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Mufon ufo journal   1994 4. april
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Mufon ufo journal 1994 4. april


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Published in: News & Politics

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  • 2. M U F O N U F O J O U R N A LO F F I C I A L P U B L I C A T I O N OF THE MUTUAL UFO NETWORK SINCE 1967APRIL 1994oNUMBER 31 ZTAKING THE OFFENSIVE ON ROSWELLROSWELL DECLARATIONDO OUR SPYSATELLITES SEE UFOs?SKYDANCER OVER ANTELOPE VALLEYTHE UFO PRESSTHE MAY NIGHTSKYABDUCTION RESEARCH NOTESNEWS 8. VIEWSMUFON FORUMREADERS CLASSIFIEDSCENTRAL REGIONAL DIRECTOR CANDIDATESDIRECTORS MESSAGECOVER courtesy of Ronald S.RegehrKent JeffreyKent JeffreyRonald S. RegehrBill HamiltonDennis StacyWalter N. WebbJohn CarpenterDavid WebbChris W. BrethwaiteWalter Andrus101215161719212224MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN0270-6822)103Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, TX 78155-4099Tel: (210) 379-9216FAX (210)372-9439EDITORDennis StacyASSOCIATE EDITORWalter H. Andrus, Jr.COLUMNISTSWalter N. WebbJohn S. CarpenterART DIRECTORVince JohnsonCopyright 1994 by the Mutual UFO Netivork. All Rights Reserved.No part of this document may be reproduced in am/ form without the written permission ofthe Copyright Owners Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one arti-cle, provided the author is credited, and the statement, "Copyright 1994 by the Mutual UFONetwork, 103 Oldtoune Rd., Seguin, Texas 7S155," is included.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editors and do not necessari-ly reflect the official position of the Mutual UFO Nehivrk. Opinions expressed are solely thoseof the individual authors.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the typedescribed in Section 509 (a) (2). Donors may deduct contributions from their Federal IncomeTax. Bequests, legacies,devises, transfers or gifts are also deductiblefor estate and gift purposes,provided they meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106 and 2522 of the InternalRevenue Code.The MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., Seguin,Texas. Membership/Subscription rates: $25 per year in the U.S.A.; $30 foreign in U.S. funds.Second class postagepaid at Seguin, TX.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to: MUFON, 103 OldtowneRd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099.
  • 3. MUFON UFO JOURNALTAKING THEOFFENSIVEON ROSWELLForty-seven years after thefact, the Roswell Incident continues to generate controversy & cover-up claims.By Kent JeffreyBringing the Roswell case to light could repre-sent far more than the mere exposing of a gov-ernment cover-up or the creation of a major newsstory. It could represent one of the greatest revelationsinthe history of humankind— the knowledge that we, asintelligent life, are not alone. For this reason, if for noother, it should be pursued relentlessly until an absoluteand definitive answer is obtained.My interest in the Roswell case stems in part from thefact that my father, a retired colonel and former airforce pilot (and WWII fighter ace), at one time knew andworked with General William Blanchard, the man whoissued the press release announcing that a "crasheddisk" (UFO) had been recovered. In 1947, at the time ofthe Roswell incident, Blanchard was a colonel and theCommander of the 509th Bomb Group at Roswell ArmyAir Field. In the early sixties when my father knew andworked with him, he was a three-star general stationed atthe Pentagon in Washington, D.C. In my fathers opin-ion, General Blanchard was an extremely sharp indi-vidual who would never have made a fool of himself byissuing a press release announcingthat the group underhis command had recovered something as out of theordinary as a crashed UFO without being absolutelycertain he was correct. I have since had the opportunityto talk with others who knew and worked with GeneralBlanchard and who share that same view. The fact thatthe militarys official denial claimed that what Blanchardand his men misidentified as a crashed UFO wasnothingother than a weather balloon strains credibility beyondlimits.Generally, in contrast to the political environmentof many other countries, when the United States military-puts out an official statement, we as Americans canfeel assured we are being told the truth. While suchconfidence is not ill founded, there are exceptions. Forexample, because of the nature of his job, my father wasonce made aware of a "cover story" involving the crashof a top-secret aircraft in the early 1960s. Under theauspices of an intelligenceagency, a press release was is-sued that was false. Cover stories exist.Former military witnesses have statedunequivocallythat Blanchards "crashed disk" press release on July 8,1947, was true, and that the subsequent announcementdenying it was a cover story. This would mean that theU.S. government has been in possession of the wreckageof an extraterrestrial craft for the last forty-seven years.The right of the American people to know of the exis-tence of such a craft and therefore of extraterrestrialintelligence is a social or philosophical issue, not one ofnational security. Suppression of such knowledge, in-cluding restricting individuals from testifying about it,would be a form of censorship and therefore contrary tothe principles upon which a free and open society isfounded.Researchers have located Roswell witnesses who, infear of government reprisal, will not allow their testi-mony to be made public. In an effort to help get theRoswell matter into the open, a prestigious Washington,D.C., law firm has been retained to provide legal coun-sel to any witnesses (past or present) who have infor-mation on the Roswell event or on the subsequent dis-position of the wreckage, and who might consider goingpublic with their testimony.As part of this effort, legalresearch has been done and attorneys from the firmhave traveled to New Mexico and interviewed witnessesthere.For legal and other reasons, government reprisalagainst Roswell witnesses who elected to go publicwould appear unlikely. For one thing,it would serve tovalidate their testimonyand thereby make them instantheroes in the eyes of the public for having contributed tobringing down the most spectacular cover-up in his-tory. This is probably the reason no action was evertaken against Lieutenant Colonel Jesse Marcel, the for-mer intelligence officer of the 509th Bomb Group whowent public with his account in 1978.Furthermore, accusing any Roswell witnesses ofwrongdoing for speaking out and bringing the truth tothe American people on this subject would be the heightof hypocrisy on the part of the government. By doing soit would be tacitly admitting guilt in having deceived itsown people. While billions of tax dollars have beenspent over the last few decades on lunar, planetary, anddeep space exploration, the American people have beenkept in ignorance about Roswell and the existence of ex-traterrestrial intelligence. Many would consider such ablatant omission inexcusable. Perhaps this is why thecover-upcontinues.As a result of a somewhat chance encounter inEurope a few monthsago, 1am now involved in an-other Roswell project, unrelatedto the legal effort. It in-volves MUFON - CES (Mutual UFO Network - CentralEuropean Section), an invitation-only group consistingprimarily of engineers, scientists, and university pro-fessors in the German-speaking countries of WesternEurope. Knowing that I frequently travel to Europe be-cause of my work, MUFONS international directorWalt Andrus gave me the phone number of a MUFON -APRIL 1994 NUMBER 312 PAGE 3
  • 4. MUFON UFO JOURNALCES member, Joachim Koch, who lives in Berlin andwho is a practicing general surgeon there. I gave him acall and subsequently met him and another member ofMUFON - CES, Hans-Jiirgen Kyborg, in the lobby ofthe Palace Hotel in Berlin. For over three hours we dis-cussed different aspects of the UFO phenomenon inEurope and in America. They had heard of the Roswellincident but said it wasnt widely known in Europe.They seemed interested in learning more about Roswell,so I left some material with them, includinga couple ofshort papers I had written on the subject.A few weeks after our meeting, I received a letterfrom Messrs. Koch and Kyborg. In it they told howthose in Europe were very much aware of how the for-mer communist governments in Eastern Europe hadprevented their citizensfrom freely exchangingthoughtsand ideas, sometimes by killing them, and how thesegovernments continuously lied to the people. They hadalways thought that Western democratic governmentsdid not act in such a way, but when they learned aboutthe cover-ups concerning Roswell and the UFO phe-nomenon, they could now see how wrong they hadbeen.They expressed the belief that knowledge concerningmans place in the universewith respect to other intelli-gent life was not a matter of any nations national secu-rity, but rather a fundamental right of all humankind.They proposed that we work together and asked me towrite a "Roswell Declaration" to be used in an interna-tional effort to pressure the U.S. government into liftingthe secrecy surroundingUFOs and Roswell.Their proposal is to work with UFO organizationsthroughout the world in a drive to get signatures, es-pecially from engineers and scientists, in support of theRoswell Declaration. On a yet-to-be-determined daylater this year and under a well-orchestrated plan, thenews media in different countries around the world willbe notified and furnished with material about theRoswell incident in an effort to bring international at-tention to the case. They discussed the idea withIllobrand Von Ludwiger, a theoretical physicistand thedirector of MUFON - CES. The proposal was then pre-sented at the annual MUFON - CES conference lastOctober in Austria,where it was well received by the at-tending members.In response to their request, I have written a five-pageposition paper, "Time for the Truth About Roswell,"which includes a detailed summary of the Roswell event,an analysis of media and government treatment of it, andarguments for allowing the public to know the truth. The"Roswell Declaration" is taken directly from that posi-tion paper and contains an appeal to the Administrationfor an Executive Order to declassify any U.S.Government information on UFOs or extraterrestrialintelligence.Polls have shown that over fifty percent of adultAmericans believe in the reality of UFOs and extrater-restrial intelligence. Unfortunately, that interest hasnever been galvanized into a large-scale grassrootsmovement. This may now become a reality as a drive iscurrently underway to collect signatures for the "RoswellDeclaration" from U.S. citizens. In addition to theMutual UFO Network, both the J. Allen Hynek Centerfor UFO Studies and the Fund for UFO Research have,in a show of unity, agreed to participate in this effort.On the same day as the international effort to bringmedia attention to the Roswell case, a copy of the"Roswell Declaration," along with a listing of the totalnumber of signatories from each of the fifty states aswell as from other countries, will be delivered to the of-fices of all members of Congress and to the WhiteHouse. Also on that day, if finances permit, a copy of the"Roswell Declaration"will be placed in the first sec-tion of the national edition of a major U.S. newspaper.Since this will be primarily a word-of-mouth, grass-roots effort, your help in making copies of the declara-tion and distributing them to as many people as possiblewill be of great importance. The declaration and theposition paper, "Time for the Truth About Roswell,"will also be made available on computer bulletin boardsthroughout the world. Although it is felt that there is ahigh probability the U.S. Government is withholding in-formation regarding the existence of extraterrestrial in-telligence, the primary goal is to get the matter into theopen, so that the truth can be conclusively determined,one way or the other. It is hoped, therefore, that all in-dividuals, no matter what their opinion on the subject,will support this effort.In the event Congressman Steven Schiff of NewMexico is successful in his admirable effort to initiateaCongressional inquiry into the Roswell incident, a largenumber of signed "Roswell Declarations" from U.S.citizens would undoubtedlyhave a positive effect on thateffort. Whether or not such an inquiry takes place, it isimportant not to become complacent. There are no guar-antees of success. An all-outeffort should be made on allthree fronts — Legislative, Judicial, and Executive — toput the greatest possible pressure on the government. Weare engaged in a difficult endeavor, but one that isworthwhile, just, and possible to win. It concerns an is-sue about which most Americans would want to knowand about which all Americans have a right to know.Signed declarations can be sent to MUFON, 103Oldtowne Road; Seguin, TX 78155-4099.PAGE 4 NUMBER 312 APRIL 1994
