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Mufon ufo journal   1996 7. july
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Mufon ufo journal 1996 7. july


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  • 2. M U F O N U F O J O U R N A LO F F I C I A L P U B L I C A T I O N O F T H E M U T U A L U F O N E T W O R K S I N C E 1967CONTENTS ^j^j^gjj^^jjjjj^jj^j^jjjjjl^J U L Y 1996MUFONS COMPUTERIZEDDATABASEINDEPENDENCE DAY -- ID 4LISTEN TO THE MESSAGETHE GLASS CEILINGNEWS OFF THE NET(Canadian Cases)ABDUCTION NOTESMUFON FORUMREADERS CLASSIFIEDSTHE AUGUST NIGHT SKYCALENDARDIRECTORS MESSAGEVW^Wfff^1^*yiK?<qrr$ TT™> -jr- ^$. ,. fwHF "ipfr . ^QN U M B E RT. David SpencerWalt AndrusThomas P. DeuleyJohn S. Waddell, Ph.D.John CarpenterJerome Clark and Larry OuderkirkWalter N. WebbWalter Andrus33939131517181921222224COVER PHOTO: Copyright 1996 Twentieth Century FoxMUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, TX 78155-4099Tel: (210) 379-9216FAX (210) 372-9439EDITORDennis StacyASSOCIATE EDITORWalter H. Andrus,Jr.COLUMNISTSWalter N. WebbJohn S. CarpenterT. David SpencerART DIRECTORVince JohnsonCopyright 1996by the Mutual UFO Netiuork. All Rights Resewed.No part of this document mail be reproduced in any form without the written permission oftlie Copyright Owners. Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one arti-cle, pioinded the author is credited, and the statement, "Copyright 1996 by the Mutual UFONetwork. 103 Oldtowne Rd . Seguin. Tews 75155, " is included.The contents of the MUTON UFO Journal arc determined by the editors and do not necessari-ly reflect the official position of the Mutual UFO Netwoik Opinions expressed are solely thoseof the individual authors.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Fedeial Income Tax under Section 5U1 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the typedescribed in Section 509 (a) (21 Donors may deduct contributions from their Federal IncomeTax Bequests, legacies,devises, transfers or gifts are also deductible for estate and gift purposes,provided they meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106 and 2522 of the InternalRevenue Code MUFON is a Teas nonprofit corporation.The MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., Seguin,Texas. Membership/Subscription rates: S30 per i/ear in the U.S A.; $30 foreign in U.S. funds.Second class postage paid at Seguin, TXPOSTMASTER: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to: MUFON UFO JOUR-NAL, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 7S155-4099.
  • 3. MUFON UFO JOURNALALUQ_co111CDLUO01LUQ.CHART 4-1. SKY & TYPE OF SIGHTING(545 with sky conditions given)806040CLR = CLEARPTC = PARTLY CLOUDYOVC = OVERCASTCLRPTCovcMA FBTYPE OF SIGHTINGANExamining MUFONs Computerized UFODataSection 4: Viewed ObjectsPart 1: Sighting Conditions, Shapes, and Multiple ObjectsBy T. David Spencer, Deputy Director, InvestigationsIt was intended to produce this section in one part, butspace does not allow a reasonable presentationofsum-marized data and discussion without the subject beingpresented as two parts. Part 1 of this section addressesthe viewing conditions, the appearances of objects re-ported over the years, and multiple objects. Statisticalmeasures are made for those types which have com-monly been seen.VIEWING CONDITIONSIt is not possible to identify all the factors that mighthave caused misinterpretations due to conditions forviewing the objects, but most reports did give general-ized sky and weather status at the time of the sighting.SkyThere were 545 reports of eventsbefore 1995 that iden-tified the sky to be either clear, partly cloudy, or over-cast. Partly cloudy or overcast skies were reported 25percent of the time (137 reports). A greater percentagethan at night happened during daylight hours (30 versus24 percent).It was initially expected that there would be more CEtype sightingsthan other types during cloudy weather,since the objects would be closer and presumably easierJULY 1996 NUMBER 339 PAGE 3
  • 4. MUFON UFO JOURNALCHART 4-2. NON-FAIR WEATHER SIGHTINGS(581 with weather effects given)inQ_COLLJCDLLJLLJ0.302520151050CEMAFBTYPE OF SIGHTING ANto see. But this proved wrong. Overall, the percentagesof CE sightings with overcast or partly cloudy skieswere the same as the non-CE (25%).One would expect more sightingswith partly cloudythan with overcast skies, but, over all sightingtypes, theywere about the same (14 percent and 11 percent, re-spectively). For the CE type sightings, the two are nearlythe same (12 and 13 percent, respectively), as seen inChart 4-1.A difference is observed for the MA and FB types, inwhich there are more events during partly cloudy con-ditions. This result supports the claim that these aredistant objects, most of which could not be observed ifthe skies were overcast.Chart 4-1 shows a high percentage of AN type sight-ings during overcast or partly cloudy conditions (47percent versus about 25 percent of any other type). Thisdifference from the other types helps distinguish AN asa type of sighting which is composed of phenomenadifferent from other types. (Sections 2 and 3 of this re-port also suggest oddities with the AN types.)WeatherThere were 581 reports of pre-1995 events that gaveweather conditions as either fair, foggy, rainy, windy, orwith lightning, sleet, or snow. Over 91 percent of thesereports identify the weather as fair. When the percent-ages of each type of sighting are examined (Chart4-2),the CE proportion during poor weather is greater thanei-ther MA or FB proportions, and the AN type is againdifferent from the other types. Whereas the CE, MA, andFB types all have fewer than 8 percent of theirsightingsin other than fair weather, the AN type has over 25per-cent.Comment on AN Type SightingsFor both the cloudy sky and poor weather compar-isons, some of the statistical discrepancies could be aresult of the small number of AN type cases (36 withsky and 40 with weather information). Statistically,ifthe AN types should have the same proportions as theother types, the probability of getting the resultsshown by the data is only 0.1 percent for cloudy skiesand 0.03 percent for poor weather, which means theAN sightings are surely different. Some AN sightingsmay be promoted by sky and weather conditions. IfPAGE 4 NUMBER 339 JULY 1996
  • 5. MUFON UFO JOURNALTable 4-1. IDENTIFIED SHAPES, IN ORDER BY QUANTITY.With 609 object type observations in 584 reports, the "%" column in the table adds to 104.2, or 100*(609/584).RPTS = REPORTSSHAPEDISCOVALSTARSPHEREOTHERTRIANGLEBOOMERANGUNKNOWNRECTANGLEELLIPSOIDCYLINDERBULLETDIAMONDCONESATURNSIGHTINGS130957364594231262522197762% RPTS22.316.312.511. Diameter much larger than heightElongated disc or sphere; egg-like shape.Point of light with no discernible size.Round solid, as viewed from any angle.Large variety of descriptions.Surface with three acute angles at tipsTriangle like, but widely open below an obtuse apexShape not discernible or not reported.Seen from side as elongated square.Elongated sphere; blimp,cigar; football.Round as observed from end; long, straight sidesCylinder, blunt at one end, rounded at the other.Like two trianglesjoined along one edge.Like an ice cream cone, solid; rotated triangle.Sphere with protrusion or ring in the, they may have a greater proportion of events thatare not related to UFOs. For example, until recently, asprite shooting above thunderstorm clouds would bean anomaly (not an IFO), since no one knew of spritesas part of natural science.OBJECT SHAPESOver the years, a large variety of UFO shapes havebeen perceived, the most common ones being theboomerang, disc, oval, sphere, star, and triangle. Sincethese shapes are identified in 75 percent of the reportsbefore 1995, they are featured in thisdiscussion.The totals of all shapes that were pre-identified in thedatabase are given in Table 4-1. The indicatedshape isnot necessarily an identification that objects that areclassified with the same shape are alike; the classifica-tion is a visual approximation,not an identifier. Mostly,the objects were solid, or the witness believed therewas a dark, solid mass being outlined by lights. Theshapes and number of objects were based on the out-lines. In some cases, the lights did not appear to be partof a physical object, even if the lights outlined one, andthe number and shapes were based on the lights, not theoutline.TrendsChart 4-3 illustrates the proportion of events identify-ing each shape. If the year-to-year variations consis-tently showed the same effects, and if witnesses allhad the same perception of an objects shape, thisJULY 1996 NUMBER 339chart would be more significant. These averages arestill suitable for pointing out a few changes thatappear to behappening.Notice the significantly progressive decline in thepercentage of disc shapes, from nearly 40 percent tomore than 15 percentof the reports. This must be show-ing a real trend downward. Like the disc, the sphereseems to be diminishing in its proportion of events.Three other shapes (boomerang, star, and triangle) ap-pear to be trending to higher proportions of cases. Withthe steepest growth rate of the three, the triangle is cur-rently in about 10 percent of the reports, up from lessthan 6 percent during the prior period and 3 percentbefore that. Having a similar growth trend, the star iscurrently reported 15 percent of the time, up from 12percent in the prior period.Other ShapesA few of the shapes identified as "other" can be de-scribed reasonably well. Several of them involve as-sortments of lights configuredin an unusual shape, thecollection moving as a singleobject. Table 4-2 illustratesseveral of these unique shapes.Associations with Type of Sighting, Month, Time,Location, and Sighting ConditionsProportions each of the six most observed shapes bysighting type are given in Chart 4-4. Three points aresurfaced by this analysis:1. The star shape was typically (89 percent of itssightings) seen as a distant object. If viewed at a closePAGE 5
  • 6. MUFON UFO JOURNALCHART 4-3. PRINCIPAL SHAPES BY PERIOD(585 reports before 1995; 609 shapes)05LJLJQ_Q.OEQ_TriangleStarSphereOvalDiscBoomerang<8585-8990-940 10 20 30 40PERCENT OF REPORTS DURING PERIODTABLE 4-2. EXAMPLES OF SHAPES IDENTIFIED AS "OTHER"BRIEFDESCRIPTIONSCloverleafHula hoopCompoundWindowsHouseDerby HatCymbalsBellDumbbellBottleMushroomX-shapeHelicopterLadderBow TieREPORT #880209880702880707880903880939881001890405891204900401900422C900425900822930301E930409J940402J# RE-PORTED36-102214-511SOLID OBJ.OR LIGHTSLightsLightsSolidLightsSolidSolidSolidSolidSolidSolidSolidSolidSolidSolidSolidDISCUSSION4-5 lights looping continuouslyin pattern.Ring of lights seen flat, then on edge.Sphere; cone to cylinder; end as tripod.Bright light followed by 4 "windows."House-shaped, w/lights around, and roof.Glowed orange; red, green, blue lights.2 discs connected by vertical rod. Dome.2 glowed white; 1 had bright yellow light.White and red lights and a dark rod.Uniformly white; milk bottle shape.Short stem, orange base; white windows.Yellow-white lights on 4 arms in an "X."Helicopters without rotors; ejected balls.Like 3-rung ladder; light at mid-2nd rung.Single object like 2 triangles,joined.PAGE 6 NUMBER 339 JULY 1996
