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Mufon ufo journal 1997 6. june

  2. 2. M U F O N U F O J O U R N A LO F F I C I A L P U B L I C A T I O N O F T H E M U T U A L U F O N E T W O R K S I N C E 1967J U N E 1997 N U M B E R 350ROSWELL — ANATOMY OF A MYTH Kent JeffreyTHE UFO PRESSSYMPOSIUM SCHEDULEKarl T. PflockREADERS CLASSIFIEDSTHE JULY NIGHT SKY Walter N. Webb18202122CALENDAR 22DIRECTORS MESSAGE Walter Andrus 24COVER — Brig. Gen. Roger E. Ramey (left) and Col. Thomas J. DuBose examing debris.(Photo: Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Special Collections Division, University of Texas atArlington)MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN0270-6S22)lOSOldtowne Rd.Seguin.TX 78155-4099Tel: (210) 379-9216FAX (210) 372-9439EDITORDennis StacyASSOCIATE EDITORWalter H. Andrus, Jr.COLUMNISTSWalter N. WebbJohn S. CarpenterT. David SpencerART DIRECTORVince JohnsonCopyright 1997 by the Mutual UFO Nctu>ork. All Rights Reserved.No part of this document may Iv reproduced in ami form without the written permission ofthe Copyright Owners Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one at ti-de, provided the author is credited, and the statement. "Copyright 1997 by the Mitlitiil UFONetwork. 103 Oldtouiic Rd., Seguin. Teas 78155." if included.The contents of the MUFON UFO }aumal are determined In/ the editors and do not necessari-ly lefleet the official position of the Mutual UFO Network Opinions expressed arc solely thoseof the individual authorsThe Mutual UFO Network. Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Ta under Section 507 (VI(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publicly fuppoitcd organization of the typedescribed in Section 5i9 (a) (21 Donors may deduct contributions from their Federal IncomeTa. Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers or gifts are also deductible for estate and gift purposes,provided they meet the applicable piovisions of Sections 2055. 2106 and 2522 of the InternalRevenue Code. MUFON is a Texas nonprofit corporal ionThe MUION UFO laurnal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network. Inc.. Seguin,Texas. Membership/Subscription talcs $3(> per year in the U.S.A.: 3>5<l foreign in U S. funds.Second class postage find at Seguin. TX.POSTMASTER Send form 3579 to advise change of address to MUFON UFO IOLIR-NAL,W3 Oldtownc Rd., Seguin. TX 7S755-JIW
  3. 3. MUFON UFO JOURNALROSWELL — ANATOMY OF A MYTHby Kent JeffreyAlmost one hundred years ago, a veryconcerned eight-year-old girl from NewYork City, Virginia OHanlon, wrotethe Question and Answer Department of herfamilys evening newspaper, The New York Sun,requesting to know the truth about Santa Claus.Virginia had been a firm believer, but her youngfriends had started to sow the seeds of doubt.On September 21, 1897, Virginias answerfinally came. Francis Pharcellus Church, a for-mer Civil War correspondent and an agingwriter for the Sun, replied to Virginias letter inone of the most eloquent and enduringeditorialresponses in the history of journalism. Churchtranscended the cold hard facts of reality andavoided shaking Virginiaschildlike faith bysubtly alluding to Santa Claus as a metaphor forthat which is good and noble in life — "Yes,Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as cer-tainly as love and generosity and devotion exist,and you know that they abound and give yourlife its highest beauty and joy...."Recently, the International Roswell Initiative(IRI) received an inquiry from a young girl,Lauren M., living in a small town in NewJersey, that is in many ways reminiscent ofVirginia OHanlons 1897 letter to the New YorkSun. While the IRI is primarily a grass roots ef-fort to declassify whatever information the gov-ernment might have on UFOs or extraterrestrialintelligence, it has received numerousinquiriesover the last three years about the actualRoswell event, many from children.January 6, 1997Dear International Roswell Initiative:I am a 6th grade student who is studyingall kinds of interesting information aboutUFOs... I believe that there are reallyaliens who have landed and crashed(such as Roswell), but the governmenttried to cover it up...If you have any in-formation that can help me prove thatthere are UFOs and aliens, please sendme that information. Thank youfor yourtime.Sincerely,Lauren M.Mrs. Nielsens 6th gradeHaving been extensivelyinvolved over thelast few years with both the investigationof theRoswell case and the effort to get the matter de-classified, I would love to be able to answerLauren M.s letter in the affirmative.Unfortunately, in clear conscience, I cannot —either directly or metaphorically.Unlikea fanci-ful story from Western folklore created to appealto the imaginations of children, the 1947Roswell case involves real people and an actualevent. Additionally,with all the publicity theRoswell event and its alleged coverup have re-ceived, along with the accompanyingimplica-tions of conspiracy and deceit on the part of theU.S. government, Roswell represents a contro-versy that extends far beyond the relatively nar-row confines of the so-called UFO community.As such, Roswell demands an objective,straightforward, and, if possible, definitive an-swer.During the last year, compelling new evi-dence has come to the fore that now makes sucha definitive answer possible. Unfortunately,it isnot the answer that those of us familiar with theRoswell case have wanted to hear. Declassified1948 military documents, new testimony fromretired military men from both Roswell and theForeign Technology Division at WrightPatterson Air Force Base, and a thorough reex-amination of how the crashed-disk story gotstarted in the first place, make it unequivocallyclear that the material recovered northwest ofRoswell, New Mexico, in July 1947 was not ofextraterrestrial origin.In other words, NO UFOCRASHED AT ROSWELL — WITH ORWITHOUT ALIENS. IT DID NOT HAPPEN.PERIOD. For those willing to look objectivelyand rationally at all the evidence, thiscontentionshould become resoundingly clear, not just be-yond a reasonable doubt, but beyond all doubt.Disinformation Agent or Defector?As soon as word got out that I, coordinator ofthe IRI and author of the Roswell Declaration,had reversed my opinion on Roswell, accusa-tions such as "he is an agent for the govern-ment" or "they finally got to him" immediatelyappeared on Internet postings and elsewhere.While it is generally not prudent to risk givingsuch silliness even an inkling of respectabilityby publicly acknowledging it, I will address theThe RoswellIncident haslong been thefocus of intensescrutiny by theUFO commu-nity. With theapproach of its50th anniver-sary, the casemay be due anin-depth re-assessment. Inan article sureto generatesignificantcontroversy,Kent Jeffreyexplains hisown change ofheart.June1997Number 350Page 3
  4. 4. MUFON UFO JOURNALAlthough theRoswellDeclarationwas inspiredby the 1947Roswell event,it is by nomeans tied toit. TheDeclaration re-quests "anExecutive Orderdeclassifyingany informa-tion regardingthe existenceof UFOs or ex-traterrestrialintelligence."Such an assur-ance wouldstill be timely,appropriate,and beneficialto both the U.S.governmentand its people.June1997Number 350Page 4issue here, nonetheless, because the accusationsseem to be so widespread.First of all, no individual or agency has everattempted to influenceor pressure me in anyway, shape, or form — with regard to Roswellor anythingelse. Furthermore, if Roswell had re-ally happened and if there had been any kind ofattempt to intimidate me, such an action wouldhave been the biggest mistake possible. Beingsomewhat rebellious by nature, I would havethen pursued the matter with a vengeance,spurred on by the knowledge that I was really onto something.Secondly, I am not employed by the govern-ment in any capacity whatsoever. My sole occu-pation for the past 26 years has been that of air-line pilot. I am employed by a major U.S. carrierand presently fly internationalroutes, primarilyto Europe. Although I have never seen a UFO, Ihave had a long-term interest in the phenome-non. My interest in Roswell came about in partbecause my father, Arthur Jeffrey, a retired AirForce colonel, knew and worked in the early six-ties with one of the key Roswell figures, GeneralWilliam Blanchard.While I did feel for a long time that there wasa "significant" chance that Roswell involved acrashed UFO, I never at any time believed it tobe the case with absolute certainty. However,even if I had only felt that there was a "slight"chance that Roswell involved the crash of analien spaceship, I still would have pursued thematter vigorously, because, if true, it wouldhave been the story of the millennium.The International Roswell InitiativeThere are apparently those who also feel thatby reversing my position on Roswell I am drop-ping the ball and letting down the twenty thou-sand plus individuals who have signed theRoswell Declaration. That is anything but thecase.First, with regard to reversing my stance, it isimportant to remember that the objective of theRoswell Initiative has been to find the truth, notdefine it. Unfortunately,the truth turned out tobe different from what I thought it might be, orhoped it would be. However, now that I am ab-solutely certain that the debris recovered fromRoswell was not that from an extraterrestrialcraft, 1 feel an obligation to get that informationout as well. Not to do so would be less thanforthright and less than honest.Secondly, as for the Roswell Declarations,the plan is to deliver them to the White House,along with a cover letter to the President,duringthe week of the 50th anniversaryof the Roswellevent this July. Whether or not the governmenthas any substantive information on UFOs, froma public relations standpoint, the situation hasnot been handled well. The governments quasi-official policy over the last few decades of ig-noring the UFO issue has led to a definite suspi-cion on the part of its citizenry. A 1996 Galluppole revealed that 71 percent of the Americanpublic believes that "the U.S. Governmentknows more about UFOs than they are tellingus."Although the Roswell Declaration was in-spired by the 1947 Roswell event, it is by nomeans tied to it. The Declaration requests "anExecutive Order declassifying any informationregarding the existence of UFOs or extraterres-trial intelligence." Such an assurance would stillbe timely, appropriate, and beneficial to both theU.S. government and its people.As is stated in the Declaration, if no informa-tion is being withheld,such an action would,nonetheless, have the positive effect of settingthe record straight and clearing up years of sus-picion and controversy. On the other hand, if in-formation is actually being withheld, it wouldrepresent knowledge of profound importance towhich we are all entitled,and its release wouldbe acknowledged as an historic act of honestyand goodwill.Misleading InformationMany of the books and documentaries aboutRoswell imply that it is highly probable, if notcertain, that the recovered debris was from acrashed flying saucer. Some of that information,however, is misleading or incorrect. It rangesfrom fabricated stories on the part of seeminglycredible witnesses to exaggeration and selectivepresentation of fact.In some instances, it is probably more a caseof overzealousness on the part of authors thanintentional deception. In other instances, credi-bility is stretched beyond limits.For example,after the conclusion of the story in the movieRoswell, statements of purported fact just priorto the credits inform us that Jesse Marcel, Sr.,died in 1986 and that "since then over 350 wit-nesses to the event have agreed to talk." In actu-ality, because so few people ever saw the debris,it is doubtful whether even one tenth thatnum-ber of witnesses could ever be produced.In retrospect, there is much about Roswellthat I wish I had questioned more thoroughly,early on. For example, I received a very interest-ing letter, dated March 20, 1993, written on thestationary of a respected major UFO organiza-tion. The author of the letter, in addition to being
