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Mufon ufo journal 1984 7.-8. july august


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  • 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155BOB PRATTEditorDENNIS W. STACYAssistant EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorANN DRUFFELContributing EditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International DirectorTED BLOECHERDAVE WEBBCo-Chairmen,Humanoid Study GroupPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityMARGE CHRISTENSENPublic RelationsREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS FARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityGREG LONGStaff WriterSIMONE MENDEZStaff ArtistTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEN STRINGFIELDUFO Crash/RetrievalNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLEditor/Publishers EmeritusThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$15.00 per year in the U.S.A.;$16.00 foreign. Copyright 1984 bythe Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin,Texas. POSTMASTER: Send form3579 to advisechange ofaddress toThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL,103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas78155.FROMTHE EDITORThis issue is dedicated to Isabel Davis, a veteran UFOresearcher and writer who died in June. Isabel was one of thefounding members of Civilian Saucer Intelligence in New York in1954, and in the 1970s, she played an active role in NICAP inWashington, D.C.She was noted for her writings on contactees,extraterrestrial visitations and other subjects. She personallyinvestigated the Kelly, Kentucky, humanoid case and,with TedBloecher, was author of Close Encounters at Kelly and Others of1955. A more complete report on Isabel will be published in theSeptember issue.In this issueUFO WATERS STILL RUN DEEP: A report on the 1984 MUFONSymposium 3Story and Photos by DennisW. StacyLIGHT PUZZLE IN PERTH, AUSTRALIA 9From the UFO Research Australia NewsletterMULTIPLE-WITNESS PHOTO CASE 10By RayStanfordSPECTACULAR SIGHTING IN NORTH CAROLINA 13By Ray RheinMERCURY-A POSSIBLE CLUE TO UFO PROPULSION? 15By Ann DruffelHYSTERIA & UFOS-IS THERE A CONNECTION? 17By Michael D. Swords, Ph.D.IN OTHERS WORDS 19By Lucius ParishDIRECTORS MESSAGE 20By Walt AndrusThe Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal income tax. In addition,bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions ofSections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNAL are determinedbythe editor,and donot necessarily represent the official position of MUFON. Opinionsofcontributorsare their own, and do not necessarily reflect those ofthe editor,the staff, or MUFON.Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON. Responses to published articlesmaybe in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400words)or ina short article (up to about2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50%rule"is applied:the articleauthor may reply butwill be albwed half the wordage used inthe response; the responder mayanswer theauthor but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authors reply, etc. Allsubmissions are subject to editing for style, clarity, and conciseness.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than200words are quoted from any one article,the authorofthe article isgiven credit, and thestatement "Copyright 1984 by the Mutual UFO Network,103 OldtowneRd.,Seguin,Texas" isincluded.
  • 3. Report on the 1984MUFON SymposiumUFO WATERS STILL RUN DEEPThis years annual Symposium inSan Antonio the weekend of July 6-8attracted about 250 people. The eventwas generally well-reportedupon by thelocal print and electronic media.As expressed by Chairman TomDeuley, the format was chosen becauseone of the main problems confrontingcontemporary ufology "is associatedwith how the public perceives the UFOand the people that study the UFOphenomenon. Although the majority ofthe public believes there is some basisin reality for the UFO, they are stillreluctant to discuss the matter openlyfor fear of ridicule."They also tend to believe that thepeople who study UFOs areunbalanced in one way or another.Thirdly, most ofthe people inthe publicrealm who do believeinthe realityof theUFO have accepted the idea that it issomehow associated with extraterres-trial intelligence."Thus, the Symposium wasdesigned to educate the public at largethat the phenomenon is worthy ofserious scientific consideration andsubject to complex interpretation. Inother words, while "ET" has become apopular catch-all phrase, UFO watersrun deeper still.PUBLIC EDUCATIONAppropriately enough, then,Saturday mornings first speech wasdelivered by a public educator, MargeBy DENNIS W. STACYAssistant EditorBUOD HOPKINSTOM DEULEYChristensen, of Massachusetts, whoteaches high school English and is theChairperson of MUFONs NationalCommittee on Public Information andPublicEducation."The UFO phenomenon is a vitaland fascinating subject, which willsomeday undoubtedly impact life onthis planet in ways we can now onlydimly perceive," Marge said. "It isironicthat the average American is almosttotally unfamiliar with the subject andthe base amount of data anddocumentation which exist on thetopic."Unfortunately, this situationlends itself convenientlyto a policyofgovernment coverup of the subject, aswell as to the apparent policy of ournational media of treating the UFOsubject either as taboo anduntouchable, or as sensational and inthe realm of fantasy or the occult. Untilthis situation is reversed, our task asUFO researchers will be extremelydifficult and sometimes nearlyimpossible."It is therefore imperative thatpublic information and publiceducationof the UFO subject become a toppriority of euery serious ufologistimmediately. A massive, nationwideeffort in this area is urgently needed."Marge suggested several ways inwhich this might be done and localMUFON chapters upgraded in theprocess. More qualified and trainedinvestigators are needed, along withfunds, a pool of credible speakers andindividual local UFO hotlinesemploying an economical telephoneanswering machine.Among the other approachesMarge mentioned were the creation ofaportable display, guest lectures, closecontact with local law enforcementofficers, and the teaching of UFOcourses to gifted students and adultcommunity colleges. By way of anational effort, Margesaid that plansfora UFO Information Week will beannounced at the 1985 Symposium."Lets resolve now to worktogether," she said. "Together we canand must open the door to aninformedpublic, and to a solution to this vitalenigma."UFO SAGANew York author/artist BuddHopkins said the title of hispaper, "TheHaunting of Kitley Woods •An OngoingUFO Saga," was not lightly chosen."My dictionary definesasaga as anaccount in which the members of afamily or generations of a family orsocial group are chronicled in a longand leisurely narrative. To haunt is tovisit habituallyor appear to frequent asa recur persistently in theconsciousness. "Hopkins said that he was not sure(continued on nexf page)MARGE CHRISTENSEN
  • 4. Symposium, Continuedwe were dealing with "spirits," and thathis narrative would be neither long norleisurely, but otherwise the definitionsseem to fit the Kitley Woods caseprecisely.Budd was first introduced to thefamily involved in September 1983,when he received a letter from a readerof his book, MISSING TIME. Thewriter was a 24-year old divorcedmother of two, Debbie, who lives withher parents in a rural area outsideIndianapolis. In July 1983, both Debbieand her mother had seen a smallglowing light near the familys poolhouse.Mother and daughterinvestigated,Debbie armed with her fathers .22rifle,.but nothing was to be found. Later,,however, it was noticed that the• backyard was "burned," that nothingwould grow where it had beforehandthat it was now strangely avoided byanimals, particularly the cardinals whohad once flocked there.But the vanishing pool light wasonly the tip of the proverbialiceberg. Itturned put that Kathy,Debbies 35-yearold sister, had encountered a silverUFO with colored lightsinthe summerof 1965. She turned down,the radio tosee if the UFO was making any noise,but when she looked up it was alreadygone.Teh years later,.Kathy attended ahypnosis session designed to help onelose weight. What followed was morelike a nightmare. Shortly after going tosleep, she woke up and could niethertalk nor hear. She was taken to theemergency room and giventranquilizers. Over the next few daysshe found herself doing the opposite ofwhat the hypnotist had suggested. She.called him to ask what was wrong, butimmediately upon hearing hisvoice shehad a violent desire to kill him.Space does not permit a completecoverage of allofthe KitleyWoodssaga(the details can be found in the annualSymposium Proceedings along with allof the other papers). Suffice it to sayhere that three generations of a familywere involved in an incredible seriesofevents still under investigation.These include physical scars withsupposedly no known origin, a4nocturnal appearance oftwo entities atthe foot of Debbies bed, at whichtimeshe was handed a small black box, apossible abduction by UFO and so on.The study of the case has involvedpsychological profiles, regressivehypnosis, arid the analysis of physicallanding traces.TOM ADAMSMUTE EVIDENCEAlthough reports of animalmutilations involving mysteriouscirc.umstances have declineddrastically since the peak year of 1975,the phenomenon continues on anabated basis, said Tom Adams ofProject Stigma (See Chapter Seven ofGreenwood and Fawcetts just-published Clear Intent, for example).Adams is also editor/publisher of theProjects journal, "Stigmata."Despite claims of a new mass-market paperback that animalmutilations could be laid at the feet ofso-called satanic cults and what mightbe described as media hysteria,there isa core of reports, many involvingunmarked helicopters, that beg"conventional" explanation, saidAdams. Amongother anomalies, theseinclude incidents in which cuts werereportedly made by a pinking shearlikedevice, i.e., leavingserrated edges, anda unique instance annalyzed by aColorado researcher inwhichthe "cut"was found to have been made betweencells!Adams quoted science teacherlona Hoeppner as follows: "Idid carefulmicroscopic exams on the tissue cutfrom the belly. It was not a cut, not alaser burn. No cell was destroyed. It(the incision) was separated bertueencells, cell for cell.No cell was disruptedin the mutilators cut. There is nothingthat I know of that could do such athing." ;Adams also cited several cases inwhich UFOs seemed to be involved. Inone, in April of 1980, a central Texasfarmer was walking his pasture insearch of a cow about to give birth. Hecame across instead two non-humancreatures carryinga calf between them.Each had hold of one of its limbs.Theywere described as about four feet talland of a light or yellow-green color. Thefarmer fled.Two days later he returned to thesite to find the carcass of a calf, only thehead, feet and hide of which remained, ,the animal seeming to have beenskinned with its^hide pulled up over itshead arid turned insideout. No specificUFO connection was postulated by thefarmer, however, who was extremelyreluctant to discuss the incident.South.of Houston, in 1973, a Mrs.Judith Doraty and her daughter werereportedly v abducted aboard a UFO(the information was recovered underhypnosis). Mrs. Doraty also said shesaw a calf taken aboard, levitated by alight beam, that was subsequentlymutilated.Other mutilation reports haveinvolved apparent indentations in theground and the presence of quietrunning, unmarked helicopters. InColorado, in September of 1980, one ;witness reported seeing a "helicopter"which then turned into a silver, ball-shaped object somewhat smaller thanthe original "craft."If reports of animal mutilationsdryup altogether, said Adams, we will haveto ask ourselves two questions. "Whathas become ofthe predators detractorssaid were responsible for the realmutilations? And, more chillingly, whatare the mutilators themselves up tonow?"ENTITY ENIGMAAs noted by Hilary Evans ofLondon, the subcategory of UFOreports involving sightings ofhumanoids, or near-human entities, ispuzzling in more ways than one. Aresuch cases objective events, subjectiveprojections ofthe subconsciousness,or(continued on next page)