  • 5. MUFON UFO JOURNALROSWELL DECLARATION 1994Forty-seven years ago an incident occurred in the southwestern desert of the United States that could have sig-nificant implications for all mankind. It involved the recovery by the U.S. Military of material alleged to be of ex-traterrestrial origin. The event was announced by the Army Air Force on July 8, 1947 through a press release carriedby newspapers throughout the country. It was subsequently denied by what is now believed to be a cover story claim-ing the material was nothing more than a weather balloon. It has remained veiled in government secrecy ever since.The press release announcing the unusual event was issued by the Commander of the 509th Bomb Group atRoswell Army Air Field, Colonel William Blanchard, who later went on to become a four-star general and Vice Chiefof Staff of the United States Air Force. That the weather balloon story was a cover-up has been confirmed by in-dividuals directly involved, including the late General Thomas DuBose, who took the telephone call fromWashington, D.C., ordering the cover-up. Numerous other credible military and civilian witnesses have testified thatthe original press release was correct and that the Roswell wreckage was of extraterrestrial origin. One suchindividualwas Major Jesse Marcel, the Intelligence Officer of the 509th Bomb Group and one of the first military officers at thescene.On January 12, 1994, United States Congressman Steven Schiff of Albuquerque, New Mexico, announced to thepress that he had been stonewalled by the Defense Department when requesting information on the 1947 Roswellevent on behalf of constituents and witnesses. Indicating that he was seeking further investigation into the matter,Congressman Schiff called the Defense Departments lack of response "astounding" and concluded it was apparently"another government cover-up."History has shown that unsubstantiated official assurances or denials by government are often meaningless.Nevertheless, there is a logical and straightforward way to ensure that the truth about Roswell will emerge: anExecutive Order declassifying any information regarding the existence of UFOs or extraterrestrial intelligence.Because this is a unique issue of universal concern, such an action would be appropriate and warranted. To providepositive assurance for all potential witnesses, it would need to be clearly stated and written into law. Such a measureis essentially what presidential candidate Jimmy Carter promised and then failed to deliver to the American peopleeighteen years ago in 1976.If, as is officially claimed, no informationon Roswell, UFOs, or extraterrestrial intelligenceis being withheld, anExecutive Order declassifying it would be a mere formality, as there would be nothing to disclose. The Order would,however, have the positive effect of setting the record straight once and for all. Years of controversy and suspicionwould be ended, both in the eyes of the United States own citizens and in the eyes of the world.If, on the other hand, the Roswell witnesses are telling the truth and information on extraterrestrial intelligence doesexist, it is not something to which a privileged few in the United States Government should have exclusive rights. Itis knowledge of profound importance to which all people throughout the world should have an inalienable right. Itsrelease would unquestionablybe universally acknowledged as an historic act of honesty and goodwill./ support the request, as outlined above, for an Executive Order declassifying any U.S. Government informationregarding the existence of UFOs or extraterrestrial intelligence. Whether such information exists or whether it doesnot, Ifeel that the people of the world have a right to know the truth about this issue and that it is time to put an endto the controversy surrounding it.Signature Date Name (Please print)StreetOccupation / TitleCity State ZipDegrees /Credentials (If applicable) U. S. Representative (If known)APRIL 1994 NUMBER31Z PAGES
  • 6. MUFON UFO JOURNALDO OUR SPY SATELLITES SEEUfOS?Sensors designed to pick up one thing may well detect another. Could some "others" be UFOs?By Ronald S. RegehrThe United States premier surveillance satellites,the Defense Support Program (DSP) series (alsothe oldest satellite series currently in the inven-tory), have detected unidentified flying objects. TheU.S. Air Force, who owns and operates these satellites,continues to classify UFOs as "valid IR sources," andvarious contracts have been let to further study thisphenomenon. Are there any hard data to support thesecontentions?I believe there are. With the assistance of several as-trophysicists and lots of head scratching recalling mycollege advanced physics and mathematics, presented isproof of the DSP satellites UFO detection capability.1(See sidebar—ed.)Even though the DSPs primary mission has alwaysbeen the detection of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles(ICBMs), it proved its value during Operation DesertStorm by detecting the launch of every one of the 70Iraqi Scud missiles launched, thus providinginvaluablealert time to allow our allies and our troops to seekshelter and for the Patriot batteries to lock onto theirtar-get.2Compared with an 1CBM, the Scud is a very low-intensity target, thus bolstering our premise that theDSP could detect UFOs.Armed with this mathematical proof of the DSPsUFO detection capability, Lee Graham, in his own enig-matic way, started a string of correspondence seeking tofind if the DSP or any federal agencys satellites had de-tected UFOs. Freedom of information act (FOIA) re-quests to the North American Air Defense Command(NORAD), the presumed users of this type of satellitedata, revealed that USAF units assigned to NORADwere exempt from the FOIA because of an interlockingtreaty with Canada. Ostensibly, the law (5 U.S.C. 6552)provides a legal loophole through which all manner ofdata can fall—including UFO data! Undeterred, Grahamcontinued his quest.Some 200 (Two-hundred—no, that is not a typo-graphical error!) FOIA requests and several yearslater, Lee has discovered some puzzlingterminologyused to describe some of the detected events—theterms "Slow Walker," "Fast Walker," and"Unidentified Object." Just as the term "Slow Walker"most likely does not denote the tortuously slow gait ofa geriatric, arthritic perambulator, neither is the term"Fast Walker" likely to denote the ofttimes humorousgait of an Olympic speed walker. But what do theseterms mean? Asteroids? Space Junk? UFOs? Repeatedefforts have failed to reveal the true meanings of theterms, leaving speculation to those who gain comfortin that endeavor.Sky & Telescope, in their February 1994 issue, had anarticle "Secret Impacts Revealed," in which they claimedthat the DSP detects upwards of eight "probable mete-oroids" per year, but admit that this only accounts forabout one-fourth of the actual "events."Bill Moore, of MJ-12 fame, mentioned the term "FastWalker" to Graham, who then inquired of Moore if"Falcon" (one of Moores aviarian cohorts) had used theterm. Moore confirmed Grahams suspicions, thuslink-ing modern-day technology with the (in)famous MJ-12.Joseph Stefula, former MUFON State Director fromNew Jersey, posits that "Fast Walkers" are incomingspace objects and that the DSP detects on the order of 3or 4 per month! Stefulas report to "Mark"1stated:"I have information that at 1126Z, 5 May 1984, a DSPplatform detected an object with heat in the 9,000KW/SR range coming out of deep space and passingwithin 3 Km of the DSP. Its star tracking telescope firstdetected the object (Used to insure (sic) that the DSP isin the correct position by tracking the location of stars inrelation to the platform). The observation lasted 9 min-utes. A detailed investigation failed to explain whatcaused the sensor reading, other than a real object ofsome type. Do these DSP systems have these capabili-ties? "Fastwalker" is the term used to identify objectsthat are being picked up on these and similar sensorsystems in orbit. My source indicated that 2-3 times amonth "Fastwalkers" are being detected. Without proofof some form of "threat", experts dont want to spendthe money or resources to examine the phenomenon."Subsequently, Stefula faxed what he claims to be a"copy" of this sighting, presented in Figure 1.Not too surprisingly, the enigmatic Phil Klass alsofigures into this satellite/UFO scenario. When Grahamqueried Klass regarding the DSPs capability ofdetecting intense IR sources on the ground, Klasssresponse was typically biased. Moreover it revealedanother subject on which Klass is ignorant—satellitesurveillance technology. Instead of alluding to a theo-retical possibility (thus not revealing his ignorance),Klass proceeded to pontificate as to the shortcomingsand limitations of the DSP (one of the most successfulof all of our spy satellites), continued by presentinghis unfounded hypothesis, and concluded by destroy-ing his hypothesis while hyping his book wherein hePAGE 6 NUMBER 31Z APRIL 1994
  • 7. MUFON UFO JOURNALIntensity(KW/SR)10,000-10claims to explain the 1976 Imperial IranianAF sighting as the planet Jupiter.4Meanwhile, during this investigation, EdDames and his crew at PSI-TECH os-tensibly received a contract from the USAFSpace Command, headquartered at PetersonAFB, Colorado, rumored "home" of theDSP, to ascertain if the DSP has spotted in-coming UFOs. Based on his "remote view-ing" of the DSP, Dames slated unequivo-cally that the DSP has, in fact, detectedmany UFOs originating in deep space andentering our (i.e.. Earths) air space. Hence,one clue as to the USAFs reluctance to dis-cuss UFOs.The DSPs Sandia Bhangmeter (an opticalburst detector) spotted what appeared to beintense flashes of light in the Earths atmos-phere. They were believed to be meteors orasteroid fragments racing toward the planets surface. OnOctober 1, 1990, two DSP satellites recorded a burst oflight over the western Pacific Ocean. "Analysis carriedout by Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque,New Mexico, showed that the fireball released the en-ergy equivalentof 500 tons of high explosives. Such anenergy release could be caused by a 20,000 metric tonmeteor, Sandia analysts concluded."5But could it nothave been one of the UFOs Ed Dames "spotted"?But why would the U.S. Government (or any othergovernment, for that matter) be concerned with detect-ing or trackingUFOs? One reason is that they could beconfused with "real" threats."We believe that lack of information on the charac-teristics and influence of UFOs increase the threat of in-correct identification. Then, mass transition of UFOsalong trajectories close to those of combat missilescould be regarded by computers as an attack."6At least once, a series of false alarms resembling araid by Soviet bombers was detected, resulting in aSAC (Strategic Air Command) red alert (no pun in-tended). B-52 bombers loaded with nuclear weaponswere poised for take-off when the "targets" disappeared.The launch was scrubbed, and nuclear war was avoided.The targets? Well, they were classified as "radar reflec-tions off the Moon"!Because of these and similar incidents, I believe thatthe Soviet Union, United States, Great Britain, andFrance all have conducted in-depth analyses of UFOs, iffor no other reason than to provide a plausible explana-tion for unexplained phenomena that could result intheir falsely initiating a world-ending nuclear raid.Curiously enough, this contention is bolstered by onecryptic sentence in the official USAF Policy Statementregarding UFOS... "They (UFOs) have not proven to bea threat to the securityof the United States of America."This statement has no validity unless UFOs have beenFLIGHT 7 SIGHTING5 MAY 84 1126Z~l—i—i——i—r—I—i i I i i1I Time, minutes10 30 40Figure 1 DSP SIGHTING OF 5 MAY 1984analyzed, characterized, and cataloged into the identifi-cation data base of the nations defense-network com-puters.SIDEBARVarious options and viewing/selection criteria lead to thedesign of a hypothetical "perfect" satellitefor detectingUFOs. Applying these criteria leads us to examine theworlds inventory of "spy" satellites, with the resultingconclusion that in addition to the United States, GreatBritain, France, the (former) Soviet Union, Japan, andthe Peoples Republic of China most likely have ex-ploited this capabilityas added insuranced of theircoun-trys security and well being. None of these powerful na-tions wishes to trigger a nuclear holocaust; and nonewishes to be the first to suffer from it either.This article details the physical characteristics of a"typical UFO" and the calculations involved in deter-mining whether or not this particular UFO could havebeen detected by existing satellite technology. Note thatwere not discussingdetection by some esoteric "pie inthe sky" system, but real, existing satellite sensing sys-tems built with your tax dollars.The UFO that provides a basis for our mathematicalmodel baffled the latest weapons in use in late 19767."... These unidentified flying objects were describedas bird like or as brightly lit helicopters although nonewere airborne at the time. Unable to convince the callersthat they were only seeing stars, a senior officer wentoutside to see for himself. Observing an object in thenorth like a star, only larger and brighter, he immediatelyscrambled an Imperial Iranian Air Force (IIAF) F-4 toinvestigate."The F-4 pilot stated that the brilliant object waseasily visible 70 miles away ... as the F-4 continuedpursuit south of Teheran, a second brightly lit object(about 1/2to 1/3 the size of the moon) detached from theAPRIL 1994 NUMBER 312 PAGE 7
