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Mufon ufo journal   1985 10. october
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Mufon ufo journal 1985 10. october


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  • 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 .DENNIS W. STACYEditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International Director andAssociate EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorANN DRUFFELContributing EditorTED BLOECHERDAVE WEBBCo-Chairmen,Humanoid Study GroupPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityMARGE CHRISTENSENPublic RelationsREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityT. SCOTT GRAINGREG LONGStaff WriterJAMES LEMINGSIMONE MENDEZStaff ArtistsTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEONARD STRINGFELDUFO Crash/RetrievalWALTER N.WEBBAstronomyNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLROBERT V. PRATTEditor/Publishers EmeritusThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$15.00 per year in the U.S.A.; $16.00foreign in U.S. funds. Copyright1985by the Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin, Texas.POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 toadvise change of address to TheMUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas 78155.FROMTHEEDITOROn the cover, Mayor Betty Jean Jones of Seguin (seated),proclaims National UFO Information Week. Standing, from left toright, are MUFONs International Director, Walter Andrus, Jr.,Sandra Pfullmann, Staff Video Technician, and State SectionDirector, Rev. Anthony Neugebauer. Inside, Marge Christensenreports on similar activities from around the globe and across thecountry during the week of August 18-25,1985.Former Editpr Richard Hall contributes an index by author ofarticles that have appeared in the annual Proceedings from 1980until 1984. A subject index will follow in the next issue. Aside fromour regular features we have an interesting article by new StaffWriter T. Scott Grain, several illustrated sightings, and an interviewwith pictures of Dr. Richard F. Haines, all of which we hope youllfind illuminating. In the meantime, the Letters section of the Journalis always open to your suggestions and comments. We look forwardto hearing from you.In this issueUFO LIFTING POWER, by T. Scott Grain 3NATIONAL UFO INFORMATION WEEK, by Marge Christensen 5PENNSYLVANIA CLOSE ENCOUNTER, by Stan Gordon 8SIGHTINGS . ; 9RICHARD HAINES: AN INTERVIEW,by Dennis Stacy 12PROCEEDINGS INDEX BY AUTHOR, by Richard H. Hall 16THE NIGHT SKY, by Walter Webb 18CARTOON, by Golliver ; 19DIRECTORS MESSAGE, by Walt Andrus 20The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal income tax. In addition,bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions ofSections 2055, 2106,and 2522 of the code.The contents ofthe MUFONUFO JOURNAL are determinedbythe editor,and donot necessarily represent the official positionof MUFON. Opinions ofcontributorsare their own, and do not necessarilyreflect those ofthe editor,the staff, or MUFON.Articles may be forwardeddirectly to MUFON.Responses to publishedarticles maybe ina Letter to the Editor (up to about 400words) or ina short article(up to about2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50% rule" isapplied: the article author may replybutwill beallowed half the wordage used in the response; the responder may answer theauthor but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authors reply, etc. Allsubmissions are subject to editing for style, clarity, and conciseness.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than200words are quoted from anyone article,the authorofthe articleisgiven credit, and thestatement "Copyright 1985 by the Mutual UFO Network, 103 Oldtowne Rd.,Seguin,Texas" is included.
  • 3. UFO LIFTING POWERBy T. Scott GrainOn the evening of October 15,1983, 67-year-old Catherine Burk wasdriving home to Bellwood fromAltoona, Pennsylvaniaafter a visit withher family. While traveling north onRoute 220,she noticed a bright objectinthe sky out the passenger sidewindow.As it hovered closer, she could see itwas a bright, silvery disc, about 24 feetin diameter, moving in a flight pathdirectly above her car. The disc wasntmore than 30 feet off the ground andwas emitting a sharp, fast hum.Suddenly, as the UFO passedoverhead, the passenger side of her1976 Chevrolet Malibu was lifted up ontwo wheels, approximately three feetabove the road. The left side of her.carremained in the air for almost threeseconds before the UFO moved away,dropping her car back on the road witha bounce. "I couldnt get control of thecar. I was sliding over the seat," Mrs.Burk said. She was flung under the dashwhen her car came down. When shefinally regained control of the vehicle,she pulled off the road. The UFOcontinued its flight in a northwesterlydirection and disappeared behind aridge. It took 20 to 25 minutes for Mrs.Burk to restart the car, and it shutoffseveral times on her trip home.SOBERBellwood Police Chief GregoryCiaccio investigated and found Mrs.Burk "visibly shaking" and "...was notdrinking. The witness appeared to meto be sincere and honest, and not one toconcoct a story such as this."As a result of Mrs. Burk beingjarred in her car, she has been treatedat Mercy Hospital in Altoona for anumber of physical injuries. Theseinclude a neck brace she was stillwearing three weeks after the incident,a bruised shoulder, spinal problems,possible chest injuries and a loss ofhearing in the right ear. Mrs. Burkwants to put this experience behindher.The irony of this incident is thatwhat happened to Catherine Burk willprobably happen again. A number ofreports are on file where UFOs haveexerted an uplifting force on motorvehicles as well as other objects.A government topographerexperienced a similar episode whiledriving on the Andean Highwaybetween La Victoria and El. Vigia,Venezuela on January 1, 1961. Thedetails of the incident were recorded inthe September 1961 issue of the APROBulletin in which Horacio Gonzalesaccount of what happened appeared inthe lead article, "Disc Upsets Truck.""Mr. Paolini pulled off to theextreme right of the road and thetruck passed on towards the front.In this position both vehiclescontinued for a fewminuteswhen,suddenly like a bolt from the blue,abrilliant object in the shape of ametallic disk, looking as thoughmade from polished blue steel,swooped down from the sky atincredible speed and crossedperilously close over the front end(hood) of the truck. It then roseimmediately in soaring flight at thesame fantastic speed and was lostto sight in space in a matter ofseconds in the opposite side of thesky. When the discoidal objectrose into the air above the hoodofthe truck, the vehicle also rose afew feet into the airand overturnedin the direction taken by the object— fortunately into a sand-bank atthe side of road — with its fourwheels upturned in the air.Controlling the fear and astonish-ment which seized him, Mr. Pisanistopped the jeep and rushed toassist the occupants of the truck.Luckily, the driver was the onlyoccupant and escaped with only afew scratches, bumps, minor cutsand nervous shock. They thenboth went in search of otherT. Scott Grainpeople to help right the truck andget it back into operation."TORQUEIn some cases, as in the previousone, UFOs cannot only lift a vehicle offthe road, but also impart a torque, orturning force, to an object in the samedirection the UFO leaves the scene. Asplendid example illustrating this typeof manuever is reported on page 50 ofthe NICAP book Strange Effects FromUFOs by Gordon Lore. According toLore:"It was 11:45 p.m., December20, 1965. Edward. A. Bruns wasdriving his fathers 1962 Ford pick-up truck home. As he was headingwest, south of Route 27, nearHerman, Minnesota, he saw abright, oval-shaped objecthovering several feet above theroad. The large UFO covered theentire road and was shaped liketwo saucers with a dome on top. A(continued next page)
