MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER ...
STRANGE ALASKAN ENCOUNTERBy Walter AndrusWalter Andrus is MUFONsinternational director.UFOs were back in the news withgust...
ALASKA, Continuedobject that appeared on FAA and AirForce radar was "a very big one - twotimes bigger than an aircraft car...
they told the FAA the object no longerappeared on their radar.At 6:31 PM the JAL crew told theFAA the unidentified object ...
ALASKA, Continued, . W.A.: I am Walt .Andrus,International Director of the MutualUFO Network. I am calling fromSeguin, Tex...
Service the first time.P.S.: Right.W.A.: One of those people (KyodaNews Service) called one of our peopletoo, but at that ...
ALASKA, Continuedcolleagues then thought it might be asplit image.After spotting the track, Rich saidhe called the Militar...
APPREHENSIONMy other roommate, Jim,knockedon the truck window. I stopped thetruck and he got up front with us. Wenoticed t...
NEWSNVIEWSIDABEL E. EPPERSON:A TRIBUTEUfology has lost another pioneer. Idabel Epperson died January 12,1987in Los Angeles...
Washington, D.C., symposium atAmerican University.Another book will also be availableby then, Gary Kinders Lighf Years;AnI...
INTRODUCTORY NOTE:Information accumulated over thelast ten years indicates that thegovernment has been much less thanforth...
WHAT IF? Continuedentirely, either. A "moderate interest,"sligntly more than "benign neglect,"would be about right.IF EBEs...
Florida Report, too, by Donald WareCEI CASE IN BRASILBy Cynthia Newby LuceCynthia Newby Luce isMUFONs Sectional Represent-...
Arfisf s Interpretationbeing a woman; and not beingBrasiliancan be a handicap.I also have been trying, and myBrasilian pro...
3-D SUITSBY JOHN SCHUESSLERJohn Schuessler is MUFONsdeputy director.For the past thirty years, perhapsmore, witnesses have...
IN OTHERS WORDSBy Lucius ParishUFO sightings in the Middle Agesare the focus of an article in theNovember 18 issue of NATI...
THE NIGHT SKYBy Walter N. WebbMUFON Astronomy ConsultantMARCH 1987Bright Planets (EveningSky):Mars, in Aries, glows reddis...
MESSAGE, Continuedassisted Idabel as a silent partner forover thirty years. Idabel died January12, 1987 in Los Angeles. In...
DIRECTORS MESSAGEbyWalt AndrusThe annualMUFON award for themost outstanding contribution toUfology for 1986-87 will be pre...
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Transcript of "Mufon ufo journal 1987 2. february"

  2. 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International Director andAssociate EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorANN DRUFFELContributing EditorPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityMARGE CHRISTENSENPublic RelationsREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityT. SCOTT GRAINGREG LONGMICHAEL D. SWORDSStaff WritersTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEONARD STRINGFIELDUFO Crash/RetrievalWALTER N. WEBBAstronomyNORMAE. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLROBERT V. PRATTEditor/Publishers Emeritus(Formerly SKYLOOK)The MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc.,Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$25.00 per year in the U.S.A.; $30.00foreign in U.S. funds. Copyright 1987by the Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin, Texas.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 toadvise change of address to TheMUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155-4099.FROMTHE EDITORFirst, an update of material found elsewhere in this issue.Whitley Striebers Communion (Beech Tree Books, 299pp., $17.95)will be availablein most areas of the country as you read this. Nextmonth well have a previewofBudd Hopkins The Intruders, due outsoon from Random House, by Budd himself, along with informationfor ordering the book by both mail and telephone.More news as we go to press: The March "UFO Update"column in OMM magazine will be about attorney RobertBletchmans efforts to raise seed money for a national UFOinformation advertising campaign. MUFON members wishing tocontribute may do so through MUFON directly, and shouldspecifically earmark any amounts accordingly.Herein, youll find an update on the Alaskan UFO reported byJAL flight 1628, with more to come. As everyone isprobably awareby now, this summer will mark the fortieth anniversary of KennethArnolds landmark UFO sighting.The year already promises to beexciting in more ways than one, what with fast-breaking news, andseveral important books and events scheduled for the remainderof1987. You wont find a better way to stay informed than by keepingyour subscription to the MUFON UFO Journal current. And wewont be able to do a better job unless we hear from youdirectly withyour comments and suggestions. That, after all,is what "Mutual" inMUFON stands for.In this issueSTRANGE ALASKAN ENCOUNTER by Walter Andrus 3COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET by Tom Page 8NEWSNVIEWS 10WHAT IF "THEY" ARE REAL? by Bruce S. Maccabee 12CEI CASE IN BRASIL by Cynthia Newby Luce 143-D SUITS by John Schuessler 16IN OTHERS WORDS by Lucius Parish 17LETTERS 17THE NIGHT SKY (March) by Walter Webb 18DIRECTORS MESSAGE by Walt Andrus 20COVER DRAWING by William HaysThe Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal income tax. In addition,bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions ofSections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNALare determined by the editor,and donot necessarily represent the official position of MUFON. Opinions of contributorsare their own, and do not necessarily reflect thoseof the editor, thestaff, orMUFON.Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON. Responses to published articlesmaybe in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400 words) or ina short article (up to about2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50%rule" is applied:the article author may reply butwill be allowed half the wordage used in the response; the responder may answer theauthor but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authors reply, etc. Allsubmissions are subject to editing for style, clarity, and conciseness.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than 200words are quoted from any one article, the authorof the articleisgiven credit,and thestatement "Copyright 1987 by the MutualUFO Network, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin,Texas 78155" isincluded.
  3. 3. STRANGE ALASKAN ENCOUNTERBy Walter AndrusWalter Andrus is MUFONsinternational director.UFOs were back in the news withgusto when Jeff Berliner,United PressInternational (UPI) in Anchorage,Alaska filed his interview of Monday,December 29, 1986 with FederalAviation Administration (FAA) andU.S. Air Force spokesmen. This articlehas been reconstructed from newsreleases emanating from Alaska, apersonal telephone interview with PaulSteucke, FAA spokesman, and a shorttelephone interview by Larry King onhis CNN-TV program with CaptainKenju Terauchi of Japan AirLines flight1628, both on January 2, 1987. Asoriginally reported, the radar operatorsof both the FAA and Elmendorf AFB inAnchorage confirmed the visualsighting by the flight crew of the J.A.L.Boeing 747cargo aircraft on November17, 1986.Based upon .interviews conductedby Jim Derry, FAA security manager,with all three flight crew membersimmediately upon landing, the FAAcompiled their report on this verysignificant event. The three crewmenofJAL 1628 were Captain KenjuTerauchi, 1st Officer TakanoriTamefuji and Flight Engineer YoshioTsukuda. Mr.Derrys report concludedthat they were not hallucinating, not ondrugs or alcohol and were normal,professional, rational individuals.To provide Journal readers withthe facts on thisvisual/radar UFO case,it will be reported first from theexperiences of the flight crew; secondthe FAA controllers; third the radaroperators at Elmendorf AFB; andfourth from Paul Steucke, officialspokesman for the FAA in Alaska.JAL FLIGHT 1628JAL flight 1628, originating inParis, France, destined for Tokyo,Japan with refueling stops atAt Anchorage airport Capt.Terauchi demonsl rates how a giant object maneuvered toflyin formation with his JAL 747.Reykjavik. Iceland and Anchorage,Alaska was approaching Ft. Yukon,Alaska flying at 35,000 feet on a clearnight with unlimited visibility and a fullmoon when they made their firstobservation. Capt. Terauchistated thatthe crew initially saw three objects orlights directly in front of the Boeing 747.(Please see accompanyingdrawingsforshape and size.) At first he thought hewas approaching another aircraft fromthe rear since the colors of the lightswere white, yellow and amber andmight be the exhaust. Theyimmediately turned the cockpit lightsoff to eliminate any reflection on thecockpit windows. After conductingminor maneuvers for six minutes tosatisfy their curiosity that the lightswere entirely independent of theiraircraft, they contacted the FAA inAnchorage by radio to report the lightsand to inquire what they were,since thelighting was not a normal aircraftmarking pattern.In an interview on Tuesday,December 30, 1986, Terauchi, age 47,apilot with 29 years experience who livesin Anchorage with his family, said hesaw three UFOs and that at one pointlights from the two smaller onesappeared directly in front of the Boeing747 cockpit at close range. He referredto the objects as "the two small shipsand the mother ship," and expressedamazement that they appeared andreappeared and moved quickly andstopped suddenly.He said he could notexplain the events, except to speculatet h a t he saw s o m e t h i n g ofextraterrestrial origin. Speaking inEnglish with occasional help from atranslator, Terauchi drew maps,pictures and supplied technicalannotation (in Japanese) to describethe incident. (See the drawingspublished with this article.) •Terauchi repeatedly said the(continued next page)
