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Mufon ufo journal 1991 7. july

  1. 1. Mufon UFO JournalOfficial Publication of the Mutual UFO Network Since 1967Number 279July 1991$3.00
  2. 2. Mufon UFO JournalJuly 1991 Number 279CONTENTSTENNESSEE VIDEOTAPING Keith Tarpley 3CROP CIRCLE AT MILAN, ILLINOIS Jeff Fischer 5UNUSUAL OBJECT OVER ST. PAUL.... Richard Bauerlein, Edward Phillips & William McNeff 7INTERVIEW WITH JESSE MARCEL, JR., M.D Paul Fisher 8NEWSNVIEWS 10THE UFO PRESS (Alien Liaison) Jerold R. Johnson 13IN OTHERS WORDS Lucius Parish 16LOOKING BACK Bob Gribble 17LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Beckjord, Fuller 19THE AUGUST NIGHT SKY Walter N. Webb 22DIRECTORS MESSAGE Walt Andrus 24COVER ART Wesley S. CrumEDITORDennis W. StacyASSOCIATE EDITORWalter H. Andrus, Jr.COLUMNISTSWalter N. WebbRobert GribbleLucius ParishMUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, TX 78155-4099Telephone: (512) 379-9216Copyright 1991 by the Mutual UFO Network.All Rights Reserved.No part of ihis document may be reproduced in any form without the written permissionof the CopyrightOwners. Permission is hereby granted to quote up to 200 words of any onearticle, provided the author is credited, and the statement, "Copyright 1991 by the MutualUFO Network, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155," is included.The contents of the MUFON UFO Journal are determined by the editors and do not necessarilyreflect the official position of the Mutual UFO Network.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publicly supported organizationof the typedescribed in Section 509 (a) (2). Donors may deduct contributions from their Federal In-come Tax. Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers or gifts are also deductible for estate andgift purposes, provided they meet the applicableprovisions of Sections 2055, 2106 and 2522of the Internal Revenue Code.The MUFON UFO JOURNAL is published monthly by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas. Membership/Subscription rates: $25 per year inthe U.S.A.; $30 foreign in U.S. funds. Second class postage paid at Seguin, TX.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 to advise change of address to:MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155
  3. 3. TENNESSEE VIDEOTAPINGKeith TarpleyTarpley is the Assistant State Direc-tor for Tennessee.On Monday, May 20, 1991 Ireceived a phone call fromRobert Gribble at approximate-ly 7:40 p.m. He informed me that hehad been unable to reach Walt Andrusor Tennessee State Director John Ko-mar at the time, and so had called meto ask if I was aware of the UFO in-cidents within the Dandridge, Ten-nessee area.At the time I was unaware of the ac-tivity. It should be noted that thesightings were first known to be wide-ly reported publicly by WBIR TV(Channel 10) news in Knoxville, Ten-nessee that morning, and were pickedup nationally. Unfortunately, I watchanother station for news, which had notmade mentionof it on the evening newsnor the morning news, to which I hadlistened to in part.After receiving the basics fromRobert Gribble, I went back to theamateur radio net that I was then par-ticipating in. This was the Oak RidgeIsochronous Observation Network(ORION) which meets every otherweek at that time. This group has thesubject of UFOs as one of its interests.Informing the net that I had justreceived a UFO report, I asked ifanyone on it had heard of any reportsin the area. None had at that time.After getting no response I began try-ing to call the witness,Larry Thurman,and at approximately 8:15 p.m. Imanaged to do so. Mr. Thurman agreedto meet with me the next day and toldme the basics of the case, and also ofthe Mills crop circle case, and heagreed to take me to the circle site.It should be noted that until the timeof the crop circle report, the Thurmansdid not know the Mills. They areseveral miles apart by road, thoughcloser by air. Due to the fact that Mr.Thurman works part-time with theSheriffs department, his oldersightingwas uncovered through same, apparent-ly by the television crew in the wakeof the crop circle.The Thurman house is located on theside of a small hill surrounded by othersmall hills. There are no obviouslyunusual structures or other terrainfeatures of note. They are close enoughto 1-40 that there is a fairly constantlevel of light noise from it.During the time of the sighting therewas no other activity noted to any elec-trical equipment, nor to their small dog,whose location was not known. Thesighting was also seen by Mrs. Thur-man and their small son.The video tape had been set asideafter the sighting and it took the Thur-mans awhile to find it for the TV crew.They gave it to the crew to take to copyfor the news and were supposed to haveit mailed back to them the next day. Mr.Thurman instead decided to go pick itup himself.It should be noted that I didnt han-dle the tape itself at first and after hav-ing taken a VCR to their house to tapefrom their system, made two tapes formyself, one to send in with the report,when they asked for a copy to be madefor them whileI had the equipmentsetup. This I had planned for,however atthe time I began to think that maybe Ishould look at the tape itself.After all this time the tape stillhad not had the tab pulled outto prevent accidental erasure.Originally the tape had the previousChristmas day recorded upon it, whichis why the Thurmans wanted to keepit initially, and also some cartoons fortheir son, which were recorded overbythe sighting.I pointed this out to the Thurmansand received permission to pull the tabout. They asked me what I thoughttheyshould do with the tape and they men-tioned a safety deposit box. I toldthemthat it would be a good idea to placeit there.The sighting occurred when Mr.Thurman was taping a plane flying inthe area. This is the first object seenon the tape. The second object, whichhe calls a plane on the tape initially,isthe UFO. Although the initial date onthe tape is March 10,the later and ac-tual date is March 15, 1991.Mr. Thurman is a self-employedbuilding contractor and Minister for theChurch of God. He also works parttime for the Sheriffs department andhas some of the newer radio gear in hispickup truck, in addition to other scan-ning equipment in his home. Mrs.Thurman is a housewife.Both appeared intelligent and curiousabout the sighting. Both had previous-ly been aware of the subject of UFOsand crop rings through various televi-sion shows, and havenow begun receiv-ing phone calls from as far away asGermany.Ithen followed Mr. Thurman overto the Mills home. By the time ofmy arrival both families hadalready talked to TV reporters and eachother. This is an important point, asthey had begun sharing details of theincidents. However, there appeared tobe no obvious distortions of the basicdetails in either group. Both respondedto questions with either straight answersor simply stated that they didnt knowcertain things.The Mills were also slightly sur-prised as to the amount of response thathad occurred due to the circle. Theyalso have been receiving calls frommany places. It should be noted thatthey do not wish their address or phonenumber given out.The Mills field appears normal atfirst glance. The circle itself is insidea fenced area away from the home.Across the fence on one side from thecircle is a small barn where calves areMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 279 July 1991
  4. 4. kept. It was one of these calves that laiddown shortly after the circlesappearance.At the first trip there the calf ap-peared okay to myself, though I haveno knowledge of such animals. The coatwas normal looking with no obvioussigns of any injury to a casual glance.The calf was frolicking a little with twoother calves and Mr. Mills, who arrivedthen with medicine for it, said that itwas now feeling better. He also said thatit had never been sick like that beforethe circles appearance.When asked if a vet had looked at it,Mr. Mills responded that an animalcouldnt be taken to a vet everytime onegot sick. The next day, when we re-turned, he said the animal was a littleworse.The night that the Mills heard thesound that they likened to that of a ropebeing swung about overhead, their dog,a Pomeranian, ran into the house, ap-parently frightened. The circle wasfound the next day.Mrs. Mills has a bad back and Mr.Mills, several months before, had an in-cident with his heart. Although bothwalk, they also use a small yard trac-tor/mower to move about upon. Thecircle itself had a small false outer ringwhich was created when this vehiclewas used to go around it. It also has apath up to its edge on one side causedby the mower driving over it, but notmowing it. The circle itself did not ap-pear to be caused by such a vehicle.In the area of the path, about 10feetfrom the circles edge, wasa small pieceof white/clear plastic, apparently a sec-tion from a milk jug. Neither of theMills knew what it was doing there, andit mayjust havebeen trash that happen-ed to be there at the time. While it hadsome cut grass on it, any residuewouldhave likely been washed off by the re-cent rains in the area.Mrs. Mills, who has not been to adoctor, has a rash-like skin conditionon both arms. Initially she was the firstone to actually go into the circle. Shestated that she has no other medicalproblems than the said bad back. Therash occurred first on one arm and thenthe other. They were mildly concernedthat radiation might be involved. Shewas sick for several days afterward.On the opposite side of the barn isa junkyard that appears to have arounda couple of hundred vehicles. A shortdistance on the opposite corner of thefield is a small cemetery.No one else has reported any strangeeffects. At the time of my initial siteobservation there had been heavy rainsin the area, so any obvious conditionscould have previously been altered.The circle was approximately 24 feetin diameter, depending where on theedge one decided that it began. In thecenter of the circle was an apparentlyunaffected tuft of grass approximately5/2 feet in diameter. Therefore the grasswas actually depressed into a ringformation.Upon looking at the grass itselfit was difficult to determinewhat was the change in thegrass due to the unknown cause, andwhat was changed due to human in-teraction afterward.There was some definite bending tothe point of breakage and creasing ofthe grass. However, most of the grassappeared to have been bent withoutsevere or sharp cracks at any one point;rather it wasbent in a smooth arc, nearthe ground, with no obvious physicalchange in the plants.There were small yellow buds of aplant that were still alive, though a fewof them and a small amount of the grasshad turned brown. Considering theamount of physical change in the act oflying down on the ground, this did notappear particularly unusual to me.The several trees, between about 15and 18feet high on one side of the fenc-ed corner, showed no obvious signs ofdisturbance nor change of any type.These were about 40 feet from the edgeof the circle. Mr. Thurman identifiedthese as cedars.The grass had a small amount of in-sect life, both within the center tuft andwithin the ring itself. It did not appearto be any different than that observedin the undisturbed field. When thecalves came out, obviously interestedin the people, they came up to theclosest point allowable by the fencewithout any noticeable reluctance to benear the ring.The initial Tuesday survey and inter-views were conducted quickly to con-form to the Mills desire to return to theThurman