  5. 5. MUFON UFO JOURNALa board member of that organization, was awell-known Roswell researcher and the co-au-thor of a leading book on the subject. I had noreason to question hiscredibility.In part the letter read:"...a very important trip to Nej/v Mexicowhere we secured anotherfirst-hand wit-ness to the bodies. This brings our totalto EIGHT (emphasis in the original) withyet additional prospects."My immediate thought was that if these (se-cret and primarily military, I was told) witnessescould be convinced to come forward, we wouldbe able to break the Roswell case wide open.The letter represented a major turning point inmy support for and involvement with theRoswell crashed-UFO investigation.I subsequently retained, at my personal ex-pense, a major Washington, D.C., law firm tooffer counsel to the eight witnesses in the hopeof encouraging them to come forward. InSeptember, 1993,1 arranged for two of the attor-neys from the firm to travel to New Mexico,where they were to be put in touch with three ofthe supposed eight secret witnesses. Once the at-torneys arrived in Roswell. however, they wereput in contact with only one such witness. Iwould later learn that this particular so-called se-cret witness was already known to other re-searchers and that his story was considered out-landish and unbelievable — an assessment withwhich I now fully agree.Sending the two attorneys to New Mexicowas a tremendously expensive waste of time andresources. The researcher and author who wrotethe March 20, 1993, letter telling of the eightwitnesses was, himself, eventually discredited.Although a very personable individual,heproved to be less than honest. He was subse-quently removed from the board of the UFO or-ganization with which he was affiliated and hisco-author, still a respected researcher, dis-avowed any association with him. As for theother seven "secret" witnesses, nothing has everbeen heard from or about them since.UFO CrashesEven before the advent of recent negative de-velopments in the Roswell case, I have alwaysfelt that a UFO would never crash. However, be-cause of the impressive witness testimony aboutwhich I was told, I suspended judgment and al-lowed for the possibilitythat Roswell might bean exception — some kind of one-in-a-quintil-lion fluke. That was, in retrospect, a mistake.The problem with the concept of a UFOcrashing is that as technology advances, so doesreliability. Be it with cars, airplanes, televisions,or wristwatches, the reliabilityof todays tech-nology far exceeds that of the technology of justa few decades ago. For example, because of thehigh reliability of their engines, long-range,twin-engine ^^nrj-f^i^f^Jinerjuare now autho-rized to fly nonstop across the North AtiSi?^ i/_"rKfew decades ago, that would have been unthink-able. (The positive correlation between advanc-ing technology and reliability applies to"proven" technology, not experimental state-of-the art machines still in the developmentalphase, such as experimental aircraft or space ve-hicles.)With todays industry-averageengine-failurerate of less than one failure per 100,000 flighthours, the chances of both engines of a two-en-gine jetliner failing during a given hour of flightare less than one out of 10 billion. Figuring50,000 aircraft-ocean crossings per year, andfactoring in such variables as average time overthe water and average distance from land, theodds are less than fifty-fifty of a double-enginefailure and consequent ditching in the NorthAtlantic of even one such aircraft over the next10,000 years.This incredible degree of reliability is foundwith a technology that would be primitive com-pared with a UFO. Even with todays relatively"primitive" technology, our commercial aircrafthave very efficient collision avoidance systems,as well as excellent radar systems for avoidingthunderstorms and their associated hail andlightning (phenomena, incidentally, that aresurely not unique to thisplanet).If we assume that UFOs are extraterrestrialspacecraft and that some of the many reportedUFO sightings are genuine UFOs, we are deal-ing with machines apparently capable of high-speed right-angle turns, incredible accelerationsand speeds, and wingless flight — not to men-tion of traveling light-years through the void ofempty space in, presumably, a relatively shortperiod of time. Such capability would require atechnology totally beyond our present under-standing of physics — a technology the sophisti-cation of which we cannot even begin to imag-ine.Because of the positive correlation betweentechnology and reliability,such incredibly ad-vanced technology would most certainly mean acorrespondingly high degree of reliability.Common sense dictates that the chances of suchmachines crashing, breaking down, orcollidingThe problemwith the con-cept of a UFOcrashing is thatas technologyadvances, sodoes reliability.Be it with cars,airplanes, tele-visions, orwristwatches,the reliability oftodays tech-nology far ex-ceeds that ofthe technologyof just a fewdecades ago.June1997Number 350Pages
  6. 6. MUFON UFO JOURNAL"Weare runningdown every re-port Icant eventell youhowmuch we wouldgive to have oneof those crash inan area so thatwe could recoverwhatever theyare."— Col. HowardMcCoy, Chief ofIntelligence,AirMaterial Com-mand, Wright-Patterson AFB,March, 1948June1997Number 350Page 6would be all but zero. It certainly would bemany orders of magnitude less than the alreadyinfinitesimally small chance of one of todaystwin-engine jetliners having adouble-enginefailure.The 1948 Military DocumentsFor me, the beginning of the end for theRoswell UFO case came last spring, when I firstsaw one of a numberof previouslyclassifiedmilitary documents dealing with unidentifiedflying objects. The 289-page document was KJleased under the Freedom of Information Act(FOIA) in March 1996 in response to a FOIA re-quest by researcher WilliamLaParl. Itcontainedthe minutesof the Air Force Scientific AdvisoryBoard Conference at the Pentagon on March 17and 18, 1948. Buried in the documentwas avery interesting statement by a Colonel HowardMcCoy which referred to a numberof unpub-lished UFO reports. The last sentence ofMcCoys statement, however, is devastating tothe Roswell case."We have a new project — Project SIGN— which may surprise you as a develo-mentfrom the so-called mass hysteria ofthe past Summer when we had all theunidentified flying objects or discs. Thiscant be laughed off. We have over 300reports which havent been publicized inthe papers from very competent personel,in many instances — men as capable asDr. K. D. Wood, and practically all AirForce, Airline people with broad exper-ence. We are running down every report.I cant even tell you how much we wouldgive to have one of those crash in an areaso that we could recover whatever theyare."My first reaction to this statement was one ofdisbelief. Thoughts came to mind like "Thiscant be correct, there must be some mistake,this guy didnt know," etc. We are probably allsomewhat prone to such initial reactions of de-nial when confronted with facts that conflictwith our preconceived notions of reality or ourestablished beliefs. Most of the time,however,common sense, logic, and rationalityprevail.Onthe other hand, there is sometimes an invariablerefusal to give up a particularcontention or be-lief, no matterhow strong the evidence to thecontrary. The result of such refusal is often il-logical speculation and far-fetched scenarios,concocted in an effort to rationalize away thefacts. It is a pitfall into which even credible re-searchers sometimestumble.The statement at the Scientific AdvisoryBoard Conference lamentingthe fact that the AirForce did not have a crashed UFO was made byColonel Howard McCoy, the Chief ofIntelligence for Air Material Command atWright-Patterson AFB. Wright Patterson iswhere the Air Forces technical andintelligenceexperts are concentrated, even today. It is whererecovered wreckage from a foreign craft of anykind with the potential for invadingour skieswould be taken for technical analysis — be it aMIG 29 or a Klingon battle cruiser. If there hadbeen a crashed flying saucer recovered outsideof Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947, this iswhere it would have been taken. As Chief ofIntelligence, Colonel Howard McCoy wouldhave known about it.In addition to the minutesof the Air ForceScientific Advisory Board meeting, there areother militarydocuments indicating just as un-equivocally that the Air Force was not in posses-sion of any physical evidence with regard toUFOs. Among these documents is a series ofcommuniques dealing with "flying object inci-dents in the United States" between ColonelMcCoy at Wright Patterson and Major GeneralC. P. Cabell, the Director of Intelligence for theAir Force at the Pentagon. In one of these com-muniques, a letter dated November 8, 1948,McCoy made three separate references to thefact that there was no physicalor tangible evi-dence from a flying saucer crash. Cabell usedthe information from McCoys letter for prepa-ration of a memorandumdated November 30,1948, for Secretary of Defense James Forrestal.The lack of physical evidence is also men-tioned in a September 23, 1947, letter fromLieutenant General Nathan Twining,Commander of the Air Material Command atWright Field, to Brigadier General GeorgeSchulgen, a top intelligence official at thePentagon. The Twining letter was written lessthan three months after the Roswell incident.The letter is also significant because it makesreference to the cooperation between theEngineering Division and the IntelligenceDivision at the Wright Patterson complex. Thiscooperation is mentioned specifically in regardto assessing the nature of the mysterious "flyingobjects" about which there had been so manycredible reports.The cooperation between the intelligenceandengineering branches at Wright Patterson is fur-ther corroborated by a "top secret" memoran-dum for the Chief, Air Intelligence Division,
