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Mufon ufo journal 1995 1. january

  2. 2. M U F O N U F O J O U R N A LOFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE MUTUAL UFO NETWORK SINCE 1967J A N U A R Y 1995 NUMBER 32 1DIMENSIONS, CONSCIOUSNESS 8. NON-LOCALITY Simon Harvey-Wilson 3ABDUCTED: AN INDEPENDENTLY WITNESSED EVENT? Keith Basterfield 10NEWPORT-JACKSON SIGHTINGS Arnold Dunning 13CANDIDATES FOR WESTERN REGIONAL DIRECTORCURRENT CASESTHE UFO PRESSREADERS CLASSIFIEDSLEONARD H. STR1NGFIELDGRANT PROPOSALFORMTHE FEBRUARY NIGHT SKYDIRECTORSMESSAGET. David Spencer &Jack KasherDennis StacyWalter N. WebbWalter H. Andrus,Jr.1415171920212224MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, TX 78155-4099Tel: (210) 379-9216FAX (210) 372-9439EDITORDennis StacyASSOCIATE EDITORWalter H. Andrus,Jr.COLUMNISTSWalter N. WebbJohn S. CarpenterART DIRECTORVince JohnsonCopyright 1995 by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights Reserved.No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission ofthe Copyright Owners. Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one arti-cle, provided the author is credited, and the statement, "Copyright 1995 by the Mutual UFONetwork, 103 Oldtowne Rd . Scguin, Texas 78155," is included.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editors and do not necessari-ly reflect the official position of the Mutual UFO Network. Opinions expressed are solely thoseof the individual authors.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 Cc)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the typedescribed in Section 509 (a) (2). Donors may deduct contributions from their Federal IncomeTax. Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers or gifts are also deductible for estate and gift purposes,provided they meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106 and 2522 of the InternalRevenue Code.The MUFON UFO journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., Seguin,Texas. Membership/Subscription rates: $25 per year in the U.S.A.; $30 foreign in U.S. funds.Second class postage paid at Seguin, TX.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to: MUFON UFO JOUR-NAL, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099.
  3. 3. BALLOTELECTION OF WESTERN REGIONAL DIRECTOROnly members in the Western Region composed of the following states may vote for thisprestigious position: MT, WY, CO, NM, ID, UT, AZ, WA, OR, NV, CA, HI, and AK.For details concerning the candidates qualifications please refer to the article in theJanuary 1995 issue of the MUFON UFO Journal. If a family membership exists, eachmember may vote on the same ballot identifying the person you are voting for andsigning your own name.MARILYN H. CfflLDS LUMICHAEL D."MIKE" DOBBS dDENNIS WILLIAM HAUCK LjTHOMAS KUSZELEWICZ EHPlease remove this ballot, vote for one candidate, and return by mail to MUFON, 103Oldtowne Road, Seguin, TX 78155-4099 before the deadline of March 1, 1995.Date Signature
  4. 4. MUFON UFOJOURNALDIMENSIONS, CONSCIOUSNESS & NON-LOCALITYBy Simon Harvey-WilsonJacques Valleeand others, eventhe venerable Dr.).Allen Hynek at times,have long argued thatthere is more to theUFOmystery than first meetsthe eye,let alone the otherfour senses. Increasingly,modern physics conveysmuch the same messageabout matter and energy,the accepted, but still yetto be completely under-stood building blocks ofthe universe. Things,in other words, theUFO phenomenonincluded, arenot always asthey seem.Ufology, like any field of science, can be seen asone facet of the investigation of the unknown.As with physics, not only is it important thatreliable field data be collected, but the equivalent oftheoretical physicists are also needed to review thatdata, to suggest theories that attempt to make sense of it,and to search for clues to link aspects of the UFO phe-nomenon to research in other fields. After all, it is just aslikely that discoveries made from studying UFOs maybe relevant to other fields of science as vice versa. Thisarticle therefore compares ideas from several seeminglyunrelated fields of research with the aim of seekingnew perspectives on the UFO enigma.OTHER DIMENSIONSIt is often claimed that UFOs may access other dimen-sions." Numerous close encounter reports detail tem-poral or spatial anomalies such as UFOs seeming to belarger inside than outside2, or aliens claiming that timepasses more slowly at home.2 Budd Hopkins refers toUFO invisibility and distorted time during abductions3,and Russian researcher Dr. Rem Varlamov reports aquartz timepiece that sped up when placed within aUFO landing circle.4 All these reports, including tem-poral anomalies, reveal that UFOs may have some formof dimensional technology.What exactly are dimensions? It is generally acceptedthat we live in a world with three spatial dimensionsplustime, making four dimensions in all. Strictly speaking,science regards space and time as blending together tocreate a four-dimensional space-time continuum. A one-dimensional world is very limited and would consistof just a line. A being who inhabited such a world hasonly two degrees of freedom, whether to go what wecould call left or right along that line. To visualize a two-dimensional world one has to imagine pulling that line atright angles to itself to get a flat surface, such as a pieceof paper. An inhabitant of such a world now has four de-grees of freedom, the original left and right, plus whatwe could call up or down, as is illustrated by a simpletwo-dimensional object, the square, which has foursides. Of course our two-dimensional inhabitant couldactually meander wherever they wished on their piece ofpaper, but in geometric terms, their position could begiven at any time by just two coordinates, as with asimple graph.To visualizethree dimensions one needs to imaginemoving our two-dimensional piece of paper at right an-gles to itself. For example a two-dimensional squareIANUARY 1995 NUMBER 321 PAGE 3
  5. 5. MUFON UFOJOURNALA tour-dimensional perspective allows youto fly right past, over, or around any solidbarrier in three dimensions. A being fromthe fourth dimension could reach into youand literally tickle your ribs! No wonderphilosopher Henry More speculated, as farback as the seventeenth century, that spir-its were fourth-dimensional beings.moved at right angles to itself produces a cube. Wenow have six degrees of freedom, as illustrated by thefact that a cube has six sides.When creating a four-dimensional object things startto get interesting. What one does is to imagine movingour three-dimensional, six-sided cube in a direction thatis at right angles to all its current dimensions. What weget then is an object whose borders are eight cubes,thus giving an inhabitant of such a realm eight degreesof freedom. Most people have great difficulty visualiz-ing four, or more, dimensional objects, but that does notmean that such objects cannot exist, or that there are notrules that govern their shape and behavior.The branch of mathematics that studies the propertiesof objects in multi-dimensionalspace is called topology.One of the theoretical spaces they work in is called hy-perspace, so for example a four-dimensional sphere iscalled a hypersphere. Some of topologys conclusionsabout the interaction of objects in various dimensionsmay be of interest to us. UFOs are frequently describedas changing shape or jumping about rapidly. They maydisappear only to reappear a short distance away, andsometimes they seem to split into parts. An object thatmoves from a realm of, for example, four-dimensionalspace (we are for the moment ignoring time as a di-mension) through the perceptual view of a human thatknows only three spatial dimensions, could look verypuzzling. This is perhaps best understood by imagininga simpler situation, one with fewer dimensions, butwhere the principle remains the same. Imagine a two-di-mensional being inhabiting a flat world, such as thesurface of a cup of coffee, while you, a three-dimen-sional being, lower a sugar cube into that coffee. Whatwould the two-dimensional being see as the cube passedthrough its limited perspective? This quote by K. C.Cole, in an article entitled "Escape from 3-D, VisitingHigher Dimensions," describes it well:"Two-dimensional beings living on the flat planecould not perceive the three-dimensional cube fallingthrough it. Instead they would see a ghostly apparitionappearing out of nowhere, metamorphosing into a seriesof different geometric shapes, then disappearing, just asmysteriously, back to nowhere. The various shapes thatappear in the two-dimensional plane seem to be unre-lated: a resident of the plane would have difficulty imag-ing how they could all add up to the same figure. Yet toa resident of a three-dimensional space, the connectionis obvious." (5)If we transpose this example back to higher dimen-sional space and imagine a shape more complex than asugar cube, we can see that it may be relevant to someUFO sightings. We can also understand how difficult itwould be for us to work out what was going on duringsuch sightings.Topology may offer other insights to ufologists.Consider this further quote from the same article:" ... a four-dimensionalperspective allows you toflyright past, over, or around any solid barrier in three di-mensions. A being from the fourth dimension couldreach into you and literally tickle your ribs! No wonderphilosopher Henry More speculated, as far back as theseventeenth century, that spirits were fourth-dimen-sional beings."<5)This comment about spirits is interesting because itcould also refer to alien abductions. It would imply thatlocked windows and doors are no obstacle to an intelli-gence that has access to more than three spatial dimen-sions. Furthermore, by being able to see around three-di-mensional barriers, such a being would appear to us tohave X-ray vision. Could it be that the universe doeshave more than the three dimensions that we are able tosee, and that some advanced intelligence, wherever itmay come from, might be making use of the extra spa-tial manoeuverability this would give them in order totravel and/or abduct us?Although topologists do their dimensional modelingon the computer screen, their mathematical conclusionswould nevertheless be correct if such extra dimensionsdid exist. To explore that possibility let us look at someideas from the new physics.THEORIES OF EVERYTHING & STRING THEORYOne of the aims of the new physics is to try to unify twoof its major theories. These are Einsteins GeneralTheory of Relativity, which deals mainly with gravity,the force that shapes the largest structures of the uni-verse, and secondly, Quantum Mechanics which, at theother end of the scale, deals with the forces that rule theatomic and sub-atomic world. Such a unified theorywould be called a Theory of Everything (TOE) andwould need to link what physics now regards as thethree fundamental forces in the universe. These aregravity, the strong nuclear force, and electromagnet-ism. (It used to be thought there were four such forces,but recent work has appeared to link electromagnetismwith the weak nuclear force thus reducing the number toonly three.)One contender for TOE status is called SuperstringTheory which suggests that all sub-atomic particles,and perhaps even the structure of space-time itself, arecomposed of minute string-like loops of energy with nointernal structure of their own. By vibrating or oscillat-PAGE4 NUMBER 321 JANUARY 1995
