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Mufon ufo journal   1992 11. november

Mufon ufo journal 1992 11. november






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    Mufon ufo journal   1992 11. november Mufon ufo journal 1992 11. november Document Transcript

    • Mufon UFO JournalOfficial Publication of the Mutual UFO Network Since 1967Number 295November 1992$3.00Confessions of a Crop Circle SpyConnecting by Computer ... An Open Letter tothe United Nations ... Current CasesBook Reviews & More
    • Mufon UFO JournalNovember 1992 Number 295CONTENTSUFOLOGY: THE EMERGENCE OF A NEW SCIENCE Walter Andrus 3CONFESSIONS OF A CROP CIRCLE SPY! James Schnabel 4CONNECTING BY COMPUTER John Komar & Pete Theer 9CONFLICT OR COLLABORATION? Fred Whiting 12OPEN LETTER: UNITED NATIONS 14THE UFO PRESS Dennis Stacy 15NEWNVffiWS 17NEW DEPUTY DIRECTOR, INVESTIGATIONS 18CURRENT CASE LOG Robert Gribble 19READERS CLASSIFIEDS 19OPEN LETTER TO UFO INVESTIGATORS J. Howard, J.D. 20LETTERS Robert M. Bailey 21THE DECEMBER NIGHT SKY Walter N. Webb 22DIRECTORS MESSAGE Walter Andrus 24COVER ARTWORK Vince JohnsonSSSm*B«*S*S*SS8f^^EDITORDennis W. StacyASSOCIATE EDITORWalter H. Andrus, Jr.COLUMNISTWalter N. Webb§MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, TX 78155-4099Telephone: (210) 379-9216Copyright 1992 by the Mutual UFO Network.All Rights Reserved.No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permissionof the Copyright Owners. Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of anyone article, provided the author is credited,and the statement, "Copyright 1992by the MutualUFO Network, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155," is included.The contentsof the MUFON UFO Journal are determinedby the editors and do not necessarilyreflect the official position of the Mutual UFO Network.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organization of thetype described in Section 509 (a) (2). Donors may deduct contributions from their FederalIncome Tax. Bequests, legacies,devises, transfers or gifts are alsodeductible for estateandgift purposes, provided they meet the applicable provisions of Sections2055, 2106 and 2522of the Internal Revenue Code.The MUFON UFO JOURNAL is published monthly by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas. Membership/Subscription rates: $25 per year inthe U.S.A.; $30 foreign in U.S. funds. Second class postage paid at Seguin, TX.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to:MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155
    • UFOLOGY:The Emergence of a New Scienceby Walter H. Andrus, Jr., InternationalDirectorThe exponential growth of the Mutual UFO Networkoverthe last several years has had both positive and negativeramifications as it relates to our technological objectivesand overall philosophy relevant to the phenomenon known asUnidentified Flying Objects — UFOs. Some veteran membersmay have forgotten or lost sight of the organizations basic prin-ciples, while relatively new members may not be whollyawareof their formulation.In either case, it would be advantageousto review MUFONs fundamental objectives. We are dedicatedto the express purpose of answering four basic questions:1. Are UFOs some form of spacecraft controlled by an ad-vanced intelligence, conducting a surveillance of our planet,or do they constitute some unknown physical or psychologicalmanifestation associated with the Planet Earth that is notunderstood by present day science?2. If UFOs are found to be extraterrestrial craft controlledby intelligent beings, what is their method of propulsion andtheir means for achieving unbelievable speed and maneu-verability?3. Postulating that they may be controlled by an extrater-restrial intelligence, where do they originate —our Earth, oursolar system, in our galaxy, the Milky Way, in some distantgalaxy in the universe, or in another dimension or time framealtogether?4. Assuming that some of the craft are piloted by alien be-ings, humanoids or entities, what can we learn from their ap-parently advanced science and civilization through study orpossibly through direct communications with the occupantsof these vehicles?Answers to these questions are as pertinent today asthey were 23 years ago, when they were first proposed.We are not only vitally concerned with the technologyinvolvedin the propulsion of UFOs, but with the potential implica-tions and impact that the reality of extraterrestrial intelligenceand visitations will have for mankind, both now and in thefuture. The importance of the scientific study of the UFOphenomenon cannot be underestimated, since it is the mostsignificant mystery of the space age and the twenty-first cen-tury. We cannot overemphasize the significance of this enigma.Yet, we must be totally cognizant that the scientific studyof the UFO phenomenon is entirely independent of, and hasnothing in common with, the many rising New Age concepts,which even the so-called "new agers" themselves are unableto define. Attemptedtelepathic communication with the allegedentities, in other words, should not be construed as bona fide"channeling from the masters," as several well-known char-latans have recently implied in their writings and lectures. Todate, no scientific evidence relevant to the UFO phenomenonhas been discovered through channeling, automatic writing orvia the latest related fad — automated computer printout repliesto questions posed to "the masters."The study of the new science of Ufology has manyperipheralsubjects which may or may not prove relevant, however, andthey deserve investigation by specialists to determine if theyfit into the UFO puzzle. Examples are: human abductions,Big Foot, animal mutilations, theology, crop circles, govern-ment cover-up, ancient astronauts and astronomy.The Mutual UFO Network is a patriotic organization, butit abhors the failure of the U.S. Government to officiallydisclose its knowledge concerning UFOs and their continuedvisitations. For Congress to spend $100 million of taxpayersmoney on the SETI program is absurd. Even activelyinvolvedastronomers admit that there is only an infinitesimal chancethat they may receive a signal from an intelligent source throughtheir efforts. MUFON is proposing that a far more cost-effective program in the search for extraterrestrial intelligencecould be mounted by allocating $500,000 to $1 million to thestudy of reports of technologically-advanced entities who havebeen visiting the Planet Earth for at least 50 years.For 45 years, intelligence agencies within the U.S. Govern-ment have been covertly and systematically conducting a cover-up of the UFO enigma while deliberately prevaricating to thecitizens of our country and the nations of the world. Documentsrecovered under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) con-firm beyond a question of doubt the authenticity of this state-ment. So when is our government going to "come clean"?Such a disclosure would dwarf the admitted lies surroundingthe Gary Powers U-2 flight over the U.S.S.R., Watergate, andthe more current Irangate. Obviously, the credibility of theU.S. Government and its leaders would suffer even more inthe eyes of the world should the President of the United Statesmake a public pronouncement revealing that UFOs and theiroccupants are indeed a reality.But as the evidence mounts, eventually one of our presi-dents will be forced to face the truth. Both Jimmy Carter andRonald Reagan have already shared their UFO experienceswith the public. As a former Director of the Central Intel-ligence Agency, George Bush is probably more knowledge-able about UFOs than any previouspresident. When recentlyqueried by one of MUFONs State Section Directors, serv-ing on Bushs campaign committee, about his knowledgeof UFOs and the CIA, Bush responded briefly in the tape-recorded statement — "You dont know the half of it."The $64,000 question still confronts a future Presidentof the United States. Which one will have the intestinal for-titude to "face the music"? Or conversely, will the govern-ment continue to leak UFO information to the press andelectronic media for public consumption as they are ap-parently now doing? We cannot tolerate another 45 moreyears of indecision, the purpose of which is to shield themost important scientific mystery of the century from thecitizens of the world.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • IntroductionIve been asked on occasion why the Journal devotesso much space to the crop circle mystery. Id thoughtthe reasons might be obvious by now, but in casethey arent, let me explain.In the beginning, not so very long ago, crop circlesseemed to be very similar in appearance to thoseUFO physical trace cases popularly known as"saucer nests" —circular areas of swirled-flat grassor grain reported after the visual sighting of a day-time or other UFO. See in particular, the five circlesfound near Langenburg, Saskatchewan, in Septem-ber of 1974, or those at Tully, Queensland, Australia,in January of 1966. Although their numbers aresmall today, some cereologists still think that cropcircles share a certain intimacy with the UFOphenomenon, although not necessarily as one-to-one physical impressions of the latter.On the other hand, some UFO reports could beconnected to some crop circles, if, say, the plasma-vortex theory of Dr. Terence Meaden could bedemonstrated in a convincing light. That hasnt hap-pened yet, but the possibility, however remote, issurely enough to keep the subject alive in these pages.But there is another factor, somewhat more sub-tle, that is also important to keep in mind, and thatis the fact that by observing how crop circles arethought about, we can also gain an insight into howUFOs are sometimes thought about, and scientifical-ly approached (or not). Certainly, there is a discon-certing tendency among many contemporaryufologists to see government agents and conspiracieslurking behind every bush or cloud. I know this tobe an unpleasant fact of life personally, havingoncebeen accused of being on an intelligence agencyspayroll myself.The article you are about to read paints the wide-spread paranoia within both ufology and cereologyin a painful light, but it needs to be seen (and said)nevertheless. The events leading up to it dont par-ticularly redound to anyones credit. The perpetratorsof the original incident, for example, should haveknown that they were playing with fire, a fire that,once started, would proveextremely difficult to stampout. Hopefully, hoaxers will realize that their pranksare often the equal of a misguided social experimentover which they have no ultimate control. In otherwords, there are lessons here aplenty — on both sidesof the equation — for everyone involved.Several of the parties mentioned herein have beencontacted and asked to respond. Those responses,assuming they are forthcoming, will appear in afuture issue of the Journal.— Dennis StacyBy JamesSchnabelMen in Black! Covert operatives! Govern-ment agents! Any ufologist worth his saltknows about these types ... who worknight and day to discredit, to disinform, to debunk,and generally to prevent the Public from apprehend-ing the Truth. Surely you have heard of them, thepokerfaced gentlemen (and maybe even ladies) wholurk behind government-gray desks, in smoke-filledcorporate boardrooms, in the coffee-stained news-rooms of the press, and even — shudder! — in thecrowded conference halls of ufology itself ... Thetypes who whisper tersely off the record, no attribu-tion allowed, as they point to grainy top-secretphotographs of the crashed alien captives and theircraft: "The... World... Is... Not... Ready... For...This... Yet."Ufology, it would appear, is perpetually plaguedby spies. And given that ufologists seem dispropor-tionately likely to list, among their present or formeremployers, the CIA, DIA, DOD, NSA, MOD, M15,M16, or various other nefarious omnipotences, it ishardly surprising that so many ufologists, famousand obscure, have themselves been accused of anti-ufological espionage. My god, the stories one hears!"X claims to believe in such-and-such. No one couldseriously believe in such-and-such; therefore X isa debunker working for the government." "Y is aspy because she accuses other people of being spies.She must be trying to divert attention from her ownactivities." "Z is too quiet. He is probably a spy,too."Crop circle researchers, who occupy a fertile butrelatively small patch of ufology, and who mostlyreside in genteel England, are nevertheless amongthe most vociferous spycriers. If you believe someinfluential cerealogists, spies and wreckers areeverywhere: The crop circle hoaxers Doug Bowerand Dave Chorley are pawns in a government con-spiracy to debunk the circles (and especially thelovely pictograms). The newspaper who publishedtheir story is also working with the government, asis a features syndicate which supplied crop circlephotographs to the newspaper. A landowner inSomerset whose farm happens to have the samename as a copyright tag used by the aforesaidnewspaper, has, suspiciously, been known to per-form "defense-related work for the government."The retired physics professor who favors ameteorological explanation for a few small circles,Schnabel is an American journalist livingin Oxford, England.