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Mufon ufo journal 1998 5. may

  1. 1. M U T U A L U F O N £ T WO R KTew of theDenver SpeakersSymposiumJune 26-28
  2. 2. MUFON.(USPS 002-970);:(ISSN 0270-6822). 103OldtowneRdSeguin, TX 781 55-4099Tel: (830) 379-9216FAX (830) 372-9439.Editor: >Dwight Connelly• 14026 Ridgelawn Road• Martinsville, IL 62442Tel: (217) 382-4502e-mail?< . . • • . - , • >• . • < • • • - ^Editor in Chief:Walter H. Andrus, Jr.Columnists:••••"• Walter N. Webb, ;John S. Carpenter,T.David Spencer,•• John F. Schuessler Art Director:- Vince Johnson MUFON UFO Hotline:The Internet:•MUFON on Compuserv:.;,-::....;;_;GO.-MUFDN"..; access theForum. ,;";, e-mail address: ,- *" "".MUFON Amateur Radio Net:- 4b^meters- 7.237 MHz:t /Saturdays,-8 a- m. EST.•;,.May 1998 Number 361Mid-air taking of ultra-light by Beverly Trout 3UFO conferences by Dwight Connelly 5Buzz, buzz, whos there? by Donna Bahor 6Using hypnosis by Anthony O. Constantino 7Review of Around and About the Saucer World. 8New Marsimageshurt case for artificial structures 9Review of The Casefor the Face 9Australian abduction research by Keith Basterfield 10Study finds increasein Canadian UFOs 12Lonnie Zamoraremembers by Joseph R. Calamia 13A Response to The Threat by Dr. Joe Lewels 15A Responseto Dr. Lewels by Dr. David Jacobs 17Review of Goods Alien Base by Warren P.Aston 18Current Cases by T. David Spencer 20MUFON Symposium: Denver Speaking Program 21June Sky by Walter N. Webb 22Directors Messageby Walter Andrus 24MUFONs mission is the systematic collection and analysisof UFO data, with the ultimate goal of learning the origin andnature ofthe UFO phenomenon. rCopyright 1998 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of this document may be reproduced m any formwithout the written permission of theCopyright Owners. Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one article, provided theauthor is credited, and the statement."Copyright 1998 by the Mutual UFO Network. 103 Oldtowne Road.Seguin.Texas 78155" isinciudedThe contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editors, and do not necessarilyreflect the official position of the Mutual UFO Network Opinions expressedare solely those of theindividual authorsThe Mutual UFO Network. Inc is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of theInternal RevenueCode. MUFON is a publicly supported organizationof the type described mSection 509(a) (2). Donorsmay deduct contributions fromthen FederalIncome Tax Bequests, legacies, devises,transfers, or gifts are also deductible for estate and gift purposes, provided they meet the applicableprovisions of Sections 2055.2106. and 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a Texas nonprofitcorporation.The MUFON UFO Journal <spublished monthly by the Mutual UFO Network. Inc . Segum. TexasMembership/Subscription rates are $30 per year m the U.S A., and $35 per year foreign m u S. fundsSecond class postage paid at Seguin, Texas.Postmaster: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to: MUFON UFO Journal, 103OldtowneRd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099
  3. 3. MUFON UFO Journal May 1998 Page 3Beverly TroutMid-air daylight takingofultra-light9reportedBy Beverly Trout(Investigated by Beverly Trout, MUFONIowastate director; assisted by Jonathan Long, field investi-gator trainee and state section director; and LarryDeVilbiss, field investigator trainee)The following incidentreportedly occurred over a resi-dential area of Burlington, IA, ataround 7 p.m. on Aug. 12, 1996,but was not reported to MUFONuntil Nov. 24, 1997. To explainthe time lapse: the primary wit-ness had called his local news-paper the morning following theincident, but because he hadplaced a work application with asensitive installation in his area,he would not reveal his identity,and the reporter did not listen tohis story. Although he shortly secured ajob elsewhere,he kept hoping to be hired for the sensitivejob. When,in July, 1997, he saw a story in The Des Moines Reg-ister giving information about MUFON and my phonenumber, he saved the information. When he finallygave up on being hired at the sensitive installation, hecalled me and the investigation began. This case raisessome interesting questions, but first the facts as reportedby the witnesses.The primary witness (whom I will call John),while cutting weeds in a fence row in his side yard,heard a sound overhead-like that of a Volkswagenmo-tor. It was still a full hour before sunset, and as Johnlooked up he watched for about fifteen seconds as avery small ultralight-type craft approached from thenorthwest at about 200 feet altitude, passing overheadas it moved southeast over his yard. John dropped histrimming tool and waved to what looked like an ap-propriately suited and helmeted pilot. Althoughthe pilotdid not wave back, he believes that the pilotwas look-ing down at him.Because of surrounding tree foliage, the wit-ness ran out to the street trying to keep the tiny craft inview, and it was then that things began to get verystrange. Johns view at this point was of hisneighborshouse across the street, to the right of which is a smallneighborhood park of perhaps one-acre size. As hereached the street, he heard a low sound, somewhatless than the hum emitted by a microwave oven, andwas startled to see a flat-ended cylindrical object, tanin color and with aplastic-looking 20x 20 black "win-dow" at its midsection. A part of this object, whichthe witness estimates at about 100 feet in length andabout 20 feet in diameter, was already moving abovethe park,approaching from the west and headed slowlyeast on an interception course with the smallultralight"trike." Stunned, John watched for an estimated tenseconds, and then the high strangeness intensified.The trike was now about 200 feet southeast ofJohns house, and as the cigar-shaped object ap-proached from behind, the top-front one-third of theobject opened-like a giantupperjaw-and the pilot andhis small craft were taken/swallowed by the cylinder,this procedure takingan estimated five seconds. Dur-ing this "swallowing/docking" procedure, there wasno sound. (It should be noted that as the UFO ap-proached, John saw the trike rum a bit to the east, andhe wonders whether this was the normal course beingfollowed by the pilot or whether this might have beenan evasive action by the trike pilot.)As John watched, the UFO proceeded slowlyon to a point about 200 feet east of his house, stoppedand hovered briefly, then made a sharp right angle turnto its left (north). The witness at this point ran into thehouse to get his 24-year-old son (whom I will call Ri-chard). By the time Richard came out, the cylinderwas now at a higher altitude of around 500 feet, butstill only about 250 feet east of the house. Slowly theobject began to accelerate and gain altitudeas it thenmoved NNW over Burlington, and in about ten sec-onds it was gone.The object, as itaccelerated, seemed to changein color from tan to silver. Even the "black window"An ultra-light of the type reported by witness
  4. 4. Page 4 May 1998 MUFON UFO JournalDrawing by witness, "John."area at its midsection seemed to turn silver. But Johndoes not know if the color change was the result^ofacceleration, or whether sunlight may have reflectedon the metallic surface to create an illusion of silver asthe object moved. The whole affair had lasted per-haps 60 seconds.Questions that we as investigators need to ask,even though we have no way of finding answers at thistime:Was the "trike" actuallyan ultralight-type craft,or could it have been a probe belonging to the UFOcylindrical object?Was the witness watching an actualmid-airab-duction, or could this have been some sort ofUFO-generated mental manipulation of the witnessperception?These are questions, of course, for which wehave no answers. Taken at face value, it would appearthat a UFO simply took a small terrestrial craft and itspilot on board. What followed? Who knows? If thiswas a mid-air abduction, as perceived, did the trikepilot know he was taken? Assuming thathe wasbroughtback by the UFO, and if he has no memory of beingtaken, it would seem that he might be puzzled by a"missing time" element. However, reading his fuelgauge would seem to confirm his shorter time in theair (his craft having been on board the UFO), and, al-though he might be left with questions about the inci-dent, he might possibly relegate it to only a minorpointof confusion in his mind because of thecontradictioninvolving time and fuel consumption.If, on the other hand, the pilot DID know hewas taken, who would he tell? As investigators, wehave never been optimistic about obtaining informa-tion directly from the "abductee pilot" in this case. Con-tacts with law enforcement agencies and the local air-port have turned up no one reported missing throughsuch an event, and no other witnesses have come for-ward. Whatever the answers to the above questions,larger questions remain:(1) Why did the UFO initiate such an action over aresidential area at such close range?(2) Why did the UFO allow the action to be wit-nessed? Based on encounter reports, it would seemthat the UFO could have "switched off any and allwitnesses in the area if it had wished to do so.We are left, of course, with only the witnessesperception of the incident. Incidentally, John mentionedto investigators that this is the third sighting of a cylin-drical object in the Burlington area that he knows about,and recounted the other two sightings as follows:(1) 15-20 years ago, a cylinder was reported abovea local radio station.(2) As reported in the Burlington Hawkeye news-paper a few months before Johns sighting, a lady sawa cylinder while driving her car.Are the witnesses credible? At first, John saidhis son did NOT want to be interviewed, because he is"shy." And when investigators arrived, the son wasnot present. As the interview progressed beyond in-door questioning, we went outside to examine the areaof the sighting, and John re-created his perception ofthe time frame of the incident.As John ran inside the house, he verballycounted off the seconds it had taken him to get his sonto come outdoors to see the UFO. At that point, theson, Richard, actually emerged from the house withhis father, and we had our opportunity to interview him.
