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Mufon ufo journal 1990 10. october

  1. 1. Mufon UFO JournalOfficial Publication of the Mutual UFO Network Since 1967Number 270October 1990$2.50Composite Bust of an Entity Reported by WitnessesProduced by Robert A. Taylor, Artist and Field Investigator
  2. 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.Telephone: (512) 379-9216DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International Director andAssociate EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorROBERT J. GRIBBLEDAN WRIGHTColumnistROBERT H. BLETCHMANPublic RelationsPAUL CERNYPromotion / PublicityDR. BARRY H. DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks & PeriodicalsLOREN GROSSHistorianT. SCOTT CHAINGREG LONGMICHAEL D. SWORDSStaff WritersTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEONARD STRINGFIELDUFO Crash/RetrievalWALTER N. WEBBAstronomyNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLROBERT V. PRATTEditor / Publishers Emeritus(Formerly SKYLOOK)The MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished monthly by the MutualUFO Network, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$25.00 per year in the U.S.A.; $30.00foreign in U.S. funds. Copyright 1990by the Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin, Texas.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 toadvise change of address to theMUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155-4099.IN THIS ISSUETHE CONTROLLERS: PART I Martin Cannon 3INFORMATION ORMISINFORMATION? James A. Harder, Ph.D. 9CROP CIRCLES IN THE U.S.S.R Walt Andrus 13NEWSNVIEWS 14IN OTHERS WORDS Lucius Parish 16CURRENT CASE LOG Dan Wright 17LOOKING BACK Bob Gribble 19LETTERS 21THE NIGHT SKY November Walter N. Webb 22DIRECTORS MESSAGE Walt Andrus 24COVER Paris Plaster Bust Produced by Robert A. TaylorCopyright 1990 by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON), 103 Old-towne Road, Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDNo part of this document may be reproduced in any form by photostat,microfilm, xerograph, or any other means, without the written permissionof the Copyright Owners.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFONis a publicly sup-ported organizationof the type described in Section 509 (a)(2). Donors maydeduct contributions from their Federal Income Tax. In addition, bequests,legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federal estate and gifttax purposes ifthey meet the applicable provisions of Sections 2055, 2106,and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNAL are determined by the editor anddo not necessarily represent the official position of MUFON.Opinions of contributorsare their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, the staff orMUFON.Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON. Responses to published articlesmay be in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400 words) or in a short article (upto about 2,000 words). Allsubmissions are subject to editingfor style, clarity, andconciseness. Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided notmore than 200 words are quoted from any one article, the author of the articleis given credit, and the statement "Copyright 1990 by the Mutual UFONetwork,103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155" is included.
  3. 3. The Controllers:A New Hypothesis of Alien AbductionsPart IBy Martin CannonIntroductionIn one sense, the alien abductionphenomenon resembles the Amer-ican political system: Most peoplerecognize only two choices.Skeptics ascribe abduction ac-counts to the vagaries of humanpsychology, and therefore dismiss thestories out of hand. Debunkers ignorethe intriguing confirmatory details: themultiple witness events, the physicaltraces left by the ufonauts, the scarsand implants left (according to fre-quent report) on the abductees. Theskeptics scoff, though the abducteestell stories similar in detail — even cer-tain tiny details, not known to thegeneral public.Conversely, uncritical Believers ac-cept stories of ET spacenappings atface value. They accept despite theabsurdity of these tales, despite the in-ternal contradictions, and despitereports that "The Visitors" use vileand inhuman tactics of medical ex-amination — senseless proceduresmost of us (and certainly thevanguard of an advanced race) wouldbe ashamed to inflict on an animal.Occasionally, we get the roughnotes of a rationalization for thisunseemly behavior. The extraordinaryfield investigator Budd Hopkins com-pares the aliens to a blind man step-ping on your foot; the abductors,Hopkins suggests, simply dont knowwhat they are doing.This excuse wont wash.Think about it: The ufonautsallegedly know enough about oursociety to go about their businessundetected by either the federal orlocal constabularies — according toHopkins most recent reports, theyeven work with selected governmentoperatives. The aliens communicatewith abductees in human tongues andconcern themselves with details of thepercipients innermost lives. Theypredict apocalypses for some of theircaptives, play sophisticated psycho-logical games with others, and evenevoke ancient religious symbologiesfor selected guests (as in the cases ofHerb Schirmer and Betty An-dreasson). Yet they remain so ig-norant of our culture as to be unawareof our basic moral precepts concern-ing the dignity of the individual andthe right to self-determination.Neither the "extraterrestrial" nor the"psychological" hypotheses complete-ly satisfies, which is why manythoughtful ufologists have regardedabduction claims with guarded interestand a commendable restraint fromconclusion-hopping. When asked tochoose between the competingscenarios, the cautious observer maywell prefer to vote "none of theabove."The ballot needs a third-partycandidate.I nominate a new hypothesis. It re-mains far from proven, and I remainfar from certain that it will hold. Butpreliminary evidence does exist. Theabduction enigma contains numeroussub-mysteries which slide into thisnew explanatory scheme with surpris-ing ease, even elegance. Mysterieswhich fit the ET scenario as uncom-fortably as a size 10 foot fits a size 8shoe.Perhaps the best way to introducethis scenario isto draw the readers at-tention to one of Budd Hopkinscases, a multiple witness event. Thepercipients experienced missingtimeduring a trip to the wilderness. Later,they recalled little beyond an en-counter with mysterious "hikers" onthe trail. And since each witnessdescribed the hikers differently,Hopkins assumed that thesemysterious wanderers may have con-stituted a "screen memory," a comfor-ting confabulation hiding thepsychologically overwhelming realityof alien encounter. Thus, Hopkinsdecided to hypnotically regress awitness and pierce the layer of falsememory to uncover the UFOabduction.Why, then, did the witnesses alldescribe an encounter with "hikers"?The ufonauts, Hopkins believes,deliberately implanted the memory.In his words, they used "some kindof mind control."Consider that statement carefully.In the first place, Hopkins hasdemolished his own "blind man"argument: Our ways cant be that"alien" to the aliens ifthey know whathikers are, what campers are, and thesociological pressures which promptcity-dwelling homo sapiens to embarkon the occasional foray into the forest.If the aliens know those details,theyre no stranger to our culture.But the larger point is this: How dowe know that the abductors are aliensat all?Because, Hopkins would say, theabductees said so during regression.But the percipients were also, accor-ding to this story, placed under somevariety of mind control. How can wetrust the perceptions of someonewhose perceptions have been altered?What ifthe kidnappers were actual-ly human beings, using advancedhypnotic techniques to create the"alien" screen memory?As we examine this alternative, wewill, of necessity, stray far from theMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 270 October 1990
  4. 4. saucers. We must turn our face fromthe paranormal and concentrate onthe occult, if, by "occult," we meanonly secret.I posit that the abductees have beenabducted. Yet they are also spewingfantasy, or, more precisely, they havebeen given a set of lies to repeat andbelieve.If my hypothesis proves true, thenwe must accept the following: Thekidnapping is real. The medical ex-aminations, the mental games, thepain, the "instruction sessions," thefear, all this is real. But the little greymen from Zeti Reticuli are not real;they are constructs, Halloween masksmeant to disguise the real faces of thecontrollers. The abductors may not bevisitors from Beyond; rather, they maybe a symptom of the carcinoma whichblackens our body politic.The fault lies not in our stars, butin ourselves.Mind ControlCan, and would, human beings dosuch a thing?The historical record says yes.Substantial evidence exists linkingmembers of this countrys intelligencecommunity (including the CentralIn-telligence Agency, the Defense Ad-vanced Research Projects Agency andthe Office of Naval Intelligence) withthe esoteric technology of mind con-trol. For decades, "spy-chiatrists"working behind the scenes, on collegecampuses, in CIA-sponsored in-stitutes, and (most heinously) inprisons, have experimented with theerasure of memory, hypnoticresistance to torture, truth serums,post-hypnotic suggestion, rapid in-duction of hypnosis, electronicstimulation of the brain, non-ionizingradiation, microwave induction of in-tracerebral "voices," and a host ofeven more disturbing technologies.Some of the projects exploringtheseareas were ARTICHOKE, BLUE-BIRD, PANDORA, MKDELTA,MKSEARCH and the infamousMKULTRA.I have read nearly every availablebook on these projects, as well as theSubstantial evidence exists linking members of this coun-trys intelligence community, including the Central In-telligence Agency, the Defense Advanced Research ProjectsAgency and the Office of Naval Intelligence, with theesoteric technology of mind control.relevant congressional testimony. Ihave also spent much time inuniver-sity libraries researching relevant ar-ticles, contacting other researchers(who have graciously allowed me ac-cess to their files), and conductingin-terviews. Moreover, I traveled toWashington DC to review the filesJohn Marks compiled when he wroteThe Search For the "ManchurianCandidate."lThese files includesome20,000 pages of CIA and DefenseDepartment documents, interviews,scientific articles, letters, etc. I com-pared what I learned from thesesources with the literature on abduc-tions, and with the informationglean-ed from abductee interviews.As a result of this research, I havecome to the following conclusions:• Although misleading (and occa-sionally perjured) testimony beforeCongress indicated that the CIAs"brainwashing" efforts met with littlesuccess,2striking advances were, infact, made in this field. As CIAveteran Miles Copeland once admit-ted to a reporter, "The congressionalsubcommittee which went into thissort of thing got only the barest glimp-se."3• Clandestine research intothoughtmanipulation has not stopped,despite CIA protestations that it nolonger sponsors such studies. VictorMarchetti, 14-year veteran of the CIAand author of the renowned expose,The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence,confirmed in