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Mufon ufo journal 1985 11. november

  2. 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International Director andAssociate EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorANNDRUFFELContributing EditorTED BLOECHERDAVE WEBBCo-Chairmen,Humanoid Study GroupPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityMARGE CHRISTENSENPublic RelationsREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and (JFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityT. SCOTT CHAINGREG LONGStaff WriterJAMES LEMINGS1MONE MENDEZStaff ArtistsTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEONARD STRINGFIELDUFO Crash/RetrievalWALTER N. WEBBAstronomyNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLROBERT V. PRATTEditor/Publishers EmeritusThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$15.00 per year in the U.S.A.; $16.00foreign in U.S. funds. Copyright 1985by the Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin, Texas.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 toadvise change of address to TheMUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155.FROMTHE EDITORInside we think youll find another informative issue of theJournal including Cynthia Hinds report on an African summersighting, a couple of recent cases from Florida, and Walter Webbscoverage of the Massachusetts MUFON Forum, as well as ourregular departments.In the meantime, the editor and staff ofthe Journal wish you andyours the safest and happiest of holidays. Until the next time.In this issueAFRICAN REPORT, by Cynthia Hind 3FLORIDA FLURRY, by Donald M. Ware 6MASSACHUSETTS FORUM, by Walter N. Webb 8THE MEIER CASE, by James W. Deardorff 11RANDLES REPLIES, by Jenny Randies 12NEWS N VIEWS 13UFO SECRECY, by Larry Bryant 14PROCEEDINGS INDEX BY SUBJECT, by Richard H. Hall 14UFO MATERIALS,by Marge Christensen 16THE NIGHT SKY, by Walter N. Webb 19DIRECTORS MESSAGE, by Walt Andrus 20COVER by GolliverThe Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from- their Federal income tax. In addition,bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions ofSections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNAL are determined by the editor, and donot necessarily represent the official position of MUFON. Opinions of contributorsare their own, and do not necessarily reflect thoseofthe editor, the staff, or MUFON.Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON. Responses to published articles maybe in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400words) or ina short article(up to about2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50% rule" is applied: the article author may reply butwill be allowed half the wordage used in the response; the responder may answer theauthor but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authors reply, etc. Allsubmissions are subject to editing for style, clarity, and conciseness.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than 200words are quoted from any one article, the author ofthe articleisgiven credit, and thestatement "Copyright 1985 by the MutualUFO Network, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin,Texas" is included.
  3. 3. AFRICAN REPORTBy Cynthia HindOn July22nd 1985, two BAE HawkMK 60s were scrambled by theZimbabwe Air Force from ThornhillAirForce Base, Gweru, to investigate a"bright flying object" over BulawayoAirport.According < to the report whichappeared in The Herald newspaper onAugust 2nd, Commander of theZimbabwe Air Force, Air MarshallAzim Daudpota said, "This was noordinary unidentifiedflyingobject.Eventhe two fighter pilots had visual contactwith it over Bulawayo."The object, orange in colour insome reports, was sighted first overBeit Bridge (the border post betweenSouth Africa and Zimbabwe) then inGwanda, West Nicholson andPlumtree, all within Zimbabwe. It waslast seen from the Bulawayo AirportControl Tower.Unfortunately, the radar at theMet. office in Bulawayo had beendismantled for servicing and was notworking, although according to GroupCapt. Sykes of the Zimbabwe AirForce, it was the fact that the objectwas picked up on radar that convincedthe Air Force of its reality.NO BALLOON?"This immediately rules out that itcould have been a balloon," said theGroup Capt. "Besides which," headded, "checks were made with theMet office who confirmed that noweather balloons had been launched atthat time."Subsequently, I spoke to AirCommodore Dave Thorne, also of theZAF and he felt this was a genuine"unidentified flying object." The AirCommodore told me that the two jetswere scrambled at 17:45 and weredirected to the object which washovering over Bulawayo at about 7,000ft. But as the aircraft approached, theobject shot up at a great rate of knots(approx. 2,300 kph) to approx. 70,000ft. Air traffic at Bulawayo Airport wasdelayed for several hours while the jetswere investigating.One of my investigators in SouthAfrica, Giep Barnard, spoke to Mr. vander Riet of CSIR (Council for Scientificand Industrial Research) and he said,"Supposing a stationary object is in aposition of say, 10km altitude, the viewto an observer in an aircraftapproaching at a height of approx. 2km, would be that of an ascendingobject. Depending of course, on theactual altitudes of both object andobserver, speed of observer, distancesbetween observer and object, thistheory could hold true and as such anillusion of a rapidly rising object wouldbe created to the viewer."TWO PILOTSThe two pilots involved were C.Cordy-Hedge and T.R.Van Rooyen.Both men were 25years of age. Cordy-Hedge had 1800 flight hours to hiscredit and T.R.Van Rooyen, 1500hours.Cordy-Hedge wrote: The objectwas sighted on the 22nd July, 1985, atan altitudeof 4,500 ft. The weather was"dusk-cavok." It seemed to be approx.15 miles S.E. of Bulawayo.The aircraftwas in a steady climb. I could see theobject through the cockpit window andhad very good visibility. The objectappeared to maintain its distance, buthad very fast acceleration at a highaltitude before disappearing. It was abright orange in colour and appearedstar-like in shape but was"too far awayto determine exactly. It moved off in aneasterly direction at a very high speed.Cordy-Hedge estimated that the objecthad moved from 15,000 ft to 80-10,000ft.T.R. Van Rooyen gave a similarreport: he too saw the object throughhis cockpit canopy and the visibility wasgood. He, together with Cordy-Hedge,said the observation lasted for 50minutes. The object appeared as abright star, initially orange, but of anindefinable shape. It disappeared in aneasterly direction at a high speed.He estimated the altitude of the objectto go from 15,000 ft. to 100,000 ft.ACTION TAKENI flew down to Bulawayo,whichissome 530 km from Harare, and spoketo N.I.Bull who was the Met officer onduty at the time of the incident. He hadwritten to me in replay to my queriesregarding the UFO and Ireport some ofthe significant portions of his letter. Hesaid that the previous day, i.e.21st July,he had picked up several reports of theobject being seen over Beit Bridge,Plumtree, etc.No-one seems to knowwhat it was but he took the precautionof alerting the Zimbabwe Air Force atThornhill. He also heard that the SouthAfrican Air Force had sent up two oftheir fighters to investigate but theythrough the object was a high altituderesearch balloon and way above theceiling of the aircraft.On the 22nd July,Bull had seen theobject almost due south of the airfield atan elevationof 30°. Through binoculars(continued next page)
  4. 4. Gweru^oBulawayodacholfeonBlbemfontein oAFRICAN, Continuedit appeared spherical and was quitebright and could have been a ballooncoated with some sort of metallicreflecting material. Referring to variousreports he was able to calculatethat theobject was between 70,000 and 140,000ft. up. :He heard the Hawk jets passoverhead and a few minutes later theobject seemed to disappear from view.All this happened at dusk andZimbabwe being close to the equator,there is hardly any.twilight. It is possiblethat the sun illuminated the object andwhen it sank below the horizon, theobject could no longer be seen.There was no radar working atBulawayo at the time as the Met officeradar was being serviced. The Metoffice balloons are lost between 45,000and 60,000 ft. and there were none up atthe time. But the wind patterns at highlevels up to this height were notdescriptive of the motion of the object.WINE GLASSAt this, juncture, I had taken aUFO-INTERNATIONAL WEEK Standat the .Harare Show and wasapproached by two young men fromFalcon College (just outside Bulawayo).They had seen the object through atelescope and the one described it tome as disc-like at the top with a trailingobject beneath. He thought it might bea weather balloon. At the same time,Maria Sullivan, one of my .UFOgroup inHarare, told me that Mike Williams ofPlumtree School had said that two oftheir teachers had spotted the objectand described it as being "like aninverted wine-glass."This description immediatelyranga bell in my mind. On October 31st,1983, there had been a UFO over RiodeJaniero in Brazil, with hundreds ofwitnesses. The. Brazilian governmenteventually issued a statement sayingthat the UFO had been a SouthAfrican weather balloon. IreneGranchi, a leading UFO investigatorinBrazil, had asked me to look into thematter.I was friendly with a South AfricanOpposition Member of Parliament whowas sympathetic to the UFOphenomenon and had, in fact, askedquestions in the South AfricanParliament about the matter. Icontacted him to find out ifindeed thiscould be true. He came back shortlyafterwards to tell me that the CSIRwere involved with a French SpaceAgency — Centre National dEtudesSpatiales — who were based just(continued next page)