  4. 4. ALASKA, Continuedobject that appeared on FAA and AirForce radar was "a very big one - twotimes bigger than an aircraft carrier."The small UFOs did not appear on hisairborne weather radar, he said. Hesaid the three crewmen saw lights fromthe two smallobjects. He drew apictureshowing lights in a formation, eachobject having what appeared to be twopanels of lights. The Captain said hesaw lights on the larger object and once,near Fairbanks, saw itin faint silhouette8 miles away. He drew a picture of whathe saw — something resembling alarge-shelled walnut.The crew was not frightened,Terauchi said. Their feeling was, hesaid, "We want to escape from this."And so — with FAA permission anddirection — the crew (and aircraft)dropped in altitude and madenumerous turns, but the objectsremained. "They were still followingus," Terauchi said, and FAA radarconfirmed that at least one objectremained despite the maneuvers.Asked if he was nervous, Terauchireplied, "No, I am the Captain. I cannotbe nervous." Asked whyhe thought theUFOs would tail his plane, Terauchilaughed and replied,"We werecarryingBeaujolais, a very famous winemade inFrance. Maybe they want to drink it."The three crew members have a total ofabout 46 years of flying experience,Terauchi said.The author was unable tointerview Captain Terauchi, however Iunderstand that Dr. Richard F. Haineswas successful in finding him at home inAnchorage.The producers of the Cable NewsNetwork (CNN) arranged for LarryKing to interview Kenju Terauchi bytelephone live for his program onJanuary 2, 1987. (Mr. King alsointerviewed Paul Steucke on the sameprogram by telephone.) The following isa transcription of the brief interviewwith Captain Terauchi:Larry King: When did you sight theunidentified flying object?Kenju Terauchi: We saw theunidentifieds November 17, 86. Timewas 10 minutes after 5 oclock and 6:00PM — saw it for 50 minutes.L.K.: It was clear weather. Whatdid you see?1• •Illustraton by William HaysAbove is an Illustration based on a description Japan Air Lines pilot Kenju Terauchi providedIllustrator William Hays. It shows two smaller craft Terauchi says hovered In front of thecockpit window of his 747 cargo plan on Nov. 17. At a distance they appeared rectangular and,as they moved closer, square (as drawn here). He described the lights as pulsating In thedirection of the darker panel In the middle, which he said said resembled black charcoal dottedwith glowing orange embers.K.T.: I saw 3 flying objects. Twowere approximately the size of a DC-8aircraft — 2 objects — the other shipwas larger. Other ship seemed to betwice as large as an aircraft carrier.L.K.: What was your reaction?K.T.: The smaller aircraftapproached us and then moved backtoward the larger ship which was about500 to 1000 feet away from our aircraft.Both objects flew as ifin formation withour ship. The larger ship was locatedabout 7 or 8 miles, (distance)L.K.: What do you think it was?K.T.: At first it occurred to me thatit was unidentified flying object, but Iliterally dont know what it was.FAA REPORTA one-page report was filed by theflight controllerin charge of JAL 1628.The following are quotes from hisreport obtained by Jeff Berliner (DPI):During the flight, the controller askedTerauchi to identify the craft and thenwrote, "He could not identify butreported white and yellow strobes."The lighting was not a normal aircraftmarking pattern, the crew said. In hisone-page report, the controller saidrepeatedly he saw another object onradar staying near the JAL jet despiteFAA approved turns and altitudechanges. The object was as close as 5miles, the controller wrote.According to the FAA account,the pilot contacted Anchoragecontrollers about planes in the area at6:19 PM (Anchorage time), reportingthe UFO 1 mile away from his plane.(Inthe interviewwith Larry King, CaptainTerauchi said the observation startedat 5:10 PM.) This was Yukon Time asthey crossed the Artie Circle 30 milessoutheast of Fort Yukon, Alaska intheir over-the-pole flight fromReykjavik, Iceland. At 6:25 PM, thecrew reported it 8 miles away. At 6:26PM the FAA contacted the MilitaryOperations Control Center atElmendorf Air Force Base inAnchorage to find out if the UFOappeared on its radar. Military radaroperators reported an object 8 milesfrom the JAL jet, but one minute later
  5. 5. they told the FAA the object no longerappeared on their radar.At 6:31 PM the JAL crew told theFAA the unidentified object was "quitebig" and the FAA directed the crew todescend from 35,000 feet to 31,000 feet,(The crew had requested approval toalter their cruising altitude so as to takeevasive action.) -When asked if thetraffic (the UFO) was descending also,the pilot stated it was descending "information." At 6:35 PM, Fairbankscontrollers were asked for assistance,but reported nothingunusualon radar.Anchorage controllers directedthe JAL plane to make a 360 degreeturn, and the crew reported they nolonger saw the lights, but Air Forceofficials told the FAA they saw a "flightof two" and "advised it looked asthough the (unidentified). traffic haddropped back and to the right" of JAL1628.. At 6:45, the FAA asked anorthbound United Airlines flight(number 69) to make a 10-degree turnto better see the JAL plane to confirmthe existence of the UFO — which thecrew was then reporting 8 miles awayand nearly behind them. That was theirlast sighting. The United crew reportedseeing nothingout of the ordinary; nordid a military C-130 the FAA asked tohelp.ELMENDORFAFBWhen interviewedby Jeff Berliner,Air Force officials confirmedtheir radarpicked up something near the JALplane, but Capt. Robert Morris of theAlaska Air Command suggested theUFO was "random clutter or weatherinterference." , Another Air Forcespokesman, Sgt. Jack Hokanson, said"We got out of the UFO business sometime ago."PAUL STEUCKESince this. event was still beingclassified as a visual/radar case, theauthor placed a telephone call to PaulSteucke, FAA spokesman inAnchorage at (907) 271-5296. Thefollowing is a verbatim transcriptionofthe taped telephone interviewmade onJanuary 2, 1987:P.S.: Hello, Paul Steucke here..AT- 7) ,7Wo O"WHAT PILOT SAW - JAL Capt. Kenju Terauchi prepared these illustrations of whathe saw when his Boeing 747 encountered strange lights over Alaska Nov. 17,1986.In,the top drawing, Terauchi shows the UFO lights nearly infront of the plane and a close-up of the lights. Inthe middle, he depicts what the UFO looked like after he glimpseditin silhouette: The JAL jumbo jet is dwarfed by the huge object. Inthe bottom drawing,the pilot shows where the UFO first appeared on the planes radar.(continued next page)
  6. 6. ALASKA, Continued, . W.A.: I am Walt .Andrus,International Director of the MutualUFO Network. I am calling fromSeguin, Texas. I know that you havebeen working on the case that occurredon November 17th of the JAL flight1628. What is the status of thatinvestigation right now?P;S.: Well, simply put — we arecollecting the data from the people whoare.invovled in it. We interviewed theCaptain of the flight in length.We haveretained the radar tapes — the radarelectronic data system that took placeat that time. We have retained the voice.transmission, recordings that weremade at the time between, ourcontroller and the Captain of theaircraft.W.A.: Good.P.S.: We basically will be collectingdata now with the investigator inchargeand will probably be forwarding all thatmaterial to our Washington office insome point in time — next week or so.W.A.: How do you feel personally?Does it look interesting?Did you haveUFOs or some object on radar?P.S.: Well, is hard to say.It is,not concrete by any stretch of theimagination because what the Captainsaw and the crew is well documentedfrom their point of view. They seem tobe very good and very explicit. Weinterviewed them when they landed onthe ground. They were rational,professional, well trained people —there is no problem with that. Theywere pretty emphatic and have givensome rather detailed reports, includingdrawings of what it is they saw. Theywent to some length to make sure thatthey werent being "snuckered" bysomething. As far as whatour radar hasbeen able to document, it is really notgoing to hold up in my. opinion.W.A.: For what reason?P.S.: The reason beingisthat boththe military and F.A.A. use the samebase radar data that comes out ofFairbanks so there is no separate radarsystem confirming one or the other orvice versus.W.A.: That is a problem.P.S.: Yes. The second thing is thatthe initial radar data that was received— in reviewing that data with ours —going backwards and regenerating theelectronic data that we could see —which is a method we use allthe time.What I call the secondary target, if youwant to call itthat, an unknownpossibleobject did not come up .on our radarwhen we regenerated it.W.A.: Was there one object ormore?P.S.: The only object thatwecouldgenerate was the JAL airplane. TheCaptain of the plane mentioned that hesaw 3 different objects, 2 which werequite small. We are talking somethingabout 8 feet in diameter, whereas thelarge object was very large,perhaps thelength of 2 aircraft carriers for example.The 2 smaller objects he said did notappear on his weather radar, whereasthe large one did. The radar that wewere receiving — we sometimes get asecond radar response or an echo.Thats not really unusual.In reviewingthe generated radar data, that appearsto be the case in this situation. Theprimary target which would be the JALwas very obvious and distinct. Asecondary, blip which was. veryintermittent and weak appeared inpattern every so often.W.A.: Oh, Oh!P.S.: The Air Force using thatsame basic data considered that to beclutter. Their radar situation does nothave to be quite as sophisticated asours and as a result, they get moreclutter than we do. Our system uses avery sophisticated state-of-the-artcomputer which essentiallyanalyzesinmilliseconds and gets rid of clutter sothat the controller doesnt have to beconstantly swamped with visual images .that are not part of controlling aircraft.W.A.: Right.P.S.: And as a result, sometimesthe computer when it gets a signal thatis an echo, it will put up both signals nomatter how strong they are. Thatseems to be the case on this one.W.A.: So — but the air force didhave a separate radar screen.P.S.: Their radar system base datais the same as ours.W.A.: Except that you have the filter.P.S.: Yes. We are at two differentinstallations — two different locations.W.A.: Are you at Elmendorf AFBtoo?P.S.: No we are not. We are justoutside of the, Elmendorf base and ofcourse their installation is within it.W.A.: Yes.P.S.: So they were looking at aradar screen in one place roughly3,4 or5 miles away from where we werelooking at our radar screen.W.A.: Are you using separateantennas and separate microwave?;P.S:: Antennas are the same—• thedish is • the same. (Located nearFairbanks, Alaska.)W.A: OK, I just wantedclarification, (intentionalrepetition)P.S.: The bottom line is essentiallythat the crew has responded quiteclearly with what they saw. Theyworked with controllers, didmaneuvers, etc. and. that their initial.radar appeared to perhapsconfirm some of that, but inhindsightafter checkingit out, it doesnt look likeit is going to.W.A.: Someone has been sittingon this (information) since November17th. How did it leak out as far as youare concerned?P.S.: Well — nobody was sitting onit. We just didnt do anything with it. Wedidnt put out a news release on it. Wewere not keeping it a secret. We justdidnt announce it. And whathappened? How do I think the newsrelease came about or news story cameout? After about 6 weeks, I thinksomeone in Japan, probablyone of thecrew members, mentioned it enoughtimes to family and friends — had to bewhere it got to somebody who was acorrespondent. Because the first thingIgot was a phone call from Kyoda NewsService out of Japan. That was the daybefore Christmas;the 24th.They sent acorrespondent over and thecorrespondent said to me — you knowthat weve got some .information on"such and such." Is that true? I said —well yeah and heres whatweve got. Onthe 29th after the Christmas holidays,that story must have been printedsomewhere in Japan because UnitedPress International picked it up. Japanpicked it up. Then the United Pressreporter over here asked me the samequestion and I told him the same thing.W.A.: Was that Jeff Berliner?P.S.: Yes.W.A.: So it was December 24thwhen you heard from Kyoda News