  7. 7. MUFON UFO JOURNALdated October 11, 1948, signed by a ColonelBrooke Allen, Chief, of the Air EstimatesBranch at Wright Patterson. The stated subjectof the memorandum is "Analysis of FlyingObject Incidents in the U.S." This memorandumis important because, along with the Twiningletter, it confirms what is dictated by commonsense — that if the engineering department pos-sessed a crashed saucer, the intelligence depart-ment would not only be aware of it, they wouldalso be integrally involved with its analysis andthe assessment of any potential threat posed tonational security.The 1947 and 1948 military documents aredefinitive. They can not be simply or smuglycharacterized as "absence of evidence." Theyare evidence. They state definitively that therewas no crashed saucer.If instead of the above documents, re-searchers had uncovered definitiveand authenticdocumentation indicatingthe existence of acrashed saucer, such documentation would haveundoubtedly been acknowledged by all andcharacterized as a "smoking gun." Victorywould have been declared, and congressional in-vestigations would have been all but certain.Predictably, some in the UFO field are react-ing to the 1947 and 1948 military documentswith an attitude reminiscent of the platitude,"dont bother me with the facts, my mindsmade up." Ironically, this is the same type ofmentality of which they are so quick to accusetheir detractors. Narrow-mindedness, however,can exist on either side of the fence. The factsare now clear. We cant simply refuse to ac-knowledge them because we dont like them.The Roswell crash didnt happen. It is time toface the music, and the band isnt playing ourtune.The Men of the 509thThe 509th Bomb Group was based atRoswell in 1947. In September 1996,1 had theprivilege of attending the reunion of the 509thBomb Group in Tucson, Arizona, as a guest ofGeneral Bob Scott and his wife Terry. 1 haveknown the Scotts for a couple of years. By coin-cidence, Bobs son is a pilot for the same airlinefor which I work.At the time of the 509th reunion, I had notyet seen all the pertinent 1948 military docu-ments and still held an inkling of hope that theremight be something to the Roswell event. Priorto the reunion, I had sent out over 700 mailingsto members of the reunion group in the hope offinding additional witnesses to the mysteriousdebris. The result was a disappointment — onlytwo calls, neither of which was of any real help.Both of the men who called were former 509thflight engineers. One had had a very interestingUFO sighting from the ramp at Kirtland AirForce Base. The other recalled seeing a lot ofextra activity around one of the hangers atRoswell near the time of the 1947 incident.At the reunion in Tucson, I was introduced toseveral of the pilots who were at Roswell in1947 and who promptly told me, in no uncertainterms, that the crashed saucer event never oc-curred, period. I did not get the impression at thetime, nor have I ever since, that any of thesemen are engaged in some kind of incredible 50-year-long massive coverup or that they wereputting on an act or facade to throw me offtrack. Anyone who believes that to be the case isout of touch with the reality of this issue. Likeevery other person with whom I have ever dis-cussed this subject, these men were in totalagreement that anything as important and pro-found as the knowledge of other intelligent lifein the universe is information that should not becensored or suppressed and to which everyoneshould be entitled. These men risked their livesin World War II to save the world from the kindof totalitarian governments that, among theirmany other crimes against humanity, unjustifi-ably suppressed information from their people.The men who were at Roswell during July1947 feel very strongly that absolutely nothingout of the ordinary happened and that the wholematter is patently ridiculous. The 509th was theonly atomic bomb group in the world in 1947and was composed of a very elite group of indi-viduals, most of whom still feel a definite senseof pride in their former outfit. To them, thecrashed-saucer nonsense, along with all the hul-labaloo and conspiracy theories surrounding it,makes a mockery of and is an insult to the 509thBomb Group and its men.One of the 509th pilots I met at the reunion,Jack Ingham, has since become a friend and hashelped me considerably in contacting additionalmembers of the group who were stationed atRoswell during the time of the incident. When Ifirst met Jack in Tucson, he spared no punchesin letting me know exactly what hethoughtabout the crashed-flying saucer matter. Others atthe reunion told me that if something like thecrash of a UFO had really happened at Roswell,Jack Ingham would have known. Jack spent atotal of 16years with the 509th Bomb Group —February 1946 to July 1962. He retired from theAir Force as a lieutenant colonel in January1971.Since last September, I have spoken with atotal of 15B-29 pilots and 2 B-29 navigators, allThe 1947 and1948 militarydocuments aredefinitive. Theycan not be sim-ply or smuglycharacterized as"absence of evi-dence." They areevidence. Theystate defini-tively that therewas no crashedsaucer.June1997Number 350Page?
  8. 8. MUFON UFO JOURNALSince lastSeptember, Ihave spokenwith a totalof15 B-29 pilotsand 2 B-29navigators, allof whom werestationed atRoswell ArmyAir Field in July1947. Most ofthem heardnothing aboutthe supposedcrashed-saucerincident untilyears later, af-ter all the pub-licity started.June1997Number 350PageSof whom were stationed at Roswell Army AirField in July 1947. Most of them heard nothingabout the supposed crashed-saucer incident untilyears later, after all the publicity started. Thefew men who did recall hearing something aboutthe incident at the time of its occurrence saidthat the inside word was that the debris wasfrom a downed balloon of some kind and thatthere was no more than "one wheelbarrow full."Not one single man had any direct knowledge ofa crashed saucer or of any kind of unusual mate-rial. Even more significantly, in all of their col-lective years with the 509th Bomb Group, notone of these men had ever encountered anyother individual who had such knowledge.As Jack Ingham and others pointed out, the509th was a very close-knit group and there wasno way an event as spectacular as the recoveryof a crashed-alien spaceship from another worldcould have happened at their base without theirhaving known about it. Despite the fact thatthey, individually, may not have been directlyinvolved with the recovery operation, and de-spite the pervasiveness of the need to know"philosophy in the military,these men maintainedthat there was absolutely no way that somethingof such magnitude and so earthshaking wouldnot have been communicated among the mem-bers of the group — especially within the innercircle of the upper echelon of B-29 pilots andnavigators — all of whom had top-secret secu-rity clearances. Furthermore, unlikethe atomicweapons secrets with which they were all en-trusted, the existence of a crashed alien space-ship would have been much more of a social andscientific issue than a national security issue.Additionally, word was already out — the storyhad been published in afternoon newspapers allover the Western United States.Most of the men of the 509th Bomb Groupwere primarilyWWII veterans in their mid- tolate twenties. (Colonel Blanchard, the comman-der of the group, was, himself, only 31.)Military regulations notwithstanding, human na-ture and common sense have to be factored intothe equation. Such an occurrence — the mostsignificant and dramatic event in recorded his-tory — would surely have been discussed bythese men, at least among themselves.Memory, Communication, and PerceptionA few words about the potential pitfalls ofhuman memory, communication, and perceptionmight shed light on how the "myth" surroundingthe Roswell event evolved. The followingobser-vations are strictly from the standpointof com-mon sense and real-world experience, not fromsome abstract or esoteric psychological theory.Faulty memory is obviously one of thebiggest detriments to accurately reconstructingpast events, especially if a great deal of time haselapsed. While memory generally serves uswell, it is unlikethe playback of a digital tape —it is far from precise or absolute. With the pas-sage of time, images from different events canbe inadvertently blended together. Also, mentalimages of things only imagined can be inadver-tently blended or confused with memories ofthings actually observed or events actually expe-rienced.If memory were perfect, everyone of uswould have consistently accomplished perfectscores in our comprehensive exams throughouthigh school and college. We would rememberwith perfect accuracy every name, face, scene,place, and event that we had ever heard, seen, orexperienced. Obviously, human memory doesntwork this way. Interestingly, however, in thecase of witness testimony, there often seems tobe an unrealisticassumption that it does.Like faulty memory, inaccuratecommunica-tion can also be a detriment to accurately recon-structing past events. Miscommunication is defi-nitely a factor with secondhand testimony.Perhaps, that is part of the reason secondhandtestimony is not admissible in a court of law.There is a game sometimes played by childrenthat amply illustrates the problem of miscommu-nication, and consequently also secondhand tes-timony. A group stands in a circle and a mes-sage is whispered from one person to the next.After being passed around a few times, the origi-nal message is usually completely unrecogniz-able. It doesnt take much imagination to realizehow much the problem would be exacerbated ifthere was a gap of several years each time themessage was passed on. Interestingly, in theRoswell case, much of the secondhand testi-mony, upon which so much importance isplaced, comes from information passed on manyyears back.Errors in perception are probably more fre-quent than most people realize. Perception is of-ten influenced by expectation. We have proba-bly all noticed this phenomenon on a microscale when trying to proofread something.Similar to a form of computer enhancement, thebrain tends to automaticallycompensate formissing letters or words which are supposed tobe there. In other words, it tends to automati-cally "fill in the blanks."The problem of expectation influencing per-ception is exacerbated when recalling pastevents. Memory seems to somehow have the
