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Mufon ufo journal 1985 8. august

  1. 1. MUFON UFO JOURNALNUMBER 208 AUGUST 1985Founded 1967OFFICIAL PUBLICATIONOF$1.50MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, INC.,MUFON 1985 UFOSymposium ProceedingsThe Burden of ProofSaint Louis, Missouri June 28, 29 & 30
  2. 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International Director andAssociate EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorANN DRUFFELContributing EditorTED BLOECHERDAVE WEBBCo-Chairmen,Humanoid Study GroupPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityMARGE CHRISTENSENPublic RelationsREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityGREG LONGStaff WriterSIMONE MENDEZStaff ArtistTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEONARD STRINGFIELDUFO Crash/RetrievalWALTER N. WEBBAstronomyNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLROBERT V. PRATTEditor/Publishers EmeritusThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$15.00 per year in the U.S.A.; $16.00foreign in U.S. funds. Copyright 1985by the Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin, Texas.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 toadvise change of address to TheMUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155.FROMTHEEDITORThe next best thing to having been there? This issue of theJournal, with its complete print and picture coverage of the 1985 St.Louis Symposium. In addition, theres a preview of the activitiesplanned for the first national UFO Information Week, presented byMarge Christensen, and commentary and suggestions by LarryBryant concerning the present status ofUFO secrecy. Also, mostofour usual departments, including The Night Sky, InOthers Words,and Directors Message.Was UFO Week a success? In terms of the first, nationwideconcerted effort of its kind, undoubtedly. But the bottom line, aswith most PR programs, is one of dollars. Publicity MUFON,CUFOS and the Fund for UFO Research got. For themomentum tobe maintained, however, such organizations need to have broughtinnew subscribers and increased operating funds. Whether that willprove the case remains to be seen. What is clear, even at thisearlystage, isthat we not rest on our laurels and remember that there areanother fifty-one weeks inthe year. UFOs dont take vacations. Whyshould we?In this issueBURDEN OF PROOF by Dennis Stacy 4UFO INFORMATION WEEK by Marge Christensen 9SYMPOSIUM SNAPSHOTS by Dennis Stacy . . . 10NEWSNNOTES by Walt Andrus 12SYMPOSIUM VIDEOTAPES by Joseph Palermo 14UFO SECRECY UPDATE by Larry Bryant 15LETTERS 16THE NIGHT SKY by Walter Webb 18IN OTHERS WORDS by Lucius Parish 19DIRECTORS MESSAGE by Walt Andrus 20COVER by Ronald R. SchmittThe Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal income tax. In addition,bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions ofSections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNAL are determinedbythe editor, and donot necessarily represent the official positionof MUFON. Opinionsofcontributorsare theirown, and do not necessarily reflect those ofthe editor,the staff, orMUFON.Articles may be forwardeddirectly to MUFON. Responses to published articlesmaybe in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400 words) or ina short article (up to about2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50% rule" is applied:the article author may reply butwill be allowedhalf the wordage used in the response; the responder may answer theauthor but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authors reply, etc. Allsubmissions are subject to editing for style, clarity, and conciseness.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than 200words are quoted from anyone article,the authorofthe articleisgiven credit, and thestatement "Copyright 1985 by the Mutual UFO Network, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin,Texas" is included.
  3. 3. ST. LOUIS SYMPOSIUM«EICOME 1985 MIIFOH UFO SYMPOSIUMThe Welcome Mat isOut!-Dennis StacyBreakfast With Speakers-Dennis Stacy
  4. 4. Article and PhotographsBURDEN OF PROOFBy Dennis StacyThe Sixteenth Annual MUFONSymposium, "UFOs: Burden of Proof,"opened with the customary receptionFriday night, June 28th, in the statelyChase Park Plaza Hotel, neardowntown St. Louis, a:.d withineyesight of the landmark "GoldenArch," commemorating the winningofthe West. Sponsored by the UFOStudy Group of Greater St. Louis, theSymposium featured a stellar line-upofspeakers and, for the first time, acomplete videotaping of the fullprogram.Saturday morning, the proceed-ings got underway with an earlywelcome by John Schroeder of St.Louis, who served a delightful stint asMaster of Ceremonies. MUFONsInternational Director, Walt Andrus,then greeted the assembled attendeeswho had come from as far away asAustralia. ThefirstSymposium speakerto the podium was MassachusettsMUFONs Marge Christensen, whoalso serves as our National Director ofPublic Relations and publishes themonthly newsletter, "P.I.P.E. Line."EDUCATIONThe abstract of Marges speech(and the complete text of allthe paperscan be obtained in the publishedProceedings) can be summarized asfollows: "Arguments are presented toshow that if the American public werewell-informed about the UFO subject,the burden of proof would lie not withUFOlogists, but rather with the U.S.Government to explain to theAmerican people why a major worldpower isnot interested inflying objectswhich exhibit a propulsion systemobviously in advance of our ownaircraft, and which have exhibited aninterest in our own nuclear weaponsstorage areas, according to ourgovernments own documents."As most of you are aware by now,the indefatigable Mrs. Christensen is4WALT ANDRUSalso the chief mover and main co-ordinator of the first National UFOInformation Week, scheduled forAugust 18th through the 25th. Margereviewed many of the public displaysand information projects underway byvarious state MUFON organizationsfor that period, but since the detailscanbe found in her own article elsewhereinthis issue, I will not go into them here.Suffice it to say that all who havecontributed their time and energy tothis first-of-its-kind project deserve ourcongratulations and assistance, andnone more than its prime originator,Marge Christensen.REPETITIONSGeorge Fawcett of Lincolton,North Carolina, followed Marge with atalk on "UFO Repetitions: AChallengeto Scientific Investigations." Georgesthesis was that certain aspects of UFOsightings have repeated themselvestime and again over the past 40years ona global scale, and that these repetitiousfactors present a challenge to bothscience and society. "Any futuresolution," said Fawcett,"to the growingworldwide UFO enigma will have todeal directly with these UFOrepetitions."George, MUFON State Directorfor North Carolina, is a tirelessinvestigator of UFOs who haspersonally looked into over a thousandreports and authored more than ahundred articles about the subject invarious newspapers and magazines.Hehas also managed to amass aconsiderable body of UFO ephemera,including the numerous clippings andphotographs displayed in- hisaccompanying slide show. Like many ofus, George is perplexed both by thephenomenon and by the way it isperceived by various segments of