  7. 7. Service the first time.P.S.: Right.W.A.: One of those people (KyodaNews Service) called one of our peopletoo, but at that time the gentleman thatoperates our UFO Hotline (BobGribble) was not aware of the case anddidnt foreward it to us, otherwise wewould have had some of our people inAlaska contacting you.P.S.: I see.W.A.: I am the InternationalDirector of the Mutual UFO Network.We study UFOs around the World andthis one seems to be the mostinteresting that we have to work with atthe moment. That is why I wanted totalk to you, because lets get right to thehorses mouth — whats going on?What do you know? Because, you cantrely on the rumors that get into the•press sometimes.P.S.: That is for certain.W.A.: What Air Force officers areinvolved?P.S.: The AirForce officer thatyouwant to contact is Colonel Tilman at(907) 552-2226 - thats at Elmendorf.W.A.: Are you goingto forward allof your information to Washington,D.C.? Is that correct?P.S.: Yes, as far as I know. In fact,we probably wont know till Monday,Tuesday or Wednesday. I have beentalking to them and trying to-figure outwhen we are going to release thematerial, since the news media isalready asking for it.W.A.: We are getting calls fromGermany and England. The interest isthere.P.S.: Yeah.W.A.: It appeared to be a visualobservation by the flight crew andthen if you can confirm it on radar,which is a second source, that gives itmore credibility. These are the kind ofcases we like to work on.P.S.: Yes.W.A.: We want to thank you verymuch for the phone visit, because wewanted to get your side of the pictureright from the source. You have beenvery cooperative and we appreciate it.P.S.: You are more than welcome.FAA REOPENS INQUIRYOn January 2, 1987, the FederalAviation Administration reopened itsinquiry into what happened onNovember 17, 1986 when a Japan AirLines Boeing 747 cargo crew reportedseeing UFOs over Alaska. FAAinvestigators interviewed Capt. KenjuTerauchi, the pilot, for a second timeand are reviewing allradar records fromthe evening of November 17 when anunexplained blip appeared on radarscreens as the JAL crew reportedseeing mysterious lights."The reason were exploring it isthat itwas a violation of airspace,"FAAspokesman Paul Steucke said. "Thatmay sound strange, but thats what itwas. The object of the inquiry — ofcollecting all the data and interviewingpeople — is to identify the object ifpossible. However, considering thetype of data we have available, no oneconsiders it realistic that we can identifythe object." The decision to reopen theinquiry was made by the regionaldirector of the FAA, Steucke said.Steucke said the Air Force nolonger has a record of its radar fromNovember 17th. FAAradar records arebeing reconstructed. AirForce officialsreported that they did notscramble jetsto go check out the reported object.The second image that appearedon the FAA radar scope is now beingcalled a coincidental"split image"of theaircraft Steucke said to UPI. and AP.When Marilyn Adams, reporter for USTODAY, interviewed Paul Steucke, afew days later, he told her that"analysisof the electronic radar records showsboth images are the 747—one from theFAA radar signal and one from the jetstransponder." (Another explanationhas come forth.)Marilyn Adams interviewed bothWalt Andrus and Richard Haines forUSA TODAY to obtain their views.Herstory was published January 7, 1987with the headline"Radar check fails toback UFO sighting." She explained theheadline by saying "The finding meanstheres no independent evidence of thecrews sighting of a walnut-shapedobject the size of two aircraft carrierswith wavering, yellow-white lights,traveling with two smaller objects."(Paul Steucke stated the two smallerlights were 8 feet in diameter per thesecond interview, whereas Capt.Terauchi said inhis interview with LarryKing, that each was the size of a DC-8aircraft. There is a slight discrepancy insize.)When the author interviewedPaulSteucke by telephone on January 2,1987 the FAA was in the process ofcollecting their data so it could beforwarded to Washington, D.C. asrequested. It is very interesting to notehow many different explanations wereadvanced by the FAA spokesman aftertelling the author that the second blipwas not visible when they regeneratedthe radar tapes during their inquiry.ANCHORAGE PRESSOn January 8,1987, HalBernton, areporter for the Anchorage Daily News,interviewed three FAA controllers onduty during the JAL 1628 flight ofNovember 17, 1986. "All three of usthought there was a track," said SamRich, a controller who has worked forthe Federal Aviation Administrationformore than a decade. A track is what airtraffic controllers call the radar imageofan aircraft. In previous news releases,the FAA reported only one controllersighting the mysterious object —described by the JAL crew as waveringlights on radar. That controller, whosename has not been released by the FAAmistakenly interpreted a split-image ofthe cargo plane as a second object,FAA officials said following a reviewofradar tapes.Rich said he was on duty for thehalf-hour during which the JAL planereported spotting the UFO. He said theJAL crew first contacted theAnchorage air controllers as theirplaneflew over Fort Yukon. "They saidsomething was following them. Itappeared to be a light and appeared tobe white,orange and yellow," Rich said.Rich said the pilot sounded shaken. "Hewas concerned — there was a quaverinhis voice."Rich said the controllersimmediately turned down their radarrange to small-scale that would betterdefine the air space around the JALplane. "There did appear to be a tracknear the plane about where he(Terauchi) said there was. So we keptlooking." The track was not real strong,Rich said, but neither he nor any of his(continued next page)
  8. 8. ALASKA, Continuedcolleagues then thought it might be asplit image.After spotting the track, Rich saidhe called the Military RegionalOperations Control Center. "Theyinformed me that they had the sametrack." Another controller then told thepilot to. make a series of turns and adecent in an effort to shake the UFO..Finally, as the plane headed south fromFairbanks, the controllers lost trackofthe UFO.Rich confirmedthat double imagesoften occur on the FAA radar screenwhich relies on computer-generateddata. But the plane didnt flythroughthe areas where the split imagesnormally occur. The JAL pilot isnt thefirst pilot to report strange thingsinthatnorthern corridor. During the pastdecade, theres been about a half dozenreports of unidentified lights fromcivilian and military pilots. "Its prettyreal to them (the pilots)," Rich said.January 8th was the first time that theFAA permitted the press to interviewthe controllers on duty. (DickFarnellinJuneau, Alaska provided MUFON withthe current newspaper articles fromAnchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks forwhich we are grateful. Mr. Farnell is ourState Section Director - First JudicialDivision.Incidentally, the reporter whocalled Bob Gribble inquiring about thecase early inDecember from the KyodaNews Service inWashington, D.C. wasMatsu Shita, telephone (202)347-5767.As futher evidence of the sincerityof the pilot, Captain Kenju Terauchitook a polygraph test and a drugtest byboth blood and urine: He passed allthree. The polygraphtest indicatesthathe believes what he is saying is thetruth. Charles P. Ward, State SectionDirector for the ThirdJudicial Division,obtained this information from one ofhis contacts at the FAA in Anchoragewho was part of the investigative teamthat interviewed the pilot upon landingat Anchorage.As someone jokingly inquired, whywerent there any photographs madesince nearly allJapanese visitors to theU.S.A. are observed carrying cameras?Apparently none of the crew membershad a camera in his flight bag, since nophotographs were made. A photographwould have been further confirmationof the sighting. None of theinvestigators questioned the integrityofthe trained crew members as to whatthey saw, however a solid radarconfirmation would have put the "icingon the cake."It is doubtful whether the FederalAviation Administration in Washing-ton, D.C. will release a statement aftertheir evaluation of the data collectedinAnchorage is analyzed. After an elapseof time, it will no longer be news. Thepressure exerted on the FAA by thenews media prompted the inquiry andreopening of the case latein December.The public has a right and a need toknow about UFOs, therefore ourefforts to enlighten the populaceon theUFO phenomenon is still one of ourmajor objectives. The JAL flight crewsighting and investigation became frontpage news, which is evidence that theUFO phenomenon is very much aliveand a worldwide enigma.COMING OUT OF THE CLOSETBy Tom PageTom Page is MUFON assistantstate director for northernCalifornia.Back in the fifties I was in highschool doing well in sports, academicsand involved with my girlfriend, Delia. Ihad heard of flying saucers and UFOs,but wasnt the least bit interested.The first two years out of highschool were spent on a U.S. Navysubmarine, during which time part ofmy duties were served asa lookout.So,by the time I had entered college, I hadacquired many hours of looking at thenight sky.During the summer of 1960,1 andtwo of my college roommates haddecided to go to Canada to see mysister and do some fishing. On the wayto Canada we stopped at Crater Lake,8Oregon for dinner. After dinner wedecided to travel through the night inorder to get to Canada sooner. Wewere to take turns driving. I took thefirst turn and was driving out of CraterLake. The vehicle I was driving was a1956 Ford Pickup with a camper onback.A short time laterIfound myself ona straight road with several dips. Therewas little or no traffic and it was about11:30 at night. As Iwas driving I noticeda car in front of me, or what I thoughtwas a car. The lighting on the back ofthe car was strange. Both red taillightswere out and there was a white light onthe left side of the vehicle.The car was traveling at the samespeed Iwas, so Idecided to increase thespeed of the truck to get closer to thevehicle and see what kind of light it had.As I increased the speed of the truck the light dimmedand went straightup inthe air.I just could not believe what I sawand in a fewbrief moments decided notto tell my roommates sleeping in. thecamper. Just after I saw the light go upinto the air I came over a small hill. As Istarted down Isaw the light again or onejust like it.I stopped the truck, got out andwent to the back of the camper to getmy sleeping roommates up to see thisthing. One of my roommates, Bob gotup and we got into the truck andwatched the light. Idid not tell Bob whathad happened and he thought the lightwas a car stopped on the wrong sideofthe road. I turned the truck lights off toget a better look at the light. We thentried to get closer but as the truckmoved forward the light backed up,keeping the same distance from us.
