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Mufon ufo journal   1998 1. january
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Mufon ufo journal 1998 1. january


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  • 2. MUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, TX 78155-4099Tel: (830) 379-9216FAX (830) 372-9439Editor:Dwight Connelly14026 Ridgelawn RoadMartinsville, IL 62442Tel:(217)382-4502FAX (217) 382-4502E-mail: dconnell@ccipost.netEditor in Chief:Walter H. Andrus, Jr.Columnists:Walter N. Webb,John S. Carpenter,T. David Spencer,John F. SchuesslerArt Director:Vince JohnsonMUFON UFO Hotline:1-800-UFO-2166oThe Internet:mufon.comMUFON on Compuserv:"Go MUFON" to access theForumMUFON e-mail address:mufonhq@aol.comMUFON Amateur Radio Net:40 meters - 7.237 MHzSaturday, 8 a.m., Eastern TimeTABLE OF CONTENTSJanuary 1998 Number 357The Bible and UFO Abductionsby Barry H. Downing, Ph.D. 3UFO Physiological Effects: Part IIIby John Schuessler . 5The Roswell Debris Testimony of Dr. Marcellby Ft.J. Durant 7Current Cases by T. David Spencer 12UFOs and Mental HealthReview by Katharina Wilson 15American UFO Documentsby Gildas Bourdais 17Letters to the Editor, by Jerome Clark 20Readers Classified 21February Night Skyby Walter N. Webb 22SETI 22Calendar 23Colorado MUFON State Director Honored 23Directors Messageby Walter H. Andrus, Jr. 24MUFONs Mission is the systematic collection andanalysis of UFO data with the ultimate goaloflearning the origin and nature of the UFOphenomena.Copyright 1998 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights Reserved.No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without thewritten permission of the Copyright Owners. Permission is hereby grantedto quote up to 200 words of any one article, provided the author is credited,and the statement, "Copyright 1998 by the Mutual UFO Network, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155," is included.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editorsand do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Mutual UFONetwork. Opinions expressed are solely those of the individual authors.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exemptfrom Federal Income Tax underSection 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publicly sup-ported organization of the type described in Section 509 (a) (2). Donors maydeduct contributions from their Federal Income Tax. Bequests, legacies,devises, transfers or gifts are also deductible for estate and gift purposes, pro-vided they meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106 and 2522 ofthe Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a Texas nonprofit corporation.The MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas. Membership/Subscription rates: $30 per yearin the U.S.A.; $30 foreign in U.S. funds. Second class postage paid atSeguin, TX.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to:MUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099.
  • 3. MUFON UFO Journal January 1998 Page3Dr. Barry DowningTHE BIBLE AND UFOABDUCTIONSBy Dr. Barry H. DowningWhen I published The Bible and Flying Saucers in1968, the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case wasjust coming intopublicconsciousness, and did not playa role when I wrote my book. Onthe surface, at least, there wereno religious implications to theHill abduction.The scenario is this: a UFOtrails the Hills, they see it, won-der what it is, then it closes in,seems to control Barneys mind,he drives off to a side road wherethe aliens take him and Betty onboard to examine them. TheHills are then put back in theircar, with missing memory of theevent, and missing time in theirlives. Their memory of the event is later recoveredthrough hypnosis.Since thattime, the abduction phenomenonhas be-come a central,although ambiguous, part of UFO stud-ies. In past articles in the MUFON UFO Journal I havediscussed the religious implications of WhitleyStriebers abductionexperiences ("Holy Communion,"April 1987, "Strieber and the God Hypothesis," No-vember 1988).The abduction experiences of Betty AndreassonLuca chronicled by Raymond Fowler also havea pow-erful spiritual dimension. Researchers have not beensure whetherthe UFO reality caused these experiencesin Strieber and Andreasson, or if the abductees haveinsome unconscious way projected their own spiritual-ity onto their experience.The Fox TV network has led the way inprovidingdramatic fiction linkingUFOs with spirituality, begin-ning with the popular "The X-Files," and now with anew program staring John Corbett called "The Visi-tor."The premise of "The Visitor" is this: John Corbettplays the role of a man who on July 4, 1947, is ab-ducted from his plane over the Bermuda Triangle. Forthe past 50 years he has been hanging out in anotherworld with aliens, having his mind transformed. Helearned of some terrible things on earth, stole a UFO,and flew back to earth to save us, apparently not hav-ing aged duringthose fifty years.Upon arriving back at planet earth, the Air Forceshot him down, and now he has a mission and is on therun. Corbett has good survivalskills—while inthe otherworld he learned many things, including how to raisehimself from the dead. In a later episode we discoverDr. Barry H. Downing is pastor of theNorthminster Presbyterian Church, Endwell,NY,and a longtime contributer to the Journal.that our visitor/messiah has come to rescue us from ahighly classified military weapon we humans are notready to handle.What is interestinghere for me is the model of therelation between the UFO reality, humanity, and ab-ductions: abductions are the means by which humansare brought to a higher level of spirituality.And the Bible seems to hold a similar view of howthe key leaders in the Bible like Moses, Elijah, Jesus,Paul and John gained the power and knowledge theyhad, and made the local political powers want to shootthem down. More than any others, these five men haveshaped Western spiritualityto this day.In The Bible and Flying Saucers, I mainly focusedon UFOs that were near the key leaders—the pillar ofcloud and fire near Moses, the chariot of fire with Elijah,the "bright cloud" with Jesus at his Transfiguration, aswell as his Ascension, the bright light and Paul on theroad to Damascus.But abduction images are also part of the biblicalstory. After all, Elijah was taken up into the sky—ab-ducted—never to return, and likewise Jesus was takenup in a "cloud," never to return. Furthermore, at theTransfiguration scene reported in Matthew 17, Elijahand Moses are both reported to be with Jesus—sur-prising for many reasons, not the least of which thatMoses had been dead for hundreds of years, and al-though Elijah left earth alive, it had been hundreds ofyears since he was last seen alive.Like John Corbett, whilein the other world, Mosesand Elijah did not age. The biblical message seems tobe this: the heavenly UFO reality, whatever it is, cantake us from earth to another world, and then bring usback, just like in "The Visitor."Moses and a NationThere is no direct evidence that Moses was everabducted, but at the same time, he had the longest con-stant relation with a UFO—forty years—of anyone re-ported in the Bible. Furthermore, during the time theUFO (the pillar of cloud and fire) landed on Mt. Sinai,Moses went alone to the top of the mountain to en-counter the divine being in the UFO.One of these meetings lasted so long (forty daysand nights) thatthe people convinced Aaron, the brotherof Moses, to create a molten calf for them, because"the people saw thatMoses delayed to come down fromthe mountain" (Exodus 32:1).It was during the time Moses was isolated fromthe people of Israel that a huge transfer of informationtook place, the giving not only of the Ten Command-ments, but the design of the Tabernacle, the rituals forthe priesthood—everything that we have come to con-
  • 4. Page 4 January 1998 MUFON UFO Journalsider Jewish. When Moses came down from themoun-tain, his face glowed, as the body of John Corbettglowed, when he managed his own resurrection in thefirst episode of "The Visitor."While it cannot be said that Moses was abductedhere, nevertheless, his isolation with the UFO at Sinaifunctioned as an experience in which spiritual infor-mation was transferred. Furthermore, at least analogi-cally, the whole Jewish Exodus experience was likethe abduction of a whole nation. At Passover, they wereseparated from Egypt, and taken into the wildernessfor forty years, where they put into practice the reli-gious information given to Moses at Sinai.When the Jews crossed the Jordan River into thepromised land, it was as if they were then put back onearth, and the pillar of cloud went away, leaving theJews to do whatever they were supposed to do. Unfor-tunately, they didnt do it, and the story of prophetslike Elijah is that they tried to get Israel to return to thepurpose revealed at Sinai.Elijah and JesusElijah is famous for being taken up into the sky ina chariot of fire. What is interesting is the reaction ofhis prophet school to his abduction. About fifty fol-lowers had witnessed Elijahs abduction, and their re-sponse was this: "It may be that the Spirit of the Lordhas caught him up and cast him upon some mountainor into some valley." (2 Kings 2:16) They decided theyshould go and search for Elijah.The implication here is that they had seen thiskindof thing before—that Elijah would be carried some-where—abducted—and then returned to earth. Longbefore Elijahs ascension, Obadiah, a servant of KingAhab, expressed his frustration at keeping track ofElijah by saying, "As soon as I have gone from you,the Spirit of the Lord will carry you whither I knownot." (1 Kings 18:12) We might suppose thatwhateverit was that set Elijah apart as a prophet, abduction ex-periences were part of the process.Notice that another term for the "chariot of fire" is"the Spirit of the Lord." This is important because atthe baptism of Jesus, we read after Jesus was baptized,"he went up immediately from the water, and behold,the heavens were opened and he saw the Spirit of Goddescending like a dove, and alighting on him,and lo, avoice from heaven, saying, "This is my beloved Son,with whom I am well pleased." (Matthew 3:16,17)If the "Spirit of God" is also a "chariot of fire,"then we have a UFO event at the baptism of Jesus. Thesuggestion that Jesus "went up immediately from thewater" could be translated that he was raised straightup out of the water, and that he merged with the UFO,which appeared to fly down from above like a landingdove, "alighting on him."Matthew then says Jesus was "led up by the Spiritinto the wilderness to be tempted by the devil." Marksgospel, telling the same story, says Jesus was "driven"into the wilderness, or the Greek could be translatedthat Jesus was "carried"into the wildernessby the Spiritof God. This is of course consistent with the Elijahtradition. To say that Jesus was led by the Spirit ofGod fits the Moses tradition, following the pillar ofcloud into the wilderness, whereas being "carried" bythe Spirit of God models the Elijah tradition.The Book of Acts has a story that supports the ab-duction/baptism hypothesis. One of the disciples,Philip, is directed by an angel to an Ethiopian eunuch,a minister in the court of Candace, who is reading thebook of Isaiah. Philip interprets the Isaiah passage,saying it points to Jesus as the Messiah, and the eu-nuch requests baptism.The two go into some nearby water, perform thebaptism, and, after the baptism, "the Spirit of the Lordcaught up Philip and the eunuch saw him no more . . .Philip was found at Azotus." (Acts 8:39,40)Thus in this story concerning Philip, we have theconnection between baptism and a UFO abduction, astory New Testament writers would see as consistentwith the tradition of Elijah, Jesus, and strange objectswhich descend from the sky and carry people away.New Testament scholar Sherman Johnson says thatin Jewish tradition the Messiah "does not even recog-nize his own identity and he has no power at all untilElijah comes to anoint him and make him manifest toall."If we accept the Elijah tradition, then we can sup-pose Matthews account of the baptism of Jesus is fol-lowed by his abduction into another world—the wil-derness—for what?A time of isolation, a time to gainhis spiritualself vision,before returningto society forhis work—what Matthew calls being tested by the devilor tempter.The Bible reports thatJesus had unusual powers toheal the sick, raise the dead or even turn water to wine.None of his miracles were reported previous to his bap-tism. If his baptism was followed by some kind of ab-duction experience, asI have suggested, then we mightalso suppose it was there Jesus gained his superhumanpower—as John Corbett in "The Visitor" came backfrom his abductionexperience with super humanpowerand knowledge.As a seminary-trained and ordained pastor, I mustadmit the above interpretationof the baptism of Jesusis far removed from church tradition. But as we try tomake sense of UFO abductions,scientific method de-mands that we explore thepossibility that the baptism/Spirit of God sequence at the beginning of the minis-try of Jesus was an abduction experience, even thoughfrom the point of view of religious orthodoxy, thisseems highly unlikely.I believe much we are doing inUFO research raises huge questions for religiousfaith—we can avoid the questions only by not askingthem.Paul and JohnThe Apostle Paul was converted by something likea UFO close encounter on the road to Damascus, wit-
