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Mufon ufo journal 1988 3. march

  2. 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International Director andAssociate EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorANN DRUFFELContributing EditorPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityMARGE CHRISTENSENPublic RelationsREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityT. SCOTT CRAINGREG LONGMICHAEL D. SWORDSStaff WritersTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEONARD STRINGFIELDUFO Crash/RetrievalWALTER N. WEBBAstronomyNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLROBERT V. PRATTEditor/Publishers Emeritus(Formerly SKYLOOK)The MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$25.00 per year in the U.S.A.; $30.00foreign in U.S. funds. Copyright 1987by the Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin, Texas.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 toadvise change of address to TheMUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155-4099.FROMTHE EDITORBecause of the immense amount of material to be covered,this issue of the Journal has been expanded to 28 pages. A tele-phone call from "Mr. Ed" as we went to press resulted in a fewcorrections that should be mentioned regarding his experiences.Some of the minor events that occurred at 3:00 and 3:30 am,12-2-87, for example, are reversed in the article. By the secondtime frame, both he and his wife were wide awake. On the occa-sion when Sentinel editor Duane Cook accompanied him, 1-24-88, he did not tell Cook "it is after you, too, and you should getback in the truck." He said that "the UFO had ahold of my ner-vous system, for want of a better word. Yes, I wanted the painto stop, but they didnt do it because I asked them to. They juststopped it when they decided to. Also, it sounds like the secondcar was parked right behind my pickup, which it wasnt. In fact,it was some distance away around a curve in the road." Ourapologies for any other errors that may have crept into thisaccount. Details will be provided as they become available. Thelast word as we go to press is that at least two other photo ses-sions have taken place, one involving a Nimslo Stereo (3-D)camera. These and subsequent developments will of course bereported in a future issue of the Journal. Walt Andrus is flying toPensacola, Florida on March 3, 1988 to meet with Charles Flan-nigan and investigators, due to new developments in this case.In this issueEDITORIAL UPDATE by Dennis Stacy 3FLORIDA PHOTO & CE IIICASE by Ware, Flannigan & Andrus 5THE MUNDRABILLA INCIDENT by Walt Andrus 16AMATEUR RADIO NET by Dave Dobbs 22IN OTHERS WORDS by Lucius Parish 23LOOKING BACK by Bob Gribble 24THE MARCH NIGHT SKY by Walter Webb 26DIRECTORS MESSAGE by Walt Andrus 28COVER copyrighted by the photographer (details page 15)The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Taxunder Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a pub-licly supported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2).Donors may deduct contributions from their Federal Income Tax. In addi-tion, bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Fed-eral estate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions ofSections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNAL are determined by the editor, anddo not necessarily represent the official position of MUFON. Opinions of con-tributors are their own, and do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, thestaff, or MUFON. Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON. Responses topublished articles may be in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400 words) or ina short article (up to about 2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50% rule" is applied:the article author may reply but will be allowed half the wordage used in theresponse; the responder may answer the author but will be allowed half the wor-dage used in the authors reply, etc. All submissions are subject to editing forstyle, clarity, and conciseness. Permission is hereby granted to quote from thisissue provided not more than 200 words are quoted from any one article, theauthor of the article is given credit, and the statement "Copyright 1987 by theMutual UFO Network, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155" is included.
  3. 3. EDITORIAL UPDATEBy Dennis StacyAs might be expected, the last yearhas brought both good and bad newsto the Journal. First, the good news.For starters, the Journal has expandedto 24 pages. More importantly, webelieve, we have been able to fillthose additional pages with meaty,meaningful material, not fluff. At thesame time, a gradual and hopefullycontinual improvement in the qualityof all our articles, graphics anddepartments has been initiated."The Night Sky," by MUFON con-sultant in astronomy, Walter N. Webb,should prove invaluable ineliminatingpossible IFOs of an astronomical and"mundane" origin. It should also, wehope, bestow a greater appreciationof the cosmos in which we find our-selves. If that sounds too flowery, yousimply havent investigated the nightsky overhead lately, regardless ofwhether it contains UFOs or not.Lest we forget, they remain a mys-tery, but one that is ultimately inspiredby the simple vastness of space thatsurrounds us. Keeping in track andtune with Webbs excellent summaryof coming celestial events is one wayto perceive things in perspective.In addition, weve added Bob Grib-bles historical review of UFO events,"Looking Back." Perhaps not everyUFO incident related herein shouldbe taken as gospel, given the dispar-ity of sources and the fact that all his-torical cases are subject to constantrevision. Nonetheless, "Looking Back"provides a valuable survey of pastevents and people in the field, onethat reveals a prodigious amount ofresearch and personal expenditure oftime and energy and we remainindebted. As an example of unselfishsharing of UFO data, it may beunmatched in todays literature.Individual articles that have appearedin the Journal over the course of thelast year could also be cited. But suf-fice it to say that all have been sub-mitted freely and without regard toindividual sacrifice. Almost withoutexception, the contents of the Jour-nal are contributed above and beyondthe pressures of everyday living. I, aseditor, and you, as subscriber andreader, owe all involved a debt ofthanks, for taking time out to careand share. I could list an impressiveroster of contributors. I decline to,only out of fear of omittingsomeone.The bad news? Ironically, the down-side of publishing the Journal is adirect outgrowth of the upside. Be-cause more material is available, andmore material goes into each issue,more material has to be processed byyours truly. The day, if ever therewas one, when I could visualize apersonal relationship with each con-tributor is long since gone. There aresimply not enough hours in the dayor week for me to respond personallyto each contributor.As one who makes my own livingwriting, I deeply regret this develop-ment. Many have been the timeswhen Ive cursed a recalcitrant ornoncommittal editor for their failureto respond promptly to my variouspleas. Now I know why. As a writer Ihad only one editor to contend with;as an editor, I find myself trying toaccommodate anywhere from 30 to50 individual contributors. Inevitably,some of you get lost in the shuffle,and for this I must apologize.DELAYSIf youve submitted something tothe Journal recently, and it has notyet appeared in print, this is not apromise that it will. On the otherhand, every reasonable effort is madeto incorporate submitted material. Bythe same token, some things get lostin the monthly melee; either they aresuperceded by superior material orsimply become outdated and musttake their turn behind more currentor relevant material. Unfortunately,itis impossible to keep every contribu-tor informed of the present status ofhis or her submission. I simply haveto ask you to bear with me. Yourcontributions, in the meantime, aregreatly appreciated.Another source of potential delay isthe fact that we are presently in themidst of changing printers. Ultimately,this will lead to improved graphics,reduced deadlines, and so on. Butuntil the process is complete, itmeans some articles on hand will befurther delayed until they can bereset, proofread again, and so on. Weask your patience on past matters,while the present work goes forward.Looking to the future, one thing wewould like to do is initiate a periodicbibliography of articles, books, reviews,etc., pertaining to any aspect of theUFO phenomenon, be it psychologi-cal, social, philosophical or physical.Heres how the process might work.If you come across any relevantmaterial, from whatever source, simplymake a copy of the article or com-mentary, and forward it to this editor.If a copy is not possible or desirable,simply forward the information itself,being sure to include all pertinent bib-liographical data, such as author,date, publication, page, issue, and soon. Include any brief comments oranalysis as you see fit. When enoughof these have accumulated, they willbe published periodically in suitableform, thus becoming part of theavailable UFO data bank.Again, such submissions need nothave "UFO" in the title; they maypertain to any aspect of the pheno-menon, from discoveries in cosmol-ogy and astronomy, to developmentsin hypnosis and clinical psychology.In this way a broad base for optionaladditional reading and study can be"painlessly" compiled for the benefit
  4. 4. of all. Needless to say, such a biblio-graphy should address the "con" aswell as the "pro" aspects of ufology;we are after solutions here and notpreordained answers or opinions. Ifyou come across something of poten-tial interest, let the rest of us makeup our minds as to its relevance. Theobject is to list, not censor, the avail-able material.By way of example, here are somerecently encountered articles in myown experience. The eventual formatis intended to be both serious andinformal.BIBLIOGRAPHY• "Great Balls of Fire," by PaulDavies, New Scientist, 24/31 Decem-ber, 1987, No. 1592/1593, pp. 64-67."Glowing globes that glide throughaircraft cabins. Hissing spheres thatsmell of sulphur. Ball lightning mayhave-a bizarre extraterrestrial origin."Illustrated.• "When YouLive Upon a Star ..."by Robert Forward, same issue, pp.36-38. A theoretical think-piece by asenior scientist at Hughes ResearchLabs, Malibu, CA, which considersthe possibility of intelligent life havingevolved on the surface of a neutronstar. The same idea is examined infiction form in the authors newscience-fiction novel, Starquake, re-viewed in the same issue (p. 74).• "All Aboard the UFO," byWil-liam Boot, Columbia Journalism Re-view, Sept/Oct., 1987, pp. 22-23.Reflections on the national mediacoverage of UFOs, particularlyabduc-tions and the MJ-12 papers, duringthe spring and summer of 1987, aspart of the authors "Capital Letter"column. "If we are not prepared toinvestigate, we are in no positioneither to present UFO reports asserious news or to dismiss them asjokes."• "Washington Scene: Close Encoun-ters," by Edward Dolnick, The NewRepublic, August 10 & 17, 1987, pp.15-16. Typical glib journalistic reviewof the MUFON Washington, DC,1987 summer symposium.• "Digital Retouching: The End ofPhotography as Evidence of Any-thing," by Stewart Brand, Kevin Kelly,Jay Kinney, Whole Earth Review,No. 47, July 1985, pp. 42-47. "FlyingSaucers in San Francisco," pp. 48-49,reveals how the striking cover, show-ing three saucers buzzing the city,was fabricated using computerizeddigital information. Expensive andaccessible only to the few at themoment, digitized photography mayyet revolutionize the industry, as wellas rendering it increasingly difficult toestablish photographic authenticity.