home to have a look at thevideo tape.The next day I returned withMUFON member and environ-mentalist Charles Hanion andhis friend, and video worker Alan, whotook %" video later to be transferredto VHS.An Optoelectronics 3000 frequencymeter was available so I tried to see ifit would pick up any unusual readingswithin the circle, but it acted the samewithin and without, with no noticeabledifference, giving random readings onall settings.An external mike from the %" videocamera was moved through the circlewithout any unusual sounds being pick-ed up.On that Wednesday we noted a small,lively toad in addition to the insectswithin the circle area.Within the circle were two points thatthe Mills indicated had first beenpointed out to them by the TV crew.Both points appeared to be where thegrass had been moved away slightlywith only a small area of dirt seen dueto that. Neither appeared substantial,only a few inches across, and may haveonly been where someone had stepped.On Monday, May 27, I notified theMills that no abnormal amount ofradiation had been found within the soilsamples. I learned that Mrs. Mills wasstill feeling ill and that her rashes hadtemporarily cleared a little, but had thengrown worse. I was also told by Mr.Mills that the calf was expected to dieand that another had been purchased toreplace it.Mr. Mills stated that he had done allthat a vet could have done for the calfand that it wouldnt be worth the effortto take it to one. The dog appearednormal.Mr. Mills also relayed a fact that hiswife had at first been reluctant todiscuss. At the time of the circles ap-pearance she had also noted two three-sided diamond-like or round marks thatshe thought might be footprints at theMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 279 July 1991
  5. 5. entrance of their barn. He stated thatthey were no longer there.I then called Mr. Thurman who hadhad several experiences worthy of noteby that time. Several individuals whodid not identify themselves had mademonetary offers for the video, eventhough they claimed to only havedescriptions of it, not having seen itthemselves. One caller offered $50,000for the video.After Mr. Thurman did a phone in-terview with a Seattle radio station (callletters unknown or forgotten), hereceived another call from someone heassumed to be from that region whoalso wished to purchase the tape.When asked, Mr. Thurman joking-ly responded that it would cost $50,000.The man responded seriously and aftera few more details said he would comewith the money and get it. The radiostation then called and told him thatsomeone had called them claiming thatthey had bought the tape.Mr. Thurman replied that it wasntsold yet, but that someone wanted tobuy it, but when asked, he wouldnt tellthem how much was offered becausethat was a matter between the two ofthem. The station then asked if $75,000would buy it, to which Mr. Thurmanbasically responded something to theeffect that the early bird gets the worm.Mr. Thurman has spoken to a lawyerand banker to insure that any possibletransaction is properly handled. I ad-vised him to make certain that he hadeverything pinned down before makingany such transaction. Mr. Thurmanconfirmed that the tape itself is nowlocated in a secure location.Mr. Thurman continues to receivecalls from individuals and newsorganizations that would like to see thetape and interview him. He has alsonoticed several vehicles in the area thatstop or slow down when coming to orpast his driveway,but has not been ableto gather any details when making aslight effort to identify the plates beforethe vehicles leave.One of these vehicles is referred toas slightly larger than a Honda Accordand grey in color. Another is a whiteChevrolet with white or greybackground plates with black lettering.Mr. Thurman also reports that at ap-proximately the same week or shortlyafter the time of the video taping, hehad begun seeing black-coloredhelicopters, both day and night, severaltimes. These typically occur three at atime and shine lights down. He has notbeen able to see any markings uponthem though they have come closeenough for him to believe that he shouldhave been able to do so.Mr. Thurman has also begun hear-ing various clicks upon his phonesystem. He assumes that his phone istapped. He has also built what hedescribes as a simple UFO tester whichuses a light bulb lighting up to show achange in magnetism. He offered toshow it to me but would rather notdescribe it over the phone.This detector was dreamed of eightto ten years ago but never built. He con-siders it to be very simple, yet practical.He also stated that Mrs. Thurman hasnow remembered that she had a dreamof a blond-headed woman on a space-ship that had landed, shortly before thevideo was taped. She recalled thisdream after seeing a female blond in-vestigator who was looking into thecase.Both families have expressed an in-terest in continuing to be informed ofany conclusions that come out of theinvestigation, which shall be continuedas there are several unfinished apsectsof the situation.CROP CIRCLE AT MILAN, ILLINOISJeff Fischer, Field InvestigatorTraineeOn 10-20-90, myself, Dan Riley,MD, and Grey Woodman, MD,MUFON investigator, drove toa farm a man named Ed Lawson worksfor a property owner, on Andulsia andTurkey Hill Roads near Milan, Illinois.We were first able to spot the circlefrom the road. The field was cut exceptfor the area around the circle. Wereceived permission from a person whoworked on the farm to enter the field,and drove approximately 1/4 mile intothe field to the circle.The area had been roped off in an ef-fort to keep curiousity seekers out.Many people had stopped on the roadto look, and a fewhad ventured into thefield and up to the circle. Only a fewstalks now surrounded the circle,because the field had been cut four daysearlier. This waswhen Mr. Lawson firstnoticed the circle.We all saw that the corn stalks werelaying in a clockwise pattern, mostbroken off at ground level, and someat about 16inches from the ground. Thecom was imbedded in the soil such thatthe outlines of the stalks and leaves werevisible in the soft dirt under them. Thiswas consistent at every location we ex-amined. The soil was moist in the cir-cle, as was the soil outside the circle.The marks in the soil seemed too deepto be caused by trampling alone. Whenwe attempted to trample a stalk with ourfoot, the same result was not found.Soil samples were taken at locationsin the center, half way between the centerand the edge, the edge, and 6 feet out-side the circle. The results of the testingdone on this soil is discussed below.Standing in the center of the circleand looking around 360 degrees, itappeared that the corn was flattenedin a spiral pattern, tightening in themiddle. None of the soil was marredor scorched except for as describedabove. It was somewhat compacted,MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 279 July 1991
  6. 6. Grey Woodman, M.D., State Section Director and Psychiatrist, standing incornfield circle near Milan, Illinois.and more difficult to dig than we ex-pected. The corn did not have anyunusual characteristics other than thefact that it was broken. The stalks werenot broken anywhere other than the bot-tom. Approximately one to five percentof the stalks were randomly broken offat around 16 inches and intact at theground.A grouping of these 16-inch stalkswere noticed and measured. They werein the east and west sides of the circle,and were approximately four feet longand spaced in about 10 inches fromeach edge. Although broken off ataround 16 inches, the direction of thefallen stalks were random. Five to sixstalks formed each of these rows, andthey were within the row asoriginallyplanted.The circle measured approximately49 feet in all directions. Newspaperreports said the circle was 46.5 feet. Itwas difficult to get an accurate mea-surement due to the nature of brokencorn.Some of the corn outside the circlewas broken off at a level of around fivefeet. All these stalks leaned to the north.Analysis of Soil DataThe analysis was conducted by a labwhich is a division of Corrpro Com-panies in Houston, Texas, whichroutinely tests soils for the items listedon the report. The company usually isinvolved in testing for corrosion andcorrosion related failures, corrosion be-ing an electrical activity. The premisethat these circles may be formed bysome sort of natural or unnatural elec-tromagnetic force makes this datasignificant.Generally, readings like these areconsistent within a short distance suchas we are dealing with here. Thepossibility of farm chemicals beingused in this area should add to theseconsistencies. The nearest road to thisarea was approximately 250 yards away,so one would not expect this area to beaffected by road salts.The pH factor was slightly higherthan normal with a very high readingin Sample 2. These readings may be theresult of chemicals used on many crops.Resistivity in Samples 1, 2 and 4show normal resistivity readings and issomewhat consistent, although with agreater range than is usually found inthis short distance. Sample 3 shows avery high resistivity, especially withinthe short distance involved.Minimumresistivities were not consistent with thedry readings, but showed wider varia-tions than are usually found in such ashort distance.Chloride readings are higher thannormal and the reading in Sample 3 isabnormally high. It is also unusualthatthese readings vary so much in such ashort distance. It should also be notedthat chlorides and resistivity are usuallyinversely proportional. In this case theyare not.Other TestsOther tests for Sulfates, Sulfides, Ni-trates and Nitrites show a great varietyof values and that in itself is unusualover such a short distance.It should also be noted that live in-sects were found in one sample. Whilenot unusual in itself, it may be signifi-cant that they were only found in onesample. Although the report does notstate which sample contained the in-sects, it could be that the insects werekilled or fled the area of the circle, orthat our sample merely captured thesebugs by accident.ConclusionThis crop circle does not appear tobe a hoax and follows many of the con-sistencies of the crop circles found inEngland. Many crop circle investiga-tions have focused on the possibilitythat they were caused by an elec-tromagnetic force. Some state that theseare caused in nature through a yet stillundiscovered force, perhaps a plasma-vortex. Others feel they are caused bythe UFO phenomenon. In either case,a change in the resistivity of the soilcould be possible. Another possiblecause could be the use of farmchemicals. If this were the case, onewould expect the soils to be consistentwithin the small distances examined.This, and the unlikely probability thata hoax was involved, leads the writerto lean toward the idea that this circlewas caused by a still unknownphenomenon.In a related note, it was reported inthe Chicago Tribune that two teenagecouples (all honor students and one avaledictorian) spotted a strange lighttwo months prior to Ed LawsonsMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 279 July 1991
