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Mufon ufo journal   1984 1. january
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  • 1. MUFON UFO JOURNALNUMBER 191 JANUARY 1984Founded 1967.OFFICIAL PUBLICATIONOP$1.50MUTUAL UFONETWORK, INC..f. :.:• . < : - . ! : . . i 3. cCwGd nAi r-i r. i. ~-"1..:.« • :NI ir. Six E. c:=; -" . •. . • :.-i" o.Ht It.-f H. I C t N T if V i j :.:~.ns ( T a t t o o , atate )• - : • > S s » s i 3 ( M i l i t a r y or - . j / j l i a n . er,.1 condition ef 7 . CM1.?. I N F L U E N C E O r -• • • :s.M fCC«P_,» i NT ( S p i - t i . y !;;>? and Iccatien)HELPING BAND (SECURITY VIOLATION)/COVEREDSita Lisa 9 (68th SMSq Airea)1 Miles SH of NisLand, SDLAUL D. HIlfZMAS, SSgt, USA?".oca/Plotter, Hing Security ControlDiVAGCN(SSCORIT7 VIOLATION)on;iu«./SOLa rH i s(fxp^ajn J/ilitta 10) ^H O u R 12100 1O A I C16 Nov 77 Asin riasON"8V T-E^IPHOI81 MA 1 L ^t • • fcfiif/«j. ho* I • r u j* 0 < • * • f» J r : j.nj- i-r £**#*« « a*i-j ;on ana B I V O 3it i A * 11.««.« > At 2059hr3., 16^ Hov 77, AIC PHILLIPS•niel A., Lima- Security Control, telephoned USC and reported an OZ alarm activati<L-9 and that Lin* SAT #1, AIC JENKINS & AIC RSEKE were dispatched. (Trip #62,2l35br3.) At 2147hrs., AIC PHILLIPS telephoned WSC and reported that the sltuatt L-9 had been upgraded to a COVERED WAGON per request of CAPT STOKES, Larry D.tion*SO Security^JJp was initiated by WSC and Base CSC. BAF(Backup Security; | MI SOE^." M i l l T A » T T R A F F Kf ^ S O - i ^?-. t E D TO RE •>Gi>f (Insert relejory of r a J a f i o n a n i p j v J t c r opposite name)SJSSCT 3. * ! ; K t 5 $ £. M f / S P / A P f . I «t vtS r I GA t 3. 8V G. *?PP( MtJO£NAMEjgXKISS, Kenneth C.RA«Z2. Wayne E.STSUABX, Robert E*STOKES, Larry D.CBJOIAIC, AICTSgtCaptiiH571-13-9597305-68-7556211-28-7556^9-40-9406•44 M3S (68-3J. ^44 21SS (68-3) 144 >SS (68-3)44 HSS (88-3),r;ON OF ;NCic-ff, •• -:o-v. a .• rC. I v i C - c N C c (i.j, : .-. c.t c;r ib* , ar sua-ntr is -• _• « j a,->.-.j jr All evidence retained by APOSI and ?3ITHE TRUTH ABOUT THE ELLSWORTH CASE
  • 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155BOB PRATTEditorANN DRUFFELContributing EditorLEN STRINGFIELDAssociate EditorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International DirectorTED BLOECHERPAVEWEBBCo-Chairmen,Humanoid Study GroupPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityREV. BARRYDOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryROSETTAHOLMESPromotion/PublicityGREG LONGStaff WriterTEDPHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesDENNIS W. STACYStaff WriterAL BARRIER,M.D.AstronomyNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHTCONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLEditor/Publishers EmeritusThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispubbshed by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$15.00 per year in the U.S.A.;$16.00 foreign. Copyright 1983 bythe Mutual UFO Network.Secondclass postage paid at Seguin,Texas. POSTMASTER: Sendform3579 to advise change ofaddress toThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL,103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas78155.FROMTHE EDITORThis issue is, we feel, significant in several aspects, and it willprobably ruffle a few feathers. First, in our lead article, DeputyDirector John Schuessler takes a blunt look at ufology in Americatoday. He pulls no punches and spares no one, not even MUFON.Secondly, we try to kill off for good a clever 1977 hoax that someresearchers have begun to believe really did happen. And, one ofMUFONs former state directors tells why he resigned and intendsto pursue his research independently of any organization. Inaddition to all this, we have some good features that will pleaseeveryone (wehope). Whatever, letus hear your reaction to anyorallof these pieces.In this issueESTIMATE OF THESITUATION 1984, The (sad?) state of ufology 3By John SchuesslerTHE TRUTH ABOUT THE ELLSWORTH CASE 6By Bob PrattUFO HOTLINE REPORTS 10By Bob GribbleGREENISH GLOWING LIGHT SEENIN PENNSYLVANIA & NEW JERSEY 11By Stan GordonFORMER COMBAT PILOT SEES OBJECT 3 TIMES 12UFO DISASTER AT GRIFFISS-ROMEAIR FORCE BASE 13By Paul CernyWOMAN REVEALS 1977 FLORIDA SIGHTING 14By Donald WareEARTH-BASED UFOS 16By Michael LewisPlus othernewsand features, including Letters, p. 14;In OthersWords, p.19;and Directors Message, p. 20.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal income tax. In addition,bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions ofSections 2055, 2106,and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFONUFO JOURNALare determined bythe editor, and donot necessarily represent the official position of MUFON.Opinions ot contributorsare their own, and do not necessarily reflect thoseof the editor, the staff, orMUFON.Articles maybe forwarded directly to MUFON.Responses to published articles maybe in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400words) or ina short article (up to about2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50% rule" is applied: the article author may reply butwill be allowed half the wordage used inthe response;the responder mayanswer theauthor but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authors reply, etc.Allsubmissions are subject to editing for style, clarity, and conciseness.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than200words are quoted from any one article, the author ofthe article isgivencredit,and thestatement "Copyright 1983 by the MutualUFO Network, 103 OldtowneRd., Seguin,Texas" is included.
  • 3. ESTIMATE OF THE SITUATION 1984THE (SAD?) STATE OF UFOLOGYBy John F. SchuesslerCopyright© 1984 SchuesslerWhat is happening inthe field oftenreferred to as UFOLOGY? Where arewe going? Is there an end in sight?These are some questions posed tomeby Bob Pratt, editor of the MUFONUFO Journal. This estimate of thesituation is my opinion only, basedupon 19 years of involvement in thefield.It is difficult to find factual, up todate UFO information on the book andmagazines counters anywhere in theUnited States at this time. Butwherever anythingis published it issoldout within hours. The public is left withno alternative but to turn to the tabloids— the National Enquirer, Examiner,Star, Globe, Weekly World News.Millions of copies are sold weeklyand read in households all overAmerica. Their UFO content is oftenquestionable and at times ispure trash.People could correct this situation bycalling or writing to their storemanagers or publishers anddemandingsomething better; but due to a generalfeeling of apathy this doesnt happen.The bulk of the work associatedwith UFO investigations, reporting,analyses, and communications is doneby volunteers. Many of the volunteersoperate as part of large networkscontrolled by not-for-profit organiza-tions, while others choose the free-lance route.The network apporach seems tobe more successful because of costsassociated with travel and communica-tions across great distances.Unfortunately, however, many of thevolunteers are dropping out. Variousreasons are given, but according toa number of the dropouts there is acommon thread in their reasons.The AttacksMost of the volunteers areintelligent, mature individuals holdingworthwhile jobs in industry andgovernment. Although more than halfof these people have never seen a UFO,their feelings of concern, intellectualstimulation, love of a mystery, orfrustration with the general lack ofacceptable answers drives them toinvest countless hours and dollars intheir quest for truth.In their work they are encouragedto investigate, speculate, hypothesize,test and report, regardless of the type ofjob they hold. However, when they dothe same thing associated with a UFOincident, they receive attacks from alldirections.Key in the attacks on UFOinvestigators and witnesses alike is agroup that likes to be called "skeptics,"when clearly they are common"debunkers." They denigrate anythingor anyone that even hints at having aposition counter to theirs, especiallyinrelation to UFO or paranormal events.They stop at nothing to make theirpoint. They often omit data, bend facts,fabricate information, conductpersonal attacts on individuals, andshoutdown their opponents. They doall this under the guiseof protecting thepublic. They call and writetelevisionnetworks, stations, and personalities inan attempt to suppress any type ofprogram not to their liking. Intimidationis used, and it usually works.In November 1983, a conferencecontaining a UFO Watergate themewas held at the University of Nebraska.It was reported that Philip Klass, aknown debunker, had called theuniversity officials and conferenceorganizers in an attempt to stop theevent. He allegedly made accusationsthat the participants were communistsympathizers because they questionedwhy the United States Governmentwould not release all appropriate UFOinformation.If one would follow his line ofthinking, then all our candidates forpublic office, even the Presidency,would be considered communistsbecause they question how things arebeing done by those already in office.His actions could be questioned onthe basis of his own employment. He isa senior editor for Aviation Week andSpace Technology magazine, knownby people employed in the aerospaceindustry and government alike asAviation Leak, because it is said to leakgovernment technical secrets to theworld.Abusive ApproachThe debunkers have giventhemselves a feeling of legitimacy,forming the basis for their operation.The fact is, there is no requirement foranyone to reply to their demands forinformation or to accept their abusiveapproach. Their journals are blatantlyone-sided and dedicated to theelimination of another point of view.Atthe same time they complain ifthey arenot given equal billingat conferences, inbulletins of private organizations, andanywhere people choose to disagreewith their point of view. In general,theyseem to have a miserable outlook andwant, even demand, everyone else tofeel the same way.Many of the volunteer investiga-tors are professional people, givingvaluable hours freely to the work ofUFO investigations. When theybecome the target of a debunkingattack, they will often accept an easyand non-threatening answer for a caserather than risk the wrath of thedebunker. Then, when the next casecomes along, they will be too busy towork on it. After that, their activity islimited to reading the journals andpossibly attending conferences wherethey can be anonymous in a crowd.They havent lost their interest, butthey are on "safe" ground with theirpeers.The North American UFOFederation was founded because anumber of people saw a need for aunified approach to the UFO problem.(continued on next page)