• "The Fringes of Reason: StrangeMyths and Eccentric Science," bynumerous authors, Whole Earth Re-view, No. 52, Fall 1986. Depending onhow you divide WER subject matterand pages from one another, notoften an easy task, the first 90 or sopages of this special edition are devotedwholly to "fringe science" and all itspermutations, ufology, as might beexpected, included. Of particular inter-est, John Keels "The Man WhoInvented Flying Saucers," pp. 54-61,reprinted from Fortean Times (No.41, 10th anniversary issue, Winter1983, pp. 52-57), and "In Advance ofthe Landing: Folk Concepts of OuterSpace," by Douglas Curran, an excerptand pictures from the authors bookof the same title. Keels article laysthe blame on the "popularity," ifthats the word, of flying saucers toscience-fiction author, editor and racon-teur, the late Ray Palmer (1911-1977).Currans article reveals how popularperceptions of UFOs and extraterres-trial aliens have permeated the "com-mon" folk. Numerous UFO and relat-ed books and publications, both proand con, are reviewed throughoutthis special section. Manyillustrations.• UFO Abductions: A DangerousGame, by Philip J. Klass, PrometheusBooks, Buffalo, NY, 1988, 200 pages,index, illustrated, hardback, $18.95.Jacket blurb: "If you have read Whi-tley Striebers Communion or BuddHopkins Intruders, you owe it toyourself to read UFO-Abductions."And in which case Mr. Klass wouldbe able to retire from the field awealthy man. Includes many referen-ces to MUFON (13 index notations)and other familiar names, and anaccount of last summers Washingtonsymposium, particularly the abduc-tion panel, with photographs of samesupplied by Klass. In many ways hismost readable anti-UFO book yet.• "Marfa Celebrates MysteriousLights," by Holden Lewis (AP), Dal-las Morning News, Monday, October5, 1987. Short article notes 1st annualMarfa Lights Festival held in thisTrans-Pecos town and briefly reviewsthe history of the local "spook-lights"first reported by R.R. Ellison in 1883.The actual celebration had more todo with beer drinking on the court-house lawn than any mystery lights.• "Mild-Mannered Buyers TameWild Tabloids! Bland Is Better!" byJon Nordheimer, New York Times,Thursday, February 4, 1988, frontpage. Illustrated article covers themove of the tabloids to Boca Raton,Florida, down the road from Lantana,headquarters of the Enquirer. Inter-esting part is that much tabloid edi-torial and reporter staff is importedfrom England and Scotland. Now youknow where to lay the blame. Anotherrevelation: Generoso Pope, Jr., pres-ent wealthy owner and publisher ofthe Enquirer is a former CIA officer.UFOs mentioned as subject matter.Indicates a shift in tabloid topics fromgrue and bizarre to health and diet,occasioned by a fear of offending newprime market supermarket clientele.• "A Theory Sees Life, Of Sorts,On Pulsars," by Malcolm W. Browne("Science Times" section), NY Times,Tuesday, February 2, 1988. Localfollow-up to Neu> Scientist article(24/31 Dec., 1987) mentioned earlier,citing Forwards theory of superme-tabolic life having evolved on the sur-face of a pulsar, or neutron star, des-pite the immense magnetic and gravita-tional forces involved. Both publica-tions were scooped by the MUFONUFO Journal (Feb. and March, 1986)in a two-part article by telecommuni-cations consultant Ali F. Abutaha,whose Cosmic Lifeline hypothesispoints to the possible evolution of lifeon our own sun. If not controversialenough, Abutaha went on to theorizethat glowing, plasmalike UFOs" mayhave their origins there as well. Youread it here first.• "Beyond Communion, A Con-versation With Whitley Strieber," anContinued on page 26
  5. 5. The Gulf Breeze, FloridaPhotographic and CE III Case - Part 1by Donald M. Ware, Florida State Director, Charles D. Flannigan, Lead Investigatorand Walter H. Andrus, Jr., International DirectorCopyrighted by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON) March 1988INTRODUCTIONBy journalistic policy, the MUFONUFO JOURNAL does not publish aUFO sighting report until it has beenthoroughly investigated, evaluated andassigned a definite classification: UFO,IFO, hoax, misperception, or deludedwitness. It is extremely rare when wehave an on-going UFO case in whichthe investigators are practically livingwith the witness and have a first handopportunity • to observe and photo-graph the object when and if itreturns.We are going to break a precedentand invite our readers to join theteam of field investigators, throughthe pages of the MUFON UFOJOURNAL, in their search for evi-dence and answers to this incredibleUFO photographic and CE III case.After meeting with "Mr. Ed," studyingthe photographs, viewing his videotape and observing him reenact histerrifying experiences, my first re-sponse when asked for a statementfor publication was simply "Amazing— Its Incredible." As an "objective-skeptic," the evidence when firstpresented to me was overwhelming.Officially, the Mutual UFO Net-work will not, under any circumstan-ces, issue a statement on the authen-ticity of this case until our investigationhas been concluded and all of thefacts and evidence are revealed,recorded, and evaluated by pertinentmembers of the MUFON Board ofAdvisors — our Consultants. In themeantime, everyone can benefit bylearning the methods and techniquesused to unravel this mystery as itunfolds before us. If this case isexposed as a hoax, Journal readerswill be the first to know. Now, letsgo to the Florida panhandle gulf coastto join our investigators.GULF BREEZE, FLORIDAOne of the most incredible photo-graphic UFO investigations yet wasinitiated when "Mr. Ed" (real name inMUFON file) walked into the GulfBreeze, Florida Sentinel newspaperoffice and deposited five, color Pola-roid photographs on the desk ofDuane Cook, the editor, on November16, 1987, with a letter "To Whom ItMay Concern" from the anonymousphotographer. Mr. Cook was soimpressed with the caliber of theunknown object that he publishedthree of the photos and the letter inthe November 19, 1987 issue of theSentinel (Volume 28, Number 49).The published letter added detailsabout the photographs and the neces-sity for remaining anonymous, sincethe photographer was a prominentbusinessman in the community. Theletter writer and photographer said "Iwish to remain anonymous, but ifthese photos and story spark anyinterest from your readership I mayidentify myself." "Mr. Ed" had noconcept at that time how these fiveinitial photographs were going toeffect the lives of his entire family.Donald M. Ware, State Directorfor Florida, was alerted by a friend inGulf Breeze when the story was pub-lished on November 19th, kicking offthe investigation. Charles D. Flanni-gan, MUFON investigator in Pensa-cola, was assigned to lead the investi-gation due to his proximity to GulfBreeze (only 6 miles across Pensa-cola Bay). Gary A. Watson, also ofPensacola, worked closely with Mr.Flannigan on this intriguingcase. TheSentinel is a weekly newspaper, dis-tributed each Thursday in the GulfBreeze area. Several local and nearbycitizens came forward to report whatthey had observed on November 11,1987 after reading the November 16thedition of the Sentinel. The primequestion from readers was "Is thisobject in the photograph a realUFO?" This was the same questionfacing Donald Ware and his team ofcompetent investigators, who weredetermined to find out. Joe Turnerand Allison Brown, reporters for theSentinel, interviewed eyewitnesses re-porting their sightings to the news-paper. Mr. Turner also called WaltAndrus in Seguin to alert him duringthis inquiry period.Results of MUFON interviews withindependent witnesses, Mr. and Mrs.Charles Somerby and Mrs. Zammitconcerning sightings of the sameobject on November 11, 1987, will beincluded in the April 1988 issue of theJOURNAL.On December 3, Duane Cook andDonald Ware appeared on a 30-minute TV, call-in show and attempt-ed to convince the local residentsthat they could interview witnesseswithout disclosing their identity. Thenext morning Mr. Ed, a successfulbusinessman, called Donald Wareand offered to let MUFON make anon-the-scene investigation. The doorwas now open to conduct a full scaleinquiry. (Mr. Ware, in Ft. WaltonBeach, lives only 42 miles from thewitness/photographer, so was there-fore readily available.) Robert E. Reid,Colonel USAF Retired, joined theinvestigative team at this point. Aconsiderable amount of detail wasobtained on subsequent sightings andadditional photographs when Mr. Edinvited State Director, Donald M.Ware and Investigator Leader, Cha-rles D. Flannigan to his home onJanuary 7, 1988. A four-hour, audiotaped interview was conducted cover-
  6. 6. ing all incidents from November 11,1987 through January 6, 1988. Eachof these events will be describedchronologically as related by Mr. Ed.NOVEMBER 11,1987At dusk on November 11, 1987(sun set at 1655 C.S.T.), Ed observeda glow in the southwest sky while sit-ting at his desk in his home. Aftergoing outside to investigate, he observ-ed a very unusual aerial object in thesky, which prompted him to rushback into his home. He picked up hisPolaroid camera and took four pho-tos (108 film) from his porch, facingthe street, within 3 to 4 minutes(Photos #1, 2, 3, and 4). He droppedthe film on the driveway after takingeach picture. At this point he ran outof film, so he ran back into the houseto get a new pack. He reloaded thecamera and took photo number 5 asthe object approached. (We havereproduced the Sentinels half-tonesin the Journal).The story became very bizarrefrom this point as Ed reenacted theevent to Don and Charles. He saidhe then went into the street in frontof his house, raised his camera foranother picture, and suddenly foundhimself frozen in a blue beam. Duringthe approximately ten seconds whilein the beam, Ed described the follow-ing physical sensations: (1) Eyebrows(eyes) would not move, (2) He couldnot expand his chest, (3) He felt likehe was going to die, (4)He could breathebarely, but there was a nasty smell(he said to the investigators, "try tobreathe without moving your chest"as an example), (5) He started topant when breathing became difficult,and (6) He thought his life was over.At this point, Ed felt himself beinglifted off the road. He described ahuge pressure over his entire body.He said "the force holding you is sostrong that you dont know it is hold-ing you. The only reason you know isbecause you can see." When askedby the investigators if he could feelbeing levitated, he didnt know. As hewas being taken upward within theblue beam, he heard a voice talkingto him "through his head, not hisears," like he was some kind of ananimal.The authorative voice said, "Stopthat! You will not be harmed. Be still.Stop that! We will not hurt you." Hefelt like "they" were trying to calmhim down. He then received a sensa-tion like someone was flipping througha book showing him pages of dog pic-tures. There were "words or some-thing" at the bottom of each pageidentifying the dog. At this point hescreamed, but the sound "doesntcome out right." He described thesound as if he were at the bottom ofa swimming pool. "If you couldscream, it would be kind of hollow,like it was only in my ears and notgetting out of the beam." Ed thinkshe was about three feet above thestreet when he fell to the ground.The object and beam were no longerin sight.As he hit the ground, his kneesbuckled, and he fell forward on theblacktop street. He gasped for "realair." While being in the beam he des-cribed the air as "that smelly stuff."Even though mentally and physicallydisturbed, he rolled over and lookedup to see a distant airplane (had air-plane lights configuration). As he gotback to his feet, his wife drove up inher van having been gone only ashort time to purchase food for theirevening meal. Ed said his wife helpedhim pick up the Polaroid picturesfrom the driveway. He added that"She said he was reeking with a smellof cinnamon and ammonia." WhenEd explained to her what had hap-pened she said, "Oh my God!" Hiswife did not see anything unusualwhile she was gone or during herdrive home.NOVEMBER 20,19874:00 pm CST (1600): Ed heard a"humming" sound while sitting in hishome office. He told his wife thatsomething weird was happening. Hesaid "Its the same sound as whenthey were trying to pick me off theground" while in the beam on Novem-ber 11. He said he associated thissound with the beam, but didnt thinkit was important at the time. (It waslouder while in the beam.) Ed des-cribed the hum like the sound of ahand vibrator placed next to oneshead. He went outside and surveyed