a 1977 interview that themind control research continues, andthat CIA claims to the contrary are a"cover story."4• The Central IntelligenceAgencywas not the only government agen-cy involved in this research.5Indeed,many branches of our governmenttook part in these studies, includingNASA and the Atomic Energy Com-mission, as well as all branches of theDefense Department.To these conclusions, I would ap-pend the following, not as firmly-established historical fact, but as aworking hypothesis and grounds forinvestigation:• The "UFO abduction" phenome-non might be a continuation ofclandestine mind control operations.I recognize the difficulties this thesismay present to those readers emo-tionally wedded to the extraterrestrialhypothesis, or to those whose politicalWeltanshauung disallows any suchsuspicions. Still, the open-minded stu-dent of abductions should considerthe possibilities. Certainly, we are notbeing narrow-minded ifwe ask resear-chers to exhaust allterrestrial explana-tions before looking heavenward.I invite the skeptical reader to exa-mine the work of George Estabrooks,a seminal theorist on the use of hyp-nosis in warfare, and a veteran of Pro-ject MKULTRA. Estabrooks onceamused himself during a party bycovertly hypnotizingtwo friends, whowere led to believe that the PrimeMinister of England had just arrived;Estabrooks victims spent an hourconversing with, and even servingdrinks to, the esteemed visitor.6Forufologists, this incident raises an in-escapable question: If the Mesmericarts can successfully evoke a non-existent Prime Minister, why cant arepresentative from the Pleiades besimilarly induced?Hypnosis, however, was scarcely theonly subject covered by MKULTRA.CIA scientists also thoroughlyexamin-ed the areas of psychological condi-tioning, sensory deprivation, drugs,religious cults, microwaves, psycho-surgery, brain implantsand even ESP.When MKULTRA "leaked" to thepublic during the great CIAinvestiga-tions of the 1970s, public attentionfocused most heavily on drug ex-MUFON UFO JOURNALNo. 270 October 1990
  5. 5. I recognize the difficulties this thesis may present to thosereaders emotionally wedded to the extraterrestrialhypothesis, or to those whose political Weltanshauungdisallows any such suspicions. Still, the open-minded stu-dent of abductions should consider the possibilities.perimentation and the work withESP.7Mystery still shrouds anotherarea of study: psychoelectronics. Thisresearch may prove key to ourunderstanding of the UFO abductionphenomenon.ImplantsPerhaps the most interesting piecesof evidence surrounding the abduc-tion phenomenon are the intracere-bral implants allegedly visible in theX-rays and MRI scans of many ab-ductees.8Indeed, abductees oftendescribe operations in which needlesare inserted into the brain; more fre-quently still, they report implantationof foreign objects through the sinuscavities.Many abduction specialists assumethat these intercranialincursions mustbe the handiwork of scientists fromthe stars. Unfortunately, these resear-chers have failed to familiarizethemselves with certain little-heraldedadvances in terrestrial technology.The abductees implants stronglysuggest a technological lineagewhichcan be traced to a device known asa "stimoceiver," invented in the 1950sby a neuroscientist named Jose Del-gado. The stimoceiver is aminiaturedepth electrode which can receiveand transmit electronic signals overFM radio waves. By stimulating acorrectly-positioned stimoceiver, anoutside operator can wield a surpris-ing degree of control over the subjectsresponses.The most famous example of thestimoceiver in action occurred in aMadrid bull ring. Delgado "wired" thebull before stepping into the ring, en-tirely unprotected. Furious for gore,the bull charged toward the doctor,then stopped, just before reachinghim. The technician-turned-toreadorhad halted the animal by simplypushing a burton on a black box, heldin the hand.9Delgados Physical Control of theMind: Toward a Psychocivilised Socie-ty,10though outdated, remains thesole full-length, popularly-writtenwork on intracerebral implants andelectronic stimulation of the brain(ESB). His animal and human ex-periments clearly demonstrate thatthe experimenter can electronicallyelicit the extremes of temperament,rage, lust, fatigue, etc., as easily as anorganist might call forth a C-majorchord.Delgado writes: "Radio Stimulationof different points in the amygdalaand hippocampus in the four patientsproduced a variety of effects, in-cluding pleasant sensations, elation,deep, thoughtful concentration, oddfeelings, super relaxation, colored vi-sions, and other responses."11Theevocative phrase "colored vision"clearly indicates remotely-inducedhallucination, hallucinations whichmay be "controlled" by an outsideoperator.Speaking in 1966, and reflectingresearch undertaken years previous,Delgado asserted that his experiments"support the distasteful conclusionthat motion, emotion, and behaviorcan be directed by electrical forces andthat humans can be controlled likerobots by push buttons."12He evenprophesied a day when brain controlcould be turned over to non-humanoperators, by establishing two-wayradio communication between the im-planted brain and a computer.13Of one experimental subject,Delgado notes that "the patient ex-pressed the successive sensations offainting, fright and floating around.These floating feelings were repeat-edly evoked on different days bystimulation of the same point ..."I4Ufologists may recognize the similarityof this sequence of events to abducteereports of the opening minutes of theirexperiences.15Under subsequent hyp-nosis, the abductee could be in-structed to misremember the causeofthis floating sensation.Internal MicrophoneIn a fascinating series of ex-periments, Delgado attached thestimoceiver to the tympanic mem-brane, thereby transforming the earinto a sort of microphone. An assis-tant would whisper "How are you?"into the ear of a suitably "fixed" cat,and Delgado could hear the wordsover a loudspeaker in the next room.The application of this technology tothe spy trade should be readilyapparent.According to Victor Marchetti, theAgency once attempted a highly-sophisticated extension of this basicidea. Radio implants were attached toa cats cochlea, to facilitate the pin-pointing of specific conversations,freed from extraneous surroundingnoises.16Such "advances" exacerbatethe already-imposing level of Twen-tieth-Century paranoia: Not only canour phones be tapped and mailchecked, but even Tabby may be spy-ing on us!Yet the ramifications of thistechnology may go even deeper thanMarchetti indicates. I presume that ifa suitably-wiredsubjects inner ear canbe made into a microphone, it canalso be made into a loudspeaker, onepossible explanation for the "voices"heard by abductees.17Indeed, I have personally vieweda strange, opalescent implant withinthe ear canal of an abductee. I see noreason to ascribe this device to alienintrusion; more than likely, the "in-truders" in this case were thetechnological inheritors of theDelgado legacy.Delgado is scarcely the sole ex-perimenter working with electrode im-plants and radio-controlled ESB. Heis simply the most visible.Robert G. Heath, of Tulane Univer-sity, who has implanted as many as125 electrodes in his subjects, achievedMUFON UFO JOURNALNo. 270 October 1990
  6. 6. his greatest notoriety by attempting to^"cure" homosexuality through ESB. Inhis experiments, he discovered that hecould control his patients memory, (a-feat which,applied in a ufological con-text, may account for the phenom-enon of "missing time"); he could alsoinduce sexual arousal, fear, pleasureand hallucinations.18Heath and another researcher,James Olds,19have independently il-lustrated that areas of the brain in andnear the hypothalamus have, whenelectronically stimulated, what hasbeen described as "rewarding" and"aversive" effects. Both animals andmen, when given the means to inducetheir own ESB of the brains pleasurecenters, will stimulatethemselves at atremendous rate, ignoring such basicdrives as hunger and thirst.20(Usingfixed electrodes of his own invention,John C. Lilly had accomplished similareffects in the early 1950s.21) Anyonewho has studied the abductionphenomenon will find himself onfamiliar territory here, for the abducteeaccounts are replete with stories ofbewildering and inappropriate sexualresponse countered by extremelypain-ful stimuli — operant conditioning, atits most extreme, and most insidious,for here we see a form of condition-ing in which the manipulator rendershimself invisible.22Ralph Schwitzgebel and his brotherRobert have produced a panoply ofdevices for tracking individuals overlong ranges; they may be consideredthe creators of the "electronic housearrest" devices recently approved bythe courts.23Schwitzgebel devicescould be used for tracking all of thephysical and neurological signs of a"patient" within a quarter of a mile,24thereby lifting the distance limitationswhich restricted Delgado.Perhaps the most disturbingwanderer in this mind-field is JosephA. Meyer, of the National SecurityAgency, the most formidable andsecretive component of Americas na-tional security complex. Meyer hasproposed implanting roughly half ofall Americans arrested — notnecessarily convicted — of any crime;the numbers of "subscribers" (hisHypnosis was scarcely the only subject covered byMKULTRA. CIA scientists also thoroughly examined theareas of psychological conditioning, sensory deprivation,drugs, religious cults, microwaves, psycho-surgery, brainimplants and even ESP.euphemism) would run into the tensof millions. "Subscribers" could bemonitored continually by computerwherever they went. Meyer, who hascarefully worked out the economicsof his mass-implantation system,asserts that taxpayer liability should bereduced by forcing subscribers to"rent" the implant from the State.25Abductee ImplantsIf we are to take seriously abducteeaccounts of brain implants, we mustconsider the possibility that the im-planters, properly perceived, dontlook much like the "greys" picturedon Striebers dustjackets. Instead, thevisitors may resemble Dr. Meyer andhis brethern.We would thus have an explana-tion for both the reports of abducteebrain implants and, as we shall see,the "scoop marks" and other scarsvisible on other parts of the abducteesbodies. We would also have an ex-planation for the reports of individualssuffering personality change after con-tact with the UFO phenomenon.Researchers looking for connec-tions between mind control victimsand alleged UFO abductees shouldstudy the case of Robert Naeslund, aSwedish victim of mind control ex-perimentation.26His intercranial"ex-tra" showed up on an X-ray; eventual-ly, the implantwas tested by Hewlitt-Packard engineers and removed by asurgeon. Naeslund first learned of hisimplant after an experience of miss-ing time, followed by an inexplicablenosebleed. This detail will immediate-ly strike a chord with anyone whoknows the UFO abduction literature.Intriguingly, I have located a referencein the open literature to the use ofnasally-implanted electrodes in ananimal study.27Skeptics might counter that thetime factor of UFO abductionsdisallows this possibility. If estimatesof "missing time" are correct, the ab-ductions rarely take longer than one-to-three hours. Wouldnt a brainsurgeon, operating under less-than-ideal conditions (perhaps in a mobileunit) need more time?No — not if we accept the claimsof a Florida doctor named DanielMan. He recently proposed a draco-nian solution to the overblown "miss-ing children problem," by suggestinga program wherein Americas young-sters would be implanted with tinytransmitters in order to track thechildren continuously. Man brags thatthe operation can be done right in theoffice, and would take less than 20minutes.28Conceivably, it might take a tadlonger in the field.Some might argue that abductionaccounts pre-date this advancedhuman technology. If certain ufo-logists (such as John Keel and Jac-ques Vallee) insist on reading ancienttales of "fairy kidnappings" as dis-guised versions of abduction events,then I can offer no counter-argument,except to note that even the cleverestmodern investigator might have sometrouble verifying details in a casewhere the participants have beendead for centuries.But if we agree that "classic" alienabductions are a comparitively recentphenomenon, then one would havea hard time arguing that "alien im-plants" pre-date "human implants."For three reasons:• Wecan never know with certaintythe true origin dates of the variousbrainwashing methods; often, wediscover that techniques which seemimpossibly futuristic, actuallyoriginated in the 19th century.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 270 October 1990
