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Mufon ufo journal 1995 8. august

  2. 2. M U F O N U F O J O U R N A LO F F I C I A L P U B L I C A T I O N OF THE M U T U A L UFO N E T W O R K S I N C E 1967A U G U S T 1995AN INTERVIEW WITH RAYSANTILLITHE 1995 MUFON SEATTLE SYMPOSIUMA CASE OF MEDICAL INTERVENTIONTHE UFO PRESSNEW ON THENETMUFON FORUMREADERS CLASSIFIEDSTHE SEPTEMBER NIGHT SKYCALENDARDIRECTORS MESSAGE^ oPhilip MantleDennis StacyWilliam HamiltonSean Casteel and Dennis Stacy"Alien Autopsy FilmLetters by Tobin, ClarksonWalter N. WebbWalter H. Andrus,Jr.N U M B E R 328381416181921222224COVER and accompanying cover article photos © 1995 by Roswell Footage Ltd.MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS002-970)(ISSN0270-6822)103Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, TX 78155-4099Tel: (210) 379-9216FAX (210)372-9439EDITORDennis StacyASSOCIATE EDITORWalter H. Andrus,Jr.COLUMNISTSWalter N.WebbJohn S.CarpenterART DIRECTORVince JohnsonCopyright 1995by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights Reserved.No part of this document may be reproduced in amiform without the written permission ofthe Copyright Owners. Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one arti-cle, provided the author is credited, and the statement, "Copyright 1995 by the Mutual UFONetwork, 103 Oldtowne Rd , Seguin, Tevas 78155," is included.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editors and do not necessari-ly reflect the official position of the Mutual UFO Network. Opinions expressed are solely thoseof the individual authors.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the typedescribed in Section 509 (a) (1). Donors may deduct contributions from their Federal IncomeTax. Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers or gifts are also deductible for estate and gift purposes,provided they meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106 and 2522 of the InternalRevenue Code.The MUFON UFO lonrnal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., Seguin,Texas. Membership/Subscription rates: $25 per year in the U.S.A.; $30 foreign in U.S. funds.Second class postagepaid at Seguin, TX.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to: MUFON UFO JOUR-NAL, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099.
  3. 3. MUFON UFO JOURNALAn Interview With Ray SantilliBy Philip MantleDirector of Investigationsfor the British UFO Research AssociationINTRODUCTIONMost of you will already know that Ray Santilli isthe person who claims to have purchased actualfilm footage from a retired US military cameraman ofthe UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Muchhas already been written about Mr. Santilli, the filmfootage, the alleged cameraman, etc, etc, etc. Most ofwhat has been written is based on opinions rather thanfact, and a whole lot more is no more than sheer rumor.In the brief interview that follows. I have attempted toobtain a few details from Mr. Santilli as to how he ob-tained the film, and what he intends to do with it in thefuture. The following is not meant to be an in-depthinterview in any way. It was recorded at Mr. Santillisof-fice in London on Tuesday, 27th June, 1995. The inter-viewer is Philip Mantle (PM) and the interviewee isRay Santilli (RS).PM: All I want you to do, Ray, in your own words, is totell us a little bit about yourself, your company, andexactly what the Merlin Group does, and how you cameacross the so-called Roswell film footage, please.RS: OK. Ive been involved in the media for the lasttwenty years. From the time I left school, I was first in-volved in promotion and marketing, managing recordingartists, and that lasted for quite some time, until even-tually I formed what was my first record company, re-ally, and at that time we were handling Walt Disneyproducts. We handled Disney audio. We had the exclu-sive rights here in the UK for Disney soundtracks andthat lasted for a good few years. And then I got in-volved in copyright brokerage and master recordings,publishing, book publishing and so forth. So if anyoneAUGUST 1995 NUMBER 328 PAGE 3
  4. 4. MUFON UFO JOURNALasks what we do here now, we are involved in the mar-keting, distribution and sale of audio product, videoproduct and book product.PM: So how did you come across the so-called Roswellfootage?RS: About two and a half years ago we were in theStates researching what was a music documentary, andwe were looking for some early footage of people likeBill Haley, Pat Boone and Elvis Presley, and we cameacross a cameraman, who in (the) 1950s was a free-lance. He was working for various different people asand when he was employed, and at one time during theearly part of 1955 he was employed by Universal Newsto film over a particular weekend what was a variety ofrock concerts and so forth at different high schoolsacross America. The reason he was employed byUniversal News was that there was a union strike on andUniversal News could not use their usual news camera-men, so he was used and he filmed some footage whichwe acquired for one of our earlier programs. We justbought some footage from him, just paid him cash, andwe built up a reasonably good relationship with himbecause the natureof the deal was that we gave him cashand he gave us footage, and there was no paper-work...and he came back to us and said, look, before yougo back, would you be interested in something else. Atthat time he said to us that he had some footage of whatwas an autopsy of an alien creature. We knew nothingabout Roswell, or the Roswell event, at that time, but wethought, well, its an interesting situation,you know? Analien autopsy, you dont get that offered everyday, so wetook an internal flight to his house, which was some dis-tance away from where we met him, and he showed uson film everything that you have now seen and thateveryone has become interested in.During that very first meeting with him, the firstthing that we did, and that was on day one, the very firstthing we did was to call Kodak, actually from his houseat that time, and say, how do we know that this film isgenuine, and they asked us to look at the codes and themarkings. And we relayed to them what the markingswere on the film, and at that time they said to us that itwas probably 1927, 1947 or 1967. That was almost twoand a half years ago. We then took a frame, well, Imean the leader tape and one frame from the film andbrought it back to the UK. This was two years ago. Wecirculated it amongst as many people as possible to saywhat year is this film, and eventually we satisfied our-selves that the film was genuine. I then presented tothe company that I had a very close relationship with,Polygram, I presented them with the possibility of buy-ing what was then the Roswell footage.So Polygram were very interested and they sent outone of their senior directors, in fact, he was the manag-ing director of Working Title, the people that have nowmade the film "Four Weddings and a Funeral." Thatperson was Gary Shoefield, and Gary was sent byPolygram to meet up with the cameraman in order to se-cure the deal for the footage. Anyway, due to variousproblems, and the problems were that the cameramanwas taken very ill at the time, he went to the hospital.Gary ended up sitting in his hotel waiting for the cam-eraman to show (and) he didnt show. Gary then calledthe cameramans wife to find out what had happened,and she explained everything to him, and Gary thencalled the hospital to check on his condition. To cut along story short, the meeting did not happen andPolygram satisfied themselves at that time that the cam-eraman did exist. However, Polygram did not want tocontinue the negotiation purely because (of) the natureof the legalities involved in buying footage that someonedoes not own, because it was owned by the U.S. mili-tary. So, eventually the cameraman came out of hospital,he came out to discover that the deal was not goingthrough because we didnt have the money, so it was oneof these situations that we were promising to pay him,but we didnt have the money and he had lost faith in us.It took a long time, it took a good eighteen months, re-ally, for us to turn that situation around in order to rebuildhis confidence in us, and we finally got (to)the stage atthe end part of last year (1994) and the beginningof thisyear (1995), that we could hand him money and take thefilm, but it was a very long procedure...and so we even-tually did that, and from the beginning of this year (1995)we had the entirety of the film in our possession.PM: As for authentication, apart from the fact that youmentioned Kodak, what convinced you that this film isthe genuine article?RS: Because I have the advantage of dealing with thecameraman first hand. Im not dealing with second handinformation, its a person Ive known on and off for twoyears. Ive had various meetings with him. Weve man-aged to go through his diaries, his records, and his photoalbum. Weve seen his house, his family, weve seen hiscollection of old cameras, and, you know, weve heard allthe stories. The guy is genuine. I know he is genuine.I be-lieve that the footage is genuine,but in time only peoplethat can do more research will be able tojudge it more crit-ically.PM: What is going to happen next with the film, withthe footage itself?RS: The raw footage, uncut and untreated,will be soldthrough mail order video, then the broadcasters in thevarious territories will do whatever they want with thefootage. Some are colourising it, some are enhancing it,they will basically have a field day. They have beengiven carte-blanche, its their property once they haveagreed to take it for broadcast.PAGE 4 NUMBER 328 AUGUST 1995
  6. 6. MUFON UFO JOURNALPM: And what about the future?RS: I dont know, really. It depends what comes up, itdepends whether the footage can maintain its ground asbeing credible, or whether it cant. If it can, then, youknow, it will become like the Shroud of Turin. If it can-not, it will fall into category of one of those hoaxes. I re-ally do not know. As far as the footage is concerned, Ireally dont know. It changes daily.PM: And what do you think the possibilities are with re-gards to the cameraman going on the record in the future?RS: Next to zero, but I dont know, it changes, but Iwouldnt have thought that he would agree to meet orspeak to anyone other than myself on the subject, butthats changed recently, so, I just dont know. It reallydepends. The original agreement that we had with himwas that we would respect his confidentiality and thatwas a fundamental part of the deal, and we would nothave got the film without that agreement in place. If wehad suggested anything else then we wouldnt have thefilm today. So, whatever we get from here on we con-sider as bonus.PM: Just one last question.Are you open to offers of as-sistance to help verify this film, one way or the other?RS: Yes, well, there is only so much you can do, as thereare only so many hours in a day, but once Kodak is inplace, which they are now. even though its going to berecreated for film (a documentary on Roswell currentlyin production by a UK TV company). But once Kodak isin place, and once the camemman has done whatever heis going to do, Im not sure what else can be done. Butyes, well cooperate with whoever, but if its a questionof can we take ten feet or a hundred feet of the rawfootage away, then Im not sure if thats viable or pos-sible. Thats another discussion. But it depends on whatoffers of assistance we receive.ADDENDUMFor quite a number of weeks now, Ray Santilli hadbeen trying to persuade the cameraman in question tocontact me by phone from the USA. On Thursday, 22ndJune, Mr. Santilli telephoned me at approximately 7:30p.m. (British Summer Time) and informed me that hehad just spoken on the phone to the cameraman, and thathe had assured him that he would phone me later thatday.At approximately 8:50 pm (BST) on the sameevening (June 22nd), I did receive a call from a manclaiming to be JB, allegedly the original cameraman. Atno time during our conversation did I attempt to "inter-rogate" him. Instead, I took the opportunity to attempt toPAGE 6 NUMBER 328 AUGUST 1995