  • 7. MUFON UFO JOURNALCHART 4-4. SHAPES: CE VS. NON-CE(585 reports have object shapes)05LJJQ_CLOBoomerang2 4 6 8 10 12 14PERCENT OF REPORTSdistance, many of these objects may have proved to beother than star shapes.2. The oval was mainly (59 percent of its sightings)seen as a distant object. Further analysis shows there tobe more FB type reports giving this shape than anyother.3. The boomerang was observed almost equally inclose and distant sightings.For the six most frequent shapes (boomerang, disc,oval, sphere, star, and triangle), sighting durations andtime of day are consistent with the findings for all sight-ings (Section 2). These shapes have been seen in allquadrants of the U.S. (defined in Section 3).No notable peculiarity is seen regarding the sightingconditions (sky and weather, from earlier in thissection)in which these six principal shapes were observed. Thereis no record in the database of the boomerang, star, or tri-angle being seen when it was raining,but this fact is notstatistically significant.Multiple ObjectsThe database has a total of 153 cases (26 percent of thereports) in which more than one object was observed andidentified. In 16, multiple shapes were seen, and in 13 ofthese, two or more different shapes were seen together.If it is presumed that UFOs stem from different sources,the observance of different shapes together suggeststhey belong to one family.Two different reports claimed a spherical object anda cylindrical one, and two reports claimed discoids anda rectangular object. Two cases involved starlike shapeswith triangular shapes, and two others involvedboomerang shapes with starlike shapes. Four of the re-maining five cases claimed a sphere and a "bat wing," acone and an ellipsoid, a star and an oval, and a starwith a rectangle. The final case involved star shapes, aformation like a helmet, an ellipsoid, box shapes, a "U"shape (vertical half-ellipsoid), and fish fin, fan likeshapes.For comparison purposes, the percentages of sightingsfor single and multiple objects are given in Table 4-3.There were over 2.5 times as many non-CE reports asCE reports of multiple objects (19.5 percent vs. 7.2 per-cent, or 112 vs. 41 cases).The high percentage of star shapes across the rangesof multiple objects is not surprising due to the fact thatany lit object seen at a sufficient distance will appear tobe a point of light. Over 79 percent - 54 - of the reports|ULY 1996 NUMBER 339 PAGE?
  • 8. MUFON UFO JOURNALTABLE 4-3. OBJECT SIGHTING EVENTS BY PERCENTAGES.Percentages of sightings by type and shape are given for single and multipleobject sightings in 584 cases having 609reports of shapes prior to 1995. Numbers in parentheses are counts of reports. OBJ=OBJECTS;BOOM=BOOMERANG; SPH=SPHERE; TRI=TRIANGLE; TOT=TOTAL.#OBJ12-56-10>10TOTSIGHTING TYPES(% of all -584- reports)CE(257) SIGHTING SHAPES(% of claims for each shape)BOOM(31)77.419.50.03.1100DISC(130)80.815.33.10.8100OVAL(95) star shapes were of sightings after 1800 hours - nigh-time, and 87 percent of these - 47 - were of multiplelights, which could have been attached to an object. Aspresented in Part 2 of this section, 63 percent of thestar sightings were at distances greater than one mile, in-dicating the possibility of a viewed point source of lightactually being something else, including more than onelight.Potentially significant are three cases in which anobject changed from one shape to another. In one, asingle object (boomerang) broke up into 20-30 piecesand a cylinder. In another, several stars formed a shapelike a sea divers helmet which then acted as a single ob-ject. A case in 1995 involved a boomerang with a thinprotrusion out the back that changed to a triangle. Thechanging of shape is discussed more in Section 5, con-cerning report correlations.SUMMARY OFFINDINGS, SECTION 4 PART I:Viewing Conditions• The percentage of sightings during overcast skieswas the same for CE and non-CE type sightings - 25percent.• The percentage of sightingswith overcast (11 percent)and partly cloudy (14 percent) skies were approxi-mately the same.• Over 91 percent of the sightings occurred during fairweather.• AN type sightings showed the following differencesfrom other types:— 47 percent of the AN type sightings happenedduring overcast or partly cloudy skies, versus about25 percent of the other types.— Over 25 percent of the AN type sightings oc-curred during poor weather conditions - versus lessthan 8 percent of other types.Object Shapes• The principal shapes, accountingfor 75 percent of thesightings, were the boomerang, disc, oval, sphere,star, and triangle.• The proportion of reports identifying the shape tobe a disc has significantly declined, from about 38percent of the reports before 1985 to an average of 22percent between 1985 and 1989 and 15 percent be-tween 1990 and 1994.• The triangle appeared to have the sharpest growthrate, from an average of 3 percent of the reports be-fore 1985 to 6 percent between 1985 and 1994 and 10percent between 1990 and 1994.• The star shape was typically (89 percent of the time)seen at a distance (non-CE sighting).• The oval was more often seen at a distance (59 per-cent) than close and was represented by more FBtype sightingsthan any other shape.• Sightingsof multiple objects were claimed in 153 (26percent) of the reports, and 13 of these claimed mul-tiple shapes seen simultaneously.• There were almost three times as many distantsight-ings of multipleobjects than close sightings• Three cases involved objects that changed form whilebeing watched.PREVIEW OF SECTION 4, PART 2:The sizes, surfaces, colors, emissions, sounds, distances,and landings of objects are covered. Part 2 also ad-dresses cases in which witnesses claimed they were be-ing followed.PAGES NUMBER 339 JULY 1996
  • 9. MUFON UFO JOURNALINDEPENDENCE DAY- - ID4by Walt AndrusWhat if visitors from another world suddenly ap-peared? What if tomorrow morning, you walked out ofyour door and saw an enormous spaceship hoveringover your entire city? And what if you learned that thesame thing was happening across your planet? Thesekinds of questions have sparked innumerable discus-sions, theories and debate across the planet. Now, wereabout to get the answers.In the epic adventure film INDEPENDENCE DAY,strange phenomena surface around the globe. The skiesignite. Terror races through the worlds major cities.As these extraordinary events unfold, it becomes in-creasingly clear that a force of incredible magnitudehas arrived; its mission: total annihilation over theFourth of July weekend. The last hope to stop the de-struction is an unlikely group of people united by fateand unimaginablecircumstances.Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, the filmmak-ers behind 1994s smash hit, "Stargate," have revolu-tionized and re-defined the way big-event movies areproduced through a new level of ground-breaking effectstechniques and spectacular, never-before-seen images inINDEPENDENCE DAY.Emmerich serves as the filmsdirector, executive producer (with Ute Emmerich andBill Fay), and co-creator; Devlin is the producer/writer.The associate producer is Peter Winther.Starring are Will Smith, Bill Pullman and JeffGoldblum. Co-stars are Mary McDonnell, Judd Hirsch,Margaret Colin, Randy Quaid, Robert Loggia, HarveyFierstein, Brent Spiner and Vivica Fox.In creating the film Emmerick and Devlin wanted amulti-character disaster film, but with a new twist, sothey used an alien invasion as a way of creating a world-wide, internationaldisaster. The style of this movie isreminiscent of the great war and adventure movies, like"The Longest Day," which had numerous characters, in-stead of one main action hero.According to Devlin, the model shoot is "the largestever attempted for a feature film with four cameras,working every day. We hope to extend special effectsway beyond anything weve ever attempted, to reallypush the limits of what can and cant be done, with amixture of high technology and old-fashionfilmmaking.Were using digital composition and digital animationsalongside techniques as simple as airplane models on awire."I had the privilegeof viewing a ten minute previewinLas Vegas, Nevada on April 17th as part of the publicityfor the film by Twentieth Century Fox and the dedica-tion of the "Extraterrestrial Highway" to Rachel, Nevadaon April 18, 1996. To disclose any more details or theA/cir York residents flee from an attack of incredible inagntnidf in INDEPENDENCE DA Y. <Q 20th Century Foxstory line might detract from the readers anticipationand enjoyment of this spectacular film epic. INDE-PENDENCE DAY will be released on July 3, 1996 totheaters nationwide, where UFO aficionados will beexposed to the question — "What If?" — what if theEarth is invaded by an alien species? Former PresidentRonald Reagan posed this question publicly on at leastfour occasions. Now you can see for yourself.The title"Independence Day" not only dates the film July 4th, buthas a secondary meaning tied directly in with PresidentReagans implication.This sensational motion picture isa must for everyone — not just UFO enthusiasts, andcomes highly recommended.THE UFO CONNECTIONTo emphasize the UFO connection in the festivities,four well-knownUFO researchers were invited by thepublicity department of Twentieth Century Fox to jointhe celebration as guests of honor and participate in aUFO question and answer panel at Rachel, NV in thededication for the "Extraterrestrial Highway" by NevadaJULY 1996 NUMBER 339 PAGE 9
