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Mufon ufo journal   1986 8. august
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Mufon ufo journal 1986 8. august



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  • 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER H. ANDRUS. JR.Internationa) Director andAssociate EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorANN DRUFFELContributing EditorPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityMARGE CHRISTENSENPublic RelationsREV. BARKY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityT. SCOTT GRAINGREG LONGStaff WriterJAMES LEMINGSIMONE MENDEZStaff ArtistsTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEONARD STRfNGFIELDUFO Crash/RetrievalWALTER N. WEBBAstronomyNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLROBERT V. PRATTEditor/Publishers Emeritus(Formerly SKYLOOK)The MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$25.00 per year in the U.S.A.; $30.00foreign in U.S. funds. Copyright 1986by the Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin, Texas.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 toadvise change of address to TheMUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155-4099.FROMTHEEDITORWhen what was rumored to be a siipersecret F-19 Stealthfighter crashed in California July 11, 1986, the Air Force went intoaction, clamping down security and sealing off the area of the crashsite, near Bakersfield.The blackout even extended up to 8500 feet,• as a "national security" zone was declared off-limits to -civilianaircraft (New York Times, 7-15-86). Could a similarscenario occurin the case of something even more "classified" than Stealthtechnology?Barry Greenwood examines just that possibilitynext month inan exciting expose of Project Moon Dust. Well also have all ourregular departments, along with up to date coverage ofrecent casein Brazil and Petaluma. Stay tuned. Inthis issue WaltAndrusreportson both the recent East Lansing, Michigan,MUFON Symposiumand the 23rd National UFO Conference. We also have severalsighting reports, another Bentwaters update and the latest UFONews N Views.In this issueMICHIGAN STATE SYMPOSIUM by Dr. Walt Andrus 3MINNESOTA CE-III by Bill McNeff 9NEWS N VIEWS 10MORE ON BETTY HILL by Wayne Laporte ; 12BENTWATERS UPDATE by Mildred Biesele 13NATIONAL UFO CONFERENCE by Walt Andrus 14PERUVIAN OVNIS by Dr. Gary Levine 16CARTOON by Golliver 16LETTERS 17THE NIGHT SKY by Walter N. Webb 18DIRECTORS MESSAGE by Walt Andrus 20The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501(c)(3) of the internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal income .tax. In addition,bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions ofSections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNAL are determined by the editor, and do.not necessarily represent the official position of MUFON. Opinions of contributorsare their own, and do not necessarily reflect those ofthe editor, the staff, orMUFON.Articles may be forwarded directlyto MUFON. Responses to publishedarticles maybe in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400words) or ina short article(up to about2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50% rule" is applied: the articleauthor may reply butwill be allowedhalf the wordage used in the response; the responder may answer theauthor but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authors reply, etc. Allsubmissions are subject to editing for style, clarity, and conciseness.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than 200words are quoted from any one article, the author ofthe articleisgivencredit, and thestatement "Copyright 1986 by the MutualLJFO Network, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin,Texas 78155" is included.
  • 3. MICHIGAN STATE SYMPOSIUMBy Walt Andrus"UFOs: Beyond the Mainstream ofScience" was the theme for this yearsannual international UFO symposiumon June 27, 28 and 29 at the MichiganState University Kellog Center in EastLansing, Mich. The purpose of thisarticle is to share an overview and thehighlights of the symposium for thosewho were unable to attend. Judgingbythe numerous favorable responses byattendees, Dan Wright and his hostcommittee Michigan MUFON fulfilledtheir promise to present the highestquality conference possible.The facilities at the KelloggCenterwere outstanding, which included notonly the beautiful auditorium, diningrooms, meeting rooms, but theattractive and reasonably priced hotelstyle rooms. Prearranged shuttleservice was provided from the CapitalCity Airport, AMTRAK, andGreyhound-Indian Trails stations inEast Lansing.Electronic and printed presscoverage exceeded expectations,although the response is neverpredictable. Television coverage wasprovided by WLNS, Channel 6,Lansing; WNEM, Channel 5, Saginaw;WILX, Channel 10, Lansing; WOTV,Channel 8, Grand Rapids; CBC(Canadian Broadcast Company)Tbrhorito; and NCTV (NationalCollege TV Network) NewYork. Radiointerviews both live and taped werehandled by WKAR, AM/FM EastLansing; WICC-AM, Straford, Conn.;and the ABC Radio Network, NewYork. In addition to United PressInternational (UPI) the followingnewspapers conducted interviews andpublished articles: Detroit Free Press;Lansing State Journal (Gannett), andState News, (Michigan StateUniversity). National TV coverage withnews announcements occurred onboth NBC and CBS on Fridaymorning.A majority of the featured speakerswere present for the Press Conferenceon Friday afternoon.Award Recipient Marge ChristensenA delightful get-acquaintedreception was enjoyed at theCentennial Room and was followed at 8pm by a tour of the Michigan StateUniversity Cyclotron. Since M.S.U.was in the process of building a largerand more powerful cyclotron, themembers of the tour had the rareopportunity of not only observing thepresent cyclotron in operation, but ahands-on exposure in theconstructionstate to the components that willbecome the larger cyclotron. The tourwas conducted by two professors — ahusband and wife team, who aredirectly involved in the operation.The symposium was opened withgreetings from the symposium and hostchairman Dan Wright and welcome byWalt Andrus, International Director.Formal recognitionwas bestowed uponMarge Christensen thru the dedicationof the MUFON 1986 UFO SymposiumProceedings for her outstandingleadership and public relationsendeavors.Since copies of all of the paperspresented by the speakers arepublished in the MUFON 1986 UFOSymposium Proceedings, this reportwill be confined to the publishedabstracts and a few comments. As theKeynote speaker, Marge Christensengave a humorous but serious speechtitled: "Scientists, UFOs, and Anti-Scientific Thinking."During the years that the UFOcontroversy has been raging, scientistsand scientific publications have beenguilty of some of the most anti-scientificstatements and anti-scientific thinkingon the subject ever made.Simultaneously, UFO researchers havebeen appealing to the scientificcommunity — to very little avail — forobjective and scientific study of theUFO phenomenon.Throughout all of this, UFOreports have persisted on a global scaleand UFOs have been sighted by manyhighly credible persons. Examples arecited of this anti-scientific thinking on(continued next page)
  • 4. Michael D. Swords, Ph.D.SYMPOSIUM, Continuedthe part of scientists, and possiblereasons are examined as to whyscientists react this way to the UFOsubject. A call is made for scientists toabandon such faulty thinking and tobegin to exhibit a genuine scientificcuriosity about the UFO subject and totake an objective, disapassionate lookat the UFO evidence accumulated todate.CASE FOR E.T.The theme for the 1985 UFOsymposium was dynamically addressedby Michael D. Swords, Ph.D. in hisstunning, provocative, and enlighteningpaper.The phenomena of UFOlogy andtheir most prominently argued cause(the presence of extraterrestrialintelligence or ETI observing Earth)have been the. focus of muchemotionalism in some members of thescientific community. This isphilosophically distressing andsociologically intriguing given that theavailable data from many fields ofscience point toward the probability ofmany intelligent life forms inour galaxy.Frontiers of several scientificdisciplines are surveyed in the pursuitof the leading edge of current thoughton the hypotheses of life formselsewhere. Finally,some reflections areincluded on the likelihood of ETI, andwhy the field of UFOlogy is routinelyattacked by some individuals, allegedlyin the cause of Science. It has beenwisely suggested that Dr. Swords papershould get greater exposure to thescientific community throughpublication in scientific and associatedjournals due to the impact it had uponthe audience.ABDUCTIONSDavid M. Jacobs, Ph.D. delivereda well organized and logicalspeech witha very intriguing title.Abduction cases constitute one ofthe greatest challenges to UFOresearchers since the phenomenonbegan. They are extremelyimportant ifthey are directly related to UFOs andthey are almost as importantifthey arenot. The question of why abductionshave this transcendent meaningregardless of their origin is discussed.In the past decade, a steadilyincreasing flow of abduction reportshas come to the attention of UFOresearchers. These reports could be,inmy estimation, the most significantaspect of the UFO phenomenon sincethe controversy began in 1947. Likethefirst reports of occupants, they havemet with incredulity and resistancefrom UFO researchers anxious todisassociate themselves from bogusclaims. But also like the occupantclaims, their quantity, content,patterns, and the credibility of thevictims are slowly forcing UFOresearchers to accept them as animportant element in the UFO debate.AWARDSTwo plaques were awarded byMUFON recognizing individuals fortheir contributions to the field ofUfology. Budd Hopkins received the• annual "198586 MUFON award foroutstanding work in the UFO field."Mr. Hopkins was also presented with a$250 check by Bruce Maccabee fromthe Fund for UFO Research inmemoryof Isabel Davis. In the absence of Mrs.Mimi Hynek, John Timmermanaccepted the plaquegive to Dr. J. AllenHynek posthumously. The inscriptionon the plaque read: "Given inrecognition for your lifelong dedicationand contributions to UFO research andpublic education." -- Mutual UFONetwork 1986.SPACEPORTS(continued next page)(ir) Speaker Maccabee, Hopkins and Andrus
