. Theproject was the subject of Wrights presentation at the1997 MUFON International Symposium, as well as atthis years symposium (as a substitute presenter). Thepresentation is in the 1997MUFONSymposium Proceedings, and is notincluded in the 2002 Proceedings.The Abduction TranscriptionProject involvedthe transcription bymore than 80 transcribers of morethan 900 audio tapes of mostly hyp-nosis sessions, involving 254 abduc-tion cases. "This was a difficult task,as you can imagine," said Wright,who then organized the transcribedmaterial. Of the 254 cases, "only Dan WnShtabout half had good, solid value as far as the project wasconcerned," he noted. So, in effect, the project repre-sents about 125 cases.Out of these cases emerged several different groupsof entities. Those abductees who had multiple experi-ences were more likely to meet more types of entities.Wright listed the groups as:Flight attendants^those who took and returned theabductees, but did little else;Doctor-trie entity who seemed to be clearly in charge;Technicians-the entities who did the routine procedures;Female-the entity who calmed the abductees;Familiar being-the entity that the abductee had seenor known prior to the current abduction;Nordics-human-like, one group being especially attrac-tive, and another group with a high forehead;Ancient one-very old, respected by the other entities;Reptoids-tended to be the mean ones.Five themes emerged from the project: (1) humansexu-ality and reproduction, (2) an alien connection outsidethecurrent life, (3) a mission for the future, (4) animpendingcatastrophe for the Earth, and (5) U.S. Government in-volvement with the aliens.The human sexuality and reproduction theme waspresent in 110 of the cases. For women this typicallyinvolved removal of an egg, impregnation withanembryo(possibly a hybrid), and abortion after two to three monthsof pregnancy. For males it typically involved theremovalof sperm by a special mechanical device. However, therewere also instances of rape involving both male and fe-male abductees. During a later abduction, babies may beshown to the abductees.The alien connection theme was present in 70 cases,and seemed to involvea feelingoh the part of the abducteethat the abductee had been involved with the aliens out-side the conscious life, perhaps in a previous lifetime-andperhaps had even given permission for the abductions.The mission for the future theme was present in 79cases. Although the mission was never clear, prepara-tion nught involvethe acquisitionof special skills,psychic or healingability.The impending catastrophe theme was present in 37of the cases, and shown to the abductees through the useof telepathy, through a movie or TV screen-like device,or through mental imaging. Wright noted that the catas-trophes seemed to be tailored to fit particular time peri-ods: during the time when nuclear energy was a wide-spread fear, a nuclear disaster might be the catastrophesuggested. At other times it might be fire, volcanoes, orearthquakes. More recently the theme seems to be glo-bal warming or other environmental concerns. "Is thisidea of catastrophes only a ruse to gain mental controlover the abductees, as if only the entities can save us?"asked Wright. "I wonder."The involvementof the U.S. Government with entitiestheme was present in 42 of the cases. This usually in-volved scenes showing the military and the aliens work-ingtogether, suggesting a liaisonbetween our govemment-or at least some part of our government-with one or morealien groups. However, some of the cases indicated thatat least some of the alien groups did not have a connec-tion with our government. Harassment of abductees fol-lowing abductionsby what appeared to be military per-sonnel or aircraft was also reported.Some of the "commonalities" reported by Wright in-cluded such detailsas the strapping down of children dur-ing examinations, but the use of paralysis on olderabductees. There also seemed to be different levels ofcontrol, Wright concluded. Children were controlled lesswhile on board (despite the strapping during exams), hadmore awareness, and were more likely to be given a tour.Women were more restrained than children,but were stillaware of their surroundings. Men were restrained by theentities, and seemed to have only a dull awareness oftheirsurroundings.The use of touch by the aliens was also commonlyreported, whether to calm the abductee, relieve pain, oreven to put the abductee to sleep. The common meansof communication was telepathy, and when the entitiescommunicated among themselves, the sounds made nosense to the abductees.Wright looked atthepossible implications of the projectfindings: Is there a program of reproduction of quasi-hu-man beings? Did abductees give prior permission for theabductions? What will the promised missions be? If cur-rent abductees are to carry out missions, is some majorevent just around the corner? Will Earth be destroyed?Is the government involved with aliens; if so, is it onegroup or several groups, and what does this mean? If thegovernment is involved with aliens, does the Presidentknow?In looking at what the project says about abductees,Wright classified them intothree groups:Victims-abductees who experience frequent and sub-stantial pain, feel humiliation, do not understand the pur-pose of the abductions, feel no connection with the enti-ties, have no mission to perform, tell only a few peopleabout their abductions, and strongly feel they should beleft alone.Rocks-abductees who experience some pain, but it isUFO Journal Page I I
