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Mufon ufo journal   1990 5. may
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Mufon ufo journal 1990 5. may


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  • 1. Mufon UFO JournalOfficial Publication of the Mutual UFO Network Since 1967Number 265May 1990$2.50PENSACOLA HILTON:Site of the 1990 MUFONUFO Symposium
  • 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.Telephone: (512) 379-9216DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International Director andAssociate EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorROBERT J. GRIBBLEDAN WRIGHTColumnistROBERT H. BLETCHMANPublic RelationsPAUL CERNYPromotion / PublicityMARGE CHRISTENSENPublic EducationREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks & PeriodicalsLOREN GROSSHistorianT. SCOTT CRAINGREG LONGMICHAEL D. SWORDSStaff WritersTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEONARD STRINGFIELDUFO Crash / RetrievalWALTER N. WEBBAstronomyNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLROBERT V. PRATTEditor / Publishers Emeritus(Formerly SKYLOOK)The MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished monthly by the MutualUFO Network, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$25.00 per year in the U.S.A.; $30.00.foreign in U.S.funds. Copyright 1990by the Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin, Texas.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 toadvise change of address to theMUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155-4099.FROM THE EDITORBad news and good. By the cover date (May), were almost a month late again.On the other hand, Walter Webbs June astronomy column arrives in timefor our readers to make use of it. Sometime soon, we hope to be back ona regular schedule, but its not going to be easy with the upcoming Symposiumand the editor bound for two European conferences that impingeon the UFOphenomenon at the same time. Your patience is appreciated.In the meantime, we think weve put together another interesting Journal,with Dr. Bruce Maccabee reporting on recent UFO videos, and two other Ph.D.s(Ted Spickler and Barry Downing) also weighingin with timely articles, alongwith all of our regular columns and departments. Your comments are welcome.IN THIS ISSUERECENT UFO VIDEOTAPES Bruce S. Maccabee, Ph.D. 3UFO HOAXES & AGENTS:A SOUR SONATA Eugenia Macer-Story 8THE ROCK OF AGESPRINCIPLE Rev. Barry H. Downing, Ph.D. 10CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF AFIREBALL KIND Ted Spickler, Ph.D. 13NEWSWVIEWS Tabloids, MIB 15CURRENT CASE LOG Dan Wright 16LOOKING BACK Bob Gribble 18BOOK REVIEW John L. Spencer 20THE JUNE NIGHT SKY Walter N. Webb 21DIRECTORS MESSAGE Walt Andrus 24COVER PHOTOGRAPH The Pensacola HiltonCopyright 1990 by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON), 103 Old-towne Road, Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.ALL RIGHTSRESERVEDNo part of this document may be reproduced in any form byphotostat,microfilm, xerograph, or any other means, withoutthe written permissionof the Copyright Owners.The Mutual UFO Network, exemptfrom Federal Income Tax underSection 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysup-ported organizationof the type described in Section 509 (a)(2). Donors maydeduct contributions from their Federal IncomeTax.In addition, bequests,legacies, devises,transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federal estate and gifttax purposes ifthey meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106,and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNAL are determined by the editor anddo not necessarily representthe official position of MUFON. Opinions of contributorsare their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, the staff or MUFON.Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON. Responses to published articlesmay be in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400 words) or in a short article (upto about 2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50% rule" is applied: the article authormay reply but will be allowed half the wordage used in the response; the respondermay answer the author but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authorsreply, etc. Allsubmissions are subject to editing for style, clarity, and conciseness.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than 200words are quoted from any one article, the author of the article is given credit,and the statement "Copyright1990 by the Mutual UFO Network, 103 OldtowneRd., Seguin, Texas 78155" is included.
  • 3. Recent UFOVideotapesBy Dr. Bruce MaccabeeDr. Maccabee, a laser physicist,and Chairman of the Fund for UFOResearch, is also MUFONs StateDirector for Maryland.Over the last year I havereceived four video-tapes for analysis.These are all daytimevideos and come from places as farapart as Japan, Spain, WesternMaryland (very far out!) and (youguessed it) Gulf Breeze, PL. (No, Mr.Ed was not involved with any ofthese!) All have been studied on aframe-by-frame basis and three havebeen found to contain more than the"usual" unusual characteristics.Bill Sudbrink VideoOn May 28, 1989, whilereturningfrom a vacation in the area of GreenBank, West Virginia, Bill Sudbrink ofNew York and his brother saw UFOsseveral times. The first sighting oc-curred shortly after 10 a.m. while hewas driving in West Virginia. Thesighting was of a shiny "daylight disc."Unfortunately it only lasted a fewseconds and Bill was not able to gethis videocamera out of the car in timeto film it. Nevertheless, he was now"sensitized" to the appearance ofUFOs and he kept the camera withhim as he continued to drive.About two and half hours later hehad a second sighting, this time inwestern Maryland. This caused himto stop his car and stand beside theroad while holding his camera andlooking around at the sky to see ifitwould reappear a third time. Itdid andhe managed to film the appearanceof a bright light that literally came "outof the blue."The UFO was a bright light againstthe clear sky background. He filmedit for about four seconds and then itsimply disappeared in one frame ofthe video (1/30 sec) at about thecenter of the field of view of thecamera.Unfortunately the image of the lightis so small (about two mm diameteron a 13" monitor where the scan linespacing — one "line pair" - is aboutone mm) that there are no discerni-ble features other than its brightness.The brightness fluctuated, sometimesvery rapidly, occasionally disappear-ing in one TV "field" (1/60 sec or 1/2of a "frame") and returning at goodbrightness in the next field. Such rapidbrightness changes are difficult to ex-plain in terms of conventional air-borne/atmospheric phenomena.Other portions of his video shownearby and distant scenery, and evena passing passenger jet. This non-UFO imagery establishes that hiscamera was operating properly andwas focused. It also establishes thatthe UFO at its brightest was brighterthan normal objects in the vicinity, butnot brighter than specular reflectionsof the sun. He also got images of darkobjects against the sky which may bethe result of insects flying past thecamera close to the lens.Although the appearance of thebright light in the sky is by itself anunexpected occurence, from the pointof view of photo (video) analysis, thatis about all that can be said about thisevent.Saturn-ShapedOf more interest for analysis is thenext video, that of Mr. Hamazaki ofKanazawa, Japan, west of Tokyo. Thisvideo, taken during the evening of Ju-ly 7, 1989, was shown on JapaneseTV and has also appeared in TV newsand documentary shows in the USA.It shows an object, against the clearevening sky, which passed nearlyoverhis house. The shape of the imagesuggests that the object can berepresented approximately as "theplanet Saturn with a square ring," ora sphere with a square card of largersize cut through itscenter, except thatthe upper half of the sphere is not visi-ble and must be inferred from the ap-parently circular lower half below the"square ring" (see Figure 1).In either representation the planeof the "ring" was apparently horizon-tal (i.e., parallelto the earths surface).The upper half is not visible, perhapsbecause it was blocked by the largersized square ring. The camera was, ofcourse, viewing upward, so the ringis seen from an oblique angle.Of particular importance is the factthat the shape of the Hamazaki UFOis virtually identical to the shape of aUFO photographed in Hawaii onJanuary 2, 1975 by Michael Lind-strom. Lindstroms wife called his at-tention to the strange object passingover and he shot three color slidesofit. The first and last show nearly thesame viewing aspect, while the sec-ond slide shows a different aspect (seeFigure 1). The image in each photosuggests that the UFO was shaped likea "Saturn with a square ring." Somesmall bright dots are evident on thetop edge of the ring in the first photo.The only clear difference betweenthe Hamazaki and Lindstrom UFOsis the relativebrightness between the"main body" (the spherical part) andthe ring: in the Hamazaki video thering is brighter than the main body,and the reverse is true in the Lind-strom pictures.The March 1990 issue of theMUFON Journal contains a briefletter by Richard Haines concerningthe Hamazaki video and a photomade from a TV screen. A muchmore detailed analysis of theHamazaki-Lindstrom connection ispresented in the International UFOReporter for May-June, 1990.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990
  • 4. Spanish VideoThe third video of interest wastaken about five miles south ofEstepona on the southeast coast ofSpain on August 10, 1989. This isquite close to Gibraltar, which wassouthwest of the witnesses. The videowas taken by Dr. William Heijster, aDutch military psychologist whoworks at the Ministry of Defense inThe Hague. Dr. Heijster contacted theFund for UFO Research in the fall of1989 and offered to send a copy ofhis videotape for the cost of copyingand transferral from European TVstandard format to USA standardVHS. Last winter the Fund receivedthe videotape with supplementaryin-formation from Dr. Heijster.He was on vacation with his fami-ly driving southwest along the easterncoastal highwayat about 9 p.m. whenthey saw the UFO northwest of themin the late evening sky. They stoppedto watch the object. Mr. Heijsterfilmed it off and on over a period ofabout an hour. During that time itseemed to be hovering over a moun-tain. He said that it appeared to rotateabout an axis at high speed, althoughthis rotation is not apparent on thevideotape. What is apparent isa slowchange in overall shape from conicalto circular. He said that it appearedbright on the upper surface and ap-peared to have a shadow on thebottom.After about an hour the UFOsplitinto two parts which separated andthen faded or "dissolved." Unfor-tunately he did not have his cameraon at the time that the UFO splitapart, but he did film one part of theUFO expanding, fading and "dissolv-ing" into thin air.The angular elevation to the UFOcannot be determined accurately fromthe videotape. It is estimated to havebeen in the range of 30-50 degrees.The videotape shows nearby palmfronds on a palm tree as well as theUFO. These provide someforegroundreference points that show that thecamera moved around randomly,which is to be expected (it was notmounted on a tripod). The cameraFIGUREHAMAZAKl- LINDSTROM UFO CONNECTIONBright RingDarkerBottom(shadinglines indicate darkness)Occasionallygap appearsin thering withbrighteningof the endsof thering*PHOTO .1PHOTO 2Bottom part notdistinguishableagainst the skyPHOTO 3(much more distant)used was a Panasonic S-VHS NV-MS50E with a 6:1 zoom (9-54 mm)automatic iris and F1.2 lens.At my request Dr. Heijster per-formed a calibration experimentwhich allowed me to determine theactual angular size of a filmed objectfrom the image size on a TV screen.Dr. Heijster found that a one-meterlong ruler at a distance of 10 m(angular width of arctan (Im/lOm)= 5.7 degrees) makes an image atfull zoom (54 mm focal length) thatHAMAZAKlVIDEO IMAGES(seen againstthe blue sky)Bright spots on ringDark ringBright bottom(spherical orpyramidal shape)THE THREELINDSTROM UFOIMAGES(seen againstthin whitecloud)is 43 cm long on a TV screen that is48 cm wide. Converting this to ascreen 28 cm wide (on a 13"diagonalTV monitor which was used foranalysis) means that an image that is25 cm long on a 13" monitor cor-responds to 5.7 degrees at full zoom.For a short period of time (severalseconds) starting about 40 seconds in-to the video, the width of the UFO im-age is about 3.3 cm. Assuming thatthis image was obtained at full zoomits size corresponds to (3.3/25) x 5.7MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990