  7. 7. both his front and backyard. He wasconcerned that his wife might thinkhim crazy for hearing "hums" in hishead. Then he returned to his officeto work and his wife continued herhousework.4:45 pm (1645): Ed heard a soundlike air brakes ... "wooish." He wentoutside to the front porch, remainingunder the roof line, to look around.He heard and described a voice withincredible consonants. Since he couldnot understand it, he thought it mightbe an African dialect. He felt he wasonly hearing half of some conversa-tion. The conversation would pauseand then resume, lasting about 10-15minutes.4:58 pm (1658), an object withlights came down in almost the sametrajectory as the November llthexperience. He said, "the objectcame down with incredible speed likeit knew where it was going." Then acomputer-like voice said, "Step for-ward." (At this time Ed was stillstanding at the corner of a smallporch.) He took photo #6 (not illus-trated in this article.) He then heardanother voice, perhaps female, speak-ing in Spanish, "Photographs areprohibited." In spite of the warning,he took three more pictures (photos7, 8 and 9, not published in this arti-cle). He then observed a flashing ofnude women pictures; the most atro-cious, disgusting nude women youcould imagine, like a catalog, thatincluded both Negroes and Chinesepeople. Since a similar experiencehad frightened him so bad on theNovember llth encounter, he did notventure out from under the roof.At 5:03 pm (1703), the object dis-appeared. Ed is unsure, but he thinksit started to glow and went straight up.DECEMBER 2,19873:00 am (0300): Ed was sleepingpeacefully when the humming soundstarted, but assumed it must be theswimming pool pump. When this wasfollowed by the sound of a baby cry-ing, his brain could not justify thissince there are no babies in theirhousehold. Eds eyes were fully openby this time. He now described hear-ing a Spanish conversation between afemale and male. (Ed is reasonablyfluent in Spanish.) The conversation,as he remembered, sounded like thefollowing:Male: "If they dont give me some-thing other than bananas Ill (blank)."Female: "Hush, theyll hear you.Do they just eat bananas?"Male: "S.O.B., look at all those(blank). Maybe twenty."Female: "No, I saw them last night... The Chief... Taking power fuel."Deciding to investigate the sourceof the voices, Ed quietly slipped outof bed with his 38-caliber pistol andpicked up his camera. A male voice isheard that appears to be a complaintabout wanting/clothes, saying "leatherfor skin." With camera and pistol inhand, he went into his backyard andtook Photo #10 (not illustrated) of anobject hovering 150-200 feet beyondhis back fence. When the object dis-appeared, Ed went back to bed.3:30 am (0330): Per his "UFO logbook," Ed heard his Spitz dog barkonce. His dog never barks just once,but always barks continuously whensomething unusual is present. Edcarefully crawled out of bed so as notto disturb his wife (king-sized bed),thinking that the object had returned.He slid across the carpeted floor onhis back, thinking that "they" canhear him. He crawled over to thedouble French doors leading to thescreened porch and pulled a waffle-type blind up. Standing on the otherside of the windows of the Frenchdoor was a creature, "eyeball-to-, eyeball," peering at Ed. (He wasstooped over). He made a loudscream, falling, half-way back acrosstheir master bedroom, waking hiswife abruptly. Upon observing thefrightening event, Ed said his wife was"going crazy."As Ed got to his feet; he saw thecreature turn and run outside of thescreened porch. The creature wasdescribed as being about four feet tallwith a shield over its head, chest andlower body. Distinctive, large almond-shaped eyes were observed through aclear portion of the head mask. Itwas holding an illuminated rod in itsright hand. At first Ed thought it wasinside a "box-like thing"; but as thecreature turned around to leave, itlooked more like a front shield only,since it was thin and flat. Eventhough it was dark, the outline of thecreature was visible because of dis-tant background lights of illumination7
  8. 8. Fifth in a series of five Polaroid prints.from the rod. (The house lights werenot turned on. Figure 1 is the frontview drawing Ed made of the crea-ture. The dotted lines show a sideand rear view of arms, body andlegs.)As Ed opened the French doordead-bolt locks, he could see thecreature running toward a large openfield behind his house. The shape ofthe creature was discernible from theback side as it rapidly retreated fromthe screened porch with Ed in hotpursuit. When he exited the screenedporch exterior door and stepped outon the redwood deck, surroundingthe swimming pool, he was hit with ablue beam. His leg was suddenly"nailed" to the wooden deck from theknee down to his bare foot. He wastwisting and turning as he fell to thedesk. He found himself lying on thedeck with the screen door framebehind him,trying to get sufficientleverage to pull the stuck bare footout of the blue beam without gettinghis other foot into the beam. Hecould feel the beam when his otherfoot touched it. The harder he yanked,the harder it held. Finally, pullinghard and steady on the screen doorframe, his foot came out and thebeam vanished. The beam diameterwas estimated at 28 inches on thedeck and left no residual trace. Thebeam expanded in diameter as it gotcloser tohim.3:35 am (0335): Ed ran back intothe house and retrieved his cameraand ran outside again. He took Photo8Photo No. 11showing UFO with blue beam.-to 4 TALLDARK GK.EY/BLACKED SAID HE DU>NOT 6«E .IMDiVlOOALLOOKED UIKETHIN BOXESMr. Eds drawing of the bedroom visitor, 12-2-87
  9. 9. Photo No. 13, 12-17-87. Altitude of object is estimated at 80 feet.No. 11 (illustrated in this article) ofthe object with the blue beam shininginto the field behind his house. Hespeculated that the creature wasbeing picked up through the beam.(The original Polaroid color photo-graph depicts /the blue beam far moredistinctly than the B&W reproductionin the Journal.)DECEMBER 5,19875:45 am (0545) C.S.T.: Ed woke upnormally (no hum was heard). Heobserved the object over the fieldbehind his house perhaps 20 feetabove the ground and 450-500 feetfrom his house. He returned to hishouse, retrieved his camera and tookphoto #12 (not published in this arti-cle.) The object may have beenascending as the photo was taken asit immediately disappeared.DECEMBER 17,19871:00 am (0100): Ed was awakenedby a sound like a waterfall both in hishead and his ears. He hurriedly gothis Polaroid camera, realizing theflash cube was in place, and tookphoto #13 as illustrated. The objectsaltitude was estimated at 80 feet. Thephoto, with flash, illuminated thepampus grassrbush that Ed was hid-ing behind. The light emanating fromthe bottom of the object was chang-ing from orange to pale-orange repeat-edly. Ed thought the object was hav-ing some kind of trouble as agrayish-looking smoke or steam wasfalling from the bottom. He couldhear something like liquid hitting theground. When Ed went out into thefield to investigate later that day,where he thought the object washovering he found a small plastic but-ter tub container filled with a light-green liquid. It appeared to containrainwater, moss, and dirt, howeverthe liquid was activelybubbling.He thought this was strange so hebrought the plastic tub and contentsinto the house. It was still bubblingrather vigorously during the tapedinterview by Donald Ware and Cha-rles Flannigan on January 7, 1988.When the team of investigators visitedMr. Ed on January 16, 1988, therewas still bubbling occurring in thetub, however a sample quantity pouredinto a bottle and capped stoppedbubbling when it had no access toair. The sample was taken by RobertD. Boyd to Mobile, Alabama on Jan-uary 17th to be analyzed. (A reporthad not been received regarding thecontents within the water as ofFeb-ruary 16th.) The odor from the plas-tic container smelled like deteriorat-ing moss or mold, however somechemical action was taking place tocreate bubbles. (This water probablyhas no relationship to the object hov-ering over the field, but it must beanalyzed if the investigators are toperform a thorough job, leaving nopossibilities open to chance. RobertD. Boyd is the CUFOs InvestigatorCoordinator and MUFON State Direc-
  10. 10. Photo No. 14 taken night of 12-17-87. Object illuminatesground.tor forAlabama.)1:05 am (0105): The object reap-peared very close to the groundacross the field near a school, per-haps 400-500 feet distant. Photo #14was taken showing light being pro-jected and illuminating the groundunder the object. Ed became veryexcited when he anticipated possiblefuture events and said to himself,"yes, the S.O.B. is down. It will bethere in the morning and everybodywill see it. We got the whole thing fullof aliens." His wish was not fulfilled.After about three minutes, the lightsource on the bottom became brigh-ter and it took off, flying very fastdirectly toward Ed. When it sloweddown and hovered, photo #15 wastaken (not illustrated).Photo #16 wastaken as the object came closer tothe house, providing a bottom viewwhen it was nearly overhead. Itdepicted a white outer ring and inter-nal gold and white light on the bot-tom within the ring (note the bush inhis backyard). Of all the photographs10made by Mr. Ed, photo #17 is nearestto the camera as it passed over hishouse. (Note the roof eves, rose trel-lis, and rose bush outside of his mas-ter bedroom. As part of the investiga-tion team, your InternationalDirectortook 35mm slides of each area wherephotographs were made to documenttheenvironment.)DECEMBER 22,19875:15 pm (1715): Ed heard the"humming" sound which lasted for 9or 10minutes. When he went outsideto look in both the front and back ofhis home, nothing was observed. Edlater speculated that this hummingmight have been associated with theanonymous photographer, "BelieverBill," whose nine color prints with atoy "Hot-Shot" camera appeared inthe Gulf Breeze Sentinel drop-box at8 am on December 23,1987.In a statement by Walt Andrus inthe January 21, 1988 edition of theSentinel, a request was made to"Believer Bill" to come forward andreveal the date, time, and preciselocation that he had made his ninephotographs of the same or a similarobject. This information is essentialas an important step to either cor-roborate or disprove the authenticityof Eds own photographs. Since thisis an on-going investigation,with newevents occurring weekly, we neededsolid evidence to provide answers inthis bizarre case.DECEMBER 23,19875:55 am (0555): Ed told investiga-tors that he went out his backdoor toturn on the pool pump before sunrise(sunrise was 6:39 am). He saw threeUFOs that appeared to be over anapartment complex just beyond arow of trees. All were at low level.While he was in the house getting hiscamera, he said one moved to ahigher level. He took Photo #18showing three similar objects. He said"as soon as I lowered the camera, the
  11. 11. iSPhoto No. 16 (above) taken as object approaches 12-17-87. Photo No. 17 (below) same night. Object at clos-est approach.11