  • 5. MUFON UFO Journal January 1998 PageSnessed by several people (Acts 9), but it does not ap-pear that he was abducted at this time.But at a later time he describes this personal expe-rience: "I must boast; there is nothing to be gained byit, but I will go on to visions and revelations of theLord." He goes on to say he was taken to another world,"whether in the body or out of the body, I do not know,God knows," and in this other world he "heard thingsthat cannot be told, which man may not utter." (2Corinthians 12:1-4)The fact that Paul felt he was taken somewhere,but that he could not be sure of the physicality of theexperience—in the body or out of the body—is veryclose to the language Whitley Strieber has used to de-scribe some of his experiences.The Apostle John explains the information he re-ceives in his famous book of Revelation this way: "Iwas in the Spirit on the Lords day, and I heard behindme a loud voice like a trumpet." (1:10)If being "in the Spirit" is not just a psychic state,but the equivalent of being "in a chariot of fire," thenJohns Revelation may have been part of a UFO ab-duction experience, an experience or vision that is notunlike the voice of God heard by Betty Andreassonduring her abduction.I obviouslydo not know if any of the biblical peoplewere abducted by UFOs. But our culture, in popularTV shows like "The Visitor," can now imagine thathumans might be abducted, and then be placed backon earth to carry out some kind of spiritual mission ofsalvation.My main point is this: such an idea would not beforeign to biblical thinking. It is foreign to the wayreligious leaders today think about the Bible, but I donot believe it is foreign to the Bible.I realize this point of view is inconvenientfor bothreligious traditionalists, and for scientists who do notwant religion mixed withtheir UFO research. The ghostof Marshall Applewhite will hauntus all for some timeto come. But life is frequentlyinconvenient, especiallyin UFO research.UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICEThe UFO Newsclipping Service will keep you informedof all the latest United States and World-wide UFO reports(i.e., little known photographic cases) and all other UFO re-ports, many of which are carried only in small town and for-eign newspapers.Our UFO Newsclippings Service issues are 20-pagemonthly reports, reproduced by photo-offset, containing thelatest United States and Canadian UFO newsclippings, withour foreign section carrying the latest Brtish, Australian,NewZealand and other Foreign press reports. Also included is a3-5 page section of "Fortean" clippings (i.e., Bigfoot and other"monster" reports). Let us keep you informed of the latesthappenings in the UFO and Fortean fields.For subscription information and sample pages from ourservice, write today to:UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE#2 Caney Valley DrivePlumerville, Arkansas 72127-8725UFO physiological effects:Part ThreeBy John SchuesslerEditors Note: This is the third in a series of reportsfrom John Schuessler, MUFONs Deputy DirectorforAdministration andchairof MUFONs Medical Com-mittee, on effects from UFOencounters. The next cat-egory involves extensive andlong-lasting injuries.John SchuesslerInjuries sustained in anumber of the aforementionedcases may have hadlong-lasting effects, but due tothe lack of proper medicalfollow-up, there is no way ofquantifying the full extent of the injuries. However,long-term follow-up is possible as demonstrated in theCash-Landrum incident of December 29, 1980.The Cash-Landrum IncidentThe Cash-Landrum incident involved three peopleliving in the small east Texas town of Dayton.At thetime of the incident the three were riding in a new 1980Oldsmobile Cutlass on Farm to Market Road FM1485,near the town of Huffman.The driver wasBetty Cash, a 51-year-old business-woman who operated a roadside restaurantand an ad-joining food market near Dayton. She was a person ofunbounded energy and a drive to succeed. She was toopen a new and larger restaurant the very next week—a plan that was permanently interrupted by the UFOencounter.Vickie Landrum, an employee in the restaurantop-erated by Mrs. Cash, was in the right front seat of thecar. She was a 57-year-old grandmother, in good health,with a quick wit and pleasant personality. Her life re-volved around her grandson Colby for whom she hadlegal custody.Her activities included working in the restaurant,going to church, taking care of her family duties, andraising Colby. Her only source of entertainment wasan occasional game of bingo.The third person involved in the encounter wasColby. At that time he was a seven-year-old active andhealthy lad. He was active in baseball, bowling, dirtbike riding, and fishing, and he was skilled at each.His record showed he was good in school also.Before they encountered the UFO the trio had setout to find a bingo game. Mrs. Landrum, excited aboutthe opportunity for a short-break in her busy routine,convinced Mrs. Cash to try bingo also. The trio stopped
  • 6. Page 6 January 1998 MUFON UFO Journalin a nearby town to pay the rent on the new restaurant,and then they drove to a number of other small townsin their East Texas locale, hoping to find a bingo game.Instead, they found that everyone was busily prepar-ing for the upcoming New Years Eve celebration. Allbingo parlors were closed.By this time they were hungry,so they stopped at adiner in New Caney. Mrs. Cash always enjoyed "siz-ing up the competition." When they finishedeating theybegan their drive back to Dayton, chatting about memo-ries of their past and their dreams for the future. It hadbeen a good day.A bright lightAbout 9:00 p.m. they were driving downFM1485,returning to Dayton. Although the sky had been partlycloudy all day, it had finally cleared. Colby, standingup in the back of the car looking between the twowomen called their attentionto a very bright light abovethe tall pine trees ahead.As they neared the light, it moved over the road asif it was going to land. They were all able to see it wasa large diamond-shaped vehicle of some kind. Flamesbelched from the bottom of the craft and Mrs. Landrumdescribed it as "a cone of fire" like a rocket launch.Because Mrs. Landrum and Colby were scream-ing at her to stop the car or be burned alive, Mrs. Cashhalted the big Oldsmobile right in the middle of theroad. For a few moments they sat there and stared in-tently at the huge object. Later they described whatthey saw as being a "diamond of fire." It was as largeat the water supply tower in their hometown of Day-ton.Car warms rapidlyAlthough the night was a chilly forty degrees, theircar warmed rapidly, forcing them to get outside. Mrs.Landrum, on the right side of the car, stood in the opendoorway with her left hand on top of the car. She nevertook her eyes off the strange craft.Within minutes the terrified Colby convinced her toreturn to the inside of the car to hold him. In the mean-time, Mrs. Cash had walked to the front of the car,shielding her eyes with her arm, while staring at theobject.The object hovered over the road for several min-utes, intermittently blasting flames downward, whilecontinuously emittinga beeping sound.It is interesting to note that none of the victimscalled this strange craft a UFO or a flying saucer. Forone reason, there was no room in Mrs. Landrums con-servative religious upbringing for UFOs.She even rejected the concept of life elsewhere inthe universe. She said "it," the object, had to be one ofours, meaning operated by the U.S. Government.After a lapse of seven to ten minutes Mrs. Cashmoved back to enter the car. However, she found thedoor handle too hot to touch and had to use her leathercoat as a hot pad to protect her fingers so she couldopen the door.About that same time, the bright object stoppedbelching flames and slowly rose into the night sky andmoved awayjust above the trees. As it flew away,heli-copters flew over the area as if in pursuit.The incident did not end there. Mrs. Cash speddown the dark and twistingroad, intent on getting tothe safety of her home. Within five minutes they wereat the junction of a larger highway, which they hadhoped would carry them safely home. Instead of find-ing a safe haven, they had caught up with the objectand its helicopter escort.Determined she would not get near the thingagain,Mrs. Cash pulled the car off to the side of the road andwaited. Each of them commented excitedly as theybusily counted the number of helicopters overhead.There were 23 in all. The stop-start game continueduntil the object was far enough away for them to headdown Highway FM 1960 towards Dayton.Initially, they felt the heat and were sensitive to thebright light emitted by the object. However, as theydrove homeward they developed headaches and gen-erally felt disturbed by the events of the evening.More severe symptomsDuring the night that followed they developedmuch more severe symptoms. Colby vomited repeat-edly and his skin turned red as if he had a severe sun-burn. Mrs. Landrum knew that was impossible becausethe day had been cool and overcast, withintermittentdrizzle.When she examined herself, Mrs. Landrum foundshe had a similar skin burn problem. Mrs. Cash had aneven worse burn. Large water blisters formed on herface and head and by morning her eyes had swollenshut.During the holiday period none of them could eator drink. Even water would make them vomit againand again. They developed diarrhea and their state ofhealth deteriorated continuously. Finally,Mrs. Landrumhad a relative come and take Mrs. Cash to a hospitalwhere she was treated as a burn patient. This was thefirst of more than two dozen periods of hospital con-finement for Mrs. Cash.A very brief summary of the medical problems theysustained follows:Eyes swollen closed, painful and wateryEyes permanently damagedStomach pains, vomiting, and diarrheaSores and scarring of skin, with loss of pigmentationExcessive hair loss over a several week periodNew hair had a different textureLoss of appetite, energy and weightFingernail damage and sheddingIncreased susceptibilityto diseaseCancerNext month, Part 4: physiological effects fromabduction experiences.