  • 4. UFO LIFTING POWER, continuedwindow-like structure surrounded• the dome. A green light wasemitted from the window.Suddenly, the truck enginestopped, the headlights went out,and the vehicle was spun violentlyto the right."When the vehicle finally coasted toa stop, the truck was on the south sideof the road, now facing east, restinginaditch. According to Lores report,Bruns watched the UFO emit sparksfrom its under-carriage, ascend anddisappear.The human.body is not immune to •the forces that some UFOs exert. OnOctober ,8, 1954, a resident of Teherantestified he was on the second floor ofhis house when he saw a glowing,whiteobject stop, in mid-air 60 feet away. "Iwas "standing with bothhands on thebar of my, balcony, when I suddenly feltas though I were being drawn up towardthe .object by a magnet," reportedGhaseme Fili, of Amireah Street. Filiscreamed in terror at the odd sensationThe UFO shot up vertically,1emittingsparks, and vanished into the air.Another • extraordinary caseoccurred on March 8, 1967 to Mr. andMrs. William L. Wallace while they weredriving home to Leominster,Massachusetts. Shortly after midnight,the Wallaces noticed a large brightglow hovering about 400 to 500 feetabove St. Leos Cemetery, so theyinvestigated. Again, Lore writes:"Wallace told Raymond E.Fowler, of NICAPs Massachu-setts, Subcommittee, that hestopped his car, placed it in neutralgear and put the emergency brakeon, with the motor still running.Helowered the windows. Then he gotout and pointed toward the UFO.As he did so, his arm was pulledabruptly against the roof of theautomobile. His car then stalled;the headlights went out and theradio ceased playing."I was unable to move," hesaid. "My wife was in panic. Mymind was not at all affected. (I)justcould not move, felt like shock ornumbness.""When the car went dead,"Mrs. Wallace stated, ."I was yellingfor Bill to get back into the car, buthe did not move from where hewas standing. Ithen slid across theseat and reached for him.""Mrs. Wallace grabbed herhusbands jacket, but the startledwitness, who has a reputation forbeing fearless, did not move.Wallace reported that he was inthis immobile state for more than30 seconds. Then he noticed thatthe lights and radio came back on.The UFO, which, by then, wasrocking back and forth, spedupward and disappeared, emittinga humming sound."CANADIAN CASEA UFO kidnapping was averted inan incident in Thompson, Manitoba,Canada in June, 1967. It was 6:00 p.m.;it lasted only three or four minutes, andwas observed by Mr. and Mrs. D.F.LeMarquands, three of their children,two other children,and four neighbors.Details of the encounter appeared in aCanadian UFO publication, Saucers,Space and Science (number 52, 1968),edited by Gene Duplantier.Duplantier reports:"Mrs. LeMarquands had justentered the house when she hearda beeping noise at about onesecond intervals. Looking out thewindow, she saw dirt and debrismoving rapidly around the housein a circular pattern. Upon goingoutside, she saw her husband whohad just driven into the yard. Heand the five children were staringup into the sky.At first only dust and dirt,moving in a vortex could be seen,but then Mrs. LeMarquands wasable to see the object causing thedisturbance. She described theobject as being large and shapedmuch like a pack of cigarettesalthough she later commented thatit might have been cube-shaped. Itwas revolving counterclockwiseand appeared to have alternativeshiny aluminum and then blacksides as it moved. It had noapparent openings or lights, and itwas dead silent.As she watched the object,Mrs. LeMarquands was distractedby a scuffing sound and she lookedto the ground to see a 13-year-oldboy from across the street pinningdown her 8-year-old daughter. Atthis time the object started movingoff at a 45-degree angle, leveled off,hovered, and then left on a levelcourse toward the southeast.Mrs. LeMarquands attentionwas then drawn toward thechildren, all of whom were visiblyshaken, except her 8-year-olddaughter. The whirlwind hadstopped and the little girl was notstanding by herself. The otherchildren were eventuallysufficiently calm in order to saythat their 8-year-old playmate hadrisen into the air toward the slowlyrevolving object. The 13-year-oldboy had grabbed her when she wasabout three feet off the ground.The childrenreported that the littlegirls skirt, blouse, and hair hadridden straight up her body whenshe was rising. When asked if shecould remember anything,the girlreplied that she could remembernothing from the instant the windstarted until she stood up."ANIMALS, TOOAnimals have not been excludedfrom the uplifting forces of UFOs. In hisbook, Ufohgy—New Insights FromScience and Common Sense, JamesMcCampbell writes:"A Frenchman remainedoutside the hazardous zonealthough his horse did not. He wasleading his mare with a bridlewhena UFO took off from the side of theroad and flew overhead. The marerose about 3 meters into the airand the witness had to release thebridle.. After falling back to theground, the animal could notmove for about 10 minutes."What is the significance of thesekinds of UFO reports? Are the UFOoperators purposely executing unusualphyscial encounters on mankind or dothey happen merely as a result ofvehicles, animals and people comingtoo close to a UFOs propulsionsystem? Of course, we dont know the. (continued on page 16)
  • 5. UFO INFORMATION WEEKBy Marge ChristensenThomas Jefferson once said,"Ignorance is preferable to error; andhe is less remote from truth whobelieves nothing, than he who believeswhat is wrong." Anyone who has doneany public information on the UFOsubject knows just how valid thisstatement is. Ifthe general public weremerely ignorant of the documentedevidence and data on the UFO subject,the situation would not be nearly sodifficult to correct. However, thanks tothe tabloids working overtime topromote wild, sensational UFO-relatedstories with absurd, screamingheadlines attracting the eye of justabout every person in the country whoever shops at a supermarket, our jobisthat much more difficult. The bottomline is that the public is not uninformed;it is severly misinformed.MISINFORMEDEvery one of us who has presentedUFO lectures to civic organizations hashad to deal with such misconceptionsas: "If UFOs are being sightedeverywhere, why are there nophotographs of them? Why are theyonly sighted in deserted rural areas?Why have no pilots or astronauts everreported UFO sightings?" It becameeven more graphically evident to mejust how misinformed the public iswhenI was recently asked by a professionalperson with a college degree ifIthoughtthat perhaps the "aliens" had broughtthe disease AIDS here inorder to forcehumans to behave better!It is this misinformation that largelycontributes to the stigma which hascome to be attached to the UFOsubject. One can hardly blame theaverage person for being somewhathesitant to put his/her name on thedotted line of a membershipapplicationin a UFO research organization, if hisonly exposure to the subject has beenprovided by the media, and mainly bythe sensational-type articles.UFO Week Not Just Hot AirWith all of this information in mind,one can hardly dispute the enormouspotential value of a nationwide effort toinform the public about the seriousdata and documentation whichexist onthe UFO subject, and about the needfor concentrated scientific study of thephenomenon. It was from thisstandpoint, then, that I first proposedthat we conduct a National UFOInformation Week which wouldbe heldin the summer of 1985.The reports which have beenreceived from the various MUFONState Directors regarding theobservance of the Week in theirrespective states have indicated clearlythat the first National UFO InformationWeek far exceeded our expectations.The following extractsfrom some of thereports are largely representativeof themajority of the reports received:RESULTSStan Gordon, of Pennsylvaniacomments: "...National UFOInformation Week was an over-whelming success in Pennsylvania. Wereceived extensive radio, tv, and presscoverage from many sections of thestate....Pittsburghs major paper, thePost Gazette, ran a feature news storywith front page header which had anunbelievable response. We had phonecalls day and night for 4 days frompeople who had sightings but did notreport to anyone." (That night aPittsburgh TV station did a full featurestory mentioning MUFON, and theresponse was so great that they werebeseiged with calls, and continued tovoluntarily display the UFO hotlinetelephone number on later newscasts.)"What a change in attitude from thepublic. We saw little if any hardskepticism, with the poeple now willingto listen and believe. Most felt that thegovernment was hiding the facts."From Iowa, Donald Curtis reportsthat although he had to cover the entirestate singlehandedly, and although he(continued next page)
