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Mufon ufo journal 1986 7. july

  2. 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A.DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International Director andAssociate EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorANN DRUFFELContributing EditorPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityMARGE CHRISTENSENPublic RelationsREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityT.SCOTT CHAINGREG LONGStaff WriterJAMES LEMINGSIMONE MENDEZStaff ArtistsTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEONARD STRfNGFIELDUFO Crash/RetrievalWALTER N. WEBBAstronomyNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLROBERT V. PRATTEditor/Publishers Emeritus(Formerly SKYLOOK)The MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$25.00 per year in the U.S.A.; $30.00foreign in U.S. funds. Copyright 1986by the Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin, Texas.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 toadvise change of address to TheMUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155-4099.FROMTHEEDITORWere a wee bit late this month because of circumstancesbeyond our control, but hope youll bear with us. As promised, wevegot a reivew of the Churchill-UFO papers recently released by theBritish Government and another Cash-Landrum article by JohnSchuessler lamenting the lack of potential radar corroboration ofthat particular case. A Bentwaters update by Mildred Biesele hashad to be pushed back to the next issue. This time around youll findher reviewof Carl Sagans first novel, along with another reviewofaFrench book by Dr. WillySmith of UNICAT.The usual departmentsare here,, too.Next issue well have more coverage of the Brazilian UFOreports, and deadlines permitting, story and pictures of the EastLansing Symposium, which drew mention by at least one of thenational TV networks. By all accounts it was a weekend not to bemissed. If you were unable to attend, however, a copy of theappropriate Journal and the annual Proceedings should bring youup to date.In this issueTHE GREAT MARTIAN SCARE by Dr. Willy Smith 3IS THIS ADAMSKIS SAUCER? by Charles F. Eckhardt 4THE CHURCHILL PAPERS by Philip Mantle and M.I.Birdsall 6CASH-LANDRUM CASE HAMPERED by John Schuessler 10SEATTLE SIGHTINGS by Dale Goudie 13IN OTHERS WORDS by Lucius Parish 14BOOK REVIEW by Mildred Biesele 15NEWSNVIEWS 16THE NIGHT SKY by Walter N. Webb 18DIRECTORS MESSAGE by Walt Andrus 20The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal income tax. In addition,bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gift tax purposes if. they meet the applicable provisions ofSections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNALare determined bythe editor, and donot necessarily represent the official position of MUFON. Opinions of contributorsare their own, and do not necessarily reflectthose ofthe editor, the staff, or MUFON.Articles maybe forwarded directly to MUFON. Responses to published articles maybe in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400words) or ina short article (up to about2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50% rule" is applied: the article author may reply butwill be allowedhalf the wordage used in the response; the responder may answer theauthor but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authors reply, etc. Allsubmissions are subject to editing for style, clarity, and conciseness.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than 200words are quoted from anyone article,the authorofthe articleisgivencredit, and thestatement "Copyright 1986 by the MutualUFO Network, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin,Texas 78155" is included.
  3. 3. THE GREAT MARTIAN SCAREBy Dr. Willy Smith (UNICAT)La Grande Peur Martienne,Gerard Barthel and Jacques Brucker,Nouvelles Editions Rationnalistes,Paris, 1979,229pp.It is regrettable that the lack of asuitable translation condemns somebooks to remain unknown to theEnglish-speaking public, because someforeign works are significant and shouldbe read by all interested in the UFOphenomenon.One such book isLa Grande PeurMartienne. When it first appeared, itwas not well received by Europeanufologists, who perceived it as ademolishing attack on Ufologyintended to promote the so-calledsocio-psychological explanations of thephenomenon.Perhaps in the end that iswhat thework of Barthel and Brucker has done;but after a thoughtful reading, I do notbelieve that such .was their originalintent.The book addresses exclusivelythe French wave of 1954, moreprecisely, the cases reported betweenAugust 1 and November 30, of whichthe a u t h o r s claim to havereinvestigated 562, by directlyinterviewing the original witnesses andreviewing the newspapers of the time.In doing so, they discovered a largenumber of cases with trivialexplanations, as well as a good numberof hoaxes and frauds, includingdeliberate mediamanipulations.The original reports are presentedin the text together with the newelements discovered by the authors,thus eliminating those cases from thecatalogs of UFO events.A|l of this sounds .serious andlegitimate, and in a way is similar to themethodology used byUNICAT, but thereader soon, discovers that theselection of the cases presented is farfrom unbiased. The brunt of theirattack seems to be directed at JacquesVallee, and emphasizes the lack of careand critical judgment apparent in theselection of the cases that wereincluded in his catalog. Byactual count,more than40cases ofthe Valleecataloghave been shown to be poor,erroneous, and I will add, withoutscientific value.Not that Vallee does not deservethis ruthless critique.In fact, duringourown consideration of Magonia we havefound many cases that surprised us, asthey are worthless and based either onnewspaper accounts, marked"personal" (which rules out thepossibility of an independentverification), or attributed to GuyQuincy, whose original listings do nothave suitable references. Notunexpectedly, many of the casesdemolished by Barthel and Bruckercoincide with the ones I had alreadyeliminated.EXPLANATIONSBut after all this good work, theauthors seem to run out of steam, andrush to their world-shakingconclusion:UFOs do not exist (sounds familiar,doesnt it?). Nobody has touched one,no craft has ever landed, no marks onthe ground can-be attributed to thosenonexisting UFOs. As MichelMonnerie said, "there are no UFOs".All we have is a complex mixture ofvarious circumstances, magnified bythe media eager for sensationalism andby ufologists wanting only toperpetuate a myth. There is reallynothing behind those hundreds orthousands of reports, and all have atrivial and mundane explanation.Perhaps Barthel and Bruckerrealized at this point that they had gonetoo far, that the extrapolation from afew cases from the 1954 wave to all thecases inFrance, and by extension to allthe cases in the world, was unsound.Thus as an afterthought, they tell usthat they have "also studied themajority of the important cases" (forFrance), and they produce a short listofsuch cases. .But alas! Those are hardly themost important cases, which arenotoriously absent. Not a word is said,for instance, about Cussac (670829) orthe case of Dr. X (681102). Two othercases are noted: Quarouble (540911),dismissed by waving hands andignoring the evidence; and Valensole(650701), for which, since other caseshave shown that physical traces andhumanoids are without foundation, thesincerity of the witness is dubious, andone must look for a psychological.explanation.To give the authors credit wherecredit is due, their criticism of themethodology in the selection of casesisaccurate, and there is at least oneclassical case (Premanon, 540927) thatthey have unmasked. And they havealso pointed out in the Vallee Catalogsome of the cases without. scientificvalue, information which is really notnew to us.In spite of their unsupportedextrapolation, their leaning towardsocio-psychological solutions, and theirignoring the evidence when it is not inthe direction of their bias, the work hasmerits. It points out the fallacies ofusingnewspapers as sources of informationand the resultant inexactitudes in dateand time, of which we have become soacutely .aware in working withUNICAT, and indirectly supports ourmethodology of not even considering acase unless there exists a good writtenreport based on an "in situ"investigation.MUFON103 OLDTOWNE RD.SEGUIN, TX 78155
  4. 4. IS THIS ADAMSKlS SAUCER?By Charles F. EckhardtCharles Eckhardt is a freelancewriter living in Seguin, Texas.Most rationalpeople agree, I.think,that the widely-celebrated GeorgeAdamski saw about as manyUFOs as aself-proclaimed bandit named AlJennings.robbed banks. For the record,in spite: of his long-winded and.completely fictional "autobiography,"Al Jennings never robbed a singlebank.Adamski and his flying saucer ^- and Ithink we can safely call it a flyingsaucer, for it certainly cannot quaHfy asan Unidentified Flying Object —remindme of the old joke about the Russianwho is asked by the Commissar ofAgriculture about the size of the potatocrop. • . ."Comrade Commissar," says theRussian, "The potato crop is so largethat if the potatoes were all put. in asingle pile they would reach to the veryfeet of God!" . . ."Comrade Marx has rightly toldus," says the Commissar, "that religionis the opiate of the people. There is noGod!" ; •• . .