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Mufon ufo journal 1989 6. june

  1. 1. MUFON UFO JOURNALNUMBER 254 JUNE 1989Founded 1967 ^^^^ $2.50OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF Jlft/tPOJVV MUTUAL UFO NETWORK. IMC.TOP S E C R E T / M A JIG 001NATIONAL• TOPSECRET ••**.*•*<EYE3 ONLY COPY°"5OP OME.BRIE?ING DOCUMENT: OPERATION MAJESTIC 12PREPARED TOR PRESIDENT-ELECT DVflGHT D. EISENHOWER: (EYES ONLY)18 NOVEMBER, 1952WARNING i This ia & TOP SECRET - EYES ONLY document containingcompartmentalized Information essential to the national securityof the United States. EYES ONLY ACCESS to the material hereinis strictly limited to those possessing MaJestic-12 clearancelevel. Reproduction in any form or the taking of writt-n ormechanically transcribed notes is strictly forbidden.MAJIC T^-EX^PT <B>EYES ONI Y i..MJ-12: FACTS, QUESTIONS, COMMENTS
  2. 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International Director andAssociate EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorANN DRUFFELContributing EditorROBERT J. GRIBBLEColumnistROBERT H. BLETCHMANPublic RelationsPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityMARGE CHRISTENSENPublic EducationREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryT. SCOTT CRAINGREG LONGMICHAEL D. SWORDSStaff WritersTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEONARD STRINGFIELDUFO Crash/RetrievalWALTER N. WEBBAstronomyNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLROBERT V. PRATTEditor/Publishers Emeritus(Formerly SKYLOOK)The MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$25.00 per year in the U.S.A.; $30.00foreign in U.S. funds. Copyright 1989by the Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin, Texas.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 toadvise change of address to TheMUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155-4099.FROM THE EDITORSince we live in an unblushing, self-serving and self-advertising society, I hope Journal readers will not take toomuch offense at the sound of my own horn. The occasion is thepublication of my modest booklet, The Marfa Lights: A ViewersGuide. As you will know if you read my earlier article on the sub-ject in the Journal (Nov., 1987), the Marfa Lights of west Texasare but a local example of a generic global phenomenon knownas "ghost lights," normally spherical balls of light that dance orhover near the ground, and which may serve as-the impetus forsome UFO sightings. The booklet is designed to replace the onepresently sold in the visitors center of the University of TexasMcDonald Observatory, atop nearby Mt. Locke. An anecdotaland historical survey of what is and is not known about theMarfa Lights, the 14-page Viewers Guide includes instructionsfor finding the Lights, three pages of Recommended Reading forarmchair enthusiasts, original art and design, and three exclusivephotographs, two of automobile headlights, which are routinelymistaken for the Lights, and at least one (by James Crocker ofDallas), which appears to be authentic. The Guide can beordered directly from (me) the author, or (me) the publisher, atBox 12434, San Antonio, Texas, 78212. The cost, including pos-tage and handling, is $3. Your copy will arrive in a plain, brownwrapper.In this issueMJ-12: FACTS, QUESTIONS, ANSWERS Robert Hastings 3PELLEY TIME-LAPSE UFO ENCOUNTER Walter N.Webb 11A RE-ENTRY WITH COMPANY Bob Gribble 14CONFERENCE CALENDAR 15UFOS &TELLER-OPPENHEIMER BATTLE Loren Gross 16IN OTHERS WORDS Lucius Parish 17"TRANSFORMATION" TRANSFORMED Robert Wanderer 18THE UFO PRESS Dennis Stacy 19LOOKING BACK Bob Gribble 20THE JUNE NIGHT SKY Walter Webb 22DIRECTORS MESSAGE Walt Andrus 24Copyright 1989 by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON), 103 Old-towne Road, Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDNo part of this document may be reproduced in any form by photostat,microfilm, xerograph, or any other means, without the written permissionof the Copyright Owners.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal Income Tax. In addition,bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions of Sec-tions 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNAL are determined by the editor, anddo not necessarily represent the official position of MUFON. Opinions of contrib-utors are their own, and do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, the staff,or MUFON. Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON. Responses to pub-lished articles may be in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400 words) or in ashort article (up to about 2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50% rule" is applied: thearticle author may reply but will be allowed half the wordage used in theresponse; the responder may answer the author but will be allowed half the wor-dage used in the authors reply, etc. All submissions are subject to editing forstyle, clarity, and conciseness. Permission is hereby granted to quote from thisissue provided not more than 200 words are quoted from any one article, theauthor of the article is given credit, and the statement "Copyright 1989 by theMutual UFO Network, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155" is included.
  3. 3. The MJ-12 Affair:Facts, Questions, CommentsHastings, of Albuquerque, NewMexico, considers himself a concern-ed citizen who has been research-ing and lecturing about UFOs forseveral years. In March of 1989,Hastings mailed out the followingcover article, accompanied by num-erous additional enclosures, toforty-three individuals, from An-drus to Zechel, including the edi-tor of this journal. The reasons formaking it public should be obviousupon reading. Unfortunately, spaceconstraints make it impossible forus to reproduce all of the enclo-sures referenced. However, Wil-liam Moore has been apprised ofpublication, and offered space inthese pages in which to respond.FactsFirst, it has been established that"Falcon," one of the principle sourcesof the MJ-12 material, is Richard C.Doty, formerly attached to District 17Air Force Office of Special Investiga-tions (AFOSI) at Kirtland Air ForceBase, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sgt.Doty retired from the U.S. Air Forceon October 1, 1988.How do I know that Doty is "Fal-con"? During a recent telephone con-versation, Linda Moulton Howe toldme that when Sgt. Doty invited her tohis office at Kirtland AFB in earlyApril 1983, and showed her a pur-portedly authentic U.S. Governmentdocument on UFOs, he identifiedhimself as code-name "Falcon" andstated that it was Bill Moore who hadgiven him that name.Also, in early December 1988, aranking member of the productionteam responsible for the "UFO CoverUp? — Live" television documentaryconfirmed that Doty is "Falcon." Thissame individual also identified thesecond MJ-12 source who appearedon the program, "Condor", as RobertCollins who was, until recently, aMUFON UFO Journal, No. 254, June 1989By Robert HastingsCaptain in the U.S. Air Force. LikeDoty, he was stationed at KAFBwhen he left the service late last year.Both Doty and Collins deny anyinvolvement in the MJ-12 affair. How-ever, Linda Howe has issued a swornaffidavit, agreeing to testify underpenalty of perjury, relating to theevents during the course of her meet-ing with Richard "Falcon" Doty atKAFB in 1983 (Enclosures A and B).Thus far, Doty has not issued asworn affidavit, or agreed to testifyunder penalty of perjury, to reenforcehis denial that the events of his meet-ing with Howe occurred as she haddescribed them.For the moment, I will not identifythe "UFO Cover Up? — Live" sourcewho identified Doty as "Falcon" andCollins as "Condor". I do, however,encourage others to independentlyattempt to secure confirmation of thestatements that he has already made.At least two producers connectedwith the documentary know the facts.QuestionsNow that "Falcon" and "Condor"have been identified, it seems prudentto examine the past activities ofRichard Doty and Bob Collins to seewhether those activities tend to addto, or detract from, the credibilityofthe MJ-12 scenario that they have sovigorously promoted within the ufo-logical community. That is, do theiractions reflect a genuine attempt torelease authentic above top secretinformation to the public or, on theother hand, suggest a disinformationcampaign designed to confuse andmislead?Lets begin with Doty. Sgt. RichardCharles Doty first received wides-pread attention after he wrote thenow well-known AFOSI ComplaintForm relating to UFO sightings nearKirtland AFB in 1980 (Enclosure C).This document, typed and signed byDoty, takes on new significance in thelight of an incident known as the"Weitzel Hoax". Briefly summarized,this odd tale unfolded as follows: In1981, the Aerial Phenomena ResearchOrganization received an anonymousletter from an individual who claimedto be a USAF airman assigned to the1550th Aircrew Training and TestingWing at Kirtland AFB (Enclosure D).The writer further claimed to havehad a rather dramatic UFO sighting,together with a Craig Weitzel andothers. The letter relates that Weitzelreported the sighting to a "Mr. Dody"(sic) at KirtlandAFB OSI.Researcher Benton Jamison locatedand contacted Weitzel in 1985 (Enclo-sure E). Weitzel stated that he didindeed report a UFO sighting to Sgt.Richard Doty in 1980, but that theactual incident in no way resembledthe CEIII experience described in theanonymous letter. Weitzel also deniesthat he was subsequently contactedby a mysterious individual who demand-ed that he turn over any photographsthat he might have taken of the UFO,as the letter claims.So, it would appear that the writerof the anonymous letter, whomeverhe was, took a real event and greatlyembellished it for some reason.And why is this letter so significantas regards questions about Sgt. Rich-ard Dotys credibility as a source forallegedly secret government docu-ments? Simply because careful analy-sis of the anonymous letter revealsthat it was almost certainly typed onthe same typewriter used by Doty tocomplete the 1980 OSI ComplaintForm.Enclosure F is a report by research-er Brad Sparks which addresses type-face irregularities and stylistic traitsthat are identical in both the ano-nymous airmans letter and Sgt. Dotysreport. Actually,Sparks typeface analy-sis is incomplete. Ip addition to theirregular "u" that he identifies, it can3