  • 7. MUFON UFO Journal January 1998 Page?R. J. DurantThe Roswell debris testimonyof Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr.By Robert J. DurantThis article is in response to an article by Kent Jef-frey, titled "Roswell—Anatomy of a Myth", pub-lished in the MUFON UFO Journal, July 1997 is-sue number 350, that created major controversy inthe UFO community. (Walter Andrus)The interrogation under hypnosis of Dr. JesseMarcel, Jr. is examined. It is demonstrated that, con-trary to the claims of Mr. Kent Jeffrey, the materialMarcel handled was not associated with a weatherbal-loon radar target, and in particular that it was not theradar target shown to the press by General Ramey inJuly 1947.IntroductionAmong the many reasons KentJeffrey gives for concluding that theRoswell Event was caused by noth-ing more than the debris from aProject Mogul balloon array is thetestimony of Jesse Marcel, Jr.In July 1947 Marcel and hismother were awakened by his father,Major Jesse Marcel, who had justreturned from the Foster Ranch. TheMajor was excited, and proceeded to show his wifeand son a collection of the material he had gatheredatthe ranch. Over the years Dr. Marcel has spoken inmany forums about what he saw on that fateful night,and his account has remained remarkably stable.In January of 1997 Mr. Jeffrey arranged for an in-terrogation under hypnosis by Dr. Neil Hibler, a spe-cialist in the use of hypnosis for information retrievalthrough memory enhancement. Hiblers credentialsareimpressive, and include extensivework for lawenforce-ment agencies and federal intelligence services. Anartist was also present to record in visual form whatDr. Marcel recalled.The interrogation was comprised of three sessions,each lasting a little more than two hours. A video tapewas made of the entire procedure.I was among a handful of ufologists to whom Mr.Jeffrey sent copies of the video tapes of the interroga-tion. Assuming that the tapes were mine to keep, Iviewed them in four or five sessions, but did not makeaudio or video copies. Nor did I take notes during theviewing.However, I watched the proceedings with verykeenattention, and recall vividly those points where Dr.Marcel touched on specific topics that I thought wereof vital importance. My concern was to determine, ifpossible, what he was describing.Alternatively, I wanted to gather enough detail fromhis testimony to tell what he was not describing. Dur-ing this viewing I was fully aware that the receivedopinion in some quarters, including the U.S. Air Forcewas that he had handled the remains of a balloon-borneradar target, and I was using that as a specific point ofcomparison with his testimony.Almost immediately after I viewed the tapes, I be-gan composing notes and a preliminary analysis forthe purpose of sharing my thoughts with Mr. Jeffreyand the other "insiders."Were it not for that, I could not write the commentsthat follow, because several days later I received a tele-phone call from Mr. Jeffrey abruptly requesting that Ireturn the tapes at my earliest possible convenience. Icomplied, and I also complied with his previous re-quest that the tapes not be copied or reproduced in anyway. Within hours of his call, I fedexed the tapes toMr. Jeffrey.Now Mr. Jeffrey tells me he does not intend to re-lease the video tapes or transcripts, even to other re-searchers, but that he is planning to use the tapes on anetwork television program about Roswell! Thus thescholarly community is deprived of the chance to ex-amine this very valuabledocument, just as the readersof the MUFON UFO Journal were deprived of the op-portunity to examine what Dr. Marcel said during hissix hours of interrogation.Although he devoted a great deal of space to theinterrogation, Mr. Jeffrey does not offer the reader asingle quotation from the testimony.The reader is leftwith nothing but Mr. Jeffreys personal editorial inter-pretation of the meaning of the testimony that took oversix hours to elicit.Kent Jeffreys ThesisHere is what Mr. Jeffrey had to say concerning Dr.Marcel and histestimony:"Potentially, the key to the whole Roswell UFO caselies in Jesse Marcel, Jr.s memory. He saw the debris.Either it was extraterrestrial or it was not."There were no descriptions or memories of anykind of exotic debris or wreckage. And, immediatelyfollowing with the editorial interpretation "There is avery good reasonfor that—there simply was no suchexotic debris or wreckagefor Jesse to remember.If therehad been, inall probability he would have rememberedit consciously. Nonetheless, because of the extremeimportance of the debris to the Roswell case, the effortwas worth a try—just in case."The sessions made itabsolutely clear that the ma-terial recovered from the Foster ranch northwest ofRoswell in 1947 was anything but unique or exotic. Asit turned out, it was extremely mundane."In addition to being mundane, the material recov-ered from the Foster ranch is definitely reconcilablewith the debris from an ML-307 radar reflector—thelength and cross-sectional size of the beams or sticks,the pieces of foil, and the plastic-like material (nowthought to be part of one of the plastic ballast casesthat contained sand) Even the color of the symbols that
  • 8. PageS January 1998 MUFON UFO JournalJesse, Jr. remembers is almost identical to the color ofthe flower patterns on the balsa stick that Irving New-ton remembers seeing in Ramey s office.And finally, commenting on the journalists pho-tographs of debris on General Rameys office floor,"There is absolutely no question that this is the debrisfrom an ML-307 radar reflector. If this is the same de-bris that was recoveredfrom the Foster ranch, then theRoswell case is closed, period. Its over, end of sub-ject."Mr. Jeffrey confuses two different topics. His in-vocation of the terms "exotic" and "unique" and hisantonymous "mundane" are apparently meant to makethe point that if the Roswell debris were of extraterres-trial origin, that fact would immediately be obviousupon inspection.This is a very quick answer to a question that hasvexed a great many minds over many decades. Namely,how can one establish the extraterrestrial provenanceof an object? Although readers of thisjournal will posethe question in terms of alleged "implants" or itemssaid to have been dropped by passing UFOs, the issueis a very broad one and includes the ongoing debateabout life-forms in rocks thought by some scientists tohave originated on Mars. The search for radio signalsfrom extraterrestrial civilizations has been underwaysince 1959.A central issue of SETI that has never been resolvedis how to determine in rigorous terms if a signal is infact extraterrestrial. In sum, Mr. Jeffrey may have aneasy answer, but a multitude of thoughtful scholars andscientists would demur.Elsewhere in his paper, Mr. Jeffrey equates com-plexity with extraterrestrial origin, citing modern jetairliners and their humble predecessor, the SopwithCamel. He might have added that a jetliner operatedby the airline that employs him recently lost part of aflap, a very simple part of the very complex airplanethat lost it. Puzzled bystanders who found the flap hadto wait several days before it was identifed by experts.To the best of my knowledge, the debris broughthome by Major Marcel has never been thought to bethe entirety of an interplanetary craft. Rather, if in factit was extraterrestrial, it may have been a covering, orsomething jettisoned or fallen by mishap like theJetliners flap. There is no reason to suppose that heeven implied that what he had found was a space craft,as distinguished from miscellaneous andstructurallysimple detritus "not of this earth."If we try to insist that both the Major and his sonwere talking about a craft, we are putting words in theirmouths. Worse, we are creating a straw man to tearapart, and making logical analysis of this profoundpuzzle even more difficult. In any event, the point madeby Mr. Jeffrey is beyond the scope of my comments,and I will freely admit, beyond my ability to plumb.The second topic is much easier to deal with. De-spite Mr. Jeffreys urgings, it is entirely separate fromthe problem of defining "exotic" and "mundane" andBrig. Gen. Roger Ramey, commanding generalof the Eighth Army Air Force, kneeling, andhis Chief of Staff, Col. Thomas Debose, withwhat is claimed to be debris from the on. Specifically, it is the question,"Does Dr. Marcelstestimony under the hypnotic interrogation (or in anyother venue)lead to the conclusion that the materialheinspected in his kitchen was the remains of a balloon-borne radar reflector target?"Toparaphrase Mr. Jeffrey, if Dr.Marcelstestimonyshows that he handled and inspected the remains of aradar reflector, then the Roswell case is closed, period.But I dont agree that the testimony shows anything ofthe son. Upon careful consideration of what Dr.Marcelhad to say, and comparison of that very carefully elic-ited six hours of testimony with what is known aboutthe MIL-307 target, one reaches quite the opposite con-clusion.The InterrogationDr. Hibler began with a very informative discus-sion of hypnosis, with particular emphasis on its use inenhancement of memory. He explained that about 20%of the population is easily hypnotizable, with the restlying in a spectrum of capacity for hypnosis. Hypnosisis not a means of ascertaining absolute truth, but hasbeen shown to be very useful in obtaining certain typesof details hidden in the memory. Examples were given,
  • 9. MUFON UFO Journal January 1998 Page 9such as the recollection of license platenumbers.Several induction techniques were attempted, butwith little apparent success. It appeared to me that Dr.Marcel was never in a trance, in my laymans under-standing of that term. Marcel was outwardly calm,friendly and cooperative, but seemed tense inwardlyand uneasy about the process.At one point Dr. Hibler said that Dr. Marcel wasvery intelligent and alert to everything going on in theroom, and that he was an extremely self-relianttype ofpersonality. I gathered that Dr. Hibler made this com-ment as an objective assessment of Dr. Marcel, but alsoby way of venting in a subtle way his frustration at hisinability to induce a trance.By the end of the third and final session, Dr. Marcelhad become much more relaxed and had his eyesclosed. Whether he was finally in a hypnotic trance, Icant say. His speech patternsdid not change from thosein the earlier sessions, but he did,seem at last to bedetaching from the immediate environmentand reach-ing far into the depths of his memory.After the first attempts at inducing a trance, Dr.Hibler began asking a series of questions.The bulk ofthe questioning was done by the hypnotist.During thelater sessions, questions were asked by Mr. Jeffrey, andthen by the artist.The questioning took place in a pattern that pro-ceeded from vague queries posed in very general lan-guage at the outset, and then became quite specific to-ward the end of the last session. Nearly every relevanttopic was raised at least several times. Questioning wasinterspersed with further attempts at hypnosis and little"pep talks" designed to relax the still tense Dr. Marcel.The artist waspresent duringall three sessions. Shedid not intrudeinto the conversations until late in thethird session. At that point it came as a shock to dis-cover that she had been drawing throughout the ses-sions, and when Dr. Marcel was shown what she haddrawn simply from listening to him talk, he was asamazed as I was. Dr. Marcel pronounced her worknearly perfect. At his suggestion she made a few mi-nor changes to the drawings.The patienceand skill of the hypnotist, and the skillof the artist remain as highlights of the interrogationvideo. Mr. Jeffrey did an excellent job of briefing thehypnotist on the outlinesof the issue at hand,allowingDr. Hibler to handle very competently a line of ques-tioning much more complicated than asking someoneto recall a license plate.At the beginning,Dr. Marcel could not recall howhe or his father or his mother were dressed, who wokehim, or what was in his fathers car when he followedhim outside after the "debris" had been examined inthe kitchen. During the final session, Dr. Marcel re-called with ease that his father was in uniform, that hismother was dressed in a bathrobe with a flowered pat-tern, that he was wearing a plaid bathrobe and slip-pers, and that he had been awakened by his father. Heeven remembered some of the items in his bedroom.The Kitchen FloorWhen Dr. Marcel appeared in the kitchen, he foundhis mother and his father. A collection of strange ma-terial had been spread on the kitchen floor. This mate-rial was comprised of three distinct types, and onlythree, which by common consent we have come todesignate as the "foil," the "I-beam" and the "bakelite."This comprised the entirety of the material seen by Dr.Marcel.Unlike his mother, who did not handle any of thematerial with special care, Dr. Marcel spent whathe estimates as 15 to 20 minuteshandlingand lookingat it. At least some of this time was devoted to an at-tempt by the family to arrange the segments of "foil"as one would coordinate the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.The nature of the size and shape of the "foil" was suchthat it suggested a common and complete integral formprior to its reduction to the many disparate parts ar-ranged on the floor. There was no success in this at-tempt, either in the grand scheme or in connecting theedges of even two pieces. Dr. Marcel was not asked,nor did he volunteer, how many pieces of "foil" therewere, but the implicationfrom this and other testimonyis that there were many.Dr. Marcel paid particular attention to the single I-beam," handling and observing it with great care, andviewing it from various perspectives with the kitchenlight behind his shoulder. It was during this inspectionthat he observed the "hieroglyphics," and brought themto the attention of his parents.One aspect of the story that Dr. Marcel emphasizedby repetition during various phases of the sessions isthat his father was plainly very excited. Although hewas quizzed on this topic, Dr. Marcel was unable tooffer a hint about the cause of his excitement. Hismother seems to have been emotionally neutral andambivalent, as was the young Marcel.On several occasions duringthe inspection and han-dling of the debris, Major Marcel asked his son to lookfor electronic parts such as resistors, capacitors andtubes. None were found. Dr. Marcel does not knowwhy his father was eager to find such components, orwhy he apparently expected them to be in the collec-tion of debris.After the inspection, the material was gathered fromthe floor and replaced in the cardboard box. A verysmall amount, consisting of little shreds, was left onthe kitchen floor. His mother swept the floor, and us-ing a broom moved these tiny pieces out of the kitchenthrough the door into the backyard. Dr. Marcel believesit probable, but not certain, that the shreds were com-posed of the "foil" material.Dr. Marcels father carried the box out of the houseto his car, with the boy following. The box was placedin the back seat. There was more material on the seatthat appeared to be the same as that which he had ex-amined in the kitchen, but Dr. Marcel did not get agood look it and cant recall either the exact nature orquantity of that material.
