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Mufon ufo journal 1993 4. april Document Transcript

  • 2. M U F O N U F O J O U R N A LO F F I C I A L P U B L I C A T I O N O F T H E M U T U A L U F O N E T W O R K S I N C E 1967A P R I L 1993 N U M B E R 300THE ALLAGASH ABDUCTIONS Raymond E. FowlerSLOW FIREBALL STARTLES MANY Walter N. WebbREJOINDER TO CRITIQUE OF BUDD HOPKINS Walt Andrus 8REPTILIANS 8. OTHER UNMENTIONABLES John Carpenter 10STANLEY INGRAM 8. THE PLANTOS GAMES Don Worley 12NEWS 8, VIEWS 14THE UFO PRESS 16CURRENT CASES 17MUFON FORUM Letters 19READERS-CLASSIFIEDS 20THE MAY NIGHT SKY Walter N. Webb 21DIRECTORS MESSAGE" Walter H. Andrus, Jr. 24COVER- Charles Rak (Charlie Foltz being operated on.)MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, TX78155-4099Tel: (210) 379-9216EDITORDennis StacyASSOCIATE EDITORWalter H. Andrus, Jr.COLUMNISTSWalter N. WebbJohn S. CarpenterART DIRECTORVince JohnsonCopyright 1993by the Mutual UFO Network. All Rights Reserved.No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission ofthe Copyright Owners. Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any one arti-cle, provided the author is credited, and the statement, "Copyright 1993 by the Mutual UFONetwork, 103 Oldtowne Rd, Seguin, Texas 78155," is included.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editors and do not necessari-ly reflect the official position of the Mutual UFO Network. Opinions expressed are solely thoseof the individual authors.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organization of the typedescribed in Section 509 (a) (2). Donors may deduct contributions from their Federal IncomeTax. Bequests, legacies,devises, transfers or gifts are also deductible for estate and gift purposes,provided they meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106 and 2522 of the InternalRevenue Code.The MUFON UFO Journal is published monthly by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., Seguin,Texas. Membership/Subscription rates: $25 per year in the U.S.A.; $30 foreign in U.S. funds.Second class postage paid at Seguin, TX.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to: MUFON, 103 OldtowneRd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099.
  • 3. MUFON UFO JOURNALTHE ALLAGASH ABDUCTIONSFour weekend campers in Northern Maine find themselves taking the canoe trip of a lifetime!By Raymond E. FowlerMUFON Director ofInvestigationsCharlie Foltz can see his three naked friends waiting on a bench. Drawing by C. Foltz.On Friday night, August 20, 1976, fouryoungart students in their early twenties leftBoston, Massachusetts for a canoe andcamping trip in a wilderness area of Northern Mainealong the Allagash River. The group consisted ofidentical twins, Jack and Jim Weiner, Charlie Foltzand Chuck Rak. Upon arrival at a staging point, theyhired a pontoon airplane which flew them and theircanoes to TeTos Lake on the Allagash Waterway.During the next several days they canoed and campedalong the Waterway.On the evening of Thursday, August 26, they reachedEagle Lake, set up camp and decided to go night fishingfor trout. The pitch darkness of the area necessitated thebuilding of a huge bonfire to mark their campsite so thatthey could find their way back to it. Shortly after be-ginning to fish, Chuck became aware of a feeling of be-ing watched. He told us that:"I turned toward the direction from where I felt thisand saw a large bright sphere of colored lighthoveringmotionless and soundless about 200-300 feet above thesoutheastern rim of the cove."Chuck yelled for the others to look behind them.There, rising above the trees was a huge oval glowingobject. As their eyes became adapted to its intensebrightness, a gyroscopic motion was noted, as if therewere pathways:of energy flowing equatorially andlongitudinally from pole to pole. This divided thesphere into four oscillatingquadrants of bright coloredlight. The color changes were very liquid and envelop-ing, as if the entire object had a plasmatic motion to it,like a thick sauce does as it starts a rolling boil.Charlie grabbed a flashlight and blinked it at the ob-ject. Instantly, the huge rising glowing object came to anabrupt halt and began to slowly approach the canoe.Simultaneously, a tube-shaped beam of light eruptedfrom the object and hit the water. A glowing ring with adark center reflected on the waters surface, indicatingthat the beam was hollow. The object and its beam oflight began moving toward the canoe. Terrified, theAPRIL 1993 NUMBER 300 PAGE 3
  • 4. MUFON UFO JOURNALThe tube-like light seemed to hold the ca-noe steady as each man was put back In hisoriginal seating position.campers began paddling frantically toward theirbonfireand camp as the beam swept across the lake directly atthem and engulfed them.It was from this point on that the conscious memoriesof the four differed according to each witness vantagepoint. The next thing Charlie remembered was pad-dling for shore and standing at the campsite with theothers, watchingthe object move away.Chuck Rak remembers staying in the canoe after theothers had piled out in panic onto the shore. Transfixed,still holding his idle paddle, he could not take his eyesoff the object.Jack and Jim were able to consciously remember a bitmore. Jack said that "It was just behind us and I couldsee that we were never going to outrun the Beam. It wasadvancing too fast and I remember thinking, Holy shit!This is it! Well never get away. The next thing I knew,we were on the shore getting out of the canoe looking di-rectly at the object which was now about 20 or 30 feetabove the water. The beam was coming out of the bot-tom of it like the object was sittingon the beam. It hov-ered there, right in front of us, completely silent forwhat seemed like four or five minutes."Suddenly the beam was pointing up towards thesky. The object began to move up and away from us to-wards the southwestern sky and then shot into the starsand was gone in just a second."Jim Weiner said that "There was no mistake that itwas coming directly to us. Then I remember standing onthe lakeshore watching the object hovering above thelake 50 to 75 yards in front of us ... Then the searchbeam went upward into the sky and we saw it movingaway at a tremendous speed."We all seemed to be in a state of shock . . . Wejuststood there unable to move or talk."W hen the strange anesthetizing effect wore off,Chuck got out of the canoe andjoined the othersas they trudged dreamily up the beach to their camp.Even in this state, they were dumbfounded when they re-alized what had happened to the huge bonfire that hadjust been blazing several minutesago."When we left to go fishing," said Jim, "we set verylarge logs on the fire to burn for a good 2 to 3 hours. Theentire experience seemed to last, at the most, 15 or 20minutes. Yet the fire was completely burned down to redcoals."At that time, they had no memory of what happenedduring the time it took for their huge bonfire to burndown. This would remain a puzzle to them for years.A few years later, Jim suffered a head injury whichcaused tempero-limbic epilepsy. During treatment, Jimsdoctors asked him to report any unusual experiencesthat might be symptomatic of his condition. Jim de-scribed strange experiences that he and his friends hadexperienced since the UFO encounter. These includedawaking at night to see strange creatures, levitationfrom bed, and temporary paralysis while something wasdone to the genitals. He also described their encounterwith a UFO and the period of missing time. Jims doc-tors advised him to contact a UFO researcher as they feltthat Jim and his friends may have been involved in aUFO abduction experience. Jim contacted me duringoneof my UFO lectures in the Boston area.In Januaryof 1989,1 initiated a formal investigationwith MUFON Investigator and CEIII/IV specialist,David Webb (Solar Physicist) and with MUFONConsultant, Anthony (Tony) Constantino (ProfessionalHypnotist). It was conducted in a careful andmeticulousmanner over a period of 24 months.It was obvious to us that the period of missing timehad to be sandwiched between sighting the object andreaching shore. The beam of light hitting the canoeseemed to be the dividing point between memory andamnesia. During the first of a long series of hypnosissessions, it was decided to concentrate on this segmentof the terrifying encounter.Under hypnosis, all four witnesses relived detailedand traumatic UFO abduction experiences during the pe-riod of missing time. All were transferred from their ca-noe into the UFO by the hollow tube-likebeam of light.On board, they encountered strange humanoid crea-tures that exerted some kind of mind control over themso that they could not resist their demands.All were made to undress and sit on a plastic-likebench in an area illuminatedby diffuse white light.After looking at their eyes and in their mouths with apencil-sized rod with a light on its tip, the aliens placedthem in a harness and flexed their arms and legs. Then,one by one they were made to lie on a table where eachwas examined by a number of strange hand-held andlarger machine-likeinstrumentsthat were lowered overtheir bodies. During this segment of the examination, thealien entities removed samples of saliva, skin scrap-ings, blood, feces, urine and sperm from each of the ab-ductees.After the examinations, the abductees were made todress and enter another room which had a round portalin one of its walls. They were lined up and made to walkinto the portal. Strange sensations surged through theirbodies as they found themselves floating down the hol-low beam of light into their canoe which was now inshallow water near their campsite. The tube-like lightseemed to hold the canoe steady as each was placed in itin the same seating positions they were in prior to theabduction.As the hypnosis sessions continued, much detail wasrecovered about their on board experience. Also, it wasPAGE 4 NUMBER 300 APRIL 1993
  • 5. MUFON UFO JOURNALdiscovered that the twins had had bedtime visitations byalien creatures and abduction experiences since earlychildhood. These experiences were relived in vivid de-tail under hypnosis.During the course of the investigation an extraordi-nary event occurred. Jack and his wife Mary were ab-ducted from their remote mountain home inTownshend,Vermont.During the night of May 20, 1988, Jacks dog wokehim up when he scratched at the door wanting to go outto relieve itself. When Jack got up to put him out, he wasshocked to see a blue light shining through the kitchenwindow. He went out to look and saw a glowing objecthovering over the field adjoining his house. He decidedto bring the dog back in. In the morning, he thoughthehad dreamed about the whole thing. However, underhypnosis, he relived a shared abduction experience withhis wife in minute detail. Mary only remembered dream-ing about deer with big eyes coming to their bedside.She did not respond to hypnosis.The followingis an ex-cerpt from Jacks hypnosis sessions."Its blue. A blue light. And I think, Thats funny.Thats not the moon. And then I go to the window andI look out the window and what I see is amazing. I see abig, bright light and its right over the truck in the fieldoutside the house. And Im thinking, Oh my God! Icant believe that! And so I say, Mary, get up. Get upand look! And I run to the door and I go out the doorand Im running towards the light up in the field . . .Then I see the dog running alongside me ... And so Ipick him up and I run back to the house. . . The light isstill there and its moving . . . And then I put the dogback in bed and Im thinking, I dont want to do this. Idont want to do this now! I dont want to look at thelight... So Im going back to bed ... And Im thinking,I dont want to deal with this now. Why are they herenow? And Im scared ... so I pull the covers over myhead . . . and Marys next to me. And then I know, Iknow that somethings in the house. I just know thattheyre there and Im under the covers and I think, OhGod, oh God! Why are they here now? I dont want thisto happen. (Gasps) And then the covers move and I feelsomething on the cover . . . And then the covers aredown and Im looking there and I was right. Theyreright there! Oh God! Theyre right there, right next tomy bed . . . It has big eyes and a big head and its darkand theres light behind it coming in the door. And itsjust taking the covers away and I dont want to look at it... And I look at Mary ... Theres another one there andits next to Mary. And I wish that I could do somethingbut I cant. I have to do what they want. And the light isout there and they want me to go out there . . . Theyrelifting me. Marys standing and theyre making us movetowards light . . . And the dog isnt doing anything.Were through the door . . . We walk up the lawn and Ifeel like Im floating ... our feet are on the ground, butmy feet are not doing what I want them to."Jack and Mary were brought to stand in front of ahuge house-sized glowing object sitting on a blue lightthat enveloped its underside. The glow around the objectitself was changing colors from white to yellow to or-ange and purple and back to white. No noise emanatedfrom the object, but the air was filled with the acridsmell of