  9. 9. MUFON UFO JOURNALability to distort an observation retroactively tomake it better match expectation. This phenome-non can be a real problem with eyewitness ac-counts to traffic accidents, and even more so toaviation accidents — even accounts from expe-rienced observers. For example, in August 1987,a Northwest Airlines MD-88 took off fromDetroit Metro airport. The crew, however, hadfailed to lower the flaps to the takeoff position(15 degrees). Under most circumstances, this er-ror would not have been a fatal mistake.Unfortunately, due to other contributing factors(short runway,hot day, fully loaded aircraft,etc.), they didnt make it. During the investiga-tion of the accident, the crew of the aircraft inline for takeoff immediately behind theNorthwest airplane testified that its flaps weredefinitely lowered to the takeoff position.Analysis of the wreckage and flight-datarecorder, however, showed otherwise. The testi-mony of the crew of the second aircraft waswrong. What they remembered was what theythought they should have seen rather than whatthey actually saw.A Trip to WashingtonThe central focus of the Roswell story hasbeen the recovery of the unusual debris from theFoster Ranch in July, 1947. This is where it allstarted. The most important living witness tothat debris is Jesse Marcel, Jr., MD, the son ofMajor Jesse Marcel, Sr., the intelligence officerof the 509th Bomb Group. After being out at thesite, Major Marcel stopped by his house on theway back to the base and laid the debris out onhis kitchen floor to show his wife and son. As aresult, Jesse Marcel, Jr., got a good look at theunusual material. Potentially, the key to thewhole Roswell UFO case lies in Jesse Marcel,Jr.s memory. He saw the debris. Either it wasextraterrestrial or it was not.Despite the recent overwhelmingly negativedevelopments in the Roswell case, I did notwant to leave any stone unturned. I thereforearranged to have Jesse Marcel, Jr. fly toWashington, D.C., for a thoroughdebriefingsession to see if we could get a better picture ofthe exact nature of the unusual debris that pre-cipitated the Roswell story.Being fully aware of the pitfalls in the use ofhypnosis for memory retrieval, I decided that itstill might be an avenue worth pursuing.In addi-tion to its (controversial) use in retrieving re-pressed subconscious memories, hypnosis canbe an effective tool in enhancing consciousmemory. Law enforcement agencies sometimesuse hypnosis in this manner to help a witnessbetter remember a face or a licenseplate num-ber, for example.Because I considered our effort such an im-portant endeavor, I wanted to find the best in thefield. I also wanted someone who hadmaximumcredibility and who was not associated with theUFO community.There was a reason for this. Inthe event that anything significantly positivecame out of the hypnotic session, there would bea greater chance of it being taken seriously bythe mainstreampublic.My search led me to Neil Hibler, PhD, a clin-ical psychologist with an office in theWashington, D.C., area. Dr. Hibler is one of theworlds leading experts in the use of hypnoticregression for forensic purposes. Law enforce-ment agencies all over the world have retainedhim for important cases. Among the agenciesthat have called on him are the Federal Bureauof Investigation,the National Security Agency,the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the intelli-gence agencies of all three armed services. Dr.Hibler has worked with subjects from all walksof life, includingdiplomats and generals.On the evening of January 10, 1997, four ofus met in Dr. Hiblers office for the first of threesessions. The other two sessions took place overthe next two days. Jesse Marcel, Jr., who is oneof the most honest and sincere persons I haveever met, cooperated completely, despite the po-tential controversy of any significant outcome.Dr. Hibler had suggested that everything berecorded on videotape. This was done by DeniseMarcel, Jesse, Jr.s 33-year-old daughter, whoflew in from Los Angeles. Denise was espe-cially interested in our endeavor because she hasstudied hypnosis formally and is a licensed hyp-notherapist in California. A professional illustra-tor from the Washington, D.C., area,KimberlyMoeller, was also present during the second andthird sessions.Dr. Hiblers approach was to have Jesse gothrough the entire story twice, without the aid ofhypnosis. Hypnosis was then administeredforeach subsequent recounting of the story.According to Denise, her father is not an easyhypnotic subject, but was definitely in a mild tomedium trance by the end of the last session.The hypnosis did not, however, bring out any-thing new that was of significance. For that rea-son, confabulation (false memory syndrome)was definitely not a concern. In Jesses words,the hypnosis simply helped "fine tune" his con-scious memory. For example, by the end of thelast session, he was able to recall several detailsabout which he had previouslybeen uncertain— the debris already having been laid out onMajor Marcelstopped by hishouse on theway back tothe base andlaid the debrisout on hiskitchen floor toshow his wifeand son. As aresult, JesseMarcel, Jr., gota good look atthe unusualmaterial.Potentially, thekey to thewhole RoswellUFO case liesin JesseMarcel, Jr.smemory. Hesaw the debris.Either it wasextraterrestrialor it was not.June1997Number 350Page 9
  10. 10. MUFON UFO JOURNALThere were notechnologicalartifacts of anytype — no rem-nants of any-thing resem-bling motors,servos, elec-tronic compo-nents, instru-ments, a guid-ance system, acontrol system,a propulsionsystem, etc. —nothing. Thecrash of aSopwith Camelwould have leftmore complexand sophisti-cated debris.I-Beam and patterns remembered by Jesse Marcel, Jr. Under hypnosis. Drawing by Kimberly Moeller.June1997Number 350Page 10the floor when he first saw it, the fact that his fa-ther was in uniform, and his accompanying hisfather out to the car, where he saw additional de-bris in the trunk.The most significant thing about the sessionsin Washington is not so much what came out ofthem, but what didnt come out of them. Therewere no descriptions or memories of any kind ofexotic debris or wreckage. There is a very goodreason for that — there simply was no such ex-otic debris or wreckage for Jesse to remember. Ifthere had been, in all probability, he would haveremembered it consciously. Nonetheless, be-cause of the extreme importance of the debris tothe Roswell case, the effort was worth a try —just in case. There was no risk of a negative ef-fect on what Jesse remembered. Hypnosis canelicit memories of things that didnt happen, butit cant take away memories of things that didhappen.Unfortunately, instead of providing any re-newed hope or encouragement, the outcome ofthe hypnosis sessions in Washington,D.C., was,for me, the final nail in the coffin of the Roswellcrashed-saucer scenario. The sessions made itabsolutely clear that the material recovered fromthe Foster ranch northwest of Roswell in 1947was anything but unique or exotic. As it turnedout, it was extremely mundane.According to Jesses best recollection, thematerial laid out on his kitchen floor, which wasrepresentative of that at the site, consisted pri-marily of pieces of metallic foil, a short beam or"stick," and a few pieces of a plastic or Bakelite-like substance. Certainly, such mundane debriswould not constitute the wreckage from anykind of sophisticated vehicle or craft, much lessone capable of interstellar travel.There was nothing to indicate form or struc-ture. There was nothing to indicate some kind ofultra-advanced technology. There were no tech-nological artifacts of any type — no remnants ofanything resembling motors, servos, electroniccomponents, instruments, a guidance system, acontrol system, a propulsion system, etc. —nothing. The crash of a Sopwith Camel wouldhave left more complex and sophisticated debris.Even the debris from a two-thousand-year-oldRoman chariot would have been more interest-ing and varied than the debris that was laid outon the Marcel kitchen floor. At least with thechariot there would have been some technologi-cal remnants such as parts of the axles andwheels.While we have no idea what the debris froma crashed spaceship would look like, it is reason-able to assume that it would reflect a level ofcomplexity and technological advancement be-yond imagination. Postulating that a few piecesof foil, plastic-like material, and short beamsconstitute the remains of a machine of such ca-pability and complexity is more than just aquantum leap, it is completely baseless and to-tally illogical.An Amazing CoincidenceIn addition to being mundane, the material re-covered from the Foster ranch is definitely rec-oncilable with the debris from an ML-307 radarreflector — the length and cross-sectional sizeof the beams or sticks, the pieces of foil, and theplastic-like material (now thought to be part ofone of the plastic ballast cases that containedsand). Even the color of the symbols that Jesse,Jr., remembers is almost identical to the color ofthe flower patterns on the balsa stick that IrvingNewton remembers seeing in Rameys office.The crashed saucer scenario requires an im-plausible occurrence. A flying saucer crashesnorthwest of Roswell, New Mexico, and leavesdebris in the form of small pieces of foil, shortbeams that have a maximum length of aboutthree feet, and pieces of Bakelite-like material.Amazingly, by incredible coincidence, a balloonarray that disappeared in the same general areafour weeks earlier carried three radar reflectorsconstructed from reflective foil, short beams thathave a maximum length of about three feet, andpieces of Bakelite-like material.Obviously, the idea of any such coincidenceever happening is absurd. The debris recoveredfrom the Foster ranch was that of an ML-307radar reflector.It is not hard to imagine how the apparentmisidentification probably came about. Duringthe previous two weeks, there had been a waveof sightings of flying saucers or "disks" through-
  11. 11. MUFON UFOJOURNALStrut and tape patterns as remembered b- Ining Newton. Drawing by Kimherly Mueller.out the United States and Canada. The sightingswere something that were in the news daily andwere on almost everyones mind — an "un-known" in the sky. At the same time, balloon ar-rays under a secret project known as "Mogul"were being launched from the Alamagordo area,just under 100 miles to the west of Roswell.These balloon arrays carried ML-307 radar re-flectors, which would have been totally unfamil-iar to Butch Blanchard,Jesse Marcel, and theother men at Roswell AAF. The debris from oneof these reflectors scattered over the desertwould likewise have been something unfamiliarto them — an "unknown" on the ground.It is understandable that the unknown debrisfound northwest of Roswell would have been as-sumed to be related to the unknownobjects thathad been so frequently reported flying around inthe sky, the flying "disks." Such a connection,although with the benefit of hindsight, incorrect,would have been very logical and understand-able for the men at Roswell to make. This is al-most certainly how the Roswell story began.The Missing TapeIn the last few months, as part of my effort toreconstruct what happened at Roswell, I havehad a number of conversations with IrvingNewton, the weather officer at Fort Worth ArmyAir Field who was called in by General Rameyto identify the unusual debris. The debris was al-ready suspected to be part of some type of bal-loon device. Newton told me that he immedi-ately recognized it as being from an ML-307radar reflector. An ML-307 was a box kite-likedevice covered with a tough, paper-backed foilthat was suspended below balloons or balloonarrays to facilitate radar tracking. According toNewton, most weather officers, much less themen at Roswell or Fort Worth, would not havebeen familiar with such a device. Newton hadworked with the reflectors a couple of years ear-lier during the invasion of Okinawa in thePacific. The devices were suspended below bal-loons, released