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Mufon ufo journal   1990 6. june
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Mufon ufo journal 1990 6. june


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  • 1. Mufon UFO JournalOfficial Publication of the Mutual UFO Network Since 1967Number 266June 1990$2.50MCVO/VJACQUES VALLEE CONFRONTS UFOLOGYA Review of Confrontations
  • 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.Telephone: (512} 379-9216DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International Director andAssociate EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorROBERT J. GRIBBLEDAN WRIGHTColumnistROBERT H. BLETCHMANPublic RelationsPAUL CERNYPromotion / PublicityMARGE CHRISTENSENPublic EducationREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks & PeriodicalsLOREN GROSSHistorianT. SCOTT CRAINGREG LONGMICHAEL D. SWORDSStaff WritersTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEONARD STRINGFIELDUFO Crash/ RetrievalWALTER N. WEBBAstronomyNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLROBERT V. PRATTEditor / Pnblishers Emeritus(Formerly SKYLOOK)The MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished monthly by the MutualUFO Network, Inc., Seguin, TexasMembership/Subscription rates:$25.00 per year in the US.A.; $30.00foreign in U.S. funds. Copyright 1990by the Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin, Texas.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 toadvise change of address to theMUFON UFO JOURNAL. 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155-4099.IN THIS ISSUECONFRONTATIONS: A SCIENTISTS SEARCHFOR ALIEN CONTACT Jacques Vallee, Ph.D. 3ORANGE BALLS OF LIGHT Greg Long 4BLACK HOLES AND ROBERT LAZAR Erich A. Aggen, Jr. 6SOVIET AIR DEFENSES BAFFLED BY HUGE UFOs 8ONE IN FORTY Preston Dennett 9RED LIGHTS IN THE SKY! HOAX OR REAL? .... Rex Salisberry 10NEWSNVIEWS CIA Secrecy, Keyhoes Papers 12IN OTHERS WORDS Lucius Parish 13BOOK REVIEWSRaymond E. Fowler and James M. McCampbell 14LOOKING BACK Bob Cribble 16THE IMPLANT ENIGMA John F. Schuessler 18LETTERS Ralph Noyes and Michael Buhler 19THE JULY NIGHT SKY Walter N. Webb 20DIRECTORS MESSAGE Walter H. Andrus. Jr. 24COVER PHOTOGRAPH Jacques Vallee, Ph.D.Copyright 1990 by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc (MUFON), 103 Old-towne Road, Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDNo part of this document may be reproduced in any form by photostat,microfilm, xerograph, or any other means, without the written permissionof the Copyright Owners.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501 (c){3} of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON isa publiclysup-ported organization of the type described in Section 509 (a)(2). Donors maydeduct contributions from their Federal Income Tax. In addition, bequests,legacies, devises,transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gifttax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106,and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNAL are determined by the editor anddo not necessarilyrepresent the official position of MUFON. Opinions of contributorsare their own and do not necessarilyreflect those of the editor, the staff or MUFON.Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON. Responses to published articlesmay be in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400 words) or in a short article {upto about 2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50% rule" is applied: the article authormay reply but will beallowed half the wordage used in the response; the respondermay answer the author but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authorsreply, etc.All submissions are subject to editing for style, clarity, and conciseness.Permission ishereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than 200words are quoted from any one article, the author of the article is given credit,and the statement "Copyright 1990 by the Mutual UFO Network. 103 OldtowneRd., Seguin, Texas 78155" is included.
  • 3. Confrontations: A ScientistsSearch for Alien ContactBy Jacques ValleeBallantine Books, NY, 263 pp., illust., hb, $19.95Reviewed by Dennis StacyEvery card-carrying ufologistshould drop whatever he or she is do-ing to rush out and buy a copy of thisbook. More importantly, if less likely,they should then pay particularatten-tion to what Vallee has to say aboutcard-carrying ufologists. It is notalways pretty reading.In fact, the author of Passport toMagonia, Messengers of Deceptionand last years Dimensions, ups theUFO stakes considerably with Con-frontations, sure to be consideredcontroversial and cantankerous bothwithin and without the limited popula-tion of "professional" believers and in-vestigators who self-style themselvesufologists.Vallee confronts potential readerson at least three levels. First, hechallenges the scientific community todisregard the sensational aura thatsurrounds the subject and to serious-ly consider the available evidence onits own terms, audacious and seem-ingly absurd as it often is.Secondly, he takes specific aim atufologists themselves, asserting oftenand without mincinghis message that,more often than not, the first ama-teurs on the scene generally prove tobe part of the problem, rather than thesolution, a situation exacerbated bythe headlong rush to haul in a hyp-notist, frequently an unlicensed dab-bler as well, whenever the situationseems to even remotely require it. Thedamage done to the case itself, Valleecharges, not to mention the possiblepsychological harm to abductees andother witnesses, is sometimes ir-reparable as well as always uncon-scionable.The professional organizationsdont always fare well under Valleesbaleful glare, either. In fact, he com-pares the current situation to an earlierepisode in civilian ufology when Key-hoe and NICAP routinely ignoredhumanoid reports because theydidntfit the acceptable model of the phe-nomenon then common. (Apparent-ly, it was okay in the Fifties to say fly-ing saucers were flown by aliens,justas long as you didnt see any actualpilots on the ground or in closeproximity.)Vallee argues that a similar form ofcensorship, whether subconscious orotherwise, is imposed today by thepredominance of the ExtraterrestrialHypothesis. Rather than explainingthe UFO phenomenon, he says, theETH simply tends to obscure the ac-tual nature of the subject, rather likea dark cloud passing in front of thesun. Data that confront or reject theETH are simplyignored or thrown outwith the bath water, where theyvanish down the drain. To paraphraseCharles Fort, the "Damned" thesedays include obvious parallels in closeencounter and abduction cases withfolklore of the little people, paranor-mal phenomena (poltergeists, super-natural assaults, and so on), and amuch wider variety of alien"humanoids" and creatures beingreported than the one or two typesgenerally presumed to dominate. Thepersistence of physical-injury cases isanother "damned datum" that tendsto get swept under the rug of contem-porary ufology.Vallees third confrontation is withthe UFO phenomenon itself, grownmore ominous and apparently mean-spirited (or simply indifferent) thansome would have us believe. By thispoint, the average reader may wellwonder whether Vallee, the mild-mannered Gaul, has finally beenJohn Keel-hauled or what? Actually,he bases such assertions on his ownextensive on-site investigationsin theBrazilian outback, where a series ofsightings involving refrigerator-sizedUFOs beaming light rays, resulting inbum-marks and possible fatalities, haserupted over the last decade. Muchof this particular portion of the bookwas originally previewed at Valleestalk before last summers MUFONSymposium in Las Vegas.While considerably raising the UFOante, however, Vallee admits he hasno easy trump cards slipped up hissleeves. Essentially, to my way ofthinking, at least, his lack of easyanswers is what Confrontations is allabout, and in an ideal world, whatufology itself should be all about. Ihave my disagreements with Vallee,too, but he still strikes me as one ofthe few thinkers in the field actuallyinvestigating the phenomenon (a) inan effort to eventually reach conclu-sions, rather than tryingto find more"facts" to fit in the extraterrestrialpigeonhole.Mundane MagicIts not so much a question ofwhether the ETH is absurb itself, asmuch as a situation in which so muchof the data used to support thehypothesis itself is inherently absurd.The typical image of alien interven-tion that emerges is more akin to theGang That Couldnt Shoot Straightthan it is to harbingers of advancedscience. The aliens swirl through ourskies with impunity on one hand,crash and burn just like a commercialairliner on another. They can passthrough walls like ghosts, or stop carson a lonely isolated road in the mid-dle of the night, physicallyabductingthe occupants. And to what end? Toperform the same technologically out-moded physical examination andgenetic extractions? Presumably, theycould abduct us at will, withoutanyone ever being the wiser, yet theydont.Their individual numbers areMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 4. legion, their air force almost a dailydazzling, and bewildering,variety ofaerial forms, from cones and cigars,to globes, saucers and teapots, somedramatically larger inside than out.They chase Brazilian peasantsthrough the darkness one night, heala French physician with a beam oflight another, and pose for picturesover Gulf Breeze in between gigs.They are accused by various witnessesof being angelic, demonic and monu-mentally indifferent. Their advancedscience is magic on one occasion,rather mundane on another. I wontsay that such a scenario istotallyout-side the realm of probability or im-The typical image of alienintervention that emerges ismore akin to the Gang ThatCouldnt Shoot Straightthan it is to harbingers ofadvanced science. Thealiens swirl through ourskies with impunity on onehand, crash and burn justlike a commercial airlineron another.agination, only that it stretchescredulity. Like Vallee, Ill be disap-pointed if UFOs turn out to be onlyextraterrestrial spacecraft.In the meantime, I get the distinctimpression that Vallee is losing pa-tience with his perceived role inthe UFO "community" which isthat of being perpetually sniped atas the bearer of bad news. Confron-tations is Vallees latest argument forlooking at the data and not the car-rier, the content and not the con-tainer. You may not like what I haveto say, writesVallee, but youd be bet-ter off aiming at UFOs than theauthor.Orange Balls of LightBy Greg LongIn 1981 I launched a sustained,long-term study of sightings of UFOson the Yakima Indian Reservation insouth-central Washington state. I wasdrawn to the Reservation because ofBill Vogels serious, decade-long ef-fort of documenting the mysterythere. (Vogel was the Chief Fire Con-trol Officer for 30 years; he died inSpring 1985.)The 1.25-million-acre Reservationlies at the eastern foothills of theCascade Mountains. Kenneth Arnoldobserved nine flying objects on June24, 1947, just northwest of the Reser-vation, whileflying near Mount Rainierin search of a downed military transportplane. The metallic-appearingobjectswere hurtling southward above thebackbone of the majestic Cascades.They disappeared just beyond MountAdams at the Reservations farsouthwestern boundary.1 discovered when working withVogels reports, and duringmy manyinterviews of Reservation witnesses,that the predominant UFOseen andphotographed on the Reservation wasan orange sphere (or ball) of light.These very luminous, burning spheres(some also yellow, whiteor red) wereobserved hovering or moving slowlyabove or along ridges, hills or buttes.Soon I discovered that HarleyRutledge had observed similar ballsoflight from 1973 to 1981 in the Pied-mont area of southeast Missouri.Eventually my research uncoveredsimilar sightings of these balls of light(BOLs) in other areas around theUnited States. For example, the classicbook, The Utah UFO Display, byFrank Salisbury, documents manyorange BOL sightings. Interestingly,almost every Allied pilot of World WarII who reported a "foo fighter" describ-ed it as an orange sphere. Most recent-ly, orange spheres have appeared inthe night skies of Ashdown/Foreman,Arkansas and Wytheville, Virginia,during highly publicized flaps in Fall1987 and Winter 1988. These well-investigated cases of orange spheresconfirm the existence of thisparticulartype of UFO.Ball Lightning?What are they? The question is bestasked within the context of the cen-tral debate of the UFO mystery:Specifically, are the BOLs an alientechnology (an aerial craft), or anatural phenomenon akin to plasmasor ball lightning? The latter supposi-tion is a fair one, considering thesimilarities of BOLs to ball lightning:the spherical or globular shape, theorange, red or white colors and theoften-reported low altitude.Yet in contrast, BOLs are large —if apparent size estimates provided bywitnesses can be trusted. And clear-ly the Yakima BOLs were seen in dry,quiet weather many miles away (upto 60 miles in some cases). Ball light-ning favors thunderstorms. Even atgreat distances, and while measuringmany feet in diameter, BOLs fail todemonstrate the characteris-tics of manmade or common naturalatmospheric and astronomicalphenomena.In addition to ball lightning, myresearch has pinpointed these mostcommon BOL "impostors" (or Iden-tified Flying Objects):• The moon.• Military flares.• Burning plastic balloons.• Meteors (typically short-livedanddescribing long, high trajectories).