  • 10. PagelO January 1998 MUFON UFO JournalHis father drove off to the air base, and Dr. Marcelwent back to sleep. He remembers his activity of thenext morning, which consisted of bicycle riding withtwo close friends. He did not mention to them his ex-perience of the previous night, and says it did not pre-occupy him.It is most unfortunate that Major Marcel did notexplain the reason for his excitement. It is consistentwith what he told researchers 31 years later, when hewas still in awe of what he had found on the FosterRanch and said he thought it was "not of this world."Whether that specific conclusion was in his mindwhen he presented the material to his family, or whetherhe drew it pursuant to additional information gleanedin the days that followed, we have no way of knowing.But it is a fact that time did not dull his perception thatthere was something exceptional about the substanceshe found.Nor do we know why the Major expected to findelectronic parts in the box. But this implies that thematerial in the box had been gathered in such greathaste that even a cursory inspection had not been made.When these events took place, Dr. Marcel was onemonth shy of his twelfth birthday. He was by all ac-counts an unusually precocious youngster, who wasoffered a scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology when he graduated from high school. Hedeclined that honor, havingalready decided to pursuea career in medicine.The Mogul HypothesisThe U.S. Air Force, drawing on work done by re-searchers such as Robert Todd and Professor C. B.Moore, has concluded that the debris in GeneralRameys office was that of a Project Mogul balloonarray. These arrays consisted of many balloons liftingan instrumentpackage aiid several radar reflectors. Thearray or "train" configuration varied during the courseof the experimental launchings. Of particular impor-tance in this hypothesis is the rarity of the radar reflec-tors, which have been described as box kites made ofbalsa wood structural members supporting metal foilsurfaces that reflect radar waves.At the time in question, reports of "flying saucers"were widespread, and whenrancher Mac Brazel foundthe remains of a Mogul array he assumed it must be a"saucer." According to the Air Force, Major Marcel,being ignorant of the radar targets, gathered the mate-rial and took it to the 509th Bomb Group, where con-fusion about the real nature of the debris continued,and a stupidlycontrived press release was issued claim-ing that a "flying saucer" had been found. The follow-ing day the debris was identified as nothing more thana battered radar reflector.Thirty years passed. Then, through a combina-tion of poor memory, confabulation and some out-right lying, the story of a crashed spacecraft re-emerged. Mr. Jeffrey has embraced thisexplanationfor the central event that launched what he now callsthe Roswell Myth.The consensus of the skeptical community is thatthe Mogul array launched on June 4, 1947 was thesource of the debris found by Brazel and then deliv-ered by Major Marcel to his Army unit. According toC. B. Moore, this array consisted of 28 balloons liftinga plastic container of kerosene ballast and three radarreflector targets. Unlike other Mogul test flights, thisone did not carry a "radiosonde" transmitter.Testing the HypothesisThe Mogul Balloon Hypothesis is falsifiable, thatis to say, it is amenable to testing. Thanks to the initia-tive and largesse of Mr. Jeffrey, and to the exceptionalskill of the professionals he employed, we have a verydetailed and reliable description from Dr. Marcel ofthe material he observed with great care.This description can be compared, point by point,with the known characteristics of a radar target. Al-though such a target probably exists in the collectionsof aviation museums and should have been easily avail-able to the skeptics, most especially to the U.S. AirForce, they have neglected to sit down with Dr. Marceland a target and ask him the obvious question: Is thiswhat you handled?In July 1997, on his own initiative,Dr. Marcel trav-eled to Socorro, New Mexico to visit C. B. Moore athis home, where he at last was able to examine a radartarget. Marcel told Moore that the target was simplynot what he had handled 50 years ago in his kitchen.However, we have nearly the same thing as a radartarget, which is actually more usefull for the purposesof establishing if the debris shown to journalists byGeneral Ramey was the same as the debris broughthome by Major Marcel. I refer to the set of very clearphotographs taken in Rameys office by the professionalpress photographer J. Bond Johnson. With the excep-tion that it denies us the tactile sense a real target couldprovide, the photographs are entirely sufficient to thepurpose.In the remarks that follow I will examine the "foil,"the "bakelite" and the "rod," comparing the testimonyof Dr. Marcel with the known qualitiesof an ML-307radar target. Due to the intransigence of Mr. Jeffrey, Imust rely on my recollection and notes instead of be-ing able to supply the exact language used by the wit-ness.The Metal FoilThe bulk of the material in the kitchen consistedof pieces of what Dr. Marcel calls metal foil. Thesecame in various sizes, the largest being about four bysix inches. They were nearly weightless. They did notflex in his hands. Dr. Marcel has no recollection of anattempt to flex or deform these pieces by consciouseffort. However, they did not change shape or flex whilehe was handling them.The "foil" was the color of "lead" foil, a dull me-tallic color. He compares the color with that of the foil
  • 11. MUFON UFO Journal January 1998 Page 11in packages of ciga-rettes, but seeminglywith little confidence. Itis only his best choice ofdescription, not an exactone. Also, he was refer-ring to cigarette pack-ages circa 1947, whichused metal foils muchdifferent from modernwrapping materials. Hewas well familiar withstandard cigarette pack-age foil, having saved itfor the war effort.Dr. Marcel is ada-mant that there was nopaper attachedto eitherside of the "foil." Nordid he observe paper ortape attached to or pro-Maj. Jesse A. Marcel, S-2 (In-telligence) officer, poses forphoto in Brig. Gen. Barneysoffice.truding from the "foil" in any way.The "foil" was de-void of any markings or symbols. Moreover, it had nosigns of creasing or of abrasion. It is important to notethat Dr. Marcel is not describing metal foil, but ratherthe color of the thin, mysteriousmaterial whose com-position he could not describe.In response to the many questions he was askedabout the foil, he could have said that it felt like ciga-rette foil, was as thick as cigarette foil, and so forth,but he did not.An excellent depictionof a typical pieceof the "foil" was made by the artist, but Mr. Jeffreychose not to use it to illustrate his article.He was not asked how many pieces of "foil" hehandled, leaving open the possibility that some of thepieces did have paper backing, creases, abrasions,andso forth, but were not among those he inspected orhandled.On the other hand, much of the time Dr. Marcelwas looking at the material was devotedto theattemptto piece together the fragments into a matchingwhole.This exercise was done by placing the pieces on thekitchen floor. The attempt was abandoned without find-ing a "fit" or a "match" for the edges of even two pieces.When all of the material was removed from thecardboard box and placed on the floor, it occupiedabouttwo-thirds of the area of the floor. The witness believesthe area of the floor was roughly eight by ten feet. Ifthat is so, the material would have comprised the re-mains of more than three radar reflectors.The surface area of an intact, undamaged reflectoris 14square feet. Although Dr. Marcel cant recall howmuch additional material was left in the back seat ofhis fathers car, it could easily have amounted to theequivalent of several morereflectors.According to the Mogul hypothesis the "foil" wasthe reflecting surface material from either one or twoor three of the radar reflectors. As the balloon arraygently fell and was carried along by the prevailing wind,the reflectors were dragged over the ground, snappingthe thin balsa wood supporting members and tearingthe paper-foil reflecting surfaces.Will this process applied to a lamination of paperand metallic foil result in a multitude of small pieces,independent and cleanly differentiated from each other,none adhering in any way to the others? It seems veryunlikely. In addition to the detailed verbal descriptionsfrom the witness about the appearance of the tearingpatterns forming the periphery of the "foil" pieces, wealso have the artists vivid depiction.According to Dr. Marcel, each piece was flat, andthere were neither creases, scratches nor abrasions onany piece he examined,This debris was collected fromthe rough ground of the Foster Ranch, then jammedinto a cardboard box, then removed from that box andexamined and dumped on the kitchen floor.But with all of these opportunities for abrasion ordeformation, the paper-foil covering of what we areasked to believe was a radar target somehow slippedthrough untouched. Incredibly, while the delicate foilsurface remained pristine, the radar target had beenripped into many small pieces, the largest of whichmeasured only four by six inches!But the real test is the comparison between whatDr. Marcel tells us and the photographs taken of thedebris in General Rameys office. At this point Iinvitethe readers attentionto the photograph on the cover ofthe June 1997 MUFON UFO Journal. (Editors Note:the photo appears on page 8 in this issue.)This is the photograph illustrating the article byMr. Jeffrey in which he invokes the Marcel interroga-tion as a pivotal argument against the anomalous na-ture of the RoswellEvent. I offer the same photograph,but by way of proving Mr. Jeffrey wrong.At the risk of elaborating the obvious, note that theradar reflector is virtually intact. Where is the multi-tude of tiny pieces spoken of by Dr. Marcel? Wouldanyone worry over the debris in this photograph, try-ing to piece it together like a jigsaw puzzle? Observethe universal creasing and folding that is so evident.This is consistent withthe paper-foil laminate thatyou are looking at.Are any of the pieces flat? Even themajor, supported pieces bend and flow. If Mr. Jeffreysarticle had included the artists drawing of the "foil,"the reader could compare the obviously different tearpatterns on the edges with those on the artists depic-tion made at the Marcel interrogation. The paper back-ing for the foil is evident in many of the pieces, andalong the edges of the intact major sections.In sum, the description of the foil brought homeby Major Marcel conflicts in every particular with whatwe see on the floor of General Rameys office.Next month: Part 2, The I-Beam.
  • 12. Page 12 January 1998 MUFON UFO JournalT. David SpencerBy T. David SpencerMUFON Deputy Director, InvestigationsRather than simple, almost momentary events, asighting can take place over a significant amount oftime and involve complex interactions with the object.The next two cases are ex-amples.LOG#971116dC, Ciel, 08/07/97, Stone State Park, IAat 21:45 hours CDT, 02:45GMT, for 60 minutes, total.Index = 52% Investigators:Beverly Trout, Irene Barnes,Lawrence Lacey, RobertLyon(This exceptional case in-volving afamily over aperiodof two months could almost bea CE-4, but the current sup-porting evidence is circumstantialand speculative. Theevents tend to agree with the hypothesis that once aperson has a sighting, he/she is likely to have a num-ber of others. The investigators, led by Beverly Trout,have done excellent work keeping up with the eventsas they occurred)A friend of the witnesses called the local airportabout the sighting and was given the National UFOReporting Center (Davenport), which led to the callerobtaining the telephone number of Beverly Trout. TheNational UFO Reporting Center indicated that othersightings had been made that same night, in Washing-ton state and Electric City,South Dakota.TheMUFONinvestigation began Aug.9.After picking up his 11-year-old nephew to takehim to his grandmothers, a man (age 21) droveeast-ward through Stone State Park on a partly cloudy night.With his window cracked open, the two may not havebeen able to hear any approachingvehicle overthe loud-ness of the music on the radio, but their attention wasattracted to a light on their left.Through the trees, they could see an amber lightwhich appeared to also be going eastwardat about theirspeed (20 miles-per-hour in the park) a few hundredfeet from them.After making a sharp curve in the road, their newaspect of the object—now about 400 feet from themand possibly 200 feet above ground—revealed it hadthree separate lights. Their view was hamperedby thetrees, which sometimes blocked the imagecompletelyduring the two-mile journey to the parks exit.After they exited the park area, the object turnedtoward them to loop almost 180 degrees