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Mufon ufo journal 1994 5. may

  2. 2. M U F O N U F O J O U R N A LO F F I C I A L P U B L I C A T I O N OF THE MUTUAL UFO NETWORK S I N C E 1967, • . ^MAY 1994UNCOVERING THE GUARDIAN CAPERINFERNAL UFOs: BIGGERINSIDE THAN OUT?HIGH STRANGENESSIN COLORADO VALLEYABDUCTIONS: STATE OF SIEGE — OR MIND?NEW YORK CROP FORMATION INVESTIGATIONTHE UFO PRESS/CROP CIRCLESMUFON FORUMREADERS CLASSIFIEDSTHE JUNE NIGHT SKYDIRECTORS MESSAGE• :-i:°_ ..-_.::. --:::L jNUMBER 31 3MUFON Ontario 3Stan Kulikowski II 9David B. Clemens 13Roberta Puhalski 15Jim Cormia 16Dennis Stacy 182021Walter N. Webb 22Walter Andrus 24MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, TX 78155-4099Tel: (210) 379-9216FAX (210) 372-9439EDITORDennis StacyASSOCIATE EDITORWalter H. Andrus,Jr.COLUMNISTSWalter N. WebbJohn S. CarpenterART DIRECTORVince JohnsonCopyright 1994 by the Mutual UFO Netivork. All Rights Reserved.No pail of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission ofthe Copt/right Owners Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one arti-cle, provided tile author is credited, and the statement, "Copyright 1994 by the Mutual UFONetwork. 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155," is included.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editors and do not necessari-ly reflect the official position of the Mutual UFO Network. Opinions expressed are solely thoseoj the individual authorsThe Mutual UFO Network. Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the typedescribed in Section 509 (a) (2). Donors may deduct contributions from their Federal IncomeTtix. Bequests, legacies,devises, transfers or gifts are also deductible for estate and gift purposes,provided they meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106and 2522 of the InternalRevenue Code.The MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., Seguin,Texas. Membership/Subscription rates: $25 per year in the U.S.A.; $30 foreign in U.S. funds.Second class postage paid at Seguin, TX.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 fo advise change of address to: MUFON, 103 OldtowneRd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099.
  3. 3. MUFON UFO JOURNALUNCOVERING THE GUARDIAN CAPERThe Carp, Ontario, Case has achieved a celebrity status that far transcends its shadowy origins.Investigation by MUFON OntarioEditors note: What follows is sure to be contro-versial. Certainly, the picture it paints is notalways a pretty one. Unfortunately,there ismuch about contemporary "ufology" that is not pretty,hoaxes, disinformation and shoddy investigative tech-niques, among others, included. However, hiding ourcollective heads in the sand is unlikely to make thepicture any prettier.It is not our intention to embarrass or castigate anyparticular group or individual, merely to clear the air,and, as best as possible in these confused times, setthe record straight about the so-called Carp Case,let-ting the chips fall where they may.Any mentionedindividuals is free to respond at reasonable length.The following investigation first appeared in thepremiere issue of the MUFON Ontario Newsletter.Subscriptions, six issues a year, are available for $20U.S. from MUFON Ontario, 3058 Fifth Line W. #7,Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 5W4,Canada.The primary author is MUFON member ErrolBruce Knapp, working under guidelines establishedby Tom Theophanus, MUFONs Provincial AssistantDirector for Ontario. Mr. Theophanus was an investi-gator with the Canadian UFO Research Network.CUFORN, Toronto, from 1987 to 1992. He and hiswife, Lise, have been with MUFON Ontario sincethen.THE MUFON ONTARIO VERSIONThis case has had much coverage in the media. Tabloidtelevision shows like "Unsolved Mysteries," "Sightings"and "Encounters" have given it much air-time, as havecable-TV stations all over North America.Internationally, magazines, newspapers and news-letters have devoted hundreds of pages to it and UFOconferences around the planet have intrigued manythousands of attendees with its seemingly startling de-tails."Carp," or the Guardian Caper, has achieved status as"One of the Most Significant Cases in UFO History."Youve probably heard, seen and read about it your-self.In this and succeeding issues well deal with theFACTS of the case. Well describe the events, as toldby the media and as weve experienced them—andwell try not to appear too judgmental.BEGINNINGS—1989Tom Theofanous, working with The Canadian UFOResearch Network (CUFORN), received a packagefrom someone calling themselves "Guardian." It hadno return address."The package contained a story about a UFO crashthat supposedly happened close to Carlton Place,which is about a half-hour drive from Ottawa," Tomsaid. "There was also a photo-copied picture of anAlien."For the most part, we thought it was a joke. But,CUFORN director Harry Tokarz decided to callArthur Bray, a well-respected UFO author andresearcher who lives in Ottawa, and ask him if he hadsomeone in the Carlton area who could check out thestory for us. As luck would have it, Arthur knew afel-low who was fascinated by the field of ufology,Graham Lightfoot."Graham, with what was to become typical thor-oughness, used the somewhat sketchy co-ordinates hegot from Arthur Bray to not only pinpoint the "UFOcrash-site" near Manion Corners, but also locate anumber of witnesses.One of those witnesses, Diane Labanek, claimedthat on the night of November 4th, 1989, she saw anintense, bright light pass overhead, heading towards aswamp at the far end of the field behind and south ofher home. She said she also saw several helicoptersearlier that evening using bright lights to scan thearea.Another West Carlton resident recalled that thatwas the weekend when some cattle escaped from anearby pasture and that it took till late Sunday toround them up.A couple told Graham about the wife being scaredby a very bright light shone through their south-facingbathroom window. "It reached right down our hall-way!" The wife also mentioned that she vaguelyremembered hearing the sound of helicopters at thetime.Others talked of "dogs and cattle being disturbed."Many people could think of absolutely nothingunusual happening during the course of the weekend,including a couple who had a telescope set-up.Graham reported those findings to Arthur Bray,along with results of his examination of the field andswamp behind Labaneks home—there were no signson the ground, anywhere, of the heavy equipment thatwould be needed to recover a "crashed craft."His report closed with "although I could find noth-ing conclusive to support or disprove any of the wit-nesses claims, I shall check back around the area laterthis summer."MAY 1994 NUMBER 313 PAGE 3
  4. 4. MUFON UFO JOURNALRobert Oeclislertriglit) video la/tint; Graham Litflnfuot ui Cmp. Ontario, an May 10, 1992.The same Guardian material had been sent to sever-al other investigators, researchers and UFO groupsand as the story spread, both the formerProvincialDirector of MUFON Ontario Clive Nadin. and thecurrent Quebec Director Christian Page, visited thearea on separate occasions, and spoke to the "witness-es." They confirmed Graham Lightfoots initial find-ings and agreed with Tom & Harry at CUFORN thatsomeone was "trying to put us on—a hoax!"GUARDIAN RE-SURFACES— 1991In the middle of October, 1991 CUFORN beganreceiving more Guardian "information" via the mailand all postmarked "Ottawa." An envelope with somedocuments that mention a "conspiracy" between theChinese and "Gray Aliens that are planning to takeover the world," arrived first. Then came a Polaroidphotograph of a "UFO" flying across an unidentifiedroad. A while later came a black & white picture of agray-type "Alien."The fourth delivery in the series was a package. Itcontained the now infamous VHS video tape with agreen label on the cassette, with a thumb print and theword GUARDIAN printed on the label. There werealso three playing cards in the package, all with hand-written notes on them—an Ace, King and Joker.A photo-copied map showed the "Grays landingarea," along with notes explainingthat the flares in thevideo were used to help the UFO. which can out-maneuver anything on the planet, fly under the radarand know where to land!There were also "Canadian Department of NationalDefense documents" enclosed—which, upon laterinvestigation, proved to be forgeries. These "docu-ments," it is thought, were designed to look like theofficial documents on UFOs that Canadian UFOauthor/researcher Stanton Friedman acquired, via TheFreedom of Information Act, from the United StatesGovernment.The video—a few minutes long—showed two dif-ferent angles of what Guardian alleges was an aliencraft on the ground. (See cover.)First, a long shot of bright lights clumped togetherto the right of the scene and what looked like four redemergency road flares or fires in barrels on the leftside of the screen. The second scene showed the sameclump of bright lights from approximately the samedistance but more to the center without any flares andthe sound of a single dog barking in the distance. Thethird scene was only three frames long and was aclose-up of a pair of windshield wipers half-wayacross a very Earth-boundvehicle!CUFORN pondered what to do with all theGuardian information that arrived in October of 91and decided, that in view of the season—winter—theywould hold off visiting Carlton until after the springrun-off.ENTER OESCHLERAt the beginning of March 92, Bob Oeschler (pro-nounced Ex-ler) an American MUFON investigator—who describes himself as a "former NASA missionPAGE 4 NUMBER 313 MAY 1994