  • 5. HILARY EVANSSymposium, Continuedeven a blend of the two?"Whichever," said Hilary,"meeting an alien entity seems to be alonely experience. Rarely, very rarely,is it shared, and even in such casesthere is usually one dominantpercipient, the other being passive oreven dormant.Mostly this issomethingthat happens to people alone at home,or working alone, or driving alone lateat night."In many cases, the experience alsoseems to share the characteristics ofother paranormal events such asghostly apparitions, bedroom visitors,human doubles, or doppelgangers, andeven the appearance of both demonicand angelic "spirits".Hilary cited the case of 17-yearoldGlenda Smith, coming home alonefrom work late one night, whodiscovered she was beingfollowed by aUFO. The silent object was floatingrooftop-high andwasabout the sizeandshape of a jumbo jet, although clearlywingless. A short while later her sisteralso saw a UFO.The followup investigationrevealed that Glenda had been visitedin her bedroom some five yearsearlierby what she calleda spacewoman. Theentity re-appeared on severaloccasions, sometimes in dreams,sometimes only as a felt presence. Ingeneral she seemed to be concernedabout Glendas welfare while beingneither overtly malevolent norbenevolent.In another instance, a youngGerman girl was climbing alone in theBavarian Alps when she lost her waywhile in a particularly precariousposition (a year later another climberfell to her death in the same spot). Shewrote Hilary that "all of a sudden Inoticed a sort ofbigballoflight,and thiscondensed to the shape ofa tall, ratherChinese-looking allseemed then quite natural to me. Thegentleman bowed, spoke a few words,led me to a small path to the touristsway, and disappeared as a ball of light."Obviously, such experiences raiseas many questions as they purport toanswer. Is Glendas "spacewoman"actually an extraterrestrial entity orsomething more akin to what might becalled a "Guardian Angel," and that inturn only another name for asubconscious projection, a clever wayone area of the brain has evolved forcommunicating information toanother? In this scenario, Glenda castsher subconscious knowledge in aculturally contemporary form, i.e., as aspacewoman, rather than as, say, asaint or visiting angel as was done in thepast.While manyof the issues are stillinlimbo, said Hilary, "One thingisalreadyclear. Whatever or whoever isresponsible whether these experiencesoriginate with the Cosmic Brothers, orwith God, or with Satan, or with beingsfrom some undiscovered plane ofexistence, or with some unplumbedaspect of our own human natures, thecontact experience is of the greatestpossible importance forour knowledgeboth of ourselves and of the universeweinhabit."BIG BROTHER AND UFOSOne of the more anticipatedspeakers on Saturday was BarryGreenwood, co-author with LarryFawcett of CLEAR INTENT, a surveyof government documents dealingwithUFOs released under the Freedom ofInformation Act. A hundred copies ofBARRY GREENWOODthe $17.95 hardback were on hand andwere virtually sold out during thecourse of the Symposium, Barry beingkind enough to autograph copies.By now, Barrys maincontention isprobably widely known: "Thegovernment continues to investigateUFOs long after official investigationsallegedly ceased in 1969, and itcontinues to pursue a policy ofcensorship and secrecy surroundingUFOs due to the fact that it perceivesUFOs as a national security problem."Barry then went on to cite severalcases in which UFOs apparentlybreached military security and werereported by various base personnel.Probably, the most significant of theseincidents occurred in December 1980at Bentwaters Royal Air Force Base,England, in Rendlesham Forest.According to an eyewitnessaccount, militarypersonnel were calledup to surround at 50-foot diameter,aspirin-shaped object which washovering about a foot off the ground.Inside the transparent object, a bright,pulsating mist could be seen.This object was soon joined by asmaller red lightthat came to rest about20 feet overhead. It hovered for aminute, then exploded in red particles.Both light and object disappeared. Inthe latters place could now be seen adomed disc, bright white in color andwith an intricately detailed surface.There were some otherpeculiarities as well. Shadows cast onthe ships hull behaved strangely andthe witness, a security policeman, sawentities standing beside the craft whichhuddled together when a loud noisecame from the field. At this point thewitness memory fades and he wakesup in his bunk at 4AM,fully clothed andmuddy up to his knees.The case made national headlinesin Englandwhen a document, signed bythe American base commander, Lt.Colonel Charles I.Halt,and attesting tothe UFO sighting, was made public.Halt was subsequently reprimanded byhis superiors. According to Barry, thedocument "provided some of thestrongest evidence of UFO reality inexistence." The complete text can befound in the Symposium Proceedings(continued on next page)
  • 6. Symposium, Continuedas well at Barry and Larrys CLEARINTENT, along with other official (andintriguing) communiques."In conclusion," said Barry, "I cansay quite confidently that UFOs are areal, material, physical phenomenon,unidentifiable in conventional terms;that there is a clear intelligence behindthe phenomenon; that the origin ofUFOs is unknown; but the extraterres-trial hypothesis must rank high on thelist of possibilities; that the governmenthas information on UFOs whichconfirms their reality, but it hasconsistently tried to keep this facthidden from the public; and that thegovernment regards UFOs as a threatto national security, a point made veryclear in, recently ,declassifieddocuments."PROPERTIES OF THE UFOPHENOMENON"The crux of the argumentbetween those who take the UFOphenomenon seriously and those whodont, reduced to its essentials," saidDr. J. Allen Hynek, "is whether theUFO phenomenon representssomething really new to us and toscience, or whether the contents ofallUFO reports can be explained inpedestrian terms and that,therefore, allserious talk about UFOs isjust a grandillusion."Reprising a paper recentlypresented before that august body, theAmerican Association for theAdvancement of Science (Arthur C.Clarke and Isaac Asiniov, predictably,argued againsf UFOs), Hynekcontended that the evidence of UFOreports .did suggest something new tothe sphere of science.Using a computer and a speciallyprepared program, Dr. Hynekreviewed the contents of over 400 UFOcases, many of which he hadpersonallyinvestigated."Preference was given to UnitedStates cases," said Hynek, "but manyforeign ones were included when I feltthe quantityand quality of the evidencewarranted this. Furthermore, I gradedthe cases A, B, and C as to overallquality. Obviously, the latter isJ. ALLEN HYNEKsomewhat .subjective , but, theexperiment can be repeated by anyone,using material they select, and indeed Iurge that they do." ; • .For the UFO properties reportedby witnesses, Hynek used a simpleclassification system, as an example,,HV for "hover", AA for "anomalousacceleration", and so on."What were the results?" Hynekasked. "Many of the most frequentlyreported properties of the UFOphenomenon, as reported from overthe world and by responsible andcompetent people, and thoseproperties taken in combination, aredifferent from the properties of thoseevents, phenomena, and objectsgenerally offered as explanations forthe UFO phenomenon. The UFOphenomenon, therefore, representsnew empirical observations and thus,by definition, does not fit into thepresent scientific paradigm. Thatshould not come as a total surprise tothe present audience."He then quoted Niels Bohr, thefather of atomic physics, to the effectthat "Progress in science is impossiblewithout a paradox." Continuing,Hynekadded: "It is the things that dont fitinwith our customary thinking that leadJOHN SCHUESSLERto breakthroughs; those that fit merelylead to further refinements^"And no one,that is, no one whohas diligently studied the subject, candoubt that inthe UFO phenomenon wedo have a first-class paradox."It is only a matter of itwas for all the other things andconcepts that once were spurned andderided by contemporary science...before the scientific communityslowlycomes to recognize the significance ofthe UFO phenomenon."CASH-LANDRUM MEDICALEFFECTS, One of the properties the UFOphenomenondoes seem to display onrare occasion is the ability to affect,,deleteriously, the percipients health.Nowhere has.this been asdramaticallydemonstrated as in the remarkableCash-Landrum case which took placenear Houston the night of December29, 1980. And perhaps no one was aswell qualified to discuss its ramificationsas MUFONs Deputy Director, JohnSchuessler ofHouston, the cases chiefinvestigator.Since most Journal readers areprobably familiar .with the incident, atleast in passing, only a brief summarywill be given here. On the night inquestion, Betty Cash, 51, was behindthe wheel of her 1980 OldsmobileCutlass. With her were VickieLandrum, 57, in the passengers seat,and .Vickies grandson, ColbyLandrum, aged 7, in the rear seat.Returning home to Dayton, on theCleveland-Huffman road just north ofLake Houston, the three encountered aflame-emitting, diamond-shaped objecthovering over the roadway. (Later,theydiscovered,the object was surroundedby helicopters.)They stopped and got out of thecar. Betty was outside the longest,perhaps a total of 10minutes,Vickie forsome 3-5 minutes, and young Colbyprobably only for a minute. The objectand helicopters then flew away. Themedical effects began about an hourlater and included headaches, .nausea,vomiting and diarrhea. Within the weekBetty was placed in a hospital where(continued on next page)
