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Mufon ufo journal   1984 5.-6. may june
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  • 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155BOB PRATTEditorDENNIS W. STACYAssistant EditorTHOMAS P. DEULEYArt DirectorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorANN DRUFFELContributing EditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International DirectorTED BLOECHERDAVE WEBBCo-Chairmen,Humanoid Study GroupPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityMARGE CHRISTENSENPublic RelationsREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityGREG LONGStaff WriterSIMONE MENDEZStaff ArtistTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesLEN STRINGFIELDUFO Crash/RetrievalNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLEditor/Publishers EmeritusThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$15.00 per year in the U.S.A.;$16.00 foreign. Copyright 1984 bythe Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin,Texas. POSTMASTER: Sendform3579 to advisechangeofaddress toThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL,103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas78155.FROMTHE EDITORNew information about two old but well known cases highlightthis issue of the Journal. The first is the transcript of the Air Forceinterrogation of Charles Hickson and CalvinParker a day after theirclose encounter at Pascagoula, Mississippi. It was passed on toMUFON by Ray Stanford of Project Starlight International inAustin, Texas. The other is a report on the results of laboratoryanalyses done in the 1966 "Swampgas Case." The lab report andother material on the case came to MUFON from Dale Goudie,director of Puget Sound Aerial Phenomena Research in Seattle,Washington, and Bob Gribble, director of the National UFOReporting Center, also in Seattle. Our thanks to these people forsharing this fascinatinginformation.In this issueCLOSE ENCOUNTER AT COLUSA 3By Paul CernyTHE AIRFORCE AND PASCAGOULA, a transcript of theHickson-Parker interrogation 5UFO HOTLINE REPORTS 10By Bob GribbleBRITISH GOVT RELEASES UFO REPORTS 11LAB RESULTS OF 1966 SWAMPGAS CASE 12CIGAR-SHAPED OBJECT IN TEXAS 14RICHARD HALL HONORED 15THE DAY UFOS FLEW OVER SAC HEADQUARTERS 16LETTERS 18DIRECTORS MESSAGE 20The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal income tax. In addition,bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions ofSections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the code.The contentsof the MUFON UFO JOURNAL are determined bythe editor,and donot necessarilyrepresent the official position of MUFON. Opinions of contributorsare their own, and do not necessarily reflect thoseofthe editor, the staff, or MUFON.Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON. Responses to published articles maybe in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400words)or ina short article (up toabout2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50%rule" is applied: the article author may reply butwill be allowed half the wordageused in the response; the responder may answer theauthor but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authors reply, etc. Allsubmissions are subject to editing for style, clarity, and conciseness.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than 200words are quoted from any one article, the author ofthe article isgiven credit, and thestatement "Copyright 1984 by the Mutual UFO Network, 103 Oldtowne Rd.,Seguin,Texas" is included.
  • 3. CLOSE ENCOUNTER AT COLUSABy PAUL CERNYWestern Regional DirectorReuben Genera, 32, and hisbrother, Carlos, 38, were fishing forstriped bass on the bank of theSacramento River about five milesnorth of Colusa, California, a little after1 AM on May 25, 1979. It was a clearnight and they were using a Colemanlantern to see by. Their poles werepropped up on "Y" sticks stuck in thebank near the waters edge.They had arrived for fishing about9 oclock. In the quiet, warm night, thebrothers were standing facing oneanother talking and keep an eye ontheir lines in the light of the lantern. Thelocation is only about four airline milesfrom the outstanding September 1976sighting reported by Bill Pecha ofColusa and eight other local witnesses.Colusa, a small farming communityofabout 3,500 people, is about 100 milesnorth of Sacramento.Reuben was startled to suddenlysee bright lights turn on behind Carlosand just over a large heavy stand ofriverbank trees, about 700 to 800 feetaway. He called Carlos attention to thelights.Carlos, whose home was in Colusa(Reuben lived inSan Jose), was familiarUFO — BOTTOM ViewCMPT AtOUT <O FT.with the Pecha sighting in 1976 andexclaimed, "My God, its aUFO!"Reuben said, "Turn the light out."Both scrambled to extinguish theColeman lantern. Carlos quicklylocated his heavy duty "flashlight"lantern and checked for the hand gunwhich he always carried for protectionwhen fishing at night.The bright, white lightsjust stayedMay and JuneDuring the summer of 1983,the MUFON UFO Journal gotthree months behind schedule forvarious reasons. Even though weare publishing current material,the date on the cover is notcurrent with the calendar. Torectify this, two consecutiveissues will be combined;You will note that thiseditionis identified as May-June 1984issue number 195, and July-August 1984 will be issue number1%.Even though these summereditions are being combined,every subscriber will receive 12issues for their annual MUFONissues combinedmembership/subscription.Since the expiration codedate on the address label will notbe valid with thisrevision,renewalnotices will be enclosed to adviseeach member when his or hersubscription expires as iscurrently being done. Therenewal notices have two entries(1) "your subscription will expirewithin two months" (2) "yoursubscription expires with thisissue." Please respond promptlyto these reminders so that youwillnot miss a single issue of theworlds leading monthly UFOmagazine.where they were, hovering silentlyabout 50 to 100 feet over the trees.Reuben, a naturalclock-watcher, notedthe time. It was 1:08AM. By Reubenstiming, the lights remained hovering inthe same spot for about six minutes.When the lights first turned on intheir direction, they were quite blindingto the brothers, whose eyes had longbecome used to the darkness eventhough there was about two-thirdsmoon that night. The lights beamedoutward toward them for about 600feet, similar to car headlights,but muchlarger. They angled slightly downwardand were spaced far apart on the flat,blunt front end of the strange craft.As the UFO started to slowly movetoward them, both were veryapprehensive and Carlos was on theverge of panic. He hastily told Reubenhe thought they might be picked up, ashe had read about it somewhere. Withthat, Reuben, who had wanted to stayto see what the craft was going to do,was ready to get out of there too.Theyscrambled part way up the gradualsloping river bank and hid in someheavy brush, still watching the slowly(continued on next page)
  • 4. Carlos Genera at spot where he and brother saw UFOCerny, Continuedapproaching lights intently.Strangely enough, they were quiteaware of nearby animals, frogs andcrickets, making a lot of exciteableracket, especially a flock of peacocksacross the river at a nearby ranch.Usually animal and insect life quietsdown at a close approach. Reuben waseven aware of his fishpole bobbingerratically from the bass biting his bait.The huge ship passed slowlyoverhead about 100 feet above them.Chinese UFO filmThe Peoples. Republic of Chinahas produced a UFO documentary filmentitled."UFOs Over China." The filmis 35 mm (of VHS video tape) in colorfor 18 minutes. A science andeducational film for UFO fans, it wasproduced by the China UFO ResearchOrganization, The Journal of UFOResearch and the Kun-ming FilmStudio of Yunnan Province.People who are interested in itshould write to: Paul Dong, P.O. Box2011, Oakland, Calif. 94604Enclose a 40 cent airmail stamp forpostage to China plus a 20 cent stampfor return mail from Dong to thesender.They felt no unusualeffects of any kind.They mananged to study it intently,observing its shape and lightconfigurations. They did detect a verypronounced, steady, noticeablehumming sound similar to electricmotors, but really different fromanything with which theywere familiar.As itpassed directly overhead veryslowly, Carlos got up enough nerve toshine his powerful battery-poweredlantern on its underside. The lanternbeam revealed a smooth, metallicsurface similar to aluminum. A row ofunderside lights along the leading frontblunt edge of the object extended in astraight line from headlightto headlight.These were red, blue and green incolor. A large single red light waslocated at the center-rear edge, as if asingle tail light.They estimated the UFO as beingabout 60 feet across and perhapsslightly longer than wide. Its overallshape was like a large mans shoe heel,with the flat edge at the front, moving inthat direction. They couldnt judge thedepth or thickness.As itslowlypassed over them, theyscampered up the rest of the river bankto the top of the levee and watched thestrange aerial vehicle graduallydisappear behind a heavy grove oftrees, its humming motors neverchanging pitch.They watched for a few minutes tosee ifitmight return, but it did not. Afterdiscussing the startlingevents for a fewminutes, they decided to go back to, their fishing. Carlos remarked thatafterwhat he had heard, particularly aboutBill Pechas Colusa sighting, and whathe had read, that this startlingexperience certainly made a believerout of him.About a. half hour later they•noticed what they thought may havebeen the same craft off to the west ofthem, heading in a northerlydirectionat a much faster-speed.They continued to fish until about5 AM, then broke camp and drove intoColusa. They arrived at the countysheriffs office about 6 AM and made areport to the Sheriffs personnel, whotook, only a brief account of theincident.At about 10 AM, Carlos calledBeale Air Force Base near Marysville,California, the operational location forthe U-2 and SR-71 reconnaissanceaircraft. Beale personnel wereseemingly uninterested in their reportas well.After the experience, Carlos had aheadache for almost a week before.iteventually went away. Reuben hadnightmares for more than a week.Both brothers had high schooleducations and Reuben had two yearsof college.1985 SymposiumCliff Palmberg, host chairperson,and Ken and Helen Hanke, assistanthost chairpersons, have announcedthat the MUFON 1985 UFOSymposium will be held June 28,29 and30 at the new Breckenridge Concourse.Hotel near the Lambert-St. LouisInternational Airport in St. Louis,Missouri.The theme for the symposium willinvolve the much maligned "Burden ofProof with respect to UFOs, butaddressed in a positive manner byproviding documented evidence. Acontingent from St. Louis will attendthe 15th annual symposium in SanAntonio, Texas, to issue their formalinvitation under the banner "Meet MeIn St. Louis."