  7. 7. discovery after leaving a movie. Thiswas in New Boston, Illinois about 35miles to the southwest."It was about tree top height and abig geometrical shape, with lightsaround it:in all colors ... we thoughtit looked like a street light or a star, thena tower light, then a helicopter hover-ing. Wekept getting closer, and it didntmove."When they drove to a spot directlybeneath it, the object took off. Theythen "blew all the stop signs" trying tokeep up. When they speeded up, the ob-ject did. When they slowed, so did it.At one point the object disappearedbelow the horizon and, just when theythought they lost it, it popped up again."It took off again, but when we gotto Turkey Hollow Road it disappeared."One of the girls mothers said it hadupset the kids so much that they eachwoke their parents when they got home.Another report in the paper told ofa man and his wife who were drivingtheir new car near the farm in lateAugust when the engine started cuttingout and shuddering. He said "it seemedas if a helicopter was trying to land onthe car." The car was later checked outand nothing wrong was found with it."A third report from the area, alsoreported in the Tribune, is from aformer sheriff who said he and a friendhad followed a UFO all night. "It hadhalo lights and was spinning like a top."He says he never reported it because hewas still a sheriff then and "didnt wantpeople to think he was goofy."UNUSUAL OBJECT OVER ST. PAULRichard Bauerlein, Edward Phillips and William McNeffAfew years ago MinnesotaMUFON sent a letter to all ofthe county sheriffs in the stateoffering our assistance in the inves-tigation of UFO reports. As a result, wehave received several reports from lawofficers over the past few years. On themorning of September 11, 1990, Ric-hard Bauerlein, MUFON SectionDirector for Hennepin, Scott andCarver counties, received a call fromthe Inver Grove Heights police sayingthat a woman resident of the city hadcalled them and reported sighting aUFO. The police had Bauerleins phonenumber from the letter sent to the coun-ty sheriffs. Bauerlein, whose nicknameis Buddy, called the woman and got aninitial verbal report over the phone. Hereported that she was an articulate andiritelligent-sounding person.Because of a planned trip, Buddywasnot able to interview the witness in per-son. William McNeff, MUFON StateDirector, asked Edward "Tim" Phillips,Field Investigator Trainee, to try to in-terview the witness. Because ofschedule conflicts, the first opportuni-ty to interview the witness was onSeptember 19, eight days after thesighting. Tim interviewed the witnessin her home in the presence of her hus-band. Tims personal impressdn of thewitness was very favorable. The witnessfilled out a report form, which includeda written account.Here is the witness account, withone interpolation in brackets based onBuddys original telephone interviewwith the witness, and a spellingcorrection:"September 11, 1990: At 5:15 a.m.,I was driving east bound on MendotaRd./Southview Blvd. and turned left(north bound) to get on LafayetteFreeway. As I looked to see if any carswere coming from behind me on thefreeway, I saw this huge thing with redand white lights in the sky. I pulled overon the shoulder and watched it. I knewit was not a plane because it was mov-ing too slow and because it was so lowto the ground. I rolled down my win-dow to listen if I could hear anything.I thought that maybe it wasa helicopterbut I couldnt hear any noise."Some of the lights were blinkingslowly. The white lights at the bottomof the four legs and the red light on thebottom of the body were not blinking.The lights on the thing were reflectingoff the legs and the legs looked a shinysilver. The thing was moving very slow-ly heading east. It did not pass overLafayette. It was about two blocks westof me when it turned around slowly [onits own axis, practically hovering] andheaded back west."I thought about going tothe next exitand coming back to try to follow it, butI chose to go to work and call some-one about it. I washoping someone elsehad reported it also."When I got to work at 5:40,1 wasntsure if I wanted to call anyone about it.I sat in my office thinking about it, andthinking about what to do. I wanted toknow if someone else had reported it,so at 6:00 I called the Inver GroveHeights Police."I told the police everything that hadhappened. At 6:30, the police called meback. They told me that they sent somesquad cars out in the area after I called,but they didnt see anything."Shortly after that Richard Bauerleincalled me."First of all, the witness told Buddythat she times her drive to workso that she virtually always getsthere at 5:30 a.m. sharp. Because shegot to work 10minutes late the morn-ing of the llth, she is certain that sheparked the car on the shoulder andwatched the object for 10minutes. Thissupports her statement that the objectmoved at a very slow speed.Because the witness was in a mov-ing car during the initial part of thesighting, she had an opportunity to ineffect "triangulate" and thus form somejudgement of the objects distance, andtherefore its size. Shejudged that it wasabout 100feet on a side and one-to-twoblocks away. Figuring 12city blocks toa mile, a block is 440 feet. Averagingher estimates to get 1.5 blocks or 660MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 279 July 1991
  8. 8. feet away, an object 100 feet acrosswould subtend an angle of 8.6degrees.In the report form, she compares thesize of the object to "16?" times the sizeof the full moon. Since the full moonis 0.52 degrees on average, this estimateis 8.3 degrees. Her two estimates agreewithin 0.3 degrees! There is probablya bit of luck here, but we appear to havea fairly accurate witness.A calculation of the elevation anglecan also be made. The witnessestimated the altitudeof the craft to bebetween 300 and 900 feet. If we assumethe one-to-two block distance to the ob-ject is to a point on the ground direct-ly under the craft, then the angle ofelevation for an object one block awayand at 300 feet altitude is 34 degreesand for two blocks and 900 feet, 46degrees. The average is 40 degrees, i.e.a little less than halfway up in the sky.When first seen, the object was, veryapproximately, 1/4of the way up in thesky, or on the order of 20 degrees.Assuming the altitude to be the averageof the witness estimates or about 600feet, trigonometry gives the distance asabout 1500 feet to the object when firstseen. It would then have had to moveapproximately 800 feet in order to be660 feet away at closest approach.Eight hundred feet in five minutesisabout two mph. This seems possiblytoo slow, given her description; itwouldprobably be hard to see motion thisslow of an object in the sky. BecauseForm 1 forced her to round off theangle, it could easily have been halfthator less. An angle of 10degrees wouldhave meant the object was initially 3400feet away; it would then have had tomove 2700 feet in five minutes, or aboutsix mph. It seems plain that the objectwas moving so slowly that the witnesscould have followed it in her car, justas she considered doing. Again themath supports the witness account.The witness braved the ridicule of herco-workers to ask them if they had seenthe object. Initially none of them ad-mitted to seeing anything unusual.One of her co-workers used computergraphics to sketch a color picture of theobject based on her description. It mustbe pointed out that the computer sketchhas minor errors on three points: Thebody and legs were only about 2/3 asthick as shown (the witness sketched therecalled thickness in with pencil lines,which we have almost totally erased);the lights along the sides were red,green and white, not just red and greenas shown; and the "tail" was abouttwice as long as her co-worker haddrawn it. (We also have the witnessoriginal sketches on the report form,which agree with her verbaldescription.)We advertized in the Sun News-papers, which covered all or most ofthe southern suburbsof the Twin Cities,asking if any one else had seen anythingon September llth. No additionalreports were received from this ad.McNeff called the witness severalweeks later to clarify the distanceestimates. The witness made a good im-pression on him in that brief phone call.At that time she said that a co-workerhad seen something that morning, butthat he didnt want to report it. Out ofrespect for his privacy, we made no at-tempt to contact him.Since no man-made object resemblesthe appearance and flight characteristicsof the reported object, no checks weremade about aircraft, etc.Since the witness was able to give aclear and concise description of the ob-ject and its behavior, and since there isexcellent internal consistency to thisreport, and since all three investigatorshad a very favorable impression of thewitness, it is our conclusion that wehave an accurate and detailed accountof a very unusual object seen early inthe morning of September 11,1990, overWest St. Paul, Minnesota.INTERVIEW WITH JESSE MARCEL, JR., M.D.Paul FischerTwo MUFON investigatorshavecontacted Jesse A. Marcel, Jr.,M.D., son of Jesse Marcel, theintelligence officer at Roswell Army AirField, to gain more input on the descrip-tion of the I-beam and the symbolsap-pearing thereon. The debris was shownto both Jesse, Jr., and his mother ontheir kitchen table the evening that itwas collected. Since 43 years haveelapsed, Dr. Marcel could only sharehis memory of the pieces that hehandled.Paul Fisher of Glencoe, Illinois con-tacted Dr. Marcel by telephone on Oc-tober 29, 1990 in his home in Helena,Montana. These are the highlights fromthe call.Question: What color were thesymbols?Answer: The symbols on the debriswere a violet hue on a gray or dullaluminum color background.Question: Was there a very largepiece of wreckage that may have beenstored?Answer: No.Question: Did your father ever men-tion finding any bodies?Answer: No.Question: Do you think your fathertold you everything, or might he havebeen holding back some information?Answer: Its possible, but I dontthink so. I think he told me what heknew.Conversation by telephone with Dr.Jesse Marcel on November 17, 1990after Paul Fisher had received the draw-ing of the symbols on the I-beam.Question: Why do you refer to thedebris pieces on which the symbols ap-peared as "I-beams?" Is the term I-beam meant to refer to the appearanceof a capital letter "I" in ordinarywriting?Answer: Yes. It is just meant todescribe its appearance like an "I."MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 279 July 1991