  12. 12. Photo No. 18, 12-2387. As soon as picture was taken, top object brightened and one brightened and went up fas-ter than I could raise my head tofol-low it." A second or so later theother two did likewise. He got theimpression that they had waited untilhe took the picture.DECEMBER 28,19878:00 pm (2000): Ed was sitting onone of the back porches writing in hisUFO Log Book, with his back towardthe pool. He observed a glow overthe field in his peripheral vision. Itcame toward the house with nohumming noise present. Since Ed wasout of Polaroid film, he secured hisCamcorder Sony Video 8 ModelCCD M8 with fixed lens. He sneakedaround the bushes in his backyardand took two minutes of video. Theobject can be clearly observed on the12video tape, first moving across thescreen before disappearing behind atree (right to left), then returningwithdifferent lighting (partial bottom view),traveling from left to right. All fixedlights in the video tape remain sta-tionary. The only sound besides therustling in the bushes is a distanttrainwhistle.JANUARY 6,19886:00 pm (1800): Ed heard a "hum"for approximately one minute. Hewent to the front and back of thehouse, but observed nothing.JANUARY 12,19885:10 pm (1710): While at home, Edheard a "hum" of short duration. Heexcitedly called Donald Wares homein Ft. Walton Beach with the news,hoping that an investigator nearbycould respond. (Dons son took thecall in his fathers absence.) As a con-tractor, Ed remembered that he need-ed to check the power meter installa-tion on one of his buildings beingprepared for electrical inspection. (Inrecalling the series of events, hebelieves this thought crossed hismind before he heard the hum, how-ever it may or may not have anybearing on the events to follow.)5:25 pm (1725): Ed left home in hispickup truck and drove east out ofGulf Breeze about 7 miles on U.S. 98and turned right on Highway 191-B.When he was about one-half milesouth on the black top road, theobject flying in the same direction ashe was driving came over his pickuptruck and emitted a white beam
  13. 13. Photo No. 19 taken through windshield January 12,1988.through the windshield partially immo-bilizing his forearms and hands. Hemanaged to get the truck off on theleft shoulder of the highway so hecould make a fast 180-degree turnand exit the area of the object. Hishands and arms were numb andstinging, like many pin pricks.The object moved very fast to ashort distance in front of the truck(approximately 180 feet) and hovered2 or 3 feet left of the double yellowcenterline and only a few feet abovethe road. He tried reaching for hisshotgun behind the drivers seat, butcould not feel it due to lack of sensa-tion in his fingers. He had knockedhis Polaroid camera off the seat whiletrying to reach his shotgun. Afterfinally retrieving the camera from thefloor, where it had fallen, he tookPhoto #19 of the object through thetruck windshield. The glow emittedfrom the bottom of the object illumi-nated the road very distinctly in thephotograph. (Unknown spots appearon the windshield. These spots couldbe rain drops on the windshield, sinceit was very cloudy and this area ofFlorida received considerable rainduring January. Comment by WaltAndrus and not in original report.)Ed said the object brightened up,took off,and came toward him. Withcamera and shotgun in hand, and hishands still semi-paralyzed, he clumsilyattempted to crawl under the pickuptruck for protection from the objectslight beam. Before he could get com-pletely under the truck, the whitebeam struck the back of both his legsfrom the knees down, thus making itvery difficult for hiim to crawl underthe truck. The object again hoveredover the road in front of him as hepeered out between the front wheels.He lay there struggling with shotgunand camera, with semi-paralized armsand legs. He tried taking a photo-graph while under the truck, but thepicture didnt show anything but atire.The object started to turn orrotate. To Eds amazement the bluebeam deposited five creatures oraliens on the road, one after theother less than a second apart. Allfive aliens, each wearing shields andcarrying a glowing rod (like December2, 1987 sighting, figure 1) startedwalking toward him. A thought flashedthrough his mind: "If they cant getme with the white beams, they aresending aliens after me."Frightened by the approach of thefive small creatures, Ed managed tocrawl out from under the truck andget inside of it. He tried to start theengine, which was already idling. Heshifted the truck into reverse (auto-matic transmission), made a hurriedright turn in the road from the leftside and vacated the area imme-diately. (Editors note: Who said thiswasnt a bizarre case?)Ed has since been trying to rational-ize the current situation and feels thescenario could be the following: Hethinks "their" encounter with him onNovember 11, 1987 was interruptedby an aircraft when they dropped himon the street in front of his house (ina residential neighborhood). Since hecan hear a hum when "they" arearound, he feels that they want torelieve him of this capability. DonaldWare and Charles Flannigan, theprime investigators, suspect the situa-tion is far more complicated than Edenvisions.JANUARY 16,19882:00 am (0200): Ed was awakenedfrom his sleep by a very soft "hum,"but of a higher pitch than the pre-vious experiences. He took his camera(but no 38-caliber pistol) to the semi-circular front drive and stood besidehis pickup truck, scanning the sky.He saw a red glow in the southernsky about the size of a star. It gotlarger and larger, and in about tenseconds, a UFO was nearly over-head. It looked entirely different fromthe photographs illustrated in thisarticle.Ed described this object in the fol-lowing manner to the investigators:"The reddish glow looked like atransparent energy sheet hanging downfrom the center. The underside of theobject looked blue." When he liftedhis camera to take a picture, heheard a very loud "hum" with thesame tone or pitch as on previousoccasions. A bright white UFO"winked" into the sky. It hoveredclose to the reddish one. He snappedPhoto #20. (Photo not illustrated inthis article, but the picture wasinspected by each of the investigativeteam members on January 17, 1988during our interview in Eds home.)Don Ware suggested that the whiteobject may be the lower portion ofthe "standard UFO" previously pho-tographed, separated from the rest.On the other hand, Walt Andrus felt13
  14. 14. that Ed had photographed;two differ-ent objects. It was obvious to all ofthe team members, after analyzingthe photographs and conducting theirinterview, that this was an on-goingsituation and would require closersurveillance to determine its authen-ticity. For the local investigators, itwas an "opportunity of a lifetime" toinvestigate a current and probablycontinuous set of experiences ... timewould tell.MUFON investigators purchasedhandie-talkie radios for themselvesand Ed and have proceeded to stake-out the area on every available nightthat they could break away fromhome. Gary Watson (Pensacola), Rob-ert E. Reid and his son from Ft. Wal-ton Beach, have participated in theseattempts to photograph the UFOindependently. Ed was instructed andagreed to call them on his handie-talkie radio whenever he heard thehumming sound in his head. (Couldthis be an implant or a trackingdevice inserted into Eds head so onlyhe could hear thehumming?)JANUARY 21,198810:30 pm (2230): Ed heard a hum.A star-like object was seen briefly byEd. Bob Reid was staked-out thisevening, but the object left beforeBob could observe it. Neither manwas able to take a photograph.JANUARY 24,19885:30 pm (1730): While at home, Edheard a faint hum. He immediatelycalled on his handheld radio todetermine if the investigators stake-out was operational. When he did notget a response on his radio, he gotinto his truck and drove to the news-paper office of the Sentinel, where heenlisted the aid of Duane Cook, theeditor and his friend, Dari. Duane,carrying Eds video equipment, wasriding in the right seat of the truck asEd drove east on U.S. 98 from GulfBreeze. Dari was following in her owncar.Dari said that "Ed looked like hewas in a trance." (Editors note: thecase enactment now becomes evenmore bizarre. Ed told Mr. Cook that14"he feels like his face is pulling off.The hum is in his right forehead andfeels like they want him out of thetruck." Ed said "they are communi-cating with me," and added that hereceived the following message: "Insleep you know." Ed believed thatthis referred to a recurrent dream.At this point he stepped out of histruck and started writhing as if inpain. Duane got out of the truck toscan the sky, but couldnt see any-thing unusual. Ed said, "it is afteryou, too, and you should get backinto the truck." Light rain was fallingso Duane got back into Eds truck.Ed expressed his displeasure to thehum, and had earlier asked the aliensto get rid of it. The hum stopped.As Ed walked back to the driversdoor talking to Duane continuouslyhe said, "Oh s-, there it is." Heraised his Polaroid camera and tookPhoto No. 21 (not illustrated) show-ing the object with the carrying rackon top of his truck in the foreground.Camera elevation was perhaps 55degrees. Duane was video taping Edat this moment, but did not see orfilm the UFO directly over the truck,which departed vertically immediatelyafter Ed took the picture. Parkedbehind the pickup, Dari did not seethe UFO, but did see the flash of thecamera. Upon inspection by investi-gators, this photo shows some verti-cal light streaks above the UFO.Obviously, the team of investigatorsis disappointed that Duane did notstep out of the truck and also videotape the UFO, however Duane didvideo tape the Polaroid film beingejected from Eds camera.This report covers all events fromNov. 11, 1987 through January 24,1988, however new photographs con-tinue to emerge. Further details willappear in the April 1988 issue of theMUFON UFO JOURNAL, since thiscase definitely seems to be continuingbased upon recent telephone callsfrom the prime investigators.ASSOCIATED EVENTSSince there is a possibility that Edmay have had an implant installed inhis head at some time in his life (andonly recently activated), Robert "Bob"Reid opened this inquiry. Ed menti-oned to Bob that he had a strangeexperience when he was 16 years ofage. He recalls seeing a baldheadedman with big eyes beside his bed fol-lowing an incident where a black dogfollowed him. He and his brotherfound very wet footprints on thefloor. Ed was also quite wet. Hisbrother said "he felt footprints on hisbed," but their cat was outside oftheir home. The sprinkler in theiryard ran all night, which might accountfor the wet feet marks left by a noc-turnal intruder, although not remem-bered by Ed himself. Budd Hopkinshas been invited to explore the pos-sibility of an abduction scenario whenEd was 16 years of age. In addition,MUFON is seriously considering thefeasibility of conducting a CATSCANexamination of his head to determineif it would reveal the presence of animplant. Hypnosis sessions could pro-vide additional support for such amedicalexamination.CONFISCATION ATTEMPTOn January 13, 1988 at 8:30 am,Ed responded to a knock on his frontdoor, where he was confronted bytwo men in civilian suits visuallyexposing large pistols. One of themsaid "Are you Ed ?" to whichEd replied, "yes, I am." "Im agentMcKathy"; "Im agent " (Eddidnt remember the name of thesecond individual.)They flashed IDs but Ed couldntdescribe the IDs. We understand youhave some photographs of UFOs. Itis against the law to withhold them."Although they came into his houseand looked around in Eds office, Edtold them that he had given the pic-tures to the Miami Herald reporter,Dave Berry. Ed said, "If you callDave hes going to say he doesnthave them, because he told me hewould deny having them." One mansaid, "You know if you are lying to usyou are in big trouble, because this isa Material Seizure Warrant." Theyleft quietly without any photographs.(It would be sheer speculation to tryto identify these two men, however,they knew Eds actual name andaddress.)
