MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER ...
COMMUNION: A READERS GUIDEBy Dr. Michael SwordsMichael Swords is an associateprofessor of natural sciences atWestern Michi...
A READERS GUIDE TO COMMUNION: .Date1945194619471948Odd Experiencesround object in sky; gray1949 I/1950 Rsometime;1951 H me...
Footnotes to Readers Guide: (W.S. .=Whitley Strieber)1. A friend tells W.S. viaa phone call that he remembers a huge, stra...
The PhenomenaInternal, primarily primnrily External.Self-originatedand of "clinical"importance.Self-originatedand of "spir...
AN OPEN LETTER TO DR. SWORDSDear Dr. Swords:I have read your "Readers Guide"to my book Communion. I wasfascinated to see t...
present in Communion suggest thatthis is quite uncertain.My visitor experiences continuedin 1986 and into 1987 and were fa...
constructed. All of this takes time tosort out, naturally, and the witness,contactee or abductee needs commun...
curiosity as to the power-source of thespace-craft that had intercepted his carone night on a long, open stretch ofTexas h...
by broken human relationships. Amongthe recognized gains that occurredmost often:An increased sense of creativityand const...
and/or that we all have God within us,and/or that all together we are God.The philosophy that all humanbeings are God, or ...
"guests" and did not at any timeinvoketerror in them. None of Striebersentities, however, fell into this secondgroup! ...S...
NEWSNVIEWSJOURNAL OFSCIENTIFIC EXPLORATIONELMSFORD, NEW YORK,March 30, 1987 -- Robert Miranda,President of Pergamon Journa...
In a personal note to Walt Andrus,Pete asked to have this short "GuestEditorial" published in the Journal. It isself-expla...
NEWSNVIEWS, Continued: The radar has an unconventionalreceiving system, in that a radio camerarotates to collect signals f...
FOR RELEASE:Thursday.March 12. 1987All persons in the survey were asked the followingquestion: - -, .Do you think there ar...
BOOK REVIEWByRichard HallTHE NIGHT SKYBy Walter N. WebbMUFON Astronomy ConsultantRichard Hall is a formerMUFON Journal edi...
MESSAGE, ContinuedStarr, Timothy Good from England,and Richard Neal, M.D. The genialJim Moseley will M.C. the conference.T...
DIRECTORS MESSAGEbyWalt Andrus"International Symposium onUnidentified Aerial Phenomena: 1947-1987" is the theme for the MU...
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Transcript of "Mufon ufo journal 1987 5. may"

  2. 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER H. ANDRUS. JR.International Director andAssociate EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorANN DRUFFELContributing EditorPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityMARGE CHRISTENSENPublic RelationsREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityT. SCOTT CRAINGREG LONGMICHAEL D. SWORDSStaff WritersTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEONARD STRINGFIELDUFO Crash/RetrievalWALTER N. WEBBAstronomyNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLROBERT V. PRATTEditor/Publishers Emeritus(Formerly SKYLOOK)The MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$25.00 per year in the U.S.A.; $30.00foreign in U.S. funds. Copyright 1987by the Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin, Texas.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 toadvise change of address to TheMUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155-4099.FROMTHE EDITORFor all practical purposes, there are only two categories orclasses of people: the Haves and the Have-Nots. This distinctionapplies equally to political power, ICMs, the climbing of MountEverest, and the sighting of anomalous aerial phenomena or theabduction encounter itself. One has either been to Beijing, or onehasnt. In the case of UFO experiences of whatever sort, of course,the Have-Nots still faroutnumber the Haves. The question, then, isnot so much whether UFOs exist (the Haves are alreadyconvinced;the Have-Nots, for the most part, arent) but whether the gapbetween the two parties is insurmountable?Nowhere is this more critical than in the case of allegedabductions by alien humanoid beings. Either one has been toMagonia, inVallees geography, or believes one has been, or one hasnot, or at least has no memory of havingbeen (!). The editor ofthisJournal stands precariously suspended in space, somewherebetween the two opposing vantage points. To judge prematurely isto plummet into the abyss of certainty, from which only opinionsemerge. And opinions are only as substantial as the air they aremade of. Mine seem pretty firm Monday,Wednesdays and Fridays,but I wouldnt try walking on them Tuesdays, Thursdays, andSaturdays. Sunday is still reserved for a day of rest, and hence thepresent colloquy centering on Whitely Striebers controversialCommunion and the UFO abduction experience ingeneral, with theJournal serving as a forum for exchange of ideas and, yes, opinions.We hope neither are set in stone and that time, ifnothingelse, willprovide some solutions, however ohaky. In the meantime, all wehave to fear is the fear of falling.In this issueCOMMUNION: A READERS GUIDE by Dr. Michael Swords 3AN OPEN LETTER TO DR. MICHAEL SWORDS by Whitlcy Stricbcr . .7LONG-TERM EFFECTS OF CLOSE ENCOUNTERSby Rosemary M. Decker 8WHAT IF THEY ARENT FRIENDLY? by Anne Druffel 11NEWSNVIEWS 14GALLUP POLL 17BOOK REVIEW (Communion) by Richard Hall 18THE JUNE NIGHT SKY by Walter N. Webb 18DIRECTORS MESSAGE by Walt Andrus 20COVER (Art @ 1987 Ted Jacobs/Photo by Dennis StacyThe Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal income tax. In addition,bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions ofSections 2055, 2106,and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNALare determined by the editor, and donot necessarily represent the official position of MUFON. Opinions of contributorsare their own, and do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, the staff, or MUFON.Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON. Responses to published articlesmaybe ina Letter to the Editor (up to about 400 words) or ina short article (up to about2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50% rule" is applied:,the article author may reply butwill bealbwed half the wordage used inthe response; the responder may answer theauthor but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authors reply, etc. Allsubmissions are subject to editing for style, clarity, and conciseness.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than 200words are quoted from anyone article,the authorof the articleisgiven credit, and thestatement "Copyright 1987 by theMutualUFO Network, 103OldtowneRd.,Seguin,Texas 78155" is included.
  3. 3. COMMUNION: A READERS GUIDEBy Dr. Michael SwordsMichael Swords is an associateprofessor of natural sciences atWestern Michigan University,Kalamazoo.An experience, or set ofexperiences, can be essentiallyinternally or externallyactivated.Giventhe extreme richness of .theexperiences, and the extreme povertyof external impact, this set ofexperiences seem best judged asinternally activated. This still does nottell us what we are dealing with.If one does not assume that only alimited, materialistic, and deterministicreality exists, then a variety ofhypotheses are possiblewithin which toframe Communion. Four suchcategories of hypotheses arediagrammed in the accompanyingfigure. A few thoughts on each follow.A: The Clinical Hypothesis. Thiswould be. the choice of the skeptic-debunker. It does not mean that thistheory is necessarily wrong, however.The hypothesis would see the author ashe is:ingenious, vivid, concerned to thepoint of anxiety about many things,knowledgeable about esoterica, and awilling dweller in the fantastic.Itwouldadd to that description thehypotheticalidea that the authors mind reacts toexcesses of anxiety with occasionalcreative dissociative mind-states, notpsychotic or harmful in character butextremely vivid and imaginative. Heachieves an extreme form of "artisticstate" borderingon multiple personalityphenomena. The theory would add anextremely supportive wife, whointuitively knows that these episodesare harmless, and that nothingworthwhile is to be gained by furtherstressing or challengingher husband inan area of possible vulnerability.B. The Spiritual Hypothesis. Thisoccasionally seems to be the intuitionofthe author himself.. It would involvemuch of the above, but with a trueencounter with the deepest reachesofthe person itself. Here, the anxiety ofthe world overlaid on the stated lifelongdrive of self-transformation (an ascentbeyond the meaningless, the absurd,and the animal) expresses itself in adissociative encounter with theinnermost core of the self (the mantis;the she). The author would haveencountered what some multiplepersonality researchers refer to as the"Inner Self Helper" (theISH), a spiritualcore aware directly of the Divinity andthe realm of the spiritual, almost pureintellect, loving without hate, andpotentially in contact with otherspiritual intellectual cores. Theconfrontation with the ISH couldrequire the drastic transformation ofthe current persona, which isthreatening to that persona, as, insomesense, it is the "death" of that phaseofthe animal-man.C: The Scientific Hypothesis. Thisis called "scientific" onlyin that itwouldpoint to another ontological segment ofuniversal reality not previously knownbut potentially exploreable. In this,hypothesis the C o m m u n i o nexperiences are touched off by "otherbeings" entering our Space-Time"internally," through the conscious-nesses ofourselves. This wouldrequirea multi-dimensional and parallel-realityvision of what is possible. Thebreaching of the dimensions (asAbbotts Flatland visualized for us)comes "out of nowhere" and potentiallyfrom "right inside." Matter transferencecould be impossible;only thoughts andfields may be projectable. These"others" could be Vallees Magoniansdesiring an ultimate encounter and"communion" for who knows whatends, or time-breachers from thefuture, claiming the right tomanipulatedue to having to live with ourconsequences.D. The Ultimate Hypothesis. Inthis viewthe experiences probe right tothe ultimate ground and reason forexistence...the "meaning of it all."Other intelligences "from" whateveraspect of reality are interacting with usat our place in Space-Time not for"academic," "research," or"pragmatic" needs, but for a moreCosmic purpose in linewith the Designof the whole created Universe. At thishigher order of reality, their purposemight be beyond understanding, but ofsome spiritualizing, perfectingobjective. Arethey attemptingto createa Universal resonance or harmony ofsoul, arid we are a very off-beat noteinthe Concerto of the Cosmos? Are theytravelers from the UniversalEnd-Timestrying to retro-fit some especially uglyhistorical scars? Such matters "passethunderstanding" as regards reason, butperhaps are still within reach ofintuition.All the options have been sketchedin "internalist" terms. ET does not "flyin" inplanetaryexcursion modules, anddisembark to accomplish somerecognizeable goal. There is almostnothing inthe entirevolumeofepisodeswhich calls up an externally arisingreality. The hypotheses areextravagant; but the tales areextravagant. The debunkers mightwonder why wed even want toconsider B, C, or D (or varieties of thesame). That attitude ("do not seriouslyconsider anything except the one thingthat makes sense to me") iswhat makesthem d e b u n k e r s , and poorresearchers. Rather than assuming thatwere so clever as to immediately beable to spot the truth without any in-depth look, lets keep open as weexplore and probe.. CONSIDERATIONSIn order to make a case thatsomething ofher than hypothesis A isgoing on in Communion, we need tolook both closely and widely at the(continued next page)
  4. 4. A READERS GUIDE TO COMMUNION: .Date1945194619471948Odd Experiencesround object in sky; gray1949 I/1950 Rsometime;1951 H menaced by Mr. Peanut.Corroboration?.monkeys.1952 II flying over houses in a raft.1953 V1954 1 sunflower patch intruder.1955 1 object or meteor in sky.19561957"ii1119581959I960196119621963196419651966196711U196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979"198019811982198319841985ti"ii1986ittrain incident with father.fireball/skeleton assault.hanging triangle."wolf" appearance.anti-gravity machine made."larconic trance day.flashback to trance.silver nail in head.6 weeks of "mad travel."(sometime:Ismail figure with light.someone speaks thru stereomenacing phone call.••• ;•people pouring thru windows.screaming in neighborhood.dark figure - seltzer explosion."White figure" incidents.3-hour time loss.fog-drive incidentflying around the room.mysterious footsteps outside.the October 4 affair.the December 26 affair.triangular cuts experiencebedside visit with nostril insertion.•nono:ho •noyeslno?2nonono/nonononono .?3nono?475yes»nonononoyes7nonononoOther Events in Lifeauthor born; father, a lawyer., • ..••--•; •questioning his faith. . . • • reading Kafka.younger brother born.7• Whitman incident at U. about Betty Hill abduction.U. Texas, B.A. degree.underground religious cult film.marriage to Anne. >advertising account job.designing fantasy games.publishes THE WOLFEN.drops fantasy games.son is born.Gurdjieff Foundation work.THE HUNGER.BLACK MAGIC.NIGHTCHURCH.WARDAY.reading Meister Eckhardt.wife threatened separation.COMMUNION.