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • "It all began on a Sunday evening in lateAugust..."and the hoax explanation for the rest, is clearly an agentof Her Majestys government. A journalist who is current-ly working on a book about the evolution of sex, but whoseprevious credits include skeptical articles about the circles,and who is a nephew of a former minister of the Thatchergovernment, is obviously too close to government not to bea spy. A female journalist who has written over a dozen booksand novels about the occult and strange phenomena, whois working on a book about the circles, and who heads aNorth American crop circle research group, has been linkedto a CIA contract employee (who is not only a circles en-thusiast but an arch-conspiracy theorist as well), and istherefore clearly up to no good. A freelance commercialphotographer, recently converted to crop circles skepticism,has therefore become a circle-hoaxer, and could not be do-ing so other than under government auspices and withdebunking intent. Last, but not least, there is the journalistwho has written two articles implying that cerealogy is aserious science, but who has also written twoother articlesexamining the intrigues and the hoaxing that go on withincerealogy; worse, he is said to be a circle-making accompliceof the aforementioned photographer; worst of all, he is "astaunch Catholic;" his spying and debunking activitiestherefore have a religious motivation.That is all by way of background to my story, which isabout the latter individual — me — and what hap-pened to him when, in a light-hearted moment, he suggestedto an inquirer that, yes, it was all true, he was indeed a spy.I doubt that many people connected with ufology have eversurvived to tell about such an experience.It all began on a Sunday evening in late August, whena man describing himself as a citizen of Kenya and callinghimself "Cassava Ntumba" — or something like that —telephoned a circles researcher named Rob Irving. Irving,who is the photographer mentioned above, recently hadworked with me on a piece in a London newspaper aboutone of the circle-making groups which has been active inWiltshire. Ntumba explained that he was interested in thecircles phenomenon, but Irving immediately recognized hisvoice as that of Henry Azadehdel, who had played a majorrole last year in whipping up the story about Bower andChorley being spies.Now, Henry Azadehdel is a story in himself, but for ourpurposes here it is enough to mention that he goes by severalnames (Dr. Armen Victorian and Dr. Alan Jones amongthem), is believed to haveoozed originally out of then - SovietArmenia, or Iran, or Iraq, or Libya, was convicted in 1989of smuggling rare orchids into the U.K. and spent six weeksin Pentonville Prison, and has been involved in a numberof other remarkable enterprises, one of the most recent ofwhich involved the marketing of what purported to be a pagefrom Ronald Reagans diary, making clear that Reagan knewall along about the arms-for-hostages swap with Iran in theearly 1980s. A veritable Renaissance Man, our Henry.Anyway, Irving slapped a tape recorder on the phoneand the fun started. Ntumba wanted to know if Irv-ing, or his friend Schnabel, knew of any government interestin the circles. Irving hinted that he did, and that he andSchnabel were the manifestation of this government interest.Ntumba: Is it [to do with] Intelligence? —forgive me, itsmy curiosity — or maybe —Irving: It does have intelligence, yeah.Ntumba: But —Irving: / think that were particularly intelligent people.Ntumba: What? Well, yes. I see ...And so on in this vein, with Irving giving Azadehdel amixture of insulting wordplay and deadpan hints about aninternational conspiracy, until he tired of the game and asked:Irving: Hows [W], by the way?Ntumba: Who?Irving: [W].Ntumba: Who is [W]?Irving: fWJ. I understand you know [W] (a well-knownBritish circles researcher, with whom Azadehdel had workedbefore, and who clearly had sent Azadehdel in search ofinformation about us).Ntumba: / —Irving: Youre Henry Azjadehdel.Ntumba: No Im not.Irving: Youre not?Ntumba: Uh-uh.Irving: Dr. Victorian?Ntumba: No, Im not.Irving: You sound incredibly like him.Ntumba: Ive heard of this man [Azadehdel] before. Whatdo you make of him?Irving: / think hes [comment deleted — Ed].The conversation thereafter became fairly heated, andit ended shortly, with Ntumba-Azadehdel threateningto "blow your cover, Mr. Irving," and hinting that Irvingmight avoid such a fete if he "bet" Azadehdel £100,000. SinceAzadehdel at one point had asked for my phone number,Irving called me as soon as the conversation had finished,and played his tape of the discussion. I told Irving that ifAzadehdel called me, I would feign ignorance of the previousdiscussion, and lead Azadehdel on a spy-chase around theglobe.Well, Azadehdel phoned up in about 15minutes. By thenI was having dinner with some friends, so I asked him tocall back later. He did, and pretending to stonewall at first,I gradually let it be known that he had won my confidence("Are you a Christian?" I asked him. "Yes, yes," he said,MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • "The Plan was super-secret, supra-national,and had tens of thousands of dedicatedmembers ... / threw in Germany just to givethe thing a more NATO-ish flavor.""I am a Christian. I am a Catholic.")- This accomplished,I began to sketch —both in that conversation, and in a brieferone the following day — the basic outlines of The Plan.The governments of the UK, U.S.A, and Germany wereinvolved. The Vaticanwas involved, too. Military intelligenceservices of host countries would lend us support from timeto time, as necessary. Several noted crop circle researchers(some of whom had previously been accused of being spies)were also involved. The Organization behind The Plan wassuper-secret, supra-national, and had tens of thousands ofdedicated members. We were very well paid, and we lackedno resources. The Plan was meant (a) to divert attention fromthe ultra-secret Star Warsweapons testing which caused thecircles, and (b) to discredit those who were using thephenomenon to promote the New Age.Now, a note on the somewhat impromptu structureof ThePlan: I figured that any good British conspiracy had to in-volve not only the British government, but the even moreomnipotent U.S. government as well. I threw in Germanyjust to give the thing a more NATO-ish flavor, and becausetwo of my flatmateswere German, and because a prominentcerealogist who has suggested to me that the circles mightbe the result of space weapons testing is also German. TheVatican v. New Age angle was a direct response to cerealogistWs belief that I was some kind of mad debunking monk.Well, a few days went by, and the reports started to comein on the crop circles grapevine. W believed that hishouse was bugged, and so he was communicating only byfax. The faxed messages implied that he had finally crackedthe crop circles debunking conspiracy, and would soon ex-pose all. R was telling everybody about it, too. E was upin Scotland, at Hs place, with W and some others, listeningto the tapes and marvelling at the breathtaking breadth of ThePlan. Even Ws colleague R, an experienced journalist, haddifficulty in believing that the thing was only a joke.Almost exactly a week after Azadehdels first call, hephoned Irving again. Irving explained that he had spokento me and that I had assured him that Ntumba was shortlyto become a member of The Organization. Ntumba carriedon as if their first conversation had never occurred, pep-pering Irving with the usual questions. How much will Ibe paid? What will I be asked to do? What wasThe Organiza-tion called? "The Swan," said Irving, because inEnglandone,is not allowed to harm a swan. Irving suggested thatThe Swans mission was to infiltrate all fringe groups untilwe had established ... control.After Irving played me the tape from that final conver-sation, I began to worry. For a variety of reasons itdidnt seem plausible that Azadehdel believed The Plan; yethe had continued to call, had continued to dig further. Itwas as if he were playing the same game, givingW and theothers what they wanted, editing the tapes to make the wholething sound more plausible, and having his own laugh,maybe even making money out of it. It occurred to me thatThe Plan, or the edited version thereof, would be broad-cast worldwide, or anyway among the internationalcerealogical and ufological community, and any denials thatfollowed might be greeted withdisbelief and derision. Coin-cidentially, I had just read an article in Fortean Times* abouta program made by a British TV company in the late 1970s.Called "Alternative 3," it had described a plot by worldgovernments secretly to colonize the Moon and Mars withtop scientists, who would presumably be the only ones toescape the oncoming ecological catastrophe. A masterlyweave of various pop mythologies, it had spawned a minorhysteria in England before its producers declared that thewhole thing had been a hoax. But even afterwards, manycontinued to believe in the essential truth of the story, assert-ing that the hoax claim had really been a "cover up."Which demonstrated that sometimes you couldnt get thegenie back into the bottle again. That was what was worry-ing me. I took a genuine interest in UFOs, crop circles, andother strange phenomena, as ajournalist and as a researcherof the phenomena themselves, and I didnt relish the pros-pect of havingdoors slammed in my face —spy! —wheneverI tried to investigate a story.So I telephoned W and asked him to relay to the elusiveAzadehdel that the whole thing had been a send up. "I hope"— I said — "that you have enough sense of humor to seethat this was all done in fun." To which W responded: "WellIm not sure I do, Jim. I mean, I wouldnt be in the leastbit surprised if you were a spy."He wasnt joking, and he soon put the finishing toucheson a long article, for a magazine which he edits, describingThe Plan, The Swan, and two of its junior members,Schnabel and Irving. One of Ws colleagues, whom wellcall G, was then in touch with a television production com-pany doing a crop circles documentary. G telephoned theproducer, F, explained that his house and phone werebugged, and that he needed to speak to F in person; it wasa matter, he said, of "urgent national interest." He visitedF and provided her with tapes (made by Azadehdel) of theAzadehdel-Schnabel conversations. On camera, G discussedThe Plan and how it would soon be revealed to devastatingeffect. Meanwhile U, another cerealogist, sat down and wroteme a three-page letter, which among other things said:"I note that you have subsequently passed off your con-versation with Ntumba as being in the nature of a joke.And if that is indeed your preferred position, so be it. If,on the other hand, your statements were meant to be fac-tual (inadvertently or otherwise), I think it could nowpossibly be of advantage to you and your colleagues, as well* Hoax! Alternative 3," by Bob Richard. Fortean Times #64, pp. 47-9.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • as to the subject more generally, to take into account myowns... connections with the phenomenon and to considerwhether you would like to exchange further informationwithme on a personal basis."Newspapers, press agencies, and televisionnetworks in theU.K. apparently were informed of The Plan by pressrelease. Some of the press releases came not from the cropcircles research community but from an organization knownas Quest International, a UFO research group in West York-shire. Azadehdel, under the name Armen Victorian, was (andas far as I know still is) one of the leading lights of Quest,and is a regular contributor to its journal — UFOMagazine— usuallyon matters relating to espionage. Quest held a con-ference in Leeds in late September, and Armen Victorian,billed as a "former diplomat" with links to the world of in-telligence, was one of the main speakers. He was scheduledto talk about an alleged UFO cover-up organization calledThe Aviary, another such organization called MJ-12, and ofcourse our own homespun Swan. The day of the conference,the following notice appeared in a respected nationalnewspaper, The Guardian. The reporter had teasinglyscrambled all three conspiracies together:ANTI-UFO TALK THATS STRICTLY FOR THE BIRDSCalling Penguin, Falcon and the Owl: stand byto be assignedto your other duties. Despite your efforts to have flying saucerswritten off as rogue weather balloons and crop circles at-tributed to rural pranksters, public interest in paranormal ex-otica remains resistant to dirty tricks.Even worse, you are to be unmasked in front of 400 ufolo-gists. The highlight of a UFO-meet at Leeds Civic Theatretoday promises to be the exposure of the double agents whohave "helped brand us a load of idiots," according to TonyDodd, director of investigations for the conference organizers,Quest International.The audience will hear taped conversations of the gang ofinternational debunkers — group code name: the Birds —revealing the role they have played in giving ufology, etc., abad name.The Birds are said to be linked to the military intelligenceagencies of several nations ... The tapes were gathered byArmen Victorian, a Nottingham-based formerdiplomat whomthe Birds allegedly tried in vain to recruit ..."Weve had quiet talks with some of them and they are alwayssaying The world is not ready for this yet, "complained Mr.Dodd.I went up to the conference with some friends, and wefiled unostentatiously into the theatre. But word of mypresence seemed to get around pretty quickly. People I didntknow began to stare at me. One guy seemed to be followingme around. Another guy across the auditorium looked at mecarefully and then walked hurriedly away and consulted withanother guy, and then they both looked at me. Yet anotherguy tried to take my picture. My friends told me I was im-agining things, but in the first lecture, and in virtually everylecture thereafter, it was said darkly that some of the very spiesto be revealed that day were among the audience, listening,taking notes, making tape-recordings, devising Plans ...Now, two days earlier, I had sent to the Quest conferencesmaster of ceremonies, a burly fellow whom well call T, atape of the Irving-Azadehdel and Schnabel-Azadehdel conver-sations, along with a short note explaining that the conversa-tions represented nothing more than a hoax. Yethe made nomention of this when he promised the audience: "I can tellyou that what you will hear today will reverberate throughoutthe worlds UFO communities."C, a well-knownauthor of crop circles books, who nowdescribed himself as having "advised the Thatcher govern-ment" on the phenomenon, was one of the featured lecturers.He warned that attempts would soon be made by the mediato debunk the circles. He mentioned Fs documentary asan example (for F had resisted the calls to broadcast ThePlan) and claimed that it would be broadcast one monthahead of schedule "because such is the frenzy of activityin the intelligence fraternity" with regard to the circles. Calso discussed the executors of The Plan, who were, heassured the audience, involved with the governments of"Britain, the USA and Germany." C had recently been inthe USA, and there, he claimed, he had described the con-spiracy to his good friend B, a respected UFO reseacher.B, according to C, had been concerned about what the agentsof The Plan might do to him. C emphasized to the audiencethat these agents —who were "blackness ... blackness itself— must be stopped at all costs.D, a well-knownand apparently earnest Britishufologistwhose quest started with a close encounter some years ago,also discussed The Plan and how only the brave effortsof ufologists could prevent its dark success. Then, by sometwisted synchronicity,he mentioned another conspiracy ...one which accidentally had been broadcast on television inthe 1970s ... involvingthe abduction of the worlds top scien-tists, secret bases on the Moon and Mars, the comingecological catastrophe, and the desperate attempts by Govern-ment to cover up the conspiracy by passing it off as a hoax.The clock wounddown and finally Armen Victorian tookthe stage. Hearing him on the phone, I had imagined a gray-ing, chain-smoking, carpet-salesman type, in his mid-fiftieswith a shabby brown suit and bad teeth. But in reality (orwhatever reality that afternoon can be said to have had) hewas a dapper little Napoleon in his thirties, about four footeleven in his tidy tan suit. He started off right away withthe crop circles conspiracy, explaining that, as we thought,he had begun to investigate after a fax from his friend W.After a few audio problems, he played excerpts from myconversations with him. For example:Ntumba: [N] was very quiet. Is he also working in thesame—?Schnabel: / wouldnt want to speak aboutfurther things. ItsMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • extremely sensitive. 