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Mufon ufo journal   2001 9. september
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Mufon ufo journal 2001 9. september


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  • 1. $3.00M U T U A L U F O N E T W O R KUFO JOURNALSeptember 2001 Number 40140th anniversary Sept. 19The Betty & Barney Hill case
  • 2. MIJFONUFO Journal(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)Post Office Box 369Morrison, CO 80465-0369Tel: 303-932-7709Fax: 303-932-9279International DirectorJohn F. SchuesslerEditor:Dwight Connelly14026 Ridgelawn RoadMartinsville, IL62442Tel: (217) 382-4502e-mail:mufonufojoumal@hotmail.comColumnists:Walter N. WebbGeorge FilerJenny RandiesStaff ArtistWes CrumMUFON on CompuServe"GoMUFON"to access the ForumMUFON on the Internet: °MUFON e-mail address:mufonhq©aol.comMUFON Amateur Radio Net:40 meters - 7.237 MHzSaturdays, 7 a.m.CSTor COSTTable of contentsSeptember 2001Cover: Betty and Barney Hill.Number 401In thisissueBetty & Barney Hill anniversary by Dwight Connelly ..3Hill case revisited 4Niece recalls Hill episode by Kathleen Marden 7Investigators experience crop circle addition 9MUFON 2001 Symposium speakers well received....10Filers Files by George A. Filer. 14Calendar 16UFO Press 17Bovine hemoglobinat another mutilation site 18MUFON Forum 19Illinois triangle makes 90-degree turn 20View from Britain by Jenny Randies 21The Night Sky by Walter N. Webb 23Directors Message by John Schuessler 24Change of address and subscription inquiries should be sentto MUFON, P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369.Copyright 2001by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of theCopyright Owners, Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one article,provided the author is credited, and the statement, "Copyright 2001 by the Mutual UFO Network,P.O. Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369" is included.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editor, and do notnecessarily reflect the official position of the Mutual UFO Network. Opinions expressed are solelythose of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editor or staff ofMUFON.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) ofthe Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the type described inSection 509 (a) (2). Donors may deduct contributions from their Federal Income Tax. Bequests,legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are also deductible for estate and gift purposes, provided theymeet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code.MUFON is a Texas nonprofit corporation.The MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network. Inc.. Morrison,CO. Membership/Subscription rates are $30 per year in the U.S.A., and $35 per year foreign in U.S.funds. Second class postage paid at Versailles, MO.Postmaster: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to: MUFON UFO Journal. P.O.Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369MUFONs mission is the systematic collection and analysisof UFO data, with the ultimate goal of learning the origin andnature of the UFO phenomenon. ^ <fa
  • 3. MUFON UFO Journal September 2001 Page 34Background of Hill case, Page 4special memory, Page 7September 19th marks 40th anniversaryof the classic Betty & Barney Hill caseBy Dwight ConnellySept. 19 marks the 40th anniversary of what isgenerally considered the birth of the modern-day alien abduction report in the UnitedStates-the Betty and Barney Hill case.Although Betty says she has so many interests that"UFOs are way down on my list," she has seldombeen far from the UFO spotlight these past fortyyears, with an estimated 300 radio interviews, numer-ous lectures, several appearances on TV, and collegespeaking tours.In addition, she reports that she has seen hundredsof UFOs and photographed at least 200 since her ab-duction, mostly in the rural area near Kingston, about20 miles southwest of Portsmouth, where she stilllives. "Where there used to be open fields, there arenow houses," she laments.When my wife and I visited her in 1999 she kindlyset up a 35mm projector and displayed a number ofphotos of strange lights. She also showed us the dressshe was wearing when she was abducted, and the pinkstains are still visible. "Maybe it was a way of disin-fecting me," she speculates.Bettys home is not so far from downtown Ports-mouth in a neat middle class neighborhood. Althoughthe home and lot are small, she proudly showed us herfive chickens-all named-and a fancy rooster withpurple skin and no comb, which she got from a manwho is an organic farmer. Wild animals, such as rac-coons, know they can get a handout from her. She alsohad at least two cats to keep her company, but onlyone now survives.Naturally, she has a number of UFO books in her li-brary, including, of course, the well-known account ofthe case, The Interrupted Journey by John Fuller(1966). She also has a few copies of her own book, ACommon Sense Approach to UFOs, which she self-published in 1995, and which she feels has been ig-nored by the mainstream UFO organizations.She says her book originated when she began writ-Betty Hill still has the dress, stained with a pinkpowdery material, she was wearing when abducted40 years ago.
  • 4. Page 4 September 2001 MUFON UFO Journaling "a few pages of my experiences to make a bookletfor relatives, friends, and other people who were inter-ested. As I wrote I discovered I had too much for abooklet, so with some help from friends, it got publishedas a book."Although she believes that there have been a limitednumber of abducdons in addition to her own, she is con-vinced that many of thoseclaiming such experiencesare either honestly mis-taken or are lying in orderto get attention.Betty is very suspiciousof hypnosis, as currentlyconducted by UFO re-searchers, despite the useof medical hypnosis in herown case, and does notbelieve anyone has beenabducted more than once.She is also not convincedthat aliens can movethrough walls.One of the more inter-esting aspects of the caseinvolves the star map which Betty saw while on board,and which she was able to draw under post-hypnoticsuggestion. *Not only did researcher Marjorie Fish finda match with known star systems, following the discov-ery of additional stars some years later, but Betty re-ports an additional strange experience.Betty says she duplicated the star map on a 4 by 8sheet of plywood, using flashing Christmas tree lights to.mark bach star, and set the display up "iri an areawhere UFOs were known to fly regularly." She reportsthat "every morning when Fchecked this map I found, the same light removed, lying on the ground. I discov-ered it was slightly out of its correct position, so I cor-rected it, and the light stayed where I put it after that."In spite of the initial problems which the couple expe-rienced in dealing with the abduction, Betty views theincident as positive."I feel that I have been honored by getting to meetastronauts from another planet," she explains. "Theydid not mean to harm us. When they stuck that needlein my navel they said it would not hurt, and they werevery surprised when I experienced pain. They quicklyrelieved the pain. They just wanted to see how differ-ent we are from them."She also feels that the resulting publicity her abduction has been generally positive. "My hori-zons have certainly been broadened," she notes:, "Fromthe first day that John Fullers book was released, wewere on TV programs, and we met some of the toppeople in the entertainment industry. Barney enjoyedcarrying a copy of our book and getting it autographed.We stayed at the best hotels and ate in the best restau-rants. We were given tickets to Broadway shows anddriven around in limousines, meeting a great many inter-esting people."When they made the movie, "The UFO Incident,"the Hills got to meet with Estelle Parsons. "The moviewas good," she says, "but the aliens did not look like theones we saw, and the film didnt show all of the medicalprocedures."After Barney died of a stroke in 1969, Betty contin-ued to appear on radio and TV, give lectures, and grantinterviews-a process that has continued until fairly re-r cently. Now, at 82 with some health problems, Bettyhas been forced to slow down.Even without the UFO connection, her life wouldprobably, make a good book.. At the age of 21, for ex-ample, she and her first husband adopted three children,aged 3, 5, and 7, when she was only 21 years old. Shehad an active career as a social worker, and volun-teered a great deal of time to the National Associationfor the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).Barney, a postal worker, was also quite active in civilrights organizations. They were an inter-racial coupleat a time when this was rare.She and Barney had been married only a year and ahalf when their abduction occurred, and they were ontheir way home from a delayed honeymoon. From thatpoint on, the UFO phenomenon played a large role intheir lives, and after 40 years the Betty and Barney Hillincident still ranks at or near the top of credible abduc-tion cases.The Hill case revisitedFor those new to the UFO scene, the following is abrief, incomplete recap of the famous incident:Betty, 41, and Barney, 39, who had been married forabout two years (Barney was Bettys second husband),were returning from a delayed honeymoon in Montreal.As they drove through the White Mountains of NewHampshire with their dog Delsey, they noticed a brightlight to the left of the moon and above Jupiter. At onepoint the object crossed the face of the moon, andBarney suggested it might be an airplane, but Betty ob-served an unconventionallightingconfiguration.Her sister had described a sighting four years earlier,and her mother had also seen UFOs. Nearby PeaseAir Force Base would later confirm that there wassome sort of object in the air at the time the Hills sawthe object.Since they were the only people on the road, andBarney had now become became aware that the objectpacing them was not a plane, he stopped the car and re-trieved a .22 pistol from the trunk of the vehicle, thenresumed driving.They took turns looking at it through binoculars, anddetermined that the object was spinning and moving in astep-like pattern. It was disc-shaped with a band of
  • 5. MUFON UFO Journal September 2001 Page 5lights running along the edge, and therewas a red light on each side of the ob-ject. The Hills dachshund, Delsey,was whimpering and cowering. Twomiles north of North Woodstock theobject descended and hovered lessthat 100 feet in the air and only a fewhundred feet away. The object wasno longer spinning, and a blue-whitefluorescent glow was coming from arow of windows on the side of the ob-ject.Barney stopped the car, got out, andbraced the binoculars on the roof toget a better view. The object crossedthe road in front of them and hoveredabove a field to their left, then movedto within 75 feet. Barney movedcloser for a better look at the object,which appeared to be about 60 to 65feet in diameter and 15 to 20 feet high.Even without the binoculars hecould see several entities in shinyblack uniformsbehind the windows, in-cluding one individual looking back athim. The uniformed individualsseemed to be pulling levers, while theindividual at the window maintainedeye contact with Barney. Barney pan-icked and ran for the car, shriekingthat they were about to be captured,and the couple tore off down the road.Suddenly there was a loud beepingsound from the back of the car whichshook the vehicle, and Betty andBarney felt a tingling sensation and be-came drowsy. Later, passing throughAshland, they again heard the beepingfrom the trunk. Betty turned to Barneyand said, "Tell me, Barney. Now doyou believe in flying saucers?" He re-plied, "Dont be ridiculous." Betty ex-plains, "I knew he had forgotten thecapture."This second series of beeps appar-ently restored the Hills to full con-sciousness.When they reached home, dawnwas breaking. When they checkedtheir clock they realized that the triphad taken two hours longer than it should have, even al-lowing for their three stops at Cannon Mountain, TheFlume, and Indian Head.Both felt clammy and dirty. The binocular strapwhich Barney had around his neck was broken. Some-thing in the area of his lower abdomen bothered him,and he checked his genitals with a mirror. (Later, inStar map drawn by Betty under post-hypnotic suggestion,based on map shown her by one of the entities in the UFO.•;/?:f^;;^.;-V"•;;•£*•*•:•> ^-v;..•>:.:;^^{V;:Model of Bettys star map constructed by teacher andamateur astronomer Marjorie Fish, based on star locations notknown at the time Betty drew her map. The star systems and"trade routes" appear to fit the proper scenario for stars withpossible planets similar to Earth.February or March, warts in a near perfect circle ap-peared around his groin, and Betty reports that they"became inflamed during hypnosis until Barney under-stood what had caused them." They were later surgi-cally removed.) There was a strange pink powderysubstance on Bettys new dress, which was torn at theseams in the lining along the hem and zipper. There