  • 6. UFO WEEK, continued. expended hundreds of hours and a likeamount of personal funds, he feels thatNational UFO Information Week was agreat success for him and for MUFON.Seven new cases have been referred toDon, and he also hasreceived anumberof applications for membership frominterested persons, so he may not beworking singlehandedly next year.Francis Ridge, PR Director forIndiana writes, "Several member/investigators were signed up as a resultof the publicity and there is even anewspaper in Ft. Wayne, the FortWayne Sentinel, that is doing UFOarticles with our help. This was theworst year for UFO reports on ourcomputer log until the publicity. Wenow have 19 entries, mostly olderreports, but good ones." •. In Oklahoma, Norma J. Waller,also workingsinglehandedly, managed,to. get excellent press coverage andradio coverage. In Hawaii, Dr. MichaelBrein, also workingalone,succeededingetting great press coverage, includinga front page article.Similar reports of very positivetone have been received fromMichigan, Northern .California, Utah,New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin,Florida, North Carolina, Georgia aswell. In New Jersey, Tom Bensonreports that he distributed over 700MUFON flyers from their display at ashopping mall. Tom also obtained over100 signatures of persons interested inbeing placed on a mailing list forinformation on upcoming UFO eventsand conferences.In Massachusetts, the UFO Forumwas successful beyond all expectations,drawing, persons from 17 States andresulting in extensive press, radio andtelevision coverage. A segment for theprogram, "Evening Magazine" wasvideotaped at the Forum, and wasrecently aired. The tone of thepresentation is totally positive and thesubject, and UFOlogists are bothportrayed ina serious light. This film willbe shown at the 1986 Symposium atMichigan State University. As was thecase in other States, Mass. MUFONalso received several sighting reports aswell as several membershipapplications as a result of the events ofUp, Up and Away!the Week.Even on the other side ofthe globe,in Zimbabwe, Africa, Cynthia Hind,MUFONs ContinentalCoordinator forAfrica, was hard at work running aUFO Information Week in thatcountry. Cynthiareports that she had astand at the Harare Show, amidst someindustrial exhibits. She also gave alecture on the UFO subject for one ofthe. leading newspapers there. Shecommented that the people whoattended the lecture were desperateforUFO literature.The locationsare different, but thestory seems to be the same throughoutthe country and even in Africa. Peopleare misinformed on the UFO subject,but once the misconceptions arecorrected and people are presentedwith sojid, serious information which iswell documented, they are not onlyreceptive to the subject, but arefascinated by it. Thus, it is vitallyimportant that we continue our publicinformation program. We will hold oursecond National UFO InformationWeek in the summer of 1986, but in themeantime, we cannot afford to take anextended vacation from this endeavor.As Dennis Stacy stated in the August,1985 MUFON Journal, "UFOs donttake vacations; why should we?"PUBLICThe stakes are too high to slackoffat this point in our public informationeffort. An informed public could, andshould result in forcing the media tooffer more objective, serious coverageof UFO related news stories. Aninformed public will certainly make agovernment cover-up of the subjectmuch more difficult. An informed publicshould result in a vastly increasednumber of sightings reported to themajor UFO research organizations. Aninformed public will also hopefully effecta change in the respectability status ofthe subject on the university campusesand a more involved participation onthe part of university researchdepartments in serious investigationinto the UFO phenomenon. Inshort, aninformed public is a goal that everyserious UFOIogist should be strivingtoward, and should be enthusiasticallysupportive of, at the very least.Interestingly, as a result of ourexperience with our first attempt toconduct a National UFO InformationWeek, we have only achieved positiveresults as far as the public is concerned,but we have also apparentlymade somesignificant strides in improving our ownprofessional image and our ownpreparedness. As a result of the deepcommitment and generosity of manyofour State Directors, Asst. StateDirectors, and Section Directors,several MUFON organizations now(continued next page)
  • 7. Pennsylvania Mall DisplayUFO WEEK, continuedhave free standing display panels aswell as computers, a myriad ofinvestigative tools and types ofequipment, and other items such asVCRs, video-cameras, etc. In addition,through the efforts of Walt Andrus,several persons who were previouslyholding titles, but not performing, havebeen replaced by others who areenergetic and dedicated.There is a steady stream of mailcoming into this office from StateDirectors around the country reportingon their public information endeavorsor seeking information for use in theirendeavors. Every weekend an averageof 4-8 phone calls come in from aroundthe country from State Directors, andothers concerned about keepinginformed, and actively performingpublic education on the UFO subject.Ihave generated literally thousands ofpieces of correspondence over the pastyear in regard to public information andhave made hundreds of phone callsnationwide for the same purpose.This has allresultedina very activeand efficient communications network,and in a level of organization in our fieldwhich older colleagues tell me is fargreater than any organizational levelever achieved in UFOlogy in the past.Coordinating a nationwide informationweek has made this level oforganization imperative, and this willcontinue to be the case since NationalUFO Information Week will become anannual event. This result on our owninvestigative network has been one ofthe most significant and mostconstructive benefits we have enjoyedas an indirect result of National UFOInformation Week.Furthermore, the image we havebeen attempting to project of ourselvesas "voluntary professionals" ratherthan as mere hobbyists, has apparentlypaid off. This office has receivednumerous newspaper clippings fromcoast to coast in regard to coverageduring National UFO InformationWeek. Without exception (to date), thepress coverage in-these,clippings hasbeen on a positive note. Both articlesand headlines have portrayed the UFOsubject, UFO sightings, witnesses, andUFO investigators and organizations ina straightforward, objective manner,with no sarcasm or ridicule. Both thepress and.UFOlogy have progressed along way in this regard.We have begun to make aminiscule dent in public misinformationon the subject. Our task is far fromcomplete. However, because of theaccomplishments we have made thisyear, we should find the task a bit easiernext year, and in the subsequent yearsahead.In summary. National UFOInformation Week was a worthwhileproject which should definitely berepeated in 1986. The dates forNational UFO Information Week, 1986will be August 70-17, 1986. It is not tooearly to start making preparations foryour States programs and events for(continued on page 16)Iowa Mall Display