  5. 5. MUFON UFO Journal May 1998 PageSWe also persuaded him to sign the report form, assur-ing him that his name would not be used in public.Richards concerns, it turned out, were tied tohis fear of Men in Black, and whether the governmentmight contact the family.It should be noted at thispointthat Johns wife had also been very reluctant to havehim report this incident, and remains adamant to thisday that she doesnt want him to publicly reveal hisidentity. Because John has now approached aBurlington newspaper and given them his identity,hemay now have exposed himself locally, but this in noway releases MUFON to publish or expose his sonsidentity, and therefore Johns real name is not beingused in this article.Johns son, Richard, did seem to be somewhat"shy" and a bit hesitant in speaking. And because hisfather obviously took the lead in recounting the inci-dent, we were concerned that the son might be some-what passive and acquiescent toward his fathers ver-sion of events. However, we were glad to see that hedid speak up a time or two to correct a minor point inhis fathers narrative, allowing us to further favorablyassess the credibility of both witnesses.Of major concern to us as investigators wasthe question of whether an ultralight-type craft couldfit into a 20-foot diameter cylinder. Investigation onthe Internet by Jonathan Long and myself shows pho-tos of "trikes"that appear consistent not only with whatJohn describes, but also the sketch he drew in the pres-ence of investigators. John estimates the little craft asabout 17 feet in length and about 15 feet wide at thewidest part of the V-shaped wingspan.There are some further reasons to believe thatwe are not being "scammed." Trikes, I am told by adealer, are much more popular in Europe than in theU.S. and are not common in the state of Iowa amongultralight pilots. John had, a few years ago, attendedan ultralightshow at the local airport, so ifhe had speci-fied a commonly seen regular-sized ultralight,hecouldeasily have upped his estimate of the cylinder to 40feet in diameter so it could accommodate a larger, com-monly seen craft-and we as investigators would nothave known the difference. So it seems a pointin Johnsfavor that he specified a 20-foot diameter object and atrike, which would not only fit the descriptionhe gaveus, but also the space available to park it inside thecylinder.Also, John says he waved at the ultralightpi-lot, but that the pilot did not wave back, although hethinks the pilot looked down at him. This may seem asmall detail, but John could just as well have told usthat the pilot waved back, and wed not have knownthe difference. Further, when I sent a writtennarrativeto John and his son, asking them to peruse and makeany necessary changes, John made a minorcorrection,changing "200 feet from theirhome" to "250 feet fromtheir home." Again, this may seem like a minor detail-and it is-but it is significant that he wanted to makeeven this small correction, althoughitwould have madeno difference to the basic narrative.Then, of course, if the witness intended to"scam" us, wed have to ask why he would bother toset the sighting date over a year earlier than his reportto us. Why not bring it into a more current time-frame?We believe, at this point in our assessment, that theprimary witness and his son are credible. However, aswith most any case, the investigation remainsopen-ended. And if further witnesses or facts emerge,we will certainly pursue theinvestigation.UFO conferences featurefun, knowledge, fellowshipBy Dwight ConnellyAfter attending two UFO conferences thisspring, I am looking forward to my third such get-to-gether this year-the 1998 MUFON International Sym-posium in Denver June 26-28. There is nothing likemeeting with other enthusiasts and interacting withsome of the top people in the field, and this type ofactivity is open to all participants. While formal pre-sentations are usually seen as the main features, theinformal contacts are probably the best part.The March 20-22 Sixth Annual Gulf BreezeUFO Conference, sponsored by Project Awareness,featured somethingforjust about everyone. Dr. ScottMandelker talked about "ET Souls on Earth," ForestCrawford told abouthis experiences with the "Oscar"contactee case, Dr. David Jacobs and Budd Hopkinsbrought attendees up to date on abduction cases, JimMarrs discussed the"alien agenda," Donald Ware sum-marized ten years of Gulf Breeze sightings, JaimeMaussan showed videos of UFOs in Mexico, LindaMoulton Howe updated her latest book on "HighStrangeness" cases, and Bill Hamilton lectured on re-verse engineering alientechnology. It was a chance torenew acquaintances, meet new people, and bounceideas around with some of the leaders of ufology.The tenthannual April 10-12 Ozark UFO Con-ference at Eureka Springs, AR, directed by Lou Parish,is almost likea family reunion, with some of the speak-ers, such as Linda Moulton Howe, invited back everyyear. Other speakers, included Lloyd Pye on "Every-thing You Know is Wrong," Joe Lewels on "Angels orAliens?" Jim Marrs on the "alien agenda," JeanneRobinson on the experience of being an abductee, andNancy Talbott on physical evidence related to cropcircles and animal deaths. For me, one of the high-(Continued on Page 20)
  6. 6. Page 6 May 1998 MUFON UFO JournalBuzz, buzz,Whos there?By Donna BahorI had gone to an abduction conference, andwhile there met a fellow abductee. The conference wasover and people were startingto leave. I sat downwiththis fellow abductee and chatted.Then all of a suddenI heard this buzz in my head. I told her that I heard thebuzz and her replywas, "Whos there?"Weboth startedlaughing.Thirty years ago, when I first started receivingthe buzzes as a child, I wasnt laughing. How do I makepeople understand? The buzz sounds drove me up awall then. Later I started driving my parentsup a wallbecause I kept constantly complaining about thosebuzzes in my head.The buzz sounds in my head began after anabduction, but for some reason I never thoughtthe twowere related.At least thats whatI thoughtat first. Even-tually my parents took me to an eyes, ears, and nosedoctor. My parentshad had enough of mycomplainingand I would learn some harsh lessons. I was taken tothis doctor to have my ears checked for a cause to thebuzz sounds in my head.He checked my ears, and then stood in front ofme. Im not sure what happemed next, but I think hechecked my nose. What I do know for sure is that avery small pewter colored cylinder fell into his righthand. He said, "Where did this come from?" I had anawful feeling where the objecthad come from and howit got there. The doctor then threw the object in thewaste basket.When the doctor was done with his examina-tion, he told my parents that he could find no cause forthe buzz sounds in my head and that I was making itup. I was hurt. I knew what I was experiencing. Thebuzz sounds stopped for about a week. I was abductedagain. This time they put something behind my rightear.The buzzes in my head began again. Thistime1 said nothing.I had learned my lesson. For probably amonth afterward I was bleeding behind my right ear. Iwas tryingto dig out whateverwas there with mynails.After a while I gave up and accepted the fact thatwhat-ever was in my head was going to stay there. Eventhough the buzzes persisted, I learned to ignore them.A few years ago I learnedthat I wasnt theonlyone who received these buzz sounds. Someone sug-gested that we write down when we hear the buzzsounds and compare times. Well, I wrote down whenand how long the buzzes lasted. The problem was thatI would never see that person again. Now, what do Ido? I decided to watch whenI received thebuzz sounds.About the authorMrs. Bahor, 44, who lives in Ohio and hascompleted two years of college, reports that she hashad a significantnumber of interactions with UFOs.For awhile I thought I had solved this mystery.But then maybe I had only part of the mystery solved.Patterns began to form. If I received a buzz at night,the next day I would receive something in the mailpertaining to UFOs, like The MUFON UFO Journal.One day I got a buzz in the morning, so Ithought that I might receive a phone call from an ab-duction group. Indeed, I got a phone call from an ab-duction group. Sometimes in the day I would have painin my chest. My immediate concern was my heart.Laterthat day I would receive a buzz. One time my stomachwas bothering me. Later I received a buzz. I was fine.As far as I know I am in perfect health.One day I was on the phone with someone dis-cussing UFOs when I got a buzz. I asked the person ifhe had heard the buzz. He told me he heard buzzes allthe time. I then asked him if he checked his body formarks. He told me he had them. He was an experiencer.This was weird.At first I thought all buzz sounds were thesame. Boy, was I wrong. My buzz sounds like an BBSsignal. I learned that some abductees hear tones, whileothers hear hums. Still others hear something else.Perhaps there are no two buzzes alike.In conclusion, do I have any definite answers?Maybe not. What I do have is something that shouldbe looked at more closely. In order to learn the truth,one must start somewhere. Maybe this is one suchplace. BUZZ, BUZZ, WHAT ARE YOU TELLINGME?Editors Note: If other abductees have com-ments on this article, Id like to hear from them.Also, George Filer, MUFONs Eastern direc-tor, reports that a Dr. R. Leir and a Derrel Sims dem-onstrated in a meeting at Thousand Oaks, CA, thatmarkings on abductees which are not normally visiblecan show up under a "black light" (the kind used atHalloween parties, etc.). They report that the lightshows what appear to be fluorescent markings, green-ish in color and not easily washed off. They report-edly last from one hour to perhaps ten days, accordingto Leir and Sims. A variation, reported in regard towomen who had held hybrid babies, was red fluores-cent markings where the babies contacted their bod-ies. The suggestion at the meeting was that abducteeskeep a black light handy and check frequently for themarkings. If anyone has any information on this, proor con, let me know.