  5. 5. society, including government andscience. In 1984, he noted, Dr. J. AllenHynek addressed a meeting of theAmerican Association for theAdvancement of Science with a talk on"The 125 Properties of the UFOPhenomenon," while James Obergspoke on "The Absence of a UFOPhenomenon." "How," Fawcett asked,"can something that doesnt exist have125 properties?"His own talk to the Symposiumcentered around 25 particularrepeating properties of the UFOphenomenon. These included theirunique disc and dome-shapes, high-speed maneuverability, the pacing ofcars and airplanes, radar-tracking, fallsof angel hair, increases in backgroundr a d i a t i o n , physiological andpsychological effects on witnesses,electromagnetic effects, physicallanding traces, contacts with allegedentities, periodic increases in thenumber of sightings reported,associated power failures, and so on."The unexplained UFO residue isnot just a matter of feelings and generalimpressions as some would have usbelieve," concluded Fawcett, "butrepresents a genuine, growing, globalproblem, yet to be solved. We havelearned a great deal from UFOrepetitions already, but I also feel thereis a great deal more to be learned."FATAL ENCOUNTEROne of the repeated character-istics of the phenomenon, of course, isthe recurring stories ofcrashed saucersand retrieved alien bodies. And oneofthe more well-known researchers ofthis specialized category has been, andis, Leonard Stringfield of Cincinatti,Ohio, the author of "Inside SaucerPost, 3-0 Blue," "Situation Red: TheUFO Siege," and several monologueson alleged crash/retrievals. The topicofLeonards talk before this Symposiumwas "The Fatal Encounter at Ft. Dix-McGuire: A Case Study; Status ReportIV."On September 23, 1980, saidStringfield, he received the first of whatwould be an interrupted series ofcommunications with one "JeffreyMorse," who claimed to be a militarypoliceman on patrol at McGuire AFB,GEORGE FAWCETTNew Jersey, adjoining Fort Dix, thenight of January 18, 1978. As relayed byMorse, there was considerable UFOactivity in the area that night, he alonehaving seen up to 12 individual,greenish-blue lights flying in variousstages of formation. Reportedly, one ofthese lights came near the car of a FortDix MP who was engaged in activepursuit, interferring with the officersradio transmission.At that time,according to Morse, afour-foot tall "thing"with grayish-brownskin and fat head appeared in front ofhis car. The officer fired five times at thething with a .45, and once overhead atthe object hovering in the sky, whichthen rose straight up and away, joiningwith 11 other objects. The humanoidran across the ground and disappearedinto some woods, apparently climbing afence around McGuire and collapsingon the end of an old runway.The areawas then cordoned off by MPs,including Morse, who were notthemselves allowed any closer. Aspecial group of "blue berets" thenarrived on the scene and were placedincharge of the fallen body Morsesaid hecould see no more than 50 feet away.The body was sprayed with something,placed on a platform, and then awooden crate built around it in place. Itwas then put in a metal container andforklifted aboard an air force C-141bound for Wright-Patterson.A couple of days afterwards,Morse and other MPs on duty thatnightwere sent to W P and interrogatedabout what they had seen and howmuch they might know. Morse said hesigned a document swearing secrecyabout the event. After his first contactwith Stringfield, he said he had reasonto believe his mail was beingintercepted, his telephone tapped, andperhaps even personal surveillancemaintained.Stringfield has since continuedinvestigating the case, constrained byMorses situation (at one time hiscivilian job appeared threatened) andthe usual disappointments of trying toobtain various documents and reportsthrough the Freedom of InformationAct. The air force replied that after afive-year waiting period, MP reports areroutinely destroyed, the one inquestionhaving been scheduled for destructionin January of 1984. Through MorseStringfield obtained a copy of an"Incident/Complaint Report," form(continued next page)
  6. 6. PETER GERSTENSYMPOSIUM, Continued1569, which mentioned "that anunidentified body had been shot," butwithout official confirmation of same bythe air force, the report remains inlimbo, somewhere between evidenceofa stupendous encounter or a cleverhoax.LEGAL PROOFNew York attorney and chiefcounsel for CAUS (Citizens AgainstUFO Secrecy) Peter Gersten, as hedidat the M.I.T. MUFON Symposium,addressed the issue of the burden ofUFO proof from the viewpoint of apracticing criminal lawyer. "There isalready enough evidence in the form ofthousands of reports, hundreds of stilland moving pictures, and countlessgovernment documents to adduce theexistence of UFOs," Gersten argued."The case has already been proved.But not in court. In September, inHouston, Gersten will carry the $20million personal injury suit of the Cash-Landrum case into U.S. District Court,but admits the chances of his winningare "slim and none."MEDICAL EVIDENCEMUFON Deputy Director JohnSchuessler of Houston, followedGersten with a summary of physicaleffects cases, and especially thosefound in the Cash-Landrum case, ofwhich Schuessler was the chiefinvestigator. Said medicaleffects rangefrom anorexia, cancer, hair andfingernail loss to diarrhea, vomiting andother serious disabilities.Schuessler then offered his ownprescription for how future casesinvolving human injury should behandled and investigated. The firstthing is to approach the problem with apositive attitude, and not waste timeand energy in negatives. Theinvestigator should have a warmpersonal regard for the victim, andwork closely with competent medicalconsultants. All relevant informationshould be collected and detailedrecords of meetings and interviewskept; photographs should be taken."Strive for co-operation withresponsible individuals and groups,"Schuessler advised, " but do nothesitate to ignore anyone that does notdemonstrate ethical behavior. Do notbow to pressure to do anything otherthan find the truth. Re-visit the casefrom time to time. Dont just get thereport and then forget about the well-being of the victim. Most victims willneed some support for months andeven years after the event. This is a bigresponsibility to be shouldered by anyinvestigator. Finally, share the results ofyour work, so other victims mayJOHN SCHUESSLER
  7. 7. benefit."PHYSICAL TRACESAnother excellently illustratedslide show was presented by TedPhillips on the subject of "PhysicalTrace Landing Reports: The Case ForUFOs." Phillips, of Reed Springs,Missouri, is also a member of CUFOSand CAUS, and over the years has puttogether a landingcase catalog ofsome2,677 reports from 64 countries. "I feelsuch cases represent one of the mostdirect approaches to resolving the UFOmystery," Phillips said. "Traces remainas visible evidence long after thereported event. And if UFOs are notavailable for study in the laboratory,their physical traces certainly are."Phillips then summarized fivecases which he admitted were "not wellknown, not taken from the latestreports, and are perhaps even amongthe more controversial. They werechosen because they push us to theedge of what we can or should believe."Space hardly permits a review ofthe cases here, but interested partiesare strongly urged to consult Phillipspaper in the published Proceedings, orthe video-tapingof same. Details of howthese can be ordered will be foundelsewhere in this issue of the Journal.CRASHED SAUCERSAfter an evening dinner break, thealways engaging William Moore ofBurbank, California, regaled theassembled audience with a talk basedon two . full-length papers in theProceedings, "Crashed Saucers:Evidence in Search of Proof," and "TheRoswell Incident." Combined, theycover 50 of 180 published pages, andare well worth the price of admissionalone.Moore contrasted a legendary(and apparently fictitious) crashedsaucer report which appeared in FrankScullys "Behind the Flying Saucers"with a similar report coming out ofRoswell, New Mexico, which he andStanton Friedman have