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  • 2. MUFONUFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155RICHARD H. HALLEditorANN DRUFFELAssociate EditorLEN STRINGFIELDAssociate EditorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorWALTER H. ANDRUSDirector of MUFONTED BLOECHERDAVE WEBBCo-Chairmen,Humanoid Study GroupPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and LJFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityGREG LONGStaff WriterTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesDENNIS W. STACYStaff WriterROBERT WANDERERColumnistNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKEditor/Publishers EmeritusThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$15.00 per year in the U.S.A.;$16.00 foreign. Copyright 1983 bythe Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin,Texas. POSTMASTER: Send form3579 to advise change ofaddress toThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL,103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas78155.FROMTHE EDITORThe summer doldrums apparently have set in, and currentsightings of substance are somewhat rare. We do have word ofnewreports from the South and Southwest, and we will be reportingcases when summaries are received from investigators.For now, conferences and a flurry of newly formingmultinational organizations dominate the scene. In the next few"months we will have coverage of the Pasadena, Calif., MUFONsymposium and the MUFON-N.C. Conference in Winston-Salem,among others, along with news of the new organizations.In this issueMULTIPLE "ABDUCTIONS" IN CANADA: PART II 3By Lawrence J. Fenwick"MISSING TIME" AS MISSING LINK 6By Dana M. SchmidtCONTACTEE/ABDUCTEE PECULIARITIES 7By James R. LemingNL ON YAKIMA INDIAN RESERVATION 8By Greg LongTHE PERSINGER THEORY 9By Robert WandererSTARFUGHT, UFOSs, AND SET! 16By Eugene F. Mallove(Plus other news and features, including CALIFORNIA REPORT, p. 12;CRITICS CORNER, p. 14; IN OTHERS WORDS, p. 19; DIRECTORSMESSAGE, p. 20)The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal income tax. In addition,bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions ofSections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNALare determined bythe editor, and donot necessarily represent the official position of MUFON. Opinions of contributorsare their own, and do not necessarily reflect those ofthe editor, the staff, or MUFON.Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON. Responses to publishedarticles maybe in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400words) or ina short article (up to about2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50% rule" is applied: the article author may reply butwill be allowedhalf the wordage used in the response; the responder may answer theauthor but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authors reply, etc. Allsubmissions are subject to editing for style, clarity, and conciseness.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than 200wordsare quoted from any one article, the author ofthe article isgivencredit, and thestatement "Copyright 1983 by the MutualUFO Network, 103 OldtowneRd., Seguin,Texas" isincluded.
  • 3. MULTIPLE "ABDUCTIONS" IN CANADA — PART IIBy Lawrence J. Fenwick(Co-Director, Canadian UFO Research Network)(Note: The van incident occurredon Oct. 16, 1971 while the group wasreturning from a party in VinelandStation).Those present in the van wereJack, Calvin Stoddard, Sam J., TomIrving, a teenager whowas beinggivenaride back to St. Catharines, andpossibly Sam J.s girl friend and AnnMarie, Toms wife. They were drivingwest along the North Service Roadjust50 feet north of a main highway, theQueen ElizabethWay. Tom wasdrivingJacks van.Torn spoke up as they reached thevicinity of Charles DaleyPark. "It lookslike theres an accident ahead." Jacklooked over Toms shoulder and sawlights ahead across the road. Tomstopped the van at the roadside. Hesaid "Youd better take a look at this.Youre not going to believe it."Jack said to the doctor: "I saw aflying saucer on the road with lightspanning back and forth all over theroad. Blue lights came from the bottomand scanned the road like searchlights.There were portholes. There were littlered lights around the perimeter and adome shape on top." The objectappeared to be gray but at night it washard to say what color it actually was.The group collectively decided to turnback and get out of the area whiletheycould. Calvinstarted to make a U-turnin the middle of the road but thesteering wheel would not work.""We started going towards thething. Sam said Tom, what are youdoing? Tom replied: I havent got anymore control over the van. The,UFOwas pulling the van toward it. It wasweird. He had his foot ,on the brakepedal trying to stop it, but the van keptmoving towards the thing veryslowly.You didnt feel any bumps like youwould ifyou were driving. Then the vansettled on the shoulder of the road andstopped maybe 20 feet away from theUFO. And you heard all these soundscoming out of it, like a street sweepermakes, or pneumatic airpressure beingreleased with a hissing sound. Thingslike that. It looked hot. There was heataround it.""Then Sam said to Tom: Do yousee that? Tom said, Yes. He toldhimto be quiet.At this point,Iwas trying tosee over the seat without beingnoticed,Sam kept telling me to get down. I said:Whats going on? He said: Theressomebody comingout of it. Icouldhearfootsteps goingalongside the van. Wedall decided to keep completely still andnot make any sound. I heard themtrying the door — Toms door. Icouldsee that he was afraid. I could almostfeel it, but he just kept lookingstraightahead withoutmoving. He didnt look atthe alien at all, or whoever was tryingthe,door."I couldnt see any, face in thewindow, but the window right behindthat was where Icouldsee the top of thehead and eyes go by — really dark,dark eyes, black pupils. Areally strangelooking head, bigger than ours. As itwent by, it floated very evenly. Therewas no bobbingup and down like itwastaking steps. It just floated by.Andthenit started rattling the doors at the backof the van. This guy that was inthe vanthat we picked up — they must/havebeen working on him telepathically orsomething because, for some reason,he leaned over to the back of the doorand Ithought he was checkingto see ifitwas locked, but instead he opened it.Both doors opened and Isaw four aliensstanding outside.".,"One — Im tryingto remember ifhe jumped or climbed or what. I dontremember how he got intothe van,butIguess he stepped up into the van. Atthis point, we were in a lot of fear. Wewere thinking about trying to findsomething to fight them with, as if wewere being attacked, but the alien camein. He put our minds at ease about anattack. It felt like he wascommunicating through his eyes morethan his mouth. His mouth didnt seemto be moving. When hed look atsomebody else, the volume seemed todecrease, but I could still hear what hewas saying."When he looked directly at me, Icould understand himperfectly. He wastelling us that they had no intentionofhurting us or being hostile, that wewould be unable to move or speak andthat hewas doing that to us because hewas afraid for his safety and the safetyof his crew. He knew we werethinkingabout harming them. He told us that allthat they wanted to do was run a fewtests on some of us."Jack said the humanoids had noeyebrows, the head was very large inproportion to their bodies, and themouth was small and slit-like.Jack continued: "At this point, Idont know how, but he tripped overthe drum stand and knocked over onedrum. Itrolledout ofthe van.One of thetwo aliens who were standing outsidethe van picked up the drum and lookedat it. I went out carrying my bag withmy recorders in it. Hooked at the drumand took it from the alien. He asked mewhat it was. I told him and pointed toSam, the drummer and Isaid, He playsthe drums. Tom walked out of the vanand saw me holding the drum at theback of the van. The alien asked meifthe drum was damaged. I said it was allright. The alien tried to put the drumback on the drum stand in the van. Hegave up and put it on the vans floor.The alien looked at my bag and askedwhat was in it. I took out one of myrecorders. He asked me what it was. Ididnt want to answer him. I showedhim how it was played. I brought thealien back into the van."The alien told us that he couldnttest all of us because they didnt havethe equipment for it or the time. So hewanted to do three of us. He said thathed bring us back and we could go onour way when theyd finished. So he(continued on next page)
  • 4. Canada, continuedstarted to look around. Ihad gotten myfear under control. He picked Calvinand Sam and me."I followed the alien and enteredthe UFO. I noticed the wall inside thedoor. It was cold inside and black. Butthe wall curved and one part of theinside was lit up. There were twoaliensthere. One of them told me to takeoffmy.shirt,whichIdid.Istill had one of myrecorders with me. Iwas worried aboutwhat the aliens would do to me. Theyput me on the floor. There was a cot atthe far end. They took Calvin, the bassman, out of the room. Sam argued. Hedidnt want to disrobe. I laughed atSams attempt to refuse."There was another cot nearwhere I was and it had instruments onit, like dental instruments, as if theywere used for doing examinations/Oneof the aliens picked up one whichlooked like the handle of a Contempratelephone. It was all black. He tried todemonstrate it to me. He placed itagainst his arm which was covered byhis sleeves. I could see through thesleeve and into his arm. All I could seewas the faint outlineof what looked likea bone. There was a light coming fromthe entire side of the toolwhich seemedto act like an X-ray. Then he shone itagainst my right arm. There was nopain. I could see my muscles and veinsand I could see what my pulse was likeas the blood pumped intothe veins. Thealien told me to liedown. They shone abig light on my head. It looked like aneon light and was attached to a bigarm-like machine. The beam wassilvery and moved around. I got myhand in the way then and it hurt myhand a bit. They made a cut near myear."The machine itself looked like adentists machine, as itmoved over thetop of me. It was metallic. When thething pointed down, it looked likea drillor knife. It had all kinds of arms on itwith different devices. All the alienswere examining me with parts of thething. Checking me over. The roomseemed to acquire a sense of business.Everybody seemed to be serious aboutwhat they were doing. They were allhustling about. Everybody was doingtheir job — different jobs. It was like an4operating room. ThSrewer^ all theseinstruments on me. There were wires.They were pressing down on me oncertain parts of my skin.""I dont know ifthere was anotherpart after that or not, but they definitelyseemed to have collected theinformation. They had little bags thatcontained samples that they had takenfrom me, such as hair. This machine—they took it away somehow. I dontknow ifthey wheeled it awayor ifitjustfolded up and went into the galley. Theysat me up. They may have made melook at that writing. They wheeled meover to another part of the ship, back towhere my clothes were. They had atable there that had instruments inside.They were folding them up in whitecloth and putting them away."A Question On Religion"They asked us ifwe wanted to askthem any questions, that this was thetime to do it. So Sam — Calvin, I dontthink asked any — seemed kind ofcurious. He asked them where theycome from. They told him itwas a longways away. It wasnt part of our solarsystem, and that he wouldntunderstand if they told him. Then Idecided to ask them a questionbecause, for some reason, this ideacame into my head that these beingscould have been angels. Idont want totell them that thatswhat Ithought, but Iasked them what the correct religion onEarth was. They seemed surprised.They stopped what they were doing.Two of them looked at me. They said:Why did you ask that?, Isaid: BecauseI feel that you people are moreadvanced than we are in all kinds ofways, not just telepathically, butsocially and probably more spirituallyadvanced than we are, and, if anyonewould know what the correct religionwould be, it would be you."He said: Are you a member of areligion now? I said: No, but I used tobe. I was brought up in a religion. Heasked me what it was and I said: I wasbrought up as a Jehovahs Witness, butI dont follow the path anymore. I dontbelieve in it. Is that the correct religion?He said: No. I said: Well, what is? Hesaid: There is no correct religion onEarth. Then