ozone. Then, Jack and Mary were made towalk into the blue light under the object. Instantaneouslythey were transferred inside of the glowing object. Marywas separated from Jack, who was made to undergoexaminations similar to the one that he and his friendshad experienced twelve years earlier. After the exami-nation, Mary rejoined Jack and they were literallyfloated across the lawn from the craft to their house,through the unopened front door and to their bedroom,where they went back to bed in a strange lethargic stateof mind.This experience left physical evidence behind in theform of burns on the bottom of Jacks feet. Jack also re-ceived a biopsy-like scoop mark above his ankle duringstill anotherabduction.The scoopmark was located just above a scar leftbehind duringan operation for an anomalous lumpthathad appeared overnight on Jacks leg several years prior.Jacks local doctor thoughtit was a cyst, but was unableto drain it so referred Jack to a surgeon who removed it.Jack was told that local pathologists did not know whatit was and that it had been sent to the Center for DiseaseControl in Atlanta, Georgia, for further analysis.However, when we checked Jacks medical records, wefound that it was sent to military pathologists inWashington, D.C.. where it was examined by a UnitedStates Air Force Colonel. Attempts for further informa-tion about the anomalous lump were thwarted as the sur-geon would not cooperate with our enquiry.D uring the course of the investigation we conductedwitness background checks, examined medicalrecords and diaries, cross-checked witness testimony, co-ordinated witness psychological profile tests, correlatedwitness accounts with other reports and conducted fif-teen hypnosis sessions over a period of 14 months. Thefinal 10-volume report numbered over 700 pages. Itwas made available to UFO researchers and becamethe basis of a book on UFO abductions to be publishedby Time-Life.In summation, this UFO abduction case is uniqueina number of ways. It involved four credible personswho all consciously shared the same close-encounterwith a UFO in 1976 during a canoe trip along theAllagash Waterway in Northern Maine. All percipientsexperienced missing time and relived traumatic com-plementary UFO abduction experiences under hypnosis.Two of the abductees are identical twins, which was ofgreat interest to their alien abductors. Our enquiry re-vealed that each of the witnesses exhibited the typicalbenchmarks characteristic of other abductees. Lastly,APRIL 1993 NUMBER 300 PAGES
  • 6. MUFON UFO JOURNALall of the witnesses are artists and were able to providedetailed sketches of different aspects of their experi-ences. This has provided the UFO research communitysome excellent impressions relating to the appearance ofalien beings, their instruments and their craft.The many-faceted and intriguing elements of TheAllagash Abductions also provided a catalyst for a de-tailed correlation of the witnesses experiences withbenchmarks exhibited in other abduction reports beinginvestigated and studied. Such were derived from an ex-haustive survey of 270 reported UFO abductions in theUnited States and abroad compiled by Dr. Thomas E.Bullard of the Universityof Indiana. Some major simi-larities noted were: alien interest in the reproductionsystem and the extraction of sperm from each of the wit-nesses; a series of UFO and related paranormal experi-ences that dated back to early childhood; physical markson the percipients bodies typical of those on the bodiesof other UFO abductees; and, the overnight appearanceof a lump above the tibia of one of the twins.In addition, all witnesses were subjected to detailedinterrogations, rigorous character reference checks, 12recorded/transcribed hypnotic regression sessions and abattery of psychological profile tests. We also examineda number of alternate theories advanced to explain UFOabductions: hoaxes, fantasy-prone personalities, psy-choses, birth trauma memories and archetypical imagesfrom the collective unconscious. Each of these theo-ries was critiqued and eliminated in the light of the ev-idence collected during our investigation.The investigation concluded that the moral characterof the witnesses, the graphic reliving of their experiencesunder hypnosis and the extraordinary correlations be-tween their experience and that of others provided over-whelming evidence that their experiences were objectivein nature. Such evidence combined with typical physicaleffects on the witnesses bodies prompted me to evalu-ate this case in the great significance category.Ray Fowlers The Allagash Abductions will bepublished by Wildflower Press in May of 1993.LETTERS - Continued from Page 19INTER/INTRADIMENSIONALVarious persons have inquired, through letters to theJournal and in person, for clarification of my term "in-tradimensional" as used in my March 1992 "ResistingAlien Abductions" article. One reader inquired if I re-ferred to 1) a spatial dimension; or 2) hidden dimensionssuch as in H. P. Lovecrafts books; or 3) the "astralplane," where psychic phenomena (astral projection,telepathy, etc.) are supposed to take place.Lovecrafts writings are fiction, and have nothingto do with ufology. The term "astral plane" as used bymy inquiring reader, is imprecise. Although many"abductees" report that they seem to be "out-of-body"during abductions, not enough is known about theOBE altered state to link it directly to the interdimen-sional hypothesis. Other psychic phenomena such astelepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, precognitivedreams, etc. seem to be widespread human talentswhich may or may not be "interdimensional." Myown experience with remote-viewing under laboratoryconditions seems to indicate that it works within ourphysical universe, but this is a purely subjectiveobservation. Parapsychologists, although they havebeen trying for over a century, have not yet deter-mined the source or nature of psychic phenomena.The "intradimensional hypothesis," as used by me,refers to the hypothesis that there are other dimensionsbesides our four-dimensional physical world (three spacedimensions and one time dimension). For example,Theodor Franz Kaluzas 1919proposal to Einstein of afive-dimensional theory of gravity interested Einstein be-cause a fifth spatial dimension provided enough "room"to fit the electromagnetic force into Einsteins theory ofgravity, a problem which Einstein had been unable tosolve. Mathematicians of the present day continuestudyinto the multidimensional theory.The implication for ufology, of course, is that otherdimensions might be peopled by intelligent, non-hu-man creatures. Following out this assumption, it is hy-pothesized that abducting entities interpenetrate fromtheir own dimension into our own space-time, worktheir mischief, and disappear back into their own di-mension, leaving little or no verifiable traces.As Jacques Vallee has described in his bookDimensions, writing about incubi, faerie folk, etc. and asGordon Creighton has so elegantly written about thejinns of the Muslim world in FSR (Flying SaucerReview), there seems little doubt that the human race hasbeen harassed for thousands of years by non-physical in-telligences whose true nature and motives remain amystery. The "abducting entities" currently being stud-ied avidly by ufology, in my opinion, might have noth-ing at all to do with physical UFOs, but are simply anold human problem, currently posing as "UFO ex-traterrestrials." The situation cries out for continuedstudy by objective minds.—Ann DruffelPasadena, CAAddress letters to the editor, Dennis Stacy,Box12434, San Antonio, TX 78212.UFOs, MJ-12 AND THE GOVERNMENT:^A Report on Government Involvement inthe UFO Crash Retrievals (113 pages)by Grant Cameron and T. Scott GrainPrice: $19 plus $1.50 for postage and handling.k Order From MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Rd.,Seguin, TX78155-4099 /PAGE 6 NUMBER 300 APRIL 1993
  • 7. MUFON UFO JOURNALSLOW FIREBALLSTARTLES MANYBy Walter N. WebbOn October 9, 1992, about 7:50 p.m. EOT,hundreds of people from Kentucky to theDistrict of Columbia were awed by a green-to-orange fireball that moved slowly across the sky ona flat southwest-to-northeast trajectory before break-ing up over southeastern New York state. The fieryobject dropped a 27-pound stony meteorite throughthe trunk of Michelle Knapps parked 1980 ChevyMalibu in Peekskill, New York.Because it was a Friday night in autumn, many of thewitnesses happened to be attendinghigh school footballgames, resulting in at least two dozen videos of theaer-ial event. (As we all know, camcorders have become in-creasingly important tools in capturing elusive aerialobjects.) Recently Bernard Haugen, a MUFON StateSection Director in North Carolina (Oxford), asked meif I would review one of the videos of the object whichwas shown on Durhams WTVD. Subsequently, FieldInvestigator trainee Joe Moore of Butner forwarded thetape to me.The video was shot by television cameraman BradLoch, who was covering a football contest in Fayetteville.His equipment caught about seven seconds of the me-teors nearly horizontal path as it passed over the bleach-ers. The object appeared in the sky as a teardrop shapewith a short wiggling tail. Complicating matters was afalse report on the WTVD newscast that the object"hadfallen to the ground" east of Morgantown, WestVirginia,"is still glowing," and "police have cordoned off thearea." (At my request Haugen attempted to track downthis rumor. It may have been spawned in part by the ap-parent proximity of the fireball as it passed over the lo-cal horizon. It is a common illusion that bright meteorsseem much closer than they really are,appearing to fallor land "in the next field" or "just over the hill.")I have investigated many slow-fireball sightings,and I can state unequivocallythat the Fayettevilleobject was indeed a fireball. The colors, long duration,and nearly level path are not particularly unusualfea-tures of large meteors. Their variable colors are due toa mix of glowing atmospheric gases surrounding themeteoroid, the objects own stripped-off elements, anddecelerating velocities as the object plunges throughdenser layers of air.The October 9 fireball exceeded 17 seconds on somevideotapes and may have approached half a minute in to-tal duration. "TheGreat Northeast Fireball" of March 6,1991, was visible in broad daylightfor some 30 seconds.It followed a similar flat trajectory and covered at least600 miles, like the October object. (One widely quotedairline pilot called the 91 fireball "themother of all me-teors"!) Perhaps the most famous long-lived meteor ofrecent times was the one seen and photographed fromthe Western U.S. on August 10, 1972.This brightday-time fireball plodded along for up to a full minute ormore! It was generally believed to have been an asteroidthat was temporarily captured in Earth orbit before es-caping back into space.It is a myth that all meteors must "fall," that is, followsteep downward arcs. The path depends upon the mete-oroids entry angle into the atmosphere. Four of thefive spectacular fireballs which I investigated in recentyears had nearly horizontal trajectories.For ufologists the supposed anomalousness ofgreen meteors flying horizontally stretches back to thegreen fireball (GFB) furor of the late 1940s and early50s. The green hue is actually quite common in manyfireballs. The color can come from either atmosphericoxygen glowing around the meteoroid (the same ele-ment associated with the production of the green auro-ra borealis) or from magnesium which is abundant instony meteorites. Yet another source of this spectralcolor may be frozen nitrogen present in glowing icymeteoroids, the leftovers of old comets. In fact, mostmeteors, including many large fireballs, are ofcometary origin — ice and dust conglomerations thatvaporize completely in the atmosphere, disappearingbefore striking the Earths surface. (Dare I say thatthis might account for the famed GFBs?)No question that some fireballs do appear anomalousto first-time observers. The New England fireball ofJune 14,1990, produced a number of UFO reports. Thisobject flashed bluish-whitebursts of light bright enoughto cast moving shadows on the ground and was fol-lowed by a delayed sonic boom after it disappeared.One excited woman thought she was being visited by aUFO. She reported the bluish-white light shiningthrough her bedroom window and then felt a "vibratingand pulsating... It was like the ground was shaking un-derneath me."In this article I have used several related terms — me-teor, meteoroid and meteorite. A meteor refers to thevis-ible light surrounding an incoming space particle ormass — a meteoroid. A meteoroid that survives its fieryjourney through the atmosphere and lands on the Earthssurface is called a meteorite.Incidentally, I owe a debt of gratitude to MUFON in-vestigators in my region who have often contacted mewith sighting reports followingthe passage of an unusualfireball. Not only have I received these reports voluntarilyfrom MUFON State Directors and other UFO investi-gators in New England,but I have also availed myself ofthis valuableresource by actively seeking fireball reportsfrom these same individuals.APRIL 1993 NUMBER SCO PAGE?