  5. 5. Figure 1. Copy of a drawingniade by Petrus Erasmus of theobject hovering above Bloem-fontein on 15th July,1985.AFRICAN, Continuedoutside Pretoria in South Africa. Imanaged to obtain a comprehensivedescription of this balloon.The balloons are of the infra-redhot-air type. They can reach 30 kmaltitude during the the daytimeand candrop as low as 18km at night. They driftin whatever currents are in the upperatmosphere and stratosphere. Flightduration isup to 50days and a completecircumference of the southernhemisphere has been achieved. Thesize of these balloons is 36,000 cu.meters, about 40 meters in diameter,and the hull consists to a largeextent ofaluminized plastic material. There aregenerally 2 gondolas with scientificequipment attached to them. Radiosignals are emitted both to groundstations and to the NOAA satellite.THE REPORTSAt this time, I received severalcuttings on UFO sightings. OnTuesday 9th July, Mr. & Mrs. E.A.Lubbe of Steyn Street, Middelburg(Transvaal) saw a light in the sky atapprox. 21:45. The light was verybright, stationary and silent. The areawas illuminated for a few seconds andthen the light began to fade, all in lessthan a minute.On the same night, Andre Allen ofKempton Park, near Johannesburg,also saw a strange light in the sky,between 18:30 and 19:00 hours.. TheJohannesburg Planetarium, whilereluctant to commit themselveswithout more detailed reports, felt theobject was a meteorite! Bythis time, theobject had been seen in Reddersburg,Bethulie and the Hendrik VerwoerdDam area.On the 15th July, farmers in theUnderberg district (Natal) saw a"mysterious shining object" movingtowards Lesotho. Mr. Peter Ferraz,former editor of The Friend newspaperin Bloemfontein, said "It was extremelybright and moving slowly in a westerlydirection. It shone like metal in thesun."There were other witnesses: Kenand1Merril Macloed, who run theUnderberg Met office; Jose Campos,who is head of the viewing section of theS.A. Astronomical Society in Natal,said that • the object was not aconventional astronomical object.On the 28th July, The NatalMercury (Natal) stated that a bright"star" hovering above Natal hadmystified many people. But a weatheroffice spokesman at Louis BothaAirport (Durban) had said it was aFrench "weather" balloon sendingsignals to a satellite. It was also seen onthis date from Durban North,Hammarsdale and Margate.On the 15th July, the object wasidentified as a test balloon launched bythe French from a site near Pretoria.Mr. Petrus Erasmus of Wilgehof made asketch of the object which hoveredover Bloemfontein. He observed theobject through a powerful telescope athis home. (Fig.1)(continued on page 19)
  6. 6. FLORIDA FLURRYBy Donald M. WareOn 20 August 1985, Norman E.Hill, a 43-year old resident of Pensacola,FL, called to tell me about a 1977 UFOsighting. He got my phone number froman article about MUFON in the 19August Pensacola News Journal. Hereported a small salmon-pink light thatrose from the woods and transformed,through a transparent stage, into ametallic-gold, Saturn-shaped objectwith red, blue and green lights aroundthe perimeter.The object appeared to increase insize as it ascended. Also reported wereE/M effects, sound distortion, mentalcommunication, chest, and headtightness, skin vibrations, and a deepcold feeling. Our first meeting was aninterview in his home on 3Sep 85,whenForms 1,3, and 5 were completed. Hisparents were present and seemconvinced he is reporting accurately,although they were skeptical for abouttwo weeks in 1977. Then on 18October, he drove to Ft. Walton Beachand accompanied me to the sightingarea. His story follows.COMPULSIONLate on 9 January 1977, NormanHill was driving from Pensacola to St.Petersburg where he had anappointment with a realtor the nextafternoon. As he passed throughBristol, on highway 20, he saw a sign forOras restaurant, and he felt acompulsion to go there even though hewas not hungry and it was off thehighway. About two miles past theturnoff he turned around, went there,and for some unknown reason askedthe owners ifany UFOs had been seenin the area. The couple that owned therestaurant looked at each other,astonished, and said yes.Although it was nearly 11:00 PMand closing time, they brought aneighbor in, Mr. Charlie M., who hadtold of two UFO sightings recently.Norman spent the night in Bristol, andthe next morning Charlie M. took himto the sighting area deep into St. JoePaper Company property. ThenNorman continued to Bristol.ENGINE STALLSOn 12January, while enroute backto Pensacola, he detoured 7milesnorthon FL 267, turned east on Sudberryroad and continued on the sand roadinto the paper company woods CharlieM. had shown him. After about a milehis 1972 VW stalled. It would notrestart, although the starter and lightsoperated normally. It was. 8:00 PM,almost two hours after sunset.He saw spires of soft white lightcome from behind the trees to thesouth. He got out of the car, and whenthe door shut, it sounded unusuallyloud, "like a shotgun blast." He spoke,and his voice "reverberated" and wasvery loud. He heard footsteps comethrough the woods from the direction ofthe light spires, but could see no one.The footsteps moved behind himthrough the car lights, but he could stillsee no one.Soon a bright pinkish-orange ballof light rose slowly from behind thetrees where the white light was. Therewas a stuffy, tight feeling inhis head andchest, and a deep cold sensation in hisbody. As the light rose up, itsbrightnesswent down and a transparent Saturn-shaped object (larger on top) startedforming around the bright center.When fully formed, the central light wasgone, and the object looked solidmetallic-gold with red, blue and greenlights around the perimeter.The cold sensation continued,and"vibrations" played over his body andcaused a slight euphoria. He said, "Iasked the question where this objectwas from, and received a verymechanical sensation in the head and aknowing that it originated in anothergalaxy." He felt he wascommunicatingwith a computer. He said the objectappeared larger,rather than smaller, asit rose up until it looked about seventimes larger than the moon. Within fiveminutes it rose to the base of thinmoonlit cirrusand departed to the east.He thinks the closest he saw it wasabout 1500 feet. However, there is littlebasis to determine actual size ordistance. After it departed he drovearound and sat in the woods for overtwo hours and saw nothing else.TEACHERNorman has a BS in Biology andPhysical Science from Florida StateUniversity, and, through a NationalScience Foundation grant, becamequalified to teach high school Physicsand Chemistry. He taught in St.Petersburg until March 1976, and isnow employed by an industrial securityfirm. Following this sighting, hereported it to Tyndal AFB. Variousofficers showed little interest, and aColonel gave him Dr. Hyneks CUFOSaddress. He wrote Dr. Hynek a letteron 23 Jan 77, but got no reply.During the next four months, hereturned to the site five times andclaims to have seen a UFO three times.One was a high fly-by one month later.Two months later he was alone and saidhe saw the reverse of his originalsighting. A Saturn-shaped object withlights around the perimetertransformed to a bright ball whiledescending toward the woods andfinally disappeared behind the trees.Then on 1 May he and a friend saw anunidentified night light there. Heblinked the car lights three times and italso blinked three times.Norman claims to have more thanhis share of ESP, and before his divorcein 1972 experienced psychiccommunication with his wife. He saidhis psychic ability sometimes fluctuatesbut has not changed noticeably since(continued next page)
  7. 7. FLORIDA, Continuedhis UFO sightings. He claims to haveexperienced several other UFO orpsychic events:PSYCHICa.) In Nov 67, he saw a very highoval object fly over with lights aroundthe perimeter.b.) In Dec 72,while gradingphysicspapers, he somehow received adescription of soft white-skinnedpeople and some information about aformula concerning the force of gravity.c.) In June 74, he was on his bed inPensacola when he had a vision of a14-year old girl in his class in St.Petersburg. She reached down, and ashe took her hand it felt life-like. As they"went for a walk"he could see his bodyon hisbed. When he next saw her hedidnot mention it, but she asked ifanythingparticularly strange happened to himthat summer. When he said, "Yes," shedescribed how she went for a walk withhim in an out-of-body experience.d.) In Oct 76, he saw the upper halfof two different lookingentities appearnear the ceiling, a white-skinned femaleand a grey-skinned male. He got theimpression one was the guardianangelof his mother and the other of his father.They were trying to determine whichwas responsible for him.e.) In Apr 83, againwhile restingonhis bed, he saw a black silhouette of alarge-headed man appear from the walland stand in the doorway. No lightcame through the shape. Then a greenarm "came out of the lamp shade" andhe heard voices talking about the greensnake. He said, "Its not a snake, its anarm," and a mental voice, soundingsurprised, said, "If you can hear thisraise your left hand." When he did, thesilhouettes and "voices" vanished.f.) Finally, in Apr 84, he went intohis back yard about 1:30 AM and