  • 10. MUFON UFO JOURNALPhoto b Wall Andrus.state dignitaries and Twentieth Century Fox. The pan-elists were Vicki Cooper Ecker. Don Ecker, GeorgeKnapp, Walter H. Andrus, Jr. and moderated by MichaelBroidy, Senior Publicist.The guests were accommodated overnight at the fab-ulous Mirage Hotel, followed by a private reception atPlanet Hollywood in Cesaers Palace honoring NevadasGovernor, Bob Miller and wife Sandy; Lt. GovernorLonnie Hammargren and spouse: State Senators, in-cluding Jack Regan: invited press: and VIP guests. TheCentury Theaters Cinedome was the locale for a screen-ing of advance footage from "Independence Day - ID4,"where Governor Miller and Lt. Gov. Hammargren wel-comed invited guests. Following the screening. DeanDevlin answered questions from the audience.On Thursday morning, the FOX VTPcoach picked upthe motion picture stars, Fox dignitaries and three of theUFO panelists at the Mirage Hotel and drove us to theparking lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center, thedeparture site for the ET Hwy/ID4 convoy to Rachel,NV. I think even the movie stars were impressed withthe luxury accommodations on the K-T Service bus,that according to our driver. Jerry Jones, cost a halfmillion dollars to build. A convoy of ID4 enthusiastsbuses from Phoenix, AZ, Los Angeles, CA, and hun-dreds of private vehicles journeyed to Rachel, NV forthe ceremony renaming state highway 375, that runsfrom near Ash Springs (Hiko) to Warm Springs, NV viaRachel, as the "Extraterrestrial Highway." Thishighwayskirts the mountainrange over which the famous "Area51" test site exists near Groom Lake and the S-4 com-plex at Papoose Lake (both dried up).Upon deboarding the bus, I was met by our MU-FON Nevada State Director Alan Gudaitis, his wifeSandy (Lepore) Gudaitis, Asst. State Director, andChristine A. Sanderson, Slate Section Director for ClarkCounty. I also briefly met one of our members fromOrange County, Calif, who was on one of the LosAngeles buses. Even though the tent at Rachel wassetup just south of the "Little ALe Inn,"I wasnt ableto even say hello to Joe and Pat Travis, the owners andState Section Directors for Lincoln County, due to avery tight schedule of events, interviews,etc. (In fact, Ididnt even have time to partake of the refreshments inthe Planet Hollywood-sponsored VIP tent in which theceremonies took place.)For the dedication ceremonies, the stage was occu-pied by Nevada government officials and TwentiethCentury Fox stars, directors, writers and producers. I satnext to Sandy Miller, the governors wife, on the frontrow for VIPs with our UFO dignitaries. (Yes, this Texascountry boy was being overwhelmed by the VIP treat-ment, but there was more to come.) Mistress ofCeremonies, Vicki McGowen (Executive Director ofthe Incline Village/Crystal Bay Visitors and ConventionBureau) welcomed the audience and introducedGovernor Bob Miller. (When I asked Ms. McGowen ifshe knew our MUFON State Section Director in InclineVillage, NV she quickly confirmed that she was ac-quainted with Chuck Breese.)PACE 10 NUMBER 339 JULY 1996
  • 11. MUFON UFO JOURNALNevada Governor Bob Mi/lcr with speed sign/Photo by Walt Andnts.Nevada Governor Bob Miller delivered the welcomespeech to a battery of press video cameras and then in-troduced Lt. Governor Lonnie Hammargren (who reallygot into the festivities by wearing a rattlesnake skin hatand vest over his camouflaged hunting regalia, whilecarrying a replica of an entity in a pouch). I felt under-dressed in comparison, since my only claim to fameconsisted of a special ball cap produced by Jim Greenento inaugurate the "Extraterrestrial Highway" on April 18.1996 and a bolo tie of an entity (antique silver withblack onyx eyes) manufactured by Byron Butler, a mem-ber in Phoenix, AZ. Considering the number of timesthat press photographers asked me to pose for a photo-graph, it became obvious that they were interested in mycap, not yours truly. (Jim Greenen was selling baseballcaps at Rachel, so 1am sure that others went home laterwith their own.)Lt. Governor Hammergren discussed the long-termpromotion of the ET highway on behalf of the NevadaCommission on Tourism (he is the chairman) and thenintroduced Bob Perechetti. Vice Chairman of theCommission who presented keys to the Nevada PioneerTerritory to Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerick, co-writers, of ID4. Dean explained the conception of theID4 monument that will become a permanent fixture inRachel and on the time capsule aspects. The cast mem-bers were introduced and individually presented theircontributions to the time capsule. Governor Miller madea contribution on behalf of the State of Nevada.The unveiling of the ET highway sign was conductedby Gov. Miller, Lt. Gov., Tom Fait and Tom Stephensrepresenting the state of Nevada.The UFO panel discussion followed the unveilingceremonies of the ID4 monument and ET highwaysigns. (The Governor had a special speed limit sign thatsimply said "Speed Limit Warp 7" which he later placedin his office.) Each of the panelists made an openingstatement concerning the theme of the film"Independence Day — What are the possibilities andprobabilities of the Great What if"? (actual open contactwith UFOsf. The large battery of TV cameras shiftedtheir attention from the UFO panelists to the cast mem-bers when they moved to another part of the tent to in-dulge in the prepared food. It was very obvious thatthe movie stars were the main attraction.During the nearly two days. I personally had a chanceto visit extensively with Jeff Goldblum (who playsDavid) and Robert Loggia (General Grey) and evenlonger visits with Dean Devlin the producer/writer of"ID4," whom I found to be very friendly and delightfulpeople. Bill Pullman (the President) joined the bus con-tingent for the trip to Rachel, but I never had an oppor-tunity to visit with him one-on-one.A special highlight and thrill for me personally, wasthe flight from Rachel. NV back to McCarronInternational Airport in Las Vegas in a Bell 206 four pas-senger helicopter. I missed a scheduled interview withET (Entertainment Tonight) film crew when theGovernor said he had completed his duties and wasready to get back to state business in his Las Vegas of-JULY 1996 NUMBER 339 PAGE 11
  • 12. MUFON UFO JOURNALActor JfflGoldbhini/Phuto hv Walt Anilrus.fice. Since I was scheduled to be on the same heli-copter, operated by Sundance Helicopters, as theGovernor in order to catch my flight back to SanAntonio I was obligated to cut my visit short. In additionto the pilot, who was President and owner of SundanceHelicopters, the other passengers were Ms. Kellee Jonesand Tom Stephens. We were all equipped with headsets and microphones so we could not only conversewith each other, but could hear all of the radio commu-nication taking place. Part of the time the Governor,who rode next to the pilot, discussed state business withMr. Stephens as we flew along the mountain ridge thatseparates Area 51 and the highway. The FOX-TV net-work helicopter was just ahead of us and the "stars"were following our flight in another Bell 206. (Therewere 15 to 20 helicopters at Rachel for the ceremonies,plus six buses and an unknown numberof other vehiclesthat reduced the field to powdered dust.) We were thank-ful that a tent had been provided for the press and theVIPs, since the blowing dust was a serious inconve-nience.As the procession of helicopters flew from Rachel toLas Vegas, the pilot switched his transmitter over to a ra-dio frequency used by Area 51 communications andcalled their tower operator. A female operator ac-knowledged the call, whereby our pilot advised her whythere was a contingent of helicopters operating nearbyand not to become concerned. After the communicationshad been completed, the Governor jokingly said, "Ifthere is nothing over there (Area 51) how could anyoneanswer?" Who is the US government trying to kid? No,we didnt see anything unusual or any aircraft flyingfrom Area 51 during our flight. With my trusted CannonEOS Rebel, I got several photos of the mountains atclose range, Little A Le Inn. the Stratosphere Tower inLas Vegas that just opened, and the Mirage Hotel beforev landing at McCarron. A limousine and driver were wait-ing for me at the airport, where I was whisked over tothe Southwest Airlines Terminal to catch my returnflight to San Antonio.Now our four UFO dignitaries know why the pub-licity costs for a new major motion picture such as"Independence Day" are so expensive, becauseTwentieth Century Fox really treated us like VIPs andwe loved every minute. (A publicity video for TV ad-vertising the film is now being produced, which will ap-pear on FOX-TV Nework. Several MUFON memberswill participate in the 30 minute production that will bereleased in June.) I have endeavored to share our en-joyable experiences with our readers to help you feel likeyou were with us.Actor Robert Loggia/Photo by Walt Andrus.PAGE 12 NUMBER 339 JULY 1996
  • 13. MUFON UFO JOURNALListen to the Messageby Thomas P. DeuleyDo a reality check, and then look up to see where your path leads.For those of you who have read Bernhard Haischs article in the March 1996, MUFON UFOJournal — read it again before this summers symposium in Greensboro. And for those who havenot yet read it — read it a couple of times.This is a straightforwardreflection of "us" from outside the UFO community,written by a work-ing scientist familiar with the day-to-day operations of science and what is required to be acceptedby same. Unfortunately, from Haischs point of view, we dont look so good. We need to listen,re-ally listen, to what he has to say. Then we need to take meaningful action.Probably the most important message ufology can come away from his paper with is that we needto improve our public image, and in particularimprove how we are perceived by science.The message is that, regardless of what isactuallygoing on, if we expect to get the attention of sci-ence and the attention of level-headed opinionmakers, it is evident that we need to clean up our act.That clean-up would entail a broad array of activities,from policing ones personal conversations and activi-ties, to the policing of what is put into print, and wherepossible, what is presented by the popular media. Wecan control our own personal activities, even if we can-not control, or only rarely influence, the activities ofthose who are in it mainly for the money.Personally, I very much enjoy the "X-Files," but onlyas a well conceived, well presented entertainment pro-gram. On the other hand, there are programs out therethat are supposedly presenting facts on the UFO thathave no sensibility about truth or facts, but rather ahigh sensibility for creating sensationalism and makingdollars — both on our backs.In terms of policing ones personal conversations,we all must keep in mind, at all times, that this is an ex-tremely controversial subject with very few rules and noagency or group to determine who is a valid spokesmen,and who is not. The present forum is one in which theperson with the most extreme view, or the most gall, getsthe most attention. In most of these cases, either ten-dency generally ends up presenting a side of the UFObusiness that has no basis in fact, and generally causes aset-back to the serious ufologist, rather than makingany progress.Along with the idea that there is no group overseeingwho is a valid spokesman, worse yet, there is no one set-ting standards on what is included in the UFO realm.Today, the popular range is from the ridiculous to thesublime, and again, the more ridiculous, or the more sub-lime, the more attention there is from the pulp pressand the pop media. These purveyors of sensationalism,in turn, spread the word and make a hard problem, solv-ing the UFO phenomenon, even harder.To make it worse, unfortunately, there is a large partof the public who believes far too much of the non-sense that is presented. Some of these people, uncon-sciously or otherwise, turn around and attempt to repeatthis stuff as valid UFO reports. This confounds the issue,and blurs any attempt at doing meaningful science. Theonly science here is for psychologists and sociologists,and not very many of them are interested because of thelevel of "ridiculousness" that comes with the territory.We know very little about UFOs, and have very littleto go on. in terms of what we can unambiguously sayabout them. Generally speaking, we have a lot of reports,some traces of physical evidence, a few pictures, and afew good, well-investigated cases, none of it absolutelyconclusive. It has taken 45 years or more to accumulatethese few good points of argument. Yet there are grand-standers and ego maniacs out there more than willingtotake this small bit of good information and blow it intoworld-shattering puffery to their own ends and nothingelse. Starting with these few hard-found facts, not foundby them, but found by hard working, honest investiga-tors, and with an assumed license to say virtually any-thing, these detractors make us a very silly lookinggroup in the eyes of people who understand science, in-cluding those who would really like to become involved.JULY 1996 NUMBER 339 PAGE 13