  9. 9. APPREHENSIONMy other roommate, Jim,knockedon the truck window. I stopped thetruck and he got up front with us. Wenoticed that the light was very brightbut did not hurt our eyes. Whenlookingat each other we noticed that our faceswere not illuminated and our headsdidnot make shadows on. the back ofthetruck. We thought this was strangebecause we estimated the light to beclose, maybe 20 to 50 yards away.We also noticed some colors onthe end of one of the rays coming fromthe light. The light then dimmed andwent out. We next sawa very dimwhitelight that took the shape of an upsidedown cereal bowl that was as wide asthe road. Bob noticed a little red lightabove the bowl-shaped light but wecould see no connection. The dim bowl-shaped light, or whatever it was, wasnew to us and caused a considerableamount of apprehension.I had turned the truck engine off tolisten for sound. We were facing downhill, so I started to roll the truck closerfor a better look but the bright lightcame on again and moved slowly awayfrom us. At this time I noticed the lightin the side rear view mirror. At first Iwas confused as to why Icould seeit inthe mirror. Then I realized there wasanother one behind us. And I stoppedthe truck and got out. Behind us^wasanother light. We guessed the distanceto be about 50 yards. I walked to theback of the camper and watched thelight. Bob and Jim had gotten out of thetruck on the other side. None of uscould hear any sound.I was frightened, but alsofrustrated at not understandingwhatwas going on. I started running towardthe light to get closer to see what it was.As I started running towards the light,itstarted movingtoward me. Jim yelled atme to stop, which I did because now Iwas more frightened than frustrated.The light was still moving towards meso I raised my hands, not knowingwhatelse to do. The light dimmed, reverseddirection and went back up and overthe hill out of sight. This light was notseen again.The light in front of the truck wasstill there. We got back in the truck andwatched the light for a short time andthen noticed a car in the distancecoming toward us. I turned the lightsofthe truck back on and both Jim andBob went out on the road to flag the cardown.The light in front of us movedupwards and the car passed under it,but did not stop. The light moved to theright and disappeared over some trees.We got back in the truck and left thearea.For the next couple of hours wetalked about.what wehad seen. Wethought of calling thesheriff s office, butquickly threw that idea out. Who wouldbelieve us? We tried to make the lightsinto cars but cars do not go up into theair and cannot form the shape of anupside down cereal bowl. Since therewas no sound, weruled out helicopters.Not having an answer as to what wesaw, we stopped talking about theincident and did not mention it for therest of the trip until we were just abouthome. At that point we decided to tellour parents, but no one else.The months following myexperience in Oregon were filled withmuch thinking about what the lightswere. I tried to fit everything I couldthink of to the lights and their behavior,but nothing would fit. After a period oftime I became frustrated with trying tofind an answer and stopped thinkingabout the incident.My parents had told my cousinabout the lights I had seen and hewanted to meet with me and. myroommates to write it up. My cousinwas interested in UFOs and felt theincident should be reported. I was notwilling to report the incidentor have itwritten up. In fact, I did not wantanything to do with UFOs.As the years went by my opinionabout UFOs did not change. Theyrepresented a strange foreign area thatI wanted nothingto do with. When I didsee articles in the newspaper aboutUFOs, I would wait until no one wasaround and read them just to see iftheywould fit the description of what I hadseen. I refused to call what I had seen aUFO. Instead I just called them lights.On occasion I would tell someoneabout the incident, but rarely. When Iread about some lady taking her poodleto Venus on a UFO I became moreconvinced the subject of UFOs was notfor me. By then we knew that thesurface of Venus was not a place forpoodles.In 1965, five years after the incidentin Oregon, while visiting one of myroommates, we decided to have theincident written up. We thought for thegood of the country the authoritiesshould know about this. After reportingwhat had happened, I made thedecision not to ever have anything to dowith this subject again. After all,I hadreported it and I had spent time tryingto figure it out.For the next 11 years I did littlewith the subject of UFOs. Ifthe subjectdid come up, I would often tell peoplewhat objects could be mistaken forUFQs, such as the phases of Venus,etc.But my experience in.Oregon wasto haunt me. I could not escape the factI had seen something I could notexplain. Sixteen years after myexperience nothingnew had happenedto explain what took place. So, whenmy cousin asked me to attend a UFO .meeting, I reluctantly agreed. Maybethe answer was there! I was amazed tofind a highly educated group of peopletrying to find a rational answer to theUFO phenomenon.I realized then I was not the onlyperson with questions about UFOs. Ibecame an investigator forMUFON, anorganization that collected reports onUFOs and analyzed the data. MUFONhad .a board of consultants, most of" whom were PhDs or MDs representingmany different areas .of knowledge.MUFON trained their investigatorsandhad branches all over the world. I wasdelighted to find such an organizationlooking for the same answers that I was.As time went on I interviewedmany witnesses and came to realizethat the UFO phenomena was quitewide spread and had many morequestions than answers. After tenyears of investigating UFO sightings, Ifind proving their existence next toimpossible, but I also know you justcant say everyone is lying or that youcan explain what they saw assomething normal.(continued on page 18)
  10. 10. NEWSNVIEWSIDABEL E. EPPERSON:A TRIBUTEUfology has lost another pioneer. Idabel Epperson died January 12,1987in Los Angeles after a long illness.Idabel probably was not as wellknown as some of the other relativelysmall class of women in UFOIogy. Shechose to maintain a "low profile." Yether contributions were equal inimportance to those of such otherfemale pioneers as Isabel Davis andCoral Lorenzen in the U.S. Herdaughter Marilyn, who notified me ofIdabels death on January 13, alsoserved as a "Lieutenant" andperformed important work with verylittle in the way of recognition orreward.Before her illness Idabel served asthe State Director for SouthernCalifornia (1973-1981) for the MutualUFO Network (MUFON) and prior tothat was Chairperson for the LosAngeles Subcommittee of the NationalInvestigations Committee on AerialPhenomena (NICAP). She first came tomy attention in 1958 when, as an aide toMaj. Donald E. Keyhoe, Iwas ExecutiveSecretary of NICAP. She was politelybut insistently critical of what was goingon at NICAP, and determined to steerus on the right track. At first, I was alittle put off, but through theintervention of Isabel Davis we quicklyestablished constructive communica-tions and thereafter her knowledge andleadership played an important role inthe successes of NICAP.Today we have Marge Christen-sen, Mildred Biesele, Mimi Hynek, anda few other well-known femaleUFOlogists in the U.S., plus JennyRandies and Cynthia Hind overseas.They would all do well to learn moreabout Idabel as a spiritual predecessor.In fact, someone should conduct aresearch project on the role of womenin UFOIogy, in which case Idabels10contributions would be betterunderstood.To me, she was at first a gadfly, butonce we began working together shebecame a highly valued friend andcolleague. Behind her mild demeanorwas a person of iron will, broadknowledge of the factsand issues, and aperson with social and diplomaticskillsthat would prove to be invaluable toNICAP and later to MUFON incareful, scientific, objective study ofUFO reports. She was also the personwho persuaded me that I should joinforces with MUFON.The MUFON 1983 UFOSymposium Proceedings wererespectfully dedicated to her with thesewords. "Public recognition< is herebybestowed upon Mrs. .Idabel E.Epperson for her untiring efforts as aninvestigator, leader, publicist,administrator and overall catalyst forthe Southern California UFO scene. As—Dennis Stacyone of the pioneers in Ufology, she hasdevoted over thirty years to thisintriguing study. It is with profoundgratitude that voluntary dedicatedservice may be honored in thismanner."Her passing is a great loss toUFOIogy. I propose that we honor hermemory with an award in her name.-Richard H. HallNEW BOOKSThe publication date for WhitleyStriebers Communion has reportedlybeen moved up a couple of months,meaning itshould appear on the standssometime in February. Budd HopkinsIntruders: The Incredible Visitations inthe Copley Woods, from RandomHouse, should follow soon onCommunions heels, which will makeboth books available by the time of the
  11. 11. Washington, D.C., symposium atAmerican University.Another book will also be availableby then, Gary Kinders Lighf Years;AnInvestigation into the ExtraterrestrialExperiences o/ Eduard Meier. Kinder,a writer, is the author of the well-received Victim: The Other Side ofMurder (Delacorte/Dell). EduardMeier, of course, is the Swiss farmerwho claims to have been visited, at lastc o u n t , over 130 t i m e s byextraterrestrial . visitors from thePleiades. As evidence a plethora of stillphotographs, films and metal samplessupposedly given Meier by the visitorshave been offered up. Several of thebetter pictures and a sampling of so-called Pleidean philosophy have alreadybeen presented intwo glossy art-books.Photographic analysis performed byGround Saucer Watch and othersreportedly revealed that Meiersamazing array of flying saucersconsisted of small models suspendedfrom strings. Within the UFOcommunity at large, the Meier case iswidely regarded as one of the mostelaborate hoaxes in modern memory,ranking only behind Spains UMMOaffair.PRO MEIERBut there have been believers allalong, too, and now author Kinderapparently ranks among theirmembers. According to PublishersWeekly "Talk of the Trade"column (12-26—86), in the summer of 1983, aliterary agent, Richard Pine, wasapproached by officers of Intercep, aPhoenix-based firm specializing inindustrial counter-espionage.. Forreasons unexplained, Intercep had justconducted its own three-yearinvestigation into the Meier affair and itsevidence. (What, one may be forgivenfor asking, has industrial counter-espionage to do with flying saucers,unless...?) At any rate, in the way of literaryagents when confronted with an earth-shaking story, Pine was enthusiasticallyimpressed. It was he who introducedKinder to the Meier story. Kinderconducted his own investigation, fromthe fall of 1983 until the winter of 1984,and came to the conclusion that Meierand his massive amount of materialwere credible. By the spring of1984,hed completed a 100-page bookproposal.HAVE TO PUBLISHMeanwhile, Kinders editor atDelacorte, Morgan Entrekin, hadservered ties with parent companySimon & Schuster, and had plans tostart a publishing company of his own.Pine showed Entrekin Kindersproposal and Meiers photographs."This is the most fascinating,inspirational story I have ever read inmy life," Entrekinenthused. "I have topublish it!" He then laid a blank check,on Pines desk.Entrekin eventually landed adistribution deal with AtlanticMonthlyPress, whose new chief editor, GaryFisketjon, and publisher/owner CarlNavarre waxed equally enthusiasticabout the project. The first half of themanuscript was then taken to theprestigious Frankfurt Book Fair latelast year and subsidiary rights offeredfor sale. Said Pine: "It looks like LightYears is destined to fly as high asMeiers Pleiadean friends."Or as low. Whatever ones opinionof the case, the latest chapter in thecontinuing Meier chronicle is nowscheduled to hit the stalls in late May,considerably less than a light year away.-Dennis StacyLawrence Fawcett and Barry J.GreenwoodINTENTNutuuunTHEGOVERNMENTCOVERUPOFTHEUFOEXPERIENCEWhat does the government knowabout UFOs and why wont it tell us?With a foreword by Dr. J.Allen Hynek"See. Frank? Keep the light In their eyes and you canbag them without any trouble atall."11