investigatedextensively. Briefly, the former tale canbe traced to the handiwork of aconvicted con man known as Silas M.Newton, and his equally shady cohort,TED PHILLIPSthe "mysterious Dr. Gee," whoturnedout to be, Moore isconvinced, one LeoA. GeBauer. Apparentlythe idea grewout of Newtons oil leases, GeBauersself-taught electrical knowledge, and anaborted Hollywood publicity campaignfor a grade B science-fiction movieknown simply as "The Flying Saucer,"which was touted as having real footageof a captured flying saucer.GeBauer had developed adubiousdevice known as a "doodlebug," whichwas supposed to detect fluctuations inthe earths magnetic field and therebysignal the presence of oil,gas and othermineral deposits. Newtons somewhatimbalanced genius derived the idea ofheralding the doodlebug as capturedsaucer technology. Scully, Moorebelieved, was an unwitting dupe in thescheme. More importantly, Mooreadded, the incident reveals how anofficial FBI document relating to thealleged crashed landing, after adiligentinvestigation, can be traced back to itsfraudulent source in Newtons activeimagination. In contrast, the RoswellIncident continues to hold up underscrutiny, according to Moore andFriedman.NOISY NEGATIVISTSFriedman added a fewmore detailsto the Roswell roster in his keynotespeech, "Flying Saucers, NoisyNegativists and Truth," a liberalbroadside at Carl Sagan, Philip Klassand other vocal skeptics who, Friedmancharged, often resort to outright(continued next page)
  8. 8. STANTON T. FRIEDMANSymposium, Continueddistortion of the available evidence.Those who have never had the pleasureof hearing Stanton in person shouldtreat themselves and others to thevideotape of his talk. The completetext, of course, can be found in theprinted Proceedings.Following Friedmans present-ation, allthe speakers were called to thefront table to form a panel and respondto questions moderated by MC JohnSchroeder from the floor.Sunday morning attendees couldsign up for a "Breakfast With theSpeakers," which involved a fullbreakfast buffet and seating with thespeaker of your choice, anotherinnovative twist,among several, graftedon the standard Symposium fare by theGreater St. Louis host group, and for8which they are to be recommended.Only one speaker failed to make themorning call. Following breakfast, theannual corporate meeting was held asreported elsewhere.HYPNOSISThe afternoon session openedwith David Webbs "The Influence ofHypnosis in the Investigation ofAbduction Cases." Webb, a seniorscientist specializing in solar physics,selected a large sampling of abductioncases to test the hypothesis thathypnosis itself is somehow fundamentalto the UFO abduction phenomenon.What he discovered might surprisesome. "In forty per cent of theabduction reports in my sample," saidWebb, "I found the use of hypnosis wasnot important in gaining informationabout the alleged on-board portionofthe experience. In one-third of thereports, hypnosis was not used at allduring the investigation." Webbconcluded: "Investigators of abductionreports know that the core experiencehas consistent, recurring elementsirrespective of how the information isretrieved. Such cases may representthe key to the UFO mystery. Significantadvances in our understanding willoccur only when we greatly increasethe number of reports investigated andmore effectively pool our analyticalresources in theiranalysis.Thesolutionmay be within our grasp."ABDUCTION EVIDENCEAbduction reports themselveswere the subject of New York artistBudd Hopkins speech. Hopkins is theauthor of "Missing Time," and ispresently working on another book,"The Haunting of Kitley Woods - AnOngoing UFO Saga," which hepreviewed at last years MUFONSymposium in San Antonio."The subject of UFO abductionreports," Hopkins said, "is approachedas if these kidnappings were crimes,and I were an investigator trying toassemble sufficient evidence for agrand jury to decide that such eventsdid, in fact, happen as the abducteesclaim."First, an attempt ismade to refutethe two theories that claim nokidnappings occurred — that thewitnesses are either lying or aresomehow deluded. Next, the variousclasses of evidence are presented tosupport the physical reality of thesekidnappings. These are 1), secondarywitnesses to the abductions; 2),physical traces - landing marks on theground, wounds and marks upon theabductees bodies; and 3), thecongruity of description by theabductees."Finally a motive for the crime ispresented: a longterm research projectupon, and active interaction (includinggenetic or reproductive experiment-ation) with human beings by theirkidnappers, whom I identify finally asextraterrestrial in origin. And then the(continued on page 17)
  9. 9. UFOINFORMATIONWEEKByMARGE CHRISTENSENThe first national UFO InformationWeek in the nations history will be heldduring the week of August 18-25,1985.The Mutual UFO Network will sponsor .this i m p o r t a n t endeavor, incooperation with wht Center for UFOStudies and the Fund for UFOResearch, in.order to heighten publicawareness of the UFO subject and ofthe need for services for research of it.Forty-one MUFON Stateorganizationswill participate in this week.INITIAL FORUMMassachusetts will initiate theweeks activities with its 1 and !/2 dayUFO Forum on August 17-18. TheForum will be moderated by Dr. DavidM. Jacobs, and will feature the followingspeakers: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Mr. JohnSchuessler, Mr. Dan Wright, Dr. WillySmith, Mr. Budd Hopkins, Mr. BarryGreenwood, and Mrs. MargeChristensen.UFO exhibits at shopping malls orCounty Fairs will be held in Texas,Florida, Iowa, Wyoming, Massachu-setts, Southern California, NorthernCalifornia, North Carolina, NewMexico, Pennsylvania, New Jersey andNebraska.MUFON organizations in Utah,Wyoming, and Virginia will presentphotographic exhibits at publiclibraries.Iowa will sponsor UFO displays atthe Center of Science & Technologyand at the Des Moines Park &Recreation Festival.In Wisconsin, the MUFONorganization will present a TV newsreport on the UFO subject fromMilwaukee. Nebraskas MUFON groupwill launch a new series of 26 half-hourprograms on cable television entitled,"Exploring Unexplained Phenomena."In Washington, the Puget SoundAerial Phenomena ResearchOrganization will initiate a 24-hourMARGE CHRISTENSENUFO Information Service International(Tel: 206-721-5035).Maine, Iowa, Michigan and NewJersey will piovide lectures on collegecampuses, at libraries, and at civicorganizations.OPINION POLLSPublic opinion polls on the UFOsubject will be sponsored in Texas,Maine, Colorado, Iowa, and Illinois.The N o r t h Carolina MUFONorganization will sponsor a UFOInformation Night at a local theatre.Louisiania, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma,South Carolina, North Carolina, NewYork, Massachusetts, Colorado,Nebraska, Utah, Pennsylvania, NewJersey, Connecticut, Michigan,Missouri, Washington, NorthernCalifornia, Southern California, Illinois,Georgia, and Wisconsin will sponsor-Dennis Stacyradio andonguest appearancestelevision.Press releases to the media will besent out by Tennessee, New Mexico,Massachusetts, Conneticut, NewYork, New Jersey, Florida, Texas,South Carolina, North Carolina,Colorado, Illinois,Nebraska,Michigan,Iowa, Northern California, Maine,Washington, Wyoming, .Vermont,Missouri, Utah, New Hampshire,Maryland, Washington, D.C., Georgiaand Wisconsin.In New Jersey, a permanent storewindow display on UFOs will beestablished. Also, Melanie Benson, wifeof State Director Tom Benson, will takea ride in a hot air balloon with a banneradvertising the first National UFOInformation Week.MUFON information pages are(continued on page 16)