  • 9. MUFON UFO JOURNALoriginal UFO and headed straight for the F-4 at a highrate of speed. The pilot attempted to fire an AIM-9 at thenew object and was prevented by a sudden power loss inhis weapons control panel. The UFO was described byboth ground witnesses and the F-4 chase pilots as beingabout 30 feet in diameter and very bright. Its altituderanged from ground level to 40,000 feet (12 Kilometers)."There are several important facts we can glean fromthis article and use to narrow our spy satellite search.Most importantly, it was big and bright, was approxi-mately 30 feet (9.15 meters) in diameter, and radiatedsufficient IR energy to enable the AIM-9 air-to-air mis-sile to obtain "lock." Although the Sidewinders sensi-tivity band is classified, its bandwidth of sensitivity ap-proximates that of other IR sensors.We can use these data to calculate the UFOs apparentbrightness, compare this with the satellites presumedsensitivities, and thus determine the UFOsdetectability.Ill try to keep the mathematics and modeling assump-tions as simple as possible.MODELING ASSUMPTIONS"1. The UFO produces a layer of ionized gas (pri-marily nitrogen) surrounding itself.2. The ionized gas is optically opaque with a black-body radiation temperature of 3000K (the minimummolecular ionization temperature of air below 12 km.)and is described as a Lambertian surface.93. For simplicity, assume that the UFO is spherical inshape. The area of the UFO that is seen is effectively thetop projected half, having an area of approximately 66square meters.A = nR:= n X75/F = n X4.572 meters2= 65.7 meters2= 65.7x IO1centimeters24. The UFOs emissivity is 1 (blackbody radiator). Itcould be lower, but the UFO description matches thisemissivity.CALCULATIONSUsing these, we can calculate the spectral radiantemittance (in watts/cm2(im) of the UFO using the fol-lowing formula (Plancks law of spectral radiation froma blackbody.):10 -4 [1],5 heA —where:«*"•-!10 "" = conversion constant = 10 "4cm/dimeterh - Plancks constant =6.6262 X 10 ~*watt sec2c = speed of light = 3.0 X 10" meters/sec = 3 X 10U)cm/seck = Boltzmanns constant = 1.38X Q23watt sec/KT =blackbody temperature - 3000 KA. = center wavelength - 2.0 [imeters = 2 X Q~4cmInserting these values into the Equation, [1] the spec-tral radiant emitlance is calculated asW^ = 1.16 X IO2watts/cm 2[imeterFrom this, we can calculate the UFOs spectral radi-ant intensity (watts/steradian meter) using the formula:A [2]nand radiant intensity (watts/steradian)A W.A.E X X[3]where:/4g = Area of emitting surface (65.7 X 10"" cw) Xemissivity ( I )re = constant = 3.1416A^ = Bandwidth (Dimeters)Inserting these values into Equation [3] results inan unattenuated (ground level) radiant intensity ofabout 2 X I O7watts/steradian.10Our next step is to convert this ground-level inten-sity to what the satellite would actually see. Becauseof the density and water vapor content of the atmos-phere, some of the ground-level radiant intensity isattenuated (or absorbed), thus not reaching the satel-lite. We need to multiply the ground-radiant intensityby the attenuation factor (transmission coefficient).We will assume there is no cloud cover (the articleactually refers to a cloud-free night) and that theUFO is at an altitude of less than 12 kilometers. Wewill further assume that the satellite-to-UFO zenith (orviewing) angle is less than 30° (a worst-case condi-tion). For these conditions, if the UFOs altitude is 6km, its apparent radiant intensity would beJa= 0.010 X 2 X 107watts/steradian = 2.0watts/steradian = 200 Kw/srX 105Continued on Page 18APRIL 1994 NUMBER 312 PAGE. 9
  • 10. MUFON UFO JOURNALSKYDANCER OVER ANTELOPE VALLEYA series of fall 1993 California sightings results in multiple witnesses and photographs.By Bill HamiltonOne rarely reads in the annals of UFO reports of acontinuing series of sightings involving the sameUFO or its cousins. But apparently such a serieshas taken place over the Antelope Valley of California,home to many aerospace enterprises.It all began with a sighting made by an ex-Sheriffsdeputy named Archie on June 8th. Fortunately, Archiekept a log of his sightings. As I and others started spot-ting the same daylight objects, we further extended thelog. The sightings continued up through early Novemberof 1993. Some of the entries made in our log will be pre-sented here to demonstrate something unusual is oc-curring on a regular basis high in our atmosphere, but isvirtually ignored by the Air Force, and everyone else forthat matter.Archie had his first sighting of the object he dubbed"critter" on June 8, 1993at 1100 hours. He was sittingon the patio at his home in Rosamond, chatting with hislady friend, when she asked what kind of birds were cir-cling in the sky.Archie identified the birds as ravens,common to the area. Far beyond the ravens, though,was what appeared to be a dim daytime star. Both ofthem studied this apparent star with seven andten-power binoculars. It appeared to be round and brightwhite, and sitting at a stationary point approximately 30degrees from the horizon and southwest fromRosamond. They watched this mysterious object until1230 hours when they viewed two slim silver objects flyfrom the vicinity of the primaryobject and make a highspeed turn from north to west and disappear within asecond. When attempts were made to locate the originalobject, it too had disappeared.On June 12, Archie spotted the object again fromhis place of work in Palmdale. Another witness alsosaw the object. After this second witness left, Archie ob-served the object move away at high speed. He saw itagain on June 13, and again it was moving at very highspeed. He made additional sightings on July 2nd and3rd. On July 5th he watched the object sit still high inthe sky for approximately 45 minutes. Then it movedslowly north. As Archie watched through binoculars,itseemed to accelerate steadily, wobbling as it moved,then suddenly stopped and hovered for a moment. Thenit moved west and out of sight within seconds. It hadappeared at 11 :45 a.m. and departed at 12:30. It reap-peared in the same spot of the sky at 1:15 p.m.On July 20, 1993 Archie spotted the object again at itsusual location in the sky over Rosamond. This time hehad his Minolta camera ready, mounted with a 300mmlens. When he took his first picture, the object seemed todischarge other objects and he continued snapping pic-tures at a setting of F8 and 125th of a second with the fo-cus on infinity. The object showed up as a bright spotagainst the sky.On July 22nd, Archies observations convinced himthat the object he was viewing was not a natural objectand could fly away from its stationary position. Just ashe raised his binocularsto watch the object, it began tomove north at a steadily increasing speed, changingfrom white to beige and flattening in shape. It movedwith incredible speed and without slowing, swung a"U" turn to the south and disappeared into the overcast.Archie stated that watching this object maneuver waslike watching a fly or a bee. At this time Archie wentback into the house to grab his camera. When he cameback out. the object was back in position. Archie thensnapped 18 pictures!Shades of Gulf Breeze! Multiple photos of aUFO.For some obscure reason this is cause for instant skep-ticism by the debunker crowd. One blurred photo is al-lowable. Perhaps we can arrive at no solidconclusionsabout one photo. Multiple authenticated photos are moredifficult to deal with and the skeptics have to try harder.However, there are no rational reasons that an astute ob-server like Archie could not snap multiple photos of aUFO; moreover, he was not the only one to take photosof this object.On the 25th of July, Archie equipped himself with aTasco 75x astronomical telescope on a tripod tosee if he could determine the mysteriousobjects shape,but the object appeared no larger than a pinhead,round,with a diagonal black line crossing through it. When hechanged the eyepiece from a 2.5mm to a 4mm lens, hecould not re-acquire the object.Usually an observer obtains subjectiveimpressionsabout the target of observation, not just the objectivedata concerning the objects appearance and behavior.And usually these impressions are ignored by investi-gators. But 1 think they are worth mentioning in this casebecause of other reports Archie has made that indicatevery strongly that he is also a CE-IV case and has beencontacted or taken by entities associated with UFOs.According to Archie, the intelligenceguiding this objectseems to know when it is being observed as it appears toplay a game of "hyperspace hide and seek." The objectpossesses a high technology, apparent in its movementsand its ability to place itself in alignment between theobserver and the sun in some instances. Sometimes,when it takes off slowly, it appears to wobble. Its posi-PAGE10 NUMBER 312 APRIL 1994
  • 11. MUFON UFO JOURNALAfter hovering for thirty minutes in one po-sition, it begins to move rapidly and chaot-ically in tight S-curves and loops with theagility of an Insect. That is when I nick-named the object Skydancer.tion in the sky indicates that it would have a clearsweeping view of all military establishments in SouthernCalifornia, from Vandenburg in the north, to EdwardsAFB, to the Navy station south of the Santa CruzIslands. Archie thinks this object is a "mother ship" ofunknown origin or a large unmanned probe. Because ofits appearance and behavior he discounts explanations ofit being a planet, balloon, satellite, or known aircraft.On August 9th, Archie spotted the object below theclouds and obtained four photos of it in various positionsrelative to the clouds. This object was also photographedfrom another perspective, at Fox Field near Palmdale, byanother skywatcher who attends our UFORUM meet-ings. The other photographer usually uses 300-lOOOmmtelephoto lenses and so obtained an excellent shot of thisobject in the clouds, but he has not given me a copy ofthe photo. Archie felt the object became spooked around1220 and darted in and out of view. At 1225 hours, twofuzzy white elongated objects flew from the vicinity ofthe mam objects usual location. These fuzzy objectsappeared roughly pointed and cigar-shaped. Archie keptdescribing a shape that reminded him of a parakeet seed.On August 13th I had the opportunity of sending myfiance, Pamela, to visit Archie and observe whatever heobserved. She reported seeing the object, soon afternoon, traveling from west to east.On August 14th Pam and I visited Archie and it wasthe first time that I had an opportunity to view the UFOthat showed up as if on a train schedule. It was 1215 inthe afternoon. Archie says he sees the critter through hisbinoculars. There is a crescent moon near zenith. He tellsme where to point my 10x50 Bushnells, and movingmy.aim one lens diameter west of the moon (which is about80-85 degrees of elevation), I spot it. Itssittingsta-tionary and is sharp and clear under magnification. It ap-pears to be round and silvery, though I am sure it is alsoglowing faintly. After hovering for thirty minutes inone position, it begins to move rapidly and chaotically intight S-curves and loops with the agility of an insect.That is when I nicknamed this object Skydancer. Whatappears to be a solid metallic object is moving with a to-tal disregard of inertia. Fascinating! Nothing in our in-ventory (that I know of) can move with such fantasticspeed and agility. I could fully understand any motiva-tion to attempt a replication of the technology that canproduce this type of performance in an aircraft or space-craft. We stopped viewing Skydancer at around 1300hours. I took three photos with my Fuji camera at max-imum zoom (115mm) and one photo with my Chinon atmaximum zoom (85mm).On August 21, two of my friends who travel to video-tape UFOs arrived at my home at around 11:30a.m.Mike, who works for an aircraft company, brought hisSony 8mm videocam; Steve, who works for a cable ac-cess station, brought a Panasonic. We stationed our-selves at 30th Street and Avenue B. I spotted Skydancerat 12:05 p.m. drifting slowly east and then returning to astationary position at an elevation of about 75 degreesand about 250 degrees azimuth. Steve and Mike had ahard time spotting it with binoculars. Mike finally got itin the viewfinder and started taping at 12x magnifica-tion. Mike helped Steve point his videocam and Stevestarted taping at 16x. Later, Mike accomplished the re-markable feat of taping Skydancer at 96x, aiming hiscamera at an extremely narrow field of view. Skydancerhovered in this position for over an hour. 1also managedto see the object through my refracting telescope usinga 20mm eyepiece (about 25x). Later, after viewing thehour of taping he had accomplished, Steve noticed thathe had picked up a second object that was moving in atumbling fashion past Skydancer. He digitally magnifiedthis portion of the tape at the studio. So we now havevideo, still photos, and multiple eyewitnesses. It couldntget much better, except for our elusive watcher to comecloser for a better view.On August 23rd, one of our local group members,Mario, called to report spotting a disk from thevicinity of his music shop in downtown Lancaster at Kand I Oth Street West. He had two witnesses with him atthe time of the sighting around mid-afternoon. The diskappeared at relatively low altitude (perhaps around 5000feet?), tipped at an angle, and had a visible dome on itstopside. It was bright as polished steel and moving er-ratically and silently. I have no way of knowing whetherthis disk was Skydancer or one of its associates.On August 28th 1 alerted another party, Drue, towatch for Skydancer. Archie was also watching for it. Ifirst spotted Skydancer hovering at about 85 degrees el-evation and about 240 degrees southwest at 12:11 p.m.I phoned Drue to give him the location. When I wentback to locate Skydancer again, it was in motion. Itmoved slowly at first, but seemingly without inertia. Ittraveled westward to about 35 degrees of elevation,then seemed to blur against the sky and disappear.Archie called, then Drue, who had seen something flit-ting about within the suns bright glow. From time totime. Archie and I both noted that we could see dragonflies and other insects against the blue sky throughbinoculars and we could distinguish these from otherhigh-flying metallic objects. When I went back out tolook in the sunglow, 1 spotted an object that wasSkydancer or its twin traversing south of the sun, trav-eling westward, then reversing direction and movingoff southeast. (Incidentally, one should be extremelyContinued on Page 20APRIL 1994 NUMBER 312 PAGE 11