  • 5. John Timmerman /Accepts for Mimi & J. Allen HynekSYMPOSIUM, ContinuedThe symposium audience wastreated to a preview of the forthcomingNASA Space Station by Alan C. Holt,M.S., a physicist assigned to thisambitious project. He comparedtheoretical UFO propulsions systemswith power sources and constructipntechniques being developed for futurespace stations in his paper.Several interestellar propulsionconcepts have been proposed whichcould provide a roundtrip time of 50years as referenced to an onboardspacecraft clock. These very largespacecraft using various forms ofnuclear power will have to beassembled in Earthorbit, probably on aconstruction platform near a spacestation. However, to provide sufficientmotivation for a civilization to conductinterstellar exploration (other thanthrough a slow migration process) willrequire the development and testing ofpropulsion techniques which caneffectively exceed the speed of light.Theoretical physics and emergingtechnologies are providing insight intoapproaches which may lead to thedevelopment of faster than lighttransportation systems. UFO researchhas already provided motivation, newperspectives, and in some cases data insupport of the development of theseadvanced interstellar propulsionsystems. The Space Station and itslarge space structure construction andtransportation capabilities may be theforerunner of Earths first interstellarspaceport.The United States and othernations are developingplans to expandmans explorationof the Solar System.New commercial enterprises are beingcontemplated involving experimentsand industrial facilities inEarth orbit,onthe Moon, and on other planetarybodies. These activities will furtherincrease the demand for advanced,cost-effective transportation systems.The transportation needs created bythe initial steps of this movement ofmankind into space are stimulatingtheconsideration of advanced spaceshuttles and interplanetary spacecraft.PROJECT IDENTIFICATIONHarley D. Rutledge,Ph.D. isoneofa small body of scientists that hasactually conducted UFO fieldinvestigations with instrumentation. Heshared the results of hjs work in thispaper.Some scientists who have neverseen a UFO, or even carried out fieldresearch with instrumentation, offerexamples of natural and manmadephenomena as explanations. Inrebuttal, Project Identification sightingsare reviewed and updated as the authorclaims 160 personal sightings.Incredible accounts by military pilotsand other field researchers arereviewed. All this leads to possibleparanormal aspects of the UFOphenomena. At the symposium, abizarre sighting by another member ofthe speakers panel will be confirmed.Theauthor concludes that the skepticsand cynics have built a case against theexistence of UFOs that has becomecumbersome and untenable. The originof the true UFO phenomena, asresearched in Project Identification, isnot natural or manmade normisperceptions by Project observers.UFO PHOTOGRAPHRichard F. Haines, Ph.D. has usedone of the tools originally invented anddeveloped for the reception ofelectronic photograph surveillance ofour planets by space probes such asVoyager and Pioneer. Computer photoenhancement has been used for overten years as a technique and tool toanalyze alleged UFO photographs.Various investigativeactivities andanalyses surrounding a photograph ofapurported unidentified flying object(UFO) taken on October 8, 1981 atabout 11:00 a.m. local time onVancouver Island, BritishColumbia arereviewed. The evidence consisted of asingle frame of 35mm color film whichshowed a sharply focused disc-likeobject against a clear blue sky with awooded mountain peak nearby.Analyses of the original negativeincluded microdensitometry, computerenhancements, and other measure-ments intent upon showing a supportthread, atmospheric disturbance) orother evidence of a hoax. Theseanalyses suggest that the disc was athree-dimensional object at a distanceof at least 20 feet from the camerawhose surface albedo was diffuse and oflower luminance than sunlit cloud.Extensive interviews with thephotographer (who never saw the aerialobject) and her husband and daughter,and a site survey, tended to support theentire narrative accunt. The nature ofthe disc object remains unidentified.(continued next page)
  • 6. SYMPOSIUM, ContinuedJohn F. Schuessler, M.S. hascontinued to follow both the medicaland legal aspects of the Cash-LandrumUFO Case and has shared the results ofhis investigations with everyone in hissymposium papers starting in 1982;Judge Ross Sterling, in the UnitedStates District Court for the SouthernDistrict ofTexas, Houston Divisionhasnot rendered a decision to have thecase dismissed that was submitted tohim on September 3, 1985 by Frank A.Conforti, Assistant United StatesAttorney, Attorney for the Defendant(United States Government).,As of April 25,1986, Bill Shead andRhonda S. Ross, Co-counsels in CivilAction No. H-84-3488 have legallyresponded, thus keeping the case verymuch alive on behalf of the plantiffs,Betty Cash, Vicki Landrum and ColbyLandrum.Throughout the investigation ofthe Dec. 29,1980, Cash-LandrumUFOcase the primary witnesses haveinsisted that a large number of militaryhelicopters. surrounded and followedthe UFO. In addition, the witnesseshave repeatedly stated their belief thatthe UFO was owned and operated bythe military. For this reason, theysought help by going to officialGovernment agencies; including theU.S. Congress, military bases, militaryagencies, and finally a U.S. DistrictCourt. The issue of Governmentresponsibility for the injuries to theprimary witnesses is chronicled andexamined.Prior to the Saturday eveningprogram, Bruce Maccabee conducteda workshop forinterested people on thevery significant 1978 New Zealandmotion picturefootage in whichheveryeffectively squelched the claims byPhilip Klass that the object isnothingmore than a squid boat.On Sunday morning a verypopular event, initiated in St. Louis in1985, was continued — Breakfast withthe Speakers. This was an opportunityfor each of the attendees to personallymeet and visit with a speaker of theirchoice. Following breakfast anotherdecision faced each participant. Threeworkshops and the MUFON AnnualCorporate Meeting occurredTiS! $:xMil-•&f <•£ $.:•••S- •>-;.*% V?-I ^a .s.1 .y—*eV^ r•^c^.^.W»^ ;f •>•. , . x•>*?*•£,V ---. J ^lyut."^ 1<.-.4 C"^^?s;^&*••.:.;>Har/ey D. Rutledge, Ph.D.Richard F. Haines, Ph.D.simultaneously. The CorporateMeeting was held within a mostprestigious environment — animmense oval table, boardroom style,with overstuffed furniture, etc. Pleaserefer to the Directors Message in thisissue of the Journal for details.WORKSHOPSJoseph Nyman, State SectionDirector from Massachusetts,conducted a very constructive sessionon "Investigative Methods" utilizing theMUFON Field Investigators Manual.William Diesenroth, State SectionDirector for Michigan and DennisHafner, Field Investigator, both trainedphotographers, directed an educationalmeeting on "Day-Night PhotographicTechniques" as it related to UFOs. As(continued next page)
  • 7. Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D. Attorney Robert H. BletchmanSYMPOSIUM, Continuedthe MUFON Staff Member onabductions, Budd Hopkins led adiscussion on "missing time" cases andthe techniqueof regressive hypnosis asa tool.SCIENCE STILL IN DEFAULTMany of the speakers in their talksinvited and encouraged scientists tobecome greater involved in the studyofthe UFO phenomenon. Some evenchided them for their unscientificbehavior. Bruce S. Maccabee, Ph.D.proceeded to disclose how a fewof thedebunkers have provided their ownexplanations, but not based onscientific facts.For nearly 40 years, the scienceestablishment has ignored the UFOproblem, relegating it to the domain ofbelievers and mental incompetents(a.k.a. "kooks and nuts"). Scientistshave participated in a "self-cover-up"by refusing to look at the credible andwell reported data. Furthermore, someof those fewscientists who havestudiedUFO data have published explanationswhich are unconvincing or just plainwrong and have "gotten away with it"because most of the rest of thecommunity has not cared enough toanalyze these explanations. Thegeneral rejection of the scientificvalidity of UFO sightings has made itdifficult to publish analyses of goodsightings. Examples are presented bythe scientific self-cover-up involvingerroneous explanations, refusal to lookat the data, and rejection of papers forpublication. How longwill this situationlast? Forty years is long enough!"No scientific investigation of theUFO problem has been carried outduring the entire twenty-two yearperiod between the first extensivewaveof sightingsof unidentified flying objectsin the summer of 1947 and theconvening of this symposium."The above statement was made bythe late Dr. James E. McDonald at theUFO symposium held by the AmericanAssociation for the Advancement ofScience (AAAS) in 1969. Even now, 17year later, it is still true. Why?UFO ADSRobert H. Bletchman, J.D., StateDirector for Connecticut, hasembarked upon a very ambitiousadvertising program to bring the issueof the UFO enigma to the public andspecifically the U.S. government, so asto disclose what the U.S. intelligencecommunity actually knows aboutUFOs. This program has the completesupport of the sponsoring agency —the Mutual UFO Network.The question is addressed of howto galvanize public opinion into apolitical force that would result in fulldisclosure of UFO evidence. AsCharles Fort said in 1923: "If...beings, (continued next page)