  7. 7. MUFON UFO JOURNALsow the seeds of friendship in the hope that I mighteventually be able to meet him face-to-face and en-courage him to work with us. However, he did confirmthat his commanding officer was a General McMullen,and that he was flown from Washington to film theevents in question. He declined politely my offer of go-ing on the record now, but did not rule out a meetingwith me should I visit the USA. He informed me thatdue to his age and continued ill health, his travelingdays were over and that he did not expect to live to seemany more Olympic games.He continually coughed during our fifteen minuteconversation and invited me to ask him specific ques-tions if I wanted to. I informed him that I had at least athousand questions for him that I would rather put tohim in person than on the telephone. He appreciated thesituation I was in, thanked me for my various offers ofassistance, and stated that if I wanted to put specificquestions to him in the future this could be done via RaySantilli. He did say that he was still somewhat unsure ofhis legal position as he had sold film that did not belongto him. The entire conversation, although brief, wascourteous, and JB did not rule out the possibility of asimilar conversation in the future.I cannot of course offer any proof that the man on thephone on June 22nd was indeed JB. the original cam-eraman, but if there is the remotest chance that it was,there was no way that I was going to be aggressive to-wards him. Instead, I believe I took the right course ofaction in attempting to gain his trust, but only time willtell if I succeeded or not.I have also checked with Gary Shoefield, who was,according to Ray Santilli, sent by Polygram to meetwith JB as outlined above. 1spoke with Shoefield on thesame day as the interview with Ray Santilli in London,and he confirmed that the statements concerning him asoutlined above by Santilli are indeed accurate.Unfortunately, 1 was unable to record the conversationwith Shoefield, but I hope to do so in the future.For those who are unaware of exactly what filmfootage I have personally seen, I would like to statehere that I have seen four different "segments" of film.These include the so-called "tent scene," where it is al-leged that one of the aliens is being examined (not an au-topsy) in a tent out in the desert by two men in whitecoats. I have also seen two completely different au-topsy films and just recently film of the alleged debrisdepicting "I-beams" and other material.For those wishing to obtain a complete uncut copy ofthis film footage, please be aware that copies on video ineither PAL, NTSC or SECAM format are availablefrom: Roswell Offer (PGM), PO Box 1790, Marlow,Bucks, England, SL7 2RS.The price is £35.00, USA and rest of the world, and£33.00 UK. This includes p&h. Please make all checksor internationalmoney orders payable to Roswell Offer.Visa, Access and Mastercard are also accepted.Philip Mantle is Director of Investigations for BU-FORA, the British UFO Research Association, andMUFONs Foreign Representative for England.EDITORS NOTE — The above should not in any way beconstrued as an endorsement of the authenticityof the al-leged Roswell film footage by MUFON. its Board ofDirectors, or this Journal. The interview by PhilipMantle, which MUFON solicited and for which we areindebted, simply represents the latest information avail-able at press time. Like various other media outlets, theJournal was offered still out-takes from the film on thesole condition that we publish information as to how thevideo might be ordered. Unfortunately,the vendor failedto provide a price in US dollars. £35.00 is roughly$70.00 US. Be sure to confirm a price and to inquire be-fore ordering whether one of the stated formats is VHScompatible. The telephone numbers we have that may berelevant are Oil 44 (0)171 724-6128 and fax Oil 44(0)171 723-0732. (When dialing from within the US. the0 within parentheses can be omitted.) Again, purchase ispurely a personal decision that should be based on in-dividual curiousity. At this time MUFON does not en-dorse the authenticity of the film; too much research re-mains to be done.Readers should also refer to Kent Jeffreys "ThePurported 1947 Roswell Film" in the June 1995 issue ofthe Journal, as well as the letters and "New on the Net"sections of this issue for further information.ERRATAA computer error in the last issue of the Journal resultedin the truncation of Greg Longs article, "TheParanormal at Yakima." The article ended abruptly at theend of page 11. The concludingparagraph should haveread as follows:People pursued, watched, toyed with by an unknownintelligence from off the planet? Flying machines? Orpart of an invisible intelligence capable of nearly anycharacteristics of guile and trickery known to man?Followed by: Greg Long is a technical writer andeditor, a field investigator for both MUFON and CU-FOS, and author of Examining the Earthlight Theory:The Yakima UFO Microcosm, available from the Centerfor UFO Studies. Greg may be reached in writing at P.O.Box 819, Philomath, OR 97370.Our apologies for any confusion. In the same issue,toward the bottom of the 2nd column on page 17, is asentence which reads, "But the stretching occurs at theunlikely angle of 600. instead of vertically as isusuallythe case off horizontally layered inversions." Of course600 should have been 60°, as in sixty degrees.Again, we regret any confusion.AUGUST 1995 NUMBER 328 PAGE 7
  8. 8. MUFON UFO JOURNALTHE 1995 MUFON SEATTLE SYMPOSIUMText by Dennis Stacy, Photographs by Ansen SealeSEATTLE, WA — Well, we didnt have a power failure or a suffocating heat wave this year, whichmeans that the Seattle Symposium, MUFONs 26th consecutive such event, was everything mem-bers have come to expect in recent years: entertaining, comfortable and cool. The host committee,composed of chairpersons Marilyn and Laurence Childs, symposium coordinator Cindee Lee, andeveryone else from the local Seattle MUFON chapter are to be congratulated for an absolutely de-lightful weekend. About the only thing missing was strolling mariachis.M<i>ilyn Cliilds greets Wult Amlrus.The theme of this years symposium was "Ufology:A Scientific Paradigm." The approximately 800paid and invited who attended were welcomedearly Saturday morning with remarks of greetings fromMaster of Ceremonies Gerald Rolwes and MUFON in-ternational director Walter Andrus. Jr. Our morningsfirst speaker was Katharina Wilson from nearbyPortland. Oregon, who — short of perhaps WhitleyStrieber — seems to have had more visitor encounter ex-periences than anyone else on the planet — somethinglike 120 in the last 30-plus years.Although Ms. Wilsons encounter experiences re-portedly began at the age of six — with images of apiece of chocolate cake floating over her head — sheonly began keeping a diary record of them in 1983,four years prior to publication of Budd HopkinsIntruder.1;. She doesnt enthusiastically endorse the al-most unrelentingly malevolent scenario of alien ab-ductions proposed by Hopkins and colleague DavidJacobs. One area of difference revolves around whatWilson refers to as "teaching dreams." a phrase that,frankly, wasnt very well defined. "A teaching dream isnot a dream as we define dream," Wilson said, butrather, a particular type of experience that occurs withinthe context of an abduction. During a teaching dream, anabductee is an active participantin the events that thealiens choose to have him or her participate in." But if itfeels like a dream, walks like a dream, and quacks like adream, then how do we know it wasnt a dream? On theother hand, if the experience was significantly differentfrom a dream, then why use the word "dream" to de-scribe it, a problem further exacerbated by references toalien-imposed "visions" and "theatrics," not to men-tion "camouflage" and "screen memories," at least onecategory of which involved encounters with "telepathicpolar bears." Some sort of sorting out is obviously re-quired here.Wilsons experiences also differ from the "standard"scenario in that she reports encounters with a vast vari-ety of "entities," from six-feet-tall Blondes, and four dif-ferent types of Greys, to a female "Praying Mantis"(also approaching six feet), and ordinary human militaryWalt Andrus (top). Katharina Wilson (bottom)PAGES NUMBER 328 AUGUST 1995
  9. 9. MUFON UFO JOURNALpersonnel, who appear to be working in league withthe aliens. Although 119 experiences through 1992arereportedly consciously recalled, Ms. Wilson also ad-mits that she has undergone regressive hypnosis on nineoccasions. She concludes that "the alien-human hy-bridization program is only the tip of the iceberg...! be-lieve we are witnessingan ongoing process involving theevolution of Homo sapiens...(-a possible outcome ofwhich) may be the development of a new type of beingwho has human characteristics and can exist in a higherdimension."John St IniPHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTSJohn Schuessler of Houston, MUFONs deputy directorof administration, delivered a paper entitled "Developinga Catalog of UFO-Related Human PhysiologicalEffects." In other words, what happens when humanscome in close proximity to the UFO phenomenon?Unfortunately, aside from a few sporadic examples ofimprovement in physical and mental health cited in theliterature, most consequences of UFO close encounters(abductions possibly excepted) appear to be injurious innature. These can range from the relatively passive and"benign" — a sense of simply being stunned or para-lyzed — to the more active and serious, including symp-toms of temporary blindness, "sunburn," headache, di-arrhea, vomiting, loss of hair, nosebleeds, and nausea, ifnot more.The problem of compiling such a catalog is enor-mous, Schuessler admits, but more problematic is thedifficulty of assuring that victims receive proper medicalattention, as most are reluctant to tell physicians thattheir injuries are UFO-related for fear of understandableridicule.Schuessler cited at least eight lessons that could beprofitably digested and employed by investigators re-searching UFO injury cases. We quote only two here.Schuesslers lesson number four says that "it is neces-sary to use the proper channels and forms to obtainmedical records. (The) medical profession will cooper-ate if requests are properly made. (These) must be donewith the consent of the victims and the records must beused to help the victims."Lesson six says that "using film and videotape todocument the visible injuries is of utmost impor-tance...The human body changes daily as it fights toheal the injuries...