  7. 7. (Pioneering ESB research was con-ducted in 1898, by J.R. Ewald, pro-fessor of physiology at Strauss-bourg.29)• The open literature almost cer-tainly gives a bowdlerized view of theactual research.• Lavishly-funded clandestineresearchers — unrestrained by peerreview or the need for strict controls— can achieve far more rapid pro-gress than scientists on "the outside."Potential critics should keep thesepoints in mind should they attempt toinvalidate the "mind control" thesisofUFO abductions by citing an abduc-tion account which antedatesDelgado.His work forces us to confront atroubling question. Ive presented thisquestion to numerous ufologists,none of whom have offered any sortof reasonable reply. Why — ifwe takeUFO abduction accounts at face value— are the "advanced aliens" using anold technology, an Earth technology,a technology which may soon berendered obsolescent, if it hasnt beenso rendered already?Do they also watchblack-and-whitetelevision on Zeta Reticuli?Remote HypnosisSince the earliest days of projectBLUEBIRD, the CIAs opening salvoin the mind wars, the Agencys spy-chiatrists have spent enormous sumsmastering Mesmers art. I cannot heregive a history of hypnosis, nor evenof the CIAs studies in this area. In-stead, we will concentrate on a par-ticularly intriguing allegation, oneheard faintly, but persistently, for thepast twenty years by those who wouldinvestigate the shadow side of politics.If this allegation proves true, hyp-nosis is not necessarily a person-to-person affair.The abductee, or the mind controlvictim, need not even have physicalcontact with a hypnotist for hypnoticsuggestion to take effect; trance couldbe induced, and suggestions made,via the intracerebral transmittersdescribed above.Over the years, certain journalistshave asserted that clandestine re-searchers have mastered a technologycalled RHIC-EDOM. RHIC means"Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Con-trol." EDOM stands for "ElectronicDissolution of Memory." Together,these techniques can, allegedly,remotely induce hypnotic trance,deliver suggestions to the subject, anderase all memory for both the instruc-tion period and the act which the sub-ject is asked to perform.RHIC uses the stimoceiver, or amicrominiaturized offspring of thattechnology, to induce a hypnoticstate. Interestingly, this technique isalso reputed to involve the use of in-tramuscular implants, a detail striking-ly reminiscent of the "scars" men-tioned in Budd Hopkins MissingTime. Apparently, these implants arestimulated to induce a post-hypnoticsuggestion. (Another explanation forthe intramuscular implantslies in theirpossible use as reference electrodes.30)EDOM is nothing more than "miss-ing time" itself, the erasure of memoryfrom consciousness through theblockage of synaptic transmission incertain areas of the brain. Byjammingthe brains synapses through a surfeitof acetocholine, neural transmissionalong selected pathways can be effec-tively stilled. According to the pro-ponents of RHIC-EDOM,acetocho-line production can be affected byelectromagnetic means. (Modernresearch in the psycho-physiologicaleffects of microwaves confirm thisproposition.)Does RHIC-EDOM exist? In ourdiscussion of Delgados work, I havealready cited a strange little book(published in 1969) titled Were WeControlled?, written by one LincolnLawrence, a former FBIagent turnedjournalist. (The name is a pseudo-nym; I know his real identity.) Thiswork deals at length with RHIC-EDOM; a careful comparison ofLawrences work with MKULTRA filesdeclassified ten years later indicates astrong possibility that the writer did in-deed have "inside" sources.Here is how Lawrence describesRHIC in action: "It is the ultra-sophisticated application of post-hypnotic suggestion triggered at will[italics in original] by radio transmis-sion. It is a recurring hypnotic state,re-induced automatically at intervalsby the same radio control. An in-dividual is brought under hypnosis.This can be done either with hisknowledge — or without it by use ofnarco-hypnosis, which can be broughtinto play under many guises. He isthen programmed to perform certainactions and maintain certain attitudesupon radio signal."Other authors have mentioned thistechnique, specifically journalistJames Moore, who, in a 1975 issueof a periodical called Modern People,claimed to have secured a 350-pagemanual, prepared in 1963, on RHIC-EDOM.31He received the manualfrom CIA sources, although, in-terestingly, the technique is said tohave originated in the military.The following quote by Moore onRHIC should prove especially intrigu-ing to abduction researchers whohave confronted odd "personalityshifts" in abductees:"Medically, these radio signals aredirected to certain parts of the brain.When a part of your brain receives atiny electrical impulse from outsidesources, such as vision, hearing, etc.,an emotion is produced — anger atthe sight of a gang of boys beating anold woman, for example. The sameemotion of anger can be created byartificial radio signals sent to yourbrain by a controller. You could in-stantly feel the same white hot angerwithout any apparent reason."3ZLawrences sources imparted aneven more tantalizing, and frighten-ing revelation:"... there is already in use a smallEDOM generator-transmitter whichcan be concealed on the body of theperson. Contact with this person —a casual handshake or even just atouch — transmits a tiny electroniccharge plus an ultra-sonic signal tonewhich for a short while will disturb thetime orientation of the person af-fected." 33If RHIC-EDOM exists, it goes along way toward providing an earth-bound rationale for alien abductionsMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 270 October 1990
  8. 8. 8Schweiker went on to mention that he had heard testimonythat radar (i.e., microwaves) had been used to wipe outmemory in animals; Gottlieb responded, "lean believe that,Senator."— or, at least, certain aspects ofthem.The phenomenon of "missing time"is no longer mysterious. Abductee im-plants, both intracerebral and other-wise, are explained. And note thereference to a "recurring hypnoticstate, re-induced automatically by thesame radio command." This situationmay account for "repeater" abducteeswho, after their initial encounter, haveregular sessions of "missing time" andabductions, even while a bed-matesleeps undisturbed.At present, I cannot claim con-clusively that RHIC-EDOM is real. Tomy knowledge, the only official ques-tioning of a CIA representative con-cerning these techniques occurred in1977, during Senate hearings on CIAdrug testing. When Senator RichardSchweiker asked Sidney Gottlieb, animportant MKULTRA administrator,about RHIC, the good doctor repliedthat the techniques did not exist.But his further comments bearclose scrutiny: "I am trying to be re-sponsive to the terms that you used.As I remember it, there was a currentinterest, running interest, allthe timein what effects people standing in afield of radio energy have, and itcouldeasily have been that somewhere inmany projects, someone was trying tosee if you could hypnotize someoneeasier if he was standing in a radiobeam. That would seem like areasonable piece of research to do."Schweiker went on to mention thathe had heard testimony that radar(i.e., microwaves) had been used towipe out memory in animals; Gottliebresponded, "I can believe that,Senator."34Gottliebs blandishments do notcomfort much. For one thing, thegood doctor did not always providethoroughly candid testimony. Weshould also recognize that the .CIAsoperations are compartmentalized ona "need-to-know" basis; Gottlieb maynot have had access to the informa-tion requested by Schweiker. Notethat the MKULTRA rubric cir-cumscribed Gottliebs statement:RHIC-EDOM might have been thefocus of another program. (Therewere several others: MKNAOMI,MKACTION, MKSEARCH, etc.) Alsokeep in mind the revelation by "DeepTrance" that the CIAconcentrated onpsychoelectronics after the termina-tion of MKULTRA in 1963.Most significantly: RHIC-EDOMisdescribed by both Lawrence andMoore as a product of militaryresearch; Gottlieb spoke only of mat-ters pertaining to CIA. He may thushave spoken truthfully, at least in astrictly technical sense, while stillmisleading his Congressional in-terlocutors. Recall, Gottlieb was"responsive" to the exact term,"RHIC." Ifthe CIA used a techniquebearing any other name, Gottliebneed not have volunteered theinformation.Personally, I find it significant thatwhen Dr. Fetter Lindstrom examinedX-rays of Robert Naeslund, the afore-mentioned victim of brain-implan-tation, the doctor authoritativelycitedWere We Controlled? in his letter ofresponse.35This isthe same Dr. Lind-strom noted for his pioneering use ofultrasonics in neurosurgery.36LincolnLawrences book has received a strongendorsement indeed.Bowarts Operation Mind Controlcontains a significant interviewwith anintelligence agent knowledgeable inthese areas. Granted, the reader hasevery right to adopt a skeptical at-titude toward information culled fromanonymous sources; still, one shouldnote that this operatives statementsconfirm, in pertinent part, LincolnLawrences thesis.37Most importantly: The openliterature on brain-wave entrainmentand the behavioral effects ofeletromagnetic radiation substantiatesmuch of the RHIC-EDOM story, aswe shall see. - - • - - .To be continued in Part II.Notes1. New York: Bantam Books, 1979.2. See generally Project MKULTRA, theCIAs Program of Research In BehavioralModification, joint hearing before the SelectCommittee On Health and Scientific Researchof the Committee On Human Resources,United States Senate (Washington: Govern-ment Printing Office, ,197?).3. Robert Eringer, "Secret Agent Man,"Rolling Stone, 1985.4. John Marks interview with VictorMar-chetti (Marks files, available at the NationalSecurity Archives, Washington, DC.).5. In an interview with John Marks, hyp-nosis expert Milton Kline, a veteran ofclandestine experimentationin this field, aver-red that his work for the government con-tinued. Since this interview took place in1977, years after the CIA allegedly haltedmind control research, we must concludeeither thatthe CIAlied, or that another agencycontinued the work. In another interview withMarks, former Air Force-CIA liaison L. Flet-cher Prouty confirmed that the Departmentof Defense ran studies either in conjunctionwith or parallelto those operated by the CIA.