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Mufon ufo journal   1985 6. june
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Mufon ufo journal 1985 6. june


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  • 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International Director andAssociate EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorANN DRUFFELContributing EditorTED BLOECHERDAVE WEBBCo-Chairmen,Humanoid Study GroupPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityMARGE CHRISTENSENPublic RelationsREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityGREG LONGStaff WriterSIMONE MENDEZStaff ArtistTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEONARD STRINGFIELDUFO Crash/RetrievalWALTER N. WEBBAstronomyNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLROBERT V. PRATTEditor/Publishers EmeritusThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$15.00 per year in the U.S.A.; $16.00foreign in U.S. funds. Copyright 1985by the Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin, Texas.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 toadvise change of address to TheMUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155.FROMTHE EDITORThis issue welcomes back a former editor of the Journal,Richard Hall, with some pungent points about the currentstateofaffairs inufology. JennieZeidman givesus an on-the:spot impresisonof her recent visit to Rendlesham Forest, and Stan Gordon looks atcurrent Pennsylvania reports. Philip Mantle, Overseas LiaisonOfficer for the Yorkshire(England) UFO Society, re-opensthe casefor the extraterrestrial hypothesis, and Francis Ridge, MUFONState-Section Director for Indiana, reviews NICAPs The UFOEvidence, 20 years after its original publication. Our coverisbywestTexas cartoonist, GaryOliver,pen name "Golliver". Wehope to seemore of his work in the Journal, too.July will be an issue devoted exclusively to the recentlydeclassified Air Intelligence Report of December 10,1948,"Analysisof Flying Objects in the U.S." The August or September issueof theJournal will carry complete coverage of the St. Louis Symposium,my own interview with RichardHaines, and the regularfeaturesanddepartments that make the MUFON Journal a recognizedworld-leader in the study and reporting of unidentified aerialphenomena.Obviously we think the Journal deserves your continuedsupport. Why not take a small portion of your tax-refund and buyyour Senator or Congressman, state or federal, a yearssubscription beginning with the important July Air IntelligenceReport issue? Since were a non-profit organization, youll be able todeduct the subscription from this years taxes, too!In this issueRENDLESHAM RE-VISITED, by Jennie Zeidman 3PENNSYLVANIA REPORTS, by Stan Gordon 5IN OTHERS WORDS, by Lucius Parish 8THE CASE FOR E-T CONTACT, by Philip Mantle 9BLUEPRINT FOR PROGRESS, by Richard Hall 12THE UFO EVIDENCE: 20 Years After, by Francis Ridge 14PROCEEDINGS DEDICATION, by Walt Andrus 15LETTERS : 16THE NIGHT SKY, by Walter Webb 18DIRECTORS MESSAGE, by Walt Andrus 20COVER, by GolliverThe Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal income tax.In addition,bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions ofSections 2055, 2106,and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFONUFO JOURNAL are determined by the editor, and donot necessarily represent the official position of MUFON. Opinions of contributorsare their own, and do not necessarilyreflect those of the editor, the staff, or MUFON.Articles may be forwardeddirectly to MUFON. Responses to published articles maybe in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400 words) or ina short article (up to about2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50% rule" is applied: the article author may reply butwill be albwed half the wordage used in the response; the responder mayanswertheauthor but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authors reply, etc. Allsubmissions are subject to editing for style, clarity, and conciseness.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than 200words are quoted from any one article, the author of the article isgivencredit, and thestatement "Copyright 1985 by the Mutual UFO Network, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin,Texas" isincluded.
  • 3. RENDLESHAM RE-VISITEDBy Jennie ZeldmanBy now, ufologists and ufobuffsalike are familiar with the RendleshamForest Affair. The night of December27, 1980, a UFO allegedly crash-landedin a forest near a U.S. Air Base (RAFWoodbridge) in Suffolk, England. U.S.personnel went to the site, and the BaseCommander communicated with threealien entities during the several hoursthe triangular-shaped craft wasgrounded for repairs. Two nights later,at the same site, the Deputy BaseCommander (Lt. Col. Charles Halt)and others were treated to a repeat visitby strange pulsing lights. Halt made a"real-time" audio tape of that event.The case "belongs" to JennyRandies, Dot Street, and BrendaButler. Dot . and Brenda, relativelyinexperienced, non-scientificallyoriented UFO investigators (Dot,BUFORA; Brenda, independent) didmost of the leg work, while Jenny,internationally respected Chief ofInvestigations for BUFORA, was theirmentor, coaching from the sidelines ather home in Warrington, nearLiverpool. Their book, S/cy Crash,1is aconvoluted chronology of theirinvestigation which creates moremysteries than it solves. It concernsitself not so much with their findings(which were few) but with their greatdifficulties with witnesses andgovernment agencies. The contentionis that there exists a giganticconspiratorial coverup on the case.VISITI spent, all day April 9, 1985, withDot Street-in Woodbridge village, inRendlesham Forest, and at the site, andthe following Saturday evening inLondon-with Dot, Jenny Randies,Peter Warrington, Hilary Evans,Tomothy Good, et al, at a BUFORAmeeting where the topic was BritishGovernment cover-up, and the speakerwas Ralph Noyes, a former Air MinistryIntelligence Officer. Upon hisRALPH NOYES and JENNY HANDLES—Photo by Jenny Zeldmanretirement in 1977, Noyes was head ofDS 8, the office "in charge of UFOmatters." Jenny said having RalphNoyes lecture BUFORA wasequivalent to havingEd Ruppelt lectureCUFOS.None of this makes me an experton the RFA (Rendlesham ForestAffair); however I believe it has givenme a perspective on the case that Ihavent seen elsewhere, and Id like tomake a few comments to that effect. Ifnothing more, the moles among usmayenjoy a few hearty laughs.2In our "usual" cases, we (theinvestigators) interrogate witnesseswho are cooperative to the best oftheirabilities, i.e., theyre "on our side," theyare truly puzzled, and they are lookingto us for help. In the RFA (as presentedin S/cy Crash), just the opposite is true:the primarywitnesshas done hisbest toimpede the investigation and confuse,mislead, and even tease the investi-gators.HALTS ROLEI consider the primary witness tobe Col. Halt. He is admittedly aneyewitness, and it is he who is identifiedas the originator of two of the fourdocuments (that I am aware of) on thecase.As a point of view, the fourdocuments are:• Halts memo to the Ministry ofDefense, dated 1/31/81• Halts audio tape, allegedly madein"real time," 12/29/80• MOD memo, lightly censored,undated, leaked to Jenny Randies• MOD letter to Jenny re: 12/27events, dated April 13, 1983.Once a document (written, tape,photo, whatever) is introduced into ascenario, it becomes an "exhibit" of(continued next page)
  • 4. DOT STREET-Photo by Jennie ZeidmanRENDLESHAM, Continuedhard evidence--o>he/her true or false--and it cannot be disregarded, for(paranoia hats on, everyone!) if false, itnevertheless has been created anddisseminated for a purpose. The personindentified as responsible for thecreation of that document has puthimself on the line, whether of his ownvolition or on orders, and he mustforever be associated with thatdocument, regardless of its legitimacy.Col. Halt has certainly put himselfon the line.But not all the problems with thecase revolve around Col. Halt. Thehard facts are that of the few allegedeye-witnesses, much of theirtestimonyhas been surrendered reluctantly, andnone of their testimony (in the book)has been offered verbatim. We knowthat Dot and Brenda had a taperecorder, yet we are offered noquestion and answer transcripts oreven dialogue--only generalities,sometimes s e c o n d - a n d - t h i r dgeneration ones, at that (Paul Beggtold Jenny that he had heard, etc ).The information thereforebecomes anecdotal, not testimonial.Fine nuances and intricacies of toneand language are lost. Granted, we arenot in a court of law,where verbiage ofthis sort is inadmissible. But we are in acourt of science, where any and everyshred of subjectivity or generalitymuddies our case. And many a courtcase has been lost not because that sidewas wrong, but because it was ill-prepared. The. testimony did notconvince the jurors. Jurors becomediscouraged and negatively disposedwhen offered a can of worms.Of course S/cy Crash wasconstructed anecdotally for widerreader appeal, and I respect thatchoice of treatment by the authors. Itwas not intended as a technicalreport.And thats too bad, because I suspectthat ifscraped down to the bare bones,rich marrow could yet be retrieved.Going through the book-and theinvestigators original tapes and notes-line by line, and constructing flowcharts, could be of value in sortingZEIDMAN IN RENDLESHAM FOREST—Photo by Dot Streetthings out-a method of discoveringconsistencies and discrepancies (andjust whichcharacter did what,and withwhat, to whom!).CAUTIONBut caution is advised. Some of thematerial is simply not true-and notnecessarily from witness testimony butfrom false premises put forward by theauthors. E.g.; the morning after ourarrival at Woodbridge, I asked myhusbands liaison, Sgt. VergilYarborough, how long hed been onbase. "Five years come June," hereplied. "Gosh," I said (battingeyelashes), "thats a long time! Why,you must have been here when theUFO landed!" "Yeah," He said. "Didyou see it?" I asked, "Do you knowanything about it?" "No," he replied, "Ijust heard about it from other fellows.Best thing, you get the book. Theres abook out on it-its for sale at the basebookstore-itll tell you all about it."(continued on page 15)