  • 5. The image is "pure" whiteagainst the clear blue sky. Smallbrighter points of light appear to"dance" around on the surfaceand particularly along the leftedge of the object.= 0.75 degrees. At the same timeitis 1.5 cm high, or 0.34 degrees fromthe center of the base to the peak. (Forcomparison, the angular size of themoon is very close to 0.5 degrees.)The video of the UFO lasts threeminutes and 53 seconds. Duringthistime Dr. Heijster occasionally zoomedin and out, causing the UFO imagesize to change. Usually he had film ofa nearby palm frond within the viewof the camera. Mr. Heijster did not saythat the size, as it appeared to hisnaked eye changed, as would havehappened ifthe object moved towardor away from him. He said that ithovered in one place.Hence I have assumed that thelargest measured image (3.3 cmwide)corresponds to the image at the max-imum zoom, and that any other sizeimage is at a lesser zoom magnifica-tion. I have used only the maximumimage size to estimate the actual size.(As a check on this assumption I havenoted that the minimum size imagein the first part of the video is about5-6 mm in diameter. This size occursas he "unzooms" the lens to get awide field of view. This size is aboutl/6th of the maximumsize of the im-age, 3.3 cm, which is consistent withthe 6:1 zoom (focal length ratio)capability of his lens. Hence thisminimum sized image providesjustification for the above assumptionthat the maximum sized image oc-curred at maximumzoom rather thanat some intermediate value.)An angular size of 0.75 degrees cor-responds to an actual size that dependsupon the assumed distance to the ob-ject. The size, S, isgiven by the formulaS = Dx tan (0.75) = 0.013D, whereD is the assumed distance. Thus at1,000 ft. distance the width of the UFOwould have been 13 feet. At one mileit would have been 69 feet wide, atFIGURE 2W. HEIJSTER VIDEO FROM SPAININITIAL SHAPE OF OBJECTVery bright white againstthe blue late eveningskyFINAL SHAPE OF OBJECTVery white(before it split intotwo smaller roundobjects and disappeared)10,000 ft, 130 feet wide, and so on.Dr. Heijster had the impression that theUFO was hovering near a mountainrange (the Sierra Bermeja) at a distanceof several miles, suggesting a size wellover 100 feet wide.The video can be very roughlydivided into four parts. Duringthe firstpart, lasting about one minute, theshape of the image is that of a coneor "coolie hat" viewed from the side(see Figure 2). The image is "pure"white against the clear blue sky.Smallbrighter points of light appear to"dance" around on the surface andparticularly along the left edge of theobject. Whether these are actualfeatures of the UFO or artifactsof thecamera electronics is not known.Some small black dots also seem tomove around the right side. Theseblack dots may be a result of the in-ability of the camera electronics to re-spond accurately to bright spots at theedge of the image.During the second part, lasting forthe next minute, the shapegraduallychanges from conical to nearlyround.This change in shape leads to the sug-gestion that the actual shape was thatof a cone which slowly rotated inspace. The edges of the image seemto "twinkle" with tiny bright dots.From about two minutes until threeminutes and 47 seconds, the imageis almost perfectly round, with somesort of motion of tiny bright dotsaround the edge.Then, at three minutes and 49.87sec (roughly) the image suddenly (inone field) becomes very small. Accord-ing to Dr. Heijster, this last portion ofthe film was shot just after the UFOsplit into two smaller parts and theparts separated. He said that he hadbeen watching and filming off and onfor nearly an hour. He was not film-ing when suddenly, to his surprise, hesaw the UFO split into two parts. Hequickly raised the camera and turnedit on, but he was not able to captureboth of the smaller parts. He could on-ly get one into the view-finder.The image on the film is a smallbright "dot" that moves around rapidlyon the screen as a result of Dr. Heij-sters attempt to stabilize the cameraand point ittoward the UFO. In abouta second he stabilized the camera andthe image became quite stationary.After about three seconds, the brightdot rapidly fades while increasing indiameter. This fading and increase insize lasts for only about five frames(about 0.2 sec) until the object isvir-tually indistinguishible against the sky.A very faint "ghost" image seems toremain for a second and then it isgone at about three minutes and 54seconds into the video.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990
  • 6. According to Dr. Heijstcrthere weremany witnesses. He supplied severalcopies of newspaper stories about thesightings. Unfortunately no otherphotos or videos have becomeavailable for analysis.Gulf BreezeThe final videotape to be discussedhere is that of Mr. James Steward, aMUFON investigator in Gulf Breeze,FL. On January 28, 1990,he wascleaning his backyard when he no-ticed, out of the corner of hiseye,something flashing in the sky. It wasabout 2:35 CST in the afternoon ona clear day (Temp., 65; wind E.S.E.10 kts; visibility 7 mi; clouds scatteredat 7,000 ft).According to his MUFON report,he first thought it was a smallhelicopter because the flashes madehim think of sunlightreflecting off therotating blades. But then he realizedthat the "helicopter" had an oddorange color. He began to suspectit might be an unusual object. Heasked his son,who was just going in-to the house, to get hiscamcorder, anRCA ProEdit Model CC311with anF1.2 lens and an 8X zoom capability.After about a minute he returnedwith the camera and gave it to hisfather. Mr. Steward put it on manualfocus and sighted through theviewfinder, which gives a black andwhite picture of what the camera sees(it is a miniatureblack and white TVset). He was not able to spot the UFOin the viewfinder so he gave thecamera back to his son who finallyfound the UFO in the viewfinder andfilmed for many seconds, after whichhe returned the camera to his father,who filmed a bit and then handed itonce again to his son just before theUFO got too far away to be visible inthe bright sky. Mr. Steward said thatthe object was easy to spot with thenaked eye, but not so easy in thecamera viewfinder.Mr. Steward said that when he firstsaw the object and during most of thevideotaping it was movingfrom eastto west, but then, when he handedthe camera to his son for the second[FIGURE 3|STEWARD VIDEO FROM GULF BREEZELocation of upper lighttLocations of lower lightDark shading indicates "blobby"orange glow between the upper andlower lightstime, it moved toward the north. Hewatched until it was too far away tobe seen. Duringthe latter part of thesighting his wife and two other sonscame out to watch. (At one point inthe video Mrs. Steward can be heardasking one of the boys to get thebinoculars.)He went to the phone and calledfriends who live a few miles north ofhim. He asked them to get a cameraand to go outside and look for the ob-ject, and they did so, but were unableto see anything.Mr. Steward described the UFO asbeing round and orange colored.There were flashes of light that "ranaround the bottom of the object.These were elongated flashes andwere not connected to the object.There was a gap between the bottomof the object and the uppermost of theflashes."The videotape confirms much ofwhat Mr.Steward says about the ob-ject. Unfortunately the image is notlarge and so there is not a lot of detail.However, it can be described general-ly as a oval orange "blob," i.e.,withoutsharply defined edges as seen againstthe blue sky, with white flashes thatoccur, seeminglyrandomly, at the topand bottom of the "blob."The intensity of the top light isusually quite steady with occasionalbright flashes. The bottom light isgenerally not visible except duringbrief flashes that last for one or severalvideo frames. The videotape of theUFO totals about one minute, 48seconds. Duringthe first 38 secondsno UFO is seen, only the bluesky.Presumably this is the time that Mr.Steward and his son were trying tofind the UFO in the viewfinder. At 38seconds the UFO first appears in thevideo, and his sons says "I gotit."A frame by frame analysis startingat this point shows that the image in-itially is an elliptical (horizontal majoraxis) orange "blob" with a smallwhitelight just above the blob and to the leftof its center. This is the "basic" imagethroughout the video. The blob isabout 5 mm wide by 2 mm high.Thirty-eight fields (a bit over a halfsecond) after the UFO first appears inthe video the upper light brightens.Then, 47 fields after the first ap-pearance of the UFO image a secondwhite light flashes on just at thebot-tom of the orange blob and to the leftof the upper light such that a line con-necting the lower and upper whitedots has a slope of about 45 degreesupward and to the right (seeFigure3). This lower light lasts for four fieldsand disappears in field 51, not reap-pearing until field 60 (onesecondafter the UFO first appears in thevideotape). After this the lower lightcomes and goes in a seemingly ran-dom manner, sometimes appearingfor only one or two TV fields. Thespacing between the upper and lowerwhite flashes is about five mm, withthe orange blob in between.By 100 fields (about 1.6 sees) afterits first appearance, the image of theUFO has changed somewhat. Thereis still the upper light and the orangeblob, but now the lower light isto theright of the upper. A line connectingthe two flashesthen slopes 60 degreesupward and to the left (see Figure 3).Again the spacing between the flashesMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990
  • 7. is about five mm.As the video continues, the upperdot generallystays in the same loca-tion relative to the blob, but the lowerdot seems to move around. Occa-sionally there are three or more whitedots (flashes), sometimes even cross-ing over the image of the blob. By 211fields into the video (3.5 seconds) thetwo white flashes are above oneanother, with the upper one still be-ing rather steady and the lower onerandom (see Figure 3).For example, going field by fieldand looking at the lower light onefinds: fields 200-202: not present;field 203: lower dot present; 204-206:not present; 207-209: present; 210:no; 211-230: yes, but brightnesschanges from occasionally very faintto bright; 231-233; no: 234-239: yes;240: no, and so on.As the video continues, the spac-ing between the upper and lowerflashes diminishes.The last section ofthe video shows the upper branch ofa nearby tree and the UFO, very faintand small now, as a randomly flashinglight moving downward with respectto the branch. This sort of motion,corresponding to a decrease in theangular elevation, is consistent withIn recent years skeptics haveargued that if UFOs are realthere would be more video-tapes of them. Evidently, inspite of themselves, theywere "correct" on bothaccounts.the claim of the witness that the UFOwas moving away, presumably on anearly horizontal trajectory.Mr. Steward, at my request, filmeda ruler at a distance of 23 feet. Thisprovided a calibrationof the effectivefocal length of the camera at full zoomwhen the video isplayed on a 13-inchmonitor and this, in turn, provided acalibration of the angular size of afilmed object as a function of its im-age size: 0.0035 rad/cm (0.2 de-grees/cm; 0.1 rad = 5.7 degrees).Thus the maximum spacing of thewhite flashes, five mm = 0.5 cm, cor-responds to 0.00175 rad or 0.1degrees. A direct multiplicationof theangular size in radiansby the distanceyields the actual size (as measuredperpendicular to the line of sight).Thus, in this case, ifit had been 1,000feet away the spacing between theflashes was 1.75 feet. At one mile itwould be 5,280 x 0.00175 = 9.2feet.The angular elevation of the UFOwas about 45 degrees. Unfortunate-ly, the distance is not known so theexact size and altitude cannot bedetermined. However, it is probablysafe to say that it was at least 1,000feet away, suggesting a size of nearlytwo feet and an altitude of around1,000 feet.ConclusionVideocameras have become verypopular. Over the last 10 years arelatively small number of UFOvideotapes, as compared to photos,has been obtained. However, withinthe last couple of years the numberof videotapes per year has increased.We are now witnessing the impact onUfology of the increased availabilityof videocameras.In recent years skeptics haveargued that // UFOs are real therewould be more videotapes of them.Evidently, in spite of themselves, theywere "correct" on both accounts(number and reality).Finally, A Weekly TelevisionProgram Just About UFOsPalm Springs, CA. "The presenceof extraterrestrials on this planet is aworldwide phenomenon. The evi-dence is overwhelming and undeni-able. The question is: Who are theyand why are they here?," asks RickEdwards, a spokesman for E.T.Clearinghouse.E.T. Clearinghouse, the producersof UFO Spotlight, a weeklynews/documentary television pro-gram, announced the release of theirpilot episode. The program focuseson UFO and extraterrestrial relatedissues, and they expect to be broad-casting by satellite early this summer."More than 23 million people haveseen UFOs," Edwards explains. "Thepublic wants to know what isgoing on,but traditional news media only occa-sionally offer a brief news clip of a par-ticular event and treat it as entertain-ment or comic relief," he adds. "Thereis currentlyno serious national televi-sion coverage."According to Mr. Edwards, UFOSpotlight will fill this void in televisionprogramming for continuous, in-depthcoverage of UFOs and related subjects."The program will explore the impactof the extraterrestrial presence on thisplanet and our civilization," Edwardsexplains. "UFO Spotlight asks thequestions that others shy away from,and itencourages the kind of informedspeculation that some programs avoid."Interviews with leading researchers,authors and UFO investigators wererecently videotaped at the Ozark UFOConference in Eureka Springs,Arkansas. Portions of theseinterviewswill be included in the pilot programand in subsequent shows.Anyone who has access to infor-mation, photographs, or videotapesthat might be of current interest on theUFO/Alien subject, or who would likemore information are invited to con-tact: UFO Spotlight, Airport ParkPlaza, 225 N. El Cielo Rd. #693,Palm Springs, CA 92262-6914, (619)320-8577, or UFO Spotlight, 18484Preston Rd., Suite 102-131, Dallas,TX 75252, (214) 301-6255.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990