he cut me off at that point.I wanted to ask him more, but hewouldnt get into that subject with me.Ikept picking up their thoughts, but hedidnt want to interfere with myjudgment on religious matters. Theywanted to leave that up to me.They justwanted to ask me some run of the millquestions. But I wanted to catch themoff guard."Dr. Clamar asked: "How did youknow which one was their leader?"Jack said: "He was the more dominantone of them all. He was the one whomade all of the major moves and didallof the dirty work like coming into thevan, putting us under a spell, orwhatever. The other guys just sort ofstood in the background and waited.He seemed to be directing everything.He had the crew trained very well. Theydidnt question him.They knew exactlywhat to do. They were exremelyefficient."After I put my clothes on, I wasstanding there talking to him fora while.I could see more of what he looked likeat that point. I had my recorders withme. Hed already sent Calvin back. Iwasnt sure at that time whether hehador not, but when I got back to the van,Calvin was there. Sam seemed to bemore relaxed and now he was smilingand he said goodbye. They thankedhimfor comingalong. So he walked back tothe van. I didnt go with him.Iwanted totalk to them a little more. I didntwantthe experience to end. Ithad been veryinteresting for me to go throughsomething like that."The leader was standing there bythe door. He started to tell me thingsthat touched me. Things about myselfand my life. He knew there was somekind of affinity between me and him.Almost like he was a member of thefamily. I felt very close to him.Just thisfeeling alone made me feel sad. It waslike a love.The kind ofloveyou feel for abest friend, or someone you really carefor. I think this was where I startedcrying. I wasnt crying loud,,but it wasjust that it brought tears to my eyes.A Musical Souvenir"He told me that hed see meagainand that there waslotsofwork yet to be(continued on next page)
  • 5. Canada, Continueddone, and that Id been a very goodsubject. He said that he was going togive me a purpose and I would be ofgreat help to my friends and peoplearound me. The things that he said tome reallymade me feel good.He left mewith a feeling of usefulness — that Idreally helped them. He was grateful andhe said — I was so emotionallytied upwith wht he was saying that its reallywith what he was saying that its reallyhurt me deeply — he had decided tobreak the tension by asking me iftherewas something that I wanted to showhim now. I didnt want the tension to bebroken at that point. Iwas still thinkingabout what he had said. I broke itoffand I remembered that I wanted toshow him my recorders. So I said: Ivegot some musical instruments in herethat Id like to show you, and he said:Could Isee them? So Ihanded him thebag by the string. He took it by thebottom of the string, below it.He lifted itoff my hand and started to look at them."I had three or four recorders inthere. The tenor, I think, the largest ofthe recorders, was in two pieces. I hadtaken it apart so it wouldfit better in thebag. I asked him ifIcould put it togetherto show him what its supposed to looklike. He said: Yes. Iwalked over tohimand I opened up the bag and I took thetenor out and put the mouthpiece ontop of the other part. Then I showed itto him. He said How do you playthese? I played a couple of notes on itand I said: You play it be blowingairinto it and covering the holes. So helooked at it. He took the other one out— the alto — and said: What is thisone? How is it different? And I said Itplays a little higher key than the otherone. The notes are a little higher, but itworks basically the same."And there was the smallest onethat I took out and showed him that oneand I played a little on each one for himto show him the difference. He seemedvery interested and then I startedthinking about the little one — thatmaybe Ishould give itto him as a gift. SoI asked him.I took the bag back off him,I had the little one in my hand and askedhim if hed like to take it back with himas a souvenir. He said: That would bes u- -- •• •i •The Recorder Bagfine. So I handed it to him. Then hereached out to take itfrom me and Isawhis hand. It was really astrange-lookinghand. It was really rough-looking skin,the thumb was wide and black. Thefingers — the ends of them were wide.They seemed to taper a little, but therewas a bit of fold on the ends of them. Iwas really amazed looking at his hand."As Sam was walking out the door,he was talking to one of the aliens. Icould hear their conversation in mymind. Sam asked them if they had anybases inour solar system. The alien saidthat they had a few, and that they hadsome on planets in other solar systems,as well as some here on Earth. In fact,he said, pointing toward Lake Ontario,we have one there."The 1976 incident involvedhis ex-wife and himself and was not anabduction case. Itwas a CE3. Due tohisemotional attachment to her, Jackwants no details released.Bill T. told Harry and Joe of atheory he had formulated over theyears since the Owen Soundautomobile incident. He feels the alienswant to eliminate "corrupt" blood ifitexists in the "family tree." The"corruption" is the genetic inheritanceof diseases such as cancer or a historyof family members having had hearttrouble. The humanoids would cut offthese unwanted strains from the malegenes by preventing third generationsof those they abduct from having maleheirs. This is done by mentalmanipulation. Abductees areprogrammed to avoid marriage, or ifthey do marry, it is one whose familyhistory shows mostly female offspring.If abductees do have male children,these may be the second or the thirdand final generation of males in thefamily, unless there is absolutely nohistory of males in the family havingserious genetically-inherited diseases.Only then.are exceptions made.CUFORN has,a list of abducteeswho have no male heirs and who mayhave fulfilled the humanoids purpose.These may be either first, second, orthird generation abductees.Jack told CUFORN that thehumanoids told him that they travelfrom their home planet to other placesin the universe instantly. This amountsto instanttransference, so that time anddistance pose no barrier.Dr. Schulman summarized thecase by saying that hypnosis alonecould f not determine whether theindividual was telling the truth,althoughshe felt that Jack believed that what hewas saying was the truth. She also feltthat, on the negative side, the moredetail Jack gave under hypnosis, theless believable, (i.e., the more chanceoffantasizing to fill in holes in the story).Again, on the negative side, Jack hadread Missing Time and sought out theauthor, Budd Hopkins.On the positive side was the factthat CUFORN had to urge Jack topursue the case further. The doctordetected no unconscious motivationsuch as publicity or grandiose illusions.She said that perhaps this whole thingwas something beyond ourcomprehension. In speculating, shesuggested that the mental blocks wemet actually have been inserted bygood forces and we are playing with fireand may hurt something or someone.Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, psychologistand UFOlogist, wrote to Harry Tokarzon November 23,1982:"Iam impressedwith the observations which you andyour colleagues have noted in the on-going investigation. I am familiar withthese types of observations, althoughthe comment about "interference(continued on next page)
  • 6. MISSING TIME" AS MISSING LINKA COMMENTARYBy Dana M. Schmidt(MUFON New York State Section Director)The key question aroused by theUFO phenomena may now have beenanswered. That question, of course, iswhy? Most particularly, why havehumans been abducted by the pilots ofUFOs? (Iassume here that the reportsare accurate.) It is not hard to guessthat we are being observed, if indeedthe UFOs have observers. But the kindof high strangeness reported byabductees goes beyond mereobservation and raises this nagging"why."In Budd Hopkins 1982 book,Missing Time, Mr. Hopkins may havefound the answer. Although his workdoes not supplyenough details on eachreported abduction to allow acorrelation study of the phenomena,something whichI offer to undertakeifIcan get the data, he does give a hint thatmay answer the "why." Specifically,inChapter 9 in discussing VirginiaHprtons double abduction he suggeststhat the purpose for her abduction wasto make a clone ofher, and that thiswassuccessful.What Mr. Hopkins does notexpressly state is the logical extensionof this conclusion. Given the apparentinterest of abductors in taking humansperm from males (viz, the CarlHigdonabduction), and eggsfrom females (viz.,Betty Hill), and now, a cell to cloneCanada, Continuedthrough the women" was fascinating tome. I agree with the notion that thephenomenon fosters belief (andaction), but does not yield to logicalanalysis: As you know, my feeling isthatthe best principle is to follow the threesteps: become aware, accept, andacknowledge .the presence of theintelligent beings in our lives; then wecan find out what our missionor task orproject may be."I offer you my best wishes foryourcontinued investigation and Illbe gladto correspond with you about furthercomments or questions."6Virginia Horton, what is it "they" are upto? Itmust only be, to produce humansin captivity. One can even imaginethisscenario: The earlier abductions ofBetty Hill and Carl Higdon wereintended to collect human egg andsperm, respectively, to create humanlife ex vivo. Talk about test tubebabies,this would have been the real thing.Butfor somereason, itdid not work, so withVirginia (and apparently, others in1950), they triedcloning. BuddHopkinspoints to the celebration scene inVirginia Hortons second abduction asevidence of success in raising humans,but within the UFO society,whateverthat might be.But the logical extension (mine,not Budds) goes even farther. Whywould they want to raise humans incaptivity? At the risk of being tooanthropomorphic, the answer wouldseem to be obvious from our ownexperience: To preserve an earth-likehabitat in case the real thing isdestroyed. That is what humans do if,destroyed. That is what we humans doif, say, a portion of Africas rain forest isthreatened as a habitat for a species—we try to raise the species inan artificialenvironment to preserve it. Isthere anyevidence that preservation againstdestruction of the real thing is theultimate purpose? Budd Hopkinspoints to one telling piece ofevidence,the apparent love or interest ofVirginias abductor to preserve thevariety of all species, about whichloveVirginia had much to report. I wouldpoint to another piece — the apparentpropensity of UFO occupants to takeother animal, and vegetable, specimensas well.Frankly, I am alarmed by this"ultimate purpose," ifindeed this is it.Do "they" know somethingwe do not,and is it that we are closer toArmageddon than we think? Or are"they" assigned the task of setting upduplicates of all inhabited planets, tohedge the bet against accidentalas wellas deliberate destruction? Suchquestions may prove to be the mostdifficult of all to answer. There is,however, one thing that I havesuggested to Budd that he verify: Tocheck his clone theory,he should haveVirginia hypnotizedone more time (orcheck his tapes of the previoussessions) to ask: Was infact the bouncyyoung female that Virginia visitedaboard the UFO the second time, ahuman or an alien?Thiswas not clear. Ifan alien, then the clone theory fails, asdo myspeculations.Finally, if other researchers haveevidence bearingon the preservation.ofthe species as the raison detre for theUFO abductions, I suggest theycontact Budd, MUFON headquarters,or myself.SUPPORT MUFONM U F O N needs a largermembership/readership in order to bemore effective in pursuingour goals ofUFO research and public education.We suggest that State MUFONorganizations, and individual membersas well, consider gift subscriptions ofthe Journal, for friends, relatives,libraries, or your doctor or dentist forwaiting room reading material. Stateorganizations should encourage theirmembers and consultants to take outadditional subscriptions as a means ofsupporting MUFON anddisseminatinginformation.Also, if you know someone whomay be interested in becoming amember or subscriber, send us theirname and addressand we will mail thema complimentary copy of the Journalalong with information about the goalsand purposes of MUFON.And dont forget, MUFON is anonprofit, tax exempt organization.Your contributions (other thanmembership fee) are deductible fromFederal income tax for U.S. citizens.^