  5. 5. MUFON UFO JOURNALspecialist"—called CUFORN from his home inMaryland.Apparently, he too had received a video and docu-ments from Guardian, although when comparisons ofthe two videos were discussed, his had an additionalscene—a somewhat closer one minute shot of the"alien craft."His version also had a couple of minutes worth ofthe windshield, plus several still shots of the "GrayAliens". The most important difference, however, wasthat his version of the tape had no audio-track at all—"it seems it was intentionally removed," says TomTheofanous.Oeschler had shown the tape to Bruce Maccabeeand they agreed that what they saw was a UFO andshould be investigated further—and thats whyOeschler called Tom at CUFORN. They agreed theywould meet in Carlton, Ontario on May 10th 1992.Tom then called and spoke with Graham Lightfoot.for the first time, and Graham agreed to act as guidefor the May meeting. It transpired that Grahamworked for The O.F.A—The Ontario Federation ofAgriculture—and knew the Carlton area and its farm-ers well.THE FIRST VISITOn May 10th, Mothers Day, 1992, Torontonians Tom &Lise Theofanous, Victor Lourenco, Vaughn Killin, DrewWilliamson, Harry Tokarz and Wayne St. John met withOeschler, his son and Graham Lightfoot at the motel theOeschlers were staying at in West Carlton, near Ottawa.Ontario.They all had breakfast together as Oeschler toldmany, many fascinating stories. Eventually they endedup in Oeschlers motel room to compare their copies ofthe Guardian video."Oeschler, despite being an expert in video analysis,had a great deal of difficulty connecting my video cam-era up to the TV set in his room so that we could playback the Guardian videos. In retrospect, hiscombinationof technical ineptness and more story telling seemedto be a stalling tactic," said Tom.Eventually, the group set off in a convoy of vehiclesto examine the area depicted in Guardians map.Theystopped at a spot off Highway 7 near Manion Cornersand Graham pointed out the direction from which the1989 "UFO" had come when it "crashed," and where theLabeneks house was in relation to where the groupwas standing. Oeschler seemed to be stalling once more,shooting video of everything. Finally, they set off again."This time Oeschler took the lead, with me follow-ing him and Graham, whos supposed to be our guide,following me!" Tom says. "I thought at the time thatthis was pretty odd.How did Oeschler, who supposed-ly had never been to Canada, let alone this areabefore, knew his way, using side roads and making thecorrect turns toward our destination?"Earlier, Oeschler had asked the Toronto group tocheck for anomalies on their compasses while theywere driving, because the Guardian papers describedmagnetic changes in certain parts of the area the groupwas traveling in."So. were driving down a small hill when Oeschlerbraked suddenly up ahead of us, stopped and cameback to our car to tell me that he had found an anom-aly on his two compasses," Tom recounts. "Now,hehad both of his laying in the back of his pick-up on themetal floor where they were bouncing around. His sonwas keeping an eye on them from thecab."I told him that the three compasses, which wewere holding in the palms of our hands, in our cardidnt waver at all. But, he insisted that hed go backup the hill, by himself, and check again."While the rest of the group stood around waitingfor Oeschler. Drew Williamson noticed a Stop-sign atthe end of a long driveway leading to an abandonedfarmhouse with a For-Sale sign on it.Tom continues:"1 looked through my binoculars atthe Stop-sign and saw that it was propped up by rocks.There were other signs around it that read Do NotEnter and DND Killing Fields. The last one hadpictographs of tanks, helicopters and weapons on itand appeared to be riddled withbullet-holes.MAY 1994 NUMBER 313 PAGES
  6. 6. MUFON UFO JOURNALs•BElMiaccompanying commentary about Carp Case supplied by Guardian."So, out of curiosity, we went over to the signs andlooked more closely. We found tracks left by cars andwhat might have been four-wheeled vehicles, leading intothe property. We felt that perhaps the field around the oldfarm house was being used for War Games—or maybeeven was the location used for the Guardian video."Why? Because the terrain was perfect—lots (200acres) of open field. I also noticed a dog barking up atthe house at the top of the hill." said Tom. This wouldbecome significant later in identifying the possiblelocation of the Guardian video shoot."Eventually, we continued along Corkery Road.But, when I mentioned to Oeschler that we should beinterviewing the people in the neighborhood we werepassing, who were out sitting in their front gardens orworking on their lawns, he insisted that we look forthe crash or landing sites."Guardians map described an area about one and aquarter miles square, which consisted of dense, knee-high scrub and wet swampland.The group headed toward it, using a path beneathhigh-tension power transmission lines that cut acrossbelow the southern end of the Labeneks property.Most of them had great difficulty with the roughconditions and became very tired, annoyed by bitingmosquitoes and soaked by the swampy ground. Theygave up about halfway into the swamp and headedback to the parking lot.Tom picks up the story again: "Bob and his soncontinued to look for the landing site as the rest ofus left the swamp in a couple of different groups. Use,Drew, Wayne and I left first and drove off looking fora drink of cold pop."When we got back to the parking lot twenty min-utes later, the second group out had left a note on ourwindshield saying theyd meet us at a restauranttwen-ty minutes away in Carp. We left a note on theOeschlers truck windshield telling them where wedbe."The first of our group to arrive at the restaurantordered their food and twenty minuteslater the rest ofus arrived and placed our orders."Thirty minutes later, as Oeschler and his son werewalking through the door, I jokingly said: I bet hellsay he found the spot!"As he sat down, I asked him what had happened.He smiled and said hed found the spot."I asked how hed managed to do that when wedleft him at about a mile from his car in a dense swampPAGE 6 NUMBER 313 MAY 1994
  7. 7. MUFON UFO JOURNALhalfway to the alleged site and it was getting dark.There simply hadnt been enough time to get there,examine the site and get back out to his truck anddrive to the restaurant. He just smiled, but didntanswer."After they finished their dinner, Drew, Victor andVaughn decided to leave for Toronto.Graham suggested that the remainder should gotalk to the Labeneks, and he and Harry left ahead ofTom & Lise and the Oeschlers, since Oeschler seniorwas still eating. The seven of them would meet at thecorner by the Labeneks."Lise. Wayne and 1 confronted Oeschler out in theparking lot, where the three of us had gone to discussthe days eventsprivately."1 asked him what he was trying to pull here. Heresponded by asking whats wrong with trying tomake a buck? I answered that there was nothingwrong with making money as long as we didnt com-promise our ethics."Oeschler came back with: No matter what or howgood the story is, 50% of the people will believe you,50% wont. All you have to care about is the 50% thatwill."It was at that point," recalls Tom, "that I decidedto back away from the investigation for a while to seewhat Oeschler would do."They joined the others at Manions Corner by theLabeneks house—Graham had knocked on their doorbut there was no one home. So, they waited, enjoyinga pleasant early summer evening,talking.The Labeneks didnt get home till after 10 p.m.,which the group felt was late to do an interview.Graham and Oeschler would come back in the morn-ing and talk to them.Tom finishes up this part of the story: "1 told Grahamabout the conversation that I had in the parking lot of therestaurant with Oeschler, after he left the restaurant.Then Lise, Harry, Wayne and 1left for Toronto, shakingour heads."To be continued.GUARDIAN"DOCUMENTATION"Editorial disclaimer: The following material, sup-plied by the anonymous "Guardian," accompanied thevideotapes mailed to Canadian and American re-searchers. It is reprinted here merely as a matter ofpublic record, and its appearance should in no way beconstrued as an endorsement of its contents, impliedor otherwise, by the editors of thisjournal, the MutualUFO Network or its Board of Directors. It is presentedas received, that is, it has not been corrected for eithergrammar or spelling errors.THE ALLEGED CRASH/RETRIEVAL OF THE 11/89"ALIEN STARFIGHTER"Canadian and American Security Agencies are engagedin a conspiracy of silence, to withhold from the worldthe alien vessel seized in the swamps of Corkery Road,Carp, in 1989.UFO sightings in the Ontario region had intensified inthe 1980s, specifically,around nuclear power generat-ing stations. On Nov. 4, 1989 at 20:00 hrs CanadianDefense Dept. radars picked up a globe shaped objecttraveling at phenomenal speed over Carp, Ontario. TheUFO abruptly stopped, and dropped like a stone.Canadian and American Security Agencies were im-mediately notified of the landing.Monitoring satellitestraced the movements of the aliens to a triangular area(see aerial map) off Almonte and Corkery Roads.The ship had landed in deep swamp near Corkery Road.Two AH-64 Apaches and a UH-60 Blackhawk headedfor the area the following night. The helicopters carriedfull weapon loads. They were part of a covert Americanunit that specialized in the recovery of alien craft.Flying low over Ontario pine trees the Apache attackchoppers soon spotted a glowing, blue, 20 meter in di-ameter sphere. As targeting lasers locked-on, both gun-ships unleashed their full weapon loads of 8 missileseach. All 16 were exploded in proximity bursts 10 me-ters downwind from the ship.The missiles were carrying VEXXON, a deadly neu-roactive gas which kills on contact. Exposed to air thegas breaks down quickly into inert components.Immediately after having completed their mission thegunships turned around, and headed back across theborder.Now the Blackhawk landed, as men exploded from itsopen doors. In seconds the six man strike team had en-tered the UFO through a 7 meters hatchless. oval portal.No resistance was encountered. At the controls, 3 deadcrewman were found. With the ship captured, the US AirForce, Pentagon, and Office of Naval Intelligence werenotified. Through the night a special team of technicianshad shut-down and disassembled the sphere. Early thenext morning Nov. 6, 1989 construction equipment andtrucks were brought into the swamp. The UFO partswere transported to a secret facility in Kanata, Ontario.As a cover story the locals were informed that a roadwas being built through the swamp. No smoke screenwas needed for the military activity as Canadian forcesregularly train in the Carp region. Officially nothingunusual was reported in the area.MAY 1994 NUMBER 313 PAGE 7