  • 8. . .- • -;• ••••--•-- *£ %&& W1• • • • :>:!.. •;,-*•:- "• ->- ^"? V PENNSYLVANIACLOSEENCOUNTERByStan GordonBob and Sue (real names on file)recently married and moved into asmall cozy house ina rural area near thevillage of Mutual in WestmorelandCounty, PA. It was February of 1968,and snow had been falling during theearly evening.It was about 11 PM and Bob was inthe bedroom preparing to go to sleepsince he had to awake early for work.He pulled back the drapes to check theroad conditions and was astounded bywhat he saw.PROBENext to the house about 30 feetaway is a large fishing pond, andhovering near itwas a hugeoval-shapedobject. What first caught Bobsattention was the long gray probe thatwas only 20 feet distant and directly in8front of his window. The probe, one ofthree such devices connected to themain object, appeared solid and about10 feet in length.Bob yelled for Sue, cleaningup thekitchen. She looked out the windowand screamed, "Oh my God what isit?", then the couplecontinuedtowatchthe hovering object for several moreminutes. Sue became frightened andBob told her to call his brother and wifewho lived near Greensburg so theycould have other witnesses.. It would take the other couple atleast 10minutes to get to Bobs house.In the meantime, Bob continued towatch the object from the window. Itwas about 50 to 60 feet in diameter andno more than 30 feet above the pond.The oval object was of a dark battleshipgray color with a dome-shaped top. Itgave Bob the impression "that itwasoldor ancient." The bottom of the objectwas hollow and according to thewitness "itwas like lookingintoan openshaft." There were lights inside theopen bottom that spun so fast youcould not tell what direction they weremoving. This opening was about 20 feetin diameter.FIGUREThere was a white light emittingfrom this section which illuminated thearea around the craft, giving Bob theopportunity to observe the detail. Theentire object was the same color. About%s of the way up the craft, there was acatwalk that was evenly centered. Andstanding on the catwalk was a singlehuman-like figure with its hands up toits eyes, looking directly at Bob.Behind the figure were portholesand an opening from which red, green,blue, white and orange lights could beseen flashing at times. What looked likeinstrument panels were seen and attimes shadows would move acrossthese apertures as if people weremoving around inside.As Bob watched, another similarfigure came onto the catwalkand begancommunicating with the other being.Atthis point Bob began looking for hisclothes in the dark room, and whenfinally dressed went out on the porchand continued to watch the objectwhich was now beginningto move very(continued on page 17)
  • 9. Pilot; Close EncounterSIGHTINGSA Western Air Lines Pilot andformer Naval Aviator (Lt.) has sharedtwo sighting experiences with MUFONwhich are considered interesting, butnot of a significant classification. Thecredibility of the witness adds stature tothe report. His responses to the sixpoints describing the incident on theMUFON UFO Sighting Questionnaire(Form 1)is quoted as the source for thisshort article. (The pilots name is in theMUFON file.)FIRST SIGHTING"In November or December of1984,1 was deadheading in First Classfrom San Jose, California to Salt LakeCity to pick up a Western Air Linesflight in which I was to be the FirstOfficer on a Boeing 737. During theapproach to Salt Lake InternationalAirport (Utah), I happened to .belooking to the right side as the Boeing727 was making its approach toRunway number 34L (landing north). Ihad been observing the different cloudformations when I noticed that theclouds were beginning to glow red oracquiring a reddish tint at one point inthe cloud base. (Weather conditions atthe time consisted of cloud layers withan overcast just obscuring themountain tops just east of Salt LakeCity.) The time was 5:30 p.m. M.S.T."At first I thought that it was apossible reflection from the distant citylights of Salt Lake City. As I continuedto watch the cloud base at that point, Inoted that the clouds were becomingmore red. Suddenly, a red point of lightor a small sphere of light emerged fromthe cloud base ina vertical descent nearthe mountains. Continuing .its verticaldescent, the light "dimmed-out" as itapproached the ground as ifit decidedto switch off its external light. The redlight did not go out instantaneously, butdimmed gradually. It appeared to benear the foothills of the mountainswhen last observed and might possiblyhave, been landing. The lightingconditions at this time was Dusk, sincethe Sun had just set."I do not believe that this was aconventional aircraft of any kind. Ahelicopter does not normally takevertical descents into mountainousareas through cloud layers and anovercast. The object behaved unlikeanything that I have ever witnessed. Imade a mental note of what I hadwitnessed and then put it out of mymind for a while. The duration of thesighting was 10 seconds."SECOND SIGHTING. His second possible UFO sighting .occurred at 7:45 p.m. P.D.S.T. on July4, 1985, in San Jose, California with hiswife as the second witness. "My wifeand I had gone for a drive in thesoutheast area of downtown San Jose.We were sitting at a stoplight at thecorner of Capitol Expressway andSenator Road. My wife called myattention to an object inthe sky that shenoticed hovering in a stationaryposition. The object was estimated tobe about 4 miles southeast of ourposition and low on the horizon."It was early evening with the sunto our backs and clear sky conditions.As my attention focused on the object,it began to move and shortly thereafterbegan a steep climb of about 10 - 20degrees of inclination to the southwestof its original position. Momentarily, itreversed course and descended. Itthenwent into a rapid horizontal zig-zagmotion, which could not beaccomplished by any aircraft orhelicopter that I am aware of. The latteraction convinced me it was a probableUFO."Just after the object started thezig-zag motion, the stop light turnedgreen and unfortunatelyI had to movealong in the north bound direction onCapitol Expressway. By the time that Icould get turnedaround, the object wasgone. The duration of the sighting was20 to 30 seconds. A sketch on thereport form depicts a black disc-shapedobject with blunt ends and no apparentlights. He estimated the distance as 4 to6 miles with the lowest altitude 1000 feetor less. The apparent size was one-twentieth of the full moon."NEW HAMPSHIRECLOSEENCOUNTEROct. 15, 1984, Time: 8:42 PM. Ananonymous call was received at theKeene, NH Police Department. A manfrom Winchester, NH, a small townsouth of Keene, called to report strangelooking lights hoveringover the city. Herefused to givehis name, statinghis wifewould think he was crazy.Sgt. Jack Zeller was dispatched toRoute 12 to investigate. It was a clearnight in the southern New Hampshirecity. Sgt. Zeller did not hurry to thescene because he felt whatever it waswould be easily explained or gone bythe time he arrived. As he proceededsouth on Route 12 toward Route 9, acar coming in his direction skidded to astop. A man jumpedout pointing to thewest. Sgt. Zeller stopped his cruiser; hedidnt expect to see anything so soon.What he saw was "obviouslyunconventional." As a trained observerhe was able to describe what was seeneasily — a number of pulsating lights,red, white, and green, absolutelymotionless in the sky at an altitude of800 to 1000 feet. He estimated thedistance at about one eighth of a mile.At this point Zeller called back toheadquarters using the car radio. Heremained in radio contact throughoutthe sighting. By now more cars hadstopped and more people wereobserving the show. One of theobservers suggested to Sgt. Zeller that(continued on page 17)
  • 10. e-" "10
  • 11. KEENEPOSITION OFSGT. ZELLER<B>= CAR WASHRAMADA INNNKEENE, NEW HAMPSHIREOCTOBER 15, 19847:42 PM.Tf, = UFO location where firstobserved by police Sgt. Zellerfrom position®. UFO moved tohis location, lowering inaltitude from approximately800 feet to 100 feet. Itpassed directly over thepolice cruiser moving at aslow speed of ten to fifteenmiles per hour. It continuedto a car wash at position ®.At this point it stopped,turned around, hovered theninstantly moved sideways tohover over the Ramada Inn atposition ©. After a fewseconds it moved at a slowrate of speed-to the SouthEast. The UFO continued inthis general direction untilout of view.**«•(*, ftl•AI ii mict•II Ot C111 CM hi•until•DUO (MJOMUPT MM
