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Mufon ufo journal 1997 12. december

  1. 1. M U T U A L U F O N E T W O R KUFO JOURNALDECEMBER 1997 ^ NUMBER 356 $3<L Happy IN&u) Y&ar.
  2. 2. MUFONUFO Journal(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)1030ldtowneRd.Seguin, TX 78155-4099Tel: (830) 379-9216FAX (830) 372-9439Editor:Dwight Connelly14026 Ridgelawn RoadMartinsville, IL 62442Tel: (217) 382-4502FAX (217) 382-4502Editor in Chief:Walter H. Andrus, Jr.Columnists:Walter N. Webb,John S. Carpenter,T. David Spencer,John F.SchuesslerArt Director:Vince JohnsonMUFON UFO Hotline:1-800-UFO-2166The Internet:mufon.comMUFON on Compuserv:"Go MUFON" to access theForumMUFON e-mail address:mufonhq@aol.comMUFON Amateur Radio Net:40 meters - 7.237 MHz-Saturday, 8 a.m., Eastern TimeCommentary by Dwight ConnellyThanks to outgoing editor Dennis Stacy and MUFON DirectorWaltAndrus for making the editorial transition smooth.In the twentyyears since I last edited the Journal (SKYLOOK), a fewthings in the field of ufology have changed.Abductions, for example, now seem to be accepted as a routineelementfor legitimatestudy. Twentyyears ago, this topic was considered question-able for inclusion in MUFONs official publication.Perhaps other ideas are in a similar period of transition. I must confess,for example, that I had to read the article on the holographicuniverse (page3) more than once before I began to even partially grasp the material. Thetopic seems to deserve a hearing, but perhaps the next article across mydesk will shoot all sorts of holes in the concept. Keep tuned.In order to use more of the material which we receive, I intend tocompact the contents a bit. If I overdo the compacting, let me know.MUFONs Mission is the systematic collection andanalysis of UFO data with the ultimate goal oflearning the origin and nature of the UFO phenomena.TABLE OF CONTENTSThe Holographic Universe by Joe Lewels 3Scientists STudy UFO Evidence by Peter Sturrock 5Interview with William J. Birnes by Dennis Stacy 6The UFO Press, The OZ Files by Malcolm Smith 8Physiological Effects (Part 2) by John Schuessler 8Astronaut Gordon Cooper by Peter Geremia 10Current Cases byT. David Spencer 11Santilli Alien Autopsy Film by Philip Mantle 14Canadian UFO Survey by Chris Rutkowski 16Letter to the Editor 20Readers Classifieds 21January Night Sky by Walter N. Webb 22Calendar 22Sun Shili by Kathy Chen 23Directors Message by Walter Andrus 24Copyright 1997 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights ReservedNo part of this document may be reproduced in any form without thewritten permission of the Copyright Owners. Permission is hereby granted toquote up to 200 words of any one article, provided the author is credited, andthe statement, "Copyright 1997 by the Mutual UFO Network, 103 OldtowneRoad, Seguin, Texas 78155 is included.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editors,and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Mutual UFONetwork. Opinions expressed are solely those of the individual authors.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described Section 509 (a) (2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal Income Tax. Bequests, legacies,devises, transfers, or gifts are also deductible for estate and gift purposes,provided they meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106, and2522 of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a Texas nonprofit corporation.The MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas. Membership/Subscription rates are $30 peryear in the U.S.A., and $30 per year foreign in U.S. funds. Second classpostage paid at Seguin, Texas.Postmaster: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to: MUFON UFOJournal, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099
  3. 3. MUFON UFO JournalThe Holographic Universeand the UFO PhenomenonBy Joe Lewels, Ph.D.Michael Talbot, in his fascinating book, The HolographicUniverse, suggests that the entire universe and everythingwe perceive in our world may only be the reflection ofghostly images, holographic projections, from a reality sobeyond our own that time and space do not exist there.The implications of this concept, he believes, are soastounding that they provide a basis for resolving many ofthe mysteries of science, including those previously consid-ered to be paranormal or mystical.Such statements would surely be met with ridicule were itnot for the fact that they accurately represent the conclu-sions of some of the worlds most respected scientists fromfields as diverse as physics, neurophysiology, medicine andpsychiatry.In fact, the holographic model is gaining acceptance innearly every area of scientificinquiry and it may eventuallylead the scientific community to embrace ufology as alegitimate science.To understandand accept the holographic model, one firstneeds to understand the holographic image and what thatamazing discovery implies. The first, totally three-dimen-sional image ever created popped out into thin air, like aspectre, before the startled eyes of Hungarian-born engineerDennis Gabor, who first stumbled upon the phenomenon.By splitting a laser beam and directing half of it toward anobject to be photographed and the other half toward a seriesof mirrors and diffusing lenses, he produced the firstholographic image. But the image on the film only lookedlike wave patterns and concentric circles. He found thatonly by directing a laser at the film, would a three-dimen-sional image of the object mysteriously appear, ghostlike, onthe other side. Gabor was awarded the Nobel Prize for hisdiscovery in 1971.But if that werent bizarre enough, he found that when thefilm was cut into small pieces, every piece had the samecapability to reproduce the entire object. Although notunderstood at the time, that principle came to be known as"Non-Locality." That is, the information needed to producethe image was not located in any particular part of the film.It was in every part of the photographic plate at the sametime. Ever since, scientists began finding non-localityeverywhere.First, in quantumphysics, it was discovered as a propertyof sub-atomic particles, known as quanta. These protons,neutrons, and electrons that comprise the basic buildingblocks of all matter in the universe were found to disobeythe known laws of physics as laid down by Newton andEinstein.Dr. David Bohm, a world renowned physicist, and one ofEinsteins proteges, was one of the first to recognize theconnection to the holographic image. From his laboratoriesat the Universityof London, he began to realize that theJoe Lewels has a Ph. D. in communications andjournalism. He lives in El Paso, Texas, and is theMUFON assistant state director for West Texas andSouth New Mexico.mysterious properties of sub-atomic particles were provid-ing him a glimpse at an entirely new reality-one withholographic properties. He, and other physicists, discovereda world in which time and space ceased to exist and inwhich paranormal behavior was the norm.They found that quanta appear to communicate with eachother instantaneously,faster than the speed of light, inviolation of Einsteins law of relativity. What they observedlooked a lot like Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).When grouped together, quanta reach a critical mass and,like a colony of ants, begin to act as if they have a groupconsciousness. They cease behaving as individuals and startbehaving like an intelligent whole.Not only that, but it also appears that all sub-atomicparticles in the universe are interconnected, creating one,indivisible system, like a giant universal consciousness. Theobvious parallel to God did not go unnoticed.The interconnectedness became even more obvious whenit was discovered that quanta can shift their shapes. Theycan appear as either a solid object or wave-like. But theonly time they appear as solid objects is when they are beingobserved by the scientists! So. physicists are now wrestlingwith the conclusion that they themselves are somehowinterconnected with the very particles they are studying.Dr. Bohm and other physicists are reaching the conclusionthat at the quantum level of reality,location ceases to existaltogether. All points in space and time are the same.Nothing is separate from anythingelse; the entire universeseems to be non-local innature.The same conclusions have been reached by scientists inother fields. Dr. Karl Pribram, a neurophysiologist atStanford University,found that the human brain washolographic when he attempted to find out where memorieswere located in the brain. He found that memories are notstored in any particular part of the brain, but rather every-where in the brain at the same time.Numerous attempts have been made to discover wherehuman consciousness is located in the body. It is commonlyassumed that our awareness exists in the brain, but no onehas been able to say exactly where. Now growing numbersof physicians, led by Dr. Raymond Moody, author of thebook. Life After Life, are reaching the conclusion that humanconsciousness also is non-local. In their study of near deathexperiences, they have amassed thousands of well docu-mented cases which seem to show that human consciousnessis not attached to the body at all and that it continues to existin another reality after death.Dr. Brian Weiss, formerly chief of psychiatric medicine atMt. Sinai Hospital in Miami. Florida, has discoveredsomething similar in his treatment of psychiatric patients.Through the use of hypnosis, he discovered that patientscould remember past lives and achieve amazing cures for aDecember 1997 Number 356 Page 3
  4. 4. MUFON UFO Journalwide variety of mental and physical disorders.He believes that human consciousness is not limited bytime and space. He writes about his findings in his books,Many Lives, Many Masters and Through Time into Healing.These findingsare totally consistent with physicist DavidBohms understanding of quantumphysics. As he sees it, ifevery particle of matter interconnects with every otherparticle, the brain itself must be viewed as infinitelyinterconnected with the rest of the universe.Mainstream scientistsThe list of mainstream scientists who are using theholographic model to understand previously unexplainablephenomena goes on and on, but what can ufologists gainfrom this intriguing theory?First, it should be fairly obvious to those knowledgeableabout the characteristics of UFOs and alien entities that they,too, seem to exist in some other reality, at least some of thetime.UFOs and aliens are shapeshifters. UFOs have beenreported to appear and disappear, merge together, split apartand change shape. Aliens have been seen to materialize anddematerialize and pass through solid objects. UFOs appearto be able to traverse great distances in the blink of an eye, ifnot instantaneously,and they are thought by many to be ableto travel between star systems and perhaps galaxies. Theyseem to exist, at least part of the time in a reality wherecommonsense concepts of time and space do not apply.The paranormal problemIn addition, in recent years, ufologists have had to strugglewith increasing reports of a paranormal nature: poltergeistphenomena associated with abductions, out of bodyexperiences by abductees, and even reports of abducteesrecalling past lives as aliens and havingincreased psychicabilities. Reports such as these have become so