(and) the investigator must document(the changes as they) happen."ABDUCTIONSAfter a lunch break, Dan Wright updated MUFONsabduction transcription project, which he currently man-ages. The program is ambitious in more ways than one.It not only seeks to compile a printed transcriptof audiotapes submitted by investigatorsof their interviewswithalleged abductees, but to ultimately provide a searchabledatabase for future research into abduction similaritiesand anomalies. The privacy of participantsis stringentlyguaranteed, and, at least initially, full access to the data-base is restricted only to participatinginvestigators.General assessments surface on occasion, however, ofwhich the Seattle symposium was one.To date, 15 different abduction researchers have par-ticipated in the project, resulting in 142 separate casescompiled from 560 transcripts.A number of patterns ortendencies, and some dissimilarities, can be identified.First, a variety of entities seem to be involved. Thoseconducting the actual abduction,what Wright refers to asthe "away team." consist of several short whitish, grey-ish or bluish beings, one of whom appears to lead theteam and "speak" for the others. Once onboard, ab-ductees are confronted by what seems to be a "doctor"figure, perceived as male, taller than the away teammembers on average, and seemingly in charge of theoverall operation. Its skin tone ranges from grey, togreen and brown. The doctor seems to be aided by sev-eral assistants, one of whom, perceived as female, spe-cializes in soothing or calmingthe abductee.In 15 cases, a strong sense of premonition that an ab-duction was about to occur was reported, often accom-panied by a tingling, buzzingor vibration in the head orentire body. In 43 cases, victims reported alteredcon-sciousness, typically described as a dazed, dulled ordreamlike state. The ability to penetrate and pass throughmatter was reported in 45 cases, in 23 of which thismiraculous feat was performed by one or more enti-Dan WrightAUGUST 1995 NUMBER 328 PAGE 9
  10. 10. MUFON UFO JOURNALInsiilc t/u iiuli>r. ruoin.Susan uiul Rob Swuuek ofFUFOK.Gloria Wingfield at the crop circle table. UFO topjloais, bin will it fly.PAGE 10 NUMBER 328 AUGUST 1995
  11. 11. MUFON UFO JOURNALties; in 31, the witness him- or herself reported passingthrough solid matter.In 75 cases, abductees were floated up in the air; in 32of these a light beam was seen which appeared to be thelevitating mechanism. In contrast, 13 cases involvedthe individual being walked a short distance, from theirhome or car. to an isolated location. Fifty-six cases re-ported some form of entity locomotion: in 34, the enti-ties seem to glide or float, and in 34, one or another en-tity type appeared to walk on the ground and other sur-faces just as we do.The shape of the "ship," or object, in which ab-ductees found themselves was noticed in 53 cases. Theseincluded disc shapes (39), cigar shapes (11) and ballshapes (11). Once inside, 26 respondents noted an odorto the air, variously described as something burning,sulfur, ozone, "electrical" or chemical and so on. Ten ab-ductees reported a foul, garbagelike smell coming fromthe entities themselves. Of 52 cases in which the shapeof the room was noted, 43 were circular. Mentionedspecifically in 74 cases, and implied in many others, wassome sort of examining table, typically very hard, nar-row and supported atop a single pedestal. Twenty-twopeople reported looking through what appeared to be awindow into an inky blackness sprinkled with stars. In33 cases, the room was brightly lit, in ten it was al-ways dim or dark.The great majority of episodes began and ended in thevictims home, usually the bedroom. In 28 cases, adif-ferent locale was reported, usually outdoors or inside acar. In 14 cases, at some point during the experience, ab-ductees report being led to some sort of undergroundchamber or structure. Physical restraint of some sortwas reported in 81 cases, 74 of which were by the nowfamiliar feeling of being paralyzed. A medical exami-nation was also quite common, with 79 subjects report-ing more than mere visual observation or examinationby touch. In 43 cases, the individual was anesthetizedprior to the more invasive procedures, 29 of which in-volved blood or tissue sampling. Thirty reported an im-plant in various locations, while 41 involved some sortof scanning or samplingof the brain.Forty percent of those responding — 62 cases — re-ported some sort of unwanted sexual intrusion. In all, atotal of 20 men and 51 women were involved,numberswhich roughly mimic the proportion of males to fe-males throughoutthe study. Still, only 81 of the 142 re-ported outrightfear in the course of their experience.Wright also noted that "nonverbalized communica-tion in the form of visual images was part of 40cases. These were variously shown on a computer screen,via holograph, or telepathicallyin the subjects mind.In18 cases, the image was of another locale, usually ex-traterrestrial and often a star cluster or solar system, onoccasion a desert-like landscape." Images of animalswere present in 12 cases, with owls and deer dominating.Eighty of 97 cases mentioning height judged the en-tities to be short, well under five feet in the majority ofcases. The so-called "tall"ones, six to seven feet tall, hu-man-looking with Nordic features, were reported in 15instances and sometimes described as the abducteesreal "father." As for entity skin tone, 28 were white, 54grey, with smaller samplings of other colors. Wrightdetailed a number of other statistics dealing with the en-tities eyes, ears and mouth, theiremotions and behavior,and so on. Theyre all there, in both text and chart form,in Wrights published paper in the Proceedings.HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSEJoe Lewels, a MUFON consultant and assistant state di-rector for west Texas and south New Mexico, presenteda paper on the holographic theory of the universe. Ashorter version of Lewels presentation recently ap-peared in the MUFON UFO Journal. Holograms werefirst discovered in the early 1950s by a Hungarian-bornengineer, Dennis Gabon The uniqueproperty of a holo-graphic image is that any of its parts contains the wholeimage. The question of course is whether hologramsare a mere idle curiosity — we all know they look goodin museums — or whether they represent a fundamentalaspect of natureitself.Recent advances and theories in quantum physicsand brain science by David Bohm and Karl Pribam. re-spectively, indicatethat the holographic principle may beone of the universes basic building blocks. PhysicistBohms theory of non-locality, for example, posits thaiat the quantum level all points in space and time areequal, that all quanta are identical, and, somehow, in-terconnected across time and space. Pribam, a neuro-physiologist at Stanford University, found somethingsimilar going on in the brain in terms of memory. Inother words, memory seems not to be stored in spe-cific, discreet locales, or areas, but to be spread through-out the brain as a whole. Vision seems to operate on sim-ilar holographic principles.The implicationsof a holographic universe, in whichall parts are somehow in immediate contact with one an-other, and time and space as we tend to think of them nolonger "count," carries enormous implications for ourunderstanding of the nature of mass and energy, con-sciousness, and of course, by extension, UFOs and re-lated phenomena.THE CONDON REPORTThe 1969 University of Colorado UFO study project,also known as the Condon Report after its director,physicist Edward U. Condon, has been a matter of somecontroversy ever since it first appeared in print. In truth,as Michael Swords showed at the symposium, it was acontroversial matter even before the Air Force paid outthe last contract dollar. There is no smoking gun thatshows the hand of the CIA or any other governmentagency secretly stirring the stew — to mix metaphors —AUGUST 1995 NUMBER 328 PAGE 11
  12. 12. MUFON UFO JOURNALMichael Siriwi/.sbut there is a lot of evidence to suggest that the AirForce dearly desired to divorce itself from the UFOsubject in the publics mind, and that they clearly ex-pected the Colorado study to justify the annulment.Much internal documentation, said Swords, bears outthat this is precisely what happened.But there were other attenuating influences at work aswell, not all of which accommodate a clear-cut con-spiracy hypothesis. For instance, the panel of investi-gators was itself divided over what methodology shouldbe used to approach the phenomenon under study. Thisdivision was primarily a result of a hypothesis put for-ward by perceptual psychologist Michael Wertheimerearly in the proceedings. Theoretically, whatinvestiga-tors wanted to do was study the original distal, or distant,stimulus of UFO reports. In the overwhelming majorityof cases, however, these reports were purely anecdotal,introducing de facto elements of distortion (includinghuman perception and cognitive filtering) into the orig-inal report.Put simply, because there was no baseline of how or-dinary people perceive (and distort) UFO stimuli, therewas no way of knowing how much the distal stimuluswas being distorted in the mere reporting of same, andtherefore no way to correct for any distortion in the finalanalysis. Wertheimers suggestion was that such studiescould be conducted, first, by actually simulating UFOevents (!) and then by studying how the population re-acted in terms of reporting, memory and perception,thereby providing a sort of calibration.At this prospect, the Air Force, who felt there were al-ready far too many UFO "simulations," were notpleased. They were trying to downplay the damn things,not generate more reports, which were already apublicrelations headache. The second part of the Wertheimerhypothesis was epistemological in nature and boileddown to this: just as there was no way of proving that noUFO report was extraterrestrialin origin, neither, barringany unforeseen developments, was there anyway ofproving that any UFO was necessarily ET in nature.Some reports would always remain a mystery, or un-knowable, for which Wertheimer suggested the word"framasand."The Air Force were not particularly overjoyed bythis prospect, either. Rather than a residue of naggingframasands, what they wanted was a clear assessment ofthe ET hypothesis, and a negative one at that, one thatwould gracefully permit them to return to unfetteredbachelorhood. And the rest, as they say, is history.JOURNALISM AWARDBetween Swords speech and Michael Strainics, RobSwiatek of the Fund for UFO research presented FU-FORs annual Donald E. Keyhoe journalism award forUFO reporting. In the broadcast journalismcategory, Mr.Ralph Steiner of KPFA-FM, California, won for hisfour-hour radio documentary, "The UFO Cover-up: TheGreatest Political Scandal of All Time." This writerwon the print media award for my six-pan OmniMagazine series (April - September. 1994), "CosmicConspiracy: Six Decades of Government UFO Cover-ups." A $500 check accompanied the award. We arehonored, and we thank you.As Swiatek said, "This years Keyhoe Awards aremade especially poignant by the recent passing of MajorKeyhoes widow, Mrs. Helen Keyhoe. Mrs. Keyhoewas always an enthusiastic supporter of the award; shewill be dearly missed."Michael StrainicCANADIAN CONUNDRUMWith the collapse of the Soviet Union, Canada nowconstitutes the single largest geopolitical entity on theplanet. Besides its shared border with the US. it alsoshares a fairly common UFO history. In fact, given itssize, one would think it would have even more and bet-ter UFO reports, until one realizes, despite its giganticproportions, that it has a population only one-tenth thatof its neighbor to the south. Its sheer size can hamper in-vestigations; nevertheless. Canada has had its share ofstimulating UFO cases, as ably demonstrated in the pa-per, "Ufology in the Great White North." presented byMichael Strainic of British Columbia (the one with thegolden earring), MUFONs Canadian National Director,and a recent welcome addition to our Board of Directors.PAGE 12 NUMBER 328 AUGUST 1995