  12. 12. accepted; experience mini-mal humiliation; have per-haps some awareness of amission, but are non-com-mittal.E v a n g e l i s t s -Experiencers who havemore awareness, have morefreedom on board, acceptthat theyhave a mission, feela connection with the enti-ties, are given new abilities,and want to publicizetheirexperience.Several specific shareddetails emerged from theproject, Wright observed,"that argue for commonal-ity among cases. Manyhave only rarely or never atall been published or aired ontelevision."These include (1) Par-ticles within a beam of light or nausea/dizziness from be-ing levitated; (2) A ships pink interior lighting, hallwaybenches, or large tank of liquid; (3) Ingestion of a syrupyfluid; (4) The near-paper qualityof a sheet over the pronesubject; (5) Entities showing confusion or surprise; (6)Lab-type coats worn onlyby authorityfigures; (7) A flex-ible instrument with a peculiartip used to extract ova; (8)Gowns worn by children,always white and of simple de-sign; (8) Imagery of an oversized snowy owl; and manymore.Wright cautioned that testimony coming through hyp-nosis is not infallible, and that even if the abductees areaccurately reporting their experiences, there is no guar-antee that the entitiesare being honest. This project is anattempt to organize the testimony of a large number ofabductees in order to look at major themes and common-alities. "It provides evidence, not proof," said Wright.Esen Sekerkara: Turkish UFO InvestigationsMs. Esen Sekerkara, a graduateof Istanbul University,Turkey, got in-volved with ufology in 1998 with theopening of the Sirius UFO Space Sci-ences Research Center (SUSSRC),where she served as vice-president.It is the first center for collecting andresearching ufological data through-out Turkey, and has organized threeinternational UFO symposiums.She is also one of the threefounders of the International UFOMuseum, which opened Jan. 18 in Istanbul.Ms. Skekerkara discussed several aspects of UFOactivity and research in Turkey, includingphoto evidence,videos, a close encounter, and abductions. She noted thatEsen SekerkaraMUFON International Director John Schuessler presented special certifi-cates of appreciation to New York Assistant State Director Bob Long and StateDirector Jim Bouck for their efforts in hosting this years Symposium.official secrecy seems to be lessening at times, but thatthe government is still not forthcoming with informationor access to military witnesses. Ms. Skekerkara saidthatthere were numerous sightings prior to a major earth-quake in Turkey which killed 17,000 people, and that thesightings were in the areas hardest hit by the quakes.She presented several photos and videos of what werereported to be UFOs, as well as videos of witness inter-views. One 1996 case involved two men who were hik-ing when they observed a daylight UFO and took clearphotos of it. Six months later they were in the same areaand again photographed a UFO indaylight."They did not report the photos until four years later,"said Ms. Skekerkara, "for fear of ridicule." The photoswere analyzed by the head of a universityphotographydepartment, who said they were not hoaxed. A similarfinding was made by a Kodak lab in Istanbul,she said.Another case involved what a newspaper describedas a "dog fight" between a Turkish Air Force jet and anunidentified object, which moved around and flew besidethe training jet. The official explanation was a weatherballoon, despite the fact that there were none in the area.Ms. Sekerkara told about a close encounter betweenvillagers and a robot-like entity, withonemangetting within6 feet of it. The entity seemed to float just above theground, have no arms, and have legs connected. Strangelights glowed from "head" and "abdomen." The "eyes"seemed painted on. The entity rose and disappeared.An abduction case involved a friend of Ms. Sekerkara.The woman felt sadness each time she saw young girls,and hypnotic regression by Budd Hopkins and John Mack,who were in Turkey for a symposium, indicated that thewoman had a child-apparently a female hybrid.Ms. Skekerkara said there are many UFO incidentsbeing reported in Turkey, and that the mass media wereeager to report on them.Page 12 MUFON UFO Journal August 2002
  13. 13. Comets and UFO crashes: Part 2Did a UFO Crash at Aurora, Texas?By Chris Aubeck©2002A newspaper report from 1897 claimed that a space-craft and its otherworldly pilot had crashed in Aurora,TX, a peaceful hamletjust 45 miles north of Dallas. Thestory would be ignored for 70 years, but did eventuallybecome one of the most debated topics in ufology.The original article, published in the Dallas MorningNews, the Dallas Times Herald and in the Fort WorthRegister, ran as follows:Aurora, Wise Co., Tex., April 17. - (To theNews) -About 6 oclock this morning, the early risers of Aurorawere astonished at the sudden appearance of the airshipwhich has been seen sailing through the country. It wastravelling due north, and much nearer the earth than everbefore. Evidently some of the machinery was out of or-der, for it was making a speed of only ten or twelve milesan hour and gradually settling toward the earth.It sailed directly over the public square, and when itreached the north part of town collided with the