• White aircraft landing and take-off lights modified to orange or amber"ball" shapes through haze and otheroptical distortion (landinglights alwaysappear fuzzy and ragged, unlike theclean, well-defined edges of trueBOLs).MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 5. Once I extracted these IFOs froma mass of report summaries, an in-teresting dimension of the puzzlearose: What are orange BOLs doingamid reports (emanating from thesame locale) of other nocturnal lights,Sasquatch (Bigfoot) reports,sightingsof structured craftlike objects, CEHIsand abductions?Stan Gordon of Pennsylvaniastated that in the early 1970s hereceived reports of Sasquatch in thevicinity of or during the same generaltimeframe of aerial orange BOLs. Onthe Yakima Indian Reservation, Vogelfound himself too busy with UFOs topursue the many local Sasquatchreports that came his way once Reser-vation citizens discovered he wasthe local investigator of strangephenomena.Ubiquitous BOLsDaylight Discs and decidedlysolid-appearing objects displaying classicrapid ascents and descents, highspeed and intelligent-seemingmaneuvering and control were alsoreported on the Reservation. Rut-ledge documents similar-behaving ob-jects among the mostly nocturnal-lightUFOs in Piedmont, Missouri. InWytheville, Virginia, local investigatorDanny Gordon has seen both large,definite-appearing craft as well asorange spheres. Why were orangespheres seen during cattle mutilationsin 1975-76 in Colorado? And EddieBullard reports that, althougha verysmall percentage, abductees havereported orange UFOs right before amissing time experience. (BuddHopkins alludesto the presence of anorange UFO in both Missing Time andIntruders.)Is there a clue to the root of theUFO mystery in this particular, oft-repeating UFO: the orange BOL andother orange UFOs with curvedshapes — orange ovals, classic"saucers," discs? I quote from a letterreceived from a European in-vestigator: "... 1 could not even im-agine Iwould ever get to see so manyof these orange objects through theyears, and neither could I imagine theInterestingly, almost everyAllied pilot of World War IIwho reported a "foo fighter"described it as an orangesphere.large percentage of photographs oforange objects that I would keep inmy personal files."The orange BOLs areeverywhere.In fact, their pattern runs so stronglythrough the UFO literature and UFOreporting channels,that they deservecloser scrutiny. Could there be severalclasses of balls of light withcompletelydifferent physical sources whichoverlap only on the basis of shape?I have come across a few cases oforange "balls" or orange "ovals" thatupon close approach "resolve" {thewitness detects clear, sharp detail) intodecidedly structured-appearing aerialmachines. The orange appearancemay be purelya byproduct of the pro-pulsion system and effects of energyon atmospheric gases.Do these orange spheres perform aparticular operational function if theyare a technological device? Or couldthe orange BOLs actually be naturalplasma forms, or Unidentified At-mospheric Phenomena? Curiously, thePulaski fault runs through WythevilleVirginia. Curiously, in November 1987during the local flap there, a low levelquake struck Carroll County. (Daysbefore this quake, Gordon and friendRoger Hall sighted a yellow ball of lightnear Sand Mountain.)Red HerringsEither the orange spheres are anatural, technically derived phenom-enon, the startling presence of whichtriggers misinterpretation by localviewers of manmade and astro-nomical bodies; in which case wemust trot out the hoary "hysteria" and"mass delusion" hypotheses to ac-count for the craft that appear "mixedup" with the natural, correctlyviewedand accurately reported orangespheres. Or the orange spheres areone of the many different types of trueUFOs; or one manifestation of manydifferent manifestations of which theUFO phenomenon is capable. Orfinally — and I toss out this hypothesisas a wild idea — the orange spheresare an intelligence, capable of know-ing the work of UFO researchers andof appearing in faulted, earthquake-prone areas during periods of tectonicstrain buildup and release, as a redherring, while other UFOs carry outtheir operations. In effect, orangespheres muddy the waters, and exploitnatural phenomena to mask their con-tinual project of surveillance, display,approach and abduction.Why are there two distinct cate-gories of BOLs: "small" ones and"large" ones? The small ones are thoseseveral inches to a foot or so indiameter, and seem to function (somespeculate) as monitoring or sur-veillance devices. The large BOLs aretypically seen at some distance(thousands of feet to miles), and sug-gest either a classic glowing UFO craftor a natural plasma.More work is required.To this end, I turn toserious UFO investi-gators and research-ers. I am seeking photographicevidence; high quality reports from in-vestigative files; newsclippings; andother source materialdocumentingthe orange sphere. Most important,wherever possible, are multiplereports from one limited sighting area.This should include referenceto othersightings of other objects from thesame area. In this way, I can test thehypothesis that non-orange BOLs aremisinterpretations of other natural andmanmade objects. Also, a largeenough data base can serve to testany geophysical theory of UFOs.I am committed to a systematic,controlled evaluation of BOL reportsin the UFO literature. There is someevidence, although slight, that any"intelligence" imputed to some BOLsis purely anthropomorphic. On theother hand, there is evidence of aContinued on page 7MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 6. Black Holes and Robert LazarBy Erich A. Aggen, Jr.Author Aggen is a MUFON StateSection Director, who lives inKan-sas City, Missouri.One of the more interesting figuresto surface recently in the field of UFOinvestigations is one Robert Lazar. IfMr. Lazar is not a deliberate agent ofdisinformation, then what he has tosay should at least be seriously ex-amined. He purports to be aphysicistwho at one time worked at LosAlamos National Laboratory.Lazar was later hired as a seniorstaff physicist at "Area S-4" for whathe was told was the United StatesNavy. He reportedly obtained the jobthrough a company or agency called"EG & G." Area S-4 is located about10 to 15 milessouth of Groom Lake,which isabout 125 miles north of LasVegas. Lazars work at this secret siteallegedly involved the reverse en-gineering of certain alien technology,in particular, a functioninggravitation-al propulsion "motor." Most of this in-formation came to light in an inter-view conducted by George Knapp,producer and host of a program called"On the Record" for KLAS-TV in LasVegas, Nevada. The program firstaired in December of last year.In the interviewMr. Lazar describedthe alien propulsion system as an anti-matter reactor wherein element 115is bombarded with protons and re-leases anti-matterparticles which reactwith any type of matter. Once a chipof 115 is introduced into the systema powerful local gravitational field isautomatically produced.Element 115, the fuel or triggeringcomponent of the gravitational motor,is a super-heavy element not foundon Earth. It cannot be manufacturedby Earth science. It can only occur inregions of space where huge amountsof mass and energy reactions havetaken place. Such regions would in-clude locations around binary starsystems and the outer zone of asupernova, according to Mr. Lazar.Mr. Lazar indicated that the grav-ity motor converts matter to energywith one hundred percent efficiency,compared to eight-tenths of one per-cent conversion for fission and fusionreactions thus far produced by ter-restrial science. The reaction inside themotor produces heat as a by-productwhich is then converted by a ther-mionic generator into electricity,alsoat one hundred percent efficiency.In operation, the motor creates agravitational wave which is siphonedoff by a "wave guide" and thendirected above the top of the craft tothe bottom where three gravityamplifiers magnify and direct or "aim"the gravity wave. By creating its owngravity the motor distorts time andspace. The three gravity amplifiers atthe bottom of the craft lock on to afocal point or destination and pullthat point to the craft as a result ofspace and time distortion.48*In effect, distance is reduced to zeroand speed is increased to infinity.Travel, for all intentsand purposes, isinstantaneous between any two pointsanywhere in space.8Black HolesDuring one demonstration of themotor an intense gravitational areawas created and a small black disc wasformed in space caused by the bend-ing of light. In some respects the smallblack disc resembled a "black hole"Mr. Lazar noted that the analogy wasbad, but essentially correct.8What isthe significance of the small"black hole" produced during thedemonstration? Is it indicativeof themethod or means by which space andtime are distorted and transcended?In 1935, Albert Einstein andNathan Rosen published a paperpredicting the existence of a cor-ridor or passage directly connectingone part of the universe to anotheras part of a black hole-white holesystem. This was called the Einstein-Rosen Bridge or "ER" Bridge forshort. ER Bridges are also called"wormholes." 9-I0The only black holes we knowabout are those on a astronomicalscale. A black hole is the burned-outshell of a star at least three times largerin mass than our own sun. Lessmassive stars usually burnout as ex-ploding supernovae. Their gravity isnot strong enough to compress theminto a black hole.2A black hole or ER bridge is a holein space-time where all conventionalrules break down. Time "stops" com-pletely at the "event horizon" (boun-dary) of a black hole. Matter is suckedin and vanishes from this part of theuniverse.4 7Physicists have calculated that fora black hole to be useful as a methodof interstellar travel it would requirethe compressed mass of a star aboutthe size of our sun. This, of course,is a physical impossibility. A star thesize of our sun possesses insufficientmass to compress itself into a blackhole. Such a black hole could only beproduced artificially.2A spacecraft entering a black holewould transcend both time and spacein no more than a millionth of a se-cond or almost instantly. The nextbest thing to teleportation!2If the alien gravitational motorsomehow creates its own black holeto "fall" through,the energyrequiredis rather mind-boggling — at leastequivalent to the compressed massand gravity of our own sun!9Ofcourse, the possibility exists that thealiens have found a more energy-efficient way to achieve the sameresult.U.S. Air ForceThe United States Air Force alsoseems to be interested in thepossibilities of utilizing antimatter forMUFON UFO JOURNALNo. 266 June 1990
  • 7. propulsion. In August of 1986, acurious reference to antimatter pro-pulsion appeared in Air ForceMagazine in an article entitled,"USAFin the Twenty-first Century," by JamesW. Canan, Senior Editor. The AirForce Space Divisions GeneralMcCartney stated that "exciting" workbased on the Air Forces ProjectForecast II was planned for SDsRocket Propulsion Laboratory onvarious types of high-energy, high-density chemical propellants."But even those fuels pale in com-parison to something farther out thatsknown as antimatter," the Generalstated. The article went on to statethat antimatter research is synony-mous with "antiprotons." In such anantimatter propulsion system nega-tively charged hydrogen particles(an-tiprotons) would be combined withpositively charged hydrogen protons.The particles would annihilate eachother and produce enormousamounts of energy. Milligrams of an-tiprotons stored in magnetic contain-ment "bottles" could replace tons ofchemical rocket fuel and eventuallyproduce a propulsion system capableof reaching other stars.The Air Force expects to be pro-ducing one gram of antiproton "fuel"by the turn of the century, accordingto Aviation Week & Space Tech-nology (6/16/86). One might askwhy the AirForce decided to financeresearch into such a "far out" propul-sion system. Was it because theyalready knew it would work? Sincethe appearance of a few short articlesmentioning antimatter research in1985 and 1986, both Aviation Weekand Air Force Magazine have re-mained strangelysilent on this subject.Although the Air Force proposes toutilize antimatterin a ratherrudimen-tary fashion as the propellant in a con-ventional reaction propulsion system,the aliens obviouslyhave progressedfar beyond that point.An article in National Geographic,May 1989 addresses the varioustheories on gravity. Quoting from JohnBosloughs article: " A force counterac-ting gravity? Its enough to getanybodys heart pumping, says PaulBoynton. Think of the possibilities. Ifwe could harness such a force, mightwe someday have craneless construc-tion, cableless elevators, or spaceshipszipping between planets on "hyper-drive" that engages the fifth force lock-ed within subatomic particles^ As youmight expect, none ot this has escapedthe notice of the U.S. Government,especially the Pentagon."Exotic and expensive researchaimed at pinningdown the new forceis already in the works. Physicists fromthe Los Alamos National Laboratoryhave joined with Italian physicists tofind out if a fifth force would have aneffect on antimatter. {Antimatter ismaterial identical in mass but oppositein electrical charge from ordinarymat-ter. Upon meeting, the two annihilatethemselves in a violent burst ofenergy.)"15From what Mr. Lazar has reported,the aliens must possess and controlstaggering amounts of energy —almost infinite in scope compared toterrestrial capabilities As described byMr. Lazar, element 115 has the uni-que property ot releasingantimatterparticles when subjected to protonbombardment. It also has self-evidentweapons potential — 1 kilogram (2.2pounds) is equal in energy to 24 20megaton hydrogen bombs or nearlyhalf a billion tons of TNT! Such anamount of element 115 would be nolarger than a small apple.8Sometimes reality is stranger thanfiction. In the classic science fictionfilm "The Day The Earth Stood Still"Klaatu issues an ultimatum to thepeople of Earth in which he declaresthat "... ifyou threaten to extend yourviolence this Earth of yours will bereduced to a bumed-out cinder." Thatthe aliens literally have such planetobliterating power at their fingertips issobering to contemplate. That theyhave not used this awesome poweris a testament to their constraint andperhaps their sense of morality.References1. Abell, George. Exploration of theUniverse. New York: Holt, Rinehart andWinston, Inc. 1973.2. Berry, Adrian. The Iron Sun. New York:Warner Books, 1978.3. Chester, Michael. Particles. New York:Mentor Books, 1980.4. Gribbin, John Time-Warps. New York:Dell Publishing Co., 1979.5. Hawking, Stephen W. A Brief History ofTime. New York: Bantam Books. 