  15. 15. (SoMET/MBSFigure 2. Composite drawing by Mr. Ed.PARK. /VREASTri MO LIGHTSAMY PICTURESexcip-r * IXJANUARY 17,1988Eds drawingof the entity he observ-ed is figure 1 and a composite draw-ing of the object, made from the ear-lier photographs, is figure 2 in thisarticle. Donald M. Ware, State Direc-tor for Florida, was so impressed withthe diverse ramificationsof this case,that he asked MUFONsInternationalDirector to drive to Florida to partic-ipate directly by meeting Ed, viewingthe original Polaroid photographs andthe video tape. After spending severalhours at Mr. Eds home in GulfBreeze, the team of investigatorscomposed of Donald Ware, CharlesFlannigan, Gary Watson, Robert "Bob"Reid, Robert D. Boyd (Mobile, Ala-bama) and Walt Andrus went to visitDuane Cook, editor of the GulfBreeze Sentinel, to study elevenmore photographs sent to the paperby two anonymous witnesses. Ninewere from "Believer Bill" and twofrom an unknown source. Each colorprint depicted an object similar tothat in Mr. Eds photos. Walt pro-vided a statement or status report onthe case to Duane Cook that waspublished in the January 21, 1988 edi-tion of the Sentinel.PRELIMINARY EVALUATIONEd now has a two-way radio in hishome. His house is being monitoredafter dark by Gary Watson and BobReid with handie-talkies so that Edmay alert them when he hears thehumming in his head. On many occa-sions this has been the signal that theUFO is nearby, according to Mr. Ed.As scientific investigators, this mayprovide MUFON people with anopportunity to photograph the objectsimultaneously with Ed.The appeal to "Believer Bill" madeby Walt Andrus in the January 21,1988 issue of the Sentinel producedpositive results. Don Ware receiveda second letter from "Believer Bill," inwhich he said the nine photos weredeveloped in the Gulf Breeze Mallshortly after they were taken. He putthe camera and film in the "overnightservice" drop-box about 11:00 pm onDecember 22, 1987 and picked themup the next morning. He also advisedDon where he was standing when thephotos were taken.When your International Directorfirst heard of the series of photo-graphs by Mr. Ed, his comment was"shades of Billy Meier." However,after examining the photos and meet-ing Mr. Ed personally, it appears thatthis could develop into a very signifi-cant case. Based upon MUFONstandards for UFO photos, .the credi-bility of the witness is even moreimportant than the photographs them-selves. For this reason, your directordrove 1,500 miles roundtrip to meetMr. Ed. I found him to be a conscien-tious and responsible businessman. Iam also very much aware of Edsflare for dramatics and an unbound-ing enthusiasm to share his experien-ces with investigators. He has lis-tened, cooperated, and followed theinstructions and advice of the prime in-vestigators. As I told a United PressInternational reporter in Pensacola onJanuary 21st, this case is either anelaborate hoax or one of the most.fantastic UFO cases I have had theprivilege of personally investigating inthe past 30 years.It is premature to make a decisionat this time, because even as theMarch 1988 issue of the Journal iscompiled, events continue in GulfBreeze, Florida under the scrutiny ofa very competent team of investiga-tors under the direction of Donald M.Ware and his lead investigator, Cha-rles Flannigan. Mr. Ed has nothing togain and everything to lose as a busi-nessman in the community if he isinvolved in a hoax.My only comment at this time is"read the April JOURNAL for thelatest developments in this intriguingcase." Those closest to the investiga-tion believe that this case could beone of the most significant photogra-phic and CE IIIcases yet to be inves-tigated, due to its on-going scenario.NOTE!(All photographs accompanying thisarticle are the exclusive property ofthe photographer and so copyrigh-ted. Their reproduction is strictlyprohibited without prior permission.Serious inquiries only should be direct-ed to the Mutual UFO Network,Seguin, Texas. For additional detailsand corrections, please refer to "Fromthe Editor,"page 2 of this issue.)15
  16. 16. The Mundrabilla IncidentBy Walt AndrusDate: January 20, 1988Time: Early morning hours, approx-imately 4:00 a.m. Western Australiatime. (Exact time unknown.)Location: 40 kilometers west ofMundrabilla on the Eyre Highway inWestern Australia known as TheBasinDuration of incident: 90 minutesINTRODUCTIONHarry Griesberg, MUFON Contin-ental Coordinator for Australia andNew Zealand filed the following pre-liminary report compiled on February4th by Keith Basterfield (UFO Re-search South Australia and UFOResearch Australia) and Ray Brooke(UFO Research South Australia) andreceived by MUFON in Seguin onFebruary 17, 1988. In the early hoursof Wednesday morning January 20,1988, the occupants of a number ofvehicles traveling along the mainhighway between Perth, Western Aus-tralia and Adelaide, South Australiawere reportedly involved in an inci-dent.This report has been compiledfrom a personal interview with themain percipients, the Knowles family,an inspection of their vehicle, andfrom the extensive media coveragegiven to the incidents, especially fromtaped video interviews which appearedon television. Hence most material isderived from the original source.It will be some time before anindepth report can be compiled,operating as we have had to do inwhat can only be described as a"media circus." (Bill Chalker des-cribed it as "checkbook journalism"in a telephone call to Walt Andrus.)Ray Brooke fielded almost one hun-dred queries from local, interstateand overseas radio, television andnewspaper sources in the forty-eighthours following the breaking of the16story. Members of the investigativeteam in this case have been KeithBasterfield, Ray Brooke, Steve Bol-ton, Vladimar and Pony Godic inAdelaide; Garry Little in Melbourne,and Joan Johnston in Perth.LOCATIONThe incident occurred on a stretchof the main bitumised highway be-tween Perth and Adelaide. Betweenthe localities of Madura and Eucla,Western Australia, the area is morelocally known as The Basin and it ishere that the episode reportedlyoccurred. (See map 1.) It is an iso-lated stretch of road with the GreatAustralian Bight (Ocean) to the south(50 kilometers) and a range of hills tothe north.THE EVENTAs pieced together to date, thesequence of events was as follows:Five vehicles were involved. Threewere traveling Eastwards towardsEucla, and two others were on theirway Westwards in the direction ofPerth. These vehicles were spreadover at least a 10-15 kilometer dis-tance and not traveling in a closeconvoy in either direction.Vehicle one was a car towing acaravan (house trailer), the occupantof which is reported to have almostcollided with the Knowles car whendriver Sean Knowles said he tookevasive action, swerving to avoid aclose encounter with the "object" onthe highway. The identity of theoccupant of this vehicle has not beendiscovered by anyone to date and infact this person seems to have beenoverlooked by the media. On Seanstestimony this driver should haveseen the object at close range.Vehicle two was a truck driven byan unknown (to us) person who wasapparently the first person to advisepolice in Eucla, W.A. of the incident.We understand that this person madea statement to the Eucla police, how-ever at this stage the police therehave declined to release the name.Although details are sketchy, it seemsthat the Eucla police contacted theCeduna, S.A. police and advisedthem that a car had been seen fol-lowed by a light. The Ceduna policethen looked for and stopped theKnowles car and interviewedthem.Vehicle three was a truck beingdriven by a Mr. Graham Henley, 57,a transport operator of Forest Hill,Victoria, who was the first person tospeak with the family when both veh-icles stopped at a Mundrabilla road-house. He said that when he saw thefamily they were "terror-stricken" in astate of shock and even their dogswere cowering in the front seat of thecar. Mr. Henley said "he touched themothers hand where she said thatshe touched the thing and it wascold, not clammy, but cold likemarble."Mr. Henley said he had been doingthe Nullarbor Plain run for 31 yearsand in that time many truck drivershad seen mysterious lights hoveringover the stretch of road betweenMadura and Eucla, known as TheBasin. Early on Wednesday morning,January 20, 1988 he had been drivingthrough the area with the Knowlescar about 10 to 15 kilometers behindhim and another truck driven by afriend called "Porky" further back.He said he had seen in his rear-visionmirror a bright white light hoveringabove the car headlights. "It washovering above The Basin on asweeping stretch of road ... just flick-ering in and out between the trees,"he said. "I had only just been talkingto Porky on the radio but once I sawthat light it all went dead." Mr. Hen-ley said that, after hiding in the scrub,the family ran out to the road to hailPorkys truck but he ignored them
  17. 17. ^because of the dangers of stoppingfor strangers in the Outback.When he met the family in Mun-drabilla he said "the whole car smeltlike, bakelite or just like as if youdblown a fuse ... A soot was all overthe car and there were four dents asthough the car had been picked upby a magnet." Mr. Henley said hehad checked the tread of the burst(blown) tire and underneath the carbut there was nothing to indicate ithad swerved off the road. "I cannotexplain it, but all I know is that I sawfour very terrified people at 4:45 a.m.on Wednesday morning,"he said.In a later interview, when the ashon the car was explained by someoneas the dust from over-heated brakes,Mr. Henley responded by saying, "Ifelt the sooty material on the roof ofthe car and it was not brake dust.Ive been around the car-racing sceneand I know what brake dust is like.This stuff was a fine, silicon-typematerial. It was like powdered glass;it had an incredible feel to it. Brakedust only gets on the wheels, not onthe roof, and the brakes werent evenhot." (MUFON and FUFOR haveboth offered financial aid to analyzethe ash or dust in both Australia andthe United States by independentlaboratories to determine itscontent.)Paul Norman and John Auchettlhad an opportunity to examine thecar on February 1, 1988. Mr. Normansaid "he found several peculiaritieswhich are being analyzed by profes-sionals." (Correspondence from PaulNorman, MUFON State Director forVictoria & UFOR (VA).)Vehicle four was a 1984 blue FordTelstar car containing the Knowlesfamily from Perth, the main percip-ients; Mrs. Faye Knowles, in her for-ties, and sons Sean 21, Patrick 24and Wayne 18, who were travelingfrom Perth, W.A. to Melbourne, Vic-toria for a holiday vacation.Vehicle five was a truck driven bya transport operator whom we nowknow to be John De Jong (nickname"Porky"). This vehicle was at anunknown distance behind the Kno-wles car. Due to the number of vehi-cles involved and lack of identificationof some drivers, it will be some timebefore we are able to personallyGreat Australian