M U T U A L U F O N E T W O R KUFO JOURNALMARCH 1OOO J NUMBER 371 $3Skeleton embedded in plaster of paris
MUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002-970). r (ISSN 0270-6822)" 103 Oldtowne Rd ^Seguin, TX 78155-4099Tel: (830) 379-9216,FAX (830) 37...
MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page 3WaltAndrusThe Alien?By Walter H. Andrus, Jr.This is not going to be an account about th...
Page 4 March 1999 MUFON UFO Journalseveral small "people" moving around two well litcigar-shaped ships. Two of the "people...
MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 PageSSkull features large eyes and sclerotic rings.small, as are the mouth and teeth. The eye...
Page 6 March 1999 MUFON UFO JournalThe sword and belt.some very serious problems."My first information regarding the skele...
MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page?cast silver-colored handle. A very distinguished em-blem adorns the handle (looking like...
PageS March 1999 MUFON UFO JournalPossible Israeli mid-airUFO explosion analyzedBy Barry Chamish<chamish@netvision.net.il>...
MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page 9abrupt; completely bright-to-dark or vice versa. In theother 3, the change is gradual, ...
Page 10 March 1999 MUFON UFOJournalMUFON FORUMLetters to Mufon UFO JournalAnother flying peanut?Following is a letter to B...
MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page 11Dr. Robert WoodAnother look at MajesticBy Dr. Robert M. Wood and Ryan S. WoodThe hunt ...
Page 12 March 1999 MUFON UFO Journaling him to visit with Timothy for closer evaluation.On Sept. 24, 1996, Bob and his wif...
MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page 13Table 2. This chronological listing Identifies many of the documents obtained from Tim...
Page 14 March 1999 MUFON UFO Journalogy, and (5) content analysis and authorship. By anal-ogy, these are five "discriminan...
if)^<ybfiaQ.Table 4. Considerations other than provenance provide impressive authentication arguments. This is, in effect,...
Page 16 March 1999 MUFON UFO Journaling Document. Generally,we think that it is likely thatall eight pages of the EBD cont...
MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page 17Update on decipheringGen. Ramey letterBy Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D.Since my last commun...
Page 18 March 1999 MUFON UFOJournalCynthia HindThe UFO PRESSLiFOs Over Africa by Cynthia Hind, Horus HousePress, Inc., Mad...
MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page 19£••-research over more aspects of ufology than Friedman.There are basically two main s...
Page 20 March 1999 MUFON UFO Journalon the February issue of the JournalThe complexities and difficulties...andfrustration...
MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page 21The Anomalist 7Greg Sandow on abudctions, Antonio Huneeus on Soviet UFOreports, Michae...
Page 22 March 1999 MUFON UFOJournalThe NIGHTSKYi Walter N. Webb1April 1999Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Venus (magnitude -4...
MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page 23Directors Message...(continued from page 24)River. Confirmed speakers to date are Beve...
Mufon ufo journal   1999 3. march
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Mufon ufo journal 1999 3. march


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Mufon ufo journal 1999 3. march

  1. 1. M U T U A L U F O N E T W O R KUFO JOURNALMARCH 1OOO J NUMBER 371 $3Skeleton embedded in plaster of paris
  2. 2. MUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002-970). r (ISSN 0270-6822)" 103 Oldtowne Rd ^Seguin, TX 78155-4099Tel: (830) 379-9216,FAX (830) 372-94394" , "Editor:/",- .;..//Dwight Connelly14026 Ridgelawn RoadMartinsvilleJU 62442Tel: (217) 382-4502e-mail: bpokdc@ccipost.netEditor in Chief:Walter H. Andrus, Jr;fe;>103OldtowneRoadSeguin. TX78155 .830-379-9216 ?Columnists: -Walter N. WebbRichard HallGeorge Filer -••Dan R.WrightArt Director:Vince JohnsonMUFON UFO Hotline:1-800-UFO-2166 ;MUFON on the Internethttp://www.mufon.corn:"MUFON on Compusery"•"••• "Go-MUFON" " ~vto access the4Fprum!-.•"• ^f>- .<• " •jr:-;•••"• •• •, •.e-mail address::.i mufonhq@a6l:com .MUFON Amateur RadioNet:40 meters -7:237 MHz>Saturdays, 8 a.m. ESTMarch 1999 Number371The Cover: Walt Andrus holds skeleton of "alien" embeddedin plaster of paris.In thisissueThe Alien? by Walter H. Andrus, Jr 3Israeli UFO collision by Barry Chamish 8Analysis of Israeli UFO collision by Jeff Sainio 8Filers Files by GeorgeA. Filer. 9MUFON Forum 10Another look at Majestic by Robert & Ryan Wood 11Update on Ramey letter by Dr. Donald Burleson 17UFO Press: UFOs OverAfrica by Cynthia Hind 18UFO Press: UFOs:The Real Story by Stan Friedman....18Perspective on February Journal by Richard Hall 20ReadersClassified ads 21The Night Sky by Walter N. Webb 22Directors Message by Walter Andrus 24MUFONs mission is the systematic collection and analysisof UFO data, with the ultimate goal of learning the origin and,nature of the UFO phenomenon. -t i5^v:;"Change of address and subscription inquiries should be sentto MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Road, Seguin, TX 78155.Copyright 1999 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of this document may be reproduced m any formwithoutthe writtenpermission of theCopyright Owners.Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one article, provided theauthor is credited, and the statement. "Copyright 1998 by the Mutual UFO Network. 103 Oldtowne Road.Seguin. Texas 78155" is includedThe contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editors, and do notnecessarilyreflect the official position of the Mutual UFO Network Opinions expressedare solely those of theindividual authors.The MutualUFO Network. Inc is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of theInternal Revenue Code MUFON is a publicly supported organizationof the type described in Section 509(a) (2). Donors may deduct contnbutions from their FederalIncome Tax. Bequests, legacies, devises,transfers, or gifts are also deductible for estate and gift purposes, provided they meet the applicableprovisions of Sections2055. 2106. and 2522of the Internal RevenueCode. MUFON is a Texas nonprofitcorporation.The MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network. Inc.. Seguin. Texas.Membership/Subscription rates are $30 per year m the U S A . and $35 per year foreign m U S. funds.Second class postage paid at Seguin, Texas.Postmaster: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to: MUFON UFO Journal, 103 OldtowneRd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099/"lV/III(.
  3. 3. MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page 3WaltAndrusThe Alien?By Walter H. Andrus, Jr.This is not going to be an account about theinfamous alien autopsy videotape distributed world-wide by Ray Santilli, that was apparently a hoax per-petrated by unknown individuals. Noted paleontolo-gist, the late Bob Slaughter,Professor of Paleontology,and Director of the ShulerMuseum at Southern Meth-odist University in Dallas,TX, deserves the recognitionfor this treatise motivated byhis book titled Fossil Re-mains of Mythical Creatures.Please dont let the words"mythical creatures" detractfrom what is to followin Pro-fessor Slaughters first chap-ter titled, simply "Alien."Myphotos of the diminutive human-like skeletonwill un-doubtedly attract the attention of ufologists in oursearch for extraterrestrial alien bodies.Background preceding the discoveryDuring the month of April 1897 numerousUFOsightings were reported in the newspapers from theGreat Lakes to the Rio Grande River (more thana hun-dred in Texas alone). By far the most renowned is thedescribed crash of a cigar-shaped airshipjust outsidethe town of Aurora, TX.According to S.E. Hayden, reporter and au-thor of an article that appeared in the Dallas MorningNews (4/19/1897), early on the morning of April 17,1897, a cigar-shaped airship flying low over Aurora,and traveling at only ten or twelve miles per hour, wasviewed by a number of people. While amazed citizenswatched, it crashed into a windmillon the property ofJudge J. S. Proctor and exploded, mutilating the pilotand fragmenting the ship.The pilots remains were buried the same dayin the Aurora Cemetery. All that was said about thepilot was that it was a very small person, not of thisworld. Numerous pieces of an unusual metalhave beenrecovered by MUFON through the aid of metal detec-tors near the destroyed windmill site. In 1973, samplesof this metal were submitted by MUFON to a leadingaerospace firm for their analysis.Two independent metallurgy laboratorieswithin the same company found that the metal wasmostly aluminum with six percent iron. The crystallineBob SlaughterProfessor Bob SlaughterDuring the 25 years that the late Bob Slaugh-ter was Professor of Paleontology and director of theShuler Museum at Southern Methodist University,Dallas, he published three books and more than 100articles and scholarly papers. Hewas president of theTexasAcad-emy of Science in 1971-72, andreceived the Award for Out-standing Contributions to EarthScience from theAmerican Fed-eration of Mineralogical Societ-ies in 1983. He was also one of12American professors cited byPeople Magazine for excellencein teaching.Prof. Slaughter lec-tured on more than 50 American campuses, as well asin England, Spain, Lebanon, Egypt, Panama, Mexico,and Canada. His expeditions to Europe, the MiddleEast, and Latin America were sponsored by the Na-tional Geographic Society, Smithsonian Institution, andthe Institute for the Study of Earth and Man at SMU.structure of the metal baffled technicians in both labs.While MUFON was conducting its owninvestigationof thepurported UFO crash, the crude sandstone markeron the grave and suspected metal from the grave sitewere stolen. I reported details in SKYLOOK, (the formername of the Journal) the same year.When Bob Slaughter and his former wife werehaving lunch at the Ladonia Emporium (Texas), sheintroduced Bob to Peter Betters, who hadjust purchasedand was restoring a turn-of-the-century home on MainStreet. The house had belonged to Ethel McFarland,who was a relative to a friend of Bobs in Dallas, MikeMcFarland. In the ensuing conversation, Peter men-tioned a letter that he had found in the house referringto UFO observations made by Mr. Luther Mallow, agentleman friend of Ethel McFarland. Mr. Betters re-trieved the letter, which was written in 1925, and theytranscribed the part dealing with the airship.Quotation from the Letter"The night of April 16th, 1897, your familyslawyer, E. M. Roland, Colonel R. N. Burt and I were(on) horseback. I was sort of a guide for a frog giggingexpedition to the North Sulfur River north of town.Suddenly we saw some very bright lights on the flood-plain some distance away. These lightswere far brighterthan any I had ever seen (you must remember that theonly portable lights in that day were lanterns). We dis-mounted and approached on foot. When we were closeenough, we lay between the cotton rows and observed