  • 4. Schuessler, ContinuedNot only would the federation givestrength in numbers, it would alsodampen the effects of the anti-professional efforts of the debunkers.This is an excellent goal, but it maybe difficult to achieve because theorganizers will become targets fordebunking and frustrated by theinfighting of individualsin the memberorganizations!Over the years, UFO researchorganizations and clubs have sprung upand then faded away. All havecontributed in some way to the stateofufology as it is today.Perhaps their best contribution isthe support and help they have giventhe witnesses and victims of UFOevents. Without these private groups,many thousands of people would havegone without help or hope. It is myopinion that they could have donemuch more, but due to powerstruggles, ego problems, and in-fightingthey have built barriers to their ownsuccess.NICAPs FlawsNICAP was a powerful and longstanding pro-UFO organization. Someof their investigations, research, andpublications have stood the test oftimeand are viewed even today as excellent.NICAP could have been much more.As an organization, it had moneyand top notch people, but it also hadsome built in biases and limitations.Although UFO meant unidentifiedflying object, certain cases such asabductions were ground ruled out —they were not legitimate.With theseselfimposed limitations the organizationwas doomed to failure. The wholemystery could not be evaluated.The remaining large and wellknown pro-UFO organizations are TheCenter for UFO Studies (CUFOS), theMutual UFO Network (MUFON), andthe Aerial Phenomena ResearchOrganization (APRO). Each has a bodyof specialists available as consultantsand a shrinking population ofsubscribers to their publications. Theyblame public apathy, governmentcover-up and dirty tricks, and eachother for their financial andorganizational problems. While theseJOHN SCHUESSLERDeputy Director of MUFONthings may exist, they are onlysymptomatic, not the source of theproblems.Although CUFOS has someextraordinary talent in its consultantgroup, the real success of theorganization comes from associationwith the name of its founder, Dr. J. AllenHynek. Dr. Hynek has demonstratedhow one can be a professional in thisfield and not let the detractors deterhim from his course.It is not important whether or notone agrees with his personal views onthe subject. Rather, the importantfeature is the relentless attack on theproblem. While some individualswereblasting the importance oflandingtraceinformation, Mrs. Hynek was assistingresearch specialist Ted Phillips incataloging his hundreds of trace cases.With such a favorable image, whyis CUFOS feeling the same financialpinch as MUFON, APRO and others?Perhaps it is because the organizationhas not changed with the times,recognizing changes in managementstyles, especially for volunteerorganizations.The privilegeof payinga feeonce ayear is not enough for many people.They need some personal feedback, anopportunity for involvement,a shieldofprotection from the detractors, andfeeling of accomplishment. Only a fewindividuals are getting any of thosethings. Without a major UFO flap,CUFOS could shrink to a small groupwith little clout. This should not beallowed to happen.Whither APRO?APRO has similar problems. Itsmain claim to fame today is that isis theoldest organization of its kind inexistence. Due to the health problemsof Jim and Coral Lorenzen, APRO hastaken some hard hits in the past fewyears. Some of the people filling in haveplayed some dirty tricks that havehurtthe credibilityof APRO.Again, unfortunateas this may be,it isjust a symptom of the problem. Jimand Coral have failed to follow the firstbasic rule of management in anorganization. That is to develop yoursuccessors and to give them authorityand responsibility as they becomecapable. And second, they neverlearned that cooperation is healthy foreveryone and need not be viewed as athreat.Because Coral viewed WalterAndrus as a threat, he was forced toleave APRO and form MUFON. Ifhandled properly, that probablywouldhave never happened and APRO wouldbe even stronger today.A similar situation has developedwith the North American UFOFederation. APRO has. refused tocooperate rather than to take aleadership role in NAUFOF, a real lossto both organizations. Allthis limits thehopes and goals of the many finevolunteers in APRO.MUFON As WellMUFON is havinga different typeof problem. As an organization,MUFON was based on the grass rootsapproach. In structure, this is goodfrom a management viewpointbecauseit provides a hierarchy on a local, state,and national scale. And due to thededication and hard work of WalterAndrus, this approach has beensuccessful.In a grass roots organization,thereis a great diversity in thought andopinion. When trying to solve amysteryof great magnitude,thisdiversitycan bethe key to success or failure.Unfortunately, a portion of theupper part of the hierarchy seems to beimposing limits on thought andtechnique. While this may be fine if onereally knows all the answers, it can killthe very roots that will supply the datafor actual answers. Without the grass(continued on next page)
  • 5. Schuessler, Continuedroots, MUFON will be devoid of dataand finances, leaving only an upperhierarchal group to play mind gamesand wonder where the action went.Secrecy and government cover-upis claimed by most UFO organizationsas the main problem in getting answersfor the better sightings. WhileI cannotdeny that is a very real problem, it isblown all out of proportion to the facts.I have personally spent three yearsworking the Cash-Landrum case. Thisin an incident where the victimsclaimedto be harmed by a close encounter witha huge diamond-shaped object andfrightened by the actions of a largenumber of obviously military typehelicopters. Independent witnessesverified the sighting of the object andthe helicopters.Government agencies respondedto requests for information with an "Idont know what you are talking about"attitude. This is to be expected, but onewould expect support from UFOresearchers even if the governmentoffered none. Dr. Hynek, head ofCUFOS, and Walter Andrus, head ofMUFON, have given strong support.On the other hand, CoralLorenzen, head of APRO, and authorWilliam Moore have been verynegativeand critical of the case. They haveclaimed inside knowledge about theUFO, saying it was a malfunctioninggovernment device, being flown insecret around Houston,Texas.Ifthat istrue, why not band together in acommon goal and blow the top off of thecover-up. That never happened eventhough the victims could have beenhelped out of a terriblesituation.Credibility FactorGovernment cover-ups is a goodtopic for authors and a good excuse forUFO organizations to lean on, butwithout facts it is really of little value.Claiming cover-up, Coral Lorenzenused the pages of the APROBULLETIN to conduct a personalattack on the investigator in the Cash-Landrum case, rather than to publishsubstantiation for the APRO claim ofcover-up. This is another example ofthe credibility problem that is beingignored by UFO organizations.It is common for the debunkers toconduct personal attacks on theinvestigators. It is a good way to detractfrom the results of the investigatorswork, and it takes no real work on thepart of the debunker. However, thepro-UFO people fall into the same trapfairly often these days.A good example is the case ofWendelle Stevens. Wendelle publisheda lot of material on cases that fall intothe questionable category and neverbothered to argue with his detractors.The debunkers .spent some timeattacking his work inthe Travis Waltoncase and then backed off when some ofthe more prominent pro-UFO peoplestarted attacking Wendelle on apersonal basis, rather than attackingthe results of his work.As an example of poor taste in asituation having nothing to do withUFOs, Wendelle was jailed for doingsomething disapproved of by society.William Moore, James Moseley, andWalter Andrus, among others, tookgreat delight in playingup the details ofthis mans misfortune, some evenwriting about it in the pages of theirUFO publications.Maybe they all feltbetter that they didnt get caught atsomething they did wrong in the past.One way or the other, UFO researchdid not come but looking any better asthe result. Who will be next on thesacrifice block?Each of the major groups publishabulletin or newsletter. The debunkersuse their pagesto tear down the work ofothers, usually using armchairtechniques in lieu of field work.They dovast intellectual exercises, carefullyforce fitting the results of their effortsinto the shape of their alreadyannounced opinions. It is great fordistribution within a mutualadmirationsociety, but it does nearly nothing forthe resolution of the UFO mystery.Outside of the value it has forintimidating others, it is just a house ofcards.Journals FutureThe MUFON UFO Journal hashad ups and downs. In the earlydays itserved the "grass roots" very well. It isthe only link that many members of theorganization ever have with each other.First-hand reports of investigationsandinformation about activities on-goingwithin the wholeof ufology were amongthe best features of the journal.In the more recent past, it becamea forum for airing disagreementsbetween believers and disbelievers, andeven allowed the debunkers space toattack some responsible investigators.MUFON has lacked a technicalpublication or consultants newsletter.Feeling this lack, there isa move toturnthe MUFON UFO Journal into aquasi-technical journal, eliminating thegrassroots inputs and making sure allthat is printed fits the opinions of a fewindividuals. This seems to be the samegame as played by the debunkers.I could cite other examples of theproblems of ufology today, but thatwould probably be wasted effort. Thereappears to be a strong trend in the fieldof ufology to restrict the freeinterchange of information, ideas, andthoughts. Certain individuals want todefine which books should be inlibraries, which people one cancommunicate with, and whatinformation can be discussed. This allsounds pretty repressive to me.Both sides, operatinginapolarizedenvironment, claiming only they havethe key to the truth, have put limits onthe search for this truth and theunderstanding of one of. the greatestmysteries of all time. Unfortunately,only a few hearty souls are willing tochallenge this head in the sand outlookand go on to examine all the inputs.This examination does not constituteacceptance; rather it simply points outa need for a broader perspective on thesituation and a greater use of availabletools. It takes very little^examination torealize that neither of the polarizedgroups has found the key to the puzzle.Turning PointAs a case in point, the MUFONUFO Journal carried a brief account ofmy firsthand observations ofAustralianresearcher Stan Deyo. Mr. Deyo isviewed as a controversial figure by bothsides, but neither has bothered to goand look into what the man is reallydoing and saying. I tried to give thatview, without adding my personalopinions.(continued on next page)