19886. Herbert, Nick Ph.D. Faster Than Light.New York: NAL Penguin Inc. 19887. Kaufmann, William J. Ill Black Holesand Warped Spacetime. Caltl.. W. H. Free-man and Co., 1979.8. KLAS/Lazar Transcript #1. Paranet In-formation Service, 1989.9. Macvey, John W.Interstellar Travel. NewYork: Avon Books, 1978.10. Powers, Robert M. The Coattails ofCod. New York: Bantam Books, 1982.11. Stearns, Robert L. Basic Concepts ofNuclear Physics. New York: Reinhold BookCorp., 1968.12. Talbot, Michael. Beyond The Quantum.New York: Bantam Books, 1988.13. Taylor, John G. Black Holes. New York:Avon Books, 1975.14. Zeilik, Michael. Astronomy, The Evolv-ing Universe. New York: Harper & RowPublishers, Inc., 1976.15. Boslough. John. "Searching for theSecrets of Gravity." National Geographic May1989.ORANGE BALLS, Continuedtechnological basis to the BOLs, withdecidedly unambiguous attributes ofthought, curiosity, motivation andcontrolled flight. I am seeking asmuch information as possible, and Iam reachingout to those serious peo-ple in the UFO field who I hope cansupport a worthy research project.The persistence of this phe-nomenon and the inter-consistencyofsighting details from report to reportconvinces me that a focused,microscopic study of this type of UFOcan tell us much about the UFOphenomenon as a whole. If in-terested, please write me at: 14120SW 97th Place, Tigard, Oregon97224, U.S.A.MUFON Amateur Radio Net80 meters — 3.990 MHzSaturday, 10 p.m.40 meters — 7.237 MHzSaturday, 8 a.m.10 meters — 28.460 MHzThursday, 8 p.m.10 meters — 28.470 MHzSunday, 3 p.m.All times Eastern Standardor DaylightMUFON UFO JOURNALNo. 266 June 1990
  • 8. 8Soviet Air Defenses Baffled By Huge UFOsThe following information onUFO sightings in the USSR wasprovided the Fund for UFO Re-search by a confidential source inthe U.S. Government. It waspublished in Rabochaya Tribuna onApril 19, 1990 and translated byFBIS (Foreign Broadcast Informa-tion Service) Foreign Press Notice.Incident occurred on March 21,1990.General of Aviation Igor Maltsev,chief of the main staff of Air DefenseForces, as reported in RabochayaTribuna, April 19, 1990:"I am not aspecialiston UFOs and,therefore, I canonly correlate thedataand express my own supposition. Ac-cording to the evidence of theseeyewitnesses, the UFO is a disk witha diameter from 100 to 200 meters.Two pulsating lights were positionedon its sides. When the object flew ina horizontal plane, the line of the lightswas parallel to the horizon. Duringvertical movement it rotated and wasperpendicular to the ground.Moreover, the object rotated aroundits axis and performed an "S-turn"flight, both in the horizontal andver-tical planes. Next, the UFO hoveredabove the ground and then flew withspeed exceedingthat of the modernjet fighter by two or three times. Allof the observers noticed that the flightspeed was directly related to theflashing of the side lights: the moreoften they flashed, t^e higher thespeed."The objects flew at altitudes rang-ing from 1000 to 7000 meters. Themovement of the UFOs was not ac-companied by sound of any kind andwas distinguished by its startlingmaneuverability. It seemed that theUFOs were completely devoid of in-ertia. In other words, they hadsomehow come to terms with gravi-ty. At the present time, terrestrialmachines could hardly have any suchcapabilities. The object was observedas a pip from a radar target on thescreens of aircraft radar sights, and onthe screens of several electronicsurveillance sub-units. One station didnot establish an observation."Rabochaya Tribuna pointed out theGeneral Maltsevs testimony was im-portant confirmation for claims thatUFOs are piloted craft and contra-dicted suggestions that UFOs are at-mospheric phenomena. The news-paper also reproduced some of thesupporting evidence provided byGeneral Maltsev concerning an inci-dent on March 21, 1990, when radardetected an object flying nearPereslavl-Zalesskiy (75 miles NE ofMoscow). An aviator reported:"I, Lt. Colonel A. A. Semenchen-ko, received the command to go onan alert exercise. At 2138 hours, Ireceived the command for take-off. Inthe air, in the region of Pereslavl, Ireceived my task of detecting andidentifying a target at an altitude of2000 meters. I visually detected thetarget, designated by two flashingwhite lights, at 2205 hours. I wasfollowing a true course of 220degrees, and it was ahead and to theright, at an angle of 10 degrees. Thetarget altered its altitude by amountsranging up to 1000 meters andchanged its direction of flight. Withthe permission of the command post,I locked mysights onto the radiationafter checking to be sure theweaponry was switched off."The target did not respond to theidentify, friend or foe request. In ad-dition to the target, three or fourregularly scheduled airliners couldbeobserved on the screen. As orderedby thecommand post, I carriedouta banked turn. While completing theturn, I observed aluminous phenom-ena, reminiscent of the aurora borealisbut with a weak intensity, to the northand northwest. I approached the tar-get to within about 500 to 600meters.I passed above the target, trying todefine its character. I observed onlytwo bright flashing white lights. I brief-ly saw the silhouette of the targetagainst the background of the il-luminated city. It was difficult to deter-mine its nature and classificationdueto the limited lighting"At the order of the command post,I ended my mission and returned tothe airfield. I landed with 700 litersoffuel still remaining: The weather in theregion was 0-10. March 21, 1990."A radar observation post in thePereslavl-Zalesskiy region: "A shiningobject with red lights at an azimuth of260-270 degrees and a range ofabout 40 kilometers, moving at aspeed many times greater than thatof aircraft, appeared at 2119 hours.A shining object with white lights andthe same parameters wasfollowing it.At 2135 hours the object with theluminous red lights disappeared,while at an azimuth of 220 degreesand at an undetermined range. At2140 hours there were alternate ap-pearances and disappearances of asecond object with white lights atazimuth 270-250 degreesand a rangeof 40-100 kilometers. At 2150 hoursthere was a steady appearance andhovering of the object at an azimuthof 270 degrees."At 2155 hours the object disap-peared at an azimuth of 240 and arange of 40 kilometers. At 2157 hoursthe object appeared in theparametersindicated above. At 2159 hourstherewas an observation of an airplane atan azimuth of 250 degrees, a rangeof 30-50 kilometers, and a course of330 degrees. The object is turningand, at a great speed, is approachingthe airplane. After an approach to adistance of about 20 kilometers, theobject disappears from the field ofobservation and appears again tp therear and above the plane. The objectis moving in an arc at azimuth 270.At 2201 hours, the object is hoveringin place at an azimuth of 190-200degrees and a range up to 100kilometers. At 2203 hours a fighterMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 9. aircraft appeared in the field of obser-vation at an azimuth of 240 degrees.While the fighter wasapproaching theobject, the latter disappeared. At2205 hours the object appeared at anazimuth of 190-220 degrees,hovered, and, after one-to-twominutes, disappeared."Captain V. Birin: "The object lookedlike a flying saucer with two verybright lights along the edges. Itsdiameter was approximately 100-200meters (judging by the shining lights).A less intense light, which looked likea porthole, could be seen between thetwo bright lights. After the object, thered light with the averageintensity re-mained. The trajectory depended onthe flashing of the bright side lights:the more often they flashed, the fasterthe speed of the UFO and vice ver-sa. While hovering, the object ex-tinguished its lights almost completely.At 2230 hours the object headed offin the direction of Moscow. I amenclosing a drawing of it." (note:drawing not available)Captain V. Ivchenko: "1 could notmake out the contours of the object,but I clearly sawtwo lights flashingwith a definite periodicity. The il-lumination from these lights could becompared with a photoflash. TheUFO was carrying out an S-turnflight, gradually approaching our ci-ty; its route passed from east to westat an angle of sight of approximately75 degreesrelative to thetown. Idis-tinguished two aircraft near the object.I am enclosing the approximate routeof the UFO." (note: also not available.)Captain N. Filatov: "To all visualperceptions, the object wasrotating ina horizontal plane around its ownaxis, since the light sources mergedand divided in turn. The magnitudesof the sources of radiation, withrespect to power, intensity andluminous flux, were significantlygreater than the signal lights of aircraftwhich were flying around in ourregion at that time. The periodicity ofthe luminescence of the lights of theUFO was two-to-three seconds. Theobject was located in the direction ofZagorsk. The trajectory of its move-ment was S-turn1, horizontally andvertically."Captain 1.Lapin: "At 2200 hours,the flashing of the object vanished forfive minutes. Then a sharp light flaredup. The whole cloud was illuminatedand, after that, the object appearedagain. Two aircraft accompanied it.The aircraft had red identificationlights. After decreasing its altitude, theobject flew away in the direction ofMoscow at great speed. It left a redluminescence of average intensitybehind in the clouds. I observed theobject until 2240 hours. I experiencedno sensation whatsoever."According to Rabochaya Tribuna,the editors could only publish in thisissue excerpts from a few of "morethan 100 visual observations" com-piled by unit commandersand passedon to General Maltsev.Of course, UFOs are real. Ofcourse, UFOs are abducting people.All of it is really going on. The ques-tion now is, just how bad is it? Howmany people have undergone theter-rifying experience of being abducted?How many carry the physical andemotional scars of an alien en-counter? How many keep hiddenthese deepest and darkest of secrets?While the media and the scientificcommunity cling to their skepticismlike wreckage in a storm, abductionstories continue to mount. There arefrightening hints that abductions maybe quite common — much morecommon than usually thought.Are abductions widespread? Thatis the question this article will attemptto answer.The late J. Allen Hynek was un-doubtedly one of the worlds best-known UFO investigators.In WilliamSteinmans book, UFO Crash atOne in FortyBy Preston DennettAztec, a conversation between PaulBennewitz and J. Allen Hynek is re-counted. When Hynek was askedhow many people he thought havebeen abducted, Hynek allegedlyreplied without hesitation, "about oneout of forty." Whitley Strieber, the author ofCommunion and Transformation, isa strong believer that UFOencountersare common. In an interview withUFO Magazine, Strieber is quoted assaying, "I will tell you this: therearea lot of people who have already hadthis experience — a lot more thaneven the UFOcommunity realizes. Iam now poring through somethinglike 5000 letters — I often get40and50 a day, even now. People again andagain, write a friend of mine told meabout you and now I canwriteandtell somebody what happened to me,and it goes on andon. I dont knowhow many people have been involvedwith this, but Im sure its in the hun-dreds of thousands." 2Budd Hopkins is one of the best-known investigators of UFO abduc-tions. He has also become convincedof the high frequency of UFO en-counters. In his book, Missing Time,Hopkins writes of the case of SteveKilburn, who was abducted and leftwith no conscious memory of theevent. Hopkins was astounded bythis, and made the obvious conclu-sion. Says Hopkins, "This opened upthe possibility that the experience,whatever it was,had beensuppressedin others, and that abduction waswidespread." 3Because Steve Kilburn had norecollection of the event, Hopkinsconcluded, "This meant that almostanyone can have suffered such an ex-perience and yet be totally unawareof it for all practical purposes. Whatbefore was thought of as a rareeventMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 10. 10might be infinitely more commonthan anyone has supposed." 4In Missing Time, Hopkins states, "Ihave described UFO abductions asconstituting an epidemic; in fact, wehave no idea how many such kidnap-pings may already have taken place,but I believe there are vastly morethan the two hundred or so incidentswhich have been investigated." 5Because people generally dontreport their experiences Hopkinsstates, "We can logically theorize thatthere may be tens of thousands ofAmericans whose encounters havenever been revealed." 6Jacques Vallee is definitely aleading expert in the field of UFOs.Vallee is very skeptical of the extrater-restrial iheory, but he does take theposition that UFO landings are quitecommon. Says Vallee, "... the UFOs,if they are spacecraft engaged in ageneral survey of our planet, musthave landed here no fewerthan threemillion times in two decades." 7Another famous figure in ufology,Dr. Leo Sprinkle, acknowledges thepossibility that there may be "hundredsof thousands" of people who havebeen abducted and have no consciousmemory of the experience" 8Rampant Epidemic?David Webb has asserted his beliefthat "one out of eight" UFO witnessesmay have been abducted." 