  • 12. MUFON UFO JOURNALby Dennis StacyUFO books continue to arrive faster than we canshake a stick (or throw a reviewer) at them. Inthe future, we hope to have full-length reviewsof all of the following titles, but for now, just so youllknow they exist, we offer these thumb-nail sketches. Notall details were complete or available at press time, andthe opinions expressed herein are those of the authoronly.One of the more controversial titles is sure to be JimSchnabels Dark While, subtitled "Aliens, Abductions,and the UFO Obsession" (Hamish Hamilton, London,304 pages, £16.99). It hasnt found an American pub-lisher yet and isnt likely to, so if you want a copyyoull have to order it from Arcturus Books or someother similar source. Dark White is written in the samesort of vein as the authors earlier Round in Circles,i.e., part Gonzo journalismand part sociological study.Circles was roundly criticized by English cereologistsbecause Schnabel himself was a confessed (and unre-pentant) circle hoaxer. Rumors that he was a covertgovernment agent hellbent on discrediting the crop cir-cle phenomenon still continue to circulate in someEnglish circles.Not a few American abduction researchers are al-most certain to feel the same way about Dark White, al-though theres no evidence that Schnabel ever tried tostage an abduction.What will probably be lost in the an-ticipated attacks against the authorsjournalistic ethics,though, is the fact that Dark White is a serious, far-ranging book that raises many questions about abduction"mania" that need addressing before they aresummarilydismissed, regardless of Schnabels previous reputa-tion. And regardless of whether or not one agrees withhis final conclusions, many readers will find Schnabelsportraits of Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, John Mackand others — perhaps even Philip Klass! — full of fas-cinating details that havent been previously reportedelsewhere.At the opposite end of the spectrum is the long-awaited opus by John Mack, a professor of psychiatry atHarvards Cambridge Medical Hospital who was re-cently profiled in the Sunday New York Times Magazine(March 20, 1994). Macks book is Abduction: HumanEncounters With Aliens (Scribners, approximately $20and 450 pages), which is both more and less than itshould be. Originally introduced to the abduction phe-nomenon by Budd Hopkins in January of 1990,Mackhas since proven to be his own guidinglight in such mat-ters, with repercussions that are likely to reverberatethroughout the field. In brief, although he concurs thatabductions are initially traumatic in nature, ultimately, heconcludes, the experience is essentially an uplifting andtransformative one,or at least that it can be.Its unfair tojudge a book by ones prior expectations,but anyone who anticipated that Mack might put thephenomenon in its proper perspective in terms of theknown psychological and psychiatric literature is aptto be disappointed. Instead, what we are treated to is aseries of breathless abduction anecdotes, thirteen inall,accompanied by Macks running commentary. If therewas an attempt to thoroughly investigate or physicallycorroborate the testimony of even one of the 76 ab-ductees interviewed for this book, it sailed completelyover this readers head. The majority of Macks "evi-dence" — virtually all of it recovered under his own ag-gressive brand of regressive hypnosis — is, for the mostpart, simply accepted at face value, even when it in-cludes tales told of past lives lived both as humansandas alien-human hybrids.Moreover, this is all eventually bound up with a po-litical, cultural and religious naivete that borders on thebrink of New Age cliche. East is good and West is bad,almost as if the rape of Tibet by the Chinese had beenorchestrated by a secret cabal of corporate capitalistsandGenghis Khan was but a misunderstood do-gooder.Mack writes as if Western culture somehow had apatenton negative human nature, greed, ambitionand other ex-cesses included. But not to worry: the aliens are here tosave us from ourselves and impendingecological cata-strophe, themes first raised almost half a century ago bythe so-called contactees of the late I940s and early50s. If theres a critical or reflective bone in Macksbody, theyre not much in evidence here.Linda Moulton Howe is back with another gorgeouslyproduced book, Glimpses of Other Realities (self-published, 365 pages, $39.95), subtitled "Volume 1:Facts and Eyewitnesses," which indicates others tocome. Unlike her first book, An Alien Harvest, this oneis a paperback, but no less monumental in its presenta-tion, with a color plate on almost every other glossypage. This kind of production value doesnt come cheap,which explains the relatively high price tag.There are four extended sections devoted, in order, tocrop circles, animal mutilations, abductions and otherbeings, along with appendices, a bibliographyand index.Each section is fully documented and illustrated. Whatsmissing, at first glance, is an over-arching theme ortheory that would tie all of these disparate manifestationstogether in a coherent, convincing hypothesis. Are we toassume, for example, that the same celestial artist whocarves out a Picasso-like pictogram in an English sum-mer wheat field is also responsible for, or even remotelyconnected with, the gruesome mutilation of cattle inrural Arkansas?To further complicate the problem, astronomer GeraldHawkins of Stonehenge fame has recently claimed thatPAGEi2 NUMBER 312 APRIL 1994
  • 13. MUFON UFO JOURNALsome crop circles reflect a musical, or diatonic scale. Imust confess that such musicality is beyond me, and thatIve yet to read an account, by Hawkins or anyone else,which conveys the slightest idea of what this is supposedto mean or not mean. If its tied up with ratios, then arethose ratios supposedly present in all crop circles? If not,then how do we know that they arent simply an artifactof a particular circular or two with an arbitrarily ar-rived at diameter, that is, a product of randomness?Right now. its the sort of "factoid" that a lot of peopleare feasting on without really having digested its caloriccontent. I admit its intriguing,but does it mean weresupposed to find similar diatonic scales in UFO diame-ters, mutilated animal uteruses or in the heights of re-ported alien grays, reptilian, insectoid or otherwise?Interestingly, like Mack, Hawkins has also been associ-ated with Harvard University: but, so, too, has TimothyLeary.Close Extraterrestrial Encounters ("PositiveExperiences with Mysterious Visitors") is another one ofthose books which I havent had time to fully digest. Itsauthored by Richard Boylan, Ph. D., with help fromLee K. Boylan (Wild Flower Press, 202 pages, $12.95?),and appears to fall into the Leo Sprinkle/John Mackcamp inasmuch as it reports friendly alien encounters orabductions. There are numerous statistical "pie-charts"reproduced here which need to be consolidated andcompared with their counterparts elsewhere before com-ing to any final conclusions. Again, as far as my ownpersonal discomfort is concerned, the internal investi-gation of such cases seems to rely almost wholly on tes-timony recovered underhypnosis.Karla Turner, Ph. D., author of Into the Fringe, hasout a second book, Taken: Inside the Alien-HumanAbduction Agenda (paper. $14.95), with a Foreward byLinda Howe, which I have not yet seen. Also unseen atthis time is The Living Galaxy by Adolph Obach ofSaskatoon. Canada.Also heard of but unread at press time is Watch theSkies! by Curtis Peebles, due out soon from theSmithsonian Institution Press.And to toot my own horn: the April, 1994 issue ofOmni magazine carries the first excerpt of my continu-ing six-part series about UFOs.The Truth About the UFOCrash at Roswellby Kevin D. Randle and Donald R. SchmlttM. Evans & Co.. NY, 1994, hb, 251 pages, plus 16pages of illustrations, $19.95.We all know that the Roswell Incident has longlegs, which is why, nearly 47 years after the fact,its still around, alive and kicking.In fact, this is the sec-ond book on the subject by the same investigative team(Randle is a Captain in the Air Force Reserves, Schmittdirector of special investigations for CUFOS), there is aShowtime movie based on same scheduled for releaselater this summer, and of course there is the ongoing in-vestigation called for by New Mexico congressmanSteven Schiff, to be conducted by the GovernmentAccounting Office.Now, it has even longer, or at least more, legs. Amongthe many new claims reported by Mssrs. Schmitt andRandle are a new date and location, along with neweyewitnesses discovered in the woodwork, including atleast two accounts of an apparently living, breathingand walking alien retrieved from the crash site, wherefour other of its otherworldly companions allegedlydied.The new date is shortly before midnight on Friday,July 4th, 1947, the location less than 40 miles north ofthe front gate of Roswell Army Air Field. Previous re-searchers had put the second site, where the bodieswere allegedly found, within a few miles of the large de-bris field discovered on the Mac Brazel ranch, the onethat resulted in the original press release written by Lt.Walter Haul, which first brought Roswell to the worldsattention. (Or, in some cases, almost a hundred milesaway, on the Plains of San Agustin, a proposition whichthe authors convincingly deflate. Still, a map, howevercrude, would have been helpful.)Brazel finds the scattered debris on the morning ofJuly 5, according to the accepted scenario, goes intoRoswell the following afternoon (Sunday), is accompa-nied back to the ranch that night by Major Jesse Marceland Captain Sheridan Cavitt, the basescounterintelli-gence officer, and at noon Tuesday, July 8, Hauls pressrelease goes out. Three to four hours later, in Fort Worth,Texas, the cover-up orchestration begins. Roswell, theAir Force contends, was nothing more than a misiden-tified weatherballoon.There is much else new here, too, which explainswhy the authors felt compelled to do another book onthe subject followingtheir earlier UFO Crash at Roswell(Avon, 1991) And, in fact, there is too much new infor-mation to cover in a single review. Aside from that al-ready mentioned, there is a Lt. Governor of NewMexico, Joseph Montoya, testimony from two AP re-porters sent to Roswell, an alleged contemporary logbook and diary page which confirm a UFO sighting onJuly 4 (neither is reproduced, however), and theidentityof the rumored archaeologists.Unfortunately, there are also enough internal incon-sistencies and contradictions in much of this new mate-rial to keep legitimate critics and dedicated skepticsharping for years. Some of the internal inconsistenciesare addressed by the authors, others arent. No Roswellresearcher that I know of. for example, has ever con-vincingly answered the first and most obvious Roswellcontradiction — why the debris mentioned in Haulsoriginal press release and the wreckage described inMarcels account, only recovered 30 years later, are atsuch odds with one another?APRIL 1994 NUMBER 31 2 PAGE 13
  • 14. MUFON UFO JOURNALIn Hauls account, presumably written after Marceland Cavitt have returned to base and been debriefed,the flying disc is described as relatively intact and ofsuch small size that the rancher (Brazel) reportedlyhauled it into a shed for safekeeping. Yet one of the fun-damental arguments for the extraordinary nature of thedebris field on the Brazel ranch has always been the factthat it was supposedly so extensive as toautomaticallyrule out a weather balloon and most other mundane ex-planations. But, even now, a gigantic debris field withgouges in the ground visible from the air clashes withthe descriptions of the second site as offered by the au-thors. In fact, there is even an illustration, drawn from al-leged eyewitness accounts by Schmitt. which shows arelatively intact, crescent-shaped object with a smallgash or tear in one side. Are we to assume that all of theBrazel debris allegedly came from the missing section ofan object which is nowhere described as more than 30feet long or in diameter? That it only fell in one rela-tively concentrated area miles from where the object it-self came down with five aliens aboard, and wasntsubsequently scattered all across the interveningcoun-tryside? Such a scenario might be possible — 1 justdont have a clear picture as to how.Randle and Schmitt also uncover much new testi-mony about what went on at the second site after themilitary arrived. According to one source, security wasso tight that the MPs guarding the perimeter had to do sowith their backs turned to the crash, and were routinelyrotated every few hours so that no one got "a good longlook" at what was going on. This is not unimaginable, ofcourse, as a security precaution it simply clashes withlapses of security reported elsewhere. According toTruth, for example, members of the Roswell fire and po-lice department, even Chaves County Sheriff Wilcox.had been out to the second crash site, which makes littlesense in light of the tight security measures imposed onthe militarys own troops. Who would have called themto the scene, and more importantly, why? Accordingto Randle and Schmitt, one of the archaeology studentsalerted Wilcox, but the area should have been sealed offby the military long before any additional civilians wereallowed into the area.Apparently, that same day, Saturday, July 5, the fourdead bodies and one living alien are reportedlytransferred to the base hospital; the