(Marks files.)6. Estabrooks, Hypnosis (New York: E.P.Dutton & Co., Inc., 1957 [revised edition]),13-14.7. For a description of the research intoparapsychology, see Ronald M. McRaes MindWars (New York: St. Martins Press, 1984).The best book available on a subject whichawaits a truly authoritativetext.8. Abduction researcher and hyp-notherapist Miranda Park, of Lancaster,California, reports that she has viewed suchanomalies in abductee MRI scans. See alsoWhitley Strieber, Transformations (NewYork:Beech Tree Books, 1988) 246-247. At thiswriting, both Strieber and Hopkins report in-itially promisingresultsin their efforts to docu-ment the presence of these "extras" inabductees.9. Allegedly, this experiment took place in1964. However, in Were We Controlled?(New Hyde Park, NY: University Books,1967), the pseudonymous "LincolnLawrence" makes an interestingargument (onpage 36) that the demonstration took placesome years earlier:10. New York: Harper and Row, 1969.Much of Delgados work was funded by theOffice of Naval Intelligence, a common con-duit for CIAfunds during the 1950s and 60s.(Gordon Thomas Journey Into Madness(New York: Bantam, 1989) misleadingly im-plies that CIA interestin Delgados work beganin 1972.)MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 270 October 1990
  9. 9. 11. J.M.R. Delgado, "Intracerebral RadioStimulation and Recording in Completely FreePatients," in Psychotechnology (Robert L.Schwitzgebel and Ralph K. Schwitzgebel,editors; New York: Holt, Rinehart andWinston; 1973): 19512. David Krech, "Controlling the MindControllers," Think 32 (July-August), 1966.13. Delgado, Physical Control of the Mind.14. Delgado, "Intracerebral RadioStimula-tion and Recording in Completely Free Pa-tients": 19515. Note, for example, Charles Hicksonsaccount of the Pascagoula Incident. CharlesHickson and William Mendez, UFO ContactAt Pascagoula (Tucson: Wendelle C. Stevens,1983).16. John Ranelegh, The Agency (NewYork: Simon and Shuster, 1986) 208. Mar-chetti casts this story in the form of an amus-ing anecdote: After much time and expense,a cat was suitably trained and prepared — on-ly, on its first assignment, to be run over bya taxi. Marchetti neglects to point out thatnothing stopped the Agency from gettinganother cat. Or from using a human being.17. Of course, this suggestion raises theknotty question of whether the abductees suf-fer from a form of schizophrenia, which mayalso be characterized by "voices." I refer thereader to the work of Hopkins, Strieber,Thomas Bullard and others who have describ-ed the difficulties of ascribing all abductionsto psychotic states.18. Thomas, Journey Into Madness, 276.19. James Olds, "Hypothalamic Substratesof Reward" in Physiological Reviews, 1962,42:554; "Emotional Centers In the Brain,"Science Journal, 1967, 3 (5).20. Vernon Markand Frank Ervin, Violenceand the Brain (New York: Harper and Row,1970), chapter 12, excerpted in IndividualRights and the Federal Role in BehaviorModification, prepared by the Staff of the Sub-committee on Constitutional Rights of theCommittee of the Judiciary, United StatesSenate (Washington: Government PrintingOffice, 1974).21. John Lilly, The Scientist (Berkeley:Ronin Publishing, 1988 [revised edition]), 90.Monkeys allowed to stimulate themselves con-tinually via ESB brought themselves to orgasmonce every three minutes, sixteen hours a day.Scientific gatherings throughout the world sawmotion pictures of these experiments, whichsurely made spectacular cinema.22. Scheflin and Opton, The MindManipulators, 336-337. Heath evenmonitored his patients brain responses dur-ing the subjects first heterosexual encounter.Such is the nature of the brave new worldbefore us.23. Robert L. Schwitzgebel and Richard M.Bird, "Sociotechnical Design Factors InRemote Instrumentation With Humans InNatural Environments," in Behavior ResearchMethods and Instrumentations, 1970, 2,99-105.24. Thomas, Journey Into Madness, 277.In the Behavior Research Methods and In-strumentation article referenced above,Schwitzgebel details how the radio signals maybe fed into a telephone line viaa modem andthus analyzed by a computer anywhere in theworld.25. J.A. Meyer, "Crime DeterrentTransponder System," IEEE Transactions onAerospace and Electronic Systems, Vol.AES-7, No. 1, January 1971; Alan W.Scheflin and Edward M. Opton, The MindManipulators (New York: Paddington Press,1978) 351-353.. 26. Documentation available from MarttiKoski, Kiilinpellontie 2, 21290 Rusko, Finland.27. Chung-Kwang Chou and Arthur W.Guy, "Quantitation of Microwave BiologicalEffects," in Symposium of Biological Effectsand Measurement of Radio Frequency/Microwaves, edited by Dewitt G. Hazzard(U.S. Department of Health, Education andWelfare, 1977).28. "Beepers in kids heads could stop ab-ductors," Las Vegas Sun, October 27, 1987.29. Perry London, Behavior Control (NewYork: Harper and Row, 1969) 139.30. See Manuel Gadea Ciria, Somatosen-sory Evoked Potentials, (Bilbao Spain: Depart-ment of Clinical Neurophysiology CiudadSanitaria [E. Sotomayor], 1984) for an in-teresting diagram depicting placement sites forreference electrodes; these sites correspondto the scar locations reported and photograph-ed by Hopkins and others. These electrodeswould have to be sub-dermal for use inremote, radio-controlled operations.31. Walter Bowart, Operation Mind Con-trol (New York, Dell, 1978) 261-264.32. Ibid. 263.33. Lawrence, Were We Controlled?, 52.34. Human Drug Testing by the CIA, 202.35. Letter, PA. Lindstrom to RobertNaeslund, July 27, 1983; copy available fromMartti Koski, Kiilinpellontie 2, 21290 Rusko,Finland. Lindstrom writes that he fully agreeswith Lincoln Lawrence, author of Were WeControlled?36. Bowart, Operation Mind Control, 265.I have attempted without success to contactDr. Lindstrom.37. Bowart, Operation Mind Control,233-249. This interview was reprinted withoutattribution in a bizarre compendium of UFOrumors called The Matrix, compiled by"Valdamar Valerian" (actually John Grace,allegedly a Captain working for Air ForceIntelligence).Information or MisinformationThe case of Milton William CooperBy James A. Harder, Ph.D.IntroductionIn the eternal struggle to gain newtruth, we are sometimes inclined togloss over the errors committed bythose who agree with us in majorways, thinkingof them as allies. In thefollowing I analyze an example of in-formation (or misinformation) offeredby a person who definitely believesUFOs are real, and who is likely forthat reason to be ridiculed by thosewho think they are imaginary. Whilewe may not wish to ridicule suchpresumed allies, itwould be a mistaketo abandon our critical faculties andto automatically accept all such datafor the truth.Stories of "secrets" are madeplausible by a government policy ofwithholding information about itsUFO programs, plus a public percep-tion that many secrets are there. In re-cent years several persons have comeforward with reports of secret U.S.government collaboration with UFOaliens. The most spectacular of theseclaim that we are headed for disasterand have but a short time before thealiens will be taking over the earth. Insome of the more garish reportshumans are said to serve as the aliensfood supply.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 270 October 1990
  10. 10. 10This is heady stuff. But lacking in-dependent confirming data we find itdifficult to evaluate the truth of thesestories. So in the murky areas wemust sometimes plumb, misinforma-tion may be as likely as valid informa-tion, and often we have difficulty inseparating the two. Sometimes wemust just admit we do not know. Ihope that an analysis of the Coopercase will be of help in those instanceswhere we want very much to learnabout certain material, but must bewary of the validity of the dataoffered.The Cooper CaseMilton William Cooper claimsthatin 1972 he saw two documents(described as Blue Book SpecialReport 13 and a report referred to asOperation majority) that containedastonishing material dealing withgovernment UFO programs. He com-piled a document, which he firstreleased on December 18, 1988, thatdetails his recall of the 1972 material(my analysis is based on his revisedtext of January 10, 1989). Itdoes notappear that he wrote anything downin 1972. He does say he sought therecent help of a hypnotist to aid hisrecall. Cooper has stated in his report,as reproduced in Linda MoultonHowes book An Alien Harvest (1),that he is willing to undertake a liedetector test. We might hope for sucha test; however, the validity of a lie-detector test could be challenged onthe basis that itonly detectsintentionallies. It would not detect as lies thatmaterial a person (perhaps er-roneously) believes to be true.In what follows, references to par-ticular pages are to pages in Ms.Howes book, reference (1).Cooper states that he learned of hissecret information while serving as apetty officer (he was a quartermastersecond class at the time) "in briefingswhich I helped to prepare in thecourse of my duties on the In-telligence Briefing Team of the Com-mander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet..." (page 290).In this scenario the Commander ofthe Pacific Fleet is assumed to havea "need to know" about materialclassified above Top Secret but notconnected with his military duties,and which included a wide varietyofalleged facts such as the existence ofdiplomatic relations with UFO aliensand communications with them, plusgovernment plans to establishmartiallaw and round up UFO-taintedcitizens in anticipation of ?.n imminenttakeover. Furthermore we must alsobelieve that a petty officer secondclass in the quartermaster ranks (whohas not claimed he was in Naval In-telligence or that he had any kind ofsecurity clearance) would be a part ofan intelligence briefing team and begiven access to such extraordinarilysecret material.Discharge PapersCoopers discharge papers, formDD-214 (a copy of page one of theDD-214 is on page 289) contain in-formation important to hisclaims. Onpage 195 he states that hisprimarynavy classification was Quartermasterand that his secondary classificationwas InternalSecurity. Yeton the dateof his separation, December 11,1975, his form DD-214 clearly showsthat both his primary and secondaryspecialties were Quartermaster (boxes16 and 17). It shows that his rank offirst class petty officer was achievedon May 16, 1974. Thus at the timehe said he obtained his secret infor-mation (1972) he could only havebeen a petty officer second class; aperson holding this rank is not likelyto be entrusted with anything abovesecret. His form DD-214 shows thaton July 23, 1970 a personnel securi-ty investigation was completed; itdoesnot show the outcome.The box for Authorityand Reasonfor discharge (box 9c) is marked outwith dashes; this is most unusual. Myconsultant in Navy lore states thatevery DD-214 he has ever seen hasquoted a BUPERS