  • 5. PENNSYLVANIA REPORTSBy Stan GordonIt was 6:10 AM on the morningofJanuary 2, 1985. Jerry Murtha* andTom Mench*, ages 12 and 13, hadgotten up early to check their gametraps before going to school.The sun was just beginning to riseat Jamestown, a rural communitylocated in Lebanon County. The localsky conditions were cloudy with somefog. Jerry and Tom were on the wayover to the ravinewhere they had theirtraps set when they heard a doghowling from that area. They began tohurry, thinking that the dog must havebeen caught in one of the traps alongthe creek. They checked them out andfound them empty.GLOWING EYESAfter spending some time in thearea they were just about to returnhome, when in the distance theynoticed 3 sets of glowing eyes.Assuming that they belonged to sometype of game they were familiar with,they began to move in that direction.It was then that Jerry looked up toobserve a strange object, which hepointed out to his friend. The two boyslaid down on the ground and watchedthe object as it moved from southwesttowards the northeast. The object wasdescribed as being oval in shape,metallic gray in color and having aseries of lights flashing along its middleedge. The object was estimated to beabout 15feet indiameter, and about 200feet above the ground. As the boyswatched, the object moved veryslowly,then stopped and hovered. A lowhumming sound could be heard as theobjected began to slowly move againtoward a grove of pine trees.The object then stopped over thepine grove, and from the bottom frontsection, a bright ball of yellow lightabout 4 feet in diameter was emitted.This yellow sphere slowly descendedtowards the top of the tree line, andwent down behind the trees, which—Illustration by Jack Stonerblocked the sphere from view, but gavethe boys the impression that it wasgoing to land.A short time after the balldisappeared from sight, the mainobject began to move off in a slow,controlled manner, until it could nolonger be seen. The sighting encounterlasted about 5 minutes. Both boys werequite disturbed, and ran home to telltheir parents about what theyhad seen.After discussing the incident, the twoboys decided to goback to the area, notonly to see if they could again see theobject, but to check to see ifa skunkthey had shot that morning was stillalive.FIGURE SEENThey were about half way towardsthe ravine, when they noticed thesilhouette of a man that seemed to havea very tall stature and large build, runthrough the ravineacross the road fromthem. They assumed that whoever itwas might have been raidingtheir traps.The sightingoccurred about 1,000yards from a high-tension powertransmission tower, but electrical linesfrom the tower were close to the vicinitywhere the larger object was observed.PASU investigator Jack Vogelinterviewed the boys and their families,and found them to be sincere andconcerned over the incident. They arenot publicity seekers and are not UFObuffs.A search of the area where the ballwas seen descending did not turn upany evidence on the ground.However,two pine trees which the spheredescended over were found to have hadthe tops cleanly sheared off about 15 to18 feet in height. No burn marks wereapparent.PASU is also investigating anotherdaylight UFO sighting which occurredthe next day about 30 miles Northwestof Jonestown at Shamokin. Thesesightings are among a wave of incidentswhich have been reported through thefirst two months of 1985 acrossPennsylvania.^Indicates a psuedonym for the actualwitness. Ithas been my policy not to use the name ofactualobservers in my articles unless the actual namehas already been used in press coverage.
  • 6. Multiple Bright Lights—Illustration by Jack StonerOn the night of October 14, 1984,numerous residents of Pennsylvaniareported sightings of UnidentifiedFlying Objects from many sections ofthe state. The reports began to comeinto the PASU Pa. UFO Hotlinenumberat about 9 PM when observers in BlairCounty were reporting bright flashinglights and a red ball that streakedvertically into the sky. At about 9:30PM, a woman near Vail inBlair County,observed a large torpedo-shaped objectthat appeared to pass lowover the field.The object which made no sound,. appeared to coincide with electricalinterference reported on the televisionby the witnesss family. A short timeafter the object passed over, a strongsulphur smell was reported in the area.GREEN FIREBALLThe majority of reports receivedon this night were observations of abright green fireball with a tail, thatstreaked across the state fromNorthwest to Southeast. Initialinformation indicated the observedobject was likely a bolide-type meteor.The NationalUFO ReportingCenterinSeattle, Washington, also receivednumerous reports from other statesindicating that the object which hadbeen reported at approximately 9:50PM had covered a large geographicalarea.PASU contacted the SpaceCenter with NORAD, located inCheyenne Mountain, to see if any re-6entry of space debris could account forthe reports. NORAD could not at thistime find any such correlation.The most unusual UFO incidentoccurring on this night was reported bya woman who lives near Smethport inMckean County. The woman; whowishes to remain anonymous (thisinformation on file with MUFON), didnot report the incident to PASU untilOctober 20th, after becoming fearfulthat the object she had seen at closerange may have affected her health.It is important for serious UFOresearchers to look into each UFOreport as a separate incident. Itwouldhave been veryeasy to dismiss thiscaseas another sighting of the bolide sincethe timeand locationcorrelated closelywith those reports. A more detailedstudy ofthe event seems to rule out thispossibility.It was 9:55 PM, and Mrs.X had justtaken her poodle outside for theirnightly stroll. She was standing justoutside the backdoor, when shenoticed flashes of bright light on theground. She assumed that the 100 wattbulb located at the corner of the housewas going bad. She stepped away fromthe house so that she could see wherethe light was landing, and soon realizedthat nothingwas wrong with the bulb.BOX-SHAPEAs she glanced upwards towardthe roof, a strange illuminated objectfloated slowly over the edge of the roofand very close to it without touching it.The witness watched as the objectdropped from the roof and movedlower toward a brook below where thewitness was standing. Mrs.X washigher in elevation than the object was,and could see the top of the object atthis point. She described the object asbeing shaped like an oblong box, solidin appearance, and about 5 feet long,2/2 to 3 feet high, and about 2% feet .wide. The side of the object . wasflourescent appearing, but not verybright. From the center of the back ofthe object was a tail-like projectionabout 3 feet long. This tail did not givethe appearance of burninglike fire, butwas also flourescent in appearance.This tail-like appendage was about2l/2 inches wide and tapered down toabout ]/2 inch.About 5 inches from theojbect, the appendage had a dark spaceof 3 or 4 inches, then it was illuminatedfor several inches, then there wasanother dark space, then it wasilluminated to the end of the tail. Thebottom of the object was covered with.numerous bright white lights that didnot flash or blink. The witness had thefeeling "as if it was taking pictures.". The object, which made no sound,was first observed approximately 25feet above the ground. It then slowlymoved in a bat-like manner downtowards a ditchuntil itwas about 15feetabove the ground. Mrs. X thoughtthatthe tail appendage would drop into theditch, but it continued to move on in acontrolled manner, toward a hill.behindthe house. The object then rose inaltitude to about 400 feet as it passedover a group of trees and could nolonger be seen.MANUEVERSThe witness awaited the sound ofacrash, but nothing was heard. Theobject as it moved around the area ofthe house, missed two TV antennas, ahigh brick chimney, a large Canadianspruce tree, a 30-feet pine tree, and 6large Colorado spruce trees growing allaround the house except in the back.About 75 feet in front of the houseis the electric supply line for thewitnesss home and that of her(continued next page)