9According to the 1973 Gallup poll,15 million people believe they haveseen UFOs.10If 15 million peoplehave seen UFOs, and one out ofevery eight have been abducted, thenone could conclude that 1,850,000people have been abducted!When I heard allthese statements,I was very skeptical. I could believeUFOs were real, but I wasnt ready toaccept any rumors of a rampantepidemic. And yet the rumors havepersisted. According to one source, 60UFO sightings are reported acrossAmerica everyday! "I wasinitially skeptical of UFOs.Butas myinterest grew, I began asking allmy friends and family if they had everhad any encounters. To my utterastonishment, I discovered that overone third of the people I knew hadencountered a UFO. By a sort of in-formal survey, I uncovered over 50UFO cases. I found outthat I knewfive people who had been abducted.All of this points to one thing: UFOencounters are quite common. Mostabductee researchers agree that a vastnumber of people have been ab-ducted. Hopkins theorizes tens ofthousands. Streiber theorizes hun-dreds of thousands. Hynek allegedlyestimated one in forty.It is uncertain exactly how manypeople are abductees,but it should beevident that UFO encounters are byno means rare. I think it is safe to saythat millions of people have been ab-ducted by UFOs. The invasion is oc-curring — here and now — all acrossour planet.References1. Steinman, William: UFO Crash at Aztec.Tucson. AZ: Wendelle C. Stevens, 1986. Page584.2. UFO: "Q & Ai Whitley Streiber - W.S. Tells Almost All," UFO,Vol. 3, No. 1,1988.Page 21.3. Weintraub, Pamela: "Secret Sharers,"OMNI, December 1987. Page 58.4. Hopkins, Buddi "Investigating the Ab-ductee," Phenomena Forty Years of FlyingSaucers, (Editors: Spencer & Evans.) NewYork: Avon Books 198R Page 140.5. Hopkins, Budd Mining Time. NewYork: Richard Marek Publishers, Inc., 1981.Page 20.6. Ibid., Page 23.7. Vallee, Jacques Dimensions: A CaseBook of Alien Contact Chicago, IL: Contem-porary Books, Inc 198S Page 258.8. Steiger, Brad UFO Abductions on theRise - Will You Be Taken Aboard Next?"UFO Universe, Vol. 1. No. 1, July 1988. Page52.9. Steiger, Brad: The UFO Abductors, NewYork, NY: Berkley Books, 1988. Page 13.10. Fowler, Raymond: Casebook of a UFOInvestigator. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1981. Page 70.11. Bailey, Andrew A Day in the Life ofthe World. Garden Gly NY: Doubleday &Company, Inc 1981 Page 16.Red Lights in the Sky! Hoax or Real?by Rex SalisberryMr. Salisberry is a MUFON StateSection Director for Florida.Unusual red lights seenin the skies over GulfBreeze and Pensacolain recent weeks haveprompted a minor controversy as towhether they can be explained bymundane phenomena, such as bal-loons or flares, or are unexplainable,and hence possibly UFO related, Pen-sacola MUFON has been interviewingwitnesses and investigating the phe-nomena since the onset and has notas yet arrived at a probable conclusion.At this point we deem it prudent andtimely to share the information wehavewith the public.We have received more than onecall from area residents who related thatsimilar lights have been observed in theFfensacola area for decades. Ships cap-tains and crews have witnessed thephenomena for as far back as the turnof the century. Some find it humorousthat we seem to get so excited over theevents which many believe started onthe evening of April 11, 1990.Investigators for Pensacola MUFONhave received reports of other red,orange, white and even blue lights be-ing seen in the Pensacola area andelsewhere over the past few years. Mostof these reports have not been ex-plainable by natural phenomena.The current excitement seems tohave begun on the evening of Aprilllth when several Gulf Breezeresidents observed a red light travelingfrom NNE to SSW over Gulf Breezeand out into the Gulf of Mexico beforeMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 11. 11winking out. Some witnesses whowere at the Shoreline Park ball fieldrelated that they saw clusters ofballoons associated with the lightwhich led them to believe that thesighting that night was produced byman. Other experienced witnessesfirmly believe that what they saw isunexplainable.The saga continued on Thursday,April 12, when at least two witnessessaw a very bright red light hoveringto the south of Gulf Breeze over Lit-tle Sabine Island, The light hoveredin one position for several minutesand then blinked out.Some of thesame witnesses saw another light thefollowing evening to the west of GulfBreeze. It again hovered in one posi-tion for a few minutes before blink-ing out. These witnesses, who haveknowledge of and experience withflares, are convinced that what theyobserved cannot be explained asman-made.At least five other witnessesreported seeing another red light onFriday, April 13, to the north of GulfBreeze. It hovered in one spot for afew minutes, then shot up out of sightwhen an aircraft approached from thewest. When the airplane passed thelocation, the red light reappeared andthen shot straight up and vanished.This would seem to indicate that atleast two of the red lights were in thearea Friday night.On Saturday night, April 14, atleast seven witnesses reported seeinga red light to the north of Gulf Breeze.It approached from the east on awesterly path at a very high speed —nearly the speed of sound. It suddenlystopped with almost instantaneousdeceleration. It hovered in one spotfor a brief time, moved back and fortha few times with the light pulsating,and then moved up, then out of sight.Another group of witnesses observeda second red light to the North of GulfBreeze which just hovered in onelocation for a few minutes and thendisappeared.A third red light was observed bya group of witnesses at the south endof the three-mile Pensacola BayBridge. This one approached from theWARNINGHoax "UFO" balloons beingHown near Gulf Breeze by un-known persons are an ILLEGALHAZARD to civil and military air-craft, and thus to persons on theground.If you have any information onthe person(i) responsible for thisillegal and potentially dangerousactivity, please call:(2O2) 554-59O1SSE, passed nearly over the bridgefor a distance, and then moved awayto the NE over East Bay where itblinked out. These accounts seem toindicate that there were at least threered lights in the area at about thesame time.Witnesses have also reportedsighting red lights in the area on Tues-day, April 17, and on Wednesday,April 18.It cannot be ignored that some ofthe above events may be hoaxes orpranks perpetrated by man, but mostof us find it difficult to explain all ofthem that way. The multiple sightings,in different positions, at the same timeand moving in different directionswould have posed tough problemsfora hoaxer. Attaining the very highspeed in the one event would alsohave been difficult. Ifanyone has ad-ditional informationto report on theseevents please contact MUFON Pen-sacola at (904) 436-2700.Associate Editors note: On theevening of April 11, 1990, numerouswitnesses attending a baseball gameat South Shoreline Park in GulfBreeze, Florida, observed andreported a red light supported by acluster of party balloons moving withthe wind from NNE to SSW, travel-ing out into the Gulf of Mexico before"winking out." Obviously, this was aman-made prank intentionallymanipulated to pass over a knownaudience at a scheduled baseballgame. This charade sparked interestin later sightings during the month ofApril, reported in this news update byRex Salisberry, which were not ex-plainable in conventional terms.An advertisement appeared in thePensacola News Journal on April 28,1990 after the reported series ofsightings of red lightsover Gulf Breezein an apparent attempt to discredit thewitnesses and investigators. (Seereproduction of the ad in thisarticle.)Some readers may recognize the tele-phone number as that of Philip J.Klass in Washington, DC. Two in-dependent telephone calls were madeto this number by investigators-inwhich Mr. Klass admitted that he hadplaced the ad in the newspaper. Hewas attempting to build a case to pro-vide a prosaic explanation for all ofthe sightingsin his own shrewd man-ner to fulfill his reputation as a self-appointed debunker. Nice try Phil —you failed again.UFONEWSCLIPPING SERVICEThe UFO Newsclipping Service willkeep you informed of all the latestUnited States and World-Wide UFOreports (s., little known photographiccases, close encounters and landingreports, occupant cases) and all otherUFO reports, many of which are car-ried only in small town and foreignnewspapers.Our UFO Newsclipping Serviceissues are 20-page monthly reports,reproduced by photo-offset, con-taining the latest United States andCanadian UFO newsclippings, withour foreign section carrying thelatest British, Australian, New Zea-land and other foreign press reports.Also included is a 3-5 page sectionof "Fortean" clippings (i.e., Bigfootand other "monster" reports). Let uskeep you informed of the latesthap-penings in the UFO and Forteanfields.For subscription information andsample pages from our service, writetoday to:UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICERoute 1 - Box 220Plumerville, Arkansas 72127MUFON UFO JOURNALNo. 266 June1990
  • 12. 12CIA Secrecy, Keyhoes PapersCIA Falls onSecrecy SwordOccasionally, when others learn of myregular use of the U.S. Freedom of In-formation Actto determine what thegovernment knows about UFO reali-ty (and when it knew it), I get thequestion, "Arent you concerned thatone or more of the agencies youquery will start compiling a dossier onyou — simply because you dared pryinto their secret affairs?"Certainly, that prospect awaits any-one who might get too close to officialUFOlogical truth — whether that per-son uses the FOIA tool or not. In-deed, in my latest FOIA lawsuitagainst the Federal Bureau of In-vestigation (in which the Bureauprevailed), I sought, in part, to havethe Bureau account for itslongstand-ing (and still extant) policy and prac-tice of spying upon the UFO-researchactivities and objectives of such re-searchers as William L. Moore,Leonard H. Stringfield, Stanton T.Friedman, and Larry W. Bryant —each of whom isfavored with an F.B.I.dossier of varying degrees of publicdisclosure by the Bureau.Besides the Bureau and its cousinagency, the U.S. Air Force Office ofSpecial Investigations, what agency feels compelled to keepwatch over UFO researchers? Noneother than the U.S. Central In-telligence Agency.With their history of behind-the-scenes involvement with the UFOproblem dating back to the earlyFif-ties, the C.I.A. UFO sleuths prefer tokeep a low profile as regards their ownUFO investigations. But when itcomes to spying upon private"UFOlogists," the Agencys profilesticks up like a periscope in theWashington Monuments reflectingpool.Case in point: Some years ago, 1FOIA-requested all C.I.A.-generatedrecords pertaining to the Agencys1965 initiative to acquire hard-coreUFO-encounter reports from thenow-defunct National InvestigationsCommittee on Aerial Phenomena.Later, that contact with formerNICAPassistant director Richard H. Hallprompted him to FOIA-request acopy of any C.I.A. dossier being kepton him. At first, the Agency deniedthey had anything in their files onhim. When he reminded them of theirearlier response to me, they providedhim a copy (heavily censored, ofcourse) of what they admit to keep-ing on him.Part of that Hall dossier consistsof a one-page memo dated August14, 1973, "Subject: Larry W.Bryant / Richard H. Hall." It concernshow the Agency was reacting to myFOIA request for documentation ontheir "confidential" contact withNICAP. Its final sentence reads:"[Deleted] is not going to pursue thematter, however, [deleted] in theirtelephone conversation, suggestedthat we had not heard the last fromMr. Bryant."Do those C.I.A.-deleted referencesto persons or agencies pertain to myemployer at the time? To get theanswer, I have just filed, on May 17,1990, an FOIA / Privacy Actlawsuitin U.S. District Court for the Districtof Columbia, titled Bryant v. CentralIntelligence Agency (Civil Action No.90-1163).In the meantime, ponder this ques-tion: Have we heard the last from theC.I.A. as to how, when, where andwhy it monitors the activitiesand ob-jectives of UFO researchers as it con-tinues to expand its store of hard-coreUFO data?— Larry W. Bryant(Bryant directs, from his home inAlexandria, Va., the Washington,DC , office of the public-interest groupCitizens Against UFO Secrecy.)Sikorsky "Saucer"STRATFORD, Conn., June 5 (AP)—The Sikorsky Aircraft division of theUnited Technologies Corporation saidit was developing a bicycle-sized,pilotless air vehicle for the DefenseDepartment. The six-foot-wide disk-shaped vehicle, called the Cypher,would be used for ground and navalsurveillance and for relaying com-munications, Sikorsky said.It said the craft, which was designedto take off vertically in a small areaand to hover relatively motionless,even in windy conditions, was beingtested at wind tunnels in the UnitedTechnologies Research Center in EastHartford, Conn. Possible nonmilitaryuses include anti-drug enforcement,forestry, work needed by utility com-panies and search-and-rescue mis-sions, Sikorsky said.- NY TimesKey/ices PapersLots of rumors have been flying aboutrecently concerning the unpublishedmanuscripts, papers and files left bythe late Major Donald E. Keyhoe.Since they seem to "improve" witheach retelling, to the point of absolutebizarreness in some cases, I would liketo set the record straight.I am in touch with Mrs. Keyhoe andvisit her periodically.She turned overto me all the UFO-related files shecould find. They consist of fragmentsof two or three (Im not sure which yet)chapters of an unfinished book, somescattered letters (perhaps a dozen ortwo), and a lot of hand-written andtyped notes, and that is all.Obvious-ly a lot of his UFO material is missingand apparently lost. If more is found,Mrs. Keyhoe will notify me.Discussions have been held withthe Fund for UFO Research and Mrs.Keyhoe about the possibility ofpublishing a limited edition of the un-finished chapters, and we hope to doMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 13. 