Manual sectionrelative to the reason, i.e. end ofenlist-ment, medical, etc. At the bottomright side of this page the preprinted"1" ismarked over with a "2," with noapparent reason. My consultant sug-gests it would help in evaluatingMr.Coopers total record were Cooper toauthorize the release of his entireDD-214 to an independent party sothat additional information and pos-sible alterations could be checked. Healso notes that Mr.Cooper was 32 atthe time of his separation, and had here-enlisted for only six more yearscould have received a generous retire-ment at age 38; thus he wonders ifthe material originally in box 9c con-tained a reason forthe separation thatCooper istrying to hide, possibly thathe was discharged under section 8(mental).The way in which Cooper releasedhis informationis also of interest. It isstated (page 177) that Cooper re-leased the information to the Com-puServe and Paranet networks. Touse these networks one must have therequisite equipment and pay amonthly fee, and to gain access mustuse a password and code that servesas an identification for billing pur-poses. A skilled hacker mightgain ac-cess illegally or use stolen codes, butCoopers statements belie a hackerlevel of sophistication. His informationwas widely disseminated on two oc-casions separated by three weeks. Itis hard to believe that if any of it werereally classified or taken seriously hewould have escaped detection and ar-rest. The methods available to trackand identify ports on a computer net-work are very sophisticated; see theReaders Digest for April 1990.Cooper states (page 292) that hewas frightened that his actions mighthave "signed his death warrant." Hadhe any idea of how computer net-works can be monitored and tracked,and ifhis material was not just his ownmade-up story, he would have usedthe system once under an assumedname (this could be troublesome,since the name would have to passa credit check) and put many milesbetween himself and the access port.His sophistication in computer opera-tions is tested again (page 210) whenhe states that communication with thealiens was via "the use of the binarycomputer language ... ."A know-MUFON UFO JOURNALNo. 270 October 1990
  11. 11. 11A self-contained missle that could carry the power sourceand the excavating equipment to drill a vertical shaft 1000meters deep in any reasonable time is afantasy that no oildrilling company would fall for.ledgeable person would know thatbinary is not a language, but a wayof coding language. There is muchevidence that the ETs understandEnglish; ifthe language were English,it would normallybe coded in ASCII.Internal EvidenceMuch of the material released byCooper, such as the names and dutiesof several projects within the overallUFO project, cannot be connectedwith independent external or internaldata. Some of the material can becompared with external informationthat is well understood. In the follow-ing I quote from his report and thengive an analysis to show how farCoopers claims are from anythingreasonable.• "Excalibur isa weapon to destroythe alien underground bases. It is tobe a missile capable of penetrating1000 meters of tufa (sic)/hard packedsoil such as that found in New Mex-ico with no operational damage.Missile apogee not to exceed 30,000feet above ground level and impactmust not deviate in excess of 50meters from designated target. Thedevice will carry a one megatonnuclear warhead" (page 295).• Analysis:We know from readilyavailable sources that the crater depthcaused by a one megaton nuclearweapon, as a surface burst, is on theorder of 50 meters. A self-containedmissile that could carry the powersource and the excavating equipmentto drill a vertical shaft 1000 metersdeep (even in soft earth) in anyreasonable time is a fantasy that nooil drilling company would fall for. Itmay be an idea one could find inpopular mechanics magazines, but itis very far from what any technicallytrained person knows to be possibleat our level.• "Joshua is a project to developa low frequency pulsed soundgenerating weapon. It was said thatthis weapon would be effective againstthe alien craft and beam weapons(page 295).• Analysis: The idea of a "soundgenerating weapon," has beenaround, either as a low frequencydevice or a ultrasound device, for atleast 50 years in the pages of popularmechanics magazines. Of course theultimate pressure that could bedeveloped by a "low frequency soundweapon" is double the local at-mospheric pressure (and due to non-linear effects this ultimate pressure dif-ference could not be maintained veryfar from the source), which ishardlya pressure that could cause damageto any reasonably strong structuresuch as a UFO that can travel manytimes the speed of sound. If alien"beam weapons" are based on in-tense light (laser beams) there is noway that sound waves, intense or not,can affect them.• "Aliens: There are four types ofaliens mentioned in the papers. Alarge nosed grey with whom we havethe treaty; the grey reported in ab-ductee cases that work for the largenosed greys; a blond human-liketypedescribed as the Nordic and a redhaired human-like type called theOrange. The homes of the aliens weredescribed as being a star in the Con-stellation of Orion, Bamards Star, andZeta Riticuli (sic) 1 & 2. I cannotremember even under hypnosiswhich alien belongs to which star"(page 296).• Analysis: An analysis of thematerial in this paragraph requires abroad familiarity with alien life-formsnot usually available. In my own ex-perience, the perception of blondNordic-type hair (and by extensionred hair) disappears when the witnessis put into a deep state of hypnosis.It is as if the perception of blond hairis an illusion put into the mind of thesubject (by the aliens) as a means ofprojecting a less threatening image.Nevertheless it has been reportedenough to have encouraged Cooperto report it as a part of his story.The idea of Zeta Reticulum as ahome for aliens dates back to the Hillcase, where Betty remembered athree-dimensional star map on boardthe UFO. Amateur astronomers haveinterpreted two of the larger stars inthe map as being close (i.e. closer tohome of the aliens), and have by afurther set of arguments (flawed by anomission of binary stars from theirmaps) given an interpretation that in-cludes the sun as one of thebackground stars. But, no one knowseither the map scale, the point oforigin of the view, or the degree of im-plied change in scale with distance.Thus, given the number of starsand the number of ways to look atthem, there is a vanishingly smallchance that the two larger stars wererepresentations of Zeta Reticulum 1and 2. It is as if an illiterate personwere to choose a map at randomfrom 50 maps of the states andsomehow try to interpret the highwayconfiguration in a corner of one ofthem as having meaning relative towhere he lived. There is little reasonto think that Zeta Reticulum has anyhigher probabilityof being a home foraliens than any other star. Never-theless it had entered the UFOfolklore and was available to Cooperin constructing his story."Krll... was the hostage left with usat the first Holloman landing as apledge that the aliens would carry outtheir part of the basic agreementreached duringthat meeting. Krll gaveus the foundation of the Yellow Bookwhich was completed bythe GUESTSat a later date. Krll became sick andwas nursed by Dr. G. Mendoza whobecame the expert on alien biologyand medicine. Krll later died.GUESTS were aliens exchanged forhumans who gave us the balance ofthe Yellow Book. At the time I saw theinformation there were only threealiens left alive ..." (page 296).Analysis: UFO research workers areMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 270 October 1990
  12. 12. 12familiar with many instances inwhichaliens are able to paralyze humansand to enter secured areas. So it ishard to believe that hostages could beheld against such power. If it is true,as is claimed in Coopers report, thatUFO aliens have been abductinghumans at will since long before 1972and have complete control over onein 40 persons, why would they wantor need to give their own personnelas hostages?• "Murder: The documents statedthat many military and governmentpersonnel had been terminated(murdered without due process oflaw) when they had attempted toreveal the secret" (page 297).• Analysis: This itself is not entire-ly unbelievable. Ms. Howe believesCooper has (as of June 1989) goneunderground to avoid the verymurder he describes in his report andhas told me that Cooper has receiveddeath threats and is very afraid for hislife. She also indicated that untilseveral months after the release of hisreport Cooper had a job (not the onehe describes) where he would havehad to reveal his social securitynumber (which number is containedon his Navy discharge, included in thebook). Thus any competent in-telligence agency could have foundhim. Furthermore, ifa government in-telligence agency intended to doCooper bodily harm it is not likely itwould issue death threats; instead,Cooper would simply have disap-peared by now.In a later part of his report Cooperstates that there is a contingency planto contain or delay the release of in-formation. "This plan called for theuse of MAJESTIC TWELVE as amisinformation ploy to delay and con-fuse the release of information shouldanyone get close to the truth" (page298). It should be noted that Coopershould have been aware, in 1989, thatother informers had earlier claimedthe secret agency was called MA-JESTIC TWELVE. Thus his claim thatthe use of MAJESTIC TWELVE wasplanned misinformation may itself bemisinformation intended to advancea claim that his report is more credi-ble than those of his earlier rivals.Meaning?To believe Mr. Coopers story onemust believe, beyond a reasonabledoubt, each and every of a numberof his statements. If any one of themrepresents a fabrication, the logicalconclusion is that the rest may befabrications, or may be either true orfalse. In any case we cannot dependon Mr. Cooper to say which. Tobelieve him we must believe each ofthe following statements:1) A line officer in the Navy, eventhe Commander of the Pacific Fleet,would have a "need to know" aboutabove top secret alleged diplomaticrelations with aliens, and2) A petty officer second class, notin Naval Intelligence, would be givenaccess to materials far above topsecret, and3) The authors of the alleged "BlueBook Report 13" material are in-credibly unsophisticated abouttechnical matters relating to atomicweapons, beam weapons, and soundwaves, whereas we would expectthem to be unusually competent, and4) Aliens having a very sophis-ticated technology are not able torescue their fellow citizens being heldhostage, and5) The inconsistencies in Coopersclaims are only mistakes, such as hisclaim that one of his specialties wasInternal Security, and6) That a naval discharge paperwould contain blanks or dashes inareas where one always finds thereason for discharge, and7) His statement that he was the"Executive Director of (the) NationalTechnical College" as directed in asworn and notarized declarationdated February 10, 1989 (a copy ofwhich is on page 290) is only misin-formation intended to foil his beingfound and murdered and is not justa grand-sounding title intended to addcredibility to his statements. [There isa "National Technical College" listedin Los Angeles, at 