  12. 12. INTRODUCTORY NOTE:Information accumulated over thelast ten years indicates that thegovernment has been much less thanforthright with respect to informationabout UFOs. In particular, it nowappears that "hard data" have beencollected by a small intelligence groupwithin the U.S. government. The harddata were obtained from two orperhaps more crashes that occurredbefore 1951 and, perhaps, from otherevents since 1951.Open literature information onUFO sightings has, for a long time,pointed toward the hypothesis thatsome, "other" intelligent entities arebehind the TRue UFO - TRUFO—sightings. Information gathered in thelast several years from several sourcesindicates that secret governmentinformation supports this hypothesis. Ittherefore would behoove us to begin tocontemplate questions which shouldbe answered regarding these entities.As Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter,the first head of the CIA, put it in 1960,the "unknown objects are operatingunder intelligent control. and "it isimperative that we learn where UFOscome from and what their purpose is."We must also begin to contemplatewhat might happen if and when societyaccepts the ufologists claim that"UFOs are real." An element ofurgency in this regard has beenintroduced by the planned publicationthis spring of two major books on theabduction phenomenon. When thegeneral public reads these books andlearns that there have apparently beennumerous direct interactions betweenaliens and humans, often taking theform of medical examinations (of thehumans), there will be an outcry formore information.The public will no longer besatisfied with government professionsof ignorance nor with facileexplanations by supposed skepticalexperts. Instead the public will want toknow what, if anything, can we doabout the UFO situation.In order to help prepare for thereaction to the information to berevealed in the next six months or so Ihave written the following paper thatasks the question....WHAT IF "THEY" ARE REAL?Speculations, Questions and Cryptic Comments About the EBEsBy Bruce S. Maccabee, Ph.D.Dr. Maccabee, a Navy laserphysicist, is chairman of the Fundfor UFO Research, co-host of theMUFON 1987 Washington, DC,Symposium.Lets suppose that UFOs are realand are craft piloted by intelligentEntities. Numerous accounts in theliterature indicate that they appear tobe living creatures rather than robots.Thus they must be Biological Entities.Where are they from? Idont know, butindications are that they are not fromthis planet and/or this time. This couldmake them Extraterrestrial. Theseterms can be combined in theexpression Extraterrestrial BiologicalEntities, or EBEs, for short. The "EBEs"are extraterrestrialaliens.The subject of this paper is not"are the EBEs here?" The subject is"they are here and what do wedo aboutit?"DONT PANICWhen you suddenly come to therealization that they are real, that theycan travel about virtually at will, thatthey can interfere with us or not as theydesire, that some people have been12used as physical and probably alsopsychological guinea pigs (the UFOabductees), you may start to lose your sense ofperspective. You may becomefrightened of that which is unknownand therefore uncontrollable.To help cpmbat that fear you haveto.realize that they have been aroundfor at least forty years (dating the firstsightings to 1947) and havent least not yet. On the otherhand; ifthey have been around for fortyyears; why not for four hundred, or fourthousand or more? If they have beenaround for this long then it wouldappear that overt interference withhuman society is not their goal (at leastyet).PRIORITY OF PROBLEMSOf all the things which directlyaffect your life, Ibet EBEsare not one ofthem (unless you are an avid ufologist).People are concerned with life, death(and. taxes), disease, personalrelationships, etc. For most people theproblems of population growth,pollution, justice for one vs. justice formany, war, peace (yes, peace can be aproblem too; ever have a chance to"enjoy" a peaceful dictatorship?) andin-laws rate much more highly inimportance than whether or not EBEsare flying around doing their thing.Although-there are a fewpeople forwhom the existence of EBEs has takenon a first-order importance (UFOwitnesses and abductees), for mostpeople the EBE problem is at thebottom of the problem rating scalealong with "WhichTV program shouldIwatch" or "Should I take my umbrellabecause it might rain" or "Which is thebest route to work during rush hour?"(At times the latter problem mayappear to rank with war and peace.)In other words, the EBE problemisat the "noise level" of problems in ourcivilization. It may effect a fewthousandor a few tens of thousands of people theworld over. Accidents,disease, famineand war affect many, many more.Furthermore, until there is a massivelanding or a statement by the WhiteHouse or some similar major event, theEBE problem should remain in thenoise level. Too much attention to itcould needlessly effect the psyche ofthe human race. But that doesnt meanthat as humans we should ignore it(continued next page)
  13. 13. WHAT IF? Continuedentirely, either. A "moderate interest,"sligntly more than "benign neglect,"would be about right.IF EBEs ARE AROUND WHYHAVENT 1 HEARD ABOUT IT? youask.You probably have heard about it.You just werent paying any attention.Or perhaps you did pay attention butrejected the idea. In any case, youignored the EBE problem and now youarent prepared. You havent thoughtabout how you would react to the fullrealization that THEY are here andhave been for a while, probably for along time.PREPARE YOURSELFThere is a very personal aspect tothe UFO problem.Why prepare myself? you ask.Your personal s u r v i v a l ,psychological and even physical, coulddepend upon it, say I.Yes, but there is no conclusiveproof, so why now?Even without"conclusive proof(how much "proof" do you heed?) youcan prepare your eventualities. If youare told there is a poisonous snake inthe grass do you wait until you see itbefore you put on your heavy boots?How are you going, to come togrips with the new reality that thehuman race is not the center of theuniverse? What if the humans are toTHEM as ants are to US? Should youbow down? Should1you curry favor?Should you plead for mercy? Shouldyou run and hide and if so where?Will you become "paralienoid"(thefear .that aliens are watching you andwaiting for a chance to do you harm)?Will you claim to have specialknowledge about the aliens? Will youbecome (more/less) religous? Will youfound.a religion? Will you get yourselftogether or will you fly apart? If you dont give some thought tothese questions you wont be prepared.CONSEQUENCES OFKNOWLEDGE. The knowledge of good and evilchanged the world of Adam and Eve.The knowledge of the science ofmechanics changed the medievalworld. The knowledge of nuclearenergy, quantum mechanics, biology,evolution and cosmology has changedthe post-renaissance world.What if the EBEs are real? Willknowledge of that fact change ourmodern world? Will people flock tochurches? Will the stock market drop?Will people become geniuses.overnight? Will political systems fallapart? Will governments or will onegovernment gain ascendancy over the rest? Will the peoples of the worldunite? Will there be anarchy? Or willnone of .this happen but instead theworld will go on as before with only amodification of our understanding ofour place in the universe?The answer to these questions areof immense importance...they maydetermine the fate of mankind. Theytouch on the very roots of civilizationand its trappings. They must behandled delicately. No one shouldpanic. We do riot yet know whether weare faced with a threat or hue ordisinterest.Yet, the reality of forty years ormore of UFO reports cannot beignored forever. There must be somereaction on .our part.BIG BROTHERSome of those who have paidattention to the UFO phenomenon asithas developed over the years think thatthe time may be coming when certaingovernments of the world, despite theembarrassment over having keptsecrets of such great import for so long,will have to admit what has long beensuspected.This admission will come,, notbecause Big Brother is a "good guy." Itwill come because BigBrother isnot big enough to control theEBEs.The UFO phenomenon is UFO-driven (in spite of what skeptics haveclaimed over the years). It does notdepend upon what people are sayingabout the UFOs. The failure ofgovernments to treat the problemopenly has merely pushed off aneventuality from forty or so years agountil now...or later.NO COVER UP?The walls have ears andsometimes a compartment springs aleak. And sometimes a black hole isgrey. And sometimes there are loosecannons on the deck. And sometimespeople dont agree with the policiesoftheir bosses. And sometimes peopleare warned that loose lips sink ships,but lips are loose anyway. Andsometimes knowledge burns a hole inyour pocket. And sometimesdisinformation can be reinterpreted bythose who are to be disinfqrmed.And what is the result? Theexistence of secrets becomes known.To be sure, this is not as informative asknowing exactly what the secrets are(i.e., what information is being keptsecret). But it is informative. And, ifUFOs and EBEs are of such littleimportance to humanity then why keepsecrets about them in the first place?Does anyone deserve the right tokeep secrets about them? And, if so,who? The same people who gave usMAD (Mutual Assured Destruction)?THE FUTURE,-.. Should the present state of affairsbe perpetuated? Would suchperpetuation be for the good of us all?And who is to decide? Can we have nosay in our fate? Is the secret knowledgetoo much for humanity to absorb? Is Big.Brother protecting us from them orfrom ourselves? Do A Few feel that theyare capable of speaking on the behalf ofthe The Many?And, ifso, is this a goodthing for The Many?Is it safer to perpetuate a UFOversion of cultural amnesia than toadmit that "the emperor has noclothes?" "Only the lonely" know forcertain. The rest of us are left with oursuspicions. But we must be prepared/I suspect that these questions havebeen answered by The Few to thesatisfaction of The Few and thisexplains our present state of affairs. Butthe future .state of affairs may differsubstantially from the present state andthe old answers may no longer apply..And for that reason, in order to be ableto make intelligent future decisions onbehalf of mankind,The Many must belet in on the secrets now known only toThe Few.13