S;gnf;==sinterview all those concerned.MAIN PERCIPIENTSMrs. Faye Knowles and her sonswere interviewed by Keith Basterfieldand Ray Brooke during a three-hourvideo taping session in the studios ofChannel 7 in Adelaide, Victoria onJanuary 21, 1988. (Keith was notallowed to use his tape recorder sincea contract had been signed by theKnowles family with Channel 7 forexclusive rights for three months, perBill Chalkers telephone call toMUFON.)At a point west of Mundrabilla,W.A., Sean, the driver saw what heat first took to be a trucks lightsapproaching them from the east,apparently along the road. As itapproached it then disappeared after"jumping about a bit." It became vis-ible again and continued to approachtheir vehicle. Sean commented that itloked like a "spaceship." It becamebrighter and bigger. They kept drivingtowards it when it disappeared.The next thing they knew it wasbehind them. Sean accelerated thecar in an attempt to get away from it.Suddenly it was in front of the caragain. At some stage Sean made a U-turn on the highway and traveledwestwards for a while, then anotherU-turn to resume the original east-wards travel, it is not clear whetherthis was an attempt to elude or followthe light.At another time Sean commentedthat the light was seen close to theirvehicle on the highway and theyswerved into the other lane to miss itand nearly collided with vehicle one(a car and caravan) coming the otherway. (Please refer to a taped tele-phone interview with Sean by MikeCampbell of CJOR-Radio in Van-couver, B.C.)The exact sequence of events fromhere is very confused, however theseare some of the events which hap-pened:The right rear tire blew out (burst)while they were traveling at speed.Sean said they were driving at 200kilometers per hour (120 m.p.h.)when the object was chasing them.Sean braked the car to a halt afterthe tire blew out. Mrs. Knowles saidshe was sitting in the rear passengerseat behind the driver nearest thecenter of the road. (Vehicles aredriven on the left-hand side of theroad in Australia.) She stated shewound down her window and placedher right hand on the car roof. Sheretracted it after feeling some mate-rial present on the roof. Immediatelythe back of her hand felt warm for afew seconds, then the sensation faded.A "greyish-black mist" came intothe car when the family rolled thewindows down.The sound of their voices changedin pitch and appeared to slow down.They believed that the object hadlanded on the roof of their Ford Tel-17
  18. 18. Mrs. Knowlesstar. When they were questionedabout this point, they said they didnot see anything protruding to thefront, rear or over the sides of the roofas viewed from within the car.A humming sound was heard.Sean blacked-out for an unknownperiod of time. (In the radiointerview,he said "he was out cold.")They all became hysterical, andwere shouting and crying. Mrs. Kno-wles said she* believed they weregoing to die.They believed that the car waslifted off the road. However, wheneach was asked if they looked out ofthe windows and saw the car off theground, they had not done so.They stated that when the vehiclewas dropped to the ground the tireburst.Their two dogs were "going crazy".A smell likened to "dead bodies"permeated the air.It should be emphasized that theexact sequence of the above eventsis still to be obtained from the family.After a period of time, Sean stoppedthe car. They all got out quickly andhid in the adjacent scrub bushesalong the highway. They reportedthat the light/object remained in the18vicinity of their car and then departed.Approximately fifteen minutes afterstopping their car and hiding in thescrub, they returned to the car andrapidly changed the blown tire. (Policefound their car jack still at the loca-tion during their investigation.) Fromthat point (believed to be 40 kilome-ters west of Mundrabilla), they droveto the Mundrabilla Motor Hotel inWest Australia.- TEAM INVESTIGATIONThe story broke to the team ofinvestigators about 2:30 p.m. onWednesday, January 20th, some tenhours after it occurred. The Cedunapolice telephoned Ray Brooke whilethe Knowles were present in thepolice station. Arrangements weremade for the family to proceed toAdelaide where they would be inter-viewed and arrangements made toinspect the automobile, documentingthe physical evidence. Ceduna policeadvised us (the investigators) theyhad secured written statements and asample of the black deposit for analy-sis. (Sgt. Jim Furnell and Sgt. FredLongley of the Ceduna Police Dept.conducted an interview and filed theirreport. Sgt. Longley said Mrs. Knowlesand her sons were obviously dis-tressed when they walked into hispolice station at lunchtime on Janu-ary 20th.)The family spent the night at theEyre Highway Motel at Wudinna, 350kilometers northwest of Adelaide.(The car was impounded in Wudinna.)The team of investigators UFOR(SA)could do nothing further until thefamily and vehicle arrived in Adelaide.Then the story leaked to themedia. The family were interceptedenroute and concluded an exclusivecontract with the Channel 7televisionnetwork. It appeared at this stagethat "checkbook journalism" hadscored over scientific evaluation.On Thursday, January 21st, afternegotiations with the network, Mr.Basterfield and Mr. Brooke were ableto spend three hours at the AdelaideChannel 7 studios where the Knowlesunderwent extensive interviews. Be-tween video-taped interviews, Keithand Ray managed to talk informallyto all members of the family. No for-mal indepth interview was possibleunder these circumstances. They wereable to confirm the familys basicstory as related in thisarticle.The family was distressed and tiredat this stage and told the two investi-gators that they wanted to finish allofthe television interviews. The Kno-wles family appeared to Keith andRay to be down-to-earth people tryingto cope with some traumatic episode.Indications of a hoax were minimal.Following the end of the TV inter-views at the station, the investigatorssought to conduct their own formalindepth interview. However, the fam-ily declined and then left for anundisclosed location, apparently honor-ing their contract with Channel 7.The next day they travelled to Mel-bourne, 800 Kms. away.Since the station had the vehiclehidden away and the Knowles familywere not available for further inter-views, Keith and Ray were forced towait further developments. They ad-vised Channel 7 personnel the direc-tion the evaluation of the vehicleshould take before departing thepremises.EXAMINATION OF THEKNOWLES AUTOMOBILE:THE CAR
  19. 19. The Knowles vehicle, a 1984 blueFord AR Telstar GL, front-wheeldrive, automatic, sedan, registrationnumber 7GD-560 was made availableto Ray Brooks and Keith Basterfieldby Channel 7 on February 2nd, afterit was transported by truck fromWudinna, South Australia. It wasinspected by the team from UFOR(SA)/UFOR(A).The vehicle was generally in goodcondition. There was no immediatesign of damage to it when first seenexcept for a shattered drivers mirror.(Sean advised the team that they hita kangaroo at one stage of their trip,and it is not known what damage wasa result of this collision with theanimal.) The bodywork, for its age,was in extremely good condition.(See photograph of the car in thisarticle.) The engine was relativelyclean, and there were no signs ofpanel beating. (Chips or "dings" onthe doors.) The odometer readingwas 102,414 kilometers.TIRESAll five tires were tubeless DunlopGrand Prix steel-belted radials, typeP185/75 SR 14. Three of the tireswere "first time" tires, whereas theright rear (this replaced the onewhich blew out) was a retread. Thedamaged tire was found in the boot(trunk of the car). The damaged tirehad blown out along a line where thesteel belt finishes and starts to go upthe wall of the tire in a circularfashion. Its tread was good, perhapshalf its original life left, and slightlyworn on the outside.ROOFFrom a distance of a few meters, itwas difficult to see the four reportedindentations in the roof. At closerange, it was possible to locate foursmall in area, shallow in depth inden-tations. The areas were depressions,not cuts and the paint in these spotswas still intact. There was no evi-dence of an indentation in the centerof the roof, nor any other prominentmark or scratch. No luggage rack waspresent. (Two suitcases had beenstrapped to the roof of the car beforeThe Knowles family ... Patrick, Wayne, Faye and Sean.The Knowles automobile.the incident, but were reported miss-ing after the episode.)ELECTRICALThe family reported no effects tothe engine, lights or clock at the timeof the event. The investigators checkedthe sidelights, headlights, turn andstop indicators, windshield washer,interiorroof light, boot (trunk) light,radio and digital clock and all werefound to be operable. When testingthe rear red brake lights, they foundthe righthand light to be inoperable.The battery was a six cell unit (12.6volts) in good condition. Internal fluidlevels were proper.The engine is a gasoline-powered,four-cylinder 2.0 litre capacity motor.19
  20. 20. Ray Brooke with blown tire. Photo by Keith Basterfield.The speedometer, odometer, fuel gaugeand temperature gauges functioned.The car was driven by the investiga-tors a short distance to substantiatethe above information.It had a small "Realistic" brandradio with AM/FM bands and cassettein poor physical condition, havingbroken knobs, and dual speakers.With the aerial fully extended the unitplayed fairly well.INTERNA1VEXTERNAL DEPOSITSThere was no evidence of anyblack deposit internally or externallyfound by the teams inspection, exceptas stated below. The vehicle had tra-velled from Mundrabilla, W.A. toWudinna, S.A. (several hundred kilo-meters) under its own power, andwas then transported by truck fromWudinna to Adelaide (another fewhundred kilometers) before it wasviewed. One day prior to the teaminspection in Adelaide, Paul Norman,vice president of the Victorian UFOResearch Society and John Auchettlhad vacuumed the vehicle in order totake samples. Mr. Auchettl told thenews media that the dents on theroof could not have been caused bythe car rolling, as some reports have20suggested. Mr. Norman dismissed theclaims that a meteorite "attacked"the Knowles familys car on the Nul-larbor Plain. "They watched it fly off— what sort of meteorite does that?"he said.The inside floor areas of the carwere covered with sand particles,grass particles, pieces of food, emptydrink containers and other debris.The one exception as far as blackdeposits goes is as follows: On themetal trims of the two front wheels,there was a black deposit present.This was not present on the two rearwheels nor the damaged wheel in thecar trunk. It was distributed aroundthe trim, but did not extend to thehub cap and wheel cover, wheel nutsnor anywhere else. Its distributionwas consistent with originating fromthe disk brake pads on the two frontwheels under heavy breaking, i.e.worn brake linings.PHYSICAL EVIDENCE -PRELIMINARY RESULTSA sample of the black deposit saidto have been on and in the vehicleimmediately after the event was ana-lyzed by AMDEL (Australian MineralDevelopment Laboratories) in Ade-laide, for Channel 7. It is believedthat this sample was taken on Janu-ary 21,1988.On January 25th, Channel 7 newsannounced that: "... analysis of blackmaterial on the car reveals that it ismostly iron oxide consistent withresidue from worn brake linings."They went on to say that the mostperfectly circular cut on the right reartire was probably caused by the vehi-cle running a considerable distanceon the rim after the blow out. Shak-ing of the vehicle and smoke enteringthe car could be explained underthese conditions they said. A copy ofAMDELs report has been promisedto the investigators.Another sample of the black dep-osit was taken for a forensic squadofficer of the South Australian PoliceDepartment (SAPD) at Ceduna onJanuary 20, 1988. In discussions withthe SAPD on February 1st, theyadvised no testing of their sample hadbeen undertaken; that the sample col-lected was extremely small, and theywould probably turn their sampleover to the WAPD in whose jurisdic-tion the event occurred. Mr. Baster-field and Mr. Brooke are currentlynegotiating with both the SAPD andWAPD for custody of this sample.DAMAGED TIREAs reported by Channel 7, AMDELhave advised that the damaged tiresstate is entirely consistent with anormal tire blow-out at high speed.