  • 8. SYMPOSIUM, Continuedfrom foreign worlds visit this Earth,thisis a great subject, and the trash that isclogging an epoch must be clearedaway." Some ofthat "trash"is exposed,and a proposal is made to clear awaymisinformation, educate the public, andencourage a national dialogue withUFOlogists setting the agenda. Thiswould be done by activating Americanentrepreneurship toput the case beforethe public effectively.BENTWATERSRaymond W. Boeche, StateDirector for Nebraska and alternatespeaker for this years symposium, hascontinued to intervieweye-witnesses tothe Rendlesham Forest Case after theyreturned to the U.S.A.; both inand outof the U.S. Air Force. His revelationswere so important that it wasimperative research by Scott Colburnand himself be published in theproceedings.The premier UFO case of the lastseveral years undoubtedly has been theevent referred to as the BentwatersIncident or the Rendelsham ForestCase. Its tale of a landed UFO andcontact with the occupants by high-ranking officers of the U.S. Air Forcehas captured the interest of theUFOlogical community and the publicat large. At this point, some 17eyewitnesses have been found, officialdocumentation has been obtained, andmore is being sought at the presenttime. Because of conflictingGovernment responses, and a veryevasive approach to this case by aUnited States Senator, it would appearthat the Government is attempting tocover up the full story of what occurredon that night in December of 1980.We want to thank Denise Mountfor designing the cover for the programand the posters for the Michigansymposium and Donald Schmitt for thecover design and artists rendition of the1986 proceedings.The CUFOS UFO Photo Exhibit,scheduled for the East Lansingsymposium, was picked up one weeklate by Consolidated Freightway inRochester, New York. It arrived inEastLansing after 5 p.m. on Friday,too late8to be unloaded from the truck fora localdelivery to M.S.U. The exhibitremained inaccessible in the loadedtruck until Monday morningdespite thecombined efforts of John P.Timmerman, the MUFON hostcommittee, the Kellogg Center staffand the person in charge of the M.S.U.central receiving facility on campus.Mr. Timmerman was obviously verydisappointed and is taking thisopportunity to apologize to theattendees. The CUFOS UFO PhotoExhibit was to be one of the featuredattractions.HOST COMMITTEEThe sucess of this years annualsymposium must be attributed to DanWright, symposium chairman, and thehost committee — Michigan MUFONfor their fantastic work. George andShirley Coyne headed reservations andregistrations and were ably assisted byDenise Mount and Dorothy Lewis. Theshuttle service from the airport,railroad station and bus station wascoordinated by Paul L. Bailor with thefine helpof Wayne Ericksonand DuaneW. Dalgleish. Violet P. Kolberg,Josephine Zajkoski and Joan M.Carpenter handled the sales of theMUFON 1986 UFO SymposiumProceedings, the attractive MUFONjacket patches and the blue vinylportfolios with the corporate nameheat-stamped in gold, including thelined notepad for Field Investigators.Your Director was especiallyappreciative of these ladies since theytook complete responsibility for thesales of the proceedings.Wayne Erickson producedindividual audio cassette taperecordings of each speaker that are allalso available for sale. Virignia M. Tillyoperated the closed circuit TVequipment in the exhibit room whereUFO filmed documentaries weredisplayed. Martin Mount and Ed Hudequietly and efficiently handled securityfor the symposium. Photography wasperformed by Dennis Hafer, who wastaking color photos for the hostcommittee scrapbook, and BillDiesenroth, the MUFON UFO Journalofficial photographer, who producedthe black and white photos illustratingthis article.George and Shirely Coyne aretaking a supply of the MUFON 1986UFO Symposium Proceedings toBeverly, Mass, to be sold at theMassachusetts MUFON UFO Forumon August 9 and 10.They will also havea supply of the new MUFONbluevinylportfolios and the MUFON patches.The attractive rectangular patcheshave the inscription "Mutual U.F.O.Network" in white embroidery on anavy blue background. The portfoliosand patches each sell for $4.00.Shirley and George Coyne, Reservations
  • 9. MINNESOTA CE-IIIBy Bill McNeffBUI McNeff is MUFONs statedirector for Minnesota.On April 27, 1985,1 was invited bymy friend, Don .Flickinger, a fieldinvestigator for CUFOS, to accompanyhim to interview a farm wife near ParkRapids, Minn., who had written Dr.Hynek about a close encounter of thethird kindshe said she had had. Iwill callher Mrs. Z.* She and her husband owna small farm out in the country wherethey raise hogs, but Ithinkhe also has ajob in town.Mrs. Z. is a mild-mannered andcalm woman. She was about 33 yearsold at the time of the sighting,whichoccurred on or about October 27,1984.(She felt that date was accurate plus orminus a week.) We asked her to showus where the sighting had occurred andto go through allthe detailswith us. Sheshowed us where she had beenstanding out by the hog lot fence afterdoing the chores with her stepson, B.*It was dark enough that the security oryard light had gone on.The have an interest in astronomyand were looking south at the stars,when they saw two diamond-shapedobjects approach from the east andpass slowly along the horizon,appearing to be over some trees whichare about a half mile away. A road goesalong beside these trees, with a powerline along the road.The UFOs were emittinga bluish-white light, but the light was somewhaterratic, reminding them of electricsparks or the glittering of a gem-stone.As the objects reached a pointsomewhat west of true south, B., whowas about 17, unaccountably turnedand began to walk back toward thehouse, which was about 80 feet away.Shortly before he reached the house,Mrs. Z told B., "I think I see somethingmoving out in the hog lot." B. ignoredthis and went on into the house.*Confidentialy RequestedWhatever was out in the hog lotcame closer and she saw that it was afigure about four feet tall, roughlyhuman in general shape, with a largehead and large eyes. It approachedcloser until it was about 20 to 25 feetaway from her across the fence. Ithad ashort nose and a short neck. Sheassumed it had closely fitting clothing,but could recall no details, and couldntbe sure it was wearing clothes. It hadslender limbs and its hands reached toits knees. On its face was whatappeared to be a smile — a featurealmost unique in the annals of UFOcreatures.Although the creature wasstanding about 80 feet from the yardlight (which I would guess was 500 or1000 watts as most farmstead lightsare), she could not tell us the creaturescolor. (We did not see the light while itwas on, but Mr. Z. described itas oneofthose orange-rose lights, whichI believeis a mercury vapor light. These lightshave a tendency to "wash out"colors,making subtle ones hard to detect.) Abest guess at the creatures color fromher description would be grey.DISAPPEARSMrs. Z. stared at the creature foran estimated five minutes. During thistime she did not try to call her family, orspeak to the creature, for fear offrightening it. It seemingly made noattempt to communicatewith her inanyway. She was not frightened, she said.Finally, the creature turnedaround and walked away,disappearinginto the darkness apparently before itreached the five-wire fence about 80feet away. She did not see the creatureclimb the fence.She waitedby the fencea couple of minutes more to see if thecreature would perhaps come back.When it did not, she went into thehouse to tell her family what she hadseen. She did not remember seeingwhat the UFOs did after she first sawthe creature. She felt that the total timeshe stood looking at the creature, andhe at her,was about 10 minutes.Their German Shepherd and theirother dog were not in evidence duringthe sighting.There were three hogs onthe place at the time. None of theanimals gave any reaction.B. said itwas maybe 4 or 5 minutesafter he went into the house that Mrs.Z.came in. He described her as being"somewhat excited." She told us thatshe had no dreams or bad effectsfollowing the experience.Sometime after her experience,perhaps a week or two, she had somekind of unusual feelings in herabdomen. She visitedher doctor, andinthe course of the examination, heapplied a stethoscope to her stomachand commented, "It sounds likeNiagara Falls in there." He did notexpress any alarm about this or offerany diagnosis. The funny feeling laterdisappeared.AFTERMATHAfter she had shown us the sceneof the encounter outside, she invited usinto the house. We sat down at thedining room table and continued to askquestions and take notes; Ihad my taperecorder runningall this time. Becausethe question of the UFOs size was notyet resolved, Don asked Mrs. Z: andstepson B. to go back outside and helphim figure this out.Mr. Z. and I talked abouthbgraising and UFOs, and Mr. Z.volunteered with a smile that they hadtold Mrs. Z. that she had mistakentheirboar pig for an alien creature. Thiscomment of his, in my opinion, adds tothe familys credibility; it indicates thatthe whole family did not conspiretogether to make up this story.THe witness, it should be noted,did not have a technical mindset, and(continued on page 19)