  10. 10. Chase Park Plaza HotelJohn Roppoli WithSymposium T-ShirtsDisplay AreaPRESENTS 1985 fl jur ?gWJFOM SVW>OSIUH II 29 USTUDYGRQUPLOUIS mr
  11. 11. Frank BrownsUFO PlatesMichael SwordsBetween SessionsMaster of CeremoniesJohn Schroeder(All photographs by Dennis Stacy)11
  12. 12. Corporate Meet, France, IndianaNEWSNNOTESBy Walt AndrusThe Annual MUFON Corporatemeeting was held Sunday, June 30,1985 at the Chase Hotel in St. Louis,Missouri in conjunction with theSixteenth Annual UFO Symposium.The meeting was called to order at10:30 a.m. by Walter H. Andrus Jr.,International Director with John F.Schuessler, Deputy Director forAdministration, acting as Secretary.CENTRAL DIRECTORThe UFO Study Group of GreaterSt. Louis was commended for their wellorganized and implemented part inhosting the Symposium. The first orderof business was to elect a new CentralRegional Director to replace Charles L.Tucker whose term had expired on theBoard of Directors. Since only onenomination was received, a mail ballotwas not required this year. Dan L.Wright, state director from Michigan,.was approved and elected by themembers present from the twentycentral states.The 1986 MUFON Symposium willbe held at MichiganState University inEast Lansing on June 27, 28& 29,1986and will be science-oriented (furtherdetails in Directors Message).FRENCH REPORTIt was announced that Dr. Hynek,Dr. Vallee and Dr. Niemtzow hadrecently flown to France to evaluate thework of GEPAN and to makerecommendations upon future fundingfor UFO investigations and research bythe French Government. They also metprivately with Claude Poher formerChief of GEPAN (see separate articleinthis issue concerning their visit asrelated by Richard Niemtzow, M.D.upon his return).Ron Lakis was introduced, withcredit given for his UFO documentary"The UFO Experience" (see DirectorsMessage for details on how to purchase12the film and the conditions for its use).The film "UFOs: Whats Going On?",being produced and directed by FredRosen for H.B.O. Cable TV distributionwas announced with a tentative releasedate of August 1985.Regional and State Directors madetheir annual reports. Typed copieswere submitted in full to theInternational Director. Brief statementswere made by each of the annualmeeting audience. Oral reports weremade by Paul Cerny (State Director forNorthern California and WesternRegional Director), Henry H. McKay(Ontario Provincial Director andCandian Regional Director), JoeSantangelo (Eastern Regional Directorand MUFON Amateur RadioNet), DanWright (State Director for Michiganand Central RegionalDirector), ForrestLundberg (Iowa), Leonard Sturm( I l l i n o i s ) , Marge Christensen(Massachusetts), Mildred Biesle(Utah), Steve Toth (Ohio), KenMcLean (Wyoming), Jean Waller(Oklahoma), Michael Brein (Hawaii),Donald Ware (Florida), Donald Schmitt(Wisconsin), Doug Labat (Louisiana),Bruce A.Widaman (Missouri), and PaulNorman (Victoria,Australia).FIELD EXAMThomas H. Nicholl, DeputyDirector for Business Management,was introduced as well as the AssistantState Directors attendingthe corporatemeeting. Dan Wright presented thefinal version of the Field InvestigatorsExam for acceptance by theorganization, which was subsequentlyapproved. The exam will be first givento all State Directors, State SectionDirectors and Field Investigatorsduring the next six months so that allwill be familiar with and cognizant of thecontents. The program will beadministered initially by Mrs. ShirleyCoyne in Michigan under the directionof Dan Wright and financed byMUFON. After all of the above peoplehave taken the examination,a decisionwill be made as to its application foradvancement from Field InvestigatorTrainee to Field Investigator and whowill administer the program in thefuture. This is a mjaor step inupgradingthe professionalism of MUFONinvestigators and researchers.A commendation was given to DanWright and his committee fordeveloping two 35mm slide sets of 50and 100 sets for use as visual aids ingiving UFO lectures. Only a limitedsupply is available so please place yourorders with Dan Wright, 1502Marquette, Lansing, MI 48906. The 50slide set costs $25.00 and the 100slideset $45.00. Marge Christensenreviewed the N a t i o n a l UFOInformation Week activities throughoutthe country scheduled for August 18-25, 1985. Both she and Doug Labatdiscussed the UFO Library ResourceCenters in various parts of thecountry,which is being spearheaded by DavidChristensen.RADIOJoe Santangelo gave a six monthreport on the MUFON Amateur RadioNet in which 23 different stations hadchecked in on Saturday mornings. Dueto the "Breakfast with the Speakers,"concluding at 10:30 a.m. and theafternoon session starting at 12:30p.m., it was necessary to adjourn theannual meeting at 12:30 p.m., therebypreventing sufficient time for additionalnew business on the agenda.GEPANThe French Government is theonly nation publicly funding UFOresearch at the present timethrough itsspace program Centre NationalDEtudes Spatiales. Group DEtudes(continued next page)
  13. 13. NEWSNNOTES, ContinuedPhenomenes Aerospatiaux NonIdentifies (GEPAN) is the organizationspecifically responsible for UFOinvestigations and research in France.Claude Poher served as Chief ofGEPAN for two years, followed by Dr.Alain Esterle, while Jean JacquesVelasco presently occupies thisposition of responsibility.OUTSIDE ADVICEIn order to evaluate future fundingfor GEPAN, the Prime Minister ofFrance sought the advice of sourcesindependent of political and scientificpersonnel in France who might beprejudiced. Dr. J. Allen Hynek andRichard C. Niemtzow, M.D. wereinvited to meet with governmentofficials and to make recommendationsfor the continuation of GEPAN. Dr.Jacques Vallee accompanied Dr.Hynek and Niemtzow as an unofficialobserver to the meetings andconferences due to his interest andknowledge.The triumviratearrived in Paris onJune 23rd and had lunch with ClaudePoher. Mr. Poher is still very interestedin UFOs. In spite of rumors circulated afew years ago, he is "alive and well."Poher advised that he will continue tobe watching the progress of GEPANfrom the sidelines as it faces politicalattacks.On Monday, June 24th aconference was held at the FrenchNational Space Center in Paris (CentreNational DEtudes Spatiales), attendedby 20 to 30 space center officials anduniversity professors. Both Dr. Hynekand Niemtzow presented papers to thisprestigious conclave. Dr. Neimtzowspaper was titled "Physiological andradiation effects from intenseluminousunidentified flying objects" and Dr.Hyneks was "Anapproach to the studyof unidentified aerospace phenom-enon." Hynek discussed hiscomputerized UFO catalog and firmlyadvised that he supported the activityand e f f o r t s of GEPAN andrecommended that it not be closeddown. Hynek and Niemtzow offeredthe cooperation of UFO organizationsin the U.S.A. to GEPAN andencouraged international collaborationon exceptional UFO cases in eithercountry. Ifa significant case occurred inFrance, Dr. Hynek and Niemtzowwould be invited to participate andlikewise GEPAN personnel wouldcome to the United States. Unofficially,Jacques Vallee was present as anobserver to offer his support to GEPANand recommend its continuance.Dr. Niemtzow,whospeaks Frenchfluently havingattended medical schoolin France, had two privateconversations with top officials of theFrench space program. Mr. Lions,Director of the National Space Center,felt that GEPAN should continue to beactive in spite of political and scientificproblems. Mr. J. Gruau, InspectorGeneral of the Space Center andSecretary to the GEPAN ScientificCouncil also supported the researchwork of GEPAN.SPACE CENTERThe National Space CenterHeadquarters and offices of GEPAN inToulouse, France was the