commonthat abduction researchers recognize them as part of thesymptomology of the abduction phenomenon.However, some ufologists try to distance themselves fromthis aspect of the phenomenon, because it doesnt seem"scientific" enough. They argue, with good cause, thatufology has worked hard to become a respectable scienceand that dealing with paranormal phenomena can only causethem to lose what precious credibilitythey have achieved.But that may be about to change. It may be thatufologists, just as scientists from all fields, may be free topursue the paranormal as a legitimate course of study asmore and more of our greatest minds acknowledge theholographic concept. In fact, this may quickly become thehottest race among scientists in the years ahead-the race tobuild a bridge between science and the paranormal, a long-overdue effort to merge the scientificand the spiritualworlds.If that becomes the case, then the findings of Dr. JohnMack of Harvard University,as reported in his book,Abduction, that connect the UFO abduction phenomenonwith spirituality and reincarnation, may not seem soludicrous and abhorrent to many "nuts and bolts" ufologists.Assuming that highly advanced civilizations, perhapsthousands of years ahead of us, discovered the holographicnature of the universe a long time ago, it would be logical toassume that their concepts of time and space would be fardifferent from our own.Distances to them would be a foreign concept. Wecanimagine that their technology might permit them to travelthrough quantum reality and go anywhere in time and spaceinstantaneously.Non-local consciousness?They would have discovered long ago that consciousnessis non-local. So when abductees report that they have beentold by the aliens that there is more to the human state than"mere flesh and blood," as Dr. Mack and others report,perhaps they know what theyre talking about. As a result,they may view physical bodies as merely temporarycontainers, easily discarded and replaced.They certainly would have become masters of the holo-graphic image, creating totally realistic, three-dimensional,interactive motion pictures that we mere humans would findimpossible to distinguish from reality. This technology mayplay a very important part in alien contact and has beenspeculated upon by a number of ufologists.In her book, Taken, Dr. Karla Turner makes the case forholographic imagery in abduction cases she has researched,and gives examples of incidents that seem to be holographicprojections, rather than real, physical contact.There is no doubt that a highly developed technologybased on quantum reality and the principle of non-localitywould appear to be magic or paranormal to our eyes, just asthat first holographic image seemed spectral to its discov-erer. But the more we learn about the holographic model,the better we can understand the technology of the futureand possibly of the alien culture.How then should ufologists proceed in utilizingtheconcept of non-locality and the findings of quantum physicsin their search for the answers to the UFO mystery?The first step is in acknowledging and accepting theholographic model of the universe. This includes acceptingthe implicationsfor the reality of phenomena heretoforethought to be supernatural or mystical. The dilemma thatufologists face is that by embracing scientificprinciples thatmay finally provide a basis for understanding UFOs, theymust also embrace that which they have for so long dis-dained-the mystical and the paranormal. If they are able todo so, they can at least be comforted by the thought that theyare in good company, for all of science may soon face thesame dilemma.Does this mean that when all paranormal events can beunderstood as based in scientific principles that we canfinally concludethat the aliens are merely flesh and bloodlike ourselves,just more advanced? Does this put an end tospeculation by some that these beings are supernatural,angelic, demonic and godlike? Or will it merely give usanother way to talk about and label something that by somestandards maintains supernatural characteristics? After all,what do you call beings who exist in a reality where time andspace do not exist and who travel, perhaps in disembodiedform, through time, space and solid objects at will, and whoDecember 1997 Number 356 Page 4
  5. 5. MUFON UFO Journalapparently can exercise total mind control over humans?Aliens, gods, angels, demons, spirits-there seems to be noone term that adequately describes such entities.And perhaps that is why they will remain an enigma for along time to come.New York MeetingScientists Study UFO EvidenceSome UFO evidence may be worthy of scientificinvestigation.This is the tentativeconclusion of a panel of scientistsconvened by the Society for ScientificExploration (SSE) toexamine this matter.The panel of nine scientists met at a conference centernear NewYork City from Sept. 29 to Oct. 31.The panel reviewed evidence presented by eight UFOinvestigators, and will issue a report withina few monthsthat summarizes the workshop activities and makes recom-mendations for further research.The panelists were drawn from France, Germany and theUnited States. The investigators came from France, Ger-many, Norway and the United States. Three members of theUFO Research Coalition participated, representing CUFOSand MUFON.The strong representation from France is due to the factthat France is the only country that has an unclassified on-going official investigation into UFO reports. This program,at CNES, the French Space Agency in Toulouse, is headedby Jean-Jacques Velasco, who was a participant in theworkshop.Evidence presented and critically reviewed at theworkshop included ground traces, photos, video records,spectroscopic data, radar records, reports of malfunctions ofautomobile and aircraft equipment, material specimens, andradiation-type injuries to witnesses.Von Eshleman of Stanford University and Thomas Holzerof the High AltitudeObservatory served as co-chairs of theReview Panel.The "UFOproblem" was defined by Peter Sturrock ofStanford University,director of the workshop, as theproblem of understandingthe cause or causes of UFOreports.Other members of the panel were Randy Jokipii of theUniversity of Arizona, Francois Louange from France, JayMelosh of the Universityof Arizona, James Papike of theUniversity of New Mexico, Guenther Reitz from Germany,Charles Tolbert from the University of Virginia, and BernardVeyret from France.For further information,contact Peter Sturrock,StanfordUniversity, 650-723-1438.SSE web site: Joe LewelsJapans leading UFO researcherJun-Ichi Takanashi diesIt is with extremesadness that we announcethe passingof Jun-lchi Takanashi, Japans leading UFO researcher andpublisher, on Oct.18, 1997.He was born in Osaka City in April, 1923,and has beeninterested in flying saucers since KennethArnolds sightingon June 24,1947. Mr.Takanashiorganized the Modern SpaceFlight Association(MSFA) in 1956 that was changed toJapanUFO Science Societyin 1983. He was recognized by his col-leagues in Japan as the finest UFO investigator in their coun-try.Jun-lchi Takanashi joined MUFON on Feb.18, 1974, asour foreign representativefor Japan and was later made thenational director for Japan. It will be difficult to find a re-placement of his caliber. We are indebted to both TsuyokiIsobe and Takao Ikeda (a sectional director) for advisingMUFON of Mr. Takanashis demise.Jun-lchi Takanashi 1923-1997December 1997 Number 356 Page 5
  6. 6. MUFON UFO JournalAn Omni Online Interviewwith WilliamJ. BirnesBy DennisStacyIntroductionAs a contributing editor to the Antimatter section ofOmni Online, one of the things I do is conduct an onlineinterview with various UFO personalities on Tuesdayevenings from 10-11 pm EST. I alternate Tuesdays with mycolleague, Patrick Huyghe.The following interview with William J. Birnes tookplace on Sept. 2, 1997, and is reproduced here with the kindpermission of Omni Online (copyright General Media). Thetranscript has been edited for continuityand corrected forclarity and spelling; otherwise, all direct quotes are repro-duced here as originallytransmitted.To listen to future chats, go to Prime Time, go to the High Strangeness chat room.In preparation for the interview,I asked Mr. Birnes tosend me a brief biography that I could use as an introductionto the interview. In return, I received a lengthy document,only the first paragraph of which is reproduced here."William Birnes is a writer, New York literary agent,book publisher and producer, and editor in trade, business,professional reference, and mass market books. He haswritten or coauthored Selling at the Top (Harper & Row,1987), When YouAre the Headline (Dow Jones-Irwin, 1987),Test Your Health and Fitness I.Q. (Berkley, 1988), TheACOAs Guide to Raising Healthy Children (Macmillan,1989), Strong Enough for Two: Overcoming Codependency(Macmillan, 1990), Theo, the autobiography of actor, folksinger, and political and labor activist Theodore Bikel(Harper-Collins, 1995), and Riverman: TedBundy and IHuntfor the Green River Killer (Pocket Books, 1995). Hismost current titles are collaborations with retired U.S.ArmyLt. Col. Philip Corso on the NewYork Times bestseller TheDay After Roswell, a government insiders story surroundingthe aftermath of the mysterious crash of an unidentifiedflying object in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947,published inthe US and the UK as a lead hard cover by Pocket Books inJune, 1997, and Signature Killers with Detective RobertKeppel (Pocket Books, 1997). He is currently writing TheDay After Dallas: Inside the Warren Commission, withPhilip Corso, for publication in 1998, and Dead Mackerel inthe Moonlight and Missing Children with Robert Keppel."Stacy: Our guest tonight is WilliamJ. Birnes, co-authorwith retired Col. Philip Corso of The Day After Roswell.The latter is now in its 6th printingand I understand wasbriefly on the NY Times bestseller list. Could you tell ushow you got involved with this project? Did Corso ap-proach you, or vice versa?Birnes: I was originally retained by a motion picturecompany to interview Col. Corso about the missingprisoners of war issue in Korea and Vietnam. Through thecourse of our discussions, Col. Corso and I began talkingabout military history, especially as it regards the end ofDennis Stacy is a former MUFON UFOJournal editor. Heis currently the co-editor and publisher, with Patrick Huyghe,of TheAnomalist, and co-editor with Hilary Evans of UFOs1947-1997: Fifty Years of Flying Saucers. He can be reached atP.O. Box 12434, San Antonio,TX 78212, or by e-mail War II and the German scientific advances in flightand weaponry.Gradually our discussions focused on Roswell and therole of Army R&D [research and development]. Finally,Col. Corso dropped the bombshell, preceded by hissending me articles from the Army about the technologicaldevelopment of lasers, irradiated food, directed particlebeam weapons, and the like. He said, "You know, dontyou, that a famous German scientist, Hermann Oberth, saidthat we were helped, and he meant helped by extraterres-trials?" I was astonished.Then he began to explain, making a long story veryshort, what the role of Army R&D had [been] and how theForeign Technology [Division] worked. Thats it. Fromthere we decided to begin a book on RoswellStacy: Whose idea was the book? Did Corso hesitate atthat time because Gen.Trudeau was still