  • 8. MUFON UFO JOURNALREJOINDER TO THE CRITIQUE OF BUDD HOPKINSUntil a certain dignitary steps forth, the "Linda Cortile" case continues to generate controversy.By Walter H. Andrus, Jr.Beginning in January of this year, authors JosephStefula, Richard Butler and George Hansen began cir-culating a 25-page document titled "A Critique ofBudd Hopkins Case of the UFO Abduction of LindaNapolitano." Stefula is a former Special Agent for theU. S. Army Criminal Investigations Command and aformer MUFON State Director for New Jersey.Richard Butler is a former law enforcement and secu-rity police specialist for the U. S. Air Force, nowresearching abductions and government cover-up.George Hansen is an author and parapsychologist liv-ing in New Jersey. The document has been publishedwhole or in part in several UFO newsletters, includingthe HUFON Report, and on various electronic bulletinboards. As we go to press, we understand that it isalso scheduled to be printed, in whole or in part, in theMarch/April issue of the International UFO Reporter,edited by Jerry Clark and published by the J. AllenHynek Center for UFO Studies.Clark invited several of the people denigrated inthe "critique" by Stefula, Butler and Hansen towrite a rejoinder to be published concurrentlywith their rambling article in IUR. After heading upthe Mutual UFO Network for 22 years, I have firmly es-tablished my personal integrity and credibility in thefield of Ufology, therefore feel it is unnecessary to re-spond to implied character assassination or to defend thestature of MUFON to three publicity-seeking agitators.The following narrative, then, is basically an updateto the two articles published in the MUFON UFOJournal by Budd Hopkins about the "Linda Cortile"case for the benefit of UFO researchers. As a participantin the October 3, 1992 meeting at Budd Hopkins apart-ment in New York City, I welcome the opportunity toshare with readers what actually occurred at the calledmeeting. In previous correspondence with BuddHopkins, Stefula, Butler and Hansen asked for a hearingof their charges that the case was a hoax perpetrated byLinda. Mr. Hopkins made a wise decision by givingthem a tribunal to present their evidence to a panel ofqualified and vitally interested researchers, includingthose of us who are now responding to their accusations.LINDA ON TRIALLinda, her husband and two sons related their indi-vidual experiences in an environmentreminiscent of acourtroom trial. Rich Butler, acting on behalf of theclaimants, represented them as a proverbial antagonis-tic prosecuting attorney, working from a prepared listof charges. Linda was literally on trial. After severalhours of crossrexamining Linda and presenting theirown testimony, Butler and Stefula reluctantly admittedthat there was insufficient evidence to support theirhoax theory. They conceded that there were a fewinconsistencies in the statements made to them byLinda, in a private interview, versus what she had toldBudd Hopkins. Even though Butler and Stefula wereembarrassed by their lack of evidence to prove theirhoax claim, they have continued to write articles forpotential publication, probably encouraged by GeorgeHansen.However, based upon their knowledge of the case,they felt that Linda should file charges to prosecute thetwo security men, identified previously as "Rich" and"Dan," for kidnapping and physical assault. Since wehave been unable to positively identify the securityagency employing Rich and Dan, going to the NewYork City Police Department and filing charges forsuch an unusual event might have made Lindas pre-posterous story look like a joke in the eyes of police of-ficials. Linda was also reluctantto file charges becauseshe felt that if Rich and Dan were government agents,they were only acting in behalf of national security. Itwas the considered opinion of several of us present thatunder the circumstances this would have been a futileand non-productive method to secure restitution fromRich and Dan. It would have meant attempting to sue anunknown security agency through a mailingof letters toall possible such organizations within the U.S.Government. This case has ramificationsfar more im-portant than suing Rich and Dan.MORE WITNESSESSince there were many more witnesses to the event onthe Brooklyn Bridge, and an unknown number of po-tential witnesses in automobiles also stalled near thesecurity vehicle manned by Richard and Dan, it wasconsidered prudent to refrain from filing any court suitsthat might squelch potential volunteer witnesses fromcoming forward to testify. It is still imperativethat Richand Dan reveal their last names and agree to testifypublicly or in confidence as witnesses. If the identity ofthe "third man" could definitelybe confirmed and if hewould agree to share his experiences, this would literally"blow the lid" off the reality of the UFO abduction sce-nario. Strong speculation exists that the visual abductionof Linda was staged for the dignitarys benefit, becausehe experienced the "full treatment," so to speak.PAGES NUMBER 300 APRIL 1993
  • 9. MUFON UFO JOURNALBased upon the significant importance of such dis-closures by the dignitary and additional witnesses, JerryClark and I made an appeal to the team of Stefula,Butler and Hansen to refrain from making a formal re-quest for a federal investigation of the governmentagents responsible for the alleged felonies for at least sixmonths This would allow time for other witnesses tocome forward and permit present witnesses to testify pub-licly. On October 3, 1992, Joe Stefula was MUFONsNew Jersey State Director, whereas Rich Butler andGeorge Hansen had no MUFON affiliation. After mak-ing a sincere appeal to these three men, both Joe Stefulaand Richard Butler consented to the proposal to "buyvaluable time." Hansen, on the other hand, became verybelligerent, refusing to concede to the six-month de-lay, and flatly stated that he was personally going to filecharges as a citizen of the U.S.A. The meeting effectivelyadjourned, since it was apparent that as an outsider.Hansen had decided to disregard any recommendationsand to take things into his own hands, irrespective of howit might hurt Linda and her immediate family.Mr. Hansen has no connections whatsoever with theUFO communityand apparently feels that by denigrat-ing the major personalities in UFO and abduction re-search, he could thus elevate his own questionablestature. After two somewhat threatening calls to WaltAndrus, George proceeded to forge ahead on his own.The January 8, 1993 article, "A Critique of BuddHopkins Case of the UFO Abduction of LindaNapolitano," was spitefully written, apparently in hopesthat someone would publishit.W hile I have no intention of responding to theclaims, falsehoods and implied innuendos thatare so prevalent in the article, obviously written byGeorge Hansen, but also signed and supported by JoeStefula and Richard Butler, I do feel that it is imperativeto mention one item which the trio has proposed to ex-plain their suspicions that Linda orchestrated the story.They selected passages, names of characters and eventsfrom the science fiction novel Night Eyes by GarfieldReeves-Stevens, published in Canada in April 1989, afew months before Linda revealed her abduction expe-rience to Budd Hopkins. In order to make these claimssound legitimate, it was necessary to change names andevents throughoutthe book to find similarities betweenNight Eyes and the Linda case. They imply that Lindaread the science fiction book and then proceeded to or-chestrate the entire event, witnesses and all. Is this sci-entific research or simply, a "shot in the dark" by threedisgruntled individuals?Again, I have no intention of debating or refutingpoint by point 25 pages of typed single-spaced accusa-tions, references to diverse publications, a science fictionbook and even fantasy role-playing in the game"Dungeons and Dragons." What does the latter gamehave to do with scientific UFO research?George A. Filer, III, who replaced Joe Stefula asNew Jersey State Director, was also present and lis-tened attentivelyat the October 3rd meeting. Mr. Fileroffered me an insight into what may have promptedMr. Stefula to become a party to this debunking exercise.Having been trained in police investigativetechniques,Joe has difficulty accepting evidence in his own mindthat is not purely black or white. He has also admitted toMr. Filer that he really does not believe in the reality ofUFOs, therefore, like Philip Klass, he may have beensearching for an alternative explanation to the abductionscenario. Richard Butler professes to be an abducteeand was attending Budd Hopkins abduction supportgroup sessions where he met Linda. Butler brought JoeStefula as a guest to two sessions, where he interro-gated two females present until they were in tears. As adistinct outsider, George Hansen injected himself intothe Linda case by volunteering his writing ability, ap-parently hoping to gain some degree of recognition inthe UFO field, regardless of whether it was positive ornegative.CASE OF THE CENTURY?Both Stefula and Butler totally disregard the eyewit-ness testimony of Rich, Dan, the dignitary and the ladyon the bridge, and then deny that such people reallyexist. If they are actually trained in police investigativetechniques, as they profess, they must be cognizant thateyewitness testimony is acceptable in a court of law. It isdifficult for me to understand that on one hand, the wit-nesses do not exist, and in the next breath they want tosue them for alleged felonies.George Hansen has written to several governmentdepartments demanding that they conduct an investiga-tion into their agents atrocities. The U.S. Secret Servicecontacted Linda and scheduled an interview with herwhich was also attended by Budd Hopkins. After hear-ing their testimony, the two special agents made an of-ficial report for their records and thanked Linda andBudd for their cooperation. They advised Linda that ifany other agency should contact her, she should simplyrefer them to the Secret Service special agents whoconducted the interview for further information.Apparently, they did not take Hansens claims seriously,treating him as another eccentric or "crank writer."In conclusion, after nearly 30 years in the UFO field,I have developed a sensitivity to recognizing witnesseswho are prevaricating or fabricating a story. I am con-vinced that Linda is telling the truth as she knows it. Sheis mentally and physicallyincapable of planning and im-plementing a hoax scenario of this magnitude. I predictthat continued investigation of reports from additionalwitnesses and public disclosures by the known wit-nesses will confirm that the Linda case is indeed "TheCase of the Century."APRIL 1993 NUMBER 300 PAGE 9
  • 10. MUFON UFO JOURNAL"REPTILIANS AND OTHER UNMENTIONABLES"Any individual who enters this field of researchbrings with him a set of beliefs with boundaries foracceptance or rejection. This is naturallybased on the in-dividuals level of comfort and openness with acceptingany of the weird information dumped into his naivehands. UFO researchers have been fairly willing to ac-cept a generous portion of this bizarre data but alwaysretain a personal, often private, preference for theamount of "weird stuff they are willing to accept ascredible. I am constantly amused at the notion that a re-searcher of incredible abductions by aliens in UFOscould label anything as "too weird"! Yet, as human be-ings, it is our nature to "draw the line" somewherebased on our need to provide a sense of comfortable or-der to the chaotic and bizarre influx of strange informa-tion. It seems to take a great deal of personal maturity,security and ego-strength to publicly acknowledge andwillingly support some of the data which others label as"too crazy." Our boundaries do shift and expand overtime as we become more at ease.History provides an important perspective on theshifting boundaries of belief and disbelief. Decades agothe first hurdle surpassed was the basic acceptance thatUFOs might actually exist in our earthly skies. But tobelieve that they could contact the soil or land underin-telligent control was absurd, at least until enough oddsoil samples and credible witness reports forced an ac-ceptance of this possibility. Then it became unthink-able that people could claim seeing little beings in con-junction with,a landed craft. Even crazier of coursewould be the idea that such beings would overpower hu-mans with paralysis and float them aboard for exams!But look at how our collective boundaries of accep-tance have stretched over the decades of research intothis endless jungle of weirdness. This is basicallydue tothe endless flow of new cases which, when researchedcarefully and methodically, are today considered asmore reliable, credible, acceptable, and also supportiveof data patterns from previous decades. On the horizonare issues of genetic manipulation, spirituality, chan-neling, multiple dimensions and paranormal correla-tions. Most of these areas of interest are presentlyviewed as "too weird" or "without scientific founda-tion," which is what James Pringle, a prestigious Britishscientist, claimed about reports of meteorites in 1759,until a wealth of data forced acceptance of "rocks fallingfrom the sky"within the next 100 years!There is a fairly large gray basket to which otheralien types are presently relegated. Why? They arejudged either "too weird," "toounlikely," or "toofew tobe significant." After all,the little gray humanoids haveacquired enough notoriety in the media to become thepublicly-accepted image of how an alien is supposed toappear. Now that the public is beginning to accept the"little grays," why confuse them with stranger or less be-lievable alien types? Laughter would certainlygreet thenotion of a seven-foot-tall lizard that likes sex with ourwomen. I believe many researchers have "drawn theline" as an effort to not lose ground in the war for cred-ibility; so we keep the lizards, tall blondes and prayingmantises under a quiet lid in that bulging gray basket.(Can we hide them any longer?)However, as researchers began to share some of theoddities in their gray baskets, they began to find amaz-ing matches and similarities, not only among physicaltraits, but also in behavior and purpose. In my owncaseload I found a woman reporting (much to her ownamazement) at least one experience each with littlegrays, a reptilian and tall blondes, having never read orheard of the latter two types. Her details and drawingsimpressed Jenny Randies of England at the AbductionStudy Conference held at M.I.T. in Boston during1992.Jenny responded that the characteristics, presence, man-ner, and behavior of the tall blonde were nearly thesame word-for-word descriptions as in many of her ab-duction cases in England—a clear majority of which arethe "tall blondes" rather than the little grays! Here thenare those details for your own consumption and study:TALL BLONDES OR NORDICS1. Height: 6-8 feet tall in general2. Human in features: well-developed, muscular3. Hair: shoulder-length, blonde, straight, fine or thin4. Facial characteristics: "very handsome" by report5. "Perfect features" like those of a model6. Manner: paternal, watchful, protective, kind7. Effect: subjects report an overwhelming sense ofsafety, warmth, almost entrancement by a power-fully positive presence8. Eyes: blue, kind and loving — not cold9. Facial expression: pleasant, smiling, joyful, positive10. Clothes: human style, form-fitting jumpsuitor uni-form11. Communication: usually telepathic despite humanappearance12. Misc: "seems psychic, wise, all-knowing"T he public generally expects aliens to appeardifferent — not like a Hollywood hunk; "thesecannot be true aliens!" It would be difficult to prove inpsychological circles that these images are not projec-tions of ones wish fulfillment for a fatherly, handsomeprotector to rescue one from worldly troubles or a boringmarriage. Others say that these encounters are with"guardian angels" rather than aliens. Because these be-ings have also been seen aboard UFOs with little grays,PAGE 10 NUMBER 300 APRIL 1993