  • 8. 8UFO Hoaxes & Agents: A Sour SonataBy Eugenia Macer-StoryEugenia Macer-Story holds aB.S. in Speech from NorthwesternUniversity and a Masters in FineArts from Columbia University inNew York City, where she present-ly resides. She is the author oftwobooks, Congratulations: The UFOReality and Angels of Time: A Bookof Hours. A poet and playwright,she has also contributed numerousUFO-related articles to Pursuit,Magical Blend and similarmagazines.Reading Peter Rojcewiczsarticle on Men in Black inthe March 1990 issue of theMUFON Journal reminded me ofsome recent experiences of my own,as well as the difficulty of determin-ing just how central or peripheral suchencounters are to the UFO phenom-enon as a whole.In and of themselves, they dontalways make sense. Approachedholistically, however, a pattern beginsto emerge. In February of 1987, forexample, I returned to New York fromChicago, where I had attended theannual meeting of the AmericanAssociation for the Advancement ofScience. While there, I presented aposter paper, "Verification of SixPredictions," which explained how sixof my psychic predictions, made inthe context of various research pro-jects, had been confirmed accordingto various associative criteria.I also had with me a videotape ofmy own original creation, "Six WayTime Play," which I had justretrievedfrom a prospective producers desk onmy way to Chicago. At one point Ireturned to my room and had thevague perception that mybelongingshad been rearranged. Still, I didntmake much of it at the time.Back in New York, though, Ireplayed the video to make sure thatit had been properly rewound. To myamazement, instead of the originalopening choreography, Ifound myselfconfronted by thirty seconds of asteamy love scene, seemingly liftedstraight out of the 1950s! Had theproducer or the staff at "PrivateMusic," where Id submitted the video,altered the original? A phone callassured me they had not. Then wherehad it been altered, and why? Themost logical assumption was inChicago, as a form of embarrassment.One doesnt want to unnecessari-ly belabor the issue of sexual harrass-ment, but I had to barken back to theprevious years AAAS meeting inPhiladelphia, in May of 1986, whenI had also presented a poster paper.Immediately upon my return I de-cided to go swimming.To my dismay,my expensive swimsuithad been sug-gestively mutilated in the groin area.Same meeting, same syndrome?Pervasive Paranoia?Either Im paranoid, or the per-petrators are pervasive.In 1989, I was scheduled to give atalk on upstate New York UFOsightings before the U.S. PsychotronicsAssociation convention at Sacramen-to State College, California. At 8:30a.m., on my way to the meeting andin a deserted hallway, I suddenlyfound myself confronted by a manwho appeared to be in his mid-fiftiesand perhaps of East Indian origin.He shook my hand warmly,althoughI had never met him before, and be-gan to stroke my forearms. He thenasked me what Ithought was a ratherinappropriate question about my sexlife, to which I answered that suchthings were none of his business. "Icome from England," he respondedin a complete non sequitur. "I do oddjobs." I excused myself and hurrieddown the hall to my lecture.Looking back over my extensiveexperiences in the realm of UFO in-vestigations, I could cite an almostinterminable litany of similar incidents.What strikes me as unusualis that nosimilar string of "oddities" or interven-tions" in any way plagues my "tradi-tional" career as a poet and play-wright. The significance seemsobvious.Part of the problem, admittedly, isknowing what to tie to what. By wayof example, in 1978,1 had begun cor-responding with one Miloz Wosniak,a Polish citizen who said he was in-terested in exchanging handcraftedgoods for Xeroxes of American UFOreports. Four years later he offered topay my expenses if I would visit himin Poland, which I gracefully declined.In the meantime I had been con-tacted by a group of people whowanted me to psychicallydivine thestatus of a Polish diplomat who hadbeen taken in for questioning. This Iwas able to do with some degree ofsuccess, in exchange for an Englishtranslation of the Tass UFO articles Ihad received from Wosniak.Then, in 1984, I found myself onthe way to visit Dr. Elizabeth Rauscherin San Francisco. Who should I findmyself seated next to, seemingly asifby "coincidence," but a UnitedNationsemployee with knowledge of theselfsame detained diplomat, who hadsince been released?My visit proved most interesting.For starters, and without my priorknowledge, Russell Targ addressedthe meeting I attended on the subjectof Soviet ESP research. Later, in Dr.Rauchers home, I was handed apiece of twisted metal, supplied by theCanadian government, and asked topsychoscope it, that is, employ mypsychometric powers to see if I coulddetermine anythingabout itsorigins.I had the impression that an explo-sion had been involved,and that peo-ple associated the explosion with asupernatural occurrence. Rauschertold me the object was reported tohave come from an exploded UFO.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990
  • 9. As interesting as that informationwas, I also felt weird and "out of it"for the next several days, as ifa supersevere case of jet lag had lodged itselfin my head. Only after the fact did Ithink of the "Polish Connection." Hadmy "diplomatic" airplane companionslipped me a Mickey Finn unawares?If so, it indicated that she and herassociates may have possibly knownmore about my upcoming weekenditinerary than I did.ImplicationsThe implicationthat covert "agents"may be involved with both the UFOand ESP research arenas is as in-timate as it is international. In 1983,for example, I had written an articlefor OMNI Magazines "UFO Update"column about a contactee I con-sidered a sort of "Typhoid Mary," awoman who was apparently able toinfect others with UFO sightingswherever she went. Although I waspaid, the article never appeared inprint, for reasons that have always re-mained curious.It appears that editor Pamela Wein-traub decided to kill the article be-cause of a series of phone calls shereceived from one James Schneller,who claimed at the time to work forthe Navy department of "healthphysics" in Bethesda, Maryland.Schneller was an acquaintance ofTyphoid Mary, and he tried to becomean even closer acquaintance of mine,to no avail.Schneller was present in Bostonwhen I interviewedTyphoid Mary, butso was a male companion of mine,who had driven me down from NewYork. While we talked, so did they, inanother room. Later, I learned thatSchneller had engaged my com-panion in a series of probing innuen-does and suggestions about my per-sonal sex life. He later made the samesuggestions to Typhoid Maryherself,and apparently to Pamela Weintraubas well. The result of the latter wasthat OMNI killed the article, not want-ing to lend even the semblance of aplatform to people who were becom-ing increasinglyself-promoting in theiractions. I concurred.But obviously Schneller himselfwas the odd man out. Why had hebecome so involved with TyphoidMary in the first place, and seeming-ly from such a sympathetic side, on-ly to work so assiduously behind thescenes to have the subsequent"publicity" on her killed?Schneller had first introducedhimself to Typhoid Mary near the Ar-mys Tobyhanna Materials Depot inPennsylvania, the site of her mosttraumatic encounters with UFO craft.Yet a quick inquiry revealed thatSchneller was not employed by theArmy, but the Navy, and at Bethesda,some distance away. What was he do-ing there, then, and why?The implication that covert"agents" may be involvedwith both the UFO and ESPresearch arenas is as in-timate as it is international.As a "pawn," Schneller seems outof place on the tactical chessboard.Typhoid Marys story, had it reachedprint, would have been but a footnotein the vast ufological landscape. ButSchneller also obviouslymanipulatedthe situation, to the point of havingthe article killed. The only logical con-clusion I can draw is that there mustbe more to the Typhoid Mary scenariothan first met the eye.To find out what that is, I hope Iwont have to endure anymore would-be UFO lotharios or Mickey Finnspoured from a diplomatic-pouch inthe process.MUFONAmateur Radio Net80 meters — 3.990 MHzSaturday, 10 p.m.40 meters — 7.237 MHzSaturday, 8 a.m.10 meters — 28.460 MHzThursday, 8 p.m.10 meters — 28.470 MHzSunday, 3 p.m.All times Eastern Standardor DaylightMUFON UFO JOURNALNo. 265 May 1990
  • 10. 10The Rock of Ages PrincipleBy the Rev. Barry H. Downing, Ph.D.Downing is a MUFON consultantin Theology and the author of therecently reprinted The Bible andFlying Saucers.As a member of the Boardof the Fund for UFOResearch, I was recent-ly given access to a letterfrom a man in Sheffield, England, ad-dressed to Budd Hopkins. The letterwas classified by Hopkins as a "possi-ble abduction" which had not yetbeen investigated.The man said he and a friend weredriving along a dark road one even-ing when they saw a "brightly-lit ob-ject" beside the road ahead. At thispoint he "was absolutely frozen withterror, for no reason." His friend hada similar reaction, but as they drewnear they realized the object was on-ly a tractor.Long after the original experience,the man drove over the same stretchof road where he "was overcome witha sort of panic, and my eyes startedto fill with tears." Having read In-truders, the man was nowwondering"if you know of any cases whereUFOs have effectively disguisedthemselves to the onlooker as every-day objects (in this case a tractor)?"Disguised UFOsThe issue of disguise is one of themost fundamental aspects of the UFOmystery, and should become one ofthe next major areas of UFO research.Up until now, the disguise issue hasbeen only on the fringe of research.But it has long been a major themein John Keels work particularly inTro-jan Horse and The Mothman Pro-phecies, with their speculations thatUFO beings can mimic our culture,either with the Men in Black concept,or perhaps via unmarked helicoptersthat we hope are flown by the CIA.The issue of disguise and deceptionMost abductions, in fact, ap-pear disguised by some typeof memory suppression.also surfaces in Raymond FowlersThe Andreasson Affair: Phase II,especially in regard to the strangephone calls Betty received, thehelicopters pursuing her, and her vi-sion of the door she was not allowedto tell about. Whitley Strieber wassimilary concerned about disguise andthe demonic in Transformation.Most abductions, in fact, appeardisguised by some type of memorysuppression, which is how BuddHopkins discovered the "missingtime" principle. Jacques Vallee coinedthe term "metalogic" to describe hisinterpretation of the disguise-deception issue. I suspect that onereason why the disguise issue has notbeen dealt with more thoroughly isthat the ET hypothesis continues toremain the most popular theoryamong most serious UFO researchers.The ETH permits us to believe—perhaps hope — that UFO beings aremainly like ourselves, except that theyhave been traveling in space a littlelonger. But there is now a vast bankof data that suggests that UFOs cando things that simply outstrip our im-agination, that UFOs come from aworld in which things are not as theyappear.The issue of disguise — themetalogical — even shows up in justthose places where we look hardestfor nuts and bolts: in theCrash/Retrieval field. In the February1989 issue of the Journal, for exam-ple, Leonard Stringfield reported thestory of a crashed UFO about 30 feetin external diameter, and the size ofa football field inside.Personal BeliefI realize that belief is a personalmatter, but speaking for myself, I findthe evidence that our government hashad access to severalcrash-retrievalsvery convincing; likewise, the evi-dence for multiple UFO abductionsseems equally convincing.Thepro-blem is how to interpret the meaningof these aspects of the UFOphenomenon, particularly if UFOscan take on almost any disguise.My impression is that UFO re-searchers are sharply divided over thedisguise issue, in part because it hasnot been systematically addressed.We all know it is potentiallypart of theUFO problem, but we are not agreedas to how itshould be assessed in ourweighing of the data and in the for-mulation of hypotheses.Part of the recent debate amongHopkins, Jacobs and Vallee (February1989 Journal), is that Hopkins andVallee do not agree on the impor-tance of the disguise issue, either inthe process of gathering data, or asto evaluatingit.Perhaps to over simplify, Vallee isstrongly committed to the disguise-deceptive nature of the UFOphe-nomenon, and therefore he is ex-tremely skeptical that we can for-mulate any useful conclusions aboutwhat UFOs are, other than that theyapparently control us, like "a rat press-ing levers" (Dimensions, p. 280), andthat they employ disguise and decep-tion as part of the control system.Because of his belief in the disguiseissue, Vallee believes Hopkins andJacobs are being too naive in the pro-cess of gathering data via hypnosis.Vallee believesthe UFO phenomenoncan feed us anything it so desiresthrough the abduction process; fur-thermore, those using hypnosis cantoo easily contaminate the data withtheir own preconceptions.Hopkins answer to this charge isthat the only time Vallee was trulyscientific dates to his earliest work,MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May1990