  4. 4. Page 4 March 1999 MUFON UFO Journalseveral small "people" moving around two well litcigar-shaped ships. Two of the "people" were goingback and forth between the ships, while two othersworked in the semi-darkness at the edge of the light.We became frightened when the group stopped work-ing and stared in our direction. When theybegan work-ing again, we slipped away.Return to the site"The next day we met and returned to the siteon horseback. Aside from the cotton being beatendown, all we found were two places side by side wherethe ground had been disturbed. It looked like two freshgraves. Roland reported the incident that day, namingme and Burt as fellow witnesses. However, he was soridiculed that Burt talked me intojoining him in deny-ing the event. Miffed, but unflinching,Rolandchangedthe location of the sighting to his own property. I sus-pect to profit in some way or to save the graves for hispersonal exploitation, but he died shortly thereafter. Ithought from time to time that I would excavate thegraves myself, but after all these years I cant find theexact location."The letter continues: "It was early that nextmorning (April 17th) that the airship crashed inAurora, Texas, less than a hundred miles to the west.It could have been one of the ships seen near Ladoniathe night before. That afternoon (April 17th), C. L.Mcllhaney, a farmer, reported sighting a cigar-shapedairship on the ground near the Bosque Riverthree milesfrom Stephenville, Texas. He fetched the mayor ofStephenville, the district attorney, two judges, twomedical doctors, and a group of about fifty returned tothe site. The group witnessed two small people scurry-ing about, apparently repairing the ship. Thiscould havebeen the other ship seen near Ladonia the night be-fore."Professor Slaughters discoveryBob Slaughter picks up the story: "In 1929,the Corps of Engineers straightenedthe channel of theNorth Sulfur River, cutting off its meanders to expe-dite runoff duringflooding.One result was that itiniti-ated rapid down cutting, and today the straightenedchannel is quite deep, exposing Cretaceous and Pleis-tocene deposits. These are very fossiliferous and at-tract numerous fossil hunters. As the only paleontolo-gist around Ladonia, I often have fossil hunters stopby with bones for identification. One day an avid col-lector, geologist Richard Wallace, brought me the dis-tal end of a fibia (lower leg bone) that looked sort oflike a human, but was hollow, not unlike a bird bone. Itwas not fossilized, and I thought it might be a smalldeformed Indian, as there are many archeological sitesburied in the floodplain. I asked Richard to show meexactly where he had found the bone, and he took metMr- •y_.Hand has opposed thumb and three fingers.to Davis Creek, a small, but deep, tributary that cutsacross the floodplain on its way to the riverjust northof Ladonia.""Sure enough, we found fragments of moremodern bone eroding down the slope and about threefeet from the surface was part of another long bone.Rather thantunnelinto the bank, I decidedto gotopsideand mark off a square and dig down, in case some-thing would be found that needed to be documented.The burial was almost intact except for the right tibiaRichard had found on the slope and most of the rightankle and foot bones disturbed by the creeks erosion."When the skull came into sight, I realizedthatthere was a good chance this was the subject of Mr.Mallows letter to Ethel McFarland. It matches veryclosely the faces weve all seen drawn after allegedencounters with extraterrestrial beings. The broncos isrelatively large. The nasal opening is exceptionally
  5. 5. MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 PageSSkull features large eyes and sclerotic rings.small, as are the mouth and teeth. The eyes, on theother hand, are huge, and in the sockets are sets ofsclerotic rings, bony skeletons supporting the largeeyeballs. Throughout the historyof animals, very largeeyeballs (some birds, fish, and dinosaurs) have devel-oped these eye skeletons to help keep atmospheric orwater pressure from collapsing them. All of the bonesare hollow,except for the ribs, hand, and foot bones,which are solid. This creature is clearly not human inthe strict sense, even though it can be considered homi-noid."Professor Slaughters AnalysisBob Slaughter produced his standard techni-cal report of the skeleton recovery as he has done forother fossils discovered by him around the world:"Ladonia wallacia, new genus & species""Diagnosis: LU63444. Large eyeswith sclerotic rings.Small mouth and nasals. Long bones very short fortheir transverse diameters and hollow. The long, at-tenuated hands have an opposed thumband three equallength fingers which,like the thumb, have but a singlefinger joint-humans have two. The feet likewise havebut four toes, and the big toe is the longest andslightlyopposed, perhaps reflecting arboreal ancestry."Type locality: The east bank of Davis Creek,four miles north of Ladonia, Texas, 225 yards west ofState Highway34 and 100 yards from the banks of theold Sulfur River channel. (See the map drawn by BobSlaughter, page 6.)"Etymology: Ladonia for the town where theremains were discovered + wallacia named for Rich-ard Wallace, discoverer of the skeleton."Discussion: The skeleton is wearing a sortof vest made of a material not unlike woven fibers ofextruded glass. Also associated is a "belt" of metal"beads." The "beads" are a series of cradled "cups" ofat least three types of metal. Considering the oxidation(patina), two are probably different copper alloys, andthe other is somethinglike aluminum. Also associatedis a tongue-shaped piece of glass. It is clear with aslight bluish tint. It is harder than most glass, but notparticularly well produced for such a high-tech soci-ety. Attached iswhatcould only be considered a handlewhich is made of a copper alloy and is gold plated.This object seems to be independent, and not a part ofsomething else. Its use is unknown. It seems a poorchoice of material for a bludgeon. The other possibili-ties that come to mind are a scepter, or other symbol ofstatus, or a unit for communication (i.e. crystal for ra-dio communication)."By analogy, the relatively large brain may de-note a high degree of intelligence.The large eyes doubt-less denote an evolutionary need for vision in low lightlevels. The hollow bones could be interpreted as tolighten the body in a high gravity situation (i.e. largeplanet). I must admit, however, in the absence of anyanimals evolving in high gravity with which to com-pare, more sturdy bones might be more appropriate tohandle the increased physical stress. Hollow bonescould then suggest a low gravity habitat (i.e. smallplanet) with the limb bones having to deal with lessphysical stress. Whateverthe case, these relatively frag-ile long bones would certainly be a disadvantage for abiped on Earth."Although right ulna-radius, wrist, and handbones are missing, as well as right foot bones and thedistal end of the right tibia, these are due to erosion ofthe burial site. No other bones are broken, in spite oftheir fragility, and there is no other evidence as to whatcaused its demise. The fact that there probably weretwo, plus the crash the following morning of one of thespace ships at Aurora and the hasty repair of anothernear Stephenville suggest that the group was having
  6. 6. Page 6 March 1999 MUFON UFO JournalThe sword and belt.some very serious problems."My first information regarding the skeletonA telephone call from WayneCox of Chatham,LA, alerted me to the existence of Bob Slaughtersbook, which Wayne had purchased in a Dallas bookstore. Mr. Cox followed with a letter and photocopiesof the book chapter titled "Alien." I was so intriguedthat I immediately tried to telephone Bob Slaughter inDallas to get more details. When I reached his home,the telephone was answered by Mrs. Judith Slaughter,his widow. Professor Slaughter had died of cancer onMarch 24, 1998.En route to Denver for the MUFON 1998 In-ternational UFO Symposium, my wife and I stopped inDallas to visit Judith, a very lovely lady, and to see theskeleton. After taking measurements of the bones andmaking a drawing of the skeleton, I took numerousphotographs to document the case. In addition to thedescription given by Bob Slaughter in this article, Inoted other items of interest. The vest looks more likemetal links that a warrior mightuse for protection. Thebelt is actually composed of one-inch diameter rings ofvarious kinds of metals threaded around a metal sup-port. The rings will rotate freely. The sword, for a lackof a better name, has a blade of blue/green glass and a;X" marks the spot where the skeleton was found.
  7. 7. MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page?cast silver-colored handle. A very distinguished em-blem adorns the handle (looking like ancient Englishor German royalty). The sword is probably symbolicor ceremonial, since it doesnt appear to be an effec-tive weapon. Various photographs illustrate thisuniqueskeleton in this article. (A poster display with photo-graphs and drawings is on view at the MUFON UFOInformation Center.) Mrs. Slaughter is going to donatethe "alien" skeleton to MUFONs museum, since shefeels that this would have been her husbands desire,due to his UFO interests.Comparison of a small grey to the skeletonMUFON is making no claims that the skel-eton is an extraterrestrial alien; however, I do want tomake some comparisons, as did Bob Slaughter. Thetotal height is 39 5/8 inches. The skull has very largeeyes, but the skull is not large in proportion to the body.Previous studies of the small greys imply that they donot have teeth, whereas this skeleton hashuman-styleteeth with a very narrow and pointed chin. Peoplehavereported from three to six digits on the hands and feet;however, this example has four. The four floating cir-cular bones within each eye socket is extremelyinter-esting. The similarities are sufficient to make it veryexciting for future study.InvestigationPersonal investigation of the skeleton for further au-thenticity has been difficult for the following reasons:(1) Judith Slaughter had been married to Bobfor only two years prior to his death; therefore, shewas not involved when the skeleton was recovered.(2) Even after inquiryin Ladonia, Mrs. Slaugh-ter has been unable to locate Richard Wallace, whofound one of the leg bones.(3) Mike McFarland, the friend of BobSlaughters in Dallas, is now deceased.(4) Peter Betters, who found the letter to EthelMcFarland from Luther Mallow, now lives in the re-stored "purple" house in Ladonia, TX. Judith was un-able to talk to him on her last visit, but will do so in thenear future.Motion picture plannedMrs. Judith Slaughter has signed a contractwith Sony Pictures for the rights to Bobs book FossilRemains of Mythical Creatures, so as to produce amotion picture on Professor Slaughters life. Jim Hart,the scriptwriter for the film "Contact," starring JodieFoster, will produce the film under the company nameCommon Grounds Entertainment. Tentatively, PaulNewman will portray Bob Slaughter in the film. The"alien" skeleton, along with all of the other fossilsandskeletons that Bob Slaughter has collected from aroundthe world, will be featured in the film. As Judith hassaid, "The skeleton will be even more famous forMUFONs museum after the film is released." The in-vestigation into the identification and origin of the skel-eton willcontinue.UFO reportedly videotapedin Northern IrelandOn Wednesday, Jan. 20, 1999, at 4:50 p.m.,Kenneth Mundell stepped out of his home in Inver, asuburb of Larne, Country Antrim, Northern Ireland,and spotted something strange in the eastern sky.Quickly he grabbed his camcorder."I noticed the triangular UFO coming from theeast just about 1,000 feet high in the sky," Mundellreported. "It was travelling slowly, perhaps 30 to 40miles per hour. There was no sound coming from thecraft." As the UFO approached his house, Mundellbegan recording its image on 8 millimeter XTR (ExtraResolution) videotape."When the UFO was directly over my house,it changed direction, shifting to a more northerly one,"he reported, adding that the UFO seemed to "skidacross the sky, an impossible task for any known air-craft."-Thanks to UFO Roundup, Vol. 4, No. 7, Jo-seph Trainor, Editor, and to Kenneth Mundell.Triangular UFOs, videotaping,landing reported in South AfricaOn Friday, Feb. 5, 1999, eight people inBloemfontein, a large city in the Oranje Vrystaat re-gion of South Africa, watched as several metallicUFOs flew overhead for eight minutes.Witnesses described the UFOs as "triangular-shaped, greyish-colored objects with brightly-coloredlights at the comers." One witness reportedly cap-tured "a couple of minutes" of the overflight "on vid-eotape."A local newspaper reported on Sunday, Feb.7,1999, thataUFO had flown over the town of Graaff-Reinette back in December 1998. The same newspa-per also reported that "a farmer came upon a UFO thathad landed on a gravel road near his farm" in a ruraldistrict near Bloemfontein."The engine of his truck just cut out, and hewas frozen in the act of getting out of the truck. Afarm worker who was standing against the fence alsocould not move. After the UFO left, everything returnedto normal. The farmer drove to the nearest police sta-tion, and the police investigated the site."Bloemfontein is located 500 kilometers (300miles) southwest of Johannesburg.-Thanks to UFORoundup, Vol. 4, No. 7, Joseph Trainor, Editor, andLeenta Scott.