  9. 9. JESSE A. MARCEL, M.D., P.C.BOO NORTH MONTANA AVENUEHELENA. MONTANA 596O1TELEPHONE 1406) 442-24 10The following is a hand drawn picture of what the "I" beam memberlooked like with heiroglyphic like symbols. I hope this may be ofsome value to you.incerelyQuestion: What size were the I-beampieces? What was the length?Answer: The length was 12 to 18inches.Question: What was the width?Answer: The width was only about3/8 of an inch.Question: How many pieces had thesymbols on them?Answer: I only saw one piece withthe symbols, but there were others.Question: Did it seem to you to befrom the outside or inside of the mainobject?Answer: It appeared to be from theinside of a cabin. (Cabin is the wordhe used.)Question: What size were thesymbols?Answer: One-fourthof an inchhigh.Question: Yousaid the symbolswereinscribed. Do you mean scratched orcarved into the surface, or painted onor embossed?Answer: Like embossed, notindented.Question: Are the symbolsindicatedin your sketch that are shownon the "I-beam" you drew intended to be actualrepresentations of the symbols or justintended to show the location on the I-beam where they appeared?Answer: Thats right. Not whattheylooked like, just where they appearedon the I-beam. Only the colored sym-bols are intended to be actual like-nesses. Remember, they are what mymother, father and I remember as bestwe can of their appearance. If not ex-act, they are very similar.Question: Are the colored symbolsintended to be in the actual sequencein which they were seen?Answer: No. They are not in anyspecial sequence, just the differenttypes we recall.Question: Can you recall any othersymbols?Answer: No.Question: Have you ever seen thesesymbols again?Answer: No. Some people have sentme samples of symbols but I have notseen anything like the original onesagain.Question: Have you heard anythingof other crash/retrievals?Answer: No. Just what other re-searchers have claimed.Question: Has anyone ever askedyou not to talk about the Roswellincident?Answer: No.Question: Has anyone in the govern-ment ever confided in you about UFOs?Answer: I did speak with someonevery high up in the government and hetold me that they wanted the informa-tion to come out.Calendar off UFO Conferences for 1991August 16, 17 & 18 — Sixth International UFO Congress - CentralLibrary Theater, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, EnglandAugust 23-25 — Disney Worlds UFO/ET & Abduction Congress - TheGrosvenor Resort, Disney World, Orlando, FloridaSeptember 7 & 8 — The UFO Mystery - Sebel Townhouse Hotel, Eliza-beth Bay, Sydney, AustraliaSeptember 13 & 14 — 28th Annual National UFO Conference • HolidayInn, Cleveland/Airport, Cleveland, OhioSeptember 29 — New Hampshire MUFON UFO Conference - YokensConvention Center, Portsmouth, New HampshireOctober 3-6 — International UFO Congress - Sponsored by EuropeanUFO Network, BelguimOctober 12 & 13 — The UFO Experience - Holiday Inn,North Haven,ConnecticutOctober 12 & 13 — Fourth Symposium on Ufology and Exobiology - SaoPaulo, BrazilOctober 19 — Show-Me UFO Conference III - Holiday Inn Airport-West,Bridgeton, Missouri. Near St. Louis AirportMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 279 July 1991
  10. 10. NewsnViews ...Quarterly Report — FUFORThe apparent crash of at least oneUFO and the recovery of alien bodiesoutside Roswell, New Mexico, con-tinued to be the major activity of theFunds Executive Committee during thefirst quarter of 1991. This activity wasconducted in several ways:• Congressional contacts — InJanuary, a group of concerned citizensin the Washington, D.C. area presenteda briefing paper and videotape, both en-titled "Recollections of Roswell," to animportant congressional committee.The evaluation of the committeesDeputy Chief Counsel was that the casefor the crash of an extraterrestrialspacecraft was "circumstantial, at best."However, he indicated a desire toreceive any additional informationwhen it is available. An effort is under-way to provide that information; in themeantime, other congressional contactsare in progress.• Follow-up investigation — TheFund awarded a grant of nearly $1,900to Don Schmitt and Kevin Randle topayfor expenses incurred in interviewingadditional witnesses in the Roswellcase. One of the witnesses said herfamily was threatened with death by theArmy Air Force if they discussed theevent. Other witnesses describedloading and transporting crates withwhat they believed were the remainsfrom the Roswell crash and transportingthem to Fort Worth, Texas - the head-quarters for the Eighth Air Force. Asummary of the latest witness testimonywill be provided to contributors to theRoswell project.• Public Education —A newspapercolumn was distributed to 3,800.newspapers across the country in an ef-fort to focus further public attention onthe Roswell case. The effort was co-sponsored by Ryan Wood, operator ofStanton Friedmans UFOLine(1-900-446-UFOS), whose support isgreatly appreciated.In the meantime, the primary in-vestigators into the case (Schmitt andRandle, co-authors of the forthcomingbook, UFO Crash at Roswell, and Stan-ton T. Friedman and Don Berliner, whoare also writing a book on the case tobe published later this year) have sub-mitted proposals for additionalresearch.During this quarter, the ExecutiveCommittee selected two recipients forthe 1990 Donald E. Keyhoe JournalismAward, which was established in 1990in the memory of the former directorof the National Investigations Commit-tee on Aerial Phenomena. This year,the committee decided to make awardsfor both print and broadcast entries.The winner in the print category wasSharon Santus, a staff writer for theGreensburg (PA) Tribune-Review, forher article on the alleged crash of aUFO in Kecksburg, PA. Her December9, 1990 article on the 25th anniversaryof the event, "Kecksburg UFO Seen atAF Bases," was considered the best en-try in the print category because "it wasan excellent example of investigativereporting," according to the judges inthe awards competition.The winner in the broadcast divisionwas George Knapp, reporter for KLAS-TV, Las Vegas, NV, for his multi-partseries entitled "UFOs: The BestEvidence?," which was broadcast inMay 1990. Knapps series was a follow-up to the documentary he produced in1989, which was the winner of thatyears Keyhoe Journalism Award. San-tus and Knapp each received a $1,000cash award from the Fund.Two entries also received HonorableMention by the panel of judges: "TheGulf Breeze Debate" by Vicki Cooper,a series of articles in UFO magazine,which is published in Los Angeles, CA:and "Unidentified Flying Objects" byJohn T. Witt, Assistant State Editor ofthe Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch, onthe more than 100UFO sighting reportsaround the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia.The purpose of the annual awardscompetition is to encourage andrecognize quality journalism andserious investigative reporting on thesubject of Unidentified Flying Objects,without regard to any particularhypothesis.We are pleased to report that UFOCrash at Roswell by Kevin Randle andDon Schmitt is now available from theFund for $4.95 plus 50 cents postage.This affordable paperback book willprovide a new breakthrough in ourunderstanding of what happened inNew Mexico in July 1947.Thanks to your support, the Fund hasprovided nearly $45,000 for the follow-up investigation into the Roswell case,which has resulted in the identificationof additional witnesses and evidence.However, the effort is continuing, andadditional costs are being incurred. Ifwe are to provide more financial sup-port for this highly significant project,we will need at least $10,000 in addi-tional funds. Therefore, we are askingyou to make a generous donation tosupport the Roswell case research.Contributors will receive regular up-dates on the progress of theinvestigation.To contribute or to acquire more in-formation, please write the Fund forResearch, P.O. Box 277, Mt. Rainier,MD, 20712.The Implant PuzzleSince writing "The Implant Enigma"about 16 months ago, I have receivedsome interesting responses. Two orthree individuals were quite upsetbecause my speculative article wasprinted in the Mufon UFO Journal. Thearticle had exactly the opposite effecton others. Many were happy to developa dialog on the subject and to seek somereal answers to the puzzle. One man,with X-rays of his nasal passage inhand, thought he had proof of an im-plant. A bit of investigation showed thatthe implant was nothing more than amarker placed there by the technicianduring the X-ray process. Another manMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 279 July 1991
  11. 11. sent me copies of the laboratoryanalysis results of testing on what hethought might be an implant.The juryis still out on this one - the results arequite puzzling.Stuart Appelle, Ph.D. of Brockport,NY sent the following letter to theEditor of the Mufon UFO Journal forpublication in the January 1991 issue:"Dear Editor: In his article, "The Im-plant Enigma (June 1990), JohnSchuessler suggests that a structurereportedly found in amniotic fluid dur-ing a routine chromosome preparation(Nature, Vol. 323, Sept. 25, 1986, pg.300) might be an alien implant. Inrelating this unidentified fetal object tounidentified flying objects, Schuesslerimplores researchers to take the im-plant issue seriously. A number ofreaders did just that (see Letters to theEditor section, August 1990). Two con-tributors comment on the fact that insubsequent issues of Nature, a mundaneexplanation of the structure was pro-vided, and Schuessler is taken to taskfor "sloppy articles and sloppierresearch."It is correct to point out the in-complete and misleading aspects of myarticle. Indeed, my entreatment to"look at the possibilities" so as toavoid"wild speculation" invites such aresponse. In the same spirit, it shouldbe noted that the informationprovidedin these Letters to the Editor is also in-complete and misleading. While bothletters correctly reference cor-respondence published in the October23 and October 30, 1986 issues ofNature, in which the mysteryobject wasinterpreted as a diatom skeleton, it ismisleading to state that the object hasbeen "identified" as such. The diatomexplanation was an expression of opi-nion, not a presentation of proof.Moreover, the December 25, 1986issue of Nature provides two other "ex-planations" (a "fragment of tubularmyelin"; an "area of meshwork of thenuclear lamina") and yet another ex-planation (a contaminant originating inthe fabrication of semiconductors) ap-pears in the January 22, 1987 issue.In that same issue, J. Wolstenholme,who originally reported this "mysteryobject amid the chromosomes," indi-cates that all these explanationsdescribe objects too irregular to matchthe one in question. He also rejects anextraterrestrial explanation which, in-terestingly, he indicates accounted forthe majority of the explanations sentbyreaders to him.To find out if this search for explana-tions has been solved more satisfactori-ly since 1987, I wrote to Dr. Wolsten-holme and received a gracious reply.As of July 26, 1990, he still did not havean explanation he regards as convinc-ing, but continues to believe the objectis likely to be an artifact originating ineither the laboratory environment, thereagents used in preparation, or thelaboratory equipment. He reports that"the object has been sent for moredetailed analysis elsewhere," and heassures that he will let researchers knowif and when the object is positivelyidentified.Missing the PointWhile Dr. Wolstenholmes artifact isinteresting, it probably is not related toimplants in humansby aliens. I said asmuch in "The Implant Enigma, Partn," written weeks before "The ImplantEnigma" was published in the MufonUFO Journal. The following is a quotefrom Part II:"The object was many times smallerthan the alleged UFO implants; but thistiny object has been spotted in thelaboratory. My point was that scientistsfind and identify strange anomalies ona continuing basis. Why not apply thesame techniques to locating and iden-tifying UFO artifacts located anywherein the human body?"While some individuals are contentto spend their time challenging thewords written by the active researchers,many other individuals find theirchallenges by working with the pa-tient/abductees and their implants.Some good examples of the lattercategory are David Pritchard, DavidJacobs, John Altshuler and BuddHopkins. These doers are the peoplewho will eventually provide some realanswers for the implant puzzle.A number of inquiries resulting from"The Implant Enigma" havebeen in theform of "unusual questions." They areoffered in the form they were receivedin order to see if they evoke a responsefrom anyone.• What causes thescoop marks foundon abductees bodies? Was the fleshused elsewhere on the body to repairareas where implants were inserted?• Hasanyone tried having a psychicsurgeon remove an implant?• Originally, it wasbelieved that im-plants were spherical BB-like objects.In reality, many of the alleged implantshave been irregular shaped objects.Have any BB-like implants been found?• What is the purpose of the smallwire-like protrusions found onrecovered implants?— John SchuesslerDis-Communion?Whitley Strieber was on ABC-TV themorning of Thursday, July 11, lookingas relaxed as Ive ever seen him andsaying that UFO abductions are essen-tially due to anxiety and stress, perhapsinduced as early as childhood. The nextday I received the latest issue of TheCommunion Letter, accompanied by acover letter from Mr. Strieber announ-cing the quarterlys cessation after twoyears of publication.The reasons for its demise? "I am nota UFO researcher," Mr. Strieber writes,"and do not wish to endure the con-tinued media attack that is associatedwith being involved in this field. In ad-dition, the so-called UFO-ologists areprobably the cruellest, nastiest andcraziest people I haveever encountered.Their interpretation of the visitor ex-perience is rubbish from beginning toend. The abduction reports theygenerate are not real. They are artifactsof hypnosis and cultural conditioning."We assume Mr. Strieber had a choiceof going graciously into the UFO nightor angrily. Obviously he has opted forthe latter. His remarks about the mediaare nonetheless somewhat interesting.By his own admission, he made up-wards of 250 media appearances in thecourse of publicizing the bestsellingCommunion alone. If same werenothing but relentless attacks, oneMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 279 July 1991