  • 11. 11Anatomy of a Phenomenon. Sincethen, it has been all down hill, withVallee getting more and more lost insubjectivism, from Passport toMagonia to Messengers of Deceptionto Dimensions.I would not want to defend all ofVallees work. He and I have cor-responded privately, and we do notagree on how to address allthe issues.But we do agree that the disguise-deception issue is fundamental to theevaluation process.Budd Hopkins and I have alsotalked privately about the moralbehavior of UFO beings. Hopkins haswritten an article, "What Theyre Do-ing to Us" (International UFOReporter, September/October 1987),in which he expresses anger overwhat he calls "extraterrestrial indif-ference" to the deep psychic traumacaused by UFO abductions. I certainlycannot deny his right to this anger. Hesays they have a "flaw in their ap-parent power," in that they carry outtheir abduction experiments with suchdisregard for human suffering.The reason why such a discussionshould occur between Hopkins andmyself is because I have long arguedfor the "God Hypothesis," and fromHopkins point of view it seems un-God-like to abduct people and ter-rorize them. For Hopkins, a trulymoral God would not relate to planetEarth like the UFO reality apparentlydoes.Rock of AgesThe issue of disguise, deception,and UFO morality leads me to sug-gest that current UFO research con-sider what in theology I call "TheRock of Ages Principle." The root ofthis principle derives from Exodus,Chapter 33.The background is that Moses hasmet God at the burning bush, hasgone with God through passover andthe Red Sea, has met God at Sinaito receive the Ten Commandments,and despite all this, Moses does notyet feel he has really seen God. Mosessays to God, "show me thy glory."And God responds, "you cannot seeMy impression is that UFOresearchers are sharplydivided over the disguiseissue, in part because it hasnot been face; for man shall not see me andlive."Nevertheless, God develops a com-promise plan. "I will put you in a cleftof the rock," he says, "and I will coveryou with my hand until I have passedby." From this story comes the oldhymn, "Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me."God is too powerful for any humanto see full face on. What does thismean? Is God an energy system likethe sun — ifwe get too close, we willbe baked? Or is God a psychologicalpower which isso great and complexthat in His presence we lose our iden-tity, like a child brought up in thepresence of an over-bearing parent?The text does not say.From this concept comes the ex-planation of the hidden nature ofGod. God stays hidden out of love forus. If he came into the open, wewould expire. Yet, if he stays com-pletely hidden, we find ourselvesgodless. The compromise isdisguisedrevelation. Moses sees a burning bush(not a tractor) — harmless enough.Closer inspection reveals the presenceof God. "Chosen people" (like Andreassonand Strieber?) are targeted for revela-tion as a means of protecting thelarger society. The people at Mt. Sinaisay to Moses, "You speak to us, andwe will hear, but let not God speakto us, lest we die." (Exodus 20:19)Jesus speaks in parables to disguisehis revelation (Matthew 13:13), andthere are elements of disguise in theresurrection appearance of Jesus toMary Magdalene (John 20:11-18), aswell as to two disciples on the roadto Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35).The revelation of the apparentvoice of God to Betty Andreassoncame from behind a large eagle-likebird. She was protected from the fullpower of the divine. Yeteven with thatprotection, she went through tremen-dous anxiety and pain.Good or Evil?One reason why all of the abovematters is that we may be ap-proaching a time when we have todecide whether UFOs are good orevil. And how we evaluate thedisguise-morality issue has an impor-tant relation to our conclusion.I say we may be approaching a timewhen we have to decide, becausethere are rumors from John Lear andothers that our government is deeplyinvolved with UFOs, perhaps in directcontact. According to these rumors,at the beginning UFOs gave ustechnological assistance, but latelythey are carrying out "experiments"with humans that are getting out ofhand. Suppose the government goes"public" and cries "Help!" PresidentReagan theorized about UFO badguys that could conceivably unite theworld. How would we react if thegovernment actually announced thereality of such a scenario?Budd Hopkins would agree thatUFOs are immoral; John Keel,though miles from Hopkins inmethodology, would also agree withthe bad-guy analysis; Christian fun-damentalists already claim that UFOsare in league with the devil. If thegovernment came forth and identified"the enemy," much of the UFO andreligious communities would un-doubtedly flock to their viewpoint.Suppose, however, that we adoptthe view that UFOs are a reality sosuperior to humans, so powerful andcomplex, that it would destroy thehuman race if it came in direct con-tact with civilization as a whole.(Remember what whites did to NativeAmericans?)Yet what might UFOs do if theywanted to help us? They might dosomething to cause the governmentsof the world to change their nuclearweapons policy. Lawrence Fawcettand Barry Greenwood, in Clear In-tent, as well as Bob Jacobs in theJanuary 1989 issue of the Journal,MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990
  • 12. 12suggest that UFOs have already in-tervened in our global military situa-tion, which implies that their oc-cupants may not be as morally uncar-ing as Hopkins has suggested.How could this interaction with ourgovernment have been carried outwithout destroying the governmentsego structure? One way might be forUFOs to disguise themselves. "Werefriendly people, just like you," theycould claim, "except that we happento be from another planet."As I read Leonard Stringfields twopart series on "UFO Crash/Retrievals,"I did not necessarily doubt his data.Instead, I found myself thinking thathis report sounded more like a wreckon the Los Angeles Freeway than thestory of advanced space vehicles fromanother world. Why are Boeing 747ssafer to fly than UFOs? I found myselfsuspecting that all UFO crashes maybe staged, as a part of the overalldisguise.Whitley Strieber reports in Transfor-mation that the Visitors showed hima drawer full of apparently deadbodies, from which he concluded thatthey only used bodies "as we usescuba gear to penetrate the depths ofthe sea" (p. 40). This observation sug-gests that crashed UFOs, along withthe dead bodies left behind, may notbe proof that they are mortal, after all.Up until now, UFO research has oc-casionally reacted by denying strangeevidence: right angle turns are im-possible; abductions are impossible;government involvement, and UFOcrashes are impossible, and so on. Wenow know itisall possible. But we alsohave to take the next step.We have to be willing to supposethat every piece of UFO evidencecould be some form of a disguise—not as a tractor, perhaps —but never-theless we must suspect all UFOrevelations fall short of a full disclosureof what the reality behind the eventwe observe really is.Symptom of FearA truly benevolent reality which isvastly superior to humans mightrealize that we need a rock to hideinWe need to suppose thatthe terror many feel in thepresence of the UFO realitymay be an inevitable partof the UFO revelationexperience.because if we look the UFO realitystraight in the face, we may die. Weneed to consider the Rock of AgesPrinciple. We also need to supposethat the terror many feel in thepresence of the UFO reality may bean inevitable part of the UFO revela-tion experience.Returning to the letter to Hopkinsfrom England, the mans terror is acommon part of the UFO abductionexperience, including the religioustype of abductions of Andreasson andStrieber. The mans continued terrorof the space where the sighting oc-curred is also common.Biblical encounters with God werefilled with terror, had spatial conse-quences, and often involved trance orsleep as a coating of insulation.Abram met God in a deep sleep, and"a dread and great darkness fell uponhim." (Genesis 15:12) Jacob had adream of the angels of God ascendingand descending on a ladder toheaven, and when he woke up hewas afraid and said, "How awesomeis this place." (Genesis 28:17) He thenbuilt an altar there; the place becamesacred space, a place of dread.Mt. Sinai became a holy mountainbecause that is where Israel had itsbasic UFO experience (Exodus19-30). In our modern UFO abduc-tion cases, the place where the abduc-tion occurs, that lonely stretch of road,suddenly becomes a place of fear andawe — it becomes holy ground.I think Vallee is essentially rightwhen he says that the UFOphenomenon is "more complex,more interestingand more profoundthan any of us has ever dreamt." If heis right, we need to suppose that thisreality is intelligent enough to knowthat it can only show itself to us indisguised ways withoutdestroying us.And if UFOs are using a disguiseto protect us — the Rock of AgesPrinciple — then we must be verycareful about passing judgments onthis reality that label it as either im-moral or demonic. It appears to methat the UFO reality is behaving insuch a way as to communicate itspresence to us, and much of its com-plexity to us, without destroying us atthe same time. Furthermore, we mustsuppose that what is "good" from thepoint of view of UFOs might not begood from the point of view of theAmerican government. Pharaohprobably did not have a high opinionof the "pillar of cloud and of fire"when it drowned his army in the RedSea (Exodus 14:19-30). But it lookedgood from the Jewish point of view.Even if most students of UFOs donot accept my God Hypothesis, Ibelieve we need to think very serious-ly about any data that indicate thatUFOs often use a disguise inrelatingto humans. A vastly superior realitymight well do this, not out of evil in-tent, but because to confront us faceto face might lead to our death.We need to suspect that if somekind of UFO disguise is at work, theneven if our government has crashedUFOs, and is working with live alienbeings, it may still not have the full pic-ture. Ifwe remember that our govern-ment is taking a tight security ap-proach to UFOs, that means UFOsare evaluated only on a "need toknow" basis. Very few mindshave ac-cess to the whole picture. Most ofthose minds would be scientific-military, not necessarily the best mindsto deal with a reality which may beright in front of their eyes, but not bewhat they see.I remember a Roman military-political leader sending an alien Jewto the cross almost 2000 years agobecause he did not understand whathe was looking at. We are poised fora war of the worlds, and if there is awar, I am worried that the govern-ments of this world could again be thebad guys.MUFON UFO JOURNALNo. 265 May 1990
  • 13. 13Close Encounters of a Fireball KindDr. Spickler, of Wheeling, WestVirginia, is a MUFON State Sec-tion Director.On Saturday February24, Dave Meyer, Adri-an Spickler and I droveto Parsons, West Vir-ginia where we met Hank Thompson,Sheriff of Tucker County. He hadreported some apparent close en-counter cases to the UFO ReportingCenter in Seattle a few weeks earlierand took them seriously because heknew the witnesses and judged themto be credible people. The sightingsoccurred on the evening of Saturday,January 27, 1990 which raised mysuspicions immediately because thatevening an exceptional fireball gen-erated many reports throughout theEast.A Mobay Corporation chemist andlaboratory foreman happened to bevacationing twelve miles east of Par-sons on thisparticularnight, and sawthe fireball through the living roomwindow of their rented chalet. Theydescribed an exceedinglybright, blue-white oval-shaped object descendingtoward the southeastern horizon ona slanted, debris strewn path. Thetime was estimated to be sometimeafter 7:00 p.m. An Associated Pressdispatch reported that DavidArnold,an air traffic control supervisor atDulles Airport, clocked in the sightingat 7:10 EST that evening.During the course of our afternoonin Parsons, Sheriff Thompson intro-duced us to Jimmy Roy, a localtruckdriver, who had a clear view of theentire sky from behind the ParsonsElementary Middle School parkinglot. He described a bright oval-shapedobject passing slowly from the north-east horizon (30 degrees east ofnorth) toward the southeast (about150 degrees). The light was com-pared in brightness and color to awelders arc and may have taken asBy Ted Spickler, Ph.D.long as 15 seconds to sweep acrossthe sky (Arnold claimed 30 seconds).At its highest point the object wasperhaps 30 degrees above the north-ern horizon. Mr. Roy expressed theopinion that he saw space junk enter-ing the atmosphere, a very reasonableassessment considering the appear-ance of the object (AP reported thatNORAD was confident the object wasnot re-entering space junk).A few other witnesses, however,described what sounded like close en-counters with something quite unlikea distant fireball, which is the reasonwhy we drove to Parsons. SheriffThompson was extremely helpful andgenerous with his time. He introducedus to Angie Murphy, a delightful14-year-old daughter of Roger andDotie Murphy, who live in a lovelyranch home in a neighborhood aboveand to the north of downtownParsons.On the nightin question, Mrs. Mur-phy was lying on a living room couchunder a big picture window. Angiestraddled a padded coffee table infront of the couch with a view to thenorth through the window. Across thestreet a mercury vapor light bathedtheir neighbors house. At around7:30 p.m., a rough estimate, Angieturned white and exclaimed amaze-ment at a bright light approachingfrom the distance. As it seemed tocome rapidly closer, its angular sizebecame considerably larger than thestreet lamp. It apparently hovered justover the house across the street. Shedescribed, and later drew, a darkfootball-shaped object with blue lightsrunning across the midline. If theneighbors compact car were hungbya crane over their house the relativesize of car and object may have beenthe same.Within a few seconds a red lightcame on at one end of the thing,which then shot off quickly to theright. There was no noise and thetotal time for the sighting could bemeasured in a matter of seconds.Angie raced to another window,searching in vain for any further signof the object. Her parents even wentoutside to look around. The passageof some bright lights in the sky wasverified by a neighbor who lived anumber of houses down the street,but who was not willing to go onrecord with the sighting.Aerial FootballAt about this same time Steve Sim-mons and Kevin Hebb were sittingina truck alongside Route 72, facingsoutheast, and overlooking Parsonsfrom about a few hundred feet abovethe valley. Steve was starting to pullonto the road when he caught aglimpse of a bright blue light frombehind him (to the north), and as-sumed a police car was about to ap-pear over the crest of the hill. As hewaited, a huge oval or football-shapedobject, bright bluish-white in color,could be seen through the trees pass-ing to his left and travelingtoward thevalley below, looking as if it wereabout to plunge into the field beforethem. The sky lit up with sufficientbrightness to reveal "every blade ofgrass." Then in a shower of sparks, theoval appeared to change course andshoot up out of sight. They hungaround for a while to see if anythingelse might happen, but the night wascalm and they proceeded onward toa pool hall. They both estimated theinherent size of the oval as about 30to 50 yards long, but were vague asto its apparent angular displacement.Later, Kevin talked to anotherwitness who described what soundedlike the same thing. This other sightingtook place some twelve miles away atabout the same time. In fact there aremany witnesses describing somethingranging from a bright, slow-movingstar to a burned-out cinder. The co-MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990