alive?Birnes: Corso began writinghis memoirs in1993,shortly after Gen. Trudeau died. He began writingas away of keeping the records straight, but partly at thesuggestion of the now deceased General Trudeau who hadencouraged Corso to keep a running record and to publishit after Trudeau died. So thats when Corso began. Heworked on it for two years until 1995, and then we beganassembling his memoirs into five separate manuscripts,oneof which was the Roswell book.Stacy: Youre aware of the ensuing controversy over theForeword by Sen. Strom Thurmond, who later retractedsame when he learned the book was about UFOs. Whatsyour side of the story?Birnes: Heres my side of the story. Col.Corso workedfor the senator after he left the Army, and the two hadbecome friends... To make a very long story short, thecolonel and the senator had worked together during theWarren Commission and thereafter. Thus in 1993 thecolonel asked Sen. Thurmond to write the forword for abook entitled / Walked With Giants, and Thurmond agreed.However, very early this year, Pocket Books, seeingThurmonds previous foreword for a different book, askedCorso if he could impose upon the Senator to write a newforeword. Corso agreed to ask,and flew to DC to meetwith Thurmond. At that meeting, the senator agreedwholeheartedly to write the new foreword. And Col. Corsopromised to send him back the original foreword. SenatorThurmond added one element that Col. Corso didnt askfor. The senator said that Col. Corso could use theforeword for any book he wanted. Not just a book onRoswell. You see, the colonel had explained to the senatorthat The Day After Roswell was about alien technology. Sowhen Thurmond agreed to write the foreword, it was forDecember 1997 Number 356 Page 6
  7. 7. MUFON UFO Journalthis book.So the senator told Phil to use the foreword any way hewanted, and he signed the publishers release. However,apparently, the senator never told his staff, who, when theysaw the press release, hit the ceiling. As a result, theydenied the senator knew what he was writingor what he waswriting for. But the publisher hung tough,refused to pullthe book, and the senator agreed to settle for the forewordsbeing removed from editions after the first. Thats it.Stacy: How did the writing process between the two ofyou work? Did you interview him on audio or videotape?Did he ever supply any original documents that wouldconfirm his rather remarkable story?Birnes: Videotape! Prior to beginningthe manuscript,we interviewed Col. Corso on video, fourteen hours ofwhich exist at the movie studio. Thereafter, I worked fromCol. Corsos copious notes, documentsthat he provided,and material that he requested from Army sources. If I hadspecific questions, Id ask them. Then, the colonel and I metand went over the manuscriptin draft form. He madechanges, corrections, revisions, etc.Stacy: Several instancesin the book seem to be directquotes from the report Corso reportedly wrote for Gen.Trudeau, also direct quotes from Trudeaus own unpublishedautobiography. Do either of these documents exist?.Birnes: There were some documents to confirm thestory, but they tracked the history of the technologicaldevelopment of lasers, for example, to show how the Armyhelped spur the research and development. Nothing, ofcourse, mentioned UFOs. [But] yes, Col. Corsos reportsexist, as do Trudeaus memoirs. The reports are exactly asthey are set forth in the book. They were never meant forattribution or distributionbeyond Gen. Trudeau.Stacy: As youre no doubt aware, Corsos version ofRoswell differs from what has been previously published.For example, he has Jesse Marcel at a crash site wherebodies were recovered, something Marcel never mentioned,despite the numerous times he was interviewed.Birnes: The books version of Roswell is simply acompilation of Roswell stories as a background to whathappened later. In fact, it was added at the very end becausethe publisherbelieved that not enough readers were familiarwith the basic story. So I imagine there are hundreds ofdisagreements between the story in the first chapter andother versions of the story. But [it] is meant to be only themost general of introductions.Stacy: Virtually everyone else has testified that anymaterial was flown to Wright Field in Dayton, which makessense. Corso has it coming through Fort Riley, Kansas, viatruck. And professor Charles Moore has recently pointedout that Fort Riley was 200 miles off the beaten path backthen.Birnes: I asked Col. Corso about this and he said thatsome of the material was indeed flown-other eyewitnesseshave told me the same thing-and some of it was trucked.Back then, according to Col.Corso, Fort Riley would havebeen the natural stopping off point for Army truckers tospend the night. Again, Col. Corso makes sense when hesays that the way the Army does business is to rely onredundancy. So they trucked some of the material, flewsome of the material.I dont know who or where, but there was another sourcethat I encountered who seemed amazed that I had learnedfrom the colonel that some of the crash debris was loaded ontrucks and driven to Ohio.Stacy: Final question: Corsos military record hasrecently been posted on the Internet. His final Pentagonassignment apparently lasted only 90 days, instead of thetwo years implied by the book. Thats a pretty brief amountof time in which Corso claims to have changed the course ofmodern history, not only saving us from alien invasion, butleading directly to the collapse of the Soviet Union and theend of the Cold WarBirnes: I recently saw the record as well and haveforwarded a copy to Col. Corso. Whatever the record thatturned up on the Internet says, it says. I can only respondthat Ive seen Col. Corsos secret Senate testimony tran-scripts about the CIAs penetration by the KGB, and thetranscripts in 1962 identify Col. Corso as the deputydirector of Army R & D. So unless theres some code in therecord as it appears on the Internet that I dont understand,the Col. was in R & D for two years, from 1961 throughearly 1963, when he went to the Senate Internal GovernmentSecurity Investigations Subcommittee.December 1997 Number 356 Page 7
  8. 8. MUFON UFO JournalThe UFO PRESSoThe Oz FilesBy Bill Chalker (Duffy & Snellgrove, 1996)Review by Malcolm SmithThe Oz Factor is the atmosphere of unrealitywhichoften surrounds UFO sightings, and Oz is the whimsicalabbreviation Australians often apply to their own country.And who better to write about AustralianUFOs than BillChalker, for more than a quarter of a century one of theleading investigators down under?After an introduction detailing his own experiencesand philosophy, the author starts with the Kelly Cahillabduction case which, due to the testimonyof independentwitnesses, he considers the most convincingof all. Then hemoves onto the aboriginal experience and the pre-1945cases which I, for one, do not find overly impressive.The title of Chapter 4, "Evaluating the evidence--errors, hoaxes, and science," speaks for itself. Moreover,Chalker has an advantage over the rest of us in that he wasallowed to examine the Royal Air Forces UFO files."Today there is no doubt in my mind," he concludes,"that the Royal AustralianAir Force considers its involve-ment in UFO investigation to be a waste of time, albeit aduty it has to perform-or at least be seen to perform."While such a conclusionmight not sit wellwithconspiracy-minded Americans, to an Australian it soundsperfectly plausible. Readers might also be interested toknow that Australia has its "crashed saucer" rumors, too, butthe author correctly ascribes to them a very low level ofcredibility.The bulk of the book is taken up with case histories inchronological order, with a couple from New Zealand andPapua, New Guinea, for good measure. Since it is physi-cally impossible to include all cases, he has opted for thebest.Followers of the Australianscene will find all their oldfriends here: the lost Drury film, the bent headlights affair,Father Gills sightings, the Kaikoura UFOs, the Tully UFO"nests," the pseudo-abduction of Maureen Puddy, thedisappearance of Frederick Valentich,the close encounter onthe Nullarbor-and manyothers. The latest was in March1996, which suggests that the author was activelyupdatingthe book as it went to press.About abductions the author is ambivalent. He cannotignore them, nor bring himself to accept them. But he doesmake the valid point that the evidence for mainstream UFOencounters is more compelling,and that abductions shouldnot be allowed to abductufology.Nevertheless, the case histories listed demonstrate thatabductions in Australia are every bit as weird as in the restof the world. One even involved a case of space dilation—the "bigger inside than outside" phenomenon.There is a smattering of typographical errors. Theindex could have been expanded,, and the map is of limitedvalue, as it only positions the most dramatic cases. However,there is a useful set of appendices, giving the history ofAustralian UFO groups, the contact addresses of all currentgroups, a bibliography, and references for eachindividualcase. The book is compact and well bound.Australian ufology is handicapped by lack of investiga-tors, large distances, and the intolerance shown to witnesses.But if you want a good, up-to-date guide to the subject, thisis it. The book is published by Duffy & Snellgrove, anddistributed by Tower Books, P.O. Box 213,Brookvale, NSW2100, Australia. There does not appear to be adistributoroutsideAustralia.Longer lasting multipleeffectsUFO reports: Humanphysiological effectsBy John SchuesslerEditors Note: Last month Part One of this study wasprinted. Part Three will be presented in the Januaryissue. Schuessler is the MUFON Deputy Director forAdministration, and chair of MUFONs MedicalCommittee.The next category of cases involves physiologicaleffects lastingfrom days to weeks.Arizona driverOn March 30, 1955, a man was driving near Tucson,Arizona, when he sighted a disk-shaped object nearly 100feet in diameter. The object was making a hummingsound.At the same time his car lost power and slowed to10-15miles per hour, the radio failed, and the lights dimmed.The object shot a beam of white light at the car.burningthemans elbow and bubblingthe paint on his car. He felt bothheat and a tingling sensation.Night watchmanOn October 2,1956, a night watchman saw a cigar-shaped object come down out of the sky. It was 60 to 100feet long and 15 feet wide. As it swooped past, it made ahissing sound and emitted a terrible odor. He vomited, losthis sense of taste and smell, and became temporarily deafin the left ear. He had burns on his face that kept him fromshaving for two weeks.December 1997 Number 356 Page 8