to gather wind data for use inhelping direct heavy naval artillery fire.In one of my conversations with Newton,quite by chance, a new and important revelationcame to light. He was describing the color of thesymbols on one of the balsa sticks and men-tioned how it was faint and had somewhat of amottled appearance because of "the way that thedye had bled through onto the surface of thestick." This was a very important piece of infor-mation. The symbols that Newton saw on thedebris in Rameys office were on the surface ofthe stick, not on tape! The tape had apparentlypeeled away, probably because of severalweeks exposure to sunlight while it lay out inthe desert. This serendipitous revelation imme-diately cleared up one of the biggest questions inmy mind about the Roswell case — how couldJesse Marcel, Sr., or Jesse Marcel, Jr., for thatmatter, not have recognized flower patterns ontape? The answer is now crystal clear. The sym-bols they saw were not on tape. What they sawwere images of the original symbols from thedye that had bled through before the tape hadpeeled away. Jesse, Jr.s testimonyabout thesymbols definitely not being on tape was ab-solutely correct.A Remarkable ResemblanceDuring the sessions in Washington, D.C.. theprofessional illustrator who was present drew avery accurate depiction of what Jesse, Jr., re-membered — the "I-beam-like" member withthe symbols on it. After learning what a goodrecollection of the symbols Newton had, Iarranged for him to work with the same illustra-tor so that we might have side-by-side sketchesfrom the same perspective for comparison.As it turned out, the resemblance between thetwo sketches was remarkable. Even the artistcommented that "it sure seemed like these twomen were describing the same thing." Probablymost amazing was the closeness of the color thatthe two men remembered. Other than Newtonscolor being more faded, the colors are nearlyidentical.The most significant discrepancy was theway the slight ridges on the upper and loweredges gave Jesses beam the appearance of an I-Amazingly, byincredible co-incidence, aballoon arraythat disap-peared in thesame generalarea fourweeks earliercarried threeradar reflectorsconstructedfrom reflectivefoil, shortbeams thathave a maxi-mum length ofabout threefeet, andpieces ofBakelite-likematerial.June1997Number 350Page 11
  12. 12. MUFON UFO JOURNALJesse Marcel,Jr. under hyp-nosis. The ses-sions, all video-taped, wereconducted byDr. Neil Hibler,a Washington,D.C. clinicalpsychologist,January 10-12,1997.June1997Number 350Page 12beam-like cross section. This was probably dueto a slight error in Jesses recollection. His fa-ther, for example, remembered the small mem-bers as having a rectangular cross section. In a1979 interview with journalist Bob Pratt, JesseMarcel. Sr.. stated, " was a solid member,rectangular members, just like you get with asquare stick." It is entirely possible, however,that the particular member that Jesse, Jr., held,could have had a ridge on its edges for some un-known reason.The only other really significant discrepancywas in the color of the member. Jesse remem-bered it being about the same color as that of thefoil-like material, while Irving Newton remem-bered it being almost white. Judging from thepictures taken in Rameys office, however, thewhite that Newton recalled was probably accu-rate. According to Charles Moore, the projectengineer for "Project Mogul," the stickswerecovered with glue or glue-like substance.Thiswould probably have given them a differentcolor than that of raw wood, as well as a differ-ent feel or texture — probably to the degree thatsomeone who didnt know what they were,might not recognize them as wood. The onlyother discrepancies were minor, such as differ-ences in the size and spacing of the symbols.For anyone who suspects that Irving Newtonis participating in a 50-year coverup and makingup the story about the symbols or flower pat-terns, all he needs to do is check out the July 9,1947. Roswell Daily Record. Rancher MacBrazel is quoted as talking about sticks, foil, andtape with flower patternson it.The Alleged SubstitutionMost of us have seen the now-famous pic-tures of the debris from Roswell taken inGeneral Roger Rameys office at Fort WorthArmy Air Field. General Ramey, ColonelThomas DuBose, Major Jesse Marcel, andWarrant Officer Irving Newton appear in thepictures, posing with the debris. The debris isclearly visible in all seven existingpictures.There is absolutely no question that this is thedebris from an ML-307 radar reflector. If this isthe same debris that was recovered from theFoster ranch, then the Roswell case is closed,period. Its over, end of subject.In the January 1991 issue of the MUFONUFO Journal, there is an article by JaimeShandera titled "New RevelationsAbout theRoswell Wreckage: a General Speaks Up." Thearticle included an extensive two-part interviewwith General Thomas DuBose, who was acolonel and General Rameys chief of staff in1947. DuBose met the plane carrying the mater-ial picked up outside of Roswell and personallytook it to Rameys office. During the first of thetwo interviews, Shandera realized that GeneralDuBose was not familiar with and had not seenthe pictures taken of the debris in Rameys of-
  13. 13. MUFON UFO JOURNALThroughout thetwo interviews,ShanderaquestionedDuBose withthe dogged-ness of a dis-trict attorney,asking himnine times innine differentways whetherthe debris hadbeen switched.Nine times,GeneralDuBose madeit emphaticallyclear that thedebris had notbeen switched.fice. Shandera then sent DuBose a set of the pic-tures, prior to conducting the second interview.Throughout the two interviews. Shanderaquestioned DuBose with the doggedness of adistrict attorney, asking him nine times in ninedifferent ways whether the debris had beenswitched. Nine times. General DuBose made itemphatically clear that the debris had not beenswitched. Among DuBoses responses were"We never switched anything...We were WestPointers — we would never have done that...lhave damn good eyesight...! had charge of thatmaterial, and it was never switched." Whenshown the pictures from Rameys office andasked if he recognized the material, he replied,"Oh yes. Thats the material that Marcel broughtin to Ft. Worth from Roswell."In William Moores book The RoswellIncident, Jesse Marcel, Sr., was interviewedabout the debris. His responseswere somewhatpuzzling in that he indicated that the photos ofhim were of the actual debris, but that the laterphotos (without him) contained substituted ma-terial. Later photos with substituteddebris (evenif they existed) wouldnt really matter. If the de-bris in the photo with Major Marcel was theac-tual material, it was from an ML- 307 radar re-flector. Again, end of story.Among Marcels responses were "They tookone picture of me on the floor holding up someof the less-interesting metallic debris.... Thestuff in that one photo was pieces of the actualstuff we had found. It was not a staged photo."During one of my interviews with IrvingNewton, he mentioned how in Rameys office.Marcel had pointed out the symbols and indi-cated that he (Marcel) thought they might besome form of alien writing. When I asked him ifhe was sure that it was Marcel who did that,Newton was emphatic that it was the man who"had collected the debris from the ranch." Thisis, of course, one further indication that the de-bris in Rameys office was the debris from theFoster ranch. There was no substitution. The de-bris in the pictures was the same debris collectedby Major Marcel at the Foster Ranch. It wasthedebris from an ML-307 radar reflector.There is also an interesting quote in Mooresbook from Marcel about the so-called indestruc-tibility of the material. It sounds like this now-legendary indestructibility was actually more thekind of indestructibility that you would find inmaterial from something like a tough, paper-backed foil. Marcel stated. "It waspossible toflex this stuff back and forth, even wrinkle it,but you could not put a crease in it that wouldstay, nor could you dent it at all. 1would almosthave to describe it as metal with plastic proper-ties."June1997Number 350Page 13
  14. 14. MUFON UFO JOURNALSome of theseattacks havebeen extendedto JesseMarcel, Jr.,which I findas-tounding. AsIhave alreadymentioned, heis as sincereand honest asanyone I haveever known.Like his fatherbefore him, heserved hiscountry duringtime of war.June1997Number 350Page 14One could also lay tough, paper-backed foilon the ground and pound away with a sledgehammer and quite possibly not dent it.Interestingly, the sledgehammertest was onlyhearsay, anyway. One of the airmen allegedlyperformed the test and told Marcel about it after-wards. This is possibly a good example of howrumors and myth begin. Besides, if this materialwas so indestructible, why did it break up intohundreds or thousands of little pieces? The realanswer is, of course, that it was not so indestruc-tible because it was from an ML-307 radar re-flector that was apparently dragged across theground as the balloon array descended.The WitnessesThe testimony of the late Jesse Marcel, Sr., isprobably the most important, as well as the mostcontroversial, of the whole Roswell story. Inessence, it forms the foundation around whichthe rest of the case is built. However, becausethe debris he recovered was not extraterrestrial,it could not have been what he said it was. Thatdoes not mean, however, that he did not believeit was extraterrestrial. In my opinion,it is verypossible, if not highly probable, that he sincerelybelieved until the day he died that the materialwas something, as he once put it, "not of thisearth." A less-than-perfect memory of events solong ago, in combination with the suspicion onhis part of a coverup above his level of securityor outside his need to know, makes such a sce-nario entirely plausible.Unfortunately, because of minor, almost triv-ial, inconsistencies in some of the things JesseMarcel, Sr., said, or is believed to have said,some have made caustic personal attacks againsta man no longer around to defend himself —and who was, in all probability,telling the truthas he recalled it. I have now spoken with a num-ber of men from the 509th Bomb Group whoknew Major Marcel. All had nothing but thehighest regard and respect for him.Some of these attacks have been extended toJesse Marcel, Jr., which I find astounding. As Ihave already mentioned, he is as sincere andhonest as anyone I have ever known. Like hisfather before him, he served his country duringtime of war. Few people know it, but he was se-riously injured during the Vietnam War whenhis helicopter was shot down, killing everyoneelse on board. Like all of us, Jesse might nothave 100 percent perfect recall of every pastevent, but I would never question his word.In a way, because the debris recovered out-side of Roswell in 1947 was not extraterrestrial,none of the other witness testimony really mat-ters. If the story of a highly unusual and totallyunprecedented event is killed at the source, sub-sequent corroborating testimony goes out thewindow. For example, in the summer of 1993, aman from