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Mufon ufo journal   2000 9. september
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Mufon ufo journal   2000 9. september Mufon ufo journal 2000 9. september Document Transcript

  • M U T U A L U F O N E T W O R KUFO JOURNALSEPTEMBER 2000 NUMBER 389 $3Mutual UFO Network,Inc.WORLDWIDE UFO DATABASEPlease enter userinformationName:)Password:Lv4.1(g).05: Login (Reset MUFONs New Database/web site
  • MUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103OldtowneRdSeguin, TX 78155-4099Tel: (830) 379-9216FAX (830) 372-9439Editor:Dwight Connelly14026 Ridgelawn RoadMartinsville,IL62442Tel: (217) 382-4502e-mail:mufonufojournal@ hotmail.comEditor in Chief:Walter H. Andrus, Jr.103OldtowneRoadSeguin, TX 78155830-379-9216Columnists:Walter N. WebbRichard HallGeorge FilerDan WrightStaff ArtistWes CrumMUFON UFO Hotline:1-800-UFO-2166MUFON on the Internet:http://www.mufon.come-mail address:mufonhq@aol.comMUFON Amateur Radio Net:40 meters - 7.237 MHzSaturdays, 7 a.m.CST or COSTSeptember 2000 Number 389COVER: MUFONs new database/web site.In this issueMUFON Data base by Wendy Ban & Don Wetherby ....3Michigan sightingfeaturescolors,lights,sound 12Filers Filesby GeorgeA. Filer 13MUFON Forum 16Calendar 18Books in Review 18SHG hosts articlesinventoryby Jan Aldrich 20ReadersClassifieds 21Perspective on JulyJournal byRichard Hall 22The NightSky by Walter N.Webb ...23Directors Message by John Schuessler 24MUFONs mission is the systematiccollection and analysisof UFO data,,with the ultimategoal of learningthe origin andnature of the UFOphenomenon.Change of address and subscription inquiriesshould be sentto MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Road, Seguin, TX 78155.Copyright 2000 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of this document may be reproduced m any form without the written permission of theCopyright Owners, Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one article,provided the author is credited, and the statement. "Copyright 2000 by the Mutual UFO Network. 103Oldtowne Road, Seguin, Texas 78155" is includedThe contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editors, and do notnecessarily reflect the official position of the Mutual UFO Network. Opinions expressed are solelythose of the individual authors.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) ofthe Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the type described mSection 509 (a) (2). Donors may deduct contributions from their Federal Income Tax. Bequests,legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are also deductible for estate and gift purposes, provided theymeet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the Internal Revenue CodeMUFON is a Texas nonprofit corporation.The MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc , Segum.Texas. Published at B-W Graphics, Inc., Versailles, Missouri. Membership/Subscription rates are $30per year in the U.S.A., and $35 per year foreign in U.S funds. Second class postage paid at Seguin,Texas.Postmaster: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to: MUFON UFO Journal, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099
  • MUFON UFO Journal September 2000 Page 3MUFON Worldwide UFODatabase a realityBy Wendy Ban and Don Weatherby,WUFOD Developers/Administrators1. Introducing a new web database for MUFONmembers.A year ago, we accepted the challenge of puttingMUFONs computerinputform online and establish-ing a worldwide web archive for all MUFON UFOreports. The construction of the Worldwide UFODatabase (WUFOD) was part of a larger effort to es-tablish a strong cyber presence for MUFON that in-cluded parallel work by Bill Konkolesky to redesignthe MUFON website.Before the advent of current web database tech-nology, it was well nigh impossible for MUFON toachieve its objective of making all UFO reports ac-cessible to MUFON members. But now, WUFODmakes large numbers of old reports available for re-search, and ensures that members are informed ofnew UFO events in near real time.We are pleased to report that the MUFON Boardof Directors approved WUFOD as the officialMUFON online database shortly after it was unveiledand demonstrated at the 2000 Symposiumin St. Louislast month.Now, all UFO reportssubmittedto MUFON shouldbe entered into WUFOD. Paper reports can still besubmitted by individuals without computer or webaccess (see Sec. 18, "Print Report Forms"), but thegoal is to enter all reports online to create avaluableasset for research and to ensure that investigators arenotified of UFO events. Both new and old reportscan be entered.About this DocumentThis document explainshow a UFO report is cre-ated, received, reviewed, and approved through theWUFOD interfaces. WUFOD is simple to use, andthe report form contains clear instructions. Nonethe-less, step procedures are provided here for accessingthe database and usingthe report form.Also, WUFODprovides standard outputs, and these arereviewed.The current options for the automatic email fea-ture are explained. Finally, there is a discussion ofadditional functionality that may be added in the fu-ture, such as the ability to link electronic versions ofwitness sketches or photographs to the reports inWUFOD.State Directors Note: This document is intendedfor the general membership only. Many of you re-ceived instructions for your permission level at theMUFON Symposiumand later received your logins viaemail. If you did not attend the St. Louis Symposium, orhave not received yourlogin or instructions, please con-tact the WUFOD administrators (see Sec. 5, "WUFODContacts). State Directors currentlywithoutemail or webaccess should immediately contact Dan Wright,MUFON Director of Investigations,to designate some-one to receive WUFOD email and perform WUFODfunctions for their state.Field Investigators Note: Contact your State Direc-tor for instructions, your login, and possible access toautomated email. Do not contact the WUFOD adminis-trators. If your State Director is unable to respond, con-tact Mr. Wright.Quick Start for MUFON MembersWe hope you read this article to get a comprehensiveview of WUFODs functionality. However, if you wantto enter a report or search the database right away, dothe following:Review the diagram in Sec. 13, "WUFOD ProcessFlow Diagram."Complete the steps in Sec. 16, "Log into WUFOD,"to log in as member.Then, to enter a report, complete the steps in Sec. 17,"Submit a Report in the Member Interface." To searchthe database, complete the steps in Sec. 19, "GenerateSearch Output."3. About WUFOD XE "permissions, see logins"XE "web browsers, see browsers" XE "web interfaces,see interfaces"The WorldwideUFODatabase (WUFOD) is anonlinedatabase system that can be accessed on the Internetthrough a web browser. WUFOD manages the flow ofincoming UFO reports through various review stages,including incoming, investigation, and approval. It is asecure system with various levels of permission basedon logins and passwords. It has design features that en-sure the confidentiality of information and the anonym-ity of witness to UFO events, if they request it.WUFOD includes an email feature by which StateDirectors, MUFON HQ, and other designated partiesare automatically informed whenreports are submitted,so that MUFON Field Investigators can be assigned tocases and MUFON memberscan be kept abreast of UFOevents. The email feature can also inform State Direc-tors and Field Investigators when an investigation isbegun or a report approved by the MUFON Director ofInvestigations. The database can be searched to extractselected data types for research purposes and to gener-ate formatted output.
  • Page 4 September 2000 MUFON UFO Journal4. Legacy DataWUFOD contains a report form based on the fa-miliar MUFON UFO Sighting Questionnaire: Com-puter Input (Form 2). This general form containsquestions broadly covering all aspects of UFO en-counters, including entity experiences. The legacyform has been optimized for onlinepresentation andenhanced with several additional questions andchoices.At its initialization,WUFOD contains 761 reportsthat MUFON investigatedand approved in the past,and we ported into WUFOD from legacy systems.(These are the approved cases on the MUFON UFODatabase CD-ROM, prepared by T. David Spencer,1999.) In almost all details, this legacy data has beenpreserved in the conversion to WUFOD.5. WUFOD Contacts5.1 MUFON Director of InvestigationsThe MUFON Director of Investigations is Mr. DanWright. Please address all concerns about WUFODin regard to MUFON processes to MUFON HQ or toMr. Wright at ufoguy29@juno.com5.2 Ad XE "administrators" ministratorsThe designer and administratorof WUFOD is Mr.Don Weatherby. The backup administrator is Ms.Wendy Ban. Please address all WUFOD-specific ad-ministrative requests and issuesregarding design andfunctionality to the administrators email addressposted on the WUFOD member interface. That ad-dress is currently HYPERLINK" m a i l t o : g e e k o l o g y @ w o r l d n e t . a t t . n e t "geekology@worldnet.att.netShould the administrators email address change,the new address will be posted on the WUFOD mem-ber interface.6. Re XE "browsers" commended Web Brows-ersThough WUFOD can be accessed through anycomputer web browser, currentreleases of NetscapeCommunicator® and MicrosoftWindowsExplorer®are recommended.7. Web InterfacesTwo web interfacesexist for WUFOD, one for thegeneral public and one for MUFON members.7.1 XE "interfaces:public" Public InterfaceThe public interface is designed to collect reportsof UFO events from the general public so thatMUFON Field Investigators can investigate. Thisinterface does not allow the general public access tothe data in WUFOD. Rather it is a "front end" toWUFOD used exclusivelyto submit UFO reports.Therefore, no login or password is required to sub-mit a report throughthe publicinterface, and usingitdoes not permit access to data in WUFOD.There is a link to this interface from the MUFONweb site. The web sites of state MUFONorganizationsmay also wish to link to it. We hope that with the avail-ability of a public web interface, MUFON can learn ofUFO events that would otherwise go unreported and canconduct investigations close to the time UFO eventsoccur.As a general rule, MUFON members will not usethisinterface. However,email notification willautomaticallybe sent to State Directors and Field Investigators inMUFON when a report is submitted through thisinter-face.Members of the public who do not wish to fill out theonline form can instead send an email message in plaintext format, and these automaticallygenerate an abbre-viated report in WUFOD. The public is to be encour-aged to fill out the online form, however.7.2 Member XE "interfaces:member" InterfaceThe member interface supports all phases of reportprocessing, including submittingnew reports, enteringthe results of case investigations,and approving reports.Also, data can be filtered and searched to support UFOresearch. This interface is restricted to authorizedMUFON members, and a login and password are re-quired for access. It has three levels of access (see Sec.10, "Permissions"). Several data fields appear in thisinterface that do not appear in the public interface be-cause it is for internal use (see Sec. 17, "Submit a Re-port in the Member Interface").8. XE "interfaces:urls;urls:publicinterface;urls:member interface" URLsThe urls (Uniform Resource Locators) for theWUFOD public and member interfaces are as follows:8.1 Public urlThe url for the public interface is HYPERLINK"http://ohiomufon.services4all.com/siteform.html" http://ohiomufon.services4all.com/siteform.htmlNormally, however, the publicwill access thisinter-face via a link from the public portion of the MUFONwebsite at HYPERLINK "http://www.mufon.com"http://www.mufon.com8.2 Member urlThe url for the member interface is HYPERLINK"http://ohiomufon.services4all.com" http://ohiomufon.services4all.comThis url can be accessed via a link from the mem-bers portion of the MUFON website at HYPERLINK"http://www.mufon.com"http://www.mufon.comNormally, however, members will probably access itthrough a "bookmark" saved in their browsers.9. G XE "groups:defined" roupsThe MUFON interfacecurrently has two subdivisions,called GROUPS. These groups are actually separate daXE "databases, see groups" dabases within WUFOD.9.1 IN XE "groups:INCOMING" INCOMINGGroup (MUFON members)