  5. 5. Footnotes to Readers Guide: (W.S. .=Whitley Strieber)1. A friend tells W.S. viaa phone call that he remembers a huge, strange-looking object (insky?). There isno documentation of this callor friend,however.2. An elaborate tale of an assault on W.S. by a skeleton on a motorcyclewith consequent sticking something in his hair is not confirmed. Hissister .remembers a green fireball, which W.S. doesnt. That isall.3. We must assume that wife Anne also heard a voice through their stereosince W.S. specifically says so. No direct testimony from Anne isrecorded, however.4. We must assume that wife Anne also heard terrible screams in theneighborhood since W.S. says that they woke her arid the two of themcalled police. No direct testimony from Anne, again, however.5. An elaborate tale of being observed by6 tar babies around bed, plus apraying mantis being in the living room, is not confirmed. Anne,theoretically, would confirm that their son was crying and a seltzerbottle broke in the kitchen, as that is what W.S. writes that sheexperienced. " • • •6. There are four "experiences" in the "white figure" series. Firstly,Annesaid she was poked inher sleep. Secondly, W.S. said he was struck onarm. Thirdly,son said he was poked. Fourthly,babysitter said she sawkid in white sheet in window. Confirmation, .if any, comes fromhypnosis on Anne. Her testimony isconfused. She clearlysays that shedidnt see anyone or anything;just was poked whileasleep; and thatW.S. first started talking about little white things. All her subsequent. "description" of a being was in response to imaginingwhat itmight looklike. • ;" . ; ; " •7. Again the elaborate ^aspects of the event are not confirmed. Anycorroboration rests oh the testimony ofAnne and two visitors,Jacquesand Annie.No documentation isprovided forJacques and Annie so wemust be content with what W.S. says they reported. Anniesmemoriesare wildly confused, hot remembering what WiS. said to her andchanging her recollections. She remembers the bang ofa door pushedagainst a wall. W.S. later discovers an indentation in his bedroomwhere his door had been so pushed sometime or another. Annie alsoremembered the movement of feet upstairs.VJacques memory is of; being awakened by a light at 4:30 a.m. and the light beinggone quickly.W.S. says his wife remembered the bang, but Anne says "no," Annealso saw no light. She says instead that W.S. was up aHnight "doingthings." She heard son scream arid W.S. go to him/Latermorespecific"details" arise only inresponse to a suggestion to fantasize about whatmay have been going on. ... *: Other seemingly corroborative details, such as pains, prick-rharks,bruises, and even triangular incisions do .riot constitute independentverification of anything, unfortunately, as we cannot determine howthey occurred, who inflicted them (i.e. W.S. coulddo so, potentially),or, in some cases, whether they occurred at all.**: Testimony of W.Sis son is not included here inany of the experiences.This may or may not be proper. It has been excluded only becauseof, ,the powerful potential for idea suggestibilitywhich exists, and whichcomes through the pages of the book to the reader especiallystronglyas regards this, particular father and son.phenomena which are displayed beforeus. I cant do this job for us here in this"Introduction" to the experiences.And, certainly, allthe needed facts arenot in (surely not, simply by reading thecontents of the book). But maybe a fewintuitions as to "things to consider"would be worthwhile.a) Is any of the informationtransmitted to, or the physicalactivity inflicted upon, the authorobjectively verifiable? (the answerto this so far seems to be "notreally");b) Are very specific details(not accountable by any otherreasonable hypotheses) reportedboth by the author and otherindependent (demonsfrab/yindependent) reporters?;c) Can the author regenerateany of the types of experiences, while in the presence of outsideobservers?;d) Can an experienced MPD(multiple personality disorder)hypnotist reach an ISH core of theauthor, and will the author, . ; • experience it as the centralabductor creature?;e) Ifsome sort of regenerationof the experience can be• accomplished, what, happens tobrain scan patterns while this istaking place?; ,f). Can the author in any way. "lead others" .into the sharing ofthe experience...can this occur in• an abductee "circle"...can"outsiders" be integrated as well?;g) Will certain external helpbring the experience on? (colors,pulsations, tones, flashes of light,drugs of central nervous systemaltering types);These, are just a fewspeculationsand queries, all of which .are aimed at,the hope of broadening the experiential.base beyond the unpredictablecomings-and-goings in the individualmind. As long as all (essentially all) the"data" comes from the inside of asinglehuman mind, there is little or nothingthat we can conclude. Buf if someobjectification can take place, thenmaybe we can see whats going on.Until then, wehave littleright to assume(continued next page)
  6. 6. The PhenomenaInternal, primarily primnrily External.Self-originatedand of "clinical"importance.Self-originatedand of "spiritual"importance.Other-originatedand of "scientific"importance. Other-originatedand of "ult imntp"importance.(Hypothesis A) (Hypothesis B) (Hypothesis C) (Hvpottiesis D)A handful of brief notes for the interested pursuer of the truth:1. Kafka. Franz Kafka was an early 20th century novelist fromAustria. His work pictures modern humanity as living in anincomprehensible and often absurd world.His heroes laborinhope amongconfusion and their own actions are usually encumbered in absurdity aswell. W.S. was reading Kafka as a 12 year old, while doubting hisCatholicism, watching hisplace inthefamily threatened by a baby brother,and in the midst of the key (apparently) year of 1957, wherein heexperienced an extremely threatening occurrence with hisfather on atrainride.2. Gurdjieff. G.I.Curdjieffwas a Russian "mystic" of the first half of the20th century. He taught that we are all born in a,sort of somnambulentstate of animality and extremely limited awareness. It is our duty to thecosmological process/design to labor to acquire the true state oftransformed humanity: Individual expanded consciousness, truefree will,and the immortality of the soul. The whole thrust of life (and Gurdjeiffsmethod) was a struggle to awaken, to transform. Life was a sort of innerwarefare, gradually stripping away the masks of the self, and exposing(often painfully) the naked but true "I am" beneath. W.S.s interest inGurdjieff is a natural outgrowth of his incessant desire to findtransformation, and, with that, meaningin Kafkas absurd world.3. Eckhardt.Meister Eckhardt was a 14thcentury German "mystic, "aDominican monk. His driving need was to liveso as to "be with God," to be"deiformis," God-patterned. Eckhardt felt that each of us has within us aspark of the Divine, a bit of thefire and light of God, and that our soul islikea cup which contains this light. Deep within us we can achieve atouchstone with the fundamental groundwork of all being; at ourinnermost core we participate inlife purely and, inasense,achievea union(a Communion?) with God, with Jesus Christ, with Nature. Eckhardtsuggests that to truly, wholly, and meaningfully "be, "we must let theworldbe (quit manipulating), and then surrender oneself, and let the self be (inGods image). Again there is the need to abandon the mask-of-manipulation shielding the self...a threat to the present complex of thepersona...a death of the false selves.GUIDE, Continuedthat any one answer is obvious, andmust be content to say: that is a veryinteresting set ofexperiences...perhapsquite important, as well.This writer, by the way, thinks thatall four of the hypotheses areinterest ing iand very important...euenhypothesisA. To disregard anyof thesetypes of experiences as "scientificallyuninteresting" is mindless."If-
  7. 7. AN OPEN LETTER TO DR. SWORDSDear Dr. Swords:I have read your "Readers Guide"to my book Communion. I wasfascinated to see the way in which youchose to dismiss the witness testimonyin order to fityourdesired outcome thatmy experience be limited to internalgeneration. To describe AnnieGottliebs testimony, for example, asconfused because she changed onestatement is an error. Given the highlevel of strangeness that sheencountered, her testimony is rathercogent.Overall the care you took to try todiminish the validity of the witnesscontent of the book strikes me assuggestive that you began yourundertaking with a less than objectiveset of preconceptions about the natureof my experience-no doubt becausewhat has happened to me istoo strangeto fit the desired model ofan experiencewith more-or-less comprehensiblevisitors.The tendency among UFOinvestigators to unconsciously seekafter a hoped-foroutcome interests me.I wonder if you do not secretly hopethat some sort ofcomprehensible "nutsand bolts" ETs will eventually emergeinto common life, and we will be able togain sensible and understandableknowledge from them. Certainly thelectures you have given and the mat-erial you have written for the MUFONJournal would suggest that you holdthis outcome very dear to your heart.Thus you seek rather hastily, Ithink, to dismiss the possibility that myexperiences derive from an externalphysical source. To do this you bendover backwards to ignore the witnesstestimony by choosing to assume thatmy named witnesses are incoherentand that any unnamed witness cansafely be ignored. I left some of thewitnesses unnamed because of theconcern that they will be hounded bymembers of the UFO community,debunkers and believers alike.Had theBy Whitley Strieberpublic and the media rejected the book,they had steeled themselved to provideaffadavits of their experiences. But.thishas not proven necessary because ofthe generally healthy atmosphere ofopen-minded skepticism that prevailed.The purpose of Communion wasnot to prove anything at all.The bookwas written from a skepticalviewpoint.However, I will resist any attempt toforeclose any hypothesis at this time.Such a course is premature.I am increasingly becomingcertainthat there are large elements of theUFO community who cannotsuccessfully address the issue ofabductions in general, and myown casein particular. I would not expose myunnamed witnesses to you, forexample, because I would worry thatany inquiry you made would also betainted with the same emotionalismthat you displayed innot addressing thewitness issue objectively .in the firstplace, and would thus be no -moreuseful than your present analysis.By contending that my experienceis in no way external, you foreclose toyourself the compelling possibility thata very real external force intentionallydisguised itself behind a screen ofseemingly internal material. Certainly,after having now read hundreds ofabductee accounts sent me "postCommunion," I would argue stronglythat this possiblity should not beignored. Much of the reported materialthat has not been subjected to theeffects of hypnosis by UFO believerswith "nuts and bolts" preconceptionshas the same odd quality that my casedisplays.The truth is that there is an eeriecombination of internal and externalmaterial here, made more difficult tosort out by the fact that the stress andextreme strangeness of theexperiences disrupts the ability, of