13this later in the year. However, a lotof work is involved. The manuscriptfragments were scattered around inmany different files and folders, andloose individual pages were foundseparately.At first glance, seeing so many dif-ferent chapter titles, I thought themanuscript might be fairly complete.Closer inspection revealed that thesame two or three chapters, or par-tial chapters, had been rewrittenseveral times and retitled. I have nothad time to completely sort throughthe manuscripts and decide whichloose pages go with which chapterand which draft.We have also discussed the pos-sibility of auctioning off the originalmanuscript (s), or copies of them, asa means of raising money for theFund for UFO Research. Anyone onthe Funds mailing list will be dulynotified of any publicationor auctionplans.One other point: Mrs. Keyhoe letme search through stacks of foldersin Major Keyhoes desk looking forUFO material. No case files and onlya handful of original reports (familiarto me from NICAP files) were found.What became of his report files andcorrespondence files we dont know.They may have been lost when hisof-fice in Luray, Virginia, was closed, orthey may be stored in boxes some-where and eventually be found. Wecertainly hope that they turn up. Mrs.Keyhoe has been very cooperative intrying to locate the missing material.- Richard HallIn OthersWords ...Lucius ParishNATIONAL ENQUIRER for May 15has more of Brad Steigers specula-tions on "Star People" and the char-acteristics which supposedly set themapart from ordinary mortals.In the last column (April 1990issue), Imentioned a book by one EdMcCabe, AGAINSTGRAVITY, forth-coming from Warner Books in June.Well, yes, there isan Ed McCabe whohas done considerable research intoUFO events, as well as "free energy"devices, so it was only natural that Ithought of him when I saw this bookmentioned. As itturns out, the bookhas nothing at all to do with UFOs orrelated subjects (despite its title). Sorryabout that!If you have heard about the British"circles" (and who hasnt?) and youdlike to get copies of the two majorbooks on the subject, I would recom-mend William R. Corliss "TheSourcebook Project" as your bestsource. He has copies of CIRCULAREVIDENCE by Pat Delgado and Col-in Andrews (190 pages; beautifulphotos) at $27.95 and Dr. TerenceMeadens THE CIRCLES EFFECTAND ITS MYSTERIES at $19.95.These prices are postpaid, makingthem the cheapest U.S. sources forthese books. Corliss has numerousother books on UFOs and other typesof unexplained phenomena, so besure to ask for hisbook list and a sam-ple copy of his bi-monthly newsletter,SCIENCE FRONTIERS. The addressis: The Sourcebook Project - Box 107- Glen Arm, MD 21057.The "UFO Update/Anti-Matter"column in May OMNIdeals with Jac-ques Vallees research and his latestbook, CONFRONTATIONS. Valleefavors the interdimensional theory toexplain UFO events, promptingcriticisms from both UFO proponentsand skeptics.Wouldnt you like to hear thoseoriginal hypnotic regression tapes inthe Betty and Barney Hill case? Well,some excerpts from said tapes arenow included in a two-tape "audiobook" version of John G. Fullers THEINTERRUPTED JOURNEY, read bynone other than Whitley Strieber.Released by Caedmon, the tapesshould be available at most of the"chain" bookstores ($15.95). An ex-tremely interesting version of a classicUFO case.Both video and audio tapes of therecent Ozark UFO Conference #2should be available by the time youread this. Inquiriesmay be sent to myaddress (Route 1, Box 220 Plumer-ville, AR 72127). I think youll findquite a bit of interesting material in thetalks which were presented at theConference. You may mark April12-14, 1991 on your calendars as thetime when we do it again!Dan C. Overlade Award AnnouncedThe Center for Treatment and Research of Experienced AnomalousTrauma (TREAT) takes pleasure in announcing the establishment ofthe Dan C. Overlade Memorial Award as a means of offering fittingtribute to an outstanding clinician and researcher in ExperiencedAnomalous Trauma. Dr. Overlades contributions to the field wereprematurely cut short by his tragic and untimely death in November of1989.In Dr. Overlades honor, an award of $500 will be made annuallyto the author of the research or clinical paper which does the most toadvance our understanding of a significant aspect of ExperiencedAnomalous Trauma each year. Submissions may be of any length andmust be previously unpublished. They are expected to conform toestablished scientific formats and may come from authors in anydiscipline. Papers so recognized will be presented at next TREAT Con-ference and publishedby the Center for Treatment and Research of Ex-perienced AnomalousTrauma.Papers may be submitted to Rima E. Laibow, M.D., 13 Summit Ter-race, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522.(MUFON will provide the cash award for the 1990 research paper.)MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 14. 14The UFO PressThe WatchersBy Ray Fowler, Bantam Books, NY, 7990, hb, $19.95Reviewed by Press ReleaseTo Catch A Flying StarBy John Ackerman, UNIVELT, 1989, San Diego, CAReviewed by James M. McCampbell, MUFONDirector for ResearchHere is a provocative work thatdares to respond to the ultimate ques-tion for any follower of UFO and ex-traterrestrial phenomena: Why arethey here? Based on amazing newdiscoveries, The Watchers presents ananswer that will shock and startle you.The case of Betty Andreasson Lucais a landmark in UFO abduction in-vestigations, remarkable for thevividness and drama of Lucas recallunder hypnosis, for the strangelylogical inner consistency of the ex-periences she relates, and for thequestions that remain even after in-tense scrutiny of her fascinating ac-counts. Though the case has beenstudied for years, it is only recentlythat a breathtaking array ofpreviouslyunknown extraterrestrial encountershas come to light, the implications ofwhich cannot be dismissed.Most significant of all, these en-counters reveal the secret purposebehind the abductions of Betty An-dreasson Luca and many othersthroughout history — and theultimate design behind the alienspresence on earth and in our lives.Only after Luca discovered theirdisturbing prime motive did she finallygive a name to the beings who havebeen a part of her life since childhood.She calls them the Watchers.Using a wealth of fully documentednew material. The Watchers paints avivid picture of the total abductionphenomenon as experienced by Bettyand by many others — includingauthor Raymond E. Fowler himself.The many points of commonalityamong disparate abduction incidents— such as physical descriptions ofalien beings, examinations, ex-periments, and out-of-body ex-periences — suggest not only that weare indeed being visited, but also thatthe visits have actually taken place formany years.This explosive book brings us closerto the Watchers than ever before: wesee their amazing equipment, theirscientific knowledge and power, andthe shattering consequences of whatthey know about our present and ourfuture. Not since Communion hasthere been a story this fascinating. TheWatchers gives new meaning toheretofore enigmatic aspects of alien-abduction and UFO phenomena; tan-talizing mysteries whose solutions liein the message the aliens are nowrevealing to us — a message no oneon this planet can ignore.Raymond E. Fowler has 25 yearsof experience with UFO and extrater-restrial phenomena. He has beenfeatured in national magazines andhas appeared on numerous radio andtelevision programs to discuss hisfascinating work with UFOs and ab-ductees. He is the author of UFOs:Interplanetary Visitors, Casebook ofa UFO Investigator, The AndreassonAffair, and The Andreasson Affair,Phase Two.Raymond E. FowlerAutographed copies of The Watch-ers (with a Foreward by WhitleyStrieber) can be ordered directly fromthe author for $20.00, postage paidat: 13 Friend Court, Wenham, MA,01984. Make checks payable to RayFowler.Mr. John Ackerman has adopteda refreshingview of UFOs in his newbook, ToCatch A Flying Star. He ex-plicitly accepts the premise that theyare real, physical objects "... probablyoriginating from some advancedcivilization associated with nearbystars." His primary interest is disclosedin the subtitle, "A Scientific Theory ofUFOs." Deciphering the propulsionsystem of these objects has challengednumerous investigators for decades.An interesting foreword by WalterH. Andrus, Jr. puts the book into anaccurate perspective while a prefaceby Ackerman provides a brief historyof the subject. Such a summary mayhave been extraneous here but thepresentation of statistics from theCenter For UFO Studies lendscredibility to the subject.It is not possible in a limited spaceto present an overview of the bookchapter-by-chapter. However, theessential thrust of the text can bedescribed and examined in someMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 15. 15detail. The author proposes thatlevitation and propulsion of UFOs isaccomplished by extremely intensemagnetic fields as they interact withthat of the earth. The basic hypothesisand follow-on implicationsare statedwith unusual clarity and arethoroughly explored. Would thatmany authors were as readable asAckerman.As to the details, some technicallytrained readers may raise objections.Also, experts on UFOs may notice theomission of important references toprevious work that may not have beenknown by the author. It is suggestedthat direct measurement of magneticfields near UFOs be attempted asthough the idea were original. Nomention was made of the extensiveresearch by Ray Stanford, HarleyRutledge and others, or the recogniz-ed need for quick-response teamswith suitable equipment.A reasonable attempt bythe authorto calculate the strength of themagnetic source on UFOs proved thatit must be enormous, being orders ofmagnitude (say 1,000,000 times)greater than the strongest field thathas been produced in a laboratoryeven for brief periods. Correspondingelectrical currents to produce suchfields were also calculated to wellbeyond the range of human ex-perience as would be expected for amore advanced civilization. Themagnitude of the required magneticmoment as calculated in the book iscomparable with the figure inferred byClaude Poher from measurements atseveral government Research Stationsin France.It appears that the proposed levita-tion would be the result of twomagnetic fields that are mutuallyrepelling. While attracting magnets arehighly stable, opposing magnets arenotoriously unstable. Opposingmagnets tend to flip over suddenly in-to the attracting mode that couldcause a crash. So this method of flightwould require a super-sensitive andfail-proof control system. Very fewuseful items are designed to operateat a point of instability. Steering anautomobile, for example, would bedisconcerting if it were designed todeviate suddenly from a straightpath.Further discussion in the bookseems to require the earths magneticfield to be exactly vertical, a conditionthat exists only in small regions at theterrestrial poles. Over most of theearth, its magnetic lines of force areroughly parallel to the surface, andnear the magnetic equator they ac-tually are. Yet UFOs happily Hitthrough the skies of Brazil hardlyaware of the problem. Countering theearths field there would require ahorizontal force leaving nothing tosupport the craft.A fundamental requirement of anacceptable theory is that itencompassall the known data. But the presenttheory seems incapable ofexplainingthe electromagnetic waves emanatingfrom UFOs that have been extensivelydocumented. If the magnetic hy-pothesis were the final answer, it issurprising that it has been overlookedby electrical engineers and physicistsfor 40 years.The extreme complexityofgravita-tion can easily be appreciated fromthe papers of Fred Alzofon (MUFONSymposium, 1982) and HaroldPuthoff (Phys Rev A, March 1. 1989JIt should be noted that modifyinggravity to achieve levitationis differentfrom overcoming it by brute force inany form, whether magnetic, jet orrocketry. The mere ability to levitateor accelerate upward is not adequateto explain a key feature of UFOs.Most witnesses are certain that the ob-ject they saw was extraordinarybecause it behaved as though it hadno mass or inertia. The consensusofmodern science is that gravitationalmass and inertial mass are the samething, and therefore, inseparable. Asuper-science to power UFOs wouldsurely take that into account, whereasthe proposed theory does not. Inother words, an object levitated bymagnetic forces would still be limitedby its inertia.While readers with technical train-ing may find soft spots in the theory,the book is nevertheless meritorious.Ackerman should be commended forsetting forth his concepts in clear textfor everyone to study. Ifmany otherswent to such effort, a variety of ideaswould become available for com-parison and analysis. Perhaps a singlecontribution would contain the long-sought answers or they may be foundin the composite.The present reviewer found thebook to be interesting and learnedsomething from the line of develop-ment presented in it. It might convincea general reader that the propulsionproblem has been solved, whereas ithas only been worked on.Everyone who wishes to keep upwith the literature on UFOs should ex-amine a copy. To Catch A Flying Starpurchased by mail at $15.00 or at a dis-count price of $9.95 "... to individualmembers of UFO or space societies."Orders should be placed with thepublisher, UNIVELT, Inc., P.O. Box28130, San Diego, CA 92128.Calendar of UFO Conferences for 1990July 6, 7, 8 — MUFON 1990 International UFO Symposium - PensacolaHilton, Pensacola, Florida.July 14 & 15— Phantoms of the Sky - Ufology into the 90s -Sheffield LibraryTheatre, Sheffield, England.October 13 — Show-Me UFO ConferenceSt. Charles, Missouri.