  • MUFON UFO Journal September 2000 PageSThe INCOMING group containsall reports received,including "raw" reports from the general public,aswellas reports submitted by MUFON members and FieldInvestigators. This group is for use by all MUFONmembers and Field Investigators.9.2 APXE "groups:APPROVED" PROVEDGroup(MUFON HQ)The APPROVED group containsonly those reportsfor which an investigation has been completed andapproved. At that time, a report is promoted from theINCOMING group to the APPROVED group. There-after the two groups are separate. This groupis for useby the MUFON Director of Investigationsand MUFONHQ.9.3 Additional GroupsAdditional groups can be added to WUFOD as theneed arises to organize reports into further divisions(see Sec. 20, "Possible Future Features"). CurrentlyWUFOD displays inoperative "placeholders" forgroups for trace cases and abduction cases.10. Permissions10.1 Lo XE "logins:described;logins:see also pass-words" ginsWUFOD has the following permission levels andassociated logins. The permissions are related to data-base states (see Sec. 11, "States").10.2 XE "logins:general public (no login)" Public(no login)The general publiccan access a "front end" form onthe web, used only to submit UFO reports into theWUFOD INCOMING group. No login or passwordisrequired. The public can NOT view the data inWUFOD. However, when someone submits a reportthrough this interface, they see an abbreviated list ofreports submitted in same time frame (see Sec. 15.1,"Abbreviated List of Reports").10.3 me XE "logins:member" mber LoginThe member login is for all MUFON members. Thislogin can access to the INCOMING group to submitreports, view data, and use the data filter and searchfunctions. This login can NOT edit or addinformationto the data in a report once it has been submitted orview information about the UFO witnesses.10.4 PasswordsA password must be entered along with a login foraccess to the WUFOD database.Note: A new member password will be publishedevery two months in the MUFON Journal. Passwordassignments for State Directors and their designateswill be handledinternally.11. Sta XE "states:described" tesAs a UFO report passes through the various stagesof processing from submission, investigation,and ap-proval, its status is indicated in WUFOD. This statusis called a "state." States are related to permissions foraccess to WUFOD (see Sec. 10, "Permissions"). As areport is processed, it is "promoted" from one state tothe next. The states are as follows:11.1 Submi XE "statessubmitted" tted StateThe report has been created and entered into theWUFOD INCOMING database group where it is au-tomatically assigned a WUFOD report number. Thishas been done either through the public interface (seeSec. 15, "Submit a Report in the Public Interface") orthrough the member interface (see Sec. 17, "Submit aReport in the Member Interface"). Witness informa-tion has been secured and is not viewable.The general public can NOT access this data. Thedata is not made publicat this stage because the reporthas not yet been investigatedor approved. The data is"raw" and may describe an IFO or even be a hoax.However, all MUFON members CAN view this data,and can filter and search it.Once a report is submitted, it can be edited only bythe Director of Investigations, State Directors, and FieldInvestigators designated by State Directors. An indi-vidual with the member login cannot change the con-tents of a submitted report, even if he or she is the indi-vidual who submitted it. This is done for security, asall MUFON members will have the member login.11.2 Inves XE "statesinvestigate" tigate StateThe report is being investigated, and a Field Inves-tigator or State Director is editing it in the INCOM-ING database group to incorporate field data or othercase information.Witness information is still securedand is not viewable.The general public can NOT access this data. Thedata is kept internal at this stage because the investiga-tion may not yet be complete and has not yet been ap-proved. However, all MUFON members CAN viewthis data, and can filter and search it. Only the Directorof Investigations, State Directors, and Field Investiga-tors designated by State Directors can promote a re-port from the Submitted to the Investigate state.11.3 App XE "states:Approved"rov XE "approved,dual meaning of term" ed StateThe investigation has been completed in all detailsand the Director of Investigations has approved thereport. The report in the INCOMING database grouphas been promoted to the approved state and automati-cally cloned to the APPROVED database group. Thereport is assigned a different report number in AP-PROVED but continues to exist in both groups.Confidential or sensitive information may now beentered into the report in APPROVED, viewable onlyby MUFON HQ. Only the Director of Investigationscan promote a report in INCOMING to the approvedstate, and only the MUFON HQ can view the data in
  • Page 6 September 2000 MUFON UFO JournalAPPROVED group. In the event that a report is com-plete in all details upon initial submission, the Direc-tor of Investigations can promote it directly to theApproved state without its passing throughthe Inves-tigate state.In the future, MUFON may wish to make some datafrom approved reports available to the general public,perhaps from the MUFON web site. As of thewritingof this document,this feature has not beenimplemented(see the topic on public access to summarized data fromapproved reports in Sec. 20, "Possible Future Fea-tures").Note :The term "approved" is used in two senses. Itrefers to a report in the INCOMING database groupthat has been promoted to the Approved state. It alsorefers to all reports in the APPROVED database group.These have all been promoted from INCOMING. SeeSec. 9, "Groups" for further clarification.12. Email NotificationAs a report is promoted to the various states (seeSec. 11, "States"), WUFOD automatically sendsemailto State Directors and Field Investigators designatedin the WUFOD email feature. The WUFOD adminis-trator can configure the email feature, and we expectenhancements to meet future needs.Currently, the State Director in the state in whichthe event occurred (the locale in theSTATE_PROVINCE field on the report form) gets anemail message containingall data in the report when:A new report is submittedto the INCOMING group.A report in INCOMING is promoted to the Investi-gate state.A report in INCOMING is promoted to the Ap-proved state.Note: A report in the Investigatestate can be editedmultiple times, but EVERY time the report is resub-mitted, WUFOD sends email.The email is sent so the State Director is immedi-ately made aware of the report, can assign a Field In-vestigator to it, and can note the progress of the inves-tigation. The Director of Investigationsand MUFONHQ receive copies of this email.Though it is impracticalfor WUFOD to send emailto all MUFON members, remember that all memberscan see the state (Submitted, Investigate, orApproved)of all INCOMING reports and can note the progressof an investigationby readingthe investigators notes.12.1 Email ListThe mail list currentlyincludes State Directors forwhom MUFON HQ has email addresses on file.State Directors who want to add or change theiremail addresses, or who want to add Field Investiga-tors to the email list for their state should submit arequest to the WUFOD administrators. We will for-ward each request to the Director of Investigations forapproval (see Sec. 5, "WUFOD Contacts").State Directors currently without email accessshould immediately contact the Director ofInvestiga-tions to designatea recipientfor WUFOD emailin theirstates. This is critical so that Field Investigatorscan beassigned to new cases in a timelymanner.Note: MUFON HQ must approve any changes tothe email list before we can make them.13. WUFOD Process Flow DiagramThis diagram on the following page shows howWUFOD works and how it is designed to be used bythe various logins. See the procedures in the rest ofthis document for how to use WUFOD.ProceduresThe procedures in the following sections explainhow to use WUFOD. Before contacting the WUFODadministrators for assistance, please be sure you havetried to complete the procedures using your webbrowser.15. Submit a R XE "procedures:submit a reportthrough the public interface" eport in the Public InteXE "interfaces:public;public interface,seeinterfaces"rfaceNote: This interface is for the general public.MUFON membersshouldNOT use this interface.Thegeneral public is encouraged to submitreports here.Use a web browser to go to HYPERLINK "http://ohiomufon.services4all.com/siteform.html" http://ohiomufon.services4all.com/siteform.htmlOr click on the link from the public portion of theMUFON website at HYPERLINK "http://www.mufon.com" http://www.mufon.comResponse: The public report form is displayed.Read the instructions at the top of the form, andcomplete the form by clicking on the various optionsthat best describe the elements of the event.There are approximately 100 data fields, most withnumerous options. You can enter most of the data byclicking on selectable lists or check boxes. Some fieldswhere the possible entries are too numerous to presentas selections require that you type in information (forexample ABSTRACT, CITY, and COUNTY.)The first field, labeled ABS XE "ABSTRACTfield:entry mandatory to submit a report;keyfields:ABSTRACT, MONTH, STATE_PROVINCE,YEAR" TRA XE "ABSTRACT field;ABSTRACTfield:as key field" CT, is for a brief summary of theevent that identifies its key elements.Example: Fluorescent orange triangles over Lake Erienear nuclear facilityNote: WUFOD will not process the report unless you
  • MUFON UFOJournal September 2000 Page?Member Interfacebooming reports i(INCOMING group)!PUBLIC Interface1. SubmittedState Connect-to,6hiomut>n.services4all.comLog irto, INCOMINGdatabaseand submit MUFONformalsentto StaDirectors andMUFON HQ, Brouise to public form atohipmufonservioes4alljconVsitefo im.hlmltorn MUFON public website at :"http:/Awinu.mufon.ccm.Case entered.intoINCOMING group/(witness identityencrypted and hidden)Bra! to.INCOMINGVH MUFON. he,^website or othersources enteredinto NARRATIVEDESCRIPTIONtextleld2. InvestigateState.State Directors andinvestigators updatewith .investigationnotesAssign.investigators/3. ApprovedStatei /^proved re portsCAPPROVED group):MUFQN;Director ofInvestigationsapproves1Approved repo rts ] (INCOMING group).;4. GeneratedOutput.Ajtpmatb generatedreports from machine"and system clockMUFONDrectcfof Investigationsruns oustcmsearches"Members do filersand searches andgenerate formarted•- outputShort list of currentreports automaticallygenerated and- • displayed
  • PageS September 2000 MUFON UFO Journalenter some text in the ABSTRACT field.Note that below the spaces for wit XE "witnessinformation:on report form" ness information labeledIDENTITY, PHONE, and EMAIL for up to three wit-nesses, near the bottom of the form, are yes and nobuttons that indicate whether any witnesses tothe eventrequest to remain anonymous.The STA XE "keyfields:described;STATE_PROVINCE fieldras keyfield;MONTH field:as key field;YEAR field:as keyfield" TE_PROVINCE, MONTH, and YEAR are keyfields that determine where email notification aboutthe report is sent or what reports the person submittingthe report sees in the abbreviated list of reports (seeSec. 12, "Email Notification" and Sec. 15.1, "Resultsof Public Submission").Describe the event in detail by typing a completetext description in the NARRATIVE XE "NARRA-TIVE DESCRIPTION field:described;NARRATIVEDESCRIPTION field:location on report form" DE-SCRIPTION text box at the bottom of the form. Thisbox allows you to describe the eventin your own wordsand to record information not captured in the data fieldson the rest of the form.Caution: Do NOT enter confidential information inthe NARRATIVE DESCRIPTION text box.Click the Submit button at the bottom of the formone time.15.1 Results of Public SubmissionWhen the report is submitted through the public in-terface, several things happen automatically:Abbreviated List of Reports. An abbreviated list ofreports for the same month and year as the event in thecurrent report is displayedin the browser window.Thelist provides the locale, date, and ABSTRACT for thematching events. (We may limit the number of match-ing reports a user gets back as the database growslarger.) This is a "reward" for the member of the pub-lic who has spent the time to fill out the report form.Submitted to INCOMING. A report containing thedatajust entered is submittedin the INCOMING groupof WUFODjust as if it had been submitted in the mem-ber interface (see Sec. 17.1, "Results of Member Sub-mission").15.2 Alternate Public InterfaceFrom a link on the MUFON website an option ex-ists to submit a report to WUFOD INCOMING bysending a plain email text message. This option placesthe text of the email into the NARRATIVE DESCRIP-TION text box of the report form. The results are thesame as if the report had been submitted from the pub-lic form. Obviously, however, all desired data will notbe included, nor will the data be entered into the de-sired fields, and a Field Investigator or State Directormust do further processing to complete a proper re-port. The general public should be encouraged to usethe online report form and NOT this alternativepublicinterface.16. Log int XE "procedures:log into WUFOD" oWUF XE "procedures:log into WUFOD" ODNote: You must log in to access the WUFOD mem-ber interface.Use a web browser to go to HYPERLINK "http://ohiomufon.services4all.com" http://o h i o m u f o n . s e r v i c e s 4 a l l . c o mOr click on the link from the members portion of theMUFON website at HYPERLINK "http://www.mufon.com" http://www.mufon.comResponse: The WUFOD GRO XE "GROUPpage;GROUP page:see also groups" UP page, illus-trated below, is displayed.Select INCOMING from the listof database groups.Note: This list of groups will grow as new forms areadded. See the topic on additional groups and forms inSec. 20, "Possible Future Features".Click the Login button below the database groups.Response: The INCOMING group LOG XE"LOGIN page;LOGIN page:see also logins" IN page,illustrated below, is displayed.Mutual UFO Network,Inc. WORLDWIDE UFODATABASEPlease enter user information. PuMKdlv4.1(g).OSIn the box labeled Name, type memberIn the box labeled Password, type !member!Note: The password will change (see Sec 10.4,"Passwords"). This is the initial password.Click the Login button at the bottom of the page.Response: The INCOMING reports list isdisplayed,showing all the reports previously entered into theINCOMING WUFOD database group.17. Subm XE "procedures:submit a report throughthe member interface" it a Rep XE "procedures:submita report through the member interface" ort in the Mem-ber InterfaceNote: This interface is for MUFON members only.