  7. 7. MUFON UFO Journal May 1998 Page?Anthony ConstantinoUsing hypnosis asan investigative toolBy Anthony 0. ConstantinoAs a "lay consultant in hypnosis" volunteer forMUFON, I would like to explain briefly thenature of hypnosis and its role as an investiga-tive tool to help "alleged" UFO abductees recall theirexperiences.Hypnosis is a normal, natural state of relax-ation in which a willing subject is able to accept sug-gestions from a hypnotist.The suggestions mustrelateto the concern for which the subject originally soughtthe services of the hypnotist, and they must conformtothe subjects moral and ethi-cal paradigm.To explain this phe-nomenon to potential clientsand to students who take mycourse in hypnosis at our lo-cal community college, I usea "flashlight analogy."SleepingWhen a subject issleeping, his "consciousnessswitch" is OFF, and he does not interact with his envi-ronment; thus, there is no light beam. Normally, he willremain in this state until his body arouses him whenhis need for sleep has been satisfied, or until his alarmclock awakens him.During sleep, hopefully,a built-insafety mea-sure will awaken him to respond to a variety of emer-gencies: bathroom, smoke alarm, crying baby, etc. Ob-jective tests (i.e., galvanic skin response, respiration,EEG, metabolism) can identify this state arid its depthat any given time.MeditatingWhen a subject is meditating, his "conscious-ness switch" is ON, so he is consciously aware of hissurroundings, yet he does not interact with his envi-ronment; thus, there is no light beam. Think of medita-tion as "suspended consciousness," or "suspendedthinking." To achieve this state, the subject uses anynumber of meditation techniques to still his mind, in-cluding counting or repeating a "mantra" (objectiveword). This state can also be objectively measured.From "Physiological Effects of Transcenden-tal Meditation," by Dr. R. K. Wallace, Science, Vol.167, No. 3926, 1970: "...oxygen consumption, heartrate, skin resistance, and EEG were recorded before,during, and after subjects practiced...transcendentalmeditation. There were significant changes betweenthe control period and the meditation period in allmeasurements...Physiologically, the state produced byTM seems to be distinct from commonly encounteredstates of consciousness, such as wakefulness, sleep,and dreaming, and from altered states of conscious-ness, such as hypnosis and auto-suggestion." (boldface is mine.)ConsciousnessDuring consciousness the "consciousnessswitch" is ON, and the subject interacts with his envi-ronment with a varietyof sights, smells, sounds, tastes,and touches. Note the "shotgun" effect of the lightbeam. Indeed, that is the problem. Too many stimuliimpinge upon his consciousness, so he must select thoseto which he will give his attention.Sometimes he will quiet some senses to in-crease the sensitivityof another, as when he averts hiseyes and cocks his head to hear better, or when hecloses his eyes and shuts out noise to better visualizehow to position more accurately that nut or bolt in thathard-to-reach place. This state is verifiable by obser-vation and also by objective measurement.HypnosisDuring hypnosis the "consciousness switch"is ON, but now the subjects interaction with his envi-ronment is focused into a single beam-as powerful tothe conscious and unconscious as the single focusedbeam of a laser. Here the subject has agreed with thehypnotist to limit incoming stimuli ONLY to thehypnotists voice, and to limit his projection into theenvironment only to thehypnotist.Here is the important point: there are NO ob-jective, measurable tests which can determine a differ-ence between the conscious state and the hypnotic state.Sleep and meditation are different states of conscious-ness with objective measurements which show differ-ences between them and consciousness; hypnosis isan altered state of consciousness.While direct suggestion can elicit physiologi-cal changes to the subject, the hypnosis per se causesNO objective, measurable physiological differenceswhich would distinguish it from consciousness. Exceptfor profound relaxationand concentration, conscious-ness and hypnosis are essentially the same state ofmind!Subject knows everythingUnderstand that under hypnosis the subjectknows everything that is occurring-whether a tooth isbeing drilled or an appendixremoved without benefitof anaesthesia. The subject does NOT "black out,"retains control at all times, can open his eyes, and canend the session any time he chooses. He can, and will,remember everything that was said and done; any sug-gestion to the contrary will wear off in a few days. He
  8. 8. PageS May 1998 MUFON UFO Journalcan, and probably will, react emotionally to whatevermemories are uncovered.No one-not I, not the most profound scientist-can explain how hypnosis works. Apparently,in a stateof deep relaxation, it becomes easier-no guarantees,just easier-to recall memories long forgotten or re-pressed.Two types of recallThere are two types of recall: "pseudo-regres-sion" means that the subject is remembering what oc-curred. This is determined by noting that the subjectspeaks in the past tense: "He sat to my left.""True regression" means that the subject is re-living what occurred. This is determined by notingthathe speaks in the present tense: "Hes sitting to my left."The subjects body may also correspond to his state-ment, such as his head turning to the left or his armpointing in that direction.Experience tells me it is NOT possible to "lead"a subject into believing something is true that is nottrue. When working with abductees, Ive rephrasedquestions to find inconsistent answers and uncoverednone. Ive rephrased questions with misinformationonly to have subjects correct me. ("Is that the alienyou like?" "No," with some impatience, "thats the oneI dont like!")ConfabulationThere is a phenomenon in hypnosis called"confabulation." If the hypnotist persists and pressureswith a particularquestion, the subject might fill in gapswith what he thinks is the answer, and not with whathe knows is the answer. Its not deliberate lying; its aneffort to relieve the pressure the subject might be feel-ing from the hypnotist. Any competent hypnotistknowsthis and refrains from anything that might elicit con-fabulation.My work with UFO abductees is open to scru-tiny to anyone who reads TheAllagash Abductions byRay Fowler, since it is I who worked with him and thefour abductees chronicled in that book. My work alsoconstitutes the last third of The Watchers, also by RayFowler.Hopefully, this brief article will put into per-spective the controversy thatcareful and qualified hyp-notists are causing UFO abductees to "invent" theirexperiences by "leading" them. More constructivewould be efforts marshalled to help determine what isbeing done to these abductees, why its being done,and then to help them adjust and cope with that knowl-edge.Lou Parish, long-time ufologist (left) and direc-tor of the Ozark UFO Conference at EurekaSprings, AR, is presented a token of appreciationby Linda Moulton Howe on behalf of speakers andattendees celebrating the Tenth anniversary of theconference this year. (Right to left: Gary Masseyand Tom Adams)Booklet reviewAround and About the Saucer WorldReviewed by Dwight ConnellyBy Rick R. Hilberg.United Aerial PhenomenaAgency, P.O.Box 347032, Cleveland, OH 44134. April1998. 38 pages, 81/2X11 paperback, $9.95 post-paid.This booklet is made up primarily of variouscases from The Flying Saucer Digest, UFO Magazine,UFO Journal, and UFO Magazine News Bulletin from1970 through 1997. Rick has been a columnist forFlying Saucer Review since 1970, and had his ownpublication, UFOMagazine (which was absorbed intoFlying Saucer Digest in 1970), as well as UFO Maga-zine News Bulletin. In all, Rick has around36 years inufology, so he has paid his dues.The 26 cases in this booklet range fromsightings topossible saucer fragments to one weird caseinvolving a possible alien living among us (and play-ing a tough game of chess). Mostly, though, these arethe more basic cases of the past quarter century, se-lected mostly because Rick likes them, and presentedchronologically. I enjoyed reading them.
  9. 9. MUFON UFO Journal May 1998 Page 9Recent images weaken argumentfor artificial structures on MarsThe case for artificial structures on Mars (seesidebar book review) has dimmed somewhat follow-ing images from the Mars Global Surveyor releasedby NASA on April 5 and 14 respectively. Dr. MarkCarlotto, one of those who strongly felt that 1976 Vi-king images suggested something had been constructedon the Red Planet, now says that it is possible that theface is a feature of geology.He adds, however, that some features, such asa uniform "beveled edge headdress" encirclingthe face,still suggest artificiality. Other factors whichcontinueto give hope to those who had argued that the face wasnot natural include a poor camera angle and hazewhichlimited image resolution.Professor Stanley McDaniel, co-founder andspokesperson for the Society for Planetary SETI Re-search (SPSR), editor and one of the authors of A Casefor the Face, and a former critic of NASAs lack ofinterest in the Cydonian region, praised NASA for itscooperation in targeting this area. Dr. McDaniel, whowill be a speaker at this years MUFONInternationalSymposium in Denver, has indicated disappointmentin the initial images, but says that no single imagewillanswer the question, since there are "more than twodozen" formations that indicate a high probabilitythatthey are not natural. SPSR scientists had previouslyconcluded that the chances were at least a thousand toone in favor of the Cydonia region containing artificialstructures.Dr. Tom Van Flandern, one of the authors ofThe Casefor the Face, took a more positive view ofthe early images. He says the features of the face wereactually confirmed by the new photo, "despite poorlighting and poor viewing angle," pointing specificallyto the "headdress" and other linear and rounded fea-tures. Van Flandem concludes that "nothing yet seenon our moon or any other solar system surface besidesEarth suggests artificiality to a comparable degree."Interest remains high in thatportion ofCydoniadubbed "the city," since this is the area whichresearch-ers say has the most promise of artificiality. TheApril14 image missed the targeted area of "the City" byabout 1.5 kilometers and showed nothing of real inter-est.The next imaging attempt, set for April 23,(which had not been completed at this writing) wassupposed to again target "the city." Whetherthere willbe additional attempts to secure high-resolution imagesof the Cydonia region after April 23 is unknown at thispoint.Book reviewThe Casefor the FaceEdited by Professor Stanley V. McDaniel andMonica Rix Paxson, Brandenburg.Adventures Unlim-ited Press, Kempton, IL 60946. March, 1998. 6x9 pa-perback, $17.95.Reviewed by Dwight ConnellyIssued in March, this fine book received a dam-aging blow from events only a month later. Written tojustify a closer look at possibly artificial structures inthe Cydonia region of Mars, the desired closer lookprovided in April seemed to make this hypothesis lesslikely (see story elsewhere on this page). While theevidence for the "face" and other "structures" beingartificial has not disappeared, it has certainly lessened.In a way its a shame The Case for the Facewas not published months earlier. The recent imageswill undoubtedlyhurt readership, and the 20 scientistswho contributed interesting, informative articles to thisbook deserve a wider readership than they are likelyto have.This story actually begins when NASA senttwo spaceships to Mars in 1976 at a cost of more than$2 billion. While the two landers found no definitivesigns of life, the orbiting spacecraft sent back a total of51,539 images over a period of about four years. How-ever, only about one-fourth of these have been ana-lyzed, due to lack of funding.Of the images that were published, one show-ing what appeared to be a "face" in the Cydonia areacaught the interest of some scientists. NASA, how-ever, came up with a second image and announced thatthe face was only an ordinary hill.Later, aerospace researchers Vincent DiPietroand Gregory Molenaar utilized their newly-developedStarburst Pixel Interleaving Technique (SPIT) on thefirstimage, and the results seemed to indicate an artifi-cial structure. NASA was unable to provide a copy ofthe second image ("misfiled"), but the researcherseventually found eight other images which seemed toindicate the face was artificial. An opportunity for ad-ditional images was missed when the Mars Observerspacecraft was lost in 1993, supposedly due to an ex-plosion just prior to arriving on Mars.During the past few months, interested scien-tists, includingProfessor Stanley V.McDaniel, workedvery hard to convinceNASA to utilize the Global Sur-veyor to map the Cydonia area again in April of thisyear. The arguments presented by scientists in thisbook seemed to have an influence on NASAs deci-sion to take another look at that area.Articles in The Casefor the Face go into con-Continued on Page 12)