-: ;"There arent any potatoes,either," says the Russian.Likewise, George Adamski neverphotographed an unidentified flyingobject. He photographed a fairlycommon, well-known object inunfamiliar circumstances and a lot ofpeople, many of. whem should haverecognized .the thing for what it was,were fooled. • . - - . • •I dont recall when I first sawAdamskis photographs, but when I dida vague sense of familiarity stirred. Idseen one of those things before — butwhere?. It took a long time for mymemory to jell.Now — lets go back in time, and Iwarn you, unless you lived in a smalltown or a poorer section of a large onein your youth, unless you did a numberof things your mamma would not haveapproved of, and unless you were bornbefore World War II,it is likely that youwont recognize what,you see.The time is the early 1950s, theplace, a hot-reputablfe establishmentcalled .Sams BBQ Hot Sausage Tap, Beer. Thats apparently the name of it,because all of that ispainted on a singlel";x 12"plank about eight feet longthatis nailed to the eaves of the long, lowbuilding.Sams is.not airconditioned. A halfdozen ceiling ifaris — very similar, tothose just now coming back intofashion, but larger, sturdier, and with.just two blades-together — hang fromthe low ceiling. . . Along the back wall of the placethere is a bar covered with linoleum,and back ofitthere are numerous signs,some lit,some not, advertising brandsof beer. You see one for Grand Prize,one for Southern Select, one for Jax,perhaps one forRegal,and certainlytheubiquitous — in Texas, at least — LoneStar, Pearl, and Budweiser. There isalso a sign :reading TAP ,BEER 25<FBOTTLE BEER 50<F PREMIUM BEER35C NO CREDIT WE DO NOTSERVEMINORS WE RESERVE THE RIGHTTO REFUSESERVICETO ANYONE.To-your right, along the wall, younotice a series of pinball machines,probably a mechanical-bear targetgame, and certainlya slicktopped tablefor playing tenpin bowlingwith a metalobject very much like a hockey puck.On this last there is a sign sayingDONT PUT DRINKS ON BOWLGAME THIS MEANS YOU!To your left, along the oppositewall, there are three or four billiardtables — three regular pool, one morelikely for bumper pool.Got the-picture?Now-close your eyes and picture thelight fixtures hanging above these tables.No, not fluorescents — this isbefore the invasionoffluorescent lights.These are round, dark green fixturesofmetal, vaguely resembling a fedorawith the brim turned down all around,with vents in the top — around thecrown of the hat — that give off brilliantstreams of white light and make spotsall around the room. Inside each fixturethere are four bulbs.— they can take100 watt bulbs, but ;the ones in Samsfixtures are more like to be 60 watt oreven 40 watt.The .inside of the fixtures isenameled a brilliant white, somewhatyellowed now by . years of smokedeposit from Lucky Strikes and Roi-Tan cigars, and the 160 to 400wattsineach fixture sheds a, brilliant, almostshadowless light: straight down on thegreen,felt and clickingballs of the pooltables —ibut only there, for the designof the reflective underside is almostdirectional,.- and the hot white lightmakes circles over the pool tables thatdont seem to penetrate the murkyinterior of the rest of Sams.From the 1920s until well afterWorld War II, .especially in smallertowns and the places owned by peoplewho werent doing all that well, theselight fixtures were widespread. Theyhung over bookkeepers stands, overworkdesks, over pooltables —anywhere bright, almost shadowlesslight was needed. The fixture itself wassheet metal, probably steel. The topwas domed, about 12"in diameter, andin the center a green, twisted electricalcord penetrated the metal.Below the dome was a verticalsection about 3l/2" to 4" high, piercedby numerous holes perhaps 2" indiameter. From the bottom of the skirt— which served as a ventilator for theheat generated by the fourincandescent bulbs inside — hung awide, semiconical reflector that wasrimmed by a turned edge. The fixturewas coated with baked-on enamel —dark green on the outside, white inside.These light fixtures received amortal • blow with the coming ofinexpensive fluorescent lights afterWorld War II, and were probablydealt afinal stroke by the energy crisis of the(continued on page 12)
  5. 5. G O
  6. 6. THE CHURCHILL PAPERSBy Philip Mantle & M.I. BirdsallPhilip Mantle is the overseasliaison officer for the YorkshireUFO Society (YUFOS), England.M.I. Birdsall is the Societysdirector of research.INTRODUCTIONUnder the British Freedom ofInformation Act, all official documentsrelating to H.M. Government arereleased by the Public Records Office(PRO) at Richmond, in Surrey, afterthirty yearsThe official "holding" of UFOdocuments by the Ministry of Defencebegan in 1962, and all previously heldreports (i.e., dated before 1962) werepurportedly destroyed. However, thePublic Records Office does have anumber of pre-1962 reports pertainingto the subject.It was widely believed by many topBritish UFO researchers that H. M.Government did carry out acomprehensive s t u d y of thephenomenon probably arourid 1955.Certain early press releases during the50s carried a number of quotesconcerning this. Yet our Ministry ofDefence has always denied theexistence of such a paper (seeDocument Number 1.and 1A).Document Number 1 is herereproduced in its entirety. Number lA,dated 3 August, 1962, is from thenUnder Secretary of State at the Air .Ministry, Julian Ridsdale, to Mr. (nowSir) Patrick Wall MP, and reads asfollows:"Thank you for your letter of 20thJuly about flying saucers."You will, of course, remember thequestion you asked on 4th May, 1955,about publishing the results of an AirMinistry inquiry into the existence offlying saucers. George Ward, in hisreply, said that there had, in fact, beenno formal inquiry. The full text of hisreply was: —."Reports offlying saucers, as wellas any other abnormal objects in thesky, are investigated as they come in,but there has been no formal inquiry:-About 90 per cent of the reports havebeen found to relate to meteors,balloons, flares, and many otherobjects. The fact that the other 10per cent are unexplained need beattributed to nothing more sinister thanlack of data."Naturally we are interested inreports of unidentified flying objectsbecause of our defence responsibilitiesand we investigate these reports.whenever there is sufficient informationto do so. It is still true to say that thegreat majority fall into the categoriesmentioned in the reply to yourquestion. The remainder areunexplained because there isinsufficient information for a completeinvestigation."We certainly do not have anyevidence of the existence of flyingsaucers which we are withholding fromthe. public/ (Julian Ridsdale)PAPER RELEASERumors started to circulate inearly January, 1986, that certaindocuments were to be released afterthe required 30 year waiting period, andthat some of these concerned flyingsaucers. At that time, UFO groups inthe U.K. did not comprehend their fullpotential. .By late January, the Britishtelevision, radio and newspaper mediabegan to relate information concerningthe late Winston Churchill and hispreviously unknown interest in theUFO phenomenon (See samplenewsclip from the. "Sheffield Star,"dated 23 January 1986).In early February we made aformal request to the Public RecordsOffice for all papers concerningWinston Churchill and UFOs. At thethird attempt we were successful andYUFOS withheld the printing of ourjournal, Quest, so we could include thejust-released documents. In this wayUFO researchers would be able toassess -the content and perhapsquestion the real meaningof the papersas soon as possible. We have preparedthis report especially for the MUFONJournal, so that its readers, too, canshare in our discovery.CHURCHILL INQUIRESDocument Number 3 was titled"Prime Ministers Personal Minute" andwas dated 28July 1952. Itisa short notefrom then PM Churchill to hisSecretary of State for Air, LordCherwell, and read: "What does allthisstuff about flying saucers amount .to?What can it mean? What is the truth?Let me have a report at yourconvenience." (W.S.C.)Up until the release of thisdocument, no person involved withBritish civilian UFO research had anyidea that Churchill was interested in thesubject. He was obviously concernedover the increasing number of UFOoverflights over not only America, butthe U.K. as well.Apparently Churchill waspersonally fascinated by the subject,but he may also have thought therewere implications from a defenceviewpoint. At any rate, there is a greatdeal of evidence to suggest he was nottold the whole truth.AIR MINISTRY REPLIESDocument Number 4 originatedfrom within the Air Ministry and wasforwarded by Lord Cherwell toChurchill. It contains a number ofinteresting points, but the conclusionsreached by British UFO researchersare that little has changed over the last30 years or so. The current MinistryofDefence still uses many of the same(continued on page 9)
  7. 7. Document Ho 1..from: A Mathewson Defence Secretariat 8 Room 7260MINISTRY OF DEFENCEMain Building Whitehall London SW1A2HBTelephone 01-218 (Direct Dialling)01-2189000 (Switchboard)M I Birdsall Esq67 Lovell Park TowersLeedsLS7 1DRYour referenceOutreferencel£?DS 8/10/209DateNovember 1981In your letter of 30 October you asked about a number of studies into UFOs1, whichyou thought had been carried out under Lieutenant General Massey, AM Sir VictorGoddard and AM Lord Dowding. I am afraid that I have .been, unable to find anyrecord of these studies. As you may be aware it was only in 1967 that the MODdecided to retain its files on this subject; before that they had all been destroyedafter 5 years, so our records only go back to 1962. There is, however, no evidencein what does remain that these studies were ever undertaken. A letter from thethen Under Secretay of State at the Air Ministry, Julian Ridsdale, to Mr (now; Sir) Patrick Wall MP in 1962 in fact clearly states that no formal enquiry wasever undertaken.I attach a copy of that letter. If, though, you have any more information aboutthese studies, we will be happy to look again.Finally, we are not prepared to release to be public or UFO groups the reportsof flying objects which the observer could not identify which are sent to usThey have no security classification, but they are official documents and as suchwill be treated in accordance with the relevant Public Records legislation. Theyalso contain personal information, such as names and addresses*which we regardas in confidence. Our policy remains that we are prepared to make available,in response to serious enquiries, the details of specific reports if the informationrequested is readily to hand and easily identifiable.I do not think that there is anything more I can tell you about the Governmentspolicy towards reported sightings of unidentified flying objects and suggestthat there is little point in continuing this correspondence.
