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Mufon ufo journal 1994 11. november

  2. 2. M U F O N U F O J O U R N A LO F F I C I A L P U B L I C A T I O N OF THE MUTUAL UFO NETWORK S I N C E 19671 , 1, • .. * " . . = u••• , . . tN O V E M B E R 1994LARRY KING LIVE AT AREA 51WHY ARE THE GRAYS GRAY?"WATERSPOUT" UFOPHOTOGRAPHEDBEST OF THE GULF BREEZESIGHTINGSABDUCTION NOTESTHE UFO PRESSNEWS 8. VIEWSREADERS CLASSIFIEDSTHE DECEMBER NIGHT SKYDIRECTORS MESSAGEDennis StacyMartin KottmeyerBruce MaccabeeBuddy CrumbleyJohn S. CarpenterDennis StacyDennis StacyWalter N. WebbWalter H. Andrus, Jr.N U M B E R 3 1 936H15171820212224COVER: (Photo by Dennis Stacy)MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, TX 78155-4099Tel: (210)379-9216FAX (210) 372-9439EDITORDennis StacyASSOCIATE EDITORWalter H. Andrus,Jr.COLUMNISTSWalter N. WebbJohn S. CarpenterART DIRECTORVince JohnsonCopyright 1994by the Mutual UFONetwork. All Rights Reserved.No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission ofthe Copyright Owners. Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one arti-cle, provided the author is credited, and the statement, "Copyright 1994 by the Mutual UFONetwork, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155," is included.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editors and do not necessari-ly reflect the official position of the Mutual UFO Network. Opinions expressed are solely thoseof the individual authors.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the typedescribed in Section 509 (a) (2). Donors may deduct contributions from their Federal IncomeTax. Bequests, legacies,devises, transfers or gifts are also deductiblefor estateand gift purposes,provided they meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106 and 2522 of the InternalRevenue Code.The MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., Seguin,Texas. Membership/Subscription rates: $25 per year in the U.S.A.; $30 foreign in U.S. funds.Second class postage paid at Seguin, TX.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to: MUFON UFO JOUR-NAL, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099.
  3. 3. MUFON UFO JOURNALLARRY KING LIVE AT AREA 51The media continue to make pilgrimages to Groom Lake. Youcan, too, with the proper Dennis StacyId visited Rachel, Nevada, once before, in April oflast year, to attend what was billed as "The UltimateUFO Seminar" (MUFON Journal, June, 1993). Itwasnt, of course, but we did get to listen to shadowphysicist Bob Lazar field questions from the audience,check out the interior of the famous Little ALeInn, andof course climb White Sides Mountain by moonlight,from where we could look down on the "secret" base atGroom Lake (aka Area 51), home to the F-l 17A Stealthfighter, the SR-71 high-altitude reconnaissanceBlackbird and, if Lazar were to be believed, severalalien flying saucers now in Air Force possession and al-legedly in process of being "reverse engineered."In the year and a half since then, much water hasflown into Groom Lake. Glen Campbell, in particular,set up shop in Rachel and turned his trailer home into asort of civilian spy shop on the edge of the Air Forcesmost treasured base of covert operations, where heproved to be a prickly pear in the militarys public rela-tions (and operational) behind. The media, from "48Hours" to The New York Times, including many lesserstops in between, soon began trooping to Campbellsaluminum side door in droves. Campbell found a lessstrenuous overlook of Groom Lake which he dubbedFreedom Ridge. The Air Force countered by askingpermission to withdraw same and some 4900 otheracres, including White Sides, from public access, that is,incorporating it as part of the vast Restricted Zone com-prising part of the already existing Nellis Gunnery andBomb Range.Then, sometime in September of this year, I learned,via MUFON member Bob Bletchman, that Larry Kingwould be taking his travelling talk show on the road toRachel, as one of his twice annual specials for TedTurners TNT cable network. A two-hour, call-in pro-gram scheduled for airing on Saturday, October first,"Larry King Live From Area 51" would feature liveinterviews with onstage guests Kevin Randle, StantonFriedman, Steven Greer and Glenn Campbell, as well aspreviously taped segments with Carl Sagan, JacquesVallee, former senator Barry Goldwater and others.Along with the fact that the Air Force seizure ofFreedom Ridge seemed imminent,the fact that a LarryKing production would be taking place seemed reasonenough to revisit Rachel once again.In Las Vegas, I met up with Greg Bishop, editor ofThe Excluded Middle, and another friend of his, fellowLA writer Scott Sawyer, for the three-hour drive to iso-lated Rachel, normal weekend populationapproximately100. Id already talked by phone with the segmentsproducer, Tom Farmer, and been assured that we wouldhave some kind of access to the set itself, although hecouldnt guarantee an interview with Larry himself.Since the program was scheduled to air at 8 p.m. onthe East Coast, that meant it would actually begin inRachel at 5 p.m. About an hour before show time, we ar-rived in town simultaneouslywith the limousine drivingMssrs. Friedman, Randle and Greer up from Vegas. Iwas somehow under the impression that the King setwas either going to be in the Inn itself or across thestreet, underneath a canvas (circus?) tent, which provederroneous. It was across Highway 375 opposite the Inn,but the set, half-ringed by microphones, cameras andlight banks, was atop a raised dais under a bowl of bluesky with scattered clouds. Although it had rained copi-ously only a day or two before, the production crewsluck held. More foreheads were beaded with sweat thanwith rain drops in the afternoon Nevada sun. By pro-grams end, King, who had begun in shirt sleeves andtrademark suspenders, would be donninghis jacket likemost everyone else.Engineers piped a live feed into the Inn and onto animpromptu large-screen TV set up just west of same,which really was inside a canvas tent. While the showwas in progress, however, we made a late afternoonrun for Freedom Ridge, in which we were frustrated byboth time and failing daylight constraints. We did drivedown the dirt road leading into Groom Lake—passing atleast one obvious roadside sensor—until we reachedthe warning signs, where we turned around and stopped.Clearly visibleon a hilltopjust to our north sat a securityvehicle, its occupants outside and observing us withbinoculars. It was soon joined by a second vehicle. Bythe time we returned to Rachel the program had justended; most participants, crew and speakers alike, wereretiring to the Little AleInn for a,buffet dinner andliquid libationbefore tackling the drive back to Vegas.Somewhat to my surprise, prior to broadcast, LarryKing emerged from one of the production trailers atour request, showed us around the set, and granted us aninterview. He looked fit and relaxed, and was com-pletely cooperative, giving off very little of any air thatimplies "Im Chevy Chase and youre not." All three ofus asked questions at one time or another. I began withthe obvious: "Whats your general opinion on the sub-ject?""To tell you the truth, I have no idea," King said."So youve never seen one yourself?"NOVEMBER 1994 NUMBER 319 PAGE 3
  4. 4. MUFON UFO JOURNAL"Do you think Clinton might make amove in that direction?" I asked, referringto the recent release of previously unclas-sified documents by the Department ofEnergy."Im going to talk with him in the nextfew weeks and Ill ask him. Hes alwaysbeen pretty open. I dont know why hewouldnt. Hes anti-secrecy," King said."No, I saw something one night flying home with theDolphins," King answered. "I used to do color for theMiami Dolphins. There was this glowing lightfollowingour plane about a mile off, at the same altitude. Itglowed, and then dimmed and glowed, and we didntknow what it was. We reported it to the ground andthey didnt have anythingon radar, and it went away inabout an hour.""The size of a star?" I wondered."Larger. It wasnt a star. It could have been anything.I talked to Carl Sagan, and he said it could have been aBrazilian aircraft." King was unclear as to whetherSagan meant to imply an aircraft smuggling drugs orsome sort of off-shore operation in which one planemonitored anothers guidance system. But King himselfwas adamant: "It wasnt a plane," he said.I asked what year it had happened and how could hebe sure?Kings eyes crinkled. "It was the 72-73 undefeatedseason."By now we had approached the outdoor studio,bristling with microphone booms, light banks and rail-mounted cameras, Nevadas desert skyline providingthe backdrop. Parked nearby were half a dozen hi-techproduction trailers out of Los Angeles. "You couldntpay for this set," Greg Bishop ventured, "although ob-viously you did.""We paid a lot of money," King admitted, sans brag-gadocio. "The best equipment available. I mean this isTNT."Bishop asked how long everybody had been out hereand why they chose Rachel?King wasnt curt, but he didnt mince words, either. "Ijust arrived," he answered. "The crew got here onWednesday and the producer picked the site,""Thats what Dennis had said," Bishop continued."How did he convince you to do it?""I do two specials a year for Turner," King explained;"Normally theyre taped interviewswith sports stars ormovie stars. We did this Kennedy thing-in November, onthe anniversary of the assassination. We had people ontelling where they were at the time, and we had a num-ber of people call in. We got real good ratings on thatone. So we wanted to do something else different thatwas not [just] Larry King Live, or just taped inter-views. So they thought I could come out here. Whenthey first asked me about it, I kind of laughed and said Ididnt want to get flown up with the aliens, or whatever.But they said they would talk to Carl Sagan andGoldwater, get some prominent individuals who be-lieve, and set up an 800 number. So the more I thoughtabout it, who isnt interested in this? I mean, youdhave to be dumb not to be interested."Noting that live guests Randle, Friedman and Greercould all be considered ardent "believers," or at least en-thusiastic supporters of the UFO phenomenon Bishopwondered who was supposed to represent the skepticalviewpoint?"The skeptics were invited, the Air Force were in-vited," King replied. "Very hard to get them. Youknow,I had to really talk to Carl Sagan just to be on tape, be-cause he thinks they [UFO believers] give it credibilityjust by talking about it. He does not say that there isntlife, he just has no proof that theyve ever landed. Andthe same guy whos always on, the roving skeptic?"Philip Klass?"Yeah," King said. "Ive had him on so many times.So I guess the skeptic is me. You know, show me! Showme a good photograph, but even there you have to becareful because they can be doctored."King seemed much more animated regarding the is-sue of a possible cover-up. "I abhor secrecy in anyform," he said, "unless in the case of extremes, say,when youre at war, experimenting with something likethe A-bomb. But now theres no reason. So what ifyouve got a base there and youre working on a planethat goes 9000 miles an hour and takes off vertically...""Isnt that something youd want the Russians toknow?" I ask."I want them to know," King laughs. "WhatRussians? That was one of the greatest myths of alltime.""So theoretical secrecy only exacerbates the prob-lem," I said. "And if were not able to keep it secret fromthe Soviets, who are we keeping it secret from?"RESTAURANTBAR * MOTELPAGE 4 NUMBER 319 NOVEMBER 1994
