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Mufon ufo journal 1990 7. july

  1. 1. Mufon UFO JournalOfficial Publication of the Mutual UFO Network Since 1967Number 267July 1990$2.50THEGREATBELGIUM UFO FLAPBy Bob Pratt
  2. 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.Telephone: (512) 379-9216DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International Director andAssociate EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorROBERT J. GRIBBLEDAN WRIGHTColumnistROBERT H. BLETCHMANPublic RelationsPAUL CERNYPromotion / PublicityMARGE CHRISTENSENPublic EducationREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks & PeriodicalsLOREN GROSSHistorianT. SCOTT GRAINGREG LONGMICHAEL D. SWORDSStaff WritersTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEONARD STRINGFIELDUFO Crash / RetrievalWALTER N. WEBBAstronomyNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLROBERT V. PRATTEditor / Publishers Emeritus(Formerly SKYLOOK)The MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished monthly by the MutualUFO Network, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$25.00 per year in the U.S.A.; $30.00foreign in U.S. funds. Copyright 1990by the Mutual UFO Network.Secondclass postage paid at Seguin, Texas.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 toadvise change of address to theMUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155-4099.FROM THE EDITORI hope youll agree that Ive made it a point not to use this column as a per-sonal platform. I also hope youll permit me this rare exception. One of thereasons why this issue of the Journal is so late in arriving at your doorsteps,for example, is the fact that I was in the middle of moving my home office.The good news is that I have much more room to work with, which, hopeful-ly, will result in greater efficiency. The bad news is that while I was moving,San Antonio and South Texas were struck bytorrential rains. As a consequence,about half of my UFO and fortean phenomena library have been ruined beyondrepair. The toll includes both rare and common hardbacks, paperbacks andjournals, the latter including International UFO Reporter, Flying Saucer Review,Fortean Times, Pursuit and so on. Many of these I will be able to replace,others I probably will not. If you have any duplicate items in your possessionfor sale I wish youd drop me a line with a brief description of the items title,condition and cost, which Illbe happy to pay. Itgoes without saying that anyassistance is greatly appreciated.IN THIS ISSUETHE BELGIUM UFO FLAP Bob Pratt 3DESERT SECRETS Erich A. Aggen, Jr. 8NEWSNVIEWS 11IN OTHERS WORDS Lucius Parish 14LOOKING BACK Bob Gribble 15LETTERS 18THE AUGUST NIGHT SKY Walter N. Webb 20DIRECTORS MESSAGE Walt Andrus 24COVER ILLUSTRATION Gerard GredeCopyright 1990 by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON), 103 Old-towne Road, Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDNo part of this document may be reproduced in any form by photostat,microfilm, xerograph, or any other means, without the written permissionof the Copyright Owners.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501 (c)(3) of the InternalRevenue Code. MUFON is a publicly sup-ported organization of the type described in Section 509 (a)(2). Donors maydeduct contributionsfrom their Federal Income Tax. In addition, bequests,legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductiblefor Federalestate and gifttax purposes ifthey meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106,and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNAL are determined by the editor anddo not necessarily represent the official position of MUFON.Opinions ofcontributorsare their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, the staff or MUFON.Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON. Responses to published articlesmay be in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400 words) or in a short article (upto about 2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50% rule" is applied: the article authormay reply but will be allowed half the wordage used in the response; the respondermay answer the author but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authorsreply, etc. Allsubmissions are subject to editingfor style, clarity, and conciseness.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than 200words are quoted from any one article, the author of the article is given credit,and the statement "Copyright 1990 by the Mutual UFO Network, 103 OldtowneRd., Seguin, Texas 78155" is included.
  3. 3. TheThis report has been preparedbyformer MUFON UFO Journaleditor Bob Pratt based largely onmaterial supplied by Patrick Ferryn,co-founder of the Belgium UFOresearch organization SOBEPS(Societe Beige DEtude DesPhenomenes Spatiaux).Belgium, one of the smallest andmost densely populated countries inEurope, is about a third the size ofthe state of Indiana and, with apopulation of more than tenmillion, has twice as many people.It is bounded on the northwest bythe North Sea, on the north andnortheast by The Netherlands, onthe east by West Germany, on thesoutheast by Luxembourg, and onthe west and southwest by France.Since last October Belgium hasbeen experiencing almost daily sight-ings of large triangular-shaped UFOssimilar to those reported throughoutthe United States on countless occa-sions since the mid-1970s.As of late May, the Belgium UFOresearch group SOBEPS had in-vestigated about 650 cases, collectingreports from more than 900witnesses, many of them highly com-petent professional people. It isestimated that at least 10,000Belgians have seen the UFOs,described at times as being "as big asor bigger than an aircraft carrier."In many respects the sightingshaveparalleled those reported in the Hud-son Valley area of New York andConnecticut just north of New YorkCity in 1983-1986, as reported in thebook Night Siege: The Hudson ValleyUFO Sightings (by Dr. J. AllenHynek, Philip J. Imbrogno and BobPratt, Ballantine Books, 1987)."It was really astonishing for us toread the preface ofNight Siege" saysPatrick Ferryn of SOBEPS, inBrussels. "Changing only a fewwords, exactly the same could be writ-Belgium UFOBy Bob Prattten to give an account of the positionof affairs here! The same goes formany entire pages and excerptselsewhere in the book."Unusual CooperationIn what is probably unique in thehistory of worldwide ufology, theBelgium government has beenassisting SOBERS in investigatingthesightings.The Ministry of the Interior orderedthe Gendarmerie Nationale (a com-bination of police and army, manyofwhose members have reportedsee-ing the UFOs) to give SOBERS copiesof allUFO reports and toimmediatelyadvise SOBERS of new sightings.Among the witnesses werenearly 200 members and of-ficers of the GendarmerieNationale as well aspolicemen, military andcivilian pilots, air traffic con-trollers, meteorologists,aeronautical engineers andphysicists.In addition,the Ministry of Defense,through the Belgium Air Force, hasauthorized SOBERS to contact radarspecialists, pilots and installations.Inan unheard of display of cooperation,the Air Force even had two militaryaircraft and their crews on standby atBierset Airport, near Liege, to workwith SOBERS during the long, four-day Easter weekend."One of these aircraft, a HawkerSiddeley 748, was equipped with animpressive infrared video camera,"says Ferryn, who is a television direc-tor and producer."We also had professional videoequipment and sophisticated in-Flapstruments. On the ground and in thewhole eastern and southern part ofBelgium we had teams with CB radiosand mobile phones."Last, but not least, an importantAir Force radar station at Glons wasconnected with our improvised head-quarters in the Bierset Airport."Briefly, this is what has beenhappening:• The sightings started in Octobernear Eupen, close to the Dutch andGerman border, and then progressedsteadily westward to Liege, Namur,Wavre (just southeast of the capital,Brussels), Mons and finally toward theFrench border. The area involved isabout 100 miles long.• Most of the sightings were atnight, but a few were in the daytime.Many were CE-Is and CE-IIs.• Among the witnesses were nearly200 members and officers of the Gen-darmerie Nationale as well as police-men, military and civilian pilots,air traffic controllers, meteorologists,aeronautical engineers and physicists.• Most of the witnesses reportedseeing a dark, triangular shaped ob-ject with three bright lights and a redflashing light in the middle. Often,people saw one or more rows of scin-tillating lights on the side of thetriangle. _• Several times highly competentwitnesses used such expressions as"as big as a football field" or "huge"or "massive" to describe the UFO.Some even said it was "as big as orbigger than an aircraft carrier." Whenseen from the side in profile, the ob-ject was described as "very high"withlarge "windows."• One witness said that "while theobject was flying slowly directlyoverhead, one could not see the frontpart and the end at the same timebecause it was too big."• Some triangular-shaped objectswere "modest" in size, only about aslarge as small aircraft.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 267 July 1990
  4. 4. • Often the object hovered forminutes at a time. When it beganmoving, it usually moved very slow-ly, too slow to be a conventionalairplane. However, at times it wouldsuddenly accelerate so rapidly thatitwould be across the horizon in a se-cond or two — and sometimes itwould flash right back.• The object was nearly alwaysnoiseless or made only a faint hum-ming sound, like an electric engineora sewing machine.Slow Turns• Many times while hovering ormoving slowlyit would pivot, turning90 degrees and even 180 degrees.• Inthree cases (assome witnessesin the Hudson Valley sightings alsoreported), people saw structuresunderneath "with heavy metal parts,crisscross effects, diamond-shapework, tubular things here and there."• Some people claimed to haveseen trianglesthat changed shape intoa round light which later opened,releasing a great number of smallredobjects going in all directions, andthen change into a triangle again.• Very often, sightingsoccurred indensely populated areas and alsonear illuminated highways and ex-pressways, just as happened in theHudson Valleysightings. Says Ferryh:"As I visited the Hudson Valley andthe Connecticut area two years ago(for archaeological purposes), I cansay the landscapes are very similar towhat one can see around Eupen,Liege, Namur, etc."• Some witnesses said theysignal-ed with their car lights and the UFOwould respond with a similar lightsignal or by moving at the momentthe signal was made.One of the biggest nights ofsightings was November 29, 1989,when several UFOs were seen byhundreds of people around Eupen.SOBERS collected nearly 120 reportsfrom this night alone.The first important sighting thatnight came from the Gendarmerie.Two officers in their patrol car werelit up by a beam of light coming froma dark triangle equipped with three"projectors" and a winking red light.The object was huge and made a fainthumming sound. It was hovering atan altitude of 600 to 900 feet.One officer said the light was sodazzling "that we could read anewspaper under it."The object then moved slowly in thedirection of the nearby La GileppeDam, where ithovered for 45 minutes.It then moved southwest about 13miles and hovered over the city of Spafor 30 minutes before disappearing.In their investigation, SOBERSresearchers learned that a numberofother people had seen the UFO evenearlier that evening. One was a Gen-darmerie officer on duty on the thirdfloor of the Eupen station who sawa luminousrectangular object about65 feet long between him and the rearwall of the station 650 feet away: Itwas just below the level of his eyesand was moving very slowly. "It waslike a big chamber," he said.MUFON UFO JOURNALNo. 267 July 1990