  • MUFON UFO Journal September 2000 Page 9Mutual UFO Network, Inc.WORLDWIDE UFO DATABASE1 Select a CROUP by left-clicking the button Deside it0INCOMING R3Wfc-portsunderh>Tf:giiiur,WJFON inc. mak?s no damthai o f-nvtnir-riai eir-i anati . r.as beon ruled out for th«?sa reports.* APPROVED- For us? by MUFON.ln< H^aoguan^is on^2. Left-click the login button to proceed to ths login scteen. r , :."J INCOMINGfrfAPPROVED" "WU»IKi:lMsiyatmishrlUimail2£DlmJKHtEJIGCflS<M.>r I*»sfsnmaanrannJAny unaurfcoiretf (w ttafiKlta acBvny in/ be n>fcn«d ro tow eflfotanejir nKtatsCOW Mutual UFO Horn*, lac: Ml W"***™l i*> toUl I&MUFON. I**. ev*WO»olO»toAny MUFON memberwith a UFO event to report(oldor current) should use this interface.Log into the WUFOD INCOMINGgroup with themember login (see Sec. 16, "Log into WUFOD" forhow).Response: The INCOMING reports list isdisplayed,showing all the reports previously entered into theWUFOD INCOMING database. This illustrationshows an exampleof a portion of this list.Mutual UFO Network, Inc.WORLDWIDE UFODATABASE760 known,750 inlistI Starch Dilt DrillClick the NEW button in the buttonbar at the top ofthe page.Response: The INCOMING report form is dis-played. Its label is "New Issue."Complete the report form as in Steps 2 and 3 of Sec.15, "Submit a Report in the Public Interface". The fol-lowing fields appear on the INCOMING form that donot appear on the form for the general public:A LOG XE "LOG_#field;LOG_#field:not includedin public interface;LOG_#field:for legacy data only"_# field is included to display case numbers thatMUFON assigned to cases in the past. It will NOT beused for reports going forward. Please leave this fieldblank. Since this field is only for legacy data, it is notdisplayed on the form for the general public.A CA XE "CASEJTYPE field;CASE_TYPEfield:not included in publicinterface" SE_TYPE fieldis provided to classify the report according to the Valleeclassification system (AN1 - AN5, FBI -FB5, andCEl- CE5). This system has replaced the less comprehen-sive Hynek classification formerly used for MUFONre XE "SVP_RATING field;SVP_RATING field:notincluded inpublic interface" ports. Since this is a "tech-nical" field, it is not displayed on the form for the gen-eral public.A 3-digit SVP_RATING field is provided to ratethe source reliability, site visit, and possible explana-tions. This rating is associated with the Vallee classi-fication system. Since this is also a "technical" field, itis not displayed on the form for the general public.A field labeled Sta XE "State Submittedfield:described;State Submitted fieldselector button"te Submitted (NOW) and a corresponding button aredisplayed near thebottom of the form above the NAR-RATIVE DESCRIPTION text box. This button is usedto track the state (Submitted, Investigate, or Approved)of the report. You can NOT unselect this button. (Af-ter the report is submitted and later redisplayed to in-corporate the Field Investigators notes, the buttonsindicating other states are displayed.)Below the NARRATIVE DESCRIPTION text boxnear the bottom of the form, an INVESTIGATORSXE "INVESTIGATOR S NOTESfield;INVESTIGATOR SNOTES field:not includedin public interface" NOTES text box is provided toenter the results of investigation (theINVESTIGATORS NOTES text box does not appearon the public form). Data can be entered in this boxnow, if available, or later when the report is assignedto aField Investigator and promoted to the Investigatestate. Caution: Do NOT enter witness names or otherprivate information in the NARRATIVE DESCRIP-TION or INVESTIGATORS NOTES text boxes, asthese areas can be viewed by anyone with the memberlogin.Click the Submit button at the bottom of the formone time.Response: The INCOMING reports list is once againdisplayed. (It may take a few seconds for this to occur.You may have to refresh yourbrov/ser window to seethe new report listed.)Click the End buttonin the button bar at the top leftof the page to go to the end of the reports list and seeyour new report listed. (If you do not see your reportlisted, log into WUFOD again and click the End but-ton on the reports list.)Note: Click the XE "buttons:Delta;buttons:Date;buttons:Opt;" Delta and Date but-tons in the button bars at the top of the reports list page
  • Page 10 September 2000 MUFON UFO Journalto enhance the reports list. The Delta button shows,for each report, the number of days since it was lastmodified. The Date button shows the report creationdate. The Opt button controls how many reports aredisplayed in your browser window at one time.17.1 Results of Member SubmissionWhen the report is submitted, several things hap-pen automatically:INCOMING Reports List Updated. The newly sub-mitted ABSTRACT is now added to others already inthe WUFOD INCOMING database, and the informa-tion entered in the ABSTRACT is displayed on theINCOMING reports list page.WUFOD INCO XE "reportnumbers:described;report numbersrINCOMING;reportnumbersrdisplayed on reports list" MENG Report Num-ber Assigned. An INCOMING report number is as-signed to the report and is displayed by the AB-STRACT. Example: I . . . . . . 7 is the seventh IN-COMING report. The I indicates the INCOMINGgroup and the dots ... are placeholders fordigits. Thedatabase can hold up to 999,999 reports foreach group.The WUFOD INCOMING report number will be per-manently associated with the report in the INCOM-ING database.Note: The WUFOD INCOMING report number isNOT the same as the LOG_#that appears on the form.The LOG_#is only for old cases ported into WUFODfrom the legacy database and is not used for new re-ports.State Set to Submitted.A re XE "icons:for Submit-ted state;state indicators:Submitted icon"dletter Siconappears next to the INCOMING report number, indi-cating that the report is in the Submitted state.Note: A red letter I icon appears next to reports in theInvestigate state. A tombstone icon appears next toreports thathave been promoted to the Approved state.18. Print Report Forms18..1 Print a Bla XE "printing:blank report form"nk Report FormNote: All MUFON members can print blank forms.A printable copy of a blank report form is availablethrough a link that appears on all pages ofthe WUFODdatabase except the GROUP page. The printableformis made available so that Field Investigators can takeit to the field.The printable form is a .pdf (Portable DocumentFormat) file. You must have the Adobe® Acrobat®Reader® software loaded on your computer to openthe file. This free software is commonly used to openonline documents and is already loaded on most PCs.(If you purchased Acrobat Exchange®, it containsAcrobat Reader.) Acrobat Reader is available for mostcomputer systems, including Microsoft ® Windows®3.1/95/98/NT/2000, Linux® and various flavors ofUNIX®, Mac, and OS/2®.Go to the WUFOD LOGIN page on the memberinterface (see Sec. 16,"Log into WUFOD"), and clickthe Print a blank report form link at the bottom right ofthe page. Note: This link is also displayed on the re-ports list page in the INCOMING and APPROVEDdatabases.Follow the online instructionsprovided at the linkto download Acrobat Reader and print the form.Note: Field Investigators: If you take a paper reportform into the field, please enter the data you collectinto WUFOD.18.2 Print a Co XE "printing:completed reportform" mpleted Web FormYou cannot print a blank report form through yourbrowser print function because some of the fields dis-played on the web are in drop-down lists that will notshow up on the printout. However, once a form hasbeen filled out, all selected fields will be displayed,and you can print the completed form through yourbrowser print function.For most browsers, you do thisby selecting File => Print from the menu bar while thecompleted form is displayed.19. XE "procedures:filter and sort data to gener-ate search output;search output:from data filter andsearch" Generate Search OutputWUFOD offers the capability of filtering and sort-ing data by criteria you select and of generating for-matted output from its databases that you can printthrough your browsers Print function.Note: All MUFON members can use the WUFODdata search capability.Log intothe INCOMING group asmember (see Sec.16,"Log into WUFOD"), and access the INCOMINGreports list page (see Sec 17, "Submit a Report in theMember Interface" for an illustration of this page.)Click the Filter button in the middle button bar atthe top of the reports list page. (See Sec. 17,"SubmitaReport in the Member Interface" for an illustrationofthe buttons.Response: A blank Filter & S XE "Filter & Searchpage" ort page, illustratedbelow, is displayed contain-ing the same fields on the INCOMING report form.The fields in the filter form are what you will select todefine your data search.NoteDuring the move of the MUFON Headquartersfrom Texas to Colorado, the printing from Texasto Missouri, and the mailing from Texas to Mis-souri, there may be some unavoidable delays andproblems. Please bear with us, but keep usposted.