Seattle, Washington, made the un-precedented claim that he had found a hypoder-mic syringe inside a sealed can of Pepsi Cola.The story was picked up by the media, andwithin days there were copycat claims againstthe Pepsi Cola Corporation all over the country.Unfortunately for those who jumped on thebandwagon, the original claim turned out to befalse. Where did that leave the subsequentclaimants? Out on a limb that had been cut off,and, in this particular case, facing up to$250,000 in fines and five years injail.The testimony of some of the other Roswellwitnesses has been all but validated in the publiceye because of repeated media coverage. For •this reason I will address a couple of cases.Former mortician Glenn Dennis and the elu-sive nurse, Naomi Self, who supposedly wit-nessed alien autopsies at the base hospital is oneof the best-known elements of the 1947 Roswellevent. Although I know and like GlennDennison a personal level, I have to say that his storyhas lost all credibility.Glenn, incidentally, hasbeen fully aware of the fact that researchers havebeen spending time and resources in an effort tolocate a "Naomi Self."There was already significant circumstantialevidence to indicate that no such nurse ever ex-isted, when a diligentyoung researcher fromArizona, Vic Golubic, all but confirmed the fact.He located the records of the Cadet NurseCorps, where all nurses for the military weretrained during the mid-1940s. When Golubicchecked with Dennis about the correct spellingof "Self and informed him about the CadetNurse Corps records, Dennis changed his story,telling Golubic that Self was not really the cor-rect last name after all. Dennis, without giving agood reason for not doing so, also refused to tellGolubic the "real" last name. Sorry, Glenn, endof story.Both my father and I got to know FrankKaufman very well and consider him a friend.However, as with Dennis, I have to say that inview of what we now know, there is no way thatKaufmans fantastic tale of a crashed spaceshipwith alien bodies could have any basis in reality.According to Kaufmans story, he was one ofnine military men at the top-secret recovery op-eration 35 miles north of town. Other thanKaufman, the only other living member of the"original nine" was a General Robert Thomas.The last time my father and I were inRoswell, Kaufman showed us some of his pic-
  15. 15. MUFON UFOJOURNALtures, includingone with him standing next to abrigadier general. My father asked Kaufman ifthat was Thomas, to which Kaufman replied inthe affirmative. Unfortunately, my father, whospent 30 years in the Air Force, was unable torecognize the general. I later checked at the AirForce records center and learned that not onlywas there no living General Robert Thomas, butthere never was a General Robert Thomas. Onbeing confronted with this, Kaufman informedme that Thomas was really just a "code name."The final witness testimony that I will ad-dress is that concerning Oliver W. (Pappy)Henderson. Millions have seen the "UnsolvedMystery" broadcast about Roswell with thescene of Pappy Henderson in his flight suit,leaning over and inspecting one of several alienbodies laid out on a hangar floor just prior totheir being flown to Wright Patterson.Henderson, who died in 1986, on seeing atabloid headline and story about Roswell, appar-ently told his wife that the story was true andthat he had flown the wreckage and bodies toWright Patterson. My best guess is that the testi-mony of Hendersons family years later was acase of memories of things read, or possiblyseen in tabloid pictures, being blended or con-fused with memories of what Henderson mayhave actually said.During my extensive conversations with pi-lots from the 509th, I spoke with several whoknew Henderson and remembered his havingdiscussed the incident. Apparently Henderson, aC-54 transport pilot at the time, did fly some ofthe debris out of Roswell, possibly to WrightPatterson. Jesse Mitchell, one of the 509th pilotsat the time and a retired lieutenant colonel, toldme that Henderson told him that he never sawthe debris and he had no idea what it was.Mitchell was a good friend of Hendersons andalmost decided to go into the roofing businesswith him in Roswell after Henderson left theservice. Another former member of the 509th,Sam Mcllhaney, also a retired lieutenant colonelwho knew Henderson well, told me that theyused to talk about the incident occasionallywhile sitting around in the hangar. According toMcllhaney, Henderson considered the wholematter a big joke and used to kid about it.The Guardians of the HangarResearching Roswell is somewhat akin toprospecting, in that most of the time you spendcountless hours and come up with nothing.Occasionally, however, you might hit pay dirtand come up with a real find. That happenedwith me during my polling of the pilots and nav-igators of the 509th, when I contacted WalterKlinikowski.Klinikowski is one of the most interesting in-dividuals with whom I have spoken during thisentire Roswell endeavor. After my first conver-sation with Klinikowski, I soon learned fromother members of the 509th Bomb Group thathis piano playing was almost legendary. He toldme that while in high school at age 15,unbe-known to his parents, he took his first profes-sional job. The musicians union set him up inthe pit band of a local burlesque theater, wherehe soon became acquainted with none other thanthe famous Gypsy Rose Lee.As if his piano talent was not enough,Klinikowski later was sponsored by thePhiladelphia Athletic Club as a potential memberof the 1940 U.S. Olympic team. The war camealong, however, and the games were never held.During World War II, he was a navigator on a B-17 — one of highest risk jobs in the war.Following the war, after a couple of years ofcivilian life, Klinikowski was recalled to the ser-vice, where he joined the 509th Bomb Group atRoswell in May 1947. He stayed with the 509thuntil February 1953.What makes Walter Klinikowskiso importantto the investigation of the Roswell case is not histime with the 509th, but what he did afterward.For 14 years, from 1960 until 1974, when he re-tired from the Air Force as a colonel, WalterKlinikowski was with the Foreign TechnologyDivision (FTD) of the Air Material Command(AMC), based out of Wright Patterson Air ForceBase. (The FTD is now called the NationalAerospace Intelligence Center.) From 1960 to1964, he was "Deputy Director of IntelligenceCollections," and then later, after spending sometime abroad as a liaison officer for the FTD, hereturned to Wright Patterson as "Director ofForeign Activities" from 1970 until 1974.The fact that wreckage of a crashed UFOwould have been taken to the ForeignTechnology Division of AMC at WrightPatterson Air Force Base for analysis isdisputedby no one, to my knowledge. If that had been thecase, Klinikowskiwould have known about it,but he didnt. Walter unequivocally assured methat there was no wreckage of a crashed flyingsaucer from Roswell or anywhere else at WrightPatterson. The rumors of the secret hangar andalien bodies are just that — rumors.Klinikowski was kind enough to put me intouch with his former boss at the ForeignTechnology Division,Walter Vatunac.Vatunac,who had actually been stationed at Roswell inDuring my ex-tensive conver-sations with pi-lots from the509th, I spokewith severalwho knewHenderson andrememberedhis having dis-cussed the in-cident...heconsidered thewhole matter abig joke andused to kidabout it.June1997Number 350Page 15
  16. 16. MUFON UFO JOURNALThe fact thatwreckage of acrashed UFOwould havebeen taken tothe ForeignTechnologyDivision of AMCat Wright Patter-son Air ForceBase for analy-sis is disputedby ho one, tomy knowledge.If that had beenthe case,Klinikowskiwould haveknown about it,but he didnt.June1997Number 350Page 16the late 1940s, was the Director of IntelligenceCollections at the Foreign TechnologyDivisionfrom 1957 until 1962. (The FTD was called theAir Technical Intelligence Center prior to 1961.)Like Klinikowski, Vatunac found the matter ofalien bodies and a crashed spaceship very hu-morous and was incredulous that so many peopleactually believe it.After my conversations with KlinikowskiandVatunac, Harry Cordes, a former 509th pilot anda retired brigadier general, suggested I call a for-mer acquaintance of his, George Weinbrenner,who had also been at the FTD. I contactedWeinbrenner, who was more than accommodat-ing, especially when he found out that I knewWalter Klinikowski.Weinbrenner told me prettymuch what I had already learned fromKlinikowski and Vatunac, but it was interestingtalking to him, nonetheless. With respect to thecrashed UFO subject, he also found it humorousand stated that "if something like that had hap-pened, I would have known about it." He cer-tainly would have. George Weinbrenner was thecommander of the Foreign Technology Divisionfor six years (1968 until 1974).I cannot state strongly enough that I have ab-solutely no doubt that these three men weretelling me the truth. I repeat, no doubt. Thosewho want to rationalize away the facts by sug-gesting that these men are still participating insome super-long-term, massive coverup mightgive some thought to the following.If there hadbeen a crashed UFO, and for some reason it wasstill being kept secret, why on earth would thesemen waste inordinate amounts of their own timeplaying a ridiculous game of charades with me?They wouldnt.There would be absolutely noreason for doing so. All they would have had todo, would have been to politely tell me theydidnt know anything, and leave it at that.Klinikowski, Vatunac, and Weinbrenner areall retired colonels. They all held important posi-tions at the Foreign Technology DivisionatWright Patterson. As such, they represent the ul-timate source of informationwith regard to thecrashed UFO question. This is the word "rightfrom the horses mouth," the incontrovertible, ir-refutable truth, the final confirmation— no alienbodies, no secret hangar, and no UFO crash atRoswell. Case closed.A Red HerringIn essence, the 1947 Roswell case has turnedout to be a red herring, diverting time and re-sources away from research into the real UFOphenomenon. Despite overwhelming facts to thecontrary, there are those, however, who will fightto keep the myth alive at all cost. Roswell is a sa-cred cow for some, and a cash cow for others.Inevitably, there will be fierce opposition tomuch of what has been said in this article. Iwould be the last, however, to discourage ratio-nal and thoughtful response, for healthy debateand a free exchange of ideas are part of whatmakes our democratic system work.Any complete and reasonable response bythose who still contend that a UFO crashed atRoswell in 1947 will need to directly address thepoints below, each of which would have to be atrue statement if such a crash occurred:• A machine with unimaginable technologicalsophistication and consequent incrediblereliabil-ity would have simply broken down and crashed.• The only known wreckage from this sophis-ticated vehicle, capable of interstellar travel,would have consisted solely of a few shortbeams, pieces of foil-like material, and smallpieces of thin plastic-like material.• By incredible coincidence, the material fromthe crashed spaceship would have very closelyresembled the material left by the radar reflectorsfrom a balloon array that went down in the samegeneral area a few weeks earlier.• Despite the fact that this would have beenthe most spectacular event in recorded history,and despite the fact that word was already outthat somethinghad happened (because of Lt.Hauls press release), there was absolutely nocontemporary discussion or talk about such anearthshaking event among the pilots and naviga-tors of the close-knit 509th Bomb Group.• West Point graduate and retired generalThomas DuBose, would have to have lied ninetimes in an interview when he stated that the de-bris (definitely that from an ML-307 radar reflec-tor) shown in the pictures in Rameys office wasnot substituted material and was the "real debris"recovered from the ranch northwest of Roswell.• Major General C. P. Cabell, Director ofIntelligence for the Air Force at the Pentagon,who prepared a report on the unidentified flyingobject situation for the Secretary of Defense, as-toundingly, would have been preparing the reporttotally ignorant of the fact that the Air Force wasin possession of a crashed flying saucer.• Three retired Air Force colonels, all formertop officials at the Foreign Technology Divisionat Wright Patterson Air Force base would have