  • 7. PENNSYLVANIA, Continuedneighbors. About500 feet in back of thehouse, and up the hill where the objectmoved towards, isa high-tension powerline. The object, which moved towardsthe Southeast, was observed for lessthan a minute.HEALTH EFFECTSThe next morning Mrs. X awokewith a severe headache and sorethroat.The headache persisted day and nightfor two weeks after the incident. It wasalso noted at the location where theobject had passed over the roof that thered paint and asphalt was burnedoff.Mrs. X also noticed that a strangeblack soot-like material covered floorsin various rooms of her home. As shebegan to clean it up, she complainedthat when she touched it, itwouldstingher hands. After handling the material,Mrs. X reported that her hands andthumb cracked open which shecovered with a band aid.Several days after the incident, thedaughter of Mrs. X came to visit. It wasat this time the UFO encounter and thesoot-like material were discussed. Thedaughter asked her mother what shehad worn the night of the encounterand it was determined it was a heavyblack dress which had been hanging inthe clothes closet since the night of theincident.SOOTY RESIDUEA white sheet was placed on theoutside porch and the dress laid on it.The black soot fell from the dress,which seemed full:of the substance.Mrs. X feels this residue fell from theobject onto herself and the dog. She hasnever seen this type of material aroundher property.Even thoughwe had correspondedwith the witness several times since sheand her family made the report to us,we did not receive the dress and sheetwith the residue until January 26, 1985,when a certified package was receivedfrom Mrs. X.A PASU consultant examined thematerial on January 28th. His reportindicated that the material wasexamined on an optical zoommicroscope at low power and on ascanning electron microscope with X-Ray analyzing capabilities. A series ofscanning electron microscopephotographs were taken at differentpowers.ANALYZEDThe original structure of thematerial was that of a square grid andhas an extremelysmooth surface. Thecolor of the material samples rangefrom black, through brown, throughtan. The material is somewhattransparent at the edges.The X-Ray analyzer can detectelements except hydrogen. Thematerial contains only carbon, andprobably hydrogen.No other elementscould be.detected (0.5%detectability).The analysts conclusionisthat thematerial is biological in nature, andshould be examined more thoroughlyby a biologist. Samples of the residuehave been sent to MUFON for furtherstudy by Burt Monroe, Jr. Ph.D.,Consultant in Biology.In conclusion, this UFO incidentwill continue under investigation. Theclose proximity of the object to thewitness, the unusual shape ofthe objectand the apparent controlledmovement, seem to indicate that.something unusual did indeed occur.How the residue relates to thisobservation is open for speculation atthis time.Mr. .Robinson and his sister Mrs.Jackson*, both retired, live near thecommunity of Level Green,Pennsylvania, in WestmorelandCounty. Itwas December 31,1984, andthe couple had just sat down in theircomfortable living room, to watch theevening news.TWO TAPSAbout 6:10 AM,both parties heardtwo loud taps in succession against theliving room window which faces thefront porch. It was unusually warm andpleasant for that time of year, and eventhough it was dark, the drapes at thefront window were drawn back.Immediately after hearingthe taps,Mr. Robinson observed a strangeobject moving slowly to the right,directly in front of the window. Mr.Robinson who was sitting only 6 feetaway, jumped up and ran over to thewindow and observed the object as itturned sideways and rose up in the air.The object passed within inches underthe electric supply line which connectsboth Mr. Robinsons and his neighborshome. The object continuedto rise asifit was going to move over the roof, butthis was blocked from view from whereMr. Robinson was looking."EYE"The object when first seen in thewindow appeared to be facing towardthe observers. Itwas described asbeingspherical in shape, and a little largerthan a basketballin diameter. The mainobject was a bright red color, but didnot glow or appear illuminated.There were two dark lines thatappeared either black or dark blue incolor, which seemed to extend from thecenter of the object in a Vrlikeconfiguration to the top edge. In thecenter of this V-shaped area was a darkdot the same color as the two lines. Thedot was about an inch in diameter andgave the impression "of an eye."When Mr. Robinson looked outthe window at the object, he saw it turnbefore it began to ascend towards theroof. The back of the object was of thesame red color; however there weretwo beams of bright white light aboutone inch in thickness and about 16inches long, that extended out from theobject. These beams originated at thecenter of the back side ofthe object andseemed to relate to the V-configuration on the opposite side. Thelight from the beams did not appear toshow any reflecting light on thesurrounding area, and white sparkscould be seen around both of thebeams. The object appeared to bepulled in the direction of these two lightsources.MORE TAPSAfter Mr. Robinson saw the object(continued next page)
  • 8. the first time through the window, heturned on the porch light and wentoutside to look but nothing was seen.He turned out the light, went to sitdown in his chair, and within secondstwo more taps were heard at thewindow again. The object once againmoved slowly directly in front of thewindow and once again was seen to goup towards the roof and out of sight.This time both Mr. Robinson and Mrs.Jackson saw the object. Mrs. Jacksonhad heard the taps at the window bothtimes, but only observed the object thesecond time. After the second sighting,Mr. Robinson turned on both the frontporch light as well as the back light, andwalked allaround the yard trying to seewhere the object had gone. Itwas neverseen again.Mrs. Jackson told her brotherwhat she had seen, but he didnt discusswhat he had observed with her until twodays later, since she was at home byherself quite often and he did not wantto frighten her. The object made nosound, and no unusualinterference wasnoted on the TV at the time. Mr.Robinson had not been a UFO believeruntil this experience.Reports of mini-UFOs are rare incomparison to the number of largerunidentified aerial objects we hearabout. Here in Pennyslvania,we haveinvestigated several such incidents inthe last 20 years. We have cases on filewhere very small objects ranginginsizefrom several inches to a few feet indiameter, were observed enteringa carwhere the window was left down,hovering around the heads ofpeople ona golf course in Pittsburgh and flyingaround the interior of a home.Even though the two observers ofthis mini-UFO didnt knowit,our PASUunit has been receiving almost yearlyreports of low level UFO activity, fromseveral areas close to the Level Greenarea.For further information pleasecontact (PASU) the PennsylvaniaAssociation For the Study of theUnexplained, 6 Oakhill Avenue,Greensburg, Pa. 15601 or call the Pa.UFO Hotline at 412-838-7768.*The actual names and addresses of the realobservers are on file with MUFON.IN OTHERS WORDSBy Lucius ParishUFO reports over the Pyreneesmountains of France are detailed in anarticle in the April 9 issue ofNATIONAL ENQUIRER. Aphotograph of one object was obtainedby a ski instructor and police officerssighted yet another UFO in the samearea. Soviet UFO reports and amysterious "cold fire" are featured inthe ENQUIRERS April 23 issue. TheMay 14 issue contains the testimonyofDanish AirForce Major Hans Petersenconcerning hostile UFO incidents.However, at least one of the cases citedoriginated with highly questionablesources and is probably fictionalThe NATIONAL ENQUIRERUFO REPORT is a new paperbackfrom Pocketbooks, containing re-w r i t t e n material taken fromENQUIRER issues of the past severalyears. The book covers numerousaspects ofthe UFO subject and, whileitmight be wise to keep your salt shakerhandy while reading it, it does make ithandy to have the "highlights" of suchreports between two covers. It is nowavailable at newsstands or may beordered from Pocket Books - Dept.NAT - 1230 Avenue of the Americas -New York, NY 10020. Add 75C forpostage and handling on mail orders;the book is priced at $2.95.Dr. Brue Maccabees series ofUFO articles continues in FATE. TheMay issue contains two "classic" casesof daylight discs, while the article in theJune issue deals with UFO landingsinthe Southwest (the Levelland, Texas,cases from 1957 and the Socorro, N.M.,case of 1964).The "Anti-Matter/UFO Update"column inApril OMNI isdevoted to theresearch conducted by Ellen Crystal!near Pine Bush, New York.A great dealof UFO activity was reported in thearea and Crystal! comments on theinvestigations which she and HarryLebelson conducted.Readers who have obtained Dr.Jan Pajaks THEORY OF THEMAGNOCRAFT (mentioned in aprevious column)may like to know thathe has another paper available, THEOSCILLATORY CHAMBER. Aswith his previous writings, this is atechnical dissertation on possible UFOpropulsion methods and relatedphenomena. Pajaks material isextremely interesting,even for anyone(such as myself) who doesnt fullyappreciate,the technical aspects. Moreinformation on Pajaks research andpublications can be obtained from himat: P.O. Box 1705 - Invercargill, NewZealand.A word of warning to videophiles inthe reading audience. UnitedEntertainment, Inc. of Tulsa,Oklahoma, is currently offeringvideotapes of two "documentaries,"UFO—TOP SECRET andATTACKFROM OUTER SPACE, at $13.95each. If that seems like a bargain, beassured that it isnt. These two filmshave to be the worst attempts atdocumentaries (on any subject) that ithas ever been my misfortune to watch.You will be well advised to save yourmoney.MUFONAMATEURRADIONETEVERY SATURDAYMORNINGAT 0800 EST (OR DST)ON 7237 KHz S.S.B.