  13. 13. MUFON UFO JOURNALWhat may have been Canadas first written account ofan UFO dates to October 12, 1796, although the diaristwho records the story of a "Fleet of Ships" seen in thesky over the Bay of Fundy is clearly skeptical of same,and considers that "Clouds at Sunset" might be much"Improved by Imagination." The parade of the Great1896-7 Airship, however, crossed into Canada, where it,or something similar, was reported from the provinces ofQuebec and Ontario in the far east, to a number of re-cently discovered events in British Columbia and otherpoints west. In 1915, more "airships" were seen inOntario, and subsequently referred to as the "PhantomInvasion" of that year.The single most prominent and controversial post-Arnold figure in Canadian UFO research is undoubt-edly one Wilbert Brockhouse Smith, a respected radio en-gineer who died in 1961 at the age of 52. After meetingwith American authorities,Smith wrote amemorandumto his own government in which he noted that UFOswere reportedly "the most highly classified subject in theUnited States government, rating higher even than the H-bomb." Smith believed that a proper study of UFOsmight result in new knowledge concerning gravity andmagnetism, and was eventuallyable to establish ProjectMagnet under auspices of the Canadian Department ofTransport. The latter resulted in the erection of a UFO"listening post" just ten miles north of Ottawa, the na-tions capitol. Three days after it seemed to have de-tepted a significant, non-visual magnetic disturbance,the program was ordered shut down by the DOT.Canadas classic UFO cases compete with the best ofthem, so to speak. The Michalak case of the 1960s, for ex-ample, involved a prospector who encountered a landedUFO and subsequently claimed to have received burnsfrom same. The decade of the 70s gave us the EdwinFuhr case: five small, round, silvery UFOs seen risingfrom a field and leaving behind simple "crop circles." The80s produced the Campbell River photograph taken byHannah McRoberts, "in my humble opinion," Strainicnoted, "probably the best UFO photograph ever taken."More recently, Canada has been visited by a series ofcrop circle cut-outs, some more sophisticated than oth-ers. What primarily distinguishesthem from their evenmore elaborate English counterparts are the involve-ment of animal corpses, some just dead, but conspicu-ously placed, others seemingly mutilated. Canada alsohas its own Roswell — the crash of something uniden-tified into Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia, in 1967 — al-though its primary investigator,Chris Styles, is quick topoint out that he hopes "to avoid comparisons to otherUFO crashes and their respective investigations andlegends. It would be tragic to get into a my UFO crashis better than your UFO crash argument."EVENINGTIDEAfter dinner, the Saturday night session offered threefeatured speakers: mercurial masters of the microphoneTain Dfitlev. Kci/h-rt Wfiiul uihl Roh SwiaiekK.N. WebbMichael Lindemann and Stanton Friedman, and KalKorff. a UFO "dropout" who resurfaced with avengeance. Korffs presentation, "Spaceships of thePleiades: the Billy Meier Story" — a relatively late ad-dition to the speakingschedule — is the only paper notpublished in the Proceedings. Korff promises similarhard-hitting investigations in the future.It would be hard to imagine a more comprehensivethree-hour summary of the subjects complexity andpenchant for confusion, from Lindemanns wrestlingwith the ultimate meaningand implications of the phe-nomenon ("Maps, Myths and Millennial Madness:AUGUST 1995 NUMBER 328 PAGE 13
  14. 14. MUFON UFO JOURNALUfology Meets the End-Time") and Friedmans"Roswell Revisited," to Korff s expose of the BillyMeier photographs and other submitted "evidence" aslittle more than the trappings of a mystical religiouscult with UFO (and profit) overtones. Korffs book ofthe same name (505 pages, illus., $25.95) is scheduled tobe published this fall by Prometheus Books.Lindemann, co-founder of the Institute for the Studyof Contact with Non-human Intelligence, reiteratedthe age-old truism that the map is not the territory. Mapshave their usefulness,indeed, they are indispensable, butthey are hardly a one-to-one reflection of reality on theground. Citing several examples, includingthe recentlysurfaced film footage of what purports to be the au-topsy of an alien body recovered from Roswell,Lindemann warned of the pitfalls inherent inmistakingone for the other. To know the territory better, we needmore and better maps, which means we need more car-tographers and explorers in the bargain.Roswell is surely one of the major maps in dire needof redrawing, what with the publication of at least fivebooks on the subject, the recently released Air ForceRoswell Report, the forthcoming GovernmentAccounting Office assessment of same, the Ray Santillifilm footage, and so on. Indeed, on Sunday afternoon,Karl Pflock, author of Roswell in Perspective, wouldpresent his views on the subject. And again, kudos to thesymposium coordinators for presenting such diversepoints of view!Unfortunately, I had to be present at the Sundaymorning Board of Directors meeting, and then had tonab an early afternoon flight back to San Antonio (so asto arrive before midnight), and so could not attend mostof the Sunday presentations. These included papers byPflock, Walter Webb ("Encounter at Buff Ledge").Charles Emmons ("The Ufology Experience: Daring toStudy UFOs"), Linda Moulton Howe ("1994 AnimalMutilations"), and Rolf-Dieter Klein of Munich,Germany, on the photographic analyses of severalGerman UFO photographs. Fortunately,all of these pa-pers are included in the published Proceedings, availablefrom MUFON for $25.00 plus $1.50 postage and han-dling. At 315 pages, they are the largest ever published,and thanks to new hard and software, the most profes-sional-appearing yet. In short, the next best thing tohaving been there.A Case of MedicalInterventionby William HamiltonAlien abduction experiences, like NDEs, have beenattributed to hypnogogic and hypnopompic im-agery. Carl Sagan has gone so far as to attribute someabduction to waking hallucinations. Otherexplanationsinclude hoaxes or hallucinations evoked by ambientelectric or magnetic fields. Attributing abduction eventsto actual alien life forms is not on the skeptics list ofprobable explanations.When such an experience is correlated with physicalevidence such that a forensic analysis is possible orlaboratory examination is possible, it still remains aformidable task to prove cause.The followingcase is suggestive of alien intervention.The subject, a person with a history of these experi-ences, was diagnosed as having an undesirable massembedded in her right breast and requiringimmediatesurgicalintervention.An article submitted by Ann Druffel to a 1991 issueof the MUFON UFO Journal detailssome backgroundon this case, that of Morgana Van Klausen, who residesin Southern California. She has had repeated experi-ences from December 1991 through December 1994. Torecap the events described by Ann, Morgana reportsthe following:1. A bright beam of light was seen to move aroundoutside the home. This was followed by a period ofmissing time of two hours in December 1987. involvingherself and her four-year-old son. 2. Invasionof her home by a short, white-skinned en-tity who performed an invasivegynecological procedure.3. The discovery by the Van Klausens of a 13-foot di-ameter circle of burned grass in their back yard the dayafter the appearance of the white-skinnedentity.4. Two unidentified "persons" who entered the homeduring the night, and were perceived by Mr. VanKlausen, who felt totally paralyzed and incapable ofconfronting them.5. Their four-year-old sons perception of "white fig-ures" who entered his-bedroom and also looked throughthe windows, leaving him with conscious memories of"trips on spacecraft."6. A visit by two short entities who were perceived byMorgana as they leaned over her sons bed.7. A visit by a similar type entity in May 1991, whomMorgana succeeded in pushing away, after which the en-tity abruptly disappeared.The above is a summary of events only to 1991. Thefocus of this report is the series of remarkable events thatMorgana experienced in December 1994.PAGE 14 NUMBER 3Z8 AUGUST 1995