  12. 12. might be forgiven for thinking that hemight have been a bit battered andbruised by, say, media appearance oneor two hundred and withdrawnfrom thespotlight accordingly. But he did not.He went on to write Transformation andMajestic and to suffer through countlessadditional media appearances, or at-tacks, as he has it. Anyone who eversaw Mr. Strieber on "Larry King Live,"however, would have thought that hewas being handled with kid glovesrather than the usual characterassassination tool kit the media is wellknown to wield. For that matter, whatabout Mr. Striebers ABC appearance?Did network moguls, sensing this wastheir last chance for a parting backstab,implore one last appearance? How andwhy was it so arranged? Could it havebeen at Mr. Striebers request?But no: there are no honorablehumans in the media, apparently, nosympathetic ears or hearts, just as, col-lectively, there are no ufologists, sane,sensible or otherwise, but only thecruellest, nastiest and craziest citizensof the planet Earth Mr. Strieber hasever had the personal misfortune toen-counter. If memory serves, a similarfalling in and out of friendship occur-red earlier between Mr. Strieber and thescience-fiction community. No doubtthey were all jealous of his success, too.Certainly Mr. Strieber himself is neverto blame for his misfortunes andmisunderstandings, only others.One wonders what circles Mr.Strieber keeps, and why he keeps land-ing himself in the same pond. Is therea worldwide conspiracy afoot, or ishemerely the victim of a martyr complex?Is there something about the UFO sub-ject itself that turns otherwise curiouspeople, ipso facto, into raving BlueMeanies, hellbent on destroying livesand careers.In his concluding "Farewell" for TheCommunion Letter, Mr. Strieber writesthat "unless one thinks indeterminate-ly about the visitors, one cannot thinkabout them usefully and correctly." Byindeterminately, he seems to suggestsomething akin to the contradictionsfound in current quantum mechanics,which treats a photon, for example, assimultaneously a wave and particle.One wonders why Mr. Strieberhimself cant apply his own hard-learned lessons, why he cant think in-determinately of the media and ufologyas composed of individualsrather thanas monolithic structures, the membersof which all mindlessly adhere to thefootsteps and thinking of a few promi-nent visible leaders. Instead, we readthat "The press and the UFO communi-ty stand together against further pro-gress in the field. Until organizationslike MUFON and CUFOS disintegrateor become discredited, and the pressis allowed to discover that there are peo-ple with strong and respected creden-tials working on the subject, furtherprogress is unlikely."Those two organizations, who findthemselves frequently at odds withprevailing media attitudes, as well aswith each other, will no doubt be sur-prised to learn that they are now link-ed in league with same. In this context,at least, we share similar woundswithMr. Strieber, who keeps his salt tohimself.And in the end he doth, methinks,protest too much. Newton, at least, hadthe graciousness to say that if he sawso far, it was because he stood on theshoulders of his predecessors. Certainmembers of the Communion club areso intellectually arrogant, however, asto believe, like Columbus, that theydiscovered America. And I speak frompersonal experience, which I will notgo into here.Finally, there is the matter of whatthis all meant. I personally thoughtthatThe Commuion Letter was one of themore well-produced newsletters in thebusiness. If it had a different point ofview from "orthodox" ufology, somuch the better. If it served as alegitimate critic of some of our prac-tices and conclusions, again, so muchthe better. If it offered "abductees" analternative approach, so much the bet-ter, too.Instead, the proprietor has throwninthe towel, churlishly and seemingly inchildish spite, sprinkled with scatteredparting shots. For fellow travellers andscientists whom he would seeminglywant to win over to his side, what kindof example is this? Either it takes in-testinal fortitude to stand up to the"world," or it doesnt.Moreover, what is to become of theCommunion club as a whole?Havingcast their die with same, are itsmembers now to be reconsigned to or-thodox ufology, "the cruellest, nastiestand craziest people" its organizer hasever encountered?In terms of commitment and thanksfor past support, it strikes this observerat least as a strange fare-thee-well.Speaking indeterminately of course.-D.S.Some of the attendees at a New York State Meeting held in Auburn, NY onNovember 3, 1990.MUFON UFO JOURNALNo. 279 July 1991
  13. 13. The UFO PressALIEN LIAISON — THE ULTIMATE SECRETBy Timothy Good, with a commentary by Admiral of the Fleet,The Lord Hill-Norton GCB,Random Century Ltd., London, 1991,Hardcover, 242 pages, 19 plates, indexed, £14.99UKReviewed by Jerold R. JohnsonMUFON Continental Coordinator for Central America"Timothy Good now believes thatgovernments are realizing they will notbe able to maintain the cover-up muchlonger ..." so the dust-jacket flap onAlien Liaison - The Ultimate Secretstates; perhaps indicating to us why thisnew book from Britain gives the impres-sion of having been written and publish-ed with some haste. Or perhaps it wasthe concern of the publisher that thebook could be held up by some sort oflegal injunction, as was Peter WrightsSpycatcher recently, for openly discuss-ing too many UFO "official secrets" toosoon (the injunction threat, real or im-agined, was on author Goods mind inletters he wrote as late as March 1991).In any case, for whatever reason, wehave a new volume from Timothy Goodthat is likely to disappoint many readersof his previous Above Top Secret(Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd., London,1987), as it lacks both the historicaldepth and worldwide scope of theprevious work, tending to concentrateheavily on the American flying saucerscene and its many lurid rumors of re-cent years.Here are all the tales of alienmalevolence and human reproductivetampering; disappearing planes andpilots; the Robert Lazar story of cap-tured (or bartered) alien disk craft and"element 115 reactors"; the equally col-orful career of Robert Lazar himself;animal mutilations and unmarked/blackhelicopters; paranormal happenings andhaunted ranches in Colorado; the five-year-old Roswell saucer crash wit-ness; the Kecksburg, Pennsylvania andother crash/retrievals; contactees, bothnamed and anonymous (p. 61, 66);the "MAJESTIC TWELVE" group andinvolvement by U.S. Presidents Truman,Eisenhower, Carter, Nixon and evenJackie Gleason (p. 93), with crasheddisks and alien corpses. No stone ortabloid page is left unturned as Gooddraws upon such sources as John Lear,Paul Bennewitz, Richard C. Doty andthe other "birds" of William Mooresflock, through extensive references tothe writings (and more recently, televi-sion documentaries) of Robert Emeneg-ger, Linda Howe, George Knapp,William Steinman, Leonard Stringfield,Wendelle Stevens, and even TimothyGoods previous Above Top Secret whichis cited often in the notes.That much of this retold "informa-tion" is suspected by American research-ers of being disinformation is hardlymentioned, and Mr. Goods largelyBritish and southern-hemisphereEnglish speaking readership are left tosort it out for themselves, aided by suchguidelines as "In order to be effective,disinformation should contain someelements of truth" (p. 39), and "Thealiens themselves are not adverse tospreading disinformation" (p. 77). Lit-tle in the way of original investigationby the author in order to establish whatis "the truth" is in evidence, despitereferences to numerous trips to theUSA. It seems that Good prefers to re-ly extensively on informants, cor-respondents and previously publishedreports, without adequate primary-source checks to establish the veracityof what is being reported. Some ofthese sources of historical accounts aredead, of course, but much of thematerial in the book is contemporaryand can be checked. Perhaps the intentwas not to check too closely; why ruina good story by investigating the peo-ple mentioned in it or the storyteller anddiscovering that it is probably false?Better perhaps tojust repeat the claimsmade in documentaries, newsletters andthe everpresent "personal cor-respondence with the author," in orderthat the readers experience the full galeof current flying saucer winds blowingaround North America, unbroken byany analysis or active investigation.But we discover that the flying saucerbreezes are made more turbulent by the"who you gonna believe?" factor, assome of Timothy Goods informants ap-pear to change their stories over time,and others "have proved to be completelyunreliable," as Good ironically says aboutJohn Lears sources (p. 19). For exam-ple, quoting Robert Emenegger and AlanSandier, Good cannot decide whether analleged UFO landing at Holloman AFB,NM occurred in April 1964 or May 1971(p. 102). The following page has Goodrelating the same story from no less asource than Richard C. Doty (via LindaM. Howes 1989 book, An AlienHarvest), who includes the touching,homey part about the Socorro, NM lan-ding witnessed by policeman LonnieZamora being a mistake of some sort.Apparently the UFOnauts got the coor-dinates wrong and missed HollomanAFB by 90 miles and half a day (or sevenyears and a month, depending on whichEmenegger account we accept; Goodprovides both).But what of the April 26, 1964 land-ing at La Madera, NM with all itssimilarities to the Socorro case twodaysprevious?* Are we to buy that they "gotthe coordinates wrong" twice, or thatthey had to search around for Hollomanfor seven years? Is this supposed to bethe same extraterrestrial intelligencethat walks through walls and has been"adjusting" human genetics for 25,000years (p. 106)? Something about all thisjust doesnt add up, and one begins tobelieve that some (or all) of TimothyGoods sources are having a little funat the expense of the truth.This becomes even more apparentin the final chapter of Alien Liai-son, where we expect Good toreveal either some conclusive proof of* NICAP files MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 279 July 1991