  • 10. NEWS N VIEWSI have two additions to my article(No. 217, May. 1986) about recentpossible., UFO sightings nearColumbus, Ohio. The first observationoccurred around the middle of July in1985, approximately 1/3mile northwestof the alfalfa barn. I found out about itfrom my sister, who said that she. hadheard J.M., a nine year old boy, talkingabout it.Icalled him and his parents andlater interviewed him on tape.:J.M-, camping with his family in awoods on their family farm, got up to goto an outbuildingafter the others, hadgone to sleeep. As he approached thesmall building, he glanced at what hethought was a helicopter in thedistance.. As the,object approachedfrom the southeast, he realized it wasspherical.It descended and stopped just oversome trees (he estimated approirnately50-100 feet from him)..He believed thesphere to have been around 20-30 feetin diameter.Its outer portion was a rough whitesurface with scattered black areas.From spots along the outside flashedrays of white, green, red, and blue light,in such a rrianner that the ray from eachspot would be white, followed by green,red, and then blue with "about aminutein .between each one."LIGHT RAYSSome rays were directeddownward, but he said they "didnttouch the ground." The ray that cameclosest to himwas green and around 10-20 feet away. He joked that the raysreminded him of the transporter beamin the Star Trek TV series and hefearedhe mightbe transported intothe UFOifa ray illuminated him. He wasscared and didnt move, scream, orrun.After he had watched the objectfor a while, two orange pipesmoved outfrom one side between two of the spotswhere the rays were flashing. Hedidntknow what the pipes were, but10commented that perhaps they hadsomething to do with the object "gettingits direction." He added that he didntknow how it did it, but at that time thesphere was spinning and the orangethings werent spinning. I asked him ifthey looked metallic and he said, "Itdidnt look like metal or iron."Then the UFO sort of swirled in acircle and flew to the southeast.Whenasked about noise he said, "Icouldnthear any because of ail the circketschirping."AFRAIDAlthough J.M. wasnt sure, heestimated the sighting to have lastedfor5-10 minutes. As soon as the object lefthe ran to his sleeping bag and hid. Hewas scared to awaken his parents anddid not tell them about the sighting,because he "didnt want them to thinkIm crazy." He told several peopleafterwards, who confirmed that he hadmentioned the sighting that summerand continues to describe the objectinthe same way.He is intelligent, doing well inschool, and everyone that I asked saidhe is reliable. His story seemedconsistent. Several times as Iinterviewed him I would repeatsomething to mislead him and healways corrected me.There is no record of advertisingairplanes in this area. He is used toseeing helicoptersand to being out-of-doors on this farm. Although this is nota good sighting because of having onlyone witness, perhaps it should still bereported, because J.M. has a goodreputation.PHOTOGRAPHThe accompanyingphotographofthe area ofthe possible sighting shows adrawing of the object, the beam nearestthe witness, the two orange pipes (onthe .right), the objects trajectory whenapproaching and leaving (arrows), andthe location of the witness (triangle) asdrawn from his sketch on aphotograph.-Irena Scott
  • 11. NEW BOOKSBY MEMBERS"Melbourne Episode - Case Studyof a Missing Pilot"byRichardF. Haines,Ph.D. This book is an in-depthstudyofthe Frederick Valentich disappearanceon a flight over Bass Straight onOctober 21, 1978. Copies may beordered bywriting to KensingtonPress,P.O. Box 8122, Fremont, California94537-8122 for $12.95 each, plus $1.00per copy for postage and handling.* * * .. "In advance of the Landing: FolkConcepts of Outer Space" by DouglasCurran. After .eight years and 125,000miles of travel, this "exquisitelyproduced" book contains 60 color andblack-and-white reproductions in a 9"x11"format softcover, 132 pages, with aforeward by Tom Wolfe. Signed and/ordedicated copies are available directlyfrom the author for.$16.95$2.00 for postage and handling, or$19.95 Canadian plus the samepostage. Send check or money ordersto: Douglas Curran, GANG OF ONEPRODUCTIONS, #5 - 12525 104Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaT5NOV5. . :* * * Raymond E. Fowler has advised usthat he still has a good supplyof his softcover books "Casebook of a UFOInvestigator," "Andreasson Affair -Phase Two" and "The MelchizedekConnection." Any ofthese areavailablefrom Mr. Fowlerfor $6.00 postpaid. Raywill be glad to personally autograph anddate each individual copy. These booksare now officially out-of-print. Pleaseaddress your orders to: Raymond E.Fowler, 13. Friend Court, Wenham,Mass. 01984 and enclose check or ,money order. :HAROLD H. FULTONMr. Harold HenryFulton,NationalDirector for New Zealand since 1973,passed away at his home inPalmerston North on Sunday morning,June 15, 1986due to a heart attack atthe age of65. Mr. Fulton pf thepioneers in ufplogy, known throughoutthe world for his investigative activitiesstarting in 1947. He served for 24 yearsin the Technical Division of the RoyalNew Zealand Air Force. He foundedCivilian Saucer Investigation (NewZealand), a 500 member objectiveinvestigation organization, in1952.Harold was introduced to theMutual UFO Network byMrs. IdabelE.Epperson, former State Director forSouthern California. He is survived byhis widow, Evelyn, and children. Hisfuneral was held on June 17, 1986.Everyone at MUFON wishes toexpress our condolences to Mrs.Fulton and his family.Mr. MurrayBptt, Section Directorfor the North Island, called bytelephone from Auckland, NewZealand on June 16th to deliver the sadnews.BRITONS BELIEVEA recent public opinion surveyreveals an astonishing attitude amongBritons about Unidentified FlyingObjects. The majority of the Britishpeople believean invasionof Earth fromouter space is imminent.They believe itwillhappen within five years.The House of Lords pressured theBritish Ministry of Defense to admit ithas1given serious attention to UFOs byreleasing data to the British UFOResearch Association.Maybe the British people havegood reason .to believe somethingserious isgoing on. UFO sightingshavebeen on the increase over: that islandnation. During :the fall of,1985, reportscame in from even the most remoteareas. Young and old alikesaw strangethings in the sky.The Carlton areawas the sceneofsome exciting events. A 14 year old boyran home crying hysterically and wastemporarily ;blinded -after seeing abrightly lit object. He was treated by adoctor. A similar report was given byaneight year old boy.Several witnessesreported a UFO hit or nearly hita radarstation on the moor on August 4,1985.The incident caused several days ofexcitement around the radar station: "Two tax drivers watched a UFOover Deeside inlate January, 1986. Oneof the drivers, a Mr. Leonard Parker,said he was driving back to the officewhen he spotted a brightly lit objectabout 200 feet above him. He stoppedand got out of the taxi and watched asit glided towards him. He said it wascone-shaped, had one blue spotlightand lots of yellow lights on theunderside. The UFO was totally silent.When he returned to the office he foundPaul Jones, another driver, alreadydescribing his similar encounter.During the second week ofFebruary 1986,another taxi driver andhis young woman passenger spottedthree bright orange lights in the skyover the Royal Aircraft Establishmentat Farnborough. The driver, GerryHurn, turned, his cab around, andchased the lights until they suddenlydisappeared. Danielle Mansbridge, thepassenger said "there was ho noise atall." The lights amazed her. She said"they were blazingorange, very bigandbright."A police spokeswomandescribedhow a number of citizens had becomeinvolved with UFOs during the pastseveral months. He told how aWymondham girl had a closeencounter of the scary kind when shewas followed home by a bright light.Describing his feelings the policemansaid he had just taken a new report andthe man makingthe report "was not thesort to make things up." .What are the Britons seeing? Noone seems to be able to provide asatisfactory answer. It is no wonderthey are expecting an invasion fromspace any day now.....—Source uncrcditcd(Newspaper Clipping)Lawrence Fawcett and Barry J.GreenwoodINTENTTHEGOVERNMENTCOVERUPOF THE UFO EXPERIENCEWhat does the government knowabout UFOs and why wont it tell us?With a foreword by Dr.J.Allen Hynek11
  • 12. MORE ON BETTY HILLBy Wayne LaporteWayne Laporte is MUFONsState Section Director for NorthCarolina.Although I share some of Mr.Webbs views (that Betty Hill ismisidentifying many IFOs as UFOs —MUFON Journal, #215, March, 1986,page 16), I also share Mr. Longs view(that there are genuine UFOs in theKingston, N.H. area - MUFONJournal, #218, June, 1986, page 14). Tosupport Longs contention, I relate thefollowing information.Prior to my 1978 visit with Betty, Iinterviewed George Fawcett and hiswife Shirley shortly after they returnedfrom their New England trip duringwhich they accompanied Betty to her"landing site:" Both observed what Ibelieve were anomalous events.While they were in the field late atnight, several star-like objects blinkedon. The lights were in all quadrants ofthe sky and hovered low over thetreetops. Strangely,.these lightswoulddim out as autos neared. and thenreturn to their regular intensity after thecars passed. After about an hour thelights vanished for good. Later, as thetrio were leaving, a white, glowingspheroid, the apparent size of a pea,silently approached them, made a 90-degree upward turn, .and streakedskyward out of sight. The next dayGeorge and Shirley returned to the .siteand found three circular rings about 20feet in diameter in the field. No localinvestigation or soil analysis was madedue to lack of time. So, the ringsmay ormay not be anything anomalous. -My personal visit to the site wasonly met with probable success: OnJuly -10th and 12th, 1978, Mrs. VikkiMann, a personal friend, and myselfmet with Joan Jeffers and PaulJohnson, both MUFON State SectionDirectors and members of