  • 14. 14incidence of two close encountershappening at about the same timeand in the same direction as ahunusual fireball cannot be easily main-tained as a coincidence. Could thewitnesses have really mistaken thefireball for something close to .themand therefore apparently large?A common feature of these reportsis the opinion expressed by the wit-nesses that they have seen meteorsbefore and this was certainly nometeor. The common misconceptionthat all meteors are only "shootingstars" may give rise to a lack of ap-preciation for the truly awesome ap-pearance of fireballs.When a meteor is exceptionallylarge astronomers call it a "fireball." Infact, a really spectacular fireball isquite unlike the tenuous, dim, andbrief flash of a "shooting star." Thelight from a fireball can illuminate theground and may be many timesbrighter than the light from a fullmoon. A major fireball was studiedbyC.A. Chant in 1913 and hisconclu-sions were re-examined in the Con-don Report (p. 579).Many witnesses to this eventmistook the object as being huge andclose by. They perceived the object asbeing some type of aircraft emittingfiery exhaust. The slow-movinghorizontal trajectory added convictionto the belief they were seeing an ar-tificial flying machine. This sightingtook place long before the modernera of the UFO, so their precon-ceptions centered around the "aero-planes" of that period. Other studiesof re-entry and space debris burn-upreveal the same pattern of crediblewitnesses interpreting an extraor-dinary, yet explainable, high-altitudere-entry as "just over the hill," "at treetop level," or "just a few yards away"and therefore huge.At the time of her sighting, Anglewas looking toward the northeastthrough a window that had a thincur-tain stretched across it. The unusualappearing light from an extraordinaryfireball may have appeared distortedthrough the curtain, and couldpossibly be misperceived as close byand just over the neighbors house.A huge oval or football-shaped object, brightbluish-white in color, couldbe seen through the treespassing to his left and travel-ing toward the valley below.She did not report any light from theneighbors mercury vapor light reflect-ing from the alleged object, which issurprising considering that it was sup-posed to be hovering not far abovethe light.Shower of SparksA difficult aspect of the sighting bySteve and Kevin has their objectchanging course and shooting up in-to the sky duringa shower of sparks.This behavior was echoed by someobservers reporting to the NationalUFO Reporting Center. Certainlythese other people, a great distanceremoved, could not also be lookingat a close encounter just over Parsons,West Virginia.Apparently, the behavior of thefireball led many witnesses to reporta course change. Sometimes thephysical object causing a meteor trailwill skip in the Earths atmosphere likea flat stone skipping over water. Ifthisparticular fireball also skipped it wouldhave given the appearance of a craftchanging direction and going back upinto the sky. Some witnesses reportedthat behavior, while others gave theimpression of something falling to theearth "just over the hill." Steve des-cribed the object as heading for thevalley floor below them as if it mightcrash into the ground but when askedto point to where he saw the objectat its lowest altitude, his arms flailedvaguely around in the direction of thedistant horizon.We suspect that the primary wit-nesses would not agree to an iden-tification of their sighting as anastronomical fireball. But consideringthe temporal proximity of their ex-perience with the passage of thefireball, its direction, behavior, andvisual appearance, we have no realchoice. The witnesses are obviouslysincere and describing as accuratelyas they can what was perceived. Am-biguous visual information is neces-sarily processed by the mind in realtime, which then tries to make senseof what is being seen. For this reasonperceptions are not the same thing asobservations. The witnesses can takecomfort in being fortunate at havingseen such an extraordinary event andhaving the fact of the observationverified by so many other witnessesup and down the East Coast.UFONEWSCLIPPINGS SERVICEThe UFO Newsclipping Service willkeep you informed of all the latestUnited States and World-Wide UFOreports (i.e., little known photographiccases, close encounters and landingreports, occupant cases) and all otherUFO reports, many of which are car-ried only in small town and foreignnewspapers.Our UFO Newsclipping Serviceissues are 20-page monthly reports,reproduced by photo-offset, con-taining the latest United States andCanadian UFO newsclippings, withour foreign section carrying thelatest British, Australian, New Zea-land and other foreign press reports.Also included is a 3-5 page sectionof "Fortean" clippings (i.e., Bigfootand other "monster" reports). Let uskeep you informed of the latest hap-penings in the UFO and Forteanfields.For subscription information andsample pages from our service,writetoday to:UFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICERoute 1 - Box 220Plumerville, Arkansas 72127CHANGE OF ADDRESSMEMBERS/SUBSCRIBERSAdvise change of address(include county andphone no.) to:MUFON103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990
  • 15. 15NewsnViews ... Tabloids, MIBTales From The TabloidsLike Johnny Carson, ufologists occa-sionally get into high dudgeon overthe headlines in the tabloid press.Early in the month of May, I wasin my neighborhood grocery whenmy eyes were distracted by the follow-ing front-pagebanner in the then cur-rent Weekly World News, the poorb&w stepchild of the National En-quirer: "Its Alive! New GalaxyShaped Like A Human Fetus ... andScientists Detect a Heartbeat!" Now,who could find any fault with that?The two-page spread, contributedby "Special Correspondent" NelsonMann, occupied the rags center-foldseat of honor. The supposed dis-coverer of the newborn galaxy — "40thousand light years from Earth and... millions of miles across" — wasdescribed as one Dr. William Radin-ski, "whose studies of galaxies andblack holes have earned him a globalreputation."A somewhat dashing, silver-hairedRadinski was pictured alongside hisnewfound fetal galaxy, complete withumbilical cord, rather grimlyclenchinga pipe stem, as might be expected ofany exposed surrogate father. Allwereally learn about the Good DoctorRadinski is that he and "a researchteam discovered the galaxy while per-forming a routinetelescopic surveyofthe heavens from a base in Kenya onMarch 24."Radinski was quoted as saying, "Idont think itsgoing too far to say thatwe might be witnessingthe birth of anew life-form ... It could be a coin-cidence — but I doubt it."Well, I doubt it, too. In fact, this lat-ter gem stems from the "fact" that"further study revealed that radiowaves are coming from the galaxy inheartbeat-like bursts that indicate thestar system may be alive."Go figure.More on MIBPeter Rojcewiczs profound, perceptiveand thought-provokingpaper invitesconstructive comment rather thancavilling criticism; but I feel I mustquestion his statement that "theprevailing position (on MIB) insiststhat we see anomalous beliefs as pro-ducts of cultural expectations."Nothing wrong about that, so far asit goes: but it seems to me Peter istelescoping two kinds of belief — thebelief of the person who experiencesthe event from the inside, and thebelief of a person who comments onit from the outside.Now each of these beliefs may beculturally conditioned, just as eachmay be conditioned by thepsychological make-up of the in-dividual, be she/he experiencer orobserver. But the two beliefs may, andmost probably will, be very different.For example, my view of what hap-pened at Lourdes in 1858 is quite dif-ferent from that of BernadetteSoubirous. Whether one or other ofus isjustified in our belief, or whetherwe are both wrong, it remains truethat both her beliefs and mine may bethe result of cultural conditioning.Idont see how it could be otherwise,unless there exists a basis of un-disputed fact to work from.Such a basis does seem to have ex-isted in the case of the 1977 WestWales sightings, which included interalia a fairly classic MIB incident, inwhich a mysterious car silently ap-peared "from nowhere" outside theremote farmhouse, and a weird per-son emerged with a foreign accentand "large, penetrating blue eyeswhich seemed to go right through her(secondary witness Caroline Klass)and examine her thoughts." A seriesof strange incidents ensued,culminating in the car driving off andPauline (a primary witness) arrivingseconds later having met no othervehicle on the narrow farm road ...All very sinister ... except thatwhenI re-investigated the case, Carolinewas astonished when I showed herthe investigators write-up of the in-cidents. Most of them, she insisted,either hadnt happened or had beenmisreported: for example, the reasonwhy Paulinehadnt passed the strangecar was simply that Caroline hadpointed out to the driver a short cutto where he wanted to go, by a trackthrough the fields rather than the farmroad ...In short, there was a real enoughevent at bottom of the tale: butthe MIB elements had beengrafted onto the base material, con-sciously or unconsciously, by theinvestigators.Far be it from me to suggest thatthis happens in every case, and theYates case which Peter cites may bea happening of a more complex kind.If so, Peters crack area model wouldbe a convenient means of puttingsuch cases on hold pending furtherunderstanding of them: but while I ap-plaud his initiative in creating apigeonhole into which we can putthese kinds of events, I feel that theclassification can only be provisional,and that in the end we shall have todecide between consensus reality andsubjective fantasy.For the question remains in, say,the Yates case: given the real basis,where did the unreal elements comefrom? Was there a third party, atrickster playing games with Yates,with the police and everyone in-volved? Or was it the mind of Yates,projecting outwardly some inwardpreoccupation? Or was everyone con-cerned the victim of cultural forces?Someone, somewhere, has to beresponsible. Findingout who, seemsto me to be the one essential ques-tion we should be asking.— Hilary EvansMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990
  • 16. 16Current Case LogDan Wright, InvestigationsThe following summarizes casereports received in April 1990. whichare well documented and representrecent events of significance toufology. Unless noted, no sound,vibration or odor was detected in theincidents described.• Log #900401: 1/12/90. 1 a.m.event near Underwood. Indiana, in-vestigator Jim Delehanty. A womanwas watching TV when she noticedbright lights through a window. Pro-ceeding to another room for a betterview, she discerned perhaps 500 yardsdistant two round lightson eithersideof a smaller hemispherical red light. Anundefined dark probe extended fromone side. Momentarily,five or six iden-tical sets joined the first, each about100 feet above the ground. Afterhovering for approximately 10minutes, all quickly departed.• Log #900402: 2/22/90, 5:30p.m. event near Henryville, Indiana,investigator Jim Delehanty. A teenagegirl home alone heard a strong windoutside. [A weather station checkafterward revealed a wind speed of 7mph in the area.] From a window, shespotted a bright silvery disc less than100 yards away and hovering overtrees that were swaying seeminglyfrom a force emanating from the ob-ject. Within two minutes, the vehiclemoved laterally over a mobile home,then ascended out of sight. The equi-hemispherical disc was furtherdescribed as having numeroussteadywhite lights which (from a lateralperspective) appeared to extendaround the top and bottom. The fami-ly dog howled and whined through-out and had little appetite over thenext few days.• Log #900403:3/4/90. 10:10 p.m.event near New Albany. Indiana, in-vestigator Jim Delehanty. Two menwere driving when they noticedsomething rise up from behind astand of trees in the distance. Stop-ping the car, they witnessed astingray-shaped object which even-tually passed directly overhead at1,000-1,500 feet altitude and 100-150mph. The vehicle was described as a"wedge" or "flying wing," muchwiderthan a 747 jetliner and with a shortpointed tail at the rear. The undersidewas composed of numerous rec-tangular panels. An amber light wasvisible at one wingtip, a blue light atthe other, and a pink-orangelight atthe front. An oscillating sound(remindful of a blank audiocassette onfast forward) was detected. The dura-tion was estimated as four minutes.