  5. 5. MUFON UFO JOURNAL"You only add to the confusion," King answered,"to the conspiratorial theories, by letting things go on.""Its partly out of habit, then," Bishop offered."Right," King said. "Lets say there is life out there. Ithink thats something people want to know. If you takeit to its wildest extreme, that there is life on anotherplanet thats threatening us and were dealing with themthrough their leadership, then that Id keep a secret.Thats the only way. . .theres life out there, they haveextraordinary arms, theyre mad at Earth, theyre goingto blow us off the face of the planet, and weve gotsomeone to negotiate with them, then I could say if Iwere president that it should be kept a secret.""Do you think Clinton might make a move in that di-rection?" I asked, referring to the recent release of pre-viously unclassified documents by the Department oiEnergy."Im going to talk with him in the next few weeks andIll ask him. Hes always been pretty open. I dont knowwhy he wouldnt. Hes anti-secrecy," King said.Sawyer raised the issue that it was taxpayer moneythat funded such secrecy, "yet theres really no oversightof it by the public. Is that something youll go into to-day?""Absolutely," King responded. "Theres no defense ofthat. Theres got to be someone that knows all about thisstuff. I mean, they work for us. We dont work for them.Last I checked, the military works for the civilians.""Perhaps you can remind them of that," Bishop said."Theyre out there," King said, gesturing toward thedesert. "Any secrecy about this is unwarranted if theresno cold war. Whos our enemy? Has MoammarQuaddafi got these kinds of planes?"On the way back into Vegas we stopped just south ofRachel at the "Black Mailbox," located in the V ofHighway 375 and a dirt road connecting with the roadrunning into Groom Lake. Here we met up with severalfriends of Bishops, one of whom had a night visionscope which we passed around while exchanging scut-tlebutt and impressions. A few airplane lights wereseen, as well as a couple of car headlights returningfrom the direction of Groom Lake, a distant ranch light,and at least one or two other interesting light pointswhich seemed to pulsate and jump about. Given thescattered cloud cover, it was hard to make any definitedetermination of their nature or origin, let alone to assignthem the status of true UFOs.Anxious as to our gas situation and the late hour, wesaid good-bye and headed for nearby Ash Springs, onlyslightly more removed from the middle of nowherethan Rachel itself. We filled up and were barely a milesouth of town when the light bar atop a Lincoln CountySheriffs Department squad car lit up the desert night likea belated Fourth of July celebration. Our rented 4-wheel-drive Blazer didnt have a rear license plate. I pointed outto the officer that it was a new 1995 model and had a 20-day permit attached to the front windshield. He seemedless interested in that legality, however, than in raisingcounty revenues.(Accordingto Campbell, sparsely pop-ulated Lincoln County has one of the highest police of-ficers per capita ratios in the country.)The ensuing scenario, which took a full hour to un-fold, resembled somethingout of a Steve Martin movie,or perhaps an out-take of "Late Night with DavidLetterman" stupid pet tricks, employing a human as theguinea pig. Before the ordeal was over, two other patrolcars had pulled up, lights flashing, leaving one to ponderjust how much of Lincoln County was going unpro-tected at the time. The officers were informed that thedriver had indeed been drinking—in fact, hed had abeer three or four hours previously, prior to dinner, withwhich hed had iced tea.But smelling a potential road kill, the officers per-sisted. Unfortunately for Lincoln Countys incomingreceipts, we passed the ensuing breathalyzertest with fly-ing colors and were soon on our way. registeringa mere0.1. the lowest trace measurementpossible, or, as one of-ficer admitted, "wholly consistent with your story. Wepoint this incident out not to brag, and certainly not to ad-vocate drinking while you drive, but only to warn othersto be extremely careful when visiting the Rachel,Nevada, area. We have no way of knowing whetherour "friendly" hilltop observers reported our presence tothe local authorities and asked them to "check that carout" or not. although we suspect so. What we do knowis that we were fully within our rights but were needlesslypulled over and hassled nonetheless.In the latest issue of his on-line digital journal, "TheDesert Rat," Campbellalso reports being closely ques-tioned by two Lincoln Countydeputiesregarding the re-cent disappearanceof eight Air Force sensors guardingthe approach to Freedom Ridge, never mind that the lat-ter were on public property supposedly overseen by theBureau of Land Management.The sensors and theiraccompanying transmitters are relatively unsophisti-cated as far as state of the art electronic systems go, butContinued on Page 10NOVEMBER 1994 NUMBER 319 PAGES
  6. 6. MUFON UFO JOURNALWHY ARE THE GRAYS GRAY?Is the color gray a state of being — or a being of some other state? Good-bye little green Martin KottmeyerWell, I suppose they have to be some color,dont they? Transparent aliens and invisibleentities have been reported, but you knowwhat I mean. They are what they are. Does there need tobe a reason? Through the years there have been aliensbearing colors all across the spectrum: black (JohnFlaxtons bat-winged humanoid, 1963), white (BillMcGuires big-eyed grasshoppers, 1969),2red (BeloHorizonte, 1963),3orange (Brands Flat, Virginia; 1965),4yellow (Villares del Saz, 1953),5green (R.L. Johannisstiny-striding dwarfs, 1947),6blue (Soria abduction,1978),7violet (Margit Mustapas Space Brother Yuma).8Whether one considers the underlying creative mecha-nism as human imagination or alien evolutionary di-versity, the wide range of color exploitation must forceone to expect the color gray to have arisen at somepoint. It might be an essentially random matter that it iscurrently the dominant color among aliens.Still, it is a question which might reward furtherthought. On the first level of analysis, gray seems asimple, natural, and fully believable color for an ex-traterrestrial creature. Gray is among the most commoncolors present in the animal kingdom. Neutral colorshelp an animal blend into a variety of natural environ-ments and makes visual discrimination by predatorsmore difficult, thus enhancing its ability to survive andreproduce. Bright colors are less frequent in nature. Itusually arises in situations where the organism enhancesits reproductive success by attractingattention to itself.The major examples are flowers which use insects todisperse pollen. We also see spectacular colors amongbirds on tropical islands having no major predators.Where camouflage isnt needed, sexual selection playsa larger role in the evolutionary process.Space-faring aliens, as creatures of high technology,would implicitly seem to be no longer subject to selec-tion pressures involving predatipn. Wouldnt sexual se-lection have evolved our space-farers out of such anunappealing and bland color as we see in the Grays?One could argue, given the example of ourselves, thatmaybe technology was not around long enough for in-teresting genetic variations to appear and dominate.Humans however have developed an arsenal of beautyenhancements involving technology. These includeclothing, jewelry, make-up, body paints, tattooing, andcosmetic surgery. Future innovations will almost cer-tainly include nano-tech body resculpturing, gene re-construction, and bio-cybernetic link-ups. Speculationsfor exobiological coloration can plausibly includeiri-descent scales, neon-bright feather-fuzz, hyperimpres-sionist pelts, time-dynamic multi-colored fractal art,and a range of subtle to gaudy creative flourishes de-signed for sensual pleasure or inter-organismic attrac-tion. There may be inscrutible reasons Grays need,want, or are trapped in the forms they have, but, if so,they warrant our pity. It could have been better.The abductee Virginia Horton has probably given usthe best clue to what is going on (in Missing Time byBudd Hopkins, pp. 189-90). Regarding her experience,she was struck by the impression "there was so seemed like the gray had a meaning to it, but ei-ther that was the color of the skin or it was a soothingcolor to their eyes, or something. The gray wasnt an ac-cident or somebodys color judgement." The commentabout gray being soothing to alien eyes is obviouslyderived from human experience. It has a numbing or de-pressing effect on ourselves, therefore perhaps on them.Her sense that the color is not accidental, but has mean-ing is more evocative and invites deeper meditation. Itseems questionable a human could intuit the presence ofmeaning of this sort in an alien culture. Hortons remarkmore probably signals the recognition of a transper-sonal significance rooted in the unconscious.There are some precedents for humans ascribing asymbolic value to the color gray as can be seen byflipping through Faber Birrens history, The Symbolismof Color (Citadel, 1988). In ancient Jewish mysticism,the gray globe of the Sephiroth Tree of the Cabala, theChokmah, stood for Wisdom. The Chokmah was linkedwith the globes of the Crown, the white globe, andUnderstanding, the black globe, and Mercy, the blueglobe. In early Christianity, gray was an emblem ofChrist risen, a blend of the divine light of creation andthe darkness of sin and death. In astrology, gray is thecolor of Aquarius. A child born under the sign is peace-able like gray, cursed to dwell in gray and moderatecircumstances, blessed by a gray temperament, knowingneither white ecstasy or black despair. The occultistC.W. Leadbeater regarded gray as associated with de-pression and fear. Walter Kilmers aura studies sug-gested the grayer colors were typical of diseased bodiesand duller intellects. The gray alchemical spirit of leadcaused madness. Though some of these symbolisms arecontradictory and culturally embedded, they do seem todemonstrate meanings constructed from blends of blackand white color symbolisms and from visceral physio-logical response.All of us know from westerns that bad guys wear theblack hats and good guys wear the white hats. White =PAGE 6 NUMBER 31.9 NOVEMBER 1994