  14. 14. government-alien "liaisons" or some ofthe personal contacts with thephenomenon he has only hinted at inseveral interviews. Instead we aretreated to an uncritical andunquestion-ing account of the odyssey of Robert L.Oechsler, Marylands frequently heardradio UFO-personality, which beginswith a conversation with an Admiral.Bob Oechsler has doggedly pursuedretired Admiral Bobby Ray Inman,former director of the National SecurityAgency, for some years now hoping toget the Admiral to reveal an associationwith the "MAJESTIC TWELVE"group. To this writers knowledge, Ad-miral Inman has not in any manner everbeen connected with the flying saucercontroversy except in this assumptionasserted by Bob Oechsler. Good beginshis concluding chapter by contrastingthe careers of Inman and Oechsler, andthen offers us a "revealing" transcriptof a telephone call that Bob Oechslermade to the retired Admiral at TimothyGoods urging. In this conversation, itis somewhat obvious that Inman is notat all sure of what Oechsler isreferringto with his convoluted questions about"cultural dialog," "indoctrination pro-gramme," "EMP," "crafts" and"vehicles," and that the Admiralmostlywants to just get this guy off his phoneby inviting him to try some other retir-ing intelligence service heads some-where else with his inquiry.Curiously, there are no specificreferences in this whole transcript eitherto flying saucers, UFOs, MJ-12 oranything of the sort, yet muchemphasisis placed on the implied significanceofthis exchange:" Do you anticipate that anyof therecovered vehicles would ever becomeavailable for technological research?Outside of the military circles? Bobasked.Again, I honestly dont know, repliedAdmiral Inman. Ten years ago theanswer would have been no. Whetheras time has evolved they arebeginningto become more open on it, theres apossibility ... " (p. 191).Well, is this flying saucer Glasnostat last ... an MJ-12 member tearingdown the walls of secrecy and reveal-ing all to Bob Oechsler? We were in-terested in what really passed in thisconversation and what the Admiralmight have to say on the subject ofsaucers. Bobby Ray Inman graduatedfrom the same University of Texasas did this writer, and after a life ofpublic service at posts all around theworld he returned home to Austin,Texas where he has been variously adirector, president, chief executive of-ficer, or chairman of the board of anumber of microelectronics, com-munications, computer, chemical, orother high-technology businesses inhis "retirement." We called AdmiralInman on the phone, and he was cor-dial and forthcoming in his answersto our specific and unambiguousquestions:We asked Admiral Inman if he re-called conversations with Bob Oechslerrepresenting Timothy Good and LordHill-Norton:(Inman) "Mr. Oechsler made contactwith Tom King of my office, and talkedto me one time by phone."We asked if he had suggested thenames of Everett Hineman (CIA) andRear Admiral Sumner Shapiro (NavalIntelligence, Ret.) for Oechsler tocontact:(Inman) "Yes, I did, but Oechslermisrepresented himself as approachingthose gentlemen at my urging, whichwas not the case ... I only providednames for him to contact."We asked if the quote from TimothyGoods book about "recoveredvehicles" was familiar to him andessentially correct:(Inman) "What kind of vehicles is hetalking about?"We replied that the whole book wasconcerned with flying saucers:(Inman) "Thats totally out of con-text. The conversation I recall ... thereference was to underwater vehicles."Finally, we asked the Admiral if hehad any observations on the subjectmatter of Timothy Goods book:(Inman) "Of course I havent seen thebook, (but) on this matter of alienvehicles; I have never encountered anyinformation on the subject that turnedout to be factual." (From notes madeduring a telephone interview with thereviewer, May 29, 1991.)Bob Oechsler next pursued CIADeputy Director for Science andTechnology Everett Hineman tohis Langley, VA office, but apparentlycould not get even an ambiguous state-ment to quote out of context from him:" The bottom line, from the forty-fiveminutes I spent with him, was that hetried to conclusively give me the im-pression that he didnt know anythingabout flying saucers, Bob said. But heindicated that either he or someone elsewould get back to me within the nextweek. " (p. 193)Oechsler seemed to have better luckwith retired Director of Naval In-telligence Rear Admiral SumnerShapiro, who is reported to havediscussed the intricacies of the "in-terlocking components of the craft"(spacecraft? watercraft? arts andcrafts?), yet there are no direct quotesfrom Mr. Shapiro; only Bob Oechslersgeneralizations of what was discussedin their meetings (p. 194-5). Wetelephoned Sumner Shapiro to get hisrecollections (something TimothyGood, or his editor, or his publishercould have done but did not; Shapirodidnt know he was featured in a book):We asked Shapiro to comment on thepassage from Timothy Goods book:"Shapiro seemed to Bob not only tosuggest that the United States was inpossession of extraterrestrial spacevehicles, but also to give every indica-tion of having studied one at closequarters."(Shapiro) "Thats absolutely false. Igave him no reason to believe I hadanyknowledge of what he was talkingabout."We asked him to comment on anotherpassage: "He told me how they wouldtake them apart, pack them up and shipthem around in trucks to differentlaboratories. He never told mespecifically where things were taken:he was very careful about obviousbreaches of security of classified infor-mation."(Shapiro) "No, that has no basis infact ... I thought the guy was a nut, Ididnt want him in my home any longerthan necessary. He started off beatingaround the bush. I had to ask himWhat is the subject? What are we talk-MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 279 July 1991
  15. 15. ing about? ... and Oechsler pulled outof his bag a triangular plastic thing withwhat looked like a shrunken head in it,a triangular head like some kind ofspaceman ... wasnt long before I askedhim to leave." (From notes made dur-ing a telephone interview with thisreviewer, June 8, 1991.)Timothy Good reported that BobOechslers meeting with SumnerShapiro in the retired admirals Virginiahome "concluded rather abruptly" (p.195).The rebuttal, no doubt, will be "youbelieve them!" But the real questionshould be, "Can we believe BobOechsler?" Timothy Good introducesus to Bob Oechsler as an engineer andrefers repeatedly (at least five times) tohis past association with NASA, work-ing in some capacity not disclosed onthe International Ultraviolet Explorerand the Apollo-Soyuz Test projects dur-ing the mid-1970s at GoddardSpaceflight Center (p. 189).Before long, Bob becomes "a NASAmission specialist and project engineer"(p. 197, also photo caption opposite p.115). Of course, we phoned the God-dard Spaceflight Center in Greenbelt,MD and spoke twice to Ms. Randy Ex-ler in the Public Affairs Office. Whilenot recognizing Bob Oechsler and notknowing of his radio (and satellitedistributed cable television) broadcasts,she was very interested in his using theNASA-Goddard affiliation and pro-mised to "check on it." She providedthe following information in our secondconversation:"I checked with Personnel Manage-ment Branch and our records only goback ten years. Robert L. Oechsler isnot known in the current records. Hecould have worked here for a contrac-tor, in which case we would not haverecord of him in any case. The titlemission specialist is not somethingthat is used around here; thats a titlethat NASA gives to an astronaut!"Our confidence in TimothyGoods source thus bolstered,we embark on the climax of hisbook, Bob Oechslers strange andwonderful odyssey (often by unmark-ed, quiet helicopter) into some of themost secret and impenetrable places thegovernment has for storing, studyingand using "alien technology," theCosmic Journey Project. All the lockeddoors open to Mr. Oechsler, who mere-ly has to flash his identification as"mission specialist" for Ringling Bros,and Barnum & Bailey ... thats right...Circus!With some misgivingsabout Goodsjournalistic judgment, we read on abouthow Bob Oechsler ran away and joinedthe Ringling Bros, and Barnum & BaileyInternational Organization and, as Bobtells it, from early November 1989through late January 1990, worked forthem in getting actual captured alienspacecraft and an "alien/ET corpse ina cryogenic tank" (p. 199) for use in aproposed travelling public exhibition.Timothy Good reports that BobOechsler arranged this himself withan unnamed General of an unspecifiedservice branch somewhere in thebowels of the Pentagon Building. Aftershaking hands on the genuine saucerand frozen alien deal, Oechslers con-sultantship with Ringling et al qualifiedhim to "tag along for the ride" insidethe dreaded black helicopters as theymade their rounds to such wonderousplaces as:(1) An "antigravity chamber" in abuilding with no roads leading to it"about 20 miles southwest of EllingtonAFB" (Houston, Texas). Inside, "engi-neer" Oechsler got to float around withastronauts and scientists, and he wasasked to personally redesign the spaceshuttles remote manipulator arm dur-ing his visit! (p. 203, its in the book!)(2) A secret "bunker" north ofHouston housing an alien control panel,which "engineer" Oechsler had tostudy and understand (p. 204).(3) An offshore platform in the Gulfof Mexico where NORAD maintains ahuge, secret "control room" with "anenormous screen that was many timesthe size of a normal cinema screen" (p.205). Bob had fortuitously tagged alongand dropped injust as the radar displaysindicated an invasion of five alienspacecraft over the southern UnitedStates! "Engineer" Oechsler was not,however, asked to take command of thesituation in defenseof our planet againstthe onslaught. In his own words:"Everyone wasquite busy. I wasessen-tially there along for the ride." (p. 206)(4) An encounter with an apparent"alien" in a Dallas, Texas cocktaillounge, which included the psychicequivalent of a barroom brawl betweenOechsler and the cat-eyed entity; withBob seeming to be getting the worst ofit until his lady friend (at last a name:Melanie King) intervened and chasedthe alien away! (This is in the book,really ... p. 200-1.) We are relieved tolearn that Bob Oechsler suffered nopermanent psychic injuries as a resultof this altercation.Despite the fantasy / dream-likenature of the aforegoing we did checkand found out that there really was aproject "Cosmic Journey" intended tobe a travelling exhibit of space travelhistory and extraterrestrial contactpossibilities, including information onUFO sightings and abduction reports.But a rather different picture of BobOechslers role emerged when we talk-ed with Mr. Robert W. Kirchgessner,Director, Special Development Group,Ringling Bros, and Barnum & BaileyInternational, Inc.:We asked Mr. Robert Kirchgessner(RK) if Bob Oechsler was employed inthe Cosmic Journey Project:(RK) "Not really. He was calleddown one time to discuss the alienaspect of it. I met with him one timein Orlando and we felt that his contribu-tion to the project wasnt what we werelooking for."We asked about Oechslers claims ofbeing sent to Houston to work in an"antigravity chamber" and redesign theremote manipulator arm for a displayspace shuttle:(RK) "Not on our behalf. We builta replica shuttle which is currently ondisplay at the Kennedy Space Centerthat does have a Canadian ... remotemanipulator arm in it, but ... all thework that was done on it was done inApopka, Florida. To my knowledge hehad nothing whatsoever to do withthat."We asked if the Project had sentOechsler on any journey to EllingtonAFB:(RK) "No, to my knowledge they didMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 279 July 1991