  10. 10. Page 10 May 1998 MUFON UFO JournalKeith BasterfieldAustralian AbductionResearch: 1995-97By Keith BasterfieldThis is the fifth in a series of articles which1have written/co-authored since 1989 to report on anumber of aspects of the abduction phenomenon inAustralia. In the first four articles I commented that,unlike the U.S. and elsewhere,UFO abduction accounts hadnot really hit the mainstreammass media here inAustralia.However, the past three yearsfinally saw the mass mediasattention drawn to the subjectof UFO abductions.Central to this hasbeen a numberof factors. First,the largest number of UFObooks ever to have been pub-lished in Australia in a 12-month period hit the shelves.The first Australianbookwrit-ten by a local abductionexperiencer appeared in 1996.Titled Encounter, and authored by aVictorianwoman, Kelly Cahill, it related her own experiences,plus some of the details of the subsequent investiga-tion by John Auchettlof Melbourne. Auchettlreportedthat he had uncovered and interviewed the three mem-bers of a second, independent party to the events thatCahill related. Later, details about a sixth personemerged, also placing him at the site.Encounter received widespread publicity in avariety of high profile commercial magazines. In addi-tion, an associated publicitytour involved a large num-ber of radio, TV, and lecture appearances for Cahill.Also in 1996, well-known researcher Bill Chalkersbook, The Oz Files, hit the scene, including a first chap-ter presentation of the Cahill event. In publicisinghiswork, Chalkerundertook numerous media appearances.My own work, UFOs: A Report on AustralianEncounters, appeared in May of 1997. In it, amongother things, I reported details of a range of Australianabduction cases from over the years. I also presentedmy then current views on the nature of the abductionphenomenon. As with Cahill and Chalker, the bookrelease was accompanied by high profilepublicity.Secondly, two internationalUFO symposiumsadded to the information flow. Thanks to the marvel-lous efforts of Glennys Mackay and associates, ofBrisbane, these events showcased a multitude of toplevel Australian and overseas speakers. Abduction re-About the AuthorKeith Basterfield, a field investigator forMUFON, was formerly MUFON ContinentalCo-ordinator for and experiences rated highly on the agenda, withtalks by John Mack, Whitley Strieber, John Carpenter,and myself, among others. All added their personalviewpoints on the abduction phenomenon.Thirdly, the participants of the March 1996Casino (New South Wales) case went public, appear-ing on a number of mainstream electronic media out-lets. The total publicity surrounding the release of thethree books and the Casino case exceeded by far theprevious exposure given to the abduction subject inAustralia. Media interest finally waned this spring.As regards cases, two events dominated theperiod 1995-1997, These were the Belgrave (Cahill)case and the Casino (New South Wales) episode.In the Belgrave incident it is reported that sixpeople in three separate vehicles, independent of eachother, were present at a location just outside ofMelbourne, Victoria, in August of 1993. They wereinvolved in a close encounter, with some of them re-membering an abduction. Details of the case, as thenknown, were documented in two articles by this au-thor in the MUFON UFO Journal.Since that article, some details of the secondpartys recollections have appeared in CahilFs book,which also featured partial results ofAuchettls inspec-tion of physical traces from the site. The British UFOMagazine published the partial contents of a letter fromthe wife of the sixth person. Despite the inability ofother researchers to independently interview the sec-ond party, or for any researcher to interview the thirdparty, as well as the lack of peer review of Auchettlsfield data, the case appears an important one.A classic "missing time" event, which underhypnosis turned into a classic abduction, is reported tohave occurred on the night of March 16, 1996, nearCasino, New South Wales. Two adults, travelling withtheir children, reported observing unusual lights andexperiencing a period of missing time on a trip betweenLismore and Grafton. Regression hypnosis revealedthat their vehicle had been stopped by a UFO, and thefamily abducted and taken onboard, where medicalexaminations were conducted. The family memberswere then returned to their vehicle. A large number ofunusual side effects were noted.The type of abduction event being reported inthis country continues to vary from "missing time" to"full blown"abduction. However, I note that many ofthe more recently reported episodes are likely to fea-ture fewer elements of a full blown abduction. Thesecases are heavy on "missing time," or "dreams" that
  11. 11. MUFON UFO Journal May 1998 Page 11an abduction occurred.One example came to me from a 35-year-oldwoman who recalled mysterious dreams of seeingUFOs, which included nightmares of seeing ape-likefigures. However, she was unaware of any other fac-tors which might indicate an abduction had occurred.Another was from the girlfriend of a man whonormally walked between work and home in 40 min-utes, but who on one occasion took twice this lengthof time, but couldnt explain to her why he was late.Although there was no other indicator, she believed hehad been abducted.Quite a few of these "dream" abductions areemerging from non-traditionalhealth sessions, for ex-ample myofacial massage. Episodes originating inmoving motor vehicles are relatively few and far be-tween. Most, in fact, are bedroom intrusions.What types of entities are being reported? Pre-viously, most Australianexperiences were describingthe classic North American gray, but of late there havebeen accounts of a "praying mantis" and even "reptil-ians." However, the grays continue to dominate de-scriptions. One item of the North Americanabductionscene which has not been reported here, to the best ofmy knowledge, is the involvement of "military" fig-ures in abductions.What of Australian research into the phenom-enon during these years? Regretfully, little in the wayof research appears to have been undertaken, and, ifundertaken, not been published by the major UFOgroups during the period under review.The author undertook a small scale question-naire survey of Australian abductions, looking specifi-cally at the reported after-effects. At a meetingon June23, 1996, 130 copies of the survey questionnaire weredistributed in Melbourne, and with Volume 3 Number3 of the newsletter of the Australian UFO AbductionStudy Centre, and 54 completed questionnaires werereceived back, a return rate of 41%. Using the Centrefor UFO Studies (Rodeghier et al 1991) definition ofan abduction which is (in abbreviated form):"A witness must be taken against his or herwill from normal, terrestrialsurroundings bynon-humanbeings ... to another enclosed space ... assumed by thewitness to be a spacecraft... subjected to various pro-cedures ... remembered consciously or through vari-ous means ... such as hypnosis."Lets list the statements where more than twothirds of respondents agreed in the affirmative:"I have begun to channel information fromsome other source" (78%) "I have had an increase inthe number of dreams 1recall (70%) "I feel I receiveinformation somehow from elsewhere" (92%) "1feel Iam more psychic than before" (89%) "I read morebooks about UFOs" (70%) "I experience strange flowsof energy through my body" (83%) "I sometimes getflashbacks to my experience" (79%) "My intuition hasincreased" (96%) "I often know things are going tohappen before they do" (90%).Statements about life changes where there wasan increase greater than or equal to 4.0 (scale of 0-5)were:"Concern for spiritual matters" (4.0) "Desireto achieve a higher consciousness"(4.6) "Belief in ahigher power" (4.3) "Interest in the possibility ofextra-terrestrial life" (4.7) "Feel I have a task to per-form" (4.3) "Feel that major changes will occur toEarth" (4.3) "Feel I have been chosen" (4.0) "Appre-ciation of nature" (4.1)I also prepared, in late 1997, an updated ver-sion of "An Australian and New Zealand abductionand apparent abduction catalogue." This catalogue isavailable on the Internet at the following address: http// 1947/kbabduct.htm.I established thenational level Australian UFOAbduction Study Centre, a time limited researchproject, in May of 1994 with a number of aims. ByJune of 1997, having met these aims, it closed. Duringthat period, some 150 persons inquired on the Centreshotline about being potential experiencers. These werereferred to the appropriate state level UFO and sup-port groups for follow-up. Twelve issues of a network-ing newsletter were published by the Centre, and dis-tributed to health professionals, UFO researchers, andexperiencers in this country.In order to collate and compare Australian ab-duction experiences, I called on a number of occasionsfor a national level database to be established. How-ever, UFO research and experiencer support groupshave not seen the need for such a research tool.Although thepast three years have brought thepresence of some high profile experiencers, most indi-viduals prefer anonymity. For the latter, a number ofexperiencer support groups continue to provide an es-sential service to those coming forward. Such groupsexist in Brisbane (Queensland), Sydney (New SouthWales), Melbourne (Victoria) and Perth (Western Aus-tralia.) All provide both one on one, and group sup-port."Where have all the good old fashioned UFOcases gone?" is one of the laments I continue to hear.One of the tasks I have undertaken for many years,since 1978 actually, is the compilation of national levelUFO sightings. Although many hundreds of raw UFOreports are received by the more than 30 UFO groupsin the country, only a relatively small percentage re-mains unidentified after rational research. Precise fig-ures are hard to come by, but my feeling, after talkingto researchers around the land, is that abduction caseshave indeed replaced good old physical trace events