  • 6. The anatomy of a hoaxTHE TRUTH ABOUT THE ELLSWORTH CASE1By BOB PRATTEditor, MUFON UFO JournalA story gaining credence amongsome UFO researchers concerns thereported landing of a UFO near amissile site in South Dakota onNovember 16, 1977, with the UFOsoccupants stealing the missiles nuclearcomponents and wounding a securitypoliceman.It has come to be known as the"Ellsworth Case" because the missilesite is under the command of EllsworthAir Force Base near Rapid City, SouthDakota.As one of those who investigatedthe alleged incident,Ican saypositivelythat it never happened.Unfortunately, some peoplechoose to believe otherwise. Let meexplain some of what I know about the"Ellsworth Case" and perhaps we canlay it to rest.The backgroundOn February 9,1978, when Iwas astaff reporter for the National Enquirer,we received an anonymous letter at ourFlorida1offices that was mailed fromRapid City. Because it apparentlyinvolved UFOs, it was turned over toBill Dick, then an articles editorresponsible for most UFO stories.It contained what appeared to be acarbon copy of an official U.S. AirForce incident report, plus a brief,unsigned, typewritten note. The reportwas stamped FOR OFFICIAL USE.ONLY at top-and bottom.Supposedly from the commanderof the 44thMissileSecuritySquadron, itdescribed theincident as a HelpingHand (security violation)/CoveredWagon (security violation) at Lima 9(68th SMSq Area), 7 miles SW, ofNisland, SD, at 2100hours on 16 Nov.77.The person identified as receivingthe report wasPaulD. Hinzman, SSgt,USAF, Comm/Plotter, Wing SecuritySchuessler, ContinuedAs a result, I was attacked by thedebunkers because Stan Deyo is onthat magic list of people that they say toavoid. On the other hand, I wasaccused by some pro-UFO people ofgiving credence to his work because Imentioned what I saw. Neither sidereally cares about the details; theysimply want to be the censors. I resentthis.Over the years I havecommunicated with people on all sidesof the UFO controversy and I believeIhave gained worthwhileinformation asa result. I have duplicated and mailedlarge piles of information, not because Iagreed with the content; but becauseitwas part of the data base and I felt itshould be considered by thoseknowledgable in the field. I hoped newideas would germinate and grow as aresult of this free flow of information. Itis a challenge I will not abandon, but Imust admit my hopes for success are6dwindling.The common thread found in thereasoning of people dropping out maybe summarized as follows: Theydislikeintimidation and unprofessionaltreat-ment, petty bickering upsets them,censorship or the withholding ofinformation makes then feel left out,and they would like to see strong, butthoughtful leadership in theirorganizations.Ufologists are finding themselvesat a turning point. Many are yielding tooutside pressure and some aredropping out. Others are playing thegame of "gotcha" with their fellowufologists. If someone does not riseabove petty organizational politics andthe senseless attacks on the workers tolead this army of volunteers, then thepresent organizations will becomeineffective little clubs at best. Theultimate solution to the UFO puzzlewillnever be realized and the countlessvictims of UFO encounters inthe futurewill suffer needlessly.Control. It stated that two securitypolicemen were involved, identified asAirmen First Class Kenneth C. Jenkinsand Wayne E. Raeke (pronouncedRAY-Key, we learned later).It also said the incident wasinvestigated by Captain Larry D.Stokes and TSgt. Robert E. Stewart.The identity numbers and squdronassignments of all these men were alsogiven. An OZ alertBriefly, the report (seeillustrations) said that at 10:59 PM onNovember 16, 1977, an OZ, or OuterZone, alarm had been activated at LimaNine missile site (meaning the missilecompound.had been penetrated) andthat Jenkins and Raeke had beendispatched as a Security Alert Team(SAT) from the Lima Launch ControlFacility, some 35minutesawaybyroad.Upon arriving at Lima Nine, Raekewent to the rear fence line, where heencountered an individualdressed in aglowing green metallic uniform andhelmet, who fired somekind ofweapon,disintegrating Raekes rifle and,burning his hands and arms.Jenkins radioed for help, carriedRaeke back to the SAT vehicle andthen returned to the rear fence linehimself. There, he saw two similarlydressed individuals, ordered them to ahalt and when they didnt he shot themboth, one through the shoulder and theother through the helmet. However,within seconds both rose up anddisappeared over a hill. Jenkinsfollowed them and saw them enter a 20-foot-diameter saucer-shaped object,which immediately took off andvanished over the horizon.Investigators later found that themissiles nuclear components weremissing. Meanwhile, the injured Raekewas air-evacuated to an undisclosedlocation.(continued on next page)
  • 7. OHMMDER44 >Usalle Security SquadronELLSWORTH AFB.° SO 57706DELPING BAUD (SECURITr VIOLATION)/COVERED UACON<SEOJ»ITT VIOLATION)Site Lloa 9 (68th SMSo. Area)7 Miles SW of Hlaland. SOPAUL D. HIIlZMAlf, SSgt, USA?Cora/Plotter, Wing Security Control"zioOOAtc16 Hov 7777, AIC PHILUPS,Sinual A., LlnrSecurity Control, telephoned VSC and reported an OZ alam actlTatlonat L-9 and that Llo* SAT M. AIC JENUBS &AIC RISE were dispatched. (Trip «Z,ETA 2l35br».) At 2147hra., AIC PHILLIPS telephoned WSC and reported that the altuatloiat L-9 had been upgraded to a COVESED UAOOH per reqneat of CAPT STOCKS. Larry D..FSO. Securlt^OptlonJlI vaa Initiated by VSCand Baae CSC. BAF(Backnp Security COMTOIJ.ffBSOsS KClArc-0 10 »l»Oaf fjnivrf r«l»J»rr • r«J«li«*afctp lv<f«r ay»«»it« »•••>szfe;l^naethC.v«y»« »•STBIARZ, Robert ESTOKES, tarry D.J , ; l». j?OS» ftON OF ISCiCcN tZVUfl »iHIAWsii-^~Pj :i •>"•.•• ^-..-.r* fly.c.^iTIC-AIC-TSiTCapt571-U-9597303.68-73562U-28-7S3.-339-40-9406U MSS (68-3i.44 MSS (68-3144 KSS ^68-3)44 MSS (88-3)All evidence retained by AFOSI and ?3I(?• _j_r-~/r | Chi ;f. Security Police aEllsworth, ContinuedThe unsigned note claimed theincident actually did happen, that thewriter (who couldnt give his namebecause he was still on activeduty) waspart of the investigation team and thatthe Air Force had imposed extremelytight security on the whole thing.ReactionObviously, this was a fantasticstory, if it was true. The report formcertainly seemed authentic, but thereport itself sounded very much like ahoax. However, it had to be checkedout.We were certain the Air Forcewould deny it, either way, so we did notmake any immediateattempt to verify itthrough official channels. However,wedid make a number of phone calls toEllsworth and Rapid City and, to oursurprise, everyone named inthe reportactually did exist.Furthermore, everyone was thenon duty — except one. We could notreach Raeke, the airman allegedlyburned and evacuated. The phonenumber given for him by the BaseLocater simply didntanswer, as ifit hadbeen disconnected.By the end of the day we began tobelieve there mightbe something tothisafter all, and we decided to take afirsthand look.Everything was handled in greatsecrecy to protect any exclusive storythat might develop. The nextmorning,Bill Dick and I and Tony Brenna, aGLOSSARYHelping Hand: Minor securityviolation.. Covered Wagon: More seriousviolation.Com/Plotter: Communicationsplotter.AIC: Airman first class.WSC: Wing Security Control.OZ: Outer ZoneL-9: Lima Nine, code name formissile site number nine in the LimaMissile Flight, consisting of tenmissile sites.FSO: Flight securify officer.Security Option II: Pre-setresponse to serious security breach,involving the recall of all off-dutysecurity personnel and additionalmanning of all missilesites.Base CSC: Central SecurityControl for the entire base.BAF: Backup Alert Force.SAT Vehicle: Truck used bySecurity Alert Team for response toalarms.10-13 Distress: Radio codesignal for "security policemanneeding assistance."MOD: Medical officer of theday.SAC: Strategic Air Command.44SMW: 44th Strategic MissileWing.MSS: Missile SecuritySquadron.68th SMSq: 68th StrategicMissile Squadron.ETA: Estimated time of arrival.senior reporter, flew off to Rapid City,and only two or three other people onthe staff knew where we were for thenext ten days.In Rapid City, we spent the firstday and a half quietly seeking anyinformation that would indicate theincident had taken place. We also triedto take a look at Lima Nine, but roadsleading to it were blocked bysnowdrifts.From the moment we arrived wehad tried repeatedly to reach Jenkinsand Raeke by phone and finally gotthrough to Jenkins late on Saturdayafternoon. Without being specific as towhat we wanted, we tried to pursuadehim to come into town and talk to us.However, he was extremely suspiciousand refused.On Sunday morning, we decided(continued on next page)
  • 8. Ellsworth, Continuedto make our first direct contact. BothSergeant Hinzman and Captain Stokeslived in the city, and I went toHinzmans home and Brenna went tosee Stokes.Hinzman was polite and courteousand he invitedme into hishome. WhenIrelated the story told in the report, hereacted with interest and genuinesurprise, wondering why he had neverheard about the incident before.DiscrepanciesThen, as we discussed theincident, he began to point out a fewthings wrong, including the fact that hewas not a communications plotter forWins Security Control but had a jobconnected with missilemaintenace. Healso said Sergeant Stewarts first namewas Roderick, not Robert, and thatCaptain Stokes was not a FlightSecurity Officer (FSO), as the reportsaid, but was in charge of all the FSOsfor all the missile flights underEllsworths command.Across town, Brenna was hearingthe same thing from Stokes, who alsosaid that he had been in a hospital onthe date inquestion. Stokes phoned thebase to inquireabout the incidentandashort while later, before Brenna leftStokes home, Brenna received aphone call from Security headquartersat the base. He was asked to stopquestioning Air Force personnel offbase and was told that ifwe wanted todiscuss the matter we were welcome tocome to Security headquarters onMonday. Brenna agreed.That afternoon, a third reporter,Eric Mishara, flew in from anotherassignment and joined us. He rented afour-wheel-drive vehicle and spentmost of the following week interviewingranchers and others in theneighborhood of Lima Nine. He foundno one who knew anything about theincident.On Monday morning, Dick,Brenna and I went to Ellsworth, butinstead of talkingwith Security officialswe were re-routed to the office of MajorArthur Jungwirth, information officerfor the base.We told him what we wereinvestigating and, after making some8WJ:TO:CeUMTft-MJUtTtkl7S0M ITEMForce) tl&fl, were foraed. At JMOh".. 16 Ear 77. the following Informationwaaleaned: 0700 arrival (2l32hra) ac Sic* IL-9. LStT. SOGXHS fc EADZ. dlaMMnted theSAT vehicle to mtka a cheek of the alt* fence line. At tola timt BAEZX obaervedm bright light (Maniac vertically upuarda from the rear of die fence line «f L-9.