latter is allegedlyable to walk into the building under its own power, andis seen doing so by a civilian painter on the base. Whythe latter would have been working on a weekend, letalone over the long national holiday of the Fourth, ofwhich much is made elsewhere, isnt directly addressed.One might be forgiven for wondering, though, given thegravity of the situation— flying saucer and alien bodiesen route! — why such incidental civilians werentcleared off the base prior to the arrival of alien corpses.Some of those discrepancies are major, someminor. Some, no doubt, can be attributed tomemories now more than 45 years old. Theyjust cant all be right or accurate.At one point, the aliens are described as "horrible,"yet another drawing by Schmitt, based again on neweyewitness testimony, shows the aliens looking more hu-manlike (and taller) than ever. In one account, at leasttwo of the bodies are described as horribly mangled; inanother, theyre all described as relatively intact. In oneaccount, the autopsies take place at the hospital (as onewould expect); in another, the bodies are seen laid out on"mess tables," surrounded by doctors, in an airplanehangar before being transferred to the hospital. Does itmake sense that ambulances containing bodies and atleast one living alien would go first to a hangar, unloadtheir cargo for examination, reload their cargo and thencontinue on to the hospital?One nurse, said to have participated in the autop-sies, is shipped out within a day or two, but no one elseseems to have mysteriously disappeared that we knowof. In one instance, we are told that the alien bodies arecontained in a single, closely-guarded crate inside thehangar prior to being flown out aboard a B-29; in an-other, were told that the bodies went out in two cratesand two planes as a guard against losing the evidence ina crash. Where was the second crate?Some of these discrepancies are major, some minor.Some, no doubt, can be attributed to memories nowmore than 45 years old. They just cant all be right or ac-curate. And the authors admit as much in their chapterdevoted to the accounts of the two AP reporters theywere diligently able to trace and interview for the firsttime, Jason Kellahin and Robin Adair. Their storiesroughly hang together, but vary as to specific time, se-quence and certain other details.I dont mean in any way to disparage the immenseamount of time and energy that Randle and Schmitthave put into their investigation of the Roswell Incident(the book is well recommended for reading), only topoint out that all of the answers havent as yet beenuncovered, as I think they would be the first to agree.Nor do 1mean to cast doubt on their newly discoveredwitnesses.The wrinkle in the new Roswell scenario that bothersme most, though, is this one. According to Randle andSchmitt, Blanchard. Wilcox and numerous other knownand unnown participants were all at or near the "second"crash site, with bodies, on the day before Brazel droveinto Roswell on Sunday and reported what he had found.(Conspicuous by their absence, however, are Marcell andCavitt, both intelligence officers, who are later sent outto investigate Brazels "second-rate" site.) Why, then,since base commander Blanchard presumably alreadyknew about the crashed saucer and recovered alien bod-PAGE 14 NUMBER 312 APRIL 1994
  • 15. MUFON UFO JOURNALies, would he even remotely contemplate authorizing apress release three days later about the nowinsignificantBrazel debris field? Surely he would already have beenin contact with his superiors in Washington and the se-curity lid clamped down hours, if not an entire day, be-fore Brazel ever drove into town? Arguably, higher-upsmight already have been in town and running things.Moreover, the Brazel debris field involved but ahandful of witnesses, and would have been relativelyeasy to whitewash or cover over at the outset had anyonedesired to do so. But the second site, which Randle andSchmitt now say is the first site, allegedly involved lit-erally hundreds of civilian and military witnesses. Themore the merrier, perhaps, but also the much harder tocorral and control. If Blanchard truly knew and kept mumabout Saturdays events, what earthly urge would havecompelled him to publicizethe Brazel incident? It sim-ply doesnt make sense.Part of the "appeal" of Hauts original press releasehas always been its partial understandability as anall-too-human snafu which had to be hastily coveredover with a weather balloon story. But the revisedRoswell scenario makes no sense whatsoever, if analien craft and bodies were already in Army Air Forcehands. It changes Blanchards once forgivable gaffefrom a mere overeager slip of the tongue into a monu-mental foul-up of potential career-suicide proportions, anact of such sheer stupidity,if not actual insurbordination,as to be almost unimaginable. Yet, as is known,Blanchard went on to a distinguished service career andwas even in line for the job of Air Force Chief of Staffbefore he died from a heart attack. Haut and Marcel,meanwhile, retired from the service within a year andthree years, respectively, which in no way means tocast aspersions on the character of either.But to reiterate: what Randle and Schmittappear to beimplying here is that the cover-up was already well un-derway as early as the afternoon of Saturday, July 5th.Troops had cordoned off the area, the bodies were al-ready on base, numerous eyewitnesses already threat-ened, and at least one flight with extraterrestrial artifactsonboard was being readied for cross-country transport,with a second soon to follow, all in apparent secrecy. Inother words, the military authorities were already well inthe know. That Blanchard, on his own initiative andunder such circumstances, would now authorize a pressrelease the following Tuesday — almost three full dayslater — regarding the Brazel debris field literally stag-gers the imagination. It is so improbable a develop-ment as to be almost inconceivableby definition.So where does this leave us dedicated Roswell watch-ers? Partly in anticipation that the ongoing GAO in-vestigation will finally tie up the many loose ends andinconsistencies of the case once and for all. Ultimately,however it may also leave room for yet another book onthe Roswell Incident.May 1994Bright Planets(EveningSky):Venus (magnitude -3.9) shines conspicuously in the WNW atdusk, not setting until well after twilight ends. This brightestof all planets lies near the thin lunar crescent on the 12th.Jupiter (-2.5), still retrograding in Libra toward Virgo, is lowin the SE at dusk and advances westward across the southernsky during the night. The giant lies near the gibbous Moon onihe night of May 22-23.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Mars (1.2), in Pisces, is hard to see as it is low in the E aldawn.Jupiter sets in the W about 4:45AM daylight time in mid-month.Saturn (1.1), in Aquarius,rises in the E about 2:30AM inmid-May and remains low in (he ESE at dawn.Annular Solar Eclipse:On Tuesday, May 10, the new moon crosses in front of theSun but is too far away (near apogee) to completely hidethe bright solar disc. Thus, a ring or annulus of sunlight en-circles the black silhouette of the Moon. In the U.S. the 145-mile-wide (variessomewhat) path of annularity sweeps fromSW to NE across parts of 15 states — Arizona. New Mexico.Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas. Missouri. Illinois. Indiana. Ohio,Pennsylvania. New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, NewHampshire, and Maine. The annular or ring phase of theeclipse exceeds 6 minutes along the center line of the pathfrom Oklahoma to Maine. The Moon covers about 94% of theSuns diameter and obscures about 89% of the Suns areathroughout the annularity path in (he U.S.The rest ot"(hecountry experiences a partial eclipse in varying degrees de-pending upon the distance from the central umbral path. Thisis the last annular or total eclipse visible from the U.S. until2012.Whether one is in the annular zone or outside of it, theeclipsed Sun must not be viewed directly with the nakedeye. Unlike the total phase of (he total eclipse, thisparticularevent at maximum still leaves 11% of the Suns brilliantphotosphere exposed. Permanent eye damage can result fromeven short exposures to the Suns radiation.Moon Phases:Last quarter—May 2New moon—May 10 ^fcFirst quarter—May 18 f)Full moon—May 24 (^)APRIL 1994 NUMBER 31 2 PACE 15
  • 16. MUFON UFO JOURNALJohn Carpenter"Review of Symptomology"There are many characteristics which are com-monly found with persons who areexperiencingunexpected contact with UFO occupants. Just tohave an unusual scar, to have seen a strange light, or todream about aliens does not necessarily mean anything.There are emotions, reactions, and other aspects to beconsidered as part of these reported experiences. Patternsare developing, however, from thorough investigations.Although no list of symptoms is guaranteed to be com-plete or necessarily accurate, consider the following as-pects:( 1 ) Observation of an unidentified flying object or un-usual light source. This would include lights which il-luminate an entire area such as a field, bedroom, or carinterior. Also included are moving balls of light (red, or-ange, yellow, or white) from the size of golf balls tobeach balls, commonly seen outside and inside homes,navigating with a sense of purpose. There are casesfrom California to Puerto Rico which suggest that someof these intruding lights transform into the unexpectedvisitors.(2) Unexplained period of amnesia or "missing time"— sometimes shared with other participants. No medicalexplanation has ever been offered for this kind of sharedamnesia which begins and ends simultaneously for asmany as four people.(3) Sudden onset of insomnia,irritability, anxiety, orfatigue without any known precipitant. A lapse of timemay have occurred but perhaps was not realized or rec-ognized as relevant until much later.(4) Vivid dreams with unusual content — not neces-sarily about UFOs or aliens — that may include oddfaces, places, procedures, and feelings. For example, awoman has recurring nightmares about large white antsexamining her on a large toadstool in a dentists office.Despite the absurdity and lack of any obvious connec-tion to her everyday life, she feels terrified.(5) Sudden unexplained appearance of peculiar"scoop marks," precise incisions, needlemarks, punc-tures, or geometrically-shaped bruises. Subject usuallyminimizes or ignores these initially. Rapid healing mayalso occur.(6) A driven or nagging feeling that "something hashappened" to them that cannot easily be ignored or for-gotten even after 15-20 years.(7) Unexplained dislocation in physical space: go tobed, wake up standingin a nearby field; driving a car —next moment car is parked in a pasture and subject is inanother field: wake up in wrong bedrooms or beds, etc.(8) Emotional reactions to objects in the environ-ment — even to a hypersensitive or phobic level. Onesubject developed an intense fear of dolls. Other fearshave been of hockey masks, flashing lights,owls, peoplewearing dark sunglasses, and triangular-shaped signs.(9) Avoidance of places in the environment that trig-ger anxiety for no obvious reason. A person may drivecompletely out of his way daily to avoid a certain stretchof road. A child may refuse to play in his back yard or tosleep in his own bed any longer.(10) Persistent doodling of odd images that make nosense consciously. Keeping some of those peculiar doo-dles for as long as 20 years.(11) Unexplained bleeding from nose, ear, punctures,or rectum. This tends to have more relevance if occur-ring in conjunction with an unusual dream or period ofmissing time.(12) Hearing ones own name called clearly — per-haps awakeningthe subject — and feeling compelled toget up, walk outside, or drive somewhere. Feeling mon-itored and uneasy about looking upward.(13) Nocturnal sensations: (more significant if cor-related with an odd dream, sudden scar, or unusuallight) awareness of floating over the bed, a feeling of be-ing pulled out of bed, a sudden need to fall sound asleep(despite any excitement or activity happening)or a sud-den awakening— "as if someone flipped a switch" —and finding oneself sitting or standing wide awake —sometimes simultaneously with others.(14) "Screen memories": unlikely images of white an-imals in unlikely locations — a deer in the kitchen, afour-foot chipmunk at end of bed, a bobcat nose-to-nose with subject in bed, or a four-foot white owl stop-ping ones car.(15) Apparent psychic ability — not necessarily de-sired or appreciated — but many interestingincidentsare evident. This seems more correlated with subjectshaving life-long UFO experiences.(16) Poltergeist-like activity: rapping/banging onwalls, doors closing, objects flying, other objects dis-appearing and re-appearing later in surprising places.Some of this may be the result of developed but unreal-ized psychokinetic ability.(17) Occurrence of sounds in ones head just prior toan abduction: buzzing, whooshing, Morse Code beeps,clicks, musical tones or a vibrationaltone as if from "atuning fork in my head."(18) Unusual electrical effects (apparently occurringjust after a suspected encounter): shorting out ovens, mi-crowaves, dishwashers, computers, televisions, and evenstreetlights (when passing underneath).One subject"whited out" a piece of Kirlian Photography film withher hand.(19) Subjects frequently have little or no interest orknowledge regarding UFOs or aliens.They typicallytryContinued on Page 18PAGE 16 NUMBER 312 APRIL 1994
