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Mufon ufo journal 1989 9. september

  2. 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International Director andAssociate EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorANN DRUFFELContributing EditorROBERT J. GRIBBLEColumnistROBERT H. BLETCHMANPublic RelationsPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityMARGE CHRISTENSENPublic EducationREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryT. SCOTT CRAINGREG LONGMICHAEL D. SWORDSStaff WritersTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEONARD STRINGFIELDUFO Crash/RetrievalWALTER N. WEBBAstronomyNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLROBERT V. PRATTEditor/Publishers Emeritus(Formerly SKYLOOK)The MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished monthly by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$25.00 per year in the U.S.A.; $30.00foreign in U.S. funds. Copyright 1989by the Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin, Texas.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 toadvise change of address to TheMUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155-4099.FROM THE EDITORLarry Koss — I dont know what to call him other than an "organizer" —hasrecently completed an arrangement for a series of specialized books based on theUFO phenomenon. Larry needs legitimate UFO photographs, the owners ofwhich will be financially compensated. Time, however, is of the essence. Forfurther information, write or call Koss at Box 4272, Aspen, CO, 81612, (303)923-5205.While it may not be too wise to generalize, letters to the editor of thisaugust Journal generally fall into two categories: Either the writer wants to knowwhy a) some particular piece was included, or b) why some particular piece, usu-ally a previous letter or article of their own, was not included. Well, the reasonsare many, as most editors have said at one time or another of their largely thank-less career. It could be that something is redundant, we already have a betterarticle or commentary on the same subject on hand, space does not permit, 1personally screwed up, all of the above, and so on. Most times, I only know forcertain the first few "lead" articles that will go into a particular issue. Then as Ibegin filling out the remainder of the issue, all sorts of considerations come intoplay, and are complicated, in fact, when we have more on file than we can possi-bly get to, even when we expand to 28 pages, as we did last time. Every numberis hit and miss, and with 2300 readers, obviously, its difficult if not impossible tosatisfy them all each and every month. So in a way, every issue is a compromise.But rather than list whats left out, Id rather tell you what lies ahead: Moreletters of comment, first, along with the second part of John Spencers article,articles by John Schuessler, Joe Kirk Thomas, John Brandenburg, Stan Gordon,Dennis Stillings, the complete text of William Moores controversial Las Vegastalk, more art by Sal Amendola, a complete reformat of the Journal, and ofcourse all our regular departments.In this issue36111316THE KECKSBURG UFO CRASH Stan GordonA NEW MODEL OF INVESTIGATION: PART I John L. SpencerTO CATCH A FLYING STAR Walter H. Andrus, Jr.LOOKING BACK Bob GribbleFUFOR PROGRESS REPORT Whiting, Friedman, JacobsUFO CONFERENCES 18THE UFO PRESS Dennis Stacy 20SEPTEMBER NIGHT SKY Walter Webb 22DIRECTORS MESSAGE Walt Andrus 24COVER ART by Sal AmendolaCopyright 1989 by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON), 103 Old-towne Road, Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDNo part of this document may be reproduced in any form by photostat,microfilm, xerograph, or any other means, without the written permissionof the Copyright Owners.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal Income Tax. In addition,bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions of Sec-tions 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNAL are determined by the editor, anddo not necessarily represent the official position of MUFON. Opinions of contrib-utors are their own, and do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, the staff,or MUFON. Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON. Responses to pub-lished articles may be in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400 words) or in ashort article (up to about 2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50% rule" is applied: thearticle author may reply but will be allowed half the wordage used in theresponse; the responder may answer the author but will be allowed half the wor-dage used in the authors reply, etc. All submissions are subject to editing forstyle, clarity, and conciseness. Permission is hereby granted to quote from thisissue provided not more than 200 words are quoted from any one article, theauthor of the article is given credit, and the statement "Copyright 1989 by theMutual UFO Network, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155" is included.
  3. 3. The Kecksburg UFOCrashBy Stan GordonStan Gordon directs PASU, thePennsylvania Association for theStudy of the Unexplained and isMUFON State Director for Penn-sylvania. A followup article on theKecksburg case will appear nextmonth.It was about 4:15 P.M. on theafternoon of December 9, 1965, whenthousands of residents of Ohio, Pen-nsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, NewYork, Michigan and parts of Canada,observed the passage of a brilliantfireball streaking through the sky. Theobject, described as orange in color,left a long smoke trail that remainedvisible for up to 20 minutes in somelocations. This smoke trail was pho-tographed about two miles east ofPontiac, Michigan. Both commercialand private pilots who reported see-ing the fireball while flying over Michi-gan, Ohio and Ontario were of theopinion that an aircraft was goingdown in Lake Erie. Shock waves werereported by pilots, especially east ofDetroit.Many people on the ground nearPort Clinton, Ohio, had reported aloud sonic boom which later wasreported from other areas as well.Reports of debris falling from the fire-ball were reported from Michigan,Elyria, Ohio, and Midland,Pennsylva-nia, yet the only confirmed physicalartifacts related to this event werestrips of metallic-lookingmaterial fall-ing from the sky near Lapeer, Michi-gan, and analyzed by the U.S. AirForce as being radar chaff related toa military exercise and not connectedwith the fireball that was seen atabout the same time. The object con-tinued its trajectory, finally crashing ina wooded area near the village ofKecksburg (Acme) in WestmorelandCounty,Pennsylvania.Two young children were playing inthe woods at the time and ran hometo tell their mother that they had seenMUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989something "like a star on fire" fallfrom the sky into the nearby woods.Their mother thought that maybe itwas a weather balloon and told themto go find it. But after discussing thematter with a neighbor, she began towonder if it might be something dan-gerous and called for them to returnhome.She then called the Pennsylvaniastate police barracks at Greensburgto report the incident. When theobject hit the ground, a strong vibra-tion could be felt at least a mile fromthe alleged impact area. Blue smokewas seen rising from the woods, butin about five minutes it dissipated andwasnt seen again. Local police, newsagencies and the Allegheny CountyObservatory in Pittsburg were swamp-ed with calls concerning the fieryUFO. Radio Station WHJB in Grees-burg was broadcasting the eveningnews as county residents began tocall in their descriptions of the objectand to report that whatever it washad landed near Kecksburg. The lateJohn Murphy, an energetic newsmanfor the station, went to the site andbegan to broadcast on-the-spot inter-views from the location.In Pittsburg regular radio and TVbroadcasts were interrupted to reportthat a strange object had been seenover a large area and that police weregoing to search the woods in West-moreland County. Arriving first at thescene was the state police fire mar-shall and other state troopers. Geigercounters were activated and takeninto the woods where the children feltthe object impacted. A short timelater the state police notified militaryauthorities of the situation and theyroped off the area around the woodsawaiting military specialists.NORAD Link?The road leading into the villagewas jammed with cars as hundreds ofspectators flooded the area, hoping tocatch a glimpse of the strange objectin the woods. It was early eveningwhen military personnel and vehiclesmoved into the area. Firemen whoinitially had assisted state police in thesearch for the object told me thatwhen the unit arrived they set up acommand post in the KecksburgVolunteer Fire Department firehall.One of the first things done by themilitary was to establish an open tele-phone link with another agencythought to have been NORAD head-quarters in Colorado. During theevening this circuit would be checkedfor quality and current informationfrom the scene was passed on. Dur-ing the night a number of witnessesreported seeing large lead-lined con-tainers possibly used for transportingradioactive material.Over the years I have interviewed anumber of people who were at thesite and who claimed to have seenlarge military trucks that went inempty to the impact area but laterreturned with a large load that wascovered over by tarpaulin. The mil-itary remained at Kecksburg until theearly morning hours. The next dayCaptain Joseph Dussia (now decased)led a group of 18 state troopers intothe woods where the object was saidto have fallen. The official report fromthe state police was that no evidenceof any object was found and that theyfelt the Air Force explanation of ameteor was correct.Initially, the object observed doesindeed fit the description of a Bolide,an extra-ordinarily bright fireball-typemeteor. But additional research con-ducted by various investigators leadto the possibility that this may havebeen something else. The late Ivan T.Sanderson, writing in the March 1966edition of Fate Magazine, pinpointedthe passage of the object on a mapand showed that it moved in astraight line from east of Flint, Michi-3