  16. 16. not... I wasproject director on thepro-ject ... Theonly involvement I hadwithMr. Oechsler was a single meeting inOrlando, Florida that lasted one after-noon. Other than that we did not usehim for any consultation or involvementin the project ..."We asked about Oechslers claimedmeeting with a "general" in the Pen-tagon to discuss including real flyingsaucers and alien bodies in theirdisplays:(RK) "No .. to my knowledge, theonly thing that Oechsler did withTimothy Goods recommendation wasI called him down, and I was sitting ina restaurant here with him in Orlando,Florida; and he proceeds to tell me thatthere was a CIA agent behind uswatching him, and Ijust felt that I didntneed any part of this type of actionwhatsoever, especially when our par-ticular project was an entertainmenttype project."We asked if there was any participa-tion by intelligence agencies or themilitary in the Cosmic Journey Project?(RK) "No ... none whatsoever ... wehad a board of advisors; we had Cap-tain Gene Cernan, we had Peter Con-rad (Astronauts) ... working with usvery closely .. the NASA organizationthrough Jim Funkhausers office upthere, and through local NASA officialshere. The alien expert that we hadused for consultation in developing theshow was Mr. (Jun-Ichi) Yaoi, whoworked for ... NHK (Television Net-work) in Japan ... one of the foremostauthorities on alien encounters ... Butin the type of issues you are talkingabout, No; and the only thing that I didat Timothys recommendation was, likeI said, I called him (Oechsler) downand paid for his expenses and asked himto come to Orlando to talk to me aboutwhat he knew about this stuff, and inour conversation he offered that hecould get hold of an alien space ship,and that he had CIA agents watchinghim, and I backed off! ... To myknowledge, nothing else was ever donewith him."(From a telephone conversation withthis reviewer on May 28, 1991, editedfor length.)Timothy Good, his editor or hispub-lisher could have made the same in-quiries that we did and perhaps the lastchapter of Alien Liaison would havebeen written somewhat differently. Asit stands, we fear it is the kiss of deathfor what would otherwise still be onlya muddled, uncritical collection ofrumors and assumptions derived fromless-than-always-reliable sources (werebeing generous here). As Rear Admiral(Ret.) Sumner Shapiro put it to us in ourinterview, which we were given specificpermission to quote: "Mr. Goodscredibility will suffer from using this inhis book." We couldnt agree more.For a subject such as this one, shortof offering any "absolute proof," anauthor must gain the confidence of thereader by examining the availableevidence and weeding-out that whichdoes not stand up to certain criticaltests. Timothy Good seems to take the"where theres smoke there must befire" approach in AlienLiaisons,dump-ing rumor and hearsay together withsome little documentation to build hiscase. Unfortunately, there are a lot ofpeople "blowing smoke" in the flyingsaucer world, and the inclusion of anyand everything does not inspire a highlevel of confidence in the thesis Mr.Good is trying to convey.In Others Words ...Lucius ParishThe June 11 issue of NATIONALENQUIRER featured an article basedon Howard Blums controversial book,OUT THERE. Very little UFO mater-ial makes it into the ENQUIRER thesedays; if only we could say the same forthe other weekly tabloids!The 1989-90 UFO sightings overBelgium are the subject of the "An-timatter/UFO Update" column in theJuly issue of OMNI. Investigationsof the Belgian events have been notablefor the cooperation between themilitary and civilian UFO researchgroups.Raymond Fowlers third book onthe Andreasson (Luca) case, THEWATCHERS, will soon be availablein a paperback edition from BantamBooks. Autographed copies of thepaperback are available directly fromFowler for $8.50 each or $21.00 forthe hardcover edition (postpaid). Theaddress is: 13Friend Court - Wenham,MA 01984. You might also want tocheck with Fowler concerning copiesof his other books, some of which aregetting very difficult to find.UFO CRASH AT ROSWELL byKevin D. Randle & Donald R. Schmittis now available (Avon Books: $4.95).While there are elements of theRoswell case which are not discussedin this book, it does represent a signifi-cant amount of research into the eventswhich took place in New Mexico dur-ing the summer of 1947. For thatreason, it is well worth adding to yourUFO library.If youre at all interested in the sub-ject of "ancient astronauts," you willundoubtedly want to obtain a copy ofthe latest book by David HatcherChildress, VIMANA AIRCRAFT OFANCIENT INDIA & ATLANTIS.Childress has reprinted various ancientwritings which detail various types offlying machines supposedly used bythese civilizations. The book is well il-lustrated with drawings and photosrelating to the subject matter. Thislarge softcover volume (333 pages) isavailable from Adventures UnlimitedPress - P.O. Box 22 - Stelle, IL60919-9899. The price is $15.95, plus$1.50 shipping and handling.CROP CIRCLES: THE LATESTEVIDENCE by Pat Delgado & ColinAndrews is now available from PhanesPress - P.O. Box 6114 - Grand Rapids,MI 49516. This softcover edition ispriced at $14.95, plus $3.50 shippingand handling. If you have CIRCULAREVIDENCE, youll certainly want thisfollow-up volume.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 279 July 1991
  17. 17. Looking BackBob GribbleJuly19&1 • "Im coming out ofthecloset," said Walter DeYoung. "So aremany others," he added. "Before, wedidnt want to talk about it. Peopleseldom took us seriously. They giggled.But I dont care any more. Im talking."DeYoung had a close encounter with aUFO. The setting was Mountain HomeAir Force Base near Boise, Idaho, ona quiet, crystal clear summer night,shortly after sunset. "I was part of acontingent of about 120persons, mostlydepartment heads in the Air Force,assigned to reactivate Mountain Home.It was to become a departure base forArmed Forces personnel going toKorea. That night about half of ourgroup was away. But that left sixty."DeYoung was in the barracks, restingon a bunk bed and reading a book."Suddenly, one of the guys came run-ning into the barracks. He was yellingsomething about a UFO above the run-way. I told him, Thats just great. Gohave a ball. Of course I thought it wasa joke. In those days I was a 100per-cent non-believer when it came toUFOs. So I stayed in my bed with mybook. But then I heard them crankingup an old C-45 (an eight-passenger air-craft). Most of us thought it was un-safe to fly. But it was the only plane onthe base. So I figured something mustbe up. That got me outside. Apparent-ly I was the last guy to arrive on thescene. Everybody was there, gawkingat a disc-like craft hovering 400 to 500feet above the runway. It must have been20 to 25 feet in diameter. Wehad neverseen anything like it before."I tell you it was mind-boggling. Ivenever been the same guy since then.Wejust waited there, expecting that itwould land. We were mesmerized.Eventually, it got close enough for usto see portholes. Something was inside.But just what, I cant say. Maybeit wascreatures. Maybe it was the backs ofchairs." DeYoung said enough of themen had the presence of mind to getthe C-45 aloft so they could get a closerlook. "It must have taken a half-hourto get that crate airborne. For awhile,we didnt think it would make it. It stall-ed near the end of the runway and hadto start all over again. But finally, upit went. It circled around and moved inon the object from above. But the disctook off. It shot straight up, silently, intothe atmosphere at a fantastic speed.Welooked at it in awe, until it wasjust thesize of a pinhead. Later I learned thatour radio operator tried to make con-tact with it."Those of us there that night werequickly reassigned, all over creation.We had been living together in the sameone or two barracks. But we got as-signed to many different barracks, thento other bases. I ended up in New Mex-ico. It was as if some higher-ups didntwant us talking to each other about whathappened. It seemed strange that someinvestigators didnt come in to questionus. I know a colonel was in charge ofthe base. He almost had a nervousbreakdown that night. The colonel wasan older man then, with grey hair. Butmaybe hes still alive. Id like to talk tohim." (Dispatch, St. Paul, MN,1/11/79)1956 • In early July, Pat Michaels,news chief of KWIZ, Santa Ana,California, was one of several to go ona Navy sponsored junket to Honolulu.He and the other newsmen were briefedwith Naval Air Reserve SquadronVP771, at Los Alamitos Naval Air Sta-tion, California. What Michaels heardmade news. His account for the OrangeCounty News Service was dispatchedupon his return in mid-July. "TheUnited States Navy will not publiclyad-mit that it believes in flying discs," hewrote, "but it has officially orderedcombat-ready pilots to shoot-to-kill ifUFOs are encountered ... theinforma-tion was first learned when Navy pilotsnavigating trans-Pacific routes from theUnited States to Hawaii were orderedin a briefing session to engage and iden-tify any unidentified flying objects. Ifthe UFOs appeared hostile, the brief-ing officer told pilots of Los AlamitosNaval Station Reserve Squadron VP771,they are to be engaged in combat."In Honolulu, members of thesquadron talked over the unique orders.It was found that the orders are notunusual. They are a standard commandissued to pilots on the trans-Pacifichop." Michaels continued: "Althoughthe Air Force has publicly stated it doesnot believe in the existence of UFOs,extensive operational procedures, in-cluding forms of combat have beendevised by various air defense, com-mands." He added that "operationalprocedures for a UFO scramble ap-parently are highly classified. Most of-ficers refused to discuss the Pentagonsplans or modes of UFO combat. How-ever, it was learned that a concrete planof action does exist, covering all typesof UFO sightings. The plans reported-ly can be swung into action withinseconds."How did Navy pilots react to thereported "orders?" "How do we knowour bullets will work on a UFO?" onepilot was quoted as asking the OrangeCounty News Service correspondent."And if we do shoot," the Navy pilotcontinued, "thats asking them to shootback. And we dont know what theyreto shoot at us!" (Flying Saucersby MaxMiller)• AnAirForce two-engine transportplane made an emergency landing atBakersfield, California on the 22nd,after the pilot reported a collision withan unknown object about 11a.m. Thecrippled plane, a C-131D, landed atKern County Airport, its left horizon-tal stabilizer and elevator badly dam-MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 279 July 1991