and broke clearof the trees, crossing the road slightly behind the car inthe process. Now having a clear view, the man andboy watched fearfully as the object banked to its right,revealing its underside, and moved northwesterly outof sight. The faint glowing of three lights outlined a 60to 70-foot triangular shape, and the lights were at itscorners.They were badly shaken and felt threatened by thelarge object. The man reflected on apast experience ofa woman-like figure coming to him while he was va-cationing in Florida, then again in Sioux City. He alsoremembered ghostly4-like "angels" he had seen at thefoot of his bed, and on other occasions of waking as achild and being frightened.Two years earlier, the man and a friend had seenan unexplainable blinding light in the otherwise unlitbathroom. He had seen black, four-foot figures on sev-eral occasions, one while with a friend who also sawthem.His sister had told him of strange dreams involv-ing frog-like men with "bumpy skin and webbedhands." She had said these men once appeared to hereven outside of a dream, standing by her closet andtrying to console her.The two were still recovering as they turned offthe main road onto theroad of their destination. A hardbump on the passenger-side door startled both of themto quickly look to their right, where they saw a snarl-ing, hyena-likeanimal. Big red lights in place of eyesand huge teeth offset a short, pointed nose and smallears. The fur—tan, striped and spotted with black—covered a humpon the animals back and taut,bulgingmuscles over the body.They finally arrived at the home of the mansmother (the nephews grandmother), and the three ofthem, still outside, had other sightings during the next15 minutes.The mother noticed an amber globe to thewest, about a mile away.Alerted to the object, the man saw the globe splitinto two globes—one globe being at a different alti-tude—then merging back as one. The mother saw fourlights "popping out of the center" of the globe, merg-ing, fading in intensity, then separating again and re-peating the process. All lightsappeared to be aboutthesame size as the original.To her, it was "like being at acircus."While watching the amber globe, another objecttoward the southwest and a little closer, moving ex-tremely slowly, caught their attention.It was another,but much larger (300 feet), triangle.Threeyellow-whitelights outlined the shape of the retreating object, andthe boy saw red and blue lights along one side.The mother grabbed her throw-awayKodak cam-era and,failing to locate the viewfinder in time, pointedit in the general direction and snapped pictures. Un-fortunately, the developed pictures were not descrip-tive.) Suddenly, both objects disappeared.The three climbed into the mans car and retraced
  • 13. MUFON UFO Journal January 1998 Page 13the route they had taken through the park, but to noavail.The boy had a very realistic nightmare that nightof a lot of hands feeling him, heads without faces, be-ing carried on a "couch," experiencing a needle, andbeing unable to move. He woke up crying, and, after-ward, became reluctant to sleep in his bedroom.The next day, they searched for any residual evi-dence of the objects seen at the home. Nothing waslocated, but this did not conclude the familys unusualexperiences for August.Unusual puncturewoundWhen the boys grandmother saw an unusualpunc-ture wound on his little finger on Aug. 10, she exam-ined him more closely and found another punctureonthe top of his little toe.On Aug. 20, the man went outside the house withhis mother and saw a distant, diamond-shaped, spin-ning object sparkling "like a rainbow," with red, blue,white, green and yellow lights west of the house, nearwhere the amber globe had been seen.On Aug. 22, the man and his mother saw anotherobject having rotating red, blue, and green lights andwatched it throughbinoculars while horses neighed anddogs barked around them.On Aug.24, a 20 to 30-feet diameter saucer-shapedobject was seen that had a revolving red light on itstop, green and blue lights on its side, and a halo oflight bright enough to illuminate a nearby hill. It hov-ered less than a mile away and they watched it throughbinoculars.At about 20:30 hours that evening, the mans sis-ter saw a yellowish-green ball that was expanding (puff-ing up) and contractinglike ajellyfish. Twohourslater,she saw an object moving very slowly toward her fromthe north, at a low (100-feet) altitude. With a brightwhite light on the front and underneath and red lightsat eachof its three corners, defining a triangle, it seemedto be "all lights." It emitted a muffled humming soundas it approached then circled to the west and away.Friend sketches objectThe same or similar object was observed in mid-September and was sketched by a friend of the family.The sketch was of a triangular object having whitelights at the bottom of each corner, another at its bot-tom center, and a spotlight at the front of one corner. Ared light was beside each of the two other corners.The object had suddenly appeared in the north andhad slowly moved straight toward the house, thenbanked westward when it was over the front yard. At adistance of about one-half mile, it had swung backwithin a block of the house. It had then straightened itspath and had flown off to the south.The mother was irritated by itchingthighs onAug.27. Checking herself, she found groups of red welts;one thigh had a rectangular patch about the size of adollar bill and the other had a two-inch square patch.Some of the welts appeared to be punctured. A burn-like mark, about the size of a penny,had appeared ear-lier on her wrist.That same day, the man and his sisterreturned the boy home, taking 30 minutes, but it tookonly ten minutesto return.The man was concerned forthe lost time.Two sightings—on or about Aug. 27 and on Sept.21—were made by the mans sister of an animal that,by its description, may have looked like a cross be-tween a deer and a dog. On Sept. 19, the man againsaw the beast he had seen onAug. 7.The mans sister and a girlfriend saw a 30-footdiameter silver disc with red, blue, and white lightsgliding just above the trees 50 feet from them on Sept.23. The girlfriend screamed when the object circledand headed in their direction, and they quickly left thearea.On Sept. 28, the man drove beneath what appearedto be a cigar-shaped object with square windows. Theman believes he is somehow receiving mental com-munications from the beings controlling these unusualobjects.Beverly Trout, the lead investigator, has tried tohelp the apparently affluent family cope with their im-pression that "aliens" have focused on them and theirsuspicion that they have been abducted. The investi-gators contacted the sheriffs of two counties, the po-lice in Sioux City, and the FAA in Sioux City and SiouxFalls (SD).LOG # 97O824bC, CE-1, 03/12/97, Elkhart, IA, at18:12 hours CST, 00:12 GMT, for 10 minutes, total.Index =27% Investigators: Beverly Trout, IreneBarnesThe primary witness ignored the event for almosttwo months—until he saw a letter to the editor of theDes Moines Register by Beverly Trout, which gave heraddress. He contacted her shortly afterward.On a cold and fair early Wednesday evening inMarch, the main witness left Elkhart and took hisdaughter and her girlfriendto a church group inAnkeny,a 12 to 13-mile trip he makes every Wednesday forthat purpose. The route takes them westward across anoverpass of 1-35, about 1.5 miles north of a flying ser-vice, and south on highway 69.This night, after crossing 1-35, the trio noticed threevery intense lights—red, blue, and light green—in acluster to their south and about one-third of the way upfrom the horizon.As they watched during the one-mile drive southon highway69, it appeared that each light first dimmed,then brightened in turn (one at a time). They lost sightof the lights shortly after turning off the highway ontoanother road.Returning home two hours later, the three couldagain see the lights southwest of them and headingnorth-northeastward when they turned north onto high-way 69. Turning off highway 69 to cross 1-35, heading
  • 14. Page 14 January 1998 MUFON UFO Journaleastward to Elkhart, they saw the lights stop, then re-verse their direction for a couple of seconds, rotateclockwise 1.5 turns, then head northeastward.As they crossed the 1-35 overpass, the lights allbecame red about 0.75 miles south of them—about thesame distance north of the flying service—then diveddownward at a steep angle. They saw the brake lightsof the cars on the interstateclosest to the lightsbrightenfor a few moments as if a collision with the object wasimminent.They temporarily lost sight of the object, but it re-appeared and climbed straight up, then moved towardElkhart at a low altitude,going 55-60 miles-per-hour.Trees blocked their view of the lights until they reachedhome. Suddenly, the lights—now all white—appearedalmost directly overhead, about 100 feet above them.Boomerang shapeThey could make out a boomerang shape about 60feet across and 30 feet from the front to the back. Itpivoted 180 degrees counter-clockwise, and the manthought he heard a "swoosh" sound as the turn wasmade. The motion was described as "fluid," and theunexpected oddity made a chill go up his spine. In acouple of seconds, the object disappeared beyond thetrees andbuildings.The man drove to a nearby railroad on a knoll justwest of his house that gave him a good view of thearea, and he again saw the lights—now back to red,blue, and green. He watched them for a few seconds asthey went out of sight in the southwest.From the AnkenyAirport and a local energy com-pany, the investigators learned that helicopter busi-nesses had been contracted to check out power lines,but the work did not start in the area until five daysafter this sighting was made. Also, the activity wasusually over by 19:00 hours, and the helicopters usedwere turbine-driven, producinga sound that could eas-ily be heard.A member of the nearby flying service said manystudents practiced touch-and-golandings at night, andthere is a lot of nighttime flying in the area. The diveobserved by the witnesses was too far north of thefly-ing services airport for it to be considered the likelyreason the dive occurred. Also, all lights on the objectwere red at the time, a factor which was not explain-able by a Lt. Colonel of the Iowa National Guard.Next month in the MUFON Journal:•Abduction physiological effects•Roswell debris testimony: Part 2•Role of animals in abduction cases•Government documents, Part 2•Other special features as space permitsLOG # 971116aC, CE-3, 09/09/97, Marshalltown,IA, at 23:00 hours CDT, 04:00 GMT, for 75 min-utes. Index =25% Investigator: Beverly Trout(Many details that most witnesses would be ableto give are missing from this close encounter, becausethe witness has poor eyesight. What was perceived is (evidence that it was more than an illusion stemmingfrom a mundane event. Jupiter was at 30 degrees el-evation in the south, which suggests it may have beena compounding/confounding element. Judge for your-self)Late on a clear eveningwith light winds, the wit-ness stepped out of her mobile home to get a breathoffresh air on her lattice-enclosed patio. As she did, shesaw an object which had either landed on or hoveredvery close to her nearby neighbors mobile home roofand was facing her.She could see big, curved (dome-like) windowswith athin strip down the middle, and there was abrightspotlight shining from the lower front of the object.These factors describe a helicopter, but,importantly,no sound was heard and no rotors were seen. (Eventhe quietest of helicopters wouldhave produced enoughsound to be heard at 20-25 feet distance.)She realized she could see a pilot with "somethingfitted over his head . .. like a formfitting mask," whowas motionless as she watched. She could not distin-guish features, making it seem "unreal to look at."Several small entities exitThen, two doors swung open, and several (un-counted) small entities exited. She could not see theirshapes or how they moved. The bright light was di-rected at her, and she thought she was beingwatched.Alarmed and frightened, she went back into her houseand noticed that the beam of light was illuminatingitsinterior.The witnesstelephoned her sister in another State,who advised her to stay on the phone until the objectleft, which happened about an hour later. Then, thewitness continued to watch the object as it movedaround the trailer court, occasionally stopping, hover-ing, and shiningits lighton variousmobile homes. Thiskept her awake for almost six hours.The witness had twice previously seen this sameobject over the same mobile home and had seen thepilot each time. The first, in late March or early April,was when the mobile home was not occupied, and theobject left within 15 minutes. Snow was on the ground,but the next day there were nofootprints visible. Dur-ing the second, in May, the object merely hovered closeto the roof.