  8. 8. Docia«nt No. i^Copy to: S.6Ilef. .33163 }Y|. ^August, 1962.Think you for your lottui of P.Oth July aboutr caucaro.You will, or coiirrfl, rasoaier ttsa cucstlon you*»6l;o5 on it!: toy, 10o5. -toat, j/ubllehi»:2 t»ia resultsor en iMr klnleliv lncult>-tnto Uie oxl£t?nco of.flylnc F.-ucore. uocrpe -cro., in his reply, Kild tfcstthoro litd, In Tnct, D-JM ta txiraJ. l;icairy. Tho fulltact of hip raply WJB:-r of flylris K.uccrs1, os coll F.Sa:y ouiar^r..:fl c-ijjctf in tftu sy, crcInvectlf/ttud rr- thej csr.a In, Urt. tlwro hasbcei! ro ror,!<il iiij.:»ri. ..bout 50 p;r cent oftno ra^artn n«vo n.isn <V-u!iil tp rottVi tototapra, b.llccn.*:. Ilsirs, n:--;tw» otherobjjcto. "lu .orf. t.h-.t. tr.i1otlwr ic per centnru iuu::i.liilii{!d iucu o: r.-l.tritutci to ncthincr.or.: cirii:rt.jr ttar. 1"C : nf &it.-i."ofunlaar.Wfijd fijln" ctjuct.y bic.iJtv: of our rto.t-:ir. cnribilitljr. m - .v Irv^tir-fj !.h:.-* rjjsrts»tenivor th-jr:- lr :-:.fric!-v.t ir:r^r.-.vitt«n to do ro.It is rtlll twi to c.j;iJrt. th.? W.L 5-".Jcrltiinto U)j a-.tii^rl-.S r.::.tii;-;j2 if: l-ho rsply to your»iu.;stiwi. • Th: ro..:il!-Ji: ;-.•»? rti^x^i; LJCT.UGOU;or> Is IrRjf/lclont. iriron.wtit.ri for- a cosjlotov)kierr>i or thov.c- rrj nlt,nholdli)gva cirUilnl; -c-o rot wvooxit-luncu oi fl;. ir,c r>a:.s;rr. r-.ft-as: Mi. pytllc.G.R.DOCUMENT 4PfflHH UinibTiiHAIR UINISTHf.u .S.Y/.l.The various roports about, unidentified flyingobjects, described by the Press as "flying saucers",were tno subject or u mil Intelligence study in 1951.The conclusions reached (based upon V/illium of OccamsRazor) wera tliat all the Incidents reported could.beexplained by one or other ol the rollowing causes:-(a) Knut.Ti astionomlcul or uietooroloyical ptienouiena(b) Uistuken identiricution ol conventional aircraft,balloons, birds, etc.(c) Optical illusions and psychological delusions.(d) Dulibeitite hoaxes.2. The Americans, wlio carried out a similar investiga-tion in 19-W9, reached a similar conclusion.3. Nothing has happened since 1951 to make the AirStuff cliunge their opinion, and, to Judge from recentPress statements, the same is true in America.4. I uu sending a copy of this to Lord Chsrwell.. 1952.pocanan BUMBER »PRIME MINISTERSPERSONAL MINUTESERIALOF STm PCS J.IHI/HE CStoat COBS all tbls stuff ubout Hyingsaucers anount to? suat oao it aeaat *tfcIs U» truth Let tw have a report »t yoarooovonlenco.W.&C.28 July 19£2DOCUMENT .5Prime MinisterI have seen the Secretary of Statesminute to you on flying saucers and agreeentirely with his conclusions.X" 14th August. 19528
  9. 9. Uurca 14. 1965.WHITEHALL.LONDON. S.W.I22nd March, 1955.your lulling aboutsaucers .tficn viii xrore ^t Chequersseas tine ujso. I unclose an articlefroa Uw "Mr :.ilnistry :ecmt IntolllGanceaaicn .^ay ao. of Interest to youvdiotUir tliore 0.3 anythingIn it which youdo not asn already.Thank you for your letterof March lUth. . . . •I am Indeed much Interestedin the article from the "AirMinistry Secret IntelligenceSummary" about flying saucers,and am most grateful to youfor,thinking of sending itThe 2tent Hon. Duncan Sandys, U.P.Document Number 6 Anthony Montague Browne, Eeq.,D. P.O.,CHURCHILL, CONTINUEDmundane claimswhich are first evidenthere. Basically, its a nonsensical paperfull of cleverly worded jargon to diffusethe Prime Ministers • alarm at theincreasing public, interest in, andperhaps fear of, the UFO.Perhaps the conclusions reachedwere mundane because the mentioned .Air Intelligence study used a randomsample of reports?Whatever, the useofthe phrase, "based upon William ofOccams Razor," seems decidelypeculiar in this context. •• . ,It is interesting to note that theAmericans are also mentioned. The AirMinisters reply mentions a similarinvestigation carried out by U.S. AirForce officials. There is little doubt he isreferring to the conclusions reached byProject Grudge which, of course,negated the possibility of a real UFOphenomenon.Document Number 5 was sent byLord Cherwell to Churchill. Dated 14August 1952, it was a simpleconfirmation of the findings of the AirForce Intelligence study of UFOs. "Ihave seen the Secretary of Statesminute to you on flying saucers,"Cherwell wrote, "and agree entirely.with his conclusions." •After the exchange • betweenChurchill and Cherwell, othermembers of Parliament showed morethan^a casual interest in the subject ofUFOs. For the first time we now have adefinite confirmation of a secret AirForce Intelligence study into UFOs bythe Royal Air Force. •. Document Number 6, classified"Restricted," dated 14 March, 1955,was sent by the then Minister .ofHousing and Local Government,•Anthony Montague Browne, D.F.C., tothe Right Honourable Duncan Sandys,MP., or Member of Parliament.Browne wrote, "I remember yourtalking about flying saucers when wewere at Chequers .some time ago. Ienclose an article from the "AirMinistrySecret Intelligence Summary" whichmay be of interest to you though Idoubtwhether: there is anything in it whichyou do not know already."Quite clearly the AI study wasreal, then. Moreover, Browne referredto it by handwriting in the margin as"Volume 10 No. 3." Requests for thissummary have drawn a blank.We wereoriginally informed by the PublicRecords Office that it could not beDocument Number 7 ••located. However, a colleague, theindependent U.K. researcher .TimothyGood, made a personal visit to theOffice to try to locate the secretsummary. He was informed it had notbeen released by the office as itwas partof a greater number of documents ofwhich the release date was unknown.Further inquiries are still underway inhopes of securing a copy of this study.Judging from the contents ofDocument Number 7, dated 22March,1955, MP Duncan Sandys reply toBrowne, the original must have beenavailable through sources at Whitehall,though thus far we civilians have beenunable to trace it.CONCLUSIONSOur Ministry of Defence hasalways stated that no formal inquiry ofUFOs was ever conducted. The newlyreleased Churchill and otherdocuments clearly brand this as anofficial lie. The reasons behind thecontinuous concealment of suchdocumentation are still not clear.YUFOS, however, has long been at theforefront of :.•British . UFO groups(continued on page 13)
  10. 10. CASH-LANDRUM CASE HAMPEREDBy John SchuesslerJohn Schuessler is MUFONsDeputy Director.BACKGROUNDBetty Cash, Vickie Landrum andColby Landrum encountered a largediamond-shaped object —*a mass ofbrightness — along Highway FM 1485near Huffman, Texas on December 29,1980. For simplicity, the object hasbeen classified an Unidentified FlyingObject (UFO), because no one hasidentified its source of origin, owners,or purpose.The UFO was seen by severalwitnesses to the east of the Cash-Landrum encounter location, movingina generally westerly direction. Mrs.Cash was driving the automobilealongthe north-south stretch of FM 1485when the trio spotted the bright lightabove the pine trees to the east of thehighway. After a few minutes the UFOpositioned itself directly above the roadjust ahead of the car, as iftrying to hidebelow the treeline. .A few minutes later somehelicopters stayed with the UFO as itflew away to the west side of the road,curving in a southerly direction.Whenthe trio proceeded on down the road,they were forced to make severalturns,eventually placing them along theflightpath of the UFQ and helicoptersonce more. They stopped the car againand watched as more helicoptersentered the area.CORROBQRATIONHelicopters were spotted just tothe north of the encounter location byaman and his son outside their housetrying out a Christmas toy. Others werespotted by a hunter near the secondlocation reported by Cash andLandrum. A policemanand hiswife alsoreported helicopters in the samelocation. Helicopters were alsoreported to the south of the encounter10location by a woman and her daughternear Crosby. A petrochemicalbusinessman verified the Crosbysightings,as well. Figure 1 defines .thelocations cited above.With all this aerial activity, whywere there no radar reports of theincident?THE INVESTIGATIONThe UFO and the helicopters mayhave been spotted and tracked byradar. The problem comes in provingthat assertion. It was approximatelytwo months after the incident beforethe investigators made the firstrequests for radar data. An Air TrafficControl spokesman told theinvestigators that all radar tapes arepulled and destroyed after 30 days...Therefore, .the tapes were no longeravailable for analysis. The spokesmanalso said he did not recollect anyonementioning the highlevel of activity onDecember 29, 1980.It is likely, however, that the tapeswould have shown nothing, becausethe radar is blind below 2,200 feetaltitude in the area .of. the .Cash-Landrum encounter. The UFO and thehelicopters operated well below thataltitude throughout the incident. Lowaltitude helicopter operations arecommon around Houston. Forexample, the 136th TransportationUnit operatingCH-47helicoptersout ofEllington Field flies across the Houstonarea on a regular basis foroperations atthe Addicks