  4. 4. gan, over Lake St. Clair to Oberlinand Elyria near Cleveland, Ohio in asoutheast by southerly direction andthen made a 25-degree turn to theeast.It moved straight toward Keeks-burg from that point. In taking intoaccount the sighting locations, Sand-erson calculated the speed of theobject at abqut 1,062.5 miles perhour, which is considerably slowerthan the minimum astronomically re-corded speed of a meteor which is27,000 mph.One witness I interviewed still clearlyremembers the afternoon of the sight-ing. He lived in Margurite, about eightmiles from Kecksburg. He was doingsome yardwork with his mother-in-lawwhen the object passed over. Afterwatching it they both commented thatwhatever the thing was, it was not ameteor since it moved so slow; Theseobservers described the UFO asappearing circular in shape and enve-loped in flame. "You could make outthe individual flames around it, sinceit moved so slow. It glided, and itseemed to vibrate as it moved." Fromtheir vantage point, they watch-ed the object for about 1% miles. Itseemed to ascend slightly then dippeddown and headed straight for thewoods at Kecksburg.I was 16 years old at the time ofthis incident, but I had already beenresearching UFOs for six years and Ibegan to investigate the case imme-diately. Through family acquaintancesI was able to talk with key state4police personnel who were involvedwith the Kecksburg case and wasable to look over their investigationreport of the incident. If they hadfound anything there was nothing intheir records to indicate this. But thecontinuous rumors and eyewitnessaccounts of the military having alleged-ly carried off something from thewoods that night kept up my curiosityand prompted me to continue myresearch efforts to try to find ananswer as to what indeed did crash.In the past twenty years I haveaccumulated a large volume of dataon this matter and we continue tocheck new leads. One report we arecurrently following up concerns sev-eral people who claim not only tohave seen the military load the objectonto their trucks but alleged that laterduring the night they returned to theimpact site, flattened out the groundand planted small shrubs which theyhad brought back so that the nextmorning there would be no evidenceof a crash.FOIAIn 1984 it was decided that myselfand Ray Boeche, MUFON StateDirector for Nebraska and a memberof the board of advisors for CAUS,the Citizens Against UFO Secrecy,would conduct a joint effort to locategovernment documents that pertainedto the Kecksburg case by utilizing theFreedom of InformationAct.On July 18th of that year, an FOIArequest was filed with the Air Forceon the incident. After several lettersfrom this agency referring us to con-tact other departments to locate thematerial we were seeking, we beganto find some useful information. It isnow known that the military unitinvolved at the site that night was the662nd Radar Squadron attached tothe Oakdale Army Support Facilitylocated near the Pittsburgh Interna-tional Airport. It was always thoughtthat this unit was under the Army buta letter dated August 15, 1984 fromAir Force Headquarters, Washington,D.C. provided information that thesquadron was under the command in1965 of the Aerospace Defense Com-mand, now known as Space Com-mand. A letter dated August 24, 1984from Headquarters Space Command,Peterson Air Force Base, Coloradostated that they had no records forthat unit, yet they were able to pro-duce the deactivation date of it.Boeche continued to press forinformation since both of us were ofthe opinion that there had to berecords of the squadron somewhere.An October 11, 1984 response fromSpace Command provided the follow-ing information: "In processing yourFOIA request we reviewed recordshipment lists and lists of record cen-ter holdings. This command maintainsno records either here or in a recordscenter that are responsive to yourrequest."Again in January of 1985 anotherletter was sent from us indicating onMUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989
  5. 5. our part that the information receivedindicated possible gross mismanage-ment of this squadrons historicalrecords and we wanted to knowwhere they might be located and if forsome reason they were destroyed.We wanted the date and reason forthis act. Then on February 8, 1985,Boeche received a letter which con-tained the news that the files of theAir Force had been searched and a31-page file on the case we weresearching for had been located. Withina reasonable period of time wereceived the report and the first thingthat caught our attention was thereport cover indicating the Air Forceconclusion that the object was Astro(meteor) inorigin.The report consisted of letters fromcivilians and police departments, newsitems, photographs of the trail of theobject and a lot of very interestinginternal correspondence from variousgovernment agencies, both typed andhandwritten, that concerned the objectat Kecksburg. As we read the reportwe came across a startlinghandwrit-ten memo from a member of the Pro-ject Blue Book staff. "The time ofsighting was relayed as 4:15 P.M.Some reports stated that the objectwas orange, others stated it waswhite with a tail. I called Major Quin-tanilla for his advice and assistance.He came to the base and called aMajor Livers. A further call was madeto the Oakdale Radar Site in Pennsyl-vania. A three-man team has beendispatched to Acme, Pennsylvania toMUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989investigate and pick up an object thatstarted a fire." We finally had the firstofficial verification that the squadronwas involved in this UFO case andthat it may have actually retrievedsomething.Records LocatedBut this information still providedno answers as to what the objectreally was or what the unit did with it,if indeed anything was found. Anumber of sources were contacted tolocate the operations report for the662nd Radar Squadron for Decemberof 1965. The Air Force had alreadytold us they didnt have the records.Since the unit was attached to theArmy, however, the office of the Adju-tant General was contacted with anFOIA request for any informationthey might have. In a short time areply was received that they had norecords. I felt that it was next toimpossible that a military unit duringpeacetime could maintain jurisdictionin this small Westmoreland Countycommunity without there being anofficial report on their involvement.Ipresented my case to CongressmanJohn P. Murtha, who made an inquiryon my behalf. In late December of1985 I received a large envelope fromMurthas office. Enclosed was a letterfrom the Congressman and the histor-ical record of the 662nd Radar Squad-ron for December of 1965. After 20years we would finally have theanswers, or would we?The report contained the purposeof the unit, list of personnel, informa-tion on equipment and repair of radardevices, squadron activities and thethe unit was involved in during thistime. We find that the 662nd partici-pated in a military exercise calledCree Arrow I on Nov. 18, 1965 andon December 13th was involved inanother exercise called RoundhouseBravo. But there was no mention ofany involvement for December 9th ofany type.Was this operation of such a highsecurity level that the report on theincident was transmitted to unknownagencies where the facts of the casecould never be unlocked? We learnedfrom the mission report that thesquadron was supposed to provideradar data and voice air/ground radiocommunications to the direction cen-ter, Detroit Air Defense Sector andwas intended to operate as a NORADsurveillance site. Unless a member ofthis unit comes forward, we will likelynever have the answers as to whatreally occurred in the woods atKecksburg that night in 1965. I per-sonally feel that the object in questionwas likely manmade and could havebeen U.S. or foreign built. It mayhave been a space project test, spyplane or something else.What we do know is that it was ofconsiderable interest to the military.Unclassified memos we have receivedacknowledge that such agencies asthe Houston Space Center, the AirForce Command Post, the Space5
  6. 6. Defense Center and the Chief of theSpecial Facilities Division, OEP codename Blue Grass, were all interested inthe latest finding concerning the objectat Kecksburg. We want to know whythis object was of such an interest tothe military.If the object was only a meteor, whywere the orders handed down for mil-itary personnel to investigate the mat-ter? Len Stringfield, in his continuousinvestigation of alleged UFO crashretrieval cases, has become convincedthat there exists specialized Air Forceunits that are trained to investigate andpick up UFOs. The 662nd RadarSquadron which was involved in thisUFO episode was deactivated on Decem-ber 31, 1969. The official U.S. Air ForceUFO investigating branch, Project BlueBook, was closed down on December17, 1969. During the time of the allegedcrash the Air Force was busyinvestigat-ing UFO sightings at the public level. Isit coincidence that both units shut downoperations during the same month andyear or is it possible that the officialmission of the squadron was just acover for the actual purpose of the unit,that being a specialized UFO retrievalteam?(Continued in the October issue)A New Model of Investigation: Part IBy John L. SpencerSpencer is a MUFON researchspecialist and author who lives inHarpenden, England. With HilaryEvans, he compiled and co-editedUFOs 1947-1987: The 40-YearSearch for an Explanation (For-tean Tomes, London, 1987), andPhenomenon: From Flying Sauc-ers to UFOs — Forty Years ofFacts and Research (Avon Books,1988). The following two-part arti-cle was first presented on July 16,1989, before the Fifth Interna-tional London UFO Congress. Hislatest book, Perspectives, basedon the Hill and other abductioncases, is scheduled to be pub-lished in the United Kingdom inJanuary of 1990.In 1984 I published in the BUFORAjournal a critical review of the use ofregression hypnosis based on threethings:• My own direct examination ofpracticing hypnotherapists,• The use of regression hypnosisin other fields, such as the search forpast life histories, and:• Themotivations ofinvestigators.I was afraid that we were in dangerof losing our common sense in deal-ing with abductions. Subsequent yearshave, to my mind, more than justifiedmy fears.In the past three decades, and par-ticularly in the last decade there hasbeen a great deal of effort by investi-gators and researchers worldwide,but especially in America, towards an6Although now a case nearly thirty years old, Ibelieve, quite simply, that the Hills abduction caseholds a vital key — not to understanding theabduction phenomenon — but to understandingwhere present research may be going wrong.understanding of this phenomenon.Those engaged in this research claimthat they seek two things: to under-stand the phenomenon and to helpwitnesses.I think for the most part these peopleare sincere in these claims, thoughthere are obviously charlatans amongthem. However, even in the case ofthose who are sincere I believe they arefailing in either quest; they are not get-ting to the truth behind the pheno-menon, and they are not helpingwitnesses.Naturally such claims must be justi-fied. To do this my presentation will bein two parts; firstly I want to outline theclaims of Betty and Barney Hill, and Iwant to present at least some of myown research which leads me to theconclusion that their abduction was nota reality, at least as we presently under-stand it.Secondly, I want to ask you toassume that you accept my findings atleast as a working hypothesis, and thenwe can consider what the implicationsare for UFOlogy and abduction research.The Hfll EncounterAlthough now a case nearly thirtyyears old, I believe, quite simply, thatthe Hills abduction case holds a vitalkey — not to understanding theabduction phenomenon — but tounderstanding where present researchmay be goingwrong.The Hills encounter is virtually thefirst abduction, and it was the firstthat used regression hypnosis. I amaware of Tujunga Canyon which pre-dated it by eight years, in 1953, andthat Budd Hopkins is now revealing awhole series of abductions going backinto the Forties, and perhaps earlier.However, while Tujunga Canyon wasclaimed to have occurred in 1953, thefacts were not recalled and revealeduntil over a decade later, after Bettyand Barney Hill had gone public withtheir own material.A similar point mustbe made with Budd Hopkins cases;his revelations of abductions long agowere not made public until after 1980.But let me stress, I am not arguingthat there is no reality behind theseevents, I am arguing that bad inves-tigative techniques are hiding thereality.Let us go back then to the eventsof nearly thirty years ago. I will brieflysummarize the case, though I assumeMUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989