  • MUFON UFO Journal September 2000 Page 11Mutual UFONetwork, Inc.WORLDWIDE UFO DATABASEFilter & SortSort options:t r Imert son onjet H Son bj modification ove rVCase msenvlwFilter options:10o,010IOGJI: CCASE TYPE- *" AS.E-I?PE rm£|AJC r.ttn- "" HA*r FB1 rFEO T FFJ3 T FBI T FB5- r wa QMAJ r MAS rwu r««5 r OEI r,c£2 r CES r.cE< r CESSVP.flATING: r~~MONTH: rmrm rmrcarotrcs rccrip roarosr.ior n r 12raj r_oi r02 roj rt» r» roe rcc ros TCP Quo r.n r,i2 PjUr:uDAY: r 15 r.is r i; T.IB r.ij r 20 r 21 r» ra r:< r 3 r 26r-27 r T> rsSelect the filter optionsyou wantby clicking or typingin the appropriatefields.Example: If you wantto research all cases of red boo-merang or crescent-shapedobjects seen in the year 2000,those criteriaare what you wouldset yourfilter for.Click the Filter button at thebottom of the Filter & Sortpage.Response: A list of reports is displayed resemblingthefamiliar INCOMING reports list page. However,only re-ports that contain the elementsyou selected will be in thislist. For the example above, only reports of red boomer-ang or crescent-shaped objects seen in the year 2000would be in the list.This page has buttonsat the top re-sembling those mentioned in Step 2.Click the Reports button at the top right of the page.Response: AReport Selecti XE "Report Selection page"on page isdisplayed, illustratedbelow,containinga smallwindow with report numbers in it and a drop-down listcontaining the words "Summarize those selected." Totheright is a buttonlabeled Select All.2000 MUFON InternationalSymposium recaps availableThe 2000 MUFON International Symposiumactivities are available in two Formats: the printedProceedings and the video tapes of the two-dayevent. Featured are John Schuessler, Dr. KevinHandle, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Stan Gordon, Dr.Linda Corley, John Carpenter, Gerald Rolwes,Dr. Colm Kelleher, Dr. Robert Wood, StantonFriedman,TedPhillips,John Greenewald Jr.,andGregory Avery. See the Directors Message.Mutual UFO Network, Int.WORLDWIDE UFO DATABASEReport Selection!90 ••138 r«t !l5iibmn|.flisci|Cms: ISelect reports youwant to access by either choosingthem in the small windowor clickingthe Select All but-ton. Normallyyou willclick Select All because thewin-dow lists the reports youjust filteredand you willmostlikely wantto generatesearch outputon all of them. Note:You must click Select All orchoose some reports to pro-ceed.Highlight Summarize those selected, or any otherreport in the drop-down list. Note: Report functional-ity for WUFOD is still under development (see Sec.20, "Possible Future Features"). A few reports havebeen provided to demonstratethe functionality. Theycan be enhanced and expandedas we get input on thetypes of reports you want. The reports in the drop-down list that are currently functional include:Summarize those selected. Displays all fields forall reports selected.Short summaryof those selected. Displays core datafields for reports selected.Titles for those selected. Displays the ABSTRACT,State, and WUFOD numberfor all reports selected.Click the Submit button.Response: All the reports based on your filter se-lects and the report type you selected are displayed.To print the output you just generated, use yourbrowsers Print button.20. Possible Future FeaturesAdd XE "groups:relationship to MUFON data col-lection forms" itiona XE "groups:future functional-ity" 1 Group XE "future features:additionalgroups andforms" s and Forms. More groups besides INCOM-ING and APPROVED can be added should the needarise to segregate reports into further subdivisions fordiscrete data types or to correspond with particulardata collection forms. For example, MUFON maywish to place onlineother report forms in theirinventory
  • Page 12 September 2000MUFON UFO JournalbesidesMUFON UFO Sighting Questionnaire: ComputerInput (Form 2), such as UFO SightingQuestionnaire —Electrical/Magnetic Cases (Form 3), or UFO SightingQuestionnaire — EntityCases (Form 7). Also, the abilityexists for MUFON state organizations or research projectsto have their own groups. Information from other UFOdatabases could also be ported intoseparate groupswithinWUFOD. Or it may be desirable to archive older reportsin their own groups by year, as they are approved. Sothere could be an APPROVED-1999 group, an AP-PROVED-1998 group, etc.Phot XE "photographs, attached to reports, see futurefeatures" o an XE "future features:photo and witnesssketch attachments" d WitnessSketch Attachments. Pho-tographs, witness sketches and other information storedin graphical formatcan be attached to reports and storedon the WUFOD computerserver to be permanently at-tached to cases. This capability is not yet functional.Reports in Spread XE "future featuresireports in spread-sheet format" sheet Format. Reports in Microsoft® Ex-cel® could be automaticallygenerated and emailed.Public A XE "futurefeatures:public access to summa-rized APPROVED data" ccess to Summarized AP-PROVED Data. In the future, MUFON may wish tomake summarized data from approved cases availableto the general public, perhaps from the MUFONwebsite, particularly reports of "unidentified" with es-pecially strong supporting evidence.UFO event a big successPennsylvania researcher Stan Gordon reports that theNational UFO Information Week Display whichhe con-ducted Aug. 12 at the Westmoreland Mall inGreensburg, PA, was "a big success." The display wasmanned all day from 10 a.m. until 9:30 p.m."From the time the mall opened, the crowds beganto form and parade past the large display of UFO in-formation" says Stan. "There was an unendingday-longstream of people crowding past the display."Thousands attended this event, and Stan notes thatthe display received very good pre-event press cover-age It was also featured on the night of the event dur-ing the news on two major Pittsburgh TV stations, Fox53andWTAE channel 4."As a result of the display," says Stan, "a numberofnew sources who were involved with the 1965Kecksburg event came forward. We also heard manyaccounts of past and recent UFO cases, as well asBigfoot encounters."Michigan sighting featurescolors, lights, soundThe following reported UFO sighting by Correc-tional Officer Shawn Jenks in October of 1988 nearFenwick, MI, was reported to MUFON Field Investi-gator (and correctional facility co-worker) John W.Castle and submitted by permission of the witness.At about 2 a.m. Mr. Jenks was lying awake in bedand gazing out the bedroom window. There wereclouds visible, and one cloud inparticular seemed dif-ferent, appearing larger than the others and movingdifferently in relation to them.As Shawn watched this cloud a strange object look-ing like a cereal bowl and orange as the color of thesetting sun appears to be moved from behind it andcame to a halt over the neighbors house.The witness went to get his sister to also observethis phenomenon. At thistime the orange bowl-shapedobject appeared to tilt over on its edge to the observersleft at an angle placing it on end. It then rotated andtilted over on the opposite end to the observers right.After that it rotated to its uprightposition.Shawnssister returned to her room and hid under her bed.Shawn watched, the object shrank in size in a uniformmanner. Then it "snapped" back into its prior bowlshape. At this point the object shot a beam of lightupward on a 45-degree angle which wentfrom a solidbeam to a dotted line appearance.At a great distance, as it appeared to the observer,the lightbecame a point source as a star appears to be.The object then moved behind its cloud once again.As the witness continued to watch, an area of swampwas illuminated as if by a great light. As the treetopswere thus lit up, there was a swishing sound as ofmanypeople walking through tall grass.Across the road from the witnesshouse there ap-peared a light bobbing about twelve feet above theground, as a flashlightbeing carried by a walking per-son into the swamp. There was a sound like that of anengine or a pump runningfrom the swamp, and whilethis was occurring, there was a brightening of thestar-like light source high in the sky.Whenever the light brightened, the motor soundgrew strong. Whenever the light grew dim, the motorsound stopped. This was repeated for a long time aswas an accompanying sound like that of "ears of cornbeing tossed into a bucket" according to the witness.At one timethe witnessreported the soundof a snappedlimb. All this activity ceased at around 6 a.m. Afterfull daylight the witness ventured in to the swamp andfound only a broken off tree limb. The witness seemscompletely credible.
  • MUFON UFO Journal September 2000 Page 13Filers FilesGeorge FilerBy George A. FilerDirector, MUFON Eastern RegionMajorstar@aol.com 609-654-0020A new turn of events?Ive followed the UFO situation for more thantwentyyears and its hard to explain, but I have a feeling some-thing is very wrong-but it is not much more than ahunch. Consequently, I needhelp from anyone reading thisreport to use your resources tocollect data about this newturnin events.My strong premonition isbased on some reliable infor-mation that started a couple ofyears back when Chuck War-ren, told me he was photo-graphing low level contrailsmade by large four enginewhite jet aircraft flying overthe Philadelphia area.I have some 5,000 flying hours and have often seencontrails being formed by our aircraft, but never at theselower levels. We generally flew at 30,000 feet or higherin our C-141 Starlifter and often I observed four con-trails developing well behind the engines; these wouldcombine into one long contrail that would soon dissi-pate.Jet aircraft engines emit tiny particles that serve ascondensation nuclei.At high altitudeswatervaporcol-lects on these particles and crystallizes,and in turn cre-ates streaks of frozen water vapor otherwise known ascontrails.Chuck and his friends assured me these werenotnor-mal contrails-that the aircraft were flying much too lowto form the standard contrails.He showed me some filmof what appeared to be a white 707 or KC-135 aircraftflying at a few thousandfeetleavingtwo contrails. Thespray was coming from the tail area and not from theengines.According to hundreds of reports, this spray calledchemtrails falls to the ground and often makes somepeople sick with flu-like symptoms and skin rashes.The planes are often seen flying in a crisscross check-erboard pattern, and soon the whole sky iscloudedover.Weather satellite photos also show the operationfrom space. These photos can be seen at severalwebsites such as www.contrailconnection.com.I first thoughtthe governmentwas spraying perhapsdue to the Nile Fever scare. I checked with some oldtanker Air Force and National Guard people, all ofwhom denied any knowledge of the spraying.Samples of the chemtrails have been collected andare alleged to contain various toxins and reportedlyred and white blood cells, and other unidentified celltypes. Using a sub micron fiber sample, these appearto be cells of a desiccated freeze dried nature. Thesesamples were sentto the EPA, who thusfar havegivenunsatisfactory answers. Their response has been thataircraft normally form contrails and spread toxins simi-lar to cars exhaust.There is nothing to worry about.On July 9, 2000,1 was at Long Beach Island, NJ,looking at the Atlantic Ocean when I noticed a whitefour-engine jet making a long contrail. It was a verythick heavy contrail in a beautiful blue sky. I lookedleft towards New York, and the contrail was at leastfifty miles long.Within a few seconds I looked back to the front ofthe contrail to get a closer look at the aircraft, and ithad disappeared. I searched the sky with binoculars,but it was gone. The contrail had suddenly stoppedwhere I last saw the aircraft. I thought that was verystrange, but perhaps Ijust lost it in the clear blue sky?At the recentMUFON Conference, Louisiana StateDirector Greg Avery explained that his video camerawas picking up UFOs inside the chemtrails, and heshowed us some videos to that effect. Greg is a privatetrial lawyer.Driving home from the MUFON conference Geor-gia State MUFON director Tom Sheets, who is a re-tired chief of police, and others saw aircraft spraying.All those in the car noticed the contrails. While theywere watching the spaying from the aircraft, it disap-peared. These are highquality witnesses; they are notmistaken. Ive learned from other contrail experts thishas happened before. To my knowledge humans donot possess aircraft that can disappear.The spraying is real; therefore I suspect that UFOsare involved. I want to know what they are sprayingand why. The UFO and the chemtrail phenomena mayhave moved to a new level ofseriousness. My inquirieslead me to believe no one in government is noticingoranalyzing the data.If anyone happens to see an aircraft at low levelmaking contrails I urge you to videotape and get otherwitnesses watching. The more important the witnessyou can notify the better. Attempt to collect the spray.For example, large plates, plastic or your cars hub-caps could be used tocollect the liquid. Once the spraylands use Q-tips to collect the spray and put into cleanglass or plastic containers. Keep a record of whats