  14. 14. Florida Report, too, by Donald WareCEI CASE IN BRASILBy Cynthia Newby LuceCynthia Newby Luce isMUFONs Sectional Represent-ative for Eastern Brazil."Manzinhos" real name isOsimarPaulinho Oliveira. He is a self-employeddriver who also does a bit of trading tomake ends meet. He is 57 years old andhas had one year of school which is notunusual for this part of the country.On a clear moonless summernight, (19 Dec.) 1981, Manzinho wasdriving back home to Sao Jose doRioPreto from Areal, 30 km from home. Hehad gone some 5-6km when he thoughthe noticed a bright light behind him andthought itwas a truck. The light seemedvery bright which began to makeManzinho nervous but then when hewas about 15 km from home, the lightgot very close and passed over him.Seeing the brilliance in front of himhe stopped his car.He braked and cantremember if the engine died of its ownaccord or not. But the next thing heknew the car motor wasnt running anda huge what he called silo-shaped objectwas taking up the entire two-lane road360m ahead of him almost due South(170°). Manzinho also cant rememberif he turned out the lights of the car orthey just went out...but while the objectwas on the ground his headlights wereout.The object was silvery with verybright bluish lights. There were twolights on each side and three on top.Both Manzinho and another witnessIshall introduce reported that the topseemed to spin, but when I madedrawings I could not identify the toppart as spinning. There were threewindows that he said looked black andabout 40cm square. The object sat onthree tiny legs. He cannot rememberifit cast a shadow or not.After about five minutes the objectrose, seemingly straight up, to aheightManzinho estimates to be between 400-500 m., and hovered. Manzinho,decided to get home as soon aspossible14"Manzinho" stands in front of Siluios bar, pointing to inhere multiplewitnesses saw object on hillside.but had quite a bit of difficulty startinghis car.Finally he got it going and racedunder the object and sped towardsAguas Claras, 6 km away. The objectstayed right over him all the waywhichfrightened him so that when he reachedAguas Claras (still some 6km fromhome), he stopped the car and dashedhysterically into a bar calling everyoneto come and look at the object whichwas now about 300m halfway up theside of the hill.The owner of the bar,Silvio, cameout, and people also came out of theFundamentalist Church across thestreet from the bar and saw the UFO. Itstayed there, stationary, for about 15minutes, then took off in an Easterlydirection. This whole episode tookplace from around llpm until a littleafter midnight.I would like to make a fewcomments. Iinterviewed the bar owner,Silvio, and he essentially corroboratedManzinhos story. However, he wasuncomfortable with the idea of mytaking his picture and sending it out ofBrasil. The problem is that he isilliterateand very superstitious. A few monthsago a Brasilian friend, a professor ofPhilosophy and Communications atPUC in Rio,came and made a videotape of mycases. He had more successwith Silvio. I suddenly realized that
  15. 15. Arfisf s Interpretationbeing a woman; and not beingBrasiliancan be a handicap.I also have been trying, and myBrasilian professor friend Maurq Costatried, to talk to the people that werecoming out of the church. They .wereunwilling to talk about it, even thoughone man that lives beside the churchtold me he once saw a green ball of lightwandering close to the ground on thehill where the UFO-had been seen.Apparently the church witnesses wereuneasy with the whole situation and didnot want to talk for religious reasons.Manzinho went several times to tryand talk to the church people but saidthat there was some reason to do withtheir belief systems that was holdingthem back. The church witnesses aresimple people that, for the most partwork the land in one capacity oranother. I am hoping that as the wholeUFO scene becomes more familiar tothese people, they will be.more willingto talk and tell of their experiences. Justfrom listening about what people tell methey are told by others, I get theimpression that there are a lot moresightings ofone sort or another. Peoplejust do not talk much about them.The name of the man who saw the ,greenish ball of light and who also sawthe UFO, but did not want to talk aboutit, is Manoel Francisco Freitas, born 29Dec. 1934. He farms and repairs., bicycles. He says the light was the sizeof avstreet lamp and passed in a north-.south direction.Silvio Gabral da Silva has a bar andalso works leather. Born 31 March1943, he has two years of school butsomehow it didnt take, because hehas a lot of trouble and .doesnt reallyread. He reported that the UFO wasthe color of fire but also reported a spin. on the top.Some comments on the form ofthe UFO seen by Manzinhoand Silvio:The • UFO drawn on .the back of theMUFON form is what Manzinho drew,saying itwas like a silo. Ihad a great dealof trouble getting both Silvio andManzinho to be articulate. When Imade a drawing that I. thoughtrepresented what he had drawn he saidit wasnt right. I made manydrawingsbecause Iwanted to make big drawingsfor my professor friends film. FinallyManzinho settled on something that isnot quite the same as the drawing heoriginally made but Iinclude a copy of it.Both Manzinho and Silvio.still maintainthat there was some sort ofspin on thetop of the UFO but they are unable toeither verbally describe it or draw it.The drawing that I made underManzinhos direction he now claims isjust what he saw., Silvio says the whole thing wasdifficult to describe because it was upon the hill close-by and seemed to havea different shape than from whatManzinho described but he also isunshakeable about the spin on top. Myguess is that what they saw was sostrange that they had nothingto relateitto and that is why they cant tell meexactly what they saw.In my experience, the morepimitive the people one deals with, themore concrete their perception (and Ican sight some evidence for.that). Thiscan be interpreted in two ways: 1) thatthey see something perfectly that theycannot describe, and 2) that they donthave any idea what they are seeing, sothey link its description up withsomething known which may includewhat they, think the investigator wantsto hear.EndPENSACOLA UFOMr. Robert J. Preston ofPensacola, FL called me about a UFOthat he saw over his home about 24October, 1973. He got my number froma Pensacola News Journal articleabout National UFO InformationWeek. Shortly after the sighting hereported it to folks at Pensacola NASwho said other people had alsoreported UFOs. They didnt interviewhim, and he didnt know who else wasinterested at that time. Bob is a47-yearold graduate of the University of Florida:who was in the insurance business.During an interview in my home on 30August 86 at Ft. Walton Beach, he. provided the following information.Bob , arrived home at 802 E.DeLeon Street as it was just gettingdark. He was removingclothes from hiscar when he noticed what he thoughtwas a brightorange moon behind sometrees about 300 feet to the east. Helooked at itand saw itmove to the south(continued on page 18)15
  16. 16. 3-D SUITSBY JOHN SCHUESSLERJohn Schuessler is MUFONsdeputy director.For the past thirty years, perhapsmore, witnesses have reported UFOoccupants wearing one-piece, close-fitting clothing. The reports are similarall across the worldand apply to varioushumanoid sizes. The followingexamples are from Charles Bowensbook, The Humanoids."A Brazilian railway employeereported that, at 3:30 a.m. onNovember 14, 1954, he saw threebeings in tight-fitting, luminous clothing•• examiningthe ballast on...." (page 93)A sixty-foot wide disk wasreported during April 1957 near PajasBlancas Airport, Cordoba, Argentina.A humanoid 5, feet 8 inches tall cameout of the vehicle. His "garb.was like adivers suit,fitting the body closely, andseemingly of some sort of plastic."(page 98)Professor Joao de FreitasGuimaraes, a lawyer and Professor ofRoman Law in the Catholic Faculty ofLaw at Santos, Brazil, reported a UFOat 7:10 p.m. one day in July 1957. Twomen, over 5 feet 10 inches in heightcame out of the object. "They woregreenish one-piece suits fitting closelyat neck, wrists, and ankles." (page99)Two peasant farmersin the stateofSanta Catarina, Brazil reported aUFO landing on November 18, 1957.They saw two circular aluminum-colored disks and six medium-sizedmen of slim build and wearing "dark-grey suits glued to their bodies."Two groups of people encounter-ed a humanoid near Mexico City onAugust 23, 1965. The critters were froma landed disk that was 50 meters wide."The crew of this craft were beingsentirely like Earth men, but 2 meters 10centimeters:in height, with fair hair andblue eyes and "clad in seamless one-piece garments having a metallicappearance and of some unknown/ibre." (page 118)16A peasant farmer working in a fieldin the state of Pernambuco, Brazil,reported a landed object and littlemanlike creatures on the morning ofSeptember 10, 1965. He said "theywore tight-fitting one-piece garments."(page 121)Gary Wilcox of Tioga City, NewYork said he was visited by theoccupants of a UFO on April.24, 1964.He described them as two small menabout 4 feet tall. He said they"arrived. on the scene dressed in clothing whichappeared to have no seams." (page163) ;The strange case of AntonioVillasBoas, dating back to October 14, 1957also contains a descriptionof humanoidclothing. He said "the trousers werealso tight-fitting over the seat, thighs,and legs, without any visible wrinkle orcrease in the cloth." (page 215)The common factor in clothingreports lies in the lack of seams,buttons, creases, and the like. Theyseem to have been produced toexactly fit the form of the humanoid;something our garment industry wasunable to do at the time of the reports.STITCHLESS GARMENTSMOLD TO BODYSymagery Productions, Inc., ofNew York has devised a stitchlessprocess for producing high quality, lowcost clothing.S y m a g e r y s f o u n d e r a n dpresident, Brett Stern, developed thepatented process in 1981. Then, usingagrant from the National ScienceFoundation, he established theprocess feasibility and viability. Thestudy culminated in the production offull-size blouses with cup-typemolds inthe front, shoulder pads, andultrasonicseaming to join the front and back.Several models evaluated theprototype blouses. They came awayexcited about the garments style and1comfort quantities."An inherent advantage of thistype of clothing is that, being made in a3-D format, it fits the body contoursnaturally," says Stern. "Because of itsbuilt-in memory, the fabric is notaffected by repeated washing, drying,or cleaning."Symagery received a grant fromthe New York State Science andTechnology Foundationto support thedesign of a prototype automatedmanufacturing line to produce a varietyof full-size garments. This designprovides for a continuousflow of fabricfrom a bolt of cloth to the finishedproduct without human intervention."The first machines will producestandard sizes," Stern states."Eventually, a customer will walk intoaclothing store and have his or her bodyscanned by a video camera. Thisinformation on body parameters will be. logged automatically into a computer,then the desired details of style, colors,personalized logos, and decorativeeffects will be entered into thekeyboard. The .machines flexiblemolds will create the customizedgarment while the customer watches.In a matter of minutes, the finishedgarment will arrive for the customer to .take home." .Now that the research anddevelopment phases have beencompleted, Symagery is turning to thegarment industry and others for,support of the construction ande v a l u a t i o n of the prototypemanufacturing line. Applications citedby Sterns for his system include theproduction of "clean room" anddisposable medical garments, stuffedtoys, and fabrics for aircraft,automobile and home furnishings uses.But the best feature Stern seesforhis system is that of owning a "one-of-a-kind" garment that anyone couldafford.His competition may not comefrom the Japanese industry as itdid forthe automobile industry. It may comefrom civilizations somewhere in space.After all it appears they may be theoriginal inventors.