  • 7. Symposium, Continuedshe was treated as a burn patient.About two weeks later her hair beganfalling out in clumps.Most of these and subsequentsymptoms, said Schuessler, seemed toindicate exposure to a possiblecombination of electromagneticradiation, including, provisionally, ultra-violet light, infrared, radio andmicrowave frequencies, and perhapsELF (Extreme Low Frequency) fieldeffects as well."Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum andColby Landrum were apparentlyharmed by some typeofflying device onDecember 29, 1980," said John inconclusion. "An examination of theliterature provides no clear-cutdefinition of an exact type of radiationthat would cause all the effectsdescribed earlier in this report.However, ionizing radiation couldpossibly cause about 90 percent of theproblem. Microwave radiation raisesthe number to about 99 percent.Infrared, ultraviolet, and the otherswould cover a lower percentage of theinjuries. Unfortunately, no well defineddata base exists to examine thecombined effects of two or more typesof radiation."PHILIP IMBROGNOTHE BOOMERANG MYSTERY"During the earlymonths of 1983,"said Philip Imbrogno, "a mostremarkable series of .UFO sightingstook place in the counties ofWestchester and Putnam, insoutheastern New York, and innearbyFairfield County, Connecticut."On March 24th," Philipcontinued, "a low-flying, silent objectthe size of a football field with aboomerang-shaped pattern of lightsflew over major highways andpopulated areas. As many as 15townsreported the mysterious objecthovering near their homes andilluminating the countryside withbrilliant bluish-white beams of light.Traffic stopped during rush hours andhundreds watched as the mysteriousboomerang flew directly over theirheads."Philip, a high school scienceteacher and field investigator forCUFOS, said the case was"a classicone for ufology because it has thegreatest number of witnessescompared to any other case inhistorysince the great airship mystery of the, 1890s. We are dealingwith closeto over300 reports ofcorroborating witnessesthat our team personally interviewed."Needless to say, only a minimalamount of that materialcan be coveredhere, just as Philip himself was hard-pressed to cram eyewitness reports,slides, and theories into a meagerhours speaking time. But how muchbetter to beembarrassed byriches thanpaucity in a field like this!The one case wewill cover was thesighting made by a Mr. Bill Hele, chiefmeteorologist for the NationalWeatherService in White Plains,New York. Onthe night of the 24th, Hele was drivingsouth on the Taconic State Parkwayabout 8:45 PM, when he noticed somevery bright lights on the horizon. Theywere moving slowly,perhaps 200 mph,from east to west.Hele lost sight of the lightsmomentarily in a dip in the road. As hetopped the hill, however, they weresuddenly visible again, moving directlytoward him. Still more curious thanfrightened, he pulled off to the side ofthe road, turned on his emergencyflasher lights, and gotout ofthe car for acloser, less hurried look.Hele could now see a formation oflights, about seven in all, in a wide Vshape. "As the object approached,"Philip quoted Hele, "Iheard no sound atall. It then started to lower itsaltitudetomaybe about 1000 feet...and thenslowed to a crawl. All the lights thenstarted to change color as ifthere wasarotating prism in them."Then all the lightsjust went out -they ceased to exist. I looked up for theobject, hoping to see at least a darkoutline, but saw nothing...About 40more seconds elapsed and I am stilllooking up, scanning the entire skyhoping to see something, when Flash!the entire string of lights came on andthe object was almost directlyoverhead."By now Hele was more frightenedthan curious. But he remained wherehe was; gazing up at this thingoverhead. "Judging by the angle thatthe lights subtended in the sky, Iestimated that the object was over1,000 feet from wing-tip to wing-tip. Thelights at this time were allgreen; a slimygreen ,like you see on a computerscreen...I could see that quite a fewcars had pulled over to the shoulder ofthe highway and people were gettingout to look at the lights."Two men came running towardsme from a parked car up ahead and saidto me in a hysterical voice, Mister, doyou have a camera?...We then justwatched as the object or lights slowlydrifted north and was soon lost toview."Despite attempts by severalwitnesses to take pictures of theboomerang, only one good photographturned up, taken by 17-year old JeffSalmonease.of the Putnam Valley area.That photograph is reproduced onpage 160 of the SymposiumProceedings.Thanks should be extended toPhilip . Imbrogno and the othermembers of the investigative team whohave managed to mobilize so muchdata about this intriguing and clearlyimportant UFO encounter over ahighlypopulated area of the country.LIGHT BEAMS ANDSPACE-TIME PROJECTIONSAlan C. Holt, of Houston, notedthat "Numerous close encounter casesinvolve observations of beams of lightemitted from UFOs. In many cases theUFO light beams produce veryunusualelectromagnetic, physiological, and lifteffects. Of particular interest are thelight beams which are apparentlyresponsible for lifting cars,light aircraft,(continued on next page)
  • 8. Symposium, Continuedand people."The light beams involved inproducing these lift effects aredescribed as being very brilliant withunusually pure colors, verypenetrating, and liquid-like in density.These characteristics suggest aprojected energy beam distinctlydifferent from a laser beam or otherdirected energy beams which arecurrently in use, but with somecommon characteristics. The observa-tions of light beams which stop inmid-air and extend or retract in a spatiallyconfined cone pattern indicate that aunique space-time projectiontechniqueis involved."Holt, a research physicist andspace engineer, suggested several wayssuch unusualeffects might be achieved,including 1) Advanced holographicprojection and multiple beaminterference techniques 2) Sonic orultrasonic beam effects 3)Electrostaticcharging effects and 4) Magneto-hydrodynamic "bubble" or buoyancyeffects.After reviewing several UFO casesin which projected light rays behavedcuriously, Holt concluded that "UFOlight beams provide a uniqueopportunity for us to begin tounderstand what appears to be anadvanced physics and technology."Such a technology, Holt noted,might prove inestimable in ourexploration of space. "Light beam lifteffects could be extensively used insatellite retrieval operations, spacejunkrepulsion, large space structureconstruction, and air/water/groundvehicle and people rescue activities.WePAUL NORMANALAN C. HOLTshould be energetically pursuing thedevelopment of light or directed energylift capabilities, for the benefit ofmankjnd."COUNTDOWN TO REALITY"There is a wind ofchange blowingin Australiaregardingthe recognition ofthe UFO problem" said Paul Norman,MUFON State Director for Victoris,and an associate member of CUFOSand the British UFO ResearchAssociation (BUFORA). Hopefully,that fresh breeze will soon waft its wayinto other areasofthe world,theUnitedStates included.But to begin at the beginning, asPaul did, itshould be noted that reportsof UFOs"down under" dateback to the1920s, when the S.S. Amelia J.disappeared at a time unexplainedlights were being seen at the entranceto Bass Strait, Victoria.Asearch planewas reportedly sent out to investigatethe lights and it vanished, too."In 1930," said Paul, "a squadron-leader was sent by the Royal AustralianAir Force to Warrnambool, Victoria,where people had reported aircraft*flying over the coast. The officialinvestigator found that theobjects werenot aircraft belonging to Australia orany other power. They could not evenbe identified as aircraft. In short, theywere unknown flying objects."The same area, Bass Strait, hassince become Australias outstandingflap zone. UFO activity there reachedan all time peak in September andOctober of 1978, culminating in thedisappearance of pilot FrederickValentich who, Paul said, "had beenreporting the approach anddescriptions of an unidentified flyingobject as long as his radiotransmissions could be heard. Thisencounter has. become the greatestmystery in Australianaviation history."Unfortunate as the case was forValentich himself, it has apparently ledto increased government co-operationwith civilian UFO investigators likePaulNorman and other dedicated membersof VUFORS. If it is a trend that otherresearchers around the world can oneday anticipate, then Australias actionswill have been a landmarkbreakthrough indeed. Let uscongratulate VUFORS and hope thisproves to be the case.CYNTHIA HINDAFRICAN TRIBALREACTIONSCongratulations are also in orderfor MUFONs Continental Co-ordinator for Africa, CynthiaHind,whocontinues to labor in the field of ufologyunder difficult conditions, far from themoral and numeric support of fellowresearchers in her adopted homelandof Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia.On the other hand, Cynthia hasbeen gifted with a "sterile laboratory" ofsorts, in that native sightings of UFOstend to be void of what might be calledthe contamination of a Western,technologically-oriented background.In this light, it is interesting to notethat while local reports of unusuallights, entities, landing traces, etc.,closely parallel their Westerncounterparts inmost aspects, they areinterpreted according to traditionalcultural and psychological beliefsystems.Thus astronauts and/or extrater-restrials are not interpreted as such,(continued on next page)8
  • 9. LIGHT PUZZLE IN PERTH, AUSTRALIAThe following, a preliminary report byAdrian De Jong, special investigatorfor the Perth UFO Research Group, isreprinted from the January-February1984 issue (Volume 5, No. 1) of UFOResearch Australia Newsletter.At 3 AM during the morning ofFriday, January 20, 1984,PoliceConstables Tim Moffitt and MarkFleskens, both from Midland Station,were travelling north along the RoeHighway, near Hazelmere, when theywere startled by a bright white flash oflight. Another flash followed withinseconds and Constable Fleskens, thepassenger, believing the light camefrom within the cabin of theirvan,began searching for the source.While Constable Fleskens wassearching, and had his head down,Constable Moffitt witnessed a largegreen and whitelight which hovered fortwo seconds above Midland.It appears that the police radio inthe van may have failed at the time thestrange phenomenon manifesteditself,for officers with communicationsheadquarters in Perth said they couldSymposium, Continuedbut rather as tribal spirits, benign ormalign, of course, depending on theirbehavior. These spirits are closelyakin,however, to our notions of ghosts andare sometimes viewed as the departedspirits of relatives. It also seems to be apart of local tradition that such spiritscan manifest simplyas a glowing light orin a humanoid form.Much work remains to be done inthis field, as with most other areas ofcontemporary ufology. In themeantime, however, we can applaudCynthias efforts as thoseofapioneer inthe true sense of the word and lookforward to her next report from theAfrican continent.LI«MTM|M«1TMAKTlttfOMIBITCOMCMtON NllWWOUftt• AC* TAMO* , I ••TABS* X•HIT! cone10 NCTMCS• «eTm/r*LLk*COAftDfMSHCp/—f —i—i— f— I I I/ / f i t/ / I I ISKETCH FROM MA BILLS DESCRIPTION - I A.M. JANUARY 10. it«»not raise the two policemen for sometime. They were trying to direct theconstables to the home of Mr. SidneyBell, in Bishop Road, who had reportedwitnessing the same light.Mr. Bishop saw two forks of lightcome out of the sky and, in the middleof these, a huge green, white and bluelight appeared. The phenomenon wasabout 30 meters high with a 6-meterwide base. The light effect was firstnoticed in the corner of Mr. Bellsback-yard and seemed to come from aboveone tree.This tree and its neighbour wereblowing around as ifin gale-forcewindswhich were confined to that particulararea.The phenomenon was verybrightly coloured bluish white andgreen. Its shape was hard to definebecause the light gradually lost itsbrightness on the oustide. However, itseemed to be conical in shape.Appearing in the sky, on eitherside, at the same time, were bright"zig-zag" vertical lines and three "star" likelights whichwere on the right above thezig-zag and formeda straight, but tiltedline. They were approximately 36°above the southern horizon, about 20°southwest.The phenomenon disappearedwith a "thump" noise and, at the sametime, the wind stopped and the zig-zaglines and three stars vanished.The tennants of the house, whoseback-yard is adjacent to that of Mr.Bells, noticed the bright light shiningbut didnt see the source. They, too,were aware of the gale-forcedwind andsaid that both effects vanished with asort of "bang." Additionally, theynoticed their electrical clock "blinking"as if there had been a blackout.Several other residents inthe areareported trouble with clocks and lightsgoing on and off. There were reportsofsome people suffering mild electricshocks from metal objects and amicrowave oven reportedly blinked onand off. Additionally,local dogs howled.According to the Weather Bureau,there had not been a gale-force windinthe area at that time.The physical effects noted here arefor the information of readers only asinvestigations are still underway. Theinvestigations of the Perth UFOResearch Group are continuing.