saw aone-foot diameter brilliant white lightflash momentarily about four feet abovethe ground. When he went back out alittle later, the same thing occurred, andhe got a mental message asking if heknew anyone who was ill.SUMMARYThese unusual occurancesinvolving Norman Hill are certainlystrange. He does not seem eitherdisturbed or obsessed by them. Hislatest hobby is growing carnivorousplants. His interest in UFOs seems tobe based on a general curosity aboutthe science they seem to represent.Nor does he seem overly interested inpsychic phenomena, but he and hisparents seem convinced his ability toreceive psychic messages is muchstronger than most. It has not beentested. I consider his 12 Jan 77, UFOsighting an ordinaryunknown because,although the report was highly strange,it was a night light withoutsupportingwitnesses. Arrangements have startedfor our investigator inGadsden Countyto interview Mr. Charlie M. concerninghis UFO sightings in the same area.CASE 2One 26 June 85,Charles M.Whiteheard my lecture on UFOs at hisMethodist church and told me of his1974 sighting. He reported a glowing,convex- sided, disc-shaped object thatblinked on and off repeatedly as it flewover his home in a clear afternoon sky.During an interview in his home on 15Oct 85, he reported the followinginformation.CONVEXHe was mowing his front lawn oneAugust afternoon in 1974, facing west,when he glanced up and saw a strangeobject moving to the east across a clearsky. His first reaction was to yell to hiswife in the house to get the binocularsand come outside (she confirmedthis).When she got out about 40 secondslater, the object was going out of viewbehind the trees. The object appearedcircular when first seen and when lastseen. However, as it moved through itsclosest point, about 60 degrees abovethe southern horizon, he could see theclear-outlined shape of a convex diskstanding on edge.The strangest thing is that itcontinually blinked on and off aboutevery three seconds. The on-timeequaled the off-time, about 1.5seconds.When on, it looked like a large, whiteflourescent light. When off, he couldsee nothing unusual. He thinks it was3000 to 4000 feet up and moving about300 mph. Unfortunately, there were noother witnesses to help determine size.It appeared twice the size of a full moon.RETIRED NAVYMr. White is a 66 year old retiredaviation metalsmith for the U.S. Navy,and was also an active reservist. He wasa crewmember on antisubmarineaircraft, and still enjoys excellenthealth. He told us he also had two nightUFO sightings, one before and oneafter this 1974 sighting.In the summer of 1959 he wasdriving from New Orleans to Pensacolaabout 9:30 PM with his commandingofficer, a Navy Captain. After crossingthe Mobile causeway, they turnedsouth on a two lane road. They roundeda turn about one-half mile south andsaw a large round light "like a moon"hovering over the road perhaps a mileaway. They stopped the car and gotout. It was like a white flourscent lightthat lit up the road. "You could read anewspaper by it." Its diameter was 60feet to 100 feet, at least three times theroad width.They heard no sound. They bothsaid, "I see it, but I dont believe it.", andthey made a pact not to tell anyone"because they will tell us we are crazy."For five minutes it didnt move. Itsuddenly went straight up and abruptlystopped. Then it went straight west andabruptly stopped. It hovered for a fewmoments, and blinked out as itgot backover the road.In 1978 Charles was looking out ofthe rear viewing windowof a P-3, Orion,at 22,000 feet. Heading northeast nearAtlanta, Georgia, he saw a round,white, flourescent-like light thatappeared to be 2000 to 3000 feet abovethe ground. It was moving in the samegeneral direction they were until itabruptly stopped and hovered. Then itheaded about 90 degrees away,stopped, then made an arc andblinkedout. He said it was identical inappearance and maneuverability to theone he saw in 1959. He did not tellanyone, because he thought theywould(continued on page 17)
  8. 8. MASSACHUSETTS FORUMBy Walter N. WebbMassachusetts MUFONs secondannual UFO Forum was held at theBeverly Golf and Tennis Club on the, weekend of August 17 and 18,1985. Byall measures, the one-and-a-half dayaffair was a huge success. The yearsattendance doubled last years figure;the 300 persons hailed from 17 statesand Canada, coming from as far awayas Hawaii, California, and Florida.Eleven state directors wererepresented. Even the weathercooperated, with both days delightfullycool and sunny.MEDIA ATTENTIONThe event attracted much localmedia coverage. Bostons WBZ-TVand Naticks cable TV stationvideotaped and interviewed speakers atthe Forum (a WBZ segment was airedon "EveningMagazine"September 16;further spinoffs are planned by thestation). Busy speakers appeared onfive radio talk shows, . and areanewspapers, including the BostonHerald (two stories), carried featurearticles.HYNEK AWARD• Massachusetts MUFON Directorand Forum organizer MargeChristensen delivered her openingremarks at 2 PM on the first day. Shethen presented Dr. Allen Hynek with aspecial edition of the ComputerCatalog of UFO Resources. Thedocuments supplement listed allcatalog references to the astronomersname and was offered to him inrecognition of his outstanding work inthe UFO field.FRENCH CONNECTIONReturning this year in a differentrole as moderator of the Forum, UFOhistorian Dr. David Jacobs of TempleUniversity introduced Dr. Hynek, who8JOHN F. SCHUESSLER—Dennis Sfacywas to talk on "The FrenchConnection" — an account of hisrecent trip to France at the invitation ofthe French space agency. The CUFOSDirector, however, wasnt feeling welland so Dave did a superb job in readingDr. Hyneks notes.As guests of the French NationalSpace Center and GEPAN, the officialUFO agency, Drs. Hynek, Niemtzow,and Vallee not only attended a two-dayUFO conference inParis and Toulousebut also presented papers that werewell received (See August 1985 issue).Hyneks paper centered on theactivities of CUFOS; Niemtzows, onUFO-related medical injuries; andVallees, on the computerizedscreening of UFO reports. JeanJacques Velasco, Chief of GEPAN,asked the three to serve as a"scientificliaison" between GEPAN and U.S.ufologists.With both France and the SovietUnion now conducting official UFOinvestigations, Allen Hyneks paperconcluded by posing the question:"What will it take to get NASAand ourgovernment to make a similar move?"CASH-LANDRUMJohn Schuessler, MUFONsAdministrative Deputy Director, wasnext with his oft-told-but-always-riveting account of "The Cash-Landrum Case." Johns welldocumented investigation of this famedmedical injury episode has been on-going since it happened five years ago(it has been disucssed frequently in thepages of the Journal).The three victimsstill suffer from a variety of radiationlikeeffects; the list of physiological(continued on next page)
  9. 9. PETER GERSTEN AT SAINT LOUIS—Dennis.StacyFORUM, Continuedsymptoms in this single incident seemsalmost unending.To this day, no agency admits tosending up thetwo dozen helicoptersthat surrounded the UFO that night,and no Federal agency has paid for thecountless treatments and hospitalvisitsendured by the witnesses. AlthoughNew York attorney Peter Gersten hasfiled suit in Federal Court in behalf ofthe victims, John commented thatprospects for a ruling in favor of theTexas witnesses were not particularlybright.UNICATFinal speaker on day one wasFlorida . physicist and CUFOSresearcher Dr. Willy Smith, speakingon "UNICAT: A Scientific Approach."He and Dr. Hynek have developed anew computer file of high quality UFOsightings called UNICAT (for"Universal or Unique Catalog"). Theidea is to come up with a collectionofcase data that "will withstand the mostsevere scrutiny of the scientificcommunity," according to Dr. Smith.The cases selected for UNICATmust first survive three basic criteria:They must have two or more witnesses(very good single-witness episodeswont be excluded), have been writtenup in a detailed report by qualifiedinvestigators, and contain at least thebasic parameters sufficient forinclusionin the catalog. Dr. Smith outlined tengroups of 219 possible parameters;physical description, luminousdescription (lighting), dynamics (flightbehavior), observers, UFOintelligence(explicitly or implicitly indicated),UFO-observer i n t e r a c t i o n , UFO-environment interaction, entities,probatory elements (photos andphysical evidence), and miscellaneous.Initially, 400 cases were selectedfor UNICAT Phase One from CUFOSfiles. Fifty-one percent consisted ofclose encounters, and 74 percent weremultiple-witness incidents. Smithillustrated his talk with slide graphsdemonstrating some of Phase Onespreliminary findings.A private dinner attended by 60persons rounded out . the daysactivities.TOUGH TALKOpening .the second daysprogram at 9:30 AM, Dan Wright,Michigan State Director and author ofthe Field Investigators Exam,delivereda hard-hitting presentation titledsimply"Tough Talk for Investigators." Manyconsidered it the highlight of theForum.Good UFO investigators, .Danpointed out, are well prepared. "Thereis no room for bias, sloppiness, andincompetency," he remarked. It isup tous to have a thorough understandingofIFOs, to carefully study suchguidebooks as the MUFON FieldInvestigators Manual, to establish andmaintain contacts with such localagencies as police departments andairport control towers, and to rely upona checklist to insure that no essentialpiece of equipment is left out on witnessinterview trips.Conducting a proper interview iscrucial. Dan admonished investigatorson such matters as beingobjective andunbiased during the interview,allowingthe witness to recount the wholeincident first without interruption,listening effectively, controlling bodylanguage, and avoiding questions thatmight lead the witness.QUESTIONS(continued next page)