  • 7. CONTACTEE/ABDUCTEE PECULIARITIESA COMMENTARYBy James R. LcmingAt this writing, facts are still beinggathered to lend support to the theorythat the typical, if indeed you can callthem typical, contactee/abductee is infact a very normal person that iscaughtup in very "abnormal" circumstances. Iam going to try, with the help of thisarticle, to set a fewthings straight — orat least make the results a little moreunderstandable to those people ,whohavent got the beginningsof an idea asto how to deal with the same situation,were the tables turned.Names like Walton, Andreasson-Luca, Hill, Higdon, and Moody do notring true to those who do not study theannals of UFOlogy. They could beRoger Penskes pitcrew, or the back-upgirls for the Rockettes. But in fact theyare the names of perfectly normalpeople that have been given a "guilttrip" the size of the moon to carry withthem ONLY because what they aretrying to relate to others is notacceptable to the conformists pointofview. Ifthese people could only tellhowtheir entire concept of life has beenchanged, without sounding like theywere trying to change the worldthrough massrevelations given them bythe "space brothers." I dont think thatenough is beingsaid about the people ingeneral..Granted there have been somewho were, shall we say, "wrapped alittle too tightly"and these unfortunateswere the ones always saddled by thepress. I personally would be moreinterested in how these particularpeople are currently dealing witheveryday decisions and how theiroutlook on certain topics has changed.This, I think, will say more about theevent than any "hidden message" evercould. It all comes back to a veryimportant statement that Ted Phillipsmade some time ago concerning the"double standard" in UFOinvestigation. I cant quote him exactlybut the gist was, "Should a personwitness a crime such as murder orrobbery, their testimony alone could besufficient evidence to convict anotherhuman being and remove him or herfrom society for a long period of time.And the very same individual couldreport a sightingand allof a sudden hisor her testimony is invalid? Why? Thewitnesss mind is still the same."I have a very good illustratingpointto share that .was related to me first-hand as a personal experience. Thisp a r t i c u l a r i n d i v i d u a l had acontactee/abductee, experience that isstill under investigation and facts arestill being correlated. The basic storydeals with lingering dreams that tried totell this person that something specificwas expected to be done. It was likehaving a house that was half finishedand trying to live in it. You know rightaway that something ismissing, but youare at a loss as to how to correct theproblem. Its a feeling that nags at youuntil you actually begin to question thefact that you had a UFO experience atall!You cannot appreciate theimplications until you are in the> samesituation. Your mind is going a millionmiles an hour, and you are desperatelytrying not tdtake yourself too seriouslyonly because you are trying to keepyour sanity. Its a pretty empty, lonelyfeeling that comes over you. Yourspouse notices a change but tries toremain supportive throughout theordeal. It is a shallow comfort at best. Iwould like to pass along some personaladvice if I might; should you happen torun across a possible contactee/abuctee in your particular area ofinvestigation, DONT ask whathappened aboard the ship. Ask, "Whatare you feeling that is different thanbefore? How are you relating to thechanges that have come about sincethe incident?" Whether or not theperson was given a "message" is reallynot that important. Passing on thispoint of information will help theinterviewee relax. Trying not to soundlike "Scoop" Nebroski of the NationalEnquirer will aid in uncovering somefacts that would under othercircumstances remain hidden.People that have been contactedhave such a swelling of their capacity tounderstand that quick, pointedquestions like, "What did they looklike?" or, "Was the inside of their shipblue?" carries with it no real meaningorsignificance. Why would you care whatthe inside looked like when you werejust given the key to the universe?With alldue respect, knowinghowthe inside of a ship works isbetter left tothe people who understand suchthings. There are some who questionthe mechanics of a blackboard eraser,so how are they able to help? Becausethey cannot explain what they haveseen, does this mean that they couldnot possibly possess any worthwhileknowledge?All I want people to do is get pastthe ends of their collective noses andlook at the real article. How has thisperson been changed? (A/hy does thisperson feel that no one understands?(and very rarely does anybodyunderstand).Just think for a minute. . . . Youare an abductee. How do you tellsomeone without being snickered at?You know what happened; why cantthey see it? You have several minutesor possibly hours missing from your lifethat no one seems to care about. Thesealternatives await the most sincereabductee. So when you stop and figureout that a contactee has an evenslimmer chance^ of getting through,should it be ,a wonder that mostinstances go unreported?Its up to us — the investigators —to ease people in volatilesurroundingsinto discussing the possible reasonsthat he or she was chosen. And, ifinfact, these people were chosen, wehave the makings of world History, sowe better be prepared to acceptalternative paths to follow.^
  • 8. ML ON YAKIMA INDIAN RESERVATIONBy Greg Long(Staff Writer)On September 9, 1982, a family ofthree and a fire lookout on a fire station -on a high peak on the YakimaIndianReservation in south-centralWashington State observed anocturnal light (NL) over theReservation, traveling slowly in awesterly to easterly direction.At 10:25 p.m., the lookout alertedthe father, during a radio conversationwith him, of the presence of a brightlight over the Medicine Valley area ofthe Reservation. Two members of thefamily rushed outside with a telescopeand a pair of binoculars, while the fatherremained inside and confirmed thecontinuous presence of the NL to thelookout during the ensuing events.When first alerted, the fatherstepped to the front window of thehouse and saw a bright, yellowish-orange light about the size of a peasituated slightly above Ahtanum Ridgeto the northwest. He visually "held" thelight at the edge of one of thecrossbars of the window and judgedthat the light was motionless. Thefather believes that the lookout saw thelight appear. He stated: "It just cameon. . . there it was." After about 30seconds, the father returned to theradio and continued his conversationwith the lookout. The light, he told me,was not sharp-edged or well-defined,but definitely was not a star.The rest of the family (the motherand son) watched the light through,respectively, the binoculars and thetelescope. (Note that the mother wearscorrective lenses, and she took theseoff while looking through thebinoculars.)The son attached the telescope tothe mirror of the family vehicle(parkeda short distance from the house), andthe mother propped her elbows on thesame vehicle and observed the lightthrough the binoculars. The night wasclear with a few clouds.Through the telescope, the sonobserved two very bright, pale-orange8lights the color of amber warning lightscommon on rough-roadway signs. Thelights were in a horizontalconfiguration. A veryfaint bluishlight (astar?) was positioned on the "trailingedge," (i.e., to the left and slightlydown). The mother, with her glassesoff, observed through binoculars twolights running together, forming anoval-shaped light. She also saw a third,faint light to the left.the light(s) traveled southeasterlyin a series of slow "stop-go" motions,and gradually turned to the east in abroad arc.During the sighting, an aircraft(most likely propeller-driven)flew overToppenish Ridge from the south. Thefamily estimated the distance of theplane at 2.5 to 3.5 miles.When the plane approached thelight, the UFO dimmed down and wasnot visible to the naked eye. However,through the aid of the glasses, thewitnesses saw two orangeish lights(apparently the original two lights) anda string of smaller, dimmer lightsaligned horizontallyto the left, formingan apparent configuration of"windows" — although the mother andson admitted that the "windows" werenot square and were at best only pointsources. In fact, neither mother nor soncould recall the exact number of thesesmaller lights; estimates ranged fromfiveto a dozen. The two original lightswere, the son said, a "tad bit" brighterthan the point sources.The aircraft passed either under orwest of the light. About a minutelater,the original light "came back on." Thisaction was observed with the nakedeye. However, the mother and son nowobserved three additional lights thatmay have come on at the same instantalthough neither witnessed theirappearances. These lights had thesame size and were as bright as theprimary light. The lights may not havebeen arranged in any indentifiablegeometric configuration (triangle,trapezoid, etc.) since neither witnesscould adequately describe the exactlocation of each light in relation to theother. For example, contradictorystatements were made that the lightswere "lined up" and that they werent.The four lights traveled easterlyand were finally lost from view in thedistance.ConclusionsThe father estimated that theoriginal light was at an altitude of 4,000to 5,000 feet when he first observed it.He determined thiselevation byrelatingthe position of the light to the lookoutpeak and by noting that the NL wasbarely above the mountains when hefirst saw it. The NL definitely had lowangular elevation, he said.Curiously, at the beginningof thesighting, the son noted through thetelescope something withoutdiscernible shape or size passingperiodically (about one pass persecond) in front of the light. Heattempted fruitlessly to determine thesource of the obscuring object, whicheventually vanished before the othermajor events transpired. It is alsointeresting to note that during myinterivew with the family, the motherand son attempted to relate the twolights and the additionalstring of lightsto concepts such as "front" and "back,""craft," "fuselage," and "headlights."Although no body wasobserved relatedto the lights,these concepts could verywell be accurate attempts toformulatea true picture, although the danger liesthat the witnesses were drawing uponpreset notions of what "spacecraft"look like.Except for the dimming action, theNLs never flickered, changed shape orsize, or performed erratic behaviorduring the entire sighting. Theappearance of three additional lights(continued on next page)
  • 9. THE PERSINGER THEORYBy Robert WandererEverybody has a theory aboutwhere UFOs come from it seems, andmany of those theories are extremelyunlikely. To cope with this plethora ofesoteric hypotheses, we tend todevelop. some method . to quicklydiscredit and dismiss any new one thatcomes along.Take the Persinger theory, forinstance. Weve heard it sayssomething about earth stress causingUFOs. Oho, we answer, thatsobviously absurd becausea lotofUFOsare reported in places where therearent any earthquakes. And we heartoo that Persinger says those earthstresses affect the brain,causing peopleto make up and believe "abductibn"-type stories; we easily toss that oneaside along with such exotica as the oneclaiming UFOs come out ofa hole in theearth near the North Pole.But lets take a closer look atPersingers theory. Part of it hasimpressive statistical support,althoughthe physical operation is not entirelyclear. And even his more extremesuggestion, of the electromagneticeffect on the brain, presents aninteresting theory, though a harder oneto demonstrate quantitatively.First, some background.Michael A. Persinger is a professorof psychology and neurobiology andhead of the Neuroscience LaboratoryYakima, Continuedand the string of lights is indeedpuzzling.The sightinglasted between 15and25 minutes as the witnesses can bestdetermine. The father noted the exacttime the sighting began when in thekitchen talking qn the radio, but didnotnote the end. When available, thelookouts report of the event willsupplement this one.I consider the family, whom I haveinterviewed before, to be reliable andcomposed of good Laurentian University in Sudbury,Ontario. His interest in UFOs and theparanormal goes back to the mid-1960s, when he began an analysis of alarge number of paranormal cases,taken from Fate magazine and othersources, seeking patterns ofoccurrence such as time of day andtime of year, and notingthe problemsofselective memory, distortion, and self-fulfilling prophecy that affected thereports. His two-volume report TheParanormal (1974) appears to includehis first speculation whichhe developedinto his theories; he suggests that high-voltage fields might be responsible forsome UFOs, and that the mechanismwhich produces the glow might alsodistort a persons interpretation ofwhathe sees (The Paranormal, Part I}, pg.186-187).1By 1967, when he was in graduateschool, he came to realize theinadequacy of the Fate material —much of it was recorded 10 years ormore after ithappened, any manyof theevents involved some sort of personalcrisis that may distort the memory. Hemoved his focus,therefore, to theworkof Charles Fort, which not onlypresented clearer data but posed aproblem that science had notapproached seriously: the problem oflocalized and transient phenomena,particularly infrequent ones.Traditional science, as Persinger pointsout, works on the capability ofreplication and the similarity ofsampling (i.e., two chemicals, whenmixed, will react the same wayanywhere), but the kind of space-timetransients Fort discussed challenged" these assumptions.Persinger reasoned that one wayaround this problem was to expand thespace and time frame — to deal with avery large number of reports over asmuch territory as possible.Consequently, he gathered data fromthe Fort books, from various scientificjournals, from newspaper clippings,from Fate magazine, and much fromWilliam Corliss collections. From thismassive data base he was able toproject patterns in space and time formany kinds of unusual events. In his1977 book Space-Time Transients andUnusual Events2(with his assistantGyslaine F. Lafreniere as co-author) hereports on such Fortean events as icefalls (which nowadays follow a differentpattern than before, presumablybecause of high-altitudejet airplanes),animal falls from the sky (43%of which ,happen in the summer), and what heterms UFORs — UFO Reports, wherehe quite properly adds the word"report" to call attention to the fact thatany individual UFO report mayinvolveonly a singlepersons perception lastingonly a fewseconds, of"something" thatmight not necessarily be what "weconsider an "object."He found that UFO reportspeaked in April, then hit a higher andmore rounded peak in July, August,and September, a pattern whichshowed in both American reports andthose from other parts of the world. Hemapped the location of UFORs and ofnon-UFO strange events in the UnitedStates, and found that these mapsoverlap with major population centers,reflecting the greater number ofobservers. But there were somedeviations from what was expected,particularly iii the Midwest.Another pattern he discoveredwas the correlation between UFORs(as well as other unusual or Forteanevents) and areas of seismic activity.This is not just a matter of "earthquakelights," a phenomenon linown forhundreds of years of glowing lightsat oraround the time of an earthquake.Persinger finds increased UFORacitvity in these regions at other timesas well; in general, increases in UFORsin the 2 years before low-intensityearthquakes, and up to 4 years before(continued on next page)
  • 10. Pcrsingcr Theory, Continuedmajor quakes. He suggested inthe 1977book that pressure forces pushing onrock crystals in a large area mayproduce an electric field, which couldionize in a local area into visible"luminosities," and might cause otherFortean activity, such asprecipitationof water vapor, rock movement, andeven attract animals. Later studiesindicate some other possible scenariosfor these lights.Persinger emphasizes that thisconnection of UFORs and seismicactivity is an empiricalobservation, notjust a theory,and itholds with data fromEngland, Europe, and the UnitedStates, and for the early part of thecentury when Fort was collectingmaterial, as well ascurrently.A particularly valuable documen-tation of the theory comes from hisstudy and analysis of luminositiesandother Fortean events for a 30-yearperiod (1943-1973) in the New Madridseismic area, which extends fromsouthernmost Illinois and Indianathrough southeast Missouri and intonortheast Arkansas, including parts ofwesternmost K e n t u c k y andTennessee. He showed a strongcorrelation of numbers of low-intensityearthquakes with UFOR numbers ofthe previous 2 year period, and also aconnection between seismic activityand Fortean events such aspoltergeists, animal mutilations, andother unusual activities.5Now, on to Persingers theory. Itinvolves three separable matters. WhileI presume Persinger sees all threeaspects as inevitably flowing together,its possible, if you wish, to reject onepart of the theory while acceptinganother.The first element is a matter ofdefinition, and as such is not indispute(although it is part of the widespreadmisunderstanding of his work).Persinger is talking only about acertainkind of documented luminous events.He isnot talking about those rare typesknown as earthquake lights, or thoseknown as ball lightning. His theorydeals specifically with the traditionalcategory of "luminosities," the termused in the last century for some ofwhat are called UFOs now. Histheory10does not dealwith the manyotherkindsof events that are popularly subsumedin what he terms "the overinclusivelabel UFO."The second element stems fromthe large-scale space/time patterns hehas traced that demonstrate bothpresent and past relationships betweenreports of luminosities and of tectonicstrain as measured by seismic activity.He has extensively documented thiscorrelation in a continuing series oftechnical articles in the journalPerceptual and Motor Skills*For the technicalside of how thiseffect occurs, he works with Dr. BrianBrady, a physicist with the U.S. Bureauof Mines in Denver. Persinger believesthat the effect may come from a specialelectricity-generating property ofquartz under compression. Brady andhis associates have reproduced thiseffect in the laboratory.7Recently Brady reports asignificant breakthrough to a funda-mentally different kind ofphenomenon,and he and his co-workers believetheyhave duplicated all the major fieldcharacteristics of these luminosities,including spin, color change, ejection ofmaterials, and others. His estimates ofthe core magneticfield intensitiesof theluminous ball appear to matchfavorably with the type of intensitiesrequired to alterautomotive engineandelectrical systems, an effect oftennoted in UFO reports. (Ed. Note:Having consulted with many physicalscientists about E-M effects, I believethis paragraph contains highlyquestionable information. Commentsfrom qualified scientists invited.)The third element of Persingerstheory holds that certain types ofelctromagnetic fields can distort theelctromagnetic events within andbetween neurons in the brain.Furthermore, once this distortionoccurs, the sequence of these EMsignals may be permanently coded,giving a person a "real memory" thatdoes not represent an actualevent, heholds that coming close to a luminositywould affect the temporallobe,whichisheavily involvedwith memory as well aswith dreaming, anxiety, and deperson-alization. He emphasizes that theperson so affected would believe theirexperiences to be real.Persingers interpretation of theTravis Walton event demonstrates thesweep of his theory: he believes Waltonand his six co-workers saw a hugeluminosity associated with a massiveelectrical discharge. Walton was struckdown by a "bolt" from it as heapproached it, serving as a conductormuch like a single tall tree on a flat plaindraws lightning in a thunderstorm.Theeffect was powerful enough to knockhim unconscious, or at least put him ina"trance" or into"sleepwalking."He developed a typicaldreamlikeexperience — a composite of fantasy,previous associations with unusualevents, and the actual details. Persingerthinks Walton should not beconsidered psychotic or deluded; hisbehavior was "normal"inthe context ofthe intense physical stimulus.3(Persinger used the Walton case as anillustration of his theory; he does notspeculate on the details of whereWalton was during the 5 days he wasmissing and the object of an intensivesearch.)Persinger insists that his analysesof luminosities are based on clear,routine statistical procedures, usingcontemporary analytical tools with atestable hypothesis. "At present," headds, "UFO research is loaded by theold school of researchers, such as Rogoand Coleman, who are quite effective atfirst order evaluation and descriptiveprocedures. Their types of datacollection are important during theearlier stage of any science." Hebelieves, however, that the presentUFO problem — or at least theluminosity part of the problem —requires the kind of analysis he hasdone.Persingers model, at its simplest,declares that UFO luminosityphenomena are generated byprocesses, yet to be specified,associated with tectonic strain.Persingers data shows UFORs weeksto years before earthquakes, but thereappears to be an optimal straincondition since most UFORs occurduring the 6 months before increases inlow magnitudequakes. The greater theimminent quake activity, the moreintense the UFORs. Yet to be(confinued on next page)
  • 11. Persinger Theory, Continueddetermined is whether one can predictthe magnitude of the comingearthquake by the number ofluminosity reports or by theduration/size of the average one.The other part of Persingerstheory, about the EM effect of aluminosity/UFO on the brain, is ofcourse hard to prove. Neurosurgeonshave observed such effects during brainsurgery, but for obvious ethical reasonscannot experiment, although the-effects he postulates are consistentwith known neurofunction. Persingerremarks:The truly ironic aspect of all this is that when award patient with a temporal lobe disorderreports a "close encounter" experience, due to atransient seizure within the brain, the details aredismissed as rubbish. But when a person on adeserted road approaches a source that wouldinduce a similar seizure within his brain, andreports a similar experience, it is believedimmediately!"The toughest problem facing thePersinger theory is a public relationsone, that of acceptance. We all resistchange, and people in the UFOmovement who have been espousingan extraterrestrial or other theory arenot about to give up their strongly-heldbeliefs, particularly when they arebased on long personal investigationand speculation on UFOs.Harley Rutledge, a professor ofphysics at Southeast Missouri StateUniversity, conducted .a 6 year-longproject to record and photographUFOs inhis region —whichhappens tobe right inthe middle ofthe New Madridfault area. I happened to readRutledges book Project Identification,*describing his work, immediately afterreading Persingers book, and wasimpressed by what seemed to me aconsiderable correlation.When IaskedRutledge about this, he replied that hehad not read Persingers book prior towriting his, but had read it since, andcommented only that it seemed "quitescholarly." He said:At this time, I choose not to enter intocontroversy. Neverthless, I wont accept anyexplanation for the phenomena weobserved untilWORLD UFOLOGICAL ASSOCIATIONBy Willy Smith, PhD(MUFON Georgia State Director)Further steps toward structuring the WORLD UFOLOGICALASSOCIATION (WUA) were taken during the Second International Congress ofUFOlogy, which took place in Brasilia, Brazil,April 17-21, 1983. The matter wasdiscussed extensively by UFOlogists of different countries attending theCongress, and in agreement with the resolutions taken in Rosario, Argentina, inDecember 1982, tentative Bylaws and Regulations were proposed by membersfrom Argentina. According to those Bylaws, the newassociation will have a Boardof Directors composed of seven members from different parts of the world, to.beappointed by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who was elected as temporary chairman.Itwasemphasized that the WUA is made up of individuals, not organizationsor countryrepresentatives.When interviewed by the JORNAL DE BRASILIA, Dr. Hynek indicated hishopes that the WUA will be functioning within two years, assuming responsibilityfor the dissemination of all information related to the UFO phenomenon, such asreports of incidentsand case studies. Dr. Hynek explainedthat the major difficultywill be to find honest, highly responsible individualsof integrity, wishing to workforthe success of the WUA. He suggested that those suitablepersons should havealong involvement with the phenomenon, perhaps with years of field experience,and possess a good theoretical knowledge of the subject.Dr. Hynek and Mrs. Cynthia Hind, from South Africa, were appointed topresent the news of the creation of the WUA during the Provisional InternationalCommittee for UFO Research (PICUR) meeting, to take place in London inAugust of this year, and remarked that the WUA, as an organizationofindividuals,does not conflict with, but rather complements, the objectives of is proved beyond a doubt.Not to worry.Theres not much ofanything in the UFO field that can beproved beyond a doubt. I canunderstand Rutledges feeling: hes put6 years of his life into his UFO project,spending long chilly hours atop somemountain watching for anomalouslights, and directing the work of 620observers from 159different stations. Indiscussing in his book possible causesof the UFOsheand hisco-workers saw,he does suggest that UFOs may havean "affinity" for the New Madridearthquake fault.For me, sitting here reading thesebooks, its easy to make the jump from"affinity" to "partial cause and effect"(Persingers theory would fit only someof the UFOs that Rutledges groupsaw). For Rutledge, after hisconsiderable investment of time andeffort in his long investigation, and withhis preference for the moreconventional wisdom of the UFOmovement, such a jump isunderstandably much more difficult.With all due respects to Dr. Rutledge,thats the toughroad Persingers theoryfaces.NOTES & REFERENCES1. The Paranormal (2 volumes) includes little ofUFO interest, but illustrates the roots ofPersingers thinking. (New York: MSSInformation Corp., 1974).2. Space-Time Transients and Unusual Events(with Gyslaine F. Lafreniere) details his theory atthat time. (Chicago: Nelson-Hall,1977).3. His article, "Possible Infrequent GeophysicalSources of Close UFO Encounters," appears inUFO Phenomena and the Behavioral Scientists,edited by Richard F. Haines. Its an excellentsummary of his views focused on the UFO field.