  • 15. MUFON UFO Journal January 1998 Page 15Katharina WilsonUFOs and Mental HealthBy Bob Teets(Reviewed by Katharina Wilson)Bob Teets, author of UFOs and Mental Health,won more than 30 state and national press awardswhileworking as a journalist in West Virginia in the 1980s.UFOs and Mental Health is a work in progress—aprimer to spark interest in the subject of UFOs fromthe mental health commu-nity."The majority of TeetsIntroduction is geared to-ward his sincere acknowl-edgments of thirty-year vet-eran psychologist and UFOresearcher Dr. LeoSprinkle.UFOs and MentalHealth covers severalloosely associated subjectswhile attempting to relatethem to UFO phenomena.Remote viewing, thechurch of Satan, and spiritpossession are also cov-ered.In view of this material, it is interesting that Teetsdoes not mention Dr. Sprinkles personal involvementwith the phenomenon of channeling and also does notcover the subject of channeling in this book.UFOs and Mental Health purports to be a bookfor "healers," Teets preferred term for mental heathprofessionals and their non-degreed equivalents.Nev-ertheless, he is marketing his book to ufologists andabductees. Teets also makes it very clear at the begin-ning of this book that he believes abductees havemisperceived their experiences.He writes, "...if you are a UFO experiencer (hisemphasis) in search of answers to or relief from per-ceived problems associated with UFOs, you will oftendiscover that the answers you find and/or the degree ofrelief you experience may well depend on whichhealeryou choose." (15)Heavens Gate tragedyOne of the things I find most disturbing about UFOsand Mental Health is Teets use of the Heavens Gatetragedy. He uses the sad demise of this cult as a tool inhis effort to pry ufologists and abduction researchersaway from mainstream America; to make themappearintellectually and morally inferior to those on the "out-side," in effect, making them appear as villains. A primeexample follows:"For sure, events like this will make—or shouldmake—people think twice about any revealed truthsperpetrated by supposed UFO experts, believers orprophets. From now on, and in order to lead people inKatharina Wilson has shared her abduction ex-periences and research as the author of The AlienJigsaw, The Alien Jigsaw Researchers Supple-ment, and numerous articles & reviews.any march toward UFO truth, these UFO myth per-petrators and prophets will surely have to convincetheir followers to keep their eyes on the skies whileignoring beneath them the dead bodies of 39 more fol-lowers over whom they must tread." (25)Teets perpetuates the "us and them" belief thatsocial psychologists often warn against when attempt-ing to build cohesion and understanding betweengroups of individualswith dissimilar belief systems.I find this incompatible withintroducing the "heal-ers" of this country to the subject of ufology. I findthis especially damaging to the many abductees whoneed and deserve much better than this from an "awardwinningjournalist" addressing the mental health com-munity.It should benoted that MUFON, CUFOS, ORTK,and GAUS neither supported nor endorsed any writ-ings or thinking remotely similar to what the HeavensGate cult was ahout. Had Teets done a little research,he would have seen the difference between thesegrassroots organizations and cults.Other mistakesOther mistakes Teets makes—whether intention-ally or not—include his comment about the StockholmSyndrome. Hejumps around between what abducteesfeel and what John Carpenter, Whitley Strieber, andJohn Mack, M.D. have stated. He then throws this com-ment out: "The Stockholm Syndrome, recognized invictims of terrorist-like captivity, is seemingly over-looked by these researchers." (33)Had Bob Teets done his research, he would knowthat (the late) Karla Turner, Ph.D., spoke and wroteabout this syndrome on more than a few occasions. Inaddition, her mentor,Barbara Bartholic, has done thesame.This brings me to a problem with this and otherbooks written by journalists as well as some non-experiencer ufologists. For reasons unknown, theyeither refuse or are hesitant to read and cite informa-tion directly from the sources. The "sources" in theabduction phenomenon are not so much the non-experiencer-researcher, but the abductees.Teets published one article in his book by DonnaHigbee titled "Are Abductees Being Brainwashed?"which I admit was nice to see, but what about booksthat have been authored by abductees?Several to choose fromWhy dont these so-called "award-winning jour-nalists" look at Dr. Karla Turners self-publishedworks, Taken: Inside The Alien-Human AbductionAgenda and Masquerade of Angels; or my books TheAlien Jigsaw, itsrelated Researchers Supplement, and
  • 16. Page 16 January 1998 MUFON UFO JournalProject Open Mind? What about Leah Haleys LostWas the Key?There are also countless monographs that have beenwritten by abductees, as well as important books byabductees that managed to weather the major publish-ing houses editing "machine," but, nevertheless, stillcontain valuable information. One of the latter ex-amples that immediately comes to mind is Debra Jor-dan and Kathy Mitchells Abducted!Having provided these references to Teets, I mustadmit that I dread what he will do with our informa-tion. God forbid we should all end up—as Mack andStrieber did in this book—in a chapter titled "TheProphets"!Another research mistakeAnother research mistake Teets makes is with hiscomment relating to the movie Phenomenon, staringJohn Travolta. Teets writes, "Another way that thisphenomenon can take a person is on a ride of educa-tional weirdness, as researcher Robyn Andrews Quailcontends shes seen demonstrated in people whose IQsshoot up immediately after a close encounter... JohnTravolta did a movie not long ago which sort of high-lighted this, entitled Phenomenon." It is obvious that,once again, Teets did not do his research. The moviePhenomenon had nothing to do with UFOs! Travoltascharacter had a brain tumor which, in the end, killedhim.There are portions of this book that ramble on somuch I simply gave up at timesand had to put it down.Sentences that contain 45 words? Please! It is fortu-nate the book has an index, otherwise I would not haveknown where (in Chapter Five) Dick Farleys "discus-sion" ended and Teets anti-ufologist sermon beganagain.Another critical point I want to mention is Teetsstatement that "all hypnosis is self-hypnosis," as heclaims "we are taught early during our hypnotherapytraining." (77) Teets also describes hypnosis as a formof passive mind control. I will leave the bulk of thisargument for someone else to write about, but fromexperience and study, I can tell you that there is noth-ing passive about mind control, and nothing could befurther from the truth than to claim "all hypnosis isself-hypnosis."Different from self-hypnosisBeing hypnotized by someone else is entirely dif-ferent from self-hypnosis. Teets is bordering on reck-lessness by making these accusations.The reason, how-ever, that I brought this up is because while searchingfor the "stats" on dissociation that Walter Bowart re-ferred to, I came across this strange comment again.Bowart is quoted in Teets book as saying, "Be sureyou dont overlook the stats on the number of disso-ciative cases in [sic] among the abductees. Tests thathave been given indicate it to a high percentage. SeeAlien Discussions, the MIT thing..." (92)While I searched for these statistics in my copy ofAlien Discussions, I came across thiscomment by psy-chiatrist George Ganaway. "At our center Ive treatedover 250 patients now over the past several years, andI have several colleagues who have treated many oth-ers. Since we dont know whatcauses dissociation, themost replicable findingis that theyre all hypnoticvir-tuosos. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, when it comesright down to it..." [my emphasis] (Alien Discussions,pg 521; "Therapist Panel: Helping The Abductees.")Are psychiatrists (andjournalists) really taught this"mantra" in hypnotherapy school—or did Teets dis-cover this little saying by reading Ganaway in AlienDiscussions? Like Teets, Im not an expert in hypno-sis, but I have read enough—and experienced enough—to know that all hypnosis is NOT self-hypnosis.This sounds like a convenientway to place the re-sponsibility for whatever memories that do surface—and any associated problems with those memories—squarely on the shoulders of the person being hypno-tized. This includes people remembering childhoodsexual abuse and abductees.Many AccusationsTeets makes a lot of accusations in his book. I willonly touch on a few that I believe are the most impor-tant. Teets accuses Corso "and others in government"who are retired, of going public with their informationbecause they "... prefer to cash in on the current UFOrage, rather than face civil rage after a Presidentialrelease of information about past roles in ProjectPaperclip..." (61)Two easily detectable flaws in Teets logic is thatpublic knowledge of Project Paperclip is not new andthere has been, unfortunately, very little civil rage aboutit. Secondly, Colonel Corso is an old man. If Corso isbecoming wealthy off of his book, he is not likely tolive a long time to enjoy the fruits of his labor.In addition,if Colonel Corso was interestedin mak-ing money, he would have begun decades ago with thealleged extraterrestrial technology he possessed. Per-haps an investigative journalistcould look into Corsospast to at least see how many high-techpatentshe holds.Bob Teets also accuses Whitley Striebers andJohnMacks writings of being so similar with cult leaderMarshall Applewhites that, "It does, indeed, seem quitedifficult at times to tell these mens writing apart."UFO prophets?He labels Mack, Strieber and other ufologists andresearchers as "UFO Prophets," and alleges that theseprophets are "making the rounds and making a lot ofmoney." Since Teets is so concerned about who ismaking money off of UFOs, he should add his ownname to his list of imaginary conspirators.One accusation by Teets that is sure to ruffle a fewproverbial feathers is made in Chapter Five—TheGrassroots: Highlights and Discussion: "...joining theU.S. Air Force and CIA in opposing (and defusing)
  • 17. MUFON UFO Journal January 1998 Page 17Rockefellers efforts were our long-present UFO in-vestigation organizations, clearly tied to governmentthrough their memberships and leadership."The longest existinggrassroots UFOinvestigativeorganization in the United States is MUFON, TheMutual UFO Network. Teets knows this as well as any-one involved in the investigation of UFOs and abduc-tions. Is Teets saying that MUFON, its board of direc-tors and its International Director, Mr. Walter Andrus,Jr., have been trying to defuse Laurence Rockefellersefforts to encourage governmentalopenness regardingthe UFO phenomenon? If Teets is indeed an "award-winning"journalist, where is his proof to back up thisclaim?On the Positive SideThere are some positive mentions made in UFOsand Mental Health. One is the chapter on remote view-ing. After bashing David Morehouse (author of Psy-chic Warrior) we get a relatively positive spin on re-mote viewing.I suspect this is because the United States Govern-ment supported research intoremote viewingfornearly20 years and, as Teets states, "Lyn [Buchanan] oncegave me and a few other friends a long lecture aboutremote viewing,then allowed us to try it. Weall scoredquite well. And I must admit .Ive often thought abouttaking Lyns training." It is curious that Teets seems tohave so much faith in remote viewing after only hav-ing one short experience with it.There are also new labels for abductees thatcan begleaned from reading and purchasingthe books Teetspromotes in UFOs and Mental Health. A couple ofexamples are "anomalously sensitivepersons" and "in-formation virus" syndrome. Two examples of booksthat are promoted are Virus of the Mind by RichardBrodie and Unmasking the Enemy, by Nelson Pacheco.A paraphrased quote by Teets from the latter fol-lows: "If you want to do UFO research, one clear wayis to follow the trail of bodies."Teets good friend, William J. Baldwin, Ph.D. andthe authorof Spirit Releasement Therapy: A TechniqueManual, is also promoted. Quoting Teets: "One of thetraits Baldwin sees in many of his clients, and whichhe writes about in his book, is a sort of possession of ahuman being by an interstitial extraterrestrial-type en-tity. Where it gets interesting is at the point where thisextraterrestrial is found to itself be possessed by a clas-sic demon, or jinn." Wheres Mulder when you needhim?Bob Teets states in his Introduction, "The UFOphenomenon...has very little to do with aliens and ex-otic space ships visitingearth and interacting with hu-mans..." UFOs and Mental Health has very little to dowith the subject of UFOs, and even less to do withmental health.American documents:What do they reveal/hide?By Gildas BourdaisEditors Note: The following is the first part of anaddress atthe Primero Forum Mundiai de Ufologiain Brazil, Dec. 7-14,1997. Due to length, it will benecessary to run it in segments.More than 30,000 pages of official documents onUFOs have been madepublicin the United States since1977, in application of the Freedom of InformationAct(FOIA). This is a large volume of documentation,which is not yet fully examined, and there is more tocome, according toresearchers like Barry Greenwood,one of the main pioneers in that field.Many of these documents are of limited value, but,thanks to the efforts of a number of researchers, sig-nificant documents have been selected and made eas-ily available for analysis,notably by the Fund for UFOResearch, which offers a remarkable selection of about600 pages (1).The official attitude, throughout the world, is stillto deny, or at least to leave in doubt, the reality of UFOs.What do these documents reveal about them ? Weshould not be too impressed by this volume, which issmall when compared with the enormous amount ofclassified documents.According to a senatorial commission on secrecy,led by Senator Moynihan, there are over 1.5 billionpages of government records over 25 years old stillclassified and unavailable to the public (2). How manymore pages on UFOs and related subjects remain hid-den in that mountain?Two questions on the officials documentsI propose to examine a short selection of signifi-cant official documents, released by the Air Force, theCIA, the FBI and other administrations, and to ask our-selves two simplequestions:1. Do they contain convincing proof that these ad-ministrations have been aware for a long time of thereality of UFOs, and therefore have been hidingit fromthe public?2. Do they contain at least serious indications thatsome of these administrationswere involved in highlysecret operations, such as the retrieval of crashedUFOs?No doubt, the answer to the first question is yes,but it is still necessary to put that into light, especiallyfor the media, since the policy of the U.S. Air Forceremains today one of complete denial of the very ex-istence of UFOs.As forthe second question, regarding the possibil-ity of very secret operations, it is still a hotly debatedmatter, even among ufologists who admit not only thereality of UFOs, but the existence of a policy of se-