  10. 10. DRS. HYNEK AND WILLY SMITH IN SAN ANTONIO—Dennis StacyFORUM, ContinuedThe speaker asked state directorsif they were filling their roles, that is,recruiting a qualified investigative teamalong with drumming up a MUFONmembership. Do they hold regularmeetings, have local MUFONconsultants and other professionalsaddress the group, make available:audio-visual resources to members,and administer the new FieldInvestigators Exam to trainees? Danthen exhorted: "If not, why not?""Im just as tired as you are of thecheap shots by debunkers," concludedthe speaker. "Im tired of newspaperreporters getting away with calling usUFO buffs....Lets stop making it soeasy for them. Lets get our own housein order and silence skeptics once andfor all."ABDUCTION MOTIVESComing back from last yearsForum to update us on his latestfindings, Missing Time author BuddHopkins talked on "The UFOAbduction Phenomenon: A Spec-ulation on Motives." He began by10showing slides of scooplike and linearchildhood scars of undetermined originin the flesh of various abductees,including both the mother and daughterof the Kitley Woods, Indiana, seriesofevents. Could such scars representtissue-sampling by alien captors?Budd then referred to cases ofimplants allegedly inserted into thenostrils, eye sockets, and ears ofabductees. He inferred that suchimplants might be used as locatingdevices, for introducing informationinto the brain, or for removinginformation. For the first time this fall,the speaker said, two or threewit nesses will undergo CAT-scans inanattempt to unmask these allegeddevices.UFO SEX?The remainder of the New Yorkartists talk centered on "the mostdisturbing part of this whole disturbingbusiness," and he was frank to admitthat the inferences that he would makewere "highlyspeculative." A number ofcases still under investigation impliedthat male and female abductees weresubjected to such procedures asartificial insemination, sperm" collection, acts of intercourse, and, atleast in one instance a follow-upabduction where the fetus wasremoved.These shocking tales of implantsand genetic tampering provide furtherevidence to Budd Hopkins thatindividual humans are not only beingmonitored by UFO entities but alsomay be guinea pigs or hybridizationexperiments.SECRECY UPDATEAlso returning from the 84 Forum,Clear Intent co-author BarryGreenwood completed the weekendprogram by speaking on "Clear IntentPlus One." He reported that 7,000pages of UFO-related documentsoriginating from at least a dozengovernmental agencies have now beenreleased through the Freedom ofInformation Act. But he also said a largeamount of material is still beingwithheld. Barry urged that anyoneshown a secret UFO report shouldremember the title, precise date,author, and/or ID number of the reportrather than the text itself; "identifiers"are far more useful intrackingdown thedocument through the FOIA.Barry, who is Research Directorfor CAUS (Citizens Against UFOSecrecy), djscussed some of the resultsof recent FOIA requests. According toone FAA document released in 1984, aNORAD phone number was given out(perhaps inadvertently) to a citizenreporting a UFO sighting.The numberwas stated to be the Air Force unitinvestigating UFOs. NORAD nowdenies the existence of such a unit andin fact has changed the phone number!The speaker described twoanomalous reports based partly on filesobtained from the FAA and the CoastGuard. The former detailed an accountof the strange rising cloud formationwitnessed by six airline crews off Japanon April 9, 1984-still unexplained.And the other sighting concernedthe Pugent Sound fireball of July 27,1984, which splashed into the water.Local divers claimed that they spotted astrange disclike object buried in the(continued on page 17)
  11. 11. THE MEIER CASEBy James W. DeardorffIn making a trip last June toSchmidruti, Switzerland, where EduardMeier and family lives, I had hoped tointerview some of the secondarywitnesses to the case. However, FrankStuckert, the English-speaking friend ofMeier and his small group of messagedisseminators, who often act asinterpreter, was still recovering from anoperation at the time, and the secretaryof the group who also speaks Englishquite fluently, B. Zimmerman,unexpectedly had to be in Munich thesame week to undergo medical tests.Thus, outside of merely meeting Meier,his wife and their two sons there, andEva Bieri, the latter four beingsecondary witnesses, I could do nointerviewing at Schmidruti since myGerman is even worse than theirEnglish.I did look through Meiers four bigphotograph albums of colored S1/^" by5" prints and order copes of any at 5SwF each (about $2at that time).About700 of them, taken mostly at 15 differentplaces during 1975-76 and at two otherlocations in 1981, show the posingUFOs, and another 300 or so showlanding traces and other evidencerelated to the reported contacts. A61-page listing (in German but beingtranslated into English) describes thetimes and locations, and associatedinformation. Representative photosfrom, this collection, enlarged, haveappeared in the Elders Vols. I and II.INTERVIEWIn Munich I interviewed B.Zimmerman for a day, concerningvarious questions arising in trying tointerpret Meiers voluminous set ofcontact notes. However, she startedworking for their group only about 5years ago and is not one of the twodozen or so secondary witnesses named in Wendelle StevensInvestigative Report. Over thetelephone she helped me brieflyinterview one of the secondarywitnesses, Guido Mossbrugger, ascience teacher, on the credibility ofone point out of the hundreds of mindstretching questions raised by thecontact notes. Later, by telephone, Iinterviewed another secondary witnessand schoolteacher, Elsi Moser ofZurich, who speaks English fluently.She affirmed that she was a witness tonighttime UFO lights associated withone of Meiers contacts.MESSAGEThus, what little Icould observe onthe trip merely confirmed what onewould expect of a true contactee andgenuine secondary witnesses. Theyseem dedicated to letting sincerelyinterested people learn the spiritualmessage to which they have beenexposed, but also dedicated to notturning the affair into a cult with a guru.They are upset to hear that anyone canstill feel the affair could be a hoax, andare actually much more interested nowin the spiritual message from thecontact notes than inaffirming over andover the reality of the photographs andmovie footage. The spiritual messageseems to be the main point of it all,although the contact notes also containmuch in the nature of general science.About 7 of the secondarywitnesses live on the premises of theMeier • residence. Another severaldozen of his supporters, including othersecondary witnesses, live nearby in theZurich area.To my own satisfaction I havedetermined that inat least one instance,and in perhaps many more, what waspassed off to Meier as science wasinstead an absurditypurposely insertedinto the contact conversations andnotes. Few scientists therefore wouldwish to defend the reality of thepurported science in these notes.However in most instances one isunable to distinguishfor sure betweenwhat seems to be an absurdityand what •might merely be an indication ofadvanced alientechnology whichwould rseem occult. The reason behind thepurposeful absurdities in the contactnotes is apparently to keep scientistsdisinterested, and t h e r e f o r egovernments also. Then this UFO case,like all others, will not be the cause ofany sudden worldwide realization andpanic that UFOs are real and thatextraterrestrials are around. Thisreason turns out to be consistent withgeneral explanations within the contactnotes themselves.PREVIEWBefore inquiring from Walt Andrusabout the availability of WendelleStevens Investigation Report on theMeier case, or of other detailedinformation on the case, the interestedreader should ask the followingquestions.1) Would my religiousviews, ifany,be incompatible with a universalspiritual message from aliens whosecivilization dates back hundreds ofthousands of years? Would I refuse toquestion the basis of my own religiousfaith?2) Do Ibelievethat our present dayscience is near the pinnacle of whatscience of the future could everachieve, and that no alien race tensofthousands of years in advance of uscould perform acts which to us wouldseem like magic or put science fiction toshame?3) Would I allow what I read in thecontact notes to influence myjudgement on the degree of-validity ofthe physical evidence involved in thecase?If your answer to any of these isyes, there is no point in your inquiringfurther into the Meier case, or spendingmoney on the materials.(continued on page 18)11