- Noahs Ark Motor Inn,October 13 & 14 — The UFO Experience - Ramada Inn, North Haven,Connecticut.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 16. 16Looking BackBob GribbleJune 1950 • Three AirForce per-sonnel on duty in the air traffic con-trol tower at HamiltonAir Force Base,California, witnessed a "flying disc"make from three to five passes overthe air base on the 21st. They said thecraft, emitting a "thunder-like roar,"buzzed the field at an altitude of 2000to 5000 feet. The controllers said theyfollowed the disc with binoculars.They estimated its speed at "between1000 and 1500 milesper hour." Cor-poral Roger Pryor first sported thevehicle as it sped across the sky. Atfirst, he said, he thought it was a fall-ing star but he changed his mindwhen the craft held itsaltitude, turned,and made another pass over the airbase. S/Sgt. Ellis Lorimer and Sgt.Virgil Cappuro also saw the disc in theearly-morning sky. They said thevehicle trailed blue flame behind it"like an acetylene torch."• 1955 At 11 p.m. on the 16th, aFlying Tiger Airlinesplane was on aroutine flight 40 miles northeast ofSpringfield, Missouri. Suddenly ablue-white disc, moving at tremen-dous speed, moved toward the air-craft. After circling around the planein a tight circle, the craft tilted upsteeply and streaked out of sight.• During thenight ofthe23rd,thepilots of a Mohawk Airlines planesaw a strange craft with lighted open-ings race overhead. The vehicle, on-ly 500 feet above them, was ellipticalin shape, and about 150 feet long.After it sped out of sight it was ob-served briefly by two Colonial Airlinepilots and another aircraft crew. Thecraft also was seen by control toweroperators at Albany, New York Air-port, as it was speeding along VictorTwo Airway. It was tracked, minuteslater, still on Victor Two Airway, byradar at Boston, Massachusetts. Fromthe recorded times after the Mohawksighting, the speed was computed asbetween 4000 and 4800 miles perhour.• 1965 While completing his20thorbit on the Gemini Four Mission onthe fourth, Astronaut James McDivittcaught sight of a strange looking ob-ject out in space. He made the follow-ing report: "At the time that I saw itI said there was something out in frontof me, outside the spacecraft, that Icouldnt identify and I never havebeen able to identify, and I dont thinkanybody ever will. We were in driftingflight and my partner Ed White wasasleep. The spacecraft had all theflight control systems turned off andalmost all of the electricalequipmentturned off except the radio. Thespacecraft was drifting around and Icouldnt tell — and I still dont knowwhich direction it was pointing, itwasnt pointing toward Earth — butI couldnt see anything out in front ofme except a black sky."As it was rotating around I noticedsomething out front that was a whitecylinderical-shape with a white polesticking out of one corner of it. It hadabout the same dimensional relation-ship as a beer can with a smooth pen-cil out one corner of it. I couldnt tellhow close it was and I couldnt tellwhat the size was — depth percep-tion in space is not very good unlessyou know the size of the object thatyoure looking at. I thought I mightrun into it so I turned on the flightcontrol system; it takes a whilefor theelectronics to warm up. In the mean-time I grabbed two cameras whichwere floating in the space capsule. Igrabbed one and took a picture. ThenI let go of it and grabbed the other oneand took a picture."As the sun set on the window Icould no longer see out and the thingjust disappeared. I never did find outwhat it was and nobody else dideither. They checked NORAD recordsto see what they had up on radar andthere wasnt anything within veryclose range of us. After we landed inthe Atlantic Ocean the films wereflown back to Houston, Texas. Iveseen the photos that were released,Ive seen them published in mag-azines and newspapers. Now, I wentback and went througheach frame ofall the pictures that we took and therewasnt anything in there like what Ihad seen."General McDivitt has made it ab-solutely clear that NASA never didshow him any pictures of the objectwhich he photographed. One possi-ble explanation for this came from Dr.Garry C. Henderson, an Americanspace expert. In a public lectureHen-derson announced that Americanastronauts flying in space have notonly sighted UFOs but have takenphotographs and that their pictureshad been locked up. Henderson saidhe had spoken to one astronaut whotold him he was instructed along withother astronauts by NASA officials"not to mention any UFO sightingsmade." He attributed the shroud ofsecrecy to NASA fears of ridicule. TheU.S. Congress, he claimed, couldbecome wary of the space programand eventuallycut down on financialappropriations. When Hendersonmade his startling announcement heheld the position of senior spaceresearch scientistwith the Fort Worth,Texas division of General Dynamics.(Editors note: Dr. Henderson is aformer MUFON Consultant.)• 1970 Thefollowing reportwasreceived from a pilot holding a highmanagement position with theFederal Government: "In June I wasstationed in San Juan, Puerto Rico,and was flying with the Puerto RicoNational Guard. In the early morning,a report had been received from twoair carriers, Pan American, and a localcarrier, Caribair,that at dawn a largeballoon-like object was sighted driftingslowly southwestward at an approx-imate altitude of 5000 to 7000 feet.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 17. 17The object was detected on radarand subsequently tracked. Movementappeared to be at four to eight knotsper hour. I was a member of a flightof F-104s and a T-33 aircraft that wentto the site where the object had beensighted to observe and to photographit if possible."The object was visible from theground at Isla Verde Airport, SanJuan, Puerto Rico. Its appearancewas similiar to a balloon. After be-coming airbom and flying towards theobject, it became immediately ap-parent that it was at a very highaltitude and was quite a distanceaway. The object was approximately40 miles southwest of Ponce, PuertoRico, at an altitude in excess of60,000 feet. Myself in a T-33 and fourother pilots in F-104s observed andphotographed the object. The follow-ing details are noted: 1) It was amanufactured item. 2) It was at least125 feet in width with the same ap-proximate length. 3) It was shapedsimilar to the forward one-third of aspeedboat hull with a flat rear sectionand a pointed nose section. 4) Therewas an area of high reflectivity on thekeel1approximately one-third fromthe nose of the object. 5) The object... drifted slowly against the prevail-ing winds to the southwest about eightknots per hour. 6) There were nosigns of any type of propulsion uniton the object."Extensive gun-camera film wascollected showing the object veryclearly. A B-52 from Ramey Air ForceBase acquired the target on the ra-dar. Upon Mocking on, the B-52received electronic jamming. Theobject was kept in surveillancethroughout the remainder of thedaylight hours and was lost after dark.The prevailing weather at the timeof the incident was clear skies andunlimited visibility. The object wasviewed by the majority of the popula-tion of the island of Puerto Rico; visi-ble in plain sight for most of the day,and reported to all military intelligenceactivities, National Weather Service,etc. The San Juan Star published aseries of articles concerning the inci-dent."• Ontheninth, internationally fa-mous physicist Dr. James E.McDonald held an unpublicized UFObriefing before a small group of In-stitute of Electrical and ElectronicsEngineers (IEEE) gathered at SantaMonicas Miramar Hotel inCalifornia.Taped a few months before his un-timely death and two days after hehad returned from two weeks of dig-ging into the UFO files at Maxwell AirForce Base, Montgomery, Alabama,McDonald told the scientists: "As onewhos spent four years on the UFOproblem and who has interviewed500 or 600 witnesses, I dont seeyet any alternative that makes muchsense, alternative to the extra-terrestrial hypothesis."I looked at about 400 caseswhileI was at Maxwell Air Force Base, andthe number of really significant casesthat to my knowledge nobody whohas ever followed the UFO problemhas ever heard of before, above all,the radar cases, cases of objects ex-hibiting performance characteristicsthat are not in anybodys aeronauticalengineering book, are very, very im-pressive. Were dealing in the UFOphenomenon with phenomenologythat suggests a technology. Now thatI wouldnt want to back off on at all.It suggests technology — manufac-tured products. Give me five hoursand I will fill five hours withpersonally-checked cases of close-range sightings of structured objects."What 1report to you most recent-ly from Maxwell Air Force Base,where the files are alive and well, isthat down there in those files are moredarn radar cases, Navy, MarineCorps, Army and Air Force, than anyof us have ever suspected. Thenumber of visual sightings, say fromIowa or California or Maine, wherethe observers saw objects that, say, lefttheir field of sight in a time on theorder of a few seconds is a very largenumber. And I always wondered,when looking over those cases, whythere werent radar examples of thesame sort of thing. There are! Theyredown in the files, explained as birds,balloons, malfunctions, false signals,propagation, absurb explanations, butone after the other, just under the rugand forgotten. They cant be thatstupid. It is almost impossible tobelieve all those errors, the ineptnessof the explanations."McDonald told the scientists that hediscovered at Maxwell Air Force Base"a whole broad category of hiddenUFO reports, reports that have nevergot out into any open channels andwhich in fact are of very significantscientific interest. The total populationof hidden UFO reports is a pool of in-formation completely untapped be-cause everybody knows that UFOsare a lot of nonsense. Everybodyknows they dont exist. Hence timegoes by, and we laugh the problemout of existence."• 1975 Two Carson, Californiawit-nesses reported a huge dull-finished,double-domed disc hovering about135 feet above their backyard on thesixth. The craft was first seen about9:03 p.m. by Steve Sisneros, who wascarrying trash from the house to thebackyard. As he entered his yard henoticed everything seemed darkerthan usual, as though in a shadow.He looked up. Hovering above himwas a disc-shaped object estimated tobe 100 feet in diameter. The vehicleseemed to be made of silver coloredsteel. Steve counted eight glowingopenings in the lower section of adouble dome on top of the craft. Theboy ran into the house yelling for hismother. The two quicklyreturned tothe yard.Steve had the impression the bot-tom of the disc was "rugged," asthough "covered with mud," leadingto speculation the vehicle may havelanded, perhaps nearby, a short timebefore the sighting. His mother saidthe bottom was "black and looked likeit was corroded ... like tar was stuckon it." After hovering and wobblingover the Sisneros backyard, a neigh-bors backyard, and a trailer court forabout three minutes, the disc beganmoving away. A smooth hummingsound the craft had been emittingnow grew louder. The vehicle, pick-Continued on page 19MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 18. 18THE IMPLANT ENIGMABy John SchuesslerSchuessler is MUFONsDepu-ty Director, Administration.A male UFO abduction victimliving in Houston is puzzled andworried about the possibility thata device of some type was im-planted somewhere in the sideofhis head by his abductors. Heclaims he can feel the effects ofthe implant at certain times.Sounds seem to be transmittedinto his head via the implant.Another male abduction vic-tim, barely 12 years old, claimedthat small creatures took himfrom his bed, stuck a needle intohis upper arm and then opened asquare patch of skin on the leftside of his head. His parents areworried that he may have re-ceived an implant of some type.Many other abductees claimthey have been given implantsup the nose, in die back of theneck, in the facial area, into thespinal area and at other locationsfor some unknown (to them)purpose. Many reported theywere abducted another time sothat the implant could be re-moved.Doctors have reported rem-oving subcutaneous artifactsfrom patients for many years.Their job was to get rid of aforeign body blamed for causingdiscomfort or pain to the patient.It is just possible that some ofthese artifacts may have been ofthe variety claimed by abducteesto be their implants. Adding tothe mystery is the fact that veryfew doctors are prepared to dealwith the abduction problem,implants or not.ProtocolMany researchers have avoid-ed the implant issue for years fora variety of reasons. But becauseThe scale bar is 10 /xmthe number of abduction casescontinues to grow, it is time toestablish a protocol, collect harddata, speculate on their purpose,model the conditions) and bringimplants into the laboratory.Some steps in this direction havealready been made, but not on abroad enough scale.For example, a very interestinganalysis of an implant was re-cently presented at the TREAT IIconference in Virginia. No bi-zarre claims were made, but verydetailed laboratory reports werepresented. As starts go, this wasa good one.Imaginary?Many people feel that thewhole implant problem is animaginary one. Because it is diffi-cult to imagine how such im-plants would work or why theyare there in the first place, it ismuch easier simply to ignorethem. Unfortunately, we maywell look back one day and findthis ostrich-like approach similarto the response that first greetedstories of stones falling from thesky.Our own medical doctors be-gan using implants several yearsago in successful attempts to ex-tend human life. Cardiac pace-makers are one of the more dra-matic examples. Numerous plas-tic and metal units have subse-quently been miniaturized to fitneatly into the human body.Examples, in fact, abound.Consider the number of slowrelease medicines that can nowbe inserted just under the skin.The latest application of suchadvanced techniques involves theimplanting of minute amounts ofbrain tissue from an abortedfetus into the brain of a mansuffering from Parkinsons dis-Continued on page 23MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 19. 