  5. 5. Astounded, he watched it driftslowly out of sight and immediatelyradioed two officers in a patrol carwho were in the area it was headingfor. Several minutes later they saw itcoming in their direction and theycould see the underside of it. The twoofficers told SOBERS it was triangularin shape and that when it moved a"balancing movement", was clearlynoted, during which a sort of domewas visible on the upper side.One of the officers said he hadnever seen anythingso beautiful in hislife, and as he spoke he was very af-fected and seemed about to weep.Air Force AlertAnother important night of sight-ings took place on March 30. Thatevening, 15 members of the Gen-darmerie on duty in different placesaround Wavre (about 15 milessoutheast of Brussels) saw eight whiteluminous objects in the sky that werethree to five times larger than a star.The objects moved away and thencame back very fast, glowing red asthey returned.The commander of the Gendar-merie station at Wavre alerted the AirForce radar station at Glons and theAir Force base at Beauvechain. TwoF-16s immediately came into thesighting area (and later an AWACSaircraft) and were literally guided bywitnesses on the ground.The next day newspapers reportedthat the F-16s "came home with anempty bag," but that was not true.After weeks of computer analysis, theBelgium Air Force Headquartersreported to the Ministry of Defensethat five different military radars (twoon the F-16s and three radar stations)had detected unidentified echoes atthe same moment and in the sameplace indicated by witnesses on theground. Furthermore, the report con-firmed that the objects had movedwith incredible speeds.Details of that report appeared onTV and in newspapers on May 19—coincidentally the anniversaryof the1986 overflights in Brazil when sixmilitary jet fighters chased (andsometimes were chased by) 20 to 30UFOs that were being tracked by airtraffic controllers on radar over vastareas of that country.The sightings on November 29,1989 created a sensation and wereheavily publicized by the press, TVand radio. SOBERS was immediate-ly snowed under with reports andopened a UFO Hotline — just asPhilip Imbrogno and his investigativeteam did in Connecticut during theearly heavy sightings in 1983."People called literally at all hoursof the day and night," Ferryn says."Itis striking to see how, at one and thesame time, a great part of the publicand the press have reacted to theseevents exactly in the same way hereand in the U.S. (as reported in NightSiege) rSome of those calling did reportwhat later turned out to be conven-tional aircraft. However, Ferryn says,most of the witnesses are familiar withcivilian and military aircraft becausethere are many bases in the area, andthey were certain they were not see-ing aircraft."We all went through the samestages of thinking," Ferryn says. "Wefirst thought of ultralight aircraft, thenmilitary aircraft, the mystery plane, thephantom fliers (a kind of Black Baron,as we called it) and so on. Of course,some officials and specialists claimedastronomical mistakes, holograms,lasers, temperature inversions and soon. We must admit we also wonderedat first if it could be some sort ofsophisticated ultralight aircraft. Ofcourse, now, none of these hypothesesmake any sense."StealthThere were numerous rumors thatthe American-built F-117 StealthFighter was being flown in Belgianskies. The rumors were partiallycon-firmed by the French newspaper VSDon April 21 in an interview with U.S.Air Force Col. Tom Tolin. He reported-ly told the newspaper: "F-117s are fly-ing in Europe during night missions,sometimes piloted by United KingdomRoyal Air Force pilots, but we are notStealth Fighters could ac-countfor some sightings, butnot for the reports of hugetriangular-shaped objectsthat hovered or moved slow-ly, suddenly accelerated anddisappeared across thehorizon in seconds, orreleased hundreds of smallred objects that flew in alldirections.authorized to tell you where."The journalists theory, of course,was that the UFOs that had been seensince October were actually theF-117s. If F-117s were flown overBelgium, that could account for somesightings, but not for the reports ofhuge triangular-shaped objects thathovered or moved slowly, suddenlyaccelerated and disappeared acrossthe horizon in seconds, or releasedhundreds of smallred objects that flewin all directions.With so much UFO activity,SOBEPS was able to collect 25 dif-ferent video tapes made during thesightings."Three of these are really in-teresting for they clearly show whatis undeniably not a conventional air-craft or anything else known," saysFerryn. "As a professional in this field,I have enlarged and treated the in-teresting sequences in slow motionwith sophisticated equipment."One film shows three importantspots of light forming a big trianglehaving a red flashing light in the center.It flew slowly low over our capital onMarch 30, the same date the 15 Gen-darmes of Wavre saw the eight objectssoutheast of Brussels." SOBEPS alsohas some photographs "but they areextremely disappointing because eithernothing shows or what isseen doesntcorrespond with the sightings," saysFerryn. "Only one of these shows whatcould be a triangle or a trapezoidal-shaped object, while it was observedas being rounded and ray-shaped."MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 267 July 1990
  6. 6. The Brazilian military had asimilarexperience in 1977 when it was in-vestigating a long series of sightingsaround the small town of Colares atthe mouth of the Amazon River justnorth of the major city of Belem. (Thesightings are discussed by JacquesVallee in Confrontations: A ScientistsSearch for Alien Contact, BallantineBooks, 1990.) A Brazilian Air Forceteam spent approximately 30 daysand nights in the area, during whichthey shot about 300 photographs ofUFOs.In 1981 the officer in charge of theteam, now a colonel, told Bob Prattand Charles Tucker (ofNappanee, In-diana) that he and his menphotographed eight different shapesof UFOs, includingseveral that weretriangular or like a pyramid. Onseveral occasions, when the photoswere printed they showed somethingcompletely different from what he andhis men saw.Once they photographed a disc-shaped object that was twice the sizeof a Boeing 737 and had many win-dows but the photo showed only apoint of light. Another time a largefiery ball of bluish light about 70meters away suddenly blinked outand all they could see was a greenlight and some distance below that aAnother time a large fieryball of bluish light about 70meters away suddenly blink-ed out and all they could seewas a green light and somedistance below that a redone. Yet the photographshowed a large disc-shapedobject standing vertically,rather than one. Yetthe photograph showeda large disc-shaped object standingvertically, rather than horizontally.Other aspects of the Belgiansightings have been reported in othercountries as well, proving once again,as we all know, that this is a globalphenomenon.One Belgian witness said that whenthe UFO was overhead, he could notsee both the front and back at thesame time because it was so huge. Inthe Hudson Valleysightings, a securi-ty officer at the Indian Point NuclearPower Reactor at Buchanan, NewYork, reported much the same thing.On the nightofJuly 24, 1984, a hugetriangular-shaped object hovered overthe reactor for ten minutes and the of-ficer, watching it on the monitor of asecurity camera mounted atop aninety-five-foot pole had to pan thecamera 180 degrees to scan the en-tire object from front to back.Another point of similarity is the in-credible acceleration. Some Belgianwitnesses said the UFO would shootoff across the horizon in a second ortwo, and sometimes come back justas fast. In Colusa, California, in 1976a witness reported seeing a UFO sud-denly shoot across the sky to a faraway mountain and then return justas quickly. In 1977 two Memphispolicemen watching a large triangularUFO hover over a golf course said itdisappeared over the horizon in twoseconds.During the Hudson Valley sightingsin 1983-86, one witness saw atriangular-shaped UFO vanish acrossMazy,BelgiumDecember 11, 1989 eventIllustrated by Gerard Grede ^.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 267 July 1990
  7. 7. the horizon in seconds, and inanother sighting a couple said aboomerang-shaped object "streakedfrom one end of the sky to the other,and then back again in a split second."In the U.S. in the past 15 years, anumber of people, including militarypersonnel, have reported seeing UFOsshoot from near the ground far out in-to the sky and vanish in seconds. Andsimilar actions were reported in thesmall city of Pinheiro, in northernBrazil, where sightingsoccurred nearlyevery night for four months in 1977.The mayor of Pinheirosaid the UFO,a large, fiery red ball of light that oftenhovered about 1,000 feet above thetown, would sometimes suddenlyshoot so far out into the atmosphereas to be lost among the stars, and attimes it would shoot straight backdown to earth again.The enormous sizes reported inBelgium have now become commonand are typical of the triangular orboomerang-shaped objects reportedin the U.S., Canada, Great Britain,Iran and elsewhere.The Belgian reports are exciting formany reasons, but especially becauseof the numerous high quality witnessesand the official government coopera-tion, and because they affirm onceagain the reality of the phenomenon.Support SOBERSMembers of SOBEPS are very interested in learning about sightingselsewhere in the world similar to those now occurring in Belgium,and alsoare interested in learning more about the F-117 and B-2 Stealth aircraft.Anyone with unclassified information about these planes is invitedto shareit with SOBEPS.The organization is also encouraged and inviting researchers around theworld to join in a greater, freer exchange of UFO data."Im definitely convinced we must exchange and share information," saysSOBEPS co-founder Patrick Ferryn. "And this is an encouragement anda warm request to do so. Of course, we already exchange publicationsandbulletins, but this is not enough." In addition to printed reports and data,SOBEPS (itsreports are in French) is interested in exchangingvideo tapes,films and photos.Write to:SOBEPSAvenue Paul Janson 741070 BruxellesBelgiumSOBEPS investigators fly on Belgium Air Force plane equipped withinfrared camera to try filming UFOs.Have a ViewpointTo Express?The Journal welcomes clipsand comments. Send to:MUFON103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, TX 78155-4099LONCIN, November 23, 1989.Observation by the Schmitz family.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 267 July 1990