  • Page 14 September 2000 MUFON UFO Journalhappening. Let me know, and I will give you an addressof where to send the samples and videotapes.There is an urgent need for airborne sample collec-tion flying behind the airborne chemtrails. This couldbe dangerous, but airborne samples would be muchmore valuable if properly collected and recorded.I also suggest you put your name and address onthis column and send it to the most powerful personyou know. We are attempting to get the news mediaand politicians aware of this potential problem. I willbe on the Jeff Rense show to talk more about it.The EPA wrote David Peterson at the ChemtrailResearch Fund on Feb, 22, 2000. "We are not awareof any program to disperse fibrous material on the USpopulation."My experience is that the government authoritiesare not engaged in quiet research to determine the prob-lem, but tend to scoff at our efforts.I wish to caution the reader that our data are notproven; the resultsof this sprayingcould beeither help-ful or hurtful to mankind.We are attempting to collectdata and sort this out. We have obtained reports fromalmost every state in the US and numerous foreigncountries such as Australia, England, France, Holland,Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, and Sweden.The following are Essential Elements of Informa-tion that we need collected: Describe the craft and howit seems to disappear. Report location, date, time,speed, angle above the horizon, distance, size, etc. Wecan estimate altitude of the craft based on the angleand distance.Caution concerning your reports. High flying air-craft with contrails are a normal situation. Generallyan aircraft smaller than yourthumbnailat armslengthis at altitudes where normal contrails form. If the air-craft is larger than your thumb at arms length it isunlikely contrails will naturally form, and these shouldbe especially videotaped.Attempt to get an overall wide angle view of thescene before and after zooming in on the object. Theobvious possibility is that the chemtrails are beingspread by white unidentified flying objects that appearfairly normal until they suddenly disappear.It is much too early to come to conclusions, but it isimportant to collect data on this phenomenon. I cer-tainly suspect a control system is operating. The phe-nomenon may be forcing us through a learning curve.The chemtrails and recent reports of threatening UFOsindicate a potentially more serious situation is devel-oping.The following Kentuckyreport and those from Swe-den and Australia help confirm this data.Kentucky/Tennessee contrail craft disappearsOn July 17,2000, Georgia State Director Tom Sheets(this writer),ASD Mark Ausmus,and CFI Jim Clifford,all of MUFON of Georgia and ISUR, werereturningto the Atlanta area from the MUFON Symposium inSt. Louis. We were driving southbound on 1-24 in aChevy van. Sheets driving, Clifford front right, Ausmusin first back seat.While passing through Kentucky and into Tennes-see, Clifford had been pointingout anextraordinarilylarge number of jet contrails in the sky. The weatheralong this route was some thin haze and some thin al-most transparent cirrostratus patches in some areas,with some cirrus, but mostly sunny with temperaturesinthe 90s, no appreciable wind noticed.At 4:40 p.m. CDT, approaching the 97-mile markerbetween Nashville and Chattanooga, about 81 roadmiles NW of Chattanooga, Cliffordpointedup and outhis window saying something to the effect of "Look,theres ajet giving off a contrail or chemtrail."Note: At that time the sky to our front, front right,and front left was the aforementioned thin transparentpartial haze, but it abruptly ended to our front andslightly upwards. From that upward point in front, onto the overhead point, andcontinuing behind us to rightand left was clear blue sky withbright sun. No clouds,no haze.As Clifford remarked on the jet as described above,I glanced up and slightly to the right and saw acontrailthrough and above the haze, more or less parallel tothe roadway (being deployed toward us), but it termi-nated at the edge of the thin haze. Quickly followingthis line out into the clear sky, I observed alarge brightwhite jet of the 777 or 757 or similar variety, begin-ning to again emit more contrail or chemtrail.The aircraftwas obvious and substantialand in clearblue sky with bright sunlight. There was no mistakingwhat it was. The outline of the white fuselage, wingsand tail were PLAINLY visible against clear blue.(Mark Ausmuswas unable to see the aircraft from hisposition in the rear seat, but immediately observed thetrails in the sky upon dismountingthe van).At that point this writer braked hard (light traffic),and began to quickly pull over. Clifford, who was stillwatching, then stated, "Its gone, it just vanished."Within a few moments, we were all out and looking.The jet had indeed vanished. The sky was doublechecked using binoculars, with negative results.We could still plainly see thecontrail/chemtrail linethrough the haze, stopping at the edge, then a shortway out into the clear sky the contrail began again,then stopped. The course the jet had been flying wasdirectly into the clear sky. If it had banked/turned orclimbed or dived, we should still have been able to see
  • MUFON UFO Journal September 2000 Page 15it for several minutes.There were NO other clouds orhaze for it to fly into on its course, which was esti-mated at being about NNW. This writer estimated thealtitude at about 15,000 feet.Note: The contrail/chemtrail above the haze, stop-ping at the edge, then continuing for a brief distance inthe clear sky, was similar to this:then the jet vanished, leaving only this:As stated, this all occurred in a very short period oftime, from first alert, to the jet vanishing, to our staticobservation of the sky. We found it difficult to believethat an aircraft that large and obvious could disappear.It should be noted that all three of us have long ex-perience as observers, myself from 25 years of law en-forcement and SWAT type operations, Mark Ausmusfrom years of organizing and executing MANYskywatches and UFO surveillanceoperations, and CFIJim Clifford (probably the most formally trained as anobserver for this type of activity)who retired after 23years of navalservice with a Top Secret security clear-ance in communications.He also has experience in theP-3 Orion subhunteraircraft, andwas once responsiblefor visually spotting a Russiansubmarinethat had got-ten into one of our Navys areas of patrol responsibil-ity; the sub had been overlooked by other observersand methods, but Jim spotted it during patrol sweepsby the P-3.Jim later went on to comment that he had noticedthat a lot of these events involved the contrail/chemtrails being deployed in or above cloud cover orhaze and then terminating near clear sky, as if to con-ceal the activity. Jim, like the rest of us, thinks thepublic has a right to know the "what" and the "why" ofthis activity. Copyright2000, All RightsReserved.Texas daylight cylinder reportedAUSTIN — Witness Carol Cowgill reports: "Wehad a daylight sighting of a large cylindrical objectwhich lasted 30 seconds before the object disappearedon June 30, 2000, at 8:30 p.m., which is still broaddaylight. My husband and I spent a week on LakeTravis in a subdivisioncalled Lakeway. There werejets and light planes flying to and from Austins air-port."My eye was drawn to a very bright white objectwhich suddenly appeared flying rather quickly to thesoutheast at four to five thousand feet. The westernsun reflected on the object, and we were able to seethe side of a large whitecylindrical object with a verydistinct round, flat rear end, also bright white. Afterabout thirty seconds we saw the round rear of the craftenter the only cloud in the sky and we lost sight of italtogether. There was no noise made by the craft."The two areas in whichmy husband and I disagreeare the angle at whichthe object flew-he says at a tiltand I say parallel to land-and what the front of thecraft might have looked like. My husband believesthe front was flat, and I just couldnt tell because theobject appeared suddenly, and the front end was pastour pointof determination.. Thanks to Craig and CarolCowgillCalifornia lightsVICTORVILLE — Mr. R. called the MUFON SanBernardino Hotline to report that on Aug. 9, 2000, hiswife looked out the window and noticed two verybrightwhite lights swoopingback and forth in the sky at 11:30p.m.. She alerted him to the lights, and he went out-side his front door and was met by a blinding whitelight that illuminated his house and street. The lightsuddenly went out and he noticed both his outdoormercury vapor lights and street lights were out.As he stood in the total darkness, he was again sur-rounded by the intensely bright light that lasted abouta minute,then once again blinked out of sudden dark-ness. About a minute and a half later he heard a rum-bling sound like a sonic boom that sounded like thenoise that sometimes precedes an earthquake. Thewindows in his house rattled, but the ground nevershook.Following the vibration, he looked towards thenortheast sky and saw what appeared to be two faintwhite "falling stars" that were "falling" side by sideand disappeared at the same moment. Mr. R. reportedthat there were no visual observations of normal air-craft or helicopters inthe sky duringthe event, and nosound was heard, with the exception of rumbling.Thanks to Cinde CostelloAnother witness?June Grain called detective Sgt. James Clarkson in1997 to share her firsthand accountof workingatWright-Patterson AFB from 1942 to 1952. Sheclaims to havehandled unusual metal parts of a flying saucer, taken dic-tation from Werner Von Braun, and been told of threeUFO crashes.She claims to have held a Top Secret Q clearanceand been asked to sign a "Too Hot" memo as a resultof acareless master sergeant announcinghe had flownin from New Mexico with alien bodies and wreckage.According to Dr. Bob and Ryan Woods, "Her storycontinues to validatethe contentsofthe Majestic docu-ments in both powerful overt and subtle ways.June was the only known surviving member of theparachute groupof Wright Field. She passed away onAugust 23, 1998, yet she left plenty of evidence be-hind thatis available atwww.majesticdocuments.com/witnesses. Thanks to Dr. Bob and Ryan Woods