  7. 7. it is fairly well known to us all by now.However, I think I will be indicating afew points that are perhaps not wellenough appreciated. In any event, Ibelieve this one case to be so importantthat a clear understanding of certainaspects of it are vital.On September 19, 1961 Betty andBarney Hill, who had been holidayinginCanada, decided to return to their NewHampshire home. As they drove nearthe village of Lancaster, Betty noticed aparticularly bright light to the left of, andslightly below, the moon. Shortly after-wards she noticed that another brightlight had appeared above the first andshe was curious that this second lightappeared to be getting bigger and brigh-ter. She pointed this out to her hus-band who also observed it.In the next period of the drive theywatched the light apparently movingbehind trees and mountain tops, butnot until they stopped the car laterwere they able to determine that itwas actually moving. Betty picked uptheir binoculars with which to see thelight better. At this point Barney wasof the opinion that it was some kindof plane or helicopter. At one pointthey reported that it crossed the faceof the moon, which if correct wouldeliminate a whole class of astronomi-cal answers.They got back in the car and droveon at a very slow pace, watching theobject, convinced that it was circlingaround them. Barney expressed con-cern because there were no othercars on the road and the object wasmaking no sound.Interesting point here ... Althoughwitnesses to UFO abductions haveoften reported at this stage the onsetof a sort of "false isolation" from thereal world, there is no need here tosuppose that Betty and Barney Hillwere experiencing this. The fact thatthere was no sound from the objectcould easily be a factor of wind speedand direction; the fact there were noother cars on the road was quite typ-ical for the area for that time of theyear. It is interesting to consider,though, that the origin of this idea of"false isolation" may arise from theirdescription.Jeepers BeepersWhile the car was still moving,MUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989Just three days after writing the letter to MajorKeyhoe and therefore ten days after the sighting,and after reading considerable UFO-related mate-rial, Betty had a series of vivid dreams which lastedfor five nights.Betty put the binoculars to her eyesand saw that the object appeared tobe an enormous structured craft.Barney stopped the car in the middleof the road and took the binoculars,then stepped a few feet away andobserved the object. He walked acrossthe road onto, and across, a fielddirectly towards the object and towithin fifty feet of it, which by nowhad dropped down to the height of atree. Betty stayed with the car.Barney is now quite alone, in thedark, in the middle of a field. Throughthe binoculars he believed he couldsee at least a dozen people lookingback at him from the vehicle. Hebecame convinced — for no appar-ently logical reason — that he wasabout to be captured. He then ranback across the field to Betty andjumped into the car. They drove offdown the road with Barney shoutinghe was sure they were going to becaptured. Betty tried to see the lightor the craft but could find neither. Atsome point they heard a beepingnoise, felt a tingling tiredness comeover them and apparently they drowsed.Later in the drive they recalled afurther set of beeping sounds; theywere aware of no actual gap betweenthe two, only an apparent awarenessthat there were two distinct periodsof this sound.Betty and Barney eventually reachedhome, but it was not at this point thatthey recalled the fact that they seemedto have arrived home late. It waswhen they were discussing eventswith a team of investigators that thequestion arose, which was on Novem-ber 25th — some two months afterthe event. One of the investigatorspointed out that the time taken tocover the distance didnt seem to addup. Barney reacts to this question bysaying "To think that I realized forthe first time that at the rate of speedI always travel we should have arrivedhome at least two hours earlier thanwe did." Another interesting pointhere then ... Do we hear now thebirth of the "missing time" element ofabductions?Bettys interest in the subject wasfired by these events and two daysafter the sighting she went to thelibrary to collect as much informationas possible on UFOs. She is knownto have read a book by Major DonaldKeyhoe, The Flying Saucer Conspi-racy. She apparently read this at asingle sitting which shows her growingpassion for the subject. Keyhoesbook makes clear that of the twohypotheses he considers to be mostlikely, he ranks highest the one thatpeople are in fact seeing structuredvehicles. Inspired by this book, andother reading, she wrote to MajorKeyhoe just one week after the sight-ing on September 26th, 1961. Her let-ter to the Major gives many moredetails than had previously been out-lined. John G. Fuller, the author ofthe book on their case, explains thisas "As Betty Hills confidence increas-ed through her study of the NICAPmaterial so did her willingness toreveal more of the details." This couldbe so, but we must fairly consider thealternative possibility that she wasbeginning to subconsciously feed intoher own recollections some of thedata she had picked up from herreading.This is not at all to suggest that atany time Betty Hill was lying abouther memories of the events; indeed Iam satisfied from my own talks withher, and from everything I have readand studied about her, that she iscompletely sincere. Other parties closeto this couple have also stressed theirgood character. However, her recol-lection was certainly unclear, which isafter all the basis of the investigation,and her manner was excited; furthershe had expressed her belief in UFOsas extraterrestrial vehicles and it iscertainly possible that what she believ-7
  8. 8. ed to be her recollections were beingamended by the material she wasreading.Vivid DreamsJust three days after writing the let-ter to Major Keyhoe and thereforeten days after the sighting, and afterreading considerable UFO-related mat-erial, Betty had a series of vividdreams which lasted for five nights. Itis vital to remember that there is noquestion that these were dreams.Whatever might have inspired themthe fact is that the first knowledge ofthe abduction came through this ser-ies of dreams.These dreams gave the details ofthe abduction encounter, that is, ofbeing stopped by the landed UFO, ofbeing hauled aboard the craft andsubjected to medical examination. Itis vital to remember, whatever thesource of the original stimulus, thatthese dreams occurred after her fears— and they had become fears — hadpossibly been heightened by the read-ing of the NICAP and other material.That these dreams reflected her fearsrather than her experiences is onepossibility that has to be consideredin any objective study. This was Dr.Simons strongest belief also.Before the first hypnotic regressionsession with Dr. Benjamin Simon,where the abduction material was tobe revealed, it is clear that she had,by then, communicated the substanceof the dreams to Barney. In one ses-sion with the doctor, Barney says"She told me a great many of thedetails of the dreams" and also, "Iwould be listening as she told this toWalter Webb." When it occurred toBetty that the dreams might reflectreal events is uncertain, though itappears she discussed it at work. Thedoctor himself noted after one sessionwith Betty that "there are definiteindications that her dreams had beensuggested as a reality by hersupervisor."So an important fact we have tolook at at this stage is that Betty andBarney Hill are not a pair of witnessesto the same experience perceived inthe same mind. It is often held thatthey represent a corroborated sight-ing; an encounter they both shared.8In fact at this stage as we can seethey have shared almost nothingtogether: they both saw the light frominside the car and they both saw itapparently reveal itself to be a largeobject closer to the car. This is reas-onable since it seems highly likely thatthere was some physical stimulus fortheir experience, indeed there was aradar trace of it at a nearby Air Forcebase. However, Betty stayed in thecar while Barney ran into the fields toexamine the vehicle more closely;Bettys drawing of the craft shows nodetail and particularly no occupants,whereas Barneys does from his muchcloser perspective; Betty alone hadthe nightmares which she independ-ently related to her husband, andBetty alone seems to have beeninspired to follow up the experienceby learning about the subject ofUFOs. They were together that nightbut very little of their experience thenor subsequently was shared except inthe broadest of terms.We must move on then to Febru-ary 22, 1964 — two and a half yearsafter the sighting — when Barney un-dergoes his first regression hypnosissession following a series of induc-tions. Barneys recollections at thisstage are, broadly speaking, recollec-tions of non-abduction events relatingto the UFO sighting. This session alsoinvolved Barney recalling many impres-sions which are clearly dream-like innature and which point to the possi-bility of some fantasy elements; atone time he says "Im just suspended.Im just floating about." This is quitetypical of dream material, and if itwere held to be a memory of somelevitation then this in fact contradictslater recollections when the aliens aresaid to have physically hauled Barneystumbling along the ground; indeedthe scuffed tops of his shoes are heldto be physical evidence of the event.So there appears to be at least somedream-like material.Barneys second regression sessionwas on February 29th, when Barneyrecalled for the first time in organizeddetail the encounter on the road later,when the humanoids stopped his carnear their landed craft and took himand his wife to the UFO. After thissession Barney began having "pecul-iar" dreams, dreaming for the firsttime in his life about UFOs. Either thehypnosis was bringing memory to thesurface, or it was beginning to createfantasies that were spilling over intomemory.RegressionThe following week, on March 7th,Betty had her first regression session.She had taken with her the notes ofher dreams, but these were notshown to Dr. Simon, as it was feltbetter not to influence him with theircontent. This was an important, andcorrect, decision. That Bettys even-tual recall mirrored the dreams soexactly, whatever the implications ofthat for ufology, is a tribute to theprofessionalism of the doctor.In her first session Betty revealed acurious point in her recollection. Shesays, "I could see a double row ofwindows" during her report of theobject in flight. But in Bettys sketchmade before the sessions she doesnot draw any such feature, thoughBarney does. (See sketch drawn byJohn Spencer based on the original.)Some material seems to have slippedback from Barney to his wife, or per-haps in her recollection she is recal-ling her memory of Barneys sketch.Either way, her recollections areinconsistent, so the data is being cor-rupted somewhere.The most important material toarise from this session relates to Bet-tys conversations with the aliens. Wesee how inconsistent their own useand understanding of the languageseems to be. At this stage theyapparently have a very "human"grasp of idioms and of underlyingmeaning to words and phrases. Theysay, "Youll be on your way backhome in no time," also "the longeryou fool around out here, the longerits going to take. You might as wellgo on and get it over with, and getback to your car. We havent gotmuch time, either." Later, "Barneywill be all right ... as soon as we getthrough ..."Now, many of these phrases haveno real meaning at face value; and arein fact poor use of language. Theyare, of course, perfectly useful andsensible phrases, provided that theyconvey meaning and they would doMUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989