  8. 8. PageS March 1999 MUFON UFO JournalPossible Israeli mid-airUFO explosion analyzedBy Barry Chamish<chamish@netvision.net.il>In December I reported that I had acquired avideo copy of a mid-air UFO explosion over the Is-raeli city of Rosh Haayin. I wrote that my impressionwas that the video captured a profoundly importantmoment: the first mid-air UFO collision ever recorded.I requested that experts analyze the film scientifically.Within a day, Dwight Connelly of MUFON commit-ted himself to having the video analyzed.The video is a compilation of two UFO eventsrecorded by Spasso Maximovitch in 1995 and 1996.1sent Dwight both clips and he passed them on toMUFONs video expert, Jeff Sainio, for computeranalysis. The following is his report. I will not com-ment on his conclusions. Jeff has no need of my analy-sis of his analysis. Lets just sum matters up like this:It appears to be the real thing.Added to Israels list ofUFO firsts is the first mid-air explosion between twounexplained aerialcraft ever captured on videotape orany other media.Several film and TV producers asked me torelease the clip for their programs, but I had to turnthem down. I am prevented by a copyright problemfrom reproducing the film, though I am permitted todisplay my copy. I am seeking a conference to pre-miere this remarkable event.TEXT OF THE MUFON REPORT:By Jeff SainioMUFON Staff Photoanalyst<jsainio@execpc.comVideoanalysisEvents as reported to me by Barry Chamish:"On 28/9/95, Spasso Maximovitch noticed anunexplainable object in the skies over Rosh Haayin incentral Israel. He grabbed his video camera and cap-tured a silvery, glowing object become two, three, andthen four fiery orbs in a near square formation over awide expanse of the northwestern sky. After this inci-dent, Mr. Maximovitch became a constant skywatcher.His dilgence was rewarded on 24/6/96 when asimilar silvery orb appeared in the lower western sky.He trained his video camera on the orb... And then aglowing white oval-shaped object appeared some 20degrees west of the object and streaked toward it athigh speed. Within three seconds it struck the station-ary orb, causing a huge explosion in the sky whichmust have destroyed both objects. Stunned,Maximovitch stopped filming immediately after cap-turing the explosion."The submitted video, which was in PAL for-mat, was converted to NTSC format. It shows severalevents: a group of lights, one apparently dropped fromanother; a stationarylight which is apparentlystruck by a moving light;and a triangle of lights.The triangle group oflights is interesting, butI could find no basis forinvestigating-any form ofanomalousness. The tri-angle of lightshas no ref-erence objects to indicatewhat or where itis.The stationarylight was much more in-teresting. Various lights,probably streetlights, inthe video were used asreference objects, andshowed that the light wasstationary over some 30seconds. An approachingairplanes landing lightswill appear stationary,al-though mbtionlessnessover this length of timeseems unusual. A verti-cal tower structure, ap-parently made of girders,is near the light. Somehorizontal structure isatop the structure. It wasnot sufficiently definedfor continuous measure-ments to be made fromit.Another bright object appears to the left andslightly below the stationary object. In 2.9 seconds, itmoves toward the stationaryobject, apparently hittingand exploding.In 1/4second, the explosion disappearswith no trace of either object.The 4-frame sequence above illustratesthe se-quence. The bright object can be seen to move betweenthe girders of the vertical structure. This is useful indetermining the relative size of the moving light. (Thesize of the light as seen on the video, is misleading; itis presumably much smaller than what is seen, due toextreme overexposure and glare.) The light disappearsor reappears completely 6 times; in 3, the change is
  9. 9. MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page 9abrupt; completely bright-to-dark or vice versa. In theother 3, the change is gradual, with a frame showingpartial brightness.What can be learned from this? One must re-member that the video is a sequence of 1/50 secondtime exposures. Assume the light is small, and that themoving object has only one light. If by chance, thedisappearance coincides with the period between ex-posures, an abrupt disappearance will be seen. A largelight, or several lights horizontally separated, will neverdisappear abruptly whilemoving slowly. Since six oc-currences form a useful population of samples, themoving light can reliably be said to be quitesmall. Thisprobably eliminates the flame from amissile asa source.Although the vertical structure was not a reliable ref-erence object, the two lights relative position couldbe measured.More than 500 measurements of the two lightspositions were made. The graph at right shows the dis-tance between the 2 lights. Breaks in the data line aredue to unreliable data from camera motion or the mov-ing light going behind the girders. Reference straightlines show constant speed. The slopes of the lines showthat the moving light spent about a second at somespeed, then sped up about 16% before the collision.The 16% is not due to a zoom change; the toweris sufficiently visible to verify that its size does notappreciably change. Although the graph shows noiseand missing data, the acceleration certainly occurredin under a second. No reasonable object I know of iscapable of a 16% acceleration in a second.When the two objects apparently collide andexplode, the apparent size of the light expands by afactor of roughly 2.5; this does not appear to be due tooverexposure, but is the real size of the object. Thelast two frames of the video are NOT overexposed,but diffuse; since overexposure is not involved, thisindicates the actual size of the explosion is shown.The real increase in size of the bright area iscertainly much larger than 2.5. In the video the explo-sion moves downward; this is probably due to cameramotion of the startled videographer; thereferencetoweris too smeared to verify this conclusion.The explosion is not due to any conventionalmethod I am familiar with; conventional, large explo-sions require much more than 1/4 second to disappear,and usually generate flaming debris that falls from theexplosion. Neither characteristic is seen here. The ac-celeration, light size, and explosion are not explain-able in any conventional way that I know of, and thiscase remains unidentified.300WC€(0o*2.0)CO•time (fields), 3sectotalFilers FilesBy George FilerMUFON Eastern DirectorILLINOISCAUS thanks Allan Stagg (Allan.Stagg@ABC.com) for thisreport; "I was driving home frommy overnight job in Chicago in the predawn hours ofThursday, Dec. 17, 1998. I was northbound on theEdens (1-94) about a mile south of the spur to the Tri-State (1-294). At 5:46 a.m. CSTI observed a light thatappeared about the intensity of the landing lights oncommercial jetliners I often see circling OHare in theevenings as I head into town. It seemed no furtherthan a half-mile up and a half-mile away out my wind-shield heading southeast."What caught my attention was a second light,about half the intensity of the first, which seemed tocome up in a subtlecurve from horizon line in the north-east and headed downward toward the southwest,clearly impacting the first light.The impact caused an initial burst of light fol-lowed by a lengthy stream of white sparks trailing thefirst light as it continued in a southeasterly direction.The second light appeared to fall practically straightdown following the collision. I was shocked at what Isaw and began to brake, thinking I had witnessed amidair crash between a smaller and larger aircraft. Ieven looked around at other cars, early risers headingto work, for a reaction of some sort, but traffic contin-(Continued on Page 16)
  10. 10. Page 10 March 1999 MUFON UFOJournalMUFON FORUMLetters to Mufon UFO JournalAnother flying peanut?Following is a letter to Bruce Maccabeefrom MUFON investigator John Thompson ofGeorgia:Just got through reading your article in the Januaryissue on the Flying peanut/double UFO video seemsto be authentic." I must say that a UFO photo taken bya retiredpolicechief and his family in LaGrange, GA,in February 1997 seems to be the exact same UFO.Indeed if you take the dark somewhatsuperimposedlooking church cross away on page 5 in the MUFONUFO Journal, it could be the same photo!I also noticed that you say that the 7/2/98Ticonderoga, NY, photo was takenby "upstanding citi-zens of the community...[and] are employed in law-enforcement." Another eerie coincidence. A videoofthe retired police chief telling of his familys sightingalong with the UFO photo taken by his wife was sentto Jeff Sainio, Tom Sheets (MUFON of Georgiaspresent state director), and George Filer inSeptemberof 1997. A copy of the photo and report were also sentto Walt Andrus soon after (but not video). If you willgo to www.isur.com, you can see the photo and casecopy, complete withJeffs analysis that has been postedsince October of 1997.The angle of the UFO image in the MUFONUFO Journal and shown at isurs website is even thesame. Now it is possible that both parties saw an air-plane with the wing showing up in the middle, but notseen by any of the witnesses, but two of theLaGrangewitnesses said there were two UFOs to begin with andone of them displayed great motion, at great speeds,ruling out an airplane. Their two UFOs "met" in aninverted V fashion before one departedand the remain-ing one was photographed.I would love to see a copy of the video takenin New York, complete with audio. In return Ill beglad to send a copy of my witness interview andphoto.Of course, Jeff Sainio and George Filer and TomSheetshave this also, and Im sure would give you a copy.I considered this, by the way, as one of mybest cases because of the reputation of the witnesses;a retired police chief with a masters degree; his wife;the photographer and working for the State of Geor-gia; and theirgrown daughter,a former 911dispatcherand married presently to a LaGrange policesergeant.Also because they said they had an off-duty FBIphotoanalyst who examined the photo and declared ita genuine unknown. Im sure because of the similari-ties of these photos, that Jeff must have brought thisup with you in your consultation with him on the NYUFO video.Proving the MJ-12 documents?From: "Sid Fiber" <dataVoid@hotmail.com>(Background: This is an open letter to Dr. BobWood and his son Ryan Wood, who are attempting toauthenticate the validity of the MJ-12. These docu-ments allegedly document the US governments effortsto conceal the discovery of extraterrestrial beings andcrafts during the 1940s.)Dear Dr. Wood,IfTruman, Bush, Einstein, and others authoredthe Majestic 12 documents, then the methods of fo-rensic-linguistics will conclusively prove it. Severalyears ago, Dr. Donald Foster of Vassar College de-vised a brilliant statistical method for determining theauthorship of a document that he has since applied indozens of court cases requiring verification of docu-mentauthorship.In 1996, Foster successfully pegged Joe Kleinas the anonymous author of Primary Colors, the tell-all White House novel. Also, at the request of the FBI,Dr. Foster conclusively verified that Unabomber sus-pect Ted Kaczynski had indeed authored his invectivemanifesto.Foster first gained prominence by successfullyapplying his technique to solve an age-old mystery sur-rounding the acting roles of Shakespeare. His break-through-hailed by Elizabethan scholars and computerscientists, alike-was to assume that even Shakespearewas prone to linguistic habits which revealed them-selves through statistical comparison.Clearly, Dr. Wood, if you were to apply Dr.Fosters technique to the MJ-12 documents, you willbe a giant step closer to conclusively verifying the au-thorship of these intriguing documents. If youre inter-ested, you can contact him at foster@vassar.edu or callVassar at extension x5634. Thank you and good luck.- SidFiberUFO PUBLICATIONSFOR SALEThe following books are still available from MUFON thatyou may have missed. "Final Report on the America WestAirline Case" by Walter N. Webb, SI0.00 plus SI.50 p/h;"UFO-Related Human Physiological Effects" by John F.Schuessler, $15.00 plus $2.00 p/h; "Project 1947:A Prelimi-nary Report on the 1947 UFO Sighting Wave" by Jan L.Aldrich, $20.00 plus $2.00 p/h; and "MUFON UFO Journal& Skylook - An index 1967-1996" by Edward G. Stewart,$59.95 plus $3.50 p/h. MUFON, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin,Texas 78155-4099. (Check, money order, travelers checksor cash in US dollars.)