  8. 8. 8Desert SecretsAggen, of Kansas City, Missouri,is a MUFON State SectionDirector.Some of the most secret areas inthe world are located in the desertsof Nevada. It is here that top secretaircraftsuch as the F-117A, F-19 andAurora have been and are beingtested. It is also here that camouflag-ed hangers for alien spacecraft havepurportedly been built and wherealien spacecraft (either recovered fromcrashes or "donated") are routinelybeing test flown by human pilots, ac-cording to some sources.One of the most sensitive militaryinstallations in the United States isNellis Air Force Base. It is located eightmiles Northeast of Las Vegas,Nevada. Nellis is a TacticalAir Com-mand (TAG) Base. It is home to theUSAFs Tactical Fighter WeaponsCenter, F-15, F-15E, F-16, F-lll,A-10, AT-38; 57th Fighter WeaponsWing, F-16 Aggressor Operations;USAF Air Demonstration Squadron(Thunderbirds); USAF FighterWeapons School; 4440th TacticalFighter Training Group (Red Flag);4443rd Tactical Training Group (AirWarrior); 554th Operations SupportWing; 554th Range Group; 820thCivil Engineering Squadron (RedHorse), the 206th CommunicationsGroup and the enigmatic ALIENTechnology Center (ATC).819Nellis Air Force Base proper coversan area of 11,274 acres. However,bombing and gunnery ranges extendthis area to over 8,000,000 acres.Nellis employs over 11,000 militaryand 1200 civilian personnel. NellisAFB has effectively gobbled up nearlytwenty-five percent of SouthernNevada!1Near the Northwest corner of theNellis Ranges in Mud Dry Lake, is"Area 30" also known as the TonopahTest Range Airfield or Tonopah Base.It is about 150 milesNorthwest of LasVegas. Tonopah is informally referredBy Erich A. Aggen, as the "Mellon Strip" or "SandiaStrip." The 37th TacticalFighterWingof the 4450th Tactical Group is bas-ed at Tonopah. They flythe formerlytop .secret F-117A Nighthawkstealthfighter. Two Nighthawk squadrons,composed of 59 F-117As, operate outof Tonopah Base. The Nighthawksquadrons have been operationalsince 1983 and are known as "TeamOne - Furtim Vigilans." The F-117Asare protected by individual nuclearhardened hangers while based atTonopah. Eventually they will bedispersed to other bases throughoutthe United States and some foreigncountries.The 4477th Test and EvaluationSquadron (TES) which goes by thename "Red Eagles" is also based atTonopah. The Red Eagle squadron iscomposed of Soviet-built fighters -Mig-17, Mig-19, Mig-21, Mig-23,Mig-25, Mig-27 and Sukhoi Su-20ssupplied by Egypt, Israel andAfghanistan. The Red Eagles par-ticipate in "Red Flag" combat train-ing exercises against U.S. fighters.11DreamlandMysterious "Area 51" is located wellwithin the Nellis Ranges and adjoinsYucca Flat. It is about 85 milesNorth-west of Las Vegas. Area 51 is alsocalled "Dreamland" due to the basesradio call sign for the Nellis AFB airtraffic controllers. Near the center ofArea 51 is Groom Dry Lake. The drylake bed is surrounded by mountainsand contains numerous aircrafthangers, support facilities, airstripsand a 12,000 foot runway foremergencies. The U-2 spy planes andthe Mach 3+ SR-71 Blackbird werefirst tested at Area 51. In the late1950s and early 1960s, the base atGroom Lake was known as the"Ranch Airstrip." Today it is called the"Watertown Strip."In the mid-1970s a jointUSAF/NASA hypersonic researchprogram using an X-24C high-speedaircraft was under consideration. Thisprogram was to be a follow-on projectto the X-15 research aircraft of the1960s and the X-24B research pro-gram of the 1970s. The X-24C wasenvisaged as a rocket-boosted deltaplanform lifting body to be air launchedby a B-52. Propulsion systems to betested in the program included ram-jets, scramjets and rockets. GeneralWilliam J. Evans,then Commander ofAir Force Systems Command, com-mented that, "Ifwe were to decide ona new aircraft (to replace the SR-71)it would probably be a product of theX-24C hypersonic investigation."Since the early 1980s, according tovarious sources in the aviation com-munity, the USAF and Lockheedhave been testing experimentalMach6 to Mach 7 hypersonic air-breathingmanned aircraft from Area 51. Thesuper-secret "Aurora" project isthought to be the culmination of thisresearch program. Aurora apparent-ly was conceived as the stealthreplacement for the SR-71. Aurora isbelieved to use liquid methane fuel.Some reports indicate that 20 to 25Aurora reconnaissance aircraft arealready operating out of TonopahBase. Aviation Week Magazine(12/18/89) reports that "Groundobservers have seen and heard adistinctive aircraft which may be theAurora flying over the Mojave Desert... at high altitude and high speed."The sound of the Auroras enginesduring takeoff has been described as"a sound like the sky ripping."Auroras engines have an unusualpulsing sound and leave a "linked-sausage-shaped" smoke trail.The F-19 and/or RF-19 is anothersecret aircraft reportedly being flownfrom Area 51. The F-19 has beendesigned from the outset as a super-sonic stealth fighter under the "HaveBlue" stealth prototype program. It isMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 267 July 1990
  9. 9. thought to have a rounded-delta plan-form similar to the Space Shuttle. Ithas also been compared to the Lock-heed D-21 ramjet reconnaissancedrone launched by the SR-71 andB-52. Some aviation authoritiesbelieve the F-19 isdesigned as a stealthreplacement for the F-15 Eagle.Area S-4Area "S-4," as revealed in the ex-traordinary accounts of one RobertLazar, isthought to be situated in theSouthwest corner of Area 51. It is atthe S-4 base or facility that alienspacecraft are alleged to be stored.Test flights of alien craft with humanpilots at the controls have supposed-ly been conducted for several years.Several project codenames for the"manned" test flights have surfaced,such as "Snowbird" and "Redlight."Various aspects of alien technologyare being studied at S-4, according toLazar. In fact, the S-4 base appearsto be solely dedicated to the investiga-tion and evaluationof alien spacecraftand technology. Obviously,one pointof this research is to find potential ap-plications or "spinoffs" for terrestrialtechnology. Thus far, however, themost revolutionary breakthroughshave probably been applied to secretmilitary programs. We can surmisethat many of the "black" projects owetheir success and perhaps their veryexistence, to discoveries at S-4 (andsimilar bases, if they exist).An interesting coincidental fact inregard to Area S-4 is that the "S-4"designation has a possible historicalantecedent. When PresidentRoosevelt was examining the feasibili-ty of building an atomic bomb he ap-pointed a special "S-l" Committee tostudy the proposal. They were toevaluate the project and providerecommendations to the President.Perhaps "S-4" isntjust a geographicalreference point on a map. It may havea double meaning. "S-l" was actual-ly Section 1 of the Office of ScientificResearch and Development (OSRD).One of the most "black" aircraftprojects is known variously as "Pro-ject 100" or "Model 100." Test flightsSome of the most significant UFO sightings and reportshave occurred inNew Mexico and the Southwestern UnitedStates: the UFO crash at Roswell on July 2, 1947, theSocorro landing of April 24, 1964, the alleged deliberatecontact with aliens at Holloman AFB the following day, andthe Moody abduction at Almagordo on August 13, 1975.are apparently being carried out atHolloman Air Force Base nearAlamagordo, New Mexico. GeneralDynamics is thought to be the chiefcontractor. Project 100 appears to bestill another experimental programutilizing stealth technology.Strange aircraft have also beenreported by residents in areas nearRoswell Air Force Base in New Mex-ico. Roswell AFB has been suggestedas a possible site where F-117As maybe stationed. Tests of the GeneralDynamics AGM-129A Advanced(stealth) Cruise Missile, possibly to beused in conjunction with the F-117A,may be an ongoing program atRoswell. Adjacent military bases, suchas the White Sands Missile Range, mayalso be involved. White Sands has ex-tensive facilities for testing differenttypes of weapons delivery systems.Some of the most significant UFOsightings and reports have occurred inNew Mexico and the SouthwesternUnited States, e.g., the UFO crash atRoswell, N.M., on July 2, 1947; theSocorro, N.M., landing of April 24,1964; the alleged deliberate contactwith aliens at Holloman AFB, N.M.,onApril 25, 1964; the Sgt. Charles L.Moody abduction at Alamagordo,N.M., on August 13, 1975 and a num-ber of low-levelintrusionsand landingsby UFOs near nuclear weapons storageareas at Kirtland AFB, N.M., in Augustof 1980. New Mexico contains thehighest concentration of nuclearweapons research and developmentfacilities in the United States.Nuclear InterestUFOs seem to have a special in-terest in nuclear weapons storagecenters. Huge nuclear weaponsdevelopment and management com-plexes are located at Holloman AFB,N.M. The 410 warheads stored atKirtland AFB constitute the USAFslargest singlenuclear weapons storagesite. The USAF depot at Lake MeadeBase near Nellis AFB, Nevada, storessome 260 nuclear warheads. CampMercury, Headquarters of the NevadaTest Site, is also near Nellis. All U.S.and British underground nuclearweapons tests take place at theNevada Test Site.2There are persistent reports of possi-ble underground bases and laboratoriescontrolled or operated by humans andaliens in areas of Nevada and NewMexico. On May 5, 1980, near Cimar-ron, New Mexico, a mother and hersix-year-old son were reportedly ab-ducted by aliens and taken to anunderground installation. At this basethey were forced to undergo unnerv-ing physical examinations. A cow wasabducted at the same time and sub-jected to a particularly gruesomevivisection. The human abductees werehelpless witnesses to this frighteningoperation. An investigation revealedthat the alleged alien undergroundlaboratory was situated in the southwestcomer of New Mexico, somewhat westof Las Cruces. The While SandsMissile Test Center, Fort Bliss andHolloman Air Force Base are located30 to 50 miles from this area.10Paul Bennewitz and other sourceshave reported that an alien base islocated near Dulce, New Mexico. Itisthought to be beneath the JicarillaApache Indian Reservation nearMount Archuleta. Someinformationsuggests that the Dulce base is onlyone of several in the four corners areaof Nevada, New Mexico, Utah andColorado. All are purportedly on In-dian reservations.16The most in-teresting fact about this geographicalMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 267 July 1990