thePennsylvania Center for UFOResearch and Mrs. Hill. No true UFOswere seen on either skywatch. Betty,in12her excitement, did misidentify someaircraft as UFOs. However, on the 10thwe all sighted a strange searchlightbeam. .BEAM OF LIGHT. Most of the evening was spent inour cars due to passing thunderstorms.The searchlight .beam appeared a fewtimes during the storm and onceafterwards. A green glow woulddevelop and then be replaced by acolumn of light whichprojected upwardand was inclined about 30 degreesoffthe vertical. The beam would swing tothe vertical inabout 5 to 6 seconds andthen vanish. This same routine wasobserved on allrandom appearances ofthe light.At first we thought it was asearchlight. The topo map indicatedthere were no towns in the direction ofthe light—only swampland. Ms. Jeffersjokingly remarked, "Maybe, its swampgas." Later, Ms. Jeffers suggested thatthe light was someone signaling for adrug drop. Althoughthis isa possibility,my feeling is that the light was toointense and too greenish fora flashlight.Besides, only a very foolish ordesperate pilotwould make a drugdropduring a thunderstorm.On July 12th, while a few milessouth ofthe siteand while climbinga hillin a very rural area, Mrs. Mann andmyself observed a cluster of red lightshovering over a field. Since we wererunning late for our meeting with Betty,we elected to go on rather thaninvestigate. So, all I can say is that thismay have been a UFO.Could the unusual lights observedat the site allhave been a form ofnaturalphenomenon? Possibly. Survivors ofearthquakes have reported seeingflashes of light, fireballs, streamers oflight, columns of light, ruddy glows inthe sky, or searchlight beams.FAULT ZONESA study of a geological map andreport on the Kingston area indicatedsome very interesting facts. Her site isonly 10 milesnorth of a major fault zoneknown as the Clinton-NewburgFault,and there is a known fault outcroppingtwo miles south ofher landing site. Thearea is mainly quartz.In fact, the ExeterDiorite — a two-mile-wide bed ofquartz— extends from Kingston to Exeter,New Hampshire (a place. of manyrepeat UFO sightings.)To me, there are indications thatMrs. Hill has located what someufologists call a "window" — a placewhere UFOs repeatedly manifestthemselves. To ancient people theseareas were considered sacred — areasof high naturalenergy. Today, we knowthat many of these windows are atquartz concentrations on or near faultlines.• . Now, whether UFOs observed atthese sites are a natural phenomenon(a la M. Persinger), dimensionalentitiesutilizing energy fields to materialize (alaJ. Keel), or projections resulting froman interplayof seismic energy fields andintense psychic energy of observers (ala T. Bearden) remains to be proven.However, I do feel that there are somestrange things going bump in the nightaround Kingston, N.H.SUPPORTUFORESEARCHMUFON103 OLDTOWNE RD.SEGUIN, TX 78155
  • 13. BEIMTWATERS UPDATEBy Mildred BieseleIn the May 85 Journal, WaltAndrus wrote in the DirectorsMessage that State Director forNebraska Ray Boeche had been intouch with his senator, the HonorableJ. James Exon, hopingto interest him inthe Bentwaters case. As Senator Exonis a member of the Armed ServicesCommittee, Boeche hoped that a morethorough investigation of the incidentby the Committee might follow ifSenator Exon became-involved.In fact, Andrus said, Boeche hadspoken on the phone with ColonelCharles I. Halt, Deputy BaseCommander at Bentwaters at the timeof the incident in December, 1980, andHalt had said that the would hand overto Senator Exon the audio tapes,photographs, plaster casts, and othermaterial evidence of his investigationinto the UFO landing in RendleshamForest, ifhe were asked to do so by theSenator. The MUFON Directorauthorized State Directors to writetheir senators and solicit their help inbringing this case to the public.In June 85,1wrote to Senator JakeGarn.of Utah and quoted from Haltsletter a brief description of the event. Itold him of Halts promise to turn overpertinent information to Senator Exonupon request, and I asked SenatorGarn to use his influence to see that theevidence was given to the Senator fromNebraska.About six months later, I had areply from Senator Garns office,enclosing a letter that he had receivedfrom the Air Force in response to hisquery. (Enclosed)MISSES POINtIn December Iwrote Senator Garnagain and thanked him for the letter.But, I said, some questions stillremained in my mind. I enclosed a copyof Col. Haltsentireletterdescribing theincident, and Ipointed out that at least apreliminary investigationhad obviouslybeen done by the Air Force. I said thatCol. Halt, now inKorea, had stated thathe had in his possessionevidence of thelanding, which he was willing to give toSenator Exon, and "the purpose of myletter was to urge you to speak to theSenator. Your letter was notresponsive to this point.", • -I continued, "It is not true, as.theletter to you from Lt. Col. Weaverstates, that. the Air Force has notinvestigated UFO reports since 1969whenProject Blue Book was closed."Ipointed out that documents .releasedunder the Freedom of Information Actshowed that even before 1969, onlythose sightings that were notconsidered to be a threat to nationalsecurity were referred to Blue Book,and after Blue Book was terminatedsightings that were considered a threatto national security, according to Gen.C.H. Bolender, "would continue to behandled through the standard AirForce procedure designed for thatpurpose." I noted that a more recentmemo said that UFO sightings overUSAF bases are investigated, and Ipointed out that there had beenfrequent overflights and landingslogged at SAC and NORAD bases1.STUDY CONTINUESAs further evidence thatinvestigation of UFOs continued after1969, I cited the NORAD form for"Unidentified Object Reports," datedOctober 1977, which is reproduced inthe appendix of the book Clear Intentby Fawcett and Greenwood. Inconclusion, I told Senator Garn that Iwas asking Dr. Bruce Maccabee tosend him copies of the.documents I hadreferred to and other relevantdocuments released bythegovernmentbecause "I think it is important for youto have this information whichapparently has hot been made availableto you through the Office of LegislativeLiaison. I think you have the right toknow because you have theresponsibility to act."And then I waited for a response:!-And waited.Finally in the middleof April Ihad atelephone call from Senator Garnsoffice. A very pleasant young womantold me that Senator Garn apologizedfor the delay in replying to my lastletterand he agreed that his letter to me hadleft some questions unanswered.SENATORS TALKSenator Garn, she said; hadindeed talked to Senator Exon aboutthe Bentwaters case. A "personalconsultation" had taken place betweenCol. Halt and Sen. Exon in which theofficer said that he felt that the AirForce had handled the incident well,that there had been no attempt at acover-up, and there seemed to be noneed foran Armed Services Committeeinvestigation. She did not say whetherthe evidence that Col. Halt claimed tohave in his possession was turned overto the Senator or to anyone else, but Igathered that there was a morecomplete investigativereport given tothe Senator. Iasked whether thiswouldbe released to the public, and she saidno, it was privateand confidential, justbetween the two of them, and wasprotected from disclosure by theprivacy act.-I . then asked if any naturalexplanation had been suggested forwhat happened at Bentwaters, and shesaid no: "these things happen, andsometimes there is no explanation."She told me one other interestingthing, that since his space flight theSenator has been more than everconvinced that we are not alone in theuniverse. This is borne out by aninterview markingthe first anniversaryof his flight aboard the shuttleDiscovery in April, 1985. In The Salt(continued on page 15)13
  • 14. NATIONAL UFO CONFERENCEBy Walt AndrusWalt Andrus is MUFONsinternational director.The 23rd Annual National UFOConference was held on the weekendof May 16-18, 1986 at the ExecutivePark Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona withHal Stair, general chairman and JamesW. Mpseley, permanent chairman. Thisannual event has varied in size fromover a thousand in 1967 indowntownNew York City, hosted byJimMoseley,to 30 people in Fremont, Calif., in 1985,hosted by Kal K. Korff.Dr. Edward U. Condon attendedthe 1967 conference to prove tohisownsatisfaction that only "kooks" wereinvolved with Ufplogy. Indeed, he didfind several such people who seem togravitate to such public events to"peddle their wares." And yes,a fewslipped into the 1986 conference inPhoenix, but were handled quitediplomatically by the general chairman,Hal Starr.Having never attended any of theprior. 