  • 18. Page 18 January 1998 MUFON UFO Journalcrecy about them.In the view of researchers like Barry Greenwoodand Robert Todd, who haveplayed a prominent part inthe obtaining of documents under FOIA, and more re-cently Kent Jeffrey, who has become a skeptic onRoswell, the released documents prove, on the con-trary, that there is no deeper secret of the crashed UFOkind.It is true, as we are going to see, that several mili-tary documents of that time mentioned the absence ofcrash and debris. But for other researchers, such asKevin Randle and Michael Swords, of the Center forUFO Studies, that is no solid proof, because such docu-ments (especially declassified documents!) would notreveal such very deep secrets. In fact, I am going toargue that they do suggest such a level of "above topsecret" operations regarding UFOs.How deep the secrets?The opinion of Barry Greenwood is particularlyinteresting since he was the author,with Larry Fawcett,of the famous book Clear Intent, published in 1984,which exposed with great force the policy of secrecyabout UFOs, based on the study of the official docu-ments released under FOIA. The second edition of thebook, published in 1992, was renamed, more bluntly,The UFO Cover-UP. What the Government Wont Say(3).In their book, Fawcett and Greenwood are very af-firmative. They say in the preface: "From the start,UFOs were a top secret matter; of this, there is nodoubt." In order to illustrate that, they quote, amongother documents, a formerly classified FBI memoran-dum, dated 31 January, 1949, sent to FBI Director J.Edgar Hoover. Lets quote it, too (Doc. 1):Office Memo: UNITED STATES GOVERNMENTDate: January 31, 1949To: DIRECTOR, FBIFrom: SAC, SAN ANTONIOSubject: PROTECTION OF VITAL INSTALLA-TIONSBUREAU FILE #65-5830CONFIDENTIAL (declassified 8/31/77)"At recent weekly Intelligence Conferences of G-2, ONI, OSI and F.B.I., in the Fourth Army Area, Of-ficers of G-2, Fourth Army, have discussed the matterof "Unidentified Aircraft" or "Unidentified AerialPhe-nomena," otherwise known as "Flying Discs," "Fly-ing Saucers," and "Balls of Fire." This matter is con-sidered top secret by Intelligence Officers of both theArmy and the Air Forces."Such are the first lines of this memorandum, whichgoes on describing observations made over LosAlamosand other sensitive installations. Among the 1,600 pagesreleased by the FBI, many documents describe obser-vations of UFOs above nuclear installations. I havecounted 80 pages on the Oak Ridge plant alone! Thissituation clearly justified a top secret classification.It is true that such a mention"top secret" does notnecessarily mean secret operations of the crash retrievalkind. However, in the following pages of their bookClear Intent, Fawcett and Greenwood did present tes-timonies referringto such operations. For instance,theygave the anonymoustestimony of a former member ofNaval Intelligenceabout the recovery of a crashed UFOin the Pacific, in 1973 (pages 66 to 69).A highly unusual craftThis man, whohad a "tripleA" security clearance,was shown a "very highly unusual craft" whilehe wason guard at the Great Lakes Naval Base in Chicago.The craft had a teardrop shape, a light bluish appear-ance, a razor sharp edge, and was sitting on a pedestalmade of four wooden blocks. He was ordered by theofficers present not to say a word about it.Apparently,it may have been atest before giving him an even highersecurity clearance.About two months later, he learned from a friendin San Diego that a craft of similar appearance hadbeen shot down by a destroyer, recovered underabout350 feet of water in the Pacific, and brought by rail toChicago.What can we make of such a story? In their book,Fawcett and Greenwood seem to consider it as cred-ible. They stress thatthe witness stands by his account,and has repeated it to resercher Leonard Stringfield.Since the Seventies, quite a numberof testimonieslike this have surfaced on UFO crash retrievals.Stringfield alone has published no less than seven re-ports with similar testimonies, but he has kept them allanonymous. And, of course, there are the hundreds oftestimonies of the Roswell case, the controversial "Ma-jestic 12" documents, not to forget the many rumorsabout Groom Lake and Area 51. How credible is allthis information?The risk of disinformationA numberof these documentsand testimonies, suchas the Majestic 12 document released by WilliamMoore in 1987, are now put in doubt, suspected of be-ing hoaxes or disinformation, so that the situation to-day is one of uncertaintyand confusion. In fact, it waspossibly the goal of some of these operations.This is the reason why the book of Colonel Corso,The Day After Roswell, published in July 1997, has tobe considered very cautiously.On one hand, if Colo-nel Corso is not an incredible liar, his book, which tellshow some Roswell materials were secretly exploitedduring the sixties by the Foreign Technology Divisionof the Army at the Pentagon, is a major breakthroughfor ufology. However, a number of his claims seemvery far fetched or just erroneous, and, to make mat-ters worse, he does not bring any convincing proof.So the basic question remains: what solid proofsdo we have of the existence of deep secrets? More re-
  • 19. MUFON UFO Journal January 1998 Page 19cently, Greenwood has become very skeptical aboutdeep secrecy. Here is what he wrote in his bulletinJustCause, dated Sept., 1996 (4) (Doc 2):"The original purpose of this newsletter was toupdate readers of Clear Intent on government secrecydevelopments and document releases on UFOs subse-quent to the books publication.Due to the efforts of asmall band of researchers, there is now a much clearerpicture of what governments have done with the UFOphenomena. The number of documentsobtained afterClear Intent appeared has more than doubled, thoughnone of them can settle the controversy. Nothing hasbeen seen in the paperwork to verify claims ofcrashed-saucer and UFO abduction advocates."Greenwood also warns us against disinformationand false documents in his issue dated March, 1997:"Government documents must come from certifiablegovernment sources endorsed in writing officially orfrom reliable public archives or institutesfor us to con-sider accepting them as genuinehistorical papers."For this reason, I will discuss here only a smallnumber of documents, mainly from the U.S. Air Force,the FBI and the CIA, which are all accepted as genu-ine by everybody. As we all know, the main case ofUFO crash retrieval remains the Roswell case, althoughit is still very controversial, at least for some of thetestimonies. I am going to discuss it briefly, more pre-cisely the official Air Force documents on Roswell.But before that, lets settle rapidly the first ques-tion, the basic question of the reality of UFOs, as it isacknowledged in the official documents.UFOs acknowledgedNo American official document has ever affirmedpublicly that the UFOs are real, but this reality is im-plied dearly in many declassified documents now madepublic, so that they are practically equivalentto an openadmission by the American government.To me, this isan important point, but for those who think that I ambreaking an open door, let me just say a few wordsabout the situation in France, where skepticism is arule in the media.On the positive side, Jean-JacquesVelasco, the en-gineer responsible for inquirieson UFOs at the CentreNational dEtudes Spatiales (CNES), which is a pub-lic administration like NASA, has openly admitted thereality of UFOs for many years now. But this has notprevented a number of skeptical ufologists such as so-ciologists Pierre Lagrange and Bertrand Meheust fromcontinuing to question this reality in their writings andin the media, arguing in favor of "psycho-sociologi-cal" explanations.To give an idea of the very skeptical situation inFrance, I will quote from the recent book of Lagrange,called La rumeur de Roswell (5) (Doc 3), which hasbeen well received and widely quoted in the media.The last sentence of the text on the back cover speaksfor itself:"The author...shows how the invention of flyingsaucers, and then of UFO crashes, have become mod-ern legends which are not close to disappearing fromthe imaginative world of our contemporaries." I haveto emphasize this because Lagrange enjoys a reputa-tion as a solid researcher in the United States, and prob-ably elsewhere.The prominent skepticBut for the French ufologists, he is the prominentskeptic, always listened to when the subject of UFOscomes out in the media. Here is one example of thisphenomenon which has been extremely detrimental toufology in France. We could read, for instance, in thepopular television magazine Telerama of 14 Decem-ber, 1996 (6) (Doc 4), some quotations of Lagrange inan article which accused the X Files of carrying "ex-tremist and sectarian views" to innocent fans."Solid ties link the American extreme-right, thepatriots groups, for whom the government is the maintarget, and the UFO hunters (chasseurs dovnis). TimMcVeigh, one of the presumed authors of the attack inOklahoma City, "says that he had seen UFOs and be-lieves that he bears an implant under the skin," writessociologist Lagrange in La rumeur de Roswell. "A footnote of this article explains that "Lagrangestrips down the hoax of the Roswell autopsy and tellsto what necessities correspond the invention of flyingsaucers." Please note the systematic blend between thequestion of the reality of UFOs and the more contro-versial questions of UFO crashes and abductions. Thisis exactly what I am trying not to do here. So, it is stillnecessary to clarify thisquestion of the reality of UFOs.Next month in theJournal: Gen. Twinings letterList of notes and documents (Doc):(1) UFO/Government documents, Volumes I and III, Fund forUFO Research (FUFOR), Mount Rainier, MD 20712(2) Theodore Draper, Is the CIA Necessary? in The New YorkReview of Books, Aug. 14, 1997.(3) Fawcett and Greenwood, The UFO Cover-Up. What theGovernment Wont Say, Fireside, NY, 1992, (1st edition: ClearIntent, Prentice Hall, 1984)(Doc 1) FBI Memorandum,Jan. 31, 1949: Protection of VitalInstallations.(4) (Doc 2) Barry Greenwood, bulletin Just Cause, Sept. 1996,CAUS, Box 176, Stoneham, MA 02180(5) (Doc 3) Pierre Lagrange, La rumeur de Roswell, LaDecouverte, Pris, Nov. 1996.(6) (Doc 4) Jean-Philippe Pisanias, X-Files, Soupcons sur laserie culte, in Telerama, 14 to 20 Dec. 1996.MUFON 1997 SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS"Fiftieth Anniversary of Ufology"Thirteen papers — 300 pages — Price: $25plus $1.75 for postage and handling, in U.S. fundsORDER FROM:MUFON, 103 Oldtowne RoadSeguin.TX 78155-4099
  • 20. Page 20 January 1998 MUFON UFO JournalLetters to Mufon UFO JournalTo the editor:In his review of my Spacemen, Demons, and Con-spiracies: The Evolution of UFO Hypotheses (Fundfor UFO Research, 1997) Martin Kottmeyer criticizesme for not writingthe monograph he would have writ-ten. Which is fair enough. Thats generally how re-viewing is done, and Kottmeyer and I have fundamen-tally different viewsof ufology, ufologists, and the UFOphenomenon.Inevitably, our respective treatments of thesubjectare not going to look muchalike. I might alsomentionthat I refer to him in passing, in a critical way, on page32.The monograph, I should explain,deals, in much-condensed form, with issues considered at far greaterlength in the forthcoming second edition of my UFOEncyclopedia (to be published in two fat volumes byOmnigraphics, at approximately 1600 pages totallength).I mention this because Kottmeyer takes me to taskfor not addressing certain matters in the monograph.Space constraints kept them out. They are dealt within all their luxurious detail in the Encylopedici, towhichI refer all who are curious to read the full story of howufology has evolved over its by now longhistory.This said, let me take specific issue with a few ofKottmeyers complaints.He says I neglect Aime Michel"in favor of nostalgic sneers at Morris Jessups uncon-vincing and dead fantastic ideas." Im.not sure what a"nostalgic sneer" is, but Jessup is significant, in myjudgment, as an important early theorizer aboutancientastronauts, and as a representative of the Fortean tra-dition withinufology.True, Michel was the more interesting and persua-sive thinker, but his occasional writings on the ETH(as opposed to his work on the 1954 French wave andhis related theory of orthoteny) have been forgottenand (sadly, perhaps) were little heeded even in theirtime.Not having unlimited space in which to explore allaspects, theories, and personalities, I focused on thoseindividuals who in my judgment had in some way in-fluenced the ET discussion and moved it along.I deal with Keyhoe, as anybodywould have to, butnot with Barker, Binder, Fuller, and Girvan, whomKottmeyer inexplicably portrays as influential EThypothesizers. Wilkins, Fontes, and Stringf ield arediscussed because of their promulgation of theoriesabout UFO hostility. Hostility theories remain verymuch a part of current UFO theory and lore.Certainly, McDonald favored the ETH, but thatsabout all he did, and I am at a loss to understand whyKottmeyer thinks he was a major theorist aboutextrasolar visitation. McDonald was, first and foremost,a pragmatist who concentrated on investigation anddocumentation. He thoughtET visitation was a likelyexplanation for the most puzzlingUFO reports, but hedid not live long enough to propose an ETH of his own.The subject is addressed only in the occasional briefaside in his papers.Beyond that, Kottmeyer fails to understandthat mymonograph is about whatufologists have thoughtaboutthe UFO phenomenon, not what the larger public hasthought about it. Yes, the American public was slowto link flying saucers to possible extraterrestrial visi-tors—I have written on that very subject(see the Evans/Stacy anthology UFOs 1947-1997, pp. 69-77)—butufologists were faster to get there, and in the mono-graph I explain why.Next to occultists and many debunkers, the bestufologists—right or wrong—are indeed "rationalistsand materialists," as anyone can determine for himselfor herself by reading the best writing on the subject.And no, ufology is not demonology by anothername, though I gather Kottmeyer would have us em-brace such a grotesque oversimplication. I write ofKeels influence, but also of Vallees. Whatever hisfaults, Vallee is not a demonologist, and he has been atleast as influential as Keel in the (to me wrong-headed)effort to fuse ufology with occultism.Even so, most who follow Keel arentdemonologists, either. They just havent read him ascarefully as I have. The point I was attemptingto makein the monograph is that Keel is a self-identifieddemonologist. Those who take him seriously ought toknow that. If you arent paying close attention,youllmiss the vastness of the distance between Keel and ra-tional discourse.It is my observation, as a longtime Keel watcher,that Keels true views are poorly understood by thosewho consider him a responsible voice in the discus-sion about the nature and origin of UFO, anomalous,and paranormal phenomena. In the monograph I trace,for the first time anywhere as far as I know, the rootsof Keels demonologist-ufology in the otherwise ne-glected writings of such early saucer-era occultistspeculators as Layne and Constable.Jerome ClarkCanby, MinnesotaMUFON ForumLetters from Journal readers should be typed,single space. The editor reserves the right toshorten long letters, but this will ordinarily not bedone withoutthe permission of the writer.