(Metuchen, N.J.: The Scarecrow Press, 1979).4. A series ofarticles in the journalPerceptual andMotor Skills provides a technical explanation ofhis work, heavy with mathematics and technicalterms. Among the more important and the easierto read are 1976, 43, 215-221; 1980, 50, 791-797;and 1983, 56, 91-95.5. "Odd Luminosities(UFOs) and Other ForteanEvents Before Earthquakes: The New MadridTest" appears inthe JournalofS.l.T.U. (Pursuit),1981 (2).6. His forthcoming book is Predicting UFOEvents and Experiences.7. "Seismic Fireballs," Science Digest, November1981, p. 92.8. Harley Rutledge, Project Identification(Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1981).11
  • 12. I"By Ann DruffclStraight Lines and Straight TalkThis column is not long for time isshort. Many MUFON members in theSouthern California area (and some upNorth as well) have been busy for thepast several months planning the 14thAnnual MUFON Symposium whichwillbe.held in Pasadena, Calif., "the city ofthe roses," and we have not had muchtime to devote to other tasks.Pasadena has been my home for 26years. It is a lovely city. To the west theSan Rafael hills rise low and green.To the north, the San GabrielMountains jut into the sky.Beyond the San Gabriels, to theeast and north ofPasadena, are the vastreaches of the Mohave Desert. Hereliearcheplogical treasures beneath itssands, as well as mysterious, long-disused sacred sites of the numerous1Indian tribes which once roamed here ,free. Some of these sites are inthe LosAngeles area, as well. . :, At this Symposium, I will speak onSouthern California sightings,as well asdoing my bit on the arrangementscommittee. Following our theme,"UFOs: A Scientific Challenge," seized the opportunity to presentSouthland close encounters within thecontext of orthoteny, or, as AimeMichel first called it, "theStraight-Line.Mystery."Researchers since 1954 have beenUFO SIGHTING BY JOHN & DAVID DEHERRERAINFORMATION REQUESTEDIn the Fall of 1956 or 1957, there was an interesting UFO sighting in Colorado.Several people driving between Pueblo and Walsenberg observed this unidentifiedflying object traveling parallel to Highway 180.Approximately 80 miles further south, my younger brother and Ialso saw anunidentified flying object, possibly within a few minutes of the other sighting. Itapproached and crossed the highway directlyover the pickup I was driving. It wasdaylight and the object was less than 100 feet away at the closest point.Now, 27 years later, Iam trying to obtain a newspaper article that mentionedthe Pueblo/Walsenberg sighting by several motorists. Ifanyone has a copy of thisarticle, please contact me at the following address: John Deherrera, 417 N.Orange, Fullerton, CA 9263312, observing in different parts of the world,that UFO sightingsoccur alongstraightline patterns; that is, the locationswhere UFOs are reported above or onthe earth can, in many instances, be• connected by drawing, a straight linethrough those sites when plotted onmaps. In the case of sightingsfar apart,these series of sighting locations can beconnected by "great circle" segments,since a straight line drawn along asphere becomes a segment of a circlearid not a true straight line.The . first known SouthernCalifornia straight line was discoveredaccidentally in the 1970s duringa totally.unrelated research study. TheSymposium gave me a chance toresearch the straight-line phenomenonin depth; with quite interesting results.I am not a physical scientist butapproached the subject with anobjective attitude and honest sets ofcriteria and protocol. But the problemof the "straight lines" presents a specialdifficulty to some physicalscientists, forclose encounter cases are, mostly,anecdotal. In this area, wedo not havealarge number of landing trace cases, forexample, such as exist in some statesand other countries.So the data usedinthe study, except for two probablygenuine photo cases, was subjectiveinevery sense of the word.The problem of subjective vs.objective data has been hotly disputedsince the beginnings of UFOlogy.Recently the question has beenboldly,approached in the pages of this Journalby such writers as Bill Leet.The crux of the problem is — howcan subjective data fit into a "hardscience." Physical scientists are forced,by their very definition, to think thatUFOlogy must develop eventuallyintoa hard science ifitisever to be acceptedin academia. But the problem remains:(coninued on next page)
  • 13. California Report, Continuedthere is little hard data in UFOlogy.It is time to present some straighttalk about the problem of subjectivevs.objective data, for it affects the validityor non-validity of the "straight-line"phenomenon in Southern California.Sixteen straight lineswerefound inmy study, lines which comprise 57UFO-related events. In addition, thereare 35 other sites, providing threecomparison groups: ancient Indianritual sites, paranormal incidents, andIFOs where the object sighted was inclose proximity to the witness. All butone of these comparison sites layalongstraight lines, giving an additionalsevenlines to the original sixteen.Why these 91 sites, related to suchdifferent types of incidents, can beconnected by straight lines on thetransverse mercator projection map ofSouthern California used in the study Icannot fathom. Perhaps other, morelearned, mindscan discover why,ifanybe intrigued enough to study theproblem further. But these 23 straightlines constitute a confrontationbetween those who believe that onlyobjective data is valid in UFOlogy andthose who accept that subjective data isuseful and valid, providedit comes fromrational, honest witnesses.Some scientists can acceptsubjective anecdotal data as valid ifit isboth .quantitative and qualitativelysignificant, but cannot acceptanecdotal data of paranormal events.They shy away from any suggestionthat UFO events are oftenaccompanied by paranormalincidents.Why, then, do the plotted paranormalevents liealong the Southern California,"straight lines"? They had beenexpected to fall in random patterns.Except for three incidents which hadoccurred at the same site where UFOevents also occurred, though ondifferent dates, the content of alltheseparanormal cases was totally devoidofany UFOlogical significance.The field of psychic research, inthe opinionof many scientists, is totallyoutside the realm of science. Yetgroups like the Mobius Society andStanford Research Institute are usingscientific methodologies, utilizingpsychically derived data, and areobtaining objective, verifiable results.Many UFO researchers arebeginning to suspect that Truth maynot be observable only on the physicallevel, that is, monitorable byinstruments, but may also beobservable on the mental andintuitional levels as well. Perhapsintuitional observations may be themeans of grasping whole Truths.Scientists such as Edison and Einsteinat times worked intuitionally and werelater able to verify and demonstratetheir work on a physical plane.Are UFOs manifesting (andcontacting witnesses) on the mentaland psychical planes as well as on thephysical plane? If they are a teachingdevice, guiding mankind toward higherevolution, as researchers such asVallee, Creighton, and Michel havesuggested, then logically the evolutionthey are guiding would not be merelyphysical evolution but would beevolvement on the (higher) mental and(still higher) psychical planes.Most persons, scientists and non-scientists alike, inwardly accept thatman is more than a materialbeing livingin a physicalworld.The true essenceofa human being seems to be his/hermind, which cannot truly be measuredby present-day instruments, andbeyond mind, a life force whichpsychicresearchers call elan vital. The elan vitalof a human being seems to be able toperceive data beyond the confines ofthe physical space-time in which welive, as demonstrated by abilities suchas telepathy, precogriition, andclairvoyance.It is possible for intuitionalperceptions to be verified on ananalytical, physicalplane.The psychicsutilized by Mobius, for instance, havetheir psychic input proven after thefact, when their predictions are verifiedby field investigation.In conclusion, I present for yourconsideration a psychic predictionwhich, according to internationally-known clairvoyant, Hamilton Farmer,will occur in conjunction with the 14thAnnual Symposium. Hamilton and hiswife Norma moved from Belfast, N.Ireland to Los Angeles last year, and hehas been active in appliedparapsychology projects in ourSouthland area. His followingprediction is put in print as a challengeto those who do not believe thatsubjective or psychic data can be reliedupon:On the eveningofJuly 1,1983, around10:00oclock in the evening, a Saturn-shapedobject will hover over a portion of LosAngeles County and will be viewed bypersons attending the MUFONSymposium socialon that Fridayevening atthe Huntington-Sheraton Hotel. Theobjects apparent size will approximate thesize of the full moon, and it will be seen forseveral minutes. It can be photographedand otherwise documented.Coincidentally, the PasadenaHuntington-Sheraton hotel is aboutmidway between two junctions(multiple intersections) of the majorityof straight lines in my study. One ofthese "junctions" isat an ancient sacredsite, Eagle Rock, which risesmajestically on the western edge ofPasadena.Farmers unexpected predictionadds a bit of spice to our plans. It canalso be regarded as a challenge toscience. In the event the prediction isfulfilled, how will that affect theobjective-subjective controversy?Could it serve to demonstrate to asignificant number of UFOlogists thatvalid data (verified after the fact) can bederived from subjective and evenpsychic sources?LAWSON AWARDANNOUNCEDThe 1982 Alvin H. Lawson Awardwas announced by the Fund for UFOResearch at the Pasadena, Calif.,MUFON UFO Symposium over theJuly 4th weekend. In a split award, theFund Executive Committee — actingon nominations from a West Coastnominating committee including Prof.Lawson — awarded $1,500 to John F.Schuessler for his articles on the Cash-Landrum radiation-injury case, and$500 to UPIAR Research in Progressedited by Ballester-Olmos in Spain.13