eventhe most well-intentioned.witness toprovide an accurate report of his or herencounter.The absurdity of UFO investiga-tors dismissing this sort of testimonybased on the fact that it is oftencontradictory and full of confusionagain suggests the subordination ofgood thinking to emotion, in the sensethat the investigators are overly eagerto dismiss that which1does not fulfijltheir wishes.I was warned by the otherabductees before writing Communionthat it would be dismissed by thescientists and engineers in the UFOcommunity because it dealt primarilywith the spiritual and metaphysical,aspects of theexperience. I believethatmost of you-whether consciously ornot-seek a hoped-for outcome thatcomprehensible, physical entities willone day emerge from discs and provideyou with a sensible solution to themystery.The abduction experience isprimarily a mystical experience, in thesense that the stresses generated aresimilar to those created by initiation. into the mystery cults of the old animistreligions. And the postludeexperienced by abductees-one verydifferent from that reported in accountscarefully edited and "massaged" byUFO investigators-is usually repletewith spiritual and paranormal lifeevents.The abduction experience as itreally happens is far more strange thanUFO literature would suggest-farricher, far more important, far morefilled with implicationsabout the natureand future of man.I suspect that all or most of theabduction experiences as reported byUFO investigators may suffer from asort of unintentional, fictionalization.They have been subtly altered tosuggest that a quite comprehensibleforce is behind them. The strangenessof my account makes some UFOinvestigators hasten to conclude that itmust represent internal experience,when the facts of the case even as7
  8. 8. present in Communion suggest thatthis is quite uncertain.My visitor experiences continuedin 1986 and into 1987 and were far moreextensively witnessed than anythingthat has happened to me before-and, Ithink, than any other case that I amaware of. .If I report these experiences, the1witness testimony will form animportant part of the story.„•" ,. Tarn uncertain at this time if I will1ever write further about it, though. 1 donot wish to subject myself to theannoyance of contending with"investigatofs"and "debunkers" muchlonger, and I certainly dont want to• expose my witnesses to the unpleasantand disturbing experience of beingpublicly .doubted by clever people whoare, in essence, nothing more thanungrounded ideologists for onescenario of contact or anpther--or for ascenario bf no contact at all.. Personally, Ihave little interest inidentifying the force behind theabductions, and dislike seeing mytestimony suborned by those whoconcern themselves with this issue.The .issue of whether or not UFOs arereal doesnt much concern me. Whatdoes interest me is how to make thisdifficult and stressful experience useful,prat least endurable, to those who,haveit..;.: , , . ,• i1,The direction I have taken involvesworking , with . mental healthprofessionals who are interested inhelping, people cope withoutdemanding that the possible quiteinexplicable source of what happenedto them be understood before they canbe effectively treated. It is possible tolive with uncertainty and to do so at alow anxiety level. This is, however, alearned behavior, not one readilyavailable to the unprepared individual.I do not have any faith inthe searchfor "answers." If visitors are real, theyappear to me to be in almost total.control;of the situation. Therefore thesearch is useless because itwill not bearfruit .until and if.they want it to..Andwhen they are: ready to reveal theanswer, the mystery will at. once besolved. .• It is- therefore, counterproductivefor abductees to be bothered by.whatarej in essence, no more than curiosityseekers.What is of primary importanceis the mental health outcome of thepeople subjected to the visitorexperience. :Insofar as the inquiriesof the UFOcommunity challenge the veracity ofabductees.or-as in your case-seem tobe dismissive of obvious possibilities tosuit a hopedifor outcome, they do notfurther the goal of enabling people to|ive comfortably with this extraordinaryand difficult experience, but rather.make it even harder for them. Thus, as.far as those of us who must actuallycope with the experience areconcerned, your approach ispotentially just as underminingas thatof a debunker like Philip Klass.-.-.. The idea of the visitors being asstrange as what is actually encounteredis threatening even to many open-minded scientists because you sensethat . this means you cannot everunderstand the situation in terms thatare intellectually satisfactory. Thisexperience may never be admissible tofinal.understanding, not even if actualphysical evidence is eventually found.Not even, for example, if thegovernment eventually turns out tohave actual crashed discs hidden away.Should physical artifacts berevealed, I feel that our best scientificinsights into their true, meaning will beabout as appropriate as that of thePapuan witch doctors who formed acargo,cult around the back cover of anold Agatha Christie novel found on aroadside: ..--i. All of their magic, even when itperfectly fitted the intellectualparadigms put of whichit emerged, wasnot enugh to get the picture of oldAgatha to give them a car inwhich theycould travel to the beyondthe hills. , • • ;I would suggest that the intellectualparadigm from • which you are6perating-your entire mind, the mindof science-is inappropriate to the studyyou have undertaken. This particularreality/cannot, I suspect, be made to fitthe patterns of thought with whichyouseek to address it. Understanding isgoing to elude the old, deterministicmind. As Isaid inCommunion, this maybe mankinds first encounter with aquantum reality in the macrocosm. Ifso, then entirely new paradigms ofthought are going to be needed. As avisitor said to an abductee, "your wordsare a misfortune." When they are usedto try to twist new modes of experienceinto old forms of thought, they mostcertainly are.Sincerely yours,Whitley StrieberLONG-TERM EFFECTS OF CLOSE ENCOUNTERSBy Rosemary M. DeckerA chick, once hatched, can neverreturn to the shell...-Old proverbIn order to get a clear view of thelong-term effects of close encounterson the encountered1we need at least abrief review of typical short-term8effects: those of the first few weeks,months or years following the event orevents^ That the initial effects on thepersons lives and personalities aredisturbing, often extremely so, shouldnot be amazing when we consider thattheir entire personal universe has, in amatter of. moments or hours, blownwide open.As the initial, emotionallyprotective shock wears off, thecontacted persons become aware thatnot only must their pre-concepts bfwhat is scientifically possible bemodified; fneir entire concept of earth-mans place in Creation must be re-
  9. 9. constructed. All of this takes time tosort out, naturally, and the witness,contactee or abductee needs communicate with someone who willlisten empathetically and withoutjudgment, while he looks, and sorts.It is at just this crucial point thatadditional difficulties often arise,whichwill affect his personal life for years tocome. Out of a sense of duty, he maytake his story to the police or military.There, he may be shrugged off as eitheraddled, hoaxing, or lying, or he may beinterrogated so exhaustingly or sofrighteningly that he spends the rest of ,his life regretting his action. He mayconfide instead in.a trusted familymember who fears he has gone "roundthe bend" and he consequently suffersrejection in his home community. Hemay already be a UFO researcher, whofeels that the logical and safe place totake his confidence is his local UFOstudy group. Unfortunately, this can bemost traumatic — the entire group mayexhibit suspicion and turn their backs.In order to save hisjob and status inthecommunity, he then goes mum, andyears later he may still hesitate to trustanyone, however much he wouldlike toretrieve his "lost time."In short, the most distressingemotional scars experienced byencountered people are not alwaysresultant from the initial, "alien"experience, but from the insensitivity,distrust, and abuse at the hands oftheirown fellow-men: these may have to belived with indefinitely.Nevertheless, over many years ofinvestigations, starting with incidentsinthe early 50s, I have found the long-term effects on the lives of the majorityof involved persons to be remarkablypositive.One interesting developmentthroughout the "UFO era" has beenthat, on average, the peopleencountered later than the 50s haverecovered more rapidly than the earlyones. There are several reasons forthisshift (and the reader may haveobserved some I have missed; Iwouldappreciate feedback on this, as onother elements under discussion). 1.) The visitants have, on thewhole, changed their approach,dropping most of the "open"encounters that had early resulted insomany exaggerated reports and flightsoffancy. (However, it should beremembered that some early-contacted folk were reliable, remainingclear-eyed and level-headed throughthe years.)2.) As our Earth folk graduallybecame aware that encounters wereoccurring, they were less likely to feeltotally isolated in the event. (Thisdespite the fact thatright from the start,government agencies and the media ingeneral kept reported incidents to aminimum, and when ignoring andsuppression,were impossible, resortedtodebunking.)3.) Increasingly, as responsibleUFO research associations formedandw e r e b a c k e d by r e p u t a b l eprofessionals, the encountered andclose witnesses learned that they hadresources for communication andcounsel. This development has becomeworld-wide.4.) Since the majority of knownclose encounters after the 60s involve .the involuntary abduction of thosecontacted, or the factor of "missingtime" from an otherwise voluntarycontact (or both), the encountered nolonger have to carrythe burden ofproofalone. Their situation has become quitereversed! Since they often beat a pathto the door of a therapistor hypnotist inhopes of "finding out what happened,"their position has become morecredible; sympathy may replacecensure, and usually does.UFO RESEARCHERSAn exception to this generallyimproved situationexists for the close-encountered who is himself aresearcher. In the words ofone ofthem,"At first I tried to explain to mycolleagues in scientific and Ufologycircles what had happened. I soonrealized this was very unwise.The fewspoken to gave me decidedly strangelooks, and I knew if I mentioned thesubject againId destroy any credibilityIhad as a reputable researcher...! haveremained silent regarding theexperience for the last nine years..."Due to similar experiences amongother researchers and enthusiasts inUFO and paranormal studies, most ofthose contacted have learned to keepsilent except for the one or two personwho shared the encounter with them.Yet, among the encountered I haveknown in person, nine of the twenty-four were UFO researchers when theircontacts occurred! Because mysampling is small, it may not accuratelyrepresent the overall ratio, butnevertheless it points up an unhappysituation that should be, and must be,mended if a great deal of valuabledatain the Quest for Truth is not to be lostirretrievably to the very groups formedto acquire it. (And yet we read, Whydoes the researcher never meet avisitant?!)The twenty-four persons on my list(all met personally and followedthrough on) run a wide crossrsection ofoccupations. Half were/are inprofessions ranging from aerospacethrough . anthropology, astronomy,engineering, social sciences and theministry. Several had had careers in thearmed services (oneof these, a U.S.Navy "spotter" during WWII hadbecome interested through havingmade sharp observations of UFOsduring his duty aboard ship in 44 and45). Several are homemakers, one asecretary, one a small business owner.Eleven have done some professionalwriting, mainly in various sciences, twoin science fiction; several of them inUFO research. Two are teachers.Of those met in the 50s, therewere three I was unable to keep intouch with over many years: my carmechanic, who moved away withinthree years, and two who died quiteyoung, of diseases contracted duringtheir teens. The two whose lives wereshortened, by amoebic dysentery andT.B., respectively,never regretted theirencounters; ,on the contrary, theypursued their consequent research intothe UFO enigmawith enthusiasm to theend.The mechanic "Gary," whoseencounter had occurred in 1957, abouttwo years prior to his telling me of it,had left auto racing as a career ("toodangerous") and remained in autorepair during all the years our familyknew him.TEXAS ENCOUNTERHe continued to have a burning9