  • 5. Transcript of Hickson-Parker interrogationTHE AIR FORCE AND PASCAGOULAOn October 12,1973, the day afterCharles Hickson and Calvin Parkerreported being taken aboard a UFOwhilefishing inPascagoula, Mississippi,they were taken to Keesler Air ForceBase innearby Biloxi to be interviewedby Air Force officials. The transcript ofthat interview has never been released,although Air Force officials hadpromised to send a copy to the sheriff ofJackson County while refusing to giveHickson or hisattorney, Joe Colingo,acopy.Now a copy of that transcript hassurfaced, being given to MUFON byRan Stanford, of Austin, Texas.Stanford said he received a copy of thetranscript from the father of one of theAir Force officers who took part in theinterview.Following are major portions ofthe transcript, which was edited downbecause of its length.12 October 1973The following is a transcription of areport made this date by the followingindividuals:Mr. Charles Hickson, 2722, Apt.1, College Villa Apts., Pascagoula, MS.Mr. Calvin Parker, Jr., Sameaddress.The report was made to thefollowing personnel:Lt. Colonel Derrington,Security Police.Colonel Amdall, Chairman,Department ofMedicine.Colonel Rudolph, HospitalService.Colonel Hanson, VeterinaryServicesLt. Colonel Gibson, AssociateAdministrator.Major Winans, HealthPhysicist.Captain Hoban, Security Police.MSgt. Russell, Security Police.T.E. Huntley, Detective, JacksonCounty Sheriffs Office, Pascagoula,MS Phone: 782-4333.Joe Colingo, A t t o r n e y ,Pascagoula, MS Phone: 782-8021.Mr. Hickson and Mr. Parker bothstated they were employed inPascagoula by F.B. Walker & Sons,Phone: 782-3931.Two persons who reportedsighting an object at approximately thesame time were:Raymond Broadus, Probationand Parole Officer, Pascagoula.Larry, Larrys Standard Station,Market & Hickway 90, Pascagoula.Lt. Colonel Derrington: I think thebest way is to let them tell it as theyrecall it and then, on specifics, let themfill in areas for clarification.Charles Hickson: Yesterday evening— I work at the shipyard and when Icome in we decided we would gofishing. And the tidewasnt right and wedidnt go out in a boat or anything, wethought we would go down — I dontknow whether you are familiar with thatarea or not where the grain elevator is— on the west bank of the river wherethe shipyard is. So we fished a whilethere and didnt have any luckand ItoldCalvin, who was with me, that wed goon up the river a little further toward theshipyard. I had fished that area in thereand loved fishing in there. We hadntbeen there very long — we sat on thebank with our spinning reels —whenallof a sudden there was a noise. Wellwhat Ijust heard was a buzzing.I dontknow why I turned around. I guess itwas to see what itwas. Itwas a bluelight— a real light, bright blue light. Itcouldhave been purple or something likethat. I mean, I would say it was blue atthe time I seen the light. At the time Iseen the light it just seemed to stop. Iwould say it was approximately 25 to 30feet away from us, and I didnt knowwhat to think. I was real frightened. Iwas scared and I know he (CalvinParker) was from the appearance hehad. It seemed that it didnt haveexactly a door. It seemed that one endof it just opened up. Three things cameout of it — and they didnt touch theground — just floating, you know,slowly, a couple of feet off the ground.And I couldnt believe it. I was just —Derrington: You say three thingscame out of it. What did these threethings appear?Hickson: At the distance Icouldnt tell.I mean, it was just immediately wherewe were.Derrington: How large was the itemhovering?Hickson: It wasnt round. It seemedoval shaped and it was approximately8ft. wide, it was a little longer than that,and it had to be over 8 ft. high. Whenthey approached us —one on each sideof my arms — but I didnt feel anysensation at all when it touched me.And amazingly I was just lifted right offthe ground.Derrington: You were lifted right offthe ground?Hickson: I was so scared I didnt paytoo much attention to what they weredoing to him — that was with him.Andthey carried me through the — I dontknow what it was — and as we were inthis thing — anything in there that Iknow of — if I did I didnt have anysensation of touching anything. Thewhole room like thing seemed to glow.Ididnt see anythinglike light fixtures —just a glowing inside. There were nochairs or anything that I seen. And Ididnt see any instruments, althoughIseen thingsthat Ijust cant explain what(continued on next page)
  • 6. Pascagoula, Continueditwas. There was things in there.Dcrrington: What timeofday was this.Hickson: It was at night.Derrington: What time?Hickson: Well, I dont exactly knowwhat time it was because Idont have awatch. It was quite a while after dark.Derrington: Quite a while after dark?Hickson: Yes. I dont know — itresembled an eye — but it was a bigthing like a globe — but itjust moved allaround me.Derrington: This thing, or individualthat came after you, you dont have anyfeel for what it was?Hickson: Yes, sir. It had features of ahuman being, but it didnt have anyhands. It had pinchers, or somethinglike that.Derrington: Could you tell if it lookedmore mechanical than human?Hickson: No. I just dont know if itlooked mechanical more than human.They were real pale looking to me. AndI do remember specifically that on whatI thought was their feet, there were notoes or anything like that. It was justalmost round. It just seemed like itmight have been just skin tight whatthey had on. But I didnt see anyclothes. I dont know if I was sofrightened, but I didnt see any kind ofhair or anything on them. One of themmade just some sort of sound. It is hardto say what kindof sound he did make,but the other two — I never heard onesound. Inside the vehicle I did not hearany sound.Derrington: You mentioned earlierthe sound when this thingapproached.Hickson: A buzzing sound.Calvin Parker: Turned around and itwas there.Detective Huntley: You, said therewere eyes, a mouth, and a nose.Hickson: Yes, I dont know whetheryou would call it a nose. ,It wassomething sittingon a body and a sharpthing come out about middleways of theeyes and it looked like an openingto meunderneath, and things on the side likeears, I dont know.Parker: When they got me and tookme toward the ship I passed out but itjust looked like a ghost out there. It waslike ifsomething came throughthat wallthere. .Hickson: I dont think I could havepossibly lost consciousness while I wasinside of it. I dont think I did. I thinkIwas conscious all the time.Derrington: How long were you onboard?Hickson: I dont know how long wewere on board. There was nosensation of moving or anything.I dontknow ifwe moved. Idont know.After itwas all over we couldnt believe it andknew we couldnt convince people ofwhat we seen and we waited a whilebefore we went to the SheriffsDepartment and told them. Iwanted toget the military in on it. Ididntwant anypublicity and I didnt want any newspeople, but after I thought about it awhile I figured that was what I shoulddo.Derrington: What time would you sayelapsed from the beginning until youwere released?Hickson: Oh, ithad to be -^ its hard tosay.Derrington: Was it hours or minutes?Hickson: It had to be an hour or so. Ithad to be that long,but itseemed like aneternity. As far as I know I wasconscious but I had no sensationsinside of there — I didnt have anypower to move.Derrington: How were you released?Hickson: They carried me right backout and I was immediately put on the, .ground. I felt no pain and I felt normal.Then the vehicle was gone.Derrington: During this time do yourecall seeing Mr. Parker?Hickson: I dont recall seeing him untilafter I was out.Derrington: You didnt see him onboard?Hickson: No, sir, I didnt. Idont recallseeing him on board at all. As I said, Iwas scared partly out.of my mind.Derrington: When was the first timeyou noticed Calvin?Hickson: When they brought me backout on the ground, I believe, is when Iseen him again. He was hysterical andsort of looked like he was paralyzed buthe suddenly came to his senses.Derrington to Parker: Before youpassed put,,do you recall being liftedinto the vehicle? •Parker: I recall them getting me andjust like a big magnet drawing me to it.Iwasnt on theground — I was off theground. I dont remember a thing.Ijustblacked out. Ijust stood there like I wasfroze. Then Ifinally got to where Icouldmove a little bit.Itwas like a bad dream.I wish it had been a bad dream and itwould all be over with. I didnt sleepmore than three seconds allnight.Derrington: Do youbringing you back out?recall themParker: No, sir. When I came to theship went "zzzp" and disappeared.Derrington: Didyou discuss what hadhappened between you?Parker: I passed out. I did notremember anything.Hickson: We discussed what hadhappened to me. We talked a whiletrying to decide what to do. We droveto a quick service storeand discussedit(confirmed on nexf page)