  17. 17. IN OTHERS WORDSBy Lucius ParishUFO sightings in the Middle Agesare the focus of an article in theNovember 18 issue of NATIONALENQUIRER. Five sightings aredetailed, spanning the years from 1168to 1322. The ENQUIRERs December 2issue reports on the findings of theFrench UFO research agency,GEPAN. Cases of electro-magneticeffects, landing tracejs apd UFOoccupants have allbeen investigated bythis government-financed agency. Thevarious shapes of UFOs are examinedin an article for the January 6 issue ofENQUIRER. And, if ypure a fan ofpsychics predictions, this issuecontains Miami .psychic Micki Dahnesforecast that a fleet of UFOs will besighted at an open-air rock concert innorthern , California, leading to amassive White House investigation intothe UFO subject. Dont .hold yourbreath! : •" . . . -Actor DeForest Kelley (STARTREKs.Dr. McCoy) tells of his .1950sighting in the ENQUIRERs January 13issue. Kelley observed a flame-spewingcigar-shaped object at lowaltitude whiletraveling through Louisiana^ Althoughnot mentioned in the article; Kelly alsoobserved the objects which were firedon by anti-aircraft guns in the "BattleofLos Angeles" in 1942.Jerome Clark contributes the"Anti-Matter/UFO Update" columnforthe December issue of OMNI,reporting on the story of a strangeairship which allegedly crashed inDundy County, Nebraska in 1884.Various local, historians have beenquestioned about the tale and, whilenone will say it was false, neither havethey been able to .come up withevidence to support the claim. It isinteresting that certain details of. thestory seem to coincide with morerecent reports of a similar nature.•The first two issues of a newmagazine, CALIFORNIA UFO, havebeen a rather mixed bag of Ufologicalmaterial. The publication includes bothextremes, from science-orientedreports to channeled messages from"Space Brothers." So, while there maybe something for everyone, there isprobably also something to offendeveryone!Still, the magazine is nicelyproduced and looks as through itmightbe designed for newsstand sales in thefuture. In addition to the standardarticles, interviews, etc., there is a veryuseful "Contact" section in each issue,containing names/addresses of manyindividuals and groups who. areinterested in various aspects of thesubject. CALIFORNIA UFO ispublished bi-monthly and is available atthe rate of $15.00 for six issues ($20.00for foreign subscriptions, payable inU.S. funds). The address is:CALIFORNIA UFO - 1800 S.Robertson Blvd., Suite 335 - LosAngeles,.CA 90035. . .Late word is that Gary Kindersbook on the UFO subject,. LIGHTYEARS, will be published in May. Noinformation available on publisher orprice, but this will be included ina futurecolumn. (See "NEWSNVIEWS"-Ed.)LETTERSDear Editor,Im afraid Im not as impressed asStan Gordon is with his apparentannual and local concentration of"mystery meteors" (No. 223, Nov.1986): Actually several thingsmay helpexplain this effect. First of all, there, are three annualmeteor showers in January andFebruary — the. Quadrantids in earlyJanuary, the Kappa Cygnids during themiddle of that month,, and the AlphaAurigids occurring in the first half ofFebruary. The three showers mighthelp account for some but not allof theactivity.Secondly, there is nothing at allunusual about the areas of visibility forthe sightings.At least half of the eventsappear to have been reported acrossregions of 100 miles or so. This is notuncommon for bright meteors. In thecases where the areas were smaller, itmight have been possible to expand thezones of visibility by conducting athorough field investigation. Areas offireball visibility depend upon manyfactors, including angle of atmosphericentry, brilliance, time of night, cloudcover, extent of investigation, accessto news sources, etc. (At theplanetarium where Iwork, we normallyreceive only one or two local callsfollowing the passages of a brightfireball, even though the phenomenonmay have been witnessed by scoresofpeople across a large portion of NewEngland.)Thirdly, the illusion of meteoricevents occurring repeatedly within alimited territory in the U.S. is aided bythe very existence of Stans statewidereporting network. A glance at theSEAN Bulletin (Scientific. Event AlertNetwork, Smithsonian Institution,Washington, DC) shows that equallydramatic fireballs were being reportedelsewhere in the U.S. and overseasduring the same January-Februarytimeframes — and in fact throughout theyear.Walter N. WebbMUFON Astronomy ConsultantWestwood, MADear Editor,James R. Leming charges thatNicholas Mariana (who made the nowfamous movies of twin-UFOs at GreatFalls, Mont., in 1950) accepted U.S.Government/USAF "bribery" in theform of $10,000 cash plus relocationexpenses and a government job. Thisvery serious charge allegedly is basedon 30-year old recollections of "friend-of-a-friend" of Mariana. (MUFON UFOJournal, Nov. 1986).Knowing that Mariananow lives inPortland, Ore., why didnt Leming callhim to check out this tale which issuspect on many grounds. I did andMariana characterized Lemingscharge as "utterlyridiculous."(continued next page) I
  18. 18. THE NIGHT SKYBy Walter N. WebbMUFON Astronomy ConsultantMARCH 1987Bright Planets (EveningSky):Mars, in Aries, glows reddish in the WSW at dusk and is of magnitude+1.4inmidmonth. It sets shortly after 10 PM on March 15.Jupiter, in Pisces, is now very low in the west at dusk, setting during themiddleof twilight in midmonth. The yellowishgiant planet enters the morningsky on, the 26th, not becoming visible again until late April. The crescent on the 1st and in the Vicinity of Mars on the 3rd and 4th.Bright Planets (MorningSky): , . . • ; • •Our brightest planet, Venus, shiningat magnitude -4.0 inmid-March, rises after4 AM and stands low in the SW dawn sky. The crescent Moon lies below it ont h e 26th. . - , . . . - , • ., Saturn, in Ophiuchus, rises shortly before. 1 AM inmidmonthand is well up inthe south by sunrise. Its magnitude is +0.4., The ringed world begins toretrograde (move westward) on the 31st. •OMoon Phases:First quarter-March 7Full moon--March 15..Last quarter-March 22New moon-March 29The Stars:In March we begin to see in the east the constellations.which will be prominent,in the skies of spring — Leo, Coma Berenices,,Virgo, Bootes — yet the wintergroups are still to be seen inthe west —Orion, Canis Major and Minor, Gemini,Auriga, Taurus. On the evening of the 5th the crescent Moon passes the• Pleiades cluster (in.Taurus), a pleasing sight especially in binoculars ortelescope; those inthe southern states and Hawaiican watch the Moon occultsome of the cluster stars. . % .Besides the Pleiades, two other objects deserve study with optical aid.At 9PMlook for a very faint smudge exactly on the celestial meridian(north-to-southline) between Leo and Gemini. Binoculars and scopes reveal a V-shaped"swarm of bees" — several hundred stars called the Beehive or Praesepe (pre-se-pe). -; . . . , •Meanwhile in the SW the hazy middle star of Orions sword becomes thebeautiful Great Nebula of Orion, a cloud of gas and dust whose hot inner starscause the gases to fluoresce. . . , ...The Big Dipper climbs high in the NE, turning its bowl almost upside down inmidevening. The Pointer Stars on the end of the bowl point the way to Polaristhe North Star.18LETTERS, ContinuedLeming also claims that "PhilipKlass -accepts the [USAFs] 1950decision [on the Mariana film], not the1952 analysis...." initiated by the lateCapt. Edward Ruppelt. If Leming hadtaken time to read my account of thiscase in chapter 16 of my book UFOsExplained, he would know his claim, isfalse. My conclusions, as detailed in mybook, are based on a very detailedanalysis and series of experimentsconducted by Douglas Aircraft Co.engineers, and a report on thoseexperiments, dated Mar. 24; 1956,authored by, Dr. Robert M;L. Baker.Photos from that report are book. .Philip J. Klass•• Washington, D.C.CLOSET, Continued ,Twenty-six years after myexperience, 1 find , myself in acomfortable .place with UFOs: I nolonger want to prove that they exist, Iam curious as to why they are here,where they come from and is there ahidden meaning to all this. I intend tocontinue, my search into the UFOphenomenon, along with my •wife,Delia. We met again thirty years later.PENSACOLA, Continued• and west. He was so amazed he startedshouting to the neighbors to come out,because he then thought it was a UFO.After 8 to 10 seconds it stoppedabove and beyond a telephone pole and •hovered for about 30 seconds. It wasshaped somewhat like a garbage canlid. He was trying to keep track of thetimes, because he had heard.about thePascagoula sighting two weeks earlierand knew it was important.TURNS OFFHe could see no windowsor doors,just a pumpkin-orange glowing diskwith clearly defined edges in an attitudenot quite.horizontal. Then it "turneditself off" like a light bulb. He was stillyelling for the neighbors to come out,(continued next page)