  4. 4. be seen that the letters "gh", as in theword "sighting", are jammed togetherin identical fashion in both the letterand the report. Lower case "o" is alsojammed against various letters thatfollow it in both the "Weitzel" letterand Dotys Complaint Form.A professionally-conducted analysis ofthese flaws should be able to determine,with a reasonable degree of certainty,whether the "anonymous airman" usedDotys typewriter to compose his over-blown tale. If this fact can be estab-lished then two obvious questions arise:1) How and why did the unidentifiedairman from the 1550th Aircrew Train-ing and Testing Wing gain access toSgt. Dotys typewriter at OSI? 2) Onthe other hand, did Doty himself typethe letter and, therefore, attempt toperpetrate a hoax for some as yetunknown reason?Because it has been establishedthat Richard Doty is "Falcon", a chiefsource for the MJ-12 material, it nowseems imperative to thoroughlyinves-tigate this incident to resolve theseunanswered questions. The secondquestion, in particular, is of obviousimportance. Perhaps the Fund forUFO Research, which has recentlysolicited contributions to further investi-gate the MJ-12 affair, would considerfunding an expert typographical anal-ysis of both the anonymous letter andDotys Complaint Form to determinewhether or not there is a linkbetween the two.Even more disturbing than theimplications of the "Weitzel Hoax" isan incident that raises the strongestdoubts about Richard Dotys credibil-ity as a source of information anddocuments relating to the U.S. Govern-ments involvement with UFOs. Informa-tion about this incident comes fromDr. Bruce Maccabee and links Dotyto the so-called Ellsworth AFB hoax.According to Maccabee, Bill Moorehas acknowledged that Richard Dotyconfessed to forging the documentthat describes the alleged events con-nected with the Ellsworth case (Enclo-sure G). Doty apparently claims thatthe UFO incident there actually occur-red, just as described in the docu-ment, and that he only wanted tobring it to public attention. He, there-fore, proceeded to type the "doc-ument" himself, incorporating the4"facts" that he claimed to know to betrue, and. then released the bogusreport to various researchers. Enclo-sure H is an expose written by BobPratt, and published in the January1984 issue of the MUFON Journal,describing his investigation of this hoax.If it can be established, beyond anydoubt, that Richard Doty forged theEllsworth AFB document, what wouldthat say about his credibility as achief source for the MJ-12 material,under the guise of "Falcon"?More QuestionsIn addition to the serious questionsraised by the "Weitzel" letter and theEllsworth AFB hoax, there also existfundamental discrepancies betweeninformation provided by "Falcon" andthe "facts" contained in the so-calledEisenhower briefing paper.The Briefing Document (EnclosureI) was purportedly written by allegedMJ-12 member Admiral Roscoe Hil-lenkoetter, in November 1952, forpresentation to then President electDwight D. Eisenhower. Among otherthings, it states that two UFOs hadcrashed, one in July 1947, near Ros-well, New Mexico; the other inDecember 1950, on the Texas-Mexicoborder.Linda Howe states, however, thatwhen Sgt. Doty invited her to hisoffice at Kirtland AFB OSI, in April1983, he provided her with informa-tion that contradicts this version ofevents. Howe states that Doty con-firmed the existence of a secretgovernment group called MJ-12 andthen opened a desk drawer and pro-duced a document entitled "BriefingPaper for the President of the UnitedStates." (Not the Eisenhower document.)Howe states that she was allowedto look through the alleged "BriefingPaper" but told not to take notes.She states that part of the documentwas a catalog of crashed UFO cases,including one near Aztec, New Mex-ico in 1948 (or 49).Now, if the Eisenhower briefingpaper is genuine and was indeedpresented to Ike in November 1952,why was no mention of the Aztec crashcontained in it? Is it plausible that thesoon-to-be president would be let inon a secret of paramount importance— that of alien visitation — but notgiven this important information? Whywould he be told about two UFOcrashes but not about a third? Whywould the Aztec crash, if it did occur,be any less significant than the othertwo cases mentioned in the briefingpaper?In short, if the briefing paper thatSgt. Doty showed to Linda Howe wasgenuine, what does that say about theaccuracy (and authenticity) of theEisenhower document? If, on theother hand, the former was bogusand was meant to mislead Howe forsome reason, what does that sayabout Richard "Falcon" Dotys relia-bility as a source for MJ-12 materialas a whole?At the risk of being redundant, mayI again point out that Linda Howe hassworn out an affidavit indicatingawil-lingness to testify, under penalty ofperjury, as to the truthfulness of herstatements relating to her meetingwith "Falcon" at Kirtland OSI.About Robert "Bob" Collins, Iknow very little. I have establishedthat at the time of his departure fromthe U.S. Air force, he was assigned tothe Plasma Physics group at SandiaNational Laboratories, located at Kir-tland AFB. Linda Howe states that inNovember 1987, Collins was "franti-cally" trying to get her to meet withhim in Albuquerque. At that meeting,also attended by John Lear, Collinsshowed the two some MJ-12 docu-ments, primarily relating to a live alienallegedly held captive by the U.S.Government. According to Howe,Collins stated that he had worked"behind the scenes" with Bill Moorefor years.Moore QuestionsSo, how does Mr. Moore fit intothe MJ-12 jigsaw puzzle? On the faceof it, he appears to be just a UFOresearcher who has been approachedby questionable government sources.I have information, however, thatraises doubts about his public imageas merely a "civilian" researcher.Indeed, it appears as if he may beworking (or have worked) for one ofthe U.S. intelligence agencies. I basethis statement on the following informa-tion:In December 1985, I read an articleby Barry Greenwood about an alleged-MUFON UFO Journal, No. 254, June 1989
  5. 5. Quest ResearchEnclosure F1723 HASTE ST.. RM. 3M 41S-W«-70I1•EHKELEY. CA M704January 8, 1987Typographical and Stylistic Source Analysis of: (A) Anonymous 1980-1981 Letterto APRO(B) "Alleged Sightings," AFOSIComplaint Form by R. C. Doty,8 Sep 80(C) "Frequency Jamming," AllegedAFOSI Complaint Form, ca.14 Aug 80After extensive analysis of photocopies of the above-cited three documents(A, B and C), it is my conclusion that they probably were composed and/or typedby the same person using the same typewriter.Document B presumably is a genuine document, having been officiallyreleased in 1962 by the U.S. Air Force under the terms of the Freedom ofInformation Act (5 U.S. Code 552). Therefore, the author of Document B, AFOSISpecial Agent Richard C. Doty, or some associate or subordinate of Dotys whomakes official records in his name, probably is the author of Documents A and C.The evidence for the identity of authorship is that each of the threedocuments (A, B and C) displays the following peculiar electromechanicalandstylistic traits in common:1. Misalignment of lower case letter "u" so that it isshifted slightly below the level of the rest of theletters in every line of type in each of Documents A,B and C. The amount of misalignment is on the orderof 0.1 millimeter.In light of points 2 and 3 below, this is indicativeof an electromechanical fault probably characteristicof one specific typewriter.2. Absence of any other systematic or frequent lettermisalignments or peculiarities in each of DocumentsA, B and C.3. Use of Esquire 10 (Pica) Typestyle in each of Docu-ments A, B and C.A. Unusual personal stylistic trait where the numeralsfor tine and the abbreviations "hrs." or "AM" arejoined without a space in between. These appear inDocument A: "10;45AM" (sic)"2210hrs."Document B: "2350hrs.""0020hrs."Document C: "2215hrs.""2216hrs."This analyst has reviewed tens of thousands of pages ofU.S. Air Force records Including several thousand pagesof AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations)records, which in tarn Included several hundred pages ofAFOSI documents from Dotys District 17 Office. Not asingle instance of such a stylistic trait is recalled.5. Stylistic trait of blacking out or penning in correctionsto misspellings and typographical errors. Examplesappear only in Documents A and B (2 and 5 instances,respectively) as Document C apparently was short enoughand sufficiently accurate in typography as to not needsuch corrections. /Brad SparksDirectorMUFON UFO Journal, No.254, June 1989
  6. 6. Enclosure HMUFON UFO JOURNALNUMBER 191 JANUARY1984FowvkdlK?.OFFICIAL PUBLICATIONOF MUTUAL UFOMKTWOMC, MC.,$150 . . • 3. CC.S* *-i. - j .-. i -•*,..» :Ni IE. r: •; •: . •• . :•* 6.Mi |<,-I H. i c t s i f i - . - v-.<ns (fanoo. ae. ^ £ . - £ 1 3 (Uiliticy or .i,l:mn. »r..1 c Midi t ion */ ct-< ir.j, INFLUENCE OFit.. J9;- - l i N r / i C ^ ^ ^ ^ t N T ; 5 p v L - ^ : y ?; ?* mnd Ice mt i en )HZL?i:iG BAND (SECURITY VIOLATION)/COVERED VAGCN(SECURITY VIOLATION)jSite Liaw 9 (68th SHSq Area)7 Miles SW of Hisland, SDHOu*2100OAK16 Nov 77t j or f. i in * **»</D. HINZMAH, SSgt, USA?inloral/Plotter, Wing Security Control • V Kill* i » • • • t - . * t TI i !*•••«* * f l « , - » . » ^ r »!er »* . ut* -• w * • • • • a i i .• ^j CT •*^A* ****•"• J • wn •.10 §i v m 7* ( * * « f,.- ..n.c;?.-.-.- •,,-. 4-«.^ »t>ter*i.c. •/ «tdiej/ p.r.crn.; ; At 2059hrs., lo Nov 77, AIC PHILLIPS|Jat:iuel A., Lin» Security Control, telephoned WSC and reported an OZalaxv activati<t L-9 and that Liw SAT #1, AIC JE2KISS & AIC were dispatched. (Trip *622135hrs.) At 2147hr«., AIC PHILLIPS telephoned WSC and reported that the aituatpgraded to a COVESLED HACOM per request of CAPT STOXES, Larry D.It L-9 had been uf^SO. SeciiritjJJpl I was initiated by VSCand Base CSC. BAF(Backop Security?.. * E D "0 PJ ^ <lntert of relmtionihtp ivitcr opposite nttit)•. vi 9. 8»NAMEjtMLLsS, kenneth C.SABXK, Wayne E.STEUAJtX, Sobert £•STOKES, Larry D.t««3tAICAICTSgtCaptk»N571-13-95973C5-68-7556211-28-75563^9-40-940644 HSS (68-3^ ,44 11SS (68-3)44 KSS (68-3)44 HSS (88-3)OF !sc i r : » • srC. l v i C i . > - C £ ( i . « -. -. t-. ,-r jb« , or «t:n-»ri*» -• • •??/• ) > r • MlAll evidence rstained by AFOSI and F3ITHE TRUTH ABOUT THE ELLSWORTH CASEMUFON UFO Journal, No. 254, June 1989