(There 1* a enall bill approxloately 50 yarda behind L-9) JBOOXS atayed with theSAT vehicle «ad CABCE proceeded to the aource of the light to Investigate. AtBAECB appreeched the creat of the hill, he obeerved an Individual* dratted la • gloulagreea Metallic uniform and wearing a belvet with rltor. BAEKE lanedlotely challengedthe Individual, however; the Individual refuaed to itop and kept walking towarda titmrear fence line of L-9. IAECE alned hla M-16 rifle at the Intruder and ordered hi.Co atop. The latroder Corned towarda BAEO and alajed a object at IAEXE vhich colctad• bright flatb of Intemae light. The flaah of light atruck BAZXfS K-16 rifle, disin-tegrating th» weapo« and caoaiag aecond and third decree bumi to MBtt8 handa. . MIXlinedlately took cover and eoncealBent and radioed the •Iruatloo to JBKD8, whole-torn radioed e 10-13 dletrMa to U« Control. J&SDS reapomted to BAESKg pealclonand carried RAEtt back to the SAT veblcU. JECKIBS then leturued to the rear fenceline to atand guard. JBttXHS obeerved Cto latreder* drecae£a/Che MB* oslfono.walk through the e»»r fence line of L-9. JENKINS challenged the too Indivldaala bntthey r»foaed to ate;. jaOOKS ala«d and fired tvo rouada from bla M-16 rifle. On*bnlUi rtruck one tntrvder in the back and one bullet ctzuck one Intruder In thehrUtt. Both lntur<!er* fell Co the greocd. hewerer. approxlMtel; U aecondt laterboth rrtomed to an uprltfit potltion aart lind r.w*. .-1 flttbt* of H«ht at JESKIH*.JEKCKS took cover and the light mlaied JPOJ3O. T: two Intruder* returned to thewrt •!<?? of the hill an:! i!luppe*rcd. JEKSaKb .tol loved the two ai.o cbaerved the*go im:i<!c a »«uccr iheprc nbjpct «r>proxl"«tel- .6 It* dioiicter »M. ?0 thick. Theobj«<-t: nitto! a glowing cf"1"1 llfiht. Oaec tl.c tntnuder* w*tr Inti/v. the objcc:clteilw>i: vertically upwarri:. int d!«app*ar*i! ov«: -,,- L/^terT, horlior. . E/.f rl arrived• t tl.t *Itc at 2230hr*.. /n.! set u? a •ecurlty pnrtim-r . Site Sur—.y /*«•» arrivedat the tltr (0170hr«.) tru- coob^adUtloa iaaM(i«*,.>4U.ch_-«*a«Kr«<! :rrc: 1.7 to 2.9rocn: )•••":•. Kiniillc K»loten«nr« eicaalncl! tWSjiiiili- ctmvirticad ••:•• Iourri the BOtuUrconpoipr.i *• c;i«.-.lnr. froa tl.i vjrl.c«<l. COL. S?Wi:!.r. , IJn;- Odr. nrrivt-i. *t the siteO F F I C I A L U S E OHpaoM ITEM »ioaad declared the site a National Osfcnta Area and ordered all non eiaenClaL personnelout of the area. All evldeace found at th» aceae jnd the follow-up report will becla*3lfled by order of COL. Spraker.AODITIOitAL INFDBMATIOH: RAZXE waa treated at the 4a*e Hofpltal by HDD (Capt)Sindera for lecond and third degree radiation burn! to each hand. BACKS wa*Alr-0-Vic- - to an unaperlfled location. RAEMS H-16 rifle could not *e locatedat the lit*.phone calls, he assured us thatnothingof that nature had ever happened.Then, over the next five days, hearranged for us to interview in his officeall ofthe key people named inthe report— including Raeke, who had simplybeen out in the field for a number ofdays.Ellsworth commands Lima and 14other missile flights consisting of 10missiles each, all scattered across13,500 square miles of western SouthDakota. Security policemen such asRaeke and Jenkins (who, we laterbecame convinced, had never met oneanother) spend a minimum of 72 hoursin the field and often more whenwintersnows closed the roadsAs for the phone in Raekes livingquarters, it was simply out of order.We were allowedto tape record allinterviews, and everyone we talked to(continued on next page)
  • 9. Ellsworth, Continuedanswered virtually all of our questions(one sergeant said his personal life wasnone of our business).J u n g w i r t h also gave usphotocopies of Security Police DeskBlotters for both Lima Launch ControlFacility and Wing Security Control,which were minute-by-minute logs ofallactivities on November 16 and 17.Everything was routine.He also gave us copies of hospitalrecords showing when Captain Stokeswas admitted and discharged.We meet RaekeEarly in the week we talked withRaeke by phone while he was out in thefield. On Thursday, when he returnedto the base, he immediately came toJungwirths office and again submittedto our questions.Raeke also rolled up his sleevesand allowedus to photograph his handsand arms, which bore no signs of anyinjuries.Jungwirth, who also arranged forus to interviewseveral other people notnamed in the report, was exceedinglycooperative throughout.During the week, we managed totake a good look at Lima Nine.Contrary to what the report said, thereis no hill behind it and no way anyonecould take cover from someonewanting to shoot at them. The areaaround the compound is quite flat,although there isa hill a quarter ofa mileto the west.On Saturday, after nine days inRapid City, Dick, Mishara and Ireturned to Floridawhile Brennaflew toRaekes hometown in Indiana. There,he obtained a copy of the high schoolyearbook and verified that Raeke was,indeed, Raeke. He also checked withthe director of the funeral home, whotold us that Raeke was home on leaveMUFON103 OLDTOWNE RD.SEGUIN,TX 7815529Dear Enquirer;The Incident stated In Che attache^ riyorc actually occurred.V.c Air Force appalntcd a special tein al Individual* to Investigateil .. incident. I was one of those Individuals. I an atlll on activeduty and ao I c^aaot litite a» naae it this time. It 1« not chat Ido not truat the. Enquirer ( I aure /ou would treat mynaae with confidence)but I do:, not trust others. The la:ldent which occurred on 16 Nov 77,was classified top secret on 2 Dec 77. At that tlae I obtained a copyof the original report. I thought at that tine that the Air ?orce wouldprobably hush the whole thing up, and they did. The Air Force orderedthe silence on I Dec 77, after which, the report was classified.There were 16 pictures taken at the scene. I do not have access tothe pictures at this tine.The unsigned note that accompanied alleged reporton November 16, attending hisgrandfathers funeral.Tapes PSEdBack in Florida, I took all the tapecasettes to C.R. McQuiston, an expertin PSE, or Psychological StressAnalysis. He analyzed the tapes andconcluded that there was no reason tosuspect that anyone we talked to inJungwirths office was telling usanything but the truth.However, McQuiston foundsufficient stress in the tape of oneperson not named in the report tosuspect he might have perpetrated thehoax. Some days later, Brennareturned to Rapid City and confrontedthat person. However, the man deniedbeing involved, and the matter wasdropped.We found more than 20discrepancies or errors in the report —wrong names, numbers, occupations,physical layouts and so on. Had theSecurity Option alert mentioned in thereport taken place, it would haveinvolved all security personnel at thebase, and everyone at the base and inRapid City (population 45,000 plus)would have known about it.It would be easy to say the AirForce falsified numerous documents,muzzled everyone on the base and inthe city, published a phony high schoolyearbook, and so on, but that is highlyunlikely.The fact that the story is nowcirculating is perhaps my own fault.Several years later I described thewhole thing to several UFOresearchers as an example of hoaxes,and I probably passed on a copy of thealleged report. From there, the reportgained a life of its own.Unfortunately, one researcherlater was told by an Air Force Office ofSpecial Investigations (AFOSI) agentthat the incident really did happen, andthat is all some people needed. Whatthe agents motive was, I dont know.Ihave been told recently that he hassince admitted it never.did occur.Last June, a national weeklymagazine carried a story on the"Ellsworth Case," and quoted a wellknown UFO researcher with severalbooks to his credit as saying jt didhappen and that the Air Force "hadsnowed the investigators." Perhaps hewas misquoted. If not, his owncredibility is in question.We spent a total of 44 man-daysinvestigating this at a cost to theEnquirer (counting salaries, expenses,etc.) of more than $15,000. We had nodoubt that the incident as described inthe so-called report never occurred.NEW ADDRESSUFO News-Flash, the English-language bulletin containing ItalysUFO reports and news, has changedaddress. All correspondence must besent to the new editors address:Mr. Massimo GrecoP.O. Box 291-25121 Brescia, Italy9
  • 10. UFO HOTLINE REPORTSBy BOB GRIBBLEThe following is a flash report ofincidents received at the NationalUFO Reporting Center, Seattle,Washington. All names of witnessesare on file at the Center.Jan. 21, 1984, 9:30 PM, NearJasper, New York: While drivinghome to Edison, a mother and twochildren watched in amazement as anenormous gold, oval-shaped objectappeared to pace their car. As theywatched, the object appeared to landon a nearby ridge and after a fewseconds it ascended into the sky. Themother said the object repeated thismaneuver several times and when sheincreased and decreased the speed ofthe car the object did the same. At onetime the object moved across the skythen returned to the area near her car.Jan. 22,1984,7:25 AM,30 MilesEast of Toledo, Ohio:The cabin crewof United Airlines flight 729, flyingwestbound at 43,000 feet, observed ablurry bright red object about the sizeof a DC-9 airliner move from northeastto southwest. The object, whichwas inview for only a few seconds, left acontrail which the airliner passedthrough.Jan. 22, 1984, 7 PM, NearWaycross, Georgia: While parked ina wooded area, a young couple spotteda large object approaching their car attreetop level. The object crossed thelogging road near their car, went acrossan open area to a stand of trees, thenturned end-for-end. At this point thedriver put the car in gear and starteddown the road at a high rate of speed.Kenneth Arnold dies; Fatherof the modern era off UFOsKenneth Arnold,whose sightingofnine objects flying at great speed overthe Cascade Mountains of Washingtonon June 24, 1947, marked the beginningof what we now callthe "modern era"ofUFOs, is dead.An article in the Boise, Idaho,Statesman said he died January 16,1984, in a hospital in Bellevue,Washington, leaving behind his wifeand four daughters.The publicity given his 1947sighting created enormous publicinterest worldwidein the phenomenonand added a newterm to our language.In describing the sighting to reporters,Arnold said: "They flew like a saucerwould if you skipped it across thewater." Headline writers immediatelydubbed the objects "flying saucers," a10term that today, 37 years later, is stillwidely used and recognized around theworld.Arnold, then 32, was a civilian pilotand respected businessman, and in theyears after the sighting literallythousands of people from around theworld told him about their sightings.As he said at the InternationalUFO Congress in Chicago, sponsoredby Fate magazine on June 24,1977, the30th anniversary of his sighting:"Many of these people were verysympathetic...because I had stuck myneck out. I was stuck with my report. Icouldnt hide any place, even if I didntlike the way some of the press treatedme. So, these people came to me andtold me their stories