  • 6. Page 6 September 2001 MUFON UFO Journalwere several silver-dollar sized circles on the back ofthe car, which had not been noticed before, and thetops of Barneys shoes showed unusual scrape marks.Both Bettys and Barneys watches had permanentlystopped running.Although both Betty and Barney were frightened bythe experience, they seemed to have, in Bettys words,"a compelling urge to return to the spot where this oc-curred in the hope that we may again come in contactwith this object."On their first trip back to the mountains to try to lo-.cate the site of the incident, they returned home to finda pile of dried leaves on the kitchen table, according toBetty, and "in the leaves were the blue earrings that Iwas wearing when the incident occurred. That toldme they knew where I lived."Following the sighting, Betty became concernedabout Barney, who was upset because he could not re-member what happened after they encountered aroadblock. They both recalled the close encounterwith the UFO south of Indian Head and the series ofbeeps, and they had a vague memory of a roadblock.Betty recalled a sharp turn off of Route 3, and theyboth remembered what seemed to be the moon set-ting. Later they would be informed that it had alreadyset. This seemed to be all that Barney could recall re-garding the event which had caused him to become sohysterical.Betty had experienced a series of five straightnights of lifelike nightmares, which added to the puzzle,so she tried to find out more about UFOs. She readsome UFO literature, and on Sept. 26 wrote to DonaldKeyhoe, author of The Flying Saucer Conspiracy(1955) and director of the National InvestigationsCommittee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), asking forsources of additional information and briefly describingtheir experience. Keyhoe forwarded the letter to Rich-ard Hall, secretary of NICAP, who asked Walter N.Webb to investigate.This type of case was quite rare at that time, andthere were few guidelines to follow. However, it wasclear that the witnesses were quite respectable andcredible. Barney was a dispatcher at the Boston PostOffice, and Betty was a social worker for the state ofNew Hampshire. Barney served on the advisoryboard of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and Bettyvolunteered her services evenings to the local chapterof the NAACP. Since they were an interracial couple,it seemed unlikely that they would intentionally createa situation which would bring more attention to them-selves.Eventually the Hills decided to undergo medicalhypnosis. Betty had mentioned this in the Sept. 26 let-ter to Keyhoe, since as a social worker she was famil-iar with its use in recovering memory after a traumaticexperience. Later the use of hypnosis was reportedlyendorsed by Capt. Ben Swett of Pease AFB, whoseemed intrigued by the missing time reported by theHills.The hypnosis took place during the first six monthsof1964, more than two years after the incident. Theywere hypnotized separately, with double amnesia inducedby Dr. Benjamin Simon, a well-known Boston psychia-trist and experienced hypnotist.Dr. Simon was so skeptical of UFOs that he refusedto read explanatory material on the subject provided byWebb, and initially hypothesized that Barney had beencontaminated by Bettys dreams. His final conclusion,however, was that he had no explanation for their expertence. Nevertheless, he was convinced that both Bettyand Barney thought they had been abducted.Although Betty had recalled much of the abductionexperience in dreams, the hypnotic sessions brought outadditional details. Barneys descriptions were more brief,but, significantly, he recalled details that were not inBettys dreams or related by her under hypnosis.Bettys hypnosis contradicted some of the details ofher dream experience. For example, the entities in herdreams had large noses and black hair, but the entitiesthat she remembered under hypnosis were the same aswhat Barney saw.One of the key elements of the abduction was the in-sertion of a needle into Bettys navel, which was suppos-edly some sort of pregnancy test. It was initially painful(apparently surprising the entities), but the pain wasquickly relieved when the leader waved his hand in frontof her eyes.Another significant element was the "star map" whichBetty was shown, and which she was able to recreatethrough post-hypnotic suggestion. Using her drawing,researcher Marjorie Fish was able to create a three-di-mensional mockup, but only after astronomers discov-ered some previously unknown stars several years later.The star map suggests that Zeta Reticulus was the homebase of the entities.There was even a bit of humor in the encounter as theentities tried to understand why Barneys teeth wouldcome out (they were false teeth), but Bettys wouldnt.The hypnosis therapy was successful, and the Hillswere grateful that the stress brought about by then" expe-rience was now gone. However, a story on the frontpage of The Boston Traveler by John H. Luttrell, basedon a talk the Hills had given to a UFO group in 1962 anda tape of an interview with UFO investigators followingthe hypnosis,quickly thrust the couple into the spotlight.Then, in 1966, Saturday Review columnist John Fullerconvinced the Hills and Dr. Simon to assist him with thebest-selling book, The Interrupted Journey, which waslater made into a movie starring James Earl Jones andEstelle Parsons.Barney died suddenly on Feb. 25, 1969, of a cerebralhemorrahage at the age of 46, and Betty continued toshare their experiece on radio, TV, in lectures, in periodi-cals, and in her own book.
  • 7. MUFON UFO Journal September 2001 Page 7A special memory of Betty & Barney HillNiece recalls the episodeKathy MardenBy Kathleen MardenI was thirteen years old on Sept. 20, 1961, and hadjust begun my academic year at D.J. Bakie School inKingston, New Hampshire. Back at home on mygrandparents small poultry and dairy farm there was afeeling of foreboding. Hurri-cane Esther had begun towhirl her way up the easternseashore, and if her intensitycontinued we were in line fora directhit.But Esther would prove tobe little more than a nui-sance, leaving smallbranches, leaves, and pineneedles strewn about theground to be cleaned upwhen her rain subsided.My mother, a full timehomemaker and crafter,stood in the kitchen at herironing board laboring overhalf a bushel of wrinkled laundry when I arrived homefrom school. I sat at the kitchen table filling her in onthe events of my school day.Suddenly, the ringing phone broke the ambience ofthe moment. My mother picked up the receiver and be-gan to speak while I listened to the one-sided conversa-tion. Gripped by a sense of urgency, she hung up thephone and immediately dialed our neighbor. Irma, in anattempt to speak to Irmas physicist husband.She then phoned my Aunt Betty, her oldest sister, andtold her to take a compass outside to check the car forradiation. Finally, I had my mothers attention and with aprofound sense of curiosity I listened while she relatedthe details of my aunt and uncles UFO sighting and thebeeping sounds on the trunk of their 1957 Chevy BelAire.I had learned the previous year in science class thatEarth was the only planet with a habitat capable of sup-porting life, but I wondered, how could this be? It wasimpossible. But my mother quickly offered her ownpoint of view. With shock and wonderment I listenedwhile she described her own UFOsighting.She and my Aunt Norma were driving south onRoute 125 in South Kingston when they witnessed ahuge glowing object hovering over a field adjacent tothe road. It was stationary and seemed to be discharg-About the authorKathleen Marden is not only Bettys niece, butalso Director of Field Investigator Training smaller objects. She stopped the car and ran to anearby house, and moments later, she and severalneighbors watched in amazement as the smaller objectsjoined the larger one, which rose vertically and disap-peared.My maternal grandfather had aroused my curiosityabout space due to his interest in the American and So-viet satellite programs.Several minutes after Bettys first call, our phonerang again. By this time my fathers best friend had ar-rived for his daily afternoon visit. Buz worked as a ma-chinist during the day and had also served as the chiefof police in the small neighboring village of Newton.As Betty spoke, my mother hastily relayed her mes-sage to us. She said that when Betty ventured outsideto inspect her car she found several small circles on thetrunk lid located in the area where she and Barney hadheard beeping sounds the previous evening.Betty thoroughly experimented with the compass,placing it over the hood, on the doors, roof, wheels,trunk and rear of the car. It had fluctuated on severalareas of the car, particularly over the hood, but it inex-plicably began to spin in circles over the marks on thetrunk.She wondered whether or not she should report thisUFO encounter to the authorities, and as circumstancewould have it, she reported it to Buz. He advised her tomake a formal report to Pease Air Force Base. Mymother told her that we would pay her a visit as soonas possible.OurVisitAn air of excitement filled my home that evening.My parents were making plans to drive to Portsmouthas soon as Hurricane Esthers winds and rain subsided.School would be cancelled, and Dad agreed to shortenhis workday in order to drive us the twenty or so milesfrom Kingston to Portsmouth.Finally we arrived in Portsmouth, and Betty greetedus at the door. With excited anticipation we expected tolisten to a full account of Betty and Barneys UFO en-counter. We were disappointed to hear that Barney was nothis usual boisterous self, and that we would have to
  • 8. Page 8 September 2001 MUFON UFO Journalleave him alone. I vaguely recall that he may have beenawaiting an important phone call. Barney was the ste-reotype of every kids favorite uncle, and we alwayslooked forward to a pleasurable visit with him.Through his interaction with us we knew for certainthat we were valued family members. He took an inter-est in our school and home activities, played chess andcheckers with us, and helped to teach us social etiquetteand proper behavior. He encouraged us to do well inschool and to take part in school government andsports; and he joked with us and made us laugh.Today we would have to contain ourselves and leaveBarney in quiet anticipation. My father joined Barneyfor a quiet conversation in the living room while Betty,compass in hand, led us to the street where her 1957blue and white Chevy Bel Aire was parked. My mother,brother Glenn, and I peered curiously at several highlypolished half dollar size circles while we took turns lift-ing my youngest brother, Tommy, high enough to see.Betty demonstrated the cars effect upon the com-pass, starting at the hood and running it over the side,back and trunk. We watched, as the needle spun wildlyover the spots, but not on the side. My mother spiedGlenn and myself futilely attempting to rub the spotsaway and cautioned us not to touch them for safetyreasons.My mother, who is careful not to jump to erroneousconclusions, suggested that perhaps something insidethe trunk was having an effect on the compass. Bettyopened it and we looked at the bag of fertilizer that shehad purchased but not removed. I dont remember howthe needle reacted when she placed it over the bag.My mother was again becoming apprehensive aboutour possible exposure to radioactive material, so wewere quickly shuffled back into the house. We foundseats in the large living room on the opposite side of theroom from my father and Barney. Betty explained thedetails of her sighting while we listened intently, askingquestions to satisfy our curiosity.This was a day that would irrevocably change thecourse and focus of my life. Prior to this day, I livedwith the perception that nothing could violate my senseof security. New Hampshire was relatively crime free.We left our doors unlocked, walked the streets at night,and had no need to worry about personal safety. Myparents provided a positive and secure home environ-ment, one free from worry about war, danger, and injus-tice.Suddenly this feeling of security was shattered whenI learned that alien beings lurked in the darkness,pouncing upon unsuspecting motorists.Nighttime now signified danger,, and I approached itwith great fear and trepidation. A new bedroom checkbecame a nightly routine. Before retiring, with a rapidlybeating heart and a flushed face, I timidly checked mycloset and under my bed. The dolls that I had relegatedto storage soon found their way back to my bed toBetty and Barney with their dachshund Delsey.(From The Interrupted Journey. Dial Press, 1966; Jeeves Studios.)serve as a type of security blanket while I slept. Toofrightened to amble idly from my light switch to my bed.I raced in semidarkness aided by a night-light,threwmyself upon the bed, and covered my body with blan-kets, head and all.There was nothing that I could do to insulatemyselffrom the reality of what happened to my aunt anduncle. Betty clearly remembered a close encounter, arhythmic pattern of beeping sounds, a large glowing ob-ject on the ground, and a roadblock. Barney told my fa-ther an equally consistent story.Their watches sustained irreparable damage,Barneys shoes were badly scuffed, his leather binocu-lar strap was broken, Bettys new dress was torn andcovered with a pink powdery substance,and there werestrange spots on the trunk of their car. They felt con-taminated, and Barneys upper back was injured.Clearly, there was no reason to question the validity oftheir account. They were clear and lucid.IntrusionMy next clear memory of the unfolding of this eventoccurred within, I would say. a months time. An air ofparanoia permeated the atmosphere of my familys