  • 12. RICHARD HAINES: AN INTERVIEWBy Dennis StacyRichard F. Haines, in the traditionof Hynek, McCampbell, Friedman,McDonald, Vallee, et al, is one of ahandful of scientists who manages tojuggle a career in his field of expertisewith writings and studies of the UFOphenomenon.Haines is a research scientist inLife Sciences at NASAs AmesResearch Center, Moffett Field,California. His Ph.D. from MichiganState University is in the area ofexperimental psychology/physiology.He is of numerous scientificarticles as well as Observing UFOs(1978), . and also edited UFOPhenomena and the BehavioralScientist•(1979). •Stacy: Dr. Haines, youve let it beknown that you are compiling casehistories of UFOs sighted from aircraft.Why did you decide to concentrate inthis one specific area?Haines: Several reasons wereinvolved, of course, one of them beingthat pilots represent a very stablepersonality type with a high degree oftraining, motivation, and selection.When they say they . have seensomething, you know they have seensomething. They have a professionalreputation at stake, so you also knowthat when they do come forward andmake a report, they have done aprettygood job, by and large, of analyzing intheir own mind what it might be and ofeliminating a number of explanationsalready.Another reason would be theyhave available to them a lot ofelectromagnetic sensors of variouskinds on board the aircraft itself, whichcan possibly record some manifes-tations of the phenomenon, such aselectromagnetic frequency and energycontent. Another reason is that pilotscan control the location of their planeso that they can manuever to gain thebest vantage point, under someconditions. Ifyoure flying acommercial12Dr. Richard F. Hainesplane, that might not be so easy, but amilitary jet, for instance, might climbabove the phenomenon so that its seenagainst the ground as a background. Bydoing that, you can place some kind ofmaximum range between you and theobject, and if you can determine itsapparent angle, then you can form agood idea of its size, at least itsmaximum size.Stacy: How did you initially go aboutgathering reports?Haines: Initially I was intrigued morethan anything else because theliterature contains so many good pilotcases. So I went through the files ofProject Blue Book on microfilm nextand noticed that the quality of thosesightings was generally much higherthan that of the ground sightings.It alsostruck me from a historicalpoint ofviewthat no one had done very much withthe pilot cases and thats basicallyhowIgot started, many years ago.Dennis StacyIn my work, Ialso deal with a lot ofpilots, and one of the routinequestionsIask them, is have you ever seenanything you couldnt explain?That gotme out of a historical into a morepresent perspective, and now I haveliterally contacts all over the FreeWorld with aviation officials who willsend me information on a confidentialbasis.Stacy: Is there any reluctance on thepart of the pilots themselves to discusstheir sightings?Haines: Sure, there is, which I think isonly natural. They have a job at stake.There might be a company policyagainst it, any number of reasons whyyou might have to be very careful.Ask yourself why you dont seemore UFO articles in all these freemagazines in the back of the airplaneseat in front of you? The reason Ithink(continued next page)
  • 13. HAINES, continuedis fairly obvious: airlinecompanies dontwant their passengers to know thatover 3000 pilots have seen these things,even though theyre a popular subject.The negative consequencesare justtoogreat.Stacy: You mentioned that you cameinto contact with pilots in the course ofyour work. Could you tell us a bit moreabout what that entails exactly?Haines: Im a research scientist at theAmes Research Center, workingin thearea of human vision and optics, theway the eye and the brain worktogether. Technically, the field is knownas Aviation Human Factors. Weredoing research right now into whatinformation is essential for pilotsto landa plane inbad weather, information thatis going past them out the sidewindows, not coming head-on, theirperipheral vision. Im currentlyheading up a research group focusingon that aspect. The output of that,which is laboratory research, wouldhopefully be the improvement ofcockpit, window design, so that Boing,Lockheed, Douglas and other airplanemanufacturers could take into accountwhat the pilot brings into the cockpit,which is his own visual capabilities.They havent done that by and large.The design process has so many otherfactors which push the design in onedirection that it has received relativelylittle input from the behavioral sciences.Stacy: Have you been able toformulate the characteristics of atypical aerial sighting as opposed to aground sighting? Is there any majordifference in the two?Haines: No, there are no majordifferences. Im convinced now, after alot of research, that the samephenomenon is being seen by the the ground observer. To me, thatsan important breakthrough, becauseits often said that onlycrazy people seeUFOs. If we can show that a highlystable, mature, responsible group ofwitnesses is seeing them, then ipsofacto, the ground witnesses, as flaky assome of them might be, are also seeingthe same phenomenon.Stacy: What might be the typicalcharacteristics of an aerial UFOsighting?HAINES IIN PASADENA— Dennis StacyHaines: In that respect, I think thereare probably more differences thanthere are similarities, and by that Imeanthat every case is different. The largeissue is what commonalities existamong the cases that refer to the objectitself? The flight dynamics, forinstance,are probably as diverse and different asthe number of sightings.There are categories, though,and I •can tell you about them because Imwriting a book on the subject.First,letsseparate the subject into night casesand day cases. Seventy per cent of theaerial sightingsoccur during the night,30per cent occur duringthe day. Ofthenighttime sightings, almost all of themare tiny point -sources of light, likestars,perhaps a single light or a number ofthem in different patterns.The daytime cases, on the otherhand, are almost alwaysangularly large,disc forms, with some sortof silvery, oraluminum-appearing structure orsurface. The nighttime sightings,almost by definition, have tobe emittinglight, giving off light. The daytimesightings, again almost by definition,have to be reflecting natural light.Thats not necessarily or absolutelytrue, but its more true than not.Now as regards to flight dynamics,one patternor category that comes outof the 3000 cases iswhat might becalledthe head on approach. Then at the lastmoment it swerves and avoids contactwith the airplane. Those are veryinteresting because the approach is sofast, even in a light plane, that visualperception doesnt really have time tocome into full play and you impute ashape to the object. You say it was aUFO when it may have been justanother Cessna, lets say. In manycases like that, though, there is a sub-category in which the object doesntjust speed by, but comes back andhovers off the wing.Stacy: Wouldnt an incident like thatindicate that the UFO, or object, wasshowing a distinct interest in theterrestrial aircraft?Haines: Well, there isanothercategoryin which an object will approach aplane,hover nearby, circle it, say, and thenstay off one wing-tip awhile, maybe flipover and then hover off the other wing-tip. All I can say is that to the degreethat evidence is true, the airplane is thefocus of attention.IfIwere to use wordslike curiosity and interest, I would bemaking a lot of assumptions and thats(continued next page)13