  • 10. MULTIPLE-WITNESS PHOTO CASEBy RAY STANFORDArticle « 1984, R. StanfordPhotos " 1984, M. ChambleeThe small town of Llano,Texas, islocated about 75 miles northwest ofAustin on state highway71.Itwasthereon the night of February 22, 1984, thatarchitect Michael Chamblee, 38, andhis wife, Therese, 37, saw a strangepattern of maneuvering lights.Provoked bythe sighting, hedecided tokeep his Minolta SRT 101 35mmcamera handy and loaded with Tri-Xfilm. Should something more happen,he was determined to have other thanmemory to prove itafterward.About six weeks later, onTuesday, March20, at around 7:30PM,keeping the camera ready paid off.Michael and Therese were dressed upand heading out for a Chamber ofCommerce dinner. As they walkedtoward the car, Mrs. Chamblee pointedinto the north sky and asked herhusband about a bright "object"coming in their direction from thenorth.Initially, Michaelthoughttheywereseeing a single object with two lightssubstantially brighter than thosenormally seen on aircraft. A red lightthat alternately dimmed and brightenedevery two or three seconds, but whichnever blinked on and off, gleamed in thenight sky in a position several arcminutes away from and to theobservers left of a steady white light.Approaching from true north,along an estimated 351° magneticazimuth (determined at theobservation site later bythe author withChamblee), the two light sourcesapproached until at about 30° elevation.10Chamblee Photo 5 (left) seems to show object rotated roughly 80degrees to observersleft compared toimage obtained in next photo. Photo 6(right) enlarged 66diameters, revealsa view lookingmore directlyalong the axisof lateral symmetry but with trailing erid (two bright lightsources) elevated some degrees.In center, overlaydrawingsmade from the two photos. Images are only approximate but show generalshape and compare orientations,captured infinal two photos.Up to this point, the whitelight seemedto be elevated a littlehigher than the redone, producing an imaginary line thatmade an angle of about 15°tilt relativeto the horizontal.Suddenly, the white light on theright moved to a still more elevatedposition, resulting in an imaginarylineconnecting the two lightsat a tilt, now,of about 30° relative to the horizontal.This position was maintained forperhaps two seconds. Then both lightsbegan lateral arcs that resulted in theapproximate transposition of theirrelative locations., ,Thus, the white, steady, light thathad been slightly elevated and on theobservers right went through anapproximate 150° arc to the left. Thepulsating red light that had been on theleft side arced about 180° and ended upto the horizontal rightof the otherlight.That maneuver completed, both lightscontinued moving.The white one travelled about 30°in a westerly direction to the observersleft, whereupon it quickly "faded out."The pulsating red light seemed to moveaway not truly to the east but on acourse more northeasterly.During the transpositionmaneuver, Michael Chamblee becamepretty well convinced that the objectswere trulyanomalous and began takingphotos .with the camera. He used aninfinity setting, an aperture of f/1.4 on a55mm lens at 1/60 second shutterspeed.Unknown to them, only 600to700feet away one of theirfivechildren,ten-year-old Erick, along with a neighbor. boy, had noticed the two unusuallybrilliant lights coming out of the northand had been puzzled and excitedupon witnessing the transpositionmaneuver described earlier. Erick andthe other boy had been playingbesideariver about an eighth of a mile northofthe Chamblee home.Meantime, Ericks father, uphilland south of the river, was clickingaway with his camera. The first threeshots, Chamblee felt, may haveincluded both the red and the whitelight sources now moving away fromeach other. When the white lightvanished, he was left with just the redpulsating light toward which to aim hiscamera for the final three shots beforethe red light became so dim withdistance as to discourage furtherphotographic attempts.It may be of interest to mentionhere a paradox which the authornoticed upon examination of theoriginal negatives made during the(continued on next page)
  • 11. Chamblee, ContinuedLlano March 20 UFO event. The moredistant and dim the red object becameto the human eye, the more brilliant(with attendant saturated image on thenegative) it became to the filmemulsion!This phenomenon was not withoutprecedent, for on the night ofNovember 11, 1974, our ProjectStarlight International lab site crew hadphotographed two beautiful salmoncolored (pink tinted with orange) UFOswhich yielded photographic imagesthatwere increasingly saturated (bright onprints) in direct proportion to theincreasing distance and dimness of theobjects as perceived by the peopledoing the tracking.The Llano object — or at least thered one — seemed (from photoanalysis) to have been rotating. Thiscould account for the seeming"pulsation" (once every two to threeseconds), as might be deduced bystudyof photos five and six, reproducedherewith. These were taken " lessthan1two and no more than five"seconds apart.We might postulate thatChamblee just happened to catch thered lights at increasingly brilliantpositions, but this explanation seemsstrained. Neithercan the "paradox" bedue to any, hypothesized increase inultraviolent radiation. Chambleesimages, as well as those obtained byP.S.I, in 1974, are clearly focused.Ultraviolent light cannot, be focusedwith standard glass lenses such as bothChamblee and P.S.I, used. Expensivequartz lenses wouldhave been requiredto obtain a focus of ultraviolent light.Increasing infrared light withdistance or some other more complexexplanation mightbe hypothesized,butthe phenomenon is one toward whichUFO researchers using instrument1ation in the field as well as theoreticiansmight profitably give some attention.On-site measurements indicatethat Chamblees final photo of the six(frame 15A-16 on the film edge) wastaken at about 28° elevation above anazimuth of 70° magnetic. Chamblee, acareful observer, pointed out that thisparticular elevation measurement maybe slightly exaggerated due to the factChamblee family with (from leftl Erick, Jonathan and Stephenthat the tree in that direction uponwhich his pointing of my angle finderwas based had put out quite a bit ofnewfoliage between March 30 and May 12,when the measurements were taken.Thus the object in photo six may havebeen a degree or more lower than the28° measured later.That final snapshot is the mostinteresting of the six photos taken byChamblee, and the object image seemsbetter resolved or at least in some waysmore easy to interpret in theconsiderable details that are evidenced.Shown here in 66-diameterenlargement when compared with theimages size on the original negative, weseem to see substantially more detailthan Chamblee noticed during the 60to90 second sighting. Noticethe two ovalor hexagonal light sources that seem tobe identical.Calculation based upon the filmedimage size and other data suggests thatthe angular width of the two combinedbright lights was roughly2.5 minutes ofarc. Compare that to the appfpxirriate30-minute arch of the sun or moon.Could Chamblee have been expectedto perceive a separation in two, tinylights so close togetherand brightredincolor, as seen against the dark nightsky?What is known about humanperception suggests that under thevisual circumstances, it would havebeen very difficult for any of the fourwitnesses to have noticed that the redlight had two side-by-side sourcesinstead ofjust one. Itisto the witnessescredit that, after seeing the imagesresolved by the camera, they did notalter their "memory" to fit the moreinteresting filmed images.During the 1950s and 60s NICAPused to insist that anyones UFOfilmmust show precisely and only what theverbal report described. This naiverequirement placed any report andfilmed results that differed one againstthe other as at best of dubious valueand at worst as absolute fakes. Anyexpert on the nature and limits ofhuman perception or on the capabilitiesof modern .photography can quicklyprove the f a l l a c y of suchpseudoscientific "expertise."It is time UFO photo interpretationcame out of the dark ages. The NICAPposition was a purely defensive one,with little or no view towardunderstanding short-duration or highspeed events that might be associatedwith UFO physics, regardless of thenature of the object or phenomenonbeing photographed.For some, it may have beenjustifiable by the emotional needs of aneven less than "fledgling" UFO"science" duringthe 50s and 60s.But if"UFO research" is ever to do anymeaningful study of visual observationscoupled with genuine photographicrecords of the reported events, we had(continued on next page)11
  • 12. Chamblee, Continuedbest get our experts in humanperception and experts in analysis ofphotographic records to understandthat problems of photographicinterpretation can be very, very difficultand complex. This could be one of thefew viable approaches towardunderstanding physical phenomenaassociated with genuine UFOobservations and filmings.In fact, a careful look at theChamblee photos reveals something atleast suggestive of structure beneaththe two bright ovals of light. The"structure" might be interpreted asroughly triangular with one vertexupward and the twobrightlight sourcesmounted upon it. If we accept thisinterpretation, then the base of thetriangle is tilted slightly upward and tothe left. Two dark streaks or bandsseem to project symmetricallydownward from the "seven oclock"and the "five oclock" positions of theleft and right ovals of light, respectively.There may be similar dark bandsor light obstructions located parallel tothe aforementioned two and locatedjust outside each of the two vertices ofthe seeming triangle base. These aremore difficult to see due to theirbeingagainst the night sky background,instead of against the light gray"triangle" as are the former two.If one overexposes in making aprint of this photo, the divisionbetweenthose two bright oval or hexagonal lightsources becomes much more distinct,visible as a dark division separating thetwo.Thus, the black-and-whiteimage ofthe UFO in photo six may evoke in usthought of some weird delta-wingaircraft approaching the observer withtwo bright landing lightson its noseandwith the under-body and under-wingareas lighted more subtly. But let usremember that the bright illuminationwas RED (not white as are landinglights) and the object was, after all,moving generally away from theobservers.Over a period of years I havetrained and directed Project StarlightInternationals synchronous cameracrews during hundreds of training andpractice sessions. We always used12"live" cameras taking "instantaneous"and "time" exposure photos ofconventional aircraft, satellites,balloons, etc. In my evaluation of theChamblee photos, I have reviewedhundreds ofthe practicefilmsand theirphotographic prints. We never evenonce obtained a photographic image ofany of the aforementionedconventional objects that in any wayresembles the red object Chambleephotographed on March 20, 1984.Resultantly, itseemsrealistic to say thatthe photographic images Chambleerecorded were not taken ofany knownconventional aircraft, satellite, orballoon known to the author.If the dark "striping" on the dim,lower "structure" shown in Chambleesphoto six seems familiar to somereaders, they may be consciously orunconsciously remembering twodrawings on page 4 of the Center forUFO Studies "International UFOReporter," January/Februrary 1983.The two drawings reproduced thereinare not exactly identical but are theindividual renditions of MaryLaMontague and Rose Messina, twooffour witnesses to a "close-range" UFOsighting on September 30,1982, in thearea of Exeter, New Hampshire.Of course, there are other cases ofsuch dark stripes on objects and ifanyreader can point out a case even moreclosely resembling the Chambleeobject, please communicate that to meat the address below. Both NewHampshire drawings suggest four orapproximately four dark "stripes," justas seem to be evident in the Chambleephoto(s).In photo number five, we see animage of the same two light sourcesmore clearly recorded inphoto six. It isreproduced here for comparison, andcareful examination -thereof alsoreveals the two separate bright oval orhexagonal lights as well as an imageofthe same dim "triangle" beneath thelights, just as is shown more clearly inthe next photo.Comparatively, the UFO image inphoto five seems rotated roughly80°tothe photographers left andalsotilted ata different angle. Photo four, notreproduced in this article, also showsthe triangular shape with some clarity.Much more could be said about andshown by reproducing allthe six UFOsimages. But for economics, it shall besufficient to say that there areconsiderable images in the Chambleephotos that seem to correlate withanomalous images obtained in severalstill photos and even with motionpicturefilmsP.S.I, has recorded duringseveral different UFO sightings.Perhaps space can be found in somefuture MUFON UFO JOURNAL forthat study.In my not inexperienced opinion,the four knownUFO witnesses inLlanoare sincere beyond reasonablequestion. By nature, an architect mustbe a careful worker, and MichaelChamblee seems to have carried overhis architectural precision in noticingand reporting details of the March 20UFO photographic event. Finally, it isimportant to note that the UFO imagesin the Llano photos are consistently inor quitenear the middle ofthe camerasfield of view. We are involved herewithtruly anomalous images, not withphotographic "artifacts," lens flares,etc.The Chamblee film was processedat the standard 400 ASAfor Tri-X filmby Jerry BethelofLlano,as there are noprofessional labs there. Bethel is anamateur, but the negatives turned outto be fairly clean, with onlya fewminorscratches, mainly along edges, wellaway from the frame center whereChamblee had positioned the UFO viathe viewfinder. No properly focused,enlarged images of the UFO(s) wereproduced until Chamblee gave me theoriginal negatives for study andenlargement.Without the photos, theChamblee-Llano sightingwould be justone more "nocturnal light"case of littleinterest. But because the architect feltcompelled after his initial sighting tocarry a loaded camera, we now havenew photographic images (especiallyofthe red object involved) that areinteresting becauseofthe structure andphenomena they seem to reveal. Fewcredible nocturnal UFO photos showother than a blob or blobs of light,usually image-smeared.Thus, in some ways, Chamblees,photographs are at least somewhat(continued on next page)
  • 13. SPECTACULAR SIGHTING IN NORTH CAROLINAByC. RAYRHEINAt about 11 oclock on a warmSunday night inlateAugust 1983, HelenConrad, a securityfirmsecretary, wentupstairs to the bedroom ofher 12-year-old daughter, Synthia. Before sayinggoodnight and turning off the lights,Mrs. Conrad looked out of the windownext to Synthias bed. As she viewedthe rural countryside just south ofVienna, North Carolina, she noted thatthe whole neighborhood had settled infor the nightand the starlit western skygave a peaceful quietness to the scene.It was truly a pleasant evening.As she started to turn away,something odd caught her eye."I noticed a smallball of light slowlymoving through the sky, heading northacross the background of stars," Mrs.Conras told me."This puzzled me, and, thinking itwas an optical illusion or glare from theroom light, I quickly turned away andChamblee, Continuedexceptional. Additionally, the UFOshape suggested bythe recorded imageis very unlike the typicalcartoon imageof a domed disc. In short, it is sfrange.To the author at least, that makes itnotonly more interesting but almostconvincing. Those who, unlikeChamblee, are inclined to fake UFOphotos usuallytry to show us preciselywhat they think we want to see, themore legendary UFO.Following my advice, MichaelChamblee is preparing to register hiscopyright to the March20,1984, photoswith the Libraryof Congress, hoping toprevent misuse of the images he hasobtained. The photos should beconsidered his copyright property,registration pending. Persons wishingto communicate either with Chambleeor with me concerning thisphotographic case should write eitherof us in care of Project StarlightInternational, P.O. Box 5310, Austin,TX 78763.back again. Pressing my face closer tothe window, I had no difficulty findingthe mystery light, which, by this time,had moved lowerinthe sky and seemedbrighter. My first thought was that thiswas some kind of aircraft light."This response wasunderstandablesince the Smith-Reynolds Airport isonly 9 mileseast of her house. Then thelight stopped still. At that point it wasapproximately the size and intensity ofa large star, but it did not pulsate, fade,or diffuse."My next thought was perhaps ahelicopter was in the area," she said."Wouldnt that explain why the lightsmovement could stop so suddenly?"This also was an understandableresponse, especially to anyone familiarwith the visual effects militaryhelicopters produce while on nightexercise. Suddenly the objects colorchanged from whiteto brilliant red, andit started flashing and gradually growinglarger until it was comparable to a largeheadlight."Immediately I realized thatwhatever it was had changed directionand was heading due east, comingdirectly toward my house. Now I knewArtwork by Simone Mendezthis was no airplane, it surely wasntblinking like one," she saidemphatically.Suddenly the thing burst into aseries of multicolored lights — white,red, green, then yellow, and an occa-sional blue. Mrs. Conrad said it remind-ed her of an arrayof tri-colored lightsontop of police vehicles. They seemed tobe rotating in a counter-clockwisedirection around the edge of a darkcircle. The overall effect was one of aslow spinning, like a circus merry-go-round."The distance of the lights wasdifficult to determine in the darkness,"Mrs. Conrad said, "but I now feltintuitively that these lights were partofsomething else, something real andsolid."Next, the fantastic aerialmaneuvers began, almost too exotic todescribe. At first Icoulnt believe what Iwas seeing. The mysterious objectflewpatterns I know no man-made aircraftcould possible perform."Using hand and body movements,Mrs. Conrad attempted toshow me the(continued on next page)13
  • 14. Rhein, Continuederratic flight of the object and how itchanged positions at unbelievablespeeds in both the vertical andhorizontal planes. She said itremindedher of a child playing hop, skip andjump.Unable to contain her excitement,she called to her daughter, "Synthia,come here: quick! Look out there -thats not a plane!"Synthia, sensing the excitementinher mothers voice, jumped out of bedand peered out the window. As ifwaiting for Synthia to find it, themystery ship suddenly slowed downand stopped dead still. It remainedstationary for almost a full minute, itslights slowlyrotatingaround the center., Then it began moving againslowlytowards the house. Its lights dimmedand the color band suddenly turneddark red as it stopped again above the• trees. , . • - • , • • • •"It sat there inthe air,hovering andtilting from side to side ever so slightly,"Mrs. Conrad said. "It.was scary andexciting at once. I could now see itslights illuminated something solid,something round. It had . anindeterminate number of lights allblending together around itsmidsection. The reflected light from thehull gave me the impression it wassmooth metal."Then, as if to help my study, itslighting swiftly changed toa paleyellow-orange. Incredible as it may sound,there, several yards away, bathed in apale light, appeared a solid object ofconsiderable size, shaped like a discsomewhat flattened onthe bottom.Thelights now came out of a series ofwindows that reminded me ofa brightlylit Pullman car. The wholething lookedsmooth, no protrusions orappendages."Telling her daughter to keepwatch, she hurriedly left the bedroomto grab the nearest phone. Although itseemed like hours since she had firstseen the light, only five or six minuteshad actually passed. She reported whatthey were seeing to the ForsytheCounty Sheriffs Office, and askedwhether anyone else had reported theunusual aerial lights. To her relief, thesheriffs department treated her call14seriously: The dispatcher immediately• radioed the nearest patrol car and alsocontacted me so I might possibly catchsight of the unknownobject.While her mother was on thetelephone, Synthia saw the objectperform a new maneuver. She said itbegan with a shallow climb and abrightening of the lights; then it shotupward, its lights turning to a brilliantsparkling yellow. It turned on edge,creating a wheel of vivid light rollingbriefly across the night sky. This wasfollowed by rapid spinning while thecraft flew in circles.By the time Mrs, Conrad returnedto the window, the UFO had descendedto a point apparently25feet above landbehind a 70-foot oak tree, about 2,500feet from the window. An estimatebased on subsequent measurementssuggested that the object was 30 to 50feet indiameter and was approximately1,000 feet above the ground at thispoint.Finally, as Mrs. Conrad andSynthia watched, the objectaccelerated upward, the colors andintensity dimming. When Deputy RayBottoms arrived in about 10 minutesand they pointed it out to him, it haddiminished to the size of a large star.Soon it became a pinpoint of light andwas lost in the starry sky.Both Mrs. Conrad and herdaughter mentioned a curious thingduring my interview with them, thealmost eerie quiet as they watched thealien object execute its acrobatics.They also reported the absence of anyexhaust: no flame, no smoke, novaportrail.A check with the Smith-ReynoldsAirport revealed no record of anythingunusual in the sky that night. No ad-planes were scheduled, no low levelmilitary operations were in the area, nonight balloon launches. A spokesmanfor air traffic control said visibility wasexcellent to 10 miles, and they had nounusual contacts in the sightingquadrant between 10 PM and 11 PM.The tower closed at 11 PM. ;This case does not appear tosatisfactorily fit any of the stockexplanations like misidentificatiori ofaircraft or stars, atmosphericphenomena, hoax, hullucinations, etc.Just what Mrs. Conrad and Synthiaobserved in the night sky may neverb^identified positively. One thing iscertain, it adds to the records piling upfor the unsolved UFO mystery. FREE BOOK OFFEREDA revised edition of the UFOEnigma, by Marcia Smith, is beingoffered by the Congressional ResearchService free of charge. Thisbook maybe obtained by writing to your U.S.Congressman and askingfor Report 83-P205SPR.