  9. 9. Bettys VersionBarneysso to someone used to using thesame language-style. Phrases like "inno time" only make sense at a deeperlevel of understanding, they are illogi-cal at face value. Similarly, "get itover with," "get through," and others.The argument could be put that ifthese aliens have been studying Earthclosely for thousands of years, assome suspect, then they might wellhave learned all levels of meaning ofour language. Why then do we laterhear the aliens, during Bettys nextsession, asking "What are vegeta-bles?" and "What is yellow?" Thissuggests a good deal less understand-ing than the former phrases. Why,then, this inconsistency?A number of possibilities exist, butthey rule out the likelihood that Bettywas hearing the actual voices ofactual aliens. Assuming that the aliensexisted anywhere outside Bettys mindthen some sort of telepathic transferof thought would possibly explainthis; they could transfer the impres-sions of such meanings as "in notime" which could be translated intothe actual words by the human recip-ient. On the other hand they couldtransmit clear questions where theylacked understanding. A more simpleexplanation exists, however, and weshould look to this before leaping forthe exotic, as J. Allen Hynek wasMUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989always at pains to stress.Betty could simply be using herown idiomatic language because sheis recalling her own fantasies, andmakes the aliens speak exactly as shewould speak. Why then questionssuch as "What are vegetables?" Weknow that she believes in the realityof the events, and we know that sheis thinking of an extraterrestrial an-swer. She has already made this clearto the doctor. Is it possible that hersubconscious needed to make thealiens more alien in order to reinforceher own beliefs? Could she needthem to ask questions that betraytheir lack of understanding and there-fore reveal their "true" origins?There are other examples of appar-ently inconsistent material in therecall; the aliens are seemingly amazedwhen they discover that Barneysteeth are false, and removable, andindeed they try to remove Bettys7s it possible that Bet-tys subconscious mindneeded to make the ali-ens more alien in orderto reinforce her own be-liefs?natural, and unremovable, teeth; yetthey apparently remove Bettys dressvery easily by undoing the zipper atthe back, which as any fumbling tee-nager will admit takes some practice.Their inconsistencies in knowledgeseem almost stage-managed.We must, then, consider the impli-cations of this analysis of the Bettyand Barney Hill case. Although thereare several possibilities about the truenature of the evidence we can proba-bly dismiss any suggestion that theHills deliberately lied — there is noevidence to support this and everyreason to deny it; we can regard asunlikely the possibility of dual halluci-nation, which Doctor Simon alsothought improbable. In fact we dontneed that explanation because weknow Betty told Barney all the dreammaterial in detailanyway.One possibility is that the eventactually happened; that the Hills en-countered a spacecraft from anotherworld whose occupants abducted them.Given the contradictory points raised,and a great deal more relating to thesocial and cultural background of theevents which I cannot set out in thisshort presentation, I find this alterna-tive unlikely. I should in fairness pointout, though, that I put this to BettyHill last December and she wasadamant that the event had actuallyoccurred. She also made a surprisingpoint though; to my suggestion thatabduction reports perhaps could beexplained as being of psychologicalorigin she said she thought many ofthe recent reports probably were.For my part I think the balance ofevidence suggests that the experiencewas basically a non-reality. Certainlythey appear to have encountered aUFO during their drive, which couldhave been natural or terrestrial, butthe exotic material of the abductionappears to be hypnotic regressiondrawing out the substance of vividnightmares suffered by Betty andrelated to Barney. This appears toalso be Doctor Benjamin Simonsview; "The doctor believed this (abduc-tion reality) to be too improbable, andmuch material was similar to dreammaterial."There are other reasons for believ-ing that the Hills experience may nothave been objectively real:
  10. 10. Virtually all investigatedabductions have takentheir facts from versionsand corruptions of theHill case; they are copiesof the originalWe have touched on the recall con-taining what Simon himself describedas dream-like material (floating sensa-tions, disconnected "eyes," feelings oftelepathic contact, lack of personalcontrol over events, and a host ofother minor details).There is also the physical evidencethat at no time corroborates theabduction, and sometimes contradictsit:• The radar trace confirms theUFO in the air but tells us nothingabout what it did landed, or indeedwhether it landed.• Barneys scuffed shoes, whichare held to represent his being draggedinto the UFO, contradict what seemsto be his recall of being levitated bythe aliens.• Thebroken binocular strap whenBarney ran back from the field indi-cates that he may genuinely have fledfrom something in fear, but fear is anemotion not a recall, and we have noproof of what generated fear in him,although we know he was highly sug-gestible and alone in pitch darkness ina wilderness confronting some objectof which he had already started toform negative opinions.• The recall of the aliens use oflanguage is inconsistent, as we lookedat earlier.• The shiny spots on the car bodythat so interested the researchers infact have no direct corroboration withthe sighting, even less with the abduc-tion.• The famous disorientations inspace and time — the missing timeperiod — was not recognized untilinvestigators started going over thedetails months later; it had not beenso dramatic as to be apparent to theHills at the time.• Thewarts that arose on Barneysbody are held to be evidence of aphysical event, yet even he himself10admitted he understood they could bea psychosomatic reaction to fear, andthey were inflamed two and a halfyears later during the regression ses-sions which proves at least sometruth in this statement, since therewas presumably no re-visitation of thealiens at that time to inflame them.So why all this emphasis on the Hillcase? Because I believe it to be thekey case in abduction material. Andlet me suggest a sweeping possibility;that virtually all investigated abduc-tions since have taken their factsfrom versions and corruptions of theHills case; they are copies of theoriginal.Known FactsTo begin with let us highlight someof the things we know to be facts. Ishould point out that I have person-ally confirmed them with Mrs. Hillalthough they are generally well knownand accepted.Firstly, we can be reasonably cer-tain that the Hills encountered somesort of object during their drive; it wastracked by radar at the Pease AirForce Base, and was seen in reaso-nable conditions for an extendedduration by both Betty and BarneyHill who independently drew reasona-bly similar enough objects.Secondly, we know for certain thatthe abduction was not recalled at thesame time, and in the same manner,as the UFO sighting.Thirdly, we know for certain thatthe Hills did not recognize the missingtime period until it was pointed out tothem by an investigator some monthslater.Fourthly, we know for certain thatthe "research" into the abduction didnot start until two and a half yearslater, and that between the time ofthe event and the time of the regres-sion hypnosis sessions. Betty Hill hadread a great deal of material onUFOs, lectured to UFO groups, anddiscussed the subject at length withmembers of her family. She readNICAP material in detail, and one ofMajor Keyhoes books in one sitting.Fifthly, we know for certain thatten days after the events, when shehad already started reading this mate-rial, she had a series of vivid dreams.Why have years of sim-ilar reports from all overthe world revealed sim-ilar — strikingly similar— stories?We know that the regression hypno-sis was to reveal a story that paral-leled these dreams almost exactly.We further know that although Bar-neys recall under hypnotic regressionwas corroborative, Betty had told himover and over, for two years, the con-tent of her dream so he was as armedwith the story-lineas she was.Interestingly, we also know that thisone case contains all the main com-ponents of future abduction claims:missing time, dislocation in space, thefeeling of false isolation from theworld during the encounter, the med-ical examination and genetic studyduring the abduction, and so on.What we do not know is whetheror not Bettys dreams were a fantasygenerated by anxiety, and a fearfulstory picked up by her highly intelli-gent but very impressionable hus-band, or whether they were memo-ries. Dr. Simon, who spent yearsworking with the Hills, believed thatthe events related by each of themwere not objectively real, that theywere real only in a personal sense tothe Hills. Simon warned "It must beunderstood that hypnosis is a path-way to the truth as it is felt andunderstood by the patient. The truthis what he believes to be the truth,and this may or may not be conson-ant with the ultimate nonpersonaltruth." (My emphasis.)I hope I have offered at leastenough food for thought on thisbecause I want us to continue now onthe assumption that the Hills encoun-ter was in fact a non-reality. It wasBettys dreams, and her anxieties,brought to the surface by hypnosisundertaken to relieve her of tensions.As I have been able to present only apart of my research into this andcomparative cases I accept that Ihave not here proved my case. Ibelieve that such a case exists howev-er.If we accept the non-reality of theMUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989