  10. 10. 10area is that one of the "ground entrypoints" for the National EmergencyAirborne Command Post (NEACP),is based at the airport inFarmington,New Mexico, near the Navajo IndianReservation. Farmington is about 70miles southwest of Dulce. NEACPS(pronounced "Kneecaps"), arespecially modified Boeing 747s main-tained by the USAF for use in nuclearwar or other nationwide emergencies.They are to serve as command postsfor the National Command Authori-ty, (the President and other govern-ment officials).2The information provided by RobertLazar and others indicates that anotherunderground base jointly controlled byhumans and aliens has been builtunder Area 51 in Nevada. The datasupplied by John Lear - questioned bysome ufologists - indicates thatsometime between 1972 and 1974, ahuge underground complex was con-structed for and with the help of aliens.UndergroundLeonard H. Stringfield reported theexistence of a secret undergroundmilitary base in his Status Report IIIonUFO Crash/Retrievals. The base wassaid to be located in Texas on the FortHood Army Military Reservation.Sometime in the late 1960s a pilot wasforced to make an emergency landingin a restricted area of Fort Hood. Hewas surrounded by soldiers and takeninto custody for questioning. He ob-served a huge section of land whichopened up like "giant sliding doors,"revealing a huge corridor inside. Hewas then blindfolded and transportedto the underground base. He was in-terrogated for several hours and thenreleased.The enormous amount of scientificand technological activity occurringinthe deserts of the southwest (and otherlocations), implies several things. First,although we may have access to alientechnology, _we obviously have notbeen able to discover exactly how itworks and/or how to duplicate it. Wecannot tap its full potential. Noastronauts (that we know of),are mak-ing trips to the Moon or Mars in flyingsaucers. Aircraft and spacecraft are stillbeing designed using conventionaltechnology.Like computer scientists of the1950s suddenly presented with amodern pocket computer, we may beable to utilize the technology withoutreally understanding it or how it wasmanufactured. Even if a computerscientist of the 1950s was given all thespecifications for a pocket computerand had a complete theoreticalunderstanding of how itfunctioned hewould still not be able to duplicate it.The technological infrastructure forreproducing all of the advanced com-ponents in a pocket computer wouldsimply not exist. However, it wouldbe possible for a scientist of the 1950sto determine the composition ofmany of the elements and materialsused to manufacturethe components.He mightalso gain some insights fromthe exterior design of the pocket com-puter and the internalarrangement ofits components. We may be in thesame "fix" in regard to understandingalien spacecraft."Spinoffs" from alien technology aremost likely to be evident in aerospacematerials technology and advancedaircraft and spacecraft design. Stealthtechnology is a case in point - observedfrom the front, back or sides the B-2stealth bomber resembles the classicflying saucer and the F-117A stealthfighter looks like it belongs on the setof a science fiction movie instead ofon an Air Force base.Second, many UFO reportsoriginating from international sourcesseem to confirm the existence ofalienunderground bases.3Combinedhuman/alien underground bases havealso been reported. This activity ap-pears to be very widespread and tohave a long history. The reality ofthese secret facilities would imply thateither the aliens are using them fortheir own purposes without humancontrol and/or that some type ofcooperative effort between aliens andhumans has been going on for a verylong time.The military and governmentalhierarchies of most countries ap-parently consider UFOs and aliens tobe sensitive subjects - somewhat onthe level of nuclear war or nuclear ter-rorism. Why? The two biggest ques-tions we have to answer are, (1) Isthere a legitimatereason for keepinga lid on the subject of UFOs? and, (2)How is this nearly airtight lid beingkept on? The answers to these ques-tions may lead in nonhumandirections.References1. Computed from FAArestricted airspacemaps published in Aviation Week (8/22/88)and Nellis AFB bombing and gunneryrangemaps published in Red Flag. The Air Forceofficially admits to the existence of only3,000,000 acres.2. Arkin, William M. & Fieldhouse, RichardW. Nuclear Battlefields. Cambridge, Mass.:Ballinger Publishing Company, 1985.3. Bullard, Thomas E. UFO Abductions:The Measure of a Mystery. Bloomington, IN:The Fund for UFO Research, 1987.4. Burrows, William E. Deep Black. NewYork: Berkley Books, 1988.5. Dane, Abe. "Black Jet." PopularMechanics, July 1990.6. Dornheim, Michael A. "Air ForceF-117AMoves Out of the Black." Aviation Week, April9, 1990.7 Douglass, Steve. "Probing the Secrets ofNellis Air Force Base." Oddysey Magazine, theofficial news magazineof Paranet, November1989 - February 1990 issue.8. Frickey, Al. "Stealth and Beyond."Gung-Ho Magazine, February 1988.9. Heppenheimer,T.A. "Revealed! Mach 5Spy Plane." Popular Science, November1988.10. Howe, Linda M. "An Alien Harvest."Littleton, Colorado: Linda M. Howe Produc-tions, 1989.11. Jones, J. "Stealth Technology." BlueRidge Summit, PA: Tab Books Inc., 1989.12. KLAS/Lazar Transcript #1, Paranet,1989.13. Paranet. "The Case of Area 51." Od-dysey Magazine, Nov. 89 - Feb. 90 issue.14. Simonsen, Erik. U.S. Spyplanes.Dorset, England: Arms and Armour PressLtd., 1987.15. Skinner, Michael. Red Flag. Novato,Calif.: Presidio Press, 1984.16. Steinman, William S. UFO Crash atAztec. Tucson,Arizona:UFO Photo Archives,1986.17. Sweetman, Bill. Stealth Aircraft.Osceola, Wise.: Motorbooks International,1986.18. Sweetman, Bill. Stealth Bomber.Osceola, Wise.: Motorbooks International,1989.19. The 1990 USAF Almanac. Air ForceMagazine, May 1990.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 267 July 1990
  11. 11. 11Gulf Breeze, Circle Conference & RewardKnowles EncounterThe Knowles Family Encounter, AStudy of a UFO Phenomenon Overthe NuIIarbor Plain,Australiaby JohnW. Auchettl is a new book researchedby Paul A. Norman and John W.Auchettl. This isa definitiveinvestiga-tion of the UFO case that attracted in-ternational attention on January 20,1988 when the Knowles family carand occupants were allegedly pickedup from the Eyre Highway,nearMun-drabilla in Western Australia, by aUFO.The authors have documented thecase thoroughly, starting with the in-itial interviews, area profile, generalobservations by other witnesses, med-ical examinations, physical effects,animal study, dust particle collectionand analysis, automobile inspectionand analysis, wheel and tire analysisand endingwith their conclusions. Sixpages of photographs and diagramsillustrate this unusual and importantcase.The majority of the information hasbeen shared with the Mutual UFONetwork during their investigation.MUFON highly recommends thisbook if you want the complete in-vestigation. It contains 21 chapters,306 pages, more than 80,000 words,and 143 diagrams and photos. PaulNorman, MUFON State Director forVictoria, advises that a copy of theirbook may be obtained for $25 seamail or $32 air mail by writing to Vic-torian U.F.O. Research Society, P.O.Box 43, Moorrabim, Victoria 3189,Australia.MJ-12 Report(WASHINGTON, D.C.; July 7, 1990)— A report released by a scientificresearch organization supports theauthenticity of TOP SECRET docu-ments which outlinethe recovery andanalysis of the wreckage of anUnidentified Flying Object and fouralien bodies in New Mexico by theU.S. government 43 years ago today.The report by nuclear physicistStanton T. Friedman, who has beenresearching UFOs since 1958, notesthat there is no evidence which provesthe documents to be false, but manypreviously unknown details whichpoint to theirauthenticity.The first of the three documentsin question purports to be a TOPSECRET/EYES ONLY briefingpaper prepared for President-electDwight D. Eisenhower in November1952. It relates the crash of anUnidentified Flying Object outsideRoswell, New Mexico, in July 1947."On July 7, 1947, a secret opera-tion was begun to assure recovery ofthe wreckage of this object for scien-tific study," according to the docu-ment. "During the course of thisoperation, aerial reconnaissancediscovered that four smallhuman-likebeings had apparently ejected fromthe craft at some point before it ex-ploded."The alleged briefing paper notesthat allfour bodies were removed forstudy, along with wreckage from thecraft, "and news reporters were giventhe effective cover story that the ob-ject had been a misguided weatherresearch balloon."Attached to the document is amemo to the Secretary of Defense,apparently signed by President HarryS. Truman on September 24, 1947,authorizing "Operation MajesticTwelve" (also referred to as Majic 12or MJ-12), a TOP SECRET researchand development/intelligence opera-tion responsible directly to the Presi-dent to assure recovery of the wreck-age and bodies for scientific study.A TOP SECRET memorandumwhich was found in the National Ar-chives with recently-declassifiedgovernment documents refers to theNSC/MJ-12 Special Studies Projectin connection with the National Se-curity Council. The memo was sentto General Nathan F. Twining, Chiefof Staff of the Air Force, by RobertCutler, Special Assistant for NationalSecurity to President Eisenhower.The three documents were re-leased to the public by UFO research-ers in 1987 and immediately werecalled into question by skeptics. Tosettle the controversy, the Fund forUFO Research, a nonprofit scientificorganization based in Washington,DC, awarded a $16,000 grant to Mr.Friedman to investigate the MJ-12documents and personalities.After more than a year ofinvestiga-tion, which included extensive inter-views with the relatives and colleaguesof MJ-12 members and visits topresidential librariesand the NationalArchives, Friedman concluded that"none of the arguments passes ascientific screening as to theirworthwhileness."The bottom line is that thedocuments must therefore be con-sidered genuine," Friedman said, "andthat a small group within the U.S.government has managed towithholdfrom the people of planet Earth theproof that man is not alone."Copies of the Final Report onOperation Majestic 12 by Stanton T.Friedman are available from the Fundfor UFO Research for $10.00, plus$2.50 for postage and handling. Toorder, write: Fund for UFO Research,P.O. Box 277, Mt. Rainier, MD20712.Sowef UFO SocietyWe are glad to inform MUFON mem-bers that on March 16th of this year,"Soyuzufotsentr," the all-Union Inter-branch Scientific and CoordinativeUFO Center, was founded in theUSSR.This isa state organization present-ly composed of some 20 individualsactively engaged in UFO research.Our activities are presently centeredaround the following four areas:Organizing a network for the col-MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 267 July 1990