  • 7. Pascagoula, Continuedfor almost an hour beforewedecided togo to the Sheriffs office...Derrington: Did you have anything todrink any place that someone couldhave slipped something into yourdrink?Hickson: No, sir, because we didntstop anywhere.Ihad frozen shrimpthatwas in the freezer that we were fishingwith. We didnt stop anywhere but wentstraight to the river.Derrington: What is the relationshipbetween the two of you?Hickson: He is just a friend. His fatherand myself back home were real goodfriends, almost like brothers, and hesbeen down a couple of weeks nowworking at the same place that I work...Derrington: Did you hear any othersounds beside this buzzingsound thatyou mentioned earlier?Hickson: The only sound that I heardwas one of the things made some typeof noise. It wasnt anythingthat I coulddistinguish or understand.Parker: It was just a "mmm."Derrington: Any dust or....Hickson: No, sir. I didnt see any dustor anything.Parker: I dont know how to explainit.It was just as still like, and everything,and then I heard a ?zzzp? just like that,and looked around and blue lightscoming, and I paralyzed right there.You know, just like if you walk outsideand step on a rattlesnake. Think howyou feel. That is just how I felt. Iwouldrather it had been a rattlesnake.Derrington: No depressions in thearea at all after this?Hickson: No, sir.Parker: Something else. The craft —itnever did set down on the ground itself.It stayed approximatelytwo feet from it.Hickson: It was off the ground.Parker: Well, really, they didntnothing touch it — the ground....Derrington: No exhaust or anything?Hickson: I didnt see it. Ifit was Ididntsee it. But as I said, I.was quite scared.Derrington: No attempt to yourknowledge to communicate with you inany way?Hickson: Only unless it was — I dontthink itwas trying to communicate withus. I think — I dont know — it mighthave been communicating with theothers but I didnt hear any —Sketch by Srmone McndezParker: They didnt act like they meantany harm to us.Hickson: They didnt harm me Iknow,that I know of.Parker: They did me physically rightnow but, you know, not physicallybutmentally it is about to tear me up.Derrington: What about curiosity. Didthere appear to be any unusualcuriosity about the objects?Hickson: It seemed to me that theyknew what they were doing, but theywas — I dont know what they were(continued on next page)
  • 8. Pascagoula, Continuedtrying to find out but theywere tryingto1find out something about us because —you know — what theydone to me, andI dont know what they were doing.Other than that, it seemed that theyknew what they were doing..... •Derrington: Is this the first experienceof this nature that you have had?Hickson: Yes, sir. This is the first Ihave ever had of that nature.Derrington: Prior to this,1have youread or heard about unidentifiedflyingobjects? •Hickson: Oh yes. Ive readand Iveheard. Yes, sir. .Parker: Not too long ago — now ithadnt been — how long? In theapartments? .Hickson: Yeah. Not too long ago inGautier there was one of these.Parker:And there was at least 13or 14witnesses.Hickson: A dozen families waswatching it.Derrington: But this is the first timeyou have seen anything like this?Hickson: Like that, yes, sir.Derrington: You have never seenanything in the past at a distance thatyou thought —Hickson: A while back, there was adozen families out there that said itcould have been a flying object. Youknow — I dont know if it was a flyingobject or not.Derrington: You saw somethingthough?Parker: Yes, sir. There was about 13more that did.Hickson: But it was — what they —what we were looking at that night wasa glow. Itwas a real red glowingthing. It8could have been a pier light, I guess —or something like that. But:Ive never,had any experiences with other thingsclose to something like that.Derrington: Now, back to , thedescription of the object. You saidabout 8 feet in diameter and ;about —, . . . , . • I .Hickson: Its a rough guess. Imean, Idsay that there wasnt enough ofan areain there that they would have — toomany things couldnt have been inthere." i ., , •Derrington: No protrusion oranything similarto a wing ofan aircraft?Hickson: No, sir. Ididnt seeanything.Parker: I could sketch a picture out ofthe craft itself — you know, just on theoutside. The inside I cant, now.Hickson:. It wasnt round, it was moreor less oblong, or something like that.Itwasnt completely round.Derrington: Did you ever hear anymotor sounds?Hickson: Nothing but just the littlebuzzing is all that I heard.Derrington: Did it buzz all of the timeor just when it moved?Hickson: No, sir. When it moved.Inside of it Ididnt hear any sound fromthe vehicle or whatever it was. I didnthear any sound from it while I was inthere.Derrington:About how tall were thesethings?Hickson: Well, its hard to tell abouteverything. It had to — it was tallenough that when we went in theopening we wasnt touchinganything.Derrington: I mean the individuals.Hickson: Id say somewhereapproximately 5 feet, or something likethat.Parker: Of course you know theywasnt on the ground so that madethem taller than us. You know — as faras getting out walking across, theground.Hickson: When you are thatfrightened its hard to give a gooddescription of something. .Derrington: You talked about themmoving. Did they move with legmotionor —Parker: Drifted.Hickson:Just flying. .Parker: Like if wasnt no gravityaround.Hickson: I didnt see any motion oftheir legs but I know they had motionwith what Iguess was arms — Iguessitwas arms because they moved themwhenever they lifted me.Parker: And it was like a crawfish orcrab.Derrington: Was anything strappedon this, like a sort of pack or anything?Hickson: Ididnt see anything like that.. Just the thing, is all.Derrington: Just the body frame of theindividual and itwas either unclothed orclothed with something very tightfitting?Hickson: Yes.Derrington: Did this creature havetwo arms and two legs, or what seemedto be?Hickson: It seemed to be two of eachone. Yes, sir.Parker: But it wasnt like our arms andlegs. You know, well it was on the samebasic manner as an arm and leg but itwasnt physicallylooking the same.Huntley: I believe you told me that itlooked more like a crab claw.Parker: Yes sir.(continued on next page)
  • 9. Pascagoula, ContinuedHickson: The guy had claw likethings. It wasnt fingers like our fingersare....Dcrrington: Were there any windowsin the craft?Hickson: I couldnt see anything frominside of it. I dont know...Derrington: Did it go straight up?Parker: No sir. It just disappeared..."zzzp" and it just disappeared.Hickson: And really, Idont know howit got there.Major Winans: Did it seem to beplastic, or transparent, or was it solidlookingmaterial?Hickson: It had a glow and I couldnttell whether itwas solidor transparent.Icouldnt give you no details of that at allbecause I dont know.Winans: Was it glowing from the insideor from the outside?Hickson: It was glowing — itwas bluishlike on the outside and on the inside itwas just like — you know, like light.Winans: Just like in this room herewith the fluorescent color? Same color?Hickson: Yes, only there was nobulbs,globes, or anything.Winans: Did you feel the sametemperature, or did you feel warm?Hickson: Ididnt have any sensation —any feeling at all.Amdall: Did you feel like you couldhave moved?Hickson: I couldnt move.Derrington: What went on while youwere inside?Hickson: Well,then — as Isaid before,they had something — I still say an eye— which I know it wasnt an eye — but,it just circulated around — around byme — and they could do me any waythey wanted to — lay me back, orsideways.Derrington: This eye that was underyou — you were under constantobservation by this eye while you wereon the board?Hickson: Yes. I say an eye. I dontmean it in that respect. Well, whensomething is looking at me like that Iguess you would figure you would haveto say its some kind of an eye. Itdidntlook like a camera or anythinglike that.Huntley: Now when you werestretched out — I believe you said youwere stretched out. Right?Hickson: At one time, yes, sir.Huntley: Did you say — didnt you tellus that they moved the light over you—back and forth and all over your body?Hickson: The thing moved all backover me and all around me.Derrington: Did it move by itself?Hickson: It moved by itself to the best Ican remember. I was so darned scaredtill I dont really know whether I lostconsciousness. I dont think I did. Idont think Ilost consciousness. IthinkIwas conscious all the time — I believe Iwas — that I was in there.Winans: Did the projector have anysort of an arm to it?Hickson: I dont know. It didnt seemto be attached to anything. It couldhave been. I dont know.Derrington: When you regainedconsciousness, where did you go first?After you left this area?Hickson: Well, we went over across—we live in Gautier. We stopped overthere at the — close to the Lil GeneralCurb Market and talked about it a longtime again.Derrington: What time was this now?Hickson: Oh, this must have been —aw heck, it was around 10or 11 oclock,or something like that.Huntley: They came into the Sheriffsoffice at, I believe, 1118...Amdall: Have either of you been onany medication or any kind of drugs?Hickson: No, sir.Parker: No, sir. I havent.Derrington: What about alcohol?Parker: I dont drink.Hickson: Well, I take a drinkoccasionally and after that happenedlast night — after I left the SheriffsDepartment, Igot home and Ieven tooka drink to try to relax and itdidnt evenrelax me. I drink occasionally, yes.Derrington: But you had had nothingto drink prior to this?Hickson: No, sir.Winans: How did you get that mark onthe tip of your little finger?Hickson: This is a blister,you know —from some hot steel. No, itisnot relatedto this at all.Huntley: Calvin had a couple of littlesmall scratches on thisright arm. Whenhe mentioned something about a clawand I noticed that he said he grabbedhim by both arms and I noticed thatboth arms have a little scratch.Hickson: Well, I couldnt find anyscratches at all on me. Theres nomarks at all that I — Ididnt find any onme at all.Parker: There wasnt no feeling to thething. You just couldnt feel nothing. Itsa wonder I didnt hurt myself when Icame through this.Attorney Colingo: I can say this. Notthis particular story, but at the sametime, this object was sighted by otherswho are as critical or — well by officers.One man was Broadus. He related thestory again this morning at the police(continued on next page) g