Reservoir without goingthrough Houston AirTraffic Control orbeing spotted by radar.Requests to official agencies forinformation were futile. No agency ororganization accepted responsibility forthe helicopters or the UFO; therefore,they refused to dig deeper for data thatcould be helpful. Official radar recordsare not available for general scrutiny inany case.Therefore, the investigation wasinconclusive in provingwhether or notradar records exist, or if they showevidence of the Cash-Landrum. encounter.SPECULATIONInvestigation into the activitiesofairborne drug smugglers along the Gulfcoast and United States/Mexicanborder provides some clues that maybe useful in analyzing the Cash-Landrum case.In the early 1980 timeframe theUnited States Air Defense Networkwas focused on the areas to the Northof the UnitedStates. The only worry tothe south was for high altitude devices.Ground radar of the North AmericanAir Defense System (NORAD)cannotdetect low-flying vehicles ofany kind onthe southern approaches; not drugplanes, helicopters, or UnidentifiedFlying Objects.Texas has no fixed-radar coveragein the 500 milesbetween Laredo and ElPaso, or at key pointsalong the westernGulf Coast. There are extensivegapsinlow-altitude radar coverage along theborder, ranging from 2,500 feet to5,000 feet; and for several hundredmiles this gap extends upwardto 14,500feet. Pointing to the holes in the radarcoverage, Tom Bailey,chief of the U.S.Customs Services air support branchin San Antonio said: "We frankly dontknow how many illegal flights there areacross the border. Ive heard estimatesof 10 flights daily and Ive heard 150."Texas Governor Mark White said: "Icant help wonder why our military is soworried about stopping a futureinvasion of Russian bombers along ournorthern border when it is doingnothing to stop DC-3s loaded withdrugs from entering this country fromMexico."Jim Adams, director of the TexasDepartment of Public Safety told(continued on page 12)ii3
  12. 12. Congress: "Youd have to try real hardto get caught." He said they probablycatch less than one-tenth of the trafficfunneling through the gaps.Kay Cormier, spokeswoman forNORAD Headquarters in ColoradoSprings, Colorado said:"We realizeourair defense system is archaic,outmoded and outdated. It was fine 20years ago .when we feared a high-altitude bomber threat more than acruise missile threat.".Improvements are in the worksHoles in the southern radar fence willbe plugged by Over the Horizon-Backscatter radar, a system thatbounces a radar signal off theionosphere back toward Earth. Thissystem will be operational in the 1970s.A PAVE PAWS phase-array radarsystem will go into operation near SanAngelo in 1987. None of thesecapabilities were available, in 1980.The first line of defense along theTexas Gulf Coast is the 147th Fighter-Interceptor Group of the Texas AirNational Guard, stationed at EllingtonField near Houston. They react toinstructions from Tyndall Air ForceBase in Florida. When Tyndall saysthere is .something in the Gulf, thisgroup investigates and intercepts.Lowlevel flyers wont be noticed.One possibility for low altitude. coverage alongthe Gulf Coast isthe AirForce Airborne Warning and Control(AWACs) aircraft. These planes lookdown from above and can spot lowflyers. Their success rate for catchingdrug traffickers is pretty poor. TexasGovernor Mark White said that in 1984the.AWACs used for drug surveillancealong the Gulf Coast failed to lead to asingle arrest after 500 hours of flyingtime.Many more examples of the holesin the southern radar net could becited;.but it is not necessary for thisinvestigation. Figure 2 graphicallydisplays the magnitudeof the problem.With reports of UFO sighting nearLiberty, Dayton, Huffman, and Crosby,Texas on December 29, 1980, though,one can generate scenarios about theactivity that night.Since the purpose of thisInvestigators Note is to define themagnitude of the "lack of radarcoverage" problem, scenarios aboutland-.bases or ship-based militaryoperations, or the actual origin of theUFO will be disregarded. They havebeen described elsewhere.UFO APPROACHThe lack of low-altitude radarcoverage suggests a scenario havingthe UFO enter the United States byflying over the Gulf of Mexico at lowaltitude, crossing the coastlinebetweenMorgan City and Lake Charles,Louisiana or between LakeCharles andBeaumont, Texas. Once inland itturned westward and moved slowly tothe point where it hovered over theroad in front of Cash and Landrum.From that point it curved to thesouthwest and finally to the south tofollow the river and flyover the sparselysettled areas to eventually cross thecoastline again, thistime nearBaytown,Texas. The flight path for this scenariois shown in Figure 3.Using the same informationabout . the radar coverage, otherscenarios can be formulated as possibleexplanations for the Cash-Landrumincident. However, the coastlinecrossing scenario is supported by thedata shown in this and the otherInvestigators Notes.SUMMARYThe lack of radar data hashampered the investigation of theCash-Landrum case. In particular,good radar coverage could have shownbeyond a shadow of a doubt where theUFO came from, where itwent,and theextent of the helicopter activity.Knowing that the Texas GulfCoast is almost totally lacking in radarcoverage does explain how the UFOcould operate almost without officialdetection. This situation holds trueregardless of the origin of the UFO -from the United States, from foreignpowers, or from outer space.® 1986John SchuesslerCHURCHILL, Continuedseeking enlightenment in this area andwe plan to continueour efforts.Timothy Good, perhaps theleading figure in U.K. research, hasalready individually substantiated somesuspicions. It is clear, for example, thatthe government department whichholds UFO reports, .Air Staff 2, isnothing more than a public relationsdepartment. Carefull investigation andexamination of the few documents thathave been released here over the pastfew years indicate that the U.K.cover-up is at least as extensive, and perhapseven more secure, than its Americancounterpoint.UFO researchers in the UnitedStates simply do not realize how lucky12they are incontrast to our own position.Your Freedom of Information Act givescivil ians access to numerousgovernment files. Here in Britain wehave to wait at least 30 years for UFOtidbits like these, which are thenparceled out like bread crumbs.What we want, of course, is thewhole loaf, the Air Intelligence study,and other papers that may have beeninvolved in its preparation, documentsthat may still influence current Ministryof Defence UFO policy. Unfortunately,we may have to wait another30years tosee them.ADAMSKI, Continuedearly 70s, when the cost of electricityshot up by 500%or more insome areas.Still, its likely some of themsurvived —and surviveto this day — as heatersforhomemade chick brooders.As I recall, tremendous heat camefrom them, both upwards anddownwards and I can remember mygreat-uncle, who was a bookkeeper fora lumber company in Austin, Texas, inthe 1930s and 1940s, sitting at hisbookkeepers desk on an ordinarilywarm spring day, his shirt unbuttonedalmost to his waist, his sleeves rolledup, a green celluloid eyeshade on hisbald head, and sweat pouring from his.face from the heat of his light. Even theancient electric fan blowingon him gavehim no relief.Yes, I recognized George(continued on page 13)
  13. 13. SEATTLE SIGHTINGSBy Dale GoudieDale Goudie directs the PugetSound AerialPhenomena Researchbureau in Seattle, Washington.Saturday evening March 1,1986 atapproximately 8:30 PM the UFOInformation Service in Seattle,Washington- and the National UFOReporting Center started receivingcalls of a UFO sighting in the direction• of Payne Field. Witnesses said that theyhad spotted these objects while drivingon Interstate 5 near the north side ofMountlake Terrace.The. witnesses described theobjects as large in size, although theycould only see lights. When questionedfurther, they said the objects were thesize of a quarter at arms length. Thewitnesses said that there were nineobjects total..They also said that small white andblue objects were dropping out ofsomeof the larger objects but did not hit theground, instead they headed north atfast rates of speed. When asked howmany witnesses altogether there were,the witness said he counted fifteen carspulled off to the side of the freewayobserving the UFOs.The total duration of the sightingwas about 30 minutes. .The largerobjects were then seen heading northalso in formation. At exactly 11:00 PMall three news networks in Seattle,Washington gave their account of thesighting. All three had a different story.One explanation given was thatthe FAA said that Payne Field washaving aerial maneuvers. Anotherstation said they calledPayne Field andthey stated that . it was. possiblyballoons. Later on, that night a radiostation gave a description of anothersighting which took place at 8:30 PMover Snoqualamies pass by two pilots.The pilots said while they