  • 14. MUFON UFO JOURNALUnlike science, where all of the facts arechecked out before pronouncements, andwhere a peer review system can insist onhonest work, the UFO community isplagued with quite the opposite. There is atendency to hide seemingly new informa-tion, waiting on prime opportunities tospring "great new revelations" on theworld. Frankly, I do not know of any such"Great UFO Revelation" that ever held up inthe light of day.For the untrained and the uninformed to be such a dis-tractor is one thing, but for those who have been aroundfor a while, who know what the truth is, and what thisbusiness is all about, il is detestable. Such distractorsprobably know they should be very choosy about whatthey say, yet they rarely are, with the result that the re-mainder of us are constantly forced to correct their moreoutrageous public pronouncements. We are all the worsefor the wear.The problem is not all the fault of the media andthose who would use us to line there pockets. Wemust share the blame. There should always be a clearline between what is known, and what is speculated.Ones pet theory does not a scientific proof make. And ifthe pet story you have is one that does not meet withknown facts, though you are welcome to speculate what-ever you wish, you should probably not talk about it inuncontrolled circumstances. It is not only the mediathat grab and run with sensational statements and sen-sational mis-statements, but it can also be anyone withinear shot. This is especially true if you are in a positionthat, in and of itself, would tend to give credibility toyour narrative. As has been said on both sides of theUFO fence, fantastic claims require fantastic evidence.In positions of authority, that authority alone is enoughfor the uninformed to take insupportable speculationas being factual, assuming it to be based on supportingevidence.For example, a MUFON state director presenting aUFO session at a state or local meeting should avoid thefollowing: religion, politics, unsubstantiated conspira-cies, and the temptation to tell the listeners what theywant to hear. In the extreme, it does us no good forastate director to tout UFO expertise in MUFONs name,and then for that person to try to convince the audi-ence that they have regular liaisons with CIA-controlledgrays at any time they want them. Sounds ridiculous,doesnt it? In fact, we have heard worse. As a state di-rector that person is MUFON at that meeting, and MU-FONs reputation for that group is standing on anythingthat person says, scientific or not.We, as ufologists, should not be trying to convinceanybody of anything. We should work with facts, andnothing else. Searching for facts, and doing our best toshare those facts, defines our line of work. The facts, asthey are found and accumulated, will determine what theUFO is, not wishful thinking, or idle speculation.When asked what the UFO is by any form of themedia, or by anybody, as far as that goes, our answermust be that we do not know, but that we do know thatthere are a lot of reports, and we know what the re-ports tend to indicate. We may feel like we want to saya great deal more in these situations, for the sake ofeducating the general public,but we must remember thatwe are the informed party, and that the questioner is theuninformed party. If we say anything, as the informedparty, the uninformed party is: 1) allowed to believe it,and 2), allowed to quote you.When asked what the UFO reports indicate, weshould be answering in very general, broad, supportableterms, based on some years of knowledge, and somecommon sense. On the other hand, we should not use in-formation to build a case that agrees with personal spec-ulation. When asked if the UFO comes from outer space,we must, in some way, keep it clear that that is only oneof the possible answers, and that we do not know, as afact, where they come from. That is the truth of thematter.Guessing publically, or having the public guess,are both bad for our cause.When asked to give ones personal viewpoint onwhat you think UFOs are all about, be very careful.This is the most dangerous of traps, especially if youhave any hope of impressing the scientific community;which, in a sense, is one of our primary goals. We do nothear scientists making great pronouncements about any-thing, unless they already know it is so. On the otherhand. I have heard many, many great pronouncementsabout UFOs, none of which were ever true, all of whichshould be greatly regretted.As pointed out by Haisch, the most valuable thing ascientist has is his hard won reputation. If your spo-ken, or written, or even implied, off hand speculationsare a threat to a working scientists reputation, he will noteven bother to tell you he has even the vaguest interestin UFOs. After all you have just embarrassed him, andyourself, in trying to talk "scientist."MUFON is in the same position, however: our mostvaluable possession is our reputation, and it must bepristine if we expect to move into the working scienceworld. At the moment we have some open wounds,some old scars, and some loose cannons that are keepingscientists away from the door. We must begin to insist onforthrightness, honesty, and the highest of ethics. Wemust begin to look like we are truly scientifically bent,rather than saying it, and then destroying it with someoffhand, seriously stated, but totally unfounded, story.PAGE 14 NUMBER 339 JULY 1996
  • 15. MUFON UFO JOURNALI know that there are a lot of people out there whohave their pet ideas on what UFOs are all about, and Iknow, too, that most of them insist on being allowedto state their opinion anytime they feel like it. But thisis not the way to conduct science. Science is not madeup of opinions, and opinions will not make, nor swayfacts. Opinions traded among peers often leads to newinsights and new understandings. Opinions stated forthe purpose of showing the breadth of ones knowl-edge on the subject, or to show "the open minded-ness" of the speaker, seldom advance the subject orinfluence anybody. In terms of the subject at hand, itturns off and turns away those of the scientific com-munity. Paraphrasing Haisch, the UFO community atlarge so badly corners scientists by our poor represen-tation of science that they are put into a deeply defen-sive mode about the subject, without ever havingexamined our good to better evidence. This is ourproblem, not theirs.It is we who present the good evidence badly, mostoften by trying to bend the evidence sharply towardpreconceived ideas of what the UFO is, rather than bymaking a good presentation and letting the evidencelead where it may. Today, even the best presentation isoften lightly treated, partly because of the obvious lackof community we present to the world, and partly be-cause of the amount of confusion created by the popularmedia, and the check-out stand out press.Unlike science, where all of the facts are checked outbefore pronouncements, and where a peer reviewsystem can insist on honest work, the UFO communityis plagued with quite the opposite. There is a tendency tohide seemingly new information, waiting on prime op-portunities to spring "great new revelations" on theworld. Frankly, I do not know of any such "Great UFORevelation" that ever held up in the light of day.In the UFO business there is a tendency to be the firstto get the news out, to grab the glory, regardless of thefacts, and regardless of where the information camefrom, or, in some cases, whether or not it even makescommon sense, or fits any known pattern in the field.On the part of some there is a tendency to hide behindgovernment security, even when it is the point of the ar-gument. Claiming to know the deepest darkest secretshidden under the deepest darkest security system is acop-out for simultaneously claiming that "there is noway you can check out my story." Some use this as a li-cense to say anything and then claim "The Secret Cover-up." Wheres the person who really does know some-thing and is willing to get arrested over it.The tendencies discussed in the last couple of para-graphs should strike a warning bell. It pays-to be themost cautious in the company of the most noisy.To close out, I wish to again invite everyone whotruly has an interest in getting this subject in front ofmainstream science to read and to study BernhardHaischs article, and then to think about where you fit inthat picture and what you can do to improve it.Well discussed, well examined, wide open, verifi-able information is much closer to science than headlinesfrom a credulous news-seeker. We want science. Wewant facts. We want truth. We should demand verifica-tion. We should demand reproducible results.Groundless proclamators, charlatans, and egomaniacswill not move us forward. Beware!Science and the general scientific method will even-tually answer all of the questions about the UFO. Letsrenew our commitment to science and move forwardfrom now.THE GLASS CEILINGby John S. Waddell, Ph.D.UFO researchers often ask themselves in frustra-tion, Why wont the mainstream culture takethis phenomenon seriously? Researchers havebeen able to document literally thousands of encounters,and have often been able to provide evidence at levelsthat under normal circumstances would be accepted bythe scientificcommunityor in a court of law. Yet, therehas never been official acknowledgment of even oneETI contact, or that the evidence taken as a whole hasany validity.This has usually been blamed on the resistance of thescientific community to accept a new paradigm and therefusal of the defense establishment to give up its se-crets. However, the number and variety of reports keepJULY 1996 NUMBER 339piling up and are shown on television almost weekly, yetthere is comparatively little impact on public con-sciousness. There appears to be a glass ceiling made upof the publics (often unconscious) fear of what contactwould mean.Even if visiting aliens are benign, their existencewould certainly require a massive adjustment to our re-ligious and cultural views. Our place in the universewould be changed forever. We would no longer be themasters of our Earthly destiny, but dependent to someextent on the goodwill of "alien" beings whose inten-tions we could only surmise.These are issues that can certainly evoke fear. Peoplewho are ready to face them, such as those of you readingPACE 15