  • 17. MUFON UFO JOURNALSPECIAL JSE SUBSCRIPTION RATE FORMUFON MEMBERSBy David WebbIn 1610 Galileo discovered the four brightest moonsof Jupiter with his new telescope. In doing so hethrew off the stranglehold of Aristotelian astronomyand opened the window on the brave new world ofmodern science. The villains of the piece are the high-ranking churchmenwhom he invited to look through histelescope to see for themselves that the heavenlybodieswere not perfect. But they refused to even look.Of course, we know better today; thank God formodern science. Or do we? Why did the prelates notlook? Was it really just a matter of stubborn adherence toan antiquated philosophy? Proof positive of a closedmind? From the point of view of the cardinals youmight see things differently. First, the crude telescopes ofthe day were well known to have deceiving optical arti-facts... aberrations well-known to astronomers today.So you couldnt really trust your eyes when lookingthrough a telescope. More importantly,the churchmenhad a worldview, which said that the laws of natureand optics, which applied here on Earth were funda-mentally different than the laws of physics and optics inthe celestial realm above the atmosphere. Thus, in theminds of the churchmen there were excellentreasons toprofoundly distrust the appearance of any celestial objectas viewed through Galileos telescope. The cardinalswere not simply being thick-headed and closed-minded;they were being prudent and rational in the context ofthe prevailing worldview.Who are the Galileos and who are the churchmenoftoday? Every scientist would probably claim that he orshe is following in the footsteps of Galileo. But a strongcase can be made that, at least regarding anomaliessuch as UFOs, the scientist of today is following the no-ble tradition of the seventeenth century cardinals. As sci-entists we are taught to think and mutually encouragedto believe that only certain theories and conceptions ofreality are possible and that there is no point in openingourselves to error by looking in that murky, borderlineregime where only deception lies.In 1981 a maverick group of scientistsand scholars,of remarkably diverse academic backgrounds,came tothe conclusion that there was a need for a new initiativein scientific research. They identified phenomena thatwere being ignored by the scientific communityeventhough they were potentially interesting and perhapsof fundamental importance. The Society for ScientificExploration (SSE) was formed and its first meeting fit-tingly took place at the National Academy of Sciences inWashington on January 5, 1982. Interestingly the lead-ership of the society consisted mainly of (and still is tosome extent) astronomers. The founder and long timepresident of the SSE is Prof. Peter Sturrock, a solar as-tronomer at Stanford University. Being a research-ori-ented society, SSE originally had a small number ofprofessional members, but has recently opened its doorsto anyone supporting the goals of the society as associ-ates.The primary means for accomplishing scientificresearch is through a research journal. A new kind ofscientific journal was needed that would be open toany topic but rigorous in its scholarly criteria. Thus, in1987 the SSE created the international Journal ofScientific Exploration (JSE) as the official publicationof the society. During the first five years, JSE waspublished by Pergamon Press and appeared twice peryear. Beginning in 1992, JSE embarked on an ambi-tious program to expand in size and readership as anindependent publication of the society. It now appearsquarterly and has a worldwide audience that hasincreased nearly threefold in the past two years andcontinues to grow steadily.Dr. Bernhard Haisch has been editor of JSE since1988. He considers that the primary goal of thesociety and thejournal is to provide a professional forumfor presentations, criticism and debate concerning topicssuch as UFOs which are for various reasons ignored orstudied inadequately within mainstream science. A sec-ondary goal is to promote improved understanding ofthose factors that unnecessarily limit the scope of sci-entific inquiry, such as sociological constraints, restric-tive world views, hidden theoretical assumptions, andthe temptation to convert prevailing theory into pre-vailing dogma. The Society encourages such investiga-tions for several reasons that may appeal to differentcommunities: ( 1 ) To the research scientist, the intellec-tual challenge of explaining away an apparent anomalyor seizing the new knowledge presented by a real one;(2) To the student scientist, that science begins withthe unknown and ends with textbooks; (3) To the non-scientist, the deep public interest in some of these topicscalls for unprejudiced evaluation based on objective re-search; and (4) To the policy-maker, todays anomalymay become tomorrows technology.To encourage participation by members of MUFON,we are making the JSE available at a $10 discount offthe regular subscriber price. The JSE is available toMUFON members or subscribers to the UFO Journal for$35 per year for four issues. Call or write to: Journal ofScientific Exploration, ERL 306, Stanford University,Stanford, CA 94305, phone: (415) 593-8581, fax: (415)595-4466.Prepared in collaboration with Dr. Bernhard Haisch,Editor of the JSE. In particular, the March 1994 issue ofAPRIL 1994 NUMBER 312 PAGE 17
  • 18. MUFON UFO JOURNALthe JSE contains several items of interest to MUFONmembers, including Peter Sturrocks "Report on aSurvey of the Membership of the AmericanAstronomical Society Concerning the UFO Problem,Part I," "Anatomy of a Hoax: The PhiladelphiaExperiment Fifty Years Later" by Jacques Vallee, and"Alleged Experiences Inside UFOs: An Analysis ofAbduction Reports" by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos,with a response by David Jacobs.David Webb is MUFONs newly elected Eastern RegionalDirector.STRINGFILLD RECOVERINGOne of the most well-known investigatorsof crash/re-trieval cases is recovering from surgery at his homenearCincinatti, Ohio.The last week of February, Leonard Stringfieldentered the hospital to undergo an operation thatremoved two growths from his left lung. The opera-tion was successful, and a biopsy revealed the growthsto bebenign.Len was reported to be weak, but doing well overall.An operation on his right lung is scheduled as soon as heis sufficiently recovered.Despite his illness of the last few months, Len wasstill able to complete his last book and get it back fromthe printer before the end of February. Its title is UFOCrash/Retrievals: Search for Proof in a Hall of Mirrors,Staus Report VII, and is available directly from the au-thor for $16.50, which includespostage and handling.You can write Mr. Stringfield at 4412 Grove Avenue,Cincinatti. Ohio 45227.Please join MUFON and his many friends in wishingMr. Stringfield a speedy recovery.ABDUCTION NOTES - Continued from Page 16to rationalize and minimizetheir unusual experiences —sometimes to an irrational or absurd extent.(20) Subjects have been found in both clinical inter-views and through psychological testing to typicallynot possess any problems of a psychological nature thatcould serve as a source for their experiences. Subjectsusually dread publicity, fear ridicule, and hesitate totell anyone.These twenty aspects give a researcher a good idea ofwhat kinds of data to expect and watch for in abductionresearch. Not all aspects will be part of each subjectsworld, but a researcher needs to know what could arisein any investigation.Next column: "Phobic Responses and Resolutions."PAGE 18 NUMBER 312SPY SATELLITES - Continuedfrom Page 9This intensity is certainly detectable by todaystechnology satellites, thus effectively proving that atleast one of our spy satellites could detect UFOs.NOTES1. And so you overzealous security agents wont furtherharass us, please note that all of this information comesfrom unclassified sources.2. Ninth National Space Symposium. Proceedingsreport.3. Prodigy interactive news service. Science & EnvironmentBoard; Topic: UFO:09/21/93 at 10:45 p.m., E.S.T.4. He wrongly assumed that the scientific team responsiblefor the satellites design chose a bandwidth that would notsee through the atmosphere. They chose this bandwidth,he erroneously continued, to ensure against detecting jetaircraft plumes, thus precluding the possibility of de-tecting Sovietbombers which would provide false data,leading US air defense forces to assume that an attackwas being launched.5. "Sandia Scientists Intrigued by Flashes in Atmosphere,"Space News, December 7-13, 1992, page 15.6. "UFOs and Security," Soviet Military Review, No. 6, June1989. Published by Krasnaya Zvezda Publishing House,Marshall Biryuzov St., Moscow, 123298, USSR.7. The UFO used for this model is based on a best-fit ofdata collected from the USAF article "Now You See It,Now You Dont" concerning a UFO sighting overTeheran in 1976. Copiesof this article are available frommost researchers. If you cannot find a copy, notify the au-thor care of this magazine.8. In modeling, we mathematically simulate processes andassign values to critical parameters so that we can analyzeempirical data and come to intelligent conclusions re-garding the processor event being modeled. The modelcan also be used to test predictions by changing theval-ues of specific variables and comparing the results.9. For a Lambertian surface, the radiant intensity is inde-pendent of the viewing angle, which is always true fora blackbody.10. A steradian is the solid angle that encloses a surfacearea on a sphere equivalent to the square of the radius.Mr. Regehr has worked for 25 years on the DefenseSupport Program. He wrote the performance/designspecifications for each series of sensor systems, theOperational Software specifications and edited theSatellite Performance Reports. He also prepared theSED (Sensor Evolutionary Design) FamiliarizationManual, used to introduce the DSPto Air Force person-nel new to the program.APRIL 1994
  • 19. MUFON UFO JOURNALLetters to Mufon UFO JournalWHAT MUFON CAN DO TO CHANGE THEPUBLICS PERCEPTION OF UFOLOGY: ONEMANS OPINIONBy Chris W. Brethwaite, M.L.A.To say that ufology has an image problem, is to saythat the Titanic had a leak. But unlike the crew of thatill-fated vessel, we can avert a similar metaphoric fate.With over 4800 members, we have the means to swaypublic opinion in our favor. However, if were goingto turn ufology into a legitimate subject, one that isjust as likely to be discussed in the mainstream pressas it currently is in the supermarket tabloids, thenwere going to have to do things differently thantheyve been done in the past.Every month a dozen or so new consultants andresearch specialists join the ranks of MUFON. Thesepeople have the brains to go head to head with thetoughest of skeptics and hold their own. if not comeout on top. Unfortunately, most of them are forced tostand on the sidelines and assume a passive rolebecause "the guys down at the trailer court." alongwith a coterie of New Age charlatans, have taken cen-ter stage with their wild stories, histrionics, andunsubstantiated claims. We need to cut these yahoosoff at the pass before they can do any further damage.The way to do this is to elevate ourselves in theeyes of the public, and the best way to accomplish thisis to enact a policy change requiring that all futurevacancies for the positions of State Director andAssistant State Director be filled by members possess-ing a graduate degree, preferably one in science ortechnology. This in addition to requiring that all newlyappointed Section Directors and Field Investigatorspossess a baccalaureate degree or higher.Virtually every major corporation in the UnitedSlates requires its professional .staff to have a collegeeducation. If we are truly a scientific organization,andnot just a group of UFO buffs paying lip service toscience, then its high time we adopted this policy forourselves. After all, we are trying to understand a tran-sient and complicated phenomenon, one that is noteasily studied or investigated. Consequently, we needthe most intelligent and best educated people we canfind for the job.One of the main benefits of a college education is thatit teaches a person to think in a critical fashion. It is thisability that is sorely lacking in many of the people I meetat UFO study groups and UFO conventions. These truebelievers who think that every anomalous light in thesky is another invading spacecraft, and every bad dreamanother alien abduction, are public enemy number one.The best way to negate their impact on the publicsperception of ufology is for our state and local directorsto cultivate working relationships with members of thenews media. We need to be as diligent in seeking out re-porters as "the guys down at the trailer court" havebeen, if not more so. The main reason they get so muchpress in the first place is that they actively seek it out.Another reason is that their fanciful stories make for agood read. But so do timely, well researched UFO sight-ings that contain verifiable facts and are of interest to thelocal citizenry.The bottom line is that we have to givereporters who have been assigned to do a UFO story anoption to interviewing the first crazoid they come incontact with.The next thing we, and for that matter, the rest ofufology needs to do, is to erase the blackboard and startover with the proverbial clean sheet of paper. We need totake the absolutely, positively best data from the pastforty-seven years and symbolicallypitch the rest. Thenwe need to set the criteria for accepted evidence muchhigher than it has been and proceed from there.Consequently, mystery documents and videotapesthat arrive anonymouslyin the mail should no longer begiven credence until it can be determined who sentthem, and that that person is a credible source. UFO re-searchers who publicize materials of unknown originrisk embarrassing all of us and make themselves likelytargets for future hoaxers. Also, sensational cases, suchas the Linda Cortile case, where none of the witnessesare willing to make their identities known, would alsonot be publicized. These cases only add to the contro-versy and do little, if anything,to further our cause or toenhance our image in the eyes of the public.Following that, we then need to steal a page fromzoologists and start spending more time out in thefield looking for our elusive prey. No matter how thor-ough your investigation is, there is only so much datayou can obtain after the fact. By having groups oftrained professionals stationed out in the field withvideo cameras and some basic scientific equipment,itd only be a matter of time before we amassed someexcellent data. Anyone who doubts the benefits offield research should read Dr. Harley Rutledges book,Project Identification: The First Scientific Field Studyof UFO Phenomena, to see what a gold mine of harddata can be had from sky watching, especially duringa flap.We also need to change the way we go about inves-tigating sightings. Too many field investigators ap-proach a case and merely look for data that favors ananomalous explanation.Besides being scientifically un-ethical, this kind of "research" plays right into the handsof CSICOP. They want us to screw up so they can em-barrass us and further erode what little credibility weAPRIL 1994 NUMBER 312 PAGE 19