  12. 12. Page 12 May 1998 MUFON UFO Journalas the "core phenomenon" being reported.In conclusion, the abduction phenomenon isnow well set into the minds of Australians. We readabout it in popular magazines, and are exposed to it ontelevision and radio. It has even made its way into ad-vertisements. On the downside, as in the UnitedStatesand England, it is now hard to find someone who isnaive about the subject of abduction experiences-mak-ing life much more difficult for researchers. For goodor bad, the UFO abduction experience has truly ar-rived in the Australian psyche.References:Basterfield, Keith. (1997) UFOs: A report onAustralian encounters. Kew. Reed.Cahill, Kelly. (1996) Encounter. Sydney.Harper Collins.Chalker, Bill. (1996). The Oz Files. PottsPoint.Duffy & Snelgrove.Rodeghier, M; Goodpaster, J; &Blatterbauer,S. (1991). "Psychosocial Characteristicsof Abductees:Results of the CUFOS abduction project," Journal ofUFO Studies 3:59-90.The Case for the Face-a review...(Continued from Page 9)siderable detail in explaininghow these scientists con-cluded that Cydonia was worth this second look, in-cluding how image enhancement is accomplished, whyit is legitimate,and why it is important. Likewise, thetechnique calledshape-from-shading (photoclinometry)is alsoexplained.Specific objects inCydonia, such as the Tholus(two sets of grooves?), the D&M Pyramid (a runnelleading into it?), a cluster of large formations called"the city" and "the fort" (isosceles trianglesmatchingthose in the cross-section of a tetrahedron, and othergeometric patterns) indicated something other thannatural formations. It was calculated by computer, infact, that the pentad formation of five mounds had lessthan one chance in 200 million of being random.Regardless of ones opinion concerning "theface" or other areas of Cydonia, this is an importantbook that shows how a group of scientists developedthe evidence from what was available to them, with-stood the criticism that would inevitably come fromsuch a project, and convinced NASA that Cydonia wasat least worth another look.Whether their preliminary hypothesis provesto be correct or incorrect, we owe them a great deal ofrespect and gratitude for pursuing this project. Wehaveundoubtedly learned much more about Mars from theirefforts than otherwise would have been the case.Study finds increasein Canadian UFOsA recent study by a national research grouphas found that the skies over Canada are getting morecrowded-with UFOs."Wewere surprised to leam there were so manyreports last year," said astronomer Chris Rutkowski,research coordinator for Ufology Research of Manitoba(UFOROM), which collects and studies UFO reportsin Canada. "There were 284 UFO sightings reportedin Canada in 1997, up about 10 per cent from 1996."Last years cases ranged from a group of peoplechased by a flying saucer near Tuktoyaktuk to a giantboomerang buzzing a 20-year Coast Guard veteran inSault Ste. Marie. Rutkowski said sightings reported toresearchers and UFO groups from BC to the Maritimeswere collected by UFOROM and added to a databasefor statistical analyses. Among the findings:Most UFOs were reported in British Colum-bia (35%) and Ontario (25%).UFOs were seen in winter as likely as sum-mer; no national monthly trend was found.Almost three-quarters of all UFOs are seen atnight, and most of these around 11 p.m.Most UFOs are watched for a long time; theaverage length of observation was 20 minutes.UFOs are witnessed by more than one personat a time; most cases have two witnesses.The typical Hollywood-style flying saucershaped UFOs are now less common than triangularones.Only 4.6 % of all the UFO reports were la-belled "higher-qualityunknowns"; most UFO sightingswere either misidentifications of things such as planesor planets, or the reports didnt have enough informa-tion to reach a conclusion."None of these unknowns prove there are aliensout there," Rutkowski said, "but we are left with somecases which investigators cannot explain."For regional information,contact:UFO*BC at 604-432-4113,MUFON Ontario at 416-532-9371,SOS OVNI (Quebec) at 514-536-0140MUFON Nova Scotia at 902-832-1984.For additional information, contact:Chris Rutkowski through UFOROM at 204-269-7553.Instant archives: Toronto
  13. 13. MUFON UFO Journal May 1998 Page 13Ufology profileLonnie Zamora remembersBy Joseph R. CalamiaOne of the classic UFO cases took place onApril 24, 1964, at Socorro, NM, witnessed by LonnieZamora, a Socorro policeman. At the time of theSocorro incident I was 17 years old. I had the opportu-nity to visit the landing site one or two weeks after theoccurrence, and recall viewing remnants of thecharredbrush and fading scorch marks. This site became the"holy grail" to my own interests and experiences onthe subject of Unidentified Flying Objects.As time passed, interest in the case stagnated,physical evidence vanished with the desert winds, andnew cases caught our attention. Socorro became onlya passing thought for everyone. That is, everyone ex-cept Lonnie Zamora! Mr.Zamoras existence changed,simply because he was the officer on duty who justhappened to be in "hot-pursuit" of a speeding motoriston that April day so long ago.He unwillinglywas given the starring role in afantastic real-life drama that would change his life for-ever. I, too, had never forgotten this sighting, and inMarch I was finally able to talk withMr. Zamora aboutthis event and its effects on him.Dionicio Zamora (Lonnies true name) wasborn Sept. 7,1933, in Magdalena, NM, to theparentalunion of Domingo Zamora, and the former RafalitaGomez. The Zamora family moved to Socorro whenLonniewas approximately 10 years of age. One of ninechildren, his formativeyears were harsh, and there waslittle or no time for the niceties of life.Lonnie said he joined the New Mexico Na-tional Guard at age 17, serving for 24 years. Although,Lonnie never saw combat, he was called upon to helpsuppress prison riots in the 80s. He recallsjoining theSocorro Police Department at age 18 in 1951 as apart-time officer.At age 21, he became a full time police officer,covering the full gamut of problems withina small com-munity, including bar-room brawls, domestic disputes,and tragic automobile accidents. He was no strangerto trauma. On April 24, 1964, he was a 31-year-oldpoliceman with more than ten years of field experi-ence. On that day, his experience and perceptions wouldbe put to the ultimate test.Zamora stated that he had never had any priorinterest, knowledge, or understanding of UFOs untilthe day of the occurrence, noting that he did not re-member even hearing the word until the incident. Re-calling the experience, he said, "My partner, apart-timeLonnie Zamoraofficer, wanted to go home early to eat supper with hiswife," so Zamora dropped his partner off and went tospeak with someone. Suddenly he saw a speeding car.It was the pursuit of that car that led to the sighting atapproximately 5:45 p.m.Lonnie stated that he saw a blue flame in thedesert area, and a dust cloud rise into the air. He ini-tially thought that some type of crash had occurred,and therefore immediately stopped the hot-pursuitanddrove off into the desert area to investigate. Zamorastated that as he drove up to the area he noticed a whiteobject in the ravine near an old dynamite shack. Hesaid he thought the object was an overturned car ortruck.Lonnie stated that he never actually saw anycreatures. He said he did see two objects that appearedto be white overalls in the immediate proximity of thecraft, but the figures were indiscernibleat the distancethat he first observed the scene. He said that they musthave been there (near the ship) because of the foot-prints that were later located.He said he soon became aware of the fact thatthe white object on the desert floor was not an over-turned car or truck. Zamora stated that he was on theair with his dispatcher as he drove up to the scene, butthe police radio soon quit, as did the car engine. Herecalled that theradio had to be fixed later, but he was
  14. 14. Page 14 May 1998 MUFON UFO Journalable to start the car after the departure of the unknowncraft.Lonnie said he recallshearing a "sliding noise"of doors or windows prior to the objects departure,.and that he was alone in that area for about 30 minutesbefore the arrival of his colleagues.Zamora kindly drew a picture of the craft asseen from his vantage point. He also drew the insigniawhich he observed on the craft (see sketch), and wasadamant that the insigniawasblack in color and showedwell against the white background of the craft.Asked his opinion of what the craft was, hereplied, "I really cant tell you, but I know it wasntfrom here. It was not from here. They (Government)were not that advanced at that time. I dont think so.Maybe they were, but I dont think so."Zamora stated that he would not report such athing again. In fact, he admitted that he really did notwish to make the report of the sighting, but after con-ferring with his supervisor itwas decided that a reportmust be filed. Lonnie stated he could see and smell thelanding area, which was still smoking after the depar-ture of the craft. A large rock which had been directlyunderneath the craft had actually been melted in two.Lonnie reported that, shortly thereafter,an AirForce officer had walked down to the landing site witha geiger counter in hand. Lonnie clearly remembersthat the needle to the geiger counter sliced into thered-zone, but slowly dissipated after more time hadpassed. Zamora recalls asking the officer if radiationwas present, but the officer told him there was none.Lonnie recalls that he was up the entirenightof the incident filling out reports and answering abar-rage of questions from numerous law enforcementandgovernment agencies. He was interviewed by the StatePolice, FBI, Military Intelligence, and Chief Investi-gator for Project Blue Book Maj. Hector Quintanilla.Additional interviews were held with newspaper re-porters and representatives of UFO organizations.Lonnie recalls that his household was delugedwith telephone calls from almost everywhere imagin-able. Many of the calls were of a harassing nature,andcaused Lonnie, his wife, and two children a great dealof grief. Zamora recalls the numerous interviews withDr. J. Allen Hynek, and spoke very highly of him. Ap-parently Mr. Zamora maintains contact with some ofthe individuals who became involved in thisunwanteddrama.Zamora stated that he has never commercial-ized on this incident. Although he once acted as anadvisor for a film on the subject, he quickly told theproducer that he did not have time for such things,andneeded to return to his work. Lonnie told me that hehad recurring nightmares in which he would awake inthe middle of the night in a wet sweat. These dreamsSymbol observed by Lonnie Zamora in 1964.lasted about two weeks after the incident. The dreamsceased, but he candidly admits that he fears "it" willreturn some day.This fear remains ingrained in him. He said hewas initiallytroubled by the entire situation and soughtassistance from his priest, conferring with his priestfor several months after his exposure to the UFO. Asto why he was involved in this event, he says, "I dontknow. It happened to me, so thats what God wantedforme to see."Lonnie is (at this writing) 64 years of age, andappears to be in basically good health. However, hecontends that he has developed a "tingling sensation"on his left side which runs around his back area anddown into his right leg. He has had numerous medicalexams, including an MRI, but there is nothing to sub-stantiate any specific physical ailment. Zamora seemsto believe that this condition becomes more prevalentwhen he is faced with stressful situations or anxieties.Lonnie continued his employment as a policeofficer for about two years after the UFO occurrence.He decided to leave the force and found employmentelsewhere. Zamora continues to work every day, andseems to be content in his life-style.He appears to be a hard workingultra-conservative realist who has no time for sciencefiction novels or Star-Wars movies. In fact, I doubtseriously if Mr. Zamora ever saw Star Wars. He is aman of tangible realities who believes in what he cansee, touch, smell, and hear. I believe that LonnieZamora told the truth, and nothing but the truth, de-spite the fears, uncertainties, and ridicule of the time.