  • 14. HAINES, Continuednot something Iwould like to do. Thosewords are a little bit too."human." Idont know what their motives are, ifthere is a "they."What if this is an ionizationeffect? Every engine, whether itspropeller or jet, puts out an ionizationtrail. If the object happens to be ball-lightning, which is possible, then.perhaps it follows in that ionization trail.That might even explain a head-onapproach, if another airplane had goneby earlier. I dont think it would explainthe wing-tip or circling effect, though.Stacy: Have you had difficultiesapproaching military pilots?Haines; More difficulty than not,perhaps. For one thing there is a realhesitancy to tell people stories untilyouget to know one another. In otherwords, you have to develop a rapportand as a trained psychologist Ive been •helped somewhat because I will nevercome out and ask a direct questionwhich would turn them off. You have tobuild up to it. You have to establish•your own credibility and motives. Youhave, to be transparent, because ifthey think youre hiding something,forget it! Youre probably not going toget any decent data: theyll just makesomething up to get rid of you.So, Ive tended to take the long•term approach of getting to know theperson. Too, where I work helps. Theyknow Im not a kook and that Ive gotareputation at stake just like they have.When he knows that and when heknows that Im going to keep theconversation confidential, then little bylittle, the barriers begin to come down.Then a certain cascade effect begins towork and the story eventually comesout.Stacy: Has any other sort of databesides the pilots subjective accountbecome available? Im thinking of guncamera film, for example.Haines: I dont have access to securityinformation and its my understandingthat anything like that would beclassified. Iwill say this, though, that thefiles of Project Blue Book, which endedin 1969, are absolutely replete with thatkind of information, but you cant get atit. Its not there anymore.Stacy: As far as you know, has a flight-14recorder ever turned up withinformation that would pertain to aUFO?Haines: No,, not really that I know of.See, the flight recorder is an endlesstape. Every half hour it repeats itself. Inthe event ofa crash, there are switcheswhich turn it off so that you get the lasthalf-hour of flight. To my knowledge,there has never been a case inwhichaneffort was made to directly extract aflight-recorder after a UFO sighting wasmade.See, flight-recorders are requiredby law aboard commercial aircaft andthe airline companies are there to makemoney. They dont take a lot of timetrailing after UFOs because its soincidental to what theyre doing. Ithinkthey would just rather dismiss it andconcentrate on turning a profit.Stacy: So, as far as you know, then, aUFO has never been involved in the lastthirty minutes of flight of a commercialairliner?Haines: No.— StacyStacy: Have you ever asked theindividual pilots or aircraft about theirsubjective feelings about whatever itwas they saw? Whether they werefrightened or whatever?Haines: Oh, yeah, thats a commonquestion I ask and Iget a small range ofanswers. Thats a good question,. though, thats interesting.The commonanswer I get is curious, because it isntintuitive. I have many pilots tell me thatduring the encounter, when theyrebeing approached or hovered nearbyby some strange object, that they had asense of peace and calm spread overthem as ifnothingwas going to happen,everythings under control, dontworry. Then that feeling goes awaywhen the phenomenon goes away.Stacy: And then they become scared?Haines: Oh, it depends on thesituation. If the engines stopped, thenthey become scared, yes.Stacy: Do the engines usually, start(continued next page)
  • 15. HAINES, Continuedback up?Haines: In most cases, yes. Ionlyknowof one case in which the engine didntstart back up. The crew bailed out andthen the plane crashed. That was amilitary flight.Stacy: Does the phenomenon effectpropeller and jet engines differently, orin any kind of particular pattern?Haines: There arent that many casesinvolving actual engine failure and, ofcourse, the operation principles arevery different of the two. But thats oneof the thingswere really interested in,isfinding cases that would be diagnostic,that would help us understand thenature of the radiation that istransmitted, if you like, or whateverf i e l d s a r e s u r r o u n d i n g t h ephenomenon.In medical diagnosis of the humanbody, the doctor goes after patterns ofsymptoms. He hopes to find a rangeofsymptoms that properly analyzed willdiagnose the core problem. Imtrying touse the same approach, that in theelectromagnetic domain we might findan array of frequencies, energies,different sensors operating in differentways, that can only operate the waythey do because of a certain kind ofradiation source — pulsed microwave,—Dennis Stacyfor instance, or plasma physics, highmagnetic toroidial fields, or a number ofotherpossibilities.That, to me, is the interestingdimension of the UFO phenomenon,and why Ispend any timeon it at all. Imnot interested in just the psychologicalor physical dimension.Stacy: Does your evidence indicate toyou that the phenomenon is eithernatural or mechanical?Haines: No, Im not willing to go thatfar yet.Stacy: But the possibility exists that itcould be a plasma effect or some otherentirely natural phenomena?Haines: Sure, it could be. I will say this.I think the phenomenon definitelyrepresents an extremely high energydensity. I mean high power levels,packed within small volumes. Beyondthat, Im just not ready to sayanything. Ask me again in ten years(Laughs).Stacy: You dont see anything in thepatterns of behaviour of thephenomenon that would indicate ananswer one way or the other as towhether were dealing with somethingartificial or organic?Haines: Well, whyis there a large peakin aircraft sightings around nine toeleven p.m.? Why is that?Stacy: Because there are moreairplanes flying then?Haines: No, thats not the answer. See,the thing about these patterns ofbehaviour may or may not bediagnostic. We may be dealing with aphenomenon that is purposivelydeceptive, that isgiving us views of itselfthat are not true. Its called deceptionstrategy and the military does it all thetime. Its an art of war and . ofgovernment intelligence agencies.For all we know, weve been fed aline of deceptions from the verybeginning under a longterm masterplan, if you will, to lead us into a totallyerroneous view of what . thephenomenon is. Thats pretty far out, Iadmit, for a nutsnbolts person like me,which I tend to be. But I have to take itseriously. I have to entertain thepossibility, so I dont take everythingatface value. I have to consider as manyas possibilitiesas there are.This phenomenon, whatever it is,is one of the last frontiers. I think outerspace is a frontier, I think the humanbrain is a frontier, and I think the UFOphenomenon is a frontier.Stacy: And might there be aconnection between all three?Haines: You said that. Ill say its aninteresting study.Stacy: Dr. Haines, we thank you.MUFONAMATEURRADIONETEVERY SATURDAYMORNINGAT 0800 EST (OR DST)ON 7237 KHz S.S.BMUFON103OLDTOWNE RD.SEGUIN, TX 7815515