  • 20. MUFON UFO JOURNALhave left with the public. Isnt it bad enough theyreholding a gun to our heads? Must we also give them theammunition to put in it?The best way to silence CSICOP is to to take an ag-nostic position towards every case we investigate andmaintain that position until every fact, good, bad or in-different, has been collected, double checked and thor-oughly analyzed. If at that point in time we cannotcome up with a prosaic explanation that reasonably ac-counts for what reportedly transpired, then and onlythen can we declare it an unknown and add it to our listof evidence. We cannot afford to make investigatorymistakes that will come back and haunt us later on. If wecan take the wind out of CSICOP sails, well be doingourselves a tremendous favor.Another thing hampering our efforts is money. Sincea cake sale isnt very practical,I propose doubling themembership fee to $50.00, with half the money beingearmarked for investmentin a mutual fund portfolio orsimilar investment.This fund could be managed by anMBA or investment banker within our ranks. Aper-centage of the interest generated from this fund could beused to pay for independentanalysis of UFO photos,polygraph examinations,soil sample testing etc.Perhapsif we had enough money, we could assemble some kindof UFO Delta Team that we coulddispatch to a UFO hotspot on a moments notice.Finally, the last thing we need to do is recognize thefact that we have to walk before we can run. Lets con-centrate on obtaining that right front fender of a UFOand put all the other speculative issues on the backburner. Its only natural to wonder about where theycome from, how long theyve been coming here, andwhat do they want with us, in addition to ponderingthe rumors of underground alien bases and reverse en-gineering of saucers, but lets not waste timepontificat-ing on these issues until we have some reliable means toascertain what the answers are. Conjecture and specu-lation only makes separating the wheat from the chaff aharder job than it already is.I dont claim to have all the answers and maybesome of my suggestions will lose out in the market-place of free ideas. However, I am convinced that ifwe want to make some real headway into establishingthe validity of UFOs, in addition to changing the publicsperception of ufology, then were going to have to trysome new tactics and ideas, because were forty-sevenyears down the road, and in all honesty, we know littlemore now than we did on Tuesday afternoon, June 24,1947.The author, a former radar operator in the ArizonaNational Guard is a MUFON Research Specialist and cumlaude graduate of Arizona State University with a de-gree in broadcasting and a Master of Liberal Arts. He iscurrently employed with Hallmark Cards.SKYDANCER - Continued from Page 11careful of attempting to view objects in the suns glow.Use sun filters or other shields against direct sunlight.)On September 7th, Archie reports seeing twoSkydancers, a boomerang, and dumbbell-shape thathovered. On September 9th, my neighbor Vicki reportsseeing a formation of gold-gray objects flipping at dif-ferent angles in the northern sky at low elevation ataround 2:15 p. m.During many sightings of Skydancer, I would spot ithovering motionlessly at a very high altitude.Sometimes it seemed silvery, other times, white. Anotherviewer asked me if it could be a planet or a very brightstar that could be seen in daylight. Of course, I repliedthat it wasnt a planet or very bright star as only novashave been seen in daylight sky. The brightest, nearestplanet is Venus and Venus was seen rising in the earlymorning hours before the sun.All the planets travelalong the plane of the ecliptic and progress at roughlyadegree of arc every four minutes. Skydancer did notprogress westward with the sun, but maintained its orig-inal position for as long as an hour. Another speculationis that of a balloon. Balloons are at the mercy ofhigh-ve-locity, high-altitudewinds and could not maintain thesame position as long as Skydancer. Other aircraft andconventional artifacts are ruled out when Skydancergoes into motion and accelerates at high speeds withoutgradually gaining speed, or executes swift turns thatwould place severe G-stresses on its structure. When alldatapoints of observation are taken into account, theevaluation is that Skydancer is a UFO and exhibitsclas-sic UFO behavior.On September 18thArchie observed Skydancer afew degrees from the sun. It was stationary at first thenbegan to drift to the east. By this time the object was soconsistent in its schedule that Archie recorded observa-tions for September 28th and 29th, and again on October1st, 4th, 7th, 18th, and 22nd. Most of these appearancesoccurred between 1200hours and 1250. On several ofthese occasions Archie reports that the object did its"bees dance."Skydancer has not been seen since November1993,but we wonder if it will return to the skies in the summerof 1994. It is difficult to escape speculation on the pur-pose of Skydancers visits over the Southern Californiadesert on a repetitive schedule. It seems like somethingof interest was monitored, perhaps on a daily basis, butI doubt if we will ever know what that something was.Recently, I have heard two reports of the silent darktriangles traversing the twilight skies over the valley. Themysterious UFOs will not go away, but neither are theymaking themselves any less of a mystery.Bill Hamilton is the Chief Investigator for MUFON-LosAngeles.PAGE 20 NUMBER 312 APRIL 1994
  • 21. MUFON UFO JOURNALAREA 51 PUBLICATIONS & PRODUCTSViewers Guide, patch, Aurora model, maps, etc. relatingto saucer claims, Black Budget aircraft & govt secrecy inNevadas Restricted Zone. Send SASE for catalog to:Glenn Campbell, HCR Box 38, Rachel, NV 89001.TRIAD RESEARCH FOUNDATION invites you to join our11 day expedition to the crop circles area of England & to cur-rent UFO sites & Findhorn Communityin Scotland, departingJuly 18th. Price of $1999.00 includes RT airfare from mostcities, lodging,transportation, guide & some meals. Call 1-800-572-1576 now!HOODED CLOAKED OR ROBED ENTITIES — If youvehad experiences with same or know someone who has, pleasecontact me. Im collecting detailed reports of these events,which I believe are of great importance. Confidentiality will bestrictly observed. Contact Vincent Creevy, 116 Brown Road,Howell, NJ 07731. Tel: (908) 367-8589.MUFON PHOTO ID! Send your MUFON membership card, apassport type color photo (auto photo machineOK) & proof ofidentity (drivers license, state ID or passport) with $2.79(M.O. only, U.S. funds) to Mutual Interests, MUID-A, Box10041, Scottsdale. AZ 85271. Includes 2 straps to attach card.ALIENS & EARTHLINGS — An extraordinary set of tradingcards. Artist Wes Crum has depicted UFO encounters in 46collectible cards. Sample card $1. Entire set $16. Beautiful!Nonsports Illustrated, PO Box 126, Lincoln Center, MA01773. Tel: (617) 259-0258.RARE & HARD TO FIND UFO/Flying Saucer Books. Over400 hardback, paperback & softbound items immediatelyavailable. Send large SASE for price list to: M. Gentile, POBox 660341, Miami, FL 33266.UFO/SETI/Atlantis/Bigfoot/Bermuda Triangle/Fortean usedbooks and magazines for sale. Large selection of hard to findand out of print hardbacks & paperbacks. Approx. 350 titles.Please send long SASE for list to: J. Simon, 1409 E. Kelly Rd.,Frankfort, IN 46041.WORLD UFOs on video. Spectacular UFO footage, 4 hrs $40.For UFO price list of videos $5. For newsletter $3. Send SASEto Jim Gialpis, 50 Sleepy Hollow Rd, Niantic, CT 06357 (forthe latest UFO news).TAMPA UFO CONVENTION: May 20-22. Eight intriguinglectures & 7 fascinating workshops by Dr. Scott Jones, Dr.Karla Turner, Dr. Michael Grosso, Stanton Friedman. BuddHopkins, Dr. Raymond Moody, Zecharia Sitchin, BettyAndreasson Luca & others. Project Awareness. For completeinformation call (904) 432-8888 24 hrs/day or write PO Box730, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562.VIDEO/AUDIOTAPES on UFOs. crop circles, aviation mys-teries, near-death experiences, Face on Mars & other fascinat-ing topics. Free list & sample newsletter from The EclecticViewpoint, Box 802735-M. Dallas, TX 75380. Future lecturehotline (214) 601-7687.PHOENIX NEWSLETTER. Latest news within ufology,Fortean, other related fields. Tell us your most frighteningtruth, were listening. Published quarterly, SASE for info,sample $4. One year subscription $15. Be there when thePhoenix rises. PO Box 209, Woodbridge, VA 22194-0209.UFO CONFERENCE MAIL LIST: Project Awareness, spon-sor of the 1993 Gulf Breeze UFO Conference, will be holdingconferences throughout the country presenting information onall aspects of UFO phenomena. For brochure on all confer-ences, write Project Awareness. PO Box 730, Gulf Breeze. FL32562 or call 1-904-432-8888.AREA 51 "EYES ONLY" VIDEOGUIDE: The only videotapethat guides you to Mailbox Road & Area 51 from Las Vegas.Detailed directions to the "Restricted Zone," White SidesMountain, Bald Mountain & "Little ALeTnn." Map includ-ed! VHS only. $15.00. Ralph McCarron, PO Box 6061-186.Sherman Oaks, CA 91413.Marvelous GULF BREEZE UFOs BOOK shows how 1947-57and 1987-94 UFOs pinpoint intelligentmathematical/engineer-ing proportional measures involving North/South America,origin/forming planet Earth, 1:3.14159 pi. celestial time/space,future coming huge space-city New Jerusalem. $14 + $4 p/h.Kenneth Larson, 200 North Commonwealth Ave., LosAngeles, CA 90004.CLASSIFIED INFORMATIONYour ad can appear here, too. 50 words for $15 per issue.Send ad copy, sample of merchandise, and check ormoney order payable to MUFON to Dennis Stacy, Box12434, San Antonio,TX 78212. Ask about bold box rates.UNITED NATIONS VIDEOOn October 2. 1992, a UFO presentation was made atthe United Nations in an effort to reopen Decision GA33/426. the two-hour VHS video tape includesMohammad A. Ramadan, Stanton T. Friedman. John,F. Schuessler and Robert H. Bletchman. Tapes of thismonumental UN presentation may be purchased byPostal Money Orders, personal check made payablethrough a U.S. bank or U.S. cash for $19.95 plus $2for p.&h. to MUFON. 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin,TX 78155-4099, U.S.A.APRIL 1994 NUMBER 312 PAGE 21