  7. 7. ly ultra-secret government group called"MJ-12". The article was based oninformation provided by researcher LeeGraham. In March 1986, I met withMr. Graham at his home, in the hopethat he would elaborate on the infor-mation contained in Greenwoods arti-cle. I found Graham to be open, hon-est, and sincere. While I do not agreewith many of his conclusions regard-ing MJ-12, I know that he is definitelynot the "kook" or "space cadet" thatsome have branded him. On the con-trary, his statements to me that even-ing were logical and down-to-earth. Isimply disagree with some of hispremises.As we talked, Lee provided mewith copies of some of the "docu-ments" that have come to be asso-ciated with the MJ-12 affair, includingthe "Project Snowbird" paper and the"Project Aquarius" TWX. When Iasked who had given him the docu-ments, he would only say that theperson worked for the government,as an intelligence operative or infor-mation conduit.Over the next fifteen months Icalled Graham several times, to askwhether there had been any devel-opments regarding the MJ-12 matter.Perhaps the most noteworthy eventduring that period was the visit toGraham by two agents from theDefense Investigative Service (DIS).The agents were apparently sent tofind out why Graham, who holds a"Q" security clearance, was in pos-session of allegedly secret govern-ment documents that had not beenproperly declassified.In early June 1987, I called Leeagain. This was shortly before BillMoores press conference inBurbank,during which he intended to unveilthe "Eisenhower briefing paper" andother MJ-12 material. During this call,without any prompting from me,Graham revealed that the person whohad given him the documents was infact Bill Moore. I was puzzled. Gra-ham had previously said, on severaloccasions, that he had gotten thedocuments from an individual whoworked for the U.S. Government,presumably in an intelligence capac-ity. As far as I knew, Bill Moore didnot work for the government in anycapacity.MUFON UFO Journal, No. 254, June 1989I asked Graham to explain this dis-crepancy. He unhesitatingly repliedthat when Moore first approached himwith the documents, he (Moore)showed him some kind of governmentID card, with Bill Moores picture onit but an alias typed beneath it.According to Graham, Moore indi-cated that he was working for theU.S. Government for the purpose ofreleasing sensitive UFO-related doc-uments to the public.I began to take notes. So incredu-lous was I about all of this that Iasked Lee to repeat his statements,which he did. I then asked him whichagency Moore claimed to work for.He responded that Bill Moores IDbadge was identical to the badgesshown him by the DIS agents. When Iskeptically retorted, "You mean to tellme that Moores badge looked likethe DIS badges?" he replied, "No, itwas identicalto them."Graham went on to state thatMoore claimed that he (Moore) hadbeen "flagged" in U.S. intelligenceagencies computer files so that otheroperatives would not stumble overand inadvertently expose his opera-tions. Lee went on to say that he hadonce been introduced to Moores"superior" whom Moore would onlyidentify as "Richard".At the conclusion of this rather baf-fling phone conversation with Gra-ham, I specifically asked him whetherthere was anything that we had dis-cussed that I should not repeat. Heanswered, "No", and indicated thathe would send me materials relatingto his investigation by the DIS, BillMoores first approach to him, andother, related matters. A week later, Ireceived the items that Graham hadpromised and found that referencesto Moore, by name, had been cen-sored by Lee. By this time, however, Ihad already spoken to Barry Green-wood, Peter Gersten, Bob Todd, andothers about the details of Mooresapproach to Graham. Apparentlywordgot back to Moore about these con-versations because I later heard thathe had vehemently denied that hewas a government operative andclaimed that he was only playing a"joke" on a gullible Lee Graham. The"government ID", according to Moore,was a laminatedMUFON card.Enclosure J is a letter, dated May8, 1986, that Graham sent to the DISin which he discusses Moores firstapproach to him. Graham mentionsthat when he was interviewed by thetwo DIS agents, he told them aboutMoore and his ID card. Graham thengoes on to ask why Moore had notbeen interrogated about his posses-sion of allegedly secret governmentdocuments, copies of which he hadgiven to Graham. (One might alsoask why Moore had not been questi-oned about his impersonating a govern-ment agent, if in fact his ID card wasbogus as he now claims.)Enclosure K is a second letter fromGraham to the DIS, dated October19, 1986, exactly seven months afterLee was interviewed by the two DISagents. In it, Graham again mentionsthat Moore has not been interrogatedby the DIS over this lengthy period.He concludes that it is becauseMoore does indeed work for the U.S.Government, just as he had been toldby Moore himself.Graham has a point. If Moore wasonly "joking" when he showed Leethe bogus ID card (an ID that lookedso authentic that Graham calls it"identical" to a DIS badge) one wouldthink that Moore would have beenquestioned by the DIS about thispotentially serious matter. If Moorewas impersonating a government intel-ligence operative as he disseminated"documents", then surely some intel-ligence agency would be interested inpursuing the matter. And yet, accord-ing to Lee Graham, seven monthsafter he had told the DIS aboutMoore and his badge, no one hadapparently approached Moore aboutthis incident. Why?One might reasonably postulatethat this apparent lack of follow-up bythe DIS suggests that Moore does (ordid) work for the U.S. Government,just as he claimed to Lee Graham. Ifthis turns out to be true, however,given the highly questionable trackrecord of one of Moores chief sour-ces, "Falcon," one must ask whetherit is information, or disinformation,that he has been disseminating. Inthis regard, one might also ask whydid Moore not immediately disasso-ciate himself from Richard Doty oncehe had discovered that Doty had7
  8. 8. forged the Ellsworth AFB document?Instead, Moore later presented Richard"Falcon" Doty on national televisionas a reliable intelligence source ofinformation about UFOs. Why?Another serious issue involving BillMoore that needs to be resolved con-cerns the so-called "Project Aquarius"document (Enclosure L). This papercontains the first reference to "MJ-12" to be widely circulated within theufological community.On the face of it, the Project Aqua-rius document is a teletype message,sent by AFOSI Headquarters to Kir-tland AFB OSI, dealing with analysesof UFO photographs and films takenby Dr. Paul Bennewitz. However,AFOSI HQ denies that it sent the mes-sage and calls it a forgery. It nowappears that, in this case, AFOSI istelling the truth.In a letter to attorney Peter Gersten,dated April 4, 1983, Dick Hall statesthat Bill Moore privately admitted thatit was he who did a "cut and pastejob" and then "retyped" the docu-ment (Enclosure M). If this is true,why would Moore do such a thing? Ifa genuine message was sent to Kir-tland AFB OSI, dealing with Benne-witz photos, MJ-12, and the rest,why didnt Moore disseminate it in itsoriginal form? Wouldnt the "retyped"version of it, if discovered to be such,raise doubts about the credibility ofthe information contained in it?If Moore did "retype" the docu-ment, can he now produce the origi-nal to substantiate the accuracy ofthe information contained in "his"version? If so, it will be interesting tosee whether the "original"documentwill be confirmed as authentic byAFOSI Headquarters.I should point out that I possessadditional information about the Pro-ject Aquarius document that I intendto withhold until Moore has produced(or failed to produce) the "original."Response to Moores Open LetterJust as I was concluding this mis-sive, I received a copy of Bill Mooresopen letter to those who would ques-tion his activities. In response to hiscriticisms and pleas, I would like tomake the following points:First, Moore states that he is not a"forger," a "hoaxer," a "fabricator,"8or a "counterfeiter." Whether he isany of those things, I will leave toothers to decide. I would ask, how-ever, if he could suggest an approp-riate word to describe his actionswhen he did a cut/paste/retype jobon the Aquarius document? If Moorebelieved that he was "the only one onthe right track," as Doty flatteredhim, then thats his problem. If,how-ever, he has engaged in the altering ofgovernment documents before releas-ing them to an unsuspecting public,then that becomes a problem for allof us. The credibility of any docu-ment, even when released via theFreedom of Information Act, willcome into question in the minds ofmanyonce it has been learned that a "lead-ing ufologist" has tampered with thisor that document. And yet, Moorehas the absolute nerve to rail againstthose who would question his "methods".Second, Moore feigns self-righteousindignation when he denies that he is"some sort of government agent." Butclearly, he has only himself to blamefor this "rumor". // the ID badge thathe showed Lee Graham was fake,and if he was lying when he claimedto be an intelligence operative, doeshe now have any right to bemoan thefact that his escapade has finallycome to light? I, for one, do notbelieve for an instant Moores lami-nated MLJFON card story. That explan-ation smacks of the ridiculous "redherring" about there being two RichardDotys that Moore offered up whenthe "Falcon"/Doty connection wasfirst suggested publiclyby Barry Green-wood in 1987. While I am sure thatthere are plenty of Richard Dotys inthis world, only one is the MJ-12source "Falcon."Third, Moore calls efforts by research-ers to learn the identitiesof his MJ-12sources "inappropriate" and statesthat for "obvious reasons" his responseto these inquiries will be "no com-ment." This posture, of course, alsoconveniently shields from scrutiny thefact that his "primary" source for theMJ-12 material, Richard Doty, hasapparently acknowledged forging theEllsworth AFB document — a factthat Moore himself knew at least asearly as March 1988. In view of thisrevelation, the attempt by Moore toproject the appearance that he ismerely protecting a confidential govern-ment source rings hollow. Indeed, itseems likely that his desire to avoidembarrassment and well-deserved re-criminations is a chief motive for his"no comment" stance.SummarySo, what does the MJ-12 affair addup to? I agree with Bill Moore: itwould be premature at this time todraw conclusions. It would not, how-ever, be premature to carefully con-sider the following facts:• 1) A handful of "documents"have mysteriouslysurfaced relating toan allegedly ultra-secret UFO policygroup, code-name "MJ-12". Nogovern-ment agency will confirm the papersauthenticity and the National Archiveshas noted several discrepancies aboutone of them, the so-called "Cutlermemo" (Enclosures N and O).• 2) Another of the documents,the "Project Aquarius" message, hasbeen discovered to be fake, in thesense that it has been altered by BillMoore before being released to thepublic. As I write, there is no publiclyavailable evidence that the originaldocument Moore "retyped" was itselfauthentic.• 3) The primary source for orally-transmitted MJ-12 material, code-name"Falcon," has been determined to beRichard C. Doty. According to Dr.Bruce Maccabee, Bill Moore hasacknowledged that Doty confessed toforging the Ellsworth AFB document.Further, Dotys typewriter at KirtlandAFB OSI has been implicated in the"Weitzel" hoax, and he has providedinformation to Linda Howe that con-tradicts the "facts" contained in theEisenhower briefing paper.• 4)The primary researcher involvedin the MJ-12 affair, Bill Moore, has,by his own account, faked a govern-ment ID card and passed himself offas an intelligence operative to at leastone individual for a period of overtwo years. Whether Moore showedLee Graham a laminated MUFONcard, as he now claims, or a genuinegovernment badge of some typeremainsopen to question.At the beginning of this letter, Iasked whether the actions of thoseinvolved with the MJ-12 affair tendedto suggest a genuine release ofMUFON UFO Journal, No. 254, June 1989