19LETTERS ... Crops Circles ... MIBsDear Editor:I see that Jim Deardorff reports me(in the March Journal) as "taken inby Meadens pseudo-scientific presen-tation" of the plasma-vortex as an ex-planation for the crop circles. Well,not quite. If Jim cares to re-read myOctober article, he will see that Imconvinced we need some other fac-tor as well, and that I also reportedthe odd way in which the phenom-enon neatly contradicts any rashgeneralization made about it and hascurious associations with psychicgoings-on.By the time this gets into printMeaden will have held a major con-ference at Oxford about his plasma-vortex theory. For a "pseudo-scientist" he isnt doing too badly:Professor John Snow of PurdueUniversity, Professor Hiroshi Kikuchiof Nihon University, Japan, and Pro-fessor Ohtsuki of Waseda, Japan, allof them keenly interested in theweirder thingsthe atmosphere can do,are presenting papers. We must waitand see whether they, too, have been"taken in." Illgive MUFON a run-down on the conference later thisyear.Meaden may turn out to be wrong,of course. But his is one of the fewserious attempts yet made to findwhat forces may be at work in mak-ing the circles, and thats surely wherewe have to start from. Whats more,its a testable view, viz. good sciencewhether right or wrong.My own hunch isthat Meaden cantbe more than partly right (anywayfrom what hes told us so far). Theclustering of the events remains verystrangely linked to certain sites andareas which are, in themselves, arch-aeological mysteries; and the impres-sion that we are dealing with a rapid-ly developing phenomenon whichshows something very like "purpose"is now irresistable. At the time of thisletter (third week in May) wevealready had more than fifty events,almost all in haunted Wessex, and atleast three of them show startlingnew patterns not seen before.A group of us have now set up anew research body, the CENTREFOR CROP CIRCLE STUDIES(CCCS for short), headed by Pro-fessor Archie E. Roy of the Depart-ment of Physics and Astronomy atGlasgow University. Weve done soprecisely because we believe theremay be a good deal more to thecircles than atmospheric physics alonecan account for. But this is com-plementary to Meadens work, notcompetitive with it. We hope to openup the subject to a wider range ofdisciplined speculation from fields asdiverse as archaeology, folklore, an-thropology and psychical research.We also aim to be international.Good reports of what are pretty clear-ly crop circles are reaching us from anumber of countries around theworld. Although we can stillproudlyclaim British Wessex as the premiertourist attraction for those who wantto see a circle, weve now clearly gotinto the export business! An interna-tional database is rapidly becomingessential.Interested readers can find outmore by sending an InternationalReply Coupon to CCCS, P.O. Box146, Guildford, Surrey GU2 5JY,England, UK.— Ralph NoyesLondonDear Editor:Extraordinary stories need extra-ordinary evidence if they are to bebelieved. Over the last 40 years therehave been plenty of UFO cases withevidence stronger than that neededfor a criminal conviction. That is whyI take the subject seriously despitenever having seen one myself.It seems to me that the "Yates Af-fair" reported by Peter Rojcewicz inthe March 1990 issue of the Journaloffered the rare opportunity to getsome hard evidence on a MIB (MenIn Black) case. But as it stands, wehave to take it all in trust, and whyshould we? Who were these fourpolicemen reportedly involved? Whyno signed affidavits from any of them?Why no serious check on the identi-ty of the presumed MIB himself?If somebody could produce someMIB cases which were more thanhearsay, then the subject might moveout of folklore into an area of moreinterest to those who are convincedthat some UFOs are a very definitefact that cant be explained.— Michael BuhlerLondonLOOKING BACK, Continueding up speed, streaked away, climb-ing rapidly to the northeast, and thenstraight up into the night sky.Steve said the disc flew over a smallaircraft, and while it was under thecraft the plane dropped for an instantas though it had momentarily lostpower or was caught in "an airpocket." The morning after thesighting, Mrs. Sisneros discoveredthat two electric clocks in herbedroom, over which she said thevehicle at one point hovered, wereeach five minutes slow. She said theclocks always kept correct time.Rima E. Laibow, M.D.Symposium Speaker andDirector of TREATMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 20. 20The Night SkyWalter N. WebbJuly 1990Bright Planets {Evening Sky):The planet Mercury and the star Regulus form an unusually close pair onJuly 28. Since they are very low in the WNW at dusk, the horizon mustbe clear and unobstructed. The two objects are only 20 minutesof arc apartfrom the East Coast (less than a Moon-width), 9 apart from the West Coastand 2 apart from Hawaii. Mercury, orange in color, is four times brighterthan Regulus. Use binoculars or a telescope to observe the twoSaturn {magnitude 0.1), retrograding in Sagittarius, reaches opposition onthe 14th. At that time it is exactly opposite the Sun, rising in the SE asthe Sun sets and remainingvisible in the southern half of the sky allnight.The full moon is near the planet on the 7th and 8th.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Venus (magnitude-3.9), rises about two hours before the Sun and lieslowin the ENE at dawn. The crescent Moon is nearby on the 19th and 20th.Mars (magnitude 0.1), moving from Pisces into Aries, rises about 12:30AM in midmonth. The ruddy world stands high in the SE at dawn.Saturn sets in the SW about sunrise.Partial Solar Eclipse:The Moon hides part of the Sun on July 21 from northwestern NorthAmerica. Areas of visibility in the U.S. includeAlaska, Hawaii,Washington,Oregon, and portions of Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada and California.Percentages of obscuration and local times of maximumeclipse for selectedcities: Anchorage, 71% at 7:24 PM; Portland, 65% at 8:43 PM; Seattle,63% at 8:40 PM; Honolulu,62% at 6:29 PM; and San Francisco, eclipsebeginning just belore sunset. Dont look directly at the Sun! For safety, projectthe Suns image through a pinhole ina card, or through a telescope eyepiece,onto a white surfaceMeteor Shower:The South Delta Aquarid meteors achieve maximum on the morningsofJuly 28 and 29 at a rate of about 20 per hour. Radiating from Aquariusthe Water Bearer in the southern sky, these yellowish meteors are relative-ly slow with long paths. The quarter Moon interferes before midnight.Moon Phases:Full moon — July 7Last quarter — July 15New moon — July 21First quarter — July 29€The Stars:Late in the eveningthat hazy band of starlight, the Milky Way. plunges duesouth across the teapot-shaped archer Sagittarius. The constellation housessome of the most magnificent deep-sky objects in the heavens Sweep thisregion with binoculars or, better yet, a telescope. Three of the blobs of lightin the Milky Way are clouds of gas illuminated by clusters of stars — theLagoon, Trifid, and Swan Nebulae. Other patches happen to be both galacticstar clusters and the more compact globularclusters. With a star atlas, youwill be able to more easily locate and identify these objects.MESSAGE, ContinuedNew OfficersGary Levine, New York StateDirector, approved the appointmentof Harvey Brody (Albany) as StateSection Director for Albany, Schenec-tady and Rensselaer Counties. BrentA. Cater, M.A. and amateur radiooperator W5FRG (Clarksville) vol-unteered to be the State SectionDirector for Johnson, Franklin andLogan Counties, adding greater effec-tiveness to Edward F. MazursArkansas state team. Donald M. Warerecommended Walter W. Phelps{Hobe Sound) to be State SectionDirector for Martin and St. LuceCounties in Florida. Phillip Sprankle,M.A. (Ridgecrest) fills an importantrole in William F. Hassels SouthernCalifornia organization as State Sec-tion Director for Kern County. Ken-neth McLean, Montana State Direc-tor, has welcomed John C. Craig(Bozeman) to be the State SectionDirector for Gallatin, Park and Broad-water Counties.Three new Consultants volun-teered their expertise this month.They are Anthony E. Mansueto, Jr.,Ph.D. (Dallas, Texas) in Religion; J.Wayne MacDonald, M.D.(Lakeland,Florida) in Medicine; and JosephRubenstein, D.O.S. (Boca Raton,Florida) in Optometry. Jackie L.Caynon HI (Derby, Connecticut), alaw student at Yale, is available totranslate Korean. Twonew ResearchSpecialists are James J. Delmont,M.A. (Omaha, Nebraska) in Historyand Vincent J. Frallicciardi, M.A.{Tampa, Florida) in Counseling.Western Regional Director ElectionThe second term of Paul C. Cer-ny, the present Western RegionalDirector on the MUFON Board ofDirectors, will soon expire accordingto corporate bylaws. Filling thisimpor-tant position for the western states isa unique opportunity for a personwith leadership abilities, dedication toContinued on page 21MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 21. 21MESSAGE, Continuedresolving the UFO phenomenon, andtime resources. Experience as a Stateor State Section Director are valuableattributes, however enthusiasm andavailable time are significant assets tofulfill this prestigious position. Sincethis is a volunteer job, anyone in-terested in being considered shouldwrite to Walt Andrus expressingtheirinterest, desire and qualifications. Anelection will be conducted by ballot bythe members in the western states ofWA, OR, CA, ID, NV, UT, AZ, MT,WY, CO, NM, AK, HI and Guam.Obviously, the candidates must residein one of these states.MUFONETIn my Directors Message for theMay 1990 issue of the Journal, ashort item updated both PARANETand the experimental MUFONETfor members interested in onlinecomputer communication systemsand BBS. Mike Corbin, the systemsoperator for PARANET, has madethree location moves fro™ Coloradoto Las Vegas, Nevada and even morerecently to Los Angeles, Calif . dur-ing the past few months His voiceline in Los Angeles is temporarily(714) 624-2051 with no data lineestablished. Instability of this natureis not conducive to consistent andreliable communications.Until Mike Corbin can obtain apermanent residence and job sta-bility, we recommend that membersshould take advantage of the ex-perimental MUFONET Message Echothat John W. Komar, State Directorfor Tennessee, has been operatingfor several months. Anyone interestedin participating or seeking informationconcerning MUFONET should writeto Mr. Komar at 4769 Lake RidgeDrive, Memphis, TN 38109 or con-tact him on his voice line (901)785-4819 or the data line (901)785-4943.Continued on next pageMUFON 1990INTERNATIONAL UFO SYMPOSIUMPensacola Hilton Pensacola, FloridaSPEAKING PROGRAMSAT.. JULY 7.1990 - MORNING SESSION -9:00 a.m Opening Ceremonies - Video presentation by Kathy Ware9:05 a.m Welcome to Pensacola - Charles D. Flannigan, Florida State DirectorIntroductions of: Vicki P. Lyons, General Chairperson; Donald M WareEastern Regional Director; Walter H. Andrus, Jr., International Director9:10 a.m. Greetingsfrom the International Director - Walter H. Andrus, Jr SeguinTexas9:15 a.m. Introduction of Mark Curtis, MC; WEAR-TV - Charles D. Flannigan9:15 a.m. UFOs, EXTRATERRESTRIALS AND THE NEW SCIENCEBrian T OLeary, Ph.D., Astronomer and Author; Phoenix. Arizona10:00 a.m. WHO SPEAKS FOR THE WITNESS? - Medical and Ethical Issues inAbduction Research - David A. Gotlib, M.D.;Toronto, Ontario, Canada11:00 a.m. THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN PERCEPTIONS OF UFOLOGY INAMERICA AND EUROPE - John L. Spencer, Author and Researcher,Harpenden, England12:00 noon LUNCH - (place of your choice)- AFTERNOON SESSION -1-30 p.m. NEW REVELATIONS FROM ROSWELL - Donald R. Schmirt, MUFONWisconsin State Director and CUFOS Director, Hubertus. Wisconsin2:30 p.m. THE FYFFE ALABAMA EXPERIENCE - Carey H. Baker, Publisher;Rainsville, Alabama3:30 p m. COFFEE OR COKE BREAK4:00 p.m. ET CONTACT THE RELIGIOUS DIMENSIONDr. Barry H. Downing, Author and Minister. Endwell, New York5:00 p.m. DINNER - (place of your choice)- EVENING SESSION -7:00 p.m. THE GULF BREEZESIGHTINGS - Ed and Frances Walters; Gulf Breeze,Florida8:00 p.m UFO ABDUCTIONS IN THE GULF BREEZE, FLORIDA AREA - BuddHopkins, Author and Painter; New York, New York9:30 p.m. PANEL - Questionsand Answers - Panelists: Brian OLeary, David A. Gotlib,John L. Spencer,Donald R. Schmirt, Carey Baker, Barry H Downing, BuddHopkins, Ed and Frances Walters10:30 p.m Announcements and Adjournment - Charles D. FlanniganSUN.,10:0011:0012:001:302:303:304:005:005:05JULY 8,1990 - MORNING SESSION -i.m. THE RAINBOW DECLARATION AND HUMAN DESTINY IN THECOSMOS - John E. Brandenburg, Ph.D., Physicist; Alexandria, Virginia.m. RED SKIES: THE GREAT 1989UFO WAVE IN THE U.S.S.R. - AntonioHuneeus, Researcher and MUFON Continental Coordinator; New York.New Yorkicon DINNER (place of your choice)- AFTERNOON SESSION -ON MASS PANIC AND OTHER FAVORITE MYTHS - Robert L. Hall,Ph.D., Sociologist; St. Michaels, MarylandEXPERIENCED ANOMALOUS TRAUMA. NEW DIRECTIONS - Rima E.Laibow. M.D.,Psychiatrist; Dobbs Ferry, New YorkCOFFEE OR COKE BREAKPANEL - Questions and Answers - Panelists: John Brandenburg, AntonioHuneeus, Robert L. Hall, Rima E. Laibow, Ed and Frances Walters, DonaldM. Ware, Walter H. Andrus, JrINVITATION TO MUFON 1991INTERNATIONAL UFO SYMPOSIUMThomas P. Stults, Illinois State Director; Downers Grove, IllinoisAnnouncements and Adjournment - Charles D. Flanniganp.m.p.m.p.m.p m.p.m.p.mMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 22. 