  6. 6. MUFON UFO JOURNALing at different frequencies these strings actually be-come the various sub-atomic particles that make upatoms, which, in their turn, make up what we look on assolid matter. This is a highly simplistic explanation,and the details of the theory are still in dispute amongthe worlds leading theoretical physicists. However whatis interesting about Superstring Theory, from our pointof view, is that the highly complicated mathematics ofthe theory comes out most neatlyif it is assumed that theuniverse has 10dimensions.So where are the six dimensions that remain unac-counted for once you subtract our visible three dimen-sions and time? The most common answer providedby nine of the worlds most eminent physicists in thebook Superstrings: A Theory of Everything? seems to bethat these extra dimensions are somehow rolled up sotightly that we cannot see them. They have undergone"spontaneous compactification"(6), which in physics jar-gon seems to mean that they dont really know wherethey are.However, while there is no clear agreement asto exactly how many extra dimensions there may be,these physicists do not say that the evidence points tothere not "being any extra dimensions.If Superstring Theory is correct, and the universedoes possess extra dimensions, it would be quite possi-ble that an alien intelligence,especially one that is moreadvanced than we are, has learned how to use them.There is little dispute that the UFO intelligence is moreadvanced than we are, as is illustrated by the clichethat says that: "If they find you before you find them,they are more advanced than youare."Until we explore the possibility of extra dimensionsmore thoroughly, we could continueto be vulnerabletoabduction, or any other form of alien exploitation that isfacilitated by access to them. Rather than the "missilegap" of the cold war, we may need to close the "dimen-sion gap."We could speculate therefore that ongoing re-search into this matter might help explain why the UFOphenomenon seems to be so highly classified by themilitary and intelligence communities. Let us see whatother evidence there is that might help confirm the ex-istence of extra dimensions.POLTERGEIST ACTIVITY & CONSCIOUSNESSPoltergeist activity, or "Recurrent SpontaneousPsychokinesis" (RSPK), as US-based parapsychologistsprefer to call it<7), is a term that covers a wide range ofphenomena. For example it may refer to crockery, orother household objects that inexplicably start flyingacross a room. These objects sometimes display aero-dynamically impossible trajectories as they float slowlythrough the air, do right angle turns to avoid hittingpeople, or suddenly stop and lower to the ground. In an-other example showers of stones appeared out of thinair,and intermittently rained slowly down onto a roof.<8)Itused to be thought that this rather alarming activity wascaused by mischevious spirits inhabiting an unseenJANUARY 1995 NUMBER 321There is little dispute that the UFO intelli-gence is more advanced than we are, as isillustrated by the cliche that says that: "Ifthey find you before you find them, theyare more advanced than you are.realm that coexisted with the visible world. However,some aspects of RSPK suggest more than just an unseenhand, as is illustrated by the following example from theautobiographical book The Link by Matthew Manning.All sorts of strange psychokinetic events occurredaround Manning during the 1970s, starting while hewas a 12-year-old schoolboy in England. Many of theseevents were witnessed by the staff and students at hisboarding school, and by his family at home. Manningsastonishing psychokinetic abilities have been investi-gated by numerous researchers, includingNobel Prizewinning physicist Professor Brian Josephson, who isreported to have claimed that they warranted a reexam-ination of the nature of reality.(9)Manning writes:"One afternoon I lay in a bath at school. Facing mewas a window which was firmly closed. On a ledge atthe plug end of my bath was an assortment of soap andplugs. From my position, there were in front of mefirstly the taps, then the ledge, and a few feet behind theledge was the window. As I day-dreamed in that direc-tion a plug rose up in the air. This startled me. It was thefirst poltergeist phenomenon I had witnessed for someweeks and the first time for many months that I had ac-tually seen an object move. The plug then shot towardsthe window with as much speed as though someonehad hit it very forcefully with a bat. In fact I thought ina flash that it would shatter the window. To my amaze-ment, it passed through the window and disappearedfrom sight. The window remained firmly closed andunbroken. A few minutes later I found a plug, which Ipresumed to be the same one, lying on the ground on theother side of the window."19Recalling that topology says that a three-dimensionalobject is not a barrier from a four-dimensional perspec-tive, this incident, and several others that Manning de-scribes, suggests that RSPK has access to one or moreextra dimensions. This suggestion is not much differentfrom saying that RSPK operates through a hidden realm.However, this still raises some puzzling questions. Anextra dimension might explain how the plug got throughthe window without breaking the glass, but not howthe plug was propelled, nor what connection the eventmight have with Manning.It is in exploring answers tothese questions that other links between UFOs andRSPK, apart from the possibility that they may bothuse extra dimensions, seem to emerge.The first link is that we dont know what propelsUFOs or RSPK, but it may turn out to be a similar typeof energy that is capable of operating through some, asPAGES
  7. 7. MUFON UFO JOURNALClaims for a link between mind and matterare hardly new. Mystics and yogis havebeen making them for years, but when in-dependent research by physicists, engi-neers, parapsychologists, and ufologistsstarts to support such claims they becomemuch harder to ignore.yet, unseen dimension. Research into the national secu-rity ramifications of access to this energy source mightagain help explain the secrecy concerning the existenceofUFOs.Secondly, though on a different scale, there is amarked similarity between the astonishing behavior ofobjects in RSPK and UFOs, which are frequently de-scribed by pilots as seeming to play mischevious gameswith them, materializing and dematerializing, chang-ing shape, and displaying astonishing, aerodynamicallyimpossible, manoeuvers such as veering away at thelast moment, and doing right angle turns at high speed.Thirdly, it has been suggested that a connection may ex-ist between UFOs and the mind. For example, somepilots describe cockpit electronics that fail just as theywere about to use them while chasing a UFO. Numerousabductees describe aliens that speak to them in theirheads"0, and others claim an increase in psychic powerson their return. (2)To acknowledge this puzzling linkJacques Vallee has suggested a UFO encounter cate-gory called "Reality transformation."(U)Similarly,para-psychologists today link RSPK with the psychicsubli-mation of emotional tension within the unconsciousmind of a teenage member of the family concerned."21InMatthew Mannings case, while he was at first baffledby the suggestion that the psychokinetic events aroundhim could be linked to his mind, he gradually came toaccept this, and learnt to bring the activity largely underhis control.How is thispossible? What connection could there bebetween the mind or consciousness, and matter, espe-cially when it is at a distance, or even possibly in anotherdimension? The dynamics of this link are currently thesubject of some very interesting research. As we readearlier in relation to Superstring Theory, modern physi-cists, who might deny that their work had anything to dowith consciousness, are burrowingdeeper into the sub-atomic realm to try to discover what matter is actuallymade of. There they are discovering that the deeperthey go the more it appears that matter isnt made ofanything solid at all. In an article called "God andScience" in the Australian Commission for the Futuresmagazine 21c, we read the following:"If new concepts in physics . . . are correct, thenthere is ultimatelyno matter and there are no forces. Asphysicist Paul Davies has put it, there is just emptyPAGE 6eleven-dimensional space-time curved into patterns ...the world, it seems, can be built more or less out ofstructured nothingness. In other words, force, matterand indeed everything that exists are simply manifes-tations of space and time dancing with themselves ...The insoluble problem for the old physics was howmind and consciousness came to be in a universe ofmaterial. The new physics allows for the possibilitythat consciousness is not simply something that emergeswhen matter becomes very complex, as in living crea-tures. It allows the possibility that mind is present insome elementary form in the most fundamentalentitiesof creation. Likewise it sees no real boundary betweenliving and non-living." II3)This type of research is not new, though its publica-tion might be. In June 1981, the US House ofRepresentatives Committee on Science & Technologyclaimed that research had revealed what they called an"interconnectiveness of the human mind with otherminds and with matter." This "interconnectiveness,"they said, "would appear to be functional in nature andamplified by intent and emotion."041They then men-tioned the relevance of that research to national de-fense, especially in the light of the acknowledgmentthat the then Soviet Union was . . . supporting such re-search at a far higher and more official level." (I4)Thismight explain why details of such research are notwidely known.Results of some publicly available research into thissubject can be seen in a 1993 TV documentary byProfessor David Suzuki called Mysteries of the Mind,"where he interviewed Princeton Universitys DeanEmeritus of Engineering Robert Jahn, whose work hasrepeatedly shown that, simply by concentrating, manypeople are able to affect sensitivemechanical and elec-tronic devices. One of the goals of Jahns research wasto investigate the possibility that a group of tense, con-centrating people, such as in the control room at a satel-lite launch, might have an adverse affect on the sensitiveelectronic equipment involved, thus leading to a costlyand potentially dangerous malfunction. As ProfessorJahn says, this apparent connection between mind andmatter would logically lead science to reconsiderwhether the basic physical modeling of the universe istotally correct." (l51Claims for a link between mind and matter are hardlynew. Mystics and yogis have been making themfor years, but when independent research by physicists,engineers, parapsychologists, and ufologists starts tosupport such claims they become much harder to ignore.Though this research is still in its infancy, what seems tobe emerging is notjust the possibility that consciousnessmay be able to penetrate to the sub-atomic realm, wherethere may exist access to other dimensions,but that, attheir most fundamental levels, consciousness and mattermay actually merge. This bold suggestion is the basis forNUMBER 321 JANUARY 1995