tower ofJudge Proctors windmill and went to pieces with a ter-rific explosion, scattering debris over several acres ofground, wrecking the windmilland water tank, and de-stroying thejudges flower garden.The pilot of the ship is supposed to have been the onlyone on board, and while his remains are badly disfigured,enough of the original has been picked up to show that hewas not an inhabitant of this world. Mr T. J. Weems, theUnited States signals service officer at this place and anauthority on astronomy, gives it as his opinion that he wasa native of Mars. Papers found on his person-evidentlythe records of his travels-are written in some unknownhieroglyphics, and cannot be deciphered.The ship was too badly wrecked to form any conclu-sions as to its construction or motive power. It was builtof an unknownmetal, resembling somewhat a mixture ofaluminium and silver, and it must have weighed severaltons. The town is full of people today who are viewingthe wreck and gathering pieces of the strange metal fromthe debris. The pilots funeral will take place at noon to-morrow. S. E. HAYDON.The three newspapers in which the story was pub-lished described the event with the same details, exceptthe Fort Worth Register, which did not mention the hi-eroglyphics.As exciting as the prospect of finding an extraterres-trial spacecraft should have been, there is no evidence toshow that the dispatch was taken seriously by anybody atthe time. There was no contemporary follow-up of theevent, and no academic body offered to carry out an au-topsy of the corpse or an analysis of the debris. Nosketches were made, and no photographs were taken ofwhat would surely have been an astounding event and arevolutionary moment in science.It took over seventy years for anybody to take a seri-ous look at the story. During an importantUFO flap in theUnited States, journalist Frank Tolbert decided to makesome inquiries for himself to see whether there was anytruth to S. E. Haydons article. Tolbert, himself a writerfor the Daily Morning News, had long been interestedin the wave of airshipsightings that had swept Americain the 1890s, and he realized that the spectacular natureof the Aurora crash would make it the easiest of the casesto substantiate, if it were true.Upon interviewing the retired men and women whohad been living in Aurora since the end of the nineteenthcentury, however, he was told that the whole episode hadbeen a hoax perpetrated by radio operators and wasmerely a piece of entertainment,no different from any ofthe other spoofs published at the time. When his conclu-sions were published in Flying Saucer Review in 1973 inan article entitled "Aurora Spaceman - RIP?" it seemedto most ufologiststhat there was little more to say on thematter.In fact, as early as 1966 Dr. J. Allen Hynek had sent aresearcher to the site to probe a little further and learnedthat there had never been a windmill on Proctors farmand that T. J. Weems, said to have been a signals officerin the article, had actually been a blacksmith. He wasalso informed that S. E. Haydon (or "E.E. Haydon"), alocal cotton-buyer and a writer, had probably inventedthetale to attract tourism to the little town.This would have been the end of the line for "the Au-rora incident" if separate investigations had not shed en-tirely different light on the affair. William Case, aviationwriter for the Dallas Times Herald, was alerted to thestory by Hayden Hewes of the International UFO Bu-reau in the spring of 1973. Anotherjournalist, Jim Marrs,then an aerospace/aviation writer at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, also became interested, and soon both menwere actively involved in the search for the ultimatean-swer.Case had spoken to some of the oldest residents inAurora and was convinced that something had indeedcrashed on Proctors farm. He had learned that therewere only four people in Aurora old enough to have anyrecollection of the events, and three of them supportedthe reality of the story.One of these was Etta Oates. Brawley and Etta Oakespurchased Judge Proctors farm in 1945 and lived therefor many years. AlthoughBrawley diedjust before inter-est in the incident was renewed, Mrs Oakes was able totell the researchers that she "had heard the story for years.Nothing grew for years in that one spot in the field wherethat spaceship is supposed to have hit." As Jim Marrspoints out in his 1997 book Alien Agenda, the Oates fam-ily had been plagued by serious medical problems through-out the timethey livedon theproperty, includingcysts andAugust 2002 MUFON UFO Journal Page 13
  14. 14. goiters (a swelling of the thyroid gland in the neck). Thiswas blamed on the water they took from the well. "Ivebeen told its radioactive," Mrs Oakes told Marrs.Charlie C. Stephens was another old-timer who re-called the events with a clear mind,despite being 83 yearsold at the time of the interview.Although at first he "didntwant to get involved," Marrs was eventually able to coaxhim into giving his version of the story.Stephens explained that he hadbeen less than ten yearsold when he and his father, out in the pasture with somecattle, saw an illuminatedcigar-shaped object pass over-head in the direction of Aurora. They heard an explosionand the sky seemed to light up with fire for several min-utes. The boy wanted to rush off to town to seewhat wasgoing on, but his father "said we had to finish our chores."The next