  10. 10. curiosity as to the power-source of thespace-craft that had intercepted his carone night on a long, open stretch ofTexas highway. The craft, luminousand apparently circular with a dome,moved rapidly into his startled visionand settled down on the road ahead,blocking it completely from shoulder toshoulder. He braked; engine power aridlights were gone; the car stopped onlyyards away from the craft. To his greatrelief, he was not alone more thanmoments; a police car stopped behindhim, disgorging two officers who cameup to his door, asking if he had aworking flashlight. None of theirelectric equipment was working,and ofcourse neither was Garys.At this point in his report my friendactually shed tears as he blurted outthat there had been people in the craft."They got out and WALKEDAROUND the thing! They saw us andthey...sort of...talked...and we just satthere, petrified, till they took off in thething... Nothings ever gonna be thesame again, and I havent been able totalk to anyone till now. Who wouldbelieve me? And who knows whatsgoing on?"Gary added a final datum, which"rang a bell" later on. His ESP abilities,which he had taken for granted, as they"ran in the family," had beenuery muchaugmented since the night of the closeencounter. He had wanted to comparenotes with the two officers, but wasunable to locate them again.Of the others Imet duringthe 50s,most led stable lives, increasinglyalert,open-mined, and to quote one,"universe-oriented." Of the others inthis group, three published theiraccounts — two of them eagerly; thethird more cautiously — about fouryears after the incidentand "diary"ofit.The former two, shortly after receivingmuch publicity, began to embroidertheir reports, increasingly unable toseparate Fact from Fancy, andincreasingly frenetic to convince theirpublic. One resumed a normal livingpattern, however, within a few years.The other, to the alarm of his friends(who were already worried about thedeterioration in his character), pushedhimself beyond endurance and diedwhile on an extended lecture tour.One promising young scientist,10who early did creditable research,writing, and lecturing — the latter toaugment his fieldwork studies — laterwrote more and more conjecturally,developing a philosophy of retreat ashis solid work faltered, and wentincognito until the end of his life, in1986. ,Of the close-encountered metduring the 60s and 70s (only nine, asmy regular workload necessitatedcutting back on investigations), allhavemanaged very well, in the long view,most of them still living and active intheir chosen work, some just gettinginto their stride.Of the two in aerospaceengineering and research, one writesexcellently (though rarely) on extra-terrestrial technology. The otherscientist, soon after his encounter,attempted to communicate some ofwhat hes learned to a limited numberofpersons within the scientificcommunity. He has since sought aneven lower profile (in this regard), andvery recently co-authored anoutstanding book on astronomy.One, a science fiction writer ofnote, kept the "Connection" from herfamily, friends, and church throughouther life. By fictionalizing, she managedto get across some advanced ideas, andsome of her concern for the dangersour present Earth race is imposing onitself arid on the planet that sustains us.The minister and priest, happywith their broadened horizons andmore concerned than ever with theneed for u n d e r s t a n d i n g andcooperation between peoples — bothwithin and beyond their own religiousdoctrines — have come under thecensure of their respective churches.The priest has been forbidden to usechurch time to communicate thesource of his widened horizons, but onhis holidays he makes use of everypossible hour.The social service worker and thenewspaper journalist, both alreadyUFO researchers when their contactsoccurred, were given a rough timewithin theirimmediate groups, but theyhave both pursued their UFO-relatedwork on their own.Looking at all twenty-four of thesepeople as a group, across the span ofabout 30 years, certain elements areseen to occur throughout. At leasteleven persons contacts involved sometelepathy. A few remembered achildhood encounter — usuallyfollowing the adult incident,or seriesofincidents. Different races ofhumans/humanbids were involved.Some looked enough like us to gounnoticed in our streets (withappropriate dress and hair style)!Others looked strange indeed, from purviewpoint.In several instances, children of theinvolved contacted person, or aneighbors children, were peripherally. involved.This usually showed up as animmediate and intense interest in thestars and in the question of Life inOuter Space.ABSURDITIESTo some, the most intriguingelement was the .so-called "AbsurdityFactor." Remember the fellow who,asked by a visitant, "Are we inItaly or inGermany?" was flummoxed becausethey were in France? These nifty littleshockers turned up now and thenamong the group under consideration.An involved woman was at onemoment listeningintently to data being.volunteered on spacecraft capabilitiesand limitations; suddenly the manasked, "What have you? What isyours,paid for?" Boggled, but determined tocope, she replied,"The refrigerator andthe children." (Strikes your funnybone? His, too — he was reported tohave laughed,rollicking, relaxed,"rightfrom the boots up.")Those whose bodies had beentemporarily paralyzed and/orexamined felt that the physical restraintwas more upsetting than theStrangeness factor, and for those with"time loss" the need for at least oneempathetic listener was especiallycrucial. As Ron Westrum points up inPost Abduction Syndrome2, "Keepingthe experience to oneself intensifies thedistress and disorientation." Theimportance of locating a kindly ands k i l l f u l l i s t e n e r c a n n o t b eoveremphasized.For almost allofthose in the group,the long-term benefits .have faroutweighted the cost of the temporaryloss of balance so often accompanied
  11. 11. by broken human relationships. Amongthe recognized gains that occurredmost often:An increased sense of creativityand constructive purpose. Augmentedalertness. An impression that thevisitors and their vehicles often moveinto our chemical universe from aparallel one (somehow physical but notchemical) and out again. An awarenessof telepathic communication as apotential in human development.Interest in the "Ancient Astronaut"aspect; the what, when, and why ofvisitations alluded to in legendary andScriptural writings, world-wide. Adeveloping sense of fellowshipbetweenthemselves and others "in the sameboat," whether acquainted personallyor not. A growinginterest in the humanmind and brain: "Know Thyself."Increased awareness of the wondersand magnitudeof the Cosmos. Greaterconcern for the well-being of our ailingPlanet. Appreciation of the ever-increasing data being made availablebyUFO groups and individuals, whichprovide background information,moralsupport, and often (happy bonus!),friendships. •Of course there have been gainsspecific to the individual,. as well asmore general ones I have not yetobserved. But if there is one close tobeing shared by all, it is that whichtopped like cream in Dr. Leo Sprinkleswork with 225 self-reportingwitnesses/contactees over a period ofyears.3, •• . "...Emerging evidence supportsthe speculation that contactees viewthemselves as changingfrom planetarypersons to Cosmic citizens..."NOTES ••••;1) Effects on those doing the visiting also deservesstudy, if it can be managed!2) "Post Abduction- Syndrome," Dr. RonWestrum, Dec. 1986 MUFON UFO Journal.3) "Personality Characteristics of UFOWit nesses," Dr. Leo Sprinkle, University ofWyoming, 1986. . -WHAT IF THEY ARENT FRIENDLY?By Anne DruffelAnn Druffel is a frequentcontributor to the Journal.Together with the majority of UFOresearchers, I awaited publication ofCommunion with anticipation, since itrepresented the first time a recognizedpersonage (author Whitley Strieber)had publicly revealed that he hadrepeated encounters with "UFO.occupants."The book is very well-written; inparts it isalmost poetic. His statementsconcerning his "UFO encounters" areno different, in general context, fromthe hundreds of other lesswell-knownwitnesses worldwide.Inthese ways, thebook iscertainlyan importantwork andshould be read by all those with anauthentic interest in unraveling thetruth of these enigmatic incidents. .Communion, however, isdisquieting. Instead of giving theimpression that its publicationwouldaid the efforts of UFO research aroundthe world, it left me with a distinctfeeling that it might serve to discreditour growing field.Readers of this book — especiallynew proponents of UFO study —should be aware, that as far as thephilosophy and speculations inCommunion are concerned, they areStrieber.s conclusions alone, and arevery different indeed from the majorityof different views held by Researchersworldwide. Strieber is, of course,entitled to his own conclusions, but soare his readers.Striebers impressions of theentities possible nafure are uniqueandcan be very misleading to casualreaders as well as to morediscriminating students who do not,however, have wide knowledge of UFOliterature. To be sure, Strieberundoubtedly is a careful writer and,according to reliable researchers whoknow him — such as Jerry Clark, BuddHopkins and Bruce Maccabee —he isasane, trustworthy and stable individual.The incidents described in thebook, therefore, probably did happen insome state of reality or altered reality,and he has recorded the experiences tothe best of his understanding. Notknowing Whitley Strieber personally, Ican only judge from the point of viewofothers who know him, and whom I, inturn, know and trust.BEST INTERESTS?However, there are portions of thebook which can be judged from otherobjective viewpoints which have notbeen publicly addressed. The mainproblem with, Communion, in myopinion, is that the book does not• consider, in any way, that the entitieswhich entered the Strieber home mightnot have the well-being of the humanrace in mind. And yet Strieberhypothesizes, without appearingtroubled at the prospect, that theentities wish to enter into a state of"communion" with the human race.To Strieber, the entities he hasencountered since childhood are eitherintelligences from unknown dimensionsor else they are projections ofwitnesses own minds, taking on realityas "gods." In the last hypothesis, helikens these beings to the "gods"created by more primitive civilizationsto explain unknown phenomena innature. All "gods," according toStrieber, apparently come into beingbyreason of the actions of human minds— similar to primeval archetypes, ifyou will.Strieber explainshe was a Catholicin his youth but lost faith because ofpersonal doubts and questions whichreligion could not answer to hissatisfaction. Though he does not stateitdirectly as such, he seems to share thegrowing belief among many people ofmetaphysical bent that we are all gods,11