  • 15. Mercury-a possible clue to UFOpropulsion?By ANN DRUFFELPartiSome UFO researchers directtheir main attention to the puzzle ofUFO propulsion. This is natural for-technically-trained persons who areexploring the phenomena of objects, which seemingly fly in a manner whichoften apparently defies knownphysicallaws.Other researchers who are .notphysical scientists or who have nospecialized technicalnowledgeare also,naturally, interested in how the UFOsare propelled. But such researcherscuriosity about this facet of the UFOphenomenon is limited to vagueimpressions that they "defy gravity" or"tap the earths magnetic field", etc.My own education and trainingwas in the social sciences, but over thepast 26 years Ihave repeatedly run intoreferences in UFO literature whichmention a specific earth element, theliquid metal, mercury. Thesereferences are in books, articles inbothpopular magazines and researchjournals, newspaper clips, and apersonally investigated CE III case.Perhaps a person educated in thesocial sciences is not prepared tosuggest clues as to how UFOs arepropelled. However, my specialty ofcorrelation of UFO information maygive clues to others.., Mercury, aswe know, is the onlymetal which is liquid at ordinarytemperatures. It occurs native and inother compounds. It is released byroasting cinnabar, for example, andcondensing the vapors. It isalso knownby the popular name "quicksilver."Mercury, in Roman mythology,was the god of commerce, roads andtravel. He was also the messenger ofthe gods. He was noted for beingrathercrafty and deceptive at times, even atrickster or thief when need arose.Mercurys gift of flight wassmybolized byhiswinged sandals and abroad, winged hat. He also carried awinged staff This Roman god alsobecame associated with magic andscience, although how this gradationcame about seems as mysterious as theorigin of the god himself.His Greek equivalent is Hermes,who had basically the same travelingequipment and symbolized the sameaspects of mans culture — travel,commerce, messenger from the gods,etc.I include these facts aboutMercury as an ancient god mainlybecause myths have often been foundto contain grains of truth, if onesearches deeply into them. We mightask ourselves, whywas "Mercury" thegod of travel and flight?The earliest reference I found tothe metal mercury, as associated withUFO propulsion was in a book byHarold T. Wilkins. My personal librarydoes not contain all the Wilkins bookswhich discuss Fortean and UFOphenomena, but recently my colleagueRaymond Bayless directed me topassages in one of Ivan T. Sandersonsbooks which contained similar material.The ancient Sanskrit writings,particularly those portions called the"Manusa" (supposedly factual), containdescriptions of a war1between twocivilizations who lived on earth manythousands of years ago inantedeluviantimes. According to that portion of theManusa called SamaranganaSutradhara, their defense systems hadarsenals of what sounded like atomicweapons, and they also had the powerof flight in vehicles called "vimanas".These were flying craft of various sizeswhich used mercury as an essentialelement in their propulsive systmes;1In 1964, some years afterbecoming interested in active fieldinvestigation, I read about UFOsightings in Rio Vista, a small town innorthern California. The Rio Vistanewsclip was given to several southernCalifornia researchers by IdabelEpperson of Los Angeles. She taughtmany of us and generously shared herinformation, intellect, and philosophyas well as her magazines, journals andnewsclips.Out of two newspapers in townssurrounding RioVista came reportsofaflat, elongated craft, from the sides ofwhich came streaks of fire. 2,3Theobject, whichwas witnessed on May16,1964, was seen to touch the earth,leaving behind scorched ground. Itdeparted in a red haze and wasreported to the RioVista police by Mrs.Walter McKarley and her three sons,Alan, Bruce and Brent.The large object, which seeminglyparalleled the movement of their familycar, had a smaller object whichseemedto be associated with it, somewhat inthe manner of a "remote-sensing"device, according to the witnesses. Atleast a dozen other personsindependently reported seeing theobject.Although the fact was notmentioned in the newsclips, Idabellearned later from a northern Californiainvestigator that the object hadhovered in and around an oil field andthat the next day considerablequantities of mercury, whichwere usedin, the oil wells machinery, weremissing. As interesting as this fact was,no further information wasforthcpming.Time .passed, and references tomercury associated withUFO sightingscontinued to surface. On December 13,1973, 16-year-old Patrick Thrush wasreportedly driving near his home inBraderton, Florida, when he saw abrilliant object hovering over a river. Atube was protruding out of the objectinto the water. Patrick took twopictures of the object, whichimmediately pulled in the tube andswooshed over his car, dropping threewarm lightweight rocks which had theappearance of lava.4(continued on next page15
  • 16. Druffel, ContinuedPatrick was not an ordinary 16-year-old. He was a former science fairwinner, a student of higher math andphysics who had designed and builtcustom electronic equipment.He reported that when the objectpassed low over his car, it emitted abluish-green glow. As it turnedsouthward, it changed to colorand disappeared. Two independentwitnesses some distance away saw thebright object departing andone ofthesesaw, below the bright light, twosmallerlights which merged into the largerobject.Patrick not only reported theobject; he went further. Based on whathe had observed (and apparently usingintuitive skill?) he theorized that thecraft was navigated by "magnetic push-pull". He referred to "an incompleteMIT concept" called a mercury pool inwhich, according to his statements, anuclear fusion device provides heatbetween two mercury pools. The poolsrotate in opposite directions, heexplained, creating a magnetic forcebetween them.He theorized that some type ofshield or conductor directed the forceto propel the craft. He also theorizedthat the power for the fusion devicemight be deuterium or tritium (heavyhydrogen). These, he pointed out,could be processed from ordinarywater, and he has observed the craftapparently drawing up water from thelake via a tube.I never found out if the Thrushcase was proved genuine or not. Therocks and photos were presumedlyanalyzed by scientists but, to myknowledge, no definite conclusionswere published. The newspaper clipwent into afilewhich I had now labelled"References to Mercury." I searchedscientific references in the library withthe competent help of an interestedlibrarian, attempting to find publishedmaterial about the alleged "incompleteMIT concept" mentioned by Thrush,but we were unable tofindanyscientificliterature which seemed to fit.Time passed, and then in thescientific journal Cnem/sfry5Ihappened upon a reference toresearchby Ronald T. Gillespieand associates of16McMaster University, Hamilton,Ontario (Canada), who had claimed tohave found a new way to convertmercury into .a gold-like metal.Although nuclear accelerators hadbeen known to convert small amountsof base metals, such as lead andmercury, into true gold by nucleartransformation at stupendous cost,Gillespies method used conventionalchemical techniques. Metallicmercurywas treated witharsenic pentfluoride inliquid sulphur dioxide,and the mercurywas transformed into a crystallinematerial with a golden appearance. Itsempirical formula, however, was notAU (gold) but the "rather mysteriousHg2.85ASf6". According to the article,the X-ray diffraction photograph of thiscompound is even more unusual.Itwasascribed to linear rows of mercuryatoms in two non-intersecting perpen-dicular directions, while AsF6-octahedra are spaced regularlybetween them. These metal rowsapparently accounted for "thecompounds surprising electricalconductivity".In discussing the above, considerthe following as possible correlationswith what we know about UFOs: 1.repeated references to mercury in un-conventional propulsion systems; 2.even more frequent references to"sulphur" odors associated with UFOsightings (isthere a possible correlationhere with the sulphur dioxide used inGillespies experiments?); 3. themysterious and apparently easyrearrangement of atoms associatedwith the element mercury, at least inthis particular experiment; 4. thecompounds high degree of electricalconductivity, (if,theoretically, it mightever be used in an (atomic?)propulsionsystem also involving electro-magnetism).Admittedly I was swimmingin thedark, but decided to venture furtherinto the unknown blackness. Iremembered a case in South Americawhere a UFO had been witnessed,apparently in trouble, over a city. Itdribbled liquid metal, afterwardidentified as tin, then "recovered" andsped away. Remembering Gillespiesreference to mercury atoms beingrearranged in "mysterious" formationsby interaction with arsenicpentafluoride in sulphur dioxide, Iwondered iftin might be a byproduct ofan engine employing atomic reaction,using (radioactive) mercury as a basicfuel.I consulted scientific sources, whoinformed me that itwas unlikely that thetwo elements — mercury and tin —could be involved in the waysuggested.If mercury had been made radioactivefor the purpose ofan atomicengine, thetwo elements are still 30 places awayfrom each other on the atomicscale.Anelement is changed by taking away oradding protons and neutrons. In earthscience, light elements are used foratomic reactions, since they arereactive (easier to take away protonsand neutrons). But mercury is a heavyelement. I wondered if perhaps UFOentities didnt haveto use light elementsif their propulsion systems involvedatomic energy. After all, might notmercury, having more electrons andprotons than many other elements, bepreferred as a sheer matter ofeconomy, all well as being easy tohandle because of its fluidity?This reference stayed in the"Mercury" file, which was growingthicker as years passed. But in 1965another possible clue, not recognizedas such at the time, had surfaced.Myhusband Charles and Ihad intervieweda close encounter witness for NICAPwho claimedto havemet the occupantsof a largeflyingsaucer near a largecityin the southwest section ofour country,to have been taken for a ride andgiveninformation about the workings of thepropulsion system of the craft.6The witness had specificallymentioned that a substance "thatlooked like Mercury" was involved inthe alien machinery. A carefulinvestigation of the report was made,but no verification ofthe witnessclaimswas found. The witness, whom we willrefer to as M.C., described with someprecision, the manner inwhichthe craftwas propelled and had furnished a fewdrawings related to this.The education level and verbalalacrity of the witness was impressiveenough that the case was followed upby a group of scientific and technicalresearchers in the southern California(continued on next page)