  8. 8. MUFON UFO JOURNALAlthough someone anonymously turned in a 35mm rollof film. It was received by the National ResearchCouncil of Canada, in Ottawa. The film contained sev-eral clear shots of an entity holding a light. At this timethe photographer is still unidentified.The humanoids were packed in ice and sent to an isola-tion chamber at the Univ. of Ottawa. CIA physiologistsperformed the autopsies.The reptilian, fetus-headed beings, were listed asCLASS 1 NTEs. (Non Terrestrial Entities) Like othersrecovered in previous operations, they were muscular,gray-white skinned, humanoids. The ship was partiallyreassembled at the underground facility in Kanata.Unlike previous recoveries this one is pure military.Built as a "Starfighter" it is heavily armed and armored.In design no rivets, bolts, or welds were used in fasten-ing, yet when reconstructed there are no seams. TheUFO itself is made up of a matrixed dielectric magne-sium alloy. It is driven by pulsed electromagnetic fieldsgenerated by a cold fusion reactor. All offensive capa-bilities utilize independentlytargeting electronic beamweapons. In the cargo hold were found ordnance rackscontaining fifty Soviet nuclear warheads. Their pur-pose was revealed by advanced tactical/combat com-puters located in the flight deck.Threatened by recent East-West relations, and the revo-lutionary movements within itself, Red China is prepar-ing for the final ideological war. The aliens have agreedto defend China from the free worlds combined militaryand nuclear forces.At this time China is arming the Middle East with theirown nuclear arsenals, in order that they can successfullytake on Israel.Unifying the Arabs under one Chinese command wassimple, especially with Israels recent "iron fist" attitudetoward occupied territories.The Soviet warheads found in the UFO were destinedfor Syria. CIA operatives in the Middle East have no-ticed huge movements of Chinese "technicians" and"advisors". China is also supplying the Arabs with bac-teriological agents, Migs, Hind gunships, tanks, andmissile launchers.The use of "Soviet" instead of "Chinese" nukes is part ofa disinformationcampaign to break up East-West rela-tions after the annihilation of Israel. The Warheads werehijacked from Soviet subs in the Dragons Triangle. Asection of alien controlled Pacific once frequented byRussian subs. After losing some 900 high yield war-heads and 13 vessels, commanders were ordered tosteer clear of the area.The most important alien-tech find were the 2 millime-ter, spheroid, brain implants. Surgical inserted throughthe nasal orifice the individual can be fully monitoredand controlled. The CIA and Canadian Govt. have ac-tively supported mind-slave experiments for years.Currently the Univ. of Ottawa is involved in ELF wavemind control programs. A continuationof the CIA psy-chological warfare project known as MKULTRA, startedat the Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal.Using ELF signals transmitted at the same wavelengththe human brain uses, the researchers could subliminallycontrol the test subject. The alien implants utilize thesame principles except that the whole unit is sub-minia-turized and contained in the brain. Fortunately the im-plants can be detected by magnetic resolutionscanningtechnology. All individuals implantedby the aliens areclassified as ZOMBIES.The ZOMBIES have been programmed to help over-throw Mankind in the near future. When China finisheswith Israel it will invade Europe. At the same timeChinese space-based bacteriological weapons will belaunched at the Arctic. The winds will carry the diseasesinto Russia and North America. In days 100s of mil-lions will be dead, survivors will have to deal withChinese, aliens, and the ZOMBIES.The aliens want all out war so that human resistancewould be minimal, when they invade. They tried thissame tactic once before with Nazi Germany. Most of thescientific advances we have today came from Germanscience which was based on alien technology.Had Hitlerwon the war, the earth would have become a concen-tration camp. In order to depopulate the continents forthe aliens.Data aboard the sphere explained why the aliens are socomfortable on our world. They preceded man on theevolutionary scale by millions of years; created withthe dinosaurs. Some 675 million years ago an interdi-mensional war destroyed most of their civilization, andforced them to leave the earth. Now they have chosen toreclaim what was once theirs.The alien forces with their Chinese and Arab allies willattack within the next 5 years. Waiting longer than thatwould make it impossible even for the aliens to reversethe ecological damage inflicted on the Earth by Man.End(See MUFON Disclaimer on page 7)PACES NUMBER 31 3 MAY 1994
  9. 9. MUFON UFOJOURNALINFERNAL UFOs: BIGGER INSIDE THAN OUT?Volume-wise, some UFOs appear larger inside than out. How can such a thing conceivably be?By Stan Kulikowski IIJoel Mesnard (1994), in reporting the few Frenchcases of alien abduction, observes one strange oc-currence near Bray-sur-Seine in 1961 or 1962 (p. 8):"Michel continued to approach. He slipped underthe flat, central part of the object to where he couldlook through the opening to the interior.The most amaz-ing thing was that the interior of the cylinder was im-mense. Incomparably larger than the cylinder seen fromthe least six meters in diameter, which wasabout four times the diameter of the exterior."Mesnard can only marvel at "what infernal charac-teristic of the least as far as appearances go[can] contain a larger volume within a smaller vol-ume"? However, several examples of this "its not bigoutside, but theres so much room inside" syndromeexist in the UFO literature. And as long as UFO storiesinclude this kind of information, we cannot be too sur-prised that ufology has a bad reputation and that manypeople dismiss it out of hand.Seemingly, Mesnard wants to treat this observationalreport as an embarrassment in technical reporting.Fortunately, he is thorough enough to include such re-ports even though he clearly struggles with the infor-mation. Far from being a technical embarrassment, thisinside-too-big phenomenon is easy to understand from amathematical perspective and may tell us somethingabout the physical properties of an alien technology.Of course, it may be a hoax and we can search for thepossibilities of social contamination in such reports.But it is not "an infernal property of the universe."Indeed, this is a predictable property which I find ofgreat interest.Perhaps since the time of the semi-mythicalPythagoras and certainly since Plato, we have char-acterized the universe according to geometrical dimen-sions: point, line, plane, and space. There is agreementupon these dimensions since the 5th century BC. As nearas I can tell (Boyer and Merzbach, 1991), geometries ofhigher dimensions did not get started until 1854 whenRiemann at the University of Gottingen formulated the"hypotheses which lie at the foundation of geometry."By this, the geometry of Euclid is found to be a smallsubset of the geometries of Riemann. The foundationsfor Einsteins relativity of space-time were set here.Hang onto your Newtonian physics, as I will try to de-FlatlanderFigure 1MAY 1994 NUMBER 313 PAGE 9
  10. 10. MUFON UFOJOURNALFigure 2scribe these phenomena with as little mathematics as 1can.Late in the nineteenth century, a delightful primerin dimensional mechanics was written by Edwin Abbott(1884), called Flatland. In this Victorian romance, two-dimensional creatures (Flatlanders) are described.Generally, they perceive things as lines with angles be-ing seen as darker or lightershades. By analogy, we 3-Dbeings perceive objects as 2-D shapes with depth beingseen as darker or lighter shades, that is, perspective orbinocular stereo vision. These are all learned propertiesof perception which develop after birth to augment ourbasic 2-D visual sense system into 3-D-like spatial per-ceptions. We do, after all, perceive depth in a flat tele-vision screen. In Flatlandwe are given to understand,byanalogy, how these 2-D creatures experience the un-usual properties of a 3-D object when they encounterone.For this exercise of trans-dimensional mechanics,imagine how a Flatlanderwill perceive the movementsof a 3-D object, say a simple equilateral pyramid.The Flatlander is capable of seeing only that part ofthe pyramid that intersects with its plane of perceptualexistence. The apparent size of the triangle it sees isthought to be of width equal to one of the sides of in-tersection. If the pyramid moves laterally,the Flatlanderwould see it merely move in the accustomed manner forits dimension. If the pyramid begins to move in thevertical dimension, however, the Flatlander will per-ceive it to change in size and maybe shape: either grow-ing larger or smaller. Even though the pyramid has afixed shape, it will appear to the Flatlander to be activelyaltering its external shape. Eventually it may disappearaltogether as the tip of the pyramid pulls up out of theplane of perception, and it may pop into perception atsome distant point by lowering back into Flatland:movement from point hither to yon without perceptiblymoving through any interveningpoints.Now, say the curious Flatlander enters the pyramidthrough some sort of portal. What happens on thesethresholds is very peculiar to the 2-D creature. From itsplane of existence, it gets physicallyfolded onto a ver-tical wall of the pyramid. It cannot perceive this foldingmotion since its sense organs cannot perceive the verti-cal, but once its sense organs come onto the newupwardwall, it sees a new plane of sensation much larger than itexpected. If it dances back and forth over this foldedthreshold, our Flatlander can verify that the outside re-mains a constant, relatively small size and shape, whileits interior is a vast new area. The 3-D object is not ex-pending any energy to change or hide its shape, but the2-D perception is incapableof understandingwhat it isseeing.In a similarmanner, if our Flatlander wanders aroundinside a 3-D structure it may find navigation does notfollow understandable rules of movement. Since it can-not perceive the vertical folds, it cannot understand itsmotion through space by planar navigation. In the ex-ample above, the flatlander travels from point A on oneplane, then to point B on another, and finally to point C.Its 2-D perception does not register what is happeningwhen it passes through one of the folds, but thePAGE 10 NUMBER 313 MAY 1994
  11. 11. MUFON UFO JOURNALFigure 3c BIAFlatlander will be confused when it returns to A from Caccording to its navigation.So, far from dismissing Michels observation as dis-tressing, a very good mathematician can understandthem as a trans-dimensional technology. Some of youmay recall the study of a geometric curiosity in gradeschool, called a tesseract. This is the 4-D equivalent of acube, an equidistant right-angled structure in four di-mensions. Of course, the 3-D projection of this objectlooks sqewed and odd, but we are assured that in four di-mensions it has 8 equi-volumed spaces. The intersectionin 3-D space may appear to be, say, a ten meter maxi-mum distance, but an apparent straightline traversal ofthe 4-D interior would require 30 meters of travel.Michels visual estimate of his UFOs internal dimen-sions is within this magnitude of simple geometry.The folds of 3-D space into a 4-D structure would bevery interesting to study. In Einsteinian terms, matterwarps space to create gravity. Folding a craft into 4-Dspace ought to create extremely strong gravitationalef-fects on its boundaries. I believe that is essentially whata wormhole is. The center of a black hole producesgravitational forces so strong that the warp of spacecrumples 3-D. Non-adjacent coordinates come into im-mediate proximity so that intervening positions do notneed to be traversed. Stepping into a 4-D tesseract oughtto encounter gravity so strong it would disintegrate nor-mal molecular and atomic bonds.What 1 have been discussing here is a 4-D architec-ture. A static structure which must take tremendousquantities of energy to fabricate. Most readers are prob-ably familiar with the notion that 4-D involves time, adynamic process. Our senses perceive 4-D movement oftime to be a fairly constant process over which we haveno control. We are all time travelers, but we cannot alterour course. The physics of matter seem to agree with thisconstancy, at least down to the atomic level of organi-zation. The best clocks are based upon the atomic stateoscillations of hydrogen. We are discovering that timebecomes