  12. 12. and/or that we all have God within us,and/or that all together we are God.The philosophy that all humanbeings are God, or that "God" issynonymous .with all .human beingscombined is a basic tenet of most"entities" being channeled by multiple"mediums" worldwide. Whether thechanneling phenomenon holds truth orfalsehood is hot. applicable here, butchanneling does occur, and isproliferating, at a great rate.One of the interestingthings aboutit is that many persons who obtain theirphilosophy from channeling mediumstranslate these philosophical conceptsregarding "God" to mean that God isnot a separate Being from themselves,and therefore the idea of a Creator-creature relationship is essentiallyphased out. This same thinking alsophases out, in . their minds, .thepossibility that there are created"good" and "evil" beings in/ theuniverse, or .to put it another way, the*duality of nature. Ido not know whetherStrieber obtains his philosophy fromchanneling, but his ideas on "gods"seems closely related to some of itsconcepts.Aside from this, however,Communion contains the potential ofharm to those parts of the populacewho are: 1.) seeking reliableinformation about, the UFOphenomenon and who might acceptStriebers speculations wholesale,without further investigation;2.) deeplydisturbed, either consciously orsubconsciously, by reason of "UFO"encounters they have themselvesexperienced in the past, and who mightthink that Striebers book "gives themthe answers."REAWAKENED MEMORIESThe depiction of the large-eyedentity on the cover, or even casualreading of portions of the text, has anuncanny ability to disturb such;persons. I had four.calls in ten days,through our SKYNET filter center,from people who were seekinghelp andadvice because the book has stirred oldmemories of encounters withunknownentities. How many dozens will call inthe next few weeks is anyones guess.This is doubtless happening to many12UFO researchers throughout thecountry whose identity is known to thepublic., The awakening of old "abduction"memories will no doubt add to our database of reported CE IVs, but do wereally need this? The .number ofreported "abductions" is already sooverwhelming that .there are notenough researchers available toinvestigate them properly. Can a new. plethora of cases provide us with anynew or verifiable information .aboutUFO occupants and their motives? .However, Communions ,,• maindisquieting effect is that Strieber doesnot :,seem to recognize; .that manypeople claiming "UFO abductionexperiences" are emotionally damaged,rather than .uplifted/, by their. experiences. Many display mental and,emotional damage for years. .It isextremely difficult to separate fact fromfiction as regards these abduction-scenarios; many times we are unable totell if these persons are damagedbecause of a real experience or,conversely, if they are reporting"abduction experiences" because theywere.emotionally unstable in the firstplace. Allwe can be sure of at thisstageof the game is that there are manyrational productive persons reporting,these types of terror-filled experiences.For the past ten years, I haveactively engaged in psychic research,both on my own and, at times, inassociation with the professionalresearch laboratory, the MbbiusSociety in Los Angeles, CA. Years ofstudy into psychic phenomena and thenature of human consciousness haveled me to a logicalconviction that thereare intelligences of many forms,existing not only in our own space-timebut also in dimensions other than ourown physical and material universe.According to the effects suchintelligences have upon human beingswith whom they interact, they may beloosely labeled "good," "bad" and"neutral."The terms "good" and "bad" areinadequate, to be sure, and willprobably be unacceptable to somereaders of this article. An. example,therefore, might help. If one were ahunter on safari in Africa and tangledwith a rogue elephant, that animalmight be termed "bad," at least, for thehunter who has been trampledunderfoot. The same hunter, viewing agiraffe browsing on high trees mightterm this animal "neutral," since it haslittle or no interest in the human beingpassing by. Ifthe African hunter goes tothe coast and is guided, in a boat,through a dangerous channel towardthe open sea bya friendly porpoise, thatanimal might properly be termed"good." .Good, bad, and neutral,therefore,are not only attributesascribed to otherspecies on our own earth but also couldproperly be applied to otherintelligences outside our normalphysical environment. The entitiesencountered by Strieber and most CEIV witnesses produce human reactionsof terror and confusion. Terror is themost important reaction, since itstrikes at the very heart of anindividuals mental, emotional andphysical well-being, even though theentities in abduction-scenarios seemto have the ability to calm or otherwiseparalyze human emotions, changingterror to awe or curiousity, etc.Author Strieber speaks ofaterror-awe-love relationship he felt towardsome of the creatures who interacted. with him. Pale copies of this syndromehave been described byother witnessesin UFO literature, but never so plainlyas inCommunion. The feelings of terrorand awe are perfectly understandablein the light of their experiences, but theword "love," used either in anemotional or intellectual sense, seemstotally out of context.Strieber also seems convinced thatthe entities he has encountered sinceyouth are, in turn, fearful of theircaptives, and he states that otherwitnesses whom he has met report the, same impression. During twenty yearsof interviewing persons who describeUFO abduction experiences, I havenever encountered anyone who haseven mentioned anything like this. Inmy experience, the sanest witnessesreported only the following: 1.)that theentities were completely in control ofthe situation and the witnessesresented (at least initially) being heldagainst their will; 2.) that the entitiesseemed to be highly-evolved beingswho were careful of the comfort oftheir
  13. 13. "guests" and did not at any timeinvoketerror in them. None of Striebersentities, however, fell into this secondgroup! ...Strieber also states that the other ,witnesses he has met, with a singleexception, stated they felt the samestrange "love" toward the entityabductors. I have never come across areport of a "love" reaction inthe dozensof abductees I have interviewed,.although in a few cases, witnessesreport meeting ."entities" in the craftthat they felt they "knew" and "liked."In reading of Striebers terrbr-awe-love syndrome, an alarm bell rings.How could human witnesses "love"creatures that have traumatized them,at least temporarily taken awaytheir rightsand, perhaps, left them withlasting emotional problems. Can the"love" reaction possibly be explained asa fast-acting "Stockholm syndrome"effect of which some UFO entitiesmight be capable? If this is theexplanation of the inexplicable "love"reaction, the alarm bell rings louder,forthat would mean we are dealing with"ultraterrestrial terrorists!" It might bewell, also, to point out that many cultsuse a similar abuse-kindness techniquewhich invokes loyalty among theirmembers.FALLEN ANGELS?i(Non-human entities who traphuman beings in seemingly genuine CEIV experiences can, in my opinion, belabeled as "bad" or "evil," and do nothave the welfare of the human race atheart. Poring through folklore, myths,and texts such as the Bible and theKoran, it becomes apparent that so-called "UFO entities" could fit easily,into classes of. beings which are notattuned with the Creator. In contrast,most human beings try for attunementwith whatever form of "God" theybelieve in, by reason of worldwide useof prayer, meditation, etc. practicedaccording to each individuals personaland private beliefs.In contrast to UFO entitieswhichterrorize and traumatize humanwitnesses, folklore, myths, and variousmetaphysical writings describe entitieswhich help and/or guide human beings(be it with daily problems or in thehigher course of spiritual evolution). Irefer to entities on the order of naturedevas, or even so:called "angels,"described in Judeo-Christian, Muslim,and other spiritual texts. I can relate tothe idea of nature devas (being anenthusiastic gardener), but whatmanner of creature or creatures"angels" might be, I havent a clue,except a conviction, formed from logic,that they have the welfare of thehuman race at heart.UFO entities of the ilk involvedintypical abduction-scenarios, by reasonof their actions and apparent motives,fall more into the classes of beingsvariously termed .trolls, demons,jinns, etc., depending upon the sourceby whichthey are described. These arebeings which, for their own reasons,seem to be inimical toward humanbeings. Why Strieber. should assign tothem "good"or helpful motives, such aswishing to help us evolve-into highertypes of beings through "communion,"does not seem logical. The thought is,frankly, downright creepy!Other aspects of Communion aretroubling, . as well. Two or threedescriptions (one in transcript form)have explicit sexual overtones, .indescribing interaction between thewitness and one or more of the entities.. This sexual element, of course, is notuncommon inabduction-scenarios, butother writers have been able todescribe these activities in terms moreacceptable to objective readers. Onecannot help butiwonder whether thesegraphic portions .are for the sake ofboosting sales rather than adding toresearchers knowledge.Another troubling aspect is thetitle of the book itself. Striebers initial• wisr^ waSthat the book,be entitledBodyTerror, an apt ,name for theexperiences described in it. therequest of the entities themselves,according to Strieber, the titled waschanged , to Communion. Strieberseems to be convinced that the entitieswish to establish "communion" withthe human race, and heseems assuredby them that a state of sharedconsciousness would benefit both thehuman race and the non-humanentitiesinvolved. I do not agree.The human race has no need toestablish "communion" with any beingswho traumatize and terrorize ;thosewith whom they interact. Besides this,the word "Communion," used in onesense, is-almost a sacred word to.mostpersons of the Christian faith, whoregard it as,a symbol, if not an actualphysical joining, of the human beingwith the Creator.If Communion is accepted byreaders as anything more than theStrieber familys experiences with"UFO entities" and as personalspeculation about the entities motives,I believe this book may ultimately resultin harm and discredit to the field ofUFO research.UFO NEWSCL1PPINGSERVICEThe UFONEWSCLIPPING SERVICEwill keep you informed of all the latestUnited States and World-Wide UFOactivity, as it happens!Our service wasstarted in 1969, at which time wecontracted with a reputableinternational hewspaperrdippingbureau to obtain for us, those hard tofind UFO reports (i.e., little knownphotographic cases,, close encounterand landing reports, occupant cases)and all other UFO .reports, many ofwhich are carried only in small town orforeign newspapers."Our UFO Newsclipping Serviceissues are 20-page monthly reports,• reproduced by p h o t o - o f f s e t ,containing the latest UnitedStates andCanadian UFO newsclippings, withour foreign section carrying the latestBritish, Australian, New Zealand andother foreign press reports. Alsoincluded is a 3-5 page section of"Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot andother "monster" reports). Let us keepyou informed of the latest happeningsin the UFO and Fortean fields." •For subscription information andsample pages from our service, writetoday to:UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICERoute 1 — Box 220Plumerville, Arkansas 72127MUFON103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas7815513