  19. 19. MESSAGE, Continuedassisted Idabel as a silent partner forover thirty years. Idabel died January12, 1987 in Los Angeles. Incompliancewith her request, her body wascremated and her ashes distributed atsea. In lieu of flowers, Idabel had askedthat contributions be given to herfavorite charity - your local SalvationArmy.* •*• *The Japan Air Lines flight crewUFO sighting over Alaska onNovember 17, 1986 did notspontaneously start a UFO flap,however it was the spark that ignitedthe news media worldwide. Yourdirector received telephone calls fromEngland and West Germany inquiringconcerning our knowledge andinvestigation ofthe case. We appreciatethe fact that Paul Steucke, the FAAspokesman in Anchorage, wasproviding the names and telephonenumbers ofDr. Richard F. Haines andWalt Andrus to the news media whenhe was contacted, since both of usinterviewed him by telephone. YourDirector participated in from one tothree radio talk show programs per dayand performed countless interviewswith newspapers across NorthAmericafollowing the news break.It was refreshing to note that noneof the supermarket tabloids placedtelephone calls to MUFON inSeguin,because they have finally realized thatMUFON will definitely not respond totheir inquiries. The tabloid reportersand editors have "got the word."However there are still a few MUFONmembers who keep referring to the"tabloid connection."* * *This paragraph is a message to allState and Provincial Directors inNorthAmerica. It will be noted that there areseveral new State Section Directorslisted in this article, however we needyour help to expand MUFONsinvestigative coverage. Each of you hasa current list of all members andsubscribers in your state with theirpositions noted. Please indicate on aState map the counties for which youhave active State Section Directorsassigned. Review your list of membersand evaluate their potential to assumealeadership role as State SectionDirectors for the counties or parisheswhere vacancies presently exist. Pleasecontact and invite these potentialleaders to seriously consider acceptinga more active role in your Stateorganization. Each State orProvincialDirector should make these officialappointments and advise MUFONheadquarters so the person may bereclassified. If MUFON is to be aneffective UFO investigative agency, weneed every county in each stateadequately covered with State SectionDirectors and FieldInvestigators.I am confident that many membersreading this "Directors Message" areanticipating that they may be contactedby their State Director.Since MUFON is a volunteerorganization, it is suggested that anymember that would like to becomemore involved should contact yourState Director and advise him/her ofyour willingnessto serve.* * *The prompt response to UFOsighting report investigations assignedto our members has been verygratifying and appreciated. Most ofthese reports were received from BobGribble at the National UFOReporting Center hot line in Seattle,Wash, and forwarded to MUFON forinvestigation. Bob has the mostcomprehensive UFO hot line in theU.S.A. This is a valuable link for areaswhere wedo not have representation orour members are not known to thepolice agencies or news media.Budd Hopkins new bookpublished by Random House (250pages) will be titled Intruders: TheIncredible Visitations in the CopleyWoods, and is expected to be releasedin May 1987. Budd is submitting anarticle for the MUFON UFOJOURNAL, providing an excitingpreview.PENSACOLA, Continuedbecause he felt itwas still there.After 30seconds more, "it turned itself back on"and came rapidly, perhaps 100 mphwithout a noticeable period ofacceleration, to a position that heguessed was 150 feet directly over hishead. He saw it change attitude toperfectly horizontal.The diameter appeared about thelength of his thumb at arms length, orabout like his sun glasses lens.(Although he thought it was about thesize of a house, calculations indicateabout 11 diameter at 150distance.)He thought it might have reactedto him because of his yelling. He wasnot afraid ofthe object, but instead felt astrong sense of admiration for whoevermight be in control. After 30 secondsdirectly over his head, it "turned itselfoff" again, and that was the last he sawof it. The weather was mild, calm andclear. He noticed no sound or smell.Bob told me he knew anotherperson who saw a UFO about the sametime, and he gave me her phonenumber. On 7 September I interviewedMrs. LBin her Gulf Breeze home aboutfour miles south of where Bob reportedthe UFO. She was walking with herhusband and friend a little after dark"on the same night Bob saw the UFO".Near the intersection of ShorelineDrive and Washington St reet they sawa bright orange light in a kind of fog orcloud about 50° up in the east. It wasperhaps a mile away. It appeared"round or oval", like a flat-bottomeddisk would be 50° up. "It moved realquick to the east. Then it went up realfast and hovered. In a second it wasgoing fast." Then it rapidly went away tothe east. She said, "Lets run!", andthey all hurried home. The time wasestimated to be about 30 minutes afterBobs sighting, which she didnt learnabout until days later.I consider this an ordinaryunknown sighting. Although it is of the.night-light type, it is possibly adescription of the same object byindependent witnesses. It demonstrat-ed an ability to hover, accelerate rapidlyand "turn itself off", and it appeared toreact to the excited yelling of onewitness. After 13years, Bob said he stillgets goose bumps whenever he thinksabout it. It was the most impressiveevent of his life.-Donald M. WareState DirectorFloridaIWUFOIV19
  20. 20. DIRECTORS MESSAGEbyWalt AndrusThe annualMUFON award for themost outstanding contribution toUfology for 1986-87 will be presented atthe MUFON 1987 International UFOSymposium on June 27, 1987 inWashington, D.C. The actualcontribution or work is not confined tothe calendar year of 1986, but mayinclude accomplishments within thepast 5 years. Nominees or candidatesfor this award may reside anywhere inthe World, including the peoplesubmitting the nominations. A personmay be nominated by proposing theirname with a written paragraph statingbriefly why their candidate shouldreceive the award, listing theiraccomplishments and recognition inthe field of Ufology. The deadline forreceipt of nominations is February 28,1987. Please send to MUFON, 103Oldtowne Road, Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.. >i>The Fund for UFO Research willbe hosting the MUFON 1987International UFO Symposium onJune26, 27, and 28, 1987 at AmericanUniversity in Washington, D.C. BruceMaccabee,, the host chairman hasprovided revised tentative prices foreach event for advanced planningpurposes. Conference fee to allsessions, including the Friday nightreception - $30; and banquet Saturdayevening with speaker - $20. 200 airconditioned rooms on campus are $27per night for a single and $25 each pernight for double occupancy. None ofthe roomswill be availableSunday nightJune 28th, however the above price willprevail Thursday June 25 if participantsdesire to arrive early to visitWashington, D.C.In addition to the featuredspeakers for the MUFON 1987International UFO. Sympsoium,contributed papers are being solicited.Contributed papers are shortpresentations (15minutesinlength with5 minutes allowed for questions fromthe audience) for which no formal fulllength paper is required. Eachcontributed paper is to be summarizedin an abstract of less than 300 words,which will be published in thesymposium proceedings. For details onsubmitting contributed papers pleaserefer to the articlestitled "First Call forPapers" in the "News N Views"column of both the September andDecember 1986 issues of the MUFONUFO JOURNAL. The deadline forsubmission of abstracts forcontributedpapers is being extended to March 31,1987. Contributed papers are to bemailed to Richard H. Hall, 4418 39thStreet, Brentwood, Maryland 20722.* * * •Bill Moore, host chairman for the1987 National UFO conference(NUFOC), has announced that theconference will be held June 12-14, atthe Burbank Hilton at Burbank, Calif.The price of rooms per nightwill be $55.The 4th BUFORA InternationalUFO Congress will be held July 10-12,1987 at the London Business School inLondon, England. For furtherinformation please enclose a S.A.E. foryour reply to Congress Secretary, c/o16, Southway, Burgess Hill, WestSussex RH15 9ST, England. On July9th, Bertil Kuhlemann had scheduledthe annual meeting of the InternationalCommittee for UFO Research (ICUR).Immediately following the BUFORACongress on Monday, July 13, 1987 atthe same location, Walt Andrus hasplanned a meeting for all MUFONForeign Representatives and members.Other information will be forthcomingas the planning develops. YourDirector will attend all 3 meetings.Hal Starr, State Director forArizona, hosted a statewide meeting onJanuary 31, 1987 at the MountainTerrace Restaurant in Fountain Hills,Arizona for all MUFON personnel,including subscribers, currentmembers, field investigators and thosewho had expressed an interest injoining MUFON. Marge Christensen,Director of Public Relations, hadplanned to show the video tapepromoting the 1987 UFO Symposium,but a minor auto accident preventedher from doing so.* * *MUFON - Metroplex announcedtheir new officers for 1987. They areJerry Decker, President; GeorgeMyers, Vice President and ProgramChairman; Betty Myers, Secretary;and Ron West, Treasurer. Theirmailing address is MUFON -Metroplex, 9764 Forest Lane, Suite688, Dallas, Texas 75243 and their 24hour UFO hotline number is (214)288-9676.John Prytz was appointed StateDirector for the Australian CaptialTerritory (ACT). New or reinstatedState Section Directors include thefollowing: Richard M. Farnell, M.S.,Juneau, Alaska for the First JudicialDivision; John A. Lombardo for Erieand Niagara Counties in New York;Mrs. Jozaa D. Buist for ChurchillCounty in Nevada; Clara V. Skimorefor Nueces and San Patricio Countiesin Texas; Larry G. McKee for Blairand Huntingdon Counties inPennsylvania, and Art Lehman, D.D.for Cambria and Somerset CountiesinPennsylvania. Dr. Leman is also aResearch Specialist in Theology.New Research Specialists recentlyjoining are Thomas E. Bearden, Nuclear Engineering; RobertoOrozco, M.D. in Medicine;Verna C.Lovatt, M. Ed. in Theology; andKilicaslan Mertan, M.S. in ComputerScience.* * *Everyone in Ufology who knew herpersonally is going to miss Idabel E.Epperson, truly a pioneer in this fieldand the State Director for SouthernCalifornia from 1973 to 1981. MUFONsent a bereavement card to herdaughter, MarilynEpperson, who has(continued on page 19)