  • 16. MUFON UFO JOURNALIn many respects, the battle has not beenbetween secretive governments and thepublics right to know, but betweenthepeo-ple who have the courage to seriously ad-dress ETI contactand the publics right notto know.this, have sought out the abundantunofficial informationavailable. Most people, however, prefer to ignore theseissues, and choose either to dismiss the subject of ETIcontact altogether, or relegate it to titillation. The latterwould be similar to speculating about who killedPresident Kennedy. It is fascinating to think the CIAmight have assassinated Kennedy, for example, but un-less this would be confirmed officially, people do riothave to deal with the difficult questions about what thiswould mean to our democracy.Likewise, many people tell pollsters they believeUFOs are "real," but most of these people would prob-ably also say that humansare the most advanced specieson the planet. Only when it is officially confirmed thatwe are not, will these people really have to face thedifficult psychological and cultural issues surroundingETI contact.Many folks interested in UFO research have beenfrustrated by the various governments lack of forth-rightness in these matters, just as many were frustratedby the sealing of the Kennedy files. However, thepub-lic at large, perhaps for similar reasons, has been largelycontent to leave knowledge about both issues at thelevel of speculation.Some would assert that this is because the publichas been hoodwinked by the government. But those ofyou reading this and those answering the polls, obvi-ously have not. People say they believe UFOs are outthere, and they watch shows about Roswell, but they donot insist that their leaders get to the bottom of this. Ifthey did, the evidence would come out. With the possi-ble exception of Congressman Schiff, there is no polit-ical leader in America whose job would be at risk for notpushing an investigation into these issues.Many focus their frustrations on shadowy, unelectedgovernment leaders, while ignoring what may be thegreatest barrier to official acknowledgment of the evi-dence: the publics ambivalence about facing the pro-found psychological and cultural impact of becoming thesecond most advanced species on "our" planet.Whatever aliens are out there have also conspired todeny us proof of their existence. Some attributedarker motives to visiting aliens, but it is quite possiblethey are sensitive to our psychological needs and havechosen not to force their existence upon the many whowould be devastated.Because of these barriers, those of us who take UFOresearch seriously are like a football team that has neverwon a game (and we get about the same level of re-spect). We have scored some points, and there havebeen personal victories, but neither we nor our work hasbeen honored by the mainstreamculture.For this to change, something will have to happen tomake the possibility of alien contact psychologicallyreal for the public, just as something happened to makeit real for us. For some, this is simply a matter of expo-sure to the abundantevidence. However, for the major-ity, it appears only a significant lowering of the psy-chological barriers will allow the UFO phenomenon tobecome real.This could happen through the presentation of shock-ing, irrefutable evidence that will literally crush thesebarriers, or through individuals making peace with thefrightening possibilities implied by alien contact. UFOresearchers seem to have been largely focused on theformer, and the alien visitors frequently on the latter.Psychological barriers to knowledge are often adap-tive, and the pain to the personality can be extreme if thebarriers are removed without adequate support. Trying toforce people to face situationswhich they are not readyto handle can be painful both for those receiving themessage and for the messengers. The most commondefense against facts which people are not ready to hearis to ridiculethe messenger—something which those ofyou reading this know all too well.In many respects, the battle has not been between se-cretive governments and the publics right to know, butbetween the people who have the courage to seriouslyaddress ETI contact and the publics right not to know.Sooner or later, however, there will be an incidentwhich will break into public consciousness, and both thepublic and our leaders will have to scramble to come toterms with the implicationsof contact. Those of us whohave been willing to face these issues can help facilitatea process whereby both the public and our leaders areprepared, and where a breakthrough will be as minimallythreatening as possible.This can be done by continuing the development ofphysical evidence, and concurrently, addressing the pro-found issues implied by that evidence. Finally, the recog-nition that there is a glass ceilingmade up of publicfear,can reduce the frustration of UFO researchers when,again and again, the mainstream culture refuses to ac-knowledge the abundant evidence.John Waddell is a clinical psychologist in Columbus,Ohio. He can be reached via email at 16 NUMBER 339 JULY 1996
  • 17. MUFON UFO JOURNALNEWS OFF THE NETCanadian UFOsX-Sender: ebk@nobelmed.comDate: Mon, 10Jun 199623:23:48 -0400To:ianr@global-data.comFrom: "UFOUpDates Dailies — Toronto:" <> Subject: UFO UpDate: The 1994/95Canadian UFO Report — FWI Press ReleaseThe Indefatigable Chris Rutkowski has justpublishedthe 1994/95 Canadian UFO ReportNicely done, once again ChrisebkFrom: Chris Rutkowski<rutkows@cc.UManitoba.CA>Subject: Re: FWI:Press ReleaseTo: (Errol Bruce-Knapp) Date:Mon, 10Jun 199620:07:23 -0500 (CDT)University of Manitoba — Winnipeg, Canada Medianotice: 12 June1996Canadians reported nearly 400 UFOsduring last 2 yearsAn analysisof nearly 400 UFO sightings reported of-ficially in Canada during the last two years shows thatCanadians continue to see many unusual things flying inthe sky.Ufology Research of Manitoba, workingin coopera-tion with researchers across Canada, has released itsreview of Canadian UFO cases reported from 1994to1995.The study used case reports from both governmentrecords and private UFO groups."UFO sightings continue to be reported at aconstantrate," says Chris Rutkowski, an astronomer and sci-ence writer in Winnipeg who for the past 21 years hasbeen studying UFO reports in Canada. "People still re-port observing unusual objects in the sky, and some ofthese objects do not have obviousexplanations."According to the study: the typical UFO sighting oc-curs at about 9:00 p.m.; most sightings have two wit-nesses; there are more UFOs seen on the prairies than inOntario or Quebec; many witnesses are pilots, police andother individuals with reasonably good observing capa-bilities and good judgement. Although most cases hadexplanations, a small percentage were not that easy todismiss."We were still left with some cases that were well-in-vestigated and involved unusual objects that did notseem to have been airplanes, balloons or stars,"Rutkowski notes. "The continued reporting of UFOsleads us to recommend more studies of the phenomenonby social, medical and/or physical scientists."Among the unknowns were a disc-shaped object thatflew circles around a plane over Northern Ontario andseveral reports of black triangles which were seen overAlberta and BC. The explainable cases included abright light seen by 200 people over St. Theresa Point,Manitoba, and a strange luminous flying object thatturned out to be a police surveillance aircraft."UFOs simply havent gone away," adds Rutkowski.For more information,contact:Chris RutkowskiUfology Research of Manitoba204-269-7553E-mail:Rutkows@cc.umanitoba.ca1994-95 Canadian UFO SurveySummary of Results• The numberof UFO reports made in Canada has re-mained constant for the past seven years. There are ap-proximately 180 cases of unidentified flying objects re-ported each year.• The distributionof UFO reports in Canada is not re-lated to the distributionof population.Western Canadais over-represented in terms of UFO report numbers.• During the past seven years, there was no definitemonthly trend found in Canadian UFO reports. Eachyear, there appear to be regional monthly fluctuations.• Approximately 70% of all UFO sightings aremerely observationsof lights in the night sky.• About 13% of all UFO reports are unexplained.This percentage of unknownsfalls to about 2% whenonly high-quality cases are considered.• Most UFO sightings occur between 9:00 pm andmidnight.UFO incidents usually have more than onewit-ness.• In 1994-95. the typical UFO sighting lasted sevenminutes.• Most reported UFOs are white or red in colour.Continued on Page 20JULY 1996 NUMBER 339 PAGE 17