wereflyingover Snoqualamie Pass they noticedtwo amber spheres coming their way.The pilots said that they were on acollision course with these two objectsand went into evasive action to avoidthe collision.After the pilots hadleveledoff, two objects turned around andstarted to follow their plane. The:pilottried to use hisradio and said-it wasinoperative due to heavy static. Thepilot said that one object was on oneside of the wing and one on the other.The objects . then accelerated atphenomenal speeds heading due westin the direction of Seattle at which timethe pilots radio became operativeagain. The next day after the sighting,CUFON, the computer UFOnetwork, called Payne Fieldarid. talkedwith Sargent Tinsley-Army Operations.She checked flight records for thatevening and said that there were nomilitary maneuvers going on at PayneField the date and time of thesighting. She also stated that most ofthe time they do not have maneuversgoing on after 9:00 PM because of thenoise levels. This is-a highly residentialarea also. • . • . . ./.CUFON also contacted1KINGradio to get the name of thepilots forfurther investigation. The name of thepilot who had the sighting was ShawnKiaer a student pilot who wasaccompanied by his instructorpilot.The pilots story was verified. CUFONthen called the FAA which stated thatthe sightings over Payne Field wereprobably Army Operations havingmaneuvers.COLLISIONBy coincidence there was a head-on collision with two small single engineaircraft two weeks prior to this sighting.Two witnesses observed two planescolliding overhead in the BlackDiamond, Washington area. Thewitnesses described one planeexploding in the air on impact, thenfalling towards the ground. They saidthe other plane then went on its ownway.Although the witnesses said therewere two planes, none of themwas ableto describe it accurately and the planethat departed was never found. Twodays after the incident, a helicopter thatwas leased by photographers forNational Geographic was foundcrashed. The photographers, werefound dead in the helicopter nearMount Saint Helens. The wreckage wasfound on flat ground with no reasonable,explanation according to FAA.CUFON c o n t a c t e d FAAinvestigations to find out ifthey had anydetail on both accidents. The FAAinvestigator told CUFON that thehelicopter may have had a "whiteoiit."When asked about,the mid-aircollisionwith the two single engine aircraft, theFAA investigator said he didnt believethere was another plane involved. Thismeant that he was disregarding .thetestimony of the witnesses. As to thisdate, there has been no wreckagefound of the second aircraft.ADAMSKI, ContinuedAdamskis flying saucer for what it was— but it took me a long time to makethe connection, for Ihavent seen one ofthose fixtures in thirty years or perhapsmore. In fact, Ive searched long andhard for one I could photograph for myfriend Walt Andrus, and as yet I haventbeen able to locate an example. Still,.perhaps somebody out thereknows where one still hangs, unusedand forgotten, in the back of an oldstore, and can photograph it to beplaced alongside the well-publicizedAdamski photos of the flying saucer soall doubt can be removed once and forall." •MUFONAMATEURRADIONET13
  14. 14. OTHERSWORDSBy Lucius ParishDid Prince Charles see a UFOwhile flying from the.U.S.Jp London onFebruary 23, 1986? According to theMarch 18 "issue of NATIONALENQUIRER, he did,but British UFOresearchers have cast doubt on thereport, saying the object was probably asatellite re-entry or meteor and thatCharles was probably asleep duringthebrief time it was seen. Film star DennisWeaver and hisson Rusty have a stronginterest in UFOs and have .set up atelephone hotline in Los,Angeleswhich•gives callers a different three-minute,,taped UFOhews report each day.If -youre interested, the number is (213)976-UFOS. The UFO hotlinewasgivennational publicity in the ENQUIRERSApril 22 issue., . •-.JOURNAL editor Dennis Stacycontributes an article on:COMP-UFON, the computer bulletin board forUFO researchers, in the "Anti-Matter/UFO Update" section of April OMNI;Those interested in reachingCOMPUFON by modem . may call(206) 788-5901. The May issue ofOMNIhas a lengthy article on Canadianresearcher Douglas, Curran and hisrecent book, IN ADVANCE OF THELANDING..Part IIIof Jerome Clarks article oncontactees appears in the May issueofFATE. Dealing primarily with the claimsof a contactee with-the pseudonymn ofKen Macmillan, it isan intriguing look athow "channelings" and supposedmental communications with "spacebeings. can change ones life. The Juneissue of FATE features Peter-Houghsstory of an apparent UFO abductionin England and its aftermath,includingevents very similar to the:. "Men inBlack" reports which have been a partof UFO lore for many, years.. It is somewhat curious to note thatscience-fiction writers, publications andfans have often been some of the mostvociferous opponents of the UFOsubject. Anti-UFOstatements by suchs-f writers as Asimov and Clarke are14well-known. However, there once wasas:f magazine which took, a differenttack; FANTASTIC UNIVERSE, .edited, by the late Hans Stefan. Santesson,published a number of excellent articlesby UFO researchers such as MorrisK.• Jessup, Ivan .T. Sanderson, Isabel.Davis, Olayo. Fontes and others. Inaddition, several of the .1957-58 issuesofthis magazine contained a column,"Shapes in the Sky," contributed by themembers of., the New York-basedCivilian Saucer Intelligence, whoseleading members included Isabel Davis,Ted Bloecher and Alex Mebane. ;,.Publisher Armand Laprade hasnow compiled allthe CSI columns intoaa 64-page, 8>/2 X ll:booklet,:SHAPES INTHE SKY: This is a very interestinglook back at the UFO subject wasviewed in the late • 1950.s, as CSIattempted to provide a detailedoverview of the various aspects of thesubject (sizes, shapes, smells, sounds,sky falls, radar sightings, E-M effects,ate.). The booklet is nicely done and.yell worth the $6.50 price. Copies inaybe ordered from Armand Laprade -Route 4, Box 156 - Marshall,Arkansas72650. You might also want to inquireabout Laprades magazine, WOULDYOU BELIEVE?, which carries a lotofmaterial, new and old,on all types ofunexplained phenomena.•.. In the May 1983 issue of theJOURNAL, Jhis column contained areview of a paper by Richard Hoaglandwhich dealt with his research intofeatures on the surface.of Mars whichmight be interpreted as artificialconstructions..While I found the paperextremely interesting, it seems thatseveral persons who took my advicehave received nothing at all fromHoagland when they sent payment forcopies of the paper. For this reason, Ifeel that a warning is in order. If youwere thinking of ordering Hoaglandspublication from the address given inthat review, I would recommend thatyou not. do so. If you have ordered acopy and have not received anything, Iwould appreciate hearing about it.SUPPORTUFORESEARCHUFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICEThe UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICEwill keep you informed of all the latestUnited States and World-Wide UFOactivity, as it happens!Our servicewasstarted in .1969, at which time wecontracted with a reputable,international new spa per-clipping•bureau to obtain for us, those hard tofind UFO reports (i.e., little knownphotographic cases, close encounterand landing reports, occupant cases)and all other UFO reports, many ofwhich are carried only in small town or.foreign newspapers."Our UFO Newsclipping Serviceissues are 20-page monthly reports,reproduced by p h o t o - o f f s e t ,containing the latest United States andCanadian UFO newsclippings, withour foreign section carrying the latestBritish, Australian, New Zealand andother foreign press reports. Alsoincluded is a 3-5 page section of"Fortean" clippings (i.e.Bigfoot andother "monster" reports). Let us keepyou informed of the latest happeningsin the UFO and Fortean fields."For subscription information andsample pages from our service, writetoday to:UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICERoute 1 — Box 220Plumerville, Arkansas 72127