  8. 8. MUFON UFOJOURNALa theoretical model put forward by science writerMichael Talbot in his book The Holographic Universe."®Basing his "Holographic Model" on the work of quan-tum physicist Dr. David Bohm, neurophysiologist Dr.Carl Pribram, and several other fields of research, in-cluding ufology, Talbot suggests that there exists a pre-dominantly sub-quantumlevel of reality where matter,energy and consciousness blend into a single field.Calling this realm the "Implicate Order," in recogni-tion of the ground breaking creativityby Bohm in workssuch as his Wholeness and the Implicate Order(" Talbotdetails a wealth of scientific evidence to suggest that itinterpenetrates, or "enfolds," what we know of as every-day reality, which he terms the Explicate Order. It issome of the attributes of this Implicate Order that maybe beginning to provide a scientific explanation forsome of the "strangeness" of both the UFO phenomenonand the paranormal.NON-LOCALITYOne inspiration for the Holographic Model was the in-vention of the hologram. A true hologram has a dual na-ture. From one perspective it looks like a jumble of in-terference patterns on a piece of film, but when illumi-nated by a laser beam, a three-dimensional image ap-pears. Furthermore, if a true hologram is cut in half, orsmaller, the whole of the original image remains. Itmay lose overall quality, but not a part of the image,showing that the image is stored on the film in what istermed a "non-local" fashion. In other words every lo-cation on the holographic film stores data about thewhole of the image, not just a part of it. Although thisconcept of "non-locality" may seem paradoxical, espe-cially when applied to more complex and dynamic sys-tems, it may nevertheless prove to be of tremendous sig-nificance to physics and ufology.Talbots Holographic Model suggests that the con-sciousness-like nature of the Implicate Order stores in-formation about reality in a holographic, or non-local,fashion, which can be seen as another way of saying thatthat realm has multi-dimensional properties beyond thefour-dimensional constraints of the Explicate Order.This is reminiscent of the "compactified" extra dimen-sions of Superstring theory. As we shall see,the ramifi-cations of this possibility are extraordinary.For example, ufologists will be pleased to hear thatresearch into "non-locality" has lead to the downfallofone of sciences most cherished beliefs: the claim thatnothing can travel faster than the speed of light. This hasfor years been the reason put forward by astronomerswhy UFOs could not be extra-terrestrial. Traveling from,for example, a galaxy one million light years awaywould take a million years, even if one could reach thespeed of light, so the whole suggestion is out of thequestion they have claimed.Physicists are now reluctantlyadmittingthat researchinto the non-local, or action-at-a-distance, properties ofJANUARY 1995 NUMBER 321Ufologists will be pleased to hear that re-search into "non-locality" has lead to thedownfall of one of sciences most cher-ished beliefs: the claim that nothing cantravel faster than the speed of light.the quantum realm are revealing that they were wrong.For example in Scientific American of August 1993,weread that: "Experiments in quantumoptics show that twodistant events can influence each other faster than anysignal could have traveled between them.""81This baf-fling discovery is not just limited to the sub-atomicrealm. In an article by John Gribbin entitled "Atomictelepathy is faster than light," in the British NewScientist magazine we read that German research ". . .has shown that in theory any pair of atoms can commu-nicate with each other faster than the speed of light."Gribbin comments that "Thebest interpretation of theevidence so far seems to be that we should not think ofany object, not even a single atom, as an isolated sys-tem. "(19)It does not take much imagination to realize the enor-mous implications of this research. While it maynot mean that a solid spacecraft can now travel fasterthan the speed of light in the Explicate Order, it doessuggest that within the Implicate Order, informationmay appear to do so. Why? Because if the ImplicateOrder is somehow accessible by consciousness, thatmay mean that on occasions the mind too can operatenon-locally, or multi-dimensionally, as is explained bypsychologist William Braud:"These bits of evidence suggest that below the surfacethere is this vast network of interconnection, and thatperhaps it is a quirk of attention that we think of our-selves as separate. They are reminders that the wholesystem interacts in a very complicated way . . . whichsuggests that the mind itself may be non-local . . . andthat it may be that the mind is spread out over space andover time." (I5)In an attempt to see if consciousness can operateaway from the body, Dr. Peter Fenwick and a teamfrom the British Instituteof Psychiatry are conducting anexperiment to see if hospital patients, who claim tohave had out-of-body experiences, are able to see objectsplaced in their coronary care units in such a way thatthey could only be seen if they had left their bodies. AsDr Fenwick says: ". . . if we can show that mind is, infact, non-local and that you can have experiences be-yond the brain, then you have got a whole new ballgame." <20)Taking this perspective further, Professor Suzukiquotes astronomer James Jeans as suggesting that the en-tire universe can be seen as a vast thought rather thansomething mechanical."5* Likewise, Jacques Vallee sug-PAGE7
  9. 9. MUFON UFO JOURNALgests that we should perhaps think of reality in terms of"information theory" rather than physics.1"What link might there be between our minds and theImplicate Order? In computing terms what is being sug-gested is that under certain circumstances we may beable to switch our minds from their normal PC mode,and learn to access the equivalent of some vast main-frame, or universal mind, where the hardware, matter,blends into, or may actually be made out of, its own soft-ware, a form of non-local consciousness. Such a systemwould be a computer designers dream. However, itmay be wrong to think of information "moving" throughthis sub-atomic realm at super-luminal "speeds," be-cause these terms imply space-time constraints. It maybe better to regard the Implicate Order as a huge multi-dimensional processor whose data is equally, and in-stantaneously, accessible via consciousness from wher-ever you are in the Explicate Order. We could visualizeour familiar four-dimensional realm, the Explicate Order,somehow nestled, or enfolded within,or as a sub-set of,a much more complex non-local system, the ImplicateOrder, and that, under certain circumstances, our mindscan effect a link between the two Orders.If this is so, then it is to be expected that an ad-vanced intelligence, (and ourselves, if we have the senseto continue research into the matter), would have de-veloped a technology that exploits the multi-dimen-sional advantages of that system. To humans, such tech-nology would resemble magic, but we only have toimagine explaining the workings of a television to some-one from several hundred years ago to grasp the pointthat "magic" is just a label for what we dont yet un-derstand.It is interesting to note, for example, thatinformationtransfer between any two points in the Explicate Orderusing the mind in non-local,or "Implicate Order mode,"describes what has traditionallybeen called telepathy:anability that is repeatedly attributed to aliens.We may need a paradigm shift to grasp the true natureof both reality and the UFO phenomenon. Lets specu-late a bit. We are told that, at its core, "solid" matter isntactually solid but instead appears to resemble the fluid-ity of consciousness. Matter from the perspective ofthe Implicate Order can therefore perhaps be seen as aform of "frozen" consciousness. This may give us thebeginnings of an explanation for the materializationand dematerialization of matter by the mind itself. UFOsare frequently described as seeming to materialize or de-materialize, and parapsychologists have for years re-ported the materialization of solid objects seeminglyout of thin air during outbreaks of poltergeist activity.<8Mathew Manning details several such occurences(9), asdoes the literature on shamanism and native magic. (21)Likewise Professor Erlendur Haraldsson was unable todetect any sign of fraud in his extensive investigation ofthe Indian spiritual leader Sathya Sai Babas almostdaily materialization of small trinkets or holy ash for hisfollowers.<22)It may be relevant here to note that the best descrip-tion of the group of people to whom paranormal powerssuch as telepathy, clairvoyance, healing, bilocation. tele-portation, levitation, and the materialization of matter aremost often attributed, is that they are experts in the ex-ploration of consciousness. Mystics, yogis, shamans,saints and contemplatives, whatever their religious or so-cial backgrounds, all advocate the interiorization ofconsciousness in order to achieve some sort of tran-scendental breakthrough. Could it be that, though theytraditionally have difficulty verbalizing it as such, whatthese people are doing is learning to merge their normalconsciousness with that of the Implicate Order? Theswitch from PC to mainframe mode again?Does that mean that UFOs that seem to appear fromnowhere are materializingfrom the Implicate Order, ormoving out from other dimensions? The difference maybe purely semantic. However, the mere thought of suchadvanced stealth technology would certainly make anAir Force general drool, and once again could help ex-plain the secrecy surroundingtheir research into UFOs.We can then speculate as to what an advanced intel-ligence might be able to do using Implicate Order, or di-mensional, technology. This might enable a solid craft toremain invisible to us while it carried out part of itsmission, yet by moving into our spatial dimensions, toappear when it wished to be noticed. By selective di-mensional control such a craft might be larger insidethan outside, and abductees might seem to us to reappearin an instant despite experiencing a lengthy, and largelyinvisible, abduction. Residual effects from such a craftmight also explain variations in the speed of timepiecesplaced in landingcircles.Further research into non-locality may help us un-derstand that a craft under intelligent control could beprojected to materialize instantly wherever that intelli-gence wished it to go, for example from one galaxy toanother, without any normal physical restraints.Wouldthat craft be real? Would it be solid? Would it leavemarks on the ground? Could it be detected by radar? Theanswers would have to be yes. But, in the twinkling ofan eye, or should we say mind, it could become "unreal"and disappear to return from whence it came, becausefrom the non-local perspective of the Implicate Order,the other side of our galaxy and planet Earth are actuallyin the same place. British UFO researcher Jenny Randieswrites about the abduction phenomenon that: "Thesebeings ... have harnessed the power of consciousness tocross the gulfs of space."(23)This may be the future ofspace travel for us, although it may have been used byother intelligencesto visit us for ages.The history of science contains numerousexampleswhere we gain insights into reality by extrapolatingfrom our. inventions. For example, the nature of thecomputer has helped us understand the mind, quite apartPAGES NUMBER 321 JANUARY 1995