• Log #900406: 1/27/90. 9:50p.m. event in Harrison City, Penn-sylvania, investigator Wayne Willis.Driving along the main steet of a smalltown, a woman observed a 30-50foot disc hovering 150-200 feet aboveand in front of her. She stopped fora better look, noting the undersidesmetallic brown exterior, perhaps fourtight concentric circles ofblue-greenlights, and an undefined appendagehanging down. After one-to-two min-utes, the object moved off in asoutherly direction and was quicklylost from view.• Log #900408: 3/7/90. 2 a.m.event in Gulf Breeze. Florida, in-vestigator Joe Barren. A woman wasfeeding her infant when she noticeda beam of white light,approximatelythree feet in diameter,descend to theground just beyond the window. Intwo seconds, the light disappeared.During its presence, she detected aslight vibration of unknown source.The following morning,the womanshusband discovered a circleof burnedgrass 11feet in diameter near the win-dow. Alongwith the womans parents,they detected a strong "perfume"odor emanating from the scorchedarea.• Log #900409: 2/28/90, 11:30p.m. event in Gulf Breeze, Florida, in-vestigators Carol and Rex Salisberry.While driving, two women noticed acluster of red and white lights hover-ing low over a nearby store. As theyturned onto the adjoining street for acloser view, an undefined form en-compassing the lights glided slowlyoverhead and into the distance. Twobright spotlights were illuminated forseconds, then extinguishedbefore theobject was lost from view.• Log #900410: 10/4/89, 2:40-5:00 p.m. near Ipava, Illinois, in-vestigator Poe Clark. The investigatorheard a low-flying military jet ap-proaching and so reached forbinoculars to follow itspath as routineobservational practice. Moments later,he spotted at an altitude of 10,000feet three whitespherical objects con-nected by thin, white flexible strandsand drifting slowly across the sky.Within minutes, he noticed an amor-phous whiteform, also at high altitudeand perhaps 50 feet in diameter, con-sisting of a cotton-like substance.Myriad small particles of this driftedto the ground over a wide area.Three days later, in the companyof an additional investigator, manymore linked spherical objects wereobserved, moving in all directions andexpelling the same white substance.Also seen were a large silver-grey,cigar-shaped object and a smallishwhite, egg-shaped object, both in ver-tical orientation; a rotating whiteoblong/cylindrical object; silverspheres; a wavering, red diamond-shaped object; dark brown discs withan appendage from the underside;and a slender white boomerang-shaped object which rotated whileinmotion.Dozens of the "angel hair" sampleswere collected. Three of these wereMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990
  • 17. 17sent to a commercial laboratory.Spectral analysis indicated that "thematerial is organic and of a composi-tion similar to amino acids." The labreport further related "strongsimilarities between the FTIR spectraof these unknown materials andsimilar spectra of a spiders web."• Log #900416: 3/20/90, 9 p.m.event near Carney, Oklahoma, in-vestigator Jean Waller. A woman,along with three adolescents, weredriving home on a rural road whenapproached from behind by a beamof dark red light estimated as perhaps50 feet in diameter and hundreds offeet high. They stopped and departedthe car, at which point the columnofred likewisehalted over an adjoiningfield. Due to its brillianceand height,the source above could not bediscerned.As they re-entered their vehicle,two or more white conical beams ap-peared within the red column. Thenthey realized several apparent E-M ef-fects: Spontaneously, their autos ceil-ing dome light, windshield wipers,emergency flashers, and radio diallight (which had not shown for years)were operating, and the interiorgenerally felt uncomfortablywarm toall.Unable to reverse any of these ef-fects, they continued homeward a fewmiles distant, paced by the anomaly.Upon their arrival, they yelled for thefather as the column of light haltedjust across the road. He arrived out-side in time to see the display recedeinto the distance until lost from view.Total duration was estimated as 20minutes.• Log #900419: 3/2/90, 11 p.m.event beginning near Beavercreek, Il-linois, investigator Don Krieger. Acouple was driving through the coun-tryside on their way home when theyspotted a brilliant, rapidly pulsatingwhite oval next to the road perhapsa mile ahead. Initially assuming it tobe a powerline discharge, they wereperplexed when after five-to-six milesthey had not overtaken it. The lightthen moved directly over the road andhovered. Momentarily, they ap-proached and stopped just short and30 feet below it.Amid the intense glow was anundefined dark form. Directlyunderneath was a tapered cylindricalobject. This appeared refrigerator-sized, one end obscured by thebrightness above. The visibleportionof its surface appeared dark brown,with at least two narrow bands oflighter brown. A small bubble-likedome extended from the underside.The cylinder "jumped" to a posi-tion directly over them and cast a20-30 foot white beam of steadystrength over the truck and roadway.The couple sped away, the dualanomalies following closely behind.At one point, the unknownsseeming-ly anticipated their turn onto an in-tersecting road, crossing diagonallyover a field to rejoin them. As theyapproached the next town, the objectswithdrew and moved erraticallyin thedistance. The pulsating glow re-mained visible in the distance forseveral miles farther until finally lostfrom view. Total duration wasestimated as 20 minutes.• Log #900421: 4/5/90, 8:15 p.m.event in Gulf Breeze, Florida, in-vestigators Carol and Rex Salisberry.A man was driving eastbound nearthe bay when he noticed, perhapstwomiles ahead, what at first appeared tobe a jet fighter in a flat spin and aboutto crash. At that moment, two militaryjets approached from the north, andthe first object immediatelyshot lateral-ly southward, haltingone-to-two milesdistant. The witness pulled off anddeparted his car. The object, depictedas a domed disc, proceeded to riseslowly beyond a treeline. It was furtherdescribed as havinga white body, withred and green lights spaced evenlyaround the side, and an unlit dome atthe top. The witness retreated to aphone, beckoning a friend and the in-vestigators (who are acquaintances)and also calling the sheriffs depart-ment, which dispatched two deputies.The additionalwitnesses, upon theirarrival, were able to distinguish abright light many thousands of feethigh which, over the course of twohours, continued to ascend slowlyand at variance with the motion ofreferenced stars in the same sectionof the sky.• Log #900422: 3/2/88, 10 p.m.event in Gulf Breeze, Florida, in-vestigators Carol and Rex Salisberry.A woman glanced out a window, see-ing a 20-foot, dark oval-shaped ob-ject passing slowly through a woodedarea adjoining her property. She ranoutside and noted evenly spaced,round yellow-white lights along itsnear side. She expressed amazementlater that the vehicle did not impactwith the tightly situated trees as it con-tinued its straight-line path throughthe woods and into the night. Dura-tion was estimated as five minutes.• Log #900422: 11/30/89, 9:45p.m. and 10:15 p.m. events in GulfBreeze, Florida, investigators Caroland Rex Salisberry. The same witnessas above was driving eastbound nearthe bay when she noticed a brightlight approaching from the northwest.She parked alongside the road andobserved a dark "arrowhead" shapedobject, the size of a light aircraft, rapid-ly descend and hover 100 feet awaynext to a power substation. From theobjects underside shown 30 or moresmall white lights that covered the sur-face excepting a centered circular por-tion. Three intensely bright lightscame on. She drove across the roadand onto the substation driveway, atwhich point the vehicle recededrapidly.The witness tried unsuccessfully tofollow the object, then turned towardhome. Along an unpopulated areashe spotted ahead of her the same oran identical object (save the threespotlights) at treetop level and ap-proaching at joggingspeed. She againstopped the car and watched it crossher path 40-50 feet away. As sheturned her car around to follow it, the"arrowhead" accelerated rapidly, ex-ecuted a sharp turn and climbedquickly out of sight. Duration wasContinued on page 21MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990
  • 18. 18Looking BackBob GribbleMay 1950 • At9:30 p.m. on the29th, the crew of an AmericanAirlines DC-6 had just taken off fromWashington National Airport andwere about seven miles west of MountVernon, Maryland, when the copilotsuddenly looked out and yelled,"Watch it — watch it!"The pilot andengineer looked out to see a bluish-white light closing in on them fromdead ahead. The pilot. CaptainWilliam Sperry, described what hesaw: "The object was flying head-onat us. It was 50 times the magnitudeof the brightest star. I immediatelymade an abrupt turn to avoid colli-sion. As I looked to my left the ob-ject appeared to come to a stop. Itap-peared as a perfectly streamlinedob-ject without wings or tail section as itwas silhouetted against the full moon."At all times it had a brilliant shim-mering blue light in the nose. It wastraveling at fantastic speeds, andalthough it had passed off our leftwing tip it circled us in a matter ofseconds and appeared off our rightwing. There again it stopped, and wewatched it for several seconds. Whenagain it started, it reversed its direc-tion. We watched it for several moreseconds until it disappeared in theeast out of sight. I have never seenanything like it before or since."Cap-tain Sperry had flown for AmericanAirlines for 17 years with more than15,000 hours flying time.Following widespread publicityabout the UFO encounter. CaptainSperry heard from a pilot by the nameof Henry H. Myers (President FranklinRoosevelts personal pilot duringWorld War II),who had been flyinganother American Airlines plane overVirginia some 400 miles to the souththe same night. Myers noticed abrilliant light at the same timeas Sperrys sighting. The light haddropped down out of the night skyto hisnorth, where Sperrys plane wasat the time. To Myers astonishment,the light fell a distance, leveled off,then moved away in horizontal flight.H 1955 The London Sunday Dis-patch for the first of the monthreported, "TheAir Ministry stated thatthe results of their five year investiga-tion of UFOs is not to be madepublic.It is to be locked away and may notever be released, for the Air Ministryis afraid it will encounter or promotemuch scepticism." This announce-ment was followed by another story,cabled to America through the Inter-national News Services London officeby Dorothy Killgellan, a staff cor-respondent for the New York Journal-American. "London, May 22 — I canreport today on a story which ispositively spooky, not to mentionchilling. British scientists and airmen,after examining the wreckage of onemysterious flying ship, are convincedthese strange aerial objects are not op-tical illusions or Soviet inventions,butare flying objects which originate onanother planet."The source of my information isa British official of Cabinet rank whoprefers to remain unidentified. Webelieve, on the basis of our inquirythus far, that the UFOs were staffedby small men — probably under fourfeet tall. Itsfrightening, but there isno denying the UFOs come fromanother planet. This official quotedscientists as saying a ship of this typecould not have possibly been con-structed on Earth. The British Gov-ernment, I learned, is withholding anofficial report on the UFO examina-tion at this time, possibly because itdoes not wish to frighten the public."• While theKillgellan story was be-ing both officially and unofficiallydenied by the Defense Ministry inLondon, the sighting of a silvery,cigar-shaped craft by the crew of aPortuguese Air Lines Skymasterbound for London from Lisbon on the25th, was widely reported by theBritish press. The crew said it had nowings, and was moving at terrificspeed. It was long and slim, andseemed to be revolving as it passedunder the nose of the airliner. Theflight engineer, Jose Eliva, said: "Theobject seemed to approach from theport side and pass right under thenose. To me it looked like a silvercigar. There was no smoke trailcom-ing from it."The British Air Ministryreported that the object was a childsballoon accidentallyreleased from theDorking area.• 1960 A mysterious triangular-shaped object was sighted on the22nd by astronomers at an obser-vatory at Palma on the Spanish islandof Majorca. The object spun on itsown axis without deviating from itspath and appeared about the size ofa quarter-moon. It was seen for twominutes. Its velocity, altitude and lackof noise or tail ruled out its being ajet aircraft or a balloon, an observatoryspokesman said.• 1965 While standing watch at1:10 a.m. aboard a navy ship in thePhilippine Sea on the fifth, a signal-man using binoculars sighted threeobjects in close proximity to eachother; one object was first magnitude;the other two, second magnitude. Theobjects were traveling at extremelyhigh speed, moving toward the shipat an undetermined altitude. Fourminutes later, four moving targetswere detected on the air search radarat ranges up to 22 miles and held forup to six minutes. Over the ship theobjects spread to a circularformationand remained there for about threeminutes. This maneuver was observedboth visually and by radar. The brightobject which hovered off the starboardquarter made a larger presentation onthe radar scope.The objects made several coursechanges during the sighting, con-firmed visually and by radar, and wereMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May1990