  15. 15. MUFON UFO JOURNALOn December 7, 1994, Morgana went to a medicalcenter for a bilateral mammogram. An X-ray found a pe-culiarity in the axillary segment of the right breast. Thiswas followed by ultrasonography over the same area. Asmall noncystic mass measuring 1.6 x .6 cm was foundin the problem area. She was immediatelyscheduled forsurgery on the next day, but since she was running asmall fever, the surgery was postponed until Wednesday,December 14.On December 29,1 had learned from Don Waldrop,our Director for MUFON-LA, that Morgana had re-ported a sighting on December 13th. Since 1 knewMorgana and had known of previous sightingsthat shehad in the same area, I immediately called her to inter-view her on the details. Later, she wrote me a letter onthe sighting and the subsequent turn of events.On Tuesday, December 13th, she was driving withher son in the car on her way home at 6:30 in theevening. The sky still had some light. Just above themand to the right she saw a white triangular-shapedcraftabout 500 yards away. It looked much like one she hadseen in the same area in 1991. She pulled over andstopped the car and watched it for approximately threeminutes before it shot straight up at tremendous speed.Her son reacted by saying, "Mom, look! Wow, this is agood sign — they are protecting us. We are protected.You wait and see, youll have no more problems!" ButMorgana soon forgot about the sighting as her mindwas filled with thoughts of her surgery the next day.That evening in bed, Morgana woke up in a dazeand with an excruciating burning pain under her arm inthe area where the noncystic mass was located. Shefound that she could not move. She had never felt painin that area before. She wanted to get up and take aTylenol but she couldnt move out of bed. She does notremember the rest of the night.In the morning she arose early to arrive at the hospi-tal by 7:30. The doctors first procedure was to put aneedle into the mass because it was deep and he wantedto determine how far to cut. The needle or wire was leftin and another X-ray taken. After the new X-ray wastaken, the radiologist came in with the old X-ray takenon December 7th. He was baffled! Something was notright. He ordered another ultrasound. The ultrasoundrevealed that the previously located mass had disap-peared! Both the radiologist and the surgeon confirmedthat the previous diagnostic had revealed a solid massand that solid masses just dont disappear. In March, orafter, she is to return for another diagnostic.It is evident from the medical procedures that thedoctors involved with Morganas treatment were con-vinced that she harbored a tumor that needed to be sur-gically removed. She could not bring herself to tell thedoctors of the strange events on December 13th be-cause she was stunned herself and knew they wouldprobably dismiss her report or think her strange. In fact,other than reporting her sighting, she took some time toconfide to someone in our MUFON group the medicalevents that followed the sighting. She was not sure thatthe two were related.It is not possible to prove that alien intervention wasthe cause of removal of the noncystic mass, and anyhypothesis concerning the sudden disappearance of themass, at least between December 7th and 14th, could notbe tested, nevertheless, a possible scenario is suggestedby these events.Not enough is known yet about Morganas medicalhistory or genetic heritage to determine whether it wouldbe likely that she had a tumor. It doesnt seem likely thatthe alien entities who took an interest in Morganadropped in to heal her with non-surgical techniques outof their great compassion for humans. Morgana wasnot suffering pain from the presence of the mass. If thealiens intervened and removed the mass, it is most likelythat they had inserted the mass in the first place. If thesurgeon had cut the mass out of the body, then he wouldhave sent the mass to the lab for a biopsy. The labwould have reported any irregularities it might havefound. If it was an implant then the aliens acted swiftlyto remove the evidence before it was recovered by oursurgeons. This implies they were closely monitoringMorganas activities or were somehow able to detect,from the mass, the X-ray or ultrasound radiation whichalerted them to medicalscanning.The events happened and are a matter of record.(Documentation enclosed.) The explanation is onlyspeculative. If the mass detected was an alien implant, itdoes suggest that there must be a way to monitor the im-plant, that it is acting as a transponder of some sort,opening the door to the possibility of detecting signals orreflected signalsfrom such implants.Morgana reported that she felt an unusual sense ofwell-being after the mass was gone. Was this an actualaftereffect? It seems highly unlikely that any of this oc-currence was due to hypnopompic hallucinations.Bill Hamilton is the chief investigator for Los AngelesMUFON.1995 UFO SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGSThe MUFON 1995 International UFOSymposium Proceedings are now available bymail from MUFON in Seguin, Texas. Thirteenpapers have been published as submitted by theoutstanding symposium speakers. Order yourcopy now for this 315 page ivory leatherette8-1/2" x 11" perfect binding paperback book for$25 plus $1.50 for postage and handling in U.S.funds from MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Road,Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.AUGUST 1995 NUMBER 328 PAGE 15
  16. 16. MUFON UFO JOURNALA Close Encounter with C.D.B. Bryanby Sean CasteelJournalist C.D.B. Bryan is the author of the 1976 best-seller. Friendly Fire, a gritty, brutally honest look atthe impact the Viet Nam War had on this country. Hehas also been published in The New York TimesMagazine, The New Republic. The New Yorker, andmany other leading magazines, earning a reputation asan investigative reporter who demands to be taken seri-ously.Bryan recently came out with a new book calledClose Encounters of The Fourth Kind: Alien Abductions.UFOs, and the Conference at M.l.T. (Alfred A. Knopf,1995) in which he reports on the 1992 scientific con-ference held at the Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology in order to examine "the findings of variousinvestigators studying people who report experiences ofabductions by aliens, and the related issues of the phe-nomenon." The five day conference was chaired byM.l.T. Professor of Physics David Pritchard and HarvardProfessor of Psychiatry John Mack. As one of the fewmembers of the media invited to attend, Bryan was in-trigued enough by what he saw and heard to investigatethe subject in book-length form in an attempt to an-swer the question: If what these abductees are saying ishappening to them isnt happening,what is?I spoke to C.D.B. Bryan by phone from his home inConnecticut and asked how he felt his book had been re-ceived so far."Well, I havent had any responses from the readingpublic," Bryan said, "but I have heard from people in thefield who said my book was the kind of book that JohnMack should have written. You know, that it was an ob-jective look at the phenomenon from somebody out-side. I think John Mack is disappointed that I didntcome out and say that I believed that these people arebeing abducted by aliens in UFOs. And Im not surethat they are. But what I do think is that something isgoing on here, and that just to disregard it out of handbecause the subject is unpopular or associated withflakey people is a mistake."Bryan admitted that tackling the subject of UFO ab-duction entailed a certain amount of risk, especially fora professional journalist like himself."You write about this subject," he said, "and youcan get tarred with the same brush that tars thecon-tactees. But 1dont give a damn about that, you know?Im going to be sixty next year, and Ivebeen writingand supporting myself as a writer for thirty-five years.And critics come and go, but Im still here."What I care about," Bryan continued, "is that here isa subject that is really interesting. And one of the lux-uries of being a free-lance writer is that you can followyour curiosity. Were some of these abductees off thewall? Sure, some of them were. But not enough ofthem to disregard the phenomenon. And if itsreal, ifits true, then itsa hell of a lot bigger story than Bosniaand O.J.Simpson."Bryan said that some of the articles written aboutClose Encounters of the Fourth Kind have asked thequestion "Why is a journalist with his reasonably goodcredentials risking all of that to do this book?""Well, Im risking it because I think the subject iscompelling and I think somethings going on,"Bryan ex-plained. "And while I dont have any idea what it is, Imcertainly not going to laugh at people like Mack andPritchard who take such risks. Nor am I going to laughat the abductees who are in such obvious pain."Bryan said that he had learned that often an abducteewants very much to be told hescrazy. "John Mack hada wonderful story," Bryan said, "about a Universityad-ministrator telling him the story of his abduction. Mackis listening to this guy and sees the guy is getting in-creasingly upset and finally Mack asks. Whats thematter? And the guy says, Youre not telling me Imcrazy. You see,if youre crazy you can take Prozac orgo see a shrink. But if this stuff is going on—and hereis where MUFON and John Mack and Budd Hopkinsand all of us who have looked into this have trouble—its fascinating,but if itsreal, then what the hell is go-ing on? I mean, thats truly terrifying."Bryan said that while he has grown more skepticalabout the truth of alien abductions since putting sometime and distance between himself and the book, hestill cannot explain away everything he learned whileworking on it."Theres still the five key dimensions that John Macktalks about," Bryan said. "Therepeated, consistent de-tails, the absence of any diagnosed mental illness, thephysical changes, the association with UFOs, and reportsby children. Nothing I can come up with, and believeme Ivelooked, fits all the basic dimensions of the ab-duction phenomenon better than exactly what the ab-ductees are saying."At the M.l.T. conference, Bryan spoke to RobertBigelow. the Las Vegas entrepreneur who was one of thebackers of the conference and the Roper Poll on"Unusual Personal Experiences" designed by Mack,Hopkins, and David Jacobs."When I asked Bigelow what he thought was goingon," Bryan recalled, "he said, Either itsa new psychi-atric phenomenon, or itsreal. And whats interesting isthat nobody has come up with the psychiatric illness thatcorresponds with what these people are seeing. And Ithink by now several thousand, or certainly several hun-dred, conservatively, have been given very detailed psy-chiatric examinations—you know, tests like thePAGE 16 NUMBER 328 AUGUST 1995
  17. 17. MUFON UFO JOURNALMinnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory, and theydont seem to be off the scale."Of the many explanations offered for the alien ab-duction phenomenon. Bryan said, "My own favorite isThe Overlapping Realities, where we have frogs whocan only see shades of gray, and we think were superiorbeings because we see colors. We may be frogs towhoever these beings are. Because 1dont think its ex-traterrestrial, by the laws of physics and whatnot. Ithink if theyre here, theyre here."So, a journalist from the mainstream enters the studyof alien abductions from sheer curiosity and sees enoughhints of the truth and enough fascinating, tantalizingpossibilities to stay curious.As Bryan said in Close Encounters of the FourthKind, "If the conference, and my subsequentinterviewsand discussions with its participants and investigators,failed to provide me with clear and convincing evi-dence that these abductees experienced extraterrestrialvisitation, I did come away a believer in the sincerity andmerit of their quest."Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind: AlienAbductions, UFOs and the Conference at C.D.B. BryanAlfred A. Knopf, he, 476 pages, $Z5.00Reviewed by Dennis StacyIn the summer of 1992, some 70 researchers and ab-ductees participated in an invitation-only AbductionStudy Conference on the campus of the MassachusettsInstitute of Technology in Cambridge. As theUniversitywas prompt to point out, the conference was held at, notsponsored by, M.I.T. Still, the conference was a land-mark, the published proceedings of which have onlybeen available in a large (684 pages), expensive, limitededition (Alien Discussions, March 1995 Journal).If you couldnt afford the original proceedings, thereis now a general overview of the five-day conference inparticular, and the UFO and abduction phenomenon ingeneral, Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind, byC.D.B. Bryan, a distinguished journalist whose worksinclude Friendly Fire and books on the NationalGeographic Society and the SmithsonianAir and SpaceMuseum, among others. At almost 500 pages, CloseEncounters is monumental in its own right and recentlyreceived a largely favorable review in the New YorkTimes Book Review by horror novelist Dean Koontz.Bryan bends over backwards to keep an open mindabout the subject, an effort which proves to be, para-doxically, both the books greatest strength and weak-ness. The book is objectively reported as far as it goes,but critics can contend, and with some justification,that the "competition" gets little or no shrift. Questionsthat Bryan should have asked (of himself, if not others)go unvoiced.Ufologists in the main will probably hail it as the firstserious treatment of the abduction phenomenon by a"major" outside writer. But the fact of the matter is thatBryan conducts no serious investigation of the subject onhis own; for the most part, he simply recounts, in ex-tremely well written prose, by the way, what the majorplayers at the conference tell him. He reads a few books,raises an eyebrow on occasion, interviews an abducteeor two, and sits in on several regressive hypnosis ses-sions, but there the matter more or less resides. I keptwaiting for him to do a background check into some ofthe weirder personal stories and allegations, a little ag-gressive gumshoeing of his own, but it never came topass.This lack of independent inquiry doesnt mar thewhole work, however. In fact, there are three "books"here. The first is a day-by-day description of the con-ference itself and the various papers presented; the sec-ond consists of follow-up interviews with some of themajor participants (Harvard psychiatrist John Mack.M.I.T. physicist David Pritchard—co-sponsors of theconference—LA trauma doctor John Miller, RobertBoylan and others); the third concentrates at great lengthon the case history and hypnotic regression of "Carol"and "Alice."If youre absolutely,thoroughlycurrent with the ab-duction literature, you wont find that much new orstartling here, although a couple of developments areworth noting. First, what is probably the most thor-oughly studied "implant" in the literature proves to becompatible with terrestrial biological material; three at-tached "hooks" or "wires" turn.out to be cotton fibers,probably incorporated into the growth from the under-wear of the "victim." Secondly, there is still no con-vincing medical documentation of a "missing fetusVab-duction case. On the other hand, if youre not that up todate or informed, or if youre a relative newcomer to thefield, you wont find a better one-volume summary ofthe subject, either. If youre an old hand, refresh your-self. Both groups will enjoy reading the book.The most disturbing aspect of Close Encounters hasnot so much to do with the authors approach (or lack ofapproach) as with what is actually reported, especially inthe realm of regressive hypnosis as practiced by unli-censed therapists, a ticking time-bomb that is on an in-evitable count-down to disaster. One abductee, withvague memories of missing time but no conscious recallof little grays and being abducted, let alone impreg-nated by aliens, is told by her hypnotistto "just assumethat all sorts of horrible things are going to emerge . . .Youve read the books . . ." Whatever this technique is,objective it is not, an issue that goes far beyond thefrequently raised one of leading the witness straight toAUGUST 1995 NUMBER 328Continued on Next PagePAGE 17
  18. 18. MUFON UFO JOURNALNew on the NetPATHOLOGIST SAYS SANTILLI "ALIEN" APPEARS HUMANThe following report by a prominentBritish pathologistwas posted on the Net by UK researcherGeorgeWingfield. Wingfields email address is .Report by Dr. C. M. Milroy, MBChB, MD, MRCPath, DMJSenior Lecturer in Forensic PathologyDepartment of Forensic PathologyUniversity of SheffieldDated 2nd June, 1995At the request of the Merlin Group (Ray Santilliscompany), I have reviewed a film which wasclaimed to show a post-mortem examination beingcarried out on an extraterrestrial being. The film wasallegedly taken on a U.S.military base in 1947.The film is in black and white. A full record of theautopsy was not present, as apparently only some reelsof the film record were available.No sound waspre-sent.The autopsy room was small and the examinationwas being conducted by people wearing full protectiveclothing. Beside the autopsy table was a tray of stan-dard autopsyinstruments.The Body was human in appearance and appearedto be female but without secondary sexual characteris-tics — no breast development or pubic hair was visi-ble. The head was disproportionately large. No headhair was present.The abdomen was distended. There was noevi-dence of decomposition. The overall external appear-ance was of a white adolescent female, estimatedheight 5 feet, tending towards a heavy build but notabnormally thin or fat.There were six digits to eachhand and foot The eyes appeared larger than normaland the globes were covered with a black materialwhich was shown being removed.There was an extensive and deep injury to the rightthigh. This was not shown in very close up detail, butappeared to be burnt and charred down to deep tis-sues. No similar injury was present, although therewas possible bruising down the left hand side of thebody. Overall there was a general absence of injuries.The body was opened with a Y-shaped incision butthe skin of the neck was not fully reflected. A close upof the knife being drawn against the skin was shown,with blood coming from the skin. This appeared to bean unusualamount of blood. The neck appeared tocontain two cylinder structures either side anteriorly.These could have been muscles (sternomastoid mus-cles) but were odd in appearance, though they werenot shown in close up.The skin of the chest was shown reflected, and thecentral rib cage and sternum block removed. The chestwas shown reflected, and central rib cage individually.There appeared to be a heart and two lungs, but whenclose up shots of the organs were shown they were al-ways out of focus. The abdominal organs were notclearly seen, though it did not appear that the beingwas pregnant, an explanation that had been proposedfor the distended abdomen.The scalp was shown being reflected anteriorly,having been cut in a standard autopsy manner. Theskull was then shown being sawn with a hand sawacross the front of the skull, though the backward cutsand removal of the skull cap were not shown. Whatappeared to be the membranes covering the brain(dura) were shown being cut and removed. Although aclose up shot of the brains was shown it was again outof focus. However the appearances were not those of ahuman brain.Overall the appearances were those of a white ado-lescent female with a humanoid body. There were sixdigits to each hand and foot and the body shape wasdysmorphic. No accurate determination could be madeof organ structurebecause every close up shot was outof focus. The injuries present to the body were lessthan those expected in an aviation accident. No in-juries to account for the death were shown.Whilst the examination had features of a medicallyconducted examination,aspects suggested it was notconducted by an experienced autopsy pathologist, butrather by a surgeon.CLOSE ENCOUNTERS - Continued from Page 17the question of whether or not medicine is being prac-ticed without a license.If such issues bother Bryan, they dont raise toomany ripples in his text. Perhaps its possible to be tooobjective?PAGE 18 NUMBER 328 AUGUST 1995
  19. 19. /MUFON UFO JOURNALLetters oMufon UFO JournalROSWELL FILMAt the 1995 International Symposium the audience waswisely restricted from "making speeches" during thequestion and answer period. I do have a fewcommentsand questions which I would like to raise now, however.1. The film has been variouslydescribed as 10 and 3minutes long per roll. If it is 16mm 24 FPS (framesper second), which was the norm after the 1930s for filmother than home movies, it runs at 7.2 inchesper second,36 feet per minute, or actually2 minutes 4?seconds for100 feet. At 16frames per second, not likely to be usedby an official photographer, the running tune would be4 minutes 10 seconds.2. The letter from Kodak said the film could havebeen made in 1927, 1947 or 1967. Someone remarkedthat the film couldnt be 1927 because it was 16mm.They added that the film could also have been 1987stock. Both of these assertions are incorrect.Kodak hasbeen date-coding film since 1916. 16mm was intro-duced in 1923, so the film could be (but probablywasnt) from 1927. Kodak changed their date-codingsystem in 1982, so the film could not have been made in1987 as the code would be different.3. Extremelylittle information has been given aboutthe film itself. I assume it is black and white reversalfilm, although that is not stated. Film has other edgemarkings than the date, including the country of manu-facture (encoded as a variously placed doi within theword "SAFETY") and. when appropriate, whether itwas sold with or without Kodak processing included inthe price. Movie film was normally sold with Kodakprocessing included until the Federal antitrust decree,which I think was around 1950. If the film were made in1967 it should also have sequential footage numberson one edge, which are exposed during manufacture asan aid in later editing and conforming.4. Nothing has been said about what son of reel thefilm is mounted on, which in itself could be signifi-cant. Film processed in 1927would probably have aspliced-on sandblasted leader and be mounted on acardboard reel with a metal center. Film processed in1947 would probably be on a black-painted metal reelwith spliced-on white coated leader. Film processed re-cently would be on the originalcamera spool, a 2" or 3"diameter plastic core, or a plastic reel, depending onwhich lab did it,either with or without various types ofleader.5. If the film had been genuinely shot in 1967. in myhumble estimation it would logicallyhave been done oncolor film. Ektachrome EF Daylight (ASA 160) andEFB (Type B, 125 ASA) were both available at thattime. Processing was available from Kodak and from in-dependent laboratories, many of which had clearancesfor processing of classified film. (I know, I worked atone, and handled classified materials, myself. Thesewere never in black and white.)6. Perhaps I am suspicious by nature, but the 1947date code seems to be too neat for film supposedly ex-posed in mid-1947. Film is aged after manufacture tostabilize its characteristics, and it also undergoes thenormal delays in distribution channels. In my recollec-tion, it usually took about six months for film made, say,with a 1970 date code to actually start showing up insmall quantity for processing, beginning about July1970. A 1946 date code would be less suspicious.7. Black and white reversal (direct positive) filmsunderwent a major redesign in 1957 so they could with-stand processing in newer noxious higher-temperaturebaths including sodium thiocyanate, sodium hydrox-ide, sulfuric acid, etc.I think it is highly probable thatfilm made in 1947 and processed after 1957 would suf-fer from one or more of the following — loss of sensi-tivity from age giving a dark image, increase in fogfrom background radiation giving poor density of theblacks, underdevelopment, inadequate chemical bleach-ing giving a dark and streaky low quality partly-negative"solarized"-like image, an emulsion that is partly dis-solved or has frilled edges if actually processed at hightemperature, and improper drying giving film that isstuck together or has glossy drying marks. The film is infact described as being of low quality but I dont re-member the particulars being given.8. The film needs to be examined with amagnifyingglass over a light box to determine whether it is originalfilm or a print, and possibly to note the outline of theframe exposed in the camera aperture. Some brands ofcameras have a particular outline at the left or rightside of the aperture, or even an extra exposed dot or tri-angle outside the projected area, that is quitedistinctive.It would be quite telling if a supposed 1947 film was ac-tually exposed in a camera that was not manufactureduntil a later date, for example.9. Bob Shell was mentioned as an expert to whom thefilm may be sent for analysis. While Mr. Shell is veryexperienced in still photography, it might be better to se-lect a known authority on motion picture film. I wouldnominate Dr. Roderick T. Ryan, retired from Kodaksmotion picture division in Hollywood, if he is still aliveand well. His encyclopedic knowledge and air of au-thority were such that on his rare regal visits to the filmlab we mere mortals would cower, dumbstruck, at adistance.