  12. 12. 12lecting and processing of UFOreports.Establishing a system of quickresponse to such events and theirpossible physical effects.Involving and interesting variousstate organizations in the research andanalysis of the available UFO data.And coordinating the variousamateur research societies.Beginning later this year, Soyuzu-fosentr, in cooperation with APN (thePress and News Agency), hopes toissue the first of a series of quarterlyreports on the subject. We also hopeto initiatethe exchange ofinformationand publications with UFO organiza-tions in other countries. Our addressis USSR, 103055, Moscou-55. a/yaN 6, "Soyuzufosentr."— Dr. M. ShevchenkoUFOs in the Nineties"The UFO Phenomenon in the1990s" is the title of a conferencecosponsored by the J. Allen HynekCenter for UFO Studies and the San-ta Barbara Centre for HumanisticStudies, Inc., timed to coincide withthe publication of CUFOS vice presi-dent Jerome Clarks The UFO En-cyclopedia, Volume 1: UFOs in the1980s.The conference is scheduled to beheld Saturday, November 3, 1990,at the Labero Theatre in SantaBar-bara, California, and will last from 9a.m. until 9 p.m. For additional in-formation, write the Santa BarbaraCentre for Humanistic Studies, Inc.,Box 91611, Santa Barbara, CA,93190-1611, or call (805)967-2669.Registration fee is $40.Scheduled speakers include Tho-mas Bullard, Clark, George M. Eber-hart (CUFOS librarian and secretary),Dr. Richard F. Haines, Budd Hopkins,David M. Jacobs, Bruce Maccabee, J.Gordon Melton (director of the In-stitute for the Study of AmericanReligion), CUFOS president andscientific director Mark Rodeghier, Dr.John Saliba, a University of Detroitanthropologist, and Don Schmitt,CUFOS director of special investi-gations.— Dennis StacySSE Meeting"If you consider that real problems arenot always neat, that significantknowledge is not always tidy, and thatcomplex issues deserve study, notslogans, you will be interested in theSociety for Scientific Exploration."You will also be interested to knowthat the Societys ninth annualmeeting is scheduled to be held atTerman Auditoriumon the campus ofStanford University,Thursday, August9th, through Saturday, August llth,of this year. Public attendance isopen, but limited. For additionaldetails, or to pre-register, write SSE90Local Organizing Committee, Stan-ford University, ERL306, Stanford,CA, 94305-4055.The umbrella topics to be address-ed on Thursday include "Electro-magnetic Signals Possibly Related toEarthquakes" and "Condensed-Charge Technology and its PossibleRole in the Electronics Industry(Harold Puthoff);" on Friday,"Human-Machine Interaction," andon Saturday, "Cold Fusion."Dinsdale PrizeThe Society for ScientificExplorationalso announces the establishment ofthe Dinsdale Prize, to be awarded an-nually in memory of the late TimDinsdale for "significant and long termcontributions to the study of anom-alies." The Prize isopen to candidatesof any nationality, and the winner willbe invited to present the DinsdaleLecture.The SSE was formed in 1980 for"the advancement of our under-standing of anomalous phenomenaand the sharing of such advances witha wider concerned community. Theterm anomalous is used to charac-terize those phenomena that appearto contradict existing scientificknowledge and which, for these orother reasons, are generally regardedby the scientific community as beingoutside their established fields of in-quiry. The Society seeks to providefor the discussion of these topics in aforum modeled on that of mainstreamscience. Its membership is drawn frompractitioners of science who have ac-quired a first-hand knowledge andunderstanding of the scientificprocess."The Society has no intentionofendorsing the reality or significance ofany particular topic. Neither does theSociety regard current scientificknowledge as immutable, and no sub-ject will be prohibited from discussionor publication simplybecause it is notnow an accepted part of scientific orscholarly knowledge. For each ofthese topics, the Society anticipatesthat members will approach the sub-ject with the view that honest evi-dence deserves investigation that isunprejudiced and constructivelycritical."Tim Dinsdale (1924-1987) spentmuch of his life carrying out "activeand demanding research on the pro-blem posed by reports of a Loch NessMonster. In this quest, he.demon-strated an exemplary dedication, in-tegrity and modesty. He also leav-ened the weight of his undertakingby a due sense of proportion and asense of humor that was invariablydirected at himself."When Dinsdale became interestedin the possible existence of the LochNess Monster, he first spent a yearanalyzing the available evidence. In1960, using a borrowed 16mm moviecamera and on the last day of his firstexpedition to Loch Ness, he filmed alarge object that moved rapidly across(and at times just below the surfaceof) the water. This object was largerthan any of the species that areknown to inhabit the Loch."Dinsdale spent the rest of his lifeseeking more and better evidence. Heleft his career in aeronautical en-gineering to make his living in waysthat allowed him time for field work.In addition to this sacrifice, he per-sistently refused to derive anymonetary gain from his work at LochNess. He influenced many peoplethrough his example, through hisMUFON UFO JOURNALNo. 267 July 1990
  13. 13. 13actions, through his lectures, andthrough his books."Nominations for the Dinsdale Prizethat are received by the Secretarybefore October 31 will be consideredfor the prize to be awarded in thesubsequent year. Please include inyour nomination the name, affiliationand address of the nominee, copiesof his or her biography and biblio-graphy, your support statement, andthe draft of a brief citation that can beused if your nominee is awarded theprize.Write SSE secretary ProfessorLawrence W. Frederick, Box 3818,Charlottesville, VA22903, for any ad-ditional information and to submitnominations.Oxford ConferenceOn Saturday, June 23, the First In-ternational Conference on the Circles-Effect was held at Oxford under thechairmanship of Dr. Terence Meadenand scientific colleagues. Superblyorganized by Dr. Derek Elsom of theTornado & Storm Research Organiza-tion (TORRO), the conference was ashow-case for Terence Meadenshypothesis that the crop circles areformed by a hitherto unrecognized at-mospheric phenomenon possessingstrong electrical and electromagneticproperties, the Plasma Vortex. This isthe latest development in Meadenspursuit of the subject, as an at-mospheric physicist, since his initialinvolvement which dates to 1980.Addressed mainly to the scientificcommunity and containing muchhighly technical material from Pro-fessor John Snow of Purdue Univer-sity, USA, and Professors Kikuchi andOhtsuki of TokyoUniversity, the Con-ference was enlivened for laymen byspectacular video pictures of recentcrop circle events taken from the airby Busty Taylor of CCCS, the Cen-tre for Crop Circle Studies, and a talkby Jenny Randies and Paul Fuller ofthe British UFO Research Association(BUFORA) on the relationship ofufology to cereology. The ConferenceProceedings are available fromCERES, 54 Frome Road, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, England, BA151LD.What forcibly struck many of thelay members of the audience was thatthe hidden agenda of the Conferencewas the question which has doggedthis subject for several years — is thereor isnt there an "intelligence" behindthis extraordinary phenomenon?Terence Meaden adhered with deter-mination — some would say, valiantly— to the view that "blind forces,"operating mechanistically,will even-tually explain all that we have beenseeing in the crop fields (mainly insouthern England), even including theextraordinary new patterns whichhave appeared since May of this year.(With 200 events logged halfwaythrough, this "season" seems sure toset several records.)It did not seem to many of us thatthe visiting experts actively supportedthe Plasma Vortex hypothesis. Theyseemed, rather, to be saying that thePlasma Vortex, if Dr. Meaden suc-ceeded in developing his atmosphericmodel and demonstrating its relation-ship to the crop circles, would pro-bably not be inconsistent with theirown studies of atmospheric andionisation phenomena. This falls, ofcourse, considerably short of en-dorsement.Terence Meaden himself acknow-ledged that decades ofresearch mightbe required to define the Plasma Vor-tex in precise terms; and he addedthat it could well be capable ofgenerating hundreds of different cropcircle patterns, most of which we havenot yet seen and none of which, itseems, can be predicted at this stage.Commenting on the new patternsseen this year, Meaden remarked thatthey were interesting "aberrant forms"from which we might well learn moreabout the physics of the "normal" oc-currences. It is doubtful, however, thatmany of the audience felt able todistinguish "normal" from "aberrant"after the startlingdisplay of new formsgiven to us by Busty Taylor.Whole-hearted endorsement forthe Plasma Vortex, even if not forth-coming from Meadens scientific peersat this stage, was, however, givenfrom the unexpected quarter ofBUFORA. The conclusion reached byPaul Fuller and Jenny Randies at theend of an inevitably somewhat selec-tive account of the UFO phenomenonas we have known it since 1947 wasthat "UFO research in its own rightisnow dead and has become a part ofmeteorolgy." Those of us who havefollowed the UFO phenomenon allthese years past (including JennyRandies own lively and often startl-ing accounts of it) can only extend ourbest wishes to meteorology.The conclusion of the Conferencewas marred (or, as some felt it, givena degree of dramatic interest) by anangry exchange between the Chairand Colin Andrews (co-author withPat Delgado of the superblyillustratedCircular Evidence). Andrews drew at-tention to a recent event in which athree-ringed circle, known to have oc-curred in a remote part of a farm inWiltshire in late May, had "grown" afourth ring (roughly 1000 feet in cir-cumference) when re-surveyed inJune. This did not, he said, seemcompatible with any hypothesis basedon meteorology alone. TerenceMeaden questioned the evidenceforthis statement, adding that ifit was in-deed true, hoax might be the explana-tion. (Asit happens, CCCS possessesaerial photographs which put occur-rence beyond doubt; the Centre willbe publishing details, after carefulevaluation, in The Crop CircleEnigma later this year.)Those who attended the Con-ference expecting that a definitive ex-planation for the crop circles inmeteorological terms was now withinsight must have left it disappointed.None of us had any doubt, however,about Terence Meadens courageousattempt to fit the phenomenon toterms which he would call "rational,"even iffor the time being his eleven-year-old endeavors seem to many ofus to rest more on faith and hope thanany developed model of what may behappening. But for all of us it wasworth coming for the many "aberrant"forms exhibited by Busty Taylor."Case not yet closed," we laymenMUFON UFO JOURNALNo. 267 July 1990