  • 9. MUFON UFO Journal September 2001 Page 9home as my extremely upset aunt and uncle recalledthe discovery of their most recent intrusion. While theyspent the previous day exploring their Canada routethrough the White Mountains someone had broken intotheir home. They were shocked to find a withered pileof leaves on the dining room table.Upon closer inspection they discovered Bettys blueearrings, the ones she wore on Sept. 19-the ones thathad been missing since that day. My father suggestedthat they should install dead bolt locks on their front andback doors, and they discussed the procedure for ac-complishing this. .. . , - • .The dead bolt locks were soon installed but they didnot prevent intruders from entering the Hill home.Over the next several years odd and harassing trickswere employed against them-their thermostats weremoved to their wannest setting, and an inverted bowl ofdirty ice (without the bowl) was left on their breakfastbar. ,Shortly after Barneys death, the tax information thatBetty had compiled for her accountant was stolen. Sev-eral weeks later, Betty returned home from work to dis-cover its return, scattered in a path of litter throughouther apartment.I, a college student at the time, resided in the base-ment apartment below her apartment. My attention hadbeen drawn momentarily away from my studying byfootsteps in Bettys apartment, but I assumed that shehad stopped, in briefly during her workday. When shearrived home from work I climbed the flight of stairs togreet her as I always did. We were both shocked anddismayed to find this new evidence of harassment.As I recall, this event marked the end of someonesprivate war against the Hills. The harassment ceased,and life at Bettys house regained a sense of normalcy.My grief-stricken aunt put her life back together, andwith a great sense of determination and feistiness de-fended what she knew was the truth.But debunkers continued to disseminate misinforma-tion designed to cloud and distort the publics view ofthe true story. Later, writers and television producerswould use this inaccurate account when they presentedthe Betty and Barney Hill story. As the true accountfaded from the publics memory it was replaced by asketchy representation designed to cast doubt upon thereality of the UFO experience itself.I, along with several UFO researchers, steadfastlywrote to TV stations, writers, and newspapers, pointingout their mistakes and referring them to accuratesources. However, a retraction was never printed, andnot once have I received a reply.Sept. 19 marks forty years since my aunt and unclewere paced, taken under control, and captured in NewHampshires White Mountains. It is high time for thetruth to be restored.Dutch investigators reportaddition to crop circlewhile they were thereThree researchers from the Dutch Centre for CropCircle Studies (DCCS) visiting the "Scorpion".cropcircle near Stadskanaal, Holland, on Aug. 7 reportedlyexperienced the creation of an addition to the circle asthey were investigating the formation. The three areRobert Boerman, Jan-Willem Bobbink, and EltjoHaselhoff.The investigators report that they had basically com-pleted their sampling and photographing of the forma-tion, consisting of eight circles of decreasing diameter,when Boerman decided to make one last trip to the endof the formation. He says he was astonished to seethat the formation had gained an additional circle, 150cm in diameter, with an unusual central tuft of denselyintertwined stems.The air above the new ring was reportedly warmerthan the surrounding area, and when Boerman enteredthe small circle he felt pain in his legs and decided toleave it immediately. When the other two researchersarrived, Haselhoff reported pain in the ligaments of hisleft hand, which he had put inside the fresh circle.He also noticed after leaving the circle that the bat-tery of his digital camera was completely empty, eventhough just a short time earlier the camera had indicated35 minutes of available time. A news reporter who ar-rived less than an hour later reported that the samething occurred with his camera.Later, when Haselhoff tried to download the numer-ous photos of the formation from his camera, all of thefiles were severely corrupted and could not be down-loaded.However, photos taken by Boerman were apparentlynot affected, and they reportedly showed that the lastring of the formation had not been present when he hadshot photos 45 minutes prior to finding the addition.MUFON 2001 Proceedings availableThe MUFON 2001 International UFO Pro-ceedings, featuring Symposium papers by Dr.Robert Wood, Stanton Friedman, Dr. EricDavis, Daniel Sheehan, Steven Greer, Dr.Barry Downing, Budd Hopkins, Ryan Wood,Dr. John Mack, Bob Pratt, Dr. Roger Leir, andAnn Druffel is available from MUFON, P.O.Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369. The8X11 216-page softback book is $25.00 plus$2.50 postage & handling.
  • 10. Page 10 September 2001 MUFON UFO JournalUPON 2001«HflT10NfllUfOSVMPOSHJMSymposium speakers attractlarge and enthusiastic audienceThe 2001 MUFON In-ternational Symposium July20-22 at Irvine, CA, "2001-Jan Harzan Joining the Cosmic Neigh-borhood," attracted large and enthusiastic audiences forthe 14 speakers, as well as heavy crowds for the ven-dors. The symposium was hosted by Orange CountyMUFON. with Jan Harzan serving as chairperson.A brief synopsis of the presentations by eachspeaker follows. The full material presented by thespeakers, except as noted below, is contained in trie216-page MUFON 2001 International UFO Sympo-sium and Proceedings, available from MUFON for$25.00 plus $2.50 postage andhandling.Stanton FriedmanVeteran researcher Stanton Friedman emphasizedthe symposium theme by noting that Earth is not thecenter of the universe, and that "there are sun-like starsmore than a billion years older than the sun. Once werecognize the real world of ourcosmic neighborhood, perhapswe can qualify for admission tothe Cosmic Kindergarten as werecognize that we should beearthlings first, nationalists sec-ond. The transition will be diffi-cult, the rewards many."In discussing "where weshould look" for other civiliza-tions, Friedman suggests that we"should search for colonizing in-terstellar traveling civilizations inthe neighborhood of sun-like stars that are much olderthan the sun and have another sun-like star relativelyclose." ,He says that the star map drawn by Betty Hill anddelineated by Marjorie Fish provides "a fairly obviouschoice" of Zeta 1 and Zeta 2" Reticuli, "which are oneyear apart from each other, 37 light years from our sun,and a billion years older than our sun."He notes that some "noisy negativists" falsely claimthat one of these two stars is a double, but that this ideaarose from a footnote error in an article by a French as-Stan Friedmantronomer. He also deals with other critics of the Hillstar map, noting the lack of evidence for the criticisms.Friedman also discussed national security consider-ations in dealing with flying saucers, contending that"flying saucers Violate our airspace without permission,all countries would like to be able to duplicate the in-credible flight characteristics of flying saucers, and theUSA and probably several other countries not onlyhave physical wreckage, but loads of sophisticatedmeasurements."Dr. Eric DavisDr. Eric Davis, who holds the Ph.D: in Astrophysicsfrom the University of Arizona, and who is employedas aerospace/astrophysics researcher at the-NationalInstitute for Discovery Science (NIDS), discussed"Wormhole-Stargates: Tunneling Through the CosmicNeighborhood."Davis describes the physical features of traversablewormhole-stargates, "which were derived from classi-cal general relativity," and discusses how they can becreated. "Wormholes are.hyperspace tunnels throughspacetime connecting together either remote regions.within our universe or two different universes; theyeven connect together different dimensions and differ-ent times. Space travelers would enter in one side ofthe tunnel and exit out the other, passing through thethroat along the way." ,He adds, "Effective travel time through the CosmicNeighborhood via stargates would become irrelevant,but could be estimated to be thousands of times lightspeed."Davis explains that "we dont know how to con-struct a traversable wormhole in the laboratory yet,"and that while "there are mathematical ideas address-ing this, there are no practical engineering solutions be-ing offered besides my own proposals."In looking at the characteristics of UFOs, he says,"Wormhole-stargate characteristics can fulfill both Hilland Vallees criteria for UFO phenomenon in both thephysical and anti-physical sense," noting that severaldozen UFO cases in the NIDS files "clearly portendwormhole manifestations." He adds, "Most of thesefeatures go beyond what is accepted by both the main-
  • 11. MUFON UFO Journal September 2001 Page 11Dr. Robert Woodstream science and UFO communities as fitting within arational framework."Dr. Robert WoodDr. Robert Wood, MUFON Director of Research,discussed "The Mounting Evidence for Authenticity ofMJ-12 Documents."Picking up where he left off last year at theMUFON symposiumin St. Louis, he says that it is likelythat extraterrestrial life exists,that we are being visited by theextraterrestrials, that the gov-ernment knows about this, andthat "we would be expecting tohave some documents surface,and we have some. The onlyquestion is whether they aregenuine or whether they arefake."He notes that "the process ofauthentication proof with somany different documents in-cludes a very wide range ofconsiderations, such as physicaldating of the ink, pencil and pa-per; dating by matching the reproductive process (type-writer or printer); dating by use of language of the pe-riod; identification of authorship using linguistics; com-parison of handwriting; comparison of known events ofrecord; comparison with known styles of procedures ofproduction; comparison with known or expected secu-rity procedures; logic of content; and records of prov-enance."In looking at this as it relates to the MJ-12 docu-ments, Wood says, "Of particular significance are theresults of research and forensic studies, including thoseon 22 pages on original paper, where chromatographicink dating and other state of the art techniques clearlyindicate that the documents were likely to have beencreated long ago and cannot be modern high tech fakes.The classic comparisons with archival authentic docu-ments show the expected similarities, and the content isshown to be consistent with numerous arcane factsknow only to scholars in historiography."He dealt with critiques of some of the documentsbyTom Deuley, Stanton Friedman, Kevin Randle, DonBerliner, Jan Aldrich, and Dick Hall, listing the specificresponses to each.Wood concluded, "Original documents can be datedback into the 50s, and no impressive reasons have cometo light that would seriously impeach the authenticity ofhundreds of pages of classified material, together withthousands of pages of supportive documentation."Daniel SheehanSheehan, an attorney involved with the Pentagon Pa-pers case, the Karen Silkwood case, and other high-profile cases, discussed "Earning Our Citizenship inOur Galactic Community: the New Paradigm." Thisnew paradigm is needed, he says, where we explicitlyacknowledge "the now virtuallyscientifically-undeniablefact