  • 18. MUFON UFO JOURNALJohn CarpenterTELEPATHY vs. CHANNELINGIf there is one area of research that gives scientistsmore laughs, investigators more headaches, andskeptics more ammunition, it is that of mental com-munication. None of the forms of mental/thought trans-ference — telepathy, channeling, reading minds. E.S.P.,etc. — has ever been soundly and scientifically provenas real. Nevertheless, belief in these elusive phenomenapersists, and they are even accepted as part of our real-ity by large numbers of people. As abduction researcherswho are attempting to present factual and convincingdata to the general public as well as the scientific com-munity, we are confounded in nearly every case with theexistence of a telepathic form of communication. Ifthere is any type of communicationbetween human be-ings and otherworldly visitors, it seems to be telepathic95 to 99 percent of the time. That, in itself, is an in-credibly high correlational statistic that places the inci-dence of this form of communication well above chanceor fantasy. Indeed, if imagination were the source forsuch accounts, we would hear about an endless assort-ment of clicks, grunts, squeals, babbles, robotic, choral,melodic, whispering, sultry, seductive, commanding,intense, or squeaky voices, and even visual gesturing.The tone, frequency, and speed of speech would also bereported in a variety of creative ways.Although the same high incidence of telepathy is re-ported within approximately 100 of my cases (that reportcommunication), not one subject has ever used the termtelepathy to describe his/her experience during recall.Instead, each subject has used an interesting assortmentof experiential descriptions: "I dont hear voices, but Ican hear their thoughts " "Its as if their thoughtsare inmy head," "I dont know how I can do this, but I justknow what they are telling me," "I dont hear with myears. This is weird. They knew what I had just thoughtand put an answer in my head," "The eyes are penetrat-ing and speak to me." "The mouth never moves tospeak, but their thoughts are like a clear voice in mymind." Even with any of my notorious leading and sug-gestive "trick" questions, i.e.— "When the mouth opens,do you hear a high, medium, or low-pitched voice?" —not one subject has followed the lead of such a seem-ingly logical question.A number of participants in these reported encounterstells of receiving telepathic communications betweenalleged abductions. Although this type of report mightbegin to look and sound like channeling, these subjectsindicate that the messages come unexpectedly — inter-rupting work or activities without any warning, solici-tation, or apparent purpose. Subjects frequently add thatthe messages are bothersome, undesired, confusing, ortoo complex. As one country girl told me, "Why dontthey tell someone who cares — and leave me alone!"Occasionally, abductees report that they do not recognizesome of the "transmitted" words. They run to grab apencil, write it down, and then discover the word later inthe dictionary — much to their own surprise! They alsomay tell me that if they had not written the messagedown, they would not likely have remembered it. Thiswould be like making notes from watching a televisedprogram, attempting to capture the essence of an exter-nally-produced signal. Internally-fabricated, imagined,delusional, or creative notions would probably be muchmore easily recalled since we are the source of that sig-nal.Could alien beings project a mental signal or messagefrom a distance? There certainly are plenty of caseswhich describe the eyes as very powerful, penetrating,and persuasive. Reported telepathic incidents also in-clude the transmission of various images and holo-graphic scenes. A number of abductees describe these"long-distance" messages as visual imagery initially.Just because they are no longer face-to-face in front of aperson would not rule out the possibility of a long-dis-tance contact. Numerous cases include nighttime inci-dents in which the subject is awakened by hearing hisname called. He may also hear other sounds, tones,beeps, or noises which get his attention. Those whohear their name called often describe wandering throughthe house and even outside. Once outside, a beam ofblue-white light may pick them up, or they may drive toa remote location where the craft awaits. This would cer-tainly tend to suggest a direct link between the long-dis-tance "call" and the subsequent encounter aboard a craftwith those who "placed the call." Because these beingsseem so masterful with telepathy, it is easier to acceptthat a mental connection at such a distance is indeedlikely. Because there is a high incidence of psychicability among life-long abductees, I suspect that thislong-term involvementwith E.T.-induced telepathy has"exercised" human brains, enhancing telepathic skills,which can then operate beyond E.T. encounters andwith human affairs.Channeling, on the other hand, is viewed as the at-tempt to elicit, invite, allow, and welcome contact withother beings, spirits, dimensions, etc. Whether or notthese human-initiated contacts are authentic,the infor-mation generated can be intriguing, enlightening, andeven entertaining. When humans desire such informa-tion, this then invites the subconscious mind to feedthe hungry questions of the conscious mind. In otherwords, we can innocently fabricate incredibly intelligentand creative information — in fact, so skillfully that wewould never believe that it came from within us.Occasionally one will experience such an imaginativedream and then doubt his own inner ability to haveconstructed it.PACE 18 NUMBER 339 JULY 1996
  • 19. MUFON UFO JOURNALThe big question remains: Who is the source forchanneled information? Can humans really initiate thiskind of contact when they have typically failed to initi-ate face-to-face contacts — despite the most sincereand determined efforts? And why would E.T.s tell usanything? In approximately 90 percent of the cases ofmine and other noteworthy researchers the only com-munication, if any, is essentially: "Youll be fine/Holdstill/You wont be harmed/Youll be back home soon" -- much like a nurse would tell a child in a doctors of-fice. Therefore, would these beings really offer largeamounts of detailed information when we ask for it,when they typically rarely do so during face-to-faceencounters? Or do we generate it innocently, subcon-sciously, out of our insatiable need to know? I do notknow these answers, and I will notdismiss any possi-bility. I would like to invite anyabductee who feelshe/she is in telepathic contact (rather often) to participateby mail in a new research study of mine. Perhaps we canlearn something more helpful toward answering thesequestions.(If interested, contact Carpenter c/o MUFON or by e-mail at to Mufon UFO JournalDEAR EDITOR:While I appreciate Karl T. Pflocks kind remarks (MU-FON UFO Journal. June, 1996 issue) about my re-cently published High Strangeness (Volume 3 of theUFO Encyclopedia), I ama bit baffled by his criticisms— which is not to say, of course, that the book is perfect.Far from it. But I do plead innocent to the curiouscharges he levels.One is that I suffer from bouts of "enthusiasm,"ap-parently in evidence only when I express a point ofview with which Pflock happens to disagree. Believeme, whatever "enthusiasm" one starts out with, it haspretty well dissipated by the time one has finished400,000 words worth of publishable text. In any event,my judgments ofdebunkers claims about major caseshad nothing to do with enthusiasm and everything to dowith a conviction, based on many years observation andreflection, that Klass, Sheaffer. et al., have not, as Jungwrote of Menzel, "succeeded, despite all [their] efforts,in offering a satisfying scientific explanation of evenoneauthentic UFO report." My book makes clear why Ihave come to that conclusion, and if Pflock feels other-wise (i.e., that debunkers claims are, as he would haveit, "not unreasonable"), he ought to write his own bookand do his best to turn these sows ears into silk purses.I certainly did not misrepresent Sheaffers viewsabout ufology, either in the specific quote (where Pflockdraws a distinction without a difference) or in the largerargument made in The UFO Verdict (1981). What sur-prises me is that Pflock cites Sheaffers characterizationof ufology "as a powerful social movement" as if it (1)did not validate my remark about his extremism and (2)were not about as lunatic — and comic — an inflation ofufologys cultural and political significance as has everbeen committed to print.Pflocks assertion that I give Stanton Friedmansviews "short shrift" is mystifying, especially when thebiographical entry on him (in the first volume, UFOs inthe 1980s) is among the longer such pieces and containsnothing critical. In the three Encyclopedia volumesJacques Vallees contributions to our field get full creditand respect, as readers can easily determine for them-selves by consulting the cumulative index inStrangeness. Far from giving them short shrift when Ioffer criticisms, I examine Vallees theories in detail; see,for example, 1980s, pp. 173-77, and Strangeness. 374-78.Strangeness contains many criticisms of ufologistsshortcomings. Thus Pflocks (otherwise flattering)allu-sion to Boswell, who "all too often favored Dr.Johnson," makes no sense. Pflock could more usefullyturn his sights on debunkers excesses. After all, has adebunker ever cast a critical eye on another debunker -- or, for that matter,ever uttered the fatal words "I dontknow"?—Jerome ClarkCanby, MinnesotaRIGHT TO KNOWDoes the UFO community have the political will tosolve the UFO mystery? If our answer is "yes." then Ibelieve that the time necessary to identify the UFOswill be greatly shortened. So far, however, with somenotable exceptions, our answer seems to be a resounding"no!"The "science only" approach to ufology favored byMUFON and most other UFO organizations has un-questionably generated valuable UFO data, but the in-formation has been largely ignored or suppressed bygovernment and science, leaving the lay publicignorantand confused. No matter how compelling the scientificevidence presented, it can be denied when politicallyex-pedient, thereby lessening its impact on the generalpublic.The Condon report and the accompanying Air Forcestatement announcing the end of Project Blue Book in1969 exemplify the political and scientific denial of theUFO question. Despite compellingevidence to the con-trary, the Air Force maintainedthat, scientifically, UFOsdid not represent anythingnew or even anything worthyof further Air Force study. The National Academy ofSciences endorsed this unscientific conclusion and of-fered the political opinion that the UFO subject wasnot "shrouded in official secrecy." The Air Force di-rected citizens to report UFO sightings to universitiesorJULY 1996 NUMBER 339 PAGE 19