  14. 14. 14felt — and its not even the propertime to ask the jury to retire. We lookforward to those hundreds of newforms which Terence Meaden thinksmay be yet to come.— Ralph NoyesCrop HarvestRarely isthere the opportunity to reapa financial reward in this field, but theEnglish Crop (or Corn) Circle phe-nomenon offers the enterprising in-vestigator a scarce shot at same. TheArthur E. Koestler Foundation has justannounced a 5000-Pound rewardfor"the first definitive explanation of thecause of these formations." Atcurrentexchange rates, that amounts to al-most $10,000.Certain restrictions, of course, ap-ply. For full details and requirements,write the Koestler Foundation, 484Kings Road, London, SW10 OLF.And happy hunting!- DSGulf Breeze CaptureFrom the Just-When-You-Thought-It-Was-Safe-To-Carp-About-Gulf-BreezeDepartment comes the following fromthe Wednesday, July 18, 1990 NewYork Times."WASHINGTON, July 17- Sixsoldiers missing from an Army in-telligence unit at a sensitive NationalSecurity Agency eavesdropping postin West Germany have been ap-prehended in Florida and are thefocus of a routine counterespionageinvestigation, the Pentagon said to-day."The six were detained under athree-week old Army regulation thatrequires "personnel with access toclassified information be detained im-mediately if they extend their leavewithout permission." The Pentagonadded "that two of the soldiers wenton authorized leave from their unit,the 701st Military Intelligence Brigadeat Augsburg, West Germany, abouttwo weeks ago, and never returned.At the same time, two other soldiersfrom the unit vanished, and officialssuspected that two more who were onleave would not return."The military had issued a world-wide alert for the six on July 9. WestGerman investigators were "told thatthe six belong to a group known asThe End of the World, but Pentagonofficials said they know nothing aboutthe group or whether it has any bear-ings on the case."Anytime six NSA electroniceavesdroppers belong to a groupnamed The End of the World, I sug-gest its time to sit up and take notice.Do they know something we dont?Now for the other shoe: The sixwere arrested in Gulf Breeze, Florida(my emphasis) the previous Fridaynight when two were stopped on aroutine traffic violation for driving avan without working tail-lights. Acomputer check alerted theauthorities, who then staged a sur-prise raid on a nearby apartmentSaturday morning, as well as a localcampground. Duffel bags, suitcasesand briefcases, along with $4000 incash were found in the apartment, ac-cording to Capt. Kenneth R. Hicksofthe GBPD. "The soldiers were turnedover to military authorities and flownon Sunday to Fort Benning, Ga."The Times articles said that "GulfBreeze is a few milesfrom the sprawl-ing Pensacola Naval Air Station andthe smaller Correy Station, a navaltraining center for electronic warfarewhere at least two of the soldiers hadtrained."Given tumblingwalls in Europe, itseems strange that the sixshould havecongregated back home in GulfBreeze, under the very noses of localauthorities where at least two hadonce trained. Now that the six areunder government custody, it seemslike we might have heard the last ofThe End of the World and why theywere in Gulf Breeze anyway.Maybe they were in cahoots withthe odd crew that mugged CBS an-chor Dan Rather on a New Yorksidewalk several years back, demand-ing to know "What isthe frequency?"Maybe they were onlytryingto searchout Mr. Eds new home address? Itwould be nice to know if any smallmodels of flying saucers were foundin their van. Somehow, though, thereally good stories never get told.In the meantime, inquiring mindslike mine are piqued. If any readershave additional material or localclip-pings about this particular case (TheEnd of the World, not Gulf Breeze),Id appreciate receivingcopies care ofthe Journal.- DSIn OthersWords ...Lucius ParishThose large triangularUFOs are stillaround, with Belgium being the mostrecent country reporting sightings. Adetailed account of these events canbe found in the May 22 issue of NA-TIONAL ENQUIRER.The "Anti-Matter/UFO Update"column in the June issue of OMNIsummarizes the recent re-investigationof the Roswell, N.M. UFO crash of1947. Investigators from the Centerfor UFO Studies have located severaladditional witnesses and obtained ad-ditional information regarding thecase. All of this will be covered in abook by Kevin Randle & DonSchmitt, ROSWELL, due to be pub-lished by Avon Books (paperback) inNovember. Martin Cannons theorythat UFO abductions are really mind-control experiments by intelligenceagencies is featured in this same col-umn in the July issue of OMNI.If you have read the four books byZecharia Sitchin which deal with thepossibility of extraterrestrials havingcreated Man, you will also probablywant to read FLYING SERPENTSAND DRAGONS by R.A. Boulay.The author examines many of thesame topics covered in the Sitchinbooks, but he does so with a very dif-ferent "twist." Remember all thoseContinued on page 17MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 267 July 1990
  15. 15. 15Looking BackBob GribbleJuly 1955 • Captain Curtis H.Hutchings, 43, commanding officer ofVX-1 at the Boca Chica Naval Air Sta-tion, Key West, Florida, said the baf-fling bright silver object seen streak-ing across South Florida and North-ern Caribbean Sea skies on the 14thwas not a meteor, hinting broadly itwas a man-made machine from outerspace. Hutchings said the glowing,tear-shaped object was "not made onthis earth," and said he computed itsspeed at an estimated 63,000 milesper hour. By scientific computation,Hutchings said the object was 800feet in diameter and about 40 milesabove earth. At the time of thesighting, Hutchingswas commanderof the Navyssuper-secret air develop-ment squadron at Key West, and anauthority in astronomical sciences.• 1960 Five employees ofthe SanFrancisco Chemical Company watcheda UFO descend from the sky overLeefe, Wyoming, at 10:30 a.m. on thefirst. Claude Rouse described the ob-ject as follows: "It was bright, silver-colored, highly polished metalhavingthe shape of two dinner plates face-to-face." He estimated it had adiameter of 185 feet, and 14 feetthrough the center. Five transparentbubbles projected from the bottom.The craft came from the south andmaneuvered as if to land on thestockpile area immediately south ofthe Leefe plant. Mr. Rouse estimatedhe was about 400 feet from the vehi-cle as it vertically descended to about50 feet above the waste dumps. Itthen ascended and took off to thesouth at tremendous speed. Nosound was heard other than theidl-ing diesel engine of the tractor thatRouse was operating.• 1965 Thefollowing UFO en-counter occurred in the summer of1965 at an American military baseinBedfordshire, England. The reportingwitness was a teenager at the time:"Iwas a military dependent living on asa^llite communications base. Myfriend and I were playing badmintonone afternoon on the base, and wewere shouting and laughingwhen wesuddenly realized we couldnt heareach other. There wasnt any soundat all. We tried to talk to each otherand still couldnt hear anything. Welooked around, and right above us atthe top of the trees was a large, round,black object. We were just 14 and15-year-old girls. My friend went in-side the house to get her dad and in-side the house he could hear her.When he came outside to look at itwe couldnt hear him talking to us,and he couldnt hear us. He wentback inside and alerted the commandpost."Assoon as he went back insidethehouse, the object started to moveaway over the treetops and we couldhear again. The base alert sirens weresounding ... so I ran home and myfather — who was senior NCO on thebase — was just leaving. All of thepeople went down in the hole,(underground). The base was closedto all traffic. My father didnt comeback home until morning and I askedhim what it was. He said, I cant tellyou. All I can say is it wasnt ours. Isaid, you mean ours-ours, or theearths ours? He wouldnt say any-thing else. Some years later when wewere talking about it, I asked himagain and he said, It wasnt ours.There are seven American basesaround the world like the one we wereon, and there were sightings at allseven that same day. The object wasabout 60 to 80 feet in diameter andwas tracked on the base radar."• On a sunny morning (dateunknown), John Hembling, geologistand exploration manager for a min-ing company, and a companiongeologist, stepped from a helicopteratop a mountain ridge in north-centralBritish Columbia, Canada, about 70miles north of Hazelton. "It was aboutten oclock," Hembling said, "when wesaw a silverobject, shiningin the sun,appear over a small ridge below us.It had a flattened-out look ... and wasabout 50 feet in diameter. On top ofits dome there was a little knob andaround the base of the dome therewere circular markings. Below these,on the face of the disc itself, therewere larger rectangular marks."As the two men.watched in aston-ishment, the craft moved slowlyacross the ridge until it was above asmall glacial lake, barely more than apond. Hovering there an instant, itthen descended to less than 50 feetabove the water. Again it stopped,and, to the mens further amazement,lowered a pipe-like instrument fromits underside into the water. "At firstwe thought it was something like arope ladder," Hembling said. "But itdidnt just drop down. It came outsmoothly and steadily as if undermechanical control." During this pro-cedure the observers were consciousof a humming sound from the craft"like a quiet electric motor."With its appendage in the lake, thedisc then rotated slowly like a water-borne top until its "windows" facedthe two men. "We had a distinct feel-ing it knew we were there," Hemblingsaid. After remaining in that positionfor about eight minutes, the craftwithdrew its "pipe" as carefully as ithad lowered it. "It climbed slowly,then all of a sudden it was off,"Hembling said. "Itshot over the ridge,made a sharp turn without skiddingand was out of sight in about 20seconds. We figured it had gone 20MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 267 July 1990
  16. 16. 16or 25 miles by the time it disap-peared."• About 6 a.m. on thefirst, Mon-sieur Masse was workinghis lavenderfield northwest of Valensole, in theDepartment of Alpes de Haute-Provence, France, when he heard abrief whistling sound not far off. Hewalked in the direction from which thesound had come and saw that astrange machine had landed in hisfield, about 100 meters from him. Hemade his way towards it and soonrealized that the craft, which wasstanding on legs, was of the shape ofa rugby football and the size of aRenault Dauphine car. Beneath thevehicle were two beings, who werenot men. He got to a point ten metersfrom them.The beings were squatting on theground. One had its back to Masse,while the other was facing towardshim. Suddenly, both of the beings gotup. The one who had his back toMasse turned around and faced him,and made a gesture with his righthand. In this hand he was holdinganobject — which he later put into acase that he was wearing on his leftside. Instantly, the witness was im-mobilized. He could feel nothing. Hewas neither numb nor contracted. Hecould neither move his head normake any gesture. The beings wereabout one meter tall. They had verybig heads, much bigger than the headof a man.They were completely bald. Nochin. A round hole where our mouthis. Eyes resembling ours, but withouteyebrows. Their skin was smooth andof a color identicalwith that of Euro-peans. Their shoulders were scarcelywider than their heads, and the headswere set deep into the shoulders.They had almost no neck. They hadarms and legs, but the witness was notable to describe the feet and hands.They were wearing dark overalls.They appeared to be talking to eachother, their eyes moved, and a sortof gurgling sound came from theirthroats.The bottom of the craft was 50 cen-timeters from the ground. On the topit had a transparent dome. After somefour minutes or so, the two occupantsclimbed in. Once they were aboard,a sliding door closed, moving up-wards, like a roll-top desk. At thatpoint Masse could see the two oc-cupants through the dome. Sudden-ly there was a muffled sound and thevehicle ascended about a meter intothe air. Then the witness observed,underneath the craft, a tube, with aglint like steel, which was coming upout of the ground. The six legs of themachine started to turn and the vehi-cle started to move away like a flashof lightning. In about 15 minutesMasses paralysis ceased. Then hewent to look at the spot where thecraft had stood. He discovered thatthe ground where it had landed wassoaked with moisture.