  10. 10. MUFON UFO JOURNALfrom giving us a helpful tool with which to do that re-search. Likewise, continued research into ArtificialIntelligence, Virtual Reality and its realm of Cyberspacemay be an ideal method to effect the necessary paradigmshift to help us comprehend the multi-dimensional prop-erties of mind-at-large and the UFO enigma.241In 1984the eminent U.S. physicist John Wheeler said that:"The most revolutionary discovery in science is yet tocome!"25 Let us hope that continued research into non-locality leads to such a discovery. However, if ufologistsdont ensurethat they keep abreast of relevant researchin fields such as quantumphysics, electrical engineeringand parapsychology,they may find themselves in theembarrassing position whereby those fields inadver-tently discover how UFOs work before they do.REFERENCES1 Jacques Vallee, Dimensions, Sphere Books, 1988.2 Joel Mesnard, "The French AbductionFile," MU-FON UFO Journal, No. 309, January 1994, pp. 6-8.3 Budd Hopkins, "Invisibility and the UFOAbduction Phenomenon," MUFON 1993 InternationalUFO Symposium Proceedings, p. 183.4 BryanGresh, "Soviet UFO Secrets," MUFON UFOJournal, No. 306, October 1993, p. 6.5 K. C. Cole, "Escape from 3-D, Visiting HigherDimensions," Discover magazine, July 1993, pp. 57 &62.6 P.C. W. Davies & J. Brown (editors), Superstrings:A Theory of Everything. Cambridge University Press,1988. Quote by physicist John Ellis of CERN, p. 159.7 Manfred Cassirer, Parapsychology and the UFO,published by M. Cassirer, London, 1988, p. 51.8 D. Scott Rogo, Miracles: A Scientific Exploration ofWondrous Phenomena, AquarianPress, 1991, pp. 153-154.9 Matthew Manning, The Link, Van Duren Press,UK, 1974, pp. 98-99 &146.10 Kenneth Ring, The Omega Project, WilliamMorrow, 1992, p. 42.11 Jerold R. Johnson, "Widening the Net," MUFONUFO Journal, No. 299, March 1993, p. 299.12 Rosemary E. Guiley, Encyclopedia of Mystical& Paranormal Experience, Grange Books, UK, 1991, p.455.13 Margaret Wertheim, "God and Science," in 21cmagazine, Australian Commission for the Future,Autumn 1991, p. 14.MUFONET-BBS NETWORKMembers Communication LinkAustralia — U.S. — Canada — South AfricaCall lor the BBS nearest you! FAX: 817-628-1031Data No. 512-556-2524 8 - N - 114 "Survey of Science & Technology Issues Present& Future," quoted in Psychic Warfare, Fact or Fiction?,John White (editor), The Aquarian Press, 1988, p. 11.15 David Suzuki, "The Nature of Things: Mysteriesof the Mind," CanadianBroadcasting Corporation, 1993.16 Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe,Grafton Books, 1991.17 David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order,Routledge& Kegan Paul, 1980.18 Raymond Y. Chiao, Paul C. Kwiat, Aephraim M.Steinberg,"Faster than Light?" in Scientific American.August, 1993. It is noted that these authors do not be-lieve that non-local effects can be used to send signalsfaster than the speed of light.19 John Gribbin, "Atomic telepathy is faster thanlight," New Scientist magazine, Vol. 141, No. 1914,26th February 1994, p. 16.20 Dr. Peter Fenwick, quoted in The West Australiannewspaper, 18th April 1994, Earth 2000 section, p. 3.21 Ernest de Martino, Magic Primitive and Modern,(translated by Paul Saye White), Bay Books, 1972, pp.40-41.22 Erlendur Haraldsson, Miracles Are My VisitingCards, Rider Book, Century Hutchinson, UK, 1987.23 Jenny Randies,Abduction, Robert Hale, 1988, p.222.24 David Barclay, "Towards a Full Explanation," inUFOs, The Final Answer?, edited by David & ThereseMarie Barclay, Blandford Books, UK, 1993, p. 172.25 Hans Christian Von Baeyer, Taming The Atom,Penguin Books, 1994, p. 221.Simon Harvey-Wilson is the Western AustraliaRepresentative for MUFON. UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE vThe UFO Newsclipping Service will keep youinformed of all the latest United States and World-WideUFO reports (i.e., little known photographic cases, closeencounters and landing reports, occupant cases) andall other UFO reports, many of which are carried only insmall town and foreign newspapers.Our UFO Newsclipping Service issues are 20-pagemonthly reports, reproduced by photo-offset, containingthe latest United States and Canadian UFO newsclip-pings, with our foreign section carrying the latest British,Australian, New Zealand and other foreign pressreports. Also included is a 3-5 page section of "Fortean"clippings (i.e., Bigfoot and other "monster" reports). Letus keep you informed of the latest happenings in theUFO and Fortean fields.For subscription information and sample pages fromour service, write today to:UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICERoute 1 - Box 220 Plumerville, Arkansas 72127 XJANUARY 1995 NUMBER 321 PAGE 9
  11. 11. MUFON UFO JOURNALABDUCTED: AN INDEPENDENTLY WITNESSEDEVENT? PART 1UFOs in the Outback are like UFOs everywhere — which means weird.By Keith BasterfieldINTRODUCTION:A unique Australian CE3/CE4 event has been slowly re-searched and documented since it occurred nearBelgrave, Victoria in August 1993.It involves 5 people in 2 independentgroups, in 2 mo-tor vehicles, who were party to a very close encounterone night outside of Melbourne, the capital city of thestate of Victoria.One of the witnesses, a woman who wishes to beknown only by her real first name of Kelly, contactedmy colleague Bill Chalker of Sydney, in the state ofNew South Wales, after failing to locate anyone in herhome state to talk to about the experience. Bill referredher to John Auchettl of Phenomena Research Australia,who lives in Melbourne. John interviewed Kelly and herhusband Andrew (pseudonym) and then was successfulin locating and interviewing the other 3 witnesses.Kelly subsequentlyvisited Adelaide, South Australia,where I live and we were able to spend a weekend ex-ploring her portion of the event. Her husbandAndrew,although acknowledging the event and confirming themarks on Kellys body, did not wish to participate in aninvestigation.I was fortunate to be able to sit in on a hypnotic re-gression session with Kelly and an Adelaide psycholo-gist with whom I work, in an attempt to unlock an ap-parent period of missingtime.So, part 1 of this article is Kellys account of theBelgrave incident. Part 2 will look at what the otherparty recalled and some interesting physical traces foundat the site, courtesy of John Auchettls investigation.KELLY: THE EMERGENCE OF MEMORIES:On the 16th of September 1993, Kelly and herhusbandAndrew were attending a barbecue at the home of afriend of theirs in the state of Victoria.During the course of the evening, somehow the con-versation turned to the subject of UFOs. The host wasvery skeptical of the subject of UFOs. Kelly was sur-prised to hear her husband comment about the two ofthem having seen a UFO some weeks before on theirway home from the house of a friend. He recalled Kellypointing out the object and them seeing it hovering in themiddle of the road, and thought it looked like a footballfield all lit up. You see, Kelly didnt recall seeing any-thing like this. This claim of her husbands continuedto.trouble her over the following weeks as she couldntwork out why her husband should have made such athing up.The first of October 1993 saw them driving, duringthe day, through Fountain Gate, an outer Melbournesuburb, in the state of Victoria, then onto Belgrave andup to Monbulk. They were on their way to visit thehouse of the same friend where the barbecue was held.After passing the Fountain Gate shopping centre,quite out of character, Kelly thought to herself that anopen area to the side of the vehicle would be a goodplace for a UFO to land. She doesnt know where thisthought came from.At this point, a feeling of dread passed through her —a fear which had no apparent cause consideringthe set-ting they were in. Unbidden memories emerged of anepisode from the night of the 7/8th August 1993. Shefound herself wondering how on Earth she could haveforgotten the highly unusual, very disturbing episode.AUGUST THE SEVENTH/EIGHTH:On the seventh of August 1993 Kelly and Andrew weretravelling to their friends place to celebrate her friendsdaughters 18th birthday. On the outskirts of Belgrave,just after dark, Kelly, who was in the passenger seat wasstartled to glimpse, for 2-3 seconds, a circle of round,or-ange lights sitting in a paddock. Andrew as driver, andtravelling at about 100 km/hr, apparently did not seethem, and Kelly, deep in thought as to what they couldhave been, did not mention it to Andrew for some fiveminutes. They then discussed whether or not it couldhave been an aircraft or a helicopter, but Andrew wasnot open to her discussion on the observation and theconversation about it was brief.After arriving at her friends place Andrew told peo-ple what Kelly had seen, and Kelly received a ribbingfrom those present about it. There was even talk of littlegreen men. Kelly and her friend then went off to playbingo and returned to the friends place at about 11p.m. After coffee and a chat Andrew and Kelly set offhome. Although they did not look at a clock their esti-mate of the time of departure placed it as about 11:45p.m. The normal duration of the trip home was about 90minutes. Traffic was light on the road home and travel-ling down hill between Belgrave and Fountain Gate anobject was again sighted. This time it seemed to behovering above the road, at about twice tree top height,some 400-500m to their front. The bottom half of itwas a grouping of circular, orange lights, while the topseemed solid. It was identical to the object Kelly hadseen on the way up to their friends.As they got closer to it, Kelly thoughtthat there werefigures visible in the lights and told her husband of thisPAGE 10 NUMBER 321 JANUARY 1995
  12. 12. MUFON UFO JOURNALShe still felt nauseous, sweaty, with headspinning. The same male voice, speakingas if addressing a crowd, said: "We are apeaceful people." Kelly broke down andcried.observation. Andrew also looked at the object, whichthen took off at speed to their left.CLOSE ENCOUNTER:A couple of kilometres further along the road, a brilliantlight was encountered which appeared to take up thewidth of the road, and was directly in front of them.Kelly needed to shield her eyes to look at it. Her heartwas racing, and adrenaline pumping.The couple talkedabout what they were seeing.Suddenly, within a split second of driving towards thelight, the next memory was of sitting in the car, butfeeling relaxed, with a normal pulse and no adrenalineflow. The two of them were puzzled as to what hadhappened to the light towards which they had, secondsago, been driving?Kelly commented that she felt as ifshed experienced a black out. Discussion on this ap-parent "missing time" continued over the next half hour,with Kelly certain some time had passed and Andrewsuggesting that shed been daydreaming. However, bothfelt they were suffering unexplainedstomach pain andthat the car smelt of vomit.Upon arrival home they checked the time and theclock showed that it was 2:30 a.m., whereas it shouldhave been about 1:15 a.m.AFTEREFFECTS:Before going to bed Kelly went to the bathroom, andfound a red, triangular mark beneath her navel and asmall "cut" on her bikini line similar to a laparoscopymarking. This cut seemed only a couple of days old. Sheknew immediately what the "cut" was as she had un-dergone exploratory surgery previously. Neither markhad previously been there. In addition, although notdue for her menstruation,she had started to bleed.The unexplained bleeding continued for 3 1/2weeksresulting in her becoming ill to the point of needinghospitalization for an infection of the womb. She foundout that