  14. 14. NEWSNVIEWSJOURNAL OFSCIENTIFIC EXPLORATIONELMSFORD, NEW YORK,March 30, 1987 -- Robert Miranda,President of Pergamon Journals, Inc.,announces the forthcoming publicationof a new journal entitled Journal ofScientific Exploration, to be publishedsemi-annually beginningthis summer.In order to advance the study ofanomalous phenomena, exchange andinvestigation of ideas related to thesephenomena is essential. In the past, nojournal has truly been able to offer theinterested scientistand scholar away toexamine and probe the issues.The Journal of ScientificExploration fills this growing need andprovides a forum for open discussionof anomalous phenomena."As the official journal of theSociety for Scientific Exploration, theJournal is devoted to advancing thestudy of anomalous phenomenaincluding: anomalies in various areasofestablished science that are currentlybeing investigated under controlledlaboratory conditions;and anomaliesinareas outside of established sciencethat have not been, subjected toinvestigation under controlledconditions, (i.e. cryptozoology-thestudy of life-forms such as "sasquatch,"and "Nessie," precognition, extra-sensory perception andpsycho-kinesis,and UFO phenomena)," stated PeterA. Sturrock, President of the Society.Scientists and scholars, as well asphilosophers, historians and otherprofessionals interested in anomalousphenomena, will find the Journal ofScientific Exploration to containvaluable information never beforeavailable in a referred journal form.The editor is Ronald E. Howard,Stanford University, California.Associate editors are Peter F.Brussard, Montana State University;Richard G. Fowler, University ofOklahoma; David M. Jacobs, Temple14University; Roy B. Mackal, Universityof Chicago; Earl F. McBride,Universityof Texas; Robert L. Morris, Universityof Edinburgh, UK; Ron Westrum,Eastern Michigan University.Further .information aboutsubscriptions may be obtained bycontacting Pergamon Journals, Inc.,Fairview Park, Elmsford, NY 10523.Tel: (914) 592-7700; Telex: 13-7328;FAX (914) 592-3625."FOO FIGHTERS"Barry Greenwood is interested inobtaining data regarding Foo Fighterphenomena that occurred between theyears 1939-1945. He isalso interested ingathering reports of UFO sightings inVietnam during U.S. involvementthere, 1961-1973. If you come acrossany information on these topics, pleaselet Barry know: P.O. Box 176,Stoneham, MA 02180.Englands Andy Roberts isconducting a similar study of the foo-fighter phenomenon which he hopeswill result in a self-financed book to bepublished later this year. "I aminterested in obtaining any informationon the subject," says Roberts, amember of BUFORA, editor of UFOBrigantia and author of Catflaps! asurvey of mystery cat reports in thenorth of England. Roberts says hewould like to receive "book andmagazine references (particularly themore obscure ones), first hand reports,theories, photographs, in factanything." Contributorswill be creditedand Roberts will gladly reimbursethemfor postage and photocopyingexpenses."The subject of foo-fighters, whilemuch noted in the UFO literature hasnever really been studied in depth and Iaim to produce the definitive sourcework of material on the subject," hesays. Write Mr. Roberts at 84 EllandRoad, Brighouse, West Yorkshire,England, HD6 2QR.. * * *Bob Bletchmans project tolaunchan ad campaign prepared by Charnas,Inc. (ad agency) has been publicized inOMM magazine, March, 1987, in anarticle by Dennis Stacy. A specialescrow bank account has been openedat the NBC Bank of Seguin, TX forfunds for this ad campaign. MUFONmembers are invited to sendcontributions earmarked for thecampaign to MUFON Hdqtrs. inSeguin.Many people have inquried —what happened to Pete Mazzola andTHE SBI (Scientific Bureau ofInvestigation, Inc.)? After total silencefor 11/2 years, Pete Mazzola addressedan open letter to all members andfriends of the SBI, dated March 20,1987. He related all of his healthproblems in detail, starting with hisNovember 1985 auto accident, which atone time had him confined to a wheelchair. Digestive problems followedearly inJanuary 1987, that were relatedto a more serious disorder. InFebruary1987, his doctor diagnosed his illness ascancer of the brain and prescribedradio-therapy treatments. A CAT-SCAN revealed that the tumor haddecreased insize on March6,1987. Inarecent visit to hisdoctor on March 10th,Pete was "jumping around the officelike a circus performer" with all of hisvital signs measuring normal. Thedoctor was so impressed with Petesappearance and attitude that he nowplans to administer chemo-therapytreatments to hopefully reduce thetumor even more.Pete also related the many day today problems that brought SBI to astandstill. With his positive attitude,Pete is confident that he will fullyrecover from this adversary. Pete nowneeds the prayers of his friends inUfology to help him regain his health.
  15. 15. In a personal note to Walt Andrus,Pete asked to have this short "GuestEditorial" published in the Journal. It isself-explanatory. We are pleased tohonor Pete in this manner."To all SBI members who are notalready members of MUFON. Please,Iurge you to join MUFON as a specialfavor to me. MUFON is by. far thelargest organization for UFO studies;has a monthlyjournal that is interesting,professionally printed and up-to-datewith the latest sightings. We have tokeep the UFO light litand the only wayto do that is for all of us to sticktogether. Join MUFON now!"-Pete MazzolaINFRARED DETECTOROn May 20, 1967, -StephenMichalak had a close encounter with adisk-shaped object that came downfrom the sky and landed on a rock. Heclaimed the object changed color afterlanding. He said: "it (the object) was. changing color, turning from red togrey-red to light grey and then to thecolor of hot stainless steel, with agolden glow around it."Even from a distance Michalakcould feel the heat striking him inwaves. When he walked up to theobject he could feel the heat from itssurface and when he touched thesurface he burned his glove.Ufologists have speculated foryears about this interestingcase and inparticular abut the characteristics ofthe materials used in its construction.They have tried to equate the colorchange with a range of temperaturesbased upon knowledge of certainmaterials and by speculating whichmaterials may have been used.Now we have technology availablefor laboratory or field use that assures •you dont have to touch an object to seehow hot it is. The Mikron InstrumentCo. of Wyckpff, N.J. produces aninfrared (IR) imaging system, throughuse of a remote infrared detector canrapidly determine actual temperaturesand even temperature distributionacross the surface of an object.Michalak described how thesurface of the landed object slowlycooled as evidenced by a color changeand the lessening of the waves of heatInvestigator offers $ 10,000to kidnap victims of UFOsNEW YORK (UPI) — A privateinvestigator offered a $10.000award Thursday to anyone who canprove they have been abducted byan alien being from an unidentifiedflying object.Philip Klass, a member of theCommittee for the ScientificInves-tigation of Claims of the Paranor-mal, a group that debunks claims ofthe paranormal, said he made hischallenge in response to two re-cently published books that detailalleged abductions of people byaliens from UFOs.One of the books. "Communion."an account by Whitley Strieber ofhis own alleged abduction by aliensover a period of years, has reachedNo. 2 on the best-selling lists.The other, "Intruders." by BudHopkins, is a collection of accountsfrom, different people who claimcreatures from UFOs subjectedthem to such things as rape andabortion.Klass. who has investigatedUFOs for years, said none of the re-ported kidnappings ever wasbrought to the attention of the FBI.He said people who knowingly re-port spurious kidnappings to theFBI are subject to a $10,000 fine anda five-year prison sentence.Klass said he will give the awardto anyone who receives confirma-tion from the FBI that their report-ed kidnapping occurred.emitted by the object. With a Mikronsystem he could have determined therate of change in seconds, minutes, orlonger. He could have also mapped thesurface of the object, to determinewhich areas were hotter or cooler andifthose were associated with somespecial function.Perhaps more i m p o r t a n t ,Michalak could have used a Mikronsystem to store the heat mappingimages for further studyand analysis ata later date. This data would haveshown the exact shape of the object,the main heat source spots, the internalenvironment as seen through the openports, and any change in temperatureassociated with movement (flight).Additional information about theMikron system can be found in theFebruary 1987 issue of Research andDevelopment magazine, page 134-136.John ScheusslerRADIO CAMERAOn November 17, 1986, a JapanAir Lines cargo jet was trailed for 400miles across the arctic skies bya UFO.The incident was freely reported byveteran pilot Kenju Terauchi, alongwith his co-pilot and flight engineer.Captain Terauchi made detaileddrawings depicting the size and shapeof the reported intruder. The drawingsalso showed the location and flightdirection of the object as seen on theplanes radar.Unfortunately, all we have at thistime is a very detailed report - nophotographs, no videotapes, and nodetailed radar images. However, help ison the way. Pilots involved in similarfuture incidents may have the toolsavailable to provide a positiveidentification of even distant objects.The Houston Post reported onMarch 15, 1987 about an experimentalradar that produces photo-like imagesof distant objects. The suggested usewas for the prevention of mid-aircollisions.The so-called "radio camera" issmall enough to be mounted on anairplane and can vividly depict objectsthat would show up as mere "blips" ontraditional radar screens. Theinventor, Dr. Bernard Steinberg, said"you could point it at an airplane 20miles away -at night, during a blizzard -and get a high-magnification of theairplane." Steinberg is a University ofPennsylvania engineering professor.(continued next page)15