  12. 12. RANDLES REPLIESBy Jenny RandiesI have been urged by severalpeople (in America, Australia andBritain) to respond to the "scurrilousattack" on our book S/cy Crash byJennie Ziedman (June 1985 MUFONJournal). Unfortunately, my copy ofthis issue must have vanished .into theBermuda Triangle in transit (as it neverarrived) — and it has taken me sometime to see a copy of the article,thanksto Ray Boeche. I was expecting theworst, and planning an even morevigorous response than the one alreadysubmitted to Lucius Parishs rashstatements. However, I received asurprise. Whilst the Parish letter doesdeeply concern me, since it asserts anumber of things I know to be untrue,Ifound the Ziedman piece fair andreasonable. There is little in it I wouldquibble over.RUMORS, As Brenda Butler and Dot Streets"mentor" on the case, according toZiedman (although, in fact, I haveinterviewed witnesses and visited boththe site and the base several times), Iwas myself acutely aware of.the lackofdirect eye-witness testimony. It was oneof the perennial problems of thisbothersome case. Much of what I hadto work with for the book, by late 1983,was second-hand. But almost noneofitwas the third-hand material alleged byZ i e d m a n ( e x c e p t w h e n e v e rsupportative anecdotes are quoted).There was some first-hand material(see, for example, the verbatim quotesfrom "Art Wallace"/Larry .Warren inthe chapter. "The Wallace Tapes."Yet her principal point is a validone. The book is not a scientificdiscussion of the case and was neverintended to be. It was produced in theone and only way such a book could bewritten in 1983, presenting the mish-mash of rumors, accounts and counterrumors (as confusingand contradictoryas they inevitably were).12In fact, had we waited six monthsto write the book it might have beenvery different. Probably not. Thematerial on the case of a first handnature which Ray Boeche collated forMUFON, which we also collated inEngland, and which is demonstrated onthe "Halt" tape recording, largely cameas a result of our book. We deliberatelyaimed to tell what we had so as tostimulate other researchers into diggingfor paydirt.Sadly, this is a policy whichis not being followed by certain otherinvestigators, who are protecting theirfirst hand material for theirown reasons— and behaving (in my view) contraryto both,the free flow of information aridthe good of ufology. This is something,at least, we cannot be accused of.TIME FACTORYou must see our rush into printinthe light of two things in late 1983. TheBritish media stories forced our hand.We hadto counteract the sensationalistrubbish that was emerging with thefacts. And we had to do it fast. Also wewere induced by the apathy and ridiculeheaped onto us from allquarters in ourtwo years of work before 1983.Yes, in a sense, the book was,premature. And we paid for it in sales,because it is not easy to comprehend.But Iwould do exactly the same again,for we wanted to catalyse others intoaction in placeswhere some good couldbe done. We achieved that. So we didall that we expected.HALTS ROLEColonel Halts role certainly iscrucial, as Jennie Ziedman says. Whydid he set himself up as a scapegoat (orallow himself to be set up)? Why wasthe carefully contrived "memo" andthen the "tape" released when it was?Both these questions are fundamentalbecause they emphasize theimportance of the second night (29-30December 1980), when Halt himselfalleges involvement. Since, in my view,it is the first night (27 December 1980)which reflects the main event, this shiftof emphasis smells fishy to me. Thereisalso nothing on the Halt memo or tapewhich is inexplicable. Much of it isperfectly, consistent with the IanRidpath lighthouse theory.Now I do not believe that Ridpath,is right, and the lighthouseisthe sole (oreven principal) stimulus for this case.However, we do have to assess thetruth, and the documented evidencewhich has been "fed" to us seems tosupport his view. Which may, ofcourse, be precisely the point!Halt refuses the lighthousesolution. Yet, despite the fact thatothers have gone public (includingColonel Ted. Conrad — who did notsuffer for hispains and was promoted toGeneral), plus Halts claim that he hasnot had any pressure to prevent himfrom talking, he has failed to react. Youwould expect a witness whoseobservational faculties have been calledinto such question to replyvehemently. Halt declines to do so.This is one of many questions stilloutstanding on this case. JennieZiedman does make one point I takeissue over. She claims that I state thatno people remained on base in 1983who had been there in 1980.1 have notsaid this. Halt, as a prime example,refutes it immediately! I have alwaysknown that there were one or two therewho had been since 1980, but none whowere involvedin the events. They wereall moved off. That isa different kettleoffish altogether.QUESTIONS REMAINI know this case is confusing andwould not quarrel with JennieZiedmans term "convoluted" for ourbook. But it is entirelyhonest. By failing(continued on page 17)
  13. 13. NEWSNVIEWSIn 1980 Dr. Leo Sprinkle, thenDirector of Counseling and Testing atthe University of Wyoming, invited toLaramie about twenty UFO"contactees" whom he hadhypnotically regressed to their UFOencounters. His purpose in bringingthem together was to give them anopportunity to share and compare theirexperiences, to search for .patterns,and to consider whether they should"go public" with their stories. A realbond of friendship was establishedamong the fifteen who were able to bethere. Since then the annual meetinghas been open not only to those whohave had personal experiences, butalso to UFO investigators and to theinterested public.Although Dr. Sprinklehas loweredhis profile in UFO research for personaland professional reasons, his presenceand personality still sustain theconferences sponsored by a1smallenthusiastic Laramie group, PRO-UFO(Paranormal Research Organizationfor UFO Studies).. Often a person who has been atthe MUFON annual Symposium willsee familiar faces in Laramie. Last yeartwo speakers, Paul Norman and HilaryEvans, spoke at both conferences. Thisyear Ken McLean, Wyoming StateDirector for MUFON, who spoke at aspecial meeting in St. Louis on publicrelations, was master of ceremonies.The emphasis in Laramie is still onthe personal aspects of the UFOexperience. One morning was spent ingroup discussion, and one afternoonwas a closed session, no press or taperecorders, so that speakers could telltheir stories to a sympathetic audiencein confidence. This brought out sometales that lapped upon the wilder shoresof ufology.In a more down to earth vein,JerryClark, Associate Editor of Fatemagazine and new editor of theCUFOS International UFO Reporter,discused with Dr. Hyneks secretary,Ann Eller, the new CUFOS Center inPhoenix and plans for UFO researchthere.The keynote speaker at thebanquet Saturday night was Dr.Aphrodite Clamar, the psychologistwho has worked with Budd Hopkins.She has done most of theregressionsinhis encounter cases. Interestingly,thewhole battery of tests administered byDr. Clamar, but graded and assessedby other psychologists, show thatpeople who believethat they have beenabducted by a UFO are a prettyaverage lot; the only personality traitsthey seem to have in common are thosethat might be accounted for by theabduction itself.—By Mildred BieseleClear IntentThe clear intent of the book ClearIntent is tb.prove that 1)there are a lotof unexplained "objects" in our skies,and 2) there is an extensive"government coverup" of thisinformation.Authors Lawrence Fawcett andBarry J. Greenwood deserve credit forforcing the government to releasehundreds of pages of documents onUFO sightings. But they admit right atthe start (page 7) that their material is"not earthshaking" and does not provethat the reported UFOs were"absolutely real."What, then, can weconclude fromthis massive compilation of UFOreports?If you, like many people in the UFOmovement, believe that UFOs areextraterrestrial spaceships and that thegovernment knows this and tries tokeep it secret, then this book will helpyou to believe what youwant to believe.If you, like me, note that there is noproof of even a single extraterrestrialvisitor, and suspect that a "govern-ment coverup" is more a matter ofchance and ineptitude rather thancomplicity to withholdinformation, youwill find nothing solid here to support .either the extraterrestrial or thesecrecy theories.Fawcett and Greenwoodstechnique in most cases is to quoteextensively from the newly-releasedmaterial, then pretty much leave it atthat. Occasionally they toss in anintriguing although unsubstantiatedquestion, such as "Perhaps even the story of what wehavent been told by the authorities"(p.40). Perhaps, but they give us nomaterial to back up that speculation.They seem to expect the reader tobe impressed by the sheer, bulk ofunexplained cases. But many of thecases they report are up to almost 40years old; do we learn anything fromtrotting out these old and tired cases?Some of the cases happened in othercountries; is it legitimate to blame theU.S. government for secrecy if officialsat the foreign UFO site did notannounce the UFO at the time?Most importantly: Fawcett andGreenwood do not provide us withmuch of any information other than theactual1report. They seldom suggest thepossibility of alternate explanations.They do admit (rather grudgingly, Ithought) the possibility that someUFOs may be temperature inversions(p.6), satellite debris (p.10), meteorsand fireballs (p.167), or atmosphericdisturbance (p.176). They make noattempt to develop the possibility ofsuch explanations.They make no mentionwhatsoever of recent Persinger/Brady/Devereaux studies whichindicate that unexplained luminositiesoften form along earthquake faults andareas of stress! They extensively reportsuch situations as sightings at a militarybase many years ago, without telling uswhether alternative explanations mightbe possible; surely the least they could(continued on page 16)13