day, the elder Mr. Stephens paid a visit to thetown, where he saw a "a mass of torn metal and.burnedrubble." He did not mention to his family seeing a deadpilot, which is logical enough ifthe being had been buriedon the day of the crash. "During the years I was growingup he told me the story many times,"said Charlie Stephens.G. C. Curley, a 98-year-old man then residingin a nurs-ing home in Lewisville,told the researchers that two ofhis friends had galloped off to Aurora to see thewreck ofthe spaceship: "They told me the airship had been seencoming from the direction of Dallas the day before andhad been sighted in the area. But no one knew what itwas. They said ithit somethingnearJudge Proctorswell.The airship was destroyed and the pilot in it was badlytorn up. My friends said ther£ was a big crowd of sight-seers who were picking up pieces of the exploded air-ship. But no one could identify the metal it was made of.We didnt have metal like that in America at that time.And they said it was difficult to describe the pilot. Theysaw only a torn up body. They didnt say people werefrightened by the crash. They just couldnt understandwhat it was."The only other witness found by Case and Marrs wasa ninety-one-year-old woman called Mary Evans. Shetold the researchers: "I was only fifteen at the time andhad all but forgotten the incident until it appeared in thepapers recently.We were living in Aurora at the time, butmy mother and fatherwouldnt letme go with them whenthey went up to the crash site at Judge Proctors well.When they returned home they told me how the airshiphad exploded. The pilot was torn up and killed inthe crash.The men of the town who gathered his remains said hewas a small man and buried him that same day in Au-rora cemetery. That crash certainly caused a lot of ex-citement. Many people were frightened. They didntknowwhat to expect. That was years before we had any regu-lar airplanes or other kinds of airships."Did some anomalous vehicle crash on a farm in Au-rora in April 1897 or not? Strictly speaking, the "Auroracrash" cannot be considered an outright hoax, based onthe information we currently possess. Sceptics cite WiseCounty historianEtta Pegues, whowas sure thatHaydonsarticle was "a beautiful piece of fiction." She said, "Ihave talked to people who were alive then. They,all saidJudge Proctor had no windmill."There are three problems with this statement. First, itis not true that none of the older generation believed inthe Aurora crash, as revealed by the witness testimoniesreproduced above. Secondly, far too much has been readinto the reference to "Proctors windmill." None of thewitness testimonies refer to a windmill in their descrip-tions of the crash, only to the oldwell.Haydon may have been misinformed about this point,just as he could have got the name of the military officerwrong. The third pointto bear in mindis that Etta Peguesmain source of information was Robbie Reynolds Hanson,who told her that the story was a hoax. Hanson had beentwelve years old in 1897 and was living outside Aurorawith her parents.There are two reasons why the Aurora incident hasbeen dismissed by modern researchers. The first is thatthe whole case has become something of a circus, full ofclaims and counter-claims that have generally lednowhere.An effort to locate the "small mans" grave only suc-ceeded in angering the locals. Foreseeing the intentionsof Case and Marrs, a band of Aurora residents kept atight control on access to the cemetery, just in case any-one started digging up coffins withoutauthorization, andthreatened to seek restraining orders against trespassers.The city marshal,the sheriff and two deputies patrolledthe site fortwo weeks while two UFOorganizations com-peted to be the first to exhume the body. Meanwhile Casebelieved he had traced the pilots resting place, a smallgrave marked only by broken headstone. The only thingcarved into it was a "<" shape containing three smallcircles, and when Case passed his metal detector overthe grave it detected at least three large pieces of metalburied underneath.Unfortunately, the headstone fragment disappeared thenight after the marshal called off the patrols, and the mys-terious metal was stolen not long after this.A similar state of affairs surrounded the search formetal pieces at Judge Proctors farm. The first seriousattempt was in 1967 when Alfred Kraus of West TexasState University brought in a metal detector. Howeverthe only metallic items he found were old stove lids andother domestic litter.Then, in 1973, Case reported that Brawley Gates hadcome across some silverypieces of metal while cleaningout the well. A laboratory analysis carried out by physi-cist Dr. Tom Gray of the North Texas State Universityrevealed the metal to be aluminiumalloy, a material usedin the 1920s to make kitchen utensils.In 1974 Bill Case tried to arrange for a subsurfaceradar scan of the grave, but died before this could becarried out. Since then no further developments in thecase have come about, and the entire issue is treated withutmost scepticism. Not surprisingly the Aurora incidenthas been described by a writer for Fortean Times as"Roswells stillborn twin."The second reason to doubt the authenticity of theAurora incident is the historical context in which itemerged. It must be borne in mind that UFO crasheswere a popular newspaper-selling gimmick in the finalyears of the nineteenth century.Page 14 MUFON UFO Journal August 2002