  • 11. MUFON UFO JOURNALsome researchers believe that they are either hybridsor holographic images for distraction, trickery, calmingor reassurance. A few researchers believe the tallblondes might actually be supervisingthe little grays andthat the grays may just be computerized androids, or-ganic robots or a cloned subservient race of workers.In the 1975case of Travis Walton, he disrupts the"standard" procedure of the little grays who then leavethe room. A tall blonde then enters and seems more incharge. Trusting these more human-appearing entities,he is recaptured. Even in the files of LeonardStringfields crash/retrieval accounts is one allegedlyretrieved body of unknown origin which is seven feettall, with human features and shoulder-length blondehair. Whatever or whoever they are, they keep surfacingworldwide in abduction cases with striking similarity.As charming and kind as the tall blondes seem, theReptilian brand of alien life form is a hideous, rude andaggressive type. It is difficult to imagine a higher-func-tioning seven-foot-tall lizard strolling into yourbed-room (The Japanese might like this breed due to theircinema craze over Godzilla!). I have close to ten ofthese odd cases; none of those subjects had ever heard ofsuch a type. Yet there are again many similarities indescription and behavior:REPTILIANS1. Height: 6-8 feet tall, upright always2. Features: lizard-like scales, smooth texture3. Color: greenish to brownish4. Hands: four-finger claw with brown webbing5. Face: cross between human and snake6. Head: central ridge coming down from top of headto snout7. Chest: external "ribbing" may be visible8. Eyes: cat-like with vertical slit, gold iris9. Effect: repulsive, grotesque, disgusting10. Manner: intrusive, forceful,insensitive11. Behavior: intrudes and rapes12. Physical effect: large claw marks photographed13. Communication: none reported!M ore psychological projections? Symbolicconfabulations of evil or sin — as initially im-plied in the Biblical account of the Garden of Eden?Cannot anyone imagine a "nice snake?" Is there alwaysa sinister or deceptive manner about these creatures?Why do they seem to occur more frequently in certaingeographic areas despite being reported independently?Where would the public have been able to read aboutthese basically unpublished scoundrels? One of mycases sheepishly admits to having an incredible orgasmwhile being totally repulsed by the intruders grotesqueappearance. Within two months a second female fromthe same town reported independentlythe same type ofNot all aliens are little grays as It turns out.Aside from the tall charming Nordic types,rude and aggressive Lizards have beenreported, too. Will other aliens soon becoming out of the closet as well?Reptilian intruder, with the same surprising and em-barrassing orgasmic response!No crafts are typically seen; no communication oc-curs. The same scenario occurs over and over through-out my cases and those of other researchers — especiallyin Oklahoma and California. And researchers do notlike talking about them publicly; nobody can even pic-ture how a seven-foot-tall lizard could have sex with ahuman female! (This weird stuff gets crammed into ourgray baskets and buried!) But something is going onhere that needs to be boldly studied more openly andpublicly — especially among researchers. Patterns ofsimilarity from sane humans are emerging despite ourgray basket rituals of stuffing them away.Then there is the insectoid/grasshopper/praying man-tis type that seems to also oversee or direct activity in asupervisory role. Why would anyone imagine a largebug directing an abduction experience? Is this somethingwe would hope for or desire to see? Subjects sense ahigher level of wisdom and functioning in this type ofentity. Whatever its purpose or origin, we certainly needfurther study. I encourage those of you who have eitherexperienced such oddities or have researched thesetypes, to begin dumpingout your gray baskets and shar-ing this bizarre data. Only in response to this column orin sharing the data openly with each other can we beginto get a better grasp on these unusual types of beings andhow they may fit into the larger puzzle of the abductionphenomenon. Please respond!(Next: "Educating Mental Health Professionals")John Carpenter Is MUFONs Director of AbductionResearch. He can be contacted In writing at 4033 S.Belvedere, Springfield, MO 65807.St. Louis, MissouriTHEME - UFOs: Defiance to ScienceSpecial reprint now availablefor $8plus $1.50 for p&hfrom MUFON in Seguin, TX.This is a collectors item for your library.APRIL 1993 NUMBER 300 PAGE 11
  • 12. MUFON UFOJOURNALSTANLEY INGRAM AND THEPLANTOSGAMESCE-4 cases are strange by definition; but are they as weird as they used to be?By Don WorleyTwenty years ago the rural folk of South Tennesseeexperienced a startling series of strange encoun-ters with UFOs, entities and the elusive Men inBlack. Some of these occurrences are now almost com-monplace, others arent. They includedperiods of miss-ing time, abduction and examination aboard a UFO,voices heard in the head, so-called screen memories,"large, black American sedans — both Cadillacs andLincoln Continentals were reported — with mysterious"oriental-looking" types inside and much more.The central focus of these events, which took placebetween 1973 and 1977, appeared to be one StanleyIngram, from whom I had many personal communica-tions over the years. A cattle farmer, Stanley had been acity judge and manager, and also wrote a local newspa-per column for The Pulaski Citizen. The sequence of en-counters started when he and his daughter Becky, then14, began to look for UFOs from a fire watchtower onthe county line.One night the two sat in the home of a man namedDavid Swanner, who had earlier experienced "voices-in-the-head" and an apparent abduction. For some reasonthe jumbled voice suddenly zeroed in on Becky. Whileat school the following week, the voice became clearerand repeatedly urged her to go to the football field for aride. Stanley urged her to keep the appointment since hebelieved the Ufonauts were friendly and hoped he mightbe contacted, too.After some reluctance on Beckys part, the encounterfinally took place. Inside the apparent craft, Becky mettwo beings with stick-on suits and pointed chins whomentally assured her that no harm would come to her."Alton" and "Tombo" were short, with dark eyes, smallfeatures and thin necks, and claimed to be from theplanet Plantos. The room into which they led her wascolored black and white; at one end was a console withflashing lights and several swivel chairs.Becky wound up flat on her back on a hospital-likebed. One little being moved a glove-like device on theend of its graceful woman-like hand over her legs andthen further up. After she was let out of the craft, she hadto sit down for a few minutes from weakness.Back home, Becky was frightened and confused. Shefelt weak and sleepy for several weeks and often noddedoff in school. At home she slept for hours on the familycouch and complained of having to urinate frequently.Medical help was sought, but it was some six weeks be-fore she fully recovered.Over the next few years both Becky and Swannerwould be abducted after the "voice" called each to iso-Becky was frightened and confused.She felt weak and often nodded off inschool. At home she slept for hours onthe family couch and complained ofhaving to urinate frequently.lated spots; on most occasions they would remember lit-tle or nothing of what happened. They did have vaguerecall of being flown over a large city and Swanneronce thought he was taken to Hawaii; Becky was givena tour of the engine room. In all probability these werewhat we now know as "screen memories," cover storiesfor various alien activities. Needless to say, these ac-counts left everyone with raised eyebrows with the ex-ception of Stanley.After Swanners first trip his watch stopped, leavinga brown patch of skin underneath. He bought anotherwatch, but it stopped, too. Then he borrowed Stanleys,which also quit working. (Curiously, these watcheswould deflect a compass needle). About a week or solater the aliens told Swanner that Stanleys watch wasnow working fine. He retrieved it from the drawer wherehe had put it and found this to be the case. It continuedto run thereafter.In fact, Swanner often got messages from the aliensdirected to Stanley personally. But trying to follow themup only succeeded in making Stanley look like a fool.On one occasion the Ufonauts showed Swannera chartof earthquake zones and times, informationseeminglycorroborated by the "dreams" of four other people in thecommunity. Stanley duly publishedthe predictions in hiscolumn—and nothing happened. A similar incident in-volved an alleged perpetual motion machine. Not sur-prisingly, Stanleys original hope and trust now began toshift toward distrust and frustration.T he next incident proved even more revealing.While aboard the UFO, Swanner was finallyallowed to copy down the formula for a UFO propul-sion system, which Stanley promptly locked in hissafe. In June of 1974, while on his way home fromwork, Swanner was passed by a large black sedanwith California license plates. The passengers insideflashed an open attache case, stuffed with money. OnJune 27th, Swanner was stopped in an alley and askedto accept $500,000 for the "formula." Frightened andsuspicious, he refused, and his interlocutors sped awayin a cloud of dust.PAGE 12 NUMBER 300 APRIL 1993
  • 13. MUFON UFO JOURNALThere were three of them on each occasion. All ap-peared to be 30-40 years of age, heavy-set, with rounddark faces and piercingeyes slanted upward on the out-side edges, giving an oriental appearance. They woreblack suits, white shirts and black ties, and spoke inlow, unexcitedvoices that sounded "Chinese." Sometimein September they approached both Swannerand Becky,but again backed off.Then on February 5, 1975, at twilight, a big auto cutBecky off on a rural road. Four MIB jumped out, re-volvers in hand, drug Becky from her car, and demanded"Where is the formula?" (In all probability they knewwhere the formula was.) At any rate, Becky was struckwith several blows. Incensed, her father summoned thesheriff and several armed neighbors, but that eveningssearch turned up nothing. Nor was anyone ever able tocapture the cars long license plate number. This re-mains one of the rare instances in which MIB were re-ported to have used brute force.Although Stanley was never allowed to participatepersonally in the same way that his daughter Beckyand Swanner were, it was apparent that he was the realtarget of these activities.In the face of repeated disap-pointment (and outside ridicule of both him and hisdaughter), he waged an unbelievably incredible struggleto understandwhat was going on and why. I cant helpbut think that his valiant efforts greatly contributedto hissubsequent death by heart attack in late December of1982.Don Worley is a MUFON state section director forIndiana. Previously employed with the CoastGuard, Boeing Aircraft and Dresser-Roots, heretired in 1983. Since 1965, he has investigatedsome 400 cases of all types.THE UFO PRESS - Continued from Page 16events. Such publicationsalso allow many more indi-viduals to express their personal points of view in print.The Journal tries to allow this, too, but we have only somuch space available any given month.The Winter 1993 issue of the MUFON-NYCNewsletter continues to show steady improvement undereditor Greenfield and the art direction of Sal Amendola,who also contributes articles. As far as layout goes, myonly complaint is that my ever agingeyes have problemswith some of the finer print. The newsletter is 12 pageslong and is published four times a year. Subscriptions are$10 for MUFON members, others $12, and foreign sub-scriptions $15. Checks should be made payable to JackGreenfield: P.O. Box 323, New York, NY, 10024-0323.Contents look fairly eclectic, consisting of featurearticles, columns (by Eugenia Macer-Story), book re-views (David Jacobs Secret Life this time around),short items and letters, along with an editorial:Beginning next issue: the first installment of an inter-view with Linda "Cortile" by Sal Amendola. Certainlyworth checking out if you live in the New York area.STRANGE MAGAZINEEditor/publisher Mark Chorvinsky has definitely carvedout a niche for himself with this consistently entertain-ing, informativeand article-packed publication, a spiri-tual off-shoot of Englands Fortean Times. Whereas FThas recently gone glitzy, Strange still exudes a deter-mined homemade folksiness that welcomes everyoneinto its pages and makes those involved, readers, writersand reviewers alike, feel like active participants in theon-going exploration of the odd and unusual. This iskitchen-counter publishing at its finest.As mentioned, each 64-page issue is jam-packedwith fully footnoted feature articles, columns, lettersand a slew of book, video and movie reviews, along withshorter items. Chorvinsky himself frequently contributesarticles and doesnt mind in the least exposing a hoaxwhen he finds one. The writing overall is generally top-notch. The topics covered includethe whole panoply offortean phenomena, from UFOs to the Loch NessMonster, examples which hardly do the contents justice.Issues centering on a specific theme are not un-usual, and in fact, Strange Number 10 focuses onHumanoids of all sorts and persuasion, featuring es-says by Jerome Clark, John Keel, Nigel Watson andothers, making it must-reading for any self-respectingufologist. Columnists this time around include LorenColeman (cryptozoology), Douglas Chapman (generalforteana) and Rick Gregory (books). Number 10 also in-cludes Chorvinskys 6th annual "Ten Strangest List," thetop ten strange stories of the year. (Marian Visions beatout the Manila Vampire and Mystery Hums.)If you live in a large city you may be able to findStrange Magazine at major newsstands for $4.95.Alternatively, a 4-issue years subscription is availabledirectly from Chorvinsky for $17.95. Write StrangeMagazine, Box 2246, Rockville, MD, 20847.Chorvinsky also runs a bookstore at the same addressspecializing in fortean publications. Highly recom-mended for keeping abreast of a variety of subject mat-ter.Newsletter Editors: Want your newsletter reviewedin the Journal? Send copies to the editor: Box12434, San Antonio, TX 78212.in Concord, California at RosebridgeGraduate School of Integrative Psychology.For information call Kathi Hennesey *at (510)672-3968 /APRIL 1993 NUMBER 300 PAGE 13