  11. 11. abduction, then we have a major hurdleto jump now: Why have years of similarreports from all over the world revealedsimilar — strikingly similar — stories?Let us be clear about the implicationsofwhat is being indicated here: the Hillscase contains such elements as MissingTime, yet if the case was a non-realitythen why do subsequent cases alsocontain Missing Time? The Hills casemay contain elements of "false isola-tion," yet if the case was a non-realitythen why do subsequent cases alsocontain this element? The Hills casecontains the Medical Examination, yet ifthe case was not a reality then why dosubsequent cases also contain thisdetail? The Hills case contains elementsof "Genetic Manipulation," yet again ifthis case was a non-reality, why do sub-sequent cases also contain this subject?If witnesses arent lying —and I dontbelieve they are lying —then what is thetruth, because they cant all be sharingBettys dream, can they?WeU, infact, I think they are.We know that this one case contains all the maincomponents of future abduction claims: missingtime, dislocation in space, the feeling of false isola-tion from the world during the encounter, the med-ical examination and genetic study during theabduction, and so on.End of PartiAuthors Note: I must sfress here,as I stressed to the London Congressafter the formal close of my presenta-tion, that I have ignored the work ofinvestigators who seem to have per-sonal and ulterior motives and whosework appears to be unreasonablyprejudiced. The investigators andgroups that I have cited, for example,Budd Hopkins, Cynthia Hind andMUFON as an organization, are allexamples of many UFO investigatorsin England, Europe and Americawho seem to be to be doing diligentand excellent work within the currentframework of UFO research.It is the framework rather thanthose people and organizations that Iam critical of, and I feel sure that ifwe could establish a new one whichwould lead to a more truthful under-standing, then these same people andorganizations would be better placedto continue that good work. It is tooeasy, and quite wrong, to snipe atpeople purely on the results of theirwork; they have to have the righttools, and UFO researchers mustlook to producingthose proper tools.To Catch A Flying StarBy Walter H. Andrus, Jr.To Catch a Flying Star is an intrig-uing title for a book as it might pro-voke the impression that it is delight-ful and entertaining fiction. However,the sub-title A Scientific Theory ofUFOs dispels any prior misconcep-tion, since it is basically a technicaltreatise on a hypothetical propulsionsystem for a "flying saucer" or anUnidentified Flying Object (UFO).Even though the books major appealmay be to scientists, engineers, oracademicians who are seriously seek-ing the technical answers to thepower and maneuverability of the elu-sive UFO, anyone interested in theUFO phenomenon will be fascinatedwith the authors observations, andnon-technical explanation of this mostbaffling mystery of the Space Age.Obviously, to propose a theoreticalhypothesis of this complexity, authorJohn Ackerman has had to drawupon many disciplines of study suchas mathematics, electricity, chemistry,MUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989TO CATCH AFLYING STARA SCIENTIFIC Tlll-XWY OF UFOSJOHN ACKERMANphysics, magnetism, and astronomy.This also includes an exposure to theadvanced work of Albert Einstein.The mathematics and formulas pres-ented are essential for readers con-versant with these disciplines to under-stand Mr.Ackermans theoretical model.As the International Director of theMutual UFO Network (MUFON), Iheartily encourage John Ackermanand invite other dedicated researchersto study the authors hypothesis. Noclaims are being advanced as to thefactual authenticity of the authorswork, because he is the first to pro-claim that giant steps in technologyare required to utilize the theoriessubmitted. Based upon a history ofthe presence of a magnetic field asso-ciated with UFOs in close proximityto witnesses and vehicles, Mr. Ack-erman has endeavored to build uponthis characteristic to explore an elec-tromagnetic means of propulsion. Inten-sive research into magnetic field prin-ciples has the potential to yieldfavorable results.MUFON, as a worldwide UFO11
  12. 12. organization, is dedicated to the ex-press purpose of seeking answers tofour basic questions pertaining to theenigma known as Unidentified FlyingObjects:• Are UFOs some form of space-craft controlled by an advanced intel-ligence, conducting a surveillance ofour Earth, or do they constitute someunknown physical or psychologicalmanifestation that is not understoodby twentieth century science.• If UFOs are found to be extra-terrestrial craft controlled by someunknown intelligence, what is theirmethod of propulsion? Or, if theyhave developed a technique for oper-ating in another dimension, how isthat accomplished?• Postulating that they may becontrolled by an extraterrestrial ornonterrestrial intelligence, where dothey originate — in our physical Uni-verse or possibly in another dimension?• Assuming that some of the craftmight be piloted by beings (huma-noids, entities), what can we learnfrom their apparently advanced scienceand civilization through study or pos-sibly through direct communicationswith the occupants of these vehiclesthat will benefit mankind on theplanet Earth?Obviously, these far-reaching ques-tions present a tremendous challengeto every facet of science, sociology,and even religion for the residents ofPlanet Earth. In his book, To Catch aFlying Star: A Scientific Theory ofUFOs, John Ackerman has directlyaddressed the first three questionsand accepted the challenge of tryingto solve the second. In Chapter 2, hediscusses the extraterrestrial hypothe-sis proposed in the third question.Mr. Ackerman has studied theflight characteristics, physical shapeand construction, of UFOs, as well asthe numerous light, magnetic, chemi-cal, heat and radiation factors reportedduring the past forty years in order toincorporate these observations intohis hypothetical design. Over theyears MUFON has received numer-ous designs from enthusiastic inven-tors depicting their proposed flyingsaucers. If their idea seems to havemerit and warrants further evaluation,it is submitted to aerospace engi-neers, physicists and specific scien-12tists on the MUFON Advisory Boardof Consultants who hold doctoratesin their individual fields of expertise.Two ofthese consultants have approach-ed the propulsion method using someof the same principles enumerated byJohn Ackerman. One has received apatent for his idea from the U.S. Pat-ent Office. Due to the logistics ofmeeting publishing schedules, Mr.Ackermans extensive manuscript wasnot evaluated by MUFON Consul-tants.Super ConductorsSuperconducting material and devi-ces play a prominent role in theauthors propulsion design. He readilyacknowledges that present-day sciencehas not achieved such a supercon-ductor, but is making significant stridestoward this goal.A recent New York Times servicepress release, datelined Los Angeles,provided an update on the technicalstatus of superconductivity relevantto John Ackermans proposal:"A team of scientists from the Cali-fornia Institute of Technology announc-ed September 25, 1988, they haddeveloped a long sought comprehen-sive theory explaining key aspects ofsuperconductivity — the phenomenonin which certain materials are able toconduct electricity without resistance."The theory appears to rule out thepossibility that currently known super-conductors could ever be made towork at room temperature, a require-ment for many of the technologicalmarvels envisioned when researchersdiscovered the new class of materialsthat are superconductors at relativelyhigh temperatures."But the Caltech scientists pre-dicted that their theory, based uponcomplex calculations involving quan-tum mechanics of bonds betweenatoms, eventually would guide exper-imenters to the development of mate-rials that would become superconduc-tive at much higher temperaturesthan is possible with existing materials."An outline of the theory was pres-ented at the annual meeting in LosAngeles of the American ChemicalSociety by Dr. William A. GoddardIII, a professor of chemistry and app-lied physics at Caltech, and three ofhis graduate students, Guanhua Chen,Yuejin Guo, and Jean-Marc Langlois."Superconductivity has been explo-ited in many scientific instruments,astronomical sensors, and such chem-ical diagnostic techniques as nuclearmagnetic resonance, which is used toview the brain and other previouslyinaccessible parts of the human body."But the theory may disappointengineers and others who had hopedthat recent advances would lead totrains levitated and propelled by super-conducting magnets or to power linesin which current flows without loss."As a physicist, Mr. Ackerman hasevoked the scientific method in histheory; that is, using principles andprocedures for the systematic pursuitof knowledge involving the recogni-tion and formulation of a problem, thecollection of data through observationand experiment, and the formulationand testing of hypotheses.I not only commend him for hisscholarly work, but enthusiasticallyencourage him to share his ideas withothers who have been challenged bythe identical problem. To Catch aFlying Star: A Scientific Theory ofUFOs constitutes John Ackermanscontribution to the resolution of theperplexing mystery of the powersource for Unidentified Flying Objects.Even though present-day science hasbeen unable to produce a craft thatsimulates the flight characteristics of aUFO, the hypothetical theory here-with presented may be the key to unlock-ing the secret or motivating otherscientists to combine their talent andexpertise to discover the solution.The study of the UFO pheno-menon over the past forty years hasprovided overwhelming evidence ofthe existence of UFOs, whatever theymay be. I have predicted for manyyears that our present physics booksmay have to be revised to includenew theories and principles when theunique power source for these craft isduplicated. The challenge is of suchmagnitude that the nation or aero-space company that produces thefirst functional spacecraft of this naturewill stand head and shoulders aboveeveryone on Planet Earth. They willundoubtedly become the undisputedContinued on page 15MUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989
  13. 13. Looking BackBy Bob GribbleFORTY YEARS AGO- September 1949: At 9:06 a.m. on the20th, Lt. Colonel Phillip Kuhl was fly-ing a C-45 northeast of Rome, NewYork when he spotted a silvery,cylindrical-shaped object moving hori-zontally and descending slowly until itentered a cloud layer at 7,000 feet.An hour later in the same regionanother pilot, 1st Lt. W.E.Archibold,piloting a C-47, spotted an object"similar in size and shape to a fighterfuselage, silver in color, and of anundetermined material," vanish in ashadow cast by some clouds while ina 45-60 degree dive. About 2:45 p.m.on the 25th, a pilot flying a Luscombe8A from Charleston, West Virginia, toParkersburg spotted a yellow, verysharp and clearly outlinedrocket-likeobject headed directly toward his air-craft. It resembled the fuselage of aLockheed Air Force X-90 and passedabout 50 feet to the right and belowhis aircraft with a 100 foot seperation.The next day, many residents ofWinchendon, Massachusetts, observeda silver, shiny airplane fuselage passdirectly overhead at 10:15 a.m. Nosound was heard.