  14. 14. UFO SECRECYBYLARRY BRYANTMUFON sponsors an annual symposium on UFO research andinvestigation,typically held in major metropolitan areas each year. Speakers include PhDscientists and others knowledgable about UFO-related topics. This Indexcompilesauthors names, titles, and subjects discussed. Additional information on availabilityof Symposium Proceedings or article reprints is available from the above address.SUBJECT INDEXWhen he joined Citizens AgainstUFO Secrecy a few years ago,Rodney Towers Beaton, then ofWestport, Conn., could have beenexpected to curtail hiswork as a CAUSresearch analyst upon resuming hisacademic studies.On the contrary, since beginninghis sophomore year at the Universityof New Mexico, Beaton has chosen toalign his studies with his activism-- andin so doing has achieved a "first" inUFO research.Now founding director of the firstorganized CAUS presence on auniveristy campus -- Students AgainstUFO Secrecy (SAUS) - Beaton hasrecruited about a dozen other UFO-oriented students, has begun plans foranewsletter, and has secured theservices of a faculty advisor, thusaccrediting his group as an officialstudent organization.UNHIDDEN AGENDABesides continuing his researchinto official UFO documentation,Beaton seeks to have hisgroup sponsorUFO-related lectures at the university,to gather local community support forfunding of special projects, and to serveas an example of how students cansupport the growing call for greaterfreedom of UFO information.No stranger to controversy,Beaton already has engendered a bitofresistance to the SAUS effort. "Onestudent told me," Beaton revealedrecently, "that he would have nothingto do with a group that uses a negativeterm in its title -- in this case the termbeing Against." To which Beaton mighthave responded: "But when youredealing with a government policy thatundermines a fundamental principle ofself-government — i.e., the publicsright-to-know — then you have nochoice but to be against the policy,in(continued next page)ABDUCTION CASES:"Haunting of Kitley Woods: An Ongoing UFO Saga" (Hopkins) 84:168-184"Missing Time: A Psychologist Examines the UFO Evidence" (Clamar) 81:76-78"UFO Abductions: The Invisible Epidemic" (Hopkins) 81:44-58"UFO Contactees: Captive Collaborators or Cosmic Citizens?" (Sprinkle)80:54-75AFRICA, UFO SIGHTINGS, 81:80-91; 84:65-77AIRBORNE SIGHTINGS, 80:151-177; 83:14-44; 83:174; 84:24-43ANIMAL MUTILATIONS AND UFOs:"Animal Mutilations: A Decade of Mystery" (Adams) 84:45-63"Cattle Mutilations and the Imagined Culprits: A Psychological Perspective"(Jordan) 83:102-111"Cattle Mutilations That Defy Conventional Explanations" (Andrus)83:112-117ASTRONAUT UFO SIGHTINGS, 80:122AUSTRALIA, UFO SIGHTINGS, 84:24 43CE-II (See also Electromagnetic Effects; Medical/Physiological Effects): Africa,81:80-91: 84:65-77Bentwaters/Rendlesham Forest, England, 84:100-107Delphos, Kans., 81:105"Close Encounters of the Second Kind: Physical Traces" (Phillips), 81:93-129Indianapolis, Ind., 84:168-184Physical traces, UFOCAT study, 80:31-52Sound/radiated energy, 83:128-168UFO light beams/effects, 84:121-138, 178White Acres, Australia, 84:37-38CE-III (See also Abduction Cases):Africa, 81:80-91; 84:65-77Bentwaters/Rendlesham Forest, England, 84:100-107"Entity Enigma" (Evans), 84:79-90Project VISIT humanoids study, 80:14Spencer, Ind., 84:178-179Tyler, Tex., 80:132"UFO Contactees: Captive Collaborators or Cosmic Citizens?" (Sprinkle):80:54-75UFOCAT humanoids study, 80:31CRASH/RETRIEVAL CASES, Roswell, N. Mex., 81:132-153; 82:85-104ELECTROMAGNETIC EFFECTS:Aircraft, 83:14-44Earth Stress Theory, 82:34-40"UFO Interference With Vehicles and Self-Starting Engines" (McCampbell),83:46-59ENGINEERING:"An Approach to Determine What Are They? " (Kissinger & Schuessler),80:14-29"UFO Propulsion Model" (Alzofon), 82:42-48"UFO Propulsion: Pulsed Radiation and CrystallineStructure" (Holt),83:128-168(continued next page)14
  15. 15. GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS:"What the Government Would Know About UFOs IfThey Read Their OwnDocuments" (Gersten), 81:21-33"UFOs: Uncovering the Ultimate Answer" (Moore), 83:83-100"UFO Secrecy 84: Big Brother is Watching Them" (Greenwood), 84:92-107HELICOPTERS, MYSTERY:Animal mutilations, 84:45-63Cash-Landrum case, 82:50-64HUMANOID CASES (See CE III)HYPNOSIS, Abduction Cases, 80:54-75; 81:76-78; 84:168-184IFOs, Satellites and Space Launches, 80:122-129INSTRUMENTS (See also Photos/Photoanalysis), "Instrumented Sensing,Recording and Documentation of Transient Phenomena in UFO Events"(Stanford), 80:151-177McGUIRE, PAT L. (Contactee), 80:61MEDICAL/PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS (See also CEII):Cash-Landrum Case, 82:50-64; 84:109-119Earth Stress Theory (Persinger),82:34-40"Preliminary Analysis of Medical Injuries as a Result of UFO Close Encounters"(Niemtzow), 80:131-137OCCUPANT CASES (See CE-III)PARAPSYCHOLOGY:"UFO Phenomenon and its Relationship to Parapsychological Research"(Owen & Owen), 82:26-32Indianapolis, Ind., incidents, 84:180-182PHOTOS/PHOTOANALYSIS (See also Instruments):"Instrumented Sensing, Recording, and Documentation of TransientPherionena in UFO Events" (Stanford 1977 movie film), 80:151-177New York and Connecticut "Boomerang," 1983, 84:140-161PHYSICAL TRACES (See CE II)PHYSICS/PHYSICAL THEORY:"Flying Saucer Technology" (Friedman), 80:139-149"UFO Propulsion Model" (Alzofon), 82:42-48"Unified Field Theory and the UFO" (Montieth), 80:77-101"Hyperspace (Virtual State) Engineering"(Bearden), 80:104-120PILOT AND AIRCREW SIGHTINGS, 83:14-44; 83:174; 84:24-43;Australianpilot disappearance case, 84:30-43PROJECT VISIT, 80:14 29PROVISIONAL INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR UFO RESEARCH(PICUR), 82:66-78PSYCHOLOGY:"Entity Enigma" (Evans), 84:79-90Psychological testing of witnesses (Clamar), 81:76-78Questionnaire study of attitudes (Sprinkle), 80:54RELIGION AND UFOS, "Faith, Theory and UFOs" (Downing), 81:35-42SOCIOLOGY, "Human Factors in UFO Sightings" (Westrum), 81:60-74THEORIES:Animal Mutilations and UFOs, 83:102-111; 83:112-117; 84:45-63Earth Stress ("Geological Lights"), 82:34-40Extraterrestrial, 83:119-126Hyperfield Resonance, 83:128-153. Hyperspace, 80:104-120Orthoteny (Straight Line Theory), 83:61-81Parapsychology and UFOs,82:26-32Secrecy, 83:83-100; 83:170-181; 84:92-107UFO Propulsion,82:42-48; 83:128-168Unified Field Theory, 80:77-101UFOCAT (Computer Data Base), 80:31-52Compiled by Richard H. HallSECRECY, Continuedthe same way that Mothers AgainstDrunken Driving and the Anti-defamation League are againstparticular threats to civilized society."NETWORKBeatons work with CAUS/SAUSought to inspire other students acrossthe nation to form their own groups inanetworking fashion to share ideas,advance local research, andcontributetoward a speedy academic, legal, andlegislative resolution of the issue ofUFO secrecy. Students desiring tocoordinate with him on such mattersmay write to him direct at 202StanfordDrive, Albuquerque, NM 87106.OPPORTUNITYIf the UFO-oriented studentpopulation in this country and abroadcan mobilize the same level of publicdemonstrations and rhetoricalchallenges that occurred back duringthe Vietnam era, the days of theCosmic Watergate would come to an .abrupt end.Every fall the CAUS Washington,D.C., office receives a few requests forinformational material from studentsworking on their UFO-related termpapers. Do you recall Dr. Edward U.Condons remark about how suchstudents are wastingtheir time? Well, Iwonder what hed say about that issuenow that the recent "FOIA explosion?"of government-generated UFOdocumentation has afforded allresearchers a wider perspective on theUFO problem?Finally, will any of thesestudents eventually produce a doctoraldissertation on the intellectual,societal,and philosophical importance of thatgrowing body of documentation?Let us hope so.MUFON103 OLDTOWNE RD.SEGUIN, TX 7815515
  16. 16. UFO STUDY MATERIALSBy Marge GhristensenSLIDESThe following new materials arenow availablefor purchase by MUFONState organizations or interestedindividuals: Slide package containing50slides with narrative and slide box. Thisset isappropriate for use either inpubliceducation endeavors or for use withinvestigator training sessions. Cost ofpackage is $25.00. Additionally, anexpanded 100-slide set may bepurchased for $45.00. This set includesthe original 50 slides and 50 otherslides..This set may also be used foreither public information or forinvestigator-training. Topics coveredinclude a spin throughthe solar system,IFOs, UFO photos, importantpeople inthe field of UFOlogy, important cases,government documents released underthe Freedom of Information Act, etc.,The slide sets may be purchased fromDan Wright, 1502 Marquette, Lansing,MI 48906. Checks should be madepayable to Dan Wright.VIDEOMassachusetts MUFON hasproduced a documentary geared for a60-minute time slot, and available oneither /£" or %" videotape, with eitherVHS or Beta format. The program,hosted by Dr. David M. Jacobs, U.S.History Professor at TempleUniversity, and author of The UFOControversy in America, also includessegments with the. following persons:Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Walt Andrus, JohnSchuessler, Budd Hopkins, BarryGreenwood, Dan Wright, andRaymond Fowler. The program isentitled, UFOs: A SCIENTIFICENIGMA, and covers UFO researchoganizations, how cases areinvestigated, UFO photographs,abduction cases, famous cases, ahistorical overview of the UFO subject,U.S. Government involvement in theUFO subject, Government documents16released under the P.O.I.A., the Cash-Landrum