  9. 9. 8 Hay 1986Freedom of Information Act Request (5 U.S.C. 552) Enclosure JDefense Investigative Service1900 Half St. . S.W.Washington, D.C.2032^-1700Dear Sirs:This is a follow-up letter to myrequest (see enclosure A), which you responded to withreply (see enclosure B).When I received a cony of the document (see enclosure B2). I made a request to myse-curity office (see enclosure C) seeking to authenticate or repudiate the claims madein this document. I did this, becuase I do not have a Top Secret clearance and was,therefore, concerned if a breach of security mayhave been made.My security office made no request to me to surrender the document (see enclosure B2)making the assumption that it had been released and that I could share same with any-one.The document (see enclosure B2) had been given to me to (in turn) give a second copy(also Drovided by the source and as yet not reproduced by me)to researcher John Andrewsfor authenticating.Mr. John Andrews of the Tester Corporation is a fellow aircraft buff and expert on thehistories of the development of the CIA/USAF Lockheed U-2 (see enclosure D), the CIA/USAF Lockheed A-12/SR-71/D-21 aircraft (see enclosure E) and the alleged USAF/LockheedF-19 stealth fighter which I have recently become most interested in (see enclosure F).Following the request of mysecurity office to you (seeiletter C), to invetigate thedocument (see enclosure B2), my neighbors, mylandlady, and my fellow emcloyees begantelling me, that you (the Defense Investigative Service) had approached them askingvarious questions about me and HOST SPECIFICALLY about my interest in investigatingthe UFO phenomena, i. e. , in authenticating the document (see enclosure B2). It wasthis investigation (without yet informing me), that led meto make the request thatI did (see enclosure A).Upon giving the copy (given to me) of the document (see enclosure B2) to John Andrews,I was informed by him, that this document had to have been released, and that it wasthe intention of its source (through me) to disseminate same among the members of theAerospace community in whieh I work, and this I did as so indicated to me. Indeed, thesource of the document (see enclosure B2) had indicated to methat he had been are-proached by AFOSI for that very purpose, i. e., to disseminate information to thePublic in order to convince them that the UFO phenomena was real and of extrater-restrial origin.Uron disseminating this document among my fellow employees, some individuals becameconcerned, resulting in the memo (see enclosure C). tf 4 t- +-»+-? <>•*.?On the 19th of March 1986 I was interviewed by two agents (Aler4hBB*i«nd James Kirk)representing the Defense Investgative Service (see enclosure H). In the course of thisinterview, Mr. Kirk stated that this document (see enclosure B2) had been sanitizedfor release and that I was free to share same with anyone or make POIA requests as toits authenticity (see enclosure I) and the agency of ito origin. I asked if there wereagencies within our Government who approach individuals (researchers) like myself forthe excress purpose of "leaking" such documentation and was told... "Yes, the Officeof Air Force Investigations is one of them!"I was asked who gave me the document (see enclosure B2) and I gave his name and address.I also reported to Mr. Kirk, that the individual who gave ne the document (see enclosureB2) had an identification card, Just like the one HE and Mr. Naval presented ne with,to identify themselves as being agents of the Defense Investigative Service. It is tobe noted, that this individual HAS HOT been arrested, nor even interrogated for havingthis document (see enclosure B2). I MUST, therefore presume that this document isGENUINE and has been released! My security office has identified (to me) agentsAlex Naval and James Kirk as being with the Defense Investigative Service.Having been told that this document (see enclosure B2) had been sanitized for release,I shared this information with the source (whonrovided me the cony of same) and heaffirmed that the document HAD, indeed been released.Prior to having been given the sanitized copy of this oage (seeenclosure B2) of thisdocument, I was shown the same page, which had HP censoring at all! I MUST, therefore,presume that this document (see enclosure B2) in its entirety, has been declassifiedfor release to the American nubile. I respecfully resquest-aceoBOred copy of this document (see enclosure <J§3 and/or the agency••to «hiph 7 should Bake the request to acquire sane. Thank you for your time. Sir.Lee M. Graham Monrovia, CA526 W. Maple 91016MUFON UFO Journal, No. 254,June 1989
  10. 10. ^^^~ ^^^^ .Fund for CjUFOJ Research Inc.Enclosure MWashington DC.Bo«277 Mount Rainier. Maryland 20712NATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORSEugeni* CiSi. PhDZoology. Univ Of Md8a»v H Downing Ph DTheniogv *nd Scienctll. NYApril b, 1983let H. Gibbs Smithnioriin. U.KRobert L. H»fl. Ph DUniv ol III • Ch«»goRtChaid r H*n«fl. P»» DPtrchotooy. NASA. ArneiRichard C Henry. PhDAitrof**vucs. Johni HopkmtMt Lou PurneflAist Cwator Co* SpacecraftNit At*& Sptct Mu>«umPeti H»nk M DRadiology. Untv of WnHtrtwnE RoihPilot Tr«tn«rUnited Air Lines. DenvarRon Westium. Ph DSociology. E Mich UnivEXECUTIVE COMMITTEECnafrmjnBruce 5 Maccabvc. Ph0Phvi.cs. W«»h . 0 CVttt-CtltitmtnMr Ct«*0 PhillipsOtf Naiionit AquafiumThomas P. DeuleyEltc Cngmetr. Wath . DC.John B Carlson. Ph.DAflronomy. Unrv ol MdDavid W Schwsnrman. PhDGeolOQv. Howard UmvDear Peter:To supplement Bruce Maccabees letter of March 31 »which he showed us at an Exec Committee meeting thispast Saturday, there are a few things you should know.(1) The AFOSI document is not authentic in the senseof not being an original; Moore has retyped it and donea cut and paste job, as he acknowledged in answer to mydirect questioning when he attended our meeting threeweeks ago. Larry Bryant spotted that it was not anappropriate typeface for AFOSI.(2) U.S.Coast and Geodetic Survey was long agoabsorbed into the National Oceanic and AtmosphericAdministration (NOAA) —popularly known as "Noah"--something- like 10 years ago.I personally checked thisin the Government Manual. Most importantly, the change-over occurred many years before this AFOSI document wasgenerated, which may or may not be significant. It ispossible that the AFOSI person responding to someonesrequest fpr information was not aware of this and wasreferring- to outmoded file material.(3) And this is strictly between you and me, whenMoore saw the document and request you had referred tous, he badmouthed you, the whole idea of FOIA requests,and every other UFO researcher except— of course—himand Stan Friedman. He stated that you had violated anagreement with him and compromised a source knowledgableabout "Project Aquarius" that he had lined up.More and more (andMoore) I am seeing parallels betweenMoore and, your friend and mine, Todd Zechel, i.e.,someone who wants all the action to himself and resentsanyone else intruding on his territory. Bruce, apparently,is very taken by Moore , but others of us have oursuspicions. I think Bruce lacks some perspective on allthis, and I am trusting you to keep peace in the familyby not confronting him about it.If you have any questions about this, my work numberis (301) 65^-1550, 7:30-4:15 eve^r work day except Thursdaywhen I work at home; home number (301) 779-8683.Sincerely,Richard Hall,Secretary-Treasurer10MUFON UFO Journal, No. 254, June 1989
  11. 11. authentic UFO-related information tothe public or, on the other hand, a dis-information campaign (or for that mat-ter, a simple hoax). I hope that thosewho are truly committed to finding theanswer to this question will now renewtheir efforts. Hard questions must beput to Moore. Evasive answers andself-serving pronouncements from himshould no longer be tolerated. I trustthat those who have acted in goodfaith, including Jaime Shandera andStanton Friedman, will be among histoughest questioners.PostscriptIn the above article I mistakenlyreferred to Lee Grahams securityclearance as type "Q". Mr. Grahamhas asked that I include a clarificationon this point. His status is actuallythat of an aerojet corporation clear-ance of some kind, and I regret theerror.Mr. Graham also expressed theopinion that I "misrepresented someof the things" that he communicatedto me.I have reviewed the portion of myarticle that deals with Mr. Grahamsstatements to me, and I consider myaccount of them to be fair and accu-rate. While I am certain that neitherhe nor I could reconstruct, word forword, our conversations after thislapse of time, I nevertheless stand bymy portrayal of our talks.As I have already indicated, I con-sider Mr. Graham to be an honestand sincere individual. I accept thefact that his recollections of ourcommunications may differ from mineon some points.The Pelley Time-Lapse UFO EncounterBy Walter N. WebbWebb, a MUFON consultant inastronomy, is the author of theJournals monthly "Night Sky"column.I received a letter on January 13,1989, from an Arley Alabama, manwho claimed to have suffered physi-cally and emotionally from a child-hood UFO encounter in Whiting,New Jersey.Daniel L. Pelley asked: "Do youknow of anyone, besides myself, whowants to get even with these beings?Its been 31 (30) years since my expe-rience but over the years my faithand trust in them slowly eroded tohate ... I want to take them out ... Myexperience has cost me dearly interms of my health and emotions. ButI do want to get even somehow."The only specifics Mr. Pelley men-tioned were a six-hour time lapse anda symbol that he recalled from hisexperience. But he offered moredetails if I were interested.(Later I learned that he had heardabout me through hismother-in-laws"science magazine." It was an articleon UFO abduction cases. The storymay have been the one in the Janua-ry/February 1989 Body, Mind &Spirit — "New Evidence for UFOs.")Mr. Pelleys initial letter promptedan exchange of correspondence abouthis experience over the next fewmonths in which the witness filled outMUFON forms and kindly answeredMUFON UFO Journal, No. 254, June 1989my many questions. What follows is atentative report on his 1959 encoun-ter, using his verbatim commentswhenever possible.Daniel Pelley is 37 years old, mar-ried and disabled with three crusheddiscs in his lower back, the result of afall at work (he was a printer) and anearlier injury received in an automo-bile accident. His Social Security dis-ability was granted in 1986. At pres-ent both he and his wife are unemployed.I furnished the witness with thename of the Alabama MUFON StateDirector, Scott A. Caldwell of Hunts-ville. Dan wished to continue theinquiry into his experience through alocal investigator.The EncounterThe time frame of the UFO episodewas determined with the help ofDaniels mother. She said the yearwas 1959 (not 1958) and the sightingoccurred around mid-June, the approx-imate interval since the school yearended. He was eight years old andliv-ing in the rural Whiting area of cen-tral New Jersey near the vast militarycomplex of McGuire Air Force Base,Fort Dix, and the Lakehurst NavalAir Station. His father, in fact, was "aChief Master Sergeant and a weaponsspecialist in ground-to-air and air-to-air weapons" at McGuire.In Mr. Pelleys initial narrative below,bracketed comments are occasionallyinserted. These represent either myown remarks or further clarificationsby the witness which I have paraph-rased or quoted directly.Dan described what happened onthat sunny, warm day in June 1959:"My family and I had recently movedoff base (McGuire Air Force Base) toa rural setting out in the country. 1had grown accustomed to aircraft anddirigibles from the Naval Air Stationand had seen many fly overhead.However, one day my mother packedme a sandwich and drink as I pre-pared to go on one of my usual hikingtrips out into the woods. It was about11:30 when I left the house andheaded deep into the pine forest."Around noon I came out of thedense pines into a clearing that was aperfect circle. (He estimated that thesite was approximately one-quarter ofa mile from his house. The clearingappeared to be about 60 feet indiameter and grassy with very smallplants within. Nothing unusual aboutthe grass, or whether the ground hadbeen disturbed in any way, could berecalled. The surrounding forest "wasvery dense around the circle, theaverage size of the trees I wouldestimate at 35 to 40 feet.") I walkedto the center and sat down. The sunfelt warm and I decided to eat mylunch there."As I ate, I noticed the treesaround the circle had been scrapedand the bark gone or hanging. Alsolimbs had been broken. A couple of11