(See photograph of damaged tire heldby Ray Brooke as photographed byKeith Basterfield in thisarticle.)FURTHER INVESTIGATIONSWe are following various leadsincluding:Seeking copies of statements madeto Police.Trying to interview the two truckdrivers first on the scene.Endeavoring to document indepen-dent observation of lights in the samearea.Awaiting a copy of the AMDELreport.Negotiating with SAPD and WAPD
  21. 21. for their sample.Anticipating the results of PaulNormans testing.Seeking advice from those expertswho were reported as advancinghypothesis of various kinds to explainthe event, e.g. meteorite fall.IN CONCLUSIONAs of February 4, 1988 it is theopinion of Ray Brooke and KeithBasterfield that the entire incident,particularly the central experience ofthe Knowles family, is still open to anumber of interpretations. They wantto emphasize that the physical evi-dence is not as strong as the mediahave reported and caution is urgeduntil technical reports are available.NOTESIt was reported to have been darkat the time of the event, becominglight at the end. Duration: ll/2 hoursor 90 minutes.There is confusion over the exacttime of the episode. It is reported tohave commenced at 5 a.m., but it isunclear whether this was Western orSouth Australia time. The family isalso very unclear on this.The Knowles family appeared to bedown-to-earth individuals caught upin events beyond their control WhenKeith and Ray met them, they exhi-bited signs of tiredness, stress andconfusion at times.The MutualUFO Network (MUFON)is deeply indebted to Harry Griesberg(MUFON Continental Coordinator forAustralia/New Zealand) for filing threeseparate progress reports on thiscase and especially to the primeinvestigators, Mr. Keith Basterfield,MUFON State Director for SouthAustralia and Mr. Ray Brooke ofUFO Research, South Australia.We hope to provide a report fromthe crew members of the three tunafish trawlers that saw unusual lightsand that of the pilot of the tuna fishspotter aircraft, who independentlyreported an incident at the same timeas the Knowles family in the GreatAustralian Bight. (Bill Chalker, MUFONState Director for New South Wales,advised MUFON by telephone that theships would be docking the first weekof February.)EXCLUSIVETELEPHONE INTERVIEWEven though Channel 7 in Adelaidehad signed an exclusive contract withthe Knowles family, making it moredifficult for Keith Basterfield and RayBrooke to conduct an indepth inves-tigation, Mike Campbell of radio sta-tion CJOR in Vancouver, BritishColumbia called long distance andinterviewed Sean and Patrick Kno-wles in their motel room in Adelaide(January 21, 1988 in Canada). AileenEdwards in Washington State taperecorded the "live" interview, whichshe has graciously shared with MUFONvia Bob Gribble.In order to refrain from repeatingstatements made to the investigatorsand already published in the featurearticle, only brief statements made bySean and Patrick in response toquestions posed by Mike Campbellwill be quoted.SEAN KNOWLES"We saw this thing sitting in themiddle of the road, so I asked eve-ryone about it." They said "no, dontdisturb it ... As we got closer, I hadto drive to the other side of the roadto miss it. We nearly hit a car withcaravan going the opposite direction.The object disappeared." Sean des-cribed the object on the highway infront of them, when asked by Mr.Campbell: "Egg-shaped, with a roundcircle in the center, orange-yellow incolor. On the sides it looked like ithad sorta birdwings."When Sean was asked about thecar being picked up he said, "I cantreally explain it. I put me foot on thebrake because going such a hardspeed — cant remember after that— out cold." Could you feel a sensa-tion of being lifted? Sean replied: "Aforce which was unreal — felt like^Iwas dead." When Mike inquiredabout the tire exploding, Sean withextreme difficulty in his voice said:"pretty hard to explain ... (followedby two long sighs)." Since Sean hadsaid he was "out cold," Mr. Campbellasked if all four people had lost con-sciousness. Sean could not speak forthe others, since he didnt know forsure. He continued by saying, "Mumput her hand out of the window —felta leather-likething out there."Mr. Campbell said as an aftermath— can you believe the experience? towhich Sean replied, "yes I can — itwent on for ll/2 hours." Still probinginto how long they were airborne andthe length of time the object was onthe roof of the car, Sean could onlysay "I dont know because I was outcold."PATRICK KNOWLESMike Campbell asked Sean if Patrickwas now out of the shower so hecould speak with him. When Patrickcame to the telephone, Mike askedhim to tell the listening audience whatactually happened. Patrick related thefollowing: "I run the window down —our voices went strange — duststarted coming in the car. After thegas stuff entered the car, the car thendropped. It strained our bodies."Patricks response to the length oftime that the car was elevated was"Not for sure." When asked if theysuffered fear, Patrick said: "Fear? — Iwas too stunned to actually feel fear.It was the worst experience in melife." When the car was picked up heexclaimed, "Oh God! Oh Boy! itcouldnt be happening! — thats whenthe car dropped."Mike then asked what happenednext, to which Patrick answered, "Itdropped us. We got out of the car andran into the bushes. We hid in thebushes 15 to 20 minutes — it wasreally there. We tried to stop sometruckers — strange things happeningup there." Patrick said it only tookthem three minutes to change thetire. The trucker from Perth toldthem they were shaking and lookedlike ghosts, later on. These are theessential quotes and comments madeby the two young men to MikeCampbell. They still sounded "shookup" during the interview to thisobserver.SIMILAR TASMANIANINCIDENT REVEALED21
  22. 22. When the Knowles family incidentappeared in the news media on Janu-ary 21, 1988, a VictorianUFO ResearchSociety field officer, Mr. Pat Gildearevealed an incident in Tasmaniathat was very similar in nature to thebright, egg-shaped Nullarbor light. OnDecember 14, a prominent Launces-ton, Tasmania businessman claimedhe saw a colored, egg-shaped objectwhile driving his white Mercedes-Benz on a deserted country roadabout 10:30 p.m. He thought the"bright, white light" hovering abovehim was only a helicopter, but as hedrove on he noticed the light appearedto be following him.Then the light landed on the roadin front of him. The man brought hiscar to a halt and put on the hand-brake. At this point, the enginestopped and the automobile lightswent out. "He panicked and ran backdown the road but then stopped tolook back," Mr. Gildea said. Henoticed that the car was being draggedtowards the light. He could onlymake out an oval-shaped object.Mr. Gildea said another man arrivedat the scene just in time to see theobject take off on an angle and "dis-appear into the night sky." When theowner came back to his Mercedes, itwas covered with a sooty type ofcarbon. The cars electrical systemhad also been damaged. (Noexplana-tion of the damage to the car wasgiven.) The tar or blacktop on theroad had melted where the light hadlanded and skid marks were left onthe road where the car had beendragged. (The hand brake had beenset when he got out of the car.)Mr. Gildea said the Launcestonbusinessman was stunned whendetailsof the Knowles familys experiencewere described to him. "He wasamazed — it sounds exactly like thesame object. Before this, he did notthink UFOs existed," Mr. Gildea said.(Mr. Paul B. Norman is the VicePresident of the Victorian UFO Re-search Society and the MUFONState Director for Victoria.)MUFON AmateurRadio Net NewsBy Dave Dobbs, K8NQNMUFON1030Oldtowne Rd.SeguinTexas 78155EMERGENCY CALLINGTIMES AND FREQUENCIESIn the event of a national mergencyinvolving UFOs, or a local UFOemergency receiving national newscoverage, it is essential that we beable to activate a MUFON AmateurRadio Net at any time. Many netmembers liaison with their state andlocal area MUFON directors andinvestigators who will need detailsand current information. Contact withHeadquarters in Texas may be required.Therefore, manager and control sta-tions of the existing nets have agreedon the following plan.Calling times will be the first fifteenminutes of each four hour intervalbeginning from the familiar fortymeter net schedule. The daylight fre-quency will be as close as possible tothe usual be as close as possible tothe usual 7.237 MHz. A night timefrequency around 3.990 MHz hasbeen selected. The calling times andfrequencies apply to any day of theweek. Stations able to hear netsoperating in other parts of the coun-try will be asked to liaison with them.22Please post this information at youroperating position for ready refer-ence, after converting the easterntime to your own if necessary.EST/EDT MHz0000-0015 3.9900400-0415 3.9900800-0815 7.2371200-1215 7.2371600-1615 7.2372000-2015 3.990In addition, 28.470 MHz, in theNovice/Technician portion of the tenmeter band, is recommended as alocal calling frequency at the sametimes.NOVICES AND TECHNICIANSThe new TEN METER UFO NETis now in experimental operation.Listen for it on Sunday afternoons at3 pm EST (2000 Z) around 28.470MHz. Licensed amateurs of all classesare cordially invited to participate.They need not be a MUFON member,so please inform ham friends and rel-atives with an interest in UFOs. Theylleven let you talk, if you like!Net control is WD8ARZ in Michi-gan. Operators who cant hear himshould check in with stations who arein contact with him and ask to berelayed. Conditions will improverapid-ly as we move farther into the newsunspot cycle.FORTY METER NETSEEKS WESTERN MEMBERSInterest continues to grow in theprimary MUFON Amateur Radio Netwhich meets every Saturday morningat 8:00 am EST/EDT on 7.237 MHz.About twenty stations are now check-ing in regularly. They cover the U.S.from the east coast to Colorado andTexas. Because media reporting ofUFO events varies widely, the ex-change of reports is most valuable.Some MUFON directors also keepthe net advised of activity in theirareas, which is greatly appreciated.Western key stations will be alertto relay check-ins from the Pacificand Mountain Time Zones during theinformational part of the net, around5:45 - 6:00 am PST. Listen forWA5CTJ in San Antonio, W5UAAinOklahoma, or NG1E in Colorado, and