  9. 9. MUFON UFO JournalNew Mexico manOn June 2, 1964, a man in Hobbs, New Mexico, wasburned by a black ball of fire emitted by an object hoveringoverhead. His hair was singed, and a sooty deposit was leftimbedded in the skin on his face and on his ears, neck andshirt. His ears looked like raw meat. His face became soswollen that his nose was not discernible. He was afraid hewas going to die. His grandmother witnessed the event.Canadian mechanicOn May 20, 1967, a 51-year-old mechanic was prospect-ing in the Whiteshell area of Manitoba, Canada, when hesaw two glowing objects in the sky. One of them landedabout 160 feet from his location. He could feel waves ofheat and hear the sound of a high-speed electric motorcoming from the object.He approached and peered into the object where hecould see a maze of bright lights flashing in a randompattern. When the craft tilted to take off, he felt scorchingpain around his chest. His shirt and undershirtwere on fire.As the craft flew away, he found he was badly burned.Almost immediately he became nauseated and his musclesbegan to ache.As waves of nausea engulfed him, he broke out in asweat. Soon he began to vomit green bile. In the days thatfollowed, he continued to be ill and lose weightrapidly.Food and drink made him vomit. As long as five monthsafter the event he had severe reactions that made his bodyswell and red blotches to reappear on his chest where theburns had been.Missouri truckerOn October 3, 1973, a large tractor-trailer rig approach-ing Cape Girardeau, Missouri, was followed by a brightglowing object. As the craft caught up with the truck, thedriver could see it was a large metallic,turnip-shapedobject. He woke his wife and told her what was going onas he opened the window on the drivers side of the cab.By that time the object was over the rear of the truck,bathing it in a bright light. He stuck his head out of thewindow and looked back at the large craft,just as a flashcame from it, striking him in the face. He said it felt like hewas hit by a ball of fire. He was blinded and it was nearlysix months before he regained most of his eyesight. Hiseyeglasses were melted and deformed followingthe event.Uruguay dairy farmerOn February 18, 1977, a dairy farmer near Salto,Uruguay, saw a large brilliant object near the grain storagebin, just as the generator failed and the barnyard lightswentout. The animals went wild. His dog ran under the disk-shaped object, sat on a mound of dirt and howled pitifully.Nearby trees began to burn. The sparks that hit the farmerproduced strong electrical shocks, heat and unbearableitching all over his body. Later his doctor said the burns onhis arms were caused by ultravioletradiation. The dog diedthree days later from an internal hemorrhage along theentire length of the vertebral column. The dogs organswere discolored.Texas driverOn January 24, 1979, a young man stopped his car torelieve himself by the side of the road near Lindale, Texas.While outside the car he saw a flash of light in the sky. Thelight hit him at the same time he was rocked by a blast ofwind. He said his hair stood on end. Then he saw twolarge craft closing on his location.The next thing he remembered, he was sitting in front ofhis car on the ground. He was scared, shaky, cold and hisstomach was in knots. He had a memory loss and the clockin his car was found to be off by 5 1/2 hours. He had a 5-inch wide diamond-shaped burn on his chest, holes throughhis trousers into his shins, and holes in his socks. His hairwas slightlyburned.New South Wales driverOn January 17, 1981, a man was drivingon a mountainroad near Nowra, New South Wales, when he noticed abright light following him. It quickly caught up and flewdirectly over his car. He was immediately engulfed with abright white light, felt intense heat and a ringing in his ears.When it was over he had a severe burn on his left leg,ringing in his ears, double-vision, nose bleeds, irritatedsinus cavity, chills, and his urine had changed color. Theportable tape recorder on the seat next to him was melted.Farm worker in BrazilOn May 15,1986, a 70-year-old farm worker watched acraft hover about fifty paces from his house in BeloHorizonte, Brazil, for about thirty minutes. He saw itflashing a beam of light all around the hills. Once in awhilethe light would hit him. He tried unsuccessfullyto shieldhis face with his arm, but one eye was exposed to the light.He lost 80 % of the eyesight in that eye, and his arm wasburned, like sunburn.Brazilian motorcyclistsOn March 9, 1991, a two-story tall UFO with a transpar-ent dome on top suddenly appeared just above aBraziliancouple on their motorcycle. They were bathed in a brightlight and the motorcycle sputtered to a stop. A ball of firedropped just in front of them and exploded in a brilliant,butnoiseless, display. The next day small blisters erupted inthe burnson the womans face.Next month:Extensive and long-lastinginjuries.December 1997 Number 356 Page 9
  10. 10. MUFON UFO JournalNew Hampshire MUFON Presents...Astronaut Gordon CooperBy Peter R. GeremiaNew Hampshire MUFON State DirectorUnited States AstronautL. Gordon Cooper, better knownas "Coop," was special guest speaker at the 1997 NewHampshire MUFON conference.Sunday, September 14,1997, was a typical sunny day inPortsmouth, New Hampshire, with one exception. At theYokens Convention Center former astronaut, and nowpresident and CEO of his own aircraft design company,Gordon Cooper was preparing to address more than fourhundred people.They came from all over New England and far beyond toattend the 7th annual NH MUFON UFO conference. Ifanyone would have suggested a world renowned UnitedStates astronaut, one of the original seven, would eventhinkabout addressing a UFO research group, I wouldhavelaughed and said, "Not in my lifetime." But here he wassitting at the speakers table taking notes and signing anoccasional autograph.I had been in contact with Col. Cooper for more than twoyears trying to work out a time frame when he would beable to make it to New Hampshire and spend a weekendwith us. This proved to be an almost impossible taskwithhis unbelievable work schedule. I was stunned when hesaid he was able to move other commitments to be with us.Col. Cooper is now a very successful business entrepre-neur and private citizen, but he is as passionate about theneed for UFO research to continue now as he was when hetried to get the United Nations to do il years ago. Given hispersonal sighting and his involvement in a film of a UFOtaken by his film crew at Edwards Air Force Base, it is nowonder why he has the attitude of, "I know what I saw solets check it out."When Walter Friesendorf, our assistant state director,introduced our famous guest, a thunderousapplause andinstant standing ovation greeted our speaker and continuedfor what seemed like several minutes. At this point I kneweveryone shared my deep appreciation for the historic eventtaking place. We were about to hear all about the RightStuff from the most credible source possible.Col. Cooper described his first personal encounter withUFOs while flying in Europe for the Air Force in 1951.There he saw a large group of UFOs flying very high. Sixyears later his film crew at Edwards AFB filmed a UFOlanding. An Air Force general instructed him on theprocedure he was to follow and where to send the film. Hewas later disappointed when this event was not reported inthe now infamousBlue Book report.Astronaut Cooper received a round of applause when hestated, "Unofficially, in my opinion I think Blue Book wasa whitewash." When asked where the films might now be,he indicated that they were probably lost in some storagefacility.During the question and answer session, Col. CooperCol. Gordon Cooperwas asked about the response from the United Nationswhenhe questioned them about UFOs. He said initially it wasvery positive. It was felt the data collected world wideshould be gathered in one place and standardizedforresearch.He, along with others, met with the UnitedNationsexecutive committee, but the project died on the vine.Col.Cooper also remarked that he still believes the UnitedNations is the best organization to do such a study.I shall never forget my conversationswith GordonCooper, not only because he was so forthcoming withfirsthand knowledge of his UFO-related events, but also,and more importantly,he renewed my faith in the knowl-edge that very credible people in influential positions arewilling to come forward concerning the existence ofUnidentified Flying Objects.Peter R. GeremiaDecember 1997 Number 356 Page 10
  11. 11. MUFON UFO JournalBy T. David SpencerMUFON Deputy Director, InvestigationsAt about 09:00 hours on February 17. 1997, an areanear LaGrange, Georgia, experienced a small earth tremorhaving a magnitude of 2.0 on the Kichter scale, which wasapparently accompanied by a "loud sonic boom." accord-ing to one witness. Later that day. and the next, threesightings of anomalous objects occurred, which makes onewonder if the sightings and the tremor were somehowrelated. The airport police and Atlanta FAA all indicatedthey had not received any calls regarding unusual aircraftthat evening.LOG # 970610E, FB-1,02/17/97, LaGrange, GA, at21:00 hours, for 1 minuteInvestigator: John ThompsonIn the wooded and hilly suburbs of LaGrange, thewitness was outside sayingfarewell to her son-in-lawwhenshe noticed a glowing object to the south,approaching.When it was closer, three soft-white lights about the size ofa golf ball at arms length and in a triangular formationwere seen "floating" in the sky and movingin unison. Twoof the lights led the third, passing by at less than 1,000 feetaltitude, and silently going out of sight.LOG # 970217E, CE-1,02/17/97, Franklin, GA, at 21:10hours, for 2 minutesInvestigator: John ThompsonIn the country near Franklin, two middle-aged and oneyoung lady were outside when they saw a glowing, multi-colored object approach at a low altitude and at a rapid butnot incredible speed ("faster than a prop, but slower than ajet"). The red, blue, white, and yellow lights were in agroup like a triangle, but no triangularobjects surface wasseen. The assembly of lights passed on by them, then outof sight, without a sound.LOG # 970218E, FB-1,02/18/97, Glenn, GA, at 06:45hours, for 2 minutesInvestigator: John ThompsonWatching television and sipping a cup of coffee in hercountry abode outside of Glenn,Georgia, a middle-agedinsurance agent looked out her window to see a group ofabout 15 white lights in a row, in the southwestand movingslowly eastward. The anomaly was at a low (treetop)altitude, and the assemblage was about the size of abaseball at arms length. Each light appeared to be square,like a window,possibly "six feet square." They were eachbright, but the collection did not illuminate ground surfaces.The string of lights appeared to curve to the rear ateach end, suggesting they were on the outside of a circularobject "at least 90 feet" in diameter, according to thewitness, but no object surface was seen.Keying on the estimated size of the object, the investiga-tor first suspected a blimpand called the LaGrange-Calloway airport,but they were not aware of anything thatcould produce such a sighting. Additionally, neither theowners of a nearby store nor a neighborto the witnesshadseen anything unusual that evening;they had not theopportunity.Also on February 17.about 300 miles ftom LaGrange,Georgia, a sighting was made in Mississippi. This sightingoccurred about six hours after the tremor and six hoursbefore any of the sightings in Georgia.LOG # 970514bC, FB-1, 02/17/97, Biloxi, MS, at 14:30hours, for 7 minutesInvestigators: J.R. Gillis and Don HirthThe witnessused the MUFON Hot Line 800 number tocall MUFON headquarters, which resulted in his being putin direct contact with one of the investigators.A middle-aged USAF dentist was cleaning his carportwhen he heard jet aircraft and looked up to watch themcross overhead. At the same time, he glimpsed somethingshiny to the northwest and turned to see a bright object at adistance. Realizing this was not a typical aircraft, he rushedinto the house to get his binoculars. When he came backout to look, the single object was now four bright lights.He focused his 7x35 binoculars on one of the objectsand studied it closely,finding it to be shaped like a disc.Six lights were on the bottom, one in the center and theothers around the bottom edge. Bright white, the objectswitched to red, then back to white before it was out ofsight.The investigators talked to the local police and KeeslerAFB trying to find corroborating information, but withoutluck.LOG # 970418E, FB-1,04/18/97, LaGrange, GA. at00:45 hours EOT, 04:45GMT, for 0.5 minutes. Index16% Investigator: John C. ThompsonSitting on the front porch after midnight, two men-one aVietnam veteran very familiar with aircraft—saw what theythought was a flock of birds in the northeast, which wasflying toward them in a "V" formation at a constant speedwhich appeared to be slower than the speed of a propellerairplane. They soon realized that it was a group of possibly100 lights, not birds, at an altitudethat was over 7,500 feet,maybe even 17,000-20,000 feet, flying silentlyDecember 1997 Number 356 Page 11