  • 9. THE CASE FOR E-T CONTACTBy Philip MantleBy the end of this century, weshould know if we are alone in thecosmos. Scientific evidence indicatessuperior beings from other worlds areapt to find us.Can you imagine a form of life asfar beyond man as man is beyond theworm? Science assures us that suchhighly evolved beings must exist on thestars and planets around us, if life iscommon in the Universe.These Extraterrestrials are not likethe flower children in CLOSEENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRDKIND or the space cowboys of STARWARS. They are creatures whom wewill judge to be possessed of magicalpowers when we see them. By burstandards they will be immortal andomnipotent. They are the kind ofcreatures who would be capable of atrip to the Earth from another star.OTHER SUNSHow can these bizarre notions besupported by science? Here is theevidence. One hundred billion stars likethe sun surround us inour galaxyalone,according to indirect but solidastronomical evidence; many haveplanets made up of the sameingredients as the Earth. These planetshave water and air and the samestructure for climate as that of theEarth. The molecules on their surfacesenter into the same chemicalcombinations, subject to the same lawsof chemistry and physics, as moleculeson our planet. All the necessary.elements for the evolution of life arepresent, simple unthinking life at first,and complex intelligent life later on.On the basis of theseconsiderations, I believe that life iscommon on the many planetarysystems in the Universe. Recentdiscoveries in astronomy prove thatiflife exists on other planets in theUniverse, most of this life is far olderthan life on Earth. The discoveriesrelate to the so-called BigBang theory,which holds that the Universe startedwith a huge explosion. The Big Bangtheory has nowbeen proved to be a factby the Nobel Prize-winning work ofARNO PENZIAS and ROBERTWILSON, who discovered the remnantof the primordialflash of light and heatthat filled the Universeat the timeof thegreat explosion. In other words, theydiscovered a relicofevents that actuallytook place shortlyafter the beginning ofthe world. Although many astronomershad resisted the Big Bang theory, thePENZIAS-WILSON discovery hasconvinced most of them.BIG BANGThe importance of the BigBangina discussion of UFOs and life on otherworlds is that it tells us when the worldbegan, it tells us the age of theUniverse. An astronomer can calculateon the back of an envelope how longago the Big Bang occurred. Thatmoment marked the birth of theUniverse. The result of the calculationis that the Universe came into being20billion yearsago.The Earth, on the other hand, wasborn only 4.6 billion years ago.Thatresult comes from measurements of theages of meteorites arid from the agesofthe rocks brought back by Apolloastronauts. Since meteorites and themoon are relatively unchanged samplesof solar-system material, datingback tothe birth of the planets, their age isthought to give a good estimate of theage of the Earth..Thus many planets circlingdistantstars are 5, 10 and even 15billion yearsolder than the Earth. It follows that theEarth is a very recent arrival in thecosmic family of planets, and man isamong the youngest citizens of theUniverse.Of course, the fact that lifeelsewhere is older than man does notnecessarily mean that this life is moreintelligent. However, the scientificevidence suggests that this is likely tobe the case. Throughout the last 300million years of life on Earth, only oneseemingly universal trend can bediscerned in evolution, and this is thetrend towards greater .intelligence.Since before the fishes left the water,the most intelligent form of life presenton Earth in each era has been therootstock out of which new and stillmore intelligent forms have evolved.The line of increasing intelligencestretches unbroken from the fishes tothe reptiles to the mammals, theprimates and man. Apparently,intelligence which permits a flexibleresponse to changing conditions, has agreater survival value than any othersingle trait.Now we come to a critical point.Why would a line of evolution that hasproceeded unchecked for hundreds ofmillions of years stop at the particularlevel of intelligence that we call"human"? Homo Erectus had less brainpower than Homosapiens has, thesuccessors to Homosapiens shouldhave more. Ifthe past isany guide to thefuture, our descendants a billion yearsfrom now will surpass us in intelligence.And if the Earth is typical of planets inthe universe (and everythingwe knowin astronomy and geology tells us thatitis), intelligent beings who live on planetsbillions of years older than the Earthhave already reached that advancedlevel of intelligence that our successorswill only achieve in the distant future.This argument,proceeding step bystep on the basis of evidence acquiredin the basic scientific disciplines, leadsto the conclusion that life on Otherworlds is not only billions of years olderthan man,but also billions of yearsbeyond him inintelligence.HEADSTARTWhat does a billion years mean inthe evolution of intelligence? For ananswer, look again at the fossil record.One billion years ago, the highest formof life on Earth was a simplewormlikeanimal. The creatures that dwell on(confirmed next page)
  • 10. The 12 nearest stars outside our solar system»^>H10.910Distance from theEarth Is in lightyears.Diagram by Philip Mantle/Tom Deuley
  • 11. Name of Star Age of Star Distance from Chance of LifeEarth in lightyears.A ALPHACENTAURIB BARNARDSSTARC WOLF 359D LAL 21185E SIRIUSF UV CETIG ROSS 154H ROSS 248I EPSILONERIDANIJ ROSS 128K L 789-6L 61 CYGNI4.6 Billionyears, (approx.same as the sun)20 Billion years(as old as theUniverse)20 Billion years20 Billion years300 MillionyearsUNCERTAINYounger than thesun. Exact ageuncertain.20 Billion yearsr*.4.6 Billion years(approx. same assun)4.6 Billion years20 Billion years20 Billion years4.367., this triplestar is about asold as the sun,Thus was formedwhen the Universehad large amountsof carbon, oxygenand other elementsessential for life.Poor, too old, nocarbon etc. availablewhen this star wasformed.Same as above.Same as above.Poor, it is a youngstar, any life wouldbe primitive.Poor, it is a flarestar, emiting burstsof lethal, ionizingradiation.Fair if the star isnot too young.Poor, too old, nocarbon etc. availablewhen this star wasformed.Good, chance forplanets and goodchance for life.BEST BET.Good, chance forplanets and fairchance for life.Poor, too old.Same as above.KEY TO DIAGRAME-T CONTACT, Continuedplanets a billion years older than theEarth must possess an intelligence thatsurpasses us by as much as we surpassthe worm.These considerations bring me fullcircle to my opening statement.According to the best scientificevidence, intelligent life on other worldsis likelyJo be as far beyond man as manis beyond the worm.Why is it so important, in adiscussion of UFOs, to establish ascientific foundation for the existenceof races more intelligent than man? Theanswer is related to the fact that thedistances between the stars are soenormously great. If a UFO reachesEarth, its crew must have coveredthose enormous distances somehow.They must have started out fromsomeplace beyond the edge ofour solarsystem. They cannot come from theEarths sister planets, because nointelligent life exists in this solar systemexcept on our own planet. All theevidence acquired by NASA spacecraftin the past few years regardingVenus,Mars and Jupiter points to thatconclusion. It follows that UFOs, iftheyarrive here, have come from anotherstar.The closest star to the sun is 25trillion miles away, and it would takeone million years to cover thatenormous distance with the fastestrockets known to man. Our scienceand engineering are not adequate tomeet that challenge:a trip to the starsisbeyond our reach at the present time.But in another billion years, ourdescendants, possessed of highlyevolved minds and with science andengineering far beyond ours, should beable to undertake an interstellarvoyage. And what our descendants cando a billion years in the future, otherraces, a billion years older and moreevolved than man, should be able to dotoday.My conclusion is that UFOs,visitors from another star, is ascientifically sound concept becausescience tells us that it is reasonable tobelieve in the existence of forms of lifeolder and far more intelligent thanman.PREVIOUS VISITS?Has the Earth already been visitedby these older more advanced beings?According to some scientists the Bibletells of these visits. Numerous bookshave appeared telling of visits fromthese beings throughout the historyofmankind.Are such visits occurring at themoment? Dr. J. Allen Hynek is one ofmany eminent scientists who havemade a study of reported UFOsightings and concludes that several areunmistakably UFOs (UnidentifiedFlying Objects). He cannot saywhetherthese unidentified objects have comefrom another star, but there are goodreasons for believing that suchextraterrestrial contacts, either visitorsor messengers, are more probable(continued on page 17)11