  • Page 16 September 2000 MUFON UFO JournalMUFON FORUMLetters to Mufon UFO JournalOperation Right to Know disbandsOperation Right to Know has disbanded. The Boardof Directors of the controversial UFO organization,firstto organize political demonstrations to end UFO se-crecy, voted last month to dissolve the group. Between1992 and 1995, ORTK shocked the UFOcommunityby taking to thestreets to deliverthe message,"UFOs are Real,Theyre Extrater- ^restrial, and the USG o v e r n m e n tKnows It."During its 4years, ORTK held 10 demonstrations* in the US andEngland, and inspired 6 demonstrations* * by otherorganizations, MUFON-Michigan, Mars Mission,andthe Long Island UFO Network. One of ORTKsevents,the 1993 march at the White House, generated morepublicity than any UFO event ever.The purpose of these demonstrations was to piercethe wall of public and government silence on the sub-ject of UFOs by making anunmitigated, unintimidated,and absolutely forthright publicdeclaration of the truth.Now ORTK has closed its doors. As a former orga-nizer for Operation Right to Know, I am reflecting onthe cause of our disbanding. ORTK disbanded becausethe organization put a more powerful tactic-publicdemonstrations-in the hands of the people than thepeople care to use at this time.In my work for ORTK, I gave a number of talks atUFO meetings to rally support for ourdemonstrations.There I discovered how the UFO community reallyfelt about what ORTK was doing. The UFO commu-nity is afraid of the consequences of disclosure.During ORTKs time, there was a lot of talkaboutridicule. Fear of ridicule, it was said, held people backfrom demonstrating. However, I found that was mi-nor. The real factor which held them back was thatpeople do not feel society can tolerate full-scale, in-your-face knowledge of the reality of UFOs.No one had any illusions about what demonstra-tions could do if the tactic really got going. The cover-up is fragile, unstable, and utterly dependent upon thecooperation of the public in maintaining silence. Ifthousands marched in the streets on a consistent basis,the whole ediface of government and public silencewould be shattered. This was obvious. Moreover, itbecame equally obvious to me over time that the UFOcommunity did not want to do that.The UFO community is not stupid orcowardly. Thecommunity declined because it feels, atheart, that end-ing the cover-up would be dangerous to society. It isalso true the UFO community is profoundly uneasywith the current situation.We all know the current situation cannot be main-tained indefinitely.We all know the aliens are not leav-ing our planet; we all know they are pursuing relent-lessly some objective. Non-parallel lines willmeet. Thetruth must out. That tension we all feel, that uneasi-ness, gave rise to ORTK in the first place. Apparently,however, our uneasiness will not be resolved by dra-matic and decisive political action now.With all that, there is something else to consider.ORTK shook up the cover-up. Even though at no timeduring my work with ORTK was I aware of any sur-veillance, nor did I feel anyone was trying to block ouractivities, I know the cover-up watched us. Wouldntyou, ifyou were the cover-up? Doubtless the cover-upfeels relief at ORTKs demise. I say this not becauseORTK was formidible, but because it was potentiallyformidible. This time the people voted in favor of thecover-up; next time the people may vote differently.ORTK made history. We raised for the first timethe spectre of mass political action concerning UFOs.We put the cover-up on notice that the quite, compli-ant sheep herd (the public) could shed its clothing,could rise, and could, using nothing more than legalpublic speech, bring the cover-up down.We could do that. We can do that. We can still dothat. We still have the name, Operation Right to Know.We still have the world-class logo. And, most impor-tantly, we still have the grievance that motivated usoriginally.Our grievance, as a people, is we have no idea whatthe US government is doing to resolve the dreadfulsituation in which we find ourselves. It isnt enough,this monumental wall of silence the governmentprojects, from which we people are supposed to clev-erly, and humbly, infer that "Daddy" (the government)is taking care of everything. From our vantagepoint,wesee worlds in collision. We see a situation that, evi-dently, so concerns us we are afraid to speak publiclyabout it."Dont interfere," the government says implicitly.Thats dandy. In the meantime, what is the govern-ment doing to peacefully resolve the situation of thedenial of the alien presence, resolve it peacefully andin a way that will preserve American democracy andour Constitution?As I said in a speech in front of thewhite House at ORTKs July 5, 1993 demonstration:"What, US government, is your policy?"Now the question has been put. We, loyal Ameri-
  • MUFON UFO Journal September 2000 Page 17can citizens, who earnestly desire to retain faith andtrust in our government, await the answer.I am pleased and proud to have been associated withthe tiny vanguard organization, Operation Right toKnow. I thank my ORTK comrades, the other organi-zations which held events, and all those who marchedwith us. We broke the ground for others to follow. Iknow they will follow.They must.* ORTKdemonstrations: White House, March 1992;Office of US Sen. Bob Graham, Tallahassee, PL, Feb.16,1993;Washington Post,June 30,1993;White House,July 5,1993;United Nations,Nov. 19,1993 with cospon-sor NY Center for UFO Research; Office of US Sen.Sam Nunn, Atlanta, GA, April 12,1994; Office of USSen. Barbara Boxer, Los Angeles, May 1,1994; Penta-gon, May 23,1994; Ministryof Defence, Whitehall, andHouse ofCommons, London,May 23,1994; US GeneralAccounting Office, Washington, DC, March 29,1995.** Non-ORTK demonstrations: Federal Building,GrandRapids,MI, sponsored byMUFON-Michigan,Aug.14,1993;Jet PropulsionLaboratory, Pasadena, CA,Aug.24,1993,sponsored byMars Mission; Suffolk CountyNYPolice Hdqtrs,July 5,1993 andAug. 21,1993, sponsoredby Long IslandUFO Network; Cape Kennedy,FL,andJPL, Pasadena, CA, Nov. 6,1996, sponsored by MarsMission.Elaine Douglass,MUFON Co-State Director for Utah, and formerMUFON StateDirector, Washington, D.C.Adamski supportedMy wife andI were somewhatdismayed by the article"Contactees of the Fifties" by UFO researcher and au-thor Jean Sider which appeared in the July issue of theJournal.Ive been involved with ufology for twenty-eightyears and my wifes association goes back to the earlysixties when she was connected with the AdamskiStudy Group in Boston, MA, and personally knew thiscontroversial contactee.Aside from obvious discrepancies in author Siderspiece, my main concern is with the remarks made con-cerning Adamski.First of all,, in the 1961 book, "Fly-ing Saucers Farewell" Adamaki said he never owneda business nor was he employed at the Palomar Gar-dens Cafe. He and his wife simply lived on the pre-mises owned and operated by Alice K. Wells.The references supporting Siders article taken fromthe first book, George Adamski: Their Man on Earth,by Lou Zinestag published in 1973 were not complete.No mention was made of the later book, GeorgeAdamki: The Untold Story, co-authored with TimothyGood in 1983. This later work is the final word on theAdamski saga, includinghis claims withresponses to thecritical concernsraised by skeptics anddebunkerswithinthe UFO community.Furthermore, another book, UFOs and the Com-plete Evidencefrom Space, by Daniel Ross, publishedin 1987 discusses the truth about the planets, Venus,Mars and the Moon, citing research done by MorrisK. Jessup, an astronomy & mathematics instructor atthe University of Michigan, while completing his doc-torate thesis in astrophysics. Reference to his book,The Expanding Casefor the UFO, published in 1957.Reading Dr.Jessups writingswill support Adamskisclaims of meeting with Venusiansstarting in 1952 inDesert Center, CA.Incidentally, Adamski created the names ORTHON,RAMU and FIRKON, since the aliens he had encoun-ters with didnt provide their names telepathically, sofor identification purposes Adamski, assigned thesenames to the space visitorswhich he often called spacebrothers. "...,.Further investigation by Mr.Sider would reveal factsdisregarded by ufologistscritical of Adamski, whp seekonly to discredit him. Id suggest further research andreading the material cited. In doing,so he and otherswould learn that plaster of Paris casts were made ofOrthons footprints in the desert showing strange un-known symbols and hieroglyphics on the soles of theshoes worn by the alien visitor. These casts were takenby one of Adamskis witnesses, George HuntWilliamson, aprofessional anthropologist. By the way,one of these casts was ultimately given to DesmondLeslie, the co-author of Adamskis 1953 book, FlyingSaucers Have Landed!Relative to Mr.Siders article concerning the lackof authenticityof thephotos of Adamskis "scout ship"taken back in 1952 is totally false and were not fakesas claimed. In 1954 Leonard Cramp, an aeronauticaldesigner and engineer, wrote in his first book, Space,Gravity and the Flying Saucer, that the photographstaken by Adamski at Palomar Terraces were authenticand were, in fact, nearly identical in appearance withthose taken in 1954 by Stephen Darbishire in Coniston,Lancashire,England.Later in 1965 8mm motion picture film was takenof space craft by Madeleine Rodeffer and GeorgeAdamski in Silver Spring, MD, and a professionallyqualified researcher, William T. Sherwood, an opticalphysicist and senior project development engineer forEastman Kodak Company of Rochester, N.Y, analysedthe film and found it to be authentic. Again, no hoax!By the way, my wife has copies of the film frametaken at that time, which she obtained from Mrs.Rodeffer when she visited the Adamski Study Groupin Boston back in the late sixties.
  • Page 18 September 2000 MUFON UFO JournalIts interesting todaytonotethatufologists use theterm"scout ships" and "mother ship"indescribing alien craftseen in the skies, since itwasGeorge Adamski who coinedtheseterms backin 1951and 1952, whenhe actually firstbegan taking photos of these space vehicles through histelescope in ValleyCenter, CA.Adamski claimed that the giant carrier "mother ship"was an interplanetary spaceship which transported thesmaller scoutcraft here toplanet earth.Maybe the skeptics can tellus why Adamski met withPope John XXIII an May 31,1963,at St. Peters at theVatican and was secretly ushered in through a side doorto have aprivate audience with thePope whopresentedAdamski withagoldenecumenical coin, whichwasreadyfor sale, but not yet on the market.According to Lou Zinsstag, who accompaniedAdamski to the Vatican, he was carrying with him asmall package which he delivered to the Pope. He hadexplained that he had received it from a spaceman whilein Copenhagen, Denmark, during a speaking tour.There are obviously many mysteries surroundingGeorge Adamski, and well never know all the truthabout this enigmatic man and his extraordinary claims,who by the way was buried in the Arlington NationalCemetery in 1965.Let us havethe truth tho the Heavens fall.Fred R. ChaffeeCALENDARSept. 23-24-The 37th Annual National UFOConfernence, Corpus Christi, TX, hosted by CorpusChristi MUFON. Contact Doris Upchurch at 361-937-2381. Room reservations: 800-688-0334 ext 1630.Oct. 7-8-The 12th UFO/ET Congress at the DaysInn in Bordentown, NJ. Information: 609-631-8955.Oct. 20-22-Journeys Beyond Conference, Ft.Walton Beach, FL. For free program guide write Con-ference, 7262 Highpointe PI. E., Spanish Fort, AL36527, or call 334-621-5750 or emailjourneysbeyond@hotmail.comLeap of Faith, An Astronauts Journey Into theUnknown, by Gordon Cooper (with BruceHenderson), HarperCollins, New York, 2000,279-page 6"X 9" hardback, $25.00.Reviewed by Dwight ConnellyThis is one of the most interestingbooks I have readover the past three or four years, not just because ofthe UFO element, but also because Coopers tells acompelling story about the development of our spaceprogram.As one of the original Mercury 7 astronauts, "Gordo"Cooper was part of an elite group of men who ledAmerica into space. The reader is taken behind thescenes as the astronauts survivea tough selection pro-cess, undergo rigorous physical conditioning,submitto humiliating medical procedures, deal with intensemedia scrutiny, experience the jealousy and frustra-tions of waiting their turns for crucial flights into space,and deal withlife-threatening equipmentmalfunctions.Coopers experiences with UFOs began in 1951 inEurope as a 24-year-old second lieutenant flying an F-86. "Bogies" were spotted, and pilots were scrambledto intercept them, but after reaching the 45,000 maxi-mum altitude for the F-86, the metallic silver saucer-shaped objects were stillfar higher, moving first slowly,then quickly, then stopping."We couldnt get close enough to form any idea oftheir size," says Cooper. "For the next two or threedays they came right over the base atregular intervals,but as far as I know there was no official investiga-tion."Following this experience, Cooper was very open-minded when it came to UFOs. "I knew an Air Forcemaster sergeant assigned to a team that received anemergency call-out from Washington, D.C., to thePacific southwest (not Roswell). He told me theyreached a canyon and found a wreckage site. Accord-ing to this friend-and I had been around him enoughto consider him a reliable guy-a metallic disk-shapedobject had crashed, and sitting atop the wreckage weretwo very human-looking fellows in flight suits, wav-ing at them. They were hustled away, and the ser-geant never found out who they were or what happenedto them."Cooper also heard insider stories about Roswell. "Apilot and Air Force major who was a good friend ofmine had been at Roswell," he explains. "He had seensome of the debris recovered at the crash site, and hetold me it sure wasnt a weather balloon. Although he