  12. 12. MUFON UFO Journalin their direction.Having an apparent size three times that of a full moon,the mostly white and red (remainder offwhite) lightsspanned a distance of from 100 feet to as many as 200 yardsat the high altitude. Some lights may have been pulsing,butmost of them were unwavering. No fuselage could be seen.In about 30 seconds, the grouping of lights was out of viewin the southwest.LOG # 961219E, MA-1,12/19/96, Rural Hall, NC, at06:40 hours EST, 11:40GMT, for 10 minutes. Index =14% Investigator: George D. FawcettThe primary witness was drivingwith his employer, apainting subcontractor, going southeast on highway 66 northof Rural Hall on his way to a job in Winston-Salem, whenhe noticed an unusual light high in the sky. The sun wasstill below the horizon, so the light was distinct.His military past and association with both military andcivilian aircraft did not help him identify the anomaly as aman made vehicle. He saw a huge oval shaped [metalic]craft, either hovering or movingextremely slow, about onemile away at 2,500 feet altitude. It looked like two invertedplates, silver on the top. The center of the object had a wideband [about one-fourth the objects height] across its width,with five unusually bright lights evenly spaced on it."Compared to a small plane that flew close to it as wewatched, [its size had to be] that of a 747 jet or larger."Driving almost directly beneath the object, he saw that itsbottom "was triangular and had one bright white lightineach corner. I lost sight of the object shortly afterward. Itappeared to simply vanish from sight."LOG # 970124NE, FB-1,12/09/96, Pittsburgh, NH, at21:30 hours EST, 02:30 GMT, for 79 minutes. Index =18% Investigator: Sandra BlackThe primary witness is an acquaintance of the investiga-tor.A man and his wife closed their Stewartstown store, and,because it was a clear night-uncommon in northern NewHampshire-they decided to drive toward Pittsburgh onRoute 3 and study the night sky. Having driven the fifteenmiles to Pittsburgh, they turned back, retracing their path toStewartstown.Three miles later, they saw about five pulsating whitelights on a dark, oblong object that was larger than a houseand hovering in the distance less than halfway up from thesouthern horizon. They continuedto watch the stationaryanomaly as they drove westward the rest of the way homeand entered their garage. When they walked out of thegarage, the object was gone.LOG # 970308E, FB-1,12/xx/96, Sanbornton, NH, at20:30 hours EST, 01:30 GMT, for 3 minutes. Index =18% Investigator: Robert HeslopAfriend of the investigator arranged an interview withthe witness.While returningto his van to unload it after gettinghome from work, a man saw a large grouping of lightsthrough the leafless tree tops, approaching from the west.Awestruck, he stopped, called to his 19-year-old son, andwatched the lights come directly toward him. Just as his sonreached the porch, the object moved over the treeline andpassed directly overhead at an altitude of about 800 feet,moving between 300 and 400 miles-per-hour. To the man,who had previouslybeen a Marine, the more than 300 feetlong craft resembled a cruise ship.The surface was dark, but a multitudeof lights of fourdifferent sizes on the bottom illuminated a complex struc-ture. Long poles, or booms, projected forward, and thebeams from large white,lights on the front seemed to containa swirling,which may have been a dome at the forward endof the booms.As it passed by, soon to be out of sight, the man and hisson saw multiple"decks" with lights on the side, much likean ocean liner.LOG # 970115NE, MA-1,11/15/96, Franconia, NH, at22:30 hours EST, 03:30 GMT, for 1 minute. Index=11% Investigator: Sandra BlackSince the witness has a mutualfriend who has attendedMUFON lectures, she called the investigator directly.Because of the bad winter weather, interviewing wasperformed by telephone and mailGazing out her slidingglass doors and admiring abeautiful night sky blanketed by stars, the witness noticedred and yellow lights in the southwest, moving in a triangu-lar pattern accross the front of amountain.She initially interpreted the lights to be on an airplane,but they suddenly"made a rapid movement in a pattern likea Mobius strip, several times." Then they began movingerratically up, down, and sideways over a small area.The witness became fearful and turned off her radio,naively reasoning that the radio waves may attract the lights.She continued to watch the slowly progressing anomalyuntil it was out of sight in the northeast.LOG # 971007SE, MA-1,10/05/96, Lunenburg, VT, at20:45 hours EST, 01:45 GMT, for 10 minutes. In-dex=15% Investigator: Sandra BlackThe witness, a truck driver who is an acquaintance, ofthe investigator, called her directly. The investigator metwith him and his wife two times.While drivingeastward on Route 2 a few miles west ofLunenburg, a woman noticed pulsating,white lights aheadof them and alerted her husband. The object seemed to behovering about a mile away at an altitudeof about1,000feet, 75 degrees above the horizon.Four white lightsthe size of fifty cent pieces at armslength (collectivelyeight inches wide) appeared to be part ofa single object. At the estimated distance and apparent size,the real size of the collection would have had to be morethan 1,500feet in diameter!Each lightemitted what looked like electrical discharges.The two continuedto watch as they drove on, and about tenminutes later, the lights vanished.December 1997 Number 356 Page 12
  13. 13. MUFON UFO JournalLOG # 970102E, MA-1,09/02/96, LaGrange, GA, at21:30 hours EDT, 01:30 GMT, for 30 minutes. Index =8% Investigator: John ThompsonLooking northeast from his front porch on a cloudy night,a man noticed more than ten blue-green lights spinningin acounter-clockwise circle, forming a shape like a donut. Theoddity was at an altitude of 1,000 feet or more, three miles ormore away. At one-inch apparent size at arms length, theanomaly had to be 700 feet or more in diameter. He wentinside to fetch his cousin. Upon returning, the lights weregone.LOG # 970113E, MA-1,08/13/96, LaGrange, GA, at14:30 hours EDT, 18:30 GMT, for 0.3 minutes. In-dex=19% Investigator: JohnThompsonWhile fishingin his boat on foggy West Point Lake, amechanic and his friend saw a large, white, spherical objectsuddenly appear about one-half mile away at an altitude ofabout 1,500 feet.It looked very much like the moon, but they knew themoon was not full. The two watched for about 20 seconds,then looked away momentarily. In that brief time, the lightdisappeared. An independent witness said a similar objectwas seen moving very fast across the sky on the same dayand in the same area.LOG # 961109eC, FB-1,08/08/96, Lino Lakes, MN, at23:13 hours CDT, 04:13 GMT, for 2 minutes. Index =6% Investigator: Craig LangThe investigator received e-mailfrom the MinnesotaMUFON Webmasterwhich included a detailed report fromthe witness. The detail was drafted onto Form 1, and thewitness was interviewed by telephone.Lying on his back to watch the stars on a perfectly clearnight, the witness noticed a triad of lights moving very highin the sky from the northwest to the southeast. Heinitiallythought they were from a satellite, but then questioned whyhe would be seeing three lights unless there were threeseparate satellites close together, which did not seemreasonable.The lights were in a right triangle formation which washeld throughout his viewing time, and this indicated theywere physicallyor intellectually associated. He could notsee any blinking lights, so he concluded that they must notbe of a conventional aircraft [not a good basis for hisconclusion]. In two minutes,they had faded from view.The witness called the UFO Reporting Center and was toldthat there had been a corroborating sighting in Illinois.LOG # 970727E, MA-1,07/27/96, Wedowee, AL, at 21:08hours EDT, 01:08 GMT, for 5.5 minutes. Index = 21%Investigator: John ThompsonA man was drivingwith his son and another boy west-ward toward Wedowee, Alabama, on Highway 48 during apartly cloudy night in July. A large orange ball of lightsuddenly appeared halfway up in the sky to their west,seemingly out of nowhere, shining through the fog from analtitude of 1,200 - 1,500 feet. As they continued theirjourney, the front of the object began emitting a blue beamdownward toward the ground. The beam repeatedly pulsedoff for about five seconds, then back on for another five.They pulled to the side of the road to study the phenom-ena, and another yellow-orange shape appeared below andto the side of the first one. It, too, projected a beam ofpulsing blue light—but skyward.Studying both images, theydetermined that the first wastriangular and the second was like a boomerang. Each wasabout the size of a compact car. At first, a constant whitelight was at each corner, and a red light was seen in thecenter.The boomerang had a white light near each end and a redlight in the center. They also saw the beams sweep back-and-forth across areas on the ground and in the sky, as ifscanning for something.In about five minutes, the objects turned off their beamsand began heading toward them. They responded bymoving their truck further down the highway to stop at a gasstation, but the objects continuedto follow. The trio wereoverflown by the two craft, which then raced away and outof sight.LOG # 961109bC, FB-1,07/05/96, Mounds View, MN, at15:10 hours CDT, 20:10 GMT,for 2 minutes. Index =5% Investigator: Craig LangThe witness, who is also a member of MUFON, toldanother MUFON member of this sighting. The investigatorlearned of the event through the mutual friend.It was such a nice day that a woman decided to birdwatch for a few minutes during a work break. Her eyescaught on a metallic sphere the size of a nickel at armslength that was halfway up from the east-southeast horizonand, she thought, moving too fast to be a balloon.It traveled toward the northwestand was lost to view intwo minutes, when it was about midway to the horizon. Theground-level wind was from the opposite direction.If only 1,000feet away, the object would have had to beabout 30 feet in diameter. At 25,000 feet-a reasonably lowaltitude for a weather balloon-it would have had to be over600 feet in diameter to be the size of a nickel at arms length.T. David SpencerDecember 1997 Number 356 Page 13