  7. 7. MUFON UFO JOURNALThe fear of the dark arises in almost allchildren after the age of three and childrenin different cultures imagine the same sortof monsters populating that darkness. Thisfear is particularly intense in dark woodswhere even relatively fearless adults will, soto speak, get the willies.good; black = evil. The equation is sometimes derided assimplistic, but it is one recognized by all on a deeper lev-el of mind. It is neither uniquely modern or American,but is seen in the beliefs of earliest civilization andacross all known cultures. A fear of night with its coldand concealment of dangers is instinctive in many ani-mals for obvious survival reasons. The fear of the darkarises in almost all children after the age of three and chil-dren in different cultures imagine the same sort of mon-sters populating that darkness. This fear is particularly in-tense in dark woods where even relatively fearless adultswill, so to speak, get the willies.9This fear generalizesinto a universal affective dichotomy between light anddark with arrays of concepts grouping themselves intotwo broad sets of psychological associations.daysun, lightwhiteheat, firelifehealthfertilitybeautysuperioritygoodholinessdivinityvirtuetruthrightwisdomhighheavenpurityperfumegoldnightdarknessblackcolddeathdiseasepestilenceugliness, witch, left-handednessinferioritybaddrearinessdevil, snake, dragonevil, fiendfalsehoodwrongignorancelowhellimpuritynoxious odorsfilthWith minor exceptions, these associations lead tosimilar combinations of traits in the beliefs and myths ofcultures as diverse as Europe and the Orient, the Norseand the Negroes, Hindus and Amerindians. It has beenseen in at least twenty cultures by one tally. One of thecurious practical consequences of this conceptual di-chotomy are stereotypical beliefs about light-skinnedand dark-skinned peoples not just in myth,but in every-day behavior. There has appeared many beautificationpractices which try to lighten skin and hair in whatRoderic Gorney has termed the Quest for Blondness.The irrational adulation of white people in myth pre-disposed not only the Aztecs to fall victim to Europeanconquest, but the Boshongoes of the Belgian Congoand the Magi of the Philippines.10If the Grays conform to this transpersonal realm ofemotions, one should probably predict they would blendthe traits of light and dark in conformity to what we sawin Birren. Abductions generally take place at night, butsaucer interiors recall the times of dusk and dawn. Thelighting ranges from bright to dim, but with narrowband of colors—pale, soft gray, pearly, bluish—far awayfrom white incandescence or black night. The lighting isdiffuse and without visible source." On average the in-teriors are cool with fogs and mists often reported.12It iseerily quiet.13The Grays do not possess a robust constitution andcreate babies that are listless and wan. "It is lifeless,yet it is not dead."13They are sexually neuter, but stillreproduce. In terms of beauty, they would certainly de-serve the labels of geek and blind-date nightmare, butthey cant be considered predatory or monstrous. Theydont have fangs, muscle mass, and one never seeswarts or blemishes, or other imperfections.14Their goodness and badness are equally denied.15They are probably indifferent to humanity.16While theyare capable of the blackest evils, it is done for the noblestof purposes—saving a dying planet. It could be eithertheirs or ours, depending on which account you listen to.On the matter of truth, aliens are evasive and deceptivein the sense of trying to hide their activities from us.Malicious or hateful lies arent evident. Mentally, theyare said to be neither pur superiors or inferiors, they arejust "very different."17Saucer life is not obviously heav-enly or hellish. There is no evidence of humor or fun orentertainment. Anger, sadism, or ceaselesspunishmentis similarly absent. They smell neither of perfume ornoxious gasses. Strieber spoke of a slight scent of card-board, a slight organic sourness, and a subtle overtone ofcinnamon.18Virginia Horton spoke of a clean, ozonesmell to the craft.19Probably the only point on whichthere is no obvious blending is the appearance of serpentinsignias on alien uniforms. I can account for it in termsof the origin and influence of the Herb Schirmer story,but I wont bother making excuses here, since nobodysaid the affective dichotomy is an iron law of thetranspersonal realm.It is instructiveto compare this tree of psychologicalassociations to the contactee lore of the Fifties. Thedominant skin color was indicated by the recurrentphrase of "fair complexions." Variations were numerous,but had a habit of sounding resplendent: faint rosy tinges(George Adamski),20soft smooth olive (Adamski),21sil-very opaque like carved marble (Truman Bethurum),22NOVEMBER 1994 NUMBER 319 PAGE?
  8. 8. MUFON UFO JOURNALfragile transparent camellia-like skin with pinkish un-dertones (Howard Menger),23high bronze tint (Mitchellsisters),24suntanned (Reinhold Schmidt),25a deep tan(Cedric Allingham).26These were people who hailedfrom Utopias, or as the Millers contact Esu put it, a"Perfect world."27These contacts tended to happen in thedaytime. In the Scout-craft of the Adamski story a brightcoil illuminated the interior with a spectrum of colors"like a flashing prism in the sun."28Angelucci reported abrilliantly lit interior "iridescent with exquisite colors."29Bethurum was startled by the brilliance inside "as lightas day," although with no evident lighting fixtures."30Acraft projected rays at Howard Menger which felt warmand rather good.31These are beings of the day and light.They were invariably in good health and were usuallyindescribably beautiful. They were sexually attractive ina pure and never vulgar sense. They were our superiorsnot just technologically, but spiritually and morally.There was never a question of their higher knowledge.They often spoke of Deity. Adamski saw.his portrait inone craft and was told it was symbolic of Ageless Life.32They enjoyed good food, good drink, and liked to dance.Music was prominentlypresent in several contacts. Thecrafts were lavish compared to nowadays with all sortsof comfortable furnishings. When Angeluccis contact,Lyra, vanishes "an exquisitefragrance is left permeatingthe air as if bowers of invisible flowers were every-where."33Gold appears in Angeluccis account as a belthe finds himself wearing.4In Adamski, it is the color ofthe cloth of a banquet table.35The total portrait could notbe more different both in affect and in the particularsfrom the Grays realm. It is strongly driven by the Questfor Blondness, in a manner of speaking. Above this instinctual transpersonal foundation oflight/dark blending, there is another group of gray as-sociations which may be modulating gray mythology.Gray seems viscerally depressing. It a color devoid ofstimulation and passion. It seems joyless, bloodless,unsensual, and business-like.Certainly it seems totallyappropriate for a creature that shows no emotions. Theabsence of decorative schemes or anything to indicateanability to enjoy art, music, or gourmet-dining under-score their absence of feeling or an ability to be stimu-lated. Indeed, they lack the sense organs of smelling andhearing. The lips have been reduced to unkissable lines.The absence of a tillable belly suggests an inability totaste as well. The Grays fabled absence of sexual or-gans, cloned neuters, signals the absence of anything thatGrays can stimulate or be stimulated by. The prepubes-cent absence of feminine curves or masculine bulges andhair blends a denial of the pleasures of mating andcourtship and raw sexual lust. The only things accentedon the Grays are the eyes, vision being the most abstractof the senses, and the brain. Just what they need, an ex-cess of gray matter.In their need to revitalize their decrepitcon-stitutions and monochrome lifestyles bystealing the essences of humankind, theGrays are fundamentally no different thanthe undead of literature and film like vam-pires. Appropriately, we are told they comefrom a dying world.Grayness is also symptomatic of aging, sickliness,and death. Peter Rogerson has already pointed outhow everything about the Grays implies the realm of thedead. They skirt virtually every characteristic of lifebeyond movement; they dont feel, breathe, eat, defe-cate, or copulate.36In their need to revitalize their de-crepit constitutions and monochrome lifestyles by steal-ing the essences of humankind, they are fundamentallyno different than the undead of literature and film likevampires. Appropriately, we are told they come from adying world.37Yet another strata of associations is provided by therise of environmental activism in the past few decadesand the emergence of a color dialectic of green vs. gray.Green symbolizes fertile nature while gray symbolizesencroaching technology. Gray here is the color of ma-chinery and metals. It is the color of pollutants likesmog and lead. An absence of environmental awarenesswill eventually lead to a world paved over with concretewith all trees gone; techno-apocalypse rendered in theFinal Color. Grays are the business-like, perfecto-ob-jective products of high-tech. The nerd-like absence ofmuscles conveys the over-reliance on machine. Theirpain-filled operations and indignities are the reductio adabsurdum of ongoing trends in medical intrusiveness,fertility research, and experimentation for the sake of ex-perimentation. As a colleague of mine put it, "The aliensand their soulless techno-frek activities make them out tobe symbolic little Zeitgeisters who do their many littleabductions, just as the gray world of science and tech-nology has done its one big abduction of us all."38Graysdo as Gray is.The ability to relate so many aspects of abductionsto-ries to transpersonal forces (a la Grof9) could neverconstitute a rigorous disproof of the reality of the Grays,but it should be granted that this is the sort of pattern oneshould expect to find if we are dealing with dreamsand products of the dramatic imagination. There is prob-ably some degree of feedback looping over time. Thecolor gray causes some traits to arise while these traitsyield associated traits which in turn act to cause thecolor gray to arise in later stories. Deciding if we makethe aliens gray because of what we have them do or wemake them do what they do because they are gray,could turn out to be one of those chicken and egg ques-PAGE8 NUMBER 319 NOVEMBER 1994
  9. 9. MUFON UFO JOURNALtions. One can however make a stab at it by trying tofind the beginningof the tradition.None of the contactee cases of the Fifties seemed toinvolve gray-skinned beings. Certain little-known en-counter cases involved this color. The Loveland case of1955 seems the most detailed account. They were uglythings with a frog mouth, rolls of fat on a bald pate, andnormal eyes without eyebrows. The upper torso sporteda lopsided bulge and uneven arms. It would be hard to fitthis into the lineage of present day Grays in a plausibleway.40The Sixties provide us with a more reasonable andobvious point of origin. That is the first great abduction.The Interrupted Journey of Betty and Barney Hill.Bettys nightmares after Barneys fearful ufo sightingconstruct men whose "complexions were of a gray tone;like a gray paint with a black base."41The fact that theHills were a bi-racial couple may be relevant to whythey stand at the creation of this tradition.The contactees of the Fifties were white folk and it issafe to say they visualized their alien contacts in the mir-ror of their particular backgrounds and ideals. Blackaliens were sometimes passingly mentioned or implied,for example, the stories of Howard Menger, DinoKraspedon, Buck Nelson, the Stanford brothers, andGabriel Green, but they never were fleshed out as char-acters. They existed merely to decorate their Utopiaswith the trait of racial harmony and to demonstrate theirspiritually liberal sensibilities by expressing attitudeslike "the soul is beautiful under the skin regardless of itsphysical shell"42and "Nature reveals her unity in di-versity."43They were nameless and abstract. The matterof the Hills captors being either black or white wouldnot have been so abstract a concern for an interracial re-lationship. There would be an intimate emotional un-dertone had Betty conceived of her abductors as eitherblack or white. Choose white and you could be seen asreinforcing racist stereotypes of whites as a master racewith superior intellect and technological skill. Chooseblack and you might reinforce stereotypes of blacks ascriminal, evil, and sexually aggressive.The choice of gray would represent a compromise so-lution. Think here of a moment in Ursula K. LeGuinsThe