  15. 15. MUFON UFO Journal May 1998 Page 15Picking Up the GauntletA Response to The Threat,a book by David Jacobs, Ph.D.By Joe Lewels, Ph.D.There are so few scholars in the world todaywho are studying the alienabductionphenomenon thatone would think they would eagerly embrace one an-other, like survivors of a shipwreck on a deserted is-land. When I entered this exclusive club, I truly be-lieved that it would be that way. Abduction research-ers live a lonely life in an academic and scientific com-munity that turns its collective nose up at them andscoffs at the mention of the subject.The few researchers, I imagined, must all beclose friends, eager to share their knowledge and in-sights and to seek out new ideas in their efforts to solvethis bizarre and complex mystery.I thoughtthat itwouldbe as obvious to them, as it was to me, that what isneeded is a radical new way of thinkingto deal with aphenomenon that seems to emanate from a strange newreality, and which has eluded science for so long. Ibelieved that no one mind or way of thinking couldpossibly be sufficient to truly understand what it wasall about.Different viewsI realized that there were different viewsamongthe major researchers. There were those deeplygrounded in accepted scientific principles and meth-odology. (God knows we need them to help us dis-cover the who, what, when, where and how of the alienagenda.) But I also believed that we needed thosewhose ideas, theories, and techniqueswere beyond thecurrent scope of science to help us discover the "why"of the mystery.We needed people with innovative ideasand revolutionary theories to counterbalance those ofthe traditional researcher.Some of these original thinkers, although un-orthodox by current standards, could be the ones tofind new avenues of approach or to stumble upon somebreakthrough, as is often the case with scientific in-quiry. Because this has been proved time and timeagainin history, I believed that those in the research commu-nity would respect one anothers work and gladly learnfrom each other, while at the same time forming a sortof united front against criticism from outside. But, Iguess I was wrong.David Jacobs has thrown down the gauntlettomost other abduction researchers in his current book,The Threat, and he has unfairly singled out perhapsthe most prestigious member of the researchconununity, Dr. John Mack, for a special scolding.Rather than embracing his fellow researchers, he hasAbout the AuthorJoe Lewels is MUFON assistant state direc-tor for West Texas and Southern New Mexico, anda MUFON consultantin communications. For thepast four years he and psychiatrist Dr. RobertaFennig of El Paso have conducted an investigationinto alien abduction cases in the Southwest. Hisconclusions were published in his book, The GodHypothesis: Extraterrestrial Life and Its Implicationsfor Science and Religion (Wildflower Press, 1997).resorted to name calling. Those who do not meet hispersonal standards ofresearch, or who dont agree withhis interpretation of the facts, are incompetent NewAge Positives who "band together into almost cultlikegroups."In Jacobs view,these researchers have turnedUFO research intoa religionand have seriously strayedfrom accepted scientific standards. The result, in hisview, is that they have wrongly reached the conclusionthat alien abductionsare not so bad, and, in some cases,that they can even be positive. He, on the other hand,due to his "correct"methodology, knows the real truth-that alien hybridsare secretly plottingto take over theearth, and, dueto theirsuperior intellect,usurp controlfrom their humancounterparts.For Jacobs, the abduction mystery has beensolved, and the solutionis quite negative. (He refrainsfrom calling himself and his approved researchers "TheNegatives," however.) "In my most recent research,"he states, "I have uncovered information that allowsUFO researchers to solve the UFO mystery-at leastthe questions that will have the greatest impact uponus." (p.20) Jacobs has seriously deluded himself inthinking that he has solved the alien abduction mys-tery.It is a delusion that results from his overly nar-row perspective, and from the illusion that he has ac-cess to, and is accounting for, all the data. Jacobs is a"scientific materialist" who is trying to solve a mys-tery emanating from the future with science from thepast. He seems to have made no effort to grasp theconcepts of quantum physics and its implications forthe non-local nature of consciousness.Other phenomenaHe cannot accept that there are out-of-bodyexperiences, past life memories, or other paranormalphenomena that have yet to be explained or accountedfor by mainstream researchers. These things are sim-ply "New Age" foolishness that do not merit seriousthought. Yetit is interesting that he accepts as a matterof fact that alienscommunicate telepathically,thattheyexercise psychicpowers, that they walk through walls,and that they sometimes render themselves
  16. 16. Page 16 Mav 1998 MUFON UFO Journal"unseeable." Yet channeling,to Jacobs, is hogwash.He does not recognize that channeling may simplybetelepathic communication from a distance. (I find ithard to understand how one can accept the first, butnot the second.) Clearly, the UFO mystery is based onscience that is hundredsor thousands or even millionsof years ahead of ours.Some breakthroughsTrue, we are beginning to get an idea, throughbreakthroughs in quantum physics, genetics, and othersciences, as to how some of the amazing "miracles"that aliens perform might be done. But the evidencecoming from abduction research should teach us thatthere is much more to learn, and that what we call"modern science," based on "scientific methodology,"is sorely inadequate for penetrating even the outerfringes of thismystery.What has happened to Jacobs is that he hasgone as far as is possible with the "Model T" scienceto which he is limited. Without engaging in strenuousconsciousness raising exercises, he will go no further.In my book, The God Hypothesis, I argue for the needfor a much broader approach to UFO research, onethat includes the acknowledgement that this is an an-cient phenomenonwhich very likely was involved inhuman evolution from the very beginning.What Jacobs sees as an alien invasion may,from another level, be seen merely as evolution inprogress. If the human race is ultimatelyreplaced by amore modem, up-to-date model that is more psychicand connected to the Earth, then so be it. It will be ourfailure to nurture our planet that caused our own down-fall. But is that so different from what happened toNeanderthal man and Cro Magnon man?Missing linksScientists cannot account for how Homo Sapi-ens evolved and yet coexisted with other human "pro-totypes" at the same time. What if we humans are theresult of the last great jump in evolution created bythese beings? What if, due to genetic intervention bysuperior beings, we humanstook over the Earth fromthose with lesser mental powers? Is this acceptable,while the current situation is not?If this is infact the case, then maybe "alien" (aparticularly pejorative term) is inadequate to describethese beings. Maybe they are gods or angels or some-thing of the sort. If we rule this out, we eliminate av-enues of research thatcouldyield rich insights,not onlyinto who they are, but also into who we are. This isnota ridiculous conclusion, but one based on hard scien-tific evidence.No intermediate species have ever been dis-covered to fully account for the theory of evolution,and even the discoverer of DNA, Dr. Francis Crick,believes that DNA was broughthere by extraterrestri-als millions of years ago. (See his book, Life Itself,Simon and Schuster, 1981.) Any effort to resolve theUFO mystery which does not explore the origins ofthe humanspecies, doesnot question the current viewsabout the nature of consciousness, does not examinethe religious implications, and which does not attemptto peer into future science throughthe lens of quantumphysics is doomed to failure.But Jacobs never mentions any of this. He hasnever attempted to broaden his horizons and to reachhigher levels of understanding. Yet,at the same time, Iadmire him. He has performed his role well. His dili-gent research has revealed and verified many of thebasic elements of the abduction phenomenon. I amwilling to embrace him and give him credit for that andfor his courage in stepping into this difficult arena inthe first place. We need him and others like him.But what we dont need is this lashingout andname calling directed at those who are struggling intheir own way to solve the same baffling mystery.Jacobs has fallen prey to the illusion that he, and onlyhe, has the real answers.Standardized procedures?He argues for a standardization of proceduresfor abduction research. "Without standardized meth-odology,"he states," ahypnotist canuse anyinductionor questioning technique-no matter how experimen-tal, untried, or dubious-to explore abduction accounts."(p. 220) To this, I can only say, "Thank God!" Jacobsbelieves that if only all researchers used the same ex-act hypnotic induction he uses, and asked the samequestions that he asks, they too would arrive at thesame conclusions.To this, I can only say, "No kidding!" The factthat all abduction researchers are not clones of himselfand regulated by some abduction research regulationauthority is cause of great frustration for Jacobs. Thatfact, together withhis conclusion thatthe Earth is aboutto be taken over by aliens, has led him into the depthsof a deep depression:"...I have found the abduction phenomenon tobe real, but also...I have become somewhat apocalyp-tic in view of its purpose. I have come to the conclu-sion that humancivilization may be in for a rapid, andperhaps disastrous, change, not of ourdesign." (p. 255)He continues his lament: "...the intellectual safety netwith which I operated for so many years is now gone.I am as vulnerableas the abductees themselves....1havecome to view the alien abduction phenomenon and itspurpose as an asteroid hurtling toward Earth-discov-ered too late for intervention....1 find little fuel for hopefor the future." (p. 256)Jacobs feelings of fear and futility should be
  17. 17. MUFON UFO Journal May 1998 Page 17of great concern for members of the research commu-nity and for abductees as well. Researchers, whetherthey like it or not, must also act in the best interests ofthe "patient"-the abductee. Hypnosis is not just a re-search tool, but also a therapuetic one, and part of therole of the researcher is to help the abductee overcomehis/her fears. How can Jacobs or other researchers whoare frightened themselves help others?John Mack and many other reseachers, includ-ing myself, have seen first hand the amazingspiritualand mental growth that is experienced by thoseabductees who shed the victim role, put their fearsaside, and moved forward. These individualswill nodoubt lead us all toward a much higher level of under-standing than anything we can now imagine.But without the positive support of the thera-pist, many experiencers will continue to dwell in thedepths of depression. As objective researchers, weshould, at the very least, honor (rather than ridicule)those who are able to achieve this remarkable trans-formation. At the very most, we should stand as pillarsof strength for those who so desperately seek our help.Dr. Jacobs response to Dr. Lewels:I would like to thank Dwight Connelly for af-fording me the opportunity to make a brief reply toDr.Lewels.I think that it is important for UFO and abduc-tion research to be as scientific and as accurate as pos-sible. Rigor and the systematic investigation of the phe-nomena have allowed UFO researchers to engage inthe process of solving the UFO mystery. UFO research-ers from the 1940s on have attempted to look with ascientifically objective eye at the claims made notonlyby charlatans and the deranged, but by sincere wit-nesses as well.These pioneers worked out standardized meth-odologies whereby the UFO signal could be separatedfrom the IFO noise. We cannot abandon thisscientificstance. We must maintain and foster high standardsand continue to work for a solution to the UFO mys-tery through serious, reality-based modes of thought.For some abductees, angelic, demonic, spiri-tual, and New Age interpretations of the UFO and ab-duction phenomenon are important in that they pro-vide them with an emotional framework in whichtheycan understand the phenomenon and/or receive solaceand comfort from it. Self-motivated belief structuresthat help abductees cope with their situations-and arenot harmful-can sometimes be beneficial, at least inthe short term.However, as explanatory systems for the evi-Editors Note:With a profoundinterest in abduction cases, 1have discussed with both Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Lewelstheir particular approaches to abduction research.Both, in my opinion, are dedicated, sincere individu-als with exceptional ability and integrity. Obviouslythey represent opposing methods, which should be ofinterest and concernas we attempt to untangle the ab-duction phenomenon. The Threat was reviewed lastmonth, and an adequate understanding of Dr. Jacobsapproach can best be found in readingthe entirebook,just as Dr. Lewels approach is best understood byreading his book, The God Hypothesis-anA in talkingwith both men.Althoughauthorsautomatically openthemselves to critiques, I felt that Dr. Jacobsshouldbe afforded the opportunityto respond in the sameissue of the Journal to this added critique.dence presented, New Age, spiritual, and religious in-terpretations must be treated with utmost caution. InThe Threat,by criticallyevaluatingmethodology, I haveattempted to understand the accounts that some hyp-notists have found and that I, and other more main-stream investigators, have not found. No ones researchis above critical analysis-including my own. Withoutcritical analysis and peer review it will be extremelydifficult to advance in our knowledge of this subject.To suggest otherwise is to insure that we will be takingbackward steps intoconfusion rather than moving for-ward toward knowledge and clarity.We all want the goal of abduction therapy tobe for abductees to lead happier lives. The differenceis that some researchers attribute whatever positivechanges that take place to the aliens actions. I havemore faith in peoples innate abilities to integrate ab-duction events sothat they can lead more fulfilling lives.Through therapeutichelp, support groups, andtheir own self-awareness, abductees gain intellectualand emotional control over their lives and move for-ward with a renewed sense of mastery over the phe-nomenon. For the conscientious investigator, helpingthe abductees achieve this must be accomplished withintegrity and intellectualhonesty.I hope that Dr. Lewels will eventually under-stand the importance of undertaking a scientific andobjective studyof not only the abduction evidence, butof the methods whereby that evidence is obtained. Weowe this to the UFO research community and we es-pecially owe this to the abductees who rely on us tofind the truth about what has been happening to them.This is our responsibility, and we must notshrink from it.