because they knewI would listen."Then the object made its way backtoward the road and took a positiondirectly over the car at very lowaltitude. The object had an L-shapedlight pattern on the underside with twobrilliant red lights and one green light.The glow from the red lights lit up theinside of the car and both occupantsbecame hysterical. When the carreached the county road, the driverturned left and the object turned right.Then the object swung around andmoved in behind the car and followedthe fleeing vehicle for about 75 feet,turned left, and moved away at a highrate of speed. The sheriffs officereceived several calls about a strangelighted object in the area that night.Jan. 22, 1984, 7 PM, Arnold,Missouri: Two occupants of a carobserved a circular object with threebrilliant white lights and a corona ofwhite light covering its entire surface.As the object approached the car, thedriver made a 180-degree evasive turnonly to have the object pull alongsideand pace his vehicle. After about threeminutes the object pulled away and leftthe area. The driver estimated that theobject got to within 150 feet of the car,maintained an altitude of about 150 feetand was at least 25 feet in diameter. Avertical shaft of white light was alsoobserved coming from the top of theobject. After arriving home, the twowitnesses observed three helicoptersmoving about in the area where theobject was seen.Jan. 22, 1984, 7:09 AM,Huntingdon, West Virginia: On theway outdoors to start his car, thewitness observed a large brilliant balloforange light in a stationary positionabout 900 feet above the neighborshouse. The glow from the ballilluminated the entire ground area.(continued on nexf page)
  • 11. GREENISH GLOWING LIGHT SEEN INPENNSYLVANIA & NEW JERSEYBy STAN GORDONPennsylvania State Directorand Director of PASUThe UFO Hotline for thePennsylvania Association for the Studyof the Unexplained (PASU) inGreensburg, Pa., received a numberofphone calls about a UFO sighting onthe evening of January 28, 1984.The calls began coming in about7:05 PM. The first report came invia theLancaster State Police, who asked thewitness to report hisobservation to us.This man said that he was travelingabout eight miles south of Lancasterwhen he saw a bright greenish-glowinglight inthe southeast sky that appearedto be coming down at a 45-degree angletoward the horizon.The object was smallerthan whatafull moon looks like and had whatappeared to be a reddish glow in therear section, which was about the sizeof a golf ball and appeared to rotate. Notrail was observed but the witnessmentioned an unusual rotten eggsmellaround the area after the object passed.The vicinity of the sighting wasnear Faith Harbor, where ahydroelectric plant is located.Other reports followed that origin-ated from State Police stations as wellas from actual observers inthe countiesof Carbon, Berks, Lancaster and York.One man from Shillington,30milesnorth of Lancaster, reported seeing ayellowish-green light movingacross thesky. A woman from Hazleton wasdriving east on Route80when she sawabright green light moving across the skyand bursting into flames. A man fromPardsville was traveling on Interstate 81about half a mile from Dorrance whenhe saw a similar light.A check with the National UFOReporting Center in Seattle indicatedthey had received one report fromPennsylvania, but had numerous(continued on next page)Gribblc, ContinuedAfter about a minute, the objectsuddenly moved to the west at a highrate of speed. He detected no soundcoming from the object.Jan. 27, 1984, 5:40 AM, ValleyCenter, California: Four witnessesobserved five large, brilliant, stationarywhite lights in the northern sky. Fourofthe lights were ina diamond formation,with the light in the center of theformation. After watching the displayfor several minutes, they noticedsmaller white lights maneuveringaround the large lights.The small lightsincreased in number to a total of about100within a few minutes. Suddenly theformation moved away to thenorthwest and was accompanied by thesmall lights.As the formation started tomove, the witnesses detected a softhumming sound. When first sighted,the lights were estimated to be twomiles distant. The observation lastedfor about eight minutes.Jan. 27, 1984, 6:15 AM, KingofPrussia, Pennsylvania: Two youngboys delivering papers observed a bigcircular object with lights around theedge hovering over houses about twoblocks distant. They watched theobject for several seconds, then itascended into the sky at about a 45-degree angle. The boys did not detectany sound.Jan. 28, 1984, 6:30 PM,Remington, New Jersey: A youngcouple sighted an orange balldescending through the cloudlayer andappeared to land on a ridge behind thetree line. Twenty minutes later, thehusband observed a big, bright objectascending vertically from the sameridge, pause in mid-air, then movehorizontally and disappear in thedistance. The object that descendedappeared to be as big as a hot airballoon. (The Center received 55 callsfrom a 15-county area describing thedescent of a glowing object over NewJersey.)Jan. 30, 1984, 9 PM, 40 MilesWest of Miami, Florida: Nine menworking on an oil platform observed abright orange object descending fromthe sky at a high rate of speed. Whenatan estimated altitudeof 10,000 feet andabout five miles distant, the objectcame to an instant stop. The brightorange glow faded and the crewobserved an object with a brightchrome dome-shaped top and dozensof flashing lights on the underside.Allwitnesses agreed that the object washuge; No less than 200 feet in diameter.After remaining stationaryfor about tenseconds, the object turned a brightorange and instantly moved away to theeast at a high rate of speed. The totalobservation time was about oneminute. (A witness at Jensen Beach,about 100 miles northeast of the oilplatform, observed the object droppingfrom the sky in a high speed verticaldescent. Two witnesses in the Miamiarea also saw the object, one while theobject was stationary west of Miamiand the other while the object wasmoving to the east.)Feb. 7, 1984, 4 AM, Atco, NewJersey: The witness awoke to a loudhumming sound and found his roomilluminated by a bright light. He got outof bed, went to the window and saw abright white circular object with ahumpon top in a stationary position aboutfour feet above his neighbors yard. Heestimated that the object was about 200feet from him and the size ofa smallcar.He saw an imagelike a man next to theobject. The image vanished and theobject ascended in a ziz-zag pattern,then moved away at a high rate ofspeed. The witness felt he observed theobject for no more than ten seconds.The checked with the neighbors andthey said they didnt see or hearanything.11
  • 12. FORMER COMBAT PILOT SEES OBJECT 3 TIMESThe following report was submitted bythe late WilliamD.Leet, MUFONStateDirector for Arkansas, shortly beforehe died.A well qualified former combatpilot for the Royal Canadian Air Forceand the U.S. Army Air Force hasreported three separate sightings ofwhat may have been the same UFOwithin one month.The sightings occurred on thenights of March 9,20 and 29 in 1983, allafter midnight."It was nothing like most of theones that people report," said thewitness, whose name is on file withMUFON. "It did not have coloredlights, nor could I detect any exhaustcolor, etc. It was not a helicopter,because the trees around my house didnot stir or show any movement."All the sightings were aftermidnight and I am at a loss to knowwhat would attract itto this area, as wehave nothing of importance aroundhere to attract anything."The sightings occurred from themans home in Stamford, Texas. Thenearest major airports are Dyess AirForce Base west of Abilene, 55 milessouth of Stamford, and the municipalairport southeast ofAbilene.The first sightingoccurred about1:50 AM on March 9."I got out of bed to adjust anelectric blanket and while up I went tothe bathroom," said the witness. "Forsome reason, I glanced out of thebathroom window, which faces south,Gordon, Continuedreports of a fiery object from tencounties in central New Jersey.PASU also contacted NORAD tosee if it had any indicationof a satellitere-entry or possible spacejunkburnup.An information officer took down thedetails and a short time later calledback. He said he had had a conferencecall with all agencies that would be in aposition to know of such events andthey had no indication of a re-entry orburn up of space residue.From all indications, it is PASUsopinion that the sightings were of abolide, a large fireball of the meteorclass, that apparently was observedover a large geographical area.***Similar reports were received onthe morning of February 7. At 5:35 AM,the PASU UFO Hotline received a call12from the Pennsylvania State PoliceHeadquarters in Harrisburg. Theofficer related that at about 3.AM sixstate troopers and a number ofmunicipal police officers in theHarrisburg area had reported seeing abright flaming object movingacross thesky.Other units in Cumberland, Yorkand Dauphin counties also reportedsimilar observations. The troopers atfirst thought they were seeing t.heburning engine of an airliner thatapparently was going to crash, butthere were no crashes in the area andthe information was then forwarded toPASU.The object moved horizontallyacross the sky from north to south andwas observed for 10 to 15 seconds,leaving a burning trail.The information indicates apossible bolide or some space materialburning up on re-entry.and there I saw two bright lights about15 feet apart coming right down a sidestreet."The object looked like a flyingwing ofsome kind and was about 50 feethigh. It seemed to be in a glide, notmoving very fast."The lights were white and a littlelarger than ones used on a car. It wasmoving due north and Irushed into thenext room to follow it when it passedout of view."I wear a hearing aid and as thehearing aid was not on at the timeI wasunable to detect any noise."I asked several neighbors if theyheard or saw anything at that time butnone detected anything."The second sighting was around1:30 AM on March 20."For some reason, I woke up anddetected a bright light lighting up thebedroom. I got up at once and lookedthrough the Venetian blinds, and thesame object was flying down the sidestreet, goingnorth just as it had before."I watched it for as far as Iwas ableto see, and it stayed at about 50 feethigh."The final sightingcame about 1:15AM on March 29."The last sighting happened aboutthe same way, but this time the objectcame out ofthe west and circledaroundand came right down the middleof thestreet going north," said the witness."None of these sightings causedme to be alarmed, as I have alwaysbelieved we are being watched byobjects from outer space, and they arefriendly or they could have blown usoffthe map by now."I did not stay up other nights orform a stake-out trying for moresightings or photographs. I thought itbetter to leave well enough alone."