  • 10. Pascagoula, Continuedstation where theywere goingdown thehighway and passed the vicinity where. they were. You can see it from the,1highway there just across the bridge.They saw the object for three minutes.And the times correspond. . .; Huntley: And their description andeverything. They even described theblue lights and everything.Hanson: Was it a dark blue light or alight blue light?Hickson: It was just a glowing...! dontknow.Colonel Rudolph: Had they had theopportunity to hear the tape beforereporting this?Huntley: Yes.Colingo: Oh, they have heard it now.Do you mean did they know?Huntley: Yes. The tape — I took thetape, or they did, last night: I played itback...Rudolph: Before they gave theirreport?Colingo: Did Broadus come andreport this sighting and then these men?Huntley: 1 dont remember now. Iwould have to check with the chief onthat. But I do know that they heard thetape that we took last night — or theytook last night.Rudolph: This was after they had beenin to tell their story?Huntley: Right. Then that is whentheysaid, "Well, you know that is funnybecause we saw the same thing. Wesaw a blue light."In fact Mr. Broadus isa Christian man and he said hed beenover to Gautier somewhere to church.Colingo: IfMr. Broadus says he saw it— he saw it. I mean, he is that typeoffellow. Now this other fellow — I dontknow who you are talking about...10UFO Hotline ReportsBy BOB GRIBBLEThe following is a flash report ofincidents received at the National UFOReporting Center, Seattle,Washington. All names of witnessesare ori file at the center.April 10, 1984, Night,Rhinelander, Wisconsin: Whiledriving down a country road, twowitnesses observed a stationary cigar-shaped object about 75 yards from theroadway. The object had a row oflighted openings and several spokesprotruding , from the surface. Eachspoke had a white light on the tip. Whileholding stationary at treetop level, theobject pivoted 360 degrees and thenstopped. After watching for fourminutes, the motorists drove past theobject and then on to home. Theyheard no sound.April 13, 1984, 10 PM,Gainesville, Florida: While boatingon a local lake, two witnesses.observedHuntley: Kimisky.Colingo: What did he do? Call into thepolice station last night or something? ,Or report seeing some object? Orwhat?Huntley: No, you are talking aboutLarry. He owns a Standard station.Evidently — the chief passed this on tome this morning — that Larry saw thesame thing. Said he walked out on hisporch and he looked up at the sky and...Colingo: And that was unrelated tothis? He just apparentlyreported it alsoto the Sheriff?Huntley: Right.Rudolph: That was what I was asking.Did these people report the incident —Huntley: Right. They were unrelatedas far as I know.an oval-shaped object in a stationaryposition about 100 yards from theirboat. Holding at an altitudeofabout 100feet, the object shined a cone of brightwhite light onto the surface of thewater. After about, three to fourminutes, the object moved out of sightbehind some trees. No sound washeard.April 19, 1984, 8:05 PM, Llano,Texas: Five members of one familyobserved a!"huge" dome-shaped objectpass over their .house at an altitudeestimated at 200 feet. The object hadred lights going around it and a jetaircraft appeared to be in pursuit. Themother said they could hear a loudhumming sound coming from theobject. At one time itwas seentravelingacross the sky at a high rate of speed.April 20, 1984, 10:04 PM,Beaverton, Oregon: Four occupantsof a car observed a "huge" brightyellow, pulsatingobject high in the sky.The driver stopped the car and as thefour watched a small bright blue objectcame into view moving toward theyellow object at a high speed. The blueobject moved up to the yellow object,started to maneuver around it whensuddenly a "really fast red thing" shotout of the blue object and "blew theyellow thing in half." One part of theyellow object immediately disintegratedand the other half fell toward theground and disintegrated. Then thegroup spotted another large yellowobject and a small blue object inanother part of the sky. The yellowobject — moving from a stationaryposition — instantly moved across thesky at a high speed "and the little bluething went right up after him and shothim." The yellowobject fell from the sky"and went out." The blue object thenwent into a high speed vertical climband vanished thru the cloud layer. Theduration of the two events was about 20minutes.(continued on next page)
  • 11. BRITISH GOVT RELEASES UFO FILESFor the first time in history, theBritish Ministry of Defense has releasedto the public copies of UFO reports,according to the usually reliableLondon Observer.In a story published March 4,1984,written by Martin Bailey, the weeklySunday newspaper said:"Copies of 16 reports on sightingsover Wales have been sent by the MoDto the British UFO ResearchAssociation."If its onlya small step forward forWhitehall — which stresses that thereis no suggestion they come from outerspace — its a giant leap for the hithertoridiculed alien craft watchers."Until now,-the-Government hadalways refused to release details ofUFO incidents passed to it. Six yearsago, the Earl of Clancarty — whofounded the UFO group inthe House ofLords — did launch a debate, but thenthe government line was that it was notprepared to releaseinformation."Now, following more pressure.from the Lords, the MoD has finallyrelented. A ministry spolesmanconfirmed yesterday that thedepartment . was now willing toconsider providing reports on specificincidents to serious inquirers.,"The Observer has been given acopy of the first list ofsightingsand hasUFO Hotline, ContinuedApril 25, 1984, 9:55 PM, NearNapa, California: While traveling ohAmerican Canyon Road, threewitnesses observed a triangular-likeobject which the .driver described asbeing "huge, massive, at least the sizeofa football field." The object wasstationary over the roadway at anestimated altitudeof 100 feet.As the carpassed under the object the witnessesobserved structural details. AFterbeing watched for about five minutes,the object moved out of sight followingthe Canyon Road.May 5, 1984, 2:55 AM,Piedmont, South Carolina: Thewitness heard a loud pulsating soundand .looked out the window in time tosee a large object come into view as itpassed over his house. Described as being bigger than an Air Force C-5-Atransport, the object was shaped like afootball but somewhat flat on the topand bottom. The object appeared to bemetallic and was observed for twominutes. A car on the roadway stoppedand the driverstepped out and watchedas the object moved out of sight. "All ofthe dogs in the neighborhood werehowling; They were just going crazy."The object was at ,an estimated altitudeof 750 feet. ;May 6, 1984, 10:30 PM,Williston, Florida: A 13-year old boywas busy washing out dog pens whenhe heard a hummingsound behindhim."The dogs ears stood up and they raninto the boxes and startedwhimperingand acting like they.were going to teardown the dog boxes." Suddenly thewhole area turned red and when theboy looked up he observed a bright redcircular object. It remained stationaryoverhead for about five seconds then"shot across the field and stopped."The witness rah-for the house to alerthis.mother and the object paced him tothe house. When he and his mothercame outdoors the object moved backacross the field, stopped, thenvanished. At the spot where the objectwas overhead, the altitude wasestimated to be 20 feet. The boyobserved the object for three to fourminutes and during thatperiod hecouldhear the hummingsound and feel heat.When the young man returned to thedog boxes, the dogs would not let himinto the penned area.looked into .a typical incident whichfigures in the Ministry of Defencedocuments."At 9 PM on 14 September 1982,David Mason, a 32-year-old printer, waswatching television when he saw abright light from the window of hisCwmbran home. He called his wifeAngela, and together they went outsideinto the back garden."Mr. Mason said the light was asbright as the sun and about half the sizeof the moon. The couple watched for15 minutes as it hovered more than amile away, just above the hill range thatsurrounds the town. The white lightthen sped off northwards along theridge at high speed and disappeared."The Masons called the police andtwo officers arrived to record detailsofthe UFO sighting. This was the lastcontact that the couple were to havewith officials over the case."The police report into theCwmbran incident was forwarded tothe Ministry of Defence in London,where operational staff in the airdivision examined the case. An MoDspokesman said that following theseinquiries, we are.satisfied that there areno defence implications."Mr. Mason says he was surprisednot to have had any further inquiriesfrom officials. I do not understand howthe Ministry of Defence could haveinvestigated . the case withoutcontacting me with further inquiries.UNUSUAL CLOUDFORMATIONS"The Cwmbran sightings typical ofhundreds of UFO reports which reachthe Ministry of Defence every year.Some incidents are reported directly bymembers of the public, but most comevia police, airport authorities andarmed forces."Only a proportion of total Britishsightings filter through officialdom and(continued on next page)11