  • 17. Hysteria & UFOs-is there a connection?By MICHAEL D. SWORDS, Ph.D.Copyright © 1984 by Michael D. SwordsThe goal of this report isto explorethe psychiatricliterature on the natureofhysteria," and to begin to determinewhether the loosely used explanationsof "mass hysteria," hysterical neurosis,hysterical contagion, or "statusinconsistency" have any importantrelevancy to UFO experiences. Letsalso take a look at the woefully sparseUFO literatureon the subject.When you begin researching thistopic you run into several surprises,which make you wonder whether youshould even bother going on:examples...1. The psychiatric professionhasnt quitemade up its mind as towhether "hysteria" even exists.Some books define it as "a nameonce used for a variety ofneuroses." The word "hysteria"even disappeared entirelyfrom thepsychiatrists "Bible," theDiagnostic and Statistical Manualfor Mental Disorders, in 1952. ItDruffel, Continuedarea. In Part II of this article, detailsofthis strange case wll be explored.To be continued.1 . • REFERENCES AND FOOTNOTES1. Sanderson, IvanT. INVISIBLE RESIDENTS,New York and Cleveland, The World PublishingCompany, pp. 221-222. "Strange Flying Saucer Report Stirs Residentsof Rio Vista," Tribune, (Dixon, CA), May 21,1964.,3. "Objects Sighted in Sky", RIVER NEWS-HERALD, (Rio Vista, CA), May 20,19644. "What Did Patrick Thrush See HoveringAbove?", TIMES, (Pinellas, FL). December 31,19735. "Research Reporter" (column", "ThePhilosophers Stone?" CHEMISTRY, Vol.46,No. 9, p. 32•, 6. Due to the sensitive nature of this cose, detailsof date, location, etc. are obscured. Originalreports and transcript in N1CAP archives andDruffel files.Can so-called "mass hysteria"account for some multiple-witness . UFO sightings, assome debunkers claim? Weasked Michael D. Swords, aMUFON consultant inscienceand a member of the sciencefaculty at Western MichiganUniversity, to take a look atthe subject. This is the first inaseries of three articles on hisfindings.reappeared in the 1968 editionunder several headings.1Moreabout these later.This confusion stems from therevolution taking place all acrosspsychiatry today. Old terms suchas "epilepsy," "schizophrenia,""hysteria" and many others arebeing recognized as vagueconcepts at best — "garbage"words into which a multitude ofpoorly understood organic andenvironmental problems havebeen grouped. The task of modempsychiatry and medicine is tounravel a very tangled group ofknots.2. What we usually pictureinour minds when the word"hysteria" is mentioned(individuals screaming uncontrol-lably and a movie hero smackingthem in the face) seems to havelittle or nothing to do with"hysteria" as currently described.Also, "crowd panic," a la the "firein the crowded theater" (whetherthere isa realfireor not), seems tohave little or nothing to do withhysteria. It iscertainlynotwhat thepsychiatrist means by "masshysteria."3. The relevant UFO-literature on the topic is nearlynon-existant, and, worse, doesntseem to have understood thecurrent thinking on the subjectbefore commenting. The mostsignificant published remarksrelating to hysteria in the UFO-literature, and available to theauthor, are Mark Rhines the Condon Report,2RobertHalls and Grinspoon and Perskyschapters in UFOs: A ScientificDebate,3Donald Warrens articleon "Status in Consistency,"4andthe chaptersby Phillis Fox andRonald Westrum in Haines UFOPhenomena and the BehavioralScientist,5which includecomments on Warrens ideas.Hmm. Well, you can see why onemight wonder ifits worthgoing on. Thepsychiatrists admit that they dontknow what were talking about, wedont seem to know what were talkingabout, and our UFO writers,understandably therefore, may notknow what were talking about either(as regards "hysteria," anyway).So,, should we just pack it up andforget it? If this author had any sensethats probably what hed do, but letsgive it a try anyway. Lets see whatunravelling we can do.Heres our procedure: First, wefind out what the psychiatrists thinkthat they do know about the variousforms of hysteria (as painlessly aspossible); second, we eliminate thosesyndromes .which seem to have verylittle relevance to our phenomena;third, we take a good close look at"mass hysteria"; and,fourth, a closelook at "dissociative hysteria" whileincluding some comments on how the"status inconsistency" theory is relatedto the syndromes. Hang inthere, folks,this wont hurt a bit.What the psychiatric professionfeels that it knows.When reading the prominent(continued on next page)17
  • 18. Swords, Continuedtexts, handbooks, and manuals, theconstellation of hysterical syndromesseems to break down as inthe followinglist:*1. hysterical neurosis, conversiontype;2. hysterical neurosis, dissociativetype;3. hysterical psychosis;4. Briquets syndrome, or "St.Louis" hysteria;5. mass psychogenic illness6. hysterical personality; and,although not classed as hysteria:7. group anxiety or phobicreactions, as in a crowd panic.Lets combine our first two tasks(knowledge and elimination)for a bithere to save time, patience, journalspace, and our own sanity. Number1,hysterical neurosis of the conversiontype, seems not too pertinent to ourfield of study. Why? It is characterizedby very obvious, even spectacular, lossof functions of specific body partsdespite the absence of any organicdysfunction in those parts. Limbrigidity, or deafness, or blindness,would be examples of theseoccurrences. Uncontrolled motormovements (dyskinesias) are anothersymptom. Visual hallucinations andinternal delusions are hot part of thecore of this syndrome.Number 3, hysterical psychosis isprobably "out"as well. Attaching theword "psychosis" to hysteria impliesthat the individual is seriously out oftouch with reality. Now,some skepticsmight feel that that is precisely thedescription ofsomeUFOexperiences,but the psychiatric profession isunlikely to agree. Why? Hystericalpsychosis is not a one-time episode offantasy and delusion, but an on-goingrecurrent syndrome described as"blatantly obvious" and resistant to"normal psychotherapy. ItofteninvolvesMUFON103 OLDTOWNE RD.SEGUIN, TX 78155"re-run" acting out of traumas in atrance-like state, which are sometimesmistaken for convulsions.Number 4, Briquets syndrome,has been recently detailed by a team atWashington University of St. Louis,thus the nickname"St. Louis hysteria."It, too,seems largely irrelevant here. Itis a type of conversion hysteria dealingwith a cluster of psychosomaticcomplaints, and having a recognizable"home environment" (for example,alcoholism, socio-pathy in spouse) asits breeding ground.This leaves us with fourpotentiallyimportant conditions. Well deal with"mass psychogenic illness" first, andinclude remarks on "crowd panic" aswe go into "MPI." Secondly, well takeon "dissociative hysteria" withinclusions about "status inconsistency"and "hysterical personality" whenappropriate.Mass hysteriaAs mentioned above, the modernterm for "mass hysteria" is "masspsychogenic illness" or MPI."7Although a rare and amazing sequenceof envets, at least two dozen suchclusters of hysteria have been closelystudied. Through these cases a patternhas emerged and some understandingof underlying causes is now available.As perhaps a necessary aside, weshould list a few other names thisphenomenon has been given, since thequotes which follow do not use thesame terms: "hysterical contagion,""epidemic hysteria," "group hysteria,""mass conversion reactions," and"collective delusion." Nowthe patternsseen...Lets start with a quote from theinvestigatorsof one of the most famouscases of MPI,the "June Bug Incident":"A case ofhystericalcontagion...isone in which a set of experiencesor behaviors which are heavilyladen with the emotionof fear of amysteriousforce are disseminatedthorugh a collectivity. The type ofbehavior whichforms the manifestcontent of the case may varywidely from one example to thenext, but all are indicative of fear,and all are inexplicable in termsofthe usual standards ofmechanical, chemical, orphysiological causality."8So, the prime ingredient is fear,and the "symptoms," whatever theyturn out to be, are inexplicableonusualphysical or "organic" grounds(i.e.theyare psychologically generated).The "contagious behavior" usuallybegins with a single case, which is oftena day or more removed from theacceleration of the symptoms which isthe "epidemic." The first case is the"trigger event" and contains within itsomething which may cue the futurecases to begin (for example,a bugbite,an odd odor). Once the second andthird cases occur the phenomenonspreads rapidly, cases occurring withinminutes of each other at the"contagions" peak. After the MPIpeaks and "bums out," a smaller"rebound" peak may occur involving"repeaters" (individuals affectedpreviously). In a week or so thephenomenon ceases entirely.In the "June Bug" case, involvingthe "typical" MPIsymptomsof nausea,nervousness, weakness, andnumbness, 50 cases occurred in thepeak two-dayperiod. Thedayprior, fivecases occurred; the day after, four. Theinitial case occurred five days beforethe peak, and only two cases occurredin the "tail" of the phenomenon, threeand five days later. The total timeperiod: 11 days. This sort of timespectrum is not at all unusual.It is thetypical pattern.So, what else can we say?Typicalsymptoms have been mentionedabove. What other "behaviors" mightoccur? Headaches are very common.Occasionally screaming, struggling andviolence are present. Unexplainedlaughter may appear, and feelings ofcold and dizziness. There isoften someparanoia. More dramatic orspectacular phenomena, such as"possession," "trance speaking," or"running amok" will occur only whenacultural matrix has created theprecedences for such bizarre actions.To Be ContinuedREFERENCES1. American Psychiatric Association, Diagnostic(continued on next page)18