  • 12. BLUEPRINT FOR PROGRESSBy Richard HallIn the spirit of other recentanalyses of the State-of-the-Art, I offerthe following remarks about the status,goals, and future outlook for"UFOlogy". They may seem radical,and surely will offend some people, butwe must face up to reality if we everhope to get anywhere. First of all, wemust recognize that "UFOlogy" is acontradiction in terms — there is no"science" of UFO investigation andresearch. There are many small and afew large UFO groups, some of whichhave a smattering of scientists asmembers, and whatever "science"theyapply is at best — spare time, sporadic,and unsystematic. Instead of talkingabout improving or expanding"UFOlogy" we should talk aboutestablishing it in the first place! As itstands, UFOlogy is a pretense — afiction. Only when qualified scientistsare funded to do systematic researchwill there be a UFOlogy.On the other hand, a few UFOgroups (notablyMUFON andCUFOS)do operate in a scientific spirit andattempt to bring scientific resources tobear on the UFO problem, but with thelimitations cited above. Basically,thatmeans applying thorough investigativeprocedures, carefully sifting evidenceand weeding out IFOs and hoaxes, andusing logic and reason to try to makesense of what is going on. However,resources are woefully lacking and nomatter how well-intentioned suchefforts are they amount only to stop-gap actions pending real, large-scalescientific investigation. Some verygood work is being accomplished, butthen the results typically never are readby anyone other than members of- thein-group.UFO ZOOWe also must learn to seeourselves as others see us —especiallysignificant others. Frankly, it isextremely doubtful that importantpeople and opinion-makers in society(more on them later)see us at all,andif12so they .are not likely to be able todifferentiate us from crackpots andmystics. All of this underlines theimportance of the outreach effort beingundertaken by Marge Christensen andher colleagues.By now it should be obvious thatthe UFO movement speaks with acacaphony of voices to the public atlarge, and we end up sounding prettysilly. Just scan through a sample ofUFO publications and you will findfundamentalist religiousviews, mysticaland occult themes, automaticassumptions that UFOs are related toevery other mystery under the sun, andall sorts of ranting and raving,sometimes including deliberate,conscious efforts to muddle things upworse than they already are by certainpeople who function effectively .asdisinformation specialists. Then thereare the egomaniacs who must be bigwheels, have titles, and run their ownsplinter groups; they typically find itnecessary to take potshots at thelarger, better established groups inorder to carve out a niche forthemselves.When some potentially importantUFO news breaks, none of this is loston the news media or other significantsegments of society because thecranks, mystics, and axe-grindersswarm out of the woodwork and talkloudest of all. Since some of them are"colorful," they are also "newsworthy"to a certain breed of alleged journalistswho seek only color arid controversy.The general perception on the UFOsubject (the existing bias) is that it ismuch ado about nothing; only fantasyspread by "believers" and wishfulthinkers. Thus, many journalistsprobably feel that they are onlyreporting thingsas they really are when•they seize on non-sensical aspects ofthe subject.THE ENEMYOn the whole, would-beUFOlogists do a very poor job ofpublicrelations and end up talking only tothemselves, aiding and abetting thebiases against the subject, andengagingin a lot of pretense. Inthe famous wordsof Pogo, "We have met the enemy andhe is us!" Skeptics are not our realenemies; they can perform animportant function, and inany event wehave ample information to deal withthem if we use it effectively. Newsmedia are not our enemies; they shouldbe our naturalallies, and we have failedto understand the needs of the pressand how to work with them. Nor is theGovernment our enemy; though somepolicy-makers (in our view) have erredon the side of secrecy, many people inGovernment take UFOs seriously andwould like to see an open, scientificstudy.No, Pogo was right. We(collectively) are the enemy, and wemust police pur own ranks.To get a handle on the problem, wemust ask ourselves, "Who are we tryingto convince? Who should be readingour information that isnt doing sonow?" Unless we are naive enough tobelieve that the existingrag-tagarmyofUFOlogists can go it alone and dontneed any help, we must have someone— some groups — in mind that wewould like to have on our side. Isuggestthat the prime movers and shakers, themajor opinion-makers in our society,are: ,• Members ofCongress• Other Government officials. • News media• Scientists/scientific organiza-tions• Universities/research centersThese should be the targets of ourefforts, but — the manner of approachis vital to success, and it cannot bechaotic and disorganized. As a firstorder of business, these target groupsmust be made aware that thecrackpots, mystics, and opportunitsts(continued next page)
  • 13. BLUEPRINT, Continuedare not representative of the core UFOproblem, and furthermore that wetotally disown them and find theiractions and ideas reprehensible.Positive Differentiation from thecacaphony of voices is essential.CONGRESSFor the past five years in myprofessional work, I have read andabstracted Congressional hearingtestimony on a daily basis. Thetestimony, covers issues large andsmall, some life or death matters andmany affecting citizens everywhere(e.g., "Star Wars," DefenseDepartment budgets, social security,aviation safety). <•safety).Witnesses appear and testifyon every conceivable facet of eachissue, pro and con. The arguments arecomplex and intricate. The busyMembers of Congress must listen towarring voices of all kinds and everyshade of opinion, and digest what theyhear in order to construct legislation orcast a vote.How do they manage to do thiswith long lines of interested or affectedparties lined up to testify? Three oftheirbasic techniques are relevant here: 1)they confine oral testimony to a briefsummary statement and question-and-answer period while placing the longerwritten testimony in the hearing recordfor reference; 2) they encourageassociations and organizations to poolresources and have one spokesperson;and 3) they commonly requirewitnesses to appear together as a panelrather than one byone, to speed thingsalong and get to the core of the issue asefficiently as possible.LESSONSThere are several lessons in this,the following chief among them: If youwant to get the attention of importantand busy people, be organized,concise, to the point, and documentyour statements. Congressionalhearing records nearly always includemany pages of documents. If yourargument or statement is unfocused orrambling, the Congressmans eyes willquickly glaze over.Where you have common groundwith other individuals and/or groups,work together with them and make oneunified approach to the person you areseeking to persuade. Make a clear,logical, coherent case and demonstratethat the views you are presentingrepresent those of the many people inthe common group. Larger numbers ofpeople agreeing on issues and speakingwith one voice can be much morepersuasive then separate communica-tions from each of the individuals,which are likely to be idiosyncratic andto blur the focus. By the same token, italso makes sense to select as aspokesperson someone who is literateand articulate.TOO MANY VOICESConsidering every youngster fromeach new generation who jumps intothe fray, all the egomaniacs, themystics, the opportunists, and thecrackpots, there are far too manyvoices in UFOlogy, and all too manyofthem uninformed or discordant. Notmuch can be done about that, except tomake itabsolutelyclear that they do notrepresent UFOlogy, and to worktoward an organized voicefor UFOlogythat can be recognized as such and willbe respected and heeded. Thatrequires strong scientific and ethicalstandards, among other things. It doesnot require a Supergroup; onlycooperation among all who hold to theprinciples and spirit of science.A blueprint for progress inUFOlogy, then, as a minimum involvesthe following elements:• Self-realization, that UFOlogy aspresently constructed is not a science,but a stop-gap effort by intelligent andwell-meaning citizens to bringthe UFOproblem to the attention of people withthe ability and resources to dosomething about it.• Positive differentiation, toarticulate clearly that the loudest andmost commonly heard voices are notnecessarily representative of the realproblem and that (in specifiedinstances) we dont agree with themand reject their views.• Sophistication, includingrecognition of who our real "enemies"and (potential) "allies" are and how todeal with them.• Scientific spirit, particularlyfocusing on truly objective andthorough investigation, documenta-tion, and scholarship, and the carefuluse of logic and reason to support ourarguments.• Self-policing, including publicrebuke of alleged "UFOlogists" whoengage in ego-buildingself promotion,specious logic, unscientific claims,loose thinking, and the many otherdestructive behaviors evident in theUFO literature which tend to demeanUFO research."UFOlogy" really is a very mixedbag of people who, for good and badreasons, would like to convince theworld that UFOs are somethingimportant and deserving of seriousattention. Some have ulterior motivesand wish to see their ideas prevail;others are convinced that scienceought to look into the problem far morethoroughly than they have to date.This, in fact, is the dichotomy thatneeds to be made: between those whothink they already have the answer andthose whoperceive UFOs as a scientificproblem badly in need of systematic,thorough, and well-funded investiga-tion. I think I already know the answer,but I identify myself with the lattergroup. What you think you know is ahypothesis; then you need to test thathypothesis — and others — in order todetermine the truth.SUPPORTNATIONALUFOINFORMATION WEEK*****18-25 AUGUST1985*****INFORM YOURSELFINFORM OTHERS!13
  • 14. THE UFO EVIDENCE: 20 Years AfterBy Francis RidgeAs a previous SubcommitteeChairman for NICAP I have beencomparing MUFONs efforts and thework of other ufologists with the effortsof NICAP since their publication ofTHE UFO EVIDENCE in 1964. Wehave, surprisingly, added a lot ofinteresting data to the statistics oftwenty years ago. I am still veryimpressed with THE UFO EVIDENCEas a basic research tool and feel it is amust for all ufologists. For those whomight think that not too much has beenaccomplished in the last two decadesinthe subject of UFOs, Ihave done a littleresearch of my own. I think you will findthis useful ifyou are doing any PR work.Most people are now moreconditioned to be receptive to specialevidence cases and cases of high-strangeness (provided there is somebelievability), rather than just lights inthe sky reports. In this area we havecome a long way. In 1964, UFOEVIDENCE cited 35 cases ofphysicalevidence. This was coveringtheentirespectrum of physical & physiologicalevidence and not what we term "tracecases". The 1981 MUFONSymposiumpresented Ted Phillips trace case studywhich was classified as closeencounters of the 2nd kind andrepresented a catalog of 2,108 eventsunder that heading. Quite anadvancement. Regardless of all theinherent technical data & conclusions,the collection alone was a hell of anachievement. In 1980, the Center forUFO Studies put out a computerprintout of 5,633 entries.RADARIn the area of radar cases, UFOEVIDENCE listed 81 cases. This wasvery impressive. I personally xeroxedcopies of the reports themselves,found in the open literature and foundanother 18 cases. Im sure there aremany more since then. I believe andhope someone undertakes the projectof radar case studies and think thesecases are very significant