1 really shouldn t have told you all thatIve told you already ...Ntumba: Ohhh, I seeeee. Well, I hope, you know, that themission will be accomplished, after all this time.Schnabel: We have no doubt of success.Ntumba: Well, Im delighted to hear that. Now, about thepayments. How do we claimfor the expenses, etcetera?Howdo we go about this ...?Schnabel: That will all be arranged and explained to you, if—Ntumba: Is it on a monthly basis?Schnabel: — if youre found to be a suitable —Ntumba: Candidate.Schnabel: — candidate, yes. But [the remuneration is]extremely generous. Dont worry about that.Ntumba: OK. Do you know if theres a great deal of travel-ing backwards and forwards ... ?Schnabel: You will be expected to travel internationally.Ntumba: Oh, thatsfascinating, fascinating. That is absolutelyfascinating. What sort of data would they be expecting, youknow, from my side to be gathered, to be collected, for theCause?Schnabel: Well, it would be not only gathering data but alsotaking active measures, possibly conducting disinformationcampaigns ... and other measures.Ntumba: In order to safeguard ... the ultimate goal?Schnabel: Yes, its extremely complex. I mean, I think youtouched upon it briefly last night when you mentioned theweapons —Ntumba: / was very much impressed!Schnabel: — the weapons systems. Theres the element ofthe weapons testing and theres the second element, the at-tempt to use the phenomenon of the circles to discredit theNew Age movement and other such movements.Ntumba: / see. I seeeeee.When the taped excerpts ran out, Azadehdel explained tothe audience whom the conspiratorial voice belongedto: an American journalist, Jim Schnabel, who had writtenarticles for several well known publications. AlthoughAzadehdel went on to slander me recklessly, it seemed thathe had been making inquiries of other people about me,presumably in the same manner with which he had approachedme initially. It was a disquieting thought.When question time came, after an unscheduled half-hourbreak in which half of the audience left for home, I was finallygiven a chance to respond. I stood and pointed out that I wasSchnabel, the alleged spy, and that — honestly, folks — thewhole crop circles conspiracy thing had been a put-on, a shamall the way.Standing in front of the stage, calling on the ques-tioners, was the conference emcee, T. I asked him if I couldask Dr. Victorian a series of brief questions. He said that therewas too little time for that and that I could only ask one ques-tion. "What is your question?" demanded Victorian from hisseat on the stage. "Sit down," said a voice somewhere behindme in the audience.I asked the only question which I could think of: was Dr.Victorian in feet Henry Azadehdel, the convicted criminal?"Thats not a question, thats a statement," said Victorian."Thats not a question, thats a statement," echoed T who,ironically, was in ordinary life a prison guard.I felt that the audience was against me. "Sit down," saidthe voice in the back.I asked my question again, and got the same stony replyfrom Azadehdel and T. Then T moved on to the next ques-tioner, who wanted to know about the New Age and whenit would arrive. The guy in the back again muttered, "Sitdown." I did.Now, looking back on it, the whole experience seemsutterly ridiculous, not worthy of any anxiety or analysisat all. But for a brief, gray moment there in the Civic Theatreat Leeds, as I sunk down into my seat under the weight ofscorn and disbelief thrown at me from all sides, with the feelingthat nothing I could say would convince them of the truth,I think I glimpsed what it must have been like for the victimsof the Spanish Inquisition, or the Salem Witch Trials, or theStalin purges, or Senator McCarthys Un-American ActivitiesCommittee, or any of the stupid injustices, which are apt tobe done when people answer too eagerly the call of the herd.In my case, I shouldnt have worried. After the conferenceended, I was surrounded by sympathetic people. "What wasthat all about?" they asked. "Is there something this guy Vic-torian isnt telling us?" "Was it really a hoax?"Twenty-four hours later, the fever had broken completely.I spoke to B, who had been one of the featured speakers atLeeds, and he told me that he had never liked the look of thisAzadehdel character. Rob Irving received phone calls fromthe noted cerealogists M and G, who seemed to be speakingon behalf of their organization. Somehow, they at last had heardtapes of the first call between Irving and Azadehdel (the lat-ter had claimed to them, apparently, that he hadnt taped thefirst call), and they had realized that it all had been a hoax,just as we had said. Ws magazine had been pulled from theprinters, and the article detailing The Plan had been removed.M and G congratulated Irving and me on our acting ability.They and their colleagues henceforth would look more close-ly at any material emerging from Ambassador Victorian. It hadbeen a regrettable experience for everyone. They hoped thatit could all be put behind them. They wished now that theyhad taken our hoax admission, two weeks before, at fece value.But in all of this, Irving and I noticed, in all of this ap-parent embarassment and remorse on the part of the cerealo-gists, there was a hint of unsolved mystery, a reluctance tolet go of The Plan, a tantalizing wisp of still-secret intriguethat lingered, like a fine English mist, and would go on linger-ing, even after the episode itself had passed into the distanceof absurd and forgotten history. For with regard to Irving andme and The Plan, it seemed, certain cerealogists were stillunable to answer the question —How had we known so much?MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • Connecting By ComputerBy John Komar & Pete TheerThe computer age has been with us for quite sometime, and computers are now a common means ofpersonal and business communications. Many mil-lions of messages traverse telephone wires or the airwavesvia satellite daily, as more and more people electronicallyinterrelate with one another. There are approximately 60million computers being used on a daily basis for such variedpurposes as writing, composing, drawing, analyzing, read-ing, programming and playinggames. Of these, approximate-ly 25% are equipped with modems, which allow the userto connect with any other computer similarly equipped andto transfer messages and files back and forth across the coun-try and, indeed, around the world.Technology has enabled almost everyone to enter intothis fascinatingarena, sometimes referred to as cyberspace,and to do so with little or no understanding of computerlanguages and programming expertise. It is now possibleto configure most computers for online communications bysimply attaching a cable between the modem and computer,plugging the modem into the phone line (any existing voiceline will do fine) and typing in the name of a communica-tions program. Then, with a few additional keystrokes, theuser is ready to go "on-line" or log-on.Theres even more good news for those whose computersare not currently equipped with modems; the cost of thistechnology has declined with the increase in its popularity.Moderately fast 2400 baud modems are now available foraround $50, while 9600 baud high-speed modems, whichcost $1000 or more just a few years ago, can now be ob-tained for about $250. Most also include communicationssoftware as a bonus.What does all this mean to the "UFO Community"?Megabytes of Information DailyCountless messages and data-files are sent around theworld every day and night. The topics involved and the in-formation available are of such magnitude that it would bephysically impossible to access and store all of it, much lessuse the bulk of the data proficiently.This vehicle for communication is virtually unlimited.Graphics can be sent and viewed, discussions can be heldin "real-time," news instantly retrieved and letters sent ina matter of seconds, compared to a mailed letter travelingJohn Komar, MUFONs state director for Tennessee, is the ad-ministrator of the MufoNet-BBS Network/Group.Contributing author, Pete Theer, is the director of the MufoNetDatabank.through various postal facilitiesduring its circuitous trip tothe recipient, which usually takes several days, assumingit arrives at all!With respect to the various areas of research involvingUFOs and related topics, the amount of data currentlyavailable, and new data arriving daily, still presents a for-midable task to sort through, categorize and present in alogical, cohesive manner. This is the area of involvement— making this information accessible to you as a "User"— which the MufoNet-BBS Network has been immersedin for a number of years. The Networks primary purposeis to provide the topical, up-to-the-minute data necessaryfor the user to stay informed of daily happenings within theworldwide "UFO Community."It would be virtually impossible for any magazine, news-letter or newspaper to correlate all the available data andpublish it on a frequent basis. The time involved and thesize of the printed material would make this approach cost-prohibitive, on both the publishing and readership end.Team ConceptThe most logical manner in which to pursue access tothe data is through a working relationship and sharingof goals, presenting the membership with the best informa-tion available on a timely basis. Working under a team con-cept, the MUFON Journal presents the best scientificresearch papers, documents and newsworthy items eachmonth, while the MufoNet-BBS Network adds to thisknowledge base daily: through messages which contain theopinions, thoughts and ideas of many MUFON membersand the general public concerning diverse topics; and viadata-files in the form of articles, news items, research find-ings and other information made available on a regular basis,both from inside and outside the "UFO Community."Each individually-operated Bulletin Board System (BBS)associated with the MufoNet-BBS Network reflects itsSystem Operators (SysOps) personal criteria and logicalapproach towards online communications and topics of in-terest, and is therefore diverse in nature. But in general, thefollowing services are available to any MUFON memberwho avails him or herself of the opportunity.Message AreasThe message areas are international in scope. Place amessage on one MufoNet-BBS and within a day it willautomatically be sent to other MufoNet Bulletin Boards inthe U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand for readingand replies. This makes it possible for you to carry on acohesive, electronic conversation with researchers and otherinterested individuals in any of these countries. In otherwords, you can find out whats currently going on in theUFO field halfway around the globe almost as it happens.• MUFONET: ForMUFON Members within the U.S.,MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Subjects discussedrange from recent sighting reports and crop circles to FieldInvestigator training. Moderator - Tennessee State DirectorJohn Komar.• INFORMED!: For public-access communications withMUFON members. Provides a wide topic and user base.Moderator - State Section Director Neil Palumbo.• MUFON-WIRE: Timely, informative newswires,worldwide in coverage. Provides a means of disseminatinginformation on future symposia and meetings, space andastronomy discoveries, archaeology finds, ecology, etc. Justabout every field of scientific pursuit is included.• SMURFS: for usebyMufoNet SysOps. Discusses theoperation of the Network, hardware and software changes,and helpful advice for and by the SysOps involved in main-taining the flow of information.Additional international message areas carried by manyMufoNet-BBSs are:• CONTACT: for and about Contactee/Abductee ex-periences. Moderator - MUFON member Sandy Barbre.• DREAM-LINK: the discussion and interpretation ofdreams and their meanings. Moderator - Bryon Smith.• A__ALTSCI: Alternate Science concepts, originatingin Australia. Moderator - AstroNet-BBS Administra-tor/Publisher Bob Fletcher.