  11. 11. MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page 11Dr. Robert WoodAnother look at MajesticBy Dr. Robert M. Wood and Ryan S. WoodThe hunt for a genuine U.S. Government docu-ment that shows the use of MJ-12 is over. The break-through comes from the FOIA effort of Tim Cooper,shown as Figure 1. This document, released by theCIA, is from the Paperclip files, Record Group 330,JIOA files, released Nov. 7, 1985. It is a memo fromHillenkoetter on 12 April49to the Joint Intelligence Ob-jectives Agency (JIOA) andthe Joint Chiefs of Staff(JCS) that, while otherwiseunclassified, showsfiledis-tribution to a CIATop Secretcontrol file and to MJ-12.This is unambiguous evi-dence that there was such aproject. To our knowledge,this is the first and onlyFOIA-released documentdesignating MJ-12.Acensorhas lined through the distri-bution block, but did not obliterate it.Provenance of the documentsWe are dealing with documents from multiplesources. In two instances, we have an original. Skep-tics who casually assert that anyone can fakeanything,especially with todays computers, are off base. Thesimple-minded focus by skeptics on provenance is ahuge over-simplification of the problems and tech-niques of authentication process. For example, if youare at an antique show and an old English dresser hasprovenance (records of possession over the years), thatcan add to the value. An expert recognizes the dresserfor what it is and knows what signs to look for as indi-cation that it is a replica, not genuine, with orwithoutthe provenance records. The same thing is true in theexamination of questioned documents.We recognize that the provenance is relevant.Documents withthe caveat MAJIC, Majestic,or MJ-12have been around since 1984 with the release of theEisenhower BriefingDocument in 1987 by Bill Moore.Since then, other documents have emerged underdif-ferent circumstances. A summary of their provenanceis given in Table 1. There are five different sources forthe Majesticdocuments.Background of document evaluationFrom time to time Bob Wood correspondedwith Stanton Friedman, who was very good about send-ing his research conclusions and passing on leads. Then,towards the end of December 1994, Stan requestedpermission from Don Berliner to let Bob have a look12 APR 1949OQSCTOf, JODIT EJirLLEiSllCB OSJECTTOS iOEiCJ.JOD-T C1ET3 OF STAFFTroject 63 (UF-lflj-!I)a Ho-. 703. -tod 25 Hajf 19UPl ai.h aaraliriah I °r r.f.r«nco, th. Cantral.s not b.H8Te thai an? further action br?. rtrtLmnt Infonatlmi fnut nl>r*ncB> md Its atWehas.»iit.»has bi*n (iT-m to Ui* Burvoi of HUMS, 9n.art.wnt «f IntorlJjr-, •..!to th* NaUonal Bunai of Standards, Dep*rtB>snt of Ccn-Beir* foe-thalr InfornatiDn, mJ C*»ntrcL Intflllimic* lg«nc/ hoa mfcad tobf ndTlaiSd of iction oc lnform*tlon obtiinfl* by thoao rtmneias,CU-tc, ,.«,-.1412H -I -I 0 - . -Figure 1: the reference to MJ-12at the pages of the Special Operations Manual (SOM1-01,7 April 1954). Don had circulated SOM among avery limited group with thepurpose of determining au-thenticity. In an attempt to read the words more clearly,he carefully keystroked the manual. Later, Don gra-ciously lent his verybest copies, and Bob made photo-graphic enlargements of those and continued the repli-cation of this manual. While doing this, Bob analyzedthe factors that would determine fake versus genuine.Stan decided to include part of the SOM in his1996 book, TopSecret/MAJIC. While the publicationhad the positive aspect of reducing the secrecy of thedocument, the negative aspect was that the replicationby the publisher was done carelessly, and included nodiscussion of authenticity. Because of this publication,a witness came forward to say that he had shreddedboth the EBD and SOM 1-01 while working in anadmirals office. The publicationalso led to Brian Parksfinding identical UFOB reporting words in an FOIAdocument.Then Stan sent Bob material that he receivedfrom Timothy Cooper, who said he had been receivingnew documents in his post office box in Big Bear Lake,CA, beginning in 1992. Timothy already was ahighlyqualified, innovative UFO researcher, having filed manyFOIA requests successfully, and had written a fasci-nating 300-page summary of what happened at WhiteSands ProvingGround (WSPG) in the summer of 1947.He also was the source of at least two of LenStringfields 1991 crash/retrieval reports. Stan Fried-man spent manyhours on the phone with Tim Cooper,concluding that several of his document copies prob-ably were authentic in their original forms. Stan thencontacted Bob, who lives in Southern California, urg-
  12. 12. Page 12 March 1999 MUFON UFO Journaling him to visit with Timothy for closer evaluation.On Sept. 24, 1996, Bob and his wife Charlottemet with Tim Cooper in his home at Big Bear Lake,CA. Tim said that he had communicated with leadingpeople in the UFO field, but said, "You are the firstperson who ever took enough interest to come and seeme." That first meeting was preliminary, and Tim hadmany things he wanted to say. He showed a copy ofhis 1947 WSPG piece and some of the source mate-rial.Bobs interest in getting to the source materialand getting past Tims interpretationof what might havehappened, even if it were correct, caused us to focusmore on the papers obtained in the mailbox from hissource, Thomas Cantwheel. Tim shared his reportedunsuccessful attempts to learn the real identity ofCantwheel. Stan had sent us part of the Cooper-Cantwheel collection.In subsequent visits Tim provided better cop-ies and hunted through his files and found new docu-ments Stan had not yet seen. Tims filing system wasnot well-organized, understandably, given the tens ofthousands of pages of FOIA material.In the meantime, Bobs son and partner, RyanS. Wood, expressed increasing interest in this subject.Ryan had had an independent decade-long interest inUFOs, and took the initiative to suggest that wemighthave the material and the skill to write a book. Webecame increasingly confident that the SOM 1-01 inits original form was genuine, having dealtsatisfacto-rily and accurately with early objections to itsauthen-ticity. We became a partnership team, and told bothTim and Stan that was our plan,and sought permissionfor selective use of the Cooper-Cantwheel collectionfor a book proposal. As a result, Ryan and Bob visitedwith Tim three more times, each time with focusedquestions, and each time leaving with more insight.Fake versus genuine?We had been thoroughly exposed to the au-thentication discussions surrounding the EisenhowerBriefing Documents and the attendant-and often notconstructive-criticism the participantspiled upon eachother. It seemed tous that since all reasonable studentshave now concluded that there was a covert programby the U.S. to study and exploit UFOs,documentationof such a program is properly assumed to exist. Thequestion is, were we looking at real documents or atfaked and disinforming documents?This problem is very analogous to one that Bobworked on during his earlier career with McDonnellDouglas: "How do you tell the difference between areentry vehicle (RV) with a real warhead and a decoydesigned to fool radar? The details are classified, butthe principle was to establish "discriminants," mea-sure their values, and compare the numbers with thoseexpected for RVs and for decoys. Statistically, the an-swer pops out: "the probabilityis ten to the minus threethat is a real RV."To use a technique like this, one rums to docu-ment authenticationmethodsused by professional ques-tioned document examiners. Whether one is trying toauthenticate someones will, the Dead Sea Scrolls, orold UFO records, the techniques and principles areknown, proven and applicable. Generally, they are (1)provenance, (2) assessment of original (3) typographyand chirography (including signatures), (4) chronol-Table 1. This table summarizes the provenance of each of the five sources of Majestic Documents, alt ofwhich include allusions to MJ, MAJIC. or Majestic.DocumentliiscnhowcrBriefingDocumentCuller-TwiningMemoThirteendocumentsets (SecTable 2)SpecialOperationsManual 1-01LX.1 to JIOAand JCSNoPP16159241ReceiptDateDec 84Jul851992-19967Mar947RecipientJaimeShanderaMailboxMillM<x)re,JaimeShanderaTimothyCooperDonBerlinerTimothyCooperNature oforiginal35 mmblackand white filmPeriod onionskin paper, reddeclassifica-lion slashCopies left onfive differentoccasionsUndeveloped35 mm blackand white filmXerox copy,noticed in1998Origin oforiginalAlbuquer-quePostmarkRecGr34l,Box 189,betweenfoldersU.S.PO.BoxcombinationmailboxJL CrosseWIpostmarkF-OIArequest byCooperOur estimate of the real source andprovenancePhotography suggests professionalism.Possibly completely genuine butintentionally deceptive, or possibly anintentional leak to the Soviets.This authentic piece may have been madeeasy to locate to ensure acceptance of theEisenhower Briefing Document.Thomas Canlwhecl claimed to be the sourcein a letter and extensive conversation withCooper. Cantwheel is alias for the CIC agentwho picked Cooper, then leaked documents.Mailed with a meter from a pharmacy. Thehands of photographer show clearly. Thepurloiner probably can be identified by usinganalysis, interviews.The Subject is Project 63, a Paperclip topic,hut file distribution shows CIA Top SecretMJ-12
  13. 13. MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page 13Table 2. This chronological listing Identifies many of the documents obtained from Timothy Cooper andIdentifies some critical contentDale mid Document.Inn 47 Iinstcin-Oppcnhcimcrdrafl4.lul 47 IPU Travel order8 Jill 47Directive to Twininghv Fiscnhmvcr9 Jul 47 Directive to Twininghy Tnintan16.Mil 47 Air AccidentReport hy Twining22 .lul 47 CICIPl report(Inlcrplan. Phenom. Inil)l9Sep47llillenkoettermemo to Joint Intel. Comm.19 Sep47 Twinings draftreport25 Scp 47 Marshall and1 liunclsinc Memo tolnmianlist l-arly 48 Majestic TwelveIVojcct "1" Annual Report"Mid- 1952 summary rc|x>rl28 Jim 61 JI-K to Director ofthe CIA!2No (3 JI-K lo CIANo.l>p.6draft1 final1filial1final3final7draft1draft18draft1 final1final1draft16draft1final1 draftSigniftranreConsistent with direct dictation hy liinslein of questions that Vannevar Bush askedhim about relationships with inhabitant of celestial bodies. First use of the termP.nn. Clearly a draft, uncorrccled.Sends a("1C unit to "Condron Held, N. M." Requests report by 28 Jul.Aiilhori/es Twining to go theWSIKi Command Center for the "purpose of makingail appraisal of the reported unidentified objects being kept there."Miacl same wording as above, but new typewriter and signed by Truman.Signature is being validated.l-irsl three pages of the report hy Twining on "l-lying Discs."Refers hack to 4 Jul 47 order. Identifies autopsy medical officer Rae,death ofthree technicians handling bBI-is. Kcas records arefound, confirm credibility.Coopers copy published in C-oods "Beyond Top Secret," page 467. Ristappearance of MAJ1C a* anacronym for document title. Unique RHH handwritingcorrecting^"unknown" to "unidentified."Presents technical, scientific, political, andNational Security considerations.Recommends Majestic Twelve be a fully funded, operational intelligence gatheringagency.Refers to MA.IIC and M.I- 12 F.mphasi7cs (hat no indication of the contents of theTwining report he divulged to the public. Similar wording to authentic Wedemeyerdocument over secret phone, same dale.Cover page to a report we presumably do not have. Titles of Panel participants arecorrect for early 1948. The title was"...to investigate the capture of unidentifiedplanfonn SJKKC vehicles. .,"IVovidcs a multi-year history of our investigation into background. |>roNenis amiperspectives of the "other-world visitation." Succinct statements of problems in13 technical and political areas.Requests "review of MJ- 12 intelligence operations."Handwriting snvs "Anglelon has MJ directive" and is dated 11/20/63.Table 3. Some of the skeptics concerns are easier to deal with than others. We believe that constructive •skepticism will ultimately establish the authenticity of most of these documents.