  18. 18. Page 18 May 1998 MUFON UFO JournalThe UFO PRESSTimothy Good. Alien Base, Earths Encounters WithExtraterrestrials (London:Century, 1998)Reviewed by Warren P. AstonCopyright 1998At the outset I do not hesitate to say that, inmy opinion, Alien Base has joined a small group ofbooks that will come to be regarded as pivotal andclassic works in shaping ourunderstanding of the phe-nomenon of alien contact. I believe it will eventuallybe seen as authoritative and substantial in its field asGoods Beyond Top Secret now is.Timothy Goods greatest contribution in thisbook is to force the reader to face a substantial body ofdata that has, in many cases, been routinely ignoredand ridiculed by many UFO researchers and groups inrecent decades, and kept from the public at large. Goodtackles head-on the disturbingdirection that mainstreamufology has taken in the past two decades by the al-most institutionalized rejection of reports involvingcontact with humanoidbeingsto the pointwhere "aliencontact" in ufologyand in thepublicperception equatesonly to an "abduction" by a stereotype "Grey."Not the standard scenarioThe cases covered in Alien Base are anythingbut the standard abductionscenario.Good has amassedufologys largest collection of reports where the wit-ness has encountered, and often interacted with, be-ings of apparent extraterrestrialorigin, sometimes liv-ing incognito among us. A handful of intriguing casesalso suggest that one or more alien groups have hu-mans livingwith and working with them. Many of thebooks reports are published here for the first time,and the cumulativeweight of their evidence is impres-sive.The authordoes not shyaway from the famous"contactee" cases of the fifties and sixties, but suc-ceeds in integratingtheir storiesas part of a larger con-tinuum of alien contact, not apart from it. In the pro-cess it quickly becomes clear that such claims are notas rare as many people have assumed. This is not tosay that Good accepts that all the contactee claims aregenuine—far from it. But he makes a strong case thatperhaps in some instances what began as a genuineencounter was then perpetuated, for any number ofreasons, by deception and fraud.Case in point, perhaps: George Adamski. AlienBase, to the inevitable dismay of some readers, Imsure, devotes a long section to Adamskis story. Muchof this material will be familiar to any well-read re-searcher, but some will not be, and is therefore worthapproaching with an open mind. The original or earlyaspects of this case are stronger than many are willingto give it credit for, and while I personally remainunconvinced, Good gives some good reasons why thecase should not be rejected out of hand or tossed intothe "too hard" basket. Not least of these are the appar-ently credible stories of other people with impressiveparallels to Adamskis claimed experiences.Daniel Fry and Howard Menger are covered,and the book goes into considerable detail about thePaul Villa case, devoting more than half its color illus-trations to some of his photos, making it clear that hereare cases that still cry out for solid investigation.Definitive treatment neededDespite the time that has elapsed, definitivetreatments of these cases have yet to be written. Al-though not without its faults and biases, Kal Korffsdevastating expose of the Billy Meier case (Spaceshipsof the Pleiades) is a recent example of what an inten-sive investigation can achieve and what remains to bedone with the classic contactees. Some readers mayfeel more comfortable with other stories that Goodexamines in detail, such as the little-known CarrollWatts and Bruno Ghibaudi cases with their impressivephotographic support, or with the fantastic but com-pelling "Joelle" and Ludwig Pallmann cases.Alien Base, however, makes a contributionbeyond the mere compiling of reports. By includingsome of the very early encounters (the 1920 AlbertCoe case is the earliest, with a good sampling of casesfrom the thirtiesand forties, including my own researchof the 1940 Wartena case) the book repudiates, forexample, the continuing simplistic attempts by someto dismiss all genuine UFO sightings as man-mademilitary craft.The careful reader will note certain recurringthemes throughout the encounters reported, regardlessof the circumstances, the time period, or the witness.Notably, these include the pervasiveness of the basichuman form throughout the Cosmos, that earth has al-ways had alien monitoring and intervention, that intel-ligent life on earth was "seeded" from other worlds,that man destroyed his civilization thousands of yearsago, and a variety of environmental concerns.Many races of visitorsImplicit in all this is the unavoidable conclu-sion that earth is being visited by many races, far morethan the conventional half-dozen or dozen races nor-mally allowed for in the ETH. A strong case could bemade for at least a score or more, based just on the
  19. 19. MUFON UFOJournal May 1998 Page 19better documented and more believable cases printedin this book.My criticisms of Alien Base are minor. Inter-spersed throughout the text are a number of conven-tional UFO reports, perhaps to introduce variety andperhaps sometimes to strengthen the books premisethat our planet is being used as a base by extra-terrestrials. While they are usually interesting and sub-stantial sightings that deserve recording, in my opinionthey lengthen the text unnecessarily, and theiromissioncould have served either to reduce the size of the bookor to allow more contact cases to be included.Better casesSurely there would have been more value inincluding, for example, the Rev. Gill case-amulti-witnessed sighting of humanoids atop a craft-rather than yet another daylight disk report. In particu-lar I would also have liked more space spent on theinformation communicated in the 1976 Dr. LeopoldoDiaz case, a totally credible witness. A chronologicallisting of all the cases would have been both helpfuland interesting, and would make comparisons easierand trends more obvious.Those in the UFO community inclined to rejectout-of-hand the type of reports found inAlien Basewillundoubtedly be less charitable toward this book, andmay feel that I have been over-generous in my assess-ment of its value. For the rest of us however. Alien Baseis a reminder that whatever our individual assumptionsand biases lead us to do with such accounts, these tooare an integral part of ufology.Phillips to revisit famousDelphos, KS, caseTed Phillips, the foremost ground trace re-searcher in the world, is revisiting the famous Delphos,KS, case. Phillips says there are two reasons for do-ing this.First is a commitment he made to the late Dr.J. Allen Hynek, just prior to Dr. Hyneks death, toreturn to Delphos. Phillips and Dr. Hynek workedtogether on numerous ground trace cases, and Delphoswas considered one of the best. "Thats the secondreason I want to do it," says Phillips. "Its one of thebest cases on record. Its a classic. It deserves to befully and completely nailed down."Phillips requests that anyone havinginforma-tion on the Delphos case, such as photos, reports, newsclippings, or witness information,contacthim. His e-mail His mailing address is Box660, Reeds Spring, MO 65737.MUFON FORUMLetters to Mufon UFO JournalIn Gildas Bourdais article (Part 3/March1998), he refers to highlights of once "Secret" CIAdocuments of the early 1950s cited in my book UFOs:The Public Deceived. Bourdais refers to a CIA memoof 2 December 1952 which he claims "reveals a com-plete change of tone. It is regretable that Klass doesnot mention this memo, although it was declassifiedin 1975, eightyears before the publication of his book!"The memo, written by H. Marshall Chadwell,is mentioned, and its contents highlighted, on page26-27 of my book. It was declassified in 1979, not in1975.Bourdais also errs in claimingthat shortly af-terwards the CIA submmed a proposal to theNationalSecurity Council that the agency launch its own UFOinvestigation. As reported in my book, there were otherCIA officials who disagreed. To help the CIA resolvethis issue was the purpose of convening the group oftop-level scientists, headed by Dr. H.P. Robertson, inearly 1953 to evaluate the best UFO evidence.As reported in my book (p. 31), on Feb. 18,1953, a top CIA official-after reviewing the conclu-sions of the Robertson panel-wrote to the IntelligenceAdvisory Committee: "The results of the [Robertson]panels studies have moved the CIA to conclude thatno National Security Council IntelligenceDirectiveon this subject is warranted."Philip J. KlassKECKSBURG,THE UNTOLD STORYAn in-depth 92-minute videodocumentary producedby researcher Stan Gordon, concerning the 1965 PAUFO crash incident. Was there a coverup? Startlingnew details are revealed. Call toll-free 1-888-UFO-VIEW, $29.95 + 5.95 shipping and handling (PA resi-dents pay applicablelax.)DANGEROUS ALIENSAlien AbductionBreakthrough.Finally - thetruth ishere!www. Glen P. Cutler, 51 Old Portland Rd.,North Waterboro, ME 04061-9652.Due to spacelimitations,other ads scheduled for the May issuewill appear in the June issue.