• NEXUS: discusses articles anditems published in thepopular Asutralian-based magazine Nexus. Moderator -Publisher Duncan Roads.File AreasEvery MufoNet-BBSwill offer a wide range of text andprogram files, as each BBS is unique. However, each willoffer the MUFON member a basic file setup as follows:• MUFON PUBLIC FILES: accessible bythe memberand the public. Covers a multitude of topics from sightingreports, crop circles, and ETs to F.O.I.A. information.For MUFON Field Investigators and professional re-searchers involved in current cases or who wish to increasetheir knowledge of the far-ranging field of UFOlogy, thefollowing database is being compiled and will be availableshortly:• MUFON ON-LINE DATABASE:a Research Databasecontaining the complete contents of the MUFON Journalfrom its inception to the present (thanks to the efforts ofWalter H. Andrus, Jr., International Director, and SystemsAnalyst and MUFON State Section Director Pete Theer ofLampasas, Texas), will be maintained online for MUFONMembers only. This database will be sizeable and categorizedinto many areas based on the topic of the article or scien-tific paper. Available for use by Field Investigators involv-ed in research of the UFO phenomenon. Also available willbe a database of past and current UFO sightings, categorizedby state/region/country. All of this enhances your involve-ment in MUFON at no additional cost to the individualmember.Overall, the information available through the MufoNet-BBS network is voluminous. While not every Bulletin Boardwill cover every area, a list of the current topics availableinclude the following: UFOs, the Paranormal, Astronomy,Amateur and Shortwave Radio, Archaeology, Ecology,Geology, Abductions/Contactees, Channelling, WorldNews, Book and Video Reviews, extraterrestrials, animalmutilations, crop circles, Men-In-Black, Alternate Scienceconcepts, Meteorology, Marsface, graphics, Biogra-phies, F.O.I.A. documents, UFO Sightings and sym-posiums/meetings of various MUFON State/Regionalgroups and other organizations involved in UFOlogy,newsletters from many MUFON state and regional chapters,and non-related subjects such as desk-top publishing, pro-gramming, graphics, database and games.Through the efforts of a number of MUFON members,who volunteer their personal time and funds, all of the aboveis made possible. Their donations to this endeavor includemaking available a computer and related hardware and soft-ware specifically for the electronic bulletin board system,accessible around the clock. The members also provide aseparate telephone data line and phone number. There isno additional membership charge for these services, as eachSystem-Operator pays their own costs as a service to themembers and public in a collective effort to present as muchusable information as possible.Worldwide CoverageAs the official computer communications network forMUFON, the MufoNet-BBS Network has beenoperational for a number of years, with Bulletin Boardsystems located in many states and provinces withinthe U.S.and Canada. Australia and New Zealand are linked in, thanksto the efforts of Bob Fletcher, Administrator of AstroNet-BBS Network/Australia. Linkups with other continentsshould be established in the near future, as the Networkgrows to access additional avenues of data and communica-tion. We are striving to provide coverage for every state inthe U.S. and for all overseas locations, since MUFON isinternational in structure, and each membership group canreap the benefits of this modern means of communication.The MufoNet-BBSNetworkalso has a communications linkwith the MUFON Ham-Net through the auspices of AmateurRadio Operator Keith Tarpley.Additionally, for those members without access to a com-puter and modem, a newsletter containing highlights of on-line activities will be available shortly. The MufoNet On-Line Guide has been revised, so those who had requesteda copy will receive the new edition.If any member would like to take part in this worth-while endeavor, and can provide a computer and dedi-cated phone-line, please contact the address below forMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • any of the BBS Systems listed in the boxto the right.(Note to State/Regional/CountryDirectors: If your group publishes anewsletter, and you would like to makeit available to MUFON membersworldwide, please add the below addressto your mailing list. Your newsletter willbe optically scanned and added to therespective file area.)John KomarState Director/Tennessee MUFON4769 Lake Ridge DriveMemphis, Tennessee 38109Data Number: 901-785-4943Communications settings 8-N-lGood work, John and Pete! Does thismean we can now look forward to some-one indexing the Journals contents ona regular annual basis?Also, the novices and the morecomputer-illiterate of us out there wouldprobably appreciate some step-by-stepinstructions as to what to expect whenwe first log-on to a bulletin board. Manyof us get confused when were asked toenter a password or respond to someother esoteric command and promptlyhang-up. Some specific instructionswould be helpful, along with recommen-dations of which communications soft-ware to use. Im on CompuServe myself,but still find it hard to log on to someBBSs and make it through the openingmaze. I can see how first-time users oftengive up in frustration.Also, someone needs to provide acomplete listing of all the available ac-cess areas on the various BBS and net-work services that contain UFO andrelated material, including the Well, MCI(if applicable), Prodigy, different Com-puServe forums and so on.Any takers?— The EditorTHE MUFONET-BBS NETWORKNote: this listing is updated frequently as additional Bulletin Board Systemsare added. Maximum connect speeds (baud rates) vary with each BBS. Manysupport baud rates of 300 to 19,200. Communications settings for all are:8 bit-No parity-1 stop bit. (8-N-l)BBS NameMufoNet-BBS NetworkRainbow QuickbbsPegasus Of OrionSpace_LinkComm-PostAlternativesBaron Carlos CastleRats EdgeCrystal Clear IdeasPolestarQuicksilverCrystal CaveGates of DeliriumWandering ConsultantAstroNet-AustraliaArt Of The PossibleHomeBody BBSErie County C.C. ClubThe AerieThe EncounterDesert FrenzyNorthern EyeHighland Lakes BBSCompu-TalkAstralCairns Information SvsTex*Star BBSThe Witches BrewThe White LodgeThe Nth DimensionSerial PortSAUFONData Number901-785-4943501-646-5812by arrangement502-683-3026303-534-4646504-926-7903202-863-1493716-964-7968901-366-7221306-586-1551206-780-2011719-391-1092916-446-7286719-391-895861-3-467-8090401-421-2218407-322-3592716-649-1368803-747-8911602-892-1853702-453-7948207-945-4209915-388-320961-3-379-209761-6-286-439761-70-51-0566512-556-252461-3-718-219861-2-901-073461-7-245-1933601-366-1803512-736-3553LocationMemphis, TennesseFt. Smith, ArkansasWoodland Park, ColoradoOwensboro, KentuckyDenver, ColoradoBaton Rouge, LouisianaWashington, D.C.Hamlin, New YorkMemphis, TennesseeRegina, CanadaBainbridge Is, WashingtonWidefield, ColoradoSacramento, CaliforniaColorado Springs, ColoradoMelbourne, AustraliaProvidence, Rhode IslandSanford, FloridaCheektowaga, New YorkCharleston, South CarolinaGilbert, ArizonaLas Vegas, NevadaBangor, MaineMarble Falls, TexasStrathmore Vic, AustraliaCanberra, AustraliaCairns, AustraliaLampasas, TexasMelbourne, AustraliaSydney, AustraliaBrisbane, AustraliaJackson, MississippiSan Antonio, TexasMUFONET-BBS NetworkMembers Communication LinkCall for the BBS nearest you! Data No. 901-785-49438-N-1 Australia — U.S. — CanadaThe Best of the MUFON UFO JournalIf you like what you read in the Journal, dont forget to votefor your favorite author or article of the year followingpublication of the December 1992issue. The winning authorwill receive $100 .as a token of MUFONs appreciation.To vote, write your choice on a postcardand mail it to theeditor, Dennis Stacy, at P.O. Box 12434, San Antonio, TX78212.Please cast your ballot by January 15, 1993. Once all votesare in and counted, the winner will be announced in a futureissue.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • CONFLICT ORCOLLABORATION?The role of political action in resolvingthe UFO mysteryby Fred Whiting, Secretary-TreasurerFund for UFO ResearchEarlier this year, a small group of individuals gatheredoutside the White House to draw attention to the UFOquestion by conducting a demonstration intendedto attract the attention of the press and the policymakers inWashington, DC. Unfortunately, the effort accomplishedneither.Billed as "Operation Right to Know," the demonstrationwas orderly and dignified. According to its organizers, theparticipants were politely received by members of the public(mostly tourists) with whom they came into contact.However, it failed to do what most demonstrations are in-tended to do: attract publicity and affect public policy.Now, there is a proposal under discussion to conduct asimliar effort in conjunction with the 1993 MUFON UFOSymposium, which will be held in Richmond, VA. I sub-mit that this is inadvisable, for the following reasons:(1) In order for a demonstration to have any effect, itmust attract thousands — if not tens of thousands — ofparticipants. The prospective attendance for any MUFONSymposium is 500 to 1,000 people. It is doubtful thateach and every participant will be persuaded to travel ahundred miles to Washington, DC, at the height of thetourist season to march around the White House or the U.S.Capitol.(2) Presuming a large contingent can be persuaded to par-ticipate, what will they be demonstrating for (or against)?A call to action which is supported by a sizeable constituency(such as the abortion question, gun control or civil rights)is one thing; however, a call to "end the UFO cover-up"is likely to produce nothing but quizzical looks from mostWashingtonians. "What cover-up?" is the first probable reac-tion; "What a bunch of cranks!" is the next.(3) Even assuming the activity generates media coverage(which is unlikely, unless there is violence), what kind ofmedia coverage would it attract? Reporters unfamiliar withthe UFO subject will restrict themselves to covering theevent, rather than the subject. Participants will be able toconvey nothing more than slogans: "End the cover-up."There will be little opportunity to establish why we thinkthere is a cover-up, and what is being covered up, and bywhom.(4) Finally, while the intent of the organizers of the pro-spective demonstration is commendable, the consequencesof this action might be counterproductive to efforts nowtaking place to initiate a congressional inquiry into the UFOsubject.If you want to use political action to create a positive ef-fect, I suggest that you do the following:• Sitdown andwrite a short personalized business letterto your congressional Representative and/or your Senators.The letter should be typed and free of typographical or gram-matical errors. Keep it to two pages or less.• Explain whyyouthink there is something tobegainedfrom a serious examination of the UFO phenomenon. Dontspeculate about what UFOs are, or where they come from,or why theyre here. Point to the many thousands ofsightingreports by qualified observers, many involving physicaltraces. If you have a sighting report of your own to convey,describe it.• Beprepared toanswer thequestion, "What doyou wantme to do?" The congressional staffer who receives your letter(and since youre a constituent, it will be answered) needssome guidance. A vague plea that your congressionalrespresentative "end the cover-up" will fall on deaf ears,unless you (a) establish there is a cover-up, and (b) suggesta way he or she can end it.There is a specific case, and a specific action you canrecommend. It involves the Roswell UFO crash case.You know the basic story: an unidentified craft crashed out-side Corona, New Mexico, in July 1947. Unusualdebris wasrecovered. The Roswell Army Air Field announced it hadrecovered a "flying disc," but the commander of the EighthAir Force explained it was a weather balloon. However, dozensof witnesses havebeen identified and have recorded statementson videotape that it was anything but a weather balloon —that the most likely explanation is that it was from outer space.To buttress your letter (a sample of which follows), I sug-gest you enclose either a briefing paper, TheRoswellEvents,which was prepared for a congressional audience (availablefrom the Fund for UFO Research, P.O. Box 277, Mt. Rainier,MD 20712, for $15.00) and/or the videotape, "Recollectionsof Roswell (Part Two)" (available for $35.00).Ask your Representative or Senator to make a specificinquiry of the appropriate congressional liaison offices, ask-ing for the U.S. governments current official explanationof what was recovered by the Army Air Force in 1947. Amultitude of congressional inquiries will provoke questionswhich are more likely to result in answers. (I would be ex-tremely grateful if you would forward copies of responsesyou receive; please send them to my attention, in care ofthe Fund for UFO Research.)There are efforts currently under way to persuade oneor more influential committees in the House and the Senate(on a bi-partisan basis) to investigate the Roswell case, andpossibly to hold hearings on the subject. A hearing likelywill produce more witnesses and more evidence. Withyour assistance, we have a chance of resolving this 45-yearold mystery once and for all.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • Sample Letter to Congressional RepresentativesHon.U.S. House of Representatives (or Senate)Washington, DC 20515 (or 20510)Dear Rep. (or Sen.) :As your constituent, I am writing to request a clarifica-tion of the U.S. Governments current position concerningevents which occurred in and around Roswell, New Mex-ico, in July 1947.According to newspaper accounts and eyewitness reports,a local rancher, William W. Brazel, discovered pieces ofdebris from an object which crashed on the property hemanaged outside Corona, on or about July 2, 1947. Hebrought some of this material to the attention of ChavesCounty Sheriff George Wilcox, who called the Roswell Ar-my Air Field. The base Intelligence Officer, Jesse A. Marcel,and a Counter Intelligence Corps Officer, Sheridan Cavitt,went to the ranch to inspect the material.They discovered a great deal of lightweight debris whichcouldnt be cut, burned, or even dented with a sledgeham-mer. On orders from the base commander, Col. WilliamBlanchard, the Public InformationOfficer, Walter G. Haul,issued a news release that the Amry Air Force had recovereda "flying disc." Some of the debris was flown to Fort Worth,Texas where the Commander of the Eighth Air Force, Gen.Roger Ramey, identified the material for the press as theremains of a weather balloon and its radar target.However, subsequent investigation has raised considerabledoubt about the weather balloon explanation. For example:• According tohissonandneighbors, Brazel was heldincommunicado by officials at the Roswell base for nearlya week, questioned extensively and ordered not to sayanything about his experience; however, in a newspaper in-terview, he said that the material he recovered "did not inany way resemble a weather balloon," many of which hehad recovered on his property.