  17. 17. MUFON UFO JOURNALbeen lying to me — unnecessarily wasting inor-dinate amounts of their own personal time in aprotracted game of charades.We have now gotten to the heart of the storyand established that the debris recovered fromthe Foster ranch and laid out on the Marcelkitchen floor was, except for some unusual sym-bols, of a very mundane nature. The followingshould then be asked of those still arguing the is-sue: How do you get a crashed alien spaceshipout of such ordinary debris? What basis is therenow for postulating the existence of a crashedUFO?The FutureAt the beginning of this article, I included aletter from a 6th-grade student, Lauren M., askingabout Roswell and about information to help herprove that there are UFOs and aliens. My re-sponse to Lauren with respect to Roswell has al-ready been made patently clear throughout thisarticle. With respect to aliens. I would tell Laurenthat probably only the most narrow-minded ofpeople consider the earth as being the only placewhere there is intelligent life in the universe. Theearth is but a small speck in a vast universe thatis, according to current scientific thinking, mostlikely teaming with life — some of it probably farmore intelligentthan we are.Incredibly, New York Sun editorial writer andformer civil war correspondent Francis PharcellusChurch seemed to have a grasp on all of this ahundred years ago. In his timeless editorial toVirginia OHanlon he wrote "In this greatuni-verse of ours man is a mere insect, an ant, in hisintellect, as compared with the boundless worldabout him, as measured by the intelligence capa-ble of grasping the whole of truth and knowl-edge."UFOs or alien spcecraft, however, are anothermatter. While we dont yet have tangible evi-dence that alien spacecraft exist, there have beenmany intriguing sightings by credible people thatseem to defy conventionalexplanation.Like thefew brief tantalizing signals that have been pickedup by the SETI program, the evidence for UFOshas not yet qualified as solid proof in the eyes ofthe scientific community. Perhaps that mightcome in Laurens lifetime.If such confirmation does come, it would rep-resent one of the most remarkable events in hu-man history. The long-contemplated philosophi-cal and scientific question of whether we arealone in the universe would be answered onceand for all with absolute finality. Perhaps mostimportant of all, the knowledge that it is possiblefor a civilization to survive the growing pains ofbecoming technologically advanced, withoutcompletely destroying itself and its environmentin the process, would provide a renewed hope forthe future of life here on earth.Dr. Neil Hibler,the forensichypnotist whoconducted theJesse Marcel,Jr. sessions.From the videoby Denise Mar-cel.June1997Number 350Page 17
  18. 18. MUFON UFO JOURNALJThe,UFO PRESS Vo,. -f :...: MT oo cMILmm/urn A*wmuinn11liraMl K. KORFFPrometheusBooks, 1997,he, 264 pp.,illus., $26.95ISBN 1-57392-127-0June1997Number 350Page 18Reviewed by Karl T. PflockThis book is like the Roswell case itself.Theres a lot less here than meets the eye.Much is promised, little is delivered. No matterwhere the reader may stand with respect to thefacts and truth of Roswell, disappointment andfrustration is inevitable with this quickie cut-and-paste job, rushed into print by the de facto book-publishing arm of the Committee for theScientific Investigation of Claims of theParanormal (CSICOP) to capitalize on the 50thanniversary of the Roswell non-crash/retrievaland push CSICOPs line that UFOs cant be,therefore they arent.At the outset, Korff correctly observes, "TheRoswell incident, and all that surrounds it, is acomplex web of events, not easily understand-able nor explainableuntil examined fully and inpainstaking detail." He then proceeds to skipacross the surface of the murky Roswell waterslike one of Kenneth Arnolds saucers, with theall important details left submerged in the depthsand few pains taken.The same is true of his editors. The book isriddled with typographical errors, bad grammarand usage, easily caught factual errors, etc. It is aslap-dash job by all concerned, and tells us moreabout CSICOPs agenda thanit does aboutRoswell.The publishersjacket blurb declares KorfFswork "a ground-breaking investigationthat fi-nally determines the real truth [as opposed to the"unreal truth"?] behind the Roswell mystery." Infact, while Korff brings some interesting tidbitsto light, all the important ground was broken andwell plowed some years ago—principally byRobert Todd, Prof. C. B. Moore, Capt. JamesMeAndrew, and, yes, myself. The fundamentalelements of the "real truth" have been publiclyknown since June 1994, revealed in detail in myRoswell in Perspective (RiP). These were mas-sively supplemented by The Roswell Report:Fact vs. Fiction in the New Mexico Desert, pub-lished in 1995 by a reluctant Air Force goadedinto action by New Mexico Congressman SteveSchiff. In .the intervening years, Robert Todd, I,and others independentlyhave provided furtherelaboration, clarification, and correction in occa-sional articles, papers, and letters of comment inUFO journals, on the Internet, and even in CSI-COPs own magazine, the Skeptical Inquirer.Hey, CSICOP: Been there, done that!Although we are told this volume culminates16 years research, of the books more than 350notes to text, only a few suggest any original in-vestigation by the author, and most of these citetelephone interviews conducted in the fall of1996. The rest show us where Korff did thelions share of his "painstaking" research: in thepages of other books about Roswell. Tellingly,some of these notes give the reader a bumsteer—as for example, citing my RiP as thesource of this intriguingquote attributed toRoswell researcher Kevin Randle: "If I had torely on the public record [in the Roswell case],Id throw up. The evidence is not strong and itsnot compelling."Large chunks of text are pages-long extractsof others words and findings, notably Todds,and nearly 10 percent of the book is given overto an appendix, "The Roswell Incident and theNYU Balloon Project," lifted from the AirForces Roswell Report (from which Korff alsocribbed most of his illustrations).The lengthybibliography is larded with references having nobearing on the case at hand and, oddly, does notinclude my RiP, the only skeptical look atRoswell written by what Korff s CSICOP pa-trons call a pro-UFOlogist and from which Korfflifts a line out of context and uses it to misrepre-sent my views on what actually "crashed" atRoswell (see Korff, p. 227, and Pflock, pp. 113-117, especially p. 116). While Korff says and Ibelieve this was inadvertent, it tells us somethingof the rigor of his research.One of the enticements Korff and his pub-lisher dangle before the unsuspecting is thepromise of "information never before pub-lished—military records, formerly classified pro-jects, and correspondence—revelations powerfulenough to change public opinion forever." Itturns out the book contains but six examples ofsuch, none of the earth-shattering significancetouted in the foregoing hype. Briefly, they are:(1) Lydia Sleppy worked at AlbuquerquesRadio KOAT in early July 1947, when she saysshe received a call from the late JohnnyMcBoyle, station manager of a KOAT affiliate inRoswell. As Sleppy tried to send McBoyles"scoop" about a crashed flying saucer over anews wire, she claims, the "receive" bell on herTeletype began ringing, and a "stop transmitting"message from the FBI was printed automatically.Korff was advised by the FBI that it did nothave such an intercept capability in New Mexicoin July 1947 and had no record of such an inci-dent. Moreover, the Bureau said the Teletype
  19. 19. MUFON UFO JOURNALmodel at KOAT required the operator to flip aswitch to receive an incomingmessage. This,Korff says, disproves Sleppys claim of FBI in-terference.But does it? He does not tell us how the FBIdetermined the Teletype model decades after thefact, and his notes reveal the "evidence" onwhich he bases his conclusion: a series of per-sonal telephone conversations in 1996 betweenthe author and unnamed persons in the FBIsheadquarters and its Dallas field office.(2) The late Oliver Wendell "Pappy"Henderson was a C-54 transport pilot at Roswellin July 1947. According to family members andhis friend John Kromschroeder, Henderson sawalien bodies and flew saucer wreckage to WrightField, Ohio. Kromschroeder also claimed-Henderson showed him what he said was a pieceor pieces of the doomed saucer.Here Korff seems to have scored a useful hit.He located and interviewedJonathan Smith, oneof Hendersons military buddies. Smith revealedHenderson had some fragments of a German V-2rocket (not a "buzz bomb," as misidentified byKorff). which he often showed friends, tellingthem they were pieces of a crashed UFO.(3) In 1987, what purported to be a draft TopSecret document was made public, revealing theexistence of MJ-12, a group of government offi-cials and scientists formed after the Roswell inci-dent to manage and keep secret the truth aboutUFOs. One alleged member of the group was as-tronomer and vehement UFO debunker DonaldMenzel, who did much classified work for theU.S. government. This has been taken by many,notably Roswell luminary Stanton Friedman, tobe one proof of the reality of MJ-12.Korff convincingly relates that, while workingat Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in1988, his duties permitted him to view all ofMenzels security files. They contained not evena hint of MJ-12. Another useful hit.