  • 20. MUFON UFO JOURNALprivate UFO research organizations to ensure that"sound evidence is not overlooked by the scientificcommunity."Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence ob-tained since 1969 by groups such as MUFON demon-strating that some UFOs are real objects of unknown ori-gin, the latest Air Force policy statement asserts that,"Since the termination of Project Blue Book, nothing hasoccurred that would support a resumption of UFO in-vestigations by the Air Force."If the purpose of MUFON is simply to investigateUFO phenomena scientifically, then we are doing agood job. One could even argue that we are cooperatingfully with the role assigned us by the Air Force in 1969,(that is, to effectively replace Project Blue Book as anopen source of civilian UFO reports andinvestigation).If, however, our purpose is to solve the UFO mystery,then we are not doing at all well.So far, groups such as Operation Right to Knowthatseek a political solution to UFOs have not been wellsupported by the UFO mainstream. Why? Is a policy ofopen government really so politicallycontroversial thatthe UFO community cant support it? If the govern-ment has secretly identified the UFOs, dont we have aright to know? Do we really think that Roswell wasjust about Reynolds Wrap and balsa wood? The "scienceonly" approach to UFOs simply has not worked. Weneed political action to uncover classified informationand to give voice to our scientific findings.What better time than this election year for the majorUFO organizations to start making some political de-mands? Lets demand that congressional hearings beheld into the UFO cover-up. Lets demand that our sci-entific UFO data be given serious evaluation by ourgovernment. Lets demand that our government do itsjob properly by investigating UFO phenomena openly.Lets resolve to make these demands a priority withinthe UFO community. Until we do, our valuable scientificwork will continue to go unheeded by the political andscientific establishments and the American publicsright to know will continue to be trampled upon.—Larry OuderkirkFrederick, MDAddress your comments to the editor, PO Box 12434,San Antonio, TX 78212.NET NEWS - Continued from Page 17The most important findings of this study includethe fact that UFO sightings have continued to be re-ported at a constant level over the past several years.People still report observing unusual objects in the sky,and some of these objects do not have obvious expla-nations. Many witnesses are pilots, police and other in-dividuals with reasonably good observing capabilitiesand good judgement. Although most reported UFOsare simply lights in the night sky, a significant numberare objects with definite shapes observed within thewitnesses frame of reference.Popular opinion to the contrary, there is yet to beany incontrovertible evidence that some UFO cases in-volve extraterrestrial contact. However, the continuedre-porting of UFOs by the public suggests a need for fur-ther examination of the phenomenon by social, medicaland/or physical scientists.For further information,contact:Ufology Research of ManitobaE-mail: rutkows@cc.umanitoba.caErrol Bruce-Knapp ( UpDates Toronto - 416-932-0031The Information Service of MUFON OntarioMUFON Ontarios Page: Canadian Ufologist:, MJ-12 AND THE GOVERNMENT:A Report on Government Involvement inthe UFO Crash Retrievals (113 pages)by Grant Cameron and T. Scott GrainPrice: $19 plus $1.50 for postage and handling.,i Order From: MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099 /MUFON COMMUNICATION NUMBERSMUFON Headquarters Telephone: (210)379-9216Seguin, TX Fax: (210)372-9439MUFON UFO HOT LINE 1-800-UFO-2166WORLD WIDE WEB - e-mail address- MUFON_HQ @ aol.comMUFONET-BBS (512)556-2524MUFON OnCompuServe- "Go MUFON"to access theForumMUFON Amateur RadioNet40 meters - 7.241 MHz - Saturday, 8 a.m. Eastern TimePAGE 20 NUMBER 339 JULY 1996
  • 21. MUFON UFO JOURNALTHE ANOMALIST 3Quality, illustrated paperback, expanded to 176 pages, stillonly $9.95 +• $2.50 p/h. Articles by Michael Grosso. HilaryEvans, Peter Jordan, Doug Skinner.Martin Kottmeyer, DonnaHigbee & others on ghosts. Richard Shaver, mystery cats,human invisibility, UFO flaps, Mars rocks on Earth & more.Checks payable to Dennis Stacy, Box 12434, San Antonio.TX782I2.STUNNING NEW DOCUMENTARY"High Strangeness in the Sangre de Crisios" may foreverchange the way you think about cattle mutilations, UFOhotspots, bigfoot, Roswcll, alien agendas & the government.VMS 75 mins., $29.95 plus S3.95 s/h to: D. B. ClemensProductions, PO Box 471. Westcliffe. Colorado 81252.Certified funds for immediateshipment.VIDEO/AUDIO TAPES on UFOs. crop circles, aviation myster-ies, NDE. Face on Mars & other fascinating topics. Free list &sample newsletter from The Eclectic Viewpoint, Box 802735-M,Dallas, TX 75380. Future lecture hotline (214) 601-7687.ATTENTION UFO ABDUCTEES: Searching muny modern writ-ings as well as both Old and New Testaments, the author hasfound the answer to the big question: Why are they here? Read"The Agenda," $10 plus $2.50 s/h, from B. Fox, PO Box 6057.Walker Branch, Roswell, NM 88201.UFO/FORTEAN books, magazines for sale, free list. Send SASEto J. Fisher, PO Box 383, Lake Toxaw.iy, NC 28747.RESEARCH. Abductees. please send handwriting sample brieflydescribing yourself and implant location, if you think you haveone. Thanks for participating. Send to: S. V. Nash, Graphologist,PO Box 124, Grantsville, KS 66429.CROP CIRCLES: For several years I have helped with scientificresearch of the phenomenon in England, especially infrared pho-tography. I have available some very stunning aerial shots. Pleasesend for free color brochure on my latest range of spectacularposters & T-shirts. K2, PO Box 68062. Raleigh,NC 27613.UFO CHRONOLOGY MAPLarge wall chart with instant index & guide book, featuringclassic UFO cases, spectacular landings, fantastic alienencounters & most dramatic UFO sites. Just $9.95, postagefree. Also free: 3 large classic UFO illustrations, plus twoUAPA magazines, a $9.00 value. UAPA-B, Box 347032,Cleveland, Ohio 44134.AUSTRALIAN UFO SYMPOSIUMInternational UFO Symposium in Brisbane. Queensland,Australia, Oct. 11-13, 1996, at the Mercure Hotel, 85-87North Quay. For further information write 106 Dykes St., Mt.Cravat, Brisbane QLD 4122, Australia. Ph/Fax: 61-7-38496450. E-mail: & UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENACONFERENCEWhere: Airport Sheraton Inn. Minneapolis/St. Paul. When:Sat., Sun., Oct. 5th & 6th. Speakers: Hopkins, Steigcr,Friedman. Andrews, Randle, Stevens, Clark, Winters, Turi,Hilberg, Moseley. Bielek. Schcllhorn. $30/day at door plus$30 banquet. Advanced, reduced-rate ticket info: HorusHouse, Box 55185, Madison, W] 53705 or call 608-537-2383.THE EXCYLESMia Adams true story about her contacts with ETs &romance with intelligence agent. Included is the agents reportoutlining the agendas of alien confederations on Earth &intelligence agencies network created to deal with them. Send$16.95 4 $2 s/h to Excelta Publishing, PO Box 4530, Ft.Lauderdale, FL 33338.YOUR AD HEREReach more than 5000 readers and fellow ufologists.Advertize your personal publications,products, research pro-jects, local meetings or pel peeves here. Fifty words or lessonly $20 per issue. Add $10 for box and bold heading. Sendad copy & check, made out to MUFON, to Dennis Stacy, Box12434, San Antonio. TX 78212. Must be MUFON member orJiiumal subscriber.UNITED NATIONS VIDEOOn October 2, 1992, a UFO presentation was made at theUnited Nations in an effort to reopen Decision GA 33/426.The two-hour VHS video tape includes Mohammad A.Ramadan, Stanton T. Friedman. John F. Schuessler and RobertH. Bletchman. Tapes of this monumental UN presentation maybe purchased by Postal Money Orders, personal check madepayable through a U.S. bank or U.S. cash for $19.95 plus $2 forp.&h. to MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099, U.S.A.UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICEThe UFO Newsclipping Service will keep you informedof all the latest United States and World-Wide UFO reports(i.e., little known photographic cases, close encounters andlanding reports, occupant cases) and all other UFO reports,many of which are carried only in small town and foreignnewspapers.Our UFO Newsclipping Service issues are 20-pagemonthly reports, reproduced by photo-offset, containing thelatest United States and Canadian UFO newsclippings,with our foreign section carrying the latest British,Australian, New Zealand and other foreign press reports.Also included is a 3-5 page section of "Fortean" clippings(i.e., Bigfoot and other "monster" reports). Let us keep youinformed of the latest happenings in the UFO and Forteanfields.For subscription information and sample pages from ourservice, write today to:UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICERoute 1 - Box 220 • Plumerville, Arkansas 72127JUNE 1996 NUMBER 338 PAGE 21
  • 22. MUFON UFO JOURNALAugust 1996Bright Planets (EveningSky):Jupiter (magnitude -2.5). in Sagittarius, gleams low in the SSEat dusk and then moves westward during the night. The bigplanet is near the globular star clusterM22.Saturn (0.6), in Cetus, rises in the E about 9:30 PM inmid-August. It advances to the west, reflecting Earths eastwardspin.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Venus (-4.3) rises in the NE soon after 2 AM, reaching great-est elongation 46° west of the Sun on the 20th. Our brilliantneighbor lies near the lunar crescent on August 10.During themonth Venus closes to within 3° of Mars (more than 200times dimmer than Venus).Mars (1.5). in Gemini, rises in the NE about 2:30 AM inmidmonth. See Venus.Jupiter sets in the WSW about 2 AM in mid-August.Saturn lies in the SSW at dawn.MeteorShowers:This years Perseid display is unhampered by moonlight andso the showers peak on the morning of August 12 should beworth watching. The bright yellow meteors increase to be-tween 50 and 100 per hour before dawn, radiating acrossthesky from the NE. The slower Delta Aquarids, emanatingfrom the S, join the Perseids during the first half of the month.Moon Phases:Last quarter—August 6New moon—August 14First quarter—August 21Full moon—August 28The Stars:August evenings bring the Summer Triangle high overhead.This very obvious right triangle is composed of the brighteststars of three separateconstellations.Vega, 3rd brightest star in Northern Hemisphere skies, lies inLyra, the Lyre or Harp. (Look for a crooked rectangle.)East of Vega is the star Deneb, the tail of Cygnus the Swan.Cygnus is often nicknamed the Northern Cross, with Denebthe top of the cross. Albireo, the head of the swan, is a spec-tacular blue and gold double star in a small telescope. (Thestar appears single to the unaided eye.)Finally, Altair forms the southern corner of the triangle. Thestar marks the head of Aquila the Eagle. With some care, it ispossible to discern two outstretched wings and a pointed tail.The eagle and swan fly on grazingpathsin oppositedirectionsalong the Milky Way.July 5-7 — Twenty-seventh annual MUFON International UFOSymposium, Holiday Inn Four Seasons/Joseph H. KouryConvention Center in Greensboro, North Carolina. For advancedregistration write to MUFON 1996 UFO Symposium, P.O. Box 5149,Greensboro, NC 27435-0149.July 27-28 — First Annual Great Plains UFO Conference. HowardJohnson Convention Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. For infor-mation call 603-495-2633 or write P O. Box 84131, Sioux Falls, SD57118.August 10 — Great Smoky Mountains UFO, Crop Circle and AlienContact EXPO. At Gatlinburg Convention Center from 9 a.m. to 9p.m. in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. For further information write toStacey McGee, P.O. Box 3055 CRS, Johnson City, TN 37602.September 