the normal causes of an infected womb was ei-ther a self-terminating pregnancy or an infectionbroughtabout following surgery. A pregnancy test proved neg-ative and she had not undergone recent surgery. Thedoctor however, concluded that she must have beenpregnant, thus leading to an infected womb.MORE MEMORIES:What you have read so far were the initial memories re-called. Over a period of a few hours more memoriesemerged which broadened the recollection of events ofthat morning. These memories emerged as a series ofunfolding flashbacks, e.g., one was of bending down inthe car to pick up her handbag, another was of standingin the middle of the road. Shed get a 30-second piece ofrecall, then nothing, then another short recall.As they continued to drive towards the light, uponturning a bend in the road, it transpired that the objectwas on the right hand,side of the road and at groundlevel. At the spot where the encounter occurred the roadtakes a curve around a gully, and it is possible to see thelocation from along a one Km stretch.As they halted their vehicle Kelly observed that an-other road vehicle had come to a halt, some 100metresbehind them, back down the road, with a number ofpeople in it. Andrew and Kelly, who stopped to pick upher handbag, got out of the car and walked across theroad, and stared into the gully where the object rested.At this point they were some 5 metres away from theroad, by a fenceline. The only landmarks they couldsee were a slight embankment and a little tree line.They stood awestruck and looked. After some 30 sec-onds, a figure came towards them. It was rather tall,black in colour, and was of a different shape to a humanbeing, being too tall and skinny.She drew her husbands attention to the being andthen Kelly decided to contact the being by thought, butwas instantly flooded with a sensation of fear. From adistance of 100-150m the creatures eyes lit up red.Kelly stated to Andrew: "Theyve got no souls," beforescreaming.She then became aware that there were in fact a num-ber of these creatures approaching, seemingly floatingover the ground as if they werent walking. The entitiessplit up, some came towards Andrew and Kelly, and oth-ers went towards the other vehicle and its occupants.Kelly found her mind became intensely confused andshe couldnt focus on anything.She really yelled to theother people: "Theyre evil. Theyre going to kill us!"Suddenly, there was a sensation in her stomachwhich caused her to fall backwards through the air,landing on her back (later an electric fence was locatedat this site and was perhaps the stimulusfor this sensa-tion). She sat up, trying to remain conscious, feelingphysically sick and catching her breath. She could notsee—she felt blinded, but could hear her husbandsvoice nearby. He seemed terrified and spoke: "Let go ofme!" In response came a male voice, which Kelly feltshe had heard somewhere before but couldnt place it:"We mean you no harm." Further dialogue ensued, at theend of which Kelly felt sick, put her head between herlegs and passed out.Coming to, she was still sitting on the ground. Shecouldnt see but formed the impression that there were alot of "people" around her. She still felt nauseous,sweaty, with head spinning. The same male voice,speaking as if addressing a crowd, said: "We are apeaceful people." Kelly broke down and cried. A handJANUARY 1995 NUMBER 321 PAGE 11
  13. 13. MUFON UFO JOURNALTheir motor vehicle in the driveway triedto start up all by itself, with the doorslocked and the "kill" switch on. The enginewould turn over but never actually start.Andrew would run down to see who wastrying to steal the car but find no one there.then touched her on the shoulder, a gentle touch, but thissent her into a rage.The next conscious memory found her back in the carbut unable to recall anything after seeing the light.HOME AGAIN—THE DREAM:Arriving home they went to bed and Kelly dreamed. Inthis dream she was on the ground, at the encounter site,sitting down. Her vision was clearing. She could see be-ings but only from the elbows down, she couldnt see thetop half of them. She then saw her husband being ledaway down a slope to the object. Somehow, she knewthat the creature leading him was female. Feeling en-raged she rushed towards the creature and grabbed herarm, only then to black out.Coming round, Kelly could see the grounded objectand a middle aged woman was yelling "Murderess" toKelly, who had a body at her feet. Kelly then felt an armaround her and she was led away. She next found herselfin a small room, with a being present, whose face shecould not see. The being informed her that she hadnt re-ally killed anyone but that they had used her sense ofmorality to overcome her fear.NEXT MORNING:When she woke up the next morning she could vividlyrecall the above dream. She noted there was also mud onthe soles and heels of her shoes, and can recall havingtojump over a muddy gutter to get to their viewing posi-tion on the side of the road.REGRESSION:This then was Kellys conscious recollection, of en-countering an unusualobject, of there being other humanwitnesses to the event; of seeing creatures and an ap-parent period of "missing time," some of which she be-came aware of.During a visit to Adelaide, South Australia where theauthor lives, she decided to undergo regression hypnosisconducted by a fully qualified psychologist. Although de-scribing her recollections of the 7th August in detail,she was unable to penetrate beyond the pre-existing con-scious memories. No abduction scenario emerged.SURROUNDING EVENTS:As with many other close encounter experiences, Kellys7th August event was not set in isolation. Below are de-tailed a few of these surrounding events.In about July 1993 she went on a spiritual retreat for 3weeks. One night she was sitting, awake, on the edge ofthe bed, when she became aware of someone speaking toher. She listened intently and discovered she couldntmove an inch from her bed. There was some kind ofpower present. She found herself in shock, went as whiteas a ghost, and couldnt remember what she had heard.Shortly after the August event very unusual episodeswould occur. The television turned itself on and off.Kelly would get up during the night to find the TV oneven though they had turned it off before going to bed.It would then switch itself off. Light bulbs blew at ahigher incident rate than normal. The VCR raced for-wards, backwards and ejected cassettes all by itself. Atfirst it would happen and theyd catch it as they walkedinto the room. Later it did it in front of them.Their motor vehicle in the driveway tried to start upall by itself, with the doors locked and the "kill" switchon. The engine would turn over but never actually start.Andrew would run down to see who was trying to stealthe car but find no one there.Although she regards herself as having been "psy-chic" prior to the event she feels that these abilitieshave been 10 times more evident since August.Several times, a small, orange ball of fire, the size ofan orange has been seen to hit windows in the house. Itcame from nowhere and simply ran into the window,making a cracking sound.ENDPIECE:Kelly and Andrews accounts are in themselves an in-teresting CE3 event with an apparent period of missingtime. The marks Kelly found are also indicative of anabduction event, even though neither Kelly nor Andrewconsciously recall such an experience.This encounter would intrigue in itself, butPhenomena Research Australia researcher John Auchettlwas able to locate the other party of three people, whoalso independently recall observing the same entitiesand UFO that night, and more than that. Part 2 willcontinue the saga of the Belgrave incident.Keith is MUFONs Continental Coordinator forAustralia and New Zealand. He may be contactedvia GPO Box 1894, Adelaide, South Australia 5001,Australia.UFOs, MJ-12 AND THE GOVERNMENT:A Report on Government Involvement inthe UFO Crash Retrievals (113 pages)by Grant Cameron and T. Scott CrainPrice: $19 plus $1.50 lor postage and handling.Order From: MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099PAGE IZ NUMBER 321 JANUARY 1995
  14. 14. MUFON UFO JOURNALTHE NEWPORT-JACKSON SIGHTINGS OFNOVEMBERBy Arnold DunningNOTE: The following narrative is a preliminaryreport of ongoing investigations of a series of UFOsightings in and around the Newport-Dixmont-Jackson area of north central Maine. Additional in-formation on these sightings is turning up daily.Final reports and forms are being compiled on eachsighting and will be forwarded to Maines MUFONState Director, Leland Bechtel, in concurrence withpresent report policy.Joanne Charrier is a nursery school teacher who re-sides at 24 West St., Newport, Maine. On Mondayevening, 11/21/94, at 11:30 p.m., she and her hus-band decided to retire and Joanne, as is her custom,tucked her 5-year-old son into bed. To her surprise herson was awake and complained that the flashing lightsin the sky through his east-facing window were scaringhim. She looked out the window and observed a num-ber of objects moving and hovering in the sky thatwere flashing red/blue/green and white lights that shecould not identify. She and her husband went outside,observed the objects, and being concerned, called theNewport Police Department. Patrolman DouglasFranklin responded to the call and was shown the ob-jects by the Charriers and reported the flashing objectsto the Newport Police Dispatcher. The dispatcher im-mediately called the FAA control tower at BangorInternational Airport, 25 miles to the east, and was in-formed that there was no traffic showing on radar at thattime. Patrolman Franklin informed the Charriers thatthey were probably military helicopters on maneuversand that the FAA tower would not tell them that. TheCharriers did not accept this explanationandcontinuedto view the objects nightly when able,Anonymous: For numerous reasons the source ofthis information must be thouroughly protected. Thesource would have been in a position to know this in-formation. Over the last two months "numerous" airlinepilots approaching Bangor International Airport havereported unidentifiable objects and have elected not toofficially report them as they feel it would reflect ontheir careers. At least two of these sightings have beenin the Newport, ME area. When I asked if I might beable to get official confirmation should I visit the FAAcontrol tower I was told "probably not." I will proceedon this route.Pamela Underhill is a housewife who lives in Veazie,ME, just to the east of Bangor. Her husbandhas been afireman with the Bangor Fire Dept. for 20 years. On11/24 Pamela, her husband,and her daughter were dri-ving on Interstate 95 immediately south of Newport,JANUARY 1995 NUMBER 321The object quickly drifted noiselesslyacross the highway toward Newport. Asthe object passed over, the "heater wentcold and the radio started receiving a radiostation from across the country."heading north, when she noticed a huge object "as bigas a big house," diffuse white in color with multicoloredflashing lights around the bottom, hoveringjust over thetrees south of.the highway. The object quickly driftednoiselessly across the highway toward Newport. Asthe object passed over, the "heater went cold and the ra-dio started receiving a radio station from across thecountry." Further discussion revealed that Pamela hashad at least one other sighting in her life, as well as anexperience in her bedroom years ago that could possiblybe an abduction experience.Douglas Batchelder lives in Jackson and was presentat Gladys Frenchs house when I visited to view the ob-jects on 11/25. Douglas called me the evening of 12/1indicating that he and Gladyss husband, Herb French,had just spotted a UFO on the Monroe to Jackson road.They were three miles from Jackson when they spotteda large object with flashing orange lights all aroundthe bottom. They estimatedthe object to be about sevenpickups in length and 500 feet above the road. It wasmoving and made no noise. They rushed home, grabbeda camera, and rushed back but could not find the object.James la Fountain is a carpenter who lives on theMonroe-Winterport line. James reported two sight-ings in the last week of November. The second reportis of 11/21 at 6:00 p.m., as James was checking out theshingles on a new roof he was putting on his mother-in-laws house just up the mountain from his ownhome. From this roof he had a clear view to the east ofa valley in West Winterport which is about a mileacross. He said that a bright blue object came ex-tremely fast out of the north and flew south at no morethen 100 feet above the fields in the valley. James is anexpert on airplane identification, and said that the objecthe saw flew and looked like nothing he had ever seenbefore.Jason Jackson is a reporter for The RepublicanJournal in Belfast which is just SE of the Monroe-Jackson area. Mr. Jackson had visited Gladys French todiscuss her sightingsand had called me for my input. Itold him what I knew and he indicated that he did notbelieve in UFOs. He said he was going out the nextContinued on Page 15PAGE 13