(4) In 1989, Roswell researcher Bill Moorestunned the UFO field in a speech before the an-nual MUFON symposium. Moore said he wasworking with intelligenceoperatives, spyingonand sowing disinformation in the UFO researchcommunity. He did this, he said, to gain informa-tion about UFOs from his spy masters.With amusing melodramaticflourishes,Korff tells us that in 1982 Moore at-tempted to use him to acquire film of a UFOfrom the late Pete Mazzola, a New York re-searcher. Korff says Moore told him essentiallythe same story he made public seven years later,claimed alienshad been influencing us for thou-sands of years and were responsible for thingsnow attributed to Jesus Christ, and warned Korffhe "could be killed" if he did not cooperate.Interesting, if true, but why did Korff wait 15years to tell this tale?(5) & (6) These are the promised never beforepublished military records and correspondence—a page from Roswell Army Air Field intelligenceofficer and key Roswell incidentwitness JesseMarcel, Sr.s May 6, 1948, officer efficiency re-port in which his tendency to "magnify prob-lems" is mentioned, and a ca. 1950 letter toMarcel from his sister, asking him to seek releasefrom the service so he can look after their 92-year-old invalid mother. While it is true thesedocuments have not been publishedbefore, lastyear Robert Todd made public the substance ofthe former, and the latter merely provides theprecise reason for Marcels September 1950hardship release from active duty.These "nice to haves" and "so whats?" consti-tute the entire body of this dreadful books "reve-lations powerful enough to change publicopin-ion forever." Even the chapter devoted to de-bunking the infamous alien autopsy hoax film isremarkably superficial and tells us nothing newof any significance. This is especiallydisappoint-ing, since high-tech analysisof imagery is one ofKorffs areas of true expertise, as he so devastat-ingly demonstrated in his expose of the BillyMeier cult/con (Spaceships of the Pleiades: TheBilly Meier Story, Prometheus, 1995).Sadly, The Roswell UFO Crash is awaste of time and money for anyone in search of"what they dont want you to know" aboutRoswell.Copyright © 1997 Karl T. PflockKarl Pflock is the author of Roswell inPerspective (1994), published by and still avail-able from the Fund for UFO Research or, auto-graphed, directly from him. His current researchis based on the working assumption that the an-swers to the UFO enigma may well lie in thedata accumulated from the mid-1940s throughthe mid-1960s. He also is collaboratingwithJames W. Moseley, "notorious" editor of"Saucer Smear," on Shockingly Close to theTruth.1Moseleys ufological memoir. Karl in-vites anyone who has information bearingonany case from the "Golden Age of UFOs" or re-lated matters to contact him: PO Box 93338,Albuquerque, NM 87199-3338; 505/867-0893; convinc-ingly relatesthat, whileworking atLawrenceLivermoreNationalLaboratory in1988, his du-ties permittedhim to view allof debunkerDonaldMenzels secu-rity files."Theycontained noteven a hint ofMJ-12.June1997Number 350Page 19
  20. 20. MUFON 1997 INTERNATIONAL UFO SYMPOSIUMSPEAKING PROGRAMSATURDAY, JULY 12 MORNING SESSION9:00 a.m. Welcome to Grand Rapids ....................... Linda C. MurphyCo-State Director forMichiganMUFON Director of Public EducationIntroduction, Master of Ceremonies ..............................9: 10 a.m. Greetings from the Mutual UFO Network ......... Walter H. Andrus, Jr.International DirectorSeguin, Texas9: 15 a.m. "Dedication to Kenneth Arnold" ................ Walter H. Andrus, Jr.9:30 a.m. "Connections: A Lifetime of SharedExperiences" ..................................... Beth Collinsand Anna JamersonCoauthors of "Connections: Solving Our AlienAbduction Mystery"11:05 a.m. Symposium Proceedings Dedication ............. Walter H. Andrus, Jr.1 1: 1 5 a.m. LUNCH (place of your choice)AFTERNOON SESSION1:00 p.m. "Encounters: Now and Then" ...... ......... John S. Carpenter, MSWMUFON Director for Abduction ResearchSpringfield, Missouri2:00 p.m. "Five Themes: Further Findings of theAbduction Transcription Project" . . .............. Dan R. Wright, MAManager, Abduction Transcription ProjectMorrice, Michigan3:00 p.m. BREAK3:30 p.m. "The God Hypothesis" .................................................. F. Joe Lewels, Ph.D.MUFON Consultant in CommunicationsEl Paso, Texas4:30 p.m. "The Roswell Story, 1997" ................ Stanton T. Friedman, M.S.MUFON Director of Special InvestigationsAuthor and ResearcherFredericton, New Brunswick, CanadaDINNER (place of your choice)5:30 p.m.7:30 p.m.EVENING SESSION"Sightings from an African Casebook" ................. CynthiaHindMUFON ContinentalCoordinator for AfricaHarare, Zimbabwe, Africa8:30 p.m. "UFOs at Fifty: Some Personal Observations" David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.Author and Abduction ResearcherWyndmoor,Pennsylvania9:30 p.m. "The UFO Phenomenon and the SuicideCults-An Ideological Study" Budd HopkinsAuthor and Abduction ResearcherNew York, New YorkSUNDAY, JULY 13 MORNING SESSION9:00 a.m. "An Analysis of the 1940 Wartena Case:Discovering the Alien Agenda"10:00 a.m. "The Beginning of the UFO Era".Warren P.AstonUFO ResearcherBrisbane, QLD, AustraliaJan L. AldrichProject 1947Canterbury, Connecticut11:00 a.m. LUNCH (place of your choice)AFTERNOON SESSION1:00 p.m.2:00 p.m.3:00 p.m.3:30 p.m.4:30 p.m.5:30 p.m.5:35 p.m."Monitoring Air Force Intelligence: Spains 1992-1997UFO Declassiflcation Process" Vicente-JuanBallester OlmosMUFON Representative for SpainAuthor and ResearcherValencia, Spain"Ufology in the Far East -China, Japan and Korea" J. Antonio HuneeusMUFON International Coordinatorand FATE Magazine UFO EditorBrooklyn, New YorkBREAK"June 24, 1947: How It All Began,The Story of the Arnold Sighting" Bruce S. Maccabee, Ph.D.Maryland State Director,Consultant and Photo AnalystSabillasville, MarylandQuestion and Answer Panel: Composedof All Speakers Walter Andrus, ModeratorInvitation to MUFON 1998 International UFO Symposiumin Denver, Colorado, July 3, 4, & 5ADJOURNMENT William J. MurphyCo-State Director for MichiganO
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  22. 22. MUFON UFO JOURNALJuly 1997Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Venus (magnitude -3.9) continues to lie low in theWNW at twilight and sets about an hour and a half afterthe Sun. The dazzling planet can be seen 5° abovethecrescent Moon on the 6th and 1 ° above the starRegulus on the 22nd. It forms a compact group withthe star and the planet Mercury on the 25th. Binocularshelp in viewing all of these low-altitude pairings.Mars (0.8), in Virgo, is low in the SW at dusk, settingabout 11:30 PM in mid-July. The ruddy object lies only1.8° below the quarter Moon on the 11th.Jupiter (-2.8), in Capricornus, rises in the ESE about9:30PM in midmonth and advances across the southern skyduring the night.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Jupiter moves to the SSWby dawn.Saturn (0.6), in Pisces, rises in the Eabout midnight inmid-July. It is well up in the SEby dawn. The giantworld can be found in the vicinity of the Moon on July25.Pathfinder Lands on Mars:Exactly 21 years after Viking I executed the first soft-landing on Mars, Mars Pathfinder is scheduled to repeata Fourth of July landing at the mouth of an ancientdrywater channel on the red planet. The probes descentto the surface will be slowed by a number of mecha-nisms—aerobraking, parachute, rockets, and finally asystem of 24 airbags to cushion the impact of the finaltouchdown. While the lander images its surroundings,a 6-wheeled roving vehicle explores the surface aroundthe site. The mobile device also photographs theter-rain and probes rocks and soil to determine their chem-ical composition.Meteor Shower:The July Aquarids achieve their maximum on the mom-ing of the 28th, a rate of about 20 per hour. Althougha fat lunar crescent interferes somewhat, the observershould see the brighter members of the shower streak-ing out of Aquarius in the S.Moon Phases:New moon—July 4First quarter—July 12Full moon—July 19Last quarter—July 26June 1997 Number 350 Page 22OThe Stars:At the end of evening twilight the summer constella-tions gather around the celestial meridian in the S—the SummerTriangle (parts of three constellations),Hercules (with its fine globular star cluster), Ophiuchus(large but dim, shaped like an Arabs tent), Scorpius,and Sagittarius. In the N Draco the Dragon curls be-tween the Big and Little Dipper. Thespring patterns —Leo, Virgo, Bootes— recede in the W, while in the E afew autumn groups already appear above the horizon— Capricornus, Pegasus,and Andromeda.June 21-22 — Joint UFO Seminar "1997 - 50 Years On" atRiverwood Legion Club in Sydney, Australia. For information con-tact INUFOR, P.O. Box 783, Kogarah, N.S.W. 2217, Australia.June 21-22 — The UFO Seminar of the Year, Holiday Inn. NorthHaven, CT. For information, write Omega Communications, P.O.Box 2051, Cheshire, CT 06410-5051.June 26-28 — 18th Rocky Mountain UFO Conference at Universityof Wyoming, Laramie, WY. For information contact Institute for UFOResearch, 1304 So. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524 or call(970)482-3731.July 1-6 — Third Annual Roswell Days, 50th Anniversary. For fur-ther information and schedule of events write to International UFOMuseum, P.O. Box 2221, Roswell, NM 88202.July 11-13 — Twenty-eighth annual MUFON International UFOSymposium, Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Grand Rapids, Michigan.Theme: The Fiftieth Anniversary of Ufology." For further informationwrite to MUFON 1997 Symposium, 3628 Aragon Drive, Lansing, Ml48906-3508.August 3-8 — Ancient Astronaut Society 24th AnniversaryWorldConference at Sheraton Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida. For furtherinformation contact Ancient Astronaut Society, 1921 St. JohnsAve., Highland Park, IL 60035-3178.August 10-16 — International UFO Congress 1st Annual "SummerSeminars." Theme: Beyond Hale Bopp: Hidden Human History -Modern Suppression & Control - The Prophecies. Gold RiverResort, Laughlin, Nevada. For information contact the UFOCongress, 9975 Wadsworth Parkway &K2-274, Westminster, CO80020. Phone/Fax (303) 543-9943.September 6 — 34th National UFO Conference, The Marketplace,Springfield, Ohio. For information write to National UFOConference, P.O. Box 375, Springfield, OH 45501-0375.September 13 & 14 — Seventh Annual UFO Conference at theYokens Convention Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Forinformation write to New Hampshire MUFON, P.O. Box 453, Rye.NH 03870.October 4 & 5 — Second Scandinavian ET Conference, Oslo,Norway.October 11 & 12 — The UFO Experience"at Holiday Inn in NorthHaven, Connecticut. Contact Omega Communications, P.O. Box2051, Cheshire, CT 06410.October 17-19 — Australian International UFO Symposium 1997 atCarlton Crest Hotel. Brisbane, Australia. For further informationwrite to Glennys Mackay, P.O. Box 2183, Mansfield MC, Brisbane,OLD 4122, Australia.October 31 - November 2 — 4th Annual Tampa UFOConference.Camberly Plaza Hotel, Tampa, Florida. For information write ProjectAwareness, P.O. Box 730, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562.November 22 & 23 — 5th Symposium on Ufology and Exobiology.Sindipetro, Santos, SP Brasil. For further information call 55 (043)336.3719 or 55 (011) 5513.7107.