***THIRTY FIVE YEARS AGO -September 1954: On the night ofthe 10th near Quarouble in NorthernFrance, an oblong craft about 10 feetlong landed on a railroad track a fewyards from the house of farmerMarius Dewilde. Two small man-likebeings emerged, dressed in clothingthat looked like diving suits. As Mr.Dewilde walked toward the vehicle,he was paralyzed by a beam of greenlight. By the time he recovered, thecraft was high in the sky. Investiga-tion showed symmetrical scrapes onthe wooden railroad ties, suggestingthat the vehicle had rested on atripod under-carriage.The same eveninga farmer named An-MUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989.toine Mazaud of the plateau of Mil-levaches in Southern France, turnedin a similar report to the localauthori-ties. Walking home, Mr. Mazaudfound himself suddenly face to facewith a small, mysterious being wear-ing something that looked like a crashhelmet. Farmer Mazaud prudentlyextended his pitchfork. The stranger,on the contrary, held out his hand ina gesture of friendship, walked up tothe farmer and uttered a few sounds.Before the farmer could recover hispoise the intruder had climbed theroadside hedge and entered a cigar-shaped vehicle, which took off with afaint buzzingsound.At 10 a.m. on the 24th in the Gar-dunha Mountains near the Spanishborder, three Portuguese peasantswere startled by a fast-moving spherewhich landed in a field two hundredyards away. Two tall beings emergedin shiny metallic outfits and startedcollecting grass and stones in abrightly polished box. Spotting thepeasants, they strolled over and invitedthe men by gestures to climb intotheir vehicle, where moving shadowscould be seen behind the semi-transparent center section. When theoffer was declined, the occupants dis-appeared through a hatch. A fewseconds later the sphere took offver-tically and rapidly disappeared. Hun-dreds of similar incidents were report-ed throughout Europe during Septem-ber.In late September, as UFO sight-ings were increasing all over Europe,the British war office received anincredible radar report. At noon onthe preceding day (date unknown) astrange U-formation appeared on acivilian radarscope. Counting the blips,the operator found the formationconsisted of 40 or 50 UFOs coveringan area 12 miles long and eight mileswide. Flying west at 12,000 feet, theUFOs changed with a precise move-ment from a U-formation to twoparallel lines. A few.moments laterthese lines broke and the UFOsreformed in a perfect Z-formation.The War Office and the Air Ministryhad hardly started their investigationwhen the UFOs returned. AS before,they arrived at noon over the samearea and performed their maneuvers.At a score of radar stations aston-ished operators fully confirmed theflights.Each time radar caught the objectsover England, cloudy skies had hid-den them from the ground. But thethird appearance came on a bright,clear day. By now not only radar sta-tions but Royal Air Force bases andjet patrols had been put on alert. Asbefore, the familiar formation appearedat noon. But this time the War Officemade a startling discovery. Thoughtracked perfectly on all radar scopes,the UFO formation was invisible tothe human eye. Four more times themystery formation returned at noon,performing its strange maneuvers overthe area. Each time ground observerstrained binoculars on the area indi-cated by radar. And each time RAFpilots flying above 12,000 feet stareddown from their jets, but all theycould see was empty space. Whenasked what the objects might be, aWar Office spokesman said he hadbeen given top-level orders to "main-tain the utmost secrecy."***THIRTY YEARS AGO- Sep-tember 1959: A large disc-shapedcraft that descended near Redmond,Oregon, on the 24th set off one of themost desperate pursuits the Air Forceever attempted. Six F-102 jet fighterswere scrambled from their base atPortland, Oregon. As they took off,the Air Force radioed the pilots of aB-47 bomber and an F-89 fighter onroutine flights nearby, ordering themto join the pursuit. The first knownwitness of the Redmond incident wascity policeman Robert Dickerson, cruis-ing at the edge of town when the glow-13
  14. 14. ing disc plunged out of the sky,stopped, and illuminated the groundand trees 200 feet below. The craftremained motionless for several min-utes, then ascended past RedmondAirport and stopped again. DJckersonthen reported the disc to FederalAviation AdministrationFlight Special-ist Laverne Wertz at the airport.Wertz teletyped the FAA Air RouteTraffic Control Center at Auburn,Washington. Within minutes, the AirForce told Auburn that the Portlandjets were being scrambled, also thatAir Force radar at Klamath Falls,Oregon was tracking the disc. AtRedmond, the FAA observers werestill watching the disc when theyheard the roar of jets. As the planesdived toward the UFO, it acceleratedat terrific speed and shot straight up,almost in the jets path. The nearestpilot frantically banked to avoid a col-lision. As the craft shot up past him,another jet, caught in the churning aircaused by the disc, almost went outof control. Three other pilots pulled14out of their dives and climbed afterthe disc, but were quickly left behind.Even after the Air Force pilots gaveup the chase, their radar operatorswere still tracking the vehicle. FAAradar was also tracking the disc forsome time at altitudes varying from6,000 to 52,000 feet. Later that after-noon at 4 p.m., two large, shiny disc-shaped craft were seen maneuveringover Portland.***TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO -September 1964: On the night ofthe fourth, Donald, 28, became sep-erated from his bow-and-arrow hunt-ing friends in an isolated area ofPlacer County, California. About twohours later, after he settled in a tree,Donald noticed a white light zig-zagging to the west at low altitude.Jumping out of the tree, the witnesslit three fires in an attempt to attractattention. The light suddenly turnedand headed straight toward him untilit got about 50 or 60 yards away atlow altitude. "I just threw my bow andarrow up in the tree and got up there.After I got in the tree I just froze. Ithought maybe they couldnt see mebecause it was dark in the tree." TheUFO was now only 50 feet away.Then something came out of theobject. After about five minutes, "Isaw this first — what do you call it —person ... in some kind of light-colored, silver or whitish-lookinguni-form, with kind of puffs around thesleeves and joints." The occupantapparently wore a helmet or hood. Itcame to within 100 feet of the treeand stopped. A second being appearedand both approached the tree andpeered up at the frightened hunter.Donald now saw their features moreclearly, including large, dark eyes as"big as silver dollars." There wasmore rustling in the brush. A pair ofreddish-orange, luminous eyes that litup a weird face and jaw approached.This third being was short and stocky,a "robot-like affair," wearing a metallic-looking uniform. After several hoursof unfriendly behavior toward the wit-ness, the UFO occupants were joinedby a second robot-like being. Shortlythereafter Donald could hear one ortwo more beings running around inthe brush and concluded there werefive or six occupants altogether. Atdawn the robots moved to the baseof the tree and stood facing eachother. Then there were "a bunch offlashes going between them, like arcflashes." This was followed by "largevolumes of smoke," which drifted upto the witness. He blacked out andwhen he woke up, the beings weregone. He then left the area and foundhis way back to camp where herecounted his harrowing experienceto his companions. (Paul Cerny intro-duced "Donald" to Walt Andrus inSacramento, California where Waltwas lecturing in 1974.)***FIFTEEN YEARS AGO- Sep-tember 1974: Andrea Richards wasreturning home from Launceston, Tas-mania, Australia with two of herchildren the night of the 16th when abrilliant light appeared in front of theircar. The car engine suddenly lostMUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989
  15. 15. power, the radio started "playing up"and then all the electrical systemsfailed. The headlights, dashboard lightsand heater all went "dead." Even thestarter motor was dead. Then strangevibration noises, "like 30 or 40 jets,"started roaring. "It was as though myhead was splitting open. I thought theend of the world had come," she said.Andrea said the noise became so loudshe tried to block her ears. Thenpainful "electric shocks" flashed throughher. They were much worse thanshocks she had received from house-hold appliances.She said the vibrations of her bodywere overwhelming. Her face felt"numb." Then she smelled somethinglike gas — "stronger than householdgas" ... "I felt I just had to get out ofthe car," Andrea said. The motherand two daughters ran two miles tothe home of Harvey Chappel, whocould plainly see they had been badlyfrightened. Later, Chappel drove theRichards back to their car. The lightand smell were gone. The car startedimmediately, but the radiator wascompletely dry. Following the expe-rience Mrs. Richards became ill. Shecould not walk the next day anddeveloped a mark the size of a two-cent coin over her right eye. Herarms and fingers became swollen butreturned to normal about a weeklater. The family had seen odd lightsin the area for years, but had takenlittle notice of them.***TEN YEARS AGO — September1979: At 8:30 a.m. on the ninth, a"huge, metallic, cone-shaped craft"descended into the atmosphere, becom-ing stationary about 800 feet directlyover the San Andreas seismic fault,eight miles northwest of Maricopa,California. A geophysical team, fourpeople in one group, and two inanother, 10 miles away, watched theobject descend. The two groups at-tempted to communicate by radio,without success. As they watched, a"deep black, rectangular-shaped object"was launched from the silver craftand descended to a point directlyover the fault line and stopped. Thenaccording to the scientist in charge ofthe team, "the (rectangular) thingMUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989started racing back and forth acrossthe hills with extreme velocity overthe fault line, almost touching theground. It was like a survey right overthe area where the fault is gettingready to slip anytime." After about 20minutes the two vehicles left the areatogether at high speed. None of thesix witnesses heard any sound.George Milligan, a retired employeeof the Federal Aviation Administra-tion, was flying his Aztec airplaneabout 10 miles north of Myrtle Beach,Oregon, at 12:45 p.m. on the 10thwhen he spotted a large, bright,spherical-shaped object movingtowarda Cessna 182 flying formation nearbyand piloted by Clifford Chaney, aretired United Airlines 747 pilot. "Thesphere moved in behind the Cessnaand several hundred feet below him,"Milligan said. "Then it started movingdirectly toward the plane. I tried tocontact Cliff by radio and tell himthere was an object coming up onhim. He couldnt hear any of myconversation."While Milligan watched, the spherepositioned itself several hundred feetdirectly under the Cessna, "then itascended to within 25 feet of theunderside of the aircraft and hungthere for a minute." Milligan said thatthe craft was probably 30 feet indiameter. "There was nothing stickingout from it and it was metal." Thesphere then descended and movedbehind the Cessna, paused, and movedunder the aircraft again. Then itmoved away to the west. After theplanes landed, Chaney said all hecould hear on his radio was staticuntil the sphere moved away andMil-ligan finally established radio contact.The observation lasted for about fiveminutes.VIDEO and AUDIOTAPES OF1989 SYMPOSIUMOrders for tapes taken at theLas Vegas Symposium and thosemailed to Hal Starr in Phoenix,Arizona have been delayed due tounforeseen production problems andediting of the 12 hour video andaudio tapes. Please be patient aswe solve these problems.For further information on order-ing tapes please refer to the orderform on page 27 of the Augustissue of the MUFON UFO Jour-nal. Please refrain from cutting outthe order form since it destroysyour Journal, but make a copy ofthe page if your order is diversified.All orders are to be mailed to HalStarr, 312 West Frier Drive, Pho-enix, AZ 85021. (Telephone: 602 /944-4211.)FLYING STAR, continuedleader in the exploration of ourSolar System and any Galacticneighbors in the Milky Way.For your copy of this book (160pages), please write to UNIVELT,Inc., P.O. Box 28130, San Diego,CA 92128 and enclose $9.95 plus$2.00 for mailing and handling (taxin California only), specifying thatyou are a member of MUFON.(List price is $15.00.)Calendar of UFO Conferences for 1989September 15, 16 & 17 — 26th Annual National UFO Conference, Quality Inn West,Phoenix, ArizonaOctober 7 & 8 — UFOs: Past, Present, and Future, New Modesto Centre Plaza,Modesto, California.October 21 — The Show-Me UFO Conference, Harley Hotel, Earth City, Missouri(near St. Louis)October 26, 27, 28 & 29 — International UFO Conference, Frankfurts Airport Conven-tion Center, Frankfurt, West GermanyNovember 11 & 12 — The UFO Experience, Ramada Inn, North Haven, Connecticut15