  • 19. 19tracked at speeds in excess of 3000knots. Challenges were made by IFFbut were not answered. After thethree minute hovering maneuver, theobjects moved in a southeasterlydirection at an extremely high rate ofspeed. The entire aerial display wasobserved by the commanding officer,all personnel on the bridge, andnumerous personnel working topside.Air Force Project Blue Book identifiedthe objects as "aircraft."• About 3:25 a.m. onthe28th, anAustralian DC-6 operated at Ansett-A.N.A., was on a regular flight fromBrisbane, Australia to Port Moresby,New Guinea, when a spheroid-shaped craft made a close pass at theaircraft. The airliner captain, using acall sign of "VH-INH," radioed aQueensland airport control tower thatthe DC-6 was being "buzzed" by anunknown flying object. He describedit as a sphere, flat on the top and thebottom. For ten minutes the vehiclepaced the airliner, during whichtimethe captain took several photographsof the mystery craft. The captain wasinstructed not to have the filmdeveloped in New Guinea. On hisreturn trip he was flown to Canberrawhere the film was taken from him.The 12-hour tapes with the pilotsreport to the control tower also wereconfiscated.• 1975 Three disc-shaped craft tookcontrol of a single-engineplane nearMexico City, Mexico, said the youngpilot who admitted: "I was so scaredI was crying." For 10 horrowingminutes, beginning at 11:30 a.m. onthe third, 23-year-old Carlos Antoniode los Santos Monteil reported he wassurrounded by UFOs — one on eachwingtip and the other beneath him—on a flight from Zihuatanejoto Mex-ico City. And when the incrediblecraftfinally departed, two of them madean impossiblysharp high-speed turn,baffling air traffic controllers who weretracking them on radar.De los Santos — with three yearsand 370 flying hours experience —estimated the vehicles were 12 feet indiameter and five feet thick. He saidthey were dark gray and had a dome-like area with what looked like anantenna sticking up from the center."I was terrified ... and I was crying.I could hardly talk," he said. As hisair-craft approached a regularnavigationcheckpoint about 50 miles south ofMexico City at 15,000 feet, the pilotmade the following recorded radio callto "Centro Mexico" — Mexico Citysair traffic control center: "Emergen-cy! Emergency! ... Three unidentifiedbut visual flying objects are around myplane. The plane is not under mycon-trol ..."De los Santos said two of the crafttook up positions "just inches" fromhis wingtips, while the third seemedto bump his plane from underneath."There were mechanical sounds likethe sounds in a garage," he remem-bered. He said he could not controlhis altitude or turn the plane. Then tohis horror the plane began to climb,escorted by the disc-like objects. "Imgoing up!" he shouted into the radio.Im now at 15,000 feet and I still cantcontrol the plane ..." The radio wentsilent for several minutes. Suddenlyit cracked and the pilots voice, witha sigh of relief, said: "I now have con-trol of the plane ... Both discs areoffto the right now. Theyre headedtoward the mountains ... I cant seethe third one."Centro Mexico air traffic controllerEmilio Estanol, watching a radarscreen, recalled that "The objectsmade a 270-degree turn at 518 mphin an arc of only three miles. Normallya plane moving at that speed needseight to 10 miles to make a turn likethat. In my 17 years as an air trafficcontroller Ive never seen anythinglikethat. There were no other flights in thearea, not even training flights." AfterDe los Santos reported that his land-ing gear didnt work, an emergencywas declared and Mexico City Inter-national Airport was closed to all traf-fic for 35 minutes. But after severalpasses he managed to get the land-ing gear into a "down" position andlanded hisplane safely. (Editorsnote:Walt Andrus personally interviewedDe los Santos in Acapulco, Mexicoin1975.)• 1980 On theseventh, thepilot ofa KLM (Dutch) airliner was flying at10,000 meters over the DachsteinMountains, Austria. The time was ap-proximately 3:50 p.m. Suddenly, thepilot saw a grey, spherical-shapedobject flying overhead, and he im-mediately reported this to the AirControl Center in Vienna. In turn theACC contacted the military head-quarters of the Austrian Air Force.The officer in command at that time,Major Carl Schwarz, ordered threeSaab-Draken 105s to take off and in-tercept. Once visual contact wasmade, two of the 105s attempted tointercept while the third had the taskof takingas much film footage of theobject as possible. The crafts erraticmaneuvers and speed made it im-possible for the aircraft to follow, andit was soon out of sight.Approximately two hours later, at5:30 p.m., a German aircraft belong-ing to the Lufthansa airline came in-to close contact with a similar object.Although there was no radar contact,Major Schwarz ordered two Saab-Draken jets scrambled, and anotherattempted intercept was under way.Commenting on the pursuit, one ofthe pilots said: "We were operating ata height of 12,000 meters. The thingwas flying very fast, and then veryslow. It seemed to be playingwith us.The UFO was flying 3000 meters overus, and although we tried all possiblemaneuvers, we couldnt catch it."As for the film record of the first in-tercept, the only comment came froma Major Wolfgang Brauner, at militaryheadquarters, who said "... the filmsare useless." What was his explana-tion for the craft that out-maneuveredexperienced pilots and theirexcellentaircraft? Major Brauner believes it wasa ... balloon! Until a reporter heardabout the incidentthe case was kept"hushed up" but, under pressure, thefew details above were given to thepress.MUFON UFO JOURNALNo. 265 May 1990
  • 20. 20"To Catch A Flying Star"By John AckermanReview by John L. Spencer, Harpenden, EnglandThere have been several impressiveattempts over the years to producethe blueprints of a flying saucer andthis book by John Ackerman mustrate as one of the best of an alreadyimpressive list.The book is of course highly scien-tific, with most of the detail passingover my head - and I suspect manyreaders heads - and for that reasonit would be useful to see it reviewedby Mr. Ackermans peers. However,this does not detract the reader fromthe book as it very sensibly tiestogether the scientific theory withreported UFO observations and evensome aspects of what could looselybe called the mythology of UFOs.Two questions came to mind withregard to Mr. Ackermans arguments:1. Mr. Ackerman argues that wemay be discussing the technologiesofa civilization perhaps 100,000 yearsahead of our own and reminds usthatour own sophisticated technology hasonly evolved over the last 200 years.In a later part of the book he then sug-gests that we have observed differentshapes of flying saucers and that thesemay represent advances andmodifications in their craft as time pro-gresses. I think the analogy is akin toexposing a Neanderthal man to theautomobile age and expecting him tospot the difference between a 1970model and a 1975 model vehicle andI doubt that that would be possible.(However, there are differencesobserved and that does need to beex-plained somehow! So, we would notbe right to reject out of hand Mr.Ackermans suggestion.)2. Mr. Ackermans theories veryneatly tie up the activities of flyingsaucers on the basis of our presentday understanding of technology withreasonable latitude for advances thatwe have not ourselves yet made.Again, I have some doubts about thelogic of this, in that I do not feel wewould be in a position to even com-ment on the technology of a civiliza-tion 100,000 years more advancedthan our own any more than our sug-gested Neanderthal man could com-bine his own knowledge of his ownworld with even the most keen obser-vation of our world, and come upwith a reasonable working model ofa microwave oven, automobile, etc.But Iam the first to admit that theseamount to nitpicking, and in any casedo not detract from the very worth-while effort of an attempt to under-stand this puzzling enigma of UFOs.I am also delighted to find that suchan elaborate effort has been made bya physicist/engineer. It is very impor-tant that all attempts by all persuasionsare made to understand this pheno-menon so that eventually the truthcan be understood by an amalgamofthose efforts. There is a great deal ofeffort, particularly in Europe, tounderstanding the sociological,mythological and psychologicalaspects of the subject - indeed I amone of those who concentrates hisef-forts mostly on these areas - and wemust never lose sight of the fact thatthere are certain hard, physicalaspects to the subject, which need tobe addressed by those qualified to doso.In summary then I believe this is awell written and well approachedbook, which should be on thebookshelves of - and read by - allserious ufologists.Calendar of UFO Conferences for 1990June 28, 29, 30 — 10th Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigations• University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming.July 6, 7, 8 — MUFON 1990 International UFO Symposium - Pensacola Hil-ton, Pensacola, Florida.July 14 & 15 — Phantoms of the Sky - Ufology into the 90s -Sheffield LibraryTheatre, Sheffield, England.October 13 & 14 — The UFO Experience - Ramada Inn, North Haven, Con-necticut.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990
  • 21. 21CASE LOG, Continuedestimated as two-to-three minutesforthe first encounter and one minuteforthe second.• Log #900422: 3/13/90, 3 p.m.event near Pensacola Beach, Florida,investigators Caroland Rex Salisberry.The same witness as above, alongwith her mother and friend, were driv-ing home from a beach when theynoticed two objects low over the bayperhaps half a mile distant. Both weredescribed as 20-30 feet long in theshape of an "old fashioned milk bot-tle" laid flat, one being positioned justabove and to the side of the other.The sun glinted off their silver-whitesurfaces. As these hovered, theygradually "dematerialized" (i.e. werelost from view without moving intothe distance). Duration was oneminute.[MUFON investigators are remindedthat the original materials comprisinga case report should be forwarded toMUFON headquarters. A copy of theentire report is to be sent for evalua-tion and response to the DeputyDirector - 228 South Fairview, Lans-ing, Michigan 48912. Only casereports evaluated as complete will besummarized here and/or included inMUFONs computerized record forcomparative analysis.]MESSAGE, ContinuedMichael Grosso, Ph.D., Ann B.Druffel, and Dr. Rauni-LeenaLuukanen-Kilde. The conference willopen with a get acquainted session onThursday, June 28th at 7:00 p.m. inthe Medicine Bow Room.The single rate registration fee is$35 before June 1st and $40 per per-son thereafter. For further detailsplease write to llth RockyMountainConference of UFO Investigation,Conferences and Institutes, P.O. Box3972, Laramie, WY 82071-3927 orcontact June O. Parnell, 1151 HidalgoDrive, Laramie, WY 82070 ortelephone (307) 742-3399. Dr.Parnell is MUFONs State Director ofWyoming.The Night SkyWalter N. WebbJune 1990Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Jupiter, in Gemini below Pollux and Castor, lies low above the westernhorizon, shiningat magnitude -1.8. In mid-June the celestial giant sets inthe NW about 9:45 PM daylight time. By months end the setting time hasdecreased even farther to about 9, only half an hour after sunset. The planetis near the thin crescent Moon on the 23rd.Saturn (magnitude 0.2), in Sagittarius, now rises in the ESE about 10 PMin midmonth. Itadvances westward in the southern sky throughout the night.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):At dawn Venus (-3.9), Mars (0.4), and Saturn remain low in the east (thefirst two objects) and in the SSW (the ringed planet). Mars actually risesabout 1:30 AM and Venus about 3 AM in mid-June. Saturn lies near thewaning gibbous Moon on the llth.Moon Phases:Full moon — June 8 OLast quarter — June 16New moon — June 22First quarter — June 29 CThe Stars:At 11 PM a nosediving Leo the Lion in the west begins to signal the endof spring, while the summer sky symbol, the Summer Triangle, dominatesthe opposite half of the heavens.Early cultures noticed that the planets always moved close to the yearlypath of the Sun through the stars. This apparent path is called the ecliptic(where eclipses ofthe Sun and Moon occur) and is centered within a beltof constellations 16° wide — the zodiac. The planets never stray beyondthis zone (with the possible exception of Pluto). The reason the Sun andplanets appear to ride along in similar paths is because as we look acrossEarths orbit, we also are peering across the plane of the solar system. Allof the planets revolve around the Sun close to this same plane. (Pluto andMercury depart the most from the ecliptic.) Of the 12 "signs of the zodiac,"those visible late on a June evening, from west to east, are Leo, Virgo, Libra,Scorpius and Sagittarius. The last is Saturns current location.Virgil C. Staff Stanton T. FriedmanMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990