and14neglected. I found some interesting. data in the old Air Force statistics of1953 in regard to radar reports. CaptainRuppelt stated that there were 429Unknowns and that 10% were radarcases. Thats 42 cases! In the 701unknowns" that the Air Force endedup with in 1969, there were less than20reports of radar cases.In my MADAR research (MultipleAnomaly Detection & AutomatedRecording) I am very especiallyinterested in E-M cases. NICAPlisted106 cases in 1964. Rodeghierpublishedhis report through the Center for UFOStudies, .entitled "UFO ReportsInvolving Vehicle Interference" in 1981.There were now 441documented caseson record.PHOTOGRAPHSIn the area of photography andpictures of alleged UFOs NICAP listed64 cases of eitherstill photos or motionpicture filmstrips. Since then GroundSaucer Watch has studied over 600such items and found about 30 to beauthentic as analyzed by theircomputer. I do not understand thetechnical aspects or form an opinion asto the remaining 30 to say whetherthere are more authenticcases or not,but I am impressed that someone isstudying 600 photos.An area of high significance existsin the abduction reports or closeencounters of the 4th kind. A project tocatalog these cases has been fundedbythe Fund for UFO Research. Withoutthe aid of a computer and someone tokeep it updated, the report will notreflect the total cases on record, butillustrates the high number of CE4s inthe open literature. Dr. Leo Sprinklebelieves that one out of four peoplehave been abducted! Budd Hopkinshas found a considerable number ofabduction cases.According to David Webb in hisreport, "1973-YEAR OF THEHUMANOIDS", there were 70documented cases of humanoidreports during the fall of that year alone.Six of these were CE4s or missingtime/abduction cases.Some reports that alwaysimpressed me were the reports bypilots and aviation experts. NICAPsUFO EVIDENCElisted 118cases. Dr.Richard Haines has over 3,000caseson. computer. Ninety percent wereobserved by more than one witness;85% for more than 1-minute. The database covers 40 countries. In his"Review of Selected Sightings FromAircraft", Dr. Haines studies 72 casescovering the period 1973-1978.Seventy-two point two percent werefrom commercial a/c, 19.5% private,and 8.3% military. In the study for theperiod 1942-1952, 283 cases wereselected and 68%were military a/c,20%commercial, 11% private. (1%unspecified). Twenty-nine casesinvolved E-M effects.For those skeptics that think thelights in the sky are simply allconventional objects viewed underunusual conditions by untrainedobservers, the old UFO EVIDENCEcites just a fraction (17 years of datacompared to 38 years) of the nowoverwhelming evidence for intelligent.control of these objects. In 47 casesthere was inquisitiveness & reaction toobservers, 59 cases .of UFOs ingeometrical formation with 26 listed assatellite object cases (mothership-types). Intelligent maneuversthemselves were represented in 100cases with the oft-reported oscillation(wobble on axis) cited in 35 reports.Violent or erratic maneuvers werereported in 40 cases. Ballesters "CloseEncounter Cases, Catalog of 200Type-1 Events in Spain & Portugal" (1976report through the CUFOS) illustratesthat objects within 200 feet of theground are not rare at all and give theobserver an excellent chance toobserve a UFO at close range.(continued on page 17)
  • 15. The MUFON 1985 UFOSymposium Proceedingsare respectfully dedicated toNorma E. ShortPublic recognition is herebybestowed upon Norma E. Short for herconscientious editingand publishing ofthe monthly UFO magazineSKYLOOK forover six years. Norma iscredited for providing the publishinglink for the fledgling Midwest UFONetwork that ultimately became theworlds largest UFO membershiporganization — the Mutual UFONetwork. She will be remembered forher editorial policy "We Tell It Like ItIs." It is with profound gratitude thatvoluntary dedicated service may behonored in this manner to such agracious lady.In 1967, Mrs. Norma E. Short wasinvited to become the editor of a newUFO newsletter that was to be namedSKYLOOK. Being a former reporterfor the Salem Post (Missouri) and a"UFO buff," she enthusiasticallyaccepted the challenge. The inauguraledition on September 1967 carried themotto: "Lets Separate Fact fromFantasy." The founding staff consistedof John F. Kuhn, publisher; Mrs. Short,editor and Ted Phillips, Jr., assistanteditor. The nucleus of subscriberscame from members of the UFO StudyGroup of Greater St. Louisand theTri-State UFO Study Group (Quincy,Illinois).Norma became both publisher andeditor in January 1969, necessitatingthe purchase of a mimeographmachinethat she lovinglydubbed "the monster."The staff in the February ,1968masthead listed Ted Phillips, JohnSchuessler, Walter Andrus, LuciusParish and Mrs. R.E. Holmes. Thecolumn "In Others Words" by LuciusParish was introduced in June 1969.The 24-page July 1969 editionannounced that SKYLOOK had beennamed the official publication of theMidwest UFO Network (MUFON)withAllen R. Utke, Ph.D. as Director. "AMessage From Your Director" columnstarted in October 1970 when WaltAndrus was elected Director ofMUFON.By the fall of 1973, the circulationof SKYLOOK had reached 700,1;KE D.H.SHORTS• •• v*> « W - " • - > * » < ~reflecting the fantastic work of Mrs.Donald H. Short and her dedicatedstaff. Toward the end of 1973, Normasadly realized that even with the aid. ofan electric typewriter, the arthritis inher fingers would prevent her fromtyping camera-ready copy for theprinter and maintaining her extensive.correspondence. In her final editioninJanuary 1974, Mrs. Short had thesewords for her readers; "Parting is suchsweet sorrow .according to Mr.Shakespeares Juliet — but I dontagree, as I come to the point where 1have to announce this is Ye Eds lastissue of SKYLOOK. Parting isjust...sorrow."U n d e r N o r m a s s i x - y e a reditorship, SKYLOOK earned therespect and reputation as one of theleading monthly UFO publications inthe world. Norma had nurtured her"child" from a 5-page newletter to an"adult," full fledged UFO magazine. InJune 1976, the name was changed fromSKYLOOK to the MUFON UFOJOURNAL to more adequately identifyits contents, goals and purposes.SKYLOOK was published in Stover,Missouri; however, since retiring, Mrs.Short now resides at 723 McGrathLane, Salem, MO 65560.RENDLESHAM, ContinuedSgt. Yarborough is straight-as-an-arrow; a humorless career man whogoes strictly by the rules. Doesnt lookto the right or left. It was prudent todrop the subject there and then. Jennymakes quitea point that when the bookwas written (1983) no one remained onbase who had been stationed thereduring the UFO events. A flow-chartanalysis would automatically weed outthis type of extraneous material.Dot named an American ufologistwhom she understood is undercontract-not only for a book on theRendlesham Forest Affair, but also adramatic film script. And Dot said thatshe and Jenny are seriously underway •with a follow-up book of their own onthe case (Brenda has pretty muchdropped out of things).It remains to be seen whether anyof these endeavors clarify theRendlesham Forest Affair. Meanwhile,w i t h o u t the cooperation ofeyewitnesses, we are left with a jigsawpuzzle ofunknown dimensions, no box-top picture, and a dreadful surmisethat-while some pieces are missing,others, entirely irrelevant, have beenscattered at out feet.NOTES1 Neville Spearman Co.. Suffolk, 1984.2. The entire trip was a fluke. My husband hadengineering consulting work at RAF Bentwaters(sister base (o M/oodbridge,), and aaiare of thecase, and my inferesf in if, he inuifed me a/ong.15
  • 16. Crecfts & DebitsLETTERS-By the ReadersDear Editor,The MUFON Monthly Journal hasmy vote for excellence in reporting thecurrent scene. However, I find yourpublications even more informativewhen incorporated with other relatednewsletters; especially the LuciusParish UFO Newsclipping Service inArkansas.For instance: You published areport by Larry W. Bryant regardingthe August 25, 1984 UFO Town-HallMeeting in Brewster, New York (seeOct. 1984 Journal No. 198). A grandevent, indeed. But several articlesincluded in the "Newsclipping Service"enhanced it all. You became awarethat the forum had captured widemedia coverage in newspapersthroughout the Northern East Coast.Reports showcased a historicalperspective of the days events, thespeakers, their viewpoints andoccupations and the vast amount ofaerial sightings.It seemed as if I had actuallyattended the forum, met all theparticipants and experienced thevibrant atmosphere inside and out ofthe Henry WellsMiddle School on thatsunny August day.It should be imperative for anyMUFON reader who hasnt yetsubscribed to the UFO NewsclippingService, to do so immediately;or elsethey will be missingout on a significanta m o u n t of u p - t o - t h e - m i n u t einformation.Sincerely,Joan H. LaurinoSan Francisco, CADear Editor,May a mere subscriber takeexception to the surfacing of JamesOberg in your April issue?Not fora moment can we deny thatrocket launchings have spurred variousUFO reports, but neither can we denythat Mr. Obergs commitment to the16anti-UFO position is total; that hisNASA connection and general statureallow him almost instant national mediaaccess at the literal snap of a finger—a factor now denied those on the "pro"side.If you were going to be shot atsunrise would you help the firing squadload the rifles? Well, thats what youredoing by handing out a free platform tothe all commanding professionaldebunkers.In a state of disbelief, I remain,Jack P. SwaneyLas VegasOf course a "mere" subscriber tothe Journal can take exception to theappearance of James Oberg in itspages. Without such subscribers, mereor otherwise, obviously there would beno Journal in the first place!On the other hand, Oberg maytake exception to your appearance,and then whats an editor to do? He orshe hopefully does what this one does,and that is to present both sides of theargument. Like Oberg personally or,not, agree with his thought or not, itcannot be denied that his article,"South American Uforia," containedvaluable data, particularly the table ofSoviet satellite launches, that helps usall separate the chaff from the wheat ofufology. And it was for that reasonalone it was published.As editor, I dont particularly feelits my duty to censor someoneorsomeviewpoint before you, the reader, havethe opportunity to weigh and respondyourself. In this particular instance, Ithink weve both done our job, and Iappreciate your comments.