site for themeetings on June 25th. Mr. P. Bescond,Under Director of the Space Center atToulouse welcomed the U.S.Consultants to the seminar/symposium-style all-day meeting. Dr.Jacques Vallee presented a paper titled"Applications of methods of artificialintelligence for the screening of witnessreports." This is a method ofdetermining by telephone, usingcomputer displayed questions, whethera case should be investigated further.All three Consultants recommendedthat GEPAN should continue in thefuture due to the wide collection ofmaterial that would otherwise bewasted.They also met Dr. Alain Esterleformer Chief of GEPAN who is nowinvolved in evaluation of spaceprograms. Dr. Esterle obtained hisPh.D. from the University ofWashington and while Chief ofGEPAN, he met with MUFON officersin Houston, Texas.FILE ACCESSOn Wednesday, June 26th, Hynekand Niemtzow had the pleasure ofpersonal access to the GEPAN UFOfile and computerized file. The found noevidence of humanoids or UFO crashesor any type of aggressive sightingssuchas radar or aircraft. Allcases were verywell investigated.They expressed theirdesire to continue working withGEPAN and Jean Jacques Velasco,theChief. Inthe Paris meeting on June 24,arepresentative of the Prime Ministerwas in the audience to observe andreport back to his superior.NO PRESSFor the record, Richard C.Niemtzow, M.D. was invited as aprivate citizen and a Consultant to theGEPAN meetings by the FrenchGovernment. In reality, Dr. Niemtzowis a Major in the U.S.A.F. Medical Corpstationed at Andrews AFB, Maryland.He has a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences.Richard has been a MUFONConsultant in Radiation since 197.7, andis presently the State Section Directorfor Prince Georges-County inMayland.The U.S.A.F. approved of Dr.Niemtzows visit to France, but he wasforbidden to participate in any JDressconference due to the sensitive natureof his position. We are indebted to Dr.Niemtzow for providing thisinformation to the MUFON UFOJOURNAL by telephone.The Mutual UFO Network hasbeen cooperating with GEPAN since itsinception and will continue to do so. Inour library, we have allof theirtechnicalreports form No. 3 dated April 3.981through No. 18 dated March 15, i9/>3and Note DInformation numbers 2, 3,and 4.INDIANAJerry L. Sievers, Assistant StateDirector for Indiana, hosted anexcellent UFO meeting in Vincennes,Indiana, at the beautiful ExecutiveInn on Saturday, July 6th. Followingadelicious buffet dinner in the immensedining room, attendees convened in ahotel meeting room where TVequipment had been installed. Thepurpose of the session was anotherstep in organizing the MUFON team in(continued on page 18)13
  14. 14. SYMPOSIUMVIDEOTAPESByJOSEPH L. PALERMOAt this time, the act ofreaching thepublic with information about ufologyseems to be a paramount concern forMUFON. I am proud to say Ive finallybeen able to take steps forward in thisdepartment with the video-taping of theentire 1985 MUFON Symposium.By publication, the productiongroup engaged for not-for-profitMidwest Motion PictureProteges, Inc.,will have post-produced and will bemaking available, the lectures,atmosphere and excitement of theSymposium on either VMS or Betatapes. The sale ofthe Symposium tapesare in two categories....individuallectures at the current cost of$27.00 orthe entire Symposium (roughly 14hours!) at the current cost of$121.0QAtthe time of this writing, weve alreadyreceived one order for the entireSymposium and are expecting more inthe mail.The individual lectures are asfollows....Peter Gerstens THEBURDEN OF PROOF, WilliamMoores CRASHED SAUCERS,Stanton T. Friedmans NOISYNEGATIVISTS, George FawcettsUFO REPETITIONS, Ted PhillipsPHYSICAL TRACE LANDINGREPORTS, John SchuesslersMEDICAL EVIDENCE, BuddHopkins ABDUCTION REPORTS,David Webbs HYPNOSIS ANDABDUCTION CASES, and LeonardStringfields FATAL ENCOUNTER ATFT. DIX.An equallyexcitingopportunity forall of us is that Midwest FilmsProductions, Inc., the company aidingMMPPI in its releasing efforts, is innegotiations with video clubs in the St.Louis area for working the tapes in arental fashion for us!Ive been a member of MUFONnow for two years and have heard ofand seen the need for both money andpublic education. Im workingon both.If you would like to order either anindividual lecture, several individual14Lights, Camera, Action!lectures, or the complete Symposiumset, simply write down what youwant....specify VHSor Beta,makeyourcheck or money order payable toMidwest Motion Picture Proteges, Inc.,and mail to MMPPI, 9327 Corregidor,St. Louis, Missouri 63134. Our phonenumber is (314) 423-2827 with ananswer machine for placing orders also.If you call, be sure and leave yournumber and an appropriate time youmay be reached. (DUE TO THECOMPLETENESSOF EVENTCOVERAGE AND THE FACT THATYOUR CHECK MAY BE FROM OUTOF TOWN/STATE, PLEASEALLOW4 TO 6 WEEKS FOR CHECKCLEARANCE, DUBBING, ANDDELIVERY.) Also, if you would like torent the tapes, take this article to yourvideo club and ask them to contact us.-Dennis StacyWell be happy to arrange a deal withthem.These tapes will not only bring youup-todate, they are capable ofinforming those family members andfriends who you wish you could explainufology to, plus they will also raisemonies for both MUFONand MMPPI.MUFONAMATEUR RADIO NETEVERY SATURDAY MORNINGATOBOOEST(ORDST)on 7237 KHz SSB
  15. 15. UFO SECRECY UPDATEBy Larry Bryant•i •What could (and should) havebeen a publicity bombshell at theMUFON St. Louis Symposium thisJune turned out to be a misfire.Whether the case study inquestion — Leonard H. Stringfieldsstatus update on the Fort Dix-McGuireAFB, N.J., UFOencounter/alien-bodyretrieval operation of January 18, 1978— should thus be written off by thecasual observer as a passe myth or asan expose slightly ahead of its time, Iknow not. What I do know, though,ought to serve as a new point ofdeparture for dealing with the Dix-McGuireincident.Item: After months of exhaustiveresearch by Stringfield, Richard Hall,and a fewothers, this case seems to bestanding the test of time. Indeed, Hallputs it at the top of the credibility scaleas regards Stringfields assortment ofUFO crash-retrieval accounts.Item: The uniqueness of the caselies in two mutually supportingpieces ofevidence: (1) the testimony of one of itsprincipals, a former McGuiresecuritypoliceman, who feels itnecessary not to"go public" with his name until hesassured of a safe forum for his story(such as a Congressional committeehearing?); (2) a "leaked" documentconfirming the basic facts of his story—the document being an "IncidentReport" filed by McGuire SecurityPolice and forwarded to the USAFOffice of Special Investigations(O.S.O.) for coordination of any follow-up reports.DATA QUESTIts those follow-up reports thatcan help resolve any question about thecases authenticity, comparativeimportance, and outcome. Where dothe reports repose now? What agencieshave had custody over them during thepast seven years, and why?Howcanweget Congress to launch an inquiry intothe events and documentationsurrounding the incident?Finding the answers will of courserequire additional timeand effort on thepart of us all, the only reward beingTruth.Where to start? Writing to yourrepresentatives and senators inCongress might help. In your letter,enclose a copy of the IncidentReport(reproduced on pages 60-61 in the St.Louis MUFON Symposium Proceed-ings) and ask the Congress member tosend it to the appropriateHouse/Senate committee for theirreview and investigation. About 30daysafter your member thus responds tothis request, write direct to thecommittee chairman to determinewhathis committee is doing, or plans to do,to resolve the issue. His answer oughtto prove