— Clive H. TobinField InvestigatorSeattle, WAAUGUST 1995 NUMBER 328 PAGE 19
  20. 20. MUFON UFO JOURNALSEATTLE SYMPOSIUMThe information presented at the 1995 Symposium inSeattle was so great in quantity and quality that it is be-yond the format of this letter to adequately express howgrateful I was to attend and to contribute in a smallway to its success. It was my first such experience, andadmittedly, I am now hooked.I just wanted to share a few observations: we are anorganization of individual humans,not databases or in-tellectual specialties. What impressed me the most, andwhat has continued to fuel my zeal for Ufology (asidefrom the need to resolve the Grand Mystery that we allshare) is the quality of the people I met. There weremany people present with minds which are still curious,bright, and alive, despite physical disabilities or the tollof age and circumstances. These people would be apleasure to know in any event, more so because of whatwe share.This is even more true of the staff of the 26th MU-FON Symposium. Larry and Marilyn Childs. theWashington State Co-Directors, led the effort to makethe Symposium a success in spite of personal circum-stances that would daunt anyone. The more that I havebeen acquainted with the "core group" of WashingtonMUFON, the more impressed I have become, espe-cially when I saw how smoothly so many problemswere handled during the Symposium.There were a few negative aspects, personality con-flicts between professionals, opportunists who tried tosubvert meetings for their own agendas, or perhapsthose of "other agencies," and thankfully, only a fewcharlatans. All of their efforts, whether deliberately ob-structive or accidentally disruptive, combined into aminuscule Noise. The Signal was loud and clear—Ufology is alive and healthier than ever, thanks to the ef-forts of many dedicated and capable people.As a study in contrast, Mr. Philip Klass attended theSeattle Symposium on behalf of his CSICOP brethrenand their silent Federal partners. I was quite surprised athow blatantly he disrespected the plainly and repeatedprohibition against taping and photography of the pro-ceedings. I defend his right to attend and to criticize, butwhat happened to good manners, Mr. Klass?To properly explain, on July 08, 1995 while actingasSecurity for the Symposium, I contacted Mr. Klassabout taking photos during the proceedings. He statedthat he thought that the only restriction was on flash pho-tography. I advised him that the warnings had beenplainly stated, and I stated them once again: no photog-raphy and no taping of the proceedings.On July 09, 1995 1 received a complaint that Mr.Klass was taping the proceedings without permission. Ilocated him at about 1:45 p.m., sound asleep by an aisle,tape recorder in hand with its red record indicator lighton. Several witnesses stated that they had observedhimtaping the proceedings. At my request a flash photo wastaken of Mr. Klass. When the flash awakened him, Iconfronted him.He made a very feeble attempt at con-cealing his actions by clumsily droppinghis tape recorderon the floor. When he picked it up, he stated that the redrecord light must have come on when it fell. I then in-formed him that there were numerous witnesses and thathe should secure his equipment. He left quickly withhis equipment in hand, a tape recorder and a camera.By profession I am a criminal investigator and I havehad many opportunities to catch someone in the act ofmisconduct. A lack of ethics in one area of a personscharacter is a strong indicator of a general lack of moralfoundation. Mr. Klass reaction when confronted was ex-actly like what Ive encountered on the street manytimes before: a suspect who denies his guilt even asyou remove stolen property from his pockets.This incident is another indication that the Oppositionis more than willing to bend the rules to suit their pur-poses. They hold us in contempt. But thats all right; thefeeling is mutual. 1 know that this is no stunning reve-lation to anyone who has dealt with the Government:their position is not only intellectually bankrupt, butethically void.There was so much positive energy flowing fromthe Symposium that this incident, though instructive, ismostly humorous. Most importantly, I left theSymposium feeling informed and inspired. All we havetodo is hold on, remain steadfast to what we believe andkeep on telling others. The evidence speaks for itself toopen mindsand hearts. The others, sadly, will not listenanyway. I left knowing that the synchronicities accu-mulate and interweave as we grow toward the Answer.Besides, Mr. Klass, there is no way I would stand byand allow you to sleep through a presentation by some-one as sincere, dedicated and informative as LindaMoulton Howe. It would border upon sacrilege.— James ClarksonState SectionDirectorAberdeen, WAPlease, whatever else we do, let s not ascribe reli-gious motives to Mr. Klass behavior! Address all lettersand comments to the editor, Dennis Stacv, PO Box12434, San Antonio, TX 78212.passingRegretfully, we are announcing the passing of one ofMUFONs early members and former state section directorsin Illinois, Mrs. Rosetta Holmes who died July 16. 1995inNorth Vernon, IN. She is survived by her husband, RichardE. "Dick" Holmes, who served for many years as the mas-ter-of-arms at MUFON annual symposia.Both of them willbe remembered for having hosted ten annual UFO picnicsat Carlyle Lake at Carlyle, LL, starting in 1969. Rosie wasalso the publicity director for, our magazine SKYLOOK andlater the MUFON UFO Journal. The MUFON 1978 UFOSymposium Proceedings were respectfully dedicated toRosetta Holmes in honor of her fine work.PAGE 20 NUMBER 328 AUGUST 1995
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  22. 22. MUFON UFO JOURNALWalter N. Webb-September 1995Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Mars (magnitude 1.4) moves from Virgo into Libra during themonth. The red planet lies in the WSW at dusk and sets in theW about 8:30 in mid-September. It can be found near the cres-cent Moon on the 27lh.Jupiter (-2.0) gleams brightly in the SW at dusk near theborder of Ophiuchus and Scorpius. On September 1 the giantis 3° below the quarter Moon, and on the 19th it is 51 abovethe star Antares (thelast of 3 conjunctions between the pair in1995). Jupiter sets in the WSW shortly after 10 PM in mid-month.Saturn (0.7), retrograding in Aquarius, reaches oppositionon September 14. At that time it rises in the E about sunset(opposite the Sun) and remains visible all night.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Saturn sets in the W about sunrise in mid-September.Moon Phases:First quarter—September 2Full moon—September 8 (Harvest Moon)Last quarter—September 16New moon—September 24The Stars:The autumnal equinox heralds the arrival of the rather dim fallconstellations in the E. Nevertheless, it shouldnt be too dif-ficult to find the Great Square of Pegasus in the SE(10 PM).It is as much a symbol of autumn as the Summer Triangle isof summer. The square is large, measuring very roughly 15°on each side. Both seasonal symbols are visible right now atthe same time.Pegasus was the famous Winged Horse in mythology. Severallines of stars that branch from the western side of the squareform the head, neck, and front legs of the horse which is fly-ing upside-down.What Jooks like the hind legs of the animal is really the ad-joining constellation, Andromeda the Princess. The NE cornerof the square, the star Alpheratz, actually is the head ofAndromeda, while the two strings of stars extendingout-ward form her gown.August 25, 26 & 27 — First International UFO Congress inAuditorium No. 1 (Principal) in the Area of Medical Center in MexicoCity, Mexico. For information write to Zita Rodriguez Montiel, TokioNo. 424 Col.Portales, C.P. 03300, Mexico, D.F..Mexico.August 26 — The UFO Phenomena, University of Denver inDenver, CO. Call (303) 693-3407 for tickets and information.August 27 — The UFO Phenomena at Boulder Broker Inn,inBoulder, CO. Call (303) 693-3407 for tickets and informationSeptember 1, 2 & 3 — The 14th Leeds International UFOConference, Leeds, England For further information write to TheConference Organizer, P.O. Box XG60, Leeds, LS15 9XD, England.September 9 & 10 —The Fifth NH MUFON Conference - YokensConvention Center, Route 1, Portsmouth, NH. For information write:NH MUFON, P.O.Box 453,Rye, NH 03870 or call: Peter Geremia603-436-9283 or Walter Fnesendorf 603-673-3829.September 9 & 10 — Fourth Annual Midwest Conference on UFOResearch, Sheraton - Hawthorne Hotel, Springfield, Missouri Formore information call 417-882-6847.September 13-17 — International Forum on New Science, FortCollins Marriott. Fort Collins, CO. For further information write toIANS, 1304 So. College Ave., Ft. Collins, CO 80524.October 7-8 — The UFO Experience - at the Holiday Inn,NorthHaven, CT. For further information write to OmegaCommunications, P.O. Box 2051 A, Cheshire, CT 06410-5051.October 14-15 — 32nd Annual National UFO Conference at theCastlegate Hotel & Conference Center, I-75 & Howell Mill Rd.,Atlanta, Georgia. For further information write to P.O. Box 1764.Decatur, GA 30031 or call 404-621-5734.October 20-22 — Third Annual Gulf Breeze UFO Conference -Clarion Suites Resort, Pensacola Beach, Florida For information:Project Awareness, P.O. Box 730, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562. Tel: 904-432-8888 or FAX 904-438-1801.October 28-29 — Second annual "Science and Politics of UFOResearch" Symposium, Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul,MN. For complete program schedule call (612) 221-4742 or FAX(612)221-4528.November 1-5 — International Conference on UFOs, sponsored bythe Beijing UFO Society, in Beijing, China. For further informationwrite to Zhou Xiaoqiang, Room 301, Division 4, No. 23, FangcaodiXijie, Beijing 100020, P.R. China.November 3-5 — CSETIs First Annual Gathering in Asheville, NC.For further information write to CSETI, P.O.Box 587, Englewood,CO 80151.UFOs, MJ-12 AND THE GOVERNMENT:^A Report on GovernmentInvolvementinthe UFO Crash Retrievals (113 pages)by Grant Cameron and T. Scott GrainPrice: $19 plus $1.50 for postage and handling» Order From: MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Segum, TX 78155-4099 /MUFONET-BBS NETWORKMembers CommunicationLinkAustralia — U.S. — Canada — EuropeCall for the BBS nearest you! FAX: 817-628-1031Data No. 512-556-2524 8 - N - 1PAGE 22 NUMBER 328 AUGUST 1995