that other sentient and intelligent species other thanour human species do, in fact, inhabit our Universe, in-deed, our very Galaxy."Sheehan, who has served as a legal advisor to Dr.Steven Greer in the current "disclosure project" headedby Greer, discussed in detail the elements which go intothis new paradigm.He concluded, "Those of us who are cognizant of thealmost unthinkable advances that might be offered tous" by an advanced extraterrestrial culture "also hopethat our humancivilization will not respond to officially-confirmed contact with this civilization in a bellicose andpotentially self-destructive show of force or hostility."Dr. Steven M. GreerDr. Greer, who is leading a project to allow testimonyby members of the military and others regarding UFOs,claimed that "the evidence and testimony" establishesthe following:1. "That we are indeed being visited by advanced ex-traterrestrial civilizations, and have been for sometime;"2. "That this is the most classified, compartmentedprogram within the U.S. and many other countries;"3. "That those projects have, as warned in 1961 byPresident Eisenhower, escaped legal oversight and con-trol in the U.S., the UK, and elsewhere;"4. "That advanced spacecraft of extraterrestrialorigin...have been downed, retrieved, and studied sinceat least the 1940s, and possibly as early as the 1930s;"5. "That significant technological breaktroughs in en-ergy generation and propulsion have resulted from thestudy of these objects-and from related human innova-tions dating as far back as the time of Nicola Tesla-andthat these technologies utilize a new physics not requir-ing the burning of fossil fuels or ionizing radiating togenerate vast amounts of energy;" and6. "That classified, above top secret projects possessfully operational anti-gravity propulsion devices and newenergy generation systems that, if declassified and putto peaceful uses, would empower a new human civiliza-tion without want,poverty,or environmental damage."Greer said he bases the above on "the testimony ofdozens of military, academic, and government wit-nesses," some foreign, more than 30 of which arebriefly described-most identified only by initials-in hispaper in the 2007 MUFON Symposium Proceedings.Dr. Barry DowningDr. Downing,MUFON consultantin theology, authorof The Bible and Flying Saucers, a member of theboard of directors for the Fund for UFO Research(FUFOR), and recently retired pastor of theNorthminster Presbyterian Church in Endwell, NY, dis-cussed "UFOs and the Strange Business of Believing."Working from the assumption that "UFOs are realand carry an intelligent reality from another world," he
  • 12. Page 12 September 2001 MUFON UFO Journaldiscussed the implications that this may have for West-ern culture.Downing, whose Ph.D. is in the field of both scienceand technology, discussed the differences between the"godless scientific liberalism on the left and the Chris-tian Fundamentalism on the right in terms of the reli-gious implications of UFOs."He suggested that "the ambiguity of UFOs-the un-certainty about UFO nature and purpose-makes UFOsa god-like force, and this ambiguity should make theGod Hypothesis a more powerful concern for MUFONthan the more limited concern of whatever the ad-vanced technology of UFOs may be."Bob PrattPratt, author of UFO Danger Zone: Terror andDeath in Brazil-What Next?, as well as co-author ofNight Seige: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings, hasinvestigated UFO reports formore than 25 years as a pro-fessional journalist andfreelance writer.While some researchers,experiencers, and commenta-tors contend that UFO occu-pants are here to help man-kind, Pratt recounts some of"the dark side of the UFOphenomenon that some peoplemay not be aware of."In his talk, "UFO Terror inBrazil," he pointed out that"people and animals can be in-jured in encounters, sometimes fatally. This has beenespecially true in Brazil, perhaps more so than in allother countries."In the late 1970s Pratt became aware of the Brazil-ian situation, and decided to personally investigate. In13 visits to Brazil between 1978 and 1999 he spent a to-tal of nine months investigating UFO encounters in thatcountry, some of which he has shared with readers ofthe MUFON UFO Journal.He reports several cases of traumatized victims,physical injuries, and death, with such unusual encoun-ters as hot oil being poured from a UFO on a woman, avictim being snagged with a hook and pulled into aUFO, and the burning of a tree by a UFO in order toget to a youth hiding beneath the tree. In terms ofdeaths, Pratt said, "I know of at least nine deaths thatoccurred during or soon after encoutners. Four ofthese deaths were stillbirths. All the other deaths in-volved adults."In one case, however, the victim reported he wasglad to have had the experience. Benedito Bogea waszapped by a beam of light from a V-shaped UFO,knocked unconscious, and awakened more than 60miles away seven hours later. He felt so much pain inhis right side that he thought he would die, and for twoBob Prattmonths he could not stand on his right leg or hold any-thing in his right hand. However, he discovered that heno longer needed his glasses to see, and he could alsohear loud noises for the first time in 13 years. Bogeareported that he would like to be zapped again to get hisfull hearing back.Pratt concludes, "Over the past 50 years we havegathered a staggering amount of information aboutwhatpeople have seen and experienced, but-in my mind any-way-we know very little about UFOs. However, if Ihave learned one thing, it is that UFOs are unpredict-able. You never know what will happen in an encoun-ter."Budd HopkinsHopkins, author of several books on abductions,devi-ated from his prepared talk on "UFO Abductions andTheir After-Effects" (an interesting account which ap-pears in the 2001 MUFON Symposium Proceedings)to update the now-famous case involving Linda Cortile(pseudonym used at the request of Hopkins in defer-ence to Lindas family).She was reportedly floated in her nightgown fromher twelfth-floor apartment near the Brooklyn Bridgeinto a hovering UFO at around 3 a.m. on Nov. 30, 1989.The UFO then flew over the Brooklyn Bridge andplunged into the East River, according to witnesses.The case is the subject of Hopkins book Witnessed-The True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge UFO Abduc-tion (1996).In his update at the Symposium, Hopkins explainedthat material from two alleged government securityagents and interviews with others involved have shownthat some witnesses were "switched off during at leastpart of the episode. One woman, for example, recallsthe UFO and the car stopping, but did not see Linda.Another witness, a driver for The New York Post,remembers stopping on another bridge and seeing smallfigures entering the hovering UFO, but also did not seeLinda. He also recalls seeing a group of limousinesstopped, and has located three friends at the Post whoalso saw the stopped limos, backing up at least part ofthe accounts of two of the primary witnesses in thisstrange case.He was interviewed at home, the interview was vid-eotaped, and "his account is genuine," says Hopkins."His memory has come back." This witness has alsoundergone hypnosis.Responding to critics who suggested that workers atThe New York Post should have seen the abduction,Hopkins explained that the loading of newspapers at thePost takes place inside a closed area, and that workerscould see the street, but not up in the air where the ab-duction occurred.He said he has not attempted to personally locatewitnesses at The New York Post because Lindas hus-band works the night shift there, and he does not wantto cause problems for the husband.
  • 13. MUFON UFO Journal September 2001 Pane 13"There were witnesses at five different locations thatwe know of," says Hopkins, "and 24 people have beenlocated so far that have had some part in this case."He noted that, according to material he has received,the two agents and "the third man" in one of the limou-sines (an important international leader that Hopkins willnot identify, but who is apparently former Secretary-General of the United Nations Javier Perez de Cuellar)were also abducted that night.Dr. Roger K. LeirDr. Leir, a podiatric surgeon and author of TheAliens and the Scalpel, discussed "Alien Abduction-Alien Implants: Why????" With nine implant surgeriescompleted-the first in 1995-Leir says that answers arehard to come by. "It seems that no sooner do we haveone explanation for our examinations than another ex-amination will reveal anotherunknown."Even so, Leir reportsprogress in learning aboutthe characteristics of the im-plants. For example, he re-ports, "The lack of inflam-matory response to thesemetal objects by the body ssystem of defenses is nowbelieved to be caused by themembrane [of the objects].The membrane has beenanalyzed, and is composedof a protein coagulum, he-mosiderin granules, andDr. Roger Leirkeratin. These substances are all normally present inthe body, but there is no historical record in the medicalliterature to suggest that such a combination has everbeen seen previously."The most recent implant surgery was performedFeb. 5, 2000, on Tim Cullen, who lives in eastern Colo-rado. Leir says that Cullen feels that the object wasimplanted in his left wrist when he and his wife report-edly experienced a close encounter in 1978.As to the "why" of implants, Leir theorizes that theyinvolve the monitoring of genetic changes in humans,and that UFO entities may be continuing to manipulatehumans genetically. He bases this theory in part on astudy he did of the development of children which indi-cates that children now develop physically and mentallymuch faster than 40 years ago.Ryan S. WoodWood discussed "The First Roswell; Evidence for aCrash Retrieval in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in 1941,"presenting both primary and secondary sources and evi-dence. The primary witness in the investigation isCharlette Mann, granddaughter of Reverend WilliamHuffman. Rev. Huffman offered blessings for threedead aliens after being called to the scene, according totestimony in 1984 from his wife on her deathbed.Other supporting witnesses were also discussed, aswere several documents which Wood says support thewitness testimony. This case continues to be activelyinvestigated by Wood, and a full report of this case isscheduled for an upcoming MUFON UFO Journal.Ann DruffelDruffel, a veteran researcher and author of How toDefend yourself Against Alien Abductions, as well asco-author of The Tujunga Canyon Contacts, dis-cussed "Alien Abduction Defense," describing the na-ture of the "abductors," possible motives for abduction,physical and mental techniques which can be used toavoid abductions, the personality traits of successful re-sisters, and the problem faced by abductees who areunable to end the abductions.The resistance techniques described by Druffel in-clude mental struggle, physical struggle, rightous anger,protective rage, support from family members, appeal tospiritual personages, intuitive practices, metaphysicalmethods, and repellents. These techniques are based onmore than 90 cases, and research continues.Dr. John E. MackDr. Mack, author and professor of psychiatry at theHarvard Medical School, discussed "Witnessing:Abductees as Sacred Truth-Tellers," reviewing hiswork over the past 12 years with individuals who havereported abductions.He noted, "Although there was in some instancesphysical evidence that something had happened to myclients-unexplained marks on their bodies, UFOs seenin the vicinity, corroborating observation by others of atleast a part of the encounters, and so forth-the evi-dence that I have is largely experiential-that is, the re-ports themselves."He noted that "the heart of the problem" is how todetermine the truthfulness of these reports. "It is themessiness of this question, I believe, that accounts, inpart, for the tendency of science to avoid the study ofthe range of human experiences, like the UFO abduc-tion phenomenon, that tell us of realities that are per-haps far more vast, mysterious, and vital to our well be-ing than what can be known by empirical study of thephysical world alone."Mack discusses some of the criteria in judging thetruthfulness of testimony, and suggests that "an authen-tic witness is by definition a teller of truth, a kind of sa-cred communicator."Jaime MaussanMaussan, a radio and TV personality in Mexico, pre-sented images of possible UFOs. His presentation isnot included in the 2001 Symposium Proceedings.Joseph McMoneagleMcMoneagle, author of two books about remoteviewing, explained what remote viewing is, as well aspossible applications. His presentation is not included inthe 2007 Symposium Proceedings.