useful in preparing1a letter-to-the-editor or Op-ED Page item foryourlocal newspaper. (Once the news mediabegin to sink their teeth into this case,the snowball should start rolling on itsown.)While you thus perform your civicduty on the stage of public opinion,youshould know that back in the wingsRichard Hall and others are trying totrack down the current location of theseveral principals cited in thepreliminary Incident Report (whosenames are deleted from the publishedcopy of the report so as to protect themfrom the same kind of reprisal allegedlyincurred by Stringfields informant).NEW CAMPAIGNAside from the approach toCongress, we have another, high-visibility avenue to the Truth: the U.S.Freedom of Information Act.Accordingly, a group ofresearchers in the Washington, D.C.,area has embarked on the FOIApursuitof all records pertaining to the O.S.I,involvement in the incidents reportageand aftermath: such records as theautopsy report on the "one body ofunknown origin" (the terminologyentered on the DD Form 1569 IncidentReport), the intelligence-analysis reporton the bodys personal effects, thevarious witness statements, and theaudio/video/polygraph transcripts ofallinterrogation sessions with theincidents participants and witnesses.In the coming months of expectedUSAF stonewalling on the groupspursuit, theyll be mapping out thelong-term strategy. This will entail theservices of an attorney for filing theappropriate lawsuit, the preparation ofinterrogatories for the court to grant a"discovery motion" towarddetermining the exact nature andwhereabouts of the sought-for records,and any necessary issuing of thesubpoenas to both participants in andwitnesses to the incident, in an effort toshow that an event of this magnitudemust have generated a permanentlymaintained file of records.Of course, such an undertakingwill incur substantial expense. But italso offers you a chance to put yourUFO-research contributions toward ahistory-making pay-off. Heres theproposal: send whatever you can, rightnow, to the Fund for UFO Research,Inc (P.O. Box 277, Mount Rainier, MD20712). On the tax-deductiblecheck/money order, note your desirethat the donation be applied to the"Dix-McGuire FOIA UFO LitigationProject." The monies thus received willbe kept separate from the Funds otherresources, expressly to wage this battlefor the release of all official informationon New Jerseys ultimate UFOencounter. Note: any left-over projectfunds will be transferred to the Fundsgeneral operating account.As the suite moves forward in thecourts, check the pages ofthe MUFONUFO Journal for periodic statusreports. Remember: the success ofthisproject depends on your personal(continued on page 16)15
  16. 16. Meier Case, an ApologyLETTERSBy the ReadersDear Editor,The recent article (June 1985) byPhilip Mantle reminds us that if weshould happen to observe or confrontany ET technology, we wouldjudgeit tobe possessed of magical powers. It isworth emphasizing that, as acorollary,what they could do should violate orcircumvent many of our present laws ofphysics, probably much more thanwhat we can do now would violate thelaws of nature as understood byscientists of 500 years ago. In short,their technology should seem beyondthe.range of ordinary knowledge, oroccult, according to the dictionarymeaning. As Mantle infers, this shouldinclude the high technology that wouldpermit easy travel between starsystems.A related point coming upfrequently now in recent scientificliterature on this topic isthat ourgalaxyshould be "saturated" with ET races,due to their past colonization andmigration, if not due also to theirindependent earlier starts of life onmillions of suitable planets. The factthat scientists have not spotted anyofficial evidence of them isnow taken tomean that they have a sort of embargoor quarantine against us, until we reacha level of understanding where we couldaccept their presence withoutlaunching nuclear warheads or goinginto panic or feeling that our religiousvalues are threatened. From this itfollows that such ETs, forthe most part,must be benevolent in a hands-off way,especially since we otherwise would notexist apparently unexploited by themtoday.The embargo idea, described forexample in The Planetary Report (Vol.V, No. 1, 1985, p.20), further impliesthat they are observing us, if only todetermine when it will be time for theembargo to be lifted. However, anyabrupt lifting of the embargo wouldprobably have disastrous results atpresent. Perhaps UFOs are one wayin16which we are being prepared graduallyto accept the nearby presence ofdiverse ET civilizations far superior toours, but being prepared in a mannerdesigned not to alert scientists andgovernments, so that the "official"embargo can hold for a while longer.Ifso, it is possible that they may havecontacted a few individuals in a similarmanner, so as not to catch the attentionof scientists, in order to explain morefully what may be going on, and to gettheir messages into our literature.Putting all of this together, the E.Meier case seems to be a goodcondidate for one such definitivecontact. This is the case brieflydescribed in the book reviewedfavorably by L. Parish (July-Aug.,1984). Although the case hadpreviously been mostly dismissedpartly because Meiers huge numbersof color photos of posing saucer craftlook too good, it is mainly because thevery lengthy, ET message accompany-ing his contact sessions seems occultinmany respects. From the foregoingdiscussion, however, this is more apoint in favor than against, provided theaccompanying physical evidence isvery firm. I know of none of his severalhundred UFO photos that have beenfound fraudulent. Claims to thecontrary by Ground Saucer Watcharound 1980 seem unsupportable bythe evidence, and seem forced by theopinions of its director who, in FlyingSaucer Review (Vol. 30, No. 5, 1985)wrote, "Simply stated, the fewbona fidesaucers actually observed during thelast forty years represent clandestinegovernment technology testing, whichwe can support with technical reportsand photos."It should also be pointed out thatno hoaxist has been uncovered, afterthe ten years since the Meier affairbegan, and the names of at least 28witnesses to secondary events in thecase are known.James W. Deardorff, Ph.D.Dear Editor,In the May 1985 issue of theJournal, I made a sarcastic joke atRobert Sheaffers expense. I wish toapologize to Mr. Sheaffer and to allwhoseek to make this subject respectable.Young ufologists, take heed of myerror: Moral character is not earned atthe expense of another. Pleaseremember Dr. Hyneks maxim:Ridicule is not a part of the scientificmethod and people should not betaught that it is!Daniel EdenSECRECY, Continuedcommitment toward its relatedactivities (e.g., in mobilizingCongressional action), as well as onwhatever financial support you canmarshal.UFO WEEK, Continuedbeing furnished to all states by WaltAndrus. Public serviceannouncementsfor radio will be provided by JohnTimmerman, of the Center for UFOStudies. Posters stressing publicawareness of this week are beingdesigned by Wisconsin StateDirector,Donald Schmidt, and these will befurnished to all MUFON StateOrganizations.Slide sets and videotapedocumentaries are being madeavailable to all State organizations byMUFONs P.I.P.E. Committee.According to Dr. BruceMaccabee, the Fund forUFO Researchin Washington, D.C. will donate setsofU.S. Government documents releasedunder the Freedom of Information Act,to Washington, D.C. area publiclibraries.And finally, MUFON Coordinatorfor Africa, Cynthia Hind, hasannounced that Africa will observe a(continued next page)