case, the Kirtlarid AFB case,and the RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridgecase. } • . . . .Dr. Jacobs provides anintroduction and also a concludingstatement. The price of the videotape is$20 for Y2" tape (either VHS or Beta)and $50 for %" tape (either format).Orders should be sent to MargeChristensen, 2 Cherry Road, Beverly,MA 01915. Make checks payable to:Mass. MUFON, Inc.,and please specifysize of tape and format desired. .CATALOGFinally, a one-of-a-kind computercatalog of UFO resource materials andtheir locations at various UFO RegionalResource Collection Centers acrossthe country is available from DavidChristensen, 2 Cherry Rd., Beverly,MA 01915. The catalog is the mostextensive of its kind in existence, andincludes listings for books, periodicals,video-cassettes, audio cassettes,news clippings, and microfilms. Inaddition, a supplement covering closeto 1000 articles on UFO subjects frompopular periodicals is available. At alater date, it is anticipated that asupplement listing governmentdocuments obtained through the FOIAwill be available.The catalog includesseveal helpfultypes of information about each itemlisted, such as length,location, content,etc. The catalog is available in anexpandable binder to allow for updatesand supplements to be added. Currentprice is $30.00, payable to DavidChristensen. The catalog willeventually be offered for purchase touniversity libraries and major publiclibraries.TIME & MONEYAll of the items mentioned hereinvolve literally huge amounts of time,energy, research, and funds for thepersons involved in their production.All of these items have been compiledand made available to our ranks for thepurpose of furthering the causes ofUFO research and public education ofthe subject. They will be of little valueifthey are not used on a widescale byallof our MUFON State organizations. Itis now incumbent upon every seriousUFO researcher and all Stateorganizations to support these projectsby obtaining these materials for theirrespective geographic areas andputting them to use.In the past these materials did notexist, nor did the incredible mutualcooperation and national cohesivenessin our organization which has resultedin making these materials possibletoday.In the past there have beenoutcries from our ranks as to the needfor such resources to be madeavailable. Now that they have become areality, it .is time to back up thoseoutcries with actions and to begin toimplement these new materials inorderto assist in advancing the stature of theUFO subject and to further the cause ofserious research into the phenomenon.NEWSTWIEWS, Continuedhave done would be to find out andreport whether the area is along anearthquake fault.Like so many UFO partisans,Fawcett and Greenwood frequentlycommit what might be called the "craftfallacy": someone sees a light in the skyand refers to it as a "craft" or "vehicle,"even though the strong possibilityremains it might be just an anomalouslight. In one case they giveus the textofa 1976 report from Tunisia about a lightwhich "seemed" to touch down nearJerba airport, but then restate itintheir(continued on page 17)
  17. 17. FORUM, Continuedmud at the location.Dave Jacobs summed up theproceedings nicely by capsulizing eachspeakers paper. The content of thepapers indicated to him that pieces ofthe UFO puzzlewere slowly beginningto come together but that withincreased knowledge came morequestions. The moderator praised thevolunteer efforts of the speakers andof UFO investigators everywhere.A panel discussion followed.Questions were, entertained from theaudience for 50 minutes.Audio-cassettes foreach speakerspresentation can be purchased for$5.00 from: Mass. MUFON, Box 176,Stoneham, MA 02180.FLORIDA, Continuedlaugh.Mr. White is a responsible citizenwho reported thesepast sightings tomebecause he thought I would not laugh.Ifind it interesting that the said the firstand last of his three sightings, 19yearsapart, were of objects that appearedidentical. I consider all three ordinaryunknown sightings.RANDLES, Continuedto jazz it up as fiction, or tie up looseends, or present neat answers thatsimply do not exist,we have clocked upall of 2100 sales in Britain and so manyrejection slips (33) from US bookcompanies that our publishers havegiven up attempting to interest anyanymore. The last one to reply summedup the matter — "We dont understandthis book. What :is it claimingactuallyhappened?"I dont know what happened!Thats the only honest stance. And I amsure I will never put money makingbefore telling the truth ("warts and all"—as we say in England). You take it oryou leave it, but it wont go away.NEWSNVIEWS, Continuedown terms and exaggerate it into adefinite "UFO landed near JerbaAirport and took off again" (p.81).The yawning disparitybetween thefacts .they present and the"conclusions" they reach, allegedlyfrom the facts, emerges clearly fromtheir 12Tpoint summary at the end:"1. UFOs are a real, material,physical phenomenon, completelyunidentifiable in conventional terms."(This would be more accurate if theword "completely" were removed, andthe words "at this time" were added.)"2. UFOs display intelligenceof avery high .order." (Unfortunately, the"intelligence" they display appears tobe largely ifnot entirely in the eye of thebeholder.)"3. Granting that UFOs are realand intelligent, somebody is behind thephenomenon; that is, advancedbiological life forms." (Even if youaccept the whopping assumption thatUFOs are "intelligent," the.authors areleaping to an unwarrantedconclusion.)And so for the rest ofthe 12 points.Fawcett and Greenwood have done acreditable job of gathering raw data,although they have not sought outrelated material (such as the possibilityof earthquake faults in the area) to fleshout this data. And then they haveappended invalid conclusions to theirinsufficient data.17
  18. 18. DR. RICHARD F. HAINESMESSAGE, Continuedscene, due to various reasons. If ourmembers are seriously interested inresolving the UFO phenomenon, theywill not allow this fate to strikedownMUFON.* * *The Center for UFO Studiesdiscontinued their eight page bi-monthly publication, the CUFOSAssociate Newsletter, with the June-July 1985 issue Volume 6, Number 3,that was edited by John P.Timmerman in Lima, Ohio. It will becombined with their bi-monthlyInternational UFO Reporter by addingfour pages to the IUR and increasingthe price for six issues per year to$25.00 in the U.S.A.Since the International UFOReporter and the MUFON UFOJournal are the only two UFOorganizational magazines still beingpublished in the United States, it isimperative that both revise theirfinancial positions for the future. As anexample: If the annual membership/subscription price for the MUFONUFO JOURNAL was increased to$25.00 for twelve monthly issues (20pages), the subscribers would bereceiving a publication comparatively18twice the value of IUR. If the Journal isto retain a professional editor, it will beessential that he/she receive a monthlystipend for their editorial services. Adecision and announcement by theMUFON Board of Directors will beforthcoming in the December 1985issue of the Journal in this regard.* * *The Staff of the MUFON UFOJournal is formally inviting members,readers, and former contributors ofarticles to the Journal, to submitmaterial for publication in future issues.Narrative accounts for investigatedUFO sighting reports, photographs anddrawings are especially solicited.Consultants and Research Specialistsare encouraged to share their UFOexpertise by preparing articles for theJournal that are applicable andpertinent to their areas of research.Letters to the Editor are also welcomecontributions, provided they are of aconstructive nature. The subscribers tothe Journal deserve and expect toreceive the finest UFO publication inthe world.Richard F. Haines, Ph.D.,authorof the book Observing UFOs; AnInvestigative Handbook, Nelson-Hall,Chicago (1980) has been writing a.newbook devoted exclusively to theFrederick Valentich disappearanceof October 21,1978 over Bass Straightin Australia. Paul B. Norman, StateDirector for Victoria, has shared hispersonal investigation of this-case withDr. Haines as reported in the MUFONUFO Journal and the MUFON 1984UFO Symposium Proceedings. Sincethis case has never been resolved, Dr.Haines has explored hypotheticalsolutions in the concluding chapters.The book will be a 300-page tradepaperback, 4" x 6%", with photographs.Negotiations are now being conductedwith a publishing firm so the price will beannounced later in the Journal.MEIER, ContinuedNo individual trek by any of us toSwitzerland now, 5 or 10 years afterMeiers main contacts, is likely torevealnearly as much as what the 20 or sotrips made by each ofthose on the maininvestigative team of the Meier case hasalready revealed, as disclosed throughthe forementioned book and photovolume. There is now also available a 1and }/2 hour video tape on the Meiercase which includes most of the"beamship" movie footage.Editors Note:Dr. Deardorff has provided a list ofsources of available material on theMeier case that will be mailed byMUFON to people having furtherinterest in this case.MUFONAMATEUR RADIO NETEVERY SATURDAY MORNINGAT 0800 EST (OR DST)ON 7237 KHZS.S.B.AFRICAN, Continuedcan do. Walt Andrus gentlyreprimanded me for not reporting backto MUFON about this incident morerapidly than I did, but one has to be alittle more patient in dealingwith ThirdWorld countries than with speedyAmericans. It all takes time, and inAfrica, a little more so.