  • 14. MUFON UFO JOURNALCANADIAN UFO VIDEO CASEBy Bob OechslerThe Ottawa, Ontario UFO Landing reported by theanonymous Guardian has resulted in a year-long activefield investigation. I believe it to be a landmark casewhich involved the complete cooperation of severalagencies in Canada, including the Department ofNational Defense. DND has participated actively in theinvestigation to the extent of providing an alert teamready to respond to any continued helicopter harass-ment activity at the site and nearby witness residences.Although we have interviewed several witnesses to thishelicopter activity, we have yet to identify the perpetra-tors in spite of several photographs taken at times of in-trusion.Transport Canada has been quite cooperative in pro-viding classified radar data at the site location. TheNational Research Council has been receptive to myinvestigation of Guardians claims and classified heli-copter research activity and has provided access toCSIS, the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service. Energy,Mines and Resources have provided aerial photogra-phy for the research area. Canadian UFO author ArthurBray and researcher Graham Lightfoot have added in-valuable assistance in the investigation. CUFORN, theCanadian UFO Research Network has been helpful inproviding me with a background on Guardians priorUFO report for 1989 and original materials they re-ceived from Guardian, includingphotographs and videotape.Broadcasts of the investigation by network televi-sion on NBC-TVs "Unsolved Mysteries" and the FoxNetworks "Sightings" program clearly validateGuardians forecast of widespread exposure of alienUFO activity in the Ottawa Valley area. Television at-tention of this caliber should give significant credit to theinvestigation and open the door for those reluctant tocome forward for fear of ridicule. These broadcastsprovide the first international exposure for this case,which centers around the events, instead of on theanonymous Guardian who videotaped the extraordinarylanding event.Guardian began reporting UFO incidents in the areawhere the landing occurred as far back as November of1989. The landing was videotaped without the knowl-edge of other witnesses to the event on August 18,1991. We discovered the landing site and witnesses onMay 10, 1992 and began an investigation based on con-tamination evidence suggesting an extraordinary eventwhich affected the site. I have testimony from severalexperts in diversified scientific fields which stronglyargues against human technological involvement in theevent.The size of the craft was approximately 20-25 feet indiameter as determined by correlating field tests. Theflares or pyrotechnic activity at the site have been de-termined to be of unknown origin, not compatible withany universally known compounds. The craft depicted inthe video apparently left residue elements identified asnot being indigenous to the site. Acoustics analysis ofthe video tape correlates with the geography and par-ticular topography of the investigated field site. A FastFourier Transform (FFT) from a Digital Audio Tape(DAT) taken from an original Guardian-supplied copy ofthe video detailed no evidence of electrical fields, re-peating pulses or oscillations within the detection fre-quency range of the recording equipment used, yet allambient sounds typical to the scenario depicted in thevideo, including the distant sounds of barking dogs,wind noise, insects, camera operator breathing and walk-ing, as well as camera equipment noise in close prox-imity to the microphone were all identifiable.No uniden-tified sound spikes could be attributed to the object orthe pyrotechnics depicted in the video.NBC invested in excess of $115,000unsuccessfullyattempting to duplicate the effects in the Guardian videoand concluded that to fake what was observed in thevideo would have taken a sizeable investment and wouldhave been virtually impossible to pull off without the co-operation of the residents in the neighborhood, some ofwhom have agreed to polygraph examination in order torefute that possibility. Even NASAs JPL was unable tofind evidence of hoaxing the event depicted in the video.After five research and investigation trips to Canada,the task is not yet complete. The final conclusions re-garding Guardians various claims of alien operations willhave to wait until the investigation evolves into a dia-logue with Guardian. The single most important questionthat remains to be answered is: "How did Guardianknow that the craft was going to land at that time andplace?" Local geography at the site negates the possibilitythat Guardian could have just stumbled onto the event,while the quality of camcorder used exceeds that whichthe average individual might carry around in his auto-mobile. My remaining efforts will be focused on estab-lishing a dialogue with Guardian. His decision to remainanonymous is, in my opinion, prudent. Removing pub-lic anonymity can only put the focus on his credibilityand integrity instead of the incredible event itself. My ob-jective will be to encourage his cooperation.MUFON 1992 INTERNATIONAL UFOSYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS"UFOs: The Ultimate Mystery of the Millennia1Price: $20 plus $1.50 for postage and handling.Order From: MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099PAGE 14 NUMBER 300 APRIL 1993
  • 15. MUFON UFO JOURNALLOOKING FOR THE ALIENSBY PETER HOUGH & JENNY HANDLESSTERLING PUBLISHING, NY, 241 PP, PAPERReviewed by W. Ritchie BenedictMany years ago in Scotland, there used to bea third verdict in legal cases. Besides guiltyand not guilty, you had "not proven."Another way of saying that for every definite yes orno, there is an equally definite maybe. This describesperfectly the UFO phenomena. In this book by twoBritish UFO experts, there is an attempt to examineevery salient issue—from outright hoaxing toextremely reliable evidence. They begin by examininghow science-fiction has shaped our attitudes to thepossibility of life beyond the stars. Sci-fi writer BobShaw makes the point that we are projecting our hopesand expectations upon any potential aliens. Such crea-tures may have their own agenda and be quiteoblivi-ous to our wishes. Perhaps, this may be one of the rea-sons why accounts of abductions make us so thor-oughly uncomfortable: real aliens, as opposed to thefictional variety many people are so fascinated with,may not be quite so accommodating to our wishes(although not necessarily the complete horrors imag-ined by some, either).A hoax by a British physicist writing as DavidLangford now has a minor place in flying saucer lore. Ina slim 96-page volume with the unwieldly title of"Account of a Meeting With Denizens of AnotherWorld," Langford presents a fictional account of a mannamed William Loosley making alien contact way backin 1871. This story was even used by Whitley Strieber inhis novel "Majestic."Having laid the foundation, the authors next turn tothe question of whether we are being visited by gen-uine aliens. There are chapters on SETI (The Searchfor Extraterrestrial Intelligence), the controversialcontactee George Adamski, the purported sightingsby U.S. astronauts, the Von Daniken~claims of visi-tors in prehistory, the 1991 landings in the U.S.S.R.,the issue of Roswell and crashed spaceships, the Faceon Mars, channelling and the psychic element, andfinally the implications for humanity if final proofdoes come.The strongest evidence is also the oddest. A mes-sage of fluctuating tones received in Arizona onValentines Day 1976, bears no resemblance to humanspeech. An attempt to translate it into musical notationproduced results that "looked more like an expression-istic drawing than a piece of music."Two photographs of what appear to be aliens, one in1964 and the other in 1987, are still unexplained despiteattempts to rationalize them. The Templeton photoshows a white "space-suited" figure on a hillside behindthe photographers small daughter, Elizabeth. JimTempleton noticed nothing when the photo was taken.Subsequently, he was visited by two men dressed indark suits, drivingan expensive Jaguar car and asking alot of odd questions concerning weather and the be-havior of animals and birds. The second photo wastaken by a retired police officer named Philip Spencerwhen he set out on the morning of December 1st, 1987,to walk across Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire. Intending totake a picture of the town, he instead captured a smallcreature that scuttled towards a bluff. Roundinga comer,Spencer was startled to see a hovering silver disc whichshot up into the clouds.Spencer has refused any money for his claim andwas reluctant to disclose his identity at first, finallyconsenting to the use of an assumed name, as he holdsa senior management position with an American com-pany in Britain. If the "creature" was a four-foot-talldummy, it would have taken a considerable amount ofwork to haul it into position on the moors.In the fall of 1986, the authors made contact with aman who called himself John. "John" had supposedlycome into contact with some highly secret UFO fileswhile in the British army. After an aborted meeting,Randies and Hough concluded the whole affair was justanother red herring. However, eleven days later, theman arranged a second meeting, saying hed had tocancel the first one for fear of exposure. A later check ofthe licence numberof Johns car proved that it was reg-istered in the month when he said he left the military.Although the story was undeniablyinteresting, no shredof material evidence was offered. It is more than possi-ble than the informantwas a plant by the government in-tended to discredit the investigators. Such is the ambi-guity in the UFO field.One bizarre aspect of the 1991 landings in Voronezh,USSR, involved a curious symbol noted on the side ofone of the UFOs. This symbol also appeared in Spain in1965, as part of a proven hoax. Few in Russia couldhave known about this symbol as little UFO-oriented lit-erature leaked into the Soviet Union duringthe hard-lineBrezhnev period.A study by American researcher Ray Boeche showsthat most of us are not ready for contact with ETs. Hissurvey revealed that fully 65% of the respondentsbelieved alien contact would produce financial chaos,shattered religious beliefs and altered political alle-giances. In short, it might be best for all concerned ifcontact never occurs during our lifetimes. Of course,if there is life out there, sooner or later it is going tohappen whether we like it or not. The authors havepresented a cogent, well-reasoned documentation ofthe evidence in favor of and against extraterrestrialAPRIL 1993 NUMBER 300 PAGE 15
  • 16. MUFON UFO JOURNALbeings. It certainly helps to clear the air if not resolveone of the strangest mysteries of this or any other cen-tury. Strong stuff and well worth reading!"AREA 51" VIEWERS GUIDEBY GLENN CAMPBELL$15, SELF-PUBLISHED, ILLUS., APPROX. 85 PAGESReviewed by DennisStacyThe computer, laser printer and personal copierhave made writers and publishers out of a lot ofpeople who might otherwise have spent theirtime (and ours) doing something constructive, likemowing the lawn. Happily, they also converge on rareoccasion to produce a little gem like this one fromGlenn Campbell, which could easily double as a how-to manual in self-publishing and amateur ufology.And of course, it helps if you can write as well asCampbell. Who would have thought that a guide book toviewing "flying saucers" (or at least nocturnal lights)inthe Nevada desert would actually be entertaining aswell as highly informative? Not me, for sure, eventhough Campbell claims he got the idea from my ownsimilar but much more modest treatment of the westTexas Marfa Lights. If true, the pupil has far outstrippedthe "master."Anyone even remotely contemplating a trip to the so-called Black Mailbox on Highway 375 near Rachel.Nevada, northeast of Groom Lake, Dreamland and Area51 needs this viewers guide, almost as much as theyllneed a spare tire and a pair of binoculars. About theonlything Campbell doesnt do is pick you up at your frontdoor and drop you off at the mailbox or the fabled LittleAleInn in person. Virtually all the information youllneed to plan and execute a UFO expedition is here inclear, practical detail, from the weather and what towear, to what to say when the Sheriff pulls you over andasks just what the hell do you think youre doing outhere in the middle of nowhere, anyway? (The safestcourse is to fess up and tell him youre looking forflying saucers, which puts you at least one rung up theladder from would-be drug smugglers.) There is even acheapskates guide to Las Vegas, full of plums of dataabout where to stay and eat on the average ufologiststight budget.Naturally, Campbell provides an overall backgroundbriefing into the secret saucer lore surrounding Area-51as a whole, including Bob Lazars claims of havingseen nine alien aircraft at nearby Papoose Lake, all of itbalanced both by good common sense and a sense of hu-mor almost as sere as the surrounding landscape. Theheart of the book is a mile-by-mile log of what to expectalong the 100 miles of Highway 375 between the LasVegas turn-off on US 93 and Warm Springs on US 