600 S. SpringStreet, Suite 600, L.A. 90014, phone(213) 624-8937. When I telephonedthem no one had heard of a Mr.William Cooper.]ConclusionA reasonable conclusion to thissorry story isthat Mr.Cooper is eitherconsciously attempting, to reap adegree of self-importance as a self-appointed "information agent" bypublishing material he knows to be fic-titious, or that he is badly deluded,perhaps in connection with the reasonfor discharge deleted from the copyof his discharge papers published inMs. Howes book. This secondhypothesis suggests that he may ac-tually believe some of what he hasreported and has embellished it withmaterial out of the UFO rumor mills.The statistical chance that any oneperson, chosen at random, is a self-deluded individual and would comeup with these revelations is vanishing-ly small. But this is not the probabili-ty we must consider. For there is, afterall, a rather high probability that oneindividual, out of millions of in-dividuals, would come forth withthese revelations and would also ap-pear to be sane, sincere and be a per-suasive speaker.For the rest of us who are interestedin finding truth amid all the lies anddistortions being presented by thoseridiculing UFO reality, sometimes withgovernment complicity, there isan im-portant lesson: not everyone whoseems to be on our side of the truthcan be trusted to be adding to thetruth. Cooper is just one of a largenumber of individuals who havemade or are currently makingastonishing claims; there is no easyway to assess whether a particular in-dividual is another Cooper, at leastnot short of a comprehensive evalua-tion similar to that above.References(1) Howe, Linda Moulton; An AlienHarvest, Linda Moulton Howe Productions,P.O. Box 3130, Littleton,CO 80161 (1989).MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 270 October 1990
  13. 13. ji—.<• T-".•":.-•"•".•*-•-*• ;~* -» ".-"T -<*""•*- *Ci^ *.-;..*«.5* j""„*"_.•." • ".-"v. .-.-, •"•.-- ^ -^ ^-. j~^J.>.*-l^•:*^^:1t,Wi^v•vl••^.^^^,••t.iT::;Vv^•^s••*^.^;.<-."••^^^^t^^S^V^T^^^^W?**^- --^^.^i^:^ J-SSk;--§ r -••- ^•A* .r,-.^.V-, - J?-v; j^TvV^^v-V^;.;^.- ; -):^*%T, TY r;^*«-.:--iii^Vr ^ -.^..^!^J- ^^}*^&$^^!^W^Photograph of the apparent crop circle near the city of Yeisk in the Krasnodar RegionCrop Circles Appear in the U.S.S.R.By Walt AndrusEd Komarek, Jr., State SectionDirector in southern Georgia, hasbeen corresponding with several UFOgroups in the U.S.S.R. Recently, oneof his correspondents, Mr. YuriStroganov in the Krasnodar Region,submitted a hand written report withfour photographs of an apparent cropcircle that his UFO group had in-vestigated near their town of Yeisk.The city of Krasnodar is located northof the Black Sea, near the small Seaof Azov in an agricultural area andnorthwest of the Caucasus Moun-tains.On June 27, 1990,Mr. Stroganovand his team of investigators, con-ducted an expedition to the placewhere the mysterious circle had ap-peared in a wheat field. The locationis not far from their town of Yeisk.They arrived at 1950hours and com-pleted their preliminary investigationby 2045 local time. None of themembers of their team experiencedany health symptoms, whereas thefirst visitors complained of headaches.The team found one male witnesswho reported that on June 20th at 3oclock a.m. he saw a white and blueluminescent light somewhat like awelding arc in this immediate area.The next morningthe residents founda peculiar depression of the wheatstalks in the field. The people whofound the depressed area refused toenter it due to fear of somethingunknown. The team of investigatorselected to conditionally call this placea "zone."Since a week had passed beforethe team of investigators, lead by Mr.Stroganov, arrived on the scene, therewas ample evidence that manyvisitorshad already left numerous physicaltraces at the site. The zone is in theform of an oval with the lengthmeasuring about 45 meters and thewidth 35 meters.The sides of the oval are shapedrather precisely. In the interior part ofthe zone or oval the stalks of wheatare depressed in a spiraled, counter-clockwise configuration. In the centerof the zone, there is an island of un-Continued on page 23MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 270 October 1990
  14. 14. 14NewsnViews ... Fund, HoaxFUFOR ReportThe highlight of this quarter for theFund for UFO Research was receiptof Stanton FriedmansFinal Report onOperation Majestic 12, which sup-ports the authenticity of documentsoutlining the recovery and analysis ofthe wreckage of a UFO and four alienbodies in New Mexico by the U.S.government in 1947.The investigation was made possi-ble by a grant of $16,000 — thelargest ever awarded bya private UFOorganization. In his report, Friedmannotes that there is no evidence whichproves the documents to be false, butmany previously unknown detailswhich point to theirauthenticity.Copies of the report were mailedto contributors of $50 or more to theFund for UFO Research before beingmade availableto the press and thepublic. Requests for copies of thereport have exceeded those of anypublication ever offered by the Fund.If you have not ordered your copy, orif you want additionalcopies to sendto your representatives in the Con-gress, please write the Fund at Box277, Mount Ranier, MD 20712.During Mr. Friedmans research intothe MJ-12 matter, he uncovered newevidence and new sources of informa-tion related to the apparent crash ofone or more UFOs and the recoveryof alien bodies outside Roswell, NewMexico in July 1947. At the sametime, Don Schmitt and Kevin Randlewith the Center for UFO Studies wereconducting an intensive investigationinto the Roswellcase. The Funds Ex-ecutive Committee decided to inviteleading investigatorsinto the Roswellcase, as well as other crash/retrievalcases, to Washington, DC, for adebriefing. The invitation also was ex-tended to first-hand witnesses andsources of information in these caseswho might be persuaded to go "onthe record" with their testimony. Asthe 2nd Quarter drew to a close, plansfor the conference, called "Crash II"(since itwas the second such meetingsponsored by the Fund) were beingfinalized. A report on the results of theconference will be made available tothe Funds supporters in the nearfuture.Also during this period; the Funddecided to sponsor a new effort toprovide reliable information on theUFO subject to the public through a900 pay-per-call service. TheUFOLine with nuclear physicist StanFriedman can be reached by dialing1-900-USA-UFOS (872-8367) onyour touch-tone phone. The call costs$2.00 for the first minute and $1.00per minute thereafter. Messages areupdated weekly with reports on re-cent sighting reports, updates on theRoswell crash case, information onUFO abductions and other aspectsofthe UFO phenomenon. Callers havethe ability to provide information onrecent sightings or to obtain printedmaterials. The Fund is providing$3,000 to promote the UFOLinethrough distribution of a newspapercolumn to thousands of daily andweekly newspapers across thecountry.The Funds Executive Committeeand National Board of Directorsrecently approved the following Of-ficial Statement of Policy concerningthe UFO phenomenon, in an effortto respond to questions from the pressand public on where the organizationstands on the UFO phenomenon.Your comments are welcome.Policy StatementOn the basis of more than 40 yearsof consistent, close-range observa-tions of objects having radical ap-pearance and performance, it isreasonable to conclude that we arefaced with a coherent phenomenonfor which there is no conventional ex-planation. It is the purpose of theFund for UFO Research to support allreasonable scientific efforts to learnthe nature of this phenomenon. Thepatterns of UFO appearance andbehavior stronglysuggest that they arenot merely misidentified naturalphenomena. .In recent years, it hasbecome apparent that this phenom-enon involves multiple aspects:• Extraterrestrial Hypothesis—While physical proof of the extrater-restrial origin of UFOs is not in thehands of civilian UFO investigators,there is a growing mass of evidencethat points to the distinct possibilitythat some UFOs represent thepresence in the vicinity of the Earthof a non-humanintelligence.• "Abductions" — While recogniz-ing the bizarre content of so-called"abduction" reports, their unusualdegree of consistency and supportingevidence suggests a physical, ratherthan a psychological, basis. Psycho-logical studies of "abductees" so fartend to rule out psychopathology asthe cause of the reports.• UFO Crashes — In view of theimpressive first-hand testimony of theJuly 1947 events in New Mexico, itappears increasingly likely that theremains of at least one crashed UFOwere recovered by the U.S. Govern-ment.• Government Secrecy — Therelease of thousands of pages ofpreviously classified official militaryand intelligence documents (whosevery existence was long denied) makeit clear that the U.S. Governmentcon-cealed UFO information for severaldecades. There is no reason toassume that the policy of secrecy hasended.Journal HoaxedIn the August No. 268 issue of theJournal, this column carried a newsnotice to the effect that the AmericanPsychological Association had formeda branch devoted to parapsycho-logical studies that would look intoUFO and related phenomena. Weeven quoted the supposed chair-MUFON UFO JOURNALNo. 270 October 1990
  15. 15. 15man of the new committee as saying"We will explain the unexplained."The first thing needing explainingis how such a press release wascreated and distributed in the firstplace, as apparently the wholeepisode is a blantant hoax.Philip Klass called to inform theeditor of the falseness of the state-ment, as did Don Berlinerof the Fundfor UFO Research, for which we aregratefully appreciative.The originalhoaxer probably thinksthis incident proves something aboutthe gullibility of ufology as a whole.After all, its true we didnt take thetime to follow up the original an-nouncement. On the other hand, itwas reproduced on apparently officialAPA stationary.What it really demonstrates, how-ever, is that .we rarely have theresources to chase every lead wereceive, and secondly, that we tendto operate on a fundamental basisoftrust regarding those we do.Were sorry, then, that we weredeceived, and apologize to ourreaders and subscribers who were somisinformed.We also regret that someone outthere feels a need to be soduplicitousand underhanded. If were not hap-py for you, we hope youllunderstandthat sentiment as well. Andremember: you were found out.