Lathe of Heaven (either the book or the PBSmovie). A fellow whose dreams have the power to alterreality is commanded by his therapist to dream of aworld where there would be no more color problems, noquestions of race. He was in a relationshipwith a girl ofAfrican lineage having dark, amber brown skin, so hecouldnt simply eliminate one race or turn oneunequallyinto the other. The doctor envisaged the dreamer wouldcome up with a political or ethical solution. Instead,when he woke up, everybody had turned gray. Thisprompted the therapist to remark, "Your primary think-ing processes took the usual short cut."44Its not unlikelyBettys primary process followed the same short cut.Zebra-striped people might have served the samepurpose. People familiar with the often reproducedOlivia painting of the Zebra Lady would have to agreethis would have been an aesthetically superior solution.Betty Hill however had read Keyhoes book The FlyingSaucer Conspiracy before she had her dreams. Keyhoeblocked that road by mentioning an earlier case of a ze-bra-striped man and labellingit weird and "obviously in-spired by excitementor hysteria."45Keyhoes book certainly shaped her account in otherparticulars as has been detailed elsewhere.46Subtlerforces may have contributed to the choice of the gray forher captors. Keyhoe proposed aliens were possiblystudying us out of neutral curiosity and there is ambienthint of a military mentality to the actions of Keyhoesaliens. Bettys captors, overall, fit the part. She dressesthem in trousers and short jackets with a light navyblue color with a gray shade to it. They wear militarycaps similar to the Air Force, but not so broad on top.Shoes were a low slip-on style, resembling a boot.47This is roughly reminiscent of the uniforms of GermanSS troops, but is more probably intended as a genericforeign invader. Russian cossacks wore gray outfitswith blue features and Chinese infantrymen wore blue.American military favored khaki colors and our allies inWW2 did not generally have blues and grays. Her alienswere not Utopian role models, but neither were theyhorrific monsters. They behaved professionally andbusiness-like when performing their questioning andexamination. This befits an expectation of neutral cu-riosity. This is also reinforced by a number of otherfeatures in the report. Betty suggests to them they shouldarrange a quiet, momentous meeting with scientists andthe top people of the world as in "The Day the EarthStood Still." This conveys a sense she does not seethem as hostile, irrational enemies, but as foreignerswe could exchange thoughts and goods with. Theirpuzzlement over Barneys dentures and aging parallelsKlaatus innocent wonder at aspects of human life andthe entities of "Earth vs. Flying Saucers" which haddifficulties with our conception of time. This conveys afallibility and ignorance expected from recent arrivalswho just want to check us out. Could it be that a neutralcolor was chosen unconsciously to match a basicallyneutral alien?The absence of fair skins and spiritual sermonizing isno surprise given Bettys exposure to Keyhoe. He clearlyregarded the contactees as phonies.48In this attitude hewas joined by most ufologists of his era. They activelyresisted contactee tales and would surely have thrownthe Hill story away had there been a whiff of religiousmetaphysics. The tailoring of the story to Keyhoesprejudices led to a tentative acceptance. Gradually otherabductions followed with a similar coloration, both inskin and affect. There may be other subtle factors thatled to the dominance of Grays, contingencies like theNOVEMBER 1994 NUMBER 319 PAGE 9
  10. 10. MUFON UFO JOURNALMorton case and Hopkins popularity, Strieber,Bennewitz, cultural anxieties over modern medicine,technology and the environment, and so forth. Thesehowever need not be explored here, our question after allhas been answered.They are Gray because thats what they needed to be.NOTES1. Bowen, Charles, ed. The Humanoids, Henry Regnery,1969, p. 20.2. Rogo, D. Scott, ed. UFO Abductions, Signet, 1980, p.200. :3. Bowen, op. cit. p. 104.4. Valley,Jacques. Passport to Magonia, Henry Regnery,1969, p. 304.5. Bowen, op. cit. p. 79.6. Bowen, op. cit. p. 191.7. Flying Saucer Review, 30, #3 (1985), p. 11. 8. Mustapa, Margit. Book of Brothers, Vantage, 1963, p.67.9. Godwin, Donald W.Anxiety, Oxford, 1986, pp. 23-21.10. Gorney, Roderic. The Human Agenda, Bantam,1973. pp. 596-7.11. Hopkins, op. cit. p. 148. Jacobs, David M. SecretLife, Fireside, 1993, p. 88.12. Jacobs, op. cit. p. 82.13. Jacobs, op. cit. p. 172.14. Jacobs, op. cit. p. 222.15. Jacobs, op, cit. p. 310.16. Hopkins, op. cit. p. 238.17. Jacobs, op. cit. p. 236.18. Strieber, Whitley. Communion, Avon, 1988, p. 19.19. Hopkins, op. cit. p. 138.20. Adamski, George. Inside the Space Ships, Abelard-schuman, 1955, p. 133.21. ibid.22. Bethurum, Truman. Aboard a Flying Saucer.DeVorss, 1954, p. 80.23. Menger, Howard. From Outer Space, Pyramid,1967, p. 22.24. Mitchell, Helen and Betty. WeMet the Space People,Galaxy,,1973, p. 4.25. Brownell, Winfield. UFOs — Key to Earths Destiny,Legion of Light, 1980, p. 54.26. Allingham, Cedric. Flying Saucers from Mars.British Book Service, 1955, p. 62.27. Miller, Will and Evelyn. Weof the New Dimension,authors, 1959, p. 62.28. Adamski, op. cit. p. 46.29. Angelucci, Orfeo. The Secret of the Saucers,Amherst, 1955, p. 20.30. Bethurum, op. cit. p. 42.31. Menger, op. cit. p. 78.32. Adamski, op. cit. p. 64.33. Angelucci, p. 141.34. Angelucci, op. cit. p. 91.35. Adamski, op. cit. p. 229.36. Rogerson, Peter. "Hunters, Gatherers, and SecretAbductors," Magonia #45 (March 1993), pp. 13-14.37. Hopkins, Budd. Intruders, Random, 1987, p. 189.38. Sellings, Dennis, letter, July 15, 1994.39. Grof, Stanislav. Realms of the Human Unconscious,Esalen, 1975, chapter 5.40. Bloecher, Ted and David, Isabel. Close Encounter atKelly and Others of 1955, CUFOS, 1978, pp. 138-48.41. Fuller, John. The Interrupted Journey, Avon, 1966, p.344.42. Menger, op. cit. p. 56.43. Kraspedon, Dino. My Contact with Flying Saucers,Neville Spearman, 1989, p. 29.44. LeGuin, Ursula. The Lathe of Heaven, Avon, 1973,p. 126.45. Keyhoe, Donald E. The Flying Saucer Conspiracy,Fieldcrest,.1955, p. 204.46. Kottmeyer, Martin S. "Entirely Unpredisposed,"Magonia #35, January, 1990, pp. 78.47. Fuller, op. cit. p. 344.48. Keyhoe, op. cit. p. 147.Mr. Kottmeyer, a frequent contributor to Magonia,lives in Carlyle, Illinois. He has also written for TheAnomalist.KING - Continued from Page 5the Air Force is apparently valuing them at $4-6000,making their theft a felony and punishable by a sizablejail sentence.I dont mean to make more of the situation, especiallythe increased police activity leading into and out ofRachel, than the situation warrants. I seriously doubt, forexample, that the Air Force has any secret saucers se-questered away at Area 51. On the other hand, their of-ficial denials that they have some relatively hot-shotterrestrial technology closely resembling same—themuch-rumored Aurora platform seems the most likelycandidate—seem somewhat disingenuous in light ofthe proposed land grab and mounting police patrols outfor a buck. On the most obvious level, if they donthave anything to cover-up, then what is it exactly thatthey are trying to not cover-up?Larry King trucking out to Rachel for the weekendcertainly didnt resolve the issue. But it does indicatethat the local authorities are getting increasingly sensi-tive about something, and growing less patient by theday with cascading media attention. That they wouldntpull King over and administer a breathalyzer test seemsobvious. That they wont pull you over seems less cer-tain.PAGE 10 NUMBER 3)9 NOVEMBER 1994
  11. 11. MUFON UFO JOURNAL"WATER SPOUT" UFO PHOTOGRAPHEDCase reports and photographs—many by Ed Walters—continue to pour infrom Gulf Breeze, Bruce MaccabeeAt about 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 26, EdWalters called me to say that he had seen thesame UFO that he had first seen on November23, 1993, and again on January 12, 1994. The Januarysighting has been described previously (MUFONJournal, June, 1994) This paper reports on theNovember and April sightings.The November sighting began about 4:35 p.m. asEd was working in his office which has windowsthatlook northward over the Santa Rosa Sound. During theprevious two weeks he had seen UFOs in the skies sev-eral time while traveling in the vicinity of Gulf Breezeand from his office. On the 15th, 18th and 21st he hadvideo-taped them with his Sony camcorder, which has afixed lens (no zoom capability), but the images were toosmall for analysis. (He also videotaped a UFO onNovember 28 while standing on the beach. This video issimilar to the Martin Allen video (see the December,1993 MUFON Journal) in that the UFO suddenly dis-appeared. The image was too small to show details ofthe shape of the UFO.Because of these previous sightings (Nov. 15, 18,21), Ed set up an even older videocamera, which, how-ever, has a zoom lens, on a tripod in his office, where hecould connect the output of the camera to his VCR.(This videocamera predates the popular "camcorder"which has the camera and the recorder together in onebox. This older camera requires a separate videorecorder.) At about 4:35 p.m. Ed was working in his of-fice while watching the Sally Jesse Raphel (SJR) showon TV when he saw a strange object, which hethoughtwas a UFO, appear in the sky. As quickly as possible heturned on the videocamera. However, the object disap-peared before he could point the camera in its direction.Hence the beginningof the video shows him pointing itin various directions looking for the UFO. (Throughoutthe video one can hear the TV in the background. At thebeginning of the video the TV was transmitting adver-tisements typical of the break in a show at the half-hour point in time. Then the SJR show resumed.)At 30 seconds into the video he stated that he was go-ing to leave the camera running in case it should comeback. He resumed his work while watchingTV (whichcan be heard in the background) and was no longerlooking out the window. About 40 seconds later, 70seconds into the video, the object appeared again as asmall darkish object at the upper right side of the screen.It traveled in a steady motion downward and to the left,crossing the screen — about 10° of angular distance— in 57 frames of the video which corresponds to 1.9seconds (at 30 frames/sec). (If it were at the distance ofthe far shore, 8,000 ft., it traveled at about 200 mph.)Thirteen seconds later Ed said "Ooop, oop, oop.There it is! Right out there." Immediately he began toturn the camera to point it at the UFO. In a few secondshe had it in the center of view of the videocamera. Thescenery below the UFO is the shore and horizon line onthe north side of the Santa Rosa Sound which also ap-pears in the April 26 photo which is to be described. Theimage was too small and poorly defined to show any de-tails of shape. However, Ed gave the following descrip-tion of the UFO as he looked through the telephoto lensof his 35 mm camera (no film in the camera!): "It lookslike an egg on the top and an egg on the bottom and ...huh! ... a bunch of ball-like things around the outside."The UFO remained motionless until about 2 min.and 55 seconds, at which time it disappeared in oneframe (1/30 second). During the last 20 seconds of thevideo, Ed said he was going to the closet to get somefilm for the camera. To do so he had to look away fromthe UFO for several seconds. It was gone when he re-turned to the camera. He did not see it disappear.During the January sighting Ed took two photos withhis 35mm camera and telephoto lens. The first photoshows a UFO shaped roughly like a thick plus sign.Unfortunately, the image is too small to show fine de-tails. The second photo, however, shows that the UFOhad a round bottom and round or oval objects around itssides, similar to the UFO of November 23. (The view ofthe upper part and right hand side were blocked by an F-15jet that was flying past the UFO; see the June issue ofthe MUFON Journal.)Ed described the April sighting as follows. He wassitting at his desk working at about 1:00 p.m. He hap-pened to look toward the Sound through the windowsinfront of him and he noticed a shiny object movingdownward through the sky from his left (west). It thenslowed and came to a stop at what appeared to be aboutthe treetop level. It hovered or moved very slowly to theleft at a low altitude over the water at a location north-northwest of him (336° azimuth). (The direction to theUFO was nearly the same as the direction during theNovember 23, 1993 sighting but in that case the UFOappeared to be higher than the treetops.)He grabbed his 35mm camera with the telephoto lensbut then realized that there was no film in it. He thengrabbed his only other camera, a Polaroid Model 600which he used to take photographs at job sites. It hadfilm. He ran out onto his deck. As he was preparing totake the picture he noticed a lot of disturbance of the wa-NOVEMBER 1994 NUMBER 319 PAGE I I