  • 14. Page 14 September 2001 MUFON UFO JournalFilersFilesGeorge FilerBy George A. FilerDirector, MUFON Eastern RegionNote: unless stated otherwise, the following are raw reportswhich have not been investigated by MUFON.Multiple New Jersey lights, triangleCARTERET — Peter Davenport, Chuck Warren,WABC, CNN, and New Jersey FM 101.5 have re-ported that a large UFO wassighted near the Newark Airporton July 15, 2001. Numerous largebright lights were reported in aflying triangle pattern movingabove the New Jersey Turnpikearound 12:30 AM on Sundaymorning July 15,2001.Davenport received severalreports from witnesses to a clus-ter of an estimated 15 to 30golden or orange lights hoveringand moving slowly near Newark.The witnesses were travelingsouth on the New Jersey Turnpike, and asserted thatupwards of 100 cars were seen stopped on the high-way, and many of their occupants were standingoutsidethe vehicles, apparently watching the peculiar V-forma-tion of lights. The Newark Star Ledger carried an ar-ticle about the alleged incident in its July 16 issue, and itreports that the police department in Carteret, NJ, lo-cated just southeast of Newark Airport, received doz-ens of calls about the incident.In addition, CNN TV-affiliate station WNY in NewYork City covered the sighing. Peter and Chuck con-tacted me and notified me that New Jersey FM 101.5carried the story on the news, beginning each hour.Many callers to the station reported seeing a huge ob-ject. Some eyewitnesses claim to have seen a structure,others did not.Astronomers claimed there was no meteorite activ-ity. FAA claimed no aircraft were airborne in the area.Some of the witnesses were emotionally shaken by theevent, although the natureof it is yet to be determined.The sighting of a flying triangle UFO was also shownon New York City TV station WNBC-TV and severalother New York stations. The sighting was reported andvideotaped by a Carteret Police Officer. The video wasshown, and the police officer and several town resi-dents, includingthe mayor, were interviewed.The video was of excellent quality and showed adark triangular-shaped object against a brighter night-time sky. The object had bright white lights on each cor-ner. It was moving too slowly to be identified as a me-teor, and NASA confirmed that it was not space debris.Its movements and lighting configuration were also notconsistent with aircraft.David Stich, who was interviewed by the NewarkStar Ledger, said that "the bursts of light from thoseflares didnt look like spotlights or anythingelse I couldrecognize."I interviewed the Right Reverend Chubenko (whohas higher rank than Monsignor in the UkrainianChurch) by phone, since he also saw the object. Hesent me the following e-mail:"I wanted to report this sighting, since it occurred atapproximately 12:45 AM July 15, 2001, over the townof Carteret, New Jersey. I am an Orthodox Ukrainianpriest-and my son (who is a funeral director who wasgoing out on a death call) gets in touch with me via hiscell phone at about 12:40 and tells me I need to getdressed quickly and come outside. "He was just gettingready to get on to the New Jersey Turnpike when hesaw a huge collection of lights numbering about 30 +over the town of Carteret, and, specifically over the"Carteret Shoprite Shopping Center."I immediately put on a pair of shorts and slippersand went outside. By this time, my son was standing infront of the rectory (which is aside of the church) andwas pointing to the series of lights moving in an easterlydirection towards Staten Island. The Lights were ar-rayed in a series of triangular forms, but I only counted13 or 14 lights. I say 13 or 14 because I was so takenby them that I didnt want to take my eyes off of themto count them twice."The entire group of lights was moving from right toleft (east) and totally in unison. As they were moving, alight would drop a lnew light from it (less intensethan itself) and the new light would fade away. Imme-diately after that, the light that just dropped the newlight would also fade out."This happened about five times as the collection oflights continued to move. As the entire sequence oflights continued to move behind the buildings to my im-mediate left, I had to move to our parking lot to seethem, and as I did, I began to lose sight of the group oflights until there was only one light and then none at all!This was the strangest phenomenon I have ever seen."1 estimate that the lights were no more than 3000-4000 feet above the town. I am a private pilot, so I havea little idea of height and some sense of distance in thesky. These lights made absolutely no noise and movedwith such precision that they resembled a huge craft,yet I get the sense that they were individual lights andnot one large craft."They definitely were not a meteor shower, norwere they stars moving. They were a calculated se-ries of high intensity lights moving in a specific direc-
  • 15. MUFON UFO Journal September 2001 Page 15tion. At this point, I can only call them UFOs-and thatthey definitely were. I only wish I knew what theywere doing here. If anyone else saw them or can ex-plain their purpose, I certainly would be interested inhearing about it."I had a long talk with Father Chubenko, who is anexcellent witness and was also trained as an electricalengineer. He estimated the lights were 400 to 500 yardsapart and connected to the same object, since they didnot change their relative position and brightened anddimmed together. It looked like a huge triangle of lights.I asked if the lights might be flares dropped from air-craft. He felt this was impossible because the lightsbrightened and dimmed in a synchronized operation. Itwas obvious all the lights were connected to the sameobject. Thanks to Rt. Rev. Taras Chubenko, Pastor, St.Demetrius Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral 645Roosevelt Ave. Carteret, NJ 07008.The sky was totally clear. No wind. Stars were vis-ible in the sky, as well as approaching aircraft to New-ark. There were no aircraft in the vicinity of the"lights," and witnesses commented that the airplaneswhich were on approach to Newark airport were lowerthan usual. Multiple witnesses also claim they do notbelieve these were parachute flares, blimps, or othersimilar phenomena.A new witness claims to have observed the structureof a large flying triangle near Sayerville heading forCarteret. Witnesses further south along the New JerseyTurnpike saw aircraft on the normal approach to New-ark Airport apparently being diverted because of thepresence of UFOs in the early morning hours of July15. It is normal FAA procedure to divert aircraft awayfrom potential danger without confirming the presenceof UFOs to the aircrews.Unconfirmed reports indicate that radars in the NewYork area picked up a series of anomalous targets onthe night of July 15 between 12:25 and 12:55 AM.These targets roughly match the ground witnesses tes-timony of seeing lights over the New Jersey Turnpike.Carteret is only ten miles from New York City, thehome of most major television networks. New York ra-dar operators indicate that dozens of anomalous targetswere racing around the area. There are wide variationsin speed, altitude and size.Anomalous largeis are those that are not using tran-sponders that arc required for all normal commercialtraffic and identify the aircraft. The anomalous radarreturns were flying too slow or too fast to be normalaircraft, and remain unidentified.MUFON investigator Bob Durant reports, "In theshort time the lights were displayed on screen, it wasobvious that they were moving right to left at a slow butdeliberate angular velocity. There was no relativemovement among the lights. The top of a house orbuilding, and possibly a chimney on a house, is visiblebeneath the lights and offer a reference for their move-ment. No stars were visible in the video scene. Therewere a total of ten lights, arranged in three groups. Be-ginning from the left on the screen, which correspondswith the foremost lights, we see five lights, then aspace, then four lights, a much longer space, and asingle light which brings up the rear of the moving set."There is no obvious symmetry to either the groupsof five and four lights, or to the entire group of lights.The lights depicted in the video are large, steady andwhite, though there is some slight but perceivable varia-tion in diameter among them. One of the lights momen-tarily nearly goes out, diminishing to a tiny point, thenresuming its original size." Thanks to Bob Durant.Thanks to Peter Davenport at the National ReportingCenter object reported in PennsylvaniaPHILADELPHIA — The witness reports, "OnAug. 10, 2001, at 11:47 AM I was driving to work onBlue Route 476 and directly ahead of me, a half mile orso, I saw an object that resembled a cigar shape,quickly zooming over the highway. It flew over thetrees and it disappeared."The craft looked as though it was about the size ofa truck. It seemed to reflect the sky on the top, andmore dark on the bottom half. It was not high at all. Itlooked like it was maybe a hundred feet over the high-way. If I were to hold out my arm and clench my fist,the object would be about half the size of my fist."No one else, as far as I could see, saw the object.This was not a plane, not a bird, not a helicopter. Theobject kind of teetered back and forth as it passed, al-most out of control."Last year, another UFO flew by within a hundredfeet from the ground." Thanks to Peter Davenport atthe National Reporting Center www.ufocenter.comUFOs and fighter jets inFloridaST. PETERSBURG — ISUR reports that at about11:30 PM on Aug. 10, 2001, the witness, his son, and afriend observed a bright white colored light/object hov-ering in the sky over St. Petersburg. The object moved,then reversed ns direction 180 degrees, turned at sharpangles, and zig-^.iggcd in an incredible manner.At times the object would stop, then move forward inshort pulse-like bursts of speed, then hover for long pe-riods. After about 15 minutes, several jet fighter typeaircraft appeared, believed by the witness to be fromnearby McDill AFB, which is about 5 miles east.The witness stated that these jet aircraft appeared totravel a course to the southeast as if trying to locatesomething, because they repeated this two more times,but at a higher altitude. The light/object remained sta-tionary while the jets flew this pattern. Eventually,it be-gin to "drift" and then smaller lights/objects appearedfrom all directions, they too drifting, but toward the pri-mary object, then all finally became motionless. These
  • 16. Page 16 September 2001 MUFON UFO Journalactivities continued for over an hour. Thanks to TomSheets, ISUR Board, State Director MUFONGA.Smooth triangle reported in OhioBLANCHESTER — "On July 31, 2001, at 11:50PM," the witness relates, "I was driving southeast onRoute 123, when I saw a flying triangular-shaped ob-ject. The tips were very smooth and round. There wasa white light in each corner and a bright red light in themiddle."It hovered there for about 30 seconds. As I camecloser it shot over to the north and came to a completedead stop. It didnt start slow or slow down to stop. Itstopped as fast as it went. It just sat there in the skyperfectly still. It stayed there for about 1 1/2 minutes. 1then turned onto my street and could not see it for aminute because of trees."Then I saw it hovering over a house. It took me twominutes to reach my driveway. I couldnt see it any-more until it shot across the sky tremendously fast-faster than any aircraft and completely silent. It shotover my house, flew two houses north of mine, andhovered in my neighbors field. It wasnt very far fromtheir house. It just sat there hovering with no movementor sound, like it was watching me."I sat in my car for two minutes and watched. I wasstunned, but ran into my house to get my video camera,but I had forgotten lo recharge the battery. When I ranback outside it was still there."We looked at each other for about 50-60 secondsand it was gone. It never changed altitude or shape. Itwas larger than a full moon." Peter Davenport felt thiswas an excellent and credible witness.UFO reported near Chicago airport trafficDOWNERS GROVE — A glowing, gold/orangecylinder-shaped object was observed Aug. 1, 2001, fly-ing northeast toward Chicago at 8:15 PM. The area ofobservation is near OHare and Midway airports, andseveral jet aircraft were in the area flying in normaltraffic patterns.The witness says, "We noticed the object was flyingnearly at the same altitude of the jet aircraft, but muchfaster. The object all at once slowed down as a B-757aircraft departed Midway airport, westbound, and flewpast our position. We were amazed at this behavior, asif the object was observing the jet."The object then accelerated to the northeast anddisappeared in a wink as a B-727 came into view fromthe east. The 727 entered the OHare inbound trafficpattern, flying downrange and turning 180 degrees tobegin a final approach. It seemed that object was righton top of the 727 and then just vanished."Based upon my 25 years in the airline industry, Ihave never seen such a strange object or vehicle in thisarea. I am quite certain the object was not a military orcommercial aircraft, based upon the following:"1) Aircraft operating in the area were distinguishedby familiar physical characteristics, dark in appearancewith wings, landing lights and anti-collision lights easilyseen and flying in a pattern."2) The object was a glowing, gold/orange cylinderwith NO wings and NO tail section; it changed speeds,and immediately vanished. I have witnessed UFOshovering near the ground, and flying at altitude in thewestern US. I have never seen an object or UFO entercontrolled airspace until this incident, and frankly, theepisode was chilling. I am very concerned about thepossibility of these vehicles colliding with commercialaircraft."Peter Davenport spoke at length with this witness,and found him to be quite credible.Sept. 14-16, 38iri AnnuaJ NauoniJ UFO Conlerence Ausun TXJenny Randies, Constance Clear, Patrick Huyghe, Karl Pflock, KennThomas, Greg Bishop, Eugenia Macer-Story, James Arthur, DavidPerkins, James Moseley, Dennis Siacey, Ed Conioy, Tom Deuley, MackWhile, B^ce Larer Wrighi, Russ Dowden. Loren Coleman. DianaHoyt, P.inicl.n Siom. brooke, Erik Steams, Don Webb, Miles Lewis, .Contact, nul PI (ni His net, or PO Box 33509,Austin, TX 7s7WSept. 