•Skeptical com-eniThere is no significant provenance.I sc of Ihc word "belief" implies anemotional position.The use of the concept of a "?.inger" isthe equivalent of the "erosion ofobjectivity."We arc inconsistent with Friedmans101 SliCRIiIMAJIC determinationsof Coopers materialFakers have lots of lime to dig aroundarchives, get Ihc properpaperSince we did nol discuss all thedocuments we have, it is a "cover-up."A Talal Daw hasbeen found in thai Ihcalleged disappearance of Ihc NewZealand One-Fourth Regiment hasbeen shown lo be both incorrect andfirst published in the fiOs. Thisensures (he whole document isfraudulent.Itic (wcscncc of numerousgrammatical, punctuation and sellingerrors strongly suggests fakrry. Thisetlrapilalcs In "(he more errors. Ihcmore genuine it is."Retro- virus was a word invented in the70s. Thus, the 1952 reportusing itmust be Take.Preicfitl heft responseSec Table 1. Irovcnancc is nice hut sometimes not essentialWe want to find Ihc truth. We have studied the documents more than anyone elseso far. The words "consider" or "regard" arealso perfectly good.The evaluation of criteria other than provenance always recognizes a faker couldhe at work. We arc just trying lo assess howdifficult it would have been for sucha faker lo have created whatever we arclinking al. An exceptionally difficult itemlo have faked we elected lo call a "zinger."True, (lie authentication work is ongoing. Friedman maychange his mind. Wemay change our mind. The logic processes, however, should heavailable forinspection Friedman has excellent archive.contacts and they arevery helpful.There can he extremely subtle differences between the genuine and the fake inlanguage and style; Ihc presence of incredibly arcane confirmed detail is veryunlikely in a fake.We chose to nol overload the community withdocuments of whose authenticitywe are unsure.This will lake awhile lo determine the correct evaluation. Onereactionis that ifIhc story surfaced in 1960s, might it have been lying aroundclassified militarysources earlier? The simplistic answer is that (heauthor may have thought it wasa tmc story, just being one of several. More basically, though, the presence of oneflaw in a questioned document evaluation must be viewed in the context ofperhaps do/ens of other detailed checkable facts known lo very few. We plan toshow that this regiment disappearance stiny has been around long before (he 60s.N lost of Ihc pages we are seeing are unsigned, unfinished draft material (SO out of59 pages). Technical people arenot well knownfor Ihcir writing ability. It isincredible that a faker would permit soninny emirs. It isreasonableIhnl one of thereasons we have (hem is that Ilicy were drafts, less well controlled hy security (nanIhc lln.il copies. F.rrors need lo he placed in (he context of Ihc author andthelpisl. who may or may not he the same person.ITie rmxlcm usage of relrovims has no hyphen. We have located a 1935 referencethat uses Ihc concept as a "retrograde" evolution of Ihc rims. It is very likely thaithis precise word usage w-iih the hyphen will be found in the literature, therebyreaffirming nulltcmicitv. Retro-virus isconsistent with collegia! usage of (he time:
  14. 14. Page 14 March 1999 MUFON UFO Journalogy, and (5) content analysis and authorship. By anal-ogy, these are five "discriminants."Bob embraced this systematic methodologyrelative to SOM 1-01. The overwhelming conclusion,based on four years of work, was that this is a com-pletely genuine document published for its stated pur-poses. We have an array of evidence in each of the fivecategories above that put the conclusion of a fake in a"wishful thinking" pile.Clearly genuineThe authenticityof SOM 1 -01 could be a topicof another article later. Such an article would clearlyshow the reasons why this document is clearly genu-ine in its original form. One row of Table 4, to be dis-cussed later, summarizes arguments for SOM 1-01sauthenticity. We have dealt in detail with the five maincriticisms of the SOM 1-01 in the available videotapeand CD-ROM. (Order at 800-845-2151).Table 2 shows thirteen documents of theCooper-Cantwheel collection to which was also haveapplied discriminants in particular and the QD exami-nation method in general.Our book, TheMajestic Documents, assemblesthe documents in chronological order and includes leg-ible replicas of the original. In one case (25 Sep 47Humelsine to Truman) similar language orphrases wereavailable before the date of the document. This hascaused naysayers to argue that they were surely faked.This "favoring fakery" as a principleof document au-thentication can not work unless one wishes to main-tain a preconceived notion of what the answer shouldbe. A fake document determination is incomplete un-less accompanied by arationalesupportingfakery. Whowas the target? What evidence supports a fakers mo-tivation, means, and opportunities?The question of fakingDetractors claim that almost anything can befaked with the right software, and that theUFO recordsinclude many examples of faked documents. This isunsupportable on two counts: first, software tools wouldhave to be available prior to the arrival of the docu-ment; second, where and what are examples of suchfaked documents?A careful analysis of the typography, for ex-ample, shows that the famous Truman-Forrestal memowas created with a 1940 Underwood Standard-cer-tainly not a computerized fake. We may suspect that"The Aquarius Documents"are fake, but to our knowl-edge they have not undergone a detailed investigationand were never claimed to be anything more than are-type. We have shown, for example, that the SpecialOperations Manual includes, amongst other indicators,a few examples of a "raised z" that virtually guaran-tees the manual was prepared with a hot lead Monotypeprinting machine of the period (1954). Wealways rec-ognize that the faker could recondition an old machine,train an operator for several years to use it, slavishlyfollow the 1953 Style Manual for format, and voila!we have the fake. Generally, our analyses are orientednot to be absolute and unequivocal, but to show thatthe faker would have had to have access to equipment,knowledge, and sophistication levels that just becomeunbelievable.In each of the categories, an examiner looksfor discriminants and uses them to assess genuinenessvs. fakery. The mere existence of one indicator of fak-ery (for example, a seemingly incorrect classificationstamp) should never be enough to swing the conclu-sion, inasmuch as it, for one example among several,is not a discriminant by itself.The skeptics speakOver the years, Ryan and Bob have interactedselectively with other researchers whose goal, like ours,was todetermine whether the documents were authen-tic or not. A listof these helpful people is mentioned inour CD-ROM and on our web site. Each usually fo-cused on a specialized aspect of authenticity for a par-ticular document at issue. These colleagues providedabout 50 skeptical questions and concerns.Recently, as part of Mr. Joseph FirmagesProject Kairos Website(www.TheWordIsTruth.org) wechose to leverage his efforts and provide our docu-ments in support of his vision. The Internet publica-tion was alive with quick reaction criticisms and com-pliments. A recent critical review is found in a publi-cation edited by Barry Greenwood. After deleting thecynical comment, rhetorical questions, and ad hom-inem arguments, we concluded that there were a fewauthenticity concerns raised that would interest all.Table 3 summarizes these concerns and provides thenecessary clarity.The 1 stAnnual Report discusses period issues,including biological warfare. This draft uses thethen-coined word "retro-virus," discussed in Table 3.The whole report is a casual draft, not a finished re-port. These drafter education and specialties inclinedthem to excessive use of hyphenization and word con-ing, typical of bureaucracies."Retro-virus" is but one among many, such asother-world, one-hundred, bio-medical, multi-layers,over-all, stand-by, micro-circuitry, low-power,electro-magnetic, high-temperature, electro- hydrody-namic, super-aerodyne, out-weighed, inter-active,mid-air, rocket-plane, X-plane, body-bag, air-borne,south-westernly, air-sea, near-miss, right-angle, andlow-level.Another point that needs to be clarified is ourposition on the authenticity of the Eisenhower Brief-
  15. 15. if)^<ybfiaQ.Table 4. Considerations other than provenance provide impressive authentication arguments. This is, in effect, a list of therequirements that a faker would have had to deal with in order to create the documents.Date andDocument Content and Authorship Type and HandwritingAssessment or originalsChronologyJim 47Oppenheimer-Einstein draft• Literary criticism and analysis verifiesEinstein as the sole author• Content credible, not argumentative• Later classified by paste-on labels• Bushs initials• Xerography contrastreveals 8 x 10.5 sizepaper used during war* Einstein was atPrinceton at the time4 Jul 47IPUField Order• Correct style, format• Correct military argol or "lingo"• Consistent with other unclass. reports• Head of G-2, Chamberlains authorizinginitial, "C"• Manual typewriter of lbej)eriod• 8x 10.5 size paper • Consistent withpublished recollectionsof living eyewitnesses8 Jul 47Directive toTwining byEisenhower• Organizationally correct distribution• Correct "Courier" language• No faker would know Sandia was AECfacilit) 8 Jul i dispute settled days before• Authentic Eisenhower signature• Period manual typewriter• Xerox copies reveal 810.5 size paper• Type distortion suggestonionskin paper flimsy• Xero.x copies reveal 8 :10.5 size pajier• Twining gone to KMon 7 July per flightlogs• Directive providesauthority tosubordinates16 Jul 47 AirAccidentReport bIwining(AAR)• Technical analsrs detail unique to flyingsaucers• Very pim<iic description of what wasfound without romance or glamour• War Bonds, Save logo authentic paper• Authentic Twining signature• Organizational!) correct routing genuine• o faker would add a line for 1 lap Arnold(5 M.ir ••un.-rals never retire)• ReferencesPresidential Directiveof 9 Juh h Trunian* 11,mil" niiug ma he that of Chamberlain* C ( *s jiid J.C.S. file stamps precise andobscure iodd* Period manual typewriter22 Jul 47CIC1PU(Inlerplan.Phcnon. Unit)• Consistent with stle ol other (non-LTO)C1C reports• Ncver-hcforc seen mention ofCliarlesRea as autopsy surgeon• Xerox copies reveal S 10.5 si7i- paper• Date shows n wasiniholl) drafted on 9Jul), before reports infrom other sites19Sep47Millenkoetiermemo lo JointIntel. Comni.• Yen peculiar naval terminology worderror corrected in authors handvv riling• Rare mention of Naval Research Lab atWhile Sands Proving GroundPeriod manual tperiicr • Xero copies reveal 8 .10.5 size paper• Type distortion suggest"onion skin" paperfhms• Xerox copies reveal K .x10.5 size paper• Letterhead addresswas that of C1Gheadquarters at theLime originaldocument was made19 Sen 47Timings 19-page reportdraft("White Hoi"Report)• Unique technologies as in the AAR• All organizational and argot details provecorrect historically•Checks out 100*^ in peer-reviewedhiston and archives• NE 102 obscure material todav• Authentic signatures on disclosure sheet• Names inoh ed v cr appropriate• No faker would know 10 includeVedemeeron this list• Period manual hpewnier• No technical,organizational ornomenclatureanachronismsFall 19521siAmiuaJReport onMajesticTw clveProjectCorrect CIA administrative language andargol for 1952• Corresponds in detail to biologicalwarfare interest and activities ol the Army• Term "relro-virus" dates lo 1935• IVriod manual typewriter• "Not for public inspection" caveat stamprare hut genuine Examples available.• No images olK.x 10.5paper showing in 1952• Adoption PSH bTruman on April 4,1951 obscure pointunlikely to have beenfaked "•Annex B 23is correct7 Apr 54SpecialOperationManual. SOM1-01• Valid USAF Technical Ordernomenclature on cover• Par. 17, page 11, 4lh column laggingscheme highly consistent current usage• Pages 22-25 FOIA-validated, fit perfectly.• Period Monoijpe press and type of printfont• "Raised z" is totally consistent with otherGovernment documents printed in the period• losses compiiiiri/cd faking lesls•Consistent instleandsize with other USAFTOs and million FieldManuals (FMs)"• Earl anachronismdetractions all sinceshown to he not valid• Two-word use of"screw drner"