  15. 15. On the ScFi ChannelTaken mini-series to begin Dee. 1Larry LandsmanThose attending the Saturday sessions of the recentMUFON Symposium got a sneak preview of an upcom-ing TV mini-series called "Taken," created by StevenSpielberg. The first-time-ever presentation was made byLarry Landsman, Director of Special Projects for the SciFiChannel. The 10-night series, which begins Dec. 1, tellsthe story of three families over multiple generations asthey dearwith the abduction phe-nomenon in various ways."Not only does StevenSpielberg serve as Executive Pro-ducer," said Landsman, "but hehas also brought his vision to theproject in a hands-on fashion as akey editor on the series. Further-more, the story of our three fami-lies is Stevens brainchild alongwith writer Les Bohem, whoseshared vision has brought the sagato life."Landsman provided some background on Spielberg, ex-plaining, "When he was 17 years old, Stevens first fea-ture-length movie was called Firelight, and, believe itornot, it was about UFOs abducting humans. The moviepremiered on March 24, 1964, at the Phoenix Little The-atre. Now remember, this was well before the phenom-enon was made public. Incidentally, Steven eventually spentover two years developing this early teenage film Fire-light into a major motion picture which some of you mayhave heard of-it was called Close Encounters of theThird Kind."The upcoming mini-series "Taken"begins with RussellKeys, an American World WWII pilot who is dying of abullet wound while his plane spirals toward enemy terri-tory. Blue lights on the horizon interrupt his planes de-scent-and sometime later he and his squadron find them-selves mysteriously whole and healed on safe ground,withno memory of how they got there. Only years later, aseach member of the squadron dies inexplicably,does Keysunderstand that his life has been forever altered by hisfirst extraterrestrial encounter. Haunted, he searches foranswers to his unfolding memories, only to realize that heis pbwerless to prevent his son and subsequent genera-tions from also becoming abductees.When the 1947 crash of a UFO at Roswell occurs afew years after Keys first encounter, U.S. military manOwen Crawford leverages his knowledge of the event tobecome a major player inthe subsequent cover-up. Shortlyafter the 1947 crash, a chance encounter with a woundedman nearby sets off its own strange chain of events. SallyClarke is a lonelywoman who unexpectedly finds love inthe arms of a stranger. Despite her conviction that shehas interacted with something not of this world, the othermembers of the Clarke family are unconvinced.The story of the three families is told through the voiceof Allie Keyes, Russell Keyes 10-year-old great-grand-daughter.Following the showing, Landsman announced that "be-cause of the years of research that went into Taken,research made possible through the pioneering efforts ofmen like Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, and John Mack,just to mention a few, and because of what that researchbrought to light, ournetwork, with support from its parentcompany, Vivendi Universal, is now poised to take anunprecedented public position designed to draw to thenations attention the considerable and overwhelming evi-dence pointing to the existence of an ongoing, systematicincursion by an unknown intelligence." Black helicopters spottedin strange locationsQuestion: What has six rotors, is colored camoflaugedgrey with stripes, and flies at treetop level in Rehoboth,MA (population 7,600)?Answer: The newest breed of "black helicopters"which were active in the USA just before and after theFourth of July nationalholiday.On Thursday, June 20, 2002, a woman living in a sub-urb of Minneapolis, MN, reported, "My husband, neigh-bor, and I were out in the backyard last weekend in thelate afternoon when we suddenly became aware of thesound of an approaching helicopter. We dont live too farfrom a hospital with a helicopter landing pad, so we as-sumed that was what it was. But the sound grew louderand louder with two low-flying,totally-black helicoptersthat flew right overhead, heading towards downtownMinneapolis. I had always thought the black helicopterswere a myth...until now."On Friday, June 28,2002, Gwendolyn D. spotted "blackhelicopters at night, flying without navigation lights, goingfrom north to south at lowaltitude over the Genesee River"in Gates, N.Y.(population 29,275), about 5 miles west ofRochester. "One or two had spotlights aimed at theground," Gwen added.Beginning on Tuesday, June 25, 2002, UFO Roundupcorrespondent Mary Lou Jones-Drown began hearing"very loud helicopter noise" in Rehoboth, MA. From in-terviewing witnesses, she learned that mysterious heli-copters, black and otherwise, "equipped with spotlights,"were seen flying over the Palmer River School on thenorth side of Route 44,just west of Rehoboth Village."I heard helicopter noise intheearly morning, and lookedup, but did not see any helicopters." A farm owner inSouth Rehoboth told Mary Lou that "two black helicop-ters with spotlights were flying in formation above thetrees. The choppers came from the southeast, from MountHope Bay in Swansea (MA)."-UFO RoundupAugust 2002 MUFON UFO Journal Page 15