• On the third, agiant lens-shapedobject was seen, tracked, and photo-graphed at the Argentina scientificbase, Deception Island, in the Antarc-tic. Lt. Daniel Perisse, CommandingOfficer, confirmed by radio that thelarge object alternately hovered, thenaccelerated and maneuvered attremendous speeds. While beingtracked by theodolite and watchedthrough binoculars, the craft causedstrong interference with variometersused to measure the earths magneticfield, and also registered on magne-tograph tapes. Color pictures weretaken through a theodolite by amember of a visiting group from theChilean scientific base. (Please referto the MUFON 1987 InternationalUFO Symposium Proceedings forthe paper titled "Deception IslandUFO Sightings" by Capt. Daniel A.Perrisse for more details.)Confirming the reports, the ChileanMinister of Defense at Santiago addednew information radioed by Comman-der Mario Janh Barrera, CommandingOfficer of the Chilean base: On the18th a similarobject had maneuveredover the area, and was seen by all per-sonnel. During the sighting on thethird, the object had caused strongradio interference, temporarily block-ing his attempts to report the craft tothe British and Argentine bases.• 1975 A Macheke, Rhodesiamanreported that he was paralyzed by alight from a UFO which hovered overhis garden on the 25th. He said hewas flung to the ground by amysterious light that appeared attreetop level 10 meters from hishouse, and that bruises on his chestand shoulder were caused by the im-pact. John Clark, 54, said: "I believeit was something from outer space.Judging from the hold it had on meit could have destroyed me, straightaway. But I think it was examiningme." Police confirmed that they hada report of the incident and that theyhad no reason to doubt his story.Clarks clash with the UFO occurredjust after 7 p.m. "I didntfeel like cook-ing so Ithought I wouldgo to the cafeat the garage for some food. I wentaround the side of the house andwhen I was about level with thebedroom windowa terrific bright lightcame on to me. At the same time Iwas thrown to the ground. The catwas with me. It screeched and ran off.I went straight down, and I couldntmove. I was paralyzed, but wideawake. I tried to move my head andfingers but I could not. I even tried toroll over. I could see the reflection ofthe light in the bedroom. It was justas ifthere was a searchlight inside theroom, it was so bright."Eventually, everythingwent blackagain," Clark said. "It must havepushed off. I was able to get up andget back insidethe house. When I hadleft the house the fire was going well,but it was out when Igot back. Imusthave been outside for about an hour."Clark said that bruises on his chestand shoulder were caused by theviolent impact of his fall.• Danie VanGraan, 69,iscertainthe thing which he saw in his sheepenclosure just outside Loxton, SouthAfrica, was not one of the CitrusCommissions orange-colored lemonjuice wagons. "It was the morningofthe 31st when, at approximately halfpast seven I walked across my land.The sun had not yet risen, but it wasquite light and I could see the thingquite clearly. I thought it was a cara-MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 267 July 1990
  17. 17. 17van belonging to the people who arelooking for uranium all around here,"Van Graan reported. "But as I camenearer, I saw that it was altogetherround with rounded windows. I couldimmediately see beings who lookedlike people. They had rather longfaces, though. There were four ofthem."Three of them, I felt, had meunder their observation and the fourthwas busy at an instrument panel ofsome sort. I could see the lights im-mediately. Allof these were three cor-nered. I felt like I wanted to get closer,then, some sort of flap near one ofthe windows opened with a bang anda streak of light shone in my face. Ifelt very uncomfortable and started tobleed from my nose. From a safedistance, I observed them for abouthalf an hour. All four were approx-imately one-and-a-half meters tall andI would guess that each one weighedbetween 54 and 58 kilograms. Theylooked just like normal people withvery long faces. They also had highforeheads." The object then ascendedand within seconds it disappeared,without making any sound.On the ground where the craftstood, there were marks in the harddirt, each approximately two cen-timeters wide and ten centimeterslong, and precisely the same distancefrom each other. In response torumors that Van Graan hadperpetrated a hoax, his neighbor, Mr.Sinclair said: "If this were the case,someone would have seen him do-ing this. This is right in front of oureyes. It would have taken him a halfa day. And without help he couldhardly do it. He is a little on the shortside, so how could he make fivemarks in the stone hard, dry ground,each one symmetrical and equallydistant from the other. Someonewould surely have come closer andinquired what the old man was up to."Mr. Ben Bruwer, Mr. Sinclairsbusiness associate, said that he hadseen Van Graan early that morningwith his cloths smeared with blood asthough his nose had been bleeding.• 1980 Alan Morris wasfishingwith his dog at a river near his homein Wales (city unknown), during theearly morning hours of the 27thwhen he saw a bright, pulsating lightapproaching. Ithovered then landedin a nearby field. When Morris wentto the field he discovered a cylinder-shaped craft five feet high and six feetlong standing on a tripod. An unseendoor opened, a metal ladder droppedto the ground and three gray-suitedfigures emerged, each carrying abucket and spade. They then pro-ceeded to dig nearby. Morris re-mained quiet, but his dog began tobark and ran towards the craft. At thispoint, Morris apparently lost con-sciousness and when he awoke itwasdaylight and his dog and the craftwere gone. Upon investigating thelanding area he found slight scorchmarks on the ground. The dog wasnever seen again.WORDS, Continuedrumors of crashed disk occupantshaving reptilian features? And howabout those abduction/ contact casesinvolving UFO occupants with "wing-ed serpent" insignias on theiruniforms? Boulays book issub-titled"The Story of Mankinds ReptilianPast" This is the first of several bookson the general theme of extrater-restrial influence on the history of thehuman race. FLYING SERPENTSAND DRAGONS can be obtainedfrom Galaxy Books —P. Q Box 8542- Clearwater, FL 34618. The price is$14.95, plus $1.50 postage andhandling.Raymond E. Fowlers sixth book onthe UFO subject (including one novel)is entitled THE WATCHERS. In largepart, it deals with the case of BettyAndreasson Luca, the subject of twoprevious books by Fowler. However,personal experiences of the authorand his family are included in thebook, indicating an overwhelming in-terest in the UFO subject is often morethan mere intellectual curiosity.If youaccept UFOs as a reality and youwonder about their purpose(s) invisiting this planet, Raymond Fowlerprovides a possible answer which willcertainly make you stop and think, tosay the least. Autographed copiesofthis book can be obtained directlyfrom the author (Ray Fowler - 13Friend Court - Wenham, MA 01984)at $20.00 per copy postpaid in theU.S. Canadian orders are $25.00per copy; international orders are$25.00 by surface mail, $35.00 byairmail.A reminder that Howard Blumsbook, OUT THERE, is set for anAugust release from Simon &Schuster, so check your localbookstores. This promises to be a veryinteresting look at government/in-telligence agency involvement in theUFO subject.UFONEWSCLIPPINGS SERVICEThe UFO Newsclipping Service willkeep you informed of all the latestUnited States and World-Wide UFOreports (i.e., little known photographiccases, close encounters and landingreports, occupant cases) and all otherUFO reports, many of which are car-ried only in small town and foreignnewspapers.Our UFO Newsclipping Serviceissues are 20-page monthly reports,reproduced by photo-offset, con-taining the latest United States andCanadian UFO newsclippings, withour foreign section carrying thelatest British, Australian, New Zea-land and other foreign press reports.Also included is a 3-5 page sectionof "Fortean" clippings (i.e., Bigfootand other "monster" reports). Let uskeep you informed of the latest hap-penings in the UFO and Forteanfields.For subscription information andsample pages from our service, writetoday to:UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICERoute 1 - Box 220Plumerville, Arkansas 72127MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 267 July 1990
  18. 18. 18LETTERS ...Dear Editor:A while back, Walt Andrus grac-iously extended his permission to listMUFON as the sponsor of a com-puter bulletin board devoted toUFOlogy. We are pleased to an-nounce that the board has beenoperational for a few months and isgenerating a lot of interest.MUFON Ohio State Section Direc-tors, Dale Wedge and Rick DellAquila, have been serving as co-sysops of the UFOlogy "Special In-terest Group" [SIG] on the CaseWestern Reserve University spon-sored "Freenet" computer bulletinboard which is based in Cleveland,Ohio. This is a very large system, par-tially supported by grant monies to theuniversity, that is expanding nation-wide. Several other SIGs of interestto MUFON members are availableonthe system, including a Skeptics sec-tion which is operated by CSICOPmembers and a NASA sectionoperated by NASA Lewis ResearchCenter employees.There is no fee (hence, the name"Freenet") and anyone with a com-puter and modem can log on as avisitor, which allows exploration of thesystem with certain limitations. Toreach the UFO SIG, enter "go UFO"when prompted. The system isrelatively simple to use and offersfree Internet and Fidonet access tomembers.Everyone, regardless of their viewson UFOs, is invited to participateand there have been some livelydebates. Freenet can be reachedat (216) 368-3888 and supports300/1200/2400 baud. We wouldlike to hear from more MUFON mem-bers in the near future and hope thatmany of you will want to register andlog on as regular members. Shouldanyone without a modem wish tocontact the sysops, our mailing ad-dress is P.O. Box 29163, Cleveland,Ohio 44129.- RickDellAquilaSeven Hills, OhioDear Editor:I found the article on the Mantellcase by William E. Jones (MUFONUFO Journal, April 1990) to be anespecially interesting one. The inci-dent that was the subject of hisinter-view with Jack Pickering was com-pelling in its own right and lends sup-port to the view that what CaptainMantell witnessed was not a Skyhookballoon.It should be noted that when theAir Force judged Mantell incapable ofdistinguishing between a daytimepoint source of light, Venus, and anobject which he described as "gigan-tic" (or "tremendous" in some ac-counts), it followed, or perhapsestablished, a pattern of usingastronomical point sources as ex-planations of last resort. Even thoughProject Blue Books chief, CaptainEdward Ruppelt, and its astronomicalconsultant, Allen Hynek, later re-jected the Venus explanation for thissighting, the Air Force would in thefuture embrace point-source solutionsout of desperation. Thus in the sum-mer of 1965 Blue Book attributed totwinkling stars observations through-out the central United States ofrotating colors on circular lights, atleast one of which was described bythe witness, the Oklahoma CivilDefense Agency publicinformationofficer, as being almost the apparentsize of the full moon.A well-known photograph takenthe following night in Tulsa of a vir-tually identical light offers additionalevidence of the size disparityand evenshows the light to be part of a struc-ture. More information about thephotograph can be found in an arti-cle by Walt Andrus in the Journal ofDecember 1985.