  12. 12. trees were leaning outward as if theyhad been pushed over. (The benttrees were scattered around the peri-meter of the clearing. They weresmaller than the forest trees, "six-inchdiameter and perhaps 20 feet tall."Alldamage to the trees occurred on theside facing the clearing, and the barkwas scraped off at about the 10-to-15-foot level above the ground.)"My first thought was there was abear around that had done this. Igrew apprehensive and hurried tofin-ish my lunch. Then as I stood up agiant shadow fell upon me. The entirecircle was darkened and several feetout into the wooded area was alsodark. I noticed beyond the shadowthe trees were still sunlit and bright."I looked up and saw a grayish cir-cular object perhaps 300 feet over-head. My first thought was a Navyblimp was overhead but I heard nomotors and except for a hummingsound, similar to a very high pitchelectrical motor but not very loud,was all I heard."My first thought of the object afterthat was a garbage can lid. I wasamused but a little frightened. Myinstinct said run but my legs wouldntmove. (When queried about his immo-bility, Dan said: "I cant say for sure[the] exact reasons but [am] inclinedto believe it was fear.") I felt para-lyzed and then watched as the objectcame down to about 100 feet over-head. I could see the finer detail ofthe craft (bottom side only) and thenfelt like I was full of electricity. I couldeven see the sparks in my eyes andthen nothing.(The witnesss sketch depicts theunderside of a metallic disc with adark gray "vented or ribbed" outerring about three feet wide. This ring"was lined with raised and lower(ed)sections approximately six inches wideinterconnected as high-low-high-low,etc." Inside the ring was a largerrecessed darker area, and in the cen-ter a smaller circle bisected by a dou-ble wave or S-shaped line. Danbelieves this was "a door or opening."He recalls no rotation or internalmotion associated with the object.The UFO appeared to be larger thana house and about the same diameteras the clearing — 60 feet. Indeed,Dan feels that the clearing was pro-12duced by the UFO. "Being both thesame size," he explains, "I am inclinedto believe so and since no trees, evensmaller ones, were in the circle,something kept them from growingthere. Its as though they had usedthe same site over, repeatedly, for alengthy amount of time.")"The next thing I became aware ofI was back at the edge of the woodsnear my house and I heard mymother calling me home. It was about6:00 p.m. and I had missed supper.She was angry and worried that I hadbecome lost. I tried to tell her andDad about the round blimp in thewoods but they laughed itoff."(Although he believes he consciouslyobserved the UFO for about a min-ute, Dan implies an ensuing timelapse of around six hours! His onlyrecollection during this interval ofmissing time is a rectilinear symbol(on what he believes was a, door)which I compared with a sheet ofsymbols reported by other UFOabductees. A few were similar but notclose enough to match. These sym-bols are being kept confidential by alimited number of abduction investiga-tors in case duplicates turn up inother episodes.)Subsequent EventsThe witness reported a number oflong-term physiological aftereffects andother events which he believes arelinked with his UFO experience. Thesorts of symptoms/phenomena citedby Dan Pelley frequently are des-cribed by percipients following UFOclose encounters (of all kinds), espe-cially CE-IVs.Pelley recounted these postencoun-ter occurrences in chronological order:"A month later I saw a ghost orwhat I thought was a ghost in myroom. I never forgot the face. It waslooking at me, very close, examiningme. It had large eyes and pale skinbut it didnt appear alien or what yousee on television. It was more humanlooking than a monster. It still scaredme silly and I got up and ran into awall. I told my parents a man was inmy room and he was going to kidnapme. Of course it was only a baddream, or so they said.(It is difficult to say whether the 8-year-old experienced a dream recallof a suppressed UFO abduction, atrue apparition, or a hypnagogic orhypnopompic hallucination. All havebeen reported at various times in thewake of UFO encounters — pheno-mena perhaps triggered by the buriedor repressed memories, with theirassociated stress, surrounding theinitial episode.)"Three months after the incident Ibroke out in a very severe case ofpsoriasis. It has persisted to this day."One year later (age 9) my eyesightgrew bad. No one in my family has orhad eye problems. No glasses or pso-riasis. One optometrist told me myeyes had been burned by a brightlight, like watching a solar eclipse.(The witness explains further: "Myeyesight is 140 in my left and 160 inmy right. I wear glasses but the con-dition has not worsened since 1960. Iwas told by a doctor on base that myeyes had been burned and scar tissuehad caused the eyes to become ellip-tical rather than round. I have nosolid evidence to attribute my eyesand skin problems to the UFO butseeing as both of these problemscame about shortly after my encoun-ter, Im inclined to believeso.")(Similar sentiments are echoed byKathy Kasten in a recent issue ofUFO.1She states: "I know that medi-cal conditions Ive had —dissimilar toanything in my familys medical his-tory — are connected to my contactexperiences. At age nine, I contracteda condition called mastoids and pso-riasis. The rash appeared first on myupper chest, then on the upper insidethighs and the right leg ..." For addi-tional information on UFO afteref-fects, see Bullard.2)Dan continued: "In my teen years Ibecame aware of ESP abilities and anincreasing desire to learn everythingabout science and history. I felt like acomputer, storing knowledge for somelater date.(Bullard comments: "Witnesseswhose ESP ability blossoms after anabduction represent just one possibil-ity for change, while some individualsalter in broader aspects of their per-sonalities and lifestyles ... The com-monest way abductees improve is bydeveloping a hunger for knowledge,usually in subjects without previousattraction and often in difficult or eso-MUFON UFO Journal, No. 254, June 1989
  13. 13. teric fields like physics and philosophyor occult and spiritual matters ..."3)"1 would often go out at night andgaze at the stars and wondered whenthey would come and get me and takeme home. I felt alien ... (In) 1969, (at)age 18, (I became) convinced I wasabducted."As the years passed I continued mystudies, astronomy, physics, biology,ESP, etc., but my feelings for themgrew distant. I lost interest in them andgradually it turned to contempt. Theynever came back and I was left here.However, I still feel that one day theywill come back for me and now I wantto punish them for putting me throughwhat Ive experienced."I will add, however, that the encoun-ter possibly boosted my ESP and myunderstanding of the sciences and theconstruction of, I believe, of even theuniverse. Pretty good boast from anobody, but I have many names anddates to back what I say. Still, this islit-tle consolation for the physical sufferingand the emotional trauma I was putthrough. So basically you could say Ihate their guts!"UFO abductees often report subse-quent sightings or abductions. Bullardfindssuch additional sightings the mostcommon postabduction aftereffect ofall." Dan said he had seen "four otherunknowns." He briefly summarized themas follows:• May 1971, Highway 17/92, severalmiles south of De Land, Florida, atabout 7:30 a.m. a round ball, metallic,reflecting the morning sun, hovering 50feet over the road, approximately 80feet across, observed % mile away,remained for several seconds, then shotstraight up at incredible speed, anddisappeared.• February 1973, Northglenn, Colo-rado, 11 p.m., from east to west a ballof light, same size as a bright star, zig-zagged at a very high rate of speed.Too fast for any plane and angles toosharp. Sister also observed.• August 1977. As above but locationwas Brighton, Colorado, and objectmoved from west to east. Time 9:00p.m. Sister and ex-wife observed too.• June 1978. Brighton, Colorado. 4p.m., cigar-shaped, very large, at highaltitude, brought to attention by daugh-ter who told me of an airplane in thesky that had no wings. Moved fromMUFON UFO Journal, No. 254, June 1989south to north very slow.EvaluationUntil now, Dan Pelley says that onlyhis wife and parents were told of his1959 experience. He has never returnedto the site and doubts that he couldfind it again.It is impossible to evaluate the 1959report fully for a number of reasons —the 30-year elapsed time since theencounter, my inability to visit both theactual site in New Jersey and the wit-ness in Alabama, and the lack of sup-porting witnesses. Therefore, no back-ground character checks were madenor psychological tests administered tothe witness.Mr. Pelley has not yet attemptedhypnotic regression in order to explorehis six-hour time lapse. "I will admit," hesays, "the thought of being regressed inhypnosis back to that experience isfrightening. Perhaps I will find the cour-age to try one day."Besides possibly uncovering detailsofan abduction scenario, hypnosis mightprove beneficial in relieving some of theanxiety and stress undoubtedly con-nected with the experience. It is possi-ble that at least some of the witnessshealth problems might have underlyingpsychosomatic causes associated withthe 30-year-old incident.Dan Pelley demonstrates some clas-sic postabduction aftereffects — a timelapse, dream recall/apparition/bedroomhallucination, physiological and psycho-somatic ailments, psychic sensitivity,increased learning, and further UFOsightings.This type of UFO encounter, involv-ing a child witness and a UFO descentin an isolated wooded site followed by amemory/time lapse, is very similar toother cases which I am aware of. Suchreports are not at alluncommon.I checked my files for other UFOsightings in New Jersey during thesummer of 1959. Although no otherreports turned up, a UFO wave was inprogress in areas ranging from thePacific to the Americas. Australia,NewZealand, New Guinea, South America,and the U.S. all reported many close-encounter events involving low-levelhovering, landings, and physical