  15. 15. BOOK REVIEWBy Mildred BieseleCONTACT, by Carl Sagan,Simon & Schuster, 1985, hb, 432pp., $18.95.Here is the scenario:By the end of this century, ProjectArgus, the long and patient search forintelligent life in the universe, seems tohave succeeded. A radio signaloriginating in the vicinity of Vega isbeaming to Earth a constant stream ofconsecutive prime numbers, startlingevidence that an advanced race isseeking to communicate with us. ThePresident has been informed and hascalled an emergency meeting at theWhite House. Withher are theNationalSecurity Council, a SpecialContingency Task Force of scienceadvisors, two representatives of ProjectArgus, and the Director of CentralIntelligence.As the meeting begins, thePresident turns to the CIA man andasks, "First does this have anything todo with flying saucers?"The Director explains to thePresident that UFOs were ofintermittent interest in the Air Forceand the CIA, particularly in the 50s and60s, because of the fear that reportsmight be a threat to security byoverloading communications orspreading confusion in the event of anational emergency. Some reports, hesays, turned out to be overflights byadvanced Russian or Cuban aircraft,but the great majority were found to bemisidentifications of aircraft,headlights, balloons, luminescentinsects, or the moon, stars or planetsseen under unusual atmosphericconditions. A significant number werediscovered to be hoaxes or psychiatricdelusions. In fact, from the time that theterm "flying saucer" was first, used inthe late 40s, more than a million UFOsightings had been reported worldwide,but with no evidence to connect themwith extraterrestrial visitation.However, he continues, thereports generated "fringe groups andpublications," and even "someacademic .scientists" had seen apossible connection between UFOsand life on other worlds. But the AirForce closed its Blue Bookinvestigation for lack of progress, andNASA turned down President Cartersrequest for a comprehensive studybecause the scientific community wasconvinced that nothing could come ofit. ; ""All right...Is there anybodyaround this table who thinks UFOsandthis signal from Vega have anything todo with each other?" the Presidentasks. Negative. "Just the same," sheconcludes, "theres going to be an awfullot of I-told-you-sos from the UFO yo-yos."So there you are, yo-yos. If youwere thinking you might read CarlSagans book, Contact, his first ventureinto science fiction, to see whether hesaid anything about UFOs, you canstop right there on page 106.Accordingto Sagan, by the end ofthe century theCIA will know that UFOs, a thing of thepast, were just lights inthe sky tht couldall be explained. Photographs andphysical evidence cases, apparently,were all hoaxes, and close encounterswere products of sick minds.But take a long walk, .a Coldshower, or a stiff drink — whateverlowers your hackles — and go on withthe book. Sagan writes well, asevidenced before in his non-fiction bestsellers. He isadequate to the challengesof fiction, in plot, characterdevelopment, pace, and so on, but notdazzling. He takes excursions along theway into the fields of philosophy andreligion, and throws in a modicum ofpolitics and sex. He projects ultimatequestions on a celestial screen.There are disappointments. Forexample, I can say without giving awaythe plot that at one point he had theopportunity to be brilliantly original, butinstead he served up a thinned-out andwarmed-over Martian Chroncles soup.The most intellectually titillatingpart of the book is Sagans concept ofhow travel through space might beachieved. The physics is beyond myrudimentary understanding, but hisacknowledgments at the end of thebook, no less than his ownqualifications, are impressive. Forinstance, he thanks "ProfessorThome" (not otherwise identified) who"took the trouble to consider thegalactic transportation systemdescribed herein, generating fifty linesof equations in the relevantgravitational physics."Ill take the professors word for itand assume that given the money, thedetermination, the time, and thetechnology, this theoretical "relevantgravitational physics" might be worthtrying.Dr. J. Allen Hynekonce wrote thatyou would expect to find planetsaround a star like you would expect tofind kittensaround a cat, and ifonly onestar out of ten in the universe werecircled by a planetary system on whichlife could evolve, then the number oflife-supporting stars might be a onefollowed by nineteen zeros.In such a fecund universe, wheresurely a few million inhabited planetsare far older than Earth, perhaps atsome time in the past, on some otherworlds, some beings like ProfessorThorne only in their familiarity with theuniversal language of mathematics alsogenerated fifty lines of relevantgravitational physics.And maybe their worlds, moreadvanced and more adventurous .thanour own, have put the theory to thetest. Perhaps we yo-yos; if not Dr.Sagan, are seeing in the sky the elegantproof of their hypotheses.Read the book and think about it.-Mildred BieseleContributing Editor15
  16. 16. NEWSNVIEWSThe MUFON 1986 UFOSymposium Proceedings are .a. memorial tribute to the Dean of Ufologyand a pioneer in the quest for solutions ,to the UFO enigma. No pther.personinthis controversial field has receivedsuch worldwide recognition as Dr. J.Allen Hynek. He has been recognizedas the top authority jn the world by thegeneral public and the news media forhis courageous approach to the UFOphenomenon .and for placing , hisp r o f e s s i o n a l s t a t u r e as anastrophysicist "on-,the line."When the Army Air Force, AirTechnical Intelligence Center at WrightAFB in Dayton, Ohio was assigned theresponsibility for the investigation offlying saucers, Dr. Hynek was aprofessor in the .AstronomyDepartment at Ohio State Universityand Director of the McMillin.Observatory. Due to his proximity and .expertise, he was contracted to serveas a scientific consultant to the AirForce, a position he held until ProjectBlue Book was closed in December1969. As ah astronomer, he was hiredfor the .purpose of explaining UFOsightings as astronomical anomalies..By 1949, Dr. Hynek had"reachedthe conclusion the "there were anumber of truly puzzling reportsfor whichthe data were hot sufficient tobase positive, conclusions." In 1953, hestated to the Robertson pane] that "thesubject (of UFOs) is worthy of..furtherscientific invetigations."After the Michigan "swamp gas"incident in 1965, Dr. Hynek wrote anarticle for the Saturday Evening Post(1966), inwhich he clearly.delineatedhis personal position concerning thephenomenon known as unidentifiedflying objects. From this point in time,he dedicated his life to solving thisperplexing mystery. It is now theresponsibility of each and everyone ofus to accept the challenge that Dr.Hynek was unable to fulfill in his lifetime— the resolution .of the UFO16phenomenon. . ,. Since this article is a tribute toJosef Allen Hynek, itwill not conform tothe format of an obituary. (Please referto Marquis Whos Who in America,42nd edition 1982-1983, for details on.his illustrious accomplishments.) Theemphasis will be ..restricted to hispersonal association with the Mutual.UFO Network (MUFON)- after, hebecame actively involved in positivepromotion of Ufology: .The first personal meeting thatsome of, the,. founding members ofMUFON had with Dr. Hynek occurred.on November 24, 1967,. when weattended his lecture: "The UFO as aScientific Problem" at, WashingtonUniversity in St. Louis, Missouri. OnJanuary 22, 1970, we again, had theprivilege of viewing his slide illustratedlecture at the McDonnell Planetariumin St. Louis. , ... -,, .Dr. Hynek selected • the ititle"UFOs 70s — A Positive Program"when he was-the featured speaker atMUFONs first UFO, Conference heldat Bradley University in Peoria, Illinoison June 13,1970. "The Embarrassmentof Riches" was his subject on June .16,1973. when he addressed the MUFON1973 UFO Symposium at the Plaza Inn,Kansas City, Missouri.On November 1, 1973, Dr. Hynektelephoned Walt Andrus, advising,thatthe Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS)was : being created and would beannounced on "The Dick. CavettShow" the following evening. Allencalled to seek of the majorUFO organizations in the U.S.A. for hisnew organization. Only MUFONpledged , their support.. and hasmaintained a very cooperativerelationship throughout theinterveningyears: The ABC TV Networks "TheDick .Cavett Show" was devotedentirely to UFOs with introductoryslides provided and credited to,theMutual UFO. Network. Dr. Hynekannounced the formation.of CUFOSand a toll-free telephone .number toreport UFQ,sightings on November 2,1973. . ". " ..,";. , .„Dr. Hynek has been .a featuredspeaker, at 9 ofthe. first 16 MUFONAnnual UFO Symposiums,as one of his• major public education contributions.He addressed the following MUFONsymposiums for which proceedings arestill available: 1976 —"SwampGas PlusTen — And Counting" at Webers Inn,Ann Arbor,.Michigan; 1978 — "UFOsAs a Space-Time Singularity" at theDayton Convention Center, Dayton,Ohio; 1979 — "The,Legion ofitheBewildered.Silent and RelatedTopics;"Airport Marina; Hotel, Burlingame,Calif.; 1981 ;-^.."Ufology As. aProfession," Massachusetts InstituteofTechnology (M.I.T.), Cambridge,.Mass.; 1982 — "Preparing for the NextUFO Flap," Loews, Westbury. Hotel,Toronto, Ontario; 1983 — "The .CaseAgainst , E.T.," Huntington-Sheraton;Hotel, Pasadena, Calif.; and 1984 —"Properties of the UFO Phenomenon,"Holiday Inn —-San Antonio Airport,San Antonio, Texas. . .. . . ; , , ,During.the Fall of 1984;, Dr. Hynekappeared .in a segment of the videotaped program "The UFO Enigma," Massachusetts MUFONfor the.Mutual UFO Network.His finalpublic appearance .,at a MUFONmeeting occurred on August 7, 1985 atthe Massachusetts MUFON UFOForum in Beverly, Mass.Josef Allen Hynekwas born May 1,19.10, the year HalleysComet made itsprior visit around the Sun and past purplanet.. Earth. .Mark Twain. .(SamuelClemens) was. also born on a year of aHalleys Comet visit and died in 1910.Dr. Hynek, as an astronomer, hadexpressed a strong desire to see thecomet during his lifetime and duplicateMark Twains,feat. He was granted hiswish .and prayer before dying inScottsda|e, .Arizona just 4 days before(continued next page) •