  16. 16. Page 16 March 1999 MUFON UFO Journaling Document. Generally,we think that it is likely thatall eight pages of the EBD contain genuinematerial.Also, the Truman-Forrestal memo included asAttach-ment A appears genuine, given the 1940 UnderwoodStandard determination and the Truman signature ac-complished by use of a pantograph (a mechanicalpenwith one master driving several slave pens), therebyexplaining the similarity to the Truman-Bush signaturea week later.Likewise, there isno reason to suspect the titlesof the attachments, since one of them also appears inthe Special Operations Manual, and another is thoughtto be the Preliminary Analytical Report of 19Sep 47.None of the other attachments were included.There are, however, inconsistenciesincontentwith the new MJ documents. For example, the EBDsays we recovered four EBEs, when our other docu-ments say five. It claims that the propulsion unit wascompletely destroyed in the wreckage, when it is clearthat we dissected it in detail, One clear reason andmotivation for a fake document might havebeen to tryto mislead the Soviets in 1984 (the date of the leak)into believing that we had not learned anything abouthow they work; when, in fact, by then we probablyhad been smashingly successful in the reverse engi-neering process. So we imagine that this CIAdisinformation operation would be consistent with try-ing to influence the KGB via the innocent UFO com-munity. We cannot yet prove this, because the otherpossibility is that the EBD authors decided to not tellIke the complete story at that time.After all, he wasntPresident yet.ConclusionsAlthough not extensively discussed above, theauthenticity of the Special Operations Manual (SOM1-01) in its original form is assured. The rationale forthis conclusion is partiallydiscussed on our CD-ROM,and will be more fully stated in our upcoming book.Table 4 identifies subtleties associated with nine docu-ments that strongly favor authenticity of theoriginals.Detailed discussion of these points is well beyond thescope of this short article, but anyone with the docu-ments, our CD-ROM, or Web site access can be ableto follow the logic.Increasing fine determinationof authenticationis forecast to continue. This isjust the beginning of thedata for the public. There is mounting evidence thatthe Majestic program was the real thing, and that thesedocuments show it. We have several additional docu-ments and analyses that we will be presenting in ourforthcoming book. Until then, the best available au-thentication discussion is available free on the Website (www.TheWordIsTruth.org), or by purchasing ourCD-ROM at 800-845-2151.Filers Files...(Continued from Page 9)ued on. "There were no reports on radio or televisionof a crash. The event was eerily reminiscent of nightfootage of Patriot missiles striking Scuds during theGulf War."Thanks to Ken Young http://home.ruse.net/ufo/MarylandGERMANTOWN— QuBr@aol.com reportsthat on Jan. 29, 1999, he had very clear sighting of acircular/saucer-shaped craft while driving northboundon 1-270 between Gerrnantown and Frederick: "Therewere lightsboth on the bottom and around the circum-ference, some of which were pulsing I noticed aboutfour planes that were flying in a large circlearound thecraft. After about 5 minutes, ihc cnift moved upwardand toward the South, stopped again, then after a fewmore minutes, pulsed brightly several times (still sta-tionary) and disappeared. By this time I had pulledover to watch. After it disappeared, the other planesseemed to change flights paths, sort-of crisscrossinglike they were looking for something. The sky wasalmost completely clear, and with the near-full moon,the shape of the craft was EASILY seen, including theparts that werent lit. On my return southbound, I no-ticed several contrails coming from the West (the di-rection I had seen the object) heading east, with theendpoints of the contrails getting closer together(ie.same destination). Thanks to CAUS andQuBr@aol.com.New Russian stealth fighter usesplasmaThe Keldysh Research Center in Russia hasreportedly developed new technology allowing a dra-matic decrease in an aircrafts radar observability. TheRussian approach to low observability (LO) technol-ogy is completely different from the US Stealth, andoffers complete surreptitious movement of the protectedobject at a significantlylower price.An exclusive interview about these technolo-gies was conducted by Nicolai Novichkov, ITAR-TASS, with the director of the Center, Anatoliy Korteev.The American approach to LO (Stealth tech-nology) applied on B-2, F-117A, and the fifth genera-tion fighter F-22 "Raptor" is based on designing theairframes and radiation absorbing materuls to mini-mize their radar cross section. The main drawbacksofthe Stealth technology are its negative effects on theflight and agility of the stealthaircraft.Russian scientists approach the issue from theother direction. They proposed to create a plasma for-mation around the protected object which prevents ra-(Continued on Page 19)
  17. 17. MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page 17Update on decipheringGen. Ramey letterBy Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D.Since my last communication I have made con-siderable progress with reading the Ramey letter, andam glad to see from recent issues of the Journal thatothers are making inroads as well. I have been usingfour different image-enhancement computer softwarepackages, and I would estimate that I have reached atleast tentativereadings of around 80 percent of the textat this point.While there is too much detail to go into here(I am givinga detailed presentation on the Ramey let-ter at the International UFO Museum and ResearchCenter here in Roswell on April 10 for anyone inter-ested and able to attend), I wanted to pass along a fewpoints.For one thing, it would seem that very littlehad been deciphered heretofore of what I call the"shadowline," the first visible (but barely visible) lineof type at the horizontal fold near the top of the docu-ment. By using certain image-stretching techniques, Ihave been able to coax the shadowline into greatlyimproved visibility. The first grouping, near Gen.Rameys thumb, seems to start with RECO- (one hasto be careful to avoid subjectively jumping to conclu-sions, but the word RECOVERY comes to mind).The next group is evidentlysome word endingin -ATION; this is difficult, but the word looks mostlike OPERATION, though in some imagings it nearlyappears to end in -VATION or -MATION. The follow-ing short word looks like WITH, and the group afterthat is ROSWELL.Under high zoom and optimal conditions ofcontrast, the word following that appears to be DISK(the spacing appears a little irregular). Then follows athree-character group of numerals, apparently either074 or 274. The group following that, again under im-proved imaging conditions, is a five-character group(with some uncertaintyas to possible spacing) clearlystarting with MJ and ending with D. The shadowlineends with AT (or AS) THE.As Stanton Friedman has mentioned, the light-ing on the paper is uneven, and in particular I wouldpoint out that there is a "flashbulb zone" near thetop-left, so the farther one goes from this zone, intoshadow, the trickier it all gets.I should mention too that in the line below theshadowline, with regard to the word I had trouble withbefore, looking superficially like MAJ--, under betterimaging the M turns out to be W and the fifth letterturns out to be K, and the most likely reading is (FORTHE VICTIMS OF THE) WRECK. I note that DonSchmitt has recently, and independently, arrived at thereading WRECK for this grouping as well.At the end of line 8, the grouping beforeCREWS turns out to be DENVER, and one may notethat in 1947 Lowry Army Air Field in Denver was themortuary center for the Army Air Force; in fact Gen.Exon once remarked to Kevin Randle that he thoughtone of the alien bodies had been taken to Denver, sothis may be an interestingconnection.Following DENVER CREWS, with referenceto the printed signature TEMPLE, I am indebted to myENMU colleague, Dr. Henry Monteith, for informingme that in 1947 there was a Maj. Temple on the staffof Gen. James Doolittle; since Doolittleseems alreadyto have been involved in UFO-related matters by 1946,this seems to suggest yet another interesting connec-tion, at least if this Temple is the same person.There is more, but you can see that the letter isyielding up its secrets at a good pace. What is impor-tant now is that those of us who have made the mostintense effort and have had the most success in read-ing the Ramey letter must correlate all our indepen-dent findings to arrive at a clear consensus. I feel thatwe are close to that already.In any case, it is amusing to revisit the AirForces July 1994 statement (in the Weaver report) tothe effect that there is nothing legible on the paper inthe Ramey-DuBose photo. This is baloney, pure andsimple. We are on the threshold of announcing that thecover-up is over.Daylight silver disc seen over TorontoOn Wednesday, Feb. 3, 1999, at 10:15 a.m.,aircraft engineer Garfield Bowser was at the corner ofSt. George and Bloor Streets in Toronto, the largestcity in Canada, when he spied a very large UFO cross-ing the sky.Bowser reported that he "saw a wingless,noiseless, three-hundred-foot-long, fifty-foot-high ob-ject with a nubin on top. It was over St. Clair AvenueWest a little beyond Casa Loma."He estimated that the object "was travelingatabout 400 miles per hour. No tail fin. Elevation 15 de-grees from horizontal.Altitude 10,000 feet, descend-ing to 8 degrees from horizontal two-and-a-half milesto the nonh li was very silvery, with pointy-roundedends and a black horizontal band around it, against avery clear blue sky."Having been in the aircraft industry for fiveyears and having an eye and ear for engines, this ob-ject is unlike any craft I have observed heretofore,"Bowser stated.-Thanks to UFO Roundup, Vol. 4, No. 7, Jo-seph Trainor, Editor, and to Errol Bruce-Knapp.