  23. 23. give them a call.WEST COAST NETS NEEDEDWhy isnt there a MUFON net inthe west which meets at a time con-venient for the Pacific and MountainTime Zones? Surely someone mustbe willing to start a forty meter net inCalifornia at 0800 Saturday mornings,for instance. And there must be aNovice or Technician willing to starta ten meter UFO net west of theRockies. Liaison operators from theexisting nets can check in to passtraffic. The ten meter net will soonbecome reliable enough for that pur-pose. Contact WA3QLW or K8NQNif youre interested. Were good in theCallbook.Letter ToThe Editor...Dear Editor,I was surprised to see my by-lineattached to an article ("MJ-12 JuryStill Out") in the November issue ofthe JOURNAL.The article, of course, consistsentirely of the text of CUFOS pressrelease of last September. I did notwrite that press release and my nameappears nowhere on it. How did youreditorial staff get the idea that I amthe author? The release was basedmostly on material supplied CUFOSby Bill Moore and Stan Friedman,with some editorial addition and sub-traction by George Eberhart and me.The final product was a hodgepodgewith no single author. If I personallywrote more than three or four sent-ences, Id be surprised.I think the points the article makesare sound and I believe the MJ-12matter will remain unresolved until acompetent document examiner has achance to study the briefing paperand to announce his findings. But forpurposes of keeping the record straight,I would appreciate it if you informedyour readers that I am not the authorof the article.Sincerely,Jerome ClarkIn OthersWordsBy Lucius ParishThe NATIONAL ENQUIRER hasreturned to the UFO subject re-cently, even if the many sightings inVirginia were not "spectacular" enoughfor coverage in that publication. TheJanuary 26 issue has actress MichellePhillips account of her UFO sightingin 1969. Historical UFO reports fromthe 1880s and 1890s are the focus ofan article in the February 2 issue.January OMNIs "Anti-Matter/UFOUpdate" column profiles Canadianresearcher Chris Rutkowski (editorofSWAMP GAS JOURNAL), who hadconsidered writing his Ph.D. thesis onthe controversial "earthquake lights"theory of UFO origin. While Rut-kowski has apparently decided not totackle the subject, he did find severalother Ph.D. thesis dealing with UFOs.One of the better ones Ive seen isThomas E. Bullards MYSTERIES INTHE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER,comparing historical accounts withmodern UFO reports.The January and February issuesof FATE contain Parts 1 and 2 ofJerome Clarks four-part series onUFO crashes.An extremely interesting article onStealth technology and the "UFOconnection" appears in the Februaryissue of GUNG-HO. The author,writing under the pseudonymn of "AlFrickey," goes into considerable detailabout the various development pro-grams for Stealth aircraft, finallyspeculating that some of this technol-ogy may have been obtained fromcrashed UFOs. An "Editors Note" atthe end of the article claims that theAir Force has had an "Alien Tech-nology Center" at Nellis Air ForceBase in Nevada for several years. Ashe asks, "Do you think they arestudying Mexicans?" A retired engi-neer for Lockheed asserts that "Wehave things flying in the Nevadadesert that would make George Lucasdrool."I have mentioned CALIFORNIAUFO magazine in a previous column,but there have been some changes,including the title (now just UFO), soit is certainly worth mentioning again,for those who havent seen it. Themost recent issue (Vol. 2, No. 4) con-tains articles on the Wytheville, Virgi-nia UFO flap, the work of NikolaTesla (and modern attempts to dupli-cate/expand it), the "quantum uni-verse" theory, 1960s UFO/ET films,plus the usual letters, book reviews,lists of UFO organizations/publica-tions and a wide variety of otherinteresting features. If you have notseen any of the past issues, they arestill available. A 6-issue subscription is$18.00 and, in my opinion, well worthit. The address is: UFO -1800 S.Robertson Blvd., Box 355 - LosAngeles, CA 90035.Still more booklets in Loren GrossUFOs: A HISTORY series are nowavailable. 1952: September-Octoberand 1952: November-December maybe ordered from Gross (690 GableDrive - Fremont, CA 94538) for $6.00each. All the booklets are approxi-mately 100 pages in length, illustratedand indexed. If you havent obtainedeach of the booklets as they werereleased, check with Gross to deter-mine whichones are stillavailable.Jacques Vallee has a new bookdue out in April, DIMENSIONS, pub-lished by Contemporary Books. BradSteigers THE FELLOWSHIP, dealinglargely with contactee reports andchannelled messages, has just beenreleased by Doubleday. Paperbackeditions of COMMUNION, INTRUD-ERS and LIGHT YEARS are nowavailable on newsstands. Whitley Strie-bers TRANSFORMATION will appar-ently be published in Autumn 1988.MUFON23
  24. 24. LOOKING BACKBy Bob GribbleTHIRTY YEARS AGO - March1958: Marcio Goncalves, his girlfriend, his younger brother and otherfriends were out driving near PontaPoran, Brazil about 10:30 pm, (dateunknown), when they spotted a brightobject hanging over the thicket aheadof them. Suddenly, the UFO movedtoward the group of observers andstopped directly overhead. It waslarger than their car and seemed tobe made of polished metal. The entirearea was illuminated by a blood-redglow, and Goncalves said the hairstood up on the back of his head.The UFO appeared to be so closethey could have struck it with a shortpole. Goncalves started the Jeep andheaded back toward town. But theUFO wasnt through playing. It fol-lowed the group, flying just behindtheir vehicle and about ten feet abovethe ground. No noise or heat camefrom the object. Goncalves drove ata very fast speed over the narrow,rough road. The chase lasted aboutfifteen minutes until the Jeep reachedanother thicket where the road passedthrough the woods. Goncalves hopedthe UFO couldnt fly under the smalltrees. He was right. They watchedthe object pass behind the trees anddisappear.Thinking the UFO had left thearea, the group relaxed. But whenthey left the protection of the woodsthey spotted it hovering over thethicket as though it was waiting forthem to reappear. The road curvedtoward a hill a few hundred yardsaway. The UFO dove at high speed,not toward the Jeep, but straight forthe top of the hill, well ahead of thevehicle. Then it descended over thehill and settled to the ground in themiddle of the road. The Jeep startedto climb the hill, and the group waspanic-stricken. The UFO had cut offtheir escape toward town. He couldnot go back. The Jeep picked upspeed and the young people prepared24for a crash. As the car climbed thehill its headlight beams hit the UFO.To the amazement of everyone in theJeep the object began to wobble vio-lently, then shot straight up into theair. The Jeep passed under theobject, but it did not interfere withthe group. After following the vehiclefor another ten minutes it climbedvertically at high speed and vanishedinto the darkness.***TWENTY YEARS AGO - March1968: A series of phenomena wokeresidents of the Mexican states ofVeracruz, Tabasco, and Oaxaca at2:16 am on the 27th. At first the skywas flooded with brilliant light whichmade the night as bright as daylight.Thousands of witnesses said the bril-liance came not from one source, butfrom several. Seconds later a violentskyquake and earthquake hit the cityof Veracruz and frightened citizensobserved several UFOs descendingfrom the sky. Instruments at theWeather Bureau station not only reg-istered an earthquake of moderateintensity at the same time in all of thethree states — but its effects on thesea itself had registered. Oceano-graphers- reported that fountain-likespray churned up along the coastlineof the Gulf of Mexico and witnessesclaim to have seen a miniature tidalwave. The crew of the oceangoingtanker Alfa-Mex II,and their captain,Jamie Tibur Lara, observed the mys-terious objects from their ship whichwas about three miles out in the Gulfoff Villa Rica.After his study of the strange inci-dent, Ernesto Dominguez, 51, chief ofthe Mexican Department of Meterol-ogy — who is considered one of thecountrys most knowledgeable scient-ists — said, "This may not have been— probably was not meteors ... Wedo know that it did not call toearth. The trajectory (of the object orobjects) was curved; imagine a jet orspaceship, if you will, suddenly goingout of control and plunging directlytoward the earth. Then, as if controlsuddenly were regained, the objectabruptly veers away from the earthmoments before collision." This wasthe pattern of the phenomena overVeracruz and meteors do not followsuch a pattern.Chief Dominguez also remarkedthat when the objects came closeenough to show a discernible outline— at a height estimated to be five or10 miles above the earth — eventhen they appeared to be more thantwo yards wide. If at that great heightthey were visible they "very wellcould have been truly enormous insize." He would not even guess as totheir actual size or what they were.He was asked, "What caused theearthquake, the turbulence of the seaand the tremendous roaring noise?"The Chief replied, "Pressure. Incalcu-lable great pressure. It, or they camenear enough to the earth to exert thisvast pressure, then veered away. Wethink the earthquake and the noisewere caused when the objects werenearest the earth — about 1600 feethigh. It was at this point that collisionwas averted and the thing or thingsabruptly changed course."In his official report in the April1968 issue o the Department ofMeteorologys Boletin Climatico, Do-minguez said that at the onset of thephenomena, temperatures lowered —but as the color of the glare changedfrom brilliant white to green to blue,the sensation of cold changed to oneof heat. Why? No one, not evenDominguez ventured to explain this.He estimated the speed of the objectsas roughly 43.47 miles a second —2608.2 miles a minute or 156,492miles per hour!***FIFTEEN YEARS AGO - March1973: "I wont say it was a UFO, butI know Ive never seen anything likeit." That was the way Oscar Wills ofMurphysboro, Illinois, a shift engineerat Grand Tower Power Station, des-cribed the object he sighted on ther