  • 14. CRITICS CORNER, By Robert WandererWhat Are UFOs?What are UFOs, and where dothey come from?Sounds like a simple question, butit doesnt have a simple answer.When we are asked a "what?"question, our first tendency is toanswer , with a dictionary-typedefinition. So, we would say, UFO,stands for unidentified flying object.. B u t thats not much help.Unidentified flying object isa confusingterm for many reasons:1. The word "object" makes itsound like a solid definite nuts-and-bolts kind of thing. But this eliminatesfrom consideration meteorological andelectromagnetic and other events thatmay look like solid objects, and thatmay account for some UFO reports.2. "Flying" suggests that itsmoving through the sky. But manyUFOs are stationary, and some are ohor close to the ground. Also, "flying"seems to imply that the whatever-it-isisunder conscious control, againmakingit more difficult to understand UFOsthat may be natural events.3. "Unidentified"refers to lack ofinformation by the observer; itdoes notrefer to any characteristic of thewhatever-it-is.The original concept of"unidentified flying object" implied theaccompanying idea of "identified flyingobject" —but thisaspect seems to havedisappeared from the commonmeaning. (Note Im talking about howmost people use the term, not abouthow someone thinks a word "should"be defined.) Ifyou saw something in thesky you could not identify, and thenlearned later that what you saw was theplanet Venus, you might at one timehave said that you saw a UFO but laterlearned it was an IFO, Venus. In actualcurrent usage, you would continue toterm what you saw a UFO; people stillsay "President Carter saw a UFO"even though it has been pretty well14established that what he saw must havebeen Venus.Thus the term UFO, originallyused .for those mysterious "flying.saucers" and "discs" seen in the sky,currently is used to label or describe awide variety of events, unidentified as.well as known.The range of meaning in the. popular mindis illustrated,by the hugedifference in evaluation of UFOs in thelibrary arid in the bookstore. In thelibrarys. Dewey Decimal System,UFOs are seemingly solid, reputableobjects — UFOs are in 629.279 alongwith aircraft, with the same numberapplied to.both,and books about UFOsand about airplanes intermingled.Butin the bookstore (at least the ones I see)UFOs are down in the Occult section,along with past lives, the BermudaTriangle, and similar exotica. Anothercurious categorization: UFOs are listedin both the New York Times index andin the major magazine index, but thenew National Newspaper Index (acomputerized listing of the NY Times,Wall Street Journal, and ChristianScience Monitor), we are told underUFO to "see Flying Saucers."I noted another interesting aspectof definition in Willard Nelsons articlein the April MUFON Journal. Hereferred to something called a "realUFO." I gather from the context he"uses UFO in the broad sense discussedabove, and uses "real UFO" toeliminate from consideration not onlyhoaxes, hallucinations, planets,weather balloons, and other such IFO-type events, but also any kind ofnatural/Persinger/Corliss sort ofelectromagnetic/meteorological/what-ever type of event that some observermight experience and classify as aUFO.This seems tojibe with the popularmeaning of the term: it ispossiblefor anopinion researcher to ask the question"Do you believe in UFOs?" andapparently get a yes or no answer frommost people. The popular impressionofthat question seems (to my( ear)something like "Do you believe thatthere are some mysterious unknownobjects flying around out there,possibly from outer space?" (At leastthats my impression; let me know ifyou understand a different popularmeaning.)After having sufficiently muddiedthe question "What are UFOs?," letmego on to the next.question: Where dothey come from? :Since there is little in the UFOfield that can be definitely proved ordisproved, the differences of opinionare essentially differences of whatprobability each ofus would assign to aparticular phenomenon or event.The conventional wisdom of theUFO movement sees extraterrestrialspacecraft as a high probability. Inrecent years, with the continuing lack ofspecific hard evidence for the ETH,some have moved on to other and moreexotic theories.The skeptical position on UFOsseems to be that they would all beexplainable in conventional terms ifonly sufficient and clearer data wereavailable; the Condon .report, forexample, made this basic assumptionand curtly dismissed its unexplainedcases. Or, skeptics seem to hold, asubstantial number of unexplainedcases are simply hoaxes orhallucinations.My position between thoseextremes goes something like this: Itend to believe what people say theysaw (watching out, of course, for ob-vious hoaxes and questionable claims)although not necessarily to agree withtheir interpretation of what they saw,and to seek out a natural explanation(continued on next page)
  • 15. Critics Corner, Continuedrather than an extremely unlikelyextraterrestrial one. This viewpoint, Ithink, is consistent with the basic rule ofphilosophy called the Principle ofParsimony, or Occams Razor: that oneshould seek the simplest explanationthat covers the facts.What sort of answer, then, do Ipropse to the question of solving theUFO enigma? An important part of theproblem, I think, is right there in talkingabout "the" UFO enigma or "the" UFOproblem. This sort of talk leads us toseek or presume a single explanationfor all UFOs. But as I see it, there aremany different sorts of events that arecollected under the umbrella termUFO. Two main categories:1. We assume that our knowledgeof electricityand the weather and otherevents in the sky around us is sufficient.But I look to the Corliss collections, tothe work on earth stress of Persingerand Brady, and to other such sources,to develop explanations for some of theevents we term "UFO."2. We tend to believewhat we see,or what we think we see; we tend tointerpret something weve never seenbefore in terms of our experience,even though the events were seeingnow dont fit the earlier pattern. So Isuspect that some "UFOs" involveproblems of perception andinterpretation.My emphasis on how we interpretwhat we see leads me, for example, tobe wary of reports of "lighted objects"in the form of some common shape,"cigar-shaped" objects that have"portholes," and any such sightingthatexhibits a regularity and thus reflectswhat we expect. These sightingsoftencover only a few seconds, and in thesurprise and shock of it we tend to notperceive as accurately as we wouldunder more normal conditions. So Isuspect some of those "triangles" and"portholes" and other such that peoplereport are merely suggestive of suchshapes and probably are irregularevents that our perception processmakes more regular.So part ofmy answer to "Where doUFOs come from?" is to point to myhead, and to yours, and to suggest thatwe allinevitably create a realityin thereSKEPTICISM Syndicated columnist George F.Will (Washington Posf, May 15, 1983)devoted a column to skepticism aboutthe Loch Ness "monster" which appliesequally well to UFOs. After brieflyreviewing scientific ideas that we accept(particle and wave theories of matter,floating continents, the DNA code...)he notes:"But it is generally consideredbeneath serious consideration that alarge creature lives in Loch Ness."Will cites the Nessie observations,photographic and sonar evidence, andconclusions by reputable scientists thatNessie may be real. He then concludes,in part:"Perhaps [the evidence] can beexplained (as has been suggested) interms of mass suggestion, or a sunkenViking ship, or clouds ofgas bubbles, orfloating trash, or a decayingstags head."But it is curious the amount offaith sometimes needed, andsometimes forthcoming, to maintain aparticular skepticism.... the number ofideas people are willing to entertain inorder to avoid entertaining one ideathat is considered naive or otherwiseout of place in polite society."No great philosophies or theorieswill be undone ifit turns out that Nessieis real, he observes, "But many personsclose their minds against -manythoughts in order to avoid beingthought insufficiently skeptical....skepticism can be a kind of dogmaticslumber, and the world has much tolose from an atrophied capacity forwonder and surprise. Certainly thehistory of science in thiscenturyshouldserve as a warning against a narrownotion of the possible." The analogy to attitudes aboutUFOs is imperfect in that certainphilosophies and theories might beshaken by final proof that UFOs arereal — depending oriwhat theyturn outto be. But the skepticism itself is ofexactly the same kind as that showntoward Nessie and is no more justifiedin application to UFOs.Will seems to haveput hisfinger onwhich sometimes reflects partly whatsalready in there rather than just whatsgoing on around least part of the dynamics of scientificskepticism toward "popularmysteries": the mysteries are popular,and no self-respecting scientistwants tobe considered naive or "insufficientlyskeptical," so he/she debunks even themost convincing of observational andscientific evidence as being only part ofa "popular fad."And so, UFO reports are writtenoff as "mass suggestion," "gas bubbles"(!), and geological lightsconvenientlyendowed with the ability to "cloudmens minds" (a la the Shadow of radiofame) inorder to account for the TravisWalton "abduction" case and, byimplication, other cases involving"unacceptable" story content.Oh; the ideas that skeptics arewilling to entertain to avoid being out ofstep with "Science." - Editor.MUFON103 OLDTOWNE RD.SEGUIN,TX 78155READER PARTICIPATIONThe Journal is a publication of, by,and for MUFON members orsubscribers as a forum for exchange ofinformation, views, and commentaries.Your participation is invited. All news,information, or articles should besubmitted in typed and double-spacedform. Author guidelines are availableupon request.Maximum article length, with rareexceptions, is 12 manuscript pages(about 4 Journal pages). Shorterarticles (about 500-750 words) arealways welcome, and may be publishedas "Comments," "Notes," or"Responses." Letters to the Editor,commenting on any materialpublishedin the Journal, should be under 500words.The "Data Mart" column is aservice to members/subscribers otherthan businesses who wish to request orexchange information or offer UFO-related items for sale. Brief notices arepublished free of charge, either withyour address or, if you prefer, with areply code so that MUFON canforward responses to you.15
  • 16. STARFLIGHT, UFOs, AND SETIBy Eugene F. Mallove, Sc. D.(MUFON Consultant)The existence of advanced extra-terrestrial, civilizations somewhere inour Milky Way galaxyistaken almost asa given by the scientific communitytoday. There is,however, not a shredofwidely accepted scientific evidence toconfirm this opinion. Plausible train ofarguments leading to a populatedgalaxy, yes — hard evidence ofextraterrestrials, no. Unlikely as thisseems, we just might be the onlycivilization in the galaxy,ifnot in fact inthe entire universe. The only way toprove that we are not alone is toproduce indisputableevidence ofextra-terrestrials.We live on a relatively youngplanet, roughly 5 billion years old, in auniverse that may be 20 billion yearsold. This fact givesroom forspeculationthat civilizations having arisen muchearlier in the universe would by ,nowpossess a technology so advanced thatit would border on "magical." Theargument made by some is thatcertainly these societies would longsince have colonized or visited everycosmic neighborhood. In short, thereshould be some compelling evidenceofan extraterrestrial presence here andnow. Or should there be?A few members of the scientificcommunity have concluded that sincethere is no clear evidence of alien life onor. near earth, perhaps humanity isalone in the universe. The argument isthat "absence of evidence isevidenceofabsence." Of course, the manydedicated technical and laypeople whostudy reports of unidentified flyingobjects (UFOs) would be the first todisagree. To them, there is at least achance that in the tangled morass ofbizarre UFO case histories lurks thesignal amidst the noise to tell us thataliens are here and flitting about instrange spacecraft.Assuming that advanced technicalsocieties exist somewhere .beyondEarth, the key to whether they were,are, or will be here has to do with16overcoming the vast distances betweenthe stars. Interstellar distances aretypically trillions of miles and our punychemically propelled rockets wouldtake tens to hundreds of thousands ofyears just to reach the nearer, stars.Even now we can propose technologybased on known physical principleswhich would reduce interstellar traveltimes to only tens or hundreds of years.Some of these advanced starshipdesigns rely on thermonuclearreactions, the fire of stars, while otherdesigns1envision microthin metal sails.which are blown by starlight pressurealone from star, to star. It is clear thatifwe wish to go to the stars "slowly," thetechnology to do so is just around thecorner. Think of how much faster veryadvanced civilizations may be able toaccomplish interstellar transport if weprimitives already have the slow boat!It is hard for any scientist toenvision starships that could violatethespeed of light barrier of relativity theory— this wall is not likely to be breachedbecause its position in the pyramidofphysics is basic and secure. Sostarships from any