  16. 16. FUFOR Progress ReportFred Whiting, secretary-treasur-er of the Fund for UFO Research,introduces two ongoing researchprojects and their updates. TheMutual UFO Network (MUFON)contributed $1000 to Stanton Fried-mans Operation Majestic-12 inves-tigation (total budget $16,000) andthe entire $1000 amount the fundawarded Dr. David Jacobs for theanalysis of abduction-related fluidsamples.Im pleased to enclose two progressreports on projects made possible byyour generous support for UFO researchover the past year.The first is submitted by StantonFriedman on his investigationinto thealleged "MJ-12" documents. A $16,000grant provided by the Fund for UFOResearch is supporting Mr. Fried-mans trips to presidential librariesand other archives to investigate thebackground and personalities of thosenamed in the documents. To date,he has uncovered nothing to provethe documents are a hoax. His finalreport is expected later this year.The second report is submitted byDr. David Jacobs, who was provideda $1,000 grant by the Fund to per-form a laboratory analysis of physicaltraces associated with UFO abduc-tion cases. Although the results of theanalysis are inconclusive, Dr. Jacobsis continuing to pursue the project,for which an additional grant may berequested.A third project which has beencompleted is a major conference onthe abduction phenomenon involvingpsychiatrists and psychologists. Theconference was co-sponsored by theFund, the Mutual UFO Network andthe Center for UFO Studies andmade possible by a very generouscontribution by one of the Fundsmajor supporters. A report on theconference is being compiled and willbe made available to you as soon aspossible.Thanks to your support, the Fundis16making significant progress in resolv-ing the UFO mystery. We will keepyou informed of further developmentsin the days ahead.— Fred WhitingMJ-12Numerous leads are being pursuedwith regard to the MJ-12 documentsand certain special aspects of theRoswell Incident. Criticisms of thelegitimacy of the MJ-12 documentshave been reviewed. Numerous phonecontacts were made with personswho might have new informationabout either the Roswell Incident orthe documents or the people listed aspart of MJ-12.Once again, no information thatwould lead to doubt of the legitimacywas obtained and some further aspectswere verified. Some examples ofactivity are noted below:1. Contact was established withthe George C. Marshall Library inLexington, Virginia. GCM was aprominent figure in the Truman cabi-net and era and knew many of theMJ-12 members well. Copies of aquantity of correspondence were ob-tained by mail after review of a libraryholdings finders guide. Of particularinterest were a number of personalletters to GCM from Walter BedellSmith, Director of CentralIntelligencefrom 7 October 1950 to 9 February1953, succeeding Roscoe H. Hillen-koetter, and supposedly a member ofMJ-12 replacing J.V. Forrestal inAugust 1950. He was actually appoint-ed DCI on 21 August 1950. Smith hadserved as Chief of Staff to Eisen-hower at the Supreme HeadquartersAEF in Europe and later as Ambas-sador to the Soviet Union 1946-1949and as Commanding General of theFirst Army 1949-50. Ike appointedSmith Under Secretary of State inFebruary 1953.Four typical notes from Smith toMarshall use the following date for-mats: 29 December 1952 — Oct. 7,1954 — 26 October, 1954 — 12/29/54.The last three were handwritten.These surely establish that the sameindividual might use different formatsand that the day, month comma yearformat used in the MJ-12 briefing wascertainly not out of keeping with thestyle of the MJ-12 people. Uponreflection, they also offer a possiblesolution to the problem of where Hil-lenkoetter might have had the briefingtyped. It is much more likely thatthere was at least one secretary orother staff person at the CIA duringHillenkoetters reign there 1 May 1947- 7 October 1950, with access to MJ-12 material than at the 3rd Navy HQ,his base in November 1952. Also it isnot unreasonable that he would haveconsulted with Smith, who had beenmuch closer to Ike, concerning thedetail of the briefing. This connectionis being pursued.2. An anonymous document receiv-ed by William L. Moore concerningreports under Operation Aquariushas been verified as legitimate. Whilea connection with UFOs and MJ-12has not yet been established, at leastit can now be said to be quite possi-bly based on the keywords used tothe documents noted on the listing.At least two of the authors still workfor the company preparing the docu-ments in the 1970-71 time frame.3. After considerable effort andwithout assistance from Len String-field, the wife, daughter and son ofOliver Wendel "Pappy" Hendersonwere located and contacted. The fam-ily verified that Pappy, a pilot at Ros-well in July 1947, had indeed toldthem that he had flown portions ofthe wreckage of a crashed flyingsaucer to Wright Field from Roswelland that he had seen bodies. Lettershave been sent seeking clues as toothers to whom Pappy might havetalked prior to his death in March1986. Other military persons listed intwo directories are also being con-tacted. Finding the other crew mem-bers would seem to be the best bet,MUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989
  17. 17. though more and more will have diedas time goes on. One of the directo-ries is a roster of the 509th Compo-site Bomb wing dated 1988, withaddresses and some group affiliations.The other, also obtained during thisreporting period, is of the members ofa Veterans Association of those whoserved at Roswell Army Air ForceBase - Walker Air Field. Several goodleads have been turned up. Some MJ-12 critics insist the Roswell story is afraud!4. Because Dr. Donald Menzelsinvolvement in MJ-12 is very contro-versial, special effort is being made tofollow certain leads. A Harvard astron-omy professor who knew DHM verywell was recontacted to obtain hisreaction. The first contact had beenmade prior to the release of the MJ-12 documents. He has been sent apackage of material for review. For-tunately he had just reviewed a ton ofmaterial concerning the developmentof the atom bomb and was very famil-iar with people like Vannevar Bushand with compartmentalization of high-ly classified information. His initialresponse was that Menzel would haverelished putting out disinformation ifhe were involved in such a highlyclassified and very important project.He also noted that Bush was anexpert at dealing with scientists withbig egos.5. Also regarding Menzel, a list ofpersons connected with EngineeringResearch Associates was obtained.ERA was founded after the war bypersons with whom DHM worked atthe classified Navy Unit, Communica-tions Supplementary Activity — Wash-ington (CSAW). He had been offereda job by them which he turned down,but he did consult for them. Thestory is that while he was there in1947, he was called away to work onan even more classified project aboutwhich he could say nothing. I havecontacted people who knew him, oneof whom indeed verified that DHMwas there in the summer of 1947 for asurprisingly short time. Other leadsare being pursued. ERA eventuallybecame Control Data Corp. All con-tacts have indicated that their workwas very highly classified and com-partmentalized ... a "handpicked col-lection of cryptologists, mathematicians,MUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989engineers and physicists broke Axiscodes and by intercepting high fre-quency radio transmissions, pinpointedthe movements of enemy ships." Allindicated that secrets can indeed bekept.6. Several items in the files of E.Frederick Morrow, who served Ike,have been ordered from the IkeLibrary including a folder dealing withSpecial Projects, conceivably NSC/MJ-12 Special Studies Project.7. According to the Library ofCongress Manuscript Division, pro-gress is well under way with regard tothe declassification review of the bal-ance of the Twining and Vandenbergpapers and certain other items asrequested earlier by me.8. Extensive criticisms of the legi-timacy of Operation Majestic 12 byC.D. Allan of England, Robert Todd,Robert Hastings and James Moseleyhave been reviewed. None of theobjections raised to date appear tohold up. It is certainly true that theremay well be considerable disinforma-tion arising from "Falcon" and RichardDoty, but none of this seems toimpinge directly on the legitimacy ofthe MJ-12 documents or the RoswellIncident.9. A military person contactedseveral years ago who had inter-viewed the late Barney Barnett con-cerning the bodies and wreckage seenin 1947, has been recontacted andmay be able to provide more usefulinformation to validate that aspect ofthe RoswellIncident.10. Several other individuals active-ly pursuing MJ-12 and Roswell infohave been contacted in an attempt toassure pooling of information andresources, and to make sure that asmuch ground as possible is beingcovered. The subject is much toolarge to be a focus of personal bicker-ing and territorial stakeout.11. A MUFON Conference paper,"An Update on Operation Majestic12," has been prepared. This shouldserve as a partial basis for theFUFOR final report which will ofcourse be much larger.12. Plans have not yet been final-ized for more research trips but therewill certainly be more, at least to theEast Coast.— Stanton T. FriedmanAbduction AnalysisThe story of the American Stand-ard Testing Bureaus involvement withthe samples is one of ultimate disap-pointment. The organization had agreedto analyze samples related to abduc-tion reports in April, 1988 followingconversations that I had with Dr. RayCrippen, who had done a few FourierTransfer Infrared Analyses, and thensubsequent conversations with mem-bers of the ASTB staff. As you arewell aware, the Fund For UFOResearch granted me $1000 for thepurpose of sample analyses withASTB.I met with members of the ASTBfor the first time in May, 1988. Theyset up a small team to work on thesamples that was composed of thechief technician, Dr. Morfopoulos; thechemist, Dr. Peter Kaltenberg; theDirector, Dr. Paul Ast; and the liaisonperson, Evanne. They told me thatthey were going to set up proceduresand protocols for going about analyz-ing the samples. They felt that thismight be potentially very importantand that they wanted to do it right.I met with them several more timesand gave them as many new samplesas I could obtain. After several monthsthey decided on a course of action.They decided that they were going touse High Pressure Liquid Chromato-graphy to analyze one fresh sample.This is an extremely complicated andexpensive procedure that requiresspecial equipment that ASTB did notat that time possess. Thus they hadto specially order an HPLC machinefor this project. The machine tookseveral months more for it to come inand to be set up and calibrated. Forthe next few months they worked onand off on the samples. Their mainproblem was finding the correct sol-vent to remove the stain. The stainswere so small that even if they couldremove it, they would be left withonly a minute amount of substance.The problem with any solvent isthat it could chemically change thestain substantially, or even dissolvethe stain entirely. Therefore cautionwas of the utmost importance. But nomatter what they did, the stainproved to be stubbornly resistant toany solvent. Even when they did suc-17