  18. 18. Page 18 March 1999 MUFON UFOJournalCynthia HindThe UFO PRESSLiFOs Over Africa by Cynthia Hind, Horus HousePress, Inc., Madison, WI, 1997.Reviewed by Dwight ConnellyCynthia Hind is a veteran researcher who hasearned the respect of ufologists all over the world. Herfirst book, UFOs-African En-counters, published in 1982,gave many readers their firstlook at ufology in the Dark Con-tinent. This latest book broad-ens and updates her research inthis exciting pan of the world.Unlike some authors, Cynthiacarries out her own research.Not only are the reports moreaccurate, but they are also moreinteresting as she adds informa-tion and impressions concern-ing the locales and the peopleinvolved.Those seriously interested in a complete pic-ture of ufology would do well to pick up this book,since African cases are somewhat different from thosein the U.S. or Europe, due to the differences in cul-tures.Cynthia notes that "none of the [native Afri-cans] interviewedtreated their experiences as particu-larly unusual. It was always something they associ-ated with the spirits of theirancestors, a tribal anomalywhich did not surprise or confuse them. Although theywere often frightened by it, as the spirits were not al-ways friendly, they could always run away and hide,or make some attempt to avoid contact. But 1couldnot say there was overwhelming fear."Those who have read Bob Pratts book, UFODanger Zone, can appreciate how different Africa isfrom Brazil, where UFOs have caused widespread in-jury and terror.Even though Africa has become modernizedin many ways, Cynthia notes that there is considerablelack of information about UFOs. This, combined witha shortage of investigators and the usual fear of ridi-cule, has limited the number of important cases com-ing out of that continent.Even so, various interesting cases are coveredin this latest book, many involving native Africans. Onefascinating case, however, involves an instrument en-gineer from Britain. One nightnear Christmas time in1951, "Henry" was driving near his home not far fromCape Town when he was suddenly surprised by an in-dividual in an off-white lab coat motioning for him tostop. Short in stature and speaking English with astrange accent, this individual said he badly needed aquantity of water. Henry drove him to a stream wherethey filled a container.On the return trip Henry was directed to driveoff the road a bit, coming upon an object about 30-35feet wide and about 12 feet high. Henry was asked tofollow the individual he had assisted, and did so, ap-prehensive, but with a compulsion to accompany him.Entering the object by climbing a short ladder,Henry found that one of the other individuals in theobject was either sick or had been hurt. He was toldthe individual had been injured when a window of thecraft had broken when entering the Earths atmosphere,but Henry saw no broken window. Henry offered tocall a doctor, but the offer was refused.He was later able to describe the interior indetail. Henry was told that propulsion was achievedby running liquid through pipes to annul the force ofgravity. He left without incident and returned home.At work the next day he was berated by his boss fortelling about his experience.African abductions are also described byCynthia, although she says that she has "always beenambivalent about abductions. I believe that what theabductees are reporting is the truth; that it is certainlya horrifying reality to them, where their will and theirbodies are no longer their own. I also think that it ishighly possible that there are creatures visiting us whoare subjecting certain people to these often terrifyingexperiences. What I am worried about is whether it isa physical reality, or an experience taking place in analtered state of consciousness, where only the mind isinvolved."This is a valuable, interesting book by a re-spected researcher who gives a unique African per-spective to the UFO anomaly.UFOs...The Real Story, by Stanton Friedman, CDROM multi-media. Unity Publishing 1996. $20 ppfrom Friedman at 79 Pembroke Cresc.,Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, E3B 2VIReviewed by Dwight ConnellyStanton Friedman, considered by many to bethe dean of UFO researchers, has produced an excel-lent multi-media device offering compelling evidencethat UFOs are real. As such, it is perhaps more appro-priately directed at the uninitiated, rather than at thosewho already know the field. There is, however, a greatdeal of material that should be of interest to even themore experienced ufologists.The editorial thrust-or, some would say, bias-is from Stans perspective. This is not necessarily acriticism, since few people in the field have done more
  19. 19. MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page 19£••-research over more aspects of ufology than Friedman.There are basically two main segments to thisCD: a general look at the field, including such thingsas abductions and crashes, and a segment on Santillis"alien autopsy" film.The overall look at UFOs is well done and rea-sonably comprehensive, although Friedman wisely lim-its his coverage to cases that he feels he knows some-thing about. In characteristicfashion, Stan methodicallylooks at the evidence, care-fully building the case thatUFOs are real.The alien autopsy seg-ment considers the claims bySantilli, then discusses eachsignificant question whicharises from the film, such aswhether the aliens have thecorrect appearance (based onthe testimony of other wit-nesses to alleged crashes),whether the bodies were realStanton Friedmanor created by special effects, the mystery surroundingthe alleged cameraman, etc. He concludes that, whileit can not be proven that the film was faked, the evi-dence points in that direction.The organization of this CD is very good.Under "UFOs the Real Story" are Conclusions, Ob-jections, Who believes?, Technology, Galactic neigh-borhood, Destination Earth, Where are they from?,Crashes, Cover-up, and Have you seen a UFO? Thereis a handy graphic index to the various topics and sub-topics, making it fairly simple to quicklyfind what youwant. The search feature, however, seemed somewhatpoor. I tried searching for Betty Hill, for example, andcame up empty, even though there is material concern-ing Betty Hill on the CD.Perhaps one of the more interesting parts ofthe CD are the video clips, which can be accessed atvarious points throughout the presentation. These in-clude everything from testing the soil from the Delphos,KS, landing site to Betty Hill telling about her abduc-tion. These alone may be worth the price of the CD.Another feature is the ability to enlarge many of thephotos by clicking on them. As an interesting aside,there are some nostalgic clips of present-day research-ers as they worked or were interviewed 20 years or soago, such as the youthfulTed Phillipsat Delphos. (Tedhas recently returned to Delphos, by the way.)Overall, the production is excellent. A coupleof minor annoyances was the variation in sound levelfrom segment to segment, as well as the necessity toscroll every time a return was made to the lower por-tion of the photo list.There is a section which features references,with comments by Friedman in some cases concern-ing what he thinks about the materialreferenced. An-other section features specific questions which can beclicked on, resulting in specific video, answers fromStan. A nice final touch is the instruction to reportsightings to MUFONThis CD has much to recommend it, andMUFON groups might want to consider purchasing itfor their lending libraries so more people-especiallyprospective members-can have access to it. Since it isbasically a we11-researched, non-sensauonal look atufology, it would also be suitable for placing in publicand high school/college libraries.Filers Files...(Continued from Page 16)dars from seeing it. Thus, the aerodynamical charac-teristics of the plane itself does not suffer. An artifi-cially created plasma cloud surrounds the plane andreportedly guarantees a decrease of more than 100 timesin its observability.The cloud interactswith electromagnetic wavesradiated by enemy radar. First, an absorption of elec-tromagnetic energy occurs in the cloud, since duringplasma penetration it interacts with plasma-chargedparticles, passes onto them a portion of its eneigy, andfades. Second, due to specific physical processes, theelectromagnetic wave tends to pass around the plasmacloud. Both of these phenomena result in a dramaticdecrease of the reflected signal.Static and flight experiments reportedly provedthe effectiveness of this technology. The first genera-tion devices, which produce a plasma field surround-ing the aircraft and decrease the reflected signal, werecreated in the Center. Later, a method of creating sec-ond generation advanced systems (capable of not onlydecreasing reflected signaland changing its wavelength,but also producing some false signals) was discovered.Such systems significantly complicate determinationof an actual aircrafts speed and location, and leads todevelopment of completely new approaches to LO,unachievable with conventionalStealth technology.Furthermore, the weight of the systems devel-oped in Russia do not exceed 100 kg, and power con-sumption ranges from kilowatts to tens of kilowatts.Advances in development of the third generation areon the new MIG 29. Thanks to: AnatoliyKorteev. 26/01/99 (c) ITAR-TASS, Translation by PhilipKaploun.Excellent UFO videos on the InternetDave Ledger has some of the best UFO videofootage on the Internet. UFO Scotland at http://wkweb5.cableinet.co.uk/dledger/video.htm
  20. 20. Page 20 March 1999 MUFON UFO Journalon the February issue of the JournalThe complexities and difficulties...andfrustrations...of UFO investigationare strongly on dis-play in this issue. The "Phoenix Lights" revisited byBruce Maccabee are a good example of this, but so arethe "Case of the Month" and Beverly Trouts reportedabduction experiences.Interpretations of com-plex events can be somewhatsubjective; even thorough inves-tigation often can fail to pinpointa definite answer. So we have tolearn lo live with a "tolerance forambiguity "The February issuealso illustrates a commendabledetermination to try to find an-swers.Kudos to Maccabee forhis impressively thorough analy- Richard Hallsis, and for his suggestion on how to settle the issueonce and for all: conduct an announced flare drop, andlet it be thoroughly observed and filmed. If only theauthorities would cooperate, this would provide a de-finitive test and no doubt help to demystify at leastsome of the Phoenix events. But militaryauthoritiesall too often seem to have a stake in secrecy and mys-tification, rather than cooperating with civilians whowant credibleanswers. They should take a lesson fromthe French and Belgian governments when it comes toUFOs.An important lesson for MUFONinvestigators(and readers) to learn is that, in any given location,real UFO sightings often breed proportionally morefalse sightings in various "contagious" ways. This wascertainly true of Gulf Breeze, apparentlytrue of Phoe-nix, and there are innumerable precedents in earlierUFO history. People hear about the sightings, rushoutdoors to see for themselves, and are astonished todiscover funny lightsin the sky. Often theydo not havea sophisticated knowledge of all the things in the skythat would be visible any time they looked; they justhavent paid attention. So false UFO reports are gen-erated.Weather and lighting conditions also can dis-tort the images of sky lights, making them appear "toolarge" or "too bright" to be something familiar.Atmo-spheric distortion can alter the appearance of glowingobjects: that is why stars twinkle. A very common er-ror is to assume that because a light is very bright, itmust be closer than it really is. This honest error oc-curred in Phoenix, and one false assumption can throwoff all your calculations. Maccabees careful, objec-tive investigation shows how to sift through varioustypes of observations and data and analyze them mean-ingfully.The brightness/nearness illusion occurs all thetime with "fireball" meteors. I have seen two of them.Aside from being "too bright" and "too long-lasting"to be a meteor (true for typical "shooting star" mete-ors which fit the stereotype, but not of "fireballs"), theylook just like a plane on fire, crashing in the next fieldover. But they really are hundreds of miles away.Since "fireballs" are relatively uncommon, theaverage person tends not to be aware of them. Unliketypical meteors (tiny chunks of space debris), "fire-balls" are relatively large chunks that burn up spec-tacularly from friction as they enter the atmosphere,and typically have a luminous "trail" streamingbehindthem. Since they are larger, they last longer: on theorder of 8 to 15 seconds.IFOs tend to clutter up the data base and tomislead people about "real" UFOs, those that performin distinctlyabnormal ways and defy identificationeven after thorough investigation. Therefore, it is vi-tally important for people to recognize them and weedthem out. Carl Feindt sets another good example ofhow to go about it. These investigations help both toidentify false sightings and, importantly in the long run,to establish an ever growing reliable data base ofanomalous events that cry out for scientificattention.March 19-21, Journey Toward Millennium, Gulf Breeze UFOConference, Pensacoia Beach, Florida Check outwww.projectawareness.com or call 850-432-8888 for free pro-gram guide or write P.O. Box 730, Gulf Breeze FL 32562.April 9-11, llth Annual Ozark UFO Conference, Inn of theOzarks, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. For details write to; OzarkUFO, 2 Caney Valley Drive, Plumerville, AR 72127-8725. E-mail inquiresto: ozarkufo@webtv.netApril 10,The 1999 UFO AbductionConference at the O. HenryLearning Center, 333 W. 17th St. in Manhattan, New York, NY.For further information, phone the Intruders Foundation (212)645-5278.April 24, SecondAnnual Kentucky UFO Conference, sponsoredby KentuckyMUFON at Western Kentucky University in Bowl-ing Green, KY.(All-day event)For information contact KentuckyMUFON, 607 Eldorado Dr., Elizabethtown, KY42701 or phone(502) 769-6458.July 2-4, 30th Annual MUFON 1999 International UFO Sym-posium at Hyatt Regency Crystal City Hotel, in Arlington, Vir-ginia near Reagan NationalAirport. Hosted by Northern VirginiaMUFON. (For-details see Directors Message.)