  16. 16. Filers Files.By George A. FilerDirector, MUFON Eastern RegionGeorge FilerUnless otherwise noted, these reports represent raw datawhich has not been verified by official investigations.Japanese T-shirt in Philadelphia abductionA Philadelphia abductee told David Jacobs she wentto sleep with her new Victoria Secret nightgown on andawoke the next morning wearing a T-shirt believed to befromTakasaki, Japan,regarding running. The story,whichhappened about five years ago, indicates that our visitorscan make mistakes.Furthermore, one craft may travel todifferent parts of the world picking up and depositingpeople.Asteroid barely misses EarthThe Earth narrowly missed be-ing struck by an asteroid the size ofa football field on June 14.Astrono-mers apparently failed to spot theasteroid that missed Earth by only75,000 miles until three days afterit flew past.This is a comparatively closemiss that could have caused majordamage on Earth.If the asteroid hit Earth in a populated area the explo-sion could have caused major damage. It is not known ifclassified militarysatellites hadpicked up the object, whichpassed by Earth at less than a third of the distance to themoon. :If the asteroid had hit in a populated area it could havecaused considerable loss of life similar to a nuclear explo-sion. Hitting the ocean, the asteroid would have likelycaused damaging tidal waves.The asteroid, provisionally named 2002 MN, was trav-eling at more than23,000 mphwhen it-was spotted. NASAconcentrates itsefforts on bodiesbigger than one kilome-ter across. Asteroids of this size could potentially destroycivilization as we know it.Comparatively small amounts of money are spent tospot and protect Earth from incomingvisitors. Currently,there is no dedicated program searching for objects of2002-MNs size, although Britain is testing telescopes onthe Spanish Island of La Palma that mighteventuallyspotsmaller asteroids.New Jersey objectFREEHOLD — The witness was driving back fromher boyfriends house at around 10:45 PM when she no-ticed bright lights hovering inthe sky. "I thought it had tobe a helicopter, since I have never seen any other aircrafthover that way, but as I drew closer I realized it wasmuch too large," she says. "I came up to a stop sign andwatched as the now evidently enormous aircraft hoveredfor awhile longer before gliding off over the trees. It hadmany bright lights and looked like a spacecraft right outof ET. Not all the lights were white but I cant clearlyremember the colors of the others; maybe red andgreen?"Thanks to Peter Davenport Director, NUFORC http://.www.filersfiles.comClose sighting in KansasWICHITA — The witness reports, "Two of us werelying in the pool watching a large cumulus cloud at 9 PMand noticed aUFO flying due north at 100-200 mph. Theshape was an inverted cone about four feet in diameter atapproximately 400 feet altitude, with no sound. It wasgone in approximately one minute. Itwas probably 3 feetin diameter on the top and 5 feet in diameter at the bot-tom."When it flew over, it was circular from the bottom. Itflew over the Wichita airport, but did not make any noise,and it wasnt a bird, balloon, or plane. I have a scienceeducation, and haveworked for two aerospace firms. Mygirlfriend and I are both familiar with birds and air traf-fic." Thanks to NUFORCWild boar added to Argentina mutilations. The mysteryin Argentina grows witha wild boar addedthe list of cows, horses, guanaco, and sheep being muti-lated. The wild boar is highly distrustful and detects-through their sharp olfactory system-the presence ofstrangers, but an eight-month-old boar was found muti-lated. The mutilation count is now reaching 170, and thecases recorded extend to nine Argentinean provinces.This isthe sixth species foundwith mutilations, lack ofblood, with geometrically perfect incisions, and missingthe anus, tongue and jaw.. To the surprise of the rancherand his farmhand, the animalwas still soft in spite of the-14 C temperature. "Its impossible that an animal couldremain in this condition after being dead and after thecold," said the rancher. ;,A mysterious situation also occurred to the north ofthe Pampan town of Rancul at the "Los Caldenes" ranch,where a cow had died of natural causes in the afternoononly to be found with incisions on itsjaw:and missing itstongue the next day. The province of Entre Rios has alsoexperienced these events: in a field, a rancher found a170 kg heifer and a 500 kg., milk cow some 800 metersfrom each other, both presenting the notorious incisionmarks.Strange dwarf-like midgets have been reported wan-dering the backyards of many neighborhoods in GeneralAcha. A short, green entity which runs away with hastewhen detected has been reported. These reports, tied withPage 16 MUFON UFO Journal August 2002