  14. 14. MUFON UFO JournalBeyond RoswellThe Santilli Alien Autopsy FilmBy Philip MantleMUFON Representativefor EnglandThe alleged UFO crash at Roswell in July 1947 is wellknown among UFO researchers and members of the publicalike, but in 1995 the Roswell story took a dramatic andcontroversial turn.In March 1995, London video and music distributor RaySantilli showed for the first time to an invited audiencehisalleged alien autopsy film. Media representatives and UFOresearchers alike gathered in the museum of London to viewwhat has proven to be one of the most controversial eventsin the history of UFOs.A debate had already raged before this event, withangryUFO researchers challengingSantilli to "shut up" or workwith them, and others claimed from the very beginning,even before seeing the film, that it was a hoax,just becauseit didnt fit into theirconcept of what took place in NewMexico in the summerof 1947.Santillis marketing policy, his commercial exploitation ofthe film, and his ignorance of the UFO field didnt makehim many friends among UFO researchers. It was not longbefore many such researchers screamed "hoax"withoutbeing able to proveanything.One researcher concluded that "there is no (16mm)filmand no cameraman." This same researcher cried hoax simplybecause the creature on the Santilli film looked "toohumanoid to be an extraterrestrial," yet ignoring the fact thatthis is exactly how many UFO witnesses describe suchcreatures.Unfortunately, few researchers have been willing to checkthe informationavailablebefore reaching prematureconclusions. Such researchers, apart from myself,havebeen Bob Shell (USA), Michael Hesemann (Germany),Maurizio Baiata and Roberto Pinotti(Italy), ColonelColman VonKeviczky, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Joe Stefula, Lt.Col. W.C. Stevens, Ted Loman, Robert Morning Sky,Llewllyan Wykel, Theresa Carlson, Steve Kaeser andDennis Murphy (USA). The following is a summary of theresults of the investigationinto the Santilli alien autopsyfilm, aided by those above and others:The CameramanYes, there is a cameraman. A numberof people besidesRay Santilli have spoken to him on the phone. Theseinclude Gary Shoefield (Polygram), myself, John Purdie(TV producer in the UK),and David Roehring (TV re-searcher in the USA). He is an elderly man with an Ameri-can accent. When Gary Shoefield went to see him on behalfof the Polygram company he was ill in a hospital. When Ispoke to him on the phone he sounded unwell and coughedquite a bit.According to information released about the cameramanvia Ray Santilli, he suffered from polio as a child. Poliovictims usually had affected limbs. It could not have beenhis arms as he would not have been able to operate acamera, so perhaps his legs or a leg. The movement of thecameraman seen when viewing the autopsy film couldindicate a badleg.Bob Shell made enquiries among senior US militarycameramen and asked if they remembered a colleague fromthe 1940s with a bad leg. They knew one, his name wasgiven and he now lives in Florida and was the exact ageclaimed for the cameraman by Ray Santilli(86). Thecameramans name is not Jack Barnett, a name usedoriginally by Santillito protect the identityof the truecameraman. Jack Barnett worked for Universal News,filmed Elvis Presley at a high school concert and is nowdeceased.Santillis cameraman did not work for UniversalNews butdid film another Elvisconcert when the Universal camera-men were on strike. Ray Santilli has an interviewon videowith his cameraman, a video which has been viewed by bothMichael Hesemann and Bob Shell. In December of 1996,segments of this interview were shown on TV in Japan, andit is hoped, that other TV companies in different parts of theworld will also screen it during 1997.In April, 1996, Bob Shell was contacted by Captain JamesMcAndrew of the United States Air Force. CaptainMcAndrew informed Shell that they had located footagefrom the same stock in their archive and verified that at leastpart of the Santilli film was authenticand does not show aspecial effectsdummy.The USAF knew the cameramans name, but wereunfortunately unable to locate his current address due to afire which destroyed records at the military records buildingin St Louis, Mo. Captain McAndrew informed Shell thatifthis was made public he would deny everything. He didexactly thatduringa taped telephone conversationwithmyself later in1996.Although some have criticised the cameramans techniquein the autopsy film, other militarycameramen think it isexactly how they would have filmed it too. "Thecamera-man keeps moving to get out of the way of the surgeon andkeeps tryingto get the best perspective. The job of an armycameraman is to record a procedure on film, not to deliverbeautiful pictures," said Dr. Roderick Ryan, US Navycameraman during the I940s and 1950s, who himselffilmed many secret government projects, includingtheatomic tests on the Bikini Atoll."Among these circumstances no one could have made abetter job ... he was not only a well educated and experi-enced movie man, but additionally in full knowledge inediting and production of documentaries. Evidence: filmingthe autopsy activities from various view angles," saidColonel Colman VonKeviczky, who studied at the UFA FilmAcademy in Berlin, was head of the audio-visual, division ofthe Royal Hungarian General Staff, cameraman and directorDecember 1997 Number 356 Page 14
  15. 15. MUFON UFO Journalof the 3rd US Army at Heidelberg, and member of theAudio-visual Department of the United Nations in NewYork.The FilmCareful study of stills made from the original film andhigh qualityBETACAM copies confirmedthe film indeedwas shot on 16mm material. The camera handling seen onthe autopsy film indicates the use of a small,light-weightcamera with fixed lenses (therefore the out-of-focus close-ups), like the 16mm Bell & Howell Filmo Camera used bythe US military cameramen in the 1940s, the camera thecameraman and Ray Santilli claim was used. Leaders of the16mm film shown to Kodak turned out to bear the symbols(a square and a triangle) used by Kodak in either 1927,1947or 1967.Two segments of film, each with three frames, were givento Bob Shell, editor of Shutterbug magazine andphototechnical consultant of the FBI. After a carefulphysical, examination, Shell confirmed that the film sampleswere pre-1956 16 mm. In 1956 Kodak changed its film basefrom acetate-propionate to triacetate, and the samples wereclearly on acetate-propionate film. Shell is of theopinionthat the film is representative of the story as described byRay Santilli and his cameraman, but that further film testingwould have to be conducted to be 100 % accurate.ObjectsEverything seen in the autopsy film dates from or beforethe time period in question (1947). The telephone is anAT&T model from 1946; spiral cords have been optional since1938. The microphone is a 1946 Shure Bros, microphone.The medical instruments used were standard equipment forpathologists in 1947. This was confirmed by ProfessorCyril Wecht, former president of the American Academy ofForensic Sciences.The BodyThe corpse on the table itself has been subject to manydisputes, trying to answer the question of whether or not it is aspecial effects dummy, a human girl with a genetic disorder, orindeed a non-humanbeing. Virtually all special effects (FX)experts have concluded that it is indeed possible to fake suchfootage of a realistic looking autopsy."Snuff movies" caused many concerns regarding the origin ofthe corpses used, and South America was named as an originof such material. However, no one has been able to provideevidence of a film maker who faked this film either usinganFX dummy or some poor unfortunateperson from SouthAmerica.On the other hand a variety of physicians from manydifferent parts of the world who have viewed the film areconvinced that we are looking at flesh and blood and not adummy-a corpse that is either human or even humanoid.Some comments from these physicians strongly suggest thatwe could well be looking at something that is not human.Professor Christopher Milroy, pathologist, University ofSheffield, England: "Although a close-up of the brain wasshown, it was again out of focus. However, the appearancewas not that of a human brain."Professor Mihatsch, University of Basle, Switzerland: "Asfor the organs removed, they could be tallied with any humanorgans."Professor Cyril Wecht, former president of the AmericanAcademy of Forensic Sciences: "I cant place these structuresin an abdominal context.... I find it difficult to bring in anyconnection with the human body as I know it. The structurethat must be the brain, if it were a human being, does not looklike a does not seem to be a human being."Dr. Carsten Nygren, Oslo, Norway: "This is not a humanbrain. It is much too dark."Professor Pierluigi Baima Bollone, University of Turin,Italy:"When we look at the inner organs of the body we find nosingle organ that in any way resembles any human organ. Themain organ, whichcould be the liver,has neitherthe shape northe location of a human liver. The face of the alleged extrater-restrial shows surprising anatomical features: very big ocularorbits, a very flat nasal pyramid,a mouth somehow wide open... nevertheless the face is flat; there is no evidence of facialmusculature as is present in human beings, which is respon-sible for the large variety of facial expressions of thehuman species... my overall impression is that we are dealingwith a creature that seems to belong to our species, but is soclearly different from us that it seemed absurd to speculateabout the similarity."As you can see there are indeed a large body of professionalphysicians who agree that the creature on the autopsy slab isindeed flesh and blood and not an FX dummy, and that it isapparently not a member of the human race.The Autopsy PathologistsAccording to Ray Santillis cameraman, the autopsy itselfwas conducted by a "Dr. Bronk" and a "Dr. Williams." Dr.Detlev Bronk was no surprise to the researchers, since hisname had already appeared in the controversial. MJ-12documents. He was chairman of the National ResearchCouncil, Americas leading biophysicist, and member of theAdvisory Committee of the Army Air Force and the AtomicEnergy Commission, and certainly the person whom onewould have entrusted the supervision of such an autopsy.After his death all of Bronks papers and documents werehoused at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research,which he was the president of at one time. Bronk was a verymethodical person, and kept detailed diaries and all of hiscorrespondence, notes and dates. But when Bob Shellwanted to look at Bronks papers and diaries for 1947, helearned that this was the only year that such material wasmissing. None of the librarians at the institute could tellShell what had happened to them or why they are missing.Dr. Williams might have been Dr. Parvin Williams (1891 -1967) who was special assistant to the Surgeon General ofthe army at Fort Monroe. He was Lt. Col in 1947 and wasDecember 1997 Number 356 Page 15