  16. 16. NEWSNVIEWS, Continued: The radar has an unconventionalreceiving system, in that a radio camerarotates to collect signals from several,points and then reconstructs imagesusing a computer.The receivers computer screensout distortions and then creates animage from scores of individual radarsignals, much in the same way a comicbook picture is built up from scores oftiny dots.Steinberg claims that whereconventional radars would depict adistant group of oncoming planes asone giant blip, his device would "tellhow many aircraft there are."If Terauchi had used a radiocamera, we would no longer be in thedark about his interesting sighting overAlaska (ast November. Unfortunately,the use of new technology spreadsveryslowly, so we should not expect*Steinbergs invention to be commonlyapplied for another 10 to 15 years.Nevertheless, help is on the way.John SchuesslerMUFON 1987 INTERNATIONALUFO SYMPOSIUM"International Symposium on, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena: 1947-1987" is the theme for the MUFON 1987 International UFO Symposium onJune 26, 27, and 28,1987, hosted by theFund for UFO Research at AmericanUniversity in Washington, D.C.,commemorating the Kenneth Arnoldsighting near Mt. Rainier on June 24,1947.The following people have agreedto speak and present papers for thesymposium proceedings: Bill Chalker(Australia), Hilary Evans (England),Bertil Kuhlemann (Sweden), Stanton T.Friedman (Canada), Cynthia Hind(Africa), Kanishk Nathan (India),Vincent-Juan Ballester Olmos (Spain),Capt. Daniel Perisse (Argentina), Dr.Roberto Pinotti (Italy), Dr. Willy Smith(South America), Jean-JacquesVelasco (France), and Jun-ichi Yaoi(Japan). .They will provide thesymposium attendees with a comprehensive "worldview"of ufology16on a scale that has never before beenattempted.The tentative schedule for thesymposium isas follows: Friday evening- reception; Saturday morning -welcoming remarks and Internationalspeakers; Saturday afternoon -invitedor contributed /papers; Saturday,evening - banquet with speaker;Saturday night -Panel discussion of theAbduction Phenomenon;. Sundaymorning - MUFON Corporate meetingand contributed papers; Sundayafternoon - International speakers anda closing panel discussion.Although a major portion of thesymposium wjll be presentations by theinternational lecturers, anotherimportant segment will consist of theinvited papers and panel discussions.They will cover a variety ofsubjects,ranging from technical details ofindividual UFO sightings to statisticalanalyses of a large number of sightings..Also to be depth will beresearch into abduction reports andU.S. government cover-up (F.O.I.A.).A comprehensive discussion of newly .acquired information and itsimplications will be provided by suchexperts as William L. Moore, Stanton T.Friedman, and Dr. Bruce S. Maccabee.The latest abduction research willbe discussed by Budd Hopkins,author .of Missing Time and Intruders;Whitley Strieber, author of.Communion; and others. Since most ofthe hew information on governmentcover-up and abductions has beenavailable only to researchers in theU.S.A.,-the international represent-atives present will carry thisinformation back to their owncountries.Bruce Maccabee, the hostchairman of the Fund for UFOResearch, has provided the followingprices for each event: Symposium feefor all sessions, including the Fridayevening reception -$30 per person ($35if received after June 1). The price ofthe banquet and speaker Saturdayevening is $20. The on-campus housing(dormitory style) rate per night is $27for a single room and doublerooms are$25 per person. All speakers will beresiding at American University.If you do not wish on-campushousing there are also hotels andmotels within a short driving distance ofAmerican University. The closestmotels are: Days Inn, 4400ConnecticutAve., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20008(202/244-5600), convenient toTenleytown Metro (subway) stop onRed, Line to downtown Washington,D.C.; and Holiday Inn,5520 WisconsinAve., Chevy Chase, MD (301/656- .1500),. convenient to FriendshipHeights Metro , stop on Red Line. ,Individuals desiring off-campus housingmust make their own reservations.Cab fare from WashingtonU n i v e r s i t y or the motels isapproximately $10 - $12 and fromUnion Station $5 - $6. For additional.information on the MUFONSymposium, hosted by the Fund forUFO Research please call Fred Whiting(.703) 683-2786 or Richard Hall (301)779-8683.To make reservations for thesymposium, banquet and on-campushousing, please make checks payableto "FUFOR Symposium Account" andmail to: Fund for UFO Research, P.O.Box 277, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712.(Refunds will be made in full if requestsare received by June 7, 1987.)Plan now to attend this greatinternational symposium and find outwhy "Forty Years is Long Enough."MUFON103 Oldtownc Rd.Seguin, Texas78155SYMPOSIUMJUNE 26-28AMERICANUNIVERSITYWASHINGTON,D.C.
  17. 17. FOR RELEASE:Thursday.March 12. 1987All persons in the survey were asked the followingquestion: - -, .Do you think there are people somewhat like our-selves living on other-planetsin the universe, or not?Only One-Third of Public Deny ExistenceOf UFOs, Extraterrestrial LifeBy George Gallup, Jr.PRINCETON, N.J.^— For millions of American adultsa "Close Encounter of the Third Kind" is a distinct.,possibility, with only about one in three flatly denyingthe existence of either unidentified flying objects(UFOs) or extraterrestrial life.In a new Gallup survey, 50% express the beliefthat there are "people somewhat like ourselves livingon other planets in the universe," while34% are skeptical,and 16% unsure. The current figures are virtually un-changed from those recorded in a 1978 survey, but con-siderably more nowthan in either 1973 or 1966 believein extraterrestrial life. *Similarly, 49% of those who have heard or read ."about UFOs thinkthey are real, while 30% are doubtfuland 21% uncertain. Belief .in UFOs is down slightlyfrom its peak in 1978, when57% thoughtthey were real.9% Report Sighting UFOIn the new survey, one person in 11 (9%) reportsactually having seen something he or she thought wasa UFO, statistically similar to the findings of earlierpolish . :Belief Higher Among College-EducatedBelief in the existence of life on other planets andin UFOs is substantially higher among persons whoattended college than among those whose formal educa-tion ended at or before graduation from high school.Men are more likely than women to believe inextraterrestrial life, 62% and 40%, respectively, but menand women share the same opinions about UFOs.As a rule, people 50 and older are less convincedthan their juniors that either phenomenon has a basis infact, but more older than younger adults are undecided:Westerners are most apt to be believers; Southerners,least so. :Following are the questions, the trends and thelatest findings among key demographic groups:Respondents were first asked:T";Have you heard or read about UFOs (Unidentified;Flying Objects)? •,""Those answering affirmatively (88% of the total)were then asked:.Have, you ever seen.anything you thought, was aUFO? -"•-.Sighting of UFO r(Based on aware groups)19871978197319669%9115 --.• In your opinion, are UFO:S something real or justpeoples-imagination? . " ^" -- Existence of .UFOs •(Based on aware groups)1987197819731966Real49575446Imaginary Notsure~ OL. a* 7V - fO 30. 27302921161625Existence of UFOs(Based on aware groups)- -:Real Imaginary Not sure"NATIONAL;MenWomen .Attended collegeNo college18-29years30-49 years: 504older-.EastMidwestSouthWest49504956445357365248396230 -3128263332213930273919,2119-23182315222518252219Extraterrestrial LifeYes No19871978197319665051463434333846Extraterrestrial .LifeNotsure%16161620Yes%5062405746 -525642554938--63.NO;%3430- 28 -.-.• :- 33353635332934. 4821Notsure%1683210191292516171416NATIONAL.MenWomen.Attended collegeNocollege18-29 years30-49years50 & olderEastMidwest- ..SouthWest , ,The latest findings are based on telephone inter-views with 527 adults, 18 and older, conducted in sci-entifically selected localities across the nation duringthe period-Feb. 2-18. For results based on samples ofthis size, one can say with 95% confidence that the errorattributable to sampling and other random effects couldbe 6 percentage points in either direction.In addition to sampling error, the reader shouldbear in mind that question wording and practical difficul-ties in conducting surveys can introduce error or biasinto the findings of opinion polls. These statements con-form to the standards of disclosure of the National Coun-cil on PublicPolls. ,
  18. 18. BOOK REVIEWByRichard HallTHE NIGHT SKYBy Walter N. WebbMUFON Astronomy ConsultantRichard Hall is a formerMUFON Journal editor. ,Communion is the story of anestablished author (perhaps bestknown for The Hunger and TheWolf en) who had the misfortune tohave encounters with what appeared tobe alien beings at his isolated cabin inNew York State, and elsewhere. Hehad been a UFO skeptic, little informedon the subject, who had difficulty inaccepting and coping with the strangethings that happened to him, so herepressed considerable costfor himself and his family.Later, he had the good fortune torun across Budd Hopkins (author ofMissing Time and premier investigatorof so-called "abduction" cases) whoshepherded him through hispsychological adjustment problems,helped arrange for professionalcounseling, and generally steered himin the right direction. All of this isdescribed in intimate detail, includinghis perceptions of the beings and hisown personal terror and confusion.The level of detailis extraordinary,and is especially significant because itcomes from a literateand sophisticatedperson who has had the courage to "gopublic" with his life-revolutionizingexperience. No doubt it is the mostcomplete and articulate personalaccount of an abduction experiencepublished to date from a seeminglyreputable and accomplished person,and as such it isworthyof careful study.Dr. Donald Klein, Director ofResearch at the New York StatePsychiatric Institute (recently in thenews as a witness for the biologicalmother in the "Baby M" case)conducted hypnotic regressionsessions with Strieber, and a statementfrom him in an Appendixstates that hesees " evidence of an anxiety state,mood disorder, or personalityBright Planets (EveningSky):Mars, in Gemini, lies low in the sky at dusk north of west, settingabout 10PMdaylight time in midmonth. Duringthe first half of June, the planetMercuryisnot far from Mars, passing less than one degree below the red planet on the10th. At this time Mercury is several times brighter than Mars.Saturn, inOphiuchus, reaches opposition to the Sun on June 9 at magnitude0.0. The planet rises then in the ESE at sunset and remains visible allnight in-the southern half of the sky. A small telescope will show the yellow ball of theplanet and its protrudingrings.Bright Planets (Morning Sky)Venus continues lowand difficult in the east, rising about one hour before theSun. Its magnitude remains -3.9.Jupiter, in Pisces, brightens to magnitude -2.3 in mid-June.It now rises in theeast about 2 AM and is well up in the ESE at dawn.Saturn sets in the WSW about sunrise.€ O(continued next page)Moon Phases:First quarter-June 4Full moon-June 11Last quarter-June 18New moon-June 26The Stars:That welcome sky symbol of summer, the Summer Triangle, is fully visible inthe east after evening twilight ends. One member of the stellar trio is Vega,third brightest nighttime star seen in midnorthern latitudes.Scorpius, with its reddish heart Antares and winding tail (complete withstinger on the tip),begins its seasonal journey across the southern horizon.(Saturn lies left of Antares and is brighter and yellower.)The constellation Hercules can be seen almost overhead, standing on thebpxlike head of the defeated Draco, the dragon guardingthe golden applesofthe Hesperides. Dracos long body winds around the north polar region andbetween the Big and Little Dippers. Look for a dim fuzzy spot along the westside of the four-sided Keystone of Hercules. Telescopes of moderate sizeshow the spot as a globular cluster ofthousands ofstars. Another of Herculestwelve labors, the Nemean lion (Leo), noses toward the west horizon.Between Leo and kite-shaped Bootes in the SW lies a wedge-shaped loosecluster of20or 30 stars, Coma Berenices. It represents Queen Berenices longhair which she cut off and dedicated to the goddess of beauty. .18