- DSEditorial AlternativeUnable to attend the MUFON Pen-sacola Symposium this past July (Iwas off chasing Crop Circles inEngland, which was almost as ex-citing), I only recently learned of someof the closed-door discussions thattook place which had to do with theJournals format. The foremost ofthese (Imstill not sure whether it wasa general consensus, mandate orrecommendation) had to do withreturning the cover logo to its originalform. In other words, it was suggestedthat the MUFON acronym (for MutualUFO Network) should appear all incapital letters, rather than in itspresent configuration, which, admit-tedly, makes it appear as an ordinaryword rather than a corporate title.My original intention in altering theold format, which, incidentally, is notmeant to be writ in stone, wastwofold. First, there was the con-sideration of the Journals title in termsof an element of design, and as onlyone among many that neededredesigning, I might add. Capitalizingboth MUFON and UFO, as inMUFON UFO Journal, simply makesfor an overbalanced appearance onthe cover. The alternative is tocapitalize the entire title: MUFONUFO JOURNAL, which struck me asrather bombastic. In addition, the eyedoesnt read and interpret a breathlessburst of captial letters quite as easilyas when it has a few clues, bothcapital and lower case letters, withwhich to work.A second consideration was thefact that we were celebrating our 25thanniversary. In other words, MUFONis an established organization, not somuch that we can take ourselves forgranted, but certainly to the extentthat we can begin to think of ourselvesas a permanent backdrop of estab-lished ufology. By writing MUFON(the acronym), then, as Mufon, Ihoped to announce our arrivalin themodern lexicon in the same waythatother corporate trademarks, whetheracronyms or not, have passed fromoddities of language into acceptableeveryday use. Computer terminologyis full of similar examples, as is Englishin general, including the absorption oftrademarks like Xerox and Coca Colainto common usage. So when I firstpasted up a layout using a capitalUFO balanced on either side byMufon and Journal, I was esthetical-ly hooked. I dont say its absolutelyand irrevocably right, only that as anoverall design element it struck me asmore than appropriate. Moreover, Idont think that any of our newersubscribers and readers are likely toobject to or be confused by the newformat.One of my primary obligations aseditor, as I see it, anyway, is to im-prove, not impose, the look, feel andcontents of the Journal. I glance backat the September issue (No. 269), forexample, and feel only pride, ingeneral, in terms of cover and con-tents, but particularlyin regard to thequality of the photographic reproduc-tions inside, to the best of myknowledge, nowhere else sodramatically depicted. Its curious, tome, then, that a few people still findthe odd detail to carp about when theoverarching appearance and contentsof the Journal have improved sodramatically over the past few years.A word of approval rather thancriticism, on occasion, would be great-ly appreciated.- DSArizona State MeetingHal Starr, Arizona State Direc-tor, has announced their annualstate-wide meeting will be held onSaturday, November 24, 1990 at11 a.m. in Phoenix, AZ for allMUFON members, their guestsand interested parties. Themeeting will take place in theprivate meeting room behind therestaurant at Smittys Super-market/Department Store at 34thAvenue and Bethany HomeRoad. Subjects on the agenda willconsist of updates on currentUFO cases, recent videotapedprograms and a discussion onhow to obtain more participationin activitiesand membership. Formore informationplease contactHal at 312 N. Frier Drive,Phoenix, AZ85021 or telephone(602) 944-4211.MUFON Amateur Radio Net80 meters — 3.990 MHzSaturday, 10 p.m.40 meters — 7.237 MHzSaturday, 8 a.m.10 meters — 28.460 MHzThursday, 8 p.m.10 meters — 28.470 MHzSunday, 3 p.m.All times Eastern Standard or DaylightMUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 270 October 1990
  16. 16. 16In Others Words ...Lucius ParishSupposed "miracle cures" andUFO connections are discussed in anarticle in the July 17 issue of NA-TIONAL ENQUIRER. The August 7issue of the ENQUIRER has whatseems to be an accurate article outlin-ing the UFO encounter of NorthDakota University Professor JohnSalter Jr. and his son. Aerial warfareiri ancient India is the focus of an ar-ticle in the August 21 issue.Those ever-more-mysteriousBritish "circles" are discussed in an ar-ticle in the August 14 issue of THESTAR, including photos of the "pic-tograms" which are now appearinginthe fields of southern England.The "Anti-Matter/UFO Update"section of September OMNI discussesthe Intruders Foundation (IF)whichhas been set up by Budd Hopkins andothers to provide support for ab-ductees. A quarterlyIF JOURNAL isalso available.Back to Britain for a moment. Ifyouve been intrigued by all thenewspaper and TV reports of the"circles" (and other formations) whichhave appeared in record numbersinthe fields of England this year, youwill certainlywant to check out a newpublication, THE CEREOLOGIST.This is the journal of the Centre forCrop Circle Studies and is verycapably edited by veteran writer JohnMichell. The first issue is nowavailable and U.S. subscribers maysend the equivalent of £7.50($15.00, by my estimation)to: THECEREOLOGIST - 11 Powis Gardens- London Wll 1JG, England.Highlyrecommended.Volume 1 of THE UFO EN-CYCLOPEDIA series (UFOs IN THE1980s) is now available. Written bylong-time UFO researcher JeromeClark, this is the first of three (orpossibly four) volumes which willcover Ufology from 1947 to the pre-sent. The present volume (unseenbyme at this writing) ispriced at $65.00(yes, a bit steep, I agree!) and maybe ordered from: Omnigraphics, Inc.- Penobscot Building - Detroit, MI48226. It is certainly a monumentaljob to attempt an "encyclopedic" pro-ject of this sort and Clarkis to be com-mended for havingtaken iton. Whilewe hope to see all volumesbroughtout in less expensive paperbound edi-tions eventually, this first offeringshould be well worth your attention.The latest offering from WendelleStevens UFO Photo Archives is anItalian case which should probably becalled "classic contactee," in the veinof Adamski and others. For thosewho feel — as I do — that suchreports are well worth reading, UFOCONTACT FROM ANGELS INSTARSHIPS by Giorgio Dibitonto,William T. Sherwood and WendelleC. Stevens is available for $14.95,plus $2.00 for postage. It may beordered from: UFO BOOKS -Christine Stevens-Cox - P.O. Box1053 - Florence, AZ 85232. And,ifyou saw Stevens 1990 UFOCalen-dar and liked his idea of using colorUFO photographs in this manner,youll want to order his 1991 Calen-dar also. It isavailablefrom the sameaddress for $9.95, plus $1.50postage. The next book in line will beGEORGE ADAMSKI: THEIR MANON EARTH, which is the completemanuscript by the late Lou Zinsstag,portions of which were used in thebook by Good & Zinsstag, GEORGEADAMSKI: THE UNTOLDSTORY.This will also be priced at $14.95,plus the $2.00 postage cost.A new book by Zecharia Sitchin isalways to be welcomed and he nowhas one available from Avon Books,GENESIS REVISITED. Althoughnota part of his "Earth Chronicles" series,this volume covers recent scientificfindings which tend to corroborate thebasic theories Sitchin has put forth inhis four previous looks.Ed Conroys REPORT ON COM-MUNION, Edith Fiores ENCOUN-TERS and Whitley Striebers novel,MAJESTIC, are also now available inpaperback editions.In a previous column, I gave thedates for the 1991 Ozark UFO Con-ference as April 12-14. Please notethat the dates have been changed andthe Conference will be held one weekearlier, on the dates of April 5-7,1991. We hope you will join us inEureka Springs, Arkansasat that timeand Im sure well have plenty to talkabout!UFONEWSCLIPPINGS SERVICEThe UFO Newsclipping Servicewillkeep you informed of all the latestUnited States and World-Wide UFOreports (i.e., little known photo-graphic cases, close encounters andlanding reports, occupant cases)andall other UFOreports, many of whichare carried only in small town andforeign newspapers.Our UFO Newsclipping Serviceissues are 20-page monthly reports,reproduced by photo-offset, con-taining the latest United States andCanadian UFO newsclippings, withour foreign section carrying thelatest British, Australian, New Zea-land and other foreign press reports.Also included is a 3-5 page sectionof "Fortean" clippings (i.e., Bigfootand other "monster" reports). Let uskeep you informed of the latest hap-penings in the UFO and Forteanfields.For subscription information andsample pages from our service, writetoday to:UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICERoute 1 - Box 220Plumerville, Arkansas 72127MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 270 October 1990
  17. 17. Current Case LogDan Wright, Investigations17The following summarizes casereports received in July 1990 whichare well prepared and represent re-cent events -of significance toUFOlogy. Unless noted, no sound,vibration or odor was detected. AHtimes listed are local.• Log #900701:5/22/90, 10p.m.event near Jones, Oklahoma); in-vestigators Jean Waller and DickSeifried. A family was watching TVwhen they noticed bright red, greenand blue lights through a window.Proceeding outside, they observed adark outline (cylinder or disc on edge)with a row of lighted windowsemerg-ing from a distant treeline and pass-ing low and slowly across their path.Momentarily, a smiliar object ap-peared. Before moving out of view-ing range it cast a beam of light, il-luminating a circle of the grass nearthe witnesses. Duration was estimatedas over one minute. [Note: Subse-quent dreams by family membersrevealed a possible previous abduc-tion sequence.]• Log #900704: 5/24/90, 11 p.m.event near North Huntingdon, Penn-sylvania); investigator Wayne Willis.A woman was walking her dog whenshe saw a dark, delta-shaped object,somewhat larger than a commercialprop-driven aircraft, with nine largewhite lights extending around the twoleading edges. The rear edge wasreminiscent of a boomerang curva-ture. The vehicle hovered 300 feetabove the ground near powerlines,then left quickly and was lost fromview. The witnesses sensed a vibra-tion while it was in proximity.Dura-tion was estimated as 30 seconds.• Log #900706: 7/26/89, approx-imate 10:30 p.m. event in ruralGenesee County, Michigan); inves-tigator David Reinhart. Four teenswere driving when they encountereda large object with multi-colored lightsmoving slowly 300 feet away and 100feet over a cornfield. The object wasdescribed as larger than a house andsilver-grey with a bottom-view outlineresembling a three-bladed fan. Abeam shone from the bottom towardthe ground. Stopping the car, theywatched for five minutes before thebeam was extinguished and the vehi-cle rose and sped away. The farmerwho owns the property declared thatthe object had paced his tractor dur-ing this time frame.• Log #900708: 5/19/90, 4:35a.m. event in Warrior, Alabama); in-vestigator Todd Pierce. A woman wasdriving to work when she confrontedsix huge white lights approachingslowly at treetop level. She halted, atwhich point the object hesitated, thenmoved at jogging speed over hertruck and into the distance until lostfrom view. As itpassed overhead, shesensed a vibration. The vehicle wasdescribed as at least house-sized andconsisting of two sections: The frontsection was trapezoidal, behind whichwas a broad, outwardlyangling fuse-lage and blunt rear. Along the under-side was a strip composed of hun-dreds of red, green and blue lights.Duration was estimated as sixto eightminutes. (See illustration.)• Log #900722: (12/10/89, 11:10p.m. event in Concord, New Hamp-shire); investigator Vail Leach. A cou-ple was driving when they came upona cylindrical object hovering near theroad. It was described as 60-80 feetin length, with a silver-greysurface,a white light on either end, a blue lightcentered on top, and three portholesalong the midsection. As they slowed,the vehicle moved rapidly up andaway. Duration was estimated as oneminute.• Log #900726: (2/21/90, 6:30 -8:30 p.m. events near Boscawen,New Hampshire); investigators VailLeach, Cheryl Powell, BrendaDaniels, Ken Foster, et al. In reactionto numerous reports from the area,a group of 12, including several inves-tigators, gathered at a freeway com-muter lot for a weekly sky watch. At6:30 p.m., a group of three lights ap-proached in a "v" formation,stoppedand hovered, then moved into astraight line. After three minutes, thelights retreated and were lost fromview beyond a treeline. Two in-vestigators pursued by auto, spottedthe lights again and attempted with-out success to videotape the lightsbefore they veered out of range.Later, a large, pulsing, white ball oflight neared the group and hoveredover powerlines. An attempt tovideotape was again unsuccessful dueto mechanical difficulty. After fourminutes, the anomaly rose up andsplit into two smaller white balls. Aloud sound, likened to an aircraftengine, then emanated seeminglyfrom the intruder, and two red lightswere noted behind the white lights.Now apparently a solid object with-out a detectable outline, itbanked andmoved a short distance. A bluishwhite beam appeared, separated fromthe source and descended slowly tothe ground. Next, a beam was di-rected toward the nearby town,whereupon many beams ascendedfrom the ground into the source. Thetwo red lights were extinguished andthe two balls of light merged. Thesingle ball then dipped below thetreeline. Many still photos were at-MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 270 October 1990