traces.Two sample physical-trace cases fromthe U.S.:• InJuly 1959 a Jane Lew, West Vir-ginia, couple were awakened by barkingdogs and heard a high-pitched soundgrowing louder until it seemed overtheir house. Both individuals becameparalyzed. The husband managed tocrawl to the window and saw a glowoutside. At the approach of a truck, thestrange noise suddenly decreased rapidlyand faded away. Next morning he dis-covered a 25-foot oval area where thegrass had withered.5• On September 7, 1959, a Walling-ford, Kentucky, rural postal carrierobserved a 30-to-40-foot, bluish-gray,glowing, oval object hovering abovetrees beyond his house about 2:30 a.m.Almost immediately, the object rosewith a burst of flame to about 500 feetthen shot away horizontally to the east.A black smoke ring was left in the airabove the trees. Six days later the wit-ness and neighbors found a 12-to-13-foot diameter ring of burned grass in afield at the spot where the UFO hadhovered.6In conclusion, about all that can besaid is that the Pelley encounter paral-lels many of the elements reported inother CE-IVs. Taking into accountthe limited investigation, which didnot include a face-to-face interview orvisit to the site, and other factors (nosupporting witnesses, age of the wit-ness at the time of the sighting, the30-year age of the sighting itself), Ibelieve the 1959 episode should beclassified as a tentative unknown. Ialso give it a Paranet/Hynek Strange-ness/Probability Rating of S5/P3 (High-ly strange, suggesting intelligent gui-dance/somewhat credible or indetermi-nate).Notes1. "Contactee: Firsthand," UFO 4:1(Mar./Apr. 1989), p. 33.2. Thomas E. Bullard, ComparativeAnalysis of UFO Abduction Reports(Mount Rainier, MD: Fund for UFOResearch, 1987), pp. 143-173.3. Ibid., p. 157.4. Ibid., p. 158.5. "APRO Studies Soil Samplesfrom Eastern Landings," The A.P.R.O.Bulletin, Nov. 1959, p. 1.6. Ibid., pp. 3-4; N1CAP Bulletin,Nov. 1959, pp. 2-3; "Kentucky Near-landing Analysis," The U.F.O. Investi-gator, Mar. 1960, p. 5.13
  14. 14. A Re-Entry With CompanyBy Bob CribbleGribble authors the Journalsmonthly "Looking Back" column.On December 12, 1987, fiery objectsstreaked over the central UnitedStates, observed by thousands ofpeople over a 14 state area. Accord-ing to North American AerospaceDefense Command, the display wascaused by an orbiting Soviet rocketcasing which had re-entered Earthsatmosphere. In a corridor runningnorthwest to southeast from Montanato Florida, the glowing objects wereseen by airliner crews at altitudesexceeding 30,000 feet. Most observersreporting to the National UFO Report-ing Center estimated, the altitude ofthe objects to be quite high. Duringthe same time frame of the reportedhigh altitude sightings, however, sev-eral witnesses reported close encoun-ter experiences and very low altitudeflights of wingless vehicles. If the des-criptions given by these witnesses areaccurate, then I think it would be safeto assume that several large UFOsaccompanied the burning space debrisas it entered our atmosphere.As the fiery objects passed over-head at approximately 8:50 PM (CST),objects moving at very low altitudewere first reported by witnesses locat-ed five miles west of Eudora, Kansas.Two "huge" oblong objects — eachsurrounded by a haze of light —passed directly overhead, travelingsoutheast into the state of Missouri.Lights or lighted openings extendedthe full length of the objects and theywere visible for about three minutes,moving very slowly. Shortly thereaftera 34-year-old male witness living onthe shore of the Lake of the Ozarks,Missouri (near the city of ClimaxSprings), had just loaded his fireplacewith wood and walked out the firstfloor of his house to get more fire-wood. Ten other members of his fam-ily were on the second floor.He was standing in the driveway,14looking out across the lake, whensomething told him to turn around.As he turned he looked up into thesky, just as a cloud of mist came overthe tops of the trees. The mist was sothick it engulfed the top limbs of thetrees. When the "cloud" reached apoint almost overhead he could seethree oblong objects as big as jet air-liners about 300 feet off the ground.Suddenly the objects stopped. Theman could hear no sound, but as thecloud of mist thinned he could see arow of lighted openings extendingalong the length of the three objects.Describing his experience, the wit-ness, who I shall refer to as J.E., said:"They were shrouded inside a mist,and my body wasnt able to move. Iwas not able to move. My body couldnot move. I wanted to scream for mygirl friend, my sister-in-law, my mother,my brother, and the seven childrenwho were in the house, to come look,too. I tried to scream. The objectstood there and hovered about 300feet from me. Im talking about threecraft the size of a large jet airliner at aminimum. No wings or tails. Cigar-shape, in formation side by side.When the craft ceased to move thecloud began to thin. As the cloudthinned I could see lights: I could seethe shape of the craft. They appearedto be a dark green. They each had atleast 30 windows at a minimum, iden-tical to the rows of windows on anairliner. I saw faces looking out thewindows at me, pointing at me withtheir fingers. They stood there andlooked at me and cocked their headsand pointed like I was an exhibition ina zoo."The light from inside the craft wasso bright, shining out the windows,that I could tell ... their heads werehuman-shaped. I could tell there wereeyes in the heads; I could tell that theeyes were large. There were no visualappearances of hair or ears fromwhat I could see. They definitely hada human-shaped body. When theobjects stopped over me, the closestone to me raised up so that the nextone could lower down, in stairstepfashion, then the third one lowereddown, so that the people, creatures,or whatever, could see me plainly.They stared at me like I was a zebrain a zoo, like a lion in a cage, aninsect in a jar. They were undoubt-edly carrying on a conversation becauseof the way the heads were pointingand looking at each other. I could tellthese things were talking about thefact that I was standing down thereon the ground."The minute, and I mean the veryinstant those craft started to moveaway my body started to move andthats when I started screaming. God,everybody, come out here right now,and Im screaming like a mad man,Come out and see this right now. Iwas so hysterical. Everybody ran outimmediately and they all saw them,too. I had no idea how long I was outin the driveway. I estimated 10 or 15minutes."As the three objects moved outover the lake and disappeared fromview, J.E. and his brother drove tothe top of a nearby hill hoping to seethe craft again. The brother becamefrightened and returned to the house.J.E. explains what happened afterhis brother left: "Im standing on topof my truck with my binoculars look-ing for them to come back. Peoplewere passing and saying, You saw it,too. I said, Yes, I saw it, too. Anelderly couple, who live on the lakewith me, saw the craft cross Highway7 near Climax Springs. They pulledtheir truck off the road and got out,each holding a camera. They told methey were unable to remove the lenscaps off their cameras."Cigar ShapesAccording to J.E. all three of theMUFON UFO Journal, No.254, June 1989
  15. 15. craft were cigar-shaped. On the backthey had pods that resembled jetengine pods on the back of a 727air-liner, except that they had a greenglob of light that was mounted to thetop of these pods. Out of the back ofthe pods were lights that were identi-cal to the headlights of a car in a fog."They were shrouded in a cloud ofmist," J.E. said. "They stopped soclose to me that 1 could see noseams, no rivets, no plates. The skinof these vehicles was totally smooth,with a flat texture. The third one wasvirtually touching the tops of the trees(when it lowered itself). I was soscared ... I have never in my lifeexperienced anything like this. Mywhole attitude just got a whole re-arrangement, because I know Im notnuts. I was stone sober and I dont dodrugs. I know what I saw." J.E. is acorporate salesman and is highlyrespected in his community.At about 9:03 PM and 70 milesnor-theast of Climax Springs, two adults,in seperate vehicles, were drivingwest on Highway 50, 10 miles east ofLynn, Missouri. In the distance theyobserved a pair of "big" white lightsmoving about 50 to 100 MPH at verylow altitude. As the lights got closer,the two witnesses could see that theywere part of an oblong vehicle ofsome kind.Mr. T.H., 34, gave the followingdescription of what he saw: "It wasmoving slow and was never morethan 100 feet off the ground. Itcrossed Highway 50 and was about200 feet from the roadway on thesouth side. Suddenly it stopped, andwe watched the thing hover about100 feet off the ground. Then itlowered itself real easy into thewoods. We stopped and watched itfor a little while but decided not towalk over and look at it. There wasno sound. We decided it was time toget back into the car and go on aboutour business. A man in a whitepickup truck had also stopped and hewas still there as we were leaving."T.H. estimated the object to be aslong as two large military helicoptersput together lengthwise.Other less spectacular reports oflow level flights were received fromMissouri that night. Two adult wit-nesses in St. Louis reported seeingthree "missile-shaped" objects with asurface like stainless steel move acrossthe sky. In Chesterfield, a suburb ofSt. Louis, Mr. T.B. reported that heand several friends watched threeoblong objects in the sky for five tosix minutes. They looked like "slenderGoodyear blimps."Shortly after the reported landingnear Lynn, another close encounteroccurred about 200 miles to the northin Iowa. Mr. M.L., 24, who has a farmat Oskaloosa, was out in a field justwest of his house riding a three-wheeler at 9:15 PM, when an objectwith lights came over the top of thetrees and stopped right over him. Atthat point the lights on the objectwent out. "I was at a dead stop,"M.L. said. "I shined my wheat light upinto the air, about 50 to 60 feet, andthe beam from the light hitCalendar of UFO Conferences for 1989June 29 & 30, July 1 — 10th Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation, Uni-versity of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming.June 30, July 1 & 2 — MUFON International UFO Symposium, Aladdin Hotel andCasino, Las Vegas, NevadaJuly 14, 15 & 16 — Fifth London International UFO Congress, London BusinessSchool, Regents Park, London, EnglandSeptember 15, 16 & 17 — 26th Annual National UFO Conference, Quality Inn West,Phoenix, ArizonaOctober 21 — The Show-Me UFO Conference, Harley Hotel, Earth City, Missouri(near St. Louis)October 26, 27, 28 & 29 — International UFO Conference, Frankfurts Airport Conven-tion Center, Frankfurt, West GermanyNovember 11 & 12—The UFO Experience, Ramada Inn, North Haven, Connecticutthe surface of the object. It was shinyand reflected off the bottom of it. Itwas like stainless steel of some kind.It was just a big shiny object, at least80 to 100 feet long and 40 to 60 feetwide. I didnt hear any motor noise atall. It sat there for a minute then ittook off to the southeast of my place."When it took off it didnt have anylights on. Then when it got off quite aways the lights came on. There werethree lights down one side of it and ithad bright streaks shooting out theback end of it."M.L. raced back to his house hop-ing that his wife would be able to seeit. When he arrived his young sonand his wife were standing outside.They had seen the lights as they wentby the house. "The next day somefriends were telling me that they hadseen in the papers that the object wasa Soviet satellite that was supposedto be on fire," M.T. explained. "Wha-tever this was it was not on fire. Ivenever seen anything like it. It scaredme."UFONEWSCLIPPING SERVICEThe UFO NEWSCLIPPING SER-VICE will keep you informed of allthe latest United States and World-Wide UFO reports (i.e., little knownphotographic cases, close encoun-ter and landing reports, occupantcases) and all other UFO reports,many of which are carried only insmall town or foreign newspapers.Our UFO Newsclipping Serviceissues are 20-page monthly reports,reproduced by photo-offset, con-taining the latest United States andCanadian UFO newsclippings, withour foreign section carrying thelatest British, Australian, New Zea-land and other foreign press reports.Also included is a 3-5 page sectionof "Fortean" clippings (i.e., Bigfootand other "monster" reports). Let uskeep you informed of the latesthappenings in the UFO and Forteanfields.For subscription information andsample pages from our service,write today to:UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICERoute 1 - Box 220Plumerville, Arkansas 72127MUFON UFO Journal, No.254, June 1989 15