  17. 17. UFO WEEK, ContinuedUFO Information Week which willcoincide with our own. Cynthiawill holda one-day UFO Forum, make radio andT.V. appearances, and coordinateother activities that week.Increased public awareness of theUFO subject and increased publicsupport for recognition of the subject asa legitimate area for serious, scientificresearch, could conceivably move uscloser to a solution to this vital enigma.Likewise, the solution to the UFOenigma could verywell launchmankindinto new discoveries of technology,medicine, communications, and aninfinite amount ofother areas.Allof thiscould result in a quantum leap forwardfor the human race.Please do your part to supportNational UFO Information Week.SYMPOSIUM, Continuedprosecution will rest its case."Hopkins also conducted animpromptu afternoon workshop onhow to investigate UFO incidents ingeneral, and clues that might indicatean abduction had taken place inparticular. These latter often includeadisjointed, or chopped-up, account ofevents that might indicate a period ofmissing time.All in all, the Symposium was aresounding success, due both to thespeakers, and their well-illustratedpresentations, and the foresight andwarm hospitalityof the host Greater St.Louis MUFON group. For the firsttime, the entire proceedings werevideotaped, attendees had anopportunity to breakfast with theirfavorite speakers, and T-shirts andBUDD HOPKINSbookbags emblazoned with theMUFON logo were offered (or sale. St.Louis definitely set precedents that willhopefully be emulated by subsequentsymposia. Congratulations are due allaround.Lawrence Fawcett and Barry J.GreenwoodINTENTBREAKFAST WITH THE SPEAKERS16th ANNUALMUFON SYMPOSIUMCHASE HOTELSt. Louis, Mo. 63108SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 1985THEGOVERNMENTCOVERUPOFTHEUFO EXPERIENCEWhat does the government knowabout UFOs and why wont it tell us?With a foreword by Dr. J.Allen Hynek17
  18. 18. THE NIGHT SKYBy Walter N. WebbMUFON Astronomy ConsultantSEPTEMBER 1985Bright Planets (EveningSky):The two giant planets of the solar system can be seen at the same time duringtwilight. Jupiter, still retrogradingwestward inCapricornus, glows brilliantlyinthe SE while fainter Saturn inLibrashines in theSW. The lattersets about 9:30PM DaylightTime in midmonth. Jupiter is due south at 10 PM.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):The brightest planet Venus rises north of east about 3:45 AM in midmonth,followed by the much dimmer red planet Mars an hour later in the samedirection. Venus appears5°south of the crescent moon on the 12th; the planetand the star Regulus make a close pair on the 21st.Jupiter sets in the WSW at about 2:30 AM in midmonth. It is 4° north of thegibbous moon at 2 AM on the 24th.Halleys Comet:"The Comet" is now within range of backyard astronomers with 6-to-8-inchtelescopes. In midnorthern latitudes the dim object rises about 12:30 AMDaylight Time in midmonthnorth of east between the stars 68 and 71 Orionis(exact position on the 15th isR.A. 6h 13m, Dec. +19° 37 [1950 coordinates]).Best viewing period is from about Sept. 10 to 25 when moonlight wont be afactor. During this time-frame the comets magnitude increases from 12.2 to11.4.Moon Phases:Last quarter-Sept. 7New moon-Sept. 14First quarter-Sept. 21Full moon-Sept. 28 (Harvest Moon)€OThe Stars:, At 10PM inmid-September the sky isevenlysplit between the summer starsinthe western half and the autumn constellations in the eastern half. The fallseasons celestial symbol, the Great Square of Pegasus, iseasily visiblein theeast while the summer symbol,the Summer Triangle, stands high in the west.Three bright stars near the horizon create frequent false UFO reports at thistime of the year. Watch out foryellow-white Capella in the NE, red Antares inthe WSW, and orange Arcturusin the WNW Atmospheric refraction causessuch lowstars to change colors and to appear to move about. :The Milky Way now passes directly overhead from NE toSW, itsbest eveningappearance of the year.NEWSNNOTES, ContinuedIndiana. Participants attended fromIndianapolis to the north and south tothe Ohio River, virtually half of thestate.State Section Directors presentwere Kerry Dean Teverbaugh (Vigoand Clay Counties), Francis L. Ridge(Posey, Vanderburgh and GibsonCounties), James C. DeLotel (Clark,Floyd and Harrison Counties), andJerry L. Sievers (Knox, Daviess andSullivan Counties). Kerry DeanTeverbaugh, meteorologist forWTWO-TV in Terre Haute, served asmaster of ceremonies. Mr. Sievershandled the business meeting in whichhe discussed the proposed newsletterfor Indiana MUFON, organizationalplans, and National UFO InformationWeek.Michael B. White, State SectionDirector for Monroe and BrownCounties, has produced a short,professionally-done UFO documentaryfor Channel 4 WTTV inBloomington,depicting sightings at an area known asLucky Point (south of Monroe Cityalong the White River), includinginterviews with witnesses andinvestigators. In a two-part article inThe Saturday Evening Post magazine(March 1984), Donald W. White relatedsome of these incidents in his articletitled "Flying Saucers: Are They Us?"After the meeting was adjournedSaturday evening, four carloads ofpeople drove to Lucky Point for a shortskywatch.Walt Andrus gave a shortpresentation on the objectives of theMutual UFO Network, the MUFONUFO JOURNAL, the MUFON FieldInvestigators Manualand displayedthecurrent MUFON 1985 UFOSymposium Proceedings, specificallyfor those attending who were notfamiliar with MUFON. News mediapresent, in addition to one of the localradio stations, included reporters fromthe Indianapolis News and the TerreHaute Gazette.Debbie, the principal in BuddHopkins 1984 Sumposium paper titled"The Haunting of Kitley Woods,"shared some of her personal(continued on page 19)18
  19. 19. IN OTHERS WORDSByLucius ParishThe NATIONAL ENQUIRERSissue of May 21 reported on Dr. DavidJacobs college course on the UFOsubject, taught at Temple University inPhiladelphia. Dr. Jacobs comments onthe increasing number of UFOabduction reports, saying theabductees stories are believable for anumber of reasons. An article in theENQUIRERS May 28 issue quotesBrad Steiger and Hayden Hewes assaying that Bigfoot creatures are lower-life forms which have been broughthere by UFO occupants from otherplanets. The pilot of an Iberia Airlinesjetliner says he was ordered to changecourse to investigate a brilliant UFOseen over the Canary Islands,according to a report in the July 2 issueof ENQUIRER.Those who have read ZechariaSitchins two previous books, THE12TH PLANET and THE STAIR-WAY TO HEAVEN, will certainlywant to obtain his newest title, THEWARS OF GODS AND MEN. In theprevious books, Sitchin cited ancientSumerian and Biblical references tosupport his theory that the human racewas "created" by extraterrestrials. InTHE WARS OF GODS AND MEN,hecontinues his central theme, amplifyinghis previous conclusions with newevidence from his research. There is a15-page listing of references in thisbook, so one can see that Sitchin hasdone his homework before setting outhis controversial theories. Ipersonallyregard all three books as "must"reading and look forward to many morevolumes in the "Earth Chronicles"series of books. Copies of the threebooks may be obtained from AvonBooks (1790 Broadway -New York,NY10019) in paperback editions. THE12TH PLANET is $4.50; the two laterbooks are $3.95 each.Richard Michael RasmussensTHE UFO LITERATUREisthe latestannotated bibliography of English-language books dealing with the UFOsubject. Rasmussen includes chapterson "The Nature of the Literature" and"UFOs in Literature:A Brief History."While not a complete listing of allpublished works (as is the case with allsuch bibliographies, it seems), thiscompilation does include some titleswhich are