• Sheriff Wilcox, towhom Brazel initially reported find-ing the debris, also was ordered by the military not to sayanything, but members of his family say that not only didhe see debris at the crash site — he also saw four "space"beings," one of whom was alive. Moreover, his grand-daughter, Barbara Dugger, was told by her grandmother, InezWilcox, that the entire family was threatened with death bythe military if they discussed the incident.• Theformer manager ofKGFL Radio in Roswell,JudRoberts, says the station was threatened with loss of itslicense by government officials in Washington, DC, if itbroadcast the story about the "flying saucer." In addition,according to Lydia Sleppy, a secretary at KOAT Radio inAlbuquerque, a wire transmission of the news story on theevent was interrupted by a message something like: "CEASETRANSMISSION. NATIONAL SECURITY ITEM."• According to Brig. Gen. Thomas J. DuBose (USAF,ret.), who was Gen. Rameys Chief of Staff, Maj. Gen.Clements McMullen, the Deputy and Acting Commander,Strategic Air Command, at Andrews Army Air Field,ordered that some of the debris recovered on the ranch bebrought directly to him in Washington. Gen. DuBose saysofficials at the Headquarters of the Eighth Air Force weredirected to tell the press that the material was from a weatherballoon radar target, and that the weather balloon explana-tion was a "cover story" to divert the attention of the press.• The pilot whotransported some ofthe wreckage, OliverW. Henderson, said he saw the bodies of alien beings at theRoswell base, according to his widow, Sappho Henderson,his daughter, Mary Kathryn Groode, and his friend, JohnKromschroeder.• A mortician who worked for the funeral home inRoswell, Glenn Dennis, says an Army nurse friend told himabout participating in the autopsies of three alien bodies atthe base.Therefore, I am formally requesting that you seek to deter-mine whether the highly unusual material recovered nearCorona was from a "flying disc," a weather balloon, orsomething else.Please advise me, at your earliest opportunity, of theUnited States Governments current position on the natureof the material recovered outside Roswell, New Mexico, inJuly 1947, and its current explanation for all official actionstaken with respect to this event.Sincerely,UFONEWSCLIPPING SERVICEThe UFO Newsclipping Service will keep you informedof all the latest United States and World-Wide UFO reports(i.e., little known photographic cases, close encounters andlanding reports, occupant cases) and ail other UFO reports,many of which are carried only in small town and foreignnewspapers.Our UFO Newsclipping Service issues are 20-page mon-thly reports, reproduced by photo-offset, containing thelatest United States and Canadian UFO newsclippings,with our foreign section carrying the latest British,Australian, New Zealand and other foreign press reports.Also included is a 3-5page section of "Fortean" clippings(i.e., Bigfoot and other "monster" reports). Let us keep youinformed of the latest happenings in the UFOand Forteanfields.For subscription information and sample pages from ourservice, write today to:UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICERoute 1 - Box 220Plumerville, Arkansas 72127MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • October 2, 1992AN OPEN LETTER TO THESECRETARY-GENERAL AND THEUN COMMITTEE ON THEPEACEFUL USES OF OUTER SPACEIn just ten days, the United States Government will in-itiate an intensive search for intelligent life elsewhere in theuniverse.The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Program(SETI) will employ radio telescopes and computers seek-ing to decipher signals from some other planet very muchlike our own. It is based on the now widely-accepted scien-tific premise that out of the billions of stars in our own galaxy,there is a mathematical probability that some may haveplanets on which intelligent civilizations have evolved.And yet, if the evidence we have presented today as scien-tists and researchers from several countries at the Symposiumon Outer Intelligence and Human Future at the UN, at theinvitation of the Parapsychology Society of the UNSRC, isto be taken seriously, there is every indication that intelligentlife forms already have made contact with citizens of PlanetEarth.In other words, we are in the position of the man whois unsuccessfully trying to contact his neighbor on thetelephone, because his neighbor is knocking at the door.We support the search for extraterrestrial intelligence,however, we believe that the search can, and must, beginat the UN.We are now faced with one of the most important issuesof the century: the scientific study of Unidentified FlyingObjects (UFOs). The resolution of this enigma will affectthe future of the majority of the inhabitants living on thisplanet.The UFO problem touches the lives of many nations andengenders puzzlement, fear, and, at times, harm. Therefore,it is of significant scientific and technological interest, andit carries with it many implications of the existence of anintelligence other than our own.The evidence is both intriguing and challenging. Reportson UFO activity describe incidents where the craft fly circlesaround high performance jet aircraft, shut down sophisticatedelectronic systems, black out electrical power systems, stopautomobiles, upset animals, damage plants, and causematerial injuries to humans.We now have the data to prove beyond the shadow of adoubt that Unidentified Flying Objects are operating in ourskies on a regular and uninterrupted basis. The technologydemonstrated by the UFOs is futuristic, beyond the presentcapability of human technology. Without warning, UFOsappear and confuse the lives of humans throughout theworld. We, as world citizens, should no longer stand idly byand allow this to continue without a serious and united ef-fort to address the issue.Therefore, we urge the United Nations to implement itsDecision GA 33/426 of December 18, 1978, by establishingan agency of the UN for undertaking, coordinating, anddisseminating the results of research into unidentified fly-ing objects and related phenomena. A small unit for thepurpose is a good start considering the present UN finan-cial situation.When the first contact with an extraterrestrial intelligenceis openly made, the question will be asked: "Who speaksfor the citizens of Planet Earth?" and the answer must be,"We, the United Nations."Sincerely,Dr. Norma MilanovichDr. Rauni-Luukanen-Kilde, M.D.Ms. Linda Mouton-HoweMr. Stanton FriedmanMr. John SchuesslerJOHN F. SCHUESSLERAddressing the United Nations MeetingMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • The UFO PressForbidden Scienceby Jacques ValleeNorth Atlantic BooksIllus., Index, 466 pp., $24.95Reviewed by Dennis StacyAnything as personal as a diary is bound to draw awide variety of subjective responses, whether thebackground milieu be that of politics or UFOs. Andsuch is certainly the case with Jacques Vallees ForbiddenScience from North Atlantic Books, a virtual day-by-day re-counting of Vallees involvementwith the UFO phenomenon,beginning as a young man in Pointose, France, on ChristmasEve, 1957, on the eve of his fathers death, and continuinguntil Saturday, December 13, 1969, shortly before the AirForce announced the official discontinuation of Project BlueBook.I found myself reading it in great gulps, partly becauseof my interest in Vallees thought patterns and progression,partly because Forbidden Science spans some of the sametimes and places that figured in my own formative years.Vietnam shaped much of my own adult perceptions aboutthe relationship of government to the governed and I hadalso been an undergraduate student at the University of Texasat Austin, albeit shortly after Vallee had already abandonedTexas tojoin astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek at NorthwesternUniversity in Evanston, Illinois. Both figure prominentlyin Vallees early reminiscences.If you werent there, in other words, you may not be quiteas fascinated with Vallees first-person account of times pastas I was. But if you have any interest at all in the historyof the UFO phenomenon, then Vallees diary makes for first-rate, must reading.The story that emerges is almost heart-rending, a poig-nant pastiche, as far as UFOs are concerned, of flubbed fateand personal character flaws. Never mind that Vallee himselfrarely makes a false misstep; this is, after all, his diary.Anyone wanting to come up with a counter viewpoint willhave to submit their own personal journals for publication.For the moment, Vallees intelligent, far-rangingaccount rulesthe roost by virtue of being the first and only diary of a ma-jor participant in print. At 466 pages, with photos, notes andindex, its also a big, sprawling book and a bargain at $24.95.There are a few new revelations for the record, such ashow Hynek was carried on the government payrolls, but forthe most part, Forbidden Science is the retelling of one missedopportunity after another. And some historic personagesemerge as all too human, including the late Hynek and Dr.James McDonald of the University of Arizona. The formeris described as increasingly distracted by the media spotlight,the latter as too tightly wound for his own good, as evidenc-ed by his subsequent suicide. Several of Vallees French andother European colleagues also emerge in thumb-nail por-traits, although all the major players remain essentiallyneutered in the fece of scientific indifference and governmentalintrigue. Try as all the protagonists might, the rock of Sisyphusrepresented by UFOs just wont roll, at least not uphill.Naturally, one is afforded a good glimpse into Valleesown interior mindset. Adherents will be able to recognizethe gestation of several early themes and follow them throughto their current conclusions and expression. Critics may notbe mollified, but Vallee is obviously not overly concernedwith how he is seen and judged by the contemporary UFOcommunity.By virtue of the failed French experience in Viet Nam,for example, Valleecould easily foresee the folly of Americaninvolvement in the jungles of southeast Asia. This themeof the advantage of the outsider crops up in several otherareas in Forbidden Science, including both computers andUFOs. Originally intending to be an astronomer, Vallee even-tually recognizes the importance of computers and turns tothe fledgling technology long before it would become ahousehold word and commonplace desktop appliance. Buthe also suffers the frustration of knowing firsthand whatothers dont or refuse to recognize — that computers arethe obvious wave of the future. In the Valley of the Blind,the one-eyed man is supposed to be king, but royalty cansometimes be a lead crown when you have to wait around,spinning your wheels, for society and science to catch up.Vallee obviously feels much the same way about modernUFO studies. Although the consumate insider ofAmerican ufology, hes also been ignored by much of themainstream of the field, and increasingly cast in recent yearsas a solitary outsider. Part of the situation is no doubt dueto a perceived arrogance on Vallees part; but its hard foranyone to suffer fools gladly, and surely ufology has its shareof the latter. On the other hand, Vallee is an outsider as faras most Americans are concerned. Hes certainly more well-educated than the average ufologist, more widely read, travel-ed and experienced in a number of fields, and of course hes"been there" in ways most of us can merely imagine. FromVallees point of view, many ufologists must still seem miredin the days of punch-cards before the coming of the per-sonal computer. In a way, its no surprise that hes eitherbeen largely misunderstood or ignored.Forbidden Science may or may not bring you around toVallees way of thinking, but it should go a long way towardexplaining why he thinks the way he does. Recommendedreading in any case.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • Far-Out!Edited by Michael DiGregorio and William L.Moore, published quarterly by L.F.P., Inc. 72 pp.,$3.95The country may be in a recession, but interest in UFOsand related matters is apparently at an all-time high,which explains the first issue of an ambitious new news-stand magazine, Far-Out!, one editor of which is longtimeufologist Bill Moore. Most of the other contributors I amnot familiar with, but presumably they make up a coterieof West Coast writers and researchers with an interest inthe odd and unusual (or as the subtitle has it: "The unex-plainable, the unusual and the unreal").This first 72-page issue, dated Fall 1992, is an eclecticmix of short and feature articles spanning 72 pages andfeaturing both color covers and interior photographs, rathernicely laid out by art director/designer Lew Bryant. I haveno idea what kind of distributionFar-Out! is going to getat this stage, but interested parties can write the publisherfor subscription or single-copy information at 9171 WilshireBlvd., Suite 300, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.Interior contents are divided into several sections whichwill presumably become regular departments. These includeSecrets & Mysteries, Unknown Territory, Vault of Know-ledge (book reviews) and Truly Bizarre. The highlight ofthe premiere issue, in my opinion, is "High Strangeness inthe High Country" by Michael DeGregorio, an overviewof UFO-like events in and around Nellis Air Force Base inNevada, which is worth the price of admission alone. Someturns of phrase are overly cute a la the Vanity Fair schoolof newjournalism (to coin a cliche myself), but in the main,the writing is vigorous, detailed and at least somewhat slantedin the direction of objectivity rather than a mere recitationof local rumors and airborne wonders. Like most of the othermaterial in Far-Out!, the article is also well-illustrated.William Moore contributes several articles, including alengthy piece on the late T. Townsend Brown ("The Wizardof Anti-Gravity"), a shorter one on whether or not PresidentEisenhower, as rumored, once met with alien beings from outerspace (unlikely), and, I suspect, the majority of the unsignedbook reviews. There are other articles on ghost lights, mysterytrains and bog monsters, along with an interview of Nick Men-za, the drummer of the heavy metal group Megadeath, aboutthe bands MTV video of one of their songs, "Hangar 18."