  17. 17. Dr. J. Allen and Mimi Hynekreaching his seventy-sixth birthday.Ufology lost not only a foundingfather but a friend when Dr. Hynekpassed away. Everyone who knew himfound him to be patient andconsiderate, willing to give of his timeand energy when the demands put oneither would have strained any man halfhis age and less gifted with enthusiasmfor his lifes work. He was indefatigable,but alas, not indestructible. The May1986 issue ofthe MUFON UFO Journalwas respectfully dedicated to the lateDr. J. Allen Hynek, now outwardbound on the Closest Encounter ofthem all,that of a man with his Maker.May he rest in peace.The Mutual UFO Network hadplanned to present Dr. Hynek with anengraved plaque at the MUFON 1986UFO Symposium in East Lansing,Michigan for his outstandingcontributions to UFO research. Underthe present circumstances, it will bepresented to Mrs. Mimi Hynek, hiswidow, in his .memory. The inscriptionon the plaque depicts the followingsentiments:DR. J. ALLEN HYNEKGIVEN IN RECOGITION FORYOUR LIFELONG DEDICATIONAND CONTRIBUTIONS TO UFORESEARCH AND PUBLICEDUCATION.MUTUAL UFO NETWORK1986CENTER RENAMEDThe Center for UFO Studies(CUFOS) has been renamed the J.Allen Hynek Center forUFO Studies inmemory of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, theCenters Scientific Director since 1973.Dr. Hynek, 75, died of cancer inScottsdale, Arizona, on Sunday, April27. Just like his favorite author MarkTwain, Hynek was born in the year ofHalleys comet (1910) and died in theyear of its return (1986) — two monthsafter getting a dim glimpse of the cometin the Arizona desert.Hynek served as AstronomicalConsultant to the United States AirForce on unidentified flying objects(UFOs) from 1948 to 1968. He was thefirst speaker to present testimony at the1968 hearings on UFOs held by theHouse Committee on Science andAstronautics. In the early 1970s Hynekcoined the phrase "Close Encountersof the Third Kind" used by StevenSpielberg as a title for his 1977 motionpicture. Hynek was technical advisorand had a cameo appearance in thatfilm. In 1978, he was a speaker at theUnited Nations meeting on theproposed establishment of aninternational agency to coordinateresearch on UFOs and relatedphenomena. :Hynek cofounded the Center forUFO Studies in 1973 with Sherman J.Larsen, a r e t i r e d Glenviewbusinessman, who is currentlyPresident and Chief Executive Officer.The purpose of the Center is thecollection, analysis and disseminationof information relating to the UFOphenomenon. CUFOS offices arecurrently located inGlenview, Illinois. Alibrary and case files are open to seriousUFO researchers. Inquiries and reportsof sightings should be sent to: J. AllenHynek Center for UFO Studies, 1955Johns Drive,Glenview,IL 60025; (312)724-2480.The Center publishes abimonthlymagazine, the International UFOReporter (IUR), and maintains anational,network of professional UFOinvestigators. and consultants. Inmemory of Dr. Hynek, the May/June1986 issue of IUR will be entirelydevoted to his life and accomplish-ments.Hyneks books on UFOs were wellreceived by both skeptics andproponents. He is the author of TheUFQ Experience: A- Scientific Inquiry(1972); coauthor, with Jacques Vallee,of The Edge of Realty (1975); andauthor of The Hynek UFO Report(1977).In accordance with Hynekswishes, the CUFOS Board of Directorsconfirmed Mark Rodeghier, currentlyin the Sociology Department at theUniversity of Illinois at Chicago, as thenew Scientific Director. Other CUFOSdirectors are:Mark Chesney, Aerospace & DataProcessing Consultant; Jerome Clark,Vice president, IUR Editor; NancyConrad, Treasurer, IUR AssociateEditor, Data Processing Consultant;George Eberhart, Librarian &Bibliographic Consultant; Fred Merritt,Secretary; Don Schmitt, DesignConsultant; and John P. Timmerman,Vice president, Public Relations.A memorial service for Dr. Hynekwas held on May 28,1986, at 4:00PMinthe chapel at NorthwesternUniversity,Evanston, Illinois. Friends of Dr. Hynekwho wish to show sympathy may senddonations to the J. Allen Hynek Centerfor UFO Studies, 1955 Johns Drive,Glenview, IL 60025.17
  18. 18. MESSAGE, Continuedresponsibilities. Tom is also the StateSection Director for Sonoma, Napaand Marin Counties,joiningMUFON in1976. Mr. Page was featured in thevideo film "The UFO Experience,"produced for KPIX-TV by Ron Lakis.He is the prime investigator for thearticle "The Petaluma UFO Case"to be published in the Journal.* * *Through personal contacts by J.Antonio Huneeus of New York City,Mr. Jorge Anfrums has beenappointed the Representative forChile.Residing in Santiago, Mr. Anfrums hasformed a MUFON group in Chile andbroadcast MUFON activities andevents for the past three months on"Radio Portales," which has the highestnighttime radio coverage in Chile. Byliving in Santiago, the nations capitaland centrally located, Jorge is in theideal position to organize the UFOinvestigators in his country in spite ofthe serious geographical problems.Chile isa very long and narrow countrythat is bordered by the AndesMountains on the east and the PacificOcean on the west extending from17.5degrees to 57 degrees South Latitude.This iscomparable to the distance fromthe eastcoast to the westcoast in theU.S.A.Dick Rudloff, M.B.A. hasvolunteered his talent and expertise inComputer Science to the MUFONStaff position formerly held by MichaelD. Hart. Employed by Astro Servicesin Alameda, Calif., Dick has beenevaluating the functions withinMUFON where computer applicationsare most applicable, the equipmentr e q u i r e d , s o f t w a r e needed,r e c o m m e n d e d h a r d w a r e b ymanufacture and prices. Mr. Rudloffwill also coordinate any future MUFONcomputer network facilities with othernetworks throughout the U.S.A. thatappear to be advantageous links.Gary Kinder, J.D., an author whois presently researching material for abook on ufology, has become a newResearch Specialist. Your Director metMr. Kinder at the recent NUFOC inPhoenix, Arizona and found him to beTHE NIGHT SKYBy Walter N. WebbMUFON Astronomy ConsultantJULY 1986Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Venus shines brilliantly in the western twilight, setting about 10:30 PM daylighttime in mid^July. Its magnitudein midmonth is -4.1 and still brightening. On the10th the crescent moon is only 3° above our nearest planet which, in turn,liesbut 1° above the first-magnitude star Regulus.Mars, retrograding in Sagittarius, reaches a point opposite the sun on July10and therefore rises inthe ESE as the sun sets. Six days later the red planet isatits nearest to earth in the last 15 years-37,500,000 miles.At that time its tinydisc appears almost as largeas it ever gets, and itshines at -2.6 magnitudeor asbright as Jupiter. Except for the fact that Mars lies quite low in the sky forNorthern Hemisphere observers, this is a fine opportunity for telescopicobservers to study the planets dark features, shrinking south polar cap, andoccasional clouds. The dark patterns are now known to be desert regions likethe rest of the planet and not areas of vegetation as once believed by someastronomers.Jupiter, in Aquarius, rises about 11 PM in midmonth in the east. The largestplanet has brightened to magnitude -2.6 and begins retrograde or westwardmotion on the13th.Saturn, retrograding in Scorpius, stands low in the south at dusk. The ringedworld is above and to the right of the red star Antares.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Mars sets in the WSW about sunrise. The moon is near the planet on themorning of the 20th.Jupiter is in the south at dawn. On the 25th the moon lies only 1.5°from thegiant world. .Saturn sets in the WSW about 2 AM.Meteor Shower:The Delta Aquarids attain their maximumon the mornings of July 28 and 29.The rate is about 20 meteors per hour before dawn. However, thelast-quartermoon will interfere.(continued on page 19)18Moon Phases:New Moon-July 7First quarter-July 14Full moon-July 21Last quarter-July 28€O