  • 16. LIFTING, Continuedanswer, but in some cases thedisplacement appears to be apurposeful act on the part of the UFOoperator.From the mass of evidencecollected on these types of cases,McCampbell has managed to distillseveral reoccurring facts. From hisbook, Ufology, we find the followingobservations:1. "It is abundantly clear that astrange, hitherto unrecognizedforce prevails within a cylindricalzone having the same diameter as. the UFO and extending from it tothe ground."2. "The force acts verticallyupward upon various objects,imparting to them a rotation."3. "As no stones or drysticksseem to have been affected, theforce apparently couplesselectively to objects, presumablyon the basis of their composition."Its puzzling that UFOs exert anupward force when normal experiencewould seem to indicate a downwardthrust that would be required to keeptheir craft in the air. It is possible theupward force the UFOs exert isseparate from the UFOs propulsionsystem. Unfortunately, one can onlyspeculate until we have in ourpossession a functional UFO craft. Butfor witnesses like Catherine Burk, theability of UFOs to levitate a motorvehicle is more than mere speculation.WEEK, Continuednext August. Let us begin now toensure that we are even betterprepared, better informed, and betterorganized to offer public informationduring our second National UFOInformation Week.SUPPORTUFORESEARCHMUFON sponsors an annual symposium on UFO research andinvestigation,typically held in major metropolitan areas each year. Speakers include PhDscientists and others knowledgable about UFO-related topics. This Index compilesauthors names, titles, and subjects discussed. Additional information on availabilityof Symposium Proceedings or article reprints is availablefrom the above address.AUTHOR INDEXADAMS, Thomas R. "Animal Mutilations:A Decade of Mystery" 84:45-63ALZOFON, Frederick E. "UFO Propulsion Model" 82:42-48ANDRUS, Walter H., Jr. "Cattle Mutilations That Defy ConventionalExplanations" 83:112-117BEARDEN, Thomas E. "Hyperspace (Virtual State) Engineering" 80:104-120BRAY, Arthur. "Professionalism in UFOlogy" 82:14-24CERNY, Paul C. "Continuing UFO Deception and Confusion Syndrome" 83:170-181CHRISTENSEN, Marge. "PublicInformation: Top PriorityforUFOlogists"84:14-22CLAMAR, Aphrodite."Missing Time: A Psychologist Examines the UFO Evidence"81:76-78DOWNING, Barry H. "Faith, Theory and UFOs" 81:35-42DRUFFEL, Ann. "Southern Californias Straight Line Mystery in UFO Sightings"83:61-81EVANS, Hilary. "Entity Enigma" 84:79-90FRIEDMAN, Stanton T. "Flying Saucer Technology" 80:139-149_ (w/W.L. Moore). "Roswell Incident: Beginning of the CosmicWatergate" 81:132-153GERSTEN, Peter A. "What the Government Would Know About UFOs If TheyRead Their Own Documents" 81:21-33GREENWOOD, Barry J. "UFO Secrecy 84:BigBrother is WatchingThem" 84:92-107HAINES, Richard F. "Review of Selected Aerial Phenomenon Sightings fromAircraft from 1942 to 1952" 83:14-44HAISELL, David. "UFO Research: An International Perspective" 82:66-78HIND, Cynthia. "African Encounters: Case Investigations" 81:80-91"Tribal Reactions to UFOs in Africa" 84:65-77HOLT, Alan C. "UFO Propulsion: Pulsed Radiation and Crystalline Structure"83:128-168"UFO Light Beams: Space-Time Projections" 84:121-138HOPKINS, Budd. "UFO Abudctions: The Invisible Epidemic" 81:44-58"Haunting of Kitley Woods: An Ongoing UFO Saga" 84:168-184HYNEK, J. Allen. "UFOlogy as a Profession: A Manifesto" 81:14-19"Planning for the Next UFO Flap" 82:80-83"Case Against E.T." 83:119-126"Properties of the UFO Phenomenon" 84:163-166IMBROGNO, Phillip J. "Boomerang Mystery" 84:140-161JORDAN, Peter A. "Cattle Mutilations and the ImaginedCulprits: A PsychologicalPerspective" 83:102-111KISSINGER, L. David (w/J.F. Schuessler). "Project VISIT: An Approach toDetermine What Are They? " 80:14-19McCAMPBELL, James M. "UFO Interference With Vehicles and Self-StartingEngines" 83:46-59MERRITT, Fred. "UFOCAT and a Friend with Two New Ideas" 80:31-52MONTIETH, Henry C. "Unified Field Theory and the UFO" 80:77-101MOORE, William L. (w/S.T. Friedman)."Roswell Incident:Beginning of the CosmicWatergate" 81:132-153"Roswell Investigation: New Evidence in the Search for a CrashedUFO" 82: 85-104"UFOs: Uncovering the Ultimate Answer" 83:83-100NIEMTZOW, Richard C. "PreliminaryAnalysis of Medical Injuries as a ResultofUFO Close Encounters" 80:131-137NORMAN, Paul B. "Countdown to Reality" (UFOs in Australia). 84:24-4316
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HallCE, Continuedslowly and ascending just a little higher.The two figures were now gone.At this timethe other couple pulledin the driveway, and they all jumpedinto the car and followed the object asitbegan to move over a hill, still onlyabout 50 feet off the ground. Bobsbrother, who was driving while trying towatch the object, got the car stuck onthe slick road and they all got out towatch the hovering craft which wasnow directly above them.A brilliant light, was emitted,fromthe bottom of the craft, obscuring theshape of the object. It remainedcompletely silent, as it had during theentire encounter. The light suddenlybegan to accelerate vertically into thesky until it looked like one of the otherstars. It then changed to a brilliant redcolor, moving straight across the skyand out of sight.The entire episode lasted nearly20minutes. Two witnesses observed theobject at a distance of no more than30feet and two additional observers cameto the scene and verified theobservation.DISBELIEFThis UFO encounter had a drasticaffect on Bobs life since he was aprofound disbeliever in UFO reportsprior to this experience. A numberofyears before his sighting, Bob and hisyounger brother who witnessed thisevent were discussing UFO reportsthat had been on the evening newsandthey nearlyended up in a fist fight sinceBob suggested that only crazy peoplesaw those things.For 5 years Bob had been in theNavy, and was in fact a hangar deckaircraft director on one ofour countryslargest aircraft carriers and was quite,familiar with military aircraft. As Bobtold me, "If I hadnt seen it for myself, Icould not have been convinced."Bob took a lot of ridicule aftertelling various relatives and friendsabout his encounter. He no longerworries about that. He knows what hesaw and is now convinced UFOs arereal.NEW HAMPSHIRE, Continuedhe shine the cruiser spotlight at theobject. The spotlight used was 200,000candle power. "I was right on aim," butit. didnt light the object. (I feel Zellersestimate of one eighth of a mile wasincorrect. The spotlight should havereached it at that distance.)As soon as the light was on aimtheobject began to move toward thecruiser. It lowered altitude as it camecloser. The object leveled off at a heightof 100 feet, not far from the observers.As it continued to get closer one of thebystanders asked Sgt. Zeller to gethisshotgun. Zeller responded with "No,Ithink well ride this one out."The object passed directly over thecruiser at a speed of 10 to 15 miles perhour. "I had it lit up like daylight," Zellerstated.He described the object as havinga dull metallic off-white or cream color.It was 10to 15feet wide and 45 to 50 feetlong. The belly had longitudinalplanesfrom front to back like the hull ofa boat.He saw no landing gear, no windows, noseams, no doors, no obvious source ofpower, and it made no sound except fora two-toned hum for a second or two asit passed directly overhead.The police sergeant also stated hemay have seen short stubby wings, buthe is not sure if he saw them orsomeone mentioned them. The objectcontinued its straight flight path overthe cruiser, across the street and thenstopped over a car wash. It turnedaround as if to come back to thecruiser, hovered a few seconds, theninstantly moved sideways to hover overthe Ramada Inn at the junctionof Route9 and Route 10. It hovered again for afew seconds, then moved to the south-east at a leisurely pace. It then sped offinto space and was out of sight in asecond or two. ,The initial interview with Sgt. Zellerand the audio tape recording of thatinterview was conducted by Mr.William J. Chapleau, MUFON StateDirector for Vermont.—By Peter GeremiaMESSAGE, ContinuedThe MUFQN Metroplex UFOgroup inthe Dallas-Fort Worth area hasbeen meeting monthly with outstandingdinner speakers under the leadershipofRon and Catherine (Kay) West,President and Vice Presidentrespectively. On September 14th, Dr.Leo Sprinkle was the speaker,followed by John F. Schuessler onOctober 12th. The November monthlymeeting will be devoted to FieldInvestigator training. On December 7,1985, Travis Walton will relate hisexperiences. For more information onthe location of each meeting contactKay West at (214) 696-4257.17