  20. 20. Page 20 May 1998 MUFON UFO JournalCURRENT CASES *By T. David SpencerMUFON Deputy Director, InvestigationsLOG # 97111cC, AN-2,05/31796, Gravity,IA,at 07:00 hours CDT, 12:00 GMT. Index = 18.0% In-vestigators: Beverly Trout, Richard England, Ken MottA family member called Offutt Air Force Baseand TV stations in Omaha and Des Moines to reportthe anomaly.The MUFON State Director was told ofthe event on June 18 by ajournalist in Creston, IA.Arriving home on Thursday, the two witnesseslistened to a message left on their answering machineby a trucker. The man claimed he had seen lights intheir field ten days earlier.The witnesses never learnedwho the caller was, but they did remember that onenight earlier, as they were drivinghome from Bedford,they saw a light that "lit up the countryside" fora coupleof seconds.Friday morning, the two went to check outtheirfields and discovered two circular indentationsabout10 feet in diameter and separated by about nine feet.Both were sunken three to five inches on the outer pe-rimeter but not in the middle. Corn stalks were piledupjust outsideeach circle.The owners knew thecircleshad not been there two weeks earlier.Measurements performed by the investigatorsclose to three weeks later found that the two circleswere of equal size and shape, measuring 139 inches indiameter and havinga 48-inch wide depression on theinside of the perimeter. The 43-inch center was notsunken. The depth of the depression was measured atabout one and one-half inches. Erosion by rain had re-duced the depth over the three-week period. (It wasnot known if the soil had been wet or dry when thecircles were formed, so the depth measure would notgive an accurate tool to estimate the causing agentsweight.)The circles were located on a flat ridge in the160-acre field. The ridge was high enough to have agood view of the surrounding area, possibl> tor miles.The ndgc had not been planted in 1996, and the cornstalks vcro loft over from the 1995 season. They werelying as if they had been blowndown, fanning outwardfrom the circulartraces. In the center, weeds and grassesappeared to be growing normally,but, except for a fewnew starts, the sunken area was plant barren.A return trip by the investigatorsa week laterfound that the area had been sprayed, which wouldaffect any soil analysis, but samples were taken. Thegrasses and weeds which had been growing normallywere now all wilted, including those surrounding thecircles.LOG # 971203bE, MA-1, 09/14/95,LaGrange, GA, at 23:30 hours EOT, 03:30 GMT, fora few seconds. Index = 16.6% Investigator: John C.ThompsonDriving southward on South Davis Road withher pre-teenage daughter, a woman saw a green lighton a downward trajectory to their south. She called ita glowing green round ball, later referring to it as "shinygreen" and " neon green." After it had reached theground, four helicopters flew into the area at tree topaltitude, shining search lights toward the ground. Sheand her daughter thought the helicopters were search-ing for l ho green object.This event may have been ignored, but the samewoman, with her young son, had seen a similar greenobject a week earlier. Like this one, the object went tothe ground. Before it did so, it first hovered, then flewhorizontally. Note: It is not uncommon for flares to bedropped to practice search operations, but there wasno indication that this was such an exercise.UFO conferences...(Continued from Page 5)lights was the talk by Iowa MUFON State DirectorBeverly Trout on "Talking Back to the Aliens and toHumans." I also had the opportunity to renew friend-ship with Lou Parish on a face-to-face basis after yearsof correspondence by e-mail and phone, as well as withTed Phillips,who, like Lou, was a member of the oldSkylook staff when I was editor-publisher. It was alsogreat to socialize with Walt and Jean Andrus.As I look ahead to the MUFON Symposiumin June, I anticipate a great program featuring some ofthe best in the business. Professor Stanley McDaniel,editor and one of the authorsof The Casefor the Face,will be one of the speakers, and I am eager to hear hisviews on the latest Mars images. Dr. David Jacobs,author of The Threat, and Dr. Joe Lewels, author ofThe God Hypothesis, will, perhaps for the first time,be speakers at the same symposium. Discussions con-cerning their very different approaches to handlingabduction cases should be interesting and enlighten-ing. Nancy Talbott has some significant informationto discuss concerning physical evidence related to cropcircles, animalmutilations, and landing sites. The vid-eos to be presented by Jaimie Maussan, including thefamous Aug. 6, 1997, Mexico City video, are not tobe missed. The list of outstanding speakers also in-cludes Ann Druffel, Michael Lindemann, DebraLindemann, Tracy Tonne, Dr.Richard Haines, and JoeEscamilla. It promises to be quite a symposium.
  21. 21. DCnQ- MUFON 1998 INTERNATIONAL UFO SYMPOSIUMSPEAKING PROGRAM^ou.SATURDAY, JUNE 27 MORNING SESSION9:00 a.m. Welcome to Denver Michael G. CurtaColorado Slate DirectorIntroduction, Master of Cermonies9:10 a.m. Greetings from the Mutual UFO Network Walter H. Andrus, Jr.International Director, Seguin, Texas9:15 a.m. "UFOs and the New Consensus onExtraterrestrial Life: Michael P. LindemannUdiior and Publisherof CNI NewsFort Collins, Colorado10:15 a.m. "UFO: Friend, Foe or Fantasy.CBS-TV Reports (1966) Walter CronkiteNarrator11:15 a.m. Symposium Proceedings Dedication Walter H. Andrus,Jr.11:20 a.m. LUNCH (Place of your choice)AFTERNOON SESSION1:00 p.m. "A Scientist vs. The System I he RemarkableUFO Research of Dr. James. E. McDonald" Ann Druffell,Author and UFO ResearcherPasadena, California2:00 p.m. "The Mexican UFOs: Some of (he Most AstoundingUFOVideos in History" Jaimie MaussanTelevision Director and Video ProducerMexico, City, Mexico3:00 p.m. BREAK3:30 p.m. "The Spectrum of Abduction:A Question of Perception DeborahLindemann,Certified, Registered Clinical HypnotherapistFort Collins, Colorado4:30 p.m. "What is the Case for the Face?"...Stanley V. McDaniel, Ph.D.Author of Martian Face BooksSanta Rosa, California5:30 p.m. DINNER (place of your choice)EVENING SESSION7:30 p.m. ThinkingClearly About the AbductionPhenomenon" David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.Author and Abduction ResearcherWyndmoor, Pennsylvania8:45 p.m. "Aliens or Angels?: The Conflict Between the ETand God Hypotheses" Joe Lewels, Ph.D.MUFON Consultant in Communicaiionsand Assistant Stale Director, TX & NMEl Paso, TexasSUNDAY, JUNE 28 MORNING SESSION9:00 a.m. "Rods: The Discovery of a New Phenomenon" .Jose EscamillaVideo Producer/DirectorLakewood, Colorado10:00 a.m. "Losing the War of Public Perception Tracy TormeScreenplay Writer and ProducerBeverly Hills, California11:00 a.m. LUNCH (place of your choice)AFTERNOON SESSION1:00 p.m. "UFOs: The Technological Issues" John F. SchuesslerMUFON Deputy Director, AdministrationLittleton, Colorado2:00 p.m. "Anatomical Anomaliesin CropFormation Plants" NancyTalbotField Research Coordinator,BLT Research TeamCambridge, Massachusetts3:00 p.m. BREAK3:30 p.m. "Human Initiated Contact" Richard F. Haines, Ph.D.Author and UFO ResearcherLos Altos, California4:30 p.m. Question and Answer Panel, Composedof All Speakers Moderator Walter H. Andrus, Jr.5:30 p.m. Invitation to MUFON 1999 International UFO Symposium inArlington, Virginia, July 2, 3 & 4. 1999 .Robert P.SwiatekHosi, Northern Virginia5:35 p.m. ADJOURNMENT James A. PetersColorado Asst. State Director
  22. 22. Page 22 May 1998 MUFON UFO JournalThe NIGHT SKYwaiter JN. WebbJune 1998Bright Planets (Evening Sky):There are no bright planets in the evening skythis month.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Venus (magnitude -3.9) remains low in the Lat dawn, rising soon after 3 a.m. in mid-June. Our im-posing planet neighbor lies near the lunar crescent onthe 21st.Jupiter (-2.4), in Pisces, rises in the E about 1a.m. in mid-month and is conspicuous in the SE bydawn. The bright planet can be seen near the quarterMoon on June 17.Saturn (0.3), in Pisces, rises about 2:30 a.m. inmid-June and is low in the E at dawn.Moon Phases:First quarter—June 1Full moon—June 10Last quarter-June 17New moon—June 23The Stars:Late in the evening after twilight ends, the ce-lestial meridian divides the night sky into springtimestars in the W (Leo, Bootes, Virgo) and summer starsin the E. The Summer Triangle is now easily visibleabove the eastern horizon. Hercules, with his littlefour-sided "Keystone;" Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer,shaped like a large Arab tent; Scorpius, with its red-dish heart star Antares and winding stinger tail; andSagittarius the Archer all occupy the eastern half ofthe heavens.Straddling the meridian in the S is the U-shapedcrown of Princess Ariadne, Corona Borealis (theNorth-em Crown). Lower down can be seen a distorted rec-tangle, Libra the Scales, on which nearby Virgoweighsthe fate of mortals.To the N, the Big Dipper starts its downwardarc, and the hard-to-see sprawling outline of Draco theDragon coils overhead between the Big and LittleDip-pers and Hercules.June 18-21 - The 19th Rocky Mountain UFO Conference,University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY. For registration call(307) 766-3914 or 1-800-488-7801, Ext. 2.June 26,27 & 28- MUFON 1998 International UFO Sympo-sium, Renaissance Denver Hotel, Denver, Colorado. Hotel res-ervation and registration information is publishedin this issueof ihe Journal. (Directors Message)July 3-5 - Roswell Days, Roswell, New Mexico. For moreinformation, contact International UFO Museum & ResearchCenter, P.O. Box 2221, Roswell, NM 88202 or call (505) 625-9495.August 1-8 - 2nd Annual"Summer Seminars- Mans Placeinthe Cosmos" in Laughlin, Nevada. For information phone (303)543-9943 or FAX (303) 543-8667.August 16-20 - First Israel International Congress on UFOStudies in Jerusalam, Israel. For information please FAX to:972-3-6384455 or mail to P.O.B. 935, Tel-Aviv61092, Israel.October 3 - 3rdAnnual UFO/Alien Abduction Presentationfeaturing John Carpenter at Holiday Convention Center, EauClaire, Wisconsin. For information call (715) 833-4639.October 10-11 - The 11th Annual UFO Experience Confer-ence at the Holiday Inn,North Haven, Connecticutt.For infor-mation, write to Omega Communications, P.O. Box 2051,Cheshire, CT 06410-5051 or call (203) 272-2151.NEW SUBSCRIPTION TO THE MUFON UFO JOURNALPlease sendName:Address:Citu:Please sendName:one subscription to:State: Zip:second subscription to:Address:Ciru: State: Zip:Person securing new subscriptions:Name:Address:Citu: State: Zip:Q Check, Money Order or Cash enclosed for $60.00Cut out or reproduce this order form and mail to: MUFON,103 Oldtowne Rd.. Seguin, TX 78155 with $60.00 to coverboth subscriptions.Please print or type the names and addressesclearly.