  • 22. 22MUFON 1990INTERNATIONAL UFOSYMPOSIUMPensacola Hilton Pensacola, FloridaSPEAKING PROGRAMSAT., JULY 7, 1990 - MORNING SESSION -9:00 a.m. Opening Ceremonies - Video presentation by Kathy Ware9:05 a.m. Welcome to Pensacola - Charles D. Flannigan, Florida State DirectorIntroductions of: Vicki P. Lyons, General Chairperson; Donald M. Ware,Eastern Regional Director; Walter H. Andrus, Jr., InternationalDirector.9:10 a.m. Greetings from the InternationalDirector - Walter H. Andrus, Jr., Seguin,Texas9:15 a.m. Introduction of Mark Curtis, M.C.; WEAR-TV - Charles D. Flannigan9:15 a.m. UFOs, EXTRATERRESTRIALSAND THE NEW SCIENCEBrian T. OLeary, Ph.D., Astronomer and Author; Phoenix, Arizona10:00 a.m. WHO SPEAKS FOR THE WITNESS? - Medical and Ethical Issues inAbduction Research - David A. Gotlib, M.D.; Toronto, Ontario, Canada11:00 a.m. THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN PERCEPTIONS OF UFOLOGY INAMERICA AND EUROPE - John L. Spencer, Author and Researcher,Harpenden, England12:00 noon LUNCH - (place of your choice)- AFTERNOON SESSION -1:30 p.m. NEW REVELATIONSFROM ROSWELL - Donald R. Schmitt, MUFONWisconsin State Director and CUFOS Director, Hubertus, Wisconsin2:30 p.m. THE FYFFE ALABAMA EXPERIENCE - Carey H. Baker, Publisher;Rainsville, Alabama3:30 p.m. COFFEE OR COKE BREAK4:00 p.m. ET CONTACT: THE RELIGIOUS DIMENSIONDr. Barry H. Downing, Author and Minister, Endwell, New York5:00 p.m. DINNER - (place of your choice)- EVENING SESSION -7:00 p.m. THE GULF BREEZE SIGHTINGS - Ed and Frances Walters; Gulf Breeze,Florida8:00 p.m UFO ABDUCTIONS IN THE GULF BREEZE, FLORIDA AREA - BuddHopkins, Author and Painter; New York, New York9:30 p.m. PANEL - Questions and Answers - Panelists Brian OLeary, David A.Gotlib,John L. Spencer, Donald R. Schmitt, Carey Baker, Barry H. Downing, BuddHopkins, Ed and Frances Walters10:30 p.m. Announcements and Adjournment - Charles D. FlanniganSUN., JULY 8, 1990 - MORNING SESSION -10:00 a.m. THE RAINBOW DECLARATION AND HUMAN DESTINY IN THECOSMOS - John E. Brandenburg, Ph.D., Physicist; Alexandria, Virginia11:00 a.m. RED SKIES: THE GREAT 1989 UFO WAVE IN THE U.S.S.R. - AntonioHuneeus, Researcher and MUFON Continental Coordinator; New York,New York12:00 noon DINNER (place of your choice)- AFTERNOON SESSION -1:30 p.m. ON MASS PANIC AND OTHER FAVORITE MYTHS - Robert L. Hall,Ph.D., Sociologist; St. Michaels, Maryland2:30 p.m. EXPERIENCED ANOMALOUS TRAUMA: NEW DIRECTIONS - Rima E.Laibow, M.D., Psychiatrist; Dobbs Ferry, New York3:30 p.m. COFFEE OR COKE BREAK4:00 p.m. PANEL - Questions and Answers - Panelists: John Brandenburg, AntonioHuneeus, Robert L. Hall, Rima E. Laibow, Ed and Frances Walters, DonaldM. Ware, Walter H. Andrus, Jr.5:00 p.m. INVITATION TO MUFON 1991 INTERNATIONAL UFO SYMPOSIUMThomas P. Stults, Illinois State Director; Downers Grove, Illinois5:05 p.m. Announcements and Adjournment - Charles D. FlanniganMESSAGE, ContinuedMUFONETSeveral of our members have sug-gested that MUFON establish aprivate online computer communica-tion system and BBS specificallydedicated to MUFON and UFOs. Inthis regard, John W. Komar, StateDirector for Tennessee, has been ex-perimenting for a few months with"MUFONET" Message Echo, alongwith MUFON members in Alabama,Arizona, Louisiana, Nevada and Ten-nessee. Anyone interested in such anetwork or seeking information con-cerning MUFONET should write toMr. Komar at 4769Lake RidgeDrive,Memphis, TN 38109 or contact himon his voice line (901)785-4819 orthe data number (901)785-4943.Readers will be kept abreast of theprogress of MUFONET, as it matures.Computer Input Form 2All MUFON Field InvestigatorsManuals (third edition) mailed afterApril 1, 1990 have the new Com-puter Input Form 2 (3 pages) and the11-page "Instructions for Completion"enclosed. Anyone desiring to updatetheir manual should write to MUFONby postcard or letter, requesting same.Rocky Mountain ConferenceThe llth Annual Rocky MountainConference on UFO Investigation willbe held June 28, 29 and 30, 1990 atthe School of Extended Studies,University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY,conducted by June O. Parnell, Ph.D.and R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D. The pur-pose of the conference is to providean opportunity for UFO experiencersand UFO investigators to become ac-quainted and to share informationabout UFO experiences.Speakers scheduled and workshopleaders on June 29 and 30 areMarilyn J. Sprinkle, PennyGoodson-Kjome, Jane A. Rock,June Parnell, Ph.D., Ann Foster,Continued on page 21MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990
  • 23. ^DirectorsWalt AndrusMUFON AwardThe Annual MUFON Award pla-que for the most outstanding con-tribution to Ufology for 1989-90 willbe presented at the MUFON 1990 In-ternational UFO Symposium inPen-sacola, Florida on July 7, 1990. TheFund for UFO Research will providea $500 cash award to the recipient.The following people have beennominated for this prestigious awardby the MUFON Board of Directors,listed alphabetically: Charles D. Flan-nigan, Stan Gordon, Richard H.Hall, Ed and Frances Walters, andDan Wright. A ballot is enclosed withthis issue of the Journal so allmembers and subscribers may votefor their choice from the candidatesproposed. All ballots must be returnedto MUFON in Seguin, Texas by Satur-day, June 16, 1990 so adequatetimeis allowed for engraving the plaque.National UFO Information WeekThe Sixth National UFO Informa-tion Week has been scheduled forAugust 12-19, 1990. This will be anideal opportunity for State and StateSection groups to set up photo ex-hibits, displays, booths for receivingUFO sighting reports from the publicand closed circuit TV showing of UFOdocumentaries, etc. in shopping mallsand libraries. Advance planning isre-quired in order to reserve space inthese facilities and to construct the ex-hibits and displays. MargeChristensen, Director of PublicEducation, heartily endorses this pro-gram in order to take advantage of theresurging interest in UFOs by thepublic, printed media and television.New OfficersVirgil C. Staff, M.A., presently aState Section Director living inBerkeley, California, has been pro-moted to State Director for NorthernCalifornia by Paul C. Cerny, WesternRegional Director, replacing MarvinE. Taylor, Jr. who recentlyresigned.Mr. Staff joined MUFON in 1978.Mrs. Anna Gloria Colon, Puerto RicoState Director, has appointed JorgeMartin, editor of the UFO magazineEnigma, as her Assistant StateDirector.Charles D. Flannigan, State Direc-tor for Florida, is extremely proud toannounce the following appointmentsto State Section Directors in Floridafor the counties indicated: Terry W.and FrancesA. Ecker, (Palatka), Co-Section Directors for Putnam, St.Johns and Flagler Counties (Terry isa writer and publisher while his wife,Frances Ann, has a doctorate in Den-tal Surgery); Philip M. Biancone(Titusville), a retired executive, forBrevard and Osceola Counties;David M. Ring (Dunedin) for Pinellasand Hillsborough Counties, and FredCuddy (Niceville) for Okaloosa andWalton Counties.Other new State SectionDirectorsare: Mrs. Jozaa D. Buist, for Guam,a former section director in Nevada;M. Jean Brogan (Olathe, Kansas) forJohnson, Leavenworth and MiamiCounties; Ross L. Fox (Chattanooga,Tennessee), Amateur Radio OperatorAB4PJ, for Hamilton, Bradley andSequatchie Counties; Thomas V.Hicks (Riverside, California) forRiverside County; Robert W. Elmore(Stratford, Connecticut) for Fairfieldand Litchfield Counties; Jerry A.Black (Blanchester, Ohio) for Cler-mont County; Sharon L. Ben-dickson, M.A. (Greenville, Penn-sylvania) for Mercer, Crawford andLawrence Counties and ResearchSpecialist in Education; and David K.McNish (North Garden, Virginia) forAlbermarle, Buckingham, Nelson,Greene, Louisa and FluvannaCounties.New Consultants joining MUFONthis month were William M.Ballance, D.D.S. (Petersburg, VA) inDental Surgery; Peter M. Rojcewicz,Ph.D. (New York, NY) in Folklore andFolklife; Richard E. Doll, Ph.D. (GulfBreeze, FL) in Psychology andPauline D. Carmichael, M.D.(Roanoke, VA) in Radiology. WalterS. Fields (Los Angeles, CA) vol-unteered as a translator for French.New Research Specialists vol-unteering their expertise are MichaelW. Mace, M.A. (Rocklin, CA) inEconomics; Joao Carlos Batsta Car-doso, (Lisbon, Portugal) in Medicine;Erich S. Brown, M.A. (El Paso, TX)in Film Production; Barbara R.Klain, M.S. (Lowell, MA) in Educa-tion (Math); and Harry A. Jordan,M.A. (Omaha, NE) in Fine Arts andArchitecture.MUFON 1990 SymposiumThe theme for the MUFON 1990International UFO Symposium inPensacola, Florida is "UFOs: The Im-pact of ET. Contact Upon Society."It will convene on the weekendof Ju-ly 6, 7 and 8 at the beautifulPen-sacola Hilton Hotel, only a few milesfrom the Gulf Breeze Sightings thathave continued for over two years.Sponsored by the Mutual UFO Net-work, the symposium will be hostedby Pensacola MUFON with Vicki P.Lyons, General Chairperson; CharlesD. Flannigan, State Director; Caroland Rex Salisberry, Co-State Sec-tion Directors; and Donald M. Ware,Eastern Regional Director.The speaking program agenda islisted separately in this issue of theContinued on page 23MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990
  • 24. 23MESSAGE, ContinuedJournal. A "Get Acquainted" Recep-tion with hors doeuvres will be heldFriday evening, July 6, from 6 to 9p.m. Cost: $5 per person before June1; advance reservationsare required.A cash bar will be available. The ad-vance registration fee for all fivespeaking sessions is $35.00 beforeJune 1 and $40 thereafter. Individualsessions will be on a space availablebasis at $10 per person per session,paid at the door.A chartered bus tour of UFO sitesin the Gulf Breeze area is scheduledfor Sunday morning, July 8 from 8:30to 10:00 a.m. Advance reservationsfor the bus tour are required; bus fee:$12 per person before June 1st. (Twobuses have already been sold out andmore are available.)Delta Airlines is the official airlinefor the 1990 Symposium. Delta is of-fering 40% off regular coach faresand 5% off their lowest available fare.Seniors (age 62 and older) get an ad-ditional 10% off the lowest availablefare. To get these discounts, you mustcall: 1-800-768-5463; ask for Reaganor Sue at Gulf Breeze Travel and tellthem that you are coming to theMUFON Symposium. Since only alimited number of seats at these pricesare allocated on each flight, the airlinetickets have been selling fast.Send the advance symposiumregistration form or a letter with yourcheck to: Art Hufford, 2300Hallmark Drive, Pensacola, FL32503. Make your check payable to:MUFON 1990 Symposium.Other events scheduled include thefollowing: Press Conference on Fri-day, July 6 at 1:30 p.m. for thespeakers who have already arrived.Dan Wright is moderating the annualState and Asst. State Directorsmeeting (or their authorizedrepresen-tatives) on Friday, July 6 from 10 4 p.m. The four Regional Directorswill also preside. The AnnualMUFONCorporate Board of Directors Meetingwill be held Sunday morning, July 8thfrom 9 a.m. till noon. Donald M.Ware, Eastern Regional Director, hasscheduled a closed meeting (byinvita-tion only) for Monday, July 9th. AllMUFON Board of Directors who canstay over another day are invited.Western RegionalDirector ElectionThe second term of Paul C. Cer-ny, the present Western RegionalDirector on the MUFON Board ofDirectors, will soon expire accordingto corporate bylaws. Filling this impor-tant position for the western states isa unique opportunity for a personwith leadership abilities, dedication toresolving the UFO phenomenon, andtime resources. Experience as a Stateor State Section Director are valuableattributes, however enthusiasm andavailable time are significant assets tofulfill this prestigious position. Sincethis is a volunteer job, anyone in-terested in being considered shouldwrite to Walt Andrus expressing theirinterest, desire and qualifications. Anelection will be conducted by ballot bythe members of the western states ofWA, OR, CA, ID, NV, UT, AZ, MT,WY, CO, NM, AK, HI and Guam.Obviously, the candidates must residein one of these states.Stanton T. FriedmanElected to MUFON BoardBy official action of the MUFONBoard of Directorsat the 1988 annualcorporate meeting, Ted R. Phillipswas removed from the Board asSpecialization Coordinator andassigned to the MUFON Staff forPhysical Trace Research. In a letter toall Board of Directors on March 2,1990, the MUFON Executive Com-mittee proposed and nominatedStanton T. Friedman, M.S. to be-come a member of the Board ofDirectors with the title of "DirectorofSpecial Investigations." ft was felt thatMr. Friedman would add stature tothe scientific credibility of the MUFONBoard of Directors. His reputationinUfology and record of accomplish-ments speaks for itself.Based upon the tabulationof affir-mative ballots returned by BoardMembers, it is with extreme pleasurethat Stanton T Friedman is welcomedto the MUFON Board of Directors.We look forward to many more yearsof close association with Mr. Fried-man, who has contributed numerousarticles to the MUFON UFO Journaland has been a featured speaker atmore annual MUFONsymposia thananyone during the past 21 years.Paranet OverviewMike Corbin, administrator ofPARANET, has moved his head-quarters from Colorado to Las Vegas,Nevada. Paranets mailing address isP.O. Box 97797, Las Vegas, NV89193-7797; Voice line (714)624-2051 and Data line: none at pre-sent. Paranet was started in 1983 asa loosely-knit group of privately own-ed bulletin boards (BBS), with nofinancial charges to callers accessingthe BBS. At present, Paranet includesapproximately 24 BBSs operatingwithin the U.S.A., 13 in Australia andsix in Europe.The originalconcept of Paranet wasin the area of paranormal activitiesand UFOs. Paranet is comprised ofthree areas of operation: (1) MessageBases, (2) File Areas, and (3) In-vestigative Activity.The main activity is within themessage bases. Users access samethru the various Paranet boards. Auser can receive and reply tomessages.File Areas are text files, mostlycompiled by Users and ParanetSysOps, and cover a variety of topics.As for Investigative Activity, theredoes not presentlyexist within Paraneta viable framework of investigators.UFO investigations,on rare occasions,are handled by a Paranet SysOp, butthe majority of in-depth investigativereports are generated from outside ofParanet. Limited in-depth reportscome from the administrative staff.MUFON members and subscribers,who own personal computers andmodems, are invited to participateinthe Paranet operations.Continued on page 22MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 265 May 1990