22MESSAGE, ContinuedField Investigators ManualSince a major revision for the futurefourth edition of the MUFON Field In-vestigators Manual could not be ac-complished before running out of thethird edition, 500 more copies wereprinted to bridge this period. Allmanuals mailed after April 1, 1990have the new Computer Input Form2 {3 pages) and the 11-page "Instruc-tions for Completion" enclosed tomake them current. Anyone desiringto update their present manual shouldwrite to MUFON by postcard or let-ter, requesting the Computer InputForm 2 and instructions.Rocky Mountain UFO ConferenceThe llth Annual Rocky MountainConference on UFO Investigation willbe held June 28, 29 and 30, 1990 atthe School of Extended Studies,University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY,conducted by June O. Parnell, Ph.D.and R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D. The pur-pose of the conference is to providean opportunity for UFO experiencesand UFO investigatorsto become ac-quainted and to share informationabout UFO experiences.Speakers and workshop leadersscheduled on June 29 and 30 areMarilyn J. Sprinkle, Penny Goodson-Kjome, Jane A. Rock, June Parnell,Ph.D., Ann Foster, Michael Grosso,Ph.D., Ann B. Druffel, and Dr.Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde. Theconference will open with a get ac-quainted session on Thursday, June28th at 7:00 p.m. in the MedicineBow Room.The single rate registration fee is$35 before June 1stand $40 per per-son thereafter. For further detailsplease write to llth RockyMountainConference of UFO Investigation,Conferences and Institutes,P.O. Box3972. Laramie, WY 82071-3927 orcontact June O. Pamell, 1151 HidalgoDrive, Laramie, WY 82070 ortelephone (307) 742-3399. Dr.Pamell is MUFONs State Director forWyoming.MUFONET Lapel PinsFranklin Youri, former State Sec-tion Director in San Jose, Calif., pur-chased oval-shaped MUFON lapelpins with the gold colored logo overa black background. Both MUFONand Mr. Youri still have a small sup-ply. This is an opportunity to displayyour MUFON lapel pin at the sym-posium, share as a gift or award tomembers completing their Field In-vestigators classes. The price is $4each by writing to MUFON, 103Oldtowne Road, Seguin, TX 78155(postage and handling is included.)Timely Status of JournalThe MUFON UFO Journal hasbeen late in being mailed since theJanuary 1990 issue. The problemmay be attributed to both the Editorand Associate Editor being out oftown visiting their immediate familiesduring the Christmas holidays. Con-sidering the logistics of composing,typesetting, printing and mailing 2600copies per month, we have found itdifficult to recoup the time that hasbeen lost this year. The problembecame even more serious when theApril issue was not placed in the mailuntil May 7th. The May issue wasmailed during the last week of themonth. The June issue will be readyfor the printers before Dennis Stacyflies to England and Hungary in Juneon UFO related business. TheMUFON 1990 International UFOSymposium in Pensacola and travelplans will steal valuable days in Julyfrom both our schedules. Obviously,my wife and I feel that our attendanceat the symposium is a priority item inour annual UFO schedule.The late April issue promptednumerous telephone calls, letters andpostcards inquiring about dispositionof our monthlymagazine when it didnot arrive promptly. Some newmembers feared that the Postal Ser-vice had misplaced or lost their copyand were seeking replacement copies,Other members failed to advise us oftheir new mailing addresses whenthey moved, resultingin a notificationby the post office department and theautomatic destruction of their Jour-nal. MUFON cannot be responsiblefor replacement copies when thisoccurs.Due to inherent problems that oc-cur from time to time, the MutualUFO Network cannot and will notguarantee the date that yourmonthlymagazine will be mailed or received.However, we do guarantee that eachmember/subscriber will be mailedtwelve issues for theirannual subscrip-tion. Considering that the MUFONUFO JOURNAL is the only monthlyUFO magazine in the world, everysubscriber istreated to a" exceptionalvalue compared to bimonthly orquarterly publications selling for thesame annual price.Twenty-first AnniversaryMay 31, 1990 marked the twenty-first anniversaryof the founding of theMutual UFO Network for which weare extremelyproud. We are indebtedto the dedicated people who havebeen responsible for buildingMUFONinto not only the leading, but theworlds largest UFO organization.Starting in September 1967 asSKYLOOK, the June 1990 MUFONUFO JOURNALcommemorates the266th consecutive monthly issue,sur-passing any past or present UFOpublication. Yes, we have reason tobe proud of all of you who made thisfeat possible. We look forward tomany more years of rewardingassociation and healthy growth.Thank you.CHANGE OF ADDRESSMEMBERS/SUBSCRIBERSAdvise change of address(include county andphone no.) to:MUFON103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990
  • 23. 23IMPLANT, Continuedease. The patient showed signifi-cant recovery. He was soon ableto walk better and no longer usesa cane when at home. His speechalso improved.Similar experimentsconductedon laboratory rats have revealedthat fetal cells transplanted di-rectly into the brain can continueto grow and produce dopamine,an important brain chemicalnecessary for normal, controlledmuscle movements.Nature ReportMost intriguing is a reportfrom Nature, Vol 323, datedSeptember 25, 1986 Drs. JohnWolstenholme, Ian Harlow,George Clarke, Hilary Sheridan,Jon Jonasson, Mark Crocker andHelen Matthews of the De-partment of Genetics, ChurchillHospital, Headington, England,reported finding a mystery objectamid the chromosomes.Their report is as follows:"Thevery tiny object shown below(See page 18), much like a frag-mented crossword in appearance,was recently found in one of ourroutine chromosome preparationsfor prenatal diagnosis followingamniocentesis."But what is it? Is it aman-made device? Packing text asbinary coded information on theminiature scale would seemadvantageous. Or is it a naturallyoccurring substance?"None of the possibilities wehave been able to think of wouldseem to be appropriate for amni-otic fluid, so if anybody is able tosuggest an answer to thismys-tery we would like to have it.Weare as intrigued as we are igno-rant."It is hardly the intent of thisbrief monologueto argue wheth-er or not abductions are real, orwhether or not implants exist.Instead, it is hoped that moreresearchers will take the implantissue seriously, keep their egos"If anybody is able tosuggest an answer tothis mystery we wouldlike to have it. We areas intrigued as we areignorant."intact, and look at the possibili-ties.Behavior Modifiers?Any other approach is to per-mit wild speculation and distrustto rule, and this is absolutely ofno service to anyone. Many peo-ple now believe that theimplantsare there as a way of monitoringor controlling their behavior. Afew are believed to be tiny trans-ceivers for the purpose ofcom-municating in one way or anoth-er. And a few people even be-lieve that the implants were putthere to help them overcomesome life-threatening condition.These and other beliefs areundeniably interesting. However,it is time to move beyond thebelief barrier toward some realanswers. Fortunately, this is onerealm of the abduction issueavailable for laboratory analysis.I am considering the implantissue as part of my catalog ofmedical and psychological effectsresulting from UFO reports. Iwould greatly appreciate receiv-ing further information on thissubject from anyone willing toshare the information, which Ibelieve to be for a good cause.I can be reached at P. O. Box58485, Houston, TX, 77258-8485.Donald R SchmittSymposium Speaker andWisconsin State DirectorOn June 2, 1990 all 600 seats in theballroom at the Pensacola HiltonHotel have been reserved (sold-out).Arrangements have been made tohandle the overflow attendees byproviding two rooms in the Hilton toseat 100 people where they will viewthe speakerson closed-circuit TV. Aroom for 196 people has beenscheduled at the nearby Park InnHotel where the speakers may beviewed on a large screen TV with aone hour delay. A reduced totalprice ($25.00) will prevail for bothof the above presentations.The exhibits, displays, registrationdesk and sales tables in GrandCen-tral Station at the Hilton will be opento everyone. Every effort is being ex-tended to accommodate the an-ticipated crowd. Anyone holding anadvanced registration for the sym-posium, that will be unable to at-tend, should obtain a refund im-mediately from Art Hufford sotheirseats may be used for people on thewaiting list. Also, please cancel yourhotel reservations so the rooms maybe sold to others desiring to attend.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June1990
  • 24. ^Directors 9VtesscujeWalter H. Andfus, Jr.MUFON 1990 SymposiumThe theme for the MUFON 1990International UFO Symposium inPensacola, Florida is"UFOs: The Im-pact of E.T. Contact Upon Society."It will convene on the weekend of Ju-ly 6, 7 and 8 at the beautiful Pen-sacola Hilton Hotel, only a few milesfrom the Gulf Breeze Sightings thatare continuingafter over two years.Sponsored by the Mutual UFO Net-work, the symposium will be hostedby Pensacola MUFON with Vicki P.Lyons, General Chairperson; CharlesD. Flannigan, State Director; Caroland Rex Salisberry, Co-State SectionDirectors; and Donald M. Ware,Eastern Regional Director.The speaking program agenda islisted separately in this issue of theJournal. A "Get Acquainted" Recep-tion with hors doeuvres will be heldFriday evening, July 6, from 6 to 9p.m. Cost: $5 per person before June1; advance reservations are required.A cash bar will be available. The ad-vance registration fee for all fivespeaking sessions is $35.00 beforeJune 1 and $40 thereafter.A chartered bus tour of UFO sitesin the Gulf Breeze area is scheduledfor Sunday morning, July 8 from 7:00a.m. to 9:45 a.m. Advance reserva-tions for the bus tour are required; busfee: $12 per person before June 1.(Four buses have already been sold-out and more are available.)The Pensacola Hilton is located at200 East Gregory St., Pensacola, FL32501 (downtown). Due to the largeattendance at the symposium, allrooms at the Pensacola Hilton havebeen sold-out. The Park Inn Hotel at223 East Garden St., telephonenumber (904) 433-8331. is also sold-out, as is the Days Inn Motel onPalafox and Cervantes streets. Reser-vations are now being taken by theHampton Inn in Pensacola. Mrs.Lyons has arranged with the PensacolaHilton, (904) 433-3336, to providethe telephone numbers of the hotelsor motels currently accepting reserva-tions, so as to minimize long distancecalls. Interest in attending the 1990UFO Symposium has exceededall expectations. The ballroom at thePensacola Hilton will seat 600 people.See "News Rash" in this issue forover-flow accommodations (page 23).Delta Airlines is the official airlinefor the 1990 Symposium. Delta isof-fering 40% off regular coach faresand 5% off their lowest availablefare.Seniors (age 62 or older) get an ad-ditional 10% off the lowest availablefare. Toget these discounts, you mustcall: 1-800-768-5463; ask for Reaganor Sue at Gulf Breeze Travel and tellthem that you are coming to theMUFON Symposium. Since only alimited number of seats at these pricesare allocated on each flight, the airlinetickets have been selling fastDue to popular demand, Mrs.Lyons has arranged with Avis CarRentals special rates for those want-ing to rent a car to tour Gulf Breezeat night or transportation from motelsto the Pensacola Hilton. Low dailyand weekly special convention ratesare available with unlimited mileage.To reserve a car at the discount ratecall: 1-800-331-1600 and give thereservationist this AWD number:A/B794606. These rates are good forthe symposium, as well as one weekbefore and one week after. Cars canbe rented for a week with unlimitedmileage for as low as $79 per weekplus tax.Send the advance symposiumregistration form or a letter with yourcheck to: Art Hufford, 2300 Hall-mark Drive, Pensacola, FL 32503.Mark your check payable to: MUFON1990 Symposium.Other events scheduled includethefollowing: Press Conference on Fri-day, July 6 at 1:30 p.m. for thespeakers who have already arrived.Dan Wright ismoderating the annualState and Asst. State Directorsmeeting (or their authorized represen-tatives) on Friday, July 6 from 9:30a.m. to 4 p.m. The four RegionalDirectors will also preside. The An-nual MUFON Corporate Board ofDirectors Meeting will be held Sundaymorning, July 8 from 9 a.m. till noon,or 7 to 10 a.m. Donald M. Ware,Eastern Regional Director, hasscheduled a closed meeting (by invi-tation only) for Monday, July 9. AllMUFON Board of Directors, who canstay over another day, are invited.The MUFON 1990 InternationalUFO Symposium Proceedings will beon sale at the symposium in Pen-sacola for $15 and after July 20 fromMUFON in Seguin, Texas for $15 plus$1.50 for postage and handling.National UFO Information WeekThe Sixth National UFO Informa-tion Week has been scheduled forAugust 12-19, 1990. This will be anideal opportunity for State and StateSection groups to set up photo ex-hibits, displays, booths for receivingUFO sighting reports from the publicand closed circuit TV showing of UFOdocumentaries, etc. in shopping mallsand libraries. Advance planningis re-quired in order to reserve space inthese facilities and to construct the ex-hibits and displays. Marge Christen-sen, Director of Public Education,heartily endorses this program inorder to take advantage of the re-surging interest in UFOs by the public,printed media and television.Continued on page 20MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 266 June 1990