(I said the contents were West Coast eclectic, didnt I?)All in all, Far-Out! is a fine first effort which bearswatching.HUFON ReportThe HUFON Report is the apparently monthly newsletterof the Houston UFO Network, Inc., and as such is one ofthe better amateur newsletters around, although Ive onlyseen the 12-page October 1992 issue, cover-priced at $1.50.(For additional information, write HUFON at P. O. Box 942,Bellaire, TX 77402-0942 or call 713-850-1352.) Put togetherby David Mayo and Vince Johnson, the Report appears tobe a nice mixture of current news events and cases, alongwith announcements of upcoming speakers. In this issue,for example, there is a good report by HUFONs AndyAmbercrombie of a personal visit to Gulf Breeze that coin-cided with Dr. Steven Greers efforts to make contact withthe Florida UFO(s) jocularly referred to as "Bubba." Amber-crombies report is straight-forward and refreshingly freeof both dogma and jargon. Michael Corbin, the systemoperator of the Paranet Information Service, a computer-ized BBS, offers a review and update of the Linda "Cor-tile" abduction case as presented by Budd Hopkins at theAlbuquerque MUFON symposium. Anyone living in theHouston or immediate Gulf Coast area would be well-advised to check into this nicely produced and informativenewsletter.Bulletin of Anomalous ExperienceThis unique publication is probably best described in thewords of its editor, David Gotlib, M.D., of Toronto:"Bulletin of Anomalous Experience is a networking newslet-ter about the UFO abduction phenomenon and related issues,for mental health professionals and interested scientists. AsHilary Evans has observed, we try to comfortably tread thenarrow path between the groves of academia and the dustand heat of the marketplace, inquiring and suggesting, notasserting or insisting. Distribution has traditionally beenlimited to mental health professionals and interested scien-tists. We have recently decided to open up subscriptions toexperiences as well, on a trial basis (as discussed in theresults of a recent Virtual Conference)."If youre familiar with the computerized bulletin boardformat, you should enjoy BAE, which is basically a hardcopy print-out of same, with feature articles and several on-going "on-line" discussions or dialogs. The most recent issue(Vol. 3, No. 5, October 1992, 12pp) contains comments byBarbara Becker and David Ritchey, Ph.D., a piece by thisreviewer on alien abduction and human abortions, a featurearticle by Richard Boylan, Ph.D., the latest news fromMichael Persinger, excerpts from David Huffords The Ter-ror That Comes in the Night, and selected abstracts of scien-tific papers of potential interest to abductionologists.BAE subscribers now number 125. Subscriptions areavailable for $20/yr. To participate, or to learn whether youqualify to subscribe, contact David Gotlib via one of severalavailable sources. His mailing address is 2 St. Clair AvenueWest, Suite 607, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4V 1L5. Tel:(416) 963-8700; Fax (416) 962-4622; CompuServe,72037,737, or "drdave" on the WELL, for which I dont havea number.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • NewsNViewsChanneler Goes To CourtAccording to a front-page story in the New York Times(Sept. 25, 1992), the most successful New Age chan-neler of her generation, J. Z. Knight, has beenhauled into a Washington state court by her fifth husband,Jeffrey Knight, who is seeking to overturn a 1989 divorcesettlement. Mr. Knight claims he was bullied into the meagersettlement by his belief in Ramtha, the 35,000-year-old Cro-Magnon warrior who reportedly speaks in a gutteral growlthrough his wife.Ramtha first appeared 17 years ago in Ms. KnightsTacoma kitchen. Since then he has become the most lucrativespirit voice of all time. "Ramster" groupies like ShirleyMacLaine and Linda Evans reportedly paid as much as $1000per session to be present when Ramtha was being channeled,according to court testimony. Nancy Barr-Brandon, age 50,said that she spent some $100,000 over the course of eightyears before she finally decided that Ms. Knight was a fraud.The money went to the Ramtha School of Enlightenmentin Yelm, Washington, where Ms. Knight maintains a palatialestate on a 50-acre ranch, for books, tapes and survivalgear.Mr. Knight maintainsthat he and his wife pulled in as muchas $4 million a year from Ramthas teachings.Many followershave moved to the Pacific Northwest areabecause, according to the channeler, its reportedly a safehaven from natural disasters and/or alien invaders. (In-terestingly, The Leading Edge, which promotes its own brandof paranoia-laced ufology, is also headquartered in Yelm,55 miles south of Seattle. The connection would seem tobe more than geographically coincidental.)Mr. Knight is now asking for his fair share of the millions,saying he was bullied.into accepting a lesser offer by Ram-tha. He says he also suffers from the virus that causes AIDS,and claims he deprived himself of needed help because theCro-Magnon spirit was scornful of contemporary medicine.For the better part of the last decade, he admits, he wasunder Ramthas influence. "I trusted him implicitly,"he testified in court. "He was all-knowing and omnipresent."Mr. Knight said he also believed Ramtha would heal himfrom AIDS. According to the Times account, "He no longerbelieves in Ramtha and says that mind-control techniquesform the major part of the teachings." A spokesperson forMs. MacLaine said she had "moved on to other explora-tions."For reasons unfathomableto this writer, the channelingof so-called extraterrestrial intelligences has recently becomea rave "item" among some fringes of ufology, despite com-mon sense evidence that the information so received is oftencontradictory, couched in spiritual generalities at best, orin incomprehensible gobbledegook at worst.It might be well in regard to alleged alien channeling toconsider the words of Catholic thinker G. K. Chesterton,writing shortly after the turn of the century following hisown experiments in spiritualism and mediumship:"I saw quite enough of the thing to be able to testify, withcomplete certainty, that something happens which is not inthe ordinary sense natural, or produced by the normal andconscious human will. Whether it is produced by some sub-conscious but still human force, or by some powers, good,bad or indifferent, which are external to humanity, I wouldnot attempt to decide. The only thing I will say with com-plete confidence, about that mystic and invisible power, isthat it tells lies." (Quoted in Colin Wilsons Mysteries, p.561.)Cant Keep Secrets?On September 18of this year, the Defense Departmentdeclassified the existence of a National ReconnaisanceOffice which had been in charge of gathering foreign in-telligence by spy satellites and other airborne technology.During the agencys 30-year existence, it had never beenpreviously acknowledged by the United States.Ten days later, the Department of Energy announced asecond round of declassification regarding the workings ofthe hydrogen bomb. An earlier round had been conductedin 1990.Dr. Ray E. Kidder, senior physicist at the Lawrence Liver-more National Laboratory in California who helped pioneerhydrogen bomb technology, was quoted by the New YorkTimes (Sept. 28) as saying "Its a landmark. In view of thefact that this material has been withheld for so long, andthat so many people for perfectly sound reasons wanted tohave it declassified, its very important."Reportedly the release of the previously highly-guardedmaterial has been held up by election-year politics. It is ap-parently being released now because of its relevance tonuclear fusion energy systems. Besides, said an anonymousDOE official, "half the world is publishing this material... The benefit for us in declassification is what we standto gain in terms of international cooperation."A week earlier, the CIA announced that it would reviewand declassify many of its previously secret documents per-taining to the recruitment of Nazi war criminals in the wakeof WWII.A move is also afoot in Congress to make public manyor all of the secret files relating to the 1992 assassinationof President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.Which raises the question: What about the still-secret UFOfiles?MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • MUFON Names New DeputyDirector of InvestigationsJerold R. Johnson (Ron) has been the MUFON Continen-tal Coordinator for Central America since 1979, Texas StateDirector for Amateur Radio operations from 1973 to 1979,and MUFON member since 1973, when it was the "MidwestUFO Network." Rons articles and letters have appeared inSkylook (now MUFON UFO Journal), since the September1970 issue, the DATA-NET Report, since December 1967,and occasionally in the International UFO Reporter. RonJohnson is also a member of the J. Allen Hynek Center forUFO Studies (since 1979), V.I.S.I.T. (since 1990), a con-tributor to the Fund for UFO Research (since 1988), pastmember of A.P.R.O. (1969-1988), DATA-NET(1967-1973),and a subscriber to several foreign and domestic publica-tions devoted to the flying saucer enigma.Rons lifelong interest and research began in 1963 whenhe discovered the "classical literature of flying saucers,"reading such authors as Donald Keyhoe, M. K. Jessup,Harold T. Wilkins, Ed Ruppelt and Frank Edwards. By 1965,he was meeting with school buddies on weekends for a "fly-ing saucer discussion group," following new reports of theemerging South and North American "wave" of 1965-66.Already licensed as a radio amateur, Ron constructed a homestation and antennas to communicate regularly with otheramateurs who had founded the DATA-NET organization,which held weekly worldwide radio meetings and publisheda quality monthly newsletter (the DATA-NET Report) from1966 to 1973. This amateur radio involvement with flyingsaucer reporting and discussionhas continued under the ban-ner of MUFON, which incorporated the "network" con-cept of information gathering and dissemination, and"WA5RON" is still heard regularly on the air, encouragingserious and always fact-based discussions of the phenomenonand its exposure in the public media. Ron has collected, overthe years, a fair-sized library of historic and modern researchmaterials on the flying saucer subject.Ron Johnson recognized through personal investigationsin the 1970s that the phenomenon was more than just someaerial objects which required application of the physicalsciences toward detection and analysis, but a subtle and per-vasive intelligence that interacts with certain individual andfamily groups, while leaving many others (like himself) com-pletely alone and understandably skeptical. He feels any at-tempt at understanding the phenomenon will require amultidisciplinary approach and careful attention to thewitnesses themselves: the "human factor" that acts as adistorting medium between the phenomenon and theresearcher.Jerold R. Johnson, born in 1950, graduated from theUniversity of Texas with a B.A. degree in Archeology(December 1972) and pursued graduate studies in An-JEROLD R. JOHNSONDeputy Director, Investigationsthropology. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligenceto1977. Since 1985, he has been employed by adefense-relatedresearch and development company as an engineer on radarsignals analysis and electronic warfare projects. Ron, wifeRox Ann, and two sons Neal and Wyatt, live at 12700 SilverCreek Drive, Austin, Texas 78727, USA.MUFON Amateur Radio Net80 meters — 3.930 MHz — Saturday, 9 p.m.40 meters — 7.237 MHz — Saturday, 8 a.m.20 meters — 14.264 MHz — Thursday, 9 p.m.10 meters — 28.470 MHz — Sunday, 3 p.m.Alternate if 10 meters is dead20 meters — 14.264 MHz — Sunday, 3:15 p.m.All times Eastern Standard or DaylightMUFON 1992 INTERNATIONAL UFOSYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS"UFOs: The Ultimate Mystery of the Millennia"Price: $20 plus $1.50 for postage and handling.Order From: MUFON, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • Current Case Logby Robert J. GribbleWestern RegionalDirector• Log#921504W: Atabout 10:55 p.m. on April 15,1992,a 20-year-old male witness was standing in his front yardat Aloha, Oregon when he noticed a bright blue objectwhichappeared to be approaching him; investigator John Kirby.He said that the object appeared to be solid, hemispherical(domed top with a flat bottom) with blurred edges. Afterapproximately four to five seconds, the object stopped forabout two seconds, at which time its color turned from brightblue to bright red. The object then began accelerating rapidlytoward the west and disappeared into clouds. Total sightingtime was estimated to be about 40 seconds.• Log#922404W: About 9:30 p.m. on April 24, 1992, aretired geophysicist and his three grown sons observeddozens of maneuvering lights, while camping out at the FishSprings Wildlife Refuge south of Dugway ProvingGrounds,a secret governmentinstallation in western Utah; investigatorMildred Biesele. At first they appeared in the southern skymoving westward, but soon they were seen in all parts ofthe sky, as many as 10or 12at a time, some singly, somein sets of two or three in vertical, horizontal or triangularformations. Star-like in size and brightness, some were red,some white. One set of three lights moved behind a peakon the horizon in a vertical line and emerged on the otherside as a triangle. The aerial display continued for nearlytwo hours.