  15. 15. MUFON UFO JOURNALCANDIDATES FOR WESTERN REGIONAL DIRECTORMARILYN HENRY CHILDSMrs. Childs joined MUFON in 1989 and with her husband, Larry, be-came Co-State Directors for Washington State, a position she still holds.Marilyn will be the Host Chairperson for the MUFON 1995 InternationalUFO Symposium in Seattle, Washington. She has a B.S. inArchaeoastronomy (1980) and a B.A. in Anthropology/Archaeology (1984),both from the University of Washington. In 1985, she received a M.Ed, inScience Education; Physics; Curriculum and Instruction from theUniversityof Washington. Mrs. Childs was awarded NCATE Washington TeachingCertificates in 1980 and 1985. She holds the first ever professional degreefrom an accredited institution of higher education in the field ofArchaeoastronomy from the University of Washington.Marilyn designed, developed, and implemented courses, workshops,seminars, in-service teacher training, and public education expositionswith emphasis on Astronomy, Robotics, Physics, Electronics, ArtificialIntelligence, Native American Legends, Archaeoastronomy, Ancient Chinese and Mayan Astronomy,Archaeology. She founded a successful robotics company that markets software and hardware to edu-cational institutions. She was honored to be selected for inclusion in "Whos Who in AmericanEducation" by the National Reference Institute.MICHAEL D. MIKE DOBBSMike and his wife Brenda are currently Co-State Section Directors for fourcounties in southern Washington.Mr. Dobbs joined MUFON on 7/14/89 as an am-ateur radio operator and later became a field investigator. Mike graduated withhonors from Purdue Universitywith a B.S.E.E. and is the holder of two patents. Heis currently employed as a Project Manager in Research and Development with theHewlett-Packard Co., where he is leading a team of design engineers working on in-tegrated circuits, control systems, and other technologies used in computers, pe-ripherals, and printers. Mike has worked on the forefront of computer technology fornearly 15 years.Mikes interest in researching UFO phenomena dates back to the early 1970swhen his friendshipwith Leonard Stringfield peaked his curiosity.He is also an am-ateur radio operator, WD8IAM and is 34 years of age. Mikes father, David Dobbs,AA8DK, has been the net control station for MUFONs amateur radio net formanyyears.DENNIS WILLIAM HAUCKMr. Hauck originally joined MUFON in 1975 as a state section director forthree counties in northwestIndianaand on 5/18/76 was designated State Director forIndiana. He served as editor of the MUFON UFO Journal from June 1976 throughAugust 1977. He was later Chief Editor for several nationalnewsstand magazines in-cluding Official UFO, Sea Monsters, ESP, Ancient Astronauts and Phenomena.Mr. Hauck moved to Sacramento, California,several years ago where hecontinuedhis free lance writing. He was not only a speaker at the International UFOConference in 1977 (Acapulco, Mexico) but a major planner for speakers from NorthAmerica. He is profiled in current editions of "Whos Who in California" and the"Dictionary of InternationalBiography."Dennis W. Hauck received the equivalentof a doctorate degree in mathematicsfrom the Universityof Vienna,Austria and began his full time study of Fortean phe-nomena in 1975. Presently a Mathematics Consultantto MUFON, he would like tobecome more actively involvedas a candidate for Western Regional Director. Mr.Hauck is 45 years of age.PAGE, u NUMBER 321Continued on Page 23JANUARY 1995
  16. 16. MUFON UFO JOURNALNEWPORT-JACKSON SIGHTINGS - Continued fromPage 13night, 11/29, to see if he could see them. Mr. Jacksoncalled me back the next evening and stated that he hadviewed what I had described and that he had also wit-nessed something strange, even though he did not be-lieve in UFOs. He described it as looking like the trailleft during fireworks rockets as they descend after ex-ploding. He stated it lasted for at least five secondsand came straight down. I indicated that it soundedlike a meteorite, but that they were generally of muchshorter duration and usually angled across the sky,sountil further information was available, he had seen aUFO. He again stated that he couldnt have, becausethey dont exist. Ten minutes after talking with him acab driver in Dover contacted me to tell me that hehad seen three meteorites that evening. It was also re-ported that at 5:20 p.m.on 11/29 a fireball was seenfrom Boston up through Maine. It was estimated to beabout fist-sized and travelling North West. It was feltthat it came to earth in neighboring northern NewBrunswick, Canada.On 12/2 this investigator was traveling east throughClifton, ME on Rt. 9 to the east of Bangor at 10:30p.m.The sky was clear and full of stars and there was onevery bright, multicolored flashing object SE of Rt. 9,approximately 30 degrees above the horizon. This ob-ject was video recorded.As of 12/5,1 have no idea what these objects repre-sent. The phenomena will continue to be studied andfull official reports will be made of each describedevent.Mr. Dunning is a MUFON field investigator and as-sistant state director for Maine.UNITED NATIONS VIDEOOn October 2, 1992, a UFO presentation was made atthe United Nations in an effort to reopen Decision GA33/426. The two-hour VHS video tape includesMohammad A. Ramadan, Stanton T. Friedman. JohnF. Schuessler and Robert H. Bletchman. Tapes of thismonumental UN presentation may be purchased byPostal Money Orders, personal check made payablethrough a U.S. bank or U.S. cash for $19.95 plus $2for p.&h. to MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Rd.,Seguin,TX 78155-4099, U.S.A.CUBBEMLCASESCompiled by T. David Spencer, Acting Director ofWestern Region for UFO cases.• LOG# 941101S: CE-5, Yuma. AZ; September 20.1994.A young man awoke about 1:00 oclock in the mom-ing to find a bright light shining in his face and severalfigures standing around his bed. Suddenly, he foundhimself in a large, round, cold, seamless, metallic grayroom having a reddish tint. He was sitting on a benchalong with a blond woman and a man with tatoos. Theyseemed puzzled and unable to talk. He saw tables andcows also in the room, and beings were removingthingsfrom the cows. There were two types of beings. Thelarger ones, which seemed to be in charge of the others,were lizard-like, very muscular, had almond-shapedblack eyes with yellow slits in them, and had severalsmile-shaped, parallel ridges on their faces. The smallerbeings, the ones working on the cows, each wore sometype of helmet. What seemed to be a moment later hefound himself on one of the tables. The next moment, hewas back in bed, sweating. About three hours hadpassed. Case investigated by MUFONs Kevin Bowmanand Joseph Murek, Arizona.• LOG#941105S: CE-2, Currie, NV; Feb 28, 1980.Travelling to Idaho and carrying a pickup bed full ofbelongings held in place by a parachute tied down withrope and nylon straps which were attached to woodensidebars, two men decided to stop and brew a cup of cof-fee at about 10:00 oclock at night. Using a parachute in-stead of a tarp, they had checked the truck bed severaltimes en route to make sure it was secure. The twomade a quick trip to the woods and returned to start thecoffee on a heating plate in the cab of the truck. It beingcold, the steam soon fogged the inside windshield. Whenone of the men wiped the window, he saw odd shadowsoutside. Both of the men got out of the truck to seewhat was going on, and what they saw was a blackshape the size of a house about 100 feet over them. It wasroughly oval, but more like the outline of a potato.When they looked down to the truck bed.they saw theparachute torn to shreds and the ropes and straps brokenor melted. One of them grabbed a stapler, and theyquickly stapled the remainingpieces of the parachute tothe sidebars, jumped into the cab, and started the engineto race away from the object. The truck engine coughedand sputtered as they drove, both the fuel gauge andspeedometer were no longer functioning, and the objectwas following above them. The engine finally died asthey were moving, and they suspected they were out ofgas. The driver coasted on down the road while trying toJANUARY 1995 NUMBER 321 PAGE 15