less constant at quantum levels under physi-cally extreme conditions.In reading this discussion of 4-D properties in someUFO reports, I should give a warning before we jump tothe conclusion: "Aha, at least some UFOs are time trav-elers." (Davenport, 1992) Maybe they are, but we arenot gaining anything in explanatory power by such a hy-pothesis. H.G. Wells (1895) started this notion that timetravel is somehow quite simple if we can master the ba-sic phenomena. After all. moving something a few min-utes in time, but to stay in the same 3-D coordinates doesnot seem like much. Only time is being traversed, notspace. In George Pals movie version of The TimeMachine, actor Rod Taylor simply pushes the lever, thedevice disappears, and sometime later it reappears whenthe temporal motive force is discontinued. It seems tostay in the same place. Unfortunately, H.G. Wells did notunderstand trans-dimensional mechanics very well.The foundationsof relativity are based on the fact thatthere are no absolute measures of dimension. Everythinghas to be measured relative to something else. There isno universal constant (yet discovered at least) that is ab-solute. Hence, any movement in time is going to also in-volve a movement in space. Quite a large movement inspace. Nothing sits absolutely still. The notion of timetravel increases the technological requirements overmere interstellartravel.Consider me sitting here in Pensacola typing thismessage. At the equator, the planets surface isspinningaround its axis about 636 kilometers a second. At lati-tude 30 degrees for Pensacola, the circular motion isaround 551 meters per second. If I were to time travel,even for one second, I would need to displace my spatialcoordinates more than 5 football fields just to keep anapparently constant position. To put this another way.MAY 1994 NUMBER 313 PAGE I 1
  12. 12. MUFON UFO JOURNALFigure 4Square Cube4 ID Sides 6 2D Wallsone second of time travel requires the energy that is atleast equivalent to an acceleration of 551 meters duringthat second (just to stay in one place relative to Earthsrotation) multipliedby the 4-D magnificationthat we seein the geometric progression.And the speed of the Earths rotation is relativelyleisurely in cosmic terms. We have to also factor inthe speed of the Earths movement around the sun(39.6km per sec)and the movement of the sun around galac-tic centra] (220km per sec) and, of course, the move-ment of our galaxy away from the big bang (well, noone really seems to know how fast or in what directionour galaxy is moving. I have seen estimates rangingfrom 14 to 3000 km per sec).Can you imagine thecomputer which has to add or subtract these speeds de-pending on what part of the rotations we are in at agiven instant? To talk about controlled time travel inlarge units (like Earth years) we are necessarily includ-ing spatial movements on the order of light years.SET! scientists generally discount UFOs on the basisof energy requirements needed to traverse interstellardistances in relativistic spacetime (Drake and Sobel,1992). They refer to this as the interstellar quarantine.The energy requirements are so large that civilizationswill stay around their native stars rather than travel be-tween them. The notion of time travel increases thisenergy expenditure by orders of magnitude. PerhapsSteven Hawking will calculate this out for us some-time.In the meantime, we should consider where Michel andothers might have gotten the notion of 4-D structure(bigger inside than out) if these reports are based on so-cial contamination (conscious fraud or subconsciousTesseract8 3D Spacesimagery) rather than actual alien technology. The dates"1961 or 1962" given in the report (Mesnard, 1994)are a bit suggestive. As I mentioned in theintroductionof this note, the notion of dimensions beyond 3-D doesnot seem to appear in history until 1854.But on thenight that John Kennedy was assassinated (22 Nov1963), the BBC began broadcasting a television programwhich features a properly constructed 4-D vehicle ("AnUnearthly Child," Dr Who). The TARDIS is bigger in-side than out, and this is mentioned often in the series.Dr Who became one of the most successful fantasy pro-grams ever broadcast, being discontinued in 1989 after27 years of production. Michels report of seeing a 4-Dcraft was not made until 1978 and then he was recallingback 17 years to "1961or 1962." Or 1963maybe? Theopportunity for social contamination certainly is avail-able after November, 1963which is the earliest popularportrayal of a 4-D structure that I know of.But not the only one. How long have illusionistsbeen pulling the rabbit out of the hat? Something-out-of-the-hat and similar illusions are based on the surprise ofdrawing large objects out of small spaces. This is basi-cally a property of 4-D containers—you could put a lotin them. It would not surprise me if out-of-the-hat illu-sions began appearing after Riemanns famous lectureatthe Universityof Gottingen.Whether this inside-too-big phenomenon is actualalien technology or deliberate fraud or a subconsciouspsychological trick of perception, it is neverthelessbased on good mathematics and related to the funda-mental physics of our universe. That makes itinterestingto me at least.Continued on Page 14PAGE 12 NUMBER 313 MAY 1994
  13. 13. MUFON UFO JOURNALHIGH STRANGENESS IN A COLORADO VALLEYTales of mutes, lights and cylinder-shaped objects with jets and silent helicopter in hot pursuit.By David B. ClemensIn a relatively remote area of Southern Colorado liesthe spectacular Sangre de Cristo mountain range,whose jagged 14,000-foot peaks thrust skyward from7,000-foot valleys in roughly a north/south straight-edge. Recently declared a National Wilderness Area, therange holds more mysteries than just the rumors ofConquistador gold buried deep in seemingly bottomlesscaves at near the 12,000-foot level.Long before white man ever came to the San LuisValley, which is bordered by the Sangre de Cristos to theeast, Indians spoke of the "sky people" in "flying bas-kets" and of being led to safe underground caverns bythe "ant people" during seismic upheavals. The valley,which reputedlyhas never seen conflict in the history ofthe world, is still considered sacred by numerousIndiantribes.Accounts of local individuals boarding strange craftand communicatingwith humanoid beings predate theBetty and Barney Hill case by many years. The first doc-umented case of an animal mutilation, "Snippy" thehorse (actual name: Lady), occurred in the San LuisValley in 1967.During the famous 1967-1975 flap period, UFO ac-tivity was so intense that during certain periods onecould go out virtually any night and see strange lights inthe sky.A crash/retrieval case dating from this time period hasrecently surfaced. In 1969, a family of four was con-ducting archeological site surveys for a major universityon the border of the Great Sand Dunes NationalMonument when they observed an apparently disabledcylindrical object being chased by a militaryjet fighter.The fighter rode the object into the dunes whileit fran-tically tried to get out from under the jet before crashing.At one point,the object passed directly overhead of thefamily at a altitude of approximately 400 to 500 feet inbroad daylight. The object was later retrieved in a covertmilitary operation. After complaining vigorously tomany different agencies, the mother of the family wasvisited by a succession of U.S. Navy officers. This storywas independentlyverified by Monument employees.A rash of cattle mutilations occurred from 1975 to1982, although sightingsof objects and lights seemed tosubside during this period.During late 1992, cattle mutilations and UFO sight-ings returned with a vengeance. In the year endingDecember 1993. over 40 suspected mutilations occurredin the counties surroundingthe Sangre de Cristo range.On April 29, 1993, the authorencountered an hours-oldcattle mutilation outside Chama, Colorado. The mutila-tion, which happened within 200 yards of the ranchhouse, had the classical smooth incisions at the cored-outrectum and removed udder. Electromagnetic surveysfrom 30 hertz through the ionizing range yielded noanomalous readings. Tissue samples analyzed by pathol-ogist Dr. John Altshuler of Denver indicated the inci-sions had been made with high heat other than by alaser.During the recent wave, objects and lights have beenseen by day and night, often observed by multiple highlyqualified witnesses. Somehighlights:• November, 1992. Small glimmering lights seen onconsecutive nights on southern Baca ranch. Womanfeels compelled to drive to border of Boca ranch andloses two hours of time.• December, 1992. Rancher and others see laser-likeovals streak south and hover over Baca ranch area. Twowomen see bell-shaped object against mountainsduringdaytime.• February, 1993. Bright white lights are seen de-scending below ridge of Sangres and then streakingnorth along top of range. Witness at Crestone camp-ground has car illuminated from above by spotlightbeams that "try and get him out of car." Two women seea bell-shaped object pass over their car while travelingsouth on Highway 17 nearMosca in daytime.• March, 1993. Twoobjects seen traveling down entirewestern side of the San Luis Valley. Military jets seentracing objects path on afterburner eight minutes later.• April, 1993. Four witnesses observe school bus-sizedobject near Monte Vista.• May, 1993. A research colleague of the authors andhis girlfriend observe a 30-40 foot boomerang/wedge-shaped object at dusk descending in a figure-eight mo-tion.• November/December, 1993. Twelve witnesses (twoare trained military observers) see bright bluish/whiteobject streak south and descend in the La Garita area.Witnesses directly under objects path feel their housesvibrate like a "silent sonic boom" and feel "pressurechange." The following night seven apparently silent he-licopters are videotaped through night vision equip-MAY 1994 NUMBER 313 PAGE 13