  • MUFON UFO Journal September 2000 Page 19had to be careful about what he said, due to stringentsecurity around the entire incident, he made it clearthat what crashed that day was an aircraft of some type,and that bodies of the crew were recovered." ,In 1957 Cooper, by then a captain, was a test pilotand project manager at Edwards Air Force Base in theCalifornia desert. On May 3, two cameramen filminga landing system came running up to him to tell himthat a noiseless, metallic silver "strange-looking sau-cer" had flown over them, hovered, extended landinggear, and set down about 50 yards away. Thoughshocked, the men shot both still photos and motionpictures.As they tried to approach the object for closer shotsit lifted up, retracted its landing gear, and rapidly shotstraight up into the sky, again with no sound. Theysaid the object was about 30 feet in diameter.Cooper ordered the men to process the film whilehe called a special number to report the sighting. Hiscall was transferred from a captain to a colonel to ageneral, who told him to process the film, not makeany prints, and send the negatives in a locked courierpouch to Washington in the base commandinggenerals plane.Before sending the negatives to Washington helooked at them, noting that the high quality printsshowed "a classic saucer, shiny silver and smooth."He was not able to view the motion picture film.In 1978 Cooper was invited to appear before theUnited Nationsregarding his experiences with UFOs,as was Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Cooper testified, "I be-lieve extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visit-ing this planetfrom other planets, which obviously area little more technically advanced than we are onEarth."He was asked if astronauts had ever seen UFOs whilein space, and he replied that on one occasion (Gemini4) there might have been a UFO sighting.Cooper also tells of his relationship with Dan Fry,who was in charge of instruments for missile controland guidance at White Sands Proving Grounds, NM.Fry reportedly saw his first UFO on July 4,1950,thenclaimed to have actually flown in one later. "I had seenmy share of wide-eyed UFO fanatics and lunatics,"says Cooper. "Fry was not in that category. I foundhim totally credible."Following his encounter with Fry, Cooper was toldby Valerie Ransone, who had served in the Gerald Fordadministration, but who also claimed to be in contactwith extraterrestrials, that he would also be taking aride in a saucer with Fry. This never occurred, but hisassociation with Ransone led him to put his credibil-ity with NASA on the line.This occurred after Ransome told him that her con-tact had warned her that there was a technical problemwith the space shuttle,outlining in detail what the prob-lem was, though neither Cooper nor Ransome under-stood the drawings she had made. If uncorrected, itcould mean disaster for the astronauts."I had been around Valerie long enough to find herknowledgeable and trustworthy,and I wasnt about todiscount her transmissions," says Cooper. "Her tele-pathic powers had been proven time and again."For Cooper, it was "the moment of truth." Wouldhe ignore the warning, risking the lives of the astro-nauts? "On the other hand," he thought, "do I marchinto NASA with informationin hand? Would they con-sider me some kind of fool-retired from NASA fornearly a decade, coming in with detailed technical in-formation about a spacecraft I had never even flown?Looking at the intricate drawing of the coil, I knew Ihad no choice."The result was that NASA did listen to Cooper,found the problem, and fixed it.I heartily recommend this book.UFOs & Abductions, Challenging the Borders ofKnowledge, ed by David M. Jacobs, co-authored byStuart Appelle, Ron Westrum, Don C., Donderi,Michael D. Swords, Jerome Clark, Thomas E.Bullard, David M. Jacobs, Budd Hopkins, John E.Mack, and Michael A. Persinger; University ofKansas Press, Lawrence, KS; 2000; 382-page 6"X9" cloth hardback, $34.95.Review by Dwight ConnellyThis is undoubtedlyone of the more serious attemptsto present a scholarly look at UFOs and the abductionphenomenon, and the University of Kansas Press hasput its prestige on the line in publishing it. The co-authors are some of the heaviest hitters in ufology, andthey present a comprehensive look at what we know,dont know, and speculate aboutUFOs and abductions.Although one of the major goals of this book is toexpand the numberof scientists willingto take a seri-ous look at the phenomenon,Jacobs acknowledges inthe introductionthatstudyingUFOs and abductions "sci-entifically" is difficult.He further notes that the contributors to this bookinclude an artist, a writer, a sociologist, a psychiatrist,a natural scientist, a folklorist, a neuro-biologist, a his-torian, and two psychologists, each of whom has stud-ied various aspects of the phenomenon seriously, butoften by using different methodology andjust as oftencoming to different conclusions.These contributors deal with a broad and signifi-cant range of topics. Stuart Appelle looks at the role
  • Page 20 September 2000 MUFON UFO JournalUFOs and abductions haveplayed in academic settings;Don C. Donderi discusses the nature of evidence bestsuited for research; Thomas E. Bullard compares mythsand legends with theUFOphenomenon;andJacobs, BuddHopkins, andJohnE. Mack look atthe history, methodol-ogy,evidence,andpossible meaningof abduction experi-ences. Michael A. Persinger provides an alternative ex-planation for abductions based on neurolgy, Michael D.Swords examines the governments role, Jerome Clarkdiscusses the early responses to abductions by society ingeneral, and RonWestrum analyzesthe possible motiva-tions and resources of some of the major investigators.They all doanadmirable job, anda well-rounded lookat abductions and UFOs is presented.The work of Persinger is interesting. He is involvedwith studies and experiments designed to explain howcertain stimuli can cause the brain of a normal indi-vidual to experience what appears to be an encounterwith alien beings-even in the laboratory. Persingertakes a non-judgmental look at individuals who feelthey have been abducted, explaining how variousstimuli can cause normal individuals to experiencesights, sounds, smells, and even sexual sensations of-ten associated with abductions.While these experiments do not rule out alien inter-ference as the cause of these experiences, much lessaccount for physical evidence related to abductions,Persingers work does show that abduction "symp-toms" can occur withoutabductions.He does not adequately account for abduction simi-larities across very diverse cultures, or for some of themultiple witness cases, but he does show how the mindcan be affected by certain stimuli to create unreal ex-periences, and it points to the importance of havingmultiple evidence for abductions, notjust isolated state-ments by the experiencer.Persingers work also suggests that abduction re-searchers may be inadequately trained to sort the realfrom the unreal. It follows, then, that the researchersmay not be providing the type of assistance, includingdrug therapy, that could help some experiences endtheir torment. Some stronger standards of training andcertification would seem to be in order for those re-searchers dealing directly with experiencers.Jacobs poses some of these concerns and questionsin the books final chapter, "Research Directions,"pointing out the many aspects of the UFO phenom-enon still crying out for detailed study.While this book may not influence many mainstreamscientists to buck the tide and join those already in-volved in UFO research, it does present an excellentpicture of where we are with abduction research.Though expensive, UFOs and Abductions is easilyworth two of the more common UFO books.Exhaustive inventory of UFOarticles hosted by SHGBy Jan AldrichThe Sign Historical Group (SHG) is proud to an-nounce our hosting of Barry Greenwoodsexhaustiveinventory of UFO articles from learned journals andpopular magazines. The inventoryof over 7000 articlesfrom 1600 to the present represents a collection effortspanning 3O years.Strange objects in the atmosphere and near theground are not the only topics covered here. The ar-ticle catalogue includesnumerous writingsaboutSETI,life on other worlds, ball lightning, and other unusualphenomena.Barry Greenwoods work, an inventory of his col-lection rather than a formal bibliography,is displayedin small sections ratherthan one large download. Visi-tors may also download the material as files invariousformats.While Barrys work represents years of hard work,hot every UFO article from the non-UFO press is listedhere. There are still a few articles from the NorthAmerican press to be located, but these are few, andthe publications are generally low circulation. Whenit comes to foreign and especiallynon-English languagepublications, there are still much work to be done.The catalogue, a work in progress, only shows asnapshot of the material gathered so far. There are cor-rections that need to be made and many more articlesyet to be gathered. Corrections and contributions of"new" articles are welcome. Especially soughtare for-eign publications not completely represented here.The introduction to Greenwoods work may befound at: http://www.projectl947.com/shg/bgbib.htmOver the years many people have contributed toBarrys collections. Assistance on this project in theinitial stage came from Candy Peterson and WilliamLaParl and Wendy Connors contributed new articlesto this work.John Stepkowski, Project 1947 webmaster, placedthis on the SignHistorical Groupswebpage; those withtheir own websites will recognize the hard work in-volved here. Loy Pressleys contribution representsalmost a year of transcribing handwritten notes, pre-paring the material for display, and working on cor-rections. SHG acknowledges his great effort, withoutwhich this work would only exist as notes on indexcards.Of course Barry Greenwood, whose tireless workover 30 years is responsible for thecollection and whoworked with Loy on corrections and additions, hasearned a great debt of gratitudefrom UFO researcherseverywhere.
  • MUFON UFO Journal September 2000 Page 21aMUFON MerchandiseWear official MUFON T-shirts (royal blue print-ing on whitecotton), sizes S, M, L & XL.Two stylesof baseball caps (royal blue withwhite logo or darkblue with blue logo on white front). T-shirt price$12.00 and baseball caps $8.00. S/H for each is$3.00 or if both ordered together is only $3.00.MUFON, 103Oldtowne Road. Seguin, TX 78155-4099. (Check, money order, travelers check, or cashin U.S. dollars.The Andreasson LegacyRay Fowlers latest book, The Andreasson Legacy.(UFOs and the paranormal: the startling conclusionof the Andreasson Affair), hardback. 463 pages,signed by Fowler, now availablefrom MUFON for$24.95, P&H included. Send check, money order,travelers check, or cash in U.S. dollars to MUFON.103 Oldtowne Road. Seguin, TX 78155-4099.Journeys Beyond ConferenceOctober 20-22, 2000. Ft. Walton Beach, FL. A newconference forum directed by Pat & BuddyCrumbleyand Jill & Russ Horseman. Hear Zecharia Sitchin.Stanton Friedman. Dr. William Roll, NancyTalbott,William Henry, Dr. Brian OLeary, WilliamBuhlman, and Kewaunee Lapseritis. Check outwww.journeysbeyond.com For free program guide,write conference, 7262 Highpointe PI. E.. SpanishFort. AL 36527, emailjourneysbeyond@hotmail.com or call 334-621-5750.Confidential Film ProcessingAll negatives digitally analyzed35mm film...4x6 prints-glossySingle Double12exp $6.00 $6.9924 exp 8.00 8.9936exp 10.00 10.99Dont let your once in a lifetime images be ruinedby amateur lab technicians. Processing for over 20years. MUFON member for 3 years.Send film and check plus $3.00 per roll for postageClarks Camera Centre56 N. Centre St.Cumberland, MD 215021 -800-838-0393Book Titles: Coup of the Aliens & The GreatCoup detat, UFORevelations-The Untold StorySolved. Novels by E. G. Takala.Saucers manufacturedin Nazi Germany. After war.SS & Bilderberger conspirators continue clandes-tine operations.Two books. Oneprice. $18.00 plushandling& ship-ping $2.00. Checks or money orders to:E.G. TakalaP.O. Box #561Berwyn, IL 60402The ExcylesMia Adams true story about her contacts with ETs& romance with intelligence agent. Included is theagents report outlining the agendas of alien con-federations on Earth & intelligence agencies networkcreated to deal with them. Send $16.95 + $2.95s&h to: Excelta Publishing, P.O. Box 4530, Ft.Lau-derdale, FL 33338. (Credit card orders-Toll Free1-800-247-6553, $16.95 + $3.95 s&h)MARVELOUS DESIGNS, HISTORICAL LEGA-CIES OF MOUNT RANIER, TOWNSEND, AMERI-CAN UFO REPORTS.Great Pyramid Nile Delta quadrant. Salt Lake Ameri-can West quadrant designs outline measured unitsearth creation-evolvement, space-city New Jerusalem.225 plates.$ 17.00 plus $3.00 S/H book.Kenneth Lloyd Larson, 200 North CommonwealthAve., Los Angeles, CA 90004No More Ads AcceptedThe MUFON Board of Directors attheir annual meeting on July 16, 2000,approved a motion to discontinue ac-cepting Readers Classified ads in theMUFON UFO Journal in order to pro-vide more space for articles.