6, asinformative about where not to go as it is about where togo. Campbell also describes what you can expect tosee by day and night, from the so-called "golden globes"(most probably military flares) to red dots and maybe thenear-mythical Aurora. Some maps are included, alongwith specifics about how to purchase government topo-graphic maps and even satellite images of the immediatearea. The author even provides a ready-to-use orderform for U. S. Geological Survey maps!Saucer hunting doesnt get much easier than this.But even if you dont plan on going to Nevada in person,you should still pick up a copy of this viewers guideand enjoy it from the safety and comfort of your veryown armchair. This is amateur (or is it professional?)ufology at its finest. And anyone seriously contemplat-ing self-publishing their own manuscript owes it tothemselves and their readers to see how its done. Kudosall around, Mr. Campbell.For ordering information,see the Readers Classifiedsection in this issue.JUST CAUSEIt doesnt say on the masthead, but I believe this typicallyeight-page newsletter is published four times a year byCAUS, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, Box 218,Conventry, CT 06238. At any rate, annual subscrip-tions are $15 US and $20 foreign. Publisher LarryFawcett and editor Barry Greenwood are of course theauthors of Clear Intent, a document-heavycriticism ofgovernment UFO cover-up, and for the most part thatemphasis on documentation extends to the newsletter.The current issue, No. 34, Dec. 1992, has articles onFOIA "dirty tricks" and the involvement of the late Dr.Anthony Mirarchi with Project Twinkle, an early 50s ef-fort by the Air Force to investigate the so-called "GreenFireballs" that plagued the American Southwest a fewyears earlier, and some caustic commentary of the"Roswell" testimony of one Gerald Anderson. At leasttwo recent issues dealt in detail with FOIA documentsand other historical papers treating with the "FooFighter" phenomenon at the end of WW II.Recommended for anyone who wants to keep track ofthe UFOpaper trail - andan open-mind as to thenatureof the phenomenon itself.MUFON-NYC NEWSLETTERRegional, or in this case, city, newsletters continue tocrop up around the country, indicating that grass rootsufology is not only alive and well, but growing. Such aphenomenon can only be healthy. Local MUFON mem-bers are able to keep directly in touch with one anotherand well informed of neighborhood lectures and otherContinued on Page 13PAGE 16 NUMBER 300 APRIL 1993
  • 17. MUFON UFO JOURNALThe following summarizes some case reports re-cently received. Unless noted, no sound, vibrationor odor was detected. All times are local. Prepared byDonald Ware (E) Eastern Regional Director andGeorge Coyne (C) Central Region Director.• Log#910705E: OnJune 30, 1990, at 7:00 p.m., a23-year-old office worker, his sister and grandmother ob-served a pyramid-shaped UFO for 20 minutes nearWilmington, DE: investigator, Hugh B. Horning. Ablack cylindrical protrusion extended vertically fromthe horizontal triangular base. The sides were yellow,bordered in orange with a small orange triangle in thecenter of each. When closest, the object appeared thesize of a dime at arms length and was thought to belarger than a standard car. From the grandmothers 14thfloor balcony on PennsylvaniaAvenue,they watched itspin clockwise as it ascended in a straight line, fromabout 300 feet above the ground in the NE, until it wentout of sight at 25° elevation in the north.• Log #930201E: In August 1992, at 12:30 a.m., anelectronic/computer technician saw an oval object about50 feet long with a red light above and below, strobing,one then the other, near Havelock, NC; investigator.John W. Patterson. An intense,-"concentrated" horizon-tal slab of light, about 22x20xl, was immediatelybe-low the object. It crossed about 200 feet over LakeRoad, heading east and appeared to land behind thetrees near a lake about 150 feet from the road. It made aroaring sound "like blowing in a bottle." He went to hishome about l/8th of a mile away; as he called his friendin the neighborhood, it came up and headed south.Bothheard the noise this time. At 2:30 a.m. that night hisfriend saw the object two blocks away from his housefor about five minutes. It did not have the intense slab ofwhite light below it, but he saw three rectangular whitelighted areas centered along the side of the oval. Nolanding traces were found.• Log# 930202E: On4 December, 1992, at 8:05 a.m.,a 28-year-old waitress and her 7-year-old daughter sawa dark gray, circularUFO with a hump on the top, fourround protrusions on the bottom, and red and whitelights on the edge in Winston Salem, NC; investigator,Barbara W. Thompson. The mother looked out the backwindow to watch her daughter walk to the next street onher way to the bus stop when she saw the UFO 10 feetabove the ground,just beyond the nearest houses on thenext street. It made a humming sound. She was filledwith "wonderment" as it went up and hovered a fewinches above the neighbors house. Then she becamehysterical when she saw her daughter standing near it,looking up. By the time she got outside, the object wasgone and so was her daughter. The mother ran throughthe yard screaming for her about six times, with no an-swer. The next time she called, from behind her, thedaughter said, "What, momma?" in a normal voice. Shewas not frightened at all. When the daughter asked whatshe wanted, she was told to go on to the bus stop. Afterschool, the daughter described seeing what her mothersaw, but she also saw purple lights. Eleven days later, themother and older daughter saw a different, silent UFO.• Log #930301E: January 21, 1993, at5:30 p.m., a 47-year-old part-time secretary and her son observed aUFO emit highly strange balls of yellow light for 30 min-utes in Shalimar, FL; investigator, Robert F. Mosley. Theobject looked like a helicopter with no rotor. The craft ap-peared the size of a dime at arms length, and it movedslowly west. A bright yellow ball of light, larger than theobject, came out of the back and then exploded intofour identical balls in a diamond pattern. They lasted 2or 3. seconds before fading out. The mother and sonfollowed it in the car, and it repeated this performancetwo more times. The last time they were closer. The ob-ject was 200 to 300 feet above the water tower, and theballs appeared the size of a half-dollar at arms length. AnEglin AFB spokesman denied any flare use in the area.• Log #021293C: January 27,1993, Oklahoma City,Oklahoma, incident investigated by Lori Theis. In asuburban area near NW Expressway and Council Road,on the morning of January 27, at 12:37 a.m., a manstepped onto his third-story balcony to retrieve his catwhen he discovered what he said "sent a cold shiverthrough my body." Directly across the street to the west,was a light in the shape of a crescent or "half frisbee,"that was 150 to 200 feet in length. It was gliding silentlyover the Harvest Hills housing project, lightingup rooftops as it moved along. The huge yellow-orange lightwas within 500 feet of the witness at an altitude of ap-proximately 180 feet. The light/object was moving awayfrom him in a due west path at a speed of 20-30 milesper hour. It never changed altitude, speed or direction,until it was 3 to 4 blocks away, at which point it disap-peared "like a light being turned off. "• Log #021193C: Lake LeAnn, Jerome, MI,HillsdaleCounty, December 15, 1992; Investigator Shirley Coyne.At 5:20 p.m. an elderly lady was watching television inher living room when her attention was drawn to a pairof bright "headlights" in the sky. She thought it was anairplane but knew that planes were not supposed to flyso low. The object was flying toward her house, whichsits on a hill overlooking the lake. She noticed that it wasjust a little bit higher than the tops of trees in the area. "Itwasnt in any hurry, it moved really slow and was mak-ing this vibratinghumming sound, not even an engine orAPRIL 1993 NUMBER 300 PAGE 17
  • 18. MUFON UFO JOURNALplane sound." As the object approached and passedover her at an altitude of 75 feet, she was able to seetwo rows of windows, one located above the headlights,the other located below the headlights. She said "Therow of windows above the headlights were dimly litbut the bottom row was dark." The object appearedvery strange to the witness. It looked like two invertedplates with a square box sandwiched in the center ofthem. It was a dull, grayish-black color. She lost sight ofthe object when it flew over her house, going to thenortheast. A man who lives in the neighborhood alsowitnessed the event. Lake LeAnn is located on BakerReadjust off Highway US 12.• Log #010893C: Lansing, MI, August 10,1992, 8:26p.m. Investigator, Rex Schrader, aided by Jim Lieb andRon Wilson. At 8:11 p.m. two young mothers and fourchildren entered the Meijer Store on S. PennsylvaniaAvenue in Lansing. They went directly to the videocenter, made their purchase and left the store at 8:26 pm.They were walking in the parking lot, heading for theircar, when one of the women noticed that a strange objectwas flying over the southeast area of the parking lot. Theobject was solid black and had a dull finish. It was aslarge as her car, with two large spheres at the top, eachattached at an angle on either side. The main base ap-peared to be round, about 30 feet in diameter, with anoblong black shape descending from its center. Whenfirst observed, the object was at an altitude of 8-900 feetand rapidly ascended to 1400 feet in four seconds. Theobject quickly changed its heading without a turning ra-dius. The witnesses got into the car and followed theobject driving east on Hwy IH-96, south on US-27,north on Cedar, keeping the object in sight for 18min-utes. During this chase the CB radio would not transmit.It was okay after the sighting. The primary witness saidthat the object looked "like a pair of Mickey Mouseears attached to a smaller skullcap." She knows allabout aircraft, being an aiiframe/powerplant mechanic.• Log#011493C: 5:30 a.m., December 21, 1991,Stockbridge, MI, Jackson County. Investigator, MichaelTalbot, Parma, MI. Mr."S" went outdoors to warm uphis car before leaving for work. He noticed a brightstarlike object to the southwest moving erratically, upand down, back and forth. It was also changing colors asit moved. It was larger than the stars in the same area.He went inside and woke his wife. She got out of bedand watched from the living room picture window onthe south side of the house. Mr. "S" left for work at 5:45a.m., but Mrs. "S" continued to watch. The object beganto move in an easterly direction at a slow constant rate ofspeed until it went out of her view. She remained in theliving room for several more minutes before she ob-served the object traveling back from east to west. Shenoticed that when it was to the southwest of her that itappeared to move to the north, until it was once againout of her view. She went to her young sons bedroom,which is at the west end of the house. She could see thatthe object was due west of her home and now muchcloser. After watching for several minutes she decided totake some pictures with a video camera. It was now6:25, and she focused on the object for 3 minutes and 47seconds. One of her small children began to cry, so sheturned the camera off and went to attend him. When shewent back a while later the object was gone.• Log #013193C: October 1973, Gulfport,MS,Harrison County. Investigator, J.R. Gillis of Gulfport. Awoman was driving west on Highway U.S. 90, returninghome from work, when she looked to her left and saw anobject hovering out over the Gulf. She drove into aparking bay so that she could observe the object better.It appeared to be about 500 feet above the water, and shethought it may have been about 6 miles out. The objectwas disk-shaped with a dome on top. The dome ap-peared to be 8 feet high. There were red, yellow andwhite lights around the craft that were blinking on andoff. She said that it was about the same size as themoon. Time of sighting was 8 oclock in the evening.She did not tell anyone about the sighting because shedid not want people to think she was crazy. The witnessdoes not remember if the sighting was before or after thePascagoula, MS case which occurred on October 11,1973, to Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker.• Log #013093C: 1976, Cobb County, near thetownofSmyrna, Georgia, investigated by J.R. Gillis. A youngwoman reported that when she was six years old, shehad gotten out of bed about 2:00 a.m. and went to thekitchen for a drink of water or coke. She looked out ofthe big picture window and saw a large cigar-shapedcraft hoveringjust above the ground, not more than 30yards from the house. It appeared to be larger than ahouse and it had lights all along the side of it. The lightswere very white. She believes that she watched the ob-ject for 10-15 minutes.The next thing she recalled waswaking up in the morning and going to school. Shetalked to a boy at school who claimed to have seen thesame thing in his neighborhood. She did not wake herparents, nor did she tell them about the sighting. She hasbeen living near Gulfport,. MS for the .past five_years.She contacted the Mississippi State Director, JimScarborough, after seeing him on a TV program.• Log #930303E: September 30,1992, at 10:30 p.m.an 81-year-old woman observed strange white lights100 feet from her bedroom window near the KatahdinIron Works, ME; investigator, Arnold Dunning. Thecenter light was steady, and it appeared twice the size ofthe moon. It had about a dozen dimmer white lights inan eight-foot circle around it that blinked on and off.They were just above eye level, between the witness anda tree. After 15 minutes they blinked off.PAGE 18 NUMBER 300 APRIL 1993