  14. 14. MUFON UFO JOURNALment dropping flares and surrounding a nearly hoveringsolid anomalous object in the same area.Naturally a hypothesis has been formulated that long-term anomaly areas such as the San Luis Valley aresome type of "doorway" or "portal," whether dimen-sional, electromagnetic, gravitational or a combination ofthe three. Certainly the Indians believed this. Is there anysupport for this hypothesis? Some researchers claimthat there is a correlation between anomaly areas andanomalies found on U.S. Geological Survey magneticand gravity maps. These researchers claim that one cango to anomaly areas indicated on these maps and the lo-cals will report the standard variety ofmutilation/UFO/paranormal/government activity. TheSangre de Cristo area has extreme magnetic and gravi-tational variations according to these maps.Additionally, recent research at known anomaly areassuch as Pine Bush, New York and Lucky Point, Indianahave indicated that there are bizarre and anomalousfluctuations in the earths magnetic field at certain times.These fluctuations are sometimes accompanied bystrong ground vibrations which can be detected withoutinstruments and often are followed by lights/sightings.The magnetic variationscan only be detected with so-phisticated equipment such as proton magnetometersand Hall effect/flux gate magnetometers that are con-nected to ocilliscopes.During sightingsof the Zapata ranch ground lights inthe San Luis Valley,a researcher noted ground vibrationsstrong enough to shake utility poles, which is identical toreports from Lucky Point, Indiana. These vibrationshave nothing to do with seismic stresses or activities.The power company that maintains high tension linesthat run through the Lucky Point area have noexplana-tion for the vibrationsthat shake their poles in the area.As one might have surmised, the government is heav-ily involved in the events occurring in the SouthernColorado area. Researchers have been followed, phonestapped, photographs have disappeared, military con-voys have been seen going into deserted canyons andthen disappearing. A colleagues family member awokeone night to see two silent helicopters hovering 30 feetfrom the house connected to each other by a red beam oflight.Jet fighters or helicopters almost always follow theexact path that a UFO takes within 24 hours of thesighting. Some believe that they are monitoring/erasingelectromagnetic signatures of the craft. As many re-searchers know, UFOs can leave residual magnetic fieldsin defiance of our understandingof physical laws. It isclear that the government or some quasifaction thereofunderstands the phenomena at a very high level. It isalso clear that they are using a whole range of coverttechnologies such as silent helicopters. Ranchers andsheriffs who have been involved with mutilationsdo nottalk about aliens and UFOs but rather unmarked, silentmilitary helicopters associated with the incidents.A former deputy has said that he observed the U.S.military using silent helicopters in Viet Nam. If this istrue, it suggests that the government is able to keepsome technologies secret for over three decades.Recently there have been reports from individualswhohave said that they served in ultra-secret militaryunitsthat used silent black helicopters to mutilate cattle.Supposedly, the government can detect things in and un-der the ground by analyzing the tissues of the cattle.The events in Southern Colorado serve to quietlymock our accepted understandingof the nature of real-ity, who the "government" really is and what their in-tentions are.David Clemens is New Mexico state section director forthe Counties of Custer, Fremont, Heurfano, Pueblo andSaguache, and a direct descendant of Samuel Clemens.INFERNAL - Continued from Page 12REFERENCESE. Abbott (1884). Flatland: A Romance of ManyDimensions. Blackwell, Oxford.C.B. Boyer and U.C. Merzbach (1991), A History ofMathematics, John Wiley and Sons, New York.M. Davenport (1992), Visitors From Time, Wild FlowerPress, Tigard, OR.F. Drake and D. Sobel (1992), Is Anyone Out There?Delacorte Press, New York.J. Mesnard (1994), "The French AbductionFile," MU-FON UFO Journal. No. 309, pp 313.H.G. Wells (1895), The Time Machine in (H.M. Geduld,ed., 1987) The Definitive Time Machine, IndianaUniversity Press, Bloomington, IN.Stan Kulikowski II is a MUFON Consultant and FieldInvestigator for Northwest Florida and Pensacola-GulfBreeze MUFON.MUFONET-BBS NETWORKMembers Communication LinkAustralia — U.S. — Canada — South AfricaData No.512-556-2524 8 - N - 1PAGE 14 NUMBER 313 MAY 1994
  15. 15. MUFON UFO JOURNALABDUCTIONS: STATE OF SIEGE—OR MIND?An abductee wonders if abduction research—and some abductees—may not have wandered off the path.By Roberta PuhalskiThis past February marked six years of my "per-sonal" involvement with what I l l term theAbductee Movement. Every movement has itsunique development expressed and defined by stagesthat can be observed. Over the years I have witnessedthis movement come full circle.Early in the movement, abductees, fueled by frustra-tion, fear or desperation, worked up enough courage toseek out professional help. I am using the word "ab-ductee" as this is a term with which we are familiar. I amin no way stating that, in fact, they have been abducted.Abductees were caught up in a life of passivity, waitingfor the next uninvited experience. They descended uponthe offices of therapists and researchers, anyone whowould offer a sympathetic ear. Endlessly, in the style of"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," they would recanttheir tales. Abductees were relieved to learn that theirstories were being given serious consideration.Researchers and investigators were bound to the role ofarm chair observers, while attempting to focus in on andascertain the real significance of these experiences,wisely withholding judgment as data continued to flowin from all sources, includingsightings,crop circles, andcattle mutilations.Many articles were published, lecturesdelivered, and books written on this subject and the in-terpretations of same. In a twinkling of an eye, thebooks and movies gave abductees a public platform, atype of legitimacy.They enjoyed their new role, and theattention it afforded them was not a bad thing in itself, asit did change the way they viewed themselves.At the same time many self-help groups formed, fa-cilitated by either researchers or abductees themselves.I facilitated such groups for three years. At these meet-ings abductees and contactees could let their hair downwithout fear of recrimination. This was a place where theexchange of information took place, as well as net-working. Week after week I heard people complain ofhow their personal relationshipswere deteriorating, or ofan inability to concentrate on theirjob, or of loss thereof.For many these experiences kept them from being ableto focus in on anything else. Researcher and author.Kenneth Ring, as well as some others, became aware ofbehavioral and psychological correlations among U.F.O.experiencers. Was there such a t h i n g as anAbductee/Contactee personality type? Researcherswouldnt have to twist my arm to get me to believethis!I observed this myself during these meetings. Whilewatching everyone interact, many things becamepainfully clear. While abductees came together asstrangers, they soon discovered that they shared similarchildhood experiences, attitudes and memories. Theirchildhoods generally were marked with dissociationand "multiple parallel consciousness." Many of them re-ported childhood abuse. I often wondered whether ab-ductees suffered this abuse because they danced to thetune of a different drummer. There are even more in-sidious theories floating around questioning the possi-bility of intentional psychological manipulation.So far, none of the more complex issues have beensatisfactorily addressed. I was very impressed withVictoria Alexanders comments in the MUFON UFOJournal (November 1993) article entitled "New Protocolfor Abduction Research." She questions how these is-sues can be addressed with the present chaotic atmos-phere in this field.How did this ever happen? During the last year that Ifacilitated the self-help groups, I noticed a shift inthe emphasis of purpose. Instead of the usual grouptherapy type atmosphere of caring and sharing, NewAge material slowly filtered its way into these meetings.Initially there were books on metaphysics and esotericinformation. Then emerged the crystals and healingtechniques. Next there were books claiming to be trance-channelled messages from the stars. Within months peo-ple were aligning with one alien group or another, andarguing with each other! Some wore pins and badgeshonoring their favorite group of aliens. It became in-creasingly difficult for an abductee to participate withoutaccepting New Age doctrine or taking sides. This ab-surdity, when witnessed at conventions, concerned andembarrassed me. So, I refrained from holding meetingsand instead followed writingpursuits.While attending local MUFON state meetings andconventions, I became influenced by John Keels ob-servations, books, and delightful sense of humor. I thinkof him, particularly,during late night excursions to lo-cations of "high strangeness," in desolate areas, whilechasing shadowy figures and strange anomalous lights.Is this some cruel cosmic joke, perpetrated by travel-weary aliens?Yet, abductions continueto be reported, on an ever in-creasing frequency. The Truth about abductions is, thatwe are no closer scientifically to really knowing thetruth! Perhaps we do need a new approach. If researchsuggests that abductees might possess a particular psy-chological profile, there must be other correlations of aContinued on Page 17MAY 1994 NUMBER 313 PAGE 15
  16. 16. MUFON UFO JOURNALNEW YORK CROP FORMATIONINVESTIGATIONAfour-circle crop formation with pathways near Columbia Center, New York isfound puzzling.By Jim CormiaIt began with a small, one-column front page articlethat appeared in the Herkimer Evening Telegram onMonday, July 26, 1993. The article stated that aNorth Carolina truck driver had observed round, cylin-drical-shaped objects near Robinson Road just off Rt.28. He would not identify himself. Then on Thursday,July 29, 1993 the same newspaper ran a full-blownfront page article including a large roadside photo of thecrop formation. Thats how it began. It ended with wellover a thousand curious onlookers, extensive mediacoverage locally and nationally (CNN), and an on-slaught of paranormal phenomenona investigators all"doing their thing"!The landowner at the time the formation was firstseen and for several weeks thereafter was Helen Pyc,who has since completed the sale of the land, located inHerkimer County, near Columbia Center, New York.The crop formation was located about one-quarter mileSouth of the Pyc farm, just off the West side of Route28. The medium was "short oats" (Avena sativa). Theoats were flattened very close (matted)to the ground andthere was no apparent intertwined or braiding effect,nor was there any spiraling effect noted in any of thefour circles. All the oats were bent at or just above theground and all were creased at the bending point. Theformation consisted of four circles with four intercon-necting pathways. The diameter of the smallest circle(circle #1)was 20 feet, 5 inches. The diameter of circle#2 was 45 ft. Circle #3s diameter was 43 ft., 5 in., andthe largest circle (#4) was 88 feet. All four circles wereslightly elliptical in the general direction of magneticNorth to South. Circles number 1, 2, and 3 were laiddown in a clockwise direction. Circle #4 was laid downin a counterclockwise direction.Pathway "A" protrudedhalfway into circle #2 as did pathway "D" into circle #3.All other pathways terminated at the very outer edgeof the circle they were connecting. Pathway "C" con-tained three parallel lines created by two rows of stand-ing goldenrod. All compass, EMF, and gieger counterreadings were normal and no anomalous sounds wereheard or recorded by tape recorders, either in or outsideof the formation. Circles #2, 3 & 4 formed an