  19. 19. MESSAGE, ContinuedStarr, Timothy Good from England,and Richard Neal, M.D. The genialJim Moseley will M.C. the conference.The price of rooms per night is$55. Forreservations to the conference, pleasewrite to Bill Moore at 4219 West Olive,Suite 247, Burbank, CA 91505 ortelephone (818) 506-8365.The 4th International UFOCongress will be heldJuly 10-12,1987 atthe London Business School inLondon, England. For furtherinformation please enclose a S.A.E. foryour reply and mail to Mr.R.S. Digby,Director Congress 87, c/o 16,Southway, Burgess Hill, West SussexRH15 9ST, England. Speakersscheduled are Walt Andrus ofMUFON (USA), Dr. Alex Keul(Austria), Mr. Odd-Gunnar Roed(Norway), Prof. Allen Tough(Canada), and Miss Jenny Randies(U.K.), just to name a few.On July 9th Bertil Kuhlemannhas scheduled the annual meeting ofthe International Committee for UFOResearch (ICUR) Immediatelyfollowing the 4th International UFOCongress on Monday, July 13, 1987 atthe same location, Walt Andrus hasscheduled a meeting for all MUFONForeign Representatives, members andguests. The agenda will be announcedin a future issue of the Journal and acopy sent air mail to all foreignrepresentatives in Europe well beforethe above date. Your InternationalDirector will attend all 3 meetings. Amajor item on the agenda will be theselection of a Continental Coordinatorfor Europe and hopefully anInternational Coordinator to fill thevacancy created by the resignation ofMichael Sinclair, Ph.D.Richard Hall has advised that aprogram of events for the MUFON1987 International UFO Symposiumwill be available for publication in theJune 1987 issue of the Journal.The format for the MUFONAnnual Corporate Meeting scheduledfor Sunday, June 28th from 9 a.m. to12noon has been revised to comply withthe Corporate By-laws. It will be theAnnual MUFON Board of Directorsmeeting conducted in conjunctionwiththe yearly UFO symposium. Only theseventeen members presently servingon the MUFON Board of Directors aspublished in the MUFON 1986 UFOSymposium Proceedings are invited toattend. If a Board Member will beunable to attend, he/she mayauthorizein writing a person to represent theabsent Board Member with votingprivileges.An agenda for the Board ofDirectors Meeting will be mailed to allBoard Members three weeks inadvance of the meeting. This will allowample time for the State SectionDirectors, State Directors, ResearchSpecialists, Consultants and Board ofDirectors to submit a list of agendaproposals, requested in the April 1987issue of the MUFON UFO Journal inthe "Directors Message."REVIEW, Continueddisorder" in Strieber. Also included areresults of a polygraph test whichStrieber passed.Striebers descriptions of whathappened to him are beautifullyexpressed (as befits a wordsmith ofhiscaliber), even poetic in language. Butthis reviewer (also a professionalwordsmith in the nonfiction world)found some of the "poetry" a bitdistracting; almost too clever, orimaginative, or something. GivenStriebers background infiction writing,though, one cannot fault him for tryingto convey the experience in the bestway he knew how.CREDIBILITYBy the same token, Strieber willhave to face the logical question ofwhyan author noted for his horror fictionshould be believed when he presentswhat is basically a horror story asalleged fact. It is somewhat comparableto the notorious contactee GeorgeAdamski who wrote acknowledgedfiction stories about sojourningto otherplanets, then suddenly claimed that hehad actually contacted extrater-restrials.The analogy is far from perfect,however, Adamski was an uneducatedperson who committed all kinds offactual and logical errors whilebetraying an ignorance of scientificknowledge. Strieber, obviously, has asophisticated knowledge of scientificmatters and is a socially concernedperson about the threat of atomic warand potentially fatal damage to theEarths environment.But Strieber also shows amysticalside, and influences of his apparentlydiscarded Catholic religion, that tend tocolor his interpretations of whathappened to him.Allabductees do thebest they can to rationalize theirexperiences in terms of their ownbackground knowledge and personallife histories. It is doubtful that Strieberhas succeeded any better than theothers in interpreting the experienceand figuring out whatis goingon; what itall means.Adamski also was shown to be aprevaricator, totally unable to tell aconsistent story, and manyof hisclaimsabout the Moon and planetaryastronomy were determined to be falseby subsequent space explorations.Striebers book obviously has muchmore to do with real UFO-relatedevents, described to the best of hisability, but whose ultimate meaningremains to be determined by scientificresearch.His book must be read on twolevels: (1) his perceptions andattempted reconstruction of whathappened to him; (2) his personalinterpretation and theories about whatis going on.SYMPOSIUMJUNE 26-28AMERICANUNIVERSITYWASHINGTON,D.C.19
  20. 20. DIRECTORS MESSAGEbyWalt Andrus"International Symposium onUnidentified Aerial Phenomena: 1947-1987" is the theme for the MUFON1987 International UFO Symposium onJune 26, 27,and 28,1987, hosted by theFund for UFO Research at AmericanUniversity in Washington, D.C., andcommemorating the Kenneth Arnoldsighting near Mt. Rainier inWashingtonState on June 24,1947. Theeighteenthannual symposium will undoubtedly beour most significant to date, basedupon the locale, news media events,new books being published, theinternational scope of the speakers,and the positive resurgence of interestin the UFO phenomenon. The numberof advance registrations received byApril 12th rivals those of priorsymposiums for the deadline date. Thehost committee is elated with the earlyresponse and tremendous interestalready created. Please read the specialarticle in this edition of the Journal forthe program agenda, speakers, andhow you may make reservations toattend. Many people are takingadvantage of the reduced price air faresto Washington, D.C. and are makingtheir flight reservations early.* * *The ballot to vote for yourcandidate for the MUFON AWARDFOR OUTSTANDING WORK INTHE UFO FIELD FOR 1986-1987 wasenclosed with the April 1987 issueof theJournal. Please return all ballots toMUFON in Seguin, Texas, by June 2,1987 so the engraved plaque may beprepared and presented at theMUFON 1987 International UFOSymposium in Washington, D.C.The June 1987 issue of theMUFON UFO JOURNAL willcommemorate the fortieth anniversaryof the Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting,on June 24, 1947, marking the inaugralof the modern era of Ufology.* * *Philip Murmelstein, living inReshon Letzion, is the newRepresentative for Israel. An Englishteacher, Mr. Murmelstein received hisB.S. from Brooklyn College in NewYork City. We are extremely proud toannounce that two State Directorvacancies have been filled. Donald E.Flickinger, a veteran UFOinvestigator residing in Billings, is thenew State Director for Montana.Albert E. "Al" Frank, M.S. ofCorvallis, Oregon is replacing JamesD. Kness as the State Director forOregon. Up until recently, Mr. Frankhas been teaching atmospheric scienceat Oregon State University.Joseph M. Hammer, M.S., avocational counselor in Biglerville,Pennsylvania, has accepted theposition of State Section Director forAdams and Franklin Counties. Mr.Hammer has outstanding credentialsfor this new post. He has earned a Criminology, a M.S. in Counsellingand a M.S. inPsychology. George andShirley Coyne, Co-State Directors forMichigan have promoted Edward L.Hude to State Section Director forIngham and Jackson Counties. Mr.Hude has been a police investigatorformany years. Mr. V. Walter Vanatko,M.S., a systems analyst in Spring,Texas, is a new Research Specialist inSystemsEngineering.Accolades to Edward F. Mazur,State Director for Arkansas, forpublishing his first "Arkansas MUFONNewsletter;" mailing news releases to45 newspapers, TV and radio stations,introducing himself and MUFON; and aletter to each of the 74County Sheriffsin Arkansas advising where they shouldreport UFO sightings. Ed andMildred Higgins, State SectionDirector, will host their annual UFOconference and picnicon the weekendof May 2 and 3 in Fayetteville.* * *The Federal AviationAdministra-tion (F.A.A.) investigation into theJapan Air Lines flight 1628 UFOsighting over Alaska on November 17,1986 that was released concurrentlywith the March 5, 1987 PressConference in Anchorage, has beenreceived for the MUFON file. We willpublish excerpts from these documentson information not previouslypublished in the Journal. The first ofthese is included in the current issue.One of the announcementsreleased during the March5,1987 PressConference sums up the F.A.A.sattitude. It is titled Lack of "Scientific"Investigation. "The Federal AviationAdministration has a number ofemployees who do scientific researchwith regard to aircraft, aviation, andrelated electronic equipment.TheFAAdoes not have the resources or theCongressional mandate to investigatesightings of unidentified flying objects."We have not tried to determinewhat the crew of Japan Air Lines flight1628 saw based on scientific analysis ofthe stars, planets,magneticfields, angleof view, etc. We have received lettersfrom several persons suggesting thatwe ask the crew and others a variety ofdetailed questions from a scientificviewpoint. This we have not done anddo not intend to do. We reviewed thedata that was created by our systems,the interviews that were done byFAAto determine the status of the crew andthe aircraft, and have provided thatinformation to the public."The FAA completed itsinvestigation of JAL flight 1628, anddoes not intend to pursue it anyfurther." By Paul Steucke, FAA,Public Affairs Officer, AlaskanRegion,701 C Street, Box 14, Anchorage,Alaska 99513.* * *The National UFO Conference(NUFOC) will be held June 12,13, and14, 1987 at the Burbank Hilton Hoteladjacent to the Burbank CaliforniaAirport. Speakers scheduled are BillMoore, Stanton Friedman, Hal(continued on page 19)