  19. 19. MESSAGE, Continueda very congenial gentleman in searchofthe t r u t h behind the UFOphenomenon. Donald M.Ware, StateDirector for Florida has approved theappointment ofJames W. Moseley asthe new State Section Director forMonroe County, which encompassesKey West. Currently, Jim isbest knownfor his privately published newslettertitled "Saucer Smear" and aspermanent chairman of the NationalUFO Conference. Gary L. Hamilton,a resident of Franklin, Indiana, is thenew StateSection Director forJohnsonCounty. A Senior Customer ServiceAgent for an airline in Indianapolis,Mr.Hamilton has cultivated some goodcontacts.* * *Mr. Milton W. Hourcade,MUFON Representative for Uruguay,recently announced the 28thanniversary of Centre deInvestigacionde Objetos Voladores Inidentificados(CIOVI) as a UFO investigative andresearch o r g a n i z a t i o n , w i t hheadquarters in Montevideo. Mr.Hourcade represents both MUFONand CUFOS in Uruguay.We send ourbest wishes for their continuedsuccessand cooperation w i t h theircounterparts in the U.S.A.Stan Gordon, State Director forPennsylvania, has provided a briefreport on PASU (PennsylvaniaAssociation for the Study of theUnexplained) as an idea or incentive forother investigative teams. In additiontotheir monthly investigator trainingmeetings in the Greensburg area, theyhave re-organized their 24-hour quick-response investigative team made upofspecialists including medical andscience personnel. This unit is identifiedby the letters PASU PRT, forphenomena response team. They haveaccumulated a considerable amountofscientific data gathering equipmentwhile some of the members aredesigning other useful equipment forthe team. Stan ispreparingan articlefora future issue of the Journal, relating torecently investigated cases inPennsylvania.* * *As the computer becomes a moreimportant segment of UFO research,sighting reports, information, and as acommunication instrument via thetelephone lines, the following update isbeing provided. Dale D. Goudie, 4109Lake Washington Blvd., South Seattle,WA 98118 and telephone (206) 721-5035 has advised that his new networkcalled CUFON, which stands forComputer UFO Network, is nowreceiving from 40 to 50 calls per day.The primary functions of CUFON areto provide fast and reliable informationfor organizations and researchersnationally, which can be verified fromthe UFO Information Service or theNational UFO Reporting Center inSeattle, Washington, operated byRobert Gribble. The computer/modem number is (206) 722-5738.Please contact Mr. Goudie for detailsifyou are interested in participating inthis network.The above network, CUFON,The Stars:The Summer Triangle has ascended high in the SE late in the evening,whilebelow it already appear the vanguardof the autumn constellations--the GreatSquare of Pegasus, Aquarius, and Capricornus. Low in the southern skySagittarius the Archer aims his arrow at the heart of Scorpius, Antares. Asoccurred inMay,the moon once again occults Antareson the night of July 17-18. (At Los Angeles the red star disappears behind our satellite from only 8:45to 8:56 PM local time; the time at Chicago is 11:05 to 12:11; and at BostonAntares is hidden at 12:28, but the moon sets before the star reappears.)The July sky offers some superb telescopic treats for backyardastronomers-the Globular Star ClusterofHercules,Ring Nebula ofLyra, dumbbell Nebula inVulpecula, and a host of nebulae and clusters in the Milky Way region ofSagittarius, including the Lagoon and Trifid Nebulae.should not be mistaken forCOMPUFON operated by Michael D.Hart, which is still operational as far aswe know.PARANET is a small but growingnetwork of computerized BulletinBoard Systems, which attempt to makeavailable the latest and most reliableinformation on the paranormal and"fringe" sciences. For more informationon this new service call the NationalFringe Science Information Service inFountain Hills, Arizona at (602) 837-9383 or Para Net Alpha: "The OtherSide," at (602) 837-0062, 300/1200 24hours. Information concerning thenetwork may also be obtained bywriting to Jim Speiser, P.O. Box17675, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268.* * *The Computer UFO Newsletter isa relatively new publication,publishedin conjunction with the Italian Centerfor UFO Studies by Maurzio Vcrga,Editor. It is without a doubt the mostcomprehensive newsletter in the worlddevoted exclusively to the applicationsof the computer to ufology. As of June1986, five issues of 20 pages each (bi-monthly) have been typed using a wordprocessor (English) and a Commodore128 micro-processor. To subscribe to"The Computer UFO Newsletter" sendan International Postal Money Order(no checks will be accepted) of 18,000Italian lire (surface mail) to: MaurizioVerga, via Matteotti 85, 22072Cermenate (Como), ITALY.The Mutual UFO Network doesnot accept any responsibility for theoperations of these computernetworks, since they are all privatelyowned. MUFON is simply sharing thisinformation with our readers, knowingthat many have a sincere interest inutilizing their personal computers forUFO information or communications.Both Dale Goudie and Jim Speiser areMUFON members who attended therecent NUFOC in Phoenix, Ariz. Anexchange of publicationsbetween TheComputer UFO Newsletter and theMUFON UFO Journal was initiatedwith the June 1986 issue.19
  20. 20. DIRECTORS MESSAGEbyWalt AndrusNational UFO Information Week,sponsored by the Mutual UFONetwork in cooperation with theCenter for UFO Studies and the Fundfor UFO Research, will be held fromAugust 10 to 17, 1986 nationwide as apublic education program. Due to thetremendous success of the 1985endeavor when 43 state organizationsparticipated, this could become anannual UFO information vehicle underthe guidance and leadership of MargeChristensen, Public RelationsDirector.A packet of informational materialwas mailed the week of June 9th to allState Directors, some Asst. StateDirectors, and members of the P.I.P.E.Committee, including Issue Number 35of the MUFON National Newsletter.The resources that each stateorganization will need to implementtheir program in conjunctionwith localdisplays, consisted of the followingitems: a News Release announcing theup-coming event composed by DanWright; three sample radio spotannouncements by Marge Christen-sen; an 8l/2 x 11 inch black-and-whiteannouncement poster designed byDonald Schmitt; and samples ofhandouts for meetings, exhibits,displays and publicspeeches, includinga Recommended ReadingList by BarryGreenwood, a MUFON informationsheet and a MUFON UFO JOURNALapplication. Additional copies fordistribution should be printed locallybased upon your anticipated needs.Ifyou have not started making detailedplans for public events within your stateor immediate area, it is not too late tostart immediately.* * +The MUFON 1986 UFOSymposium at Michigan StateUniversity had the finest group ofacademic speakers of any priorsymposium in MUFONs seventeenyear history. Congratulations andaccolades to Dan Wright and hissuperb symposium committee forDAN WRIGHTconducting such an enlightening andeducational conference. Theoutstanding accommodations provideda congenial atmosphere for thisannualevent.For those who were unable toattend to hear the speakers, theMUFON 1986 UFO SymposiumProceedings (186 pages), depicting thetheme "UFOs: Beyond theMainsireamof Science," are available by mail for$10.00 plus $1.50 for postage andhandling in U.S. funds via fourth classbook rate postage. (Foreign orders willbe accepted by international postalmoney order, a check redeemable froma U.S. bank, or cash.)* * *For the Mutual UFO Network tobe an effective organization,the "grassroots" structure requires competentleadership at the State levels. EdwardF. Mazur has been promoted from aState Section Director to the position ofState Director for Arkansas, filling thevacancy created when Bill Pittsrecently resigned. Ed is an electricalengineer and amateur radio operatorN5BRE, residing with his wife Elaine inMena, Ark.Former State Section Director forMaricopa County, Hal Starr hasaccepted the responsibility of StateDirector for Arizona replacingWilliamH. Spaulding. Since Mr. Spauldingscurrent idealogies are not compatiblewith the goals and objectives ofMUFON, he feels that this is a wisedecision. Bill has been the StateDirector for Arizona and a Consultantin Photo Analysis, utilizing computerenhancement techniques, for 15years.He was the host chairman for theMUFON 1977 UFO Symposium andpublished papers inboth 1976and 1977.He will be discontinuing hiscomplimentary UFO photo analysis toMUFON. I personally want to thank Billfor his professional services throughoutthe years. He will be sadlymissed inthisregard. On the positive side, theenthusiasm, personality and leadershiptalent of Mr. Starr engenders growthfor ufology in Arizona. Hal has theenviable accomplishment of havingproduced the longest continuous-running daily syndicated UFO radioseries in the world (since 1947),broadcasted in 7 English-speakingcountries.* * *Paul C. Cerny, Western RegionalDirector, has designated Marvin E.Taylor, Jr. ofSonora, Calif, as the newState Director for NorthernCalifornia.Mr. Taylor has been involved in thestudy of UFOs for 39 years and has oneof the most complete newspaperclipping scrapbooks, starting in 1947,that your Director has had theprivilegeof viewing. Marvin operates a publicmuseum of UFO memorabilia inSonora in conjunction with his realestate and tax consulting business. Hehas been a dedicated member ofMUFON since 1974.Thomas D. Page was selected tobecome the Assistant State Directorfor Northern California to fill thevacancy created by Mr. Taylors new(continued on page 18)