-EditorDear Editor,It is little wonder the generalpublic, the news media and thescientific community give smallcredence to the numerous UFOsightings reported. In excess of half theverbiage published describing theseevents is devoted to provocativetheories of extra-terrestrial, hollowearth dwellers or other esoteric originsof the phenomena, thus detracting fromthe prime motive of determining theindividual parameters and character-istics of the objects involved.This approach to analysis providesa fertile field for the debunkers, whodelight in attacking a theory which isobviously indefensible, particularlywhen the described event borders onthe para-normal. Opposition to thosewho dissect some of these storiesbecomes difficult when the contentsometimes approaches what you wouldexpect to find in publications on theorder of Fate Magazine.The logic demonstrated in JamesMcCampbells article (No. 189,November 1983) titled "UFOs ANDHOT RINGS" is exemplary as the textadheres to known and acceptedphysical laws and illustrates a keeninsight into the properties of UFOs.Particularly interesting are hisreferences to the orientation of therings relativeto the field ofradiation andthe fact the skin was only burned underthe rings.The article by Michael D. Swords,Ph.D. in the same issue titled"COULDLOOKALIKE ASTRONAUTS BECLONES", although debunking innature it should be read and heeded bymost writers as itpointsup the fallacyofexpounding a theory which isnot basedon factual evidence. His caution to "doyour homework" is well taken.With the advent of computers andavailable and economical computerleasing time, all of the recorded UFOsightings and verification methods,placed in the appropriate time frames,could be categorized and published(see accompanying chart). A documentof this stature would establish a solid(continued next page)
  • 17. UFO EVIDENCE, ContinuedComparing our efforts with thoseof the Air Force, you can see whosworking on the problem.Its verymuchlike the oilbusiness;90%of the oilin thiscountry is produced by the littleindependents. As far as we areconcerned, their best effort was in theearly 50s and the statistics then werenot only more accurate, but revealing.Out of 1,593 cases, 429 were listed as"unknown", 26.94%. Insufficient Datareports totaled a whopping 22.72%.More information here could havemeant more "unknowns". The AirForce always said that if they wouldhave had more information, even the26.94% would have been reduced! Inactuality, Balloons listed as 18.51%were actually knownas balloonsinonly1.57% of the cases. Possible balloons4.99 & probable 11.95%, and so on withAircraft, Astronomical cases, etc. Thereal hard truth and the bottom line isthis:Known Balloons, Aircraft,Astronomical cases 11.21%Possible 16.74Probable 22.39Insufficient Data?(Come now!) 22.72UNKNOWNS 26.94HoaxesHoaxes (Asurprising• admission) 1.66Other 4.21(Insufficient data was actually 61.85%!)Amazing as the above figures are,there is more. The Air Force had 429Unknowns in 6 years and during thenext 17years only 272more Unknownswere added and most of the databaseinthe early years were military cases.When Blue Book closed in 1969 theyhad 701 Unknowns on the books. The1953 figures, more accurate when theAir Force took a serious role, showedthat pilot reports constituted 17.1%.Scientists & engineers reported 5.7%,followed by Air Route TrafficControllers at 1.0%. Radar casesrepresented 12.5%. Military & civiliancases, other than those just mentionedtotaled the remaining 63.7%. Ruppeltstated that the AirForce assumed 1 outof 10 sightings was reported. Thismeant that from 1947 to 1953, 44,000sightings were made in the US alone.Before you wonder where the44,000 came from, Ruppelt stated thatthe Air Force had actually received4,400 reports, but allexcept 1593 caseshad been immediatelyrejected for thespecial analysis! He thereforeextrapolated that there were over39,000 not reported!One thing we can all agree on,where there is smoke there is usuallyfire. Where there is a lot of smoke, youhad better dial 911!E-T CONTACT, Continuedtoday than ever before in the history ofour planet.Since about 1960, televisionstations across the Earth have beenspraying their signals into space at amillion-watt level. In the course of thelast 20 years, that exploding shelloftelevision signals, moving away fromEarth at the speed of light, has travelled240 trillion miles. It has now swept past40 stars inthe neighborhoodof thesun.Early TV programs, moving awayfrom the Earth at the speed of light,have carried the message to thesestarsthat intelligent life exists on this planet.These televisionsignalsmake the Earththe brightest radio star in ourneighborhood of the galaxy of TVfrequencies. For the first time in 4.6million years, our planet is a notableobject in the heavens. Ifany of these40nearby stars harbour intelligent beings,our presence is now known to them. Asit took 20 years forour signalsto reachthese stars, it must take 20 years fortheir reply travelling at the same speed,to get back. Unless man is alone intheuniverse, we can expect to receive amessage, or a visit by the end of thiscentury (unless they have alreadyarrived).And would these superior beingsbother to talk to us? In their eyesEinstein would qualify as a waiter andThomas Jefferson as a busybody.I think they would. They are jaded,they have liveda billion years, they havedone nearly everything, they are eager.for fresh experiences. After all, whereelse in the universe have they seen acreature like man before?LETTERS, Continuedfactual data base helping to persuadethe skeptics that we are not "justwhistling Dixie."Additional factual evidencecompiled in a like manner could thenindicate the areas of the sightings ingeographical locations vs, the timeframe, illustrating the tracking of UFOmovements on a global scale.A hard nosed "nuts and boltsapproach" to the phenomena would goa long way toward gainingacceptanceand the use of graphics could beextended to the analysis of landingsitedata, electromagnetic effects andobservations of various propulsionvariations recorded. Charts and graphsare a most effective way of presentingevidence and are more easilyassimilated by the reader, especiallythose in the field of science.I am personally convinced UFOsare E.T. in origin, but equally sure weshould attack the problems of whatthey are, where they appear, when andin what quantity, etc., before weattempt to theorize on their base ofoperations. Let us organize a trulyinvestigative force and track down thefacts, organizing and displaying them ina logical manner as a lawenforcementagency would operate.After all, if you were beingobserved at various times and locationsby a variety of unknown observers,your priorities would be to obtain thephysical characteristics of yourobservers, the f r e q u e n c y ofobservation and the locales involvedbefore becoming concerned with theirplace of residence.The credibility of UFOs is in ourhands. Let us maximize theopportunity by presenting factualevidence in an orderly and easilyassimilated manner. Such an effortcould substantially reduce the existingcredibility gap now facing us.Cliff Henderson, M.E.E.MUFON Research Specialist,Propulsion SystemsSunnyvale, Calif.MUFON103 OLDTOWNE RD.SEGUIN, TX 7815517
  • 18. MESSAGE, Continued THE NIGHTSKYDirector of Intelligence and Office ofNaval Intelligence. Originally classifiedTOP SECRET, it was declassified onMarch 5, 1985. Some of the UFOsightings reported are part of Edward J.Ruppelts book The Report onUnidentified Flying Objects. In a letterdated 25 Sept 1950, the Dept oftheAirForce Headquarters U.S. Air Force,ordered the destruction of AirIntelligence Report Number 100-203-79. In order that the readers of theMUFON UFO JOURNAL may haveaccess to this significant historicalstudy, the majority of the July 1985issue will be devoted to a reprint of thedocument. Some of the photographs ofUFOs and flying wing aircraft in thereport will not be reproduced due tothepoor quality of the copyingprocess bythe U.S.A.F.By Walter N. WebbMUFON Astronomy ConsultantUFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICEThe UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICEwill keep you informed of all the latestUnited States and World-Wide UFOactivity, as it happens! Our service wasstarted in 1969, at which time wecontracted with a reputableinternational newspaper-clippingbureau to obtain for us, those hardtofind UFO reports (i.e., little knownphotographic cases, close encounterand landing reports, occupant cases)and all other UFO reports, manyofwhich are carried only in small town orforeign newspapers."Our UFO Newsclipping Serviceissues are 20-page monthly reports,r e p r o d u c e d by p h o t o - o f f s e t ,containing the latest United StatesandCanadian UFO newsclippings, withour foreign section carrying the latestBritish, Australian, New Zealand andother foreign press reports. Alsoincluded is a 3-5 page section of"Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot andother "monster" reports).Let us keep• you informed of the latest happeningsin the UFO and Fortean fields."For subscription information .andsample pages from our service, writetoday to:UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICERoute 1 — Box 220Plumerville, Arkansas 72127July 1985Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Saturn is low inthe southern sky at dusk and sets south ofwest about 1:30 AMDaylight Time in midmonth. The yellow planet resumes its normal eastwardmotion in Libra on the 26th.Jupiter, still brightening in Capricornus, rises in the east-southeast about anhour after sunset in midmonth. The moon lies below the giant planet on theFourth of July .and also on the 31st.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Venus shines brilliantly low in the east during morning twilight, while Jupiter(3}/2 times fainter) illuminates the southwestern sky.The former rises about 2:30AM in midmonth. .Venus appears 5° to the right of the crescent moon on the14th and 3° above the orange star Aldebaran on the 15th.Meteor Shower:The July or DeltaAquaridmeteors extend from about mid-July to mid-August.They peak on the morning of July 28 at a rate of about 20 per hour.Wait untilthe bright gibbous moon sets about 2 AM to begin observing thatmorning.Although the meteors appear to radiate from a point in Aquarius in thesouthern sky, the glowing streaks of light do not become visible until somedistance away from the spot. Thus, the viewershouldscan the wholeskyfor therelatively slow Aquarids which leave long paths across the heavens.Moon Phases:Full moon-July 2Last quarter-July 9New moon-July 17First quarter-July 24Full moon-July 31The Stars:Note two full moons in one month. Thesecond full moon is sometimes calleda "blue moon," a term derived from anotherunusual event when forest fire smoke maytinge the moon bluish. Hence, "once inabluemoon." A double full moon occurs again inMay 1988.The Summer Triangle is now well up inthe eastern sky after twilight ends. Thestar ineach corner of the triangle belongs to a separate constellation: Vegaliesin Lyra the Harp, Deneb in Cygnus the Swan, and Altair in Aquila the Eagle.Below the triangle appears a heavenly hint of autumn-the Great Square ofPegasus.The constellationsof spring-Leo, Bootes, Virgo, Libra-are slipping toward thewestern horizon. In the south, Scorpius crawlswestward. This pattern isoneofthe easiest to spot, with head and curved claws to the west and curling tail to theeast. The star Antares marks the red heart of the scorpion.In the north, the BigDipper stands to the west or left of Polaris the North Star.Use the pointer stars in the dippers bowl to locate Polaris.18