15-16 Third nnual Bay Area UFO Expo, Santa Clara, CA;Steven Greer, Michael Hesemann, Ian Christopher, Robert Dean,James Gilliland, Anna Hayes, Michael Heiser, Phillip Krapf, RogerLeir, Melinda Leslie, Jim Marrs, Dea Martin, Jordan Maxwell. EdgarMitchell, Sean David Morton, & Marshall or contact Victoria Jack,, (408) 266-4749Sept. 16-22, 4th Annual UFO Congress Summer Seminars,Laughlin, NV. http://www.ufocongress comOct. 27, A 2001 Space Odyssey: Explorations into the ET Ques-tion. Annapolis, MD (near D.C. & Bait.). Speakers: Dr. TomVanFlandem. Dr. Paul LaViolette. Richard Hall, Rob/Sue Swiatek, AnnaJamerson, and Dr. S. Peter Resta (organizer), email: SPRIOO® aol.comNov. 3, Missouri MUFON, "Flying Saucers Hidden History 2001,St. Louis, Stanton Friedman, Richard Dolan, Dr. Carol Rosin. ContactBruce Widaman at 800-489-4UFO, or P.O. Box 643, St. Charles, MO63302Nov. 9-11, Journeys Beyond 2001 Mobile Coference, Mobile. AL;confirmed speakers: Dr. John Mack, Dannion Brinkley, Slanton Fried-man, Budd Hopkins, Dolores Cannon, Nancy Talbott, William Henry,Bruce Moen, Paul Anderson, and Pat or call Pat Crumbley at 251-626-6131 forfree program guide or write 7262 Highpointe PL E, Spanish Fort, AL36527. e-mail pat@joumeysbeyond.comNov. 12-17, Palenque 2001, The Emergence Conference: "De-cod-ing the UFO Enigma," Palenque, Mexico. Presenters: AntonioHuneeus, John Keel, Jaime Maussan. Christopher OBrien, ChristopherPowell, David Perkins, Lyssa Royal, Dr. Leo Sprinkle. Tata, NancyTalbott, Tracy Torme, and Alonso Mendez Toporek. Toll free 877-620-8715 or outside U.S. 719-256-5186.Nov. 17-18, Third Annual International UFO & New Age Sympo-sium of Eastern Europe, Balkans, & Istanbul. Tel: +90 - 216 - 369 9248 or E-mail 2-8, Caribbean cruise, featuring Budd Hopkins, BruceMaccabee, Peter Robbins, and Kenny Young. 877-685-4450 or htlp://
  • 17. MUFON UFO Journal September 2001 Page 17The>UFO PRESS,DowningThe Missing Times: News Media Com-plicity in the UFO Cover-up, by TerryHansen, Xlibris Corporation, 374 pages.Available from, $25.00 hardcover; $16.00 soft cover.Reviewed by Barry DowningTerry Hansens well researched book is in the sameclass as Richard Dolans UFOs and the National Se-curity State (reviewed by John Schuessler in the Janu-ary 2001 issue of the Journal), andthe well-known book by VictorMarchetti and John Marks, TheCIA and the Cult of Intelligence.Hansen is described as "an inde-pendent journalist with an interestin scientific controversiesand thepolitics of mass media" who "hasfollowed the UFO controversy fordecades and has written about itfor variousmedia."Hansens thesis is very simple:itis not just that the United Statesgovernment has hidden UFO information from the pub-lic, but that the American media, print and TV, have co-operated in covering up UFO information. By and largethey have done this for what they see as the nationalsecurity interest, and Hansen demonstrates that sinceWorld War H-since the beginning of the atomic age-the American media have felt it their duty to cooperatewith our government in these matters.Since we Americans are brought up believing "free-dom of the press" is guaranteed by the Constitution, wetherefore assume-falsely-that if our government is ly-ing about something, the press will expose the lie. In mydiscussions about UFOs, I have often heard it said, "Ican believeour government would lie about UFOs, but Icannot believe The New York Times or The Washing-ton Post would not expose the lie by this time." ReadHansens book, and believe it!Obviously, the editors of The New York Times, TheWashington Post, or Time Magazine have not said toHansen, "Yes, we have helped keep the UFO lie go-ing." Hansen has to build his case on circumstantial evi-dence, but it is goodevidence.Hansen begins his book with a discussion of a seriesof sightings in the Great Falls, MT, area in 1975, duringwhich UFOs were reported to hover over the Minute-man Intercontinental Ballistic Missile silos, with dozensof people involved in the sightings, civilian and military.Hansen points out that these sightings were reported lo-cally in the newspaper, and on radio.But these sightings, says Hansen, "went unreportedby the national news media. As a journalist with an in-terest in media sociology, these UFO sightings and theway information about them ultimately surfacing in thenational news media provide a uniquely illuminatingcase study of government/media interaction." (p. 19)Hansen believes that because our government seesUFOs as a national security issue, the national mediahave cooperated in downplaying legitimate UFO cover-age. This has probably been done because agents ofour government-the CIA and other agencies-areplaced in key media centers to make sure that UFOs arenot taken seriously at the national level.Hansen points out that it was The NationalEnquirer that finally broke the Great Falls story twoyears after the event, saying, "The appearance of thestory in such a publication would likely have had the ef-fect of discrediting the events altogether." (p. 34)One of Hansens arguments is that the CIA mayhave been involved using The National Enquirer tohelp discredit UFOs by having this magazine distributetrue UFO stories under the direction of Gene Pope,who had formerly been with the CIA before going withthe Enquirer. During this time reporter Bob Pratt wasgiven a liberal expense allowance to investigate UFOs,and Hansen records a long interview with Pratt in hisbook.Pratt was a speaker at the 2001 MUFON Sympo-sium in California, and I had breakfast with him andWalter Andrus during the conference. I discussedHansens book with Pratt, who told Andrus and me thatHansen had contacted him several times. In regard towhether Pope was involved with the CIA, Pratt saidthat Hansens charge could be true, but if so he had noknowledge of it.He noted that "Gene Pope was an unusual publisherwho not only read and approved every word, line, story,photo, headline, and so forth, but he was also willing tospend gobs of money to do what had to be done." Prattadded, "I dont think I was used, but I couldnt swear toit. No one dictated what UFO stories I did, but somestory ideas got killed, mainly because they didnt appealto a particular editor I was working for at the time."As for Hansens book, Pratt says, "I think it is a goodbook, and an important one."The middle chapters of the book, "A Brief History ofLies" and "Perception Management" have more to dowith how the government controls information in gen-eral, and how the media react to this control, than toUFO information specifically. This section of the bookis necessary to establish the patterns of relationshipsbetween our government and the media.Hansen devotes a detailed section to Dr. JohnMacks involvement with Dateline. Macks story wasthat a reporter became very interested in his work,filmed "experiencers," and put together a positive pro-
  • 18. Page 18 September 2001 MUFON UFO Journalgram, which was then in effect killed by management.The reporter then resigned, but asked Mack not tocome to his support, lest he "be blackballed from gettingother jobs." (p. 262)MUFON comes in.for brief mention in the book. Amemo by Charles Swett, a Pentagon policy analyst,mentions MUFONs work in attempting to expose De-partment of Defense work in relation to UFOs. (p. 289)Hansen ends his book with "Ethical Considerations."He states that his point of view is that the media shouldmake the truth about UFOs known to the public. "I mustadmit, however, that this may not be the case. It is pos-sible that the nature of the UFO threat is such that theelite news media have been fully justified in helping theU.S. government deceive the American public." (P.294)In discussing my UFO work with one of the editorsof my local paper, the editor said to me, without expla-nation, "I think what you are doing is very dangerous."So far as I know, MUFON has never had a cleardiscussion of the ethics of the exposure of UFO infor-mation in relation to national security needs. By andlarge we have been supportive of efforts by those likeSteven Greer in his "Disclosure Project," or in the pastthe Freedom of Information efforts of Barry Green-wood, Stanton Friedman, Missouri MUFON, LarryBryant, and others to gain UFO information from thegovernment.Since MUFON sees itself as a scientific organiza-tion, in which truth is truth, and we should have a rightto it, the whole question of the relation between scien-tific truth, the media, and national security kind of hangsout on a limb, and we do not know what to do with it.Hansens book reminds us how far out we are onthis limb.Missouri program set for Nov. 3Missouri MUFON, under the guidance of State Di-rector Bruce Widaman, will present "Flying SaucersHidden History 2001" on Nov. 3 at the University ofMissouri at St. Louis. The program in the J. C. PenneyAuditorium will get underway at 9 a.m. and concludeat 9 p.m. The theme of the all-day program is disclo-sure of the government cover-up of UFOinformation.Speakers include Stanton Friedman, author of Crashat Corona and Top Secret/Majic, Richard Dolan, au-thor of UFOs and the National Security State (re-viewed in January, 2001, Journal); and Dr. Carol Rosin."A fourth speaker may be added later," saysWidaman, who notes that a panel discussion involvingall the speakers will conclude the days activities. Headds, "I expect some very interesting revelations."The fee for the all-day program is $50.00 if reservedby Oct. 20, or $60.00 after that date. Individual sessionswill also be available. Contact Widaman at 800-489-4UFO or P.O. Box 643, St. Charles, MO 63302.Bovine hemoglobinreported at anotheranimal mutilation siteWilliam Levengood, who is best known for his re-search on crop circles, reports a second finding of hard-ened bovine hemoglobin involving a mutilated animal,this one in a cow mutilation case in Alabama on Feb 21,2001. Previously Levengood had reported hardenedbovine hemoglobin discovered on a mutilated bull inCalifornia last year.In the recent Alabama case the udder was removed,and tissue was excised from the rectum, vagina, righteye, and lips.The purity of the hemoglobin in the latest case wasconfirmed by an infared spectral analysis conducted byanalytical chemist Phillis Budinger at the FrontierAnalysis, Ltd. Laboratory in Chagrin Falls, OH.She reports: "The presence of hemoglobin would in-dicate a processing of the whole blood has occurred.The usual procedure for isolating hemoglobin from thewhole blood is rather complex. It involves separatingred blood corpusles from the lighter plasma componentsby centrifugation. It is unlikely that a procedure such asthis would be done on site."Levengood notes that the animals owner said thatbroken limbs above the young cow-and tree debris ontop of it-indicted the animal had been dropped from aconsiderable height. Levengood says that pure hemo-globin is not found in nature, and that a special labora-tory is needed to break down the walls of the red bloodcells and separate the hemoglobin from other parts ofthe blood. Putting it into solid form involves anotherprocess. All of this takes considerable time, he notes.In an Oct. 16, 1998, case involving the mutilation of athree-year-old Polled Hereford cow, investigators forthe National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS)found, among other things, "an unusual,formaldehyde-containing blue gel-like substance on the eye, the ear,and the anus of the animal." The heart was shredded,but the membranous sac enclosing the heart was intact.Severe hemorrhaging under the hide around the neckwas found. However, no hardened bovine hemoglobinwas reported in that case.Levengood says it is not surprising that hemoglobin israrely found, since it is so difficult to extract. He doesnot believe that the hemoglobin is a by-product, but,rather, the main element beingsought.Levengood has reported similarities between animalmutilation sites and crop circle sites, such as microme-teorite-sized pure iron oxide particles distributed in aprecise manner, as well as indications of injury to veg-etation due to heat-possibly the result of somethingsimilar to microwave radiation.