  16. 16. MUFON UFO Journalpromoted to Brig. General in 1949. Alone the naming ofWilliams, who was the right man at the right place for thetask, indicates the cameraman had some inside knowledge.Were those depicted in the autopsy film indeed pathologists,surgeons, orjust actors ?Let usaskthe physicians who viewedthe footage:Professor Milroy: "Whilst the examination had features of amedically conducted examination, aspects suggest it was notconducted by an experienced pathologist, butrather a surgeon."Professor Mihatsch: "I do not question the capability ofthe pathologist or surgeon who is working on the corpse."Professor Wecht: "They are either pathologists or sur-geons, who have performed a number of autopsies before."Professor Bollone: "Definitely surgeons, not pathologists... well experienced."Professor Pierre: "The persons who performed the autopsywere certainly of the medical profession, if not experiencedpathologists."Dr. Nygren: "They were surgeons doing the work, notpathologists."Indeed neither Bronk nor Williams were pathologists, butBronk was a biophysicist and Williams a surgeon.None of the above quoted physicians concluded they wereactors or made any mistakes. One point of criticism was thetype of autopsy that was performed. Obviously it served thepurpose to determine the cause of death rather than learnmore about the apparent non-human.On the other hand, this is explainable by the circumstancesunder which the autopsy was performed. According to thecameraman, there were originallyfour living creaturesdiscovered at the crash site. One did not survive the recoveryoperation, the second and third died about four weeks later,and the fourth survived until May1949.We do not know anythingabout the autopsy of the firstcreature, and it might very well be that this was a largescientific autopsy. The cameraman filmed the second andthird autopsies (only one of which has been released to thepublic) on July 1stand July 3rd, 1947, when the main concernmight have been to discover the cause of their death in orderto keep the fourth creature alive.According to the cameraman the fourth creature wasautopsied scientificallyin a medical theatre inWashingtonDC, in the presence of leading scientists from the USA,England and France.The above is an extract from the book BEYONDROSWELL by Michael Hesemann and Philip Mantle,published by Michael OMara Books Ltd in May,1997(UK), and by Marlowe & Co. in March, 1997 (USA). Theauthors request that anyone having knowledge of theSantilli film contact them via: Philip Mantle, 1 WoodhallDrive, Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 7SW, England.They guarantee confidentiality.1997 Canadianpollsuggests ten percenthave seen UFOsBy Chris Rutkowski, UFOROMAbstractA surveyof Canadians regardingbeliefsand attitudestowards the subject of unidentified flying objects (UFOs)was conducted by an independent research network. Theresults suggest that almost ten percent of allCanadiansbelieve they have seen a UFO and that belief in theexistenceof extraterrestrial life is very high among thegeneralpopulation, confirming results from other surveysconductedby national and international professionalpollingorganiza-tions.MethodDuring August, 1997, Ufology Research of Manitoba(UFOROM) requested the assistance of independent,civilian UFO groups for a project surveyingCanadiansontheir beliefs and attitudes concerningunidentified flyingobjects (UFOs). Participating groups were solicited on thebasis of theirrecord of investigationand active contributionto Canadianufology. Participating groups were UFO*BC(Vancouver), Seekers (Brandon). UFOROM (Winnipeg),MUFON Ontario (Toronto)and SOS OVNI Quebec(Montreal).During a period of one week, Canadianswere surveyedin five citiesacross the country. Surveys wereconductedrandomly either in person in publiclocationsor by tele-phone. Each pollsterused an identical set of questions. (Aliteral translation of the survey from English intoFrenchwas used in Quebec.)Survey resultswere collected and forwarded to UFOROMwhere each respondents answers were coded and enteredDecember 1997 Number 356 Page 16
  17. 17. MUFON UFO Journalinto a computer database. Data was entered in MicroSoftAccess, then translated into Excel and later into a filereadable by SPSS for Windows so that analyses could beperformed.ResultsA total of 167 respondents provided data for the survey.Age breakdown was a good cross-section of the populace, asfollows:Age Number PercentUnder 2020-2930-3940-4950+195235233811.431.121.013.822.8The numberof respondents varied from city to city,asfollows:City Number PercentVancouverBrandonWinnipegTorontoMontreal206250102512. educational background of the respondents varied asfollows:Highest Level of Education Number PercentLess than grade 12 32 19.3Grade 12 83 50.0First Degree/Diploma/Certificate 38 22.9(e.g. Bachelors Degree)Second Degree 12 7.2(e.g. Masters Degree)PhD 1 0.6Gender distribution was very nearly equal:Sex Number PercentFemaleMale808747.952.1Survey Questions Related to UFOsIn response to the question:"Do you believe in theexistence of life elsewhere in the universe?" people an-swered:Yes 78% Not sure 9.0% No 12.6%This overwhelming positive response suggests that mostCanadians believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life.This result is comparable to a 1996 Angus Reid poll whichfound that 70% of the Canadian population believed in theexistence of extraterrestrial life. A 1985 Roper poll foundonly 41 % of the American population believed likewise.In response to the question: "Do you believe that someUFOs are alien spacecraft?" people answered:Yes 52.1% Not sure 22.2% No 25.7%The qualifier some obviously created a problem for somerespondents. Other polls have asked "Are UFOs real?"without qualifying "real" to respondents. In those studies,Roper (1985) found that 25% responded positively, whereasGallup (1990) found 27% responded positively. It is thoughtthat the qualifier affected the results. Yes, this surveysuggests that more than half of the population believesaliens are presently visitingEarth.The big question of interest to ufologistswas the query:"Have you ever seen a UFO?" In the present survey, theresults were:Yes 9.6% Not sure 6.C No 84.4%Nearly one in ten Canadians believe they have seenUFOs. In terms of population, this translates into astaggering 3 million Canadians who are UFO witnesses.While this seems high, it should be noted that according tostudies of UFO data, only a small percentage of UFOreports remain unexplainable after investigation. In otherwords, the fact that a large numberof people claim to haveseen UFOs does not translate into a large number of actual"real" unknownobjects seen. (And,it should be noted, anunexplained UFO does not automaticallymean that aspaceship was seen by awitness.)This result compares very well with other polls. A1978 Galluppoll found that 9% of the Americanpopulationhad seen UFOs, a 1985 Roper poll found 7% and a 1996Newsweek poll found 12% had seen UFOs.But this question is even more useful with the accompany-ing question, asked of UFO witnesses: "Did you report theUFO to any civilian or government organization?" Theresponses to this confirm what has been suspected byufologists for some time, namely, that most UFOs gounreported:Yes 12.5% Not sure 6.3% No 81.3%Only slightly over 12per cent of UFO sightings arereported. This meansthat out of the 3 million which wereseen by Canadians,only about 375,000 were officiallyreported. This is still a large number,but is easier toreconcile with the numbers of reports on file with variousagencies.For example, other studiesof CanadianUFO data havefound that an average of about 250 UFO reports are madeeach year. Knowingthat only one in ten are reported, thismeans that 2500 sightingsactually take place. Further,studies show that UFO sightings are most often witnessedby more than one person at a time.December 1997 Number 356 Page 17
  18. 18. MUFON UFO JournalThis means that at least 5,000 people see UFOs each year.If we calculate that the living populationof Canadians whohave seen UFOs in their lifetimesis uniformeach year(andassuming people only see UFOs once in their lifetimes), wecan multiply the numberof UFO witnesses each year by atleast 50 years to give the numberof living Canadians whohave seen UFOs.This figure is 250,000, only a factor of 12 smallerthan thenumber calculated based on the percentage discernedthrough the poll. This is close enough to the reported valuesthat we can suggest that the results of the poll reflectactualreporting characteristics in thecountry.Another approach to UFO reporting was to ask people: "Ifyou ever saw a UFO, to whom would you report it?" Thisquestion was asked specifically of people who said they hadnot seen a UFO, in order to understandhow the issue ofreporting would be approached should the opportunity arise.The answers are interestingin their trends and dispersion:No oneFriendsFamilyUFO groupPlanetariumUniversityNot surePoliceRCMPMilitary/AirforceGovernmentMedia/Many people14.4 %4.3%4.3%14.4%2.9%2.9%14.4%13.7%4.3%3.6%16.5%4.3%The results are arranged in order from a scale wherebywitnesses are not comfortable with telling others about theirsightings to an extreme where they tell anyone and every-one.The five most common responses are interesting, withnearly identical percentages: No one, a UFO group, Notsure, Police and Government. (Curiously,very few peoplesaid they would report UFOs to the military, implying,perhaps, that there is some distrustor uncertaintyabout thatspecific kind ofauthority.)In Canada, "police" and "RCMP" are highly analo-gous, so we may bejustified in combining the two catego-ries to produce the largest group at 18%. This could be aconcern, because there is no concerted effort or mandate forpolice or RCMP to investigate UFOs at this time. Whatwould be done with the reports?Even worse is the numberof people who would reportUFOs to the government (16.5%). With a bit of thought,thisavenue is quite unacceptable. The National ResearchCouncil of Canada ceased accepting UFO reports in 1995.At the present time, there is no official government bodywhich is in any way interested in public UFO reports. Thismight pose a problem to those respondents if they were toever actually see a UFO.The percentage of people who would not tell anyoneabout their UFO experience (14.4%) is at odds with thatofpeople who have seen UFOs and admit they did not make anofficial report (81.3%). We can note that the actual witness-ing of a UFO would cause most people to hesitate beforereporting theirsighting.Only 14.4% would actuallyreport their sightingto aUFO group or organization. Obviously,this would dependon the witness knowinghow to contact a group in his or herarea.When we correlate the results of this question with the ageof respondents we find a strong relationship(p<.05). Olderpeople tended toward reporting sightings to authorities suchas police and government,whereas youngerpeople wouldtend only to tell friends and family. This might suggest thatthere is still some distrustof authorityamong youngeradults.Belief in a militaryor governmentcover-up also producedinteresting results. "Do you believe there is a military orgovernment cover-up regarding the existence of UFOs?"Yes 57.5% Not sure 9.0% No 33.5%More than half the populationfeel that information aboutUFOs is being withheldfrom the general public. Thiscompares well with the Newsweek poll (1996) which found49% of the American population believed there was a cover-up.Finally, respondents were asked if anyone else in theirfamilies had seen UFOs.Yes13.3% Not sure 14.5% No 72.3%The small percentage of positiveresponses suggests thatUFO witnesses probably do not come from a family with ahistory of experiencing anomalousphenomena. This is acomplex issue that could be explored by researchers in otherstudies.Correlative studiesA number of significant correlations were found betweenfactors withinthe data. The capitalized titles are abbrevia-tions used in coding and correlating the data.AGE was negativelycorrelated with COVER-UP (p=.007).This means that older people tended not to believe in acover-up, but younger adults did. This is perhaps related toa generational differencein trust ingovernment.COVER-UP was also negativelycorrelated with EDUCA-TION (p=.032). People with greater education tended not tobelieve in a cover-up.AGE was very strongly negativelycorrelated with belief inextraterrestrial life, THE (p=.000). Older people are verylikely not to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life,but younger adultsalmost certainly hold such a beliefWhat is interestingis that a strong belief in THE iscorrelated strongly with belief in a COVER-UP (p=.000). Itperhaps makes sense that if a person believes that there islife elsewhere in the universe, he or she might thinkthegovernment or military would have this same knowledgeand were withholdingit because there is no open acceptanceof this fact.December 1997 Number 356 Page 18