  • 13. UFO DISASTER AT GRIFFISS-ROME AIR FORCE BASEBy PAUL C. CERNYWestern Regional DirectorAs the result of a radio talk showon KFRCand a similarshow on KNEWtwo months later, both in San Franciscoin the late 60s, I was rewarded withinformation about a highly classifiedencounter. This event took place atGriffiss-Rome Air Force Base nearUtica, New York, in February 1949.The exact date could not be recalledbythe witnesses.The communicaster on KFRCwasRoy Elwell, with myself as a studioguest: We took a call from San Mateo,in the Bay Area, from a man named AlDote, who at the time did not want hisname used for the usual reasons. Hewas afraid of reprisals and that he mightget into trouble, even though he was acivilian.It took some convincing on ourpart that we would keep his identityconfidential at that time. He was veryhesitant and cautious in his commentsregarding the event he had witnessed,but was willing to tell us what hadtranspired at the base that night.A week later I interviewed Dotepersonally.,, Dote was the leader of a smallcivilian band contracted to play for aparty one night at the Officers Club.Itwas on a weekend, as best he couldrecall. Four other band members weremade aware of the event that wouldoccur over the field that night, but notall saw it. Names of allwitnesses are onfile.Stepping outside for a cigarettebreak, Dote and another band membersuddenly realized there was anunusualcommotion on the base. Militarypersonnel and vehicles were runningaround in a disorderly fashion. Theband leader and his companion thennoticed a largeglobe ofbrightiridescentwhite light about the size of a full moonor larger, hovering about 1,000 feetover the base runway.He described its appearance assimilar to silk screening. The luminositywas steady and continuous. The timewas roughly 10:30 PM. Many people,were watching the flowing ball. Theuneasiness of field personnel and thedistant shouting of orders was noted.A jet interceptor was scrambledand rapidlytook to the air.The witnesswasnt sure of the type of aircraft in thedarkness, but thought it might havebeen an F-80.Once airborne and reaching theintruders altitude, the Air Force jetmade three passes at the lighted object,which immediately swung out of thejets path in pendulum fashion eachtime the jet approached. The luminosityremained steady and continuous as theUFO stayed in relatively the sameposition all the time.On the fourth pass the object didnot move out of the way. The jetslammed intoit and exploded ina baljoffire. The glowingintruder immediatelytook off straight up into the night sky ata rapid rate of speed and disappearedfrom sight, obviously undamaged bythe impact.Pandemonium broke out on thebase. The AirForce lost a pilot and ajetaircraft to non-hostile UFOintervention. Witnesses were stunnedat what they had seen.Shortly after the accident, AirForce personnel were handing outaffidavits to sign, which read somethinglike..."I do declare that what Iwitnessedthereof I will disclose to no one...", etc;typical legal jargon.Dote stuck his inhispocket and was somehow overlookedwhen Air Force personnel latergathered up the signed affadavits.About two months after the KFRCprogram, Iwas a guest on a KNEW talkshow with Hilly Rose. A womancalledin from Oakland to inquire aboutUFOs, and a question came up whichprompted me to recallbriefly the eventsof the Griffiss AFB incident.This rangabell of recall from the caller.At that time, she had beenemployed as a civilian at Griffiss andremembered the incident very well.During the same period, her husbandhad been an Air Force colonel at thebase but had recently retired. She saidthat as an Air Force wife, she wasinstructed not to discuss militarymatters.For manyyears she had worked ina Filter Center, which was a civiliandefense network consisting of two verylarge plotting boards that overlapped.There were "spotters" all over thecountry encompassing many states. Atthe base, she worked as a volunteerfrom midnight to 5 AM.Many calls came in about UFOs,but at the time she did not believetheywere authentic, thinking the personscalling in were just doing their patrioticduty. The basewould occasionallysendup interceptors, but would not sendthem up unless something was reallythere, she said. They would notdeliberately risk the lives of the crews,she stated, but they didhave a numberof casualties involving jet scrambles tointercept unknowns. (The accidentwitnessed by Al Dote could have beenone of these.)The colonels wife .was finallyconvinced there was something to thestories and the resulting casualties.While stationed at the base, herhusband was sent out on calls to checkon these sightings. Base recordsindicated that our aircraft were neverfired on by the unknowns.The mishapsall seemed to be for mechanical failureor human error. At no time was thereever an explosion in the aircraft; theaccidents all remained a mystery.The "Dew Line" was just beinginstalled and the big concern wasaircraft possibly comingacross Siberiathrough Canada to the Columbus-Dayton, Ohio, vicinity, which at thattime was one of the prime target areasbecause of the four big governmentinstallations there.When I mentioned my previous(continued on next page)13
  • 14. WOMAN REVEALS 1977 FLORIDA SIGHTINGBy DONALD WAREMUFON State Section DirectorA six-year-old sighting came tolight recently after the principalwitnesssaw an article about MUFON in thePanama City News-Herald and phonedlong distance to tell us about what shesaw. The investigation was carried outby Jo McKinnon, who lives in PanamaCity, Florida.The primary witness is MyrnaHenderson, 40. She said that one nightabout 11 PM during the summer of1977, she and her son and daughterwere playing a game in their home onthe northern edge of Panama City.Their dog and cat suddenly hid andthen Myrna noticed that she could nothear any of the normal insect soundsfrom outside.Cerny, Continuedprogram interview with Dote, sherecalled that she had been on duty thatnight, right after the accident. The nextday the papers made light of the story,she said, adding that community-wise,the air base was not too popularanyway.Although the program host and Iasked her towrite to us,wenever heardfrom her again. Tape recordings ofthese interviews are retained.14She and the children went outsideand saw a circular object just above thetrees west of the house, about 150feetfrom them."It was round and very big, withgreen, orange, yellow and white lightsgoing in a circle," said Myrna. She andher children were frightened by theobject."It was as big as a house and asbright as a spotlight," she said. "Ithovered there about 15 minutes andthen raised up and took off to the northand went out of sight."The object was silent except for a"whoosh" on departure."All the neighbors animals werequiet." said Myrna."It was so quietyoucould hear yourself breathe. Noinsects. You could hear nothing forabout 30 minutes."Myrna appears to be quite sincereand there appears to be no motiveforahoax.LETTERSEditor,As one whose field is astronomyand who has had personal discussionswith Mr. Klass, Imust add my two centsto the Klass-Hall exchange (No. 188,October 1983) regarding the Mansfieldhelicopter episode.Having once reviewed Klassssecond book (UFOs Explained) foranother UFO organization in which Icalled the authors Mansfield fireballhypothesis "a gross exaggeration," Iwas astounded to learn that Klass stillstands by that explanation!If one consults the primaryauthoritative investigators detailedaccount of this case (Jennie Zeidman)and also rejects the initial two-minutediscontinuous observation of a redlight, one still emerges with anestimated timeline for the continuouslyobserved UFO of at least four minutes!Now the Orionids happen to beextremely swift meteors, averaging 66km/sec. Bright fireballs from thisshower might occasionally last severalseconds but certainlynot minutes. Thelongest duration fireball reported inrecent times was that of the August10,1972, daytime event witnessed acrossparts of the western U.S. and Canada.This exceptional fireball appeared tohave been an asteroid that wastemporarily captured in the earthsatmosphere then slid back out into(continued on next page)
  • 15. Letters, Continuedspace. Duration estimates for that oneranged from half a minute up to a fullminute. However, most abnormallyslow meteors fall within the half-minuteupper limit cited by Hall in his review;even these (15- to 30-second fireballs)are exceedingly rare.But the really salient feature of thehelicopter sighting is the reportedstructural detail — a domed, cigar-shaped object with an indented trailingedge arid discrete body lights, fore andaft, including a swinging spotlight! Noamount of distortion by Klass can twistthat description into imagined detailson a fireball stopped (for an estimated10 seconds) in mid-flight!I have noted that the nearer andmore structured the reported UFO, themore difficulty Klass has in coming upwith a reasonable hypothesis for theevent. Although I have credited theauthor in the past for contributingwhatI thought were viable alternativesolutions for some well publicized UFOcases, Klasss credibility breaks downwith the close-range encounters. It isu n f o r t u n a t e that he eitherunconsciously or deliberatelyoverlooks important pertinent data inthese types of incidents,often resortingto distortion, omissions, and innuendoin order to force-fit the facts into hispreferred prosaic explanation. Theseare the selective thought processes ofsomeone who is so sure he isright thathis own bias prevents any meaningfulinsight into the possibility that a trulyunknown phenomenon may in factexist.Walter N. WebbMUFON Astronomy ConsultantWestwood, MAEditor,In response to your request aboutthe Journal material, I would like tocomment.1.1do believe from my many UFOlectures that there isALWAYS a greatinterest in the UFO phenomena. Andthis is regardless of the fact that themedia has been "put behind the IronCurtain" and that most allof the UFObooks in America are OFFthe shelves!2. Because this is a fact, theJournal could be made interesting bywriting up the sightings which you as acenter no doubt have many.3. The last Journal (No. 187) withsome thoughts about the Cash-Landrus case, was then filled with themost uninteresting material Iever read,going deep into scientific details of allkinds and the publishing of so manynames, business, organizationproblems etc., all of which areinteresting to a very limitednumber ofpersons.On the other hand, should there beno sightingsat all to report, then tear upthis letter and forget I wrote it.Over the last few years Ihave beenin quite a fewcities and gone intomanybookstores to see what the UFO shelfhas to offer. It iseasy to see that thereisa "silence group" incommand, as thereare no UFO books.Norman A. WeisKenmore, NYEditor,I would like to thank the MUFONUFO Journals past editor, RichardH.Hall, for the excellent journalisticefforts he contributed to the success ofthe Journal, as well as his professionalcoverage of various UFO symposiumsover the years.Our loss in the UFO field will besomeone elses gain. I met him first atNICAPs office in Washington, D.C., inJanuary 1964. After 20years, Ihavejustbegun to fully appreciate his manyprofessional contributions to the UFOfield worldwide.Again, my thanks and continuedbest wishes to Dick.George D. FawcettLincolnton, NCEditor,I wish to continue my subscriptionto your journal since I find, though notas interesting as Iwould like, every nowand then it does give some new andintriguing data.In the October 83 issue, the articleon the Pennsylvania sightings isespecially interesting. It gives severaldetailed eyewitness accounts and issupported by artist drawingswhichgivethe reader a "visual" image. Please domore, much more of these.Also, would like to see info onreligious viewpoint, info from peoplewho have seen UFOs and have thenbeen hypnotized to re-live,so to speak,the sighting (how they felt, what theysaw). UFOs exist. The governmentsofthis world have accounts, journals andbooks have well publicized eyewitnessaccounts. But what does thesubconscious mind (thesynthesized all-knowing computer bank of the mind)register?That is the unexplored field. Andwhat isthe message from UFO visitors?Nothing is without purpose. Explore.You have just begun.Elaine M.NealWaltham, Mass.Some thoughts onextraterrestrialsAny extraterrestrial intelligencewith enough advanced technology toget themselves here would not onlyhave powers but intellects beyond ourcomprehension. Not that we wouldlook like semi-evolved primates, butasking them to think on our levelwouldbe like asking Einsteinto balance yourcheckbook...It is a mistake to simply treatextra-terrestrials as a purely scientificinterest. Some scientists in particularseem to assume that any visitor wouldhand over themselves, and theirtechnology, for study. Then of coursewe could be certain that UFOs areextraterrestrial...If we consider what the morereliable abductioncases indicate,thingsbecome...alarming. They remind me ofthose NationalGeographic films wherea helicopter approaches a bear who ispromptly shot with a tranquilizer. He istagged and examined, but notphysically harmed. But anypsychological trauma the bear mightexperience cannot be avoided..!If UFOs are indeed extraterres-trial, then they do tell us some goodthings. Our visitors are not good guysout to save humanity from itself, butthey are not bad guys out to destroyand enslave us. They are just living,thinking beings who are probably toofar removed from our level of existencefor us to understand them.Brian ParksTorrance, Calif15