isoscelestriangle with base angles of 41 degrees and a vertexangle of 96 degrees. Circles #1, 2 & 4 formed a scalenetriangle with the vertex angle being obtuse at 114 de-grees with base angles of 23 and 43 degrees.The NY State Police, East Herkimer Station, verythoroughly investigated the crop formation as propertydamage purposely perpetrated by pranksters. They madeno arrests nor did they turn up any evidence that wouldsuggest a prank or hoax. Four experienced farmers whohave seen numerous forms of lodging all agreed this for-mation was definitely not the result of wind. Two inde-pendent groups, the Central NY Questers (an indepen-dent investigative group from the Syracuse, NY area),myself and Keith Conroy (MUFON) all searched the im-mediate area for any indication of hoaxing and foundnothing.On August 7th, 1993 I met Ron Taylor and MarkBriggs (CNYQ) at the site to obtain oat samples in ac-cordance to protocols established by experienced cropcircle investigators and Dr. W.C. Levengood, a bio-physicist in Michigan. Two sets of samples were takenfrom each location. Each set consisted of 6 stalks, thesecond set to be used as a "back up" and/or for furtheranalysis. Two sets of samples were taken from the cen-ter, midway between the center and the outer perimeter,and just inside the outer perimeter of each circle. Twosets of samples were taken from the center of each path-way. Two sets of "control" samples (12 stalks per set)were taken from the oatfield 60 ft. and 180 ft. WestNW of circle #4. On August llth, 1993 I shipped 17crop formation samples and 2 control samples to Dr.Levengood for analysis.The test results of Lab Report #19 are consistent withthe extreme variability in the levels of the variousfactors studied. This variability seems to be consistentwith formations in oats, unlike wheat, which is not aschaotic in its measurement levels.Node Bending: All samples showed greater degreesof bending of the fifth node on the stalk, the only nodewith significant bending when compared to the twocontrols. Althoughthere are no clear patterns evident, itappears that a different distributionof energies occurredin Circles #1, #2, and #4 than in other locations.Node Swelling: The 4th and 5th nodes of the forma-tion stalks were actually split and in some cases holeswere blown right through the tissue. Dr. Levengoodhas termed these holes "expulsion cavities." Some ofthese "expulsion cavities" were so severe that the inter-nal cytoplasm was blown right through onto the surfaceof the plant.No splittingoccurred in any of the controls.Seed Germination and Development Factor (Df):This is a combined measurement of the speed of germi-nation of the seeds and the rate of growth after germi-nation. There was no pattern seen in this formation;however, it was interesting that most of the formationsamples had their growth suppressed when compared tothe controls. When I returned to the site on Sept. 18th,PAGE 16 NUMBER 313 MAY 1994
  17. 17. MUFON UFO JOURNAL1993 I found the seeds on the stalks within the formationwere already germinating while those in the standingcrop were not. The seedlings within the formation werefrom 3 to 8 inches in length and when observed from adistance the entire formation shown a bright green incontrast to the grey unharvested oatfield.Alpha Change: This is a measurement of the electri-cal conductivity of the thin bract tissue that surroundsthe seed. The large changes measured in this formation(particularly samples IB and 2B) are by themselvesenough to indicate the impact of an external energy onthe plants which are not consistent with mechanicalflattening of the crop. This is the first formation inwhich negative alpha values have appeared, indicatinglower amplitudes of electrical conductivity than whatwas measured in the controls. This seems to indicate adifferent pattern of heating ihan formations with positivevalues, i.e., an extended time period during which theenergy was applied and/or a higher intensity appliedwithin the same time frame.The t-test": This is a culmination of data results de-rived from standard mathematical analysis to determinethe degree of statistical significance of data when sam-ples are compared with controls. Note: The alpha valuesare obtained by an automated system, i.e., no observa-tions or measurements are made by Dr. Levengood un-til after the test run, at which time the results from therecorder chart are entered into the computer for analyses.Any t-test reading over 2 is statistically significant. Avalue of 3 means that the odds that these readings aredue to random chance is less than one in ten thousand.Out of 17 t-test results, six were determined "not sig-nificant," with the remaining 11 averaging a value of3.88! This all but eliminates the chance that these read-ings were "coincidental."Dr. Levengood has generously given his time andexpertise analyzing samples from over 80 crop for-mations. I thank him for sharing his test results andwish him much success in his ongoing search for the"answer"! Ron Taylor (CNYQ) was a tremendous helpbecause he provided me with a multitudeofinformationabout crop formation investigative techniques, alongwith informing me of people to contact, plus his will-ingness to share any recent information that he had ac-quired. Everyones motto should be like Rons, that is,"Hey. were all in this together, right?"Because of the many UFO sightings prior to and fol-lowing the appearance of this crop formation, one canprobably guess who I feel is responsible for alteringthis normally "peaceful" oatfield. The bottom line isthat, as humanly possible and with all theinvestigativeresults considered, my own "call" is that the ColumbiaCenter, NY crop formation is genuine and not man-made.Jim Cormia is a New York state section director.Cioi>j,iriihiK<iii. iitiar Columbia C/fv. NY.SIEGE - Continued from Page 15As far as we abductees are concerned, it istime for us to find our way out of this labyrinthfor a "reality check."physiological nature. During the group meetings I notedmany people complainingabout the same high-pitchedsounds and pressure, as well as other aches and pains.Some people have told me they could pick abductees outof a group, that we possess a certain type of "look."Abductees are being told that their DNA has been andis continuing to be altered. Is this true? With our new un-derstanding of genetic engineering, we may be able toverify these claims. We must establish new criteria bywhich we may increase the credibility of our investiga-tions.As far as we abductees are concerned, it is time for usto find our way out of this labyrinth for a "realitycheck." Let us not be angry with those who question ourspace dramas. Let us critique our own behavior and ex-periences. At conventions and gatherings people ob-serve our behavior and judge us based on that. Beforegoing too far out on a limb, we must regain and maintainour sense of reality.Once people view us as nuts or charlatans it will bevery difficult to regain their respect or interest in helpingus. It would serve our best interest to publicly tonedown our proselytism of New Age material and returnour attention to the real issues. Some day we may com-mend MUFON for having remained steady on thecourse in their investigations.One never knows what future research may find.Wouldnt it be wonderful, though, if one day we couldswallow a pill that would allow us to take back ourlives!Roberta Puhalski, an abciuctee, lives in Yalesville,Connecticut.MAY 1994 NUMBER 313 PAGE 17
  18. 18. MUFON UFO JOURNALCROPCIRCLE APOCALYPSEby John MacnlshCROP CIRCLES, A MYSTERY SOLVEDby Jenny Randies and Paul FullerROUND IN CIRCLESby Jim SchnabelReviewed by Dennis StacyIf youve heard of them at all. you probably knowthem simply as Doug & Dave, the dubious duo ofcereology. In reality, the two were amateur bird-watchers and water color artists in their sixties, DougBower and David Chorley. who claimed to have single-handedly created the crop circle phenomenon by carvingout some 250 increasingly elaborate formations overthe years, beginning in the summer of 1978.Their initial claim, which appeared, with photos, inthe pages of the British tabloid Today in earlySeptember, 1991 was greeted with both scorn and deri-sion by the English crop circle community. Still, notedcereologist Pat Delgado who, with co-author ColinAndrews, had written the best-selling crop circle book ofall times. Circular Evidence, had been publicly embar-rassed by one of their creations, pronouncing as genuinea so-called "pictogram" they had created the day beforenear Sevenoaks for Today reporter Graham Brough andothers. Within a year, virtually every leading cereologistin the field would be similarly caught out.However, a daylight demonstration for the pressarranged by Brough went badly for the two later thatsame week. By all accounts, and almost all publishedphotographs, the half-finished formation was a poor,ragged affair compared to the "real thing" with whicheveryone was now familiar, or at least thought theywere. Ultimately, it came down to a matter of belief—one either believed Doug & Dave or one didnt, forthey had little to offer in the way of real evidence otherthan their own anecdotal testimony and a few plans ordiagrams.Admittedly, their claims seemed preposterous on thesurface. Circles were not only popping up all over south-ern England, but as far abroad as New Zealand, Japan.Canada and the United States. Certainly Doug & Davecouldnt conceivably be responsible for the worldwideoutbreak of crop circles. Nor could they account, evenby their own calculations, for the more than 2000 circlesnow reported.Things went from bad to worse in a proverbial hurry.Initially ridiculed as mere braggarts orpublicity-seekers,Doug & Dave were soon being villified as active agentsof a disinformation campaign aimed directly at the cropcircle phenomenon, possibly orchestrated by—take yourpick—the Vatican,the CIA, or some other shadowy or-ganization capable of carrying off a grand conspiracy ona global scale.Doug & Dave seemed somewhat shocked and of-fended by the reception they received and almost im-mediately announced their "retirement." Innocent orotherwise, however, their confession had a consider-able impact. When I visited England the followingsummer, most prominentcereologists were much morecautious in their public pronouncements as to whichcircles were "real" and which ones werent. No one ap-peared willing to go on record but in the most generalterms. In private, over a pint or two, most concededthat the phenomenon was now riddled—or "discred-ited," if you prefer—with widespread human hoaxing.Indeed, shortly before my arrival, the Cereologist, theGuardian newspaper and a German magazine spon-sored a crop circle-making contest with several con-siderable cash prizes for the winners. Over a dozenteams competed in the overnight contest, a three-manteam no one had ever heard of before finishing first. JimSchnabel, an American graduate student and writerworking alone, came in second. Doug and Dave wereconspicuous only by their absence, further fueling claimsthat their vaunted prowess was more publicity stuntthan anything else. All in all, though, those cereolo-gists to whom I talked who had actually been at theconference had come away generally, if begrudgingly,impressed with the quality of the product on display.Humans, it turned out, could do a fairly good job in thefields of England by night, afterall.After a second summer vacation spent stalkingcropcircles my own doubts were growing, too.Accordingly, in the November. 1992 issue of the Journal,I published an article by Schnabel with the title of"Confessions of a Crop Circle Spy." A year laterSchnabel would go into even greater detail about hisown hoaxing activities with his first book. Round inCircles. To say I was unprepared for the emotional in-tensity of the response to the publication of Schnabelsoriginal article would be a major understatement. Iratefaxes and phone calls flew back and forth across theAtlantic; one prominent cereologist even threatened tojoin a libel suit against MUFON and the Journal. Ifanything, the reaction to Schnabels unrepentant con-fession of hoaxing was even more vehement than thepublic reaction to Doug & Daves had been. Schnabel—and by extension myself—was accused of all sorts of in-tellectual and scientific perfidy.What the offended parties seemed to object to mostwas their own growing inner realization of just howPAGE 18 NUMBER 313 MAY 1994