  • 12. LAB RESULTS OF 1966 SWAMPGAS CASE1Some additional informationabout the famed 1966 "swamp gas"case in Michigan surfaced recently,shedding new light on the incident.The information was obtained byDale Goudie, director of Puget SoundAerial Phenomena Research inSeattle,Washington, and was released by himand Bob Cribble, director of theNational UFO Reporting Center.The broad details of the case havelong been known. This is the case inwhich Dr. J. Allen Hynek, at the time aconsultant to the U.S. Air Force, issued,his quickly-condemned opinion that thelights seen could have been swampgas, a conclusion he later admitted wasin error.The material consists of a newsrelease issued at the time by William E.Van Horn, the Civil Defense Directorfor Hillsdale County, Michigan. Itcontains a hitherto unknownlaboratory report covering thescientific analysis of soil, water andanimal life in the area of the reportedlanding. . •For those unfamiliar with the case,here are excepts from a statementmade at the time by Van Horn:On the eveningof March 21, 1966,at 10:32 PM, a call was received fromthe New Womens Dormitory atHillsdale College by the Office Of CivilDefense. . .from a student reportingBritish, Continuedultimately reach the MoD. Thenumbers fluctuate considerably, andbetween 1978 and 1983, they amountedyearly to 750, 550,350,600,250 and390."Mrs. Jenny Randies, investigationdirector of the UFO researchasociation, said that crucial informationwas still missing from the governmentreports. The final sections, containingthe results of the Mods owninvestigations, had been excised."The ministry says it is notconcerned with what UFOs are —onlyto ensure that they do not have anydefence implications. In practise, thismeans that the main question whichinterests the MoD is whether they arehostile aircraft."It emphasizes that many UFOsightings could be caused by satellitedebris, ball lightning, unusual cloudformations, balloons or aircraft. Thespokesman added: There is noevidence that alien spacecraft havelanded on the planet."Other cases covered in the MoDreports include an incident on 20September 1982 when a beam of green12light was seen near Abergavenny and acottage-loaf shape with bright portholelights and a pulsating red light beneath"near Caerleon."Four sightings which were madewithin a couple of miles were reportedon 30September the same year duringa one-hour period. These include twowhite flashing circular lights(Pontypool), a white/blue flashing light(Pontnewydd), ,a bright blue light(Cwmbran) and a narrow green bandof light (Pontypool)."Nine incidents were reported on19 September 1983between 5:30and7:45 PM in the Swansea area. Thisunusual flurry of UFO sightingsincluded a very large elongated shapewith two pulsating white lights at frontand yellowish steady lights at rear, anobject which was very large, possiblysaucer-shaped, four or five lightsflashing in rotation and one object splitinto two parts — three white lights atfront and three at back, massive in size,oblong in shape.***For a related story, see "Oops, Sorry,"in the September 1983 (No. 187) issueof the Journal.that some type of craft...haddescended from the northeast, flashedby their dormitory and disappeared tothe .south...At this time the girl described aswell as later,, the observing of red, greenand white pulsating lights.There were 17 of the collegestudents that made this originalobservation.At approximately11PM, a secondcall was made by the girl to the CivilDefense Office informing us that theojbect had reappeared and had settledclose to the ground...approximatelyone half mile from the dormitory.I at once called for help from thePolice Department...and three carsplus myself were sent in a two-mile areafrom the dormitory topthe east. Ichecked the area at the half mile pointand after I was unable to locateanything I at once returned to thedormitory.Upon arriving at the dormitory,Iwas escorted to the second floor andtaken to a room facing the east, fromwhere Imade the followingobservation.I observed that therewas an objectwhich was an approximate distance of1,500 to 1,700 feet away fromus...settled into a hollow and wasapparently either near or on theground, the two lights upon my firstobservation were what Iwoulddescribeas a dim orange on the right and a dirtywhite on the left...After observing this for a periodofabout 10 minutes...the lights began togrow in brilliance, the dim orangebecame red and true in color and thewhite became a true white. As the lights .became more brilliant, the object orvehicle began to rise.It would rise to a height ofapproximately 100 to 150 feet, stopmomentarily and begin to descend.This occurred several times...At onetime upon descending, a glow from the(continued on next page)
  • 13. Swampgas, Continuedside opposite us came from somewhereand I was able to see a convexedsurface...The vehicle was also observed tomove right to left and left to right, anddid so in a very smooth manner. Theacsent and descent were at anestimated rate of 25 to 30 feet perminute. (This was estimated from myexperience as a commercial pilot.) Atno time were any of the witnesses ableto detect any type of sound or noise.At approximately 4:30 AM, thosestill observing the scene noticed thelights disappear and this was the lastthat was seen of it.The area that this was observed inwas by no means a swamp but rather anarea which is cultivated by HillsdaleCollege as a park. . ;William E. Van HornDirector, HillsdaleCounty Civil DefenseI. SOIL TESTSa. Acid-Base TestAcid content of three, which isveryheavy, and Base content of sevenor eight, which is almost neutral.b. Solubility TestThe soil was very soluble in a watersolution.c. Composition TestThere was no change in soilcomposition except for a slightadditive of Boron.d. Radiological TestThe radiation reading on the soilwas thirty-one hundredthsroentgens per hour. (.31 r/hr.) .II. PLANT TESTS(Green and Fungi)a. Paper Chromatography TestThere were found only green andyellow pigments in this test; theblue pigmentdid not show up inthistest, so we presume the bluepigment was destroyed.b. Tests for Measuring LifeFunctionsThe plants were found to behealthy.c. Starch TestThis was found to be normal.(Content)d. Clorophyll TestThis was found to be normal.(Content)e. Radiological TestThe reading on the plants wasthree/hundred fifteen thousandthsroentgens per hour. (.315 r/hr)f. Spectrum Test on PlantClorophyllThe blue pigment was gone; it did. not show up in this test, presumingagain that the blue pigment wascompletely destroyed.III. ANIMAL TESTSa. Blood Hemoglobin TestAmphibian: The hemoglobin wasslightly reduced.Crustation: The hemoglobinshowed no change from normal.b. Metabolism TestAmphibian:1Had slower thannormal metabolism but nowimproving.Crustation: Could detect . nometabolic change from normal.c. Reflex TestAmphibian: Was sluggish whenfirst captured but has notimproved.Crustation: No change detected.d. Radiological TestAmphibian: Three thousandseventy five-tenthousandths.(.3075 r/hr)Crustation: Three thousand oneh u n d r e d t w e n t y f i v e - t e nthousandths. (.3125 r/hr)IV. MINERAL TESTSa. Acid-Base TestAll rocks, ingenous, metmorphicand.sedimentary were found to beneutral.b. Type of Rock Specimen1. Ingenous•2. Metamorphic3. Sedimentaryc. Check of CharacteristicsAll characteristics of .the rocksfound to be normal for each typeofrock. There were no chemical orstructural changes.d. Radiological Test1. Ingenous .31 r/hr2. Metamorphic .31 r/hr3. Sedimentary .3125 r/hrV. WATER TESTSa. Microscopic AnalysisAll microscopic animals and plantsdead; cause unknown.b. Acid-Base TestThe water was neutral of both acidand base.c. Composition of Materials in theWaterAll minerals found in the waternormal with the exception of aslight trace of Boron.d. Radiological TestThe water had a .315 r/hr reading.VI. ENVIRONMENTAL TESTSTAKEN 3/23/66a. Temperature. 1. Water 42° F2. Air 54° FNo unusual heat shown.b. Pond Life1. Crustation:2. Amphibians: There was anunusually large number of them.c. Range and Time of RadiologicalChangesThe first meter reading the metershowed thirty three hundredthsroentgens (.33 r/hr) and its last, reading 3 hours later showed twentyseven hundredths roentgens (.27r/hr).d. Changes of Visible AppearanceCaused by the U.F.O.No apparent changes inenvironment were visible.CONCLUSIONSI. SoilThe soil had above-normalradiation and also had abnormalcontent of Boron. The Boron isalien to this type of soil.II. Plant:The plants had above-normalradiation. Blue pigments did notshow up in the tests and werepresumed to be destroyed, butthis did not seem to effect the lifejunctions of the plants.(continued on next page)13
  • 14. CIGAR-SHAPED OBJECT IN TEXASA bright orange cigar-shapedobject was reported seen over the smalltown of LaVernia, Texas, by severaldifferent people on the night ofFebruary 15, 1984.John R. Cockrell, 68, was the firstto report the sighting to James R.Helmke, MUFONs state sectiondirector for Wilson County.Cockrell, a retired employee oftheMap Making Division of theDepartment ofDefense and an amateurradio operator, stepped out the backdoor of his home at about 7:15 PM.His home, at 11 McCoy Street, is150feet south of and parallel to U.S. 87,which runs through LaVernia to SanAntonio, 25 miles to the east. Farm toMarket Road 775 separates hisproperty from the rear of the KoeppChevrolet Agency and intersects at thispoint with U.S. 87.When Mr. Cockrell looked northalong the back corner of his home intothe darkened sky, he1was surprised tosee a bright orange cigar-shaped lightmoving slowly from east to west at anangle of 30 degrees above the horizonparallel to highway U.S. 87.The glowing object, with taperedends, passed behind his 700-foot-highradio antenna and a leafless 50-foot-high tree. He compared the speed ofthe object to a truck moving at 20 mphon U.S. 87.He immediately walked from hisback door to the driveway to get a moreunobstructed view of this unusuallighted object as it silently glidedwestward.Swampgas, ContinuedIII. Pond Life:Crustation and Amphibianradiation was higher than normalbut the highest radiation wasrecorded in the Amphibian. Also,the Amphibian was effectednoticeably where the Crustationwas not.IV. Mineral:Sedimentary rocks were slightlyhigher in radiation than eitheringenous or metamorphic rocks.There was no other change,either chemical or structural.V. Water:All microscopic plants andanimals were dead. The water hadabove-normal radiation andabnormally contained Boron.VI. Environment:The environment had above-normal radiation and it containeda small amount of Boron, whichisforeign to this soil.VII. Main Conclusion:The area contained anabnormally high amount of14radiation from some unknownsource. The area also strangelycontained Boron, which wasfound in both water and soil.These two facts are the only oneswhich would substantiate thepresence of a U.F.O. In ouropinion, were not saying thatthere was a U.F.O. but we also donot know how to account forthese two facts. However, webelieve it could not be swamp gasbecause of the high winds on thenight of the sighting. With thesehigh winds the gas wouldnot haveformed a mass and remainedstationary. We also do not believeit was pranksters because wesearched the swamp thoroughlyfor any sign of evidence toexplainthe phenomenon.NOTE: Radioactive decay tookplace at 0.6 milliroentgens perhour over a period of three hours.Kipling