  • 16. EARTH-BASED UFOSBy MICHAEL A. LEWISFormer State Director for WyomingUnidentified Flying Objects, andtheir alleged occupants, are not ofextra-terrestrial origin.Let me repeat that: UnidentifiedFlying Objects, and their allegedoccupants are NOT ofextra-terrestrialorigin.There, now I feel better, havingsaid it in public.This conclusion, flying in the faceof current trends in UFO research, hasbeen sneaking up on me over the lastfew years, and has finally taken holdwith a certainty that I can no longerignore. I hope, in this article, to lay theground work that ledto myturn aroundin belief, and perhaps sow a seed ofcaution among my colleagues.I began my association with the"Flying Saucer" mystery someseventeen years ago, firm in the beliefthat we were being visited by what Ihoped were benevolent beings fromanother world.My progress in UFOdom followedthe now familiar pattern: increasinginvolvement in research, publicpresentations, contact with someof themore bizarre elements of thephenomenon, including psychicaspects, culminating in public andmarital difficulties, and finally,remarriage and change in life andcareer goals.I am now at the point where manylong-time researchers find themselves,bewildered by the mind-boggling arrayof "evidence" presented over years ofinvestigation, much of it contradictory,and feeling that somehow, someone isstanding in the background, enjoying acosmic belly laugh at my expense. Ithink Ihave a clue as to the nature oftheJoker, and the reasons behind itsseemingly bizarre behavior.Lumpers, not SplittersTo gain a complete picture of thecreature we are attempting tounderstand, we must step back andMICHAEL A. LEWIS resigned as state directorfor Wyoming on December19, 1983,saying his businesses were monopolizing his time and that he wasunable to apply sufficient resources to the continuation of his MUFONduties.But, perhaps more importantly, healsosaid that "my research has takenme into a fringe area where I find little resonance among other UFOresearchers."I am continuing my studies independently....! do notfeel that my work isbest carried out in an organizational structure."He submitted this article to explain his views, adding:"My research has indicated that a certain degree of caution is necessaryat this time, and I would like at least that message comunicated to otherresearchers. I have encountered a great deal of fanaticism recently, and lamafraid such a narrow-minded approach will be ultimately damaging."look at the entirescene, so as not to belimited a la blind men and elephants.We cannot afford to eliminate anypotentially informative piece of thepuzzle, no matter how seeminglybizarre. Therefore, we must, withoutexception, accept all profferedinformation without judgement andinclude that in our developing mentalmodel ofthe phenomenon. We must be"lumpers" rather than "splitters,"generalists rather than specialists,attempting to synthesize someorganization out of the hodgepodge ofdata constantly pounding ourawareness.My puzzlementover the years hasbeen brought about by theoverwhelming contradictions in thedata presented by UFO percipientsfrom throughout the world. At firstblush, itwouldseem that we are indeedbeing visited by creatures from anotherplanet. Thats what they tell usanyway.They even go so far as to name theplanet, over and over again, infact, witha different name supplied each time.We receive messages, urging us to"Stop atomic testing. You aredestroying the balance of theUniverse," "Prepare tojointhe GalacticBrotherhood" and other equally limpidadvice.We see spacemen in tight-fittingsuits, sometimes wearing breathingapparatus, sometimes not, sometimeswalking with difficulty or floating abovethe ground. We are taken aboardwondrous examples of flying devices,and shown 3-D maps of the UFOLKShome planet(s). We see space shipsstopped on lonely roads for nocturnalrepairs and are offered celestialpancakes by their occupants. TheDMLs (Hyneks "Damn MeanderingLights") flit about our skies at night,purportedly examining our militaryfacilities and nuclear power plants.All in all, the popular picture thatemerges is one of covert surveillence ofour planet by omnipotent other-wordlybeings, intent on saving us from ourown ignorant failings. Or so it wouldseem.Yet, if we examine ALL theevidence, we begin to feel that thisexplanation, as desirable as it mayseem, is a bit too simplistic. It begins tobecome alltoo apparent that someoneor something does indeed want us to(continued on next page)16
  • 17. Lewis, Continuedbelieve this fairy tale, and actaccordingly. To this end they havesucceeded. A goodly portion of thepopulation of the United States (exactfigures depending on the pollster youchoose to follow) believe that the Earthis nowor has been inthe past, under thesurveillence of extra-terrestrialintelligence.Thus, it is a fait accompli; if peoplebelieve a thingisso and act accordingly,the reality of the situation makes notone whit of difference.The evidenceSo, lets lay aside all the popularbeliefs and professional prejudices andattempt to examine the evidence withan open, even childlike point of view.First, we are faced with numerousindividuals who relate storiesof contactwith beings allegedly from anotherplanet, arriving in vehicles of atechnology beyond our understanding.These vehicles are capable of non-ballistic movement (right angle turns,instant stops, etc.), are able todisappear and evidently precedewithout visual or radar detection, andyet appear as solid and substantial asour more familiar aircraft.This obviously flies in the face ofmodern theories of physics and hasresulted in outright rejection of theentire UFO subject by the scientificcommunity. Yet, despite the lack ofvalidation by the establishedauthorities, the reports continue, asalways by very reliable observers.We see numerous individuals whoare in daily mental contact with self-claimed extraterrestrials, and who passon extremely practical advice on theconduct of daily affairs, as well aspredictions of future events, somedisturbingly accurate, others curiouslyshort ofthe mark.These individuals areextremely sincere in their belief ofcontact, and there is little doubt thatthey are correct.This situation has remainedvirtually unchanged for the past 25years, with no signs of abating, andpromising no increase in knowledge ofthe phenomenon in.years to come.Critters and mutilationsThis is an all too brief overviewofthe UFO phenomenon as we see it inthis country.with a vast bell-shapedcurve of reports, exhibiting wildlyvarying extremes on either end and anenormous mound of reports in thecenter. As we shall see, this mound isonly the very tip of the iceberg of theentire range of activity thatencompasses the true nature of thebeast.On one extreme of the curve, wefind numerous reportsof"Bigfoot" typecritters in close association with solidUFO reports. Many investigatorsdismiss these reports outright, as do"legitimate".scientists, as being too farout for inclusion in the UFO picture.And yet, again, the reports persist,showing a large hairy anthropoid inclose association with classic UFOs,leaving ubiquitous footprints andoccasional hairs and droppings, andalways accompanied by a pungent,sulphurous odor.These creatures, too, seem tohave the ability to appear and disappearat will, and to make their presenceknown without visual confirmation.They also seem to appear most often toyoung children and sexually maturewomen.Despite rejection by themainstream of UFO research, Bigfeetare clearly closely associated with thephenomenon and must be consideredin the total picture.Lying on the other extreme of thecurve are cattle mutilations. (Oh, no!the cry arises.) Yes, there is a clearassociation of cattle mutilations withUFO appearances, as well as anintuitive similarity in the nature of theoccurence with UFO and Bigfootactivity.Cattle mutilationsalways occur inremote locations, are conducted bymeans not understood by expert andlayman alikeand are activelydebunkedby the authorities. And yet theycontinue, even now, despite efforts byinvestigators, cattlemen and criminalauthorities to discover their true natureand put a stop to it.To fully appreciate the fullspectrum of the beast we areattempting to study, we must put it inahistorical perspective. Thisphenomenon, or one indistinguishablefrom it, has been occurring throughoutrecorded history and probably longbefore. It has been given many differentnames and descriptions, as cultureshave come and gone, but theunderlying nature has remainedremarkably consistent.The earliest recording of objectswhich can be interpreted as UFOs, ofcourse is found in the Christian Bible.However it is apparent that pre-Christian people had knowledge ofthings in and of the Earth that we haveeither forgotten or chose, in a fit ofreligious fervor, to ignore.When Christianity began to beactively promoted in western Europe,itcame into direct conflict with longestablished pagan beliefs, most ofwhich were based around worship andactive cooperation with earth-baseddeities. In Great Britain in particular, itbecame advantageous to locate andbuild shrines, churches and otherreligious centers on the same sites asearlier pagan structures, often buildingdolmens and other megalithicartifactsinto the ediface. Thus, Christianpractitioners not only neutralized thepagan influences,but also incorporatedtheir energies into the following of thenew religion.It is thought the megalithicconstructions, such as Stonehenge andAvebury, may have served as power orenergy accumulators, tapping into anenergy which some psychics even nowclaim to be able to detect emanatingfrom the standing stones. Therecertainly is a great deal of culturalinformation in support of this thesis, ifone is willing to ignore the stigma oftaking legends at face value.Many involvedIf this was indeed the case, itseemsevident that a great many people wereinvolved, over a long period of time, inapplying their energies toward theseconstructions, some of them rivallingthe pyramids in size and complexity,not to mention the activities that musthave taken place when they werecompleted. They were undoubtedly"power" centers in many senses of theword.Over the years, under the urgings(continued on next page)17