culture will belimited to speeds below 186,000 milesper second, or several years betweentypical stars. The faster starshipstravel, also the more energy required toaccelerate them and then to decelerate. at the destination.To travel anywhereclose to light speed, or even atsubstantial fractions of light speed,requires vast expenditure of energy.Though it can be done it might beextravagant use of resources even foradvanced civilizations in command ofvast stores of energy.Since the energy barrier of lightspeed does constrain casualinterstellarflight at high speed, perhaps weshouldnt expect to see aliens all overthe place. Quite frankly they may justnot care to physically explore everynook and cranny of the universe. Aliensocieties may be introverted, quitecontent to keep to themselves aftersome initial testing of the interstellarwaters. Ift they :have any interest inexploring the cosmos beyond theirlocal stellar neighborhood, they may doso by signalling their1presence withradio or microwave beacons, hoping toreceive messages on conditionselsewhere.It has been shown theoreticallytime and again that signalling byelectromagnetic radiation is by far theleast expensive form of interstellarcontact — given that cooperativereceiving societies exist. Microwavecommunication between advancedsocieties may have led to a "galacticclub" of communicating societies whichwe may soon join. Even now sensitiveradio telescopes on Earth combinedwith computers to scan manyfrequency channels at once, peer out atthe universe in an attempt to listen forour cosmic kin. Itmay be a long searchfor precisely the correct direction andfrequency, but if deliberately beamedsignals are coming from afar, apersistent search will eventuallyrecognize them.We should not expect to see alienstarships in our skies, nice as it wouldbe to find them. This does not rule outthat UFOs are some manifestation ofalien civilization. The bizarre, intangiblecharacter of the UFO show may be theextraterrestrials way of beginning theirdialogue with us. On the other hand theUFO phenomenon may be nothingmore than misinterpretation of knownor yet unknown physical events,unguided by alien minds. Research intoUFO cases is worthwhileif only to findout why normal people report strangethings. Perhaps the residue of goodcases, high in strangeness and resistantto conventional explanation, will yieldinsight into new naturalphenomena oreven the hoped for contact with aliens.On a parallel front, radio-astronomers are beginning in earnest(continued on page 18)
  • 17. Directors Message, from p. 20at the popularity ofthe program and thevast listening audience.Since it was not feasible foreveryone to attend the 1983 MUFONUFO Symposium, we will publicize thedates and locations of up-comingconferences that may be moreconvenient to our members becauseoftransportation costs. Dan Lowenski,Host Chairman, and Peter Mazzola,International Director, haveannounced their forthcoming 1983 SBIUFO Symposium to be heldAugust12,13, and 14, at the Ramada Inn, 1228Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12203,telephone (518) 489-2981. Hotelreservations should be made directlywith the Ramada Inn.The special grouprate is $32.00 per day for singleoccupancy and $37.00 per day fordouble occupancy. Individualadmission to each of the five sessionsis$6.00; however, a special package pricefor the entire symposium is $25.00.Alladvanced ticket payments should bemailed to The SBI, P.O. Box 193,Staten Island, NY 10312 with a certifiedcheck (USA) and an InternationalPostal Money Order (foreign) madepayable to the SBI in U.S. funds. Pleaseenclose a self-addressed, stampedenvelope for your confirmation (USA).The UFO Study Group of GreaterSt. Louis will hold their annual picnic atLove Park in Manchester,Missouri, onSunday, August 21, 1983. Ted Phillips,MUFON Specialization Coordinator,and Walt Andrus, InternationalDirector, will be on the speakingprogram. For 10years the annualpicnicwas held in Carlyle, Illinois, and hostedby Rosetta and Dick Holmes. Mrs.Holmes will be handling the publicrelations this year.The British UFO ResearchAssociation -(BUFORA) is sponsoringthe United Kingdom 3rd InternationalUFO Congress on August 27, 28, and29, 1983, at the Lorch Foundation, inBuckinghamshire, England. Speakersfor the three-day program are Dr. J.Allen Hynek (USA), Dr. HarleyRutledge (USA), Per Andersen(Denmark), Peter Warrington (UK),Peter Hill (UK), Dr. Alexander Keul(Austria), Stanton T. Friedman(Canada), Paul B. Norman (Australia),Illobrand at MUFOIM HeadquartersBertil Kuhlemann (Sweden), HilaryEvans (UK), Paul Devereux (UK),Jenny Randies (UK), and Ali AbuTaha(USA).The Provisional InternationalCommittee on UFO Research (PICUR)will meet on Friday,August 26, 1983, at0930 GMT at the LaneEnd ConferenceCentre, Lane End, High Wycombe,Buckinghamshire, England, asannounced by Peter A. Hill, Chairman.Dr. J. Allen Hynek is PresidentEmeritus of PICUR and will beattending as the representative ofCUFOS (USA). Michael Sinclair,International Coordinator, will beMUFONs representative to thePICUR session. The following nationsare now affiliated or associated withPICUR: Belgium, Germany, Norway,Switzerland, Canada (UFOCAN),Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom,Denmark, Korea, Spain, France,Netherlands, Sweden, USA (CUFOS& MUFON), and Yugoslavia.The Mutual UFO Networkwill cosponsor with the University ofNebraska in Lincoln a three-dayconference on the subject of"ExploringUnexplained Phenomena" in Lincoln,Nebraska, on November 11,12, and 13,1983. Confirmed speakers are John F.Schuessler, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, BuddHopkins, Larry Fawcett, LindaMoulton Howe, Tom Adams, RoyMackal, Loren Coleman, and LarryArnold. Tentative admission price forthe three days has been set at $50.00.Ray W. Boeche, MUFON StateDirector for Nebraska, is thechairperson for the conference.On May 12, 13, and 14, we werehonored to have Dipl.-Phys. Illobrandvon Ludwiger, Director (Coordinator)for the Mutual UFO Network - CentralEuropean Section (MUFON-CES)from Feldkirchen-Westerham (nearMunich), Germany, as our guest. Itwasa distinct pleasure to share UFOexperiences with Illobrand and topersonally obtain a greater insight intothe goals, objectives, and philosophy ofthe scientists, engineers, andacademics who are member of thiselitegroup. Each year they also sponsor aUFO conference with attendance byinvitation and publish their papers inthe German language.They are now preparing theirMUFONCES Report No. 9 withcontributions by the followingresearchers with subject titles: "TheHandling of UFO Reports by ScienceJournalists and the Hidden Facts ofUFOs" by I. Brand; "UFO Sightings byAstronomers" by A. Schneider;"Personal Computers in UFO.Research" by N. Unger; "Extremely(continued on next page)17
  • 18. Directors Message, ContinuedBrilliant Shining Objects" by A.Schneider; "On Grand, Already, andGeometrical Unification Theories — IsAnti-Gravity Possible?" by I. Brand andDr. Irene Saenger-Bredt, Part I: "TheNon-elementary Elementary Particles"by I. Saenger-Bredt and Part II: "TheInner Structure of ElementaryParticles" (Gauge Theories, Twisters,Quantum Fluxes, Condenser Fluxes, _Quarks, Supergravity, Metrons, etc.)by I. Brand. An Appendix to Report No.9 :is titled "Animal Case Catalogue(Special Animal.Reactions Catalogue),Catalogue of 1,319UFO cases whereElectromagnetic and Gravity EffectsWere Recorded (1930-1982)" by A.Schneider.Mr. W. Craig has translated oneofMUFON-CESs best cases fromGerman to English and submitted thisreport, to MUFON. for possiblepublication. Titled "TheLangenargenCase:;UFOs, Strange Creatures andM.I.B." (75 pages), it was previouslypublished in German in theirMUFON-CES Report No. 4 (1978), and ReportNo. 8 (1981). Their next UFOConference will be held in October1983 in Munich, Germany. During hisvisit to the United States, Illobrand hadthe opportunity to see the sights ofLosAngeles, San Francisco, and SanAntonio.On May 22nd, a telephoneconference call between the membersof the North American UFOFederation (NAUFOF) SteeringCommittee was conducted to resolvedetails in the proposed bylaws, answerquestions, and to complete tabulationof the votes for the people nominatedfor the initial Board of Directors by themembers of the steering committee.The candidates were later contactedbytelephone to obtain a writtencommitment .if they agreed to be one ofthe nine board members. The peoplewith the most votes were contactedfirst, followed by those with fewervotes, until the nine positions werefilled.At the initial Board of Directorsmeeting inPasadena, Calif., on July4th,the directors will be publiclyannounced, officers elected, andbylaws approved for establishing this18cooperative nonprofit federation ofUFO groups in North America! Thecooperation displayed and the positiveattitudes reflected by the steeringcommittee members is substantialevidence that the NAUFOF will besuccessful and signals a giant stepforward in unification of groups with..,many divergent ideologies. JohnSchuessler must be commended forhisleadership as chairmamof the steering .committee and his diplomacy inresolving difficult problems.Berthold E. Schwartz, M.D., aMUFON Consultant in Psychiatry, hasauthored a set oftwo deluxetrade, soft-.cover books titled UFO Dynamics,Book I and Book II with the sub-title (Psychiatric and Psychic Aspects of theUFO Syndrome (first edition May1983). Dr. Schwartz was a featuredspeaker,, at the 1974MUFON UFOSymposium in Akron, Ohio. The set oftwo books is a compilation of hisresearch, experiments, experiences,and opinions obtained over the past 25years. Anyone, familiar with Dr. •Schwartzs work will consider thesebooks essential for their study and as alibrary reference. The two books (BookI: 304 pages, and Book II:260 pages) sellfor $14.95 per book; however, both maybe purchased for $22.50 postpaid in theUSA and $24.00 postpaid in U.S.dollars for foreign (surface mail) bywriting to Rainbow Books, P.O. Box1069, Moore Haven, FL 33471 andenclosing a check or money order.While we are speaking ofpublications and books, the 1983MUFON UFO Sumposium Proceed-ings will be available for $10.00 plus$1.50 for postage and handling afterJuly 5,1983. Published papers included ,are "A Review of Selected AerialPhenomenon Sightings from Aircraftfrom 1942to 1952" by Richard F."Haines, Ph.D.; "UFO Interference withVehicles and Self-StartingEngines" byJames M. McCampbell; "SouthernCalifornias Straight-Line Mystery inUFO Sightings" by Mrs, Ann Druffel;"UFOs: Uncovering the UltimateAnswer" by William L. Moore; "CattleMutilations and the ImaginedCulprits:A Psychological Perspective" by PeterA. Jordan; "Cattle Mutilations thatDefy Conventional Explanations" byWalter H. Andrus, Jr.;."The CaseStarflight, Continuedthe exhaustive search for interstellarcommunication , from our distantrelatives. There ishope that even withinthe lifetimes of. many who read thistext,confirmed artifically beamed messagesfrom the stars will be found.Radioastronomy offers the leastexpensive and most likely to succeedmethod of provingthat we are not alonein the universe. Perhaps someday wewill be .wealthy and wise enough tobeam our own heraldingsignals towardspace, hoping that other intelligentcivilizations will detect them and beginan interstellar djalogue. For now wejustlisten since we have every reason tobelieve, we, are among the youngesttechnical societies in the galaxy ofseveral hundred billion stars. Humanity will not forever stay in. the.:cradle of the solar system. Justaround the corner, perhaps in the nextcentury, primitive robot starships willleave the solar system on voyages ofinterstellar reconnaissance. Followingsoon after may be peopled missions tothe nearest stars to explore andestablish colonies. Space arks to thestars may take hundreds of years toreach their destinations.and the initialcrew may not live to see journeys, end,but some degree of interstellarexpansion seems to be the inevitableconsequence of mankinds exploratoryspirit. By one route or another, planetEarths admission to galactic societyseems destined to occur.QLetters to the Editor are invited,commenting on any articles or othermaterial published in the JournalPlease confine them to about 400words. Articles of about 500-750 wordswill be considered for publication as"Comments" or "Notes." Allsubmissions should- be typed anddouble-spaced, and are subject toediting for length and style.Against E.T." byJ. Allen Hynek, Ph.D.;"UFO Propulsion: Pulsed Radiationand Crystalline Structure" by Alan C.Holt; and "The Continuing UFODeception and Confusion Syndrome"by Paul C. Cerny.