little-known. Overall,however, one can question the need foryet another reference work of this sort.Another drawback is the price ($29.95)for a 263-page hardcover, even thoughit is nicely done.If you want to add THE UFOLITERATURE to your UFO literature,the publisher is McFarland &Company, Inc. - Box 611 - Jefferson,NC 28640.MESSAGE, ContinuedIn the March 1985 issue of theJournal, a new magazine titled THEUNKNOWN was announced with JonViolette and Stan Mussman as Co-Editors. The original investors in thisproject have decided not to continuebecause of a lack of committment fromadvertisers. This has necessitated areorganization, as well as exploringsome alternative approaches tomarketing. However, it does not looklike THE UNKNOWNwill debut on thenewsstands this year according to JonViolette.Ron Lakis, Producer of the KPIX-TV UFO documentary, "The UFOExperience" has purchased thesyndication rights for this film, and ismaking copies available for purchase byindividuals for personal use. The filmmay not be aired on TV stations unlessthe station enters into an agreementwith Mr. Lakis in regard to payment ofroyalties. Lakis hopes to sell 250 copiesof the film in order to fund the cost of asecond documentary on the UFOsubject. Tapes may be purchased for$39.95 plus s h i p p i n g f r o m :STARRION PRODUCTIONS, P.O.Box 31-555, San Francisco, CA 94131.The film is highly recommended to allinterested people due to itsprofessionalcaliber and because it features manyMUFON people.* * *Dr. Ramon De Aguilar hasannounced that they will be sponsoringa meeting in the Republicof Panama onSeptember 19-22, 1985, titled "PrimerCongreso Latinoamericano y delCaribe." Anyone interested inattending should write to Dr. Aguilar atApartado 681, Panama 9A, RepublicofPanama.* * *A report on the MUFON AnnualCorporate Meeting held in St. Louisappears elsewhere in this issue.NEWSNNOTES, Continuedexperiences and answered questionsfrom the audience. She has become anenthusiastic member and promotesMUFON in the Indianapolis area.Several other attendees told of theirpersonal UFO sightings and werefilmed by Terry Dean. Michael Whitehas filmed Debbie on several occasionsfor a possible future documentary.Debbie participated with Walt Andruson the one hour WLS-TV program"AM Chicago" on January 18, 1985.Mr. Sievers is to be commendedfor arranging this informative meetingas a means of organizing UFOinvestigative teams in the "HoosierState." We heartily recommend thisidea to every state, because it becomesan ongoing"National UFO InformationWeek."NEWS FLASH"UFO —WHATS GOING ON?"H.B.O. Programmed for SeptemberDATES & TIMES (COST) FOR SHOWING:Sept. 10 9:00 PMSept. 18 10:50 PMSept. 21 5:00 PMSept. 23 10:15 PMSept. 26 9:00 PMSept. 29 9:15 PMPlease refer to your local cable guide forlocal programing times.MUFON103 OLDTOWNE RD.SEGUIN, TX 7815519
  20. 20. DIRECTORS MESSAGEbyWalt AndrusThe August Journal is a specialissue devoted to the very enjoyable andeducational MUFON 1985 UFOSymposium at the Chase Hotel in St.Louis, Missouri. Congratulations areextended to Cliff Palmberg,Chairman, and his outstanding hostcommittee for a superb meeting. Theelegant Chase Hotel provided idealfacilities for the sixteenth annualMUFON symposium. Since MUFONwas founded in the St. Louis/Quincy,Illinois locale in 1969, a large numberofthe founding members were present toreminisce and to visit their friends inUfology.Dan Wright led atwelve-memberMichigan MUFON contingent to St.Louis to specifically invite everyone toattend the MUFON 1986 UFOSymposium to be held at the KellogCenter for Continuing Education,Michigan State University in EastLansing on June 27, 28 and 29, 1986.His host committee providedliteratureto entice visitors to the Symposiumunder the state banner "Say Yes toMichigan." Speakers already confirmedare Dr. J. Allen Hynck, Dr.Bruce S.Maccabee, Dr. David M.Jacobs,Dr.Michael Swords and Mrs. MargeChristensen.* * *The MUFON Annual UFOSymposium is inteded to examine thescientific dilemma known asunidentified flying objects. By increasedawareness, the public is served. Inrecognition of the Universitysmissionto inform and educate, MUFONS 17thAnnual UFO Symposium is sponsoredby the Division of Lifelong EducationPrograms. Michigan State Universitytakes no position regarding thesubjectof aerial phenomena. Fees for allSymposium sessions, workshops,wine-cheese reception, and relatedactivites are $25.00 in advance. Now isthe time to plan next years summervacation to visit the beautiful state ofMichigan.•*••*••*•MUFONs success maybe directlyattributed to the leadership at the statelevel where UFO investigative teamsare organized. David E. Rubien ofSaunderston, R.I., a former StateSection Director has accepted theresponsibility of State Director forRhode Island. A graduate of theUniversity of Rhode Island,Mr. Rubienis now a developer.Richard D. Seifried, StateDirector for Ohio has made thefollowing new promotions: ChristineA. Hanson, Dayton, Ohio, from FieldInvestigator Trainee to State SectionDirector for Montgomery, Preble andGreene Counties; and Jennie (Mrs.Gordon) Zeidman, Columbus, Ohio toState Section Director for Franklin andDelaware Counties. Irena Scott,Ph.D., who resides in Galena, Ohio,recently volunteered to become aConsultant in Physiology and a FieldInvestigator. Dr. Scott will also beworking with Jennie Zeidman inDelaware County. Dr. Scott isemployed as a Researcher at BattelleMemorial Institute and is a ResearchAssociate at the Ohio State UniversityMedical School, both in Columbus.Dan Wright has selected WayneErickson of Redford, Mich., to be theState Section Director for Wayne andOakland Counties. Mr. Erickson has aB.S.E.E. degree and is amateur radiooperator W8ZDX. Marge Christen-sen, State Director for Massachusetts,has appointed Victor W. Zeller,M.A.T. in Physics, to ( become aResearch Specialist. Mr. Zeller, whoresides in South Dartmouth, Mass., isaCollege Professor who teaches physicsand astronomy.Doug Labat, State Director forLouisiana, promoted Richard S.Matthews to State Section Directorfor the Louisiana Parishes of Orleans,St. Bernard, Jefferson, St. Charles andPlaquemines in the New Orleans area.Mr. Matthews has become a real assetto Mr. Labat in helping to organize theState of Louisiana.•*• * *Robert Guenette Productions inLos Angeles, was contracted by HomeBox Office (H.B.O.) to produce a UFOdocumentary to be shown to their 15million cable subscribers. For severalmonths, your Director has beenworking with Fred Rosen, theproducer/director, as a Consultant.The film has been tentatively titled"UFOs: Whats Going on." Fred Rosenwas targeting for an August showing,however the listing does not appear inthe August cable programming forH.B.O. Watch your TV cable guidefora possible showing in September,because this is a more realisticschedule.* •*• *Michael D. Hart, Director of TheCompufon Network, P.O. Box 954,Duvall, Washington 98019 and thePudget Sound Aerial PhenomenaResearch have donated an Atari1200XL (64K) computer to the MutualUFO Network. The CompufonNetwork has placed their new IBM PCin operation and is entering theirnewsletter on a "bulletin board"service. They may be contacted bycalling (206) 788-5901. Mr. Hart is onthe MUFON Staff for ComputerScience. MUFON members constitute26% of the Compufon membership,leading allorganizations.The MUFONheadquarters is seeking a modem thatis compatible with the Atari System,such as an MPP-1000C or a HayesSmartmodem.* * *Video tapes were made of theentire MUFON 1985 UFO Symposiumin St. Louis by Joe Palermo ofMidwest Motion Picture Proteges, Inc.and are available for purchase. Pleaserefer to a separate articlein this issueofthe Journal for details.* * *(continued on page 19)