  • 19. MESSAGE, ContinuedDavid M. Jacobs will moderate theprogram, featuring the followingspeakers: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, JohnSchuessler, Budd Hopkins, BarryGreenwood, Dan Wright and MargeChristensen. For further information,contact Mass. MUFON,Inc.,P.O. Box176, Stoneham, MA 02180.The Montana Chapter of S.B.I, issponsoring a UFO Conference at theHoliday Inn of Great Falls on June 14,15 and 16, 1985, using the theme —APiece ofthe Puzzle: The PublicsRole inResearch." The scheduled speakersare Peter Mazzola, James Leming,Major Colman VonKeviczky, LindaMoulton Howe, Dr. Kirk Seekinsand Capt. Keith Wolverton. Lecturepackage fees are 1 day - $3.50, 2 days-$6.00 and 3 days - $8.50. The HolidayInn is located at 1411 - 10th Ave. South,Great Falls, MT 59405 and hotelreservations may be made by calling(406) 761-4600.The Sixth Annual Rocky MountainConference on UFO investigations isbeing held July 11-13, 1985 at theUniversity of Wyoming in Laramie,sponsored by Pro/UFOs and IFUFOCS (Douglas G. Tipton and R.Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.). A registrationform and more details may be obtainedby writing to Conferences andInstitutes, P.O. Box 3972, UniversityStation, Laramie, WY 82071-3972.* * *The CUFOS UFO Exhibit was ondisplay at the Future World Expositionat the Mascone Center in SanFrancisco,. Calif, on April 17 throughthe 21st. John Timmerman contactedTom Gates and asked if he wouldhandle the exhibit arrangements. Itbecame a cooperative venture forCUFOS and MUFON as members inthe San Francisco Bay Area mannedthe booth, passed out literature andanswered questions. An appreciativethank you is extended to the followingmembers for participating in this publiceducation exhibit; Paul Norman(Australia), Jim McCampbell, RonLakis, Stan Musselman, Virgil Staff,Paul Cerny, Bill McGuigan, BruceShelton, Tom and Delia Page, HarryPotter, Dick Henry, Bill Diangson, CliffEagleson, Roger Godt, Steve Kiefel andTom Gates.* * *The UFO Literature AComprehensive Annotated Biblio-graphy of Works in English by RichardM. Rasmussen has been publishedbyMcFarland & Company, Inc.,Box 611,Jefferson, North Carolina 28640,telephone (919) 246-4460. Publishedand released May 1985, the price of thehardback (cloth, 263 pages) is $29.95.Mr. Rasmussen has been collectingUFO information literature for manyyears and this is the culmination of hisdetailed and painstaking research. Theformat is by author and the index bybook title and author. (It lists MUFONUFO Symposium Proceedings from1972 through 1983 by editors, andincludes speakers, titles, themes, andlocations of each Symposium, as anexample.) Richard has included asource of"Where to FindNew and Outof Print UFO Titles," although someaddresses are already obsolete. Inaddition to the Introduction, twochapters are devoted to "The Nature ofthe Literature" and "UFOs inLiterature: A Brief History," whichsetsthe stage for the Annotated Biblio-graphy. This book isa good supplementto the computer reference catalogdeveloped by David Christensen forMUFON. The author may becontacted at address: Richard M.Rasmussen, 4589 - 70thSt., LaMesa,California 92041.* * *Through the generosity of RobertTodd and Peter A. Gersten,MUFON recently received a largenumber of U.S. Air Force documentsdeclassified on January 29, 1985 underthe Freedoms of Information Act(FO1A). Mr. Todd is to be commendedfor his diligent research on behalf ofCitizens AgainstUFO Secrecy (CAUS)and for sharing his work with MUFON.Most of the documents are from theyear of 1952. Also included is the 18pages of. unclassified correspondenceprompted by Chuck de Caros inquiryinto the Bentwaters AFB case ofDecember 1980 when he waspreparingthe Cable News Network (CNN)Special Assignment Documentary. Wewill publish the series of questionsand answers posed by Mr. de Caro andthe answers the U.S.A.F. received fromUSAF Ramstein AB (Germany), RAFBentwaters (England) and RAFMildenhall (England) in a future issue ofthe Journal.However, a very significant reportdated December 10,1948 wasprobablythe source materialfor the now famousEstimate of the Situation, in whichProject Sign personnel at A.T.I.C.declared in 1948 that "UFOswere inter-planetary." This 26-page document isAir Intelligence Report No. 100-203-79,titled "Analysis of Flying Objects in theU.S.," Air Intelligence Division StudyNo. 203, dated 10 December 1948 (by)(continued on page 18)19
  • 20. DIRECTORS MESSAGEbyWalt AndrusThe MUFON 1985 UFOSymposium in St. Louis, Missouri onJune 28,29, and 30will be rememberedby the attendees as another successfulconference when this issue reaches ourreaders in the far corners of the Earth.The speakers at the sixteenth annualMUFON symposium were MargeChristense, George D. Fawcett,Leonard H. Stringfield, BuddHopkins, John F. Schuessler, TedPhillips, David F. Webb, WilliamL.Moore, Stanton T. Friedman, andPeter A. Gersten, addressing the thetheme — "UFO: The Burden ofProof."The MUFON 1985 UFO SymposiumProceedings are dedicated to Mrs.Norma E. Short, the Editor ofSKYLOOK from its inception inSeptember 1967 throughJanuary 1974.* * *The MUFON 1985 UFOSymposium Proceedings will beavailable at the St. Louissymposiumfor$10.00 and by mail after July 15, 1985for $11.50 which includes postage andhandling.* •*• *Richard D. Seifried, StateDirector, has appointed Fred W.Haysof Kettering to be the Assistant StateDirector for Ohio. James C. DeLotelhas accepted the position of StateSection Director for the southeasterncounties of Clark, Floyd and Harrisonin Indiana. Thomas P. Deuley, StateDirector for Texas, has approved theappointment of Virgil Gordon Wellsas the new State Section Director forLiberty and San Jacinto Counties.Donald A.Johnson hasselected DaleGoudie to be the State ofWashingtonPublic Relations Director.* * *The Mutual UFO Network is afounding member of The InternationalCommittee for UFO Research (ICUR).The aims of ICUR shall be to promote,undertake and standardize theinvestigation and research on the UFOphenomenon on a global basis and inascientific manner. It shall also be thetask of the Committee to disseminatefactual information on itsworkings toallinterested parties. Starting in 1979,there has been interim activity takingplace under the name of "TheProvisional Committee for UFOResearch" (PICUR). Dr. MichaelSinclair, MUFON InternationalCoordinator, has been the MUFONrepresentative at all of the meetings todate. Officers elected on August 26,1983 at the annual meeting are BertilKuhlemann, (Sweden) Chairman;Bjarne Hakansson, (Sweden)Secretary; and Robert Digby(England) Treasurer. Peter A. Hill(Scotland) was the former chairman.The founding member organizationsand their representatives at the August1983 meeting in London, EnglandwereCUFOS/USA, J. Allen Hynek(President Emeritusof ICUR): SUFOI/Denmark, Per Anderson; BUFORA/England, Robert Dibgy; UFOCAN/Canada, Stanton T. Friedman; Pro-ject URD/Sweden, Bertil KuhlemannVUFORS/Australia (Victoria), PaulNorman; and MUFON/USA, MichaelSinclair. MUFON annual dues arebased upon a member organizationofbetween 1000 and 1999 members.MUFON elected to resign from thevery unstable North American UFOFederation in August 1984 and willconcentrate its efforts with theprestigious ICUR on an internationalscope.* * *We are extremelyproud of MargeChristensen, Director of PublicRelations and Massachusetts MUFON,Inc. for producing the UFOdocumentary for the Mutual UFONetwork as a public relations function.Designed for a 60-minute time slot ontelevision, the videotaped program ishosted by Dr. David M. Jacobs andfeatures segments by Dr. J. AllenHynek, Walt Andrus, JohnSchuessler, Budd Hopkins, BarryGreenwood, Dan Wright andRaymond Fowler. Videotapes arenow available in ]/2 inch VHS or Betaformat for $20.00, as well as in3/4 inchVHS or Beta format for $50.00. Checksshould be made payable to: Mass.MUFON, inc., and mailed to MargeChristensen at 2 CherryRoad,Beverly,MA 01915. This film will be an integralpart of the National UFO informationWeek observance on August 18to 25,1985. Please order your copies now soyou will be prepared for showing onlocal cable systems, P.B.S. TV, andpublic educational exhibits.* **The nationally syndicated ABC-TV program "Eye on Hollywood,"featuring UFOs, was viewed on May9,1985. Arranged by Bill Moore, liveinterviews were conducted with peopledirectly involved in the Roswell, NewMexico crash in 1947. Motionpicturefootage from the film "UFOs AreReal"was shown as well as interviews withsome of the witnesses who previouslyparticipated in the MUFON 1983 UFOSymposium in Pasadena, Calif. Theoriginal plan was to show theMUFONUFO Hotline telephone number (512)379-9216 on the screen when theprogram host announced "where toreport UFO sightings." A last minutechange was made in the programingwhereby the number was left out andviewers had no idea whatsoever whereto report UFOs. While beinginterviewed, a credit appearedidentifying "William L. Moore, MutualUFO Network."Everyone is reminded that July1stis the deadline for submitting earlyregistrations for the UFO Forumsponsored by Mass. MUFON onAugust 17 & 18 in Beverly, Mass.Anyone planning to attend shouldmake their motel reservationsimmediately, as motels in the area arealready filling up for that weekend. Dr.(continued inside)