• Log #911003W: A male adult living in Citrus Heights,California observed an object in the shape of an equilateraltriangle passing directly overhead at about 10:30 p.m. onor about March 10, 1991; investigatorJohn G: Maylone. Theobject made no noise and had no lights, being illuminatedby ground lights. The object appeared to be light gray incolor and had a circular-shape at each apex. The witnessestimated the altitude at 2000-5000 feet and the speed at100-150 mph. Estimated diameter 200 feet. The triangle wasin sight for about 10 seconds.• Log #912911W: While viewing the night sky overLarkspur, California on November 29, 1991, a 35-year-oldmale witnessed a strange phenomenon; investigatorVirgilC. Staff. As the mans eyes adjusted to the darkness, about11 p.m., he noticed ajagged circular configurationof lightsin the distance. After watching for about seven minutes, thecircle appeared to be approaching him. Some "stick-likeshapes of light... appeared to drop down" from the circleas it drew closer. These sticks were fashioned together andconnected into a five or six-sided pattern that appeared todrop towards the ground. One of the stick patterns waspale red, and the other was pale green. As the circle ap-proached the witness it took on the appearance of a star-fish. The starfish remained for approximately three minutes,after which the witness went indoors.READERS CLASSIFIEDSGULF BREEZE SIGHTINGS — 1992 UPDATE: All new informa-tion, photos, statistics,first person stories. Coverage of visits andsightings by national and international television crews. $2.00 plus$1.50 postage. The Islander, P.O. Box 292, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562.UFO BUTTONS: Be the first on your block to wear a beautiful 2"diameter UFO lapel button, showing a strange-looking alien, withthe caption "UFO RESEARCH." $3.00 each, two for $5.00 or $2.00each in lots of 12 or more. Order from: Jim Moseley, P.O. Box 1709,Key West, FL 33041.ALIEN BEING SCULPTURES: In fine (no lead) pewter and walnut.Great paperweight or conversation piece. For catalog please call (719)475-7778, or write Jann Bach, 3120 Bonne Vista Drive, ColoradoSprings, CO 80906.ALIEN PENDANT: Cast in pewter, this alien face is a real eye-catcher!Measures 1and 3/8 inches high by 3/4-inch thick with clasp type pinon the back. Made by Robert Hanson of the Rhode Island chapterof MUFON. $19.95 each, including p&h. Order from Robert Han-son, 50 Lawn St., Providence, RI 02908.SWEATSHIRTS & T-SHIRTS: The jokes on Carl Sagan! Delightfulart by Norris Hall, black on white, sizes S-M-L. Sweatshirts $20, T-shirts $15, plus $1.95 p&h: free print suitable for framing with eachorder. Send check or M.O. to C & S Enterprises, P.O. Box 2768, Mur-freesboro, TN 37133.CLOUDS OF GLORY:The dramatic encounters of the author andhis family with both UFOs and celestial visitors who identifythemselves as angelic persons from a higher creation of light andspirit. $5.95 (includes p&h), 75 pages. Available from Alpha Enter-prises, Box 54562, Tulsa, OK 74147.UFO INTELLIGENCE NEWSLETTER: A must for researchers. In-teresting articles and a constantly updated comprehensive listing ofrecent U. S. sightings in chronological order, including graphs oninteresting statistics. Sample copy, $1.00, $13.50 for 12 issues. Checkto: Francis Ridge, 618 Davis Drive, Mt. Vernon, IN 47620.LETS GET IN TOUCH ... I am an abductee wanting very muchto correspond with others who are also trying to cope with this ex-perience. If interested, please write to: Suzanne White, P.O. Box 534,Bloomingdale, Illinois, 60108-0534.READERS CLASSIFIEDS: To place your ad in this section simplyenclose a check for $15 for each issue of the Journal in which youwish it to appear. Limit 50 words, please. Authors advertising booksmust make a hard copy available to the editor. Acceptance is at thediscretion of the editors and in no way implies endorsement by theMutual UFO Network, its Board of Directors or the Journal itself.Mail ad and check, made out to MUFON, to Dennis Stacy, Box 12434,San Antonio, TX 78212, or to Walt Andrus, MUFON, 103 OldtowneRoad, Seguin, TX 78155-4099.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • AN OPEN LETTER TOUFO INVESTIGATORSby J. Howard, J.D.You, as UFO investigators, are generally intelligent,deductive and enthusiastic. Sometimes, though, inyour eagerness to gather information, you inadver-tently trample on those who provide it. It is my hope, andthe purpose of this article, that by telling you how I, as anabductee, feel and what I need from you, I might help youdeal with more sensitivity and a better understanding of thoseyou investigate. I speak only for myself, but there may beothers who have had similar experiences.After a seven month investigation of my abduction ex-periences, I felt I was ready to do more than contribute mylittle bits and pieces to the cosmic puzzle. I wanted to spreadmy wings, to meet people, to learn about the larger picture.With great reservation, my investigator finally relented andgave me his blessing to attend a symposium on UFOs. Heexpressed several strong warnings, however, about the ad-visability of talking about my experiences, none of whichI took seriously.Experience is truly the best teacher, and for some of ushard-headed individualists, it is often the only way we learn.At the symposium, I needed only to voice an opinion aboutour inability to understand what they were here for, and everyinvestigator in the workshop immediately assumed that I wasan abductee. Suddenly, I became several things I am not,i.e. an authority, a victim, and a person greatly in need ofadvice.I feel an obligation to share as much as I can. After all,we are in this to find out what we can about the phenomenon,and I am willing to do my part. Everyone seems to havea theory about them, what they are here for, what they aredoing, where they come from, etc. What surprised me isthat everybody seemed to think that I have one too. I dont.I know very little about them except what Ive experiencedmyself, and that leaves me extremely ill-prepared to makeany kind of judgment about the whole picture.Ive seen quite a few things. I understand almost none ofthem. The few responses Ive gotten from them have moreto do with my immediate situation than with a discourseon the social mores and universal goals of extraterrestrialintellects.Speculation can be useful in revealing information youmay not realize you have, but relying on speculation as truthis dangerous. The distinction between what is speculationJ. Howard is a sculptor, attorney and abducteeliving in Colorado Springs, Colorado."What if we decide we want to endthe encounters, we try everything we,or you, can think of, and it all fails?"and what we know as truth has to be clear both in how thequestion is asked and in the use of the answer.Perhaps my pet peeve is being asked, "Why do I let themdo this to me?" Or "Why dont I fight them?" The questionreminds me of the research I did in college with Japanesequail. Wetested their ability to distinguish between differentcolors and shapes. Only certain of the quail were usable inour research, as many of them couldnt take the confine-ment. They jumped up and down in the cage until they literal-ly bashed their brains out.We didnt intend to hurt them, but they fought until theykilled themselves. They didnt know what they werefighting or how best to fight it, or even if they really neededto fight it at all. But their first reaction was to fight, andit cost them dearly. I like to think of myselfas being smarterthan the quail.The alien abduction experience is, on one level, quitefascinating. It still leaves me feeling vulnerable, however,and questioning who and what I am, and if I have choicesIm not exercising. I dont know enough to decide whetheror not I want to fight them, or how best to fight them andstill preserve myself. If my memories are of real things, Ihave tried to resist them in my own way,and the results havenot been particularly ego enhancing. I find the whole ex-perience to be generally more interesting than traumatic,and until I know more about it, Id rather make no decisionthan to make the wrong one.To assume that every abductee wants or needs to endthe experience, or that any of us are actually capable ofdoing so is naive and dangerous. What if we decide wewantto end the encounters, we try everything we, or you, canthink of, and it all fails? Personally, I have no desire toexperience the kind of desperation that such a discoverymight cause. What I definitely dont need are hasty judg-ments about what I should or shouldnt do with regard tothe experiences I am having.The way you ask your questions can make me feel morelike a victim than the experience itself. I dont think ofmyselfas a victim, so dont treat me like one. Be sensitive in yourapproach, but dont coddle me. Be willing to let me callthe shots as to how long the interview goes on or what wetalk about. Mine is not a criminal investigation, so you donthave the right to judge me. Im not a possession; dont tryto tell me who I can and cant talk to.This is where Im coming from. Abductees as a groupare probably ultra-sensitive, and Im no exception. Iget enough ridicule and misunderstanding from the outsideContinued on page 22MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • LettersW hile I believe that cooperation and confrontation arenot mutally exclusive of each other, I would not wantto presuppose that the United States government is, in fact,willing to sit down at the conference room table to discussUFOs. It is now 1992 and, after 45 years of patient waitingon behalf of civilian UFO organizations, there is no evidenceto suggest that this can or will occur. Could civilian UFOorganizations strike a "better deal" by replacing the con-ference table with a bargaining table? I think not!Frankly, the United States government could have issueda forthright narrative as early as 1948 to the American publicrelative to the extraordinary events that occurred the yearbefore in New Mexico inclusive of alien hieroglyphics, alienpropulsion systems, and the recovery of alien bodies andcraft. Instead, the United States government positioned itselfwith a policy of nondisclosure vis a vis the National SecurityAct of 1947. This policy of nondisclosure, in effect, createda seizure of a property right which the United States govern-ment never developed or owned in the first place. Becausethe United States government received the gift of alientechnology through a fortuitous set of circumstances, Jour-nal readers will want to ask themselves how long the exclu-sion in sharing the property right will last. Does the seizedright continue ad infinitum because "crack American scien-tists have failed to completely "reverse engineer" UFOs after45 years?Kudos to the nine men and women who demonstrated infront of the White House to end the policy of nondisclosure.Maybe the time has come for the membership of MUFONto organize a massive rally in the Spring of 1993 inWashington, D.C., to address the exact concerns enunciatedby those in the first public demonstration. I am certain thatthere are hundreds of thousands of Americans who sharein the belief that the United States government cannot con-tinue its course of nondisclosure for another 45 years.Additionally, because UFO researchers are constantlyseeking "hard evidence," I would like the membership ofMUFON to consider a scenario of creative confrontation,including the establishment next year of an escrow accountin the amount of $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars) for thesole purpose of acting as a reward to secure the allegedphotos and/or movies of the Roswell crash or any otherknown landing, such as the Holloman Air Force Base inci-dent (1964). Notice of the reward with its attendant detailscould be published daily, or as required, in a nationalnewspaper such as USA Today.Notwithstanding the hard liners within the MJ-12 group(or its functional and real equivalent), I am certain that some-one will walk out of the woodwork with the evidence thatis needed. I will make a personal contribution in the amountof $100,000.00 to the escrow account. Further, MUFON hasthe requisite expertise to ferret out the hoaxers and tricksterswhile at the same time authenticating genuine submittals.Well let the lawyers sift through the legal implications ofa possible breach in the national security as per the NationalSecurity Act. After all, no one wants all 4,000 membersto be charged with acts of treason against the state.