  • 19. MUFON UFO JOURNALMLIEO1LJMLetters to the JournalCROP CIRCLERAPEWe know from the 1992 season that many simple cropcircles and other complex formations can be convinc-ingly replicated by human hands. This was more thanamply demonstrated by the circle-making contest held atWest Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, the night of 11-12July, sponsored by The Cereologist, the Centre for CropCircle Studies and others, which awarded three cashprizes based on performance.I suggest that a similar contest be held in Englandagain this spring or summer, along with similar compe-titions in the United States and Canada. But to up theante, so to speak, I propose that the contest be held thistime in crops of oilseed rape (canola) so as to separatethe men from the boys. Unlike wheat, oats, rye andbarley, which have proved more malleable or "work-able" than most cereologists first suspected, rape is anextremely delicate and brittle plant in that it consistsmainly of a hollow stalk with semi-rigid walls. I submitthat no human can convincingly flatten rape incircularspirals without obviously snapping the stems. If thecontests prove this out, then at least those circles re-ported in rape (admittedly fewer in number and simplerin formation than most crop circles) would have to beconsidered authentic in lieu of contrary evidence. Thiswould also suggest that at least some of the circles ap-pearing in the main cereal crops can be considered gen-uine. In other words, it would help define and delimitwhat humans can and cant do in terms of imitatingthe crop circle phenomenon.If you would like to support this proposal, pleasewrite me at Box 2534, Malibu, CA, 90265.—Erik Beckjord"FIRE" FIZZLES?Last night, February 24th, I attended a preview screen-ing of "Fire In the Sky," based on the Travis Walton ex-perience. Several other members of MUFON, as well asinvestigators and abductees were also present. We wereappalled by some of the fictional elements in the story.First, the portrayal of a UFO investigator from the fic-tional UFO organization A.F.A.R. left our audiencewith a negative impression of UFO investigators. Thecharacter in the movie is portrayed as one who barges inon a hot abduction scene and bullies his way into an in-terview with the tired, haggard and distraught TravisWalton. This does nothing but reinforce a negative im-age of field investigators.Second, the abduction episode itself was a radicaldeparture from Waltons recounting of it in his book.Bizarre elements, evidently meant to be loaded witho"horror" and "fear" characterized the entire abductionepisode. While the original story depicted Waltons ini-tial fear of the little white-skinned,fetal-looking crea-tures who captured him,other details, such as his expe-rience in the navigatorchair, were absolutely fascinatingand engaging enough for any motion picture audi-ence.Those who read the book may not think the moviewas based on a true story. The negative images mayarouse fear and doubts in the viewing public. The movieis not without its redeeming elements as the dramaplays out with Mike Rogers and crew. However, it isMike Rogers that takes center stage, and not Travis.Let us hope that future films on the subject of UFO ab-ductions are done with better faith. Televisions"Intruders" was far more faithful to the reality of events.The movie "Communion" was a disaster, and hopeswere riding high on "Fire in the Sky," but they weredashed when the lights came on in the screening room.Ann Druffel leaned over to me and said, "Bill, whathave they done to this story?" That was a question Icould not answer.—Bill HamiltonMUFON LADir. of Investigations"MISSING" EMBRYOS/FETUSESIn recent years numerous female abductees have re-lated that alien humanoids have intervened in the re-moval of an existing pregnancy, or have inseminated fe-males either directly or artificially: the so-called missingembryo/fetus syndrome. However, my research has yetto reveal one documented or verified case that would in-dicate such events are occurring.In putting out this memo to UFO researchers and in-vestigators alike, as well as to female abductees, I wouldlike for them to submit the following information:Doctors verification of pregnancy, medical recordswith ultrasound scan, D & Cs etc., to document that thishas occurred.All information will be reviewed by a Blue RibbonPanel Committee. I am offering $500 to any case thatshows without a reasonable doubt that a female ab-ductee has had a missing pregnancy. Please send infor-mation to:—Richard M. Neal, Jr., M.D.MUFON Consultant/Physical& Psychological Effects4193 W. Redondo Beach Blvd.Lawndale, CA 90260Continued on Page 6APRIL 1993 NUMBER 300 PAGE 19
  • 20. MUFON UFO JOURNALFREE READING LIST and other sources of reliable informa-tion on the UFO phenomenon,includingmore than 50 book.ti-tles, organizations and publications. Also lists 45 publications(books, reports, videotapes and government documents) offeredby the Fund for UFO Research. Send name and address to:Fund for UFO Research, P. O. Box 277-M, Mt. Rainier, MD20712.APRIL 30-MAY 2, 1993: "EXPLORING UNEXPLAINEDPHENOMENA #5," Lincoln, NE. Professor John Salter (SalterUFO Encounters), Kevin Randle & Stanton Friedman(Roswell/Corona), Harry Jordan & Dr. John Kasher (NASAUFO Images), Linda Howe (Aliens & the Science of CropCircles), Budd Hopkins (Abduction Revelations), RosemaryGuiley (Crop Circles), Raymond Boeche (Men in Black), JohnCarpenter (Abductions).$45, Call (402)421-1701 for info.AREA 51 VIEWERS GUIDE: Detailed milepost log ofNevadaHighway 375, home of "Black Mailbox" and many saucer re-ports. Viewing sites, back roads, services, maps, references,practical tips. $15.00 + $3.50 priority mail postage. (Seereviewthis issue.) Sales agent: Little A-Le-Inn, HCR Box45, Rachel, NY89001. (NV residents add 98<Z tax.)SCARCE UFO BOOKS: Out-of-print, used, collector classics1950s-1980s. Dust jackets, autographs, magazines, paperbacks.Also Bigfoot, forteana, unexplained, Loch Ness, cryptozoology.Books bought. Free search service. Send SASE for sales list of200 titles. Dennis Whelan, P. O. Box 170W, Lakeview,AR 72642.CROP CIRCLE T-SHIRTS! Experience and show your delightwith this amazing phenomenon. 100% cotton, hand-screenedin white on blue, black, green, purple, pumpkin shirt. M, L,XL, $17.95 + $3.50 post in USA.Brochure. Visa/MC. Fax: (303)298-9114. Ron Russell, Box4307, Denver, CO 80204.CROP CIRCLE MEANINGS: More Mars connections—theCydonia factor. Crop Circle Language, 10 volumes, 457 pages;Reading Manual; Translation Guide — Mars Face identified.Authors theory has predicted a formations specific design.Lecture videos, radio interviewtapes. Send 52( SASE for FREEINFO. Steve Canada, Box 1913-M, Morro Bay, CA 93443."THE BENNEWITZ PAPERS": Scientist harassed/fed disin-formation by the military after establishing communicationswith aliens through radio & television, as well as having filmedUFOs on ground inside Kirtland AFB. "Dark secrets" exposedby author Christa Tilton in 90-page "Confidential" Report.$28.50 (Priority Mail), Global Communications, Box 753(M),New Brunswick, NJ 08903.CIRCLES PHENOMENON RESEARCH: CPR InternationalNewsletter. The very latest information from Colin Andrewson the evolving Crop Circle Mystery. $17 US, 10£ UK yearlysubscription, published quarterly. USA: Box 3378, Branford, CT06405. Tel/fax: (203) 458-8047. In the UK: 14 Reynolds Court,Artists Way, Andover, Hants, SP10 3ST. Tel/fax: (0264)358402.UFO CURIOUS CONTACT SERVICE! Meet others like your-self! Coded names, info. SASE to: Mutual Interests "MU6," P. O.Box 10041, Scottsdale, AZ 85271. MI Papers: "Incident AnalysisReport" (Gulf Breeze), $2.00; "Alien Presence Analysis," $3.00;"Suggested UFO Contact Protocols & Procedures," $2.00; moneyorder only, to above address. Includes postage.DOCUMENT & PICTURE SCANNING: Text scanning com-bined with Optical Character Recognition can save you manyhours of typing(or re-typing). Picture scanning will allow you toview your favorite pictures on your PC. Most popular text andgraphics formats supported. Call for more info. Shawn McLain:(214) 262-5219.EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT AND HUMANRESPONSES: 80 pages, by Richard Boylan, Ph. D., clinicalpsychologist-researcher. Solid findings on actual extraterres-trial encounters, connections between U. S. saucers, StarWars, pseudo-Alien abductions/ritual abuse and the ShadowGovernment. $10.00 plus $2.00 postage. Send to RichardBoylan, Ph. D., 3009 O Street, Sacramento, CA 95816.NATIONAL SIGHTING YEARBOOK - 1991: Statisticalanalysis of 1221 raw UFO reports occurring in the USAbetween 1986-1991. Report includes various maps, graphs,charts, diagrams and statistical procedures. Summarized dataincludes annual report, year breakdown (6), CE sightings,shape analysis, sound analysis and historical comparisons.$9.00, includes s&h: Paul Ferughelli, 60 Allen Drive, Wayne,NJ 07470.READERS CLASSIFIEDS: To place your ad in this sectionsimply enclose a check for $15 for each issue of the Journal inwhich you wish it to appear. Limit 50 words please. Authorsadvertising books must make a hard copy available to the edi-tor. Acceptance is at the discretion of the editors and in noway implies endorsement by the Mutual UFO Network, itsBoard of Directors or the Journal itself. Mail ad and check,made out to MUFON, to Dennis Stacy, Box 12434, SanAntonio, TX 78212.UNITED NATIONS VIDEOOn October 2, L992, a UFO presentation was madeto the Parapsychology Society and interested UN of-ficials in the Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium at theUnited Nations in New York City to reopen DecisionGA33/426 previously enacted by the GeneralAssembly on December 18, 1978. MUFON has pro-duced a video tape depicting the most significant as-pects of this important meeting.The two-hour VHS video tape is composed of theopening and closing remarks of Mohammad A.Ramadan (Egypt), "The Cosmic Watergate: BasicFacts" by Stanton T. Friedman, M.S., "Medical andScientific Evidence" by John F. Schuessler, M.S.,and "An Open Letter to the Secretary-General andthe UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of OuterSpace" by Robert H. Bletchman, J.D. The latter threespeakers are all members of MUFONs Board ofDirectors.MUFON has initially ordered 500 copies of thismonumental UN presentation to be made available im-mediately. Orders may be placed by mailing a PostalMoney Order or personal check made payable througha U.S. bank for $19.95 plus $2 for postage and han-dling to MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Road, Seguin, Texas78155-4099.PAGE 20 NUMBER 300 APRIL 1993
  • 21. MUFON UFO JOURNALIh^MIGHLSIQlWalter N.WebbMAY 1993• Bright Planets(Evening Sky):Mars (magnitude 1.2), in Cancer, stands high in theSW at dusk. The red planet passes through the edge ofthe Beehive cluster on the 11th and 12th.Use opticalaid to view the planet in the field of this beautifulwedge-shaped cluster.Jupiter (-2.3), in Virgo, is in the SSE at dusk andmoves westward during the night.• (Morning Sky):Venus rises about 3:30 a.m. daylight time in mid-May and is low in the E at dawn. Our neighborworld achieves greatest brilliancy on the 7th at mag-nitude -4.5, although it is almost as bright through-out the month.Mars sets in the NW soon after 1 a.m.in midmonth.Jupiter advances acrossthe southern heavens, settingin the W about 3:30 a.m.in mid-May.Saturn (0.9), in Aquarius, rises about 2 a.m. in mid-month and lies low in the SE at dawn.• Partial Solar Eclipse:The Moon hides part of the Sun after sunrise onMay21 for those of us in the central and western statesandAlaska. The southern limit for this eclipse falls alonga curve extending through W and N Texas, southernOklahoma, NW Arkansas, SE Missouri, southernIllinois and NW Ohio. Local starting times and max-imum percentages of the Suns diameter covered forselected cities: Seattle, 5:26 a.m., 41%; San Francisco(in progressat sunrise), 26.5%; Salt Lake City, 6:19,24%; Denver, 6:20, 17%;Chicago, 7:34, 6%. Do notlook directly at the Sun! For safety, project the Sunsimage through a pinhole. in a card (or through a tele-scope eye-piece) onto a white surface.• MeteorShower:The full moon hampers viewing of the May Aquaridson the morning of the 4th. Nevertheless, an observermight see occasionalbright yellow meteors streakingswiftly out of Aquarius in the E in the predawn sky.• Moon Phases:Full moon — May 5Last quarter — May 13New Moon — May 21First quarter — May 28• The Stars:After evening twilight fades, let the Big Dipper guideyou to the prominent stars and patterns of the season.This saucepan of 7 stars is now inverted high in the N.The two western stars of the dippers bowl point toPolaris the North Star; the two eastern bowl starspoint to Regulus, the heart of Leo the Lion; and thebent handle, if extended, curves to bright orangeArcturus in kite-shaped Bootes and then continuesan equal distance to bluish-white Spica in Virgo.For observersbelow latitude 30° N, look in the south-ern sky for Alpha Centauri, the Suns nearest stellarneighbor. And persons in S Florida, SE Texas andHawaii are now able to discern the entire SouthernCross during evening hours.UFO CONFERENCES FOR 1993April 16-18 —The Fourth UFO and Abduction Conference, TheDays Inn, Bordentown, New Jersey. For information contact Pat J.Marcattilio at (609) 888-1358.April 30 - May 2 — Exploring Unexplained Phenomena Number 5,The Nebraska Center, 33rd & Holdrege, Lincoln, Nebraska. Forinformation call (402) 421-1701, 1-7 p.m. CST.April 30 & May 1 — The Ultimate UFO Seminar, Little ALelnn,Hwy. 375, Rachel, Nevada. For information call Gary Schultz (310)393-0778. Hosts: Joe and Pat Travis.June 24, 25 & 26 — 14th Rocky Mountain Conference on UFOInvestigation, Universityof Wyoming, Laramie, WY. Forfurtherinformation call: (307) 766-2124 or 1-800-448-7801; FAX (307) 766-3914.July 2, 3, & 4 — MUFON 1993 International UFO Symposium atHyatt Richmond Hotel, Richmond, Virginia. For information pleasecontact Mark E. Blashak, P.O. Box 207, Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103.July 24 & 25 — The Seventh International UFO Congress spon-sored by BUFORA, University of Bristol, School of Chemistry,Cantocks Close, Bristol, England. For further informatipn contactBUFORA Congress, The Leys, Suite 1, 2c Leyton Road,Harpenden, Herts, AL5 2TL, England.August 1-5 — Ancient Astronaut Society 20th Anniversary WorldConference, Imperial Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada. To register con-tact Ancient Astronaut Society, 1921 St. Johns Ave., Highland Park,IL 60035-3105 or call (708) 295-8899.August 14 & 15 — International UFO Conference, "UFOs: Fact,Fraud or Fantasy." Sheffield Polytechnic, Main Building on PondStreet in Sheffield, So. Yorkshire, England. For information pleasecontact Independent UFO Network, 1 Woodhall Drive, Batley, WestYorkshire, England WF17 7SW.September 11 & 12 —Third Annual New Hampshire MUFONConference, Yokens Convention Center, Route 1, Portsmouth, NH.For information write to NH-MUFON P.O. Box 453, Rye, NH, or call(603) 436-9283 or (603) 673-3829.September 17-19 — Midwest Conference on UFO Research,Springfield, MO. For information call (417) 882-6847.October 9-10 — The UFO Experience, Holiday Inn, North Haven,Connecticut. For information contact John White, OmegoCommunications, P. O. Box 2051, Cheshire, CT 06410.APRIL 1993 NUMBER 300 PAGE 21