  18. 18. 18Log #9007085/19/90Warrior, AL(front view)(bottom view)tempted, although the cameras werereported to be malfunctioning. [Note:Afterward, the camcorder and stillcameras were reported to operateproperly.]• Log #900728: (3/7/90, 7:02p.m. event near Boscawen, NewHampshire); investigators DonnaMi/bourne, Brenda Daniels, et al. Theinvestigators had gathered at theusualcommuter lot along with a Concordpoliceman, other adults and severalstudents. Six white and three greenlights in a checkmark formation ap-proached, slowly rotated, thenretreated. Duration was estimated as12 minutes.• Log #900735: (4/30/90, 9:30and 9:45p.m. events in and near GulfBreeze, Florida); investigator Joe Bar-ron. Two teenaged girls were drivingwhen they noticed a horizontal, box-shaped object, roughly 30 feet by 15feet, approaching from the oppositedirection before halting nearby andassuming an uprightattitude. The ob-ject was further described as havinga row of red circular lights around thelower edge and a smaller white lightcentered on the bottom; The entiresurface emitted a dimglow. Stoppingtheir car within 15 feet, the driverdeparted the car at which point theobject ascended, again assumed ahorizontal attitude, and slowly glidedout ofsight.Durationwas two to threeminutes.At 9:45 p.m., a retired FAAair traf-fic controller was driving home, fivemiles outside Gulf Breeze, when hespotted what looked like an oversizedbox kite (estimated to be larger thana full-sized auto) just above treetoplevel and moving slowly. A whitelightwas noticed on one end. The objectchanged direction and ascended upand away. Duration was one minute.• Log #900736: (12/21/89, ap-proximate 1 a.m. event near Mar-tinsville, Indiana); investigator NormaCroda. Returning home from a trip,a couple noticed a circle of yellowish-orange lights around a hovering ob-ject of undetermined outline in thenear distance. After passing by, theyturned around to gain a better view.Upon their approach, the object leftover a ridge, the lights extinguishedas it went.Resuming their journey,the couplehad driven seven miles farther whenthey encountered a huge vehiclehovering close by. Dull metallic, it ap-peared as large and with the generalshape of a barge. The vehicle wasangled downward. An illuminateddome protruded from the far end,while two searchlightsshown from thenear side. They stopped the car.Momentarily, the craft moved closer,at which point the man and womansped away. Duration was estimated asone to two minutes for each episode.[Note: An electrical generating plantwas subsequently located beyond theridge in the first encounter and ma-jor powerlines were immediatelybelow the object in the secondepisode.]• Log #900742: (September 1965,1:45 a.m. event in Litchfield, NewHampshire); investigators KathleenMorel, Jean Waller, Richard Seifriedand Dr. Jeannie Byrne. [Note: Theaccount emerged from the consciousrecollections of two of the sixwitnesses in addition to the testimonyof one under regressive hypnosis ad-ministered by Dr. Byrne.]Five siblings and one cousin allawoke in their bedroom at the samemoment. The room was filled with aheavy, bright red mist, stifling in termsof itsheat and humidity.The apparentsource was beyond a high windowinthe room. They then heard the rat-tling of metal trap doors on the farside of the house which led to a cel-lar. As the oldest, the seven-year-oldgirl (and recent hypnosis subject) wasurged by the others to lead them in-to the kitchen, beyond whichwere thelocked trap doors, to determinewhether there was an intruder.Pulling a chair to the kitchen sink,she pulled open the window curtainand confronted the face of an entity(drawn under hypnosis as a typical"grey") who wasstanding on the trapdoors, looking up at her.Startled, the girl leaped down. Butthe others, not having seen the faceand being curious, opened a door tothe outside. The girl nextrecalled be-ing outside with her six-year-old malecousin, staring at a domed disc hover-ing just above a sandy area of theirproperty. The same or an identical en-tity was standing in distant shadows.The two children were compelledto walk toward the vehicle, at whichpoint they were levitated through anopening on its underside and into abrightly lit room. Each was proneand paralyzed on an examiningtable/platform. An entity then per-formed an undetermined procedureon the girls lower body, using an in-strument likened to a long pencil, onthe end of which was a tiny ball withneedle-like extensions.When the procedure was com-pleted, the two were levitated backthrough the bottom entrance anddropped onto the ground. They ranback into the house where theyContinued on page 23MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 270 October 1990
  19. 19. Looking Back19Bob GribbleOctober 1955 • One ofthe mostpowerful U.S. Senators in modernhistory actually eyewitnessed twoUFOs while on a fact-finding tripthrough the Soviet Union. The en-counter is detailed in 12 top secretCIA, FBI and Air Force reports.Senator Richard B. Russell, Jr., thenchairman of the Armed ServicesCommittee, was on a Soviet train onthe fourth when he sported a disc-shaped craft takingoff near the tracks.He called his military aide and inter-preter to the window, and they sawthe disc plus another one that ap-peared a minutelater. The astonishedtrio reported the sightingsto the U.S.Air Force as soon as they were out ofthe Soviet Union. "The threeobservers were firmly convinced thatthey saw a genuine flying disc,"according to an AirForceIntelligencereport dated October 14, 1955, andclassified Top Secret at the time.The documents describing theSenators encounter were kept fromthe publicfor nearly 30 years. Still, alot of people were aware of the inci-dent. For example, Mr. Tom Towers,in a January 20, 1957 column of"Aviation News" for the Los Angeles,California Examiner, printed the con-tents of a letter from the Senator inresponse to a request for informationabout the1sighting.Towers requestedpermission to "break" the story. Theletter was dated January 17, 1956,and stated: "Permit me to acknow-ledge your letters relative to reportsthat have come to you regardingaerial objects seen in Europe last year.I received your letter but I havediscussed this matter with the affectedagencies of the Government and theyare of the opinion that it is not wiseto publicizethis matter at this time. Iregret very much that I am unable tobe of assistance to you."The Air Force Intelligence reportsays Russell and his two travelingcompanions, Ruben Efron, hisinter-preter, and Col. Hathaway, his aide,all spotted the craft while travelingbyrail across the Soviet Transcaucasianregion. "One disc ascended almostvertically, at a relatively slow speed,with its outer surface revolving slow-ly to the right, to an altitude of about6000 feet where its speed increasedsharply as it headed north." The se-cond disc was seen performing thesame actions about one minute later.Russell saw the first craft ascend andpass over the train. Hathaway got tothe window in time to see the first,while Efron got only a short glimpseof same. All three saw the secondcraft. Commenting on his experience,Col. Hathaway noted that "wevebeen told for years that there isnt sucha thing, but all of us saw it."• Theresults of aninvestigationbegun by the Air Force in 1947 ofUnidentified Flying Objects werereleased by the Air Force on the 25th.The report was based on an analysisconducted by a private scientific groupunder the supervision of the AirTechnical Intelligence Center atDayton, Ohio. Secretary of the AirForce Donald A. Quarles said: "Onthe basis of this study webelieve thatno objects such as those popularlydescribed as flying saucers haveoverflown the United States."Commenting on the Air Forcereport, Edward J. Ruppelt (formerdirector of Project Blue Book) said:"Probably the most astounding partof the press release, at least to me,was the statement that a report bas-ed on a study by a private scientificgroup under the supervision of the AirTechnical Intelligence Center con-cluded that all but a very few UFOsightings could be explained. Thiswasa shock to me because Iwas the onethat had this study made ... This is nota good study. I was out of the AirForce by the time that the report waspublished in its final printed form butI saw the unpublished draft and hadwritten it off as worthless. Another in-teresting point is that the report wasfinished in September 1953 and itwasnt released as the latest hot dopeuntil October 1955."• 1960 At6:10 p.m. onthefourth,minutes after residents of Cressy,Launceton, Australia, reported amysterious explosion, the Reverendand Mrs. Lionel Browning spotted agray, cigar-shaped object. There werefour vertical bands along the side ofthe craft, and at the front end a rodwith what appeared to be a small pro-peller at the end jutted out. The windwas loud and no sound was heardabove it. The speed of the vehicle wasestimated by Reverend Browning atabout 500 miles per hour. Afteralmost a minuteof steady movementthe craft stopped in mid-air, hoveringabout three miles away. The Brown-ings watched the vehicle for another30 seconds, then were surprised tosee five or six small disc-shaped ob-jects appear out of the clouds aboveand behind the larger craft.The discs were traveling very fastand the Brownings compared theirmovement to "flat stones skippingalong the water." The small craft sta-tioned themselves beside the largership within a half mile radius. Theminister said they were about 30 feetin diameter. "After several seconds," hereported, "the large ship, accompaniedby the smaller vehicles, reversed theway they had come." The objects weregone from sight within 30 seconds.Reverend Browning was interviewedat length by Royal Australian Air Forceintelligence officers.MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 270 October 1990