VandenbergJerry WilsonHe estimated the length as threediameters of the full moon and thethickness or side view as less than halfa full moon. There was no clean-cutshape on the edges where the lightstopped abruptly. However, theillumination was brighter in the middle.He was intrigued as he watchedthe light pass out of sight over the one-story Chevrolet agency building,moving in the directionofSan Antonio.The total elapsed time of thesighting was 30 seconds. He estimatedthat the object was 1,000 to 1,500 feethigh.Cockrell did nothing further thatevening except to tell his invalid sonwhat he had seen.A widower, Cockrell enjoys havingcoffee with friends each morningat theLos Santos MexicanRestaurant, whichis within walking distance of his home.When Mrs. Norma Santos, 36, theowner, brought his first cup of coffee,he casually commented: "I aw a UFOlast night."It so shocked her that she nearlyspilled his coffee. "So did we," sheexitedly replied. She went on to relatewhat she, her husband Alfred, 37, andtheir son Jaime, 11, saw as they weredriving north on FM 775 from volleyballpractice at the LaVernia school towardthe intersection of U.S. 87 in"downtown" LaVernia (populationapproximately 1,000).When Mrs. Santos was laterinterviewed by Walt Andrus, she notedthat Jaime was the first to spot thebright light, which seemed tocontinuously change colors from red toorange to yellow. Since her husbandwas driving, he didnt obtain a goodview until they parked their car in frontof their restaurant on U.S. 87.At this point they all got out andboth Mr. Santos and Jaime watchedwhat they called a "ball of light" moveslowly westward above U.S. 87. Mrs.(continued on next page)
  • 15. Lavernia, ContinuedSantos observed the light for anadditional 15 to 20 seconds before shewent to a clothesline to removetablecloths and napkins.She describedit as a "solid orange light about 12 feetlong."Mr. Santos andJaime continued toobserve the silent slow-moving lightuntil it passed the Chevrolet building,thus blocking their view.Their viewing time wasconsiderably longer than that ofCockrells, since their view to the eastwas not hampered as his was by hishome. They drove four blocks from thetime Jaime first saw the light until theygot out of their car. None of them triedto guess at the total elapsed time of thesighting, since each was different. Noneof the witnesses saw any aircraftnavigation lights.Even though the four witnessesstated they heard no sound, otherTOWARD WEST-NORTHWESTBR.IGHT ORANGEnot sharply de-fined.people reported strange noises duringthis same period. Mrs. Lana Dickson,who lives on FM 775near the LaVerniacentral business district, was in theflight path of the UFO.She said "itsounded like a giant weedeater."Dwight Koepp and his wife, Patty,were eating their eveningmeal at aboutthis same time. Koepp said: "I felt aRICHARD HALL HONOREDThe MUFON 1984 UFOSymposium Proceedings werededicated to Richard H. Hall inrecognition of his outstandingcontributions to ufology.He was cited for "his writing,leadership roles and tenacity to solvethe UFO phenomenon as an officer, ofthe National Investigations Committeeon Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and theMutual UFO Network during the past16 years. He will be best known for hisconservative writings and philosophyinvolved in the new science of ufology.It is with profound gratitude that hisvoluntary dedicated service may behonored in this manner." ..Hall has worked as a technicaleditor and writer in the Washington,D.C., area since he graduated fromTulane University in New Orleans in1958 with a degree inphilosophy. From1958 to 1971, he was assistant directorand acting director of NICAP. He waseditor and chief writer of The UFOEvidence, published by NICAP in 1964.He was a consultant to the University ofColorado UFO Project in 1966 and1967.Hall joined MUFON in 1973 asRICHARD HALLState Director for Maryland. From 1975to 1976, he served as the InternationalCoordinator and assumed theeditorship of the MUFON UFOJournal in 1976, serving until the fall of1983.Said the Proceedings citation:"Under his tutelage, the Journal hasbecome the foremost monthly UFOmagazine in the world."COLOR.Cigar sharpedtaper*d ends.strange vibration, but the windowswere not vibrating."(Allthree partieslikened it to a rumbling sound.)A hypothetical explanationsuggested for the rumbling sound couldbe a frequency below the humanaudible range that caused thebuildingsto vibrate.The National Weather Service inSan Antonio provided the followingweather conditions for February 15,1984:7:00 PM: Sky was clear, visibilitywas 15 miles, temperature 65 degrees,dew point 16 degrees, wind directionwas 330 degrees (NNW) at 9 mph,barometric pressure at sea lever was29.94 and,rising.8:00 PM: Sky was clear, visibility15 miles, temperature 61 degrees, dewpoint 18 degrees, ..wind direction wasnorthwest at,7 mph, and the barometricpressure corrected to sea level was29.95 and rising.Officials at the FAA Flight Controlat San Antonio International Airportsaid they had no unidentifiedtargets ontheir radar scope during this period.When Walt Andrus interviewed DanMapes, FAA Supervisor, Mapes saidthat the lowest certified altitude thattheir radar was effective over LaVerniawas .2,500 feet. (The object wasestimated by John Cocrell to be at analtitude of 1,000 to 1,500feet.)The following event was reportedto Robert Morgan, chief investigator forMUFON of San Antonio, by one of his(continued on next page)15
  • 16. The day UFOs flew over SAC headquartersThe death of Paul A. Duichbrought to mind for many MUFONmembers the sighting of a UFO overthe Strategic Air CommandHeadquarters at Offutt Air Force Basewhile he was on active duty there in1958.Duich, 67, died December 31,1983, of a heart ailment. He was aresearch engineer in the Flight SystemDivision and Performance Depart-ment of the Rockwell Space DivisioninDowney, California, working on theSpace Shuttle program.Duich, a navigator, was a major atthe time of the 1958 sighting. Anexcellent account of the incident waspublished in The UFO Evidence,published in 1964 by the NationalInvestigations Committee on AerialPhenomena (NICAP), and is reprintedhere:At SAC headquarters in 1958, agroup of officers, airmen, and missileengineers observed an elongated UFOwith satellite objects for about 20minutes. The case was reported toNICAP by Major Paul A. Duich, USAF(Ret.), one of the witnesses, who wasthen on active duty. Until recently,Major Duich was an Air Force MasterNavigator, accumulating 4000 flyinghours and 300 combat hours. DuringWorld War II he was one of those whosaw "foo-fighters," while crew memberof a B-29 makingbomb runs on Japan.The time was approximately 1840.The date: 8 September 1958.1 hadjustordered dinner at the Officers Club,Strategic AirCommand Headquarters,Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha,Nebraska. I excused myself from myfriend and co-worker, Major ,and went out the side door to cross theopen space between the club and theVisiting Officers Quarters next door. Iwanted to buy a newspaper inthelobbyof the VOQ to read after dinner.As I crossed the open area,something caught my eye. Glancingupand to the west, I noticed whatappeared to be a short vapor trail in anotherwise clear, blue sky. There wereno clouds. The sun had just set. Icontinued walking but somehow thatvapor trail didnt register properly. Ihave seen thousands ofvapor trails butLavernia, Continuedcolleagues where they are bothemployed. Animal reactions to thepresence of a UFO may be significant,since they have never been accused ofgenerating hoax stories or becomingreckless with the truth. We will quotedirectly from the written reportsubmitted to Morgan by Walter C.Shocke, who lives two miles south-southeast of LaVernia off of FM 775."On Wednesday evening,February 15, 1984, at about 1845 to1900 hours, I heard a commotion fromthe hog pens located about 100yardsfrom the house. The three penscontainone boar and two gilts. I assumed avarmit or dog was near their pens, so Iwent out with a gun and flashlight. Iwas perplexed because the hogs were16looking in different directions. Eventhough I saw nothing to explain theirupset state, it took several minutesofpetting and talking to calm themdown."Ive owned these three hogs fornearly a year and each displays uniquepersonalities and specific behavior.This incident is the only time they havebehaved as if threatened or frightened,and the only time they have raised sucha ruckus."Schocke was unaware ofthe UFOsighting reports in LaVernia until astory appeared in the Wilson CountyNews. There may be no connectionwhatsoever between the animalreactions and the unusual objectpassing over LaVernia; however, areport is not complete until all aspectsare considered and evaluated.PAUL A. DUICHthis one was peculiar. I did a doubletake at that point for suddenlythe shortvapor tail became a brilliant sourceoflight, much the same as a magnesiumflare. I stopped dead in my tracks andwatched.The light was intense, but the"vapor trail" hung motionless. Even ashort trail shows generation anddissipation as the aircraft moves acrossthe sky. I watched for several minutes— maybe 2 or 3 — before I called toanother officer: "Hey, what do youmake of that?", pointingto the spot inthe sky. He replied,"Looks like a shortvapor trail." I pointed out that it wasntmoving or growing or diminishing insize. He stopped to gape and severalothers joined us.By then, I decided this called for abetter look. What we all agreed, ratherquickly, was that the vapor wasreflecting sunlight, the effect beingsimilar to a sun-dog, even though thesun had already slipped below thehorizon.As .the small crowd gathered, Ihurried into the VOQ office and calledthe Offutt tower. I asked the toweroperator to look west, about 30degreesfrom the horizontaland tell me what hesaw."Looks like a short vapor trail.Very odd."(continued on next page)