  12. 12. MUFON UFO JOURNALFigure J: artists impression.ter surface (waves, whitecaps, "chop") or a mist abovethe water surface below the UFO. Then he saw a thinline which appeared to be a water spout rising upwardsand reaching the bottom of the UFO. He aimed thecamera and took the picture. Within a few seconds the"water spout" disappeared and then the UFO zippedoff to the left, roughly in the direction from whence itcame. As Ed pointed out to me, "It was a beautiful day.There should have been a million boats out there.However there were none at the time of the sighting."Later, of course, there were boats going back and forthalong the Sound.Since it was a Polaroid photo Ed didnt have to waitfor the picture to be developed. He called me up a cou-ple of hours later and described the sighting to me andhow the UFO appeared to the naked eye. He said he hadlooked at the photographic image using a magnifyingglass but that he had considerable difficulty in seeing de-tails because the image was small. He told me that thephoto seemed to show the water spout as a thin whiteline extending from the bottom of the UFO to the water.He also said he could see a white area at the water levelbelow the UFO, and also a thin dark line (see Figure 1).He speculated that the white area might be whitecaps orfoam and that the dark line might be the shadow of theUFO on the water, since the sun was high at the time.I immediately pointed out that if the supposed shadow,or the white area, were actually on the water surfacebeneath the UFO then it might be possible to determinethe distance to it. I asked him to try to measure the dis-tance between the image of the supposed shadow and theimage of the distant shoreline (without realizing justhow tiny and blurred these images are!). He attempted tomake measurements using a ruler with a 1/60 scale and Iattempted to estimate the size of the UFO. Based on hismeasurements, I estimated its distance at about 8,000 ft.and its width at about 60 ft. Subsequent analysis showedthat Eds measurements were in error by a fraction of a60th of an inch, which was not surprising consideringhow small the images are, and that the actual distanceand size were about 1/2 of these values. Subsequently Edmailed me the photo for my analysis. I also sent it toJeffrey Sainio for his analysis.ANALYSISThe analysis, which was carried out with high qualityoptical, video and computer-aided analyticalequipment,provided the following information. The image is tiny(about 0.90 mm wide) but upon magnification is easilyseen as a white object of unusual shape that is silhouet-ted against the trees along the shore on the north side ofthe Santa Rosa Sound. Figure 1 presents what can bestbe called an "artists impression" of the UFO since thephoto does not have the sharply defined edges which ap-pear in the illustration. However, the overall shape isquite distinctand is well represented in the drawing. Thetop of the UFO appears to be approximately level withimages of the the tops of the distant trees, which areabout 80 ft. above the water. Since the camera was onlyabout 13 ft. above the ground this means that the top ofthe UFO was lower than 80 ft. (The UFO is estimated tohave been about halfway across the Sound and since thecamera was about 13 ft. above the water, the elevation ofthe top of the UFO was a bit more than half as high asthe treetops. A more accurate estimate is given below.)The upper portions of the UFO image are brighterthan the lower portions which is consistent with the so-lar illumination(clear day; solar azimuth 190°;elevation75°). The UFO appears to have an elliptical or egg-shaped top surface, an elliptical or spherical bottomsurface and a thick, horizontal center portion, as illus-trated in Figure 1. This center portion might consist ofnumerous small oval or spherical objects similar to the"outboard fuel tanks" that appear in the second January12 photo mentioned above. Unfortunately,the qualityofthis photo is much poorer than the quality of theJanuary12 35mm photo and this makes it impossible to dis-cern fine details of the construction of the UFO. There isalso a faint but rather thick vertical line that is darkerthan the rest of the UFO, which crosses the horizontalcenter section near the right hand side. Starting at thebottom of the central section is a thin white line that ex-tends downward to a position that is clearly below (onthe photo) the image of the distant shoreline. This sug-gests that whatever made the thin white line ended at thesurface of the water underneath the UFO. The presenceof this thin line appears to be consistent with Eds de-scription of a "water spout" that rose up to the bottom ofthe UFO. Telephoto pictures (220, 440 mm lens) takenfrom Eds house and showing the far side of the Soundcombined with an onsite investigation by myself provedthat there is no structure on the far shoreline or any-where on the Santa Rosa Sound that even remotely re-sembles either the UFO or the thin white vertical linewhich appears immediately below it.PAGE 12 NUMBER 319 NOVEMBER 1994
  13. 13. MUFON UFO JOURNALAt the left side of the bottom of the "spout" is asmall, rectangular white area (roughly 0.37 mm hori-zontal by 0.15 mm vertical measure) that issilhouettedagainst the blue water. The bottom of this white imageclearly appears below the level of the distant waterline.That fact suggests that the bottom of this white area is atwater level and therefore it could be a mist or foam(whitecaps) extendingupward 4 to 6 feet from the watersurface. Adjoining the right side of the bottom end of the"spout" at about the level of the top of the rectangularwhite area is a faint, thin horizontal dark line that lies tothe right of beneath the center of the UFO. Its length isabout 0.1 mm less than the width of the UFO. It appearsto be just barely below the level of the distant shoreline.A scan of other portions of the photo showing thedistantwater did not find any other white areas or dark linessimilar to these. Therefore it is possible that this darkline is associated with the presence of the UFO andmight actually be the shadow of the UFO on the watersurface or the shadow on any mist that might have risenup from the surface as a result of the presence of theUFO. The onsite investigation showed that there areno structures or objects on the distant shore or lyingalong the line of sight to the shore which resemble eitherthe white area or the dark line.For the purposes of calculation I assume that thewhite area discussed above was a mist (or foam) belowthe UFO and, in particular, that the bottom of the whitearea was at the water surface. The distance from thecamera to the white area can be estimated from the fol-lowing measurements: (a) the height of the camera abovewater level, (b) the distance from the camera to the farshore and (c) the angle (in radians) between the photo-graphic image of the far shore and the image of the bot-tom of the white area. Once the distance to the white areais estimated the approximate size (in ft.) of the UFOcan be calculated from the size of the film image bymultiplying the distance (in ft.) by the ratio of the imagesize (in mm) to the focal lengthof the camera (110 mm).The distance to the far shore has been estimated, usinga map, at about 8,000 ft., (+/-) 200 ft. Measurements weremade to determine the camera height above the water lev-el at the same tide stage as the time of the photo. Thecamera height turned out to be 12.5 ft., (+/-) 0.5 ft.Unfortunately it has proven to be quite difficult to accu-rately measure the distance between the image of theshoreline and the bottom of the image of the white area.The difficulty arises from the poor resolution or "fuzzi-ness" of images in the Polaroid photo. The fuzziness is aresult of two factors: the rather large grain size of Model600 Polaroid film and imperfect focusing of the lens.Various techniques were used to estimate the shoreline po-sition, including the use of telephoto images of the distantshore for comparison. These measurements indicatethat,on the original photo, the distance downward from theshoreline to the bottom of the mist is about 0.146 mm,(+/-) .018 mm which corresponds to an angle of about0.00133 radians. The uncertaintyin this angle leads to anuncertainty of about (+/-) 12% in the estimated distance.The result of the analysis is that the distance to thewhite "mist" is about 4,300 ft., (+/-) 500 ft. (JeffreySainio, another MUFON photoanalyst, used computer-aided techniquesto make measurements on the film andhe estimated the distance at about 4,200 ft.) Using 4,300ft. as the distance, the size of the UFO has been calcu-lated from measurements of the image size. The resultsare, again with a lack of precision because of fuzziness,that the UFO was in the range of 30-38 ft. wide and 20-27 ft. high. The bottom of the UFO was 19-26 ft. abovethe water (the length of the "water spout") and the topwas 45-50 ft. above the water. The thickness of the hor-izontal center section was about 10-15 ft. The thickness(diameter) of the "water spout" was only a couple of feet.It is important to note that the lower values of the es-timated size (30 ft. wide by 20 ft. high with the horizontalNOVEMBER 1994 NUMBER 319 PAGE 13