  • 22. MUFON UFO JOURNALCANDIDATES FORCENTRALREGIONAL DIRECTORWALTER L. GARNER, JR.Walter L. "Barney" Garner, Jr., M.Ed., residing inBaton Rouge, joined MUFON in 1988 and is present-ly the Louisiana State Director. He retired from theUSAF in 1972 as a Lt. Colonel and from the faculty ofLouisiana State University in 1988. Since becomingState Director in 1989, Barney has organized the stateinvestigative team through Parish State SectionDirectors and three geographically located AssistantState Directors. He publishes a very professional statenewsletter titled LA MUFON. Barney and his wifehave attended numerous UFO conferences and sym-posiums since joining MUFON. Mr. Garner has donean outstanding job organizing and managingLouisiana MUFON.WILLIAM E. (ONESWilliam E. "Bill" Jones graduated from Ohio StateUniversity with a Bachelor of Science Degree inEducation, from the Capital University School of Lawwith a Juris Doctorate and is an attorney. A long-timeemployee of Battelle Memorial Institute, ColumbusOperations, Mr. Jones is currently the ContractingOfficer for government sponsored research programsin the Institutes Health Division. He was a foundingmember of the Civil Commission on Aerial Phenomena(CCAP) in 1975. the Ohio based UFO investigative or-ganization which lists the finding of the ground wit-nesses to the Coyne helicopter case and a witness to theradio transmissions during the Thomas Mantell flyingsaucer encounter as two of its majoraccomplishments.In 1991 he co-founded the MidOhio ResearchAssociates (MORA), an investigativeorganization thatpublishes the Ohio UFO Notebook. He andco-founderBeckie Minshall reinvestigated the Aztec, New MexicoUFO crash story which resulted in an update on thecase that was published in the September-October, 1991issue of the International UFO Reporter. He has estab-lished a permanent, non-circulatingcollection of UFOmaterial at the Ohio State University Library and iscurrently seeking donations of materials from others inufology. Mr. Jones, along with Dr. Irena Scott, is cur-rently investigatingthe Wright-Patterson AFB/Roswellconnection.A MUFON investigator since 1976, Mr. Jones hassuccessively been a State Section Director (1990),Assistant State Director for Ohio (1992), and in February1993 he was appointed the MUFON State Director forOhio.DR. JACK KASHERDr. John C. "Jack" Kasher is professor of physics andastronomy at the University of Nebraska at Omaha,where he was a Peter Kiewit Distinguished Professorfrom 1981-87. He also received the Excellence inTeaching Award in 1985 and the Burlington NorthernFoundation Faculty Achievement Award in 1986. From1975-1992 he was a consultant and summer employee atLawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore,California, where he specialized in electromagnetic the-ory and, among other things, did work on the Star Warsdefense system. He spent the summer of 1991 workingat NASAs Marshall Spaceflight Center in Huntsville,Alabama, and has continued his research with NASAsince that time, studying the surface of the sun. He haspublished 35 articles and reports in various journals,including the Physical Review and The AmericanJournal of Physics, and has deliveredor co-delivered sixpapers at national meetings.Dr. Kasher is a consultant and Nebraska state directorfor MUFON, and is past president of Paranormal ClaimsResearch, a now disbanded statewide organizationded-icated to the scientific study of paranormal phenom-ena. He has spoken more than one-hundred times onUFOs during the past six years, including appearanceson local and regional radio and local, regional, and na-tional television.He is 55, and has been married for 25 years to hiswife Mary Jean. They have three children, John, 24,David, 22, and Katie, 17.April 22-24 — "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena #6." TheNebraska Center, Lincoln, Nebraska. For information call (402) 421-1701 or write Fortean Research Center. Box 94627, Lincoln, NE68509.April 28 to May 1 — TREAT VI. Virginia Beach Resort Hotel,Virginia Beach, VA 23451. For information contact TREAT head-quarters, 615 Broadway, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706 or call(914) 693-3081, FAX (914) 693-3383.May 20-22 — Tampa UFO Convention, Holiday Inn, Tampa, FLInternational Airport. For information call (904) 432-8888 or writeProject Awareness P.O. Box 730, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562.June 23-25 — 15th Rocky Mountain Conference on UFOInvestigation, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY. For informationcall (307) 766-2124 or 1-800-448-7801 or write to P.O. Box 3972,Laramie, WY 82071-3972.July 8, 9 & 10 — MUFON 1994 International UFO Symposium,Hyatt Regency Hotel, Austin, Texas. Theme: "UFOLOGY: AHistorical Perspective." For details see Directors Message in thisissue of the Journal. For advanced registrations write to BobbyMacPherson, 10209 Venita Cove, Austin, TX 78733 or for informa-tion call (512) 263-5211.September 10-11 — 4th Annual New Hampshire MUFONConference, Yokens Convention Center, Portsmouth, NH. For infor-mation write to: N.H. MUFON, P.O. Box 453, Rye, NH 03870 or call(603) 436-9283 or (603) 673-3829.September 16-17 — 31st Annual National UFO Conference,Radisson Inn near Cleveland, Ohio Airport. For information write toUAPA, P.O. Box 347032, Cleveland, OH 44134 or call (216) 826-1357.PAGE 22 NUMBER 312 APRIL 1994
  • 23. MUFON UFO JOURNALDIRECTORS MESSAGE - Continued from Page 24Austin Hotel, 208 Barton Springs Road, Austin, TX78704, for the nights of July 7 through 10, 1994. for aspecial rate of a single or double occupancy at $72 pernight plus $10 for each additionalperson. Please makeyour reservations directly with the hotel at telephone(512) 477-1234, FAX (512)480-2069 or writing to thehotel. Be sure to advise that you are attending the MU-FON 1994 UFO Symposium to obtain the special rate.Advance registrations for the symposium are now be-ing accepted for $50 for all sessions by writing toBobby MacPherson, 10209 Venita Cove, Austin, TX78733, or calling (512) 263-5211 if there is a question.Registration forms were enclosed with the March 1994issue of the Journal for the convenience of all mem-bers/readers. A reception will be held from 6-9 p.m. onFriday, July 8, 1994, at $ 10 per person for food with acash bar. Musical entertainment will be provided foryour enjoyment. The tentative schedule of speakerswill start at 9 a.m. on Saturday. July 9, and adjourn at7:30 p.m. after the Q. & A. Panel Discussion on Sunday,July 10.The last speaker on Sunday will finish at 5:30p.m.The host committee heads for the MUFON 1994UFO Symposium are: Ellen R. Stuart, HostChairperson; Monte Stuart, Treasurer; S. Miles Lewis,Audio-Visual; Andy and Victoria Abercrombie.Hospitality; Bobby MacPherson, Contact person; MonteStuart, Transportation; Lemoine Pitman, Registration;Joe Juliano and Sherry Lee, Publicity; Ed Surma.Master of Ceremony; and Ed Newsom, Sales andExhibits.Registrations made after June 25th will be $60 for theentire symposium. Individual sessions will be avail-able for $10 per person except Saturday evening whichwill be $15. Take advantage of the advance price bymaking your registration as early as feasible. We lookforward to meeting all of you at MUFONs SilverAnniversary Symposium in the Lone Star State.American Airlines has been contracted to be the of-ficial carrier—Star File #S0974UG. Attendees or theirtravel agents can call the American Airlines MeetingServices Desk at 1-800-433-1790 for reservations.American will discount their lowest fare by 5%. (Besure to give the Star Filenumber.)Vendor tables will be available for qualified indi-viduals at $10.80 per table. No New Age paraphernaliawill be permitted. Vendors sales must be directly relatedto Ufology. Interested people may write to Ed Newsom,3309 Oak Alley, Austin, TX 78745 for a vendor appli-cation request.Other events on the symposium agenda areState/Provincial Directors Meeting on Friday, July 8thfrom 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Press Conference from 1 to 3p.m.; MUFON Annual Board of Directors MeetingSunday, July 10th from 9 a.m. to 12 noon; and JointUSA-CIS Aerial Anomaly Federation Board ofDirectors Meeting on Monday, July 11, 1994, starting at8:30 a.m., hosted by the Mutual UFO Network. (The lat-ter two meetings are by invitation only.)MUFON ANNUAL AWARDEach year MUFON honors a person in Ufology whotheir colleagues select for having made the most out-standing contribution to the scientific advancement ofthe UFO phenomenon during the past five years. Thedistinguished recipient will be presented with an en-graved plaque and monetary award of $500 from MU-FON. Ballots were enclosed with the February 1994issue of the Journal for your convenience and vote.The candidates are Edith Fiore (CA), John Ford (NY),Stanton Friedman (NB, Canada), Cynthia Hind(Zimbabwe, Africa), Budd Hopkins (NY), Linda M.Howe (PA), Pat Marcattilo (NJ), Dennis Stacy (TX),Leonard Stringfield (OH), Doris Upchurch (TX), andDonald M. Ware (FL).Please remove the orange ballot from the February1994 Journal, vote for the candidate of your choice,sign and date the ballot, and return by mail to: MUFON,103Oldtowne Road, Seguin, Texas 78155. U.S.A. beforeMay 1, 1994. If MUFON is to continue this annualaward, it is imperative that a significant number of ourtotal membership actively vote.As of March 26, 1994, 604 ballots had been receivedin Seguin, TX, with many more anticipatedfrom foreigncountries. It is very evident that an enclosed ballot is farmore effective in eliciting votes than a postcard re-sponse, when only 160 were submitted. If you have notvoted, please do so now, so that we may have a signifi-cant response for this prestigious honor.FIELD INVESTIGATORS MANUAL OUT OF PRINTThe third edition of the MUFON Field InvestigatorsManual is temporarily out-of-print. It has been removedfrom the MUFON Publications List. Work is progressingvery well on publishingan expanded version to be iden-tified as the fourth edition in the near future. Please donot delay conducting Field Investigatortrainingclassesdue to the absence of the fourth edition. Some sectionsor chapters of the present manual are only being up-dated, whereas new sections on abduction investiga-tions, animal mutilations, crop circles and polygraphwill be new. Explicit instructionson completingForm 1and Form 2 will also be new. An expanded section on in-terviewing witnesses by Dan Wright will be an asset tothe new manual.The availability date and price will be announced inthe Journal. Please do not back order the new manual,since it will be doubled in size and the price has not beendetermined from the printer. We are excited about thefourth edition, since it will be a state-of-the-art publica-tion.APRIL 1994 NUMBER 312 PAGE 23
  • 24. MUFON UFO JOURNALDIREGIQRS,MESSAGEWalter Andrus c ° ir°NEWS FROM AROUND THE NETWORKNEW OFFICERSThe next major target for MUFON growth of 5000members is rapidly approaching with 4820 Journalsbeing mailed in March. New volunteer officers areneeded to support this progressive developmentof MU-FONs investigative team. New state section directorsaccepting the challenge last month were: Robert S.Gates (Idaho Falls, ID) for Bonneville,Bingham, andJefferson Counties: Ms. Li F. Wong (Orofino, ID) forClearwater and Idaho Counties; Linda T. Bouldin(Carrollton, TX) for Denton County; Richard A.Lawrence (Lubbock,TX) for Lubbock, Hockley, Lynn,and Crosby Counties; John I. Skare (Junction City,KS) for Geary, Riley, and Pottawatomie Counties;Deborah L. Bain (Flippin, AR) for Marion, Baxter.Fulton. Izard and Stone Counties: Danny J. Riley(Hannibal, Mo) for Rails and Marion Counties; KennethM. Kays, M.D. (Moberly,Mo) for Randolph, Howard,Chariton, Macon and Monroe Counties; and Co-StateSection Directors. Allen and Darleen Dunkin(Riverbank, CA) for Stanislaus and San JoaquimCounties. Richard J. "Rick" Dickison will be actingState Director for Hawaii, since Michael Brein hasmoved to Ashland,OR.CONSULTANTS AND RESEARCH SPECIALISTSVoluntarism produced five new Consultants: TerrenceR. Burke, Ph.D.(Bethesda, MD) in MedicinalMedicine: Brian M. Cochrane, M.D. (Nepean,ON) inMedicine; Kenneth M. Kays, M.D. (Moberly,MO) inRadiology; Anthony W. Laine, Ph.D. (Phoenix,AZ) inNuclear Physics; and Symm H. McCord,M.D.(Grovetown. GA) in Medicine.Research Specialists joining this month were: Paul J.Davids, MA (LosAngeles, CA) in Film Productionand also ExecutiveProducer for SHOWTIMEs comingfilm "Roswell;" John B. Norman, Jr.. M.A.(Franktown. CO) in Design; Richard J. Bantel. M.A.(Reisterstown, MD) in Criminal Justice; Lynda C.Smiley, M.A.(Durant, OK) in Counseling Psychology;Martha A. Scogin, Ph.D. (Granbury, TX) in Counselingand Hypnotherapy; Francis A. Dohanich. M.S.(Denton, TX) in Radiation Science; David J. Brown,M.A. (Lisle, NY) in Electronics; Lee W. Outlaw, III(Homestead, FL) in Psychology; and Brent Sisson,M.S.W. (Meridian, ID) in Social Work.CENTRAL REGIONAL DIRECTOR ELECTIONA ballot has been enclosed in each copy of the April1994 issue of the MUFON UFO Journal for the mem-bers living in the following states: MI, OH, IN, KY,TN, AL, MS. WI, IL, MN, IA, MO, AR, LA, ND, SD,NE, KS. OK and TX. The three candidates for the pres-tigious position on the MUFON Board of Directorsrep-resenting the central states are Walter L. "Barney"Garner, Jr., William C. "Bill" Jones, and John C."Jack" Kasher. A short biography of each is also pub-lished in this issue of the Journal. Please detach theballot, vote for your choice, and return to MUFON inSeguin, TX, by May 31, 1994.NATIONAL UFO INFORMATION WEEKVirginia M. Tilly, Director of Public Education, has an-nounced that the National UFO InformationWeek hasbeen scheduled for August 13 through 21, 1994, whichincludes two weekends. Now is the time to start prepar-ing exhibits, information literaturehandouts, closed cir-cuit TV of UFO video tapes and specifically makingreservations at local shopping malls and libraries. This isan ideal event to educate the public to the UFOphe-nomenon and its implicationsto the scientific future ofthe world.MUFON 1994 SYMPOSIUMThe theme for the MUFON 1994 International UFOSymposium is "UFOLOGY: A Historical Perspective,"commemorating MUFONs 25th anniversary and sym-posia. It will be hosted by Texas MUFON at the HyattRegency Austin Hotel in Austin, Texas, on July 8, 9 and10. Ellen R. Stuart, State Director, is serving as thehost chairperson. Special events are being planned tocelebrate MUFONs silver anniversary.Several of the speakers will reminisce by relatingfirsthand the history of the prevailing UFO groupstwenty-five years ago. They are James A. Harder,Ph.D. (APRO), Richard H. Hall (TheReal NICAP),and John F. Schuessler (MUFON). Other confirmedspeakers are Robert O. Dean (UFOs and WorldHistory); George Wingfield (Crop Circles: Is There aUFO Connection?); George Knapp (Russian UFOFiles); Rev.Barry H. Downing, Ph.D.(UFOs andReligion: Of Things Visible and Invisible); MichaelLindeman, (Human-Alien Contact as a "Meta-Lever ofHistory"); Yvonne Smith (Anatomy of an Abduction);Karla TAirner, Ph.D. (Expandingthe Parameters of theAlien-Human Abduction Agenda); Vladimir V.Rubtsov, Ph.D. (Alien Contacts and AbductionExperiences: A Look from the C.I.S.); Richard F.Haines, Ph.D.(Insights From Studying Groups ofUFOs); John C. Kasher, Ph.D. (Scientific Analysis ofUFOs Appearing on NASA Videotape) and LindaCortile (Snaring My Personal Experiences of a BizarreAbduction).Stan making your summer plans now to attend theMUFON 1994 UFO Symposium in Austin, Texas. Ablock of rooms has been reserved at the Hyatt RegencyContinued on Page 23PAGE 24 NUMBER 312 APRIL 1994