  • 17. Duich, Continued"Vapor trail iny foot! Look at itnow."I could see it through the windowas I talked to the tower operator. Theglow was nowdiminishingand changingto a dull red-orange and at the sametime the fuzzy appearance t graduallytook on a solid look, in the distinctshape of a pencil or slender cigar. The upper end was blunter.than the lowerend.By then all those in the office werecurious and we all stepped outside tojoin the 10. to 20 others who hadgathered to gape at the thing. Allor asudden we all started checking eachothers faces for some silly reason —forassurance of reality, perhaps, for as wewatched there appeared at the lowerend of the object a swarm of blackspecks cavorting, every which way,much like a swarm of gnats. This,procedure continuedfor a minute or sobefore they (the black specks)disappeared.Then the object, which had hungmotionless on the same spot, slowlychanged attitude from an uprightposition to a 45 degree angle with the,horizontal and started moving slowlytoward the west.At thesame timetherewas no drastic change in the,coloring,but a perceptible color change/did takeplace. It remained a dull orange-redcolor and continued its westerlymovement. ! .We watched in awe for severalminutes — perhaps 5 — and then theobject, changed .attitude, again verygradually, until, its .longitudinal axisCLEAR INTENTAVAILABLEMUFON has ordered a supply ofthe new book Clear Intent, co-authoredby Lawrence Fawcett and Barry J.Greenwood, from Prentice-Hall. Theprice for the paperback version is $8.95plus $1.50 for handling and postage.This is one of the most significant UFObooks to be published. Order yourcopy now.OFPu+tAFBOMAHA, NEBRASKASEPTEMBER .6, 19561. UFO first appearedas vapor streak, bright flare,of light. Then turned red-orange, solid shapebecame distinct. Black specks, appeared, cavorted,near lower end. . .2. Specks disappeared, object tilted to ij degreesfrom horizontal, began moving slowly WSW.3. Object tipped to horizontal, then as 1t moved Into;distance tilted upwardsagain.appeared parallel to the horizon.- Thewestward movement continued,. slightly to the southwest, the apparentsize of the object diminished graduallyand the cblor: faded. About 5 minutesbefore we lost it completely (as itfadedinto the haze just above the horizon) the object changed attitude again;back;toward the 45: degreeposition.but.npfquite: ; "< . .! .: .• >".^.> • •:,.As it .continued-on-jts... westerlypath, it maintained this last .attitudeuntil completely swallowed up by thehaze. It never did drop- below thehorizon ^just faded away.The fading,of course, was due to the many miles ofhazy atmosphere between us and theobject. The sky wascloudless, but ,thewestern horizon did have,a slight haze,readily .apparent against the brightbackground.About 10 minutes after I sightedthe object, a full colonel set up a tripodand 35 mm camera with color film andtook several photographs of the object.He later denied gettingany successfulexposures after Iasked him on severaloccasions.• Immediately after the object fadedaway, we asked one another what it waswe saw. The popular answer/was, "Idont know, but I saw something.". The crowd was composed ofairmen,officers1and civilians (at least 25officers1, and airmen were present).. Several of the officers .(and, possiblya few civilians) were from the Air ForceBallistic Missile DivisioninLos Angeles.Several more, like myself, wereOperations personnel engaged in aSAC planning session at the,time. Allexcept a few of the airmen wereseasoned, veteran flyers or highlytrained/missile engineers. Weconcluded that whatwas seen by allwas no conventional vehicle, nor was itan.atmospheric phenomenon.;"•! .collected a few names ,ofindividuals present, as I intended to. report the UFO to the properauthorities. I called the filter center andreported the facts over the telephone inthe presence of a fejlow officer and co-worker. I was told, that I would becontacted for interview within 48 housby ATIC (Air Technical IntelligenceCenter) representatives. I am stillwaiting — 5l/2 years later.17
  • 18. LETTERSEditor,The January 84 MUFON UFOJournal contains much thought-provoking and risk-taking materialand Ienjoyed it. I am writing in response toyour invitation to let you hear myreaction to any and all articles.The three "biggies" are JohnSchuesslers "Estimate of theSituation..."; Bob Pratts (your) "TruthAbout the Ellsworth Case," andMichael Lewis "Earth-Based UFOs".Im glad to see a "pro-UFO"publication analyze an incident(Ellsworth) which is now believed to bea hoax. Allpersons interested in UFOsbenefit when researchers such asyourself "tell it like it is" and donthesitate to do some of your ownhousecleaning and debunking.With this attitude in mind, I wasexcited to read Schuesslers article,which could be editorially subtitled"Give Em Hell, John." Im onlybeginning to appreciate the fairly smallcommunity of UFO researchers — thepersonalities and politics behind thepublications I read. While politicsshouldnt be the major focus ofMUFON Journal, this wake and shakearticle appears to be useful.I would like to respond to a fewpoints in his article:—Yes, there are no UFOpublications on magazine racks and inbookstores. What has been done to getMUFON UFO Journal, InternationalUFO Reporter, etc, into shops andlibraries? I remember — and ithas to beless than eight years ago —seeing UFOmags (albeit sensational probably) atdrug store magazine racks.—I love it when you take PhilipKlass to task! But a certain point ofsaturation can be reached, and wellhave to ignore him in favor of usingspace for something positive.—Sorry to hear the professionalUFO researchers are being forced bydebunkers to take the "safe" route.Lets do more to praise and givesupport to those who do take risks.—The dissection of NICAP,APRO, CUFOS, and even his ownorganization MUFON is a real eye-18opener. I often wondered why, eventhough I was on the CUFOS mailinglist, no other UFO organizationsolicited me. Now I know — lack of co-operation and enough volunteers.Maybe MUFON Journal couldoccasionally print how to get otherorganizations bulletins. Just out ofcuriosity Idlike to get one from APRO.—Concerning the plight ofWendelle Stevens, I am inclined toagree with MUFON Journals printinghis situation with the law, but onlybecause he claimed his indictment wasdue to harassment for his UFOactivities. •—The last sentence is the key towhy people keep researching, readingjournals, paying dues. It should beframed at the next convention, andhung on the wall.On Lewis piece, I say "weird,totally weird" — but Im extremelyinterested in knowing what people arethinking when they drop out ofMUFON leadership. Im glad he wrotedown his thoughts. I only wish aprofessional reporter could haveinterviewed him and made him dig inand clarify the "who, what, where,when and why" more.So, thanks for a courageouspublication. Go for it!Diane L. WoelfelBoulder, ColoradoA subscription to TheAPRO Bulletin can beobtained by writing to the Aerial PhenomenaResearch Organization, 3910 East KleindaleRoad, Tucson,Arizona 85712.It costs $15 a yearin the U.S., $16in Canada and Mexico and $18inother countries ($21 for air mail).The Center for UFO Studies publishesseveral publications, among them theInternational UFO Reporter. It costs $15 a year inthe U.S. and$20 in other countries ($25 airmail).Write to: CUFOS, P.O. Box 1621, Lima, Ohio45802.APRO, CUFOS and, of course, MUFONare happy to accept even larger contributions ifsubscribers wish to be more generous.Editor,UsingMUFONs sample letter as aguide, I have prepared a letter to mystate representatives in the U.S.Congress urging formal hearings ongovernment secrecy and misinform-ation as it pertains to the UFOphenomenon. However, as MUFONhas implied, my request would carrygreater weight if I could offer mySenator/Representative evidence ofthe governments coverup and/ordissemination of misleading UFOinformation as attachments to myletter. Regrettably, I have nophotostatic evidence in my possession.To solve this problem that I andother MUFON members may have,perhaps MUFON (with cooperationfrom Larry Fawcett and BarryGreenwood, authors of "Clear Intent")could include samples of suchgovernment correspondence in anupcoming issue of the Journal. Single-page governmentletters would be best.MUFON members could then remove,xerox and forward these governmentcommunications as attachments totheir letters to Congressionalrepresentatives.Thomas B. BurchPoolesville, MDUnfortunately, the Journal doesnthave enough space to publish samplesof such documents. However, theFundfor UFO Research offers a largeselection of such documents. Wesuggest readers write to the Fund, atP.O. Box 277, Mount Rainier, MD20712 for a price list.Editor,I am interested in contactingindividuals who have had UFOsightings and/or encounters for thepurpose of offering my services as aprofessional hypnotist. I have a specialinterest in assisting these people toretrieve lapses in memory which oftenresult from these experiences.I maintain that lapsesof memoryofUFO related experiences are a naturalunconscious defense mechanism. Thisdefense against the extreme mentalconfusion results from events faroutside ones accustomed definitionsofreality. This memory loss occurs in theabsence of any other means ofunderstanding the episode.Any lapse of memory of this sortcan be unnervingand hypnosis can bemost helpful in restoring needed peaceand mind to the subject. In addition,if(confirmed on nexf page)