  17. 17. MUFON UFO JOURNALswitch to the second fuel tank, but the switch would notwork. The passenger began helping with the switch andit finally worked. The engine started without sputtering,and the gauges began working. Looking above them,they saw the object had gone. MUFON Field InvestigatorCinde Costello, California, reported the case.• LOG# 941110S: AN-1,Rachel, NV;May 19, 1994.Having stopped along state highway 375 to check fora problem with the car, the two witnesses saw a redlight with erratic motion. The red light disappeared, butthey then saw three large, bright white lights in a row.They came closer, then dropped two yellow lights to theground and disappeared a few seconds later. Two small,pulsating red lights then rose and passed just to thenorth of the witnesses. One of the red lights faded towhite then back to red as the lights first separated thencame back together before disappearing behind a sum-mit. Shortly afterward, one, then two brilliant whitelights lit up at ground level in the vicinity of where theyellow lights had been dropped. One of the lights ap-peared to approach them before they both disappeared.MUFON Field Investigator Mary Zimmer, Florida, re-ported the case.The following cases were received from JackKasher, MUFON Central Region Director.• October 11,1994:A large, triangular-shaped object with dimensions ofapproximately 600 feet per side was spotted by fivewitnesses in two separate locations 25 miles apart, nearCuster and Hot Springs, South Dakota. There were threelights flashing in sequence, and the object was silent.Near Hot Springs a number of dogs whined and barkedwhen the object came into the area, and a witness sawthe object fly directly over his house. Case investigatedby Davina Ryszka, former South Dakota State Director,who was one of the witnesses.• July 21,1994:Two very bright, starlike lights were seen by twowitnesses at about 10:00 PM near Hot Springs, SouthDakota. One light was red, the other white. There was nosound, and the lights were stationary. The observerswatched for five to ten minutes, until the lights disap-peared when a fast-movingjet plane entered the region.Investigated by Davina Ryszka.• Early 1950s and mid-1994:A gentleman from Buffalo, Wyoming recounted sev-eral sightings he had during the early 1950s inWyoming and Washington state. Most involved bluelights, sometimes alone, sometimes multiple, in locationsimpossible to access by car. More recently, in mid-1994he and a friend were driving near Clearmont, Wyomingwhen they saw an object that resembled a fifty-foot-longhouse with windows all the way across. It was on ahillside where there are no buildings. Investigated byDavina Ryszka.• October 17,1993:An 11-year-old girl and her cousin were in their frontyard in Connersville, Indiana making a scarecrow. Theyheard a humming sound, and thought it was an air-plane. But the object stopped above them and the hum-ming sound stopped. They looked up and saw a saucer-shaped, silvery object, gray oh top with lights on the bot-tom. A "fog" came out of the craft, and three glowingwhite objects from the fog, one of which circled thefield. The craft then moved out of sight after aboutthree minutes. Investigated by Donald L. Worley.• July, 1977:Three young boys were playing outside inConnersville, Indiana during the evening, when they no-ticed three lights approaching low in the sky. The lightsdid not change position, and the boys could not see anystars between them. The 300-foot-wide triangle movedpast at about 150 feet and about 25-30 m.p.h. Two of theboys fled, while the other fell backward and watched. Itmoved west, then disappeared. The sighting lasted aboutfive minutes. Investigated by Donald L. Worley.• October 20-30,1992:A 41-year-old man was sitting on his porch at about10:00 PM in Bloomfield, Indiana, when he noticed twolow, stationary white lights in the east about 200-500 feetaway. He felt that the object was triangular in shape. Thetwo lights went out and four more appeared, red, green,red and green, right to left. The object moved slowlyaway after four to five minutes.Investigated by ThomasA. Vlaskamp.• April 17,1993:At about 9:45 PM the witness was driving north inIndianapolis, Indiana and saw a craft with a bright lightin front and a blinking red light in back moving forwardat a slow speed, at an altitude of about 500 feet. Itchanged direction and flew toward the witness, whothen observed that it was white with no markings. Theobject was silent. Investigated by Will Ott.• September 9,1994:Thomas A. Vlaskamp was driving to work at about2:55 PM near Bloomfield, Indiana, when he saw an ob-ject pass in front of him about 330 feet off the groundand moving at 300 m.p.h. The object made no sound,and appeared to be a gray, spinning disk. Immediatelyafter this a jet plane roared by at the same altitude andspeed. Both objects made a wide, sweeping turn to theeast. A waitress at a nearby restaurant said she heard onejet fly by, but not two. Investigated (and witnessed) byThomas Vlaskamp.PAGE 16 NUMBER 321 JANUARY 1995
  18. 18. MUFON UFO JOURNALSewScientistBy Dennis StacyOn November 28 of last year, the BBC2 Horizonprogram (roughly an equivalent of "Nova") broad-cast a special on alien abductions titled "CloseEncounters." It was hosted,or investigated, if you prefer,by Dr. Susan Blackmore, a senior lecturer in Psychologyat the University of the West of England, Bristol, who inthe past has tackled subjects like out-of-body and near-death experiences.Jenny Randies, writing in the Christmas 1994 issue ofNorthern UFO News (write editor Randies for sub-scription information at her new address: 11 Pike Court,Fleetwood, Lancashire FY7 8QF), roundly faulted theprogram on a number of points. For instance, saysRandies, Blackmore "set about presentingresearch pub-lished for years by various sensible UFOlogists (KeithBasterfield. Hilary Evans, Paul Devereux arejust some)as if it were a discovery Horizon had made." Moreover,Randies continues, "in promotion for this show (itachieved wide media interest in Britain, the USA andAustralia) it came over as if Dr. Blackmore [had] carvedout a rational path that nutty UFOlogists were too be-fuddled to seek."In conjunction with the program, Blackmore alsohad a cover article on abductions in the November 19,1994 issue of the English weekly. New Scientist. Youwont find any urologists you know quotedor credited inthat article, either, although you will read such as: "TheBBCs science programme Horizon had asked me toinvestigate the origin of the latest American craze incrazy experience abduction by aliens." And later: "Whydo the aliens always pick Americans?" Ironically, onlytwo months before the program aired. Carl Nagaitisand Philip Mantle had published a book in England titledWithout Consent ("A Comprehensive Survey ofMissing-Time and Abduction Phenomenain the UK"),indicating that answers to even the simplest of questionsare literally right under ones nose provided, of course,one is first interested in looking for them. The latterdetailed some 40 UK cases, and it goes without sayingthat at least somewhat similar cases have been reportedfrom France, Australia and other countries.Blackmores New Scientist article. "Alien Abduction,The Inside Story." concentrates mainly on the work ofneuroscientist Michael Persinger at LaurentianUniversity, Sudbury. Ontario. Persinger has long beentweaking peoples temporal lobes in an attempt with atleast some success, it must be admitted to replicatemany so-called "mystical" experiences, out-of-body,near-death and alien abduction included. In fact, Ire-boson hunterNorwaysoil bombALIEN ABDUCTIONTHE INSIDE STORYported on Persingers work in a cover article,"Transcending Science: The New Mysticism," which ap-peared in the December, 1988 issue of Omni magazine.Before that, Persinger himself had presented at the MU-FON symposium in Toronto, Canada.Persingers research centers around the use of ma-nipulated magnetic fields to stimulate certain buried re-gions of the brain, specifically the temporal lobes, whichgovern our sense of self, some memory functions andother aspects of behavior. Neurons in the temporal lobesare especially sensitive to electrical stimulation. In fact,temporal lobe epilepsy, the most common form ofepileptic seizure, occurs when the neurons begin firingrandomly in one area and spread by a sort of conta-gious effect into others nearby. But this electricalfirestorm in the brain is at the extreme end of a spectrumof sensitivity, which Persinger refers to as temporal lia-bility. An individuals response to temporal lobe stimu-lation, however, can fall far short of a physical, fall-down seizure.According to Persinger. Blackmore writes, "peoplewith high liability have very unstable temporallobes with frequent bursts of electrical activity that canbe seen on an EEC (electroencephalograph). Such peo-ple tend, he claims, to be anxious and judgmental as wellas artistic. People with low liability,by contrast, rarelyshow bursts of activity in their temporal lobes and aremuch less imaginative . . . Persinger has found thatpeople with high liability more frequently report sensa-tions of floating, flying or leaving the body as well asmystical and psychic experiences."JANUARY 1995 NUMBER 321 PAGE 17
  19. 19. MUFON UFO JOURNALAlthough only a very small population of potentialabductees has been tested for temporal lobe liability,they did not appear to score significantly higher than thegeneral population. Moreover, a recent study by thelate Nicholas Spanos and colleagues at CarletonUniversity, Ottawa, found individuals reporting intenseUFO experiences (both close encounters and abduc-tions) to be perfectly normal (and on the average slightlymore intelligent)when compared with control subjects.A portion of their experiences, however, did appear tobe associated with certain sleep parameters, which al-lows Blackmore to raise the issue of what is known assleep paralysis. Heres how she describes it: "Duringnormal REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, when themajority of dreams occur, the skeletal muscles are paral-ysed . . . Normally, we are unaware of this, but occa-sionally we can become mentallyalert while this paral-ysis persists. Waking up this way can be extremely un-pleasant. Yet it is quite common; surveys show thatabout 20 per cent of people have experienced sleepparalysis at one time or another. Trying to move andfailing makes it worse and often provokes the sense thatthere is something trying to squash, strangle or suffocateyou. Sexual arousal during dreams is common and mayadd a particularlypowerful edge to the experience."Blackmore also considers the issue of the false mem-ory syndrome, but concludes that even if it is involved"in alien abduction episodes, wouldnt there have to besome sort of core event to build the fantasies around? Ifso, what might this event be?" For Blackmore, the an-swer appears to come when she straps on Persingers ex-perimental helmet and settles into a reclining chair insidea small soundproofed room. The skull not being a par-ticularly good electrical conductor, Persinger manipu-lates magnetic fields instead, via a series of solenoidsplaced around the outside of the helmet.Blackmore was instructedto describe aloudanythingthat happened. For the first ten minutes, nothing did."Then," she says, "suddenly my doubts vanished."Without warning, the chair in which she was recliningsuddenly began behavinglike a hammock, as if it wereswaying back and forth with her in it. "Then it felt for allthe world as though two hands had grabbed my shoul-ders and were bodily yanking me upright. I knew I wasstill lying in the reclining chair, but someone, or some-thing, was pulling me up."It seemed to stretch one of her legs like taffy, drawingit halfway up the wall. "Then came the emotions," saysBlackmore. "Totally out of the blue, but intensely andvividly, I suddenly felt angry notjust mildly cross butthat clear-minded anger out of which you act but therewas nothing and no one to act on. Later, it was replacedby an equally sudden attack of fear. I was terrified ofnothing in particular. The longterm medical effects ofapplying strong magnetic fields to the brain are largelyunknown, but I felt weak and disoriented for a couple ofhours after coming out of the chamber."Blackmores conclusions are equally curious."Persinger applied a silent and invisible force tomy brain and created a specific experience for me. Heclaimed that he was imitating the basic sequences of theprocess of memory and perception and that, by varyingthose sequences, he could control my experience. Couldhe have done it from a distance? Could it be done on awider scale? Suddenly prospects of magnetic mind con-trol seem an awful lot worse than the idea of being ab-ducted by imaginary aliens."In response to Blackmores article, a letter by GlennKrawczyk of Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia,ap-peared in the December 17, 1994 issue of New Scientist.The letter writer notes, in part, that "Persinger was em-ployed by the US nationalsecurity