  18. 18. aged. (The Associated Press monitoredthe pilots emergency radio call to theairport, and thereby scooped the fieldas far as the story went. Had it not beenfor this unintentional "leak" it isunlike-ly that the public would have ever heardof the incident.) "It looked likesomething struck from above," an AirForce spokesman said. The pilot, Ma-jor Merwin Stenvers, said the planewasnear Pixley when the collision occur-red. "It was as if we struck a brickwall," the officersaid.The plane, flying at 16,000 feet, wentinto a vertical dive after it was struck.Stenvers said that he, his copilot, andtwo crewmen all blacked out during thedive. He said when he came to, theplane was going almost straight up. Heestimated it must have dropped 9000feet. Major Fred Mclntosh, public in-formation officer at Edwards Air ForceBase did not anticipate finding that theaccident was caused "by little greenmen flying around in saucers." Butwhat about UFOs? They were seen inthe area before the plane was hit. At5:15 a.m., two oil drillers, working inKern County, spotted a flight of six"disc-shaped objects flying in forma-tion." A Richfield Oil truck driver alsowitnessed the six craft. At 5:30 a.m.,UFOs were seen near Pixley, Fresno,Bakersfield, and Piedra. The Opera-tions Center at Edwards Air ForceBase, southeast of Bakersfield, alsoreceived several UFO reports thatmorning.Fifteen minutes later, at 5:45 a:m.,two additional incidents, which couldbe related to the Kern Countysightings,occurred over Placer County, east ofSacramento. Lauren Bryan and RichardMarty, of the Mosquito Ridge area,saw "a torpedo-shaped object fromwhich little balls of fire werelaunchedfrom the rear" for about a minute.About the same time the ForesthillGround Observer Corps post reported"five small objects that looked likeballsof fire streak across the sky."(SAUCERS magazine, June 1956; OR-BIT newsletter, September 1956; TheTimes, Los Angeles, CA, 7/23/56; TheCalifomian, Bakersfield, CA, 7/23/56,plus numerous other newspaperclippings)1966 • Douglas Tibbets, 18, Mrs.Anita Haifley, 22, and Betty Jean Klem, /;16,were parked in a car in the PresqueIsle State Park, a peninsula adjacent toErie, Pennsylvania, on*: Lake Erie, at9:30 p.m. on the 31st, when a strangecraft appeared in the sky from the northand landed abut 300 yards from the car."It was metallic, sort of silvery," Klemsaid. "It landed between two trees. Itcame straight down. The car vibrated.It was mushroom-shaped with a narrowbase rising up to an oval Structure." Theteenager said that as she and herboyfriend watched from the front seatof his car a beam of light came out ofthe craft and moved along the groundin a straight line.• "It lit up the wholewoods along its path. It wasnt like asearch light. There was light along theground, along its whole path:" She saidthe light did not waver back and forthlike a search light, but continued to ex-tend its beam into the woods.Shortly after the light went into thewoods, Klem said a police car pulledup near their vehicle. She said as it didso, the beam of light from the craft wentout. As her boyfriend and an officerwere walking toward the landing site,the horn sounded in the boyfriends cararid they ran back. The girl said therewas a "thing right by the car." It wasabout six feet tall. It appeared to havethe general shape of an upright largecreature such as a gorilla, but hot likeany animal she had ever seen.Patrolman Paul Wilson and J. RobertCanfield discovered two triangularim-pressions in the sand some dozen feetapart in the landing area. The impres-sions were about eight inches deep atthe apex, and then sloping upward toan area that was rounded and smooth.The lines of the impression were "verydistinctly made" Closer to the car,three more imprints were found. Theyformed a perfect triangle.From where the first two imprintswere found, leading to within 12 feetof where the car was, a pattern ofconically-shaped imprints were foundby the officers. They also were sharp-ly outlined, about nine inches indiameter and six inches deep. Theywere staggered as if made by a walk-ing creature. The patrolmen said theprints were five or six feet apart. Laterin -the dayV the sameMmprints werefound leading to the water of Lake Erie.The officers were particularlyintriguedby the markings on the imprintswhichappeared to have been made by claws.They said, "It was like if you were totake your four fingers and press hardon the sand." They were also amazedby the sharpness of the impression inthe soft sand. (The times, Erie, PA,8/1,2,766; The News, Erie, PA,8/1,2/66, plus numerous- othernewspaper clippings)1976 • A UFO appeared overtheImperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan on the15th, circled at low altitude for about10 minutes and flew out of sight in thedirection of Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, ac-cording to personnel at the NationalPolice Agency (NPA). There wereseven eyewitnesses, all staff membersof the criminal identificationsection ofthe NPA. One of them, Ryozo Wata-nabe, 34, first spotted the object cir-cling over the Imperial Palace, about400 meters from the NPA building, atabout 6:30 p.m., while he was work-ing on the fourth floor. After hearingWatanabes cry of "UFO!", six otherstaff members rushed to the windowsand all saw the object moving aroundthe Imperial Palace. The object ap-peared to be about 10 meters indiameter and colored brown or black.One of the witnesses said, "Its our jobto identify things from others. Now Ibelieve in UFOs:" (The Daily Yomiuri,Tokyo, Japan, 7/17/76) 1981 • Carl E. Moore, 14, wasfishing with friends near Newberry,South Carolina around 10:30 p.m. onthe 15th, when he saw a large cigar-shaped craft land on the water. Theweather was excellent, with a clear skyand a temperature of 75.degrees. Carland his friends1had been fishing thatday, but with very little luck. They hadonly a few fish to show for their effortsand were on their cots for a rest.Carl decided to go down to the boatramp and check his trot lines, so he wasalone when he observed the UFO. TheContinued on page 22MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 279 July 1991
  19. 19. Letters to the Editor...Dear Editor:Dennis Stacy has written a well-reasoned and learned piece on the sub-ject of hoaxes and crop circles (Hoaxesand a Whole Lot More, June 1991), andhe raises a number of questions thatstrongly beg to be answered. Since Ihave been to England, as has Stacy, andhave been working on speculativedecodings (see page 15,June 1991) andhave also been in close contact withmany of the major investigators, Iwould like to try to answer EditorStacys points, if I may.1) First, Stacy quite rightly issuspicious of "Captain Kirks" claimto have hoaxed the Doons Law circles.We do not know for certain that therewere three members of the crew, nordo we have any means of asking ques-tions of the anonymous "Captain Kirk"(would you buy a hoaxed circle fromthis man?"), and the entire claim ofhoaxing could be the pipedream of ahigh school kid sitting (sic) atypewriter, planning to fool the Glascow(sic) Herald. It is my experience fromBigfoot and Loch Ness research thatnewspapers will print ANY stupid storyor claim, as long as it claims todebunkan alleged anomalistic event. Wedo notknow if Captain Kirk is real, or if he,or anyone, really did such a hoax. Talkis cheap.2) Stacy also points out a great dealof complexity was found in the forma-tion, and this gets so complicated thathe asks "Am I making myself clear?""No?" "Then you begin to appreciatethe difficulties ..." And to this, I agree,I could not follow the description, andI doubt three hoaxers with a plankhadthe intelligence and drive to do such acomplicated formation.3) It is asked if Haddingtonhad con-sidered the wind currents, etc., so asto be able to rule out the vortex theoryin this case. I think that GeorgeWingfields excellent letter on page 21makes it clear that this didnt HAVE tobe considered. Circular vortices, notproven to exist anyway, could not createa complex formation of this type,because such vortices have no in-telligence nor guidance, and the forma-tion shows that intelligence when (sic)into making it. The vortex theory isquite dead, and Haddington recognizesthis, and has saved his effort.4) Back to hoaxing, it is my positionthat an extraordinary claim, such as themaking of an extraordinary circles-set,require (sic) extraordinary PROOF, andat minimum, the correct names and ad-,dresses of hoaxers should be given, andoverall, a videotape showing that theyindeed, did make that formation, wouldbe required. If they have trouble mak-ing such a video, then they should notcomplain if nobody accepts their ex-traordinary claim.5) I deny that crop circles are veryeasy to hoax. Simple circles, perhaps,but such circles as Alton Barnes,Winterbourne Stoke, Stanton St. Ber-nard, and Hazeley Farm, no- not onyour life. These are not easy to hoax,and nobody has done a gooddemonstration yet as tohow such couldbe done, and done well, and in whattime, much less how it could be donein the dark, without $3000 goggles ofnight vision equipment, on EACH par-ticipant, again, without a farmer see-ing them, nor any crop watchers norany car drivers, walking lovers, orpostmen seeing them. The burden is onthe hoaxer.Thus, the greast (sic) majority of thecomplicated circles are not hoaxed,until the hoaxer-claimant can comeforth and prove irrefutably that theydid it, when, how and how long. Itis inherently too difficult to do. With-out such proof, the circles are nothoaxes.6) Translations - Stacy really doesntaddress this issue, but takes umbrageat the idea that the complexity ofthe patterns represents any sort ofmessage. He asks, in paraphrase, whya non-humanintelligence would wasteits time carving messages in crops (?).And the answer is not totally known,since these non-human intelligences(could wecall them aliens?) havent satdown with us to explain their reason-ing process, no more than we do whenwe deal with hyenas in the veld. Wedowhat we want with hyenas, and aliensdo what they want, with humans. Oursis not to question why ... ours is butto shut up and learn. I can however,speculate that they cut the messages inorder to impress us that they are "here"with us, and they use as a black-boarda renewable resource that makes nonasty scarring marks on Mother Earth.Fits in well with various alleged alienecological messages. Neat and elegant.7) Are the patterns "too funada-mentally (sic) complex, on theirface, to have sprung fullblown fromnature ... ?" The answer is YES, theyare. The closest thing that nature canproduce to compare with these pat-terns is the snowflake, which is avery symmetrical thing of beauty thatcan be seen in crystals and in thevery cutting of a plant stalk. Thesepatterns in the fields are largely notsymmetrical, and show a thoughtfula-symmetry. In fact, to counter theidea that all pictograms would be dou-ble dumb-bells, the "circlemakers"(aliens perhaps) started to make curvedand very non-symmetrical patterns inAugust of 1990. This is just one exam-ple that shows that they appear to belistening to us.8) Hurricanes as some sort of an ex-ample - this I violently disagree with.Hurricanes can be very complex, butthe marks that a hurricane leaves onthe ground, are a long mishmash of ran-don (sic) destruction. There is no com-parison with crop circles here.9) Strange that circles didnt "talk tous" in the sixties and seventies. - Thisis (sic) find strange. Why have thecirclemakers any obligation to talk tous at all, much less for US to complainthat they didnt talk to us sooner? Doesthe hyenacomplain that we shoot themin Africa more in the 90s than inthe 80s? The aliens who make thecircles do it when they jolly well wantto, and it is not for us to questionnor to complain. We are just merehumans.10) Translations again - on a spec-ulative basis, I have used the Norse-Celtic Tifinag and Ogam petroglyphiclanguages to take a stab at makingsix decodes, using six types of pic-tograms. Readers wishing more in-formation may send a SASE to Box2534, Malibu, CA 90265, or callMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 279 July 1991