  21. 21. MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page 21The Anomalist 7Greg Sandow on abudctions, Antonio Huneeus on Soviet UFOreports, Michael Grosso on transplant memories, Hilary Evansonmaterializations & much, much more. Quality pb, 192 pages, ourlargest issue ever! $9.95 + $2.50 s&h, check or MO payable toDennis Stacy, Box 12434, San Antonio,TX 78212.THE ANDERSON LEGACYRay Fowlers latest book The Andreasson Legacy (UFOs andthe Paranormal: The startling conclusion of the AndreassonAffair), hardback (463 pages) personally autographed, is nowavailable from MUFON for $24.95, P&H included. Send or-ders with check, postal money order, or cash to MUFON, 103Oldtowne Rd. Seguin, Texas 78155. (For orders in U.S.A.only)MUFON 1998 UFOSYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGSPublished papers by twelve speakers at Denver, Co. (192 pages)$25 plus 51.75 for postage and handling.Order from MUFON,103 Oldtown Rd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099.FREE7 fantastic UFO magazines, large source packet when purchas-ing book Around and About The Saucer World only $8.99.UAPA-A, Box 347032, Cleveland,Ohio 44134New MJ-12 DocumentsDr. Robert Wood and Ryan Wood havejust published a CDROMwith all the MJ documents, replicas and authentication discus-sion for $16. Additionally, a 200-page book that has only theoriginal documents and replicas is available for $18. To order,call 1-800-845-2151 ororderat: http://w5.pittsburgh.usweb.com/kairosproducts/FREE7 classic UFO magazines, large collectorseditionsource packet,all with a 4 issue subscription to Flying Saucer Digest, $9.99.Box 347032, Cleveland, Ohio 44134THE EXCYLESMia Adams true story about her contacts with ETs& romancewith intelligence agent. Included is the agents reportoutliningthe agendas of alien confederations on Earth & intelligenceagencies networkcreated to deal with them. Send $ 16.95 + $2.95s/h to: Excelta Publishing, P.O. Box 4530, Ft. Lauderdale, FL33338. (Credit Card orders - Toll Free 1-800-247-6553, S16.95+ $3.95 s/h)MUFON MERCHANDISEWear official MUFON T-Shirts (royal blue printing on whitecotton), sizes: S, M, L, & XL. Two styles of baseball caps (bluewith white logo or dark blue with blue logo on white front). T--shirt price $12.00 and baseball caps $8.00 S/H for each is $3.00or if both ordered together is only $3.00. MUFON, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155^4099. (Check, money or-der or cash in U.S. dollars).Books and misc. literaturere UFOs, the unexplained, etc. for sale. Nolists available, muststate specific items wanted.Must include stampedenvelope for reply. Please state price you are willing to pay. U.S. ad-dresses and funds only. All items mailed insured. Robert (Books),P.O. Box 434, Nedrow, NY 13120-0434.Free Online NewsletterE-mail request:umind@aol.com.URL: www.umind.com. Expos-ing UFOs, aliens, ETs, cover-ups. Dedicated to the search for truthin the universe. Universal Mind Society 3301 S. 14th St. #16-308M, AbileneTX 79605. Society Annual Membership,only $36,includes 7 issues Infinity magazine, gifts & specials. JOIN TO-DAY, or contact us fordetails.UFOMANIAThe best UFO book to come along in years. With 7 classic UFOmagazines, source packet, only $7.95. UAPA-U, Box 347032,Cleveland, Ohio 44134CASH-LANDRUMUFO INCIDENTThree Texans are injured during an encounterwith a UFO andMilitary Helicopters by John F. Schuessler, 323 page softcoverbook now available from MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin,TX 78155 for $19.95 plus $2 for postage and handling.YOUR AD HEREReach more than 4,000 readers and fellow ufologists. Promoteyour personal publications, products, research projects, localmeetings or pet peeves here. Fifty words or less only $20 perissue.Add $ 10 for box and bold heading.Send ad copy and check,made out to MUFON, to Walt Andrus, MUFON, 103 OldtowneRd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099. Must be MUFON member orMUFQN UFO Journal subscriber to advertise.
  22. 22. Page 22 March 1999 MUFON UFOJournalThe NIGHTSKYi Walter N. Webb1April 1999Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Venus (magnitude -4.1) increases its altitudeand visibility in the western evening sky, not settingnow until shortly before 11 p.m. daylight time(mid-April). This imposing planet lies only 3 degreesbelow the Pleiades star clusteron the llth and 12th.Itis near the crescent Moon on April 18. Also see "TheStars" below.Retrograding from Libra into Virgo thismonth,Mars brightens to magnitude -1.7 at opposition oppo-site the Sun) on the 24th. On that date the red planetrises in the ESE at sunset and remains visible all night.Since its tiny disc is large enough (16" of arc) at thistime for fruitful study, observers with telescopes candiscern a small but bright north polar cap against theorange-tinted desert regions. Mars is nearest Earth onMay 1 at a distance of 53.8 million miles. The plarietlies near the gibbous Moon on the night of April 2-3.Saturn (0.1), moving from Pisces to Aries, can beglimpsed low in the W at dusk only during the firstweek of April, setting then about 8 p.m. daylight time.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Mars shifts westward across the southern skyduring the night. During the first half of the month,itstands in the SW at dawn. Later in April the ruddyworld sets about sunrise.Meteor Shower:The swiftly moving Lyrids achieve theirmaxi-mum on the morning of the 22nd, a peak of about 15per hour toward dawn. Though the quarter Moon in-terferes during the 1st half of the night, after about 2a.m. the sky is moonless and affords a fine view of thisannual meteor display. Some of these bright whitemeteors can be glimpsed for a few nights before andafter the peak.New Space Observatory:The much delayed but anticipated AdvancedX-ray Astrophysical Facility - AXAF forshort - isscheduled for a shuttle launch this month. From itshighly elongated orbit, the satellite will study the uni-verse in x-rays, including such exotic objects as blackholes, pulsars, exploding stars, and collidinggalaxies.Moon Phases:Last quarter - April8New moon - April 16First quarter - April22Full moon -April 30€ OThe Stars:The sky symbol of spring, Leo the Lion, nowcrouches due S at 10 p.m. daylight time in mid-month.Look for the constellations familiar Sickle, which de-fines the lions head and mane. The bright star in theSickles handle is Regulus, the heart of the beast. Far-ther to the E (left) lies Denebola, the lions tail.With the Big Dipper so favorably placed highin the N, use its pointer system to guide you to otherspring star patterns. Dubhe and Merak on the end ofthe dippers bowl point downward nearly to Polaristhe North Star. Megrez and Phad on the other end ofthe bowl aim in the opposite direction to Regulus inLeo. The curve of the dippers handle "arcs to Arctu-rus," the bright orange star in kite-shaped Bootes theHerdsman. If the curve is extended, you can "speed toSpica" in Virgo the Maiden.From western Canada and the NW and N cen-tral U.S. on April 18, the Ist-magnitude star Aldeba-ran disappears behind the dark edge of the crescentMoon. Local times for selected cities: Vancouver,8:04-8:47; Denver,9:38-9:47; Kansas City, 10:31 (dis-appearance only). Begin watching well in advance ofthese times. Our satelliteseastward orbital motion canbe clearly perceived.NEW SUBSCRIPTION TO THE MUFON UFO JOURNALPlease send one subscription to:Address:Citv: State: Zip:Please send second subscription to:Name:Address:Citv: State: Zip:Person securing new subscriptions:Name:Address:Citv: State: Zip:Q Check,Money Order or Cash enclosed for $60.00To receive a free MUFONlapel pin cut out or reproducethis orderform and mail to: MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Rd.,Seguin, TX 78155with $60.00 to cover both subscriptions. Please print or type thenames and addresses clearly. Collect annual subscription from thenew members.
  23. 23. MUFON UFO Journal March 1999 Page 23Directors Message...(continued from page 24)River. Confirmed speakers to date are Beverly J. Trout;Budd Hopkins; Stanton Friedman (Canada); JennyRandies (England); Bruce S. Maccabee, Ph.D.; Rob-ert P.Swiatek; Eve Frances Lorgen; Thomas EddieBullard, Ph.D.; Richard H. Hall; S. Peter Resta,Ph.D.; and Ms. Kelly Cahill (Australia).The attractive room rate of $89 per right hasbeen negotiated for the symposium and this price al-lows up to four (4) people per room. When makingreservations, be sure to identify the MUFON sympo-sium and specify that you want one king-size bed ortwo doubles. Make your reservations directlywith thehotel at 1-800-228-9000.To register for the symposium, please mail acheck or money order payable to: MUFON 99 Inter-national UFO Symposium and mail to 7873 HeritageDr., Suite 574, Annandale, VA22003. Admission to allpresentations is $65 before June 9 ($75 thereafter). Ad-vance registration for the buffet/party on Friday evening6-9 p.m. is $20 (or $25 at the door).The vendor room has space forapproximately50 tables. Tables will be reserved on a first come-firstserved basis. A limit of five tables per vendor will bein effect until June 1, at which time if there are anyunclaimed tables, we will lift that restriction. To re-serve a table or tables, please send a check or moneyorder in advance payable to "MUFON 99InternationalUFO Symposium." Send to Ben Moss, Vendor Coor-dinator, 4433 Edan Mae Ct., Annandale, VA 22003.The table fee is $50 for your first table and $40 foradditional tables. Speakers qualify to reserve all theirtables at the $40 price. The vendor room will be lockedat night for security. The host committee is not avail-able to staffer watch vendors tables. Any additionalquestions can be posed directly to Ben Moss at theabove address or (703) 354-6553 or through e-mail atwww.benmoss@erols.com.The State/Provincial Directors Meeting willbe held on Friday, July 2, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. AllAssistant State Directors are also invited. If a State orProvincial Director is unable to attend, he/she shoulddesignate a member to represent them.Our MUFON Symposium will conclude at ap-proximately 6 p.m. on Sunday, July 4, giving everyoneadequate time to get situated for the National Fireworkson the Mall, starting at approximately 9 p.m. This is afireworks display that you and your family will alwaysremember as you see the Washington Monument andthe reflecting pools highlighted by probably the bestdisplay in the nation. With all the fascinating archives,museums, Fords Theater, Kennedy Center, monu-ments, and sidewalk cafes, there is clearly somethingfor the entire family to enjoy-even a zoo. Plan to visitWashington, D.C., our nations capital, for the Fourthof July weekend.PROCEEDINGS COVER CONTESTThe success of the 1996,1997, and 1998 Sym-posium Proceedings cover design contest has promptedMUFON to make this an annual competition. Previ-ous winners have been Fran Geremia, Anson Scale,and Liz Coleson. The cover design should reflect thesymposium theme, "Transcending Politics and Com-fort Zones in Ufology." In addition to the theme, itmust include the wording "MUFON 1999 INTERNA-TIONAL UFO SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS," thelocation, "ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, and the sym-posium dates, "July 2-4." The contest submissions mustbe "camera ready" and not simply attractive designs,symbols, or artwork. The contest prizewinner will re-ceive $100 in cash plus $100 in MUFON publicationsor merchandise. Please submit entries to Walt Andrus,the Symposium Proceedings co-editor. The deadlinefor cover designs is April 1, 1999.LOSS OF STATE SECTION DIRECTORCorinne A. Elliott, B.A. (Helena, MT) passedaway unexpectedly on Dec. 27, 1998. In addition tobeing a State Section Director and Field Investigatorfor MUFON, Corinne had diversified talents in thefields of art, music, writing, and raising three daugh-ters. She was recognized in "Whos Who in AmericanWriters" and "Whos Who inAmerican Women." Mrs.Elliott joined MUFON in 1993. She will be missed byeveryone, but especially by Ronald Penrod, MontanaState Director.U. S. NAVAL OBSERVATORY INFORMATIONDavid McManus (Ocean Shores, WA), a FieldInvestigator, has found a useful website that can beused in investigations and in filing UFO sighting re-ports. A person may obtain the following information:(1) sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and twilight;(2) Moon illumination; (3) eclipses; (4) positions ofthe Sun and Moon; (5) data for major Solar Systemsbodies and bright stars, (6) dates of Earths seasons;(7) miscellaneous, and (8) DOD Information by con-tacting the website https://aa.usno.navy.mil/AA/data/GEORGE REYNOLDS GETS MARRIEDOn the brighter side, we would like to con-gratulate George Reynolds (Elkton, MD), a State Sec-tion Director in Northeast Maryland, who marriedElvira "Elvie" Dela Torre on Dec. 8, 1998. As Georgejokingly said, "I actually did marry an alien!" Elvie isfrom the Philippines and was naturalized in 1983, mak-ing her a legal "alien."