22 National UFO Conferences (6more than MUFON),this one appealedto me for several reasons: (1) StantonT. Friedman and William L. Moorewere two of the featured speakers, (2)Iwanted to support Hal Starr,MUFONs State Section Director forMaricopa County who was the hostchairman, (3) ah opportunity topersonally,meet Erik Beckjord, RobertSheaffer, Travis Walton, Mike Rogers,and Timothy Good, (4) the pleasure ofrenewing old friendships with BradSteiger, Jim. Moseley and Daniel Fryand (5) the privilege of meeting manyofour members from Arizona, Nevada,Idaho and California. (Even TomAdams and Gary Massey from Texas.)The program organized by Mr. Starrwas similar to the MUFON Interna-tional UFO.Symposium format.WALTONNo attempt will be made to report. Hal Starr, NUFOC Moderatoron each speakers presentation, butIllprovide an overview of the conferencefrom an interested visitorsviewpoint.A"get acquainted party" in the NUFOCHospitality Suite on Fridayeveningwasa delightful occasion to meet newpeople and greet old friends. TravisWalton and Michael Rogers arrivedduring the height of the festivities,stayed briefly, and drove back toSnowflake, Arizona. Basically a shyperson, Traviswhen questioned, statedthat he wouldnt feel comfortable or atease it he was bombarded withquestions, therefore elected to leave.This was a disappointment for many ofus, since we had hoped to get betteracquainted with both Travis and Mike.Jim Moseley cordially opened themeeting Saturday morning withgreetings, remarks, announcements,then promptly introduced Hal Starr,the master of ceremonies. ErikBeckjord, of Bigfoot fame and nowliving in Malibu, Calif., showed the"1978 New Zealand Motion PictureFilm" with commentary analysisprovided to himby BruceS. Maccabee,Ph.D., the prime investigator. DavidCrockett, a MUFON member nowliving in Honolulu, Hawaii, was thephotographer of this very significantvisual - radar - filmed sequence: (It wasfirst shown at the MUFON 1979 UFO.Symposium in Burlingame, Calif, byBruce Maccabee and David Crockett.)Mr. Beckjord effectively refuted the"squid boat" explanation by PhilipKlass and the."fleet of squid boats"proposed by Robert Sheaffer.Daniel W. Fry, author of TheWhite Sands Incident, published ini%6, and one of the few pioneer"contactees" still living, gave anoverview of his experience in light oftodays experiences and space travelknowledge. Verylittle timewas devoted to his personal experience on July 4,1950 at White Sand Proving Grounds,outside of Las Cruces, New Mexico,where he claimed thathie wentaboard aUFO, flew to New York City and backin 30 minutes and conversed with anabsent entity. He referred interestedpeople to his revised book To Men ofEarth (including the White SandsIncident), Merlin Publishing (1973), thatwas available to purchase at theconference. I obtained an autographedcopy of his originalbook after hearinghim lecture in St. Louis, Missouri in1967.SKEPTICRobert Sheaffer, a member of theCommittee for the ScientificInvestigation of Claims of theParanormal (CSICOP) UFOCommittee with Philip Klass and JamesOberg, titled his presentation "FamousUFO Cases I Dont Believe In."Hisslide/illustrated lecture would havebeen very appropriate ifdeliveredto hislocal Bay Area Skeptics (CSICOP),because they would have laughedwith him as he attempted tosuperficially explain several cases. (Heeven showed a faked photograph of aUFO that he made himself that appearson the cover jacket of his book.)Utilizing one newspaper clipping of(continued next page)14
  • 15. NATIONAL, Continuedthe 1948era containing an incorrectdate (probably obtained from PhilKlass), he rejected the Roswell, NewMexico case — as an example. Thecase was explained and dismissed, headmitted whenquestioned, withouthimhaving interviewed any of the witnessesor participants in person or bytelephone. He explained the Aztec,New Mexico crashed saucer, madefamous by Frank Sullys book Behindthe Flying Saucers, by makingreference to Silas M. Newton and "Dr.Gee" as reported by J.P. Cahn. WilliamL. Moores paper in the MUFON 1985UFO Symposium Proceedings titled"Crashed Saucers: Evidence inSearchof Proof clearly delineates the resultofhis exhuustive investigation that provesthe case to be a hoax. (DidBill Mooresinvestigation and paper provide thesolution for Robert Sheaffer?)Robert Sheaffer must becommended for having the intestinalfortitude to accept HalStarrs invitationto speak. It was not a hostileaudience,but one composed of researchers whowere more knowledgeable about UFOsthan Mr. Sheaffer. His superficialexplanations were in vain.Brad Steiger, now a resident ofPhoenix, is the author of over 100booktitles ranging from biographies (JudyGarland,Greta Garbo, Valentino) totrue crime (The Mass Murderer); fromthe strange (Mysteries of Time andSpace) to medical breakthroughs(Stella: One Womans Victory overCancer) totaling over 15 million copiesinternationally. Brad gave aslide/illustrated lecture depictingapproximately 21 hypotheses for thepossible origin of UFOs and theirentities as "food for thought" andspeculation."UFOs....The Most HighlyClassified Subject," a startlingrevelation of a higher than top secretproject was the title of the speechdelivered by William L. Moore. Aftersharing some pertinent facts with theaurdience, Bill proceeded as if in acourt-of-law, to systematically dissectand destroy the superficial evidenceproposed by Robert Sheaffer byproviding investigated and researchedfacts. Mr. Sheaffers jovial attitudeceased to be so prevalent after BillMoore responsed so stronglyin debatefashion.After the banquet Saturdaymorning, Walt Andrus briefed theaudience on the status and future ofufology as it related to organizations,and the personal responsibility thateach participant had to fill the void leftby the passingofDr. J. Allen Hynek. Noone will be able to fill Dr. Hyneks shoessince he was unique, however, thequest to resolve the UFO phenomenonmust continue unabated and withgreater zeal.As permanent chairman of theNational UFO Conference, JimMoseley, in his own inimitablemanner,greeted the conference attendees andprovided a provocative answer to thesolution for the UFO phenomenon —. "It is within each ofus."Stanton T. Friedman, whosethousands of public appearances more people to the UFOsubject than the efforts of almost anyother person spoke next. His afterdinner speech titled "Fact, Fiction,andFlying Saucers" was billed as aconvincing address that would make abeliever out of the staunchest skeptic. (Idont believe Robert Sheaffer wasconverted even though Stan deliveredhis college and university lecture in adynamic and forceful style.)On Sunday morning,May 18th, anopen forum for all delegates and allspeakers, including other attendingexperts who didnot present papers wasconducted. An open and livelyexchange of q u e s t i o n s wasforthcoming. One or two people in theaudience from the "fringe areas"demanded and obtainedan opportunityto communicate "their message."The panel consisted of thefollowing people: Timothy Good.fromLondon, England, co-author with LouZinsstag of the book George Adamski-The Untold Story (January 1983) byCeti Publications, Kent, England;Robert Sheaffer, author of The UFOVerdict: Examining the Evidence,(1981) Prometheus Books, Buffalo,New York; Timothy Green Beckley,publisher and editor of UFO Reviewmagazine; Brad Steiger; Stanton T.Friedman, Fredericton, NewBrunswick; William L. Moore,Burbank, Calif.; James W. Moseley,Key West, Florida; Erik Beckjord;Walter H. Andrus Jr., Seguin, Texas;and Harold "Hal" Starr, moderator.The Executive Park Hotel, 1100North Central, Phoenix, Ariz, hadbeautiful rooms and facilities for the23rd NUFOC. Your Director wastreated like a visiting dignitary by thecommittee conducting the conference.Hal and Bea Starr are to becongratulated for their congenial andprofessional planning and implement-ation of the conference, including thehospitality suite.Jim and Anna Moseley played amajor role in assisting Hal and Bea witharrangements and greeting theattendees. According to Ed Biebel,whohas sponsored or attended a majorityofthe National UFO Conferences (theironly activity), he ranked the twenty-third as one ofthe best, based upon thecaliber of speakers, attendance, andfacilities.The conference was dedicated tothe memory of J. Allen Hynek, Ph.D.,who passed away at his Scottsdale,Arizona home on April 27,1986.BENTWATERS, ContinuedLake Tribune, April 13, 1986, ThomasH. Gorey of the Tribune WashingtonBureau writes:"Garn also saidhis flight confirmedhis Mormon-held belief that there arehuman beings on other planets.There have to be. Because whenyou look out and see more than 10million stars just in the Milky Wayalone...theres no doubt in mymind...Seems to me you just have toconclude that someplace in the trillionsof planets that are out there, that theconditions of atmosphere andtemperature and allof that would be thesame as they are here on earth,and thatyou could have evolutionarydevelopment just like we did here."And spaceships landing inRendlesham Forest?/VfC/*=X>/V15
  • 16. PERUVIAN OVNISBy Dr. Gary LevineDr. Gary Levine is MUFQNsstate director for New York.UFOs in South America havealways.been of interest, particularly in,the Andean regions of Peru, Bolivia andArgentina. Peru, a country of strikinggeographical, ..contrasts with barrendeserts.V humid jungles and highmountains, has had a continual UFOexperience that merits furtherinvestigation:As early as 1935 a youthful iridiannamed Pedro Eleodoro Paulet yMostayo observed an! unusually-shaped UFO (called ovni in Spanish)with wing-like. projections, similar inappearance to the early U.S. satellites.,Pedros experience • occurred atTiabaya, a small village of ,2200inhabitants five miles southwest ofArequipa on the desert coast. AnotherUFO, different in shape, was sightedonJuly 5,1947 by most of the populationofthe same village and sightings haverecurred at various times over theyears.• After traveling extensivelyin Peru,I was able to confirm the continualpresence of these haunting andinexplicable .ovnis.At the Andean cityof Huayahcayo the Indian inhabitants.spoke of brightly colored UFOs thatfrequently coasted over the mountainsor flew in and out of the ice-cappedpeaks. A few reported lights thatglowed reddish-orange-and were visibleat great distances. One observerclaimed that the bright light he waswatching divided itself into two lightsand then disappeared.The Inca-Paracas region, a fivehour drive from Lima, seems, to have.considerable ovni .activity. -It is also an .area of much scenic beauty with.pyramidal sand dunes, tree-lined lanesand spectacular sunsets, conveying afeeling of serenity and isolation. Theinhabitants of this region were willing torelate their experiences with ballsof fireor ellipsoidal-shaped objects whichfloated over the desert or hovered for afew minutes and then flew away withincredible speed. One Indian woman,gesturing vigorously with her hands andpointing her finger skyward, describedan orange-red disc that hovered aboveher head in the early evening hoursemitting a whinny sound.FLOATING FIREBALLS•• V •• •, Several Indians described largefireballs floating near the geoglyph atParacas called "the candelabra" whichis unique because it is isolated anddistant from the other geoglyphs atNazca, several hours drive to the south,"the candelabra" isdifficult to see fromland, ah indication that its creatorsmade it to be observed from the sea orthe sky.My best viewcame from a smallboat which bobbed in choppy watersdirectly in front of the huge sanddrawing — one of the most unusual ofthe geoglyphs. There is no reason,though, to believe that UFOs andgeoglyphs are related inany way exceptthat both are unexplained. .UFO sightings in Peru are toonumerous and "important .to bedisregarded. A reporting system thatcan,establish certainpatterns wouldbeinvaluable to UFO research. . toestablish an effective system, though,may be difficult because communi-cation and travel in remote areas of the(continued page 18)WABP SPEED,CHEWV/