establishmentto de-velop behaviour-modifying electromagnetic weaponsunder project Sleeping Beauty. He came to the atten-tion of the defence industry after he published a paperentitled Possible cardiac driving by an externalrotatingmagnetic field in 1973."In light of Persingers apparent involvementin the de-velopment of so-called "non-lethal" weaponry, the writersuggests that "his role in alien abduction researchcould perhaps be assessed in a different light."Krawczyk concludes: "Its high time that politicians,scientists, journalists and the public alike take a muchmore intense interest in assessing just where this newclass of weapons is threateningto lead us and respondaccordingly."New Scientist is almost always provocative and in-teresting reading. Think of it as a sort of Time magazineor Newsweek devoted to science and related issues,written with typical English wit and irreverence. As aweekly, however, it doesnt come cheap. A US subscrip-tion is $140.00. For additional information, write: NewScientist Subscriptions Department, PO Box 272,Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 3FS, England. Tel:01444 445555.UFO FIELD INVESTIGATORSTRAINING GUIDEWe are proud to announce that the UFO Field InvestigatorsTraining Guide: An introduction to methodologies, tech-niques and scientific disciplines for performing UFO investi-gations and support of the Mutual UFO Network by T.David Spencer (304 pages in 3-ring binder) is now availableform MUFON in Seguin, Texas for $30 plus $3.50 forpostage and handling. Do not confuse this training guidewith the fourth edition of the MUFON Field Investigatorsmanual, this guide is an asset to the instructors conductingfield investigator trainingclasses as well as the students.PAGE 18 NUMBER 321 JANUARY 1995
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COSTA RICA-latest hotbed ofUFO activ-ity. Mystical Egypt & Israel. Crop Circles ofEngland &MysticScotland. South Pacific-Samoan Islands. Call 1-800-572-1576or E-Mail at: jmurphy@onramp.netUFO DIRECTORY ISSUE #2 now available! An indispensabledesktop reference! Lists over 300 organizations, individuals,businesses, stores, museums & lots more. 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Ex: Howes $48 Other Realities only$20.00.RESEARCHER SEEKS EXPERIENCERS who have had mul-tiple or extended contacts involving telepathy. Upon request,three questionnaires will be mailed to you which take abouthalf an hour to complete.All information can be returned anony-mously. Write toPSI, PO Box CK, Norton, MA 02766.Continued on Page 22WEST VIRGINIA UFOsAuthor/journalist Bob Teets chronicles more than 100WestVirginia UFO cases, with an emphasis on cases of the 1980sto 1994. Includes Matrix of UFO Beliefs. Soft cover, 224pages, many illustrations. $14.95 plus $2.50 s/h (check ormo): Headline Books, Inc., PO Box 52, Terra Alta, WV26764 Visa/MC 1-800-570-5951.FLYING SAUCER DIGESTFree 10 different UFO maps & 5 unique UFO magazinesshowing top cases, landings, occupants, magneticeffects &much more. All this for a 5 issue $10.00 subscription toFlying Saucer Digest. The oldest privately published UFOmagazine in the world. Send to: UAPA-M, Box 347032,Cleveland, Ohio 44134.JANUARY 1995 NUMBER 321 PAGE 19
  21. 21. MUFON UFO JOURNAL.T.MLEONARD H. STRINGFIELDI92O-I994Ufology lost one of us pioneerswith the passingof LeonardH. Stringfield on December 18, 1994. Leonard wasDirector ofCRIFO (Civilian Research Interplanetary Flying Objects) andpublisher of its newsletter, ORBIT, from 1953 to 1957. From1967 to 1969. Len was assigned as an Early WarningCoordinator for the Colorado Project under Dr. Edward U.Condon to screen and report all UFOactivity in southwesternOhio. Mr. Stringfield served as public relations advisor to theNational Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena(NICAP) under the Director. Major Donald E. Keyhoe from1957 to 1970.Leonard joined MUFON in 1971. as the State SectionDirector for southwest Ohio, and in 1974 became theDirectorof Public Relations, serving on the Board of Directors. Mr.Stringfield was an Associate Editor of the MUFON UFOJournal. He was also a regional investigator for theCenter forUFO Studies (CUFOS). Len was the author of two books:Inside Saucer Post... 3-0 Blue (Private Publication 1957) andSituation Red. The UFO Siege (NewYork: Doubleday 1977).He presented a copyrighted paper entitled "Retrievals of theThird Kind: A Case Study of Alleged UFOs and Occupants inMilitary Custody" at (he MUFON 1978 UFO Symposium inDayton, Ohio, which became "Status Report I" in aseries. In1980, MUFON published Mr. Stnngfields monograph andsequel to his 1978 paper entitled The UFO CraMRetrievalSyndrome, Stains Report II: New Sources. New Data. He hassince privately published three additional monographs: UFOCrash/Retrievals: Amassing the Evidence. Status Report III(1982); UFO Crasli/Ketrievals: The inner Sanctum, StatusReport V7 (1991); and UFO Crash/Retrievals: Searchfor Proofin a Hall of Mirrors. Stains Report VII (1994).The MUFON IVS1 UFO Symposium Proceedings were ded-icated to Leonard for his (now 41 years) of diligent and out-standing devotion to (he study of Ufology in a leadership role,presenting a challengeto his colleagues. Mr. Stringfield wasac-knowledged to be the worlds leading UFO researcher in UFOcrash and retrieval studies.Mr. Stringfield retired in 1981 from an executive positionwith DuBois Chemical in Cincinnati. Ohio. Len not only leaveshis colleagues in UFOIogy, but his wife Dell and three marrieddaughters: Collette, Denise. and Camile. Walt Andrus wasprivileged to have visited by telephone with Len onDecember17, 1994, wishing him a happy birthday. Having exireme dif-ficulty in breathing, Mr. Stringfield discussed his currentac-tivities with Walt, asa last gesture.HELP WANTED!The Mutual UFO Network is looking for a few and women to conduct original, innovative researchinto the UFO phenomenon as a whole. The research canbe of your own choosing and area of expertise, or in re-sponse to a specific MUFON research request, assumingone has the appropriate experience and qualificationsnecessary to the task.For MUFON professional consultants in the variousscientific disciplines, this is an excellent opportunity tohave your personal "pet project" approved and fundedwithin the guidelines established by the primary fundingsponsor. (See facing page for preliminary details, andwrite MUFON for a complete grant proposal form ifinterested.)What to study? Given a phenomenon as mysteriousand multivaried as the UFO phenomenon appears to be,one shouldnt even have to ask. In our September, 1994,issue, however, we published an article by Dr. Richard F.Haines, "Get Involved and Make a Difference!", whichlisted numerous areas of potential study.You dont have to be a designated rocket scientist toqualify, either. Nor do you have to try to solve the UFOphenomenon in one fell swoop. Bits and pieces add up.Much work remains to be done, of both a historical andcontemporary nature. The salient point is that funds arenow available to support and promote such projects.The computer literate are always welcome, as thedigital information highway continues to grow by leapsand bounds. Someone knowledgeable in this area, for ex-ample, might propose indexing each years issues of theMUFON Journal, beginning with the current year andworking backwards as time and resources permit. Oryou could do it the old-fashioned way—by hand. In ei-ther case, why not send us a proposal, listing expectedsalary and other expenses, and perhaps have your grantapproved?The most recent issue of PC Magazine has an articleentitled "Electronic Publishing with Windows Help" byRay Duncan. Im no Windows Wiz personally, but it ap-pears that someone who is could very easily recast the up-coming fourth edition of the MUFON Field InvestigatorsGuide into a graphic, context-sensitive Windows Helpprogram available on diskette, and do everyone a servicethereby. The latter would supplement rather than sup-plant the printed version, of course, but its still the sort ofproject proposal that might well be accepted, meaning thatyou could get paid for your time and trouble.Even though MUFON is 5000 members strong andyou get the Journal mailed to your front door everymonth, thats no reason to assume that our work is doneor that you cant actively contribute. Even if you dontwant to perform the actual work yourself, please let ushave your suggestions for the kind of research projectsyou would like to see performed.PAGE 20 NUMBER 321 JANUARY 1995
  22. 22. MUFON UFO JOURNALGrant Proposal Form Mutual UFO Network103 Oldtowne RoadSeguln, TX 78155-4099Your proposal should describe a specific project. It should include an estimated time to complete theproject and estimated costs. It should clearly state a final product or goal, that is, a report, survey re-sults, educational program, book, etc., to be submitted to the principal sponsor under the followingterms of agreement.If the final product is of a sort which will result in public dissemination of information (a technicalreport for journal publication, educational program, etc.), the principal sponsor and granting asso-ciates reserve the right to review and comment upon, or criticize, the work in any manner whichseems appropriate. Publication will not necessarily imply editorial endorsement on the part of theprincipal sponsor or the granting associates. The latter also reserve the right to withhold any grant-generated informationwhich is factually incorrect.Grants are to be made for specific periods of time for specific amounts of money. Extension of agrant, or increases in funding as a consequence of unforeseen circumstances may be granted via ne-gotiation with the principal sponsor and the grantingassociates. Grants can be made to underwritethe general expenses of an individualor organization, if those expenses must be met in order to com-plete the work described in an acceptable proposal.Any reasonable proposal which meets the general requirements of clarity of thought, specificity ofpurpose, value to science, public education or otherwise furthers the understanding of the UFO phe-nomenon, will be reviewed and considered for approval. Each proposal will be evaluated on its ownmerits as to the likelihood of advancing scientific knowledge or public understandingof UFO-relatedphenomena. Scientific research projects shall receive priority, followed by public education projectsand general special projects. However, this priority is not binding:a well-conceived public infor-mation proposal might be funded, whereas a poorly conceived research project might not be./If a proposal is approved by the sponsoring group and their granting associates, and if funds are avail-able, a contract will be written with the grantee to carry out the work described in the proposal. Inthe event that sufficient funding is not available, the sponsor may reject a proposal for economic rea-sons. In such cases, negotiations among the principal sponsor, the sponsoring organization and theprospective grantee may result in a modified proposal to be funded completely or in part.To apply:1 ) Fill out the Grant Proposal Form. (See Directors Message.)2) Attach any supporting documents(further information may also be requested).3) Mail to:MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Road, Seguin, TX 78155-4099Allow 6-12 weeks for processing, distribution, consideration and response time.JANUARY 1995 NUMBER 321 PAGE 21