— Robert M. BaileyConatek CorporationTroy, MIJerome Clark Receives Award(Washington, D.C., October 20) — The Fund for UFOResearch, Inc., a nonprofit scientific organization based inWashington, D.C., has selected Jerome Clark to receive its1992 "Isabel L. Davis Memorial Award."The award was established in 1986 "to recognize long-term accomplishments and excellence in promoting rationalinquiry into reported UFO sightings and related phenomena."With the recognition comes a grant of $1,000.Clark is editor of the International UFOReporter (IUR),published by the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studiesin Chicago, and he is the author of The UFO Encyclopedia,a multi-volume compilation of data about the UFOphenomenon, the first volume of which was published in1990 (Apogee Books, Detroit, MI); the second volume waspublished in 1992; and the third volume is forthcoming."In IUR, Jerry has presented the pros and cons ofhighlycontroversial information in a fair and evenhanded manner,and he has editorialized articulately and effectively on thefoibles of UFO skeptics," according to Richard Hall, amember of the Funds National Board of Directors."He has also been a pioneer in analysis of contactee andabducteee reports and in examination of the 1896-97 U.S.airship mystery. He has been a voice of reason for severaldecades and an important contributor to the scientificliterature of UFOs," Hall said.Isabel Davis was a pioneer in the field of UFOlogy. Shewas a co-founder of one of the first scientific UFO organiza-tions and she helped form the Fund for UFO Research in1977. She passed on in 1984.Nominations for the Isabel Davis Award are made by theFunds Board of Directors, and the recipient is chosen bythe Funds donors, who contributed more than $1,000 to sup-port the 1992 award.MUFON 1991 INTERNATIONAL UFOSYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS"UFOs: The Big Picture" 301 pagesPrice: $20 plus $1.50 for postage and handling.Order From: MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • THE NIGHT SKYBy Walter N. WebbDecember 1992Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Venus (magnitude -4.2) glows brightly in the SW, notsetting now until about 7:30 in mid-December. Inthe latterhalf of the month, much fainter Saturn lies within at least5° of our radiant neighbor world, finally closingto 1°orso on the 21st. The lunar crescent is near the pair onDecember 27.Mars, retrograding below the Twin Stars (Pollux andCastor) in Gemini, brightens still further during themonth, from -0.7 to -1.4. Rising in the NE about 7:30 p.m.on the 1stand 4:45 on the 31st, the little red planet nearsits closest approach to Earth early in January. Thus,telescope-users should begin observing Mars now. It isspring in the northern hemisphere of the planet, and thenorth polar cap should be conspicuous. Look carefullyfor dark contrasts amid the ocher-tinted deserts. The darkregions are now known to represent a differing gradationof surface dust in those areas —not vegetation. The sec-ond of three conjunctions in a row between Mars andPollux occurs on the 22nd when the red planet passes 3°below the star.Saturn (0.7), in Capricornus, lies low in the SSWat duskand sets in the WSW about 8 p.m. in midmonth. SeeVenusabove.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Mars advances to the W by dawn.Jupiter (-1.9), in Virgo, rises in the E about 1AMin mid-December and moves to the S by dawn.Total Lunar Eclipse:The full moon slides into the Earths shadow on December9. Observers in the northeastern quarter of the U.S. arefavored for this eclipse, since the Moon remains abovethe horizon during the entire event. In the central U.S.,the Moon rises partially eclipsed, and farther west it riseseither already in total eclipse or after totality is over. (Thepost-totality situation takes place in California, Oregon,and SW Alaska.) Our satellite enters the dark umbralshadow at 4:59 PM EST, remains totally eclipsed from6:07 to 7:22, and emerges completely from the umbra at8:29.On the 23rd, SW Alaska watchers will see the new moonbegin to take a "bite" out of the Sun at 3:11 PM. However,the Sun sets a short time later before maximum eclipse(35% of the Suns diameter covered) occurs.• Meteor Shower:A gibbous Moon unfortunately interferes most of the nightat the Geminid meteors peak on the morning of December13. With no Moon, the hourly rate might have been 50or more meteors. The Geminids are medium-speed ob-jects of mostly white color with short paths. Some of themalso are visible from the 7th to the 15th.The mostly faint Ursids, emanating from Ursa Minor("Little Dipper"), peak on the 22nd. Although theoretical-ly visible all night, this shower is best toward dawn when15 to 20 meteors per hour might be detected. Some ofthe shower members can be seen from about December17 to 24.• Moon Phases:First quarter — December 2Full moon — December 9Last quarter — December 16New Moon — December 23First quarter — December 31• The Stars:By now in midevening, the summer stars have almost com-pletely disappeared in the NW; the autumnstars are pastthe meridian in the W and SW; and the brightluminariesof the Winter Circle occupy the E and SE heavens. (Thereddish interloper in the Circle is Mars.) Within the WinterCircle stands mighty Orion. Below the great warriors trioof belt stars, observe a fuzzy "star" in his sword. It isthe Great Nebula of Orion, a luminouscloud of gas anddust — a cosmic nursery for newborn stars.Beware of that IFO culprit Sirius, which rises in the ESEat 8 PM in midmonth.INVESTIGATORS, Continutedworld, sometimes even from loved ones, if I venture forthand tell about my experiences. From you in the UFO com-munity, I need compassion, sensitivity and concern. Youcan also give me a reality base that often gets lost when deal-ing with something so far outside the realm of normalhumanexperience.Help me. Give me an outlet for my need to talk aboutwhat has happened. Provide an understanding shoulder tocry on when I need that. I have been accosted, probed, ex-amined and generally harassed by them. I need better thanthat from you.© 7992 J. HowardMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • MESSAGE, Continuedare: Deems E. Peterson, M.A. (Lenexa, KS) in SocialWork; Brion P.Turner, M.S. (Toronto, N.S.W., Australia)in Engineering; David F. Clark, B.S. and M.B.A. (Burl-ington, CT) in Biology/Science; Angela Thompson, M.S.(Las Vegas, NV) in Psychology; and Michael J. Freeman,M.S. (Atlanta, GA) in Psychology. The following membersare new Translators: Alex Fedorov (Trenton, NJ) in Frenchand Russian; and Farah Azad, M.B.A. (Lisle, IL) inPersian.International UFO MuseumThe new International UFO Museum and Research Centerhas opened its doors to visitors at 400 North Main Streetin Roswell, New Mexico. It will house various displays ofUFO material and allied subjects. Featured in the museumare 80 feet of freestanding panels containing visual materialdepicting many aspects of UFOs. In addition, there are manyvideo tapes related to UFOs that will be shown upon re-quest to visitors in comfortable surroundings. Two of thefounders of the nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation were prin-cipals in the famous 1947 Roswell UFO crash recovery —Walter G. Haut (P.I.O.) and Glenn Dennis (mortician);President and Vice President, respectively. Max Littell isSecretary-Treasurer. They invite visitors in Roswell to stopby and visit with them at the museum, where there is noadmission charge. Walt and Jeanne Andrus participatedin the official opening day on Saturday, October 24, 1992.For membership information,please write to PO. Box 2221,Roswell, NM 88202.MUFON donated a complete set of the annual MUFONInternational UFO Symposium Proceedings from 1975through 1992 to the International UFO Museum for referencepurposes, matchingthe contribution to the original RoswellUFO Engima Museum at 6010 South Main. Located adja-cent to the main gate at the old Roswell Army Air Field(Walker AFB), John and Sharon Price invite you to visittheir museum featuring a beautiful life-like panoramicdisplay of the Roswell crash and recovery at the Plains ofSan Agustin, as related by Grady L. "Barney" Barnettand other witnesses.Regional UFO ConferencesIn addition to the Annual MUFON International UFOSymposia, regional UFO conferences are conductedthroughout the United States and Canada that are supportedby MUFON and announced in the MUFON UFO Journal"Calendar of UFO Conferences for 1993." All conferenceorganizers should advise MUFON at least two months,preferably three, in advance, with information on date, time,place, etc., in order to list their announcement in thecalendar.On Saturday, November 14, 1992, MUFON-Marylandconducted a one-day symposium in the town of Northeast,MD, organized by State Director, Bruce S. Maccabee andhosted by George Reynolds, Sr. of Elkton, MD. Speakers,in additionto Bruce Maccabee and George Reynolds, wereDon Berliner, Bob Oechsler and Vince DePietro. SinceDr. Maccabee did not give MUFON adequate lead time forthe announcementin the calendar, obviously, it is not listed.Conversely, the First Delaware UFO Symposium onNovember 21, 1992, in Wilmington, DE, hosted by StateDirector, Hugh B. Horning, does appear.Even though MUFON may not officially support par-ticular UFO converences, we invite conference organizersto submite their vital information for entry in the calendaras a service to Journal readers so they may attend eventsin their region of the nation.MUFON 1993 UFO Symposium"Ufology: The Emergence of a New Science" is the themefor the MUFON 1993 InternationalUFO Symposium to beheld July 2, 3 and 4 at the Hyatt Richmond Hotel in Rich-mond, Virginia. Speakers already scheduled are John E.Mack, M.D., Wesley E. Ellison, Illobrand von Ludwiger(Germany), Jeffrey W. Sainio, Vincent-Juan BallesterOunos (Spain) and Colin Andrews. Please mark your calen-dar now and possibly plan your family vacation tojoin yourUFO friends and colleagues in Richmond in July.Calendar ofUFO Conferences for 1992November 21 — The First Delaware UFO Symposium:UFOs, Fact or Fancy - 1:00 - 4:30 p.m. atCopeland Lecture Hall, Winterthur Museumand Gardens, suburb of Wilmington, DE.(For information call Bill Hall 302-999-1581)November 27 through December 3 — InternationalUFO Congress and UFO Film Festival atHacienda Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada.(For information call Robert L. Brown510-428-0202 in Oakland, CA)UFOs, MJ-12 AND THE GOVERNMENT:A Report on Government Involvement inthe UFO Crash Retrievals (113 pages)by Grant Cameron and T. Scott GrainPrice: $19 plus $1.50 for postage and handling.Order From: MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155-4099MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992
    • DIRECTORS MESSAGENews Around the Networkby Walter AndrusNew Board of DirectorsA ballot was mailed to all members of the current Boardof Directors on September 29, 1992, with nominations ofcandidates for vacant positions on the MUFON Board ofDirectors. The following people were elected to the Board:Jerold R. "Ron" Johnson (Austin, TX), Deputy Direc-tor, Investigations; Larry W. Bryant (Alexandria, VA),Director of Governmental Affairs; Irena Scott, Ph.D.(Galena, OH), Director of Publications; and John E. Mack,M.D. (Chestnut Hill, MA), Director at Large (Psychiatry).We are very proud to welcome these distinguished membersto the MUFON Board. In subsequent issues of the Jour-nal, a photograph and biography of each will be publishedso that everyone may become better acquainted with thesetalented individuals. This issue is devoted to Jerold R."Ron" Johnson, the new Deputy Director, Investigations,who replaced Dan Wright when Dan resigned in April 1992.Computerization of ReportsWhen Dan Wright volunteered to transcribe abductionaudio tapes for researchers in this field and enter them intoa computer, he relinquished the project forcomputerizationof UFO sighting reports. A recently retired engineer fromIBM in Austin, TX, T. David Spencer, has volunteered tohead up this vitally important program, assisted by ForestCrawford (Collinsville, IL). Mr. Wright delivered the cur-rent UFO file to Walt Andrus in Springfield, MO, who inturn transferred the file to Mr. Spencer the following weekin Austin.State and Provincial Directors should continue to sendcopies of their completed reports to their respective RegionalDirectors and Canadian National Director for processingwith the original copy to MUFON headquarters in Seguin.After preparing a brief narrative account of the significantsightings received each month for the MUFON UFO Jour-nal "Current Case Log," the Regional Directors will mailtheir copies to Jerold R. Johnson, 12700 Silver Creek,Austin, TX 78727. Mr. Johnson will review the reports, mak-ing sure that the Computer Input Form 2 is attached, beforegiving them to David Spencer in Austin.Central Regional Director ElectionDue to personal health reasons, George R. Coyne willnot seek a second four-year term as the Central RegionalDirector for 1993. The central region is composed of thefollowing states: MI, OH, KY, TN, AL, MS, IN, IL, WI,MN, IA, MO, AR, LA, TX, OK, KS, NE, SD and ND.This is an elected office to the MUFON Board of Directorsby all of the members living in the designated states througha ballot enclosed with the MUFON UFO Journal prior tothe election. Anyone is eligible to be a candidate for thisprestigious position, however, only State or Assistant StateDirectors may officially nominate candidates. If you are in-terested in being a candidate, please write to your State Direc-tor, expressing your desire and include a resume of yourqualifications by December 31, 1992. The election will beheld in early 1993. This is an opportunity for present stateleaders to fulfill greater responsibilities within MUFON.New OfficersThe breakup of the U.S.S.R. into the Commonwealth ofIndependent States (C.I.S.) has necessitated a MUFONreorganization within this area of the world. Vladimir V.Rubtsov, Ph.D. (Kharkov) is the Representative forUkraineand Valeri V. Druzhilnyi (Dalnegorsk) becomes ourRepresentative for Eastern Russia. Other new assignmentsin the C.I.S. are pending. Gerrit J. Gerwig, Ph.D.(Nieuwegein, Utrecht), a Consultant in Bio-OrganicChemistry, has accepted the additional role ofRepresentativefor the Netherlands. Michael J. Strainic has appointed LechK. Lesiak (Calgary) to the position of Provincial Directorfor Alberta. Glenn O. Rutherford (Louisville), a formerState Director for Kentucky, has again accepted this respon-sibility with James C. DeLotel (Louisville)serving as hisAssistant State Director.Assistant State Director for West Virginia, Gregg B.Knight (Bridgeport), has been reassigned as State SectionDirector for Marion, Harrison, Taylor, Barbour, Lewis andUpshure Counties. Other new State Section Directors are:Benard E Marcinowski (Gig Harbor, WA)for Pierce Coun-ty; Joyce McDavid, Ph.D., (San Antonio, TX) for BexarCounty; Mrs. Gayle Treadwell (Beeville, TX) for Bee andLive Oak Counties; Harry A. Jordan, M.A. (Omaha, NE)for Douglas and Sarpy Counties; John C. Craig (CastleRock, CO) for Elbert County; and Judith Rydlun (Boulder,CO) for Boulder County.Consultants and Research SpecialistsNew Consultants this month are the following: R. GeorgeFarhat, M.D. (Midland, MI) for Emergency Medicine;Donald A. Belles, Ph.D. (Puyallup, WA) in Theology;David J. Nagle, J.D. (Austin, TX) in Law; Michael R.Borland, Ph.D. and M.D. (Colora, MD) in Medicine; andCora Scott, Ph.D. (Amesbury, MA) in Psychology. Re-search Specialists volunteering their expertise this monthContinued on page 23MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 295 November 1992