  • 17. LETTERSDear Editor,HELP WANTED! A proposal wasfloated at the MUFON Symposium atM.S.U. to use professional advertisingin a campaign to lead to full U.S.Government disclosure of UFOevidence. The idea is that MUFONsponsor ads loaded with evocativeUFO information, coupled with asolicitation for funds (to be earmarkedfor more media). The expectation isthat contributions (tax deductible):would exceed ad costs, creating asnowball effect of more ads, etc.The expected result would be thatmedia (i.e., investigative jouralism fromthe establishment) would becomecommitted to digging, into the story. Ibelieve such digging by the media andrising public awareness will pressuregovernment to fulfill its inherent duty ina democracy of Government by the(informed) consent of the governed.The advertising agency retainedprojects seed money of $27,500 tocommence the campaign. That sumbreaks down as $7,500 to develop abrochure; $5,000 to develop a mailinglist; $15,000 to mail 100,000 brochures.After the $27,500 seed money, the adcampaign is expected to become self-funding. HELP WANTED! On June 13,1986, in an initial effort to generate theseed money, Isent out a proposal to 13celebrities (names on file at MUFON),whose prior reported interest in UFOsand apparent financial ability madethem possible contributors. Pleasecontact me with any ideas with regardto generating $27,500. Thank you andhopefully a few well-directeddollars willremarkedly benefit UFOlogy.—Robert H. BletchmanManchester, Conn.Dear Editor,In the articleon the famous Mantell"UFO-chase" case of 1948 in the Mayissue, T. Scott Grain writes: "The firstflaw in this explanation (that Mantellwas chasing a giant Skyhook balloon)isthat no one to this day has everproduced records of a balloonlaunching that would put a skyhookinthe right place at the right time the dayMantell died. Captain Ruppelt, aninsider to the official UFO investigation,could find no records to put a Skyhookin the area during that day."As explained in my book UFOsExplained (p. 36), the Skyhook balloon,originally developed to carry scientificpayloads to very high altitude, wasmodified to carry camera equipmentand used to overfly the Soviet Uniontotry to penetrate the Iron Curtain.This I discovered whileresearching my book on "spy satellites"Secret Sentries in Space. The Navyprovided the Skyhook balloons, a tinyhandful of -scientists at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton developedthe photo equipment and radio controlthat caused the camera to parachutedown when, and if, it reached Japan.But the program was directed by theCentral Intelligence Agency whichmaintains a heavy cloak ofsecrecyoverits intelligence gathering means--evenfor decades.Thus, Ruppelt and others involvedin the USAFs UFO investigationscould only be told the meagerest ofinformation about the Skyhook balloonsecretly launched from Wilmington AirForce Base, some 30 miles southeast ofDayton. . . . . . . .Philip J. KlassWashington, DCDear Editor,One of the major argumentsagainst the extraterrestrial hypothesisis the tremendous light year distancesbetween neighboring star systemsandthe inherent speed of light restrictionsof Special and General Relativity. Ihaveno argument against the validity ofEinsteins work in terms of massacceleration, inertia build-up, andrelated time and space problems.We know that a ship travelingclose to the speed of light will greatlyslow its time in relation to stationaryobservers, but it would still take themmany years to get here from our pointof view.This .is due to Einsteinsequivalence of gravitation and inertia.An object gains mass when acceleratedand mass distorts time and space, i.e.,gravity. However, it might be worthnoting; that Relativity is currently atodds with Quantum (inner atomic)theory and the road tojoining these twotheories is still considered to be far off.Scientific theories gain littleacceptance until proven. Einstein drewheavy opposition until experimentalresults, .namely the distortion ofstarlight in proximity to the Sunsgravitational field verified relativity.But ifa theory or hypothesis cannot beproven then the best thing is to remainlogical and consistant with proventheory. . " • " "If you travel as fast as light yoursense of time will stop. If you could gofaster than light you would have to goback in time and this creates a wholepandoras box of problems forrealityaswe -know it. If time machines werepossible, then all you would have to dois go back in time before the device wasinvented and change anything that wenow know has occurred.The late Ivan T. Sanderson onceattended a meeting at the Pentagon onthe subject of UFOs. He off-handedlymentioned the subject of "Teleport-ation" and to his surprise a number ofhigh ranking officers became alarmedand told him that they would notdiscuss it, and anyway "we call it ITF(instant transference)."In other words we are talkingabout a propulsion concept that doesnot utilize acceleration and inertiabuild-up. If you could project a shipthrough time and space through some(continued next page)17
  • 18. LETTERS, Continuedtype of physical resonance within asolar system then would any space-timeparadoxes result?I discovered that an instantaneoustransference system would not violateany space-time laws as we know them.If a ship took a trip toanother star aboutseven light years away, itwould receiveseven year-old signals from its homeplanet after the transfer. Upon return-ing home, however, it would find itself afew hours after it left. ITF differs fromrlight speed in that the time factors re-main the same for alLihdividualobserv-ers. I cannot prove this hypothesis or.even develop the physics necessary todo so. But UFOs are here innumberstoo high to count, not including whatgoes .unobserved: Are they the proof Ineed? •-r-Briwn ParksTorrance, CATHE NIGHT SKYBy Walter N. WebbMUFON Astronomy ConsultantOVNIS, Continuedcountry is slow and uncertain.Guerrillas operating in.the Ayacuchoarea and adjacent regions are also aproblem.Important work has been done onUFOs in nearby Argentina by theresearcher Guillermo Roncoroni whohas made a detailed study of 270UFOcases! Roncoroni used a computer toacquire informaitonon such factors asthe number of witnesses, the hour theUFO was observed, the populationdensity of the region, witness activity atthe time of the sighting and the monthlydistribution of the sightings. Hisfindings indicate that UFOs operateaway from population centers andusually show themselves before sunriseand about eight or nine oclock in theevening. Some of his findings areconfirmed by studies made in Europeand elsewhere.Do Peruvian UFOs show similarbehavior patterns? The answer lies indoing intensive research in the variedregions of the country where data canbe collected to compare withRoncoronis work. The patterns of thedesert UFO merit serious consider-ation because of their frequentappearances and varied shapes.Hopefully this project will beundertaken in the near future.18AUGUST 1986Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Venus, though still brightening at magnitude -4.4, is getting lower in the west,now setting near the end oftwilight. It reaches its farthest point east of the sun(46°) -on the 27th and at that time appears as a little half moon in smalltelescopes. • •Mars, still bright at magnitude -2.0 inSagittarius, gleams lowinthe SSE at dusk.Even though the Earth is now pulling away from the ruddy planet, Marscontinues this month to present a tiny disc worthyof study through backyard, telescopes. The planet resumes eastward motion on the 12th.Jupiter, retrograding in Aquarius, continues to brighten toward a Septemberopposition. It now shines at magnitude -2.8 at midmonth. The giantplanet risesin .the east about an hour after sunset (mid-August)..Saturn, in Scorpius, not far from Antares, lies in the SSW at dusk and setsabout midnight in midmonth. It resumes direct or eastward motion 5 daysbefore Mars does.Bright Planets (MorningSky):Mars sets in the WSW about 2 AM in mid-August: The moon is near the red1planet on the morning of the 16th. . .Jupiter is in the SW at dawn. On August 21 the moon appears near the brightplanet. •Meteor Shower:The years finest meteor shower, the Perseids, peaks on the morning of the12th. Since the first-quarter moon sets before midnight,this should be a gooddisplay; averaging about one meteor per minute as dawn approaches. ThePerseids produce many bright fireballs radiatingacross the sky from a point inthe north on the Perseus/Cassiopeia border. The shower appears in lessernumbers from late July tomid-August.Moon Phases:New moon - August 5First quarter - August 12Full moon - August 19-Last quarter - August 27€O