— Bob LieserTulsa, OKDear Editor:I had the pleasure to serve as guesteditor of the Spring 1989 ReVisionissue in which Peter Rojcewiczs per-ceptive essay on the "Men in Black"phenomenon originally appeared.Having, now read Hilary Evans re-sponse to the essays appearance inthe March 1990 issue of MUFONUFO Journal, I must admit Im notsure Evans and I encountered thesame essay. Then again, unless Ro-jcewiczs article is disguising itself inmultiple versions (a literary dop-pleganger), its probably safe toassume we did read the same piece,only quite differently.Particularly baffling is Evanscriticism of Rojcewiczfor blurring thedistinction between two kinds ofbelief, that of the person who ex-periences from the inside and that ofa person who comments from theoutside. Rojcewicz does no suchthing, either directly or indirectly, bycommission or omission. The percep-tive reader will recall that Rojcewicz,a folklorist by training, simply 1) sum-marizes mainstream folklores prevail-ing commitmentto evaluating anom-alous beliefs solely in terms of culturalexpectations and 2) makes a per-suasive if modest call for his field tomove beyond taking claims foranomalous experience "only as repre-sentational or symbolic."The eccentric tenor of Evans asser-tion is compounded when he inex-plicably segues into broad observa-tions about the vagaries of "culturalconditioning," then offers an accountof his having unveiled, many yearsago, a rather pedestrian MIB case.These non-sequiturs in turn findfriendly company in Evansinferencethat Rojcewicz is somehow naiveabout the "constructed" dimensionsof social and cultural realities, in-cluding anomalous realities.To the contrary: Rojcewiczs so-phistication on the complexities ofperception, expectation and beliefshines in a thoughtful essay, "Signalsof Transcendence" (Journal of UFOStudies, New Series, Volume 1,1989). Given that Evans not onlywrote for the same issue but specific-ally commented on Rojcewiczs ideasMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 267 July 1990
  19. 19. 19in a second-round dialogue amongcontributors, Ifind his reponse to Ro-jcewiczs views all the more puzzling.In his MIB essay, for instance, Ro-jcewiczs himself argues for taking atenative, provisionalstance toward the"crack in reality" hypothesis. Evansimplication that Rojcewicz does other-wise is baseless.Finally, not withstandingEvans excathedral declaration "that in the endwe shall have to decide between con-sensus reality and subjectivefantasy,"Rojcewicz stands on solid methodo-logical and epistemological ground inpositing terra intermedia to accountfor particular UFO events. JacquesVallee puts the matter well in Con-frontations: "If reality is no longerrestricted to three axes of space andone axis of time, the Visitors could befrom anywhere and anytime."— Keith ThompsonAptos, CADear Editor:I wish to reiterate and expand uponremarks which I made at the podiumof the Pensacola Civic Center, site ofMUFONs International UFO Sym-posium for 1990.In 1986, Michigan MUFON hostedthe symposium at Michigan StateUniversity, and I was privileged toserve as chairperson. In itsaftermath,we received many compliments forthe manner by which our group at-tempted to treat allattendees as VIPs.Comments to the effect of "best ever"were, of course, well received.It is with that backdrop that I wishto express unequivocally that theNorthwest Florida MUFON con-tingent has outdone Michigan. Forthose who missed this extraordinaryevent, permit me to list a few of theexceptional preparations this year:Friday evening at the symposiumhas traditionally been the occasion fora reception. But separate ice sculp-tures in the form of a UFO and theMUFON logo, not to mention out-standing horsdoeuvres? And a band?As always, the speakers list in-cluded the best and brightest in ourunique business. However, the Satur-day morningsession was preceded bya video that portrayed the UFO sub-ject and the Gulf Breeze events inpar-ticular with a provocative collage ofmusic and visuals. Intriguingmusicwas likewise interspersed throughoutthe sessions.As an important aside, a five-bustour of Gulf Breeze UFO sites wasorganized. Those fortunate enough tobe on the bus with Dr. Bruce Mac-cabee and debunker Phil Klasswitnessed their mutuallyrecorded andhilarious exchange. Cordially pressedby Bruce as to whether he had per-sonally interviewed any of thewitnesses in the area, Klass joined inthe fun, claiming to have spoken toover 5,000 persons for several monthsper witness.Perhaps most important was theforesight of chairpersons Vicki Lyonsand Charles Flannigan to engage theprofessional services of Bill Richardsto handle all electronic needs. For,what transpired in the final 36 hoursbefore the Saturday AM opening ofthe sessions would have stymiedother host committees.Imagine being in their positionwhen informed at that late hour thatthe hotel auditoriums air condition-ing system has failed and cannot berectified in time. Then, having quick-ly secured an alternate site, but inneed of major electronic enhance-ments, you make all the arrange-ments only to have the truck carry-ing the equipment involved in aserious accident that destroyed thesensitive items. No doubt with aspirinbottle in hand, Mr. Richards somehowsaved the day, while other commit-tee members hastily prepared noticesas to the alternate site.It is, then, from the personal ex-perience of hosting a successful sym-posium that we in Michigan reel in ouregos and point to you, Florida.Youwere sensational.— Dan WrightLansing, MIDear Editor:Just a note on Erich Aggens moststimulating article in your June issue.Mr. Aggen says that "element 115 hasthe unique property of releasing an-timatter particles when subjected toproton bombardment." Actually, anumber of materialscan produce an-timatter when subjected to protonbombardment and other high energyradiations. Even some of the organo-metallic complexes in your own bodycould conceivably release antiparticlesif given the proper jolt from incom-ing cosmic radiation.Some good material on the an-timatter propulsion schemes beingresearched at Edwards Air Force Baseare described in Joel Davis article inthe British journal, New Scientist(June 24, 1989, p. 68). Davis sug-gests that an antimatter rocket couldtravel from Earth to Pluto in threeweeks.In the fourth installmentof his "TheUFO Impact" series in Pursuit (No.84), the French physicist Jean-PierrePetit says that antihydrogen can bestored in a novel solid-state form ina crystal matrix. A little silver of thiscrystal could take us to Pluto, ordestroy a city: its Star Trek or StarBurst, our choice!— Daniel EdenSallisaw, OKArmy discharges sixwho went to Florida• FORT KNOX,Ky.The Army on Friday discharged sixsoldiers who left their intelligence unitin Europe and went to a Florida beachtown known for frequent sightings ofUFOs.The soldiers were reported missingJuly 9 from their post in Augsburg,West Germany, and were arrested lessthan a week later in Gulf Breeze, Fla.An investigation found no evidencethat the soldiers from the 701st MilitaryIntelligence Brigade had been involvedin espionage during the time they wereAWOL, said Maj. Ron Mazzia, aspokesman for Fort Knox, where thesoldiers were detained.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 267 July 1990
  20. 20. 20The Night SkyWalter N. WebbAugust 1990Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Mars, brighteningfrom 0 to -0.4 magnitude during the month, moves fromAries into Taurus.The red planet rises in the ENE about 11:30 PM daylighttime inmid-August.Saturn (magnitude 0.2) stands lowin the SE at dusk and advances westwardduring the night. The ringed planet is only 1.7° above the gibbous Moonon the 31st.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Venus (-3.9) and Jupiter (-1.8) form a spectacular pair in the eastern twilightsky on August 12 and 13. At that time the two brightest planets are onlyhalf a degree apart. Venus is 7 times brighter than its giant companion.(Their separation is even closer in the Eastern Hemisphere.) On the 18ththe crescent Moon passes very near Jupiter in the eastern U.S. but occultsthe planet completely in the central and western part of the country. Thenext morning the thin lunar crescent lies near Venus. And finally, after a15-month space cruise, the Magellan probe arrives at Venus (Aug. 10) andorbits the cloud-shrouded world. Itstask is to radar-map the planets surface.Mars is high in the SSE at dawn.Saturn sets in the WSW about 3 AM in midmonth.Partial Lunar Eclipse:On the morning of August 6 observers in the far western states, Alaska,and Hawaii can view at least the early phases of a partial eclipse of theMoon, weather permitting. The farther west you are, the more of the eventyou will see before the Moon sets. Hawaiians will see all but the last fewminutes of the entire show. The full moon slides into the Earths centralshadow (umbra) at 5:44 AM PDT and becomes 68 percent (maximum)eclipsed at 7:12.Meteor Shower:The light from a quarter Moon will wipe out some of this years Perseidmeteors which achieve their maximum during the morning hours of the12th. The Perseids typically are very fast-moving and bright, frequently leav-ing smoky "trains" which may last many seconds before fading. The showercontinues in lesser numbers from late July to mid-August.Moon Phases:Full moon — August 6Last quarter — August 13New moon — August 20First quarter — August 28The Stars:August evenings bringthe Summer Triangle high overhead. Not a true con-stellation, this very obvious right triangle is composed of the brightest starsof three separate constellations.Vega, the third brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere, is in Lyra theLyre or Harp. Look for a crooked rectangle. Because of the slow proces-sional wobble of the Earths axis, Vega will be our North Star in 12,000years. It is also the first star ever photographed (in 1850).East of Vega lies the star Deneb, thetail of Cygnus the Swan. Cygnus isoften nicknamed the Northern Cross,with Deneb the top of the cross.Albireo, the head of the swan, is aspectacular blue and gold double starin a small telescope (single to theunaided eye).Altair forms the southern corner ofthe triangle. The star marks the headof Aquilathe Eagle, the bird that car-ried Jupiters thunderbolts. With somecare, it is possible to discern twooutstretched wingsand a pointed tail.The eagle and swan fly in oppositedirections along the Milky Way.CUFOS UFOPHOTO EXHIBITSCHEDULEAug. 13-18 Plaza Las Americas, SanJuan, Puerto RicoSept. 4-8 Kingston Mall, Kingston,Ontario, CanadaSept. 10-15 Oshawa Center, Oshawa,Ontario, CanadaMUFONAmateur Radio Net80 meters — 3.990 MHzSaturday, 10 p.m.40 meters — 7.237 MHzSaturday, 8 a.m.10 meters — 28.460 MHzThursday, 8 p.m.10 meters — 28.470 MHzSunday, 3 p.m.All timesEastern Standardor DaylightMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 267 July 1990