  19. 19. AFRICAN, ContinuedAlthough I was now pretty surethat this is what the Zimbabweanpilotshad pursued, I was still not 100%certain. But the matter was furtherresolved when I received a letter frommy contact in Johannesburg, GiepBarnard, whom I had asked to checkthe matter out with the CSIR. He said,"I have not been able to speak to theperson in charge as he is presently onleave. However, I was fortunate tocontact his Deputy, Mr. van der Riet."And yes, they had been releasing thesehigh altitude balloons from early inJuly(probably the 8/9th), the 16th July andon the 22nd July.CONCLUSIONSThere is no doubt in my mind thatthe majority of the spate of sightingsreferred to the space balloon,includingthose chased by the two Zimbabweanpilots.Nevertheless, there are severalimponderables which must be takeninto account. Mr. N.I. Bull, the MetOfficer from Bulawayo, did mentionthat althoughhe accepts that it was theballoon from Pretoria, he could notunderstand the drift to the NE fromBulawayo (it was seen over ThornhillAFB) later in the evening,as the windswere in a SE direction. Also, thereseems no logical explanation for thehovering in one position for such along time.I had other individual reports(not mentioned here) which alsoreported this long, hovering stage.There was also very rapidmovement from the Northern Part ofSouth Africa (see Fig. 2) to itsmovement to Bulawayo inZimbabwe.And what happened to it after the lastsighting at Thornhill? Why was it notseen or reported again?And the reporting on the 28thJuly:what could that have been? There wereno more balloons released after the22nd July - certainly not in thatmonth,so what did the witnesses in DurbanNorth, Hammarsdale and Margatesee?I am still trying to trace or waitingfor replies from some of the witnesses,but I cant see that there is much else I(continued on page 18)THE NIGHT SKYDECEMBER 1985Bright Planets (Evening Sky):The giant planet Jupiter (In Capricornus) gleams in the SW at dusk, settingabout 8:15 PM inmidmonth.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Mars, passing from Virgo into Libra, is visible in the SE predawn sky. It liesverynear the crescent moon on the 8th and in fact, for the SE part of the country,rises behind the moon thatmorning,emerging from occultation at the dark limbshortly after 4 AM.Saturn, in Scorpius, reappears in the morning sky but remains very low in theESE at dawn.Venus, passing 1°below Saturn on the 5th, can be glimpsed withdifficulty lowin the SE early in the month.By mid-December it rises only about half an hourbefore the sun.Meteor Showers:The Geminid shower, lasting from about Dec. 7-15,peaks on the morning of the14th. A fine display should be seen without a moon to interfere. The rate isabout 50 per hour. Many of the meteors are bright, white, and slow with shortpaths. A gibbous moon will bother observers until 3 AM at the peak of theUrsids on the 22nd (15 per hour).Halleys Comet:Having passed the earth on its sunward journyey,Comet Halley continuestobrighten and by the latter half of the month should be visible to the naked eyefor the first time in three-quarters of a century. However, moonlight willinterfere then. Binoculars will revealthe object during the first half of Decemberin dark moonless skies. As it moves westward across Pisces, the comet arcsbelow the Great Square of Pegasus, throughthe Circletof Pisces between the12th and 16th, and passes east of the Water Jar in Aquarius between the 26thand 31st. At midmonth look for Halley beginningat 6PM when itis 50° up in theSSW. It sets 5/2 hours later. On the 15th the comets position is at R.A.23 hllm, Dec. +3°6 (1950).Moon Phases:Last quarter-Dec. 5New moon--Dec. 11First quarter-Dec. 18Full moon--Dec. 27 CThe Stars:OBy now in midevening the summer stars have almost disappeared in the NW;the autumn stars are past the celetial meridian in the west; and the winterconstellations occupy the eastern sky. The cold seasons sky symbol,Orion theHunter, is well up in the SE at 9 PM. BelowOrions trio of belt stars, observe afuzzy spot in the warriors sword. It is the Great Nebula of Orion, a glowingcloud of gas and dust--a cosmic nursery for newborn stars.Beware of that UFO culprit Sirius, which rises in the ESE at 8 PM in midmonth.19
  20. 20. DIRECTORS MESSAGEbyWalt AndrusEveryone in Ufology has beenvitally concerned about the health ofDr. J. Allen Hynek after his tworecent surgical operations. Aprostatectomy was performed in St.Louis, Missouri shortly after heattended the Massachusetts MUFONUFO Forum in Beverly, Mass, andbrain surgery was conducted at theUniversity of California MedicalCenterin San Francisco, Calif, duringOctober. Your Director visited bytelephone with both Dr. Hynek andMimi at their home in Scottsdale, Ariz,where he is recuperating. Iam happy toreport that he is regaininghis strengthand sounded very good on thetelephone. I invite our members topersonally send greetings and get-wellcards to Dr. Hynek at his homeaddress: 7239 East Vista Drive,Scottsdale, AZ 85253.It is also a pleasure to advise thatDonald Schmitt, State Director forWisconsin, has recuperated from astomach injury that created a twomonth confinement.* * *The theme for the MUFON 1986UFO Symposium to be held June 27,28, and 29 at the Kellogg Center forContinuing Education, Michigan StateUniversity in Lansing has beenappropriately titled "UFOs: Beyond theMainstream of Science" to reflect thespeakers presentations and theacademic environment. Copies of theMUFON 1985 UFO SymposiumProceedings, bearing the theme"UFOs: The Burden of Proof" (180pages), are still availablefrom MUFONin Seguin, Texas for $10.00 plus $1.50for postage and handlinginU.S. Funds.All foreign orders should be byInternational Postal Money Order or acheck made payable against a UnitedStates Bank.* * *Michael D. Hart, in Duvall,Wash., has become so involved in thework of the CompufonNetwork that hefound it necessary to resign from theDR. J. ALLEN HYNEKMUFON staff as head of ComputerScience. We invite anyone trained inthe computer field to volunteer theirservices to fill this important position bycontacting your InternationalDirector.* * *Michael Brcin, State Director forHawaii, is proud to announce theappointment of Kalani Hanohano, ofHonolulu, to the position of AssistantState Director. He is a former StateDirector for Washington State (1973).Dr. Brein also selected John T.Dressier at Hickam AFB to becomethe State Section Director for Oahu.Douglas K. Dains, living inPort Grain,New York, has been the State SectionDirector for Broome, Chenango,Cortland and Delaware since 1980,however we failed to publiclyacknowledge his selection in theJournal.* * *Even though we are still lookingforan interested and competent person tobecome the State Director for NorthDakota, I want to take thisopportunityto announce that Ralph Ehlers ofPingree, No. Dak. has become theState Section Director for StutsmanCounty. As I pointed out in theSeptember 1985 issue of the Journal,we are searching for people who wouldbe interested in filling State Directorvacancies in the states of Alaska,Montana, North and South Dakota,and Puerto Rico. Several existing StateDirectors have realized that they do nothave adequate time, have healthproblems, or new job responsibilities,preventing them from fulfilling theirassigned duties adequately and haveasked your Director to seekreplacements for them.We need people to volunteer tobecome State Directors in Colorado,Kansas, Oregon, Nevada and WestVirginia. Please write to MUFON inSeguin, Texas, indicatingyour sincereinterest and qualifications. Manyof ourState Directors have not selected anAssistant State Director to share theiradministrative duties, which weencourage and recommend. We are inthe process of revising ourTELUFONET, so it is imperative thatwe have enthusiastic state leadershipinevery state.* •*• *A letter and ballot was mailed toallmembers of the MUFON Board ofDirectors on October 7, 1985 to solicittheir ideas, recommendations andsuggestions on improving the format,contents, style and professional caliberof the MUFON UFO JOURNAL. It wasalso emphasized that in spite ofincreased publishingand mailing costsdue to inflation over the past 5 years,the annual membership/subscriptiondues to the Mutual UFO Network havenot been increased since July 1980.Preliminary ballot returns stress thenecessity for revising the duesstructure upward to that MUFON maycontinue to be a visible UFO researchorganization financially. We havewatched organizations such as NICAP,APRO, and SBI fade from the UFO(continued on page 18)