  19. 19. MUFON UFO JournalUFO ALIEN was negatively correlated with AGE(p=.000). Older Canadians were unwilling to accept thatsome UFOs were alien spacecraft.However, UFOALIEN was strongly correlated withCOVER-UP (p=.000). People who believe UFOs are alienspacecraft definitely think that there is a suppression of thisknowledge.YES REPORT was correlated with COVER-UP (p=.018).This implies that people who have seen a UFO are morelikely to believe there is a cover-up. This is probablybecause to their own satisfaction,UFOs exist, againstdenials of that fact by government and military organiza-tions.Only a weak correlation was found between EDUCA-TION and UFO ALIEN (p=.094). It has long been thoughtthat there was a relationship between the amount of educa-tion and a belief in UFOs as alien spacecraft, but this wasonly slightly indicated.Curiously, there was a significant correlation foundbetween gender and the question of others in a witnessfamily who have seen a UFO. For unknownreasons, morewomen than men reported that others in their families hadseen UFOs(p=.006). At present, we have no way ofinterpreting this with confidence, other than by notingthatwomen may tend to know more than men about matterswithin their families.Highlights of the SurveyBased on survey data:78 % of Canadians believe in the existence of life else-where in the universe.52.1 % of Canadians believe that some UFOs are alienspacecraft.9.6% of Canadians believe they have seen UFOs.Only 12.5% of these reported their sightings to a civilianor government organization.More than one-third (18% + 16.5%) of Canadians saidthat they would report any UFO to the police, RCMP or thegovernment.Only 14.4% would report it to a UFO organizationdevoted to the investigation of such phenomena.57.5% of Canadians believe there is a military or govern-ment cover-up of information regarding UFOs.Older people are more likely than young adults not tobelieve in a cover-up, and tend not to believe in the exist-ence of extraterrestrial life or that some UFOs are alienspacecraft.People who think UFOs are alien spacecraft tend to thinkthat there is a cover-up.People with higher education tend not to believe in a UFOcover-up.LimitationsThis was a preliminary study which attempted to coordi-nate Canadian UFO-related organizations in a nationalresearch project. Although UFO groups tend to functionindependently, a pooling of resources has always beenconsidered as a possibility for research projects. In the past,however, sharing of information and coordinated effortshave not been entirely successful.The results of the present study may pave the way forfuture cooperative ventures in scientificufology.The survey had a number of limitationswhich likelyaffected its results. First and foremost, the small samplesize and uneven representation across the country may havecaused biasesto enter into the data.Future surveys and polls will have to address this problem.A second issue was raised because of the independent natureof ufology itself. Each of the participating groups may haveused slightly different methods in selecting respondents, andrandomness may have been compromised as a result.Another factor is that polling generally took place inmetropolitan centers and may not reflect geographic anddemographic differences from coast to coast. MaritimeCanada was not represented, and neither were the provincesof Alberta and Saskatchewan and the North.Although polling may have covered most of the primarypopulation centers in Canada, it is possible that there wouldbe major differences in respondents if all provinces andterritories were included. However, the logistical problemsin acquiring data from remote regions and provinces withoutorganized UFO groups for human resources are not insig-nificant. Yet we must note that the quality of informationobtained in this pilot study may indicate that such a majoreffort is warranted and should be explored.AcknowledgementsWithout the active participation of independent UFOgroups, this study would have been impossible. Apprecia-tion is given to the groups: UFO*BC (Vancouver), Seekers(Brandon), UFOROM (Winnipeg), MUFON Ontario(Toronto) and SOS OVNI Quebec (Montreal). Individualthanks go to Dave Pengilly, Gavin McLeod, GrahamConway, Bill Oliver, Brian Fidler, Dave Creighton, SteveHladkyj, Errol Bruce-Knapp, Sue Kovios, Tom Theofanous,Victor Viggaini, Drew Williamson, Victor Lorenco, JacquesPoulet and Riccardo Melfi.ReferencesAngus Reid/Southam News Poll (1996). Canadians onthe possible existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life.Released Sept. 10,1996.Durant, Robert (1997). Public opinion polls and UFOs.In: UFO 1947-1997. Fifty years of flying saucers. London:Fortean Times.ReutersNariety News Poll (1996). Nearly half of allAmericans think the government is hiding proof of UFOsfrom the public. Released July 1, 1996.December 1997 Number 356 Page 19
  20. 20. MUFON UFO JournalMUFON FORUMLetters to Mufon UFO JournalEditor, MUFON Journal:I share Robert Woods concerns about Lt. Col. PhilipCorsos lack of documentation, sources, and other support-ing evidence for his incredible claims ("Philip Corso:AnAlternative Take," Journal, August 1997). This evenextends to the minuscule material he does offer, e.g., hisbooks photo section, which I did not have the benefit ofseeing when reviewing the book for the Journal (July,1997) because I read it in galleys.The last three pages offer four alleged UFO photos, allsourced to the National Archives and which are captionedthus with no further identification: "Lt. Col.Corso wasnever able to confirm the veracity of the followingpur-ported UFO surveillance photos, which were inArmyIntelligence files as support material for the R&D project toharvest the Roswell alien technology for military pur-poses."One photo is the long-since-discredited 1935 Ford hubcapout-of-hand-joke photo taken near Riverside, Calif., in1953. The other three are from, of all things, the CondonCommittee report (plates 34 and 26, respectively): one ofthe September 1957 Ft. Belvoir, Virginia,"flying ring"snapshots (positively IDd almost 30 years ago as being ofa smoke ring generated by a simulated atom bombdemon-stration on the base) and both May 1950 McMinnville(inmy opinion all but certainly genuine) saucer photos, one ofthem marked up for analysis by committee investigatorWilliam Hartmann.Woods prediction that Corsos book "will wind its wayinto the list of very important books on UFOs" likely willprove correct. Let us hope this will be because it findsitsplace on the shelf where it belongs, between Leslie andAdamskis The Flying Saucers Have Landed and ScullysBehind the Flying Saucers.Karl T. PflockDear Mr. Connelly:Congratulations on your return to the editorship ofMUFONs UFO magazine.Thanks to the MUFON UFO Journal for printing thefirst installment of John Schuesslers article "HumanPhysiological Effects From Unidentified Flying ObjectReports" (Nov. 1997). These accounts fill the gap betweenconventional sightings and the more subjectiveabductionphenomenon.The 1980 Cash/Landrum close encounter, which Mr.Schuessler investigatedat length, was remarkable not onlyfor extreme physiological effects on the witnesses, but alsofor the possible involvementof the military. Givencurrentsuspicions about clandestine government involvement withUFOs (Lammer,Helmut. "More Findingsof ProjectMILAB." MUFON UFO Journal Nov. 1997), a review andupdate of the Cash/Landrum affair by Mr. Schuessler wouldbe appreciated.James KelleyDear Editor,I feel that the following is a problem for many MUFONState Directors and Section Directors. How many of youhave called an investigator or trainee for an assignment onlyto be told, "I would like to help with the case, but dont havethe time," or "I have ajob that comes first"?I have heard all of the reasons for not being available. Myquestion is, why do these people join MUFON as investiga-tors or as an investigator trainee?If anyone is considering becoming an investigator, pleasekeep in mind some importantitems. One, if you do not havethe time to go on field investigations, do not request to be aninvestigator or investigator trainee. Two, the majority of statedirectors, section directors and investigatorsdo have full timejobs. But we still find time for MUFON. Three, if you are aMUFON investigatortrainee, it is a prerequisite to obtain acopy of the MUFON Field Investigators Manual before youattend any training classes or go on field investigations.So the next time your membership is up for renewal, pleasechange your status from Investigator or Trainee to JournalSubscriber if you do not have the time or desire to partici-pate.Remember, in order to solve the UFO puzzle we must askourselves, What can I do for MUFON and not what canMUFON do for me?J.R. Gillis, State Section Director,Mississippi Gulf CoastDear Dwight,I want to take time to write a note of thanks to DennisStacy, who served as the Editor of the MUFON Journal forthe past almost 13years and for the professionalism andimprovement he brought to the informationand format of thejournal during this period of time.Also it gives me an opportunityto wish you and yourwife Carolyn continuedsuccess and excellence in futureissues of ourjournal and yourother responsibilities as well.And thanks for your work with SKYLOOK years ago.George D. FawcettDear Friends,As a new subscriber to UFO JOURNAL, I was takenaback and confused by the November 1997 cover headline"Mexico City UFO?" I would think that after hundredsofthousands of sightings and film records, visitationsto thecraft, abductions, physical evidence on the ground and onradar, etc. we would be long past the mind-set of callingthem unidentified flying objects. To the U.S. Government,the objects have been identified since July 1947 (andprobably earlier). They are called alien flying objects (AFO).As to the identityof the AFO on yourcover, I would say it isPleiadian.While I am on the subject, we should change the name ofMUFON to MAFON, and only use the terms UFO andAUFO when we are uncertainabout the planet/star origin ofthe AFO.King R. Giloth-DavidDecember 1997 Number 356 Page 20
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