  19. 19. MUFON UFO JOURNALAll but the most stubbborn and devoutshould come away from a reading ofCropc/rc/e Apocalypse with the suspiciousfeeling that weve all been royally had.easy it was to hoax a circle, even one of the large, com-plex pictograms. Moreover, if the self-appointed "ex-perts" couldnt tell the difference between the genuinearticle and a human hoax at a glance, who among uscould? In very real ways their authority and expertise—upon which speaking invitations, book contracts andmedia appearances depended—was being slowly butsurely eroded, if not undercut altogether. Thus, perhaps,the ulterior motives so easily and readily attributed to theDougs, Daves and Jims was now causing chaos in theirchosen field.Frankly, I dont expect to see all that much of aphilo-sophical sea change among English (and no doubt someNorth American)cereologists as a consequence of JohnMacnishs recently self-published CropcircleApocalypse, although the authors motives in writingsame would appear to be above reproach. The fact of thematter is that Macnish, a former BBC reporter before hecreated his own independent video production com-pany, Circlevision, was also once a believer, havingproduced the pro-mystery video, "CropcircleCommunique," distributed in this country by LindaMoulton Howe Productions. But Macnish also main-tained his reporters instincts and was determined, ulti-mately, to get to the bottom of the picture. Were crop cir-cles paranormal in nature or not? Were Doug & Davemerely blowing smoke or trying, albeit in their ownbumbling way, to set the record straight?Whatever else it does—and it goes without sayingthat those who dont want to be convinced wont be—Apocalypse ties up any number of loose ends, beginningwith Doug & Daves non-appearance at the crop circlemaking contest: they had previously entered into anagreement with Macnish to go underground and remainsilent for a year, documenting at least part of their claimsin the process. Using infrared and night-vision equip-ment, Macnish was able to work with and document theactivities of other known and confessed hoaxers as well,Schnabel included. All but the most stubborn and devoutshould come away from a reading of Apocalypse withthe suspicious feeling that weve all been royally had,Steven Greers CSETI program and most major cereol-ogists included. During a 1992 nightwatch atopWoodborough Hill near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, forinstance, CSETI members reported the sighting of a"structured craft," which Macnish clearly associateswith a helium balloon "UFO" launched by knownpranksters.What about the thousands of crop circles reported inthe UK alone? Curiously, as it turns out, cereologistscounted a "quintuplet" or "Celtic cross" (a central circlesurrounded by a ring with four satellite circles) as fivecircles; Doug & Dave counted same as a single forma-tion. In other words, the numbers were vastly inflated tobegin with. Nor did Doug & Dave ever claim to havecreated each and every crop circle around the world. Asearly as 1986, at Cheesefoot Head, they had carved outin giant letters "WE ARE NOT ALONE" in response totheir growing competitors. Later they began signingtheir own artwork with their trademark initials, "DD,"but these, too,were promptly interpreted by the para-normalists in terms of the actions of a "higher intelli-gence."How offended should we be by the actions of Doug &Dave and other confessed hoaxers? Not very is myguess. After all, we contributed directly to the prob-lem. If cereologisls hadnt constantly kept interpretingthe circles in terms of ever increasing complexity and in-telligence, whos to say the game wouldnt have runits natural course long ago? Doug & Dave, at least,were having a lark. Who wouldnt be encouraged, wak-ing up to the morning paper, to find their art interpretedas UFO tracks, the goddess Gaia, unknown earth ener-gies and/or God only knows what else?Cereologists ultimately fell into two fundamentallyseparate camps: those who were bewildered by thephenomenon on its face, and those who said to them-selves, however secretly, I wonder if I can do that?Those who tried creating their own circles—crudely atfirst, but perfecting their technique by repeated prac-tice—could only have been encouraged by the publicsresponse, especially when their handiwork was judgedgenuine and displayed on TV or video. Doug & Davethought the game had gone on too long, that the gullibleparties had profited too much on what, when all was saidand done, was their own artwork. To their dismay, theyalso discovered that they had lost any copyright, makingthem Pound-foolish if penny wise.Its not too late for the rest of us to profit, however,even at the cost of a few cherished notions.Unfortunately, Apocalypse will see little circulation inthis country, along with Crop Circles: A Mystery Solvedby Jenny Randiesand Paul Fuller, and Schnabels Roundin Circles. Anyone whos seriously interested in thecrop circle literature should seek out all three beforejumping to any rash conclusions about the "paranor-mal" nature of the phenomenon.The Randies and Fuller book, a paperback update oftheir 1990 hardback of the same name, holds out thehope that there may be something to Terence Meadensmeteorological hypothesis after all—Meaden has pro-posed that simple circles, at least, and some UFOs maybe attributable to an electrically charged "plasma vor-tex." The update isnt complete enough, however, andtheres the gnawing feeling that the authors are trying tohave their scones and eat them, too,although they hardlysubscribe to the paranormal theory.MAY 1994 NUMBER 313 PAGE 19
  20. 20. MUFON UFO JOURNALSchnabels book, by far the best written and enter-taining of all three, has just been released as a Penguinpaperback. The author is under a cloud of suspicion insome circles, but, given recent developments and reve-lations, such as Macnishs, its increasingly hard to seewhy.To its detriment. Apocalypse has beenamateurishlypublished. Errors of spelling and grammar abound on al-most every page, detracting from what is otherwise asterling investigation,faults that will no doubt be heldagainst it by its more determined critics and skeptics. Atthe same time, taken in context with the other two booksand Doug & Daves original confession, its hard to seehow any objective observer, having read CropcircleApocalypse, will ever look at another crop circle inquite the same light again.MUEQN.EQRUMLetters to Mufon UFO JournalSCIENTIFIC CREDIBILITYIn response to the letter in the March issue by Dr.Stuart Appelle in which he suggests that this Journalshould strive to be more scientifically credible, scientificcredibility is fine where appropriate. But science is notthe be-all and end-all of existence as some, including toomany scientists, seem to believe. Science simply doesnot apply to all areas of interest or importance. All factsare not scientific facts. Whether or not our governmentis withholding informationabout UFOs is a fact, but nota scientific fact. One does not expect lawyers, artists,politicians, school teachers, or detectives to be scientif-ically credible, althoughscience may be useful to thesepersons. The scientific method, at least in the narrowsense, is simply not applicable to all fields of investiga-tion. Science is hardlygeared to handle disinformation,for instance. When one does not have a very good feelfor the territory, one is not in a position to make hard andfast judgments about what kind of information is rele-vant or useful. When one is dealing with another intel-ligence, and an alien one at that, as seems likely, or atleast possible, in the field of ufology, the scientificmethod does not spring to mind as the most appropriateapproach.Scientific credibility has high standards, indeed. If aperson were to restrict himself only to scientificallycredible evidence upon which to make decisions abouteverything in his life, he would certainly not get very far.Why should this burden be placed upon ufology?Obviously not all evidence or information is of equalquality, but who is qualified to accept or reject any of it?Ufology has not progressed to the point where scientificcredibility can be used as a criterion any more than it canbe used as a criterion for judging the acceptability of tes-timony by a witness in a trial.Scientific credibility has a nice sound, but too often itseems that it is, like beauty, in the mind of the beholder.It seems that too often it is just a substitutefor the termpolitical correctness. The arbiters of scientific credibil-ity believe that they know what is and is not possible,what is and is not good evidence. But this can be para-doxical. Science is supposed to be concerned with newdiscoveries. But who, pray tell, is qualified to judgewhat new discoveries are possible? What it all comesdown to is a matter of good sense, integrity, and perhapsmost of all, open-mindedness. Unfortunately,these qual-ities are in short supply in humanity in general.Ufology needs to consider every possible clue avail-able. And I, for one, think that the Journal is in goodhands and is doing a wonderful job of a difficult task,and I would like to take this opportunity to say howmuch I appreciate it.— Michael S. LaMoreauxAnn Arbor, MIMUFON 1994ANNUAL AWARDCongratulations must first be extended tothe 792 people who voted for their favoritecandidate from the 4731 ballots enclosed in theFebruary 1994 issue of the MUFON UFOJournal. Obviously, a ballot inserted with theJournal at 17% response was far more effec-tive than a volunteer postcard vote that yieldedonly 3%. A decision had previously been madeto discontinue this prestigious recognition if asignificant voting response was not forthcom-ing. 17% is certainly an improvement over the3% postcard vote.Two-time awardee, Budd Hopkins, wasagain the recipient of MUFONs annual awardof an engraved plaque and a monetary awardof $500, having received 214 votes. Threeother candidates, receiving over 100 votes,were Stanton T. Friedman (155), Linda M.Howe (132) and Leonard Stringfield (113).Linda M. Howe is a previous winner of thisrecognition by her colleagues.It is a distinct pleasure to honor BuddHopkins for the third time through a vote byhis friends in Ufology.JPAGE 20 NUMBER 313 MAY 1994