  • 19. MESSAGE, ContinuedMutual UFO Networkand of the UFOsubject in the distribution of UFOinformation to the public and media. (8)Plans are nowbeingmade toadministerthe Field Investigator Examination toField InvestigatorTrainees byStateandState Section Directors. Dan Wrightreported that 273 Field InvestigatorExaminations had been mailed, 110were completed and returned, and allbut 3 people had passing grades of 80%in the first round of the new test.Short oral activity reports weremade and more detailed written annualreports were submitted by each StateDirector present or their represent-ative. The following people madereports: Dan Wright, Michigan;Henry H. McKay, Ontario andCanada; Jerry Sievers, Indiana; JimMelesciuc, Massachusetts; MichaelBrein, Hawaii; Donald Ware, Florida;Don Curtis, Iowa; Paul Norman,Victoria, Australia; Mildred Biesele,Utah; Robert Bletchman, Connect-icut; Steve Toth, Ohio; Jean Fuller,Texas; Don Schmitt, Wisconsin;JoeSantangelo, Eastern RegionalDirector and Manager of MUFONAmateur Radio Net; BruceMaccabee, Maryland; LeonardSturm, Illinois;Richard Hall, Directorof Publications; Joe Palermo,Missouri; andGary Levine, NewYorkby mail. The three most extensiveactivity written reports weresubmittedby Massachusetts, Missouri andMichigan.* * *"UFOs: Beyondthe Mainstream ofScience" is the theme for the MUFON1986 UFO Symposium Proceedingsheld June 27, 28, and 29 at MichiganState University in East Lansing, Mich.The caliber of speakers and paperspublished is the finest in our seventeenyears of annual UFO symposiums.Copies may be obtained from MUFONfor $10.00 each in U.S. funds plus $1.50for postage and handling. Foreignorders must be paid in U.S. funds byInternational Postal Money Order,cash, or acheck made payableto aU.S.Bank. Donald Schmitt, State Directorfor Wisconsin and a technicalcommercial artist, performed afantastic piece of artwork on the coverdesign andrendition.Audio tape cassettes were madefor each of the speakers at the 1986UFO syposium and are available for$4.00 each from Wayne Erickson,13468 Arnold St., Bedford, Mich.48239. On each tape sold, one half ofthe amount will be given to MichiganMUFON to help defray symposiumexpenses. Even though most of thesymposium was videotaped, it wasdone privately for future networkprograms and documentaries.Joe Palermo, Public RelationsDirector for Missouri, attended theMichigan Symposium and announcedthat video tapes of the individuallectures in both VMS and Beta formatsare available for the MUFON 1985UFO Symposium held at the ChaseHotel in St. Louis for $27.00 each. .Thespeakers wereBill Moore,StantonT.Friedman, Peter Gersten, JohnSchuessler, Leonard Stringfield,Budd Hopkins, George Fawcett,Ted Phillips and David Webb. A setof 4tapescontainingalllectures, specialinterview footage,and special speakersis also available as "The Complete 1985Symposium" for $121.00. You mayorder your tapes from: Midwest MotionPicture Proteges, Inc., 9327Corregidor, St. Louis, MO 63134 or bytelephone (314)423-2827.The Stars:The prominent Summer Triangle straddlesthe celestialmeridian at 11PM. Tothe west of it, find the dim constellations of Hercules and Ophiuchus. To theeast, locate the Great Square of Pegasus. And belowthe Triangle in thesouth,look for Capricornus and Sagittarius.The Milk Way arches across the sky from north to south at this season. Thisriver of starlight represents the edge-on view we have of our wheel-shapedhome galaxy of billions of stars. The center of this huge star system is in thedirection of Sagittarius. Get away from city lights to enjoy the fragile beautyofthe Milky Way.CE-III, Continuedthere were many details we asked herfor that she could not supply. Thisenhances her credibility, as unreliablewitnesses tend to supply inaccurate ornon-existent details to please theirquestioners.There are features of this reportthat indicate that more may haveoccurred than the witnesses recall.Itishard to understand why B. went intothe house while two UFOs were insight; he said he wasnt frightened. Iwish we had pursued this point. Also,Mrs. Zs abdominal reaction is ofinterest, but it may have a prosaicexplanation. She apparently did notconnect itto her encounter experience,but brought it up as an after-thoughtwhen we asked about any possibleafter-effects of the experience.Some weeks after the sighting,Mrs. Z. read a book on UFOs; I believeit was Close Encounters of the ThirdKind. In the back ofthe book, she foundthe address for CUFOS, and wrote aletter to Dr. Hynek describing herexperience. Dr. Hynek then requestedDon toinvestigate.What can one conclude from thiscase? There seems to be no evidencethat the prime witness is lying, but nophysical evidence or even tracks werefound. Only one person reportedseeing the creature.One can say that the details of thecreature reported are farily consistentwith a considerable number of otherreports in the UFO literature. Noattempt was made to seek publicity,and confidentiality was requested. On acredibility scale of 0 to 10, I wouldprobably give thiscase between a 2anda 4.The visit yielded other dividends.The Zs also told us about other UFOreports, some of them involvingseveralof their neighbors, and anotherinvolving an aunt. Another case,potentially important, involved anobject which came down over a localdoctors car, and left him very shaken.This could be worth a follow-up, ifit ispossible to get the doctorscooperation. „19
  • 20. DIRECTORS MESSAGEbyWalt AndrusIt isa distinct pleasure to announcethat Philip Mantle of West Yorkshire,England has accepted the position ofRepresentative for England, replacingJ. Bernard Delair. Philip is also theOverseas Liaison Officer for theYorkshire UFO Society (YUFOS) thatpublishes the fine bi-monthly magazineQuest. Mr. Mantle has contributedarticles to the MUFON UFO Journal.He was highly recommended to yourDirector by Timothy Good during-apersonal meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.* * *Over 24 Journal readers inquiredabout additional sources of availablematerial on the Billy Meier Case inSwitzerland after reading "The MeierCase" by James W. Deardorff, Ph.D.inthe November 1985 issue number 211of the MUFON UFO Journal. Inaddition to the sources suggested byDr. Deardorff,wewanted to also list thebook titled "The Meier Incident: TheMost Infamous Hoax in Ufology," byKal K. Korff with the editorialassistance of William L. Moore(copyright 1981).This book contains computerizedenhancement of several photos byGSW, on the site field investigationbyColman Von Keviczky, (ICUFON,Inc.) and drawings showinghypothesized balloons courtesy ofGarret Moore/Gravity Graphics. KalKorffs book is now out of print,therefore it could not be listed as areference in order to present abalanced pro and con view on thiscontroversial case. The MUFON UFOJournal has published articles by bothWendelle Stevens and KalK.Korff overthe past few years in addition to therecent articles by James W. Deardorff,presenting both sides of the validity ofthe Meier Case. A source list wasrecently mailed to each of the readersseeking further information aspromised.When Walt Andrus personallyconfronted Wendelle Stevens at "UFO79" in San Diego, Calif, shortly afterPhilip Mantle"UFO...Contact from the Pleiades,"Volume I(picture book) was published,Wendelle was admonished not to usemy name in any manner as anendorsement of the book. He and hiscolleagues had • implied that JimLorenzen, Internation Director forAPRO endorsed Volume I in theircolorful brochure, distributed duringthe Fall of 1979, by using this quotewithout Jims approval: "At least, thepreponderance of material is too muchfor an objective mind to ignore in goodconscience."When I privately challenged thecredibility and authenticity of theobjects portrayed in their picture bookas actual UFOs, Wendelle Stevensretreated by replying "I dont say anyplace in the book that they are realUFOs -- lets let the public decide forthemselves." Thus the title of KalKorffs book "The Meier Incident--TheMost Infamous Hoax in Ufology" ismost appropriate. Unless startling newevidence, that can be documented byfacts is forthcoming, the Billy MeierCase is closed as far as Iam concerned.Each of the Journal readers has theprerogative of believing whatever theylike or as Mr. Stevens has said "letslet the public decide for themselves."(After you purchase their books, theyreally dont care, because they havepocketed your money.)* * •*For those of you who were unableto attend the MUFON AnnualCorporate Meeting at East Lansing,Michigan on June 29,1986, some of thehighlights and actions taken will bereported. (1) The MUFON 1987 UFOSymposium is scheduled for theweekend ofJune 26, 27and 28,1987 atAmerican University in Washington,D.C. and will be hosted byThe Fund forUFO Research with Bruce Maccabee,Chairman and Fred Whiting,Symposium Coordinator. (2) Due tothe proximity of Beverly, Mass, toWashington, D.C., the MassachusettsMUFON UFO Forum will not beheldin1987 so maximum emphasis andattendance may be achieved for theMUFON 1987 UFO InternationalSymposium. (3) We will not scheduleany regional UFO meetings in 1987 thatwould detract from Washington, D.C.(4) The MUFON plaque foroutstanding work in the UFO field willbecome an annual award to bestowrecognition upon the deservedrecipient. (5) Richard H. Hall willprepare a letter to be mailed to allAcquisition Librarians throughoutNorth America as an introductory stepto securing more subscriptions andexposure to the MUFON UFOJournal. Marge Christensen isspearheading this vital educationalprogram. (6) A draft copy of the"MUFON Media PolicyStatement" willbe distributed to all Board of Directorsfor their comments, revisions, andrecommendations as a guideline toofficial representatives of MUFONwhen dealing with the printed andelectronic news media. It is designed tobuild and maintain the credibilityof the(continued on page 19)