7-8 — Fifth Annual Midwest Conference UFOResearch. Big Cedar Lodge, South of Branson, Missouri. For infor-mation write to QUEST, 2661 S. Patterson, Springfield, MO 65804or call 417-882-6847.September 13-15 — Tampa UFO & Metaphysical Convention. AtCamberley Plaza Hotel, Tampa, Florida. For information: ProjectAwareness, P.O. Box 730, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562 or Tel:904-432-8888; Fax:904-438-1801.September 14-15 — New Hampshire MUFONs 6th Annual UFOConference at the Yokens Conference Center in Portsmouth, NewHampshire. For further information write to Peter R. Geremia, 571Bracket! Rd , Rye, NH 03870.September 21 — Missouri MUFON UFO Conference. Hosted byMUFON of St. Louis at the St. Peters Holiday Inn Select in St.Peters, MO. For information contact Bruce Widamann at 314-946-1394October 5-6 — National UFO and Unexplained PhenomenaConference at Airport Sheraton Inn, Minneapolis/St. Paul. For infor-mation contact Horus House Press, Inc., P.O. Box 55185, Madison,Wl 53705 or call Tel/Fax 608-537-2383.October 12-13 — The UFO Experience — North Haven,Connecticut at the Holiday inn. For further information write OmegaCommunications, P.O. Box 2051, Cheshire, CT 06410-5051.October 11-13 — Australian International UFO Symposium inBrisbane, Queensland.Australia at the Mercure Hotel, 85-87 NorthQuay. For further information write to Glennys M. McKay, 106Dykes St., Mt. Gravatt, Brisbane, OLD 4122, Australia.October 18-20 — North Alabama UFO Conference in Huntsville,Alabama at the Space Center Marriott Hotel, 5 Tranquility Base. Forfurther information write: UFO, P.O. Box 10056, Huntsville, AL35801-0056 or call 205-533-7321.November 9-11 — Eighth European Lyons Congress in Lyons,France. For information contact SOS OVNI B.P. 324-13611, AixCedex 1, France.January 18-24,1997 — The 6th Annual International UFOCongress Convention at the Gold River Resort in Laughlin, Nevada.For information call 303-543-9443.MUFON 1996 SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS"UFOLOGY: A Scientific Enigma"Fourteen papers — 308 pagesPrice: $25 plus $1.75 for postage and handing, in U.S. funds.ORDER FROM:MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Road, Seguin, TX 78155-4099PACE 22 NUMBER 339 JULY 1996
  • 23. MUFON UFO JOURNALtoDIRECTORS MESSAGE - Continued from Page 24NEW PROJECT BLUE BOOKBill Pitts has advised that the office of Project BlueBook has been moved to 1121 Elm Drive, Fort Smith.AR 72903 due to the heavy damage to their office froma tornado, which demolished many businesses andhomes in the Fort Smith, Arkansas area the evening ofSunday, April 21, 1996. Bills phone number at theabove location is (501)484-7512.Since Mr. Pitts is retiringfrom business, he has takenthis opportunity to also retire "The New Project BlueBook" organization which he founded in1988.MUFON NATIONAL UFO HOTLINEMUFON has been introducing its National UFO Hotline1-800-UFO-2166 or 1-800-836-2166 to the public.Designed to obtain UFO sighting reports from policeagencies nationwide,we are now prepared to expand itscoverage. All State Directors were advised by a letternearly a year ago to utilize this number for filing hotUFO cases that came to their attention. A letter an-nouncing the 800 number was mailed to all sheriffs of-fices and police chiefs in Texas during the spring of1995 as a means of testing and evaluating the effective-ness of the system.The majority of our calls, to-date, have been frompeople who called the 800 directory and asked for"UFO" to report sightings or to seek UFO information.To send letters to every police department and sher-iffs office throughout the U.S.A. would obviously beboth expensive and time-consuming. We would like forevery State Director, State Section Director, FieldInvestigator, and Field Investigator Trainee to notifyyour local sheriff, police chief, and state highway patroloffide of MUFONs 800 number via a postcard thatthey may post on their bulletin boards or at the dis-patchers desk.Presently, we are attempting to answer all calls "live."An answering box records the calls received late atnight or early mornings. These sightingreports will bemailed or telephoned to the nearest State SectionDirector, State Director, or Field Investigator for a per-sonal interview. Brief replies to these cases under in-vestigation may be made to MUFON on the 800 num-ber. (Theanswering box is limited to three minutes.)However, this number is not to be used for other MU-FON communications. The MUFON business officenumber is (210) 379-9216. Please advise Walt Andrusby postcard or letter to which agencies you filed theUFO hotline number 1-800-UFO-2166. We thank eachand everyone of you who advised MUFON this monththat you had made the 800 UFO hotline number avail-able to police agencies in your immediate area.GRAND OPENING OF UFO & SPACE MUSEUMThe new multi-million dollarUFO & Space Museum inHakui City, Japan will open early in July 1996. Theopening ceremony on July 1st is by invitation only. Themajor financing for this beautiful and practical exhibithall was made possible by the Japanese government.International aero-space companies, NASA, etc.,haveassembled life-size exhibits for the public to view.Obviously. UFO exhibits predominate, thus the name ofthe museum. MUFON was contacted by the founders ofthe museum during the planning stage, however, wewere not invited to provide an exhibit.After opening our own UFO INFORMATION CEN-TER in Seguin, Texas on March 14, 1995, photo ex-hibits, models, and wall plaques have been installed lo-cally. We are indebted to members such as Paul Cerny(San Jose, CA). Robert Taylor (Fort Wayne, IN).Robert Turner (Santa Fe, NM), and John Schuessler(Houston. TX) for helpingto provide some of the moresignificant and attractive displaysin our Center. DavidL. Parker (Dallas, TX) donated an autographed photo-graph of General Roger M. Ramey. the gentleman whoparticipated in the Roswell crash cover-up. If any ofour members have UFO models, entity heads, historicalUFO artifacts or other items to donate or to loan, pleasecontact Walt Andrus.JULY 1996Holiday Inn Four Siiitunx. Grccniihi>n>, NC.NUMBER 339 PAGE 23
  • 24. MUFON UFO JOURNALWalter AndrusNEWS FROM AROUND THE NETWORKMUFON 1996 UFOSYMPOSIUMMUFONs twenty-seventh I n t e r n a t i o n a l UFOSymposium will be held July 5. 6 and 7. 1996, at theHoliday Inn Four Seasons/Joseph H. Koury ConventionCenter in Greensboro. North Carolina. The theme thisyear is "Ufblogy: A Scientific Enigma." The speakingprogram was published in the June issue of the MUFONUFO Journal. To expand the international scope of thesymposium, MUFONs National Director for Brazil.A. J. Gevaerd. was added to the speaking schedule tobring everyone on board with the current UFO wave inBrazil.Since the July, issue of the Journal will be mailedbefore the symposium, the symposium will be the fea-ture in the August 1996 edition.We want to thank NickSummers, George Lund, and their fantastic host com-mittees fora job well done with true southernhospital-ity. Everyone is invited to make plans to attend theMUFON 1997 International UFO Symposium at theAmway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids. Michigan,on July U. 12 and 13. L997, hosted by Michigan MU-FON.Colorado MUFON will host the 1998 symposium inDenver. CO, the mile high city. Sue and Rob Swiatekand the Northern Virginia MUFON organization havebid to host the 1999 MUFON Symposium in theArlington-Alexandria, Virginia locale. Mark BlashakState Director, has volunteered to lend his expertise af-ter hosting the successful Richmond. VA affair in 1993.Since the 1999 symposium has been awarded to north-ern Virginia, bids are now being solicited for the newcentury— Central Region in 2000, Western in 2001and Eastern Region in 2002.UFO AWARENESS WEEKDirector of Public Education, Virginia M. Tilly, has an-nounced that the Annual UFO Awareness Week willbe conducted from August 10 through 18, 1996. MaryKerfoot in Chicago and Tom Taylor in Phoenix. AZ re-ceived national news coverage last year for their exhibitsand programs. This is a major project in MUFONspublic education program. In order to get space in localshopping malls for your planned displays and videopresentations, it is imperative that you reserve the nec-essary facilities immediately, if you have not alreadydone so. Closed circuit UFO video programs are very ef-fective in conjunctionwith UFO exhibit boards and in-formational handouts about MUFON. Start making yourplans now. You will find that the experience gained is avery rewarding means of sharing our mutual avocation.O oArizona MUFON will be celebrating UFO AwarenessWeek at the Chris-Town Mall on August 16, 17 and18. For information, please call Tom Taylor (602) 967-6265 or Earlene S. Ford (602) 375-1942.NEW OFFICERSA long-time British UFO Researcher. Norman ThomasOliver has been appointed RepresentativeforThailandsince moving to Udornthani.Mr. Oliver is a former ed-itor of the Journal of British UFO Research Association(BUFORA) and has been a regular speaker at the OzarkUFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. SevenState Section Directors volunteered their leadership tal-ents this month: Herbert L. Prouty. J.D. (Denton. TX)for Collin. Denton, and Cooke Counties: Kenneth E.Cherry. B.A. (Keller. TX) forTarrant County; RobertD. McKenzie, Capt. U.S. Navy (Retired) (Irving.TX)for Dallas County: K. Lynn Chilson. B.S. (JohnsonCity, TX) for Blanco and Kendall Counties: Deena L.Davis. B.S. (Santa Fe. NM) for Santa Fe County: B.J.De La Riva. B.A. (El Dorado Springs, MO) for Cedar.Dade, and Polk Counties; and Catherine A. Naputi(Killcen. TX) for Bell County.NEW CONSULTANTS AND RESEARCH SPECIALISTSJoseph A. Riccioll. M.D. (Clifton. NJ) volunteeredto bea Consultant in Hypnotherapy. Six new ResearchSpecialists joined MUFON this past month: Janet L.Douglas, M.S.W. (Washington, DC) in Social Work:Dr. Roberto F. Orozco ( M i a m i , FL) N u t r i t i o nCounselor: James J. Rogers. M.A. (Everett. MA) inCriminal Justice; Charles N. Weikel, Jr., M.A. (HighBridge, NJ) in Developmental Psychology; and RobertCansler, M.S. (Westwood. MA) in ElectricalEngineering.FIELD INVESTIGATORS EXAMSAnyone who has purchased and studied the 4th editionof the MUFON Field Investigators Manual is eligibleto take the exam via mail when they feel they are ready.The 100-question test may be secured from MUFONheadquarters in Seguin and returned to this office forgrading. In localities where field investigator trainingclasses are being conducted, the instructor may ordersufficient quantitiesof the test and administer the examat the completion of the training classes. For currentmembers, the new manual may be purchased for $25plus $3.50 for postage and handling from MUFON inSeguin.Continued on Page 23PAGE 24 NUMBER 339 JULY 1996