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  • 22. Page 22 January 1998 MUFON UFO JournalFebruary 1998Bright Planets (Evening Sky)Mars (magnitude 1.2) and Jupiter (-2.0), both now inAquarius, are very low in the W at dusk. Jupiter, thelower of the two, sets less than 1-1/2 hours after theSun on Feb. 1 and after the 1 st week fades into the so-lar glare. Mars stays visible longer (though incon-spicuous), setting about 1-1/2 hours after sunsetthroughout the month. It lies very close to a thin cres-cent Moon on the 27th.Saturn (0.6), in Pisces, lies low in the SW at duskand later sets in the W soon after 9 p.m. The ringed gi-ant can be seen very near a lunar crescent on Feb. 1.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Venus rises after 4 a.m. in mid-monthand dazzles theeye in the SE. The planet achieves maximum bril-liancy on the 19th at magnitude -4.6. Our gleamingneighbor in space pairs up with the crescent Moon onFeb. 23.Total Solar Eclipse:On Feb. 26, as the new moon crosses the face of theSun, observers within a narrow strip of the Earthssurface will experience the awesome splendor of atotal eclipse. This zone (only 94 miles wide at most)begins in the eastern Pacific near the equator and ex-tends northeastward to northern Colombia andVenezuela, across the southern Caribbean, and ends inthe North Atlantic near Africa. Maximum totality isabout 4 minutes.A partial eclipse of varying degrees will be seen inthe U.S., weather permitting, below a line runningfrom extreme southern California through the middleof Kansas to northern Michigan.Percentages of theSuns diameter covered and local times of maximumeclipse follow for some samplescities: Atlanta, 25% at1:54 p.m.; Chicago, 5% at 12:20; Houston, 21.5% at12:22; Miami, 50% at 2:15; New York, 22% at 2:08;Tucson, 5% at 10:20 a.m.; Washington, 22.5% at 2:05p.m. The closer one is to the path of totality, themore obscured the Sun becomes.Warning! Do not look at any fraction of thepartially eclipsed Sun with the naked eye. Use ei-ther a #14 welders filter in front of the eye, orproject the Suns image through a telescope orbinocular eye piece onto a white surface such as asheet of paper or cardboard. Those who happen tobe within the totality path can safely view the to-tally eclipsed Sun with the unaided eye.Moon Phases:First Quarter — February 3Full Moon —February 11Last Quarter—February 19New Moon—February 26oThe truth may be out there,but we may not have known it.NEWSDAYAfter straining for decades to find hints of intelligentlife in space, astronomers now suspecttheir big radioreceivers have been tuned in wrong all along.Recently, research has shown radio signals fromafar suffer fading and distortion as they pass throughthe long reaches of space.But the systems designed to listen for alien radiosignals - called SETI, or Search for ExtraterrestrialIntelligence - were set up under the assumption anysignal coming from another civilization would be acontinued or repeatingsignal.This could mean the current SETI programs al-ready haverecorded real messages, without recogniz-ing them, said researchers James Cordes, Joseph Lazioand the late Carl Sagan, all of Cornell University.The scientists conclusions appeared in a researchreport published recently in the AstrophysicalJournal.Over the years, SETI programs have recorded afew intriguing signals that seemed to meet all the cri-teria except one, the report said. The missingcriterionwas repeatability; the signals never were detectedagain, despite intensive listening.NEW SUBSCRIPTION TO THE MUFON UFO JOURNALPlease send one subscription to:NameAddressCitv State ZipPlease send second subscription to:NameAddressCitv State Zip,Person securing new subscriptions:NameAddressCitv State ZiDQ Checks, Money Orders or Cash enclosed for $60.00.Cut out or reproduce this order form and mailRd., Seguin, TX 78155 with $60.00 to coverprint or type the names and addresses MUFON, 103 Oldtowneboth subscriptions. Please
  • 23. MUFON UFO Journal January 1998 Page 23DIRECTORS MESSAGE - Continued from Page 24Since the State Director is closer to the FieldInvestigator than the Regional Directors, we want allState Directors to send their screened and approvedsighting reports directly to T. David Spencer, 6700Woodcrest, Austin, TX 78759. This revision is an ex-periment to speedup our approval system of reports. Ifwe find that it is successful, the Field InvestigatorsManual will be revisedaccordingly.MUFON MERCHANDISEMUFON has been selling speciality merchandise atour UFO INFORMATION CENTER in Seguin, TXeach depicting the MUFON logo. These same itemsare listed on our Web site. Now we want to makethem availableto everyone via the Readers Classifiedin the Journal. The list is confined to T-shirts from Sthrough XL, coffee mugs, ball caps (2 colors), batteryoperated wall clocks, and alien jewelry.The T-shirtsare white cotton with the MUFON logo printed inroyal blue. Our associate members have asked to havethem made available to all members, since they wereso appealing to our teenagers. Please see the ReadersClassifieds for orderingdetails.Colorado MUFON DirectorHonoredFebruary 1-7, 1998 — The 7th Annual InternationalUFO Congress Convention and Film Festival. To beheld at the Gold River Resort in Laughlin, Nevada. Forinformation contact the UFO Congress, 9975Wadsworth Pkwy. #K2-274, Westminster, CO 80020.Phone/Fax (303) 543-9443.March 20-22, 1998 — 6th Annual Gulf Breeze UFOConference, Beachside Resort Hotel, PensacolaBeach, FL. For information call: 850-432-8888, fax to:850-438-1801 or write: Project Awareness, P.O. Box730, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562.April 10-12, 1998 — Tenth Annual Ozark UFOConference, at the Inn of the Ozarks ConferenceCenter, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Additional informa-tion my be obtained by calling (501) 354-2558,June 26, 27 & 28, 1998 — MUFON 1998 InternationalUFO Symposium, Renaissance Denver Hotel, Denver,Colorado. Reservation information will be published ina future issue of the MUFON UFO Journal.July 3-5 — Roswell Days, Roswell, New Mexico. Forinformation contact International UFO Museum &Research Center, P.O. Box 2221, Roswell, NM 88202or call (505) 625-9495.Colorado State Director, Michael Curta washonored at a recent State Meeting by mem-bers of the Colorado Division of MUFON,Denver, Colorado — Lin Simpson, Director ofSpecial Projects for the Colorado Division ofMUFON presented Colorado State Director,Michael Curta with an award for his years of dedica-tion and service to MUFON. Mr. Curta first joinedIowa MUFON in 1976 as an associate member atthe age of 13. In 1991 he became a FieldInvestigator and was appointed to the office ofSection Director in 1993. Mr. Curta was appointedColorado State Director in 1994 and has helped toincrease the public awareness of serious UFOresearch through his many Public Lectures, TV andRadio appearances. This year Mr. Curta will helplead Colorado MUFON in hosting what he says willbe the biggest and best ever, MUFON InternationalSymposium. The award presented to him bares theinscription "You Lead The Way"Ray Welhausen, B.A.. Shiner, Texas, StateSection Director for Lavaca, Gonzales andDeWitt counties passed away January 2, 1998 atthe age of 85. Ray joined MUFON in February1975, before our headquarterswas moved toSeguin, TX from Quincy, IL. Professionally hewas a banker and a retail merchant. Mr.Welhausen had a lifelong interest in the UFOphenomenon. He is survived by his wife. Mary, ason, Charles, and a daughter who is a medicaldoctor. The funeral was conducted on January 4,1998 in Shiner, Texas. Ray was a faithful dedicat-ed MUFON member for 23 years.
  • 24. Page 24 January 1998 MUFON UFO JournalWalter AndrusNews from around theNetworkNEW OFFICERSAfter five years of dedicated service working quietlybehind the scenes. Anthony H. "Tony" Cowling, re-signed as Provincial Director for British Columbia. Hehas been replaced by Kevin J. Gariepy (Surrey, BC).John J. Czerwinski, M.S. (Huntsville) was appointedState Director for Alabama by Lavada Sue Pitts(Huntsville) who will become his Assistant StateDirector. Jerry J. Kulka, MBA (Kewadin) was ap-pointed an Assistant State Director for Michigan.The following individuals were selected to becomenew State Section Directors: David G. Braun,(Cortland. OH) forTrumbull and MahoningCounties;Johnny L. Campbell (Rupert, ID) for Minnidoka andCassia Counties; Janice L. Rosco (Coeur dAlene.ID) for Kootenai, Boundary, Bonner, Shoshone &Benwah Counties; and Nancy L. Lavvson(Birmingham, AL) for Jefferson County.New Co-State Section Directors assigned this pastmonth were Jerry and Judith Kulka (Kewadin, MI)for Antrim, Kalkaska, Leleenau & Grand Traverseand Robert and Margaret Morrill (West Glover,VT) for Orleans and Essex counties.NEW CONSULTANTMary Louise Elizabeth Angel, Ph.D. (Newcomb,TN) became a Consultant in Psychology this month.MUFON 1998 SYMPOSIUMThe MUFON 1998 InternationalUFO Symposiumwill be held June 26. 27 and 28. 1998 at the beautifulRenaissance Denver Hotel in Denver, Colorado. Thehost committee is being headed by Lin Simpson,Coordinator, Michael G. Curta, State Director. JamesA. Peters, Assistant State Director and Bill Patton.Host Committee.The following list of outstanding speakers havebeen confirmed to speak: Ann Druffel (Pasadena,CA); Michael Lindemann (Ft. Collins, CO); StanleyV. McDaniel (Santa Rosa, CA): Debra Lindemann(Ft. Collins. CO); Tracy Torme (Beverly Hills, CA);Nancy Talbot (Cambridge. MA); Richard F. Haines,Ph.D. (Los Altos, CA) and Jenny Randies (Buxton.England).Other invitations are pending responses. Daniel E.Aykroyd, comedian, star of his own CBS TV pro-gram "Soul Man," and MUFON member sent his re-grets. He plans to purchase the symposium proceed-ings so as to read the speeches. Start making yourplans for a family vacation to the Mile-High City andthe Rocky Mountains. The CoIorado-MUFON HostCommittee has set their goal to make your visit toDenver even more enjoyable than the fantastic sym-posium at Grand Rapids in 1997.MUFON LAPEL PINSDue to the popularity of the attractive lapel pins, wehave received another order for distribution. The one-inch long oval-shaped pin has the MUFON logo inblue on a white background outlined in gold with a pinclasp on the back suitable for fastening to clothing.You may order yours from MUFON in Seguin. TX for$5 plus $1 for P&H. This is an opportunity to let peo-ple know that you are a MUFON member by proudlywearing our new lapel pin.AWARD FOR SECURING NEW MEMBERSNumerous MUFON members shared their interestin the MUFON UFO Journal by purchasing Christmasgift subscriptions for friends and relatives.We are ex-tending this idea with a new concept to increase ouroverall membership. Any current MUFON memberwill be awarded a lapel pin if they solicit two newmembers by completing the enclosed form (or a copythereof) and attaching a thirty dollar check, moneyorder or cash for each new member.A former member who has allowed his/her sub-scription to expire for over one year will qualify as anew member in this plan. Here is your opportunity toinvite people who attend local meetings to join MU-FON and you will benefit by receivinga free lapel pin.UFO SIGHTING REPORTS DISTRIBUTIONIn order to publish more current UFO sighting re-ports in the Journal, the Board of Directors recog-nizes that there are too many people handling and ap-proving reports, creating delays before they reach T.David Spencer, the Deputy Director, Investigation.David is the gentleman responsible for enteringthe re-ports into our database. It is imperative that the reportshave been properly investigated at the source by theField Investigator and the pertinent information se-cured from the witness.Coniiinied on Page 23