  • 19. MUFON UFO Journal September 2001 Page 19A link between crop circles, UFOs, mutilations?Dear Dwight,Thanks for your excellent article "Nancy Talbott tak-ing BLT to new level" (MUFON UFO Journal, July2001). 1 am delighted that Nancy is finally getting therecognition she deserves as spokesperson for BLT andcoordinator of the massive fieldsampling efforts of theBLT Research team over nearly the last decade.Buried in the BLT Research article is the fleetingmention that, in addition to examining plants and soilfrom crop circles, BLT is also involved in sampling "un-usual animal death" sites (cattlemutilations).I realize that Nancy Talbott modestly touched on theconnections BLT is finding among crop circles, mutila-tions and UFO trace cases in her September, 1998, ar-ticle for the Journal.The fact that we now have scientific data linkingthree of the greatest mysteries of our times is poten-tially the most significant and profound breakthrough inthe history of ufology. It would seem to deserve thegreatest emphasis possible in a journal devoted to scien-tific ufology. I have hammered this point home relent-lessly in my article "High Heat" (Spirit Magazine Vol.11, #19 1998) and elsewhere, but thus far it has beenlargely ignored by the UFO research community.I would hope that BLTs preliminary findings willbring clarification to the current debate over what isproperly in the purview of ufology. In my 25 years ofresearch, Ive determined that there is no discipline orfield of inquiry that is unrelated to ufology. Ive alsowatched with some chagrin as many of the big guns ofufology (individuals and groups) have swept the trouble-some and distasteful cattle mutilation phenomenon un-der the rug, claiming that it muddied the waters of "pure.ufology."Hopefully the BLT Research findingswill bringabouta moratorium on mutilation research bashing while sci-entifically inclined ufologists take a long hard look at thedata BLT is generating.In your article on BLT, you mention that NancyTalbott is currently investigating a case in Holland in-volving a young man who claims to have witnessed theformation of several crop circles. Robbert, now aged21, has apparently also been able to predict when andwhere circles would happen.According to Nancy, sampling of these formationsbyBLT bio-physicist, W.C. Levengood, has shown thesame physiological changes to plants as found else-where in "classic" circles and mutilation sites. The testsstill being conducted by Levengood have also revealed,in at least one of the Dutch formations so far, the pres-ence of the small magnetic particles found in manyother circles and "bovine excision sites."According to Nancy, Robbert has a history of beingthe "focus" of intense poltergeist-type activity. Al-though BLT has steadfastly maintained their focus onbuilding a large data base and has admirably refrainedfrom speculation in these matters, to my mind at least,Robberts "connection" to the crop circles presentssome tantalizing possibilities.It seems plausible that Robbert has some role in fa-cilitating/kindling/triggering/generating the crop circleshe has witnessed. In one instance, Robbert saw a brightlight at night, lost consciousness and then awoke in "abrand new crackling circle" complete with the smell ofsulphur in the air.Nancy Talbott feels that Robbert is somehow "tap-ping into an energy highway," and admits that he mayhave a role in creating the circles, but is convinced thatit is not a conscious role,It is not a giant leap in logic to then postulate that anindividual or individuals, through unexplained uncon-scious processes are responsible for "creating" theaforementioned scientifically linked phenomena.I realize that this conjecture will cause much teethgnashing and wailing among the "nuts and bolts" contin-gent of ufology. Sorry about that, but we must go wherethe evidence leads us, even if it does fly in the face ofour personal needs and expectations.It would be appropriate for ufological truthseekers toexamine the "reality creating" aspects of consciousnessdescribed by quantum physics. As physicist JohnWheeler states: "We live in a participatory universe."Nancy Talbott told me in a recent conversation: "Wefeel that weve identified at least some of the compo-nents of the complex energy systems at work in theseevents. Whether these energy systems are spontaneousor generated is the real question." If they are spontane-ous, are we looking at an unrecognized force of nature?If they are generated, then by whom or what and forwhat purpose?In my study of evolutionary psychology, Ive tenta-tively concluded that anomalies and unexplained phe-nomena must have some importance in the trajectory ofour cultural and/or biological evolution. What roles thesestrange and beautiful phenomenamight play is the un-discovered country.-David Perkins, Santa Fe, New MexicoWhen secrets crashA very interesting article, which the Journal readersshould take careful note of, appeared in the July issueof Air Force Magazine. Titled "When Secrets Crash"by Jeffrey T. Richelson of the National Security(Continued on following page)
  • 20. Page 20 September 2001 MUFON UFO Journal• . » - - . 0 ^ , I -• :• >•"";.;-.:••*-> ••;:~^:^-*& -•• *"Sketch by Philip Dybala of the object which he observed at his home in Burr Ridge,EL.MUFON ForumWhen secrets crash...(Continued from previous page)Archive in Washington, it details some of the Air Forcemishaps with such aircraft as the U-2, A-12, SR-71,and Fl 17-A.It also covers the methods used to conceal these in-cidents from the press and public at a time when theseaircraft were still classified. This includes lying toground observers about the nature of the crash, secrecyagreements with observers, military restriction of non-military areas on ground and airspace and even the fal-sification of official records.Please take note those who think FOIA is the onlypath to the classified truth! ( in this article is a crash that occurredon April 26, 1984, which killed Lt. General Robert M.Bond USAF. I was told by a fellow researcher withsome "inside" connections mat it might have been a re-covered UFO, a secret "Black Manta" craft, or per-haps a combination of our technology and someoneelses?The so called TR-3A Black Manta is still uncon-firmed. The censored documents I received via FOIAin 1988 do not disclose the aircraft type or designation,although some details indicate conventional technology.With the omission in the Air Force Magazine article ofa crash which killed a General, I suspect this bird is stillclassified, whatever it was. And are the FOIA recordsI received accurate or doctored?-Brian Parks, Torrance, CAIllinois triangle makes90-degree turnInvestigator: William LeonePhilip Dybala, 28, an engineeringstudent and limodriver, heard a "humming,whine" sound as he lay on hiscouch and watchedTV at 8:15 p.m. on June 3, 2000, athis home in Burr Ridge, IL, near Chicago, according toMUFON investigatorWilliam Leone.The witness checked the source of the sound andsaw in a clear sky a matte black triangle-shaped objectflying from the south straight toward him at a speed es-timated to be "40 milesper hour or less."It was "at a very low altitude," and "made a sharp90-degree turn," proceeding west and descending overa tree line 75 feet away until the witness lost sight of it.Dybala, who has 20/20 vision and good hearing, esti-mated that the object came within 120 feet of him, andwas about the size of a baseball at arms length. Hesaid it appeared to be solid.He estimated its size as 100 feet on each side, andsaid the object had red lights at each of the three cor-ners, each with the shape of "a gas ball," and a whitelight in the center of the underside. He said the objectcast a light."I was attentive," he emphasizes, "looking for detailto rule out common aircraft."The area of the sighting is a mixture of fields, woods,and suburban development, and is two miles east ofArgonne National Laboratories. Leone notes that"weve had other sightings in this area years on end,and this is also not very far from New Lenox, wherewe also had sightings take place years ago."
  • 21. MUFON UFO Journal September 2001 Page 21View fromBritainJenny RandiesAir of mysteryOne of the topics being hotly debated in the UK rightnow concerns mid-air encounters between UFOs andcommercial aircraft. There has been increasing alarmat the rising numbers of such events during the past de-cade-with dozens on public record in the UK-and.thefear is growing that they maylead to a disaster.This is a topic that I havebeen concerned with for quitesome time-and I have personalcause to know just how dan-gerous that scenario can be.Partly as a consequence Ihave compiled a study of mid-air encounters in book formthat was published in the UKas Something in the Air(Hale) and in the US under therather less subtle title UFODanger in the Air! (Sterling,1998).The figures:Almost 100 mid-air encounters have been reportedsince 1990 over Britain alone. These figures are likely tobe an under estimate, given evidence from a study byScottish UFOlogist Jim Sneddon, who routinely re-corded air-to-ground radio communications and found asteady stream of never-reported UFO encounters., Sothe official figures are the tip of the iceberg.This concern is seen in true context when one con-siders that the skies over the UK are not as denselytrafficked as the US (there is only a modest level of in-ternal flights given the relatively short distances in-volved and the extensive rail network that carries mostlong range passengers across the nation).A particularly serious incident occurred in April 1991when an Alitalia flight heading into London Heathrowover Kent encountered a fast moving lozenge shapethat was also tracked on radar. For a time there was afear that this was an accidental missile launch from acoastal base, but this was effectively eliminated and,according to the records I saw whilst writing Some-thing in the Air, the case was accepted by the CAA(Civil Aviation Authority) as a genuine UFO encounter.Not that they knew what one of those was!Possibly the most famous event (in the UK at least)happened within 5 miles of where I live in the PeakDistrict of Derbyshire. A British Airways Boeing 737heading into Manchester on a flight from Milan in earlyJanuary 1995 came close to a rocket-shaped masswhich crossed its path as it flew above the settlementof Whaley Bridge." Although this case is often featured on TV programsdiscussing UFOs I personally am reasonably certainthat it was an encounter with a bolide-a bright meteorthat trailed gasses, but not seen from the ground owingto cloud cover. The CAA investigation found that onlythe Boeing was on radar, and I think the crews impres-sion that this thing passed close by them was subjectiveand it was in fact much higher and farther away.Indeed there are marked similarities between thiscase and the famous Chiles-Whitted episode over Ala-bama in 1948.1 personally believe that this incident wasa bolide, too, based on cases that I have followed upwhere a trail of debris crossing the atmosphere hasbeen perceived by witnesses as being lights or windowson the side of a rocket or cigar-shaped craft.But I do realise that theory is a contentious argu-ment! I refer you to Something in the Air for a closerargument as to whyIthink this appropriate, but you arefree to consider both cases more strange. The BritishAirways crew do not agree with my conclusions, Ishould add.A real threat:However, in some respects it actually does not mat-ter if the 1995 sighting is explicable. I think other mid-airencounters probably have explanations too, such as anepisode on the approach to Gatwick in Sussex when asmall silvery ball crossed the path of a descending jet.In that case I believe the UFO was a toy balloon.Whilst that might seem almost absurd (maybe evenmore absurd than a bolide in the above case), I havefirst hand experience of the possibility.In May, 1969,1witnessed from the ground a small sil-very ball pace an aircraft heading over Manchester. Itcircled the tail fin and then pulled away as the planebanked. I was lucky enough to have a telescope handyand watched the incident through this, seeing that theball was, in my view, almost certainly a small balloon.This had probably escaped from a fair then ongoingin a nearby park and must have got caught in the slip-stream of the plane. After being tugged along it "brokefree," but only when the aircraft changed direction.Having seen this happen all those years ago I haveinvestigated the possibility of balloon slipstream cap-tures involvingascending and descending jets, and by allaccounts this does seem to be a probable cause of anumber of mid-air encounters (although, of course,hardly all, or even most, of them).I think it is worth bearing in mind that 90-95% of allUFO sightings do have a resolution as some form ofIFO. And it would be unwise to imagine that a fair ratioof mid-air sightings are not going to be explained awayas well. Air crew are, of course, experiencedobservors and when they have instrumental back-up