  17. 17. UFO reports and mutilations, have the area in an uproar.The stories have been reported in the news and on radiostations. Red intense lights, as though from a laser, mov-ing very quicklyacross the countryside are beingreported.Veterinarian Omar Fernando Lopez also observed a newcase that involved a pregnant cow found in the fields ofJuan Carlos Robilotte, showing the same incisions, withthe difference that the cow was about to give birth. Therewas a circle [on the left flank, above the udder] throughwhich half of the calfs body was protruding.A racehorse of the Quarter Horse breed, belonging tostables near the town of Choele Choel, was found deadwith strange mutilations. "It was as though it had beenhollowed out from within," reported police sources in de-scribing the stud horse, of considerable economic value.Veterinarian Carlos Montobbio, who certified the case,reported that the horse was missing an eye and tongue,but no incisions on the maxillaryhad been performed. Ithad also been castrated and a significantpart of its smallintestine and rectum had been removed.CARHUE — Several residents claimed to have seenstrange lightsrelated to the presence of UFOs. The reported a letter from Argen-tina stating, "We have great fields and a lot of cattle inPatagonia. In April, gauchos found some cows deadwithperfect mutilations, with eyes, jugular vein, nipples andgenitals removed. Virtually the same parts were cut andcauterized in a perfect way. The mutilated animals seemto be dropped from the air.Cults were ruled out because the bodies do not haveany cult marks or symbols. There are no footprints andcarrion do not eat the dead body. Perhaps even moreastounding is the sudden disappearance of water fromreservoirs and tanks during the night.Frogs were found dead in reservoirs where one hun-dred thousand liters of water disappeared over night.Obviously frogs can live for long periods without water,so their death may be a clue to the mystery. Argentinadoes not have sophisticated tools or advanced equipmentto do research.Manuel Alesso and Raul Blengio, two rural cattlemenowning property in the Paraje Cilley area saw lights be-tween 7:30 and 8 PM. "I was touring the fields of ArroyoVenado when I saw two lights to the northeast," saidAlesso. He added that he stopped his pickup truck andflashed his headlightsat the lights."The lights began to shine even brighter and seemed todescend, which iswhy Iwent over to where RaulBlengiowasplanting and told himto look. The lights were white,round, and gave off a sort of haze," adding that "behindthe light there was another, less shiny one." Raul Blengiostated that the lights moved slowly. A third witness ac-companying them also saw the lights. "Im certain theyhave something to do with the cattle mutilations," headded.RIO CUARTO — Researchers at the UniversidadNacional De Rio Cuarto reiterated that the calf foundmutilated in Berrotaran presented "clean incisions" in itshide, thus discarding any attacks by predators. They ad-mitted "in principle,the conclusions appliedbySENASAcannot be applied," referringto the University of Tandilsreport which fingered the red-muzzled mouse(oxymycterus rufus) as the principal culprit in the cattlemutilations. Jaime Polop, a specialist in Rodent Ecologyfor 24 years with the National University of Rio Cuarto,stated that the presence of this type of mouse is "mini-mal" in the southern provinces, and expressed doubts re-garding the possibility that this animal is the key to un-locking the nationwide mystery.He declared that while the red-muzzle mouse is om-nivorous and feeds on vegetable and animal organic mat-ter, itis "very rare"that it should consume carrion and theinformation from theUniversityofTandil is the first wevereceived regardingthistype of behaviorby oxymycterus."He said, "The oxymycterus has chisel-shaped teeth,and it is impossible for that type of dentition to produceclean cutson animalhides. Its bite is similar to any mousechewing, which would never be mistaken for a surgicalimplement."He also noted that the muzzled mouse "is not a preda-tor; normally, when a predator such as a fox begins [byeating] the entrails, it continues to feed from the sameopen wound. To find lesionson the mouth, abdomen, andanus, and to see this pattern repeating itself, draws myattention considerably," added Polop.Mutilation of sheep in MexicoJUAREZ — The Grupo Juarense de InvestigacionOvni is investigatingthe mysterious mutilations of sheepin that region, possibly the first since 1996-1997. Moreinformation will be posted as it is received. Thanks toScott Corrales, Instituteof Hispanic UfologyFirst cattle mutilation report from UruguayThe discovery of a dead cow on June 24,2002, whosetongue, eyes and genitals were extracted in a livestockregion of the Uruguayan interior has raised concern inthe country. The first case was reported in the Depart-ment (province) of Durazno, some 300 km fromMontevideo.Mayor Carmelo Vidallin tried to cool down rumors bysaying that "we must await the experts verdict," refer-ring to the Ministry of Livestock and Agriculture,whichis working at the site.The mayor said, "No signs of blood or a struggle be-tween the animal and its victim were found." Obscureesoteric practices at work has not been rejected, sincethey are common throughout the country. However, theanimals sacrificed in these rites have been chickens andhens. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of HispanicUfology. Translation(C) 2002.Germany leads incrop circles thus farUp to now there have been more crop circles discov-ered in Germany than in the phenomenons motherland,England. With the latest discoveries, Germany counts atleast 23 formations. To find out more about all theseformations please visit: 2002 MUFON UFO Journal Page 17