  • 19. Letters, Continuedthe subject so chooses, the regainedbody of details can be a valuableaddition to the collection of dataalready on record for futher studyof thephenomena.I can assure your readers of themost professional and ethical service asa representative of the AmericanCouncil of Hypnosis Examiners, fromwhom I received my training andcertification. I am also registered withthe Hypnotists Examining Council inCalifornia. If any of your readers hasany questions about my services or thememory-lapse aspect ofUFOsightings,I would be most happy to hear fromthem.Kathryn McCampbell, C.M.H.10541 Old River RoadForestville, Ca. 95436(707) 887-9630Miss McCampbell is the daughterof MUFONs director of research,James McCampbell.Editor,In response to your article in theJanuary issue of the Journal, I amconveying my thoughts on futurecooperation with the NationalE n q u i r e r . Perhaps you cancommunicate my sentiments to theBoard of Directors.I feel that whether or not we hit thetarget as planned is a moot point,as thewrong audience was targeted. Thereadership of the National Enquirerconsists largely of middle aged or olderhousewives of fairly low educationalbackground. Certainly there isnothingwrong with being middle aged orelderly, nor with being a housewife.Butwhy would we court a relativelyundereducated audience? The very factthat this audience purchases and readsthe Enquirer indicates that they are arather credulous lot. While such apopulation could increase Journalcirculation, it is unlikely that it wouldprovide us with new, serious ufologists.It might be useful to look at thosesegements of society which do not readthe Enquirer. I can guarantee thatacademics do not place the Enquirervery high on their reading lists! This iscertainly true also of the professions(engineers, scientists, physicians,attorneys, business men), the military,industry leaders and policy makers. Idoubt seriously that those individualsina position to dispense funds fromprivate foundations keep up theirsubscriptions.Like most of the supermarkettabloids, the National Enquirer has areputation for sensationalism andfabrication. It may be unfortunate, but itis true that you are known by thecompany you keep. Mixing UFOs withsuch circus favorites as Jackie Onassisand Princess Di can only trivializeufology, and reenforce the skepticalattitudes of many citizens. It is a poorvehicle for publiceducation of any type.I believe that there are alternatives.There are many literary, picture, andquasi-technical magazines whichmaybe agreeable to publishing well writtenand thoughtful articles on UFOs. HasMUFON diligently pursued theseavenues? These magazines may well beinterested in some sort ofpoint-counterpoint articles between ufologists andskeptics in an attempt to offer whatthey perceive as a balanced view to itsreaders.But even if MUFON can find nonational publicationswilling to presentMUFON material, I think it is a veryserious error to cooperate in any waywith the tabloids. It is the wrong typeofpublicity and can only causeembarrassment and division within ourorganization.Joe Kirk ThomasLos Angeles, Calif.Directors Message, ContinuedDue to the popularityof the tradepaperback book Observing UFOs byRichard F. Haines, Ph.D., our supplyis practically depleted. We still have afew copies availableat $5 plus$1.50 forpostage and handling. We areremovingthis book from our publication listingsince we are unable to obtain morecopies. We will fill orders until our isexhausted.* * *In January 1980, MUFONpublished Leonard H. Stringfieldsmonograph titled The UFOCrash/Retrieval Syndrome, StatusReport II (38 pages). We still have anadequate supply at $5 plus $1.50 forpostage and handling. For peopleinterested in the subject of UFOcrashes and the recovery of craft andbodies, Leonard Stringfield hasprivately published a new booklet titledUFO Crash/Retrievals: Amassing theEvidence, Status Report III (June 1982),(53 pages). Personally autographedcopies may now be obtained fromMUFON for $10 plus $1.50 for postageand handling.* * *John Magor, Provincial Directorfor British Columbia, is the author ofthe trade paperback book AliensAbove, Always, published by HancockHouse (1983). The Preface is byBrinsley LePoer Trench (Earl ofClancarty). Lord Clancarty hasauthored several books himself. Hemade an important contribution toUfology in 1979 when he initiated amajor debate on UFOs in the House ofLords in England.* * *On Sunday, August 12, 1984,Massachusetts MUFON is sponsoringa "UFO Forum" at the CentervilleCommunity Center in Beverly,Massachusetts, from 9 AM to 4 PM,featuring some of the best known UFOresearchers in the world today: BarryJ. Greenwood and LawrenceFawcett, co-authors of Clear Intent;Budd Hopkins, author o MissingTime; Dr. David M.Jacobs, authorofThe UFO Confrouersy inAmerica; andMrs. Cynthia Hind, MUFONContinental Coordinator for Africa andauthor of the book African Encounters.Opening remarks will be provided byMrs. Marge Christensen, MUFONState Director, and the paneldiscussion will be moderated by Dr.Eugene Mallove, an astronauticalengineer. Pre-registration tickets maybe obtained for $8 by writing toMassachusetts MUFON, Inc., P.O.Box 176, Stoneham, MA 02180 by July1st or at the door for $10. TheCenterville Community Center islocated on the corner of Essex Streetand Miller Road in Beverly,Massachusetts.19
  • 20. DIRECTORS MESSAGEMay we extend congratulations tothe entire MUFON of San Antoniogroup for hosting the delightful andexciting MUFON 1984 UFOSymposium on July 6, 7, and 8 at thebeautiful Holiday Inn - Airport in SanAntonio, Texas. Considering that theyhad onlyseven months advance notice,Tom Deuley and his fantasticcommittee deserve accolades for theirfabulous job. The committeechairpersons are hereby recognized:Robert Morgan, Steve Lewis,Dennis Stacy, Audrey Paulis,Christine Lopez, PatPowers, ElmerRomigh, Al Schuette and WaltAndrus.* * *In recognition of his achievementsas both a writer and an ambassador ofgoodwill, Paul Dong of Oakland,California, has been appointed ourRepresentative to China. Mr. Dong isthe U.S. Editor for The Journal of UFOResearch published in the PeoplesRepublic of China, starting in 1981. Hisnew book titled The Four MajorMysteries o} Mainland China,published by Prentice-Hall, wasreleased on May 30, 1984. Paul joinedMUFON in 1979 as a Field Investigatorand Chinese Translator.* * *Henry H. Morton, State Directorfor North Carolina, has approved thefollowing realignment of his Stateorganization: George D. Fawcett ofLincolnton, North Carolina, hasvolunteered to become the AssistantState Director, replacing Mrs. GayleMcBride, who becomes the StateSection Director for Stokes andForsyth Counties. Mr. Fawcett iseminently qualified for this position,since he served as State Director ofNorth Carolina from 1974 to 1980.George is the author of the bookQuarfer Cenfury Studies of UFOs inFlorida, North Carolina, andTennessee. Gayle has been thechairperson for the last few MUFONNorth Carolina UFO Conferences.Mrs. Marge Christensen hasselected Barry J. Greenwood to bethe Assistant Director forMassachusetts. Mr. Greenwood is co-author of the new book Clear Intent,published by Prentice-Hall.Marge hasappointed Joanne Bruno of Medfordto fill the vacancy of State SectionDirector for Middlesex County,created by Barrys promotion.Gus D. Berryhill, Jr., M.D.,State Director for Mississippi, hasapproved the appointment of Rev.Ralph Savarese to the position ofState Section Director for Clarke andWayne Counties. Ralph is a MethodistMinister and retired from the U.S. AirForce after 20 years of service.* * *During the summer of 1983, theMUFON UFO Journal, got behindschedule bythree months. Eventhoughwe are publishing current material, thedate on the cover is not current. Torectify this, two consecutive issues willbe combined. The April 1984 issue,number 194, was mailedto subscribersthe first part of June. We will combineMay and June 1984as issuenumber 195and July and August 1984 as issuenumber 196. The September issue willbe identified as number 197. Eachsubscriber will receive twelve issues fortheir annual MUFON membership/subscription. Renewal notices will beenclosed to advise each member whenhis or her subscription expires. Wehope that this arrangement will benefitall of our Journal subscribers,especially those in foreign countries,where second class mail isexceptionally slow and the issue datecompounds the problem.* * *Special recognition is due toThomas P. Deuley, host chairpersonfor the MUFON 1984 Symposium,whodesigned the cover for the 1984Symposium Proceedings, and toDonald R. Schmitt, State DirectorforWisconsin, for the artists rendition.Itisone ofthe most attractivecover designsthat has graced the annual symposiumproceedings during the past 15 years.The MUFON 1984 UFO SymposiumProceedings (1984 Pages) will beavailable for $10 plus $1.50 for postageand handling in U.S. funds after July10, 1984, by making a check or postalmoney order made payable toWalt AndrusMUFON, 103Oldtowne Road, Seguin,Texas 78155 U.S.A.* **The North American UFOFederation, Inc.(NAUFOF)conductedits official 1984 Annual Board ofDirectors Meeting via teleconferenceon Saturday, June 2, 1984, withDirector Richard F. Hainespresiding.Working from a prepared agenda, theessential business was conductedwithout the costs associated withtransportation, lodging and meals foreach board member to a commonlocation.* * *The UFO Study Group of GreaterSt. Louis was invited and they haveaccepted to host the MUFON 1985UFO Symposium in St. Louis,Missouri, which will be held on June28, 29and 30,1984. Clifford Palmbergis the general chairperson and he will beassisted by Kenneth Hanke. Meetingmonthly since February, they have setup seven distinct committees,proposed a list of potential speakers,established a budget, and evaluatedlocation sites. The active committee iscomposed of Barbara Becker, FrankBrown, Helen and Ken Hanke, CliffPalmberg, Mike Shannon, KarenTeller, Bruce Widaman andSpencer Wolling.* * *The Fund for UFO Research hascontracted with TYMNETof Californiato provide a nationwide wiredcomputer service to be known asUFONET. UFONET hasbeen set up to(a) decrease the response time betweenthe initial report of a UFO sightingandthe subsequent investigation and (b)to decrease the time it takes UFOinvestigators to detect a localconcentration of sightings or to detectthe onset of a general "flap." Ifyou havea CRT terminal, a modem (300 baudrate) and a printer and would like toparticipate in this unique network,please contact Bruce Maccabee,Fund for UFO Research, P.O. Box277,Mount Rainier, MD 20712.(continued on page 19)