  • 22. Page 22 September 2001 MUFON UFO Journal(such as radar trackings) the sighting can be very inter-esting arid difficult to crack. But pilots are also humanbeings and just as likely to misperceive things as anyhuman can be. Indeed at speed in mid air any sightingcan be quite fleeting, making estimates of speed, height,and size almost impossible to make accurately (espe-cially at night).Whilst I am often accused of demeaning the capabili-ties of a trained and skilled observer by saying suchthings, that is not the case. I am full of admiration forthe skills of these mid-air witnesses. But as an experi-enced investigator of UFO sightings-like many of you-Iam also aware of how often anomalous stimuli can anddo fool the senses.Sometimes it does not matter if you are Albert thedockyard worker or Albert Einstein; humans see ordi-nary things in extraordinary ways; It is how our sensesand our brains, operate. It is the fundamental principlebehind many UFO sightings. . -However, even if a sighting is explainable, as I thinkmany of these mid-air encounters probably are (othercauses involving met balloons and military test equip-ment, for example), this is not to minimise the conse-quences. Indeed quite the reverse. •I think we need to be better informed about thethings that are visible up there, because they are a po-tential threat. The more that air crew can becomeaware of what they might encounter and how theymight perceive it the safer air travel will be. I am veryrespectful of the work that;Richard Haines is doing inthis regard, for example. , .It is extremely foolish to dismiss as irrelevant asighting of what might be just a toy balloon on thegrounds that it clearly is no risk to a huge jetliner Physi-cally it may not be. Neither would a bolide burning upmany miles above the aircraft. But if the air crew per-ceive these things (as they in far more intimi-dating fashion, then the threat is very real indeed.Therisk:Of course, thankfully, pilots are highly trained to ex-pect the unexpected, but they are bound to react in-stinctively when they see something heading at themthat they believe might be a UFO. Who wouldnt? Ifunaware of the possibilities they could put the aircraftinto a dive and lead to stresses on the superstructure. Itmay even be necessary to do this in the prevailing cir-cumstances, but I am arguing that the more informedabout UFOs (and most especially about IFOs) that aircrew can be the better it will be for all of us.So I certainly do not believe that the solving of mid-air cases is a trivial matter. Yet even if many mid-airsightings are explicable, that word many is not the sameas all. There are cases that will be genuine encountersbetween an aircraft and a real UFO. Since both are fly-ing objects, and thus within their own environment, thepercentage of unsolved mid-air cases is likely to beabove the norm. So this article is emphatically not anargument that . all mid-air encounters aremisperceptions. And it is equally important that air creware familiarised with the relatively remote, but nonethe-, less real, possibility that an actual UFO might crosstheir path one day.The more we can study these things, the more IFOswe can eliminate. And the more we can know aboutthe unsolved phenomena that might be up there,.the bet-ter we can inform those who take the great responsibil-ity of flying us around the planet.For often it will be our responsibility to bringforwardthis information. We cannot rely on the (largely poorlyinformed) powers that be to do it for us. And we needto make our case with objectivity and humility, ratherthan to insist that every mid-air encounter is a deadlybrush with an alien scoutship, in order that our wordsmight be listened to by those who quite rightly will re-spond to common sense rather than hysteria.So what happened to me you might ask? Here is thestory. It occurred, by the way, in the same general area(the Pennine Hills) and in the very same month (Janu-ary 1995) as the British Airways episode describedabove. On Jan. 28 I was flying home from a live TVshow in Ireland. The weather was deteriorating, withdriving icy rain and gale-force winds.Thankfully the little plane touched down safely (al-though very bumpily) at just after 6.30 p.m., and thoseof us on board burst into spontaneous applause at theskill of the crew given the terrible conditions. I doubtany of us were looking out of the window as we camein.A few days later a UFO sighting was routed throughto me by the radio telescope and science centre atJodrell Bank. Mrs. Graham from Bradford had been outwalking her dog on the evening of my flight when shenoticed a small plane heading into Leeds/Bradford fight-ing against the winds. From the time she recalled, thisflight had to be ours (few other planes landed anywherenear this same time and none were small ones).As Mrs Graham watched, she saw a ball of whitelight head towards it from the side and feared a colli-sion. But this ball seemed to then hug the side of theaircraft and "escort" it just a few feet away. She esti-mates the ball was only a foot or two in diameter. Asthe aircraft descended into the airport to land, the ball oflight pulled away at a sharp angle and streaked awayinto the sky.It is hard to know what to make of this stunning ac-count. But Mrs Graham had no way to know that I hadbeen on that plane. Her story was clearly sincere, and Ido not know whether to regard this eerie tale as one bigcoincidence, to think that "someone up there" was guid-ing me home, or to ponder if this suggests that mid-airencounters are now so commonplace that it was no bigdeal that I got involved in one. If so, then we might notbe aware of anything like the full extent of the problem.
  • 23. MUFON UFO Journal September 2001 Page 23October 2001Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Mars (-0.1 magnitude),in Sagittarius, lies low in theSSW at dusk, setting in the WSW about 11 PM in mid-October. The ruddy little planet can be found very closeto the quarter Moon on the 23rd. The planet continuesto diminish in brightness.Late in October the 2001 Mars Odyssey orbiter ar-rives at Mars and begins to circle the planet. It willgradually brake into its proper science orbit and beready to map the planets surface mineral distributionearly next year.Jupiter (-2.4), in Gemini, rises in the NE about10:30 PM in midmonth. After that, it advances west-ward across the southern sky. The gas giant lies nearthe quarter Moon on October 9.Saturn (-0.6), still near the star Aldebaran inTaurus,rises in the ENE about 8:30 PM in mid-October, movingwestward during the night. The ringed world is near thegibbous Moon on the 7th.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Mercury attains its best morning position of theyear late this month and early next. Look for it (orangedot) at twilight, at first below Venus low in the E. As itcloses in on the much brighter planet, Mercury passesto the left of it on the last several days of October-asclose as 0.60 on the 29th and 30th.The two objects remain less than 1 degree apartfrom October 28 through November 7. Venus itself(magnitude -3.9) rises about 5 AM (midmonth). Thisbrightest of all planets pairs up with the lunar crescenton October 14 and 15.Jupiter and Saturn stand high in the S and WSW,respectively, at dawn.The Stars:The Big Dipper, following its counterclockwise patharound the sky pole as Earth rotates, skims along thenorthern horizon. This popular asterism never goes be-low the horizon from latitudes above 40 degrees.During midevening hours the celestial meridian(imaginary N-S line in the sky) separates the summerstars in the W from the autumn constellations in the E.The two heavenly symbols of both seasons-the Sum-mer Triangle and the Great Square of Pegasus-lie oneither side of the meridian.Meteor Shower:The Orionid meteors peak in a moonless sky on themorning of October 22. These swift meteors appear toemanate from Orions upraised club in the southern sky.Even though shower members are mostly faint andnumber only about 20 to 25 per hour at maximum, occa-sional bright fireballs appear, a third of them leavingwakes called trains that persist for 1 or 2 seconds.Moon Phases:Full moon—October 2 . . .Last quarter October 10New moon—October 16First quarter—October 23Harvest MoonDirectors Message...(Continued from Page 24)products or MUFON UFO Journal subscriptions. Ap-parently, some of the money orders do not reflect U.S.dollars and the banks must pay a penalty for redeemingthem. International money orders in U.S. dollars andchecks against a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars are still ac-cepted. The bank code on the bottom of the check ormoney order must contain nine (9) digits to be accept-able. This is an aggravating situation for everyone in-volved.Postage Rate IncreasesFor the past several years the U.S. Postal Servicehas continued to escalate the cost of mailing all classesof mail. Even so, MUFON has held the line on priceincreases and has not passed the increasing postagecost or the printing and production cost increases on ourmembers. We can no longer continue operating in thatmanner.The MUFON Board of Directors, acting on this is-sue at the annual Board meeting in July, approved in-creases in the listed postage and handling costs forMUFON products, and an increase in the MUFONUFO Journal annual subscription cost.Accordingly, the MUFON product price list has beenrevised to cover the increased mailing costs. Recogniz-ing this will be a hardship on some of our members, wehave drastically reduced the price of approximately60% of the MUFON documents on the price list. Wewill maintain this price cut for at least six months as abenefit to members. The new prices lists are availablevia hard copy and on the MUFON web site increase in the subscription price for theMUFON UFO Journal will be delayed until 1 January2002 to allow members to renew at the current price($30 USA and $35 foreign). Early renewal may bedone in one, two, or three year increments.
  • 24. Page 24 September 2001 MUFON UFO JournalBy John SchuesslerMUFON International DirectorNew Field InvestigatorsKathleen Marden, Director for Field InvestigatorTraining, has announced the following Field InvestigatorTrainees have completed the Field InvestigatorsExamand are now MUFON Field Investigators: ChrisBellio, Melrose, MA; David Stevens, Fairfield, CA;and James Allen Tutt, Jr., Kansas City, MO.Field Investigator trainees are urged to study theField Investigators Manual and then take the exam.Many states also offer training classes to guide thetrainee through the trainingprocessThe Field InvestigatorsManual is available fromMUFON Headquarters for$25 + $3.50 P&H.John SchuesslerPosition AnnouncementsWashington State DirectorGerald Rolwes has an-nounced the assignment ofLarry Childs as AssistantState Director for westernWashington. Larry has heldthis position in the past andreturns after a short hiatus.Northern California State Director Ruben Uriartehas announced the assignment of John Maylone asState Section Director for Fresno County.John Stewart has returned to MUFON as UFOVideo Coordinator, a position he held for several yearsin the past. John is available to help people find copiesof UFO documentaries, TV talk shows, news broad-casts, conferences, and movies.He may be contacted at: John Stewart. UFO VideoCoordinator, 168 West Hanover Ave., Randolph, NJ07869 or e-mail Wethank John for offering his personal services toMUFON members.Successful SymposiumThe MUFON 2001 UFO Symposium, held inJuly in Irvine, California, was one of the most success-ful MUFON events in several years. Credit for thissuccess goes to Symposium Chairman Jan Harzan andthe entire Orange County MUFON team. Their eventplanning activities, attention to detail, and hard workcontributed to the success of the event. Thank you Or-ange County and thank you attendees-you all made ithappen.MUFON 2002UFO SymposiumThe MUFON 2002 UFO Symposium will beheld at the Hyatt Regency Rochester, in Rochester,New York, hosted by New York MUFON. State Di-rector Jim Bouck and his team have begun thespeaker selection planningwork. We will have more toreport on this in the near future.Another Special Grant Supports Outreach ProjectIn the July issue of the MUFON UFO Journal weannounced a three-part outreach project to send aJournal subscriptionto all U.S. Senators, all U.S. Rep-resentatives, and all major news outlets. The first stepof this project was accomplished in July through a dona-tion from Zoh Meyerhoff Hieronimus and Dr. BobHieronimus. All U.S. Senators are now receiving theJournal.We are pleased to announce that we will be sendingthe MUFON UFO Journal to all major news outlets,starting with the September issue, because we have re-ceived further support from Zoh MeyerhoffHieronimus and Dr. Bob Hieronimus. Dr. Bobhosts the "21st Century Radio" show and Zoh hosts"Future Talk." I have appeared a number of times ontheir programs to freely talk about the work MUFON isdoing and how people can get involved with MUFON.Their support for our projects is outstandingand dearlyappreciated.Matching Funds are NeededNow that two parts of the MUFON OutreachProject are underway, we need to complete the veryimportant third part-sending the MUFON UFO Jour-nal to all U.S. Congressional Representatives. We arenow reaching important people outside of MUFON withthe results of our work.As we go to press, we have had an offer for half ofthe funds needed to complete the third part of theproject if we can raise matching funds for the otherhalf. Due to the large number of representatives, this isthe most costly, but perhaps the most important, phaseof the project.MUFON members, officers, consultants, and boardmembers are urged to seek major donors for this andother MUFON research projects. I am available tospeak with potential donors at (303) 932-7709 or via e-mail at Postal Money Order ProblemOur U.S. banks have stopped accepting Cana-dian Postal Money Orders in payment for MUFON(Continued on Page 23)