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  22. 22. MUFON UFOJOURNALVJUNE 1994Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Venus (magnitude -4.0) is very noticeable in the W at dusk,remaining a bright celestial beacon until it sets in the NW justbefore 11 PM. This gleaming planet skirts half a degreeabove the Beehive Cluster on the 19th.Jupiter (-2.3), in Virgo, while not as bright as Venus, never-theless dominates the southern sky at dusk. The big planet pro-ceeds westward during the night.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Mars (1.2), in Aries, rises in the NE about 3 AM but remainslow in the E through the dawn hours.Jupiter sets in the W about 2:30 AM in mid-June.Saturn (1.0), in Aquarius, rises in the E about 12:30 AM inmid-month. The ringed world lies in the SE at dawn. It beginsretrograde or westward motion on June 24. After 7 years ofgreat viewing, the angle of Saturns rings isclosing.SETI Update II:After Congress cut off NASAs funds last fall for its search forextraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), the former manager ofthe project, the SETI Institute in California, has turned toprivate donors and is proceeding to raise the $7.3 millionneeded to restore part of the old effort. Now appropriatelytagged Project Phoenix (after the mythical bird reborn fromits own ashes), the resurrected search hopes to transfer theSETI detector on the 1,000-foot Arecibo, Puerto Rico, radioantenna to the 210-foot Parkes Radio Observatory "dish" inAustralia sometime next year. The receiver will then scan so-lar-type stars for signs of artificial radio signals. (See Oct.1992 and Feb. 1994 Night Sky.)Moon Phases:Last quarter — June 1New moon — June 9First quarter — June 16Full moon — June 23Last quarter — June 30€O3The Stars:Heralding the approach of summer, all three stars of theSummer Triangle are well up in the E at 11 PM in mid-June.The stellar trio is composed of Vega, Deneb, and Altair.Each star in turn occupies its own constellation—respec-tively, Lyra the Harp, Cygnus the Swan, and Aquila theEagle.Squarely on the meridian at 11 PM is a semicircle of 7 stars,Corona Borealis, the legendary crown offered to PrincessAriadne by Bacchus. Just to the E of it lies a 4-sided wedge offaint stars called the Keystone of Hercules. Look for a verydim fuzzy "star" along the right side of the wedge. This faintobject is the Hercules Cluster—not one star but a ball ofthousands of stars packed into a vast globular cluster.Telescopes of increasing size resolve the spot into more andmore stars. The Hercules Cluster is 21,000 light-years away.Scorpius, the little arachnid that stung mighty Orion on thefoot causing his death, has begun its summer sojourn acrossthe southern horizon. The creatures heart is marked by red-dish Antares, and its curling tail is rather easily seen.May 20-22 — Tampa UFO Convention, Holiday Inn, Tampa, FLInternational Airport. For information call (904) 432-8888 or writeProject Awareness P.O. Box 730, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562June 23-25 — 15th Rocky Mountain Conference on UFOInvestigation, University ot Wyoming, Laramie, WY For informationcall (307) 766-2124 or 1-800-448-7801 or write to P.O. Box 3972,Laramie, WY 82071-3972.July 8, 9 & 10— MUFON 1994 International UFO Symposium,Hyatt Regency Hotel, Austin, Texas. Theme: "UFOLOGY: AHistorical Perspective." For details see Directors Message in thisissue of the Journal. For advanced registrations write to BobbyMacPherson, 10209 Venita Cove, Austin, TX 78733 or for informa-tion call (512) 263-5211.September 10-11 — 4th Annual New Hampshire MUFONConference, Yokens Convention Center, Portsmouth. NH. For infor-mation write to: N.H. MUFON, P.O. Box 453, Rye, NH 03870 or call(603) 436-9283 or (603) 673-3829.September 16-17 — 31st Annual National UFO Conference,Radisson Inn near Cleveland, Ohio Airport. For information write toUAPA, P.O. Box 347032, Cleveland, OH 44134 or call (216) 826-1357.October 8-9 — "The UFO Experience" - Holiday Inn, North Haven,Connecticut. For information contact Omega Communications, P.O.Box2051MJ, Cheshire, CT 06410-5051, U.S.A.October 14-16 — 2nd Annual Gulf Breeze UFO Conference,Pensacola Grand Hotel, Pensacola, Florida. For information write toProject Awareness, P.O. Box 730, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562 or call(904) 432-8888.UNITED NATIONS VIDEOOn October 2, 1992. a UFO presentation was made atthe United Nations in an effort to reopen Decision GA33/426. the two-hour VHS video tape includesMohammad A. Ramadan, Stanton T. Friedman. JohnF. Schuessler and Robert H. Bletchman.Tapes of thismonumental UN presentation may be purchased byPostal Money Orders, personal check made payablethrough a U.S. bank or U.S. cash for $19.95 plus $2for p.&h. to MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin,TX 78155-4099, U.S.A.PAGE 22 NUMBER 313 MAY 1994
  23. 23. MUFON UFO JOURNALDIRECTORS MESSAGE - Continued from Page 24hotel. Be sure to advise that you are attending the MU-FON 1994 UFO Symposium to obtain the special rate.Advance registrations for the symposium are now be-ing accepted for $50 per person for all sessions by writ-ing to Bobby MacPherson, 10209 Venita Cove, Austin,TX 78733, or calling (512) 263-5211 if there is a ques-tion. Registration forms were enclosed with the March1994 issue of the Journal for the convenience of allmembers/readers. A reception will be held from 6-9p.m. on Friday, July 8, 1994, at $10 per person for foodwith a cash bar. Musical entertainmentwill be providedfor your enjoyment. The schedule of speakers will startat 9 a.m. on Saturday, July 9. and adjourn at 5:30 p.m.after the Q. & A. Panel Discussion on Sunday, July10.The last speaker on Sunday will finish at 4:30 p.m.Registrations made after June 25th will be $60 perperson for the entire symposium. Individual sessionswill be available for $10 per person except Saturdayevening which will be $15. Take advantage of the ad-vance price by making your registration as early as fea-sible. We look forward to meeting all of you at MU-FONs Silver Anniversary Symposium in the Lone StarState.American Airlines has been contracted to be the of-ficial carrier—Star File #S0974UG. Attendees or theirtravel agents can call the American Airlines MeetingServices Desk at 1-800-433-1790 for reservations.American will discount their lowest fare by 5%. (Besure to give the Star File number.)Vendor tables will be available for qualified indi-viduals at $10.80 per table. No New Age paraphernaliawill be permitted. Vendors sales must be directly relatedto Ufology. Interested people may write to Ed Newsom,3309 Oak Alley, Austin, TX 78745 for a vendor appli-cation request or telephone (512) 282-4001.Other events on the symposium agenda areState/Provincial Directors Meeting on Friday, July 8thfrom 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Press Conference from 1 to 3p.m.; MUFON Annual Board of Directors MeetingSunday, July 10th from 9 a.m. to 12 noon: and JointUSA-CIS Aerial Anomaly Federation Board ofDirectors Meeting on Monday, July 11, 1994, starting at8:30 a.m., hosted by the Mutual UFO Network. Dr.Richard F. Haines and Dr. Vladimir V. Rubtsov, Co-Directors, will moderate the USA-CIS Board Meeting.The two board meetings are by invitation only.NATIONAL UFO INFORMATION WEEKVirginia M. Tilly, Director of Public Education, has an-nounced that the National UFO Information Week hasbeen scheduled for August 13 through 21, 1994, whichincludes two weekends. Now is the time to start prepar-ing exhibits, information literature handouts, closed cir-cuit TV of UFO videotapes, and specifically makingreservations at local shopping malls and libraries. Thisis an ideal event to educate the public to the UFO phe-nomenon and its implications to the scientific future ofthe world.FIELD INVESTIGATORS MANUAL OUT OF PRINTThe third edition of the MUFON Field InvestigatorsManual is temporarily out-of-print.It has been removedfrom the MUFON Publications List. Work is progressingvery well on publishingan expanded version to be iden-tified as the fourth edition in the near future. Please donot delay conducting Field Investigatortraining classesdue to the absence of the fourth edition. Some sectionsor chapters of the present manual are only being up-dated, whereas new sections on abduction investiga-tions, animal mutilations,crop circles and polygraphwill be new. Explicit instructions on completing Form 1and Form 2 will also be new. An expanded section on in-terviewing witnesses by Dan Wright will be an asset tothe new manual.The availability date and price will be announced inthe Journal. Please do not back order the new manual,since it will be doubled in size, and the price has notbeen determined from the printer. We are excited aboutthe fourth edition, since it will be a state-of-the art pub-lication.WESTERN MICHIGAN UFO SIGHTINGSThe western Michigan UFO flap that started on thenight of Monday, March 7, 1994. with visual sightingsbeing confirmed that night by the National WeatherService radar in Muskegon, Michigan, plus over 125eyewitnesses reporting during a two-week period, willbe reported in an upcoming feature article in the Journal.Shirley Coyne and her Michigan investigative teamhave been inundated with sighting reports requiring in-terviews, thus delaying a final report.Walt Andrus interviewed, by telephone, a pilot whowas over Lake Michigan, while enroute from ChicagoMidway Airport to Grand Rapids, Michigan, when heand the co-pilot observed a converging white ball oflight approaching their airfreighter on the night of March7th. When they inquired about "traffic" near their air-craft, Chicago Airways Traffic Control advised that noother objects were being "pamied" on their radar scopesin the immediate vicinity. After observing the whitelight that was about 30 degrees above them for ten min-utes, it abruptly changed direction and flew straightnorth over Lake Michigan, disappearing rapidly. A sec-ond traffic control operator later told the two pilots,"that unusual objects were being reported over westernMichigan that evening.", MJ-12 AND THE GOVERNMENT:A Report on Government Involvement inthe UFO Crash Retrievals(113 pages)by Grant Cameron and T. Scott GrainPrice: $19 plus $1.50 for postage and handlingOrder From: MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Rd„ Seguin, TX 78155-4099^MAY 1994 NUMBER 313 PAGE 23