  • 19. Lucius ParishIn Others WordsGovernment documents pertain-ing to UFO incidentsare the focusof anarticle in the June 14 issue ofNATIONAL ENQUIRER. Thedocuments, obtained by the Fund forUFO Research under the Freedom ofInformation Act, detail UFO reportsfrom Kirtland Air Force Base, NewMexico in 1980, as well as sightings inPeru and Kuwait.UFO activity in China isdiscussedin the "Anti-Matter/UFO Update"column in the June issue of OMNI.Daniel Burstein reports on thewidespread interest in the subject,giving details of sightings reported toChinas JOURNAL OF UFORESEARCH.The July issue of FATE containsan article by Richard Thomas whichamounts to a lengthyreviewof a recentbook by researchers Lou Zinsstag andTimothy Good, GEORGEADAMSKI:THE UNTOLD STORY. The bookitself is considerably more interestingthan Thomas article, providing muchpreviously-unpublished informationabout the late controversial contactee.. The #3 issue of THE SIXTHQUARK JOURNAL has recently beenpublished. Topics covered in this issueinclude South American "UFOvampire" reports, an entity sightinginSpain, public relationsopportunitiesforUFO groups, an analysis of alienbehavior, research into "crashedsaucer" reports, the difficulty of UFOinformation exchanges with Sovietresearchers, and various other aspectsof UFOlogy. The JOURNAL isavailable at $3.50 per copy from TomBenson, P.O.Box 1174, Trenton, NJ08606.Arcturus Book Service (263 NorthBallston Avenue,Scotia, NY 12302) hasbrought out Volume 2 of Loren E.Gross UFOs:AHISTORY. Thosewhohave read the first volume in this serieswill certainly want the second one andthose not familiar with this monumentalproject are strongly urged to obtain allthe volumes as they are released.Gross draws on governmentdocuments, as well as contemporarynewspaper accounts and othersources, to present an overall view ofUFO activity in the year of 1949.Illustrations include drawings by UFOwitnesses and reproductions ofnewspaper reports. The second book is193 pages in length, 8l/2" x 11" format,spiral-bound; the price is $13.95, plus85<F for postage & handling.Another recent publication fromArcturus Book Service is Australianresearcher John Prytzs EXOBIOL-OGY AND UFOLOGY, which isVolume 1 of the Australian Center forUFO Studies Bibliography Series. Thisinitial volume provides source materialconcerning UFOlogy, extraterrestriallife, planetary astronomy, spacescience and related fields, artificialintelligence, etc. Additional works inthe series are planned for publicationat, perhaps, three-year intervals. Theprice for this volumeis $12.50, plus85<Fpostage & handling, from the addressgiven above.It should also be mentioned thatArcturus is selling copies of theZinsstag and Good book on Adamski,the price being $10.95 (+ 85<F).IMEMBER SURVEYWhat would you like to see moreofor less of in the Journal? We wontknow if you dont tell us.For the rest of 1983 we will beconducting a member survey todetermine your interests, and afteranalyzing the results we will report onthem and make the changes yousuggest insofar as we can consistentwith MUFON and Journal policies.UFONEWSCLIPPINGSERVICEI1The UFO NEWSCLJPPING SERVICEwill keep you informed of all the latestUnited States and World-Wide UFOactivity, as it happens!Our service wasstarted in 1969, at which time wecontracted with a reputableinternational newspaper-clippingbureau to obtain for us, those hard tofind UFO reports (i.e., little knownphotographic cases, close encounterand landing reports, occupant cases)and all other UFO reports, many ofwhich are carried only in smalltown orforeign newspapers."Our UFO Newsclipping Serviceissues are 20-page monthly reports,reproduced by photo-offset,containing the latest UnitedStates andCanadian UFO newsclippings, withour foreign section carrying the latestBritish, Australian, New Zealand andother foreign press reports. Alsoincluded is a 3-5 page section of"Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot andother "monster" reports). Let us keepyou informed of the latest happeningsin the UFO and Fortean fields."For subscription information andsample pages from our service, writetoday to:UFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICERoute 1 — Box 220Plumerville, Arkansas 72127Do you have a favorite column orregular feature? A special interest incertain aspects of the UFO problem?Do you want more sightinground-ups,reviews, analytical articles? Do youfavor more dialogue between UFOproponents and skeptics? Whatinformation is most useful to you? Whatcolumns or featuresare ofleast interestto you? Let us know via a post card orletter addressed to:Member Survey, MUFON, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155.19
  • 20. DIRECTORSMESSAGE wCongratulations and accolades areextended to Bill Hassel and hiscommitee for arranging and hostingthe very successful 1983 MUFON UFOSymposium in Pasadena, Calif., at theHuntingdon Sheraton Hotel on July1,2,and 3. Our gratitudeand appreciationisalso bestowed upon the outstandingslate of speakers who shared theirresearch and investigations throughtheir presented papers. From the homeof the famous Rose Parade and RoseBowl, we would like to send roses toeach ofthe attendants and participants,because without your enthusiasticsupport this symposium could not havebeen one of our finest. Future issuesofthe Journal will contain more details.For MUFON to continue to be aviable UFO investigativeorganization,strong leadership is an essentialingredient. The following StateDirectors have either been reassignedor appointed to fill vacancies: David W.Schwartzman, PhD, 1634 Montague St.N.W., Washington, D.C. 20011,formerly the State Director forVirginia,is the new director for the District ofColumbia and continues inthe dualroleof a Consultant in Geochemistry.Robert "Bob" Grattan III, 107 HowardStreet, Ashland, VA23005 is replacingDr. Schwartzman as the State Directorfor Virginia. Bob is a former StateSection Director and very active in theMUFON Amateur Radio Network(WA4NKZ).Vance George Reed, ,11353Humboldt, St., Northglenn, CO 80233,former Assistant State Director, isreplacing Robert A. Spencer as theState Director for Colorado. Mr.Spencer will become the State SectionDirector for the Colorado counties ofJefferson, Gilpin, and Clear Creek.Glenn Underbill, PhD,-has approvedthe appointment of Raymond W.Boeche, 727Marshall Ave., Lincoln, NE68510, telephone (402) 435-1398, to theposition of State Director for Nebraskato replace himself. Dr. Underbill, whoheads up the Physics Department atKearney State College, will become theState Section Director for Buffalo,Phelps, and Kearney Counties inNebraska. Ray Boeche will select areplacement for this vacated position ofState Section Director.Two new Research Specialistsvolunteered their talents during themonth of May. They are Jeffrey L.Kretsch, M.A. in Physics and M.S. inPhotogrammetry, who worked with Dr.Hynek on the Marjorie Fish/Betty Hillstar map. His work was published in"The Zeta Reticuli Incident," printedby/Astronomy magazine. Mr. Kretsch ispresently active in the UFO studyGroup ofGreater St. Louis and residesat 12816 W. Watson St., St. Louis, MO63127. Richard M. Coffman, M.A.,826Knollwood Drive, Columbia, SC 29209was the co-author of Chapter 4 titled"Humanoids Reported in UFOs,Religion, and Folktales: Human BiasTowards Human Life Forms?" in thebook UFO Phenomena and theBehavioral Scientist edited by.RichardF. Haines.Gary Levine, PhD, State Directorfor New York, has approved theappointment of John A. Lombard, 57Chapel Ave., Cheektowaga, NY 14225to be the newStateSection Director forErie and Niagara Counties. Mr.Lombardo has a B.A. inSociology andis an amateur astronomer.The third edition of the MUFONField Investigators Manual edited byRaymond E. Fowler (copyright 1983) isnow available to current MUFONmembers for $6.00 plus $1.50 forpostage and handling,and to allothers(non-current members) $10.00 plus$1.50 postage and handling. MUFONstill has an ample supply of the bookObserving UFOs by Richard F. Hainespublished by Nelson-Hall in Chicago.This outstanding trade size paperbackis an ideal supplement to our new FieldInvestigators Manual and is speciallypriced at $5.00 plus $1.50 for postageand handling.Mark Langford, United PressInternational (UPI) Bureau Chief in SanAntonio, Texas, released an interviewwith Walter Andrus, dateline Seguin,Texas, to their wire services in NorthAmerica on April 24, 1983, to be usedon May 1st or thereafter. It waspublished verbatim in manynewspapers except with a customizedheadline. Several newspapers calledfortelephone interviews, not only tosupplement the story with additionalmaterial, but also to incorporate localMUFON people and UFO sightings.To date we have clippings of thepublished news release from thefollowing newspapers: AlbuquerqueTribune (New Mexico), San FranciscoExaminer and Chronicle (California),Bay City Times (Michigan), SeattlePost-Intelligencer (Washington),Reading Eagle(Pennsylvania), HoustonChronicle (Texas), AlbuquerqueJournal (New Mexico), TexarkanaGazette (Texas and Arkansas), andseveral with multiple articles afterpersonal interviews. Inquiries havebeen received from coast to coast byinterested people after reading thearticles in their local newspaper. Ms.Kristin Gazley, Bureau Chief forAssociated Press (AP) in San Antonio,also plans to conduct an interview andsubsequent news release to theirworldwide outlets.The widespread publication of theUPI interview additionally sparkedradio talk shows on CFPL in London,Ontario, Canada with Wayne McClain;KTOK in Oklahoma City, Oklahomamoderated by Bill Fountain; and WOAIin San Antonio, Texas hosted by AlanDale. Paul B. Norman, MUFON StateDirector for Victoria, Australia, whowas visiting MUFON in Seguin, alsoparticipated as a studio guest on the"Alan Dale Show" on WOAI (50,000watts, clear channel). Paul was amazed(continued on page 17)