  23. 23. MUFON UFO JOURNALDIRECTORS MESSAGE - Continuedfrom Page 24proposals submitted and then fund worthy projects withmonetary grants. The objective of all three groups was,and still is, to move the study of UFOs more toward sci-ence using the general protocols of the scientific method.Regretfully, the monetary benefactor behind the coali-tion became impatient with the scientific method, eventhough several important projects were completed ornearing completion. Due to a serious disagreement inmanagement philosophy the coalition is no longer beingfunded by the Bigelow Foundation. We commend andthank Mr. Bigelow for his philanthropy during the firstyear of operation of the C-F-M Coalition. It was a notableand enlighteningexperiment. The united front and sci-entific goals of the coalition will be continued,but undermore modest financial arrangements. We will be seekingphilanthropists interested in resolving the UFO enigma ina scientific manner.SANTILLI VIDEO ON ROSWELL AUTOPSYDespite all the hype that has emanated from the allegedmotion picture film of the Roswell autopsy, MUFON, asan organization, must advise our readers of the stipula-tions printed on the order forms. "This video tape containsall the viewable material taken from the reels of film wereceived from the man we believe was the Roswell cam-eraman. The tape is protected by Macrovision and maynot be copied. There has been much controversy about theexistence of the material, its contents and its quality. Agreat deal of authentication research has been completed,details of which are also contained on the tape. We askyou to consider the evidence carefully and then drawyour own conclusions."In addition, Ray Santilli has endeavored to cover him-self with legal protection by saying: "We must howeverdraw your attention to the following:1. Whilst the film stock has been verified as manu-factured in 1947, we cannot currently warrant that thecontents were filmed in 1947.2. Although our medical reports suggested that thecreature is not human, this cannot be verified.3. Although we have been informed that the footageemanates from the Roswell incident, this cannot be ver-ified.4. Please note due to the origins of the film, the footageis not up to broadcast quality." Philip Mantle, MUFONsRepresentative for England, has volunteered to workwith Ray Santilli to determine the films authenticity,however as the above indicates, the video is being soldwithout this verification. It is conceivable that Mr. Santillimay sell a sufficient quantityat 35 English pounds to in-terested people to recover the $100,000 he claims tohave paid the photographer "Jack Bamett." Obviously, theabove stipulations warn everyone that this is a "BuyersBeware!"situation.The MUFON UFO Journal will continue to provide itsreaders with the latest information on this controversialmotion picture film. Walt Andrus will have an opportunityto view the film when he attends the BUFORA 8thInternational UFO Congress in Sheffield, England onAugust 19 and 20.News ReleaseImmediate Release — July 28th, 1995Schiff Receives, Releases Roswell ReportWashington — Congressman Steve Schiff todayreleased the General Accounting Office (GAO) reportdetailing results of a records audit related to events sur-rounding a crash in 1947, near Roswell, New Mexico,and the military response.The 20 page report is the result of constituent infor-mation requests to Congressman Schiff and the difficul-ty he had getting answers from the Department ofDefense in the now 48-year-old controversy.Schiff said important documents, which may haveshed more light on what happened at Roswell, are miss-ing. "The GAO report states that the outgoing messagesfrom Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) for this periodof time were destroyed without proper authority."Schiff pointed out that these messages would haveshown how military officials in Roswell were explain-ing to their superiors exactly what happened."It is my understanding that these outgoing messageswere permanent record, which should never have beendestroyed. The GAO could not identify who destroyedthe messages, or why." But Schiff pointed out that theGAO estimates that the messages were destroyed over40 years ago, making further inquiry about theirdestruction impractical.Documents revealed by the report include an FBIteletype and reference in a newsletter style internalforum at RAAF that refer to a "radar tracking device"— a reference to a weather balloon. Even though theweather balloon story has since been discredited by theUS Air Force, Schiff suggested that the authors of thosecommunications may have been repeating what theywere told, rather than consciously adding to what somebelieve is a "cover up.""At least this effort caused the Air Force to acknowl-edge that the crashed vehicle was no weather balloon,"Schiff said. "That explanation never fit the fact of highmilitary security used at the time." The Air Force inSeptember 1994 claimed that the crashed vehicle was athen-classified device to detect evidence of possibleSoviet nuclear testing.Schiff also praised the efforts of the GAO, describ-ing their work as "professional, conscientious and thor-ough."A two page letter discussing a related investigationinto "Majestic 12" was also delivered.A copy of the report may be obtained by calling(202) 512-6000 and referencing Document numberGAO/NSIAD-95-187.AUGUST 1995 NUMBER 328 PACE 23
  24. 24. MUFON UFO JOURNALWalter AndrusNEWS FROM AROUND THE NETWORKDEDICATION OF 1995 SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGSEach year the proceedings are dedicated to the personwho has made the most outstandingcontribution to theMutual UFO Network. Inc. (MUFON) during the pastyears in advancing the scientific study of the UFO phe-nomenon and demonstrating positive leadership as de-termined by the MUFON Executive Committee. Publicrecognition is hereby bestowed upon Robert J. Gribblefor his untiring efforts in promoting Ufology at the orga-nizational level, twenty years of faithful service to the op-eration of the National UFO Reporting Center, thirteenyears in a MUFON leadership capacity, and over fiveyears as a columnist to the MUFON UFO Journal. It iswith profound gratitude that a dedicated member of MU-FON may be honored in this matter. Regretfully. Mr.Gribble was not present to enjoy the acclaim bestowedupon him by his colleagues after iheannouncement.1996 SYMPOSIUMIn Seattle. Natalie "Ginger" Richardson extended acordial invitation to everyone to start makingplans to at-tend our twenty-seventh annual affair on July 5. 6. and 7.1996 at the Holiday Inn Four Seasons/Joseph H. KouryConvention Center in Greensboro. North Carolina. The1996 symposium co-hosts will be MUFON NorthCarolina and FSG (The Full Story Group in Greensboro).George Lund, II will serve as chairman and NickSummers, coordinator.The MUFON 1997 International UFO Symposium istentatively scheduled for Grand Rapids. Michigan, at thebeautiful Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, hosted by MichiganMUFON.FIELD INVESTIGATORS EXAMMany of you have vigorously studied the FieldInvestigators Manual, attended field investigators train-ing classes in your home locale and have taken the onc-hundred multiple questionexam. After following the in-structions to send the exam answer sheet to Shirley(Coyne) Talbya in Flushing. MI. you have been eagerlyawaiting a reply for several months from Shirley, to noavail. This is a serious problem, because like yourselves.I have not been receiving a confirmation report fromShirley on the exam grades in order to process membersto the status of "Field Investigator."This failure to com-plete the grading loop is not only personally discouragingbut very disappointing. This matter was on the agenda atMUFONs Annual Board of Directors Meeting in Seattle.WA on July 9th.Until a new Director of Field Investigator Training iselected, all answer sheets for the field investigators ex-amination should be sent to Walt Andrus in Seguin, TXfor grading. If you made a copy of your answer sheet,please send this to Walt. If not. please review the examagain and make a new answer sheet which you may sub-mit or request a blank answer sheet from MUFON inSeguin. It is imperative that proper recognition be given tothe people who have passed the exam so they may exer-cise this knowledge in UFO cases under investigation.May I express my apologies for these unwarranted delays.One of our directors volunteeredto grade the tests as are-sult of our annual board meeting.NEW OFFICERSDaren T. Lannigan (Caldwell) recently resigned as StateDirector for Idaho and recommended as his successorLi F. Wong (Winchester) to this important post. Both willcontinue as State Section Directors and Field Investigatorsfor their respective counties. Colorado State DirectorMichael G. Curta (Aurora) promoted James A. Peters(Aurora) to become his Assistant Stale Director.Concurrent with this promotion. Mr. Curta appointedWilliam E. Patton (Golden)to fill the vacancy createdfor Slate Section Director for Clear Creek. Gilpin, andSummit Counties. The new State Section Director forTarrant County in Texas is Robert D. McKenzie. Capt..U.S. Navy (Retired) who resides in Irving. Mr.McKenziewill be an asset to the Metroplex area. Gayle Nesom,M.A. (Houston) was appointed Assistant State Directorfor Southeastern Texas by Ellen R. Stuart to replaceAndy Abercrombie.NEW CONSULTANTS AND RESEARCH SPECIALISTSJesse A. Marcel, Jr., M.D. (Helena.MT)joined MUFONduring July as a Consultantin Medicine. Both he and hisfather have made their niche in Ufology. Robin P. Ward.Ph.D. (Oriental. NO has been made a Consultant inGenetics. Four new Research Specialists volunteeredtheir expertise this past month. They are LindaMcCracken. M.S. (Wolfeboro. NH) in Library Science:David C. Masson, M.B.A. (Riverdale. NY) in Finance:John Samuel. M.S. (Tampa. FL) in MechanicalEngineering; and Deborah A. Hagar; M.A. (Huntsville.AL) in Mathematics.COALITION REORGANIZED FOR SECOND YEARThe Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)joined with theCenter for UFO Studies(CUFOS) and the Fund for UFOResearch (FUFOR) last year in a coalition to solicit re-search proposals. The members of the coalition councilmet quarterly in Las Vegas. NV to pass judgment onContinued on Page 23PAGE 24 NUMBER 328 AUGUST 1995