  • 18. MESSAGE, continued THE NIGHT SKYalphabetically by states, therefore someof our members have alreadyreceivedtheir exam and the remainder will followas our Seguin office provides currentaddress lists. Each State Director willalso receive a current copy of thenames, addresses and telephonenumbers of every member within theirstate.The MUFON 1985 UFOSymposiumProceedings with the theme "UFO: TheBurden of Proof" are available fromMUFON in Seguin, Texas for $10.00plus $1.50 for postage and handling. Allforeign members should use aninternational postal money order forpayment in U.S. funds.* * *Our prayers and best wishes forrecovery are extended to Dr. J. AllenHynek after his recent operation inSt.Louis, Missouri, followed by a briefconfinement at the University ofCalifornia Medical Center in SanFrancisco for extensive tests. He hasnow returned to his home in Scottsdale,Arizona to recuperate.* * *For several years, RobertGribble, who operates the NationalUFO Reporting Center in Seattle,Washington, has sent MUFON anindividual report form of current UFOsightings with the pertinent details soanon-the-site in-depth investigationcouldbe conducted by MUFON FieldInvestigators. Bob discontinued thisvaluable procedure at the end ofDecember 1984 and is now submittingasummarized report to Michael Hartfor the Compufon computer network.Obviously, we have lost a veryimportant source of raw UFO sightingsthat clamor for investigation. I haveappealed to Mr. Gribble to reinstatehisoriginal procedure, since his UFOtelephone hotline number 1-206-722-3000 has the most extensive coveragethroughout police agencies andairports in the U.S.A. We hope thatBob will recognize that his fine serviceishandicapped by not utilizing theservices of the largest UFOinvestigative team in the U.S.A. — theMutual UFO Network.November 1985Bright Planets (Evening Sky):Jupiter is now the only evening planet. It is due south at dusk and sets in theWSW about 9:45 PM in midmonth.Bright Planets (Morning Sky):Venus is gettingdifficult to see in the eastern sky, rising only about 1J4 hoursbefore sunrise in midmonth. Meanwhile its much fainter reddish neighborMars, in Virgo, is well up in the SE before the sun rises.Meteor Showers:A bright gibbous moon interferes all night during the Taurids peak onNovember 3. The slow reddish meteors normally reach about 15 per hourbefore dawn. On the other hand, the swiftest of allshower meteors, the bluishLeonids, achieve maximum (15per hour) under dark skies on the 17th.Halleys Comet:This famous celestial visitor has left Orion and during November races acrossTaurus and Aries, entering Pisces near the end of the month. Early this fallHalley was somewhat fainter than expected. If it gets back "on track" andattains 7thor 8th magnitudeby mid-November, itwould then be visible throughbinoculars as a taillesssmudge oflight. The comet passes north ofthe V-shapedHyades from Nov. 10-12 and south of the Pleiades on the 16th and 17th. By the18th Halley becomes accessible allnight, rising in the NEat sunset and settinginthe NW at sunrise. It passes within 58 million miles of the earth on the 26thenroute to the sun; a somewhat closer second approach to earth occurs on thecomets outbound legnext April. Once again best viewing isaround themiddleof the month when the moon is out of the way. On the 15th Comet Halleysposition is at R.A. 3h 49m, Dec. +21°47 (1950); this places it in the samebinocular field as the Pleiades-a beautiful sight!o(continued on page 17)Moon Phases:Last quarter--Nov. 5New moon--Nov. 12First quarter-Nov. 19Full moon-Nov. 27The Stars:The bright constellations of winter-Orion the Hunter,Taurus the Bull,Aurigathe Charioteer, Gemini the Twins-are already appearing above the easternhorizon at 9 PM in midmonth.The dim stars of autumn, including the GreatSquare of Pegasus, occupy the central and southern sky, and the SummerTriangle prepares to exit the celestial scene in the west.In midevening look for a faint patch of light almost squarely overhead inAndromeda the Princess. You are glimpsing our sister spiral galaxy in space,the Great Andromeda Spiral, themost remote object detectable with the nakedeye. This immense gatheringof billions of stars appears not as it is today but asit was two billion years ago. It requiredthat much time for its light to cross spaceand reach our eyes. And this is a nearby galaxy!18
  • 20. DIRECTORS MESSAGEbyWalt AndrusWe are happy to report that thefirst "National UFO Information Week"on Augsut 18-25, 1985 exceeded allofour expectations in the statesparticipating. Marge Christenscn hassubmitted an articlefor the Journal withphotographs depicting a few of thehighlights. It was a very good exampleof cooperation between CUFOS, theFund for UFO Research, and MUFON.Plans are alreadyunderwayfor the 1986program.* * *A committee organized during theUFO Forum in Beverly, Massachusettshas submitted proposed plans forgreater cooperation between CUFOS,FUFOR, and MUFON, whereby eachwill have basic responsibilities thusreducing duplication of effort andensuring maximum utilization of ourresources. The three major UFOresearch organizations have uniqueresources and assets to offer to the fieldof UFOlogy. By capitalizing upon theseunique assets, we should be able tosignificantly advance serious researchinto the UFO phenomenon as well as tomake further progress towarderadicating the popularly held notionofthe UFO subject being "pseudo-science" practiced by mere hobbyists.* * •*For the past two years Mrs.MargeChristensen has been serving in a dualrole as the State Director forMassachusetts and nationally asMUFONs Public Relations Director.The latter has become virtually a full-time job considering the many activitiesthat Mrs. C h r i s t e n s e n hasimplemented. Upon the submissionofher resignation as State Director forMassachusetts, the MassachusettsMUFON Board of Directorsrecommend James R. Melescius,presently the State Section Director forNorfolk County, to fill this post.Forrest R. Lundberg hasrecommended the following MUFONreorganization for the state of Iowa:Donald A. Curtis has been elevatedMarge Christensenfrom Assistant State Director to StateDirector for Iowa, replacing Mr.Lundberg who has accepted theposition of State Section Director forPolk and Warren Counties.Leonard Sturm, State Directorfor Illinois, has appointed RobertMatheny as the State Section Directorfor Edgar County. Mr. Matheny has aB.A. in sociology and social work. HalStarr of Phoenix, Arizona has beenapproved as the new State SectionDirector for Maricopa County. Mr.Starr is best known for the longestcontinuous daily UFO radioshow in theworld, starting in 1947 and heard in 7English speaking countries. DonaldM.Ware, State Director for Florida, hasannounced the appointment of DuaneE. Pike of Tampa to become the StateSection Director for Hillsborough,Pinellas, and Polk Counties. Mr. Pike, aformer MUFON member in 1979 to1981, was a Captain in the U.S. Armyinartillery and military intelligence.* * *H.B.O.s "America Undercover"cable television show titled "UFOs:Whats Going On?" produced byRobert Guenette Productions anddirected by Fred Rosen ran tendifferent times as a special, startingSeptember 10th and ending onSeptember 29th.The film was very welldone and provided favorable publiceducation on UFOs. Amajor complaintwas their failure to give credits to themany people who contributed theirtime and effort as consultants, providedcases, photographs, motion picturefilm, etc. However, they gaveprominent credits to every personemployed by Robert GuenetteProductions who had any associationwith the film. Without the valuablecontributions of a number ofprominentUFOlogists in North America, the filmcould not have been made.* * *Dan Wright and his hostcommittee have announced that thefollowing speakers have beenconfirmed to speak at the MUFON1986 UFO Symposium on June 27, 28and 29, 1986 at Michigan StateUniversity in Lansing: Michael D.Swords, Ph.D., John F. Schuessler,M.S., David M.Jacobs, Ph.D., BruceS. Maccabee, Ph.D. and Robert H.Bletchman, J.D.Due to the success of theMassachusetts MUFON UFOFORUM this year, where close to 300people attended from 16 States andCanada, the weekend of August 9 and10, 1986 has been reserved at theBeverly Golf Club for the 1986 UFOForum.* * *In order that MUFON mayupgrade the professional investigativestature of our Field Investigators, StateSection Directors, State Directors andResearch Specialist, the new FieldInvestigators Examination is beingadministered by Dan Wright and hiscommittee in Michigan. It will be done(continued on page 18)