  14. 14. MUFON UFO JOURNALsection 10 ft. high) are very close to the dimensionsof theUFO calculated from the January 12 photo of the UFOand the F-15jet (29 ft. wide by 19 ft. high with the hor-izontal section about 9.5 ft. high). The dimensions cal-culated from the January photo were based on an as-sumed distance of 8,500 ft. (200ft.farther than the F-15).In that case there was no way of determining just how.faraway the UFO was, only that it was farther than the jet.Hence I could have assumed a greater distance. If, for ex-ample, I had assumed 9,000 ft., the calculated dimensionsfrom the "jet photo" would havebeen about 31 ft. by 20ft. by 10 ft. and therefore in agreement with the minimumsize estimated from the "water spout" photo.The above calculations assume that the white area wason the water surface below the UFO and not shadedfrom the sun by the UFO. This hypothesis can be testedto determine whether or not there is consistency withEds description. Consider that the sun (by measure-ment a few days later) was at an elevation of about 75°and at an azimuthof about 190° at the time of the photo.The sun would cast a shadow on the water which wasthe same size as the UFO. However, because the sunwas not directly overhead, the whole shadow would beshifted in a direction away from the azimuth of the sun.Specifically, the shadow would be offset in direction 10°east of north. The amount of offset (distance) wouldbe equal to the product of the altitudeof the shading ob-ject, i.e., the altitude of the (center)of the horizontalsec-tion of the UFO, about 36 ft., and the cosine of the solarelevation: 36 cos(75) = 9.3 ft. Since the calculated di-ameter of the UFO was 30-38 ft. (radius =16-19 ft.), di-rect sunlight at the water surface would reach onlyabout 1/2 way from a point directly under the edge of theUFO to a point directly under the center of the UFO(with this measurement made along a line starting at thewater surface directly below the center of the UFO andextending "toward" the sun). Thus if the UFO created amist (or foam or whitecaps) on the water surface belowit, the "outer" portion of that area would be directly il-luminated by the sun. That portion would be, from Edsperspective, at the left of where the vertical centerline ofthe UFO contacts the water surface, i.e., at the left of thebottom of the "water spout." That is exactly where thebrightest white area appears. In the photo one can seethat the left half (approximately) of the "mist" area is abit brighter than the right half (approximately), which isconsistent with assuming that the left half of the mistwas directly illuminated by the sun and the right halfwas shaded from the sun and only indirectly illumi-nated (by skylight). The "water spout" is also a relativelydim white image, consistent with the fact that it wouldbe shaded from direct sunlight along its whole length.DISCUSSION OF THE HOAX HYPOTHESISCould this be a hoax photo created by Ed, perhaps tosupport his previous F-15UFO photo? I will nowdis-cuss that issue. If it were a hoax, he would have hadplenty of time to create it and he could have used anycamera available. In particular, considering the "success"of his hypothetical hoax F-15/UFO photo, he couldhave used the same 35 mm camera in order to create atruly spectacular "water spout" UFO photo. Why switchto the lower quality Polaroid if he were able to create aconvincing hoax with a much better camera?To be consistent with his F-15AJFO photo he wouldwant to create another photo in which the apparent sizeof the "UFO," as calculated from the photo, wouldequal the size estimated from the F-15/UFO photos,i.e., around 30 ft. wide. :To accomplish this would re-quire some careful photographic calculations onEdspart and some very careful photography. The size rangecalculated here (30 ft. to 38 ft. wide) is extremely sen-sitive to the exact location on the photo of the bottom ofthe image of the white "mist" relative to the location ofthe shoreline. A variation by a small fraction of a mil-limeter up or down on the photo can change the calcu-lated distance, and therefore the calculated size, by alarge amount. Hence in evaluatingthe hoax hypothesisone should ask whether or not Ed could (a) figure outexactly where to place the bottom of the "mist" imagerelative to the image of the distant shore, and (b)havingfigured that out, could he create a photo showing thatmist in the correct location.The only reasonable method to propose, consider-ing the camera he used, would be the direct photographof a model silhouetted against the background scene ora double exposure. The suggestion that it could be a dou-ble exposure is rejected as being virtually impossible toaccomplish with the Model 600 camera. It would ^equirethat he position the latent image of a very brightly litmodel UFO,with its associated "water spout" and"white mist" (presumablyphotographed against a darkbackground during the first exposure of the film), insuch a way as to make it appear as if the bottom of the"spout" and the "mist" contacted the water at a particu-lar distance from the opposite shoreline. This would bevery difficult—perhaps practically impossible—sincehe couldnt see the location of the latent image withinthe field of view of the camera and therefore wouldhave to guess as to where to point the camera.Moreover, he could not create, by the simple doubleexposure method, the dark line which he suggested wasa shadow of the UFO. The reason that he could notcreate the dark line is because it is darker than the back-ground (water), and in a simple double exposure onecannot have any portion of the "UFOimage" darkerthan the background. (This is because at any point of amultiple exposure photo the total brightness is the sumof brightnesses during each exposure. Brightnesses can-not subtract from one another.) Although the maskeddouble exposure technique, in which a mask blocks thePAGE 14 NUMBER 319Continued on Page 16NOVEMBER 1994
  15. 15. MUFON UFO JOURNALBEST Of THE GULF BREEZE SIGHTINGSVFOs widely varied in color, size, shape & behavior continue to be reported in Floridas Buddy CrumbleyApril 26th, 1994. Whole group of red objects spottedover Pensacola Beach Dunes Hotel by ShorelinePark skywatchers. Two of the red objects came togetherto form one.April 28th. At 10:40 p.m., at the intersection ofFairfield and Palafox in Pensacola, a young couple intheir 30s were driving when suddenly a round craft thesize of a Volkswagen passed right in front of their carand stopped over a house only 50 feet from them andabout 50 feet over same. It had red lights going roundand round and began to look "hazy" inside, as if it wereemitting smoke. The wife was very shocked, never hav-ing had a sighting or any interest, although encouragedby her husband.Originally from England, this Pensacolacouple, after seeing a UFO up close, now skywatchregularly and are both believers.May 20th. At 2:00 p.m. at the intersection ofCervantes and N Street in Pensacola, close to thePensacola Grand Hotel, a couple driving spotted twohuge oblong-shaped metallic crafts giving off brightlights that he said was not reflective but "transmitted."The soundless objects were 150 feet across, 50 to 75 feetthick, at an altitude of 4000 to 6000 feet. The estimatedspeed was 200 to 300 mph. When two Navy trainingjetsflew toward them, the crafts disappeared.June 26th. 3:00 p.m. Pensacola Beach Parking Lot #5.Between Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach, twobrothers saw, hovering almost directly overhead, threesmall circular dark grey discs. Two discs were side byside and one was to the right toward the Southeast. Thedisc off to the right of the other two moved severalhundred feet Southeast and back in two seconds. Thediscs then moved together and appeared to move off indifferent directions. The sighting lasted about three min-utes and reportedly made the "hair stand up" on thewitnesses.June 29th. At approximately 9 p.m., a man andwoman were walking into Delchamps grocery onHighway 98 in Gulf Breeze when they saw a huge ob-ject over East Bay that started glowing orange.At midnight on the same night, six witnesses re-ported seeing a huge round craft over land between theGulf waters and the street east of Ariola Drive, nearthe second beach water tower. It was low and so large itcovered up the water tower, displaying a series of lightson it and then shining beams of light down. It started toglow a golden orange and seemed to have a gaseouscloud around it.Mid-July. During the middle of the afternoon, a cou-ple visiting from the Northeast spotted a metallic, conrventional-shaped UFO over a Pensacola lake. It was inone place, not moving,and wobbled lightly from side toside. Suddenly, three helicopters flew in and the craftleft. Several days after they arrived home, two men dri-ving a black Chevrolet reportedly came to their home,demanding the still and video pictures taken of theirsightings. They frightened the couple, who are still trau-matized, and took their videos and film.August 16th. Two strange red lights were spottedover the Bob Sykes Bridge leading from Gulf Breeze toPensacola Beach. Multiple witnesses.August 27th. Midnight. A retired army officer re-ported a low flying "absolutely huge" boomerang-shaped object that resembled a half-moon near the en-trance to the Villa Venice subdivision on the edge of theNaval Live Oaks Forest where there have been manyGulf Breeze sightings. The witness and his two daugh-ters described a gaseous cloud forming around the UFO,which was moving North to South and flying further andlower into the subdivision toward the water. They lostsight of it as it disappeared into the trees. The former of-ficer said the object was unlike anything he had everseen.September 6th. Two sightings from Shoreline ParkSouth, Gulf Breeze.Sighting No. 1: 9:25 p.m. Multiple witnesses ob-served a yellow, rectangular UFO with three red lightson the side.Sighting No. 2: A witness observed an orange andamber-colored, football-shaped light fly low over thepavilion roof at Shoreline Park South. It disappeared intothe trees located behind the park. A little before thesighting, the witness and her mother had walked underthe pavilion but left quickly because they felt as if"something" was there. The mother described the feel-ing as an energy whichjust "hit her right in the chest."September 7th. Two nurses at a Gulf Breeze medicalfacility went outside at 2:30 a.m. As they were standingon the back patio area, they saw an amber-colored starwhich looked strangely different than it "should."Suddenly, it dropped down rapidly, zigzagged wildlyNOVEMBER 1994 NUMBER 319 PAGE 15