  • 19. Lucius FarishIn Others WordsAlthough none of them have beenseen getting out of a UFO, Argentinahas little green men running around thetown ofLa Plata, accordingto anarticlein the May 29 issue of NATIONALENQUIRER. The strange beings,described as being about 20 inches tall,with pointed ears, bulgingeyes, no noseand a slit-like mouth,were first seen bychildren and then were seen by policeofficers investigating the reports. Therehave been numerousUFO sightingsinthe area during recent years. TheENQUIRERS July 17 issue reports onthe experience of a British fishermanwho was taken aboard a UFO andexamined, but was declared to be "tooold and infirm" for the purposes of theUFO occupants.The July issue of FATE tells of a1982 UFO demonstration inLancashire. Large cigar-shapedobjects and other UFOs were reportedby several people in the townof Abramin Lancashire.The concept of UFOs as anaturalphenomenon is discussed in the "Anti-Matter/UFO Update" column of JulyOMNI. Michael Persingers view that 85percent of UFO sightings can beexplained in such a manner is highlyquestionable, but the "earthlights"theory might account for a smallnumber of UFO reports.In a previous column, wementioned the research conducted bySwords, Continuedand Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.IVashingto, D.C. 1952 and 1968.2. Condon, E.U. fed.). Scientific Study ofUnidentified Flying Objects. N.Y. 1968.3. Sagan, Carl and Thorton Page (eds.). UFOs:A Scientific Debate. Ithaca, N.Y. 1972.4. Warren, Donald. "Status InconsistencyTheory and Flying Saucer Sighting." Science170:599-603. 1970.5. Haines, Richard (ed.). UFO Phenomena andthe Behavioral Scientist. Mefuchen, N.J. 1979.6. Readers may survey most of the syndromesbelow in Horowitz, Mardi J. (ed.). HystericalPersonality. N.Y. 1977.7. Formost thoroughsurvey:Cottigan, al (eds.). Mass Psychogenic Illness. Hillsdale,N.J. 1983.Jim Pobst, who had done an extensivestudy of Emanuel Swedenborgswritings, comparing them with thewritings of the late Richard Shaver.Pobsts booklet on this subject,SWEDENBORG: A MANUAL, hasnow been publishedby ArcturusBookService (263 N. Ballston Avenue -Scotia, NY 12302).In the sort of original researchwhich, unfortunately, isso sadlylackingin this field, Pobst shows thatSwedenborgs claims of contact with"celestials" contain many elementswhich are found in similar modemreports. Descriptions of subterraneanbases and technology are startlinglysimilar to those given in Shaversstories, but Swedenborgs visits to the"underworld" occurred more than200years earlier.This booklet is highlyrecommend-ed, as are two other works by Pobst,SHAVER: RESHARPENED (anoverview of the "Shaver Mystery") andA CHECKLIST OF THE FICTION OFRICHARD S. SHAVER. TheSwedenborg booklet is $6.95, theShaver summary is $5.95 and theCHECKLIST is $2.75 (add 85 cents forthe first item; 35 cents for eachadditional item).Those of you who have beencontent with the glib (and nonsensical)criticisms of the Eduard Meier contactcase will probably not want to read anyfurther. Yes, I am going to tell you thatthere is another book available,UFO...CONTACTTHEMFROMTHEPLEIADES, Volume II. I am also goingto tell you that anyone with anypretention of openmindedness shouldread this book, as well as the othersdealing with this case, before makingadecision concerning the truthof Meiersclaims.As with its predecessor, VolumeDis a "picture-book," composed largelyof the Meier photos, along with otherphotos and illustrationspertinentto thecase. The text has been writtenbytwoof the principal investigators, Lee andBrit Elders. There isan update on metalUFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICEThe UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICEwill keep you informed of all the latestUnited States and World-Wide UFOactivity, as it happens!Our service wasstarted in 1969, at which time wecontracted with a reputableinternational newspaper-clippingbureau to obtain for us, those hard tofind UFO reports (i.e., little knownphotographic cases, close encounterand landing reports, occupant cases)and all other UFO reports, many ofwhich are carriedonly in small town orforeign newspapers."Our UFO Newsclipping Serviceissues are 20-page monthly reports,reproduced by photo-offset,containing the latest United States andCanadian UFO newsclippings, withour foreign section carrying the latestBritish, Australian, New Zealand andother foreign press reports. Alsoincluded is a 3-5 page section of"Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot andother "monster" reports). Let us keepyou informed of the latesthappeningsin the UFO and Fortean fields."For subscription information andsample pages from our service, writetoday to:UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICERoute 1 — Box 220Plumerville, Arkansas 72127samples of supposedly extraterrestrialorigin, as well as analysis results ofclaimed spacecraft sounds and newinformation concerning the photos andfilmstaken by Meier.This isa beautifulbook, done in the same format as theprevious volume, 72 pages in length(12" x 12"), with much more text thanVolume I.The investigators of thiscase havespent many thousands of dollars in aneffort to present the evidence they havefound. I, for one, welcome theircontributions to the UFOsubject.Readand make your own decisions, ratherthan conveniently accepting thecriticisms and accusations made bythose whohave notconducted a properinvestigation of the case. Volume n isavailable from Geneis III Publishing,Inc. - P.O. Box 32067 - Phoenix,Arizona 85064. The price is$34.95,plus$3.00 postage and handling.19
  • 20. DIRECTORS MESSAGEWalt AndrusA large contingent of membersfrom the UFO Study Group of GreaterSt. Louis attended the MUFON 1984UFO Symposium in San Antonio,Texas, and officially announced thatthey will be hosting the MUFON 1985UFO Symposium on June 28, 29, 30,1985, at the Chase Hotel, 212 NorthKingshighway, in St. Louis,Missouri.Cliff Palmberg, host chairperson, andKen Hank, assistant host chairperson,made the presentation and formalinvitation to "Meet Me in St. Louis."The theme for the symposium willinvolve a challenge to all of us whileaddressing the legal aspects of themuch maligned"Burden of Proof withrespect to UFOs.The Chase Hotel (formerly theChase-Park Plaza Hotel) was selecteddue to its fine accomodations, centrallocation, eating facilities and parking. Itis located directly across the streetfrom Forest Park, which houses suchfamous sightseeing attractions as theSt. Louis Zoo, one of the finest in theUnited States, and the outdoorMunicipal Opera, where first-runmusical stage shows appearthroughout the summer season.*****The Annual Picnic of the UFOStudy Group of Greater St. Louis isscheduled for Sunday, August19,1984,at Love Park in west St. LouisCounty.Your director and his wife plan toattend.*****Several of our State Directorshave responded to the suggestion thatall of them appoint Assistant StateDirectors to not only strengthen theirstate organizations, but to identify theirback-up. Robert E. Engberg hasselected Walter J. Moe of Hastings,Minnesota, to be his Assistant StateDirector for Minnesota. Don Masonappointed Richard F. Suchocki ofCouer d Alene, a State SectionDirector for the northern Idahocounties, to this additional post. RayBoeche has identified Scott H.Colborn, presently a State SectionDirector, to assume this extendedresponsibility in Nebraska.Rev. G. Neal Hern, StateDirector for Texas, has approved theappointment of Thomas E. Spicer tobe the StateSectionDirector for Coma!County. Tomisa science teacher withamasters degree in the New Braunfelsschool system. Peter R.Geremia hasselected Walter E.Friesendorf, livingin Milford, New Hampshire, to be thenew State Section Director forHillsborough County, based upon therecommendation of Raymond E.Fowler, Director ofInvestigations.* * * * *The masthead of the May-Juneissue was revised to reflect additionsand new assignments to the JournalStaff. Dennis Stacy, Director ofPublications for MUFON, formerly aStaff Writer,became the new AssistantEditor. Thomas P. Deuley, MUFONCorporate Secretary, agreed to applyhis artistic talent as Art Director.Simone C. Mendez, whocontributedartwork for the April 1984 issue of theJournal, has joined the art staff. Thesesteps are being taken to continueupgrading the quality of the MUFONUFO Journal so as to maintain itsposition as the leading monthly UFOmagazine.* * * * *This issue has been identified asthe July-August 1984 issue number 1%as a means of bringing the monthlycover date to a current status reflectingthe status of the contents. TheSeptember 1984 issue will be assignedissue number 197 and be back on acalendar schedule. Each subscriber willreceive 12 issues for their annualMUFON membership/subscriptiondues. The expiration date will beautomatically extended two months tocompensate for this arrangement.Renewal notices will be enclosed toadvise each member when his or hersubscription expires.* * * * *The MUFON 1984 UFOSymposium Proceedings (184 pages) isnow availablefor $10.00 plus $1.50 forpostage and handling in U.S. funds.Published papers by the 11 speakersare featured. All copies will be sentfourth class book rate unless otherarrangements are made or additionalpostage isincluded.*****The new trade paperback bookCLEAR INTENT: The GovernmentCouerup of the UFO Experience byLawrence Fawcett and Barry J.Greenwood may be purchased fromMUFON for $8.95 plus $1.50 forpostage and handling. This book mayrank as the most significant UFOpublication during the past twodecades.*****MUFON Metroplex in theDallas/Fort Forth area elected newofficers for 1984. They are Ron West,President; Kay West, Vice Presidentand Program Chairperson; JennieWillis, Treasurer; LindyWhitehurst,Corresponding Secretary; and TenKing, Secretary.Bumper stickers that read UFOsARE REAL-ASK THE GOVERN-MENT are available from MargeChristensen, 2,Cherry Road, Beverly,MA 01915. The stickers have whitelettering on a deep blue background,and have MUFONsname and addressbelow the slogan.The cost is$2a sticker. For one tofive stickers, add 50 cents for postageand packaging. For up to ten, add $1.Profits will be used to support thenational MUFON newsletter. Makechecks payable to Marge Christensen.