  16. 16. UFOs and theTeller-Oppenheimer" BattleGross is MUFONs staff histo-rian.In 1949 the success of Communismin China raised the frightening pros-pect of a hostile Sino-Soviet militarycolossus, and when the Russiansexploded their own A-bomb in Augustthat year it meant that America couldno longer even count on a technolog-ical advantage.To meet the challenge many super-secret deliberations were convened,and one of the first decisions was theAir Force Science Advisory Boardauthorizing the "Air Defense SystemsEngineering Committee" to be headedby Air Force scientist Dr. GeorgeValley.However, as many new committeesand projects came under considera-tion, a serious difficulty arose. Thisdifficulty had to do with policy.The policy problem originated withthe brilliant Dr. Robert Openheimerwho was chairman of the importantGeneral Advisory Committee whichmade him the top man in Americasnuclear weapon development andresearch program. Oppenheimer eitherserved on, or acted as a consultantto, every committee and project ofconsequence.The first hint of trouble was whenAir Force Chief of Staff General HoytVandenberg snubbed Oppenheimerby selecting Dr. Vannevar Bush tostudy the evidence of the Russiandetonation. Moreover, when scientistsIvan Gettigh and Louis Ridenour sug-gested a special strategic nuclearweapon study, General Vandenbergand Air Force Secretary ThomasFinletter issued direct orders to barOppenheimer from any role and alsoto forbid the GAC chief access toclassified Air Force documents. Theseexamples of animosity were due toOppenheimers attitude toward some-thing the Air Force High Commandwanted verybadly.16By Loren GrossSuper BombWhen Russia became a nuclearpower, some American physicists sug-gested that America could regain mil-itary supremacy by building a hydro-gen bomb. Theoretical work on asuper-bomb had been conducted in aleisurely fashion since the end ofWorld War II and although little hadbeen done it was felt the principlewas feasible. Shortly after learning ofthe Russian nuclear test, PresidentTruman phoned Oppenheimer to askwhat he believed should be theappropriate response. Oppenheimermerely replied: "Keep your shirt on."When Dr. Edward Teller was toldabout Oppenheimers air of uncon-cern, he was outraged and imme-diately launched a personal campaignto win support for a high priority H-bomb project. A passionate anti-Communist, Tellers view was thatAmerica had to deal with Russia froma position of superiority — not parity.Other influential persons rallied toTeller like Dr. Luis Alvarez and Dr.David Griggs, as did General JimmyDoolittle, retired but still a high levelconsultant to the AirForce.The Air Force High Commandagreed totally with these men. Thedominant Air Force view, strongly heldby men like Generals Vandenbergand Le May, and Secretary Finletter,was that all resources should bereserved for strategic bombardmentand if a big bomb could be built, thebigger the bomb the better.Oppenheimer opposed the "super"on two grounds, one ethical and onepractical. His ethical reason was thatthe proposed H-bomb would be soincredibly destructive it would farexceed any rational military justifica-tion, so its use would be immoral. Hispractical reason was that it would besimple and cheap just to boost thepower of conventional fission bombsto a 500 kiloton size which would beadequate for strategic purposes andthereby permit much of the nationslimited resources to be allocated to atactical defense of Western Europeand to the development of an airdefense network for North America.This would also allow all three militaryservices to take part in the nuclearweapon program.With the foregoing in mind, onecan understand why Oppenheimerand those who shared his ideas werenot very popular people with the AirForces strategic theorists. (Oppen-heimer also did not endear himself tothe Air Force by his opposition to thenuclear-powered bomber project whichwas finally cancelled as being a tech-nological flop in 1960 after a billiondollars had been wasted.)Because it appeared America haddemobilized too quickly after WorldWar II in view of the internationalsituation, President Truman requesteda review and an assessment of thenations military and foreign policies,which in large part included discus-sions about Russia becoming a nuclearpower and the proposal to developthe hydrogen weapon. Five monthslater, while such studies were beingcarried out, the Korean War startedwhich gave tremendous impetus tohawks like Teller who felt sternermeasures were needed, for apparentlythe Communists were choosing a"hot" war in spite of Americas fissionbomb arsenal.Foo FightersLate in 1950 a "Long Range Objec-tive Panel" was appointed to studymilitary tactics, strategy, and the rela-tionship of nuclear weapons to foreignpolicy. Oppenheimer managed to chairthis group but he was balanced bythe selection of two pro-Teller people,Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Griggs. Dr.Alvarez had a strong bond to theMUFON UFO Journal, No. 254, June 1989
  17. 17. strategic bombing generals. Duringthe Second World War he did workon the Manhattan project at LosAlamos and also found time to inventhis "Long Eagle" bombing radar atM.I.T.s Radiation Laboratory. Dr.Griggs had strong ties too, helpingestablish the RAND Corporation in1947 in order to bring systematic andanalytical thinking to bear on AirForce tactics and strategy, and duringthe latter months of World War IIheaded a special investigation, withDr. Alvarez and Dr. H. P. Robertson,into a strange phenomenon annoyingAir Force air strikes on Germany andJapan, a phenomenon dubbed the"foo fighters."The expression "foo fighter" bringsup the subject of UFOs. Many of thenames in this essay show up in UFOliterature for good reason.Back in 1949 when Dr. George Valleyof M.I.T. was concerned with AirDefense Systems, he authored asummation of project SIGN (con-ducted by Dr. James B. Conant whoshared Dr. Oppenheimers positionon the H-bomb).This project had col-lected data on reports of unidentifiedaerial intruders in Americas airspace,the so-called "flying saucers." SIGNwas surprisinglyinconclusive in regardsto a possible novel Russian aircraft,and even entertained, believe it ornot, an extraterrestrial solution.The aerial mystery received inten-sive official scrutiny when the "greenfireballs" appeared over highly sensi-tive atomic installations in New Mex-ico during the Winter of 1948-49. Dr.Joseph Kaplan of the U.S. Air ForceScientific Advisory Board took chargeof a special inquiry beginning on Feb-ruary 16, 1949. He pondered the mys-tery for months, trying all the time toget more data; meanwhile Russiaexploded its bomb. General C.P.Cabell of AFOIN, Washington, D.C.who had requested Dr. Kaplan toinvestigate the "fireballs," wantedanswers, but Kaplan put him off andasked to confer with Dr. Teller andDr. George Gamow (another pro-strategic bombing advocate). Eventsare murky but the fireball problemwas shunted aside by calling it a pos-sible geomagnetic phenomenon, andthe flying saucer project, GRUDGE,was killed off almost immediately afterMUFON UFO Journal, No. 254, June 1989General Vandenbergs air samplingaircraft detected traces of the Russiannuclear explosion. UFO reports werestill being forwarded to Wright Field,but they were not being investigatedor verified. General Cabell was evi-dently kept in the dark about thisuntil the Ft. Monmouth incident ofSeptember 20, .1951 when he person-ally took an interest in the New Jer-sey case in order to assist a Mr.Johnson and a Mr. Brewster ofRepublic Aviation who were standingin for a "group of top U.S. Industrial-ists and scientists" which was, evi-dently, a "project LINCOLN."Much is still highly classified andtherefore not availableto elucidate us,but it is evident that the flying saucerquestion in 1949-52 had some effecton the intense, top secret, debatesabout whether or not to launch amajor acceleration ofthe arms race.What we do know is that the "LongRange Objective Panel" did authorizea narrowly focused effort, which wasto analyze proposed meansto develop an air defense network forthe continental United States calledproject LINCOLN. While we do notknow who voted for LINCOLN onthe LROP, or how they felt about it,its possible it was Oppenheimersidea.Dr. Griggs became alarmed in 1951when he heard rumors that prospec-tive members of project LINCOLNwere being told that for the sake ofworld peace the Air Defense Com-mand should be strengthened and theStrategic Air Command sacrificed,done away with to demonstrate thelack of aggressive intentions of theUnited States. Dr. Griggs blamed thison what he called the "ZORC cabal,"a group composed of Drs. Zacharias,Oppenheimer, Rabi, and C.C. Laurit-sen, which was suppositively engagedin "nefarious anti-Air Force schemes."The climax of the "Teller-Oppenheim-er" battle was reached in March 1953when the newly elected president,Dwight Eisenhower, was forced tomake a decision whether to approvea big expansion of the Air DefenseCommand which the Air Force topbrass feared would be done at theexpense of the Strategic Air Command.It should be clear to the reader atthis point that the Air Force had avery good reason to be anti-UFObesides the ones usually assigned thatservice branch by students of theaerial phenomenon. Apparently thestubborn ability of the UFOs toremain unexplained gave aid andcomfort to the Oppenheimer crowd.The timing of the "Robertson Panel"may not have been accidental, con-vened as it was just before Eisenhow-ers decision.In Others WordsBy Lucius ParishReports of UFO attacks in theBrazilian jungles are detailed in theApril 18 issue of National Enquirer. Inthe town of Mojui dos Campos,inhabitants claim to have experiencedfrightening encounters with strangelights and light beams.The Vol. 4, No. 2 issue of Wildfirecontains a very interesting article onthe Eduard "Billy" Meier contacteecase, written by Dr. James W. Dear-dorff. This presentation covers boththe physical and philosophicalaspectsof the controversial Swiss case. Anumber of addresses are given foradditional information, both pro andcon. If Wildfire is not available onyour local newsstand, the address is:P.O. Box 9167, Spokane, WA 99209.The subscription rate is $10.00 peryear (published quarterly) or $3.00 forindividual issues. Wildfire has carriedother UFO material in past issues.The "Anti-Matter/UFO Update" col-umn in OMNI has recently includedmaterial relating to Bill Pitts venture,The New Project Blue Book (Marchissue); the wave of UFO sightingsnear Wytheville,Va. and the Gordon/Dellinger book, Dont Look Up! (AprilContinued on page 2217