  18. 18. ceed in getting a small amount ofstain substance, it was so volatile thatit would evaporate almost immediately.They eventually succeeded in remov-ing a tiny amount of stain substanceand then entering it into the HPLCmachine. Unfortunately, the substanceremoved was not enough for a spec-trographic reading and no "spikes"were obtained. After spending severalmore months trying to find the rightsolvent and expending, according tothem, a considerable amount ofmoney,they eventually determined that theywould not be able to remove the stainat all.In essence, they gave up.They suggested that I should try aspecial electron microscope that doesa mass spectrographic analysis whileexamining the sample. But theseextremely expensive pieces of equp-ment are very difficult to come byand use. ASTB did not have one. Ibelieve that they gave the problemwhat they thought was a substantialamount of time and attention, andthen in the end they believed thatthey could not justify any more hoursspent on it because the results weresimply not worth the energy that theyhad expended.I have recently been able to makecontact with a coal chemist at LehighUniversity. He is a friend of a friendof Dr. Rima Laibow. I told him thehistory of the samples and he alsoexpressed interest. The fact thatASTB had done some work on thesamples added credibilityto the prob-lem. He decided to do a Gas Chro-motography Mass Spectrograph (GCMS).Using this technique required that hehave a sample that the abducteequickly put into a sealed containerwith no air leakage. As luck would haveit, I obtained just such a sample about aweek after talking to him and 1 havetransferred it to him for the GCMS. Hewill be able to tell me the results afterJune 23, but I have learned not to getmy hopes up.Getting these samples analyzed hasproven to be a problem yielding con-stant frustration and disappointment. Inow recognize that I probably have toseek out the services of a forensicchemist for further analysis but I wouldlike to see what the Lehigh chemistsays first. Needless to say, I am gratefulto the Fund for sponsoring this research.I realize that many different individualshave contributed to this project and Iwould like to assure them that theFund will be the first to know about anyresults that I obtain.— David M. JacobsThe UFO ExperienceNearly a dozen UFO researcherswill tell of latest developments in ufol-ogy at the third annual conference on"The UFO Experience" on November11-12, 1989 at the Ramada Inn, NorthHaven, Connecticut.The conference will offer a com-prehensive look at the UFO pheno-menon. Eminent investigators will pre-sent their findings, insights and consid-ered opinions about what UFOs are,where they come from, why they arehere, what the government knowsabout it and why it s covering up.The conference will also feature aspecial photo exhibit from the MutualUFO Network.Abductee Whitley Strieber, authorof the bestselling books Communionand Transformation, will tell of hiscontinuing experience with alien beingshe calls "visitors." He concludes thatan alien civilization is subtly actingupon the human race to transform itpsychologically. The aliens appear tobe about four feet tall with high-domed, hairless heads, large catlikeeyes and grayish, leathery skin. Strie-ber will be the featured Saturdaynight speaker.18Other notable UFO investigatorswill also present their research.Walter Andrus, the internationaldirector of the Mutual UFO Network,will speak on "Famous Recent UFOCases — An Update." Andrus inter-est in the UFO experience dates from1948, when he and his family had adaylight sighting of four UFOs flyingin formation over downtown Phoenix,Arizona. He has lectured internation-ally about UFOs and appeared onnational television several times todiscuss them, most recently on "TheOprah Winfrey Show."William E. Moore, ufologist andcoauthor with Charles Berlitz of TheRoswell Incident, which describes theU.S. Air Forces retrieval of a crashedUFO in 1947, will tell of his furtherresearch into the matter, including agovernment group called Majestic 12formed to study the UFO while cover-ing up its recovery from the public.Ellen Crystal!, a UFO photographerand author of the forthcoming bookSilent Invasion: A Field Study ofUFOs by Direct Obseruafion, willdescribe her work and show slidesshe has taken of UFOs in a presenta-tion entitled "Photographing UFOs byDirect Observation." She will presentdetails of her nine-yearinvestigationin the vicinity of Pine Bush, NewYork, and offer her conclusions,which include evidence that alienshave fusion-powered craft and haveconstructed underground sites in up-state New York.David Webb, a scientist in solar-terrestrial physics research with NASAexperience, will report on his analysisof 2,500 reports of UFO incidents inwhich humanoid beings have beeninvolved, as well as a number of casesinvolving human abductions. He willalso discuss the role of hypnosis asan investigative tool for cases involv-ing close encounters of the third kind.Jerome Clark, author and formereditor of Fate magazine, will discussthe question, "Are UFOs from OuterSpace?" The hypothesis that UFOshave an extraterrestrial origin is themost sensible, Clark contends. Hesays UFOs are physical and techno-logical, and disputes theories whichhold that they are parapsychological.John Keel, Ph.D., author and inves-tigator of anomalies and other unex-plained phenomena such as Bigfoot,will speak on "UFOs, ParanormalPhenomena and the Men in Black."His books on UFOs, such as TheMUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989
  19. 19. Mothman Prophecies, Operation Tro-jan Horse and Disneyland of theGods, have been influential on UFOresearchers seeking an explanationofthe phenomenon, which he contendsis not extraterrestrial but parapsycho-logical andinterdimensional.Michael Grosso, Ph.D., will discuss"UFOs through History in Religion,Myth and Folklore." Grosso is pro-fessor of philosophy at Jersey CityState College and author of The FinalChoice, which examines the relationto the human mind to paranormalphenomena such as UFOs, near-death experiences and apparitions ofthe Virgin Mary.Kenneth Ring, Ph.D., author andprofessor of psychology at the Uni-versity of Connecticut, Storrs, willspeak on "The Omega Project" todescribe — for the first time in public— the results of his newly-completedresearch findings from psychologicalstudies of people reporting encoun-ters with UFO entities. He will dis-cuss factors that predispose people tohave UFO/alien encounters and thepsychological and behavioral afteref-fects of such experiences.Vickie Cooper and Sherie Stark,publishers of UFO magazine, will dis-cuss "The Media and UFOs — Cov-erage or Coverup?" Both have degreesin journalism.Mainstream media, theysay, still reflect the enormous stigmaand sensationalism that keep a fulland fair presentation of the facts fromthe public.John White, who isinternationallyknown as a researcher of paranormalphenomena and author of 13 books inthe field of consciousness studies, willchair the conference. His books andarticles have been published in sixforeign languages.Admission is by registration only.The registration fee is $120 until Sep-tember 30 and $150 thereafter. Thefee does not include lodging or meals.To register or for further information,write to Omega Communications,P.O. Box 2051P, Cheshire, Connecti-cut 06410. However, if space permitsat conference time, admission will bepermitted at $75 per day and $15 perevent. (Telephone: 203/ 272-2151.)For those traveling by automobile,North Haven is located on U.S. Inter-state 91 at Exit 12, just north of NewMUFON UFO Journal, No. 257, September 1989Haven and midway between NewYork and Boston. For those travelingby plane, the most convenient airportis Bradley International in Hartford,Connecticut (about one hours driveto the conference site, with limo ser-vice available). From the New Yorkairports, take air service across LongIsland Sound to New Haven (abouthalf an hour) or limo service to NewHaven (about 1.5 hours). Then take alocaHaxi to the conference site.Show-MeConferenceMUFON Missouri and the UFOStudy Group of Greater St. Louis,Inc. are proud to sponsor their firstShow-Me UFO Conference to be heldSaturday, October 21st, 1989 in EarthCity, Missouri at the Harley Hotel.The program will be divided intothree separate sessions with inter-nationally-known UFOlogists present-ing their latest developments on oldand new cases. The three sessions,Saturday morning, Saturday afternoonand Saturday evening will cost $10each, or $30 for the whole day.Please note a "special early birdconference price." Only $25 for theentire three sessions for advancedregistrants between September 1 -September 30. Thereafter, the full $30fee applies.Speakers• Stanton T. Friedman: Nuclearphysicist who worked in industryresearching nuclear fusion/fission pro-pulsion systems. A leading UFOlogistfor 16 years, his presentation is titled"The Truth About the Cosmic Water-gate."• Ted Phillips: A Missouri native,Mr. Phillips is internationally recog-nized as the leader in examining phys-ical trace evidence of UFO landings.• David Hatcher Childress: Inves-tigator of lost cities and civilizations.Author of four books on the subject.• Bob Oechsler: Presentation entit-led "Correlating the Physical Enigmaof UFOs (with photos)."• Snowbird: (Code name)• Mystery Guest: Tobe announced.For hotel reservations please con-tact the Harley of St. Louis, 3400Rider Trail South, St. Louis, MO63045 (1-70 at Earth City Express-way). Phone: (314) 291-6800. All roomsare $40.00 per night.For conference registrations con-tact: Bruce Widaman, 3112 Mocking-bird, St. Charles, MO 63301, (314)946-1394 or Alex Horvat, 25 JacksonPL, Apt. P, St. Charles, MO 63303,(314)947-4116.Central CaliforniaUFO Conference"UFOs: Past, Present, and Future"is the theme for the regional UFOConference set for Saturday andSunday, October 7 and 8 at the NewModesto Centre Plaza, Modesto, Cali-fornia, sponsored by MUFON ofNorthern California. Speakers sche-duled are Budd Hopkins, James Mc-Campbell, Richard Haines, Ph.D., TomGates, Marvin Taylor, Paul Cerny,Ron Lakis, Loren Gross, Dan Schar-ver, Tom Page, Joyce Needles, VirgilC. Staff, and Dr. WilliamHeath.The price for admission is $9.50 forall day Saturday or $16.50 for bothdays. For more information pleasecall (209) 579-UFOS(8367) or write toMarvin Taylor, P.O. Box 4877, Modes-to, CA 95352-4877. Modestos loca-tion in central California is convenientto both of the major population cen-ters — San Francisco and Los Angeles.Plan to attend this outstanding UFOmini-symposium.- MUFON-AMATEURRADIONETEVERY SATURDAYMORNINGAT 0800 EST (OR DST)ON7237KHZS.S.B.19