  • Page 22 September 2000 MUFON UFO JournalPerspectiveOn the July MUFON UFO JournalBy Richard HallSeveral interesting and potentially importantscientific studies are reported in this issue, at least twoof which justifiably could have been the lead article.Would that they were instead of the "Onomastic"meanderings of Jean Sider.As someone with formal trainingin philosophy (in-cluding logic and scientific method), I dare say thatthere is no such thing as the "science of onomastics."Names thatpeople use derive from many sources. Lin-guistics studies thedevelopment and usage of language,and etymology is the discipline that studies the historyand prehistory of linguisticforms.It would require a voluminous paper to argue indetail why I think Sider, though undoubtedly well in-tentioned, is engaging in poor logic and forced rea-soning. Instead, I will merely comment on his statedconlusions. None of the seven conclusions follows fromhis arguments, nor could they possibly do so in some,instances. His tortured logicoften converts a muchsim-pler explanation (e.g., the origins of the name Alan) tosomething he prefers to believe, justified by saying "Ithink...."What have always been stated by the proponents tohave been physical contacts he suddenly asserts werereally "psychic messages." And, on the basis of somevery questionable assumptions about the origin ofnames, Sider makes a quantum leap forward to claim-ing to know who the beings are and how much theyknow about us.His unscholarly and illogical utterances are remi-niscent of Zecharia Sitchin, whose ethically dubiousactivities are given a seeming MUFON endorsementin an editorial filler at the end of this article. Jean Siderin the past had a good reputationin the UFO field, soit is withregret that I feel it necessary to stronglycriti-cize his article. Incidentally, in Edward G. Stewarts1955-1994 index to Flying Saucer Review, I find onlyone article authored by Sider, and it has to do withCharles Fort rather than UFOs.Recent symposium Proceedings listat least one spe-cialist in linguistics and four in philosophy on theMUFON Advisory Board. Weneed participation frompeople in various specialities to more carefully ana-lyze reports such as this one.The article suggesting a negative correlation be-tween solar activity and UFO sightings intrigues me,because I started such a study many years ago. At firstthere seemed to be a negative correlation, but it beganto break down later on.Certainly the study is a good idea, but in this com-puter age it needs to be done on a much larger scale,not merely on a small sample of selected sightings.How about all CE-II cases from UFOCAT or someother data base?My thinking originally was that if UFOs were pi-loted by biological beings, they probably would avoidentering our solar system duringhigh sunspot activity.However, suppose they have established bases here onearth (possibly in the oceans). Sunspot activitywouldthen have no effect on their operations, except perhapsfor leaving the solar system to go back home.Such uncontrolled variables make the study diffi-cult. The basic computer comparison of CE-II caseswith solar activity still is wellworthdoing. Some mean-ingful patterns could emerge.All researchers (includingmyself)often fail to takeadvantage of the wealth of informationon the internetto check ideas. I did a search on the National UFOReporting Center (www.ufocenter.com)and found thatthere were 157UFO sightingsreported to theminJune.This number was pretty representative of thenum-bers reported for each of the previous six months; thenumber did go up abruptly in July. Somethingworthexploring would be the type of UFO sightingsduringhigh points of solar activity compared to other times.Dr. Gordons survey of his HMO members in re-gard to UFO experiences is extremely interesting,andought to be replicated by many others in the medicalprofession. I dont understand the selection factor of"low acuity," which in my dictionary is definedas lowacuteness or perceptiveness of mind. Are we talkinglow IQ or mentally retarded here?In regard to Donald Burlesons continuing good ef-forts to unravelthe Ramey letter, I again made aquickinternet check by searching the FBI files (foia.fbi.gov/ufo) using their own search engine. For Ramey orRAMEY I came up with the same five entries, all ofwhich referred to religious temples. Additional checksneed to be made in Hoover biographies or library col-lections to verify that he used the code name TEMPLEas was verbally reported to Dr. Burleson.And God bless George Early for pronouncing "pfui"on far-fetched speculations. The moral of thiscolumnis that we need to do a lot more careful and thoroughresearch, and a lot less wild speculation,if we wish tobe taken seriously and if we wish to avoid self-delu-sion.For the most part, the July issue is stimulatingand informative. Lets remember to make the most ofour resources in analyzing facts, theories, and asser-tions.
  • MUFON UFO Journal September 2000 Page 23Directors Message...(continued from page 24)New OfficersFour new Consultants joined MUFON this pastmonth:Saul H. Goldstein, DOS (Upper Saddle River,NJ) in Oral Medicine and Dentistry; Lauren AshleySmith, JD (Clinton, IA) in Law; David S. Laustsen,JD (Doylestown,PA) in Law; and Donald A. Johnson,Ph.D. (Bow, NH) in Psychology.Virginia State Director Rick Atristan has namedMichael B. Shields (Suffolk, VA) as Assistant StateDirector, and Daneen K. Meade (Wise, VA) has beennamed State Section Director forWise, Lee, Dickenson,and Scott counties.Hamden and Hampshire Counties have been addedto the jurisdiction of Bruce D. Tilden, (Hadley, MA)State Section Director.Two new Field Investigators have been named:Patricia A. Monskie (Hyde Park, NY) and Judith A.Yarns (Phoenix,AZ).MUFON 2000 Symposium ProceedingsThe MUFON 2000 International UFO SymposiumProceedings are now available from the symposium inSt. Louis, Missouri, for $25 plus $1.75 for postage andhandling. The theme "UFOs In the NewMillennium"includes thirteen of the most respected UFO research-ers in the world today. The cover was designed by Rob-ert E. Nelson and Roberta Puhalski. The 8 J/z x 11soft bound book has 274 pages of exciting reading andillustrations.In the USA send a check, postal money order, orcash to MUFON. Post Office Box 369, Morrison, CO80465-0369, or foreign send an international postalmoney order, traveler check, or cash in U.S. dollars.Symposium video tapes availableAll of the MUFON 2000 Internations UFO Sympo-sium sessions are now available on videotape. Due tothe excellent response for tapes, Symposium Chair-man Bruce Widaman has extended the deadline forordering tapes. Tape 1 covers the Saturday morningsession plus the first afternoon presentation ($20.00).Tape 2 covers the remaining Saturday afternoon pre-sentations ($25.00). The two evening sessions areavailable on Tape 3 ($20.00). Tape 4 covers the Sun-day morning session plus the first afternoon presenta-tion ($25.00). Tape 5 includes all theremaining presenta-tions ($25.00). Orderindividual videotapesor the wholeset. Please add $5.00p&h. This was a significant eventin UFO history, making the videotape set a valuableaddi-tion to any library.Walter X.Webb <> _ °October 2000Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Venus (magnitude-4.0) slowly improves its visibil-ity in the SW twilight sky for northernobservers. Thebrilliant planet sets about 7:30 PM. During the lastweek of October, look for it just above the red starAntares. Venus, Antares, and the lunar crescent forma pleasing triangle on the 29th and then are alignedone above the other on the 30th.Jupiter (-2.7) and Saturn (-0.2) remain near eachother in Taurus near the Hyades, rising in the ENEaround 8 and 7:30PM, respectively. The gibbous Moonpasses below Saturn on the evening of Oct. 15 andbelow Jupiter the next night. The pair of giantplanetsadvance across the southern sky duringthe night.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Mars (1.8), moving from Leo into Virgo, rises inthe E about 4 AM. The ruddy planetcan be found nearthe crescent Moon on Oct. 24.Jupiter and Saturn have moved to a point high inthe SW at dawn.Moon Phases:First quarter-Oct. 5Full moon-Oct. 13Last quarter-Oct. 20New moon-Oct. 27OThe Stars:At 9 PM in mid-October the nose of Pegasus, theFlying Horse of mythology, touches the celestial me-ridian (imaginary N-S line passing directly overhead).The constellation was described last month.The Sum-mer Triangle remains prominent high in the SW.Also at this season the Milky Way stretches acrossthe sky from Sagittarius in the SW to Auriga in theNE. This subtle band of faint light must be viewed in adark sky away from city lights. It is the combined lightof billions of distant stars forming our galactic homein the universe.Rising above the eastern horizon during themidevening, the dipper-shaped Pleiades star cluster andthe V-shaped Hyades are a hint of the winter seasonyet to come. Two planets, bright Jupiter and dimmerSaturn, also appear in this part of Taurus the Bull.
  • Page 24 September 2000 MUFON UFO JournalBy John SchuesslerMUFON International DirectorMUFON Transition ReportThe transitionof the MUFON Headquarters officeand the running of the day-to-day business operationis underway. The first step was to locate and lease anoffice site. I am pleased to report this has been done.The new office will be located on the southwest sideof Denver in the Market Place at Ken Caryl shop-ping center. The address is: 10143 West ChatfieldAve., Unit 4, Littleton, CO 80127.This location is in one of the fastest growing areasof Colorado and has easy highway access from the C-470 loop at the KiplingParkway exit. Mail should besent to: MUFON, Post Office Box 369, Morrison, CO80465-0369.The new office is located less than 1,000 feet froma Denver Metro Fire Station and the Jefferson CountySheriffs office. Two hotels for visitors are less thanone mile away. A new U.S. Post Office was recentlyopened about six blocks from the office. Banks, res-taurants and golf courses are located nearby. Forpeople wanting to visit the MUFON office and thengo skiing, the slopes are one to two hours away. TheLockheed-Martin aerospace facilities are also locatedin the area.Remodeling of the new office has begun. The inte-rior will be repainted, and a new ceiling and new car-peting will be installed. As soon as the renovationsare finished, equipment and files will be moved fromSeguin, TX, toLittleton.Tom Deuley has volunteered to oversee the movefrom Texas. Volunteers from MUFON Texas willhandle the packing and loading there and volunteersfrom MUFON Colorado will handle the unloadingandoffice set-up in Littleton. We plan to use the pages ofthe MUFON UFO Journal to present a pictorial tourof the new facility as soon as it is finished.During this period of transition Walt Andrus andhis staff in Seguin have been keeping the organizationrunning. This is very important because all of the filesand equipment are still located there. When theMUFON Board of Directors approved thetransition,it was acknowledged that it would take two to threemonths to make it all happen. The goal was to makethe move as smooth as possible and we are on sched-ule.New MUFON BylawsThe new MUFON bylaws were presented inthe August issue of the MUFON UFO Journal. Alsoincluded was a ballot so each MUFON member couldvote on whether or not to accept the new bylaws. Sincethis is the first major revision of the bylaws in severalyears, your vote is very important to the future ofMUFON.Please remove the ballot and vote to "approve" orto "disapprove" the new bylaws. Then sign your nameand clearly print your name next to your signature. Mailthe ballot to: MUFON, Post Office Box 369. Morrison,CO 80465-0369.New MUFON DatabaseFor many years, MUFON has worked hard to shareincoming UFO information with the membership. Thiswas done through the pages of Ihe MUFON UFO Jour-nal, the annual MUFON UFO Symposium Proceed-ings, various state newsletters, and on the Internet inresponse to e-mail inquiries and in George Filersweekly newsletter called Filers Files.As our membership has become predominately com-puter-oriented, our efforts were often seen as notenough or too slow for todays society. The MUFONBoard of Directors responded in 1999 by approving ateam to develop a computerized MUFON database anda significantly improved web site. During the StateDirectors meeting held during the MUFON 2000 In-ternational Symposium in St. Louis in July, the newsystem was demonstrated and approved forimplemen-tation.A portion of this issue of the MUFON UFO Journalis dedicated to describing the new MUFON World-wide UFO Database (WUFOD). Because we felt itwas important for you to have the information neces-sary for access and use the new database, we publishedthe complete article by the developers of the database,Wendy Ban and Don Weatherby.Splitting the article across more than one issue wouldhave meant no one would have the complete instruc-tions for the database until the October issue of theJournal, and this was deemed undesirable. The con-tent of the Journal will return to normal next month.(Continued on Page 23)