  18. 18. Transformation TransformedRobert Wanderer is a MUFONspecialist in communications whoseeks a middle ground between"believers" and "debunkers."One might think that the over-whelming success of Whitley Strieb-ers million-dollar, best-seller Communion,would awaken the nation to the perilsof "abductions" by "aliens." But des-pite the millions of people who haveread the book, have seen him on tel-evision, and/or have read about it innewspapers or elsewhere, there appearsto be an individual and collective feel-ing that these "abductions" are notobjectively real.The media and people in generaltend to reject extremes and seek toform a middle-groundconsensus. Wereject the extreme of Striebers asser-tion that these adventures "really"happened, but we also reject theother extreme which suggests thatStrieber is consciously making thewhole thing up to sell books, merelyan extension of his earlier horror fic-tion writing.One effect of Communions impactin the general market is that UFOwriting is no longer confined to thebelieve-everything UFO magazines atone extreme and the disbelieve-every-thing debunkers at the other. Wenow find "abductions" in a major"mainstream" magazine such as Psy-cho/ogy Today. And that magazinesees the phenomenon from a consen-sus-seeking middle position as arisingfrom "the dark interior world of thehuman psyche."One even gets the impression thatStrieber himself suspects somethingof the sort, as if there were thoughtsand ideas in some remote part of hisbrain that he is unable to acknowl-edge. Particularly so in his latestbook, Transformation, where he saysthe "visitors" who "abducted" him"took me on a fabulous and terriblejourney through my fears ... They18By Robert Wandereralso compelled me to face my guilts,my rages, my sorrows, all that I haveburried in myself (p. 11).Superficially, the new book mayseem to be little more than an exten-sion of the previous one. In Commun-ion we were given incident after inci-dent which left us questioning Striebersmemory, his ability to distinguish real-ity from imagination, and his overallcredibility. For example, he said inCommunion that he had claimed foryears that he had been present at theUniversity of Texas during CharlesWhitmans shooting spree from thetower in 1966, but now admitted "Iwasnt there" (p.121). In the newbook he reports he conducted "anextensive investigation" and decidedthat he must have been there after allbecause a friend confirmed he wasstanding where Strieber now "remem-bers" seeing him (p.93).We find other suggestive points allthrough the book. He declares "mychildhood was full of alien-abductionfears" (p. 107). He concludes that hisearlier writings of horror fiction reflect-ed an "attempt to cope with anenormous, hidden, and frightful real-ity" (p.125). Perhaps most exotic ofall is his concern that the Chernobylnuclear disaster in Russia indicated"that the moon was going to explode"(p.65).But theres more here than thisparade of strange incidents. I confessI was deeply touched by his decisionto confront his fears by taking a walkin the dark woods around his houselate at night. In Chapter 11 herepeatedly tries to go on that walk,but gives up in fear very time. Finallyin chapter 15 he succeeds, and Iadmired how he overcame his deepfears.How can we reconcile the power ofhis walk in the woods with the booksseeming lack of credibility? I wroteDr. Donald Klein, Striebers psychia-trist who was quoted extensively inthe first book and to some degree inthis one. Are Striebers experiences"true"?"I did not ever believe that Mr.Striebers experiences were objectivelytrue," Dr. Klein replied, "but that hewas suffering from some very atypicalstate of mind and, as I indicated (inCommunion), perhaps temporal lobeepilepsy might account for this."Dr. Klein added that while the testsfor temporal lobe epilepsy on Strieberwere "negative," the tests availablefor that condition are "rather poor"and therefore apparently not as signif-icant as Strieber believes.For me, Dr. Kleins answer trans-formed Transformation. What hadbeen an unsettlingmishmash of hard-to-accept material on how Strieberthinks and acts, now made sense.Understandably, Strieber does not —in fact, probably cannot — concludethat some anomaly in his brain hassuch an effect on him.I now see Transformation as thesaga of a man who sincerely believesthat "visitors" have "abducted" him,but nevertheless achieves a tremend-ous affirmation of himself by defyinghis tormentors and walking in thedark of the woods. I see the trans-formed Transformation as a powerfuldescription of the inner life of atroubled man, as pioneering in its wayas The Invisible Man was for reveal-ing the life of a black man in segrega-tion, or The Three Faces of Eve wasfor showing the life of a multiple per-sonality. Even though I believe thepossibility that "abductions" are objec-tively real is extremely remote, I nowfind Strieber a sympathetic, evenheroic, figure.ReferencesWhitley Strieber, Communion: AContinued on next pageMUFON UFO Journal, No. 254, June 1989
  19. 19. The UFO PressBy Dennis StacyVallees DimensionsBallantine has just issued a paper-back edition of Jacques Vallees mostrecent work, Dimensions, A Case-book of Alien Contact, published lastyear by Contemporary Books, Chi-cago. The $4.95 list edition has twoappendices not included in the origi-nal hardcover version, which may beof interest.The first of these, by Vallee, is"Sanctus Agobardus, Ora Pro Nobis!(Some lessons from the ninth centuryabductions in France)." Since theseearly accounts of "cloud-ships" fromanother realm featured prominently(and controversially) in the authorsPassport To Magonia, Vallee hastaken the opportunity to cite the orig-inal Latin source, St. Agobards DeGrandine et Tonitruis ("About Hailand Thunder"), a rational polemicwhich sought to defuse popular pea-sant myths and superstitions regard-ing the weather and "tempestaires,"who were a sort of meteorologicalsorcerer, or middleman between eventsabove and below. Three men and awoman who were said to have fallenfrom one of these cloud-ships werebrought before the archbishop by apelt-hungry mob who would haveprobably stoned them to death butfor Abogardsintervention.Here, alas, history haunts andtaunts us with one of her typical fail-ures to provide a complete account ofevents. Were the four would-be vic-tims among the first known abduc-tees, or were they perhaps "collabor-ators," or simply victims of mistakenidentity or folklore? As far as theanalogy holds, little has changed forthose in chains but the threat of beingstoned to death. Even so, the incidentleads Vallee to propose the skepticalAbogard as the patron saint of abduc-tees for having saved their lives. Cer-tainly it has a more classical soundMUFON UFO Journal, No. 254, June 1989and ring to it than, say, St. Hopkinsor St. Strieber, who provides theForward.The second new appendix most ofyou will already be familiar with, itbeing an interview by journalist LindaJ. Strand with Vallee which firstappeared in the pages of this Journalin the April 1988 issue. Those whohave joined us since then may wantto pick up Dimensions for the inter-view alone, since it updates some ofVallees comments and thinking regard-ing recent developments in the field,especially if you do not already havethe hardback. Vallee will also beaddressing this summers Las VegasMUFON Symposium on the subjectof his recent field investigations intoclaims of UFO related injuries inBrazil. The interview, found on pages267-279, touches on a variety of cur-rent topics, including governmentcover-up, MJ-12, Dr. J. Allen Hynek,and the unexpected upswing (andpopularity) of alleged UFO abduc-tions. A recommended read and buy.Aliens & AngelsThe Journal also features promi-nently in another national publication,ReVision, the quarterly "Journal ofConsciousness and Change," availa-ble from Heldref Publications ($18/yr),4000 Albemarle St., N.W., Washing-ton, DC, 20016. Guest editor KeithThompson is putting together a spe-cial two-part series on UFOs, "Angels,Aliens and Archetypes," based onpresentations made at a San Fran-cisco symposium of the same name inNovember of 1987, sponsored by theOmega Foundation. Dr. Kenneth Ring,a leading investigator of the NearDeath Experience, will be representedby a reprint of his lead article fromthe May 1989 Journal, "Toward anImaginal Interpretation of UFO Abduc-tions."Im not fully aware at the momentof Thompsons complete line-up ofcontributors, but based on my attend-ing the symposium, the possibilitiesinclude Jacques Vallee, Whitley Strie-ber, Marilyn Ferguson, Michael Grosso,Richard Grossinger, Terrence McKenna,Thompson himself and others. PeterRojcewicz of the Julliard School willbe represented with an article, "TheFolklore of the Men in Black, AChallenge to the Prevailing Paradigm,"which will in turn be reprinted in afuture issue of the Journal. The firstof the series should be out shortly,but Ill keep you informed as moreinformation is available.Research RequestsThe Fund for UFO Research, Inc.,is looking for an individual to conducta study of UFO sighting trends duringthe past decade, using the Hynek sys-tem of categorization, i.e., CE-I, CE-II,etc. Interested persons should con-tact the Fund, giving their technicaland educational qualifications, sourc-es of data, predicted time and costsof the study. Write Fund for UFOResearch, Inc., P.O. Box 277, Mt.Ranier, MD,20712.George Fawcett is interested ininformation about UFO shooting inci-dents and humanoid footprints foundat UFO encounter sites. He can bewritten to at 602 Battleground Rd.,Lincolnton, NC 28092.TRANSFORMATION, continuedTrue Story. New York: William Mor-row, 1987.Whitley Strieber, Transformation.New York: William Morrow, 1988."Invasion of the Mind Snatchers,"in Psychology Today, April 1989.Movie, Video and Audio TapeRecording Not PermittedAt LasVegas SymposiumSince an exclusive contract hasbeen signed with a firm to produceboth video tapes and audio tapes ofthe speakers at the symposium, onlystill photographs will be permittedwithin the lecture hall. There will beno exceptions to this rule.19