  • 18. Lewis, Continuedof the Christian missionaries, thepurpose, and eventually the meaning,of the huge stone enigmas wasforgotten, with only fairy tales andlegends left to darkly hint at theirprevious importance. Ifthey did serve afunctional purpose in interposingbetween man and the Earth spirit,whatever its nature, that purpose waslost and no objects or rituals weredeveloped to take their place.According to survivinglegend andoral history, this was also a time repletewith were-beings, little people,changlings and giants. Even in NorthAmerica, aboriginal traditions tell oflittle peoplewho livesincaves and cameout to bother the locals with theirmischievous tricks. The encountersrelated sound remarkably like modernaccounts of alien visitations.It is evident that a consciousness,separate from mans, has existed on,and perhaps in, the Earth, at least aslong as man has claimed existence as aseparate species. And thisconsciousness has always displayed acertain degree of animosity toward theupstart newcomer.In earlier, simpler times, thereexisted varyingdegrees of cooperation,but that seems to have beenabandoned, along with awareness ofthe existence of the earth-based entity.We seem now to be in a confrontatoryposition with something that ismakingitself very difficult to pin down andidentify, let alone control. In fact,control seems to be slipping into thehands, or whatever, of the others,whatever "they" may be.Non-physical presenceWhat we seem to be dealingwithinthe modern UFO, Bigfoot, CattleMutilation phenomenon is a physicalmanifestation of an essentially non-physical presence, which has existedon this Earth for untold millenia. It maybe analagous in some ways to what hasbeen described in a Biblical context asthe Devil/Angel dichotomy, asYin/Yang in Eastern philisophy andcurrently as the solid state vs. organiclife form struggle, as described by UriGeller and Andrija Puharich.All signs indicate that there is avery real presence makingitself knownto mankind by impinging on our uncon-scious in ways that turn consciousthought to what we call "cosmic con-sciousness." Since this appears non-sensical to materially-minded, "hard"scientists, it has resulted in a splitbetween the legitimate scientificcommunity and popular belief andexpectations, a splitwhichhas ominousimplications for mankind.The scientific community is illequipped to deal with this sort of non-physical phenomenon, and in the past,this same emphasis on other-worldly,faith-inspired dogma has resulted in thedownfall and replacement of scientific,logical thought and development. Thisprocess may now even be acceleratingdue to the efforts of humanindividualsor groups attempting to activelyincrease the disparity between thecommon man and thepscientific/political world.There are many indications thatthe UFO/Bigfoot/Cattle Mutilationoccurrence may be, at least in part,disseminated by means of psychotronicdevices, physical machines able toproject images, ideas and falseexperiences directly into theunconscious or even conscious mindsof the percipients.This is not necessarily to say thatthe events are totally under humancontrol, but at the least, theseindividuals or groups may be takingadvantage of an already existingcondition. To what end, of course, wecan only guess; but we can, at least, seethe effects that the present condition ishaving on humankindnow, and projectthat into a possible future.Unable to copeIt is obvious that those whom wehave traditionally considered to beexperts and looked to as leaders areunable to cope with the currentsituation. They are unable to providesatisfactory answers to myriad pressingquestions, and have chosen to ignore,or actively oppose the phenomenon, inhopes that it too should pass intohistory.The result is the erosion, in theeyes of the majority of the population,of traditional support structures, bethey religious, political or scientific. Wesee a growing distrust of our politicalrepresentatives, our scientific expertsand our religious leaders. This is notdue solely to their inability to addressthe questions posed by the UFOpresence, but seems to be a .trendexacerbated by these questions.So, what are we as investigatorsand percipients to do?We must not allow ourselves tobecome blinded by the effect to such adegree as to be unableto determine thecause. We are not attempting to proveunequivocably the reality of UFOs.This is unnecessary, since the effect ofthat reality has already been achieved.What we must do is attempt todetermine the source and satisfyourselves as to the intentions ofwhoever or whatever is behind thephenomenon with regards to theevolutionary and cultural course ofhumanity. Itmay well be that by formingstudy groups and disseminating theinformation we discover, in a wellintentioned attempt to inform themasses, we are facilitating the spreadofinfluence of the phenomenon.And we may discover, all too late,that whoever isincontrol does not haveour best interest at heart.The answers will not be found inthe sky, nor on distant stars andplanets. Nor will they be found bycontinued chasing about of distantflickering lights. The answers, if indeedthere are any, will be found under ourown noses, perhaps under our veryown feet. We must explore that mostcurious of Unknown Objects, thehuman mind, if we are to discover thesource of mans destiny.BIBLIOGRAPHYBrandon, Jim. Weird America New York: E.P.Dutton, 1978Brandon, Jim. The Rebirth of Pan Hidden Facesof the American Earth Spirit, Dunlap, Illinois:Firebird Press 1983Keel, John A Why UFOS (Operation TrojanHorse) New York: Manor Books 1976Story, Ronald. UFOs and the Limits of ScienceNew York: William Morrow and company 1981Vallee, Jacques. Messengers of DeceptionBerkley: And/Or Press 197918
  • 19. Lucius ParishIn Others WordsAre space aliens living among us?Ifso, author Brad Steiger has somehandy hints on how to spot them,according to an article inthe January 10issue of the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.Why do I feel this gentle tuggingat myleg?The alleged encounter of a UFOand Soviet jets is the feature in theENQUIRERS January 31 issue. Fivejets were destroyed and another onewas damaged during the incident,according to researcher Henry Gris.The principals in the well-knownCash/Landrum case have filed suitagainst the U.S. government for $20million, asking for compensation forinjuries suffered during their UFOencounter. Details of the case and thelawsuit are in the ENQUIRERSFebruary 7 issue.Was Noahs Ark actually asubmarine vessel, built with the helpofspacemen? Thats the theory suggestedby author and Biblical scholar ZechariaSitchin and reported in the February 14issue of the ENQUIRER.Additional information on theCash/Landrum caseand the$20millionlawsuit can be found in the February 7issue of THE STAR.The February issue of OMNI,inits"Anti-Matter/UFO Update" column,tells of the research into UFOpropulsion which has been conductedby a Polish native, Jan Pajak, nowresiding in New Zealand. Pajak thinksan electromagnetic drive would allowUFO-like craft to be constructed, but atleast one magnetics expert claimssucha design will not work.Part 2 of Dr. Bruce Maccabeesarticle on "TRUFO" (TRue UFOs)reports is in the March issue of FATE.Maccabee discusses two such cases,one from 1975, the other from 1976, andalso gives the counter-arguments ofUFO skeptic Philip J. Klass.As of this writing, the release datefor Clear Intent by Barry Greenwoodand Lawrence Fawcett is still mid-May.Another book to be published at thesame time is Paul Dongs The FourMajor Mysteries of Mainland China,which includes a section of ChineseUFO reports. Both books are fromPrentice-Hall.Budd Hopkins excellent book,Missing Time, is now available onnewsstands in a Berkley paperbackedition.Directors Message, Continued***We are proud to announce thepromotion of Bruce A. Widaman fromassistant state director to the positionof state director for Missouri to fill thevacancy created when R. PowellAdams resigned. Bruce has been amember of the UFO Study Group ofGreater St. Louis from its inception.Hehas been chairman of the vital St.Charles UFO Sub-Committee andrecently became host chairperson forthe pending MUFON 1985 UFOSymposium in St. Louis.Bruce headed a contingent ofinvestigators from the St. Louis area tothe University of Nebraska-LincolnUFO Conference.This appointment is in recognitionfor 16 years of quietly performingpositive investigations and researchbehind the scene. Starting as ateenager, Bruce is well-groundedin thetechniques of ufology. His promotionwill signify a trend inMUFON to elevateour younger, but mature andcompetent people to leadershippositions.***After losing two state directorsduring 1983, we are very cognizant thatthe pioneers in ufology wont be with usforever. Therefore, steps must be takento support them with enthusiastic andreliable associates and colleagues whohave "earned their spurs."This factor was emphasized whenMarilyn and Idabel Eppersontelephoned to advise us of the passingof Paul A. Duichon December 31,1983,due to a heart condition. An aerospaceengineer at North American Rockwell,Mr. Duich was one of the originalmembers of NICAP and laterMUFONin the Southern California section. Maywe express our sympathy to his widow,Louise Duich of Whittier, California.***Tom Benson, state director forNew Jersey, has become the recipientof a very fine team of investigators andresearchers when the two followinggentlemen joined MUFON: Gerald J.Miskar, an English teacher with amasters degree, who has become aresearch specialist, and Fred Schaefer,a field investigator. Both live inClementon, New Jersey.Kenneth McLean, state directorfor Wyoming, has announced that the1984 P.R.O. — UFO ContacteeConference is scheduled for June 14 to16, with optionable workshops on June11-13 for early registrants. This annualsummer conference will be held at theUniversity of Wyoming in Laramie.19
  • 20. DIRECTORSMESSAGE byWaltAndrasE.T.I.: A PublicForum isthe themefor the MUFON1984UFO Symposiumto be held July 6,7and8at the beautifulnew Holiday Inn North/Airport Area,77 N.E. Loop 410, San Antonio, Texas78206.A special discount price of$35 pernight for either single or doubleoccupancy may be obtained bywritingto the "Attention ofSales Department"at the above address or telephoning(512) 349-9915. Besure to mention thatyou will be attending the MUFONSymposium so that you will receive thediscount and beassigned to the blockofrooms reserved for us.MUFON of San Antonio will hostthis years 15th annual symposium, withTom Deuley as host chairperson.The following people havevolunteered to be committeechairpersons for the symposium:Program, Walt Andrus; Treasure,Robert Morgan; Publicity and PublicRelations, Steve Lewis; Exhibits andDisplays, Walt Andrus and AlSchuette;Arrangements, Audrey Paulis;Advertising, Christine Lopez;Registration and Hospitality, PatPowers; Ticket Sales and Pre-Registration, Christine Lopez; and SiteSelection, Elmer Romigh.Dennis Stacy will take an activerole in publicity as well as co-edit theAnnual MUFON UFO SymposiumProceedings. Lucille Deitiker and LeeBieneke will assist Pat Powers at theregistration desk.Committed featured speakers areDr. J. Allen Hynek, Barry J.Greenwood, (co-author of ClearIntent), Cynthia Hind (Zimbabwe,Africa), Paul B. Norman (Victoria,Australia), Marge Christensen(Beverly, Massachusetts), John F.Schuessler (Houston, Texas), Allan C.Holt (Houston, Texas) and TomAdams (Paris, Texas). Additionalspeakers will be announced in theFebruary issue.The program will be divided intofive distinct sessions for Saturday andSunday.The total cost to attendindividualsessions will be $35.00. However a pre-registration package ticket may bepurchased for $27.50 by sending acheck or postal money order madepayable to: MUFON of San Antonio,P.O. Box 12434, San Antonio, TX78212.The location for this yearssymposium is less than one mile fromthe terminalbuildingofthe San AntonioInternational Airport and is veryconvenient for those who are drivingbybeing on the access road to Interstate410.San Antonio is one of the uniquecities in the U.S. for visitors andtourists. Plan to see the famous RiverWalk, the Alamo,the Spanish Missionsand the numerous other sightseeingattractions that abound inthe culture ofthis historical, but modem city (10thlargest in the U.S.).***Prentice-Hall Publishing Companyhas announced that it will release thebook Clear Intent, by Larry Fawcettand Barry J. Greenwood, on May15,starting their publicity campaign on thewest coast. I feel confident that theFreedom of Information Actdocuments published will significantlystir the Americanpublicsinterest intheUFO phenomenon and the "CosmicWatergate" that has been so prevalentsince the 1947-1948 era.We in MUFON are very proud ofLarry Fawcett, assistant state directorfor Connecticut, and Barry J.Greenwood, state section director inMassachusetts, for their outstandingcontribution to ufology and forenlightening the public about thegovernment cover-up on UFOs.***It is a pleasure to welcome Bill Pittsback into an activerole inufology as thestate director for Arkansas. Billoriginally served as state director from1976 until 1980, whenhe recommendedthat Bill Leet assume this responsibility.With the passing of Bill Leet, Mr. Pittsvolunteered to fill this void.BILL PITTSBill Pitts is best known in ufologyfor sponsoring the Fort Smith UFOConference in 1975 in Fort Smith,Arkansas on the theme (UFO) UnitedFor Objectivity. This was the firstserious attempt to get all of the UFOorganizations together so thatworkingrelationships could exist betweenAPRO, CUFOS, GSW, MUFON andNICAP.Richard F. Haines presented aformal resolution titled A JointResolution aimed at the theme of theconference, but essentially directly atthe participants. NICAP has sincepassed intooblivion.Ithas been difficultto detect any improvement in thecooperation byAPROsince 1975,whenDr. Haines resolution wasendorsedbythe five attending UFO organizations.Bill Pitts dream has now become areality with the formation of the NorthAmerican UFO Federation(NAUFOF)directed by Dr. Haines andspearheaded by SBI, CUFOS andMUFON.Mr. Pitts deep insight into theproblems of UFO cooperation werereadily apparent in 1975 after Ireviewedthe correspondence involved in theplanning for his ambitiousundertaking.Bill must be commended foranticipating the future of ufology andtaking positive action to solve theproblems confronting thefield.(continued on page 19)