  18. 18. The UFO PRESSDelphos—A Close Encounter of the Second Kindby Ted Phillips (Edited by Jennie Zeidman), UFO Re-search Coalition (Center for UFO Studies, 2457 W.Peterson Ave., Chicago, IL 60659; Fund for UFO Re-search, P.O. Box 277, MountRainier, MD 20712; MutualUFO Network, P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465), 2002,8 1/2 by 11, soft cover, 176 pages, $20 plus $2 shipping.Reviewed by Dwight ConnellyThis is the long awaited detailed reporton what is per-haps the best known-andcertainly the most studied-physi-cal traces case in the world. Ted Phillips, who has spe-cialized in physical trace studies for more than three de-cades, has studied this particularcase for 29 years.This UFO event dates back toNov. 2, 1971, when 16-year-oldRonald Johnson went out to thesheep pen on the Johnson farmnear Delphos, KS, around 6:45p.m. to do his chores. WithRonwas his dog, Snowball. At about7 p.m. Rons mother, ErmaJohnson, called to him that sup-per was ready, and he acknowl-edged the call. His father, Durel,was also inside the house.Ron immediatelyheard arum-bling noise and stepped out from a small shed to observea brightly-illuminated object about 75 feet away. It washovering two to five feet above the ground along the edgeof a tree shelter belt. The object was illuminated fromtop to bottom by multi-coloredlights-a mass of blue, red,and orange colors over the entire surface. Ron could notmake out any individual lights.It appeared that a shimmeringmaterial was falling fromthe object, and there was a bright glow between the baseof the object and the ground. Ron estimatedthe object tohave been about eight feet wide, and that the top wasabout ten feet above the ground. He could not see thesurface of the object because of the glare of the lights,which illuminatednearbytrees and hurthiseyes, but couldmake out a general shape. It appeared tobe slightly domedat the top, with a bulge at the center of thedisplay.Snowball stood verystill anddid notbark,but the nearbysheep were bleating, apparently disturbed by the noise orthe lights, or both. Later, Mr. Johnson would report thatthe sheep would jump from the pen each evening for aweek following the incident.Apparently the noise and the lights were related, sinceRon was sure he would have seen the object before hear-ing the noise if it had already been illuminated. He saidthe noise was like an old washing machine out of bal-ance. After several minutes the object brightened at thebase, tipped slightlytoward the west, and began to moveto the east, accelerating rapidly, clearing a hog shed byabout four feet. As it cleared the shed the sound changedto a high-pitched sound like ajet aircraft.As the sound changed, Ron was unable to see any-thing-even spots before his eyes. After what seemedseveral minutes, he regained his vision, and could see abright circularlightbeyond his house in the southern sky.He called to his parents, and all three observed the light,which was at that point half the size of a full moon, thecolor of an arc welder, andbrighter thanan autoheadlightat 100 feet.The objectgradually became smalleras it moved away.At about the same time, Lester Ernsbarger, a reservepolice officer in Minneapolis, KS (about 10 milessouth ofDelphos) called in to report a circular, bright light in thesky to the north toward Delphos, movingsouth.As the Johnsons examined the area where Ron hadseen the object, they noticed a circle which seemed to beglowing a bright gray-white color. Portions of nearbytrees also seemed to glow. Durel and Erma touched thesoil, which had a cool, glass-like feel. Erma then smelledher hand and noticed an unfamiliarodor. Her hand andfinger becamenumb,and when she wiped her handagainsther leg it also became numb (a condition which appar-ently persisted at least until 1998). ;Durel also reported numbness in his hand. Erma wentinto the house, got a Polaroid camera, and shot the lastpicture on the roll. The glowingringwas clearly shown inthe photo, although a flash was not used and the film hadan ASA rating of only 75. In addition to the glowingcircle, a dead tree had been knocked down, and a limb ofa live tree had been broken, apparently by the object.With no law enforcement available in Delphos, Durelwent to the local newspaper office less than a mile awayand reported the encounter to editor Willard Critchfield,who was hard at work and declined to visit the site, say-ing he would send a reporter out the next morning. Want-ing someone else to see the ring before it disappeared,the Johnsons picked up their daughter-in-law,her friend,and the friends 10-year-old son, all of whom viewed thering. Local reporer Thaddia Smithdidvisitthe nextmorningand photographed the circle. Law enforcement officialsvisited the site the same afternoon and took photos.Alerted by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who saw a news re-port, Phillips arrived on the scene on Dec. 4, accompa-nied by Sheriff Ralph Enlow, who gave Phillipsa sampleof the soil he had collected the day after the encounter.The sheriff also gave a positive report on the honesty andcredibility of the Johnson family. Phillips interviewed thewitnesses and photographed and measured the site, thentook samples within the circle, along the reported path ofthe object, and at other locations as control samples. Thering still contained a high concentrationof white material,which was evident in all of the ring soil that Phillips ex-posed. He and Sheriff Enlow specifically looked for indi-cations of a hoax, but found no evidence suggesting this.The dog, Snowball,showed unusualerraticbehavior inthe days following the event, including running into theside of a building and a fence-with the sheriff and under-sheriff present.. The dog also refused to go into the ring.(Continued on Page 19)Page 18 MUFON UFO Journal August 2002