  16. 16. MUFON UFO JOURNALTwo nurses at a Gulf Breeze medical facilitysaw an amber-colored star which lookedstrangely different than it "should."Suddenly, it dropped down rapidly,zigzagged wildly several times, and, to theiramazement, shot straight up in the air anddisappeared.. several times and, to their amazement, shot straight up inthe air and disappeared.September 8th. Between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m., twelvered lights were seen in groups of three and four overPensacola Beach. An orange ring of lights appearedover the Holiday Inn and shortly afterwards, a large or-ange ring with a red boiling center appeared near thesame area.September 12th. 7:40 p.m. Three red objects ap-peared over the Dunes Hotel on Pensacola Beach. At7:50 p.m., one more appeared from which a blue beamcould be seen shining perpendicularly toward theground. The Shoreline Park skywatchers spotted an-other red object which turned amber, then white, at 8:25p.m. near the foot of the beach bridge.September 24th. Midnight Pensacola Beach sight-ing. A group of witnesses reported seeing four strangeballs of light. One was particularly large—the size of aquarter at arms length. It appeared as a bright ball of or-ange light, much darker in the center. This very intenselight flashed off and on several times then suddenly be-gan to change colors from pink to blue to green andmove fast and erratically all over the sky. The witnessesstated this bizarre group of light balls was soundless andresembled nothing they had seen before.MUFON1994 INTERNATIONALUFO SYMPOSIUMPROCEEDINGS"UFOLOGY: A Historical Perspective"Fourteen papers - 306 pagesPRICE:$20 plus $1.50 for postage arid handling.ORDER FROM:. MUFON, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099WATER SPOUT - Continued from Page 14background during the second (background scene) ex-posure, could, in principle, be used to create a darkline, it would be virtually impossible to carry out withthis camera because it would require exquisitely finealignment between the (invisible) latent image of thedark line and the background mask.The angular size (width) of the UFO corresponds toroughly 3 inches at 30 ft. Thus one might suggest that amodel, including the "water spout," the white "mist" andthe dark horizontal line, was hung from threads belowsome structure that was too high and too wide to appearin the camera. For example, one might imagine using avertical pole holding a horizontal bar, and the model hungfrom the bar. At a distance of 30 ft., since the UFO im-age appears near the horizontal center of the photo, in or-der to be outside the picture, the pole would have to beroughly 12 ft. to the left or right of the model and the hor-izontal bar would have to extend at least this distance (12ft.) to be over the model. At a distance of 30 ft. the hor-izontal bar would have to be at least 6 ft. abovethemodel in order to appear outside the picture. Since thecamera was about 10 ft. above the ground,as proven byscenery in the photo combined with the on-site visit, thehypothetical horizontal bar would have to be at least 16ft. above the, but not easy. A morebizarre suggestion is that a full-sized model, more thanthirty feet in diameter, was supported on a floating plat-form in the middle of the Santa Rosa Sound. Clearly thiswould be extremely difficult to accomplish and it wouldrequire a relatively long time (hours) to set up. Surelymany people would have seen such a constructionas theytraveled past in their boats.As a further test of the model hypothesis I asked Edto use the same camera to photograph a similar-shapedobject hanging from a thread at a distance of about 30 ft.He chose a baseball and hung it so that the top of the ballappeared to be about level with the top of the treeline,just as the top of the UFO appears to be about at the topof the treeline. Jeffrey Sainio has analyzed the waterspout photo and compared it with the test photo of thebaseball. He found that the edge of the ball image issharper than the image of the distant shore, which indi-cates that the ball was much closer than the distantshore (whichis true). He also found that the edge of theball image is sharper than that of the UFO image, whichindicates that the UFO is much farther away than theball. Moreover, he found that the sharpness of the edgeof the UFO image is similar to that of the image of thedistant shore. Both of these latter findings are consistentwith the calculationspresented above which indicate adistance of thousands of feet to the UFO. Hence, aftercombining the testimony with the photo analysis I con-clude that this photo is not a hoax.PAGE 16 NUMBER 319 NOVEMBER 1994
  17. 17. MUFON UFO JOURNAL"False Memories and Imagination"With the release of Dr. John Macks book,Abduction, and his many appearances on varioustelevision specials and talk shows, the skeptical point ofview had to surface with some credible explanationother than what Dr. Mack was offering. The hottest andmost recent explanation going around is that of theFalse Memory Syndrome—which simply means thatthe subject is imagining his experiences through thecollective effects of suggesiive interviewers, iiypnulictrances, subconscious needs, and information of a sci-ence fiction nature already absorbed and present in theunconscious mind.The widely publicized False Memory Syndrome is avery real phenomenonthat has been basically associatedwith stories of people suddenly claimingremembrancesof childhoodabuse after becoming involved with thera-pists and hypnosis.Careful investigation of such caseshas usually revealed carelessness and sloppy, suggestiveapproaches by enthusiastic and emotionally-involvedcounselors. Even books contain highly suggestive re-marks such as this quote found in The Courage to Heal:"If you are unable to rememberany specific instances...but still have a feeling that something abusive happenedto you, then it probably did... If you think you wereabused—and your life shows the symptoms, then youwere!"These kinds of careless suggestionsalso exist in theUFO field among eager investigators, inexperiencedhypnotherapists, and opinionated (thereforesuggestive)UFO groups. This can and has lured avid "believers"who may have a psychologicalneed to belong and boastan affiliation with UFO contacts. This, however,is quitedifferent from the typical profile of the credible ab-ductee who usually disbelieves initially, remainsskep-tical, private, anonymous, and uncertain.What seriousresearchers and qualified mental health professionalscontinue to report is that these subjects are not sug-gestible—nor can they be led in logical directions whendetailing an experience.They insist on describingbizarredetails which make absolutely no sense to them to theextent that they feel they must be going crazy! Yet,their reports match with an uncanny andunprecedentedaccuracy given the nature of the material. But it islargely assumed by the skeptical element nationwidethat all abduction researchers and professionals are care-lessly enthusiastic, sloppy, and highly suggestive. This issimply not true. There are a number of very careful andskillful persons doingexcellent work in a quiet and se-rious manner. Subjects have not allowed us to lead themdespite the variety of cleverly-worded questions andopinionated remarks thrown at them deliberately. If thesubject wanted to please the researcher, he should be ledall over the place without much difficulty. But this just isnot happening.There have been hypnotherapists and psychologistswho knew nothing about UFOs and found accountspouring out of their clients—sometimes without theclient even linking it to the UFO subject himself.Occasionally, different mental health professionals haveworked with separate witnesses from the same en-counter—and withoutcomparing notes or expectationsfound striking matches in specific details between theaccounts of these separate witnesses from independentinvestigations. It is most chilling when they are able todescribe what each other was doing while aboard thespacecraft at certain points in the accounts. This is whatyou will not find with the False Memory Syndrome be-cause the nature of imagination does not work in such amanner that two different people would report the exactsame scenario with matching details that place thosepersons aboard a craft at the same point in time knowingwhat each other was doing. Imagination is boundless andunlimited, especially with all the various kinds of sci-ence fiction and outer space adventures in the mediathese days. Imagination could create vague parallelsand basic themes that match in general ways, but not inthe multitude of specific and minute matching details.For example, outer space fiction on television pro-vides us presently with a creative array of manyimages and possible scenarios. Regarding alien com-munication, think how many different types of vocalsounds, bleeps, grunts, screeches, computerized lan-guages and tones of audible voices have been presentedto us! Yet, despite that creative and pervasive influ-ence, why do we get a better than 98% correlationamong carefully collected accounts of non-verbal, non-audible communication which is essentially telepathic?Why dont we find more interesting descriptions ofspacecraft interiorsinstead of the usual colorless, gray,barren, and drab rooms that lack wallpaper, furniture,hanging pictures, plants, or any sense of decor? Whereis the imagination? How could so many people from somany different backgrounds, intellects, experiences,and ethnic influences ever begin to tell the same kind ofunimaginative scenario? In fact, it is this absence ofimaginative detail that is providing researchers withclearer and more predictable patterns of data.With false memories of sexual abuse an experiencebetween humans is created—a much easier kind of storyto fabricate from our own backgrounds and feelings to-ward relatives than one of a bizarre and confusing alienabduction by beings that we have never seen before inour lives. Even though it would be much easier to createa story of human abuse which could be accepted and be-lieved by our society, no two sexual abuse accountsNOVEMBER 1994 NUMBER 319 PAGE 17
  18. 18. MUFON UFO JOURNALcould be that alike over thousands of cases due to thesimple fact that this multitude of victims cannot sharethe same Uncle Ed or Grampa Joe, nor the same indi-vidual backgrounds from all the diverse lives involved.General themes could be similar, but here, specific de-tails related to family tragedies would reflect the difficultlife of each individual, presented in a unique and emo-tionally rich tapestry of that individualslife. Becausesexual abuse victims are accepted and supported byvarious groups and treatment centers, it becomes morereinforcing to subconsciously manufacture what thetherapist is suggesting. Abductees, on the other hand,comprise "a club that nobody would want to join orbelong to—including those who are already members."The lack of qualified help or public support along withdemeaning skepticism and intolerable ridicule shouldtheoretically extinguish such a psychological desire.Yet reports continue to flow by the thousands—remi-niscent of the manner in which reporters of incest wereinitially discredited, disbelieved, and scorned until thesheer weight from the abundance of accounts broke thedoubting backbone of society, crushing the wall of pub-lic denial with a flood of credible reports that could nolonger be neatly ignored.The False Memory Syndrome attempts to add supportto its own crusade by claiming that any and all such ab-duction tales are additional irrefutable evidence thatsuch a process of creating false memories exists. But thatis like saying that since a twenty-dollarbill can be coun-terfeited, all twenty-dollarbills are fakes! It could also besaid that since false memories can be constructed, nomemories should be trusted. But studies by the LosAngeles Police Department of over 500 traumatic crimecases revealed that verifiable data retrieved from hyp-nosis sessions were determined to be accurate 90% ofthe time—better than that of witnesses with consciousrecall. This False Memory crusade can sadly lead todoubt and ridicule of victims who are accurately re-calling instances of human abuse.As researchers we must learn what we can from theFalse Memory Syndrome in order to make us aware ofthe pitfalls and dangers of sloppy, suggestive approachesin our investigations and treatmentof alleged abductees.The False Memory crusaders need to recognize that theabduction phenomenon cannot be explained nor cate-gorized so quickly with a superficial perusal and com-plete disregard for careful and intelligent research. Theyneed to be able to explain how separate participants areable to "create" such matching accounts. They need toaccount for the lack of imagination and diversity inalien encounters that one should expect over thousandsof people. They need to explain how children can reportsuch incidents from the night before. They need to ex-plain how bizarre abduction tales match in intricate de-tail and with greater frequency than the diverse ac-counts of human sexual abuse of which there is morepublic knowledge and acceptance. They need to allowfor the idea that some abduction accounts may be