  • 22. MUFON UFO JOURNALMESSAGE - Continued from Page 23a second term. His wife, Shirley, has confirmed thisdiagnosis of his overall health.A second candidate has allowed his name to besubmitted for nomination.He is Walter L. "Barney"Garner, Jr. (Baton Rouge), Louisiana State Director.Mr. Garner retired from the USAF in 1972 as a Lt.Colonel and from the faculty of Louisiana StateUniversity in 1988. Since becoming State Director in1989, Barney has organized the state investigativeteam through Parish State Section Directors and threegeographically located Assistant State Directors. Hepublishes a very professional state newsletter.A third candidate has been nominated by JeanWaller-Seifried, Oklahoma State Director. She is JeanE. Byrne, B.S. and R.N., living in Norman,Oklahoma. Jean will receive her Masters in HumanRelations in May 1993 and is enrolled in graduatework toward state licensure as a LicensedProfessional Therapist. Mrs. Byrne has been involvedin Ufology since 1987 as a consulting hypnotherapistand co-investigator. She was a speaker at the OzarkUFO Conference in 1992 and presented two papers atthe prestigious UFO Abduction Study Conferenceheld at M.I.T., also in 1992. She is participating intheMUFON abduction transcription project headed byDan Wright and John Carpenter. After 20 years ofmanagement in the nursing field, Jean would like toapply the aforementioned skills toward making cre-ative changes in the cohesiveness of MUFON as theCentral Regional Director.The fourth candidate, William E. "Bill" Jones,J.D. (Columbus) has withdrawn his name from theelection due to his recent promotion to Ohio StateDirector, which will require his maximum attentionand effort. He offers his support to George Coyne.Due to the inconvenience and poor appearance ofaballot stapled withineach Journal mailed to everymem-ber in the central region of states and a postage savingsto members, a new procedure will be initiated on anex-perimental basis for this election. It will also havean-other advantage where family subscriptions are involvedand only one ballot was previouslyenclosed. To makethis election both legal and convenient the followingsteps have been taken. For individual members pleasemail a 19-cent postcard specifyingyour vote for JeanE.Byrne, George R. Coyne or Walter L. Gamer for CentralRegional Director. Sign your name, date and mail toMUFON in Seguin, Texas, before May 31, 1993. Ifafamily membership exists, the same procedure appliesexcept that each must sign their own name on the samepostcard for convenience sake. If they vote for differentpeople this must be clearly indicated. We feel that thisrevised procedure is superior to inserting a ballot orthe necessity for cutting a printed ballot out of theJournal, thus damaging your copy and using valuablespace. Due to MUFONs growth, we must streamlineour procedures for effectiveness. Please vote now whileit is fresh in your memory. If successful, a similar pro-cedure may be adopted for MUFONs annual award.EXPLORING UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA CONFER-ENCEThe Fortean Research Center is presenting its fifthconference on the unexplained April 30 to May 2,1993, at the Nebraska Center for ContinuingEducation at 33rd and Holdredge Streets, Lincoln, NE68583-0901. This years conference will focus on theUFO mystery with the following speakers: John A.Salter, Kevin Randle, Stanton Friedman, HarryJordan, Dr. John Kasher, Linda Moulton Howe,Budd Hopkins, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, John S.Carpenter andRaymond Boeche.Registration is $45 for the conference speakingschedule. A block of rooms has been reserved at theNebraska Center Hotel which adjoins the conferencesite. Please make your room reservations directly withthe hotel by calling (402) 472-3435. For further infor-mation call Scott Colborn at (402) 421-1701 from 1to 7 p.m. CST.EARL NEFFClevelands "Dean of Ufology" and veteran ufolo-gist, Earl Neff, 90, died March 12, 1993, after suffer-ing a brain hemorrhage two years ago.Throughout his ufological career, he founded theCleveland Ufology Project in 1958 and was a memberof NICAP, APRO and MUFON. At the MUFON 1974UFO Symposium in Akron, Ohio, Earl entertained thebanquet attendees with a humorous after-dinnerspeech. Mary Ann Hawk, the current director ofCUP, has shared Mr. Neffs obituary with Journalreaders.MUFON Amateur Radio Net80 meters — 3.978 MHz — Saturday, 8 p.m.40 meters — 7.237 MHz — Saturday, 8 a.m.20 meters — 14.264 Mhz — Thursday, 8 p.m.10 meters — 28.470 MHz — Sunday, 3 p.m.Alternate if 10 meters is dead20 meters — 14.264 MHz — Sunday, 3:15p.m.All times Eastern Standard or DaylightMUFONET-BBS NETWORKMembers Communication Link— Australia — U.S. — Canada —Call (or the BBS nearest you! FAX: 901-785-4819Data No. 901 -785-4943 8 - N -1PAGE 22 NUMBER 300 APRIL 1993
  • 23. MUFON UFO JOURNALMESSAGE - Continued from Page 24imperative that the names of all nominees must bereceived in Seguin by May 1, 1993. Foreign read-ers/members should send their nominations by airmail.This announcement should have been published inthe March issue of the Journal, therefore I apologizefor my oversight. Please promptly submit the name ofyour candidate, since this is a personal thank you anda vote of appreciation for their accomplishments inadvancing the study of the new science of ufology.OPERATION RIGHT TO KNOWTo clarify any misunderstanding, the Mutual UFONetwork, as an organization, does not approve or sup-port the planned demonstration in front of the WhiteHouse in Washington,DC, scheduled for July 5, 1993,by a group known as "Operation Right to Know."Even though some of the demonstrators may also beMUFON members, this in no way implies endorse-ment of their march. MUFON feels that there aremore expedient and effective methods of lobbying ourcongressional representatives about the necessity fordisclosure of UFO information than public demon-strations. However, we do support the work beingdone and current proposals by the Fund for UFOResearch in their "behind the scenes" approach beingmade directly with members of the U.S. Congress.MUFON 1993 SYMPOSIUMThe theme for the MUFON 1993 InternationalUFO Symposium is "UFOLOGY: The Emergence ofa New Science." Hosted by MUFON Virginia, theconference will take place the weekend of July 2, 3and 4, 1993, at the Hyatt Richmond Hotel, 6624 WestBroad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23230. VirginiaState Director Mark E. Blashak is the symposiumchairperson and Walt Andrus is the program chair-man. Other committee chairpersons are Mrs. LisaBlashak, Treasurer; Bruce Hauser, Transportation;Eve and Ted Preciado, Registration; and MichaelHutchison, Public Relations.The list of confirmed speakers reflects the interna-tional scope of the symposium and the theme.Speakers from foreign countries are Vincente-JuanBallester Olmos (Spain), Colin Andrews (England),Cynthia Hind (Zimbabwe), Illobrand vonLudwiger (Germany), and Hoang-Yung Chiang,Ph.D. (Taiwan).Other featured speakers on the agen-da are John E. Mack, M.D., George Knapp, LindaMoulton Howe, John F. Schuessler, Wesley E.Ellison, Jeffrey W. Sainio, Jorge Martin (PuertoRico) and Budd Hopkins.Three-hundred and fifty rooms have been blockedfor July 2 and 3 at the Hyatt Richmond Hotel forattendees at a special rate of $62 per night for single,double, triple or quad occupancy by calling the reser-vation desk at (804) 285-1234 or FAX (804) 288-3961and advising the desk that you are attending theMUFON 1993 UFO Symposium. A limited numberof rooms have been reserved for July 1, 4 and 5 forthose arriving early or staying over for a few days atthe same rate.Other important events scheduled for Friday, July2, will be the annual State/Provincial Directors meet-ing from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., a press conference from 1to 3 p.m., and everyone is invited to the Receptionfrom 6 to 9 p.m. Reservations must be made for thereception, which will feature a light buffet with a cashbar for $10 per person. This is a grand opportunity tonot only meet the speakers but to converse with yourcolleagues in ufology. When you are making youradvance registrations please indicate if you will beattending the reception and include the admissionprice.All Assistant State/Provincial Directors,Continental Coordinators, National Directors andForeign Representatives are cordially invited to attendthe State/Provincial Directors Meeting on July 2.The MUFON Annual Corporate Board ofDirectors Meeting will be held Sunday morning, July4 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.Since the speakers will be videotaped under con-tract, no video cameras will be permitted inside theauditorium. Still cameras are authorized, but no flashphotos will be allowed.Advance registrations may be obtained before June1, 1993, by mailing a check or money order for $45per person payable to "MUFON 1993 UFOSymposium" to the following address: VirginiaMUFON, P. O. Box 207, Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103.After June 1st, the registration fee will be $50 or $10per session.If you are interested in having an exhibit or a salestable of directly related UFO material at the sympo-sium, please write to the above address for an applica-tion form. (New Age paraphernalia will not be permit-ted.)CENTRAL REGIONAL DIRECTOR ELECTIONSince George R. Coyne will be completing hisfirst term on the MUFON Board of Directors on June30, 1993, as Central Regional Director, the corporatebylaws specify that an election be held by all of themembers living in the following designated states:MI, OH, KY,TN, AL, MS, IN, IL, WI, MN, IA, MO,AR, LA, TX, OK, KS, NE, SD and ND.After a miraculous recovery from a three-month ill-ness, we are happy to report that Mr. Coyne is againfulfilling his directors duties and responsibilities andhas expressed a sincere desire to run for reelection toPAGE 23 NUMBER 300Continued on Page 22APRIL 1993
  • 24. MUFON UFO JOURNALNEWS FROM AROUND THE NETWORK300TH ISSUE OF THE fOURNALThe April 1993 issue of the MUFON UFO Journalcommemorates a major milestone — the 300th issueot" the Journal and its predecessor, Skylook. The latter,first published in September of 1967, began as a smallmimeographed newsletter edited by the late Mrs.Norma A. Short. Today, the Journal has grown into a24-page magazine with glossy covers and a profes-sional format. Now edited by Dennis Stacy, it is dis-tributed to 4.500 subscribers worldwide.Obviously, we are very proud of the progress madein the intervening years. Editor Emeritusrecognitionand appreciation is hereby extended to past editorsDwignt Connelly, Dennis William Hauck, RichardH. Hall and Robert "Bob" Pratt, all of whom volun-teered their services at one time or another. WaltAndrus has served as interim editor on several occa-sions and as associate editor for many years.This is a remarkableachievement in a field whereorganizations and newsletterscome and go. In fact, noother UFO magazinehas approached even one-half ofthe 30U consecutive monthly issues published by theMUFON UFO Journal and Skylook. We owe a debt ofgratitude to the hundreds of people who have con-tributed articles to the Journal over the past 25 years,and especiallyto our loyal readers during that time. Ithas been an honor to have the Journal, our officialpublication, represent the Mutual UFO Network, theworlds largest UFO investigative organization. Therevised name on the cover further exemplifies andidentifies this relationship.NEW OFFICERS"Jeff" Ballard, Alabama State Director hasappointed Duncan R. Crow, J.D. (Semmes) to theposition of Assistant State Director for southernAlabama. Duncan is a former state section director.Ohio State director, William E. "Bill" Jones, J.D.(Columbus) selected Richard P. DellAquila, J.D.(Seven Hills), presently a state section director, to theadditional responsibilityof Assistant State Directorfor northern Ohio. These promotions are organization-al changes to better serve the constituencyof the indi-vidual states.The following new State Section Directors wereidentified this past month: Russell E. Burrows(Olney, IL) for Richland, Lawrence, Edwards,Wabash, Jasper and Crawford Counties in Illinois:Louis P. Colburn, Sr. (Preston, GA) for Webster,Stewart, Marion. Sumter and Ferrell Counties;Solomon Scott (Hawley, PA) for Pike and WayneCounties; Richard Sitz, Ph.D. (Cedarville, MI) forMackinac, Chippewa and Luce Counties: Ronald D.Gilstrap (Wichita, KS) for Sedgwick, Butler andHarvey Counties; Lori A. Cerbone (Verblanck, NY)for Westchester County; Bill I. Huckins (Newcastle,WY) for Weston, Crook and Niobrara Counties; JoeH. Travis (Rachel, NV) for Lincoln County; MichaelR. Seath (Reno, NV) for Washoe and StoreyCounties. Michael M. Deschamps (Hanmer, ON)was appointed by Victor Lourenco, OntarioProvincial Director, to be the Provincial SectionDirector for the Hanmer area.Indiana State Director, Francis L. Ridge (Mt.Vernon) has announced the following revisions in hisstate organization: Norma J. Croda (Indianapolis), aformer state section director, now heads up the stateabduction support group; William J. "Will" Ott(Indianapolis) becomes the state section director forMarion and Hancock Counties; Thomas A.Vlaskamp (Bloomfield) is reassigned to Greene andMartin Counties; and Samuel R. Stoneking (Holton)was designated for Ripley and Jennings Counties.CONSULTANTS AND RESEARCH SPECIALISTSRandy K. Solomon, Ph.D. (Macon, GA) became aConsultant in Clinical Psychology and MauriceKougwell, Ph.D. (Baldwin, NY) volunteered to be aConsultant in Hypnotherapy. New ResearchSpecialists volunteering this month are the following:George E. Wood, Ph.D. (San Antonio, TX) inMetaphysics; Robert G. Tobias, M.A. (Clifton. NJ)in Psychology; Richard C. Feierabend, M.S.(Fredericksburg, VA) in Aeronautical Engineering;John M. Knowles, M.S. (Paphos. Cyprus) inEconomics; Russell W. Youngblood, M.A. (FortWalton Beach, FL) in Psychology and Psychotherapy:Elaine A. Buckley, M.A. (Litchfield, NH) inCounseling; and Harvey T. Grady, M.A. (Scottsdale,AZ) in Counseling.MUFON ANNUAL AWARDEach year MUFON honors a person in Ufologywho their colleagues select for having made the mostoutstanding contribution to the advancement of theUFO phenomenon during the past five years. The dis-tinguished recipient will be presented with anengraved plaque and a monetary award at theMUFON 1993 International UFO Symposium inRichmond, Virginia.Candidates may live anywhere in the world and donot have to be members of the Mutual UFO Networkto be nominated for this prestigious award. A ballot orlist of candidates will be enclosed with the May 1993issue of the MUFON UFO Journal, therefore it isContinued on Page 23PAGE 24 NUMBER 300 APRIL 1993