true.And. finally, they need to account for the massiveamount of correlating and supporting evidence in theform of documented absences, ground traces, unex-plained incisions and scars, photos, multiple partici-pants, shared amnesia, independent eyewitnesses,radartracking, radioactivity, burns, affected vegetation, con-scious reports, and government documents recognizingthe existence of UFOs at a highly classified level ofimportance and secrecy. This is indeed more than justimagination or false memories.Next column: "Update on ProfessionalInvolvement"Mr. Carpenter can now be reached quickly and con-veniently via e-mail: johnc68996@aol.ENCOUNTER AT BUFF LEDGEby Walter N. WebbCenter for UFOStudies, 306 pages, paper,$19.95Reviewed by Dennis StacyReaders of this journal will of course be familiarwith the name of Walter Webb. MUFONsAstronomy Consultant, who writes our monthly "NightSky" column. The latter, incidentally, celebrated its 20thanniversary last month. They may be less familiar withthe fact that Webb spent 32 years at Bostons CharlesHayden Planetarium at the Museum of Science, or thathe was the initial investigator of the Betty and BarneyHill abduction case. In fact, his interest in UFOs waspiqued by a personal sighting in 1951. If you meet himat a conference,then, dont be deceived by his youthfullooks: Walter and his brother, David, have been in thisbusiness for a combined 60, 70 or maybe even 80 years,which is something few siblings can say.Encounter at Buff Ledge. A UFO Case Hiswry. pub-lished by the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, ishis first full-length book and a highly recommendedone at that. We were treated to the briefest of sum-maries of this case in the May, 1988, issue of theJournal. At that time, wrote Webb, his "five-year probeinto the incident makes it the most thoroughly investi-gated and documented of any single UFO abductionepisode to date." Mr. Webb presented this case at theMUFON 1988 International UFO Symposium inLincoln, Nebraska.PAGE 18 NUMBER 319 NOVEMBER 1994
  19. 19. MUFON UFO JOURNALThe case was deemed worthy of such a detailed in-vestigation because of two primary factors. First, it wasthat rarest form of abduction, one in which two or morepeople claim to have been abducted simultaneously.(The only other full-length book treatment of a similarcase that comes readily to mind is Ray Fowlers TheAllagash Abductions, 1993, Wild Flower Press, whichinvolved four campers in Maine.) Perhaps more impor-tantly, noted Webb, "I was able to determine that neitherindividual saw, spoke, or corresponded with the otherover the 10-year span between the conclusion of theirexperience and the initiationof my investigation. Despitethis separation and the usual period of missing time, bothobservers independentlyfilled in their time lapses witha shared abduction experience during regressive hyp-nosis, with astonishing agreement in many major andminor details."Michael, then 16, and Janet, 19 (not their real names),were both on the staff of a private girls camp (nowdefunct) on the southeastern shore of LakeChamplain,just north of Burlington,Vermont, when the incidentoc-curred. Many of the counselors and campers were inBurlington for a state swim meet. Just after sunset, aglowing cigar-shaped object suddenly swooped downfrom the sky and emitted three smaller round objectsover the lake. The latter cavorted about until two ofthem streaked off in opposite directions, the larger objecthaving already departed. The third UFO now ap-proached Michael and Janet, who had been enjoyingsunset at the end of a dock jutting into the lake. It ap-proached first to within 60 feet of the witnesses, then asclose as ten feet away, revealing "a classic disc with atransparent dome and revolving rim of spectral colors...According to Michael, two entities could be seenthrough the dome of the craft [who] communicated withhim telepathically. Meanwhile Janet appeared to befrozen in a trancelike state."The disc then moved abruptly overhead and shonedown a beam of light on the two. Michael rememberedgrabbing Janet and falling to the deck of the dock withher. He had the feeling of having passed out while underthe light. He next remembered the sound of car doorsand voices as the others returned from the swim meet.Two of the newly arrived campers ran out onto thedock, where they, too, watched as the UFO suddenlysped away. Both Michael and Janet immediately feltfatigued and fell asleep in their separate quarters. Thenext morning, neither could quite bring themselves totalk to the other about the incident. Camp closed a fewweeks later, and both went their way. They did not see orcontact each other until several years later, when Webbfinally brought them both together for a briefreunion.Such are the basics of the case, and to reveal more inthis review would be to give away the store, so to speak.Webb has invested an immense amount of time and en-ergy in the Buff Ledge investigationand deserves yoursupport. And as they say in Hollywood, "its all up on theENCOUNTER ATBUFF LEDGEA UFO CASE HISTORYscreen," or, in this case, between the covers. In fact, themany illustrations and 306 pages dont begin to tell thehalf of it. Use only a slightly larger type size and thewhole would probably run to 500 pages. This is clearly acase of getting your moneys worth if ever there was one.If there is any quibble about Encounter at Buff Ledge(and the first law of reviewing says every book has atleast one potential quibbling point), it is that all themaps, photographsand drawingsare lumped together inthe front of the book. Spreadingsame more judiciouslythroughout the main body of text would have made thewhole more readable and even somewhat more sus-penseful. No doubt it would have increased productioncosts, too, proving once again that one cant alwayshave everything.This very minor "criticism"aside. Encounter at BuffLedge comes highly recommended in every regard,from the case itself, to the thoroughly detailed investi-gation chronicled here by author Webb. Encounter canbe ordered directly from the Center for UFO Studies,2457 W. Peterson Ave., Chicago, IL 60659. The price,postage paid in the U.S., is $21.95, overseas surface,$22.95, and overseas air mail, $27.95.NOVEMBER 1994 NUMBER 319 PAGE 19
  20. 20. MUFON UFO JOURNALOther books which have recently arrived, and whichwe hope to review at greater length in future issues, in-clude the following:The Computer Inside You (The Existence of UFOs andPsychic Phenomena Easily Understood) by Kurt Johman,Ph.D., 140 pages, paper, $8.95, from Vantex Publishing,7257 NW 4th Blvd., Suite 177, Gainesville, FL 32607.Add $2.00 postage & handling if ordering direct.Without Consent (A Comprehensive Survey ofMissing-Time and Abduction Phenomena in the UK) byCarl Nagaitas and Philip Mantle, Ringpull Press, hard-back, illus., 204 pages, £16.99. Should be availablefrom Arcturus Books by the time you read this. Looks tobe a very good and thorough survey of the English ab-duction scene. Includes the famous Llkley Moor case,complete with photograph of alleged alien taken in WestYorkshire on 1December, 1987, by "Philip Spencer."West Virginia UFOs (Close Encounters in theMountain State) by Bob Teets, paper, illus., 213 pages,$14.95 plus $2.50 postage & handling, from HeadlineBooks, Box 52, Terra Alta, WV 26764. (800) 570-5951.As anyone who has read their John Keel knows, par-ticularly The Mothman Prophecies, West Virginia, for allits small size and low population, has spawned morethan its fair share of interesting UFO sightings over theyears. Most recently, for example, see state director TedSpickJers "Close Encounters in West Virginia" in theOctober, 1994, issue of the Journal.Here, in heavily illustrated format, author Teets looksat more than a hundred cases from the Mountain State.The older cases are given their due, but for the most partTeets concentrates on sightings originating in the 1980sand 90s.Allergies and Aliens (The VisitationExperience: AnEnvironmental Health Issue) by Albert Budden,Discovery Times Press, St. Lukes House, 270Sandycombe Road, Kew, Surrey, TW9 3NP, England,paper, 76 pages, £5.00. Silly as it may sound on thesurface, we actually have a piece in the works by Mr.Budden, who argues that some encounter experiencesmay be an allergic, or hypersensitive, reaction to elec-tromagnetic fields. And to understand how that mightwork, one needs to know a little bit more about the hu-man nervous system and its interaction with electricaland magnetic fields, which the authorseeks to provide inthis booklet, precursor to a larger book to be publishednext year as UFOs—The Electromagnetic Indictment(The Psychic Nature of Close Encounters).A final note. Because of time and career considera-tions, editor David Gotlib has been compelled to put hismost excellent Bulletin of Anomalous Experience onhiatus for the year 1995. Hopefully, well be able to in-form you of its impending resumption a year from now.The May. 1994, issue of the Journal carried a coverarticle entitled "Uncovering the Guardian Caper,"also known as the Carp, Canada, case. The case is an ex-tensive one. ultimately involving everything from al-leged abductions, helicopter fly-overs and video of alanded UFO with accompanyingalien, to the RoyalCanadian Mounted Police. It was featured prominentlyon several "tabloid" TV programs, including"UnsolvedMysteries," "Sightings" and "Encounters." The mainAmerican investigator was Robert Oechsler ofMaryland. Several local members of MUFON Ontarioand the Canadian UFO Research Network took excep-tion with the way Oechsler conducted his investigationand initiated a series of articles to correct what theysaw as itsshortcomings.Thinking the series would consist of two, or perhapsat most three, parts, I reprinted the initial report in theJournal. My intention was to reprint the rest of the seriesin a future issue, along with any response by Oechsler1(or, as it turned out, Bruce Maccabee). The project gotquickly out of hand, and to those who have writtenwondering what happened, please let me explain.For starters, it soon became apparent that the serieswas going to run much, much longer than 1had antici-pated. A fourth piece has just appeared in the latestMUFON Ontario Newsletter (September, 1994), with atleast one more installment promised. Reprinting every-thing written on both sides of the issue threatenedto rumthe Journal into the Carp Monthly. If the entire UFOphenomenon had suddenly decided to go onsabbatical,I might have been able to get everything in, but obvi-ously that wasnt going to happen, so what to do?In the meantime. Bob Oechsler announced his re-tirement from ufology, rendering some of the issuesraised moot. My apologies, then, for originally biting offmore than I could chew by promisingto continue the se-ries in the Journal. Those still interested in the continu-ing Canadian revelations should write the MUFONOntario Newsletter for additional details. The editorsaddress is Victor Lourenco, 3058 Fifth Line W. #7.Mississauga, Ontario. Canada, L5L 5W4. Subscriptions(six issues/yr) are $20.00 U.S. Those interested in BobOechslers side of the Carp case should contact him di-rectly at 136 Oakwood Road, Edgewater, MD 21037.Rumors and/or allegations that the series was dis-continued or "suppressed" because of a threatenedlaw-suit or any other reason are simply untrue.MUFONET-BBS NETWORKMembers Communication LinkAustralia — U.S. — Canada — South AfricaCall for the BBS nearest you! FAX: 817-628-1031Data No. 512-556-2524 8 - N - 1PAGE 20 NUMBER 319 NOVEMBER 1994